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April 5 - 11, 2011

Pagan Jews Gael-ore

For the record, "Former International Atomic Energy Agency chief Mohamed ElBaradei, who had previously announced his intentions to run for the presidency of Egypt, said [April 4] that 'if Israel attacked Gaza we would declare war against the Zionist regime.' " This man had snuggled up close to the Muslim Brotherhood. Things are a'changing in Israel's "fortunes," and even the Egyptian demonstra-tots have risen up again, now in anger against the military that took over from Mubarak.,7340,L-4051939,00.html

I've got no idea why forces in Gaza have started up again with missiles, as it can only give them another black eye. Perhaps the idea is to bring Hezbollah into the offensive. Watching.

There are two major points to make regarding bloodline topics in the last update, one that can be introduced by this:

A flattering New York Times profile has increased speculation that Samantha Power, the Dublin-born aide to President Obama, could be his next Secretary of State or National Security Adviser.

She has been the main architect, along with Hillary Clinton, of the Libya policy and has an increasing influence in the White House inner circle.

LOOK, the Power surname shows a stag (Dunham-bloodline symbol) surrounded by green and white TREFOILS. After showing at the start of the last update that Denis McDonough, Obama's deputy national security adviser, has a surname linking to Obama's Dunham bloodline, I showed that McDonoughs, Donoughs (wolves), and Wolfleys all use white on green. Then, as per the belief of some (that I agree with) that Obama's true father was Frank Davis, I said: "It's known that Obama's mother worked for Rockefellers, and it just so happens that the Irish Davis Coat uses the same green trefoils as do the Rodes and Rock Coats above. Note how 'treFOIL' smacks of RockeFEUIL."

Therefore, Obama is choosing Samantha Powers (or at least thinking of it) as his foreign-affairs agent just because she belongs to the trefoil bloodline. AND, the Power stag is a design used by the Hands of Cheshire (who are in the colors of the Hannas/Hanneths). Not only do I trace the Dunham clan to the Cheshire Mascys/Masseys, but the Irish Power Coat is an image of the Dunham/Downham Coat!!! Samantha Powers is Irish, meaning that Obama does know and check heraldry symbols when making his decisions to empower people alongside himself.

As I traced "Downham/Dounham" to "Devon" for more reasons than similarity of terms, so the English Powers were first found in Devon (Cheshire's capital had been after a similar term, "Deva" I think is the spelling). And the backside of the Power stag is exactly the backside of the Down/Doun stag! Remember, the same-colored Donoughs were traced to Devon's Dumnonii founders (i.e. as they developed into the Donells/Donalds of Ireland), AND it's possible that "Davis'/Davids," the Cheshire ones anyway, are related to "Devon" and Devon-like terms.

The second point I wanted to make concerns the Hebron/Hebburn surname introduced in the last update. But that point had nothing to do (in my mind, anyway) with the point above on the Powers, and yet there seems to be a Power link to the Hebrons. For in this Power's write-up: "A shield divided perfesse green and silver with a stag trippant between three trefoils counterchanged." Trippant? Could that be code for the Trips (topic in last update)?

Considering the arguments directly below that link Trips to Drummonds, I must add that the Drummer Coat also uses the green-on-white trefoil. If that's not enough, the German Trips are also "Treff," suggesting that "trefoil" is a symbol of the Trip bloodline.

The Hebron motto term, "Tryst," led me long ago to the Tryst Coat, and the latter's motto uses "trepidum" (evokes "Trebizond=Trabzon). I neglected to add in the last update that the German Trip(p)s use the same boots (and in the same colors) as the French Masseys. I have identified the Masseys as the Amazons from Mazaca, who became the Mazyes/Meshwesh Amazighen/Mazices of Libya/Cyrene. There was a Mazaca location that was later Caesarea in Cappadocia, on the Halyes, where the Caleb-ite Jews have been traced, the Caleb-ite Jews known to be from Hebron (of Israel) elements.

How important is this where Obama has been traced (by me) to the location of Dunham Massey in Cheshire??? The founders/rulers of Dunham Massey were from Hamo(n) de Mascy; I traced "Hamon" to "Amisos" (also called, Samsun) near the mouth of the Halyes because the Amos surname showing Ames, Amis, and Hames/Haymes variations. The Amos Coat is in the colors of the Hamon surname, and as we saw that Hebron-surname elements use roses, so the Amos Coat uses roses (white, fully expected from Halybes as per arguments in the last update). And the Amos/Amis clan use quatreFOILS!

BUT wait till you see this that I didn't know until I just took the time to check the Simon surname. I checked that surname because I noted that the Amos/Amis Coat uses the same style bar as the pelican-using Pullen surname...that I trace to the same Piast-Polish bloodline as the Meschins and Masseys. I therefore wanted evidence that Hamon de Mascy was from a Samsun>Siemen bloodline that named mythical king Siemowit, ancestor of king Mieszko of Silesian elements. After loading the Siemen Coat (surname first in Silesia) again to see the sleeping moon and a "slab" symbol that I trace to "Salop," where Meschins were first found upon entering England, I tried the Simon surname to find...TREFOILS!!!

Now the Samsun/Amazon cult that led to the Siemowit Poles was traced via Guiscard, whose surname (ignoring the "card"), by the way, smacks of "Jew." In fact, the Guiscards of Sicily favored the Jews of Sicily. Again, those Guiscards had merged militarily with a Samsam character, and a Timnah character, and it can therefore be surmised that Robert Guiscard is/was called "the fox" for that very merger (both Timnah and foxes are fundamental parts of the Biblical Samson account). I repeat this because the "Jewish" Simon Coat is...a fox. The fox is on a green mound...that was (conjecturally) traced in the last update to Cyrene/Libya. The question is, what sort of Jews were the ones that Guiscard favored?

Hmm, there is a Guiscard location in PiCARDy. Guiscard is in the Oise department, using what looks like a quatrefoil, and smacking of "Gois," the bloodline of Ranulf le Meschin. In the history of Oise, we read, "At the time of the Roman conquest, the territory of the Oise is shared between different Gallic tribes. The most important is that of Bellovaci [!!!] which occupy the largest part located on the right bank of the Oise (ISAR). The Silvanectes live on the left bank of the River. "

Amazing, something I did not know, but I did trace the Bellamys, who are known to be ancestral to the Masseys, to the Bellovesus Gauls. That's why the three exclamation marks are in that quote. Considering that Bellamys (and Talbots) were also first found in Salop, a place that I trace to "Slav" elements, which I in-turn link to TranSYLVANia, note the SILVANectes tribe of Gauls. Bellamys use a bar like that of the Pullens.

The Oise Coat uses nothing but a white ostrich, and the clan (also "Louise") was first in Artois (i.e. the Picardy theater). Suddenly that gets us to the ostrich-using Traby clan that I link to Trips, a topic that I am aiming to continue below.

We're not forgetting that the Scylla region of Sicily was Massey-like Messina, or that Messina elements were traced to the Massins/Masons of Kent, where the Hamon(d) surname was first found. And, Kent is also where the Trips were first found, suggesting strongly that the German Trips/Trefs, who use the Massey boots, were related to the Kent Trips, and that Masseys and Massins were the same bloodline, an idea I hold to because Massins are traced (by me) to Massino-Visconti in Piedmont, where the Masci surname was first found. Hamon de Mascy was also Hamon de Masci, you see.

Also, the border style in the English Scott Coat was linked to the same in the Sellick/Selliock Coat, and the latter surname was traced to the Silesian elements of Mieszko. Note the wagon wheels of the Scotts, the same style (called "Catherine Wheels) as the Coulters...who I trace to "KOLODziej" the Wheelwright...the (mythical) father of Siemowit. THE POINT IS, the Scottish Scott Coat uses "Amo" for its entire motto...while Hamon de Masci was also Hamo de Masci.

AND the Scott Crest is exactly the Power stag!!

There are many stags that I see linked to the Cheshire Masseys. Hamon de Masci was granted a forest (in Cheshire) by the Conqueror for elite-hunting purposes, but I still think that an heraldic stag traces to the Heneti of the Libya theater. That is, I conjecture that the stag's importance when it comes to Hannibal-related clans (see last update for that discussion) is the "antler" being heraldic code for Anat-cult Heneti. I trace the Libyan Heneti from AENeas Mysians/Dardanians that got to the Libyan theater en route to forming the Trojan side of the Romans. The point here is, the Hamon Crest uses antlers (called "attires") and no other parts of a stag.

Might "attire" be code for the Tyrian side of the Aeneas cult, since after all that side was mythical Dido that I trace to the Tattons-of-Masci and/or the Duttons-of-Masci?

That's a "rising falcon" in the Hamon antlers (Trysts with "trepidum" motto smacking of "Trebizond" use a falcon). The falcon has "a gold mullet on each wing," important for tracing the Hamons to a clan from Miletus (the sleeping moon of the German Siemens was traced to ENDYmion of Miletus/Latmus/Caria). Indeed, I traced the Bellovesus>Bellamy ancestry of Masseys/Mascis to mythical "Bellerophon" in the Carian theater because the Massey Crest is a Pegasus, the Gorgon mythical creature to which Bellerophon was allied when in warring in and around Lycia

That helps to identify the Massey bloodline as the Meshech of Gog, but because the Pegasus came forth in mythology from the dying head of Gorgon Medusa, it's a no-brainer that the Pegasus (i.e. the peoples depicted by it) ended up as the north-African Gorgons.

For further insights if you wish them, compare the Scottish Scott Coat with the French Talbot Coat (not to mention the German Talls) and see that the same-style Coat of the English Scotts is used by English Talbots. Ranulf le Meschin married Talbots...who look like the Boii>Bohemian elements of the Mieszko Poles because they had been, "TailleBOIS."

I've mentioned quite a few times that Siemowit is shown at his Wikipedia article with a lattice design in his stockings. Wikipedia's article on Robert Guiscard once had an image of a lattice symbol on the apparel of the Guiscards; fortunately I have it saved right here. Apparently, those are trefoils on their crowns.

As per the known Guiscard ancestry in the Hautevilles, I once said that "There is no Haute Coat, but "Gaute" pops up the Cotte Coat -- with lattice." I had traced the Gautes/Cotts to the Swedish Gaut/GUST surname (chevron in colors reversed to the Hebron Coat), smacking of "Guis(card)."

Before I get to the Hebron point I wanted to make, I've got to go back the question mark placed (last update) after the Trip surname, asking whether they were Trabys or Trebys. Firstly, with a Trip trace to the Massey family, it suggests a Trip trace to the Poles, and Trabys were Poles. BUT, I traced Polish Trabys to a river of nearly the same name ("Drava" or "Trave" I think it is) in Polabia, near Hamburg. German Drummonds were first found in Hamburg, and that's one of the reasons that I linked "Drummond" to "Traby"...though there are better reasons: 1) the "Trabzon"="THERModon" argument, and, 2) the Darby=DERMot clan.

Note that the Darbys/Dermots use the same crosslets, and in the same colors, as the Trips/Treffs of Hamburg. AND, the Darby/Derby Crest is an ANTelope. (Beware the pre-tribulation rapture theory that was spawned in a cultic church owned by a Henry Drummond and propelled by the Christian cultist, John Darby).

AND...German Trips were likewise first found in Hamburg!

AND, the English Trip Coat smacks heavily of the English Hamburg-surname Coat (if you think clans chose their symbols randomly/fancifully, as suggested by misleading heraldry webpages, think again). The Hamburg Coat uses "gold drops," suggesting Drop-like branches of the Trips.

I believe that those are drops on the Drop Shield, opening up the idea that blood drops could be code for the Trabzon family of clans, perhaps even the Caleb-ites. The Drop page shows Trope and Trupe variations, suggesting relations with the Scottish Trops/Trupes that show no Coat symbols.

A question is, were the Trips also the Trumps (stag in Drummond white-on-blue), who are said to be named after "drum"...though I think that's reason for Trump=Drummond. Indeed, the Trump surname was first found in Pomerania and Mechlenburg, which is the Polabia theater.

The Caleb>(C)Halybe line of pagan Jews was emphasized in the last update, and I seem to be making good inroads to identifying the European surnames that belonged to them. It was established last week fairly well in my mind that Calebites led to the Hebron/Hebburn/Hepburn surname, but I didn't see the evidence until after publishing the last update. That Monday night, I lay my head on the pillow, and got a chance to think about it (I'd been working the rest of the day). I started thinking on the Hebron write-up that has the clan in Hebburn of Chillingham, and that had led (in the last update) to the Chill (properly "Child") surname because both it and the Hebron clans use white-on-red chevrons.

And wondering, as the pillow was yet cold, what "Child" could link to, the Khaldi came instantly to mind, making perfect sense because the Khaldi are interpreted by some as the Halybes (though I distinguish them somewhat). Amazing. (For those who don't know, I now confidently trace "Caleb" to "(C)Halybe.")

What I wasn't thinking about last night, however, but that works excellently into the Trip=Traby topic, is that the Khaldi lived at and around Trabzon!!

Now Trabzon was an Amazon land, and I say Amazons were Meshech, explaining why the Masseys and Meschins seem to be all over the Trips. But I still hold out to the idea that Meschins were part-Ishmaelites because I see Ishmaelites converging with the Amazons, for example at Samsun/Amisos (the latter term smacks of "Amazon"). One can certainly entertain the idea that Biblical "Samson" was a variation of "Amazon," but I think not. Coincidences of similarities must by force of chance be the realities at times.

For example, I think that Edomites and their Ishmaelite branch were linked to the "Edom"-like Dumuzi/Tammuz cult, and yet I identify "Tammuz" with "Amazon" but not with "Edom," though I do believe that Edomites merged with Amazons. It's conspicuous that Tammuz' wife, ISHtar, smacks of the makings of "Ishmael." As we may guess-timate, Ishmaelites lived in Hebron, for that's where Ishmael's father lived.

The Ishtar-Tammuz cult out of Uruk/Erech (Sumeria) had a so-called Mushussu dragon (it's an early griffin), and that term not only compares with "DuMUZI," but is essentially "Mussu." Note the mascles (= hollow diamonds) on the griffin's body, for I identify heraldic mascles with the Meschins/Masculines...this being evidence that Tammuz represented the Amazon=Meshech peoples...that were not Semites as were Edomites and Ishmaelites. Yet, some say that "Sumer" was named after "Shem"=Semites.

I'd known of a woman with Hicks parents before I came to the Hicks surname in my heraldic investigations. She was married to a Kilpatrick surname. He was expected to pass away imminently (in-part from the same disease that my father has had for years). I think that Mr. Kilpatrick has passed away because I learned that his wife, a Christian who doesn't believe in divorce, has a new man...with the Chillds surname. I wondered whether "KIL(Patrick)" was a prefix from "Chill/Child," and if so, I assume that the many Irish surnames using "Kil" might just be signs of Jewish blood.

I say all that because I know that the Scottish Hykes/Hakes Coat uses a chevron in colors reversed to the Hebron and Child chevrons...and that English Hykes/Hacks use scallops in Meschin and Samson colors.

It's amazing how bloodlines seem to stick together even when the people getting married don't realize it. The Patricks were first found in Kent, where the Trips were first found, which is said because Patricks use a white rose, the color of the rose in the "trepidum"-using Tryst Coat.

Who else uses blood drops? The Kilpatrick write-up: A hand holding a dagger distilling drops of blood." Daggers are a favorite Macey/Mackay symbol, but the main point is that Pattersons are from "Patrick," meaning that the blood-drops of both Pattersons and Kilpatricks (the latter use the Patrick saltire) are code for the same bloodline or even the same clan. The Drops/Trupes=Trips???

Now the Kilpatrick Chief is blue like the Patterson Chief, and while we read that Pattersons are from a Cussane/Cassane/Kissane clan, the Kilpatrick Chief uses "cushions." That's just wilder than wild, not only because it proves that Pattersons were Patricks, but I didn't know Kilpatricks use cushions when I said, "And wondering, as the pillow was yet cold, what 'Child' could link to..." (after which I suggested links to Kil terms)!

Those cushions look a lot like the Wolfley/Wooley "wool packs." Symbols can change name depending on whose using it for what.

There is a Cassane Coat (a triple red chevron) using stars in the colors of the Tryst Coat. It can be expected that Wolfleys were linked to the Singletarys known to be at the root of Obama's Dunham bloodline, and that's said because Singletarys use a triple chevron in colors reversed to the Cassanes. AND, the Singletary write-up "A black demi antelope platée, with silver antlers [and] a gold broken spear and dripping blood."

The Kissanes/GUISanes? Another stag, and it's the Venus stag...that I trace to Heneti>Veneti>Venus! I see Kissinger in the Kissanes, and as I trace Kissingers to Miletus, I note the "fideli" motto term of Kissanes, and that the Fiddes/Fido surname uses "...a silver stag's head on a black chevron between two black mullets." Fiddes were of KinCARDINEshire, if that helps to trace the stag to Hannibal CARTHaginians.

I normally trace "fideli" motto terms to the Fiddles/Fidelows, who use the same wolf-head design as the Cardine surname (of Cheshire)! AND new: I didn't know (so far as I recall) that the Cardines use a "Fide et amore" motto.

The Kilpatricks/Pattersons have been traced by me to "Petra" elements out from the EDOM theater. I say this because Kilpatricks were "First found in Dumfriesshire at Closeburn... " The Close Coat (spur) uses "fidelis." The Clovse variation smacks of king Clovis, and indeed the Shield is in the colors of the Clovis fleur-de-lys. The Cloise variation smacks of "Louis," another Clovis variation.

The Close Coat is in the white-on-blue colors of the Oise/Lois ostrich, and the spur symbol has been linked (by me) to the Speers (first found in Renfrewshire), who were in-turn linked to the Pollocks (first found in Renfrewshire) by their common trace to Lusatia/Poland. I trace the fleur-de-LYS to Lusatian elements at blue and white Lusignan (near Anjou, where the fleur-de-lys was/is a chief symbol). I had traced "ostrich" tentatively to the German spelling of "Austria," but there is an Clovis Franks came to rule Austrasia in northern France...which covered the department of Oise. Note how "Ois" reflects "os(trich)."

Moreover, the Pollocks are traced by others directly to Clovis, and meanwhile the Pollock bugles are the same style as the Close bugles (or hunting horns). AND another I compare the Jewish Pollock Coat to the Arms of Val-d'Oise!

The Close colors are also those of the LESlie-related McLeods/Clouds (from the Isle of Lewis)...who I traced solidly to Clovis/Clode elements and further back to Edomites. In consideration of the Hold-like surnames a little further below, as they apply to Celt families tracing to Polish royals, note the McLeod motto, "Hold fast."

White is especially important when tracing to Halybes (albeit the Hebrons use a red rose with their white chevron) because it's likely that "alba"="white" stems from "Halybe." You might want to see the two Alba Coats using white-on-red. This is not to say that every Alba location was founded by Halybes, though I suspect that Alba, the early name of Scotland, was...meaning that Scotland was the abode of pagan Jewish blood.

Where did the Scottish dress, the kilt, come from. I'd say the Celts, for it's very suspect that Halybes were the Galli transvestites (who became the Celt-related Gauls), and that the Khaldi should have had part of that cult somehow.

It just so happens that the Halybes invented the white metal, iron, and in fact there are Chalybe-like words in the English language pertaining to iron/steel. I kid you not, that I checked for an Iron surname after writing the above, and not only found the cross design used by English Hykes, but Irons were first found in Norfolk, where the Scottish Hykes were first found!!! Let's not forget the woman with Hicks surname that I think is in a relationship with a man of the Childs surname, for I'm already convinced that Childs were Khaldi as well as Hebron elements leading to and from Calebite Halybes.

If you don't know that Hebron elements were essentially one with Biblical Caleb, this webpage might help. Although Biblical Caleb was pro-Israel, and although he is expected to have formed a tribe after his name just because he was a hero of Israel, his tribe may not wholly have remained faithful to Israel. There were Amorites in Hebron with which to abandon Israel.

The natural thing to do is to check White surnames for more white-on-red chevrons (i.e. like the Hebron and Child chevrons), and bingo: the English White Coat uses just that! The Irish Whites use an enGRAILed chevron in colors reversed, but with red roses (i.e. the Hebron-Coat symbol). Scottish Whites were first found in COLDingham, a term that I'd trace to the Cold/Cole Coat that I think uses the black Mieske bull. Coldinghams/Colingehams (white chevron) were first found in Yorkshire, where the Coles (with an 's') were first found. Check out the Coles symbol below.

As you may know, I traced Piast KOLODziej to the Khaldi bloodline years ago, and from that I realized that COULTers (chevron) (wagon wheel) were from that Polish line. Then, as per Khaldi>Celts, some Celt-like surnames were suspect (I had no idea at the time that these were to some degree from old pagan Jews). It turned out that the Celt/Coult surname was first in Perthshire, the place to which I had traced Ishmaelites, but now it can be added, as per the last update, that Piast Poles trace back to mythical Perdix, whose tracks I see in "Perth(shire)."

The Kelts (chevron) were also first found in Perthshire. These suspected-Khaldi elements were then linked (by me) to Coles and Kyles (for the latter show signs of linkage to the Kolodziej Poles), and so, just as I suspected before starting out on the paragraph above, there is a clan of these surnames using the white-on-red chevron: the Coles (with an 's') clan!!

THEN, all three Cold-like surnames -- Golds, Goldstones, Goldsteins -- use white on red, but then I tried "Golden" to find another white-on-red chevron! In that picture, pagan Caleb-ite Jews became religious Jews. For example, Goldsteins are regarded as normal Jews; that is, from Biblical Israelites, suggesting what could be expected, that pagan Israelites of the dragon cults, who knew to be from Israelite blood, merged with religious/Biblical Jews (mainly to corrupt them with Kabala).

It is very conspicuous that the so-called Goldstone Report condemning Israel's recent war against Gaza was from a Goldstone character in south Africa, a domain held by Rhodians (it's known that the Cecil-Rhodes family named Rhodesia). After the Gaza war, I had suggested that Mr. Goldstone was from the Ishmaelite side of Hebrews, and that he represented an end-time onslaught coming against Israel from those same Edomite elements.

German Goldens use the same unicorn as in the German Troy Coat. A unicorn is used in the Gale Crest, important because the Irish-Scots, who trace themselves to Miletus, are technically, Gaels. Goldens use a green dragon in Crest, the color expected of a Miletus line to the Irish, for the Irish say that the mythical impersonation of Miletus elements came via north Africa.

One can imagine that Colds became Holds, and it just so happens that Obama's chief at the Justice department, who is now making the news for agreeing to prosecute the so-called 9-11 masterminds in a military court, has a Holder surname, and that Holdens use the same (white-on-red) eagles of the Chills/Childs, but in colors reversed. As Chills are also Childs, then Holds may also have been Holls, so I find that Dutch Holls use the same triple-chevron Coat, essentially, as the Cassanes/Cattesones. I have prepared a chapter on the dragon's roots in the Catti as they developed into the Halyes-river Hatti; a link to that chapter will be provided at the end of this and coming updates.

The Coles' use leopard heads just like these alternative English Whites, but then the Wrights (linked to "WheelWRIGHT?) also use leopard heads. As you may know that both I and Nicholas de Vere see the leopard as a symbol of Transylvanian's, note that "Sylvania" may be linked to "silver," a term that iron may have been known as. In heraldry, white is officially silver, you see, and the Silver Coat big white crescent. The Sylber variation smacks of a soft-c version of "Chalybe." Hmm, the only other metal in heraldry Could it be that both metals are code for simply the Halybes/Khaldi?

As per the paragraph above, I was trying things like "Kilbe(r)" without luck, but then got to the white roses on red chevron of the Gilberts! The French Gilberts/Gilbers use the same (adler) eagle as the Chills/Childs, strongly suggesting Gil=Chill blood.

The Silvan Coat has no symbols (aside from the Chief), and is just a white/silver Shield. The Silvayne/Salvayne Coat and Chief smacks of the Sellick Coat, and that's conspicuous where both terms have similarity. Hmm, when stressing the Sau/Sava river a few months ago, I suggested that it would not be surprising to find Transylvanian elements behind the Sava clans, and just now I see that the French Silvan surname is also Savant/Sauvan/Sauvent/Sauvain/Sauvanelle/Sauvanet/Sauvannon. Amazing, for this suggests that "Sau/Sava" was a variation of "TranSYLVANia. And if true, I think we have yet more Caleb-ite Jews in the Sava theater.

When I was on that Transylvania>Sava idea, I pointed out the "mourant" motto term of the Silvans, as it should be code for the Mures/Maros river of Transylvania. The Silvans use another green dragon, and as I trace "Thraco/Thracian" to "Saracen," so I've got to repeat that the Saraka clan (of Ragusa, near the Sava) was linked (by me) to the Sava clans because I had made a definite Sava link to Saracens. The House of Saraka uses a WHITE fish (I should add that my eyes are peeled for a white halibut as symbol for "Halybe"). The ALBAnian coast where Ragusa sits had a Celt-related location (can't recall the spelling) that was almost identical with "Labyrinth," and that helped to convince that Ragusa was named after the Cretan Rhae.

German Sauers (white Shield, its red lion linked by me to Russells with "sara" motto term) are said to come from the Sau/Sava river, and English Sauers use white MARtins that are code for Merlin elements (i.e. from the Mures>Marsi line). The Sauer martins are technically "footless martins," that I've traced to the lame symbol of Hephaestus, the mythical metal smith of Lemnos. I did trace the Mures-river clans to the Hebros/Maritsa, off the mouth of which is Lemnos. English Sauers were first in Norfolk, where the Irons were first found.

Zowie, the Rons use a white-on-red bar, and "The family were well established in the region of Calvados..." The Ron bar is wavy just like the one on the Hicks Coat.

Hmm, the Arrons use a white Shield and leopard heads. The write-up traces to Celts, and variations show only "Uren" and "Trewren." That smacks of the True/Trew surname (white Shield, greyhounds). AND LOOK, the German True Coat has "LIEB" on a white bar! The only "problem" is (problems can also be additional revelations), the German Trues show no True-like variations, but rather show terms: Secrest, Zachreiss, Zachrest, etc.

After writing the paragraph above, another white-on-red chevron was found as per "Sack," and that's what I've shown as the Sage/Sayge surname...that I linked to Seagers=Sawyers=Sauers.

Seagars (in Sawyer/Sauer colors) use a white cross and were first found, like the Irons, in Norfolk. Therefore, it appears that Arrons/Trewrens were of the Iron bloodline that included Seagers, Sacks...and Zachcrests that come up when entering "True." I should add that there are an Iron peoples today out of Alania/Ossetia, clearly an Aryan=white peoples.

LOOK, I tried Arnold (Ernold variation) just now as per "Arron," and got another white-on-red chevron! Supposing that the clan became Erin-like, I got a red rose and red lions on a white bar in the Herrin(g) Coat. It smacks of the "Urion/Urien" that the Arron/Trewren clan is said to derive in, The Hicks Coat (i.e. using the Ron wavy bar) shows an "heure" motto term.

THEN, thinking that "Herring" could be related to "Caring," I found no such surname, but that didn't stop from trying "Carr" (Ker variation) as per potential Carian elements, and that got yet another red-on-white chevron! Evidence of Carr traces to the Carian-Rhodes theater is the sun in the Carr Crest. AND the motto is "Sero sed serio." I am now reminded that I traced "Carrick/Kerrick" to "Saracen."

Irish Carrs use a white chevron too, and a "Clavo" motto term smacking of (C)Halybe elements. Remember, Rons were from Calvados.

Recalling the Kearn (sleeping moon) trace to the Miletus/Carian theater, perhaps the white herons of the Hearns ("surgo" motto term) apply. While we expect Rhodes elements to be red on white, perhaps the white was a symbol of the Rhodian city of Ialysos, a city that I traced tentatively to the Halys-river Halybes. The Hearns use white herons on green, perhaps indicating the Miletus line through Libya. English Herons? White herons on red.

The Orrs could just apply. I had mentioned them as Guiscard-important because the Orr/Ore Coat uses the Guiscard piles (in white on red), but as per the Mormon link to Guiscard treated in the last update, where the Omni elements of the Mormons were highlighted, I can now add that the Orrs use an "omnia" motto term. "Piles" were traced to Poles, and so don't miss the pelican in the Hearn/Heron Crest.

Back to the "LIEB" written across the True/Zachrest Coat. While it can be suspected that the term refers secretly to "Halybe," there is a Lieb/Leber Coat (using leaves, suggesting the Leaves/Lief clan). There is "flattery" and "smooth-talking" evidence in the Lieb write-up that the clan links itself to the Seleucid-related anti-Christ figure of Daniel 11. The fact that Liebs were first found in Seleucus-like Silesia supports that idea.

That Lieber entity in Poland's Silesia evokes the recent trace just made of royal Poles to Crete, suggesting that Liebs, and therefore Trues/Zachrests, were from the Cretan labyrs and/or labyrinth entities (the Mieske Coat uses a bull, the labyrinth symbol). It was very recently that I included the Crete/Crest Coat, and taking a look at the Zachrest variations, you'll see more allusions to "Crest."

The Crey and Cray variations of the Cretes allow us to make links to the Scottish Crays/Crees/Raes/Craiths/Creights...that I traced from "Curete" to "Cruithne/Cruithen" of Ireland. I think the green-dragon Crichtons/Craightons (of Bute) are related, and I now see that this same dragon design is used by the Golden Crest.

The Goldens were first found in Oxfordshire, and that has traditionally been Vere-land (so to speak), which I say not only because Goldens use Vere colors, but because Veres use a green dragon too and claim (as per Nicholas de Vere) to descend from the Cruithne to the Picts. Moreover, the Crichtons are known to be of Bute (the Crichton blue-on-white lion was that of king Rory of Bute), which I identify as mythical Avalon, the island that Nicholas traces Veres to (as per mythical Melusine, a woman portrayed in various European writings as a dragon of Lusignan. Nicholas traces his bloodline also to Transylvania, and that should explain why the Silvan Crest is likewise a green dragon.

Melusine is the so-called "elvin" princess, a code that I link to "Alba," and in fact Nicholas traces Veres to the royal-Pict transition to royal Scots...which occurred as per king Alpin, and moreover Scotland under Picts was called, Alba. The Picts had a CALEDonian branch that I trace to the "Khaldi," though more directly it links better to "Celt." The Vere link to these Halybe/Khaldi elements is not surprising as per the Halybes that are at the root of Arthurian elements.

Veres claim to have been Merovingians, and that's got to be connected to Melusine's Anjou elements, for Anjou historically used the gold-on-blue fleur-de-lys, symbol rooted in Clovis. Compare "Clovis" to "Chalybe" or "Calvados," where Veres lived.

We can figure White-surname connections to Alba, and so I'll repeat that Whites use leopard heads, a symbol of Transylvanian's on the Mures. The Blank Crest uses a leopard head (in Arron-leopard gold),. The Arrons use ravens, the symbol of raven-depicted vikings on Shetland, and then we see that Blanks were first found in Shetland.

Does anyone recall that I traced the proto-Drummonds of Shetland to the ostrich-using Trabys, and that the Traby ostrich and bugles were traced to Crete? Compare the Arron Coat with the Creed/Credes Coat, for both surnames were first found in Cornwall. The Cornwall surname was traced solidly to Shetland (see the new chapter at the link at the bottom of this page).

The Patrick motto uses "labora" as code for the ancient labrys and labyrinth codes of Crete. In the way that I realized the Lapiths were H-less Halybes out of Aleppo/Halab, so the labyrs and labyrinth codes may be C- and H-less Calebite Jews on Crete (the labyrinth was a Minoan entity). The labrys double axe is suspect as a Hephaestus cult on Crete (the Phaistos location of Minoan Crete is suspect). Hephaestus' Kabeiri cult was Ixion, king of Lapiths; I have reason to believe that "Ixion" was mythical "Iasion," founder of the Kabeiri cult (I explain this further in the new chapter).

Although Hephaestus was made the leader of the cult, one can assume that it was his elements that founded it. I'm not forgetting that Hephaestus was given some family members pre-fixed with Aex/Aik/Aex/Aix terms (hard to find online now). Pan was married to Aix/Aex, and it's known that Pan's Satyrs were linked closely by myth writers to Ixion's Centaurs.

The German Lapps/Labbes? A white-on-red rose. And why are the Scandinavian Lapp peoples also called "Sami"...while Iasion lived on Samothrace?

The sleeping moon of the Kissingers was treated in relation to Carians in a last March update, and so I should add here that I'm tracing "Iasion" from a K-less version of "KIZZU(watna)" for more reason than similarity of terms. As I thought to link "Kissin(ger)" to mythical Cyzicus (Kos elements at Caria and Rhodes?), perhaps he and they were named ultimately after "Kizzu."

Note below the Sampson-like Simpson surname high up in the BBC, a news organization that should be infested with Illuminatists seeking Libyan oil. The Simms Coat? Not just the Hebron chevron (with ravens), but another "labora" motto term...and an axe! I did not have this in mind when I wrote the above on the labrys topic. I did not have it in mind when suggesting months ago that the Samson cult was merged with Hebron elements (to the south-west of ancient/Amorite Jerusalem). Suddenly, there are ample reasons to link Hebron to the Samson cult.

The first export of oil from rebel-held areas of eastern Libya for almost three weeks is due to begin later.

Libya's opposition groups are making plans to load a tanker believed to have now docked at a terminal near Tobruk.

It comes as Nato air strikes were reported against pro-Gaddafi forces and rebels gathered near the town of Brega.

...Meanwhile Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, son of Col Gaddafi...told the BBC's world affairs editor John Simpson that Mr Koussa had travelled to Britain for health reasons...

If the Libyan rebels do not support Western fingers trying to get around the Brega oil port, it can explain things such as Obama retracting on his loan of American jets and missiles (I say "loan" because the providers expect something in return). By allowing the rebels to sweat in the face of defeat, they will be more likely to make a deal with Westerners in return for the lifeline that the jets secure. The trick may be to make the rebels sweat as much as possible without letting the oil port go solidly to Gaddafi. But if Gaddafi comes back and offers the West a good deal, the Westerners will betray their high-moral ground as per their support of the rebels, and allow Gaddafi to stay in power.

While perusing the news at this page showing a female "vampire" by the surname of Cristerna, I thought that Christ-like surnames could actually link back to Crete=Crest-related clans. The first surname entered was "Crist," and there were white and red roses. A shown variation is "Christ."

The Crissy Coat? White on red.

The Chris Coat? A white (on blue) swan. The Creuse Coat? A white lion on blue. Hmm, another white-on-red chevron in the Crow/Croe Coat.

Here's a quote from the new chapter:

It just so happens that, apart from considerations of a Halybe=Caleb equation, I had traced the Maccabee (= Israelites, in-part, anyway) and Pharisee bloodline(s) to Trojan elements in Cappadocia (e.g. mythical Capys), and so note [mythical] AndroMACHE [mother of king Hector]. It can be assumed that Andromache was a term long before the Maccabees arrived to the historical stage. It could be that the existence of Caleb-ite Israelites on the Halyes river attracted a Mache entity...I'm assuming now that "ANDro" is code for Heneti.

Hmm, there is German Mache surname using a sleeping moon, the symbol that I traced to ENDymion, the sleeping myth character who was mate to the moon goddess. I traced her, "Selene," to Seleucus elements because a sleeping moon is used by the Karen/Kearn surname of Silesia. The Mache surname is likewise first found in Silesia! Is that not amazing where Maccabees warred with Seleucids???

As I just linked Andromeda to the Heneti before this paragraph was conceived, before I tried the Mache surname, it would appear that "Andro" does in fact trace to the Heneti that Endymion represented. If that be true, then the Mache surname is itself a branch of Andromache elements from Troy.

Man. I checked the German Anders Coat mainly for fun, and its ancestral home is in Silesia!

Compare the Mache Coat to the Kissinger Coat.

The second "accidental" strike of NATO forces on their "rebel" friends, and the sudden pulling out of American planes before that, may be evidence of friction between NATO and the rebel leadership. These things are being reported in conjunction with a "stalemate" that really shouldn't be the case if only the West really wanted to defeat Gaddafi promptly. But I don't think that's the case. I think Western engineers of the Libyan intrusion have the mind to engineer some other things for their own benefits. While the article above doubts that the West is in Libya to purely to save civilians, it says nothing about any self-interest.

That's because it's media-incorrect to make such accusations unless fellow media are making them too, but globalists, by creating an appearance of good intentions, try to engineer their self-interested plots in ways that media will not detect. It was made to appear that Americans don't want to be intrusive because they really do want to intrude, and now we've already heard from a US general that boots on the ground may be needed. It's a classic Obama flip-flop that we are supposed to forgive him for.

The science of creating false impressions is vital to Democrat leaders. How can it be the case that over 40, perhaps nearing 50, percent of the American people still want Obama to be president in 2012? What has bewitched them that they do not acknowledge a monster wishing to increase the deficit to mega-proportions? Obama's budget for 2012 will reduce government spending by a mere 100 billion annually. This year, the deficit (the amount the government spends above what it takes in) is projected to be 1,500 billion dollars (about $7,500 per American worker), and the country is already ten times that figure in debt, yet when he and his Democrat smoke-and-mirror bums came out (a few weeks ago) to offer a mere 10 billion reduction in annual government spending, whatever political standing Obama had left was strong enough to allow him to accuse the Republicans of playing politics with their own spending-reduction plans.

It's amazing that this buffoon thinks he'll get away with blaming Republicans for what he himself is responsible for, but his other alternative is to sacrifice more borrowed money for self-interested causes. It is not media-correct to accuse the O-dministration of seeking to destroy the United States from within, but when we see it bringing the nation to the brink like this, how else are we to interpret things? The 1,500 billion amount that the O-government will over-spend in this fiscal year is more than half the amount that it will take in.

The national debt is more than 14,000 billion dollars.

Figure it out. How long will it take the government to re-pay the debt when government spending is more than it takes in? Assuming 200 million workers, the debt is $70,000 per worker. How long will it take workers to re-pay $70,000 when the total amount that government takes from them is insufficient to pay back a dime? For how long with the workers pay interest on their $70,000 loan?

Obama's 2012 budget will not reduce the debt, as claimed, by 1,100 billion over ten years, for we know that this figure is an exaggeration in order to keep liberals happier about their financial destruction. But even if the debt were to be reduced by that amount, how long would it take to pay the 14,000 billion debt? About 140 years. How much interest will be paid by each worker for a loan term that long? Yet Obama bickering about lowering the annual deficit by 30 or 40 billion, and blaming Republicans for wanting to reduce it by more.

How much will it hurt the people who benefit from the borrowed money, if 40 percent of it were to be taken away permanently? That's roughly the percentage figure that needs to be reduced in federal-government spending in order to balance the federal budget (not including state, local and personal debts). But balancing the budget pays nothing toward the 14,000 billion debt. The $70,000 per-worker loan will yet remain out-standing. Yet Obama has just reluctantly agreed to cut spending by a mere 2.7 percent for the remainder of 2011.

Doesn't this expose something about Obama on whether he really does care about the people? And if he cares nothing for the American people, what makes anyone think that he cares for Libyans and Egyptians?

If America is to furnish the False Prophet, monstrous national debt and deficits will provide some good news, and some bad news. The good news is that there will be less money to persecute, but the bad news is, they will be furious at our leaving the tax-paying streets. The dragon will spew a river in order to counter our leaving, and though the river will be nullified, we can expect other forms of malice. Revelation 13 warns of a philosophical war too, on religious grounds. The fury of the Revelation-12 dragon has motives based on the Christianity of the tribbers. The war that Revelation 13 touches on seems very much like the hatred of liberals for the "Christian right."

I watch Bill O'Reilly to get a sense of where he's taking the Republican mind-set. Bill has much political power. If he supports Donald Trump, suddenly Donald has ratings that make him a front-runner. Bill, a Catholic, said that the extreme right has rights to speak it's mind. But he said it in such a way as to put stress on their position on the far right. That's an insult, in other words, making the Protestant Christians appear extreme, on the fridge, outside the position that Bill thinks he's in: the normal center.

I realize that Biblical Christians are a minority in the population, and yet they are the largest religious group in America, precisely the reason that liberals have maintained their definition of separation of church and state. I don't like it when Biblical Christians are portrayed as extreme when it's Biblical values that are normal, logical, helpful, lofty, glorious, vital. The center ought not to be defined as agreement half with liberals and half with Republicans, for anyone taking that position merely to be viewed as normal seems more like as moron to me. Anyone agreeing half with liberals just to appear fair, mild, kind, normal and intelligent doesn't know that they play the fool.

O'Reilly really loves "Miller Time," yet Miller came on telling how proud he is to be an atheist. Miller is definitely one cat to avoid. He's got a social agenda, and it isn't good.

Bill O'Reilly said that "his job" was to keep viewers "calm." That's the same idea received from Hannity's nightly routine, where he says, "Let not you heart be troubled," when introducing his Great American Panel. If being in the political and social center has the purpose of keeping viewers calm, of not igniting the civil conflicts of this generation, is that for Christ or against Him? Didn't He say that He came to divide even a parent from a child? Yes, but he doesn't divide them the way that liberals divide them, by turning the children into bums, pot smokers, and sexual disasters. Isn't that something to get un-calm about? Shouldn't we be screaming?

In fairness to Bill O'Reilly, he does get riled at times, and does come across morally-fixed. That's the side I like about him, and would like to see more of. But, he has the No-Spin-Zone reputation to live up to, and part of that agenda is to prove that he's a no-spin kind of a guy. So what he does is compliment and even tow leftists to give the effect of not taking sides with Republicans, and of course that's like decorating the horns of the devil.

This is not the time to make viewers calm and useless, or to shun the blow-horns of the tea party where the "far-right" has some stake in it. Bill's either afraid that supporting Biblical Christians will threaten his numbers, or he just dislikes political activism that goes purely along Biblical lines. When one has the number one media-based show in the world, as Bill does, it's opportunity to fan a fire that burns the liberals. If Bill likes Donald Trump for his tendency to make noise, why doesn't Bill turn up his own noise level?

Ruin awaits every numero-uno guy that doesn't glorify the Number One in the Sky. If one thinks that keeping the number-one rating can be accomplished by maintaining calm and not risking too much controversy, he ceases to be a fellow of the Divider in the Sky. He's coming with a sharp sword not to smother the American pie with sugar, and one doesn't use a sword to weld the right to the left.

The political center is for the hypocrites, for men who decide to appear a little like women, and women deciding to appear a little like men, until no one can tell them apart, or interpret where they stand on the issues. Is that normal? Isn't it more normal to take the position of God and to stick to it? I understand what Bill is trying to say by "No Spin Zone," that he's calling the issues the way he sees them, not the way that Republicans alone cast them, nor the way that Democrats alone cast them. But are we not Commanded to cast the issues as Christ cast them, and are we not extremely happy about doing so just because we know that he's the Normal One?

Do we build the artwork of nationhood with the mud of the nation too? Don't we first clear the floor of mud before proceeding to form the shape of the nation? Do we bring the mud to the center of the floor, and then spread it on the artwork as it takes shape?

It's true that if we remove the mud from the floor, the creatures that had lived in the dirt will come back to the floor with a vengeance. But are there no methods to deal with mere pests? Do we fear trolls who don't know the difference between their accusations and their own warts? Isn't it absolutely true that when liberals accuse the right, they are routinely guilty of so-called "projection"? Therefore, every time that they make an accusation is an opportunity to turn the accusation back upon them. It's this very method that has made Republican commentaries wildly successful against liberals. The only natural way to proceed forward is to turn up the volume.

Alas. Revelation 13 discloses that the world will be made to take the moral and social shape of the "image of the beast." It says that the image will be a talking icon=picture, suggesting television. The question is, therefore, whether pro-Republican television and radio are already contributing, or will contribute, to the image of the beast. We know that Freemasonry is the blocking together of various groups, and that the United Nations seeks the special cement to unite all the religions of the world.

We can guess correctly that the image of the beast will be directly counter to the "far-right" of the social spectrum, and that the ones who will support the image of the beast are those who place us on the far right in the first place, making room in the center of the floor for the image of the beast. The truth is being shoveled away from the floor, and the artwork in the center shall stink like the crap that's spread over it as an outer coating. Yet liberals will tolerate the crap in return for keeping the right's truth at bay.

Every time that he opens his mouth to attack the far-right, Obama wears the eyes of a vulnerable lamb, as though the far-right is the wolf seeking to devour him. And he converts his fellow liberals into hunters, and he equips them with the guns, so to speak, to hunt us down. Every word that comes out of his mouth to attack us is a conspiracy against us, for his liberal fellows know exactly what he's directing them to do. Shoot us dead, so to speak.

And for love of war against us, liberals forget that they are supposed to be a statue of liberty, and they easily forget because they know that the statue has been crap from the start. The liberty they stand for is liberty for their own sins, not liberty for Christians to spread God through their society. Their sewage wouldn't be so intolerable had they joined forces to sin quietly in their own bedrooms, but having won their "individual rights," they reach out, with aggression, to your children and mine in order to have the whole world join their orgy. And they know full well what they are doing in this great conspiracy that comes out of the mouths of their leaders.

Put the Body of Christ in the Center of the Floor, O'Reilly, and defend it against the pests that will be sure to attack. Never mind that the Church has warts of its own that liberals exploit, for God does not despise small things who favor Him.

Of course, I'm not referring to the Catholic Church. The Body of Christ can be defined as the tongue speaking the divisive things of Christ. The words of Christ were the spikes that nailed Him to the Cross, and they will be the words that "sacrifice" us before the image of the beast.

Here's what I'm ashamed of: to lose the tongue of Christ. This world is at war with my tongue, and it's having success. The world can be defined as the things that enter my eyes to influence my tongue. The world would have less power over me if I were to rip out my eyes. And when the world gets hold of my tongue to rip it out completely, when it orders me to bless the image of the beast, so my tongue will fear speaking up for Christ. It would be different if I were not human, if I were made of steel. But when the human tongue is weak, God has more control over it. Jesus said not to be concerned about what we should speak when taken into custody.

Until the great trumpet sounds in the silence on that Day, we will need to be content being the small players on the sidelines. If we put our hopes in the Sean Hannitys and Bill O'Reillys of the superstar world, bets are that they won't speak up for us the greater that their fame becomes.

Isaiah prophecy tells that end-time Egypt will be dried up when the Nile is dried up, simultaneous with the beast conquering that country. And so there's this:

Ethiopia on Wednesday said it planned to build a huge dam on the Nile despite a long-running row with Egypt over use of the river and concern the dispute may spark a war.

The nine countries through which the river passes have for more than a decade been locked in often bitter talks to renegotiate colonial-era treaties that gave Egypt and Sudan the lion's share of the river's waters.

However, six of the nine upstream countries -- Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania and Burundi -- have signed a new deal stripping Egypt of its veto and agreeing to renegotiate how much water each country is entitled to.

It's hard to know whether the prophecy will be due to dams or lack of rainfall.

Not only are we hearing that Genetically modified cows produce 'human' milk, but on television I hear that some government has given the green light to produce part cow and part human embryos to farm stem cells. It's just a matter of time, if this world is permitted to continue long enough, before society will be made ready to accept a viewing of humanoid beasts of mythic proportions. Any such creatures that have already been "birthed" are highly secret due to the illegality of producing them.


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