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July 1 - 6, 2010

There's a Rus Bear in Iraq Already

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July 1

The Russian media is moving with the very same spirit as Putin:

"Russian media on Wednesday disparaged US claims of a Russian spy ring, saying the scandal was an unconvincing sham aimed at derailing the reset in relations between Moscow and Washington.

...Asked for Obama's response to the intriguing tale of deep cover spies living open American lives, [Obama's press secretary] Gibbs again attempting to keep the row out of the diplomatic realm, saying: 'he did not have a personal reaction that I know of.'

There was none of the outrage or frostiness witnessed during the tense days of the Cold War...

Gibbs said Obama had known about the unfolding operation against the alleged ring of sleeper spies, in four northeastern states, before he met Medvedev here last week and at G8 and G20 meetings in Canada."

Gibbs will do damage management with as much truth as possible, which is why he says that Obama knew about the spies before speaking with Medvedev last week. However, putting it in those words can lead his country to believe that he found out about them only recently. This allows Obama to act as though knowing nothing about the spies during the period in which he offered the reset button, meaning that Obama has one of three bad choices, neither of which will do him political good.

One, he can come clean by admitting that he's known all along, ever since (roughly) he became the president, or two: accept the bait of the Russians so as to claim the same, that it was an Intelligence operation apart from his consent, intended merely to smear both him and his reset button.

Three, he can deny both of the above, and claim that he was notified about the spies only recently, and had no idea whether Medvedev was a part of it. The political problem there, which could become beneficial for Christians, is that it signals to the Intelligence and arresting authorities that Obama is an out-right liar while trudging onward in building an Americo-Russian relationship based on false foundations. For the sake of Christian persecution, any distance between the False Prophet and his Intelligence people is welcome.

BUT, I do not know that Obama is the False Prophet. And, I am, week after week, increasingly doubtful that the 70th Week may have begun.

Barring some unusual situation, Obama's days as American leader are over in January of 2017. If the 70th Week does not begin in 2009-10, it becomes difficult to see Obama as the anti-Christ's right-hand man right up until Armageddon. For me, this is depressing. It could mean that I've just spent many months watching and reporting on Obama and the world events surrounding him, all for practically nothing, and in the meantime, I've "wasted" your time too.

I keep telling you that the prophetic direction is right but slow. Even my picture of many years ago, that the "Christian" False Prophet would be an American president forming a thin-ice relationship with a Russian leader who, in thinking only of Russian globalism, would yet be permitted to become a ruler of Europe, has the potential to become the reality in the direction that Obama is taking the world.

BUT I would be very surprised to see this taking place by the time of Obama's second term. Something drastic needs to take pace (not a spelling mistake) to make the world accept a Russia leader of Europe in such a short span, especially now that the spy story has broken. If Obama has a special agenda to make a Russian a European leader in order to glue West to East in the name of his globalism, you can gamble your entire house on his making nothing of this spy scandal. And that's what seems to be going on. He's showing no outrage, and hasn't so much as made a statement yet.

Such an unusual situation as Obama, or some other Christo-Western leader, striving to make a Russian (or a Turk) the European leader should entail a new economic system for all. One can that in the headlines already. This direction is right too, but apparently slower than needs be for the Final Day to occur in 2016-17.

Yesterday, I was thinking that Obama was attempting to weaken Putin's position in globalism by allowing the spy scandal to leak out. I envisioned that Obama sent Bill Clinton to see Putin so timely to make him feel embarrassed. But there is another possibility. Knowing that the spy story was about to be made known, and not being able to do anything to stop it, he sent Bill to Putin for reset-button damage control. Bill's job was to tell Putin, don't worry about this: Obama is still with you and the reset button. And Bill may have even betrayed the Intelligence community by confessing to Putin that it had acted on the spy arrests apart from Obama's perfect will. That would explain why Putin has come out boldly making that claim.

Seeing Obama's political troubles at this time, and Bill involved in the highest levels of his foreign affairs, the idea forcefully comes to mind that the two-horned False Prophet will be Bill and his future-president wife. It's her personal reset button, after all. That is, she's specially in charge of maintaining it.

Obama has never known what he is doing. An article (at CBS yet) makes that point well, where he is quoted as candidate for president speaking against the very commissions that he has now set up:

"...'Folks, we don't need a commission to spend a few years and a lot of taxpayer money to tell us what's going on in our economy," he continued. "We don't need a commission to tell us gas prices are high or that you can't pay your bills. We don't need a commission to tell us you're losing your jobs. We don't need a commission to study this crisis, we need a President who will solve it - and that's the kind of President I intend to be.'

...The deficit commission is just one of at least four commissions set up by the Obama White House: there are also commissions on the BP oil leak, nuclear power and potentially creating a museum of the American Latino."

He's very ambitious in ways that betray his own words. He's become the wolf that he cried against. He's picked up the devil's tools that he condemned in order to become the president. He's everything that voters wished to avoid. He's the liar who lies to become president, and lies some more to continue as president for four more years.

With globalism well behind on schedule, it's expected that force will be used in some sectors to ramp up the pace. Even Revelation reveals that the False Prophet will "make" i.e. force people to honor the beastly system with the potential penalty of death. That's desperation, folks. It means things will not go very well, and that an idiot will take the global helm who will charge ahead recklessly, to world destruction. Is Obama playing the part? An overwhelming YES!

An Haaretz headline today: "Report: Obama pressured Israel and Turkey to hold secret talks." But the meeting seems to involve, not officials of the Palestinian issue, but of money men:

"A senior Israeli official's secret meeting with the Turkish foreign minister in Switzerland was apparently held due to pressure from the Obama administration, sources in Jerusalem said [today].

The White House prompted and coordinated the meeting between Israeli Industry, Trade, and Labor Minister Benjamin Ben-Eliezer and Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, the source confirmed in response to a report in the Turkish newspaper Hurriyet.

The meeting was held [yesterday] without permission from Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, who reacted furiously to the news that such talks were held without his knowledge or consent.

...Davutoglu took off for Zurich on a private plane to maintain the clandestine nature of the talks, Hurriyet reported [today], and the conference room was booked under a fake name.

...After learning about the meeting, Lieberman warned that the move had damaged his relationship with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

...'Suddenly we discover that the defense minister and other senior officials were in on the matter and that the whole process was coordinated with the U.S.,' he said..."

No one can deny it, that Obama is trying to force mortal enemies to become friends. But for the sake of what? Peace? Or trade? I say trade, the glue that bonds the devil's Europa together. I say money: the global economic system that all nations must become friends for. This system will require that nations lay down their individualities, and their own aspirations, to become a union regardless of their ideological incompatabilities. One cannot overcome these national differences so that nations must be forced, one way or the other, to conform. And when one applies pressure to a balloon to make it take the shape of a heart, it explodes in his face. Doesn't Obama know that???

But God too will force the nations into a Union. His tool will be the iron rod for those who disagree with his Union. But His Union will not be based on big-money and world-trade, and His Kingdom will not have the heart of an adulterous whore or of a homosexual who takes pride in his sickness. It will be everything that Obama, and Bill Clinton, is not, and His balloon will be in the shape of a heart to begin with, no need whatsoever to make it conform to another shape. Love, which doesn't lie to the people, and truly cares for them, is the foundation of His throne.

Jesus is coming to tell Bill Clinton, "No, it's not the economy stupid. It's that you're the wrong kind of man to lead the world, and your wife isn't any better."

Obama may have gotten Netanyahu to agree with the secret Swiss meeting as per agreeing to support an Israeli strike against Iran. Now Netanyahu has a political furor with his foreign secretary. Oh well, says Obama, that a small price to pay to obey my agenda. I'm not ashamed that I asked the Israeli prime minister to agree to something sneaky. You can't blame a coyote for practicing his own instincts. Man, is there a tree trunk around here? I gotta take another leak. Oh, look, there's a Netanyahu tree; perfect!

Diplomacy is such that one tries to get something in return from a nation for something offered/granted to it. But Obama is granting Israel nothing if he now supports an Israeli strike on Iran. Instead, he's using make a strike in the interests of the United States and/or of O-globalism. Israel might not mind being used in this way, but that will not remove the O-blight from Jerusalem. The yeast of the Obama administration is right there, spread through the loaf of Jerusalem. And like bread, the city is about to be sliced. Obama holds the bread knife.

Off flies Hillary to her latest messenger mission:

"Secretary of State Hillary Clinton travels to eastern Europe and the troubled Caucasus region [today] on a mission to allay the concerns of regional allies over newly invigorated U.S.-Russian ties [there's probably more to it than this official explanation].

A top item on Clinton's agenda will be to explain warmer relations between Washington and Moscow to countries in the region which once chafed under Soviet control.

...Phil Gordon, assistant secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, said that U.S. allies in the region should not worry about stronger US-Russian ties.""

The article reads as though there is no spy scandal threatening to chop apart that budding new relationship. The article does point out what makes Putin puke: "In Kiev Clinton is to open the U.S.-Ukrainian Strategic Partnership Commission [yet another Commission, and guess who pays for it], which provides for increased cooperation on a range of issues including energy and trade, security and defense, and cultural exchanges." Oh, wonderful, and such a good clean shot to Putin's eye.

He doesn't want the U.S. fidgeting around in the Ukraine now that he's successfully taken the country back for Russia, and here comes the Reset-Button Queen telling him to relax...because it's not anti-Russian but pro-America. She keeps telling Putin that American interests in Caucasia are innocent...and do we think that he swallows the coyote's urine? You know that this is setting up world war III more than a reset button.

Being Bill's wife, there is no doubt that her strategy is to buy-off the friendship of the Ukraine, to make it more pro-America than pro-Russia. And you know that American money is being used to play Russian roulette in the game of Fat Chance. Evidence that the Cold War continues is not in the Russian spies alone, but in the insistence of the Globamists to take Caucasia and EurAsia to itself.

You may have read yesterday that the EU will not permit membership unless interested nations align their various internal systems with those established for the EU. In the same way, Putin's Russia, an applicant for the World Trade Organization, is being made to bend to the shape of Europa in order to become a member. This is not innocent politics. It's truly a balloon that has been over-manipulated to the point of bursting. People, let alone national leaders, don't like political manipulations. Nations making deals should not involve being forced to conform to the whore's heart. Russia does not want to conform, and yet will play along, taking her for a ride to the place of her rape and murder. It sounds just like Revelation 17 because that's what I see coming down the sewer pipes.

The spy arrested in Cyprus has escaped. He jumped bail, meaning that someone arranged to have a judge release him from custody on condition that he promise to appear in court later. Who in their right mind would grant bail to such a key suspect in such an important matter? The article continues:

"...U.S. Ambassador to Greek Cyprus Frank Urbancic was scheduled [today] to meet Greek Cypriot President Dimitris Christofias in Nicosia, when the controversial release on bail of Christopher Metsos, 54, was expected to be raised.

The disappearance of Metsos provided a stunning twist to a Cold War-style espionage saga...An arrest warrant has been issued for Metsos, who could seek to take advantage of the fact that Turkish Cyprus in the north of the island has no extradition treaties.

...Police told the court in Larnaca that Metsos was wanted in the United States for spying on behalf of Russia and for laundering $40,000."

In other words, the United States wanted this man, and yet the judge let him go free. You would think that Obama's agents would prioritize getting hold of this man, and for that purpose would be in close touch with the Cyprus authorities right away, hours before he was scheduled to appear before a judge that day or the next...unless Obama didn't want the man. An article: "He was arrested early on Tuesday at Cyprus's Larnaca airport as he tried to board a flight to Budapest. But was not deemed enough of a flight risk to be kept behind bars until he could be extradited to the United States." IT WAS IN THE INTERESTS OF HIS BOSS -- RUSSIA -- THAT HE JUMP BAIL. NO PRO-WEST JUDGE SHOULD HAVE RELEASED HIM ON BAIL CONDITIONS.

The article goes on as if police were not watching him while he was on bail: "There was no sign of the suspected secret agent when Cypriot police rushed to his hotel room on Wednesday after he failed to sign in at a Larnaca police station between 6 and 8 pm..." Amazing, they just let him slip away.

It's a longish article with not much new, but if you're interested in the present situation in Mosul, here you go:

THE BIG QUESTION for those who know that Obama's favorite shoes are flip-flops: will he really pull out of Iraq by the end of next month? Wow, we're almost there. Just two months to go before the deadline. The bags should all but be packed by now; the men must be telling there secret Iraqi sweeties that "this is it." There's nothing left but to roll up the flags and put backs to the New Iraq. Or is that right? One never knows when a wily coyote is in charge. Maybe, just maybe, for the sake of the entering of the anti-Christ, the U.S. military will really disappear. It won't be long now before we know.

Or, I could live another 30 or 40 years without the anti-Christ showing up anywhere.

That idea wherein the Iran axis is poised to take over northern Iraq with the anti-Christ is gaining. Not only does the Mosul article above tell that it's a large theory in Mosul itself, but:

"Syrian security forces detained 400 people in five cities in Syria in an operation against the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) separatist guerrilla group, Turkey's state news agency Anatolian said [today]. Turkey has sought the support of its neighbors in the region and the United States in its fight against the outlawed group, which has killed more than 50 Turkish soldiers in the last two months in escalating violence.

...The PKK also has bases in northern Iraq, where Turkey and the United States have agreed to share intelligence on the group's activities. Washington and the European Union, like Ankara, consider the PKK a terrorist organization."

I don't easily conceive of the anti-Christ entering Iraq based on the PKK problem, but as a reporter of Iraqi news, I've got to mention this every once in a while. I think what we have are a handful of vultures -- Syria, Iran, Turkey, Russia and Mosul's Baathists -- all waiting for the New Iraq to die, and seeking ways to fill the vacuum on their own behalf. If the PKK can give them opportunities to that end, then they'll take them. But ultimately, I think the anti-Christ will enter promising a political solution to a dire situation in the New Iraq, and that's why the election mud that refuses to be wiped away seems tantamount to an open door for the anti-Christ.

If that door were threatened right now with being closed, I think the anti-Christ would make a mad dash before it closes. But as it appears that the door will remain open for months yet, during which the ObamachineGun must exit the door, I imagine that the future king of "Assyria" is patiently waiting before he comes through that same door in the other direction.

Or, I could die 30 years from now without ever seeing him come through that door. You know what I mean: all this watching Iraq right now could be a waste of time.

About a week ago, the SOS below appeared in a Kurd media:

"...Syrian authorities have escalated their campaigns against Syrian Kurdish population by killing, arresting, confiscating, and deliberately creating economical disparity in the Kurdish region.

On June 14, 2010, the Kurdish Political Council, comprised of eight Syrian-Kurdish political parties, was holding its 53rd anniversary, commemorating the foundation of the first Kurdish party in Syria. Syrian Security Forces raided this event, the venue was shut down and the event was cancelled.

...The Syrian authority has recently reached out beyond its borders to collaborate with other countries, namely Germany, Norway, and Cyprus, to arrest, and extradite Syrian Kurdish refugees back to Syria. Regrettably, some of these countries have succumbed to the wishes of the Syrian Baath regime, by arresting, and extraditing Kurdish refugees. The extradited refugees were arrested, imprisoned and tortured upon their arrivals in Syria by the Syrian security forces.

The Kurdish National Congress of North America is deeply concerned about consistent reports concerning routine arrest, killings, and disappearances of Kurds in Syria. We appeal to the international community and Amnesty International to do everything in their capacity to stop the brutality of the totalitarian regime of Syria against the Kurdish people."

Then the article regarding the 400 arrests came out. Why this action now? Maybe, or maybe not, it's because the evil axis needs an excuse for deploying soldiers, spies, and other trolls on the borders of northern Iraq...for the ultimate controlling of the politics there.

July 2

Right direction:

"The dollar plunged today following a United Nations report which called for the greenback to be replaced as the global reserve currency by the International Monetary Fund's special drawing rights (SDRs).

...The UN report called for 'abandoning the U.S. dollar as the main global reserve currency, saying it has been unable to safeguard value,' according to Reuters.

'A new global reserve system could be created, one that no longer relies on the United States dollar as the single major reserve currency,' stated the report, adding that this new system should not be based on a basket of currencies, but on IMF-controlled SDR's.

...The dollar is being targeted for destruction because the financial terrorists who caused the economic collapse in the first place want to exploit the crisis in order to institute a new global currency issued by a global central bank.

In May, IMF [= International Monetary Fund] chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn told elitists in Zurich Switzerland that the introduction of a global currency backed by a global central bank would act as the 'lender of last resort' in the event of a severe economic crisis, another lurch towards fascist centralization of power in pursuit of a system of global governance."

That's from Prison Planet, an org of Alex Jones, and featured on the Drudge Report. It's very believable as stated. The IMF calling for a monetary system that it itself controls. No surprise.

The Cyprus connection to the spies is starting to make sense. The Greek south is not so Western after all, according to the article below:

"Russian money and influence have long made a splash on this Mediterranean resort island, where a suspected Russian spy paymaster vanished after being allowed to walk free on bail.

The ties go right to the top: Russian energy giant Lukoil has a big presence, and the Greek Cypriot president, a communist who studied in Moscow, is expecting an illustrious visitor in October - Russian President Dmitry Medvedev.

...There's no evidence for now that the deep Russian presence in Cyprus played a role in [the spy's] release, but the Cypriot government is under pressure to explain the bewildering fumble involving a man wanted in the United States for reportedly operating a Russian spy ring there.

...But the fugitive might feel more at home in the Greek-speaking south, where tens of thousands of Russians own mansions and offshore accounts, read Russian-language newspapers and send their children to Russian schools....

Cyprus is a top gateway of foreign investment into Russia and is a popular destination for Russian capital because of low taxes...Cyprus took steps to open up bank records so Russian authorities could track tax dodgers.

The political links are tight, too. Mr. Christofias, the only communist head of state in the European Union, earned a doctorate in history in Russia and speaks the language. He has welcomed Russian support for peace talks with the Turkish-speaking north, and his foreign minister met his Russian counterpart last week."

I didn't know all this about the island that could be Daniel's Kittim. As Cyprus was made the birthplace of mythical Aphrodite, note that, in Greece, her special lover was Ares i.e. a proto-Rus peoples that I think emerged into Greece from Arvad/Arados on the Syrian coast beside Cyprus.

Wikipedia's article on Cyprus claims: "...according to Phoenician mythology, Astarte, goddess of love and beauty, who was later identified with the Greek goddess Aphrodite, was born on the shores of Paphos." I don't tend to trust the links made by others from one god/goddess to another, as they do so based on some similarities of cult, which can be misleading, but an Aphrodite (from "Euphrates" elements?) link to Ishtar (and Astarte) from the Euphrates river seems viable enough. And note that the "tart" part on the end of "Astarte" evokes the Arados mainland of Tartus (founded by the peoples of Arados). The Arms of Cyprus uses a dove, a symbol of Ishtar.

Apparently, in the Russian goal to install Moscow-friendly heads of state, Moscow succeeded in doing so in Cyprus. The Cypriot leader is the island's first communist, becoming president only in 2008. Wikipedia says that "He has also supported the closure of the British military bases on Cyprus." It could be these British bases that act against the anti-Christ as per Daniel 11:30. That's where we find Kittim/Chittim mentioned, just one verse before we find the Abomination of Desolation successful in Jerusalem.

Lusignan Arms of Cyprus As I trace Lusignan to the Laz>Ladon>Lotan dragon off the shores of Arados, it's not too much of a surprise (to me) that the Lusignan Templars ruled Cyprus after they failed on the throne of Jerusalem. You can read about it below, where king of Jerusalem, Guy Lusignan, is painted looking like Jesus holding a mean sword:

I opened an email from Tim just last night that led to a red lion on white of the Magdalene cult, but at the time I had no idea I'd be writing on Cyprus this morning i.e. which itself used a red lion on white as the Lusignan symbol.

As per this email, Tim went overtime on behalf of the "Dum spiro spero" motto of the Massins/Masons. He found the translation in English ("While I have breath I hope"), then searched the phrase, and found many other families using the same motto. One of them is the Spearman surname, which agrees with the theory that the motto is code for the Speers/Spears and Sprees whom I trace to Lusignan-related Lusatians of the Spree river, Lusatia.

Let's not forget that the Massin/Mason crest is the dragon-woman, Melusine, a known symbol of Lusignan.

But he also found the same motto by entering "Dalen," which brings up a red lion on white in the Dillan/Dylan Coat. BUT, this Coat uses red crescents on white as well, the Speer/Spear and Spree symbol!!! It's becoming apparent already that the dove in the Spree Crest links to the Cypriot dove, BUT adding to the evidence, the Spearman Crest is a red lion!!

The Dalen write-up tells that Logan the Lion married a daughter of the duke of Aquitaine, and so it's not likely a coincidence that Lusignan, the region, was in the Aquitaine theater.

I've shown the Dillan/Dylan Coat before (but may not have known that it had a Dilan variation) and mentioned it's write-up's links to the Logans and related Lennons, and that entering "Lenin" (the first communist ruler of Red-Rus/Rothschild Russia) brings up the Irish Lennon/Leonard Coat.

I noted that the Spearman Shield (English) is essentially the same as the English Bushell/Bussell Coat...that also uses Dum spiro spero (thanks to Tim for that find too). The Shield is also the Macey and Mackay/Macey Shield, and since the Macey Coat is English too, all three families should have merged at some point.

Keep in mind that Maceys and Mackays have been solidly linked to Stewarts from Dol, for I had shared the red-on-white lion of the Irish Dallens/Delanes as linking to the red-on-white lion of the English Stewarts because Dallens were, in my findings, named after "D'Allen." I identify the D'Allens>Dallens as the MagDALENE cult. Note that the Dallen/Delane Coat uses eight-pointed stars, another symbol of Ishtar.

As we can read in the Stewart write-ups, their clans sailing from Dol to England lived first in Shropshire, where the Spearmans were first found. The Maceys were first found in Cheshire, smack beside Shropshire.

I had figured that the Massins/Masons were from Massino in northern Italy, and that the green snake of the Viscontis of the Massino-Visconti region was a symbol of green Melusine. I was at that time able to link the Massino entity to the Stewarts of Dol, partly by way of similarity between the Scottish Stewart Coat and Italian Mattei surname that comes up when entering "Massi."

The latter surname, says the write-up, was from Piedmont, where Massino-Visconti is located. But it was first found in Abruzzo, an Italian region named after Aphrodite, and therefore expected to have Rus peoples from ancient Cyprus.

The dove is used also in the Scottish Balcom/Balcomb Coat...that likewise uses Dum spiro spero. Thanks to Tim for that surname too, and it may just be that Balcombs were Baal elements related to the same of the Bellamys...first found in Shropshire.

The Balcom Coat is white on blue, as with the Bushells, Maceys/Mackays, and the modern Visconti snake. The English Balcom Coat is nearly the same as the Scottish one, but uses a bear, a symbol used by Mackay Coats. The Balcom bear is in the style of the German Berne Coat...a surname that was from a Varangian-Rus line of Zahringers/Veringens. The Berne write-up tells of a branch in Berna of Lusatia. Other surnames using the Dum spiro spero motto are red and white (like the Speers/Sprees, Dalens, Dallens, etc), as for example the Whitfields, Whiteheads, Storers...and Balcombs.

The European harlot is about to steal money from Europeans by force of gas taxes, and guess what the excuse is? "Brussels - The European Union's executive is 'broadly in favour' of bringing in a tax on carbon-dioxide (CO2) emissions from fossil fuels as part of its efforts to fight global warming, the head of the organisation said [today]." This is the baby of Jose Manuel Barroso, the head thief.

The way that corrupt governments think is like so. "Since we allow fuel-saving devices to receive patents, and since we fund alternative means of energy, and since we urge people to purchase smaller vehicles and to drive less often by facilitating higher prices at the gas pumps, the savings that the people experience due to these things should be removed from the people by way of gas taxes."

It sort of makes one want to tear the hair out of the politicians who head the global-warming rip-off. It's no wonder they want higher gas prices if they're planning more gasoline tax, for the higher the prices, the higher the taxes. This is worse than shameful. It's a betrayal of the people, and goes on in more things than gasoline alone. It's anarchy against the people. Look at how Barroso puts it: "There are already energy taxes, and we would like to investigate whether it would be possible to create something which would strengthen the level playing field (in Europe)." In other words, there are already energy taxes, and he wants to investigate how the people can pay more taxes under the ploy of "level-playing field."

I have an idea, Barroso. Why not LOWER all the taxes of the people in the higher-taxing nations so that all member nations will play on a level field??? Why INCREASE taxes to create that level field? I know why. It's because you're a thief in a band of thieves.

The reality is, globalists plan to have the world weaned off of fossil fuels by the time they say the global-warming crisis arrives, and they wish to tax us between now and then to fund alternative-energy programs, but then they enrich themselves by owning, or purchasing shares in, companies that produce alternative methods that they themselves will fund...with our money. We get nothing but alternative methods of energy that don't work as well as gasoline, that cost more than gasoline, and some stiff tax payments to boot that will never be cancelled even after gasoline cars are a thing of the past. I get it.

What the world really needs is a George Bush who really doesn't raise taxes anymore, who really doesn't spend more government money, who really cuts the size of government, and who really gives back to the people ALL (i.e. not just a small token amount) the taxes saved. Unfortunately, the real George Bush didn't do that, after really getting Republicans really excited about it. He was just reeling his voters in like a fish.

After Bush gave the people a tax refund of hundreds (not thousands) of dollars annually, gas prices went up by...hundreds of dollars annually. That was tantamount to funnelling tax dollars straight from the fishs' throats to the oil companies. In other words, as soon as governments see that people have more money to spend, they take it away from them one way or the other, and if they don't, the corporations will. That's globalism in its nudist form, and it doesn't get less obscene over time.

The article ends: "Belgium took over the EU's rotating presidency [yesterday] and is set to steer debate on issues including tax for the next six months." We should be hearing much from the Belgian, president Rompuy, in the next six months. We hope that the Belgian frog will croak a painful death, and just go away.

What sort of baffoon goes to a new comrade with a gift and then spits in his face at the very same time? One called Hillary Clinton:

"The door to NATO membership remains open for Ukraine, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said in Kiev [today], after its parliament abandoned the previous administration's bid to join the alliance.

Clinton is the highest ranking US official to visit Ukraine since the election of president of Viktor Yanukovych, who has scrapped his predecessor's staunchly pro-Western stance in favour of closer ties with Russia.

As well as Ukraine, Clinton is to visit several other ex-Communist countries in Russia's backyard on a major tour...

...'Ukraine is a sovereign and independent country that has the right to choose its own alliances and NATO's door remains open,' Clinton said at a meeting with her Ukrainian counterpart Kostyantyn Gryshchenko."

She's on her knees, begging the Ukraine to abandon Putin! And she offers a bribe too: "We [I and Obama] hope that Ukraine will conclude an agreement with the IMF shortly to advance [your government-reform] process." And, "Clinton said the United States was ready to help Ukraine by investing in its energy industry 'including in the nuclear energy sector, as well as helping developing the gas sector'...Clinton's tour will also take her to Poland, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia but not Russia itself."

Like I said, a baffoon. Her reset button is an act, no different than the act of a circus clown, where the people laugh. It made me laugh, anyway. The only thing missing, a big red nose, is on her husband. He is the fellow clown that visited Putin the other day. What a waste of American government this is, and such a terrible expense for its tax payers. I'm referring to the throwing of money away to buy world situations. Think about it: BUYING WORLD SITUATIONS.

Obama's problem of where to shelf the Iraqi troops, since it doesn't look like a wise political choice at present to shelf more of them in Afghanistan, may find Jordan as a solution:

"Jordan's King Abdullah and Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Masha'al Al Zaben met U.S. Central Command chief Gen. David Petraeus in Amman on June 7 to discuss military cooperation 'at all levels.'

'More and more NATO members want to train in Jordan, particularly those planning to deploy in Afghanistan,' an official said.

Officials said Jordanian leaders have been meeting with both NATO headquarters as well as individual members on defense and military cooperation. They said the discussions have included the prospect of joint exercises, training and defense management courses."

QUESTION: how much tax dollars are being thrown into the face of Jordan's king in return for this development? As much as the king bargains for, and it won't be cheap, because it's the cost of BUYING WORLD SITUATIONS. Just wanted to get that point across.

At one time I figured that Jordan would escape the anti-Christ's rampage (see latter parts of Daniel 11) because it would befriend the anti-Christ. NOW we have reason to include a second theory, that the anti-Christ will pass around Jordan due to the Ameri-NATO presence there.

There's no further word on the Iraqi election situation. I'm surprised that the West is just letting time slip by. One theory is that the West wants to let time slip by so as to have greater force in implementing its solution: the Allawi factor. As time slips by, things get tougher on Maliki to step down and allow a government to form with another prime minister, but that result in itself doesn't give Allawi the automatic throne. The Shi'ite blocks can still form a government without the Allawi people. So we await for Maliki to step aside "willingly." The pressure for him to do so will intensify with every passing phase of the American pull-out.

The 2010 election season that Democrats have been fearing has all but arrived. Obama must step along in ways that does no harm to Democrats, and at the same time maintain his various agendas. Perhaps more than anything else, this is what necessitates his pulling out of Iraq with no excuses given to his party. BUT, if a major crisis becomes apparent in Iraq, he may deem that he has his perfect excuse. After all, he is a fool.

I've yet to read a word on Obama's personal response to the spy story. He would be very happy if the press would just leave him alone, because, fool that he is, he wants to maintain a friendship with Putin. No man on earth wants Obama out of Iraq more than Putin. Putin has griped about the American presence in many countries, but I have yet to read a word, since Obama took Office, of Putin's disgust for Americans in Iraq. That silence could be deemed suspicious. I imagine Putin telling his comrades from Obama's day one: "Let it be. The fool will pull out all on his own."

I don't use "fool" in a cheap way here. It's a very appropriate term for some things.

July 3

The pope has sent a letter to Iraq, and it's not the message of God:

"...On 7 March 2010, the people of Iraq gave a clear sign to the world that they wish to see an end to violence and that they have chosen the path of democracy, through which they aspire to live in harmony with one another within a just, pluralist and inclusive society. Despite attempts at intimidation on the part of those who do not share this vision, the people showed great courage and determination by presenting themselves at the polling stations in large numbers. It is to be hoped that the formation of a new Government will now proceed swiftly so that the will of the people for a more stable and unified Iraq may be accomplished. Those who have been elected to political office will need to show great courage and determination themselves, in order to fulfill the high expectations that have been placed in them. You may be assured that the Holy See, which has always valued its excellent diplomatic relations with your country, will continue to provide whatever assistance it can, so that Iraq may assume its rightful place as a leading nation in the region with much to contribute to the international community."

Here is the message of God as I see it:

"On 7 March 2010, the people of Iraq gave a clear sign to the world that they wish to see an end to violence and that they have chosen the path of democracy, but in place of harmony with one another, there will be war to the end. I have not called the peoples of the earth to a pluralist and inclusive society. I alone am God, and you shall not serve any other. The people showed great courage and determination by presenting themselves at the polling stations in large numbers, but it was in vain; there will be no stability, no union. Babylon will never assume a place as a leading nation in the region, but will instead be a home for owls and desert creatures, forever. If you want to know the future of Iraq, pope, see Isaiah 13; it was writhen long ago, and it's just too bad that you claim to represent my Son and yet fail to read your Bible. Do me a favor, pope, stop acting as though you represent me. Thanks. And by the way, didn't Jesus say that no man should call himself 'father'?"

All in all, the pope sounds like mainstream Western globalism. He sounds just like the Republicans too, who wish to see a stable and renewed Iraq in the name of George Bush's war. I'm sorry folks, but of I'm going to be a Christian, I'm going to view Iraqi things as the Bible tells me to, and if George Bush doesn't agree, then I just think he doesn't care to know God's realities. There are all sorts of wishy-washy Christians, especially in high political places. If you and I here on the streets of society are prone to sin and hypocrisy at times, how much more those who need to tend to their political games and the seeking of honor that comes part-and-parcel with them?

Isaiah speaks of a slaughter in Babylon's streets, and I don't think it has yet taken place because it will come from the "Medes" who don't care for money. That can't be referring to the Americans. It sounds like the Kurds. It looks as if the Kurds are going to be attacked, and will retaliate with great outrage when God gives them the green weakening Iraq as per the kings of the east with Jesus at their head. You don't want to be onside with the frogs in those days.

Did you read from me that the present pope's Arms uses a bear with a saddle, much like the strapped bear heads in the Mackay Coats? That bear comes from ancient Bavarian elements, namely "saint" Corbinian.

There's a headline out today: "As U.S. firms hold back, China invests in Iraq: In invasion of investors, Chinese, French and others snap up huge contracts as Americans..."

"China didn't take part in the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq or the bloody military battles that followed. It hasn't invested in reconstruction projects or efforts by the West to fortify the struggling democracy in the heart of the Middle East.

But as the U.S. military draws down and Iraq opens up to foreign investment, China and a handful of other countries that weren't part of the "coalition of the willing" are poised to cash in.

...Iraqi officials say they are heartened by their expanding ties with China but are still pursuing investment from other nations.

'They have gained a number of plum contracts for energy,' Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari said of the Chinese. 'Wherever there is an oil well in the world, you'll see a Chinese flag next to it.'"

Putin might be jealous. But again, in yet another article on Iraqi oil, we hear nothing of Russian desire for Kurdish oil. Note that the article also stresses French desires in Iraq. Revelation 16 tells that Armageddon will be the three frogs of satan verses the kings of the east at the Euphrates river. Read that, pope, and ask why the pieces of that war appear to be coming together even now. The article says that American companies are sloth to invest in Iraq, but I now think that Bush was a Rothschild agent...and that Rothschilds may have gotten some solid stake in Kurdish oil as a result of his war.

Flashback: the Iraqi parliament is soon set to sit, once again, after freezing last month, and there is some "good" news in yesterday's headline: "Iraqi Politicians Upbeat On Government Talks":

"Senior Iraqi politicians say a recent meeting between Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and his main election rival, former Prime Minister Ayad Allawi, has given a major push forward in ongoing talks on forming a new government, RFE/RL's Radio Free Iraq (RFI) reports.

...Senior Iraqiyah member Jamal al-Battikh said State of Law [= Maliki's party] proposed that it retain the premiership, while Iraqiyah fill the posts of speaker of parliament and president...

Abdel Hadi al Hassani, a leading member of the recently launched coalition between the State of Law and the Iraqi National Alliance, said that when the parliament convenes within the next 14 days the two Shi'ite blocs will have agreed on a single nominee for prime minister to present to the legislature...

...Alia Nusayif al Jassim, a senior official in Iraqiyah [= Allawi's party], told RFI that encouraged by the common grounds reached between Maliki and Allawi, the two leaders have instructed their negotiating teams to speed up talks toward an agreement that will end the deadlock."

There is a good possibility that Allawi is not favorable at all to Maliki's offer, and that Allawi is merely appearing to be favorable to allow more wasted time to slip by...until Maliki's political oxygen is cut off. If that happens, the Shi'ite blocks will form the government without Maliki as Head, and leaving the Allawi Sunni out in the cold. If the pro-Iranian Abdul-Mahdi is proposed as the new prime minister, the West might step in to take some speedy control of the situation, and may even tolerate or encourage a Sunni uprising.

I mean, it's hard to believe that the United States will sit idly by to watch Iraq go to the Iranians. Then again, there is a fool on the American throne who now feels he must abide by his campaign promise to remove himself from Iraq, no matter what the conditions. Only a fool would have made that campaign promise in the first place. Now it's coming round to bite his donkey.

If it's true that globalists are in Iraq and Afghanistan to knock off the Islamic movement in Iran, it seems that Obama should have done all possible to assure Allawi's party the control of the New Iraq. I don't know what's been going on under the radar. Allawi has given the impression that the West has been silent, idle, of no support...but that may be false impression to hide the realities from anti-American Iraqis and the media.

There is an article out today telling that there will be no change in the American mission once the troop levels in Iraq are decreased to 50,000; it will be anti-terrorist business as usual. If the Sunni arise in war, it will be back to the military drawing board.

This is developing into a nightmare for globalists seeking wider channels for Middle-Eastern oil, and for the people, you and me, who need oil. As you know, any aggressive Western move against Iran can set off an eruption in the oil industry, as Iran has promised, and that's a heavy price that we might need to pay, if we can, thanks to the oil cats that have insisted we be dependent on Muslim oil in the first place. The risky scheme they adopted, which included a closing of the taps in North-American oil fields, is coming round to bite know.

The pope needs to tell Iraq's ducks this stark reality, that the ducks are being lined up for to be shot to death, mercilessly, and that the circumstances will be a whirlwind sucking in to a common battleground all the globe's major powers.

We have yet to see the result of Obama's sanctions on Iran. In short, many Western companies are not permitted any longer to do trade with Iran, and Iran, suspecting that American warships moving recently into the Persian gulf will seek to enforce these sanctions, has threatened:

"...The Speaker of the Iranian parliament (Majlis) Ali Larijani and the Revolutionary Guards commander Gen. Ali Fadavi have both threatened harsh reprisals against all vessels, including American warships and oil tankers sailing through the Persian Gulf and Straits of Hormuz, for any attempts to search ships or planes carrying cargoes to Iran.

...Interception of an Iranian ship suspected of carrying contraband energy products could well spin into a showdown."

The article tells that the sanctions are aimed at Iran's gas refining industry, reportedly a main source of money for funding Iran's nuclear programs. The problem is, if Obama strikes at Iran's gas sector, Iran is expected to react against Western oil interests. This may be wonderful for Western governments who have slapped a gas tax on the peoples that collects taxes in proportion to the price of gas, but then, in the long run, it will cripple Western economies. Most analysts can't see how to avoid a war against Iran under such circumstances, which should explain why Obama himself has recently abandoned his friendly tune over Iran.

How can the West's oil cats be ignoring this:

"The map of the world's main energy suppliers is about to change as Iraq's oil output quadruples over the next 10 years according to new forecasts. Iraq will eventually displace Saudi Arabia as the world's biggest exporter, experts predict, giving Baghdad crucial influence over the future price of oil."

The rush to exploit Iraq's "super-giant" oilfields, of which it has the largest concentration in the world, has gathered impetus with unexpected speed in the wake of BP's disaster in the Gulf of Mexico which has raised fears over deep-sea drilling. Iraq's oil has the advantage of being both onshore and cheap to develop.

...The outcome of what is being called 'the great Iraqi oil rush' will inevitably transform the balance of power between oil-producing states with Iraq the winner, Saudi Arabia and Iran the losers...

...It has long been known that Iraq has vast oil reserves, mostly in the south of the country around Basra, but these have been under-exploited because international oil companies were locked out of Iraq after the nationalisation of oil by Iraq in 1972. The Iraqi government did not have the resources to develop its own oil industry...

...Visiting diplomats said they were impressed with the speed with which the oil giants are moving to develop the Rumaila field in particular..."

Most of Iraq's oil, reportedly 80 percent, is in and around the Basra region. That's the area that was appointed by the Bush war to the Brits. Isn't the House of Rothschild the silent ruler of Britain? One could easily conceive that the Bush war was in fact a war for opening the closed door of Iraq's Rothschild oil people.

Always on the back on my mind is that I've been in error to expect a Russian anti-Christ because he could be of Rothschild-Rus blood. That is, the anti-Christ and False Prophet could exclusively be of Western-Illuminati colors. In that statement, we don't lose sight of Obama's service to the Rhodes Illuminati, another Rus bloodline in Britain. I've suggested that the Rhodes Illuminati has been linked DeBeers-branch Bernician, and while most claim that it traces back to the Bavarian Illuminati, note again that the present pope's bear design links back to Bavarian elements, and that Bernicians are to this day depicted by a bear.

The importance of my work in seeking Masci>Meschin links to the Rosicrucian Illuminati is underscored here. Note that the Meschin symbol, scallops, is used on the personal Arms of Benedict XVI along with his Bavarian bear. The scallop is gold on red, while the Shell oil logo is a gold scallop with red outlines. The article above says, "This week [Royal Dutch] Shell signed a $12.5bn natural gas production venture with Iraq." Also this week, the pope wrote a very nice letter to Iraq.

Therefore, is the Rus bear in Iraq already??? Is this Rosicrucian bear the anti-Christ?


July 4

By the way, my website-hosting company tells me that the problem my website is having (not loading in various places due to "compression" problems) is a Firefox-browser issue causing other websites not to load as well. I use Firefox at this time, explaining why I couldn't access my website for several weeks. Then, I downloaded Firefox programming updates, and was able to access the website. If you've been having the problem, now you know how it might be corrected. If you're using Internet Explorer, the problem may not exist.

The article under the headline, "Democrats Forced to Cheat to Fund War," is interesting, showing how Democrats pollute the democratic process to get their being underhanded. They don't deserve to be leaders. Vote them out!

I am happy to report that my second son has been contemplating various theological positions, and reading the Bible with a heart to understand the difficult issues. My third child has been going to church, and even asked me for the address of the Iraq updates a few weeks ago. These thankful things are a great relief to me.

Obama's stimulus money is about to force Americans to pay for a "Solana" project:

"Nearly $2bn (1.3bn) in loan guarantees will be given to two companies to kick-start the US solar energy industry, President Barack Obama has announced.

...Mr Obama said the projects would provide more than 5,000 new jobs.

The Arizona plant should power 70,000 homes and cut carbon dioxide emissions.

The money will come from government stimulus funds designed to boost the economy during the recession.

Outlining the 'Solana' project at Gila Bend near Phoenix, Abenoga said it would have an area of 1,900 acres...

...The second company, Abound Solar Manufacturing, will manufacture state-of-the-art thin film solar panels, the first time anywhere that such technology has been used commercially, the BBC's Jane O'Brien reports from Washington.

Plants will be built in Colorado and Indiana, creating 2,000 construction jobs and 1,500 permanent jobs, the Associated Press reports."

I'm all for solar energy, and am hoping that thin-film panels will be a great aid for trib survivors. But it's not the government's choice to force the peoples off of cheaper gas energy and onto far-more-expensive solar power. The underhandedness of the Democrats will be used, where possible, to effect this forced change.

There's plenty of gas in the planet, and it does no good to keep it down there. That gas could even be argued as a gift from God, in which case the globalist thieves who over-charge for it will pay His high price. One can also argue that mankind in general doesn't deserve this "gift." Did you know that propane and natural gas burns clean, without CO emission? Did you know that, aside from some water, 99 percent or more of the exhaust from propane and natural gas is CO2, the gas that forests love?

I imagine that Obama could force all Americans to pay (via taxes) part of the costs for solar power systems purchased by other Americans. Ask if that's the righteous thing to do? It's not. You don't take others' peoples money by force of law and police to help someone else afford their grossly-expensive solar-power system. If someone wants that power system, they can have it, but they pay for it all. Democrats are unrighteous to take the peoples' money to force their agendas down the throats of all.

You may not like the word, "unrighteous," because it's way "backward." But in a nutshell, that's the pollution of the human race. Yes, the planet is being polluted by unburned gas emissions and other toxins, but what about the souls of the very "environmentalists" who wish to force our choices? Jesus said that the worst dirt comes from the heart. Isn't the global-warming "crisis" more like dirt from the heart, rather than the reality? Isn't it a method to steal the money of the peoples to force the agenda of the "environmentalists"?

If you love trees, burn more natural gas, and if the over-all temperature of the planet increases by one or two degrees in the next generation as gasoline is phased out, it's cause for yet another celebration, because trees like warmer weather. I'm all for electric cars from electrical power plants run on natural gas, or cars that run on hydrogen (another clean gas), but please get the prices down of those cars first.

Or, better yet, elect me (I'm kidding of course) and I'll reduce the price of housing by an amount greater than the extra cost of a non-gasoline vehicle. It would be an easy thing to do if governments were not so unrighteous as to want the highest-possible property prices so as to rake in the highest-possible property taxes.

Reducing the price of your existing house and property will not take anything away from you if all other houses are reduced, because while you make less on the sale of your house, you get to purchase a house that is less expensive. It's a win-win situation because your kids fresh out of college will be able to purchase a home for less money, with less of their money going to the interest costs of the thieving mortgage companies. AND, you wife might not need to go to work just to have the mortgage payments made.

In my opinion, it is righteous for a government to keep the price of necessary items (like energy) down low in the face of greedy forces that would raise those prices to the sky. But if energy is a necessary item to be protected, what about housing??? How did it become the situation that house-flipping greedsters purchased property in order to make easy and reliable property prices shot up over a relatively short period? Is it righteous that governments allowed a situation to develop wherein two married people must both work and fork over large portions of their incomes for 25 years just to pay for their home?

How could it be that my first house shot up from $55,000 in 1984, to $250,000 before the year 2000? Where was the government at the time? I know. It was rubbing its palms in glee. City/municipal governments were being enriched, and upper-level governments then had their loads reduced in maintaining cities and towns. But just look at the condition of the economy as the next generation of home buyers has come of age. Not barring the housing situation, governments then allowed greedsters to shoot the price of oil to the sky. The do-nothing reaction of governments during that orgasm proves that they had been in bed with the culprits.

That's your new world order, people: governments protecting the thieves who steal the money of the people whom the governments are supposed to be protecting from the thieves.

Can't find a story on Obama's reaction to the Russian spies in either the or websites. Amazing. It's like the press babies this man. Onward we go to a West-Russia marriage.

If I'm confusing you by providing more than one anti-Christ scenario, just google "Who is the anti-Christ" to see what confusion really looks like. I sometimes google phrases like that in hopes of finding someone out there with some decent clues. Instead, I find disappointment. Many write without doubt that it will be Obama; some point out that Obama's home/office in Chicago has/had a zip-code, 60606.

I suppose it's possible that Obama will yet become the "king of Babylon." Something of a crisis may develop at this time to "justify" his taking over Iraq. He could argue further that the current political vacuum there justifies it all the more. And this takeover may not come before the August 31 deadline, but afterward, and conducted by the remaining 50,000 "non-fighters." I'm open to this scenario, but once again will stress that, if Ezekiel 38 and 39 was Inspired, the anti-Christ should be from the far north, not from America.

It's easy to predict that, should Obama begin to intrude upon Iraq, the Insurgents will go crazy because many more Muslims will enlist with them...against Obama. However, this situation does not portray the anti-Christ scenario that I see in Daniel 11. I see Insurgents united with the anti-Christ. And that's one big reason that I avoid an Obama=antiChrist equation.

I will not entertain the idea that pope Benedict is the anti-Christ.

I'm helpless. All I can do for us all is wait to see. If look to the Obama-Russia relationship for the Russian anti-Christ, I see a problem because Obama and Russia have competing interests in and around Iraq. How would they ever unite on some common Iraqi scheme? In an Interfax article of about two weeks ago:

"...Question: Russian President Dmitry Medvedev is coming to Washington for the third time while you are in the office, but it will be his first state visit to the United States. What are your expectations from this visit? What are the concrete agreements that the United States is interested to conclude with Russia at this visit?

Answer: Since meeting a year ago in Moscow Presidents Medvedev and I have worked closely together to end the drift in U.S.-Russian relations and reset relations on a more constructive path that allows us to pursue policies of mutual benefit to the American and Russian people...[blah blah black sheep]

Q....However, your critics are insisting that you are making too many concessions to the Kremlin while not getting anything back from the Kremlin. What would you say to those critics?

A.: I am very pleased with the progress that we have made in resetting our relationship with Russia, and the concrete steps that we have achieved together over the last 18 months President Medvedev and I have a very good working relationship [blah blah blather]...

The interview then quotes Obama as saying, "I am a strong proponent of cooperating with Russia on developing missile defense systems," and, fool that he likes to act like, he then puts the best Russian face to his Afghan war. He is certainly trying to convince his Western peoples that Russia is a worthy partner...and that was before the spy scandal broke, which scandal seems remotely in the past already.

I wonder, therefore, where this love-in with Russia is going. He seems to be proud of his achievements thus far with the Russians. He could certainly seek to solidify this relationship in a genuine way by offering Russia things that no other fool would. What about a partnership in Iraqi oil? Or in the fight against al-Qaeda in Iraq? The world might marvel at such a relationship. Obama could finally have his hour of success in global politics.

Revelation 13, in my view, tells that the False Prophet beast works missile-related "signs and wonders" in co-operation with the anti-Christ beast. Years before Obama, and before there was an American-Russia reset button, I saw in the Revelation-13 text, wherein the second beast (i.e. the False Prophet) attempts to make the world honor the first beast. that an American president would seek to make the world support a Russian anti-Christ, the purpose of which was to have the world see and copy. Isn't that what Obama is working at RIGHT NOW, to have the world accept a Russian enemy???

Apparently, yes. But I would not go so far as to say that Obama wants the Russian leader(s) honored, or as Revelation puts it, "worshiped." At this time, anyway. The future might change that. Imagine a scenario where Obama hangs all of his foreign-policy successes on a strong and sincere relationship with Russia, after which a Russian anti-Christ arises. Obama would then feel that such a one is his special baby to pacify.

Anti-Israeli rhetoric has died down recently.

July 5

The International Monetary Fund is essentially a UN organ with virtually the entire world in its membership. It was created in Washington in the years that saw the creation of the UN, and since then its purpose has been to make the economy of the world one. It's a pool of money (i.e. a bank) collected from the peoples and dished out to lagging member nations to leverage and force them into conformity to a system that the IMF deems correct:

"...The primary mission of the IMF is to provide financial assistance to countries that experience serious financial and economic difficulties using funds deposited with the IMF from the institution's 186 member countries...In return, countries are usually required to launch certain reforms, which have often been dubbed the 'Washington Consensus'."

Isn't that Globalism USA? The article goes on to suggest what is expected, that certain countries are denied or approved based on bias, and this is yet another method of the Fund to use the money of the peoples of the world to assist in shaping their own type of global society. Of course, it's called "democratic," and of course it's deemed good.

Should we expect the 666 purchasing system to be delivered to the world via the IMF? Probably not. It will likely say, "Want to borrow money from the IMF? Then conform to the '666' [whatever the official name will be]," but this lever or policing agent is not in itself the method that will usher and implement the beast's system. Instead, there should be a global consensus from leading UN nations to implement it, with the EU, Russia, and the United States all for it.

Just the same, where Revelation 13 tells that the False Prophet will make/force the world to accept it, IMF attitude comes to mind. The EU uses the same sort of leveraging to make its member nations conform to EU "correctness," and Obama uses the same sort of stick with Israel. It's the way of the new world order.

The IMF is a welfare system because it provides (via loans) to poorer countries. God had a unique welfare system in Israel called "slavery." It wasn't the sort of slavery that evil men use. It was a form of becoming like a family member -- think live-in housekeeper and worker -- as a last resort when "down on their luck," and they chose to be slaves willingly, in return for some benefits from an upscale family/individual. The Mosaic Law allowed slaves to opt out after a few years of service, and the "slave" could chose whom to "sell" themselves to, whether a good or not-so-good individual.

Anti-Christians and liberal "Jews" mock God by comparing Mosaic slavery to harsh forms of forced slavery. And that brings to mind the new global order. Aren't we being forced against our wills to become slaves to it? Where are the payments due to us for our services? What? We fund the globalists with tax dollars and the high prices of their products, and they with our money make us their slaves but pay us diddly-squat in return??? NOW, there's a form of slavery worth mocking.

No wait. Isn't it true that globalists allow us to have our own homes and other private properties? Maybe so, but the question in itself assumes that globalists have a right to make us their servants in return for private property...and paved roads or lovely parks that we paid for in the first place. Not only do they not have that right, but our private properties are bought from them in the first place at too high prices.

The entire system of democracy and capitalism is not an accident or a natural law or an expected evolutionary result. It's a devised tool to enrich the globalist. All things are devised to enrich the corporate giant, which is then invited into the global-corporation club...but only if it conforms. It must agree to be the slave of the global-giant club. It must agree to wear a single eye on its forehead, which is its personal part in the oversight of nations and peoples, to make them conform to the giant club. It uses simpleton caveman mentality: conform, or get clubbed over the head.

It would be very surprising should the 666 system not be a globalist tool. It's not the corner bank that's plotting to implement it, though these small banks would be happy to see it and are expected to push it along. You know by now that the 666 system will be implemented by those corporate people who revel and pride in being the Revelation beast and harlot. They only need to devise a way to bring it on that doesn't seem too much like prophetic fulfillment. They can't slap an obvious "666" on it, and they can't have a dragon logo, at least not at first.

The practical purpose of the 666 would seem to be a robotic society. Giant corporations have replaced many human workers with high-tech machines that are, literally, robots. The next step is make humans robotic. Robots have the purpose of saving/making money. Robots are programmed to obey. Robots are cheap slaves that eat only a little oil and grease, and go to sleep at the touch of a button.

To make us conform as willing slaves, it will be necessary to make us work hard just to pay the bills; to make us "happy" that we can at least pay our bills week-by-week; to shut our complaining mouths if only we have food and shelter...and a few "toys" to keep us pre-occupied while mommy and daddy giant go on with their business.

There is coming what Revelation calls the "image of the beast." An image is created to be conformed to. Globalists willingly under satanic controls will tell us to look at "this picture," and to conform to it or else be clubbed over the head, sometimes to death literally.

So if you want to mock slavery, this is the sort of slavery that deserves mocking. Don't be sad that you haven't been able to have your own slave, and don't be happy that you're not a slave. You are a slave, plain and simple. You are not free but to work for the Giant all the days of your pitiful life, and if the Giant can take half of what you own at your death, it will.

Therefore, do not mock the God who is coming to save the poor from the giant who makes even you a poor slave. Instead, help your fellow poor slaves until he comes. The Light of God is the knowledge that the world is run by satanic forces. The Light shines in the dark to expose it. We know, and we understand it. We live here knowing that we are not a part of it, if we are true Christians.

If you wish to know whether you are a true Christian, ask yourself whether you desire to have eternal life because you want to be forever with God. Are you comfortable with God as your Father, as your Helper, as your welfare system??? Do you like the idea of His righteous kingdom? Are you amazed with the teachings of Jesus, with his wisdom, and his command for a compassionate and easy-going (i.e. forgiving) humanity? But if you want eternal life and also to be aloof from God, I'm sorry, but you won't be accepted to Eternal Life. You can be a good and great person all you want, but if you want to be aloof from God, you've missed the mark of holiness so that God will become aloof from you.

Do you feel spiritually cold? Then it's you who has pressed the cold button, and it's you who has entered the night. Wake up, says the Light, and press the hot button. But if you haven't got a heart anymore, I don't think you'll be able to reach the hot button simply because you've accepted the night as your lot in life, and are trying to make the best of a false hope. The Light appeared that we might have a true hope, called the Truth.

Whoever presses the hot button decides that loving the Father is a true hope, but he/she also loves to love the Father. A true Christian doesn't love the Father because it's a safer choice, or just to get out of the cold and then stand aloof from the Father. That kind of faith isn't.

The one-eyed Giant won't like it when we teach others to forsake robotic slavery. When we argue that being human with a heart, with concern for fellow humans, is the better choice, the Giant might like to have us for dinner. But this war situation is our EXCITEMENT, for we not only fight on the winning side, but the human side. The war against darkness is our fuel and our food. When we get involved, it's oil for our hearts. To the heart that has, even more will be given, said Jesus. To the heart that doesn't have, even what it thinks it has will be taken away (i.e. by God).

If the salt loses its saltiness, it's just gravel to be tread upon; the Dragon will tread on you more after considering Christianity but forsaking it again, to make more sure that you won't wake up again for to have one more shot at the hot button. So, if that button is still within the reach of your heart because your heart has not been made totally hateful toward God, HURRY UP AND PRESS IT before the devil takes your hands and forces them to serve him.

Oh boy:

"An Iranian official threatened retaliation [today] after Germany, Britain and the United Arab Emirates refus[ed] to provide fuel to Iranian passenger planes following unilateral U.S. sanctions on the Islamic state, the ISNA news agency reported.

...U.S. President Barack Obama...'We are showing the Iranian government that its actions have consequences, and if it persists, the pressure will continue to mount, and its isolation will continue to deepen.'

...A lawmaker said Iran will retaliate. 'Iran will do the same to ships and planes of those countries that cause problems for us,' ISNA quoted Heshmatollah Falahatpisheh as saying."

Conform, or get clubbed. Iran now faces the Giant's wrath. Let's see how far tit-for-tat goes.

Christians and Iran have one thing in common; we both accuse the West of being the Great Satan. But Christians are far more dangerous than Iran's nuclear weapons because we threaten to make humans out of the robots, and to set the people free from the SlaveMasters. The Muslims would only replace one rotten system with another, but Christians would replace them both with the Totalitarian in the Sky.

He is the only true GIANT, who sees all, and has control of all, and we trust that HE has a heart, and the power to effect his heart in practical terms on the ground, unlike totalitarians and other cyclopean tyrants of the world. Alexander the Great was so great that he died midstream in the creation of his "utopia," but we trust that the GIANT Father will succeed to the end...and smash robots and their inventors instead of human hearts.

Didn't Jesus say something about the Father setting captives free through him? That's how he makes human hearts; that's how he turns on their hot buttons. Are you still happy to be free 20 or 30 years later??? Or have you forgotten the gift of God already...just a drop of time into eternity?

Obama wants the Sunni to have representation:

"Vice President Joe Biden says all the main political blocs must be included in the new Iraqi government for it to succeed.

Biden was speaking [yesterday] to a room of Iraqi political leaders during a visit to Iraq designed to help bring about an end to the political impasse gripping the country since the election.

...Mahmoud Othman, a senior Kurdish lawmaker in Iraq's parliament, said it was too soon to tell if Biden would be able to break the political deadlock.

...Biden said. 'When the new government is formed it will mark something extraordinary: a peaceful transition of power.'"

Famous last words? The article tells that reporters were led out of the meeting between he and Allawi so that whatever was spoken as American "advice" to Allawi may remain unknown. It also tells that "Charles Dunne, an Iraq expert at the Middle East Institute in Washington, said Biden's visit is a clear sign of 'a new, more activist phase of American diplomacy in the election standoff.'" In other words, this is only the beginning of American fingers in Iraq's election mud.

Egypt is also getting into it: "Iraqi diplomats in Cairo said Egypt has embarked on a diplomatic bid to help resolve Iraq's political impasse. The diplomats spoke on condition of anonymity because they are not allowed to speak to reporters. Iraq's Shiite vice president, Adel Abel Mehdi, is expected in Cairo [yesterday].

That's Abdul-Mahdi al Muntafiki. I had forgotten who it was that used a MontFiquet-like term, and found it again only now. This is the man whom the anti-Maliki Shi'ites want as Iraq's next prime minister. He is an anti-Saddamist with devotion to both communist-French and exremist-Iranian entities. If this is the best, viable alternative to Maliki, then Iraq is cruisin' for a bruisin'.

July 6

The headline that Obama did not want to see: "From war woes to Gulf disasters, Obama's presidency mirrors Bush's".

I don't think the following came out of a vacuum; it again looks like Western gas agents have been busy in northern Iraq:

"...northern Iraq's administration is now preparing to export natural gas to Europe via Turkey and the Nabucco project.

...Berhem Ahmed Salih, prime minister of the Regional Kurdish Administration in northern Iraq, said there were 3 to 6 trillion cubic meters of natural gas in the region.

As a result, the government looked to the Nabucco Project so as to continue shipping natural gas through Turkey to Europe."

For yet another reason for Putin's disappointment, see Clinton's strong words against him as per her visit to Georgia, where she tells Russia to get clear out of Georgia:

By now, Putin knows that any gestures by the Obama administration on reset-relations are shallow, if not totally dry. Medvedev has been playing the same what-me? kiss-up game, but Hillary is using the pressure of the spy scandal to get a squirming Russia to back off on all Eurasian fronts. If Russia ever had any military adventures in mind on top of its Georgian invasion, now that the cat's out of the bag, the time might be more "right" to get on with it.

Back in the Israeli news now is Netanyahu's visit with Obama, cancelled previously due to the flotilla affair. Obama is doing the wrong thing by asking Netanyahu to increase the length of the 10-month settlement freeze. Netanyahu should be asking Obama for payments of some sort for losses incurred in 10 months. The freeze was intended to give Palestinians time to get realistic about their demands. Obama heartily agreed to the freeze, wherefore he owes Israel compensation for nothing accomplished.

How convenient was it that "proximity talks" were developed, wherein Obama gets to be the middleman in the disputes? A middle man is not necessarily an independent third party, for it can weigh in at any time and even be fully responsible for any results and/or agreements. This is of obvious importance where one asks whether Obama will be a chief in the anti-Christ system.

The fact that Netanyahu is rebelling quite successfully against the O-will is fodder for an open betrayal by the American president while going over to the side of the anti-Israeli, anti-Christ axis. Netanyahu at this time seems to be trying to buck Obama off his back:

...Netanyahu told Israeli Cabinet officials [June 4] that he was ready to meet with Abbas at any time.

'Whoever desires peace will hold direct peace talks,' he said. 'I hope that this will be one of the results of my trip to Washington."

Direct peace talks gets rid of the middleman, but the middle man may not want to go. For he wants glory in bringing the two sides to an agreement because a Palestinian state has become his personal baby as per his involvement in pro-Palestinian causes in Chicago.

Abbas refuses to meet directly with Netanyahu because it is depending on the O-nut to pressure Israel into something it doesn't like. Abbas will simply ask Israel the impossible to keep from having direct talks...until, that is, the American "middleman" starts to lean toward Israel, which may not happen if we are very near the final seven years. There is a Drudge headline now: US questions its unwavering support for Israel.

The article makes it appear as though Israel has a responsibility to American security to the point of establishing a Palestinian state. That's exactly Obama's stick by which he will either leverage or club Israel. It even says: "...Joe Biden, has confronted Netanyahu in private and told the Israeli leader that Israel's policies are endangering US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan." How's that for placing the entire weight of the Bush-Obama war on Israel's shoulders? Is it fair? Of course not. But this is Israel's time to pay for sins, as per their remarks on the day that Jesus was crucified: "Let His blood be on us and on our children."

You might ask, why should modern Israelis pay for the sin of ancient Israel? But also ask whether modern Israel is any less guilty than ancient Israel? To whom does the tiny nation look for its needs, today? Y'Shua or America? We fully expect that the time will arrive when Y'Shua will cause America to betray Israel at the very time when militarized enemies are encamped all around it. There will be no salvation for Israel until the day that it says, "Blessed is Y'Shua who comes in the Name of Yhwh." That's what Y'Shua Himself said.

Netanyahu needs to tell Obama, "You are not Israel's provider, nut. You're more like a lunatic that wants Israel to crucify itself on behalf of your war." Really, since when did George Bush ever say that he was attacking Saddam and the Taliban on behalf of Israel? Never. Now the O-dministration wants to make it appear that it was fundamentally so, and laying blame on Israel in this way should be fostered by liberals...who hate both Y'Shua and Yhwh, so why not Israel too?

But if it's Pay Day for Israel, how much more so for the world of liberals and other haters of the God of Israel?

What's to say that BP's lamenting at this time, and it's facing total annihilation as a company, isn't ultimately payment from God for it's role in raising oil prices to the skies? Perhaps BP was playing a chief role? Infowars has an interesting article:

"The father of fascism, Benito Mussolini, defined fascism as corporatism. 'Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power,' said Mussolini.

ProPublica and PBS learned this lesson recently in Texas City. 'A photographer taking pictures for ProPublica was detained Friday while shooting pictures in Texas City, Texas,' reports Raw Story. 'The photographer, Lance Rosenfield, said that shortly after arriving in town, he was confronted by a BP security officer, local police and a man who identified himself as an agent of the Department of Homeland Security...

...Michael Marr, a BP spokesman, released a statement explaining the company&'s actions. 'BP Security followed the industry practice that is required by federal law. The photographer was released with his photographs after those photos were viewed by a representative of the Joint Terrorism Task Force who determined that the photographer's actions did not pose a threat to public safety.'

BP, Homeland Security, the FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force, and local cops will now decide if it is acceptable for journalists to take photographs.

"We certainly appreciate the need to secure the nation's refineries,' said ProPublica...And we see no reason why, if law enforcement needed to review the unpublished photographs, that should have included sharing them with a representative of a private company."

It looks like BP and its goon force (including federal agencies) knew ProPublica and PBS were working on a story. The incident had nothing to do with the security of refineries or public safety. It was about blocking a story a transnational corporation did not want published. This sort of thing happens in a corporatist-fascist state. It is not supposed to happen in a constitutional republic where the First Amendment and the Bill of Rights are respected."

So, my question is, if BP is run by Rothschilds, as websites claim, do Rothschilds also run Homeland Security? After all, websites claim, and I tend to agree, that George Bush acted on behalf of Rothschilds, and Homeland Security was created by Bush himself. Very recently (earlier in this update page), it dawned on me that Bush may have invaded Iraq with a plot to secure southern Iraqi oil fields (in and around Basra) for BP and other Rothschild entities.

It has been the opinion of many that some oil companies do not want North Americans to have their native oil because the companies have huge commitments/investments in Middle-Eastern oil. It sounds logical. The point is: British Petroleum. I've just asked the question of whether the British military stationed by the Bush-war in Basra was a BP-Rothschild plot to get fingers in Basra oil, and from that picture I asked whether these same BP-Rothschild entities are destined to be agents of the False Prophet...aiding the anti-Christ's take-over of Iraq?

We don't know whether Obama will be the "leader of the free world" after 2012. What would Iraq look like if Republicans get the American throne back? Is the Republican party a fundamental Rothschild tool? How interesting that the current prime minister of England (David Cameron) has a surname using the Rothschild arrows in the Crest of its Coat of Arms. Is God about to give Rothschilds supreme world power because God wants Rothschilds to fall as hard as possible?

If you have been reading over the past few months, you would have noticed my mouse saga, and that it seemed to point to the Mousquette/Muskett and/or Mascal/Keith surnames. Is it a coincidence that the English Mascal Crest is an elephant, the Republican logo? Are the red and gold stripes in the Scottish Mascal/Keith Coat the Cameron stripes? If Meschins et al were Meshech, while Rothschilds and Rhodians were Rus/Rosh, might Camerons have been Gomerians>Cymbri (of Danish Cambrian elements)???

Another point is that "Mussolini" looks related to "Mussel(burgh)", where the Keiths lived in Lothian, Scotland, which looks like the place that was named (or vice-versa) by the Mascals. Were Keiths, therefore, part of the Rothschild bloodline? Indeed, it is known that the first surnamed Rothschilds had huge money interests in Hesse, Germany (founded by a Catti tribe), while the Keiths are said, in their write-up, to be from a Catti tribe: "Traditionally the Keiths were descended from Robert, an early Chieftain of the Catti tribe, and possibly one of the earliest settlers in Scotland."

Therefore, the Republican elephant could trace to Rothschild-illuminati elements, an idea that jibes well with Rhodian interests in Africa. I had pointed out in my Ladon book that Babar the elephant, what became a cartoon for young children, was originally a French fable seeking to French-ize the African interests of the Bavarian Illuminati, for I reasoned that "Babar" was code for "Bavaria," and noted that the Vere Arms of Oxford uses an elephant and a green (Babar color) beaver, the latter also being code (in my thinking) for Bavarian elements.

I was able to trace the Scottish Veres of Moray importance back to Meschin elements in Macclesfield, Cheshire, and meanwhile I traced Keiths/Keaths to the Cheatles of Cheshire. I reasoned that "Maccles" was a term related to Mussel(burgh)/Mascal. Therefore, note the blue lion in the Crest of the Oxford Arms.

The link above tells that the Oxford elephant belongs to Francis Knollys, high steward of Oxford. Checking the Knollys Coat (won't come up without the 's' included), we find an elephant in the Crest...and red roses in the coat, the symbol held by the blue Oxford lion.

As per my trace of both Veres and red roses to Varangian Rus, it's conspicuous that the Knollys have a "Knowles" variation, smacking of the Nibelungs>Nobles of Friesland that I link fundamentally to Varangian roots. The Nobel Coat uses a blue lion too, and a "fortitudine" motto term like the "Fortis" motto term of the Oxford Arms, wherefore one has good reasons to link Nobels to the Knowles/Knollys. When you read of Vere's being praised as the most "noble" of families, you know it's code for their Nobel roots. And when you hear of someone winning a Nobel peace prize, you know it's a dragon-family thing.

It is very plain to me that Templars were Varangians seeking their old Nibelung regions of pre-Israeli Jerusalem. Isaiah 10 locates the end-time Assyrian anti-Christ at what was Nob, thought by some to be two or three miles north of Old Jerusalem (in what is now the Palestinian village of Shufat). When I entered "Nobb" just now, a Coat came up using a three-fingered white cross on green Shield, which reminded me of the three-fingered white Templar cross on green Shield of the Grenon Coat. That surname should link to the Gernon surname (said to be from "grenon") of MONTFIQUET (Bayeux, Normandy). The Nob/Nobb Crest is a blue eagle, matching the blue lion and the blue Vere boar.

The Guernon variation of the Gernons smacks of the Veres, and Gernon was the surname of the son (and ruler of Cheshire's capital) of Ranulf le Meschin, the very one to which I traced the Scottish Veres (as per their Randolph surname) back to. I'm convinced that I've got the rat by the tail. I just don't know whether these bloodlines will furnish the False-Prophet circle of rats only, or he both with the anti-Christ.

It's therefore intriguing that the next Iraqi prime minister may just be one Iran-friendly Mahdi with a MUNTAFIKI title (see the end of yesterday's update) in his surname, and with ideological roots in French/Marxist circles of the Bavarian Illuminati. Are Vero-Rothschild elements in Iraq working to bring this man to the Iraqi throne?

Obama is not thus-far shaping up like a false-Christian leader. He may call himself a Christian, but he's not exactly coming on strong with a Christian facade. Perhaps he will in the future, or perhaps he's already lost 2012-16 to the Christo-Republicans. Romney the Mormon in 2012-16?

There's a good chance that Mormons were named secretly after the Mormon/Moreman surname...using bunched arrows! Compare the Mormon/Moreman Coat to the Surrey/Sark Coat, keeping in mind that Mores are suspect (by me) as Sinclairs of Moray (Sinclairs proper were first in Lothian, where Keiths/Mascals first appeared) while the Mormon Coat uses the Sinclair-type "engrailed" cross.

On the other hand, we've got to figure in that Rothschilds of Britain founded modern Communist Russia (1917) under Marxist-Illuminati stripes, and that I traced Putin-like surnames to Sussex, where the English elephant-using Mascals were first found. AND, Sussex is smack to the south of Surrey in the very area that the Sinclair-of-More Rus bloodline first conquered England (1066). Therefore, if you're thinking that my work and yours proves that it's a shoe-in for the anti-Christ to be of the Western Templar bloodlines, and not a Russian/Muscovite at all, not so fast.

There's an AP article out today telling what you may have thought logical, that northern Iraq will ultimately be given to the UN police:

"The top American military commander in Iraq said [today] that U.N. peacekeeping forces may need to protect disputed territories in the nation's north if tensions between Kurds and Arabs haven't eased by the time U.S. troops leave in 2011.

...'If we have not integrated, we might have to think of some other mechanism," Odierno said. "I don't know what that is yet. Is it a Chapter 6 U.N. force? I don't know. But that's something that has to be worked out...

' ...It's widely believed that Iraq's leaders may ask the United States to revisit that agreement and leave at least some troops behind after 2011 to give the nation's uneven army and police forces more time to train.

...The current U.N. mission in Iraq does not include support for peacekeepers."

Through the UN, Russians can have a foothold into northern Iraq.

By the way, for newer readers, the reason that I lump the Mousquette/Muscat surname in with the Mascal/Keith surname is that there is a Muschat/MONTFIQUET surname. Although the Mascal/Keith surname is regarded (by me) as the most-important in my "mouse saga" (can't explain here what that phrase pertains to), I continue to advance Montfiquet elements because I strongly suspect, or feel, that it will end of being of prime importance.

After writing that, it entered my mind that Abdul-Mahdi Muntafiki (current vice-president of Iraq), and even the so-called "Mahdi" MESSIah of the MUSLim world, may have derived from Matti/Maddi-like variations of the Massey family. After entering "Matti" to find the same Italian Coat as when one enters "Massi," I tried "Maud" to find a first-found-in-Cheshire family (in Chee/Cheatle colors) derived from "Monto Alto" in the Naples part of Italy ("Naples/Napoli" is not necessarily derived from the idea of "New Naples," but may be a Nobel-stock entity).

As per the Montalt variation of the Mauds, I found the Italian Montalt Coat using Maud/Mawd colors, and in the write-up one spots a Montcalvo variation, smacking of Calvados...where the same-colored Muschats/MONTFIQUETS were from!! There is at least one piece of viability to link the Muslim "Mahdi" to the Mauds/Mawds. The Montalts use three red bars on white, while the Montfiquets use three red chevrons on white.

The Maud/Montalt Coat uses a red lion on white, the symbol also of the Mousquette/Muschat Coat; note the red-on-white bars in the latter.


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