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February 6 - 9, 2011

On Horeb and Sinai
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February 6

It's Super Over-Blown weekend, when worldly men feel like men just because they like (or pretend to like) football. But the humblest of men, the Super Son of God, wouldn't even play linebacker, and would probably have a few cutting words against the football industry, don't we think?

Last I heard, Jesus was more into foot stools, but not because he's a couch potato. The foot stool is a Biblical symbol of God's foes, those packer-rats who love industry and other methods of steeling (pun) the moneys of the world. The Heavenly Rush is coming that no fat blockers can stop, no matter that they show unholy tattoos or roar like heroic animals. The Zig-Zagger sees all foes on every side with his seven eyes, and has a few devious moves of his own. His feet are on fire, burning the turf behind him. With a flash at the sound of worldly clang, he wins the game before the largest-ever Audience in the Sky.

Today's topic is on the End Zoan, so to speak, beginning with end-time prophecies of Isaiah 19, compliments of a YS email. The following sounds a little like football:

2) And I will set the Egyptians against the Egyptians and they shall fight everyone against his brother, and everyone against his neighbors; city against city, and Kingdom against Kingdom...

11) Surely the princes of Zoan [are] fools, the councel of the wise counselors of pharaoh is become brutish; how say ye unto pharaoh, I [am] the son of the wise, the son of ancient kings?

Verse four tells that Egypt will be given over, by God, to a cruel and fierce king, which I think is the anti-Christ, Daniel's "king of the north." Verses 14-15: "The Lord has mingled a perverse spirit in the midst [of Egypt]...Neither shall there be any work [yes, jobs] for Egypt..." In the end, God will leave believers in Egypt, those who acknowledge the God of Israel.

Fox News is reporting that the Muslim Brotherhood will hold talks with the Mubarak government. There can be O-nly O-ne explanation for this O-utcome. ElBaradei is coming out today to do an American-news interview, and Bill O'Reilly will interview Obama today just before 5pm Eastern Time.

YS also mentioned the Sing and Zing/Sink surnames, both using green and white. She didn't know that my next bloodline topic was going to touch on SINai. I emailed her moments ago:

On the Sing(er) surname and the link to the Zings/Sinks, the colors seem right. This could relate to the Sin/Sinai topic that I've slated to yet write on, and funny thing, it was supposed to be a topic of several days ago until the Egyptian situation sidetracked it. So, maybe the family is named after Desert of Sin elements, between Egypt and Israel. Hmm, the Sintians of Lemnos?

German Sangs/Singers use the Zing mound, and also the Weis/Wise Zionist stars, and are from Bavarian roots. Then, entering "Sin" brings up the Sion/Swan Coat [Levi lion]. AND, entering "Sinner" brings up the Samson Coat! I do trace the Samson>Dionysus line to Sintians of Lemnos, even to the Kabeiri cult that was founded at nearby SamoThrace.

On Noph, it's been mentioned in the past as a possibly root of Nephele>Nibelungs that I see in Nob; the latter is in Isaiah 10 as the place where the anti-Christ shakes his fist at Jerusalem.

YS mentioned Frank Wisner and the Weis/Wise surname in that very email, but didn't know about the Sang/Singer Coat with Weis stars, wherefore I think her email is meaningful for inclusion here.

Former ambassador Frank Wisner was sent by Obama early in the O-uster Pogrom to speak with Mubarak, but has since had a falling out with the O-genda. Wisner was very outspoken a couple of days ago in saying that Mubarak should stay in his position until the September election. Perhaps Wisner and others are starting a movement to stifle Obama's Brotherhood drive, but Obama won't quit easily because he thinks he represents a moment of opportunity for Muslims of the Brotherhood kind.

NOW LOOK. I traced Sintians and Lemnites to the Limovices and their neighbors, the Santones. The latter founded the city of Sainte, and entering "Saint" brings up the Saint-Clair/SINClair surname with SINGular, SANClar, and SINCKlair variations.

Perhaps YS mis-spelled it, but she says a Syngur surname was first found in Yorkshire, though I get no page at all with that term. BUT, the English Saint/Sant surname brings up a clan first found in Yorkshire. Entering "Cindy" brings up the Condy/Conedy/Caundie surname, also first found in Yorkshire, and smacking of Savoy's house of Candia/Candida that the Sinclairs have been linked to.

Entering "Santon" brings up a Sintone/SANCton surname.

YS suggested that the King surname is a Sing branch because both were first found in Devon. The Hoods were also first found in Devon, important because the Hood "fret" is used by the Sells, and because the Sintone/Santon surname was first in SELkirk. The Selkirk surname (Salyes Ligurians?) uses obvious Douglas symbols, and the King lion is the Dougal lion (mentioned yesterday as linking to the Maher surname that founded the April 6 movement that I think Obama is using in his O-uster Pogrom).

The red heart is used not only by the Selkirk and Douglas clans, but by the Sin/Sion/Swan surname...that I trace to Ligurians, even SALyes Ligurians and the nearby Laevi Gauls. I lump all of this to Masonic Zionism. The Selkirk motto uses "Never," likely code for Burgundians/Nibelungs of Nevers, France.

The house of Candia appears linked to the Sforza family, if it's correct to trace the latter to "Savary/Saffer," a clan first found in Devon. In the Candia article: "Later one of [the Candia] branches became known as an Italian lineage, called Saint-SEVERin or de Candida Filangieri SanSEVERINO." AND French Savarys/Savhards/Sabhards were first found in Poitou, the Santone (Gauls) theater. Later on the Candia page we see the Severo Arms, a Templar horse rider on a cloud, suggesting Nibelungs. Both Savarys and Sings show horses.

See the rider on horse in the Nave/Navy Coat, and ask whether the Rider on a Horse in Revelation 19 speaks to this very bloodline?

AND, as can be expected with the red heart of the Champagne Sauvages, whom I linked to the Sava-river clans, the English Severs/Savers use blue on white, the colors of the Save/Saibe Coat>. Saves were first found in Burgundy, and Nibelungs were Burgundians. Likely, the Save snakes link to the Sforza snake, which was given to the latter by the VISconti family that I link to the Weis/Wise clan...and to the Samson-related Saracens of Guiscard/Wiscard associations (i.e. that explains why "Sinner" brings up the Samson Coat).

YS pointed out the Noph of Isaiah's 19:13. And I responded that I trace the term to the Nephele>Nibelung line. The verse says: "The princes of Zoan are become fools, the princes of Noph are deceived; they have also seduced Egypt..." (King James version). "Zoan" sure does smack of "Sin."

But Zoan was the ancient Tanis, where the Meshwesh ruled who I think brought the term to "Tunis(ia)." Curious, therefore, is it not, that the Egyptian demonstrations had the Tunisian ones as forerunner?

For those of you who know the significance of the hawks lure (can't repeat it here), there is a Soan surname using a falcon on a hawk's lure. The Soan Coat uses "mallets," and the Mallet surname was first found in Suffolk, where the Soan surname was first found. Mallets (Sforza colors) use a "force" motto term, the term to which the Sforzas are traced, and the Force surname is likewise in Mallet colors. The so-called Sforza "quince" leads to Saer de Quincy, a name smacking of the German Sauers of the Sau/Sava river.

The Force Coat uses the Danish Bauer lion.

See the position of the Santones and Lemovices on this map of Gaul, and then compare with the position of Dordogne, where the Forces were first found. It's roughly a perfect match. The Dordogne Arms uses an upright gold lion, the color of the Sfroza lion. French Forts were first found in Guyenne. "In 1561, Guyenne was made a province, and included...Limousin...Saintonge, and..." The Gay/Guaye Coat uses the Saint/Sinclair rooster. We now get it: Gays/Guayes (first found in Savoy) were named after Guyenne because they were Santones to some degree, even of the Sant-like Candia clans of Savoy.

Again, the Guy/Guise surname was first found in Gloucestershire, and that's where the Samson surname was first found...that I trace to the Guiscard Saracens. And Guiscard is known to have been part of the Sinclair bloodline. English Gays use scallops (symbol for mythical Scylla and Glaucus) in colors reversed to Mallets, and this Gay clan (first in Vere-infested Oxfordshire) was from Gaye le Manche, France, while the Sinclairs are said to have been from St. Clair-sur-Elle in La Manche.

I've left a browser open to an article on mythical Sin for about a week, waiting to get to it. This Semitic moon god was also Nanna, a term that appears at Lacydon as per the founding of Ligurians by mythical Gyptis. Whether Sin was related to the desert of Sin remains to be seen, but a link to Zoan/Tanis seems likely. We read: "The name of the Assyrian moon god Su'en/Sin is usually spelled as D'EN.ZU," the latter term said to be "En-zu." smacking of mythical ENDymion, lover of the Greek moon goddess, Selene.

Sin was the father of Shamash, the same, I think, as the Armenian Samos who I see at the root of the "Samson" code. And as I identify Samson as the Tanis-related Danaans, I also see a potential "Tanis/Danaus" in "D'EN.ZU."

At the article above, Sin is the father of "Utu/Shamash ('Sun')," smacking of the Danites in Buto, who were the Uat/Buto cult. You can make the quite-obvious links of the Uat/Buto cult to Samson, remembering that there was a Samannud location in the Nile Delta that was also called, "Sebannytos," two terms that easily reveal the roots of the Sabines/Safini and Samnites. If I recall correctly, the Sais location was on the Sebannytos branch of the Nile delta.

Remember, variations of the Save surname (snake, the symbol of the Uat cult) smack of the Sabines, and the latter are traced by me to Savona (Liguria) and other Sav/Saf terms. In the Samannud article, we find a Nibelung-like surname investigating the site: "Edward Naville visited the site in 1887 and published a series of line drawings..." The Naville term brings up the Neville Coat that I trace to Ananes Gauls and to Bruces of Annandale, wherefore note below that today's investigation leads right back to Bruces.

We can of course ask whether the Sumerian moon god, Su'en," was the root of "Sion."

The Moon surname was first found in Devon (where the Sings and Kings were first found), and the Moon white crescents partly on blue Shield recalls the white-on-blue crescents in the Savone/Saffin Coat, a surname first found in adjacent SOMERset (i.e. smacking of "Sumer(ia)"). The Moon write-up: "The Moon surname is of Norman origin, and thought to derive from a place name such as from Moyon in La Manche, or from Mohun in Normandy." It makes one suspect that Candia/Santone-related Sinclairs of Manche were fundamentally linked to Sabines in Savoy, the latter region also being "Sapaudia."

Moyon, huh? I traced the "Clare" variation of Sinclairs to Cleavers/Clavers/Clovers, whose Dutch Shield (using clovers) smacks of the Moyna/Moynahan Coat, itself being a good reflection of the Savary/Savard Coat that comes up when entering "Savona." The latter clan, remember, was first found in the Limousine/Santone theater of Poitou.

The Italian Savonas use the Hood (and Sullivan) bird, and that now allows the Hoods/Hutts (first found in Safini-related Devon) to be suspect as a "Uat" term. English Savonas were first found in Norfolk, where the Clavers/Clovers were first found.

Dutch Clavers/Clovers use green-on-white clovers on a green ground, smacking of the green-on-white mounds in the German Zing and Sang Coats. Moreover, the Zing man is gold on silver, the same tolerated and/or protected color scheme as the Italian Savonas (in heraldry, two metals in contact are now forbidden, perhaps to grant exclusivity to the bloodline (Hephaestus, the metal smith of Lemnos?) that chose the combination centuries ago).

ZOWIES, after writing the above, I checked the Smith Coats for two metals in contact, and found it in the Irish Smith Coat (the surname is properly, "Gowen," said to be from "Ghabhain, which means 'son of the blacksmith.'"). I traced the metal "smith" term to the "SAMSon/Samos," i.e. the Hebrew/Hyksos cult in Hephaestus-related Lemnos.

If I'm not mistaken, the Smith/Gowan motto uses "Tenebras," and then the symbols in the Bras/Brace Coat (Samson colors, colors reversed from the Brae Coat) compares with the Smith/Gowan Coat not badly. This tends to reveal that "Tene" is also a code along with "Bras," not forgetting that I trace "Brae/Bray" to Eburovices Hebrews (out of Bra and Brix of northern Italy and into Bruce-related Bruges, Belgium).

There is a Lemmen surname of Belgium using Samson-Coat colors again. Elephant heads in colors reversed are used by Saunders ("sibi" motto term), this being Eliphas-of-Edom conspicuous as per a Samson-cult link to Edomites.

For the record, Sibbs are in Sandy and Sandes colors, while Sibbs were first in Yorkshire where the Cindys/Condys were first found, who use Sang and Zing green on white. Like the Samson/Sinner Crest, the Cindy/Condy Crest shows a blue lion, the color of the Bruce-of-Bruges lion (i.e. that made its way to Yorkshire Bruces). The Samson motto clearly links Samsons to the Flag/Flack surname of Norfolk, where Savonas and Clavers were first found, but also Flack-like Fulkes.

Dutch Vlaks/Flacks are in Flag/Flack colors, and use the Bauer and Masci wing, evoking the Dutch Mackays (using the Massey Shield). Remember, Scottish Mackays/Maceys and English Maceys use a Sin/Sion/Swan-like Coat, and Meschins use the Samson/Sinner scallops too (i.e. as do Flags/Flacks).

I trace the Levi lion in the Sin/Sion/Swan Coat to the pagan Levite, Jonathan, priest of the Samson-related Daniy, and then trace the Jones Coat to the Sam/Sammes Coat. Mormons (encoded as Latter-Day SAINTS) know full well that they link to these and many other Samson/Lemnos-related bloodlines, explaining why modern Mormons "baptized" Rollo Sinclair some years ago.

Perhaps "Illuminati" is code for "Lemnos." The Loman Coat (Samson colors) appears to use the Macey and Sin/Sion metal gloves, perhaps code once again for metal smiths. INDEED, for the metal gloves are officially "gauntlets," while the Gaunt Crest uses the same wolf head design as this Irish Mackay Coat. The Lomans/Lowmans were first found, once again, in Devon.

Tomorrow, or soon, I'll get to those emails I promised a week ago that touch somewhat on the Sin/Sinai topic. Sinai is where the Levite bloodline began, wherefore we'd expect that false Levites of the Kabeiri kind would trace themselves to that mountain.

YS also tipped us off that ElBaradei is a trustee of the non-governmental International Crisis Group (I wonder if their secret motto is "Never Waste a Good Crisis"). ElBaradei is found listed on the above page along with Kofi Annan, Sandy Berger, Wesley Clark, Javier Solana, and many more. YS also informed that Zbigniew Brzezinski (Obama's advisor) is an advisor of this Crisis group, and that George Soros is an executive trustee. George Mitchell (Obama tool for creating the Palestinian State) is listed under "Chairmen Emeritus."

The job of this group is to inform governments, and that's about as Illuminati as one can get where "Illuminati" is defined as the "invisible" powers of politicians.

When we hear of Christians in Egypt, what kind are they? Are they like the "priest" below? "'n the name of Jesus and Muhammad we unify our ranks,' Father Ihab al-Kharat said in his sermon. 'We will keep protesting until the fall of the tyranny,' he said." The article is on the Brotherhood's inroads this weekend into a government position, but doesn't tell much. The video tells of a journalist interview with Mubarak.

The article below signals that Obama is ready to allow Mubarak to stay in power until September, but this can only be in return for Mubarak's agreeing (in words, anyway) to speak with, and join, the Brotherhood. ElBaradei seems irate at this deal:

Leading Egyptian opposition figure Mohammad ElBaradei criticized Washington's mixed messages [today] on the crisis roiling the most populous Arab nation.

US President Barack Obama's administration is having to quickly back-pedal after a returning envoy [Wisner...?] apparently spoke out of turn when he suggested that President Hosni Mubarak should remain in office to manage the transition.

Obama and US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have not explicitly called for Mubarak to leave right away but have repeatedly stressed that the United States wants an orderly transition to begin now.

The remarks on Saturday by Frank Wisner [...yes, Wisner], a former US ambassador to Egypt who met with Mubarak at Obama's request earlier this week, "created a lot of confusion, a lot of disappointment" in Egypt, ElBaradei said.

ElBaradei, lover of a good crisis, wants power NOW. It reminds me of the accusations made by many that Illuminatists create a crisis just to solve it as best suits themselves. The problem is, ElBaradei is feeling rather cold at the moment:

Leading Egyptian opposition figure Mohammad ElBaradei said he was "not invited" to take part in negotiations [today] on the future of a post-Mubarak Egypt, and criticized the talks as "opaque."

"I should start by saying I have not been part of the negotiations. I have not been invited to take part in the negotiations or dialogue but I have been following what has been going on," he told NBC television's "Meet the Press" program.

"The president is a military man, the vice-president is a military man and the prime minister is a military man, and I think if you really want to breed confidence you really need to engage the rest of the civilians," ElBaradei said.

Well said, but Obama is not about democracy or a fair political system. It's like Obama is so fixed on the BrOtherhood Alliance (i.e that includes the O, himself) at that opaque meeting that ElBaradei has been forgotten. It's like the Westerner is a distant second place to the Brotherhood. And Obama, feeling the heat from his own people for O-pparently toting the Brotherhood, isn't ashamed, and isn't about to apologize. He's willing to go down a few political points to get the Brotherhood into the position that will make Jimmy Carter jump for joy.

As expected, the Mubarak side is giving the Brotherhood lip service today. While the deputy chief of an Hamas organ is Mousa Abu Marzouq, the Brotherhood was represented in today's meeting by Mohammad Mursi.

The leader of the April 6 movement sounds just like Obama on television: "Maher added however that he will not give up their ultimate demand, which is the fall of Mubarak's regime in Egypt and a peaceful transition of power--without waiting for the end of Mubarak's mandate." Again, Maher's purpose is democracy (though he says he opposes American support, that's exactly what we would expect as a public statement if Obama were secretly behind him), but Obama is using Maher's drive to wiggle the Brotherhood to power, and the Maher-ites may not like it.

The football's about to be fumbled, but who recovers it is anyone's guess. In the meantime, the Footstool is being shellacked. This may go into overtime.

February 7

If you would like to know where Hesse elements of German trace, you'll find out more assuredly today.

FE emailed to discuss my treatment on the Ore and Orby surname. As a starter, here's what was said late in the 4th update of January:

The Wakes (with Washington-like Shield) use an "Ora" motto term, and while I resisted earlier to link it to the Orbys/Orbisons/Orrebey and Orrs [use a Guiscard Coat] of yesterday's topics, I happened to go to a browser -- just now -- that had the Orbys Coat open, and there in the top corner was the Pascal and Levi lion! The Orbys were, like both the Vicks/Vecks and Wakes, first in Lincolnshire!

FE found an Orebro is in Sweden, an Orbe in Vaud, an Orbiso near Geneva's Genevilla, an Orbe in Poitou Charente and two Orbis(e) locations in other Basque parts of France, an Orbec near Bernay of Normandy and also in Burgundy [Nibelungs=Burgundians are a major topic again today], and an Orbistous in Scotland. And so this got me wondering what "Orb" could trace to, when the Biblical mount Horeb came to mind:

Mount one of the two names given to the mountain at which the book of Deuteronomy in the Hebrew Bible states that the Ten Commandments were given to Moses by God...

In other biblical passages, these events are described as having transpired at Mount Sinai, but though Sinai and Horeb are often considered to have been different names for the same place, there is a body of opinion that they may have been different locations.

After seeing that article, I went to the mythical Sin article discussed yesterday. The idea could occur to someone that Sion, and Orbe and Orbiso, in Switzerland, are terms that have roots in mount Horeb and Sinai. I'm not ruling out a "Sion" trace to "Sinai," but in any case, I imagine that the trace of members of the Levi clan to Horeb and/or Sinai can be expected even if the Levi clan is not truly Levite. It's more likely that Horeb-like terms were taken on by those Templars who liked the idea of tracing to Horeb. Perhaps Horeb-like terms will be discovered by me in Greek myth.

FE stressed that Pamplona in Basque/Languedoc France is one area where Orb-like places are situated. As I repeat often, we expect Redones of Languedoc to be in Lincolnshire (home of the Rhodes surname and other Rhodians), where the Orbys were first found.

If "Languedoc" links to "Lancashire," note that the red-on-gold crosslets in the Orby Chief are found in the Sandes Coat, a surname first found in Lancashire but likely tracing to the Basque region held by Santones.

Going back to one of yesterday's topics, the Naves/Navys that I linked to Nibelungs, see the write-up: "First found in Angus, where they held a family seat in the parish of Nevay, now called Essie. " The Esse Coat uses a "nobis" motto term, and that doesn't look coincidental. That is, the Esses and Naves were related Nibelungs.

The Esse Coat is not only in Nave/Navy colors, but uses two fat black chevrons while the French Levi Coat uses three fat black chevrons. The Orbys use three thin chevrons, and I'm not forgetting that "chevron" could be code for "Hebron."

The Esse surname has already been traced to Euskals=Basques because the surname is properly "Ash/Aschey." The Ash/Esse clan was first found in DEVON, and the DAVENport Coat, using a single black chevron on white (= Esse-chevron colors), uses the same crosslet design as the Orbys and Sandes (that supports my trace of "Davenport" to "Devon").

And remember, the Cheshire garb comes from Gascony in my opinion, while Davenports were first in Cheshire. Not only that, but the Davenport write-up: "...they were descended from Ormus de Davenport of Davenport Hall Farm (Domesday Book-1086 A.D.,) in the parish of Astbury in East Cheshire. "

Ormus? Could that be an m-version "Orbis"??? FE pointed out two Orbis(e) locations in Basque parts of France. In the Nave write-up: "The first on record was Adam of Neveth who perambulated (staked) his territories between the lands of the Abbey of Arbroath and Kinblemonth in 1219." ARBroath? This could suggest that Arb-like terms trace to Orby entities, and as I entered "Arbor," the Harbiye location (Syria) that was also called Daphne came to mind. Remember, I trace "Daphne" to "Devon" and "Davenport."

AND, Harbiye and a nearby mountain that sounds like mount Acra at Jerusalem were traced by me to mount Gareb (also at Jerusalem), where the Nibelungs have been traced by me. In fact, it was Daphne-like mount Saphon that was called, "Aqra." AND MORE, I see "garb" as code for both Garebites and the wheat sheaves that were symbols of Ashkelon/Ascalon, the "Philistine" city (belonged to Avvites before that).

The Garbe/Garber/Garbee Coat (black chevron) uses a gold garb, and there is a "Jewish" Garber Coat (using the Mackie and Mackesy lion). Garbers are in French Harvey colors (both use the same stars). As per the Lancaster mention below, the Does/Dows of Lancaster use both a black chevron on white, and a gold garb.

The Nave/Navy motto is "Marte et arte," smacking of Myrrdin=Merlin and Arthur. The Banes Coat (in Bant colors), which I traced to Ban/Bant, father of Lancelot, has the motto, "Vel arte vel marte." I linked Banes' to Banisters (BanIshtar?) of Lancashire, and "Lancashire" was linked to "Lancelot." Again, French Banes' were first in Languedoc, but wow they use three red chevrons on white, the color of the Orby chevrons!

The Cheshire Astburys (as per Davenports of Astbury) use martlets, symbol of Myrddin=Merlin, the same martlets as the Bellamy-Shielded English Harveys, the same martlets as the Singletary Coat that uses three white-on-red chevrons. THEN, the German Ash/Asch Coat uses the Singletary Shield (minus the martlets) exactly.

You may agree that black and white Ashtons (Lancashire), Astons (Cheshire), and Ashleys (Cheshire) figure into this bloodline.

The Nave/Navy Crest is a flying horse, suggesting mythical Bellerophon and his Pegasus alliance of the Lycia theater. Then, as per mythical Endymion of neighboring Caria, who was depicted with sleep, note that the Arbor Crest uses a "sleeping lion." From the last update page on the idea that "Round Table" was perhaps code for two surnames:

The Round Crest [another black chevron on white] is a sleeping lion, perhaps code for the bloodline (Carian, I think) of the mythical sleeper, Endymion.

Entering "Table" brings up the Tapleys (Devon), using blue roundels, and because the surname evoked the Shapleys, I found the latter to likewise be first found in Devon. The Shapley Crest...

Zowie, entering "Sapp" brings up the Sabine scallop, the symbol of the Shapleys, and that recalls the Sabine-related Savone/Saffin clan first found in Somerset, smack beside the Devon Shapleys/Tapleys. The zowie is for the white-on-blue crescents in the Savona/Saffin Coat, for the Karen Coat -- with sleeping moon that I traced to Endymion Carians -- is a crescent on blue Shield, the same dark-blue (called "royal blue") as the Savone/Saffin Shield!

Let's not forget that I traced Sabines=Saffini to "Daphne," and that she was traced (by me) to "Devon."

The Shap(ley)/Shap(leigh) surname could then be a Shave variation, which is the key-using Shaw/Shay bloodline, explaining why the English Shave/Shaw/Shay Coat uses a "qui" motto term. Shaves use a black chevrons on white, the symbol of the Round Coat (sleeping lion in Crest, remember)!

Remember, the Shave/Shaw write-up traces to "Sithech," while Jerusalem/Zion under Amorites was "Zedek."

AND, the Round surname uses "Esse" in the motto (!!!), not to mention that Rounds were first found in ESSEx.

Again, the Nave/Navy clan lived at Nevay, also called "Essie," in Angus, suggesting links to the Ector-branch Arthurians, for not only were Ectors/Hectors first found in Angus, but the Ector Coat is a sun, as with the German Esse/Hesse Coat.

The rings upon the Nave/Navy chevron smack of the rings on the Sorby chevron (compares with the Crow Shield; I'm thinking "corvos>Sorb"), suggesting the possibility that "Sorb" is a Horeb" term, though I traced "Sorb" to a variation of "Gareb." Suddenly, that's reason to trace "Gareb" to "Horeb" elements, and I'm assuming that "Horeb" was a term that pre-dated Moses and the Israelites. It could be that God gave the Law to Israel on a mountain named by his chief Zion-related enemies, and later took Zion itself as per the same history-changing Agenda.

It's Agenda versus O-genda today, Obama working hard to get Zion to the Palestinians, whom I must assume are end-time Philistines.

Obama used to say that he has no right to choose the next Egyptian leadership, but now he's saying that the leadership must be able to "work with America." That's like saying the next leadership needs to be agreed to by Obama.

Hillary is talking as though the O-people had nothing to do with the advancement of the Brotherhood this past week-end:

"Today we learned the Muslim Brotherhood decided to participate, which suggests they at least are now involved in the dialogue that we have encouraged," Clinton told National Public Radio (NPR) from Germany.

"We're going to wait and see how this develops, but we've been very clear about what we expect."

It sounds like the Egyptians need to choose only what Obama expects. That doesn't sound like democracy to me.

Obama had Hillary come out to blast Frank Wisner, saying that he doesn't speak for the administration. In the same breath, she said that the administration wants an "orderly transition" (the code phrase that Obama has been using). Therefore, "orderly transition" may means that Mubarak needs to step aside NOW. The phrase was used by Obama late yesterday afternoon in his televised interview with Bill O'Reilly.

Later, Hillary used, "And we want to see an orderly, expeditious transition." Obama is in a hurry to achieve the legacy of empowering the Brotherhood. Very likely, the O-team is not merely waiting to see what happens with the Brotherhood deal, but is manipulating things. I saw yesterday that 49 percent of Egypt's Muslim population favors Hamas. The O-team would have nervous Westerners believe that the Brotherhood has a low percentage of political representation, but look at the potential damage to Israel that nearly half the population can effect with a Brotherhood-colored government.

Egypt's courts have repeatedly rebuffed the Brotherhood's requests for recognition as a party on the grounds that the constitution bans parties based on religion.

...After the last tumultuous days of popular revolt against Mubarak, it is now the government that is seeking out the Muslim Brotherhood to discuss Egypt' future.

That just can't be true. It's smoke in our faces, meaning that the writer and/or Reuters as a whole is for the BrOtherhood Ogenda. Mubarak didn't decide to entertain the Brotherhood. Obama forced him to. It's obvious. Already, the Brotherhood has said that Mubarak's side has barely given any concessions, which has got to have Obama very happy to hear it. Obama wasn't rooting for Steelers or Packers yesterday, but for the Brotherhood Stampeders.

The hypOcrisy is that the Brotherhood is not favorable to the United States. When Obama says that the next government needs to be able to work with the United States, he should simultaneously show some form of disfavor for the Brotherhood's advancements. Instead, Hillary says the O-team will just wait and see what happens, but waiting allows the Brotherhood to dig in, and allows the O-team to manipulate the end.

Hillary (and other Illuminatists) might be personally opposed to, or suspicious of, this Ogenda, but if she wants her job intact, she's got to tow the O-line. Obama wouldn't tell her the truth of his Brotherhood ambitions, anyway, and it's likely his directive that his team should wait to see what happens now. The Jerusalem Post has a headline showing, not Hillary's disfavor: "Clinton tentatively welcomes Muslim Brotherhood".

Do we think that Brotherhood accusations against Mubarak wouldn't apply to themselves? Wouldn't the Brotherhood likewise seek the nation's money strings, and funnel money toward its own non-democratic agenda? And the Brotherhood has more power than is being reflected by those who want it to have representation: "In such a disfigured political environment it is impossible to judge the real popularity of the Brotherhood. In parliamentary elections in 2005, the first stages of which were relatively fair, the Brotherhood won 88 of the 165 seats they contested. In the latter stages police stopped people voting" (article above).

The article takes us for fools, saying: "The Brotherhood, founded in 1928, wants democracy, except governed by the main principles of the Sharia." Sure, the underdog always calls for fairness, and the repressed always call for freedom, but when they have the power, they're the same animal exactly, just like the O-dictator if he could have his way. Why bother to say that the group "wants democracy" unless the purpose is to deceive the reader subtly?

Obama makes sure to always craft the impression that he's working for the people precisely because it's Illuminati fare to publicly state the opposite of what's actually taking place. Besides, "the people" to Obama (and Democrats in general) refers only to his supporters, showing that he's not really for democracy, and that the very party name is a lie. The "other people" just minimized Democrat power because they saw Democrats working only for themselves. I say that Obama should step down and order a speedy transition NOW.

There are articles today mentioning that the non-Brotherhood demonstrators are feeling betrayed by Obama because it appears that he's toting the Brotherhood line but not their own. Or, as the articles are stating it, that Obama seems willing to leave Mubarak in place during the time that he makes concessions to the Brotherhood's demands.

Perhaps Wisner was just telling the O-truth, that the O-team wants Mubarak in place now that he's "willing" to make a Brotherhood-colored transition. But the O-team then had to come out to feign disagreement with Wisner because what he said disturbed the larger parts of the demonstrators (i.e. who want Mubarak out immediately). Wisner is not likely part of the inside O-circle that discusses the way ahead, and so Wisner, knowing the plan generally, didn't know the "public policy" (i.e. didn't know the falsehoods that the people were to be fed). The idea may be to feign an "out now" policy in order to keep the demonstra-tots happy and vigorous.

Will we hear word from Obama that Mubarak should include in his meetings representatives of the larger parts of the demonstrators? The demonstrators are promising to continue all week long, and seem to have a mindless agenda topped only by the out-now mentality. But who do they want to replace the Mubarak regime? What sort of rock do they envision for the next government?

I erred in saying that Michael W. Smith would sing the Super Bowl anthem; instead, he was part of the tribute to Ronald Reagan.

There's a headline: "Obama invokes religious themes as 2012 campaign nears." Obama sounded like he was campaigning in his O'Reilly interview. Everything he says is catered "for the people," sheer election talk. Perhaps the following is a signal of things to come from his mouth in a desperate attempt to get re-elected. There is lots of talk lately on how Obama is doing the Reagan thing, and indeed Reagan did get quite religious to win his popularity, starting a trend.

President Obama inhabits a largely secular presidency, rarely blending his religious beliefs with his public duties, and spending more Sundays shooting hoops than going to church. So it was a notable shift when Obama went deeply devout for last week's National Prayer Breakfast, telling attendees the role daily prayer plays in his life.

'When I wake in the morning, I wait on the Lord, and I ask Him to give me the strength to do right by our country and its people,' Obama said. 'And when I go to bed at night, I wait on the Lord, and I ask Him to forgive me my sins, and look after my family and the American people, and make me an instrument of His will.'

You don't need me to tell you that if this is a blatant lie, Obama will pay the price from God. And isn't such a lie exactly what we would expect of a Christian False Prophet???

Tomorrow, the Horeb link to the Sin moon god.

February 8

There's a headline: After Collapse of Talks on March 14 Participation, Miqati Set to Form March 8-Dominated Government. That is, a government now dominated by parties in cahoots with Hezbollah. Weapons of Hezbollah are at issue in the failed talks, and the failed talks have the Hezbollah side of the political alliances forging ahead much without the pro-West alliances.

In Egypt, apparent stalemate as Mubarak looks as though he's survived. For the record, Turkey asked Mubarak to go away, and Mubarak's agent wrote the Turkish leader to say, shut-up your incitements. But with Obama being ten times more forceful than Erdogan, Mubarak did not write Obama telling him to shut up your incitements. Christians need be looking for incitements of the kind below:

JERUSALEM -- An Egyptian Islamist terrorist organization founded by the Muslim Brotherhood is re-establishing itself amid the political upheaval in Cairo, WND has learned.

Both Egyptian and Israeli security officials said the group, Al-Gama'a al-Islamiyya, is being reconstituted at the direction of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The officials affirmed Al-Gama'a al-Islamiyya serves as the de fact "military" wing of the Brotherhood, which originally founded Al-Gama'a al-Islamiyya.

Al-Gama'a al-Islamiyya is suspected of involvement in the 1981 assassination of Egyptian president Anwar Sadat and it took credit for the 1995 attempted killing of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. It has carried out scores of deadly terrorist attacks, some targeting foreign tourists.

...Both Israel and Egypt say Hamas has amassed a large quantity of weapons in the Sinai Pinunsula, where the Islamist group has been attempting to smuggle the weaponry into Gaza.

Now, the Egyptian security official said, some of those weapons are going to arm the reconstituted Al-Gama'a al-Islamiyya.

We get it. Israel succeeded much in stopping the attempted transfers of weapons into Gaza. Jimmy Carter and many Western forces were, like the terrorists, bucking the Israelis to re-open hardware traffic into Gaza, but Israel mainly refused. Hacker-bollah found ways into Egypt with a will to topple Mubarak's regime, but was caught. Now there's threat to take over Egypt from Egyptian insiders, which movement seeks to open the way wide for weapons transfers into Gaza...of weapons that have been sitting around, hidden, somewhere in, and/or all over, Sinai.

The anti-Christ will succeed in toppling Egypt to allow that transfer to take place, when God Himself invades Israel...when the Huckabees of the Christian world will be siding with Israel against God's Movement, while seeking the American throne at a time when the God Movement will punish lewd America harder than Israel is punished, when the anti-Israeli Arabs will wish they had never been born, when such pain comes upon them that, wishing to die, death will elude them.

In Wikipedia's Horeb article:

Horeb is thought to mean Glowing/Heat, which seems to be a reference to the sun, while Sinai may have derived from the name of Sin, the Sumerian deity of the moon, and thus Sinai and Horeb would be the mountain of the moon and sun, respectively.

Other interpreters show the etymology of Sinai as being related to the word [sn-eh] for bush, hence Sinai being where Moses saw the Hasneh HaBoeir or the burning bush.

Hmm, as "hasneh" means bush, I thought that the Asner surname (Bauer wings?) might apply, and then realized that As(h) terms were in yesterday's topic in connection with the Horeb investigation. As Esse terms were part of the Ash topic and surname, note the Asner variations of Eisner, Eissner, Eisnert, Eisen (also Isener). I'm wondering whether the Asner Shield (white on blue) is the Save Shield. The Essen surname, of Hesse (Germany), use blue on white.

But, honker, as I once swore I saw the Leslie Shield (Save Shield in colors reversed because the Sava river flows through Lesce in Serbia) with horseshoes and nails (instead of the so-called "buckles" that look like round horseshoes and nail), note that the Asner Coat (two metals in contact) uses horseshoes in the color of the Leslie buckles. THEN, honk again, the Irish Leslie Crest is a wing half blue, suggesting the blue wings of the Asner Crest.

The Irish Leslie write-up links to "O Loiste," and while the Lois Coat is in Asner/Eisner colors, the Lois variations include quite a few Ois-terms. Moreover, the Lois symbol, the Ois-like ostrich, has been tentatively traced (by me) to "Austria," where the Asners (and Bauers) were first found, and where the Sava-river Sauers were first found. Per chance, therefore, "Austria" was named, not after "south as claimed, but after Asner elements that could trace to "Jews" tracing themselves to "bush."

I see that the Hedge surname (swans) is in Lois and Asner white-on-blue. AND, the German Bush Coat is in the same colors!

A blue Shield may have been officially "cian" before it became Asner-like "azur." See the Asher/Asser/Aisher surname, or the white-on-blue Assi surname. (Dutch Bushes use the Leslie (and Lacy) lion.)

New: German Ashers use a "duce" motto term, while the Duce/Douce surname (evokes the Dougals that use the Leslie lion too, in white on blue!) was first in Staffordshire, as with the English Ashers. The Dukes also use white on blue.

One more thing: Doaks/Doigs (Perthshire) use a white-on-red cinquefoil, same as the Bus(s) Coat. I'm suggesting that the Bus surname was part of the bush entity, and so I should mention that while Buz was a son of Nahor, as with Kemuel the son born after Buz, the Hamilton surname (i.e. like "Kemuel") uses the ermined Bus cinquefoil exactly. (The Bez/Bes clan is white on blue.)

Assuming that "Sion/Zion" was named after Sin>Sinai elements, might the Biblical prophecy of Isaiah, wherein he claims that God will remove Israel's hedge, be play on words with Sion=bush? See all of Isaiah 5, with this ending:

Therefore, as the fire devours the stubble, and the flame consumes the chaff, so [Israel's] root will be as rottenness, and their blossom will ascend like dust; because they have rejected the law of the Lord of hosts, and despised the word of the Holy One of Israel. Therefore the anger of the Lord is aroused against His people; He has stretched out His hand against them and stricken them, and the hills trembled. Their carcasses were as refuse in the midst of the streets. For all this His anger is not turned away, but His hand is stretched out still. He will lift up a banner to the nations from afar...In that day they will roar against [Israelites] like the roaring of the sea. And if one looks to the land, behold, darkness and sorrow; and the light is darkened by the clouds.

What should Huckabee's attitude be on that day? Understanding. Realizing the reality. Waiting for the deliverance of the Remnant, giving up political advancement, giving up American patriotism, not making unholy alliances.

The Horeb article goes on:

In Matityahu Clark's book Etymological Dictionary of Biblical Hebrew, the root for Horev, i.e. - "Chorev", is related to the Hebrew word for sword 'Cherev' showing the meaning of Chorev being as "desolation as after a mighty battle", where the root for Sinai being Sineh relating to both "bush" and the idea "to fend off an attack".

The non-believer might tend to think that a bush was used in the Moses "fable" because the word sounded like "Sinai." The believer could believe to the contrary that God exists, and actually used a burning bush for the same reason. I would fully expect non-Israelite pagan Hebrews to trace themselves to Sinai as a matter of priority when they took on Christian/Templar colors, or even earlier when they had taken on some Jewish colors.

The point for the quote above is yesterday's late mention of the Sorbs and "corvos" (= "crow") in relation to "Horeb." Amazing, is it not? The crow/raven plays a large part in my Templar-Sionist hunt, and all this time I had no idea (that I can recall, anyway) of a "corvos" trace to "Horeb." The "corvos" motto term and the raven of the Corbin/Corbett Coat (elephant in Crest) could apply.

Zowie, what came next play straight to the Cottian topic that I've been meaning to return to as per emailer Patterson (tomorrow, I hope). I just entered Curven to get a Corwen surname, and lattice (Cott symbol), but also a Sion-like phrase in this motto: "Si je n'estoy."

The "estoy" part might be code for blue and white Estys and/or Ests/Easts, and perhaps even the Esturmys/Easters that I trace to "Ishtar," the Babylonian goddess of the Sin cult (Sumeria)...that I think Revelation 17 speaks of. Note that Eastons are in Etsurmy/Stur colors. Somewhere in today's update I saw the Stormy lions in Esturmy colors.

Remember, Cottians of the dragon cult are now fundamentally linked to Savoy. The Welsh Code/Codde Coat uses ravens too, by the way, and the Coat surname was first in Staffordshire (i.e. as with the English Ashers). Also first found in Staffordshire were the Stubbs, who use horseshoe-shaped "buckles."

Zowie, emailer Patterson, are you reading? I just entered "Sode" as per "Code" and got the Sowden surname (blue and white again) that I think trace to the Sodhans of Ireland, the ones said to be at the root of Irish Pattersons/Cussanes (the latter use scallops in colors reversed to Sowdens).

My sense is that the Patterson/Cussane (also "Casain") scallops are code for the same Sicilians that are depicted with the Cass-Crest scales, and I'm repeating this because scales are used also by the Swedish Ass(i) Coat (mentioned earlier today). Remember, the Ass scales are in Asner colors, the colors of the Patterson scallops.

Evidence that Cussanes were Cass' is that the Kissane variation of the Cussanes suggests the Cuss surname with Kiss variation while Kissanes show a Cashman variation). AND the Cuss Crest uses the rooster in colors reversed to the Crow Coat while the latter has the Patterson camel in the Crest. In my mind, a Patterson link to both Asners and "corvos" is evidence of a trace to Horeb elements, not forgetting that I identify the camel symbol with "Kemuel" elements.

Gemmels (hearts) were first found in Ayrshire, the home of Kyles that trace themselves to king Cole of CAMULOdunum=Colchester.

February 9

As the global news on the Egyptian situation fizzles away, and as Obama ceases to come out on television to invigorate the demonstra-tots, the youth are more likely to return to their jobs, leaving only the unemployed on the streets to continue the protests.

There's yet another Massey-like surname in the jihad world:

...But a translation released [yesterday] of a 1995 book by the movement's fifth official leader sheds light on just how Egypt's Brotherhood views itself and its mission. Jihad is the Way is the last of a five-volume work, The Laws of Da'wa by Mustafa Mashhur, who headed the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt from 1996-2002.

That's another Must-using first name (ElBaradei's middle name is Mustafa; see 6th update January).

The effect of this latest West-versus-Muslim affair in Egypt has been to invigorate the radicals, and they are making their next plots as we speak. Al-Qaeda in Iraq is calling for a continued struggle in Egypt, not surprisingly.

Obama still has about two years for to damage the West, but if he get's re-elected due to a Republican failure, I'd be more inclined than I am now to view him as God's "servant," God's special agent to turn the Western tide against Israel. I'm having an extremely hard time believing that we are in the last seven prophetic years of this history, but will continue to closely watch Middle East developments in the months to come.

I've decided to report the news on a weekly basis from now on, as close to Monday as I can. My eyesight continues to deteriorate as I spend too many hours on the computer screen, and I've known all along that updates have been too long for everyone to follow, meaning that I should curb the bloodline topics too.

I'm going to have withdrawal symptoms in the effort to find something else to do with the mornings, but I've got to limit the computer time to see whether my sight returns to normal. Everything two feet away has become a blur (glasses corrects the problem but I don't want to wear them), and even the computer screen at two feet is hard to read at times (impossible without glasses) with glasses. The only consolation is that, so far, glasses are needed to magnify only 1.25 times.

Although the number of daily readers must have gone down (I no longer keep record of readership numbers) when the anti-Christ didn't appear in Iraq (so far as I know) in 2010, I know that there were a solid number of Christian readers who did find the updates, and who will seek them out whenever something prophecy-like happens in the Middle East. Readers know that I've stressed a betrayed downfall of Egypt years before now.

There are so many Iraq updates available online that many other Christians will find the updates inadvertently as they do Internet searches on various topics. Masonic types will inadvertently find the updates too, and I'm torn over whether that'll have a good versus bad effect for the Body of Christ.

I thought the following emails from two different sources should be discussed. First, one from emailer Patterson opened more than a week ago:

...I also found it quite strange to read a Latin phrase in this article "Qui custodiet custodes?" ("Who will guard the guards?") as it most certainly recalled to mind the email I sent you just yesterday about the Lothian surname and its motto " Non dormit qui custodit" ("He who guards does not sleep"). Here is the excerpt from the article containing the aforementioned phrase:
"Elite bankers in the United States and Europe conceived and enacted the Federal Reserve system as a major stepping stone toward eventual global governance of a neo-feudalistic society. The continuing global economic crisis was also conceived and implemented as a further essential tool in bringing about a one-world government controlled by bankers and their intellectual shills sitting in crucial positions and calling the shots -- qui custodiet custodes?"


I wrote back:

I don't know the meaning of coincidence anymore. I get so many of them. I was wondering [for a long time] what the custodit term might depict. I was thinking of "Constance," which appears in the Cust Coat write-up.

The Costs [using Bell surname bell] look like Cottians, or the Cott surname of Languedoc [Costs and Cotts were both first found in Languedoc]. The Constance surname was also first in Languedoc. I've mentioned a few times that lake Constance [Germany/Switzerland] applies to the Constance pine tree!! Those exclamation marks are because I had never taken the time to look into the possibility of "custodit" linking to Constance (until now), and because the Lothian Coat uses an evergreen too. And look! The Lothian tree is a pine!!!

So, you are very correct. It wasn't a coincidence. At least, you're writing in on this seems revelatory..

...By the way. I've traced the Cussane [= Patterson variation] surname to the Cass/Cash surname, tentatively anyway, and so when I saw the Cust/Cuss surname just now, it reminded me of the very-similar Cass/Cash Coat. Another "coincidence," right?

I didn't recall and wasn't thinking of the last part of the quote when I included the Cass topic yesterday as it applied to Cussanes/Pattersons.

While the Costs/Constances use the Bell bell, English Constances use the Ferte (of Ferte-Mace) eagle, suggesting that Constances were of the Bellamy>Ferte line to Masseys.

After writing that, I tried entering "Conn" and then "Cont," and the latter found the Conti surname first found in FERRARA with Contěn-using variations. The VisContis were of the Cuneo theater to which I trace the Ferte surname (i.e. to Montferrat and Monforte of Cuneo), and moreover I had traced the Conn and similar Cony surname to "Cuneo" ("Cuneo" sounds like the Italian for rabbit, explaining the Conn and Cony rabbits).

I now see that the Meschin-like Conn Coat is in Conti colors. The Connies/Conyers use what I view as an 'M'.

The Conys were first in Lincolnshire, where the Custs were first found, where we expect the Redones of the Languedoc theater.

Not many weeks ago, I had identified the Conti lion as one of the Veres of Montferrat and/or Monforte (and generally northern Italy) wholly independent of what I'm writing now.

In another email from emailer Patterson:

Think you might want to re-examine the Hungarian word " csikos " and its potential relation to Hyksos. Remember when I presented you this idea a year or two ago? Didn't you say "kos" seemed rooted in Edom?...

Please reply effusively! :0)

I finally got round to responding weeks later:

I'd been meaning to delve into mythical Cyzicus. The Cyzicus location in Mysia is featured by Wikipedia, and shows a charioteer. I'm aware of several kos/kus-ending terms that may or may not link to the Kos owl cult of Edom. The island of Kos is near Miletus, and I think it applies to Edom. I trace Merovingians to Edomites by many methods now, and at Kos [there] was a mythical Merops that I trace to "Merovee."

On mythical Cyzicus: "King Cyzicus left behind a young bride named Cleite, daughter of Merops of Percote." I didn't know this when I wrote the above paragraph, even though I now recall reading it before. Another kos-incidence, ho-hum.

The sentence goes on to say: "Cyzicus's parentage is given as Aeneus by Aenete (or Aenippe), daughter of Eussorus; or else Eussorus is given as his father." I recall commenting on this because "Eussorus" smacks of "Esau." If it is an Esau line, it [i.e. Edomites] should lead to Aeneas (not quite "Aeneus" but I think it's the same entity), and he to Carthaginians.

...Did you happen to note "PerCOTE." Don't assume that she couldn't be code for proto-Cottians . Greek myth treats all of Europe, sometimes knowingly. Merops of Percote was father of Arisbe, while there is "The species arisbe of owl butterflies." AND, her son was Aesacus, another cus ending with what looks like another Esau beginning. It appears [from the writings of others] that Arisbe was the same as Hecuba, who I trace to "Hyksos," and there was an Arisbe location on Lesbos, where I trace Ixion-related Hyksos. As I equate Ixion with Ares, it speaks for itself, that Arisbe was the Ares cult. I trace "Ares" and his son, "Eros," to "Hros," and therefore to Horus, who I identify as Horites out of Edom [Horites>Horus>Ares is traced to Rhodes before ending up in Languedoc, where the Cote surname was first found].

You can be sure that Aeneus and Aenete were Heneti, who I trace to "HanniBal." That is, I think the Hannibal bloodline worshiped their Aeneas past, and the mythical schism between Aeneas and Dido well reflects the Punic wars against Rome.

I imagine that Cyzicus evolved into Carthaginians and/or Romans, and the term, without the cus ending, smacks of "Cass." Wouldn't it be a wollop of a cass-incidence if Cyzicus leads to the Cassane Pattersons??? I suppose "Cyzicus" might even be rooted in "Kos," as in the idea of "Koskos." Check out the Kaskas.

I wrote the above before going to the article: "The Kaska, probably originating from the eastern shore of the Propontis..." ZOWIE, the Cyzicus location is on the Propontis. And, "The Kaska first appear in the Hittite prayer inscriptions that date from the reign of Hantili II, c. 1450 BC..." [emphasis on Heneti-like "Hantili"]

As for the similar Hungarian term, I just don't know.

Hope this was effusive enough. I think I'll add this email with the last one [on Custodes] in a coming update, as the two topics could link together.

I've just found a Cossick surname: "The Cossick family name is thought to have come from any of several places named Cussac in France; such as Cussac in Guienne (Guyenne), Cussac in Limousin [where I expect Edomites], or from Cussac in Auvergne. These place names are thought to derive from Cucius or Cussius, a Romano-Gallic personal name...After the name came to Ireland, it took on the Gaelic form Ciomhsog. However, in the county of Clare, the Gaelic form of the name is Mac Iosog."

As per the family root in "Cussius," I entered "Cuss" to find a German surname in Cossick/Cussac colors and having a Gussich variation. It all smacks of the Gascony=Guyenne Basques, and when we go to the English Cuss Coat (= the Cass Coat), we find the Gay/Guay rooster in the Crest, a surname that I trace to "Guyenne." As was mentioned yesterday, the Guy-Coat scallops are colors reversed to the Cussane/Patterson scallops. The Guys use the Nobel lion.

The German Cuss/Gussick surname is properly "Gus(s)," and while the Gaston Crest is an owl, the Swedish Gust surname is said to derive in "Gaut," a term that brings up the Cott Coat. The Gust(aff) write-up: "This name is composed of the tribal name Gaut and the word staf, which means staff or cudgel."CUDjel???

The Cuddel/Cottel Coat (Staff colors) was found after I wrote the paragraph below on the Staffs (compare Staff chevron with the Code/Codd chevron).

I doubt very much that the Gustaff term derives in a "staff," but more likely the statement is code, and the clan's red chevron links to the red chevron of the Staff(ord) Coat...the Crest of which uses a swan, the symbol of mythical CYCnus...who I identify as Ixion-based Hyksos. Moreover, I traced "Cycnus" to "Kikon" (and perhaps the Caucones), terms much like the Cucius root of the Cossick/Cossac clan. (It may not be contradictory to trace both to Gog-based "Cauc(asia)" and to "Kos" as the latter was also "Kaus").

NOW LOOK. The German Cuss/Gussicks were first found in Baden, and the Coddel/Cottel Coat is the Arms of Baden!

The Staffs are said to descend from a Toeni surname, and checking the Toeni Coat again, I was reminded that it too, like the Connies/Conyers, uses the 'M' "sleeve." The Toenis (and Cuss') were first in Leicestershire, founded by Ligurians.

The Staff write-up: "First found in Staffordshire where they were descended from Roger de Toeni, founder of the Abbey of Conches, who died in the Civil Wars in Normandy in 1038. His son, Ralph de Toeni, was hereditary Standard Bearer to King William the Conqueror, at the Battle of Hastings..." The Conches term could perhaps link to the Connies/Conyers (shows a Coigniers variation), but in any case, the Hasting Coat also uses the 'M'.

There is a Spanish (Basque?) Conches surname using a scallop in Patterson-scallop colors. PLUS, the Conches Coat uses the Sullivan boar (I trace Sullivans to the Salyes Ligurians), and I am very glad that I took the time to get the Sullivan URL for you, because that gave glimpse of the Sullivan Shield, just about like (but in different colors) the Cossick/Cossac Shield.

The Kissane Crest (surname belongs to the Cussanes/Pattersons) is a hand holding a lizard, while the lizard appears also in the Sullivan Crest. The Kissane Coat is the Venus stag, and I trace both the Venus clan and the Toeni clan to Heneti>Veneti of the Antenor-Trojan kind, the same that I think furnished the Aeneus Trojans>Heneti.

BEHOLD. There is a Cozen/Cosyn Coat that could apply to "Cyzicus." It's half a red chevron (i.e. I'm thinking the Staff chevron), and the Coat reminds me of the Sark/Surrey Coat. You may have read where I traced a Gaston-related Traby/Sadowski clan with a Sark-like Polish surname to the Gastons (first found in Surrey), and that the Gaston checks were linked to the same of the Sark/Surrey surname because Gastons were first found in Surrey. The first point here, which was the only point before I realized the BEHOLD part, is that Staffs were traced (by me) to HohenStaufers, while the Hohen(steufen) Shield is used by the Gaston Shield.

The BEHOLD is that I usually forget the Sark-like spelling of that Sadowski clan (this Gaston>Sark topic first appeared in the 4th update of last August), but when I remembered, wow! It's ZarCZINski!!! The Cozens/Cosyns, I figure. In fact, when returning to the Zarcyzinskli topic in the first update of October, I wrote: "It dawned on me yesterday that the English Cousins/Cusyns should be ZarCYZINskis..." I had forgotten this when introducing the Cozen/Cosyn topic above.

Amazingly, the next paragraph (in the October update) where the quote above is found got to the Hannity-related Heneti, and in the paragraph after that: "Now as mythical ANTenor depicted the Heneti, I thought once to trace the Anthony surname to the Heneti, and I now see that both English Anthonys/Antons and Hannitys were first in Lincolnshire...ALSO, both Anthonys and Hannitys use leopard heads."

I'm thinking that Toeni" and "Anthony" are related bloodlines. The Austrian Anthony Coat is colors reversed to the Baden Arms, but in any case the Anthony Coat is in Styre/Stur colors while Anthonys were first found in Styria. The Hohen(steufen) surname (first in Hesse) is also "HohenStaur." THEN, the Steers were first found in Surrey. Very conspicuous. I traced the Steer motto to Tunis, home of Heneti>Mysian>proto-Massey Carthaginians.

The Steer Coat uses the Margy/Mackie and Margeson/Mackesy lion, and very recently I saw glimpse that the Marg-like terms (which I trace to Sark-like Darks/D'Arques) trace to "Magyar." I'm saying that because emailer Patterson wanted to know about a Cyzicus-like term ( "csikos") among Hungarians.

There are Stars/Sters (all-seeing eye and ESToiles) first found in Wiltshire i.e. beside the Hampshire Sturs/Styres (German Storms appear related to the latter). The Stormys/Esturmys were likewise first found in Wiltshire (as you may know, I trace the Heneti of the Pelops>Atreus line to Atrebates of the Hampshire and Kent theaters). The Star/Ster estoiles may be code for the Estys of Kent, and the Stormy/Esturmy Coat uses the Kent-surname lion. The Esters/Sturs/Isters of Manche may use the Baden bar.

Finally, before I go on the new weekly format, I'd like to share FE's email topic on the Swiss location of Sierre. Here's my response:

I did some fooling around on the Sierra topic. The Sire surname (Burgundy) shows a "Sirot," so I entered "Sert" (Languedoc) to find Serres/Saires in the colors of the Sauers of the Sava river.

"Sert" then suggested a look at "Sardis," which finds a Leslie-like surname (Lessard/Lessart) in Save colors, remembering that the Leslie Shield is also the Save Shield. Saves were first in Burgundy, as with the Sires/Sirots, and the Lessard/Sardis/Sardo surname was first in neighboring Provence. Entering "Sardin" as per Sardinia brings up the same Coat.

Then, "Char" brings up the Chard surname [i.e. like "Sard"], in Save colors again, and Shar brings up the Shays/Shaws that were traced to "Save."

Perhaps none of this links to "Seir," or even to Sider/Sierra. But it's been a good exercise.

The Shay/Shaw Coat above uses grails. I can't recall nor find the Hohenstaufen article telling that "Staufer" means, or is said to mean, "grail bearer." But as evidence the Swiss Staufer Coat> shows a hand holding a cup.

In my opinion aside from the above, the holy grail bloodline of paganism/Templarism is secretly the gold filthy cup in the murderous hand of the Revelation 17 harlot, and meanwhile, on wholly independent lines, I traced that harlot to mythical Ishtar, which now magnifies the importance of the Ister/Easter/Stur clans now under discussion.

I had traced "Ishtar(t)" to the Kish region of old Babylon, and meanwhile the Cuss surname has a Kish variation. Moreover, on independent lines, I traced the holy-grail cult to the Catti peoples that settled at Hesse, where the Hohen(steufen)s were first found. There is no Coat shown at the English Kisser/Cussere/Kishere page. Cozen-like Kissingers use a Coat perhaps linked to the Staufens (recall from above that Cozens were linked to Trabys, and see below).

Moreover, the Kissinger sleeping moon and star-types are very reflective of the same in the Karens/Kerns of Silesia, who I traced to Carians of the Endymion>Selene fold. As I expect the anti-Christ bloodline out of Silesia elements, I note that Kissinger was thought by many to be the anti-Christ because his name adds up to 666. I trace the Traby fold to Silesian elements, and the Traby-Arms 666-like bugles are thought by me to be no coincidence. That is, I think the end-time 666 will link to the Traby bloodline.

Next, I entered "Kissing/Gissen" to find a clan first in Norfolk. I had seen another clan first in Norfolk earlier in the day, and luckily I took the time to scroll back to see that it was the Cozen clan!

I recall tracing the Hesse-surname and "Jewish" Cohen/Kagan suns to the Arms of Kazakhstan, a place smacking of "Khazar(ia)" and even more of "Cyzicus."

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