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May 10 - 13, 2010

Astounding. Seleucids in Poland!

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May 10

If Obama has seemed soft and kind on Israel lately, much kinder than we expect him to be in consideration of leaked messages from his administration that clearly expose its hatred for Netanyahu's government, there's a political reason:

"United States President Barack Obama has lost nearly half of his support among American Jews, a poll by the McLaughlin Group has shown.

The US Jews polled were asked whether they would: (a) vote to re-elect Obama, or (b) consider voting for someone else. 42% said they would vote for Obama and 46%, a plurality, preferred the second answer. 12% said they did not know or refused to answer.

In the Presidential elections of 2008, 78% of Jewish voters, or close to 8 out of 10, chose Obama."

This large slip in Jewish support comes even as Obama continues to pick Hebrew peoples for key positions. It's official: "President Barack Obama will name Solicitor General Elena Kagan as his second nominee to the Supreme Court [today]" But Kagan is not likely Israelitish. Or, at least, she has linkage back to the Khazar family of peoples, and she'll work on the Court to make America more like the elitist Khazar-Americans would have it be.

Today's update is going to start making the Seleucid link to the Roman Caesars that I and others have never been able to find. In fact, I gave up years ago trying to find it. The clue came as I continued to seek Teljuk-Turk traces across Europe as per the previous update. Yesterday, I said:

The English Heres are clearly related to the German Heres/Herrs because both use blue wings as Crest. The Coat symbol of the latter is called a "scythe," likely for linkage to Scythians. Entering "Herr" brings up the Scottish Hares/Hehrs of AYRshire. The German Hares are also Haars.

After finishing the update, I checked for a Scythe surname and got a Skeoch/Skeach Coat using gold hearts. That was excellent because I had traced the Here and similar surnames to the Harz/Hart mountains, and for that reason I happened to check the German Harz/Haertz surname...which uses a gold heart! That is more evidence, therefore, that Heres were from the Harz mountains.

The bigger point has to do with yesterday's trace of the Heres and Hares to Khwarezm/Harezm, a region taken over by Seljuk Turks of possibly Hebrew-Khazar stripes. I was able to deduce that certain families (e.g. Sellicks) of HEREfordshire were named after elements of those particular Seljuks. THEREFORE, we can now entertain a Seljuk trace to the Harz mountains, and especially to witchy Brocken.

I knew that a trace to the Brocken mountain was likely when the English Here/Heyer Coat showed a tree stump, the symbol also of the German Brocken-surname Coat (for new readers, tree stumps are a theme in the Brocken region, and they are a symbol used in many heraldic Coats)). The Irish Brockens/Brogans claim "general descent through the HEREmon line of Irish Kings" (caps mine)!! That can't be a coincidence.

Sit down and munch on a carrot, and follow along a little more down this new rabbit trail. I need to remind you that the Scott-surname Shield was linked yesterday to the Talbot and Sellick Shields, and that talbots (= dogs) are symbols (of the Talbots and) of the Herefordshire Arms. Here's what I wrote in the third update of last September:

The original point is, the Scotts [i.e. surname], who look like a branch of Rutherfords, lived on the Ale river of the Rutherford region of Roxburghshire, which smacks of "Aleshire," an alternative name at some point for Ayrshire."

The Scythe/Skeoch surname was first found in Ayrshire, as were the Scottish Hares/Heres/Herrs. It was the German Heres/Herrs that use the scythe symbol (which I think are sickles). It is thought that "Scot(land)" derives from "Scyth," and Scythians are often traced to the Saka (I'm not fully convinced, yet anyway) on the east side of the Caspian...where Khwarezm/Harezm was located.

You might be better able to swallow now, my trace of Gloucestershire, beside Herefordshire, to mythical Glaucus, whom I trace to the Gels/Gileki of Gilan on the south end of the Caspian.

I identify Glaucus (and the Gileki) as one of the two serpents on the caduceus rod of Hermes, and while I trace "Colchis" to "Gileki" elements, I trace the Cadusii Armenians (beside the Gileki) to Kutaisi (in northern Colchis/Georgia), where the golden fleece was located by myth writers. There was a Glaucus river in Colchis too, where the Laz lived, but the Laz also took over Kutaisi after the golden fleece (i.e. whatever it depicted in the real world) was successfully removed/freed from its rulers. In fact, I tend to identify the fleece with the Lydians>Lazi. It's known that the golden fleece was the Hermes ram.

Both the Arms of Gloucester and of Herefordshire use fleeces. Coincidences? Moreover, mythical Glaucus loved Scylla, which was the mythical monster of Sicily, depicting its Sicel founders whom I think were depicted by the sickle symbol pertaining to the Uranus branch in western Greece and Epirus. That should explain why the Herrs use scythes/sickles, for Khwarezm was an Iranian region, and Uranus depicted, in all likeliness, Aryans/Iranians of some sort. Gileki were also Iranians, at least on their Delymite side, and Scythians proper were definitely from Iran.

The sickle in Greek is a "drepani," which named the western end of Sicily, Trapani. That region was also symbolized by Apollo's tripod (= three feet=legs), and three legs/feet happen to be the symbol in the Arms of Sicily. Off the Trapani coast (perhaps in Sardinia) were the dread mythical Sirens, Muses from Taphian (= Daffy Duck) domains of Greece (north-western Greece, where Uranus branches were found). Sirens were side-by-side in Greek myth with the Scylla monster, and the point is, the Ciren(cester) region of Gloucestershire might just have been named after Siren elements. Taphians were named after Daphne, and therefore Taphians had lived on the Ladon river (her father), named after the Laz of Lazona, Colchis.

Bugs Bunny depicted a Hare-surname branch because the Bugs Coat is essentially the Wild Coat while the original Bugs Bunny was "A Wild Hare." The Elmer/Aylmer surname, depicted by Elmer Fudd, was first found in Gloucestershire. The surname smacks of the Ale river. In Gloucestershire there is a Tewkesbury region (smacking a little of the Touque/Tolkien surname), mentioned in passing because Seljuks were from the Tokuz-Oghuz Turks.

Also, there is a chance that "Seleucus" derives from "Telchis," mythical founder of the Rhodian Telchines. The latter smack of "Tolkien," and I have proven that Tolkien had the Rollo and Meschin Rus (from Arados>Rhodes), as well as Sicilian-rooted Saracens, on his brain in his mytho-fables, especially in his ring themes. Telchis was the name of the city of Sicyon (Peloponnese), beside Corinth (where Kutaisi Colchians ruled as per a Hermes bloodline); I have thought to trace that city to the Sicani inhabitants of Sicily.

Possibly, the Trapani location of Selinunte (Latin "Selinus") was named after Telchines, and later, Seleucus may have been named from the same elements. Up the western coast of Italy is Sardinia, having a Sulcis mountain system, but Wikipedia doesn't mention a related peoples. But, I think this is the head of the nail, for Wikipedia does have an article on the region, and so GAWK AT THE BELOW, which I found just now, after writing all the above:

"Sulcis is the southwestern region of Sardinia...It is named for the Phoenician city of Sulcis (Solki), present-day Sant'Antioco."

Antioch!! The Seleucid capital!!! Sulcis was a Seleucid haunt. But thus far I can't tell which of the two came first:

"The foundation of Sulci is expressly attributed to the Carthaginians (Paus. x. 17. § 9; Claudian, B. Gild. 518), and it seems to have become under that people one of the most considerable cities of Sardinia, and one of the chief seats of their power in the island. Its name was first mentioned in history during the First Punic War, when the Carthaginian general, Hannibal the Rhodian, having been defeated in a sea-fight (the Battle of Sulci, 258 BCE) by Gaius Sulpicius Paterculus, took refuge at Sulci..."

Hannibal the Rhodian had attacked Trapani. Apparently, the Seleucid location of Sulcis was tied together with Hannibal-named Tyrians from Carthage!!! That is, it appears that the Hannibals were Seleucids themselves!!! Zowie, who would have thought that Tim's leading me down the Saracen trail would have discovered the Seleucids there. I mean, we have now found the anti-Christ's rump in Sardinia.

At the Wikipedia webpage of the other Hannibal (Barca), we find, at the bottom, Hanno the Elder, who was under Hannibal, and three other Hanno individuals in Carthage...if that helps to trace the co-creator of the Flintstones, William Hanna, to the Hannibal bloodline. But again, the Hannibal surname is now being traced (by me) to the Anah/Anat cult that was also at the foundation of the which the Seleucids were linked just days ago. The Anah location in north-western Iraq was the seat of Anat, and so we can fully expect the anti-Christ to have supporters in that region. For some details on that Anah region, see last update page.

The map shows Sant'Antioco/Sulci on the southern-most tip of Sardinia, where I expect the Sirens, for I was able to find mythical Circe on Corsica (at Ajaccio), the island to Sardinia's north. In the Odyssey, Odysseus escaped the witch, Circe (a depiction of Circasia=Colchians), at an undisclosed location in the Tyrrhenian sea, and then passed the Sirens before sailing across Trapani, and later past Scylla on Sicily's other side. The Argo ship of the code-laden Argonautica (written by Apollonius of Rhodes!) sailed a similar path...after escaping the Colchians with the golden fleece in their ship. The two myth-code works therefore locate the Sirens off the coast of Trapani, likely between it and Sardinia, or on Sardinia itself.

My previous trace of Sirens to Syrians (and possibly the Seir roots of Syrians) did not have in mind that Seleucids were rulers of Syria, but zowie does that ever fit the boot now that Seleucids are known to have been on Sardinia.

Sardinia, thought to be founded by the Shardana Sea Peoples, was probably a settlement of Sardis, the Lydian capital on the Hermus river. It makes sense because the Lydian Laz are expected to be all over this picture of western Italy, as they founded Lazio, the Latin home, as well as much of the Etruscans/Tyrrhenians. Look. Circe was given Latinus as one son, and the Laz of Caucasia had lived in Circasia. We get it. The golden fleece line was sailing west in the Argo ship of pirates, disguised by myth writers as heroes of old.

Helios, the god of Rhodes, has to be in the picture because Circe was his sister. I trace Helios to the Gels of Gilan, but in Sicily there is a Gela location, founded by Rhodians. Near Gela was Himera, smacking of Kamiros, a location that was made one of the three sons of Helios on Rhodes. I don't recall finding evidence for a Helios connection to Telchines in particular, but the possibility is certainly there.

I'm assuming that the Sulcis location was founded by Seleucids, and not vice versa, as they came west. Their presence in the Tyrrhenian sea, and the connection of Sulcis to Hannibal of Rhodes, suggests Seleucid links to Rhodes and therefore to a Telchus-element derivation for "Seleucus" (their first king).

Telchines are often described as some of the most satanic peoples ever. It's very fitting for the anti-Christ bloodline. AND, we know that the anti-Christ bloodline also passed through Rome's Caesars. Latins and Etruscans founded Rome, but the prophetic suggestion -- wherein Daniel traced the anti-Christ to both Seleucids and Romans -- is that proto-Seleucid Telchines and/or other Rhodians were in the make-up of Romans and/or Rome.

The link of the Laz, not only to the Lydians>Latins, but to the seven-headed Lotan dragon, is prophecy important for obvious reasons. But the link of the Lotan dragon to Ammonites, sons of Lot, and a further link of Ammonites to P-less Pamphylians, brings the seven-headed dragon to the doorstep of the Seleucids of Pamphylian associations. And from there, the seven heads makes it to the book of Revelation i.e. to the neo-Seleucid anti-Christ that is related to, or at least associated with, those heads.

I have a possible beef with the Lotan link to Lot's bloodline, because there was a Lotan fellow of Seir, who married into Esau's bloodline in Edom. But then Lotan, the man, may have been tied in his ancestry to Ammonites, as they are often lumped in with Edomites, the two nations having similar geographies.

Sit back in your chair and hold on to your carrot tight. All the above was written yesterday afternoon and into the evening. After a drive I took to bed and said something like, "Lord, I'm feeling a little empty, I need you now. By the way, what was today all about?" In a second or two, the word "Selesian" entered my mind. I was a little fogged and could not recall where I had heard that word, but I realized right away it's similarity with "Seleucid." I repeated Selesian" three or four times until I used an "i" (= "Silesian"), but even then it took me a few seconds, because I was in a state of excitement, to realize that the term was for the Polish region of Silesia.

This was the mother of all ZOWIEs, for Lusations lived in Silesia, and I have traced them to the Laz. I now knew that Seleucids were also Silesians. BUT there was more, for in the last update page, I happened to mention the Dagome Iudex, where the writer traced the Piast king (Mieszko I) of Poland to...Sardinians!!!!! Here's an English translation at Wikipedia of part of the Dagome Iudex (round brackets not mine, square brackets mine)t:

"...Also in another volume from the times of Pope John XV, Dagome...and their sons Misico and Lambert [= Mieszko I and Mieszko II] (I do not know of which nation those people are, but I think they are Sardinians, for those are ruled by three lords were supposed to give to Saint Peter one state in whole which is called Schinesghe, with all its lands in borders which run along the long sea, along Prussia to the place called Rus..."

In short, the writer thought that the Mieszkos were from Sardinians. I had already traced the Piast Poles to western Italy some months ago; I can't recall the details now, but I didn't think readers would have been impressed by my evidence. BUT NOW LOOK!

This is all so amazing to me, AFTER STRESSING SILESIA AND LUSATIA SO MANY TIMES IN MY LADON-DRAGON WRITINGS, I now find that they were Seleucids, the historical rump of the anti-Christ. I asked the Spirit for more on this, but nothing was given. I begged to know who the anti-Christ would be, whether from the Silesians or not, but nothing. Wikipedia:

"Silesia...(Polish: Slask; German: Schlesien; Czeck: Slezsko; Silesian: Slunsk; Latin: Silesia) is an historical region of Central Europe located mostly in present-day Poland, with parts in the Czech Republic and Germany.

...In the 10th century, Polish ruler Mieszko I incorporated Silesia into the Polish state."

I'm convinced; the Piast dynasty was Silesian. The variations shown above ought to give way to the Latin version (which is the most Seleucid-like) because Silesians were from Latin domains, and in fact, they may have been Latins/Laz to a great degree by that time. Apparently, they moved from Sardinia, and perhaps elsewhere in western Italy, with some Lazio-based Latins...i.e. who may have been the Lusatians/Luzica.

Keeping in mind that Lusatians of the Kwisa river were traced to Wessex's Saxons, and that Saxons are thought to be named after Saka and/or Scythians, one now has reason to make a Seleucid trace to the Saxon family of Germanics. I just can't wait to identify them there, and in Britain. As Seleucids worshipped Apollo, expect a Seleucid trace to Avalon. Already, Seleucids have been traced to Shropshire, as per the Sellicks and Talbots. The witchy finger points to the Meschin-Pollock-Stewart bloodlines of Shropshire, who moved to Renfrewshire and Ayrshire on the Avalon coast. This is also the area to which I had traced the mythical Argonauts (think Argyll and Bute).

Silesia has a Barycz river, reflecting Hannibal Barca. Another Silesian river, the Nysa Klodzka, leads us to the foundation of Piast Kolodziej, the first-known Piast king. At the website for that river, we also find a Klodsko location. This tends to prove all the more that the Piast kings were Seleucids>Silesians. I just can't get over this. I expect a wealth of new revelations on other connections, but then I have already made them in the past many months as I've traced Piasts to certain British families, including my own bloodline. In fact, I traced "Mieszko" itself to the Meschin bloodline. It gives me all the more reason to believe that God called me to expose the beast's roots to the modern players. All praise to God for His purposes in this. I was born a nobody, became a wanna-be, and will be a has-been later. But God the SOMEBODY lives forever and never changes lights.

He is "stubborn," though. He refuses to reveal the Rat in High Places until the Appointed Time.

The Klodsko region uses a white double-tailed lion, the symbol of the Montforts (who I trace to Montferret, interior Ligurian). The same lion is used by Bohemia, for the Klodsko region was once a part of Bohemia. The question is, who had the lion first? Says on site: "The historic arms of Bohemia appear in the late 12th c. It dates to 1158, and can be seen on the tomb of Ottokar I, first hereditary king of Bohemia, died 1230." The Piasts pre-dated Ottokar.

Some of you have read that the Boii founders of Bohemia are traced by some to the Bajocasses/Baiocasses founders of the Bessin, where Briquessarts>Meschins were found before jumping to Britain.

This Skeoch/Skeach Coat using gold hearts. That was excellent because I had traced the Here and similar surnames to the Harz/Hart mountains, and for that reason I happened to check the German Harz/Haertz surname.">next page shows the Arms of Bohemia with gold hearts all over!! That was the symbol of the Scythe/Skeoch/Skeach Coat and the German Harz/Haertz Coat. Hmm, "Sceoch" appears to use the "sko" ending in many Silesian terms, for example, Klodsko. Might the very-common sko/ski suffixes be in honor of Scythians???

Just found this:

"Griffins were typical heraldic symbols from Bohemia, Silesia, Brandemburg and Pommerania. The Austrian Hanisch surname could be written in Silesian: Hänisch; Saxon: Hanitsch...but the longer Hanisch von Greifenthal was used only by noblemen of Austria and Prussia.

There are few documents about the history of the Hanisch von Greifenthal family before the XV century and how they got the Bohemian Crown Guardians title..."

I'm thinking that, while the article traces to "Johan," the surname could be from Hanni(bal) elements fully expected in Bohemia/Silesia as per the Seleucid bloodline in Hannibal-ruled Sulcis. Keeping in mind that the Bohemian lion is used also by Austria, where the Babenberg branch of Pamphylians arose, see the below from the article above:

"The XII century style coat of arms, has the Bohemian double-tailed lion over the Saint Leopold´s red and white stripes oblicually set. The crowned golden lion holds a bow and three arrows. It is the lion of the arms of Bohemia, which became a Kingdom in 1196 and was acquired by the Dukes of Austria, which remained part of Austria-Hungary until 1919. The double-tailed lion was introduced by King Ottokar II in 1249...The red and white stripes represent the coat of arms of the house of Babenberg, the Franconian family which held the duchy of Austria before the rise of the house of Habsburg."

The picture is becoming clearer now. Seleucids from Sardina>Silesia merged with Pamphylians in Austria because they had been related way back. BUT, were those Austrian Pamphylians (e.g. Babenbergs) from Sardinia in the first place?

So, who was Ottakar II that used the Bohemian lion? He was from the Piast Poles!! And from the Khazars of Cohen stripes. I've just learned this:

"Ottokar was the second son of King Wenceslaus I of the Premyslid dynasty, and through his mother, Kunigunde of Hohenstaufen..."

In the Premyslid article, we not only see the Piast eagle in Black, but we read: "The Premyslids were a Czech royal dynasty which reigned in Bohemia (9th century-1306) and in Poland (1300-1306)." AND, the half-brother of Mieszko II Lambert was BezPRYM (born 986). It is known that Bezprym was of a Bohemian bloodline from Boleslaw I, but that was earlier than the Premyslid royals, suggesting that they and BezPRYM were from the same Prym/Premysl bloodline, whatever that may have been.

The article on mythical Premysl describes him as "the line of princes (dukes) and kings which ruled in the Lands of the Bohemian Crown from 873 or earlier until the murder of Wenceslaus III in 1306." The reason for the 837 date is not described, but it was before the Piast king, SiemoMYSL (died 950ish). It brings one back to the time of the Piast king, Siemowit, son of Piast Kolodziej himself. Siemowit is the one featured with a lattice design on his stockings...the symbol also of the Guiscard Rus in Sicily!

I had traced both Siemowit, and Robert Guiscard ("The Fox"), to the Samson cult of Hyksos, on independent lines. The Guiscards were of the Hauteville surname of Hauteville, Normandy...close to the Bessin, Normandy; that explains the apparent Guiscard link to the Piasts.

The impression that I'm getting, since I target Guiscard as the guts behind the First (Templar) Crusade to Jerusalem, is that Templars were Seleucids...who had also conquered Jerusalem (in BC times) when in the hands of Israelites. And in Daniel 11:21-31, where we find the end-time anti-Christ taking Jerusalem still to our future, the text -- a double-fulfillment prophecy to some degree -- is paralleling the events of Antiochus IV...the particular Seleucid king who conquered Jerusalem.

The pirates are still with us today:

"...Here's CNBC's Maria Bartiromo calling the [stock market] crash in the DOW a manipulated event.

'That is ridiculous,' Bartiromo replied. 'I mean this really sounds like market manipulation to me. This is outrageous'

Evidence that the financial oligarchs manufactured this market crash has been discovered from a 2009 Bilderberg pre-meeting booklet that was obtained by reporter Daniel Estulin. It warns that the Bilderberg is fostering a false sense of recovery of the economy, suckering investors to plunge back into the stock market to only unleash another massive downturn which will create 'massive losses and searing financial pain in the months ahead,' does this not sound like what occurred on Thursday?

The DOW crash seems to be an engineered event that created a loss of confidence in the current system, using it as a spring-board to promote the globalist economic system run by the World Bank and the IMF. This was a very painful event, the U.S. economy will soon resemble what is currently happening in Greece where we are debt slaves to the IMF, which is the financial arm of the United Nation's world government.

...Are we beginning to see the big picture? Just as Greece, the United States will crumble into the hands of world government, drowning in debt and forced to be bailed out by the IMF, in which the U.S. will resemble a 3rd world nation, forever enslaved by a world government dictatorship. "

That's been the nutshell of the global-government conspiracy theory for years and years. Hard to say EXACTLY how the schemers are attempting to soak us, but the fact that the sudden drop "on Thursday" was over a short period may signal that the plot had been reversed due to a problem. Hopefully, He created the problem, and will continue to create problems.

It wasn't enough to save Greece with hundreds of billions of bail-out, now the Euro needs to be girded with one trillion. Isn't that Obama's favorite number? It's a number that no one can count. The tax-payers are supposed to be happy if only they are still alive throughout and after this "crisis." What Euro crisis is there? It's a sham! There is no reason that Greece's financial problems should by-force cause a Europe-wide crisis, let alone a global-currency crisis.

I still repel the conspiracy theorists who predict a financial meltdown. I don't think it's going to happen. A scare here and there, with a raking-in here and there of investments by the pirates, may be all we see. Jesus (Matthew 25) foretold a sound economy in the final years.

Globalists have friends who know who's who in the inner circles. And the friends have friends in ever-widening circles that soon become less friendly and even a little hostile to the inner circles. The outer circles know how to use guns to solve things, and that's going to get the inner plotters a bullet to their heads. And that's why the inner schemers are not going to succeed.

Every dollar they rake in via schemes is a dollar taken from the outer circles. When the outer circles see that their bank accounts are declining while the inner circle accounts are becoming fatter simultaneously, the conspiracy theorists will have won the war...because the outer circles will finally agree that the inner circles are GUILTY AS CHARGED! There are a lot more people in the outer circles than the inner circles. All the money in the world can't buy perfect safety.

There is a Siem-like company that has stepped forward already to oppose BP's excuse for not taking the blame for the oil-rig's blowout:

"...'I don't see how BP can distance itself from its responsibility associated with being the final decision-maker,' said Bill Herbert, industry analyst with Houston investment bank Simmons & Company International...

...It could be months before investigations yield answers about the causes of the Deepwater Horizon accident. Judges and juries could take years more to apportion blame.

...Switzerland-based Transocean, owner of the now-sunken Deepwater Horizon, is responsible not only for the half-billion-dollar rig but also the drilling of the well and safety equipment involved, BP says. The latter includes a large stack of seafloor shut-off valves, called a blowout preventer, which apparently failed.

BP says the blowout preventer, or BOP, should have prevented the accident."

Excellent point. Why were the multiple valves near the sea floor not able to save the blowout at the top of the pipe? And what did cause the explosion at the top of the pipe? Some are saying a methane bubble under the sea floor, rising up the pipe and bursting the seals. But I think certain plotters may have done keep Obama from opening other sea sites for oil drilling. " on the rig should have signaled a change in [pipe] pressure [as a methane bubble, or whatever, burst into the pipe], and BP should have had time to make corrections long before the blowout preventer was needed to block oil and natural gas from shooting out of the well, the expert said."

It goes on to say that it's not yet clear whether the BP employees were asleep at the wheel, or out to lunch, so to speak, when the event began to take place. Or, whether it happened so fast that they couldn't get the shut-off valves in operation in time. BUT, the article does not mention the possibility of foul play; it's too early for that for some media, but it's on everyone's brain, nonetheless.

Online articles claim that BP (British Petroleum) is "owned" by Rothschilds. It could be that the hostile outer circles have shot the Rothschilds in the head, so to speak. The loss of money for the clean up is just the beginning. If Rothschilds know that this was an outer-circle job, or even by a hostile inner circle of some other (American?) organization, then Rothschilds are now going to think thrice before plotting some global financial-meltdown scheme.

The conspiracy theorists win even if it was an accident, for people will blame Rothschilds anyway. Some will suggest that Rothschilds created the explosion themselves for a bigger gain elsewise, but thus far the talk is that rising oil prices will not take place on account of this disaster. I don't think it was an inside job. There are Americans trying to rid the United States of the Rothschilds. One website asks if Rockefellers (said to own Chevron) are at war with Rothschilds. Theorists couldn't ask for a "better" circle-on-circle war.

Aside from an article I just read claiming that the Bush was a Rothschild scam to de-value the Iraqi currency, then gobble up Iraqi assets at rock-bottom prices while setting up an Iraqi central bank, and finally waiting (or engineering) for the Iraqi currency to shoot up again, BP is in Iraq: "BP, along with China's CNPC, secured the contract for the Rumaila oil field [Diyala province] on Tuesday [end of June, 2009], the largest of Iraq's six oil fields on offer to foreign and state-owned companies." If it seemed that the Bush family didn't get oil contracts in Iraq as many suspected they would, perhaps we had better think again.

Diyala is near the Kirkuk Governorate and therefore near the Kirkuk-related oil fields. It's a go:

"Russia and Turkey are preparing a number of documents in the energy sphere for Russian President Dmitry Medvedev's official visit to Ankara May 11-12, Presidential aide Sergei Prikhodko said [today].

...He called cooperation between the two countries on such large projects as the South Stream gas pipeline, the Blue Stream-2 gas pipeline, as well as the Samsun-Ceyhan oil pipeline 'extremely perspective.'"

There's only one reason that I'm including the piece above, in case the anti-Christ represents a Russian-Turkish alliance otherwise known as the Great Dipstick in Kirkuk.

May 11

In recent weeks but going back a few months, I made a fundamental link between Rothschilds and the Pollocks>Meschins. I traced Rothschilds to the Rothes family, and the Rothes were linked to Maceys/Mackays, for one reason because German Rothes use a raven while Maceys/Mackays were linked to Scotland's raven-depicted Rus. The Pollocks, furthermore, who were a sept of the Maxwell branch of Meschins, were closely related to both the Scottish Rothes and the Scottish Bowers, the latter being related to the German Bauers from which the Rothschilds arose. The Maxwells lived where the RUTHERfords, lived, at Maxton. In the end, I realized that mythical Kay, depicting the Kay surname, was a branch of the Maceys as their named morphed into Mackey/Mackay and then MacKay. With that in mind, let me share from today's news:

"According to the reports, Lamar McKay, head of BP America, will blame the spill on the failure of Transocean's 'blowout preventer' - a series of valves designed to stop oil from escaping."

There you have a Kay at the top of the American branch of the Rothschild oil company.

I just couldn't get over yesterday's revelation that king Mieszko of Poland was a Seleucid. I had told readers long ago that my email friend with Pollock bloodline was in my email life for a reason from Above, for I had found myself seeking Pollock roots so consistently that I found it to be important in my dragon hunt. And even when my Pollock emphasis (which even my friend thought was over-done) led to the Piast Poles, I figured that readers were not impressed. I was even asking myself what an obscure Polish dynasty could possibly have to do with Rosicrucianism and the Illuminati. But I was banking on the Polish ties to Moravians and Bohemians to provide the answer.

Now I find that Seleucids lead straight to king Mieszko. I think that answers in a nutshell why God wanted to stress the Piast Poles. He wants us to know of the Seleucid bloodline to the West.

Yesterday, I found a few other clues in heraldry, which I'll share now, for it could lead Seleucids to Javier Solana, but in any case it led to the family that I have recently linked to my housemouse, and to the Mickey-Mouse bloodline (which is a Mackey/Mackay bloodline, I suspect). The reason that Mickey Mouse has big ears is because Rothschilds want to hear Armageddon from far off so that they can go hide in their holes right away. Yeah, that's right. They are far bigger rats than the terrorist Arabs that they fear. And the Arabs are coming to put their empire down in Israel, and these Arabs will join the Great Rat that destroys Rothschild Europa. Yeah, that's the story line that God's wants the Rothschilds to know. Repent, stop seeking obscene amounts of the world's wealth to be like the God of the universe. It's not your Place, vikings of old. The clouds belong to MEEK-ey mouses, the House of YHWH.

Yesterday I found that the Solle Coat uses the same type of shield-on-shield as the Sellick and Talbot Coats. I should add here that the Janina clans of Poland are suspect in the shield-on-shield designs at hand, as "Janina" itself has been defined as "shield-on-shield" (see third update of last August). I now note that "Janina" is said to be from "John," as the Hanisch clan of Bohemia claims to be from "Johan." The suspicion now is that the Janina are in reality from HANNIbal-branch Seleucids of the Sulcis>Silesia line (see the previous update page for Seleucid links to Sulcis) to king Mieszko.

I just tried entering "Hanis" as per "Hanisch," and the Hanna/Hanneth Coat popped up. I also entered "Janis" to get a Coat using the same blue on white colors. "Jonas" (= Jones/Johan family) brings up the Janis lion in colors reversed. Possibly, the Hanisch and Janina surnames evolved into, not from, John/Johan-like terms.

In any case, back to the Solle topic. Variations include Sola and Soley, and the sole fish used as symbols look a little like (short and wide) SUNfish. The point is, "sole" fish may mean "sun" fish, the point being that the Solles/Solas are related to the Spanish Sols/Solanas from which Javier Solana (a Spaniard) derives.

The Solanas were first found in southern Catalonia (northeastern Spain), and that nicely fits with the Sol topic that I was about to enter as per the Solles/Solas. For Helios has a son, Phaethon, who crashed his father's chariot into the Eridanus river, and the Argonautica revealed that river as the Rhodanus, which is now the Rhone with a mouth near north-eastern Spain. Helios was "Sol" to the Latins.

The Argonautica has the Argo ship escaping the Colchians but with the latter in hot pursuit. The ship, from the Black sea, takes into the Danube river but then sails down an imaginary river to the Epirus region, and there it enters the Adriatic between Greece and southern Italy. It then sails up to Venetia, enters the Po, sails to the end of the Po, and then down the Eridanus/Rhodanus (= the Rhone). Exiting the Eridanus/Rhodanus, it passes by the home of Circe, etc., and the apparent purpose of the Argonautica was to trace the tracks of the various Greek peoples (Mainly Boiotians, I think) on the Argos ship, as they came west into the heart of Europe (note that Bohemians were "Boii").

Circe, like Helios, depicted a Colchian peoples at Corsica. I pegged her home at Ajaccio/Aiaccio because myth called the Colchian city (now Kutaisi) of the golden fleece, "Aia." Apparently, "Circe" elements named Corsica.

My trace of Helios to the Gels/Gileki includes the reasoning that the Gels were on of the serpents entwined on the caduceus staff/rod. A serpent entwined is a helix, you see, so that I figure the Gileki were symbolized by a helix. The Galli leaders among the Kabeiri cult also used a serpent entwined on a rod for a symbol, and that reveals that the Galli were the Gels/Gileki, which makes even more sense when we learn that Galatia (other forms include "Galicia") was smack where the Galli lived...on the Halys river. This was Helios/Sol, but I figure that "Gileki" named the Colchians.

Yes, the Galli on the Halys were Helios. One of Helios' three children on Rhodes was "Ialysos," which could be construed as "Yalysos" and therefore as "Galysos/Halysos." Possibly, the Rhodian Ialysos (the name of a real city) was the root of the Galli, not vice-versa. Rhode. the wife of Helios, was made a daughter of Poseidon, and from that one assumes her to be from Pisidians to the south of the Halys.

And so it was last night that, for the first time in seeking the roots of Sulcis, I tried 'C" versions and came right away to the realization that "Sulcis" (Sardinia, beside Corsica) was a soft-C form of "Colchis." One then has reason to suspect that "COLchis" has some link to the Latin, "Sol." And that tends to prove my theory, the Helios was a Cochian peoples.

Earlier in this update I found Sulcis immediately after mentioning Selinunte (Latin "Selinus") on Sicily. Shame on me that I didn't realize right away that this place was named after Selene, the sister, and sometimes daughter, of Helios!!

The bigger picture of the Seleucids seems to be that they were Colchians. Now this doesn't mean that every Sol-like, or even Selene-like, term leads to the Seleucid bloodline. Seleucids were rather late in myth-related history. One should note that Selene was the moon, so that, perhaps, her bloodlines as per heraldry were depicted by the crescent moon.

The idea that Seleucids, and even Javier Solana, were from Colchians meshes extremely well with the Georgian links of the first Templars (the flag of Templar Jerusalem was essentially the flag of Georgia to this day). In fact, I had identified Helios as a Gorgon peoples in Colchis (the latter nation became Georgia). It struck me that since "wheel" was "a "gar," that the Gargarians (southern pre-Georgia) were named after a chariot/cart. Evidence is in the fact that Georgians are said to derive from Kartvelians (i.e. looks like "cartwheel-ians").

And so it was that Helios, and the sun, was depicted by a chariot was Ixion! The fact that Ixion's wife was made a cloud suggests that Ixion was himself the sun god, wherefore we can suspect that Ixion was some portion of Helios i.e. Ixion was himself a Gargarian and/or Colchian peoples. Indeed, the upper parts of the Aras river to which I have traced Ixion's wife, Dia, was in Colchis/Georgia.

God is allowing the sun-god cult of old to take the reigns of the world at just the Appointed Time for the skies to fall upon them. I get it.

When I entered "Sollick" yesterday...bamm-bamm! The Sellick Coat came up!! That tends to prove that the similar Solle/Sola Coat is related to Sellicks. And that could mean, as I'm sure it does mean, that Solles/Solas are, like Sellicks, a Seleucid bloodline in Britain and beyond.

When I thought that "Seleucus" may have modified to "Selevcus," I entered the Sullivan surname and got a serpent entwined on the shaft of a sword. Hmm, Sullvians were from Cork, smacking of Circe, who was also "Kirce," and meanwhile one of the seven sons of Helios with Rhode was Kerkaphos.

The seven daughters of Rhode are said, at the webpage below, to be identified with Curetes of Crete (they are often lumped in as cousins of Telchins on Rhodes) I had thought trace the Kartli/Kartvelians to "Curete." It now makes more sense, suggesting that Curetes were also Colchians of the Georgian kind. Why does God hate Colchian so much? Why was Medea, princess of Colchis, who was on the Argo ship as it came west, depicted as a witch? Now you know why God hated Colchians. They were the devil's sons.

Now look. This is new this minute. I don't think it ever dawned on me before. How important is it that Pisidians and Pamphylians are said, by Wikipedia, to have been virtually one people, and that Pamphylians were depicted by a P-less AMPHhilocus, when we learn that mythical Rhode, a daughter of Pisidians, was made the daughter of mythical AMPHitrite??? (Others made her the daughter of Halia, which we can trace to the Halys river).

In other words, the very Seleucids that I had found among Pamphylians are not found to be linked to the Telchines of Rhodes, and they in turn to Pamphylians.

Mythical Telchis (not "Telchus"), I can now surmise, was a 'T' version of "Colchis." Note that an 'i' is used in both terms, as also in "Sulcis." In FACT, myth dropped Medea off the Argo ship in Corinth (where Jason and she had an affair gone rotten), which was smack at Sicyon, a city that was earlier "Telchis." When I was on that topic some years ago, I gave an opinion on Medea's flight from Corinth in a chariot pulled by dragons (the chariot is here a sun-god symbol): I figured that she was moving to Rhodes. I don't recall the evidence that I used. Perhaps I figured that she depicted the Telchines of Sicyon moving to Rhodes. In any case, I had no idea (so far as I can recall) then that "Telchis" may have been a form of "Colchis."

One needs to realize that, as Jason stole the golden fleece from Medea's father (Aeetes), he also sailed away from Colchis with Medea in his ship, and then married her in the city (Corinth) that Aeetes had ruled earlier, but which he gave to a Hermes bloodline to rule when he went to be the Colchian king. The golden fleece was the ram of Hermes, wherefore one suspects that the golden fleece depicted the Corinthian Colchians, and that in Colchis they were depicted by Medea. Apparently, the Colchians depicted by Aeetes had been mistreating the Corinthian branch, and the Argo crew depicted a war that set the Corinthian branch free from Aeetes, and brought it back to Corinth. After Jason defeated Aeetes, the Laz arose in Colchis as the new rulers there, which may reveal that the Argo had many Lydian>Laz peoples on board.

The point is, Rosicrucianism was from Rhodes, and now I find that Rhodians were fundamentally Pisidians and Pamphylians, explaining why I've traced the Illuminati by other means to Pamphylians. As further clue to the Rhodian make-up, we have this: "Poseidon married Amphitrite, and had as children Triton and Rhode, whom Helios made his wife." Clearly, Rhodians were from a Trite-like entity among the Pisidian-Pamphylian fold. Mythical Triton was half fish, half man. He evokes Lotan, the dragon of the sea. Perhaps "Triton" was from "Tartus," since after all Tartus was founded by the peoples of off-shore Arvad/ARADOS (an island), which place I traced to "Rhodes."

Triton's father was Pallas, who is suspected at the root of the phallic cult among Greeks. Remember "omphallos," how it strikes some as "phallic"-related, and how it seems to jibe with "Amphilocus"...and how Antiochus I (son of Seleucus I) used an omphalos on his coins. The entwined-serpent symbol of the Gileki>Galli is thought to be around a penis, as a symbol of the dragon bloodline.

"Triton is also sometimes cited as the father of Scylla by Lamia."

One could write a book on Biblical prophecy from the info in this update alone, for the Seleucid rump on the anti-Christ has never been so-well tracked as this. And this may be only the beginning.

I welcome such a book, and hopefully God does too, but I do not welcome someone taking this information as their own and copyrighting it so as to disallow others from using it freely. Imagine one day, someone contacts me and says I've got to remove my writings from online because he/she has legally secured the right to them. Therefore, I'm announcing that the material in this update, and all updates, is COPYRIGHT by To readers now and of the future (i.e. not reading today), ask my permission before you use this material. You can't say that you found this material anywhere else in the world, and you can't prove that you wrote it before tribwatch had it written down.

It would be very foolish for a Christian to think of making money on this revelation of Seleucid roots. If you would like to write a book, don't do it for the money. God has freely given it; you give it freely too. Cover your costs, and get the story out, by all means. Feel free to use info in your online articles, but just don't take the writings as your own because that sort of thing tells me already that you're self-centered, NOT worthy to write for God's purposes.

The Triton article above: "The story of the Argonauts places [Triton's] home on the coast of Libya. When the Argo was driven ashore in the Gulf of Syrtes Minor, the crew carried the vessel to the 'Tritonian Lake', Lake Tritonis..." In fact, the Syrtes sea is in Tunisia, and "Syrtes" has got to be related to the Sardis (= Lydian capital) roots of Sardina. The article makes Ares (= the proto-Rus, possibly out of Rhodes) the husband of Triton's daughter, Triteia. The article shows a piece of helix-like jewelry with Triton holding a "putto," an infant, a symbol of man-on-child sex belonging to the Ares>Eros cult. So ask again why God hates Colchians, for even men hate pedophiles, and lock them away in jails...unless some globalists can make child sex acceptable, which is in fact part of their agenda at this very time.

When, after seeing the Sullivan Coat, I entered "Sully," the same Coat as when one enters "Mitch." That is, the same Coat as the Muskat/Montfitchet Coat. As both Coats are English, it's highly unlikely that the two families are unrelated, for law forbids one family in a country to use the symbol of another family unless they are connected by blood or marriage, or other means.

A we read that Sullys/Sillys were "Lords of the manor of Rackenford," a look at the Racken surname followed (it's more properly "Cracken"), which found the Hanna/Davenport symbol in blue on white, the colors of the Hanna Coat. I say that because the Crackens/Rackons were first found in Wigton while the Hannas were first found in Wigtonshire.

THEN BEHOLD. The Wigton Coat, which I showed not long ago when on the Hanna topic, is not only a shield-on-shield (like the Solle and Sellick Coats), but uses stars in the colors (gold on black) of the Sellick Chief!! I had been keeping an eye out for those stars, and here we find them in the Hanna family of Wigtown!

When I wrote on Wigtons (third update of March):

I'm wondering whether the Hanna surname's first place of record, Wigtonshire, was named after Hicks/Hyksos elements. Interestingly, the Wigton surname was first found, not in Wigton>Wigtown, but in Yorkshire, where the Hanne/Ann surname was first found....The [Wigton] write-up: "Saxon surnames survived and the family name was first referenced in the year 1170 when Akeman de Wigenton were granted lands." AKEman? Saxons? The Hyksos were also "Heka Khasewet."

The apparent Seleucid link to Muscats suggests links also to the MOUSEquettes. And you may recall that the Mitch variation (of the Muscats) should connect with the Mitchie/Michie variation of the Mickey surname. BUT as I went back (this was yesterday) also to the Mick Coat to check for relevance, jumpin' housemouses, "First found in Silesia, Lusatia, and Saxony..."!!!

At the site of Muscat/Mousequette, king Mieszko comes to mind, as does the German Mieske/Mesech surname (in Meschin colors) first found in Prussia. BUT is it a coincidence that it was king Mieszko that was from Sardinians, where Sulcis/Sulci was located? If not, I would trace the Sully/Silly surname to the Sulcis>Silesian line leading to Mieszko.

There was a Mikva surname in the news today:

"...The current Solicitor General and soon-to-be Supreme Court Justice tried her best to woo Obama to a life in academia when the two worked at the University of Chicago, according to MSNBC's First Read.

...If she'd gotten her way, she may have never ascended to the top eschelon of the legal profession.

Obama and Kagan share a deep Chicago connection...

Kagan clerked for legendary Chicago federal Appellate Judge Abner Mikva, who is one of Obama's political mentors..."

Mikva goes on to give Kagan high marks, the timing being an obvious political favor.

In Iraq, it looks like the green light for the coup to take the throne has been turned on:

"The attacks began as the nightly curfew lifted in Baghdad at 5 a.m. and continued relentlessly through the day. Gunmen, dressed as municipal street cleaners, ambushed 10 police and army checkpoints across the city, killing as many as nine soldiers and officers and wounding two dozen, according to officials.

Bombings soon followed in Falluja, Samarra, Tarmiya and Suwayra...three more exploded in Basra, the largely Shiite city in southern Iraq, killing at least 20 people, according to preliminary reports.

The worst attack occurred at midafternoon in Hilla...An earlier blast struck a police patrol in the city, killing two.

A third car bomb exploded moments later as rescue workers arrived...

By nightfall, [yesterday] had turned into the bloodiest day of the year...

...'They are targeting the political process,' he said, speaking on condition of anonymity because he was not allowed to comment publicly. 'They do not want the government to be formed.'"

Some of Allawi's people were attacked, showing that al-Qaeda and/or the violent Baathists are not prepared to ally with his politicalized Sunni backers. As to whether this was a single spirt, or a sign of things to come, I think the latter makes more sense. Events like this could cause Shi'ites to band together in street armies of their own.

I think what Medvedev is saying below is: "If Obama doesn't want to do something about Israel, Russia is ready, now, so look out, here I come...":

"Dmitry Medvedev, the Russian president, has called for a more active US role in the Middle East peace process during a visit to Syria, saying the situation in the region was 'very bad' and risked worsening further.

? 'In essence, the Middle East peace process has deteriorated,' Medvedev said, speaking alongside Bashar al-Assad, his Syrian counterpart...

'The situation is very, very bad. It's time to do something,' Medvedev said.

'I agree with President Assad, the American side could take a more active position.' ...'A further heating up of the situation in the Middle East is fraught with an explosion and a catastrophe,' Medvedev said.

...'There is not enough desire' on all sides to find a solution, said Medvedev. 'This desire needs to be stimulated.' The Russian president said that was a role that Moscow could and would take upon itself."

ALL OF A SUDDEN. Hmm. Medvedev is painting Obama as a flat-footed duck with short legs, and that comes as he stands beside the Syrian president. And he goes on to say: "Co-operation [with Syria] on atomic energy could get a second wind." Please, Medve, don't say "nuclear" together with "wind" of any sort.

It's like the Russians are standing boldly and proudly behind Syria-versus-the-West. It's obvious, in fact. It's not a mere illusion from the Muslim press. Then we find this: "Al-Assad also asked Medvedev to help remove nuclear weapons from the Middle East..." That's the Israeli nuclear weapons that he's talking about, for Abbas has made it his crusade to expose and abolish Israel's weapons.

The effect of Russia's oil interests in Syria and Turkey, if not also its Tartus naval interests, is to make Russia a strong friend of Syria, and one can only do that by standing beside Syria's anti-Israeli agenda. That's what's happening. This attitude in Russia's leadership opens the door for a Russian anti-Christ, be he a Russian general, or politician, or a bit of both.

May 12

Yes, it does look like a coup attempt, and by the Baathists too, perhaps not al-Qaeda at all:

"Many Iraqis, including police and soldiers, say they believe their own politicians are behind the attacks.

...But it was in Baghdad, where attackers launched a chillingly coordinated string of predawn attacks on checkpoints, that security forces were carefully targeted. At six checkpoints across the city at roughly the same time, men with...Policemen in the vicinity of one of the attacks said none of the attacks had the signature of Al Qaeda."

If not al-Qaeda, while Shi'ites were targeted as well as police, and moreover since some politicians were behind the attacks, it looks like the Baathists...who have long planted political agents in the government, ultimate for a coup attempt. But while the violence was grave, there's no way that it was anywhere near sufficient to topple the government. Still, we can bet our best mouse traps that the same Baathists accused in the August bombings of Baghdad last year -- Farhan and Ahmed -- are behind this latest assault.

For Allawi's tirade and the holed-up way in which he now lives in fear for his life, see 'We Are Moving in a Vicious Circle'. He appears done like dinner, and is complaining that, suddenly, the West is silent, no longer concerned about his election win, no longer concerned that Maliki has railroaded democracy right under UN whiskers. My thoughts were that, seeing a Maliki win on the horizon, the West, including Obama, need most of all to get along with the winner because they have need of worming their corporations into Iraq. They'll back Allawi, so long as it's certain he can win it all.

So what happens if Allawi goes down and the West does not intervene? The West will intervene if the West doesn't intervene. If it won't intervene now for Allawi, it will need to intervene later when the Baathists come out of their holes. If it won't intervene now, it's what the Baathists have been patiently waiting for: the West's good-bye.

Perhaps the West is being silent on behalf of Allawi only temporarily, because it frightfully senses, perhaps due to U.S. Intelligence reports, that something is about to wreck the nation. On the heels on the slaughter early this week:

"Worries over increased violence fueled by Iraq's political instability have forced U.S. commanders to reconsider the pace of a major pullout this summer without overstepping a deadline [blah blah blah].

...The insurgent threat has prompted military officials to figure how [blah blah blah]

In Baghdad and Washington, U.S. officials say they remain committed to the deadline [blah blah blah]

But the start of what the top U.S. commander in Iraq, Army Gen. Ray Odierno, called the withdrawal 'waterfall' --that is, the sending home large numbers of troops in a very swift period over the summer -- could be effected.

In a January interview with The Associated Press, Odierno said he hoped to start withdrawing as many as a monthly average of 12,500 troops, starting in May, to meet the August deadline. At the time, there were 96,000 U.S. troops in the country. As of last week, that number was at 92,000, meaning an average of 10,500 a month would have to be pulled out.

But three U.S. officials in Baghdad and a senior Pentagon official said that the 'waterfall' is now expected to begin in June at the earliest, instead of May. All said that was due to ongoing concerns about whether the political impasse would lead to violence, and spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss the process more candidly.

...At the Pentagon, 'there's been a renewed focus on Iraq lately,' said the senior military official there. He said all options were being considered [blah blah blah]""

I don't mean to be insulting with the blah-blahs, but the U.S. military wouldn't need to blah-blah away if Obama didn't promise to pull out by a certain date. Now the military has to make it look like they're on schedule, kinda, maybe a little off, when what they really want to say is, they might stay longer. There is still a chance that the recent violence in Iraq is part of a US-ordered plot to provide an excuse to stay longer.

The day after Medvedev speaks against a flat-footed Obama, the latter turns into a growling mountain lion:

"Barack Obama, the US president has warned that Israel and the Palestinians will be held 'accountable' if either side takes actions that undermine US-mediated talks, the White House has said."

Who really is the leader of the world? Not quack-quack, anyways.

Al-Baa-Baa-th! Did you get the "equipment" across the border?

We had no problems, uncle al-BathSheep al-Ali al-La-La al-Al.

Weren't you even scared of getting caught? And by the way, it's "al-Ali al-La al-Al-La."

That's what they call a tongue exercisor, or whatever they call it over there in Amurki. No problems at all, uncle-Al. The one Muslim who once scared our house terribly, a black sheep of his family, is nowhere to be found anymore.

Are you talking about al-Sheerthemup or maybe al-Mowthemdown, al-Milkiman's friends?

No, not them. If it was them, we'd still be in the pen.

Then you must be talking about al-Rambo, the Italian Arab with the look.

No. If it was him, we wouldn't have a chance in Irocky.

Well who is this black sheep, then?

Don't insult the sheep, uncle Al. He's a dog, a real dog who won't even show his face anymore. He just barks all the time from way over in the mountains somewhere, and once in a while he howls painfully. It's sickening.

Oh you're talking about all-Bark Hussein al-Obama. Oh, man, he's been gone so long not even the chickens are afraid anymore.

And that's why we're going to take back Irocky. It was our farm to start with, and now we're going in with all the tractors. Sad-Ham would be proud. We're going to plow them down, mow them down, clip them down, and turn them into mulch, right uncle?

We don't have enough pesticide chemicals yet, al-Baa-Baa-th. And we don't have a plane to drop them on the Bah-Bah-Lawn.

We have a roto-tiller and a weed whacker, plus our two tractors with thrush mufflers.

There's only one solution, al-Bah-Baa-th. We need to make a deal with the Russian Boar, and get hold of the one they call The Ruse. Only he can trick al-Milkiman and find his way into BaconDad. We will make noise, he will go in and fool them, and al-Kidya should be good for at least a short string of practical yokes on Milkiman's cattle.

What do we got to give the Ruse in return for getting us our farm back?

I hate to say it. Don't even want to think about it. It's not a happy ending. First he wants a job as the gardener to cover the Afraidi riversides with rose-kies and moss-coverts. Second he wants to plant poin-soviettias as camouflage around the wishing wells of all surrounding villages.

What's he want to hide inside the wells?

He says don't ask, but it's not fully-automatic sausage machines. Let's just ask ourselves what's going to be left for us when the place is crawling with plant-taxonomy collectors to pay for all that he wants.

Is he mad?

At least he wants to be paid under the table so he can tax-invade Irocky by surprise. And then, when we and al-Kidya succeed in rounding up Milkiman's heifers, he wants Sad-Ham's palace, and his old throne, at the Green Acres Zone. He says he'll take Eva Gabhoar, but al-Haney is out.

What do we get for the use of our tractors, and the 12 buckets of pesticide I just smuggled yesterday?

He says that we get to have Pettycoat al-Junction, population 12, and the barn boards not including the barn beams, but he takes al-Drucker's three cuties...and the stop sign because he likes anything that red.

The worst part of this is: all-Bark Obama is keeping his fox packs in Irocky when he sees the al-Kidya bunch celebrating for no apparent reason. What about all-Bark's vice-president, Joseph Bidingtheirtimeforeverandever? Do you think they will ever leave?

The Ruse's master, the Sprint of Darkness, says he's going to play a pinko trick with those two smarty pansies. He's going to arrange for all-Bark to be a socialist commune nest, then turn him into a flat-footed, short-legged duck, with a big bill that puts everyone in debt. Then when even the beavers in the Canadian pond regret that they ever loved Obama's duck-tape fix for the world, his fox packs will lose heart and put tails between legs. Game over! Checkmaze! Or whatever they call it over there in Amurki.

I hear the beavers have been wanting to gnaw all over all-Bark's forests.

Yes, it's true:

"Canada has formally unveiled a proposal to resolve the conflict over the future of Jerusalem's Old City, the Montreal Gazette reported on [May 8].

The proposal, which was released after seven years of research and planning, calls for a 'special regime' comprising Israeli and Palestinian officials headed by 'an effective and empowered third-party' commissioner to oversee a 0.9-square-kilometer district that contains the city's contested Jewish, Muslim and Christian holy sites.

The proposal was funded by the Canadian government but initiated by University of Windsor, with a number of former top Canadian and American diplomats, who helped craft the plan that is outlined in a 144-page report, the Gazette reported.

...The 'special regime' concept was first published last year in a Foreign Affairs article co-authored by Michael Bell, Canada's former ambassador to Israel, Egypt and Jordan, and the former U.S. ambassador to Israel and Egypt, Daniel Kurtzer.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is scheduled to visit Canada at the end of the month to discuss the resumption of peace talks."

What is this, a back-door plan that Obama has winked to? Did the American high-levels participate in forming the proposal with Obama's approval, or perhaps even his guidance? Is the O-plan to get a special ruler in Jerusalem that somehow isn't part of the international community? Apparently, yes, for the article says: "The Gazette goes on to say that the proposal emphasizes the need for an alternative to the geographic division of Jerusalem or exclusive control by either Israel or the Palestinians, or the creation of a separate international authority to oversee the Old City."

Correct me if I'm wrong, but that sounds like the overseeing third party is not from the West. But then from where? Surely not from another Arab state, for Israel wouldn't go for that. Hmm, is this why the Russian leadership is suddenly pushing to be the broker in the Jerusalem affair? Has the Ruse been talking to Canada?

David Cameron is the new British prime minister, as of Brown's resignation.

In Iraq:

"The head of the committee vetting Iraqi officials for ties to Saddam Hussein's regime says no more candidates from the election will disqualified.

...The Shiite-dominated committee tried to disqualify hundreds of candidates before the election and several dozen afterward, including at least nine who won.

...Al-Lami said [today] that an appeals court would rule on the nine candidates in the coming days.

That decision could tilt the election outcome in favour of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki's coalition."

Perhaps the Commission knows that the courts will carry the anti-Allawi/pro-Maliki objective to its end, or that the evidence against the nine is very damning. The court decision shouldn't be long from now.

Did George Bush really set aside an oil agenda in Iraq?

"...Pickens made pleas to both then President George Bush and President Barack Obama to make calls on the Iraqi oil field, but neither made a move.

When Pickens met with Bush, the response Pickens was given was, 'If we made a call on the oil, it would look like that's why we went to Iraq.'"

The article's title is, "Pickens: Where's Our Iraqi Oil?" The oil field in mention above is the Rumaila oil field: "As BP Capital Management Chairman T. Boone Pickens points out, that's the size of the largest oil field the U.S. has ever had--Alaska's Prudhoe Bay." The statement is conspicuous given another article that claims: "BP, along with China's CNPC, secured the contract for the Rumaila oil field [Diyala province] on Tuesday [end of June, 2009]..."

Pickens could know that Bush played a key role in securing Iraqi oil on behalf of BP, but Pickens might want to give the appearance that Bush didn't. While Bush couldn't seize oil fields in the name of the United States or for his Bush-family oil interests, what if he is a part of the Rothschild oil industry?

The Pickens surname has a Pike variation. You may have heard of Albert Pike, a Scottish-rite occultist leader. Online articles abound claiming that he predicted three Rothschild world wars i.e. that he was a participating agent of the Rothschild plots unto global governance, which plots included game-changing world wars. Interestingly, Pike was brought into the Illuminati by a Mazzini surname. Checking it, we find an Italian Mazza-rooted family (using red roses on white, very Rosicrucian) said to derive from "club, hammer, mace or staff of office." Not that I believe the surname had roots in a mace, but that the Mazzas, like the English Macy/Macey surname (which uses a mace symbol), came to be associated with a mazza=club because of word-play.

The point is, the Mazza Coat page shows a Mazzapica variation, smacking of "Pike." And the gold stars in the Pickens/Pike Coat are identical to the stars in the Macy/Macey Coat. My mother (a Masci on one side) happens to be from a town named after the Piceni Italians...who had a mountain named after themselves in the Avellino region. In fact, her town was founded by those particular peoples near Avellino.

We're keeping in mind here that the Bell surname was traced to Avellino/Abellinus, and that the Bells were not only directly at the foundation of the Bellamy>Macey/Masci surname, but that a Bell surname has been in charge, on behalf of Canada, of a scheme to bring a third-party overseer over Jerusalem's future status. One could get the impression that Rothschilds are behind the Canadian proposal.

I happened to notice this morning that the Sullivan Crest (see Seleucid>Sullivan> discussion yesterday) uses the same bird as the Ector and Kay Coats, meaning that Sullivan's were linked to those particular aspects of the Arthurian cult. When checking the type of bird when used by the Kays, it's said to be a goldfinch. The same site, as per another surname (can't recall which), said it was then a canary. But on the Sullivan surname, the same site claims that it's a robin. It appears that the various families pick and choose what bird they prefer.

The point is, what looks like the Sullivan "robin," in Sullivan color (red), is used by the Robin surname. Furthermore, the Robin Shield is the Irish Macey/MacKAY Shield. We can know that this family uses symbol-play to indicate related bloodlines because the English and Scottish Robin Coats use thistles, while the Thistle surname uses the so-called "pheons" used by the French Robin surname.

Pheons are supposed to be spear or arrow tips, but so-called "ermines," used as a symbol for Brittany clans, look to me like arrow tips. The French Robins are said to be from Brittany, if that helps to make the pheon-ermine connection.

As the Robin surname uses a "post" motto term, I checked the Post surname to find a black bugle very much evoking the same in the Burns Coat. Both Coats are in blue and white, as is the German Post/Poests Coat (i.e. it looks like the two Posts are related), the colors of the English and Scottish Maceys/Mackays (significance below). The German Posts/Poests (Piasts?) were first found in Prussia...where the Mieske/Mesech surname was first found.

The Burns Coat was being kept for the very next bloodline topic, before this bloodline topic intruded due to the news today on the Pickens surname. I arrived at the Burns surname when learning that the Keppoch/Kippax family was related to Blackburnshire (Lancashire). I found that the Blackburn Coat (evokes the Blackwood Meschins en route to rule Moray) uses black stars as does the Burns Coat (i.e. they look related), albeit the latter uses black Zionist stars, very Illuminatish. The write-up: " is thought that [the Burns] derived from a race called the Boernicians..."

Let's not forget that the Bacon coats uses black stars, but the point here is that the Keppoch surname was arrived at as per the Mickey write-up: "Traditionally the [Mickey] clan is descended from a Michael MacDonald of the branch known as the MacDonalds of Keppoch."

Again, my sense is that the Mickeys were Maceys/Mackays. Eventually, the idea was adopted by the Mickey family that the surname derived from "Michael," for which reason the clans named their sons by that name. The Burns write-up tells that "They were described as an unruly Clan." In an online article on the Scottish MacKays, they were described in similar terms. The Burns use a Shield in colors reversed from the Scottish Macey/Mackay Shield.

Also, the Bell surname: "A common name in Tyrone, this family were from the Scottish Borders known for centuries as the 'Bellis' of Annandale Dumfriesshire. A very unruly Clan..." ANNANdale???

Also, "The Fergussons were also known in Gaelic as 'the hasty clan': and that they were a hot-tempered race...They are described in 1590 as ' an unruly clan.'" I'm thinking Massey-Ferguson. The Scottish Ferguson';s use "Dulcius" as a motto term, perhaps linking back to "Sulcis" elements. The Scottish Ferguson Crest is the thistle of the English Robins! That exclamation mark is due to the Robins entering this discussion from the Sullivan Crest, which surname is being explored for links to a hypothetical "Selevcus/Sulevcus" variation of "Seleucus." The Scottish-alternative Ferguson Crest has a crescent laid upon a cloud (i.e. possible Nibelung connection).

As a result of googling "unruly clan" and "Mackay," I found a website entitled, "Stewart Roots," telling that McNaughtons were Mackays: "The Macnaughtons, many of whom were called Mackay -- that is, the Children of Aodh..." When I checked the Naughton Coat, it was the Racken/Cracken Coat!!!

I just showed the Racken/Cracken Coat yesterday, saying: "As we read that Sullys/Sillys [!!!!] were "Lords of the manor of Rackenford," a look at the Racken surname followed (it's more properly "Cracken"), which found the Hanna/Davenport symbol in blue on white, the colors of the Hanna Coat. I say that because the Crackens/Rackons were first found in Wigton while the Hannas were first found in Wigtonshire."

This find of Sully links to Mackays comes on the heels of mentioning the Sullivan surname, even as the Sullys were mentioned yesterday during the mention of Sullivans.

The Stewart Roots webpage goes on to say: "I think the Macnaughtons and Robortsons are the people of longest descent in Fortingall." The Robin surname is said to be from "Robert." Checking the Robertson Coat (surname from extreme northern Scotland, Hebrides), white wolf heads on red, used also by Richard d'Avrances (son of Hugh, see below), the one who ruled Chester immediately before Ranulf de Meschin.

The French Robert Coat (from Burgundy, where Nibelungs were from) uses a bell pattern and the Mackesy and Margy/Mackey lion!! The latter write up traces to "Mac Aoidh, which means son of Aodh." I accept that trace, but don't accept that the Mackeys derived from "Aodh," which is "Hugh" in England. I rather tend to believe that Hugh D'Avranches (ruled Cheshire's capital) was merged with the Cheshire Maceys/Masseys (of Bellamy roots), and somehow the Macey surname got alternated as "McHugh" where Hugh was a part of that Macey bloodline.

The English Roberts use black-on-white stars!!! Three exclamation marks are warranted because I was just thinking to myself, before seeing that Coat again, that the Burgundy Roberts, because Burgundians were from Bornholm, were related to the Burns and Blackburns...both of which use black-on-white stars!!! I was thinking that the Burns, said to be from Bernicians, are some reason to trace Bernicians to Bornholm (Baltic sea). Moreover, the three colors of the Burns are the three colors of the English Robert Coat.

The English Borne (black on white!) Coat has a "Haec" motto term. The Borne Crest is a "A pegasus," the symbol of the Massey/Macey Crest, a symbol that was the extension of the Gorgon Medusa. For the record, the German Borne Coat is comparable to the Mieske/Mesech Coat.

Keeping in mind that I link Nibelungs and Hannibal lines to Hyksos families, let me repeat, due to the Haec motto term above in exactly the place (= Bornholm) that Nibelungs are expected, from yesterday:

The Wigton Coat, which I showed not long ago when on the Hanna topic, is not only a shield-on-shield (like the Solle and Sellick Coats), but uses stars in the colors (gold on black) of the Sellick Chief!! I had been keeping an eye out for those stars, and here we find them in the Hanna family of Wigtown!

When I wrote on Wigtons (third update of March):

I'm wondering whether the Hanna surname's first place of record, Wigtonshire, was named after Hicks/Hyksos elements...The [Wigton] write-up: "Saxon surnames survived and the family name was first referenced in the year 1170 when Akeman de Wigenton were granted lands." AKEman? Saxons? The Hyksos were also "Heka Khasewet."

Going back to the Keppoch surname, from the Yorkshire location of Kippax. The write-up: "Hence, Kippax, at the taking of the Domesday Book was held by Ilbert de Lacy, a Norman Baron, who was at the Battle of Hastings, and who was granted 150 lordships in Yorkshire in addition to the whole district known then as BlackBURNshire in now Lancashire." I have record in my files on Ilbert de Lacy (from the seventh update of last May):

Since a Bartholomew is known as a progenitor of the/a Scottish Leslie clan, it's not likely a coincidence that "In 1086 this parish [of Scholes] was held by Ilbert de Lacy..." But look at the write-up on the Gomersall surname: "First found in Yorkshire in the West Riding where they were seated at Gomershall, later to become known as Gomersal, a knight's fee granted by William the Conqueror to (G)Ilbert de Lacy from whom conjecturally the Gomersalls were descended." Bingo! It looks as though the Gomersalls of Yorkshire were connected to the Skeltons/Sheltons there...

One of my next topics was going to be the Schlesinger surname, not only because it was first found in Silesia, but because it was named after the German form for "Silesia." We should seek Seleucid links to that family, therefore. The surname is very comparable to the Schole surname" and even the Skeltons (see "Shelton" spelling) of Yorkshire, relatives of the Maceys/Masseys. The Skelton Shield is yet another Bell/Bellamy Shield.

How timely that, thanks to FE, the Smallwood Coat was introduced in the previous update, for it is highly comparable to the Schole Coat. FE found it as per Anthony Smallwood, chief spokesman for the European Union's Washington diplomatic mission.

I just entered "Sills" as it popped into my head, and found a Sill/Sell surname alternating as "Silvester" and "Silvanus," which then granted the idea that Sullivan-like variations of "Seleucid/Sulcis" founded TranSYLVANIA (root = "Silva"). In the first update of May, I showed that the mythical symbol of Transylvania, Rhae Silva, was the mother of the mythical Roman twins just as Bellona was made their mother. And, I showed that Bellona was also "Duellona, possibly after the Telchines of Rhodes." The Scottish Sylvester Coat shows a lion with a fish tail, evoking the Triton subject yesterday (that linked to the foundations of Rhodes).

Hmm, the Italian Silvester page tells that "silva" means "wood." This Sylvester Coat uses a white chevron on red, perhaps linked to the red chevrons on white of the Sullys. The Sills/Sells also use red and white. We would expect these clans to form a Silver surname, and so see the bell pattern (same color as the French Roberts) and what appears to be the Sills lion (= French Robert colors) in the Silver Coat.

The Irish Silks use a white lion on red, possibly connected to the white double-tailed lion on red that's big to this day in the Silesia and Bohemian regions (see earlier in this update for that lion's links to the Piast Poles).

Another red and white surname that could evolve from "Seleucus/Sulcis" is the owl-using Slick/Sleech. The Slakes/Slaks (Yorkshire) are, once again, red and white.

The Montfort lion is not only double tailed and white, but on a red background just like the Bohemian and Klodsko lion. The Montforts were from the Vieilles>Beaumonts (also "Bellmont")...who may have been Bell/Bellamy stock.

The article mentioned above on Stewart Roots verifies my theory that Stubbs and Stubbings were a Stewart branch. It links Stewarts to "Stiubhartaich Dubh-Shuileach," that latter term looking Seleucus-like. Evidence for my theory that Stewarts and Meschins were virtually one is where Wikipedia shows Mackay septs, one being MacAllan. Further evidence that Maxwells were Mackays is that while Pollocks are listed as a Maxwell sept, the Pauls, Poles, Polesons, Pollards, and Polsons are listed as Mackay septs.

Recalling now that I traced Pollocks to the Fort surname (black stars on white), let me re-quote from above: "...the Macnaughtons and Robortsons are the people of longest descent in Fortingall." The Forting Coat is two dragons dancing. The French Fort Coat is the Irish Mackay Shield, and with the Kay-Crest bird. The Mackay motto is "Manu forti."

The German Forts and German Posts share the same lion in the same colors in the same position, and the Dutch Posts use a bugle as do the Pollocks. The Post surname was introduced because the Robin Coat, the one with the Mackay Shield, uses "post" as a motto term.

As the Mackays have a Pole sept, while Pulls/Poles were first found in Cheshire, it tends to prove that Mackays were from Cheshire Maceys/Masseys. Note that Pulls/Poles use the Fort and Post lion in colors reversed. The Poleson Coat is, to no surprise, the Macey-of-Cheshire as well as the Scottish Macey/Mackay Shield.

There's lots of ammunition there for future use. Hope it wasn't too-boring a read. Sorry for the length of recent updates. God bless all.

May 13

I don't think it's a coincidence that the Danish Johanson/Jonsson Coat is a Zionist star in red and white:

"...Glitnir [bank] said it was suing 'Jon Asgeir Johannesson, formerly its principal shareholder, Larus Welding, previously Glitnir's chief executive, Thorstein Jonsson, its former chairman and other former directors, shareholders and third parties associates with Johannesson for fraudulently and unlawfully draining more than two billion dollars out of the [Iceland] bank."

...Glitnir's suit, filed in the New York state Supreme Court on [May 11], blamed most of the bank's woes on 'Johannesson and his co-conspirators,' who had 'conspired to systematically loot Glitnir Bank in order to prop up their own failing companies.'

Johannesson, the former owner of the now-defunct Baugur investment group with stakes in a number of British high street stores including Hamleys, Debenhams and House of Fraser, said he was shocked by the lawsuit."

It looks like a "Jewish" banker done it, doesn't it? Are their any bankers that are NOT "Jewish"? One can use heraldry to link the Frasers, at least, to Hesse (German), where the first Rothschild (Mayer) was involved with prince William of Hesse-Cassel. It is said that the Rothschilds became wealthy from abusing William's fortunes.

The Fraser Crest and the Keith Crest share the same stag. The Fraser write up: "...Sir Simon Fraser held part of the lands of Keith. There is a record of Symon Fraser giving the church of Keith to the Abbey of Kelso in Circa 1160." The Kelso area was the Maxton area of Roxburgh, where the Rutherford branch of Rothes lived with their Maxwell/Maxton relatives/partners. I've already shown that entering "Mascal" brings up the Keith Coat, and that Keiths were first found in Haddington (Lothian), where MUSSELburgh is/was a chief location.

The point is, the Keith write-up says something that I had previously missed. It's especially important for my trace of "Chester" and "Cheshire," and the Chee/Chettle family of Cheshire, to "Hesse." You get it, the Chettle are named after the Catti founders of Hesse; that's the theory. Now, the part of the Keith write-up that I had missed when on the topic previously: "Traditionally the Keiths were descended from Robert, an early Chieftain of the Catti tribe, and possibly one of the earliest settlers in Scotland."

My suspicion is that the Chees who named Cheshire (that's my theory) were from "Key/Kay" even as Mackays trace to Cheshire. But I recall making mention just a couple of months ago that "Keith" is a "Chettle" variation. I was arguing at the time that Cheddles/Chettles trace back to the Catti, AND YET I HAD SOMEHOW GLOSSED OVER THE ABOVE QUOTE on KEITHS. A year earlier, in the eighth update of April, 2009, I had put in brackets that Keiths were from the Cati=Catti of Hesse, but I can't keep track of all details.

Note that the above-named Johanson was an owner of the Baugur investment group. That term smacks of the Bogens who gave the Arms of Bavaria their blue and white "lozenges." Now read that the Cummings estates at Buchan were acquired by the Keith clan." AND, see the lozenges in the Marshall Coat (!) because Marshals were Keiths:

"King Malcolm [II] granted Robert [the Catti chief] the hereditary title of Marshall of Scotland, with a barony in Lothian...It is for this title that the Keiths are sometimes known as the Marshalls, and many Clansmen adopted that name."

Since it seems that the Marshall-branch Keiths were linked to Bogens, therefore, we can ask whether the Keith holding of Buchan was linked to Bogens? In any case, the English Marshalls (the ones using the lozenges) were first found in Wiltshire, which may been linked to the Welding surname we see as part of Johanson's scam. Entering "Welding" brings up the Weldon Coat with a cinquefoil (Fraser of Keith use cinquefoils) in Johanson colors, and a white lion on red, discussed yesterday as possibly linking back to the Klodsko/Bohemian lion (of the same colors).

One could get the impression that the Baugur term links to the water bouge(t) symbol used by the Bugs surname. Then, keeping in mind that the English Wild surname uses the Bugs Shield (because Bugs Bunny was originally an episode, "A Wild Hare"), SEE THAT entering "Wilt," as in "Wiltshire," brings up the German Wild surname, first found in Bavaria! The Dutch Wildts use the Bellamy Shield with Zionist stars, in the colors of the Bauer (= pre-Rothschild surname) stars. I tend to trace Bauers/Bowers to "Bavar(ia)" and even to the Bogens ("bogen" means "bow" in German, as in a bower who shoots arrows).

I'm not done. The Welding/Weldon write-up traces to "Bucy": "First found in Northamptonshire where they held a family seat as Lords of the manor of Weldon, and are conjecturally descended from Robert de Bucy, a Norman Baron who acquired Weldon..." That means that Weldons were Bucys! Entering "Bucy" brings up a Coat using the white-on-red of the Weldons. Variations include Bussy, Boussy, Boucey, Busser, and Bushee. The latter prompts a look at the Bush/Boush Coat, AND ZOWIE, it too uses a central red band with spread eagles!!

The Weldon white-on-red lion could link to the same in the Silk Coat, which is said because the Bushes use black boars as do the Sullivans!! It's the very same boar design too, on the same-colored background. (See the last two days for Silk and Sullivan links to potential Seleucus/Sulcis links).

My hunch is that "marshal" was named after one who tended the marches militarily. The English Marshes and the Marches use the same lion head, and the Marsh Coat uses the Kay bird...which is also uses by this Sullivan Crest.

NOW, for one amazing "coincidence." It was just yesterday that I got the impression that the Polish Janina family, said to be named after John/Johan names, was in reality a Hannibal-linked surname. Today, I start the morning with a Johanson in the news, and so COMPARE, JUST COMPARE, the German Johanson Coat to the English Hannibal/Hunnable Coat!!!

There is no doubt that God is tooting these things out to the world. Some assume that a clan with a common John surname-variation must surely trace to John at the earliest, but it is a fact that families took on common names after starting with surnames that were not at all common terms. Note the early John surname in HUNtingdon. Note the axes in the John Crest, and the Ravens in the Coat. These were not symbols of the apostle John, nor John the Baptist.

The Hunting Coat uses (hunting) bugles , not surprisingly, but Bogen variations include Bugel, Bugele, and Bugle, and other Bugs-like variations. Likely, Huntingdon was not named after a hunting theme, but came to be viewed as such. Recalling that Sellicks/Seliocs (= Seleucus/Sulcis bloodline) were first in Herefordshire, and that Heres are Hares, see the Hunting write-up: ...he family once having lived in the settlement of Huntingdon in the county of Huntingdonshire, or in one of the various places called Huntington in Herefordshire, Shropshire, Staffordshire, and the North Riding of Yorkshire."

When I discovered the Sellicks/Seliocs (last update page), I found them to be linked to Talbots...first in Shropshire. The Bugs Shield (for various reasons) is likely the Meschin Shield in colors reversed, and Meschins were first found in Shropshire, while the first Meschin married a Taillebois=Talbot. Both the Talbots and Sellicks use what I suspect are official Janina-type shield-on-shield Coats. The Talbots and Sellicks might be Bernician - totally expected because I have linked both Seleucids and Bernicians to Pamphylians -- because the Scott surname uses the same Shield design and is said to be Bernician.

The Scott Coat uses a wagon-wheel style called "Catherine Wheel," which we assume links to the Catherine. The only Coat coming up under that name is the Catenay Coat (colors of the Scottish Scotts), using mainly Chatten-variations (the Catti were also "Chatti"). The Keet surname (with Keite variation) was plugged in for possible Keith/Keath connections, and the write-up says: "First found in Norfolk, where the name is generally thought to have been derived from a baptismal name as 'the son of Kett.' And whether that name represents nickname of 'Catherine' or 'Christopher,' there is much confusion." I'll bet Catherine. The Keatons look definitely related. And the Scottish Kettles (i.e. like "Cheddels" of Cheshire) even use the Keith stag (in the Coat, not the Crest), not to mention red-on-white cinquefoils (Welding colors).

The first-known Scott "is on record as a witness to the foundation charter of Selkirk in 1120." SEL??? Selk? The Selkirk surname (not necessarily derived from "Sel-church," as might be claimed) has a SILKrige variation, suggesting possible links to the Silk surname. Selkirkshire is smack beside the Roxburgh stomping grounds of the Scotts.

The name of Selkirk "originates from the Anglian Seleschirche, meaning 'Kirk in the Forest'." But what was "Seles" before it was tagged with a church ending? It looks very Seleucid. Wikipedia's article links some of Selkirk to Kelso, which only strikes me now as being a possible hard-C version of a Seleucus`term. I`m convinced already that "Seles" and "Kelso" are the same stock.

The Irish Silks and McNamaras use the same Coat, and the Silk write-up links their roots to McNamaras. Both clans show a Sheedy variation (also "Sheade"), smacking of the "Cheddles/Cheadles" of Cheshire. After all, the Kelso location is basically at Maxton, itself linked to Cheshire's Meschins and/or Macclesfield. We of course want to know if there is a Kelso surname, and it turns out to use garbs, the Arms of Cheshire symbol! The Kelso Coat looks a little Meschin-Coat like. The Kelso write-up:

"First found in Roxburghshire, where they were granted lands by King Malcolm Canmore, King of Scotland, consisting of the Abbey and estates of Kelso, originally the Abbey of Selkirk."

Zowie, I think I have found Seleucids in the Kelso>Selkirk family, itself very expected because inhabitants of Sulci(s) (Sardinia) were traced to king Mieszko.

I have every suspicion that the Catti of Hesse trace back to the Cati Cilicians, and that they were linked to the Seleucids of Antioch (Sulcis is now Sant'Antioco). I've even wondered whether "Cilicia" was the root of "Seleucus." I figure that the Cilician Cati was mythical Cadmus, and Cilix his brother (a representation of Cilicia) must have been none other than an outshoot of the Cati.

Note that the Muschat/Mousquette surname may be a Meschin combo with the Catti of Hesse. The Muschats were first found in Essex, where the Hesse-rooted Cheshires were first found! (And, "Essex" may itself have been slyly named after Hesse elements as well as after "east"). The Mousquettes were from Calvados, where Meschins were from, but let me repeat that a Meschin variation is "Masculine," virtually identical with the Mascal surname that pops up the Catti-rooted Keith/Keath surname.

How many "Jews" of the "Jewish" Hesse and related families are now living and ruling in Israel? But, surely, there are many true Israelites there, and the great-tribulation rulers should be true Israelites from way back, according to prophecy:

"Beset by questions about Jerusalem's future in talks with the Palestinians, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reached for the Bible [yesterday] to stake out the Jewish state's contested claim on the city.

Netanyahu told a parliamentary session commemorating Israel's capture of East Jerusalem from Jordan in the 1967 war that 'Jerusalem' and its alternative Hebrew name 'Zion' appear 850 times in the Old Testament, Judaism's core canon.

'As to how many times Jerusalem is mentioned in the holy scriptures of other faiths, I recommend you check,' he said."

Good point, excellent point, one that the O-s of the world will ignore. The article goes on fatalistically: "Netanyahu said Israel would retain control over all of Jerusalem while ensuring freedom of worship at its holy sites." The O-s don't care what Netanyahu thinks on that score. The O has just lifted a Kagan to the supreme heights of Amurki. That's the sort of "Jew" he guns for. The German Hesse and "Jewish" Cohen/Kagan surnames both use a sun/sol on blue background.

"Nathan" goes back to Israelites. However, the English Nathan Coat looks Bugs-Coat-like and uses the compass, a chief masonic symbol. The Nathan Crest is a red heart (the symbol also of the Selkirk Coat) shot through with an arrow. Symbols shot through with arrows could be shot through with Rothschild arrows.

But, then, the English Nathan clan is not necessarily linked to Netanyahu's bloodline.

There's not news to speak of today. So I'll zero in on the Helios line of improtnace. From the mythical Rhode article:

"Ovid, Metamorphoses 4. 204 ff (trans. Melville) (Roman epic C1st B.C. to C1st A.D.) : 'Not Clymene, nor Rhodos [Helios' wife] now had power to hold his [Helios'] heart . . . All were forgotten for Leucothoe.'"

That is, Helios loved Leucothea more than any other peoples because he was strictly linked to them. And did I say that there was not much evidence found by me for a Helios link to Telchines?

"In Greek mythology, Leucothea, English translation: 'white goddess') was...Ino, the daughter of Cadmus, sister of Semele, and queen of Athamas...She [= Ino] leapt into the sea with her son Melicertes in her arms, and out of pity, the Olympian gods turned...Ino into Leucothea.

In the version sited at Rhodes, some see a much earlier mythic level. There, the woman who plunged into the sea and became Leucothea was Halia ('of the sea'; personification of the saltiness of the sea) [ignore the salt part and trace to the "Halys" river, which itself means salt/sea in Greek)...She was a local nymph and one of the aboriginal Telchines of the island. Halia became Poseidon's wife and bore him Rhodos/Rhode and six sons..."

There we have a trace of the Rhodians to the Galli freaks on the Halys, the same line of faggots that rule much of the world today. It's not a wonder that France has been traditionally infested with man-loving femmes.

My guess is that sea-faring Leucothea was code for the Lycians, who lived on continental Rhodes, beside and overlapping the Pisidians. That suggests that Helios, from the Halys' Galli themselves, loved Lycians most. Hmm, if we remove the "Se" from "Seleucus," we are left with "Leucus." Perhaps Cilicia was named after Lycians...for example, after a "Slycian" morphed into "Cilicia." Note the acute reflection of "Silesia" in that idea.

The article goes on to say: "A similar name is used by two other characters in Greek mythology. A beautiful mortal woman named Leucothoe: a princess, daughter of Orchamus and sister of Clytia, Leucothoë was loved by Helios..." The Orchamus character smacks of Orchomenos, the Boiotian region from which many/most of the Argo ship's crew were from. Ino is expected in Boiotia because Cadmus co-founded and ruled there, at Thebes. That city is where the Sparti were formed from Cadmus' armies, which explains why Leucothea was also related to Clytia, for Clytemnestra was a Spartan queen. The Clymene whom Helios also loved would appear to be a form of Clytemnestra, though in the past I've identified Clymene as the Manes-line Galli (think Manes>Attis). I tend to link Clyt terms to the Khaldi>Celt Piast Kolodziej, for one.

Based on the video evidence available online, I happen to agree with those who say that 9-11 was an inside job, with George Bush either protecting or overseeing it. Imagine the 9-11 plotters' fears when law suits galore were opened by Americans against Saudi Arabia just because the plotters largely placed the blame for the disaster on Saudi Arabians. Such law suits could only allow the real secrets to leak out, and in the meantime they would bring the Saudi leaders to court when in real fact Saudi Arabians had little/nothing to do with 9-11. The only hope/solution for the plotters' fears was to have the highest levels of globalist America deny the lawsuits:

"In her previous role at the Justice Department as Obama's Solicitor General, [Elena Kagan] declared that 'that the princes are immune from petitioners' claims' owing to 'the potentially significant foreign relations consequences of subjecting another sovereign state to suit.'

...The move just happened to come less than a week before Obama was scheduled to meet and bow before Saudi King Abdullah as part of his 'rebuilding' trip to the Middle East.

...Less than a month later, The Supreme Court ruled that it would not allow any of the lawsuits to go ahead, agreeing that the Saudi princes should be protected by sovereign immunity...

...The same documents revealed that the [FBI] did not consider a single Saudi national nor any of the Bin Laden family worthy of investigative value."

I tell you, Amurki leaders are some of the worst the world has ever known, but then they aren't true to America because they're Atlanteans...from Antalya of Lycian Pisidia. And they merged with Rhodian Telchines, who became the Curetes, who became the Kabalistic Lycians, who became the particular British (from Pamphylians) and Scots (from Miletus on continental Rhodes) that merged with Meschins from the Piast Poles from Pisidians. It was all Zeus, Poseidon, Hades (the latter was no doubt the Cadusii>Cati peoples), the three brothers who ruled the world from Uranus.


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