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Aug 12 - 17, 2009

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August 12

There is absolutely zero news on prophetic developments so far today.

The big question from yesterday's topic: is the Abel/Abele surname in honor of Abila in Syrio-Lebanon? Not likely. More likely, it's in honor of the Biblical Abel, or just plainly from an Abel name. But there is a chance that it's from Abila...and the Ishmaelites of Havilah. Why a chance? Because Havilah was a land area that could have retained its name into the distant future, as so many other terms, for example "Israel" itself, have been retained to this day.

It's not at all unreasonable to link "Avalon" to "Havilah," especially if Abilene was an Apollo domain. This could identify the Muses of Avalon as Ishmaelites. Therefore, as Avalon was Bute, all land regions on-shore of Bute -- such as Ayrshire, Lanarkshire, Dumfriesshire, Renfrewshire, etc. -- can be expected to have Ishmaelites. I have already found Ishmaelites in those regions by other means BEFORE I made the Havilah link to Avalon. Coincidence?

I don't think so. I think CC has been urging me to seek Ishmaelites of the last days (at first against my will) because it's a final revelation (from Above) of all my work in the dragon hunt. It gives an interesting story -- that Templar and Rothschild Zionists have been non-Israeli Hebrews of Amorite Jerusalem -- a phenomenal ending.

When one enters "Havel," the Welsh Huwal/Hovel/Howell Coat comes up, a surname first found in Monmouthshire. Wales (and it's Brit ancestry) was an intrinsic part of the Arthurian cult.

Suspecting that the Arthurian cult developed into the Fleming-based Templars, I see that the Fleming branch in Scotland was first found in Lanarkshire, where the Bard surname was first found (in yesterday's discussion, I had traced the Bards (tentatively of course) to the Barada river upon which Abila was situated). It may not be coincidental that both the Scottish Flemings and the Welsh Howells use red and white, but in any case note that the Irish Fleming Coat uses blue and white bell-shaped objects", per chance a symbol of the Abel surname.

Both the Abels and Bards are suspect as Leslie branches. I've never mentioned before that the Scottish Leslie Shield is the Scottish Biggar Shield (the Biggars were a major Fleming branch in Scotland), nor have I mentioned that the Bigger Coat in its entirety (including the red-on-white stars) is exactly the Scottish Dulles/Dallas Coat. As all three surnames are Scottish, the use among them of the same shield strongly suggests family links.

At this heraldry website (ignore the meaning behind the symbols), the Leslie symbol is said to be a buckle. However, when I first started this work, I saw that the Leslie symbol was an ordinary horseshoe with a nail upon it. Then I saw that it had changed to the circular design now shown, and one can see that it still has the nail. Therefore, the buckle must double as a horseshoe.

You can see that the border of the Sinclair cross is called "engrailed," possible a term indicating the holy grail bloodline. I had traced Sinclairs to Biharia's domain (Transylvania), where the Biggars had also been traced, and as per my Sinclair link to blue and white Moray, it's conspicuous that the (blue and white) Dulles/Dallas surname was first found at Moray.

Possibly, the Dulles surname is from elements of Ishmeal's son, Abdeel (Genesis 25). The sacred island of Apollo was Delos (it was given as the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis). The Dulles motto is "Semper Paratus," the latter term smacking of "Barada" (river on which Abila was situated). Seeing that the Dulles and Biggar Coats are identical, note that a variation of the Bard surname is "Bayard," what could easily modify from/to "Biggar." Assuming that Bards were a Biggar branch, it could explain why both Bards and Flemings were first found in Lanarkshire.

The motto of the Flemings is, "Let the Deed Shaw." As Lanarkshire is beside Ayrshire, which itself uses the motto," God Shaw the Richt," I think Flemings link to the Shaw bloodline too (the Scottish Shaws use what could be construed as holy grails).

The motto of the English Abels is "Vive le Roi." You may recall that I traced the Vivian/Vey surname to mythical (i.e. codeword) Morgan le Fay of Bute, the chief of all nine Muses of the island. Today, I traced the Abels to the Abila>Avalon line, and Avalon was Bute! IT CAN"T BE A COINCIDENCE, therefore, that the Vivian Coat uses purple lions while the Abel surname (i.e. suspected root of "Avalon") uses a band in the highly-rare color of purple.

Recently (6th and 7th updates of July), I traced the Scott surname (first found in Roxburghshire) to that part of Roxburghshire, in and around Maxton, that seemed Ishmaelitish, and that saw bloodlines move to the Ayrshire theater. The Scottish Scott Coat uses a blue diagonal band (as do the Dulles, Leslie, and Biggar coats), but furthermore the English Scott Coat uses a cartwheel that could link to the Carter family of what I suspect are Ishmaelites.

Indeed, part of the Carter fold (discussed yesterday) was the Gard surname, first found in Kent, where the English Scott surname was first found. Learning only today that the cartwheel type used by the Scotts is technically a Catherine Wheel, I checked for a Catherine Coat but got only the French Chaten surname, using a gold chevron on blue, in colors reversed from the Vivian chevron. Checking for a Cathy Coat gets only the Irish Carthy/Carty surname!!

Is that not amazing??? It comes just minutes after tracing the Scott surname to the Gards and to the Carter cartwheel symbol. It means that heraldry is reliable only if one ignores the stated meanings and other such smokescreens, and when venturing into deeper study. "Catherine Wheel" is code for the Carter family of surnames!

The Scottish Harding Coat is a fourth surname (mentioned today) using the blue diagonal band on white, but seeing that the Harding horizontal birds are used in the (blue and white) Gard Coat, it would seem that Hardings and Gards were variations of the same family name. Although the Scottish Scotts use the blue band on gold, it would seem that all Scotts are of the Gard/Harding clan.

There's more, for when one checks the blue and white Hebrew Katz surname under the suspicion that it's a Cather(ine) branch, we find that the surname derives from "kohen Tsedek,' which means "priest of righteousness." One then finds yet another blue diagonal band on white in the Irish Cohen Coat! As we can see that the Irish surname, from "Coyne," is likely a variation of "kagan" (as "Cohen itself is known to be), note that "Cather(ine)" seems a variation of "Khazar." The gnostic Cathars of Templar France come to mind. Kedar, son of Ishmael, may also apply (i.e. he may be the root of Khazars).

The phrase, cohen Tsedek, is of Biblical proportions due to the Biblical "MelchiZedek," meaning "king of righteousness" but also "king of Zedek" would apply if there was such a place as Zedek. And there must have been because AdoniZedek is another Biblical character who was the Amorite king of Jerusalem during the Joshua invasion of Israel. Both the Irish and Scottish Shaw pages tell that the surname is from 'Sithech.'"

It is the Gard Crest that uses laurel leaves, but between the leaves is a white castle, the symbol of the Welsh Howells/Havels. With the Harding surname entering the picture, we're back to the Hart/Hartz surname, and the trace of Bute to the Hartz mountains in witch-ville Germany. The "Jewish" Hart Coat shows a large Zionist star (gold on blue), evoking the near-same of the Scottish Hagar Coat.

The Abila term could also be the root of Ebla, an Amorite city of the Syrian theater. I had wondered whether "Kabala" and/or "Kybele" was linked to "Ebla." In any case, "Abila" and "Kabala" are close enough to justify a tentative link to Havilah elements. The Greek island of Delos was not only made the birthplace of Apollo, but was a place of Dionysus worship; he was the god of the faggot-infested Kyeble cult. In fact, at the Delos article, the remnant of a phallic temple is shown (who in their right minds would worship God at a temple made in the image of an erect male organ?). There is a Spanish Cavallo surname that has a Cavallone variation and includes "Cabal" in its databank.

Thucydides identifies the original inhabitants [of Delos] as piratical Carians who were eventually expelled by King Minos of Crete." The Carians evoke Acarnania, vicinity of the piratical Taphians, but the quote above, as well as Minos' brother (Sarpedon) ruling a Lycian peoples in the Carian theater, tends to support my identification of Carians with the Curetes...who I link to the Kartli Georgians. And the Kartli should be the root of the Carter fold of families. That the families were part of the Arthurian cult suggests links to the Brits, who were from the Irish Pretani, a term that in Gaelic was "Cruithen"...i.e. the Curetes no doubt from mythical Britomartis of Crete.

The best way to identify Ishmaelites is to find a region or peoples that have multiple names reflecting the sons of Ishmael. The problem is, Ishmaelite tribes conflicted with one another so that they may not have stuck solidly together. Keep in mind that Ishmaelites were not likely the only dragonline Hebrews in Havilah, and that Havilah was the name of a son of Joktan (son of Eber).

I'll assume for the time being that the Bell surname was in honor of Abilene and/or Abellinum (modern Avellino) elements. The Borderlands Bell surname was first found in Dumfriesshire (i.e. possibly of Dumah, son of Ishmael). The Italian Bell(o) Coat is in the same red and white colors. The British surname is said to derive from the French, "beu or bel," and we find that the French Belle surname (using a greyhound) was first in Gascony, where its red and white was predominantly the Washington bloodline. The French Beaumont Coat is also red and white; the surname was first found in Dauphine.

August 13

For the second day in a row, just when I'm expecting anti-Christ prophecy to be fulfilled (between now and October), there isn't any sign of it. This is a good day, therefore, to make an announcement that I was planning for later in September should the king of the north fail to appear in Iraq by that time.

My expectation on the appearance of the anti-Christ in Iraq by the start of the 70th Week is NOT from prophetic requirements. Prophecy does not say that he must appear anywhere before the 70th Week. It does say that he must act against Israel for 2300 days, and my assumption has been that he should be in Iraq before he acts (for the first time in Israel) at the start of those days. The problem is, there is no indication in Daniel 8 nor 11 of what that act looks like, and where we do have a description of events, they pertain to the midway point of the Week.

One also needs to ask whether the start of the 2300 days could arrive well before the first act against Israel. In such a scenario, the 2300 days do not mark his military exploits against Israel in particular, but a combination of political and military exploits.

There is a possibility that the 2300 days have not to do with Israel entirely, for in verse 25 of Daniel 8, one verse before we read of the 2300-day period, we find that the "little horn" takes opposition to the Prince of princes. While everyone assumes that this opposition against the Son of God will be in union with opposition against Israel, the latter may prove to cover less time than the full 2300 days.

In other words, when assuming that the 70th Week begins this fall so that the 2300 days begin in the spring of 2010, we may not see the anti-Christ acting against Israel until AFTER the spring of 2010. I do not like this possibility because it means that I cannot abandon the 2009-2016 timetable until a significant period after the spring of 2010.

To complicate things, it's possible that the first act against Israel IS at the start of the 2300 days...but BEFORE he enters Iraq (as per Daniel 11:23)? If so, it would explain why there is no sign of him in Iraq at this time. If so, then the 2300 days will begin before he successfully invades Egypt, which is not the picture I've used. If so, then the first act against Israel that's told by Daniel 11:28 will not be the first act against Israel, as I've assumed, and 11:28 will then occur AFTER the start of the 2300 days.

Again, I don't want any of the above to be the case because I don't want to be on the edge of my seat wondering any longer whether 2009 is the start of the Week. And neither do you. The only good news I can offer is that it's still too early in August of 2009 to fix my prophetic picture by pushing his Iraqi entry in the weeks or months AFTER the start of the 2300 days. Shudder, if the start of the 2300 is not in Daniel 11:28-30, it's even possible that he enters Iraq a year or more after the start of that period.

This is why I will shorten the news updates to non-daily if in September there is no sign of the anti-Christ. Events up until now have been such that he could enter Mosul at any time; the Sunni victory in the Mosul elections last January opened the door to that entry such that I expected him earlier than this month.

If ever you would like to re-read the above, it can be found after the chapter at the link below, The 2016 prediction for Armageddon. When this link disappears from these updates, you'll know that I no longer think 2009 is the start of the Week. In the chapter at that link, I concluded: "I predict that Gog will enter Iraq a good measure of time before the spring of 2010." There's still some time for the prediction, but perhaps I shouldn't have made it.

So long as Obama and his immoralite supporters continue to set aside the importance of coughing up the president's original birth certificate, he's practically on one leg whyile imprisoned to the whims of his enemies. Whether the following story is true or not, one sees how effective his enemies can be in contorting his arm:

"The Israeli government has allegedly used its influence in American politics to strengthen the rumors about US President Barack Obama's birthplace.

On [August 10], well-known investigative journalist Wayne Madsen said Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's entrenched alliance with the America-Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), various neoconservative groups and fundamentalist Christian organizations had made it 'very easy for him to bring this whole canard back' about allegations that Obama has been born in Kenya rather than the United States.

'And it looks like he has done that as a way to put political pressure and try to tip Obama off his high favorability ratings at the present time,' he added."§ionid=3510203

I don't have any reason to believe that this story is false. Suddenly, Obama laid tough gloves off of Israel, and there must be a reason why. Obama may be able to threaten Israel's American benefits, but if Netanyahu can threaten Obama's lofty position as president, we have a tie score but with Israel pressing in on a win. How embarrassing and harmful would it be should the Arabs discover that Obama's real father is not the Muslim Kenyan, but the socialist Frank Davis?

That's all for today. May God be kind to mankind and eradicate mosquitos, which by the way are all but gone from around my house site. I didn't need to work under a mosquito-tent suit at all this summer. I'm on the second-story now but still living in the 18-foot trailer. Once one get's used to a trailer after a solid year, it's do-able. Any of you who have little money for tribulation endurance, it is do-able. An inexpensive small new cabin just 16' x 16' would be about twice as large and so much better.

August 14

Mrs. Universe, would you mind if we let your husband, Bill, have a crack at fixing Asia and Africa? He did pretty good in Korea.

For your information, Hooloogan, I happen to be the secretary of State -- as in FEMALE SEXRETARY of STATE -- and don't you forget it.

Ah, er, what I meant was, what does Mr. Clinton think, uhh, like, wow, does he have any thoughts that you could pass on? He's amazing...

I am trying to tell you that it's not my job to encourage people to think that Bill's better than myself, so enough already. I AM THAT I AM the SECRETARY of STATE, and that's all there is to it. Sit down, sonny.

Ah, er, madam Universe, do you know your eyes are bugging out? All I wanted to know...

I DON'T CARE. Sit down! whether Mr. Clinton is coming back around these parts anytime soon. My sister wants his autograph and I wouldn't mind...

Mind what? Trying to make a spectacle out of me because I couldn't get anything out of North Korea? Is that what you're trying to make VERY clear?

...your autograph but I'm afraid you might try to jab me with the pen.

It wasn't a good day for Hillary, and the coming days were even worse as the story hit the press. The best that her supporters could do was describe her as steely in a complimentary way. You know, like an iron rod to the head of a student, in front of peers, is a good thing.

The truth is, Hillary is unqualified to be chief foreign minister. She was made the Democratic front runner by CNN and friends; they boomeranged her to popularity when she became a New York senator...the sheer purpose of which was to set her up as presidential candidate. Then CNN and some friends abandoned her for Obama because he gave the impression that he could calm to noisy seas and bring great glory to Democrats. The truth is, he was less qualified to be president than she was to be secretary of state. Obama picked her for the job only because he was afraid of what her supporters might do to him otherwise, but the time has come that they will hate him anyway for shipping her off to unknown corners of the world and in other ways subduing her influence.

Since the freeing of the hostages in North Korea was a done deal before Bill Clinton was sent, why didn't they send Hillary? With Obama's ratings going down, was it a good time to make her look that good??? No way. Obama might as well have signed his own political death certificate. Of course, to keep consistency, he'd probably sign a phony death certificate.

Will we see the Hillary camp rise up against Obama? Is that what's happening now to explain his downward approval numbers? Will we see past Hillary lovers go back shamelessly to her camp now that they see Obama's inability to change the world? No way. Democrats hate the Right too much to let an internal division give Republicans power again. You can be sure that the verbal claws of Democrats are being sharpened at this time as Republicans smell blood. By the time that the tribulation arrives, liberals will be happy to persecute Christians.

My advice is that Christian organizations should stay out of politics -- cease all programs to get Christian Republicans in power -- as soon as they see the anti-Christ appear. It will go better for us all if they take a quieter stand at that time. A soft word turns away wrath. Hard words at that time will bring harsher persecution. BUT, this is not to say that Christians should be quiet about the coming Kingdom of God.

While the new NATO leader, of Denmark, is trying to start a dynamic relationship with Russia, the EU leader, of Sweden, has just accused Putin of trespassing on Georgian property:

"...'The European Union notes with concern that the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, has paid a visit to the Georgian region of Abkhazia, without prior consent of the Georgian authorities,' the statement reads.

'The EU does not consider this visit compatible with the principle of territorial integrity nor helpful for the international efforts to stabilise the region. The EU reiterates its support for Georgia's sovereignty and territorial integrity.'"

Putin's visit, which entailed military gifts to Abkhazia, came after the same EU office complained formally, and in like manner, about Medvedev's recent visit to South Ossetia. As far as the EU is concerned, both territories belong to Georgia...but what's the EU going to do about the two highest Russian leaders flaunting their butts in this way? I suppose the EU will muster up some great courage...and write another complaint.

Obama's domestic baby number one, health care, is near the drain pipe, and his foreign baby number one is already down the drain::

"...After Washington opened the door wide to reconciliation, lavishing goodwill gestures and a procession of emissaries over several months, [Syrian president] Assad has abruptly slammed it shut.

Wednesday, Aug. 12, he announced he was off to Tehran next week to congratulate his good friend Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on his reelection as president and further cement their ties.

...Assad first knocked [Obama's] plan on the head on July 26 in a long conversation he had with US Middle East envoy George Mitchell in Damascus, DEBKAfile's Middle East sources disclose...

Mitchell was completely taken aback by Assad's reversal. In Washington it was taken as a death knell for President Obama's plans for Middle East peacemaking...

...Wednesday, Aug. 12, an American military delegation arrived in Damascus led by Frederick Hoff, head of the Syrian desk on the Mitchell team, and Maj. Gen. Michael Moeller of the US Central Command.

...This time, the government-controlled Syria media which until then had meticulously noted every sign of progress in the relationship, completely ignored the presence of the high-ranking delegation.

It was Hoff's task to lay before the Syrian leaders the rich diplomatic incentives offered Damascus in return for a breakthrough in relations with the United States."

It is quite amazing that Moeller and Hoff are the two surnames appearing together on an Obama mission just after I wrote (on August 8):

In the Dutch Milner-Coat page, we read: "The modern form of the name, Mueller, is documented early on in the chronicles of Swabia, wherein the knight Conrad von Husen is noted as having become known as Mueller for his ownership of a mill."

I showed the Scottish Huse/Hose Coat at that time; the surname first appearing in Liecestershire. But it's a variation of "Hoff," apparently, because the English Hoff/Hough page tells that a "Hose" location in Liecestershire is thought to be linked to the Hoff surname. In other words, as per the quote above wherein we see a Husen surname founding the Moeller surname, it suggests that Frederick Hoff and Maj. Gen. Michael Moeller are of the same bloodline...from Conrad von Husen.

I happen to trace the Conrad name to Hohens because "Conrad" appears to me as "Red Cohen." The Conrad surname is in fact at the root of the Hohen royals. The English Hoff surname is said to derive from "hoh," but the write-up gives an erroneous derivation/definition of the term. One can see that the German Hoff Coat is in the same black and white colors, meaning that the English Hoff surname is likely from the German, said to mean "court," though I would rather trace the term to the location of Hof on the German-Bohemian border. The topic of Hof came up July 6 when I was focusing on Obama's Wolfin roots.

The district of Hof uses a black Hohen lion on gold belonging in particular to Nuremberg Hohens. I then find that the Welsh Huse/Hughes Coat uses a black lion on white, the colors of the Hoffs.

The English Hoff surname was first in Cheshire but also in Durham, two places that I trace Obama's Randolph surname...which surname I was able to link to Obama's Wolfin surname from Germany. The Hoff Crest uses a black wolf!

The German Moeller/Milner Coat is nothing but a single black "Catherine Wheel"!! I don't think it's a coincidence that I wrote on the Catherine Wheel for the first time only yesterday; I linked the symbol to the Carter fold of families in Britain, but also to what I think could be Ishmaelite-rooted families of Roxburghshire.

The Scottish Huse Coat uses three human legs (essentially a symbol of Isle of Man), as does the Scottish Berne Coat. The latter surname was first found in Moray, but uses red and white, the colors of the Randolphs of Moray. Keep in mind that the Randolph write-up traces the surname to "wolf."

Last night I opened an email from Howard, who shared another article on Obama's roots in the Wolfin surname, where we learn that Obama also has Irish roots:

"...According to parish records uncovered by experts at the genealogy website, Obama's 6th great-grandfather Johann Conrad Woelflin was born Jan. 29, 1729, in Besigheim, a small town north of Stuttgart on the Enz river where it feeds into the Neckar.

...The family appears to have moved around a lot; primarily in the Stuttgart area.

...The White House did not respond to requests for comment on Obama's German link."

Johann Conrad??? Stuttgart (Baden-Wurttemberg) is near HohenStaufen mountain. I can't add anything on Besigheim at this time.

The article goes on to say that Johann Conrad Woelflin changed his last name in America to "Wolfley," which surname was first found in Cheshire (!!), as was the Hoff surname (that I figured had a Wolfin link BEFORE I checked the Wolfley Coat just this minute). The name [was] anciently De Wolegh, or de Woley," and it was found in Wooley of Cheshire, suggesting that Woelflins from Germany had settled and named Wooley.

This surname, if you recall, is also "Waldwin," said to be from the sister of king Arthur. Only lately have I been getting the inkling that the Arthurian cult was studded with Ishmaelites.

Perhaps it's a coincidence, but the black bear in the English Langdon Coat is identical to the black bear in the German Abel/Abele Coat and Crest. I say this because of the Wolfley write-up: First found in Cheshire where they were seated in Longdendale." Possibly, Longdendale residents became Langdons, but in any case, I would add Langdons to the list of possible Ishmaelites/Joktanites from Abila/Havila (which I traced to Arthurian Avalon).

I showed three days ago that the black bear on gold in the Abel Coat matched the colors of the black bear in the German Berne Coat. I saw the three legs of the Scottish Berne Coat at that time, but did not mention it...until I saw the three legs of the Scottish Huse Coat this morning. This means that Obama's Frederick Hoff in Syria could be of Abele=Ishmaelite ancestry, and that he and other Illuminatists know it.

The article on Syria goes on to say:

"Gen. Moeller was [in Syria] to apply the stick. DEBKAfile's exclusive sources reveal the three questions he put to the Syrian ruler:
1. Is Damascus willing to assist the United States' effort in Iraq by holding down the rising tide of Sunni violence? The general produced intelligence data exposing a swelling influx of terrorists, arms and explosives from Syria into Iraq.

2. Is Syria ready to meet its obligations under UN Security Council Resolution 1701 (which ended the 2006 Lebanon War) by sealing its border to the smuggling of arms to the Lebanese Hizballah?

3. Will Damascus accept responsibility for halting arms smuggling to the Palestinian Hamas in the Gaza Strip?

Suddenly, at the foot of this disappointment in Syria, we read:

"A group of former reformist lawmakers appealed to a powerful clerical body in Iran to investigate Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei's qualification to rule in an unprecedented challenge to the country's most powerful man over the post-election crackdown.

The call came as controversy heated up [today] over allegations that protesters detained the crackdown were tortured. Hard-line clerics across the country demanded that a senior reform leader be prosecuted for claiming that some detainees were raped by their jailers.

The former lawmakers' appeal was to the Assembly of Experts, a body of clerics that under Iranian law has the power to name the supreme leader and, in theory, to remove him - though such a move has never been attempted...

...The letter was addressed to Ayatollah Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani..." ...In what appears to be a coordinated move...

O'b'gosh, Ahmad, they are actually doing it. They're appealing to the Rafs and Janis, the ones who hold the ropes to the Great Killotine.

Kome, I value my head as much as yours, but this time it looks bad. Did we go too far in stomping on Mickey Mousavi?

So we let the guards rape the dirty rats? So we let them have a little fun, what's the big deal, Ahmad? In return we give the nation Nobility.

I know, I know. No one appreciates anything any more.

What do we do now, Kome?

Deny all reports. And put our best noble feet forward, or it's the Killotine for both of our pretty faces.

A top Mousavi ally, Mahdi Karroubi, is one who's involved in taking the rebellion to the next level. He's the one who's making the rape charges. His surname reflects "Gareb" rather well. I wouldn't mention it if not for a suspicion that the O-Team is behind the Iranian rebellion.

August, 16

Forgive me, I didn't have the time to complete an update yesterday, and my "kids" stayed the night and getting busy with them I just plumb forgot to notify you there wouldn't be one. I'll get something up in the morning.


Today's Obama-bloodline discussion is one you may not want to miss. It once again tends to show that the revelations unfolding week after week are coming by Design. But first the news.

There is no news, but I came across this a couple of days ago:

BELGRADE, Montana (AFP) -- US President Barack Obama on [August 14] named two senior officials to work closely with the Baghdad government on the plight of millions of refugees from war and violence in Iraq.

Samantha Power, a senior National Security Council official, will coordinate the wider US government effort on the issue, across multiple agencies, White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said in a statement.

Senior foreign service officer Mark Storella, who once served as number two in the US mission in Geneva, has already arrived in Baghdad to take up the job of senior coordinator for Iraqi Refugees and Displaced Persons.

...Power was a key foreign policy advisor early in Obama's presidential primary race in 2008 but left the campaign after she referred to his erstwhile foe, now secretary of state, Hillary Clinton as a 'monster.'

I don't think it's a coincidence that the English Power Coat uses the clovers, in the same colors, as the Irish Davis Coat. In the previous update, Howard shared an article telling, but not explaining, that Obama had Irish roots. I think Obama chose Samantha Powers because she's linked to the bloodline of his father, (for new readers, the real father is Frank Davis).

As a result of find a Davis link to Powers, we are able to link Obama to the Carter fold of families that was the topic in the past week. If I recall correctly, the Carter families were NOT linked to Obama bloodlines in any particular way. Suddenly, only days later, that link pops out due to the news article above. More coincidences?

First, I realized that the very stag design in the English Power Coat exactly matches the one in the Irish Cathy Coat (perfect matches = family links). You may recall that the Cathy surname in Ireland is more appropriately "Carthy/Carty," which I had recently linked to the "Catherine Wheel" type of cartwheel and therefore to the Carter cartwheel symbol. Both the Carters and Powers use green and white (I'm now always looking for evidence that green, the Muslim/Arab color, was chosen by certain European bloodlines due to their Ishmaelite roots).

To solidify the Power link to Catherine-Wheel families, we first see that it's used in the English Scott Coat while the Scottish Scott Crest uses the Power stag exactly! Keep in mind that the Scotts lived and were linked to the Pollock families of Roxburghshire, for I think that we're going to see a Pollock in the Obama bloodline by the surname, Poland.

If you had been reading in the past week, you would have seen the Garth surname linked to the Carter fold of families. See the very same stag in the Irish Grath Coat that has "Garth" as a variation. Moreover, the Power Crest is near-identical to the stag head in the Crest of the (green and white) English Cart Coat (surname found in green and white Wiltshire).

Next point of O-interest: while the Irish Davis Shield, aside from the clovers, is black and white, the Irish Power Coat is black and white too, and moreover uses a danced, as does the English Randolph Coat.

As the Power name (first found in Devonshire) is said to derive from "poor," I checked to find an English Poor Coat (surname first found in Devonshire), essentially the same as the Bigger and Dulles Coats...discussed just days ago. We then find that one possible origin of "Poor/Power" was in "Picardy" (France), and this may be the first time that I've noted the similarity between "Picard" and "Biggar." In fact, both "Biggart" and "Biggard" are in the Bigger databank. If, therefore, I'm correct to trace the Biggars to Biharia, ditto possibly for the namers/founders of Picardy.

This is the only Obama genealogy I have. After finding (see earlier in this update) that Obama's sixth generation grandfather was a Woelflin who changed his name to Wolfley when coming to America (Pennsylvania), I checked the genealogy and found a Wolfley under the heading, "GREAT-GREAT-GREAT-GREAT GRANDPARENTS." On line 116, we find "George Wolfley, b. Dauphin Co., Pa., 8 July 1807..." He married "Nancy Perry, b. Radnor, Delaware Co., Ohio..."

I checked the Perry Coat to find the very same Bambi-like deer in the Irish Shaw Crest. The Shaw Coat uses clovers (gold an black), and for new readers, the Shaws have become, this month, prime Ishmaelite suspects.

Adding to the growing suspicions that more than one of Obama's bloodlines are linked to the Carter fold of families, we see blue lions in the Perry Coat, which, because the Perrys were first found in Hampshire, suggests links to the blue lion used in the Winchester Coat (see previous update for Winchester-blue-lion links to Wends and Cairds). The Carters were first found in Winchester.

By the way, I failed to say that, according to the USA-Today article, Obama's sixth generation grandfather, Johann Conrad Woelflin, had for his own grandfather, Conrad Woelflin, mayor for 30 years of the town of Orsingen.

But as Johann Conrad Woelflin (married 1756) had six children, it looks as though the George Wolfley above, born in 1807, is his grandson.

On line 232 of the genealogy: "Ludwig / Lewis Wolfley, b. ... [probably Switzerland], 2 March 1766,..." In the article,: "In Middletown [Pennsylvania, Johann Conrad Woelflin]...had at least six children, including Ludwig Lewis Wolfley -- Obama's 5th great grandfather -- who was born in 1766." Born in Switzerland or Pennsylvania?

It's suspicious that both "Randolphs" and "Shaws," from Picts, are said to derive from different terms for "wolf." The Shaw surname is said to derive from "Sithech," which I am in the process of linking to ancient Zion (i.e. Amorite/Jebusite Jerusalem) but later to the Sithone founders of Sitten/Sion...of Switzerland.

You may have read recently that I trace the Shaw surname to the Suebi>Sabine bloodline. I had traced Sabines to Savona of Liguria, and then identified them further north as the Sviones...whom Tacitus identified as a tribe/neighbor of the "Sitones" (in Sweden). I had reasoned that both Sitones and Sviones were fellow tribes because I had (long before) traced Ligurians back to mythical Lycurgus of the Edones, while Sithones were a Ligurian tribe.

I had identified the Sithones of Liguria as mythical/codeword Sthenl(a)us (king of Liguria). I am therefore quite certain that the Shaw surname traces to this Sthenelus codeword...which in Greece was a "Gorgophone" and Danaan family...from Joppa of northern pre-Israel. Specifically, Sthenelus was made the child of Perseus and Andromeda (their children were called "Gorgophones"), the latter being a daughter of mythical Cassiopeia (= Kassites of Joppa, in my opinion) who I trace to the Khassi region of Cilicia as the Cati peoples there.

In that I identified the pagan holy grail as the Cati, is it a coincidence that the Scottish Shaw Coat uses what could be holy grails? In my Hyksos chapter, I wrote:

"It is conspicuous that the Hayasa-Azzi [= proto-Hyksos in Armenia] were allied to the vicious Kaskas, for that term can itself modify to 'Hyksos.' Wikipedia uses the version, 'Kaskian,' and I do see that this is close to 'Kassiya.' Samuha (location unknown) was near the land/city of the Kassiyans, whom I would gather were the Khassi/Kassios of Cilicia, same as the Kizzuwatna. That is, Kaskas = Kassiya = Khassi = Kizzuwatna = Cati-Bat (where the Bats were of Colchis became the Cilicians = holy grail bloodline). I've been claiming for a while now that the Cadusii were the holy grail, not knowing until now that the Hebrew for 'holy' is "kadesh/qodesh" (Strong's 6944).

Watna Hell Were the Hyksos?

It's only dawning on me now that I re-read the quote the Kaskas may have developed into the Gascones=Basques.

I now want to show something proving absolutely that Obama's Randolph line (back through his Dunham mother, as with the Wolfley line) links to the Wolfleys. The wolf design found in the Wolfley Coat matches exactly the wolf in the Batt Crest, while the bats in the Batt/Baat Coat match the bat in the Randolph Crest! The same wolf is in the Irish Gard Coat!

We may still be wondering whether the bat symbol ties to Baath-party elements and whether they in turn trace to the Bat Georgians (or should I sat Bat Gorgophones?).

In the same generation as George Wolfley, on line 105, we find a"Sarah Poland, b. Alleghany Co., Md...." The reason that I think the Polands were Pollocks (aside from the belief I hold that Pollocks were named after Polish elements) is that the Poland Crest matches this Scottish Stewart Crest. What I thought was a dove turns out to be: " pelican, on the wing a diamond shape charged with a black escallop."

As soon as I read this, I realized that "pelican" was a symbol for "Pollo(c)k." My Pollock friend always reminds me that early Polloks were merged with Stewarts, but I have not traced Stewarts to Poland as I have Pollocks. Perhaps Polloks and Stewarts were not merely merged; perhaps they were branches of the same Polish stock.

In any case, you may have read that I link the diamond symbol to Pollocks by round-about means; here in the Poland Coat were have diamonds! We also have a gold diagonal bar on blue, colors reversed from some other surnames mentioned this month. My Pollock friend had found a Labrador symbol in her father's heraldry, and so here's what I wrote in the first update of August:

"This is starting to get 'freaky' again, and FE hardly ever fails to surprise me. I just checked the Cully Coat again (because of her find of the Cully location in Vevey), and seeing the (blue and gold!) Lab in the Crest, I decided to go further and check the Talbot surname because the Labs are called 'talbots.' The French Talbot Coat uses a blue diagonal band on gold (!!)...just like the Weis and Molay Coats.

It's the reverse of the Waldner Coat; this surname was first found in Roxburghshire among the shield-on-shield Coats, usually in red and white. Well, the English Talbot Coat uses that symbol too!! In fact, the English Talbot Shield is quite exactly the English Scott Coat shown days ago (July 26).

Pollocks trace to the Rutherfords and Maxtons of Roxburghshire, where the Scotts lived, and today I find that the Poland Coat uses roughly the same shield as the Waldners of that very same Roxburghshire region. The Waldners were from Waldeve, Roxburghshire, a locale that I think may have been named by the Waldwins, that latter surname being a variation of "Wolfin (= same as "Wolflin" and "Wolfley").

This puts the Pollocks very close, if not bang-on, to Obama's wolf bloodline, explaining why I think God has had my Pollock friend in my email life for several years and counting. I felt from the beginning, to the point of annoying her (I think), that her surname was one I had to trace especially.

The Welsh Waldwin Coat, let me remind you, is almost identical to the Welsh Davis Coat.

Note the green dragon in the Wolfin Crest. The Wolfley Coat uses gold on green, the Shield colors of the Scottish Pollocks.

Later in Obama's genealogy (line 1813), we find an Anne Pollard. The Pollard Crest uses the Power stag!!! No wonder that the Pollards were first found in Cornwall, as were the Powers. Not only did I already tentatively trace the Waldner surname to the Wallis canton of Switzerland -- where Sitten/Sion shared Wallis' red/white stars on white/red, but the "Poor" variation of "Power" uses red stars on white.

To have Obama's Wolfley bloodline link to Wallis in this way, after reading today that one of the first American Wolfleys (of Obama's ancestry) may have been born in Switzerland, is very interesting. The alternative place of his birth was Middleton, Pennsylvania. I did a quick check of the Middleton surname to see if perhaps the location was linked to surnames having roots in the same bloodlines, and bingo! The Middleton Coat is the Batt/Baat Shield.

Moreover, I had suspected a link to the Langdons because Wolfleys were from Longdondale, I now see that the Langdons and Pollards share a black chevron on white, and that both were first found in Cornwall. I can now add that the Langdon bear symbol should link to the Baer/Ber/Barr surname of Saxony (Germany) in that the Baer Coat: 1) uses Pollock-Shield colors; 2) uses the Pollock bugle; and, Pollocks were from a Saxon. The same Power and Pollard stag is used by the Scottish Scott Crest, the Shield of which is that of, but in colors reversed from, the Poland Shield.

The Pollard Coat uses scallops, as does the Poland Coat, and I think this helps to verify a Pollock trace to the scallops of the Meschins. I trace Obama's Randolph line to the Meschins, and I'll therefore repeat that the Wolfley surname was first found in Cheshire (where Meschins ruled).

I have always wondered where "Hamo/Hamon" derived, for Dunham Masci (Cheshire) was ruled by Hamo de Masci. I now find the motto of the Scottish Scott surname to be, simply, "Amo" (see above the Crest).

As per the so-called "talbot" dogs: not only is the French Talbot Shield in reverse colors from the Polland Shield, but the blue Talbot diagonal bar is decorated with two gold fleur de lys; the Masci Coat has a blue diagonal bar (in the other/Waldner direction) with three gold fleur de lys, and that for me is a bloodline match. To then support the Scott-surname link to the Mascis, we find that the English Scott Shield is almost identical to the English Talbot Shield.

The current head of the Brookings Institution (Washington, D.C.) is globalist, Strobe Talbott. He was Mr. Clinton's deputy state secretary. He "participated in the Skull and Bones Society. He became friends with former President Bill Clinton when both were Rhodes Scholars at the University of Oxford..."

In the Russian news: "...Talbott was one of the architects of the U.S. policy towards Russia and the CIS countries during Clinton's administration..."

On line 464 of Obama's genealogy, we find Johann Conrad Wolfley, b. ... , Schweiz, 29 Jan. 1728, d. Middletown, Dauphin Co., Pa.,..." This is the same as the German Johann Conrad Woelflin of Stuttgart, Germany...who changed his name to "Wolfley" when arriving to America.

On line 109 of Obama's genealogy, we find "Elizabeth Davis, b. Bardstown, Ky...." Later on the page we read:

"In Dreams from my father [where Obama mentions a special friend, "Frank"], Mr. Obama states, on p. 13: ' ... one of my great-great-grandfathers, Christopher Columbus Clark, had been a decorated Union soldier, his wife's mother was rumored to have been a second cousin of Jefferson Davis, president of the Confederacy'. This statement is incorrect, as Christopher Columbus Clark [number 54, above] was Mr. Obama's great-great-great-grandfather, not his great-great-grandfather."

The point is, Obama was relishing a trace to Jefferson Davis. Why?

Elizabeth Davis (above) married Thomas Clark; Clarks (Borderlands peoples sharing Scott-surname symbols) are in Obama's genealogy from the near-start, married to the Armour family. As the latter uses what should be the Moray stars, "Armour" may be derived from "Moray" elements (where Randolphs ruled). After getting the impression that the surname was also "Amor"-like, I checked to find that the Spanish/Castillian Amor/Amores Coat uses red hearts on white, the Douglas symbol that had borrowed the Moray stars.

The English Amor/Amour Crest is a white Lab=talbot (see verification)! The Amours and the Clarkes were Borderland peoples (i.e. where the Scott-surname was also abiding), wherefore I'll note that a variation of the Spanish Amor surname is "Amo"... the Scott-surname motto in its entirety.

The Armours were first found in Berwickshire. The county was on occasion referred to as Duns-shire or Dunsshire...", named after the locality of Duns, I'm assuming. Duns is very close to Durham, anciently "Dunholme." This is the area that I think Dunhams trace to (for new readers, Dunhams and Randolphs share the same heraldic symbol...perhaps as a result of marrying in Obama's bloodline in particular.

August 17

There's "no news" today. Nut last night I opened an email from FE who sent a very short message on a Polish king that has turned into a large project for me this morning. The ease by which my surname searches lead to the Samson cult, the Labrador symbol of the Basques, and my own Masci bloodline from Poland has me thinking that this is something He wants to share. In other words, it's amazing that once again, FE has passed on small information that addresses my very current topics in such ways to expand wildly upon them. All she said was:

"I was reading at The Reformation on line on the Polish King Jan III Sobieski who delivered us from the Muslims at Vienna. See his name at house of name. red with a big purple shoe lace ? (like Leslie.) The Sobek name is in my family by marriage !"

I thought it was unlikely that Sobieski would be listed at, but there it was, the Polish Sobieski Coat...using only a single so-called "buckle" that I think doubles in the Leslie clan as a horseshoe with nail. I was just talking about this buckle=horseshoe at the top of this update.

I think when FE said that the Sobieski/Sobek symbol is a shoe and lace, she meant horseshoe with nail (she's European and does not have a perfect grasp of English). She was comparing with the Leslie Coat symbol that I've called a horseshoe. I had traced Leslies to the Polish locality of Podkowa Lesna; the Sobieski surname was first found to the south, in Lubel/Lublin.

At first, with my ailing eyesight, I thought that the Sobieski symbol was blue on red, but a closer look does seem purple on red. In fact, when I got to Wikipedia's page on John III Sobieski, I saw that his Coat of Arms was called "Janina" ("little John" or "of John", I'm assuming), and clicking that link I found a purple shield on a red shield.

But what had me very excited is that the heraldic term, "Janina," is defined as "shield within a shield", the very topic I have been on this month...which includes the Scott surname that I'd stressed up until yesterday. In fact, the Janina page shows a white shield upon silver shield, the very colors of the Scott shield upon shield! Suddenly, out of nowhere, FE's email (dated August 9) traces the Scotts -- and no doubt other surnames of Roxburghshire -- to Polish royalty.

If that's not enough, the Lacy surname (using a purple lion) had been traced (by me) to Polish-born Hungarian king, Ladislaus I, who had a Polish mother (Adelaide) to which I had traced both the Max/Masci and the Pollocks. What FE's email has done "inadvertently" is to verify these things, as I have discovered this morning.

What I am discovering this morning is most-incredible, verifying what I have long suspected, that God is fueling me as per my own Masci surname to trace the dragon bloodline to certain elements He wants disclosed. Not only do we see (at the Wikipedia article) a portrait of Jan Sobieski holding a mace, the symbol of the Macey surname (of Cheshire, where Mascis ruled), but Wikipedia's Janina page, which shows many septs, includes the Maciejowski branch...listed immediately after the Leski branch!!!

I had previously stated in just one update that the Masci surname may have been derived from "Lasci," or vice versa. In any case, the bigger point is that the Janina fold of families seems to include the Lasci surname that in Britain was also the purple-lion Lacy surname. In a nutshell, we have a Leslie trace to the Janina fold, as well as a Masci trace to the same, but as the Arms of Janina includes a peacock-feathered Crest, and also because I had other reasons to link Pollocks to Lacys/Leslies, I'd say that Pollocks also trace to Janina.

It was only after realizing that Mascis trace to Janina and Sobieski that I found the same buckle/horseshoe symbol in a John surname of Scotland! I found this absolute key when searching just now for the mace symbol of the Maceys. At first, instead of searching "Macey," I had entered "Macie" and got the Scottish/Hebride MacIan Coat. There you can see the Sobieski/Leslie symbol in the MacDonald colors (red on gold) beside the MacDonald ship, but another point is in the write-up: "The name Macie is derived from the given name Ian or John. John is the most common personal name in the Highlands."

Who would ever think that "John" and "Macie" are the same name??? The only reason that the sentence above reads with "Macie" is because it's the spelling I entered when doing the search, but what's flooring me is that, although the only surname variations shown are MacIan, MacAne, MacKane, MacKean, and MacKain, this Coat does not pop up when one searches Ian, Ane, Kane, Kean, or Kain. So far, I can get the Coat to come up only when searching, Macie.

Another thing that has me excited is that my Pollock friend shared that her Irish side(s) traces to a "Cian" family/location. I've been keeping an eye out for that term ever since, and here I think it is in the Macie fold. Perhaps "MacIan" is the root of "Cian." In any case, I'd say that the Maxwell/Maxton (from "Maccus") stock to which "Pollock" belongs is linked to the Macie fold. This is all bang-on the topic of shield-on-shield in the Maxton area of Roxburghshire.

When one enters, "Macey" with a small 'e,' houseofnames nonetheless enters it as "MacEy" even though the write up traces the name to a Macey location of Normandy. In other words, the Macey location appears rooted in the "Ey" surname. The Macie page clears up the mystery, for as we see that "Macie" derives from "Ian/John" (i.e. from "MacIan"), we realize that "Ey" was a variation of "Ian." Later, it became "Macie" and Macey and finally evolved into the Maccus/Masci clans.

Therefore, the Maccus/Masci clans were from the Janina family (note that Wikipedia uses "John" for Jan III Sobieski). But, of course, the Janina family must then trace to times long before Jan III Sobieski of the 17th century. The Wikipedia page on Janina says that the earliest-known mention of the surname was in 1379. But for reasons that follow, I think it leads to the Jones surname of the Samson cult. This is an excellent fit with my Pollock trace to king Mieszko I of Poland (10th century), who was associated with a "Dagone/Dagome" term, for the Samson cult was involved with the temple of Dagon and its worshipers.

I have been seeking to discover whether Ashdod, the location of the Dagon temple, and nearby Ashkelon, were Ishmaelite-honoring terms. Today I have some evidence in the Janine trace to the Samson cult. Let me begin from the start of the surname searches BEFORE I happened on the Macie surname.

The first name I searched after Sobieski was Janin/Janelle, to find diamonds, the symbol of Ladislaus I...whose mother was Adelaide/Rixa, daughter of Mieszko II. At first one thinks that it's not at all conclusive that this French Janin Coat, with white diamonds on blue, should lead back to the Ladislaus diamond, but there is perhaps in this find a great key. For as the Franconian Rake seems a copy of the flag of king Stephen of Hungary (ruled Hungary not long before Ladislaus, who was descended from Stephen), so we find the Franconian Rake as part of the Arms of Bavaria...the central symbol of which is the blue and white diamond design called "lozenges."

Keep in mind here that I had traced the Bavarian diamonds (not necessarily in blue and white) to Garibald of Bavaria, whose line produced (8th century) Grimoald of Bavaria (Grimaldis use red and white diamonds no doubt linked to the Franconian Rake, also red and white and diamond-like). The reason that I ask you to keep this in mind is that we are about to see harnessed bears again in the Sobieski trace to the Samson cult, which bears are likely to link to the saddled bear symbol of "Saint" Corbinian, who was given a position in Bavaria by Grimoald above.

You should also note, at the Corbinian link (above), the Moor head in the Arms of the current pope, for Moor heads are about to pop up too. Also see the pope's Crest -- the head-dress of the popes -- which has been said to be a disguised fish symbol; we are about to see fish symbols too.

Immediately after searching for the Janin surname, I tried "Yann," and got Moor heads ((see verification). The Yann Crest is a gold Labrador, a "talbot." We've seen it before because this is the Tanner surname. I have no idea why "Yann" is registered under the Tanner surname.

After Yann, I tied for a Gan surname and got the Irish MacCan/MacAne Coat. This was about an hour BEFORE I discovered the Macie/MacIan/MacAne/MacKane surname and discovered the link to the Janina. The MacCan Coat uses what could be construed as hollow diamonds, called "mascles," which I've linked to the Pollocks (by way of the Peacock Coat). Note the boar in the MacCan Coat, a symbol used also by the Pollocks. The MacCann boar is red on white, the colors of the Hebrew Pollock Coat.

It was a minute or two after realizing that I was now in the old canine bloodlines of Ireland that I read, in the MacCan write-up: "Mac Cana, which is derived from the word cana, which means wolf cub." The MacCan surname was first found in County Armagh, which Wikipedia says is "Ard Mhacha" in Irish. Also, "According to Irish mythology it was once the capital of Ulster, until it was abandoned during the 1st century. The site was named after the goddess Macha..." Ulster is the part of Ireland using the Zionist star.

The Maccan Crest is a salmon (see verification). This is significant in that the very next surname I tried after "Gan" was "Kenna" (Irish), using a salmon in the Crest (see verification)! The Irish (Mac)Kenna Coat (green and white shield) uses what I think look like border collies. The MacKenna surname was first found in Monaghan (Ulster), smacking of "Gan/(Mac)Can."

At a MacKenna website, we read: "Atty McKenna was a powerful man, possibly a Taoiseach or Tanaiste..." Could the latter term be the Tanner link to "Yann"? That is, were Tanners from the Gan/Can/Kenna family of terms?

After seeing the Kenna Coat, I tried "canine." I didn't expect a Canine Coat to pop up, but one did...with Moor heads (!), found also in the Yann/Tanner Coat. The Canine surname is more-appropriately, "Canning." This is an English (said to be Anglo-Saxon) surname first found in Wiltshire.

As I said, it was an hour later that I found the Macie/MacKane Coat, at which time I tried for a Kane find fish, white on green like the Kenna Coat (both are Irish). Variations of the Kane surname include Cain, but I do not trace this back to Biblical Cain, and I certainly don't subscribe to the "serpent-seed" doctrine (Eve mated with Satan the serpent in Eden) that surrounds Biblical Cain. The Kane write-up says the Gaelic for the name is "Cathain," smacking of Cathy and Katherine (recent topics, see earlier in this update).

The Kanes were first found in Derry, as were the Kains. I've shown the Kain Coat before as a possible link to the Jewish Pollock Coat, wherefore I note that "MacKain" is included in the Macie/MacIan variations. To no surprise, the Kean surname was also found in Derry, also uses a fish, and is also found in the list of Macie variations. Therefore, the Macies, from the term "John" and therefore linked to the Polish Janina, were from all of these families in Derry. You get it; the Janina were from these Derry families, or so it would seem.

At this point I've got to re-show the >Cabot CoatIrish-alternative Kane Coat. I've got to re-show it because the pope's arms uses a gold scallop shell, as does the Cabot Crest. We therefore apparently have in the papal Arms of pope Benedict 1) the fish symbol shared by Kanes in the Benedict-style of papal tiara, 2) the Cabot scallop that probably links to Kane stock, 3) and the Yann/Cann Moor heads.

Immediately after trying for the canine surname, I entered "Cannon." It's an Irish Coat smacking of the Jewish Pollock Shield, with what may be the black Lacy roundel as a central symbol. The Cannon write up: ..."the name Cannon is O Canain, from the word 'cano,' which means 'wolf cub.'" Cannons were first found in Tirconnell (Ulster). The MacCan write up said the same.

After Cannon, I tried for a Jannon surname, and got another Irish one showing "Gannon/Ganon." It uses a black chevron on white with horizontal birds (martlets), evoking Rockefellers, the Rutherfords of Maxton/Roxburghshire, etc. Where the write-up tells that ...the Gaelic name used by the Jannon family in Ireland was Mag Fhionnain, derived from the word fionn, which means fair," I gave little chance of a Finn connection because "fionn" means "white" across the Celt world. But the very next Janina-like surname I tried as part of an extended exploration of the family was "Sanne," which curiously brought up the Samson surname. I had traced the Samson cult to the Sami/Lapps of Finland. Hmm.

Seeing the Samson Coat again (see Sanne link above) reminded me of the Meschin Coatt, also using white scallops on black, and a central gold symbol. I then tried "Lappe" and came to the German Lappe surname that includes "Labb." It reminded me that the Labrador symbol may be from this bloodline, especially as I had traced it to the Labourd-branch Basques while Sami/Lapps were from the Basque family of peoples.

In the Lappe write-up: "Alternatively, the name may be derived from 'Lauba,' the name of a town near Saarbrucken, Rhineland." "Lauba" smacks a little of Lubel/Lublin, where the Sobieski surname was first found. And we don't forget that the Yann surname uses a Lab, but there are many other surnames also using the Lab that may now be trace-able top Lublin. In fact, Basques as a whole may also trace there, recalling from yesterday's update that Basques were traced to the Kaskas -- Hyksos, I think. I have linked the Samson cult to Hyksos, but this is now going to get better because I realized in this morning's investigation that "Havila/Abila" might be linked to the Avvite (Biblical "Avviy") allies of the Samson cult.

The Ishmaelites lived in Havila, wherefore this would be a good time to show the Macha Coat of Silesia. I looked it up after finding that the Janina-related canine surnames of Ireland were connected to the Irish war goddess, Macha, or Armagh (in Zionist-star Ulster). As you can see, that Macha Coat uses white Zionist stars on blue, same as the Scottish Hagar Coat (for new readers, Hagar was the mother of Ishmael).

These are the colors of the Finns but also of Moray. The Macha goddess was related to the crow-goddess, Morrigan, a term that I trace to white-star-on-blue Moray (not to mention "Amerike/America"). As you may know, I traced the blue and white in Finland to the blue and white of Shetland, in particular to a crow-depicted viking people who came to rule Shetland, and then the Bute area. The Sanne/Samson Crest uses a blue lion, which is the symbol not only of the Winchester peoples leading back to Wends, but also the symbol of Bute as per it's ruler, Rory of the Irish MacDonalds.

The next surname I tried after Lappe was "Lapi(s)" (Italian) because I keep a hunch that the Lapiths who were ruled by mythical Ixion (= Hyksos, in my opinion) named the lapis lazuli gemstone. In the Lapi(s) write-up: "...Lazarus Lape, who arrived in Ohio sometime between 1809 and 1852..." As I had traced the Lapiths to Lesbos (Greece), I suspect for that and the lazuli reason that Lapiths were linked to the Laz peoples who developed into Suddenly I realized at this point that the Janina family might link to the Jones surname which I had previously linked to the Samson cult. I made that link in-part as per the similarity between the Jones lion and the Sam/Sammes lion, both showing blood droplets at the same place on their respective lions. The Sam lion is black on gold, same as the Lapi(s) Coat lion.

I also made the Jones-Samson link due to Jonathan, the pago-Levite priest found in the book of Judges (18:30, but introduced in 17 as priest of Micah). I link Jonathan to what I perceive as the early Samson cult that inserted its writings into the back of the otherwise historical book of Judges. This Jonathan became a priest in Laish. I suspect that some Leslie-stock European dragonliners who traced themselves to Samson decided to honor Jonathan of Laish...and that these formed the Jones surname. As we read in the Jones wrote-up: "This surname comes from the personal name John, which is derived from the Latin Johannes..."

I've known that Jones was from "John" but not until today, thanks to FE's email, could I link the name to any particular entity aside from Mormons whom I know trace themselves to Samson and the Kabeiri of Lemnos. I can now trace them, at least hypothetically, to the Polish Janina and their Irish roots in the dog-pack Hebro-pagans of Ulster. The English Jones Coat, by the way, uses crows/ravens.

I'm not sure whether I believe the Macha surname write-up wherein it says: "[Macha] shares the same etymological roots as the English name Matthew." I would rather believe that the Macha-Matthew link was by other means other than etymological, for the Welsh Matthew Coat uses exactly (same shape and colors, but minus the blood droplets) the lion of the Sam/Sammes Coat. The Matthew surname was first found in Glamorgan/Morgannwg, where I trace the Morrigan term...that was the crow-goddess of Ireland, and sometimes equated with the Macha goddess. These things cannot be coincidences, and it may even be (though I'm not banking on this) that "Macha" derives from Micah of the book of Judges, who took Jonathan in to be the priest of his pagan idols (before Jonathan became the priest at Laish).

As for the saddled bears that I spoke about, they are in the Macey Coats, both Irish and Scottish. It seems clear enough from the Scottish Macey Shield that the surname was of the English Macey surname...that named Macie in Normandy. Again, the mace symbol of the Macey Coat should trace to the mace symbol seen in the portrait of the Janina-related king Sobieski of Poland, who may have been descended from king Dagome/Dagone i.e. Mieszko I of Poland, for the mace symbol was used by Shala, wife of Dagon. Dagon is sometimes said to have been a fish god, and whether it's true or not is not the point here. If the Polish royals under discussion traced themselves to Dagon, and meanwhile believed that he was a fish god, it should explain why the Macie family and its branches used fish for symbols.

The son of Mieszko I was king Boleslaw I Chrobry, the latter term reflecting "Corbinian," wherefore the harnessed bears in the Macey Coats may link to that Mieszko line...that I'm suggesting may have put forth "saint" Corbinian as well. In any case, the last thing I did today, just a minute ago after writing the sentence above, was to check for a the Mies surname that might link to "Mieszko." I'm glad I did because it found the German Mieske surname with a Mesech variation...evoking the Biblical Meshech.

The Mieske/Mesech (also "Meske") surname was first found in Prussia and Brandenberg, on the Polish border (Lusatia is in what was Prussia). It uses a straight sword held by a hand as can be seen in the Arms of MacKenna(one of the Macie branches). It is this surname that comes closest to "Cian", for houseofnames says that the Gaelic form is "(Mac)Cionaoith." Since it's my Pollock friend that traces her bloodline(s) to a "Cian" entity, I should add that the MacKenna Coat has gold symbols on green, like the Pollock Coat.


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