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February 1 - 5, 2011

Doctor O and the Egyptian Operation
Obama Gnawing at Mubarak, and Other Mice Stories

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February 1

Last night on a Fox commentary it was disclosed that while the Obama-team is portraying itself with a hands-off approach to the Egyptian crisis, his high-level agents are frantically in touch with the Egyptian army for to curve their final decisions the O-way. We easily imagine the O-team insisting that the army stay clear of any pact with the Muslim Brotherhood.

But what really is the O-way? How has he instructed his high-levelers to sway to the Egyptian army? Yes, the O must make it appear that he doesn't want to give the Muslim Brotherhood any part of an outcome, but if he secretly guns for, or even appreciates Muslim fundamentalism, he could say that, in the name of a fair democratic representation, we should give the Brothelhood a short end of the power stick, giving the longer parts to ElBaradei and/or the secular parts of the army, thinking that giving the Brotherhood an inch today could get them the entire stick tomorrow.

If Joe Biden's "dictator" comment is any gauge of Obama's agenda in Egypt, Obama seeks to include the pro-Mubarak side of the army in the future Egyptian power structure. I've settled on my own prediction, and it includes a Mubarak element in a temporary Egyptian future. I predict that the Brotherhood will not come out on top of this present struggle because I believe the anti-Christ must yet invade Egypt due to its "friendly" relations with Israel. If the Brotherhood were ruling Egypt in time for the anti-Christ's prophetic mission, he might not be able to fulfill prophecy, for he must attack Egypt at a time when his heart is set against a "holy covenant" with which Israel is involved.

It doesn't necessarily follow that the holy covenant includes Egypt, or that it's to be defined as the Camp David Accords with Egypt. I view that covenant as the promise of God to Abraham: to give "Palestine" to the Israeli people forever. But I've maintained that Egypt's Camp-David treaty with Israel will be despised by the anti-Christ because it accept's Israel's existence and therefore tends to favor the holy covenant. If the Brotherhood were to be in charge of Egypt when the anti-Christ mission arrives, he would be making an alliance with the Brotherhood, I must assume, rather than invading it.

The prediction seems simple enough, that when the anti-Christ arrives to his fame, he will make an alliance with the Brotherhood for to topple Egypt, which alliance will simultaneously reinforce his war mission against Israel. The reason that I don't view the current situation as Obama=antiChrist in fulfillment of Daniel 11 is that verse 25 tells of a massive war by which Egypt is toppled, not the current demonstration.

But if God is to remove the hedge around Israel that has kept the nation "safe" and in existence thus far, it makes total sense that a Muslim-backgounded US president, with fingers in Egypt and other nations surrounding Israel, should arrive to remove the hedge. We could be witnessing that hedge-whacking American president right now.

Does the timing of yesterday's legal decision have anything to do with changing Obama's attitude for the worse? A court struck down his entire health-care legislation. As of today, Obama's health-care revamp is void and illegal, and pundits are telling that the U.S. supreme court (nine judges) is likely to shoot it down in a 5-4 decision. This means that Obama must now be highly concerned with his health-care baby (he has had success in no other effort, unless the stimulus package is viewed as one of his successes), and may need to divert much to save his baby, leaving less time for his Middle-East agenda, and/or traumatizing his mind when key decisions need to be made on such critical situations as Egypt.

From the start of the Egyptian "crisis." Obama's foreign affairs team has made it appear that Mubarak is the bad guy worthy of his current dilemma. The purpose may be to get Mubarak on his knees so that he'll do Obama's will more readily. It's too early for me to tell whether Obama wants Mubarak to survive to some degree. I feel that Obama's will is more toward ElBaradei. I feel that ElBaradei is the globalist Arab that Globamists (i.e. his invisible "bosses") wish to install in Egypt. I keep in mind that there are anti-Israeli "Jewish" Illuminatists waiting for the next Nazi wave, the next Hitler, and many of us wonder whether Globamists include just those fiends.

Over-night, Obama has put on his boxing gloves. He tried to kiss up to Republicans just prior to yesterday, hoping to pacify their anger at a time when they had the destruction of his health-care package in their sights. But now that the court has effected that destruction for the Republicans, kissy-time will be over. Republicans are on a high wave, besides, due to the decision, and have Obama trapped in a corner of the ring bleeding at both eyes. Democrats are out on the news shows smiling extraordinarily large to hide their great disappointment, over-shadowed only by their humiliation. It is being reported that even Obama, before he was president, opposed the forcing of the people to pay for health-care, the very reason that the court killed his Frankenstein baby.

But the hypOcrite will come out with boxing gloves to defend his monster, betraying even his own arguments of yesterday. That's because he has provided the monster for the sake of other Democrats, who no doubt have selfish motives for a universal health-care system. It is of no honor deserved to say to the people, "We Democrats would like to see every American having health care coverage, because we care for the people, and so we just figured a way to get you that forcing every American to pay for it." Stupids.

The fact is, some Americans opt not to pay for health insurance because they're willing to take the risks, or because they are healthy enough to think they'd get a better deal apart from insurance paying for their medical needs. It's important, on the one hand, not to take that right of decision away from people. Democrats resolve society's problems by having everyone pay for every evil, even those people who don't cause the evils.

Is it right for people without children to pay the schooling of other peoples' children? We know it's not right, but unless this situation is forced upon the people, some children will go without schooling, and the financial damage to tax revenue will be greater, later, than where taxes are used in the first place to get children educated.

There are many tax pools like this that can be considered "charity" by those who don't use their share of the pools, and God is for charity. What God is NOT for is a government making decisions for the people that force them to pay for things just to save the government money so that government can spend elsewhere, for example to build a global government. Forcing everyone to pay for everyone's health care can be done for charity's sake, but it can also be done with a sinister motive, to result in no government tax dollars going toward the health care of the too-poor and uninsured.

It's the same with cigarettes. People have a right to smoke, but governments with government-run health care would like to see no smokers for to save health-care costs. They (Canada is a good example) therefore tax cigarettes heavily, advertise it as a socially-unacceptable behavior, and find impetus for making it illegal to smoke in public and corporate places. The next step is to just make smoking illegal. I'm all for it because I don't smoke, and because it does detract from the health of our children. BUT if the reasons for ridding society of smokers is financial only, then we'll get stupids legalizing prostitution and abusive drugs just to save tax dollars on fighting those things. Why not just make all other forms of crime legal, and then it won't cost us a cent?

The point is, it's wrong to make things legal or illegal based only on the financial considerations. That's because "it's the morality, stupid." Most people know that morality (the term has gone out of style so that "ethics" is used instead) counts lots, and ultimately morality wins the day because immorality has a very bid price tag, both financially and socially. Pornography ruins marriages directly and indirectly. It creates single-parent children. What price tag do we put on that?

And porn creates a higher incidents of rape. How much are people willing to spend to rid society of rape? Where is Obama's anti-porn agenda? Yet Hollywood filth continues to flow unchecked because too many Americans and others think that freedom of expression is sacred, though the weightier reality is that liberals/humanists (those who stress mankind apart from God) have stacked the courts with their own sin-licensing kind.

Morality is not a backward concept. It's defined as right-versus-wrong, and judges use it to make their decisions. Parents use it to raise their children. Bosses use it to form their businesses. But in an ever-growing wave, money speaks louder than morality...for those whom God is shutting out of the Kingdom. Some parents have ditched morality for greater incomes. Some bosses have dumped morality to make more money.

Criminals are by nature immoral; they become criminals because they have no/little morality to start with, or of they do, they repress it while acting as criminals. A rapists rapes because he cares not for the victim's horror. Some judges do not keep to morality because they hate Christians, for Christians are mocked as those who wish to "force" morality on all society. And that's why morality became a backward term.

But do we Christians snub morality too just because it went out of fashion? God forbid. Even the immoral are coming round to morality again after seeing the fruits of their immorality. They don't want their children to behave as they did when they forsook God's principals. But rather than accept the power of God, they create an appearance of godliness apart from acknowledging God.

Stupids, always stupid from start to finish, always pig-nosed, they fail to do society any favors. And so the False Prophet (and many false prophets) comes as a lamb to take them all away, to destruction, and the world will burn because the Fire Starter in the Sky needs to purge what is going on now before our eyes.

The weeds of the earth mock louder when they suffer political defeat, and sin seeds from Democrat leaders grows more sin in the streets when Democrats can't get their political way. The political situation in the Western world has nearly arrived to a spirit of physical war, and I myself would join a war of weapons to fight the liberals should they start a war, except that God demands we not fight with weapons of the world, especially at the very end times. Put away your killing spirit, Elect of God, for it is the Lord's to start the fire.

Don't give your soul to destructive hatred so much as you are able, for hate also affects the soul that manufactures it. There is nothing we can do about the hate created by the words and deeds of others, and in these cases it is correct to hate. God will reward those who feel hatred toward the brazen mockery and naked opposition of His morality.

I think that God understands right-versus-wrong correctly, and better than any man or group of "wisemen," don't you? Something is wrong when it hurts others. That is, "wrong" can be defined as the taking away of something from someone, not necessarily the taking of a physical thing, or of forcefully giving something to someone who doesn't want it.

Who can reach to the mind of the One that created all living things? What human mind can attain a glimpse upon the capacity of God's knowledge and intelligence? Try, but you won't attain it. If you think you've glimpsed the level of God's intelligence, you're an arrogant fool thinking too much of your own intelligence. That's the liberal, who thinks he/she has one-up on God's morality, even one-up on God's wisdom.

Liberals hope to progress in knowledge and wisdom to the point of replacing God; they wish to unseat Him as the ruler of the universe, and they are not willing to wait until evolution over millions of years gives them that capability. They want it now, in this era, if not in this very generation.

By what coincidence do we read today:

King Adullah [of Jordan] nominates ex-army general Marouf al-Bakhit as prime minister after thousands of Jordanians take to the streets and call for the current PM to resign, due to rise in food, fuel prices.

...ordan's King Abdullah II fired his government [today] in the wake of street protests and asked an ex-prime minister to form a new Cabinet, ordering him to launch immediate political reforms.

...The statement said Abdullah also demanded an "immediate revision" of laws governing politics and public freedoms.

...Some gains been made in women's rights, but many say they have not gone far enough. Abdullah has pressed for stiffer penalties for perpetrators of "honor killings," but courts often hand down lenient sentences.

That makes it sound as though the demonstrators are not Muslim fundamentalists. But can't the fundamentalists use the demonstrations to work their way to power? Isn't that the threat in Egypt right now? Don't Egypt and Jordan constitute hedges around most of Israel's borders? Are the current uprisings, therefore, the first stages of Israel's great tribulation?

The article says:

Bakhit is a moderate politician, who served as Jordan's ambassador to Israel earlier this decade.

He holds similar views to Abdullah in keeping close ties with Israel under a peace treaty signed in 1994 and strong relations with the United States, Jordan's largest aid donor and longtime ally.

In 2005, Abdullah named Bakhit as his prime minister days after a triple bombing on Amman hotels claimed by the al-Qaida in Iraq leader, Jordanian-born Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.

Zarqawi is the one that conducted the string of decapitations of Westerners some years ago, signalling what abomination may yet come upon Israelis. When Jordan's "pro-Israeli" government falls, we might expect Israel's great tribulation, but then I wouldn't assume that Jordan's changing of the guard must come first, before the arrival of the anti-Christ.

Hamas is not entertaining the Egyptian demonstrations:

Hamas police prevented a handful of people in Gaza from demonstrating in solidarity with the Egyptian protesters demanding President Hosni Mubarak's ouster, a Gaza activist said [today].

The West Bank's Palestinian Authority also squelched a pro-Egypt protest this week, announcing [today] that it will hold local council elections "as soon as possible.

Although Hezbollah elements in Lebanon is hailing the Egyptian demonstrations, why is Hamas surprisingly opposed to demonstrations? Hamas hates the Mubarak government, and the Palestinian elections are in the West Bank while Hamas in Gaza plans to sit them out. In other words, disruption of the elections wouldn't seem to be the reason that Hamas isn't starting it's own wave of Egyptian-like demonstrations. A better reason is that Hamas fears demonstrations against itself, for Hamas has made Gazans terribly poor and abused.

Plus, Gaza demonstrators on behalf of the Egyptian situation may be for Egyptian elements that are not Muslin fundamentalist. It has not yet been determined or announced (by news organizations, anyway) what the Egyptian demonstrators (look like politically or philosophically. To what sort of movement does the majority represent? How divided are the crowds when not considering their common thread of ousting of Mubarak?

If pro-West forces come out on top, it doesn't necessarily mean that Israel's great tribulation is directly unrelated. Demonstrations that put western powers on top will breed demonstrations to oust the pro-Western governments. Unruly demonstrations may be a wave of the future, a wave that empowers the anti-Christ.

The point was made at Fox that the Egyptian protesters were nearly all men, unlike Iranian protestors under Mousavi. When pro-antiChrist demonstrations start taking shape, we could expect an all-male audience again, of potential and willing fighters. The poor thugs will find their food and more by winning wars under the direction of the devil incarnate. Make no mistake about it, the Muslim wave is not God's, and not Allah's, unless one views the latter as satanism dressed in Godly clothing (many peaceful Muslims view al-Qaeda in that way).

The Egyptian movement hasn't fizzled; quite the opposite:

Massive tides of protesters flooded Cairo and Egypt's second city, Alexandria, [today] for the biggest outpouring of anger yet...

Several hundred thousand demonstrators massed in Cairo's Tahrir Square protest epicenter for a "march of one million"...

...A committee of Egyptian opposition groups, which includes ElBaradei and the powerful Muslim Brotherhood, pledged there would be no negotiations with the regime until Mubarak "leaves"...

It doesn't sound there that, should the O-people be seeking a Mubarak-inclusive future, that the opposition is complying. But we don't know whether the O-team is seeking to save some of Mubarak's skin, and Obama has looked more like a trapper. At best, Obama is a tanner trying to change the color of Mubarak's hide.

And speaking of hide, Mubarak's whereabouts are now known, surrounded by military at his presidential palace. By what over-night development did he come to trust his military commanders? What assurances was he given as the O-team engaged his commanders?

The opposition may be feigning their uncompromising opposition for acquiring the most out of a vulnerable Mubarak. The crowds have become large enough to bend Mubarak into a pretzel, and for the opposition to send the masses anything less than an uncompromising message would quench their fervor and dissipate the crowds.

Right now, high-level talks are trying to hash out a solution, and in those rooms the opposition must deal with its realities, that yesterday it had no hope of governing, while now it does. Barking for too much at this time might leave the opposition parties empty-handed. The survival of a pro-West Mubarak is thereby reasonably predictable, but if not Mubarak, then a pro-West Mubarak agent.

As for ElBaradei's apparent anti-West position, that should change, for if he wants a share of power he'll need to link with the money-mouthed O-dministration...if the latter has a good leash on the Egyptian military. If the dog wants to get away and run the park on its own, ElBaradei could forego Western designs in like manner and find some tail-sniffing communion with the dog. But something tells me that the military dog won't need ElBaradei should it escape Obama's leash.

Assuming that ElBaradei is an Obama puppet from the start -- that the O-team has always intended to hang in power over Mubarak's dried-up hide -- there should be the outcome of a military keeping to the O-wner's will, and accepting ElBaradei as its figurehead government. The dog knows that the O-wner has the dog food, after all, and we can bet that the best Kibbles-and-Bits are now filling the dog bowl as incentive for playing along. The dog never had it so good as it sees its future now; all it needs to do is move out of the dog house and into Mubarak's palace.

But we don't leave God's will out of the deal-making, and for that I can't see it wise to make predications at all. But talking about the different possibilities is just as fun as chasing the frisbee and catching it in-mouth with all four paws flying through the air. The fun stops, however, at this:

A leading member of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt told the Arabic-language Iranian news network Al-Alam [yesterday] that he would like to see the Egyptian people prepare for war against Israel...

Muhammad Ghannem reportedly told Al-Alam that the Suez Canal should be closed immediately, and that the flow of gas from Egypt to Israel should cease "in order to bring about the downfall of the Mubarak regime."

We wait to see how strong the anti-Zionists forces in Egypt are at the moment. But I don't think they'll get the lion' share of the next government, yet. That's Reserved, for The Time, when the other dog, the Israeli traitors, are wagging happily upon the dung-filled vineyard of God. But the vineyard will be taken from the wolves, and the dung that they have lain will be washed away, when the Vineyard is given to others, to the meek, the poor, the lame; those who never had hope of ruling will rule better than the greatest this world had to offer.

Washington: The United States is asking besieged Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to lift the emergency police powers...,P> ...Two American officials said the US government would prefer that Mubarak not run for re-election in presidential voting scheduled for September.

The officials spoke on condition of anonymity...

...Neither Gibbs nor State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley would say what the US thinks Mubarak should do.

...Meanwhile, Crowley also confirmed that the Obama administration has sent a retired senior diplomat to Egypt to press the US case for democratic reforms to top Egyptian officials. The State Department said [yesterday] that the former ambassador to Egypt, Frank Wisner, was now on the ground in Cairo and would be meeting with Egyptian officials to urge them to embrace broad economic and political changes that could pave the way for free and fair elections.

That last paragraph above came after quotes from O-men claiming that Obama has no intention of "anointing" the next Egyptian ruler. No, maybe not, but then why should we believe a deceiver such as Obama? And what else are his glo-people doing in Egypt but to turn events O-way, not at all meaning that he's trying to turn events for the betterment of the American people. There are elements in the world far-more important to Obama than the mere people.

Michele Dunne [related to Obama's Dunham bloodline?) is one of the people who were invited to a White-House meeting with Mubarak people today. The stated purpose of the meeting is to find a way forward...that we can assume to be to Obama's liking. I'm watching her right now on Fox (I turned the television on just a couple of minute ago), saying that the Muslim Brotherhood is a political part of Egypt and should therefore have a part in the next government, even if only a minor part.

Here's a Michele Dunne article on Mubarak's visit to the White House in 2009. She is actually telling Obama what he should do, and who knows but that she is in cahoots with Obama;s invisible bosses:

Obama should work with Mubarak on Arab-Israeli issues and Iran, and listen to the Egyptian leader's counsel. But he should also ask Mubarak how he plans to address rising demand for the rule of law and free political competition in Egypt. The U.S. administration should reconsider its disengagement from Egyptian civil society and find a way to establish partnerships with the many institutions and organizations that can play constructive roles in a transition toward a more open system.

Then Obama will have shown his respect not just for our man in Cairo but for 83 million Egyptians as well.

While the Illuminati might say "our man in Cairo...", Obama might say, "...and my Brotherhood in Cairo."

Dunne is editor of the Arab Reform Bulletin. "A former specialist on Middle East affairs at the U.S. Department of State and White House, she served in assignments including the National Security Council staff, the Secretary of State's Policy Planning Staff, the U.S. Embassy in Cairo, the U.S. Consulate General in Jerusalem, and the Department of State's Bureau of Intelligence and Research." She was followed on Fox by an Abram surname ("Jewish", apparently), advising Obama to contact Mubarak secretly, not publicly, to urge him to quit.

Dunne has a blog site where she writes:

Hi, this is Michele Dunne from the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. I am here to discuss the situation in Egypt and answer your questions.

...It is true that Islamists, specifically the Muslim Brotherhood, are an important part of the political scene but they do not dominate it and were not in the forefront of these protests. We're going to have to make our peace with the fact that they will be part of the change, while we continue to emphasize that Egypt should make a transition to real democracy...

Again, there we have it, a globalist -- and Muslim-associated to boot-- invited to the White House meeting with Obama and Egyptian diplomats, saying, face it, the Brotherhood should have a part in the next government.

I apologize to some emailers. I said that I'd talk about their bloodline topics three days ago, but the Egyptian situation has taken up the space. I'll get to it as I can.

February 2

I've never seen or heard lightning and thunder in the middle of a blizzard before (45 mph gusts, and it's always gusty), but this morning after dawn, while the air was white, there was a large lightning bolt visible through my window, followed by a roll of thunder. The temperature is currently 12 F where I am, way too cold for lightning. NEVER have I heard lightning at any temperature below freezing. There was not a second bolt. The only one was outside my window while my eyes happened to be looking toward the window. A sign? A warning? A message for you?

With all the talk on the MacKay surname here at tribwatch, what could this be?

..."President of the World: The Bill Clinton Phenomenon" is an MSNBC original production and was produced for MSNBC by Peacock Productions. For Peacock Productions, Keith McKay is Executive Producer and Kate Hampson is Producer. Benjamin Ringe and Knute Walker are Co-Executive Producers of Peacock Productions. Sharon Scott is Executive-in-Charge of Peacock Productions. For MSNBC, Mike Rubin is Vice President, Long Form Programming. Scott Hooker is Senior Executive Producer, MSNBC. Timothy Smith is Senior Producer, MSNBC.

The Walker surname was featured just in the third update of January. The Peacock surname (mascles) is a Pollock sept, and Pollocks are a sept of Maxwells (Roxburghshire), who are related to Maxtons (Roxburghshire), a Meschin and/or MacKay branch, and meanwhile the Scott surname was first found in Roxburghshire too. Rings use scallops in colors reversed from Meschins, and Walkers, Scotts and Blythes (= Clinton's true father's surname) all use crescents (Saracen symbol I think).

As per the Meschin trace to the Bavarian Illuminati, let me repeat from yesterday that Obama chose to send Frank Wisner, a former ambassador, to speak to Egyptians officials concerning the O-plots to modify the Egyptian government. It wasn't until after the update that I checked the Wisner surname (heart, Bauer star), to find it in the colors of the Weis/Wise surname (first found in Bavaria), and having Weis-like variations such as Wiese, Wies, and Wisener.

For those who don't know, the founder of the Bavarian Illuminati was a Weishaupt surname, and furthermore, as per my re-occurring Meschin-et-al trace to Silesia, the Wisner/Wies surname was first found in Silesia. How could this be coincidental, that as the Seleucid>Silesia topic became extra-large in the past few days, we find Obama, suspect as being from the Meschin bloodline in multiple ways, sending a Silesia-based surname to doctor a critical Middle East situation?

Entering "Wis" and "Wiss" brings up the Wishard/Guiscard surname with WISEhart surname.

Entering "Wish" as per WISHard" brings a Wisner-like Shield (but in different colors), a surname first found in Herefordshire, where the Sellicks were first found...who were traced to "Silesia." In fact, the Wish Shield is much like the Sellick Shield. And the Wish surname is properly "Wis(ham)," while entering "Washam" brings up the proto-Washington Wassa Coat. The Wes Coat is in Wisham colors.

Hard-C versions of "Weis" appear to include the Vick surname for obvious reasons. Entering "Wisk" brings up a clan first found in Sussex, where the Weeks/Wicks were first found. The Weeks motto uses "carent," while entering "Karen" brings up another clan (sleeping moon, traced to mythical sleeping Endymion of Caria, who married the moon goddess) first found in Silesia. The moon goddess of Endymion was a Silesia-like Selene.

Entering "Sellen" (gold Zionist star like the Weis') ) brings up the Sell/Seller surname first found in Westphalia, where the Wisers/Wischers were first found. Entering "Wisker/Wesker" brings up the Guiscard Coat. There is a Weiss surname (double 's') with a Weisser branch in Silesia, in colors reversed to German Wisers/Wiskers.

The latter are also "Wischmann/Wissmann/Wissmanne," while German Wisemans were unsurprisingly first found in Bavaria.

Entering "Voss" (mascle) brings up the Faux/Fawkes surname, first found in Essex, as with the English Wisemans. Though German Voss' show no fox-like variations, yet they use a fox symbol. There's a good possibility that the Voss term links to "Wis/Guis(card) "the fox." The Voss fox is identical to the "Jewish" Fox-surname fox.

While Voss'/Faux'/Fawkes' use a black-on-white mascle with ermine background, Wisemans use a white-on-black chevron with ermined background. The Weeks/Wicks (Sussex) use black-on-white (axes) ermined Shield. Remember, the Ermine Coat is an Annan(dale)-like saltire. Now read the below on a Laevi trace.

I do believe that entering "Wixon" just got a Laevi-related clan. It too is black-on-white, but it's properly the Wickham, Wickombe, or Wiggam surname. The motto includes "manners," while the German Manner surname uses the "Jewish" Levi lion (in white). AND, the Wickham/Wickombe Coat just happens to use two black chevrons nearly matching the three black Levi chevrons. This suggests a Weis-et-al link to the Laevi and Ananes (pagan Gauls).

The Wickham/Wickombe Crest uses a bull head much like the Say Crest, and while the Say Coat reflects the Massey Shield, the German Manner Coat is the Massey Shield (ignoring the symbols). This reminds me of my trace of Maceys/Masseys (of Manche) to the Mathie/Mann surname (Mackays/Maceys use a "manu" motto term), for the Manners are also "Mann."

English Manners use a peacock for a Crest.

The Mathie/Mann surname is also "Mattheson," and entering "Matthew" brings up the Mathie/Mann symbol but on a different Coat. This evokes the liberal thrasher, Chris Matthews, the narrator on President of the World: The Bill Clinton Phenomenon.

I had traced the Mattie motto phrase, "Fac et," to the fox-derived/related Fawcett surname (much like the Fawkes variation of the Voss'), but didn't notice then the following evidence: that Fawcetts use the same theme (black lion on gold) as Welsh Matthews.

Dutch Voss' use a Doss variation, providing a clue to link them to the fox-using Voss' because entering "Foss(en)" gets a fox-using Foss/Voss clan (Somerset). This surname evokes Fussen of Bavaria.

The question now is whether "Fulk" was originally Wis-like, as per a Wis>Voss/Faux/Fawkes>Fulk evolution of terms.

The Voessing and Voeske variations of the fox-using Voss' caused a look at the Ossen surname (Westphalia), found to use an Oessen variation. Though I nearly ended that line of investigation immediately, I recalled the Hose surname...and found it to use three human legs, highly reflective of the Arms of Isle of Mann and of Fussen!!

I'm keeping in mind (until I forget) that the Ossens/Oessens, if they were also "Voeske," may have been named in honor of "Euskal." The Ossen/Oessen lion is used in the same colors by the Hoskins, and Osgoods/HOSgoods use garbs, a Gascony symbol. This is perfect, for I've suggested many times a link of Guis/Wis terms to "GAScony" (Gascones/Vascones were Euskals).

The Gos surname (Washington-colored stars) was first in Staffordshire, where the Wes(ton)/Wesson surname was first found. Again, Ranulf le Meschin was a Gos on his mother's side, and he used garbs (i.e. GAScony symbol) that became a chief symbol of Cheshire.

The Weston surname was named after a location of that name, though it was apparently named after "Wes" or something similar. But the Weston write-up seems to trace to a French Bail-like surname: "Reginald Bailleul was from Bailleul-En-Gouffern at Orne..." The French Bail/Baule surname (in Bellamy colors) was first found in Provence, where some Bellovesus Gauls struck out from.

I now have some evidence for an aging theory, that "Bellamy" is the makings of "Fleming/Vlaam." For the German Balley/Belli surname uses a "flaming beacon," while the flame is supposed (by me) to be a Fleming symbol. The black eagle design of the Balley/Belli Coat was stressed in the sixth update of January, belonging to the Whites (who use a bell pattern) and German Blancs (Bellamy-like Shield).

The Balley/Belli Coat is likewise in Bellamy colors, which are the Italian Masci colors (Mascis/Mascys issued from, or were fundamentally linked to, the Norman house of Bellamy), and moreover the Balley/Belli Coat is much like the Italian Massi/Mattis Coat. The French Belle Shield (minus the symbols) Coat is nearly identical to the Balley/Belli Coat, and the surname was first found in Gascony! It's clear to me that the English Bells (Dumfries) were Bellamys.

The following badly discredits my belief that 9-11 was an inside job by Western/American groups (in cahoots with, and/or protected by, the Bush administration)...unless the following was part of the con-job:

Secret documents [put out by WikiLeaks] reveal that the three Qatari men conducted surveillance on the targets, provided "support" to the [9-11] plotters and had tickets for a flight to Washington on the eve of the [9-11] atrocities.

The suspected terrorists flew from London to New York on a British Airways flight three weeks before the [9-11] attacks.

...The Qatari men were scheduled to board American Airlines Flight 144 on September 10th from Los Angeles to Washington but did not turn up.

...On September 10 they were booked on an American Airlines flight [144 above] from Los Angeles to Washington, but failed to board. The following day the same Boeing 757 aircraft [not flight 144 on that day] was hijacked by five terrorists and crashed into the Pentagon.

But, instead of boarding the American flight, the Qatari suspects - named as Meshal Alhajri, Fahad Abdulla and Ali Alfehaid - flew back to London on a British Airways flight before returning to Qatar. Their current location is unknown.

There are one or two ways that my belief on 9-11 can be true in spite of this leak. Number one, the leak/cable itself is part of the Western plot with the purpose of fulfilling number two, which was to "frame" Arabs i.e. the Qatari men above, and/or their leader (Mansoori, see below), were working for the Western plotters to provide damning "evidence" against Arabs that had nothing to do with 9-11. As this evidence was not used (until now, anyway), what the four Arabs allegedly did would not be used by the plotters unless the identity of the true Western plotters was being discovered.

Let's face it, the FBI and other agencies tasked with finding the true plotters would have known fairly immediately after 9-11 that the Qatari men were on the very airplane, the day before 9-11, that supposedly crashed into the Pentagon (it never did crash there), and yet another leak (2002) states (see below) that the three men were not high on the FBI list of suspects. Many insist that the FBI (it's leadership, anyway) was part of the cover-up to protect the true plotters.

Understand, there is indisputable online evidence a plane never did crash into the Pentagon, but flew over it while the crash site was faked by bombs and too-few pieces of aircraft parts. One of the videos insisting that the Pentagon crash didn't happened was able to show that an "eye-witness" (a taxi driver (black skin) at the scene of a string of road-side telephone poles beside the Pentagon that the plane's wing(s) allegedly struck and knocked down) was on-side with the plotters, and feeding false information to the public to convince us that the plane really did hit the posts and therefore really did crash.

In other words, the Western plotters went to some lengths before the "attack" to provide damning false evidence to corroborate their false story. Look at how careless the above Qatari plotters appear (according to the leaked cable), as if to have the very purpose of providing a smoking gun to convince the public that Arabs were indeed involved:

The cable states: "Hotel cleaning staff grew suspicious of the [three Qatari] men because they noticed pilot type uniforms, several laptops and several cardboard boxes addressed to Syria, Jerusalem, Afghanistan and Jordan in the room on previous cleaning visits.

"...The room also contained pin feed computer paper print outs with headers listing pilot names, airlines, flight numbers, and flight times."

A "perfect" [not really, because it's ridiculous] frame job. That is, it's perfect for the purpose of providing the false accusation against Arabs. But it suggests very stupid men, too stupid, making the story sound concocted. The papers must have been left out on tables in full view of cleaning staff. How stupid is that? The pilot suits should have been kept hidden in locked suitcases.

Then again, the leak itself could be a fabrication i.e. the three men never did have pilot uniforms or papers as claimed above. But I tend to think that they did have both the suits and papers, and that the cleaning staff(er) did see what was claimed in the leak. The alleged Arab attackers on 9-11 didn't wear pilot suits on 9-11, and I must conclude that the suits of the Qatari trio were in the hotel room for the purpose of making the world believe, if necessary, that these men had been taking flight training.

Why would the men book a flight on the plane to be used the next day for the attack? Wouldn't it have been an unnecessary risk for the next day's attacks? What reason can be given by the true plotters for the three Arabs booking that plane? Rather, if the suits and papers in the California hotel wasn't enough to convince the public that these men were part of 9-11, their involvement is certainly made to appear doubtless by their booking that plane the day before.

But how did the Arabs know where that particular plane would be the day before 9-11? I'm not a flyer and so wouldn't know, but can anyone ask American Airlines to be on a certain plane? Wouldn't such a request raise a blinding red flag? How could any common citizen know that the plane out of LA on the 10th would be used the next day for the Pentagon attack? The same plane on two different days has a different flight number, does it not? Flying customers aren't told what particular plane they're flying on, even if they ask, are they? How could the Arabs have known that the plane they reserved for the 11th was flying from LA to Washington the day before? If these questions cannot be answered, I suggest that the Arabs knew the correct plane because high-level Americans -- the 9-11 plotters -- got them that information.

The article continues:

While in the US, they were aided by Mohamed Al Mansoori. The secret document also states that the three Qatari men spent a week travelling with Mr Al Mansoori to "different destinations in California".

...Mr Al Mansoori has never been publicly named in connection with the 9/11 attacks [totally expected if he was in cahoots with the true plotters]. The three Qatari men were included on an FBI list of more than 300 people who were wanted for questioning in connection with the 9/11 attacks, which was leaked in 2002.

At the time, the FBI stressed it was not a list of suspects, but merely parties they thought might have information useful to the investigation

That's very damning of the FBI and CIA because the three Arabs must have been on a airliner list of ticket buyers for the same plane the very day before, and should therefore have become prime suspects. The reason that they did not become prime suspects, I figure, was to help hide the Mansoori character. The concocted frame job that Mansoori helped to engineer would be used only if necessary, and hopefully not at all, to keep investigators away from him, lest he inadvertently spill the beans by saying or doing self-condemning things.

Possibly, the three Qatar men were not in cahoots with the true plotters, but were merely used. In that picture, it was Mansoori's job to get them booked on the correct plane (that was flight 144 on the 11th) as soon before the 11th as possible. As that flight was out of LA on the 10th, it would have been Mansoori's job to get them to California in time for the 10th, and out of the as soon as possible after that. The three men may have flown to London, and then back to Qatar, not knowing that they were being used for the frame. In order for this to be true, the three never had pilot uniforms or papers in their hotel room, and the room cleaner(s) who allegedly saw these things has been "taken care of" in some way.

Was the leaked cable a true historical event, or part of the ongoing con-job? It was sent after George Bush left office, and may therefore have been found (by Nantongo) after Bush gave the presidential baton to Obama:

The US embassy cable obtained by the Daily Telegraph was written by Mirembe Nantongo, the deputy chief of mission in Doha. It was marked "priority" and sent to the office of Hillary Clinton, the US Secretary of State, the Department of Homeland Security, the FBI and the CIA.

Mr Al Mansoori's visa was revoked after the information about him came to light, but "his name was not watchlisted in the class system", suggesting he may have managed to leave America.

A spokesman for the FBI declined to comment [end of article].

It may be that Nantongo is legit, not part of the true plotters. If he is a part, it suggests that this story was leaked deliberately for a good reason. It suggests that the public is becoming too convinced that the true plotters were not Arabs. If we had the entire cable, we might be able to discern whether he was or was not part of the plot.

If Nantongo is not part of the plotters, then the FBI can perhaps be expected to feign a manhunt for the alleged Arabs. Or, if the FBI is led today by some who were not part of the plot, the plotters might be on the verge of being revealed. It is God's to avenge, to expose.

The FBI should now seek to discover what the three did with Monsoori in the week-or-so spent in California. Whose families do these men belong to? What else is their background? How can it be a coincidence that after this many years, and with all the capabilities of the highest spies in the land, that the whereabouts of not even one of the four men is known (this is what the article claims). Were they murdered to hide the evidence? Or will they be shortly murdered or taken care of in some other way?

If Nantongo is simply telling the truth of what he knows (or thinks he knows), then the three Qatari men did have uniforms and papers in their hotel room, and the FBI did discover this at some early point in their investigations. Yes, the FBI would have checked many flights previous to 9-11 for the names of Arabs, and would have checked the downed planes first of all. That in itself is damning for the FBI because they did not pursue these men nor make it obvious that they were part of the 9-11 plot. This is the problem, a very big problem.

If Nantongo is a fake on behalf of the plotters, then it wouldn't be logical that his story damns the FBI so well (unless the purpose is to make the FBI look bad, which I doubt, or unless Nantongo and company are too dumb to realize that the FBI is compromised by this leak). Believing as I do that the FBI was part of the 9-11 cover-up (it's a long story, I don't have time for it morning), it is more logical that Nantongo was telling the truth about what was discovered.

I see that the article does not have the FBI revealing the "convicted terrorist" that the FBI now says paid for the airline tickets of the Qatar trio. If his name were made public, it could jeopardize the plotters because he must be a member of the Western plotters i.e. part of the frame job. Go ahead, news media, ask the FBI to reveal this terrorist's name, and then see what situation pops up.

After writing all the above, I turned Fox news on and there was this very story. Word is getting out that Arabs were definitely behind the 9-11 plot. But we have yet to hear from the skeptics, who are very organized, as large as an army, and equipped with many brain-twisting problems for the true plotters. It's just a matter of time before the heads of this serpent are made known.

The "Loose Change" video(s) is now at a very suspicious page. It's strange that the page-top says the page is no longer available, and yet archived videos are still available there. However, Loose Change's Final Cut is 130 minutes long, yet the videos made available at this page are all the same, and very short, leaving out the best details and most-damning evidence. It appears that the creators of Loose Change have been threatened and/or manipulated to take the video off the Internet, and moreover, the page now available makes new viewers believe that this short video version is all there ever was. Not even the Wikipedia article on the video has a link to it.

Obama came out yesterday with a special word to the nation on the Egyptian crisis. He wasted no time to advertise his "success." Mubarak has agreed not to run for re-election in September, but that was his plan anyway. Sean Hannity's guests last night discussed why it appears that Obama wants the Brotherhood in Egyptian politics. This appears to be the beginning of a Hezbollah-situation in Egypt.

It's Jimmy Carter's dream, that quasi-terror organizations should partake in typical politics, as though they might drop their arms under such circumstances. But Hezbollah in Lebanon refused to drop its military side when it joined the government, and now Hezbollah has the bigger share of the Lebanese government, quite a surprising accomplishment for a span of merely two years or not much more.

Note that Obama got Mubarak to announce his quitting on the very day of the biggest demonstrations, when Mubarak felt pressure the most, when Obama felt the opportunity best to intrude the most. Obama had to ask Mubarak to make the announcement, and so now we know he doesn't want Mubarak in the next Obama administration in Egypt. The J-Post has a headline today: Egyptian Foreign Ministry tells EU, US stay out of affairs. We read: "The Egyptian Foreign Ministry rejected international calls for an immediate transition of power."

In other words, Mubarak gave Obama nothing at all of "success." Obama will need to risk exposing himself further as an intruder into foreign governments to get Mubarak not to design designs in the next several months that create problems/havoc for the O-genda in Egypt. Obama needs the Egyptian military badly for that O-genda. If Obama can't be straight-forward, Cameron finds no such restraint: "In London, Prime Minister David Cameron said the transition in Egypt 'needs to be rapid and credible, and it needs to start now.'" The Cameron Crest is roughly the Rothschild Arms.

Rejoice people of the true God, for the museum in Egypt that holds the "priceless" king Tut articles, including the mask, is burning down as I write.

As Obama came out again to say that he deplores the restriction of information sharing in Egypt, it's likely that the planned O-parts of the demonstrations are being badly restricted. The demonstrators are now becoming violent after Egypt's announcement that Mubarak refuses to step down now. Perhaps Obama wants to make it appear that he is sickened by the violence because he wants impress upon Mubarak what a big stinker he is being by not stepping down now.

President Barack Obama warned [yesterday] of "difficult days ahead" for Egypt and said the transition following President Hosni Mubarak's earlier announcement that he won't run for re-election in September must begin immediately.

...'it must begin now.'

This has got to be one big reason that Obama came out to a televised message last night, to urge the world to apply pressure on Mubarak to begin the transition NOW. I stand corrected, Obama has been straight-forward, but only in that single case. He may now feel the way is open to continue hammering that same NOW message in coming days and weeks...or even months if he fails for that long. Obama knows that Mubarak can consolidate powers where he wants the Egyptian future to go, and by now Mubarak knows that Obama has his own Egyptian agenda that breaks the rules of foreign involvement.

The facts seem to be that Mubarak and his proposed successors are not in any great way threats to American interests in the Middle East. Until now, Egypt has been a relative friend and even a key tool for the existence of Israel. Yet Obama seems to be rocking the boat, and I (not an Middle East expert, technically) can see no other reason for this other than to empower the religious Muslims toward a global government that includes the Muslim "Alliance of Civilizations."

February 3

Fox News has never presented, so far as I know, and has not made a daily issue of, the claim from a British media last week that Americans meeting in New York (I've assumed that Obama is part of this) were involved for up to three years in the current overthrow of Mubarak. One would think that Fox and/or its commentators would at least mention it for the sake of debate (I don't watch Glenn Beck, and perhaps he mentioned it), as it seems more than important. Is Fox protecting the members of that New York meeting? Where else did they meet? Why was the British media (either the Telegraph of the Guardian, or both) unwilling to reveal the name(s) of the individual that it knew, and why did the story go away while other media ignored it?

This morning Fox news presented its legal analyst, Bob Massi.

After writing that, I went seeking the Telegraph home page to find an article on some British companies caught (by WikiLeaks, apparently) selling to Iran in violation of sanctions. And the first company mentioned was Balli Group, which sold aircraft to "Iranian-owned Mahan Air." After entering "Mahan" to find the Maghan/Mann surname said to derive from "Mathuna," "Balli" was entered to find the Coat shown earlier on this page as the Belli/Balley surname ("flaming beacon").

I had remarked that the "Balley/Belli Coat is likewise in Bellamy colors, which are the Italian Masci colors (Mascis/Mascys issued from, or were fundamentally linked to, the Norman house of Bellamy), and moreover the Balley/Belli Coat is much like the Italian Massi/Mattis Coat."

Some months ago, but beginning more than a year ago, I concentrated on linking the Massi/Mattis surname to the Mathies/Manns of Scotland, who appear linked to the Mathuna>Maghan/Mann clan that comes up when entering "Mahan." Not only were these clans link-able to fundamental Masonry as per British Stewart lines, but to basic Arthurianism (think the Round Table Illuminati). It has also been my claim (not made lightly or for entertainment value) that Stewarts and Arthurianism traces to (but are not limited to) Arab-related Hebrew bloodlines such as Ishmaelites (= arch enemies of Israel, we can expect).

Nahorite Hebrews were found to be a fundamental part of Ishmaelites as they progressed to forming Europeans as per Gauls and Celts, and in many ways did Nahorites trace to Stewarts, who use what appears to be a version of the Massi/Mattis Coat. The black-eagle design in the Balley/Belli/Bally Coat (it should be a version of the black one in the Massi/Mattis Chief) had been found and stressed, just a day or two earlier, to belong to the Whites in a discussion (once again) on the White trace to the Uat/Buto cult...of Nahorites.

The reason that Bob Massi appears above between two paragraphs mentioning the Telegraph is that he came on Fox just as I was writing the first paragraph. Only after that did I find the article on the Bally Group and its Mahan customer. The curiosity is that "Massi" is a rare version of the many Massey variations when it comes to England-related clans, but there it came up as soon as I started today's update.

The Telegraph article above follows the disclosure that a Weir-named company (very related to Masseys, if not identical bloodlines) in Scotland did business illegally with Saddam Hussein. The reasons for these violations of sanctions in the "war against terror" is that the Massey bloodline may be fundamentally linked to, not just anti-Israeli Hebrews/Arabs, but to the anti-Christ and/or False Prophet system. See Weir Group faces fine over Saddam sanctions breaches.

After writing that, it entered my mind to check "Round" and "Table" surnames because I know that certain groups are named after surnames. It's not likely a coincidence that the Round surname uses rings, for the Round Table surely refers to the rings of power (inner rings/groups, lesser rings, outer rings). Note "Balli Group" and "Weir Group."

But what caught my eye was that the Round motto, "Esse quam videri," was mentioned in the previous update because it's also the Welsh Bowen motto, and that was a surname that I linked to Bauers and therefore to the Rothschild Illuminati...that was involved with elite elements in Hesse, a place smacking of "Esse."

The Round Crest is a sleeping lion, perhaps code for the bloodline (Carian, I think) of the mythical sleeper, Endymion.

Entering "Table" brings up the Tapleys (Devon), using blue roundels, and because the surname evoked the Shapleys, I found the latter to likewise be first found in Devon. The Shapley Crest is a hand holding a wreath, which could be a "ring" of sorts but honoring an entity (e.g. mythical Brigit and/or the Celts) having to do with a wreath.

Zowie, entering "Sapp" brings up the Sabine scallop, the symbol of the Shapleys, and that recalls the Sabine-related Savone/Saffin clan first found in Somerset, smack beside the Devon Shapleys/Tapleys. The zowie is for the white-on-blue crescents in the Savona/Saffin Coat, for the Karen Coat -- with sleeping moon that I traced to Endymion Carians -- is a crescent on blue Shield, the same dark-blue (called "royal blue") as the Savone/Saffin Shield!

Let's not forget that I traced Sabines=Saffini to "Daphne," and that she was traced (by me) to "Devon."

The Shap(ley)/Shap(leigh) surname could then be a Shave variation, which is the key-using Shaw/Shay bloodline, explaining why the English Shave/Shaw/Shay Coat uses a "qui" motto term. Shaves use a black chevrons on white, the symbol of the Round Coat (sleeping lion in Crest, remember)! Irish Shaves/Shaws/Shays (Perthshire, where I see Ishmaelites) use an engrailed black chevron, smacking of the grails in the Scottish Shave/Shaw Coat.

And ZOWIE, the same black eagle design used by the Bally/Belli Coat is used by the Irish Shaves!!!

I did trace the Bellovesus Gauls (and their Massey Pegasus) to mythical Bellerophon and Pegasus at Lycia, next to Carians, which I mention because the Shaves also trace to the Caria theater via their link to Endymion. The latter character was part of a Curetes people to Aetolia, suggesting the Antayla Atlanteans, even the adjacent Calydonians (= proto-Celts?).

The English Shave Crest is two bunches of arrows (each bunch having three arrows), evoking the three tribes of Kabars/Khazars that I've traced the Rothschild arrows to, the tribes that constituted the non-Magyar side of the Hungarian Arpads.

The Rownd variation of the Rounds may suggest linkage to Rowans and/or Rowes, and it's Rothschild-interesting that the Rowes and Roves/Ruffs were both first found in Norfolk, for the Roves/Ruffs use a Rove-like "raven," the symbol of the German Roths (entering "Rufus" brings up the German Roth Coat).

Of course, the raven is the symbol of the viking Rus. And I've just found a Rosy/Rousey clan (storks) likewise first in Norfolk. The write-up:

In Scotland, the island of Rousey is located on the Orkney Islands [exactly where we expect raven-depicted Rus vikings)...The island's spelling evolved from "Rollesay" in the 14th century and 'Rowsay' in the 16th century. But before migrating to Scotland, the Rosy family lived in Normandy at the village of Rosay."

...They were originally from Rosay, Seine-Inf, arrondisement of Dieppe, in the canton of Bellencombre [Bellamy bloodline???]. Descended was Lambert's son, Walkelin who held Castle Acres, and then succeeded by Ralph de Rosei about 1270. They seemingly moved north to Fife where they were granted the lands of Rossie near Montrose. The MontROSE Coat is in CampBELL colors and uses a Campbell-like motto.

The Rous/Rowse surname of Devon may link to both the Round surname and to the Tapleys and Shapleys of the Devon theater. Illuminati-related Russells/Roussels were not far off, first found in Dorset. The Russell and Rosy/Rousey Chiefs (scallops) look like match, and the Montrose Crest is a falcon killing a stork, no doubt code for the Rosy/Rousey stork. As the latter clan was first in Norfolk, where the Folks/Fulkes were first found, note the falcon with the stork.

And, to repeat, the Folk/Fulkes motto, "Chi sera sera," smacks of the Russell motto, "Che sara sara." We have got to be talking Saracens=Hagarenes here i.e. Ishmaelites, even as Perthshire Ishmaelites were/are smack beside the Fife-branch Rosys/Rouseys (e.g. at MontRose' Rossie location).

It's a no-brainer to trace Rus clans of the Rosy Cross Illuminati (to which Rothschilds and their Golden Dawnists belonged) to Rhodes, off-shore of Caria. But these elements are then expected in Bavaria's Illuminati, where the Golden Dawnists came forth before they moved to London. The Scottish Rose/Roos Coat uses "water bougets," as with the Bugs surname that I trace to Bavarian Bogens, a major root, in my opinion, of the Bavarian Illuminati.

And the German Roses/Roos' were first found in Silesia, where I expect the anti-Christ bloodline to the Rosicrucian-influenced False Prophet. The same Rose/Roos Coat (red roses) comes up when entering "Rossen," and the page shows Russell-like Rosler/Roseler variations.

Red roses are used also by the German Rau/Rauer/Raus Coat. The German Rower/Raucher surname (showing Smoak/Smoke variations) was first found in Bavaria. Neither the Scottish Rach/Riach (Inverness = far-north Scotland) nor the "Jewish" Rachel pages show Coats. The Rachs/Riachs are said to be from "grey," perhaps explaining the Smoke variation of the Rauchers.

Note the engrailed black chevron of the Irish/Perthshire Shave/Shaw Coat, for the Welsh Rack/Rake Coat uses one too, and this may be the bloodline that named the Franconian Rake appearing on the Arms of Bavaria. Racks/Rakes (perhaps a branch of Rowers/Rauchers and Rachs) were first found in Lincolnshire, where we expect the Rhodian Illuminati.

Another black-on-white chevron is used by the Lipton/Lupton Coat, the 'T' (officially a "Tau") in the Chief traced by me to the Tipps surname of Pendragon-surname affiliations. I'm repeating this because the motto of the Irish Shaves includes, "Te Ipsum," what I think is code for the Tipps surname (won't come up unless the 's' is included). The black bull/buffalo head of the Tipps Coat is used by the Pohls/Pohlands of Silesia. I now realize for the first time that Tipps variations end with Pendragon-like "pen/pan/pin."

The Raik variation of the Rakes/Racks evokes the reich term which as a surname (first in Switzerland) uses roses! Reich variations include Reichs, Reicher, Reichle and Riker. There is a "Jewish" Reich page showing no Coat, and we can assume that it's the Raquel page that likewise shows no Coat. We really want to know what codes the "Jewish" Reich Coat uses, don't we, to discover whether the Hitlerian reichists were Hebrews, since after all the world now knows that Nazis were Rosicrucians. I recall linking Nazis to the Pohl surname.

English Ricks (short for "Richard) may apply, but a bigger point is that the German Reichards/Richards were first found in Bavaria.

In heraldry, the raven is called a "rook," and that raven is used by the Rook/Rukes Crest. The related Rookbys use a black-on-white chevron (symbol of the Rounds and others). These clans were branches of Roques>Rockefellers, known (thanks to Tim) to have linked early with the Rodes surname of Languedoc, where Rhodians were infested.

And all the above, from the time that the Round surname was first mentioned, are Illuminati clans of the Rothschild-Rockefeller kind. These people who speak to us of democracy are seeking to control us, to usurp our wealth, and to cut our future off for the sakes of their bottomless stomachs. The Pill of Heaven will soon be shoved down their throats until they vomit back what they have stolen.

There's a headline from yesterday: Obama issues global warming rules in January, gives GE an exemption in February. General Electric, a company that Obama favors, was traced recently (5th update January) to Rothschilds.

As possibly a signal that Obama wishes ElBaradei to assume the next Egyptian leadership, some at/on Fox news have been portraying ElBaradei a weakish leader, and using other such pictures. I think that Fox's people are gunning for Mubarak's vice-president, Suleiman, for he and his military/Intelligence followers are "Westerners" and secularists. Israel is gunning for the same and highly opposed to Obama's attitude.

It will be interesting to see whether the O-team shows signs of supporting a Suleiman rule between now and the fall Egyptian election. If there is a deafening O-silence on the matter, we can assume (at least until we find who else might be favored) that Obama wants the ElBaradei factor.

The Mubarak side is saying, according to Fox news this minute, that "foreigners and businessmen" are responsible for the demonstrations. Gunfire against demonstrators has occurred today, killing at least ten so far. This is a violation of O-demands, and may signal that Mubarak/Suleiman have a good grip on the Egyptian military, good enough to snub the O-will.

See "Now that Barack Obama has given a green light to Muslim Brotherhood participation in a new Egyptian government, it is unlikely that the organization will be kept out of power. And since the Brotherhood is the largest and most ideologically committed group in Egyptian politics, most likely it will end up in the driver's seat in any new regime, and set the nation on course toward becoming an Islamic state." This may explain why Obama chose Egypt to make his first speech to the Muslim world. You might be interested in Jimmy Carter being sued for alleged falsehoods.

February 4

I think I get it. The demonstrators, as well as Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood, want Mubarak to step down immediately and make room for a transitional government now, months ahead of the next election slated for September. There seems to be no justification for not be willing to wait that many months, after a 30-year Mubarak era, except that forming a transitional government now gives it the political ropes to fashion the conditions for the next election. The transitional government gets to start being the next dictator, putting pieces in place starting now that serves it's success in the election. And as the news mentioned last night, the Brotherhood is Egypt's only political organ, Egypt's only group with political ropes, aside from Mubarak. That can only mean that a transition now gives the Muslim brotherhood the political turf.

The only alternative is a Mubarak-like government having the same basic people in place as are now in place, minus Mubarak. The question is, will the O-dministration show sighs of accepting a Mubarak-less Mubarak-like transitional government. If not, the O, as he's being accused around the world, is a Muslim-Brotherhood supporter.

Rupert Murdock of Fox News, and others (Shepherd Smith of Fox's Studio B is very anti-Mubarak), are minimizing the power of the Brotherhood, repeatedly saying that the Brotherhood is of no threat having "less than ten percent" of the population. I don't think that is true if Brotherhood voters/supporters are included, and besides, if true that there is no other group with political experience, the Brotherhood is quite the runner for winning the coming elections.

But even if not, I suspect that Obama-ites want the Brotherhood in an official capacity in the next government. That's why this story has legs. And it may be the reason that, no matter how American journalists clamor, Obama has refused to come out and respond to journalists' questions. What's he got to hide? His press secretary (Gibbs) has said lately that there must be a transition NOW. The NOW word (and the TEN PERCENT phrase?) is being used by Obama-ites.

There's no time to wait, but that position is viable only if demonstrations become intolerable, and indeed they became more aggressive the day after (= yesterday) Obama came out to speak to the nation with the NOW word. We therefore want to ask whether the leaders of the demonstrations have a pipe to the O-team.

The reason that some Fox News commentators (I think they are mainly independent of Murdoch's oversight/will) seem pro-Mubarak is that they are Republicans, for these are generally pro-Israel and therefore opposed to the Brotherhood. And it is these Republicans/conservatives, such as Sean Hannity, who would be the first to spread the word that Obama is pro-Brotherhood should Obama give it away. Glenn Beck has already lumped certain "pink" globalists in with the Brotherhood.

It's of course prophecy-relevant that an American president would support a rabidly anti-Israeli group to have charge in Egypt. That situation would be 10 times more dangerous than the Hezbollah in Lebanon, for Egypt is a larger, more-populous country with greater abilities for crushing Israel. The latter would no longer be able to play games, as it does now, with Obama's demands toward a Palestinian state. Wouldn't Obama like that? Wouldn't Obama like to be the call-the-shots "king of Israel" with the Muslim Brotherhood behind him?

It would be good for prophecy watchers to see good evidence of Obama supporting the Brotherhood, for that tends to signal that prophecy-fulfillment has all but arrived. Just a few more stepping stones to the Now-of-Heaven word. There is a Now Day on God's prophetic calendar.

Fox news featured a CAIR representative who basically said what I've been hearing from others, that the Brotherhood is a small party posing no threat to Israel. There's a good chance that CAIR has a pipe to Obama, and therefore coordinates itself with the O-genda. Does CAIR have any sway in directing the demonstrations? Could be. Today, the demonstrations are predicted to escalate:

In Tahrir square, demonstrations continue unabated as protesters declare [today] "Day of Departure" for Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, who has said he will stay in power until elections.

..."Today is the last day, today is the last day!" protesters shouted as Arabic pop songs blared from a bank of speakers and military helicopters clattered overhead. Ambulances stood by.

The protestors aren't exactly angels themselves, so that when you hear commentators blackening the name of Mubarak apart from blackening the protestors, they are somewhat likely to be Obama-ites. Last night I predicted that the demonstrations will fizzle out and not have the intended success, that the Mubarak people will go fulfill prophecy. That is, a "pro-Israel" Egyptian government needs to be in place just before the anti-Christ invades Egypt.

The article above goes on to say: "The United States and its Western allies, while refraining from saying he must quit now, have urged [Mubarak] o begin the transition of power and move towards elections." Technically, that's true; Obama used the NOW word only for the start of the transition. But he said that it's not the place of the United States to choose who or what will be part of that transition and/or the new government.

This is what we want to know: is Obama for a transitional oversight by army/Intelligence operatives in a Mubarak-like style, or will he merely mouth that position because the rest of the West expects him to take it? Today, at the same media that provided the article above, we have the headline: "U.S. in talks with Egypt about immediate Mubarak resignation".

Under U.S. proposal, Mubarak will turn power over to a transitional government headed by Vice President Omar Suleiman with the support of Egyptian military, N.Y. Times reports.

U.S. officials said [yesterday] they were discussing with Egyptians different scenarios for a transition of power, including one in which President Hosni Mubarak leaves office immediately, the New York Times reported [we wonder what another scenario was].

"That's one scenario," said a senior Obama administration official who spoke on condition of anonymity. "There are a number of scenarios, but (it is) wrong to suggest we have discussed only one with the Egyptians."

There we have it, a bold offering suggesting that the O-dministration wants (or at least wanted) to make the Brotherhood an issue of public debate for to convince the world that it should have a part in official government. But if trial balloons for this public debate show that it's too politically dangerous for Obama, he'll bring it back into his cave and shut the door.

Look at how the O-team hides its desire:

The New York Times reported [yesterday, the day after Obama used the NOW word] the Obama administration was talking with Egyptian officials about a proposal for Mubarak to resign immediately.

The White House would not confirm the Times report but said discussions have been under way with Egyptians in an attempt to resolve the 10-day crisis in Egypt.

...Tommy Vietor, spokesman for the White House National Security Council, said..."We have discussed with the Egyptians a variety of different ways to move that process forward, but all of those decisions must be made by the Egyptian people."

It's important for the O-team to repeat that the Egyptians must make the decision because the O-team is really the one forcing the it's choice as best it can. Then we read: "Vice President Joe Biden spoke to Suleiman [yesterday] and urged that 'credible, inclusive negotiations begin immediately in order for Egypt to transition to a democratic government.'" The INCLUSIVE word means Muslim Brotherhood, and the CREDIBLE word means a Muslim Brotherhood included not just for show and not a too-minor role.

The O wants the Brotherhood in a position NOW that amounts to a stepping stone or even a launch pad, to full take-over tomorrow. Bank on it. ElBaradei continues to call for "democracy," putting him into a position to be ":chosen" by the O-team. It would work well for Obama if ElBaradei (who's made a covenant with the Brotherhood) should come to power with the Brotherhood. Then we have another "mouse," so to speak, in the race:

One self-professed potential candidate -- Arab League chief Amr Moussa -- appeared in the square [today], his convoy greeted by chants of "we want you as president, we want you as president." Moussa, previously a former foreign minister under Mubarak, has an elder statesman appeal for some Egyptians, boosted by the tough rhetoric he takes on Israel.

Asked earlier by France's Europe 1 radio if he would consider a role in the transitional government or eventually running for president, Moussa replied, "Why say no?"

Obama for Moussa??? He's another UN man:

...Between 1958 and 1972 [Amt Moussa] worked in several Egyptian missions including Egypt's Embassy in Switzerland and the Egyptian mission to the United Nations...From 1981 to 1983 Amr Moussa was the Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations in New York, then from 1983 to 1986 Ambassador to India. In 1990 he was promoted Permanent Representative of Egypt to the United Nations.

...In 2001 Amr Moussa was selected as Secretary General of the League of Arab States. Critics of the Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak allege that Moussa's appointment to the Office of Secretary-General of the Arab League was motivated by Mubarak's desire to remove him from the public spotlight.

In 2003 he became a member of the United Nations High Level Panel on Threats, Challenges and Change for International Peace and Security.

...On June 13, 2010 Moussa visited Gaza in a move to pressure Israel to lift its economic blockade over Hamas-ruled Gaza [we get it]...

...Amr Moussa held talks with Mohamed ElBaradei after [the latter's] return to Egypt...On February 1 2011, following the announcement by President Hosni Mubarak that he would not stand in the upcoming Presidential elections, Amr Moussa told CNN that he would Seriously think about standing himself as a candidate in the next few weeks.

...Moussa has been criticized...Syrian diplomat Kawkab Najib El-Rayess accused Moussa of favoritism and promoting his loyalists into the high ranks of the Arab League at the expense of the more-qualified diplomats.

Fox just reported that Obama will come out again today to speak to the nation on Egypt.

Moussa's name has not made it to Fox, and yet three days ago we had this in the J-Post:

A new alternative to embattled Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak is waiting in the wings, say United Nations sources.

The possible replacement is Amr Moussa, secretary-general of the Arab League...

...Moussa is best known for his work as Egyptian ambassador to the UN in supporting president George H.W. Bush's efforts in removing Saddam Hussein from Kuwait.

Unlike former International Atomic Energy Agency chief Mohamed ElBaradei, Moussa has much better name recognition inside Egypt and enjoys a much better relationship with Mubarak.

Ironically, several months ago, local reports in Cairo stated that Moussa had spoken with Mubarak about a potential presidential candidacy in Egypt's upcoming elections in September. The talks were considered "exploratory."

...Regarding his own future, Moussa would only say, "I am not willing to stand again as secretary-general of the Arab League."

His current term expires in two months [i.e. just in time for a transition government in Egypt].

...Now, UN sources say, Moussa may prove to be the only practical alternative should Mubarak decide to resign.

When questioned, a senior Obama administration refused any opinion on Moussa [that's suspicious, and expected if they were seeking to have him be their man].

Former US ambassador to the UN John Bolton [who appears much on Fox lately to discuss Egypt] was also cautious, only commenting, "At least he is better than ElBaradei."

As for Tommy Vietor (spokesman for the White House National Security Council) mentioned above, there is no Vieter surname but the Fetter Coat comes up when entering "Vett," along with Vietor-like variations such as Vetter, Vetterle, Voetterl, Vetterling, Vetterlein, Vetterley, Vetterline, Vedder (northern Germany)... This was the Coat (similar to the Esse/Hesse sun) found and shown recently as per the same-colored Moray Coat's so-called fetterlocks."

Behold. I trace Obama's Randolph>Dunham bloodline to the earls of Moray surnamed Randolph, and when one enters "Dumm" as per the "Deum Time" motto of the Morays, the same-colored Dunham Coat comes up!

Not only are the Dummers/Dumers in the same gold-on-blue once again, but the Domar Coat is very similar, and with the same martins in the Chief as the Singletary Coat (Dunham's in Obama's bloodline were from Jonathan Singletary, who changed his surname to Dunham).

"Duman" brings up another Coat in the same colors, and is very much like the Dunham Coat. It uses garbs (Cheshire symbols), supporting a Dunham trace to Dunham Masci (Cheshire location). The Duman surname is properly shown as Dolman/Doalman and even Dolle, as if a Dunn merger with Dol Stewarts created this particular clan. Indeed, the German Duman Coat (properly DaMANN) uses what could certainly be a version of the Allen (of Dol) Coat.

This opens up a Dole/Dolle can of worms, and I see immediately that two Dole/Dolle Coats use the same colors/symbols again. For example, English Doles (Bellamy Shield) use the same pierced Zionist stars as, but in colors reversed from, the German Duman/Dolman Coat. The gold garb of the Duman/Dolman Crest is used in the Doe/Dow Crest, a surname said to be from "D'O."

Back to "Deum Time," I just discovered that there is a Time(s) surname using the same colors once again! Variations include Timms and Tymms. This surname (Massin colors) was first found in Kent, where the Massin/Mason surname was first found...that I had traced to the Massi/Mattis clan (Stewart-like Coat) in Massino-Visconti, the very clan to which I traced the Dol Stewarts fundamentally.

Allow me to get your ire:

Royal Dutch Shell posted a near-doubling in full-year profits [yesterday] as the Anglo-Dutch oil major reaped the benefits of high oil prices and higher production, putting more distance between itself and rival BP.

Peter Voser, chief executive, promised there was "more [profits] to come"...

Good news for those holding oil stock too. Let's all celebrate, shall we? There cometh a Windfall from the Sky that will put the oil barons where they belong. They truly are the ones who upset the world at this time; they truly are responsible for new poverty and related difficulties. Entering "Vose" brings up the Vaux checkerboard.

Might the story below become the Lure of Heaven for the anti-Christ rat? Why is Kurdish oil only now beginning to flow after a long period of political stand-offs that shut it down?

Iraq started exporting crude [yesterday] from the Kurdish region's Tawke oilfield, a major step toward resolving fierce disputes between the war-torn country's majority Arabs and minority Kurds, officials said.

..."This is the first shipment of crude officially registered for the Kurdish authorities," the official said.

The argument below seems flawed:

During the latest turmoil in Egypt, the Brotherhood has thus far refrained from taking on a high-profile presence, mostly likely in an effort not to scare the United States. But because it is generally viewed as the strongest and best-organized opposition movement in the country, Israel fears that holding free elections in Egypt soon would greatly strengthen the Muslim Brotherhood.

What logic is there is stating that the Brotherhood remains out of the demonstrations because it fears the United States? What logic is there in claiming that the Brotherhood has stayed out of the current turmoil? It's totally expected of the Brotherhood to get involved, but if it has kept a low profile at times, it's a reason to suspect that it's depending on Obama to get it in power.

The article implies that O-fficials have denounced the Brotherhood, but I'm skeptical of that claim, but even if true, the O-fficials could be peddling a false image of the O-reality. It has on the one hand become extremely important that Obama not sound a pro-Brotherhood word, and yet we should get some eventually, as needed.

The same Turkish media as above has a headline today: "Muslim Brotherhood looks to gains in Egypt protest." The article above says that the US strongly favors a transitional government with Suleiman in power, and the article below says that Suleiman would like the Brotherhood to be a part of the next deal (I find that hard to believe and suggest that Suleiman is mouthing words put into his mouth by the O-take-it-or-leave-it deal with him:

Egypt's wave of protests has brought the fundamentalist Muslim Brotherhood within sight of a long-sought dream: Not outright power, as some fear, but a recognized and open role in the politics of this top U.S. ally.

Vice President Omar Suleiman [yesterday] said he had invited the Brotherhood into negotiations over Egypt's future and the transition to democracy - a stunning concession to a group that the regime considers its worst enemy and has cracked down on ferociously in the past years.

The Brotherhood has rushed to take a stronger role [contradicting the article above] in the unprecedented protests that erupted 10 days ago...The Brotherhood's strength was on display in the pitched battles in Wednesday and Thursday against government supporters who attacked the protesters' camp in Cairo's central Tahrir Square.

Brothers - distinguishable by their close-cropped beards - dominated the front lines, often lining up to pray for "victory or martyrdom," before throwing themselves into the fray, hurling stones, sticks and firebombs at the attackers while shouting "God is great."

Diaa Rashwan, a prominent Egyptian expert on Islamic groups, believes that the Brotherhood may be moving to top gear to take full advantage of the situation created by the protests. "They are a highly organized group and have been wanting to gain power for a long time," he said. "At this point in time, they have gone on a high alert and are mobilizing all their assets. They would be fools not to."

February 5

Obama is a different kind of animal, and here's the evidence:

The US secretly agreed to give the Russians sensitive information on Britain's nuclear deterrent to persuade them to sign a key treaty, The Daily Telegraph can disclose.

Information about every Trident missile the US supplies to Britain will be given to Russia as part of an arms control deal signed by President Barack Obama next week.

...The fact that the Americans used British nuclear secrets as a bargaining chip also sheds new light on the so-called "special relationship", which is shown often to be a one-sided affair by US diplomatic communications obtained by the WikiLeaks website.

What other American president would do something like that? The political right has been right: Obama is a traitor to American traditions. What else has he been doing secretly, and with what other enemies of America has he been doing it?

Take a look at this horrifying Russian nuclear missile and ask whether God has reserved such items for Armageddon. Not by flood, but by fire, says New Testament prophecy, will God respond to the end-time world. By fire will the end-time Roman empire be wiped out, when the Son comes on the clouds of the sky, says Daniel 7. By fire will "Babylon the Great" (= end-time Roman empire) be destroyed by the anti-Christ, says Revelation 17. It doesn't sound like natural fire from volcanoes. And how does a man go about burning the Roman empire if not by nuclear weapons?

The anti-Christ in Revelation 17 is actually a king of the Rome that he destroys. Daniel's chapter 2 and 7 tell that the Roman empire of ancient times (symbolized by seven heads) will yet exist in a less-united state at the time that the Son appears in the sky. Historians view an end to the Roman empire, but God does not. He sees Europe as a continuation of that empire, but as clay mixed with iron, like two materials not bonding well that create weakness and disunity.

In the very end, says Revelation 13, the weaker Roman empire will be strengthened to some degree again by an eighth head, he being a continuation of the ancient seven. This so portrays a united Europe that prophecy teachers predicted a European Union long before there was one. They were right, but even into the 90s, political scientists viewed such prophecy teachers as crazy. By 2,000, there it was, the Biblical beast arising out of the mud, like a dead man coming to life from a bog.

But what kind of ruler is the eighth head? How can we explain his hatred of Europe, the betrayal by fire? Will some expect Obama to be that traitor? If Obama is, on the other hand, the second beast of Revelation 13, the one who acts on the first beast's behalf, we might expect him to be a partner-in-crime with the one who betrays Europe. I dunno, just saying, because Obama seems to fit the part.

The problem is, if the anti-Christ will be a Russian, history appears to be too long away from seeing a Russian in charge of Europe. Chances are, Obama will no longer be the president when that happens, and yet things can move along surprisingly quickly. What if Obama has entertained a radical-Muslim mindset? What if he's had one from days prior to his becoming president. What if, when he won the presidential election, he secretly rejoiced in having the powers to advance a Russian-Muslim alliance against the West? We have seen two things under Obama, even three: the advancement of Russia; the advancement of the global Muslim fight; and the falling backward of the American nation. Coincidences?

Has Obama's war in Afghanistan been a lame effort by his personal designs? How did Iran and Russia go from scared cats under Bush to confident cats under Obama? What messages was he sending Muslims when he stretched out his hand to lift them up to global significance? Why is it necessary to have Muslims contributing to globalism when the Muslim religion is like clay to iron beside secular Westernism? Muslims don't want globalism under a Western umbrella. Arabs might fit in (if they're not religious), but serious Muslims do not. They won't comply.

Muslims line the entire south side of the European empire. Russians line the entire east side. Obama is on the West, a fink whom Europeans by-and-large respect. Is this a Set-Up from the One who hates Europe?

It's true that God requires his people not to fight with weapons of war against His enemies, but why can't God empower Muslims and Russians to fight with weapons? Did the West betray God? Yes. Will God abort the West? Yes. This is not complicated.

When Westerners arise at their resurrection, every word they spoke on their behalf of creating their own kingdoms can be used against them. Did they seek peace, prosperity, and global one-ness? Yes. Then God has the right to seek those things too, in a global kingdom of His own. It is God's right to choose if liberals demand their right to choose, and God will choose abortion. Liberals will suffer abortion. God will allow Muslims and Russians to minimize liberals, or so that's the impression I'm receiving from current affairs.

If you'd like to read about Planned Parenthood abortion workers turning blind eyes to child porn in the name of making abortion dollars, see Planned Finks. This decade will be one to push child sex until it's accepted by a majority of globe-class citizens.

The Doctor is in. The Great Physician will heal the world body by tearing the devil out of it. But first, it's time to Judge the sons of satan, the liberal West:

A recently released report by Stephen Blank for the Jamestown Foundation says the Russians again are selling weapons to the Chinese. Other reports say the Chinese are, in turn, selling weapons, including nuclear parts, to Iran.

..."There's nothing we can do to stop [the Chinese] from acting according to their best interests. The problem is they define their self-interests in ways that are inimical to those of the U. S.," Blank explained.

..."The Russian government and China have been partners for 20 years now," Blank observed.

He adds that there are two reasons for this partnership.

"Both of them band together to limit the U. S.'s power in international affairs and to limit the spread of international liberalism, which is correlated with U. S. power," Blank said. "

Three abortion doctors by the name of Russia, China, and Iran, are all coming to a clinic in West Side. Like all abortionists, their aim will be to rob the "mothers" of their money while killing their children "therapeutically."

Obama was on television again yesterday in yet another attempt to disgrace Mubarak. He said that Mubarak has a choice to make, either to go out with a good or bad legacy, and the way to get a better legacy is to step aside NOW. What sort of a fink goes on world television to say something like that about a leader that America has supported for decades? What other finkish plans does this clown have? Who else is he set to betray?

He made sure to tell Mubarak, in front of a world audience, "The entire world is watching [what you do]." The Canadian prime minister, taken by many Canadians to be a Christian, came across as Obama's lap dog. I think that Western leaders see the need for unity amongst themselves now that the West appears to be vulnerable along its clay seams.

Had Obama not come out from the start to target Mubarak, the demonstrations would not have escalated to the degree they have. Obama and the O-loving media are pouring fuel on the fire daily, and it can't be by coincidence. He's the fink that starts and maintains the fire, and then says, put out that fire, Mubarak, or you're going to go out with a bad legacy.

There was an assassination attempt on Suleiman that almost succeeded.

The idea that activist-Muslim CAIR is on-board the Obama onslaught of Mubarak is logical, but now I've found an article on the topic, entitled: "Pro-Brotherhood CAIR lobbied against Mubarak":

A U.S. front organization for the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood has lobbied the State Department in recent years to pressure Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to open national elections to the banned Muslim Brotherhood, a book reveals.

...In a 2007 letter to then-Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, CAIR blasted the relatively secular Mubarak government for instituting measures separating mosque and state, according to the bestseller "Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld That's Conspiring to Islamize America," which exposes the Muslim Brotherhood and its front groups in America.

..."From its founding by Muslim Brotherhood leaders, CAIR conspired with other affiliates of the Muslim Brotherhood to support terrorists," wrote assistant U.S. attorney Gordon Kromberg in a 2007 federal court filing.

...Mubarak outlawed the Muslim Brotherhood because it assassinated his predecessor Anwar Sadat and plotted to kill him, as well...

Read "Muslim Mafia," the definitive exposť on the radical Muslim Brotherhood and its front groups in America.

Unfortunately, the article doesn't focus on present CAIR activities as relates to the Mubarak struggle. Apparently, where those activities exist, they are low-profile.

Below is the pro-Brotherhood statement of one with a Kagan surname: "What are we going to do -- support dictators for the rest of eternity because we don't want Islamists taking their share of some political system in the Middle East?" Thus spake Robert Kagan in advocating regime change in Egypt." I'm assuming this is Robert Kagan the globalist.

I wonder if Kagan considered that what's good for Egypt is good for Western countries too. Why shouldn't radical Muslims in CAIR use his words to create Islamic positions of power in Washington too? After all, the foreign instruments of abortion need to be inserted into the body in order to have the quick-kill effect. Isn't Armageddon a quick kill?

But Muslims don't have the power to destroy Europe by fire. And should they arise in inter-country waves against European leaders as they have against Mubarak and others, they would be put down in ways comparable to Mubarak's methods. If it were required that the European internet be shut down for a week or two to save Europe from Muslim radicals, it would be one of the methods employed, and the HypOcrite would be all for it then.

Perhaps Muslims should rise up against Obama, demanding he step down NOW for the sake of saving his legacy. After all, he's been a dictator to the American people, and has caused unemployment and poverty. He's stolen the peoples' money like Mubarak can only dream of. Obama has even paid off his election blocks like a dictator pays off those who hold him in power. Obama has manipulated, lied, cheated. He didn't keep his election promises. He won't show his birth certificate. And now we discover that he betrayed Britain's secrets just to "succeed" with Russia. Arise, Republican Brotherhood, and save the world from this unwanted child.

The Iraqi prime minister says today that he'll cut his salary in half, due to fears of a Muslim uprising in his country. We're waiting for Obama to do the same, aren't we? But Obama spends more for one White-House party, or on one jetliner trip, than Maliki's annual salary before he cut it in half. Mubarak can only dream of living the luxurious life that O-dictator enjoys now. And truly, I know not of one thing that Obama has done on behalf of the people, aside from groups (e.g. homosexuals) among the peoples. Everything he's done thus far is for a Democrat or personal or globalist or 2012 or anti-Right or pro-Palestinian or tax-amassing agenda.

Hmm, could the following be why Obama was so irate at the shutting down of the Internet? Did he have Google on board the planned demonstrations? "A Google executive who has gone missing in Egypt...Wael Ghonim, Google's head of marketing for the middle east, flew into Egypt last week to participate in the demonstrations against the government. At some point he went missing, and one of his last tweets ominously read, 'we are all ready to die.'

Curiously, and illogical, the article says that this executive "has been 'symbolically' named the spokesman for a [political] opposition group, in an attempt to free him from being held by Egyptian authorities." No one including Google knows to date whether he is in custody, and besides, what good would it do toward his release if he were a leader of an opposition party? Mubarak would only detain him more strongly. A better theory is that he did go as an opposition leader from the start, and that Google wants to hide the fact by changing how that idea came to be. In that picture, Google was possibly slated to play an integral part of the uprising.

The article continues:

The demonstration where Ghonim may have been captured was organized "largely" by the April 6 movement, CBS News reports. The April 6 movement is a youth movement in Egypt formed almost three years ago.

To help free him, April 6 named him their spokesman...

Isn't this the student movement formed up to three years ago that was reported by a British media, the group that met in New York, for one? Another article from early this week:

The so-called April 6 Movement said it plans to have more than a million people on the streets of the capital Cairo, as anti-government sentiment reaches a fever pitch.

April 6 is not just any opposition group, but the leading group, the one that made it difficult for Mubarak as per the first huge gathering, the one that developed as Obama spoke on though speaking in co-ordination with the development. Let's go back to the Daily Telegraph article, and read that the demonstrations were actually scheduled three years ago to take place ahead of this years Egyptian election, meaning that there was (and still is) a good reason(s), appropriate to the American plot, to have Mubarak out before the election:

The American Embassy in Cairo helped a young dissident attend a US-sponsored summit for activists in New York, while working to keep his identity secret from Egyptian state police.

On his return to Cairo in December 2008, the activist told US diplomats that an alliance of opposition groups had drawn up a plan to overthrow President Hosni Mubarak and install a democratic government in 2011.

...The US government has previously been a supporter of Mr Mubarak's regime. But the leaked [WikiLeak] documents show the extent to which America was offering support to pro-democracy activists in Egypt while publicly praising Mr Mubarak as an important ally in the Middle East.

In a secret diplomatic dispatch, sent on December 30 2008, Margaret Scobey [Scobey surname first found in Perthshire], the US Ambassador to Cairo, recorded that opposition groups had allegedly drawn up secret plans for "regime change" to take place before elections, scheduled for September this year.

The memo, which Ambassador Scobey sent to the US Secretary of State in Washington DC, was marked "confidential" and headed: "April 6 activist on his US visit and regime change in Egypt."

There you have it, the April 6 organization was at the onset of this Bush-government plot against Mubarak, and Obama is carrying through with it. It shows what Russians don't like to see, that Americans infiltrate nations and create political movements to topple governments. And when Russians did this in America, Obama sent the Russian spies back to Putin's delight in order to "succeed" with his Russia agenda. The HypOcrite knows no sacred thread on behalf of his people. The entire security of the nation is on a Russian roulette wheel for the sake of his global agenda, which includes friendship with both Russians and Muslims.

The article goes on:

It said the activist claimed "several opposition forces" had "agreed to support an unwritten plan for a transition to a parliamentary democracy, involving a weakened presidency and an empowered prime minister and parliament, before the scheduled 2011 presidential elections". The embassy's source said the plan was "so sensitive it cannot be written down".

This evokes the Bavarian Illuminati, never writing on paper what plots or methods it couldn't afford to be made known. And here's why Obama was irate at Mubarak shutting down the Internet: "The protests in Egypt are being driven by the April 6 youth movement, a group on Facebook that has attracted mainly young and educated members opposed to Mr Mubarak. The group has about 70,000 members and uses social networking sites to orchestrate protests and report on their activities."

Look at the Communist-like fist logo of the April 6 movement. That doesn't look like a peaceful logo, or one concerned for democracy. It's the symbol of another dictatorship.

Granted, the Bush administration didn't link to this group for the sake of advancing the Muslim Brotherhood (I don't think, anyway), but then democracy-minded Bush didn't know that nurse Obama would be the next president, and able to use April 6 for just the Brotherhood cause. But nurse Obama doesn't realize that the Armageddon Abortion Clinic may be using him to get the cold instruments in place for the Israeli Operation.

Margaret Scobey is still the U.S. ambassador to Cairo. The German Schobe/Shobe Coat (Bavarian surname) uses the same lion design as the Irish Maher/Meagher Coat, the Maher surname being that of the founder of April 6. I'm keeping in mind that I trace the fist symbol to the Bavarian Illuminati's Communist roots, and that the Rothschild strongarm is a similar symbol.

Scottish Scobeys, English Cobies, and Mahers/Meaghers all use a blue Shield and upright swords/daggers. Mayers/Magors use white on red (i.e. see below for the same colors galore), as do the Meagers/Maygers, the Meeks and Micks.

The Shober variation of the German Schobes is Sober-interesting because both use the same white-on-red colors. The same colors (Hohen colors) are used by Cobers, and this time I had my verification that the Sober oak leaves were those of the Alan Coat because the Cober write-up traces to Alans: "First found in Suffolk, where they held a family seat from ancient times in the two hamlets of North and South Cove in Suffolk which were held at the time of the taking of the Domesday Book in 1086 by Count Alan of Brettagny. Conjecturally the name is descended from that source."

The Cober surname is properly "Cove," and I recall tracing Cove/Covert-like surnames to Hohens, while the Schobes/Schobers were early in Hohenstein. The Cobbs (elephant) are likewise white on red (as with Capes) and likewise first found in Suffolk.

Sobers are said to be derived possibly in "Sobieslaw," evoking the Polish Sobek surname (another red Shield). It always come back round to Poles. I had noted that the "audax" motto term of the Mahers is similar to the "Audacter" term of the Pollocks, and that Jewish Pollocks also use white on red. That was the first clue that we are dealing with a Polish line to the Meschin family when on the Scobey topic.

The swords/daggers (Mackay symbol) were a second clue. The third was in the Colbey/Coalby variations of the Cobies, for I trace Coles/Coals/Kyles to Piast-royal Poles. For further investigation, compare the similarities between the heraldic clues of Kyles/Kiles, Kills, Koles, and Colls, noting that one of them was first in Saxony, where Sobers were first found.

The following may be a useless exercise because the Maher founder of April 6 may not trace to the English Mahers. But the fact that I'm about to trace the latter to Khazars>Hungarians, where I trace the Rothschild arrow, may indicate that the April 6 movement is a Rothschild movement. It's interesting that I will be led in this investigation to the strongarm symbol of the Darks.

I'm not forgetting the Kagan surname mentioned earlier, for they trace to the Khazars at Hungarian roots, and moreover the Cohens/Hohens are also the Kagan surname.

It struck me that "Maher" (anchor like the Kyles) should be a variation of a Macher-like surname, and indeed both use red and gold, Massey colors. The latter is properly "Mack." Then I remembered the Mackesy/Margeson and Margy/Mackie surname (both using the same lion), and reflected on whether the "Marg" is a consonant-reversed "Mager," that being a shown Maher variation. The idea is that the "Marg" terms should be from "Magyar." Finally, I found an Italian Magro Coat using vertical bars like the Mack/Macker Coat, though in blue and white, the colors of the Margy/Mackie. MOREOVER, both Mackers and Magros use a gold-on-blue star.

The Macks/Mackers were first found in Ayrshire, home of the Kyles, and moreover the Mayer/Mager Coat uses a white anchor, the color of the Kyle-Crest anchor.

As per the Mackesy/Margeson write-up, I traced the clan to the Arques/D'Arques/Darks, who use the Maxwell saltire. Pollocks became a Maxwell/Makiswell sept, suggesting a Polish root for Maxwells too.

The line separating the Mackesy Chief with its lion appears to be linked to the Italian Massar Coat (Kent-surname lion), a term that could be a Macker, and therefore a Maher, variation. Massar variations include Massai/Massei.

Darks were first found in Kent, where Massins were first found, whom are traced here always to the Massis/Mattis' and to Massino-Visconti. And that's where the Maher lion comes in, for Viscontis passed their holdings to the Sforzas, and the latter use the same lion, in the same colors, as the Mahers. The Pollocks and Sforzas were independently linked to the Forts, and the latter use "audax" just like the Mahers.

Could it therefore be, as per my claim that the anti-Christ will be linked to Masseys of the False Prophet Illuminati cult, that April 6 was founded by Bellamys>Masseys?

Note the possible Bellamy code below, for Mahers use "A hawk rising from a mount, belled and hooded...." I can be more sure that this coding refers to Hoods, for the white Maher anchor links to the same of the Hood/Hutt Crest. Note that the Hoods use a gold crescent, for the Maher hawk is "charged on each wing with a gold crescent." German Hoods (anchor in Macker and Mayer/Magor colors) were first in Bavaria (as with Schobes/Shobers that I'm tentatively tracing to Col/Kyle-Illuminati blood).

The white Hood/Hutt anchor has been traced to the same of the Heidler-branch Hiedlers/Hitlers/Huttlers. Can it get much worse than this? I found it quite amazing that the Eidelstein surname (Bohemia), that of Vladimir Zhirinovsky's true father, use a bowman in the colors of the Bavarian Bogen bow.

Heids/Hagelsheimer of Bavaria (Kole colors) use an arrow (I trace this tentatively to Hungarian roots), and so does the Kole surname first found in Saxony, where the Schobes/Shobes were first found. The Kole-Coat arrow is identical to the Margy/Mackie arrow, and the two Kole arrows pierce a red-on-white heart, the symbol of the Douglas' (of noble Moray associations, where we expect Khazar-of-Hungary lines) whom I link to the Dougals/Dowells that use the Maher lion design in Margy/Mackie-lion colors.

It seems that the Massey bloodlines were a mix of Poles with Hungarians, and their common element was in the Transylvanian Khazars...who I think became Moravians that merged with Bohemians in the Silesia/Lusatia/Polish theater, the same royal line that merged with Piast royal whose members evolved into Normandy's Massey/Meschin clans. The same Hungaro-Khazar line did rule Bavaria.

What if Moussa (head of the Arab League) becomes the interim leader of Egypt, catapulting him to power in the September election? What if his natural alliance with the Brotherhood merges forces with Khaled Mashaal, leader of Hamas, since after all Hamas is a Brotherhood affiliate? Is it coincidental that another Massey-like surname rules Hamas?


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