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February 15 - 21, 2011

Sweeping Beauty and the Beast
Don't Kiss This Movement

The fact that early Franks traced themselves to the Veneti is a good reason to suspect that "Frank" (I'm thinking Ferank-like) originated in a Fer term that described Friuli, a region smack beside Venetia. I'm saying this because "Varangi" may itself derive from "Avar" elements, while Avars were in the Friuli theater, some being opposed to, and some allying with, pro-French counts of Friuli.

There is reason to suspect that Melusine-Veres of Anjou were allied to Friuli nobles connected to Anjou (i.e. suggesting that "Vere" was itself an "Avar" element). I'm referring to Ingeltrude of Paris (mother of Ingeltrude of Orleans, beside Anjou), whose first husband was Hunrock of Friuli (an adult by 800, he has an apt name for being an Avar Hun). You'll note that "Ingel," as with "Inger" (born about 815) the early Varangian, evokes the idea of FerAngel or VarAngel. Inger was husband to Melissena of Byzantium with half royal-Khazar blood, and Avars had some Khazar rulers among them.

Moreover, not only do Hungarians trace themselves to the Hun elements that put forth Avars in proto-Hungary, but proto-Hungarian Magyars were allied to Khazars of Khazaria. It seems that Khazars have a large stake in what I perceive as the Illuminati, and yet I trace that Illuminati on another hand to Veneti stock from the Phrygia theater; the two cannot be the same entities; there has to be a merger.

Friuli therefore becomes the logical place to trace the Khazar side of the mix, and I'm thinking that the Zahringers (like "Khazar/Czar") and related Veringens were just those Avar-of-Friuli elements leading to the formation of Varangians (and similarly-spelled Bernicians).

There is then a third Illuminati element from north Africa, the Meshwesh line to Masseys (and Meschins), who merged with Veres of Manche to the point of sharing Shields. Another now-obvious sign of merger is in the fact that Ranulf le Meschin had an Avranches bloodline for a mother, that being a Varangi-like term. But as Ranulf's mother was also a Gos, it tends to support the growing suspicion that all three -- Khazars, Veneti, and north-African proto-Masseys -- were from Edomite/Kos elements. That jibes with the recent trace (last update page) of Merovingians -- the "first Franks" -- to Merops-of-Kos elements.

I'm keeping in mind here that Hyksos had an Egyptian capital at Avar-like Avaris, very near to Tanis, the latter being ruled by the Meshwesh Egyptian dynasty (21st and 22nd dynasties). One could get the impression that, in Anatolia, Edomites had infested themselves as the basic building blocks of the Greeks...and therefore the Europeans (it was never my aim to make such a claim, just so you know it's not been my pet project).

As God hated Esau, it was possibly due to what his sons would become: world-ruling trolls violating God's principles to this day. It was for Esau's sons that Armageddon was prepared, for Isaiah equates Armageddon (and the lake of fire) with Edom. Obama's mother seems to trace to Massey bloodlines in multiple ways.

Some days before February 14, Obama was being criticised by some for not speaking out in support of the Mousavi uprising two years ago in Iran, and yet speaking out in support of ousting Mubarak. When I covered the story two years ago, I figured that Obama didn't want to speak out because he didn't want to give away that he was supporting the uprising as per his pawns inside the Iranian country.

On February 14, Hillary came out (it was covered on television) to inspire/incite Iranian demonstrators (I'm assuming Obama put words in her mouth). As per the 15th, Iran appeared poised for a very hard line:

..."We have information...that America, Britain and Israel guided the opposition leaders who called for the rally," deputy police chief Ahmadreza Radan said, the semi-official Fars news agency reported.

In addition, Iranian members of parliament on [February 15] called for the death penalty against several opposition leaders who they say incited the unrest in the country.

At an open session of parliament, pro-government legislators chanted "death to Mousavi, Karroubi and Kahatami"...

More than 220 lawmakers said in a statement that the trio should be held responsible for the unrest. "We believe the people have lost their patience and demand capital punishment" for the opposition leaders, the statement said.

Yet, Iranian leaders had supported Egyptian demonstrations as valid. Perhaps two-years-ago is coming back to Iran, this time with a vocal and determined West. But this could be part of a Middle East whirlwind that brings on the 70th Week.

Will the Iraqi theater foment Western suds and thereby see an anti-Christ getting involved? Will Iran go crazy on the West this time around, just when Iranian leaders have the Iraqi government on side? If the West is perceived by Maliki as fomenting an Iraqi uprising, Maliki could draw ever cozier with Iran.

At this time, Iraqi demonstrators claim that they aim only to curb Maliki's ways, but failing that, wouldn't they seek to oust him? On what side is the American military in these demonstrations? Is that military doing support for demonstrators?

Couldn't the Sunni/Baathists hijack the demonstrations to their own ends? Now is not the time to stop watching for the prophecies.

The reason that Mubarak stepped down, possibly, is that he suddenly fell ill: "Egypt's deposed president, Hosni Mubarak, went into a full coma on Saturday night [the day after he stepped down] at his residence in the Red Sea resort of Sharm al-Sheikh, an Egyptian newspaper reported on Monday, quoting well-informed sources...Rumors had circulated earlier that Mubarak had fainted twice while recording his final speech...Thursday evening." In this picture, he may have been poisoned on the 32nd anniversary of the fall of Iran's shah.

In a February 15 article, nothing is said on the possibility of poison, a most-logical deduction because Mubarak, on Thursday, had said he'd stay on as president:

The Egyptian daily Masry al-Youm reported that Mr Mubarak had slipped into a coma. That was denied by a pro-government newspaper, but it said Mr Mubarak was "in a severe psychological condition and is declining treatment, despite his illness".

...William Hague, the foreign secretary, meanwhile told the House of Commons that the government had received a request from Egypt to freeze the assets of former officials.

"We will of course co-operate with this request, working with EU and international partners as we have done in the case of Tunisia," he said.

The question is, will the British give the stolen money back to Egyptians and Tunisians, or will they funnel most of it elsewhere? The related question is, were the Tunisian and Egyptian uprisings started by Western globalists for the primary reason of seizing the assets of government officials? After all, globalists are desperate for funds to fund a global government.

We're going to hear of new tax ideas now and in the near future that are meant for propping up a global government. One that concerns me and other trib survivors is the proposed tax on solar panel use. Yes, even though the sun gives the electrical energy, yet some are hoping to tax it.

It seems that self-reliant living is being attacked in every possible way before it happens en masse. It could be that globalist insiders, who know of the hardships that they are plotting for Western "democracies" -- hardships as per new taxes and high prices -- are mindful of the self-reliant alternative that the peoples have. As things get harder, more and more might like to throw up arms and move into the country.

But I predict a healed economy for the 70th Week, and even in the months/years leading up to the Week. In fact, I've seen signs already this year that expensive (well over-priced) items are being put on sale with wild reductions, which I think is a sign of things to come this year, and perhaps for years to come.

Building-supply depots have been too quiet for wild sale prices not to bee seen soon. They were hoping that people would accept the higher prices over time, but as that hasn't happened, expect them to capitulate and reduce prices to get people building again. Jesus said there would be building in the 70th Week, which doesn't imply a financial meltdown. Whatever designs globalists have are not automatic shoe-ins for success.

For weeks now, the Canadian dollar has been at parity with the American dollar. I heard two years ago that parity was the goal. This jibes with the suspicion of some that a North American Union is in the works, with a common currency. In a way, this idea would be good for trib survivors, if, for example, it permitted Americans to flow freely across the Mexican and/or Canadian border to escape American persecution and/or exploitation.

Also, Canada has extensive "crown land" for self-sufficient living, and Mexican authorities might like to see Americans in Mexico spending their last big dollars.

In an article dated the 14th: "British Foreign Secretary William Hague said [Egyptian] Prime Minister Ahmed Shafik had told him that he would reshuffle his cabinet in the coming week to bring opposition figures into the line-up appointed by Mubarak last month." This is not the story that the military is telling the demonstra-tots...who had all cleared out of Tahrir Square by the 15th, by order of the military.

Fox reported that the Muslim Brotherhood is in a hurry for the next election season because it has the political machinery in place, unlike other groups, to effect election advantages. Hamas is of course gunning for the Brotherhood, but the question is whether we'll soon hear Hillary echoing the words of Hamas, as Obama steers her to present the Brotherhood as not really a bad thing:

...Mahmoud al-Zahar, the chief of Hamas in the Gaza Strip...hailing the revolution in Egypt that led to the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak, a staunch U.S. ally.

...After claiming Americans "live like animals," Zahar told Klein the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood -- the most organized opposition in Cairo -- is the "most moderate organization, the most democratic organization, even more than the Western people." Hamas is an offshoot of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, which seeks to establish an Islamic caliphate in Egypt.

Zahar goes on to predict that the Brotherhood will take one third the Egyptian parliament this time around, and later take more through the new democratic reforms. He's of course referring to the same "democracy" that brought Hamas to power. There are high-level Americans, for example Jimmy Carter, who would like to see Hamas advance further. And so why wouldn't the Jimmy Carters of the West also advance the Brotherhood:

It was the first time Carter has spoken publicly about recent developments in the Middle East, including the uprising in Egypt...

...his foundation, the Carter Center, will be as "involved as possible" in bringing about successful Egyptian elections in September.

..."I think the Muslim Brotherhood is not anything to be afraid of in the upcoming (Egyptian) political situation and the evolution I see as most likely," Carter said. "They will be subsumed in the overwhelming demonstration of desire for freedom and true democracy."

It wasn't only my own impression that "The [Egyptian] army seems to have made some sort of deal with the Muslim Brotherhood." Funny thing, but a representative of the Brotherhood is saying that while the group is intending to start a political party, it won't field a candidate in the election. Apparently, it doesn't have hope of winning, and would rather latch to the tail of another person/group that it thinks can win. I'm thinking ElBaradei's tail, but then, as it's turning out, the Egyptian people are not much enamored about his candidacy.

It's hard to say how loyal the April-6 movement will continue to be to Obama. The group may feel that it owes him, or that without him the group's prowess would be disappear. If Obama wants to give the unruly Netanyahu the jitters, this democracy-touting group could be useful:

The [April 6] group's demands - one that breaks with the stated policy of the military government - was the halting of natural gas shipments to Israel, citing what it called Israel's mistreatment of Palestinians, according to the report.

That says it all, and Obama might not do all he can to reverse this anti-Israeli sentiment.

The article goes on to say that April 6 believes the current military rulers to collectively be a Mubarak tentacle. That's what I think prophecy predicts, a situation not liked by an antiChrist-Muslim alliance. Is Obama moving in the right prophetic direction?
Two Iranian war ships were permitted to enter the Suez canal by the Egyptian authorities (Israel is keeping watch), and meanwhile the Lebanese Hezbollah is trying to give Netanyahu the jitters on another front:

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned Hizbullah on [February 16] against any attack, after the group's leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah threatened to take over the Galilee in northern Israel. "Nasrallah declared today that he will conquer the Galilee," said Netanyahu. "I have news for him. He won't."

Why would Nasrallah announce such a thing? Not if he wanted to attack by ambush. Was he testing the waters for Arab support in an Israeli invasion? On an article on the topic: "...'I call on the mujahedin of the Islamic Resistance to stand ready to take over the Galilee should a war be imposed on Lebanon,' Nasrallah addressed via video link a rally organized by Hizbullah in Beirut's southern suburb to commemorate the group's Martyrs' Day." It doesn't sound as though there is an imminent ambush planned, but then Muslims of this kind have been known to spout things passionately that betray their own plots. Take the Tehranosaurus Rex with short arms, for example. Yet, one day, their bloody dreams will be realized, for a short term.

The article also addresses the Lebanese situation: "On January 12, Hizbullah and its allies toppled Saad Hariri's cabinet...Hizbullah-backed Najib Miqati was then appointed to form a new government, which Hariri's alliance has refused to join and has labeled 'Hizbullah's government'. Hariri has refused to join Miqati's government unless he guarantees his cabinet will see the tribunal through." Again, it's prophecy in the right direction.

Russia was slated in the Israeli theater during the Hezbollah coup; from a January 6 article:

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev confirmed plans to visit Jordan and the Palestinian territories this month despite the postponement of his visit to Israel due to strike action.

...Israel on Monday asked Russia to postpone Medvedev's visit scheduled for Jan. 16-19 because Israeli foreign ministry workers have gone on strike in a pay dispute.

I would much like to see a sign in Iraq that could spell out in very strong letters what we can expect there in regards to the anti-Christ entry. But I see nothing. There are no "stupid things" being said, so far as I read in the news, by passionate Muslims betraying their own plots. If Baathists have a plot to join a potential anti-Christ, it's being kept to themselves.

Russian media has been short on the Egyptian situation. The only thing I read was that Medvedev implored Mubarak not to use violence.

It's conspicuous that both Yemen and Bahrain are experiencing Tahrir-like demonstrations. Yemen is where Joktanites had (after I wrote the last word, a crow started to caw outside the window, but I have never heard a crow outside this house that I'm currently staying in, and I've been here over a month and a half) come from, and the Ishtar cult, the one I say is the Biblical "Babylon the Great Mother," was from Bahrain when it was called, Dilmun. The Bahrain flag looks like the Franconian Rake.

The following is an aside as per the above crow. In Apollo myth, the raven depicted Coronis>Asclepius. I traced Asclepius (son of Coronis) to one of the two serpents in Hermes' caduceus. I traced the Asclepius serpent to the Gileki "Iranians," but identified them with the Deylamites/Delymites. Coincidence??? I had traced Deylamites to "Dilmun," and I kid you not that I was going to say what I did about Dilmun above before the crow started cawing.

It amazed me to find (some years ago) that Arados/Arvad (Syria), at a time that I first started to include the location in my dragon story, was the name of a place in Bahrain ("Arados was also a Greek name for Muharraq near Bahrain"). For by that time, I had already found that the Bahrain flag looked like the Franconian Rake, which was itself traced (by me) to the flag of king Stephen of Hungary. Not only did I trace "Arados" to "Arad" on the Mures river, where the Khazar side of the proto-Hungarians lived, but I traced the Ugric root of the Magyars side of proto-Hungarians to Ugarit, which is in Syria near Arados.

I suppose one could ask whether "Mures" is related to "Muharraq," but in any case, it's a fact that I traced the Rollo/Clare Rus vikings both to a Mures line into More and Moray, and to the raven-depicted vikings. I'm now suggesting a trace of the mythical raven to the Mures river, and further back to Arados of Syria, but only because the above crow "sign" implies to me that the raven traces to Arados/Muharraq off of Bahrain.

Previously, I figured that the Apollo raven, a symbol of a black-haired and/or black-skinned people, was a symbol of the north-African/Moor side of the Rus vikings. Apollo was associated with Cyrene, beside Tunisia.

Investigating further, I got to the article below that says: "Miranda Jane Green ascribes to the God's companion animal either the crow or the raven, much as both authors do for the Morrigan."

So I googled "Morrigan (because it's a More-like entity) to find:

The Morrígan ("phantom queen") or Morrigan ("great queen") (also known as Morrígu, Morríghan, Mor-Ríoghain, sometimes given in the plural as Morrígna) is a figure from Irish mythology who appears to have once been a goddess, although she is not explicitly referred to as such in the texts.

The Morrigan is a goddess of battle, strife, and fertility . She sometimes appears in the form of a crow, flying above the warriors...

It's clear to me that this goddess was the same as mythical Morgan le Fay of Avalon, for I trace "Avalon" to "Apolluon."

As you may know, I trace the raven to the Rothesay (= Avalon) term and therefore to the raven-depicted Roth surname. But then Rothschilds are linked to the Bavarian Illuminati, while Bavaria uses the Franconian Rake, for which reason I suspected, years ago, that Bahrain is infested with Rothschild-related billionaires.

Compare "Morrigan" to "Muharraq," not to mention to the Maher surname (that founded the April-6 movement). Although I see heraldic reason (i.e. a motto link to the Pollock motto) to trace the Maher surname to the royal-Piast Poles, I note that the Meagher variation smacks of "Magyar"!! The turul hawk was a symbol of the Magyars, and so note that the Maher/Meagher Crest is A hawk rising from a mount, belled and hooded...".

King Stephen married Giselle of Bavaria, explaining why ">his flag reflects the Franconian Rake (seen in the Arms of Bavaria). Although the image for the flag of Stephen has no confirmation that it belonged to him, trust me, the image came from a webpage making that claim.

I trace the "hooded" term to the Hood surname using a white anchor, the symbol also of the Major/Mager Coat. Coincidence? There's yet another reason not to jump to conclusions on the derivations of surnames. I doubt very much that Majors can trace back both to "major" and to "Magyar," and I choose the latter.

The politically-vocal liberal comedian, Bill Maher, is a son of a "Jewish" mother with Berman surname. Entering "Bayer" brings up the Baier/Bavaria surname using a bear, a symbol used also by the Bermans. The Bayer bear is identical in design to the Bere/Beer surname of Devon, and Hoods were first found in Devon.

I've seen the heraldic raven many times and can vouch that the so-called "black bird standing on a garb" in the Bere/Beer Crest is that raven. I traced the crow, or the Greek "corvos," to "Gareb(ite)" elements, and claimed that the garb is code for Garebite elements out of Bavaria/Grabfeld.

The raven is said in an article above to be "corvus corone for the carrion and hooded [!!] crows." That's the obvious reason as per the crow symbolizing mythical Coronis (Ixion's sister). My point here was going to be that she smacks of "Cronus" (father of Zeus) a child-sacrificing Moloch cult (i.e. just like the Joktanite Sepharvites) that I trace to Caria but also to Joktanites (I identify the Zeus Taurus as a Joktanite cult from a Dilmun>Deylamite>Solymi line). BUT, when I wanted to make that point, I had forgotten that Coronis was made the daughter of Phylegyas (a Lapith ruler), a term smacking of Peleg, brother of Joktan.

The Greeks called Dilmun "Tylos," and there was once an article I came across claiming that "Tyre" traced to "Tylos," which I thought to be interesting because certain Curete Cretans were called DakTYLOS. It ought to be known that the Zeus Taurus migrated from Tyre=Tyrus to Crete, and of course we see the "Taurus" link to "Tyrus." It's also known that early Taurus>Minoan Cretans were infested in Caria:

The ancient Greeks speculated as to whether the Phoenicians were originally from Tylos. According to the 19th century German classicist, Arnold Heeren: "In the Greek geographers, for instance, we read of two islands, named Tyrus or Tylos, and Aradus, which boasted that they were the mother country of the Phoenicians, and exhibited relics of Phoenician temples." The people of Tyre in particular have long maintained Persian Gulf origins...

The Daktylos term was code for Tylos, in all likelihood, but the term was modified so as to mean "ten fingers" in describing the first ten Curetes. Later, they became nine Curetes, no doubt the nine mythical Muses leading to the nine witches of Avalon. "Dactyl" is Greek for "finger," but was also made into the inch. Apparently, old code used five fingers, and then a hand, and then two hands or ten fingers, to describe Curetes that founded Troy.

Bahrain is near the Strait of Hormuz, and I think "Hermes" derives from a Hormuz element, explaining why the Deylamites were a fundamental part of the Hermes caduceus (that's my personal idea; I doubt you'll read it anywhere else).

Here's an article on the Bahrain situation as of February 18. "U.S. President Barack Obama condemned the use of violence against the protesters in Bahrain, as well as in Libya and Yemen, where heavy crackdowns by old-guard regimes were reported...The clash came hours after funeral mourners and worshipers at Friday prayers called for the toppling of the Western-allied monarchy in the tiny island nation that is home to the U.S. Navy's 5th Fleet, the centerpiece of the Pentagon's efforts to confront Iranian military influence." Bahrain semis to be O-gypt all over again as Obama speaks to its king.

My question is whether the Arab uprisings are rooted in Arabs, or in Western Illuminatists of the Bavarian kind. Proving a conspiracy theory is difficult aside from leaks, but if certain patterns persist, one has reason for considering it. Bill O'Reilly featured Glenn Beck on February 18, saying that Beck had uncovered some evidence of great interest: that the Egyptian uprising has been a project of Obama's State department in cahoots with Google. It's extremely worrisome that Google would be engaging in O-politics, is it not? What else is Google doing as service for the O-trolls?

Here's how the international bankers make their money. Nations go in debt. Every American now owes over $50,000 to the national debt (and Obama's latest budget has a trillion more in spending in the first year than the nation's annual tax revenue), and therefore over $2,500 annually must be paid, per American, on the interest alone. Multiply 2,500 by over 300 million people, and think worse than TOTAL WASTE. It would be better if the interest profits were being burned into smoke than to go into the two-finger hands of the globalists, whose aims are to make war with the true God.

Make no mistake about it. Democrats are not in favor of more taxes for any other reason than love for the society ordered by Democrats, a society at war with Biblical lifestyles. Make no mistake about it: liberals gravitated to the Democrat party because Democrats supported their "values" on abortion, porn, youth sex, etc. Democrats despise Republicans because the latter purport to support Biblical Christians seeking moral lifestyles for the nation, and Democrats, at all costs -- even as Obama wishes to raise the national debt by over a trillion dollars per year for the next decade -- and through any workable method (lying is standard practice) will blindly go along with the O-budget just to protect their liberal society. That's the true war that liberals foisted on us all.

The liberal society needs money, lots of money, and we are all being forced to pay for it. It's obscene, and calls for revolution. The Revolutionary in the Sky is coming to a nudist beach near you. He's coming to the porn-pushers, to the wild teenage party, to the wife-swapping orgies. Make no mistake about it, that just as the debt interest is being paid in REALITY (people prefer to ignore this), by nearly every Westerner of every Western nation, so the Revolution is coming as a Reality to LITERALLY destroy liberals, not only to take their lives away, but to do so painfully, with torment. This war that liberals foisted upon us is not a trivial conflict. It will lead to failure, to the Junk Heap of Creation.

The world seems to be entering a period of exposure on the vanities of mankind. Wayward men, and women, have proven to be a dismal failure already, and the abrupt future will only highlight the reasons. What the world needs now are Christian saviors. We are all saviors if we act on behalf of God's Son. We save by re-educating the world. We can carry the Light if we choose to. If we are not against Him, we can be for Him. But we don't carry His Light with a Republican torch, do we? Doesn't the Father have a Party of His own? The Republicans will not be our leaders. If they use you to empower themselves, use them to carry His Remedy to those puking.

In a February 18 article:

...Although most religious violence in recent years has been perpetrated against Christians (with hundreds of Christians cruelly murdered during Christmas) and despite the clear statements of the EP and the CoE, EU High Representative Lady Catherine Ashton refused to make explicit reference to the "Christian" victims of these attacks in the ministerial statement that was supposed to condemn such religious persecution. Her position was endorsed and supported by five Foreign Ministers: Luís Amado (Portugal), Trinidad Jiménez (Spain), Jean Asselborn (Luxemburg), Brian Cowen (Ireland, represented by his permanent representative) and Markos Kyprianou (Cyprus).

The Demonstrator with a Sign in the Sky is sick to His soul already, and He's coming with a message of his own from the Union Boss. Wait for it. Desire it above all else. Support it as you can with stomping of feet. Feel the earth move under your feet, and see the sky come tumbling down while singing carols to the King. You've got a Friend.

It was only on February 18 that I saw/noticed a heraldic Sean Hannity logo (can't find it online) for the first time. It uses, in the Chief, three white stars on blue, the Moray symbol (this is said because I've been recently tracing Fox news to Moray elements). The program that was being featured by Hannity (and the one that showed the logo above) was "Iranium," produced by a "Jewish" Clarion Fund. Amazing, for heraldic clarions are, I'm very sure, symbols of the Clare Rus...whose north-African side could very well include Hannibal Carthaginians (I trace "Hannity" to a Hannibal bloodline). For new readers, I am quite sure, for example as per the similarity between the Fox logo and the Guiscard Coat, that Fox news traces to Robert Guiscard "the fox" (of the Clare bloodline).

There is Rhode surname in the list (above link) of the Clarion Fund's advisory board, and Sean Hannity married a Rhodes surname (both the Hannity and Rhodes surnames were first found in Lincolnshire). There is also a Pipes surname listed. Entering "Pipes" and "Pepin" will bring up distinct pages but using the same Coats and Crests. I say that Pepins trace to Babenbergs, and the latter house was founded by a Poppo of Grabfeld whom some think was father of Poppa, wife of Rollo.

Again, I'm merely building a picture on the Fox news people, and not necessarily claiming linkage to Templar/Freemasonic agents. The possibility does exist that Fox-related people generally represent a pro-Zionist and lipservice-Christian global Rus organ in mortal conflict with anti-Israeli Rosicrucians of the O-Rhodian kind.

Entering "Clarion" brings up a MacLaren surname but with a MacClarence (and MacLawrence) variation. The write-up implies that the clan derives in "Laurence," but I don't agree that this was the original derivation, for the clan appears solidly a Clare clan because it uses two red chevrons on gold (the Clare Coat uses three red chevron on gold). The write-up tells that Clarions/MacLawrences "always remained faithful in their allegiance to the Royal House of Stewart."

The Clarion/Laren/MacLawrence Crest uses laurel, suggesting linkage to the Lawrie surname using laurel (inside a grail). I've suggested Lawrie links to the Loren/Lorraine clan (uses laurel once again), but then why not a Laren=Loren equation, by which I mean to identify the Clares as Lorraines. Indeed, as Lorraine in France was named by emperor Lothar (from the Pepin bloodline), note that Sinclairs were first in Lothian. I linked all of these entities to king Clovis/Chlode and to McLeods/Clouds.

Clarions/Larens were first found in Argyllshire, where the Campbells/Cammells were first found. I say this because the Pipes Cost is in Campbell/Cammell colors, and because the Pipes (and Pepin) Crest is a camel.

Pepins were from a Landon location (Belgium), while the English Landon Shield (Coat uses bears) is also the Shore Shield, which is said because the Clarion Fund was founded by a Shore surname.

I used to view the symbol in the German Schore Coat as a pillar, but then learned that it's technically a "column" about the same time that I was stressing the Colum/Malcolm surname (in McLeod colors for a reason). Hmm, the Callam variation could be a consonant-reversal from "Camell."

Colums were first in Argyllshire too. I view the Colum/Malcolm Coat as a Leslie-Coat alternative because I think the Colum/Malcolm Coat is a colors-reversed variation of Andrew's Cross that I trace to King Andrew of Hungary. Leslies are known to be from Hungary, and it's known that Bartholomew Leslie, from Hungary, married a sister of king Malcolm III (Scotland).

As there was an Andrew at the root of the Ross clan (of Ross-shire), and for other reasons, I trace the Ross clan to king Andrew too, especially to his Drummond offspring. The Pattersons, first found in Ross-shire, were traced to Drummonds, which is being repeated because the Patterson Crest uses the Pipes/Pepin camel.

In the fight to leash israel:

The U.N. Security Council on [February 18] failed to pass a resolution condemning Israeli settlements on Palestinian territory. The United State delegation vetoed the draft. The other 14 council members voted in favor of the draft resolution...

"The Russian Federation voted in favour of the draft resolution..."

Spiralling Obama has not much choice at present but to do the will of the pro-Israeli lobby. But that could change in his second term. The quote above is by Russia's representative at the UN, Vitaly Churkin. "He also expressed the hope that "the Russian initiative to send the Security Council's first-ever large-scale mission to the Middle East will be an actual contribution to promoting the peace process." The initiative was voiced by the Russian permanent representative on February 9, 2010. " What do we suppose this large Russian-led mission will be?

AND, as 14 of 15 Security Council members repeatedly seek to vaporize Israel's hold on Jerusalem, shouldn't we expect Russia to lead on their behalf when they have all had enough of American veto power, which time and again cans their decisions for Israel?

Not wanting to wait for the standard media (they're too careful to be much good) to discover whether globalists are behind the current sweep of reforms in the Middle East, I had to resort to Alex-Jones like media (which call for some sifting). From the Alex Jones Infowars website, there was found an interesting statement that Wikipedia corroborates: The statement is put forth as a question: "Is it a coincidence that deposed despots Zine El Abidine Ben Ali and Hosni Mubarak each purportedly went into a coma shortly after stepping down?"

Zine El Abidine Ben Ali is the recently-ousted president of Tunisia. I didn't know that he was afflicted with a coma when suggesting that Mubarak's reported coma (within 24 hours of, or even before, his stepping down) was a poisoning scheme. Either this "coincidence" informs us how stupid the globalists have become, or the stupids were the Arabs tasked with the purpose. Either way, it suggests that the same people behind the Tunisian coup were behind the Egyptian coup (which is why it's stupid to use the same method of illness/murder) why not suspect the same people behind other coup attempts now under operation? Alex Jones makes it clear that he believes in a Western conspiracy behind the Muslim sweep:

...the globalist fueled color revolutions are attempting to profoundly transform entire regions of the planet in one sweeping move. It is an ambitious gambit, perhaps even one born of desperation, with the globalists' depravity and betrayal on full display to the world with no opportunity to turn back now.

While I'm open to such a theory, I'm slower to announce it as fact. The Alex-Jones' of the world could be knowledgeable enough to rightly see globalist fingerprints all over this sweep. Or, they may be too fast in jumping to conclusions for the sake of demonizing globalists wrongly.

At Wikipedia's article on Zine ben Ali (married a Trabeli surname), there's a link, "Ben Ali in a coma"," leading to a French page on the topic. This English page on the topic suggests that news of the coma was rather late, about February 17 (i.e. a week after Mubarak's illness/coma). It would be good if the Great Exposer would allow us to know who it is that was behind the illnesses of both dictators.

The article above, written by a Cartalucci surname (i.e. smacking of "Carthage" in Tunisia), continues:

...Skeptical as many may be that all of this is being orchestrated by the West, one needs only read the RAND Corporation’s 2007 report titled “Building Moderate Muslim Networks” where breathtaking confessions are made to not only reorder the Muslim world according to the West’s interests, but how they would follow the same model of “civil society networks” they have already used for decades during the Cold War.

Egypt’s recent “transition” played out as a direct translation of RAND’s blueprint for meddling in the Muslim world. From the protest organizers and NGOs to the protest leaders, to the behind-the-scenes meddling by America’s military leadership, the Egyptian uprising was entirely a US production. Even the drafting of the new Egyptian Constitution is being carried out by organizations funded by George Soros and the US National Endowment for Democracy.

The article lastly gives an impression that I gravitate toward:

The recent US-backed wave of revolution sweeping the Middle East is just the beginning of a greater move to dislodge Iran and begin regaining ground against Russia and China after several years of disappointing results geopolitically. The ultimate goal in mind is...the unipolar Anglo-American “new world order.”

That view is why I'm suspicious of Russia's silence on the Muslim sweep, for the silence could be screaming a soon-to-be-seen Russian response to what Putin may perceive as an American/NATO hammer striking Russian nerve endings on the Muslim frontier. The response could enter a Russian Gog into the thick of things: Iraq. Russia has very lately tightened its grip on Kyrgyzstan, where the O-mericans have their key base for supplying the O-fghan war, and:

Russia urged the United States on [February 18] not to establish "long-term" military bases in Afghanistan, suggesting that even discussing such deployments could undermine peacemaking efforts and anger neighbors [it sounds like a subtle Russian threat to sabotage his Re-set Button].

The Russian Foreign Ministry used a commentary on what it said were media reports about U.S.-Afghan talks on the potential deployment of long-term bases to register its opposition.

"This information makes one think and raises questions," the ministry said in a statement. "Why will U.S. military bases be needed if the terrorist threat in … Afghanistan is ended?"

It's clear. Russia wants the O-Mericans out. Russia has known all along that NATO has long-term plans in the Bush-Whacker Middle East Project, and that the O-Flip-Flopper, changing colors as soon as he took Office, continued on with that project...which is why the Muslim sweep is being watched carefully by Putin even though he's not letting on.

The rash of events that we are unexpectedly witnessing in the Middle East, I think, is due to a can't-wait-any-longer, do-it-now-or-never program. Time has run out on the globalist clock for bringing all of Islam willingly around to Westernism. There is a liberal side to the Muslim world, and that's the pimp used by the West in seeking to take centrist Islamica away from her family roots, to re-dress a Hawaiian bikini, if possible. The present could be called a forced conversion if we want to use a religious term. Or, in romantic terminology, she needs to be wooed gently. But O-oh is expected to move too fast, risking a slap in the face, because he's got more important things to do, like party.

Harem, Islamica's sister, was giddy to see O-oh walk into the front door with a clean shave and flowers. He got safely past her severe brother, Jihadi, by saying, "Allah rules," while hiding his beardless face in the flowers. Jihadi couldn't bare to see his sister turned into an American tramp, so he keeps guard over her. But, too late; Islamica had already ordered American lingerie, which she purchased online with her American Express. It looks as though Islamica is willing. When she escorted O-ho up the stairs before he could put the flowers down, Harem got the impression that things were moving too fast. After the door was closed, Islamica let him have his fast way, and was even moving with him as though lost in the moment. But O-oh got over excited. Does he ever get anything right?

When Harem heard her sister's wailing through the walls, she didn't know it was due to disappointment. She got on the phone and reported a rape. The conversation was overheard by a Russian spy agency, which called Jihadi immediately to offer the services of the Putin Police. Jihadi escorted the PP straight up and banged on her front door with sirens ablazing. She'll need to figure a way to escape an honor killing. She'll have to deny that O-oh is upstairs hiding in her bedroom closet...wondering how many more lives he has left.

As the PP crammed into Islamica's front foyer casting dancing shadows from the dizzy, twirling lights on the police cars, they started the interview, "Are you sure that he's not in the house? Whose flip-flops are those?"

Jihadi exploded: "Have you been flopping around where no Muslim has flopped before!?!"

"No," she they pushed up the stairs into her bedroom, "You're mistaken. It wasn't me who took part in Obama's demo-crisis movement. I'm a firm believer in your charade law."

"Then what's that smoke-screen and mirrors doing in here," inquired officer Cage E. Bee. I know American defiance products when I see them? Who gave them to you? Speak up. What sort of operation are you concealing up here?"

"No operation, really. I use them to hide behind...because, because when Jihadi's not pipe-bombing, he's...uh...peeping through the window."

"You're evading, sister..."

"Never mind," snarled Cage E. Bee. "What's that blue tie doing caught in the closed door? Is that the closet? Why is the door trembling?"

"Stand aside, Islamica. Train your guns, men. Open the door. Slowly."

As it was swung slowly ajar in the silence, there was a naked Obama. And on the floor, a white object familiar to Cage E. Bee. "It's the Condom of Washington. We've seen it before, wherever there is International Course. The All-C-ingIA calls it, "Operation Screw Them."

Emperor Obama with no clothes.

There's no telling what Jihadi will do to his sister after such a revelation. Putin should be calling O's Blackberry. The only problem is, the phone's in his pants, and no one knows where he left them when he took them off last. Try Libya or Syria.


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