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February 22 - 28, 2011

Is this the Gog-and-Magog Power of Lawlessness?

When the Arab demonstrations got critical in Libya, I began to think that the Biblical "power of lawlessness" (2 Thessalonians 2) had been sent into the world. Even Russian silence ended (as per February 22) just when the Libyan leader was under dire threat. Not only does the Libyan leader claim that the demonstrations in his country are sourced in Western plots, but ditto for Russian thought:

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin's deputy blamed Google Inc in an interview published on [February 22] for stirring up trouble in the revolution that ousted Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak. "Look what they have done in Egypt, those highly-placed managers of Google, what manipulations of the energy of the people took place there," Russian Deputy Prime Minister Igor Sechin told the Wall Street Journal.

Such strong comment from one of Putin's most trusted deputies is a clear signal of growing concern among Russian hardliners about the role of the Internet in the unrest which has swept across the Arab world.

Sechin gave no further details on his concerns. Google executive, Wael Ghonim, became an unlikely hero of the uprising in Egypt which led to Mubarak's deposition.

On the same day the article above was featured at Drudge Report, there was the second one below where "fanatics" is used in portraying the demonstrators beloved by the West:

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev on [February 22] predicted decades of instability in the Arab world if protesters whom he called fanatics come to power, adding no such scenario will be permitted at home.

Medvedev's words fall in sharp contrast with the European Union, which said in a statement on [February 21] that it "deplores the violence" and "repression" against the pro-democracy protesters by authorities in one of the troublespots, Libya.

Speaking at a security meeting in the Caucasus city of Vladikavkaz, Medvedev didn't name countries, but he was referring to the crisis in the Middle East and North Africa...

"These states are difficult, and it is quite probable that hard times are ahead, including the arrival at power of fanatics. This will mean fires for decades and the spread of extremism," Medvedev said in televised comments.

Any attempts to repeat the unrest in Russia would be quashed, he said.

What the West views as democracy builders, Russians view as extremist loonies. Well, not really. The fact is, Russians just don't like influential Western powers in the Middle East, and like liberals in America, are more than willing to lie about their mentalities to rob of their political respect (Republicans constantly face such tactics). The world could now see Russia under Putin siding with jihadists to counteract an excited Obama acting too fast to move American democracy into the Middle East.

Fox news pointed out that Obama was several days slow to even begin criticizing the Libyan leader, but on the same day of the criticism, Obama came out to condemn Qaddafi...though Fox and others then criticized the American president for being spineless in the condemnation. I watched it, and I agree, it had no passion. Obama once again played the hypocrite for IMMEDIATELY denouncing with passion a Mubarak that has been a small fraction the violent dictator that Qaddafi has been. Or, if Obama were truly concerned about the death toll in the Egyptian uprising, why was he so lame in crying out against Qaddafi's brutality this month?

In 2010, Qaddafi had sent a message around the world that he loved Obama, and hoped in him to support Muslim causes in Africa, but I think there was another reason that Obama didn't come out passionately against him. I think Putin and the Qaddafi's have a thing, and therefore Obama doesn't want to jeopardize inroads made toward re-creating Putin's Russia into part of European globalism.

Julie recently sent me an email suggesting that the Hurl/Hurrel/Herod surname (a McLeod sept) could link to the ungodly peoples called, Heruli. Although Wikipedia opens by saying that ["Heruli"] is related to earl," it elsewhere admits that this derivation in "earl" is merely a theory of some (I'm looking for an alternative derivation). I was struck by the following quote:

According to Procopius, the Heruli practiced a warrior-based, ritual homosexuality. In his De Bello Gothico, Procopius is scandalized by the fact that "...and they have sex contrary to the ends of divine law, even with men and asses"...

...Ritual, warrior-based pederasty (erotics between an adult and a youth) are held to have been common to all Indo-European peoples according to a school of thought elaborated by French historians such as Bernard Sergent; variant forms of ritual homosexuality are well-documented and were particularly institutionalized throughout ancient Greece, the Scythians, the Celts, and others.

I can't ignore my link of donkeys to the Manoah>Samson cult that I trace to the Manes>Attis bloodline of Kabeiri transvestites, a cult led by the Dionysus Maenads=Maeonians...but evolving into the Hercules-and-Hebe cult. I added the last part because "Hercules" looks like "Heruli." Man-on-boy sex was fundamental to the Ares>Eros cult, and per chance "Heruli" could apply to "Ares/Eros."

There is an Errol surname (first in Perthshire, where I expect Edomites) using the raven. The French cities of Arles (Ligurian theater) and Orleans come to mind.

For the past few months, Obama spun a centrist image for himself by acting as though he were suddenly befriending Republicans. But it didn't last long because Republicans remained adamant in destroying his key policies. In an obvious hand-out to his extreme left, he directed his justice minister (Eric Holder) to cease upholding the law that forbids gay marriages. Simultaneous with this slap to the Republican face:

The White House made history in two ways [February 25], when it announced Jeremy Bernard as its new social secretary -- the first man and the first openly gay person to fill that role.

Bernard, who is currently the Senior Advisor to the Ambassador at the U.S. Embassy in Paris, will replace Julianna Smoot, the White House announced.

"Jeremy shares our vision for the White House as the People's House, one that celebrates our history and culture in dynamic and inclusive ways. We look forward to Jeremy continuing to showcase America's arts and culture to our nation and the world through the many events at the White House," President Obama said in a statement. Bernard previously worked as the White House Liaison to the National Endowment for the Humanities and was also a member of the Democratic National Committee. He is the administration's third social secretary. Desiree Rogers, who left post early last year, was the first African-American social secretary. Smoot will move to become a deputy campaign manager in Obama's re-election effort.

...Bernard, who has been active in gay rights organizations, was a prominent fundraiser for the Obama presidential campaign in California...

Obama chose Bernard only two days after the administration announced it would no longer defend the Defense of Marriage Act, the federal law that bans recognition of same-sex marriage.

Before being elected to Office, Obama said that as a Christian he defined marriage as a man and a woman only. We should have known that he was lying.

The Hurl/Herod surname was first in Argyllshire, where I think Atlantean elements of Argos (Greece) named the region. I say this because I've just found that the Inch/Ince Coat (surname traced by me to "Inachus," founder of Argos) is used nearly by an Orrel surname. AND YES, the Innes Crest is the McLeod castle!! Quite apparently, Orrels are related to the McLeod septs of Hurls/Herells (and Herods). I can therefore expect these clans to link to king Clovis (because I trace McLeods to Clovis).

This other page on McLeod septs emphasizes only the Harolds and leaves out the many Herell-like variations. It tells that a branch of Harolds were in Orkney, which I say because I trace the Argo-ship crew -- made up of ORCHOmenos elements from Atlantean Greece -- to "Orkney." J. J. Tolkien tipped us off when he made a fictitious "Melkor" character the leader of an evil Orc/Ork peoples, whom I recognize as mythical Meleager (king of Calydon), husband of mythical Atalantis (both were passangers on the Argo ship).Keeping in mind that McLeods are also MacClouds, note the similarity between "Cloud" and "Calydon." Clovis, who was also "Clode," could therefore have been named after a "Calidonian>Celt" element.

I'm keeping in mind that the wife of Poseidon, when Plato made him the chief king of Western Atlantis, was made "Cleito", suggesting for me that western Atlantis was a Celt enterprise. At this webpage, the writer attempts to trace Cleito, and offers a position that she depicted an Arcadian region: "Besides the valley of the Aroanius, the upper valley of the Ladon also formed part of the territory of Cleitor." Wikipedia: "At the distance of about seven miles from the fountains of Ladon is the city of the Clitorians." The Ladon river was made the father of Daphne.

And so we find that the Heruli article says: "Again, this initiatory pederasty is identical to the practices of the closely-related Suebian tribe, the Taifali, as reported by Ammianus Marcellinus" It interests me when seeing a TAIF term among Sabines/SAFini (I link the latter to "Daphne", and I trace Suebians to Sabines without doubt, suspecting SAVoy as well). Let's look at the Taifali article for some clues of origins, keeping in mind that I've traced "Daphne" to an n-version "Tubal," and that modern Tubal (= T'bilisi) is also Tiflis. There were a Taphian people living on the Calydon frontier.

The first thing spotted at the Taifali article is a blue snake (Visconti symbol too) wrapped around a bull's-eye-like symbol that appears also in the Heruli article as the design of Heruli shields. I've been tracing Guiscards>Viscontis of Savoy entities to Cottians...who I think linked with the Taff surname, first found in Leod-like Louth.

We read that Taifali lived in the same theater (Poitou) as the Lemovices and Santones (that I trace to Lemnos/Sintians/Dionysus Kabeiri), the theater that also houses ORLeans: "The Taifals, Taifali, Taifalae, Tayfals, or Theifali were a barbarian people settled by the late Roman Empire in Poitou in the fourth century. They served as dediticii and laeti in the Roman and subsequently Merovingian militaries." Hmm, there's one potential link to Clovis...and I'll add that "Heruli" smacks of "Carol(ingian)."

The Irish Carol surname (in Louth-surname colors) was first in Louth and Offali (i.e. the latter term is like "Taifal"). I'm reminded that Carolingians originated in the Liege theater (Belgium), wherefore the Liege/Lise surname (first in Perthshire) could apply (mythical Cleito was made a daughter of Leucippe, where "Leuc" is the root term). The Liege surname shows a Leash variation, smacking of Biblical Laish (book of Judges), where the Samson-cult Danaan removed to (before ruling at Argos and Mycenae), at Sion near Tyre, where I locate the proto-Daphne cult (I trace Panias at Sion to the Peneus river in the Ladon-river theater).

McLeods are Leslies of sorts, and Leslies are known to come from Hungary/Transylvania (earlier it was Panonia, trace-able to Panias elements), where we find the Carpathian mountains: "In the late third century [the Taifali] settled on the Danube on both sides of the Carpathians...Archaeological evidence suggests that the Gepids were contesting Transylvania, the region around Szamos, with the Thervingi and Taifals." That is, the Sames river. AND, we might fully expect the Samson Danaan on the DANube river.

The article goes on to mention the Carpi that I've always termed, "Carpae/Arpii" (two terms not easily found online). I don't think I've ever been at the Carpi article because I failed to google the term. I identify the Arpad bloodline at the root of Hungarians as a branch of Carpae/Arpii, the ones that I say named the Carpathians. I leave it for the reader to make further links in coming to a rounder understanding of the Heruli/Taifali devils.

The two Iranian ships that were permitted to sail through the Suez canal are in Latakia (Syria); this could be a branch of Daphne's Ladon elements in Syria:

Iran and Syria have agreed to cooperate on naval training, Reuters reported Iran’s official news agency saying on Saturday.

...The agreement came days after two Iranian warships...arrived at Syria’s Latakia seaport on Thursday...

The announcement of the cooperation agreement came the same day that Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov said that Russia would fulfill its contractual obligation and complete the transfer of cruise missiles to Syria, according to an AFP report. The report said that news agencies in Moscow said the Kremlin did not intend to withdraw from the deal signed between the two countries in 2007, despite the objections of Israel and the United States.

Sources at the Defense Ministry said on Saturday night that they were aware of the missile deal between Russia and Syria. The sources said they have repeatedly warned Russian officials at all levels that the missiles could be used as offensive weapons and may eventually end up in the hands of Hezbollah.

Defense Minister Ehud Barak said in an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Thursday, that the two Iranian naval vessels crossing the Suez Canal was a show of power and part of a “wider scheme” to exert influence in the Middle East. The ships’ crossing was the first time the Islamic Republic has sent a naval convoy through the Suez Canal in over three decades.

Russia has a naval base of its own in Syria's Tartus, a location that was founded by peoples of Arados/Arpad (off-shore of Tartus)...that I trace forward to Hungarian/Transylvanian Arpads. Daphne was the name of a city in Syria that became Antioch, the latter named by the Seleucid kings who, according to Daniel 8 and 11, were fore-runners to the end-time anti-Christ=Gog. It seems quite obvious from the timing that the Iranian ships sailed through Suez as part of a Russian plot to gang up on the O-West's intrusions into Egypt. We await the successful anti-Christ's invasion of Egypt beginning at Daniel 11:25.

I traced "Tartak," the donkey god of Avvites, to "Tartus." I identified the Samson cult as an Avvite one, therefore (i.e. the Danaan Hyksos were somehow merged with Avvites, who were ruled by Edomite kings at one point). I figured that Avvites were named after Avaris (Hyksos capital), itself depicted by the mythical shepherd, Everus, father of Tiresias (I think he depicted Tyrian elements at Laish/Panias), alternative father of Daphne. Tiresias had another daughter, Manto, who I say depicted Manda-branch Avars, and who others say led to Mantua of northern Italy...i.e. smack in the Massino-Visconti theater. (As YS pointed out recently, there are Mandaens in Iraq today.) It was the historical Manetho (smacking of "Manto") that emphasized Hyksos as "Shepherd Kings"...i.e. no doubt as clue-on-words with the shepherd, Everus.

Wikipedia tells of a Mentes character that ruled Taphians, and these sea peoples were traced by ancients to Poseidon-based Danaans, jibing with my trace of Western Atlantis to the British Daphne-like Devon (the Taffs/Daffys of Wales were not far off): "The Taphians accounted themselves the descendants of Perseus [= Danaans], for the mother of Taphius, their eponymous colonizer, was a granddaughter of Perseus and lay with Poseidon to beget the heroic founder." Follow the Ladon>Daphne cult, and one follows the Hyksos to the anti-Christ dragon. At least, the harlot of Revelation 17 was the Ladon dragon, the makings of the Latins/Romans. How the anti-Christ could link to the same Daphne cult is yet a mystery, at least until he is identified.

As per the belief of some that Obama's father is Frank Marshall Davis, let me repeat that the Davis surname comes up when entering Daffy." It could therefore be that "Qaddafi" is rooted in a Daffy bloodline (I'm open to rooting "Qaddafi" in a Qadd term instead). I had considered it logical that Hyksos-out-of-Avaris/Tanis traced to Meshwesh sea peoples of Tunisia (and to the south of it), whom Wikipedia calls "Libyans." And I traced Obama to the Meshwesh>Massey bloodline in at least four ways, including a trace of his mother's surname (Dunham) to Dunham Masci/Massey of Cheshire. Both the Davis and Wolfley surnames were first found in Cheshire, and it's known that Obama's Dunham ancestry includes a Wolfin>Wolfley bloodline.

I need to repeat here my strong belief that God maneuvered me (years ago) to dig into these bloodline topics (for to expose the anti-Christ system in various ways) because my mother has a Masci bloodline and because two of my father's immediate bloodlines (including Ferrari) on his mother's side link to key Templar foundations. Since realizing those things, other bloodlines from the same small town (in Sabine/SAFini Italy, you get it) of my mother's birth seem likewise to be important. My father's sister married a Taffo surname...suggesting the Taphian sea pirates. Before being involved in bloodline topics, I felt that this Taffo individual looked Egyptian (even though he's Italian).

The impression I'm receiving from all these things combined is that both Taffos and Mascis entered Italy from the Meshwesh fold of "Libyans." Tracing the Daphne cult from the Syrian theater to the Libyan theater is not hard where Apollo (Daphne's partner) was linked to Cyrene, an entity in northern Cyprus (amongst Lapithos) but also the name of a region in/beside Libya and Tunisia.

If it's correct to trace Daphne and the Taifali to Tubal elements (where Avars once lived), I can't help but see a Tubal and Meshech duo in the Taffo and Masci clans (see the duo in Ezekiel's 38-39 chapters, where Gog and Magog are highlighted).

Today, Avars still live in Daghestan (to the east of Tiflis/T'bilisi), a region that I trace to Dacia. I say this because we see Dacia in the Taifali article: "One of the earliest mentions of the Taifals puts them in the following of the Gothic king Cniva when he campaigned in Dacia and Moesia [root of Mysians>Meschech>Masseys] in 250 [before Clovis was born] and the years following. They were probably not Germanic (though some sources consider them closely related to the Goths), but rather related to the Sarmatians, with whom they emigrated from the Central Asiatic steppes." In this picture, the so-called "pseudo-Avars" of Europe may have been a part of the Taifali entity. If so, we owe the discovery to Julie's email.

Hungarian Magyars (from "Magog"?) trace themselves to Huns that were taken over in proto-Hungary by Avar Huns. I trace the Finno-Ugric root of Magyars to "Ugarit," near Arpad/Tartus of Syria, and suggest that "Ugr(ic)" is short for "Gugar/Gogarene, the home of ancient Gog in Georgia (T'bilisi is Georgia's capital today). Gogarene was on lake Sevan, what I trace to "Savona" (and mythical CYCnus the swan) and that family of terms that I lump in with "Daphne"-rooted terms.

Is Qaddafi to be a major part of the anti-Christ alliance? Let's not forget that the Welsh capital, Cardiff, is named after the Taff river, and that the "Car" part could trace to Tunisia's "Carthage" (and/or to "CYRene"). I'm repeating that because the Taffy/Davis surname above is a Welsh one.

Also of special note is that the Everus>Tiresias>Daphne cult became Tyrians prior to reaching the Trojan/Greek theater. But Tyrians also became the founders of Carthage (and the CURetes of Crete). And I think it's logical that the Meshwesh "Egyptians" ruling in Tanis were the ones who named "Tunis(ia)."

In Ezekiel 38, Libya is thought to be "Put," a very Putin-like term. Such surnames as Puter, Putten, Potter, and others that I've stressed (alongside Toker bloodlines) could apply to that north-African nation of Put. I traced Tokers to Teucer Trojans (Teucer was father of Put-like Batia), and Potters use the Toker sea horse, what I think is a Trojan-horse symbol but depicting Trojan mariners = some Sea Peoples.

Amazing, is it not, that I traced "Teucer" to Togarmites...also found in the list of Gog's allies in Ezekiel 38.

The Taifali snake surrounds a so-called "pearl" (that could be the heraldic roundel used by the Inces and Orrels), and so I should add that the Pearl/Pear Coat (in Vere colors) uses leopards, a symbol that dragonline Veres trace to Transylvania. Moreover, Pearls were first in Oxfordshire, where Veres (= a branch of Masseys) infested themselves as pro-English agents. See also the same-colored Perrot Coat with pears. I traced Perrots to Perdix and Teucer elements in Salamis (a mythical Teucer founded Salamis); there was one Salamis on Cyprus.

The Perrots are a Welsh clan, and so I'm not forgetting that the Welsh are traced by others, and sometimes by themselves, to Cimmerians...thought to be Gomerians, also found in Gog's list of allies (Biblical Gomer was father of Togarmah). Too many coincidences like this makes for truth.

A thing of note now is that al-Qaeada in Iraq is about to get a new leader because:

An Iraqi official says Iraqi security forces have killed the top military leader of the Islamic State of Iraq, an al-Qaida linked group responsible for bombings and suicide attacks across Iraq.

Maj. Gen. Qassim al-Moussawi told The Associated Press on Friday that authorities killed al-Nasser Lideen Allah Abu Suleiman during an operation on Thursday.

He was the group's war minister. The ISI is an umbrella group that includes al-Qaida in Iraq.

Suleiman replaced the Egyptian Abu Ayyub al-Masri who was killed in a U.S.-Iraqi military strike on a safe house in April.

Who will be the new leader? Are you, like me, expecting Gog in Iraq anytime soon?


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