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March 14 - 21, 2011

Russia's official position is anti-Gaddafi:

Embattled Libyan leader Col. Gaddafi has been declared persona non grata by the Russian authorities.

The move follows Moscow’s support for international sanctions against Gaddafi and means that as well as a travel ban, Russia’s banks will freeze the movement of his family’s assets, RIA Novosti reported.

But the news may come as a blow to opposition leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky, who had earlier invited Gaddafi to retire to Russia.

Simultaneously, Russian authorities have shown opposition to American military in Libya. My take is that the Russians don't want to feel awkward supporting Gaddafi officially, in light of how the rest of the world feels. Certainly, Russia had to go along with the Security Council resolution against Gaddafi. Medvedev even banned Gaddafi and his family from entering Russian territory, but as Zhirinovsky and some recent Russian media reports show, there has been some Russian admiration for this wily character, Below is some proof:

The no-fly zone idea has already been backed by three of the five permanent Security Council members, the US, the UK and France. Moscow said it wants more details on the proposal. "We want to understand what the Arab states actually want to see," Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov expounded at a media conference on [March 14], following talks with his Dutch counterpart, Uri Rosenthal [a Hebrew surname] in Moscow. Referring to Amr Moussa's comments, Lavrov said that the Arab League’s idea implies that certain restrictions would be imposed but, at the same time, Libya’s sovereignty would be respected and weapons would not be used to suppress means of air defense, reports Interfax.

Doesn't that sound as though Russia is trying to protect Gaddafi's hold on power? It sure sends him that message. And Russia wculd sincerely oppose the entry of Gaddafi into its borders because it spells his surrender and defeat to the rebels. Russia, apparently, wants Gaddafi to fight on and remain in power (the two countries have business deals).

I suppose that Gaddafi is fighting to stay in power for to hand powers to his son. He's claiming what wouldn't be surprising, that al-Qaeda is fighting alongside the rebels. Is it good news or bad for Israel, therefore, that the Libyan demonsta-tots (I think they're as young as in Egypt) have been losing terri-tot-y the past two weeks?

On the other hand, Gaddafi is threatening to join forces with al-Qaeda (in what amounts to a war against Europe) due to what he feels is a betrayal by Berlusconi and other Europeans.

Why is it so important for Obama to stay out of Libya just because Russia wants him out? Multiple reasons, including what we read in this March-10 article:

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has put the finishing touches on a Russian-US agreement that allows the United States to airlift weapons, military equipment and armed forces to and from Afghanistan through Russian air space.

...But many analysts are still asking a very good question: what has Russia received in return for the flyovers? Could it be the case that Russia agreed to them without demanding anything in return [from Obama]?

"We have not been told what concessions America's made in return for those flights to Afghanistan," Stephen Cohen [another Hebrew surname], professor of Russian History at New York University, told RT in an interview. "If it didn't make any concession, then {the Russian leadership} will have to answer to the Russian political class. If the US made a major concession, Obama hasn't told the American people what it is yet."

In order for American Democrats to keep from being guilty of yet more hypocrism (is that an official word?), they don't want to know what Obama gave Russia in return to fight the Afghan war (Democrats are supposed to be opposed to the needless killing of American figh-tots). Democrats are very happy to follow Obama blindly no matter what he gives America's enemy, so long as the O-savior can save the Democrat party from those feisty right-wing Christians.

Bahrain has declared martial law as per it's demonstrations, and one article claimed that Saudi troops moved in to support the Bahrain government. I'm wondering whether the globe trodders like that move. I'm watching to see whether the globe trodders are for or against the Bahrain government. Why is Bahrain's ambassador to the U.S. "Jewish"?

And why was she educated in Britain (are there some Rothschildian political strings dangling in Bahrain's court)? She "was appointed to the [ambassador] position by decree of Foreign Affairs Minister Khaled Ben Ahmad Al-Khalifa." I always suspect that foreign affairs people, regardless of their citizenships, are somehow arranged to be(come) Rothschild tools by standard Rothschild practice. How is it that the foreign affairs minister above was previously Bahrain's ambassador to Britain???

AND, Bahrain's foreign minister previous to him "became an honorary Knight of the British Crown" in 1984. A knight??? Again, Bahrain's flag looks like a version of the Franconian Rake (Bavaria theater), and Bahrain (could be named after the Baia that founded Bavaria) was anciently Dilmun, the place where Ishtar and Enlil (= mythical dragon-cult entities) originated before infesting Babylon.

My theory is that the Bavarian Illuminati goes back to Garibald I of Bavaria, whose line put out a Grimauld>Grimaldi variation, the latter term becoming a clan using red and white diamonds...reflecting the Franconian Rake. We read: "Three early [Bavarian] dukes are named in Frankish sources: Garibald I may have been appointed to the office by the Merovingian kings and married the Lombard princess..." I show that because the English Lombard Coat uses a Grimaldi-style diamond pattern.

The Lombard surname was first found in Renfrewshire, where I see a settlement of some Scots from the Polish-royal bloodline. It was recently shown (first update of March) that "Lombard" and "Lambert" can be identical entities, while the second king Mieszko was also named Lambert. The German Lambert surname was first in Franconia, if that helps to make the link. Bavaria overlaps historical Swabia, and Lombards were Suebians of sorts (the latter also inter-married with early Merovingians), known to be the peoples that named Swabia.

The new point now: if Garibald was a Merovingian merged with Lombards, it supports my recent statement that the most-respected ingredient of Polish royal blood was Merovingian. I suggested in that update that the Moravian element in the Polish line was that Merovingian blood, but failed to mention that the German Mieske surname uses a bull, a symbol also of Merovingian origins (as per the "Quinotaur").

It dawns on me now that "Quinotaur" could be symbol for mythical Cyner, who was also Ector, which was the Ector/Hector surname that should trace to Trojans, as per Franks tracing to the king Hector line that produced mythical Paris.

Years before discovering that Mieszko I was involved with Silesian elements and therefore involved with Sardinians at Sulcis (Mieszko's ancestry was from Sardinia, says at least one website), I had traced the Salian side of Merovingians to "Silesia," and that's the Polish border region...wherein we find the Spree river that I say named the Speers of Renfrewshire and the related Spree surname. I now see that the Sparrow surname (Speer and Spree colors), which was tentatively linked to the Sprees (by me), uses a "salus" motto term (note that the Sparrow-Crest unicorn head is in the Massey Pegasus design...with tongue sticking out even).

That motto term conjures up the Sales of Masci, and I don't think it's coincidental that both the Sal/Sales and Masci (and Massey) Coat use fleur-de-lys. Again, the fleur-de-lys was a symbol of king Clovis/Clode, and online statements can be found tracing the Pollock clan (first found in Renfrewshire) to Clovis himself.

Yes, I do trace the Sales to Salyes Ligurians, but in light of the above, why not also to Sulcis>Silesian elements? As Sulcis was at one time named after Antioch (the Syrian capital of the Seleucids), it seems a no-brainer that Seleucid elements had named Sulcis, and that they went on to become both Salyes and Silesians, wherefore the Salian side of Merovingians is suspect as being part of that anti-Christ entity/bloodline.

It doesn't make me feel cheery that I could be of the anti-Christ bloodline in both of my Masci and Grimaldi grandparents (on my mother's side). But blood doesn't determine the spiritual choices in life. I chose to betray the devil, and there was nothing by blood could do about it.

It's interesting now that the founder (Weishaupt) of the Bavarian Illuminati used "SPARtacus" as his alias. Both the Sparrows and Spars were first in Norfolk and should therefore be related. Possibly, the symbol of the Wisehart/Guiscard Coat (I'm thinking they're related to the Bavarian Weis'/Wises) is a version of the Franconian Rake and/or of the Grimaldi diamonds. After all, Robert Guiscard was of the Rollo line, and some online articles suggest that Rollo's daughter married a Grimaldus of Monaco (in Liguria; Grimaldis are rooted in Liguria).

ZOWIE, after writing that, I checked the Monaco surname to find the Weis/Wise Zionist stars!!! Compare also with the German Tall/Thall Coat, a surname I trace solidly to Talbots (first found in Salop), and Talbots in turn to the Sals/Sales. Also, the Talbot Coat uses a Shield-on-Shield in the design of the Seleucid-like Sellick/Selliock surname.

If, therefore, Ranulf le Meschin was a Seleucid from Mieszko (I think that's solid), it explains why he married a Taillebois=Talbot surname, for that too was a Seleucid bloodline. This must therefore be the "holy" bloodline to which Verses and others hold as per the "holy grail" lore of Merovingians. Again, both the Moray and Massin/Mason Crests use the Melusine mermaid (symbol for Scottish root of the Veres), a symbol found also in the Arms of WARsaw (Poland). Entering "Wars" brings up the Scottish Veres=Weirs...with Moray stars!

There's a good chance that Mers and DeMeres of Cheshire were Merovingian elements, even the "Mary" holy grail of the Merovingians, and I note that Dutch Mers (Salian Franks lived in Holland) use the Massin/Mason lion.

Compare the corner of the Mary/Merey-of-Merit Coat to the Tout Coat, and then see the "Tout" motto term in the Moray motto. Then see the white-on-red Tout crescent in the Tatton (of Masci) Coat (talbot dog in Crest), crescents like the Speer and Spree Coats. Likely, the Tout crescent is sported larger in the German Lambert Coat.

One of globalism's problems is that one nation's disaster becomes the expense of all others. There's everything good with helping one another in bad times, but what if God is bringing the disasters? Do we still give money? How do we know what disasters in particular are from Him?

Christians will be caught between feelings for the people at what is coming down the world pipes, and considerations for God's will to destroy the world's people. Yes, God will not only be demolishing the world, but killing the world's people. When a good God takes such measures, you know the people are worse than merely sick. If they were sick, God could heal them, but if God can't heal them, what words can be used to describe their conditions? If it's better to destroy the peoples than to let them live, are they not "terminally ill" with contagious conditions?

Yes, and that's been the problem from the start, that unGodly people spread their ways to the Godly. It begs the question: will there be any godliness left in the last days, when the spread of ungodliness will be as when Truth is thrown to the ground? Isn't it true that Christians are flirting with liars, money seekers, and adulterers? Didn't Playboy make Christians less than furious against porn? What Christian pastor has not peeked at Internet porn seeking the womanly beauty of his dreams? Don't the ungodly know that Christians are weak and lure-able? Yes, and for that the earthquakes will continue to mount in intensity and in frequency.

The shame will be all the worlds, but for Christians who fight hard to keep their faith alive in the hour of darkness, it will be as though their sins never happened. I'm hoping hard, anyway.

How far have we crossed the line from the godliness we had at first to the ungodliness that we've flirted with in our weakest times? Armageddon can perhaps be defined as the point at which God can no longer tolerate the Church's crossing any deeper into that forbidden territory.

Is it really wise for Christians to support off-shore drilling of oil? Is it really wise to build more nuclear reactors? Is it wise to even continue using the reactors already built? Does the post-tribber build his trib retreat at the top of a cliff face knowing that quakes are Predicted to increase? How many Christians are planning their trib property windward of a nuclear power plant, raise your hands. Not one hand.

But the world will go full-speed ahead denying the Predictions. This is the top story of the times...that no world media is covering.

On March 15, the Israelis caught a ship with weapons destined for the desolation of Israel:

...'We are currently collecting information and the one thing that is certain is that the weapons are from Iran with a relay station in Syria,' Netanyahu said.

...weapons allegedly destined for terror groups in the Gaza Strip.

...The Israel Defense Forces Spokesman Unit said that the ship "Victoria" originated from the Lattakia port in Syria and sailed to Mersin, Turkey. It was seized while on its way from Turkey destined for the El-Arish port in Egypt.

...Liberian officials have also been alerted due to the Liberian flag on the ship. The operating company of the ship was from France, and thus French officials were also made aware of the situation.

Perhaps the barrage of missiles fired into Israel from Gaza on March 19/20 was a swipe acted out in annoyance/disappointement for this seizure...which comes just days after two Iranian ships docked in Syria (and quickly left into the Suez canal from which they came). There's also the March 16 headline: Egypt intercepts weapons from Sudan bound for Gaza. Imagine what the swipes will begin to look like should Egypt's next government go to anti-Israeli forces? Therein is the scarlet color of the battle for Egypt's helm, and once the anti-Christ secures Egypt on behalf of anti-Israeli forces, the countdown to Israel's desolation will be ON. Weapons will pour through the Suez and amass on Hamas' front door.

Hillary visited demonstration ground-zero in Cairo, and was reportedly snubbed by a coalition of youth groups because the United States had supported Mubarak (prior to denouncing him in February). She offered the transitional government American partnership. I'm amazed at how little the J-Post comments on this visit.

For the second time, "US secretary of state says she will not continue in her current role even if Obama re-elected; rules out future run for presidency." Hmm, that's essentially a submission of her resignation, sending the message to her supporters that she's free to run for Office...if they give her the ramp to set flight to that destination. Right now, there could be some Hillary-ites meeting to discuss how best to clip O-duck's wings en route to fulfilling her next itinerary.

Or, she just can't stomach working for Obama anymore. The article below (by Hillary chronicler, Glenn Thrush) mentions a current schism between the two, and even laments that Hillary has consistently been on the outside of the inner O-ring. That statement could be intended to set fire to the whims of Hillary-ites for to start them acting-up once again against Obama. The article's very first sentence gives the impression that Obama is the problem: "Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's revelation that she won't be staying on if there is a second Obama term..."

According to Biden, the reset button was not Hillary's idea: "As soon as we took office, President Obama and I [= Biden] decided we needed to reset our relations with Russia. The President asked me to make the first foreign policy presentation for the administration at the Munich Security Conference. That's when we launched the idea of the'"reset'." That's also when they knew they needed Russia for the O-war in Afghanistan. Hasve you noticed that we no longer hear near-nightly lamenting from Democrats on the deaths and maimings of American soldiers? They no longer matter so long as Obama is in charge of the war.

I heard from a friend that the Japanese prime minister admitted that what came over Japan was judgment from God for the greed of the nation. Admission of guilt causing God, not only to relent, but to help overcome the disaster. The vital questions are, how do the totality of the Japanese people feel about God, and what God do they tend to honor?

No matter that the Russians witness Japan's catastrophe, Medvedev is saying that nuclear power is safe. Turkey is saying that it's going ahead with a Russian power plant. There's a headline today in Pravda: "Russia and Belarus to build nuclear power plant." And of course Russia is in the throes of gearing a plant up in Iran. And "Kazakhstan, the world's largest uranium miner, will press ahead with plans to build its first nuclear power plant..." The world consensus is supposing that, so long as power plants are not built on quake-fault or population zones, everything should be fine. But what happens at the BIG ONE, on Armageddon Day? Will Japan be repeated much worse from nation to nation? Is the Millennium slated to begin with a radiation-tainted planet because the Medvedev's of the world are blind to God's Endtime Story?

The battle for Kazakhstan is on, and Russia doesn't necessarily have it clinched:

The USA intends to contain Russia and Iran in the Caspian area. At the same time, the US is planning to help Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan develop their navies. A report published on EurasiaNet said that the US administration emphasizes the increasing importance of Caspian Sea security and the possibility of the sea's militarization.

...Why do the Americans need to militarize the Caspian Sea? It seems like the US targets oil and gas resources of the region in the first place...It looks like it goes about the Nabucco project...

In another Pravda article, the Russian color comes out red as ever:

Sarkozy and the other hypocritical clowns of the west.

When I hear members of the U.S. administration say that "all options are on the table" I feel highly tempted to tell them exactly what they can do with that table and where they can shove it. The reeking, oozing hypocrisy of U.S. and western officials is enough to make you want to slap them silly. Now Hillary Clinton announces proudly that she is to meet with terrorists operating in Libya this coming week. How quaint.


It doesn't get less scathing further down: "The stench of western lies began the campaign for Libyan oil. The media presented false pictures..." It sounds just like the conspiracy theorists. As it turned out, Russians have more reason to fume because:

The United Nations authorised military action to curb Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi on [March 17]...

...Ten of the Council's 15 member states voted in favour of the resolution, with Russia, China and Germany among the five that abstained. There were no votes against the resolution, which was co-sponsored by France, Britain, Lebanon and the United States.

The next article says that Obama's slowness on Libya is puzzling, even though it points out the reason in Russian and Chinese opposition to Libyan interference. And just in case you thought that the charge of Obama gunning for Libyan oil is a conspiracy story only, "[Hillary] Clinton's former top aide Anne-Marie Slaughter accused the Obama administration of prioritizing oil over the human rights of the people of Libya. 'U.S. is defining "vital strategic interest" in terms of oil and geography, not universal values. Wrong call that will come back to haunt us,' she wrote on Wednesday on her Twitter page."

Does anyone get the impression that Russia and China would like to see the U.S. economy strangled just so Russia and China can surpass the United States as the world's top economy? Yet Obama is constantly flirting with Russians for the sake of some globalistic scheme...that is in effect in the Middle East.

Has Hillary been merely acting as though she and Obama don't see eye to eye in Libya, with the purpose of making the Russians think that Obama has no intention of sending in military equipment. How do we explain that, immediately after the UN authorization, Obama gave the order to fire more than 100 tomahawk missiles into Libya? He can now pin the "blame" on the Hillary-ites who "forced" his hand. The blatant fact is, the O-ntervention comes as soon as the rebels badly flounder.

Hillary, Obama, and the Franks vehemently and incessantly opposed military intervention in Iraq even though Saddam had killed tens of thousands of his own Iraqi citizens. NOW, their ONLY stated justification for the attack on Libya is that Gaddafi killed perhaps hundreds of his own people. How do we say, hypocrites? Is this the model for the world to follow? The only apparent reason that France and American Democrats opposed Bush's Iraq war is that it wasn't them who led it.

Is American "democracy" the world model when even the American people are sickened by the methods of American politicians? How strong is the Western foundation, even apart from intervention by the Big Bursting Rock in the Sky? Do not fear the world's fault line...unless you have built your house upon it. Like carcasses deflected into the pit by the machinery of a new era, so the world will fall into it's own fault zone at the quaking of God's seething blood.

Isn't it true that God will lure the dragon bloodline into the Middle East to give it fatal thrombosis? A blood clot, a stroke, and a heart attack, in an instant, with no opportunity to say goodbye to family. Do the young men really want to "fight for freedom" in the Middle East when the Individual Right of Heaven is violated by those who send fighters to war? Do Western leaders give individual rights to homosexuals and other leftists, but not to the Fundamental Right of Heaven?

When they kill His saints, he has the right to intervene militarily too, and the O's of the world will have nothing to say when His missiles sharp-shoot straight down the throat and into the fattened bottomless belly.

In a March-19 article, Pravda continues to spew conspiratorial charges against those that are now invading Libya. It's a scathing attack on Zionist corporations that act taller in world affairs than politicians. One gets the impression that Pravda is ready to do battle with Washington's Council on Foreign Relations:

...I do not know what will become of Libya in the coming hours. I deeply regret that pusillanimous [= gross timidity] governments sitting on the UN Security Council have given in to pressure from France, England and the United States by adopting a resolution that allows all, including military intervention, to the delight of the Western decadent and shameless "men" of arms.

...The sad truth is that the world is in the hands of mediocre, incompetent, petty agents of economic interests, figures without shame, without commitments to their people, with not the least bit of public spirit or patriotism.

These puppets of the invisible dictatorship of the Zionist matrix are such frivolous things that deal with the world as if it was meant to serve their personal ambitions, representing a rude farce of short-term, that want to leave with a bank account stuffed with gold dust, ensuring an easy life for upcoming generations and a corrupt environment of debauchery, according to the model of the leader [i.e. Berlusconi] of Italy, the maniac pervert premier who does not exempt playing with little girls.

God won't have anything better to use in the form of burning language. But we have yet to see what Western motives in Libya are, though the motives are not likely to be advertised (willingly, anyway) if the plotters are indeed the Illuminatists.

In a late article on the pull-out of American troops in Iraq, where it's lamented that the Iraqi government isn't making things easier for scheduling the exit, we find a Cardon surname that I would tend to trace to Carthaginians: "...'[The Iraqi government's inefficiency is ] a setback,' said Maj. Gen. Edward C. Cardon, who is helping to coordinate the closing of 75 remaining American bases and the drawdown of the last 50,000 troops."

I've noted the Cardon/Carton write-up's trace to "thistle," and that thistles are used by the Spanish Cardon Coat. Not only do two Robin Coats use thistles, but the French Robin Coat uses pheons (in the colors of French Cardons/Chardons), the symbol of the Cardons/Cartons (and the Thistle surname).

The same colors are used by the Carts (palm trees around the Annandale saltire; stag in Crest) that I've traced to the Ananes (Gauls) and Laevi Ligurians (I don't yet know whether Ananes were likewise Ligurians). The palm trees appear to have a double theme: the hand symbol as well as north-African trees. I recall tracing the Sullivan robin to the Robin surname, suggesting Robin and Cardon links to Salyes Ligurians, and yet the Sullivan robin is exactly the Kay bird (said to be a goldfinch), important because Kays were mythically the "son" of the Ectors/Hectors of the Fife theater.

The same colors are used in the Irish Carton Chief (also, a hand symbol that I trace to "Hannibal"), and in that write-up we find derivation in "Art(ain)." I recall linking the Robin surname to the Vivian/Vey clan (use the Fife-surname Shield), the representation of the top witch (i.e. Morgan le Fay) of Avalon. That easily explains why the Morgan Coat and the Irish Carton Coat both use a gold-on-green lion, a new discovery this morning (I've suggested in the remote past that heraldic green, typically used in Ireland, was originally the color of Libya and/or Cyrene)...that traces Avalonian/Arthurian witchcraft to Carthage.

YES, and the Hanna surname (traced here to "Hannibal" too) uses an "Ardua" motto term. YES, and the "Buailim" motto term of the hand-using Cartons suggests Baal, the god known to be underlying in "HanniBAL." YES, and the French Bale/Bail/Beille Coat uses the Irish McArt/McCart lion. Both English and French Bails use red roses, the symbol of the Artons, and, YES, the latter use "A hand holding a rose." Are you getting it? The MelQart/MelKart child-killing cult of Carthage.

English Carters use green too. While the Cart Crest uses a green snake in the mouth of what looks like the Hanna stag, the Irish Cartons use a green snake entwined around a rod. The Viscontis used a green snake originally, with infant in mouth, but now use a blue-on-white snake (Hanna, Bail, and Card colors). We get it: Viscontis (who I link to WisCARDS/GuisCARDS) are also from the Carthage killing machine, as expected.

Note the Vyse variation of the Veys, and then, as per the "Viceconti" variation, ponder the Vice/Vise Coat's write-up, a clan living at Vyse Woods, and ask why the Vice/Vise symbol is a with the Hanna, Ann, Hand, and Annabel/Hannibal surnames. I suspect in this case that "ANTler" is code for the Pelops (= Baal cult of ANATolia) HENETi from which (I think) HANNAbals were derived.

It's made easier to make the Guiscard link to Veys where French Veys (of Languedoc) use cinquefoils, the symbol of Lincolnshire's Tankervilles (in Tancred colors), the latter being the Guiscard bloodline. I expect Rhodians in both Lincolnshire and Redone-infested Languedoc, and did you happen to notice how "Tancred" could be a form of TanCARD?

I say that Baal-blood is in Iraq with U.S. Commander Mattis (I linked the Mattis surname to Massino-Visconti) and this major-general Cardon fellow now seeking some means to remain in Iraq beyond the deadline. He's been in a leadership position in Iraq since 2003, and chances are that Mattis placed him in the position to head the draw-down.

You may have read where I linked the Viscontis to the house of Savoy and the Cottians. This is said because the Thrush (properly "Trussel") surname uses lattice, symbol of the Cott-surname Cottians. I thought to seek evidence for a Trussel trace to "Tros" (= Troy), and found that both Trussels and the Trows/Trews/Trees were first found in Warwickshire. Moreover, the latter use what looks like a version of the Kay Coat, and I do trace his "father," Ector, to Hector, mythical king of Troy. ALSO, the Heneti were depicted by mythical ANTenor, a Trojan leader.

Investigating further for Tros links, the Truss surname could apply; it was first found in Yorkshire, as with the English and Scottish Pagan surname, and to clinch the relationship, both Truss' and Pagans use so-called "label". This link is Templar important because the Truss write-up equates the clan with the Paynes (this was the Pagan bloodline in the veins of Hugh de Payen, first grand master of the Templars).

I have two theories on the origin of the Pagans/Payens. One, the Hyksos king, Khyan, whom I link to the Zionist star (i.e. that French Payens happen to use), was alternatively called, "Apachnas." Secondly, the Paian variation of the French Payens has evoked in me the ancient Paeonians (= the Pannonians of proto-Hungary) whom I've identified as Phoenicians, likely from Panias (near Tyre) of the Pan cult (Panias was at mount Sion, explaining the Zionist stars of the Payens). Not only do I link "Tyre" to "Troy," but it's known that Hector-branch Trojans infested the Paris and Troyes part of France...not far from the Champagne family of Franks to which Hugh de Payen was devoted.

PLUS, Magyar/Hungarian myth traces itself to a stag that depicted some Hun entity, thereby giving reason to link the stag to the HANnibal stag (i.e. Huns appear here as though derived in Hannibal stock). That is, the Pan>Payen bloodline was merged with a Hannibal bloodline in Pannonia, and the two linked up with royal Magyars/Arpads as they formed the Hungarian nation. It makes perfect sense to see a Payen merger with Hannibals because the latter were Carthaginians...i.e. likewise derived from Tyre.

But were the Pan-branch Tyrians really the Trojans? YES. From my chapter, The Goats of Hermes: "Then consider Herodotus' statement that the Paeoni were of the Teucrian (Togarmite?) sect of Trojans..." That strongly links the Truss/Payne clan to "Tros," does it not? AND, I did trace (not many months ago) the Trows/Trews/Trees to Teucer (by way of identifying the Tokers and Traces/Traseys of Devon as such). I suggested that Trows/Trees (greyhounds that I trace to the Libya theater) were of Devon's Treebys, the latter using gold roundels, as with the Thrush/Trussel Coat.

The Thrashes of neighboring Somerset could apply, and as they use green dragons, perhaps they also stem from Libya. Consider also the LaBels of France, using another greyhound, for the "label" symbol of the Pagans and Truss' might just be code for them...and tracing back to the Baal cult of Carthage/Libya/Cyrene. The LaBels are in all four Bellamy colors and likewise use crescents.

It's likely that Phoenicia's Baal was Greece's Abello=Apollo, who not only founded Cyrene (like "green"), but his twin sister was an Amazon out of Trabzon=Thermodon, the latter location being the root (in my opinion) of the Trabys and Treebys. Amazons did infest the Mysia=Troy theater, and I trace the greyhound to the Graeae Amazons of north-Africa. Mythical Cyrene's sister, Themisto, smacks of ArTEMIS and her city of THEMIScyra on the Thermodon. "Others say that [Cyrene] was daughter of the river god Peneus..." (link above), and that jibes with a trace to Panias (at Sion/Hermon). These Amazons/Amazighen, then, became the Zionist Templars.

Note that Cyrene was a Lapith bloodline, the one bringing about mythical Ixion with a Sion-like name (incidentally, I linked "Ixion" to Hyksos pharoah, Khyan, and he to the coining of "cian," a green-blue color). Remember, there was a Cyrene entity in northern Cyprus where the city of Lapithos was/is situated, wherefore can bet a sexually-abused child's carcass that we're tracing putrid Aphrodite and Ares (boy-sex cult) from Cyprus to Cyrene of north Africa (I say "Africa" derives in "Aphrodite"). Independent of these thoughts, I had found Ixion to be the same entity as Ares.

At that Cyrene link above, you'll find myth terms linking subtly to the Ares and Horite proto-Rus, even as Apollo was equated in ancient times with Helios of proto-Rus Rhodes, even as Ixion's wife (Nephele) was introduced anciently as a double for Hera, she being the Horus-cult Horites out of Egypt and into Danaan-infested Argos/Mycenae. A Meshwesh/Mazyes branch of TANIS Amazighen (I say they became the Bellamy>Massey clans) has something to do with naming TUNISians (says me), and that too has got to be central to the Templar roots in north-Africa. It seems that Tyrian elements (i.e. mythical Dido) ended up in Carthage (Tunisia) in the first place because they set up a merger with their relatives, the Meshwesh (= DarDANUS Mysians depicted by Aeneas, a mythical king of Troy whose ancestry was in Tros, the mythical man). Everything written above this paragraph on Tyre>Trojan>Truss/Trussel elements in Hannibal stock should be based on the Dido-Aeneas entity, therefore.

Long before I discovered an online article telling of Khyan's alternative name, Apachnas, I had traced Ares' dragon to Arphaxadites of Arrapha, a city (now Kirkuk) that was also "ArraPACHitis." Very interesting indeed. The city was an Assyrian capital early enough to be linked to Biblical Nimrod, king/founder of Assyria. It just so happens that the Hungarian stag is traced (by Hungarians) to Nimrod!

PLUS, I traced Ares' dragon to Arados/Arpad (i.e. I view "Arpad" as an Arphaxadite entity) before realizing that Hungarian Arpads traced to the same Syrian location. The people of Arados/Arpad founded Tartus on the Arpad shore, and I'd thought that "DARDanus" could be double-code for Danaans in "TARTus." I realized that the Ugrian ancestry of Hungarian Arpads was from Ugarit, in Syria near Arados/Arpad, and ended up tracing "Lapith" to Halybes of Aleppo/Halab, another Syrian city (I say White Syria was named after Halybes of Halab because I see "alba" (= "white") derived in "Halybe"). Therefore, the On-Ogur root of "Hungary" likely traces to Ugarit.

The Rus are still in Tartus as what I see as their prophetic mission:

...According to intelligence received several days earlier by the [Israeli] defense establishment, the [Victoria] ship was carrying [weapons in] 39 containers among the 100 on its deck that had been loaded onto it at Latakia in western Syria the week before.

Latakia is one of Syria's primary ports and is also home to a newly-built Russian navy base. It is there that the Russian supersonic P-800 Yakount cruise missiles will be brought later this year as part of a deal Israel tried to torpedo.

It was also the port where two Iranian warships...docked in late February.

Israel is not saying whether this is a mere coincidence or that the Iranian ships brought the weaponry that was captured aboard the Victoria early Tuesday morning. "It is a good question," was all a senior navy source agreed to say.

..."Open the container's back door!" he ordered his men. It was then that the commandos saw two large metallic looking tubes, each containing a four-meter long missile known in Iran as the Nasr-1 and in China as the C-704, an extremely sophisticated antiship missile.

...With a range of 35 km. and a 130 kg. explosive warhead capable of sinking 1,000-ton vessels, the missiles – had they arrived in the Gaza Strip – would have forced the navy to change the way it operates. It now operates just a few kilometers from shore; this would no longer be possible.

The Revelation dragon comes out of the sea (says Revelation). It's old Lotan, the seven-headed dragon off the Syrian coast. It was the proto-Latins of Aeneas affiliations (Aeneas was made founder of Rome, though historians credit Rome's founding to E-TRUScans), but surely the Latins trace back somehow to Ares' Arphaxadites (= Semites, proto-Hebrews). This is the end-time battle, between the world-class (i.e. ruthless) Semites out of which God called Israel, and shameful Israelites of the last days.

Arphaxadites had merged with Ares as per the Harpasus tributary of the Aras river, and not surprisingly, there was another Harpasus river in LYDIA, the home of proto-Latins. The second lamb-like beast of Revelation 13, said to come from the land rather than from the sea, was (I've maintained) the Pelops>Atreus lamb line (Atreus and his son, Menelaus, were depicted in myth with two golden lambs). I originally made that False-Prophet link to Pelops with no intent on linking to the Lotan>Ladon dragon, but it just so happens that Pelops was king of Lydia and ruling from Eneti, the Heneti capital. Now you know the Revelation dragon in it's historical setting.

The Revelation harlot with gold grail is similar: the Europa (Evropa=EBRopa?) Tyrians and her "brother," holy-grailer Cilix, both the children of Phoenix=Panias at mount Sion, even the Pan>Hermes cult that settled the Hermus river in downtown Lydia. Lydians evolved from both Maeonians and Mysians (say historians), and were ultimately ruled by Gyges/Gugu, a son of mythical Dascylus (= Mysian location) that I trace to "Tusculus" (and Tuscany?) of the Latin-Etruscan border. I trace Maeonians to the Maeander river, where a tributary was the Harpasus.

LOSERS! The head of a snake is about the size and shape of the sole on the war boot of Jesus Christ. And the sound thereof is a squishy noise. Watch for the snake to slither out of the Leviathan sea, to grow legs, and to plant them firmly on the Levant's soil. And because I think it'll stem first from Mosul/Nineveh, I suspect to find it in a den of Iraq's Sunni Baathists, and conducting slick blood-brother pacts with Baathist-ruled Syrians. I'll bet it's favorite Syrian city is ANTioch.

The Russians are very happy (not really) with the outcome in the land of Put, according to Pravda:

...The decision [by Russia] not to veto the UN resolution 1973 to enforce a no-fly zone is a victory for the diplomacy of the Russian Federation, which has averted a military invasion with ground forces - the original intention of the countries which proposed the measure. The result was that Libya has offered a ceasefire - which was that Russia had proposed a few days ago, a proposal that did not arrive at a resolution because of the willingness of international partners to intervene... militarily.

Thus, Russia avoids the military intervention of her more zealous partners...and the declaration by the Libyan authorities of an immediate ceasefire means there can be no intervention by air.

Wikipedia's Put article (above link) may show signs of links to the very Tyrian>Trojan elements I've just discussed:

The Persian historian Muhammad ibn Jarir al-Tabari (c. 915) recounts a tradition that the wife of Put was named Bakht [Teucer's daughter, Batia?], a daughter of Batawil son of Tiras...[evokes mythical Tiresias (a carrier of Hermes' caduceus), corresponding with, according to myth writers, Peneus and Ladon]...

The Libyan tribe of pidw shows up in Egyptian records by the 22nd dynasty [that's the second Meshwesh dynasty, at Tanis!]...The word was later written in Demotic as Pit and as Phaiat [smacks of mythical Phaethon] in Coptic, a name for Libya Aegypti, northwestern Egypt.

A fragment of Nebuchadnezzar II's annals mentions his campaign in 567 in Egypt, and defeating the soldiers of Putu Yavan, ie. Greek Libya (Cyrene)...

I did trace president Putin to Georgian Bats (lived beside the Laz of Lazona that I trace to "Ladon"), but thought that Bats were depicted by mythical Batia (I identify her properly as the Abydos location in Dardania/Mysia). Suddenly that gives rise to a Putin link to Put-Batawil stock that evolved into Teucer>Batia Trojans. That could explain why Russia today will defend Qaddafi (from CADuceus stock?) vigorously even in the face of Biden's reset button.

The Biden surname is also "Button" and "Buttin," very Putin like indeed, which now seems to explain why a reset button was chosen as the codeword for US-Russia relations. It was code for both Bidens and Putins i.e. the two men both derive from the same Templar/Sionist stock.

I predicted (before Obama chose him) that Biden would become the vice-president partly because he (a Catholic) was a likely lamb-like figure to act as one of Revelation's two lamb horns, complimenting Obama the other lamb horn, and partly because Biden was into European/Atlantean globalism. Biden has been set up by Obama to lead Iraqi affairs.

I traced the holy-grail cult of Merovingian Franks to Merowe of ancient Ethiopia (that's where Phaethon originates too!), and Wikipedia claims that this location was also called, Bedewe, a term smacking of mythical Put's father-in-law, Batawil. Could, therefore, the Merovingians, who (as Salians) were early on the Rhine river where Batavi(ans) lived, be from a merger with mythical Put? Yes, I think the Ham is clearly in the pudding.

But as Batawil was made a son of Tiras, I would guess-timate that Bedewe/Merowe was founded by Tiresias-stock Hyksos (Tiresias' father, the shepherd, Everes, was clearly code for the Shepherd Kings = Hyksos at Avaris, near Tanis and about the PELUSiac river that named mythical Belus, father of Danaus). The Hyksos used the Baal bull for a symbol, and not only Merovingians, but the Biden Crest, used the bull symbol. Bidens were first in Hampshire, where ATREbates lived that I trace to the PELops>ATREus line, and indeed I did trace "Pelops" to "Belus." "Atreus" smacks of "Tros/Trus," even the which I traced the Hyksos bull symbol. Tiresias' daughter, Manto, likely came from Mendes on the Nile Delta.

With the CNN headline, [Donald] Trump says he has doubts about Obama's birth place, I can't help recalling that CNN fired Lou Dobbs after he insisted on covering Obama's birth-record controversy. Lou now works for Fox news, and as such we might expect him to cover that issue soon enough with complete liberality. That would be fun, like watching a worm squirm when poking it with a stickler. Not only Trump (surname uses a stag), but other Republican runners, might make the birth issue an election issue.

At the headline, US Cost of Living Hits Record, Passing Pre-Crisis High, the comment is made that prices should be going down in a recession. We're all told that prices go higher during high demand (there's no Godliness in that attitude), but now we're seeing business people keeping prices high to make up for too-low sales volumes (that doesn't meet God's directives either). Apparently, they have excuses to keep prices high no matter what the sales volumes, but the moral pressure is on the business community to lower prices...and who knows but that a dam will burst to form an unexpected flood just when post-tribbers need it for storing supplies. Who knows but that God is urging us, by the high prices, not to purchase foods at this time (storing foods at the right time is critical).

It's an evil to tax the people based on a percentage of things purchased if governments then wish for higher prices. It's better to tax based on income, for then the government will wish higher incomes for the people. There really should be just one tax, an income tax, and no more. Hiding taxes in products only reduces sales and destroys businesses...unless the products are essential, such as gasoline. When the government taxes essentials, you know fascism is the true color of the regime. In Canada, multiple taxes on gasoline are now above 40 percent of the purchase price, and one can assume that the Canadian government wishes gasoline prices to go higher for that reason.

The Libyan province of Putiya/Puta evokes mythical Ptah of Egypt. "It was also considered that Ptah manifested himself in the Apis bull." Ptah (a craftsman from Memphis) seems clearly to be Hephaestus of Memphis, and as such he led to Hephaestus proper in Samothrace and Lemnos. The "Seker [who] was later assimilated with Ptah" smacks a little of "Teucer/Toger(mah)," and it just so happends that the brother of Dardanus (both were out of Samothrace) founded Hephaestus' Kabeiri cult.

Also, the Djekel/Djeker/Tjekker sea peoples, thought by many to have been Teucrian Trojans, were allied to a Denyen and Peleshet sea peoples (along with the Meshwesh). The Peleshet are thought to have been Philistines, but the point is that the Septuagint's "Put"of Isaiah 66:19 is "Pul" in the Hebrew text, possibly suggesting a Philistine identity for Put-ites. That point leads to the possibility that the Piast-Polish royals (Mieszko was also Dagom) were, as stated elsewhere in my findings, Philistines. And I did trace Philistines to the fundamental founding of Romans.

The webpage below names the Teresh/Tyrsenians (= Etruscans, but doesn't it smack of "Tiras"?) and the Weshesh sea peoples: "...and the Weshesh with the Carian place name Wassos." It smacks of the Wassa>Washington bloodline...that I trace from Gascony back to Gaza and/or Ascalon/Ashkelon, two locations in Philistine territory. Carians were/are linked to Philistines by other writers. I trace the Shekelesh sea peoples (thought to be Sicels) to "Ascalon/Ashkelon."

This truly puts the end-time battle between Israelites and Palestinians into perspective, especially as the Palestinians who hate Israel the most are from the Gaza Strip. I expect the Revelation sea dragon to step foot on the land at per the anti-Christ's victory over the Egypt (Daniel 11:25-28).

Near the end of the last update, I shared an email to Julie on potential Jews of the dragonline, and it just so happens that I emailed her again late in this update on the same topic. I'll share the email for anyone interested in that discussion:

...I did not ever think, years ago, that your findings would be so helpful, and dove-tailing with my direction. I didn't consider Edomites to be as important as I see them now. I really didn't want to go to Esau-ites, nor thought that his peoples could be tracked reliably. Tim and CC changed that in the past year.

I now find myself on a new threshold: trying to understand the role of ancient Jews in the pagan cults. It seems likely that they merged with dragonline Edomites, of Seir. I think they led to so-called White Syrians (north side of Syria), who I think were named after Halybes (as per the term, alba=white)...who I am tentatively tracing back to Biblical Caleb, the Jew. I'm referring to Aleppo-Halab in northern Syria, and it just so happens that I linked "Lapith" to "Aleppo." That means that Caleb-ites were joined to what I consider Ixion's Hyksos, kings of the Lapiths...

This gets dangerously close to identifying Israelites with Hyksos, which some do far too hastily. Note the mythical Lapith named Phlegyas, just like Peleg, son of Eber...

Is it Caleb-coincidental that the CLAPton Crest uses a wolf while "Caleb" means "dog" in Hebrew? Or, is it another coincidence that Claptons were first in Cheshire, a region that I trace to Esau-like Hesse? Then, note that Clappers use the Hesse sun!

If correct to trace "Clap(ton)" to "Salop," does this reveal that Halybe quasi-Jews were in Salop=Shropshire? Is it also correct to trace the same Jews to the Salyes Ligurians (may have been named after lycos=wolf), Sullivans, and/or Sales-of-Mascy? There can be some fascination, on a potential Caleb-ite link to Seleucids, by some (not including me) who expect that the anti-Christ is going to be Jewish.

An obvious conclusion in my mind is that the Jewish-proper element in wayward, pagan Caleb-ites was gone forever long before they reached Liguria, let alone Salop. One could hardly contend that their blood remained Jewish. Still, in a pago-Christianized Roman empire, any European tracks to ancient Jews would have been treated as a special thing, and amplified somewhat twistfully in the writings and legends of pagan cults.

The Pendragon cult was, in my findings, heavily invested in Salop and Cheshire (due to linkage with Mascys/Masseys), and that cult's writers did claim some links to Israelite entities. If you don't know, I've traced "Chalybe" to Arthur's ExCALIBUR sword...

After including the points in the email, I started pondering the online article shared here months ago telling that the royal Seleucids had ancestry in THESSprotians of the Epirus theater, jibing potentially with the Seleucid link made above to Lapiths because the latter were from Muse-infested THESSaly, not far from Epirus. It then occurred to me that "protian" smacks of Aprutium, a term in Italy that I trace to "Epirus" but also to the Bruttii of Calabria, the very place where I think the ExCalibur cult originated before entering England as mythical Brutus.

The Ixion-branch Lapiths were the Kikons on the Hebros river, and that's where Odrysians (of Arda) were represented by mythical Dryas, the son or father of Liguria-like Lycurgus. That too jibes with the email to Julie.

It had been established in my mind that the heraldic salamander symbol was that of a Teucrian bloodline out of Salamis (Cyprus), and that the SLABoda surname of SLEPwron (in Polesie, Poland) should link to Salop entities. Is it another coincidence that the Slabodas use the salamander? It's a salamander in flames, to be exact, and as Caleb elements should show signs of dogs, I see that the salamander in flames is used also by the dog-like Douglas surname. Were you reading recently when white-on-blue stars of Moray were traced to the Polish royals? The Douglas Chief uses the Moray stars.

The Slaboda page shows Slob and Slov variations, and so see the "Solv" in the Douglas write-up: "Some claim the [Douglas] name is derived from a knight of 770 who after aiding King Solvathius of Scotland..." See here for Solvathius>Douglas affections for royal Bruces.

As I trace Moray elements back to Moravian blood (i.e. of king Svatopluk) that had merged with the Polish royals, and as I identify Moravians (founded about 800 AD) as Merovingians gone underground (due to the onslaught of Carolingian's about 800 AD), note the resemblance of "Solv" to "CLOVis." If that then traces Clovis to "Caleb," it could certainly explain the twisted Merovingian notion that they trace back to the Messianic bloodline...which of course was the bloodline of Judah. I'm willing to entertain a Merovingian trace to Judah (founder of Jews proper), but, please, not to the David>Mary>Jesus bloodline. That's got to be a Masonic fantasy at best.

More dogs. I had surmised that "Clovis" was symbolized by clovers, and represented by the Clover/Claver/Cleaver surname, and from that one can entertain the Cliff/Clive/Cleave surname...using wolves. The wolves are in Clover (and Glover) colors, while Clifftons use colors reversed. These are also Pendragon colors (use Clovis' fleur-de-lys), important because I found the Pendragon cult in a Pennine valley leading to Carlisle, where the Clifftons were found.

CC had found an Avalon-like location near Carlisle, and this city smacks of Carolingians as well as mythical Gorlois (of Cornwall), the twin, essentially, of mythical Pendragon (the latter, as a surname, was first found in Cornwall). CC tells me that she's still reading, and Tim, by the way, who had fallen behind, still keeps in touch. It may not have been coincidental that Tim's steady input stopped suddenly just as Julie's input started becoming key. Julie is very interested in finding the cultic roots of Merovingians, even of the Magdalene cult.

The Clifftons use a peacock in Crest, which is conspicuous due to the fact that the Peacock clan is a sept of Pollocks (note "SvatoPLUK") while the latter trace themselves in some cases to Clovis himself. Clifftons had a location by that name in Ely, and when entering the Ely surname, fleur-de-lys come up in colors reversed to the fleur in the Lys/Lisse Coat (also greyhounds). AND, the German Ley surname is also "Eley." "Clovis" was also "Loius," while the Lowes surname uses wolves of the Cliff-wolf design.

Some say that the bee symbol of Merovingians goes back to Clovis, and so note the bees on the Leve/Liff/Lief Coat. I traced this surname to the Laevi Gauls/Ligurians, but had earlier traced Gauls to the Galli transvestites on the Halys river, where Halybes lived. NOW LOOK> The Bruces (of Annandale) to which the Douglas clan were attached closely were traced to the Laevi theater's Ananes Gauls, and as I identified the Laevi with the Oliver surname, see the Douglas heart, crown and all, in the Scottish Oliver Coat!!

I'm ready to identify king Clovis as a Laevi Gaul. Long before I came to this idea that Clovis was of the Halybe>Laevi bloodline, I had traced Halybes to the Pendragon>Arthur bloodline, at which time I gleaned that Merovingians Franks (in Britain) were routinely encoded as partners of king Arthur. I now see why. They were both Halybes!

I didn't realize the greater importance when I traced the Lipton/Lupton Coat (uses lilies, the fleur-de-lys species) to the Pendragon Coat. BUT NOW that I'm thinking about Liptons while linking Pendragons et-al to the Caleb>Halybe bloodline, I can see how "Lip/Lup" could derive from "Caleb/Halybe." AND THEN SEE the same black wolf used by the Cliffs in the Lipton Coat and Crest!!

The Scottish Olives/Oliffs? More dogs, this time more greyhounds, as with the Lys'. Italian Olivers? A big fleur-de-lys in Masci fleur colors, and a "label" in LaBel/Bellamy colors. That makes sense where I trace Bellamys back to Bellovesus Gauls that were responsible for the settling of Laevi Gauls in Italy.

There is a good chance that the Ley/Legh surname (= Cheshire's Meschin family) was a term derived from "Ligur(ian)s," but very conducive to my trace of Meschins to the Polish Mieszko line, we find that pelicans (a Polack symbol, I've claimed, as per Cheshire's Pulcipher and Pull/Pole clans) are used by the Lech surname. Poles were also Lechs, you see. At Wikipedia's Lech article: "When Mieszko I (also Dagome) inherited the ducal throne from his father he probably ruled over two-thirds of the territory inhabited by eastern Lechite tribes. He united the Lechites east of the Oder (Polans, Masovians, Vistulans, Silesians) united into a single country."

The article says that Lechs were in the lands of Polabians, and then: "Polabian a collective term applied to a number of Lechites tribes who lived along the Elbe, between the Baltic Sea to the north, the Saale." There you see an Halybe-like Elbe river and a Salian/Salyes-like Saale river.
The term "Slav" could itself have been a soft-c version of "Chalybe."

Putin speaks, and I think this is big because he really didn't want to: "Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin Monday likened the U.N. Security Council resolution supporting military action in Libya to medieval calls for crusades." I'm wondering whether the Libya situation will get Russia started up in ways that I expect necessary for end-time fulfillments.


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