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March 1 - 7, 2011

Two hours after finishing the last update, which was much on the Massey clans, the Fox television screen flashed news on the following story:

A security chief working for several Massey Energy mines [an American company] has been charged with two felonies in connection with the federal investigation of events at Upper Big Branch Mine.

Hughie Elbert Stover, 60, of Clear Fork in Raleigh County worked at UBB and at least two other Massey operations. A federal grand jury indicted him last week on charges of making false statements to federal agents and obstructing a federal investigation. The indictment was unsealed Monday after Stover was arrested at his home.

...The indictment also alleges that Stover recently caused a person known to the grand jury to dispose of thousands of pages of security-related documents stored in a Massey building near the UBB mine, with the intent to impede the federal investigation.

Entering "Stover" brings up the Swiss Stauffer surname. It was just in the 2nd update of last month when this was said: "I can't recall nor find the Hohenstaufen article telling that "Staufer" means, or is said to mean, "grail bearer." But as evidence the Swiss Staufer Coat> shows a hand holding a cup." See also the grails in the Staufen Coat.

If the Maceys were thereby merged with Hohens, I would suggest Cohens in particular because Maceys use Cohen blue and white.

LOOK. Entering "Stove" brings up the Moray stars in Chief (Mackays ruled in Moray), and a Shield in colors reversed to the Macey and Mackay Shields. This suggests that the Stevenson surname, shown as the proper variation of the Stoves, were named after (Hohen)Staufers. That gives reason to believe that German Stevens were/are likewise Staufens, and indeed we see a Stoffen variation!

But note too the Stilphen variation smacking of the Stilbhard variation of the Scottish Stewarts (the latter use Cohen checks). That explains why the Macey-colored English Stevens (these are not the Stoves/Stevensons) use pelicans, the symbol of the Stewart/Stilbhard Crest!!

Recalling that I traced the pagan holy grail to the Catti bloodline out of Cilicia (i.e. CADmus and his chalice-like brother, Cilix), I'm very happy to report that the German Stevens/Stoffens use a Shield with vertical bars in colors reversed from the same bars of the Keith Chief (the write-up of the latter states that Keiths were "Catti"). We therefore suspect that German Cohens/Hohens were of Hesse(n), where the Catti peoples settled, and indeed the Hohen(steufen) write-up says: "First found in Hessen."

I can now be more certain that the black eagle in the Italian Massi Coat is the black Hohen eagle (I suspect that Massis/Mattis' were named after Massino-Visconti; see below for further relevance).

At Wikipedia's article on Massey Energy: "St. Joe Minerals acquired a majority interest in A.T. Massey in 1974. Six years later, St. Joe Minerals formed the Massey Coal Partnership, along with Royal Dutch Shell... In 1992 Don Blankenship was appointed President, Chairman and CEO of A.T. Massey Coal Company; he served as the Chairman and CEO of Massey for 18 years." I can now hold out that the shell symbol of the Shell oil company is the Meschin scallop, but this Rothschild Arms shows a scallop too, in Meschin-scallop white.

Checking the Blankernship surname (in Cheshire-surname colors), we find garbs, a Cheshire symbol, important because Maceys and Masseys (and Meschins) were of Cheshire elements.

The German Shell surname uses fleur-de-lys in Massey-fleur colors, and a blue-on-white snake that I would link to Viscontis of Massino-Visconti.

I should add here that the current Italian prime minister, surnamed Berlusconi, owns the Milan soccer club. I didn't know this until a few weeks ago. Seeing that the Viscontis ruled (and were first found in) Milan, it now makes greater sense why Berlusconi has the Visconti snake shaped out, crop-circle style, on his lawn. I say Berlusconi is a Visconti.

Maceys and Mackays use harnessed bears that I've traced to the saddled bear of Corbinian of Bavaria (the current pope's personal Arms (scroll down the page above) uses the Corbinian bear and a gold-on-red scallop, the color of the Shell-company scallop!!!). THEN, entering "Berl(es)" (as per "Berlus(coni)") brings up the Bavarian bear in Cony (Cohens?) colors...and the latter Coat looks like the Meschin Coat (see also the Conn Coat).

On the Berles surname, we find that it "became a prominent contributor to the development of ancient Bavarian towns such as Rothenburg." Aside from the red Shield of the "Jewish" Rothenbergs (i.e. these could be the proto-Rothschilds/Bauers), we find the following write-up in the German Rothenburg page: "The territory emerged as Hesse, and the Rothenburgs became the Grand Duchy of Hesse."

It's known that Dutch Shell is owned/controlled by Rothschilds.

Believing what others have come to believe, that Rothschilds were Khazars, I can see that the so-called red Jews that ruled Khazars were of the Catti fold. I can see it just from the similarity between "Khazar" and "Catti," especially as the Cati peoples of Cilicia lived in Khassi (think Kizzuwatna). That tells me that Khazars were ruled by Cadusii=Armenian Hebrews, not Israelites.

Later in this update, before writing on the bloodline topic above, I come around again, via a Libya topic, to the Hungarian/Arpad side of the dragon bloodline, as it founded Scotland proper. And so I should show the Cady Coat (Sinclair rooster; Sinclairs were first in Lothian, where Keith Catti of HADDington were first found) because it looks like the Yonge Coat.

The latter surname has been traced (by me) to the Hungarian Arpads, not only because I see "Yonge>Jung" from "Hung(ary)," but because its rake-like symbol was that of king Stephen of Hungary (see the flag of king Stephen). You get it: king Stephen may have been root to the Steufen-Catti clan.

Well that thought caused me to seek Khazar-like surnames, and besides the Gos side of Ranulf le Meschin's mother, I thought to enter "Casser" to find scallops in Meschin-scallop colors! The Cassers were first found in GAScony, the place to which I trace both the Gos clan and the Cheshire garbs. The Meschin clan was from the Bessin, founded by BaioCASSES, perhaps a mix of Boii=Bohemians with a Cassi-form Catti peoples.

Remember, the GUIScard Rus of Italy used a lattice symbol identical to the Cott-surname lattice (I think the latter were Cottian-branch Catti), but the Guiscard Coat shows a so-called "pile" symbol that nonetheless smacks of the Cady and Yonge "rake." I've not known what the Yonge symbol is officially, but I've just learned that a Cady page tells that the points are "pennants."

ZOWIE! The Pennant surname uses the John-Yonge Coat (!!!), proving that Yonges/Youngs and Cadys were one and the same. I've known for years that an ancient John Yonge of Wales used the same Coat exactly as the Welsh Trevor Coat.

The news this past week has been Libya:

...Pentagon is deploying naval and air forces around Libya as the US and UK governments consider tougher measures to force Muammer Gaddafi from power, including the possible establishment of a no-fly zone.

"We must not tolerate this regime using military force against its own people," David Cameron [of the Rothschild and Bower bloodline], UK prime minister, said. "In that context I have asked the Ministry of Defence and the Chief of the Defence Staff to work with our allies on plans for a military no-fly zone.",Authorised=false.html?

Mark this, that if Obama doesn't like the no-fly idea, the British, and therefore the Rothschilds, might be at the spearhead of the project...for to seize something in Libya that isn't already a Rothschild asset. Obama was at first for a no-fly zone. On February 28:

Hillary Clinton, US secretary of state, at a UN meeting in Geneva, said: "Nothing is off the table so long as the Libyan government continues to threaten and kill Libyans." She added she had discussed a no-fly zone with other foreign ministers.

She insisted the naval deployments did not signal pending military action, emphasizing instead that refugees might need to be rescued at sea amid a worsening humanitarian crisis.

According to Colonel David Lapan, a Pentagon spokesman, US military planners are working on “various contingency plans ... [and] repositioning forces to be able to provide for that flexibility once decisions are made”. ..."As of today at least $30bn in government of Libya assets under US jurisdiction have been blocked," said David Cohen, acting US Treasury undersecretary. "This is the largest blocking under any sanctions programme ever."

The UK, meanwhile, has frozen at least 1bn of assets belonging to Col Gaddafi and five members of his family [Canada froze his Canadian funds, but who will get it all, and who wants it all???].

...US officials emphasise that co-operation with Britain and France would be particularly important, but Germany has signalled deep reluctance about any military intervention [Germany might need to stay on friendlier terms with a pro-Libya Russia].

There are many ways for NATO elements to worm into Libya under the guise of protecting Libyans, or for the economic interests of the West. We are not going to hear but a tiny fraction, in the news, of what's going on at conspiracy ground-zero. "In Geneva, the US secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, said that the warships could be used for humanitarian and rescue missions. 'There is not any pending military action involving US naval vessels,' she said."

The same article mentions a Fox surname with a potential Massey clan "Mussen": "The defence secretary, Liam Fox, discussed the possibility of a no-fly zone with the Nato secretary-general, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, but Rasmussen has said repeatedly that there would be no Nato involvement without UN Security Council approval. 'I think the framework here and now is, and should be, the resolution adopted by the UN Security Council last week. That resolution excludes the use of armed forces and a no-fly zone is not mentioned,' he said."

Here's one way that we can know that Russia opposes intrusive Western plans for Qaddafi: "International sanctions on Iran could be eased if Tehran makes 'real positive steps' to meet concerns about its nuclear program, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said [March 1]. That sounds like a threat by Russia to undo the Iran sanctions that Russia reluctantly agreed to recently. The timing of the announcement is Libya o'clock: Lavrov was speaking a day after holding talks in Geneva with counterparts including Salehi, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and European Union foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton.

In another article, just what we expect:

GENEVA -- Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov ruled out the idea of creating a no-fly zone over Libya...

Lavrov described the idea of imposing limits on Libyan air space as "superfluous" and said world powers must instead focus on fully using the sanctions the UN Security Council approved over the weekend.

Leaders in the United States, Europe and Australia have suggested the military tactic...But Russia's consent is required as a veto-wielding member of the Security Council.

Interfax quoted a Kremlin source on [March 1] saying Gadhafi must step down, since by using force against civilians he has become a "political corpse." Still, Russia's NATO ambassador, Dmitry Rogozin, also cautioned against moving militarily against Gadhafi without UN authorization.

"If someone in Washington is seeking a blitzkrieg in Libya, it is a serious mistake because any use of military force outside the NATO responsibility zone will be considered a violation of international law," Rogozin told Interfax in Brussels.

...Italy voiced [I'm assuming Berlusconi has backbone in this] support for a no-fly zone over Libya, which is critical given that Italian bases would likely be used to enforce it. Foreign Minister Franco Frattini says a no-fly zone would be useful to prevent Gadhafi from attacking his own people, but insisted that it would have to be enforced.

...The Libyan uprising that began Feb. 15 has swept over nearly the entire eastern half of the country, putting entire cities there out of Gadhafi's grasp. But he and his backers hold the capital of Tripoli and have threatened to put down protests aggressively.

Apparently, jihadists are not happy players in the current sweeps:

Arab autocrats aren't the only losers in the uprisings that have, so far, toppled the leaders of Tunisia and Egypt. According to several analysts and counter-terrorism officials, the pro-democracy revolts have been just as bad for Al Qaeda and other militant Islamist groups. Though Al Qaeda leaders are publicly embracing the revolutions, they've essentially stood by and watched others achieve their goal of overthrowing secular regimes. Has Islamist terrorism become marginalized?

...The "exhilarating" revolutions upsetting regimes across the Arab world may bring the "end of the 'war on terror,'" says Peter Beinart in The Daily Beast [= wishful thinking]. As democratically elected governments take over, Osama bin Laden's "worst nightmare" is coming true: Without "corrupt flunkies for the U.S. and Israel" to rally Arabs against, Al Qaeda has no appeal.

No, the terrorism risks could be greater than ever: It's too soon to declare victory over the jihadists, says Walid Phares in National Review. These uprisings all follow a pattern: A three-way struggle among an autocratic regime, freedom-seeking "civil-society forces," and, waiting in the wings, a "very well organized Islamist movement." This "triangular equation" could equal democracy, or if we're not careful, the "eventual transformation of the country [in question] into a jihadist state."

Jihadists will be impassioned all the more as they see the West involved in the sweeps. And jihadists will therefore enlist more fighters as the West continues its inroads. If the intrusions become extreme enough, the Russians will consider welding seams with jihadists:

The uprising that toppled Tunisia's iron-fisted leader, Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, has been hailed as a victory for social networking. As demonstrations broke out after a young Tunisian, Mohammed Bouazizi, set himself on fire to protest abuse at the hands of local authorities, Tunisian Facebook users posted information and videos showing every brutal arrest, making a connection between those who braved the streets and the rest of the nation. Did Facebook and Twitter merely help people keep track of the revolt, or were they what made the uprising possible?

Facebook overthrew Tunisia's government: It has been said that this youth revolt was "the world's first revolution without a leader," says Roger Cohen in The New York Times, but that's not quite true. Its leader was just "far away: Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook." Tunisia's experience proved that dictatorial regimes can "try to suppress Facebook. But it's empowering to the repressed, humiliated, and distant — and so a threat to the decayed Arab status quo."

These sorts of reports bring disdain on Internet spiders, and, correct me if I'm wrong, such spiders are by-and-large Western agents. The Libyan leader started accusing the West of trying to seize its oil, an idea I won't deny due simply to my dislike of Qaddafi. Globalists may now be so desperate to accumulate a pool of money needed to build a global government that they've resorted to seizing the bank accounts and assets of dictators around the world. How convenient to seize Middle East oil by engineering a ruckus that simultaneously shoots the price of oil higher..

It's a no brainer that owners of Internet-guiding companies, given the importance of internet exchanging between the common people in this new Middle East "war," would choose to support the battles on behalf of the West. It's a no-brainer that liberal owners of Internet-guiding companies would have secret conspiracy with the Globamists of the world. We don't need to have a WikiLeak to discover that fact.

And when it comes to fighting the war on anti-globalists, including Christians who refuse the image of the beast, you can be sure that liberal Internet-guiders will be at the front lines disrupting our communications, spying on us, transferring our communications to our spiritual enemies, making lists of our leaders, and everything else that dictators do.

I recently watched a news production on unwarranted abuse from Canadian police on its peaceful citizens protesting last year's G-20 meet in Canada. The protestors were in no way violent, and yet were arrested (bullishly at times) and denied their demonstration. I even heard one individual try to justify the action as "martial law." That is, this individual (can't recall the name) admitted that official martial law was secretly in place, which supposedly "justified" the use of force for denying the demonstrations. Therefore, when you hear Globamists making a stink of dictators and practically worshipping the right to assemble for protest, know that, if the shoe were on the other foot, they would deny assembly and even jail objectors to globalism.

It may be true that O-mericans are planning a new war:

Two U.S. amphibious assault ships have reached the Mediterranean Sea, a U.S. official said on [March 2], as Washington intensifies pressure on Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi...

The USS Ponce and the USS Kearsarge, assault ships that typically carry Marines, cleared the Suez Canal from the Red Sea and entered the Mediterranean, the official said on condition of anonymity.

Anonymity, of course, because Obama is starting to make a mess all over Islamica. I've started to take the position already that Obama is itching to send American fighters to Libya. The Libyan demonstrators are conveniently (i.e. perhaps by design) begging the American military to come rescue them.

The demonstrators originate largely in the eastern half of Libya, where the Meshwesh used to have territory. It is in this half that anti-Qaddafi rebels have their strongholds and the upper hand. Qaddafi attacked a town in those parts on March 2 ("Wednesday" below), a town called Brega. It evokes my recent link of the Bruce clan (of Brugg, Belgium) to the Meshwesh>Massey fold of Masons:

In the wake of Wednesday's attacks a coalition of Libyan rebels urged the US and its allies to bomb mercenary forces supporting Colonel Gaddafi and to impose a no-fly zone.

Wednesday's attack on Brega, which hosts Libya's second largest hydrocarbons complex, was the first significant assault by pro-Gaddafi forces on an eastern town held by the opposition since a popular uprising seized control of the region more than a week ago. An oil official in the east said there was no damage to the oil facilities in the fighting. But oil prices surged to near $118 a barrel, nearing a two-and-a-half-year high, on concerns over the assault.

"The people, the youth, the revolution have recaptured Brega after a few hours," said Hafiz Ghoga, a spokesman for the opposition’s national council.

...The prospect of the UN authorising military action or even a no-fly zone, however, appeared remote on Wednesday amid Arab and international opposition and signs of growing unease in the US. American officials pulled back from earlier comments that a no-fly zone was under active consideration.

The article goes on to say that Robert Gates (US Secretary of Defence, with same surname as Internet spider, Bill Gates) doesn't like the military option for Libya...because the Arab League doesn't like it. Any seizing of Libyan turf, therefore, by Rothschild-related globalists, must take place at odds with this League. But isn't that the road to Armageddon? Yes, but Rothschilds are not only starting down that road; they've been on it for several decades. It's only now going to achieve an intolerable head as globalist Muslims see hope in a vulnerable West caught chin-deep in the swamp of economic woe. Russians have their knee-high boots on, trudging around in the same swamp, hoping to find a point where they drain it dry.

AND, as though the Arabs suspect that the proposed no-fly zone is for seizing Libyan oil (Al-Jazeera English suggested some days ago that unspecified individuals want to "privatize" Libyan oil), the article goes on to say: "The Arab League rejected foreign intervention in Libya, but said it could consider a no-fly zone of its own, enforced with the African Union."

Brega (in Cyrene's back yard) is in al-Wahat, what was historically a region of Cyrene. "Wahat" smacks of the Watt surname with all-seeing eye tracing to the Uat-Horus cult in and around Tanis (Egypt), the place that I think named Tunis(ia) as per the Meshwesh rule in Tanis (21-22 Egyptian dynasty). Cyrene was co-founded by Apollo (myth-code speaking), who was an extension of the Uat cult because it became the Roman Latona cult (= Biblical dragon merged with the Ladon>Daphne cult))...which was the Greek Leto, Apollo's "mother."

Brega is officially, Marsa Brega, which reminds me of the Marsi peoples of Abruzzo Italy...because I trace "Bruce=Brusi" to "Abruzzo/Abrussi." Hmm, not long ago I discovered that Cyrene was named after a similar place on Cyprus, the island of Aphrodite...who I say named Abruzzo (and I say the Marsi depicted Mars, who was the Greek Ares, special mate of Aphrodite).

Per chance, therefore, the Moray cult that I see as a chief Masonic/Templar/Zionist regime, and which I trace to the proto-Marsi Greeks on the Mures/Maros river, may have been the makings of Marsa Berga. I use "Greeks" because I trace the Mures Carpathians further back to the Maritsa=(H)ebros river...that I think ultimately named "Abruzzo." AND, I identified Apollo's harp symbol as code for the Arpii peoples (Thracians, I'm guessing), who were the Carpi that (I say) named the Carpathians (or vice versa). Being wise enough, you can easily make out the "secret" theme (see my square brackets) in the following mythical account:

Cyrene was not interested in household tasks like weaving and spinning but instead loved to hunt [= Amazon symbol; i.e. Cyrene was founded by an Amazon peoples as they evolved into "Amazighen"]...

...Apollo took Cyrene away in his golden chariot and brought her to Libya. Aphrodite [= Cyrene elements on Cyprus] met them there and bedded them without delay [i.e. Aphrodite and Cyrene were virtually one]. Apollo granted Cyrene long life and a rich and fertile kingdom. Nine months later she gave birth to Aristaeus [sounds like an Ares-worshiping entity...on the Hebros river].

Aristaeus became a bee keeper [there was a similar Hyrieus bee cult in the north of the Hebros valley, veering on Carpathia] and went to live at Tempe in Arcadia [there's another Tempe location related to Apollo and Aristaeus, and it's on the other Peneus river, in Muse-infested Thessaly]. There all his bees died and Aristaeus could not discover the cause. Saddened, he went to a deep pool of the river Peneius [= the Peneus river near the Ladon at Arcadia, the latter equating with Leto] and called to his mother. Cyrene said that Aristaeus must consult Proteus, a wise prophet that the nymphs of mythology greatly respected. Proteus, however, would not willingly volunteer any information. Instead Aristaeus must capture him and hold him in fetters [= handcuffs; hmm, the Moray-Coat lock is officially a "fetter lock"]...

...Returning to Cyrene's palace, Aristaeus told his mother what Proteus had said. She advised him to sacrifice four bulls and four cows [= Taurus, a term that I see in "Dorus" and in the Odrysian branch of Dorians] to the Dryads [I say that proto-Druid Odrysians on the Hebros were a Dryad branch)...He was to leave the bodies on the ground for nine days [symbol of Apollo's Muses in Thessaly's Peneus river, same as the Massey-stock Amazons] and then return early in the morning.

Aristaeus did as Cyrene had said and on the ninth day saw that some bees had started a new colony in the body of one of the dead animals [echoes Samson-myth code, probably by design, revealing that these Amazons were also Danaans]. He put the bees into a hive and taught men this new method of raising a swarm. Since that time he has been honored as Zeus by the people of Arcadia.

As Hyrieus (of Boiotia) was father of Orion, it can be seen that the two terms (possibly rooted in "Ares") are one (i.e. Orion is rooted in the "Hyria" entity; Horites from Edom? Very likely, because Sirius was made Orion's dog). This entity is easily traced to the Boiotian bee cult that was mythicized as Melia (honey), wife of Inachus (= Ino, the Tyrian bull cult of Cadmus removed to Boiotia)...of Argos , home and throne of the Danaans.

In Wikipedia's Orion article, we see further potential links to the Edomite/Horite Kos cult: "There are two major versions of [Orion's] birth and several versions of his death. The most important recorded episodes are his birth somewhere in Boeotia, his visit to Chios where he met Merope and was blinded by her father, Oenopion, the recovery of his sight at Lemnos..."

Chios and Merope (the latter is said to mean "bee something") smack of mythical king Merops of Kos (father of Aedon), the base of Merovingians and their bee symbol. Therefore, when we read of the chariot of Apollo in the Cyrene myth, it's the chariot of Phaethon (grandson of Merops' wife), the one who landed a Helios cult in the Rhodanus theater (where the Aedui of Autun lived). I trace the Greek sun god of Rhodes to Ares because I see "Ares" founded in the Egyptian sun god, Ra>Horus (and in "Ar/Ara" of Armenia before that). The Horus=Ares equation can be gleaned where the so-called Eye of Horus smacks of "iris."

One expects to find evidence of a Hyria-of-Boiotia trace to the Hyrieus/Ares and/or Aristaeus cult on the Hebros, wherefore see that the Tempe location (smacks of "Templar," of course) at Arcadia is easily linked to:

The Vale of Tempe, celebrated by Greek poets as a favorite haunt of Apollo and the Muses, is the ancient name of a gorge in northern Thessaly, Greece, located between Olympus to the north and Ossa [rooted in "Esau" or "Kos"?] to the south...through Tempe flows the Pineios River on its way to the Aegean Sea. On the right bank of the Pineios sat a temple to Apollo, near which the laurels used to crown the victorious in the Pythian Games [smacks of "Phaethon"] were gathered.

...The Vale of Tempe also was home for a time to Aristaeus, son of Apollo and Cyrene, and it was here that he chased Eurydice, wife of Orpheus...

Orpheus. Perfect for a trace to the Hebros (his dead head floated down that river), for his father was Oeagrus (depicting the Ugric bloodline (I say) known to be root to the Arpad Hungarians), who in turn was assigned Charops as father, depicting the Carpi/Arpii. You get it: the Hungarian Arpii>Arpads, known to be rooted directly in the Mures-river people, trace further back to the Hyrieus cult off the Hebros...even to the Edones (Lycurgus, mythical Edoni king, was made "father/son" of the Dryas Odrysians i.e. on the Hebros) to which Wikipedia traces Oeagrus.

The article also says: "Oeagrus has also sometimes been called the son of the god Ares..." You get it: Ares on the Hebros evolved into the Mures>Mars cult...all linking to Abruzzo's Marsi and therefore to the royal Bruce line of the Scottish Rite Templars/Freemasons, explaining well why original Scotland (under that name) was linked fundamentally to king Andrew of Hungary, an Arpad.

Thus, there was a special link between Cyrene in the Libyan theater to the Hungarians; two divergent branches of the Hebrew-Rus dragon cult, and they ended up in Lotan-like Lothian. That is, I trace Sinclair Rus (of More) to the Hungarian root on the Mures, and Sinclairs were first found in Lothian's ROSlin location, very near Edoni-like Edinburgh (= Scottish capital). Let's not forget the Keiths of Lothian that I trace to Esau-like Hesse elements.

An interesting find as per this morning is that the English Esse/Ash Coat uses "omnibus" for a motto term while the Ore/Orr Coat (checked this morning for possible Orion/Horite links) uses "omnia." The Ore/Orr Coat uses the GUIScard "piles," and "Guis" was linked (by me) to the Kos-like Gos clan that was traced (by me) to Euskals/Gascones and therefore to Ashkelon (GAZa theater), the latter smacking of the Esse/Ash surname.

On this webpage>, there is a phrase: "...upon which he tied Marsyas to the son of Hyreus." It makes the case for a fundamental Marsi (of Abruzzo) link to the Hyrieus bee cult (think the Zeus-beloved honey drink, "ambrosia," the entity that seems to have named Ambracia in Epirus, and then follow "Epirus" to Aphrodite-like "Aprutium," once the capital of Ambracia-like Abruzzo), which in turn makes the case for a Marsi link to the Maritsa=Hebros river. The Oeagrus article then adds a key: "[Oeagrus] was also sometimes called the father of Marsyas," suggesting once again the Hungarian/Arpad root in the Hyrieus bee cult.

I therefore trace royal Scottish Bruces/Brusi to "Ambracia" elements and/or "Epirus" (later, Ambracia was called, Arta), and that jibes with the fact that royal Scottish Stewarts had their start on the throne when marrying into the royal Bruce clan, for proto-Stewarts were in Aprutium-like "Brittany." I'm now wondering whether the amber ("ambra" in Italian) that an ancient writer (Ovid) claimed to be on the Eridanus river was merely code for Ambracia elements.

It should be added that the Guiscard and Orr "piles" are thought (by others) to be variations of the lightning bolts that the Wisharts-Guiscards once used as symbols. The amber in the Eridanus was claimed as per the Phaethon myth, and Phaethon was struck down into the Eridanus by a lightning bolt of Zeus. I assume that Zeus adopted the bolt (his special symbol) from his father(s), Cronus/Uranus, who I identified as Haran's Horites to Edom, and later as Carians on the Kos (island) and Rhodes frontiers. I'm suggesting that "Hyria" could be a C-less form of "Caria," and that the Ore/Orr surname's "lightning" traces back to C-less "Cronus" elements...such as "Hor(ite)."

When entering "Amber," the French Lambert Coat came up (using stars in Moray-star colors). Then, when entering "Orren," not only did it show two chevrons, as does the Lambert Coat (these chevrons remind me of the Olivers and related Levis, from Provence's Bellovesus cult), but under the chevrons the Orens use diamonds smacking of the diamonds in the English/Scottish Lombard Coat. It suggests that "Lombard" was also "Lambert."

It checks out because French Lombards were first in Provence, beside the French Lamberts first in Dauphine. And Italian Lombards nearly use the Moray Chief.

I don't forget that I trace "Moray/Moravia" to Merovingians, and that early Merovingians (i.e. the Clovis family/bloodline) inter-married especially with Lombards (the peoples) and other Suebians. Also, Suebians branches included the Heruli peoples that trace (as Herruls/Herods) to McLeod septs (see "Heruli" in previous update), and McLeods/McClouds have been identified (by me) as from "Clode=Clovis." But I also feel that Clovis elements (as for example the "Leod" spelling of McLeods and the Louis spelling of "Clovis") named "Lothian."

As you can glean from all this that Merovingians were from the Kos/Rhodes theater as they put forth the Helios>EriDANUS clans based in Merops>Phaethon, so we find a first found in Lincolnshire, where the Danaans of Lindos (Rhodes) settled when in England.

There's more evidence of a Lambert-Lombard equation, and it suggests the Mieszko bloodline. Both the English Lombards and Orrs/Orrs were first found in Renfrewshire (Scotland), which happens to be where I trace Polish royals (e.g. the Pollock family) after they merged with Moravian/Bohemian royals. In particular, I'm referring to the bloodline of Polish king Mieszko I, whose son was Mieszko Lambert II.

That should well explain why Italian Mascis and English Masseys, and French Lombards, use fleur-de-lys, the special symbol of Clovis. It's as if the Clovis bloodline was considered superior by the Mieszkos...all the way to their Massey and Meschin branches in Normandy.

In Wikipedia's Marsa Brega article: "The town is the site of an oil refinery belonging to and run by Sirte Oil Company [a branch of Esso], which is a subsidiary of the state owned National Oil Corporation." Esau>(H)esse>Esso??? Seir>Sirius>Sirte???

The Libyan article featured above continues: "Mustafa Gheriani, an opposition spokesman in Benghazi, said the council was encouraging its forces to stay in Brega and 'form the first line of defence for the east.'" I therefore see Brega as the future symbol of this Libyan civil war. At least, Brega appears central in importance for its oil.

The surprising string of events in the Islamic world has the props to change the stage drastically enough to bring on the Man of Lawlessness. In Iraq, smaller demonstrations are nonetheless threatening. In the meantime, we've begun to see Obama acting lawlessly, not only in his directive to Eric Holder to ignore the law on homosexual marriages, but in supporting all 14 Wisconsin senators who've left the state to avoid arrest (this is just the tip of the iceberg in Democrat lawlessness, and that's besides the many ways in which they break the Laws of God). These senators have broken constitutional law by avoiding a vote on a Republican bill, thereby hijacking a democratic process.

Wisconsin Republicans are correct in seeking (via the bill) to eradicate/minimize collective bargaining powers for unionized governmental workers because, when Democrats are in power, the three groups -- the government, the government workers, and the union -- are in cahoots with one another to rob the tax payers of more money...going first for higher wages/benefits for workers (simultaneously luring them to vote Democrat), then to union dues, and back again to the Democrats in power in the form of election gifts (toward their efforts in staying in power) from unions. Democrats in power traditionally buy their voters by giving many forms of gifts at the expense of all tax-payers (for example, why should pro-lifers be forced by Democrats to pay taxes toward abortions?). There is a good case to be made for suing the Democrat party for this method of stealing the peoples' money, and it's high time the conservatives did so.

Where some Republicans do the same, shame on them, but Democrats know no shame. They lie by nature, having received the god of lies into their souls, and we can be sure that they will support the Man of Lawlessness when he comes breathing the murder of Christians. Can Christians trust Fox news at that time to counter bad press from liberal media? I'm not hopeful.

I see Fox commentaries emphasizing money matters, and can't think of any statement in the past two months (since I started watching Fox) that could be classified as anti-globalist. Although Fox for the most part takes an anti-big-government position (that one may assume is also anti-global-government), how can we know that this is not mere ploy to win a conservative audience? On March 4, Alex Jones was ridiculed by the Fox prime-time show, O'Reilly Factor, and Bill O'Reilly himself used a nasty characterization of Jones. Isn't there anything that Jones emphasizes that O'Reilly can pick up on and run with?

Within the past few weeks, I watched O'Reilly say that its just fine for news/commentary talking heads to be paid to say the ideological things that some group wants to hear. I took that to mean that Fox pays people to carry the conservative message (i.e. to merely act like conservatives) just to capture a conservative audience.

One O'Reilly guest characterizing Alex Jones as one who views America as a "police state." The fact is, Jones fears a radical police state in near-future America...because he foresees one run by globalists if they don't get their way by other methods. I don't think Alex so much as claims to be a Christian, and for all we know, he could end up supporting the anti-Christ if the anti-Christ comes initially as an anti-globalist; the point is, Fox (aside from Glenn Beck) seems conspicuously silent on the globalist threat that Alex concentrates on. Why so? How can it be said that opposing globalism (yet another tier-upon-tier of government) is something to be ashamed of?

Come martial law or not, we can expect Christian persecution simultaneous with an anti-Israeli crusade by the anti-Christ? Either anti-Christian Democrats will betray their Hebrew voting block (by supporting the crusade), or Christian-lip-service Republicans will betray their Christian voting block. Which do we think is more likely simultaneous with support of an anti-Israeli anti-Christ?

The Jerusalem Post reported this past weekend that the O-dministration is changing the tune of handling the Middle East demonstrations as Israel would like to see it changed: by supporting dictators of America-allied Muslim countries, if they modify their methods toward acceptable democracy (i.e. better a Israeli-tolerant dictator than an anti-Israeli democracy; that's how desperate Israel has become in seeking security from worldly powers). Israel is fearful of a chain of sackings by Obama like his sacking of Mubarak because it leaves the future Arab situation in unpredictability.

But the same article then shares that the O-ministration won't necessarily comply with Israel's wishes: "...a White House senior official was reported to have said that its 'approach will be country by country,' and that important lessons are being learned every step of the way." In other words, Obama might, or might not, support Israeli-tolerant Muslim powers.

In the case of Libya, Israel feels indifferent in what happens there...because Libya has had little effect on Israel, and Qaddafi has been anti-Israeli already so that the anti-Qaddafi forces won't likely make the situation more threatening toward Israel. Really? When Libyans are willing to fight and die to remove Qaddafi, why wouldn't they take up arms to support the Man of Lawlessness when he calls out to them to join his anti-Israeli crusade?

It's unthinkable that the Council on Foreign Relations (Washington) isn't extremely involved in this Middle-East wave of modifications. This Council is the heart of globalist America, and can be viewed as an organ of mis-information. If the Council's strategy is black, we'll be told it's white when it doesn't pay to tell the reality. But a nation based on lies will totter and weaken.

The financial fall of the United States comes suddenly, it is being warned, when the global currency changes from the American dollar to something else. Russia and China heralded the something else over a year ago, but I've heard little else on that matter. Tim wanted me to pass on the article below:

A grim report prepared by France's General Directorate for External Security (DGSE) obtained by Russia's Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) states that presidents Obama and Sarkozy have "agreed in principal" to create a joint US-European military force to deal exclusively with a Global uprising expected this spring as our World runs out of food.

According to this report, Sarkozy, as head of the G-20 group of developed Nations, called for and received an emergency meeting with Obama this past Monday [January 10] at the White House wherein he warned his American counterpart that the shock rise in food prices occurring due to an unprecedented series of disasters was threatening the stability of the entire World and could lead to the outbreak of Total Global War.

I didn't read the rest of the article because it sounds insane/untrue. I'll take it seriously when I see it. But what it may signal is that the recent reports heard everywhere that food prices are about to rise drastically this year is a conspiracy by global-minded fiends. Some theorize that the purpose is to break our wills, our esteem, our motivation, our momentum. We are to be brought to a stand-still.

Somewhere out there is an Illuminati, if you don't mind the use of that word. It can explained in a nutshell as the Westerners behind the 9-11 disaster, who deceptively framed Arabs for the job. Powerful murderers, they got themselves into the Middle East with much American military equipment, and on-lookers such as myself expect that they are not going to get out but will instead be responsible for further twists and turns in what looks like the prelude to Armageddon. If the Americans can't stay in Iraq past 2011, then they can go to Libya and/or other trouble spots that conveniently develop in the remainder of this year.

A good definition of "Illuminatist" is: a group conspiring by Satanic colors to conquer the world by Satanic means (including murder, lying, stealing) and coerce its conversion to brazen sinfulness. The climax comes when two "beasts" act in concert (see Revelation 13) in forcing the world to receive a 666-based commercial system. For this new concept to be effected, many prophecy watchers suggest that the global currency needs to be altered. We could be on the 666 threshold right now, therefore. Last we heard, the Russian president (Medvedev) was a willing partner in a new, Western-backed global currency, and this Pravda article suggests that the O-dministration wants Medvedev (instead of Putin) to run again in 2012.

In yet another Pravda article we see some typical anti-American sentiments:

International law has taken three body blows in the last decade: Serbia, Iraq [i.e. the Russians hated the Bush intrusion] and now Libya [and they hate the Libyan O-ntrusion that appears O-mminent], where foreign interference is patently obvious, where the entire anti-Gathafi campaign is orchestrated from abroad, manipulated by the media and controlled by elements who have been trying to assassinate the Libyan leader for decades.

...When gangs of heavily armed protesters are ransacking Government property, committing arson, acts of terrorism and murdering people, what are the authorities supposed to do, stand back with their hands over their hearts and sing God Bless America?

...This anti-Gathafi group, sponsored and trained in terrorist activities by the CIA and Israelis and financed in part by Saudi Arabia for decades, has tried it before, several times...

They have tried to foster rebellion in Libya time and time again. These covert operations...

...Whether or not Muammar Al-Gathafi remains as the leader of the Libyan people is a decision that belongs to the people of Libya, not a few thousand mercenaries recruited from abroad to serve the Great Plan which has existed in Washington/Tel Aviv for over a decade, namely the control of "Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran." These are not my words. They are the words of General Wesley Clark in an interview with DemocracyNow!, March 2, 2007*.

Does this put the Libyan "uprising" in context? No? Then how about the news that the US State Department is at this moment speaking to separatist opposition groups in Eastern Libya?

The Russian viewpoint is much like that of Alex Jones, and the worse news is, many Arabs have taken the same position: that Zionist/Hebrew globalists have been seeking to control their Middle East. Can we see a Russian anti-Christ arising in cahoots with Muslims in opposition to Western Illuminatists? A swipe for a swipe, and a devil for a devil; the end is a vicious dog-fight.

About three years ago:

Russian President Vladimir Putin, on one of his final foreign trips before he steps down May 7 [2008], will hold further talks with his Libyan counterpart Moammer Gaddafi about building a gas cartel. Moscow seeks to strengthen cooperation with Tripoli in economic, scientific and oil and gas projects, Putin told Gaddafi.

Before that, a humbled and repentive Qaddafi had invited Western nations into his oil fields, only to turn his back on the West again some years later. Perhaps Putin had something to do about that. It can be assumed that Putin did make some inroads into Put's oil fields (a deal was signed with Libya in April, 2008, but I don`t know the details), for later in 2008, for the first time since 1985. Those developments could well explain why Russia gets the jitters when the West talks about Libyan intervention at this time.

Russia's opposition to the looming Libyan civil war has got Biden going to Russia on March 9 with tail between his legs : "Vice President Joe Biden will discuss the situation in Libya and unrest in the Middle East with Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and President Dmitry Medvedev..." Watch for shifts in O-merican policies after that visit.

But already, as per the March 7 article below, it seems that the O-dministration is trying to get around Russia's watchdog by secretly asking an Arab "friend" to do the dirty work:

Desperate...the Americans have asked Saudi Arabia if it can supply weapons to the rebels in Benghazi...

...But the Saudis remain the only US Arab ally strategically placed and capable of furnishing weapons to the guerrillas of Libya. Their assistance would allow Washington to disclaim any military involvement in the supply chain -- even though the arms would be American and paid for by the Saudis.

...But Saudi Arabia is already facing dangers from a co-ordinated day of protest by its own Shia Muslim citizens who, emboldened by the Shia uprising in the neighbouring island of Bahrain, have called for street protests against the ruling family of al-Saud on Friday.

After pouring troops and security police into the province of Qatif last week, the Saudis announced a nationwide ban on all public demonstrations.

Perfect, for revealing the hypocrisy of Obama, for as the article continues: "If the Saudi government accedes to America's request to send guns and missiles to Libyan rebels, however, it would be almost impossible for President Barack Obama to condemn the kingdom for any violence against the [demonstrating] Shias of the north-east provinces."

Qaddafi made hypocrites of both the United States and England when, after a period of terrorizing those nation's citizens, Qaddafi began acting like a friend for to invite them into his oil fields, and they suddenly over-looked all past terrorist acts, going straight-away into business with Qaddafi. Then, after saving himself in this way, Qaddafi courted the Russia-Venezuela axis.

In the days when Qaddafi was terrorizing the West, he was also at war with al-Qaeda. Therefore, if al-Qaeda is to be a fundamental part of the anti-Christ kingdom, it could be that Libya -- the government -- will not join the anti-Christ. Yes, Ezekiel 38 tells that Put (which most prophecy writers view as Libya) will join Gog, but that could refer to fighting men from Libya rather than the government. The latter parts of Daniel 11 suggest that the anti-Christ, after he has succeeded against Egypt, will conquer all the way to the steps of Libya (i.e. Libya will be his enemy at that time). This could mean that we can predict a pro-West Libyan government developing from the current situation...and that Russians won't like it at all.

This re-vamping of the Libyan nation could be the trigger that flares Gog's soul enough to compel him to the Middle East fore. We're waiting to hear that noise. So far, the Russians have been relatively quiet as compares with their opposition to the current sweeps, but there should come a point when Putin's strong arm (i.e. not necessarily Putin himself) will begin to bash the international table with some furious protestation. The first bash could come as Biden visits Putin.

Remember, the "Biden" surname has a Buttin variation, and both Joe Biden and Putin will be discussing Put. I am reminded that the Lieber(man) surname (uses a Shield almost identical with the Biden Coat) has a write-up: "The literal meaning of the [Lieber] name in its mediaeval context could either be 'flatterer' or 'smooth talker'," something I didn't know when I translated the anti-Christ's attitude in Daniel 11:21 as "smooth talk" (the KJV used "flatteries" 400 years ago). The point is, the current foreign minister of Russia has a Lieber-like Lavrov surname, and the current foreign minister of Israel has a Lieberman surname.

Compare the Lieber Coat with the proto-Stewart Alan Coat, knowing that both use oak leaves. The English Laver Coat has similarity to the Alan Coat, and the same-colored Lavens/Lewins (elephant heads) were first in Shropshire, where the Dol Alans settled first when entering England. If, therefore, "Jewish" Liebers are fundamental to the Stewart bloodline, and knowing that "Lavrov" is a surname held by Russian "Jews," what do we make of the potential for the French Alan Chief being the root of the stars in the EU logo?

Those Alan and EU stars are in the colors also of the Bauer Chief, and we could therefore say, as per the fact that European Bauers>Rothschilds brought Communist Russia to the world, that Stewart bloodlines are about to clash in a conflict between Europe, Russia, and Israel...all having Zionist-rooted leaders. Wikipedia's article on Lavrov tells that his father is/was Armenian, i.e. the nation to which I trace Khazars and therefore the Rothschilds.

The Stewart link to the Lavens/Lewins jibes with my trace of Dol-Stewarts to Massino-Visconti, and therefore to the Massin/Mason surname that uses the Louvain/Lavayne lion. Hmm, the Mackay sept, the Vains/Vanes/Veynes (use glove symbol of Stewart-related Waynes), are in Louvain/Lavayne colors. I've suspected that Vanes were named after Vannes in Brittany (itself named after Brittany's Veneti), and may go back, via the Veneti of Italy, to Nairi>Nahorites Hebrews (not Israelites) of Lake Van, Armenia. It's known that Armenians founded Phrygian elements, and the Heneti (who became the Veneti) lived in the Phrygian theater. See also the Alan-colored Vans/Vaux of Lothian.

The Daily Telegraph is suspect by me to be an Illuminati media tool. We find the headline there: Mikhail Gorbachev says Vladimir Putin should not return to Russian presidency, where we read: "Mikhail Gorbachev [he has Western ties], the Soviet Union's last president, has accused Russia's leaders of rolling back democracy and advised Vladimir Putin not to return to the presidency next year." More reason for Putin to want to rape and burn the Western Illuminati. In late February, the headline: Russia unveils huge rearmament drive. The article tells that Putin wants the equipment in seeking global-power-house-ness.

The Russian purchase of ships from France comes with croaking (I trace "French" and the related "frog" to "Phrygia," and expect that the anti-Christ will be allied to the French as per the frogs of Revelation 16):

...The sale of the ships by France is controversial among some of Russia's neighbours such as the Baltic states and Georgia...

...[Russia's] fearsome TU-160 strategic nuclear bombers, the same planes that have begun to probe the limits of the UK's airspace in recent years, will also be completely modernised.

Much of the enormous spend will be channelled into Russia's strategic missile forces with several hundred mobile S-400 and S-500 defence missile systems on order and a new intercontinental ballistic missile in development capable of carrying ten nuclear warheads.

Yes, Russia agreed to decrease its nuclear arsenal, but it will still keep many hundreds of known units. Daniel 7 tells about the burning of end-time Rome, and I think that the nuclear weapons of Russia will soon be the biggest noise, the biggest pounding on the international table.

Or, if I'm wrong about Gog being a Russian, and assuming that he's an Arab/Muslim, then perhaps the Great Day will not arrive until Muslims have their own nuclear weapons by which to burn Stewart-infested Rome. In any case, make up your mind to view that Day as something to celebrate: the end of schemers, of crooks in government.

A late BBC page (I now believe that the BBC is an Illuminati organ) on Libya has every inclination to incite the Western soul against Qaddafi, for the purpose of justifying Western intervention. Personally, I think intervention was justified years ago, but I also think that the West wants to intervene for trollish purposes. In tribwatch's definition, a troll is an insidious group worming its way in underground, under-the-table, and under-cover operations, to gobble up the assets of others.

You'll be hard-pressed to find any news on Libya on the latest (March 7) Moscow Times home page. I can't find one article. Clicking on the page's "News" button, still nothing on Libya. The Russian leaders are simply not voicing opinions. But an opinion from the Pravda home page (I've read that Pravda is a state-media) starts off with:

After NATO's acts of terrorism in recent years...would it surprise anyone to learn that Libya is a NATO campaign?

...We have seen the blatant barefaced lies, we have seen indiscriminate acts of murder, war crimes and crimes against humanity, all glossed over by the controlled media. So would it surprise anyone that NATO is indeed operating in Libya?

The article goes on to paint Bush's Iraq as a NATO-terror job, and in many ways, it was meant to frighten Iraqis into submission. From the very start of Bush's war, the "coalition" forces sacrificed good public relations by signaling brute force in the Iraqi streets. It was this attitude that emboldened Arab terrorists all-the-more, but we can be sure that Russian opinion -- the anti-West opinion -- dominated in the minds of Arab terrorists...many of whom were not terrorists until Bush's forces streamed in. There was a time when I tended to support the Bush war, when I gave Bush the benefit of the doubt on his claim to Christianity (i.e. I assumed he was doing a good thing). Since then, Internet videos convinced me (I'm not gullible) that Bush was in cahoots with the Illuminati that brought down the New York towers, suggesting strongly that the Bush war was part-and-parcel with that horrifying event.

The Pravda article ends with: "What is [Qathafi] supposed to do? Give his oil to the West on their terms?" That shows where Russian concerns lie. It wouldn't surprise us if Russians have been hoping and planning for decades to strangle the West by obstructing the flow of Arab oil. Sheer American dollars have curbed that plan and made it possible for some Arab states to ignore the Russian will.


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