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March 8 - 13, 2011

End Time Powers are Verey Cole-culated

American Democrats are so unbelievably crazy that, while staring at a $14-trillion national dept (over $50,000 owed per American, and costing each about $2,500 annually on the interest alone), they are refusing to cut government spending by more than a mere 10 billion annually. What makes this more insane is that, in February alone, the United States spent $223 billion more than it took in tax revenue (article below). The only winners are the "bankers" who lend money to the government.

Hard to believe, but:

Government payouts -- including Social Security, Medicare and unemployment insurance -- make up more than a third of total wages and salaries of the U.S. population, a record figure [not a record in the world] that will only increase if action isn't taken before the majority of Baby Boomers enter retirement.

Republicans, claiming that their hands tied by a Democrat-controlled Senate and a veto-threatening Obama, resorted to a bill (passed in the House) that cuts spending by only $61 billion, way short of what the voters would like to see, and making only a small dent in the national dept. Democrats are therefore in political trouble for 2012, and good bets are that Republicans will be granted a senate majority at that time for this one cause alone of shrinking the debt or at least balancing the budget. The question is whether Republicans will also get the presidency. If so, Obama isn't likely the False Prophet. Should we start to look to a Republican, therefore, to act as the False Prophet?

Back in the early part of the last decade, I supposed that a skincode (what evolves into the mandatory "mark of the beast") would be optional by 2010-12. It now seems that pushing that date ahead may do better in the prediction department. I haven't got a new prediction because I don't know what stalls the program. I'm of the opinion that Illuminatists have considered and even planned the idea because they thrill at being the devil's sons. As there is not much in the way of technical performance standing in the way of optional implementation, the skincode could conceivably jump upon the world at any time, even in 2012. Last I heard, implanted codes in the upper right arm were being used for purchasing in what I imagine is a pilot project.

It could be that the debts of nations, combined with low tax revenue at this time, is forcing planners to postpone the implementation of the skincode. They must realize that it won't bode well for their over-stressed econo-machine. Think about the situation when millions of Christians leave their jobs for the tribulation hunker-down. Ask whether those Christians predominate on the welfare side of the state, or on the worker side that supplies the welfare side with income (there's potential there to create a "tribulation" of sorts for those who depend on government hand-outs). With fewer over-all workers as Christians leave, tax revenue for other government services will be drastically reduced, and it'll be far harder to pay the interest on national and state debts. Though much unemployment will disappear as new job openings galore appear, it should be just the ticket for illegal Mexicans, sending more American dollars into Mexico rather than into government coffers. Regardless of who is at the spearhead of the skincode, the government must approve it.

The problem with a broad introduction of a skincode, aside from Christians coming out opposed, is that many non-Christians see it as a globalist's tool to facilitate a "big brother" (= understatement) global village. Unless globalism is first introduced as a real idea, it can't become accepted, and it must in some cases be for that purpose that we've been hearing the globalism word more and more. The first requirement was a white-washing of globalism so that at least a near-majority of the Western masses accept it as a good and/or profitable idea. But that scheme hasn't worked very well at all.

A bad economy worldwide is the worst situation for pushing globalism because globalism comes with an increased tax burden. Rather than being carried as a good idea, globalsim is now being portrayed by its adherents as a natural and unavoidable wave of the future, like it or not, prosperous or not. The masses will be conditioned to accept it, like it or not, for the sake of security and financial stability (not the same thing as financial growth), which can be considered a tactical short-cut to the implementation of globalsim where there's reluctant acceptance for it. We might therefore expect trumped up or exaggerated insecurities by those who advance that short-cut.

Barring general acceptance of globalism under any excuse, we could see it forced upon us in something that looks like martial law. But what is globalism, anyway? Is it just the United Nation voting on various issues, and then enforcing its resolutions hap-hazard around the world? Isn't it rather free trade and a removal of borders? Yes, and that suggests a financial basis for globalism, meaning that money-men are seeking to direct globalsim for their own moneys' sakes. Although the skincode has everything to do with the transfer of money, my guess is that money-men won't want it as much as governments would.

If the West won't accept a skincode due to Christians and libertarians standing opposed, perhaps we'll see the system begin elsewhere. Perhaps in atheistic Russia. That could explain why the mark of the beast is said to belong to the anti-Christ (who I equate with Gog) even though the False Prophet enforces it (Revelation 13). My hope is that the skincode won't even touch the West, but the wording of Revelation 13 doesn't necessarily allow that scenario. Revelation does make possible that the skincode will be a Middle-East system only, and affecting Israel. The alternative globalism for the Middle East was in the news last week:

..."Currently, the formation of a new world order is of prime importance and it is upon the independent countries to prevent the same old oppressive order [= Western globalism] from insinuating itself into a new form," the website of the Iranian president's office quoted him as saying in a meeting with India's National Security Advisor Shiv Shankar Menon in Tehran on [March 7].

...For his part, the Indian official lauded his country's relations with the Islamic Republic and emphasized India's willingness "to establish all-out strategic relations with Iran."

We're keeping in mind that Russia and China are apt to join an Eastern globalism as well. The more the West intrudes eastward, the more serious an Eastern-breed globalism. Yet, I think we've got little choice but to include in our view of the future a Western or world-wide skincode system.

If Republicans get the government and the Senate in 2012, would it be more or less likely to see a skincode develop between 2012 and 2016? This question is too fresh on my mind to merit a personal response. I just don't know. What if certain leading Democrats already have the skincode planned under Obama, but seeing the writing on the wall for a total loss of power in 2012, they try to enforce it before 2012?

We know this, that Democrats wish to work the nation out of deficit spending by raking in more tax revenue (rather than cut spending), and that's where a skincode could come in especially important. With every purchase recorded electronically, and cash eradicated, tax evasion could be made a thing of the past. Perhaps the current talk everywhere on national debts and deficits has a primary purpose of unveiling a skincode-and-cashless solution. Perhaps we are going to be made to eat this solution, like it or not, just because "it's good for us."

Yes, a cashless society is just what Democrats wish for. Bank on it. But I don't think the middle class wants it. On the other hand, people who rely on so-called "entitlements programs" (e.g. welfare, government pensions) would be more willing to accept a skincode because more tax dollars raked in = more assurance that they won't be denied their government-granted moneys. Spending cuts jeopardize entitlement programs big-time, and the current battle on that issue is mainly the "tea party" verses Democrats.

If the tea party (= a faction of the Republican party) will not accept a skincode solution for raking in more tax dollars, mainline Republicans might. But then, a cashless method of purchasing and selling holds big-business in shackles too, i.e. not allowing them to get away with tax evasion as easily. That's another good reason for expecting Democrats (rather than Republicans) to introduce/push the skincode.

In short, some of the various insecurities now being painted all over the Western-world media may be nothing but orchestration in hopes of making the people dance more willingly to a piper's solution. It has been said that globalists first create the problems (but if not, they exploit the problems), and then introduce the solutions. For all we know, the introduction/exploitation of problems includes, by design, a faked fighting between Democrats and Republicans (some believe this theory), where the solution is later a "compromise" between the leaders of the two parties (regardless of what the majority of people want).

Word has it that the Wisconsin crisis, which promises to set the inter-state tone for dealing with state (and even federal) debt, is nearing a compromise.

I've begun to beware whenever Fox commentators/anchors come on strong with obvious pro-conservative or pro-Christian leanings. Rather than allowing the cockles of my heart to warm up, I half beware that plots are afoot to manipulate conservative/Christian thinking and decision-making. To better manipulate our thinking, it would be important to maintain good relations with us in times intermediate between purposeful plots. In any case, there are some very sinful colors at Fox to beware of, not all of them subtle.

Nothing said so far in this update had anything to do with Heather HURLburt, who was featured on Fox (March 7) within hours of closing the last update (she was the liberal side of a two-headed discussion on public policy for American Muslims). Those who know my writings on the Hurl/Herod surname (see recent updates) would realize why I looked into Heather's bio. The first piece I got to on her, immediately after writing all the above, just happens to emphasize global-crisis strategy:

Heather Hurlburt is the Executive Director of the National Security Network, a progressive nonprofit which develops and promotes for experts and non-experts alike national security policies that are both pragmatic and principled. From 2002-2008, Hurlburt ran her own communications and strategy practice, working on global and political issues with political, entertainment, and educational leaders, as well as groups such as DATA (Debt AIDS Trade Africa), the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, the Stanley Foundation, and many others. Previously, she was deputy director of the Washington office of the International Crisis Group, creating and implementing its Washington outreach around global conflict prevention and crisis recovery. From 1995-2001, Hurlburt served in the Clinton Administration as Special Assistant and Speechwriter to President Clinton, speechwriter for Secretaries of State Albright and Christopher, and member of the State Department's Policy Planning staff. She has also worked for the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, and she began her career in Washington at the Congressional Helsinki Commission, where she served as a member of the US delegation to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe and an adviser to Congress on European human rights, security and conflict resolution issues. In that capacity, she was part of the US negotiating team, observed elections and helped lead human rights seminars in Eastern Europe, the former Soviet Union and the Balkans. She is a Senior Adviser to the U.S. in the World Project of Demos, appears frequently as a commentator in print and new media, and is a regular guest on Robert Wright's Hurlburt holds a BA from Brown University and an MA from the George Washington University Elliott School of International Affairs. Show full bio

In Wikipedia:

The National Security Network (NSN) is a non-profit foreign policy organization headquartered in Washington, D.C. that focuses on international relations, global affairs and national security. Characterizing itself as "progressive" [codeword for liberals, Democrats], the NSN's mission statement asserts the group aims to "build a strong progressive national security and counter conservative spin." Its founder, Rand Beers, was a Bush Administration counter-terrorism expert and is the former National Security Adviser to the John Kerry presidential campaign, 2004. Beers resigned from NSN in 2009 to serve as Counselor to Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano. Among other things, the National Security Network acts as a resource for media outlets [sounds like a thought/belief manipulator], releasing frequent opinion papers on a wide variety of foreign policy issues and engaging in rapid responses to current events. It also hosts the liberal global affairs blog Democracy Arsenal.

...Beers led the Department of Homeland Security review team for Barack Obama's transition...

...In partnership with the US in the World project of Demos (U.S. think tank), NSN is deeply involved with the Who Owns Security project, which seeks to determine how the American public currently views the parties on national security; why the public holds those attitudes and feelings; and where they do or don’t connect with specific national security issues.

...Its Advisory Board includes: Chairman Leslie H. Gelb, Sandy Berger, Wesley Clark, Anne-Marie Slaughter, Theodore C. Sorensen, and Frank G. Wisner. Prior to becoming President Obama's envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan, Richard C. Holbrooke also served on the NSN Advisory Board.

There is an Hurlburt Coat, with a white talbot dog in Crest sporting a red ear, the symbol of the white-on-red Oettingen Bavarians that I trace to Yorkshire's Odins and Oddeys, and it just so happens that Hurlburts were first found in Yorkshire. The Hurlburt Coat could therefore be a version of the Otin/Oetinger Coat (Bavaria).

The Hurlburt Coat, furthermore, uses fleur under leopard heads, officially called "jessant," while there is a Jessan(t)/Jesse surname (red rooster) first found in Yorkshire.

AMAZING! I wasn't going to repeat that I traced the Oettingens to Yorkshire because, when I read and gleaned that the Oettingen symbol was a stork, I noted the Storkhouse location in the Odin write-up. NOW, entering "Jesse" as per the "jessant" motto code, I find a German (Silesia) Jesse/Jeske Coat using...storks! The Jesse/Jasche Coat uses almost the red Jessant-Crest sleeve.

Rather than tracing fundamentally to "Jesse," as the write-up suggests, perhaps "Hesse/Esau" might apply. After all, Odo-like surnames may have origin in "Edom" elements, and we might expect a red ear, a red sleeve, a red rooster, a red rose, and a red Shield, in an Edomite bloodline.

Back to the Massey Energy (coal industry) topic introduced in the last update. On it's previous CEO:

[Don] Blankenship is an active financial backer of the Republican party and participant in local and state politics, especially in his home state of West Virginia. He has frequently spoken out publicly about politics, the environment, unions, and coal production.

...On Dec. 3, 2010, Blankenship announced that he will be retiring as CEO on Dec. 31, and will be replaced by Massey President Baxter F. Phillips Jr.

I'd like to show that it's all in the family, for the lion in the Phillips Chief is used exactly in the Mackesy Crest, and is found in white in the Mackie/Mackey lion.

The Welsh Phillips Coat uses a black lion too, and the broken spear in the Crest suggests links to the broken spear of the Irish Fergus(on) Crest as per the Massey-Ferguson company. A Fergus(on) write-up: "A hand couped below the elbow holding the upper part of a broken lance." Then see that the Lance Shield is also the Blankenship Shield. We can ask, therefore, whether the spear symbol is that of the Lancelot cult/bloodline.

Moreover, the Scottish Ferguson Coat shows the boar heads of the Speer Coat (using spears); see also the Phillipson Coat.

While Speers were first in Renfrewshire, the Ren/Wren Coat uses a broken spear in the colors of the broken Phillips spear. Moreover, the Wren Coat uses purple lion heads while the Meschin- and Vere-related Skiptons -- who I traced to the Ship(ton)s -- likewise use a purple lion (I'm pondering a "BlankenSHIP" connection). Skiptons were in Yorkshire, where we find the Banes' ("Arte" motto term), a family that I think was mythical Ban, Lancelot's "father" (likely, the Bain and Bayne septs of Mackays are to be included). I included the BANESters of LANCaster; here's part of the Meschin write-up: ...Ranulph, 3rd Earl of Chester...who held the honor of Skipton, in Yorkshire, from Richard Banistre...

Note the Phil-like Mackay sept (entering "Phil" brings up the Phail Coat) in Wikipedia's short list of Mackay septs, and don't miss the Mackie one:

Allan, Allanson, Bain, Bayne, Kay, Key, Keyes, MacAllan, MacBain, MacCaa, MacCaw, MacCay, MacGaa, MacGaw, MacGee, MacGhee, MacGhie, MacKay, MacKee, McKee, Mackie, MacPhail, MacQue, MacQuey, MacQuoid, MacVail, MacVain, MacVane, Morgan, Neilson, Nelson, Paul, Pole, Poleson, Pollard, Polson, Reay, Scobie, Williamson

I see the Speers and red-crescent-sharing Sprees, both of whom I trace to Lusatian/Polish elements on the Spree river, related to the Mieszko>Meschin bloodline, and became certain that the Massin/Mason motto is code for the Speer family. The "speravi" motto term of the Phail-colored Vales seems related.

Consider how many Pole/Paul-like surnames (Paul, Palin, Pawlenty) are interested at this time in running for the presidency under Republican banners, and that the Romney Coat is the Pullen Coat (the latter shows martins). There are then three surnames among Republican hopefuls -- Barbour, Thune and Huckabee -- that I would trace to the Tunisia theater, the place to which I trace the Mieszko>Meschin Poles.

Compare the French Banes Coat with the Singletary Coat (surname first found in LANCaster), and see the broken spear in the Singletary Crest. I identify the Singletary martins as code for Myrrdin (= Welsh variation of "Merlin"), and so we find a "marte" motto term in the English Banes Coat.

Clearly, we're dealing with the Arthurian cult, as expected with the MacKAY bloodline (i.e. as per mythical Ector>Kay...whom I identify as Hyksos>Meshwesh stock in Tunisia). You might be interested in the related following topic (eighth update of last November): "The broken spear in this picture is thought to trace to the Maccabees and/or high priests of Israel.

The day that Biden visited Putin, Hillary comes out to soften the American approach to Libya: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told Sky News [March 9] that a no-fly zone over Libya cannot be a U.S.-led effort, and would need the backing of the international community. That means Russia can veto the idea when it comes up for a vote in the "international community." Hypocrites. The blood of Egyptian protesters was portrayed as meaning the world to the O-dministration, but weeks later the blood of Libyans can be ignored for the sake of the political "victory" that Obama deemed the "reset button" with Russia.

On Russia's side, the reset button is mainly a way for Putin to influence AmeriiNATO decisions. And on that score we see the button working perfectly. The O-Hillary team is hoping to use the button for something else. Fear of a Russia-backed Iran is one thing, and no doubt a merging of Western and Eastern globalisms could also be at the core, but it's the attempted taming/softening of the Russian tiger that's important subtle NATO expansion around Russia's borders, and that's the part Putin doesn't tolerate if he can help it.

Did I say that the demonstration sweeps through Arab countries looks on-track for an Armageddon scenario? Yes, but I don't think the scenario leaves the Russian hammer out of it. We can all imagine that the Arabs alone, jihadists or otherwise, can make chaos of Western economies by first toppling West-friendly Arab states, but I find it hard to believe that Russia won't be backing Arabs in plots to spoil Western interests. If the West won't stand idly by to see their economies fall due to lack of oil, and if Western invasions of Muslim countries are therefore inevitable, where do we see Russia falling? Behind the West or behind the Arabs?

Ultimately, the conflict between who gets to control the reset button should rip apart the superficial alliance between the two users. As Russia presses the button to keep American military out of the Middle East, the Arab mustard seed will grow into a large kingdom of gang-rape fighters all passionate for more than an Arab voice in the world; they want Arab glory.

But what glory is it to find power by bloodshed? Ask the Euro-merican Masons, for they killed those in power to find their powers, and from the French revolution onward, they called it a fight for liberty and glory. It just so happens that the French showed some liberating revolutionary colors last week:

France became the first country to formally recognize the Libyan opposition – the Interim Transitional National Council – as legitimate representatives of the Libyan people on [Match 10], pledging to exchange ambassadors with the country's newly created transitional council in a major diplomatic victory for the Libyan opposition.

Isn't that a French coup? And didn't the O-Biden team know that this was slated to take place before the Biden visit? Clearly, France/Sarkozy isn't on side with the Russian will at this time. It goes on: "Ahead of the Brussels meeting, AFP reported that Sarkozy would propose 'targeted airstrikes' in Libya as a way to end the violence." There we have signs that, if invasion is needed, invasion it will be.

But Berlusconi, who has a pipeline deal with Russia, "When asked whether Italy would follow France's example...said his government would seek the opinion of other European countries before deciding whether to recognize Libyan rebels as the country's legitimate representatives." Another article: "...Berlusconi, one of Gaddafi's closest friends in Europe until the current upheaval..." It could be construed that Qaddafi was supposed to be part of Putin's Russia-Europe oil axis.

Biden's visit to Russia was not all lap-doggish to Putin. The vice-president had to show a Russian audience his displeasure in the wrongful jailing, by the Putin team, of oil giant, Mikhail Khodorkovsky. After the arrest (on tax-evasion charges), the latter's assets were guarded by Rothschilds...which alone can explain why Biden came out in opposition to Putin at the risk of damaging Obama's reset button. On globalism matters:

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin proposed [March 10] that his country and the United States abolish visas between them. U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, who is visiting Moscow, responded that it was a good idea, according to Russia's state-run news agency.

...Most analysts [who do they work for?] have said that the implementation of a visa-free relationship between the United States and Russia would be a complicated and protracted process. Russia and the European Union negotiations for such a relationship have been ongoing since 2002. Top EU officials, while speaking in favor of the measure, have said that full abolishment of visas won't happen in the near future [unless Obama has his way?].

"If Russia and the United States agree on visa-free travel before Russia and the European Union make a similar decision, that would be an historic step," Putin told Biden [and it would urge the EU to do the same with some speed].

There seems to be no doubt that the O-mericans are gunning for Medvedev in 2012, and even giving Putin bad press in quite an unabashed way:

The US vice-president has warned Russia it risks scaring away investors unless it moves to strengthen the rule of law and introduce political reforms [the statement is a slap in Putin's face].

..."The reset is working, working for all of us, working for Russia, and I would presumptuously say working for the world,&" [Biden] said.

Mr Biden, who in the past has been critical of the Kremlin, praised Dmitry Medvedev on [March 9], commending the Russian president's efforts to strengthen ties with the US and promote a high-technology hub [what's that, exactly?] outside Moscow to stimulate economic modernisation [as per a global economy?].

The tone was more restrained at talks on Thursday with Vladimir Putin...

...Mr Biden's talks with Putin were wedged between meetings with human rights groups and opposition leaders, signalling that the US would not tolerate curtailment of freedoms [i.e. would not tolerate a Putin dictatorship].

...Mr Biden pledged US support for Russia’s bid to join the World Trade Organization by the end of the year [that's fast]...

Nothing was reported in the three articles above on what the talk on Libya might have been, suggesting that any such talk was conducted very privately with the Russian leaders. If Obama wants visa-free with Russia in order to facilitate a Russia-inclusive globalism, then he had better stay out of Libya. But France, that's OK.

Just so it's clear: "In an indication that the U.S. White House opposes a third presidential term for Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, U.S. Vice President Joe Biden told Russian opposition leaders [March 10] that it would be better for Russia if Putin did not run for re-election next year, two participants said." I say that Biden-brash will only urge Putin to run all the more.

The following short article suggests that Obama's Intelligence agency is opposing Obama's will, but I think not:

Muammer Gaddafi's superior military forces meant his "regime will prevail" in the longer term, the US director of national intelligence, James Clapper, said in comments that undermined a robust defence by Washington of its Libya policy [I say it is Obama's will to undermine a robust policy toward Libya, on behalf of the reset with Russia].

Mr Clapper said in testimony to Congress on [March 10] that Col Gaddafi was relying on two of his brigades – which appeared to be "very, very loyal", "disciplined" and "robustly equipped with Russian equipment, artillery, tanks".

As per the Iran demonstrations:

Uri Lubrani [an Israelite foreign-minister type who studied at London University], who has advised Israel's leaders on Arab affairs for urging US President Barack Obama to issue a clear public demand for freedom and democracy in Iran, and to pledge to support by all legal means the efforts by the Iranian people to achieve it.

The US has “to come out publicly,” Lubrani declared in an interview in Friday’s Jerusalem Post. “That would electrify the Iranians,” he added. “And we need a decision to the same effect in both houses of Congress.”

If this effort succeeds, it can be a game-changer in the Middle East, eradicating Israel's arch enemy, Ahmadman and his Co-maniac spiritual leader. But will the Russian reset button allow Obama to comply with Lubrani and the other Israeli leaders? Or will the button keep America from doing the opportune things at the opportune times? Will Israeli interests play second fiddle to a Russia-inclusive globalism? How greatly will the button jeopardize Israel tomorrow? The article gives a Lubrani quote: "...'From the moment that Obama entered the White House, the Iranians have been having a ball with the engagement approach. There's not a chance in the world that they'll halt their uranium enrichment.'"

Iran must be concerned about the Lebanese demonstrations: "Tens of thousands camp out at Martyrs Square in [Lebanese] capital to show support for pro-Western March 14 alliance and to demand Hezbollah give up its weapons." We could expect a backfire on Western movements against Iran...if we are at the threshold of the 70th Week.

In Wisconsin, the controversial bill was passed by the Senate even though the 14 Democrats remained out of the state (for the purpose of handcuffing the vote due to lack of a quorum needed for the vote to take place).

Never mind about the claim that "Wisconsin" derives in an Indian name. Before reading the article above, I had been wondering about whether tit was derived in the Wishart=Guiscard and/or Wise/Weis surname (a WEIShaupt founded the Bavarian Illuminati). When I got to the part about the lone Democrat senator who remained in the state for the Senate vote, whose surname is Barca, it evoked the Hannibals out of Carthage/Tunisia, for they were rooted in Hamilcar Barca. It just so happens that Robert Guiscard of Sicily, the Rus person to which I trace the Vere-Massey-Rothschild based Rosicrucians/Masons, is easily link-able to the Hannibals.

I do link the Guis term to "Gascony," and as that place was inhabited by Gascones, compare with "WISCONsin." I had traced certain American "Indians" to the Cree surname of Britain, and in turn to Curetes of Crete (used a double axe symbol). The Wisconsin capital, Madison (evokes the Massi/Mattis surname that I trace to the Massin/Mason surname), should link to the Madison/Maddis surname...showing two crossed axes. I had found that Algonquin Indians likewise trace to white families of Britain, and so see this: "The [Wisconsin] river's name, first recorded in 1673 by Jacques Marquette as 'Meskousing,' is rooted in the Algonquian languages..." That river's name could be in honor of the Meschin Rus (they show a Meskin variation), the scallops of which I have already traced to Sicily.

The means by which the Meskousing became the "Wisconsin" could have everything to do with the Gos/Gois bloodline that was mother to Ranulf le Meschin.

Looking at the Seal of Wisconsin, we see the 13 pyramids that are widely thought to be Masonic symbols. We also see a strong arm (= Rothschild and Communist symbol) holding a hammer, a very-Russia-like symbol (I've figure that ROSicrucians and Russian Communists are both from Rothschild-blood roots). We also see 13 blue-on-gold stars, colors reversed from the Bauer stars, and of the stars in the Wise/Weis surname of Bavaria. The Crest is a beaver, a symbol also of the Oxford Arms that I've pegged as Vere-based code for "Bavaria" and/or "Bauer" elements.

I tend to suspect that "Bus" motto terms refer to Buz, second son of Nahor (first son was "Uts"). I say this, not only because the Wisconsin Seal uses "PluriBUS," but because I trace the Uat=Buto cult to Tunisia while identifying the cult's Chemmite administrators with "KEMuel," third son of Nahor. Long before arriving to HAMILcar Barca, I contested that CAMELot, the Cammel/Campbell surname, and the god, Camulos, were rooted in "Kemuel, and then entertained a "Kemuel" trace also to the HAMILton surname. If, therefore, Hamiltons trace to Hannibals of Carthage, it is very conceivable that they do in fact trace to the ancient cult of Chemmites.

You'll also see picks in the Wisconsin Seal, a symbol, I'm assuming, of the coal industry (i.e. where the Massey surname has some predomination).

In the Wisconsin river article: "It flows south across the glacial plain of central Wisconsin, passing Wausau and Stevens Point." I didn't know this until minutes after writing the above on the Weis connection to "Wisconsin," but what was read immediately after is even better:

Besides Wausau, other significant communities in the metropolitan [Wausau] area include Mosinee [evokes the Mossynoikoi associates of the ancient Halybes; see below for possible Caleb>Halybe significance], Schofield, Rothschild...,_Wisconsin

Coincidence? I don't think so. Consider also the link made in the last update between the Steven surname (white and blue) and the Staufers/Staufens (white-on-blue, and gold-on-silver no-no), and then consider this: "George Stevens [i.e. a pioneer], who lent his name to Stevens Point, a city south of Wausau, began processing the pine forests into lumber in 1840. Subsequently, other sawmills along the Wisconsin River began to spring up as well. By 1846, Walter McIndoe arrived and took the lead in the local business and community. " The Staufer Coat shows what should be the Weis Zionist star.

NOW LOOK. The McIndoe Coat (in Mackay white-on-blue, and using what looks like the Mackay dagger) uses a "Quid" motto term, smacking of the McQuoid variation shown in the Mackay page. Checking for a Quid surname (gold-on-silver no-no), there is one (showing a Quoid variation) using wolves and chains as does this Irish Mackay/McQuoid Coat.

What's more interesting is that the McIndoes were first in Perthshire, a region that I trace to the Pert surname and then further back to Perdix, a mythical character of Cretan elements that was root to the Masonic compass and square (Perdix was the founder of carpentry tools, especially the compass). It's not only interesting as per the saw mills in the above quote, but I linked the "patria" motto term to Perdix (when on the Perdix topic months ago); the McIndoe Coat shows a "patria" motto term. Patres/Patricks and Perts/Petts were both first in Kent, and the "labora" motto term of the Patres/Patricks was reckoned (by me) to be code for the Cretan "labrys" (double-headed axe) and the Cretan "labyrinth," symbol of mythical Daedalus, a farther of sorts to Perdix.

The labyrinth was the Minoan bull symbol, and so we find: "The Wisconsin River is what first drew settlers to the area during the mid-19th century, which was known as 'Big Bull Flats' or 'Big Bull Falls'..."'

Entering "Waus" brings up the Faux/Fawkes surname that could conceivably link to Guiscard, "the Fox." The "Rege" motto term of this surname was already traced to the Cretan Rhea (Mackays have a Reay sept). I trace "Rhae" to Rhagae/Rey/Ray, a city in the Cadusii/Deylamite theater that I say was "mother" to Zeus Taurus. The Pattersons (said to be from "Patrick") use "Rege" too, and are closely related to a CUSSane clan...that by the way I'd traced hard to Nahorites>Nortons of Connacht elements).

...I'm glad I took the time to repeat that because the Norton/Connaughten Crest falcon design is identical to the one in the Waus/Faux Crest!

Scottish Nortons of Ayrshire were linked to the Cammels/Campbells of neighboring Argyllshire, where we expect Chemmite=Danaan elements from Argos.

The Cree/Rae/Reagh/Creight surname was in Ayrshire, where the similar Craig>Carrick surname (talbot dogs, link-able to Meschins) was first found. The latter uses an Indian-like design, suggesting that Cree natives were from Carrick stock and otherwise from Ayrshire elements.

This is a GREAT place to bring up the Kyles (Illuminati symbols) that likewise congregated in Ayrshire (I linked them to Perthsire's Nahorite/Ishmaelite elements), not only because Kyles trace themselves to king Cole of CAMULOdunum, and not only because Coles (Edom-like motto term) use a bull, but because the Seal of Wisconsin shows a white anchor reflecting the Kyle Crest, not to mention that the Seal's black-on-gold and white-on-gold colors were predominant Kyle color schemes in their many historical per an historical Kyle-Society webpage.

That Kyle webpage had said that the heraldic diamond was a symbol for coal, but I realized (years ago) that this was double-speak for the Cole bloodline (I also realized that Kyles must have used diamonds to represent themselves, but I now suspect mascles). Again, the Seal of Wisconsin emphasizes the coal industry...and the Waus Coat shows a hollow BLACK diamond...called a "mascle" officially, a term that I've long seen as code for Meskins/Masculines, i.e. the ones who I now claim named the Wisconsin river.

These discoveries are being shared now only because Wisconsin happens to be the news, but they come just after the Massey-Energy coal industry was introduced in the last update.

The Rhae>Zeus cult on Crete was symbolized by a goat horn, and called "Amalthea," a term that I traced tentatively to AMALekites of Edom. The Amalthea goat horn evolved into the cornucopia, yet another symbol used in the Seal of Wisconsin. I traced the cornuCOPIA to the Cope(land) bloodline of the Meschins, and to the "copia" motto term of Macclesfield. It's my impression that the Copeland Coat is the Wassa>Washington Shield.

Pattersons were first in Ross-shire, and that place once had a Dingwall location for its capital. I traced the spurs in the Dingwall/Dingell Coat to a Kyle-related clan (can't recall the name) also using spurs, while the golden fleece/lamb symbol in the Dingwall/Dingell Coat was traced to the Paschal>Easter/Stur bloodline in Hampshire, where the Atrebates lived that I trace to the Pelops>Atreus golden-fleece cult. In short, I suspect that the Atreus bloodline will produce the False Prophet "lamb." I say this because, after deciding to end the bloodline topic above, I went straight from the Kyle-Society page to the news and got immediately to the article below mentioning a Dingell surname supporting Muslim causes in the United States:

Peter King, a Republican on the House homeland security committee, has accused US mosques of being a breeding ground for radical attitudes.

...Congressman John Dingell, a Michigan Democrat [a small partt of Michigan is beside Wisconsin] who represents a large Muslim community, warned Mr King and the committee not to "blot the good name or the loyalty or raise questions about the decency about Arabs or Muslims or other Americans en mass".

..."We don't want to stigmatize, we don't want to alienate entire communities," US Attorney General Eric Holder said.

Going back to the Kyle Society page, you can see (about half-way down) the Arms of Annandale...with Paschal lamb in Crest, reading: "Ayrshire was originally granted arms in 1890 (above). These showed a red cross and in a chief on gold, the arms of Bruce, Lord of Annandale. To these were added a paschal lamb from the arms of Ayr..."

AMAZING: the spur in the Kyle-related clan was re-found as I just entered "Ayr"! It's the Ayers bloodline to which an anti-American terrorist (i.e. Bill Ayers) belonged, a friend of Obama even. The next day (as I was on a paragraph further below mentioning the Kells, I came across more spurs in the Cool/Coul Coat...with a "Cole Deum" motto.

The Cole Coat uses "Deum Cole," if that helps to make the Kell connection to Cole elements. I would trace the spur symbol to the Speers (uses the red Kyle star, I assume) for multiple reasons (some not mentioned in this paragraph). One Moray Coat is no longer being shown (as of this minute, anyway), the one using a "Deum Time" motto and a scroll in Crest. I assume that the book in the Cool/Coul Crest matches the Moray scroll because the latter's Coat uses red spurs, the color of the Speer crescent. The other Moray Coat (the only one on display at this moment) uses "Tout Pret" as a motto while the Tout Coat uses a crescent in Speer-crescent colors-reversed. Then, as per Melusine in the Moray Crest, it's the same as in the Massin/Mason Crest, the latter using "Dum spiro spero" as a motto.

The "Pret" term of the Morays should link to the Belgian Pratts (British Pratts show mascles)...who use the Bruce-of-Annandale saltire. The Massins/Masons (of Kent) use the same blue lion as the Bruces of Yorkshire, and as the Louvains of Kent use the Massin/Mason lion in the same colors, we understand that they (and the lion) trace to Louvain of Belgium...i.e. where the Pratts were first found. In Belgium were the Flemings, explaining why the Moray write-up traces Morays to Flemings.

The Moray write-up traces Morays also to "MacAngus de Moravia," while the Angus Coat uses the Kyle star (I'm assuming) in colors reversed,. The Angus star is in the white-on-red of the star in the Vere Coat (uses the Massey Shield), and Melusine was a Vere-of-Angers/Anjou symbol, suggesting that Angus linked to that place and to that bloodline. Chances are great that the Angus clan (first in Fife) linked to the Vivian/Vey clan (that I trace to "Fife") as it pertained to mythical Morgan le Fay (= Satanic cult) of Melusine's Avalon.

The Piast Poles had merged with Bohemians who were themselves merged with royals from Great Moravia. You won't read anywhere else (unless they echo/copy my findings) that mainline Scottish-royal clans -- even the Freemasons of Scotland -- were from the entities in the last sentence, as they competed with, or merged with, Hungarian-Arpad blood, but there you have it. I've repeated many times the Moray trace to Hungarian elements on the Mures (to Arad and Oradea included), but I also found that the Piast-Bohemian-Moravian line as per the Polish kings, Boleslaw and Bezprym, used the Moray star as per the Bole and Bez Coats.

Note that the Bole Coat happens to be BELgian, and that it uses the BELLamy Shield (I identify "Fleming/Vlaam" as a "Bellamy" variation). It's known that Bellamys were Ferte-Maces (= proto Masseys), explaining why the black eagle (adler species) in the German Bez Coat is the Ferte-eagle design (the latter is in Vere/Massey colors). If you're trying to find your own roots of Freemasonry, you'd do yourself a disservice by ignoring what's just been said. It holds all the keys to further discovery. It comes after years of dogged research that can't be easily matched, and with the help of a few assistants who have somehow managed -- to my astonishment -- to follow my endless writings enough to make solid, key contributions. There are so many of my writings online that anyone researching Freemasonic roots in-depth is sure to bump into our findings. I feel that the project has been a success, and becomes especially important where it should connect to the anti-Christ.

You may know that I trace Vere-Meschins out of Cheshire to the first earls of Moray. And by the way, Nicholas de Vere von Drakenberg (Sovereign Grand Master of the Imperial and Royal Dragon Court and Order) emailed me (for the first time that I know of) at the end of last month. He came across friendly, and said he wants to chat. That's what the serpent of Eden said to a trusting Eve. But I'm no Eve...desiring worldly power:

The Dragon Court can first be identified in Egypt [blah blah]...The Court was re-formed in 1408 by Emperor Sigismund von Luxemburg, King of Hungary, later to become Holy Roman Emperor in 1433.

...This weekend lecture series is named after the legendary school of alchemy and the occult which was attended by Vlad Dracula [= cruel murderer] of Romania [= Transylvania], who was one of the Dragon Court's most illustrious members...[ we wonder how bad the least-illustrious ones were like]

...There is such a thing as power for power's sake; and power, in the civic realm, is based on sovereignty, which comes from the blood.

There is no Draken(berg) Coat shown, but the Drake Coat shows a wyvern dragon (same species used by Veres), and a "muscas" motto term.

If you're of the belief that the anti-Christ must make Mosul=Nineveh his Iraqi launch pad (as per Nahum 1:11), you might be interested in a 41-page treatment by the International Crisis Group, entitled, IRAQ'S NEW BATTLEFRONT: THE STRUGGLE OVER NINEWA. On page 47, there's a list of Directors, including George Soros and Kofi Annan. Other surnames that I find Illuminati-conspicuous are Carolus, Patten, Cattaui, Ashdown, Kok, Ackerman, Solarz, Giustra, Wallen, and Kimsey. The Royal Bank of Scotland is listed on page 48 as a major financial contributor.

In the list of advisors (page 48), I see some Massey/Meschin/Mackay-related clans (or potentially so) such as Keys, Kellner, Pels (uses the same pelican as Pullens below), Manas, Bergman, Brown and Chester.

"Crisis Group is co-chaired by the former European Commissioner for External Relations Christopher Patten and former U.S. Ambassador Thomas Pickering." Pickerings look like Bruces of Yorkshire, and the Patten Coat uses white-on-black mascles (i.e. Meschin symbol) while sporting a motto identical to the Pullen motto, which includes a PALLEScere term.

That all suggests the Polish-Piast royal which I've traced the Kyles/Coles/Colds (Polish king Mieszko was from the Piast-KOLODziej dynasty, and the Mieske Coat uses a black bull, symbol also of the Coles/Colds). THEN ZOWIE, the list of advisors also shows a Kielman surname...with Kyler variation! Moreover, the Booker surname is listed among the advisors, and it shows a "coelum" motto term smacking of the Coel variation of king Cole. I did not know of this Crisis-Group paper when stressing the Kyle surname earlier in the update.

If you recognize the black Booker eagle design (upraised wings) from recent discussions, search "black eagle" in the 6th update of January and the 1st update of February to find who else uses it from the Bellamy>Massey bloodline. After writing that, I found that the German Keller Coat (black on gold i.e. Kyle colors) shows black eagle heads.

Kells use the Mackie lion (and red stars, the Kyle-star color), important because the same lion was seen earlier in this update as per the Phillips Chief. A man with Phillips surname was the president of Massey Energy coal.

In the paper's "Conclusion" on page 41 (written late 2009) the U.S. and the UN are applauded for seeking to create stability in a disaster-potential Mosul, where the paramount purpose of these foreigners is the neighboring Kurdistan cause. In other words, the Crisis Group wants the West to remain in Mosul for to influence Kurdistan's situation, and the motives may not be the ethnic dilemma, as emphasized throughout the paper, but for acquiring a foothold on Kirkuk oil. The Crisis Group may be in the business of emphasizing, exaggerating and even promoting crises just so that they can create and put forward solutions, wherefore if the motives are secretive (i.e. for business ends), their papers must exercise the impression of human concerns.

As it turned out in Mosul, feared levels of violence did not materialize after the national election. The Insurgents have continued in their characteristic ways, but no one individual or group has made the news in such a way as to give me the impression of an anti-Christ stepping in. So long as this remains the situation, we should keep an eye on the American military in Mosul, assessing whether or not it constitutes the anti-Christ movement, or whether it becomes the staircase, at least, by which he steps in. It won't matter that I was wrong in predicting a Russian anti-Christ; the main thing is that we recognize who he is before it's late.

In Saudi Arabia, the so-called "Day of Rage" did not materialize. One could get the impression that, if the Western fingers that got success in north Africa are not behind the demonstrations, the demonstrators will have no punch for lack of press and crisis-promotion. We easily predict that the fingers will not be behind demonstrations in Saudi Arabia...the West's best (i.e. most important) ally.

The Japan quake. Horrible pictures the likes of what we've not seen before. But shouldn't we expect record-breaking disasters as we approach and enter the 70th Week? Isn't that the picture painted by Jesus in Matthew 24? Didn't He imply there that God would bring disasters, graduating for the worse, as the years go by, for to show His displeasure of the world's direction?

Wherever God is in a disaster, you can predict rightly that he'll use them to convert some survivors. How many survivors were there in Japan, carried by the sea current for example, who recognized at the very last moment, when succumbing to being as good as dead, that something totally unexpected and just plain miraculous happened to save them from death? How many of you know that God works in that way when drastic measures are needed to change the course of a soul? Did you stay on a God-appreciating course since the last time something like that happened to you?

An update on the Egyptian course, one arises with the sort of boldness that could plunge him to the next Egyptian presidency:

Arab League Secretary General Amr Moussa, who has announced intention to run for Egypt's presidency, said [March 10] he would vote against the proposed constitutional amendments, in the planned referendum on March 19.

In a meeting with a number of Egyptian intellectuals, Moussa called for writing a new constitution..

During his diplomatic stint [as Mubarak;s foreign minister], Moussa gained such a strong following among Egyptians due to his pro-Palestinian stances.

I'm watching to see whether Obama fingers will support this Moussa. After all, the ElBaradei option now seems unwanted in the West due to his own words:

ElBaradei also said he would vote “no” in a March 19 referendum on constitutional changes...He said that if elected he would seek to restore close ties with Iran and that the relationship between Israel and Egypt was one of "master- servant."

...During Egypt’s turmoil, a coalition of opposition groups, including the banned Muslim Brotherhood, coalesced around ElBaradei, who last night said that if elected he would seek “social justice” through socialism and not capitalism.

Moussa or ElBaradei, Israel loses, wherefore if Obama secretly wants either man in, it jibes with 70th-Week prophecy. We can ask whether ElBaradei is breathing the "socialism" word as per the Rhodes-Illuminati socialism...which I think is the Obama socialism (Obama has many Rhodes Scholars on his team).

There is resistance to this day to the demonsta-tot revolution: "On [March 9], Tahrir Square was the scene of violent clashes between pro-democracy activists and groups of men armed with knives and machetes, believed to be Mubarak loyalists." The latter group could be supported by the transitional military government that I think must remain in power until defeated by the anti-Christ out of Iraq.

It's been said that Obama is already in campaign mode fore 2012. And if we have any suspicions that Hillary-ites have intentions to topple Obama, then he's got to be painted in some very bad colors soon by liberals of that ilk. Consider Bill Clinton's two publicized grudges, back-to-back, at this webpage. He opposes Obama on oil drilling in the U.S., and his stalling of the Libyan no-fly zones. This announcement comes as the Libyan leader is decidedly winning the civil "war" as per the past week. "Libyan forces supporting Colonel Muammar Gaddafi have advanced on rebel-held strongholds, reportedly recapturing the eastern town of Brega."

Speaking of a no-fly-zone way of entering the war:

Arab League chief Amr Moussa [the same individual running for the Egyptian presidency] called for a no-fly zone over Libya in an interview with a German magazine on Saturday, ahead of the group meeting in Cairo on Saturday to discuss the proposal.

"The Arab League [headquartered in Cairo] can also play a role," said Moussa..."

Obama was already upset with James Clapper (for assuming defeat in Libya), but now Clapper's admitted to the world that the U.S. sells weapons to Lebanon for the purpose of influencing Lebanese politics and keeping tabs (a form of spying) on the Lebanese government:

The United States should maintain military aid to the Lebanese army even if the government becomes controlled by Hizbullah, U.S. intelligence chief James Clapper said [March 10]. "I would think that to the extent that we can sustain influence and insight."

I've had much reason to suspect that National Intelligence (includes Homeland Security) will be a major part of the anti-Christ movement, but the following additional things seem supportive. James Clapper (note the white mascles -- almost -- on his tie, in the colors of the Clapper Coat) was preceded in his position by Dennis Blair. Checking the Blair Coat, it too uses white mascles, and as further proof of a trace to the Mieszko Poles, the Blair Crest and saltire are the symbols of the Maxwells. As the latter have a Pollock sept, one suspects that Maxwells are likewise form Poles, and in fact I view Maxwells as a branch of Meschins.

The Blair mascles are in the colors of the Irish-Pratt mascles and the Patten mascles (I had no intention of being on the Blair surname when the latter two were featured), and in colors-reversed to the single Waus mascle. Blairs were first in Ayrshire, home of Kyles (i.e. that likewise trace to Mieszko Poles), and lest you've forgotten, both the Waus' and Kyles were linked to Wisconsin along with Meschins. You might like to compare the Seal of Wisconsin to the Seal of National Intelligence (link above), and ask whether the 13 bunched arrows are secretly a Rothschild symbol by design.

The deputy director of National Intelligence, chosen by Obama, has a Sullivan surname, a surname that I traced to Meschin-related Ligurians: the Salyes/Salluvii Ligurians. These had been from Bellovesus-related Gauls (= Galli Kabeiri then in central Europe), and it just so happens that the Clapper Coat uses a bell pattern (called "vair") that I trace to the Bellamy>Ferte>Massey bloodline.

A few months after Clapper, but months before Sullivan, were placed in charge of National Intelligence, I traced the Salyes to the founding of "Salop" (and to Sales-of-Mascy), and yet, long before Clapper's appointment, l had traced "Salop" to "Clap(ton)"!

Sales and Claptons were both first found in Cheshire (i.e. the home of Mascys/Masseys). The Sallete variation of the Sales (which could have inspired the saltire symbol) reflects "salt," and in Greek, "haly" means "salt." Hmm. Compare the Saltzer Chief to the Gall/Coll Chief, and note that Galls/Colls (Argyllshire, in/beside Kyle homeland) use stars in Kyle-star colors.

THEN, checking "Haly," we find the "Jewish" Levi lion (I trace the Levi clan to Bellovesus Galls called, Laevi Ligurians). WHAT IS THE BELOW??? I usually take aberrations like the following with a grain of salt. It looks like a horse with rider appearing inexplicably ghost-like in a news clip (February 3) on Egypt's demonstrations. See the 1:19 point in the following short video, and then come back for my comments.

It should be said that the image so well reflects a pale-green horse riding through the crowds that one is inclined to accuse someone for doctoring the video. The fact is, my interlinear version of the New Testament uses "pale-green" for the horse of Revelation 6:8 because the Greek word used is "chloros."

In the four heavenly horse teams of Zechariah 6 (which can be assumed to be linked to the four horses of Revelation 6), the first three are black, red and white (typical horse colors), as with the Revelation account. The fourth Zechariah team (said to be speckled with a "strong" color(s)) is therefore link-able with the pale-green horse in Revelation (even though the color schemes don't appear to jibe), and it just so happens that Zechariah 6:6 has its fourth horse riding to the south country...i.e. jibing with a ride through Egypt. Chlorine green is not a natural horse color, but green it is the color of Muslims...and of gangrene, what one sees in war-maimed bodies..

When I paused the image near the start of its ride, I could make out a horses eye, a strap on its head, upper front legs ("shoulders"), a mane, and a rider where he should be, at the end of the mane. Behind the rider, a hump, as expected for the horse's back side, and below the rider, a rounding belly, as expected. Freezing the video a split-second apart, one can see a horse's front leg moving forward just as expected. The tail is also visible where expected. Personally, I don't think we've arrived to the historical stage of the fourth Revelation horse (I place it in the second half of the 70th Week). It's possible that people are playing a hoax, who may later reveal that the video was doctored to embarrass Christians / prophecy writers.

Here's a recent Javier Solana interview, compliments of YS, on various world affairs. He says that the Muslim sweep is "irreversible," and that the demonstrators are the good guys who can prosper the "positive" side (i.e. make the Palestinian state happen) of the Israeli peace process. He says that Israel must learn a lesson from what happened in Egypt, i.e. look out Israel! Later in, he says that Charlemagne was a "member of my family."

Julie emailed to press me further to accepting a Benjamite root for the dragon cult. I responded in a way that might frighten the Biblical Christian, but please don't be afraid, as I'm not abandoning sound doctrine nor wishing to:

No matter what they say, it's not true [that Masons are based in Benjamites]. Secret societies had their start before the Israelites, and even if some Benjamites got involved in big-world ways, it's relatively of little importance.

Leaving out many entities [including the Heneti proper], the dragon cult goes basic from Anu/Antu [= proto-Heneti] to Marduk (Hebrews>Amorites of Babylon) and Armenians, to Hyksos Hebrews, Edomites, and some wayward Jews, then to Cadmus Phoenicians, to Cadmus-Hermes-Dionysus Greeks and Thracians, to Latins/Romans on the one hand, and to Celts>Arthurian cult on the other. Israelites could only have been add-ons to some branches, but because it's expected of Christo-dragon cult elements to wishful-think links to the Davidic/Messianic bloodline, that's the reason we get such false reports.

The best that I can give Freemasons is a trace to the tribe of Judah in the time and sphere of Biblical Caleb, and yes the neighboring Benjamites were likely involved with the Samson cult to Greeks, but please, let's not entertain links of those entities to the Davidic bloodline to Jesus Christ. That's the wishful-thinking part, even the part that created the Magdalene cult.

After denying the possibility for some years that Freemasons trace to Israelites, I had to eat my words and admit a Caleb=Chalybes equation, which group included the Khaldi that I trace from "Chaldee" (Babylonian home of Hebrews) to "Calydon" and "Celt." Thus, the Arthurian cult does trace back to Judah's Israelites (literally, to Jews), but simultaneously those Jews were impinged upon non-Israelite elements of the mainline dragon cult.

I should add that, years ago, long before I admitted an Israelite element in the dragon cult, I traced it centrally to (C)Halybes. On the one hand, therefore, it could hardly be said that Israelites are a mere add-on to the cult's branches, and yet I maintain the add-on view because Jews did not likely make up an important part of the cult. Halybes lived on the Halys river, where the Hatti had dominion, but it was the Hatti (= Manes>Attis>Lydus bloodline) that were heart to the Hebrew dragon cult. By that time, any Israelite colors (e.g. Mosaic colors) that the Jewish side may have derived from had been abandoned, although it crossed my mind at times that the castration symbol of Attis was an exagerrated symbol of circumcision.

Obviously, further investigation into this matter is called for, but I fear losing the trust of readers who are here for the post-trib cause. The article above links the Halybes to Tubal, and you know that links to Gogi scythians, not Israelites. I identify Ladon>Daphne as a Tubali line, and this hardly constitutes a holy bloodline. One might like to link "Moses" to the Halybe-associated Mossynoikoi, but I'm not biting even though Caleb was a Mosaic agent. The Mossynoikoi were likely a Meshech/Mushki branch: "Writing soon after 430 BCE, Herodotus in Book 3 cites the Mossynoeci, along with the Moschoi, Tibareni [same as Tubali, say many],..." The Moschoi were the Meshech, and of course they evoke "Moscow."

Though I link "Caleb" to "Chalybe" for more than similarity of terms, and as you know that I would never entertain (let alone confess) such a link unless there is sufficient merit, the fact may be that I'm simply wrong about it. I've had no desire to expound on the topic since it was introduced last December (I think it starts December 16, and is mentioned for a few consecutive update pages thereafter).

One would expect a Judah-like term in the Halybe sphere if Jews had prominence in the Attis/Cybele cult. Manes was made father to Cotys at times (as well as father of Attis), but that Thracian term is more likely linked to Getae Thracians than to "Judah." To show how coincidences can enter these traces, some trace the Getae back to Guti Iranians/Aryans (Hatti were Aryans), but the Guti were recorded in history before the rise of Israelites, and were at war with the Sumerian dragon cult (one can expect an eventual merger).

The mother of Cotys was made Callirrhoe, what I expect to be code for a branch of Galli-branch Kabeiri. BUT I do trace Manes to the Manoah>Samson>Kabeiri (of Samothrace) cult that had lived beside, or even among, the tribe of Judah. I can therefore expect some Jews to have allied with the Samson cult as it evolved into the Attis-related Maenads=Maeonians (i.e. from mythical Manes). If you don't know already, I equate the Samson-cult Armenians with Hyksos Armenians (think Hayk/Haik, a chief Armenian god), and I absolutely keep away from the theory that equates Hyksos with Israelites. In my mind, Hyksos were the primary Satanic bloodline, the chief enemies of Israel.

I traced the Maenads=Maeonians to the Maeander river, and that's the river upon which the city of Mossyna was located, thought by some to have been named after the Mossynoikoi. To help prove my assertion that Dionysus was on that river, we read that Mossyna was "located between Dionysopolis and Laodikeia." I identified Dionysus (leader of the Maenads) as a Tubali peoples, and his mother, Semele, as a "Tubali" variation at Tmolus and Sipylus (Lydo-Maeononian theater). Again, that's not Israeli stock, but rather Gogi stock.

At best, the Manes cult was represented by a constituency of degenerate, mutated Jews on a mission to ignore and pollute the high calling of the God of Israel. Chances are, Manes was not in itself a Jewish entity at its root/heart, but was rather the Min/Amun cult out of Hyksos Egypt (as it evolved into the Cadmus Tyrians). The Tyre-based Minoans, that is, and they gave rise (I say) to the Minyans/Minyae Greeks (they had horse heads in their human burial plots) in Boiotia, exactly where we'd expect them as per myth writers landing Cadmus in (dragon-infested) Boiotia. I glimpsed that Boiotians were proto Boii>Bohemians just because Masons appear to stem from Bohemians and related Bavarians and Baiocasses.

I trace "Cadmus" back to Cadusii Armenians, and trace Manes to the neighboring Mannae Armenians (Biblical Minni, say some). I trace "Samson" to the Armenian god, Sames. All that spells other kinds of Semites (especially Aramaeans) other than Israelites.

Note that Joseph, son of Israel and co-ruler of Egypt (before the Hyksos ruled the Nile delta) named his two sons Ephraim and MANNASah, possibly after Manes and Aphrodite elements (Joseph's wife was daughter to an Egyptian priest) that were solidly ingrained in the Nile delta. After all, I do identify the early Nile delta as a Nahorite one, and expect that the Uat/Buto cult's Nahorites, as with Israelites (i.e. Abraham), should trace back to Aramaeans=Armenians and Chaldeans.

I've had every inclination to trace Horus (Horite-like) and Osiris (= Seir-like) to the same Armenians as they merged with Iranian (e.g. at Nuzi) Horites/Hurrians (= Uranus cult) who evolved into Edom's Horites at Seir. BUT Israelites were called out of that paganism by the TRUE CREATOR. Believe it or not.

I know that there are those who think they can discover and prove that Israelites were just another pagan group of many pagan groups, modern writers who do not believe in a Creator, who lump Israelites in with Dionysus and Horus. But these have the problem of explaining why Israelite Law goes directly counter to the homosexual and lusty nature of Dionysus (I trace his name to "Nuzi"), or why the God of Israel is not, like Zeus, an adulterer, and why He deplores graven images, or even why He chose a small and humble location (totally expected for a wise God interested in manufacturing good human character in a choice few rather than masses of proud humans) for the people who would bear his Name.

Esau (an Israelite) conquered the Horites at Seir and thereby founded Edom proper, but God HATED Esau. How much more did He hate Horites??? Where do we read that the God of Israel had a special admiration for Horites? What sort of people would link the God of Israel to Horus and Dio-Nuzi? Satanists would jump to that task, of course.


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