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June 24 - 31, 2010

Obama's Been a Dunright Payne

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June 24

Got this email message from a reader: "About your own web access issues - if you go to it loads just fine. But if you go to, you get a 404. So apparently your domain is not listed on the www, but can only be reached without the www in front of it." I tried going to the website without the www, and I got there, the first time I've been able to in weeks. My server has thus far not been able to help me. Curiously, I just tried going to the page using the www, and I can now access it that way too. Strange.

Please, so that I can know how far and wide this problem spread, email me, if you are willing, and let me know if you were not able to access the page using a www, or for any other reason. My own server, or someone(s) at the server, may be sabotaging the site to some degree.

I was woken up by a mosquito about 4 am. Immediately, I found myself thinking about the Cottians. I can't explain it other than more Guidance because the line of thought was bang-on. So that's the topic this morning.

I had wondered whether it was true that Cottians and Catti of Hesse were the same peoples. But as I awoke this morning, I wondered whether Cottians could trace to the same entity that I had traced the Goz/Gios surname. I wondered this because I had just linked (see yesterday's update) the Gaston surname to Costeaus, the latter family of which (from Languedoc) was also "Cotteau" so that I thought to link it to the Cotte surname of Languedoc, and therefore to nearby Cottians.

As I lay in bed in a sleepy haze, I tried to remember where I had traced the Goz surname, and soon remembered the Koz cult of Edom. It was perfect: I sensed this in my heart, that Cottians were from the chief cult of Edom, the god, Koz.

Many things went through my head to verify this, and it formed a concise story that is ground zero to the formation of the European "nation," the Biblical dragon. The immediate realization was how easily "Koz" could modify to "Kod>Kot>Koth" and there to "Goth." This is important because the Gust surname of Sweden (which was also Gotaland) is said to derive from "Gaut" and therefore from the Goths. In other words, we have an s-term, "Gust," stemming from an s-less "Gaut/Goth," wherefore we are not surprised to find that the s-term, "Gaston," should link to the s-less Cottes/Cottians (Gastons use an owl in Crest). AND, when one enters "Gaut," the Cotte Coat comes up...suggesting that Goths were from the Cottians, and earlier from the Edomite Koz entity.

It was perfect, for I had named one chapter in the Ladon book, "The Goats of Hermes were Goths." That is, Pan the goat-footed Satyr, made a 'son" of Hermes, became the Goths. In those early years, I had traced Satyrs to the Getae Thracians and then to the Goths, but perhaps the Getae formed the Geats of Scandinavia in particular, while the Goths were from another branch of Pan in the Cottians.

I was sure that the Goz surname was linked to the Cottians now, and that idea was presented already recently where I mentioned the lattice symbol of the Cotte Coat, for the lattice symbol is shown to be that of the GUIScards at Wikipedia's article on Robert Guiscard. Guiscards/Wiscards had been linked by me to VIScontis, and they in turn were linked to "Biscayne/Biscones," an alternative term to "Gascones/Vascones i.e. the Basques.

So what I did, while still in bed, was to reflect on my trace of the Goz/Gois/Guis surname to the Basques, and because they call themselves "Euskals, I had traced them to Ascalon/Ashkelon, not far the GAZa and GATH. BUT, I had also traced Ascalon elements to mythical Asklepios, which was an owl term, and by that trace was able to link Ascalon elements to the owl cult of Edom. In this picture, the Goz surname traces to Edom by two different routes, the new one being the Goz link to Cottian stock.

I then asked myself whether the Catti of Hesse could trace to the Koz root of Cottians, and it was a no brainer, for I had already linked the Edomite owl cult to the Cadusii Armenians (whom I trace to the Catti). For, Asclepios was depicted in the same way as the Cadusii, with a snake coiled around a caduceus rod. But it was the caduceus rod of Hermes, wherefore it follows that the goat symbol of his son, Pan, should trace specifically to the Koz of Edomites, and therefore to Cottians. That is, the Indo-European term, "goat," was a symbol of Koz elements in Europe.

The goat cult of Crete (symbolized by a goat horn i.e. the bugle symbol of heraldry) raised Zeus as a child. That then traces the goat cult to Tyre, and that's where Pan had a cult, at Panias of mount Hermon. Zeus carried Pan to Crete, in other words, and as I identified "Pan" with the Phoenix based Phoenicians/Poeni, note that Europa, the Tyrian goddess whom the Zeus-Taurus (= Molech elements in Tyre/Tyrus elements) carried to Crete, was made a daughter of mythical Phoenix. Soooo, Europa was none other than a branch of the Pan goat cult that raised Zeus as an infant on Crete. That is, she was an Edomite peoples as per her goat parts (I trace "Pan" to Lake Van in Armenia.)

In other words, I distinguish "Pan" of Armenian-based Europeans from Pan's Edomite goat parts. Several years ago, a penpal that was identified to me only as Greenway, suggested that "Seir" or a Seir-like term derived from "shaggy hair," and that "Satyr" could therefore have been from "Seir." I bought into the theory enough to publish it in the Ladon book, but at the time it didn't dawn on me that the Satyrs were depicted as goats after "Koz." Or if it did, I don't recall.

If you've had the impression that Wikipedia is in small error when claiming that the Catti named Hesse, I tend to agree. I think Hessians were related to the Catti, but distinct, in the same way that the Cadusii were distinct from their Edomite counterparts. I think Hessians were from "Esau," a ruler of Edom whose immediate bloodline married Seir-ians.

I think Esau became other ass-like terms and therefore the Avvite donkey cult, and so let me repeat that Avvites had the city of Edom. But I also traced Avvites to mythical Abas of Argos, a bee cult. In fact, all of Argos was a bee cult, especially where it's mythical founder (Inachus) had married Melia (= "honey") of Boiotia. Abas founded the Abantian peoples of a Boiotian-like region called Euboea. And it just so happens that the bee cult of Crete was joined to the goat cult of Crete.

The point is, Argos is traced by historians to Cilicia/Tarsus, and that's where KIZZUwatna was located. I traced the Hyksos-out-of-Egypt to Gaza's Avvites, but also to Kizzuwatna in particular, and I had even traced a branch of Hyksos to Edom's Avvites, but I don't recall it dawning on me that Kizzu(watna) was named after Koz elements. There's a lot I don't remember anymore be-koz I can't cram all the information into this mere human facility called my Delicate Brain.

So, my fellow delicate ones, I think we can finally have a major clue in identifying Edomite bloodlines: in the goat-depicted peoples such as Cottians, Goths, Geats, and perhaps Jutes. And, we can lump Hyksos into those Edomite elements. But why not also the Goth surname using white-on-blue Zionists stars, who should be related to the white-star-on-blue Gos surname? And the reason that the same star is used by the Bez/Bes surname (first in Languedoc) is that it must trace back to the bee cult amongst the goat cult.

The importance is that the anti-Christ is going to be thrown into the lake of fire in Edom's tar/pitch-filled soils. Why Edom? Why was Sodom made a symbol of Armageddon's destruction? Why destruction by fire? Wasn't that the agent used by the Molech cult to kill infants and children in honor of satan's pagan cults? We could even ask whether "Sodom" derived from "Edom," or vice-versa. But why Edom if not for it's importance in European bloodlines to the False Prophet and other Rus-maniacs that defy the Living God?

I was shocked last night as Tim sent me a family tree of Obama (.pdf file that I can't share here, yet anyway). It shows his ancestors neatly (unlike the page I had offered readers) in the past couple of hundred years. I focused on the Wolfley part of that line, and found that a Wolfley married a Payne that was Obama's mother's parent. It completely slipped my mind, when on the Payen/Payne surname in recent days, that Obama's grandfather was of that surname. I'm totally amazed. The timing, Tim. I mean, I've been tracing Obama's mother to the Pendragon bloodlines, from the Poeni/Paeoni (I think), without realizing it.

I was reading last night on the developing theory that the BP oil rig drilled into a bubble formed on the sea floor, 12 miles wide and tens of feet high. The suggestion is that there is unusual pressure in the sub-floor oil pool that is threatening to explode through the sea crust and into the waters. I'm holding off an opinion for now, and keep in mind that oil companies know that crude in the Gulf of Mexico can be found in so-called "salt domes."

In other words, we fully expect oil companies to seek out domes on the sea floor, and drill smack into them, to get oil. BP probably did that. A salt dome is a vertical column of salt piercing through sedimentary rock, but with a domed/mushroom top that is itself a combination of vast sedimentation and buried "fossil fuel" (i.e. forest material) from Noah's Flood. The salt can be several miles long and the domes have been reported more than a mile in diameter. It's possible, however, for several domes in the same general location to create a gentle mound on the sea floor 12 miles wide.

It's possible that the powers-that-be are wrongly interpreting the "bubble." It could merely be a natural formation from the salt domes. Or, the powers-that-be who are reporting the mother-of-all-crisis "bubble" know that it's nothing but a formation from salt domes, nothing dangerous, yet they want us to think it's dangerous for whatever political and/or social and/or economic purposes they have in mind.

On the other hand, it's clear that the salt columns were formed in the first place during the Flood, as waters from below the sea crust were forced, by internal heat, through the crust. As those internal heated waters evaporated in their caverns, a salty ooze remained behind that was at last forced through the (horizontal) strata of sediments which had precipitated onto the floor of the crust during the Flood's year-long period. In that case, we might expect that, as God heats up the planet's rocks for shaking and melting at Armageddon, that a pressure bubble might take form, at about the time of the 70th Week, in exactly the same places where waters burst onto the planet to create Noah's Flood.

In that case, the BP rig explosion was caused by God's coming wrath. And sometime soon, the oil pool under the gulf of Mexico might burst. Ironically, that oil pool was formed from the forests that were buried during Noah's Flood. Note the circular shape of the gulf of Mexico, as if it once acted as a giant drain to allow much Flood water back into the planet's interior.

There is a story in Haaretz today (below) concerning the oil and/or gas found recently off the Israeli coast. Isn't that very conspicuous in light of the "sea" (singular, not plural) that is supposed to turn to "blood" as per the Revelation plague? Shouldn't we expect that plaque to affect Israel foremost? It's not necessary that Israel drill into the sea floor before the oil there bursts forth into the Mediterranean. The fact that there is fossil fuel there can be an indication that the Revelation plague (the second Bowl) will be fulfilled by it.

BUT, the second Bowl (16:3) that turns the sea to blood may be the after-effect of the second Trumpet, which shows a huge fiery mountain-like object falling from the sky, into the sea. Apparently, it's a piece of a comet piercing the sea floor and unleashing whatever's down there. It might not be a coincidence that these two plagues are number 2 respectively, for I think Bowl 2 takes place immediately after Trumpet 2, and is the final result of Trumpet 2 (see "The Order of Revelation's 21 Plagues").

McCrystal got fired, Petraeus gets his Afghan job. Blunt, like an axe.

June 25

Thank the stars for a good old crisis:

"Key House and Senate lawmakers agreed on far-reaching new financial rules early [today]... ...'It's a great moment. I'm proud to have been here,' said a teary-eyed Sen. Christopher J. Dodd (D-Conn.), who as chairman of the Senate Banking Committee led the effort in the Senate. 'No one will know until this is actually in place how it works. But we believe we've done something that has been needed for a long time. It took a crisis to bring us to the point where we could actually get this job done.'

...the legislation would establish broad new oversight of the financial system."

Wow, a far-reaching new thing that no one can yet know, not until it's tight down their throats. It appears to be nothing but government over-sight over business, and I'm sure that the overseers will have powers to make new rules as they go along...until they bend the necks of businesses as suits themselves. First, they will collect a money pool from business (the costs will be passed on to consumers) and pretend that it's an insurance policy against business failure.

Obama isn't doing this thing because he cares about business or the American people. This oversight system will be more money out of the people's pockets, money re-directed by the overseers...who are accountable to the government that will give them their very jobs. The overseers can also be chosen as per their ties to globalists that Obama is involved with in his globalist heist.

To access the family tree of Obama (mentioned yesterday), see this link (you'll need Adobe): You can see that a Wolfley married a Payne to produce Obama's great-grandfather. The last Payne in the line married a McCurry, which is also "Currey" i.e. possibly a hard-C variation of "Surrey." The last McCurry was a daughter of a Wright, which may explain why that was Obama's pastor's surname.

The Currey rooster likely goes back to the Rollo-Rus rooster (Irish Curreys use it in the Sinclair-rooster color) because Rollo's Sinclair line was in Lothian, where the Curreys were first found.

The Scottish Kerr/Carr Coat compares somewhat with the Currey Coat, and uses "Sero sed serio" as a motto, smacking of the Saracens that were fundamental to the Rus/Russell families (some say Russells were a chief Illuminati family). The Carricks and Kerricks are coming to mind, especially as the Irish Currys are said to be from "curraigh" while Scottish Carricks are said to be from "carraigh."

The earliest McCurry shown in the tree married a Williams, a surname with a Coat smacking of the Carrick Coat. The Ensuivant" motto term of the Williams is very like "Esav," a term that I've been keeping in mind as of this very discussion, for it's logical that Esau elements became Esav/Esab-like surnames. The William write-up traced to Arthurian bloodlines in Wales: "First found in Breconshire and Monmouthshire on the English/ Welsh border, where they are traditionally believed to be descended from Brychan Brecheiniog who was Lord of Brecknock at the time of King Arthur of the Round Table. The mediaeval seat of the ancestors of the William family was at Llangibby Castle in County Monmouth." Is that castle of Lancelot elements?

The Kerr write-up traces to "black or dark brown," which somewhat evokes the Darks/D'Arques that I think could link to the Sark/Surrey surname, and therefore to the Gastons of Surrey. The Gastons are suspect as part of the Guis(card) family, and it was Robert Guiscard (of the Rollo-Rus) in Sicily that was meshed with Templar-Rus important Saracens.

I haven't yet mentioned that Gastons may have produced the Astons and Ashtons (first in LANCaster). The latter two were (months ago) traced to Basques=Euskals, which is where the Goz/Guis trace, and so let me add that the Curreys use a white saltire cross on red, the very symbol that was made the flag of Gascony by a pope (a Clement, I think). I'm keeping in mind here more than ever that Euskals may have been named in honor of Esau elements into Europe. The Astons and Ashtons appear linked to Hasketts, and therefore to Haskels who look like they were a major Euskal branch. All four surnames use black and white.

ZOWIE, I just tried "Ashby" as per the hypothetical Esab term on my brain, and it brought up a Coat that was exactly like one seen earlier. It's essentially the Basket Coat, a surname wherein we find the write-up linking to Basques! I entered the latter surname because I figured they were related to Hasketts.

One could get the impression that the Ash surname was from Euskal branches. The Ash surname (Coat also black on white) named Ash locations, including one in Surrey.

You can verify at the O's tree that the Dunham surname goes back to a Jonathan Singletary who changed his surname (first found in LANCashire) to Dunham; the German Ash Coat is the Singletary Shield! The English Ashtons and Astons were also first found in Lancashire, and Cheshire (where Wolfleys were first found). One can see that the Randolph (uses Dunham symbol) line is separate to the Dunham line but merges with it as per Mary Smith, a Randolph.

Tim sent the following Bilderberg-agenda article that merely ends with this:

"...On the march towards anti-democratic global government, Bilderberg members stated that America must be 'Europeanized' and turned into a giant socialist welfare state with health rationing and higher income taxes.

Tucker said hat Bilderberg were intent on mandating a bank tax paid directly to the IMF to fund global governance and a global treasury department under the IMF, and that this would then merely be passed on to the consumer.

In summary, Tucker said that this year's conference was the most downbeat and pessimistic Bilderberg meeting in history, with massive exposure of their agenda acting as a roadblock to the ultimate goal of an authoritarian world government run by the elite, for the elite."

Who are these goons, anyway? Who gave them the political right to call the shots in any country? That's what everyone is starting to ask, thanks to Internet news that goes well beyond traditional big-media news. And that's why big-media is losing ground and money. And that's why globalists, who need their big-media, which they spent much on controlling, are trying to change the Internet "game." Poor saps, who claim to be Democratic but are in reality the kind of control freaks that we all abhor. These want to rule the global government? Not for long.

It's being said that the demise of the Euro represents the complete but temporary downfall of globalism. A failing Euro would mean that the very concept of nations united on a common currency is a super-risk that won't be risked again for quite some time. BUT, we have yet to see whether the "failing" Euro is part of the plot to implement a global currency going beyond Europe.

If things in the anti-Christ department appear to be stalled, globalism seems to be taking hold before our eyes. At least, it's taking shape, even if the shape isn't desirable to most. Globalism will need to include the crew at America's Council on Foreign Relations, and contrary to what Americans might think, that this crew is a voice for Americans, the fact is, a global government will have tiers that will be paid for by Americans more than any other nation. If you think that's worth celebrating, then become a globalist and pay for it yourself, but we Christians are not going to be a willing part of it...and we'll leave it wholly come the Appointed Time.

The Tucker fellow named above could be for real, or could be a Bilderberg insider tasked with "leaking" things that are not the whole realities at the meetings. For example, he leaked two years ago that Bilderbergs had decided to start implementing a skinchip method of purchasing, but thus far we have heard very little.

This year he's leaking that Bilderberg members are starting to depart from their position of two years ago, when most members were opposed to a war with Iran. You'll note that the trend toward pro-attack on Iran comes not as George Bush, but rather Obama, leads the charge. Thus, it was a blight on the face of the globe to attack Iran when Bush's circle of globalists were in charge, but now the idea is just fine with a new circle of globalists...perhaps under Brzezinski. There is talk of Iran like so:

"A flurry of news reports over the past week indicate that Israel and the US are readying for an imminent military strike on Iran's nuclear facilities.

On Wednesday, Iran's semi-official Fars News Agency reported that about a week ago a squad of Israeli military aircraft landed at a military airstrip in Saudi Arabia, of all places. It was reported earlier this month that Saudi Arabia had agreed to let Israel pass through its airspace in order to strike Iran.

...At the same time, Iran's Press TV reported that a very large contingent of US ground forces had massed in neighboring Azerbaijan. The independent Azerbaijani news website Trend confirmed the report.

Those reports came just days after the Pentagon confirmed that an unusually large fleet of US warships had indeed passed through Egypt's Suez Canal en route to the Persian Gulf. At least one Israeli warship reportedly joined the American armada."

I've read elsewhere that the build-up in Azerbaijan has become the largest apparent point-of-attack on Iran. An attack could either subdue Iran, shut it's loud mouth, or, more likely, make Iran do something stupid like...begin the prophetic Israeli invasion.

Iran is clearly Obama's agenda. It's not Afghanistan. The CIA has been using a cruel killer to infiltrate and ruin Iran politically, but he must be only the tip of the iceberg:

"On February 25 [2007] Iranian state television broadcast a statement by Rigi stating he had had American support and that
'The Americans said Iran was going its own way and they said our problem at the present is Iran...not al-Qaeda and not the Taliban, but the main problem is Iran. We don't have a military plan against Iran. Attacking Iran is very difficult for us (the US). They [Americans] promised to help us and they said that they would co-operate with us, free our prisoners and would give us {Jundullah} military equipment, bombs, machine guns, and they would give us a base.

Who is this AbdolMALEK Rigi? The article above describes him as a ruthless head-chopper in some cahoots with al-Qaeda in Iraq. Afghan media is telling that Obama fired (technically, he quit) his main man in Afghanistan because he leaked what Obama didn't want the world to know: that the O-circle was using ruthless types to weaken and replace Iran's government That just doesn't look very nice on Obama the nice guy:

"...Head of Press TV's office in Kabul, Mohammad Ruhi, says US commander General Stanley McChrystal was sacked for acknowledging NATO's connection with the executed leader of the Pakistan-based Jundallah terrorist group, Abdolmalek Rigi.

He dismissed the official reasons for the firing of McChrystal, saying his growing friendship with Afghan President Hamid Karzai and intelligence leaks may have triggered the replacement."§ionid=3510203

That doesn't tell us whether McCrystal was for or against the enlisting of Rigi, but it does tell us in yet another way that NATO's globetrotters are playing the game of Armageddon in the Middle East. People bet burned when they play that game.

June 26

Canada's prime minister, Stephen Harper, gives an image of being a Christian, but I think he's a globalist. Not only is he a happy camper at this time, as both the G8 and G20 meets are in swing in his country, but he raised taxes drastically, by an entirely new tax system, at exactly the time that globalists were seeking contributions toward the global-warming scam. And at about that time, it was reported that globalists wanted the money of rich nations for to pour it down into the bellies of Third World countries. And so we have this now:

"Canada's pledge of $1.1 billion to a global initiative on maternal and child health for developing countries is a 'disproportionate contribution' compared with that of other G8 countries, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said [yesterday].

Speaking at an evening G8 summit session [in Muskoka, Canada], Harper said G8 members have committed $5 billion over the next five years to the so-called Muskoka Initiative and that other countries will pitch in more than $2.3 billion for a total of $7.3 billion.

'Canada has far and away the strongest financial position, fiscal position, of any country that's sitting around that table today,' Harper said."

Clearly, Harper prides himself as a globalist leader. This Muskoka initiative is apparently a Canadian thing, with round the table support. Who planned it, and why? There's nothing un-Christian with donating money to causes of the global poor, but does anyone suspect, as I do, that this money will go elsewhere, at least to some unknown degree? Do we really think that globalists care about the poor in Timbuktu at a time when their own nations are in debt to their eyeballs? Note how the cause is "maternal and child health." Who would argue with that? It would more likely have woman, the whole West over, highly in favor, and husbands of course would nod their heads in agreement lest they be chastised.

Is Iran chickening out?

"Israel is massing warplanes in the Caucasus for an attack on Iran, it was revealed yesterday.

Preparations are underway to launch the military attack from Azerbaijan and Georgia, reports our sister paper Akhbar Al Khaleej, quoting military sources.

Israel was, in fact, training pilots in Turkey to launch the strike and was smuggling planes into Georgia using Turkish airspace, they said.

However, Turkey was unaware of Israel's intention of transferring the planes to Georgia, the sources said.

...Military equipment, mostly supplied by the US, was transported to a Georgian port via the Black Sea.

Georgian coastguard and Israeli controllers are co-operating to hide the operations from Russian vessels, said the sources.

They point out that according to Israel, it will not be in a position to launch a strike on Iran without using bases in Georgia and Azerbaijan due to the limited capabilities of its nuclear submarines stationed near the Iranian coast.

Meanwhile, Iran's Press TV reported that a very large contingent of US ground forces had massed in Azerbaijan, near the Iranian border. The independent Azerbaijani news website Trend confirmed the report.

...Iran last night said it has cancelled plans to send an aid ship to the Gaza Strip as Israel 'had sent a letter to the UN saying that the presence of Iranian and Lebanese ships in the Gaza area will be considered a declaration of war on that regime and it will confront it,' Irna said."

I don't know whether to take this report seriously. It could due to a misunderstanding or false rumor.

What do we make of Israel and Obama tip-toeing together in Georgia under Russia's nose? Will there be fall-out when they get caught...if they're not already caught? Obama was just praising his "reset" operation with Russia this week. Was it a phony gesture, part of an ongoing program to pacify Russia's resentment of NATO? Were the Russian leaders playing along with the O just because they want entry into the World Trade org?

It just so happens that Georgia's Alasania, a Western agent in Georgian politics, is visiting the United Stases while Hillary is visiting Georgia. That can't look good to Putin in light of the above report:

"Irakli Alasania, leader of Our Georgia's Free Democrats (OGFD) and a runner-up in Tbilisi mayoral race, met with White House and State Department officials during his ongoing visit to Washington this week, OGFD said in a press release."

According to this report Alasania met with Michael McFaul, the U.S. President's special assistant and senior director for Russian affairs at the National Security Council, as well as with [Hillary's] Philip Gordon, the assistant secretary of state for European and Eurasian affairs, and his deputy Tina Kaidanow.

...Alasania, who led a four-party Alliance for Georgia, quit the coalition citing the need to pay more attention to building and developing of his own party in order to prepare for the 2012 parliamentary elections..."

It's known the world over that Russia is getting its pro-Moscow Georgians into position to steal Georgia from the West in 2012. Whether the Alasania visit has anything to do with a military push against Iran using Georgian ground, I don't of course know, but if not, the Clinton visit during her Caucasian tour, of July 1-5 (scheduled on June 25), might. She'll be in the Ukraine and Armenia too...AND in Azerbaijan.

Lookie there. The world was not supposed to know that Azerbaijan was being used by an American-Israeli co-operation scheme against Iran, but under that light, Hillary's reset button looks more like the coming nuclear button. Putin would regard the gestures from the O-dministration as a betrayal if indeed Georgia and Azerbaijan, and some other pro-Nato Cauco-nations, are being secretly used for further Middle Eastern adventures going beyond the fight against al-Qaeda and the Taliban. It's the sort of thing that makes Putin suspicious of NATO infiltrations into what he considers his own domains.

Bluntly, Putin doesn't want such things as a strike on Iran to take place without his knowing about it. That's not what he has in mind when seeing himself as a chief part of European globalism. The reset button promises him that Russia will be a chief part of European globalism. He's not going to join the West by having any less prestige than that.

I feel dread. Military leaders, whose purposes are to kill people and destroy governments/nations if required, are not the best of people. You don't hire moral people for that job? Good men don't make it to the top of the military. The Apostles would not have gotten the job; good men would rather sew tents. I don't understand why Republicans and other conservatives with Christian colors would support the military as though it were the angel of God.

Militaries have government-appointed PR teams in charge of giving the people a moral impression about their military. And do the people swallow this? I understand that a nation needs to have a defence system in place. But surely, we don't praise a killing machine, or honor it as if it were something good. We call a spade a spade. Soldiers in war are turned into brutes, and they are trained to be so should war erupt. There's nothing honorable about going in and killing other people with heartless abandon. It's a testament to the sickness of the human condition. That's the spade that I see.

The world is about to engage in war again. People feel it. Friendly gestures are everywhere seeking to avert this war. As other examples, there's a global Muslim-friendship program, and the UN has its religious alliance. For those who see the cold hard steel behind this fabricated cottony situation, money is needed for the inevitable war effort. Russia wants lots of money; Western globalists want lots of money.

In war, donated money supposedly set aside for good causes can be grabbed by leaders for their war purposes. A global government needs a military too, and everyone has to pay, not just to maintain it, not just to fund its wars, but for making the global government ever stronger against the tides of those who oppose. You and I who shun, oppose, or despise globalism are being forced to pay for it in the name of donations to the Timbuktu Crisis, the Mother Crisis, the Poverty Crisis, the Water Crisis, and every imaginable Crisis.

A reader has shared a dream that I take especially serious as a message from God (for reasons that I aim to explain in a subsequent chapter). I've just added it, entitled, "Military Dream of February 2, 2007," to the tribulation book. It suggests UN affiliation with America's military, leading to a dire tribulation-like scenario, on the US-Canada border, wherein American military attacks its own American people. One could get the impression that leaders of Western nations are so globalist that they will kill their own people just because they honor globalism.

There should be an open system wherein national leaders come clean with taxes collected for globalism, and then those people who oppose globalism can opt out, by free and unrestricted choice, from paying those taxes. That's fair. Whoever wants to support the global government, GO AHEAD! BUT DON'T MAKE ME PAY FOR IT too, and don't persecute me for my choice. AND, don't make me think and behave and live the way that globalists say that I should. That's for me and my God to choose. My very will is being taken from me, AND I DON'T LIKE IT.

When globalists raise the price of gasoline, and taxes on gasoline, to fund globalism, those of you who choose to support globalism can pay the higher prices and be giddy about it too, but people like me should be given a credit so as not to pay a dime more. It is this very issue that will bring globalists persecution, and after they retaliate with their pro-world military, Armageddon falls upon them. God has rights too, and he has choices too, and he too can control the world. So, too bad for globalists and their supporters. They're making the wrong choice.

Friendship is the name of the final game, for without it, globalism is dead. Therefore, a national leader aspiring to globalism must renounce criticisms the likes of which I make, and must hold to a naive blindness that considers everyone an honorable friend:

"David Cameron and Dmitri Medvedev have signalled a new thaw in relations between Britain and Russia after meeting on the fringes of the G8 summit in Canada.

The Prime Minister said the two countries shared 'lots of common ground' on economic issues [money always speaks loudly for Putin], while President Medvedev looked forward to a 'more productive and more intense' bilateral relationship [i.e. getting really up-there in European globalism].

...Mr Medvedev said: 'We agreed that certain changes must be made in our relations... We also agreed we will stay in touch personally. We agreed our bilateral relations require personal attention from the leaders of the two countries...'"

Obama the Futile has replaced an Iraqi pointman amid rumors that the current one is quitting:

"The White House nominated James Jeffrey, current U.S. ambassador to Turkey, [yesterday] to replace Christopher Hill as his ambassador to Iraq at a critical juncture in the seven-year war.

Before being appointed to his post in Turkish capital Ankara, Jeffrey served as deputy national security advisor and assistant to the president at the White House under George W. Bush's administration, according to his official bio.

...Jeffrey was Bush's principal deputy assistant secretary of state for near eastern affairs and special advisor to the secretary of state for Iraq.

...Jeffrey was also a U.S. Army infantry branch officer from 1969 to 1976, and served in Germany and Vietnam."

George Bush trusted Jeffrey with his biggest baby: the Iraq war. His Iraqi appointment at this time may not be a small development. We wonder whether Jeffrey has been educated/trained in a special way to deal with an imminent American agenda in Iraq. His coming seems to coincide ideologically with the appointment of Petraeus back to the top of the hands-on spot in the war on terror. Petraeus knows the Iraqi/Mosul situation well, as you may know, and there's a good chance that he'll call some shots in Iraq when the anti-Christ arrives to Mosul.

If the anti-Christ is destined to be an Amero-Rus agent rather than a pro-Moscow, or other type of, Russian, then Jeffrey in Iraq could be among the first steps of the neo-Seleucid's entry into Iraq.

June 27

Wanna see red?

"President Barack Obama, fresh from a win on a sweeping overhaul of Wall Street regulations, on Saturday urged Congress to take up his proposal for a $90 billion, 10-year tax on banks as the next step in reform."

IT IS TRUE. Iran chickened out. Or, it's reverted to plan B:

"Iran will not be sending a blockade-busting ship to Gaza in defiance of Israeli warnings, an Iranian lawmaker said [yesterday], citing Israeli 'restrictions.'

Mahmoud Ahmadi Bighash told the semiofficial ISNA news agency that instead of sending a ship, an Iranian delegation of lawmakers would travel to Lebanon and sail on one of the aid ships expected to head to Gaza from there."

Someone in the news had made a good point, that the Iran axis had defeated itself with the "successful" handling of the flotilla affair. The axis painted itself as the moral victim to score points with the West, but now must act the good role in order to maintain it's victory. By acting good, it can't find a way to cause waves.

If Iran really cared for Gazans, it would send this "ship, called 'Infants of Gaza'...expected to sail [today] for Gaza carrying 1,100 tons of relief supplies." But as hypocritical Iran can't find a way to score more points against Israel by sending it, it's going to forego helping Gazans. Israel could allow the cargo into Gaza providing that Iran allows a search of the cargo, but Iran is insisting that it will send the cargo by a means not revealing it as cargo from Iran. That sounds like an admission of solid defeat, as if it acted on passions in the first place rather than brains. RECKLESS is the word.

Perhaps the next means for the axis to create waves is by way of the gas find out at sea, most of which is under Lebanon waters. Iran hasn't ignored the headline today: "Israel would defend off-shore gas find with force":

"Minister of National Infrastructures Uzi Landau says...'We will not hesitate to use our force and strength to protect not only the rule of law but the international maritime law...Whatever we find, they will have something to say. That's because they're not challenging our findings and so-called occupation of the sea."

...Noble Energy and Israeli companies, controlled by billionaire Isaac Tshuva, say the finds in the past 18 months may hold 24 trillion cubic feet of gas (680 billion cubic meters), more than twice Britain's gas reserves. Leviathan lies about 130 km. off Israel and Tamar 90 km., according to Landau's ministry.

Delek Drilling-LP, one of Noble's partners, said that the licenses are in waters where Israel has authority.

...Israel is working on an agreement with Cyprus over the two countries’ maritime borders, Landau said. There is no dispute with Cyprus over Israel’s rights to the Leviathan gas exploration site and the Tamar field, said Landau, who last year left the Likud party to join Israel Beiteinu.

Israel and Cyprus are 'in close touch' about the gas fields, the minister said.

There is developing a race for that gas, and any elbow-butting at close quarters between the two enemies can be used as a justification to escalate a new war. How interesting that the Daniel-11 prophecy regarding the "king of the north" reveals "ships of Kittim," thought to be of Cyprus, coming to Israel's assistance (when the anti-Christ attempts a second invasion of the "king of the south"). How many "Jews" are in Israel today that were historically pagan Hebrews of the Aphrodite cult with major roots in Cyprus?

Possibly, "Kittim" ("im" can be a Hebrew/Semite suffix) was of Cadmus elements from Cilicia's Cati region, and to that I'll repeat that Israel's Kadima party (the party that ruled immediately before Netanyahu) smacks of "Cadmus." Haaretz fills in some blanks:

"...Lebanon said last week it would allow a Gaza-bound ship called the Julia to sail, via Cyprus...

...Mahmoud Ahmadi-Beighash, a member of the Iranian parliament's national security and foreign policy committee, said...'A ship is going from Lebanon to Gaza in the course of the current week and the [Iranian] lawmakers are following up to go to Gaza via this ship.'"

It all seems futile, but so long as the axis continues to ram Israel's door, sooner or later they will break it down, literally with the help of the God of Israel. But they will give praise to Allah instead. You can imagize this misplaced zeal.

The Western move to create a Palestinian state hasn't gone away; it's at the wait-a-few-months stage. So we await Israel letting the months pass with no obedience to the O-West:

"Palestinian Chief Negotiator Saeb Erekat warned [June 25] that if by the end of this year there was no two-state solution between Israel and the Palestinian Authority then Israel will 'sweat.'"

Did I say that the False Prophet would seek to have Russia involved in the satanic global commercial system? It looks like Russia is leading the way, beckoning others to join in:

"Russia called on the participants at the G8 summit to consider the creation of a new international monetary control system, which could help prevent further crises, an aid to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said.

...[Ruusia's] Arkady Dvorkovich told journalists [yesterday] that the introduction of additional reserve currencies would be the best measure that could assure global financial stability. Another possible step...

Besides this, Dvorkovich said, nations should discuss their monetary policies with each other. Such consultations could 'increase the stability of the international currency system' and become a 'serious element' of a new financial control system, he said."

Years before we arrived to this point, prophecy writers predicted that globalists would use a financial crisis to force the 666 system on the world. The above looks a little like that prediction. There may be in the works an even larger "crisis" than we have seen to date since Obama took Office. If so, why not a pre-planned string of crises?

What is the G8 but a mini-world government? And what is the G20 but a similar quasi-world government? "At this [G20] summit in Canada, the global financial crisis will overshadow all other items on the agenda." It figures. We are not going to hear the end of this crisis for some time; it creates international rapport, a reason to justify the meets.

The world is being made to respect these entities far too sacredly. In Canada this weekend, a strip of major highway (into and out of Toronto) some 100 miles long was closed (by police cars at every ramp) to Canadians for hours merely to allow the convoy of international gods to be driven more securely. I don't see how they are more secure by that method, as they are rendered more like driving ducks to snipers. The reality is that the highway was closed to have them driven in honored fashion.

These misfits would do better to insist that citizens of their world system not be inconvenienced for their own sakes'; some citizens may have suffered emergencies by not being able to access the highway; others did not have access to the many police officers used to block the highway. Why couldn't the gods have rented cars, driving like everyone else, in the midst of everyone else? What potential gunman in a field off the side of the highway, or on a bridge, could tell the difference between the rentals and the vehicles of "lowly" citizens? Prime minister Harper has made a big mistake to play up to these elitist egotists. In fact, it's clear that Harper wants deeply into the circles the of gods.

Sarkozy insulted Harper before the entire group (shown on national television too) by saying that, while not meaning any insult to Harper, the future G8 meet in his country will cost ten times less than Harper's billion.

China is barking up Russia's tree seeking a love-in for to form an Eastern globalism, and the West is seeking a compromise. It shouldn't be long now before they form agreements on global economic systems.

I don't have comment on the 666 system. I have no idea where it is at this moment. It would be difficult to find evidence that the idea is being kicked around by even a few world leaders. In fact, it might be dangerous to kick it around before the wrong leaders, so that, assuming a satanic circle is seeking to implement it, it won't be publicized too widely.

There's a Shaw entity in northern Iraq:

"Iraq is seeking investors to help build four oil refineries at an estimated cost of $23 billion...

Iraq's oil minister said partners who will build and run the refineries will have 5 percent discount for buying crude...The projects will also be exempt from state taxes and the government will not interfere in pricing the oil products once the plants are operational, Hussain al-Shahristani told a gathering of local and international oil executives in Baghdad [yesterday].

...US engineering firm Shaw Group is conducting the feasibility study and design for Kirkuk and Maysan refineries which will be completed by the end of end of 2011.

The point is, a Kirkuk refinery situation does exist, but, again, there is no Russian entity mentioned. The silence is deafening.

June 28

Good morning. Rebel John here.

The GazaSaga is making me sleepy-eyed. It's starting to look like hoopla without hooplers. Iran is now saying that they canceled their aid ship because Egypt wouldn't let them pass through the Suez:

"Iran's Red Crescent says it has put off an aid shipment it was going to send to Gaza after being told it would be prevented from using the Suez Canal.

A Canal official denied that permission had been refused.

...In the meantime, for all Iran's fiery rhetoric, it seems that a direct confrontation with Israel has once again been avoided."

In the world of politics, no one knows the absolute realities. Politics is itself a game of making good impressions though fabrications and/or lies. There is no way that globalism will ever work when this is the case. Globalists might create their perfect plan, where no country is above another, and all share like super-mature men for the sake of others, but unfortunately, impish spirits live in the hearts of men. They will betray one another on the smallest of opportunities if it can elevate one over the other. The very grease of the global machine is itself defective, causing the moving parts to stick.

If nations do not trust their own politicians, how much less will global politicians care for the peoples of other nations? When Sweden takes up the leadership position of the European Union, do we really think he has the good of Germany at heart? Or of France? He might make a show of it in some way, but when all the peacock feathers are removed, there's nothing there but a bird. Where's the strength? He's just a man. His heart is small. Even with all the advisors and helpers around him, a national leader tends toward uselessness because he's moved by self-interest. We see it over and over again in the Expose of HisStory.

Some good news out of the G20 meet is that nations are planning (or is it gesturing?) to cut their deficits in half by 2013. Will it actually ease taxes? When taxes are eased, people feel like spending again, and businesses feel safe to reduce their prices. George Bush and other Republicans have that right.

Other G20 nations want to do the O-stimulation thing rather than cut deficits. These are the socialite/liberal types who live for today at the expense of tomorrow, and don't mind that their own children have to pay for the spending us out of a recession. Conservatives, in general, are not like that.

When a recession hits, big-business can decide to hold prices up, or even to increase them, to maintain profit margins in the face of lower sales by volume. But this strategy cannot work unless all competitors do the same. If even one competitor decides to lower prices in hopes of maintaining profits by greater sales volumes, the rest will be forced (or at least urged) to follow suit. And that's why I think there has been price-fixing taking place throughout this latest recession, for prices remained high, except for a few low-priced lures (often second- or third-rate products destined to fail early) to get people into the store door.

Decisions to connive together in keeping prices high can be made at such club meetings as the Bilderbergs hold. But there are others. Companies can have "ambassadors" who visit the ambassadors of their competitors, and price-fixing schemes can be struck in that way. This generation is evil in this way. It sins without blushing against its fellow humanity. It doesn't blush because it does not have the word "sin" in its vocabulary. In business, they think that lying and tricking and false representation is standard business procedure, and, apparently, governments turn a blind eye to it all, becoming busy over other matters.

You can see that they are now busy over other matters that God is bringing to their door, namely the Armageddon Matter.

The problem is, big business is trying to make too much money. It's hoarding the wealth of others, and putting it to work to make still more money, in an endless cycle. But I didn't read anything on the G8s of the world tackling that insanity. And I think it's because politicians are, by and large, from big-business mentality or big-business itself.

The idea that big-businesses can merge to become larger and therefore reduce prices (based on greater buying potential) comes round to bite us because mergers mean that they can more-easily price fix. When one corporation has swallowed all of its competitors, you can be assured that such a gobbler will also price fix. Gobblers don't gobble other because they are good people. They're peacocks. And they have pea brains. They can only see their own pride, but beyond that there is no intelligence there. Their brains are not capable of seeing the other person.

But Christians are Trained by a different Spirit to see the other person too. And the Spirit also urges us to put our new-found sight into that it will actually become good for others. Therefore, when the globalists persecute you because you "rebel" against their system, know in your heart that you are of the Right Fabric, while they are nothing but bottomless stomachs.

It's very in-style now to become a Bill Gates. No one even thinks how evil this is. And Bill has ludicrous projects in mind that are simply a humongous waste of the money that he has taken from us. The man wants to control the weather, if possible, with his money. He's become insane. It's not enough that he became the world's richest man in no time at all; now he wants to play God. And that's where history finds itself, with super-wealthy politicians wanting to play God. And as the global god, they want to be obeyed. They want to hand down rules and laws, and be obeyed. We're not going to be given the free choice to distance ourselves from their system.

But the True God has a plan, that we distance ourselves in the wilderness, and fend for ourselves, kicking the dust off of our sandals against them. We may have small irritations and threats in the wilderness, but we will also have freedom and clarity of mind. On the other hand, the globalist media machine intends to pollute the mind of the global village, not only with false hopes, but with an eradication of the word, sin.

There are all sorts of psychological manipulations taking place, all sorts of sinful manipulations intended to change our behavior so that it will be just what globalists need and desire. And people like me, who will not sit right with globalism -- urging others to avoid it, even to "rebel" against it -- we're going to be made to suffer...just as soon as globalists think they have enough of a handle on their manipulations.

For this reason, I cannot have a tribulation retreat with others on it, aside from my own family members. I've got to stay legal because even my local government should come to know of my website and purposes. That's my realization: anyone on my property in the trib will be at a much higher risk of being removed right away, in the first stages of the 1260 days.

Maybe I'm wrong, but there must be coming a certain and specific "attack time." We already heard from an over-confident Obama administration that Christians types are to be regarded as militant types who endanger homeland security. That wasn't seen from the O-dministration without a backdrop, and the backdrop has got to be a globalist plot afoot to attack us. We don't know how liberally they will be able to attack us, for they can't do it in ways that make their globalist baby look like a monster. They know that.

Expect bad press to tarnish us, and for that reason, don't fight back with bullets or other harsh measures that play right into their hands. Learn from the flotilla affair, that the enemy wants us to play into their own hands by having us fight with bullets. Then the enemy can declare war on us based on our bullets, and they've got a lot bigger bullets and bullet-emptying machines. If you think that's the wise way to go, then don't have anyone on your trib retreat, because you'll be bringing them instant persecution. If you want to fight with bullets, live alone on your retreat, and die alone.

Perhaps alongside trib preparation we need to start preparing our minds for incarceration. We might end up in one of the "concentration camps" that some say are spread throughout the land. You can be sure that those who are not arrested peacefully will be marked on paper in the bad-apple column. I regret this situation, and wish to escape the globalists jailhouse, but I have no idea what my particular lot will become.

Perhaps we should all have a hiding place near our homes, in case we need it. They will then need to spend much time trying to find us so that time will run out on them before they find most of us. I don't know how bad attack time will be, and neither do you, which is why it's a good idea to prepare our homes for self-sufficient living, because, for all we know, we might be able to stay on those properties for all 1260-days long.

One think we can be sure of, that if there is an attack time planned, the issuing of the skincode will be held off as long as possible, and implemented as soon as possible, so as not to tip us off earlier than is in their wishes. Christians represent a significant media machine; when the skincode comes out, globalists know we'll be tooting our horns loudly for great attention to our anti-skincode message. But I read last week that Obama has the ability to black out the Internet at will. Right now, as we behave, Obama doesn't have just cause to block out the Internet on all peoples just because Christians ideologically oppose the skincode and other globalist systems.

Probably, the Os of the world will need to let the skincode operate on an optional basis until most of the world is attuned to the system. Only then would the rest of the world rebel more freely against Christians who resent the skincode. So long as even non-Christians are uncomfortable with a skincode/chip, we're not likely to suffer for resisting, and preaching against, it. But in that picture, the mandatory skincode seems years off, at least five to ten, perhaps 15 or 20.

However, globalists might yet rush the skincode for whatever reasons, and they might therefore set their attack time for the very near future. Attack time will come immediately before a calm, we can predict. But not to worry, says Revelation 12. We will be like eagles escaping with swift, strong flight, and God will open the mouth of the land to subdue the enemy attack. It's a little like the Red-sea crossing once again. So don't complain that you no longer have beef and chicken three or four times per week while in a temporary wilderness.

I don't mean to sound too much like a boot-camp sergeant here, but get strong. You'll need it. Exercise, and get strong. Learn to like pain for the sake of you're becoming stronger. Be a warrior without bullets. Plan to be of strong benefit. You don't need expensive fitness equipment. Push-ups and sit-ups, jogging, and two pairs of Walmart barbells (one lighter for beginning, heavier for later) will do the trick. What's that big belly I see there??? Isn't it a hindrance to bending down? We can't be jiggling along in the trib marathon; it puts us off-balance and makes us give up way too soon.

There's more to do than just wait for a bad fate to overtake us. Have you practiced drying foods? Have you made jerky yet? Google "dry your own foods" (with quotation marks) or other such phrases. If you think you might need to hide somewhere, you'll be happy you chose to go with dried foods rather than heavier and voluminous jarred/canned foods.

It appears that globalists are trying to convince us that the global recession is behind us just so that they can egg us into spending again. You know why they want us to spend. It's not for the sake of "the economy" or the sake of the poor people who are hurt by the recession. It's because the big bosses of the world are telling the politicians to do something to get the people to spend again.

I don't think we're going to, unless things change. I think the big bosses will be crushed to the point of lowering their prices, and at that time we will "pillage" their products. It will be our "attack time." It'll be like Boxing Day every day until we spend ourselves out of the recession in a way that benefits us, not them.

Go ahead. Make my day. Raise the price of oil all over again. I'll save it elsewhere. But for every world economic crisis fabricated in one corner, there will be a crisis on the corporations in other corners. Stagnate the people, and corporations will be stagnated. The ducks won't come to the pond anymore. What will that do for the globalists seeking to funnel the money down their own throats? Ask BP. The money doesn't taste so good anymore when people hate you instead of honoring you for it.

Ask the bankers. No one ever liked them from the start, let alone now. They are not exactly the profound talk of the dinner table, and when they have dinner with others, they're always getting up to go to the bathroom to relieve themselves of the bad looks from other dinner guests. It's no wonder that banker-infested Bilderbergs aren't finding a good reputation these days. Bring on your skincode, Bilderbergs. Make my day! It's the end of you, and you don't realize it.

Rejoice when the skincode arrives. It's the time for lifting heads in hope. The rats of the world shall not have the Day. They will fail instantly with their skincode project, and that explains why they are slow in bringing it into wide publicity. They know that what they have planned will produce a battle.

There is the possibility that the mark of the beast will be local to the Middle East but not global, and not even related to the global skinchip on the horizon. But we don't know whether that's true or not. I don't know as fact that the False Prophet will be an American president/agent. Differences among prophecy writers is assuring that we don't know anything. The more talk on the subject, the less we can be sure of. But if even non-Christians are starting to talk about a little self-reliance, we can too.

Although a global skincode method of purchasing isn't so much as blinking yet, there are trends to make a skinchip trendy. For example, "The Skinchip, Because I'm Worth it." It's a skin sensor used in the huge cosmetics and skin-treatment industry. It'll be a big winner for the ladies. Half of mankind, just like that, will honor the skinchip as having boundless possibilities. One day soon, a skinchip could promise eternal youth. What person of the world could appose that? The teens will lead the charge.

If you were thinking of buying gold to make tribulation purchases, watch it. There appears to be a lot of manipulation in the gold market, and if you buy while the price is through the roof, as it is now, it'll likely come down again. Who else would want to gobble the gold of the world, and seek to sell it at extremely high prices, if not the devil himself? The worse thing is, when we buy trib gold, we make the devil richer.

Wouldn't the devil manipulate the world economy in such ways as to make gold shoot through the roof? I've heard both: that Rothschilds own the gold, and that they manipulate the world economy. I'm just saying. Some even say that they are devil worshipers. Big red flag there.

For what it's worth down over in turtle-ville:

"Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki is set to meet with his main rival, former premier Iyad Allawi, [tomorrow], for the second time after the March 7 elections.

The meeting, which comes two weeks after their first attempt to form a new cabinet following the election, 'will tackle the process of forming a government and supporting the political process in the country', lawmaker, Hassan al-Saneed was quoted by al-Sabah daily as saying on Monday.

...Al-Saneed, a member of al-Maliki's coalition, said that the parliament will resume 'its open session again on July 17', as he expected that the al-Maliki-Allawi meeting would 'lead to important results that will lead to forming a national government.'",again-discuss-new-government.html

It sounds as though they've already hammered out a deal, and that tomorrow's meeting is a mere formality to have it progress through the appropriate channels. Maybe not, but maybe yes. But the parliamentary turtle must start to move. Another article could be hint that Allawi has decided to give up the prime-minister prospect, but if not, it emphasizes that Western powers are apt and even required to step in and force the formation of an Iraqi government:

"...Maliki's spokesman said the talks should directly address the sharing of posts in a new government and Allawi's insisting the dispute over the premiership must be resolved first.

...The media advisor of Allawi's Iraqiya bloc, Hani Ashur, countered that the head-to-head was the wrong forum to discuss power-sharing given that the other leading blocs would be absent.

'Allawi and Maliki will not discuss a carve-up of political posts, the discussions will focus on the way to get out of the current deadlock,' he said.

'We have had confidence-building talks with the Sadrists, with the Supreme Iraqi Islamic Council and with the Kurds, and we're not going to disregard those in any new talks with Maliki,' he added.

...'Maliki runs off to meet Allawi whenever he runs into problems within the Shiite alliance,' a SIIC official told AFP on condition of anonymity.

The prime minister's spokesman said that his State of Law alliance had offered the presidency [read, second-in-command, under Maliki] to Allawi's list...

'Iraqiya could give up the premiership to State of Law and they will get the presidency,' Musawi said.

'We raised this idea with Iraqiya and they said they were sticking to their demands (for the premiership).'

...But Iraqiya's spokesman insisted the United States and the United Nations had no choice but to act in the face of the protracted deadlock caused by Maliki's insistence on clinging onto power.

'They have to interfere,' Ashur said. 'If the Iraqis stick to their positions, the problem will not be solved and the Americans will not remain a spectator.

'If the UN doesn't act, what is its purpose,' he added.

Baghdad University political analyst Hamid Fadhil said a looming August 31 deadline for the withdrawal of the remaining 50,000 combat troops out of a total contingent of 88,000 was likely to force Washington's hand.

'America is not going to sit there doing nothing, particularly given the troop withdrawal timetable,' he said."

This should explain why Allawi isn't taking legal paths, apparently, to overcome Maliki. He's depending on the extended stalemate to push Maliki out. And he thinks that the West will act mainly on his behalf under that scenario because Maliki has told Obama and the UN to mind their own business. So, the drama continues, like a turtle, but reaching the finish line.

Turkey has once again attacked Kurds situated out-of-country in northern Iraq. And the Turkish leader is excusing himself by claims that he has brought all the way to Toronto's G-meeting:

"Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said [yesterday] the central administration of Iraq had no control over north of Iraq.

Speaking at a press conference in Toronto, Erdogan said 'that the separatist terrorist organization had taken control of a certain geographical location in north of Iraq.'

Either the central administration of Iraq or the regional government in north of Iraq must do what they have to do regarding the terrorist organization, Erdogan stressed."

We have here a G-emphasis on northern Iraq by what could be Ezekiel's Togarmah and/or Gomer just when I expect the anti-Christ to enter it. In the future, when he arrives, the G-nations are going to stand for: "Geepers, we didn't see that coming." They were too busy patting themselves on the backs for aGievements thus far. And Obama is removing his troops from Iraq just before the Geeper is about to enter.

Leon Panetta, who is supposed to know the facts more than anyone else besides Ahmadinejad, has said just now that Iran can build two nukes in a year's time. That claim in the public sector has got to be part of the justification for the Iran strike that we've been hearing recently. It could happen, in other words. After that, there's no predicting. Except: I predict Turkey will side with Iran too, and they just might be sucked into the huge vacuum in northern Iraq. "Take that, Obama," they will say!

In that scenario, Obama would try to come to an agreement with the Iran axis, and with their leader, the devil incarnate.

Update on the house construction. I've done all the electrical, wired all lights for DC (from the solar batteries directly). It's all been passed. The reason that this place is taking so long is that I did my own plumbing too, which is 99.9 percent finished but needs pressure tests for official passing. The shallow well has been dug (for $800, I can get a bacteria-killing and water-cleaning filter unit that turns it drinkable at all taps), and pipes are ready to a tank and pump. The exterior is covered in house wrap to protect from rain, and everything has been insulated, all ready for wallboard starting in July. I SHOULD HAVE A HOME SOON! Rooms anyway. All the mice are gone, and gnats are way down this year.

June 29

Obama may soon have power to shut down his enemies on the Internet, by turning off the Internet altogether. That may be fine if the enemy isn't he himself:

"President Obama will be handed the power to shut down the Internet for at least four months without Congressional oversight if the Senate votes for the infamous Internet ‘kill switch’ bill, which was approved by a key Senate committee yesterday and now moves to the floor."

If he shuts the Internet at Attack Time (see yesterday for meaning of that phrase), Christians may not be able to communicate for four months, but after that, whatever persecution we may have suffered can be told online. However, what's to say in the legislation that the president couldn't repeatedly shut the Internet for four months more?

From another point of view, I think shutting down the Internet at Attack Time has more good for us than bad. We may not be able to get the news online, but not having email communication with one another should be a blessing in disguise, for communication has the potential to reveal who and where people are...which isn't good if we are part of the "emergency."

Hopefully, Obama, in a true emergency, will be pressed to shut down email services only, without shutting down the ability to access news and other non-threatening websites. Indeed, shutting the Internet completely would have an enormous impact on business sales, and he would lose many political points if he does it without just cause or in unnecessary ways. Obama does not have absolute power. He must respect his voters.

One of the objectives for the skincode system must be secure online purchasing. At this time, not all people are comfortable with online banking and purchasing. On that topic:

"The White House set out a sweeping strategy to make online transactions more secure [June 25]. The move is the most ambitious initiative to emerge from a cybersecurity policy intended to blunt the growing menace of online crime.

...The strategy seeks the creation of a system for identity management that would allow citizens to use additional authentication techniques, such as physical tokens or modules on mobile phones, to verify who they are before buying things online or accessing such sensitive information as health or banking records.

...The matter has taken on increased urgency as more valuable data pours online and malicious software grows more sophisticated. Industry estimates for the theft of intellectual property and online fraud run as high as $1,000bn annually.

Congressional and private sector support will be critical for the new effort."

My head's too soft early this morning to understand what all the technical mish-mash of that article could mean for the Christian emergency that may be the dark like an obscene fungus under the O-dministration's heaviest foot. There is not a lot of difference between trying to catch Muslim so-called "sleeper cells" and Christian post-trib retreaters, except that Obama might be more willing to label his efforts against the latter as a "war on terror." I think he would rather enjoy warring against harmless people who do him much political damage.

Christians are, by and large, harmless, and yet the liberal fungus doesn't like them because their activist types are always using fungus killer. The fungus doesn't appreciate the Christian mission, which is to eradicate all fungus from the souls of citizens everywhere.

The best way to catch terrorists is to make them think they have secure online communication when in fact government agents are copying all their emails. Or, make Christians think they have secure online purchasing power so that they purchase survival needs that the government agents are fully in-the-know about. The Internet is a glass window into your life, and the O-fungus growing on the other side of the glass has eyes too.

There's a Russian fungus with eyes too, growing right inside the United States:

"Federal authorities arrested 10 people suspected of carrying out long-term 'deep-cover' assignments in the U.S. for Russia that involved integrating into American society as married couples, infiltrating 'policy-making circles' in Washington, and recruiting government and business sources.

The arrests occurred after federal agents intercepted messages from intelligence officials in Moscow calling on the defendants to 'search and develop' intelligence ties in the United States."

Oops, the spies were caught by their communications to one another, as one fungus spies on the other. This goes on while Hillary wishes to make us believe falsely, as per her daft reset button, that there are good relations between Washington and Moscow. Every political thing is a political sham, a fabricated image of something better than the reality. The fact is, there are sleeper cells in the United States, but they're Russian:

"Known as 'illegals,' the complaint said the undercover Russian agents were told in a message: 'You were sent to USA for long-term service trip. Your education, bank accounts, car, house, etc. -- all these serve one goal: fulfill your main mission, i.e. to search and develop ties in policymaking circles in U.S. and send intels [intelligence reports] to [Center].'

...Numerous messages intercepted by U.S. investigators were listed in the court documents, including what was described as a private conversation involving an unnamed former legislative counsel for Congress.

If you plan a communal trib retreat, don't reveal it online; don't even mention it. Harry Mold is vatching you by recording you. The United States knew about the Russian spy network for more than ten years, and watched, making it think it didn't know. The Russians, laughably, are posing angry while charging that Americans are wrongly revealing this spy ring to the public:

"...The Kremlin reacted by accusing the US of 'returning to the spirit of the Cold War'.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Andrei Nesterenko said that the American actions were 'ungrounded and have unseemly goals', adding: 'We do not understand the reasons why the US Department of Justice has made a public statement in the spirit of the Cold War.'.

Sergei Lavrov, the Russian Foreign Minister, suggested that disclosure of the alleged spy ring had been timed to damage last week's summit between President Barack Obama and President Dmitri Medvedev...

...Another of the accused, Vicky Pelaez, was a reporter for a Spanish-language newspaper in New York.

All were directed to gather information on nuclear weapons, leadership of the Central Intelligence Agency and US policy on Iran.

...The extraordinary findings of an investigation that started in the 1990s have been made public in two official complaints (complaint 1; complaint 2;) submitted by the FBI to obtain arrest warrants for what may be the biggest spy ring exposed in the US since the fall of the Soviet Union.

The arrests will come as a severe embarrassment to Mr Medvedev just days after his most cordial meeting yet with President Obama. The two ate hamburgers together in Washington...

...The FBI complaints reveal little about what intelligence, if any, the accused sent to Moscow, but describe espionage methods little changed from what former KGB staff remember as the 'golden age of the illegals'.

There is a good question in all that. Why did the O-dministration allow this profuse leak just now, after eating a hamburger with the Russian leader? Clearly, the Russians are being mocked in the most terrible way. Is there a wide war about to start with an attack against Iran, in which case all good appearances would be canceled anyway?

What else don't we know that the mildew does? Does the mildew know that Russia backs an Iranian take-over of Iraq, or something like that? Is it known that Russia is merely acting anti-Iran at this time?

Do we, the public, have to be fed bull patties in the meantime? Is it okay for the leaders to lie to us, to make us think that all is dandy with Russia? No, it's not okay to portray a devil as a friend. It is we whom the Western leaders are mocking. It is we whom they insult.

I predict that the fakery will continue, that Europa will go on with her "trick," and that Putin will continue to "screw" her until she's dead. It's not a pretty picture, but one that Revelation 17 paints. In the meantime, the people of the world will be made to think that all is well, all is peace, until sudden destruction arrives. And that's why the False Prophet of Revelation 13 is called a deceiver.

The people of the world are not victims of the anti-Christ system, however, but of God, who sends them the delusion, that they might be destroyed while in the throes of their sins, and while supporting the deceivers. The only ones to come out unscathed are Those whom the anti-Christ system will war against. Make no mistake about it, Revelation 13 says that the anti-Christ will "make war" against the Saints. While its true that chapter 12 reveals the saints escaping the system, yet it will be a war, and there are always "casualties" in a war.

Did you ever ask why "casualty" is used to define the death of a soldier? Ho-hum, it's normal; it's expected. Soldiers are paid to die for us, the elite. We paid them, didn't we? THEY WERE FIGHTING FOR THEIR COUNTRY. THEY'RE HEROES.

Another article: "Obama quipped on Thursday that it was time to cut off Cold War-era emergency hotlines at a cordial Washington summit with Medvedev where he praised the Russian leader as a 'solid and reliable partner.'" Why did Obama lie to all of his nation? What game is this? He could have said other things about Medvedev that were not lies. Or, he didn't have to comment at all on that "partnership." We now know that when Bush looked into Putin's eyes and claimed publicly to see a good man, he too was lying, for Bush knew about this spy investigation. Bill the Liar and his plastic wife knew too. Citizens are total zeroes to these leaders.

The fungus comes but to eat, kill and destroy.

Russia is not only saying that the public revelation was "improper," but:

"MOSCOW - Russia said Tuesday U.S. allegations that it had broken up a major Russian spy ring just days after President Dmitry Medvedev met Barack Obama in Washington were baseless and improper.

...'It's is a slap in the face to Barack Obama,' said Anatoly Tsyganok, a political analyst at Moscow's Institute of Political and Military Analysis. Russia will inevitably follow Cold War etiquette and uncover an equal number of U.S. spies,' he said.

The chief spokesman for Prime Minister Vladimir Putin told Reuters he had no comment on the spying allegations and said the allegations were unlikely to be discussed during Putin's meeting Tuesday with former U.S. President Bill Clinton in Moscow.

The chief spokesman for the SVR foreign intelligence service, Sergei Ivanov, said: 'There will be no comment.'"

As you can see, the Russians are trying to make it appear as though this disclosure was not Obama's will, that he knew nothing, and that those who disclosed it were acting against his will. Obama might just take this "out" and claim the same, just to be able to continue relations with Russia. It's very O-humiliating for this disclosure to come at this time, but PLEASE, whatever the truth might be, do not think that Obama was not briefed regularly on these spies.

If Bill Clinton keeps his appointment with Putin, what does that spell? Does it depend on what the meaning of fung-is is? I know what a fungus is. It's what grows in the dark where it's not desired, and eats things like toes and other crucial body parts. People wipe it away as best they can and toss the wipes down the toilet, and this is exactly what YHWH is about to do when he wipes it away from His Body.

Depending on how Obama treats this situation, whether he allows himself to be humiliated, or whether he acts dumb, Putin may or may not openly go back to bed with the A-madman. Already, Iran is claiming that the CIA has been involved early this week "fake reports," something that Russia will claim, and has already claimed:

"Iran [yesterday] accused the US Central Intelligence Agency of waging psychological warfare against it through 'fake reports,' saying the CIA knows Tehran's nuclear programme has no military aims.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast dismissed CIA director Leon Panetta's comments that Iran could have nuclear weapons ready to use by as early as 2012.

...Speaking on ABC network's 'This Week' programme, Panetta on Sunday said that Iran has manufactured enough low-enriched uranium for two atomic weapons.

Why these back-to-back leaks both of which seemingly involve Iran? Yes, the Russian spy ring seemingly involves acquiring info on American bunker-buster bombs slated for Iran's nuclear facilities. Ironically, Russia's foreign minister was forced to lambaste the spy disclosure while visiting Jerusalem!

Is this cat-out-of-the-bag a Signal that the time has arrived to speed up the prophetic turtle? Enemies making pretences only slows down the ultimate End. Perhaps all sides will just roll on in their schemes, with less hindrances due to their tip-toeing until now. Iran seems to have had a change on mind already:

"Iran still plans to send ships carrying humanitarian aid to Gaza, despite earlier reports to the contrary, a top official said [June 26].

Mohammad Reza Sheibani, the deputy foreign minister in charge of Arab affairs, denied reports that Iran had abandoned the idea because of threats from Israel.

'The program to send (humanitarian) aid ships to Gaza by people's organizations and NGOs is still on the agenda of the Islamic Republic'...

...'The Zionist regime has sent a letter to the U.N. saying that the presence of Iranian and Lebanese ships in the Gaza area will be considered a declaration of war on that regime and it will react to it,' [Hossein Sheikholeslam] said, according to the news agency."

Both CNN nor USA Today have the spy-capture story low down in their headline list. Protecting Obama as best as possible? Maybe, but not so with Fox News. It's the top story there, and you could have bet your best tube know. Fox News wants to know what Obama thinks of this disclosure. And aren't you just itching to know? One would think that our media people would be banging Obama's door down to catch his drift of the situation, but apparently, Obama's not home. Did anyone check his closet? Try the old chest down in the basement. His phone message says, "I'm not in.

Haaretz headline this morning: "G-8 'fully believes' Israel will attack Iran, says Italy PM." But inside the article, he only said "Israel MAY decide." Haaretz always plays its headlines like that to get people to enter the article. Then, once inside, there's nothing of any story.

It's not only me that wants the turtle to move along. Mitchell has a death-wish by Armageddon's heat:

"...A senior U.S. administration official told Haaretz [yesterday] that Mitchell is interested in seeing more 'seriousness' in talks on the core [Jerusalem] issues. 'We want things to move faster and that there will be more progress on a number of issues,' the senior U.S. official said. 'To date there has been insufficient progress.'"

Meanwhile, today, Russia supported it's relationship with Hamas, and distanced Hamas from the Iran situation. Yawn. Even the hare has fallen asleep, just like in the fable, where the turtle wins. The turtle will win. Slowly but surely, the prophecies will come true. They shouldn't have been called "Proximity Talks," because the fancier the name, the more humiliating the failure. Mitchell, give your head a shake. Get out of the O-camp now before you suffer his cup.

While in Israel, Russia's foreign minister says:

"...'Yes, we are holding talks with Hamas -- because it was elected by a large Palestinian majority in free elections, according to all elements,' Lavrov said in a joint press conference with his Israeli counterpart, Avigdor Lieberman, at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem.",7340,L-3912420,00.html

Nothing like hosting an arch enemy right there in Jerusalem. Never mind what Lavrov says to justify himself, he's talking it up with a terror group bent on Israel's eternal demise.

How much does the EU care about Gazans?

"The residents of the Gaza Strip have been receiving electricity to their homes for only 12 out of 24 hours every day over the past couple weeks. And sometimes not even that.

So why hasn't this story made headline news around the world? Simple, Israel isn't the cause of the blackout.

The current situation is the result of an industrial fuel embargo on Gaza by the West Bank-based Palestinian Authority, which refuses to deliver any more fuel to Gaza until the territory's Hamas rulers pay their bill.

Hamas insists it simply does not have the money. The European Union used to foot the bill for the industrial fuel to power Gaza's main generator, but stopped doing so last November.

French news agency AFP noted that the international community is always quick to condemn Israel over the hardships faced by Gazans, but rarely if ever has anything to say when Palestinians themselves are the perpetrators of such injustices."

Shame on you, Rompuy and Ashton, facades.

The last I heard of Russian oil interests in northern Iraq, Russia was looking at the prospect of repairing a pipeline from Kirkuk to Baniyas, Syria. I hadn't heard anything since. What now, now that Kirkuk oil is flowing again?

A 2006 article:

"The Pentagon firmly believes that the Russian government gave Iraq President Saddam Hussein United States strategic war plans for the invasion of Iraq.

The Fox News Channel is reporting that the Pentagon believes the Russians had a 'mole' in CentCom (US military's Central Command) who passed on secrets to the Russians who in turn passed on intelligence to Saddam's regime.

...The documents also state that 'Americans are also planning on taking control of the oil fields in Kirkuk.' The information was obtained by the Russians from 'sources at U.S. Central Command in Doha, Qatar,' according to the document.

...These disclosures go far in explaining other events that have occurred in Iraq just prior to the invasion that toppled Saddam's regime. For example, sources have claimed that the saw plainclothes Russian military personnel helping with the transport of materials across the Iraq border into Syria. Several intelligence analysts have claimed some of the materials may have been chemical and/or biological weapons.

In addition, former Iraqi Air Force General, Georges Sada, has repeatedly claimed that the Russian military cooperated with Iraq in an advisory capacity and that the Russians were in Iraq right up to the time the invasion began.

...These new disclosures, plus reports already reviewed, highlight the belief of many that Russia is not an ally or friend of the United States. As we pursue curtailing Iran's nuclear weapons program, the Russia is the last country we should trust to broker a deal."

Russia must, as a priority, desire to take the Kirkuk oil away from the West. Iran would only be too happy to be of assistance. And Russia must have remained in close cahoots with Saddam's organization in Syria, with the Syrian leadership all smiles about that...providing that Russia join the axis against Israel. Therefore, somewhere in Syria, another mold hides in secret, avoiding the light. It grows only on the north side of the tree. It's called the "king of the north."

I had time this morning to check out whether the absence of Russian oil interests in Kirkuk had to do with bad Russia-Kurd relations, only to find claims that there were good relations between the two. But with the Americans coming into Iraq like friends of the Kurds, and Russia being opposed to that war that set the Kurds free from Saddam, one would expect a chill. If one of George Bush's aims was to secure Kirkuk oil for Rothschilds and company, at the very time that Russia was eyeing Kirkuk oil, then you know that Putin has a betrayal in mind, a back-stabbing into the back of the United States. Bank on it.

If Russia has to make a choice of good relations with either Turkey/Iran or the Kurds, whom do we suppose Putin or a Russian anti-Christ will side with? Putin could try to befriend the Kurds as the Americans leave, or, join Iran and Turkey in a north-Iraq invasion that seems possible imminently.

I'm tired of speculating on what this turtle will come out looking like. Unfortunately, I think we are to remain in the dark until the Appointed Time of the anti-Christ's revelation.

I bid thee, happy fungus fighting.

June 30

As Putin fumes in hopes of saving his reputation before all of his friends in and around Russia, there's a post-spy-story headline: "Russia to continue developing advanced arms - Medvedev." Take that, Obama.

Never mind what the arresting agents claim are the reasons for making the arrests just at this time. The reasons given seek to deny the reality, that the purpose is to humiliate Putin, and to weaken him.

It's no wonder that Obama is not hiding from reporters in the closet or the basement chest. He's left the country altogether, just at the right time. He's in Saudi Arabia...while his "foreign minister" is flying a Georgia>Azerbaijan circle in Putin's backyard. And, if that is not coincidental enough, since there's been talk of using Azerbaijan and Saudi Arabia for a strike against Iran, her husband was in Moscow yesterday talking to the fuming Putin himself. Surely, these things are not coincidences. There could be more of an international crisis taking place than we are being informed of.

The 11th spy who was at first still at large was caught in Cyprus yesterday, and arrested by Cyprus authorities. Why Cyprus? Was he in contact with Putin's agents in Turkey? In Syria?

Although we didn't hear it straight from Obama yesterday, the unbelievable has come from his press secretary's mouth, that this spy story will NOT affect the reset button with Putin. ABSOLUTELY UNBELIEVABLE that Obama would be so entirely anti-America as to continue to pose as friend under these circumstances. Only a liberal-stupid would do such a thing, or one who has been stupid enough in the first place to brag about his reset button.

By portraying this spy story as something very critical, Obama stabs himself in the foot, in other words, and so he'll try to make the spy story seem casual instead, if he can get away with it in some liberal circles. But even his press secretary didn't dare make the story seem unimportant, at least not yet:

"...both Russian and American officials signaled that the [spy] arrests would not affect the warming of relations between the countries.

At a meeting with former President Bill Clinton [yesterday], Vladimir V. Putin, the prime minister and a former spy himself, said, 'Your police have gotten carried away, putting people in jail.'...

...Asked if the White House found it offensive for its partner to be spying on the United States, [Obama's press secretary] said the case was 'important' but a law enforcement matter."

Does anyone get the sense that Bill has become an unofficial ambassador of the Obama administration? Another article:

"...'I do not believe that this will affect the reset of our relationship with Russia,' White House spokesman Robert Gibbs told a press briefing.

'We have made great progress in the past year and a half, working on issues of mutual concern from a new START treaty to working together on... North Korea and Iran. So I do not think that this will affect those relations,' he said."

It's something a drunken skunk might say.

Putin, instead of feeling humiliated and cowering away into a corner somewhere, has instead come out to make bold charges against the United States, and the O-dministration seems poised to kiss-up to him just the same. It's like a drunk willing to have sex with the wicked witch. Or worse, because Obama knew of the spy story from the start (if you're told otherwise, it's a lie) of his presidency, and yet he personally entered a love-in with Putin's Russia.

Clearly, Obama is acting two-faced...just like a spy. I realize that Obama could be playing a game with Putin while the latter plays back, but this is not acceptable politics. The people don't like. The people want to call a spade a spade. Russia is an enemy not to be trusted; do not touch, therefore.

While Putin has admitted that the arrested ones are Russians, he claims that the charges against them are false. We of course don't expect the Obama administration to agree with his picture, but why would Obama not come out of the closet in Saudi Arabia to lambaste Russia for this meticulous act of high-level snoopery? Why send Bill Clinton to Moscow to make Putin feel humiliated instead...while the story is in the very throes of breaking?

Is it to justify a strike on Iran? Is Obama sending Putin the message that the United States knows of Russia's assistance in Iran's nuclear-weapons efforts to minimize Russia's part in the expected backlash from the coming Amero-Israeli strike on Iran?

It is incredible that Obama, in playing this game, would urge his own people -- although they are not his people because he does not stand for them -- to believe that Russia is still a worthy friend, and that "We have made great progress [with Russia] in the past year and a half. I do not think this [spy story] will affect those relations" (press statement from Gibbs). Imagine that, that when it is obvious to the American people that there is zero progress into a sound relationship with Russia, Obama would urge them to believe that there is. It's simultaneously laughable and sickening. Let's not call Obama an idiot, for that term doesn't nearly justify this.

Why didn't Bill cancel his trip to see Putin??? One might like to leave room for the possibility that Obama does not like, and was opposed to, the creation (i.e. the arrests) and publicizing of this story, but the fact that Bill was scheduled in Moscow just as the story broke could suggest that Obama sent him, in which case Obama would appear to be pro-arrest.

Or, conceivably, Bill acted in cahoots with the arresting agents against Obama's will. It's more than possible that Obama opposed the arrests, but that in due course he could not continue to oppose lest he look like Putin's lover enough to look like America's foe. And that's the jiggle-jiggle that Obama has been dancing to, no matter how he felt about the arrests.

The other picture, wherein Obama heartily agreed to, or ordered, the arrests and their publicizing, doesn't give him the political ethics to continue a dance with Putin. That picture makes Obama a spy of sorts, acting like Putin's friend while wielding a knife behind the back. Is that what a great president does?

I could accept a scenario where Obama says, in mockery, "Okay, Putin, if you're stupid enough to come dance with me now, I'm open arms." But I don't think Obama is doing that. I think he's trying to create a phony friendship, and for the sake of that global agenda, he's going to urge his whole nation to accept Putin as some sort of a twisted friend. Is that what a great president does?

He has no choice. He personally embarked on this strategy of making friends with his enemies. He won't quit now that he's down in the polls, or it will be his political end for certain... when the elections later this year show a large loss of Democrats and Independents based on his poor and unexpected performances thus far. The Democrats have literally become gamblers, waiting for that lucky win by throwing skinny-chance dice.

Therefore, the fusion bomb is being invented right before our eyes, if the fusion of Obama and Putin ends up blowing up the world in Armageddon. Dance, boys, dance; the Pied Piper is calling you together.

So what's happening in Saudi Arabia? Obama wants the Russians to believe what is false, that he is over there talking about a fix for the world economy, and yet even that topic has veered to the Iran topic, which is the real purpose for his trip, with little doubt now:

"American sources tell Lebanese paper US President Barack Obama, Saudi King Abdullah clashed over effectiveness of economic sanctions. 'Riyadh believes there is no guarantee that the current policies will stop Tehran from moving forward with its nuclear program,' says Washington source.",7340,L-3913087,00.html

AND, as expected if Saudi Arabia is facilitating a strike on Iran, the article goes on to say: "A source in Washington told the paper that, 'Saudi Arabia is not convinced that the economic sanctions on Iran will bear fruits, and it believes the alternative measures [i.e. a military strike] available to the Obama administration must be examined, since there is no guarantee that the current policies will stop Tehran from moving forward with its nuclear program.'"

Now all of this could be a bluff to make Iran and/or Russia believe that Obama is about to attack when it's not true at all. We just never know what a wily coyote will do. Only one thing is for sure: he will always blow himself up trying to catch the road runner.

Talk these days of Turkey's insistence of becoming an EU member gives me pause. The difficult situation that I see in prophecy, wherein an anti-Israeli anti-Christ becomes a European ruler for some years, could be solved by a Turkish entry into the EU with such fanfare as to allow a Turkish leader to act immediately as interim leader of the EU. Not likely, but just a thought. Right now, anyway, Turkey is in no position to leverage itself to the top spot of the EU. But a Future Situation is coming that will alter the positions of the pivots and provide the anti-Christ a large club by which to smite, and leverage, the Western globalists. That statement assumes a Turkish anti-Christ, something that would come as a big surprise to me. In today's gobbeldy-gook:

"Turkey is due to open a new chapter in its negotiations to join the EU, but a long-running dispute over Cyprus means other chapters are blocked.

...Cyprus joined the EU in 2004, but Turkey backs its breakaway north.

The northern part of the island is still governed by an unrecognised administration.

The Greek-Cypriot government vetoed a plan to allow the Turkish part to trade with EU member states. Turkey retaliated by blocking access to its ports for Cypriot ships, which led the EU to freeze eight negotiating chapters.

...That means Turkey's troubled candidacy cannot move forward unless there is a settlement of the Cyprus conflict and that prospect still looks remote."

Why Cyprus again? Is the rift between the pro-West south side and the pro-Turk north side fodder for prophetic fulfillment? Obama wants Turkey in the EU, and he is just the wily coyote to get Turkey in. I keep an eye on that. I once resisted the idea that Turkey would launch a full-scale invasion into northern Iraq, but the Future Situation could change all that. If the Future Situation starts with the present political vacuum in Iraq, the present violations by Turkey into Iraqi territory could become broader, deeper, and more aggressive.

So what is Putin to do, seeing that Obama and his foreign minister, and even her husband, are in the Middle East and in Russia all at the same time, when Obama is howling up Iran's tree too? Will Putin put his turtle into higher gear? Will he reveal the first inklings of his plots by giving the order to set them into motion? Sooner or later, this duo have got to start acting insane because they are making themselves insane by playing high-stakes beeb-beep with each other.

View Turkey as deadly moss spreading along the pond. View Iran as the monster with mouth wide open toward Iraq, a cutesy little sitting duck wanting to hurt nobody, just wanting to float along on the peaceful pond and take in the sun. Then imagine Russia as the late-afternoon shadow that gets between the duck and the sun. The shadow is in the shape of a large tree trunk, at the base of which there is the shadow of a coyote howling unhappily, waiting for something good to happen to his political career. It didn't happen with the moss; it didn't happen with the duck; it didn't happen with the monster; it didn't happen with the stubborn Afghan camel either, and so he hopes it'll happen with the tree trunk. But he knows that the tree trunk is against the duck (i.e. American-made Iraq), but for the monster, for the moss, and for the stubborn camel (i.e. hoping that Americans lose in Iraq). If that's not insane...

So what's Putin to do? Will his large tree trunk fall on the duck like a club to its cutesy little head? I mean, the moss isn't happily growing toward Europe, and the monster rages against the coyote, and the coyote has just urinated onto the base of tree trunk, so that the tree has no better choice but to welcome the moss and provide shade for the monster in their common quest to take over the pond of the West-sponsored duck.

In the meantime, the tree will lay a picnic blanket under its lovely branches and invite the coyote to a love-fest, and the coyote will accept even while knowing that the branches are filled with spies with camera's rolling for to blackmail him or in any other way leverage him in ways that his nation can't appreciate. That's not a gambler as much as it is a complete fool, and the only reason that he won't be charged as a fool and locked away in prison is because he can plead insanity.

One cannot insult the Turkish leader these days any worse than by insulting his position on Gaza. The Kurds are doing so:

"I was shocked by Turkey’s hypocritical position in relation to the Palestinian cause.

Turkey claims to be a champion of human rights for the Palestinians but it cannot escape the fact that tens of thousands of Kurds have lost their lives due to Turkish violence and oppression...The Kurds [in Turkey] are still treated as second class citizens..."

We get it. The PKK-branch of Kurds that Turkey is at war with is being compared with Hamas. That is, Turkey justifies its war against the PKK but won't justify Israel's war against Hamas. There's no basic difference between the two terror groups; both use terror to gain more rights for their respective peoples living in a nation not their own.


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