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March 22 - 28, 2011

Waiting for the United Goons to Strike Us

How fast Obama forgets his own words:

As a presidential candidate, Sen. Barack Obama (D.-Ill.) emphatically stated that the Constitution does not give the president the authority to unilaterally authorize a military attack unless it is needed to stop an actual or imminent attack on the United States.

Obama made that statement to condemn Bush's war. But Obama has invaded a nation unilaterally i.e. without the consent of Congress. And he attacked Libya based only on the UN mandate. If this method of governing continues, the Uninvited Nations can become supreme ruler of the American military just because American presidents are urged by globalists to make it so. What happens when the UN takes on the Christian enemy worldwide? Will American Christians be without congressional support and subject to the will of some nasty compounds in charge of UN programs?

The UN may argue that things in the world have become so delicate that drastic measures are needed, and that reluctant Christians will therefore need to get in line with UN programs. But the reality is, things are getting bad worldwide because of obstinate things...just like the United Nations. Christians have been saying for decades that a global government without God is the ruin of the world. Are Christians now supposed to act as UN brokers, to get happily on to the UN wagon, at critical-point failure, to help the UN break the world even more?

Just as a democracy gives satan more than a voice (it essentially gives him a handle on supreme power wherever non-Christians are the majority), so the United Nations gives Arab nations a voice and a fist: "Nonetheless, this week will see the [UN Human Rights Council] vote on the largest number of resolutions "dedicated to the demonization of Israel" in one session in its five-year history...Given the dominance of the Islamic bloc and its allies, all [resolutions] will likely pass."

You may have read my charge that the BBC is an arm of the British Illuminati that invaded Iraq with Bush. Earlier, I (and others) charged that Obama was an agent of a British/Rhodes Illuminati...which could explain this: "The BBC World Service is to receive a 'significant' sum of money from the US government to help combat the blocking of TV and internet services in countries including Iran and China. In what the BBC said is the first deal of its kind..." Leave it to Obama to do the first of a kind, because others were not so shameful, or anti-American.

The BBC Coat of Arms uses a Biblical quote to advance, apparently, a global government: "Nation Shall Speak Peace Unto Nation". The BBC article (at link above) tells that a Reith surname (uses Rhodes lion and colors) came to manage the early company, but neither it nor the Wikipedia article on Reith tells who held the BBC ropes prior to him, or who made him the manager/founder.

The BBC Arms uses six-pointed stars (not exactly like Zionist stars) of the kind used in the Kissinger Coat. The sleeping Kissinger moon was treated in the second update of February, at a time when the sleeping moon of the Caria-like Karen/Kern surname had been traced to ever-sleeping Endymion and his mate, Selene (moon goddess), in Miletus of the Caria theater. Caria was continental Rhodes, you see, wherefore one can fathom a Kissinger link to the Rhodes family.

The Kissinger stars are officially "mullets," and then we see six-pointed Zionists stars, in Kissinger-star colors, in the French Mullet Coat. The latter Coat also shows a bugle horn, the symbol dangling from the eagles in the BBC Arms. The Miltons use an eagle in Mullet colors, and an eight-pointed star is used in Mullet-star colors by the French Millets...that were first found in the upper RHODanus theater.

What do you see? I see MILETus of Caria all over the Millets and Mullets? And it's evidence that Kissingers were indeed tied to Miletus elements. In fact, this little exercise serves to reveal that heraldic mullets (not all are six-pointed) represent Miletus elements.

I recall seeing the Kissinger star design in central-east Poland, and that got me to wondering just now whether the BBC bugle is the 666-like Traby bugle. I wasn't going to mention it...until I saw the Milt/Miltz Coat. It's the same as the Arms of TREBIzond Empire!

The Milts were first in Mechlenburg i.e. the Polabie theater where I had emphasized a Traby alliance with proto-Drummonds (also use three bars, though wavy). I trace "Drummond" to "Thermodon" elements (and suppose that the latter term was a b-to-m switch from "Trabzon"). It is said by many globe watchers that Obama's chief "advisor" is Zbigniew Brzezinski, who is found listed on the Traby-Arms page above...because the Arms is also called, Brzezina.

Hmm, entering "Brez" brings up yet another lunar Kissinger-et-al colors (proto-Rothschilds=Bauers use stars in the same colors, the colors of the Bavarian Weis/Wise stars). The Brez bow has been shown before because it appears to be exactly the bow of the Bavarian Bogen Coat (I see Bogens as Bowers/Bauers).

Note the Tokara surname in the list of clans using the Traby Arms. I have previously stressed the Tokers/Toggers of Devon as they should link to the Trebys of Devon, but today I find that "Tokar" (owls) brings up a Scottish Taggart clan first found in Ross-shire. It just so happens that I traced proto-Drummonds to the founding of Ross-shire. AND blue-and-white waves (i.e. Drummond symbol) are used by Devon Tokers, suggesting to me that Drummonds linked up with peoples from Teucer-Trojans (see previous update for more Teucer discussion).

ZOWIE! The Tokar owl design is exactly the one in the Gaston Crest! The Gastons were introduced (3rd update last June) when it was discovered, in an historical Sadowski article, that Sadowskis had linked up with elements of Gostyn, Poland. There was more reason than similarity of terms for linking Gastons to Gostyn, and the point now is that entering "Traby" brings up the Sadowski Coat! Therefore, Tokars/Taggerts are indeed from the Traby-clan Tokaras.

It had been found (by Tim) that Sadowskis use the same "Q' as the Zarcyzinski surname (see 3rd update of June), and that the Sark/Surrey Coat uses the same-colored checks as the Gastons of Surrey. I repeat this because Tim emailed days ago on the Zarcyzinski surname, after reading the 2nd update in February wherein I suggested a mythical Cyzicus link to "ZarCYZINski" (I was tracing the Cozen/Cousin surname to Cyzicus elements on the southern shores of the Black sea, and showed how the Cozen/Cousin Coat reminded me of the Sark/Surrey Coat). COMPARE "Cousin" to "KISSINger."

The points now are that the Traby list of clans includes a "Kowzan," and that Trabys were from the southern shores of the Black sea too. The Traby list also shows Czaszynski and Czasnicki that could apply to Cozens. I am now reminded that I traced Pattersons, first found in Ross-shire, to the Drummond clans there. I'm reminded because the Irish Pattersons are also "CASSane, smacking of the Czas terms above. Remember, I trace the Patterson pelicans to Poland.

A thought just entered my mind, to check for Traby links to the Universal Product Code that was designed with a 666 built-in. In Wikipedia's bit on the history of this code: "The first UPC marked item ever scanned at a retail checkout (Marsh's supermarket in Troy, Ohio)....was a 10-pack (50 Sticks) of Wrigley's Juicy Fruit chewing gum." Why was Ohio chosen as the test/launch location, and why does the Wrigley Coat use a sea lion like the sea horses (that I traced to Troy's horse symbol) in the Toker Coat???

Earlier, we read: "...Troy, Ohio, was selected because it was near Dayton, home of NCR, which designed the [UPC] checkout counter." At the NCR article, the NCR logo looks like two Qs (i.e. the Traby-Sadowski symbol] merged together. I'm open to coincidence.

The NCR article goes on to say: "The NCR 5xxx-series is the range of (ATM's) produced by NCR from the early 1980s. Most models were designed and initially manufactured at its Dundee factory in Scotland... " The Dayton location can be traced to the Dayton surname, but that suggests the Days/Deies too...who not only use mullets in Kissinger-mullet colors, but reflect "DunDEE."

Hmm, as per the previous update's Caleb-dog symbol, and a trace of it to greyhound elements in the Carthage theater, I should add that, in seeking Togger and TagGART relations just now, "Dogger" was entered to find greyhounds. Touching on the discussion now at hand, I suggested that Trows/Trees (who use greyhounds) were of Devon's Treebys.

The other greyhound mentioned in that discussion was a red one (i.e. as with the Dogger greyhound) belonging to the LaBels. The latter clan was mentioned only as per the "label" symbol of the Truss clan (traced to Tros=Troy), and I note that the Traby list of clans includes, Truszowski.

The Caleb topic of the last update was linked solidly to the Arthurian cult...which I had traced to south-western Poland (where the Traby-Sadowski clan was first found), namely to Lusatia, before knowing of the Trabys, and before discovering that the Arthurian cult was based on the Arthur surname...with pelican in Crest. I guessed that the "obSTANTia motto term of the Arthurs could be for the Standish clan (Sadowski colors), which is exactly what comes up when entering "Stanis." I say this because the Traby/Sadowski write-up has them first found beside Stanislawow.

As you can see that the Standish Coat is the Annandale saltire, by what coincidence could it be that the Annandale motto is simply, "Sperabo," evoking the same-colored Speer and Spree surnames that I trace to the Spree river, Lusatia? PLUS, I identified "Uther Pendragon" (Arthur's father) as the Other clan (Arthur colors) that was root to the Windsors, and identified the latter with the Wends (a Slavic tribe of Veneti)...who lived in Prussia about Lusatia. I see that the Others had a branch in Traby-like Derby. It's likely coincidental that "Other" and "Arthur" are similar if true that Others were from Odo-like terms.

The other clan to which I traced the Arthur motto term was the Stan(d)/Stain clan, the write-up of which has one of their branches in Surrey. Another coincidence? There is disagreement in historian circles over whether Slavs and Wends were identical, but a trace of the two to (C)Halybes and Heneti respectively helps to explain their closeness. I traced the Polish Slavs to Arthur-related Claptons, but then Clappers were first found in Surrey too.

Likely, Wend/Vandal-like clans such as Vains and Waynes (same pelican as Arthur Crest) who appear very related to the Arthurs are from the Veneti>Wend family of peoples, and GUINEvere herself (who I trace to Brittany's Vannes/GWENEA) was likely code for the Arthur merger with Polish Wends/Vandals...who were likely from the Venethi of Poland. Thus, a Venethi merger with the Veneti Celts at Vannes makes perfect sense when encapsulating the Halybe-rooted Arthurian cult.

The Venethi are linked by historians to Sarmations, and this strikes to Tim's recent point, that the Zarcyzinski surname looks like "Saracen" (I had traced "Saracen" to the non-Mede/Maat side of "Sauromatia"). The trouble is, the Russian Cossacks/Qazaqlar lived on the Don/Tanais river -- where Sarmations were from -- and that could suggest a Cossack identity for "ZarCYZINski." The idea is that mythical CYZICus represented the ancient Kaska peoples (allied to Hayasa-Azzi), in/beside the Thermodon theater, who became the Cossacks on the Don as per Herodotus, who claimed that Amazons of the Thermodon migrated north through Azov (the Azzi may have named Azov) to form the Sauromatians (likely named in-part after the Maeotis sea, the same as the Azov sea).

There's more that can be repeated on this topic as per Arthurian roots in "Arzawa" (= Colchian Laz>Lydia line), "Ardahan" (Hayasa-Azzi and Ixion theater), and in Alan-branch Sarmatians, but I haven't the stomach to confuse readers further (they tell me this is all too hard to follow). I am reminded that I linked Mr. Brzezinski to Kazakhs of Kazakhstan, and that the sun-on-blue in the Arms of Kazakhstan was linked to the sun-on-blue in the "Jewish" Cohen/Kagan Coat (implying that Kazakhs and Khazars were one), but a sun-on-blue is in the Arms of Latvia too, and though the blue background is expected, it's conspicuous that Livonia/Latvia was home to the Vindi/Wends that were part of the Venethi line to the Arthurian cult.

A relaxant point is, I trace mythical Helios (i.e. the sun symbol) to "Halyes," the river upon which Heneti (and Halybes) lived, meaning that we can expect Heneti>Wends to carry the sun symbol on behalf of their Helios ancestry. PLUS, I've made a good case in tracing Helios to Lazi Gorgons/Georgians...who I've thought named both Latvians and neighboring Lada-based Lithuanians.

In the Venethi article: "In 551 AD Gothic author Jordanes claimed that the Antes and Sclaveni {Slavs} stemmed from the Venethi." Then, in the Vannes article: "[Vannes] is around 100 km northwest of Nantes." Antes > Nantes?

At what point can anyone ever believe Obama: "The White House suggested [March 22] the mission in Libya is one of regime change, despite emphatic statements from President Obama and military brass that the goal is not to remove Moammar Gadhafi from power." Obama made this latest contradiction trying to justify the tomahawk-missile assault that much of the world, including much of his political left, shouted down. Even Zhirinovsky speaks out:

"The situation in Libya is yet another shocking act of aggression by NATO forces and in particular by the United States. This is a clear reflection of colonial policy. This is another crude invasion into the domestic affairs of an independent state. There is only one goal: to take control of Libyan oil and the Libyan regime and not saving the Libyan people," the press service quoted Zhirinovsky as saying.

...Earlier Zhirinovsky called on the Muslim world to support Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi and sent an official letter to NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen demanding the immediate stop to the military operation in Libya.

In another article, Zhirinovsky is quoted as saying that the North-African uprisings (before the Libyan demonstrations) were "a scenario from outside." He charged that everything was going along peacefully until the sweeps started, and that he suspects Western, not internal, forces, for the sudden/unexpected change in Arab-world atmosphere.

Medvedev braves an attack on Mr. Russia (the latter said that Obama's tomahawk fever represents a "crusade") :

At the end of his speech, Medvedev issued his criticism of Putin, saying the current military bombing [of Libya] was provoked by Gaddafi's regime.

"This must be remembered by everyone — both inside and outside the country,” Medvedev said. “ Everyone has to be as careful as they can {in making} assessments. In no case should words be used that can [be] taken as a conflict of civilizations, like Crusades — this is unacceptable,” he said. “This can make things worse than they already are. This must be remembered by all.” The three main television channels, all state-run, did not show Putin’s comments Monday night, going only with Medvedev’s instead.

Medvedev had said that the tomahawks were Gaddafi's fault, a clear sign that the official Russian leader is willing to show public opposition to Putin, and even show some flirtation with Obama's air force. Following in Biden's footsteps, Robert Gates visited Russia on March 22 seeking to re-assure jitters in the Putin circle, but was frowned upon by the Russian defence minister, who takes the side of Putin and yet must conform to Medvedev's. The Russian direction at this time is toward a Libyan ceasefire, but that has Putin's aims in mind: to save Gaddafi's hold on power in order to keep the West out of Libyan oil fields via a new Libyan "democracy." I think Medvedev's aims must be identical.

Russia is worried also that its arms deals with Gaddafi will be sidelined and replaced with Western deals with Gaddafi's pro-West replacement.

What is a modern weapon? Why does the world speak on weapons sales as though a natural part of the economy? Weapons that explode sharp metal parts intended for human bodies indiscriminately are diabolical creations produced by humans no better than demons. The West and Russia both are guilty of great sin in this regard alone. The two nations do not seek to decrease their nuclear missiles because they are nice guys, but because they think the other guy is demonic enough to use them. Both nations continue to produce and sell weapons because they both seek world dominance. Goons.

World stability starts by a ceasing of weapons sales, but the Internet is rife with articles charging that Rothschilds have been, from their beginning, manufacturers of weapons, and that Rothschilds have promoted wars for to do business through war. There cannot be a greater demonism than that.

World stability starts by a ceasing of weapons sales, but Revelation 13 tells that the world will depend on a war-mighty "beast" for stability, the very situation existing in both the United States and Russia throughout the Cold War. I say that Rothschilds -- the demonic ones -- like to spread fears for to do better business. I say the Rotten-childs (not all Rothschilds are evil, of course) cause instability so that they can stabilize things at a price.

Freedom starts by thinking about the welfare of the other. When a person decides to routinely be (not just once or twice) an instrument to benefit the other, he/she finds freedom, security, and stability. He/she even finds open hearts in others, and even his/her enemies are tamed. Wouldn't the same apply to nations? But what do we see? What's this competition between Russia and the United States, and also China, to sell smaller nations the latest inventions that explode metal pieces intended to fly through flesh? Is this any way to treat another human? And do we then call the victim a "casualty"?

We saw that the Coalition forces allotted southern Iraq (i.e. the oil-rich region) to the Brit military. Not many updates ago, I related that the Shell oil company is a Rothschild organ. In the news this past week:

The Iraqi Council of Ministers' energy committee has returned to the Oil Ministry a draft deal with Shell to produce gas from southern Iraq oil fields...

Shell in early 2010 finalized contracts with Iraq to produce oil from two super oil fields in southern Iraq.

Nicholas de Vere (dragon-cult leader) emailed back, and while I figure that he wants privacy in our discussions, the following can and should be shared. As per his first email wherein he said, "Let's chat," I asked him to set the tone (I really don't want to chat with him). He then said:

...I was a born-again Christian, I still follow Jesus, I am just not so scared and dogmatic anymore...

So, I have set the tone of the conversation. Shall we proceed?

I translate that statement like so: I "was" a Christian but am not anymore because Jesus is too black-and-white dogmatic, and I don't like his black-and-white frightening words on judgment. I prefer a lot of grey. I follow a version of Jesus that I've created for my purposes.

It's hard to know where truth starts in de Vere's language (or if it ever starts) just because of how he's painted himself online. Here's one online perspective (I've left many important points out):

The Imperial and Royal Dragon Court & Order was one of several occult-inspired secret societies created by the aristocracies of Europe following the formation of the Catholic Priory of Sion and the Knights Templar in the 12th Century.

...The Dragon Sovereignty, also known as the "Rex Deus" fraternity, was created by Catholic Holy Roman Emperor Sigismund and occultist Vlad the Impaler--the historical figure behind the Dracula myths...

...The aristocratic families of the Dragon Court believe their pure blood makes them the "genetically engineered" and chosen rulers of Man....

...By its own admission, the order has within its ranks Catholic Bishops, Monsignors, and even a Papal Chaplain...

The Dragon Court is directly linked to the European Council of Princes - the political body of the European Grail families, who participated in the formation of the New World Order think-tank "The Bilderberg Group"... ...By their own admission, the Council of Princes was supported by the CIA in their fight against global communism...

The Dragon Court primarily concerns itself with Witchcraft and alchemical Vampirism, and considers itself the terrestrial incarnation of the pantheon of the Gods.

It's function is to do "the will of the Gods" as interpreted by the Court's hierarchy...

...In a naive attempt to put a human face to the mask that the Dragon Court has worn since its inception, Chancellor Gardner and Sovereign Grand Master Prince Nicholas de Vere von Drakenberg reveal much about their Occult philosophy and belief system. Having been appointed Sovereign Grand Master by the House of Habsburg (former head of the European Council of Princes Prince Otto von Habsburg), De Vere von Drakenberg is attempting to make a case with his website "", where he openly discussed the values of the Order - namely Vampirism, Witchcraft and Satanism...

...After proving that Jesus was a "Dragon King of the Grail Bloodlines" and a "descendant of Satan", De Vere pronounces "The Black Mass was the original Christian Mass of Jesus which the later Catholics stole and sanitised for public consumption".

...Through his website De Vere von Drakenberg was accepting submissions of blood samples to be DNA tested at a top London facility for purity of stock. If the potential initiate's blood was shown to be of the authentic bloodlines (and no doubt sufficiently connected politically and economically) they too could join the ranks of the elite aristocracy and become a Vampire. De Vere's goal is to reunify the old bloodlines and create a new Master Race...

'...By re-introducing their old social structures and values, the Dragons hope to establish a naturally ordained system of socio-economic interactions between the Dragon (Aryan) people'.

This new community of born-again Aryans is unlikely to be picking De Vere's apple trees, more likely they will be running transnational corporations...The aristocrats of Europe are far from impotent, as illustrated by Prince Bernhard of the Netherland's position as chairman of the "Bilderberg Group" from its inception in 1952 to 1976...

...Following the publication of Gardner's "illuminating" book, De Vere's no-holds-barred website, and the subsequent dismissal of Gardner, the Dragon Court apparently spiraled into schism. The inner council of Sarkeny Rend has side-stepped out-of-the-closet and proud Satanist Grand Master De Vere by appointing quasi-Catholic "scion" Prince Michael Stewart as Grand Protector of a rival order at a ceremony at York Manor, England, which was strangely attended by representatives for Queen Elizabeth II. This move allowed Gardner to remain in the fold...

...De Vere, whose main contribution to the order was allegedly adapting rituals "to include the first menstrual blood of pre-adolescent girls", has been replaced as his cousin, Baron Sir Richard Dufton, due to De Vere's [paranoid] condition and his involvement with "Americans who wish to remain anonymous" with possible links to the "Dragon Order side of the Ku Klux Klan." Schizophrenia aside, De Vere is now running his own transnational order in tandem with the anonymous Americans; which means that there are now three Dragon Courts to choose from, depending on your personal leanings, and of course, that you are of the Dragon blood.

Prior to DNA testing, I suppose that secret cults depended much on heraldry for building their Illuminati structure along bloodline types. As you can imagine, bloodtype warred with bloodltype to attain top-dog position. Conflict, heartache and ultimate failure will never cease to cling to the world of greed...until the world of greed is burned in that fire that Jesus spoke so black-and-white about.

The page above centers around the so-called Black Pope, and one writer even claims that Rothschilds are the Vatican's bankers. One writer claims that it's not "Jews," but Vatican agents, that are the true Illuminatists. I haven't emphasized such ideas as I've yet to be convinced that Jesuits run the Western world (that's not to deny that there are Catholic entities seeking to call the global shots). Even if Jesuits have been infiltrated by Illuminatists, it only means that Illuminatists/Freemasons (not the organized-religious kind) are the ones to watch out for.

The page also shares the idea that the Vatican is manipulating Israeli affairs for to set up a false Messiah. Even if it's true, I don't view any trumped-up false Jesus as the Biblical anti-Christ, nor do I think the Vatican would try such a scheme in a world of well-educated peoples who are able to communicate freely to undermine such plots and bring the Vatican more shame than glory for its deceptiveness. But as for another kind of "messiah" (i.e. an anti-Jesus one) from Freemasons, that would be feasible.

I got to doing some email the next day and found the following article (from YS) on the so-called "North American Union" (NAU):

...Fast forward to last month, Friday, 4 February 2011, It was on that date that Obama signed a document titled "Beyond the Border: A Shared Vision for Perimeter Security and Economic Competitiveness." That agreement, signed by Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, was executed without Congressional authority or American voice, and launched the United States further into the NAU abyss.

...the globalists have placed us on a fast track to accepting the New World Order or global governance. And they are using every means necessary to make certain their goals are accomplished. Even the Vatican has called for a new world economic order, "urging the establishment of a 'true world political authority' to oversee the economy and work for the 'common good.'" In a 2009 encyclical, Pope Benedict XVI used such terms as "globalization,"...

I have no problem with the concept of a Vatican-Freemason alliance for a globalist cause, and the very fact that the present pope is from Bavarian roots speaks to a deliberate attempt to weld the two entities that were once mortal enemies.

At the moment, I can't see anything too harmful in the first steps of a North American Union baby, but the long-term costs of creating and maintaining a global government, and the various controls it will have as Big Brother (especially if he's a liberal lunatic), are frightening. I tend to think that removing borders could be advantageous for trib survival, allowing Americans into Canada's and Mexico's vast wilderness areas. If the False Prophet is to be an American leader in cahoots with globalist powers, then perhaps the leaders of Mexico and Canada will at that time be less passionate for the False-Prophet project of the day.

Back in February, I wrote: "There's a headline from yesterday: Obama issues global warming rules in January, gives GE an exemption in February. General Electric, a company that Obama favors, was traced recently (5th update January) to Rothschilds." Now look:

[General Electric] reported worldwide profits of $14.2 billion, and said $5.1 billion of the total came from its operations in the United States.

Its American tax bill? None. In fact, G.E. claimed a tax benefit of $3.2 billion.

That may be hard to fathom for the millions of American business owners and households now preparing their own returns, but low taxes are nothing new for G.E...

Its extraordinary success is based on an aggressive strategy that mixes fierce lobbying for tax breaks and innovative accounting that enables it to concentrate its profits offshore

As you may know, a company doesn't pay taxes on profits if they are re-invested into expanding company business. Sooner or later, however, the re-invested money will make more profits that will ultimately be subject to taxation...unless the corporation figures out ways to deceptively funnel money out of the business (i.e. into targeted pockets) and simultaneously makes it appear as though the company is failing financially for other reasons. The idea of starting foreign "laundry" companies with the purpose of failing them could not have escaped the crooks.

With the strong political push from liberals to get the people on alternative methods of electricity, wouldn't GE be right there in bed with politicians to better assure that GE will "meet the peoples' needs" with wind turbines and solar panels? GE is even in the nuclear-reactor business.

The Yemenese leader has said that he'll step down after weeks of bad press from demonstrations. Arabs will now be even more encouraged to go on demonstration rampages whenever they want to oust a leader (but I await for Americans to do the same to Obama. Wouldn't it be fun to see a shape-shifting worm squirm?) And what happens if Arabs in Israel demonstrate against Netanyahu for weeks in a row non-stop? Is that where this Arab sweep is all going? Is this why Hamas has gotten trigger-happy lately?

To expose that Obama is still pro-Muslim, his attorney general, Eric Holder, is actually defending a Muslim school teacher in America, suing her school because it refuses to let her go on a three-week leave to a Muslim event overseas. I cannot fathom that Eric Holder is taking up this trivial case aside from Obama's direction, the purpose of which is (apparently) to set a legal precedent, allowing other Muslims to forsake occupational responsibility for a "holy trip" to Mecca.

The demonstration situation in Syria is becoming tense with spilled blood. The United States is condescending upon the Syrian leader, but Hillary has already stated that Obama won't intrude into Syria the way he's intruding into Libya. Why not? Are Libyan deaths more important than the deaths of Syrians?

Liars, because the Os are not in Libya to save Libyans, but to expand NATO horizons. And they are leaving Syria untouched (for the time, anyway) because they fear the backlash of being too intrusive.

The O-dministration, by its words in opposition to Assad (Syrian leader), has surrendered any hope of forming a friendship with him, thus giving Russia all the Syrian goodies that can be had. It wouldn't surprise if the O-dministration now gives as much impetus to the Syrian demonstrations as it has to the Libyan. If that doesn't work over time, advancing Muslim rock bands with a cocaine bent, and giving Arab countries American-style porn, is sure to do the trick.

Just how much of a mess is Obama making on Islamica in his over-excitement? "Abdel-Hakim al-Hasidi, the Libyan rebel leader, has said jihadists who fought against allied troops in Iraq are on the front lines of the battle against Muammar Gaddafi's regime."

The Libyan freedom-fighters are again turning the tide on Gaddafi, thanks to the morale effect of the UN mandate in Libya. NATO has agreed to take over that mandate...but NATO actions are convened and directed by American command forces. Obama, the wiggle-worm who doesn't want to take responsibility for doing a Bush-like thing, can now say that his participation in Libya is not his, but NATO's. The military O-bjects are clear regardless of how Obama wishes to deny them: to arm and assist the rebels, to topple Gaddafi, and to take whatever spoil of war the key players -- the O-mericans -- feel is their reward. And we know how Putin HATES NATO.

Hmm, a headline this past weekend: BBC Russian radio broadcasts end after 65 years. That is, Russian broadcasting to Russian-Brits is going the wayside. Does the timing have anything to do with British anticipation of doing "war" with Putin on NATO's globe-trodder stage? Here's some Russian response to this story if interested further.

I like Russian atheism the way I like to be chained in a Communist dungeon. But what freedom does American democracy convey when it too piddles on the Creator? Isn't it true that those who reject the Creator are piddling in their own dungeons because God has them locked up there? Isn't it true that there is no peace for the wicked because God assures it, because God will not be mocked? Liberals go from sin to sin and consequently from punishment to punishment, bringing torture upon themselves. And they don't always realize that "Murphy's Law" (what can go wrong will go wrong) is from God upon their lives.

Some don't like to define American democracy as a liberal thing. Conservatives lay claim to democracy too. But have you noticed that the hopeful Christian voice in the Pool of Democracy is bleeped out by the splashings of liberal "cannonballs"? I think that God is asking why Christians are in the cesspool in the first place. Why are Christians willing to get covered in liberal defecation when what they should be doing is standing outside the pool, pointing fingers at the putrid waves inside it, making a mockery of liberal lifestyles, which is enough to win the day for God as God wants it won.

Our job is not to join the political cesspool for to give God a political plank (he really doesn't need this plank), but to convict the political world of its sin...which is why the world will hate us and not elect us. Look at how Huckabee is winning a political stage and yet doing little of the convicting? The higher up the political ladder en route to the diving board, the more one loses sight of addressing the stinking details in the cesspool. Those details float on the water for all to see. Those details now come with rot and odor that no-one can deny. It's very easy now to convince that liberals are shameful...because they are advertising it openly.

If the world's piddle is staining your clothing, take it off and re-dress. If you get stained again, re-dress again. Keep on to the end, and Jesus will, or might, let you into the Freedom House. If you stink too much when you arrive, you might get asked to leave...because you haven't got the right clothes for the event. Not urine yellow, but snow white, is required. That's a tall order for a liberal that's been long in the deep end. But all along the rim of the pool there are Christians not only holding their noses with one hand, but reaching out the other to lift tired swimmers to true freedom. That too is part of the war. No metal weapons, just good "life guards" offering what really matters to those treading heavy water too long.

I'm not saying this because my clothes happen to be brilliant white at this time. I'm ashamed of some fraying around the edges. Sometimes my underwear is showing. You may (like me) know the feeling of dreams where you're walking naked through some public place. It's not a nice experience. Some will enter Freedom House with underpants on fire, says the Bible, but at least they still have them. Jesus warned that we not walk naked and go shamefully exposed. Jesus did not call us to make-do with anything less than white because we'd then be asking what shades of yellow might be acceptable.

Let's dream of a Spirit-filled oasis (not advocating the charazy-matic movement here), like those streaming with the heart of God. May we celebrate the forgiveness of the White of God. It humbles us to celebrate the forgiveness of our filth; it seems almost an oxymoron to celebrate such a thing. But what we really celebrate is the One who cared enough to do what it took when he descended into the waste site, to lead out a train of wiser be baptized in Sparkling White. I recall the sparkles in the sunny sky through my wet eyelashes on the day of my river baptism, when God warned me not to continue to sin.

Do this in remembrance of Me. Celebrate Me now and again, and rejoice with Us together.

You can break bread and drink wine in your own home, with you and God alone, and eat the Freedom Cake too. And the words you speak to God in private will be recorded in the Sweet Book. Where we go, the Uninvited Nations cannot create a no-fly zone. Where we go, God clips our wings so that they grow back fuller. When we fly, there will our hearts be also.

What is our response to those who say that Biblical Christianity has no place in a civilized society because it teaches that people are condemned from birth to a no-life zone, to a place of punishment instead? We respond that it is neither our wills nor God's that people should remain in the stupid-zone. Every stupid (like I was) is free to ride the Great Escape. God has provided everyone with the Tool to break out of jail. If they wish to remain under condemnation, rejecting their own Creator, and to keep others under the Sentence of the Law, then it is they who are not fit for a civil society. It is they who harm even the children of society. It is they who bring Wrath on the world. That is the end-time response to the worms below our wings.

We don't apologize to the worms for the chasm between us. We are not equal with them, and should not try to make that impression just because they despise so-called "holier-than-thou." We are high, they are low. We are Favored, they Despised. We are being made better, they are making themselves worse. There is no comparison. We are better. If we are not better, we are not true Christians. It's okay to celebrate your better-ness, and to be open about it before the worms of the dirt. They can hurt you only if you go back to the dirt.

You are an air force. You carry a bombshell, and are very explosive. You pack a punch, and that's why they hate you. You punch them out every time you say you love righteousness. Go ahead, make God's Day: smack them all out good, hurt them more than you did before with the Goodness they deplore. Invite them to fly, and watch them squirm because they hate you. You offer them the healing mint of God, and they treat it like shoving toxin down their throats against their wills.

They rather eat waste, which explains why they accuse you of being hypocrites, of being the cancer of society. A worm knows nothing of the Light, and makes its conclusions based on what it learns as it tunnels through the darkness. A worm thinks that darkness is all there is that's good. Its only learning is when it feasts on the rot and the dead that happen to fall into the dirt. When they come up to mock the birds, skilled beaks just pluck them out of their holes without mercy.

Yes, Jesus said that we should give a worm water when thirsty, but if it spits it back into your face, you're exempt from following that rule. If the worm asks you for Water, that's the time to come low, to tolerate its dirty environment, to check whether there is viability for a Transformation. If the worm starts to show feathers, there could be a process of Evolution taking place before your eyes. If you find that it reads the Bible on its own, like a worm relishing the Living Water, you've just been a healthy part of a Civil Society.

Did I say we should pat ourselves on the backs because we are better than worms? But if the Lord pats us on our backs, we will be very surprised indeed. The unfortunate thing about appreciating Salvation is that we focus much on our sins and other stains. We didn't know sin like we did when we came to read and understand Jesus. You heard that this-and-that was said long ago, but I tell you, said Jesus, that you have no hope to make good on the Law of God. Yet if He lives inside us, we can make ourselves clean because we recognize our own stains. If the Word lives in us, we know our own yellows and browns.

How dare do the mere worms, digging through the dung of life with their mouths, accuse us who hold the Heavenly Bleach of being unfit for a civil society. Are they referring to the civil society that was won by men of war, who seized the reigns of power to exploit the peoples' hard labor, who are now advocating to make the youngest children their sex slaves? Well, then, they are correct. We are not appropriate for their society. We are by a new nature a bitter salt to their wounds.

It is not uncivil for the One who gave them life to take it back again. It's called Justice, but also Lawn Care. If our accusers kill the weeds on their lawns in order to make for a nicer street, doesn't God have the right to kill the weeds on His global turf to make for a Beautiful Society? Satan doesn't own the World House just because God rented it to him. Eviction Day is near because he tore every story apart with wild rock bands and their senseless groupies.

All hail salt shakers of Jesus' name, let rock "stars" promptly fall. Bring forth noise of clashing weapons, and nail them all to the wall. Bring forth the noise of a Singer's angry screams, and see blood flow down the stream. Ye terror day of God's wipe-out, ye drum-roll in the clouds; give thunder rise in eerie smoke and light, flashing angels sailing the skies. Give credit where credit is very due, and crown Him Lord of Truth.

It isn't pretty at all, but a bloody end is the Truth, ironic as it is. It's not as though there isn't evidence of a Creator for the goons who say there isn't One. Do breasts grow on the side of a woman's head, or behind her knees? How did the genes of evolutionary process know that she would prefer a breast on her chest so that she could cuddle her babies in her arms while feeding. Doesn't it look like Design?

Eyeballs on the FRONT of the head, just where we appreciate them, not in our armpits. Genes don't know what light is, let alone do they know how to create light receptors out of the materials in the body. There would be no color had not our light receptors been built to see it. The sky is not blue except for its light striking on our eyes. The genes would not have known that holes in our skulls are needed to make the light receptors viable, not would the genes have known that holes need to go exactly where the eyes are located. If you think the eyes are derived from the pure chance of genetic mutations, you are one big nutcase. Society has been made sick by evolutionists crawling the academic streets.

Genes don't know what sound is, yet the body has sound receptors too, and thank God that they are not under our feet and in our shoes. It would have been just as likely for genes to get the position of ears wrong as it would have been for genes to get the position of the voice box wrong. How did the genes know that the voice box had to be near a special opening in the body, an opening that has abilities to change sounds? What if the voice box was inside the leg? But how did the genes know that we would greatly appreciate a biological instrument making sounds for mutual communication?

Okay, so you're convinced that there is a Creator. Good. But does he care about us? Or is He distant and aloof? Both of the above. Is He really cruel as the goons maintain? Did he give us only peanuts to eat, and nothing but peanuts? Didn't He give taste buds that we might enjoy the vast variety of different foods? Does that variety suggest a God who wants to torment us? You can think for yourself and figure out that the goons aren't using their God-created brains when they state their cases against God.

Yes, He also provided some evil things because he knew that goons would rule this side of Creation. Rain for the foods, and destructive tempest for the goons. Gnats and weeds rule their respective environments, reminding goons that God will not be mocked. Did they invent weed and bug killer? But God has an arsenal of malice to remind them of their sins. Bacteria loom. The body is attacked by a thousand ways to kill. Both pets, and animals that will eat you, crawl the planet.

I've lamented all the evils plaguing mankind, and as I get older, that evil in always before me. I've complained that the good things He's provided are over-shadowed by the evils. Yet, what can we conclude but that it wasn't His idea to become aloof from humanity; it's what happened when the majority sided with the goons.

God made sure that many unanswered questions and mysteries would be fixed into history because He wanted to tell His sons later, that they might marvel in His absolute wisdom, when he answers all the charges of the trolls. Have faith and patience; that's what He's advising the wise. The Day will arrive sooner thanks to the death of the body. Yes, God makes even death a good thing because that's the point when the soul rests from the plagues of this life. And rest is not all there will be.

What Spirit-filled Christian coming out of the sinful gutter doesn't know that skies are bluer with a God-positive attitude? But if I allow goons to influence my thinking, suddenly the skies no longer speak the glories of God. Why should I allow traitors to rob me of my contentment with God? We can become better than content in this imperfect creation because a New World is in the Plans for everyone but the trolls to enjoy. So chose this day what world you will give yourself to, the one formed of rock from destructive upheaval...that God rented out to satan and his nasty goats. Or, to High Park for those who've made reservations for something better.

The latest on the NATO infliction on Gaddafi: "Russia said on [March 28] attacks on forces loyal to Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi amounted to intervention in a civil war and were not backed by the U.N. resolution authorising no-fly zones." This vocal outcry stresses the divide between the two superpowers, and we're watching to see how great the divide will now become. Something has to trigger a kinetic Gog, a Gog that grows to fearsome proportions.

Mo matter: Libya raids hit Gaddafi hometown, and the Coalition is behind it.

In the meantime:

The liberal group Media Matters has quietly transformed itself in preparation for what its founder, David Brock, described in an interview as an all-out campaign of “guerrilla warfare and sabotage” aimed at the Fox News Channel.

The group, launched as a more traditional media critic, has all but abandoned its monitoring of newspapers and other television networks and is narrowing its focus to Fox and a handful of conservative websites, which its leaders view as political organizations and the “nerve center” of the conservative movement. The shift reflects the centrality of the cable channel to the contemporary conservative movement, as well as the loathing it inspires among liberals — not least among the donors who fund Media Matters’ staff of about 90, who are arrayed in neat rows in a giant war room above Massachusetts Avenue.

Media Matters is funded by George Soros. I'd say this isn't a war against Fox so much as on the Christian side of the Conservative movement. The liberals are wanting a fight because they are down (Fox regularly tops in viewership when it comes to news-based and social-engineering commentary), and that's going to be fun because they can't win over but the goons of this world. A war on Christian values always galvanizes us. Bring it on MoveOn, and let's progress toward the Day, shall we?

BUT, don't confuse Christian values with economy-speak on Fox. Don't get the impression that Christian values and the Republican Party are one. Don't confuse the Catholicism of O'Reilly and Hannity with Biblical Christianity. Even occult Jesuits and Knights of Columbus may be anti-abortion.


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