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Aug 1 - 7, 2009

Israel "surrounded," says Al-Qaeda

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August 1

Russia can't be happy about Belarus, a solid friend not long ago, causing waves these days. A Georgian media had a headline last week praising Belarus' stand on South Ossetia and Abkhazia (I didn't read the article, the headline told it all). Today I find the following that must be aggravating Putin to no small end:

"CHOLPON-ATA, Kyrgyzstan (AFP) - - The presidents of seven ex-Soviet states met [yesterday] for a summit of a Russia-led security grouping touted as an eastern counterweight to NATO but riven by disagreements.

The leaders of the Collective Security Treaty Organisation (CSTO) were seeking at a lakeside resort in Kyrgyzstan to smooth out differences over a June 14 deal to establish the group's first joint rapid reaction force.

Presidents Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus and Islam Karimov of Uzbekistan, who had both expressed disgruntlement with the move, were nonetheless both in attendance.

The creation of the force -- officially called the Collective Operational Reaction Forces (CORF) -- is a clear bid to rival the Western military alliance NATO's own joint operations.

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev believes that without such a force 'the CSTO cannot become a fully-fledged military-political group,' a Kyrgyz defence official told AFP.

But the idea had a difficult birth when the authoritarian but increasingly Western-leaning [Belarus president] Lukashenko refused to show up at the June 14 meeting in Moscow to sign the document establishing the force."

"Western-leaning," huh? Sheer horror in the ears of Putin, especially during a bid to create a Russian NATO. How much irony can Putin take? He'll view this as the West, perhaps even NATO itself, seeking to take Belarus away from him. He's already put his foot down because the bid to create the military alliance of CSTO marked that point. Now what? A hook in his jaw to come south with his armies? It may depend on whether the Belarus president signs the agreement.

And just when Russia sought to have Kyrgyzstan boot the Americans out of their borders, we find Russia building a base in southern Kyrgyzstan..but I didn't know until reading this article the purpose of that base is to house CSTO's military force: "Russia meanwhile has asked Kyrgyzstan to allow the establishment of a base for the force in the country's southern city of Osh, an idea that has not received universal backing within the group." Why does Russia want the base way out a time when it's talking to Afghanistan and Pakistan, as if to steal away their hearts from the Americans. ??

We find that one of the seven Russo-block nations, neighboring Uzbekistan, opposes the base at that location because it "is currently seeking better ties with the United States." This is a serious tug-or-war that could be pre-super-war antics. The article admits: "...both Moscow and Washington jostle for influence in a region close to the battleground of Afghanistan." The Russian NATO could be painted a defensive move as Putin suspects globetrotter attempts to steal away Russian friends of the Kyrgyzstan theater, but why locate the military there? Does Putin envision military conflict with the Western globetrotters?

I've seen two headlines today (but didn't bother to enter articles) telling that the U.S. military in Iraq is starting to focus on Afghanistan now that Iraq's security forces appear fairly capable of maintaining the country. And an article on Britain's participation in Iraq coming to an end has eyes for Afghanistan too. This has been the predictable thing ever since Obama took Office, but we'll have to wait and see whether Obama moves a large chunk of Iraq's troops to Afghanistan, for he may deem it political suicide at this time. Perhaps Putin knows that it's going to happen, and he wants his seven-nation block to be ready for it.

There's an interesting theory, that Jesus said: "I saw Satan as Baraq Ubamah." The "baraq" term is Hebrew for lightning, and "ubamah" is Hebrew for "height," according to the article below. I haven't looked into it, and besides the New Testament quotes Jesus using the Greek, "from heaven," not "from the heights." It's still an interesting thing:

August 2

The House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee overseeing British participation in NATO's Afghan effort have given it a failing grade, but the question is why now?

"Lawmakers criticised US policies in Afghanistan and Pakistan and warned the 'considerable cultural insensitivity' of some coalition troops had caused serious damage to Afghans' perceptions that will be 'difficult to undo'."

That's the gist of the report, a failing policy because Afghan civilians are not happy with NATO's methods of operations, but the article was sure to mention that "Britain has long called for other NATO countries to contribute more to the military effort," which left me wondering whether the report has the ultimate purpose of facilitating an expected troop surge that Obama could authorize from the troops he pulls from Iraq.

Then I found the article below, dated July 31, on a U.S. assessment of the Afghan war and making the very same criticisms:

"Gen. Stanley McChrystal's long-awaited reassessment of the war against Taliban insurgents aims for a transformation of the shaky relationship between U.S. forces and Afghan civilians as troops press a counterinsurgency strategy of clearing and holding populated areas, said officials apprised of the report's contents."

But look at the sought-after solution:

"The U.S. general put in charge of turning around the war in Afghanistan is likely to recommend significant changes in the campaign and may include a request for more U.S. forces that the White House is expected to resist."

It's not surprising that a request for troop increases is expected, and we'll have to wait to see if Obama authorizes yet another one, but the point here is to show how the PR system for the dismal Afghan war works. You have the "professional" assessments of top-level people made public while indicating that troop increases will not be so much for high risk situations in the mountains but for low-risk goals such as securing population centers, training Afghan fighters, and changing the way troops live and behave.

I'm suggesting that the sole purpose of the assessments is to transfer U.S. forces in Iraq to Afghanistan with as much public and NATO-member support as possible, and it must be this that has the seven-nation "Russo-NATO" focusing on the Afghan theater as a counter-measure, like a vulture circling overhead the dying NATO mission.

Today also has a story on Putin's dive in a submarine to the bottom of the world's deepest lake. Is there a message in this, that Putin has a prepared facility under a water body, with survival needs should a nuclear war result in this new Cold War?

Russia asserting itself in the Middle East is new stuff. We didn't see it under Bush. I don't think the trend is about to subside. Putin can easily justify it by marking NATO's expansion. But while this may appear to be a defensive strategy on Russia's part, there are some sounds out of Georgia that may suggest a Russian invasion is still imminent (article dated yesterday).

"...In a statement posted on its website on August 1, the Russian Ministry of Defense said 'South Ossetia came under shelling from mortars and grenade-launchers for several times between July 29 and August 1.'

'Fire was directed towards an observation post of the South Ossetian military forces, which indicates on a provocative nature of these acts,' the Russian MoD said. 'The Russian Ministry of Defense considers these actions as an attempt by the Georgian leadership to escalate situation in the region.'

...'Actions of this type trigger the Russian Defense Ministry's serious concern. In the event of further provocations threatening the population of the republic and the Russian military contingent based on the territory of South Ossetia, the Russian Defence Ministry reserves the right to use all available force and means to defend the citizens of the republic of South Ossetia and Russian servicemen,' the Russian MoD said.

...Tbilisi and Tskhinvali [i.e. South Ossetia] blamed each other of opening fire on July 29 and at a meeting on July 31 the sides 'repeated their respective versions of events,' according to EUMM [EU monitors].

It sounds as though Russia is itching for an excuse to start a war, but in any case the situation is much the way in which the war of last August started. Coincidence, or does someone like to have wars in August? In a related article, the EU Monitoring Mission claims no evidence that Georgia made some shots at South Ossetia, and moreover said: "that it was 'seriously concerned about the escalation of accusations of alleged incidents.'" That's an accusation against Russia that Russia is dishing out false accusations for the purpose of starting a war.

About a week ago (July 23), this:"The Georgian leadership plans different provocations on the border with South Ossetia to mark one year after the August 2008 events in the Caucasus, Russia's Deputy Foreign Minister Grigory Karasin told Itar-Tass on Thursday." Is it the truth, or is the Russian military being ordered to start the wheels rolling for another war?

Russia and Kyrgyzstan signed their agreement yesterday for a Russian base to house the "Russo-Nato."

I'll be watching for the fall-out as, for the first time as prime minister, Maliki is visiting Kurdistan today. I don't imagine that a deal will be struck. The West publicly claims that it wants the two sides to form a deal resulting in peace, but what happens if the deal isn't toward their liking? We shall see.

Whatever happened to Iraq's oil auctions? Not much. Hardly any company wants to pay what Iraq wants paid; just one deal was struck, and the second auction isn't until November. Turkey has been invited to make bids this time around.

Whatever happened to the North Korean missile slated for Hawaii way? It didn't get shot, and the next thing we found was the little Communist country with the King Kong heart wanting to talk. Then I heard Hillary pound her breasts and shout something nasty against it. Then, late this week, George Bush was speaking publicly in South Korea, urging the O-Team to be tougher on the North.

Whatever happened to pro-Gaza passions and the annihilation-of-Israel policy? It's still flowing along, quietly now but reaching closer to it's cataclysmic end. I think the evil axis is still in an extended huddle mode, not sure who the quarterback should be for the next play. What ever happened to Jimmy Carter? The 57-state solution? I suppose that all depends on the political survival of Ahmadinejad and his ayatollah partner. There's a fog on the field, the turf is soaked, the Mighty Mousavi Whiskers are still laying poops all over the place, but the Tehranosaurus Fangs have managed to score a first down by an inch in the end-times zone. The Arab crowds are jeering and calling foul play. One slip and...

Jordan's foreign minister will meet Hillary tomorrow. Talks should include a catch-up on the 57-state program.

August 3

The stadium is half-empty:

"Iran's supreme leader formally endorsed Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for second term as president [today] in a ceremony...

...The event was boycotted by two former presidents - Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani and Mohammad Khatami - as well as defeated pro-reform candidates Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mahdi Karroubi, state media reported."

Obama is still saying that he'll give Iran time to repent, until September, but in the meantime it would suit the West better for coach CoManiac to be replaced by the Rafsanjani people...which suits me fine because it's easy to remember how to spell. I have no idea how it might change the political backdrop of Iran, but, while expecting a Gog-Iran partnership against Israel, my bet would be on the survival of the current Tehranosaurus Fangs. I think we're going to see a very satanic system, and blood on the field.

Once again, we see the same threat put out there:

"Iran could complete the manufacture of an atomic bomb within a year, and is just waiting for supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei to give the go-ahead, according to intelligence sources quoted in a report by The Times [today].

...Once Khamenei gives the word, the sources said, six months would be needed to 'enrich low-enriched uranium to highly-enriched uranium at the Natanz plant,' and a further six months to put together the warhead itself.

...The sources told The Times that they were not sure whether or not Khamenei had made the decision to go ahead with the bomb."

The question is, who is the source for the Times UK, and is this report a pro-Israel tactic, or an anti-Ahmadinejad tactic, to get the world on board a strike against Iran should the Mousavi Whiskers not get the ball back? Assuming that the report is pure and true, I can't see why Co-Maniac wouldn't have given the word to go ahead. And besides, how would anyone know if Iran had already made some bombs? Intelligence has eyes to see only so deep into an anti-West country.

The headline, "Iraqi government seeks to block pornographic websites," begs the question: "who will fare better on the day of Judgment, Babylon or the United States"? It is hard for me to believe that the Day of Armageddon does not include a wipe out of the United States, and all Western entities that run on secular humanism.

The Christian article below claims that a bill was passed by the House quietly on the day before the summer recess. The article claims that the bill forces even an individual growing foods to register with the Obama government, and moreover to pay a $500 fee annually so as to allow a new government organization to monitor and track the foods grown and sold. What does this bill spell for tribulation survivors in the United States, especially if Obama is the False Prophet? Will other countries use the same method?

It almost sounds as though this bill is being made for the express purpose of making it impossible to survive without the skincode. We can assume that the people bringing the skincode are anticipating a rebellion leading to self-reliant food growth. What will they do to us when we refuse to pay the annual fee? Does it give the government the power to destroy our gardens and fields so as to make the skincode more attractive to us? The government will want to know where our foods are going, thus threatening our ability to transfer food to nearby Christian camps.

This bill might be a God-send for two reasons. First, it urges us to be less reliant on growing our foods, and to simply stock up on canned and dried foods as the alternative before the tribulation arrives. That would be my first choice by far because the natural risks of growing foods are eliminated (though I'd still want fresh foods for more than one reason).

Secondly, it's going to be a nightmare for the government to ruin people's food supplies, or arrest them, just because they refuse to take the skincode. How far they'll be able to go in persecuting "rebels" remains to be seen, because even those who take the skincode will have some sense of right and wrong. The government will need to balance its persecution with keeping the rest on board the global Utopia. It won't look much like Utopia if they start using harsh tactics that Stalin used in the Ukraine. There's a reason why globalism is going to fall apart instantly: the globalists are idiots. But being idiots, they will persecute us for not doing as they want us to.

I'm not kidding, "idiot" is the appropriate term, because only an idiot destroys his own house, his own business, or his own world, by being a tyrant. We are not dealing with people who have sound minds when we are dealing with control freaks who like to play God. You can be sure that you will NOT be able to reason with most of them...unless God softens their hearts when they are sent to persecute (I expect a lot of this).

The Maliki visit to Kurdistan produced zero, aside from promises on both sides for future meetings to deal with the problem. In other words, the sticky issue was NOT dealt with at this time, and the day for voting out the Kurd constitution cometh quickly later in August.

LG never ceases to give me a workload without apologies. I'm very surprised at deeply and consistently she's been digging into all sorts of areas. Focusing on the rooster, she told that the Arms of Henneberg uses it, and when I got to the Henneberg article I found that Babenburgs had rulership over it, and that they were from the so-called "Robertian" house of Merovingian Franks. I can't recall if I'd ever come across a blatant statement such as this that traces Babenbergs to Merovingians, but the latter were from the Heneti>Veneti line, thus supporting my independent trace of Babenbergs to the Heneti case anyone was worried about the reliability of that trace. The article shows the descent from Henneberg to Babenburgs of Bamberg and Grabfeld.

I'm assuming that LG is taking an interest in the Henneberg rooster because it's black on gold, the colors of the rooster in the German Kala/Gall Coat (I suggested a trace of her Takala surname to the Kala surname).

In her email, LG also offered some consideration on the Adler eagle, the symbol of modern Germany. As soon as I read that "Adler" was also a surname, it evoked the Hiedler surname...that has a Hitler variation.

On July 21, I wrote: "Morgan le Fay is sometimes equated with Lady of the Lake, and she is sometimes linked to the Roman goddess, Vivian. I think I saw a Vivian term in the investigation on lake Geneva, but can't find it again. In any case, the Vivian Coat uses a blue chevron on gold."

After opening LG's email, I opened FE's, where she says: "Near Lausanne there is a village name Cully." It turns out that Cully is in the district of Vevey (north shore of lake Geneva)...and that the colors of the Vevey Arms are blue and gold (!), the colors of the Vivian/Vey Coat. Plus, as a Vivian mythical character doubled as Morgan le Fay, it may not be a coincidence that the locality of Morges is but a few miles west of Vevey.

This led to a good piece in the puzzle of America's founding, for the Vevey article tells that the Nestle company was founded there. As per my trace of the founding of America's flag to both the Washington family and the Morgans of Wales (both also traced to the Geneva region of Switzerland), see the Dutch Nestle Coat with the Washington Shield. Then see the German Nestle Coat using gold Zionists stars on blue, the Weis/Wise symbol (I think this surname is a variation of "Wassa").

Note that the symbol in the Arms of Vevey is a double-V, shown as a 'W'. Hmm. The Waldner Coat uses a symbol reversed from the Weis/Wise Shield.

At the Nestle article, we find the Brazilian president, Lula da Silva, inaugurating a Nestle factory, which is remarkable because the Silva Coat uses a purple lion, a symbol in the Vivian/Vey Coat.

I also read that Nestle bought Gerber; the "Jewish" Gerber surname uses what looks like the same eagle as in the German Adler Coat. "Gerber" evokes "Gareb."

Howard emailed the Arms of Jacques de Molay, a prominent Templar grand master of the 14th century. It uses the gold diagonal band on blue found also in Weis/Wise Coat. I opened his email (dated July 17) just days ago, and he had no intention of linking to this topic.

This is starting to get "freaky" again, and FE hardly ever fails to surprise me. I just checked the Cully Coat again (because of her find of the Cully location in Vevey), and seeing the (blue and gold!) Lab in the Crest, I decided to go further and check the Talbot surname because the Labs are called "talbots." The French Talbot Coat uses a blue diagonal band on gold...the reverse of the Weis and Molay Coats.

It's the reverse of the Waldner Coat; this surname was first found in Roxburghshire among the shield-on-shield Coats, usually in red and white. Well, the English Talbot Coat uses that symbol too!! In fact, the English Talbot Shield is quite exactly the English Scott Coat shown days ago (July 26).

Not only was the Scottish Scott surname found first in Roxburghshire (keep in mind that Rockefellers were being traced on July 26 from lake Geneva to Roxburghshire), but the Scottish Scott Coat uses the same blue diagonal band on gold!!! These kinds of things are just too coincidental to be coincidental.

Did God urge Howard send the Molay Arms? If so, why? Is it a variation of "Ashmole," or whatever "Ashmole" derived from? Was Jacques de Molay an Ishmaelite Zionist? Or is the Purpose to open a new field of study in the Molay family...that links to Geneva? Not many days ago, I dealt with a potential Ishmaelite trace to Ayrshire, which place uses the Bruce symbol in its Arms. It so happens that when Molay was burned at the stake, many European Templars fled to the protection of Robert the Bruce I, who some confess was made the new grand master at the time. The question is, did Templars flee to Bruce I, and did he protect them, because they were family?

Today I learn that the Obama administration's coordinator for the implementation of sanctions against North Korea is Philip Goldberg, yet another Hebrew. The overwhelming reality is that America was founded by, and is still ruled by, Hebrews. Bluntly, America is a Hebrew nation! But of Hebrew lovers of money and power. Hebrews of the secretive Rose.

The new leader of nATO has a mouse-like surname: RasMussen. The English Mussen/Moussen Coat is a red chevron on white, and variations of the surname use "Must." When one searches "Must," only the Mousquette Coat comes up, also red and white and looking much like the Washington Shield. The two surnames are apparently of the same stock.

The write-up on the Mussen surname is interesting and leads to what looks like a link with the Meschin surname:

"The village name Muston or Musson [Yorkshire] is also believed to be related to a Norman family name of Moucon, and may have been the surname of Gilbert of Ghent (Flanders) or Gand, or a member of his family. Gilbert...became Baron Folkingham, possibly a nephew of Queen Matilda..."

When checking the Folkingham Coat: white scallop shells on black, the symbol also of the Meschin Coat. "Mussen" and "Meschin" are similar to begin with, but the latter has a Meshin variation. I'd now say that the Mousquette surname is an 'et' variation of "MeschIN."

It's interesting that the Mussen write-up practically equates Flanders with Normans. That could easily explain why my wholly-independent traces of both the Flemings and Rollo Normans led back to the same place on/off the Mures river of Transylvania. I do not recall ever viewing the Flemings as Normans; I simply did not know where Flemings came from, but today, seeing the red chevron on white of the Scottish Fleming Coat, and that a variation of the German Fleming surname is "FleMISCH," I suddenly see a very close Mussen/Meschin link to the Fleming family.

Recalling that I traced Rollo's family to Savoy on some evidence that I've forgotten somewhat, let me stress that the French Masse/Massey surname was first found in Savoy, which is beside Piedmont where the Italian Masci version of "Massey" was first found. The French Massey Coat is in the red and gold colors of the English/Norman Massey Shield, so I'd say it's a match.

I suppose what I'm seeing is that NATO is now led by Masci stock. When I first started getting the impression (from Above) that my mother's Masci bloodline would prove important for finding clues in the dragon hunt, I didn't think that the surname would be used by modern globalist players. Suddenly, it seems to be turning up in multiple places at once. The impression is that the globe is being sought, and run by, the erotica-based Muses of Greece, which were nothing but fanciful creations of the Ares/Eros cult...though this could explain the "Ras" of "RasMussen."

It may not be by design of globalists that Rasmussen is now in charge of NATO -- the likely source of the False Prophet's fire from the sky -- but by the will of the White Robe Dipped in Red Blood, who comes to cut off the Sionist global empire of Fleming-Templar stock. In Revelation 19, we see the Rider on a white horse -- the same symbol as was given to Ares long ago -- with a sword in his mouth, yet another symbol of Ares (for he was Greece's chief god of war). I'm not saying, of course, that Jesus represents a branch of the cult of Ares, but that Revelation symbolism reflects mythical symbolism because the former was Created to speak to the pagan foundations of end-time globalists in the camp of the anti-Christ.

As per 2 Thessalonians 2:8, He will destroy the anti-Christ with the "breath/spirit of his mouth," thus explaining the non-literal use of "sword" in Revelation 19. Apparently, when He comes, he's just going to speak destruction on his enemies, as for example the Two Witnesses (Revelation 11) speak with "fire" from their mouths to make things harmful for the same anti-Christ.

When checking the Ras surname, we find it listed under the English Rose/Roos Coat page, and probably not by coincidence the surname was first found in Yorkshire, where also the Mussen surname was first found. The latter name was first found in East Yorkshire, where also the Flemish Muse/Mewes surname was first found (before being first recorded in Mew of Hampshire). The Muses of Yorkshire should prove to be the Meschins to which the Bruces (of Yorkshire) merged. I don't know how close that relationship was, or how long it lasted.

It's interesting that there is a Mow/Mowe surname (i.e. like "Mews/Mewes") having a Mole variation so that, perhaps, "Ashmole" and/or "Molay" derive from the Meschin family. The Muse/Mewes Shield uses one set of colors in the Arms of Jacques de Molay.

That's all for today. I appreciate sharing these things with you, and we shall have to see where it all leads. I would ask that emailers on bloodline topics don't over-load me unnecessarily with online work; I would rather get right off of it and stick only to tribulation-related news, but perhaps He has other ideas. May you bless the heart of God, and find reward in what He offers in return.

August 4

If you're interested in the Hillary-Team's "Smokescreen of Optimism" in Israeli affairs, see article below wherein we see it straining out half a gnat at best. The article accuses the U.S. state department of trying to put a forward-moving face on what is in reality a crystallizing failure.

As you may know if you had been reading months ago, I expect Hillary to become an Arab-siding arm-twister to get her way with Israel, but so far she seems to have been in the backdrop, her men conducting the preliminary tasks. The stated goal of these tasks is merely to set up the conditions for negotiations. The question is whether Hillary will come to the foreground, as a last resort, when her men privately affirm that they cannot see any way forward. We know that Hillary likes to speak with thunder and lightning, and that she's not exercising such very much...probably because she's still licking her wounds for losing the election (i.e. she's still abashed and humbled from actually losing what she thought was her sacred right).

So now what she's got to do is to obey Obama. It's a terrible thing to have to do when one wants to be the Supreme Woman of All Galaxies and Universes. I imagine that she's developing an Israeli strategy of her own as she watches her men spin their wheels. This strategy will be (or is already being) presented to Obama in bits and pieces until he feels that they should be attempted for lack of any other plan. That's when she'll get the green light to come to the foreground.

Her biggest problem is that there's already Someone else who fills the seat of Supreme Power over All Galaxies and Universes, and to make things especially dismal for her, He's not a woman. It gets worse because she does not consider His plan for Israel: to surround Jerusalem with terrible armies who will upset the Zionist schemes for the nation. In today's news:

"An Al-Qaeda-centered three-stage plan for the encircling and destruction of Israel has been shared and discussed over the course of the past week among global jihadists. [Yesterday], Al-Qaeda's number two terrorist released a lengthy video that also focused, in part, on destroying Israel."

This is not going away. Even though Obama has taken the jaws of the U.S. military off of Iraq, yet the terrorists are not happy. The O-Team doesn't realize that, even though a Palestinian State is formed to the great cheers of Palestinians, the terrorists will not be happy. They will suspect that the Palestinian state is a Zionist plot, and in fact it is a plot that allows Zionists to remain in Israel and in the rest of the Middle East. But even if the terrorists were completely happy with the Palestinian state, Israel would yet be surrounded by the terrorists because it's the will of the Supreme Power.

The irony is in the O-Team thinking that peace in the Middle East will be the fruit of a Palestinian state. In reality, the Supreme Power will seek to destroy Zionists with all the more passion should they succeed in forming a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as it co-capital.

Here's the real future as the article continues:

"...According to ITRR, this last stage includes recruitment for Al-Qaeda in the secondary ring of states around Israel, such as among Kurds, Africans and Turks. Together with the fear instilled in the West, a multinational jihad on Jerusalem will then be ready to commence.

The purpose of the foregoing plan, jihadist communications say, is 'to attack and destroy Crusader interests', to 'lift the siege on Palestine', to 'exterminate and eliminate the Jews', and to 'enforce the reign of Islam.'

...'The next stage, before the all-out war, is a war of attrition with painful strikes against the Jews within and outside [Israel]. This is the time for painful strikes aimed at shaking up the Jews in [Israel] and abroad, as well as all their helpers,' the jihadist communication says. 'The plan Al-Qaeda prepared is... progressing much smoother than was anticipated.... So we can say for certain that al-Qaeda is indeed located on the borders of Palestine, as planned.'

Specifically, the Al-Qaeda-affiliated source says that terror cells must next operate in Syria, in order to hit Western interests in such as way as to destabilize the Assad regime, and in order to strike at Israelis by way of Syria. A follow-up jihadist communication declares hope that the Abdullah Azzam Brigades (an al-Qaeda cell) 'succeed in beheading Jews, UNIFIL infidels and Maronite Christians [in Lebanon].'"

While the thrust in opposition to Syria, and a passage to Israel via Syria, are exactly what's expected of the anti-Christ -- not to mention the beheadings -- one needs to ask why a group planning an ambush against Israel would publicize it just before carrying it out? It sounds more like a scare tactic than a ready plan. I think these video tapes are recruitment tools, and to better recruit, the jihadists are making-believe that they have infiltrated all levels of power, blah-blah-blah.

In reality, they are small and useless on a world level...until the anti-Christ joins them. He will make them great and powerful. The fact that beheadings are stressed in this video may suggest that they have already joined him. It might be his idea to invade by way of Syria.

The question still is: will the anti-Christ be an Obama agent from the start? Does the O-team include anti-Zionist globalists who are set to betray their pro-Zionist counterparts? If so, on whose side will Obama fall? Will Obama secretly side with the jihadists for the sake of their Islamic state in post-Israel? These questions twist me up.

The depth of the evil in what I foresee knows no words. Aside from any considerations on whether Obama will participate in the prophesied invasion of Israel, what I see in the terrorists is not in any dictionary but the Dictionary of Satan. You have a people who think they are killing Israelis with God's favor, which is on one level true and yet not at all the hope of God, and not at all a blessed thing. We have a people killing in the spirit of Satan but by the will of God, and the people don't know the difference between the two so that they will kill with great zeal as though performing righteous acts. The more the killing, the more righteous the acts, they think. What word in the dictionary defines this sort of thing?

The "restrainer" of 2 Thessalonians 2 has got to be a restraining by God of these terrorists, that they might unleash at the Appointed Time. We have yet to see just how angry they are with Zionism.

The idea that the United States has been in some cahoots with al-Qaeda still lingers:

"...FBI translator-turned-whistleblower Sibel Edmonds...

...After explaining the difference between what she does and doesn't know first hand, she went on to explain: 'I have information about things that our government has lied to us about. I know. For example, to say that since the fall of the Soviet Union we ceased all of our intimate relationship with Bin Laden and the Taliban - those things can be proven as lies, very easily, based on the information they classified in my case, because we did carry very intimate relationship with these people, and it involves Central Asia, all the way up to September 11.'"

Like I said, these sorts of things twist me up. I don't know what to believe. Is Obama being gentle with Netanyahu on the visible level because he is about to use al-Qaeda through the back door to put out his lights? Hard to believe, but in the end times, I suppose anything goes.

Not many knew it until today, but Bill Clinton is in North Korea -- today -- seeking a limelight success story as he attempts to free American journalists from the clutches of Kim Jong-Il. If he succeeds, what's to say that Bill will not be planted in northern Iraq to help his wife in that arena? At least, it's hard to believe that he's in North Korea apart from her official blessings. If we know Bill, he's trying hard to worm his way to the center of globalist missions, and that center would be the Middle East. In a big technical way, his wife oversees Middle East affairs. What better way to stick it to the re-surging Republicans, she might think, but to have Bill born-again in American politics?

Going now to the city in which Jesus was born:

"In Bethlehem, some 2,000 Fatah members are taking part in the first Fatah conference in 20 years. The very first sentence of the opening speech honored the 'shahids' who killed themselves fighting Jews.

'In the name of the shahids and in the name of Jerusalem, the capital of the Palestinian state, we declare the opening of the sixth convention of our movement, Fatah.' With these words, convention chairman Ahmed Qurei (Abu Ala) – a former Palestinian Authority prime minister and speaker of the PA legislature – introduced the politically-charged gathering."

It's hard to tell whether it's a testament to Israel's democracy or stupidity to let this convention happen. I'm wondering whether the O-Team convinced Netanyahu to let it take place. I am firmly of the belief that Obama has Palestinian bias. What I don't know is how strong that bias is.

For those who do not agree with my new position, that Obama is the son of Frank Davis, below is a story on a Kenyan birth certificate that is apparently in the hands of a lawyer taking Obama's birth issue to court. One problem is, at least one phony Kenyan birth certificate has surfaced.

From Russia today:

"'The situation is very worrying and the Georgian provocations ahead of the anniversary of last year's war are not halting,' Foreign Ministry spokesman Andrei Nesterenko said in a statement. 'In connection with this, the battle-readiness of Russian troops and border guards stationed in South Ossetia has been heightened,' he said."

This is an over-blown reaction to the very minor charges of days ago, wherein a couple of grenades were allegedly fired into South Ossetia. Even if the Georgian guns did fire, it can't necessarily be deemed a military-wide action on the part of Georgia; more likely, it's a small group of rowdies. For Russia to make an international case over it suggests that the guns did not go off, but that Russia is itching to have another war.

Whatever happened to the commercial skin-chip that the Bilderberg meeting reportedly decided to bring on? Should we expect developments on such a thing be come visibly? Or wouldn't it be best sprung on the world in ways not attracting opposition? Evidence for the system could be in the O-socialism that many are complaining about, first and foremost in the apparent takeover of banking systems by the O-government. I suppose that when this sort of groundwork is completed to a certain point, the skincode will be sprung on a mass scale, and perhaps with no time to lose.

There should also be signs in the O-administration's outreach to the global village:

"Hillary Clinton, the US secretary of state, is due in Africa...

. The seven-nation trip...

Clinton begins her 11-day visit in Kenya...

She is due to address an African trade and development forum comprising 40 states and meet top Kenyan officials in talks beginning [tomorrow].

A global skincode system requires some boot-strapped efforts in Africa and some of the Muslim world. Although I don't know a fraction of the details, my senses are that the rest of the world is by-and-large computer-ready for a skincode system. Asia is computer-happy from Japanese and Chinese systems, and in my readings on the Arab world, it's rolling along with electronic purchasing. We therefore now await the Satanists of the West to deem it the "right" time to spring it on us in a public-relations campaign.

I have suspected that Bill Clinton's true mission, as per his global Foundation, is to prepare the third-world for the skincode system. The stated purposes of the Foundation is to better enable third-world peoples to borrow money. A "sideline" of that purpose can be to hook the poorest people of the world into electronic banking. I don't like to mention things like this without evidence, but neither do I like to withhold ideas that may prove important. The watchman's job is to report what is seen in the distance, and to let the people interpret the importance.

August 5

There's always more than one way to skin a cat:

"The government of the disputed Kurdish region of Iraq is set to become one of the biggest shareholders in Heritage Oil.

The Iraq-focused oil explorer founded by Tony Buckingham, the former mercenary, said that the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) would acquire a 17 per cent stake in the enlarged company to be created after a merger with Genel Energy. Heritage announced the tie-up with Genel, a subsidiary of Turkey's Cukorova Group, in June.

I don't see how the Iraqi government can complain on this Kurd method of obtaining oil revenue. There's no conflict of interest. It could even become a trend. I introduced Tony Buckingham on June 10, where his bloodline was found to be linked to the Rhodes and Wells bloodlines. I concluded that this man ought to be watched for close links to the False Prophet's alliance with the anti-Christ in Mosul. It could turn out differently, that he and the anti-Christ will be at serious odds, since his drilling company is the largest in the Kurd oil fields. But if anyone would wish to make a deal with an unstoppable anti-Christ, it would be Buckingham...and his circle.

There is even a possibility, if the anti-Christ is a Western agent, that he will be of the Buckingham circle, for the king of the north loves precious stones (see Daniel 11), while Buckingham and Cecil Rhodes were involved in diamonds.

We've yet to see whether Iraq will oppose the Kurdish government for engaging corporate business with oil producers. Perhaps Iraq doesn't like to see the Kurds become so strong and powerful (oil money can buy a lot of weapons). The first choice of the Buckingham circle is peace between the Kurds and Iraq, but if there is conflict, the Buckingham people will tend to fight against the Iraqi government, thereby offering one explanation for why the False Prophet might side with the anti-Christ against Iraq.

Bill Clinton has achieved the limelight, what he dearly loves:

"...Kim Jong-il, the North Korean leader, granted a 'special pardon' and ordered the release of Euna Lee and Laura Ling [yesterday] following a request from Bill Clinton, the visiting former US president, the official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) said.

KCNA also said that Clinton 'courteously' conveyed a verbal message from Barack Obama, the US president.

...'That's not true,' Robert Gibbs, the White House spokesman, told reporters in Washington."

It's hard to believe that North Korean media would make a story like that up, or that Obama had no contact with the decision to send Bill Clinton. I therefore think that Obama does not wish it to be known that he was involved. Why not? What's there to hide? I can think of a couple of reasons. Perhaps there was some sort of offer (that Jong-Il accepted) in return for letting the journalists free. Such a thing spoils the limelight, and turns Bill from hero to creep.

Why did the world learn of the Clinton trip only when he arrived to Korea? What was there to protect until then? Surely, the two sides labored at reaching a deal to set the journalists free, and only then was someone chosen to go get them. Didn't we see North Korea suddenly wanting to talk to the West just days ago? That makes me think that Obama was centrally involved, which explains why he doesn't want anyone to know...because he promised a transparent government but wants to hide what was offered to King Kong to get him to stop pounding his breasts. Don't the people have a right to know what was offered?

Today, John Bolton (former ambassador to the UN): ...And it sounds like a deal has been worked out. I don't think they would send the former president in unless he was going to come out with the two reporters.",2933,536561,00.html

But why was Bill chosen? Reports today are saying that Al Gore asked Bill to go because the two journalists were working for Gore's media company, Current TV. But surely the state department would have been consulted in choosing who to send. Did Hillary chose Bill because he begged her for the golden opportunity after making love to her (or are they still sleeping in separate beds?)?

The problem now is, we might see Bill back in the political limelight. It's enough to make Republicans puke, which is exactly what Hillary and her supporters would like to see. But Bill would be rising just as Obama is dropping, so we might not see it.

Last night I found a Hillary statement on Israel, made a couple of days ago, and it DOES come off like a big stick:

"Though the US has recently tempered its criticism of settlement activity, Clinton on [August 3] did sharply criticize Israeli eviction of Palestinians from their homes in Jerusalem, saying, 'These actions are deeply regrettable. I have said before that the eviction of families and demolition of homes in East Jerusalem is not in keeping with Israeli obligations. And I urge the government of Israel and municipal officials to refrain from such provocative actions.'"

Well excuse me, but who do you think you are hillary-pillary? It's not your country. You can't tell another country what to do, and you certainly shouldn't be "urging" another country to break its own housing laws. So what are you going to do, hillary-pillary, if Israel doesn't listen to you? Her department is making an international case out of this:

"U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs Jeffrey Feltman summoned Michael Oren, Israel's ambassador to Washington, to tell him that the United States views Sunday's eviction of two Palestinian families from homes in East Jerusalem's Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood as a 'provocative' and 'unacceptable' act that violates Israel's obligations under the road map peace plan.

Oren responded by saying that the buildings in question have been Jewish-owned since before Israel's founding, and that a court ordered the families' evictions because they had violated the terms of their leases.'"

The article goes on to say what I didn't know, that Hillary made her comments above "during a joint press conference in Washington with Jordanian Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh." Amazing. What nerve! To speak against Israel like that before the world while standing next to an Arab leader. It's the Jordanians who want the 57-state solution that Obama is after. In a perfect world, it's a wonderful concept, but, hey-hey, Israel doesn't trust even one of the 57 Arab nations.

Clearly, Obama is biased toward Jordanians. He and Hillary want Jews evicted by the thousands from the West Bank, but if two Palestinians are evicted because they break Israeli laws, Hillary goes on camera crying like the spoiled children that the anti-Israeli Arabs are. Shameful. Up until recently, Americans could ignore these spoiled brats, but suddenly the prospect of a nuclear Arab world has the Americans much worried.

Rather than do the right thing, the O-Team is attempting to carry the nuclear football against the Kingdom of God. The right thing to do is to strongly oppose the Palestinian state, and to implore Israel to go back to its God before it's too late. Obama is NOT ignorant of basic Biblical realities, for example that Jerusalem belongs to the God of Israel forever. Yet, fool that he is, he wants to make it the capital of an Arab (if not Philistine) people with the blessings of 57 Arab "brothers." Thank God, if he is the False Prophet, that he is easily known to be a false Christian by this one thing alone.

The article above shows that Sweden, which now holds the EU presidency, is strongly opposed to Israel's defiant attitude regarding West Bank settlements. This issue alone is shaping up to be the table upon which the arm-wresting will occur. When Israel's Benny Dagan dealt Sweden a vitriolic response to its intrusive spirit, "The Swedes rejected these claims, noting there is 'no difference' between Sweden's positions on the peace process and Washington's." And that's the problem.

The Swedes are now weighing in heavily, as is Egypt, on the evictions of the two families:

"The two families were evicted before dawn on Sunday by hundreds of policemen, after the Jerusalem District Court ordered their departure. Jewish families have already entered in their stead, with the consent of the owner, the Sephardic Community Committee, which has owned both houses since before the establishment of the state."

A hundred policemen is a very big deal. The courts could have ruled toward the desires of the West for pacifying the Palestinian people as a whole, but then again judges are trained and commissioned to rule according to laws of the land. The West is telling, not asking, Israel to make the peace process the priority over its house-rental laws.


"...Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is expected to visit Turkey [tomorrow] to work out details of several energy projects, including an invitation to take part in Moscow's pipeline project, South Stream.

Turkish and Russian energy ministers said [yesterday] that numerous energy projects were waiting for the private sectors of each country.

Turkish Energy Minister Taner Yildiz said Turkish companies would sign agreements to cooperate with Russian firms in the oil, natural gas and power sectors.

...Putin is expected to promise that South Stream will be built quicker than Nabucco..."

...'[South Stream and Nabucco] are rival projects, they're not complementary. If one is successful, then the other should be postponed for 10 years. They are targeting the same customers, there is not enough resources and the funding is not there,' said Necdet Pamir, Turkish Committee member of the World Energy Council."

Ahh, so now we see what's happening. The first one to get their pipeline operational stands to get first grabs at enough business to put the other pipeline out of business.

One thing we know, Obama's soft hand is giving America's traditional enemies breathing room to advance its expansionism. Look at Russia's unabashed brag in today's news:

"The 'Georgian issue' no longer impedes 'relations with the West,' Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said in an interview to the Vesti news television channel [today] on the eve of the first anniversary of the Georgian aggression against South Ossetia. According to him, the visit to Moscow by US President Barack Obama confirmed this."

Rasmussen earlier this week: "My goal [for NATO] is to develop a true strategic partnership with Russia..." What's a bear to think? "My enemies are giving me honey. What shall I do? I know. I'll eat the honey, and then eat my enemies."

Again, Russia is not blind. It sees that the West is caught between a Barack and a hard place. On the one hand, it wants globalism with Russia as a member, and on the other it wants to box Russia into a subservient role.

From Jamestown news on the seven-nation "Russo-NATO" i.e. CSTO:"...Moreover, the speed at which these Russian plans [for CSTO development]] are being implemented in the [central-Asian] region partly reflects the belief in Moscow that the first year of Obama's presidency will provide a window of opportunity to recalibrate the regional security dynamics more heavily in its favor." In other words, "Obama is a nice guy, so let's take this opportunity to counter his NATO with our own."[tt_news]=35357&tx_ttnews[backPid]=7&cHash=006b71f6e3

If Gog is a Russian agent, I largely expect Russia's competition with the West to go unbearably the point that desperate madness, so to speak, brings Gog to Iraq. Take for example the last sentence in the article: "Medvedev's plans to use the CSTO to undermine the influence of the U.S. and NATO within Central Asia will now be tested during the next three months, since failure to achieve agreement amongst all member states might precipitate a far deeper crisis."

The main ailment today of Putin's Russia is it's revenue. It's way down. Putin had great plans, and he hasn't the money to finish the projects. This is his crisis. It can explain the prophetic hook in Gog's mouth to come south for spoils of war. BUT, Gog may not be a Putin agent.

It's to my deep regret that I cannot yet identify the anti-Christ with even one percent certainty. I simply have no idea. Zhirinovsky has been so out of the international and Middle East scenes that I'm starting to regret my pegging him as a good candidate. Putin doesn't seem to be the blasphemous type.

August 6

We're still looking for the smoking gun to prove once and for all that Russia is opposed to Israel, and actively on-side with the evil axis. Here is what we might call a hot trigger (i.e. not quite a smoking gun because I don't know whether DEBKAfile is reliable):

"Western intelligence sources in the Middle East have disclosed to DEBKAfile that a special unit of the Russian Federal Security Service - FSB, commissioned by Hizballah's special security apparatus earlier this year, was responsible for the massive discovery of alleged Israel spy rings in Lebanon in recent months with the help of super-efficient detection systems.

...This disclosure, if borne out, would indicate that the Russian agency, which specializes in counterespionage, is engaged for the first time in anti-Israel activity in the service of an Arab terrorist organization. An Israeli security sources describes this turn of events extremely grave. It also cast an ominous slant on Moscow's deepening strategic involvement in Syria."

If there is truth to the article, not only does Russia now know that the cat's out of the bag, but we would expect Israel not to attend a peace-process gathering to be hosted by Russia later this year. Statements made by Israeli officials on any Russian issue should begin to show disinterest or even animosity.

A short article says: "Georgia is plotting a new aggression, said colonel general Anatoly Nogovitsin, deputy head of Russian armed forces general staff." This was dated yesterday, after similar accusations by other Russian leaders days previous.

I don't feel as though Russia will start a Georgian war anytime soon, but the direction seems to be headed that way for the prophetic reason. At the moment, Putin is happy, and a happy Putin won't start a war. He's happy because:

"Turkey has agreed 'in principle' to allow the South Stream gas pipeline to pass through its territorial waters, Yury Ushakov, deputy head of the government staff, said [yesterday], ahead of a visit by Prime Minister Vladimir Putin to Turkey.

...A Turkish government source who declined to be identified confirmed that Turkey will agree to allow the South Stream gas pipeline to pass through its territorial waters."

Turkey is acting the two-timer. It knows that both pipelines cannot likely survive together, and yet it has nearly signed, or so it would have the world believe, the Putin-pipe deal.

On Bill Clinton:

"Daniel Sneider, associate director of research at Stanford University's Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center, said the journalists' release followed weeks of quiet negotiations between the State Department and the North Korean mission to the United Nations.

Clinton 'didn't go to negotiate this, he went to reap the fruits of the negotiation,' Sneider said."

The article admits that the O-Team didn't want this to be a media story. I still think it's because something was offered to the Communist leader that shouldn't have been. You know, when an enemy takes hostages, the representative of the hostages isn't supposed to give the enemy his demands...because the nation will then take more hostages. Note that Iran just arrested three Americans about the time that the O-Team came to an agreement with King Kong.

Obama's reaction for news consumption: "'I suspect that President Clinton will have some interesting observations from his trip and I will let him provide those to me,' Obama told MSNBC [yesterday]." The statement seems fashioned for distancing himself from the Clinton mission, as if it's Bill's choice (rather than pre-planned aim) to report what he saw.

High on the list of observations (which by the way makes Clinton a spy) would be how mentally injured King Kong is after suffering his stroke. The article continues: "Clinton became the most senior American envoy to spend time face-to-face with Kim in nearly a decade."

I'm sharing the following because I think it's the sad true:

"Sam Vaknin is considered by many as the world's renowned expert on Narcissism. He is the author of the book, 'Malignant Self Love - Narcissism Revisited'. He states that after spending over a thousand hours of watching and analyzing tapes and videos of Barack Hussein Obama, examining his body language, his gestures and speeches that Obama demonstrates that he suffers from NPD, or 'narcissistic personality disorder'. Narcissists are people who project a grandiose but false image of themselves. They can be and often are, dangerous people."

Have a good day; try to not let these dismal topics affect your days. Prophecy is gloom first and glory only afterward. Hoping you're catching good sun (one of the free God-given things in life) as the summer is almost over already. Where I am, summer is precious, as in rare.

August 7

I've read about killings in Iraq almost every day. Each death is an unspeakable tragedy. I don't bother to mention them much anymore, but this one needs to be:

"MOSUL, Iraq, Aug. 4 (UPI)...Gunmen shot and killed Riad Zannoun, who the Voices of Iraq news agency identified as a director of the Oil Products Department in the northern city.

He was killed in front of his home in the al-Siddiq district of Mosul...

The assassination comes as lawmakers consider reinstating the Iraq National Oil Co. following approval of the effort by Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki.

The Iraqi government had sacked the embattled head of South Oil Co. Fayad al-Nema as lawmakers considered the national oil company.

Baghdad hopes to breathe new life into the energy sector with the national oil company....

Unfortunately, the article doesn't say whether the oil director was Arab or Kurd, though Arabs now rule Mosul. I suppose the killing could have been from non-Kurds, but in any case this shows how important northern oil profits are to some. The South Oil Company leader, Fayad al-Nema, opposes Maliki's plans to auction off Iraqi oil fields to foreigners. The page below tells that "Nema was seen as spearheading a broad revolt against Oil Minister Hussain al-Shahristani's bidding round, which culminated in a June 30 auction."

If the killing was from Kurds ruling Kirkuk, and Maliki comes to know it, the event would signal the start of the war, in my opinion. That is, more killings should take place, escalating into war. A related article:

"DAMASCUS - Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki's recent visit to Iraqi Kurdistan was aimed to test the waters on how loudly and aggressively the Kurds are willing to push their claim for the oil-rich Kirkuk region.

Maliki received a uniform answer from all his interlocutors, that the Kurds want to go until 'the curtain falls'...

Maliki will now have to accustom himself to a confrontation - be it words or bullets - with his compatriots in Iraq. Or he will have to cede Kirkuk. A third option does not exist.

...Maliki has two factors to consider. Either he appeases the Kurds, and upsets countries like Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iran and Turkey - in addition to his own countrymen. Or he pleases the Kurds, and upsets everybody else.

Every turn of events in the northern-oil battle has potential to bring Gog to his mission. For all I know, the assassination of Mosul's oil director was from a fledgling Gog group.

If Gog is a Russian agent, I envision that Russian troops must set up a path for coming south into Israel by 2013. Prophecy readers figure that Russia's will come by way of the Caucasus, and so we see Putin trying to beat a path through there:

"Ahead of the first anniversary of the Russia-Georgia war (August 7), Russian and South Ossetian forces are creating small-scale incidents with a potential for escalation on both sides of the demarcation line...The pattern, however, seems similar, designed to draw a Georgian response to be followed by Russian counter-retaliation, triggering an escalation process that the Russians would control at every stage.[tt_news]=35364&tx_ttnews[backPid]=7&cHash=387ca41cb4

The article below, in conjunction with related articles, suggests that NATO leader, Rasmussen, wants to form a partnership with Russia more than he does with Georgia. He comes out point-blank saying that neither Georgia nor the Ukraine are ready to join NATO at this time. There can only be one main reason for such a public statement. The lame argument he makes, "let me assure you that NATO has no intention to drag anybody into the alliance against their will," mirrors the argument used by Russia very recently. Using these words is a kiss on Putin's lips.

Lee emailed to say he had found a Rockefeller link to a 13th-century "Rodes" family of Languedoc (France) via the ancestral name, "Roquefeuil." On the webpage, I was happy to see that a variation of the Rodes surname is "Rodez," for this was the capital of the Rodez/Ruthene peoples...that I trace back to the Greek island of Rhodes, and forward to the Rosicrucian Illuminati. The English Rhodes surname was first found in Lincolnshire (= Lin-ColonyShire), which in older times was something very close to "Lindos," a major city on Rhodes.

On line 2 of the page above: "Henri II, Count de Rodes...AKA: Henri II, Seigneur de Roquefeuil...Born: before 1245 in Guyenne, France, son of Hughes IV, Count de Rodes and Ysabeau, Dame de Roquefeuil..." Ysabeau had for a father, "Raimond II, Seigneur de Roquefeuil...AKA: Raimond d'Anduse" (line 10). The Anduse surname comes from Raimond's grandfather, "Bertrand, Sire d'Anduze...Bertrand married and then adopted the name Roquefeuil from his wife..." (line 40). Anduze is also in the Roussillon region of Lanquedoc.

The Roquefeuil surname is not traced in this article further back than that wife. Lee had already sought a Roquefeuil Coat without luck, but did find a Roque Coat, which happened to be what I had called the "French Rock Coat"...using white rocks on blue shield (that I suspected was a Rockefeller branch). So far, so good, but it gets better because the French Roque/Rock surname was first found in Lanquedoc, assuring that it stems from the Roquefeuil location and surname.

When I asked Lee for proof that the Roquefeuil surname was ancestral to the Rockefellers, he sent the link to a Wikipedia article on William Avery Rockefeller:

"The Rockefellers trace their family back to Goddard Rockenfeller (1590) of Fahr, today part of Neuwied, Germany...Goddard Rockenfeller was reputedly a descendant of Augier de Roquefeuil, younger brother of Guillaume IV de Roquefeuil, the ancestor of later sires, and John (Jean) de Roquefeuil, the ancestor of the Roquefeuil-Versols Family of France, sons of Adhemar I de Roquefeuil, Sire of Versols (died 1477).]"

Excellent find, Lee!! This makes a short story out of what could have been a long haul for me. When I asked what "feuil" might mean, he came back with "solid," though with a double 'l' it means "foil." I like the first definition better, though both obliterate my Rock-Weller theory (as in Rock-driller). The trick now is to prove that such terms as "Valais" and "Falin" stem from RoqueFEUIL elements (as per theories I developed recently). Note that in the English Rock Coat we see a rook and what heraldry calls a treFOIL, as if the symbols together spell "Roquefeuill".

Lee, shortly before sending the first Roquefeuil email, sent one on the derivation of "dollar" in "thaler." At that time, I was wondering why he sent this message; I could find no thaler term, surname or otherwise, in my files. But I happened to check the Thaler Coat to find a unique symbol with a 'D' on it, as if to link to "dollar."

Fast-forward a few weeks to last night, when I dug into Rockefeller roots in Neuwied, Germany. The first thing I learned was that the Neuwied (town) Arms uses a blue peacock. Very interesting, but behind the peacock is a shield using the symbol of the German Gaul/Gall Coat (with "Kala" as another variation and therefore link-able to LG's Takala surname). But when I clicked the link to the district of Neuwied, I not only found the blue peacock in the Arms of Neuwied District, but also the very same symbol, in the same gold color, found in the Thaler Coat!!! How could this be a coincidence? I've yet to ask Lee whether he knew of this match.

The Thaler surname was first found in Switzerland, and as it also uses gold stars on blue, it could link to the same symbol of the Arms of Port-Valais !! I had traced the Rockefellers to Post-Valais on July 21. Also, nearby Morges (north shore of lake Geneva) may have linked to the gold stars on blue as per the Morges Coat. And the Nestle surname too, out of nearby Vevey.

The French Alen Coat uses the gold stars on blue, while the English Alen Coat page says that "allen" means "rock." Hmm, I doubt it very much, though the idea may have sprung from a Rocke/Roque(feller) link to the Alans. The British page tells that the Alans were from the Dol (of Brittany) Stewarts. The German coat uses red ducks (see verification), the same red ducks found in the German Falen/Valen Coat!! Note that the two surnames, Alen and Falen, are similar.

As per the article on William Avery Rockefeller, I checked the Avery Coat to find what should be a match with the Rhodes Coat, for both use gold roundels on red. The Avery Crest uses lion's arms (see verification) to hold the roundel, Catholic-priest (i.e. eucharist) style, while the Rhodes Crest uses a gold leopard. It looks like a match, and verifies what I had discussed in weeks gone by, that Rockefellers and Rhodes were closely linked...both to international banking and the unabashed pursuit of filthy lucre.

The Dollar Coat uses gold roundels (symbol of gold coins) so as to likely link to the Thaler clan. In consideration that the Peacock surname is a Pollock sept, I note that the two sets of colors in the Dollar Coat are those of the Scottish Pollock Coat and Jewish Pollock Coat respectively.

In light of the town of Neuwied being about seven miles from Koblenz (not far from WestPHALEN, by the way), it's conspicuous that "The earliest records of the [Nestle] name have been traced to the city of Koblenz, where Contrat Nesteli was living in 1290." The German Nestle Coat uses a quadraFOIL.

I should mention that Henry II of Rodez (the one who married a Roquefeuil) had for his second wife, Mascarosse/Marguerite de Comminges, daughter of Bernard VI, Count de Comminges. I mention this as a possible root of the Comerfords/Comforts of Britain, for they use a blue peacock as Crest and gold stars on blue.

The Comerford Coat also uses "talbots" (i.e. Lab dogs), wherefore the red lion in the Talbot Coat should match the same in the Scottish Rhodes Coat (and several other Coats under discussion recently). As the Talbot surname was first found in Shropshire, the upright red lion on white should match the same in the English Stewart Coat (surname settled in Shropshire before moving to Ayrshire and Renfrewshire), and indeed I did trace the Lab symbol to the Stewart clan some weeks ago.

Koblenz is on the Rhine just downstream from Weisbaden, which should explain why the German Nestle Coat uses the gold Zionist stars of the German Weis Coat (and possibly why the Dutch Nestle/Ness Coat uses the Washington/Wassa bars).

Lee had written:

Our Dollar comes from the German word Thaler which according to Wikipedia:
"The German name Thaler comes from the Bohemian coin minted in the 16th century from silver mined at Joachimsthal in Bohemia. Not long after issuance, these coins gained the name Joachimsthalers. Subsequently, the coins were called 'thaler' regardless of the issuing authority, and continued to be minted until 1872.'

"Jachymov...; German: Thal originally, later Sankt Joachimsthal or Joachimsthal) is a spa town in north-west Bohemia in the Czech Republic belonging to the Karlovy Vary Region. It is situated at an altitude of 733 m above sea level in the eponymous St. Joachim's valley in the Ore Mountains, close to the border to Germany."

When you mentioned Dallas/Dulles it immediately made me think of the JFK assassination in Dallas and the Dulles brothers John and Allen who were respectively Sec of State and Director of CIA under Eisenhower with Allen later being a member of the Warren commission. Not that you go into those sorts of things, but it speaks of the powers at work in our government.


I had discussed the Karlovy region in the first update of July; its Vary region could be root to the Avery surname (the latter in the colors of the Vere Coat). Karlovi Vary uses a white lion on red, the reverse colors of the above. The Scottish Vary/Fairie Coat uses red lion on white.

I wondered whether "thaler" was from, or morphed to, "seller," as in a merchant. So I checked the Seller Coat to find gold rings (instead of gold roundels) and a gold Zionist star on silver shield...showing once again that the "no-no" gold in contact with silver is a typical Hebrew color scheme of old.

This is hard work. Hope someone can use it. If Lee did not know of the Thaler symbol's similarity to the Arms of Neuwied, I'd say that God put him up to sending the two back-to-back emails on each topic. There is no Neuwied Coat, but the Newt/NUdd/Nutt Coat is very interesting, using gold roundels...and the blue diagonal bar on gold seen plenty recently, including the Scottish Dallas/Dulles Coat.

Have a nice weekend. Incidentally, the email link from the tribwatch website has not been working for some weeks (since I upgraded to wider bandwidth); it's fixed now.


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