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June 14 - 17, 2010

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June 14

I was wondering what peoples the Hyacinthos were on Lemnos, since I made a Hyakinthos connection yesterday to Leimon. And as I was wondering whether I had been correct to link the Sintians of Lemnos to "Centaur" (= Ixion and Nephele's children"), which tends to prove that Sintians were Hyksos, I saw "Sintian" in the "Cinthos" portion of "Hyacinthos."

I trace "Hyksos" to the Armenian god, "Haik/Hayk," and it may be possible that Hyacinthos did not depict Hyksos proper out of Egypt, but a branch of Hayk that came to Greece apart from the Hyksos. BUT, as "Sintian" reflects the Centaurs so much, I would trace Hyksos to Lemnos in any case. I've made that trace for years, anyway, especially to the Kabeiri of Lemnos i.e. to Hephaestus, Aphrodite, Dionysus, and the Maenads.

I had traced Centaurs to the Kendron river (near the Ladon) in Greece, and because it was also "Kedron," we could do the same consonant switch with "Sintian" to get "Sitn." That's what I did some years ago when I figured that Sintians were the nearby Sithones. In this picture, Centaurs proceeded to Europe as Sithones, and as such had founded Sitten (in my opinion). It makes great sense because the Kidron valley in Jerusalem was smack at the Zion region of Jerusalem, while It's Ixion that brought "Sion" elements to the Sintian branch of Centaur-depicted peoples.

As the Scandinavian Sitones, they could have developed into Jutes and/or Goths and/or Geats (some distinguish between Goths and Geats). Compare "Tegeat" or "Taygete" (yesterday's topic, the home of Leimon, Scephrus, and Hyacinthos) with "Geat." I did trace "Edone" to Eoten," an historical name for the Jutes (Sithones were Edones). I therefore think this unveils in definite ways the Hyksos trace to the Odin cult. But I expect Samson-related Hyksos blood among the Danaan>Danann>Dane line as well, which should explain why Goths, Jutes, and Danes lived side by side, or amongst one another.

Again, it is said that Jutes founded Kent, though others say Kent was founded by a Cantii peoples. I think the latter is true, and that Jutes joined the Cantii. The Hykso-Nephilim family gets larger if it's correct to trace Centaurs to the Heneti>Veneti lines to the Franks, the Veneti of Brittany, and to the Venedotia of Gwynedd (Wales). One senses strongly that these particular Hyksos were meshed with the Merlo-Arthurian cult. Indeed, not forgetting that the Arthurian cult traces to the Halybes, and that they lived where Paphlagonia met the Pontus (where Samsun/Amisos was located), it stands to reason that the Halybes should have merged with Heneti Paphlagonians.

My trace of mythical Ector (of the Arthurian cult) to the Actons/Axtons of Kent is very relevant, for Ector was also "Anton," smacking of mythical Antenor, symbol of the Heneti. But as Ector was also "Kyner," Kent comes to mind. This not only tends to trace Hyksos to the Heneti>Veneti line, but seeming proves that Kent was founded by a Heneti line, which then affirms that the Cantii had been mythical centaurs. In British myth, Kent was founded by two mythical men depicted as horses, and Kent's symbol is a white horse, if that helps to clinch the idea.

When we realize that the Kent horse is the Saxon horse, we have some cause to link "Saxon" to "Axton" (in Kent). Note that the Acton and Ector Coats are in the red and white colors of the Saxon and Kent horses. The article at the Kent link above says: "The white horse of Kent is the old symbol for the Jutish kingdom of Kent, dating from the 6th - 8th century." It is known that Jutes appeared (between Germany and Denmark) as the Saxons appeared in the region.

It is believed by some that king Arthur was at first of the white-dragon Saxons, but then went over to the red-dragon Brits and Welsh. As I and others trace Saxons to the Nerthus-worshiping peoples listed by Tacitus (1st century), "Arthur" may have developed from that mother-earth goddess. The peoples listed by Tacitus (around Rostock/Pomerania, where many dragon Arms appear) are highly suspect as splitting into red and white entities.

This is an excellent place to mention that I opened an email over the weekend (from Laila in Europe) with the message that "Pomerania" may have been linked to a similarly-named place at Rome, the Pomerium, meaning "apple orchard." Zowie, Avalon is said to mean "apple orchard," suggesting possible Avellina>Avallon links to Pomerania, that idea jibing with an "Arthur" trace to "Nerthus." She said:

..."I am researching my family history and bumped on your pages.

) I have found that one of my ancestors was henry van de bogaerde or how he called himself henry de pomeroi...

...And I found out that pomerium was the sacred boundry of the city of rome. Next I found out that it also could mean an orchard with apple trees. Which is logic because bogaerde means orchard and pome apple."

I traced Nerthus to mythical Enarete, wife of Aeolus! That Aeolus entity was discussed yesterday because a city by that name was changed to Amycles, the home of the Apollo=Hyacinthos cult. AND, I trace "Avalon" to "Apolluon."

This trace of Amycles to the Arthurian cult very much supports the idea (yesterday) that "Amycles" was root to "Maccles(field) in Cheshire, for the Arthurian cult was heavily in Cheshire, and Actons were first in Cheshire! This may suggest that Ac(tons) were from "Hyac(inthos)." Let's not forget that the Axel(rod)/Haxsall family (Acton colors) may have been, as the write-up makes possible, from Hawkeswell of Kent. Note that the Axel variations, all of them ending in al/el-like forms, could be hints of Amycles>Maccles entities. Hmm, the Macclesfield Coat is in Axel and Acton colors (white on red, not the reverse).

As Hyakinthos morphed into the Apollo cult of the Amycles region (of Sparta), which cult I figured was the Pollux of Sparta -- whom I trace to the founding of the Poles -- note that Rostock and Pomerania are in the Polabian theater. The Varni, whom I think were the earliest historical hints of Varangians (aside from Avars, possibly), were in downtown Polabia, and were one of the listed Nerthus cults. If Nerthus was from Enarete, we expect some Aeolians in Polabia, but in any case the trace of Hyksos to Scandinavia might just have been heavily embodied in a Hyacinthos-of-Amycles move to Polabia's Nerthus cult.

If Octons/Oxtons et al were linked to Joktanites, then this trace of Actons/Axtons et al to Sparta is complimentary because Joktanites put forth the Sepharvites that I trace to "Sparta." Oktans were first found in Devon, where the English Hykes --properly "Hack/Hach" -- were first found.

As Ogdens (first in Somerset) and Oktons were both first found in the same Dumnonii region, they appear related (I'm thinking "Exeter" here). And if Ogdens were named in honor of Occitanian Joktanites, then Joktanites ended up using the oak symbol, as Ogdens use. The Oak surname, also first found in Somerset, use Ogden symbols. The Oaks/Okes use the nine-acorned Apollo/Poloni tree as Crest.

Now this may have been the means by which the Druid satanists of Britain developed the oak symbol, though I think it goes back to Arda on the Hebros river, where mythical Dryas (= "oak" in Greek) depicted the Odrysians of Arda that I say developed into/from the important mythical Atreus (son of Pelops, father of Menelaus) of Sparta. One can also see how a chief Sepharvite god, Adram(molech), may have named Odrysians.

It may be that the dry=oak symbol of the Odrysian proto-Druids (other trace Druids to the same Odrysian region) became the Germani-Anglo "oak" in the first place by association with J-less JOKtan elements. Apparently, the oak and apple symbols of the British cults were from merged peoples. Aphrodite, whom I trace to the Hebros river, and to the Kabeiri cult (think Hyksos), was symbolized by the mythical golden apples of Greece.

As Hyacinthos became the Apollo cult of Sparta (according to multiple write-ups on the topic), the Cynthos region of Delos must apply, for Delos was the sacred island of Apollo. In fact, Apollo was made born at mount Cynthos of Delos. I didn't know this yesterday (it's one of the things about Apollo that was never burned in my head; it is now). Apparently, Hyksos were in Cynthos/Kynthos.

Delos is in the Cyclades island group, a term smacking a little of mythical Cycnus of Liguria (fathered by king Sthenelus = Sithones of Liguria), whom I trace to both the Edone enemies (i.e. Lycurgus, king of the Edones) of mythical Dryas, and the Kikons (brother of Hebros) of the Hebros river. It could very well be that "Cynthos" links to the Sintian>Sithone line to Liguria.

When Phaethon, son of the sun god, crashed the god's chariot (= Hyksos symbol) into Eridanus (= Rhodanus river where Lacydon founded the Ligurians alongside a mythical "Gyptis" who now looks like the Hyksos out of Egypt), it was also said that this son god, usually Helios, was Apollo. I had therefore traced "Phaethon" to the city of "Python" (later Delphi), the city that Apollo conquered when he first arrived to Greece. Python was the dragon of Delphi, and one easily makes the dragon connection to Apollo's mother, Latona=Ladon, and of course to Leda, mother of Pollux with the father being Zeus in the form of...a swan!

That particular swan faction of the Zeus peoples looks like the Spartan branch to the Sabine>Savona line, which went out with the Sithone Edones, to Liguria. In this picture, the difference between Zeus and Ixion, which difference I have had trouble distinguishing, could be the swan line to Savona (Liguria) verses the Sithone line to Liguria (which makes sense because I identify Ixion as "Sion," while I think Sithones named Sion/Sitten. In other words, the Odin cult was a Zeus-Ixion merger from way back, in which picture Zeus looks like nothing more than the very-stupid, in a brutish/violent way, Hyksos.

Apparently, Hyksos may have been merged with the Apollo cult as far back as Abila in Syrio-Phoenician Abilene. There is another Abila (nearby) that was very ancient:

"Abila Dekapoleos -- Abila in the Decapolis...and for a time, Seleucia...was an ancient city, near the Hieromax river in the Decapolis; the site is occupied by two tells and the village of Hartha, circa 13 km (8 mi) north-northeast of Irbid, Jordan."

Hartha? We don't lose sight of the fact that the Seleucid kings worshiped Apollo and Daphne, two Ladon-related peoples leading to the heart of the Arthurian cult. And if "Daphne" was a form of "Sephar(vite)," why shouldn't Apollo have been at least part-Sepharvite? Why not ask the same of the neo-Seleucid anti-Christ?

Those who think that YHWH may have been of the Moloch/Sepharvite cult, think again. Let's read king David, the conqueror of Zion, the first step to taking Zion away from the pagans, and granting it back to Jesus. I say "back to Jesus" because it apparently belonged to him before Abraham's day, as per Melchizedek's people in (Jeru)Salem. "Molech/Moloch" means "king," and the Moloch term was no doubt from "king," and who knows but that the Moloch cult was a dark modification of Melchizedek's order? King David spoke )Psalm 110:4) of One coming from his bloodline in the order of Melchizedek who would rule Zion.

In Psalm 105, David related the Ten Plagues on Egypt, which I'm assuming strongly was Hyksos Egypt, and he also tells of the Exodus into Psalm 106, where we read, in verses 34-38, that God loathed the Israelites of the Exodus when they sacrificed their sons and daughters to devils, to the idols of Canaan. Already, fresh out of Egypt, Israelites were taught NOT to do the Moloch thing. We should be extremely thankful that the Creator has never been like Satan.

As the Hyksos worshiped the bull cult of Baal, why did the rebellious Israelites of the Exodus -- who wanted to return to Egypt -- make a golden calf? Was it not in honor of the Hyksos Egyptians? Were the rebellious Israelites not seeking to turn the hearts of Israelites back to the gods of the Hyksos? That calf cult became Zeus. YHWH was very opposed to the Baal and Zeus cults, therefore, wherefore we should not link them. Breathe a big sigh of relief, all ye whom I have scared half-to-death.

The region of Jordan that Abila was located was in the general area to which I traced the Jebusites that David conquered at Zion. I traced Jebusites to Jabesh-Gilead, in Ammon, the birthplace of the Sepharvite-like Ammonites (Ammonites also sacrificed children to the fires). Jabesh-Gilead is roughly at Pella on this map of Decapolis, and Abila, near the Hieromax, must have been very close because the Hieromax is said to be north of the Jabbok (shown on map).

I had also traced Hephaestus to that region (but I can't recall how that was done), and so we can note that Hera's special hatred of Hephaestus could indicate bloodline links between the two. Hmm, I traced the Greek form of "Jerusalem," which was "Hierosolyma," to "Hera," but only now realize that she could have been from Hieromax. In that picture, Hera's JERUsalem was named after Heiromax elements, which region was in/near the lands of Sihon, king of Amorites...which the Exodus-Israelites subdued, though they did not subdue the Amorites of Jerusalem which in that day was called, Zedek.

Amorites fleeing the Heiromax region, and moving in under the shade of the Zedek Amorites, may thereby have re-named Melchizedek's Salem to "Hierosolyma/Jerusalem." Then again, I don't yet know how far back the Hiero term of Abila goes back in time.

The Heiromax river is also the Yarmouk. "It is the southern boundary of the Golan Heights." The anti-Christ could very well enter Israel at this river, for Jordan is almost all Sunni Arab, while Syria badly wants war with Israel to regain the Golan Heights. AND, Abila was somehow connected to Seleucids so as to be called by that king's name.

I wanted to mention that the current Hamas prime minister has a Haniya surname. That reflects the Haney surname. One Haney family is registered under the Hanna Coat (you may have read where I traced Hyksos to the Hanna family). And recalling that I recently traced some honest-using motto terms to the Hones surname, which brings up the German family with Hayn/Haynes/Hayner variation, you may recall my argument that the Hayes/Hayse surname was in honor of the Hayasa term for Hyksos.

I don't recall tracing the hare symbol as far back as Greek deities, but perhaps it links to Hera. The Dutch Haze/Hazes Coat uses a hare. Entering "Hase" brings up the Hayes/Hayse Coat, but also another German Coat...with the same hare. The Hases/Haas' were first found in Bavaria, with Haese and Heslin variations (no special indication of Hesse links, yet anyway).

Thus, for the last-days showdown, prime minister Haniya may be indication that Hyksos are back in the fore in Gaza, the place to which the Hyksos first fled when run out of Egypt.

It's actually a go, perhaps as-planned before the first flotilla incident:

"Iran is sending aid ships to blockaded Gaza, state radio said [today] -- a move likely to be considered provocative by Israel which accuses Tehran of arming the Palestinian enclave's Islamist rulers, Hamas.

One ship left port [yesterday] and another will depart by Friday, loaded with food, construction material and toys, the report said. The boats would be part of international efforts to break Israel's isolation of the Gaza Strip.

'Until the end of the Gaza blockade, Iran will continue to ship aid,' said an official at Iran's Society for the Defence of the Palestinian Nation.

...A senior Iranian official said earlier Iran's elite Revolutionary Guards were ready to provide a military escort to aid ships heading to Gaza if Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei so commands.

But the Guards' deputy head, Hossein Salami, said there were no plans to do so. 'Such a thing is not on our agenda,' he was quoted as saying by the official IRNA news agency [today]."

These words coming from the Iranian administration sound like the game of chicken, where the object is not to back down in the face of danger. I have no doubt that Israel will stop the Iranian ships as their first move, and then we only need to see how far Iran goes in response. I would imagine that the West is biting its nails as of today.

The O-led West has always known that antagonizing Iran is going to make Iran badder than bad. They pounced on Bush for antagonizing Iran, but Bush's view was not merely to antagonize, but to prepare for a lethal assault, once and for all. The O-loving world stopped bush in his tracks.

BUT NOW, the O-lovers are starting to realize that Iran needs to be dealt with lethally before it's too late. The problem is, the O-camp is filled with those who won't sign up to that drastic measure, and, besides, Russia and China won't allow it. The O-west is therefore in a bad bog, and the hands of the world will go limp as the monsters in the bog start to arise upon all their hopes and dreams...of a God-less global utopia.

YHWH said as far back as the Exodus, that if the peoples will not honor and serve Him, bad bogs would arise to swallow them whole. If the peoples want the gift of life, they must serve the Giver of life. The wise understand this, accept it, and preach it. But to this day the fools persist in being fools. They knew this was coming in the years that Bush had the handle on Iraq and Afghanistan:

"Due to concern over potentially harmful international political implications, U.S. officials will only say they 'believe' Iran is engaged in a clandestine program that may yield a nuclear weapon.

However, the men and women working undercover to stop Iran from doing so are willing to say much more.

'There is no doubt Iran is definitely building a nuclear weapon,' a senior foreign counterproliferation official with a U.S. ally says in an exclusive interview with WTOP.

'Oh yes, in my opinion it is fact. We see it every day,' the official says.

The Obama administration is clearly concerned."

But Obama wants to serve Muslims, and so can't attack Iran without losing much Muslim support. In the end, I don't think the West will invade Iran at all, except perhaps assisting Israel on some key nuclear targets.

It's known that North Korea has been assisting Iran's nuclear programs, and vice versa, and the saber-rattling from North Korea into this week must feel very dire to Western globalists seeking solutions to the building threats. There is only one chance. Lay down your empires at the feet of the Lord, at the footstool of the one who gives life. Then, the A-Madmen of the world will melt away, and God can carry on disciplining nations, for their own good, rather than annihilating them.

Iran is joining Turkey with its Gaza cargo, like two friends planning the end-times scenario:

"Two Iranian cargoes of humanitarian aid for Gaza will leave next week and one of them will be shipped through Istanbul, the official Iranian news agency, IRNA reported [today].

The announcement quoted Mohammad Ali Nouraee, an aid official...

Nouraee said that the ships would sail without protective security because the Iranians 'do not want to fight', however he emphasized that 'we are willing to become martyred in this way.'

...Lawmaker Mahmoud Ahmadi Bighash was quoted as saying that he and two other members of the Majlis, the Iranian parliament, would travel to Gaza by way of Egypt later this week.

Bighash said that some 200 out of the 290 Iranian MPs had wanted to make the visit but the three-man team will go instead. He said that the Egyptians had expressed willingness to allow the Iranians to enter Gaza through the Rafah crossing.

Iranian MP Mahmoud Ahmadi-Biqash said [yesterday] that the Egyptian government has agreed to issue visas to 70 Iranian parliamentarians who have registered to travel to the Gaza Strip."

This is no small enterprise. Iran apparently wants to create a war situation, if possible, if that situation starts to appear advantageous for it's goal. Perhaps it has prepared plans to bring in all its allies into the conflict at certain junctions of events, as the Israel-Egyptian axis poses expected problems. Perhaps Iran's military has been tasked with predicting the outcome of the aid-package strategies, and to send up to Co-Maniac's office the various military options under various expected outcomes. In such a scenario, Co-Maniac has commanded his military to stay hush, like nothing's going on.

What's the West to do? Iran has been working since 1980 to eradicate Israel. I say the West should eradicate the Iranian government on the basis of its public statements to the effect of eradicating Israel. I say the West should at least want to eradicate Iran's present government, by force of arms if necessary, especially at the point in which Iran seems to be making its military move. I don't agree with Western troops in the Middle East to manipulate and expand their globalism, but for the sake of Israel, I sanction military war on a nation sworn to the nation-cide of Israel. I think God would view that in a good light.

BUT, the problem is, Israel is not really the Israel of God at this time, and Iran is likely being raised by the will of God to eradicate all Israelis but the Israel-of-God remnant within it. Obama's problem is that he has a heart for the Muslims who wish to eradicate Israel, and only opposes the Iran-axis for the sake of his globalism. Israel is just a Middle-Eastern tool for globalists, not the concept of God's nation, not the object of God's endtime Plan.

Boo-hoo, we weep for BP because the oil-spill has cost it 1.6 billion dollars. Let's just take 100 million vehicles in the world as BP's share of the market, ignoring global gas use in furnaces and other systems, and let's assume BP, from oil well to gas tank, makes $4 per barrel profit. I'm using that low figure to highlight the point, and because it's conveniently 10 cents (almost) per gallon.

If each of the 100 million vehicle owners worldwide sinks 20 gallons per week into their tanks, BP's profit would be $200 million. In just eight weeks from vehicles alone, BP has recovered it's 1.6 billion oil-spill cost. Boo-hoo. Boo-boo, hoo-hoo, I feel so sad. Poor-poor BP. It steals from us daily, and so do other oil companies. That's what we should be boo-hooing. And the world economy has to pay the price for such vast profits. And they want to make even more than they're now making.

Every time I would like to go for a drive, I need to cut it short for the high price of gas. Anti-oil, climate-warmer globalists, who like to see the high price of gas so that we drive less, have lots of money and don't need to worry about the higher cost of driving. But for the coming of the tribulation, and our stocking up on various gases, we could expect a drastic drop in oil prices to be a gift of God to us. But the world won't give credit to God for that coming mini-boom...when people will be buying and selling, and building, and partying, and whistling while they work, and KABOOM! Their lights will go out.

June 15

The reason that I get to the news after some bloodline discussion is that I wake up early before some news of the day gets out. Today I was woken at the break of dawn by the mouse trap. When the sound is not loud, as on bare wood, I know a mouse is caught. It was the young mouse that's been up here regularly over the past week or so. It didn't move at all after the trap snapped; it was instant. My electrical wires are safe now.

I'm not inclined to think that this first mouse catch in about two months is a Sign. It was bound to happen, and the fact is, the smart one with brown spot (probably the parent) was never caught. It could be on a plane to the Middle East right now.

Some of you know that some Freemasons and/or British Israelites trace themselves to Benjamites. Others trace themselves to king David. The common denominator is that both Benjamites and David had relations with Jebusites, if Jebusites were from Jabesh of Gilead. When Israeli tribes rebelled as a lot against the tribe of Benjamin, as told in the book of Judges after the Samson myth, only 600 Benjamites were left.

I suspect that while the book of Judges is normal/factual and possibly even Inspired before the Samson myth was inserted (Samson is the last judge of that book), everything after the Samson myth is also suspect as part of the writings of the cult that inserted Samson. In this picture, we don't really know that Samson was a Danite of the Israeli tribe, for the cult who invented him as a myth character would also be prone to lying and disinformation. I figure with logic that Samson depicted the same Tanis-based Danaans as Hercules.

The point is, Jabesh Gilead would not join the Israelites against the Benjamites, wherefore the Israelites also attacked Jabesh Gilead, and in the end spared 400 women...that were given as a gifts to the surviving Benjamites (this sounds so Greek-myth like) so that the tribe would not be made extinct. In that picture, Benjamites became half the blood of Jabesh Gilead, and it is likely that blood to which the Freemasons and/or British Israelites trace themselves when claiming to trace to Benjamites.

The article below tells that Jabesh Gilead is thought to have been just six miles from Pella, which place may have been a sister town to the old Abila that (I think) could have been home to the proto-Apollo cult, which cult was also called "Abello." One article (not the one below) says: "I suspect that Pella takes its name from Abila, or Abela...Polybius distinguishes Abila from Pella..." Another page says: "Pella is thought to have been inhabited for over 6000 years," thereby affirming what I was hoping for, that the city is ancient enough to have been a proto-Apollo center.

In this picture, it stands to reason that other major Greek ancestor-worshiping cults came from in Amorite territory of pre-Israel. When the Exodus Israelites conquered the east side of the Jordan, the Amorites took off, some ending up in Greece and Anatolia. Others fled to Jerusalem, and got to Greece later. In the end times, the same Amorites should become major players in opposition to Israel, and God's Eternal Plan For Israel, especially the branches, such as Apollo's "mother," that became the Latins.

I had written:

I first entertained that Nibelungs named modern Nabulus/Nablus, 30 miles north of Jerusalem, but then came to realize that ancient Nob (two miles north of Old Jerusalem) was their main city in pre-Israeli times, for in a Biblical list of Benjamite cities (Nehemiah 11:34), Nob was included near Neballat! In Isaiah 10, Nob is the city where "the Assyrian" anti-Christ will make his headquarters in the future, after he stems forth from Mosul."

In 2006, I caught wind that Yam, and alternative term for the seven-headed Lotan dragon, was named after elements of a BenJamin/BenYamin-like term. I then reasoned that the British-Is realists who trace themselves to Benjamites may in reality trace to Lotan. In "Ammonites Trace to Lot's Amorite Mummy," I mentioned a Balikh location in Babylon that one writer linked to Abraham's family of pagan Hebrews:

The Balikh river led up to the city of Haran. Zondervan Bible Atlas says:
"...some of the place names near the Balikh river appear to have originated with the ancestors of Abraham. The cities of Serug, Terah, and Nahor were all in this region, the latter being frequently mentioned in the Mari letters as Nakhur"

It shouldn't be surprising if Terah-ites and Nahorites were allied to Amorites [from the Balikh river region], especially those of Ammon and Moab, since these locations were rooted in Lot, grandson of Terah. The above website takes the dim position that YHWH was a carry-over of Sumerians gods...

At one of his pages, it tells that the Mari texts, aside from using "Apiru" to describe the Chaldean Hebrews, used the term, "Banu Yamina," which the author claims to be the Israelite tribe of Benjamin even though he must know that the Mari text pre-dates Benjamin by some centuries. Couldn't the term better describe another people, perhaps an Ammonite tribe after the Biblical "Ben-Ammiy" (Genesis 19:38), son of Lot and patriarch of the Ammonites?

One can see how "Ben-Ammiy" could modify to "Benjamin," and yet it doesn't refer to Benjamin of Israel. Because "Ammiy" ends with "iy" (a Semitic ending commonly Anglicized as "ite"), Ben-Ammiy must have referred to Amm-ites...suggesting that Lot was a ben/son of [hypothetical] Ammites.

Ammonites lived in the Abila and Pella regions that were home to Amorites, and that's why I used "Lot's Amorite Mummy" in the chapter's title. I was assuming that Lot was half Babylonian Amorite, and that his Ammonite sons were named after Amorites. Ben-Ammiy is likely the true object of the Benjamin-toting Freemasons, and as proof that the Yam(m) dragon could have developed from "Ammiy" (since "Lotan" looks like an entity that named men Lot, Lotan, etc.), the French Benjamin surname today shows Jamine variations. The coat is a white bear.

The Jameton variation starts to smack of the James surname that was special to royal Stewarts (included James I of England). AND, the English James/Jaimes surname uses "J'aime a Jamais" for a motto term. Hmm, does that deserve at least three exclamation marks.

The James symbol is a dolphin, and very possibly, the Lotan dragon, which was conflated with the Biblical Leviathan that was thought by some to be a whale, became the Daphne dolphin symbol. In this picture, Daphne's symbol did not become the dolphin merely because her name sounded like one, but rather "dolphin" was a term derived in the first place from "Daphne" because she too was portrayed as a whale. That is, the dolphin was, from the beginning, the Daphne-related Lotan...that in Greece was made her father: the Ladon dragon. BUT, the dolphin portrayed the dragon "in a nice way" rather than with seven fierce snake heads, etc. If this is all correct, the dolphin symbol in heraldry could be code for the Ladon bloodline, an idea that's never occurred to me.

Taras, a son of Poseidon and Satyrion was depicted as a dolphin, and was the symbol of Taras>Taranto in the heel of Italy; the city was a Spartan (i.e. Sepharvite) colony in APULIA. "Taras" looks like Tyrus elements, and so I should mention that the James surname was first found in Surrey, which I trace back to "Surru=Tyrus." The alternative-English James Coat uses white on blue, the colors of Taras. The claim has never sat well with me that the James surname derived from "Jacob/Jacomus."

I trust that you're following my drift, that royal Stewarts of the James' family were from Ben-Ammiy>Ammonites, the reason for the Yam(m) version of Lotan/Leviathan. The Ben Crest, I've just learned while seeking James links to Benjamins/Jamines/Jametons, is a blue lion, as is the James Crest. Coincidence? This Ben surname is also "Bent," smacking of Lancelot's father, Ban/Bant, AND the Bens/Bents were first found in Cheshire and LANCashire. The Ben/Bent Shield is the Bellamy and Bell Shield (I trace these surnames to Abellinus/Avellino and therefore to Apollo).

Banesters were Meschin-related and also first found in Lancashire. The Banester write-up links to an Apollo/Abello/Baal-like term" "The name was also derived from the Old French term balestier...Literally the name was also derived from balister..." I would suggest that Banisters do not derive purely from Balisters, but that the two were merged as distant cousins; I'm thinking Ben-Yamites of Ammon verses Abila/Pella of Ammon.

The Banes Coat uses a wolf, no doubt the Flaidd wolf of Hugh D'Avranches that was connected to the wolf cult of the royal-Stewart line from "Fladd." Both Levitt Coats use Banister colors (black and white), with the Scottish Levitt Coat using black wolves; I'm testing a Levit = Leviathan elements.

The Lovett variation of the English Levitts should link to the Luffs/Loves because the latter use the Scottish-Levitt lion heads. The Luffs/Loves have been connected (by me) to the Louvains, from the Belgian city of that name, who use a blue lion. The Louvains use several Love and Luv terms.

As Belgian Louvain is also "Leuven," a check of that spelling brings up a red triple chevron -- the symbol of the French Banes/Bannent Coat -- in the Italian Leuven/Leuvel Coat.

The French Banes' were first found in LANGuedoc, which brings up the question of whether that term really did mean "language of the Oc(citanians)." Perhaps it also traces to Langhe of Piedmont, which in my scheme works well because I committed long ago to the theory that the triple chevron is a symbol from Piedmont's alps.

I realize that it's a long way from old Ammon to Western surnames, but then I also realize that heraldry is predominantly a pagan thing, a keeping track of major pagan entities. The new theory now is that Lancelot depicted Ammonite blood from Ben-Ammiy, whom the myth writers of the end of the book of Judges wrongly/cleverly disguised as Benjamite Israelites. OR, if the story is true, they were Benjamites, but merged with the Ammonite blood of Jabesh-Gilead.

I've already mentioned that entering "Amo" brings up an Spanish Amo/Amor/Amore surname, the heart symbols of which smack of the Loves/Luffs (because "amore" happens to mean "love." The hidden reality seems to be that the Loves/Luff and Louvains/Leuvens were Amorites of the Ammonite kind. I'm keeping in mind that the Masci/Massey surname developed from Hamon de Masci, but that I traced it already to Amis/Hames/Haymes/Emmes blood and therefore to Amazons=Meshech of Samsun/Amisos.

Note the pillar in the Amore Coat, as it likely depicts the two "pillars of Hercules" (a common theme in Spain), that I trace to the two pillars of Samson...and to the two pillars of Freemasonry (having nothing to do with pillars of Solomon, as claimed).

The Amorim variation of the Spanish Amo/Amore surname smacks of Amorium, the city in Phrygia that furnished a Amorian Byzantine imperial which the Rangabes (as per emperor Michael Rangabe I) seemed somehow connected. There were several more Amorian emperors than the three given credit for, two of which were named Michael...which happens to be a surname equal to the Mitchell surname with Meschin symbols. Italian Amores/Amori (from Sicily and therefore possibly linked to Samsam and/or Timnah Saracens) use Masci symbols and all four Masci colors.

Whether this could indicate that the Piast king, Mieszko, was from impearl Amorian blood, I do not know, but will keep it in mind, for Mieszko has been traced to Sardinia (western Italy), though I figured a trace to Pisa (northern Italy) made sense, while Byzantines ruled northern Italy centuries before Mieszko.

I realize that many of my conclusions come without teeth-bitten evidence, but when multiple theories support one another as they do here, there's bound to be viability in all theories. Is it a coincidence that I'm now tracing Mascis to the Ammonites that I envision in the latter portion of the book of Judges, when Mascis, Meschins, and Mieszko had already been traced to Samson? Meschins use Samson-surname symbols (white-on-black scallops), which are the Hykes/Hacks symbols...but also the Fleck symbols.

And that brings up the theory that Flecks were from "Avel/Abel"; I'm thinking the Abila and/or Pella locations that could trace back to the Balikh river, you see, where Abraham's dragon-cult family lived. Hmm, as there is a Belgian Fleck Coat, might "Belgians have derived from Balikh elements? For what it might be worth to you, entering "Balick" brings up a Bullock Coat with bull's heads (i.e. a Baal-related surname, possibly). Balicks were first found in Roxfordshire, where Scotts were first found who use "Amo" as their entire motto.

You may have caught the Serug name of Abraham's line in the quote near the start of this update, how it smacks of "dragon," or how "Terah" smacks of "Thrace/Draco" and "Taras." In this picture, Tyrus and the Zeus Taurus may have been from elements that named Terah, or even from Terah himself. It gives me no jitters anymore to think that the dragon cults of Greece derived from the same bloodline putting forth Abraham's line to Israel. I understand it from an HisStory point of view. HisStory is that He took a child of the dragon cult, and destroyed the Chief Dragon through his seed. What could be more logical or God-like?

Just learned that the Blick/Blieck Coat is Dutch and should therefore be related to the Belgian Balicks. The Blicks use a fish in the white-on-blue colors of the Taras dolphin. I often see a white fish on blue, as for example the Keon surname with Cohen/Cowan-like variations such as Keown, Kewan, MacKoun, MacOwen, and Mageown. Not only do "Jewish" Cohens use white on blue, while blue-and-white German Cohens use the checkerboard design used by Amorian emperors (see their coins), but those were the Rangabe" colors.

Note, as some further evidence that Keons link to Rangabe/Amorian Byzantines, that the Keon Coat uses the eight-pointed stars in red on white, as does the Amo/Amores/Amorim Coat. PLUS, I traced Cohens fundamentally to the Rangabe bloodline as per Melissena of Byzantium. Suddenly, Cohens, who disguise themselves as a bloodline from Levite priests of Israel, start to look like Ammonite Amorites on their Byzantine side. And, the "Jewish" Cohen symbols are also the MORay stars, and all that this might mean for an Ammonite trace to the Murats of the Mures river in Moravian-blood Transylvania. It's not likely coincidental that the Murat surname uses a Shield filled with Cohen-like checks.

The coin of Amorian-bloodline emperor, Constantine VII the Purple Blood/Gene, not only shows the checkerboard pattern, but a "Siliseo" term. If you were suspecting that Rangabes/Amorians were Seleucids, as I was (as per the Seleucid trace to Mieszko), there we have some evidence.

If I'm not mistaken, the Amorian bloodline goes back to Basil II, who is thought by many to have produced in secret the part of the Amorian bloodline that goes beyond the three official Amorian emperors, to Constantine VII. See the checkerboard pattern in the coin of Basil II.

It could be worse. Hillary could be personally in the Iraqi chamber, getting even more tread on Obama. There has to be a Hillary election cart starting to roll its wheels somewhere, having wide white-wall tires inscribed with "2012" in hot-pink. In a story with a headline, "Clinton finally ahead of Obama in popularity," we read how bad it really is: Depending on the measure and the poll, she leads him by roughly 10 to 25 percentage points." This is bad enough to get the blood rushing in the anti-Christian Democrats with 2012 on their foreheads. It's a horror movie in the making: the man once liked more than anyone worldwide is now less liked than Americans like Hillary Clinton.

How bad is that? Bad enough to keep Hillary out of the Iraqi victory parade that Obama is about to unleash in celebration of his Un-Bush job. Or, on second thought, will he really ever leave Iraq? I say the Americans are leaving much of their war equipment in Iraq because they might need to return as fighters after Obama pulls the fighters so as to keep his election promise.

"The U.S. role in the [Iraqi-parliament] chamber was as controversial as its ongoing role outside. Before today's session, members of the Sadr group met to decide whether to disrupt the opening if U.S. Ambassador Chris Hill attended.

'We refuse his presence as they are an occupying country,'...No protest materialized after it became apparent that Hill would be one of many diplomats present and had no formal role in the proceedings.

A leading Iraqiya politician meanwhile, called for U.S. intervention to try to bring the parties together."

If ever Afghanistan was looking like the good place to shelf the Iraqi troops until such time that they're needed again, now is looking even better:

"Afghanistan, often dismissed in the West as an impoverished and failed state, is sitting on $1 trillion of untapped minerals, according to new calculations from surveys conducted jointly by the Pentagon and the US Geological Survey.

The sheer size of the deposits -- including copper, gold, iron and cobalt as well as vast amounts of lithium, a key component in batteries of Western lifestyle staples such as laptops and BlackBerrys -- holds out the possibility that Afghanistan, ravaged by decades of conflict, might become one of the most important and lucrative centres of mining in the world. "

I wonder how long the U.S. military has known this for? I'm sure that Afghanistan was a mining center for the Aphrodite/Afridi cult in the Khyber Pass, explaining why Halybes are credited with the invention of iron, and why Cyprus, Aphrodite's place of "birth," was named after "copper/cuprus." The old Khyrgyz peoples of that part of the country may have been a Gogi people, which brings to mind the Khyrgyzstan uprising of the past week; some reports claim over 1,000 deaths in ethnic violence by Khyrgyz mobs against the Uzbeks.

The article tells that Putin's agents are in the midst of the uprising for to somehow get the American military base that Obama's Afghan mission will become strangled. That's basically what we can expect Putin to do to all his birds when they stand in the way of his fortune seeking. Even Gog, says Daniel 11:36-38, will have no god but precious stones won by warfare.

The Afghan article suggests a conflict for Afghan minerals between China and the West that sounds like it could be related to the kings of the east, who I think come into Iraq to claim their Iraqi oil rights taken away by Gog:

"The discovery of the [Afghan] minerals is likely to trigger a commercial form of the 'Great Game' for access to energy resources. The Chinese have already won the right to develop the Aynak copper mine in Logar province in the north, and American and European companies have complained about allegedly underhand methods used by Beijing to get contracts.

The existence of the minerals will also raise questions about the real purpose of foreign involvement in the Afghan conflict. Just as many people in Iraq held that the US and British-led invasion of their country was in order to control the oil wealth, Afghans can often be heard griping that the West is after its 'hidden' natural treasures. The fact US military officials were on the exploration teams, and the Pentagon was writing mineral memos might feed that cynicism and also motivate the Taliban into fighting more ferociously to keep control of potentially lucrative areas.

...According to The New York Times, the US Geological Survey flew sorties to map Afghanistan's mineral resources in 2007, using an old British bomber equipped with instruments that offered a 3-D profile of deposits below the surface...

'This really is part and parcel of General [Stanley] McChrystal's counter-insurgency strategy,' Colonel Lapan said yesterday. 'This is that whole economic arm that we talk about but gets very little attention'"

Globetrotting sleuths? Using the blood of American soldiers, and the labors of American taxpayers, to exact mineral wealth for their fellow globalists sleuths? Is that why Russians invaded Afghanistan, and does Putin know why the Bushes invaded, to claim the same rocks? Are the military leaders all searching for minerals in those caves???

"Well hello, Mr. Osama. Fancy that we should meet you here today. Do you have any veins of copper in this cave? Perhaps some measly diamond crystals? No? Well, then, have a good day, Cheerio...What's that? You would like my machine gun? Why certainly, here you go. Cheerio once again. And don't tell anyone that I've bumped into you."

There's a headline today in Drudge: "Moon has '100 time more water." O wonderbar news, instead of one drop, it's really 100 drops. Good to know. Let's all give a few more billion to NASA to go find where it's all at. Yippi-doo-da-daaay, maybe we could make an ice-cream cone when we find it.

I tell you, NASA is drunk with irresponsibility and guilty for feeding off the labors of the peoples for virtually no practical purposes. Would Jesus ask humanity to fork out those trillions just to discover what the planets really look like, and to know what chemicals they hold? No, but he'd say, wait a little longer until I get you your wings; then fly there yourself and see. Come on, I'll take you. These wonders were not made for the likes of NASA thieves, but for the poor from which they have stolen labors just to "prove" evolution...just to prove that God does not exist.

So what really are the Sunni doing these days if not trying to topple the Iraqi government? As expected, even government officials are trying to topple the government:

"Iraqi police have arrested a local official on terrorism charges after finding a large amount of explosives in his home, a security official said [today].

Amer Rifaat... said Saleh Mahdi Saleh, head of Sadiyah's municipal council, was taken into custody [this] morning and charged with terrorism."

I think we could multiply this one situation manifold in understanding the true picture. Sunni are quietly plotting to topple Shi'ites. It's still going on. The Sunni that remained in the Maliki government didn't all stay to be loyal to him. And some of them who did are now reconsidering seeing that Maliki is seeking to overthrow the Sunni election victory.

The Iraqi parliament net for a measly 20 minutes yesterday because everyone knew there was no use going on while back-room discussions were flying high. The Sadrists are now playing like they'll join the Allawi block, but that's probably just a lever to get Maliki off of his prime-ministerial horse. I haven't read that they've met again today.

So, which is heavier set against Israel's Gaza blockade, Iran or the EU? Israel wasn't listening to the EU, until Iran started to send ships to Gaza. All of a sudden, Israel is listening to the EU:

"The European Union is calling on Israel to lift its blockade of the Gaza Strip as Middle East envoy Tony Blair reports that Israel has agreed in principle to allow more humanitarian supplies into Gaza. That news came [yesterday] as a top U.S. Naval officer expressed concern about reports that Iran might send ships to the Mediterranean Sea to break the blockade."

Apparently, the weight of Iran's cargo on top of EU's pressure tactics is getting the job done. The EU is showing such heart-felt concern about a potential war ignited between Iran and Israel that Israeli leaders are feeling their strain, and opening up their blockade a little to relieve the EU's pounding heart.

As the EU tries to recover from the initial shock, Israel will deal with Iran in such a way that Iran won't like, for it is the very aim of Iran not to like how Israel will treat it, no matter how rightly Israel treats it. And so the EU heart will start to throb, with sharp pains now and again, and it will urge Israel with a "for God's sake!" spewing from its mouth, to end the Palestinian stalemate. But Israel doesn't want to lose its kingdom just to end the stalemate, and so the saga will continue to the sickening end.

"Middle East envoy and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has been holding discussions with Israel and other countries in an effort to convince the Jewish state to ease its blockade of Gaza.

After a meeting Monday with European Union foreign ministers in Luxembourg, Mr. Blair said he hopes to have rules in place for what goods are allowed into Gaza very soon."

What? Blair thinks that he's going to call the Gaza shots on Israel's behalf??? Get yourself in order, Mr. Blair, you are feverish with fantastic worldly ambition. It isn't going to happen because Israel knows that the flotilla was sent in an attempt by Western powers to make Israel stop the blockade. Israel is not going to play your fool. As soon as you are celebrating the flotilla "victory," Israel will again find a reason to block goods to Gaza that it knows will enrich Hamas. Unfortunately, Mr. Blair, you could care less about Hamas thriving. How about we make a cancer thrive on your heart so that you know a little of what it's like.

The article continues into talk that was not talk last week:

"Also [yesterday], the U.S. Commander of the 6th Fleet, Vice Admiral Harry Harris, told reporters at the Pentagon that he is concerned about reports that Iran might send aid ships to break the Israeli blockade.

HARRIS: 'Well, the concerns are you might have more violence, you might have more loss of life. It is hard to predict what would happen if that comes to pass.'

" BUEL: 'What would the U.S. Navy do if this does happen?'

HARRIS: 'I am not going to talk about what we might do or what we could do.'

Admiral Harris said the United States has significant naval forces in the Mediterranean Sea. Harris added that he and other top military officers are watching the situation closely and that the U.S. Navy has sufficient assets to handle any contingency."

"Could do"? Is that a threat to Iran?

Will these U.S. ships be the prophetic ships of Kittim that stop the anti-Christ from invading the Egyptian theater a second time? Or, are they the ships of the anti-Christ? The mystery continues. Tune in, when Iran's ships arrive, for another episode of, "I'm Not Going to Talk About It." Or, "What We Might Do, or COULD do."

June 16

It seems undeniable that along with European globalism, globalist scams were prepared to sink tax or printed money into many different kinds if manufactured Crises. How can a small reduction in economic growth lead to the domino-effect we see happening now in Europe:

"...Mr Monks, now head of the European TUC, said: 'I had a discussion with [European Commision president] Barroso last Friday about what can be done for Greece, Spain, Portugal and the rest and his message was blunt: "Look, if they do not carry out these austerity [= bail-out] packages, these countries could virtually disappear in the way that we know them as democracies. They've got no choice, this is it.'"

Is that not an exaggeration intended to manufacture a crisis that it not a crisis? Earlier in the article: "President Jose Manuel Barroso set out an 'apocalyptic' vision in which crisis-hit countries in southern Europe could fall victim to military coups or popular uprisings as interest rates soar and public services collapse because their governments run out of money." Interest rates soared not many years ago, and the sky didn't fall, no coups, no disappearing of countries.

You'll note that Barroso makes the cutting back of public services seem like a catastrophe when in reality it's one remedy for the world's workers. Public services are part-and-parcel with government methods of stealing money from the peoples. For every instance of a creation of a path for routing tax money into a public service, there is a potential means to divert money into certain pockets that the government programs were not intended to fund. Bail-out schemes that started with Obama must be just that, wherefore O-Barroso and Company must be working for the same socialistic, Rhodian globalists.

The good news about governments running out of money for expansion, and for the need to cut back expenditures, is that they'll have less money to persecute tribulation Christians. And when real crises arrive from the Hand of God, they will become more preoccupied so as to, once again, lessen persecution on those who leave the workforce. It's not as though they are not warned that Christians will leave; they know it, just as Revelation 13 assumes it for them. Therefore, they are the ones who are going to be guilty for implementing a mandatory skincode purchasing system.

No doubt, they will want such a thing so that they can cancel out tax dodgers, and in other ways spy on and control the way people live. But that can be accomplished with a mandatory plastic-card system, so we need to wonder why they will go to the intrusive and queer skin method. Is it really only for guarding against fraud by card theft? I don't think so. I think it's because satanists will force the system upon us, for satanists want to honor satan just as Revelation grants them the opportunity. In other words, Revelation 13 is a self-fulfilling prophecy because satanists want to fulfill it as a mother of blasphemies against YHWH.

If that is the truth, then they will also want to make war against us, as Revelation 13 also specifies. And that's not all. They will also want to side with the anti-Christ, because Revelation 13 gives them that idea in the first place. And if satan wants it, they want it.

It's not a coincidence that satanists will have global rule in the end. It's by Design, an Act to condemn both he and his secret workers. Please play sweet music to that terrible end, O Lord. And with every Blow that You lay upon them, hit hard on the cymbals with every drumroll, and push the saxophone to a soothe. Slide the trumpets to a wake-up call for the poor and lame, but do not let the globalists go to their graves without experiencing the Terror of your Love for the poor and lame.

That's what Armageddon is: Love for the Lord's anointed ones; Proof of his Goodness; his Promise to Abraham fulfilled; a rising of the Last Ones to the First Positions. Something New.

Regretfully, the article goes on: "[Barroso's] stark warning came as it emerged that EU chiefs have begun work on an emergency bailout package for Spain which is likely to run into hundreds of billions of pounds." This is the fierce anger of the globalists who were conquered (for the time-being, anyway) in their climate-warming schemes. The potential threat is that, while governments may have less money to persecute Christians in the trib, money-routing schemes by satanists should enrich satanists so that they will have more money for persecution. But, then, the Revelation plagues should act like holes in the bottoms of their money bags, and the money pouring out will go back to those who gave it.

God is not going to lose this battle; it's what He's been waiting for, for a long time. Bring it on, He says. It is the "Day of YHWH." It is the Day when He gets to justify Himself against all the accusations made by his enemies. In the hearts of the peoples, bad thoughts toward God will be manufactured and urged by satanic spirits, and many enemies of YHWH will arise and do the bidding of the satanic globalists, as they air their messages in the media. And all their media pawns will roll out the soldiers destined for a good Bopping on their heads. Blessed are those who resist the bad thoughts toward YHWH; He sees how we deal with these tests.

What did Obama's election bring him but humiliation thus far? Is this the man Christians feared and still fear? What is Barroso but a bag of bones with a mouth? Mere tiny bacteria could end his life, or worse. If these men wish to lead globalism, then they must honor the Creator, or else. Or else the empires that they lead will go down too. These are the things that we can predict with certainty: globalists will go down in shame; they are not to be feared, for their hands will be allowed upon the plows only to have them bury themselves in the wake of their own plowing.

It is not illegal nor seditious or anarchist for Christians to believe and propose that governments must honor the Creator, and to assert that it will be for the benefit of all the peoples. If we are going to be political, it has to be with a view of pushing that message above all other messages. All messages that we push politically must be grounded in honor for the Creator. Otherwise, our politics is of money matters.

The money prophets of the world are always predicting. The almanacs are only half correct because the chances of human predictions with two possible options are 50-50. Is it going to be a dry or wet summer; the chances of predicting correctly are 50-50. Is the next decade going to bring food prices up or down? Half the money prophets should be correct, and half should be incorrect...unless the money prophets are all controlled by global schemers who wish to manufacture crises:

"Food commodity prices will increase more than previously expected in the next decade because of rising energy prices and developing countries' rapid growth, two leading organisations said [today], worsening the outlook for global food security.

"A return to higher global economic growth [blah, blah, blah] the United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organisation and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development said in their annual agricultural outlook.

...For the next 10 years the FAO and OECD forecast that significant food prices, with the exception of pork, would remain above the 1996-2007 average...Although prices were unlikely to surge back to the record levels of early 2008, they warned that [blah-blah].

...The forecast of high prices is likely to exacerbate concerns about global food security. Since the food crisis...[CRISIS is the word, you see, for the UN]

...In real terms, the report projected cereal prices to rise around 15-40 per cent relative to the 1997-2006 average, up from last year's forecast of 10-20 per cent. Vegetable oils are expected to be more than 40 per cent higher...Meat and dairy products will also be more expensive in the next decade..."

But if the opening of the land's mouth, in Revelation 12, is God's code for some amazing plant growth, then the UN prophets will be proved wrong (if the trib arrives in the next decade). And I ask whether the above price increases are predictions, or plans. Perhaps the plan is to increase our food and oil prices to strangle our powers, and make us more pliable for, more dependent upon, whatever schemes globalists have prepared for us. I predict, that just before the tribulation, food prices will go down drastically.

What are UN food schemes in the face of farmers having too much food to sell that they must sell it more cheaply? What are UN food schemes in the face of livestock fattened by the amazing plant growth that I foresee just before the trib? Proper rainfall and warmer climates will produce amazing plant growth. Does God know that too much rain all at once chokes plants, while small amounts of rain on a regular basis keeps the land lovely moist and un-choked. When God acts like that, the flowers sing the hallelujahs, and they hit every note perfectly to the tune of, "Predict this!"

I realize that I'm prone to mocking globalists, and so forgive me if my passions are showing once again. But I won't try hard to tone it down, because my money has fled from my bank account lately like water down a steep mountain. And why? Who owns the corporations that over-charge? It's not a coincidence that globalists happen to run the corporations; the owners and controllers of corporations became the globalists because they had so much money that the thought entered their minds to control the world with it. It's been going on for a long time. There have been circles of money power seeking political power for to gulp up as much of the world as possible, the natural result of which is...globalism. It has arrived into our faces with my evil generation.

My kids were born into an evil generation. When do I start to feel justified for starting to get passionate and angry? When do I start to desire the fall of those making this world evil for my beloved children? Shall I wait a few more years? Okay, let's wait, but in the meantime, I want to mock my enemies -- God's enemies -- in the way that God mocks them. Who was it that said they are a mere footstool? Who was it that said that He laughs at them? Every Armageddon prophecy is a mockery by God of our enemies too.

Pray for them? Okay, pray for them, but we know the end before we pray for them, so what's the use? I don't have a heart to pray for them. Perhaps you do. But for their victims, yes, I pray they escape.

I'm sure I know how globalism works. If any money-group joins a globalist circle, they get favors. If the farmers join the globalist agenda, globalists will arrange for food prices to rise. If Bill Gates doesn't join the Bilderbergs but Apple does, the Bilderbergs will ram an Apple down Microsoft's throat. If this is the way of the New World Order, then it's piracy, plain and simple.

I didn't know of the paragraph below when I found that Rothschilds were Mackays, or when I found that Meschins/Mackays were merged with Hay-using surnames and Ligurians of the swan symbol, nor even when I wrote on the Louvains yesterday. As BP is a Rothschild-owned global ring, just look at these surnames that Obama is about to deal with:

"Mr Obama invited BP chairman Carl-Henric Svanberg to the White House meeting. The Associated Press news agency quotes BP as saying that group chief executive Tony Hayward, BP America president Lamar McKay and managing director Robert Dudley will accompany Mr Svanberg. "

Checking the Dudley Coat, it's the Louvain and Massin/Mason Coat.

I'm of course wondering whether Obama's animosity toward BP is merely an act to create the illusion of distance between the two in what might be just another collusive scam. In fact, Obama's announcement that he would allow oil drilling at sea, which came as a surprise even to Democrats, may have had the purpose of creating that same, fake distance. It seems politically foolish for Obama to be saying, "I will meet with the chairman of BP and inform him that he is to set aside whatever resources are required to compensate the workers and business owners who have been harmed as a result of his company's recklessness."

This statement and others like it not only lose some American voters for Obama, but pits the Brits against him. Knowing these things, he yet takes a tack of publishing scathing attacks on BP.

Therefore, the liberality by which he uses "BP's recklessness" in an open forum seems like hint that there is a back-room scam taking place wherein Obama's role is to play the enemy of that he doesn't get pegged as the core of yet another money-siphoning scam. And if this is a scam, which it appears to be because a BP executive sold his BP stock just before the spill started, then it could have more purpose than to rip the American people off for part of the clean up (the clean-up moneys being divert-able, like the money in any government coffer). The other purposes are, of course, to get an alternative-to-oil energy agenda into law, which is exactly what Obama is gunning for at present.

In this picture, Obama is not in collusion with all of BP, but just one or maybe a few more BP insiders who were willing to stab BP for these global-circle purposes. And if that's the case, then it looks like a globalist-v-globalist war has come out into the open with a firestorm. You'll note that while the O-Rhodian dragon could be anti-Israel, the Rothschilds are not all predicted to be, for some Rothschilds have got to be pro-Israel for the sake of their founding modern Israel in the first place.

We welcome a dragon-versus-dragon war, and we expect many of them. Ask the Chinese dragon. May they spend and spend and spend on the weapons by which they will annihilate themselves, so that their moneys can come back into the pockets of the workers, where it was in the first place.

Although Obama has promised that he will make BP pay for all the clean-up costs, I predict that his O-dministration will "admit" later that tax money is needed to avert an environmental "crisis." I don't know about your thoughts, but even if half the life forms in the Gulf of Mexico die now, it's not a disaster because the other half know how to mate. I mean, if population control is good for globalists when it comes to human populations, why is what amounts to a population control program of the fish a "crisis." We can eat more chicken if the fish and lobsters die, and BP can pay some welfare for the fishermen out of work. Where's the crisis?

This is not to say that oil spills of this nature are a walk in the park when they happen. No one but chicken farmers likes the thought of oil pollution in the oceans. But the sky is not falling when one barrel of oil mixes with a trillion barrels of ocean water. The oil that comes to the shores floats, and can therefore be sucked up, and even re-sold. Fishermen can only dream of making that sort of easy money at sea; the oil i.e. the money bobs right on the surface for an easy vacuum job. Sheesh, I'll jump in with my rubber boots and scoop it up with a dollar-store bucket for $70 each barrel.

Think about it. Build a raft; put a pipe down to the ocean floor; then put a hole in the ocean floor, then let the oil come to the world all by itself at $70-80 per barrel, mega-barrels each day, 365-24-7. Elect me, and I'll make sure to commission a non-profit organization to get that oil to the people for $3 per barrel. But so long as elected officials are globalist tools, we're going to be stolen from, all life long.

Obama has promised what he knows will come to pass, barring further oil spills, that the gulf will recover. Just the same, he's out to raise a tax using the oil spill as an excuse. House Republican Leader John Boehner: "President Obama should not exploit this crisis to impose a job-killing national energy tax on struggling families and small businesses...President Obama will also reportedly address some of the financial issues surrounding the crisis, including the establishment of an escrow fund. These resources should be used to help the victims of this disaster, and not as a slush fund for trial lawyers or Administration officials seeking to paper over their own misguided decisions."

On to the next crisis. I can't wait to hear what it will be, but I know it will have a price tag, and a large hose pumping money into a secret pool somewhere.

Across the world and likewise riding the waves, a ship from hard-hearted Lebanon heads toward Gaza with 30 Lebanese and 20 foreigners on deck. It's a nice time of year for a sail. But Israel promises that it will NOT reach Gaza, at least not without an inspection of cargo and passengers. Full body scans will be compulsory. So ends the nicety of the voyage, and so starts another page in the GazaSaga. Tony Blair seethes. Jimmy Carter can't sleep nights. Gazans are becoming the world child.

Israel is trying to make the flotilla "crisis" appear as though it's Europe's fault, and, as expected, Lebanon has joined the Blame Game with its own ship:

"Israel asked EU countries to prevent flotilla vessels from leaving from their ports and to prevent their citizens from taking part...

The Naji el Ali is expected to arrive from Lebanon soon, and two vessels from Iran organized by the local Red Crescent with support from the regime in Tehran.

According to information obtained by the security establishment, Hamas is talking about no less than 10 flotillas by October 2010, the end of Ramadan. All the flotillas aim to take advantage of Israel's diplomatic straits following the lethal raid on the last flotilla on May 31...The new initiatives are based in Lebanon, Sudan and Iran as well as Britain, Norway, Turkey and other European countries.

...Among the hundreds -- if not thousands -- of people signing up to participate are public figures. Their aim is to create an even larger flotilla than the one headed by the Turkish vessel, the Mavi Marmara.

On Monday, Israel told the EU that it should act to prevent the organization of flotillas on its soil and stop its citizens from working against Israeli interests. The message was part of ongoing dialogue between Israel and the EU led by Tony Blair, the Quartet's envoy to the Middle East who is also representing the EU, in an effort to ease the blockade.

...However, at this stage no practical steps have been taken by European governments to stop the organization of flotillas.",7340,L-3905357,00.html

Okay, says Israel, we'll open the blockade a little, but you stop sending people on the ships. If you don't stop sending people on the ships, we'll close the Gaza door with your fingers still in it.

Here's a sneak preview of the near future:

"...Meanwhile, the [Israeli] security forces are preparing to receive the three vessels expected to reach Gazan shores soon. Israel's policy, as declared by Defense Minister Ehud Barak and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, is not to allow the boats access to Gaza, so that Gaza does not become 'a vanguard Iranian port.'

After the controversial raid on the Marmara, forces are training in preparation for halting the flotilla boats. The Lebanese boat is expected to arrive first, following by the vessel which left Iran Monday, plus a second vessel from Iran which will arrive in the weekend.

The Lebanese boat is expected to carry dozens of journalists and European pro-Palestinian activists including members of parliament. The vessel was organized by two groups: Free Palestine, and Reporters without Borders...

...These are the forerunners of what appears to be a wave of boats, expected to peak at the end of Ramadan when organizations such as Free Gaza and Viva Palestine hope to organize a flotilla of 10 to 15 craft. This flotilla will be called 'Freedom Fleet II'.

One of the central activists, Iyad el-Sarj, who lives in Norway and is known to Israel as the founder of the campaign to lift the Gaza blockade, believes that the large flotilla will lead to irreversible change in Israel's sea blockade policy.",7340,L-3905357,00.html

You may have read my conspiracy theory that Donald Tusk, of Poland, winked with Putin in the downing of the plane that carried the Polish leader and his military attaché. Now we read, "The Polish prime minister, Donald Tusk, said last week that he wants NATO to come up with a timetable for the end of its mission in Afghanistan." Spoken in the very words that Putin would use.

The article goes on to say that the new British prime minister (Camerons use a fundamental Rothschild symbol) is also opposed to the Afghan war, not what Obama wants to hear, if you get the drift (i.e. Cameron does not here seem to be an O-tool Rhodian). Then we read: "On his recent visit to Kabul, Mr. Cameron expressed solidarity with the [Obama-hated] Afghan government."

In this new picture, the two horns like a lamb would not appear to be an Obama alliance with Cameron. BUT, Tony Blair, founder of a global Catholic foundation with religious overtones, remains in globalist elite circles, and very conspicuously he's in charge of the Barbershop Crop-Tete...that aims to slice Israel's head off while giving it a hair cut. That haircut has an appointment this year, and we await to discover whom the chief barber will be from the Russian side.

Hmm, the article above says that the new defence secretary of the UK has a Fox surname.

If Kirkuk oil is to play a role in the Iraqi entry of the anti-Christ, then, hmm, it all aligns with the formation of the new Iraqi government:

"The president of Iraq's semiautonomous Kurdish region says that it could resume oil exports as soon as a new federal government is formed in Iraq.

Massoud Barzani...says that oil-rich Kurdistan has resolved most of its oil revenue disputes with the central government. Barzani says Baghdad also agrees to deals the Kurds signed directly with international oil firms.

Barzani said [today] during a visit to Paris that 'We're ready, everything is ready' for oil shipments to resume.

He says there is no precise deadline 'but it's possible that we'll begin right after the formation of the new government.'"

If the neo-Seleucid Slippery One is in the wings preparing an Iraqi assault and a headquarters in northern Iraq, won't he also prepare to seize the Kirkuk oil? Didn't I say that the French frogs would align themselves with the anti-Christ? So what's this, the Kurds promising the Franks that oil will start to flow soon. Will France buddy up to the anti-Christ just to save its Iraqi oil interests? The Kurds are also in London now, inviting the Brits to an oil fest in Kirkuk.

But I never read of Kurds inviting the Russians to so much as dip their pinkies into the oil wells. Perhaps it's been going on, but I don't read about it. Speaking on France, an article of today says:

...Then as now, one of Moscow's long-term goals has been to divide the Atlantic Alliance and weaken Western cohesion...

Thus last week's visit to Paris by Prime Minister Vladimir Putin as part of France's current Year of Russia..."

That's a heavy charge, that France is in bed with Putin knowing that Russia wants to split European Unity, and simultaneously get a foothold in European globalism. So we can ask whether France will have everything to do with lifting the Gogi war-hog to European heights. It continues like a love scene in a bathtub...filled with crude-oil skin creme, and Putin wearing French lingerie. Hey, whatever it takes to get some business:

"President Nicolas Sarkozy, who is going to Saint Petersburg this week to speak at a major economic forum, added, 'We want to erase the Cold War. Russia is not an adversary but a partner.' Putin responded that it was time to 'deepen our cooperation' and urged the French oil giant Total to expand its activity in Russia. 'You can count on us,' the company's chairman chirped. You betcha, and Putin is close to his first goal of getting France permanently hooked on East-West trade, and particularly on Russian oil and gas that can be powerful leverage in times of international tension."

So why isn't Putin knocking on Kirkuk's front door? Doesn't Kirkuk's oil smell nice enough? I mean, Putin mixes crude with his aftershave, and here he seems to be totally disregarding Kirkuk oil. It's inexplicable...unless the Kurds hate him, and he therefore knows to stay away from the front door. But then won't Putin try to get in the back door somehow? It's a dire MUST in order to kill Nabucco. If Europeans get Kirkuk oil, Nabucco will live, and Putin's South Stream could die. He needs South Stream to make Russia great again.

Might Putin be seeking a way into Iraq on Sarkozy coat tails?

Hey, it didn't occur to me till now that "Sarkozy" smacks of the Sark surname. AND, as I brought the Sark surname up at all due to the SARCZINski surname (that uses a Q like the Traby>Sadowski surname), note how SARKoZy smacks of that surname right down to the 'z'.

June 14

Ahh, summer. Flotilla season:

"...Meanwhile, Bulent Yildirim, head of the Turkish organization IHH which was behind the last flotilla stopped by Israel, announced [today] that his organization would send six more ships to Gaza in July. He said that the family members of the nine Turks killed on board the Mavi Marmara passenger ship have requested to join the next IHH flotilla."

The Syrian president says today that Netanyahu's handling of that first flotilla has a good chance of starting a war, and that he is for peace, which are the two things exactly expected from his lying mouth if he knew of a war coming down the pipes, and if he were a main part of that war effort.

Everyone but Assad knows that Assad has been shipping war equipment to Gaza. Assad, the self-proclaimed righteous...liar. The fault for the Gaza problem is right at his own door. He must be priding himself at the gullibility of Westerners whom he and his fellow tricksters have convinced that Israel is the real brutish war criminal. Israel is guilty of a lot of things before God (and so am I), but Israel doesn't want a war with Iran, Syria and Lebanon.

At first it wasn't evident that Turkey was a part of the Iran axis. It looked like Turkey just happened to join the axis as a result of the Gaza war. But the bad-mouthing of Israel from Turkey is of the type that comes before war to justify the war, and is of the same type coming from the Iran axis.

What did the Irish ship accomplish? Nothing. It ended without incident. We suppose that the trick now is to send ships in such a way as to make Israel do more damage to itself by handling the ships roughly. But it should therefore be expected that Israel will handle the coming ships with kid gloves, so that flotilla season will come to an end without more justification for war. But then it's evident that the sending of many ships at once is meant to irritate and confuse Israel so that it will do something "stupid."

These are the sorts of clowns that the Iran axis is made of, and Turkey took upon itself to be the chief clown. These kinds of clowns want us in the West to laugh at their murdering of Israelis.

Flotilla season may come and go without a war, but it makes us see that a war is the desire of the Iran axis. Flotilla season may not come and go without a war because Iran can claim that Israel's re-routing of its ships is an act of war, or at least an act justifying Iranian war ships at Gaza. THAT HAS GOT TO BE THE PLAN...if only the clowns can get the West to half-agree with it's strategy so as to STAY OUT OF IT.

And this, if this be the part of history that starts the Week, is where Obama comes in. The ironic appearance of this pro-Muslim factor on the United States throne, and acting as chief of much military in the West, may just be for this Purpose of STAYING OUT OF IT. He may want to stay out of it because he may want Israel downed -- murdered -- for the sake of Palestinians.

On the other hand, it should be a very hard thing for Obama to stay out of it when the "Christian axis" pressures him to get involved to save Israel. We shall have to see what excuse he gives for staying out of it, if indeed he decides to.

I'm always keeping an eye out for evidence that Obama is a secret agent of the Iran axis when it comes to the latter's hopes for Israel's uprooting. Obama may in sincerity be dead set against Iran's nuclear ambitions, but that's not necessarily wholly joined to the Israeli-Palestinian situation. There have got to be some anti-Israeli globalists, with reasons aside from Israel's concerns, who do not want to see Iran, and other Arab countries, with nuclear weaponry.

If this act in the GazaSaga is part of the High Plan to get the Week started, it may have for a purpose the unblocking of the blockade so that more weaponry reaches Hamas for the ultimate invasion of Jerusalem at mid-Week.

There is also the possibility that the Iran axis is not planning a war at Gaza at this time, or at all, but is merely making Gaza the focal point of Israel because it's planning to invade from the other side, from Lebanon and/or Syria. It may be the anti-Christ, not the Iran axis, who decides to invade the Gaza theater. To the problem of not knowing whether the anti-Christ will be a Russian Gogi bear or a Western Gogi bear, there is now the added question of why Westerners are becoming involved at Gaza's flotilla season. For example, is the anti-Christ a chief planner, in the West, of the first flotilla? I'll be watching for that scenario too, no matter that I've expected a Russian Gog.

Is Odin rousing himself against YHWH? Indeed, who are these Western groups showing animosity toward Israel, and seeking bad propaganda against God's Chosen? We should want to know. Is there an Illuminati tie to these groups? Seems logical enough. Can it be??? Hebrew Illuminati versus Israel? But of course, totally expected. Haaretz has a headline today: "Organizer of German Jewish flotilla: We aren't betraying Israel":

"An organization of German Jews that wants to send an aid ship to break the Israeli blockade of Gaza says that its intentions are no betrayal of the Jewish people.

In an interview with the German Press Agency dpa in Berlin, Kate Katzenstein-Leiterer, a leader of the German Jewish Voice organization said instead that they wanted to help preserve the state of Israel by showing that its current policies were wrong."

In the focus over the years on the Cohens, I learned that Katz is a part of the Cohen family of surnames. The write-up: "The surname Katz is an occupational surname, which comes from the Hebrew phrase 'kohen Tsedek,' which means 'priest of righteousness.'" You'll note that the Katz Coat is in "Jewish" Cohen colors, white on blue, and that the cat symbol stands around nine fruit on the mound.

You may have caught that "Tsedek" is the Zedek name of ancient Jerusalem as it was ruled by both Melchizedek and Adonizedek, king of Amorite Jerusalem.

I've asked whether Sadowskis were named after Zedek elements, but thus far I haven't been led into a study on that possibility. A term like "Zedek" could become Sedey/Sadey-like. I've just tried the Sadd term to find a Sad(d)ington surname said to be from a location of SETINtone, Leicestershire. Since I traced both Leicester and Sithones to Liguria, the Sadds/Sadingtons might just have been of the same Sionists that named Sitten/Sion of Switzerland. "Setin" could be related to the Sheds and/or Sheddens and/or Satans/Seatons, discussed (second update of this month) when on the hunt for Sadowskis of the West.

The Katz surname, suggesting the Cohens of Zedek, might be named in reality after the Catti of Hesse, whom I identify as the pagan holy grail. Note that the Scottish Seth Coat uses grails, and that the write up traces the surname to "Sithech," which it says means "wolf" (but I don't believe that). If you read on, you'll find that the Seth surname is the Shaw surname, the discrepancy of which I explain by a Kay link to "Shay/Shaw." That is, Kays and Mackays look like a branch of Seths, and indeed the Seth/Shaw crest looks like the Mackay sword.

The English Shaw Coat is in Kay colors and uses a "qui" motto term. It's this English Shaw Coat that shows the Shay variation, and entering "Shay" brings up an Irish Shee surname (in Seth/Shaw colors) smacking of the Chees/Cheatles of Cheshire...that I trace to the Catti of Hesse.

Things start to click with "Shay" in that I introduced the Say surname (when on the Sadowski hunt) because Seatons (green dragon) were from Saytown. It's known that the Egyptian God, Set/Seth, was Satan, and I've often mentioned that Set/Seth was also "Sutekh." This has got to be the true root of Sionism, Christian, and if you support modern Zionism, I'm afraid that you will be supporting Satan's Israel. Make a distinction between God's plan for Israel and modern, Rothschild Zionism.

The point is, there's a Katz surname (entering Katzenstein brings up the Katz Coat) in Odin's Germany now going against Israel with a flotilla program. Is she part of, or even the chief vein of, satan's movement toward Gaza prophecy as per the king of the north verses the king of the south? The article mentions her Communist background:

"Katzenstein-Leiterer grew up in the former East Germany, to where her committed Communist parents returned after fleeing Hitler's regime in World War II. Her organization is part of the European Jews for a Just Peace movement, a ten-country peace-activist network.

Jewish Voice in Germany says that it has gathered the funds for its aid ship project from personal donations, loans, and a donation from the Left Party, a small political grouping with strong support in the former East.

...'The whole blockade, the whole siege of Gaza is illegal. It is against international law and human rights,' she says.

...'We just see that a Jewish state is occupying Palestine, laying a siege, and depriving children of the things that they need. We as Jews are saying, 'not in our name.'...

That really sounds like the Carter circle of "Elders" to which I suspect Obama is committed. There is a Leiter/Leiten surname from an old Leyttner surname, using a white fleur de lys, the symbol of Lille (France, off the Lys river) and the Lys surname. The Leiter lion stands on the same type mound as the Katz lion.

The Ley/Lee/Legh surname was fist found in Cheshire, and this was part of my reasoning for tracing Meschin relations to Ligores of the Legh-like river (i.e. the Legro) that named Leicester. The city was early, Ligeraceaster ("city of the Ligor People."). The Leiter Shield is the same type used by the Italian Ottone Coat, which surname may trace to the Viscontis (of interior Liguria) as per Ottone Visconti, first Visconti ruler of Milan. The Ottone Coat is in the colors of the satanic Visconti Coat.

I had traced Ley-like Ligurian elements also to Luton/Loiton (England), anciently Leueton, a term that might be related to the Leiter/Leiten surname. Luton is on the Lea river, anciently the Lygan and then the Luye/Leye. There is also a Leyton location on the Lea river. Compare the Lee/Ley Crest to the Crest in the Arms of Luton...which uses a gold garb, the symbol of Cheshire (Lees/Leys were first in Cheshire) and I think the connection is made solid. Compare the Crest also with the Crest of the Wolfleys...who were first found in Cheshire.

Then, after noting that the Luton Coat has a white cross on red Shield, that being the Milan symbol, see the tree stump of the Milan-surname Coat (in Wolfley colors) and ask why the write-up traces to: "the Old English word leah, which means wood clearing." Not that I believe the Lees were named after a wood clearing or lee, but that the idea got around, and the Milans, as well as other tree-stump-using surnames, were related to the Leys/Lees...of Ligurian origins.

The Wolfins, also "WooLEYS," were anciently "De WoLEGH." That should explain why Lees/Leghs and Wolfleys/Wolleys use a similar Crest. As the cuffed sleeve common to both is like the sleeve in this Mackesy Coat, is it a coincidence that the latter sleeve and hand suspends a coiled green snake, the original color of the coiled Visconti snake? This all tends to trace Obama's Wolfin>/Wolfley bloodline back through the Mascis/Masseys of Cheshire (not to mention the Mackays/MacHeths of Moray where his Randolph bloodline ruled) to Ligurian elements, and of course I suspect Sionist Ligurian elements of the satanic kind.

Obama's oil-spill czar is a Feinberg. The French Fein/Finn surname uses what may have been the Arms of Trebizond empire, but this family may or may not have been related to "Jewish" Feinbergs. I mention this because the Traby fold seems to be a topic these days in these updates, and because I'm in-part seeking evidence for the 666 skincode system to be set up by the Traby fold on Obama's behalf, or vice versa.

In Iraq:

"An announcement to nominate Iraqi Vice President Adel Abdul-Mahdi as the next prime minister will be made soon, a member of the Iraqi National Alliance said.

...A leading figure in the INA told London's pan-Arab daily newspaper Asharq al-Awsat that the vice president now topped the list.

The senior official said presenting Abdul-Mahdi as the consensus candidate is 'now certain' because he is widely accepted, adding, 'the official announcement of (his) candidacy will be made soon.'"

Is this a devil-opment? I don't think so. I think the anti-Christ enters Iraq from the outside, but I'll allow an error on my part if it correctly identifies the devil incarnate. Perhaps the Daniel 11:21-23 text refers to one merely entering the political fray.

Certainly, his Mahdi surname allows passionate Muslims to proclaim him as the coming Mahdi savior, if he should take up that lofty agenda. Abdul-Mahdi is the one with pro-Iranian background, keep in mind, and if Maliki refuses to step down, there could unleash a war against him from the Mahdi supporters. In a war, any outcome is possible, and with the UN watch dog standing guard in Iraq, any dog could enter a war, from the outside, as a UN savior of Iraq.

Regrettably, that would appear to be months away, at the earliest, should it be the way that the devil enters Iraq. It wouldn't appear to be this year, in other words, for all of you who would like it to be. The Allawi factor still hovers over the developing situation. And Turkish troops have yet again crossed illegally into Iraqi territory (in it's fight with Kurdish militia). If you can predict what's going to happen in that mud...

I won't bother trying.

After yesterday's short discussion on Putin potentially entering Kirkuk with a Dip Stick in hand, while riding on Sarkozy's coat tails into Kirkuk, there's an article telling of Sarkosy's eyes on Kirkuk's oil. The headline: "President Barzani meets President Sarkozy, signs protocol with French Government":

"...Later in the day the [Kurdish] President and an accompanying KRG delegation, met with Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner at the French Foreign Ministry to discuss relations between the Kurdistan Region of Iraq and the France. President Barzani and Foreign Minister Kouchner also singed a statement of intent to develop long-term commercial, economic and cultural relations between France and the Kurdistan Region. According to this statement, the French government will also provide help with training and capacity building inside the KRG."

The article doesn't mention oil but one understands that oil is the centerpiece of the Kurd tour through Europe this week. I don't think the Chinse dragon likes this tour. We know Putin doesn't:

"Within the three-day visit to France, Georgian president Mikheil Saakashvili is expected to meet with the president of France Nicolas Sarkozy. The purpose of this visit is to deepen the bilateral relations between France and Georgia, in particular, the transition to a new stage of economic cooperation...

It is notable that Georgian president will meet Sarkozy two days before the meeting of Russian PM and the French president."

The article was dated June 8, the day Saakashvili's meeting with the French president started. As the Saakashvili surname can add up to 666 using the Hebrew alphabet, might "Saakash" derive from "Sarkozy" and/or "Sarczin(ski)" elements of the Traby fold?

By the way, Alasania's Alliance for Georgia party no longer exists, but the parties that made it up will go on as usual seeking to topple Saakashvili. The first imaginary mouse that woke me up was on the morning that I added "Saakashvili": 300 + 20 + 300 + 5 + 6 + 30 + five vowels at 1 each = 666. I've since lost hope that Saakashvili could be the Gogi anti-Christ, as much as it makes sense for a Georgian leader, with an office in modern Tubal, to be such.

I've just noticed that the English Sack/Sage Coat (in German Zack, Dack and Dagger colors) uses a man wearing what looks like a Georgian cap...but many peoples wear such caps. The surname is also SAYge while the Say surname is also Saye (i.e. Sage-like). The German Sage/Sager Coat is a little like the German Zack Coat.

I've noted for the first time that Bordelands Dackers/Daggers use "Forte" as a motto term while Mackays use "Forti," a commonality that may not be coincidental because the short Mackay sword is a dagger (i.e. possibly in honor of the Dagger surname). The Dacres variation suggests links to the D'Acres/Acres/Ack(hurst), for both were first found in Cumberland. The Aiker variation of the latter warrants a look at the Aik surname, which turns out to be the Scottish Hakes/Hack/Hykes surname...said to be rooted in "hook." The fish in the latter's Coat is the Cabot fish, and the Cabot scallop (in Crest) is gold like the Dagger scallops.

Does anyone recall that I was seeking a Gogi peoples in a hook-like surname because Ezekiel mocks Gog with the idea of a hook in it's mouth, and because Gogi-like terms did in fact mean "hook."

It's very apparent that German Daggers, because they use a squirrel and a fleur-de-lys in the colors of the squirrel of the Dutch Dykes and the fleur-de-lys of the Dutch-alternative Dykes that Daggers were Dutch Dykes, but also German Dickens who share the Dyke lion. It gets very interesting when the Scottish Dykes are first found in Cumberland. where Daggers and D'Acres were first found. We read that Scottish Dykes were from a Dutton location, and that term snacked of the Daytons (in Dutton colors) known to be from "D'Autun.

And as I was wondering whether Daytons were responsible for "Saytown" that was home to the Satans/Seatons, the Dutton Coat (of the Dutton location above) loaded with what smacked a little of the Say Coat (Says were from the same area as, if not smack at, Saytown). However, the Say Coat looks more like the quarters in the Massey Crest, and I trace Masseys to the Messeys that were first found in Burgundy...where sits Autun. You'll note that the Massey fleur-de-lys are in the white-on-red colors of the Dyke and Dagger fleur-de-lys.

This is good cause to at least theorize a Sayton link to Autun, and that makes for some logic where I trace Seatons of Sayton to Sitten/Sion, not far at all from Autun.

I'm thinking that Dykes were from a D'Aik-like term and therefore related to the Aiks/Hacks/Hykes...that could have been named in honor of the Haik/Hayk-worshiping Hyksos. Haik was an Armenian god, and it so happens that this topic started out with what looked like a Georgian Sack surname, while Georgia was and still is smack beside Armenia, the two nations wherein ancient Gogarene was located.


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