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February 10 - 14, 2011

Why is the Shield Blue? BeKos
The Broad Way to Destruction

Obama has gotten his way with Mubarak, and he did it by participating. It wasn't the protesters alone that ousted him. As soon as official word was out that Mubarak would quit (February 11), Obama gave word to the press that he would be on television in an hour or two to speak to the nation. Why? What did he need to say so quickly? Why not a news conference where the press could dig in and get behind-the-scenes realities?

He didn't say anything that wasn't known already, but he did give credit for the "success" to the young demonstrators. This was an attempt to minimize his administration's involvement, as well as a sly way to take the political credit for the coup. And the Arabs with "pro-West" governments have seen too clearly Obama's avid determination to betray a pro-West Arab leader:

Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah told U.S. President Barack Obama that his country would prop up Egypt's President Hosni Mubarak if the United States withdrew its aid program, The Times said on [February 10].

Abdullah told Obama not to humiliate Mubarak, who is under pressure from protesters to quit immediately, in a telephone call on January 29, the newspaper said, citing a senior source in Riyadh.

Obama has given Muslim groups new hope in toppling governments, and for the time being, no one knows what the next Egypt will look like as a result of this "success." Everything appears to be moving in the right, prophetic direction.

Coptics [Christians] are concerned that while President Barack Obama invited the Muslim Brotherhood to participate in forming a new Egyptian government, neither he nor others in his administration specifically invited Egypt's Christian population or other religious groups to the table.

There is a friendly way for the Cameron government (Britain) to send Israel a message, and then there is this: "A day after Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned that Egypt could become a new Iran, British Foreign Secretary William Hague urged Israel to avoid 'belligerent' language." If Cameron wants what Israel wants, a pro-West Egypt, why does Hague use such an insulting and divisive term? Could it have to do with "Hague" reflecting "Hagarite"?

Here's the Hague Coat, what could be "Andrew's Cross" but what is definitely the Rockefeller rock. Hague/Hates could be a branch of Hoods/Hutts that I link to the Hiedler/Hitler surname.

The problem with democracy is that the devil is given a voice, and the political ropes to control a nation. Christians are not permitted to run a government in the way that God would have it because the sons of the devil use democracy to thwart such things. Democratic doors provided by the United States to Israel's enemies have been swinging from before Obama. From the article above: "When the Palestinians held elections in 2006 -- at the insistence of the United States -- Hamas, which aims to destroy Israel, won a majority of the seats in Parliament." Democracy also gave Lebanon to Hezbollah not more than a month ago, and we have yet to see how a democratic Iraq will turn out.

Mubarak stepped down on the 32nd anniversary, to the day, of the overthrow of Iran's shah. If it wasn't coincidental, then I'd say that certain invisibles planned to give Mubarak the death-blow on that date so that they could celebrate the event as a mirror-image of the Iranian revolution that took hold after the shah's ousting. The question is, are there Hagarite Westerners involved with those invisibles?

I was expecting the Obama administration to white-wash the Muslim Brotherhood. I figured that Obama would be willing to risk losing some political points to get the Brotherhood into a government role, but to lessen his losses, he would have others come out to do the white-washing. In order to conduct such a sensitive mission, he'd need to speak kindly of the Brotherhood before certain political friends that could be relied upon to keep faith with him rather than to betray him to the Republican sharks. These friends would speak to the press concerning the Brotherhood's better qualities, and would firstly assure that the Brotherhood poses no real threat.

On February 10, James Clapper had some very nice things to say about the Brotherhood, sounding like he's hoping to change America's attitude toward the group. Coming at this time when the Brotherhood is roundly painted otherwise, I'd say that his words are catered for only one source: the president himself:

"The term Muslim Brotherhood is an umbrella term for a variety of movements. In the case of Egypt, a very heterogeneous group, largely secular, which has eschewed violence and has decried al-Qaeda as a perversion of Islam," Director of National Intelligence James Clapper told a congressional hearing today.

Clapper said other things to the effect that the Brotherhood would be a good thing for Egypt. The press was taken by surprise at Clapper's use of "secular," and others in his organization had to come out to do immediate damage control. No one would use "secular" in the same sentence where the Brotherhood is distanced from al-Qaeda, unless he wanted to see the Brotherhood's political fortunes advance at this very time when advancement seems imminent. It's as though Clapper was giving the Brotherhood a push forward, and it's got to be a push straight from the O-traitor of America, THE O-TRAITOR OF ISRAEL. See also Fox news coverage of the Clapper surprise.

Near the end of the last update page, the sun on blue background became an heraldic topic as per it's use by both Cohens/Kagans (i.e. Khazars) and the Arms of Kazakhstan (not to mention the Hesse surname). But now I can add that the Clapper Coat (vair bell pattern) uses a sun on blue background. The KAZAKhstan topic came during an investigation into CYZICus elements. I should have re-mentioned at that time the Cossac peoples (Don=Tanais river) of the Khazar theater.

Clappers were first found in Surrey, which was also a topic in that last update. Here's what was said (this was before James Clapper made the news):

BEHOLD. There is a Cozen/Cosyn Coat that could apply to "Cyzicus." It's half a red chevron (i.e. I'm thinking the Staff chevron), and the Coat reminds me of the Sark/Surrey Coat. You may have read where I traced a Gaston-related Traby/Sadowski clan with a Sark-like Polish surname to the Gastons (first found in Surrey), and that the Gaston checks were linked to the same of the Sark/Surrey surname because Gastons were first found in Surrey. The first point here, which was the only point before I realized the BEHOLD part, is that Staffs were traced (by me) to HohenStaufers [= Cohens/Kagans], while the Hohen(steufen) Shield is used by the Gaston Shield.

The BEHOLD is that I usually forget the Sark-like spelling of that Sadowski clan (this Gaston>Sark topic first appeared in the 4th update of last August), but when I remembered, wow! It's ZarCYZINski!!! The Cozens/Cosyns, I figure. In fact, when returning to the Zarcyzinskli topic in the first update of October, I wrote: "It dawned on me yesterday that the English Cousins/Cusyns should be ZarCYZINskis..." I had forgotten this when introducing the Cozen/Cosyn topic above.

Some think that "Khazar" and "Czar" are related, and so you may like to view "ZARczinski" with a Czar prefix. If true that the Zarcyzinski clan is from Cossaks and/or Khazars, I'd say that a major line/circle of the "Jewish" Illuminati, including the Trabys, has to trace to that bloodline too.

For those who don't know, the Polish Brzezinski surname uses the Traby Arms, implying kinship, and one of Obama's chief foreign-affairs advisors with a Brzezinski surname (I think it links to "Abruzzo") is an expert on Eurasian affairs (i.e. Eurasian affairs includes Kazakhstan).

When one enters "Traby," the Sadowski Coat comes up with what appears to be a 'Q'. It occurred to me just not that it could be code for a Q-version "Cossack," and so I went back to the Wikipedia article, and here's what was found under it's etymology section: "The word Cossack is originally a Turkic word, qazzaq, which means 'adventurer', 'free man', or 'itinerant warrior'. Cossacks (Qazaqlar) served as border keepers in the Khanate of Kazan." Brackets not mine!

I would ignore the definitions above and instead keep in mind a trace of "Qazaqlar" to Cyzicus elements.

There is a Polish Kozack Coat with a Zionist star in Weis-star colors and very comparable to the Kissinger Coat. I had noted that the six-pointed Kissinger star (not quite the Zionist star) is used in the Arms of places of central Poland but nearer to the Ukrainian border than to Germany.

You'll note the Kissinger fleur-de-lys in the colors of the Merovingian fleur-de-lys, for Merovingians trace to mythical Merops of both Cyzicus and Kos. The so-called "Red Jews" of the Khazar throne always look more Esau-ite than Jewish/Israeli. Recalling from the last update page the Cyzicus-like term of the Hungarians/Magyars, we don't fail to realize that Magyars, just before they founded Hungary, lived beside, and were in alliance with, Khazars.

One could get the impression that mythical Cyzicus depicted, not just ancient Kaskas, but proto-Khazars and proto-Kossacks.

There's also a Cossar/Cozzar Coat with horse in Crest. The Corsor variation may be clue to the same bloodline in Cor(s)-using terms. Indeed, I've just found a Corey Coat in Cossack colors, using six-pointed "estoiles." Coreys (also "Cawries") were first found in Edom-like DUMfries.

Where did the "Jewish" term, "kosher," derive? Entering "Koser" brings up the Polish Kozack Coat.

The Corey term that was in the old form of "Leicester" was traced by me to "Cork" of Ireland, and so I see that the Casey surname was first in Cork. Scottish Caseys/Kasse' appear to me to be linked to the Save clan as it spread out to heart-using Lanarkshire. The garb and cloud in the Casey Crest suggests Nibelungs in Cheshire, and by the way, Claptons were first in Cheshire. The Cuss/Kiss/Kish clan (uses the Cass/Cash "fountain" symbol) was first in Leicestershire.

If Clappers were Cossacks, or at least merged to them, we could expect Cossacks in the Clapton bloodline...that I trace to "Salop." Recalling the bush=Sinai discussion of the last update, I should add that "Shropshire" may be rooted in "shrub," though I've tentatively traced the location to "Sorb" because I think "Salop" traces to "Slab/Slav" elements. Cossacks were Slavs, by the way.

The Cours/Coursiers of Languedoc look like they use Kossack and Kissinger symbols, the gold crescent on blue used by all three being possibly the same sleeping moon of the Karen/Kearn Coat.

I wasn't going to repeat that I tend to trace the Cyzicus and Kos bloodlines under discussion to Caria (e.g. to the mythical sleeper, Endymion of Caria of the moon-goddess cult) until I found the flying horse just now of the Corsar Crest.

The bell pattern of the Clapper Coat is traced by me to Bellerophon and Pegasus in the Lycian theater, but that cult was recently linked to Endymion. The Corsars (also use horse heads) were first found in Staffordshire (!), and they show a Cosser variation. (I figure that Stafford links to HohenStaufens).

Mubarak flew out of Cairo, leaving power in the hands of the military. As I understand it, Suleiman is out too, and we have yet to see what figurehead the military will use in going "forward." The West feels safe because the military is pro-West, and Obama appears to have no bones (yet, anyway) with the power transfer to the military. He will now seek to leverage the military leaders, and so look for signs that he's more interested in advancing the Brotherhood than the aims of the demontsra-tots.

Did I predict that the protesters would fizzle away? Yes, and that was just two days before they celebrated Mubarak's ouster. He came out on the 10th and angered the crowds; it might have gone differently had he said nothing publicly.

I find it very conspicuous that Fox has never emphasized (or mentioned at all, so far as I've heard) that the demonstrators are part of the so-called "April 6" movement to oust Mubarak, and I figure that Fox's silence is due to the fact that April 6 was started by Bush. Things may have gone differently had Republicans been opposed to Mubarak's ousting, but in being soft accomplices to the ousting, they didn't hold Obama's methods to any scrutiny. The article below (out February 12) uses the "orderly" word that Obama's method has been using, and moreover suggests that Suleiman is still in:

[The army] endorsed the transfer of President Mubarak's powers to his vice-president, General Omar Suleiman, and guaranteed a free and fair presidential election, constitutional changes and "protection of the nation".

The army also urged "the need to resume orderly work in the government installations and a return to normal life, preserve the interests and property of our great people".

...However, the BBC's Yolande Knell in Cairo said the army statement, which suggests it throws its weight behind President Mubarak's decision not to resign, will be a huge disappointment for demonstrators.

Although concessions offered by President Mubarak should in theory lead to a transformation of the political system, there is little confidence that the army or the government will deliver.

Most of the cabinet appointed by Mr Mubarak was made up of old loyalists, and the army leadership is handpicked by the president.

...The scene is now set for a potentially dangerous confrontation between the army and the protest movement.

...Meanwhile, the BBC's Jon Leyne in Cairo says Friday's mass protests could bring demonstrators into direct conflict with the army.

I don't trust the BBC. I think it's led by murderous Illuminatists who participated in the 9-11 disaster. The Layne Crest uses a horse (Cyzicus symbol) and the surname was first in Staffordshire. Recall the above: "The Corsars (also use horse heads) were first found in Staffordshire (!), and they show a Cosser variation."

The Gos(s) surname (merged with Meschins) was likewise first found in Staffordshire.

The Irish Layne Coat uses the Mackesy lion and a Shield using the same as the Arms of Baden. In the last update page, the Mackesy/Margeson and Mackie/Margy clan was emphasized as per links to Cyzicus bloodlines, and it was said that the Steer Coat uses the Margy/Mackie and Margeson/Mackesy lion. It was then said that the Esters/Sturs/Isters of Manche (= home of the Masseys) may use the Baden bar.

The BBC's Knell surname (roses, first found in Herefordshire) may link to the Meschin scallops as per those in the Connelly Coat. Herefordshire is the location of the Sellicks that use a Talbot-like Shield, and "Tal(bot)" is linked by me to Ligurian entities (i.e. "Salyes" Gauls/Ligures) that provided "Salop," which I mention because the article goes on to mention the BBC's Paul Adams with Edom-like surname first found in Annandale (I link the Salyes Ligurians to the Ananes and Laevi Gauls, and the latter to Bellerophon and Pegasus). Irish Adams use "salus" for a motto term. Moreover, these Adams show a Codden variation that could be evidence of Cottian links.

While the Adams Coat uses a red cross on white, the Annan(dale) Coat uses a red saltire cross on white, and, as evidence that "Adams" may link to Edomites, the Annan(dale)s were first found in DUMfries. I've long traced raven-depicted Rus (e.g. Mackays) to Edomites, and so see that the Caw variation (shown) of the Adams clan brings up the Mackay Coat.

The Coddan variation of the Irish Adams brings up a Cotin surname in Save colors. I say this because I link Sava-river clans to a heart symbol, used by Irish Adams. MOREOVER, the heart symbol is used by Lanarkshire, and the Roy clan (stars colors reversed to English Adams) was first found in Lanarkshire, while a "Roy" motto term is used by the Laynes. The Roy motto, "Qua tendis," smacks not only of the Caw surname, but of "Cotin/Coten." The Roys are not only in Codden/Cotin white on blue, but the latter use the MacKay/Caw/Quey Shield.

Coddens/Cotins use "three hanks (bundles) of cotton" and "A falcon proper with a gold bell [Bellamy clan, I figure] on a leg, the dexter claw on a belt with a gold buckle." THEN, if you check the Roy Crest ship, you'll find that it's the Mere ship (similar to the DeMere ship; both surnames first found in Cheshire), important because of the Buckeleys-of-Mascy (Cheshire). That is, the "temere" motto term of the Buckeleys (first found in Cheshire) , because they show a "temere" motto term, have been linked (by me) to the DeMeres; the Buckle surname (in Buckeley colors) likewise uses "temere." The latter Coat compares with the Round Coat ("quam" motto term).

Laynes/Lanes were linked to the MARY MagDALENE cult as per the Dallens/DeLaneys (for more reasons than similarity of terms), and later the Mary part of the cult's code was identified as the Mere bloodline (= Moray elements).

The German Adam surname (no 's') uses a sun on blue Shield again, and a "quies" motto term. The Italian Adam surname was first found near Ferrara, and uses what could therefore be the Ferte eagle. Not only is the latter Adam Coat a split Shield evoking the Fulks ("Qui" motto term), but German Adams use the eagle of, as well as colors-reversed from, the Italian Fulk Coat...who by the way use the same checks as the French Fer who I trace to Ferrara elements.

Chris's Matthews, a liberal talking head, has given credit for the fall of Mubarak to Obama. But I give credit to the American money bag that Obama dangled before the eyes of the Egyptian military:

Despite the upheaval in Egypt and a Republican push for steep cuts to foreign aid, Egypt was slated [three days ago, the day that Mubarak stepped down] to receive its traditional $1.3 billion in military assistance from the US for 2011.

The foreign aid spending bill announced [three days ago] also provides up to $250 million in economic assistance to Egypt "with the understanding that the government will undertake significant economic and democratic reforms," according to a statement released by Texas Republican Kay Granger, chairwoman of the House appropriations subcommittee on foreign operations.

If the O-ites wish to paint this as a success, credit goes to tax-payers. I don't think the Egyptian military would have hearkened to O-dministration trolls otherwise. Suddenly, "Egyptians [two days ago] cleared burned cars, garbage and debris that accumulated over 18 days at Tahrir Square, a sign that Cairo and the rest of the country were ready to rebuild and get back to work while the country formulates a plan for governance after the revolution."

We'll need to see whether the BBC is correct in predicting more protester upheavals for to further manipulate the Egyptian military. FOX reports:

Egypt's military moved [yesterday] to restore order in Cairo..., but troops faced some resistance...

Soldiers and military police took down the makeshift tents of protesters...but scuffles broke out with some young men who refused to leave. Many local residents also shouted at the protesters that it was time to go.

...Egypt's new military rulers promised [two days ago] to abide by the peace treaty with Israel and eventually hand power to an elected government, but many protesters worried long-sought reforms would be stalled if they give up.

...A coalition of youth and opposition groups that was the driving force of the movement pulled its supporters from the streets, calling instead for weekly mass demonstrations every Friday to keep pressure on.

The article ends with: "The council of generals has said nothing so far about how the transition will be carried out or addressed the protesters' demands." I frankly do not think that the protestors hold any sway, unless the O-dministration acts on their behalf, and clearly, according to the O-team's own words, they are looking out for the interests of America. The demonstra-tots have been used, and it may now be time to discard them.

To get a glimpse of the last moments of the American coup-job, where it's made obvious that the O-team was heavily involved, see Scobey-Dobie-D'O.

An unhappy, Mubarak slammed U.S. in phone call with Israeli MK before resignation (the J-Post likes the word, "slammed," almost as much as "blasted").

The number of protesters peaked at only a quarter million, a proportion equal to about a million in the U.S. That is, if one million Republicans marched on Washington to demand Obama's resignation, he should have no choice but to step down NOW, on the first day, not 18 days later. For he was egging Mubarak's dismissal from the get-go. What's good for one dictator is good for another. Mubarak might have stolen a few dozen billion from his tax payers over 29 years, but Obama stole 800 billion (not including corporate bail-outs) in his first year, with his sights on a lot more. And who can count how many other billions were in jeopardy as per other dirty rats in the O-camp.

There is not much difference between a common thief break-and-entering your home to take a thousand dollars, and the O-Camp taking a thousand more dollars in taxes and/or other types of demands. It's real money, and they're real thieves. If Mubarak had to go because he stole the peoples' money, ditto for American politicians, and for the Chief Rat.

It was only two days ago that I did a little bit on the Knell and Connell surnames (I neglected to add that the Irish/Scot Connells (Rockefeller rock) may also apply to the Knell surname), and then yesterday morning I found the headline, "McConnell: Obama Agenda Is 'Over'." Perhaps it's better to torment Obama for the next two years rather than have him step down now. Go for it Republicans.

Last year, as per the "underwear bomber," I accused Western invisibles with O-camp affiliations of having insidious designs on Yemen, and that the underwear bomber was a faked Western plot to justify intrusions into Yemen for to topple its government. Immediately on the heels of the Egyptian demonstrations, what do we see but a similar event in Yemen, and once again it's fueled by students:

Yemeni police have clashed with anti-government protesters demanding political reform and the resignation of President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

Several thousand protesters, many of them university students, tried to reach the central square in the capital of Sanaa [yesterday], but were pushed back by police using clubs. It was the third straight day of anti-government protests.

The common element between Tunisia, Egypt and Yemen is ancient Hebrew pagans (e.g. of the Joktanite kind) that swept across north Africa and landed finally in south-west Europe (especially Occitania starting in the Languedoc theater). My suspicion is that Joktanites of Yemen merged with Nahorites of the Nile delta to form the Danaan merger with Chemmites, and that Kemuel (son of Nahor) was named after "Yemen" elements that formed Kemmites/Chemmites.

The fact that Perseus was worshiped by Chemmites, and the mythical fact that Perseus was allied to the Cassiopeia bloodline that ruled Ethiopia, speaks quite possibly to this Yemenite merger with proto-Danaans. Ancient Ethiopia was Punt, and Punt included parts of Yemen.

I've argued that sea-bull depicted Merovingians came from that same Ethiopia (as per mythical king Merops of Ethiopia), and that Joktanites were depicted with an ox/bull. I've also argued that these Merovingians from Bedewe/Merowe (now in Sudan) were from the Batavi(ans), said to be a tribe of the Hesse Catti, wherefore the latter appear to be from the Cassiopeia entity as it merged with proto-Merovingians.

I traced proto-Merovingians, through mythical Aedon of Thebes (where Catti-like CADmus ended up when following a bull), to the Autun region north of Languedoc. As Aedon was a granddaughter of a mythical Merops (of Kos/Miletus), there could be some evidence of her trace to Ethiopia. We read: "Aedon was the wife of king Zethus of Thebes and mother of their son Itylus...Aedon also figure in other stories under the name Procne. She is in this version the daughter of the king of Athens, Pandion, and has a sister by the name of Philomela."

In the Philomena article, we read that her son was made, Ithys/Itys, or even "Itylos," smacking of Aedon's son, Itylus. In other words, the two women were one and the same entity, the point being that "Ithys" smacks of ETHI(Opia)." Aedon's grandmother, ClyMENE, smacks of "PhiloMENA." I don't forget the Danaan of the Manoah>Samson cult that in Greece was given a mother, "AlcMENE," and a wife, "Hebe."

"Another" Clymene was wife of Merops of Ethiopia, and mother of Phaethon (a little "Aedon"-like) of the Eridanus valley. You get it; both Merops' were the same proto-Merovingian entity to the Aedui peoples of Autun.

In the Aedon article above: "Because [Aedon] only had one child, she was so jealous of her sister-in-law Niobe..." Niobe, which smacks of the African depicted Nibelungs, in my opinion, to Nevers/Nievre, beside Autun: "Nevers first enters written history as Noviodunum, a town held by the Aedui at Roman contact." You can also read that Autun was in the Gergovia theater, smacking of the Perseus Gorgons.

"Niobe" smacks of a similar-named peoples (= Nubians) that were merged with, or evolved from, Cushites of what is now Sudan:

Explorer James Bruce, who visited the Ethiopia highlands c. 1770, wrote of "a tradition among the Abyssinians..."... Cush, the son of Ham, travelled with his family up the Nile...and built Axum, and sometime later returned to the lowland, building Mero[w]e...Further, the great obelisk of Axum was said to have been erected by Cush in order to mark his allotted territory, and his son Ityopp'is [!!] was said to have been buried there, according to the Book of Aksum, which Bruce asserts was revered throughout Abyssinia equally with the Kebre Negest.

ITYopp'is??? That can't be coincidental. I didn't find that quote until I first gave the above trace of mythical "Itys/Ithys" to "Ethiopia." The article continues: "Babylonian inscriptions mention the Kashshi or Kassites, and it was once held that this signified a possible explanation of Cush, the ancestor of Nimrod..." I share this (though I don't agree with the Cush=Kassite implication) because I traced mythical Cassiopeia to Kassites (possible namers of "Ethiopia").

See also Kingdom of Kush; Yemen is on the map where "Sheba" is stamped. On the map further down, you see what looks like "Tan" as Tanis, as well as the Egyptian Thebes.

Wikipedia's article on Mero(w)e tells that this place worshiped Satis (a female Set?), a term smacking of Zethus of Greek Thebes to which Aedon was "married."

Hmm, Satis' "cult originated in the ancient city of [swan-like] Swenet, now called Aswan [also "Syene"]...".

Her symbol, the antelope. Also, "Satis became known as the Eye of Ra. This eye had begun as the wedjat [= Uat/Buto cult of Chemmites], advanced to being called the Eye of Horus..." If you haven't already, see the eye in the Watt Coat.

The latest on modern Egypt:

Egypt's new military rulers appear opposed to a role in the country's transitional government for Mohamed ElBaradei, the Nobel laureate seen by the main youth groups which led the revolt as a potential presidential candidate.

The military's stance emerged [last night, the 13th] during the first meeting between representatives of the youth groups and members of the supreme military council as part of efforts to shape a democratic transition.

...However, the military is willing to engage with the Muslim Brotherhood, the Islamist organisation banned by the Mubarak regime...

Shadi El-Ghazali Harb, a youth leader who attended the meeting..."They want to go hastily to elections when we believe the country is not ready. And they are not interested in setting up a transitional government at this point, keeping instead the current government appointed by Mubarak," he added...

...By maintaining the government that was brought in by Mr Mubarak before his ouster, it dampened hopes that it would create a presidential council, as many opposition figures have advised.

...The youth coalition has called on Egyptians to leave Tahrir Square in downtown Cairo...But it intends to hold gatherings every Friday to keep the pressure on the army to deliver on its promises.

By the sounds of it, the military has no desire to grant the Brotherhood anything, and is including the group in talks only because some FOol demanded it. And if that same FOol has control over whether the youth group continues demonstrations, then he would direct its leaders to cease demonstrations now that the Brotherhood is playing chief political strategist for the coming election.

It came out over the weekend that the demonstrations were mainly due to a Google executive, who said on television last night that Obama and Google were the chief reasons that he was released from Egyptian custody. The following appeared in the news earlier this month: "A Google executive who has gone missing in Egypt...Wael Ghonim, Google's head of marketing for the middle east, flew into Egypt last week to participate in the demonstrations against the government. At some point he went missing, and one of his last tweets ominously read, 'we are all ready to die.'

The executive thankfully called the Mubarak regime "stupids" because they shut the internet down. That is, he was happy to claim that the main reason for Mubarak's loss of power was the people rising up due to the shutting down of the Internet. Obama had much to do about that anger, but it's going to make it very hard for the sons of satan in the West to shut down the internet should they one day deem it necessary for their own dictatorial plots.

We wonder whether the invisibles are "donating" their money for good causes, or toward Illuminati causes of the socio-political kind:

19 of 53 on Chronicle of Philanthropy survey are Jewish...

America's most generous citizens gave less in 2010 than they have over the past decade, but Jews remained among the top givers...

...George Soros ranked No. 1 with $332 million donated in 2010, and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg was second at $279.2 million. Irwin and Joan Jacobs, Eli and Edythe Broad...

Jews traditionally rank high on such lists and figure prominently among the country's elite philanthropists. Jews also make up more than half of the first 57 billionaires to join the Bill Gates and Warren Buffet Giving Pledge -- a group of ultra-wealthy Americans who have pledged to give away more than half of their assets during their lifetime.

The Broad surname appears to be Rothschild based, and I trace it to PodeBrady/PodeBrody (Bohemia). To the best of my ability to see, the Broad Crest appears to use the white-skinned Moor that I see in the More/Moor Crest, and for this reason alone I trace the Broads to Moray elements.

I had traced Podebrady elements of the Drummond kind to Moray because I figured that the patriarch of Scottish Drummonds, George of Hungary, was married to a Moravian women in Podebrady, and because I trace George's bloodline to the founding of the Ross clan (i.e. at Ross-shire, beside Moray).

Further evidence of the Broad clan's Moray ties comes as per the description of the Broad Crest: "A savage holding three arrows pointing to a crown." I identified three arrows as the three Kabar/Khazar tribes that made up the Hungarians proper, and I link those tribes to Moravians (or proto-Moravians) because they lived on the Mures/Maros river. I claim that the five bunched arrows of the Rothschild Arms are a take on the three bunched arrows that depict the Hungary-forming Khazar tribes.

I say that because, when entering "Brody" as per the "brode" derivation found in the Broad write-up, we find three bunched arrows in the Brody Crest! AND, not only does the Brody Coat use stars in colors reversed to the Moray stars, but Brodys were first found in Moray.

As was shown recently, the Moray Coat uses "fetter" locks, while the Fetter Coat uses yet another a sun on blue background (i.e. traces here to Hebro-Khazars in Kazakhstan). The Brodys should therefore link to the Irish Brady/Graydie clan who use the same sun exactly (though on black Shield).

In my opinion, the Brady/Brody term comes from the Eburovices, non-Israelite Hebrews of the pagan kind that made up the chief constituent of the Normandy Rus, the Rosicrucian Templars/Crusaders. If you've forgotten, the Belgian Pratt surname uses the Bruce saltire that was a version of the Annan(dale) saltire, thus linking Podebrady elements of the Pratts to the Ananes and Laevis (= pagan Gauls).

This would be a good place to mention that the Round motto uses a "videri" term that could be code for the Fetters and/or fetterlock of Moray.

The Bruce-Crest lion (appears purple) is not seen very often my me, and I don't think I've ever known until now that it's the same lion design as per the Prett(y) Coat (in Pratt colors). This lion appears to me to be the Mackesy/Margeson and Mackie/Margy lion but in a different position, important where I link the Margesons/Argesons to the D'Arques/Darks with purple strong arm (another Rothschild symbol, purple or otherwise).

It's perfectly expected that the Broads et-al should link to Mackesys where the latter were the Mackays of Moray, who I say were an integral part of the raven-depicted vikings that named Rothesay as well as the raven-using German Roths. In other words, the Broads et-al were fundamental to Rothschild roots at Rothesay=Avalon, explaining mythical Melusine (Veres have her in Avalon) in the other Moray Crest, as well as the same Melusine in the Massin/Mason Crest (same Coat here as the Belgian Louvains, using the blue Bruce lion).

The "Dum spiro spero" motto of the Massins should therefore jibe with the "Sperabo" motto of the Anna(dale)s.

The following is new (I think). It entered my mind just now that "Dumfries" (where the Annandales were) was partly a "Frey" term, and so I checked the Frey surname to find the Massin/Mason lion! Freys were first found in Bavaria, where we expect the Khazar arrow symbol (Broads use lozenges, a Bavaria symbol, and Rothschild-and-Rhodes Illuminati elements (e.g. of the Round Table) were from Bavarian-Illuminati elements).

English Freys use a white-on-green horse that I had seen in the last update page. Finding it, it turned out to be in the Sing Coat. The Frey write-up: "An arm embowed in armor holding a sword enfiled by a moor's head.

The Foray surname (from "Forres"), which could apply to Freys/Frys, was first in Moray (it should be said that Moray was also called "Fortriu" under the Mackays and Macbeths). I would suggest a trace of green-Shielded Freys to the green-Shielded Forets/Forests (of Savoy).

I had traced the MacBeth clan of Fortriu to the Baits/Beiths using a sword piercing a boar's head, and a "fortuna" motto term. The latter were first in Fife (beside Forfar), where I traced the Forets/Forests. I say this because the Frey Crest is a sword piercing (official term = "enfile," perhaps code for a File-like surname). It therefore appears that the Freys do trace to Foret and/or Foray elements at Fortriu/Moray (last I traced Forets/Forests, I did so to Segovesus Gauls in the Black Forest, at PFORZheim).

I had traced "Fife" to the Vey/Vivian surname, and that in turn had been traced to Morgan le Fay of Avalon (dressed in green and gold at her Wikipedia's article). Like Forets, both the Morgans (surname) and the Pfeifers use a green Shield with gold symbols. Veys use a purple lion that should link to the purplish Bruce lion.

Veys (Massin/Mason colors probably for a Melusine-of-Avalon reason) show a gold Shield with symbol-less red Chief, identical (not including symbols) to the Fife/Phyfe-surname Shield, while the Annan Coat also uses a red symbol-less Chief. Both Baits and Fifes use "virtute," a Vere code in my opinion.

Veres trace their Melusine of Avalon forward in time to Angers/Anjou, and that's cause for a little look at the Angers Crest, using the French Ray symbol, an "escarbuncle." English Rays use three white stags running on a green Shield much like the three Frey white-on-green horses. That's very conspicuous because I've just traced "Frey" to "Dumfries" for the first time, while Rays were first found in Dumfriesshire! That convinces me in short order that Frey elements (not yet sure if the Frey god applies) were at the root of "Dumfries."

There are two Fries Coats if you're interested, and the one with red-on-white crescents smacks to me of the Speers/Sprees, but also of the Touts/Tutts that I think are encoded in the "Tout' term of the Foret motto. Let's not forget that Tutt-like Dudleys-of-Masci use the Massin/Mason lion too (or that Massins use a Speer-evoking motto), and that red-on-white and white-on-red crescents (see Spree/Sprey Coat) are used also by Tattons-of-Masci who in turn use a Massey/Vere-like the Dutton Shield.

THEN, we find that two Tate Coats use ravens, but also that Scottish Tates use a near-copy of the Annan(dale) Shield and Chief (I think the red Tout box is link-able to the red Annandale Chief). People from these north-African bloodlines are the $&^%^$#s who insist on running Euro-American affairs, who think they have God-given rights to control/engineer the global future.

But God has a plan starting in Iraq and moving into Egypt, and fake-Israelite globalists will be sucked into the trap:

"The Camp David agreement is over," said Dr. Ayman Nour, head of the Party of Tomorrow, in an interview with an Egyptian radio station, according to a report by Channel 2 News. Dr. Nour spent several years in jail in Egypt, and the US lobbied for his freedom. He now intends to run for the presidency of Egypt, in election due to be held in a few months time.

...Dr. Nour is not identified with the Muslim Brotherhood, but is rather considered a liberal and a democrat. His remarks are therefore all the more worrying, although for the time being they are the only statements of their kind heard from such a source.

The time could be here fast when certain globalists like frogs (I trace "Frey" and "Frigg" to Phrygian-rooted "frogs" i.e. the Franks>Varangi) come to an alliance with the anti-Christ.


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