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March 29 - April 4, 2011

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A White Houser has just confessed that Obama is not in Libya for the sake of saving Libyan lives, and thereby painted Obama as a hypocrite for not respecting the rule of consistency:

"We don’t make decisions about questions like [military] intervention based on consistency or precedent," said Denis McDonough, the administration's deputy national security adviser, amid an off-camera gaggle of reporters. "We make them based on how we can best advance our interests in the region."

McDonough was speaking hours before President Obama’s speech Monday night on Libya.

Yet Obama said in the speech that he's doing it to save Libyan people. The O's problem is, some of his Democrats aren't happy with a military motion (forbid calling it s a "war") merely to save Libyan lives, and so they've got to be fed another purpose. Besides, he understands that he can't do the humanitarian thing in every country ruled by a dictator, wherefore someone has to come out on his behalf to argue that consistency is not a necessary dogma of the marching O-doctrine (as if the world didn't know by now). But to then state that consistency aside, the real purpose in Libya is for US interests, is tantamount to making Obama look like one giving the Libyans the lie for justifying the invasion...ah, er, the kinetic momentum. Even the rebels don't want US boots on the ground due to O-versight suspicions.

But is it not more true that US interests are O-nited States' interests?. Official national leaders today constitute an organism all their own, sucking on the peoples' money to grow their ever-expanding tentacles for to have an ever-tighter grip on what they deem "progress." Everyone but the Democrat faithful and naive know this about Obama, and the diabolical problem is not small in America because 40 percent of the people still support Obama for president.

He said that Gaddafi's frozen money will go back to Libyans because they own it, but Obama also implied that the money will go to development in Libya...and that can route the money through Western companies who do the building. And of course, advancing Libya's oil industry will help Libyans, right? Yes, but the sucking machine sounds and looks like a European octopus. And we can expect that the seized billions of Mubarak will likewise go to some Western interests en route to Egyptian causes. Call me pessimistic when it comes to Obama, but at least I'm consistent.

Why is there a McDONough surname acting as Obama's deputy national advisor? It can be linked fairly easily to the Dunham surname...if true that the latter is rooted in Cheshire's Dunham Mascy. The Irish McDonough Coat uses white on green, as does the Wolfley Coat (it's online that Obama's Dunham ancestry goes to German Wolflins who changed their name to "Wolfley"). The McDonough lion is also the Nobel-Coat lion, and as you can see, the Nobel Shield uses a special design that is essentially that of the Wolfleys.

That should explain why the Nobel lions are in the blue color of the Wolfley wolves. The latter are blue on white, and then we find that color scheme used by the Don surname...first found in Cheshire. As Wolfleys were likewise first found in Cheshire, there is reason to believe that Irish McDONoughs were the Dons of Cheshire. But as we see that the Dons (stag in crest) are also "Doune," it reminds me of when I traced the stag-using Doun/Down surname to Dunhams/Dounhams/Downhams.

My suspicion is, therefore, that Denis McDonough is a Dunham.

The McDonough boar design is used by Sullivans too, and as per my trace of Sullivans to the Salyes Ligurians, whom I trace to Cheshire's Mascys/Masseys, I think we can assume safely that Cheshire's Dons and Doun(ham)s were merged with Salyes Ligurians. This is not the first time that I've made a Salyes trace to Cheshire, as it speaks to Cheshire's Sales-of-Mascy.

This other Sullivan Coat uses a hand (symbol also of the stag-using Hand surname of Cheshire) holding a sword entwined by a green snake, while the McDonough Crest is a hand holding a sword entwined by a green lizard. One Sullivan Crest uses a robin on a green lizard, wherefore we can expect Ligurian links to the Donoughs and Wolfleys.

The McDonough hand is cuffed, as is the Wolfley hand. The latter holds leaves, which I'd guess is symbol for the Laevi Ligurians that I regularly link to the Bellovesus>Bellamy>Mascy line. Once again, the Laevi Ligurians appear linked to the Salyes Ligurians.

I've just learned that the Leave/Leaf/Leif Coat is white on blue like the Doun/Down Coat probably because the Leaves were first found in Norfolk, where the Dunhams/Downhams were first found. I think that this is the first time I've linked the Dunhams squarely to the Laevis, but it's expected where Dunhams were Mascys and/or Meschins.

The McDonough motto includes "merces," speaking to the Durance river upon which the Salyes Ligurians lived, for it flows toward Marseilles (that river's source is toward the Laevis at Novara on the Po, and I link Novara to Nibelungs>Nobels). The Sullivan robin is apparently symbol for the Robin surname (also uses a robin), and the Sales Crest is a pheon, the symbol of the French Robins.

To prove further that McDonoughs were Wolfleys, the Doner/Donoghue Coat uses wolves in Wolfley white on green. And, the Doners/Donogues use another green snake. The Democrat donkey symbol could just be code for the Donough clans, and as I trace that donkey to the Samson cult Danaan, take heed that the Donoughs should be of the Danaan bloodline.

Entering "Donkey" brings up a DOWNkin surname, and it uses the MacDONald ship, tending to prove my claim that Dunhams trace to Devon, for that's where the Dumnonii entered Britain, who became the Domnann of Ireland, who were obviously the MacDonalds (it's not at all out of the question that the Dumnonii were EDOMites).

Therefore, Obama's true interests are to further his bloodline interests, and we can assume that the same applies to any of his war ventures.

Let's not forget the white on green DOUGHerty Coat, with yet another stag, suggesting that the surname was a variation of "DONOUGH," or vice versa. There's yet another green snake in the Innes Crest, and the Doughertys were of INIShowen. BUT, Inishowan is in DONEGal! It was/is the seat of the Donnells, who use the Sullivan lion exactly, and various other interesting symbols, one (as per the Scottish Donnells) being what I consider the Ferte(-Mace) eagle, though technically it's the MacDonald eagle.

The Scottish Donnells also use the MacDonald ship, and their "mare" motto term is likely code for the Meres and DeMeres of Cheshire, both of whom use a ship (the Meres use the McDonald and Donnell ship).

There is good potential here to trace the Meres correctly to the namers of Marseilles, whom I think were the Marsi Italians of Abruzzo. I had traced the Marsi to "Mercia" (England), and that gets us close to the "merces" motto term of the McDonoughs. The Marsi lived among Sabines/Safini, and so note that the Savone/Safin surname was first in SOMERset (looks like an S-version "Dum/Dom"), a place founded by the Dumnonii Celts that I trace to the Irish Domnann that I think were the MacDhomhnuills=MacDonalds...who were led by a SOMERled character.

Interestingly, the Savona/Sabine surname was first in Norfolk i.e. where the Ligurian-rooted Leaves (and Dunhams) were first found, and it just so happens that Savona was the Ligurian capital.

There are quite a few allusions to Tyre elements in the Donegal>MacDonald entities, but, as I've maintained, I think Irish green was code for Libyan/Carthage/Cyrene green. The Tyrians that founded Carthage were regarded as a sea peoples to the farthest reaches of western Europe, and as Hercules was the Melkart cult of Tyre, so I should add that I linked the Danaans, whom Hercules represented, to the Dumnonii. In myth, Hercules sailed to the far West/Atlantis in a ship of Helios (i.e. Danaans lived on his island of Rhodes and entered MARseilles) shaped like grail. And I did trace the Mary Magdalene "holy grail" cult to Mere-related clans.

Before making that trace, the MagDALENE cult was traced to the Irish Dallens/Delaneys, but now I can add a very interesting support feature. As we see that the Dallen Coat uses the red Sullivan lion (it belongs to Dowels/Dougals when in white), I investigated for a potential Dallen trace to Salyes Ligurians, and there in the write-up I saw that "Dalaney" "is Anglicized as Slaney, and may refer to the river Slaney." I entered "Slane" (suspecting derivation in "Salyes" all the while) to find the clan first in Shropshire, which was also SALop, the place to which I trace the Sales-of-Masci (Shropshire is beside Cheshire).

As per the Slayney variation, I'd say the Slays/Sleighs of Derbyshire (also beside Cheshire) are related. They use the owl design discussed in the last update, used also by Tokars/Taggarts...and therefore suggesting the Tokers of Devon (Devon was also founded by the Dumnonii). The Sleth and Sleight variations of the Slays reflects the Sallette variation of the Sales'.

As I was checking out "Salane" just now, mythical Selene of Miletus (a topic in the last update) came to mind (the Irish trace themselves to Miletus). I therefore entered "Salene" (because there is no Salane Coat) to find the SALEman surname. It was first in Surrey, where the Gastons were first found...who also use the Slay owl! AND the Saleman Coat has been shown a few times before because it's much like the Sale Coat.

Possibly, "Dale" (i.e. the Dallens/Dalaneys) was a D-version "Sale." But didn't I trace "Dallen" to "D'Allen i.e. to the proto-Stewarts? Yes, and those Allens/Alans lived first in Shropshire (!) when they came to England...from DOL (Brittany). Suddenly, there is reason to trace the Dol location, and the Magdalene holy grail, to Salyes Ligurians. This is the second time that I've stressed a fundamental holy-grail link to the Salyes.

To help prove a Dallen trace to Ligurians, the Dale Coat uses a swan (Ligurians were depicted in myth as Cygnus the swan). To help prove that the Sales were from Salyes Ligurians on the Durance, see the Duran(t) Coat: white fleur-de-lys on black, the Sale symbol.

In the Durance article above: "The Durance still provides today two-thirds of the water resource of the town of Marseilles." The Marseille/Marsey Coat: another fleur-de-LYS that I trace at times to "Lug," sun god from Ligurians that ended up in Ireland among the Danann there. I figure that Lug elements included the swan-using Lock clan (think LOHENgrin the swan knight, son of the grail king, and the LOGEN/Loch surname of Germany, likewise using a swan).

The Dolanes were first in Leinster, a place said to be named after Lug, and for that matter, Leinster was also home to the Dallens/Dalaneys!! The latter use a white-on-blue crescent, the symbol of the Savone/Safin Coat, and that evokes my trace of "swan" to the Ligurian capital, Savona (not to re-mention my trace of "Sabine/Safini" also to "Savona").

It's admittedly difficult, however, to trace "Dallen" both to "D'Allen" and to "Salyes." It's possible that Salyes became Salian>Merovingian Franks (who used the fleur-de-lys as a chief symbol), that "Salian" then evolved into "Dallen," and that the latter then formed "D'allen>Allen>Alan." In that picture, however, it's hard to link the Alans of Dol to Alan Huns, even though Attila (who allied himself to Alan Huns) was from the House of Dulo.

Entering "Salian" brings up the Saleman Coat, if that helps to trace holy-grailer Merovingians to the Salyes Ligurs.

I've not mentioned the Salesbury clan before (they just came to mind), and ZOWIE it fits right into the topic at hand. The English uses fleur-de-lys in the same fashion as the Sale Coat, and English Burys were first found in Devon. Irish Burys (Jerusalem-Templar cross that was symbol to GodFREY de Bouillon) were first found in WICKlow, but connected to Louth, a county not only named after Lug, but it uses "Lugh" in its motto. (This bit on Burys was inserted here after writing the below on Wick-like entities as per Hyksos, and in the next update I aim to cover, in a comprehensive way, how Hyksos lead to Ligurians from a Hyksos merger with Ethiopians.)

Back to the O-nited States topic. It's no surprise:

Leaders from more than 35 governments and NGOs [= non-government organizations] meeting in London have agreed to set up a contact group to provide "political direction" to a post-Muammar Gaddafi Libya in coordination with the UN, African Union, Arab League and EU.

But isn't it truest that the London globalists will get their way in this affair? "'Participants of the conference agreed to establish the Libya Contact Group,' said a statement issued by British Foreign Secretary William Hague, who chaired the meeting of more than 35 countries plus the UN and NATO." And who or what represents the conglomeration for the 35 non-governmental orgs? Why does the Hague Crest use the Rocque=Rockefeller rock?

Rockefellers derived from Languedoc's Roquefeuils, and the Rocque surname was also first found in Languedoc. The webpage below tells that Anduse elements married the Rockefeller line, and that merger in turn married into the Rodes clan:

"Henri II, Count de Rodes...AKA: Henri II, Seigneur de Roquefeuil...Born: before 1245 in Guyenne, France, son of Hughes IV, Count de Rodes and Ysabeau, Dame de Roquefeuil..." Ysabeau had for a father, "Raimond II, Seigneur de Roquefeuil...AKA: Raimond d'Anduse" (line 10). The Anduse surname comes from Raimond's grandfather, "Bertrand, Sire d'Anduze...Bertrand married and then adopted the name Roquefeuil from his wife..."

Check out the similarity between the English Rock Coat (compare that to the Rook and Rooksby Coats) and the English Rodes Coat. Now you know that Rhodian grail blood was carried by Rock clans.

Now, I think that Obama doesn't want to reveal his long-form birth certificate (or his birth details) because it will lead to the knowledge that his true father was Frank Marshal Davis, a Communist/Socialist working for the FBI. It's known that Obama's mother worked for Rockefellers, and it just so happens that the Irish Davis Coat uses the same green trefoils (= "tri-leaves") as do the Rodes and Rock Coats above. Note how "treFOIL" smacks of RockeFEUIL." That suggests that the Rocks (a Rus clan, likely) were from the Laevi Ligurs. And remember, the Wolfley Crest uses leaves while the Wolfley Coat uses the Davis green and white...while both Wolfleys and "Welsh" Davis'/Davids were first found in Cheshire.

The Irish Davis write-up traces the clan to the Welsh royal line of David ap Gryffydd (not necessarily true, but if so, it's not necessarily the whole story). I'm keeping in mind that some historians see a Welsh importance in the roots of the proto-Stewarts of Dol, and meanwhile I see that the French Davis/David surname was first found in Brittany. Now read the paragraph below, because I had just linked the Dol-Stewart bloodline to the Meres.

The Welsh Davis write-up tells that the clan derived from "Cynrig Efell, Lord of Eglwysegle, the twin son of Madog ab Maredadd..." out of which came a David fellow in Flintshire. When I saw "Maredadd, I checked the Mare Coats to find a Mere variation and the French Davis/David Shield...of the Davis'/Davids first found in Brittany.

The French Davis'/Davids were first in Burgundy (still in the RHODanus theater) where the French Robert surname was first found, this being important because the French Davis/David Shield is also that of the Scottish and English Robin Shield. THEN, the French Robins (in Scottish Mare colors), who were first found in Brittany (!) have a write-up tracing to "Robert." AND, there happens to be a Welsh Robert clan using a black and white lion as in the Welsh Davis Crest.

If that's not enough, Welsh Roberts are said to be "directly descended from Rhodri Mawr, King of Wales." RHODRi??? Therein appears to be one Davis link to the Rodes-Rockefeller clan.

Rhodri Mawr was a Briton king, and therefore nicely links to Brittany (known to be a Welsh entity). His father was MERfyn, and therefore possibly of the Mare/Mere clan as per Merlin of Wales. His wife is very interesting for Stewart connections: "Merfyn allied his own royal family with that of Powys by marrying Nest, daughter or sister of King Cadell ap Brochwel." I note that the pelican in this update is often on a nest, and that Stewarts use a pelican on nest.

THEN, entering Broch brings up a motto identical to the Scottish-Stewart motto, wherefore we have just found the Stewart links to the Welsh royals as per the Brochs/Brocks (red-on-white lion like the English Stewarts). Moreover, Merfyn was king of Gwynedd, a region founded by and named after the Venedotia people that I've traced to the Veneti of Vannes, Brittany.

Note the MacDonald ship, used by the Meres, in the alternative Stewart Coat.

I should note that Merfyn was in conflict with Mercia, a realm that I trace to Marseilles (mouth of the Rhodanus), and his line was linked to mythical MYRddin=MERlin, whom I traced independently to the Marsi (that I think founded Marseilles). The Welsh Mervin write-up says the name was a form of "Merlin."

In myth, Merlin was of south Wales but his "sister" (Gwenddydd) depicted Gwynedd. Long ago, before I knew anything of heraldry, and before I knew much on mythology, I traced Merlin's wife to Daphne. Later, I traced Daphne to the Sabines and to "Devon" (I suspect Davis/David elements from "Devon"), and it just so happens that the Marsi lived among Sabines.

We find, in the Merfyn article, a Coenwulf of Mercia attacking Gwynedd, this being conspicuous where the Scottish Stewart Coats use what I've regarded as Cohen checks. Entering "Coen" does bring up all three Cohen Coats. The Irish Coens/Cohens use a Coyn variation smacking of king Cynan, the daughter of which was mother to this very king Merfyn.

"Merfyn Fryck" is said to mean "Merfyn the Freckled," but I see Brick/Briquessart and/or Brock possibilities in "Fryck." There is a Freck/Fryke Coat, first found in Somerset, in Mervin-Coat colors. The latter surname uses Nobel lions, and as I identified the Nobels as Nibelungs, it's interesting that the Freck surname smacks of "Frey," the god of Frisians, for Nibelungs lived among Frisians.

I linked Frey to "Frygg" (Odin's wife), and she to "Bridget," the Breton goddess. I note that the Bridge surname (said to be derived from "brycg") was first in Somerset, and therefore likely linked to the Frecks/Frykes there...meaning that the latter were likely named after mythical-Frigg elements.

I don't think it's coincidental that Brecks/Britches (Alan colors) were first found in Shropshire, where the Brock-related Alans>Stewarts lived. The Alan Coat uses leaves!

I ventured to trace Bridget to "BiBRACTE," the capital of the founders of Autun (in Burgundy), and that was before I realized that Nevers, beside Autun, was named by Nibelungs (they were originally Burgundians). That's why I now say that Novara, the Laevi city, was a Nibelung entity. I traced Nevers to NEFERtiti of the "Egyptian" Aten (i.e. Autun-like term) cult.

The point is, I had traced "Bibracte" to the Brigians of the Greek world, otherwise known as the (Frygg-like) Phrygians. As I identify Phrygians with the frog symbol of the Franks, I should add that I traced Nunn, the frog god of Egypt, to the founding of per mythical Gyptis, daughter of Naan/Nannos, at Lacydon very near Marseilles. ALSO, I see "Frank" as a "Varangi" variation, and it just so happens that Nibelungs of Frisia were a fundamental part of proto-Varangians (according to my findings).

We await the Revelation frogs from the mouth of the False Prophet. Can't help saying that Obama is in Libya now as per SARkozy of France's insistence, and it just so happens that I trace Varangians to the Veringens and ZHARingers. Perhaps the Obama-London-France alliance now at work in Libya will go on to seek the Middle East along with the anti-Christ.

No sooner had NATO entered the Libyan stage that we heard, from NATO itself, of al-Qaeda operatives in support of the Libyan rebels who are in-turn supported by NATO. There are some who believe that an al-Qaeda organ exists that is secretly a pro-West NATO tool with the purpose of creating the excuse -- via terrorism -- to keep NATO coaltion forces in the Middle East. There was a sense being formed in our minds last week that NATO's Libyan affair will be a drawn-out one, just like in Iraq (more time gives more time to seize Libyan assets).

AND, suddenly, the American military in Iraq seems to have gladly accepted the timetable to leave Iraq starting about now, for it makes sense that the O-merican military has decided to use north Africa as a place to shelve the Iraqi troops. Perhaps the strife in north Africa is being used to secure a Middle-Eastern place to move the military hardware and people in Iraq, but that in the process the West will be lured into a Middle-East-wide campaign as per the anti-Christ mission.

Last week, the main issue of the O-dministration was whether NATO should lend weapons to the rebels, and my sense is that Obama is itching to do just that simply because the issue is on the table. It was then reported that Obama signed a secret deal to get the rebels some weapons, or at least a promise of some. Bit by bit by trick by trick, the war that Obama denies is turning into a war. Just because Obama is now pulling his military hardware out of Libya doesn't mean he's sincere in that signal, for he's a man of images and facades.

Yes, Obama has promised no boots on Libyan ground, but if Al-Qaeda becomes threat enough, Obama's partners will justify boots on the ground. Republicans are pushing for boots on Libyan ground.

In Obama hints at arming the rebellion, we find British minister Cameron seemingly reluctant to arm the rebels, but his tone is as though he's willing yet cautious=SLOW. One could interpret that picture as not wanting to arm the rebels too strongly too fast, because that would do away with Gaddafi too soon. The article claims that NATO's leader (Rasmussen) is opposed to the arming of the rebels, while France seems open if not the instigator of the plan.

Things are becoming critical for the axis of evil: "In an unusually short speech, President Bashar Assad blamed satellite TV stations and other media of fabricating lies and said Syria has overcome conspiracies targeting it before and will do so again." It's no surprise that electronic media is once again the main reason behind demonstrations. But as these waves come too close in toppling Iran and Syria, perhaps even Turkey, the Russians might step in hard, especially if they prove that the media noise is indeed Western based.

I've just got to repeat that the anti-Christ takes nations, one after the other, without them so much as peeping. That comes from Isaiah 10, where the anti-Christ is shown taking the Syrian capital. I and others have assumed that he takes his countries by force of arms, but what if the Rus-rooted Westerners (i.e. Rhodes' and/or Rothschilds et-al) behind Obama are led by the anti-Christ -- a Western man -- who take nations "by peace," so to speak, or as others translate Daniel 11, by "intrigues" or "smooth talk"?

I'm not saying that antiChrist-prophecy fulfillment has already started as per the demonstrations, but certainly one can see it fulfilled imminently on just the path that the demonstrations seem headed for. If this Western-AntiChrist theory is correct, Nahum 1:11 can be deemed correct in that the American military is now concentrated in Nineveh=Mosul, the place out of which the anti-Christ is to launch his prophetic mission. Forcing the Americans out of Iraq can be viewed as crunch time, when globalists decide how to proceed in keeping their Middle East foot-hold.

If the near future shows signs of globalist emphasis on that foot-hold, as opposed to a willingness to leave the Middle East, then we should watch whatever events might appear to align with prophecy. One can certainly imagine the coalition forces being lured, perhaps quite wailingly, to the Gaza>Egyptian theater. Already, Gaza is making the news again, and while the totality of the insecurities brought on by demonstrations can be used or even intended to leverage a stubborn Israel, the fact is, Israel is stubborn enough to bring on prophetic fulfillment.

The rapidity and success of the demonstrations in various countries -- that can be deemed the prophetic "power of lawlessness" -- acts to give the perpetrators confidence, the quality that I read of the anti-Christ in both Daniel 11 and Isaiah 10. The second chapter of 2 Thessalonian's tells that satan (i.e. the anti-Christ) will be freed from the midst of the restraining power of God (makes it sound as though satan tries but fails) so that successful lawlessness finally takes hold. As I predict an anti-Christ alliance with al-Qaeda, it's important that the Al-Qaeda leadership is saying that the demonstrations are setting them free, as in a field day: "...But al Qaeda preacher Anwar al-Awlaki, in an article published online on [March 29], said the removal of anti-Islamist autocrats meant Islamic fighters and scholars were now freer to discuss and organise."

There are some who say that Gorbachev was skimmed out of Russian by Illuminati elements, and was given prestige, and more, to keep him Westernized. From March 31:

Internationally famous music and movie stars, political personas and public figures congratulated ex-president of the USSR, Nobel Peace Prize laureate Mikhail Gorbachev on his 80th anniversary. Strangely enough, the celebration did not take place in Mr. Gorbachev's motherland. The pompous party took place at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

The theme song for the evening was performed by German rock band The Scorpions. The song, titled "Wind of Change", personified the fall of communism in Eastern Europe - the event, in which Gorbachev played the key role.

England plays yet another role as Gaddafi's foreign minister (Moussa Koussa) quit on March 30 and took refuge there. The British are giving him asylum in return for Gaddafi's secrets. Gaddafi re-hired an American-born Nicaraguan foreign minister...with BROCKmann surname. I didn't know this when I introduced the Brock topic above. The Brockmann (properly Bruckmann) surname was first found in Hesse. Note that German Brucks (first found in Bavaria) use Moor heads, suggesting roots in north Africa.

As the Bavarian Bruckmanns are said (in the write-up) to be the "Bruckmayrs," note the bow and arrow in the Bruckmayer Coat, suggesting Bogan and/or Bauer/Bower links. A Moor holds the bow and arrow, and as you can read at that link, the Moor is above a bridge! I did not know this when on the Bridge and Bridget topic above. Suddenly, we have the evidence that Brocks and Bridges were indeed one bloodline.

See also the Brockof/Prokopp surname (Jerusalem-Templar cross) first found in Silesia, and the Bavaria-colored lozenges of the Brix surname (I say they're Bruces from Bruges).

A German branch of Brix'/Bricks were likewise first found in Silesia, and they use pierced mullets/stars, the symbol of the Sellicks/Selliocks...that I had traced to Silesia apart from this evidence. Now that I trace the mullet to "Miletus," I can repeat my theory that "Seleucus" was named after elements of mythical "Telchus," especially the demonic Telchines of Rhodes.

I'm keeping in mind that the Wigton/Wiggeton Coat appears linked to Sellicks, and that the Hanna/Hanneth surname was first in Wigtownshire. That location was earlier "Wigettone," and so see the pierced mullets used by the Wigget/Vigot surname...first found in Lincolnshire where we expect Rhodians (Vicks, who appear like Euskals=Basques in their write-up, were also first found in Lincolnshire). I traced the Hannas/Hanneths to Hannibal Carthaginians, and it just so happens that Sulcis (Sardinia), a known Seleucid location, was at least co-founded by Hannibal Carthaginians, in conjunction with Rhodian elements (i.e. potential Telchines). AND, Sean Hannity of Fox married a Rhodes surname.

Sean is supposedly a Christian but never mentions or alludes to Jesus (so far as I've watched him these past three months) or what God might think about the debated controversies. Possible reasons: for fear of his ratings, or because Fox has an unwritten rule against relgiosity.

To get a glimpse of how Democrats work conspiratorially to demonize their political enemies, see the article below and seek the soundtrack (Fox had it on) of his telephone conference. Charles Schumer wasn't just telling his hounds what he thought of the tea party, but was telling them what they should go out to say about it when they're on talking-head shows. And Shumer was following orders from his higher-ups: "['Extreme'] is what the caucus instructed me to use [to blackball the tea party]." The tea party laughed this off because trying to cut the run-away spending of the Democrat party is hardly "extreme." The point is, Democrats pre-plan what they are going to tell the media, and they're not ashamed to spin false images collectively. When liars rule the nation...the people groan.

The Wyke and Schumer Coats both use a battle axe, and because the symbol is used also by the Haukeswells/Axelrods, I figure that the axe was the symbol of an "axe"-like entity. The latter clan developed into "Hawkeswell," wherefore one can expect a Hawk clan to be linked, and indeed the Hawks were first found in Lincolnshire. But this has the potential to come round again to Hannibals because the Hawking/Hayking surname "has also been popularly regarded as a pet form of the personal name HENry."

One wouldn't suspect a "Henry" link to "Hannibal" elements, but there's one possible clue. When we get to the Irish Henry Coat, a green eagle (Irish color that I expect from Libyan elements), and in the Crest: a falcon (i.e. could be the reason for the supposed Henry link to the Hawks). It's the same bird design as in the Naughton Coat (said to be a falcon) and in the English Falcon/Falkan Coat. The French-branch Falcons were first found in Languedoc where we expect Rhodians. Moreover, the Irish Henrys were "First found in County Tyrone...From here, the head of this Irish sept extended his territories into the valley of Glenconkeiny in County Londonderry." Tyrone and Londonderry? Carthaginians were from Tyrians, and I maintain a trace of "London" to Lindos on Rhodes. I also trace "Lindos" to "Lindsey," the earlier name of Lincolnshire...where the Hannitys were first found. And the Hannity Shield is like the Sellick Shield, not to re-mention that I trace greyhounds (used in the Hannity Coat) to north-African Amazons/Gorgons.

The Hannity motto, "Toujours firme," smacks of the Hawking motto, "Toujours pret." The latter smacks of code for mythical Perdix, a Cretan entity (they use axes) that I traced to the Telchines as per his other name, "Talus." There's a good chance that Talbots/Taillebois (who use the Selllick/Hannity Shield too) trace to Talus elements, which I've identified with the Salyes Ligurians en route to Shropshire (see Ligurian>Shropshire bees below). Talbots were first found in Shropshire, but they had major holdings in Lincolnshire as per Lucy Taillebois, wife of Ranulf le Meschin.

I had uncovered reasons to believe that "Perdix" links to both Perd/Perth- and PATTER-like terms, and so note that Hawkings (who use "pret") likely link to the PATRicks because the two both use black saltires on white. Moreover, Patricks and Hawkings were both first found in Kent, where I trace the Heneti. The Sales use half a black saltire on white with the Hawking symbols, and meanwhile the Hixons/Hicksons were first in Cheshire, where the Sales were first found. The Hixons, who are now appearing to be Hawkings, use eagle's legs not surprisingly.

AND DON'T BE NAIVE: Patricks use "labora" as a motto term that is likely code for "labrys," the double axe of Crete (the DaeDALUS>Perdix cult was also the inventor of the Cretan LABYRinth).

"Labrys is the term for a symmetrical doubleheaded axe, known to the Classical Greeks as pelekus or sagaris..." The Scottish PATTERsons, said to be from "Patrick," use pelicans!!! And Perdix was the god of carpentry, the inventor of the saw, while a saw in Latin is "sega," evoking the sagaris. Therefore, the heraldic pelican is symbol for "pelekus," or of Perdix elements tying to the labyrs and/or labyrinth entities of Crete. This tends to prove that the "Rege" motto term of the Pattersons to Rhea, mother goddess of Crete.

I'm not of the mind to refute my own pelican=Polish theory, for I traced Polocks to mythical Pollux, and as he was given a PUGIList/boxer symbol by myth writers, I traced him to "Puglia" (= Apulia), a region of southern Italy...into which the Daedalus cult infested itself. Yes, Daedalus' son, Iapix, was anciently code for Puglia, and moreover that suggests a trace of "Perdix" to "Bari" in Puglia.

Now BEHOLD at the sinister cleverness of heraldry fiends. As per the stags of the Hannas/Hanneths, Annabels/Hannibals, Hands and Annes/Hannes, so we see a deer in the Hawking Crest, and it's officially a "hind," smacking of some surname variations above (it can't be coincidental; it links the hinds=stags to Hannibals). Moreover, the hind is officially on a GREEN mound, perhaps revealing that the green heraldic mound is always the symbol of Libyan elements. In Cyrene are the Green Mountains.

Not only does the Scottish Mound/Mount/Munt Coat use a green mound, but the English Mounds/Munds (Shropshire) use the Leave/Lief bees!

I had traced the stag-using Hannibals to Heneti-related Hyksos of north-Africa (i.e. the Aeneas-Dido cult of Tyrians>Carthaginians), but then also ventured to trace the Hicks, Hixons, and Hawkeswells to Hyksos, and so note that a stag is used also in the Hicks Crest. That Hicks Coat is in Anne/Hanne colors, and both the latter and the Hicks were first found in Yorkshire. My suspicion is that the stag's antler is code for "Antenor," mythical symbol of the Heneti>Veneti that became the Venethi=Wend Polocks.

I traced these Piast/Mieszko-dynasty Polocks to the Polesdons of Cheshire, who also use a stag, and surmised that "pelican" should be the symbol of "Pulcipher/Pulsipher," a variation of the Polesdons. The Pullens of Yorkshire use a pelican, for example, but so does the Arthur surname...that was married to the Hicks of Clapton (Somerset). We then find Claptons first found in Cheshire, and that suggests that the Yorkshire elements in all this Hannibal topic were of the Meschins of Yorkshire, known to be merged with Skiptons of Yorkshire, who also use a stag (and "Pro patria" motto, smacking of the Patterson motto/surname).

Somewhere in this update or the last there is, if I'm not mistaken, a Coat using crabs (I can't recall the surname). I say this because Skiptons were linked to the Yorkshire Cravens/Crabhains. The "hain" on the end of the Gael version of that surname could be for Hannibals of Yorkshire because the Hanna Crest uses the same-style crosslet as the Cravens. I am reminded that I trace the Babbenbergs of GRABfeld to Heneti Paphlagonians, and in the next update I aim to show again that they were Hyksos.

I should mention that DAVENports, who I trace to DAPHNE (= Hyksos) elements from DEVON, use the Hanna crosslet, and that the Syrian city of Daphne (later it was the Seleucid Antioch) was also HARBiye, a city that I trace to the Clapton-like crosses of the Irish Garby clan (of Tyrone). Therefore, we seem to be following the tracks of Daphne in this discussion, which makes sense because I identify Hyksos as the Daphne cult fundamentally.

Claptons figure prominently below with Heaths...that I assume are the Hesse Catti. Everything on that topic was written below before the entire paragraph above was inserted. Immediately after the insert, I checked the Cassel surname (first found in Lincolnshire) because I figure that the Catti founded CASSel of Hesse-Cassel, and there was the Davenport crosslet! Then, the Esse/Ash Coat uses what should be two of the Davenport chevrons because the Esse/Ash surname was first found in Devon!!

The Skipton stag is exactly the Annabel/Hannibal stag, in fact, and I did trace the Masseys of Cheshire to the Cyrene/Libyan Amazons called Meshwesh/Mazyes. While I had much-earlier traced the Meschins of Cheshire to the Mieszko Poles, I had no idea then that these Poles could also trace to the Libyan theater, but here you have it. I tended to link the Heneti to the Halybes from many years back, and eventually thought that "Libya" was a version of "(C)Halybe."

Keep in mind here that the Caleb-related Jews that entered the dragon cult went via Halybes, and let me add what dawned on me only yesterday, that the AsCLEPius cult may have been a Chalybe one. I had linked the Asclepius snake to mythical Glaucus, a term meaning "green." That link was not made due to, but jibes well with, the mythical fact that Glaucus loved Scylla, for the latter Sicilian entity has been depicted by the heraldic escallop, an ASCLEPius-like term. And as Scylla was coupled by myth writers with Charybdis, note that the latter was in CALABria , a term I trace to Chalybes. Therefore, it appears that AsCLEPius included the Calabrian Halybes...who I trace to Asclepius-like "ExCALIBUR."

TheHawks use purple (Skipton color) "pilgrim staves," the symbol of the pelican-like Pilgrim surname. The latter clan calls its scimitar sword a "cutlass proper," and that's got to be code for the Lass/Lacy surname because it uses a purple lion like the Skiptons. To help prove without doubt that Lass'/Lacys were of the Skiptons, the English Lass'/Lacys were first in Yorkshire, and they use a purple fret knot.

In the Skipton write-up are the Cliffords...first found in NOTTingham. The Cliffs are also Cleves, and I now say that these were the pagan Jews from Caleb. The Cleve term will be mentioned again further below as per the Brit royals who trace themselves to ancient Jews.

In this proposed Meschin picture, the Lacys may have been from LUCY Taillebois, and she, having been of Lincolnshire elements, may have had a name tracing ultimately to Lycia's Rhodian and/or Heneti elements. I trace the Pelops Heneti to his father, "TanTALUS," symbol of Antayla of the Lycian/Pisidian theater, but before discovering the Tantalus=Antayla equation, I had traced the Piast-dynasty Poles to Pisidians. I say that ANTayla was the capital city of ANATolia, and that Heneti were of Anat elements that named Anatolia, which of course explains why at least one website claimed that Pelops and Tantalus ruled at the Lydian city of Eneti.

Again, I think the gamut of Greek myths were the very products of the per the Pelops>Menelaus Greeks and Trojan-war-related Troy under HECuba and HECtor. Think the frog goddess, Keket/Hecate. This topic will be heavy in the next update.

The mainline Republicans under John Boehner (pronounced "Bayner") are hypocrites too. They celebrated when they beat up on the O-team in the last elections, and told the Republican voters that they would do what they were "hired" to do: cut government spending. Yet, as of today, the Boehner-ites seem happy to cut a mere 61 billion dollars. Time and time again, Republicans are a disappointment, caving in to the bark of Democrat dogs. If you're wondering, the Beohner surname is indeed a Bohemian one.

As you may know, I'm suspicious of Fox news. I think it's got globalists of its own, though they appear to be a different kind, not in cahoots with Europeanism but rather seeking an America-based globalism. For example, the founder of Fox has a son, James Murdoch, who married "Kathryn Hufschmid (later below, I'll trace the Smiths/Schmids to Fox elements), who works for the Clinton Climate Initiative...," an obvious tool to tax the people of the world for building the global government. James Murdoch "currently serves as Chairman and Chief Executive of News Corporation [his father's organization], Europe and Asia, overseeing assets such as News International (British newspapers)...He is also non-executive chairman of British Sky Broadcasting..."

At the webpage below, we find the author (with Hufschmid surname) of a 9-11 book claiming to be the possible brother of James Murdoch's wife. This Eric Hufschmid claims that a suspicious Murdoch entity contacted him to acquire a copy of his 9-11 book when no one else was yet interested. And he writes:

Today James Murdoch lives in London because in 2003 his father made him CEO of British Sky Broadcasting Group. Jacob Rothschild was named deputy chairman. Jacob Rothschild is supposedly part of the same Rothschild family that dominates the banking industry..."

I did not know of that webpage when I introduced James Murdoch three paragraphs above, and therefore I did not know that Jacob Rothschild was so closely connected to Murdoch. The author tells that he suspects building 7 (near the twin towers in New York) as the headquarters for carrying out the 9-11 disaster, and for that reason it, too, had to be taken down to hide the evidence. Fox News and BBC both knew that building 7 would crumble -- that is, they reported that it had crumbled -- BEFORE it crumbled. How did they know? There was no reason for a building on fire to crumble in just the way they do in planned-explosion take-downs.

We of course don't believe everything online that attacks the Murdochs because many liberals are producing lies against Fox, but the material above from the author seems to have no malicious bone to pick with the Murdochs. Another page, by truthseeker, even writes: "[Eric] Hufschmid's bizarre behavior raises the question whether he is working with the Zionist agent of the Rothschild family, Rupert Murdoch, who happens to be his sister's father-in-law." By the way, the Huff surname was first found in Cheshire.

The writer of that webpage claims that Fox news is an instrument for prodding American Christians and Zionists to help advance the globalist Middle Eastern efforts. If that's all true, Christians may be assisting the anti-Christ empire unaware. The following accusation may sound simplistic, but has the potential strings of truth too: "Murdoch's role as the key Zionist propagandist comes from his creation as a media mogul by Jacob Rothschild and his family. The Rothschilds created the Murdoch media empire because they needed to have control of the major media outlets in the United States and Britain" (webpage above). However, Rothschilds could be split along the typical Democrat-Republican schism.

Remember, Fox's Bill O'Reilly said that it's just fine to employ/pay talking heads to adopt a particular ideology (i.e. that they might personally oppose). That sounds to me as though Fox uses "conservative" talking heads just to win conservative support in its social-engineering tasks. While we may find the liberal bashing on Fox entertaining, be mindful that military intrusion into the Middle East is no Christian ball game.

NOW LOOK. The Stave surname should work into the so-called "pilgrim stave" code, and if indeed the Pilgrims were Polocks, it shouldn't be surprising that the Stave/Stephen surname uses a "Coelum" motto term smacking of the Kyles/Coles/Colds...that I trace to the Piast KOLODziej, the mythical founder of the Mieszko Poles (compare the Cold bull to the Mieske/Mesech bull). I had traced the white-on-blue Moray star to these very royal Poles, and that's exactly what the Stave/Stephen Chief uses!

THEN, when we get to the Mure/Muir/More surname, using a white Moor head and smacking of Moray-colored MURdocks. I've traced Fox news to Moray by several means, including the three white-on-blue stars used by the Chief of the current Sean-Hannity logo...that's shaped like a Shield. I realize that white-on-blue stars are in the American flag, but then one Moray Coat (no longer shown at houseofnames) has three stars in the Chief (top one-third of the Shield). The Mures/Muirs/Mores were first found in Ayrshire, where the Kyles infested their Illuminati cults.

It's known that Morays were Murrays from Moravian elements (Moravia was beside Bohemia and Silesia-theater Poland), but why not also the Morris'? The latter are also "Maurice," and so see the Moray stars in the French Maurice Coat. I traced Maurice Drummond, the first Drummond proper, from Moravian elements, and his father, George, was married to a woman in PodeBrady, Bohemia. I traced these very Drummonds to the founding of Ross-shire without any thought that Moray was smack beside Ross-shire.

The Irish Morris Crest is a lion with blood-drops, for Irish Pattersons, first found in Ross-shire, use a lion with blood-drops. The Irish Morris lion is black on gold, the color of the Sam/Sammes lion with blood-drops. A black lion on gold is also the symbol of Flanders i.e. the Flemings, and Morays/Murrays are said to be from Flemings.

Why does the English Morris lion hold a "pellet" in its paws? Is that code for Poles? The Piast Poles had a Siemowit mythical king just before Mieszko (from the Sulcis>Silesia line) came to power. The English Morris' were first in Herefordshire, where the Sellicks were first found that I trace to Silesia. The English Pellet surname (grails) was first in Sussex, a region with an ancient name that I traced to the Kwisa river in Poland. "For most of its length [the Kwisa] is in Lower Silesian Voivodeship,"

We read further of Saxons (i.e. founders of Sussex) on the Kwisa: "From about 937 the southeastern outskirts of the Saxon Marca Geronis, established in the conquered lands settled by the West Slavic Milceni tribes, reached to the left banks of the Kwisa " (webpage above). The Pollock clan is known to be rooted in "Fulbert the Saxon," and as I link the Pollocks to Meschins of the Maxwell branch, so note that Ranulf le Meschin named his son, Gernon, smacking of the Geronis term above.

The webpage's sentence above continues to the next: "After the partition of the march in 965, the lands west of the [Kwisa] river belonged to the Imperial Margraviate of Meissen [smacks of the Masseys, suggesting a Meissen trace to Meshesh Libyans], while the adjacent territory to the east was gradually incorporated into the Silesian region of the Early Polish state under the Piast duke Mieszko I until 992. His successor Boleslaw I Chrobry..." The latter was the Moravian-Bohemian line to the Meiszko dynasty.

While one Bole Coat uses the Moray star, another uses bowls in the colors of the Pellet grails (not forgetting that Morris' use a "pellet" term). This Bole Crest uses the Sullivan boar, but it's also the Pollock-Crest boar. The latter boar is pierced through, and while the Bury-Crest boar appears pierced through too, the Bury Coat looks much like the Pollock Coat, suggesting that "FulBert/FulBurt" may have been of the Bury bloodline. The Pollock bugles appear to be those of the Berts/Burts.

I's not surprising that Boles use the Sullivan boar because Meschins were merged Ligurians while Masseys were merged with Salyes Ligurians...not to mention that Cheshire Masseys were merged with Daedalus-like Duttons, Tattons, Dudleys (another stag) and Duddles (Cheshire garb and copia-of-Cheshire motto term ); see also the Dade garb. I traced the Pollock bugles to Crete's goat cult, and for other reasons the Mieszko Poles must originate in Crete.

To help trace Kyles to Poles, the Pilgrim Crest is the Arm and Scimitar, a symbol of the Kyles too. To help prove that pelicans are code loosely for Pilgrims too, you can read at the Pilgrim write-up: "St. Thomas a Beckett at Canterbury" (Becketts and Pilgrims were both first found in Norfolk). I not only linked the Beckett bee entity (see its write-up) to the Bessin-Meschin bees (Meschins were from the Bessin, a region that can be linked to the "Moray star" of the French Bes/Bez surname, and to BEZprym of the Mieszko bloodline), but the Becks (first in Yorkshire) use yet another pelican in their Crest, suggesting Beckett AND Beck links to the Mieszko>Meschin bloodline in Yorkshire.

The German Becks? A stag, just like some Yorkshire Hannibals. The Beckers? Another stag and first found in Yorkshire. The Beckers use the stag design of the Yorkshire Annes/Hannes, and to help prove that Becks et-al were from Bezprym>Bessin elements, the Beckers use a "Bis" motto term.

King Bezprym was related to Polish king Boleslaw (the latter had Bohemian blood from king Boleslaw of Bohemia). It is thought that the Bessin's founders, the Baiocasses, were the Boii Bohemians...that I had traced to the Greek bee cult. You get it: Mieszko Poles infested the Bessin.

The Bessin-surname Crest uses the arm and sword as in the Mieske Coat. The same symbol is on the Bagg/Begg Coat, suggesting Bagg/Begg links to the Becks.

I had eventually realized that some Tolkien codes emphasized Mormon Freemasons, but that was not gleaned by the fact that Glenn Beck of Fox, who uses a logo in the red and white colors of the Beck Coat, is a self-proclaimed Mormon. Tolkien had used some Baggins characters that I must link to the Bagg and Beck clans, meaning that Tolkien (a Telchine-like surname) had Poles in mind...but only as they linked with his Rus bloodlines: the Saracen/Moor-rooted Rollo entities...such as the Rus side of the Meschins (the Briquessart side leads back to Malahule, son of Rollo's grandfather).

The German Beckers? Moray stars!!! First found in Prussia, where the Mieske surname was first found. AND ZOWIE, Dutch Beckers (don't forget the Moray star of Dutch Boles) use the same leaf design as the Leaves/Liefs, the latter being one of the clans using bees!

Going back to the Mound-Coat bees (just like the Leave-bee design), I can now help prove my theory that the pheasant symbol refers to Bessin elements (Pheasant-surname pheasants are in German-Bessen/Besant colors, and both Pheasants and English Besants were first found in Middlesex). The Mound Crest is a pheasant-like "heath cock, and in the webpage below we find (brackets not mine): "partridge (redirected from Heathcock)...partridge, common name applied to various henlike birds of several families. The true partridges of the Old World are members of the pheasant family...The gray partridge, Perdix perdix..."

Another symbol of mythical PERDdix was a PARTridge, but that implies that "Perdix" was earlier something else, close to, but not exactly like the Greek "perdix=partridge." I resolved that "Perdix" traces back to "pirate." Rhodian>Cretan pirates, that is, very related to Carian pirates.

There has to be a reason that Mounds/Munds use a heathcock, and the Heath surname, with Sinclair cock symbol, seems to be it. Scottish Mounds were first in Peebleshire, next to Sinclairs in Lothian, and it just so happens that Keiths/Keaths of Lothian (another stag) smack of "Heaths." Entering "Heth" brings up the Heaths, and as the Keiths were Catti that I trace to the Catti co-founders of Hesse, I think this speaks for itself as per a Heth=Hesse equation.

The Heath stars evoke the Wigtons of Yorkshire, and indeed the "mieux" motto term of the Heaths should be code for the Meux/Mews/Muse surname of Yorkshire. The Meux/Muse Chief uses the Clapton "patee" cross, not forgetting that I link "Wig(ton)" to "Hick" and that pertinent Hicks lived in Clapton (Somerset).

French Mieuxs/Meuxs, first found in Picardy (i.e. not far from Troyes), use the German Troyes unicorn (the Paris-surname Coat uses unicorns too). One could suppose a Meux link to the Meuse/Mass river, and indeed the Maas surname was likewise first found in Yorkshire. Although the Maas surname is properly shown as "Marr," the Mieux surname shows a Mieure variation.

Where the Maas and Meux surnames were both first found in Yorkshire, and with Heaths using a code for the Meuxs, it becomes understandable why Heaths use the motto code, "EsPERE." For mythical Muses were of Mysians, in particular of the Pari/Parion Mysians...that I traced to mythical Paris, a Trojan king that many trace to the Parisii-Celt founders of Paris (France), which city happens to be near Troyes.

The French Mieux/Meux write-up: "First found in Picardy where this eminent family held a family seat in the honor of De Limeux, a village in the ancient department of Cher in the Somme." I had traced Cher, in the Berry theater, to "Perdix" elements because the uses partridges (and a greyhound). Berry was also "Avaricum," perhaps tracing ultimately to Avaris, the Hyksos capital.

I was surprised to eventually find a Parisii coin with Gorgon head; it has snakes for hair, as Greek Gorgons were depicted, because the Parion Muses were Gorgons! Yes, the Parisii were indeed from the Parion Gorgons. Here's a coin of the Parion Gorgons, showing snakes for hair.

Entering "Pere" as per the "Espere mieux" motto code of the Heaths, we find a Shield that is nearly this other Clapton Shield. The other Clapton-Coat write-up has the clan first found in WarWICKshire, where the Heaths were first found, and so now we know why the other Clapton Coat uses the Meux cross (in the same colors). Let's not forget "partridge in a pear tree" and other Masonic codes in that "Christmas" song." The Pear/Pearl Coat, I now deduce, uses the Heath stars. The Pear Coat is in Part/Perrot colors, and it's the latter, not the Pear Coat, that uses pears (meaning the two surnames are branches). The Pear and Part Coats are in the colors of the Paris Coat using unicorns (Trojans had a horse symbol). The English Paris' were first found in Lincolnshire, and the Parisii are known to have co-founded Yorkshire ("York" should trace to "GORGon").

Thus it appears that Meschins of Yorkshire, as le-Meschin married Lucy Talbot of Lincolnshire, were also merged with Trojan Gorgons, fully expected where Gorgons were the Georgian Gogi, for the Meshech that were also Mysians (and later the Meschins) had lived smack at the Batumi theater of Georgia, and that's where the Lucy-like Lazi lived too.

The leader of the Muses was Apollo, whose mother was Leto or Leda: i.e. the Lazi Georgians as they became the Lasonii, Lydians, and wolf-line Lycians (all neighbors next to Mysia/Troy). Apollo had been given a mouse symbol in fact, and so note that while entering "Mouse" or "Meuse" brings up the Meux Coat (with Clapton pattee cross), wherefore the Clapton-Crest wolf should be a symbol of the Leto-Apollo lycos=wolf line to swan-depicted Leda (mother of Pollux, and mother also of Helen of Troy who mated with prince Paris; we get it).

I trace the Leda swan line to swan-depicted Ligurians that I assume were from Lycians. This must have been the line to LUCY Talbot. The Lacy Crest "fret knot" could be symbol of Cnut, for in write-up of the wolf-using Clapton page: "The name Clapton originated with the Anglo-Saxon tribes that once ruled Britain. It is derived from Osgoode Clapa a nobleman of Danish or Saxon origin. As a man of noble worth he attended the Court of King Cnut." The Knot/Cnut Crest is...a unicorn!!

The Canutus term found in the Knot/Cnut write-up smacks of "Kent/Canterbury," it's Cantii founders, and of the horse-depicted Centaurs...that I identify with "Heneti." That horse line was the mythical-Ixion line that I now (starting today) trace from Hyksos to...Hawkings, first found in Kent! In fact, I trace "Ixion" to Hyksos pharaoh, "Kyhan," a term that nicely evolves into "Cent(aur)" because Hyksos were a horse-loving peoples. I suspect, therefore, that Khyan was named after the same root of the Heneti, even the Anat cult worshiped by Hyksos.

Let's not forget mythical Lug, whose Trojan grandfather father was a one-eyed Gorgon, and whose father was made "Cian" by relatively-late myth writers.

AMAZING. Immediately after ending the update for Friday, which had much of the bloodline topic above including the parts on Perdix and the Part/Perrot entities, I turned on Fox to find a breaking-news story on the Wisconsin-budget war (I recently traced the founding of Wisconsin to the Meschin>Rothschild bloodline). The gist is that a Union-representing character is using "strongarm" bully tactics to force businesses-at-large support the Union side of the controversy. The surname of this individual is Parrett." And as I write, a Jim Haney (former head of Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce) is on Fox talking on that very story!! Here's a short-version of the story.

The tracing of the Wisconsin river to Meschins was in the second update of March, where a Stevens surname was mentioned at the root of Wisconsin industry. Here's part what was written:

...Coincidence? I don't think so. Consider also the link made in the last update between the Steven surname (white and blue) and the Staufers/Staufens (white-on-blue, and gold-on-silver no-no), and then consider this: "George Stevens [i.e. a pioneer], who lent his name to Stevens Point, a city south of Wausau, began processing the pine forests into lumber in 1840. Subsequently, other sawmills along the Wisconsin River began to spring up as well. By 1846, Walter McIndoe arrived and took the lead in the local business and community. "...

NOW LOOK. The McIndoe Coat (in Mackay white-on-blue, and using what looks like the Mackay dagger) uses a "Quid" motto term, smacking of the McQuoid variation shown in the Mackay page...

What's more interesting is that the McIndoes were first in Perthshire, a region that I trace to the Pert surname and then further back to Perdix, a mythical character of Cretan elements that was root to the Masonic compass and square (Perdix was the founder of carpentry tools, especially the compass). It's not only interesting as per the saw mills in the above quote, but I linked the "patria" motto term to Perdix (when on the Perdix topic months ago); the McIndoe Coat shows a "patria" motto term. Patres/Patricks and Perts/Petts were both first in Kent, and the "labora" motto term of the Patres/Patricks was reckoned (by me) to be code for the Cretan "labrys"...March 2 update

That Wisconsin topic was strikingly similar to the topic in this update, and it too had gotten to the central to Wisconsin's roots. There was absolutely no thought of that update's topics when I went along in this update. I knew nothing of Jim Haney or Jim Parrett until after I wrote the above on the Hanna-et-al topic, and tying it to Perdix. I feel compelled to say that Wisconsin is now the battleground between the two main factions of the Illuminati, the socialist/atheist Democrats versus the false-Christian Republicans. Late last week, Republicans of Ohio (a state that I traced to the all-seeing-eye Illuminati) have already gone the way of Wisconsin's Republicans in slashing Unionized "rights." The Unions are hissing and scratching like scared cats because this looks like it'll blow into a nationwide trend.

As I continue to watch Fox (Megyn Kelly) immediately after the Haney-Parrett story, there is a story on cannibalism, where the featured speaker sounds like a lunatic when conveying to viewers that human meat has lots of protein. The cannibalism is that of a savage native tribe still with us that first sacrifices its victims. The point is, I trace both Fox news leaders and "cannibal" to "Hannibal." And, Carthaginians killed children and infants in sacrificial events, while the VIScontis, who I traced to "WISconsin," use a serpent eating an infant. I also traced "Visconti" to WIScards/Guiscards, the leader of which was called, "The Fox." Moreover, the "card" portion of "WisCard" must refer to the CARTHaginians that Robert and Roger Guiscard must have been rooted in. The ancestors of the Guiscards were the TanCREDs/TanCARDs. We get it!

Zowie, as I showed a Wikipedia image (no longer shown) where Roger and Robert Guiscard were shown with a lattice symbol, so I traced them to the lattice-using Cotts. But just now I entered "Cann" seeking cannibal-like clans, and there was the very same lattice design!

The Carts use yet another stag. The Cards (use a lion in Caird-lion color) and Creeds/Credes were both first found in Cornwall; the Creed surname has just been entered as per "(Tan)Cred." The term suggests Cretans. Safe to say, Carthaginians were named after Curetes=Cretans.

While the Cronus>Zeus cult on Crete was the child-sacrificing Moloch cult, MelKart/MelQart was the Moloch of Carthage. It is known that Rhae, the wife of Cronus, was represented by Curetes, suggesting that "Cronus" depicted a Curete bloodline as well. The finger points to the Court/Curt surname (in Curtis colors), using a "labore" motto term, and what looks like the Meux/Muse Shield (the Curtis' were first found in Warwickshire, where the mieux-using Heaths were first found). The Cords/Courts and the Cairds/Kerds were both first found in Ayrshire.

As a symbol of the Curete cult of Crete was the goat horn, so the goat=bugle horn is used by French Courts. I've long traced the Crees/Craes/Raes to Rhae-based Curetes, and that surname comes up when entering "Crate." Scottish Rays? The Annabel/Hannibal stag. AND, entering "Crete" brings up the Crests/Cretes, suggesting that the heraldic Crest is possibly named after Curetes.

Indeed, the Cretans honored ostrich eggs, and I now recall tracing the ostrich feathers and the bugle horn of the Traby Arms to Cretan symbols. Somewhere above I featured a surname using five ostrich feathers, the same number in the Traby Arms. And, whenever houseofnames offers no Crest symbol, ostrich feathers are used for decoration purposes only, as if to imply that ostrich feathers and "Crest" are basically the same entity: the Crete/Crest/Cray clan.

Fox is supporting Donald trump too conspicuously. The Trump Coat? Just a DRUMmond colors. The Trump surname is said to mean "drum," but I see more than that. The Trumps were first in Mechlenburg/Pomerania, where I have suggested the location of the Trabys=Drummonds. Bill O'Reilly was nearly having a love affair as he interviewed Mr. Trump.

I just checked the Reilly Coat again and saw, for the first time, that it's the Kelly design, suggesting that Magyn Kelly is a Fox anchor woman due to bloodline links to O'Reillys (if I recall correctly, another O'Reilly character is high-up in the Fox company and/or its founding).

The Kelly-Crest beast is called an "enfield," likely for the Enfield/Englefield clan. The Englefield Shield-on-Shield suggests Polish blood (Janina/Sobek bloodline), and indeed the Engle raven with ring in beak is used by the Polish Baranek clan...that Ii trace to Bernicians (of Bryneich). I had traced the raven symbol to the proto-Drummond viking clans of Shetland. Bernicians used a bear (e.g. Berwickshire's bear), the symbol of the Czech Baranek Coat.

I now see that the motto of the Bran/Brain Coat is simply, "Enghien," suggesting the Engles. The Brian Crest? A stripped bugle in Traby-bugle colors!! Suddenly, it appears once again as though the Baraneks and Trabys were related, just as I showed when sharing the Baraniecki surname at the Traby page (link above). It seems certain, therefore, that Brians were Bernicians.

Irish Brians use what look conspicuously like the Welsh (i.e. Merlin-related) Mervin lions, which are also the Nobel lion...explaining why the Irish Brian Crest has a cloud, tending to prove that the Nobels are indeed from the cloud-depicted Nephele cult (that I think was the neo-Nephilim cult in Greece). The Brian motto uses "Lamh," a term seen also in the Sullivan motto, and meanwhile the McDonoughs (in Sillivan colors) use both the Noble lion and the Sullivan boar.

I recall linking Bernicians to proto-Varangian Nibelungs (of Friesland and the Vexin) before I realized that "Bernicia/Bryneich" was a version of "Varangi," at about the time that it dawned on me that "viking" is rooted in "Vexin" elements.

And then there's the Fox anchor, another Catholic, Bret Baier, of the bear-using Baier/Bayer surname of Bavaria.

The Bernician bear traces to the bear of Berne, Switzerland, a region that seems to have had dragon-cult links to the Wallis/Valais canton of Switzerland. The political Wallis/Valais colors, red and white, are used by the Wallace/Wallis surname (white-on-red lion), and in that write-up one finds close links to the proto-Stewarts as they developed into red-on-white lion Stewarts and then the royal Scottish Stewarts. One can't more dragonic than that, but the point of this paragraph is that Fox apparently didn't choose Chris Wallace as a news anchor for any other reason than his bloodline links to other Fox people. The Wallace surname was first found in Stewart-infested Renfrewshire, a location tracing to Rennes of Brittany.

I had traced Rockefellers fundamentally to Wallis/Valais in various ways, but can't recall whether the Rocque=Rockefeller rock of the Dutch Walls was one of them.

The Morman/Moorman Coat (three bunched arrows Rothschild-arrow style) uses checks in the colors of the Gastons (of Surrey) and of the Sark/Surrey clan that I linked to Polish Zarcyzinskis (see last update). The Zarcyzinskis could very well link to the Zahringers, founders of the Berne bear. I had wondered whether the Zahringer term was from "Czar," itself thought to be from "Khazar" and/or "Caesar," and so I now see that Irish Walls/Wallies use a "Caesar" motto term. Apparently, German Walls use five black ostrich feathers.

The Morman clan, suspect as a Mormon entity, has a Coat that even looks like the Sark/Surrey Coat. As I suspect Mormon elements to be of Moray, I expect Fox news to have Mormon "Christians," or at least people from Mormon elements whether religious or not.

First, I've known that the Romney Shield is also the Pullen Shield (pelican in Crest), suggesting the Moray bloodline out of the Polish royals. It's conspicuous that Mitt Romney, a Mormon, is a Republican front-runner, tied now with Donald Trump. (A footnote: the Pullens and Pulsiphers are at the root of Romulus in Michigan, in Wayne County, and the Wayne Crest is likewise a pelican).

Romney, along with a Paul, Palin, and Pawlenty surname, are all Republican wanna-bee presidents. Then there is the Republican Illuminati called, Bohemian Grove, that one would now trace to the Polish-Bohemian line that set up the Moray cult...that Fox, a pro-Republican organization, obviously espouses. The trace in this update of royal-Polish elements to the Zeus-Moloch bull cult on Crete then makes the owl idol of the Bohemian grove, called Moloch, very conspicuous, especially as Gastons (in Wassa/Gace=Washington colors) use the owl. Human sacrifices are either conducted in reality to the Grove's owl idol, or the sacrifices are mock-ups, but the fact must be that the Grove traces itself to the Polish-Bohemian side of the Illuminati.

In the last update, the Tokar/Taggert surname was found to use the Gaston owl, and it was also found that the Polish Trabys have a Tokara branch using its Arms. I can now add that the Swedish Tack/Thackery surname is said to be of the Tancred and Tankerville stock of peoples (that has already been linked to the Moloch cult of Carthage) . The Tokar and Tack terms are very near to "(Mur)dock," and it's very suspicious that the Dock/Doak/Dog Coat (PERTHshire)use white cinquefoils on red, the Tankerville symbol!!

In this way, Fox news traces to the Guiscard Fox that I think was a Wassa/Gace/Gasson=Washington (compare Guiscard Coat with Fox news logo) .

Shepherd Smith of Fox (he sounds like a liberal/Democrat) traces, in my suspicions, to the bloodline that founded Mormonism proper as per Joesph Smith, who claimed to find golden plates from Heaven in Wayne county, New York. I trace "Smith" to "Samson/Samos," and I therefore trace the iron-smith craft to the Samson-rooted Hephaestus Kabeiri at Lemnos and Samothrace.

The Mormons have a Lemnos-like term in their fictitious roots. They claim that their early roots in America had two main branches, the Nephites and the Lamanites. Again, think the Lemovices Celts that lived next to the Santones of Sainte (France), who were obviously the Sintians of Lemnos that became the Mormon organization, "Latter-Day Saints."

Look at the Latter Coat, because it's essentially the Guiscard/Wiscard symbol and very much like the Fox-news logo!!

Are those not ladders in the Herefordshire Morris Coat??? Why do the Leaders, in Ladd colors and all looking so Meschin-like, use more "pellets"? Lest you've forgotten, pellets are used my the Morris', and as the Moray write-up traces the Murrays to Flemings, so the Pelle write-up traces to Flemings. The Pelles (Lincolnshire) use...a pelican. The Arthur Crest not only uses a Pelican, but the clan shows an "impelle" motto term.

The Pelles of Lincolnshire can now be linked solidly to the Pellets (Sussex) because the Pellet-Coat grails are used by the Pilettes, first found in Lincolnshire. All three are in the colors of the Pyles. Unexpectedly at first, the Pelles use a pelican without the nest. The Pellet grails are very Magdalene-grail conspicuous because the pellet-using Morris clan is said to be from a Mareys variation in 1274. The blood-drops in the Morris Crest, and in other Coats/Crests, could therefore be code for the grail bloodline.

Not many hours ago as I write, the "Impaler" term came to mind as per the historical count Dracula of Transylvania, where the Mures river is located that I trace to Moray. It reminded me of the Arthur motto, and so I entered "Paler" (surname is also Baylor/Balor) to find the same "piles" used by the Pile/Pyle Coat!!! The Pile piles are similar to the Guiscard/Wiscard-Coat "piles," you see, which can now be understood as code for the Palers/Balors as well as Piles.

I know already that Guiscards were merged with Moors, but that should explain why Palers/Balors were first in WestMORland. Kendal at Westmorland is an important part of that theater, and it uses the same dolphins as the Kennedy Coat, suggesting that Kendals were Heneti too. See some interesting things on Kennedys below.

As Meschins and/or Meschins must trace to the Messene>Messina line, I'll add that Pylos (also called Avarino/Navarino) was in the Messene theater. If that's not enough, mythical NESTor was born in Pylos, and that could have everything to do with the pelican-on-nest!!

LOOK! Pylos was near Methoni in Messene, and I traced the Veres, who equate themselves with pelican-on-nest Stewarts, to Methoni...because Veres claim to be from the Mitanni. I claimed that Veres were from Avars long before I knew that Pylos=Avarino is said to be named after Avars! Thus, with a Stewart trace to Pylos, shouldn't the nest symbol be code for Nestor, while the pelican is symbol for Pylos elements to Poles? The question then is, was Navaro on the Po river named after Navarino, or vice versa? And can we trace the Pylos Avars to Avaris Hyksos since Hyksos were essentially the Belus>Danaus line?

Going to the Nestor article, he turns out to be "Nestor of Gerenia," smacking of the Geronis term in Poland. Nestor's cult worshiped Poseidon, and meanwhile his children included Peisistratus and Pisidice, smacking of the Pisidians that I trace to Pisa, not far from Pylos, and to the Piast Poles. Another son of Nestor was Antilochus, smacking of Antayla of the Pisidian theater, meaning that Pylos was simply Pelops (son of Tantalus)...who in fact married the princess of Pisa. Indeed, although I've made the "Pelops" link to "Pylos" before, I had not been armed with this strong evidence, and look: Pelop's wife had a king Oenomaus (encoded as "wine man") for a father while the founder of mythical Methoni was Oeneus ("wine man").

The Welsh Maurice clan is said to be linked to Morris-like Morgan, which was an entity traced to Morges in Vaud canton (were cantons named after Heneti too?), Switzerland. I say that because the DeVaud Coat uses a pelican-on-nest. Like the Welsh Morris', the Welsh Maurices were first found in Herefordshire. It's interesting that FE, who did much over the years to break open the Swiss parts of the dragon cult, including the informing of the DeVaud surname, is the one who informed of the Welsh Merick/Maurice surname (Moray colors) that was likely that of Richard Amerike (a Welshman), a proposed founder of "America" as per Cabot voyages. When I had traced the Magdalene grail cult to the French Merits/Merreys, I didn't know that it had a Meric variation.

Back to the deceptive, self-proclaimed Latter Day Saints. The Saint surname is registered under the Claro>Sinclair clan, and the Irish Day Crest uses the Annabel/Hannibal stag! The Day clan was first found in Country Clare!! The Day Coat uses green-on-white snakes, likely the Visconti snakes (they were originally green, but are now blue).

NOW, if you go to the Book-of-Mormon webpage quoted above, you'll find that the first book is Nephi while the last book is Omni. The latter term comes up now and again in heraldry mottos, as for example the "omnibus" term of the Esse/Ash Coat. The same motto uses "nobis," and so it appears that the fictitious Nephites are code for Nibelungs, as is the nobis code, and that the omni term should therefore link to Nibelungs. I started this paragraph when I saw the Murdock motto immediately after finding the Omni term in the Mormon webpage. The Murdock motto uses: "omine." Coincidence??? I think not. I think Fox news was founded by Mormon bloodlines...which are not Mormonic only, but are Rosicrucians in general.

Under my magnifying glass, I think I see a "nobis" in the Irish Morris/Maurice motto, and besides that, "omnibus" appears to have a "nobis" clue built-in.

Some years ago, I entered "Oman" when on that very omni topic, and found the Ormandy surname with Oman variation shown, but also with an Osmunderly variation. The Osmond singers were Mormons. Another coincidence??? The clan is thought to be from Omanville in Normandy, that jibing with a link to the Sinclair Normans...who I linked to the Savoy house of Candida/Candia. .

The Cindy/Caundy surname (checked just now as per "Sintian") uses red cinquefoils on white, colors reversed from the Tankerville cinquefoils. The Cindys were first in Yorkshire along with the Sants/Saints, and the latter use almost the cherub found in the Tack/Thackery Coat (= the surname said to be from the Tankervilles).

The Sanders use elephant heads, the Republican symbol. But I link the Samson cult to the ancient donkey symbol, a symbol used today by the Democrat party. The question is whether Democrat elements trace to Poland/Bohemia, or to some other entity in competition with Polish elements. The Mormon page above: "The books from 1 Nephi to Omni are described as being from "the small plates of Nephi". This account begins in ancient Jerusalem around 600 BC. It tells the story of a man named Lehi, his family, and several others as they are led by God from Jerusalem" It's not coincidental that the Samson account has Samson fighting off an army with the jawbone of a donkey at a location called Lehi, which means "jawbone."

Look at the crosslets and dolphin in Scottish Kennedy Coat, and note that Irish Kennedys were first found in Tipperary, where the Leahy surname (that of another leading Democrat) was first found. Keep in mind that the Kennedy surname is much like the Cindy/Caundy surname and that it should therefore link to the Sintians of Lemnos. NOW, see the Kennedy-dolphin design in the Lemon Coat, suggesting Lemnos roots because the Kennedy crosslets are used by the Sandy and Sand Coats!!!

The Tipper Coat uses the Kennedy dolphins too, and, in the Crest, there is what I'm assuming is the Kyle-of-Ayrshire anchor (because Scottish Kennedys were first found in Ayrshire, and because Tipperary Kennedys use the Arm and Scimitar). My hunch is that "Kennedy" is a leading Heneti clan.

I traced the Samson donkey symbol to the donkey god (= Tartak) of the Avvites, who had a capital at Avith, wherefore see the "Avise" motto term of the Kennedys, and ask whether they knew they were from Samson-cult Avvites. I say they know full well, asses that they are, or should I say Esses that they are?

The Kennedy and Clinton crosslets are in black, the same as the Davenport crosslets, not forgetting that I traced the Davenports to the Esse/Ash clan (i.e. using the omnibus code) of Daphne-founded Devon, and not forgetting that Daphne was depicted in ancient myth as a dolphin, even as the Dauphine (France) dolphin symbol.

As per the Leghe variation of the Leahys, I see that the Leghe/Ley surname (of Meschin Cheshire) uses a lion in colors reversed to the Leahy/Leghe lion. That looks like a match, suggesting to me that the Samson cult traces fundamentally to Ligurians (and to the Frank Lys symbol). A white-on red cinquefoil, like the Tankervilles, is used by the Leicester location, founded on a Legro river by Ligurians. The Arms of Leicestershire uses a fox! AND as the Samson cult is also depicted with a fox symbol, see that the Donkey Coat uses...white-on-red cinquefoils! Remember, the Donkey/Duncan Coat was mentioned earlier as part of the MacDONald Danaans.

The Donkey-Coat bugle is in the same design as the Brian-Crest bugle, the latter Coat using what could be construed as the so-called "pile" symbols discussed above. Having just checked, the Brians do use piles! That Brian trace to Poland means that the Brian bugle (Traby-bugle colors) could in fact be the Traby bugle.

NOW LOOK. The Brian link to Donkeys/Duncans made merely on the bugle connection is supported in another way by the French Brian Coat, because it's the same saltire as in the Scottish Malcolm Coat. It just so happens that the Scottish Malcolm kings were of the Dunkeld dynasty, named after king Duncan. I did trace the Traby-related Drummonds -- the first Drummonds, that is -- to the thick of things in the royal-Malcolm bloodline (Malcolm III married his sister to royal/noble Hungarians, the same Arpad bloodline that Drummonds were from).

The Leicestershire cinquefoil is ermined, having good reason for connection to the cinquefoils on the ermined bar of the Rodham Coat because Rutland is a part of Leicestershire. Leicestershire is also on the Soar river, smacking of "Surrey," which is mentioned because the Rutland Coat (Massey horse-head design) has the write-up: "The family name was anciently seated as Lords of the Manor of Mitcham in Surrey." I've already shown that Mitchells essentially use the Meschin design, and that a Rhudlan surname is in the Meschin write-up, and so it's no coincidence that Hillary Rodham Clinton's chief State-Department assistant is George Mitchell. Mitchells were first found in...Surrey.

The question then is that, if I was correct to trace Meschins to Ishmaelites/Hagarites, shouldn't the Surrey Mitchells/Mitchams and their kin link to the Gastons of Surrey...who I link back to Poles of the Traby fold? In fact, as the Gastons (who buy the way sound as though they may have been the Gos' of le Meschin's mother) were linked in particular to the Polish ZARcyzinskis, what about the theory at Wikipedia's Saracen article wherein they are equated with Hagarites/Hagareme...because some think "Saracen" means "apart from Sarah," Abraham's wife, which is to suggest that Saracens were from the Abraham line though his other mate, Hagar.

I happened to open an email from Tim on the Sunday night before this update was published, where he discussed the very Saracen article/topic above. In my response, I informed him of some things in this update coming out the next day (he had not known what would be in it), namely, about the Mormon link to Moors=Saracens (it's known that Guiscard allied himself with Saracens of southern Italy named Samsam and Timnah, assuring that the Samson bloodline did merge with the Guiscard line).

I happened to re-load the Sarasen-surname while responding to Tim (it was Tim who several months ago found that particular spelling, as opposed to the Saracen surname), and there in the list of variations was SaraSAINT. Not only is the Saint surname that of the Sinclair bloodline to which the Sicily Guiscards are known to have belonged, but the Saracen symbol, a fat cross, is used by the Saints/Sinclairs.

The Sarac clan uses black on gold, and we see "Sare" as part of their variations, which term alone brings up the black-on-gold Sayar Coat (that also comes up when entering "Sarah"). It's then conspicuous that the German Jonathan/Jones Coat, also in black on gold, uses roosters, the Sinclair-Crest symbol.

Recalling that the Samson account (in Judges) is followed by an account of a pagan Levite priest named Jonathan, not only do we find blood drops on the Jones Coat lion, but the Esse/Ash Coat uses two fat black chevrons, reflecting the three fat black chevrons in the Levi Coat. The Jones' were first in DENbighshire (where pile-using Brians were first found), reminding us of the "Danites" that were part of the Samson account. But Denbighshire uses dragons galore for symbols. The Jones motto uses "Heb," while Hercules, who was the Greek Samson and the Tyrian Melkart, was married to Hebe.

As I've claimed that the dragon cult was a Hebrew-Rus entity, Hebe is considered to be its heart, for she was made the daughter of the Hera=Horus cult that I see as the proto-Rus. And remember, the Russell motto is "Che sara sara"...which, as Tim (I think it was him) pointed out, could be part-code for "Khazar." Also, the goat in the Russell Crest could be code for the goat-line that I had linked to Hagarites, but more-telling is that the Russell Chief uses white scallops on black, the color of the Samson-Coat scallops.

The same scallops are used by the Flag/Fleck Coat, important not only because the Flags are apparent in the Samson motto, but because they were first in Norfolk, where the Fulkes (i.e. Fleck-like) were first found..who use a "Chi sera sera" motto!!! I should re-mention my trace of mythical Glaucus to Gloucestershire, for he loved Scylla=Sicily, while the Samson surname was first found in Gloucestershire (i.e. suggesting that the Samson surname is from the Sicilian-Saracen ruler, Hasan as-Samsam

BEHOLD! The Samsam Saracens were of the KALBid dynasty:

...under Hasan as-Samsam (1040-1053) the island [of Sicily] fragmented into small fiefdoms. The Kalbids died out in 1053 [i.e. last year of Samsam], and in 1061 the Normans of southern Italy arrived under Roger I [Guiscard] of Sicily and began their conquest,

Astounding, for I had ventured to trace the bloodline of Biblical Caleb, a Jewish line from fundamental Hebron elements, to the Halybes that I say named Calabria, smack next to the Scylla portion of Sicily. Therefore, it appears that Samsam's ancestor, Hassan al-KALBI (after whom the Kalbids were named), was of those CALABrian Halybes, meaning also that they were the dragon-cult Jews that the Merovingians and others must rejoice in. That is, these Halybes must be the holy-grail cult, the very heart of it, and it leads to the Arthurian cult as per the ExCALIBUR symbol.

Remember, I trace the Sinclair rooster to "galina" ("chicken" in Latin languages), or the Galli priests of the Kabeiri cult that I suspect were named after the Halybes on the Halyes river. AND, the Sinclairs (as well as the Meschins whom I trace to the Sinclair line of Malahule), lived in CALVADos!!! The Sinclair/Saint write-up: "The Sinclair surname was a Norman habitation name, derived from when families lived at St. Clai-sur-Elle in La Manche [where Masseys and Veres lived] and in St-Clair-L'Evêque in Calvados..."

Therefore, pagan Jews who had abandoned the God of Israel lived also in Calvados. They had earlier merged with the Samson "Danites" who somehow ended up on Sicily.

Zowie, I've never seen the Denbigh-surname Coat so far as I recall, and it uses three black chevrons in an arrangement smacking of piles. What super timing for trying that term, immediately after the paragraph mentioning the Levi chevrons in conjunction with the Jones'. And zikers, I had traced "chevron" tentatively to "Hebron," the home of Abraham!!

The Hebron-surname Coat? A chevron. The clan is properly "Hepburn/Hepbourne," but the Scottish Hebron page shows "Hebborne." The Hebron write-up locates the clan at Hebburn of Chillingham, and that means the Chill surname, using a white-on-red chevron (like the Hebrons/Hebburns), are related. The Chills are also the Childs. The Hebburns are said to be Bernicians.

On the Hebron chevron, roses and red lions, very Rhodian- and Rus-like, and in fact these symbols are the epitome of the Hebrew-Rus bloodline that I've called the "Hebrew Rose" i.e. the Rosicrucians. Indeed, the "Tryst" motto term of the Hebron Coat leads to a white-on-red rose that is the central symbol in the Tryst Coat.

The Tryst motto suggests the Trip surname (Trap colors), and it too (as with Welsh Morris') uses a ladder. The last time I was on that Trip (Traby/Treby?) topic, I suggested that their ladder is code for "scala" (Italian for "ladder"), i.e. the Sicils of Sicily. Trips use a hawk in Crest while Trysts use a falcon.

A Hebron trace to the Sicanians (major group") of Sicily can be made in two ways. The CALVin (i.e. Halybe/Calvados-like surname) motto uses "signo," while the Weavers use "segne." You see, the Hebron motto, Keep Tryst," should link to the Keeps too, who use a "weavers shuttle" that should be code for the Weavers (Cheshire). But there are also German Weaver (the ones using "segne"), and they are properly Webers, smacking of "Heber."

Weavers/Webers are in Swiss Heber colors, and not forgetting that Hebburns are said to be Bernicians, I should re-mention that Bernicians trace to Berne, Switzerland, a place that may have been named after "Eber" elements.

The Weber/Weaver motto also uses "Gott," and that evokes the Zionist star of the Goth Coat (surname first in Thuringia) because the Hagar(d) Coat uses it in the same colors. Webers/Weavers were first found in Saxony, evoking the Saxe-Gotha bloodline (out of Thuringia and Saxony) to the current British monarchy...that claims to be from the Jewish line of King David. Now I'm beginning to understand that this Brit claim has some truth, though I WOULD NOT trace Brit royals to the Messianic line of David as though they have some God-given right to rule the world.

In the Saxe-Coburg-and-Gotha article (link above), we find the Cleve term smacking of Calvin and Calvados elements. The Cleves/Cliffs use a clover just like the clover-like Cleavers/Clavers (the latter also use stars in Weber/Weaver star colors). I had claimed that "Claver" was a form of "Clair/Clare" long before proving that Calebite Jews led to the Sinclairs (the latter are the English Clares)...of Calvados. Or, I did not make the Claver link to Clares based on their homeland of Calvados. One can see that Claptons use English-Claver colors, and that the Clapton wolf should therefore link to the Cleve/Cliff wolf because the latter use the same three colors.

As the Skipton write-up shows the Cliffords, the Craven region where Skiptons belonged may have been, not Garebites as I've suggested, but Jews as per an l-to-r switch that made the Clavers into Cravens. Dog food for thought.

As you may know, I trace the Hebrew dragon cult to Nahorites and other forms of Hebrews that were not Jews or Israelites. The Denbigh term brings up the Danby surname, but it uses a scorpion, a symbol that may have been of mount Gareb at Jerusalem (because some define "Gareb" as "scorpion").

The Danby stars could be the Ashton star. The related Astons look like they use the Cole bull and the Cole/Kyle black diamonds (symbol for king Cole). As you may know that I trace king-Cole elements to Kemuel>Camelot Nahorites and therefore to the Uat/Buto cult of Chemmites (known to be Danaans from Perseus-based Gorgons), note that the Mormonic-mythical Omni had a grandson named, Chemish, a code smacking of Chemmis, the Chemmite capital. The Kemmis/Kemish (also "Kenys") surname was first found on Gloucestershire, where the Samson surname was first found. C

I'm satisfied that Meschins and the Cheshire Leghs/Leys (remember, the Leghes are also "Leahy") were Leicester's founders, and to prove it further, the Leicester/Leycester surname was first found in Cheshire. The motto of the latter is almost the same as the Patterson motto, which is re-mentioned because the Leicester/Leycester Crest has a swan (= Liguria symbol) and the blood-drops on the black Patterson lion (that latter Coat uses white scallops, a Meschin symbol, yet another reason for tracing the pelican-using Pattersons to Poles). The Sam/Sammes lion is also black with blood-drops, you see, and the Samson surname uses white-on-black scallops, the Meschin-scallop colors.

I'm sorry for long-drawn-out confusion. The one who wants to understand these things will need to concentrate and retain the info for future use in making connections. The Patterson camel, you see, should be code for Nahorites of Camelot, and it should not be surprising to find pagan Nahorites among the pagan ExCalibur Jews, though I would never have entertained it without some evidence. For years, until recent months, I rejected the idea that European Hebrews, and Hebrews of the dragon cult, were Jews (tightly defined as Israelites from the tribe of Judah).

We're about to see the Leahy=Leghe entity in the Mormonic Lamanites, said (by Mormons) to have been the PolyNesians, but, regardless of that being false, it has some merit in disclosing what the Mormons really honor, and it isn't Jesus. PolyNesia jibes with my trace of the Samson cult's Manes bloodline to the lunatic Maenads of DioNYSUS, who was in fact a god on Lemnos. Hmm, as both Dionysus and Hephaestus were born lame/crippled, might "lame" be code for "Lemnos" elements?

The Polynesians are said (by Mormons) to be rooted in a certain Hagoth, smacking of the Hagarites that I equated with Nysa>Dionysus Horites out of Edom (the Irano-Assyrian city of Nysa is known to have been a Horite one, and Horites infested Edom too, while Nahorites are thought to have been Horites=Hurrians out of Haran). Therefore, ignore Mormons when they identify Lamanites with holy Israelites to God-forsaken tribes the savage world over.

In the Omni page, Omni's descendant is Ameleki, suggesting the wicked Amalekites (dread enemies of holy Israelites) of Edom. We then find the fictitious Mulekites in that article, a code that looks like play on words with "mule" as well as Amalekites (in heraldry and other occult "sciences," it's extra-special when a single term/design qualifies several related entities all at once). Then we read of the land of Zarahemla, possible a code for the Saracens that have been historically equated with Hagareme (whether it's true or not doesn't matter; so long as Mormons believed it, they would encode it in their codework).

The fictitious Mosiah character that comes into contact with Zarahemla may be the Muses=Mysians...while implying a Moses bloodline to the naive followers of the Mormon "faith."

In the webpage below: "In the Book of Mormon, Laman and Lemuel [fictitious founders of the Lamanites] are the two eldest sons of Lehi and the older brothers of Sam, Nephi, Jacob, and Joseph." You get it: Mormons are from the Samson cult, linked to Nephilim Aryans, the Nysa Horites>Haran-ians. But some might insist that "Nephi" refers to Nephtali-branch Israelites.

There you have the Lehi term in conjunction with Sam-ites, and Mormons didn't even try to hide it. Never do I rely on Mormon writings to make my own links. I first made my own conclusions on the Samson cult, and then shared what Mormons had to say. I had traced the Samson cult to the Kabeiri on Lemnos before discovering the Mormon codes doing the same. In the next update, I want to show that the Hyksos were the Kizzuwatna (also "Khassi") "Cilicians" as they evolved into mythical "Iasius/Iasion," the founder of the Kabeiri on Samothrace. That is, I think that "Kizzu/Izzu" evolved into "Iasi," not forgetting that mythical Aeson, father of Jason/Iason, is traceable to the Argive root in Cilicia.

The creators of Mormon myths would laugh demonically at all who believe their statements to be true and holy, when in the end the willing victims discover the terrible scam, that satanists are the true ancestors of the Mormons. My most heart-felt warning: stay out of the Latter Day Saints churches, and do not support Glenn Beck or Mitt Romney.

The Cavuto surname of Fox news could link to the lattice-using Caves, who also use a greyhound, as expected of a Guiscard-Moor bloodline. The Cave lattice is not only in the colors of the Cann lattice, but in the colors of the Cavuto-like Cavett/Chavot Coat. Remember, the grail symbol is also used by Shaws (Pellets use the same grail design) that were also Chaves and Sheaves.

That's interesting because the holy-grail cult was just linked to Calvados elements, suggesting that "Shaw," "Shaves," and "Chaves" (and the others) were sofy-c and l-less variations of "Calv." Compare "Cavuto" to "Calvado."

I tried a potential l-using surname variation of "Shaw," and got the fat white cross (on green) of the Shelf surname (the same white cross is used by the Sarasen surname). I now recall that I traced Shaws to the Sava river, and that Sava elements were traced solidly to Saracens of the Savage-surname fold, who were fundamentally linked to the Russells that use a "sara" motto term. In other words, the Sava river may have been yet another Caleb-Jew theater.

Pravda tries to explain why Gaddafi is fighting for his life:

..."Oil should be owned by the [Libyan] State at this time [2009], so we could better control prices by the increase or decrease in production," said the Libyan leader.

These statements have worried the main foreign companies operating in Libya: Anglo-Dutch Shell, British Petroleum, U.S. ExxonMobil, Hess Corp., Marathon Oil...

It sounds as though Gaddafi suspects the seizure of it's oil:

Libya's government warned on Wednesday that it would sue any international company that concluded energy deals with rebels who control some of the country's oil infrastructure, the state news agency reported.

The threat is likely to make it more complicated for the rebels based in eastern Libya to sell oil on the international market, a trade they had been counting on to finance their insurgency against the rule of Muammar Gaddafi.

Is the following a fear-tactic of American globe trodders to get the American people on-side with yet another war against al-Qaeda:

Attorney Tracy Rizzo was alarmed. A number of days ago, an envelope, with a Chicago postmark and a hand-written address to her private investigations firm, came in the mail.

The letter inside said, “The Al-Qaeda organization has planted 160 nuclear bombs throughout the U.S. in schools, stadiums, churches, stores, financial institutions and government buildings.” It also said, “This is a suicide mission for us.”

The writer, who claims to be Osama Bin Laden, tells the reader the nukes are remotely controlled...

Agencies in Oregon, California, Texas and Florida also got the letter with the Chicago postmark.

The latest on Libya is that a flip-flopping Obama decided to pull out his air force and missiles just as Gaddafi was making a decisive come-back. Doesn't that make it appear that Globamists want a drawn-out affair? And then the idea that he may or may not arm the rebels allows the West to arm them only a little, just enough to keep them kicking, as justification for having Western "spies" on the ground, while other Western agents negotiate with Libyan entities the things that will net them rewards.

Obama has been criticized as being soft while he tends to the north-African events, but isn't his attitude in this regard just "like a lamb"?It seems that no sooner does Obama make a move that he seems proud of, that something else happens immediately to make a hypocrite of him, as though God is sending His people a message to not follow his lead, to not believe his words. My constant mockery of Obama over the past few years has had that message at heart.

However, we may yet see the one and only False Prophet come out of the Polish>Republican camp.


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