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July 7 - 11, 2010

General James Mattis: Devil Incarnate?
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July 7

This interesting story was caught by FE:

"Turkey is making preparations to hire 500,000 career soldiers in order to ratchet up the war against Kurdish rebels, Turkish daily newspaper Aksam reported [June 30].

State Minister and Chief EU Negotiator Egemen Bagis said during a visit to Brussels that the move would also contribute to his country's struggle with unemployment."

It sounds like EU fighters are being appealed to for northern Iraq. I wonder whose idea this was, whether it was one of an EU agency rather than of Turkey. The EU makes money on the deal, and then gets military fingers in northern Iraq to protect its Nabucco interests.

The recent picture has been like so: Kurds have been talking to the Council on Foreign Relations during a time where Turkish and Kurdish relations are being strengthened (i.e. this relationship could be CFR sponsored to facilitate oil pumping from northern Iraq and through Turkey), and in the meantime Turkey's war against Kurdish rebels, who blew up a pipeline through Turkey in recent days, is being ratcheted up (i.e. possibly another CFR sponsored idea). THEN we hear that Turkey, on a visit to the EU capital in Belgium, is in the throes of hiring "professional" EU soldiers out of need. The article continues:

"An absolute number of career soldiers to be hired had not been determined, according to Defense Minister Vecdi Gonul. He said [June 30] that both the government and the military were conducting studies on the matter, and 'what shape (the new structure) will take will be known with the conclusion of these technical studies.'

...Turkish General Staff Secretary-General Ferit Guler said Friday that 'preparatory work has begun to change the [Iraq] border units...'"

We can imagine that Putin, who was lately celebrating his economic incursions into Turkey as if they were the death of Nabucco, is not happy with EU soldiers entering northern Iraq on any stated basis, for he knows that the fighters will be used to protect and facilitate Nabucco. Putin may decide that he's got to get his fighters into Iraq first, and he might just be able to squirm them in via UN peacekeepers. Depending on how quickly the EU soldiers are to be hired, the situation could see the prophetic turtle turning into a dashing hare.

If we're wondering whether the new EU leadership of Rompuy and Ashton are involved, note the "est in" motto phrase in the English Bag/Bagg Coat; entering "Eston" brings up the Ashton Coat). I mention this as per the one negotiating the EU fighters, Turkish minister and Chief EU Negotiator, Egemen Bagis.

Didn't Tolkien have a "Baggins" character? YES, there was a Frodo Baggins, son of Drogo Baggins, who lived at "Bag End" and "was a hobbit of the Shire who inherited Sauron's Ring from Bilbo Baggins and undertook the quest to destroy it in the fires of Mount Doom." Remember, Sauron, the holder of the rings of power (i.e. chief Illuminati bloodline) represented Muslim Saracens of Sicily (for some details: find "Sauron" in the first and second updates of March) who were in an alliance with the Rollo-Rus bloodline of the Guiscards, thus making a Bagis link to his Bag and Baggins code a real possibility. One of those Saracen groups was led by a Samsam surname.

In the second update of March, I shared a Wikipedia quote and then commented:

"[Frodo] left the Shire with three companions: his gardener Samwise Gamgee and his cousins Meriadoc Brandybuck and Peregrin Took. They escaped just in time, for Sauron's most powerful servants, the Nine Nazgul, had entered the Shire as Black Riders..."

Hmm, why SamWISE??? Because of Guis/Vis/Wiscard? I think so. I think Tolkien knew of Samson-cult links to Guiscard, the very center of his work, in fact.

When one enters "Took," the same Coat comes up as when one enters "Tolkien," the Took/Touque Coat as per Touque, Normandy. Thus, Tolkien WAS infatuated with his own bloodline(s)..."

As it's expected that the Samson cult was depicted with an ass or mule, if I'm correct to link that cult to the Avvites (of pre-Israel) and their donkey god, Tartak, note that Tolkien made Frodo Baggins the son of PriMULA BrandyBUCK (a mule bucks).

NOW, see the scallops (symbol of Sicels of Sicily) of the French/Norman Begin Coat, in the colors of the scallops in the Samson Coat!! And let's not neglect the late Israeli leader with the Begin surname.

One can see that the Samson Coat could be exactly the Begin Coat if not for the central cross...used also by the Eatons. Were Eatons (first in Cheshire) a branch of Estons/Ashtons, since after all the two families both use white on black, and since after all the black-on-white Astons were likewise first in Cheshire? The Aston Coat uses a "Numine" motto term, smacking of Tolkien's Numenor code. I don't think that's coincidental.

The Eaton Coat uses "omnia" for a motto term, which in the past was suggested as code for the black and white Oman surname with Osmunderly variation, which itself suggests links to the white-on-black Osmund surname.

If I'm not mistaken, the Osmund singers were Mormons, which was mentioned a few months ago when I realized that Tolkien was bent on Mormon bloodlines. As per yesterday's suggestion that Mitt Romney (a Mormon) might become the next American president and therefore the False Prophet, square his surname beside Rompuy's.

Both English Osmunds and the Bags/Baggs were first in Norfolk. As the Osmunds were earlier from the Bessin (hmm, like "Baggin"), where the white-on-black scalloped Meschins originated, the Osmund eagle might be the Ferte eagle (Mascis/Masseys/Maceys of Cheshire were from Fertes). I recall suggesting that "Frodo" was Tolkien's code for the Fertes!

In the first update of June it was shown (from an online article) that Fertes were also Fresnels and Fresnes', and that these families were first found in Burgundy, while it's known that Nibelungs originated from Burgundians. I then realized and shared that the Fray-using variations of the Fresnes surname linked to mythical Frey, ASgard-branch god of the Frisians, which helped to solidify the Nibelung link to the family because Nibelungs were in Friesland too.

The Samson Coat also uses "Pejus" as a motto term, smacking not only of the Bajocasses founders of the Bessin, but of "Bagis," the Turkish surname that has been responsible for this discussion in the first place. ZOWIE, FE has done it again!! Again, the Begin surname uses roughly the Samson Coat, and was first found in Normandy, where the Bessin is located. Interestingly, Begin variations include "Begougne," which is nearly "Bourgogne," the French version for Burgundy.

And I've got to re-mention here that a co-founder of the Baath party (of Syria) had an Aflaq surname (which was traced solidly to the Aflecks/Aflacks of Scotland), and that the Fleck/Flack Coat ALSO uses white scallops on black (like the Samsons and Begins), wherefore the "flagitium" motto term of the Samson Coat must relate to the Flecks, especially as a Fleck variation is "Flegge." The Flecks/Fleggs were first found in Norfolk (where the Astons and Bags were first found).

AND, as we expect Friesland elements to have been in Belgium, and as we can also suspect that Nibelungo-Varangi elements of Friesland were instrumental in making Brussels (Belgium) the EU capital, I should re-mention that there is a Belgian Fleck surname.

I have suggested that the frog symbol of the Franks extended to/from the Dutch, so why not also the Belgiacs and Frisians. I know that there was often an r-to-l switch that could have made Frig/Frog-like terms Flick/Fleck-like (the Flecks have a Flick variation). It is very likely that mythical Frigg of Odin elements was kin to Frey, and that the latter was simply a variation of "Freg." The Fry/Frey Shield is green, perhaps denoting the color of a frog.

NOTE that the English Frog/Frock Coat is black on white and uses...rings. The Shield uses a bar just like the one in the Meschin Coat, which I mention because both Frogs/Frocks and Meschins were first in Shropshire. The Froggets use a frog as symbol and were first found in nearby Derbyshire. The Frogget Crest is a "Parrot feeding on a bunch of cherries," and the Cherry Coat also uses RINGS and an engrailed chevron evoking the engrailed bar of the Frogs and Meschins. Knowing that Meschins took over Chester of Cheshire from the Avranches, it's not likely coincidental that the Cherrys descended from the house of De Cheries, "near Avranches," and that they were first found in Derby.

The Irish Sherrys are said to derive from the Gaelic "Searraigh," and that may expose the Cherrys as a Saracen/Sauron bloodline. I had traced "Saracen" to "Carrick," wherefore note that both Carricks and Sherrys use a similar dancette bar in the same black color. The Carrig(y) variation easily modifies to "Cherry." The black-scalloped Cheers/Chertseys of SURREY may apply.

The point is: are we seeing the Revelation-16 frogs gearing up for prophetic fulfillment in Turkey's request from Belgium to have EU fighters in northern Iraq? Will these EU fighters represent the False Prophet's alliance with the anti-Christ?

The present Pope's Arms uses a Moor head with bright-red lipstick, and wearing an ear-RING, indicating what seems to be typical homosexual fare for Catholic clergy. At the bottom of the Arms, a male organ seems to be "in=play." The present pope wears red shoes, the color of homosexuality. The scallop on his papal Arms has nine folds/finger, the symbolic number of Frodo Baggins or "Nine-fingered Frodo," and quite possibly representing the same as "Sauron's most powerful servants, the Nine Nazgul" (I tend to equate/link Sicily's Saracens with Moors/Mauritanians of Rus-Templar importance).

One can estimate that the Brandybuck code (of Tolkien) refers to the Brandy surname, for the Welsh Brandy Coat uses the Samson and Eaton cross. The Brangwain variation of the Welsh Brandys smacks of the Polish Baranek/Beranek surname that was not-long-ago linked solidly to the bear-depicted Bernicians>Varangians (the pope's Arms uses a bear). The Baranek Coat uses a raven holding a gold ring in beak, all on a red background, smacking of the papal Arms once again. It was realized that "Avranches" stems from the same Baranek stock, which makes the red rings of the Cherrys (from near Avranches) suspect.

The "L'espoir" motto term of the Cherrys could be code for Leslie elements from Lesbos (origin of "lesbian"), for Nibelungs were traced by me to Ixion's Lapiths of Lesbos, and they were in turn related to the Sintians of Lemnos, which is where I say Mormons (think, "Latter-Day Saints") trace themselves, though I also found Mormon codes that trace them to the Samson cult of pre-Israel as it evolved into the metal-smith of Lemnos, Hephaestus. As I suggested, the Smith surname, for example the surname of the first Mormon "prophet" (i.e. Joseph Smith), could have developed from Sams(on)/Samos-like terms. The homosexual Hephaestus cult was also on SamoThrace, a place that is highly suspect in my mind as the foundation of the Saracens, for I trace "Saracen" to "Thracian." Elements of Troy, and therefore of Tyre/Surru>Surrey, should apply.

I know for a sheer fact that Sintians of Lemnos became the Santones of Saint, France (this could be the real meaning of Catholic "saints"), and suspect that the SANDOmierzs region of Poland, where Baraneks lived, is a Sintian region too. There was also a Sobieski/Sobek family in Sandomierzs, and it uses the O-like "buckle" seen in the Welsh Brandy Coat, but also in the LESlie Coat. This buckle is much like the Traby/Sadowski "Q" (it may not be a 'Q' but does look like one). The Sadowskis were also SANDowskis, at least in America.

Add to this that Hercules, who was clearly a Greek depiction of Samson's Daniy/Danites, was equated in myth with Sandon, wherefore one has every reason to link Hercules, homosexual husband of Hebe, to the Hephaestus-based Kabeiri homosexuals and their Sintian kin. Sandon is generally understood as the Hercules cult/bloodline from Lydia. Think the Cilicia region in the Lydian domain, which was ruled by mythical Eetion often equated with Iasion, the founder of the Kabeiri on SamoThrace, and brother of the Trojan-founding DarDanus (= possibly code for the Danaans of TARsus, where Adana was located). "In some traditions Eetion is mentioned as the only brother of Dardanus..."

Entering "Saint" brings up the Sinclair Coat. The Sinclairs were from the same place in Calvados (that's where the Bessin/Bayeux is too) as the Tooks/Tolkiens.

Why is the comical and intriguing Mormon, Glenn Beck -- with Bag-like surname -- a leading commentator these days? Why is he on Fox TV (foxes became a symbol of both the Samson cult and the Guiscards)? Do Conservative/Republican Mormons have a high political agenda all of a sudden? Are they trying to deceive Christians into voting for them?

The English Beck crest is a pelican, a symbol that I trace to dragonline Poles in Britain. The Beck Coat has five black-on-white stars (Ashton symbol too) in the same position as the five white-on-black scallops of the Begin Coat. Otherwise, the Beck Coat is in the colors of the Brandys.

As per Tolkien's code, Brandybuck (i.e. that he applied to Frodo Baggins), the German Beck Coat is a buck. English Brandys use roundels in colors reversed from English Trebys. As the German Becks were from "Bach," the Welsh Bachs/Baghs, with stars in colors reversed from the English Becks, should apply. Let's not forget that the Brandy Coat (with Samson-surname symbol) is a Welsh one using the same red and white colors.

This Glenn-Beck logo with central 'G' evokes the Freemason 'G' in the Freemason square-and-compass logo. He doesn't use this logo on Fox, probably due to the flack he's received about the 'G'. But knowing Beck from the times I've watched him, he uses globalist themes as a comical mockery to them.

Then there is a distinct German Bach/Back Coat using a "spes" motto term, the same as the (red and white) English Bag/Bagg Coat. This Back Coat is in the colors of the Bag/Bagg Chief (= upper third of the Shield). This all stinks to highest Heaven. Grown men keeping heraldic codes for their homosexual roots in the satanic cults of the ancients. Who are these fiends? We shall see them acting out their doom soon. No longer will the earth be plagued by crisis after crisis as greedy men chase their fantasies. Their large trading ships will be a thing of the past. Atlantis shall fall.

Ignore those who would link "Jesus" (Greek = "Iesous") to "Iasion," who was also "Iasius." While it's possible that Gnostic Christians gave us "Iesous" as their secret play-on "Iasius," the fact is that Y'Shua (as the Israelites called Him) was not from the dragon cult of Greece. That's a certainty. On the other hand. Gnostics may not have given us "Iesous," and it could of course be sheer coincidence that there happens to be a drago-Greek character (there are thousands, after all) that reflects the term.

A single word on how Netanyahu's meeting with Obama went? Fakery. Obama faked friendship in an effort to overcome the ridicule he received the last time Netanyahu visited the "back-room." The utterly-stupid clown said that the "U.S. will never ask Israel to do anything that undermines its security." At that, Netanyahu fakes a nod as though not knowing that a Palestinian state represents the biggest security threat since 1948.

Netanyahu will simply fake his desire to move on to direct talks, for he knows how easily direct talks with Palestinians can break down...for yet another advantageous waste of time in the months or years. Obama and his fellow Western buffoons have promised that this time, Netanyahu will not get away with wasting more time.

I hope you are not waiting for the peace treaty between Israel and the anti-Christ. This false expectation -- which is due to an incorrect reading of Daniel 9:27 -- is perhaps the biggest reason that some Christians are pegging Obama confidently as the anti-Christ. There will be no peace treaty between Israel and the anti-Christ prior to his invasion of Israel. Perhaps after that, Israel might come to some agreement with him so as to spare itself a full loss.

BUT, if you put out of your mind everything you've been taught by prophecy writers on Daniel 9:27, you will likely agree that the "covenant" thereof is a war pact against Israel of various militant entities signing up with the anti-Christ's war machine.

What has Obama accomplished by apologising, in effect, to Netanyahu? It'll make it harder for him to pressure Israel in the future, especially now that American election season is just around the corner. After election season? That could be another story. Other anti-Israeli Westerners may not have reasons to let-up on Netanyahu. We await their schemes, if ever they come to pass, on forcing a Palestinian state.

The prophetic picture is being established:

"Using the village of el-Hiyyam which is located about 20km north of Kiryat Shmona, the IDF revealed in extensive footage, videos and maps the homes that Hizbullah has taken over and used to establish weapons storage centers, command and control centers as well as the location of the Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), some of them weighing up to half a ton, which are located throughout the village.

The IDF recently dispatched a delegation to United Nations headquarters in New York to present the evidence to the international community. The evidence was also presented recently to the new commander of UNIFIL, Maj-Gen Alberto Asarta Cuevas.

The IDF said that Hizbullah today maintains a force of about 20,000 guerrilla fighters throughout southern well as activating Hizbullah's extensive missile capability which allows them to strike any point within Israel today.

...Hizbullah has split up its forces in southern Lebanon to three different divisions: The Southern Division, the IDF said, consists of 5,000 guerrilla fighters, 30,000 missiles and rockets as well as a number of subdivisions. Each subdivision is responsible for approximately 15 villages. Each village has between 20 and 200 fighters, hundreds of mortar shells, hundreds of short-and medium- range rockets, as well as a number of command centers.

In the maps unveiled by the IDF, Hizbullah weapons caches are shown approximately 50 meters from schools and hospitals. Storage and command centers are located in most cases inside or adjacent to the homes of Lebanese civilians."

That's organized crime. It builds and awaits the signal to attack. But first, where's the Russian anti-Christ in Iraq, Lord? I'm starting to feel that I'm letting long-time readers down. Hurry, please, we need a sign.

"...At the same time, Russia is pursuing a less spectacular tack, one which is perhaps more important in the long term, to win over Europe...Integration into Europe is the name of the game. The proposed new European security treaty unveiled last year was a serious offer. The new EU-Russia Political and Security Committee, chaired jointly by EU High Representative Catherine Ashton and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, announced that Trans-Dniestr may soon see the withdrawal of Russian troops, there since 1991, to be replaced by a joint European-Russian peacekeeping contingent."

Okay. There's a Russian-involved peacekeeping force sanctioned and even created by the New EU. So why not a similar peace-keeping force in Iraq as soon as it's needed? The article continues, suggesting that Russia is the one begging to join Westernism. I'll have to disagree::

"The European Parliament last month approved a resolution for visa-free travel with Russia....

So it is important to see the current Russian wooing of America as part of a two-track policy: to get Europe to continue to improve relations, it is necessary to keep the prickly Americans onside...

...Russia's accession to Washington's demand for new UN sanctions against Iran could be dismissed as a meaningless gesture if it wasn't for the subsequent cancellation of the S-300 missile contract. Russia signed the contract in 2005, when its relations with the US were at an all-time low...Russia finished assembling the missile systems in 2009 but has now admitted openly that it was cancelling the agreement due to pressure from Washington."

It's hard for me to believe that Russia intends to cancel that sale. I would suggest that Putin will find Russian agents whom he pretends to oppose or be indifferent toward, who will support, as secretively as possible, Iran's scheme's against the West's intrusions. As the piece even claims:

"As late as April, Mikhail Dmitriev, the head of the Russian Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation, said that Russia was planning to deliver the missiles [to Iran]. Even after the 9 June UN Security Council vote approving the new sanctions, Foreign Ministry spokesman Andrei Nesterenko said 'Russia is in no way bound by the UN Security Council resolution in relation to supplies of the S-300 air-defense systems to Iran, and work on that contract is underway.' Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov supported the deal to the end, saying on 11 June the decision to cancel would require a decree from the president."

We don't know exactly all that Putin is intending with his fake friendship toward the West, but if he can't cut himself away from the West, he'll need a close Russian military agent in the Middle East that he claims to be an enemy.

That appears to be it for the news today. Thank you FE for a story that doesn't seem to be anywhere else.

July 8

The snoop police have been coming on irresistibly for years, ever since the internet allowed easy monitoring of recorded private data. And we've been told already that, in the name of fighting terror, our emails would be subject to people we don't know.

Do you recall the underwear bomber, how I claimed strongly that it was in inside job by American officials to stage a terrorist attack? Obama, who I think was made privy to the plot, sought to justify entering Yemen more deeply by that attack, and, the point is, he and his fellow goons, for the sake of making the event seem as critical as possible, told us that there were coming many more such attacks. They never materialized, did they?

I knew they would not materialize, even though other inside jobs to follow may have been planned, because the plot was so blotched that it became evident as an inside job. Only those people who still think that their government "would never do such a thing" remain deceived.

Since 9-11, which was another inside job, America has yet to see an explosion by an al-Qaeda operative, which is so utterly strange and unexpected...unless 9-11 was an inside job. Any body of ruling people who would hire conniving agents to enter the twin towers and stick explosives to the critical points of their steel beams, then bring them down with people within them, after two airliners sail through their windows, are worse than organized Mafia. I don't need to tell you that.

There's only one group worse than the Mafia: globalists. They've learned that they are not really so superior in intellect as to be invincible, but they have planted their own Freemasonic kinds into the legal systems so as to protect themselves from being punished when they are caught in their illegal plots. Once a person is an established "brother" of the brotherhood, the brotherhood has to effect rescue missions when needed.

As you must know, Homeland Security, and the right to snoop on private peoples' conversations without a warrant from a court, were two products directly of 9-11. People who believed that Bush "would never do such a thing" accepted Homeland Security as something good. But spying on citizen's for the sake of fighting terror must have another purpose. What about spying on enemy corporations or enemy politicians...or enemy ideologists?

Looking back, one easily understands that the main purpose of 9-11 was to enter Afghanistan; entering Iraq may either have been pert of the initial plan, or a subsequent by-product. Obama ridicules those who think 9-11 was an inside job because he is ruled by the same invisibles who plotted it, explaining why he's made Afghanistan his personal war. One can imagine multiple possible purposes for being in Afghanistan, and it's not likely an either/or scenario. Instead, the plotters are hoping to effect all purposes at once, one being Iran, another Russian-border nations, another Russia itself, another oil, another the gems of the Afghan rocks, another global governance, another democratization in the Muslim world.

But what about those enemy ideologists? In the same way as the Afghan mission, snooping has multiple possible purposes. Why stop at snooping on enemy politicians and corporations? Who are the enemy ideologists? Any powerful circle of peoples that threaten "globetrotter" goals. And people like me who equate globalists with satanic prophecy.

Coupled with these Christian efforts, there are non-Christian groups portraying globalists as freaks bent on control for self-interested purposes. We are doing much damage to globalism, and the day will come when we will pay the price. I therefore stress once again, stay invisible as possible as you send emails: don't let it be recorded that you are setting up a trib retreat, and consider seriously whether you should email people who have writings like mine. The snoops can't read all emails, but they can search for keywords and thereby target the few emails that might be "important" to them.

Imagine an evil ruler of a tribe of Celts. He's gone for five, ten, maybe twenty years in peace with his neighbors, but the day comes when he decides that life would be more exciting should he raid and pillage a neighboring district. Does he tell his own people, "Hey, I'm bored with life, and would like to have more things. Let's go attack those unsuspecting villages a few mountains over. We'll kill them off and take their beautiful women, their belongings, their animals"?

No, not likely would a leader take that tack unless he knew that his entire peoples were as corrupt as he. Instead, if he knows that his tribe has a number of good individuals, he'd get his trusted inside circle to tell the people that their good leader has discovered that the villages a few mountains over are planning an attack, and that all his men of fighting age should prepare to surprise attack before being attacked. The innocent villages never knew what was coming: deeds deserving the fires of Hell.

Will the leaders of the end times be more righteous than that? Of course not. God has said that end-time nations will serve an openly satanic individual bent on war, who worship his war machines and expects his people to worship the same.

Right now, national leaders are acting righteous and giving fine-sounding excuses for their expansionist plots, because they know that the righteous members of their nations stand opposed to scythian mentality (i.e. empirehood). But the anti-Christ is to have the sort of personality to make the worms and snakes of the nations come out and stand tall, and I think Illuminatist globalists will, as fools not knowing what they are doing, respect and elevate that individual. That's because the head cheeses of the globalists will urge other leaders -- the inside circle -- to respect him.

And there will be a surprise attack on the "Christian villages," the ideological enemy, with the false report circulated that this enemy is plotting secretly to attack. Once we are defined as an enemy in various ways, they will give themselves the right to search for us via their snoop methods. Globalists will only need to search keywords in all emails, not only the current/future emails, but those written in the past and recorded somewhere.

If you end up on a piece of land that you don't own, you might be able to go undetected there. If you don't have a physical address recorded anywhere, or a telephone number, and you don't use the internet from the piece of land that you're calling your trib retreat, global lunatics won't be able to find you even if they have all your emails in hand. They will know your name, and the address from which the emails came forth, but if in the end you lodge on the property of another Christian, and especially if that land owner was not an internet/email user, you could become quite invisible.

Often, the older generation has remained aloof from the internet, and, often, the older generation has acquired extensive property ownership. We're hoping that God knows these things, and can use them to keep us invisible.

There may not be much that globalist snoops can do to find Christian land owners who don't use the internet, especially those landowners who won't know until the 1260 days arrive that their property(ies) will become a trib retreat(s) for others. There are a lot of pre-tribbers having no intention of building trib retreats now, who will one day become avid post-tribbers by force of the mark's arrival absent of the early rapture they expected.

If you're thinking that you need to find a post-trib landowner as soon as possible in order to secure your trib home, think again. The day will come when all true Christians of all rapture positions will open their doors to those who can't afford their own property. And there will be a sudden rush to find such true Christians, which sudden rush may be God's will for better protecting his people through invisibility. It is probably a very good thing that there are not many post-tribbers discussing trib plans online or over the phone. It is probably a very good thing that trib plans remain hush.

If you find an online group involved in designing a trib commune, how do you know that it's not the enemy who started the project for the purpose of making a list of post-tribbers? Can we not imagine globalists hiring agents to make a list of Christians worldwide? How would they go about making such lists? BUT, it's all much in vain if they don't have the address of your trib retreat.

A period of 1260 days is not that long. First, they'll need to find where the trib retreats are located, but not before they have legal recourse to do so. Some judges may feel that Christians have a right to live communally if the skincode violates their religious convictions. Some communities will not accept the concentration-camp solution. It's not going to be all smooth sailing for the satanists, for MIGHTIER is our God.

The problem with trib retreats on the land of those who are now not post-tribbers, or on the land of post-tribbers who fail to prepare, is that the lands will not have sufficient needs in storage. That's where you come in, wise virgins. It is your job to store provisions for 1260 days. If you start drying foods several months (or even a year or two) ahead of the 1260 days, you won't be hording, and no globalist can stop you.

The Israeli Defense Forces have been releasing info on Hezbollah as if on a smear campaign that precedes a strike on Iran. Now we find who the group's Iranian leader is:

"Iran has deployed a top Revolutionary Guard Corps officer in Lebanon to oversee Hizbullah operations on behalf of the Islamic Republic, a senior IDF officer revealed [yesterday].

The officer's name is Hossein Mahadavi, and his official title is 'commander of Iran's overseas division,' which in this case is Hizbullah. Mahadavi is believed to maintain an office in Beirut and is a senior member of the Revolutionary Guards' Al-Quds Force, which is responsible for Iran's overseas operations.

...According to another IDF officer, Hizbullah would likely not be able to initiate an attack against Israel today without Iranian permission. Iran is understood to be building up Hizbullah in an effort to deter Israel from attacking its nuclear installations."

Haaretz has a similar story today, though based on the Syrian part of the Iran axis:

"At an undisclosed site, the Syrians have erected a factory that produces M-600 missiles, capable of hitting almost any target in Israel. According to the French newsletter Intelligence Online, the factory is a joint Iranian-Syrian venture. Iran funded construction of the site, and supplied the assembly line, the technology and the war doctrine. In return, Syria is committed to provide half of the factory's production - that is, half the missiles - to Hezbollah.

...But at this point in time, it appears Tehran is not interested in another round between Israel and Hezbollah, and Israeli intelligence does not believe a new war will break out this summer. Still, just one incident going out of control could lead to war."

Yes, a strike on Iran could be that one incident. But one thing I'm sure of: Iran is not waiting for Israel to strike before it's ready to strike Israel with Hezbollah. There has got to be a full-blown plan in Iran that includes the time of striking Israel. Will it be when there are sufficient missiles in southern Lebanon? How can there ever be sufficient missiles when Israel has a thousand times more firepower?

It therefore makes more sense that the strike has an attack date as per the successful entry into Lebanon and/or Gaza of some nuclear weapons. Neither Hezbollah nor Hamas needs to be informed of these nuclear weapons in their domains; Iran can then attempt to skirt responsibility and blame the nuclear attack solely on either/both terror groups.

Did Iran's Gaza "invasion" run out of gaz? I gaz so.

I don't think the Biblical descriptions of the initial end-time invasion into Israel appear to be with nuclear bombs. Isaiah 22:7 says that Israel's valleys will be filled with Elam and Kir, and that Israel's defenses will be wiped away by what appears to be a surprise attack. The identity/location of Kir is not known with certainty, but the Elam mentioned was in Iran on and around the Persian gulf, and jutting into what is now southern Iraq.

There needs to be a reason why Isaiah has Elam invading end-time Israel, as opposed to a people in northern Iran, Syria, Iraq, etc., and I'll keep an eye out for that reason. One thought is that I trace Zeus to Elamites, and I expect the Zeus-Rus "Templars" to partake in the invasion of Jerusalem in the end times. Thus far along, the only viable explanation is that Hezbollah is the Elam and/or Kir of the Isaiah text. Or, Hezbollah is an agent of Elamites of Iran.

Strong's concordance suggests that Kir was "an Assyrian district on the Kur river." There was a god, Kur, in Akkado-Sumeria i.e. "Eden," in the Iraqi portion of Elam:

"In Sumerian mythology, Kur was primarily a mountain or mountains, and usually referred to the Zagros mountains [in Iran] to the east of Sumer. ...'Kur-gal' a metonym for both Nippur and Enlil [= Ishtar cult>Babylon the Great] who rules from that city...

...In the Enuma Elish in Akkadian tablets from the first millennium B.C.E., Kur is part of the retinue of Tiamat [Tammuz?], and seems to be a snakelike dragon. In one story the slaying of the great serpent Kur results in the flooding of the earth. A first millennium BC cylinder seal shows a fire-spitting winged dragon -- a nude woman between its wings -- pulling the chariot of the god who subdued it, another depicts a god riding a dragon, a third a goddess."

The impression that I'm getting is that Kur was an Iranian entity of the Zagros mountains central to the Nephilim cult, and therefore extends to mythical Nephele and the Nibelung Rus. While I traced Ixion (Nephele's mate) to Ares/Hera elements on the Aras river, that river pours into the KUR(a) river.

I traced the Zeus Taurus to the Turrukaens of the Zagros, and Dionysus traces solidly to Nuzi of the Zagros. Both the Guti and the Kassites lived in the Zagros, but so did the Horites of Nuzi, and "Kur" might just be a hard-c form of "Horite." I tentatively traced a hard-c version of "Horite" to Cronus (Zeus' "father") for lack of a better identification for Cronus. It makes better sense when his father, Uranus, is understood as the peoples of Eran>Iran.

Another theory is that "Asshur," the Biblical Assyria, had a hard-c version, Akur. Elam, the man, had a brother named Asshur (Genesis 10:22). They were brothers of Arphaxad, whom I link to the Ares cult fundamentally, and even identify as the dragon of Ares. Yet another brother was Aram, whom Josephus thought named "Armenia," which nation in myth was depicted with serpents (of the Hermes rod).

I should mention that the Lydians, whom I've traced to the Laz Caucasians, may have been from yet another brother, Lud (Genesis 10:22). It makes great sense and is not necessarily contradictory to the Laz claim. It is known that Armenians developed into Phrygians, and that Hermes worshipers were at Lydia's Hermus river. But this man, Lud, may have become the Laz Caucasians inasmuch as I trace the Cadusii Armenians (depicted by "Hermes") to Kutaisi (Georgia/Colchis), a city that was taken over by the Laz. The caduceus rod (depicting the Cadusii) was not only attributed to Hermes, but to Tiresias, father of Daphne and therefore equivalent to the Ladon dragon...whom I trace to "Lazona" of the Caucasian Laz.

All five brothers were sons of Shem, wherefore it makes sense that Sumerians were named after Shem. But I reason that Samos (an Armenian god), and therefore the Samson cult, was named after the same pagan "Shemites."

The point of all this is that Israel might be attacked by a Rosicrucian anti-Christ. Right now, in my mind, it's all up in the air, and I don't know whether the ball will bounce on a Russian, or Rosicrucian, anti-Christ...or both.

Perhaps ancient Kir is still with us in "Kirkuk." After all, it is said that the city of the Arphaxadites, Arrapha/Arrapachitis, was changed to "Kirkuk/Korkura" by the Guti i.e. a Zagros people. The article at the link above suggests a link with the ancient Kurds, but as Kurds today are friendly with Israel, and as I think the Guti became the Kassi(tes) who in turn became the dragon cult at Gaza and nearby Gath, and as the Hebrew word for the Gittites of Gath is "Gittiy" (Strong's #1663), the Elam and Kir of Isaiah 22:7 could be the Hezbollah and Hamas team now in synchronized operation.

On the other hand, I also trace Kassites and Cadusii to the Khassi and Cati regions of Cilicia, where KIZZUwatna was a Hyksos/Ixion domain as mush as Gaza had been. BUT, I don't think that "Kir" refers to Cilician domains even where Isaiah's Kir/Kur represented Guzi at Kirkuk.

It makes good sense to identify Isaiah's Kir with the anti-Christ's forces in Kirkuk. Not the Kurds of Kirkuk, but the Sunni trying to find a way to overcome the Kurds. In fact, I trace the "true Arab" to Kirkuk's earlier name, "Arrapha>ARABkha."

Well, lookie, the EU's Ashton is making a pit stop in the Gaza station. She's been spinning her wheels so much for the Gazans that she's due for a re-tread:

"European Union foreign affairs chief Catherine Ashton will visit Israel and the Gaza Strip on July 17 and 18, her spokesman said [yesterday].

Her trip is independent from a visit planned by the foreign ministers of Spain, France and Italy, who will head to Gaza this month to check on Israel's plan to ease a blockade of the Hamas-run Palestinian territory, he said.

Before the announcement, Ashton told the European Parliament in Strasbourg that she intended to return to the Middle East, adding: 'And I will visit Gaza again.'...

...Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos and French counterpart Bernard Kouchner will take part in the trip. Israel has given the go-ahead for the international community to import construction materials into Gaza..."

Israel had been blocking the sale/importation of concrete into Gaza, and so the Ashtons of the EU made that an issue. Israel bowed to the pressure, and continues to bow because it wants relations with the modern Harlot. Therefore, God will cause Israel to bow as low as the dust of tribulation trampling. The Trampler is coming to the Gaza station to, but he intends to knock a lot of Egyptian concrete to the ground. Egypt may not love Israel, but it will love the Trampler even less. After he arrives, Gaza will be set free from Egyptian controls. Next, he will remove the Israeli bars that keep Gazans in a national prison. After that, godhood awaits him.

With leaders from Italy, Spain and France due in Gaza shortly, is it a coincidence that at 12:15 pm today, "[Lebanese] PM Hariri discussed latest developments with the ambassadors of France, Italy and Spain"? Thus, the Gazasaga has NOT gone away. And the more that Iran sees the West pressing Israel's buttons on the matter, the more it will find promise in starting a serious scuffle.

In the midst of a scuffle in Hezbollah-land, a Lebanese politician made a statement requiring UNIFIL to support Hezbollah rather than Israel, or that UNIFIL is not welcome in Lebanon if it supports Israeli activities there. This start of antagonism toward UNIFIL could be the start of a push to get the UN out of the country:

"The U.N. Security Council has approved a French request for an emergency meeting on Friday to discuss the latest clashes between UNIFIL troops and residents in southern Lebanon.

...Spokesman for the ministry, Bernard Valero, said that French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner had informed Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri during their meeting in Paris on Tuesday of the need to carefully implement UNSCR 1701 and respect UNIFIL's freedom of movement. ...The U.N. Security Council will renew UNIFIL's mandate in south Lebanon 'without hesitation' during its July 14 meeting, An-Nahar newspaper reported [today].

...The security source said 'there is no doubt that Hezbollah has a hand' in the recent incidents in the South."

Resolution 1701 requires Hezbollah NOT to store weapons, yet UNIFIL has done nothing but complain about the mass storage of weapons. Another article:

"MP Antoine Zahra a key member of the Lebanese Forces stressed [yesterday] that the mission of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) is dedicated to supporting the Lebanese army and not the [Israeli] Resistance.

Zahra said that if UNIFIL was deployed to protect Israel, then Lebanon should not request an extension for their stay.

The MP added: 'If they are there to provide stability in the South and protect Lebanon, then the UNFIL troops should not take into account what one portion of the population wants to impose because their duty is to support the army and not the Resistance.'

...On July 3, a UNIFIL patrol was attacked and overpowered by Shi'ites in the southern village of Kabrikha. Officials said the villagers, after one of them had been arrested, pelted UN troops and seized their weapons.

On June 29, Shi'ites attacked a UNIFIL vehicle between the villages of Adeisseh and Kfar Kila..."

With Israel being painted as the aggressor, what do we think was the purpose of this war-pact affair:

"Damascus, (SANA) -- A workshop on regional security kicked off [yesterday] at Sheraton Hotel in Damascus, organized by the Syrian Foreign Ministry in cooperation with the Arab League and the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The workshop is held as part of the Arab-Turkish Cooperation Forum, with the participation of 16 Arab countries.

...Dr. Mikdad added that Syrian-Turkish relations express the best interests of the region's countries and as whole...

...He also lauded Turkey's support to the Arab causes, such as Turkey's firm stance against the Israeli aggression on Lebanon in 2006, its condemnation of the siege on Gaza...

...He pointed out that Israel continued to occupy Arab lands, committing massacres and war crimes by threatening even Turkey...

...In turn, Director of the Europe and Arab-European Cooperation Department at the Arab League Fares Abdelkarim stressed that the tension and instability in the Middle East is caused by the Israeli practices that reject peace initiatives, reiterating the Arab League's denouncement of the Israeli crime against Freedom Flotilla, in addition to affirming its support of Turkey in this regard.

...noting that the Palestinian cause must be the main issue of the Arab-Israeli conflict and that Israeli threats put the region's security and stability at risk.

Solendil concluded by underlining the need to bolster Arab-Turkish cooperation to reach the best possible levels."

These Arab countries never tire of talking like this...because the Obamas and Ashtons of the world have given them new life. We shall have to wait and see whether the Obamas and the Ashtons of the Harlot will ride on the anti-Christ's back in the Israeli invasion.

In a piece from Kurdistan last month, "Russia" is mentioned only once as having had a representative from the Russian embassy in a Kurd economic conference. Nothing else said. The piece shares a few more tidbits on who's getting involved in Kirkuk oil, and it adds to the possibility that Revelation's kings of the east" include Indians and Koreans:

"The investment figures above do not include the oil sector, where 35 oil and gas firms from 17 countries have struck production-sharing agreements. These include Austria's OMV, the Korean National Oil Corporation, India's Reliance, Channel Islands-based Heritage Oil, Canada's Talisman and the US's Hunt. Norway's DNO and Turkey's Genel Enerji are already producing oil from their discoveries."

Russia is conspicuously absent, which is expected if Russia has plans to secure Kirkuk oil and gas via an invasion of Iraq. That's not a statement to be laughed off, for the current situation, wherein both Turkey and Iran are flirting with an invasion into northern Iraq, looks too much like the Gog team of Ezekiel 38-39.

The interests of India in Kirkuk oil helps to hit the Revelation number of 200 million...fighters on the upper/northern Euphrates river of Iraq. If it's hard to imagine China alone (which also has Kirkuk oil interests sealed in a deal), with a population of 1.3 billion, mustering 200 million fighters, then including India's population of 1.2 billion makes it less difficult. If a Russian axis invades Iraq and takes their oil deals away, then possibly India and China could unite militarily, with Koreans even, to change the situation. We note that "kings of the east" is pluralized.

July 9

Petraeus' "old" job is set to be taken by a Mattis surname. The first thing coming to mind as I read the article below was my expectation to some degree that the anti-Christ is to be a Meschin (I had traced "Matti" to "Massi/Masci/Massey"). As you read, you might recall my other expectation, that the anti-Christ is to be a loud-mouth and a war hog:

"WASHINGTON - Marine Corps Gen. James Mattis has been picked to take over U.S. Central Command, the Pentagon announced [yesterday].

Mattis would replace Gen. David H. Petraeus...

As head of Central Command, Mattis would oversee U.S. military operations in Afghanistan and Pakistan, as well as across the Middle East, including Iraq and Iran. He currently heads the Norfolk, Va.-based Joint Forces Command, which coordinates strategy and trains young generals.

Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates told reporters that he was impressed with the general's 'strategic insight and independent thinking.'

Mattis is a blunt-talking, seasoned war veteran...

...In 2005, Mattis was chastised by his superiors for saying in a public speech...'You go into Afghanistan, you got guys who slap women around for five years...So it's a hell of a lot of fun to shoot them. [Actually, it's a lot of fun to fight. You know, it's a hell of a hoot. It's fun to shoot some people. I'll be right upfront with you, I like brawling.]'

...In 2004, Mattis' Marine division led the assault on Fallujah, and he played a key role in helping Iraqi security forces negotiate with insurgents inside the city."

What this article and the sudden turn of events does is to further make uncertain whether the anti-Christ will be a Russian, or a Rus-Templar agent of Obama. Wikipedia's article tells of three nicknames: Chaos; Warrior Monk; Mad Dog Mattis. As per my link of Pollocks and other Poles, especially the Pulls/Poles of Cheshire to the Meschins/Mascis, I now find that Mattis was born in Pullman (named after the surname), Washington. There is a Pullman Coat (same as Romney Coat) in Macey/Mackay and Pull colors (white on blue) and using scallops, the Meschin symbol. It has a pelican as Crest, the Arthurian symbol...that I think depicts the Pulciphers/Pulsiphers of Cheshire, founders of Wayne County at Romulus, Michigan (the Wayne surname also uses a Pelican).

Entering "Mattis" brings up the Italian "Matthew" Coat that also comes up when entering "Matti" or "Massi." The Chief of this Coat is black on gold, as is the Pullman Chief. The Mattis Coat is white on blue (Cohen checks), same color scheme as paragraph above.

AND, "Eight miles east of Pullman is Moscow, Idaho, home of the University of Idaho." Fourteen percent of Idaho is Mormon. Pullman is in Whitman county, and entering that term brings up the English Whitman Coat, using what I have thought to be a 'M' symbol. It's only now, for the first time, that I've discovered the official name of this symbol: it's a "maunch.",_Washington

ZOWIE, the Masseys were from Macey, MANCHE!

The Whitman Crest shows a stag on a tree stump. The Pulsiphers also use a stag, which is a buck, the symbol of the German Becks/Bachs. The Pulsiphers use stars in colors reversed from the English Becks, and as the latter Coat is white on red (Massey colors), it's not a coincidence that the Glenn Beck (a Mormon) logo for Fox TV uses a white 'G' on a red background...and a red 'B'. The Beck crest is...a pelican.

Wikipedia's article on Mattis says that he quoted a Roman general (first century BC) by the name of Sulla. This evoked the Sully surname that I had linked to the Seleucid bloodline, and zowie, the Sully Coat is exactly the Montfiquet/Muschat Coat. The Coats are in colors reversed from Obama's Singletary bloodline.

The spear and the sparrows in the Singletary Crest and Coat likely depict the Spears and Spearmans; the latter use the Macey and Mackay Shield, and the Massin/Mason motto; I'm thinking that Massins have roots in the Mattis/Massi family of Massino-Visconti, Piedmont. BUT the WHITworths/WHITwoods (i.e. I'm thinking Whitman county) also uses the same motto.

The blue and gold German Whitmans are probably related to the German/Bavarian Wise/Weis surname using the same colors, and therefore to Adam Weishaupt, founder of the Bavarian Illuminati. I had traced the Wies surname to "Guiscard/Wiscard" and the Viscontis.

Note the gold pentagrams on blue in the photo of General Mattis at Wikipedia's article. Then ask if they are the same of the Macey Coat (not to mention the German Bauers, German Weis', and the EU logo). The German Wies Coat is, again, white on blue. The Wies' (not "Weis") were first found in Silesia, where I traced the Mieszko-royal Seleucids to.

Will keep an eye on his decisions.

Shocking. Not only has Obama said nothing (that I've seen in the news) about the Russian spies, but they are being escorted back into Russian hands (via Austria).

"In the biggest spy swap since the Cold War, 10 Russian agents who infiltrated suburban America were deported [yesterday] in exchange for four people convicted of betraying Moscow to the West.

The spies left New York for Moscow hours after pleading guilty to conspiracy in a Manhattan courtroom and being sentenced to time served and ordered out of the country, said a law enforcement official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he wasn't authorized to speak on the record.

...White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel said on PBS' "NewsHour" that President Barack Obama was aware of the investigation, the decision to go forward with the arrests and the spy swap with Russia."

Only aware? What a bold-faced lie. Obama has got to be the responsible party, and he definitely gave the okay. Virtually every story on this topic mentions the swap as being on behalf of his "reset putin."

It is now apparent that the spies were arrested at all, since Obama would not have made that choice, due to a conflict between the arresting and/or Intelligence people, and Obama. Obama was made aware of when the arrests would occur and go public, explaining why Bill Clinton happened to be in Putin's presence at the time, laughing it up with him, and blaming the Intelligence community for betraying Obama.

I think that the underlying details in this swap are far more serious than is being made apparent. First, I think that Obama is a true communist. Second, I think Putin would rather see the United States downed, which is what many are saying of Obama's circle. Indeed, the Fabian socialists of the Rhodian kind were, from the beginning the Cecil Rhodes' globalist organization, anti-America. Not only is Bill Clinton a so-called "Rhodes Scholar," but Obama has many of them on his team.

No problem, for it's time to say goodbye to America, and hello to God's Israel. It's not the time to be concerned for America as God comes to judge the nations. Make up your mind to be an Israelite first, an American second. Or, distance your soul completely from America, remaining only a law-abiding, kind and thoughtful citizen. Forget the Republican emphasis on the economy and other money matters. Forget the trade issues, the stock market, and American Idol. Forget the red, white and blue, and the rocket's red glare. The New Wholesome is coming.

Iran may have chickened out, but Lybia is taking up the torch. This flotilla has the stakes of the national leader:

"The Lybian Embassy in Greece announced that a ship carrying humanitarian aid from Lybia to Gaza is scheduled to set sail from Greece [today], AFP reported.

The ship, which will carry large amounts of food and medicine, is being funded by an organization headed by the son of Lybian leader Muammar Gaddafi.

The ship will also carry pro-Palestinian activists who are interested in breaking the blockade of Gaza."

Lybian media has been rabidly opposed to Israel's dealings in Gaza. Obama has communist fellowship with the Lybian leader:

"Gaddafi based his new regime on a blend of Arab nationalism, aspects of the welfare state, and what Gaddafi termed 'popular democracy', or more commonly 'direct, popular democracy'. He called this system 'Islamic socialism', and, while he permitted private control over small companies, the government controlled the larger ones."

But while the Lybian leader opposes immoral activity amongst his people, Obama is a liberal in active support of anti-Biblical principles, wherefore Obama will have the deeper, darker place in Hell.

The current Egyptian leader may not be the "king of the south." He was hospitalized days ago, according to various articles, but DEBKAfile claims that he is terminal:

"Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak, 83, was diagnosed with cancer of the esophagus...eight months ago, although his illness was kept a state secret, debkafile's intelligence sources report. The diagnosis was confirmed on March 6, when the president underwent surgery at a hospital in Germany.

...Monday, July 5, the Egyptian president arrived in Paris - officially for meetings with French President Nicolas Sarkozy and Lebanese Prime Minister Sa'ad Hariri. But our sources say he traveled for medical tests at the exclusive Percy Military Hospital at Clamart, outside Paris, where senior French politicians and the president's important friends are treated in great privacy.

Incidentally, it was there that Yasser Arafat was hospitalized and died in 2004.

Mubarak has spent the last two years carefully managing the transition of power so that his passing will not leave a vacuum or cause political earthquakes. According to debkafile's Middle East sources, the transfer of the presidency to his son Gemal (Jimmy) Mubarak, 52, was set in train in the winter of 2009 with the help of military and political bodies connected with the ruling National Democratic Party-NPD."

Other Middle-Eastern media have also been suggesting that he could have cancer.

The transition of power to another man could see the Egyptian security operation fail miserably...just at the critical point of the Gazasaga. There are many political forces who would want Egyptian power to be in the hands of a Muslim radical, not Mubarak's son. Daniel 11 tells that Egypt will fall to the anti-Christ due partly to internal plots/betrayals against its leader. If the Iran axis smells blood during the transition, it should swoop in like a vulture. The very backdrop of Hezbollah's insidious involvement in Egypt the past couple of years may have been Mubarak's illness.

Do you think that Arabs would have built the Dome of the Rock on Jerusalem's holy site if it had not been Israel's holy site, if there had not been the Israeli scriptures or the Israeli God? Of course not. The Arabs built their temple there as an affront to the scriptural concept of Israel, and even the Muslim god opposes the concept of salvation in the Jews alone. Now the Arabs want all of Jerusalem for the same reason of effecting a great affront to YHWH:

"The many statements recently issued by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas included one where he expressed his willingness to let Israel maintain its control over Jerusalem's Jewish Quarter and the Western Wall. Various Palestinian spokespeople and Knesset Member Dr. Ahmed Tibi were quick to stress that this willingness comes with an unequivocal Palestinian position demanding full, exclusive sovereignty over the Temple Mount.",7340,L-3916664,00.html

The article goes on to lament that Israel had possession of the Temple Mount for only a few hours because the "Israeli" victors of the Jerusalem (i.e. Six-Day) war gave it all up to Arab control. What kind of Israeli's are those? The same kind that want a Palestinian state today with Jerusalem as its capital. They are dragonline Hebrews, of Ashkenazi and Russian affiliations, pirates from way back, root of the Templars, modern Hyksos.

The article happens to mention Solomon's stables in the Temple "basement." This stable location was the Zion of the Jebusites. As I trace "Ixion" to that Zion, and as he was depicted as a Centaur (i.e. horse-loving or horse-using) peoples, I'll bet my best Arabian horse that Solomon's stables were earlier the stables of Ixion's Hyksos living in Jebusite Zion (which Solomon's father had conquered).

I don't think it's coincidental that the original nine Templars lived at Solomon's stables with secret agendas, and that their chief, Hugh de Payen, after many years there, went to Roslin, Scotland, to be with the Sinclairs. Consider also that modern Israel was founded by ROTHschilds, who chose RUSsian "Jews" to form the roots of modern Israel. And then consider that Ares, the proto-Rus quite apparently, was depicted as "The Thracian Horseman."

Even Zeus was made (by myth writers) to hate Ares due to his terrible war qualities, but Zeus also hated Ixion. The two, Ixion and Ares, had been one peoples; that was a very recent conclusion that I was able to make thanks to some key clues.

It can be understood that Ares was from Ara/Ar of Armenia's Aramadz pantheon, and while Ara is sometimes viewed as the son of Aramadz, it seems obvious that "Ara" was a short form for Aramadz that a branch of Armenians carried to some quarter aside from those who retained the full form, which term smacks of "Aram/Armenia" and "Hermes." Not coincidentally, Hermes was god at Phoenicia's mount Sion, wherefore we expect Ara>Ares elements there too, but why not also Sion>Ixion elements? Note that Hermes was made born in ARCadia, and that I trace Ares to the Aras/ARAQ/Arax river.

It becomes very plain that the dragon cult of Phoenicia (and the Phoenicians themselves) was just this Hermes/Ares/Ixion alliance of Armenian Semites. These Phoenicians were the root of the Templars, and while we've known that for some time, it was only recently that I realized that "Payen" stems from the Paeoni- and/or Poeni-branch Phoenicians, all of whom I trace to mythical Pan and his city of Panias at mount Sion.

It therefore stands to reason, as per the recent connection of PenDragons/Pines/Pynes to the Payens, and the PenDragon link in turn to the Sinclair Rus, that the modern British Illuminati of modern Israel's founding has roots in the same Hyksos elements represented by the nine Templars, but further back to the horses of Jebusite Zion. And they know this, and have known from the beginning. That's their secret. They know that they are not Israelites, and that they could not have founded "Israel" apart from calling it "Israel." But they lie. It is not Israel.

The only good news: true Israelites also moved back to the land of YHWH, and into the Jewish quarter of Jerusalem, and YHWH has prepared for them the eternal Promise to Abraham. The Arabs, branches of whom formed the dragon of Ares, are going to learn the hard way that Abraham's blessed son was not Ishmael. In fact, Ishmael may have had a lot less to do with Arabs than Muslims lead us to believe. Muslims lay claim on Ishmael for one reason only: he was Abraham's son, thus allowing Muslims to steal away the concept of Israel to themselves.

In Lothian where the Sinclairs lived there is a Musselburgh, a city of the HADDIngton region where the Catti>Keiths lived, whom I trace back to the Cadusii Armenians of Hermes' importance. Lothian may have been named after Lud, brother of Aram, sons of Seth. I know that I've traced the Ladon dragon to the (seven-headed) Lotan dragon and suggested a trace further back to Biblical Lot and/or Biblical Lotan of Seir, and this resulted in a further suggestion: a trace of Lothian to the same. But what do I do now with the contradictory idea of a Ladon and/or Lotan trace to the man, Lud?

It may not be contradictory. Biblical Lot may have been named after Lud elements. Note that Aram (i.e. the Aramaeans) was the name of Syria for quite some time, and that Lotan's region of Seir (in Edom) may have named Syria. That could have welded Lotan to Aramaens of Syria, but why not also Aramaeans of Armenia's founding? In that way, Lotan's Seir-ian peoples (who were married to Esau's son's bloodline, according to Genesis) could have been merged with the Hermes cult at Phoenicia's mount Sion, explaining why the Lotan>Ladon dragon cult materialized out of that Sion pantheon...and removed to LYDia's Hermus river.

In this picture, Seir was the Hyksos domain in Edom, explaining somewhat why Hyksos had Kizzuwatna and Adana in the face of the Syrian theater.

The Laz and the Lotan dragon may have been two distinct entities, though both stemming from the same stock: Lud. Note how Laish (at mount Sion) and Lasonii (Lydian theater) smack of the Laz of Lazona, the Ladon dragon, and mythical Lada of LYCia. On the other hand, Lud, Lot, Lotan, Lothian, and the Lotan dragon smack of Lydia, mythical Leto, and the Latins. One uses s-sounding terms, the other t-like.

July 10

Obama should step down as President as per the following "news" (i.e. it's not really news to wiser ones) on the current Palestinian president that Obama has been supporting, flirting with, and even catering to:

"Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas, branded a 'moderate' by the international community, let his true colors show...

The official Palestinian Authority daily newspaper Al-Hayat Al-Jadida on [July 6] wrote that when Abbas met recently with media figures at the home of the Palestinian ambassador to Jordan, he recounted that during an Arab League Summit in Libya in March he told his fellow leaders that he still preferred war against Israel, but could not do it alone.

'We are unable to confront Israel militarily, and this point was discussed at the Arab League Summit,' said Abbas. 'There I turned to the Arab States and I said: "If you want war, and if all of you will fight Israel, we are in favor. But the Palestinians will not fight alone because they don't have the ability to do it."'

...The 'Palestinian crisis' that was birthed after Israel's liberation of Judea and Samaria (the so-called "West Bank") in 1967 is seen by many Israelis [but not by Obama] as nothing more than a more calculated and patient approach to ultimately removing Israel from the map.

Yasser Arafat admitted as much in 1993...that his PLO's guerilla tactics and eventual land-for-peace diplomacy was a phased strategy that would lead to the complete replacement of Israel with another Arab Muslim state:

'Do not forget that our Palestine National Council accepted the decision in 1974. It called for the establishment of a national authority on any part of Palestinian land that is liberated or from which the Israelis withdrew... This is the moment of return, the moment of gaining a foothold on the first liberated Palestinian land.'

...Despite co-founding the PLO with Arafat, Abbas has long been whitewashed by an international community eager to impose its idea of peaceful conflict resolution on the region. That is why Abbas' remarks in Arabic, such as the one above, are regularly ignored by the world media and Western leaders."

And that's why Netanyahu will never make a peace deal with Abbas, and why Netanyahu will treat Obama as his fool. The problem is, the fool has power, and has shown that he will act with it all alone, regardless of the people's better judgments.

What happens when it leaks out that Netanyahu has been treating Obama as his fool? Obama, who is very interested in finding world honor, could abuse his power to punish the Israeli leader.

Yesterday's thought that Obama's new war commander, James Mattis, could be the anti-Christ, is just that, merely a thought. I investigated him after closing the update. He seems to be the ruthless type, just that sort of person that trains his soldiers to be soul-less in killing. In order for him to be the anti-Christ, something needs to happen in Iraq that requires the U.S. military to step in; it seems timely that this sort of personality has been placed in charge of the Iraq "war" just when things in Iraq appear to be at critical. One scenario that I keep watch for is: the O-people could exploit the critical level, cause a crisis, and then "fix" it by seizing power.

Mattis is a war hog, but it's too early to label Mattis as the anti-Christ. First, is he anti-Christian? I don't know yet, but his course language available online suggests that he is the atheist or non-religious type.

Did Obama have anything to do with choosing this man to lead his wars? I think so, but perhaps to distance Obama from the choice, it is being said that Robert Gates chose him. Does Mattis belong to a circle of globalists, or does he act alone? Who are his best friends, aside from beer drinkers and foul-mouthed soldiers who like to kill? Does he still have access to the Awakening Sunni? Did Obama chose him because he is rabidly anti-Israel, and because Obama wants to punish Netanyahu through him?

Yesterday, I quoted Mattis as he quoted the Roman leader, Sulla, and thought that Mattis might himself trace back to the Sulla bloodline, which was an important one in Roman leadership going way back to the near start of the Romans. It was the patrician Cornelius family, and today I studied Wikipedia's article to find clues of ties to the Seleucids. Instead, I was blown away by other findings. I read that the earliest version of "Cornelius" was "Cossus," but didn't realize a possible link to the Edomite god and/or Greek island of Kos until after reading about the red hair/skin of the family:

"The Cornelii Rufini appear in the latter half of the 4th century BC, beginning with Publius Cornelius Rufinus, dictator in 334 BC. From the surname Rufinus, meaning 'reddish', one may infer that the first of this family had red hair. A descendant of this family was the first to assume the cognomen Sulla, about the time of the Second Punic War. The name is probably a diminutive of Sura, a cognomen found in several gentes, including among the Cornelii Lentuli. Plutarch, who erroneously believed that the dictator Sulla was the first to bear the name, thought it must have referred to a blotchy, reddish complexion...The Sullae continued in the highest offices of the state well into imperial times. Some of them bore the agnomen Felix."

As the theory of a link back to Kos began to take hold, I saw the Sura variation of Sulla and thought "Seir." The Suras could have been the traitorous and murderous mythical Sirens. Then, when checking the Italian Felix Coat, Philistine-like surnames such as Felici, Felicetti, Felisati, and Felicitas. The sea-peoples, Peleset (thought to be Philistines), come to mind. Then I found evidence that the Cornelius family was in Sicily, jibing with my trace of the Edomite Kos cults first through Ascalon of Philistine territory and then to the Scylla monster (i.e. the Sicels) of Sicily...and finally to the Gos surname in the Meschin fold.

In fact, I'm nearly shivering with what I'm finding, as it parallels so much of what I have been writing lately in the bloodline topics. I think I have found Tolkien's elves to boot.

He called his chief god-like beings, "Valar," amongst whom his elves lived. One of the elf tribes he called, Tatyar, and as I went on to write about these, I called them "Tats" because he named then after his characters, Tata and his wife, Tatie. Also, Tolkien had Lindar elves, perhaps code for the Lentuli branch of Cornelius. The article adds: "The [Cornelius] gens was a major contributor to the highest offices of the Republic, and contested for consulships with the Fabii and the Valerii from the 3rd century BC." It's not so far-fetched to identify those Valeri with Tolkien's Valar when it's known that Tolkien stressed the Saracens of Messina (south-eastern Sicily).

Now read below on the Valeri and see the Tat elves, but also the Paphlagonia-like term, important because the Italian Valer surname was first found in the Veneti realm, founded by Heneti Paphlagonians:

"The Valeria gens for a time possessed the right that one of its members should exercise the kingly power for the Tities, to which tribe the Valerii must have belonged, as their Sabine origin indicates...

...Branches of the gens Valeria

The earliest branches of Poplicola, Potitus, and Volusus appear to be derived from Publius Valerius Poplicola, an early republican hero. The other branches appear only from the mid-fourth century, starting with Corvus or Corvinus, apparently descended from another great Valerian consul. The Messalla or Messala branch, so prominent in imperial Rome, is a sub-branch of this."

You may recall that I traced the Paphlagonians to the corvus=crow symbol of the Rosicrucian Rus, and that the crow/raven is the symbol of two Tate Coats. As per the trace of the Babenberg Paphlagonians to Bernician Bebbanburgs, the Tates were a Bernician family (see Scottish Tates).

I traced the black raven of the Rus to the Macey/Mackays, and they back to the Meschins of Gos blood, who were also "Masculines," nearly the Massala term above. I was then shocked to find that the Italian Massana surname was from Messina, and in fact it was a variation of the Messina surname, with Massino variation smacking of Massino-Visconti...which I link to the Massi/Mattis surname!!! I touched on the gold Zionist stars on blue just yesterday when on the Mattis topic, which are seen again in the Massana Coat. Remember, the Viscontis ruled at Milan, BUT the Italian Milan surname (tree trunk) was first found in Messina.

Does anyone recall the trace of Robert GUIScard and his fox-depicted Samsonite/Saracen partners, not only to the Viscontis, but to Kos elements in the Gois/Guise surname ("Gois" was a known Gos variation)? The Gois/Guise Coat uses "tutior" for a motto term.

The two white crosses on red in the Messina/Massina evoked the two white crosses on red of the Taddei surname, which is one of my most-immediate bloodlines from Sabini realms in Abruzzo. I had ventured to link the Taddeis to the elf Tats, but more in particular to Tatius Titus, a chief element among the Sabines.

I see a link of the Sulla-Cornelius bloodline, said to be from the Sabines, to Tatius Titus...and the Tities mentioned above as being a part of the Valeri. In my first investigations on Tolkien codes years ago, I wrote that he was interested in Daphne bloodlines, so see that the French Valery surname was first found in Dauphine. AND, I trace "Sabine/Safini" to mount Saphon and the Daphne cult there.

The city of Daphne became the Seleucid capital, Antioch (which name (i.e. "Sant-Antioco") was given to a Sulcis location in Sardinia), and it just so happens that the red triple chevron in the Sully Coat (I linked this surname to Sulcis) is used by the Taddei Coat (though the Taddeis use in on blue background). The Sullys were first in Devon, while the English Saffin surname was first found in neighboring Somerset, both regions founded by Daphne elements.

The Tattons/Taytons are easily linked to the Tates/Tayts, and so see the red crescents on white, the Spear symbol, recalling that the Spearmans use the same motto (Dum spiro spero) as the MASSIN/Mason Coat. It was once or twice suggested (by me) that the "Dum" in the motto was code for Edomite elements. The Tatton write-up: "Lords of the manor of Tatton, allied to the Barons Dunham and Massey."

I'll have more comments on the Cornelius topic later, as I intend to investigate further.

There's a big reason that an American military leader in Iraq cannot be the anti-Christ: he would need to side with anti-Israeli Arabs all the way to a successful invasion of Israel. How could such a one remain an American military leader? Perhaps Obama has the answer already figured out. Let's watch to see what Mattis gets involved in.

Allawi is saying that a government should be up and running in August, and some American soldiers in the Iraq transition team are telling that the Iraqis are not yet ready to take on the security job in Mosul. Allawi could be wishful thinking, and there is a very large open door for continued American involvement in the war on terror in northern Iraq. Perhaps Mattis will only be an ally of the anti-Christ, acting on Obama's behalf.

"In his new position, Mattis would oversee the application of that strategy not only in Iraq and Afghanistan but in Yemen, Somalia and other regions where Islamist insurgents are active. He will also be responsible for dealing with Iran, its support of terrorism and its race to develop a nuclear weapons capability. Developing plans for a military confrontation with Iran, and for helping secure the Gulf Arab states and Israel against Iran, also will fall under his direction."

That begs a question: does Mattis want to protect Israel? Not if the devil has hold of his soul. I haven't yet found any anti-Israeli stripes in him, but if he's known to have any, Israeli media should soon point it out. I haven't found anything on what Mattis thinks about Israel. That in itself could indicate that he's not the anti-Christ, for, surely, the devil wouldn't have been able to resist uttering anti-Israeli comments out of Mattis' mouth.

July 11

As my personal sabbath began after 6 pm Friday night, which was the day that I introduced general James Mattis, I went to work in my garden. I said to my Lord, "It's okay to do good on the sabbath; if it was just for me, I wouldn't have this garden. I'm doing this for others."

For two hours, me and my mini-excavating machine did a super job, just like a man's dream when he dreams of owning such a machine. This is really better than having a dog. We over-turned the grass and weeds, thus feeding the soil fresh greenery, and dug down more than a foot deep to get at the white sandy material, which was then mixed roughly with the black but gooky marsh soil (the sand will make it less gooky).

The reason that I had tackled the garden at that time, and on a sabbath yet, had nothing to do with my sudden realization that Mattis could start the 70th Week imminently, BUT, I realize now, perhaps this is a sign for you that the time to prepare for the 1260 days has come. The reason that I got into the garden was to over-turn the weeds before their seeds were viable, thus reducing next year's seed growth. (I intend to let more seeds pop up as plants in the next month or more, then rake the soil into mounds where all new weeds and remaining/unsprouted weed seeds should be killed (the soil over the septic bed has grass only, no seeds, because the soil used there had been heaped into piles four to five feet tall over as period of about a year. That's the bonus one gets for having an excavator).

After yesterday's update, still on the sabbath, I went back to the garden for more than 5 hours, and the job went remarkably well as in the previous night. I did not sense the Spirit upset with this good-on-the-sabbath work. During that afternoon, while at the machine, a single word came to my mind, though I don't recall what I was thinking at the time. The word was "fake," and I sensed that the Holy Spirit was telling me that something in that morning's update was fake. I figured it had to do with the statements that were claimed for general Mattis.

Immediately after excavating, I drove down to the internet cafe (it has high-speed internet, but I don't have it available in my area) to get to some email and do more Mattis research. The first email I opened was from Kate:

"I sent you today's Iraq Update from, but I hadn't gone to As I read [the original source that John posted from] I realized that it was a very ugly spoof. It isn't the real White House web site - in the caption under 'The White House' it says, 'Officious Website of President George W. Bush.' So it was written by anti-Bush people, and we cannot really believe that these were actual question and answer sessions with Mattis.

To make my news surfing faster without high-speed internet, I surf with images turned off; if I had images on I would have realized that the webpage was a fake. But that's no excuse for not looking at the title and URL of the page while I was copying quotes from it; one easily sees, and I'm sure many of you saw it, that the page is NOT that of George Bush. I apologize for bringing you that vulgarity needlessly; the one who wrote the page is surely satan-possessed.

I removed an entire section from yesterday's update, though some Mattis quotes remain as authentic...and as proof that the man is somewhat profane. I believed that he spoke all the words at the fake Bush page because I fully expected him to be that type, and I was nervous all update long because I was getting the impression that this was the anti-Christ.

Here's another online quote:

"A memo produced by a private for-profit 'Security firm', otherwise known as a mercenary organization doing 'business' in Iraq, has echoed General Mattis' line about the fun of killing people. Emails seen by The Observer reveal that employees of Blackwater Security were recently sent a memo...

Dated 7 March and bearing the name of Blackwater's president, Gary Jackson, the electronic newsletter adds that certain people 'need to get creamed, and it's fun, meaning satisfying, to do the shooting of such folk.'"

There are a people who don't mind killing humans at all in the name of stereo-typing an entire ethnic/religious group. Expect it for the "empire" of the anti-Christ.

I know what I'm going to write below because it was decided last night while at the cafe. I'm going to investigate the Mattis surname as best I can in light of what I have already written in the recent past on Saracens, the Rus Rosicrucians, the Polish Seleucids from Sulcis, and related surnames.

The Mattis surname and the Roman, Sulla of Cornelius, are fully distinct topics separated by many centuries, and yet consider the following. I believed and reluctantly reported to you that God was indicating via certain mice on my property that the anti-Christ would be related to the Seleucid-Polish blood of the Mieskzo>Meschin line to Rus Britain, for I was able to link Meschins and their branches to such entities as Mickey and Maisy Mouse, to the mythical Muses and other mouse-like terms. I came to the conclusion that the importance of Mickey Mouse, so far as my topic was concerned, was the Mitchy and Michy variations of the Mickey surname are able to link the family to the Muschat/Montfiquet surname, because entering "Mitch" or "Mich" brings that surname up.

Is it a coincidence therefore, that the latter Coat is identical to the Sully/Silly Coat? Or, on the other hand, could it be that the Muschats/Montfiquets stem from the Cornelius-Sulla family through their Sulcis branch to Mieszko? I'm thinking that all the work done in the past on the Sulcis and Polish topics may have to do with helping to unveil the anti-Christ.

Last night, I started by assuming that the Mattis surname should prove to be a variation of the Mathie surname, and of course the Mathis/Mathus surname. But I abandoned that idea a little later because I thought you might think I was bringing you down a false trail. I saw that the "Fac et" motto phrase of the Mathie/Mathis Coat was nearly the "factis" motto term of the Monctons, and I'll explain the importance of the latter surname later as a possible link to general Mattis. BUT IT WAS ONLY AS I WROTE the above paragraph that I realized how "Fac et" should be code for "Fiquet"!!!

If so, it tends to prove that the Mattis surname is a variation of the Mathie/Mathus surname, a surname that I have previously treated, I'm thinking, because God was preparing you to know of an anti-Christ link to that family. I delved into the Mathie surname only because I was convinced that it was a Massey/Masci variation, and because I came to believe that God chose me to do the bloodline work just because my mother is a Masci on one side i.e. because I would realize that the Masci surname was key to understanding links of the anti-Christ to ancient entities. In did not know in the early throes of that realization that the Mascis would link directly to royal Poles let alone Seleucid blood in those Poles. I therefore started to take some signs around here, especially signs involving mice, seriously enough to report them to you at the risk of being taken for a fool.

Like I said, I abandoned the idea, last night, of tying to prove to you that the Mattis surname was of the Mathie, and therefore, Massey clan. But moments later, I kid you not, I found a website with the title: Mathis (Mathies, Matthiesen, Mattis, Matis) family. Brackets not mine!!! Not only does it show the Mattis surname, but here's what it says

"Found in West Prussia, Germany, Mathis is a Mennonite family name of Dutch descent. In the Danzig-Neugarten congregation (Frisian) the name is found at least as early as 1680. Members of the family were especially found in the Heubuden congregation. Jakob Mathis was a preacher of the Heubuden Old Flemish congregation from 1745 until 1762, and Peter Mathies served in that same capacity from 1757 until 1765. In 1796 and following years some of them moved from West Prussia to Russia and later to North America."

Zowie, first to Russia and then to America; it can explain why general Mattis was born in Pullman (Washington state), near a locality of Moscow. It may not be coincidental that entering "Musk" brings up the Muscat/Mousquette Coat in the Rus/Muscovite color of red. Let's not forget that red and white are Scottish Fleming colors, and that Flemings were the foundation of the "Zionist" Templars. Let's not lose sight of the Frisian/Dutch root of the Mattis surname, for the anti-Christ is to be supported in war by the Revelation-16 frogs. As I study "Mennonite," I reflect on the Mann variation of the Mathie clan (which variation I will get to below). When one enters, "Mennon," a white-on-red Scottish Mannin surname comes up.

The Pullman location was named, according to Wikipedia, after a man with that surname. It's the same surname as "Pullen," which I showed (from an online article) to be foundational, along with the Pulciphers/Pulciphers, in founding the Romulus location of Wayne county, MICHigan. Compare that state's name to "Meshech" and similar terms, but also keep in mind the fact that the Sulla bloodline and its Cornelius/Cossus stock was merged with the Roman bloodline of mythical Romulus.

I packed it all in last night for bed at midnight. I had started to sleep in the trailer a week earlier (during the heat wave) because the air there is fresher. Last night, after leaving the cafe, 20 or so minutes after getting in bed, I heard a noise. It was a mouse under the kitchen sink, where I had caught dozens of mice over the past couple of years. There were two traps under the sink, and neither had been touched by a mouse for two, perhaps three months. I had been checking the trailer's mouse traps every couples of weeks and was amazed that I had eradicated all mice on this house site.

The last mice to die were those trapped in the house, one of them being the anti-Christ. That is, if you're a new reader, I was convinced that one mouse, which avoided a mouse trap for months, was a sign of the anti-Christ somehow, and I told readers so, and gave my opinions as to why. Then, last night, just after going over the things I've written above and below on the Mattis surname, a mouse was found under the kitchen sink, and though there were two traps there, and though I could hear it racing around, up and down everywhere, it did NOT go for the cheese.

I was amazed, for in previous instances, any mouse under there would be sure to go for the cheese before too many minutes had gone by. The sink area is just four feet long. So. I took it as another mouse sign to be passed on to you, that Mattis is the anti-Christ. But if I'm wrong, I will truly feel like the fool of a sheer coincidence. Let's see what happens with Mattis in charge.

Let me now share with you what I had written at the end of the first July update page:

After writing that, it entered my mind that Abdul-Mahdi Muntafiki (current vice-president of Iraq), and even the so-called "Mahdi" MESSIah of the MUSLim world, may have derived from Matti/Maddi-like variations of the Massey family. After entering "Matti" to find the same Italian Coat as when one enters "Massi," I tried "Maud" to find a first-found-in-Cheshire family (in Chee/Cheatle colors) derived from "Monto Alto" in the Naples part of Italy ("Naples/Napoli" is not necessarily derived from the idea of "New Naples," but may be a Nobel-stock entity).

As per the Montalt variation of the Mauds, I found the Italian Montalt Coat using Maud/Mawd colors, and in the write-up one spots a Montcalvo variation, smacking of Calvados...where the same-colored Muschats/MONTFIQUETS were from!! There[in] is at least one piece of viability to link the Muslim "Mahdi" to the Mauds/Mawds. The Montalts use three red bars on white, while the Montfiquets use three red chevrons on white.

The Maud/Montalt Coat uses a red lion on white, the symbol also of the Mousquette/Muschat Coat; note the red-on-white bars in the latter.

What's more amazing yet is that Abdul-Mahdi has a MUNTAFIKI title. If I am being played the fool of these combined coincidences, then a fool I shall be. But if God is speaking to us, let's listen and watch carefully.

In updates above, I linked the Mattis surname to the Spears/Spearmans and the Massin/Mason surname was per their identical "Dum spiro spero" motto. NOW, after finding online evidence that the Mathie/Mathis surname is a Mattis variation, we find the Mattie motto to be: "Fac et spero." AMAZING "coincidence," is it not?

So let's take another look at where the Scottish Mathie/Mathus surname took me when I investigated it in the past. It led to the Irish Mathun/Maghan surname, for both clans derive from "Mathun/Mathan" and both use Mann variations. I concluded that this was the Irish side of the Arthur surname (i.e. mythical Arthurian cult), and that it linked to the Isle of Man(n) (between Ireland and Scotland). I then realized that the Arms of the Isle of Man, three human legs connected at a central hub, were nearly identical to the Arms of Sicily while the Irish Mathun/Maghan/Mann Coat uses "Sic nos sic" as a motto phrase, what should be code for the Sicel founders of Sicily.

I've re-mentioned that to set up another point. The peoples on the Isle of Man are/were called "Manx," which I thought to link to Manche, Normandy. You may recall earlier in this update that I found what the 'M' design was called officially that is used by the Hastings and other chief clans from Normandy. It's a "maunch," and I now think it links to Manche and the Manx...but, the point is, also to the Mathie/Mathus and Mattis clans.

I bring this up for a few reasons, one because general Mattis has been nicknamed the "warrior monk," and because entering "Monk" brings up a clan first found in Devon, where Sullys were first found. The Monks were from "a Norman noble, Le Moyne, who attended Duke William [the Conqueror] at the Battle of Hastings in 1066." And when we click the link to the Irish Monks, what do we find but Monaghan, Monahon, Monagan, Mongan, Monaugher, and Monck variations smacking of the Maghan and Mohan variations of the Irish Mathun/Mann surname.

NOW, as per the "Faman" motto term of the Monktones/Monctons, I re-entered the "Fame" term to get the Fane surname (with "fano" motto term), and thought to check the Roman mythical creature, Faunus:

"In ancient Roman religion and myth, Faunus was the horned god of the forest, plains and fields; when he made cattle fertile he was called Inuus. He came to be equated in literature with the Greek god Pan."

Is it a coincidence that the Fane Crest is a horned bull??? Note that the Fane surname has a Fayn variation and uses three gold metal gloves like the Waynes/Wayns/Weyns (and Maceys). BEHOLD, I've thought that the "casus" motto term of the Waynes was code for the Bajocasses of the Bessin (where Meschins lived before Cheshire), BUT NOW the early Cossus variation of "Cornelius" comes forcefully to mind like the tip of a bull's horn!!

Yes, surely, "Cornelius," thought to be named after "horn," like the Cornovii Celts of Cornwall and Devon, must link to the mythical Faunus cult, and to the Waynes and Fanes...and likely the Veyns/Vains that are sept to the Maceys/Mackays. The BajoCasses might just be the Cassus bloodline in Normandy. In any case, THIS IS EVIDENCE that the Maghans/Manns and therefore the Mathies/Manns/Mattis' were from the Cornelius bloodline, likely explaining why general Mattis uses a phrase used by the Roman, Sulla...of the Cornelius gens.

By the way, as per the Mohan variation of the Irish Maghans, the English Moyne/Mohun surname (in Moncton colors) with Munn-using variations obviously applies to the Moynes>Monks. The Moynes/Mohans use "omnia" as a motto term, probably code for the same entity as the "omnibus" code of the Waynes. I've previously thought to link these codes to the Oman/Ormand surname...using the same black, horizontal birds as the Monctons. The surname, from "Ormandy," could be a Normandy variation. There is a Norman/Normandy Coat (in Moncton and Moyne colors) using "alto" as a motto code, perhaps code for the Maud/MontAlt surname.

Indeed, the Maud/Montalt Crest is the same lion, in colors reversed, as the Monk lion, and the latter surname is the one descending from the Norman noble, Le Moyle. The Mauds/Montalts were from Naples, the region to which I've traced the Arthurian cult, and so let's keep in mind that I trace the Arthurian cult also to the Maghans/Mohans and their relatives, the Mohans/Moynes. The latter's write-up (below) smacks of the Monk/Moyne write-up, and includes a Maid location; the Maud Coat comes up when one enters "Maid"!!

"First found in Kent where they held a family seat as Lords of the Manor of Maidstone in that shire. They were descended from Guillaume (William) de Moyon a Norman Baron whose seat was at the castle of Moion, near St. Lo in Normandy. William de Moyon received large grants of land in Somerset, the Lordship of Clehangre in Devon..."

Devon and Somerset again, where the Sullys and Saffins (i.e. Sabines) were first found). Let's keep in mind that the daughter of Atlas, Maia/Maja, was in the Sabine territory of Abruzzo, as she named the Maiello mountains there. Let's also keep in mind that the Normans first invaded and conquered the region of England that had the Meon Celts...whom I've traced to the Maeonians of Lydian>Latin associations. In this picture, the Moions/Moynes/Monks and Mauds/Maids trace back to Latins (Naples was generally a Latin region), and the mythical Maenads (= transvestites of Dionysus) of the Maeander river on the outskirts of Lydia.

The English Treby surname was first found in Devon, and the Treby Coat uses three gold roundels on black, the Mohan/Moyne symbol!!

I don't think it's a coincidence that the English Sabine Coat uses a red scallop, the Tancred symbol, while Tancreds put forth the Guiscards of the Sicel region of Sicily. I mention this, wow, because the Whitman Coat write-up links to "Witmar," while the Whitmar Coat uses a lattice design, the same design shown on the portrait of the Sicilian Guiscards at Wikipedia's Robert Guiscard article. The Whitman Coat is the one using the Hastings 'M' symbol, the so-called "maunch" that I'm in the throes of tracing to the Mann/Manx/Maghan and Mattis fold!!

What is so important about Whitmans? General Mattis was born in Pullman, of Whitman county (no doubt named after the Whitman surname), AND the Pullman Coat uses....RED SCALLOPS!!! By the way, both Whitmans and Whitmars use a tree stump, the symbol of the Milans of Messina, Sicily.

When I first started to fiddle with the maunch code, I tried the Munich surname after fiddling with the Monk find German Munich variations such as Munch, Muench, Munsch, and Monsche. The write-up: "The name is derived from the Low German words 'Münk' or 'Mönk,' meaning 'monk.'"

THEN, wow, the Irish Munich Coat shows Mannix, Managan, Managhan, Manahan, and Mangan variations, smacking of the Irish Mathuns/Maghans/Manns. The write-up: "The original Gaelic form of the Irish name Munich was written as O Mainchin..."

So, there you have, already -- but only because I was prepared on these surnames over months of investigation -- the blood relations of the Mattis surname. But there's more, and it shows that there is a family affair in the American military.

First, let me re-say that the Italian Mattis Coat is very much the Scottish Stewart Coat (note the Wayne/Arthur/Pullen pelican in Crest), and that these royal Stewarts were from the Allen/Alan surname of Brittany, who first moved to Salop=Shropshire before reaching Scotland (the stump-using Whitmars were first in Salop, and I traced the Stewarts to the German tree stump of the Brocken). Then, read this:

"In July [this year], [general Mattis] was nominated to replace David Petraeus as commander of United States Central Command in favor of deputy commander John R. Allen."

That's not all. The sentence before that says: "In June 2010, Mattis was passed over for selection to replace James T. Conway as Commandant in favor of James F. Amos." Compare the Amos Coat to the Conway Coat and I'm sure you'll see the kinship. Both use roses, both use rings, both use the same sort of diagonal bar...the bar used by the Pullmans/Pullens.

What's that tiny Amos motto say? Is that a "fama" term??? Yes, it is, and the "candida rosa" that follows likely links to the House of Candida, which the Norman Rus also connected with. As I've just traced the fama-like terms to the Fame/Fane surname from the mythical Faunus cult of Italy, let me take you back to the Wikipedia quote: "in ancient Roman religion and myth, Faunus was the horned god of the forest, plains and fields; when he made cattle fertile he was called Inuus. He came to be equated in literature with the Greek god Pan."

"Inuus"??? Isn't that the Innes surname of Angus affiliations? When investigating the Maghan>Mathie/Mathus bloodline, I found evidence of a Maghan trace to Angus, realizing that Masseys went to Angus as the Mathie/Mathus surname. Coincidence? At that time I learned that the green snake of the Innes Crest linked to the same of the Viscontis and Mackesys. One can see that the Innes' were related to the Inches (use Kay Shield design) of Angus and Cheshire, thus tending to support a MacKay and/or Mackesy and/or Meschin link to the Innes.'

I then came to realize that the Cheshire and Shetland unicorn symbol was code for the Ince bloodline, and so now that I'm in the throes of tracing the Innes' to Inuus>Faunus, is it coincidental that: 1) Faunus was a horned god, i.e. of cattle, and, 2) there are Angus-species cattle?

Unholy cow, after writing the above, I found that the English Cornelius Coat uses three red roundels, the symbol of the Inch Coats!!! IT IS ALL TRUE. Inches and Innes were from the Faunus horn=cornuto cult, and it was linked to the Cornelius clan.

One more thing: as Robert Gates chose general Mattis, note that the Gates Shield is half blue, half red, the two colors of the Italian Felix Shield, the Italian Taddei Shield, and the Italian Messana/Massina Shield. The last three entities were shown yesterday, by Wikipedia quotes, to be of the Cornelius and/or associated Valeri bloodlines, BUT I did not include this quote:

"The Cornelii Balbi were, properly speaking, no part of the Cornelia gens. The first of this name was not a Roman; he was a native of Gades..."

You get it: possible link of the Gates clan to the Cornelius line at Gades (southern Spain), which was also "Cadiz," the so-called Atlantean capital. Let's not forget that the Cornovii founders of Cornwall were from the Cadiz theater. The article above also mentions a Dolabellae sect of the Roman Cornelius clans, which may be Dol-of-Brittany important.

I'll check the news...

Wait, as the news was loading, I had thought to check the Cornell surname. It's the Cornwall surname, in Cornelius colors, and was first found in Devon (!!)...where the Sullys (whom I've thought were from a Sulla-branch Cornelius clan) were first found. The Scottish Cornells use a raven like the Tates, and the Coat is in the colors of the Tate Coat. Remember the Cornelius quote from Wikipedia:

"The Valeria gens for a time possessed the right that one of its members should exercise the kingly power for the Tities, to which tribe the Valerii must have belonged, as their Sabine origin indicates...

...Branches of the gens Valeria

The earliest branches of Poplicola, Potitus, and Volusus appear to be derived from Publius Valerius Poplicola, an early republican hero. The other branches appear only from the mid-fourth century, starting with Corvus or Corvinus, apparently descended from another great Valerian consul. The Messalla or Messala branch, so prominent in imperial Rome, is a sub-branch of this."

I had neglected to try for a Faun surname, and zowie, thinking of doing so just now, I find that it too was first found in Devon! "They are believed to have been originally from Saxby Saphy in Worcestershire about 1000 A.D." The Safini of Somerset?? Indeed, the Saffin Coat is white on blue too.

Entering "Vaunce" as per that variation of the Fauns, we get the Scottish (Lothian) Vaux/Vallibus Coat, using stars in Scottish Cornell colors.

Just learned that Inuus=Faunus was also called "Incubus," thereby clinching the link to the Inch surname. I've traced the Innes/Inch bloodline, also "Urquart," to Enki of Erech/Uruk of ancient Sumeria.

I am not claiming here (yet anyway) that general Mattis is the anti-Christ, but I do feel strongly that there is a mouse bloodline -- the pornotic Muses -- to which he belongs that will have much to do, at the least, in an alliance with the anti-Christ. I don't forget that a mouse was caught on camera as Obama spoke at the White house, and I have no doubt that Obama's bloodlines lead back to Meschins and Mascis of Dunham.

There is no news to speak of today.

I neglected to say that the English Matthews/Mathie Crest uses a red scallop (I do not think that the surname was originally "Matthew"). I checked to see if the clan was first in Devon, but, unusually, the write-up gives no location. There is a French Matthew surname with Mathis variation and using a black so-called "moline" cross; the Mouline surname uses it in black too, and the latter surname was first found in...DEVON!

All of this is evidence that the Daphne cult that were the Sabines did venture to found the Devon region, and that the Samnite branch of Sabines were the Dumnonii founders of Devon and Somerset. To be sure, the Seleucids made the Syrian city of Daphne their own capital much later, but it is then not surprising that the Sully-branch Seleucids should have joined their ancient kin in Devon. Remember, the Sulla-branch Cornelians were also "Sura," perhaps a variation of "Syria." But as Satyrs were traced by me (and Greenway, an old email corespondent) to Seir of Edom, note that Faunus=Inuus was thought to be the Pan cult of Satyrs.

To thus find some very intriguing evidence that general Mattis traces to the Seleucids is, by any stretch, a pure miracle. That is, God has led, over the years, to so many of "my" key findings that I am able to make the links quite easily today.

At first, it appears that "Faunus" was a variation of "Veneti/Venus," and was therefore the sex-pot Aphrodite cult as it evolved into Venus, explaining the Sabine root. However, the English Faun/Vaun surname (using an eagle=phoenix) shows Phones and Phownes variations, smacking of the Phoenicians/Poeni...whom I traced to "Pan" and his Phoenician city of Panias.

What's to say, however, that the Heneti of Lydia (founders of the Veneti) were not named after a P-less "Phoenix/Phoenicia"? This is an idea I've never had before. They were first found in Emilia, near Venetia. I recall many years ago suggesting a trace of mythical Faunus to Lake Van, Armenia, and that's where I traced Pan too.

There is an Italian Vaun Coat in the colors of the English Fauns/Vauns, and it uses scallops in a Meschin-scallop configuration.

The Welsh Vaun/Vaughn surname is said to derive from vychan, which might just show that "viking" and/or "wiccan" was a variation ultimately of the Vaun bloodline. BINGO! I don't think it's a coincidence that the Welsh Vauns/Vaughns use fleur-de-lys in colors reversed from the black Pendragon fleur-de-lys, and I had recently traced "Pen" to "Payen" and the whole lot of them to the Paeoni" and/or Poeni Phoenicians.

As more evidence that the Faunus entity was linked to the Vaux surname, entering "Van" brings up the Vaux Coat (the Faun/Vaun surname has a Vaunce variation which itself brings up the Vaux Coat too).

By the way, "Mattis" adds up to 851 using the Greek alphabet, and even more when using the Hebrew alphabet.

I recall finding a hypothetical Phoenix-like variation (i.e. "Phoenikia") adding up to 666 because it resembles the Greek "Phoinike," and the latter term, which is the true and Biblical term for Phoenicia, itself adds up a adds up to 665. Ph = 500; o = 70; i = 10; n = 50; i = 10; k= 20; e = 5.

I then came to the understanding (not sure if rightly or wrongly) that Revelation 13 would not urge every generation since the Book's writing to have wisdom in seeking the meaning of the 666. I reasoned that whatever the entity was, it had to have been in existence in the days that Revelation was first written. And so I came to theorize that Europa, the daughter of mythical Phoenix, was that entity because, I thought, "Europia" added up to 666. Then someone informed me that "Europa" uses an omega (number value 800) for its 'o," while it's the omikron letter 'O' (still of the Greek alphabet), with value of 70, that I had wrongly used to get 666 from "Europia." I do wonder, however, if in the ancient past there was an omikron-using variation of "Europa."

At the time, I learned that there is a European petroleum organization (of big oil companies) called E.U.R.O.P.I.A., though I couldn't see well on how they could usher in the anti-Christ's skincode system. The point is, I recently suggested that the anti-Christ in Iraq will be, or will be allied to, Rothschild oil companies in Iraq. "E.U.R.O.P.I.A" stands for European Petroleum Industry Association. A better theory is that the 666 will be in the Europay monetary system. As the Greek alphabet has no 'y,' perhaps it can be substituted for an 'i' which case "Europay" is essentially the same as "Europia" in number value. Europay and Mastercard merged in 2002, but now we have the chip-card, EMV, which stands for "Europay, MasterCard and VISA."

The problem is, how will Europay be allied to the anti-Christ?

In this confusion, the only point I can make confidently today is that the Biblical 666 comes from the Phoenician line to the Europa branch Europeans, which was depicted by the Cadmus-Harmonia marriage representing proto-Germanics and other scythians out of Greece.

If one were to write "666" in Greek, I suppose (I really know nothing about this) one would use the letter for 600, followed by the letter for 60, followed by the letter for 6, or the letters chi, xi, sigma (the latter is our 's'). What could this mean, if anything?

The chi letter looks like our 'x' and is pronounced "k," while the xi letter is pronounced, "ks" like our 'x.' Therefore, all three letters together appear to pronounce: Chiks*s, which looks a lot like "Hyksos." AND, I did trace Hyksos to the Cadmus Phoenicians at mount Sion, who were the Hermes=Harmonia Armenians (of Cadusia).

Wikipedia's article on the Greek alphabet tells that, originally, a sixth letter, now gone, stood for the number six, and later the six was represented by the similar-shaped 's':

"Digamma [shaped like out 'f'] disappeared from the alphabet because the sound it notated, the voiced labial-velar approximant [w], had disappeared from the Ionic dialect and most of the others. It remained in use as a numeric sign denoting the number six. In this function, it was later conflated in medieval Greek handwriting with the ligature sign stigma [shaped like our 's'], which had a similar shape in its lower case form."

In this case, 666 may have been more like Chixof or Chixov. It now sounds like a fine Russian word/surname. In fact, there is a Russian Chikov surname.

I think I have it. The officer of starship Enterprise was the anti-Christ. Actually, there is a Chekov surname and locality in Moscow.

Check out the Checkoff program that the United States Department of Agriculture is involved in. Essentially, the fight for Christian Americans in gathering their tribulation foods will be a fight against the United States Department of Agriculture, according to a growing number of Christian writers. That Department is, I and they believe, seeking ways to keep Americans from self-sufficiency. The suspicion is that the Department does not want Christians to live isolated when the skincode is enforced. INTERESTING find here just now, since "Checkoff" could be a secret version (i.e. that the Departament knows) of "666."


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