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May 5 - 9, 2010

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May 5

A breakthrough in Iraq. It's the unexpected compromise, not only because Maliki is biting his fingernails to the bone, but because the Shi'ites who have opposed Maliki until now have given up on the prospect of a coalition with Allawi:

"Iraq's two largest Shiite electoral blocs announced [yesterday] they have formed an alliance that gives them a strong chance of setting up the next government, though they have yet to work out the contentious question of who would become prime minister.

The coalition deal between Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki's State of Law coalition and the conservative Shiite Iraqi National Alliance leaves them just four parliamentary seats shy of a ruling majority.

...'Despite the challenges and the risks, both coalitions have agreed to announce the formation of a single parliamentary bloc,' said Abdul-Razaq Al-Kazemi of the Iraqi National Alliance."

This alliance is fragile, and may crack at any time. If they find a way to move it forward to success, the Kurds will likely join, leaving the Sunni election winners as the biggest losers. The agreement between the two Shi'ite blocks may suggest that leaders of the Maliki block have resolved to replace Maliki as prime minister as per the desires of the other Shi'tes, which includes al-Sadr's people. It seems unlikely that Maliki's group is anywhere near willing to give the premiership to the other Shi'ites (the Shi'ite National Alliance), but instead hopes to persuade them that Maliki's group should retain top position.

I expect that Western globalists will seek some means to get Allawi from sinking wholly into the mud and out of view, but with the Shi'ite clerics in charge, yikes, they're not about to give Allawi any air pockets for a chance to survive:

"An agreement signed by Iraq's two main Shiite blocs seeking to govern the country gives the final decision on all their disputes to top Shiite clerics, according to a copy obtained by The Associated Press [today].

A leading member of the prime minister's coalition who signed the agreement [yesterday] confirmed it gives a small group of clerics led by Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani the last word on any disputes between the two allied blocs. He spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the situation.

'The marjaiyah has the final say in solving all the disputes between the two sides and its directives and guidance are binding,' the agreement said, referring to the religious Shiite leadership based in the holy city of Najaf.

Shiite politician Karim al-Yaqoubi, who attend the signing, also confirmed the contents of the agreement.

...The document sets forth 11 conditions for the alliance and with distrust high between them, final authority to resolve disputes is left to the top Shiite clerics. That effectively enshrines in writing what was a de facto situation.

...The Shiite alliance may not need any support from the Sunnis. It is only four seats shy of a majority in parliament and one of the points in the agreement signed Tuesday night said the pan-Shiite alliance intends to form an alliance with the powerful Kurdish coalition, which has 43 seats. The Kurds have so far not indicated whether they will join the Shiite alliance."

The Kurds, safe to say, prefer Maliki over any Allawi-Sunni block. But it may now depend on what the Allawi side is willing to offer the Kurds under the present situation.

At the start of negotiations between the two Shi'ite bodies, it will be necessary for the Maliki body to put forward their current leader, and apparently no one is yet ready to challenge him. But now, if the other Shi'ites want to contest Maliki's position to the extreme, they can make turn the issue into one of those that leaves it up to the clerics to decide:

"Baghdad - The State of Law coalition said [today] it plans to nominate its leader and current Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al- Maliki for the premiership, after allying with the Iraqi National Alliance.

'The alliance between the State of Law and the Iraqi National Alliance confirms that the head of the next government will come from this group,' State of Law spokesperson Hajem al-Hosni told the German Press Agency dpa.

...'Al-Maliki remains the only candidate on the list for the State of Law coalition,' al-Hosni added.",coalition-still-keen-on-al-maliki-after-forming-shiite-alliance.html

In a headline yesterday, "An unlikely Iraqi leader emerges":

Among all the candidates being touted for the prime minister's job in the next Iraqi government, one stands out for his near-total lack of political experience.

Jaafar Sadr...

But Sadr's heritage puts him in the ranks of aristocracy, at least by Iraqi Shiite Muslim standards. He is the only son of the revered Grand Ayatollah Mohammed Baqir Sadr...And he is a second cousin and brother-in-law of the radical cleric Muqtada Sadr, who commands a vast following among poor Shiites.

Jaafar Sadr's pedigree alone was enough to ensure that when he ran from Baghdad on Prime Minister Nouri Maliki's State of Law list, he received the slate's most votes after Maliki -- albeit with a huge gulf. That secured him a seat in parliament. He also came in second in an advisory referendum Muqtada Sadr supporters held on the prime minister's post, and he was named one of their two candidates for the job."

I think we could very well see al-Sadr put forward as the compromise should the issue threaten to vaporize the new alliance.

But then there is the law. It states that the election candidate winning the most seats should form the premiership. Maliki wants to twist that bird's neck, to change it a little so that it no longer stands as the law, but Allawi will surely seek legal teeth to keep the law as it was once understood. Maliki now wants to understand it as the post-election coalition with the most votes being the one(s) who get to form the premiership, and he got a legal body to agree with his view.

It seems very unlikely that the "most-holy" Shi'ite ones will give Allawi (also a Shi'ite) any gift the size of the premiership when their job is to decide disputes among the two Shi'ite bodies now in a coalition alliance. But one never knows what will come forth from this mud-wrestling hole. I predict the prophetic monster, grinning. I don't necessarily think that the next officially-chosen prime minister will be the anti-Christ, however, but rather one who steps in and somehow "seizes" the position by "intrigues." Legal intrigues? Coalition intrigues? UN-supported intrigues? Cleric-backed intrigues? A military-supported coup?

I don't think that there is any chance of a foreigner seizing the position unless great violence begins to take hold. Not a day goes by now that news reports don't mention the violence awaiting in the Sunni wings. Allawi is going to Arab capitals for political support, while others look to the West to resolve the problem, and so the opportunity for a foreign anti-Christ is now there. I imagine that he will offer his services, perhaps even to that Allawi is desperate.

The idea of a foreigner entering this situation, and actually becoming the Iraqi leader, seems ridiculous in my view. But that's how I've understood Daniel 11:21. Granted, the text does not say that the anti-Christ enters the country, but only that he enters:

"And a rejected one shall stand up in the place of [the [previous Seleucid-related king of the north], and they [the Iraqi people/leaders, I assume] will not give him the honor of the kingship, but he will enter while at ease and seize the kingdom by intrigues."

Possibly, "enter" could represent an entering of merely the situation, though it sounds like he enters the kingdom altogether.

By "Seleucid-related," I don't necessarily mean related by blood, though I'm watching to see whether it can be determined that it turns out to be true.

Note that I use "rejected" as my personal translation, while others use "despised." That's because Strong's dictionary for that Hebrew word gives the impression of one who is rejected, which does not necessarily imply one who is broadly despised. "Rejected" is, now in Iraq, a very relevant term, as for example a politician that is advanced but rejected as potential prime-minister...yet finds a way to get the position by some means of force/power. But the idea that a foreigner should be advanced and rejected seems ridiculous to me.

I welcome your opposition to my personal views. I welcome other ideas on how to interpret that Biblical verse. As the fulfillment approaches, it should become better understood.

Today's breakthrough, if it turns out to be that, rushes things along. We're keeping in mind that the king of the north of verse 20 rules only for "days," and is not unseated by war or "anger." The latter term suggests that he's not unseated by conflict whatsoever. IF (and that could be a big if) verse 20 is on an end-time ruler, Allawi seems to fit the part...if it can be said that he is now the rightful prime minister. Verse 20 says that this particular "king" will be "broken," and yet in such a way as NOT to be uprooted in anger, which may find fulfillment as Allawi himself advances the anti-Christ to replace him. Safe to say, Allawi is already, even as of today, "broken." We could expect further breakage in days/weeks to come.

As I said, Allawi is seeking foreign support for his struggle. The idea of a foreigner taking the top position is not so ridiculous if he is, or was until recently, an Iraqi citizen living outside the country. Chalabi, for example. Or a Baathist in Syria. But this idea does not conjure in my mind a Russian. I don't see that an Iraqi citizen in Russia (with a dual citizenship?) is being appealed to, but then there's a lot we can't see. I keep in mind the Baathist supposedly trained in Moscow by the surname of Ahmed, who leads a Baathist group with Syria's protection. Someone like him could come to the fore after a period of violent Sunni uprisings in Iraq, an uprising on behalf of Allawi's brokenness.

Or, the broken ruler of verse 20 is not Allawi, and has not yet been chosen, but is about to be chosen...during the coming Sunny unrest on behalf of Allawi's team. Another article has put forward a likely prime minister that could fulfill verse 20:

"...Incumbent Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, however, appeared likely to be the main casualty of the deal between the Shiite parties, as it is widely believed the price of a coalition between his State of Law bloc and the Iraqi National Alliance (INA) was an agreement that he would not continue in his post.

The statement announcing the new pact was read by Abdul Razzaq al-Kadhami, an adviser to INA candidate Ibrahim Jaafari, Maliki's predecessor as premier, in an apparently symbolic move that suggests Jaafari could return to power.

...'The most important thing is to form an Iraqi government, to establish a government programme and to nominate the next prime minister,' Kadhami said.

...Jaafari, who was prime minister for one year from 2005 to 2006, heads the National Reform Movement, which is part of the INA. He formerly headed the Dawa party, which Maliki now leads.

He was the NRM's only successful candidate in the elections, winning more than 100,000 votes, a greater total than any other INA candidate nationwide.

The 63-year-old physician, seen as close to neighboring Iran, was forced out of his post in 2006 after he lost the backing of Iraq's Sunni and Kurdish minorities as sectarian bloodshed engulfed the country."

On Jaafari (not his name at birth), Wikipedia says: "He was forced to withdraw his nomination for premiership for the permanent government because of accusations of weak leadership from United States President George W. Bush." There's got to be more to it than that (he had Iran ties, for example), but in any case Jaafari appears to be an appropriate person to be advanced by Shi'ites as the next leader. He was a vice-president when Allawi was prime minister five years ago. He lived in London during the Saddam years (meaning that he might still have some Western backing). He is an anti-Baathist who can therefore set up a conflict between Shi-ites and the anti-Christ's Sunni forces (I maintain that Daniel 11:23 predicts an anti-Christ alliance with desperate Saddam-associated Baathists).

I think I'm getting a headache trying to understand, but it's better than waiting in limbo for the appointed time to arrive. I hope it has arrived. I would like nothing more than to abandon temporal things, which are themselves headaches, or at least to slacken the strings to temporal things...which I tend to do, anyway.

Britain may soon have a new prime minister, and I'll get to that when the results are in. He might have a different take on Iraq and Israel than Brown; he may also be prophecy-relevant. Aren't the globalists, otherwise called "Illuminati," involved in Iraq? You bet:

"Salahaddin, Kurdistan - Iraq ( -- [Iraqi] President Masoud Barzani and [Kurdish region] Prime Minister Barham Salih on Saturday met a delegation from the Council on Foreign Relations, a leading American foreign affairs think tank.

...Dr Salih asked the Council to convey to American business a true picture of the Kurdistan' Region's good security and economic progress. The Kurdistan Region is the stable secure gateway for doing business in all of Iraq, and needs international expertise in all areas.

The Council on Foreign Relations, which is touring the Kurdistan Region as part of a broad visit to exchange views on key issues, is a non-profit, non-partisan organisation whose members include analysts, government officials, scholars and business leaders. President Barzani spoke at the Council on an official trip to the US in 2005."

"Touring" the region??? That's a laugh. The article is dated yesterday. What are they up to in Iraq at this muddy time?

Are you interested, yawn, in the "provokesimity talks" this week? Well, yawn, they might not start this week as planned. And the Palestinian leader, who had an about-face in the past week or two when deciding to entertain the talks, is giving them a time limit...until about the time that Obama has removed the fighter parts of the U.S. military from Iraq, i.e. which could be a time that already has the anti-Christ in place on the Iraqi throne:

"Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian president, has said that 'proximity talks' with the Israeli government won't last longer than four months.

...Negotiations had been expected to start [today], but Israeli and Palestinian officials say they will not formally start until Saturday, after a meeting of the PLO's executive committee.

Dan Meridor, Israel's deputy prime minister, told the Jerusalem Post this week [yawn] that the talks will not yield any results...

...The indirect talks are expected to focus first on the question of borders.

David Axelrod, the senior political adviser to US president Barack Obama, said the talks will not initially tackle more contentious issues, such as the status of Jerusalem."

What's the use? This thing is headed for war. Obama is doing nothing but facilitating that war by raising Muslim expectations to the point of delivering them Old Jerusalem. What a Balaam the American president is in these times, as Israel's enemies call upon him.

Also of possible interest to some readers, an arfticle dated today:

"Washington, US (;-- The Kurdistan Regional Government's Representative to the US Qubad Talabani last week concluded a series of meetings with Members of Congress, including House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Howard Berman, on Iraq's government formation process following the national elections in March."

That is not a news piece, but a political tool of the Kurds, so don't expect to find what was really taking place. Kurds seek American help in their oil battle against Baghdad, and the Illuminati must by sheer logic be involved in the oil industry worldwide, explaining their presence among Kurd leaders. The Council on Foreign Relations poses as a think tank that gives good advice to American politicians and business blocks, but in reality any such foreign-finger organ must also be a pry-bar (pun not intended but well-taken) or lever (or even a shotgun) to get its "good" things done.

Congress can use the need of Kurds (for American assistance) to spy on the Iraqi election situation, not at all meaning that Washington will end up giving Kurds anything but mere morsels to keep the Intelligence coming in. As soon as the political situation looks secure, the oil tycoons will go in and purchase Kirkuk oil rights. Until now, they have been nervous to do so. They have been hoping that the Iraqi situation would finally go to a steady calm about this time, and that's the kicker: their expectations are being dashed.

May 6

Seleucus I ruled from on the Tigris river not far south of Baghdad:

"Seleucia was one of the great cities of the world during Hellenistic and Roman times. It stood in Mesopotamia, on the west bank of the Tigris River, opposite the smaller town of Opis."

I may have made a small mistake in the post-trib book where I said that there were 21 years between Seleucus' rule in Babylon and his founding of Antioch (301 BC) in Syria. In 323, there was a partitioning of Alexander's sinfully-acquired empire that dished Babylon out to someone other than Seleucus, but in 321 there was another partitioning where Seleucus acquired Babylon. So, technically, there may have been a 19 year gap. The point was, Seleucus was a Babylonian entity to begin with, not a Syrian one, so that we, today, should look first to Iraq, not Syria, for the rising of the neo-Seleucid anti-Christ.

Names of real men involved in the splitting up of Alexander's empire were at times the names given much earlier to mythical branches of the Greeks. For example: "Cilicia [was given] to Philoxenus...Among the higher provinces, Mesopotamia and Arbelitis were bestowed on Amphimachus, the king's brother." In the previous update page, I mentioned mythical Lysimachus, mother of Eriphyle, mother of Amphilochus the symbol of Pamphylia. I discussed the "phil" term that was part of "PamPHYLIA" and "EriPHYLE," which term we see in the real man above, Philoxenus, the man who got Cilicia...where the dragon-cult Pamphylians were located.

There was even a real man, Lysimachus, who founded a real city Lysimachia, who was under Alexander. In 323 (= Alexander's death), Lysimachus "was appointed to the government of Thrace as strategos."

The expectation is that these men were so named because they trace back, by blood, to myth-depicted (= "sacred") but real branches of the Pamphylians:

"Seleucus' empire reached its greatest extent following his defeat of his erstwhile ally, Lysimachus, at Corupedion in 281 BC, after which Seleucus expanded his control to encompass western Anatolia. He hoped further to take control of Lysimachus' lands in Europe - primarily Thrace and even Macedonia itself, but was assassinated..."

What greedy, sinful people, that they would go out to kill others that they might rule the entire beast. Why anyone in a right mind would utter, "Alexander the Great," is beyond me.

The task today is to find the blood roots of the Seleucid kings. The father of Seleucus I was Antiochus, from Orestis:

"Orestis was a region of Upper Macedonia, corresponding roughly to the modern Kastoria Prefecture, West Macedonia, Greece. Its inhabitants were the Greek tribe Orestae...A silver finger ring of 6th century BC bearing the frequent Orestian name 'Antiochus' has been found in Dodona [= a major Zeus-cult] sanctuary. During the Peloponnesian War, a thousand Orestians led by King Antiochus accompanied the Parauaeans of Epirus. Hecataeus and Strabo identified these mountain kingdoms as being of Epirotic stock."

The article on the Parauaeans calls them Thesprotians, but that doesn't mean much to me at this point, unless they were named after Thessaly, where Ixion's stomping grounds were located. ZOWIE, Parauaeans (it should be illegal to have five consecutive vowels) are said to be named after the Aoos/Aous/Aias river in Epirus. THAT MEANS that there is a 'P' placed in front of "Arau" to get "Parau-aeans"!!! I reason that "Paphlagonia" and "Pamphylia" got the same P-treatment, and there we some apparent evidence.

The Aous (also "Anios") river happens to trace to the Syrio-Phoenician theater, where Adonis had a cult: "In Greek Mythology, Aous is an epithet or name of Adonis. Aous (King) was also the name of the first king of Cyprus. A river and a mountain in Cyprus were also named Aous (Cyprus)."

Aha! I did trace "Epirus" back to "Aphrodite," and she was given a birth place in Paphos, Cyprus! I then traced Epirus' Aphrodite cult forward (in time) to Abruzzo/Aprutium, and the Mars/Marsi there. If "Paphos" got the P-treatment too, then it was originally "Apho(s)," which suggests linkage to Aphrodite elements...which I trace to "Euphrates." "Cyprus" itself I trace to the (C)Habur tributary of the Euphrates, the home of pagan Hebrews.

The grandfather of Seleucus I was also Seleucus (I pronounce it cell-ew-sid), but there is not much info on him. Whenever I find terms capitalized with an 'S' that don't link to myth entities familiar to me, I try the same terms with a "Th" or "D." "Deleucid" brings Telchines and/or Delos (birthplace of Apollo and Artemis) to mind. The Seleucids did worship Apollo; Seleucus' royal son, Antiochus I, had a coin with Apollo sitting on an omphalos.

An omphalos (meaning "navel") sounds like a phallic symbol for homosexuals of the Greek kind. It could be that P-less Pamphylians got named after the omphalos, a symbol of the Apollo Oracle at Delphi. A mythical Omphale was made the queen of Lydia, wife of Tmolus, the latter being a representation of mount Tmolus at the Lydian capital (Sardis), out of which arose Tantalus and Pelops, mythical rulers of dragon-cult Paphlagonians. This mythical queen's name, therefore, is a code with the apparent purpose of linking Pamphylians in a merger with Tmolus and Paphlagonian elements.

Omphale was made daughter to Iardanus, a term smacking of Arda in Odrysia, but combined with "Danaus." It seems appropriate, for as we saw in the last update page, Pamphylians were from the Danaan peoples depicted by Hypermnestra.

Mythical Orestes (a Spartan peoples from the Pelops>Atreus>Agamemnon line) -- which we assume depicted, not only a city (Orestia) of that name in Odrysia, but of the Orestae peoples in Epirus to which the Seleucids trace -- was made (by myth writers) to hold for protection to an omphalos (in Delphi) when he was in trouble. The subtle suggestion is that Orestes was a Pamphylian peoples, and indeed there is evidence for this new idea (of mine, anyway).

Orestes' omphalos-related trouble came from his mother, Clytemnstra. NOTE the "mnestra" ending of that mother, for we saw it in "Hypermnestra," the surviving daughter (49 others were killed) of mythical Danaus, and mother of Amphiaraos, father of Amphilocus! I get the impression that "mnestra" has to do with Hyksos-related Pamphylians. We can glean in ClyteMNESTRA (wife to Agamemnon) that dragon-line Pamphylians went through, as expected, the Pelops-based Spartans.

Orestes was given Agamemnon as father, wherefore, if Orestes was a Pamphylian peoples, so also was the line from Pelops to Agamemnon. Then, if Atreus depicted Odrysians (as I reckon, anyway), then Odrysians were likewise Pamphylians. Wikipedia suggests a trace to Niobe, the sister of Pelops: "Orestes was a member of the doomed house of Atreus which is descended from Tantalus and Niobe." Niobe has been identified by me, tentatively anyway, with proto-Nibelungs among the Hyksos as they reached Lydia.

But as Apollo is also associated with the omphalos, might we peg him as the same Pamphylians??? Indeed, (Clyte)mnestra was a daughter of Leda, while she (I reckon) was the Spartan extension of Leto, mother of Apollo. Also, when Thestius (looks THESprotian!) was made the father of a (Hyper)mnestra, "Her sisters are Althaea and Leda." Thestius was made married to EuryThemis, what looks like code for ArTEMIS (of Themis). If Apollo was Pamphylian, so too do we expect of Artemis. There is a "Thespius" (i.e. looks even more Thesprotian) that was also called Thestius.

Although I (and others) link Apollo to Hyperboreans (= "far-northerners"), I don't lose sight of the "Hyper" term in "Hypermnestra." While I trace her Danaan representation to Tanis in Egypt, I also see a branch from Tanais in northern Caucasia developing into a far-north Alanic peoples. Perhaps Apollo represented the far-northern branch while his twin sister represented the Pamphylians to which Apollo later connected. I trace the Charops>Oeagrus>Orpheus line from the far-north Arpads to the Greek theater, and Orpheus was made a son of Apollo as well as of Oeagrus. That latter looks like the Ugars (= On-Ugurs) that named "Hungary," and Charops was no doubt the Carpae that named the Carpathian mountains.

Ultimately, Anatolian Apollo/Apollyon, also "Aballo," should connect to the Cabelees branch of the Pisidian-Pamphylian family, which I assume evolved into/from a P-less "Paphlagonia." This is the Revelation harlot in all her parts, the harlot into which the Church has infiltrated without weapons of war, but in all goodness to correct her sinful ways. But she won't have it. She would rather kill us, and celebrate our murders.

Look at the timing, just when Maliki and the Kurds are needing each other badly:

"An oil dispute between Iraq and the autonomous northern region of Kurdistan has been resolved, the central government's oil minister said in Baghdad [today].

'We reached an agreement with the Kurds that all revenues will be handed over to SOMO and the Iraqi government will be responsible for paying the extraction expenses in Kurdistan,' Hussein al-Shahristani told reporters.

SOMO is Iraq's State Oil Marketing Organisation which deals with sales of crude and other petroleum-based products."

That was unexpected at this time. Or did the Council on Foreign Relations have anything to do with forcing a much-needed deal? Apparently, this deal allows Kirkuk oil to start flowing again, which is what foreign oil people have been waiting for.

Watch your back:

"President Obama's 'Internet czar,' Susan P. Crawford, is tied to a Marxist-run liberal media think tank that advocates government intervention in the Internet, charges a new book released this week.

'The Manchurian President: Barack Obama's Ties to Communists, Socialists and other Anti-American Extremists' officially was released Monday.

The new title from WND senior reporter and WABC Radio host Aaron Klein skyrocketed to No. 1 on the non-fiction list at and is now No. 4 on the overall best-seller list.

'The Manchurian President' contains potentially explosive information not only about President Obama but also concerning other officials in the White House, including top czars and senior advisers Valerie Jarrett and David Axelrod.

...Of all Obama's radical associates from the past, few received more attention or were as shocking as his connection to Ayers. The book uncovers for the first time where and how Obama first met Ayers -- and it is much earlier than previously believed.

...Also detailed are Obama's deep ties to ACORN, which are much more extensive than previously documented elsewhere. The book crucially describes how a socialist-led, ACORN-affiliated union helped facilitate Obama's political career and now exerts major influence in the White House.

In one chapter, the book unmasks the extremists among Obama's 'czars' and other top advisers, including new information linking Axelrod and Jarrett to communist activists.

...The introduction to 'The Manchurian President' relates: 'Barack Obama is backed by and deeply tied to an anti-American fringe nexus that, as this book will show, was instrumental not only in mentoring Obama and helping him to build his political career, but essentially in overthrowing the moderate wing of the Democratic Party and in securing and powerfully influencing Obama's presidency.'"

Well that's a wonderful note to end on today. Obama wants to create the Soviet Union of America. What next?

May 7

The British election picture in a nutshell; there should be a new prime minister:

"David Cameron is to set out within hours his plans to form a stable" government, after the Tories won most votes but not an overall majority.

With results still coming in, the Tories have 294 seats in a hung parliament. He will say he plans to govern 'in the national interest'

Nick Clegg, leader of the third biggest party the Lib Dems, said the Tories had the first right to seek to govern.

But Labour leader Gordon Brown is also hoping for a deal with the Lib Dems.

...Labour have lost [87 seats]...

...The Tories have won 294 seats so far but it is now not possible for them to reach the 326 seats needed to win an overall majority.

Mr Brown, whose party has 252 seats..."

I haven't a clue as to how this change will play in the prophetic beast. It sounds as though the Clegg factor (50-plus seats) will side with David Cameron in making him the new prime minister. I don't know anything about Cameron, but we may soon hear often of his views on Israel, globalism, Obama, etc. I'll be keeping an eye out for Rothschild ties (not an easy thing to figure because Rothschilds work secretly under many names), and the particular agenda of the particular globalists dangling his particulate strings.

It was my take that Brown's government was in cahoots with Obama globalism. Some are thinking that Brown yet has a slim chance of retaining power; his most-crucial scheme now required is to block a Clegg-Cameron coalition.

We could hear of leaks (or down-right hosings) from Washington insiders as to whether the O is hoping to get Brown on top, but as Brown's hopes are so dim, the O might not bother to offer support, opting instead to give Cameron a friendly gesture for future considerations.

An Israeli news media is saying that Cameron is "good for Jews," and that Brown tended to support Arabs while Clegg is downright anti-Israel:

"...[Barry Edwards] says that while most Jews note Labor's support of Israel, the Conservative Party and its leader David Cameron, less vocal in his support, is still considered a friendly ally. To Edwards' sorrow, the Foreign Office tends to support Arab states.

...Some Jewish voters said that without a strong Tory majority, Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg will be Foreign Secretary...",7340,L-3886065,00.html

If Clegg does become foreign minister, we might view it as yet another un-Hedging (by God) of Israel's Western protection. A Cameron coalition with an "anti-Israeli" party could lead to some sticky governing. Some suggest that Cameron will call a new election later in the year to offer Brits the chance to make him the outright leader, aside from need for the Clegg factor.

We might assume that the leading faction of British/London Rothschilds are against the Obama-Brown mentality of giving up too much to Palestinians. But I'm not so sure. I would truly like to know how the leading Rothschilds feel about the "peace talk" direction of the Quartet. Just because the Cameron Crest uses five bunched arrows, the Arms-of-Rothschild symbol, does not necessarily mean that Cameron is fastened tightly, or at all, to leading Rothschilds (though we're not surprised if it's true). For all we may know, Brown and Cameron represent two Rothschild factions. In a 2006 article on the Israeli war in Lebanon:

"...Mr [David] Cameron, in a BBC interview yesterday, said: 'Elements of the Israeli response were disproportionate and I think the Prime Minister should have said that. I do not think it should be seen as an unfair criticism of Israel --it is just a statement of fact.'"

Yes, it was a statement of fact, Israeli did fight with more might than Hezbollah, but then one can rejoice over it or, as Cameron seems to have done, lamented. In 2007, albeit when speaking to a Jewish group, he said the political-correct expected: "If by Zionist you mean that the Jews have the right to a homeland in Israel and the right to a country then I am a Zionist."

Rothschilds are Zionists too, but it might have been they themselves who started the ball rolling for a Palestinian state, for we DON'T expect Rothschilds to honor God's commitments to Israel, and we DO expect Rothschilds to make the worldly-wise decisions. The next sentence in the [pro-Palestinian] article above says: "[Cameron] also justified the continued construction of the illegal Israeli wall, although he did express limited concern that the structure might scuttle the reality of any future two-state solution." The article then mentions Cameron's links to Britain's bank:

"Cameron, a relative newcomer to British politics, served as special advisor to Norman Lamont during the latter's tenure as the UK Chancellor of the Exchequer, a tenure coinciding with the so-called 'Black Wednesday' in which the UK witnessed trading losses of over £800 million, costing the Treasury approximately £3.4 billion and causing a devaluation in the British Pound for many years to come."

Still at the same website:

"[Cameron] continued, 'We also need to bring pressure to bear, together with the international community, on Palestine that with a new state goes responsibility to maintain order and take whatever measures are necessary to stop unacceptable attacks on the neighbouring Israeli state'"

Never mind that he appears to favor Israelites; the main point is: he is unabashed when admitting that a two-state solution is the way to go, so long as peace is achieved. God doesn't take this view. He views Palestinians gunning for a state at Jerusalem as rats, gnawing away year after year on territory that belongs to Him and Him alone. There is a great price to be paid for people who do not respect that "Fact on the Ground." Jesus will be the Fact on the Ground, the ruler not only of Israel, but of Britain and the Americas, on the Day that Arabs are brought down in shame. They will bow down, and kiss his Feet on the Ground.

We are also hearing that the Kirkuk government has been persecuting, from last month, much of the local media, especially media in opposition to its programs. One reporter was just abducted and killed, others punished in various ways. The Kurd black-out on news is making Western news. Media black-out is a known tool of Illuminati-type globalists, and the Council on Foreign Relations did visit the Kurds recently.

Iraq just announced the offering to international companies three oil fields. The article said nothing more; no locations, no prospects, no nothing.

Put visits Turkey in about a week, and Medvedev visits Syria in three days (Monday). We assume the Turkey visit is largely on oil issues, and Medvedev's coinciding visit to neighboring Syria might be a part of that effort. We can imagine that Putin has fantasies on Kirkuk fuel passing through Turkey to Russia's gas/oil pipe(s) there. Also coinciding with the Russian visits to the two countries:

"Syrian President Bashar al-Assad will visit Turkey at the weekend for talks on bilateral [all] ties and prospects of regional peace, the Turkish president's office said [today].

...Al-Assad's visit coincides with tensions over Israeli accusations that Syria is supplying long-range Scud [and other type of] missiles to the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah, a charge Damascus has strongly denied.

...With Russia promoting itself as a major power in the Middle East, Medvedev will follow up the two-day Syria visit with a Turkey stopover for talks with the Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

...Medvedev's visit comes days after Washington renewed U.S. sanctions on Syria for a year, accusing it and Iran of supporting 'terrorist" groups.'

...'Russia will seek to reduce pressure around Syria,' said Alexander Shumilin, head of the Middle East Conflicts Analysis Center at Russia's U.S. and Canada Institute.

The visit, analysts added, will be a chance for Russia to thumb its nose at the United States. 'It will be one more excuse to demonstrate that we talk to whoever we want to talk,' said Alexei Malashenko, an analyst with the Carnegie Moscow Center.

The Russian embassy spokesman said the energy minister Sergei Shmatko and officials from pipeline builder Stroytransgaz were set to accompany Medvedev on the visit.

On my mind is whether this excelled confidence of the Russian team will cause some Russian action in Iraq. We know that Iran is working it's Shi'ite allies in Iraqi to secure the most-advantageous political positions. It's been only speculation, albeit Ezekiel-based speculation, on my part that Russia is behind it all as per a coming coup.

There is no further news out yet on the Iraqi situation. The wheels of all parties involved have taken sharp turns this week, and we have yet to see where they will go or end up. The relative silence on Russia-Iraq relations up until now suggests that Putin and Maliki have not been partnering much at all, aside for some association in the Russian oil deals of southern Iraq. Surprisingly, al-Sadr Shi'ites have been involved in Maliki's oil deals:

"BAGHDAD: A powerful political group contesting Iraq's parliamentary vote next month says it may challenge the validity of multi-billion-dollar oil deals the country has signed with foreign firms. Hazim Al-Araji, a senior member of Shiite cleric Moqtada Al-Sadr's political movement, also intends to oppose the return in the next government of incumbent prime minister and poll candidate Nuri Al-Maliki, under whom the deals were signed.

[Al-Araji] gave no details of what measures his faction may take to alter the deals, signed with firms such as BP and Royal Dutch Shell in two auctions for bids to develop lucrative Iraqi oilfields last year."

Araji claims that the oil deals were not made with the Iraqi state, but with Maliki's party (i.e. benefiting personally). The reality could be that al-Sadr has Russian oil interests at heart, and is acting politically for those interests, and against Western oil interests. The article adds that al-Sadr's Mahdi Army might use violence to cause chaos in Baghdad's oil schemes:

"Even though the Sadrists object to Iraq's new oil deals, the Mehdi Army will not target foreign contractors who have started to arrive in the southern oil hub city, Basra, Araji said.

The Mehdi Army is there, but only to fight the occupiers. There will be no activities against anyone but the occupiers, who are the US forces..."

The Mahdi Army is now arising again, and saying, even in today's news, that it will make sure Obama withdraws on schedule. It is promising violence if Obama does not pull out early this summer. But this anti-occupier agenda might be a disguise for what is mainly an oil-interested agenda.

I found the article above while searching for more info on the three oil fields mentioned above. I have found more, and one of them is on the Syrian border, which may indeed serve to show that Russia is interested in them along with Syrian and Turkish relations:

"Iraq's oil minister [yesterday] invited international energy companies to bid for contracts to develop three untapped natural gas fields.

Hussain al-Shahristani expressed confidence in international interest in the fields, saying that 45 companies with experience in gas projects will submit their offers in the country's third energy bidding round, set for Sept. 1 [= immediately after Obama's pull-out].

'We have indications [oh yeah, really? from who?] that there is renewed interest among companies to compete for these fields,' he said in a press conference.

The Akkas gas field near the border with Syria has estimated reserves of 5.6 trillion cubic feet and was originally offered in Iraq's first round of bidding. It only garnered a single offer, which was declined.

Mansouriya gas field, with reserves of 4.5 trillion cubic feet, is located in the once restive province of Diyala north of Baghdad and received no bids in the round."

Those are two of the three; the other is off Kuwait. There were no bids previously due likely to the (in)security situation. But recently, until the Iraqi election, oil people were expecting better security, and they must have indicated to Baghdad that they might be interested, by September, to place bids. It would amount to a feisty battle between Russia and the West, safe to say, if not for the fact that insecurity now looms large.

Barring any possibility in securing Kirkuk deals, Russia should be especially interested in the field off the Syrian border. Syria itself has been considering the field's viability, which is located in Anbar province:

"...According to the ministry, Akkas, which lies 40km from the Syrian border, is believed to contain up to seven trillion cubic feet of gas...

'Iraq earlier signed a preliminary agreement with Syria to supply it with 50 million cubic feet of gas a day from the existing five wells in Akkas ... The Syrians are eager to revive this agreement,' al- Ani said.

...The Iraqi government is also keen to get the field operational as quickly as possible, using nearby Syria as an export route to Europe... ...The second stage of the project, which was halted when war broke out, was expected to carry gas through Syria and Turkey en route to Europe."

There is nothing said about Russia in that informative article. The Shell company, and other Western companies, are stated or implied as the far as Maliki was concerned. But we can bet that Russia now wants that gas for South Stream, and is moving in because the Nabucco (Western] pipeline project seems crippled before it starts. BUT ALSO, with Obama criticizing Syria and Russia befriending it, who do we think is most-likely to secure that gas?

The reality may be that Syria gives it to a Western company, angering Russia (and the anti-Christ). In any case, look at the Farhan surname below that would like to undo the oil field's leanings toward Western benefit-ors. The same surname, as per Sattam Farhan, was accused by Maliki of being a part of the violent Baathist group of Mohammed Younis al-Ahmed, the latter said by Wikipedia to have been trained in Moscow:

"But officials in the Anbar province are wary of lucrative oil and gas deals signed between Baghdad and the EU. Farhan al-Farhan, the mayor of Al-Qaem near the Syrian border, fears that powerful energy companies will reap most of the profit from Iraq's oil and gas wealth.

'They want the lion's share from Iraq, but we have told the government, and we support it in reducing the profit margin for the foreign companies,' he said" (article above).

I started talking on Sattam Farhan's Dulaim tribe, the largest Sunni tribe of Anbar, in the fourth update of April. That led into a revelation that Ixion was linked with a similarly-named peoples from southern Caucasia (north of Anbar). Those peoples were mythical Dia, Ixion's wife, but I think they were also Zeus/Dion proper, thus explaining why Ixion was paired also with Hera (Zeus' only official wife).

I'm suspecting all the more that the anti-Christ will partner with the Dulaim tribe in Anbar, and it could just be for the reason of the Akkas oil field. This field is in the Syrian desert, which was the location of choice for smuggling Insurgents into Iraq from Syria during the Bush-war years. It wouldn't be hard for Russian fingers to have entered the area unnoticed.

In seeking the exact location of Akkas, I found the following Anbar location on the Syrian border that smacks of Anat and the Heneti:

"Anah, or 'Ana, is an Iraqi town on the Euphrates river...It is called Hanat in a Babylonian letter (about 2200 BC), a-na-at by the scribes of Tukulti-Ninurta (885 BC), and An-at by the scribe of Assur-nasir-pal (879 B.C.), Anatho (Isidore Charax), Anatha (Ammianus Marcellinus) by Greek and Latin writers in the early Christian centuries...The name has been connected with that of the deity Anat."

WHAT TIMING! I was on the Anat topic again yesterday as per the Seleucus>Antiochus runners up of the anti-Christ.

I was going to mention today that Antalya, in Pisidia, was likely named after Anat, and that Anatolia was likely named after Antalya. Also named, "Attaleia," I peg this city as mythical Atlas, first-born son of Poseidon. I peg Ixion's Centaurs as named after Heneti/Anat elements, and if correct to do so, it traces Ixion to what is now the Anbar-Syrian border region...where the Dulaim live.

There is a Biblical Anathoth, what is now Anata, at or beside ancient Nob, a couple of miles north of Old Jerusalem. I have identified Nob with Nephele, and so it now makes sense to trace Ixion's Centaurs (the said offspring of Ixion with Nephele!) to Anathoth.

I'll now mention what I didn't want to previously without some evidence; the Hanna surname write-up traces to an Anaki-like surname: "Most likely, however, given the family's Gaelic Origins is that it was an anglicized version of the Gaelic 'O hAnnaigh', meaning 'descendant of Annach', a byname meaning 'iniquity'."

The Nephilim, depicted by Nephele in all likelihood, were "giants" (Sean Hannity rates as a "giant") and so were the Anaki/Anunnaki. It is thought that the latter giants were depicted by the Sumerian god, Anu, and Anat traces to Anu's wife, Antu. Wikipedia: "She was the first consort of Anu, and the pair were the parents of the Anunnaki and the Utukki."

The "ardua" motto term of the Hanna Coat; I should re-mention that the Ixion cult was traced (by me) to the Ardahan district of southern Caucasia, and even to Nehardea in Anbar (see fourth update of April onwards for details).

May 8

I didn't realize yesterday, when suggesting a Hanna/Hanneth-surname link to the Anbar region of Anah/Anath, that the nearby ArdaHAN region might have been a combination term named in-part after Anah/Anath elements. It was very satisfying when Wikipedia confirmed my suspicions that Anah/Anath was named after Antu, wife of Anu, also called Anat.

If you're interested in typical Rothschild conspiracy "stories," there's a webpage-link below that will give a run-down of important Rothschild activities from the "experts" in the field. Of note is the claim that George Bush Sr. ordered the attack on Saddam's war machine, as it left Kuwait, on Purim (see line 1991), while his son ordered the invasion of Iraq, in 2003, on Purim (see line 2003). I think the Abomination of Desolation will be set up in Jerusalem on Purim.

Purim was the time that Israelis celebrated victory over their Mesopotamian enemies. The story is found in the Biblical book of Esther, which no New Testament character quotes from. The heroes of the story are Esther and Mordecai, terms that reflect Mesopotamia's mother goddess, Ishtar, and her related Amorite cult of Marduk. The latter god was a merger of the Anu cult (Sumeria) with Babylonian/Akkadian Hebrews, on the Euphrates, of pre-Israeli times. Therefore, I peg the book of Esther as myth, written not by Jews, but by Babylonian Hebrews who became merged with the Jews of the (Biblical) Babylonian exile. In this picture, one gets the sense that Purim is celebrated largely by non-Israeli Hebrew lines to this day, but also by such Hebrews as they maintained marital ties with Israelis/Jews throughout the centuries.

There were Hebrews (from Eber, long before the formation of the Israeli-branch Hebrews) with absolutely no ties to the Bible or Israelites. They were meshed with Scythians, Anaki, Amazons, etc., and became the chief Greek cults and later the Germanic Europeans. But some of these non-Israelite Hebrews became Judaised, as for example some Khazars and Sephardics. It is clear that the Templars were not Judaised, and that they opposed the Sephardics. The European Avars retained some Jewishness, but likely lost it in many cases.

I was flattened earlier in this update page when finding that Pamphylian elements in the Seleucid bloodline traced back to the Parauaeans of Epirus; keep the "rus" ending of that term in mind, for I identify Epirus as an Aphrodite center leading to the Abreu/Abruzzo surname, with her proto-Rus mate, Ares.

I was flattened because I learned of the Parauaeans (understood as Parau-aeans) just as I was trying to convince readers (without much luck, I assume) that "Pamphylia" and "Paphlagonia" were at one time P-less. It turned out that Parauaeans were named after the Aoos/Aous, you see, so that it too got a capital P for some reason...that being in my mind evidence that Parauaeans were from the Pamphylian-Pisidian peoples (I've long traced Poseidon>Pisidians to Abzu/Apsu of the Anu-Antu cult, by the way). The Aous river was also "Anios," perhaps related to the Anah location mentioned above, and therefore to Anat. The Parauaeans were THESprotans, and they, if they were from THESSaly, lived among the Centaurs of Thessaly, which mythical creatures (= horse-loving peoples in the real world) I identify with "Anat/Heneti." It all works.

The point is, I figure that there must be other p-terms that didn't have the P at one time, and the Pari/Parion Gorgons on Mysia are suspect. That would render the Pari Gorgons as "Ari," suggesting Ares once again. I trace the Pari Gorgons to mythical Paris (of Troy), and the to Parisii-Gorgon Celts that founded Paris, France, who moreover co-founded York (looks like a Gorgon term). The other co-founders of York, when it was called Eboracum, were the Ebroicum Celts of Evreux, what I trace to the Abreu surname. Coincidence? No. One of the co-founders of York was the Ares cult, and the other co-founder was his mate, Aphrodite.

The point is, the P-less Pari/Parion, appearing like "Ares," suggests that the Parion location of Mysia was of Pamphylian/Paphlagonian elements, and of course the finger of those peoples now points to the Parauaeans of EpiRUS. INDEED, for it is known that the Parion Gorgons moved to Thessaly (!!) as the mythical Muses, and/or vice-versa. I have no problem identifying the Pari Gorgons with Parauaeans themselves. Thessaly is in proximity of Epirus, by the way.

Note the father of mythical Paris: Priam. The latter king of Troy looks like another code for Parion Gorgons, and was married to ARISbe. Coincidence? No. She looks like code for a P-less Pari(on) and/or "Paris."

Was Purim also P-less? Ignoring the "im" plural-suffix of the Semites, "Pur" would become Ur, a city in Sumeria in which Abraham (and other, pagan Hebrews) lived. Interesting.

The Rothschild webpage (compliments of KE) mentioned above begins by identifying Rothschilds as Khazar Hebrews, and then exemplifies them as the masters of modern Israel. One other claim is that former UN secretary General, Kofi Annan (there's another Anah-like term) married a Rothschild of the Lagergren surname (see under line 1996). The Swedish Lager surname uses stars in Bauer-star colors. The French Coat shows obvious connections, and the write-up there traces to the German Leodeger surname. Entering "Deger," one finds a German Dagon-like surname, first found in Bavaria. Degons/Degers and Lagers all use crescents.

Entering Dagger finds a German Dagger/Deckar Coat using the Deger colors, red and white, which are the colors of the Schiff Coat. Note the raven/crow in the Schiff Coat, a German Rothes symbol. The first Rothschild family, which had the Bauer surname, lived in a Frankfurt home with the Schiffs. Frankfurt is near the Bavarian border.

I've just learned that the Arms of Frankfurt use a strongarm-style eagle, a thing I keep an eye out for because the Piast dynasty uses such an eagle. Compare the Arms of Frankfurt with the Piast Eagle; they are in the same colors even (!), the Schiff and Degon/Deger colors!! Click over from the Piast page to king Mieszko I, and read that he was "Dago/Dagome."

It's hard to know what's true in anti-Rothschild theory, or what sort of lies may be in play (the piece shows a long bibliography) from anti-Semite writers (e.g. of the neo-Nazi kind). Safe to say that, in the very last times, the nation of Israel will be run by true Israelis, not Khazar-related ones. I have no problem seeing Rothschilds in control of the Kadima party that ruled Israel just before Netanyahu, but Netanyahu seems to be placing Israel ahead of globalist wishes for a peace settlement. Prophecy suggests that Israel's leaders are Israelis during the great tribulation.

There has been some tampering, it is thought, in the stock markets. I'm sure the story has made television news (I don't have a TV and am cut off from the daily news rants thereof, lucky me). It sounds like a Rothschild-type stock-market scam, of the kind that got them rich in the first place (see Nathan Rothschild, son of Meyer), when they tricked others into selling shares, only to gobble them up. For the story online, see Plunge in US equities remains a mystery.

The world is on the precipice of a global takeover, and anything now goes because the money masters are hard-up to get their global-government dreams in place. Another thing that's safe to say is that King Obama is the one with the minus touch; everything he touches turns to debt, your debt. The new rule will now be that, when a member nation is drowning in financial peril, the other countries will Baal them out.

There's nothing wrong with charity of that sort; it's a God-commanded principle, but it can be abused when entities claim the need for a Baal-out, when in fact they don't really need anywhere near as much as is borrowed. Ask GM. Much of the borrowed money then goes into the pants of the ones pulling the Baal-out strings. Baal was the cult asking its members to empty their brains of any intelligence, and to trust the cult leaders, who would of course steal the money, and even the children, of the peoples.

"...[Ton] Paul said, 'This [auditing the Federal Bank issue] is of particular concern when several countries such as Greece, Portugal, and Spain are seeking IMF help in the midst of their financial crises, because American taxpayers provide fully 17 percent of all IMF funding,' Paul said.

Wolin said the gutted version is better, because it doesn't compromise "the Federal Reserve's full independence with respect to the conduct of monetary policy." The Wall Street Journal confirmed the maneuvering because of 'pressure' from the Obama administration would allow the Federal Reserve 'to sidestep legislation that would have exposed its interest-rate decision-making to congressional auditors.'

...'Vitter's amendment calling for a full audit would give GAO the authority it needs to ensure that the Fed is fully transparent and I have been told that it will be voted on next Tuesday. The American people deserve to know what the Fed has been up to and how their senators stand on the issue of a full audit.'

Others, too, have called for an audit of the Fed. It's about time, wrote Alex Newman in a commentary at The New American.

'Congress should swiftly audit the Fed. And after the American people find out what has been going on, it should be promptly abolished,' he wrote.

...Fed chief Ben Bernanke has opposed suggestions that the Fed be audited, or be forced to relinquish any of its secrecy."

It has been said that the Federal Bank is a Rothschild organ to control financial institutions and corporations in the Unites States, and in all the world where American fingers are able to reach. While it can be argued that Rothschilds are anti-American, it's not true where parts of America belong to Rothschilds. Put it this way, that if America goes down, so do Rothschild enterprises in America. If the Ron Browns continue to push for Fed oversight or the abolition of the Fed, the U.S. should expect some scare tactics played in reaction by the Rothschilds.

One has to be the big prick in the side of humanity when the most important thing in life is to maintain the status of wealthiest. The height of corruption and immorality is to seek world control using that wealth. The peoples' debt not only makes bankers some world-class interest profits, but, as Solomon noted, it makes the borrower a slave to the lender. A Curse is the Reaction of the One who sits on a Thunderclap Cloud above the stock market.

Speaking of Khazars ruling the world, King O-Minus wants a Kagan surname on the Supreme Court:

"President Barack Obama will announce his nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court very soon, White House officials said Friday, as court watchers said Solicitor General Elena Kagan is most likely to be the pick."

Entering "Kagan" at will bring up the Cohen surname. A kagan was a so-called "Jew" that ruled Khazars, though kagans also ruled other Ugor-backgrounded peoples such as Huns and Turks, and of course the Khazar-allied Magyar which I would trace Rothschilds most-strongly.

At the Dagome iudex page, the Piast section of proto-Poland was called "Schinesghe." One suspects a Schines surname to have derived, and entering it one finds a German Shein/Sheiner/Sheins surname, first found in Switzerland. Then, ZIKERS, when one enters "Shine," the Irish Shiner Coat comes up (in Sion/Sitten of Switzerland colors), the surname of which is said to derive in "SIONnach."

Note the red hands in the Shiner Coat, and then see the same red hand in the mouth of the griffin in the Skinner Crest! We easily see how "Skinner" (a "Jewish" surname) derived from "Schinesghe."

The Scottish Skene/Skin surname, using the same red and white colors, is said to derive from "dagger," evoking the Degger/Dagger surname above, also in red and white. The Skene Crest is an arm extending from a cloud, as if Zeus or Ixion (the arm holds a garland). The "merces" motto term, and the location of Mar wherein the Skenes lived suggests links to the Mercia parts of England; entering "Merces" brings up the same Coat as when one enters "Mercia."

I've mentioned the Skene/Skin surname before:

"After looking into Rumpelstiltskin, I thought to check the Stills and Skin surnames...the Skin/Skene motto: "Virtutis regio merces." Is it therefore NOT a coincidence that the Rumpel/Rumbold motto uses "Virtutis [laus actio]," by which I mean to declare that "Rumpelstiltskin" was code for the Rumpel/Rumbold bloodline as it was merged with the Skenes.

That topic (third update of November) was on the search for Rompuy and Ashton roots. Rumples and Skenes use the same three colors.

I should also mention that "Shunny" is a shown variation of the Irish Shiner Coat. It evokes the Sunni Arabs. I did trace Poland's Piast dynasty to Arabic peoples -- the Ishmaelites. The red hand (of the Shiner and Skinner Coats) is itself a symbol, I think, of the Hannibal Carthiginians at the center of Sicilian Saracens...though I now think "Hannibal" himself ultimately traces to Anah>Anat elements in Anbar province, a chief Sunni region. The Mieszko bloodline as per Dagome is said, in the Dagome iudex page, to be from Sardinia, a place likely named by Saracens. The idea coming to mind is that Sionists are from Sunni-related Arphaxadites, the latter being the true Arabs...that laid the Eber>Hebrew egg.

I think we'll find that the pirates of the Mediterranean, called "Sea Peoples," which included Danuna and Habira peoples, were at the heart of the Pisidians et al. The Sherden portion of the Sea Peoples are thought by some to equate with Sardinians. I hold a theory that the Sea Peoples were post-Hyksos, with some allies, trying to get their Egyptian domain back:

"In [Ramesses] Second Year, an attack of the Sherden, or Shardana, on the Nile Delta was repulsed and defeated by Ramesses, who captured some of the pirates. The event is recorded on Tanis Stele II. An inscription by Ramesses II on the stela from Tanis which recorded the Sherden raider's raid and subsequent capture speaks of the continuous threat they posed to Egypt's Mediterranean coasts..."

Lycians were part of Sea-People make-up, and Lycia is where Pisidians lived, around Antayla = Atlas. Plato made Poseidon and Atlas the chief kings of western Atlantis, thought by many to have been a Tyrian>Carthiginian enterprise mainly. Where some lump Sea Peoples in with Israelites, it is a testament to the confusion between pagan/Arabic Hebrews and Biblical Hebrews=Israelites.

The Peleset portion of Sea Peoples are thought to have been the Philistines out of Crete, and these could have been the makings of PamPHYLIans. It was in these Philistines that Dagon (an Amorite god) took up shop, and it was these Philistines that Samson-depicted peoples (I think Avvites) merged with, to some degree. When first looking into the Piasts, I suspected that they traced, not only to Pisidians, but to both Samson, and Samson-related Dagon-ites out of Philistia. (Two Piast kings were named "Siem").

Amazingly, after writing that, I entered "Sinner" in an effort to find more Skinner/Schiner clans from Piast/Mieszko Poles, and without intending to find anything on Samson, I got the Samson Coat!!!! ZOWIE. This is the Coat using a Fleck-like motto term. The Fleck Coat uses the Samson scallops, and I think the Flecks were Aflecks, and therefore the Aflaqs who co-founded the Baathist Sunni.

AND, the Belgian Fleck page shows Fleger and Pfleger variations, smacking of "Lager/Leger," which is how I got to today's bloodline topics in the first place. The German Lagers were from Leodegers, and German Degers are also Degons.

Jamestown has a non-interesting article on the question of the new leadership in Iraq's al-Qaeda structure. There is no new leader yet, apparently, and one from the outside may need to be chosen:

"The killing of the two top leaders of the Islamic State of Iraq (ISI - al-Qaeda's umbrella group in Iraq), Abu Omar al-Baghdadi and Abu Ayub al-Masri (a.k.a Abu Hamza al-Muhajir), came at a crucial time for the organization...

...Due to its nature, the position of the head of the ISI cannot be vacant for long. The group might find itself forced to pick another unknown figure as its leader. This will add another complication to thorny relations between the ISI and Iraqi Sunnis. It is unlikely that such a nominee would be able to gain the support of any influential power within the community or the insurgency, resulting in the increasing isolation of the ISI.

The answer for the succession question might come from outside the structure of the ISI...

Another insurgent leader who might seek the position is Abu Muhammad al-Iraqi, the leader of another small Sunni insurgent group, the Jaysh Abu Bakr al-Siddiq al-Salafi (JABSS) [blah blah blah]"[tt_news]=36354&tx_ttnews[backPid]=7&cHash=a3220ea6ce

The timing of the need for a new al-Qaeda leader may bring the anti-Christ to Iraq. I often assume that he'll be of the Baathist fold, but why not also al-Qaeda?

I have an update on my housemouse. For yesterday's update, I wrote the following, and then refused to publish it for fear that you might really think I'm crazy. The piece was to have been placed immediately after mentioning Farhan al-Farhan (of Anbar), and Sattam Farhan:

"Here's what I wrote in the fifth update of April:
The two [terrorist] men caught in March were supposedly working for the Baathist leaders, Mohammed Younis al-Ahmed and Sattam Farhan (I'm keeping in mind that 'mouse" in Arabic is "fara/far'a"). The latter are the two men thought to have been transferred by Syria to Lebanon. The understanding I have of my housemouse, coming into the open so many times and evading the traps, is that the anti-Christ, or an important agent of the anti-Christ, is now, or will soon be, in the open, in view, right under our noses in the news, and evading all the military and Intelligence traps."

I was not going to mention the mouse caught in a trap last night until I came back to Sattam Farhan just now, totally unexpectedly. For about two weeks there has not been a mouse on my floor, let alone in the trap. But last evening I got round to installing the window screens in the crawl space, and so I figure that the mouse/mice living under the floor (I can hear it/them from time to time) was not able to get outside for food, for which reason one ended up on the floor and in the trap. But it's not the chubby mouse with brown spot; it's a young mouse, perhaps the above's new family member. I was only going to mention this if a Sunni terrorist in Iraq was just caught, last night or today."

I shut the computer down after the update was finished; it was after the noon hour. Shortly afterward, at about 1 pm, the chubby mouse with brown spot (I recognize it easily) came out from the bedroom door straight into my feet, causing me to do a split-second freak dance once again (three times it has done that to me, twice in unexpected daylight hours). I simultaneously tried to avoid stepping on it. It was like a zipping UFO, turning at 90-degree angles fast and sharp, but it managed to evade my feet and slip underneath the dryer. I left it alone, for this is the anti-Christ.

I was scheduled to leave the house for about six hours, and that mouse, all alone in the silence, did NOT come into the trap. It never comes to the trap. It avoids the trap. He has super-mouse intelligence; that's because he's Satan incarnate.

This is an ongoing story that some of you have been following. The fact that he came out immediately after yesterday's update is why I'm publishing now what I didn't want to yesterday. The idea coming to my mind is that the Farhan character, in cahoots with Russians, as was yesterday's topic, is BANG-ON what God wants us to know. That is, Farhan and his Dulaim peoples are anti-Christ agents.

I wonder whether "Seluec(id)" was linked to the Dulaim. The Seljuk Turks -- Sunni Turks -- look as though they could have been named after "Seleuc(us)." The Delymites/Dailamites held their land in northern Iran until the Seljuks came and conquered. One article: "[Seljuks] derived their name from an ancestor called Seljuk, whose nomadic tribe was converted to Islam, and were themselves originally central-Asian Turks." Seleucus' bloodlines would have easily covered central Turkey in the centuries between he and they. Others trace Seljuks to Tartar-branch Russians of Khazar-theater Asia, but then Tartars could trace to Tartarus in Syria. Tartars can definitely rate as far-northerners.

One could possibly draw a line from Seleucids to Seljuk Turks to anti-Christ Gog in Iraq, keeping in mind that Turks were from "Kok/Gok-Turks" in pre-Seljuk and pre-Muslim centuries. Interesting. This is new territory.

Seljuks came to rule in Damascus and in Rum of Anatolia, that latter term smacking of the Rumble surname. Entering "Rum" brings up the Rome/Room surname. Is king Rompuy a Rum-based Seleucid??? Man, I gotta say, that idea fits one major aspect of the anti-Christ extremely well in that EU leader, Herman Van Rompuy, is already a ruler in Europe, and may even be of Roman blood. The "contradiction" in Daniel is that the anti-Christ is both a neo-Seleucid (chapter 8 and 11) and a Roman king (chapter 7).

Rompuy is a Flemish Belgian. His mother was of the Geens surname, which uses Bellamy colors (I now trace "Fleming" to "Bellamy") and the white-on-blue crescents of the French Bell Coat. The Geens surname has a Geel variation. Geels and Geens were first found in Hamburg i.e. it's a family match for certain. The Dutch Geens and both Geel Coats use a blue lion on gold, the Louvain symbol (a city in Belgium, also "Leuven," where Rompuy was schooled) that was adopted by the Massins/Masons of Kent (the Louvain surname was first found in Kent).

The German Geels use Gel and Gelan variations, smacking of the Gel peoples of Gilan (= suspected roots of the Nazis), in the Delymite territory of north-western Iran. The MassaGetae scythians were not very far to the east of the Gels, and that brings up the other Geens variations: Geete, Gede, Gedda; all Getae-like terms. Coupled with "Massa," one has reason to link the Massins/Masons to Massagetae. It should be said that some see "Meshech" in "Massagetae." Rompuy's mother was probably from the Geat-branch Goths. The Goth/Goeth surname is in the same colors as the Geats/Geens, one using a white Zionist star, the other white crescents.

Do I think that Rompuy is the anti-Christ? I have a hard time wrapping my brain around his being a king in Iraq. I suppose it's possible that the EU will be called in to referee the Iraqi dilemma, but thus far that seems out of the picture. We might be able to accept the idea more if someone could provide a photo of Rompuy with whiskers.

May 9

The European debt crisis, as it's being called, seems exactly the sort of thing predicted by conspiracy theories. We are now getting word, like that of Obama's on the same sort of crisis, that an emergency fund needs to be collected from all EU member states to PREVENT the Greece crisis from happening to another country. PREVENT PREVENT PREVENT = TAX TAX TAX, wherefore it pays taxes to globalism if crises can be engineered in the first place.

The EU wants to collect tax money, and stick it into a bank account, or even a bank all it's own created for the purpose, and of course someone(s) will eventually use the money for profits by some means:

"EU finance ministers are set to meet in Brussels to discuss establishing a new 'stabilisation mechanism' to prevent the Greek debt crisis from spreading.

The mechanism, which is being compared to a European-style IMF, would be available to the 16 member states in the eurozone."

There you have it, another International Monetary Fund "piggy" bank OINK OINK. Conspiracy theories have predicted that globalists will produce crises to control the money strings as per pre-planned schemes. Money as prevention funds are loaned -- with interest profits coming back -- but I don't know that any common citizen knows where the interest profits go, whether back to the tax-payers, or into the pants of schemers. We also assume that money loaned by the emergency funds come with conditions for borrowers, meaning that the fund's bosses come to control various of the borrower's activities, and even to share business profits from any successes that the borrowed money might produce. Ask GM.

So go to work, peoples, and make money, because globalists want to create more levels of government on top of you, and they need a good chunk of your income for the purpose. Whether by taxes or other means, they are out to get more of your income. That's what's going on today. Expect it, because a global government can't be built on thin air. The article goes on to say that the Lisbon Treaty allows bail-outs, meaning that the fever involved in getting the treaty passing may have been due largely with bail-out schemes in mind:

"While bail-outs are banned under EU rules, the Commission reportedly plans to extend an existing clause in the Lisbon Treaty originally designed to allow it...

But the Commission is also seeking approval for a much more ambitious mechanism that could be used to fund hundreds of billions of dollars of loans.

The BBC's Jonny Dymond in Brussels says officials at the European Commission have laboured throughout the weekend to rush through these plans."

Sounds like when Obama was in a rush during the crisis that was supposed to bring on the new great depression. A new Lisbonized bank in the making wants to use your tax dollars to loan money. I doubt very much that they would want to be so "charitable" if they could not collect the interest for themselves. The rollers of the dice now go for a wink i.e. "approval" from Jean-Claude Trichet, the president of the European Central Bank. The article mentions Berlusconi, Sarkozy and Obama as potential wink-ers in what could be that part of the scheme that raises the level of severity of the Greek "crisis."

So be prepared to tell your children to work harder and make more money because global-government "workers" have only just begun to spend it. But be assured that God cares about this issue, and is creating His own Emergency Fund, packed with explosive Interest that pays very large dividends to the meek of the earth. So, globalists, work hard and make lots of money, because God is about to take it from you, to re-distribute it to the poor and the meek of the Church of Israel. Being so charitable and all, globalists, you can rejoice about that as you lay down to rot in your particular hades jailcell. You earned every bit of your reward, so be happy about it.

If globalists are indeed engineering or even falsely elevating economy-related crises, then it will backfire in various ways. If they take tax-payer money in whatever ways, workers will just spend less and make the economy even worse for the corporations that globalists have personal interests in. Sooner or later, some of the smarter ones in their ranks will realize that taking money here takes away from the income that was coming in there, and lots of people, some of them murderous, are going to be upset at us. I can assure you that God has globicide murder prepared in his Explosive Emergency Fund Package to save the wheat of all the earth.

The idea coming to mind yesterday, that the neo-Seleucid anti-Christ can fit the profile of a Seljuk-related Turk is compatible with those who predict that Ezekiel's Gog will be a Muslim from the "far north" e.g. Turkey, Georgia, or northern Iraq. I have no problem switching from my Russian-Gog view to that one, should the idea become compelling. But first, I'd like to find some evidence that "Seleucus," or a similar term such as "Seliuc/Seljuc" did in fact evolve into "Seljuq/Seljuk." Even today, there is news of Turkish government forces bombing a Kurd-terrorist location in northern Iraq.

But even then, the fact is, Seljuks were in what is now Russia, in and around the Volga river, in Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan. The latter is on the Iran and Afghan border, where the Massagetae used to live, as well as the Gorgons/Parthians. The topic now gets us into the Margiana region, where Mari>Mary/Merv sits as the local city, a city honored by Aryans that to this day are meshed with Rosicrucianism.

I now recall the Marg variation of the Mackeys and Mackesys (entering "Margy" gets the Mackeys and entering "Mackesy" gets the Margesens). I had never made the Margiana connection when focusing on these Marg-using variations of what I consider to be dragon-line Meschins (of Rus). Shame on me, for I trace the Mary cult of Merovingians to Mary/Merv of Margiana. I suspect that it was an Amorite location, as was Mari on the Euphrates.

I hold a good theory that traces the Kyber region (on the east of Margiana) and its Afridi peoples to the naming of both Aphrodite (she was "Kypris" on Cyprus) and the Euphrates, wherefore Mary/Merv of Turkmenistan should link to Mari on the Euphrates by way of the Aphrodite cult. The idea caused me to realize that the Khwarezm region/entity was named after a Hebrew-like term such as "Kyber," the same that named the Chabur/Habur tributary of the Euphrates. Recalling my link of the Hare surname to Masseys et al, I now learn that Khwarezm is also "Harezm." Just a thought for now.

The idea of an anti-Christ coming from Seljuk-related Tartars of Russia meshes well with the Ezekiel tie of Togarmites to Gog, for co-called Tocharians were in Tartar territory of far-north Russia. Plus, Tocharians are said to be related to an Assi peoples of Persian colors, while Hyksos were from the Hayasa-Azzi. I'll re-mention that I link the Zeus Taurus to the Tur(r)uku/Turukkaeans of Iran, who lived in the Zagros mountains very near Turkmenistan now. Dionysus was also called by a Zagros-like term ("Zagreus"), and as the city of Nuzi was in the Zagros region, it's really quite a no-brainer that "DioNYSUS" depicted an evil peoples (explaining why writers on mythology don't wish to make the link publicized) from Nuzi. Horites ruled Nuzi, and then we find that Khwarezm was also "Khorezm" and that it borders Khorasan.

But as myth writers located a mount Nysus of Dionysus in Ethiopia, I suspect that Semele, mother of Dionysus, represented the Somali peoples next to the Ethiopians. We note that mythical king Merops of Ethiopia had to depict Meroe/Merowe (Sudan) in what was anciently Ethiopia, and that this city should link to Mary/Merv in as much as "Merops" and "Merowe" both link to Merovingians as Merovingians link to Mary/Merv.

Seeing that Aphrodite is all over the Mary/Merv and Mari picture, we ought to realize that what the Romans called Mars was Amorites out of Mary/Merv and Mari on the Euphrates. Likely, the Marsi of Italy were a sperate branch of Ares that had continually, over the centuries from Iran to Europe, been called by a Mars-like term. The water body called Marmara ("Mar sea," apparently) in the Ares domain of Mysia comes to mind. It could be that while the Ares branch became the Rhodians>Redones>Rus>Russians, the Mars branch evolved into something different. But I do note my personal trace of the Marsi to Marseilles, the city in Redone/Rhodanus country of southern France.

And so it is, this week, that I'm excited to find that Seleucids may be coming down the prophetic pipes as Seljuks. Further investigation of these peoples is therefore called for, as much as I know you hate history class. Note the soft-c Turkish version of "Selcuk," i.e. like the soft-c of "Seleucus":

"Seljuk (Turkish: Selçuk...also Seldjuk, Seldjuq, Seljuq) (d. c. 1038) was the eponymous hero of the Seljuks. He was the son of a certain Duqaq surnamed Timuryaligh -of the iron bow- and either the chief or an eminent member from the Kinik tribe of the Oghuz Turks. In about 985 the Seljuk clan split off from the bulk of the Tokuz-Oghuz [citation needed]...

The biblical names of his four sons -Mikail, Israil (Arslan), Musa, and Yunus (Jonah)- suggest previous acquaintance with either Khazar Judaism or Nestorian Christianity. According to some sources, Seljuk began his career as an officer in the Khazar army.

Under Mikail's sons Toghrul [Togarmites?] and Chaghri the Seljuks migrated into Khurasan."

Can't help but notice Musa.

Keep in mind that the above is rather late in history, coinciding with the onset of the Templar era. A little earlier, about 800 AD, Hebrew Khazars entered the proto-Templar fold as Kagans/Cohens. Rothes/Rothschilds, apparently from Rus background, would follow as a wave of Kabalistic Rosicrucianism. One always has reason to believe that the Biblical anti-Christ will be a Rothschild and/or Cohen.

As Cohens uses the Illuminati checker pattern, see the Smallwood Coat, black and white checkers throughout, and very Illuminati like to the ring in the Crest. FE brought this surname, first found in Cheshire, to my attention. It's the surname of Anthony Smallwood, chief spokesman for the European Union's Washington diplomatic mission.

I tried to find Small(wood) family links, thinking of surnames like Samson, Smele, Smole, and Ashmole, but nothing in particular showed signs of definite linkage. Perhaps they link to Blackwoods, whom I trace from Cheshire to Scotland.

I've just learned of an Afrigh peoples of Khwarazm that sound like Aphrodite or proto-Aphrodite peoples:

"It has been suggested that 'Afrigh' is the Arabicized of 'Abriz' in Persian (where water flows, a reference to the geography of Khwarazm and its abundant water)..."

Forget "where the water flows," for there are endless historians sitting round their dictionaries of many languages, trying to figure out how the syllables of ancient terms derived, when right under their dry noses they are incapable of smelling out the obvious. If the Afridi peoples of Kyber became Aphrodite/Kypris, then "Abriz" equates to the Hebrews of the Euphrates that constituted the proto-Aphrodite cult there, and even to the Abreu surname that named Abruzzo, where the Marsi lived. I have never been sure whether the Aphrodite cult was first on the Euphrates, or in the Khyber area.

The headline today, "Iraq recount 50 percent done, no big change in results," means that Iraq is still on the worst-possible collision course. It means that Maliki, while in the throes of making himself the leader of the pack again, is failing to wipe away Allawi's top-dog standing in the election results. It gives Allawi a leg to stand on in the expected legal battles.

Back to the Seljuks. If king Seljuk was a Hebrew ruler of Khazaria, then take note that he was of the period just after the Varangian Rus overcame the Khazar empire, forcing Khazars into Hungary and Germany as the so-called Ashkenazi "Jews." The Khazar capital of Atil was taken just before 970. Khazars were themselves Togarmites, and Turks of the Bulgar kind. Thus the Rothschilds et all rate as end-time-Gog candidates if Seljuks trace to Seleucids.

It is entirely possible that Rothschilds still have "Red Jew" Communist relatives inside Russia. It is not likely a coincidence that Khazar Hebrews were also called "Red Jews." Varangians who quashed Khazaria may have formed some royal alliances with Khazar Hebrews in what later became Illuminati circles. That could easily explain why Fer-branch Veres, and Vere-related Fulks of Italy, used the heraldic checks of the Cohens (I link Veres to Varangians).

As you read above that Seljuks were from The name Oghuz is derived from Tokuz-Oghuz Turks, which phrase means "nine arrows/tribes," we compare it with the "On-Ogur" (ten arrows/tribes, some say) who formed "Hungary." The Rothschilds used five arrows in such a way as to depict the five sons and five daughters of Mayer Bauer>Rothschild. We then read:

"The name Oghuz is derived from the word ok, which means 'arrow' or 'tribe'. The depiction of an archer shooting an arrow was the flag of the Seljuk Empire, founded by the Oghuz Turks in the 10th century."

Did I say that Rothschilds trace strongly to Hungarians? Maybe I need to scratch that and trace more-strongly to Seljuks.

There is a Sellick surname with Seliock, Sellighe, Sellioke variations that could conceivably derive from "Seljuk/Seliuk/Seliuc." The Sellicks were first in Herefordshire, and seeing that Hare-like term, I entered it to find a tree stump in the English Heres/Heyers. I recall tracing tree stumps to the Brocken mountain of the Harz/Hart range (Germany)! "Harz" smacks of Harezm, otherwise known as Khwarezm! ZOWIE, what a stroke of rabbit-paw luck.

The English Heres are clearly related to the German Heres/Herrs because both use blue wings as Crest. The Coat symbol of the latter is called a "scythe," likely for linkage to Scythians. Entering "Herr" brings up the Scottish Hares/Hehrs of AYRshire. The German Hares are also Haars.

I recall finding the Harz mountains initially only when seeking the roots of the Haaretz news company of Israel, not to mention the Hurriyet news company of TURKEY. It would not surprise me if the founders of Haaretz were from Khwarezm, Seljuk-related Khazars of the Rothschild kind, therefore. Haaretz if FOR a Palestinian state, and uses its media to get that accomplished. See a Haaretz editorial in today's news, for example, keeping in mind that it's usually the Arabs and the Jimmy Carters who call it an "occupation":

Three destructive trends threaten Israel's very existence as a Jewish and democratic state. The first is the continued occupation of the territories, which as of next month will have gone on for 43 years. Ruling over a large Palestinian population through forceful and nondemocratic means compromises Israel's moral case and destroys its image in the eyes of the international community, while buttressing extreme nationalist sentiment within the country.

Talk about giving Israel a bad image. But the purpose of Haaretz is to give the Netanyahu government a bad image. Haaretz is for the Kadima party that likewise wants a Palestinian the salvation of Israel. It is in the Kadimas and the Haaretz' that I envision the Rothschild Illuminati, with Netanyahu's right wing in open rebellion against Rothschild wishes. The rest of the article reads like an elitist's scathing of Christian home-schoolers, or just Christians in general who do not present to the world any great worldly ambitions. Only the Israelis who are dedicated parts of the Israeli workforce are, according to Haaretz, of any good to society. Jesus would not have fit that corporation mold.

So go out and work hard and make lots of money until the day you drop dead, because the Rothschilds need you making money, for when you make money, they make money. Money, money, money, that's where it's at for the HARlets of Europe. But in One Hour, the Rothschilds will see their fortunes go down to the meek. Then, dancing in the streets of Israel, dancing by those who don't see the world turning on a dollar coin, but who think that good morality and righteousness are what counts.

The following may trace Seleucids of the Seljuk kind to the Meschins. After noting that Sellicks were first in Herefordshire, and feeling therefore that there's evidence of a Khawrezm/Harezm trace to Here(ford) aside from the similarity of terms, I took a look at the Hereford Arms. The most notable symbol used, so far as my hunt is concerned, is the white talbot i.e. the dog. The write-up verifies that the talbot depicts the Talbot surname, but in particular the talbots that were "Marcher Lords of Shrewsbury and also from that of Viscount Hereford."

Ranulf le Meschin married a Taillebois (Lucy, countess of Chester), and Meschins were first in Shropshire, which was also Shrewsbury. Shropshire is on the northern border of Herefordshire. I am wondering, therefore, whether "Taile(bois) might link with Seljuk elements in Hereford and/or Shropshire. The Talbot write-up says that Talbots were first found in Shropshire.

One thing I can add is that the Sellick Shield design can now be traced to the English Talbot Shield. Now stop for a moment in time where time does not tick along, for this looks big, really big. I saw a possible "Sel(juk)" link to "Tal(bot)" before finding that Talbots and Sellicks share the same Shield. The suggestion is that Sellick variations morphed into Tal/Taile-like variations.

It would appear that the red Hereford lion is that in the Talbot Coat. The Herefordshire motto term, Pulchra, should depict the Polks/Pollocks and/or Pulciphers/Pulsiphers of Cheshire.

As both Meschins and Pollocks stock are traced (by me) to royal Poles of the Piast-branch Pisidians, and since Pisidians were also Pamphylians to which the Seleucids belonged, couldn't Sellicks/Sellecks have been named in honor of the Seleucid Seljuk line?

If this turns out to be true, only a Christian like me, with much time on his hands, and with a Masci bloodline identical in spelling with the Mascis of Cheshire, could have figured this out, but only after ten years of hunting while Guided along. I would never have thought that Mascis were going to turn out to be linked in marriage to Seleucid blood. But then there is also the question of Musa, the son of mythical/legendary Seljuk, since after all I have found Masci branches in Musa-like variations.

And because "mus" means "mouse," but also because Mickey Mouse was recently traced to the Meschin family, it now proves that the anti-Christ lives in my house as the housemouse that refuses to be caught. Or, my housemouse is indeed a Sign of the anti-Christ.

As per my trace of Pamphylians to the Bernicians, note that the Talbot and Selleck Shield is used also by the Scott surname, from Bernicians. I've mentioned this surname before in relation to Maxtons and Maxwells of Roxburghshire because Scottish branch Scotts were first found in Roxburghshire. It's obvious that they were not always of the Scott surname, wherefore they may have been Talbots.

The Scottish Scott motto, "Amo," has been traced (by me) to Hamo(n) de Masci of Dunham Masci (Cheshire). The Hamon-surname Coat uses stars in colors reversed from the Pulsiphers of Cheshire, but now I can add that Hamons were first found in Kent, where the English Scott surname was first found (i.e. tending to prove that Scotts were of the Hamon-de-Masci bloodline).

The last time that I spoke on the Hamon term, I traced it to Samsun, as for example the following in the fourth update of January. But note the Amo-like terms that I was treading on:

...More simply, Cheshire had the , using "Pollet" as a motto term. Let me re-show the Pollet Coat, therefore, because...

It's only now that I think I can decipher the "Aymez" term in the Pollet motto. It smacks of Hames, a possible variant of "Hamon," and in checking for the Hames surname, one gets a family with only two variations shown -- Hames and Haymes -- AND ZOWIE using what looks like a variation of the Meschin Coat!!

...The naturally thing to do was to check the Amos surname, and it shows Hames and Haymes variations [not to mention a near-identical symbol] wherefore it should be a match (entering "Aymes" brings up the same Coat). But the Amis(s) variation smacks of Amison/Amisos, an Amazon city in Cappadocia that was renamed Samsun! This could certainly explain why the Samson-surname Coat uses the Meschin symbols and colors, especially if Meschins are descended from the Meshech=Amazons...

Samsun was due north of Pamphylians, but Amo/Hamo might trace instead to P-less Pam(phylian)s, which I recently thought to link to Biblical Ammon. In any case, I do think that Pamphylians were the Samson-Hyksos passing through Syrio-Cilicia.


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