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May 14 - 17, 2010

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May 14

Before I get to the news, I'd like to show you how myth codes worked. It has to do with yesterday's topic of Ino=Leucothea. I always had problems identifying "Ino" and so shunned it at every opportunity. She was the dread enemy of Nephele and the rider (= Phrixus) of the golden fleece. Her identification yesterday with Lycians caused me to realize that her son, Melicertes, represented Curete founders of Miletus.

For, Sarpedon was a son of Zeus and Europa, and Zeus was revealed by at least one myth writer to be merged fundamentally with Curetes i.e. so that we expect Zeus' Cretan sons to be somewhat of a Curete peoples. Sarpedon was made the founder of Miletus, you see, and then went on as a ruler of Lycians. Keep in mind as I identify Ino further that Zeus on Crete, as per his forming Cretan "sons," was depicted as a white bull.

I got to thinking that Ino, depicted as Leucothea (= "white goddess") was none other than Io, goddess of Argos depicted as a white cow. With that in mind, I recalled two key ideas, first that Cadmus had found Thebes by following a bull to it, and secondly that others trace the founders of Argos back to Tarsus (= Taurus-us) of Cilicia, which was a nation beside the Taurus mountains.

PERFECT! For the Bible makes Tarsus the mother of Tyre, and since the white Taurus bull of Zeus was a Tyrian people, we also trace Zeus to Tarsus. Io was therefore the Zeus cult at Tarsus (Biblical "Tarshish"). Moreover, Cadmus depicted the Cati of Cilicia living next to, or even among, Tarsus. Apparently, the Cadmus wave of Cilicians to Thebes/Boiotia followed a wave from Tarsus.

The idea was that Ino, made a daughter of Cadmus, was likewise depicting a peoples of Tarsus, but that she was viewed as an extension of the Cadmus wave from Thebes into Argos. And that's when I remembered that the founder of Argos was made mythical INAchus. I think that's bang-on correct, and it gives me pleasure to break the Ino code, for it opens up a lot of doors that were closed. Further investigation showed that Philodice, another daughter of Inachus, was made a "wife" of Leucippus. That clinches the Inachus link to Ino, but keep in mind until the below that "Philo(dice)" may also link Pamphylians to Argos.

The idea yesterday that "Lycia" was somehow related to a hypothetical "SeLYCIA" that turned into "CiLICIA" (or vice-versa) seems to contradict my recent idea that both "Telchis" and "Seleucus" derive from time-distant variations of "Colchis." However, I did trace "Cilicia" to "Colchis" years ago. It means that Helios, a peoples from Colchis, was in Cilicia, likely as the proto-Galli on the Halys (= sea/salt) river, and that explains why Helios loved mythical Halia (= salt) but loved Leucothea (= salt goddess) more. These two loves tend to reveal that Lycians were related to the Galli, both of them involved with Cilicia.

These Helios branches, especially as depicted by Halia, then merged with mythical Rhodos (Halia was made her mother), and since I trace the island of Rhodes to Arados (Syria), the brother of Sarpedon, RHADAmanthos, is conspicuous. He appears to be a mix of Arados with Manto (the Tiresias line) elements. He may even expose that "Manes" was also "Manthos," so as to link Manes to Manto, but in any case the Minoans of Crete, other sons of Zeus with Europa, come to mind.

The point is, Rhadamanthos appears to be the Rhodian link to Crete, as for example myth writers equated the Telchines of Rhodes with Curetes of Crete. Keep in mind that I trace "Crete/Curete" to the Kartli/Kartvelians = Georgian-branch Colchians.

Since the Cadmus Phoeni-Cilicians founded Thebes, Argos, and even the Spartans, it gives reason to link Cadmus elements with the Tantalus>Pelops>Atreus line to Atreus-based Spartans. The key is the myth fact that Cadmus was given another daughter, Semele, who I think depicted Tmolus, the mountain at Lydia/Sardis from which the Tantalus>Pelops line arose. The question is only whether the Pelops line to Sparta was the same, in different terms, as the Cadmus line to "Sparti," or whether they were two waves at different times.

Now the Inachus term is a key for revealing that he and Ino depicted the Anat cult. I had traced Inachus to the Sumerian Enki, and he was in turn traced to the Anaki "giants," and indeed Enki was an integral part of the Anu and Antu cult (also named in honor of the Anaki peoples) that provided "Anat." Now mermaids and mermen are traced by others to Enki, as is Poseidon, and so we find Greek mermen as Tritons, while mythical Rhodes was herself related to Tritons (see last update page).

Poseidon's trident symbol becomes an obvious Poseidon link to Rhodes. In fact: "Poseidon was nursed by Capheira, a minor goddess, at Rhodes and raised by mysterious gods known as the Telchines who taught him in the use of his mystical powers and granted him his trident..." One cannot separate Telchines from the Poseidon cult of Pisidians, therefore (which happens to support my theory that the term, deluge, derived from "Telch" elements...which is to say that Telchines were a sea peoples). Remember, Pisidian-equated Pamphylians enter Poseidon-Rhodes foundations as myth made Poseidon mate with AmphiTrite in giving birth to Rhodos.

We can now trace the Enki mermen to Inachus and Ino of Argos, meaning that the Trite root of Rhodians, and therefore Rhodians themselves, had to play a fundamental role in the founding of Argos. If correct to identify Tritons with Tartus (Syria), known to be founded by the island/sea peoples of Arados, then Argos was founded by peoples of Arados as they evolved first into Rhodians. The obvious importance of this new perspective, not emphasized in any of my writings, is that Rosicrucians trace fundamentally to Argos too. It was fully expected on other considerations, but I don't think I had ever found the Argos-Rhodes link like this. It's a whole new understanding that I can bank on.

The trace of the Enki-and-Anu Anaki to Argos foundations, via Ino of Anatolian Lycians, traces them to the Heneti over which Pelops ruled. But it also traces the Anaki to Baal, husband of Anat. Baal ruled at mount Cassius, which I think was linked to the Cati Cilicians (of Khassi, Cilicia) = the Cadmus>Ino line. In other words, the Biblical Baal cult was fundamentally an Anaki/Anunnaki one, exposing the Anaki as the arch enemies of YHWH, and we should therefore expect the Anaki to rule the earth at Armageddon...for the Great Showdown that gives the Anaki their due rewards for their historical deeds.

Here's some interesting news:

"The recent crash of a Polish military transport that killed most of Warsaw's senior civilian and military leaders was not only a human catastrophe for a key U.S. ally. NATO sources said that, in addition to the loss of nearly 100 pro-U.S. Polish leaders, the crash provided Moscow with a windfall of secrets.

The crash killed Polish President Lech Kaczynski in western Russia on April 10 and decapitated Poland's military, killing two service chiefs, key military aides and several national security officials, many of whom were carrying computers and pocket memory sticks that contained sensitive NATO data.

...The compromise of the codes is considered what electronic spies call a 'break for Moscow code-breakers...

...The coded communications, if decrypted, would reveal some of NATO's most intimate secrets, such as plans for defenses and even the identities of agents or allied eavesdropping sources.

Other Polish and NATO secrets also were believed to be aboard the jet, and so far Russia's government is refusing to cooperate fully with Poland's government in providing details on the cause of the crash, or even to turn over the Polish jet's black boxes.

Additionally, Poland's interim government has not pressed the Russians for answers to questions about the crash, such as why Russian aviation authorities, without any investigation, ruled that pilot error caused the crash minutes after the jet crashed short of the runway in fog at Russia's Smolensk airport. Polish security and aviation authorities also were denied access to the crash site."

REVEAL REVEAL REVEAL the codes of the Atlanteans, for their time is up. Their secrets are about to turn against them. And they know they do not have much time, as waves of organizations seek to bring them down in very bad press. These organizations are working to expose their individuals and their agendas. The agenda is to steal money to build their Atlantis, by fabricating crisis after crisis, albeit I think they have resolved to fabricate the appearance of crisis after crisis because real crises are too dangerous for them:

"After a week in which the EU took drastic measures to wrest the initiative from financial markets, EU leaders are finally using a debt crisis to launch painful reforms that could prevent it becoming a spent force [a spent force means globalists can't have money].

After weeks of failing to resolve Greece's debt problems, the EU agreed its part in a $1-trillion rescue fund for Euro zone countries early on Monday, and Spain and Portugal have bitten the bullet since then by announcing austerity plans [show a worm, and there will be no lack of hungry chickadees with mouths wide open].

...'There is still a long way to go. We have opened the gate. Now we have yet to go through it,' said Ulrike Guerot, an analyst at the European Council on Foreign Relations think-tank.

...For the first time in the crisis, the EU appears to be getting ahead of the curve [that phrase is a personal interpretation of what is going on, suggesting a valiant/honorable fight by the EU when in fact its all a scam] and has the support of the International Monetary Fund and the European Central Bank.

...'They've reached a very impressive and significant agreement that gives them some respite, some time," said Uri Dadush, head of the International Economics Program at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Washington."

"Some respite, some time," words that make it appear necessary to borrow first a trillion, then more trillions. The article is by Reuters, which is likely in bed with British globalists. Do we really think that immediately following the Greek "crisis" that the rest of Europe needs the same treatment, which by the way is the O-treatment to the U.S.? Look at how fast the Europe-wide crisis took place on the heels of the Greek one. These thieves are in a hurry, a big hurry, and hastiness gets plotters in a heap of trouble. You watch; they will end up burying themselves in shame and regrets even before Armageddon buries them in the fires of Hades and Tartarus.

"'We were totally unprepared for what was happening. It was clear by the end of the week that we had to act,' one senior EU official said of the EU's decision to change tack." Blah-Blah, but not all EU members will like it, just as Americans didn't like the O-treatment. The globalists know they're taking a big risk, but its either that or no money to build Atlantis before she topples in political furor. The people are not going to feel safe in this Atlantis. Where's my old sovereign country, they're going to ask, I want my old country back, with chickens and picket fences, and barns. I don't like living in this Eurozone money-sucking machine that wants to swallow me up whole. Where's the sound of old men talking it up and laughing at the five corners? I want ma back with greasy frying pan in hand. Take this microwave and shove it!

The article is a long apologetic for why Europe should have its crisis and eat it too. It mentions Simon Tilford, chief economist at the Center for European Reform think-tank. The Tilford surname, in Talbot colors, has a Tailyefer variation which looks linked to the Tail/Tailler surname with Taillefer variation. These families could be the reason for the "Taillebois" root of the Talbots. The German/Austrian Till/Tiller Coat is in Tilford colors and uses a SINGLE WHITE ARROW ON RED between rings, evoking the Rothschild Illuminati. Tilfords were first in HUNtingdonshire.

By chance, an hour or two after writing the paragraph above, I came across a French Taillefer Coat (surname first in Normandy) using the eight-pointed Ishtar star, seen also in the RothsStein/Rothschild Coat, which itself uses a SINGLE WHITE ARROW ON RED between stars! The Taillefers use a cloud in the Crest. The surname may be variant to "Sullivan/Sylvan > Silvers" lines. The English Taillefers were first found in Somerset, the place to which I trace Sumerians. Compare the Tilford Coat to this English Taillefer Coat if you're not yet convinced of a link.

My bet is that the Tilford surname at the Center for European Reform think-tank is a Rothschild agent of the Seleucid-bloodline dragon cult. I'm keeping in mind that Ishtar was from a Dilmun/Telmon peoples that I equate with Deylamites/Delymites, who had a Gels/Gileki branch = Helios-based Colchians>Cilicians. Also, the Dulaim tribe of ANbar, Iraq, where Anat's old home is located at modern Anah.

For your further study, this from my Aquitaine chapter of early 2007:

Just as I was asking myself if I could possibly find evidence of TheoDulphus in Angouleme, I went back to the Wikipedia page (above) and found that the counts of Angouleme begin with the House of Taillefer! The first count listed is Turpion whose rule is dated 839-863, the time period in which Ingelger was born. See that "Taillefer is also the name of a mountain in the Dauphine Alps."

This Wikipedia page says, "Telfer, Scottish surname based on Taillefer." When entering Telfer, the same Coat pops up as when one enters "Tilford."

Entering "Siller" brings up the Sellers Coat in the same colors, using grails. The Swiss Sillers, in the same colors again, use "Seyler" and "Sayler", reflecting the Taylor variation of the Tails/Taillers.

I was so wrapped up in yesterday's update that I didn't have time to tell of the dream during the night. A mouse was trying to get under my arm as i lay in bed asleep. It seemed like a long time, about 20 seconds, and it was vibrating my upper arm as it strenuously tried to get in under it. I tried to wake up, but couldn't, and did finally wake up when I appealed, still in the dream, to the name of Jesus. There was no mouse in the bed in reality. That was the fourth time that an imaginary mouse was in my bed to wake me up.

I neglected to tell you, that a couple of days before the dream, while writing on heraldry topics, I heard a mouse under the floor, scratching where it had scratched before, for about five seconds. I paid little attention...until about a half hour later when the thought entered my mind that I should have checked what surname I was treating when the mouse scratched. It just so happens that about a half hour earlier I was on the Mousquette surname. For all you who have followed most of my housemouse events and theories, here's what I was writing at about that time, if not exactly at that time:

The apparent Seleucid link to Muscats suggests links also to the MOUSEquettes. And you may recall that the Mitch variation (of the Muscats) should connect with the Mitchie/Michie variation of the Mickey surname. BUT as I went back (this was yesterday) also to the Mick Coat to check for relevance, jumpin' housemouses, "First found in Silesia, Lusatia, and Saxony..."!!!

I have no idea on whether the dream's mouse had Significance in trying to get under an arm. The morning of the dream saw me saying the following, with no thought of the dream:

Note that the Muschat/Mousquette surname may be a Meschin combo with the Catti of Hesse. The Muschats were first found in Essex, where the Hesse-rooted Cheshires were first found! (And, "Essex" may itself have been slyly named after Hesse elements as well as after "east"). The Mousquettes were from Calvados, where Meschins were from, but let me repeat that a Meschin variation is "Masculine," virtually identical with the Mascal surname that pops up the Catti-rooted Keith/Keath surname.

Since it's settled in my mind that the Catti of Hess formed the Cheatles of Cheshire, out which came "Keath" and "Keat" and then "Keith," shouldn't Ino or Inachus be somewhere nearby? Asking that question brought the Innes surname to mind, and checking to see whether it had Inachus-like variations, I wasn't disappointed with "Innice." But note the write-up's apparent link to Enki as well as to Cheshire:

"The Innes family originally lived in either of the places called Ince in Cheshire and Lancashire, in the settlement of Innes in Cornwall, or in the barony of Innes in Urquhart."

Enki (Ishtar's close relative) was from Uruk of Sumeria, smacking of the Inces in Urqu(hart)! This is a first-timer for me; brand new idea. The Innes' were foundational to Angus, which term I read as An-gus/An-Guis. It's the Anat cult, no doubt now. The Urquharts are also "Orchards," smacking of Orchomenos...which Argive region I trace to the Rus of Orkney.

Just checked the Angus Coat. It uses white stars on red, as do Tilfords. But it also uses the rather rare lion-style of the Kent surname, no small thing because I trace Kent's Cantii founders to the Centaurs>Heneti branch of Anat. They lived in INverness.

Note in the Orchard/Urquhart Coat that there is a "Alexander Urquhart who settled in Antigua..." The English Orchards use a raven to depict the north-Scottish Rus of the Orkney-Shetland-Inverness region, as well as the Irish MacKAY (Mickey Mouse?) Shield. The Ince surname uses what appears to be a the Kay Shield

Well what do you think of the following. I uploaded the page above for today's update minutes ago, and went to check the Iraqi news, where we find an article on the new Iraqi leader with Suleiman surname smacking of the Sel terms and even the Dulaim that were mentioned above:

"An al Qaeda-linked militant group named a new 'war minister' in Iraq and threatened majority Shi'ites with 'dark days coloured in blood,' after two of its commanders were killed by U.S. and Iraqi forces.

...The al Qaeda statement, posted on Islamist Internet forums [today] and translated by SITE Intelligence Group, identified the new ISI war minister as al-Nasser Lideen Allah Abu Suleiman, who replaced Masri."

Until I see his whiskers, I won't think he's the anti-Christ. I can't find details on this man or his background. The next story I got to was one with a Syrian character that I have covered many times, one with a Mascal-like surname:

"Israel sharply criticized Russian President Dmitry Medvedev on [May 12] for having met the exiled Hamas supremo Khaled Meshaal in the Syrian capital Damascus.

The foreign ministry also sharply rejected what it said was a call from Medvedev and his Turkish counterpart Abdullah Gül to include Hamas in the peace process....

...'The foreign ministry vehemently rejects the call from the presidents of Russia and Turkey to include Hamas in the peace process and expresses deep disappointment over the meeting between the president of Russia and Khaled Meshaal in Damascus..."

What think ye? Ye'all think this could be the end-time Seleucid? When one enters "Mash," the Marsh surname pops up. Recalling that "Mascal" brings up the Keith surname, recall also that Keiths were one with Marshalls (as the Keith write-up begins to reveal). The Keiths and Marshalls were first in Lothian and should have been a Rus bloodline. Look at the INS term: "King Malcolm [II] granted Robert [Keith, the Catti chief] the hereditary title of Marshall of Scotland, with a barony in Lothian and the island of Inskeith in the gulf of Edinburgh."

The Scottish Marshalls use the Scotland-flag cross without a border, the same type (i.e. also without a border) seen in the Dell Coat. Dells use a hand out of a cloud in the Crest, as do the French Taillefers.

The Marshal write-up also mentions a Hamas-like term: "Robert joined King Malcolm II at the battle of Panbridge, in 1006, against Camus, leader of the Danes. Robert slew Camus..." There is a Camus surname, in Scottish Marshall colors, using crescents, a possible link to the Saracen Rus > Arabs. The next idea was to check for a Hamas Coat, then a Ham Coat...which uses a green Shield (= Arab/Muslim color) and a unicorn, a symbol of the Shetland Rus to the Cheshire Meschins of Macclesfield. That surname and that link then evokes Amo/Hamon de Masci. Hey, hey. Hamas could be from the Masci family.

The Hams were first found in Sussex, the place to which I traced the bloodlines of Putin, Medvedev, and Makarov (present Russian general.) I discussed Makarov in the fifth update of April, where I tentatively linked him to the Massars, and the Margy/Mackeys and Mackesys/Margesons.

In the first update of March: "Hmm, as per the general-Makarov discussion in the last update, which I linked tentatively to Massar and Mascar surnames, there is a Mazaro river flowing through Salemi." I was just looking for what the salmon in the Ham coat could depict, a term that also smacks of "Suleiman." The last update of February is where I trace Putin and Medvedev lines from Britain/Sussex.

The German Hams have a Haam variation that smacks of Arabic terms. The Coat is a BIG-O, like the Burgos Coat. I discussed that Burgos surname when linking it to the Briquessarts>Meschins!! Remember, Moscovites were from Varangian Rus, who are the Rus behind the Meschins and their fellow Danish Rollo line. We're keeping in mind that Camus was a Dane, wherefore the Hams may be as well. We also keep in mind that Danes trace back to the Samson cult on the edge of Gaza, where Hamas is now prepared to wipe Israel away, and where God is prepared to wipe Hamas away.

The Amo Coat uses the Ishtar star, and when I had linked Hamo de Masci to the Amo term (Scott Coat uses "Amo" motto), I traced it to Samsun/Amissos!!! I'm not a magician. I had also traced Hamo de [DUNham} Masci to the Amos/Haymes surname (from "Amis")...using rings (= the BIG-O type!) in colors reversed from the Burgos. That surname is also "Hames." See second update of this month for more details of this very discussion.

There is another Hames/Haymes surname with Shield smacking of the Meschin Shield.

The question is, could the Robert-surname Coat, using the Margy/Mackey and Mackesy/Margeson lion, be from Robert Keith>Marshall himself???

The question of whether Gog will be a Russian or Meshaal of Hamas becomes harder to answer when we see the Putin-Medvedev team in cahoots with Meshaal. But the reason that they may be in cahoots is that they come from the same bloodlines. "Meshaal" may even be a Marshall variation. Again, entering "Mash" pops up the Marsh surname. I'm not a magician. I don't make these things up out of thin air.

It doesn't matter what Hamas claims it named it's organization after, because there are double meanings in organizational names from the cults. Like myth writers, they are always into word-play disguises.

May 15

Was Sarkozy angry because he didn't want to dish out for Greece? No, to the contrary:

"Sarkozy slammed his fist on the table and threatened to pull France out of the euro, according to El Pais.

...Sarkozy demanded a 'commitment from everyone to support Greece...or France would reconsider its position in the euro,' according to one source cited by El Pais.

Another source present at the meeting between Zapatero and his party members and cited by the paper said: 'Sarkozy ended up banging his fist on the table and threatening to leave the euro...This forced Angela Merkel to give in and reach an agreement.'"

So now you know that Sarkozy is all-for the current move to form a European-Piggy bank account to bail out weaker economies. But was he so passionate because he loved Greeks, or because there exists a France-related scheme behind the European Piggy. Look it how one puts the Greek affair by calling it a purchase of Greece:

"'We think it is too risky to buy Greece and Portugal,' said the head of one of the largest US asset managers. '...There is no value. But even if there was value, our investors still don't want us to invest.'

Ramin Toloui, a senior portfolio manager at Pimco, said the European Central Bank's decision to buy government debt could be backfiring."

Trichet and company decided to buy out the state/government loans of other/private banks. That's what's going on. The interest profits now go to the European central bank and to the International Monetary Fund. In the meantime, guess who gets to pull some financial and political strings of Greece, Portugal, Spain, and any other chickadee that opens it's mouth for a piece of the worm? That worm is printed money, I'm assuming, aside from the loan purchases, that acts as "stimulus" money. Obama so de-popularized that term that no one is using it anymore, but that's what Sarkozy and company are crowing about. The article calls it "liquidity injected."

When governments want to buy things up, it's because they want to control. It's not because they want to be charitable, and no one would believe that claim, anyway. So the claim is that they've got to save the economy and/or the currency." The Euro has dropped only five percent, and that from a strong position, which does not add up to a crisis. But already, the Odministration is predicting doom, and telling the people that the U.S. should look into the same toxic remedy now being poured down the throats of Europeans:

"Europe's debt troubles could undermine its currency, White House Economic Adviser Paul Volcker said on Thursday.

Volcker, a former Federal Reserve chairman...

'Initially I thought the euro was a good idea,' Volcker said.

...Volcker said the United States faces the same problem as other countries with large deficits and will likely have to have a debate about the tax structure to pay for them.

'We are in this dilemma that many other governments are in,' he said. 'The deficit is far too large.'"

Doesn't he sound as though he wants top replace the Euro, and doesn't it sound just like the conspiracy theories of many years ago, which claimed that high national debt was a pre-planned strategy to collapse nations into a common heap, and then resurrected them all into a global government? The collapse doesn't have to be real or tragic; it's enough to make them appear tragic. It's enough if their "prophets" come out with a dark view of the future while their "doctors" suggest, or as in the case of Sarkozy, demand, a remedy now. If the people resist, a little shocker event here and there, to make the fears seem more real, can be applied.

It's 2010. I "predicted" (not as a prophet) that the skincode, on an optional level, would be in the world by 2010-12. Judging by the current situation, I have two feelings. One, globalists are having troubles sufficient to push the introduction of the skincode of purchasing beyond 2012. Two, the plots of fabricating financial crises have begun on a world-wide stage so that some hasty maneuvering could be in the cards in the next two years, including the introduction of a skincode system. I don't think it's necessary to form a global currency before that system could be implemented (at least in pilot projects), but that might be the Plan A.

Someone in the banking world of England is "concerned" about the United States:

"Mervyn King, Governor of the Bank of England, fears that America shares many of the same fiscal problems currently haunting Europe. He also believes that European Union must become a federalised fiscal union (in other words with central power to tax and spend) if it is to survive.

...Bear in mind King is usually one of the most guarded policymakers in both British and central banking circles. Not yesterday."

The writer of this blog centers around the national-debt problems of Western nations, but says: "...Barack Obama and the European leaders will have been far less pleased with [King's] frank comments on their predicament." I beg to differ with this writer. I don't think he realizes that King is, not trying to insult the economies of the United States and Europe, but pushing the same globalist scheme.

A "funny" thing just happened as I checked the King Coat. It is just a lion, but while viewing it, two things came to mind. First, that it looks like "Inch/Ince," the term I discussed yesterday that was traced to the Urquhart/Orchard surname and therefore to Enki of Uruk (Sumeria). That was a tentative trace, but one I strongly suspect to be the reality.

Second, "rampant" entered by head because heraldry calls an upright lion by that term. I wondered whether "rampant" could link to a Ramp-like surname, and sure enough, when I loaded "Ramp," two rampant lions in the Rump/Rumpe Coat (which surname could link to the present EU president, Van Rompuy). I then thought to try for a passant-like surname because a lion on three legs with one upraised is called by that term, and while waiting for the Pass(= Pasci/Paschal) surname to load, I was wondering whether there would be a passant lion in black-on-white as per the Ramp lion. I was struck to find that it turned out to be so!

As the lion is facing the viewer, it's called "passant guardant," and so I took another look at the Gard surname (that I've shown and discussed many times as Obama-bloodline-related). That's when I was reminded that the Gards were originally from the surname, "Unicus/Uniacke." There is some story told in the write-up as to how it also became "Gard," but the point is, look at how that term smacks of "Ince." The write-up mentions some affiliation with Butlers, a surname that uses a dancette design, in the same colors, as the Randolph and Dunham surnames leading to Obama. It should also be noted that Gards use a "hawk's lure" for a Crest, the symbol of the Cheshire surname (Ince was a Cheshire location).

The next thing that entered my head was the "Anios" term that was found in relation to the Parauaeans at the known root of the Seleucid rulers (see second update of this month for discussion). The Parauaeans were named after the Aoos/Aous/Aias river that was also "Anios." I happened to load the Anion(also "Inion") Coat (mythical Ino?) because I had mistakenly recalled "Anios" like that, and it turned pout to be the Tilford Shield (I traced Tilfords yesterday to the Seleucid family of terms).

Then, recalling that the Parau-aeans were linked (by me) to the Pari Gorgons and therefore to the Parisii Gorgons, I took a look at the Paris surname. I should add that, just as York, co-founded by the Parisii, was likely named after "Gorgon," so the Irish Iniackes/Gards were first found in Cork (Ireland), what might likewise be named after Gorgons...if not York itself.

The first Paris Coat to load (in Anion/Inion colors) used unicorns..AND THAT's WHEN IT STRUCK ME: unicorns are a symbol of the Uniackes/Unicus and/or Inces/Inches!!! It's a compelling theory. The write-up traces the Paris surname to the Parisii. But that's not the only thing, for the next Paris Coat to load proved, in my mind anyway, that the Paris surname was linked to the Inces/Inches, for it uses an apple in the colors of the pear used by the Orchard surname!!! Note hoe "pear" could be code for the Parisii stock of peoples.

Zowie, at the Innes write-up, we find that "The Innes family originally lived in either of the places called Ince in Cheshire and Lancashire, in the settlement of Innes in Cornwall, or in the barony of Innes in Urquhart." The Orchards are said to be Urquharts! Let's not forget that the Innes were fundamental to Angus, likely named after an An variation of the Inces/Inches. If I'm wrong about an An-Gus/An-Guis understanding of the term, perhaps the full term, "Angus," was from "Inces." The Incas of America come to mind because I've generally traced most of the "famous" American natives to Gorgon/Meshech peoples out of Britain.

The English Ince write-up traces to "the region of Ince beside Chester," the Cheshire capital (from Hesse/Catti elements), thus explaining why Uniackes use a hawk's lure, a Cheshire-surname I trace to Hicks>Hykes>Hyksos. The Hixons/Hicksons, first found in Cheshire, use what could be the parts of a hawk. The French Paris Shield is the same as the Bell/Bellamy Shield (a family from France/Normandy that brought about the Mascis of DUNHAM Masci, Cheshire), while the Dunham Coat is in the same colors.

The Italian Paris surname was first in Sicily, and uses the oak tree common in my discussions on the Saracen/dragon bloodlines of southern Italy. The Spanish Paris page shows Apari-using variations that evoke Parau-aeans.

Old Uruk in Sumeria was the Biblical Erech, and in fact I had traced the Aras river to that location because the river is also "Arak/Araxes"...flowing to near Resht. I identified Uruk/Erech, therefore, with the proto-Rus Rosh of later times. But now, having found them in Britain, one may ask whether the Rus name, "Eric/Erik," wasn't named in honor of its Erech roots. I've just checked the Erik surname (German), showing an "Erech," and the Coat uses one giant red rose on white, the Rosicrucian symbol! Eriks were first found in Brunswick, what I deem a Pamphylian-affiliated location!! The Norwegian Eriks use a blue saltire on white, essentially the Scottish flag (colors reversed).

Convinced that Enki elements from Uruk were in Britain, "Eng(land)" comes to mind, and of course that leads back to the Angles, begging the question of whether Angles were from Enki elements. But then, enchiladas might be too. Nevertheless, an Anglo link to Enki is worth keeping in mind because Anglos were part of the Jute wave into southern Denmark, and I traced Jutes to the Guti...of Uruk!! Yes, the Guti had conquered Uruk!!

The English Angel/Angle surname was first found in Lancashire, where the Ince surname was first found. This link to Inces is more important because Angles are often linked to the Scandinavian house of Ingae(vones). The Angle Crest is a pegasus, a symbol of Gorgons.

The German Angels use keys, suggesting links with the Sheaves>Shaws as well as the Barny and Betty surnames, and while I link "Shaw/Shay" to the Kays/Keys, gawk at the Italian Angel Coat, what looks too much like the Kay Coat (!!) AND THE Ince Coat!!!

Moreover, the Italian Angels use the Nobel lion, which will become important below with a trace of Anat to mythical Niobe. Then keep in mind that mythical Kay had mythical ANTor as father. The English Angle Coat even uses an "antiquas" motto term. Kay's father was more-commonly Ector, and the Ector surname, the write-up of which mentions Antor, has Hector and Heckie variations, smacking of Hector, Trojan king that was brother to Paris!! These late Trojans must have been were the Hyksos branch...who got wiped out and thereby became the so-called Sea Peoples. In myth, the Roman wolf twins were from Priam (father of Paris and Hector) as per his daughter, Creusa, marrying AENeas, Trojan founder of Rome.

We can know that the Scottish Kay motto uses code because it uses "Kynn" (that's the best I can read it, anyway), an obvious reference to Ector's other name, "Cyner" (Wikipedia's article of Sir Ector: "In the earlier Welsh stories, the father of Kay (Cei) is instead named Cynyr (Kyner)"). As of the mention of the Keppoch surname in the previous update page, I can now add new evidence to the Kay equation with Maceys/MacKAYS, and this new evidence in turn adds to my theory that Maceys/Mackays were Mickeys (Mouse): the Kays/Keys use a "Kepe" motto term!! From the previous update page:

...the point here is that the Keppoch surname was arrived at as per the Mickey write-up: "Traditionally the [Mickey] clan is descended from a Michael MacDonald of the branch known as the MacDonalds of Keppoch."

Apparently, the location of Kipax, where the Keppochs lived, was named after "Kay/Key."

By the way, the father of Aeneas was made Anchises, a possible link from Enki elements to the Inces and Angles.

Possibly, the Ina/Ino terms discussed recently link back to Inanna of Uruk (proto-Iraq?) , the "queen of Heaven" that is equated by most with the Ishtar of Babylon/Akkad. We read online that "The Sumerian king list indicates that king Ur-Utu of Uruk was defeated by the barbarian Guti," but Ur-Utu appears to be from Utu=Guti elements himself.

The dragon cult starts at Inanna's circle because she was styled the "great mother of the heavenly dragon," or "mother of the great heavenly dragon" (I prefer the first reading). The cult obviously honored the serpent of Eden. This is Mystery Babylon, Mother of Harlots; the abomination. I am now more convinced than ever that it leads to the Angle and Jute fold...that is said to enter the European stage with the coming also of the Saxons. But of course, they didn't "enter" Europe out of nowhere; they were likely elsewhere in Europe.

I and others trace them to the mother Earth goddess, Nerthus, worshipped by the "Angli," for one. I think that "Nerthus" could trace back to Enarete of Greek myth, mother of westward bound Aeolians. She was made the mother of Salmoneus of Elis/Pisa (recalling the salmon term yesterday), but she was also the mother of Macar, which I mention because this is what I wrote yesterday: "In the first update of March: "Hmm, as per the general-Makarov discussion in the last update, which I linked tentatively to Massar and Mascar surnames, there is a Mazaro river flowing through Salemi." I was just looking for what the salmon in the Ham coat could depict..."

Mythical Macar leads to general Makarov of Russia? And look at this: Macar was the "The son of Aeolus and either Enarete or Amphithea...", suggesting that Enarete traces back to Pamphylians. The same page tells that Macareus son of Helios, One of the Heliadae, a son of Rhodus and Helios." Excellent, because Rhodus was from AMPHIitrite ancestry, and we can expect that Makarov traces back to the Rhodes>Varangians at the root of Rosicrucianism.

Apparently, Enarete was from Rhodes elements of the Pamphylian kind. This is new to me. The same page makes a mythical Macar a son of Lycaon (= "wolf"), a known symbol of the Lycians. Another Macas is "one of the Lapiths," they being the people ruled by Ixion. By a stroke of luck, I found the mysterious Lapiths in Lesbos (lesbians were named after that place), and so see this:

"As for the Muses, Alcman derives their origin from Zeus and Mnemosyne, and the rest of the poets and prose-writers deify and worship them; to such an extent that whole cities dedicate 'temples of the Muses' in their honour. But these were Mysian serving-maids [this is the first time that I've read a Mysia link to Muses] purchased by Megaclo, the daughter of Macar. Now Macar, who was [a mythical] king over the Lesbians, was constantly quarelling with his wife...So she brought these Mysian servant-maids, to the correct number, and pronounced their names Moisai, according to the Aeolic dialect...Such is the origin of the Muses. The account of them is found in Myrilus of Lesbos."

That was good, for I have argued repeatedly that Muses were Mysians. Apparently, they were also related to Macar elements in Mysia.

Not surprisingly, Enarete is also made the mother of PERImele, the latter being from Amazons because she was also made a daughter of Amythaon (suggesting now that Enarete was an Amazon peoples). Likely, these were the Amazons of Mysia, for the Pari Gorgons were in Mysia.

Looking for the location of a real Macar city, zowie, I found one in Lesbos! Strabo wrote that "...the poet calls Lesbos, a city in Macar."

The Strabo piece immediately mentions a Salmone location near a river that was then, "Barnichius," possibly linked PARNassus, a major den of the Muses that I think related to the Pari/Parion Gorgons. Straba is on the topic of Pisa at the time, wherefore we realize that he's talking about Enarete's son, Salmoneus.

Straba says that Tyro loved that Barnichius river, meaning that Tyrians of that branch lived there...and Tyro happened to be the wife of Cretheus (think Cretans/Curetes from Tyrian/Tarsus stock), another son of Enarete.

Tyro and Cretheus were made the parents of Pheres ("from "pharaoh") and Amythaon; the latter was an alternative mother of Perimele, and since Enarete was also made mother to a Perimele, chances are that Enarete was from the Tyre>Crete fold of Troy (Paris was a mythical Trojan prince, son of king "Priam," much like "Perimele"). The Zeus-Europa wave to Crete, known to have founded the Trojans (from Curete elements called Corybantes) may have been distinct; perhaps it was the Cretheus-Tyro wave that was the Hyksos wave. The Cretheus-Tyro couple led to the Argonauts (not a real crew), when they gave birth to Jason's father, Aeson.

The parentage of Enarete is not given up easily, but one website says: "Deimachus 1. Father of Enarete, wife of Aeolus." This was a Thessalian peoples...from Lycians, apparently, for mythical AutoLYCUS, a Thessalian, was made son of a Deimachus. It is thought by some that mythical Lycus was a depiction of Lycians, and it just so happens that yet another P-less Amph succeeded Lycus to the throne of Thebes. In fact, it was the Amazon twins (sons of ANTiope), Amphion and Zethus, the latter being the husband of the Aedon who I link to the Merops>Merovingian line and trace forward to Autun, France.

As Zethus married Thebe (who was alternatively Aedon), the symbol of Thebes, we know that this was early in Theban history. I would trace Zethus to the Hyksos god, Set(h). Amphion married Niobe (daughter of Tantalus), whom I peg as the proto-Nibelungs, allies of Hyksos and cousins, at least, of Merovingians, not to mention a foundation of the Varangians. I trace Hyksos (out of Egypt) to the Tantalus>Pelops line in particular. Have I ever mentioned that "Tantalus" looks rooted in "ANTalya," explaining why he was king (i.e. symbol) of the ENETi?

Antiope, being the mother of Amphion, tends to prove once again that Pamphylians (and Thebans) were from Anat elements (she was a goddess in Egypt too), but now we can link those elements to the Heneti/Eneti ruled by the Tantalus fold. This argument represents a large missing link for me, that the Heneti should be glued to the Pamphylians; the Heneti>Veneti are routinely regarded (by me and others) as the guts of the Illuminati.

From this picture, one might trace Thebes to the Egyptian Thebes, and not the other way around. Thebes under Cadmus was "Kadmeioi." Compare that term to the Kadima party in Israel today.

The Romans were from the Amazons of the Hephaestus cult, I've just learned, but it may be that the Enki>Angle/Ince line goes through that same cult:

"In Greek mythology, Anchises...was the son of Capys and Themiste (daughter of Ilus, son of Tros) or Hieromneme, a naiad. His major claim to fame in Greek mythology is that he was a mortal lover of the goddess Aphrodite...

Anchises was a prince from Dardania, a territory neighbouring Troy...he is credited with other children beside Aeneas. Homer, in the Iliad, mentions a daughter named Hippodameia [Amazon line linked to Pelops]...

Anchises bred his mares with the divine stallions owned by King Laomedon. However, he made the mistake of bragging about his liaison with Aphrodite, and as a result Zeus, the king of the gods, hit him with a thunderbolt which left him lame."

Hephaestus and Dionysus, both of Lemnos, where Amazons lived (that Jason's ship mated with), were both born with a limp. As Anchises had Themiste for a mother, which represented Amazons from Themis (same as ArTemis cult), the code of his being made lame should link him fundamentally to Hephaestus, husband of Aphrodite. The code work wherein Anchises breeds his mares with stallions of Laomedon is that his Amazons were merged with the line of Trojan Laomedon, father of king Priam. We therefore expect the proto-Parisii (of the Priam>Paris Trojans) to be merged in the West with Enki/Anat elements, which is exactly what I found above before writing this paragraph or even considering Anchises links to the Inces/Angles...or Angus. Let's not neglect that a city of Troyes is near Paris, France.

I don't think that enchiladas have anything to do with it, however.

Hephaestus was hated by Hera, and her actions resulted in making Zeus cast him to Lemnos. That must have depicted a Zeus-Hera war on the Hephaestus peoples...who I link to Hebe, daughter of Hera, and Jebusites of Amorite or even Hyksos Jerusalem. It is the same picture wherein Zeus shoots Anchises with a thunderbolt; note that as I trace Hera to "Jeru(salem)," which is "Hierosolyma" to the Greeks, Anchises' mother alternated as Hieromneme.

Laomedon was the son of Ilus, son of Tros, but Tros had ERICHthoneus (sometimes "ERECHtheus") for a father. Coincidence? Or were these first Trojans from Uruk/Erech?

As per the Silva term introduced recently, which I linked to a hypothetical "Selevcus" variation of "Seleucus," note at the website above that the grandson of Aeneas was made Silvius. IN FACT, as Daniel suggests that Seleucids of the third Greek beast evolved into the Roman fourth beast, Seleucids may have been from the Silvius element in Roman foundations. That element was also Rhea Silvia, for which reason it would be a good idea to record here that Wikipedia's Mackay-family webpage shows a Reay sept of the Mackays.

Anchises had Capys for a father. I recognize that term as the Copia motto term of Macclesfield (Cheshire), and I say that because "Capys" smacks of the Coppash/Cuppash variation of the Keppochs (there's also a Kypas variation). And also because the Keppoch/Coppash Coat uses garbs, the symbol of Cheshire. The Arms of Macclesfield uses the Cheshire garb...and a unicorn. I recall tracing Meschins to Cape and Capp like families, and re-checking I find the Cape surname derived from "Capes" in Calvados!!! Meschins were from Calvados, and like Meschins, Capes use white scallops...though Capes use them on red (see below for significance of these colors). I say in all Ver-ity that the Capes were from mythical Capys elements.

Nicholas de Vere traces his dragon bloodline from Angles back to Sumeria. I'll bet my th-INK tank that he means back to Enki. Veres and Meschins were one when evolving into the Randolphs of Moray, and I traced that line to Macclesfield, if I recall correctly. The "Virtis" motto term in the Arms of Macclesfield is not the only instance that I think is code for the Veres. The Vere write-up says that "They were originally from Ver, near Bayeux," the latter location is exactly where Meschins were from before ruling in Cheshire.

The Vere Shield (aside from symbols) is identical to the Massey/Macey Shield, and like the Veres, the Masseys use a white symbol on the red. While English Masseys/Maceys were first found in Cheshire, they are traced in their write-up to the Manche, where the above-mentioned Ver location was situated. The pegasus in the Massey Crest appears to be identical in design with the one in the English Angle Crest. This Angle Coat is in the colors of the Masseys/Veres.

As you may know, I trace Copes-like surnames to Tolkien's hobbits for some very excellent reasons, not just similarity of terms. Copeland was ruled by Meschins, and Hopland by Masseys/Mascis of Dunham Masci. It's not likely coincidental that Copes use "animo" for a motto term while Copelands use "numine." The German Newman Coat uses a single white arrow on red (same color scheme as above), and keeping in mind my fundamental trace of Meschins to Rothschilds, let me repeat from yesterday while I was linking the Taillebois/Talbots (to which Meschins were merged) to Tail-like surnames:

The German/Austrian Till/Tiller Coat is in Tilford colors and uses a SINGLE WHITE ARROW ON RED between rings, evoking the Rothschild Illuminati...

By chance, an hour or two after writing the paragraph above, I came across a French Taillefer Coat (surname first in Normandy) using the eight-pointed Ishtar star, seen also in the RothsStein/Rothschild Coat, which itself uses a SINGLE WHITE ARROW ON RED between stars!

The Copes use the Masci-Coat symbols, and the latter ALSO uses white symbols on red. I GET IT. Meschins were from the Meshech/Amazons of Mysia, namely the Capys>Anchises line from the faggot-ridden Hephaestus-Kabeiri cult. I gotta say that while I detest that cult, and that it shows, not everyone from these bloodlines is being targeted, OF COURSE.

There's nothing wrong with making good profits, but the Rothschilds are never satisfied, ever taking more and more from the workers that they might rule the universe on behalf of their bloodlines. And they only urge other bloodlines, even competing bloodlines, to do the same in the name of gluttonous or drunken pride. Who can build the tallest building? Who can be number one in Forbes? Who can walk proud as the richest man ever alive?

What is this world in the upper levels? Full of neurotics breaking from reality, sacrificing the real world for their fantasies? Are they really proud to have so much money that once belonged to others? Are they really sane if they use their vast wealth only to attain more? What is that? How does one describe it? Is it not to be loathed?

Onward from Daniel 11:25, the neo-Seleucid anti-Christ invades Egypt after Egypt's forces are undercut by enemies within their own ranks who act on behalf of the anti-Christ. One can predict already that those traitors will be the Islamist extremes. In today's news:

"The Middle East Newsline reports that the Egyptian Army has come under the steady domination of Islamists. Egyptian sources said Islamists have risen to mid- and high-level ranks in the army and navy...

...'There is an acceptance in most of the military that fundamentalist Islam is legitimate and becoming the dominating trend,' a source familiar with the Egyptian military said.

...The Islamist officers were said to have reached senior levels of the army..."

The election re-count is all but over:

"Iraq's election commission announced [yesterday] that it had completed a partial recount of ballots from the country's election two months ago and found no widespread fraud or irregularities.

The announcement left Iraq where it had stood when a court ordered the recount of ballots in Baghdad and its surrounding province last month -- with an inconclusive election result and an extended period of uncertainty...

...The countrys Supreme Judicial Council must ratify the election results, a process that could take days or weeks."

Although Maliki didn't win that aspect of the political battle, he is winning elsewhere, to the disappointment of the Saudis and others who feel that he's been less than noble:

"Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki took a major step toward staying in power [today] when a leading Shiite cleric said he would not block him...

A spokesman for radical, anti-US cleric Moqtada al-Sadr told AFP the movement would drop a veto against Maliki seeking a new term as premier as long as he met its condition that around 2,000 Sadrist prisoners be freed.

...'If he will give us sufficient guarantees to end our reluctance, especially concerning the arrests of Sadrists, then we will not block his candidacy for a second term,' spokesman Saleh al-Obeidi told AFP from the Shiite holy city of Najaf in southern Iraq.

But he added: 'Maliki has not yet succeeded in giving us assurances about these conditions.'

...The new Sadrist stance was welcomed [by] Maliki adviser Ali Mussawi who said 'committees have been formed... to release innocent prisoners as soon as possible.'

...The latest announcement came as former premier Iyad Allawi...'We are just at the beginning, but if the violence continues we are heading towards civil war.'

...Meanwhile former Saudi intelligence chief Prince Turki al-Faisal accused Maliki of trying to hijack the results of the election.

'Adding to the brutal mayhem taking place there, we are watching a deliberate effort on the part of the incumbent prime minister, Mr al-Maliki, to hijack the results of the election and deny the Iraqi people their legitimately elected government,' Prince Turki said in Riyadh.

'The consequences of that are more bloodshed and potential civil war,' the former Saudi ambassador to the United States and Britain told an audience of diplomats, journalists and businessmen."

It's wheeling and dealing stage, and Maliki is within reach of a second term, unless the Allawi backers are not uttering real threats when they sound as though they are, not warning of, but promising a civil war. The Kurds now want in the Maliki government for whatever grapes they might have:

"All Kurdish political parties will head to Baghdad as one coalition to enter alliances with other Iraqi political groups.

Kurdistan Region President Chief of Staff Fuad Hussein said the door is open for any Iraqi political group that wants to negotiate with the Kurdistan Coalition to form an alliance."

If you're interested in a good article on Russian fingers inside Georgia, holding Georgian politicians for the ultimate toppling of the current US-friendly government, see Moscow Grooming a Political Team in Tbilisi.

Perhaps it was hasty or even short-sighted, years ago, when I predicted the neo-Seleucid anti-Christ in an alliance with the Baath party. It made sense because that party is in both Syria and Iraq, and because I have a fundamental view that the anti-Christ will ally with Saddam's warriors...barking up the Iraq tree to this day. Hasty or not, we read that the Baath party has for a primary goal the destruction of Israel, if possible:

"The Pan-Arab Leadership of al-Baath Arab Socialist Party affirmed [yesterday] that the Palestinian cause was and will remain the Arabs' primary cause, stressing the need for exploiting all the Arab nation's resources to confront Israel and restore the Arab lands and rights."

The article may have said, "blah blah blah," but it's pointed out for obvious reason.

It sounds like the O-people in the Killary Klinton Koop are crossing their fingers, hoping that Netanyahu will reject them for just a few more months, and then it will be the kleaver for his knuckles:

"...The PA negotiator told WND the Obama administration told the Palestinians if a deal is ultimately not reached with Israel the U.S. will consider imposing a solution 'that the Israelis won't appreciate.'"

Doesn't it sound as though the O-Klan wants to impose something so that the peace process can go fast and a kuilotine? Why struggle year after year with Israelites bending that way, then bending this way? Why not just impose? Such a "kool" idea.

What happens if this happens to happen? If the UN Security Kounsel makes a bill to impose a country called Palestine, what happens when Israel refuses? The Security Kounsel, being the UN army, will have to go in and...krack down. What will Israel do if UN soldiers come down from UNIFIL, in Lebanon, and seek entry into the Jerusalem area? Will the Israelis shoot? Or will they step aside? How many Arabs would follow close behind the UN troops to such an event? Is this like the army of Kog, coming like to kover the mountains of Israel, like a kloud? Is Obama the anti-Khrist after all?

Vladimir The Toppler Putin speaks...on what else? Toppling:

"Russia's PM, Vladimir Putin, said on May 8 that Moscow was ready for dialogue with 'constructive political forces' in Georgia.

He was speaking at a ceremony of laying the stone for World War II memorial in Moscow, designed to replicated the one which was blown up by the Georgian authorities in Kutaisi in December.

Nino Burjanadze, ex-parliamentary speaker and leader of Democratic Movement-United Georgia party and Zurab Nogaideli, former PM and now leader of Movement for Fair Georgia party, were standing beside Putin at the ceremony along with speaker of Russian State Duma, Boris Gryzlov and Moscow Mayor, Yuri Luzhkov.

'Representatives of the Georgian society are here at this ceremony. It is very important for us. It is very important that we are together today, that cultural, humanitarian, spiritual ties are not suspended,' Putin said.

'I believe that new, good page of Russian-Georgian relations will be opened. We are ready to have a dialogue...'

He also said it was "a political vandalism" to destroy the memorial in Kutaisi; the footage of blowing up of the memorial was screened at the ceremony.

'Blowing up of the memorial was one of the most heinous examples of barbarism,' Putin said."

Why is Putin so in love with something historical in Kutaisi? Is he golden fleece bloodline? In any case, the translation for the above is, "I have lots of money in my pockets, and Georgia will get some if elects a pro-Russia president, and I'll bring out a big bonus if it first gives Saakashvili the good boot."

Why fight wars to get the old Soviet block back when there is an incompetent American administration, with eyes fixed to a reset button that doesn't work, allowing Putin to talk his way into national thrones?

With all the clues, I still don't have a clue as to who the anti-Mouse is. It's not that I'm not taking my job seriously enough. Perhaps tomorrow.

May 16

As expected, Google has it's goggles on your emails:

"Germany's consumer protection minister strongly criticized Google for a widespread privacy breach and insisted [yesterday] the U.S. Internet giant must cooperate better with data protection authorities.

Google Inc. issued an apology Friday, acknowledging...

...'According to the information available to us so far, Google has for years penetrated private networks, apparently illegally,' her office said in a statement [yesterday].

...Google has characterized its collection of snippets from e-mails and Web surfing done on public Wi-Fi networks as a mistake...

...Google gathered about 600 gigabytes of data from Wi-Fi networks in more than 30 countries, including the United States. Google plans to delete it all as soon as it gains clearance from government authorities..."

WHAT? Google must wait for government permission before deleting illegal material? Does that mean the government might want to parse the info before it's deleted? AN OVERWHELMING YES, that's exactly what it means. In fact, I'll bet my best pair of dollar-store eye glasses, the ones that shine blue in certain directions, that Google acts as a spy agency for globalist "governments" as a routine. I'll even claim that globalists want us online for ALL communications just so that they have written record or EVERYTHING we ever say. What bliss!

Have you ever asked why Google and other search engines providing email services keep our emails and other online messages recorded? How easy would it be for search engines to create a program that automatically deletes, forever, our email messages? Yet they don't. And there must be a reason, but I don't think fighting crime is justification. There is sacred ground that must not be trampled in the fight on crime, and the private things we say to one another are part of that sacred ground. Every court and law agrees with that statement, yet for as long as the good guys, that always beat the bad guys, have been eradicated on TV, there have been a growing number of "criminals" in the government fighting crime. The crime fighters, as you know by now, are becoming like the bad guys. And so long as the Simpsons raise the teen-agers, there will be a growing number of bad guys EVERYWHERE. Doesn't it just make you want to have millions of kids?

I added the following line to yesterday's update: Have I ever mentioned that "Tantalus" looks rooted in "ANTalya," explaining why he was king of the ENETi?

The mystery of Babylon the Great can be explained by myth codes. We can see in Revelation 17 that she is somehow Rome, which in myth was linked to the Trojan line of Enchises, father of Aeneas. The seven-headed dragon of Revelation upon which Mystery Babylon rides is the Lydian>Latin line (from seven-headed Lotan/Ladon), wherefore we expect a link of the Lydians to the Roman line of Anchises>Aeneas, and indeed Aeneas was linked, by marriage, to the Latins. But we can also glean the Latin link to the Anchises line where Tantalus, an aspect of the Enki cult, was ruler of the Lydians.

It's well known that the Enki cult (of Sumeria) became related to the Ishtar GREAT MOTHER cult, "mother of the dragon," as the Sumerians morphed into the Babylonian pantheon. Enki was ruler of Abzu/Apsu, and the latter was made the ancestry of Anu>Antu...the latter leading to Antalya and the Anatolians who named the Heneti. Therefore, whenever you think of the Tantalus>Pelops line, think the Enki>Anu cult of Sumerians ruling Anatolia. If Enki evolved specifically into Anchises>Aeneas, we would expect a link between the latter's proto-Romans and the Tantalus Anatolians. That link is where Tantalus was king of Lydians, the proto-Latin co-founders of Rome.

In other words, the Lydians carried Anu>Anat parts to Rome's founding, and the Trojans -- nearby relatives and allies of the Lydians -- carried Enki parts to the founding of Rome. The Etrus(can) founders of Rome (traced by many to Lydians) were named after Tros elements, and it just so happens that Anchises was from mythical Tros.

Anu was made a family product of Abzu/Apsu, the latter made by myth writers to depict the waters at the ends of the Euphrates and Tigris rivers as they pour into the Persian gulf. This area was downtown Sumeria itself (but it was also called "Eden"). My identification of Apsu as proto-Pos(eidon) works very well with the Anu>Antu trace to Antalya, for that was downtown Pisidia. As Poseidon is linked to Enki by myth scholars (to which I agree), we also expect to find Pisidian relations (friendly or otherwise) to the Anchises Trojans. Pisa is situated in Etruscan regions, and Poseidonia in Latin regions.

Those who read the first parts of the first chapter of my Laden book may recall that I believe in God's calling to write it with the purpose of discovering the line of Buz, son of Nahor, to the anti-Christ and/or False Prophet cult/bloodline. It struck me yesterday that "Anunnaki," which is to be divided as Anu(n)-Naki, was named after a Nahor, for the latter if Biblically "Nachor." There are two Nachors in the Hebrew line to Israelites, the point being that these men were named after Anunnaki elements. Proof is in the apparent "Buz" of "Abzu," ancestor of Anu.

In other words, Nahor, brother of Abraham (of Ur, downtown Sumeria), and his son, Buz, were named after the Abzu cult of Anunnaki that led to Poseidon proper. We note that "nahar" meant "river," exactly what Enki (if not also Abzu) was depicted as. You will also find that "mai" means "waters," which tells that Maia, daughter of Atlas (= Antalya/Attaleia), was "waters," though we realize that "mai" meant mar=sea (not merely a river). This is not the only reason that Plato made Atlas the first son of Poseidon, god of the sea; it suggests that Antalya/Attaleia was the chief city of Pisidians.

Therefore, if we're interested in tracing the Biblical dragon cult of Enki>Anu>Antu to the far west, to Angles, we go through the Antalya Pisidians. It is then important to understand that Anu-Anat elements in Antalya=Attaleia named Italy...and probably Aetolia (in Calydon, Greece) before that, home of the Chaldeans>Khaldi>Calydonians>Celts.

Compare "Anchises" to "Inachus," mythical founder of Argos, and then understand why the peoples of Argos were depicted with a sea-going vessel. Then recall the recent trace of Ino-based Lycians to "Inachus," for Antalya was in Lycian realms. As per Ino being a daughter of Cadmus -- i.e. the Cati Cilicians of the Tarsus bloodline -- note that western Atlantis is often traced by others to Cadiz (southern Spain) and a nearby Tartessos, the latter often linked to Biblical Tarshish. I identify Biblical Tarshish as Tarsus, however, and am not sure whether it should be linked to Tartessos, but the point here is, Cadiz and Tartessos are in ANDALUSIA, smacking of "Antalya"!

So, now you know, and the world can know, thanks be to God, where the heart of Grecian Atlantis was located: in Antalya.

The Argo ship had mythical Atalantis on board, a goddess of Calydon, wherefore the proto-Celt Calydonians were another aspect of western Atlantis...invading Britain as opposed to southern Spain, though some Ibero-Celts were also in the Spanish/Galician domain.

"Inachus" not only smacks of "Nachor," but myth writers traced the cow=bos aspect of Io, goddess of Argos, to the Bosphorus, where BYZantine elements arose, the other leg of the Roman empire. I have the strongest suspicions that Byzantines link to Buzite Nahorites.

Nahorites were found in ancient writings of Nuzi, a Zagros city tracing to DioNysus and his sacred Greek island of Naxos. We find that Dionysus was made part of the Cadmus line (of Semele), and therefore a sort of brother to Ino, verifying now (as per the recent Ino-Inachus equation) that the Dionysus cult was related to Inachus...which makes sense in that it suggests a Naxos link to "Inachus."

With a Nuzi=Naxos understanding wrapped up in Inachus, one has reason to link Enki to Nuzi, an Aryan city that therefore equates with Enki's identification as the Anaki/AnuNAKI. Dionysus (at least on his Aryan side) was the Enki cult in Greece, in other words, a branch of the Enki cult that founded white-depicted Argos.

I have every suspicion that Nazi-branch Rosicrucians trace to Nuzi Aryans. Dionysus mated with Ariadna (Aryan?) of Naxos, what could link to Arados>Rhodes, the proto-Rosicrucians. Again, as pointed out yesterday, Enchises, another depiction of the Enki cult, was equated by his lameness code to the limp code of Dionysus.

The non-Aryan side of Dionysus, which may have been depicted by the red rose, if not also the red cow of north-Africa, was the Poseidon of Ethiopia/Somalia as it evolved into Cadmus and his daughter, Semele, mother of Dionysus. We have the potential red rose/dragon versus the white rose/dragon in the Dionysus cult.

My suspicion is that the sea-faring Nereids (named after mythical Nereus) of Poseidon, which steered the Argo ship, was of Nahor elements. Says one website: "The Nereid Thetis was their unofficial leader, and Amphitrite was the queen of the sea. Together with the Tritones they formed the retinue of Poseidon." This adds to the evidence that Buz-of-Nahor was linked to Poseidon's roots in "ABZu."

If you read the last update or two, you know that AmphiTrite and the Tritons were ancestral to Rhodes, thus linking Nereids to the Pamphylian/Pisidian side of Rhodians. And that's cause to link Atlantis fundamentally to Rhodes. In this picture, the chief Nereid, Thetis, may have depicted the same Thebans as Zethus, twin brother of Amphion, which could then link the Nereids to the Set(h) cult at the foundations of Sion (I trace Set/Sutekh to Amorite Zedek=Jerusalem and to "Sion").

As I think that PosEidon Pisidians were named by an Apsu/Buz merger with the Adonis (of Phoenicia) line to Edones (of Thrace), so there was a Sithone branch of Edones who I trace forward in time to Sitten/Sion of Switzerland, suggesting ancestral links to Sion of Phoenicia and Amorite Zion and Zedek of pre-Israeli Jerusalem. We can't ignore the other Edone tribe of Mygdones, for Megiddo (Israel) was smack beside Dor, while the wife of Nereus was made Doris (i.e. the Dorian relatives of the MacEDONIANS). Thetis supported Dionysus against Lycurgus, king of the Edones, who warred with the Dionysus cult. I was getting the impression that Thetis was code for Thessalians, when I read: "Thetis had a temple (Thetideion) between Old and New Pharsalus in Thessaly."

I'm waiting for news this morning, but so far not much. Following the appointment of Suleiman as leader of the Islamic State of Iraq, we now hear that al-Qaeda in Iraq has appointed a new leader in Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi al-Husseini al-Qurashi. Arabs sure do like their names long.

Allawi is still in the lead as per 91 seats won to Maliki's 89 seats. It would be very helpful for Maliki if the courts should strike a couple of Allawi seats away due to Baathist links, but that idea is becoming very unpopular, as it tends to make the election a sham. The media is quiet so far today on the goings-on; perhaps everyone involved is just waiting for the court ruling before going to their next moves. I don't hear that Allawi has challenged in the courts the pro-Maliki, post-election ruling that gives him the most seats by adding to his 89 seats to the seats of a coalition partner. I don't hear that the West is prepared to step in and help Allawi further, but that doesn't mean the West isn't doing something from behind-the-scenes telephone work.

Speaking of puppet courts doing the bidding of political invisibles:

"American conservative political commentator Pat Buchanan wrote a column titled 'Are liberals anti-WASP' last week, in which he suggested that if Supreme Court justice nominee Elena Kagan is confirmed, there will be a disproportionately large number of Jews on the Supreme Court bench.

In his column for World Net Daily, Buchanan lamented the fact that since 1965, no Democratic president has nominated a black Supreme Court justice, but that 'if Kagan is confirmed, Jews, who represent less than 2 percent of the U.S. population, will have 33 percent of the Supreme Court seats.'

Buchanan decried the lack of Protestants on the bench, saying that 'If Kagan is confirmed, the Court will consist of three Jews and six Catholics (who represent not quite a fourth of the country), but not a single Protestant, though Protestants remain half the nation and our founding faith.'

'Indeed, of the last seven justices nominated by Democrats JFK, LBJ, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, one was black, [Thurgood] Marshall; one was Puerto Rican, Sonia Sotomayor. The other five were Jews: Arthur Goldberg, Abe Fortas, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Stephen Breyer and Elena Kagan,' Buchanan added, accusing the Democrats of neglecting to maintain diversity, and being clearly in favor of Jews."

Facts are facts. But Buchanan makes at least a quasi-mistake of calling Kagan a "Jew," and perhaps didn't mention that Sotomayor, of Catholic background, has Hebrew blood roots. His point is valiantly made in the face of rabid opposition, and we can only ask: how could anything but strings to Hebrew globalists dangle from the ceiling of the U.S. Supreme Court? The Atlanteans. It's not a wonder that Biblical Christians never get a respected voice, for Atlanteans worship the devil: greed, power, self-interest...singing "dough" (money), rey (kingdom), and me-me-meeee.

May 17

There's no news to speak of this morning. We can be sure that the EU is busy counting its pennies, that Putin is busy counting his border allies, that Maliki is counting his lucky stars, Obama is counting, backward, his voters, Hezbollah its missiles, and that Israel is counting on a miracle. But days of great fear are not here. It looks like there's still air to breath

I should share an email (written by me) in response to one who has not heard, or has hardly heard, of the Seleucid factor in the anti-Christ:

The "Seleucid thing" is actually very popular even among pre-tribbers, but they don't mention it much. Most prophecy writers trace the anti-Christ to at least verse 36 and onwards of Daniel 11, and therefore view him as somehow connected to the Seleucids...

Most prophecy writers don't view verses 21-35 of Dan 11 as I do, as pertaining to the anti-Christ. Instead, they view 21-35 as pertaining to the Seleucid named Antiochus IV. Then they wrongly introduce the end-time anti-Christ at verse 36, wrong because verse 36 does not introduce a new personality. He's the same king of the north going back to verse 21...

The reason that most start the anti-Christ at verse 36 is because, if verse 31 was the end-time abomination, the saints in verses 32-35 look like they are in the great tribulation, and pre-tribbers just can't have that. So they wrongly interpret the abomination of verse 31 as the slaughter of a pig in Jerusalem by Antiochus IV.

In the least, the anti-Christ should rule the same domains of the Seleucids had. But now I think the Seleucid bloodline will connect to the anti-Christ because I find it amazing that, after stressing the Piast royals of Poland for what the readers may have thought to be totally irrelevant, and after coming to believe that the Mieszko>Meschin bloodline was going to be anti-Christ important, or at least important for the last-days players on the globalist stage, I discovered that Seleucids of western Italy lead straight to Mieszko I and the Talbots to which Ranulf le Meschin married.

If you've been reading the past few days, you'll know all about it. It was in those days that I clinched the Mackay link to Meschins, and so now let me show another talbot symbol in the Welsh William Crest...because Wikipedia's article on the Mackays lists Williamson as a Mackay sept. Ranulf le Meschin was of the Briquessart family, and he took Cheshire over when the D'Avrances had been securing the Welsh-English border regions for William the Conqueror, wherefore the Breck/Brychan-named regions of Wales are Briquessart-suspect. The Williams write-up:

"First found in Breconshire and Monmouthshire on the English/ Welsh border, where they are traditionally believed to be descended from Brychan Brecheiniog who was Lord of Brecknock at the time of King Arthur of the Round Table. The mediaeval seat of the ancestors of the William family was at Llangibby Castle in County Monmouth.

Linked to the Arthur cult, hum? That should explain why the myth-code writer, Geoffrey, was from Monmouth. But look at how "Briquessart" appears to use an "art" ending. One could get the impression that Briquessarts were named after Brychon Brecheiniog of the Arthurian (or Merlin of Wales) cult.

I recall writing on Brychan recently, and when going back to see what was said, I found that he was mentioned alongside the Welsh William Coat under discussion above! I was on the topic of the Maceys/Mackays and the Meschins at that point, unveiling those families as the core of some of Tolkien's codes. Here's what I wrote:

The Bates Crest uses a "willow wand," no doubt code for the Willow(by) surname [in Arthur colors, surname first found in Berwickshire, where the Arthur surname was first found], which, because it uses a crowned king, could depict William the Conqueror...The write-up: "...they are traditionally believed to be descended from Brychan Brecheiniog who was Lord of Brecknock..."

I didn't say anything more on the William surname, but I did say that the Bates/Bats Coat was a Meschin design; I figured that it led to the bat symbol of the Meschins called Randolphs of Moray. The Bates motto uses "manu," a term used also by the Mackay motto. I don't recall if I've said this, but the "Manu forti" of the Mackays smacks of the Ferte surname from which the Cheshire Masseys derived; from the sixth update of April:

"Hamo de Mascy [of Cheshire's Dunham Masci] is thought to have been the illegitimate, or 'natural' son of William de La Ferte, viscount of the powerful Belleme (Bellamy) family of Normandy. The seat of his holdings was the town of La Ferte Mace (fur-tee ma-cee) located in the present day Orne district."

WILLIAM de La Ferte??? The Ferte surname was first found in Bayeux. See below for significance.

I checked to see whether the Bates were a Mackay sept, but found instead that the Bains are. When I loaded the Bain(s) Coat, hand symbol...the symbol of the Bates/Bats Coat! Also, the Bains Coat made me think of the Mickey Coat, and it turns out that both were first found in Aberdeen.

I was happily shocked to find in the Bain write-up: "It is known, however, that the MacBains moved to Invernessshire, as sod bearers to the Chiefs of the great Clan Chattan (a powerful confederation of early Clans)." Aren't they the Catti that was under discussion earlier in this update, as founders of Cheshire...or, at least, the Chees/Cheatles of Cheshire? The Bain motto even uses "catt." Note what appears to be the Mackay sword in the Mickey Crest, seen also in the Bains Coat. I'm wondering whether the ships in the Bains and Mickey Coats secretly depict the Argo ship.

Ask how it could be that both Bates and Bains use the hand symbol (as do the Hands of Cheshire, not forgetting that the Hands of Ireland use diamonds in the colors of Thomas Randolph of Moray). The BAYn and BAYtes variations should answer the question, if they were in honor of Bayeux, where Meschins were from. The Bates have "Bait" variations, smacking, as does "Bain," of the BAIocasses founders of the Bayeux/Bessin. The red hand on white is used also by the Neilsons, which is yet another surname listed as a Mackay sept.

Perhaps it's not a coincidence that an email from Julie was opened just last night where she pointed out, from Wikipedia's article on the Boii founders of Bohemia, that they had supported Hannibal against Rome, thus opening doors for marital mergers. The Sulcus line from Sardinia to Mieszko could have been Hannibal-related, as I pointed out when first on that topic. IN FACT, I pointed to the Janina family of Poland as a likely chief Hannibal bloodline, and it is janina-type Shields that are found in the Roxburghshire families of Meschin>Seleucid importance.

Piast Kolodziej must have been of the Bohemian domain of Silesia because the Piast king, Kolodziej, was linked to the location of Klodsko (uses the Bohemian lion) on the Bohemian side of Silesia. I have in the past, when dealing with the Piast link to the Meschins of the Bayeux/Bessin, reminded the reader that some trace the Boii to the Baiocasses. This would be a good time to repeat that western Italy was founded largely by mythical Aeolus, and he was give a Boiotus as a twin. I covered that topic years ago and traced the two to the foundations of western Atlantis. I wrote on Boiotus when I was still green and inspecting mythical codes, in a chapter entitled, "I TAUT I SAW A BUZI CAT." I was linking him to the bee-line peoples, and that included the Boii and the Baiocasses out of Boiotia. But the Boiotians were largely of the Cati of mythical Cadmus.

There is a Chattan/Chatto Coat (in Mackay colors) telling of linkage to the Bains/Beans. They lived in Roxburghshire...where the Scotts with Talbot-like janina Shield, and the Maxtons/Maxwells, lived, but then Chattans were originally from Normandy: "First found in on the lands of Chatto in Roxburghshire came a family bearing this as a surname. But records also reveal that the Chattan Clan originated in Warwickshire where they were recorded at Bromwich with manor and estates in that shire. They were originally of Chatou in Normandy." I can't find the exact location of Chatou, to see if it was in the Bessin.

I know through my Pollock friend that the Maxwells of Roxburghshire ended up partially in Renfrewshire, and that term is known to derive from Rennes in Brittany. The infamous Rennes le-Chateau now comes to mind.

The Mackay write-up says: "...early records show that Gilcrest M'Ay, forefather of the MacKay family of Ugadale, made a payment to the constable of Tarbert in 1326." Were Tarberts/Turbots a branch of Talbots (the latter is also "Talbert")? I dunno yet, but I can tell you that the so-called "tarbot" fish in the Tarbert Coat look identical to the so-called "hake" fish on the Scottish Hykes/Hake Coat. The link above verifies that the Tarberts use a trident as Crest, the symbol of the Triton ancestry of Rhodes, which ancestry, as per mythical Amphitrite, was linked to Pamphylians (as were Seleucids).

When I saw the Bene variation of the Bains, I realized that some "bene" motto terms, which I've seen often, should link to the Bains-branch Mackays. The English Hicks, I've just noticed, use "bon." Could someone tell me whether the Hicks-Crest stag is identical to the Hanna-Coat stag? I can't seem to make up my mind, but as I've never found the Hanna/Hanneth stag design elsewhere, it not being common could suggest Hanna and Hicks links to the Hyksos of Tunisia, the hub of Hannibal's Carthiginian empire.

The Reay sept of Mackays uses what looks like the stag of the Hannibal/Annabell Crest. I think the Ann/Hanne Coat uses the same stag, and as the Anns were first in Yorkshire, I would link them to the mascle-using Hansens, also first in Yorkshire.

I've traced the Bessin to the Piast king, Bezprym, and he to the Bes/Bez/BAIse surname of France, using a white star on blue. The French Bai/Bay/Bayou Coat is in the same colors, but uses white crescents. The Bays were first found in Dauphine (somewhat in the north-west Italian zone to which I trace Mieszko's Sardinians), and the Bes'/Bez' were first found nearby in Languedoc. The PAISleys of Renfrewshire use the same colors, but as a Mackay Shield. The Paisleys use thistles for symbols, so let me re-quote from the last update page:

The point is, what looks like the Sullivan "robin," in Sullivan color (red), is used by the Robin surname. Furthermore, the Robin Shield is the Irish Macey/MacKAY Shield. We can know that this family uses symbol-play to indicate related bloodlines because the English and Scottish Robin Coats use thistles, while the Thistle surname uses the so-called "pheons" used by the French Robin surname.

It just so happens that today's topic started by quoting from the update that got the Bates/Bats/BAYtes into the discussion, so let me show how the surname was itself entered into the discussion in the second update of March; it was from the Robin surname:

I figured that "Robin" could be a Rowan [= Tolkien code] variation, so see the Robin Coats: same as the Irish Macey/Mackay Shield. This begs the question of whether Batman and Robin were codes for these Rus families. There is a Batman/Bateman Coat (surname first in Derbyshire) with red crescents on gold!! The Bates/Bats Coat (surname first in Yorkshire) smacks of the Meschin Coat. The Scottish Randolph surname that I trace to Meschins uses horseshoes, and a bat for a Crest. The Bat surname (using bats) was first found in RUTland (Leicester).

The Bates Crest uses a "willow wand," no doubt...

It was as simple as that, Batman and Robin entered my head at that moment, and by now I know enough not to let "wild" ideas like that go to waste. Best to record the ideas for later use. It could be that bats, and therefore proto-Baathists, link back to the Bessin. I don't think it's a coincidence that the Bessin/Beson surname, first found in Cheshire (!!), uses bees. Note the black-on-white Coat with half a saltire, and read on.

As I happened to immediately mention the William surname (March update) as a possible Bates link, note that the Bat/Baat Coat uses a black saltire on white, the same as the Williamson Coat (it's not William, but "Williamson," that is listed as a Mackay sept, but both use the same colors). The surnames that co-founded the Baath party, Aflaq ("Aflack," I'm assuming) and Bitar, use black crosses, also on white. Perhaps the Beeston variation became "Batson," the latter used by the Batts/Bats.

We find a Borderlands Williamson Coat too, and expect them among the Maxwells of Maxton (Roxburghshire)...because Maxwells also use a black saltire on white! (Maxtons also use a bee). Once again, there is evidence that Mackays were not derived originally from an Eth surname, as the write-up claims, but were Meschins. BUT, or should I sat BAT, the Welsh Bath Coat write-up traces to "ab-Atha"! AND, this Coat uses the same fat cross as the Aflacks and Bitars, and in the same colors as the same fat cross of the Randolphs of Moray...who use the black bat symbol of the Batts/Bats/Baats!!!

It may not be a coincidence that the Tarberts use fish, as does the German Butt/Bute Coat, for Tarberts show a TarBUTT variation. The English Butts use a "jellyfish" used also by the Batman/Bateman Coat. It's conspicuous that I decided to load the Batman Coat immediately after looking at the Darby Coat, for Darbys were named after Derbyshire (or vice-versa), where Batmans were first found. I was thinking that Tarberts/Tarbots may have been named after Darby/Derbyshire elements. If so, I would NOT link them to Talbots.

The Bessin surname, with the major Beeston variation (as per Beeston castle in Cheshire), smacks of "Piast." Perhaps the Bessin was named after Piast, though Bezprym may have been named after Piast elements. I suspect Pisa in western Italy. BUTT, and I think this is significant for tracing Talbots, the German Thal/Tall Coat uses what looks to me to be the same bee design as the Bessins/Beestons, and that could begin to tell how Ranulf le Meschin came to marry Lucy TailleBOIS>Talbot.

Let's not forget the Tail-using surnames of yesterday's discussion, on the heels of tracing Tilfords the day before to Seleucids.

There are Bois Coats. The Scottish Boyce family has a Bois variation that could be a Boii>Bohemia link. AND, just discovered, the Bois Shield is the Bessin Shield (!!), the one with the bees!!!

Seeing that the Bois surname was first in Buckingham, we might find that this location and surname, or its Beckingham variation, links to the Bessin. The Becket Coat's write up has been shown here at least twice because I link it to the Baiocasses: The Berkshire settlement [of Beckett] takes its name from the Old English words beo, which means bee, and cot, which means cottage or shelter." I think it's fairly obvious that "BaiCasse" can also mean, bee-house, especially as the Bessin Coat uses bees. The Beckett Coat is in Buckingham/Beckingham colors.

The Beckers use stars in the colors of the same star of the French Bes/Bez coat.

SOOO, it looks like we have more than enough (today's evidence is not all there is) good fodder for a trace of Piast's Seleucus-kin among Bohemians to the Meschins of the Bessin, and from there to the current throne of the United States.

The Welsh Bach/Bauge Coat uses the pattern in the English Becker Coat, and the latter uses a stag/buck. That's got to be a family match. AND, Bachs/Bauges use a A black talbot sejant. This all shows that Boii>Bessin elements evolved hard-C versions...such as Bacon?? Hmm, the Bacon surname has a BACHon variation.

From the Bauge variation we can suspect the Bouges, and, zowie, this comes after writing the above: the Bouge Coat uses, not only a stag, but black stars on white, the Bacon symbol. I mean, ZOWIE, we are now treading on Francis Bacon's New the Boiotians>Bohemians of the Bessin. Doesn't "Bacon" (and "Becking") look like a hard version of "Besson."

We don't forget the Bugs surname using a so-called bouge(t), a family that I linked to the Bogens...of Bavaria, named after a Baii peoples. From "Bouge," we get to the English Bough surname...with Bow(es) variation. I arrived to that surname by entering "Boh" as per "Bohemia." The Boughs/Bowes look like Stewarts of Brittany: "They were related to Alan Niger who was Duke of Brittany. His descendant Sir William Bowes was Captain of 500 archers and Governor of Bowes Castle, which was responsible for the defense of the Kingdom against the Scots. He was great, great grandfather of Sir Adam Bowes, Steward of Richmondshire, living in 1345." Richmond was granted by the Conqueror to an Alan of Brittany, who I'm assuming was of the proto-Stewart family of Alans.

The English Boughs variation of "Bowes" help us to understand how the Bogens (named after "bow") of Bavaria could have been Bowers/Bauers of the Rothschild kind, especially as the Scottish Bower/Beauer Coat uses the same bow, so far as I can make out, as the Bough/Bowes bow. This Bower Coat uses five bunched arrows, the Rothschild symbol from way back. It now looks like we have found the Stewart link to Rothschilds, fully expected from other considerations. And all of this seems to tie to Boii/Baii peoples.

I'm keeping in mind that Inachus of Argos, the mythical founder of Argos, was married to Melia (= "honey") of Boiotia, and that the Argo ship was filled mainly with Boiotians, who were depicted by westward Boiotus.

ZOWIE, I have just learned that the red lion (Stewart-lion color) in the Boh/Boughs/Bowes Crest holds "five arrows points downwards." FIVE!

It always comes back to the Rothschilds....probably the Rothes of Bavaria. The write-up tells that "Ruthers" was the Silesian branch, which should be meaningful in that Rutherfords were of Maxton, Roxburghshire...just where other Seleucid lines from Silesia/Bohemia are being traced these past few days. I don't think that's coincidental. I would suggest stronger than ever that Rothesay, probably named alongside the Rothes of Pollock, was renamed Bute in honor of Boiotus elements.

The Scottish Bower write-up traces to a Drummelzier, and meanwhile Drummel/Drummer surname was first in Bavaria. "Some of the first settlers of this [Drummer, also "Drummen"] family name or some of its variants were: Richard Dumer, who came to ROXBURY, MA..." (caps mine). The Roxbury family (whom I've identified as a Rockefeller branch) was named after Roxburghshire.

The "audax" motto term in the Roxbury motto should link to the "Audacter" motto term of the Pollocks, as per the Pollocks being a Maxwell sept (the latter were at Maxton, Roxburghshire).

Okay, that's enough for today. Good pieces that should be helpful in making the Atlantean picture clearer. There's no news to speak of yet, so "that a wrap."


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