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June 18 - 23, 2010

Da Vinci Died at my Window

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June 18

The ships haven't yet arrived, and Iran is already threatening some form of war, not in response to another military solution from Israelis, but merely for inspecting the ships:

"Iran's Majlis (Parliament) Speaker Ali Larijani warned the West and certain countries with retaliation if they try to inspect Iranian planes and ships...

'I am warning the U.S. and certain adventurous countries that in case they plan to inspect the cargo of Iranian ships and planes, they should rest assured that we will do the same in the Persian Gulf and the Sea of Oman (with their ships),' Larijani was quoted as saying."

Well, okay, he didn't exactly say there would be war, but it's what he would like to see, if only Iran could win the war.

Israel has asked Egypt not to allow the Gaza-bound Iranian ships to pass through Suez. But the Egyptians snitched and told the world that Israel made this request. It doesn't look good for Israel to attempt to dump the Gaza problem onto Egypt's doorstep, and Egypt wants nothing of it at this time. But if Iran gets nasty at Gaza, Egypt's tune will change because Western sentiments on Iran's role at Gaza will change.

The direction is right for prophetic expectations, but the stepping along is still on the slow side:

"...'We really live at a unique time, and we should use it to build a modern, prosperous and strong Russia, a Russia that will be a co-founder of the new world economic order,' Medvedev said at the annual St. Petersburg International Economic Forum today."

A global 666 purchasing system is half-way home if Russia agrees to it. Obama may have had everything to do with this situation in whatever deals he has been making with Russia though the reset-button program. By the way, "Saakashvili" adds up to 666 only if the five vowels are given a value of 1 each (but I would be extremely surprised if this becomes prophecy-significant).

As per my conclusions that Sionism/Zionism is fundamentally from the Sithones, it is very possible that they are represented in large part by the Stone surname. As it appears that Sithones were linked to the Sviones that were the Savona-based Sabines/Safini, note that the Stone surname was first found in Cornwall, and that the Savone/Saffin surname was first found in the Cornwall peninsula (at Somerset). Then, when one enters "Siton," the Seaton Coat comes up that uses three crescents in the position of the Savone/Saffin crescents.

The Stone write-up then says that the surname was from "Stan," which smacks too much of "Satan" to be ignored. I don't know what the Stan/Stain Coat symbol is aside from "two black bars engrailed" (the Trebizond empire used black-on-white horizontal bars, though three of them). What is the symbol between the black bars?

I do know that this is the Stand surname as well that I traced to the Arthurian cult, which was also called, PenDragon. Perhaps the engrailed bars depict the Arthurian holy grail, which must be the chief Satanic bloodline of that cult, PenDragon itself. In fact, the Pendragon/Pendred Coat is also black and white, and Pendreds/Pendragons are said to be a Cornish people in their write-up.

I trace "Pen" to the Pennines (mountains) so that there may not be use in seeking Pen surnames, unless they too were named after the same mountains. I know that the Penns/Penners also use black and white, and just as the Arthur Coat uses clarions as symbols (which alternate as organ rests), so the Penners use "clarum" for a motto term. The trace of Templarism to both Sithones>Sitones and the Roll-Claro line suggests that Rollo was of Sithone blood.

Then again, the Payne/Payen/Pagan surname comes to mind as a possible Pen(dragon) branch, especially as Hugh de Payen (first Templar grandmaster as per the conquerors of Jerusalem) is said to have married Catherine Sinclair (of Lothian, at Roslin's "Christian" center). French Paynes, who use an engrailed bar (!), were also "Pins."

Aha! The Pins/Pynes were, like the Pendragons/Pendreds, first found in Devon and Cornwall!! And the Pin/Pyne Coat uses pine cones and a pine tree, the symbol of the Lothian surname (the Coat that uses a horn in Traby-horn colors). AND, French Pins/Pines use crescents in colors reversed from the Savones/Saffins (also first found in the same area)!

ZOWIE, the French Pines were first found in Limousin/Lemosin, founded by the Lemovices who lived beside the SANTONes whom I've traced to the Sintians of Lemnos!!! This was found after tracing Callows to Sintians (see below). I should add that DAGobert, a Merovingian king often lumped into holy-grail talk, had Limousin affiliations, but so did Ligurians:

"In 50 BC, the Romans overthrew the resident tribes of the Gallic Celts, Ligures and Iberes to gain control of Limousin. It was Christianized [very untrue] in the 3rd century along with the rest of the Roman Empire {very, very untrue].

In the 6th and 7th centuries, under the rule of Clotaire II and his son, Dagobert I, the people of Limousin..."

The French Pines were also "Lepines," perhaps related to black and white Levines and/or Levins. The "Jewish" Levine Coat is evocative of the Vince/Vinch (I'm thinking DaVinci) Coat, especially as "Vine" and "Vince/Vinch" are close enough.

William Penn (born 1644) was an early Quaker, but so was Anthony Sadowski (died 1736), apparently (see his portrait). And Quakers are decked out in black and white (big hmmm, Pendragon links come to mind). Why did/do Quakers emphasize "Inner Light" as did/do Illuminatists? What other colors but black on white do we expect the Illuminati to honor most?

Why is the state founded by William Penn called PennSYLVANIA??? Was this state a Seleucid-bloodline enterprise under a Christian name? What did "Christian" Quakers do, anyway, besides eating oats?

William Penn married a Callowhill, and the Callow Coat uses black LEOPARDS on white, that being a symbol that I and dragonline Veres trace to TranSYLVANIA!!! Zowie, just like that, the Pennsylvania link to Transylvania is made.

The Callow Coat also uses rings (Illuminati symbol) that may link to the same of the Stan Crest and to the roundels of the Penns/Penners. The Callow Crest is a blue Indian peacock, a symbol that I tended to trace to Poland. The "ow" ending of "Callow" smacks of the same in "Sadow/Sadlow."

I had traced the blue Indian peacock to the Indus-valley (Pakistan) founders that are traced by others to the Sindi of Caucasia, though I would suggest to the Sintians of Lemnos too, whom I've suggested were the nearby Sithones? Coincidence??? I don't think so.

I had also found that the Peacock surname was a sept/branch of the Pollock surname, THIS ADDING TO THE EVIDENCE THAT THE ARTHURIAN CULT WAS IN-PART FROM THE PIAST POLISH ROYALS.

Note the engrailed bar in the Peacock Coat, and of course the blue Indian peacocks within that bar. Sinclairs use an engrailed cross, black on white. No surprise. But the cock in the Sinclair Crest may have been from play-on-words with "peacock." Sinclairs were first found in Lothian, where dragon-depicted Seatons/Sitons/Satans were first found. As I traced king Clovis of lys-branch Merovingians to "Lothian" by way of his Clode and Lode alternative names, ask whether "Callow" applies to the Clovis variation.

And let's not forget that, aside from the above considerations, I traced "Clare" to the Claver/Cliver/Cleevar surname (white-on-black castles) so that the Rollo vikings may likewise have been Clovis-honoring Merovingians. I don't think it's coincidental that Clares use a triple red chevron as do Singletarys (= Obama's Dunham bloodline as per a Jonathan Singletary in Obama's ancestry changing his surname to Dunham), for the Sinclair page shows a Singular variation.

The Claver Crest is a key symbol, suggesting the black on white Kay/Kee surname (Athurian-cult and holy-grail important), and I just showed yesterday, once again, the grail symbol of the Shaws/Shays, and that the Shaw Coat comes up when entering "Seth." I also mentioned that the Seth/Shaw Crest looks like the Mackay dagger.

Therefore, I don't think its coincidental that PENDers of Cheshire use the Mackay Shield and share the Mackay "forti(s)" motto term. And, the Dutch Clavers use the Irish Mackay Shield.

Irish Penders/Pendegasts use "vincit" for a motto term, no doubt hint of the DaVinci bloodline. There is an English Pendergast surname quite obviously related to the Irish branch, and it's write-up suggests a trace to Brontegeest of Flanders; it doesn't necessarily follow that "Bronte" was the origin of the surname. Entering "Bron" brings up a Brown Coat, and this Brown Coat uses Pendragon symbols and colors. The German Brons/Brunes, first found in BRANDburg, use a bear, the Arthur-of-Bernicia symbol.

Bebbanburg Bernicians of Bamburgh castle, remember, were related to Babenbergs of Bamberg, Germany, and I trace "Bamburgh" to "Pembroke." That should explain why the Pendegasts lived at PEMbroke (Wales), which by the way was a Merlin-related stronghold later taken by the Clares. Apparently, the Prende(gast) variation, linking to "Bronte(geest)" was a surname somehow derived from the Bern/Brown family of surnames linked to Brunswick>Bryneich. That could potentially trace the Pen(dragon) clans to the same "Bern(ician)" root...which I have done by various other means.

The Pendergast Coat uses the white Moorhead of the Scottish More/Moor/Muir Crest, and Moray colors (which entity I trace to Merovingians of Moravia, and to Transylvania).

Not likely a coincidence, the Penton/Pennyton Coat is black and white and uses a "mori" motto term. And what a find! This surname had not dawned on me in previous explorations of Pen-using families, but I now find solid evidence that Pendragons were of the Payne/Payen family, for the Payne motto is "Mali mori quam foedari," exactly that of the Pentons. AND, Scottish Pentons (said to be Normans) use "pugnan" for a motto term, what appears to be code for the Pagan variation.

That brought me full circle to the Page surname, and so I now see that it uses the pheon arrow heads used by both Penton clans. This means that Pages are indeed a Payen/Pagan branch.

Templars. Satan's Christian church, ever out to deceive using hoaxes of all kinds. Beware the false prophets of the last days. They are mixing with Christianity for a purpose.

NOW, compare the Wayne Coat to the Page Coat and ask whether Waynes were not also Paynes? An overwhelming YES, for the Wayne Coat (uses Arthur Crest) compares even better to the Pin/Pyne Coat!!!

We really do have the Arthurian cult pinned down here. No one has ever revealed these things to the public, but now they belong to the world once and for all. THE FAKE CHRISTIAN CHURCH has ugly legs now that her skirt has been lifted. Stand back. The stench of her fornications. She drinks it from a golden cup, and her name is not Magdalene. It's Latona. The pine cone of the Lothian surname, the sex symbol of Attis, sun god of the Hatti>Catti holy grail line. Queers who refused to repent. The shameful among mankind, who now wish to rule. Then rule, hurry, and be gone.

She's also the Club of Rome, not forgetting that the club symbol likely symbolizes Clovis...who made a pact with the Holy Roman Empire disguised as the Church of Christ. The Club/Clobber surname of Cheshire was likely a branch of Arthur-related Clapton/Cloptons (black and white, with some gold, like the Clavers) of Cheshire, but see that the Club/Clobber Coat is likewise like the Wayne and Page Coats! The Club/Clobber Coat also smacks of the Scottish Aik/Hack/Hykes surname while the Hicks/Hykes of Clapton (Somerset) used the Arthur clarion symbols (not shown at houseofnames) because the two families had merged. From the fourth update of January:

" the earliest edition of the Hicks arms, the arms of the Arthurs of Clapton, gules [= red], a chevron argent [= white] between three rests (or clarions) or [= gold], are impaled." (round brackets not mine).

The English Hykes are black and white. You get it! From Hyksos to Arthur. The old pagan Hebrews have become the fake Christians amongst us as an endless array of cults. And modern pagans are trying to bang down Christians too, with Magdalene lore and more.

From Iraq, let Allawi tell what a sitting duck Iraq is to a military onslaught supported by the Iran axis:

"Former Iraqi Prime Minister Ayad Allawi said in an interview with CNN that Iraq is powerless to respond to foreign military strikes, such as those by Turkey and Iran, because Iraq has no army, no air force..."

The article is a re-hash of the re-hash right down to the boredom zone. The remaining American fighters are not only to leave Iraq in the next 2.5 months, but the US senate has just reduced Iraqi aid money, no doubt due to Maliki's animosity toward US intrusions (i.e. support for Allawi) into the election outcome. It would be dumb for any would-be coup plotters to attack the Iraqi government in full now, before all the American troops are out.

June 19

Yesterday's new find that the PenDragon cult may have been linked to Brontegeest in the Ghent region of Flanders helps to link the cult to the Bellamys, and to make much sense of it thereby. I'm assuming that "Bellamy" and "Fleming" (= founders of Flanders) are the same term. My suspicion is that the bell pattern (called "vair") in the Irish Fleming Coat belongs to the Bellamy>Ferte line, and for that reason the bell pattern (in Bellamy colors) in the Irish Pender Coat should apply to the Bellamys. This Pender surname has the same variations -- Prendergast, Pendergast, Pendegast -- as the English Penders...the write-up of which traces to Brontegeest. It's motto term, "veritas," smacks of "Ferte."

This then allows us to identify the wolf in the German Fleming Coat as the Avellino>Apollo wolf peoples (e.g. the Hirpini), for I trace Bellamy to Abellinum/Avellino...which makes Bellamy>Pendragon-sense because that location is the root of the Arthurian Avalon.

I had traced Arthur to a Slav-Rus stock years ago, not realizing back then that Slavs may have been Seleucids. It's known that Slavs worshiped the wolf, and that only now strikes home with me because the second Seleucid king, Antiochus I, minted coins with Apollo sitting on an omphalos. It would appear that Seleucids were Apollo-based peoples leading to the Slavs.

As mythical Amphiaraus (married EriPHYLE) and his son/brother, AmPHILOCUS (and therefore the omphalos too), depicted PamPHYLIANS, I should add that a new realization came to me, that the illusive meaning of "phylia" should prove to be in "Abila," the Ammonite location of the proto-Apollo cult (in my tentative opinion). BUT, I trace "Abila" forward (in time) to "Abellinum," suggesting that Bellamys were Pamphylians.

That idea, brand new, works extremely well, for the Penders/Pendergasts were first found in Pembroke, a location I trace to Bamberg, which I traced (years ago) back to Pamphylians. MOREOVER, I had identified Babenburgs of Bamberg as Heneti Paphlagonians, whom are exactly the peoples that the Brontegeest term leads back to. We saw yesterday that the term is likely from the Bron surname of BRANDenburg, and Brandenburg is where the Wends lived, who were a branch of the Veneti, who were formed by the Heneti Paphlagonians.

ALSO, the Wends of Brandenburg were conquered by Albert the Bear, which is conspicuous in that the Bron surname is herein a branch of the bear-depicted Bernicians.

I had realized years ago that Paphlagonians were related to Pamphylians, but it's only today that I see their common Abila>Apollo roots (if "phylia" traces to Abila elements). The Wends/Vandals were likely a branch of the Venethi of Poland, and I trace Pollux -- the Apollo cult of Sparta -- to Poland's founding.

I had found excellent evidence for the idea that there was a P-less "Paphlagonia" at one time, and idea that was based on the P-less Amphilocus code for Pamphylians. That's when I realized that Paphlagonians were named after "Apolluon=Apollyon." There was a mythical Phlegyas that seems to apply to a P-less "Paphlagonia," but that mythical character then smacks of Peleg, son of Eber and brother of Joktan. I fully realize that this picture makes Peleg, and/or a related Peleg or Peleg-like name, the founder of the Apollo cult. If true, Abila was named after Peleg elements, but then Peleg's descendants trace to Bellamys too.

I touched on Arthurian holy-grail roots in the Hatti of Hattusa, but as that city was on the Halys, it seems a no brainer that the (C)Halybes of the Halys were encoded as Arthur's exCALIBUR sword. BUT, the point is, the Hatti were depicted by Atti(s), the immoral sungod who was merged with his "wife" and "mother," the Kybele cult...and the Cabelees stock which represented her. On maps I've seen, Cabelees are located between Pamphylians and Paphlagonians, and very likely, there was once a C-less "Cabelee" that was the Abila bloodline. What this idea now does is to reveal Apollo as central in the Kybele cult, something that I have never realized (so far as I can recall).

As Kybele was distinctly a Phrygian goddess, note that a common l-to-r switch gets one from "Phlegyas" to "Phrygia." In that picture, Phrygia was an Apollo entity, and mythical Phryxus (rider of the golden fleece) looks like the Phlegyas bloodline. Phlegyas "was the father of Ixion and Coronis, one of Apollo's lovers." Phlegyas was a son of Ares, and I practically equate horse-depicted Ares with horse-depicted Ixion.

Lookie. I had traced Ixion and Nephele (mother of Phryxus) to Hyksos of Garebite relations just to the west of mount Zion in Jerusalem. Note that Coronis was portrayed as a crow, what I consider a Garebite symbol among the Ares-cult Rus. I moreover identify Ares>Arpad-branch Garebites (these probably include Sorbs/Serbs) with Apollo's harp symbol, as well as the mythical-Charops bloodline (founded the Carpathians, and later the Hungarian Arpads) that floated down the Hebros, with a harp, into Lesbos; see Orpheus, grandson of Charops (I wish that I could re-find the sound evidence for tracing Lapiths to a location in Lesbos). We don't forget that mythical Hebros was made brother of Kikon (i.e. the Ixion peoples), and that their mother was Rhod(ope).

It once again appears that Phlegyas and Phryxus depicted the same peoples, the Paphlagonians>Phrygians, and all that it might mean to link the Revelation-16 frogs of Armageddon to Paphlagonians of the Illuminati kind. The ROSicrucian Illuminati, that is, whose religion is Kybele/Cybele-based Kabala/Cabala. I once theorized that "Cabala" was symbolized by "cavallo," the Lydian>Latin for "horse."

And so the new realization today, among more than one, is that the Bellamys came to the west along with the Arthurian holy-grail bloodline (i.e. the Hermes-branch Hyksos in Hattusa) as the god of the Hyksos -- i.e. Baal of the KyBELE cult -- and evolved into Bel of the Celts...which makes sense in that Celts trace to the Khaldi, brothers/cousins of the Halybes. The Khaldi lived in the Trabzon region, home to ARTemis and other Arda-like terms (e.g. Ardahan, UrARTU), the Armenian entities to which I've traced both Ixion's wife, Dia, and Ares.

How could one not check the Brent Coat when seeking clues to a Brontegeest=Brandenburg equation? I was amazed to re-find (what I had forgotten) that the German-alternative Brent/Braende Coat is the Bellamy Shield. English Brents use a wyvern (Vere symbol), and the write-up traces to the Contville surname that was root to Cheshire's Meschins and their wolf-depicted D'Avrances ancestral line. That gives all the more reason to link the Shield of the English Penders/Pynders (showing no Pendegast-like variations) -- first found in Cheshire -- to the Mackay Shield.

Just days ago, I was on the topic of the Gaston surname...that was traced solidly to the Gostwyn location (Poland) of Sadowski importance. Here now the PenderGAST surname. AND, the Meschins and D'Avranches were both of the Goz/Gois bloodline. There is a Geest/Gaise surname of Switzerland (in Pender/Pynder colors), using a swan, a symbol of the Gois/Guise Crest. The German Gos/Goz Coat has somewhat of a Pender/Pynder look to it, but with the stars of the German Brents.

Did I mention that, while Gastons use an owl for a Crest, that symbol traces to Kos, the chief god of Edom. Does this trace the Goz surname back to Kos elements? Not a bad theory. The Greek island of Kos is near Rhodes.

THE BOTTOM LINE: As the Arthur surname was first found in bear-depicted Berwickshire, we expect the Pendragon families to have been there too, and that's where the Pendergast write-up is important: "First found in Pembroke where Philip, son of a bearer of Prenliregast, a follower of the Conqueror was given the lands, which would encompass Prendergast Castle. There has long been a Prenegast family of this name in Berwickshire, which is said to come from these same roots." There can be no doubt: the Pendergasts were at the heart of the Pendragon>Arthur cult.

But why not also the Penders/Pynders, who may have been named after the Pynes? Likely, "apennine" (= "mountainous") is rooted in mountain "pine," and trace-able to the pine symbol of Attis. The question of how the wolf peoples got their wolf symbol has always been a difficulty, but one theory of mine regards the wolf's commonality with mountain forests of softwood trees.

I don't think that the Pen(n) surnames were derived from "Pren(d)" or "Bronte" or "Brand/Brent," but think it was the other way around, or not at all. I've often made the mistake of writing "Brunswick>Bryneich," but as the Bernicians came first, then Brunswick, it should be written the other way around. My suspicions, before writing the above on the Pynes/Pines, had been that the Hirpini of Avellino -- in the APENine mountains -- had a Pen-like family that named the Pennines of England, and it was this proto-Avalonian family that became symbolized as PenDragon. Then, out of that term, "Pren" and "Bron" and "Brun" may have derived, and so the Bernicians, but in any case they were all related to the Pen(n)s.

I trace "Bernician/Bryneich" to "Varangi" and to the Traby fold of Baranek/Baraneichi, but these terms do not appear to be cognitively related to Pen/Pine-like terms. I would suggest that the Pen/Pyne terms merged with the bear-depicted Bernicians, and that Bernicians took the merger forward in worldly-important ways; thus, Arthur, son of Pendragon. If on the other hand there was a Pen>Pren>Bern evolution of terms, then Varangians et-al (including Rosicrucians) trace fundamentally to Pendragon elements.

Before finding the Pendragon surname, I had discovered that Babel- and Paphla(gonia)-like surnames (e.g. the Pepinids of Merovingian importance) of the Babenberg fold used black and white, as do the various Pendragon-related surnames. For example, the German Pape/Papeleu/Papen Coat is black (talbots) on white. BUT I now find that the Scottish Pape/Pope Coat smacks of the Pendergast Coat, AND that the Pepin/Pipen Coat (white horses on black) uses black fleur-de-lys like the Pendragon Coat.

"Pepin/Pipen" is not a far cry from "Pyne."

The Pepin camel in Crest could link to king Cole of Camelot. In one myth, king Arthur goes to Europe and conquers virtually all of the Roman empire, and while that didn't happen in reality, Pepins in the service of Merovingians (the latter did rule the Roman empire) became the bloodline of the Carolingian Franks that defeated and replaced Merovingians as rulers of Rome. For the record (because I trace the Q of the Traby/Sadowski Coat to the Queis/Kwisa river), the Pepin motto includes "quisque." I trace the fleur-de-lys, which was used also by Carolingian kings, to Lusatia, where the Kwisa river flows.

Close Arthurian links to Franks makes a link to Paris Gorgons suspect, especially as the Pendergast surname is said to be "Priondragas" in Gaelic. That evokes Parion, the Mysian location of Gorgons that I trace to mythical Paris and Priam of Troy, and then to the Parisii Gorgons of France. As they co-founded York, note that king Cole ruled York!

King Arthur's father was alternatively, Gorlois (i.e. Carol-like), a mythical duke of Cornwall. Pendragon must be a Cornish surname for this reason.

Carolingians are said to stem out of Liege, Belgium. The alternative names smack of the Lode variation of "Clovis": "[Liege] in Latin 'Leodium' points clearly to the Germanic word 'leod' = people. Compare with the (old fashioned) Dutch words 'lui', 'luiden', 'lieden' (people), Old English léod. The modern German cognate is 'Leute'." Never mind leod=people. If a Shoobot peoples were discovered, these sorts would tell us as fact that the name came from someone who lived next to a shoe store.

The English Pepin surname is said to a Huguenot one. The Hugo Coat shows a Huegot variation, and has Melusine (symbol of Lusignans and Lusatians) in the colors of the Massin/Mason Coat; the latter has the same Melusine in Crest. She can also be found in the German Babel/Bebel Coat, a surname smacking of queen Bebba of the Bernician Bebbanburgs.

Next, I thought I'd try P-less Paphla terms, and of course the Apple surname came to mind, the symbol of Avalon. The Apple/Appel Coat uses the Kay bird (!), used also by the French Pepins!! The French Pepins use crescents in colors reversed from the Bellamys.

Then, not until after discovering the above, I went back to the potential Parion root of Pendergasts, and took a look at Paris surnames: the French Paris Coat is an apple(!!!)...on colors reversed from the Bellamy Shield yet! AND the Italian Paris Coat, aside from what could be an apple tree, or the Apollo oak, uses a diagonal bar smacking of the same in the Pape/Pope Coat, but also reflecting the Irish Pendergast Coat. See also the same design in the Italian Masci Coat (I haven't forgotten that the Italian Maschi/Maskaly Coat uses pine cones).

The Italian Paris Coat uses nine stars, a potential symbol of Avalon's nine witches.

Next, I thought I should check the York Coat for Parisii links, and found a blue saltire on white...the Shield of the English Pendergasts!!

The York Coat is in the colors of the lion (main symbol) of the Arms of Macclesfield, while the English Paris Coat uses unicorns, the Macclesfield Crest. Wikipedia is not now showing the Macclesfield Arms as it did. The Arms had shown a "copia" motto term, akin to the "cupias" term of the York-surname motto. Meschins were common to both Macclesfield and Yorkshire.

For Medvedev on the new global order currency, see YAWN.

June 20

When in trouble, bring out the big nuns:

"A reported Gaza-bound aid flotilla may not be allowed to depart from Lebanon, Lebanese sources told the Arab daily Al-Hayat [today], saying it was illegal for a vessel leaving a Lebanese port to dock in a port under Israeli occupation.

...This fact has led Lebanon officials to estimate that [flotilla] organizers would submit a travel plan to a different destination, perhaps Cyprus, only to change course during the course of their voyage."

It also says: "Israel...has also been speaking with the Vatican because the ship is expected to include several dozen Catholic nuns."

The anti-Christ will need to do battle against this headline in today's Haaretz: "Poll: Most Palestinians want peace with Israel." And there is another article showing the anti-Christ movement already in swing; we don't need to search for it:

"Palestinians should initiate rocket attacks on Israel from the West Bank [= where Jerusalem is located], Israel Radio quoted Hamas strongman Mahmoud Zahar as saying in an interview [today], saying that such as move was necessary."

We just await the anti-Christ to join this "necessary" covenant.

I don't know what's holding up the Iranian ships. If they arrive to the Gaza frontier without a noise, Iran will be humiliated. Perhaps there is a plan in the works to make some face-saving noise.

June 21

Is it a Godly thing to tax the super-rich and huge corporations? The question avoids the wrong that makes the rich in the first place. Democrats want to tax the rich. Why not rather hold the prices down of the products and services that the rich now charge us? Because, an evil government, that wants to gobble up as much tax revenue as possible, wants prices of products and services as high as possible. And then it wants to tax the rich who are created by those high prices, which is another way to take our money because tax dollars from the rich were our dollars in the first place that we were forced to overspend when making purchases. So the government takes as much from us as possible by allowing people to become obscenely rich, AND WE THE WORKERS ARE FORCED TO LIVE LIFE LIKE A DOG CHASING ITS TAIL.

If Democrats want an ideal government, then they should choose the Government to come. By what coincidence was Jerusalem on the European agenda again, 1030 years after the Romans demolished it? By what coincidence, in light of prophecy that makes Jerusalem central to HisStory, did Israel become a nation again some 850 years after the first Templar invasion of Jerusalem? The city lay practically dormant for centuries after 70 AD, and should never have arisen to become the center of world news, as it is today.

Here's what I think. Modern Jerusalem was not the program of God whatsoever, and neither was Templar Jerusalem. The Rothschilds who poured so much money and energy to create modern Israel were not men of God, and it's not at all necessary that God was steering Rothschild hearts to create the tiny nation again. That's what Zionist-supporting Christians tend to believe.

But here's another scenario. Long ago, the city of Zedek belonged to an entity of the Jesus-Plan, if you don't mind my calling it that, which entity or group of peoples was called "Melchizedek." Satan, always wishing to spoil what belongs to God, managed to move in to Zedek with a batch of Babylonian Amorites. And they came to rule the city. God knew that these same Amorites would one day re-invade the city as Templars, and then, in the end times, they would seek to create a nation based on Rothschild energies...the ultimate hope of which was to re-secure Jerusalem from Muslims. And that's what happened in 1967.

These particular Rothschilds had a choice not to call this nation, Israel, but if they decided to call it something else, as for example, Amoria or Rusrael, the British, and especially Zionist Protestants, would NOT have supported Rothschilds in creating the nation.

The point is, if we're confused as to why God would use satanic Zionists to create end-time Israel, it's not necessarily true that God used them whatsoever. It would have happened anyway. The re-gathering of Israelites from the many nations to Israel, that we find in prophecy, is not necessarily the Rothschild re-gathering of the 20th century, but the post-Armageddon re-gathering of the Remnant of God. Christian Zionists view the prophetic re-gathering as the Rothschild program, but even Ezekiel's Gog prophecy, which mentions the Rothschild re-gathering, doesn't credit God for it.

Perhaps YHWH, foreseeing Templar and Rothschild Jerusalem, and the "Jewish" controlled world of the end times, decided to make Jerusalem and Judah the pinnacle of His own Plan so that through the Plan of Redemption He could simultaneously snuff out the Amorites that had trampled his Melchizedek entity, the Amorites that in HisStory opened Pandora's Box wide to flagrant SIN.

I've been concerned about Christians supporting modern Israel, and it Mossad spy agency, and the globalists to which that agency is attached:

"The 'Mossad Le'aliyah Bet' was a small, unorthodox Zionist organization whose mission in 1938 was to bring Jews to the British mandate of Palestine. This was done to subvert the British quotas on Jewish immigration. The Mossad's modes of operation, its ideology, and politics resulted in the creation of the intelligence agency for the Israeli government once it was established in 1948. The agency consisted of several of the existing members who had worked to establish Israel as a Jewish state."

In a nutshell, Mossad was the arm of the Rothschild re-gathering. I don't know how well modern Mossad is attached to the Rothschild body, for Mossad requirement-on-paper is loyalty to the Israeli prime minister. However, there could be Mossad agents more loyal to Rothschilds than to Netanyahu.

I don't think it's a coincidence that Zionist Protestants were also the creators and avid supporters of the pre-tribulation-rapture doctrine. I don't think it's another coincidence that the creation of pre-tribulationism in Henry Drummond's Catholic Apostolic Church (formed 1830) was amid the charismatic movement's beginnings (in that same church), a movement akin to Quakerism, the adherents of the latter group sometimes referred to as "Shakers."

It smells very fishy that pre-tribulationism should have been created by a super-wealthy banking family of London Drummonds, and then carried forward by a Darby surname...that I think links to Trabys, the same Trabys that were also Sadowskis, Anthony of whom was a Quaker in the era of William Penn.

It smells very globalistic that the same Henry Drummond of pre-tribulationism also started a Europe-wide organization to install 12 "apostles" of Christ as heads over European nations. In the meantime, the same Drummond was involved with Jewish causes in Britain that could easily have merged with Rothschild Zionism, for the latter also started in Britain at about the time that Drummond's church was formed. In other words, this Henry Drummond and company was heavily involved in the Rothschild re-gathering of Jews (and non-Jewish "Jews") to Israel.

The second generation of Rothschilds was in Manchester (England), with a huge sack of money, just before 1800, and that entity was Nathan Rothschild of a Europe-wide banking family (a family that used five arrows bunched together as a symbol, the same symbol used by the Cameron surname that now rules Britain). One can clearly trace pre-Balfour Zionism to this Nathan in his merger with the Anglican "church," the latter being, from the beginning, a Stewart global -- even universal -- enterprise...that wished to rule as though ruling YHWH's kingdom.

I see a slippery PenDragon knighthood in all this, meshed with Christians in the same way that satan meshed with Zedek long ago, if only he could destroy God's programs by mixing with His entities. But mud and fog and everything disastrous cannot destroy YHWH. He's coming through the dark clouds with a surprise: He's alive; He's real; He really is. It's true. The Truth.

What a great gift to mankind, Someone who can handle the mud and fog that modern Pendragons have made of the world. The sunny summer day with chirping birds is not a reflection of how well the world's situation is. The sunny summer day, in the midst of global problems, is a Promise of things better. The blue of the sky is the color chosen by YHWH as the backdrop to his ThroneRoom. The ball of fire that is the summer sun is His symbol, not the symbol of queerbox Attis, or twisted Helios, or the animal Zeus. If you want a good government that can make the dire go away, chose the Government of Wonderful. It's a no-brainer. Wait for It; stay out of the mud ring until It comes.

Are you here for the news this morning? Do you like to puke? How many times do you want to read "Obama" before insanity sets in? He was supposed to fix the whole world. Or the whole world now awaits another who can fix the whole world. How long should we wait for that hopeless hope?

Admittedly, waiting for the Wonderful is not a short wait. It's been too long already. Endless mutated kinds of Christianity have developed in the long wait, and the condition of the best of saints is waning. The false prophets will spark like shooting stars, and some hopefuls will run to their light, but before being able to swallow the light or bathe in it, it disappears and never re-appears. Henry Drummond was one of those stars. He just went out. No one mentions his name anymore. Even pre-tribulationists and Pentecostals don't want to be associated with him.

It figures that the Wonderful should come bursting through the thick clouds just when things are more a mess than ever, and while the world is clinging to a hopeless hope more than ever. Drama is His middle name. He comes when his best saints are asleep, hopeless. It's an Event that makes room in the dictionary for a new word altogether to describe that kind of joyful experience. How can a human heart dread and feel joy all at once? What word will we use for this Wonderful. Even Revelation 19 wouldn't reveal His new name. We've yet to see what it is.

We fear being blocked out of the Kingdom. Some have a pessimistic side that tends to identify with the foolish virgins. Only the false prophets lay claim to the wise virgins. Personally, I dread being refused at the Gate. I'm not so confident in my own righteousness that I'll be a shoe-in. And what righteousness? Not mine. And that's what makes the Appearance all the more shining, that we who think will be rejected will find Acceptance. The one who looks down to the ground when thinking of his/her own righteousness is the one whom the Wonderful is Coming to surprise. It'll be scary. But only for an instant. The dread will be overtaken by that new word that isn't yet invented.

BUT, keep on in Faith. And let that Faith be good enough not to be turned away. That was the message of Jesus to all end-time hopefuls. I understand that Mohammed could have made the same promise to his lot of hopeless sons, and indeed they will ever be hopeless because Mohammed is not coming back, ever. And the liberal camp of Christians has lost hope in a return of Jesus, and is gunning for man to reach the stars on his own initiatives. BUT somewhere in this terrible, crying-shame void there has got to be a Creator with Fullness in his wings. Just where is He???

He's as close as your mouth. Open it. Direct it to Him. Wait for His answer. If he doesn't answer, make adjustments to your life until He appears in the midst of your God-directed thoughts in just the surprising way you like. If your thoughts are not directed toward Him, your words toward Him will be wasted. Those of you who have experienced God's personal appearance know that it's the thoughts and concerns for Him that make Him turn on like a gentle power within you. This power, which is not like hammer or a thunderbolt, but more like a Being With A Heart, assures you in the midst of fears, and comforts, therefore, just as Jesus said. But not if your thoughts, hopes and attitudes are elsewhere.

Jesus made it clear that the Holy Spirit doesn't come cheap, and the "Holy" part of His title is no doubt used to make the unholy run away before they ever want Him. What is "Holy"? Is it a Hindu shaved bald and wearing a grey-white robe? Is it whiteness and more whiteness without color? Is it the colorless black of Mennonites and Catholic nuns? Is it being serious and never happy, a life of flavorless spiritual food?

Holy means to be out of the mud, and into His feathers. Holy means to be outside, but Inside. The Holy Spirit brings one on the outside, Inside. You're IN, man, when you have the Holy Spirit. You're OUT, when you don't. You don't get in by the measure of your works/thoughts, but you can be Rejected, and even Booted Out, if your works/thoughts are not satisfactory. And that's the Holy Rub.

If you want the Holy-In Spirit, your works/thoughts have to be good enough. The Father Above The Mud decides what or how much is good enough for each individual. For the super-rich, the requirement is that they give back to the human family all that they have stolen from it. For the super-poor, a penny given can be enough to make an individual one of the greatest in the Kingdom of God. God does not require a woman who does not commit adultery to cease committing adultery. He requires the man committing the sin of cheapness to become kind and generous. The one who commits the sin of me-me must become a you-you. Then and only then does the Father smile on that soul as the gentle power of the Holy Spirit.

Where did I get all this? Did I make it up? No, it's fundamental Jesus. It's his fundamentalist words in the Bible. He lays down the foundation of the way we should live, built on Himself as the Rock...because the Father will accept no one unless they are at least built on the Rock. And "built" means that we need to work toward making ourselves belong to God. We need to force, if possible, ourselves into the Kingdom of God.

One cannot build by doing nothing, by merely/only waiting for Him. If you're only waiting, your works could be suffering, and in turn your Communion with God could be darkening. I know, ask me. My performance is not always the same. No one can keep a shiny performance at all times. I tried, and it was hard, very hard. I wanted to be like an apostle, and I failed. I had to settle for less.

What drives us on if not love for God? Therefore, watch that the dark spirit in the world does not remove your gas, or even your gas tank, which is your love for God. Once our love for God is gone, we may not be able to be made salty again. If you want God, He's not cheap, we've got to SEEK, and seeking is the beginning of work for God. If He doesn't come to the door when we bang hard upon it, then we need to change. He accepts us in salvation in the way that we are, but He doesn't expect us to remain the way that we are. We are called to changing.

Change-up is the name of this "game." But don't throw God a curve ball, because he'll hit it right back to your mound. Be Straight with God, because Straight is beautiful. Do baseball players use crooked bats, or is a perfectly straight bat a thing of beauty? You know it. If you're not willing to run all the way home, don't start running the bases to begin with. That's the meaning of being straight with God.

Don't start building if you know you'll not have the gas to finish the construction. Find the gas first, then build. Make sure you love God enough first to make it to the Return, to the end, whatever that end may be for you. If you're thinking that you'll serve God only if he gives you something here, then you have yet to learn His desire: that you love and live for Him for nothing worldly in return. That's why the poor, and the last, will be the greatest in the Kingdom. That's why those who are the poor of the Lord will dread and have joy all at once in the Great Surprise.

BUT for the globalists who are not yet satisfied with their wealth, who seek to get richer than Bill Gates, if possible, that they can enjoy the honor of it all, it'll be worse than rat food for them on the Great Day of the Surprise Visit. Their foundations will be eaten by the Elect of God, and the Elect will then become plump. Ahh, plumpness.

You don't need to seek God if you've already found Him. You need to seek God if you feel lost. Coldness is a good thing, telling you you're a little lost. It's okay to be lost, if you can be found again. If you get lost too many times, God might let you sink to your throat in the mud to give you the good scare that is best for you. You might not like getting lost after that. So, be Holy-In, and stick around.

Jesus talked about a tree that won't grow that is abandoned. Scary stuff. He tries his best to make it grow, but failing, he leaves. No sense finding a tree that won't grow. Is there such a thing as a tree that seeks but won't grow? Every kind of mutation exists; every kind of disease can develop. That's not good news.

Is there good news today? I already gave it: mankind can seek and be found. Do you really want to hear about Obama instead? Do you want the latest on secular Israel? Which crisis or horror story would you rather read about?

What is it to be found if not a gold ring on your finger, placed there by the Lord of the Land, who is you Father besides? That makes you a prince. You get to go out and enjoy the Royal Land, and everyone sees the twinkling ring on your finger as you pass by. That can't be bad. But if you start to desire the wealth of the Royal land, you'll end up wanting to kill your father, so that you can sit on His throne, which is what happened to satan, that creature of greed that has caused so many diseases upon this planet. The insanity of it all is that satan will actually be honored by the end-time generations, and his empires will be joined at the hip to celebrate the rebellion against God.

It's hard to follow the logic to this reality because it neglects what should be paramount: the Land belonged first to the Father, and then to satan. The Plan was MelchiZedek, but satan turned it into AdoniZedek. The Plan was the Israel of God, but satan turned it into the Israel of the Rus Hebrews. And now the world must suffer Armageddon because it strayed from the Paramount Logic: Honor thy Creator.

I know you, sheep. You abide by the Paramount Logic. I know you. We have that in common. We understand it together. And together we will live as one under that Logic.

Fortunately, so as not to spoil the good news here today, there is no prophecy-related news worth mentioning today. The Iranian ships have not yet arrived to old Philistia, and we await to see what the Iran-Turkey plot will become as it raises a warrior cry against Western globalists. So long as the Iran axis continues to work toward its mission, there is hope of a Return in our lifetimes. I despise not the work of the Iran axis as it seeks to undo Western globalism, but I despise the Iran axis as it seeks to enforce a neo-Mohammed on a global basis.

But there is a juicy story on Obama:

"In direct contradiction of the White House storyline, the former Honolulu elections official who caused a national stir this month when he told WND Barack Obama was 'definitely' not born in Hawaii, and that no long-form, hospital-generated birth certificate even exists for the president in the Aloha State is now reaffirming those claims to a network television affiliate.

Tim Adams, the former senior elections clerk for the city and county of Honolulu was interviewed by Gene Birk of ABC affiliate WBKO-TV in Bowling Green, Ky.

Video of the 9-minute interview has been posted on YouTube and is embedded here:

'As of the time I was in Hawaii working in the elections office,' said Adams, 'we had many people who were asking about the eligibility of Senator Obama to be president. I was told at the time there is no long-form birth record, which would have been the case if President Obama was born in [a] hospital in Honolulu. There is no such form in Hawaii.'

...He continued in his TV interview: '[Obama] does have a [Certification] of Live Birth, which is given to children of families who are residents of Hawaii when children are born outside the state. So, I assert that he was born outside of Hawaii. Now, we can't tell you where he was born...

...The interviewer, apparently looking to reaffirm what he was just told, asked Adams again, 'So let me understand what you're saying. There is no long-form birth certificate, because he was not born on U.S. soil.'

'Correct,' responded Adams.

"But there is a Certification of Birth, which is what this is," said Birk...and in your opinion, this means regardless of where he was born, he was a U.S. citizen at birth."

'Yes,' said Adams, reiterating his personal opinion that Obama is eligible to hold office...

Adams' claims are starkly different from those of the White House.

...Adams, a Hillary Clinton supporter...,P> ..."There is no [U.S.] birth certificate,' he said. 'It's like an open secret. There isn't one. Everyone in the government there knows this.'

'I had direct access to the Social Security database, the national crime computer, state driver's license information, international passport information, basically just about anything you can imagine to get someone's identity,' Adams explained. 'I could look up what bank your home mortgage was in. I was informed by my boss that we did not have a birth record [for Obama].'

'[The two hospitals] told us, "We don't have a birth certificate for him,"' he said. 'They told my supervisor, either by phone or by e-mail, neither one has a document that a doctor signed off on saying they were present at this man's birth.'

...WND's original report about Adams' claims has already been made into a YouTube video, getting more than 275,000 hits:
...Besides his actual birth documentation, documentation that remains concealed for Obama includes kindergarten records, Punahou school records, Occidental College records, Columbia University records, Columbia thesis, Harvard Law School records, Harvard Law Review articles, scholarly articles from the University of Chicago, passport, medical records, his files from his years as an Illinois state senator, his Illinois State Bar Association records, any baptism records, and his adoption records."

Therein is a lesson on producing fruit by long-suffering persistence. World Net Daily has earned it's success on this point. Next: where was Obama really born? WND has zeroed into the Seattle area, and if Obama was not born in the United States, as Adams says, then Canada seems the reality.

But so what? Well, the so-what is that Obama has lied to those Americans from whom he's asked their vote and political support. And if he's lied as their president, on a matter that is seemingly small, what else is he capable of? A good man would have said, before the election, "I was born in Canada, but I'm still, or I think I'm still, an American citizen from birth." And he would have let the election chips fall where they fall. Now, he has a storm over his head that WND won't let blow away.

June 22

Bill, how do I look?

You look dashing, honey.

No, really, how do I look. Come on, look. How's this election dress seem to you?

It doesn't have my name on it, honey.

Is it too pink, do you think? Do the leopard spots make it come alive? Do you like the diagonal cut around the knees, the way it sort'a has a flying tail when I walk this fast?

What's below your hips is always too wide for your dresses, honey.

So you don't like it then?

I can't get anything out of it.

Awe, Bill, I'll make you my Secretary of State.

They still call me "prez," hun.

Well I've got me to think about now, Mr. President. Do you think I should be concerned about Obama's henchmen? Should I watch my back?

No one else watches it...

Uhhh, quit sulking; it's not my fault your days are behind you.

You could say right up there on that victory stage that you'd be nothing without me today....Maybe you could wear a grey dress like the color of my hair, with a big B on the front.

Awe, Bill, why don't you go see Monica or something? Lighten up.

I tried. She only wants to see presidents or other happily-married men. Don't mean to change the subject, but are you sure you're gonna beat Obama?

How do you spell Hawaii, honey?

I don't know; that word always trips me up. I just see belly dancers between the two 'i's.

Hey, that's it; I'll get a Hawaiian outfit! Bill. You've just earned your first dinner in a year. I'll order it right away.

I dunno, Hillary. What's below your hips just don't jiggle right, and what's above 'em don't look like a belly dancer to me. I don't think it'll work if you're trying to turn on America, anyway.

It will keep everyone on Obama's Hawaii problem, and that's how I'll finally look good enough.

Hillary ClintCat's new-found sleekness is making her more popular than president O, and so she might want to have some of her Democrat supporters, such as Adams late in yesterday's update, start chipping away at the O's eligibility problem. They wouldn't necessarily gun to get him to step down right away; she'd be very happy if he's cat food by the 2012 election season:

"There's a new strategy unfolding today in the effort to establish whether Barack Obama is constitutionally eligible to serve as president, Joseph Farah, editor and chief executive officer of WND says.

In his column today in WND, Farah announces a new petition drive directed not at federal officials, whom, he says, have abrogated their own responsibilities, but toward election officials, governors and legislatures in all 50 states who will have to oversee the vote in 2012.

'I think it's more than clear at this point that no one at the federal level plans to do anything to enforce the U.S. Constitution,' Farah said. 'But I have confidence that at least some state officials will have the guts to do so when Obama faces re-election -- if he dares.'

" ...Farah points out that it won't take all 50 states enforcing the law to ensure Obama is disqualified.

'Obama knows he can't win without competing in all 50 states,' he said. 'In fact, he will have his hands full even if he can get on the ballot everywhere.'"

It's a great situation for those who would like to re-see a Clintonite war against the O-fans.

The Gaza affair has gotten the press off of the Jerusalem-settlement problems, but just the same, Westerners are gnawing away at the Netanyahu government in any-which way. Hillary seems to be genuinely pro-Israel, and for that reason I don't entertain much that the two horns of the False Prophet are she as president and her husband as foreign minister. BUT, I do think of it now and again.

If Obama is forced to fall out of the 2012 race due to Democrat discontent, his Israeli agenda will likely be picked up and continued by whomever replaces him. If Hillary does become the next president, she too would form a strong partnership with Russia, according to what we've seen from her so far. In this picture, Obama is a passing agent that nonetheless contributes to the "office" of False Prophet. However, I have a hard time seeing Hillary as a false prophet by any definition. She's not very religious. She was starting to show some religious sentiments for the sake of winning the election, though. She might decide to pour that on in the future.

There are reports now that the oil-spill situation is thousands of times more threatening than the powers are letting on. BUT, it might be the powers themselves who are actually letting this bull loose...because it's another "crisis opportunity" to pillage the peoples for money.

Already there is talk of taxing oil companies to form an insurance pool against such disasters, and that's just the way the Democrat leadership likes it, with the tax costs passed on to the consumers. Democrat voters happily pay more and more taxes for Democrat leaders to "fix" things, wherefore Democrat leaders always tell them that's there's more and more to fix. It's bliss.

The government of the New-Name Jesus will not allow a free-market system. There must be control, or a car will hit the telephone post. If you let business run freely, the rats will horde the cheese. If there are laws to keep people from spitting on one another, why are there not laws to keep business people from over-charging for their products? I'd rather be spit on if in return I could pay half as much for what I buy. Spit on me once a day if it means I get to bank $50 more each day. That adds up.

I do not think that the government of New-Name Jesus will tolerate the stock market. When people purchase shares in a company, their hope is that the price of the products or survives of their companies will shoot through the stars. The stock owners have zero concern for buyers. The only thing that matters is how much money they the buyers' expense.

There are many bad words that the devil creates to make a good think look bad. What Jesus would call righteous and fair would be called "government regulation" by the devil. Jesus would say, don't over-charge. Don't charge 100 dollars for a product that takes ten minutes to produce with two and a half workers. But the free-market people would object to such a law of control.

If the seller doesn't regard the buyer, the buyer will buy elsewhere. But if all the sellers are greedy, there won't be a cheaper place to buy, and all the sellers can make a lot more than they deserve. If it's not the government that steps in to referee, who will? Call it the evil "socialism" if you like, but I call it Necessary to protect the buyers.

A free system works only when everyone is fair and righteous, when all regard the other as much as themselves. In God's Kingdom, there will be a free system where all regard the other, for these are the only ones that God is calling. If greed begins to set in, the guilty will be dealt with, with an iron rod.

The iron rod of Jesus on the backsides of the evil is called many bad things here on earth. It can be called "abusive," "cruel," "animalistic," and that other dread word, "censorship." Lest this world succumb to censorship, my young children have freedom to watch and read men and women performing lewd acts of porn. The initial message to my children is, it must be okay; the governments and the courts allow it.

Return, Lord Iron Rod, and quickly. I want to see some glowing red asses! Starting with the Democrats and other liberals. I want my kids to own their homes before they reach 30, not to reach 55 with the mortgage still unpaid. I don't want a 2 x 4 to cost five times more than it should because government charges taxes on the wood, on the land that the wood grows on, on the equipment that makes the lumber, on the fuel that drives the equipment, on the people who run the machines; on the finished product, and on the seller of the finished product; and because the lumber sellers and makers charge more than they should; and because the cost of land is high...because the government likes it that way.

If you like this "free-market" system, which is obviously not free but yoked to the devil's horses, then I've got news for you: the Coming Kingdom is going to chain the devil and his horses to the same telephone post that his fiery chariot's going to crash into. The stress of everyday life will be gone. The doctors and psychiatrists will be out of work. Jesus did not say that he saw the Holy Spirit landing like the Dow. The Dove is gentle, and goes nicely with an easy-flowing river. The Dow Jones is the eyes of a monster, and some Christians follow it as though it were a friend. The monster wants to gobble up, if possible, the entire planet's resources. It's a bottomless pit, and Christians are falling into it to the sound of money. I know. Ask those who would otherwise be my friends.

Everyday the news makes the Dow Jones seem important and valued. Hey, what's wrong with depending on a job alone? There's only one thing wrong with it? The high prices that we have to pay business people with what little paycheck we take home. And the Dow companies are the biggest business monsters of all.

What? Gambling at Vegas is out of the question for Christians, but gambling in the stock market is okay?? Putting our money into the coffers of the very monstrous organizations that fight political wars with Christian okay??? If they despise Christians, it's because they despise the Iron Rod that would put their "free market" out of business. If they despise Christian values, it's because Christ orders business people to be fair and modest in setting prices, and in making profits.

The price of an item should be based on a fair profit made according to the costs and time taken to produce it. I would rather see legislation that controls the cost of an item than to see no controls at all because the greedy amongst us have made a taboo of legislative controls. The price of property, and the cost of goods, must be kept low enough that a single worker per one family, fresh out of school, can pay for his 1500 square-foot home in less than ten years, and in the meantime dress his wife and family nicely with clothes and furniture not purchased at Walmart.

Walmart running shoes are not in fashion but because people can't afford leather anymore. How could it be that we can't afford cowhide? There can't be a shortage of that. It's only hide. It has to be removed from the animal anyway, before it's sold for meat. It's just the scrap. And it's a sin sell less than a square foot of scrap for $150 dollars. It's a sin to sell a leather sandal for $50. But some running shoes are being sold for $150. Where's the government as this heist takes place? Multiply it hundreds of times for the hundreds of things we purchase.

Whatever happened to the loose nails and screws at the hardware store? I could take as many as I needed in a bag, dirt cheap. Now I'm forced to buy a box of four screws at $2.99. It's a perfect example of the greed that the government has allowed. The greed is not just in the small package of screws. We're being screwed more and more everywhere...because the world is being given to the unholy spirit.

Jesus says: "Don't fight the world with the weapons of the world; LET ME DO IT." Jesus says, "Close the door, stay home, and play music while I fight the world with the weapons of the world. And get ready to celebrate this IRON ROD."

I don't think it was a coincidence that nuclear weapons were invented in the generation before mine. I don't think they would have been invented too long before they were Needed for Armageddon. The time passing from when they were invented has been for the Purpose, possibly, of refining these weapons, and making them more powerful. It's as if God will not be happy to see cities burn like Hiroshima. It wasn't hot enough nor explosive enough. Please don't get me wrong. This is not my idea. It's the idea of God's Anger, and he won't apologize to the governments for taking that position.

The planet has to literally shake before His soul is appeased. I don't know whether nuclear weapons alone will shake the planet. The prophetic fact remains, the earth will be shaken. I don't know how hard, but hard enough to crumble the cities, says Revelation. And if God says play music, music I shall play. If the government doesn't like me for this attitude, it's because the government is run by people who don't think right. They don't want to hand rule over to the Iron Rod. They don't like spanking anymore; they've made that taboo too.

Armageddon is not a spanking. It's a murder, sheer and simple. The Father will murder His rebellious children. And the way that He will murder them is to have one another murder one another murder one that they cannot put the blame on Him. And if we only play music during the murder, and do not participate with weapons of war, then they cannot put the blame on us either.

When they persecute us in the near future for taking our pro-Armageddon position, tell them: "It's not my bombs that stand poised to destroy the planet. It's your bombs." Or say, "If your bombs stand poised, it's because you'll use them to kill others. So don't be surprised when they kill you back. It's not me doing it."

Then they'll maintain that we are guilty of wanting Armageddon to come upon them. And we can say: "You don't have to have Armageddon. Get rid of your nuclear bombs, and fight with guns alone. You're the one who honors and takes pride in your nuclear weapons. I didn't give you that idea. Is it okay for you to kill with nuclear weapons but not okay for others to kill you with them...before you kill them? Isn't it your bombs that will kill the cities of the world. Should I be proud of you for this?"

The only thing that keeps prices down in a system wherein government winks at big business is the extent and costs of social welfare payments. There comes a point where the poorest need government assistance, at which point the government will step in and admonish big business. But only then, when it's costing the government. Only then, when the "free" market has blown up into the largest-possible balloon, into the fattest-possible packman.

Obama has a "novel" (read "new world") government system that not many seem to understand the full extent of. It is socialism in the bad sense of the word, where government controls not for the sake of the poor, but for the sake of itself and the big corporations married to it. It's all jack-ass backward, exactly what we expect in the very end times.

I just ate a granola bar, which typically costs about three dollars per pound. It's only oats and other cereals, which is sold to cows and horses at a few dollars per large bag. Why do we humans have to pay much more than horses for what is horse food in a glued state with a little honey thrown in? I mean, these bars are mass-produced as quickly as you can blink. They couldn't cost very much even with the cost of taxes built in. If the government can't assure that we get a pound of cereal for what cows pay for it, then you know you're being treated worse than a cow.

The cost of oats to one purchasing from a farmer was (mid 1990s) under a dollar and a half per bushel, and about two dollars this year. How did it get to three dollars per pound if not by thieves conniving to conduct a heist on mothers of the land? Canada, which has 80 percent of the world's oat market, just raised the price of a bushel by 40 cents in one week, to $2.75 (CAN). But so what? There are many pounds to a bushel.

Corn is now very high, but under five dollars per bushel; a bushel of corn weighs lots. How did corn flakes, made with old technology, get to three dollars per pound? Is it the box? Do we owe our blood to Kelloggs for this gift of corn flakes? No, but the choice is either to pay, or not eat corn flakes. It's unbearable; I buy cereal all the time because I like it, but every time I feel like the fool of the corporations. The same goes with potato chips. Add a little sugar to something, make it taste nice, give it an exciting package, and through the roof it goes...because the thieves know we'll pay for it. They've lured us in, devils that they are. They pay their leaders millions to lure us in.

Why did wheat jump twice as high in 2008 alone, to nearly ten dollars per bushel? Because that's what we eat most of, and the thieves know it. We love our daily bread. But the Bread Master will cut off the yeast of the Pharisees from the land. NO MORE will they blow their prices up for a loaf of bread weighing as little, nearly, as the air. How does the news treat this heist? by suggesting we purchase stocks in foods:

"...'You should be there for it fully-hedged by having access to those stocks that benefit from rising food prices.'

He said there are about two dozen stocks in the world that are going to redefine the world's food supplies, and 'those stocks will have a precious value as we move forward.'"

Wow, we can all be fellow thieves in the high price of foods. What Utopia. We are to jump in and join the band of thieves to alleviate the damage done by the band of thieves. What extraordinary logic is this? Haven't you noticed in the news recently that the high price of oil is becoming a good thing? Yes, high prices are a good thing...for those who have stocks. And forever more, the globalists wish us to think that high prices are the holy cow that humanity has always sought.

Soon, if globalists can arrange it, they'll put us all living in a stalled "barn" (i.e. shared accommodation) with other people, so that our rent per head is less, so that we'll have more money to spend on their products. Please keep this idea hush, or they'll get it too soon.

There's no news to speak of today. Still, the progression of the Iranian ships to Gaza is not in the Israeli news. Iranian news is telling that Iranian leaders are happy about the way Egypt has treated the ships so far, but this might be flattery because Egypt might be considering a back lash, which could explain why the ships are not be in Gaza already when at least one was slated to be there over last weekend.

June 23

My apologies for being behind email responses. When I've got lots to do, email is the thing that usually gets neglected. I just opened an amazing aging email last night from someone who was ecstatic about the post-trib message. I think it had a little to do with love for country/wilderness living. I understand.

Last night I watched a black bear walk by, the first I've ever seen around here. It was only 100 feet from the window, and not afraid of the house. This will now make me less comfortable in the evenings. Hopefully it just passed on by, never to return.

When I wrote some days ago on the black and white of the Pen-using families, and mentioned the Clapton Coat using those colors with a third gold color, I neglected to re-mention that the Arms of Traby bugles are black (bugles) on white, and that the bugles have gold stripping. I also neglected to say that I emphasized the Traby black and white with gold in links to others using the same.

Now I'm getting the impression in other ways that the Pendragon cult included the Traby fold. In most of my treatment of the Traby surname et al, I don't recall an emphasis on its links to the Arthurian cult, yet now that I think about it, the Western Polish families that I did link the Trabys to were also linked to Arthurian elements, including Merovingians.

The overwhelming conclusion in the past week's discussion on Pendragons leads them to the bear-depicted Bernicians, you see, and I had mentioned recently that the Burns/Bourne/Bernes Crest/a> uses what appears to be a black bugle with gold striping. (When I started discussing the Pendragon surname above, I had no intention of coming to a bear-like surname as I just did, just after mentioning my backyard bear).

On closer inspection of the Burns Crest, the bugle is green (this color looks black when my laptop screen is at an angle), and the stripes in the bugle of the Coat appear white. However, entering "Bernes" (must be with an 's'; "Berne" won't do it) brings up a Scottish Coat with exactly the Burn web address aside from the spelling of the surname, and it also uses a black bugle, but with what could be gold stripes.

The green bugle with gold stripes are in the colors of the Pollock surname of Renfrew, and then we see in the Burns page that Renfrew is mentioned as the home of a Bernys clan. Well, Pollocks (using black and white bugles) just happen to be one of the chief Polish clans to which I had traced Traby blood. In fact, when I wrote three paragraphs above, it was the Pollock clan that was mainly on my mind, but as yet, I hadn't found the Burns Coat for this morning's discussion. In fact, I merely bumped into the Burns Coat while searching for the other black and white surname (it turned out to be the Claptons) with gold.

I don't like to mention possible signs in animals around my house. It's not my way to see a Sign in everything that happens. And that's why I usually don't mention things about animal events around the house...until later as I feel led to mention them. It happens that way so very often. As another example, I wasn't going to mention the bird that flew into my window as I was on the computer a few mornings ago (June 19) as I started again on the Pendragon surname. The young bird looked dead on the ground, so I went out to see if I could resurrect it. Nope.

It had a gold belly, but at the time I thought nothing of it. Later in the day, or perhaps the next day, I recalled the Kay bird -- said to be a goldfinch -- that was discussed (quote below) on the very morning that the bird flew into my window (the same window that the black bear appeared in, the same window that the hare appeared in that also seemed like a sign). I had said: "The Apple/Appel Coat uses the Kay bird (!), used also by the French Pepins. The Pepins of royal French blood turned out to be major Pendragon entities.

The day before the bird died, on the first day that I discussed the Pendragon topic, I had said: "Irish Penders/Pendegasts use "vincit" for a motto term, no doubt hint of the Da Vinci bloodline." I link the Da Vinci cult to the black on white Fynch/Vince surname, you see, the colors also of the goldfinch-using Kay surname.

NOW, none of this on the possible sign of the goldfinch would have been mentioned here today, or ever, had I not happened upon the Burns/Bernes surname this morning in conjunction with seeing a bear out the window. In other words, I got into the finch topic above only because the Scottish Bernes/Bernice Coat uses "vincit" as a motto term. When I therefore decided to view the bird as Da-Vinci important, I did not yet know what I had forgotten, that the Irish Penders also use "vincit".

So there you go, yet another case of my not mentioning an animal event that was, nonetheless mentioned later for apparent good reason. And if this is yet another Sign, then obviously God wants people to know that the Da Vinci cult was part of the Pendragon cult of Bernicians and other liars.

I had gone online to check whether my bird was a goldfinch, but the beak was too long. Yet, it may have been another type of finch, or the next-best thing if there are no finches in this area. In fact, there are few birds here with substantial gold/yellow parts. My fresh-out -of-the-nest bird had all (no striping) soft-grey on top.

I should re-mention that the Pegasus of the English Born surname (black on white Coat) should link to the Pegasus of the Scottish Bernes/Bernice Coat (the latter is in the colors of the bear-using Norwegian Bjorns). The "Haec omnia" motto phrase of the Borns may be code for the black on white Hacks/Hykes and the black on white Omans.

You may have read recently where I suggested a "Vinch/Vinci" link to the Pine/Pyne (use Wayne/Weyn-like Coat) and or Payen/Paion (use Berne-like stars) surnames as per their potential Vine/Veyn (white on black) and/or LeVine branches, wherefore I should add that the black Oman "martlets" are used by the Levines...who otherwise use the Hare Coats. The Waynes/Weyns use "OMNIbus" for a motto term.

I don't think it's a coincidence that the Scottish Bernes/Bernice motto uses "perSEVERantia" while the Scottish Berne surname (no 's') uses "Sapere." Or that the two Bugs Coats (think "Hare") use the water bouget of the Bernes surname and black martlets of the Levines. That makes me pretty sure that the bow symbol of the Bavarian Bogens, which I link to the Bugs surnames, is reflected in the bow and arrow of the Berne (no 's') Coat. The likely link to the Sicels of Sicily, and TRAPani of Sicily, of the three human legs of the Berne Coat, is reflected elsewhere, for example below.

Wondering where God wanted me to take this morning's topic, one idea popping into my head was the similarity between the Paion variation of "Payen," and the Poeni and/or Paeoni Phoenicians/Tyrians who had colonized the Mediterranean. Although the symbol of modern Phoenicia, i.e. Lebanon, is the cedar tree going back to Biblical times, the pine tree symbol, and therefore the Pine/Pyne and Payen/Paion surnames, may have arisen from that same entity. (I kid you not, a bird just swiped along the glass of the window at a sharp angle).

The next thought was to enter Cedar-like surnames, and "Cheddar" entered my mind as per the Cheshire Cheadles from Hesse. The Cheddar Coat uses white scallops on black, the symbol of the Hacks/Hykes...and the symbol, I've long asserted, in honor of Sicel bloodlines from Sicily. AND, the Cheddars were first found in Gloucestershire, which place I trace to mythical Glaucus, who loved mythical Scylla of Sicily!

PLUS, Glaucus is identified by me as one of the serpents on the Hermes caduceus, at least one of which depicts the Cadusii Armenians...that I trace to the Catti of Hesse's founding!! It suggests strongly to me that the Cheddars were related to the Cheadles/Cheatles, but also to the Keiths/Keaths (that I link to "Cheatle") using a "vincit" motto term. As you can read at the Keith page, they descend from the chief of a Catti tribe. Note that Keiths were first in Lothian {HADDington! to be exact), while the Lothian surname uses a pine tree and a black bugle with gold stripes!

Long ago -- before I knew much of anything of the Arthurian cult, before I knew much of anything at all of Western surnames -- I had traced the pagan holy grail to the Cadusii Armenians as they developed into the Cilician Cati and the Halys-river Hatti. I got the idea from mythical Cilix (depicted Cilicia), for it looked like an apt term for ancient myth writers to link to a chalice=grail symbol. In that case, the Da Vinci holy grail has nothing to do with Jesus and Magdalene, but all to do with Cadmus (brother of Cilix) Phoenicians out of Tyre.

Let me tell you what came to my mind days ago when the first bird hit the glass and died. It meant to me that God is "killing" the Da Vinci code cult, now threatening the Christian faith of many, with "my" writings (and no doubt others). And you know, I can see the potential arguments that I find myself making here, that they are in fact lethal to the current Da Vinci cult. And consider that the second bird hit the glass just as I was on the Keith surname with "vincit" motto term.

I kid you not, that in the short second that the second bird hit, I was in the midst of correcting the spelling of the Keith surname (three paragraphs above) that occurred in a sentence just before I shared the surname's vincit motto term.

I was surprised to find that the Keith Coat, which comes up when entering "Maskall," came up when I entered "Margall." This jibes with the Margeson surname (white on black) that comes up when one enters "Mackesy." If you recall, Margesons trace to Argensons (as per the write-up) and therefore likely to the (black-on-white) Arques/D'Arques/Darks (of Normandy). I then theorized for some time, but did not publish on my theory, that Darks were Sarks. Later, when Tim revealed that the Polish Sarczinskis used the Traby/Sadowski Q symbol (see fourth update this month), I found the strong evidence that Sarks were related to Sarczinskis through a Sadowski relationship to Gastons (uses Sark/Surrey checks) of Surrey, England. The Sark surname is properly the Surrey surname, you see, and long before this tip from Tim, I had traced Surrey to "Surru," the ancient name of Tyre.

Just (re-)discovered this moment: when one enters "Argen," three grails!!! "Their original home was in Argentan in Normandy..." And in the Margeson/Mackesy write up: "Their name, however, is thought to be derived from a location in Normandy called Argenson..."<>P> Therefore, is the purple arm of the Arque/Dark Crest, and other purple of heraldry, might be a symbol of the purple-scarlet of Tyre and/or the purple-scarlet of Revelation's Babylon the Great? The Bible seems to equate, in various ways, Babylon the Great with ancient Tyre and its king, satan (no capitalization required for such a one).

If you don't know, see the pagan "holy" grail in the hands of Babylon the Great in Revelation 17; it's filled not with the blood of Jesus and Magdalene, but with the blood of the saints of Jesus whom she has murdered throughout history.

The Argen surname is also "Argentine," which is conspicuous in that president Chavez of Argentina should trace back to the Shaw bloodline as per its Chaves branch of Spain. The Scottish Shaws also use grails, of the same design exactly as the Argens!

If you're a new reader and need confirmation that Shaws were related to the Chaves, first see the Chaves-related Italian Chaves/Sheaves surname, and then compare with the Sheaves/Shaves variations of the (black on white) English Shaws. AND...note the "vincit" motto term of those English Shaws/Sheaves!!!

If, as I now believe, the Pendragons/Penders et all were Pynes and Payens, then I also now believe that the Pendragon cult was Poeni/Paeoni>Phoenician. That doesn't necessarily mean that the Arthur surname (first in Berwickshire) was such, for it could have merely merged with for example with the Pendergast branch in Berwickshire. And one can now start to see a Gaston of Surrey relationship to the "gast" portion of "Pendergast."

Hmm, in light of the "Vincit" motto term of the Pendergasts, and the finch bird that seems to be a symbol of some Da Vinci bloodlines, see the black on white French Gaston Coat with empty cage. An empty bird cage?

Hmm, as per the Magdalene cult arising out of, or at least becoming infested in, Languedoc, see the white-on-black bell in the Cousteau/Caust Coat, surname first found in Languedoc. The Coteau variation could suggest that they were Cottians (of the Cottian alps), a tribe that might link to the Catti. I stressed these Cottians (= Ligurians) in February (linking them to the Viscontis), at which time (third update of February) I indicated that the Cotte surname was first found in Languedoc.

Excellent. For the Cottes were strongly linked (by me) to the Swedish Gust surname, one that could link to Gastons. By the way, I was speaking with Swedo-American LG last night, whose surname is a Gust variation, and she tells that there is a video claiming to show Obama's actual/authentic Kenyan birth certificate kept inside of a plastic bag. I haven't seen the video, but if you're interested: It could be a forgery.

For the latest "progress" in the Afghan quagmire, touching on Obama's hassle with his chief commander (McCrystal), see By the looks of it, there may be no Afghan war by the time the anti-Christ becomes a world-threatening power in the Middle East.

I don't quite know what this means: "Earlier [June 21], Iran's Red Crescent said two shipments of relief goods and relief workers were due be sent for a 14-day journey to the coastal region [of Gaza] by the end of the week." Are those the ships the ones we heard about a week or more ago? If so, it appears they haven't left Iran yet.§ionid=351020101

The potential "king of the south" wants to see a Palestinian capital at Jerusalem:

"Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak stressed [today] that Egypt strongly rejects any Israeli attempt to renounce its responsibility toward the Gaza Strip and place it on Cairo.

...He also expressed faith that a Palestinian state will be established on the territories of Gaza Strip and the West Bank, with Jerusalem as its capital."

That's more like music in Iran's ears.

Okie dokie. One thing seems to be hammered out solidly in Iraq:

"A potential deal to form a grand coalition between the biggest vote getters in Iraq's national elections is dead, according to a prominent politician involved in the negotiations.

Hassan al-Alawi, a member of the secular Iraqiya list, said his efforts to bring together Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki's Shiite list and his own list, headed by Ayad Allawi, will never come to fruition."

It didn't take long for those hammers to demolish that hope. On another front:

"...Hajim al-Hassani, a member of parliament elected on the State of Law ticket, confirmed that negotiations between his party and members of Shiite parties, including a bloc loyal to anti-American cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, are far enough along that the various parties will soon submit their choices for prime minister.

'This is the final thing. We [the two big Shi-ite groups] will be the biggest bloc and we've sent documents saying we are united,' he said. 'We are the ones who will form the government.'

...Iraqi political watchers say Iran is leaning on the Sadrists and members of the Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council to accept al-Maliki as prime minister."

I'm not sure I can agree with that at all. Perhaps Iran is "for Maliki" only if Maliki forms a government alliance with the other Shi'ite group...that wants to get pro-Iran, Abdul-Mahdi, on the throne. And I don't agree that "this is the final thing."

It's starting to become very serious now, as the Iraq population sees how little the politicians care about their domestic problems, and how much more they care more for their own power stools. Maliki definitely leads the charge on self-interested power grabbing. He could get himself shot. Then what? Nobody on earthy knows.

I, as someone who has no idea of how things will progress from here, am further frustrated because I can't conceive of a foreign anti-Christ becoming the "king of Babylon" by way of the election...though I expect him to enter at an opportune time, such as when Iraq is up to its chest in election mud. I expect him first in northern Iraq as a possible "nobody," but can't even know if that's correct; he could be a "somebody" from way back.

The point is, he should not be expected as one of the official candidates, and not likely a candidate at all, for the top spot, or any spot. I half-expect him to be a foreign ally of the Sunni, perhaps meddling right now in the agenda of the Baathists in Syria. That's where I need to be seeking him, but Syrian news is not easy to find. Rarely do we hear of Insurgent news in Syria. If anyone has access to such a news media, we could sure use it here. Insurgents don't tend to leak anything but threats.

I should not give up hope on seeing him in Iraq until several months pass after Obama's sweeping withdrawal in August. That would be the logical time frame for an expected Baathist upheaval. If they're smart, Baathists won't arise now, before the pull-out. By the time that this time-frame arrives, the Gazasaga might just be prepared, in more than the public-relations sector, for his Biblical invasion of Egypt.


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