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January 20 - 25, 2011

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January 20

Although the pre-trib doctrine of imminency is inaccurate where it claims that the return of Jesus must occur before the signs of his return, there is indeed an imminency doctrine in the words of Jesus and other Biblical writers. In the opinion of post-tribbers, imminency must be defined as the surprise occurrence of the final period of about four years or less, but after the anti-Christ is revealed and recognized, imminency will not longer apply to the wise-watching Elect...though imminency pertaining to Armageddon and His return will yet apply to the unwise/unwatching, especially for those who reject the existence of an eternal Son of God in Jesus.

To facilitate this situation wherein the great tribulation of Israel arrives at an unknown time, Israel is to be attacked by anti-Christ forces by an ambush. That's defined as creeping up to an invasion so carefully and tactfully that even Israel won't know about it...or at least won't know the timing or the scope or the whole plan. Although world-known Israeli Intelligence agencies are considered very effective, yet God will allow their enemies to succeed in an ambush. It may imply over-confidence in Israeli leaders just before the ambush.

The imminent situation exists today. Israel knows that an invasion is imminent from her northern border, but for now, Israeli leaders maintain it to be highly unlikely to occur at this general time. Due to the last two wars, one in Lebanon and one in Gaza, where Israel gave both sides a heavy-handed defeat, Israeli leaders feel that neither side will attack anytime soon...on any large scale, anyway.

It's only right of God to warn Israel of the attack, and yet it can still be imminent. God has warned Israel in two ways, by prophecy, and by the imminent situation now in effect that promises an attack just as soon as Arabs and Iranians feel confident enough of success. Yet, the invasion can yet fulfill the ambush, not only because Israeli leaders become convinced that an invasion isn't scheduled for anytime soon, but, where Israeli leaders do not understand nor regard end-time prophecy, the level of ambush increases all the more...because it's God who creates the ambush in that Israel doesn't regard the reasons for the prophecies. Probably, Israeli leaders will gamble on the prophecies being false i.e. fabrications by men.

The imminency of the attack coupled with prophecy warns Israel that God is angry with end-time Israel, and that the threat of attack existing today has to do with His prophesied attack...if they don't get their attitude as God would have it. We already know that Israel will not put on the appropriate attitude because prophecy tells that the Attack will definitely go on. We only need watch to see why Israel won't put on the proper "clothing."

I don't think God likes Israel draping itself with the American flag. Israel doesn't necessarily wear it because it likes the colors, nor even because it's fashionable, but because it's a bullet-proof vest. Perhaps the threat of an Obama to remove the flag from Israel's body, and to leave him vulnerable, is a sign that the Ambush has all but arrived. Perhaps the shake-up happening in Lebanon right now is yet another sign of its arrival:

In an interview [yesterday] with the Saudi-owned Al-Arabiya TV, Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal said the Saudi king has decided he is "withdrawing his hand" from Lebanon.

It was a major blow to outside efforts to avoid a new outbreak of violence between the country's Western-backed political coalition and its rivals in the Shiite militant group. ...Al-Faisal said the decision to pull out was made after the Saudi-Syrian contacts collapsed. He did not elaborate.

The withdrawal of Arab powerhouse Saudi Arabia from mediation efforts is seen as a worrisome sign that the crisis may have reached a point whereby a diplomatic settlement can no longer be attained.

It also leaves more room for maneuvering by Hezbollah backers Syria and Iran.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said in a speech [yesterday] that Lebanon must keep "evil hands" from meddling in its affairs -- a clear reference to the U.S. and its allies that support the U.N. investigation into Hariri's assassination.

The Lebanese leader feels that Saudi Arabia has not abandoned his crisis:

Prime Minister Saad aware that Faisal's Wednesday statement that Saudi Arabia is abandoning its mediation in Lebanon came after a dispute with Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Moqdad...

...Faisal also told the Syrian FM that Saudi Arabia has "withdrawn its hand from these agreements" and hinted that this was due to the lack of a Syrian response, the source said.

Faisal...described the situation as "dangerous."

Apparently, Syria wants to deal with the crisis in ways different to those of the Saudis. The inability to reach a solution gives Hezbollah the upper hand because it has the larger share of Lebanon's military might. But even if Hezbollah secures Lebanon apart from Hariri, the move doesn't necessarily relate, immediately anyway, to the anti-Christ invasion on Israel. It does, however, set up a stage with potential to fulfill the prophesied Ambush.

Hezbollah didn't necessarily quit the government to facilitate a secret take-over of Lebanon. The reason may have to do only with the Hariri affair as it threatens Hezbollah's political gains of late. But we can be sure that, as opportunity allows, Iran will want Hezbollah to dig in and take more power.

Another article calls the current move a successful coup already because Hariri is not expected to survive: "The Hezbollah-led opposition has succeeded in toppling PM Saad Hariri's government through constitutional means, but will it succeed in derailing the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL)?" That's a good question because the tribunal's decisions are predicted to subtract all of the "coup's" gains through voter discontent with Hezbollah. At that point, Hezbollah may decide that the only means of political survival is to take brute force and use it on its own behalf. That's the "dangerous" part.

The O-pportunity administration -- the same administration that finds any crisis to be an opportunity -- just happens to be meeting the Israelis right now, offering, you guessed it, protection:

U.S. diplomats Dennis Ross and David Hale arrived in Israel [this] morning in a renewed attempt to revive stagnated peace talks.

According to a statement issued by the prime minister's office, Ross, a senior adviser to U.S President Barack Obama, and Hale, deputy to Middle East Envoy George Mitchell, will be discussing Israel's security needs and the importance of maintaining the Israel Defense Forces' qualitative advantage during negotiations with the Palestinians and in any proposed peace deal.

Ross and Hale arrived a day after Arab nations submitted a draft resolution to the UN Security Council condemning Israeli settlements in the West Bank. A vote on the resolution is not expected any time soon because of a likely U.S. veto, diplomats said on Wednesday. The point of the resolution, diplomats say, is to highlight Washington's isolated position on the Security Council...

In other words, the O-rats are wanting pay-back from Israel for resisting the UN resolution. In another perspective, it's like making a threat that, should Israel not comply with the O-peace, the O-rats will arrange to agree with the next UN resolution on the same issue. In the meantime, the strongest military operation in the world is reminding Israel of how much it needs the American bullet-proof vest, now more than ever.

Is it likely that the Gospel writers were fabricating a Resurrection? Did they expend themselves creating a religion on what they knew to be a lie? I can think of only one logical reason for creating such a fabrication: to fool Jews and take their money and/or belongings. After all, Jesus did say that we should give up some of our possessions for the Kingdom.

The best thing to do is to read the Gospels for yourself with this idea in mind, asking all along whether what you're reading comes off as a hoax, or as something smacking of men telling truths. Would it be necessary to speak on morality to such extents, if the object of the writers was merely to get you hooked on a leading character for the purpose of an exploited cult? Or do the writers appear genuinely committed to the morality that they wrote on? If it was a hoax, you'll agree that it must have been a very elaborate one, but the more elaborate, the less likely the account is a hoax.

Was Paul really in prison? Why? Because he got caught taking peoples' belongings? Or is it as the Biblical accounts say, that he was in chains because he was spreading a religion that pagan Romans didn't like, a religion based on the Resurrection of a coming King of the earth? Would he really continue spreading that Message from prison, even at the threat of execution?

He did write some of the New Testament letters while in prison.? And now you know why God had him do so from prison, so that anyone who wishes to believe on Jesus can have excellent proof that Paul was sincere. For if Paul knew it was a hoax, and if he knew that Peter and the other Apostles were passing off a money-making scheme, he would have denied the religion just to get himself out of prison.

Why do the Apostles look so weak and dull throughout the four Gospel accounts? Why do they appear "out of it" and even cowardly on the night that Jesus was arrested? If they were spreading a hoax, wouldn't they have portrayed themselves as strong, valiant, and powerful?

Were the New Testament writers writing on a leading character of a few generations earlier? Wouldn't that have given them some room for creating a hoax? Instead, we find that they wrote on a Jesus that lived in their very generation. How possibly could they have gotten away with a hoax, therefore? Who would have believed their report that Jesus conducted so many miracles, or drew so many crowds, if it were not true, if Jesus was just a fabrication?

I think everyone but the most willful rebels would agree that Jesus did draw large crowds. How could the Bible writers have put words into Jesus' mouth when there were eye-witnesses of his sayings? I think, therefore, that what the Gospels tell about what He said is reliable. This is one thing you can keep in mind as you read the accounts for yourself. Note that all four accounts are close but not identical, that one writer didn't merely copy from another.

Do we have evidence from other writings that one or more of the Apostles and/or Bible writers lived in a large home, or became wealthy by spreading the gospel? Not that I know of.

Do we have evidence that Paul went from nation to nation in the Greek theater, spreading the Message? Didn't one or more of the Gospel writers tell that Jesus would succeed in building a Church (I'm not referring to Roman Catholicism) through his disciples, in spite of opposition from the strongest rebels or the most slippery false teachers? Here we are today, millions upon billions of believers later, many of us the fruit of Paul's work.

When you (I'm not speaking to believers) read each piece of the New Testament, ask yourself why that particular piece could be part of a hoax. Chances are, you'll come round to sensing sincerity. Keep tabs on your feelings and reactions, whether you would like the story to be false so that you can be free to live in displeasing ways, or whether it cuts you to the heart to think that it might a fabrication. The Lord seeks the latter, and will not show Himself to the others.

I don't recommendeth the original King James Version held thither on your bosom, as the "strange" language could tend to dissuade you from reading further. I recommend a Bible that feels good in your hands, and if you hold it close, that's how you'll know that you really do love Jesus. At this point you can feel confident that the most powerful force in the universe is living close to you. If you can just find the courage to have Him enter into your heart, you won't regret the "operation." Not your physical heart, of course, but into you. It really is a wild concept, that God should live right inside of us.

This is not for fools, nor magicians, nor the worldly proud. If you would like to spare yourself a lukewarm relationship with God, don't give yourself to sexual appetite. The world isn't filled with sexual delights for any other reason than that the devils (and their liberals) know how to spoil your relationship with God. Paul said that he didn't burn with sexual desire, and that's probably why God chose him for such an important position.

How does one go about being a dedicated disciple? Not by praying for God to involve Himself in the cares of your world. One may as well eat glue and choke to death. The road to discipleship is to risk worldly cares, to take mind off of them as much as possible, and allow God to look after things as you seek to look after His cares. But, you'll fail if you have hang-ups that turn God off. It's very risky, all or nothing.

If you like gambling, signing up to be a disciple of Jesus offers more winnings by far than what's offered in Big Basket Case casino. But again, it's risky because you don't know yourself well enough to know whether you can succeed, whether you can continue to the end of your life. God wants those who like Him forever, not just for a while during which time we play "saint" and trick Him into getting us what we want.

Plus, you won't know the nature of your winnings as you go along. If God gave you a monthly tally of your winnings, stored in your treasure chest called Next Life, you might be tempted to serve him only for what you could get out of it in the next month.

You may not even get an occupational description. You could be like the wind blowing not knowing where it goes next. Some periods could be like sitting on all sides of a campfire, but getting smoked in all positions regardless, because the wind happens to have your nostrils in the cross-hairs (oops, forgive, I said a bad word).

Sexual appetite feeds on itself, and it'll minimize our value before God, but whenever we're ready to downsize that appetite, He's all ears. Liberals are the ones who like to see porn everywhere just because they know it tempts and angers Christians. These are the ones who will get burnt to a crisp in the Coming Reward called, "It is MIne to Avenge."

Not everyone has strong faith, and God does not despise weak faith. Not everyone is strong in abilities, but God does not despise the weak. Don't crack while seeking to devote yourself to God. Know your limits. Not everyone is called to be Paul in Greece. Not everyone is called to a job description. Your devotion to God will determine your importance and the level of your fruit grown for the Kingdom. Devotion is more important by far than big faith. Devotion is the care one gives to obedience under difficult or inconvenient situations.

Does boredom drive you to bars and casinos, or to watch godless programs on television? What if you suffered boredom for a while, resisting or replacing the above, and then make your case to God? Whenever you obey by resisting the world, you can make your case. There is a right and wrong way to make your case. If he delays in answering, and you stop obeying in the meantime, you'll know he delayed because he knew you'd stop being obedient in the meantime. We can't fool God. If we love the liberal lifestyle, let's not bother trying to be a disciple.

I hate to think that Christians are made boring for the sake of Obedience. I wish that Christianity could become wildly exciting. I think it's true to say that one engaging in the spiritual war will also find excitement, and more. Do liberals scoff? I used to let it dig into me. No more. Do liberals create a sick society? I wait for the Corrective Measure, the Bottomless Pit too deep to measure. And should my life come to an end before that Day, let me serve God more then than I did at first.

January 21

Obama gets exactly why the people have cut his legs out from under him, and yet he continues to show the same behavior regardless, suggesting perhaps that his invisible bosses are giving him no other option. Or, Obama may be foolish enough to continue supporting his business base as part of his re-election campaign, which will hurt him as much as it can help him. Today's news is that:

President Obama today will name General Electric CEO Jeff Immelt chairman of the new Council on Jobs and Competitiveness, the White House announced overnight.

...Tonight, the administration formally announced the resignation of PERAB Chairman Paul Volcker. Immelt was one of 17 members of the board.

..."We still have a long way to go, and my number one priority is to ensure we are doing everything we can to get the American people back to work...."

Horse radish! Obama is always careful, and this must be the ploy of every self-interested leader, to make his self-interested schemes look like they are on behalf of the people. It is typical Illuminati tactic to work corruption by making it appear beneficial to the people. Not long ago in the Reuters news:

Shortly after [Obama's] pullback on the [missile] shield programme was announced, Russia's government said Prime Minister Vladimir Putin would meet several U.S. executives on Friday from firms including General Electric, Morgan Stanley as well as TPG, one of the world's largest private equity firms.

General Electric may be the company with the closest ties to the Obama administration (if not, GE is second only to Goldman Sachs), and here we see the company benefiting from an abrupt foreign policy change made by President Obama. But GE isn't the only company benefiting. Reuters paints the broader picture...

GE CEO Jeff Immelt sits on Obama's Economic Recovery Advisory Board, and GE owns MSNBC, the network famously friendly to Obama."

We easily do this math: Obama + Immelt = corruption in a bid to control America with liberal agenda. The news also had this not long ago:

Some of the nation's largest banks have agreed to contribute enough money to save Chicago-based ShoreBank, the community lender with strong ties to the Obama administration, FOX Business has learned.

T...In addition to major Wall Street firms like Goldman Sachs (GS), which agreed to contribute $20 million to the bailout effort, as well as Citigroup (C) and JPMorgan (JPM), General Electric's (GE) GE Capital will also contribute $20 million to the rescue effort. All the firms have either received massive government assistance during the financial crisis or, in the case of Goldman Sachs, are facing multiple regulatory investigations into their business practices.

The first article above tells that "Immelt, a Republican, donated to both Hillary Rodham Clinton and John McCain during the last presidential cycle, but not President Obama, according to Bloomberg" This suggests that Obama has (of has had) nothing much personal with Immelt, but rather Obama's ties are with others at GE.

I wish I could recall why, more recent than the last two articles, it came to mind that GE was operated by the Illuminati. But I can add this today:

GE is a multinational conglomerate headquartered in Fairfield, Connecticut. Its New York main offices are located at 30 Rockefeller Plaza in Rockefeller Center, known as the GE Building for the prominent GE logo on the roof. NBC's headquarters and main studios are also located in the building...

...GE's divisions include GE Capital, GE Energy, GE Technology Infrastructure, NBC Universal...

My impression from the details I can't recall was that GE was a Rothschild-Illuminati tool, and so I googled "'General Electric' Rothschild" just now to find this: "William E. Rothschild, former senior corporate strategist at General Electric and for the last 22 years a well-known, widely published management consultant, has now told The Secret to GE's Success (McGraw-Hill, 2007)." One also finds at the Google link above the claim by Prison Planet that Rothschilds "own" (my term) GE.

January 22

The article below tells that Cyprus announced

it had licensed the Texas-based US firm Noble Energy - partners with Israel's Delek Energy group in the Leviathan project - to explore a 1,250 square-mile block bordering on Israeli waters. Leviathan, 80 miles off the Israeli port of Haifa, is claimed to contain an estimated 16 trillion cubic feet of gas.

...That same day, Cyprus' Energy Service Director Solon Kassinis announced that Nicosia would issue a second license for offshore oil and gas exploration in the second half of 2011...He said Noble Energy "is obliged to proceed" with the first exploratory well inside its Cypriot block between Oct. 2011-Oct. 2013."

That article is compliments of Tim, who I don't think agrees with me that the Samson cult was Danaan. At least, he's indicated that he holds out for the tribe of Dan instead, and besides, I don't know that he takes anything seriously on what I say about the "Samson cult." The reason that I'm bringing this up is because I checked out Wikipedia's article on Noble Energy to find that: "In 1932 Noble Energy, Inc. began as Samedan Oil Corporation in southern Oklahoma, an explorer of crude oil and natural gas founded by Lloyd Noble, in Ardmore, Oklahoma."

Samedan? That's looks Samson-cult adoration if ever I saw it. And, I have maintained that the "Noble" surname was from a fundamental part of the Samson cult of Hyksos.

The article also tells that a subsidiary company, B. F. Walker, became joined to Noble and Samedan. As expected, there is a "Jewish" Walker surname...but that doesn't show a Coat or a write-up. The Scottish Walker Coat shows Zionist stars but again shows no write-up. This Coat's crescents and other colors are quite apparently related to the same of the English Walkers (very short write-up; what's going on?), who were first in Yorkshire...where I trace Eburovices (= Hebrew pagans), for example the Bruces.

The Walker crescents are in Bruce-of-Yorkshire colors, in fact, and moreover the other colors red and gold) are Bruce-of-Annandale colors. If that's not enough, the Noble Coat uses a blue lion, the Bruce lion color, as well as the other two (red and gold) colors.

Then, French Nobles (use the same red and gold, even the Baden-of-Germany Shield) were first in Burgundy, an evolving realm that touched on Nevers (for new readers, the latter is a location to which I trace Nibelungs out of Egypt, those affiliated with the Atun cult). Entering "Nevers" brings up a Coat with an "quae honestas" motto phrase, while English Walkers use an "Honesta quam" phrase. I don't think the "honesta" part is coincidental. The English Hones surname speaks on a WALKelin Hone estate in Hampshire.

Remember, the Neville Coat uses the Annan(dale) saltire in colors reversed, while the Nevers surname is properly "Nevay/Neaves," a close match. The latter's Crest is described as "A gold lily with green stalk and leaves,' and I think every major term here could be code, including "leaves" as code for the Leif/Leaf surname that I trace to Laevi Gauls (lived beside Anane(s) Gauls).

After I wrote that, I checked without luck for a Stalk surname, but then a Stock/Stoke surname was found using a dove with leaf in beak, the very symbol (almost) of the Lief/Leaf surname. The two-tailed lion of the Stocks matches in it's white color the two-tailed lion of the Montforts, and that makes the "Fortis" motto term of the Stocks conspicuous.

If that's not enough, the German Stocks/Stokels (beetles of some sort) use red-on-white saltires, the Annan(dale) symbol.

The lily is the symbol of Clovis, and as he was a chief Merovingian king, it jibes with my link of Merovingians to Nibelungs (that link goes back all the way to the Upper Nile). Moreover, the Nevers Coat uses fleur-de-lys i.e. the lily symbol of Clovis. Also, I suggested that the "Clode" variation of "Clovis" is rooted in "cloud," which jibes with my trace of Nibelungs to mythical Nephele, who was given a cloud (i.e. nebula) symbol.

The Walk Coat and Chief use the Scottish Walker Chief colors. The "industria" motto term of the Walks suggest Rothschilds (who use the same motto term), even as the gold-on-blue stars of the Walk (and Walker) Coat suggest the Bauer stars.

The "insons" motto term of the English Stocks suggests the Ince/Inch and Innes/Inice clans. In fact, English Stokels/Stokwells use a white castle of a similar sort used by the Innes/Inices'. The Stock lion and Stokel lions are in Inch/Ince Shield colors, and to this I should add that the Inch/Ince roundels are in Annan(dale) colors while the latter clan use Inyaney, Innieney, and Inyoney variations.

Both Walks and Annan(dale)s were first found in Dumfriesshire.

NOW LOOK. The Nevers/Nevays were first found in Angus, while the Innes surname is related to "Angus." But that's not the NOW LOOK part. The Inch and Innes surnames were traced to Baden-Wurttemberg's Enz river (flowing through 666-Pforzhiem; see 6th update of December and onward), but that's still not the NOW LOOK part. The latter should explain why French Nobles use the Baden Shield, seen also in the Arms of Pforzheim. Pforzheim is near Baden-Baden.

That's not the NOW LOOK. The Nevers/Nevay Coat uses a black-on-white "fat" cross, the symbol of the Aflack and Bitar Coats (the Baath party of Syria/Iraq was founded by Aflaq and Bitar surnames)! And, the Aflacks were first in Angus, as with the Nevers/Nevays, while Bitars were first nearby in Fife and Perthsire. I had traced "Pforz(heim)" to "Forfar" at Fife!! I also linked "Pforz(heim)" to the Foret/Forest surname, itself linked previously (years earlier) to a Pfiefer-surname relationship to "Fife" and "Forfar."

The NOW LOOK part is that I had traced the founders of the Baath party to the Welsh Bath surname (same fat cross), but then to Baden (!!!) because the Baden/Baten (all-seeing eye, axes) and Bath surnames were both first found in Somerset. It's by no design of mine that Baden and Pforzheim happen to work into today's bloodline trail, where Nevers/Nevays led me to Baden>Bath elements.

"Bitar" (uses the Rothschild strong arm in Crest) could itself link to "Bath/Baden." See the Bitar-similar Bat/Baat Coat, and that the bat-using Randolphs of Moray (Innes were first in Moray) use the Bath cross.

I've just found something new (I think) by entering "Bad." It's the German Bader/BADENius surname using the Baden bat symbol in colors reversed, but also using blue-on-white stars, the symbol of the .

The "traist" motto term of the Scottish Innes Coat led me (years ago) to the Trist Coat, but at the time I had no idea that the "nec" terms in the Trist Coat (in Bad and Rodham-Shield colors) were code for the Neckar river, near Pforzheim. I traced the nec term of the Rodhams to the Neckar also, and it just so happens that I traced the Rodhams to Rutland (Leicester), while the Bat/Baat surname was first in Rutland, and while this other Scottish Randolph/Ruth/Rother Coat is nearly identical to the Rodham Coat.

I then see that the French (Brittany) Bad/Badiere Coat use a white-on-blue crescent, the symbol of the Walkers. If you've forgotten, a Walker-surname company had joined the Noble Energy company. For further investigation, see also the French Bedel surname of Brittany with Bedard and Bedat variations, and compare with the same-colored French Baders/Badets below.

The fact that Rothschilds once again appear to be all over this Baath-party topic has me extremely interested in Rothschild links to the anti-Christ in Iraq. But perhaps nothing can explain better why Noble Energy got the gas contract in Israel other than it being a Rothschild-affiliated company.

I should repeat that I tend to trace the Bad/Bat elements in Leicestershire to Batavians, whom I've pegged as the root of Clovis Merovingians. I trace "Batavi" to "Padova" (Venetia), and the latter is where the Eburovices issued forth that formed the Bruce line...that was linked to Walkers.

Batavians were near the Salian Franks (mouth of the Rhine) who made up a part of Merovingians, and yesterday I wondered whether Salians were not the Salyes Ligurians. There's plenty of logic there. It evokes the "Ligur(ia)" that I see at the root of "Leicester" and its Ligore/Legro river.

The French "Badiere" is like "Bitar," and Bitars are properly "Butter." The Bad/Badiere four-pointed star is in the colors of French Bader/Badet Coat. Moreover, Baders were first in Provence, the area that Bellovesus Gauls (who included the Salyes Ligurians, the Ananes, and Laevis) struck out from when they conquered northern Italy. Entering "Bader" also brings up the Baden-related German Ba(a)ds/BADENnius'.

The French LaBat Coat (Languedoc) is a castle with the same number of battlements as per the Walker castle (the latter has an arm holding a lizard coming out of the castle/turret). The three Innes turrets, however, have one less battlement each, and that's the same number as the three turrets in the Arms of Baden-Baden.

The Innes castle is used by McLeods/McClouds...who I trace to "Clovis/Clode," if that now helps to link the Innes to Merovingians. Also, I traced mythical "Merovee" forward to "Moray," and that's where the Innes clan lived and ruled. I also traced "Merovee" back to a Merowe/Meroe location (Nile river), and that was also called "Bedewe," smacking of the Batavi(ans). You can bank on the correctness of these traces, therefore, because the best magician can't make these things all work out so well unless they were true.

After writing the above, I checked my files for other Coats using a lizard, and the first one I arrived to (using the Find feature) was the Sullivan Crest's "A robin on a lizard proper." That's pretty amazing because I trace Sullivans (see yesterday, for example) to Salyes Ligurians.

Next, I came to the Sweeny Coat that also uses a lizard, and it also uses the Sullivan boar! The Whinney/Whinnie variation smacks of "Innes," but in any case I trace "Sweeny" to the Swan/Sion/Swayne and Sweynes/Swans surnames.

I recall that I traced the cartoon code, "Winnie the Pooh" bear, to "Veneti" on the "Po" river. I then figured that the Wend-branch Veneti were at the root of the Windsors, and later found that Windsors are from the Other clan...using the Baden-Baden Shield!

The Windsor Coat uses a saltire in colors reversed to the Annan(dale) saltire, suggesting that Winnie the Pooh is code for the Ananes and Laevi Gauls on the Po, a river that was also "BODENcus." The Po/Padus led up to the Ligurian theater, and in keeping with a trace to Savona Ligurians, the Boden Crest uses a swan.

The Shuibhne derivation of the Sweynes/Swans smacks of the Sabines, and my trace of them to "Savona," the Ligurian capital. The Italian Savona Coat uses the Kay bird, called by many different names (depending on what clan uses it), and it's the Sullivan "robin" too. The Kay Coat is much like the Inch/Ince Coat.

I've been thinking all along today's update what sort of term the walkers may have been named after. I can now add that their white-on-blue crescent is used also (with so-called "royal blue") by the English Savone/Saffin surname (definitely links to Sabines/Safini), first found in Somerset, where the Bath and Baden surnames were first found.

Perhaps the Walkers were of the German Walls, first found in Baden. I am reminded that the Biden/Bitton surname was of Bath and WELLs, Somerset. I had thought to link the Bidens/Bittens to the Putins, Puttens/Paddyns, and/or Puters. The latter (Bitar/Butter-like) were first in Cornwall (i.e. near Somerset), and they use a Shield much like the German Walls.

You may have read (months/years ago) that I traced Russia's Putin and Medvedev to Puter stock that included the Puttens/Pottens, first found in Sussex. I theorized that "Medvedev" was from Putten-colored Medley stock because Medleys were first found in Sussex too. I'm repeating this because my crowded brain can't recall whether I added what I have just found, that the Putt/Potts surname uses the same tiger exactly as the Medleys.

You can easily make the Medley link to the Potts and Puttens, therefore, but what of the tigers that are now appearing in Putin-Russian politics??? I had traced the heraldic tiger to lizards of the salamander kind (i.e. of the Teucer cult), and to "nec" using Teagues, a septs of McLeods.

The idea above is that Walkers were Walls and Wells, and when checking the Wells Coats, what do we find but a two-tailed lion in the English Wells Coat.

The following is just wild. I was thinking that as Wells were part of the Vaux surname, Walkers should link to DeVauds/DeVaux', but I wasn't going to say anything about that...until just now, when I happened to discover that the DeVaud pelican is used exactly by the German Well (no 's') Coat!!!

I have every belief that the Wallis/Wallace clan links both to Wallis/Valais (Switzerland, beside Vaud) and to the Montfort lion (the latter has to do with the Wells surname to "Vieilles" and that line's blood to the Beaumont>Montfort line at Leicester. The point is, "Walker" looks like a "Wallace" variation.

Note that the Wallaces are defined in their write-up as the Alan>Stewarts (who uses "Walter" as a name) out of Brittany and into Salop. I then see that Wallaces were involved with the region of Clyde, and that not only smacks of the McClouds and of Clode/Clovis, but the Clyde Coat uses a crown (symbol of real royalty, not wishful thinking) on the English Alan Shield.

I've mentioned the fleur-de-lys of the Sal/Sale surname many times, but I don't recall linking the surname to the Salian Franks in particular. ZOWIE, I wasn't only surprised to find a Salian Coat come up, but it looks like a version of the Sal/Sale Coat. The Coat has previously been shown as the Salman Coat.

The English Salmon/Salman Coat (Shakespeare and Fulkes spear) uses "sapientia," a term that I see as code for Savoy's Cottians as they linked to DeVauds>Daffys/Davids. The Salmons use "probitas," while the Nevers/Nevays use "Sola proba quae honestas." The "sola" could be code for the Salmons (and/or Salyes).

It was the "stalk" term in the Nevers/Nevay Crest that led to the Stock/Stoke surname, and as the latter are said to be from Caen (Normandy), I see that the Caen Coat uses lattice, a symbol of the sapientia-related Taffeys whom I trace to Cottians. The Taffey Coat without it's lattice, is the Bath Coat. I view the "signo" motto term of the Taffeys as code for the Cygnus swan line of Liguria.

The Caen Crest is a castle (or "coronet") top that could link to those of the Baden and Innes>McLeod) entities, and I do see that the lattice is in Innes (and McLeod) colors. The Crest is described as A plume of silver ostrich feathers emerging from a gold mural coronet," and the number of feathers being five, they match the five white ostrich feathers of the Traby Arms (link below).

As this suggests a Traby link to the Caens and therefore to the Nevers/Nevays, I see that while the latter show a Neave variation, they should be a branch of the English Neaves (in Traby/Sadowski colors), who use a trout. For, the trout is symbol also to the Troutback/Trebeck surname with Traby-like variations, and they use three trouts in the same circular fashion as the Traby bugles (for new readers, is that a secrete 666 in the bugle strings?).

The Caen "coronet" may have developed from the coronet horn, for the Traby bugles are in fact horns. A trace of these clans to Polish Trabys may suggest Silesia, where I ventured to trace the Salian Franks.

Salian Franks were "Salii [who] may have derived from the name of the medieval lakeland Sall zee area, close to the Zuyder zee, or to the IJssel river, formerly called Hisloa or Hisla, and in ancient times, Sala...Today this area is called Salland."

There is another three-tiered castle used by the Spanish Sala surname. This time, a red lion comes forth from it, which is a symbol also in the Sele/Sill/Siles Coat (surname said to be rooted in "Sylvestor") and in the Silvestor Crest. The Sele/Siles Coat is in the colors of, and colors reversed from, the Schlessing Coat, the latter surname known to define the Silesians.

Then, Sellers (cups/grails), who use the same swan as the Bodens, appear thereby to trace to the Salyes and to the Po-river Bodens.

[End update]

PS -- I just recalled the Slessor surname from a businessman I did a job for many years ago. The Slessor surname (no Coat shown) was first in Aberdeenshire, where the Sellers were first found. "Silesia" is also "Slezsko" so as to develop a Slez>Sless root; hence, Slessor. One could imagine "Salyes" evolving into "Slez."

The Sletes (owls) and Slates of Derbyshire look interesting as per my trace of "Traby" to "Derby/Darby."

Also, because the Salian Franks are thought to be after a region named after "salt" (whether that's true or not doesn't matter in this case), I see that the Salt surname uses an ostrich, the Traby symbol too. See also the Seltzers, said to be named after salt.

The Sal/Sales surname shows a Salette variation, and as per my theory that Sals/sales named Salop=Shropshire, I see that Salters/Saltires were first found in Shropshire. The Saltire/Salter Shield-on-Shield has a cloud-like border, same as the Sellicks.

Sitlers (in Salter colors) were from Silesia, suggesting that Salter terms had consonant reversals to found Sitler-like terms. I suggest the Sadlers/Saids could apply. Let's not forget, therefore, the SADowski surname that comes up when we enter "Traby."

January 23

As Lebanon darkens with Hezbollah colors, we have more reason to keep watch:

[Two days ago], Druse leader Walid Jumblatt, a potential kingmaker in Lebanese politics threw his support behind Hizbullah, a major boost to the Shi'ite terrorist group that brought down the country's Westernbacked government last week.

Jumblatt refused to say exactly how many lawmakers are with him, but his support is key ahead of parliamentary talks on Monday to pick a new prime minister.

The devils are stirring the pot, and riding their brooms across a new moon. Hariri, the prime minister, says that he refuses to pass the torch to someone else, and is determined to fight the Hex-bollah to the end. "Speaking defiantly of Hizbullah, Hariri told a crowd in Beirut, 'They have put aside all solutions and demanded Saad al Hariri be excluded ... we will go to constitutional talks on Monday with me as a candidate,' he said."

We'll see the shape of things to come a little better next week. In the meantime, their are grouping together some goons from across the world, wearing the same sort of pointed hats and applying similar curses by the wayside. They are sure to win American Muslims in their train:

Former senior U.S. officials have sent President Barack Obama a letter urging him to refrain from vetoing a United Nations Security Council resolution condemning Israeli settlements in the West Bank.

The letter, signed by a former U.S. secretary of defense, a number of former assistant secretaries of state and U.S. ambassadors, calls on Obama to instruct the U.S. envoy to the UN to "vote yes" on the resolution condemning Israeli settlements.

"The time has come for a clear signal from the Unites States to the parties and to the broader international community that the United States can and will approach the conflict with the objectivity, consistency and respect for international law required if it is to play a constructive role in the conflict's resolution," the letter urged.

...They went on to remind Obama of his 2009 Cairo speech...

...Among the signatories of the letter was Frank Carlucci, former U.S. Secretary of Defense, Richard Murphy, former Assistant Secretary of State and former ambassador to Syria and Saudi Arabia, Thomas Pickering, former Undersecretary of State and former ambassador to Israel and the United Nations, Everett Ellis Briggs, former special adviser to President George H. W. Bush, and former Assistant Secretary of State Allen Holmes.

I found it amazing that the Carlucci Coat uses a lion that is somewhat colors reversed from the Massin/Mason lion (blue on gold), and that the Carluccis were first found in Milan. The surprise comes because I traced the Massins to Massino-Visconti (near Milan), while the Visconti family ruled from Milan. It's also notable that I ended yesterday's update with the Massin lion as per the Said Sadler Coat. The latter uses a "sapere" motto term smacking of the Sapaud term that was earlier a form of "Savoy."

Another surname of another good, the Pickering surname, is very Bruce interesting as both surnames use a blue-on-white lion. Meanwhile we can assume that the same blue Massin lion is that of the Bruces too. Pickerings were first found in Yorkshire, where the Bruces had their blue lion.

Pickering variations suggest links to the Pyke surname, and it's interesting that the Pyke Coat uses the same white-on-red clover as the Sitler Coat; the latter was linked to Saids/Sadlers late yesterday.

Compare the Bryce saltire to the Pike saltire, and note that the Bryces use the Nobel lion, Nobel colors, and a cloud...supporting the Nobel link to mythical Nephele. Plus, the Nobel lion is in blue on gold, the Massin-lion color. See a pattern here? We don't forget Albert Pike.

The Briggs surname (in Bruce colors) of another goon above was likewise first found in Yorkshire, and I did trace Bruces to Bruttium elements, which was also called Brech-like (I can't recall the spelling). Moreover, Bruces are thought to from "Brix."

The Briggs Crest is A gold pelican vulning herself on the gold stump of a tree, sprouting. Hmm, the Italian Milan Coat is a stump, and as I trace Bruces to Eburovices (Normandy), I note that Eburovices were in a Brech-like location in northern Italy (i.e. where Milan is located). I cannot recall the spelling of that location, and am having trouble even finding an article anymore on Eburovices of northern Italy.

I've just found the location's name in my files:

the Cenomani lived next to the Eburovices. It's moreover known that Eburovices and Cenomani were two tribes of the same Aulerci Gauls...That the Auleric were very closely allied to the Brets can be understood where the chief town of the Cenomani of northern Italy was Brixia.

The Brix surname is in Briggs colors and was first found in Normandy. Thus, the goons above who are gunning against Israel and for a Palestinian state are from the Eburovices. The Brix Coat uses white-on-blue (Bavaria-colored) lozenges, the same lozenges (in the diagonal direction of the Bavarian lozenges) as in the Irish Brick Coat. The German Brix/Bricks family was first found in Silesia, where I expect an anti-Christ bloodline from Seleucids. Silesia was pointed out yesterday in the Sitler topic, and that in turn was thought to link to the 666-Traby surname.

The Brix/Bricks Coat use only pierced stars ("mullets"), the only Sellick symbol too. The Mullet Coat uses pierced Zionist stars in the colors of the Zionist stars of the Bavarian Weis Coat, and moreover Mullets use a bugle, the Traby symbol (not to mention the symbol of the Brech Coat).

Another surname of a good in the article above is Murphy, said to be rooted in "Mur." One Irish Murphy Coat uses the Mackesy and Mackie lion, while the alternative-Irish Murphy Coat uses the Odin lion exactly (colors included). I say this because Odins were first found in Yorkshire too, and because I trace Odins to the Bavarian house of Oettingen (with saltire in colors reversed to the Annandale Coat.

The same lion is sued by the Irish Carol/Garvil Coat, which not only evokes the Carlucci surname, but it reminds me of when FE sent in an article on a European "human rights" organization with three surnames all using this same lion. That discussion (7th update of November) found that the lion belonged to the Veres. Due to the Garvil variation of the carols, it's hard to say whether there was a link to Charles/Charlemagne.

I can add that the Garvey/Gairbhin Coat uses the Nobel lion too, and that I traced Garveys to Garibald of Bavaria, who I thought named Grabfeld. I had earlier traced Grabfeld to ancient mount Gareb at Jerusalem, and smack beside it I had traced the Nibelungs (who I think the Nobels belong to).

FE had added much to the Templar trace to Sitten/Sion, and not long after she gave us the DeVaux/DeVaud surname, she emailed on a LaVaud location in Switzerland. I opened that email only last night, at the very time that I had traced the Vaux>Wells clan once again to the DeVaux clan and more solidly to Wallis (where Sitten/Sion is located). But that's not all.

The Lavaux surname can be linked to the Berry surname at the root of the American flag's stripes. The French Lavaux/Valley Coat uses the Bauer stars in colors reversed, which are also the French-Alan/Allen stars, jibing with the Lavaux' write-up wherein the clan was first found in Brittany.

How many times have bloodline topics come back around to the Brittany Alans>Stewarts? Even the Massino>Massin topic was found to be Stewart-fundamental. And I do not forget that the Massi/Mattis Coat of Italy smacks of the Stewart Coat, while the Massi/Mattis clan was in Piedmont, where Massino is located, while Obama's army in Iraq and the rest of the world is now run by a Mattis surname...who took Central Command away from John R. Allen.

The LaVaux/Vallee write-up: "First found in Brittany, where they held a family seat in the honor of the seigneurie of la Burie." The Burie Coat is in colors reversed, and it shows a Bury variation, which is the term that Tim emailed when he found that the Bury-of-France Coat used horizontal so-called "barry" stripes in the colors of the American flag.

THEN BINGO. Entering the Valley variation of the LaVaux clan, one finds the French Valley Coat, exactly the English Berry Coat in colors reversed!!! The Valleys were likewise first found in Brittany, and both the Buries/Burys and Berrys were first found in Devon. No more perfect match for linking Stewarts to Berrys can be had, and furthermore the English Alans use the colors of the English Berrys.

The Irish Berry Coat clinches the link to the Wassa surname.

The location of Berry, France (cloud-like border in its flag), was founded likely by Burgundians (Nibelungs were Burgundians), and it just so happens that Biturges, whom Bellovesus belonged to, lived in Berry. See how closely the region of Berry overlaps Nevers, keeping in mind that I'm particularly interested in Bellovesus' Laevi Gauls who lived at Novara. From the 8th update of November:

After page 69 above mentions the Salyes of Liguria, it mentions the Libici on the north side of the Po river, who might link to Lebadea of Boiotia. As that location is also LIVAdaei, the Laeves/Laevi come to mind, for they took positions on the north side of the Po (!) at Novara...

This is fantastic, for the related Ananes (that I trace to Ananias of Israel) took the opposite side of the Po (at Placentia). I had traced Sadducees (years ago) to Boiotians!!! And Sadducees were Levites, right? Actually, no, we don't know. Right now they look like Boiotians.

At that time roughly, I had found a natural link of Bellovesus to the Boii.


page 70 (where I first found the Laevi and the Ananes), we can read that the Cenomani took the Po at the "present Bresciano" (or "Brescia" = Brixia).

After the Cenomani of Normandy infiltrated northern Italy, they were followed by Veneti at Vannes, Brittany, who are said (on page 70) to have founded the Veneti on the Po, but I doubt this very much, and would trace the Brittany Veneti instead back to the Po Veneti. I keep in mind that the Cenomani were affiliated with the Eburovices at Evreux, and that I trace "Evreux" to the Abreu surname first found in the Veneti capital of Padova.

Novara is in Piedmont smack beside Milan and close also to Massino-Visconti, itself not far from Sitten/Sion. Here's the devil's favorite symbol, which the Italian leader, BURlusconi, has cut out in his lawn's garden.

The Burie/Bury Coat (on ermines, as expected) uses fleur-de-lys in the colors of the same of the Piedmont Masci Coat, and the latter used Bauer wings.

The ermine is a symbol of Brittany (in particular of Vannes, I had read), and we find ermined Shields/symbols often in Allen-related clans. The Ermine/Armyn surname uses them for obvious reason, but the Ermine/Armyn Shield-and-Chief combination is also the Annan(dale) Shield-and-Chief combination!!! That's new today.

THEN, entering "Herman/Arman" gets us a Shield much like the Bury-France Coat. And, of course, Hermes was the god of mount Hermon (Phoenicia), the summit of which was, Sion. This Herman/Arman surname was first found in Provence, where the Bellovesus Gauls struck out of. The task of tracing Bellovesus is made easy by mythical Bellerophon and his alliance to the Pegasus in Lycia, for while Masseys use a Pegasus in their Crest, they were from the house of Bellamy, and moreover Masseys were related to Ligurians while they could certainly trace to Lycians.

"Bellerophon was a son of the King Glaucus ("sea-green") of Corinth and the grandson of death-cheating Sisyphus." I recently traced the name of the brother of Bellovesus, Segovesus, to "Sicyon," smack beside Corinth, and at that time realized for the first time that "Sisy(phus)," king of Corinth, was code for "Sicy(on). It is well known that the Hermes bloodline was placed in charge of Corinth by Aeetes, king of Colchis, and that Aeetes' daughter (Medea the witch) became a queen of Corinth while married to Jason of the golden fleece. Jason was likely a Boiotian, in a line to the Boii.

Segovesus took (by war) parts of Germany and may therefore be at the root of the Herminones. In this picture, the Hermes bloodline in Corinth founded the Germanics. The Hermon cult at Sion is easily traced to the so-called Herminone Germanics that worshiped Zio. We then find the Massin/Mason lion used by the German Herman Coat, and of course we realize that "German" is a variation of the Armenia that "Hermes/Herman" depicted. Curiously, "Orman" brings up the two Butler Coats (they look like they link to Obama's Randolph and Dunham bloodlines).

One can then trace Herminone god of Mannus to the Manes>Attis bloodline...that I solidly think "Aeetes" belonged to. "Tacitus relates that 'ancient songs' (Latin carminibus antiquis) of the Germanic peoples celebrated Tuisto as 'a god, born of the earth' (deum terra editum). These songs further attributed to him a son, Mannus, who in turn had three sons, the offspring of whom were referred to as Ingaevones, Herminones and Istaevones..." "Tacit(us)" looks conspicuously like "Tuisto."

Again, Aeetes ruled at Kutaisi (in Colchis), which smacks of the "Hattusa" ruled by Attis=the Hatti (son of Manes), which smacks of "Cadusia" (Armenia), the representation of the Hermes Caduceus. I linked these Cadusii Armenians to the neighboring Gileki Iranians, and traced "Gileki" to "Colchis" and to mythical "Glaucus," king of Corinth and son of Sisyphus...and father of Bellerophon. The latter's alliance with Pegasus, the horse that issued out of the MEDusa Gorgon's head, links Bellerophon, not only to Gorgons (= Parthians), but in particular to MEDea (symbol of the Medes), daughter of Aeetes, and queen of Corinth.

You get it all. Germanics are from the Colchian line depicted by the mythical caduceus, representing the Gileki and the Cadusii peoples: Parthians, Iranians, Medes and Gorgons. They were merged with Hebrews of the Kabeiri cult to which Attis had enjoined, but that merger went back to Tyre and Kadish, where the Hermes cult had lived as the proto-Sionists and proto-Germanics. Again, I trace the Sion Hebrews to Samson, named after the Armenian god, Samos, and Samson's father, Manoah, I see as the root of the Manes>Mannus bloodline.

Samson's "Daniy" bloodline, whom I think were the Danaan Gorgons (from Perseus and AndroMEDA in and around Joppa) and not necessarily Danites (of the tribe of Dan) as the Samson (mythical) account wishes for us to believe, successfully conquered Laish at the foot of mount Hermon. That can't be coincidental.

I traced the golden fleece to the Laz (who took Aeetes' Colchis after his defeat), suggesting for this reason and others that the Laz were namers of Laish.

The Germanic god, Mannus, brings me only now to the Irish Mannus surname, and what do you know? Perfect evidence that Segovesus and/or Bellovesus founded the Herminones, for the Mannus symbol is the same as the Annan(dale) Crest!

There is also a French Mane/Mannez surname found first in Savoy. German Mains/Manes likewise use a black eagle on white, but also what could be the Berry stripes/bars. IN FACT, it is a match with Berrys because English Mains were first in Devon, where the Buries/Burys and Berrys were first found.

I wasn't going to say that the Manson surname (English Main colors) applied to the Mannus surname because both are said to derive from "Magnus"...until I saw the English Main Coat's black-on-white, down-pointing pheon, the symbol exactly of the Danish Manson Coat.

The English Main Coat is comparable to the Garvey Coat. The latter's "patee" crosses are used nearly by Claptons (the latter's crosses are "formy"), which I say because the other English Clapton Coat smacks a little of the English Valley Coat while the Valley Crest (said to be a swan's head) looks like it has the Clapton or Garvey crosses.

The point is that I trace both the "Salyes" Ligurians and "Clap(ton)" to "Salop," which may explain why a Clapton-related Valley clan uses a swan. But even if Claptons do not go back to the Salyes Ligures, the French Valleys can be traced to Piedmont by the finding earlier today that they were the Alans of Brittany. The French Valley variations, Valles, Vallis, and Valleis, smack of the Valais/Wallis canton at Sion.

I got the sense just now that the Bray surname can be linked to the Berrys that were also the French Valleys. I recall that the Hicks/Hykes surname of Clapton, Somerset, used the Arthur-surname symbols due to merger with Arthurs there, but the only point here is that we could expect the Hicks clan to be joined to Claptons, and meanwhile the Hixons/Hicksons of Cheshire, where Claptons were also first found, use black eagles legs as does the Bray Coat.

If I'm correct in tracing the Brays/Braes to Bra of Piedmont, it could trace Berry clans there too, and jibe with traces today to Massino-Visconti, Novara, and Milan. In particular, the Brays can be linked in more than one way to nearby Brixia, home of the Eburovices/Cenomani, for we find in the Bray write-up that they were from Bray, near Evreux. In this picture, the Berrys were likewise Eburo Hebrews.

The Bray Crest is "A flax breaker," and so when entering "Brake" as a possibility for that code, we find the Brech Coat...a surname first found in Shropshire=Salop. Moreover, the latter is not only in Clapton colors, but the Shield can be construed as the Arthur Shield.

The bigger point is that, while expecting the Abreus>Bruces to be from Brixia, now called Brescia and Bresa, note that the Arms of Brescia uses a blue-on-white lion, the Bruce symbol!

Variations of the Italian Brescia surname show that they lead to the Bress/Brix surname of Normandy, and Dutch Bress' are in the gold-blue colors of the Brescias. One might even ask whether the Bresson/Bressin variations link to "Breton/Brittany."

All Obama has to do is give Abercrombie the word, and the birther issue can be ended once and for all. But Obama clearly can't do it because there is something he needs to hide that the birth documents found by Abercrombie would be capable of revealing:

Democratic Gov. Neil Abercrombie will end his quest to prove President Barack Obama was born in Hawaii because it's against state law to release private documents, his office said today.

State Attorney General David Louie told the governor he can't disclose an individual's birth documentation without a person's consent, Abercrombie spokeswoman Donalyn Dela Cruz said.

'There is nothing more that Gov. Abercrombie can do within the law to produce a document,' said Dela Cruz. 'Unfortunately, there are conspirators who will continue to question the citizenship of our president.'

What a farce. Abercrombie, a friend of Obama's, either asked Obama whether he can reveal the "documentation," without success, or else didn't bother asking Obama because he saw that it was too potentially harmful for him. Yet the pro-Os involved still have the horns to insist that there's nothing wrong, and that anyone who is suspicious is a "conspirator." Far be it from me anymore to cringe at such expected liberal futility.

I'm immune now, thanks be to learning the attitude of Christ: to relegate liberal nonsense/hypocrisy to the Day of Judgment. Daze Day will come, clouds covering the soul, dampening all the life within it, until a living death takes hold, when liberals scoff no longer.

January 24

The fact that the Dutch Bress/Brez Coat is in the colors of the Italian Brescia/Bresson Shield (shown late yesterday) is not the only support for tracing this bloodline to Northern Italy. The Bre variation of the Dutch clan supports a trace to Bra of Piedmont, and these happen to be the colors also of the Massi/Mattis Coat, a surname first found in Abruzzo, where we can expect the proto-Bruces of the Brescia/Bresa/Brixia location (to the east of Bra), but also found in Piedmont.

NOW LOOK. It was shown yesterday that the Bress/Brix and Brick Coats use lozenges in the colors of the Bavarian lozenges, but I refrained from making the Bruce link to Bavaria until now. It was Masseys that were traced solidly over the past many months to Bavaria, and even to the Bauers because the Mascis of Piedmont use Bauer wings. Keeping in mind that I linked the Bauers/Bowers to the Bogen surname (first found in Bavaria) because the latter means "bow" in German, but also because it's online that Bavarian lozenges were the possession of the Bogen clan even before the lozenges came to the possession of Wittelsbachs, SEE THAT THE BOGEN BOW is exactly that of the bow in the Dutch Bress/Breeze/Bre Coat.

It can't be a coincidence that the Bricks use fleur-de-lys in Massey-fleur colors because Ranulf le Meschin was from a Briquessart surname on his father's side. Therefore Masseys and Meschins were linked fundamentally to Bruces of the Brick/Brique kind while we saw yesterday that Bruces of Brescia linked to Massin/Masons and therefore to Massino, near Bra.

NOW, as it's known that Rothschilds began as Bauers, and as it's also known that Rothschilds created the Soviet Union through Lenin, Trotsky, and others (though I think they lost Russia through Stalin), note that the Leonid BREZHNev smacks of the Bress/Brez and Bresson/Brecia surnames. Perhaps the Rothschilds regained Russia through Brezhnev, who by the way invaded Afghanistan, just as George Bush did, the latter suspect in my mind as placing the American and coalition armies in the Middle East on behalf of Rothschild interests.

Previous to the leadership of Brezhnev, Soviet Russia was led by Nikita Khrushchev, possibly a Creuse/Cruz-clan bloodline. In the last update, it was said:

I was up early this morning (just after 3 am) and saw a Corey Saylor featured on a repeat of yesterday's Bill O'Reilly (Fox news). Saylor is the spokesman for a Muslim-loving organization called CAIR. Coincidence? In this photo of Corey Saylor, one sees two other Muslim-inclined men with Bray and Cruz surname.

Unfortunately, there are no Crush or Crash surnames to help show whether "Khrush(chev)" links to Western clans. The Spanish Cruz Coat is in the colors of the English Crus/Cruise Coat and therefore looks like a match. The clan was first found in Bedfordshire, and I have not only linked the Ligurians of Luton (Bedfordshire) to Meschins, but have shown that Arms of Bedfordshire use scallops in the colors of Meschin scallops.

Moreover, as Meschins were Cheshire elements (which by the way I trace to Hesse sectors of the Bavarian Illuminati), I see that the Bray/Brae Coat is in Meschin-scallop colors, which are also the colors of the Bedford-surname Coat, while the Bray/Brae-Coat symbol should link to the eagles legs of the Hixons/Hicksons of Cheshire.

It should be recorded here that the black-on-white lion of the Bedford-surname could be the lion in the same colors of the Briggen/Breggeman Chief. The latter lion is in the position and colors of the Welsh David Coat, and that's important for making the "David" link once again to "Savidge" because the Briggen/Breggeman (properly "Bridgeman") Coat shows white-on-black roundels in the shape of the black-on-white Savage lions.

Briggens use a "Nec Temere nec Timide" motto, traced (my me) to the black-on-white (once again) DeMeres and Mares of Cheshire. The Davids and Savages were also first found in Cheshire. I see in the Welsh Davis write-up that there's a trace to the Welsh line of "Madog ab MAREdadd" (caps mine).

PLUS, while the Bedfords use lion paws as does the Savage Crest, the Bedford lion paws are identical in design to the paws in the Cheshire-surname Coat. AND ONCE AGAIN, the Creuse surname was first found in Cheshire, and the Crest there likewise uses a lion's paw, while the Coat is the Bruce lion in colors reversed. The motto includes "Sequor nec," while the Bedford-surname motto uses "sequatur."

Perhaps the Sequani Gauls (Jura mountains, and near lake Geneva) apply. I traced them (tentatively) to the Sicani of Sicily and then back further to "Sicyon" long before I knew of Segovesus...who I did trace solidly to Sicyon (see earlier on this page). I'm keeping in mind that Meschin "scallops" trace to the "Sicels" of Sicily.

As the Briquessart line of Meschins traces back to the Rus line of Eystein (Rollo's grandfather), and as Masseys (from Bellovesus) are also the Massin/Mason surname, it seems a no-brainer that the ROSi-Cruze (= Rosicrucians) were fundamental Massey-related clans touching on the Meschins, but as these were Meshech blood, and as they were Varangian Rus too (Ranulf le Meschin was an Avranches on his mother's side, a surname I trace to "Varangi"), they trace to the founding of Moscow as per it's founding by the Kiev Varangians.

Kiev is in the Ukraine, and at the Leonid Brezhnev article we find that his ethnic background is "Russian-Ukrainian."

I see at the Sequani article that there is a TIGURinus region on the map, to the south of what looks like a "Brisiacus" mountain. The Teagues also use "nec," not to mention black and white once again, and they were linked some weeks ago to Putin-like surnames. Teagues and their many variations are found in the list of McLeod septs, where we also find the Herods/Haralds that use a hawk's lure (symbol for the Lure sept of McLeods) but used also in the Cheshire-surname Coat.

As you may know, I trace the Teagues to tiger-like mythical Teucer (compare Teague Coat with the Toke and Toker Coats), whom I have long suspected to be a Tocharian=Togarmite peoples at the root of Trojans (the flames on the black Putin crescents was traced to Teucer). One easily spots the Meshech, Togarmah, and Rosh in today's discussion, therefore, the peoples in the Ezekiel-38 prophecy on the end-time anti-Christ (some Bible translations leave the Rosh out). To then find that the German Bress(en) surname was first in Silesia, where I expect the Seleucid bloodline that should apply also to the anti-Christ (as per Daniel 8 and 11), is very conspicuous.

ALSO, the latter surname uses only black-on-white roundels, reflecting the white-on-black roundels of the Briggens/Bridgemans. JUST FOUND after writing the above: the Bridge Coat is a red-and-white version of the Toke Coat! The Bridge write-up: "The name Bridge is occasionally derived from residence in Bruges, a town in Flanders." The Bruces were from Bruges, and I did trace "Bray" to "Brug." (The other Bridge Coat uses crabs).

The Tokes and Bridges use griffins, and yesterday two Coats were found using the same gold griffins, and gold griffins happen to be the symbols on the Arms of Bra. I traced Bra to "Bruges" because I traced Bra to the Brays, but note that entering "Brug" brings up the Briggs surname of Yorkshire, for Bra in Cuneo while I traced Cuneo to the Yorkshire Cunninghams (the 'Y' or "fork" of the Cunningham Coat denotes "York" secretly).

The Bra write-up: "Bra (Br'a in Piemontese) is a town and comune in the province of Cuneo in the north-west Italian region of Piedmont. It is situated 50 km south of Turin and 50 km north-east of Cuneo in the area known as Roero." Clicking to the Roero article (for the first time ever, I think), I learned that the location was named after a Roero surname (using six-spoked wheels) shown to have been "Rotarius." Entering "">Rotar" brings up the raven of the German (Bavaria) Roth Coat, the clan highly suspect as proto-Rothschilds. The Roth write-up shows a "Rother" variation to be specifically a clan in Silesia.

"Rotarius" reminds me of my Ladon-Draco chapter, Who's the Wheel Dragon Line, where it was said:

In that the Varangians were called "Rodskarlar" i.e. with "Rod" at it's root, it tends to prove that they and the Slavs [i.e. the Ukraine's Ruthene-Rus] were from the same bloodline because Slavs worshipped the Russian god, Rod. While the "Rod" of "Rodskarlar" may be variously defined as "root" or "red" or even "pole," the website above (it may not be active any longer) claimed that "Rodskarlar" is related to the term, "rodr/roder," which looks like "rotor" i.e. a wheel. This was a very important find for me because I had already realized by that time that "Ruthene" was itself rooted in the Latin "rota/roda," meaning "wheel." I might not have realized it except that a certain website had used "roth" as a variation of rota/roda."

The Ruthene of Languedoc had a capital at Rodez, and these peoples were obviously the Redones of the Rhodanus, near the mouth of which we find a Durance/Durantia river. I realized some days ago that the Durance may have been the mythical Eridanus (home of a Helios-branch peoples, no doubt from Rhodes). Just months ago, after claiming for years that the Rhodanus was the Eridanus, I was more sure that "Eridanus" was the modern "Rotten" river flowing through Sion and into lake Geneva. Then FE informed me that the Rotten river to the Germans was the Rhodanus too. It could be that three nearby rivers (i.e. including the Durantia) were called, "Eridanus."

On this map of Cuneo, see the Saluzzo location, smacking of the Salyes Ligures on the Durance river. To the immediate east of Saluzzo is Savage-like Savigliano, and next to that we come to Bra, smack in the Montferrat and Alba regions to which I trace the Vere Elf line. The Durance begins at the Cuneo border, or at least very close to it.

South of the Cuneo town you'll find Delmazzo, and while the Italian Mazzo Coat uses red roses (= Rhodian/Redone symbol), the "Jewish" Roter Coat (no variations shown) uses red roses and what could be the Massey horse design. Masseys use the Vere Shield and were from Manche, where the Vere surname was first found.

I repeat that because I had traced "Manche" to the Manx peoples of the Isle of Mann, and found Manx-branch Ligurians in the Bavarian city of Fussen...smacking of Fossano stamped to the south-east of Saluzzo!

The idea that the Durance was the Eridanus jibes with a trace of "Salyes" to "Sol," the alternative name of Helios in the Eridanus myth. One Durante-surname Coat uses a sun, and it happens to be the Italian Durante Coat. This Coat also uses the Abreu castle, and that leads me to finding that the Abreu lion is possibly that in the French (Languedoc) Rodez/Roder Coat.

You may have noted that the Rodez and Bruce lions are "fork" tailed (that's the official heraldic name), while the Cunningham Coat uses "fork" in the motto.

As per the Crissolo location to the north-west of Saluzzo, entering "Criss" brings up a Christ/Cristman surname but using a swan. Entering "Crist" gets another red rose. Both the Crists and Criss' were first found in Austria, making the gold-on-blue Criss star Bauer-star suspect.

As I trace the Masseys/Mazzos to Mysians, note the Limone Piedmont location to the south of DalMazzo, for Lemnos was off the coast of Mysia.

I had traced the Clares to the House of Candia of Savoy interests, and it was suggested that this surname (said to be a variation of "Scandia") was from "Sequani" and perhaps "Saxon" as well. Now see this: "The Durance flows more slowly than the Claree or Guisane, even though they are further downstream." There is a Claree/Clark surname, using nettle leaves. The Nettle surname (two intertwined serpents) was first in Yorkshire.

There is a Saluzzo Coat, just a white Shield with a blue Chief. These are not the colors of the Sales/Sails of Cheshire, but are the colors of the Bruces, Brugs, and Saylors/Sailers, all of Yorkshire. Saluzzo variations smack of "Slezsko," the Czech version of "Silesia."

As per the similarity of the Sellick Coat to the Talbot Coat, I remind you of my trace of the Cheshire Sales/Sails to the Tail/Tailor surname that I see as a Tal(bot) variation. The Tail lion looks like a variation of the "Jewish" Levi lion, and the Tail-Crest leopard looks like the Danish Bauer Crest.

THEN, the Tay/Teye Coat uses a white Shield and blue Chief (i.e. exactly the Saluzzo Coat), which is conspicuous because Tails/Tailers are also "TAYlor." Says were first found in Salop, the place to which I trace Sales/Sails.

WOW, am I glad I took the time for that last exercise, for we can now trace the Saluzzo surname (said to be of Saluzzo in Cuneo) to "Silesia" (in Poland) because the Say Crest is the same black bull (sometimes, not always, called a buffalo) of the Pohl/Pohland Coat, and the latter surname was first found in Silesia!!!

Moreover, I had traced "Silesia" back to the Sulcis location (= a Seleucid-bloodline location) on Sardinia because Polish king Mieszko was from Sardinia and involved with Silesia; the Mieske/Messech Coat also uses a (different) black bull.

More leaks:

The biggest leak of confidential documents in the history of the Middle East conflict has revealed that Palestinian negotiators secretly agreed to accept Israel's annexation of all but one of the settlements built illegally in occupied East Jerusalem...

...A cache of thousands of pages of confidential Palestinian records covering more than a decade of negotiations with Israel and the US has been obtained by al-Jazeera TV and shared exclusively with the Guardian...

...The documents -- many of which will be published by the Guardian over the coming days -- also reveal [some "juicy" things]

...Most controversially, they also proposed a joint committee to take over the Haram al-Sharif/Temple Mount holy sites in Jerusalem's Old City...

...The Guardian's coverage is supplemented by WikiLeaks cables, emanating from the US consulate in Jerusalem and embassy in Tel Aviv...

See today's Jerusalem Post for further details.

January 25

The trace of the Brittany Alan>Stewarts to Massino-Visconti elements must involve the Savoy bloodline. Entering "Savey" brings up the Saffer/Savary surname, and the write-up claims the family to be from Brittany. The central blue and white bell pattern (Stewarts use similar blue and white checks across their center) is linked (by me) to the blue and white lattice of the Taffey Coat because "Daffy" brings up the Cheshire Davids (in Savoy white-on-red). I'm repeating this because it was recently realized that Davids were from Devauds while the latter appear to be linked to "Sapaudia," the earlier name of the Savoys.

I'm repeating this because entering "Dave" brings up a clan first found in Savoy (that can't be coincidental), using white on blue, and having variations such as Daviault, Davioud, Daviaud (very Devaud-like), Davin, Davis, David, Davy, Davet, and Daviel.

Plus, the Dave colors are the Save colors, suggesting that the Savoy bloodline is from the Save/Sava river, a river that is "Sau" too, smacking of the SAUvages/SAVIDges that I link to the Cheshire "David" (both use black-on-white lions). One can also see, as per the "ey" being the Anglicized form of an "eg," that "Savoy" translates to "Savage."

Although the Visconti>Sforza serpent was originally green, with seven coils by design, it's shown now in blue on white with six coils (we wonder whether seven entities became only six with the loss/exclusion of one). The Save snake, with only two coils, should yet apply to the Visconti snake, if correct to trace "Sforza" to "Saffer."

Entering "Savon(a)" brings up the white-on-blue (i.e. Save and Dave colors) Saffin clan of Somerset, smack beside the Saffers/Savarys of Devon (who also use blue and white).

There's a huge story to be made in all of this, tracing a Templar-innate bloodline from the Sava river, from Savoy, from the Sabines=Safini Italians, from Savona, to Cheshire Davids, to Guiscard (he uses the Taffey lattice), to the Alan>Stewarts that now rule much of the Brito-American West, and to the Bavarian Illuminati. If we're wondering which of the terms came first, whether David or Taffey or Savage or Savoy or Sapaudia or Vaud or Sabine, I would suggest those closest to "Daphne" and "Devon," noting also that Sabines/Safini were very early in history.

As we saw above two reasons for tracing Savoy to Brittany, here's yet another reason: The Dave Coat (surname first in Savoy) is identical (almost) to the Davy Coat, and the latter surname (same Devaud-like variations as the Daves), was first found, says the write-up, in Brittany.

Both Coats use a lyre/harp because the clan came to believe the lie, that they trace to king David of Israel. Or, the clan purposely mislead its members, and/or the rest of the world, to make itself appear to be from the line of king David.

Let's consider the motto of the Savoy clan: "Saint-Maurice." We at first think that "Maurice" should be the code, but entering "Saint" brings up the Sinclair Coat...with a similar, "fat" cross. AND I do trace Sinclairs, known to be from a More entity, to Moray, the Mures/Maros river...i.e. to Maurice-like entities. Moreover, I suspect that Sinclair black-on-white is from the Cheshire Meres and DeMeres.

I see that the French Maurice/Morise Coat is the Davy Shield, using stars in Moray-star colors. Moreover, as Morays are also Morris', the Maurice clan shows Morris-using variations. Thus, Daves and Davys trace to Sinclairs too. What gives?

It was just yesterday that I mentioned the Claree surname for the first time:

I had traced the Clares to the House of Candia of Savoy interests...Now see this: "The Durance flows more slowly than the Claree or Guisane, even though they are further downstream." There is a Claree/Clark surname, using nettle leaves. The Nettle surname (two intertwined serpents) was first in Yorkshire.

English Saints/Sants were first found in Yorkshire too. Plus, the Nettle Coat uses two intertwined serpents each with five coils. Then, when we go to the Net Coat, what do we find but a "durum" motto term, smacking of the Durance river. The Nets are properly "Knight" and "Naught."

I don't forget a Lemnos-related Saintes location in France, founded by the Santones who lived beside the Lemovices of Limousin. Recall the Limone location of Cuneo yesterday, where Cuneo was featured due to its proximity to the Durance river. Anciently, a Sintian peoples lived on Lemnos, you see, and it seems evident that these Sintians are encoded in the Savoy-surname motto.

NOW, at the map above (click Lemovices link), see a branch of the Bituriges (central to the Bellovesus and/or Segovesus Gauls that I traced (see yesterday) to the (Sin)Clare-related house of Candia), to the immediate south of the Santones. The Bituriges are shown at the mouth of the Duranius river (!), AND, to the south of that river were the NITiobroges.

The area where the Nitis are found was Gascony (or Guyenne), wherefore note in the Claree quote above that the Durance flows into a section that is also called "Guisane." The Gisburns/Gisborns of Yorkshire come to mind, but also, the Guisane river may have been where Guiscard elements entered the Salyes picture (Robert Guiscard was of the Sinclair bloodline). Guiscards were in Yorkshire as the Gust-related Tancreds of Yorkshire.

Templar-related Tancreds ruled Antioch (Syria), the Seleucid capital (according to the Tancred write-up). As Tancreds use red-on-white, the Annan(dale) colors, and as Tancreds were first in Yorkshire, where Bruces were who had a branch in Annandale, I think the Tancred olive tree fructed is a symbol for the Laevi Gauls.

I don't think it's coincidental that the French Maurice/Morrison surname was first found in Guyenne. And look: the French Gay Coat was first found in Savoy (!), and uses the Sinclair rooster. Therefore, it's true that the "Saint" motto term of the Savoy surname is code for the Sinclairs.

The Castonguay variation of the Gays could link to the Gastons, who use the Owl/Howl owl (there's a Howel surname from Wales that applies to the Savoy bloodline later in this update), and, like Tancreds, Gastons use scallops (totally expected because Tancreds>Guiscard ruled Sicily). I trace "scallop" from "Sicily" to the Asclepios owl cult of Ascalon/Ashkelon, where Ascalon-like Shala and Dagon were deities, both of whom were depicted with wheat sheaves=garbs, the symbol of Gascony. It's known that Gascony was founded by Ascalon-like Euskals=Basques.

Safe to say, the Gays were Gascony elements but merged with Savoy, and as we saw yesterday that the Seleucid>Salyes bloodline was in Saluzzo of Cuneo (I'm convinced, anyway), where Bra of Cuneo was a major topic leading to the Brays, see that the Belgian Gays/Gayons use the Bray legs!!! Those exclamation marks are for those who might not have believed the trace of "Bray" to "Bruges," Belgium.

As Bra was linked to Massino-Visconti (I trace "Guis/WIS(card)" to "VIS(conti)"), and because I trace the latter to the Massins/Masons of Kent, I need to repeat here that the Masson/Mason lion is exactly the Louvain lion, the latter surname likewise first found in Kent but originating in Belgium.

The English Guy/Guise surname was from Guise location in France, and could therefore apply to the Durance>Guisane-river clans. The Guys use an "honestior" motto term, and so here's what was said earlier in this update: "The English Salmon/Salman Coat (Shakespeare and Fulkes spear) uses "sapientia," a term that I see as code for Savoy's Cottians as they linked to DeVauds>Daffys/Davids. The Salmons use "probitas," while the Nevers/Nevays use "Sola proba quae honestas." The "sola" could be code for the Salmons (and/or Salyes)."

In short, the Guys/Guise could link to the Salyes Ligurians by way of sharing the Salman motto term as well as by tracing to the Guisane. After writing the above quote, I did suggest that mythical Sol (= Helios) was on the Durance=Eridanus river as the root of the Salyes there. (I should repeat that I do trace Robert Guiscard to the Cottians because the Guiscard lattice symbol is used by the Cott Coat. I had come to the Cott Coat by entering "Gaut," the root of the Swedish Gust surname.)

I don't forget that I traced Gisburns from the Odin write-up to the Bavarian Oettingens that use an old white-on-red Gascony flag, or that I trace the red and white stripes of the American flag to Berry (Avaricum on the map), the location of the other branch of Bituriges (north of the Lemovices). I'm trying to get across to you that Wassas=Washingtons were in the thick of this particular Gascony picture involving Lemnos elements.

If you look at the map south of the Sequani, there you see the earlier name of lake Geneva , "Lemanus," smacking again of Lemnos.

While English Gays use a swan and blue lozenges, I would link them to swan-cult elements from Bavaria. The Belgian Gays are said to have been first found in Hainault, and when we enter "Hainault," we get a black-on-gold lion that must be the Arms of Flanders. It's the same design (forked tail) as the blue-on-gold Massin/Louvain lion, if you catch the drift (i.e. the latter use a version of the Flanders lion).

As I trace Hains surnames (German Hains were first found in Silesia) to Hannibals, I've got to mention what a friend mentioned to me last night, that Sean Hannity (Fox News) married a Rhodes surname. It just so happens that both the Rhodes surname and the English Hain surname were first found in Lincolnshire. Hannitys were likewise first found in Lincolnshire, and the Hannity Coat uses the Sellick (i.e. = Silesia elements) border. Hannitys were treated solidly in the third update of this month.

I've mentioned several times that Wigton-surname stars are the Sellick stars, and that Wigton was the early home of the (blue-on-white) Hanna/Hannethe surname. But today I find that the HaNETH-like Net/Night/Naught surname was first in Kirkcudbrightshire (= Wigton). Hmm. Could this mean that Naughtens/Nortons and Notting(ham)s were from Hanna elements? The Nottingham Coat, anyway, is in the gold-on-black colors of the Nets/Nights/Naughts ("durum" motto term).

Hmm, Scottish Naughtons use Hanna colors, and Irish Naughtens were first found in Clare (i.e. could link to the Durance>Claree river), and descended from Aeneas Lally. I mentioned this previously as evidence that Naughtens trace to Aeneus-related Carthaginians>Romans, and I did trace "Aeneus" and "Hanni(bal)" Carthaginians both to Anat>Heneti elements. I just didn't realize that "Naught" could be from "HaNETh," an idea that seems compelling in light of their mutual link in Kirkcudbrightshire/Wigton.

Blue-on-white-lion (i.e. Hanneth colors) Gallerys/Galloways (I'm thinking Gauls) were first in Kirkcudbrightshire too, and we see the Gallery surname in the Sauer write-up, a clan named after the Sua/Sava river.

Back to the Savoy-surname motto, "Saint Maurice." There is a Welsh Maurice/Morys/Morice surname that should link to the Welsh>Cheshire Davids if indeed the latter were ultimately variations of "Savoy" elements. The Maurice/Morys Crest uses a tree stump, the symbol of the Milan Coat.

NOW, see also the Welsh Merick/Morice Coat in Moray colors and using what should be the Wigton and Sellick (pierced) stars, for Sellicks were first found in Herefordshire, where the Maurice/Morys clan was first found.

Richard Amerike, the Welshman who I think named America, used both the blue and white of the Merick/Morice Coat, and red and gold, the latter combination being the colors of the Maurice/Morys Coat. The write-ups suggest traces back to Mauritanian Moors, though forward from Moors to a Morys ap Morgan. That then gets us back to Switzerland's Morges region, in Vaud, from where I trace the DeVauds (!) to the Welsh Davids.

Ancestors of Morys ap Morgan are listed as Howel ap Madoc and (his son, I assume) Phillip Dorddu ap Howel.

Sean Hannity is a Catholic who likes to quote Jesus, "Let not your heart be troubled," though he leaves out the rest, "believe in God, believe also in Me" (John 14:1). Is it right to use the words of Jesus out of context in political talk? Is Hannity's purpose to reel in Christians as though dealing with Christian topics? Yet his show is NOT based on Jesus, but on economy, Republicans, conservatism, and on the physical here and now. One might like to argue that the economy is important for putting food on the table, so as to make it a Christian concern, but there is reason to be concerned with the direction that he's taking Christian thought.

To what extent is his show a Fox-news agenda decided in meetings that hash out not only the agenda but the attitude of the show? Fox was founded by a MURdoch surname (Sequani-like motto term). A co-founder has a Diller surname, first found in Baden. Under "Key People," we find a Rice surname, which is found as "Rys" in the write-up of the MUR(doch)-like Maurice clan, and a Reilly surname, suggesting that Bill O'Reilly, another Catholic, might be related to the founding of the organization, or nearly so.

The English Rys Coat is the Welsh/Arthurian Waldwin Coat, smacking also of the Rodham Coat, and even a little like the Welsh David Coat. Variations of the Rys surname include Rye and Rie, perhaps linked to hand-using "Reilly." The Dillers use what looks like the Arms of Trebizond, a Coat that I trace to Drummonds. The Diller variations include "Dillen/Dillon," wherefore we enter "Dylon" to discover them as "Barons of Drumrany" (Westmeath) and "descended from Logan de Lion." The Logan surname is from Westmeath too. The Dylan motto, "Dum spiro spero," is the Massin/Mason motto, which helps to trace the Massins to the Speers because the Dylans use red-on-white crescents, the Speer-Chief symbol.

Entering "Duck" brings up the Logan Coat, and "Duck" is even shown in the list of variations. I'm thinking MurDuck.

Dylans also use a red-on-white lion, the Dallen/Delane symbol, meaning that Dylans/Dillons are D'Allens (the use a red-on-white lion too as the English Stewarts) from Brittany, perfectly expected where Allens were fundamentally linked to Massino-Visconti. Murdochs use blue and white checks in the same fashion as the same checks of the Scottish Stewart Coat (which Coat smacks of the Massi/Mattis Coat).

Then, English Docks' use the Massin/Mason lion! And the Docks were first found in Salop=Shropshire, where the Allens of Brittany resided. My suggestion, therefore, is that "MurDoch" is a Massino line to the Allens...which can explain why Alice Stewart is a member of Sean Hannity's Great American Panel.

Dallens are traced (by me) to Dougals/Dowells (both use the same style lion, and some Dallens are "Dahlen"), while Dougals and Douglas' (red heart, salamander, Moray stars) were traced to the Sava river and to the red Sauvage heart symbol, explaining why Dougals were first found in Galloway, where the Gallery/Galloway clan was first found that was root to the Sauers at the Sava river. A red heart is used also by the Logans/Ducks.

I've already mentioned that the Scottish Dock Coat smacks of Tancred and their Tankerville relatives together, suggesting that Rupert Murdoch named Fox Broadcasting after Robert Guiscard, "the Fox." Tankervilles were first found in Lincolnshire, where Hannitys and Hains were first found. The Tankerville write-up links to the Darks/D'Arques of Kent (where Massins lived), who use a strongarm, the Rothschild strongarm, I figure.

It would be nice to discover one day that Fox News is filled with ex-Illuminatists who are betraying the American Illuminati, and yet what if they are still linked to Illuminatists that wish to use Christians for political/corporate purposes, and then perhaps simultaneously corrupt Christians and/or attempt to disengage them from Christ?

I've already shown that the Doke/Duke Coat uses blue-on-white rings (almost), the symbol of the Italian Ottone Coat (the first Visconti ruler of Milan was Ottone Visconti).

The same colors are used by the German Nails, which I bring up as per the nails in the Logan/Duck Coat. As the Nails are Neils, check out the hand between two-Dougal-like lions in the Irish Neil Coat, for the O'Reilly Coat is a hand between two Dougal-like lions.


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