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January 30 - 31, 2011

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January 30

For an update on the Lebanese situation, see the below, where I learned that the out-going prime minister (toppled), Hariri, is part of an Al-MUSTaqbal Movement (caps mine to emphasis yesterday's MUSTafa topic). The prime-minister designate for a transitional government is thus-far Najib Miqati. Hariri (and his so-called March-14 movement) is not very happy with the direction of a Miqati-led government, and thus-far refuses to join it, or so he/it says.

In another article: "Premier-designate Najib Miqati met U.S. Ambassador Maura Connelly on [January 26] to underline his commitment to maintain good ties with Washington, a statement from his office said."

On the detail's of Miqati's nomination: Prime Minister-designate Najib Miqati, who has vowed to maintain national unity, will start consultations to form a new government after President Michel Suleiman appointed him Lebanon's new premier. Miqati's appointment on [January 25] came amid a "day of rage" by fellow Sunnis who accused him of being a traitor to his sect and betraying former PM Saad Hariri.

...Miqati is not a member of Hizbullah and is considered a relative moderate..."

'"I say in all honesty that my nomination by Hizbullah does not mean I am bound by any of their political positions, except as concerns the protection of the national resistance,' [Miqati] said, referring to Hizbullah's struggle against Israel.

We have a Suleiman surname as Lebanon's president (a lower position than the prime minister/premier), and we now have a Suleiman surname in charge of Egypt's dilemma. I'm not prepared to suggest a "Suleiman" link to the stock of Salyes Ligurians, but it sure does come to mind. I figure that the Salyes trace to Sol=Helios of Rhodes, who were likely the Zeus Solymi peoples, fellow tribe with Pisidians and Lasonii that were just traced (two days ago) to the Ladon=Selleis river in the Pisa theater. In recent days, the Here and Hare surnames were also emphasized, smacking of "Hariri." Just saying. The Lebanese defence minister and deputy prime minister is Elias Murr.

Think of it. Iran-backed Hezbollah attempts to topple Lebanon and seize control at roughly the same time that Tunisia's government is toppled successfully, followed by the Egyptian toppling attempt (outcome still unknown), at a time when Iran finally got a good hold on the Iraqi government.

I heard a couple of days ago that there was an earthquake in Israel. Seeking some details, I came upon this article telling of a 4.0 quake in the Jordan valley on January 1. At this page, one can find articles saying that scientists predict/expect a big quake in Israel at any time. Do we think this is the wicked's way of explaining away the prophetic quake of Revelation 11:13?

What's Russia thinking of the news in the Guardian (or was it from the Telegraph?) news: that Americans have been planning a coup of the Mubarak government for as long as three years. Will Russia join the fundamentalist forces to even the score if the Globamists succeed in getting their man in Egypt?

Do you recall Mousavi's failure in his bid to topple Iran's Ahmadinejad?

Iranian opposition leader Mir-Hossein Mousavi issued a strong statement of support [yesterday] for the Tunisian revolution that ousted longtime strongman Zine el Abidine ben Ali and the ongoing uprising against Egyptian ruler Hosni Mubarak, linking the ongoing struggles for freedom in the Arab world to popular revolt against President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in 2009.

In Mousavi's view, both the Tunisian and Egyptian uprisings are anti-Iran and anti-Muslim-fundamentalist. I once theorized/reasoned (in the very days that I was tracing the mouse bloodlines to the anti-Christ) that Mousavi was part of an O-West topple attempt on Ahmadinejad. Could it be that his words above scream from between the lines that Globamists are behind the Tunisian affair too? The below is dated yesterday:

TEL AVIV -- The Egyptian government suspects elements of the current uprising there, particularly political aspects, are being coordinated with the U.S. State Department, WND has learned.

A senior Egyptian diplomat told WND today the regime of President Hosni Mubarak suspects the U.S. has been aiding protest planning by Mohamed ElBaradei, who is seen as one of the main opposition leaders in Cairo.

ElBaradei, former International Atomic Energy Agency chief, has reinvented himself as a campaigner for "reform" in Egypt. He is a candidate for this year's scheduled presidential elections.

...He is seen as an ally of the Muslim Brotherhood, the main opposition force in Egypt.

...The Egyptian suspicion of U.S. involvement in the unrest in Egypt is not the first report of the Obama administration's alleged interference there.

Yesterday, the London Telegraph reported the U.S. Embassy in Cairo in 2008 helped a young dissident attend a U.S.-sponsored summit for activists in New York, while working to keep his identity secret from Egyptian state police.

The Telegraph would not identify the dissident, but said he was involved in helping to stir the current protests. The report claimed the dissident told the U.S. Embassy in Cairo that an alliance of opposition groups had a plan to topple Mubarak's government.

It would be unthinkable that an American president would work in an ElBaradei alliance with the Muslim Brotherhood...unless he were Obama. I've got to say that the only thing standing in my way of announcing Obama as the anti-Christ is his attempt to topple Maliki and a few other Muslim regimes. Isaiah 19 says that the anti-Christ takes nation after nation without them so much as peeping. I recall that shortly after suspecting my house mouse (and sharing it with readers at the risk of sounding crazy) as a sign that the anti-Christ would be related to a mouse somehow, a mouse ran in front of Obama, on the steps of the White House, as he spoke to the nation live on camera.

When was the last time that a mouse ran on the White House steps with the president standing there alone, aside from the cameraman fixed on him? I'll leave room for the idea that the house mouse was a Sign for the False Prophet.

I don't forget that I traced Masseys, since that White House mouse and not before, to ancient Tunisians. I traced them to Mysians under mythical Aeneas, who landed in Tunisia as per the founding of Carthage. I figured that these Mysians were the Meshwesh of Tunisia:

The Meshwesh-tribe represents this assumption. Scholars believe it would be the same tribe called Mazyes by Hektaios and Maxyes by Herodotus, while it was called "Mazaces" and "Mazax" in Latin sources. All those names are similar to the name used by the Berbers for themselves.

Did the Meshwesh of modern times just take Tunisia in time for Armageddon destruction? And why does "Mousavi" look so much like a mouse term?

Look at the Italian Mazza/Mazzi Coat. It's a white symbol (griffin) on a black diagonal bar. The German Mayse Coat shows a black mouse on a white diagonal bar in the same direction. AND, "Mayse" is nearly "Mazyes." Note the identical "yes" ending of "Salyes." AND, all of the Mayse/Meisel variations shown end in "sel" or sl" as if to combine possibly a Meis/Mis term with a Sel term.

I kid you not, that apart from anything in the paragraph above, I had traced the Mussels of Musselburgh to north-African Amazons.

There is also an English Mayze/Maze surname (Somerset), in case it applies. The motto uses "bien"; the German Bien Coat uses a Macey Shield (= white-on-blue chevron), and the Biens were first found in Silesia, where I expect Masseys of the Meschin/Masculine kind.

When entering "Aime" as per the "aimee" motto term of the Mayze/Maze Coat, it curiously brings up the Hains of Lincolnshire, with crescents as expected of the Hannibals (= Carthaginians of Tunisia!) to which I trace Hains. The Hannity surname (greyhound) was also first found in Lincolnshire.

NOW WATCH THIS. As per the "Garde" motto term of the Mayze/Maze surname, one Garde Coat (Massi/Mattis-like Shield) uses "Toujours fidele," while the Hannity Coat uses "Toujours firme." PLUS, the wolf in the Irish Garde Coat (hawk's lure in Crest) is the Fidelow/Fiddle wolf, important because I had traced fide-like motto terms to the Fidelows. Again, the English Gards use "Toujours fidele."

The "firme" term of the Hannitys was traced to the "Firmus" term of the firm-like Vermins, who were first found in Yorkshire like the Hanna-like Anns/Hanns.

The Gard(e) surname smacks of "Card" and "Carthage." The Fidelow Crest is a hand out of a cloud (holding a cornucopia). The Card Crest is a hand out of a cloud holding a card. The blue lion on white of the latter Coat is the symbol of Macclesfield, which also uses a "copia" motto term, smacking of "cornuCOPIA." Cards were first found in CORNwall, if that helps to identify "CornuCopia."

The Meshwesh were also the "Maxyes," smacking of Macclesfield's MAKESlesfeld" variation, and its peoples, "Maxonians." The Makes/Mack Coat uses what looks like the Keith/Maskall stripes, important because Keiths lived in the Musselburgh theater.

English Maxwells/MAKESwells (from Kelso, near Maxton), who use a stag like the Hannas, Hanns (Yorkshire), and Hannibals, were first in Yorkshire.

A Pollock-bloodline (= Maxwell sept) correspondent told me that Maxwells were named after a pond/lake, but I doubted that from the start. The Maxwell write-up traces to a "salmon pool" near Kelso Bridge. I would suggest that this is code for the Salyes bloodline. I see that the Salmon Coat uses a "sapientia" motto term, which I trace to the Sapieha clan of Poland (found in the write-up), exactly where we expect a Pollock-related clan.

I also trace the Sapientia term to the Taffeys, who I in turn trace to Cottians near/at where the Salyes lived. I've said that Taffeys were the Daphne cult, but years before making that claim, I traced Daphne to "Devon," and just days ago I discovered that the "spes" motto term is code for the Hopes ("spes" means "hope") and Spaces/SpecCOTTS, both of of Devon. The Taffey Coat uses "spes" too!!

Remember, the Daphne cult was at the Ladon=Selleis river so that we could expect Taffeys to be related fundamentally to Salyes. And the Daffy/David surname ("copia" motto term) of Cheshire, where the Daphne cult had named the capital (Deva), may not only be from "Devon" elements, but it uses a black symbol on a white diagonal bar on a red Shield, like the black mouse on white diagonal bar (in the same direction) on a red Shield of the Mayse/Maisel Coat. We then find Maceys/Mascys/Masseys and Meschins/Masculines in Cheshire too.

If Obama's father is truly Frank Marshall Davis (that surname uses the David Coat), then Obama starts to look like a mouse, so to speak, the Masseys from Carthage/Tunisia elements.

The fact that the Davids are Welsh suggests links to CARDiff, named in-part after the Taff river. Remember, Cards use the Macclesfield lion (I say), and Davids use the "copia" term of Macclesfield. The Macclesfield arms, moreover, uses the DAVENport crosslet (used also by the blue on white (Card colors) Hannas/Hannethes).

The trace of the Meshwesh to MUSSELburgh supports a founding of MASSALia (later Marseilles) by the Meshwesh. The Salyes were very close by, and so was the Daphne cult at Dauphine. Moreover, the founding of Massalia was linked to Lacydon, traced a couple of days ago to "Lasion" at the upper Ladon=Selleis river.

As I said that the Maxwell "salmon pool" is code for Salyes elements, BEHOLD. This was discovered after all the above was written. I entered "Salman" just now hoping to find symbols linking to Maxwells, and not only did I find a half-saltire, black on white, the Maxwell-saltire colors, but the Salman Coat smacks of the Sales Coat. Let's not forget the two Suleiman surnames now in the news in the prophecy theater, ot that I trace the Salyes, tentatively, to the Solymi peoples.

There's a Salm surname (white on white, rare color scheme) using salmon and green-on-white clovers just like the Davis clovers. The Salm variation of "Psalm" must be mere wishful play on king David's Psalms, for I do not believe in the least that the Davids/Davis' are from king David, though members of the clan may have believed it.

Entering "Calm" brings the Malcolm/Callam Coat (Andrew's Cross in colors reversed), and Malcolm III was father of a king David (of Scotland), where no Davids appeared (that I know of) in his ancestry prior. Entering "Salam/Salem" brings the Salman Coat.

We understand that the Internet can become a tool to help defeat Democrats. Prior to the conservative-radio boom, since Rush Limbaugh's big mouth came out against homosexuals, feminism, and other liberal mutations (I was elated about him, at first, until I saw his arrogant/conceited side), Democrats controlled up to 80 percent of the news as to control political thinking. So damaging was the radio boom to Democrats that they revealed their plots to gag it by the "fairness" doctrine. Democrats play doctor for the better health of society, but in reality they're quacks with cut-throat tendencies.

Would Obama and his ilk shut the internet down if tea-partiers, for example, rose up in nation-wide protests that got ugly? Now that he's come out to condemn the shutting down of the Egyptian internet, it'll make Democrats look more hypocritical if they attempt to curb/stifle Internet use by political opponents of Democrats. The lofty Obama now knows to his skinny little bones that there is a political price to pay for hypocrisy, and that the only way he can return to playing Doctor God again is to rid the country of the Christian voice.

That's why Democrats bad-mouth the conservative "far-right," and why conservatives need big mouths in all media to do combat. Sarah Palin, for one, is a fairly big mouth but with no arrogance of the Limbaugh kind. Both George Bushes were huge disappointments, and by their hypocrisy (they promised Christians hard results by delivered warm milk) they gave power back to Democrats.

I think that Obama has known from his spy masters the details of the plot against Egypt, and I think he knew that the plot required internet and telephone communications between plotters. His disappointment with the Internet shut-down is not because he cares whether Egyptians can email one another for a couple of weeks. Obama wouldn't have come out to condemn the shut-down, immediately, and on television, if his concern was only for the Egyptian people. There has clearly been a cut-throat attitude in the O-dministration against Mubarak.

The only thing they haven't accused is that Mubarak has weapons of mass destruction. I'm exaggerating, but you get the point: there's a Bush-whacking attitude here dressed in concern for the Muslim people. In reality, Ill-uminate globe-trotters want to secure Egypt for Western interests.

The Ill-humanitists are mentally sick, going to manic extremes to control the Middle East just when they think they have their global-government wounds all but sewn up. It is definitely a global conjobspiracy of the damned, and for this reason, we need to take the radical approach of siding, not with the West, but of understanding that the wicked Muslim wave of murderous thugs are being let loose by the Doctor in the Sky to assure that the Ill-humanity cancer does not recover. The Bible says that the sons of the wicked must not control the planet.

Everyone knows that addicted gamblers are sick, but no greater illness is there than in the psyches of those who gamble with world control. Don't be frightened by the Muslim slaughter machines about to come upon the world, for the Big Crash is under the control of One who knows how to drive. Like an east whirlwind, the Driver will drive the West-virus germs away and leave the air clear and fresh for the sound-minded meek. Therefore, keep a sound mind, knowing your prophecy, that what's about to happen is not the Hollywood Armageddon where the planet does not recover.

Sign follows symptom, and the world languishes, says prophecy, when men became feeble women with hands hanging limp at what's seen on the murky historical horizon. Pride becomes the wart on the humanist face when those who trust in mankind see the failure of mankind. Women have arisen this past generation to correct the wrongs done by men, only to find themselves conducting the same wrongs.

There is no cure, says the Fizz-ision in the Sky, for this brew of ail. There is no "winning the future" for drunken gamblers foaming at the mouth with lofty words of hope and change. The Bible tells that the anti-Christ will attempt to change the set times and the laws, like one confronting the Law-ger in the Sky, like one desiring the Keg of Heaven. The result will be a gushing flow of tumult straight down his bottomless throat, and a painful living death like a drunk choking on his vomit. That's what this coming Day is all about. All those seeking to save the day for the Ill-humanist world will be counted by God as friends of the world.

And that's the concern I have for the Sarah Palins and Fox News' of the world. There comes a time when it will be as wrong as salt statues in Sodom to attempt a fix of the world rope that God wishes to cut off. A high-wire act planned for the midst of a tornado is the fut-ill-ity of desperadoes, exactly the attitude of globalists seeking world control on the Day of Tall Clouds. They see the climate changing drastically, and yet seek to fix it with the threads of their machinations rather than abandoning Gomorrah.

When the dizzy world of Sodom's mountain climbers come to the end of their rope, they yet hope in the pride sought at the top of the cliff face. Shouldn't the Sarah Palins of the world, instead of promising new and different hopes at the political top, warn that there is no hope of reaching the top? Get off the world rope. Know the world rope from the Rope of Heaven.

The Sarah Palins will not speak of prophetic doom because they are more concerned for their political achievements at the top than for the Fact of History. No one who speaks prophetic Factor will be taken sane enough to lead an end-time nation. End-timer mountaineers are pinheads climbing their ropes to nowhere, too willing to fall and die into the chasm of eternity than to submit to the O'Godly Factor. There is no No-Spin Zone void of Truth, and yet the Bill O'Reilys of the world entertain atheists and other world-class "patriots."

Since when did God call for the flux of patriotism to weld the joints of his Kingdom? Will the Building of Jesus stand the Day of Tremor with the solder of Hephaestus in its joints? Isn't it true that all such joints must be removed by the Grinder of Apostasy? The end-time junk yard will be littered with strong steel beams unfit for the Body of Christ. Woe to the steely Sarah Palins who neglect the flux of Christ as they work amongst the artisans of the demon-cratic world. For these will fashion new idols with merely an appearance of Godliness.

The Fuhrer of Heaven is coming with Fury for Zionism. The night of crystal glass was like a celebration of the Jews by comparison to the Night of Mirrors. "Never Again," says the Reich in the Sky, will the Israelites shame my Name again, and reflect badly on Me. This time, The Name will force the Israelites to look themselves in the mirror, to see that the shame pours out from their own valves of weeping at the corners of their miserable eyes. Blessed is He who comes in the Name of the Lord, they will say.

The Name the Name the Name, the Bavarian Zionists neglected. They built the world with Babel's Industry, and plastered their own names on every skyscraper of Babel. They see only their own signs lit up with the light of industry and trade, but do not see the signs of His Coming Thief. Signs and more neon signs everywhere in the global economy that the Fox News' and Sarah Palins wish to fix, weeping for the burning of Babylon's wares.

Forget fixing of the economy, stupid ones. What relief can be had, in a world on the brink, with a promise of more Brinks trucks rolling heavily on sin-infested streets? Take the streets of Egypt this very day as an example of how the end looks for those who control nations, for parasites who suck the blood of the peoples dry. Fix the economy, Sarah Palins of the world, and you'll only empower the diseased vampires of the Bavarian Ill-humanists.

Obsession with fixing the economy is like buttering the bread of life with a mildew. Enough yeast already. The American loaf has grown large enough already. Over-cooked, it's despised. Burnt toast is tossed away. Fix the morality instead, Sarah Palins of the world. Seek primarily the flat-bread of God, and the just deserts will be added unto you. Choose to eat humble Bread of Life, and thick-crust pizza will be served to you at the Wedding Day.

Make the mountains level, and we'll find them useful for a bounty of orchards. Pave the moral streets straight, without turns toward the money trolls, and our walk of life will be made easier and less expensive. Do for God, and God will do for us. That's the Law of the Universe, which the bottomless Bavarians have violated. Cowards, all of them, mere children seeking personal gains, blind guides leading one another into trenches and deep wells, patting themselves on the back all the while, like men worthy of honor.

A money troll is a funnel into a cave; money hoarded there is money we can't use for ourselves. A single skyscraper is a lot of wealth hoarded that could have gone into the homes of a lot of struggling people. The skyscraper's builders seek only to take more of the peoples' money by business conducted inside its walls. Yes, jobs are created by the skyscraper, but ultimately it takes more of the wealth to itself, leaving less for the workers. If the honey had been shared fairly with the worker bees, there wouldn't have been enough money to build the sky-hives in the first place.

The skyscraper is therefore a testimony against the trolls that laid its foundation, and rather than give these monuments of sin to the Elect, the Great Shaker will revert them back to dust. When the time comes, so it will be, a day of rejoicing, of breathing a new air as soon as the dust settles.

Jordan is seeing demonstrations of the Egyptian kind today, and Kurds are threatening of doing the same. It was suggested days ago that a wave like this might overtake the Arab world, but was that a true prediction, or what the announcers already knew beforehand because the announcers are the plotters responsible for the wave? Today has news that Iraq's security is in grave risk, exactly what we would expect just before a surprise move to keep forces in Iraq, and it comes from a Bauer/Bower-like Bowen surname, i.e. from the special inspector general for Iraq reconstruction, Stuart W. Bowen Jr.:

Iraq's security forces are confronting significant problems as the U.S. military prepares to withdraw from that country by the end of this year, according to a new report by a top oversight official.

...the special inspector general for Iraq reconstruction, Stuart W. Bowen Jr., says in the office's latest quarterly report, released [today].

Since 2003, the United States has provided $58 billion for reconstruction in Iraq, the report says. Of that, almost $20 billion went to supporting Iraq's security forces, in which nearly 800,000 personnel now serve in the military and police units.

How much of that money was funnelled into Rothschild caves, I now wonder, seeing the Bauer-like surname in charge of moneys to reconstruct Iraq. Online claims that Rothschilds start wars to make money through war is ample.

The article continues with emphasis on Basra, the southern-Iraqi region given to British control at the initial invasion of Iraq by Bush:

Bowen's investigators visited Basra, the center of Iraq's oil fields and a key to the country's economic development, earlier this month. The local Iraqi army and police commanders said they would need continued support even after U.S. forces depart...

...In October, the Interior Ministry's inspector general reported that an investigation into his ministry's purchase of ineffective bomb detectors from a British company had been halted by a minister who invoked an article of the Iraqi criminal code that allows such an action to protect himself or an employee. According to the inspector general, "75 percent of the value of the contract went to kickbacks received by Iraqi government officials," the report said.

Perhaps the money was taken by Western fingers in London, while the report, by the same fingers, seeks to make it appear that Iraqis were the culprits. I simply can't believe that the billions thrown into Iraq by the American taxpayer has disappeared more into the small pockets of the Iraqi authorities than into the large caves of Western globalists. I do not believe that Western globalists are more moral than Iraqi leaders, and the latter act out of sheer need for morsels on the family table, while billionaires act on behalf of their bottomless stomachs.

And so God will allow a demented Muslim organization to ravage the Middle East until it conducts a suicide mission bringing the West down with it:

The Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt's largest opposition group, is in talks with other anti-government figures to form a national unity government without President Hosni Mubarak, a group official told DPA [today].

...Gamal Nasser, a spokesman for the Brotherhood, told DPA that his group was in talks with Mohammed ElBaradei - the former UN nuclear watchdog chief - to form a national unity government without the National Democratic Party of Mubarak.

...Speaking to CNN later [today], ElBaradei said he had a popular and political mandate to negotiate the creation of a national unity government.

"I have been authorized -- mandated -- by the people who organized these demonstrations and many other parties to agree on a national unity government," he told CNN.

"I hope that I should be in touch soon with the army and we need to work together. The army is part of Egypt," the opposition leader added.

Opposition figure Mustafa el-Naggar stated that ElBaradei "will be joining protesters in Tahrir," adding he would come to the square later on Sunday, his first visit to the hub of the protest since returning to Egypt on Thursday.

ElBaradei, a UN-conditioned tool, in cahoots with the organization that formed al-Qaeda? Whatever it takes to gain power in the cranky world of politics. We know that Globamists will favor ElBaradei in this unusual marriage, but what about Obama himself? Is he a closet Brotherhood agent? If not, might he like to re-dress the Brotherhood with new clothes? What if the Brotherhood throws the O-clothes away in disgust, and serves the ElBaradei side the divorce papers? Won't that invite or lure the anti-Christ to Egypt to finish the ElBaradei side off?

We often think that the hedge that God protects modern Israel with is the United States, but what about Egypt to Israel's south and Jordan to Israel's east? Isn't that a hedge? When Isaiah says that the hedge will be removed to allow the anti-Christ in, shouldn't we expect Egypt and Jordan's peace treaties with Israel to come to an end? And shouldn't we expect the US-backed Lebanese government to vaporize as it just has?

Just so you know, the turn of events in Lebanon has Syria in smiles: "Druze in the Chouf Mountains were up in arms after Jumblatt's speech last Friday, in which he announced that his party would support Syria and Hezbollah's choice of prime minister [= Mikati/Miqati] rather than once ally and former Prime Minister Saad Hariri."

The Tyre has gotten another flat fixed, and some re-treading with chains.

January 31

Now that I've got access to a television, I can comment of Fox News' Christian slant. Last night on Huckabee, he said that we need to pray for Egypt because Israel is at risk. This message goes contrary to my message of yesterday. It would not have been politically correct for Huckabee to say, nor do I think Fox would have condoned it, that there is coming a time when God himself will invade Israel with a cruel master. Therefore, politics takes first place over the Son of God at Fox News.

How can Christians on Fox News, or any Christian in the news business, speak so kindly on Israel at this time without mention of prophetic expectations? How do we do a service to God to send the wrong message, a message devoid of the realities?

There is no nation on earth which hates the Son of God in a way that displeases God more. Israel is an enemy of Christians, even though the nation permits Christianity to exist within its borders. The only thing the nation has going for it is, not righteousness, not holiness, but the promise that God made to Abraham, to restore the nation forever. Yet this restoration will not be without a major dose of chastisement and punishment, and a filtering out of obstinate and high-level elements.

Can we even imagine the people at Fox saying such a thing, let alone stressing it? What would it do to US-Israeli relations? How would American Hebrews attack Fox News as a result? Therefore, politics is the real concern of Fox, and the Son of God is sidelined by it. As Fox sucks the Sarah Palins in as allies, what will it effect in their Christian messages?

I see that Fox has its share of sexual themes. They typically hire sexy anchor ladies. They typically feature sexy women on their commentary shows, and even on Huckabee the cameramen fix their sights on the sexy/attractive ladies in the audience. This goes on even in televised church shows, if you haven't noticed. The effect is to curb Christian thought toward worldliness.

Half-way houses don't cut it for God. He can't be proud of believers who give half the realities. But in no way do I think that Fox is a Christian organization, anyway, but rather one that uses Christians for their conservative votes. Who really are the true friends of Fox and Friends? What are they really up to? To unseat Democrats, that's easy enough to see. But what entities in the United States do they work for? I say that they work for a Rus agenda, of the same Rus clans that I link to Rosicrucianism and Masonry: the Massey bloodlines from Poland's Silesia-based royals.

Like I mentioned a while back, in the running for the chief spots in the Republican party, there were/are the names Pawlenty, Palin, Paul (this is the Pohl surname too) and the Pullen-related Romneys (scallops). Entering "Palin" brings a clan from "Pavilly" and showing a "Pawley" root smacking of the Pawlentys.

Palins/Pawleys were first found in Dorset, where the Russells (one of the 13 Illuminati families) were first found. The Russell Chief is scallops in Meschin-scallop colors, white on black, the colors of the stars in the Palin/Pawley Chief. The Palin/Pawley lion is the Russell lion with forked tail. The latter's lion is in the colors of the Dutch Pole/Poll lion (crowned, meaning that this clan made it to Holland's throne).

The French Pohls/Pauls/Poles use "a gold lion with a paw on the silver sword of Saint-Paul with a gold hilt." Never mind the saint-Paul, or a root in a Paul name. The "paw" part gives away linkage to Pawleys.

This alternative Pohl/Pohlman Coat (the other German Pohl surname was first found in Silesia) uses a mirror, I think, a Melusine symbol that was traced in the previous update to the Glass surname of Melusine-Avalon, to Glasgow (roughly where Pollocks and Poland-related Speers/Sprees were first found), and to Moray's Massin/Mason and Mackay elements.

The Pohl/Pohlmann Coat above shows a black feather, I think, the same black feather, called a "plume," as per the Silesian Pohl/Pohlman Coat. Variations of the latter are Pauley, Paulye, and Paulley. You may have noticed that whenever shows no Crest, the same plumes (ostrich feathers, I think) are shown as decoration, though always five of them. The Pohl Crest above shows only three because these are the actual symbol of the Pohls. I would suggest that these plumes are evidence of a family link to the five ostrich feathers used by the Trabys (if this website/image disappears, see Traby Arms).

As I write, Tim Pawlenty (former governor of Minnesota) is on Fox on the issue of his running for the presidency. He is being interviewed by a sexy blonde on Fox and Friends, who is showing too much boob-top for Christian modesty. This is American business-as-usual these days.

Clans showing a lion's paw, as for example the Russell-related Savages, might just be linked to PAWleys. The Savage lions, black-on-white, are in the colors of the Pawley lion.

There are three Plume surnames: one in Bavaria using Zionists stars; one French clan (spear tips; I suggested Brittany ermines were arrow/spear tips) first found in Brittany (the Brittany Alan-Stewarts trace to Bauers=Bavarians), and an English clan using a "vair" bell pattern in Vere/Vair colors (Veres were Stewarts to a large degree).

Now the Pulls/Poles of Cheshire must be related to the Pullesdons/Polesdons (stars in colors reversed to the Palins/Pawleys) of Cheshire, and the latter happens to use the same stag (nearly) that I saw before starting today's bloodline topic. I happened to use an browser still open to the Bowen Coat after mentioning (yesterday) the special inspector general for Iraq reconstruction, Stuart W. Bowen Jr.

The Welsh Bowen write-up traces to "Owen," and then we find that the Welsh Owen Coat is the Savage lion design in Savage colors, while the Irish Bowen/Bohan Coat uses garbs, the Cheshire symbol. Savages were first in Cheshire too, and so were the Welsh Davids whose lion colors I trace to the Savage/SAVIDge lion. The Welsh Bowen stag has a green clover, the symbol of the Irish Davis'/Davids.

The Welsh Bowens use an "Esse" motto term, smacking of Hesse elements...that I trace to CHEShire and CHESter, but even if that's wrong I yet trace Hesse elements to Cheshire for other reasons. We are now on the foundations of the Bavarian Illuminati. The German Esse/Hesse Coat uses a sun in the colors of the "Jewish" Cohen sun, while entering Owen-like "Cowen" brings up the Annan(dale) Shield and Chief. Esse/Ash looks like the makings of the French Levi Coat (not forgetting that "Jewish" Levis use a lion in Savage/David-lion colors, even the Pascal lion).

Cohens claim to be Levi priests, and Masonic Hebrews of this nature also like to trace themselves to king David, wherefore certain pagan entities/terms were modified to "Cohen," "Levi," and "David"...and "Paul."

It's not necessarily true that "Bowen" derived from "Owen," as it could have been the other way around. Note the BOUGHan variation of the Irish Bowens/Bohans, who smack of Bauer/Bower-related Bogens of Bavaria. It wasn't many days ago when I showed again that Bogens are related to the Bugs of Nottinghamshire (in German Bugs/Buggen colors), and that Altens of Nottinghamshire should apply because they use a bowman. It just so happens that entering "BOUGH" brings up a Bow/Bough Coat using a bow, suggesting strongly that Bowens/Boughans are indeed from Bogans>Bauers, and that Owens and Cowens stemmed out later, or perhaps were a different entity altogether).

The reason that I got to writing the paragraph above is because the Cowen motto includes "altem." And the Cowan Coat is in Alten colors. The scallop in the Cowen Crest suggests Scylla of Sicily, and the Sicel founders of Sicily, while the Cowen motto term, "Sic," would appear to be code for the same.

Thus, there is na fundamental linkage of "Jewish" Cohens/Kagans to the Ananes and Laevis of the Po the Cottian theater. "The Cottian Alps are drained by the rivers Durance and Arc and their tributaries on the French side; by the Dora Riparia and other tributaries of the Po on the Italian side." The Durance was home to the Salyes Ligurs. But I start this paragraph because I just entered "Cowdan" as per the Cowden variation of the Cowens, and what did I find but a lattice symbol, same design and in colors reversed of the Cott/Cottin lattice, suggesting that COWDens/Cowens were a branch of Cotts/Cottens. Cowdan variations include "Couttin."

The gold scallop in the Cowdan/Coutin Coat is evidence of a link to the gold scallop of the Cowens/Cowdens, don't we think? And the Cowdan/Coutin griffin appears to be the same as per the Annan(dale) griffin.

Entering "Cout" brings up a Couts/Cootes clan from Elginshire=Morayshire, using the same eagle/falcon, though with wings raised, as in the Welsh Bowen Crest. The Couts/Coot Coat uses a stag, as does the Bowen Coat, as well as a different kind of pheon that looks much like the ermines in the Ermine Coat. I use the latter surname because it too uses the Cowen and Annan(dale) Shield and Chief combination. Where really did the Cowens come from? From the Levi priests of Israel, or from the priests of Hermes at mount Sion?

The Elgin Coat (as per Elginshire), in the same red and white colors, uses what should be the Ermine lion. The Elgin/Elkin Shield is nearly the Alten Shield. The Elkin variation smacks of "El," and MOREOVER the Eley/Ely Coat is in colors reversed from the Elgin/Elkin Shield!

The Eley surname was in the previous update as per the Ley- and Salyes-branch Ligurians, with a suggested trace to Elis, Scollis, and their Ladon=Selleis river. A further Eley suggestion is linkage to the Ali/Alliota surname (= Ladon cult) of Messina/Scylla. You may have read in the last update where the Ali surname linked to the lattice-like Lettices/Lattices and Letos/Alittos (all three are white-on-red, the Elgin and Cott-lattice colors). Thus, Elis/Pisa elements of the Ladon-Draco kind trace to Moray's Elgin clans.

The Piast Polish royals (i.e. to which I trace the Palins/Pawleys and similar surnames) had been traced to "Pisidia," the founders of Pisa at Elis. As king Mieskzo is said to have been from Sardinia, off the coast of Italy's Pisa, a trace of Piasts to that Pisa seems logical. The Pisa-surname Coat uses the Dougal lion in Dougal-lion colors , evoking the "Dagom/Dagon" alternative name of king Mieszko. The Piast eagle? White on red.

The blue of the Pisa Coat is not typical heraldic blue, and it matches the blue in the Italian Pallotta/Palaini Coat. There's a Pallin/PAWlin/Pauline surname (Staffordshire, beside Shropshire) not showing a Coat, but with a write-up. Entering "Pauline" brings up the Sinclair rooster and a Pallotta-like Paulette variation. There's also a Pollette/PAWlett Coat in Palin/Pawley colors.

The Pollette/Pawlett sword is exactly the Doun/Dunn sword, and the English Doun/Dunn Coat uses a star in colors reversed to the Palin/Pawley star. The Doun/Down star is on the shoulder of a stag, the same stag design exactly as the Bowen stag...with clover on its shoulder.

AND, the Palin/Pawley Shield is a dancette very much like the Dunham dancette (speers in Crest), suggesting now that Stuart Bowen Jr., in charge of Iraq-reconstruction billions, is related to Obama's Dunham bloodline, the same Obama who showed his money colors to the tune of over a trillion dollars as soon as he got power.

As further evidence that the Palins/Pawleys dancette is related to the Douns/Dunns, the Dowes use nearly the Palin/Pawley dancette. The "PATIENS" motto of the Dowes/Doves should link to the same-colored Paties/Paddys/Padyes, which are the colors also of the Putin/Padyns/PADIANs Coat!!

The Doe/Dow clan looks related due to the same colors, especially as it uses "coulters," no doubt code for the Coulters...that I traced to Piast KOLODziej" the Wheelwright, mythical founder of the royal Mieszko bloodline. It must be by some wild coincidence, since the Does/Dows appear related to Obama's Dunham bloodline, that the Does/Dows are said to derive in "D'O."

The Doe/Dow Crest is a garb, the Cheshire symbol, and I trace at least four Obama bloodlines to Cheshire: Dunhams to Dunham Masci; Davis/Davids; Dunham-related Randolphs to Ranulf le Meschin; the Wolflins>Wolfleys.

For further investigation, "Dough" brings up the Doe/Dow clan, and "Dude" brings up a Doughty/Dowty clan in the same colors. Doughertys, who use the David-like Devitt/Dade Coat, come to mind.

The Boughen variation of the Welsh Bowens evokes the Welsh Baughs/Bachs. Plus, the only vair bell pattern thus far today was from the Plume Coat, and the Plume-Crest dog is identical in design to the Baugh/Bach Crest while the latter likewise uses the vair pattern.

The Plume clans became a topic due to the plumes of the Silesian Pohls/Pohlands. I had linked Baughs/Bachs to Bacons, who use stars in colors reversed to the Palins/Pawleys. Bacons and Plumes were both first found in Sussex.

Plumes may have been named after the ostrich feather because German plumes are in the colors of the English Feathers, who use three ostrich feathers/plumes. Feathers use the Derby/Darby antelope exactly, and the latter use "PLACuerit" (see "PELICan" below)

The "Valens" motto term of the Feathers smacks of the Palins. The "volens" motto term of the Feathers brings up an English Polen/Paulin/Pollin Coat (scallops, PELlCan). I trace "pelican" to the "PULCiphers/Pulsiphers"/Polesdons. I recall the Moray so-called "fetter" lock, and the Bavarian Fetter surname using the Esse/Hesse sun.

The Pallin/PAWlin/Pauline surname (no Coat shown) was first found in Staffordshire, where the Polens/Paulins/Pollins were first found.

Huckabee, who is running neck-and-neck in US polls with Mitt Romney as the frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination, arrived in Israel [yesterday], met with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu [today].

...'Any threat to Israel is a very real threat to the United States,' Huckabee said in the Knesset.

Mr Huckabee, if he's a real Christian, would realize that the desolating devastation that God has planned for Israel is minor in comparison to the THUNDEROUS WRATH planned for the United States...after Israel's wrath is poured out. Never mind whether this is to my liking or disliking; it's the reality. Period.

Fox News just showed that the $14-trillion U.S. dept adds up to more than $45,000 per American, meaning $180,000 for a family of four. How dare the government take this much money from the people before they even earn it? This is not fantasy money; it's real money owed, and real labor will be needed to pay it back...unless the Saviour comes first. People can barely live month-to-month, and they now need to repay multiple tens of thousands, plus interest??? This is gross sin, plain and simple.

It is far cheaper for a country to be led by a dictator/monarch than a country with a large democratic government. A dictator might steel a million for his sister and brother, a million for his uncle, and a few more million for his friends (you get the gist), but in American democracy, there are hundreds of leaders each capable of re-routing tax dollars to friends and family. And then there is the cost of rewarding those who get leaders in power. Those rewards come from tax dollars funnelled unethically to corporate and private voters.

I'm not supporting a dictatorship, but pointing out that a democracy of checks and balances is open to far-greater corruption and tax theft. Meanwhile, democracy gets barely anything done dollar-for-pound of leaders who are "hired" to improve the peoples' conditions. That's because they spend more time warring politics than improving the condition of the people, but also because corrupt leaders think not for the people, but about funnelling money to the forces that can help get them re-elected.

A monarch that rules a nation doesn't need to be re-elected, has far fewer law-makers, and gets things done at a virtual snap of his fingers. He's either a good king, or not, and there's more hope for a good king than a good pack of democratic leaders, for in the democratic process, the bad (i.e. liars, devious, ambitious, selfish) tend to climb the ladder faster and further.

We await the Good Monarch. Mr. Huckabee, we await the King with snap-happy fingers, and you had better prepare to jump fast when He calls for action. The first thing that Jesus would ask Mr. Huckabee to do as he visits Mr. Netanyahu is to warm him that God is sending the anti-Christ. Prepare the Israeli nation for war, for losing the war, for slaughter and starvation, for weeping and shame.

Israeli officials say they have agreed to allow Egypt to move several hundred troops into the Sinai Peninsula for the first time since the countries signed a peace treaty three decades ago.

......The officials spoke [today] on condition of anonymity because Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has banned the government from discussing the situation in Egypt.

...At the weekly cabinet meeting [yesterday], Netanyahu stressed the importance of Israel's peace with Egypt, saying 'The peace between Israel and Egypt has lasted for more than three decades and our objective is to ensure that these relations will continue to exist.'

Daniel 11 mentions that the anti-Christ will attack the "holy covenant" in regards to an attack on Egypt, and the only way I can explain that phase is the peace treaty between Israel and Egypt.

Ironically, Mubarak needs Israel now more than ever, like one needs a savior. But God doesn't want Israel to seek Egypt's protection. The hedge must come down.

Israel called on the United States and a number of European countries over the weekend to curb their criticism of President Hosni Mubarak to preserve stability in the region.

If Mubarak survives thanks to Israel's efforts, he will owe Israel some heavy favors.

The Mubarak regime is likely in its last days and the Muslim Brotherhood has now endorsed former IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) director Mohamed ElBaradei to replace him. The wise move by the Islamists will allow them to control the next government while soothing the fear over the creation of the Islamic Republic of Egypt.

The Muslim Brotherhood has allowed ElBaradei to lead a new coalition called the National Association for Change that also includes secular democrats and other opposition figures like Ayman Nour and Dr. Osama al-Ghazali Harb. This coalition led by ElBaradei is going to begin forming a national unity government...

...The West should not find comfort in the prospect of ElBaradei leading Egypt instead of an official Brotherhood member. He may be a secular democrat ideologically, but his foreign policy stances are not much different than the Brotherhood and he is a stalwart defender of the organization.

...The constitution of Hamas states it is "the arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in Palestine" and in March, a top Hamas operative reaffirmed that it remains so. There are already unconfirmed reports that armed members of Hamas are now entering Egypt to link up with the Brotherhood. ElBaradei has in the past defended "the Palestinian resistance," saying that "the Israeli occupation only understands violence."

Park that ElBaradei train next to the Obama train seeking to form a Palestinian State, and one has the reason for the O-people being behind the ElBaradei uprising. The article goes on to suggest that Obama and ElBaradei are at odds with the Egyptian situation, but I think the article's writer (Ryam Mauro) is mis-reading what the O-ministration is thinking. The O-team needs to be careful of it's verbal opposition to Mubarak in case he survives, and ElBaradei can become an enemy of the O-people when he has the confidence of not needing the United States any longer. If Obama has any love for the Muslim Brotherhood, he needs to disguise it.

Doe-bama and Cameron unite: Prime Minister David Cameron has issued a joint call with US President Barack Obama for an "orderly transition" to a democratic government in Egypt. A Downing Street spokeswoman...

The Downing/Douning/Duning Coat is the same griffin, in the same color, as the Annan(dale)-Crest griffin.

I neglected to re-mention that Americans are relatively wealthy compared to nations having dictators, but then American families owe about $100,000 each to borrowed money. Take $100,000 of purchases of your house and see what remains. You're poorer than you think.


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