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June 1 - 5, 2010

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June 1

The following from the extra-Biblical (and phony) Book of Enoch says that 'the wicked angels descended on the summit of the mountain and named it Hermon (170:372):

'And the angels, the children of heaven, saw them [handsome and beautiful daughters] and desired them...And they were altogether two hundred; and they descended into Ardos, which is the summit of Hermon. And they called the mount Armon, for they swore and bound one another by a curse.' 251:15 [I Enoch VI.6, vs.1-5]"

Some writer was taking from the Nephilim concept and applying it at Hermon, and of course the angels would be wrongly described as those of God, which in pagan minds would have been their chief god...who I'm suspecting was proto-Ixion, same as Dion=Zeus, though at the time should have been Hermes.

When I first came across the quote above, I thought that the Sion summit was a Hermes entity, and wondered what the entity could be that gave the summit the Ardos alternative name. But as of the last update, I realize that Ardos was the bear that became the Greek bear, Arcadia, and since Hermes was made born in the latter location, it was Ardos that belonged to the proto-Hermes cult.

However, since "Ixion" appears to be rooted in "Sion/Zion," while his wife, Nephele -- the Nephilim of Ardos -- is a Hermes faction, it stands to reason that Ixion was itself a Hermes faction, i.e. not an enemy or another peoples altogether. The impression now is that the Nephilim cult had moved to Arcadia (not at all meaning that they were truly the pre-Flood Nephilim).

Perhaps I did make the Ardos connection to Hermes in the past, for I previously traced "Ardos" to "Arzawa," a kingdom around pre-Lydia. It is in downtown Lydia that the Hermus river runs. And the Lydian capital, it strikes me just now, named Sardis, looks like it may have developed from "Ardos." If true, then Sardinia was also an Ardos entity...if it was named after Sardis elements.

I traced Arzawa to Arda on the Hebros river, and so let me share from the third update of February, 2009:

Phlegyas was made the father of Ixion, the latter...representing the Centaurs of the Kidron valley at Jerusalem, as per the Centaurs in Kendron/Kedron in Greece. The mythical Lapiths over which Phlegyas ruled were one of the hardest peoples for me to identify, but finally I found them on Lesbos...the very island into which Orpheus and his lyre were located after his "death" in Thrace. Ixion was the brother of Coronis=crow, you see. Compare "corvus" with "Orpheus."

Easily, one sees that Orpheus was Ixion's crow-depicted Arda on the Hebros. And since the brother of mythical Hebros was made Kikon, one now has the tools to trace "Ixion" to "Kikon," and to the mother of the brothers, Rhodope. Recalling that I had just traced "Ardos" to Arados (Syria) in the last update, this now allows us to draw a line from Arados and/or Ardos to an A-less RHODope. So now you know how myth works, by equating a peoples with a fabricated god or mythical character, and this "secret" allows us to trace them across continents.

One easily spots "Centaur" in "Kendron," and a trace back to the Kidron explains well that Ixion was also in Amorite Zion of southern Jerusalem (the Kidron is in southern Jerusalem, smack at Zion). It is a fascination discovery, to be sure, but can also be upsetting for the Christian. The first thought/fear is that YHWH may himself have been a mythical god.

This is why Biblical prophecy is so important, to show that mythology is a huge gulf away from YHWH, for Biblical prophecy cleanly foretells the future of things, and therefore allows us to view YHWH in a different light, as the One true Creator of all things...the One who hated the gods of the Kidron, the gods of the Amorites, and all other mythical gods. Clearly, YHWH cannot be lumped in with those pagan systems. In the last update, we saw that YHWH predicted the coming of a firstborn, one who would be king David's Lord, 1,000 years before Jesus arrived. Mythical gods and writers cannot make such predictions.

We're keeping in mind that the crow depicts, in my opinion, Garebites from mount Gareb on the west side of Amorite Jerusalem, and that I entertain a trace of "Nephele" to Biblical Nephtoah beside mount Gareb (see first update of March, 2009). I independently traced Garebites to Charops, the mythical ancestor of Orpheus, and it just so happened that I was able to link the Charops>Orpheus line to Ixion, and by another route to trace Ixion back to the Kidron valley in Jerusalem.

I don't think it's a coincidence that the Kendron/Kedron region in Greece is smack beside the Ladon river, the latter being made the father of Daphne. For Garebites can be traced solidly to Harbiye, which was the city of Daphne.

The overwhelming conclusion at this point is that Ixion and Nephele are to be found among the raven/crow depicted Rus of Shetland and other areas of northern Scotland. Compare "Hebros" with "Hebrides." And then let's look at Britannica's inadvertent clue to tracing the Arados>Rhodope line to the Rus vikings (round brackets not mine:

"In a revision of the early part of the Anglo-Saxon chronicle...the first Viking invaders, mentioned under the year 787 [AD], are said to have come from Haeredaland, presumably Hordaland in Norway. But in the same entry these invaders are called Danes, and there is Celtic evidence for the vague application of the name of Hordaland not only to the original home of the Scandinavians (Old Irish Hiruath, Irish Latin Hirota) but to sites settled by them (Middle Welsh Erethlyn)..."

(Britannica 1970; Vol. 23; "Vikings")

HiROTA? Haereda(land)? Ereth? I traced mythical Geryon of mythical Erytheia to real Erethlyn (Wales); his two-headed dog, Orthos, must surely have been the Orduvices of the Erethlyn region, but why wouldn't that dog depict Hordaland, the sister city of Erethlyn (i.e. the Orduvices appear to be the Hordaland branch vikings). This can explain why the dog had two heads, one for Hordaland, and one for Erethlyn. Geryon himself had three bodies (he was also associated with "Coruna" on north-western Spain), and Ladon protected a Hesperides garden associated with his Erytheian kingdom. Wasn't this entity the root of codework PenDragon and his son, king Arthur?

These are not Israelites, and they have not to do with King David's Zion and Jerusalem. They are the Jerusalemites that YHWH gave the Boot to in the proper time. The battle for Zion is at hand, and the dragon has again slipped in, in the name of modern Zionism. But they will not prevail, not on their trillions of dollars, not on the weapons, and especially not on their wisdom which is clearly lacking.

How did Isaiah know that the same eternal King David of the Psalms would die and rise to life in order to take the kingdom from Satan? Isaiah 53. Did Isaiah get his information from the Greek gods, or from the myth writers, or from the Apollo Oracle? Isaiah 53:2 describes Jesus in terms opposite to that of the Greek gods. The latter were glorious in outward beauty (no doubt for homosexual reasons), but the shoot out of dry ground in verse 2 has no outward appearance so as to make a pagan attracted as a pagan is attracted to Thor, or Hercules. It is in(side) the eyes of Jesus that we find beauty, the love and wisdom inside of His body.

Verse 4 tells that He loved Israel as one loves by deeds. Verse 5, he was punished for our sins, that we might have peace and life. Verse 7; he would be punished in a sacrificial death. Yes, pagans sacrificed animals and even children/infants to appease their gods, but what pagan priest ever came, died willingly and confidently, for the sins of others, and then lived again in order to take the Promise of the Kingdom of the Universe? Mohammed? Forget it. He was a murderer, out for his own kingdom by acts of violence. Zeus? Are you kidding? He's too busy looking for someone's wife, or maybe a nice-looking young man. But Jesus. Everything written about him shows a righteous, noble, sinless...shepherd, with heart attuned to the needs and longings of others.

Verse 8; the One who took the sins of others would be killed. He not only dies willingly (verse 7), but comes to life to shepherd those who put him to death -- you and I who sinned. What is that? Who can surpass such a thing? Who could go through with it besides One who knows he has the true God as his resurrection?

Verse 10 and 11: he will live again. Verse 12, he will rule on God's behalf, after coming with a sword to cut off his enemies, those who wish him dead forever. But those who wish him alive will be His stars, risen in the same manner, in glory and success, all enemies at their feet. But this is just the beginning. The long-term is to teach us to be like him. And we will be, when we merely see him, for we will see his beauty, and understand much more than we do now, as by a shadow of the reality. In 52:15, even the kings and nations who previously hated Him will understand, when they see Him, and shut their mouths at the Sight. Or else.

So we have a choice. Do we believe that Jesus is a pagan entity disguised as something real? Or was he real? If you belong to God, you know the answer, for God is able to make you believe against all the craft of the devil's sons. One way or another, He will give you the faith needed to save you from this miserable lie intertwined with history itself. The entwined serpent is the lie. It makes its sons believe that they have hope, that they have the enlightenment, and progress toward a heavenly utopia.

Our purpose is not to put all our marbles into a tribulation retreat, but to go out and purchase large bags that can fit all the marbles that are coming to us...when Jesus takes them from globalists. Our joy is to see the faces of the globalists when the Thief in the Night takes their marbles, and pours them out like joyful rains in the heat of summer. We will swim in the pools of marbles, and have one hoot of a time, rejoicing over the Victory. So, your tribulation retreat should be preparation for the Party too, that starts promptly in the Morning.

Jesus is not going to ask us what bloodline we belong to, for those who involve themselves with special genealogies are the sons of the dragon. They wish to be from special bloodlines, as though being from them they feel superior, which was the purpose of the pseudo-Nephilim. They loved the idea of being half angel, half human, superior to other humans. Haughty eyes, says the Lord, will not inherit the Kingdom.

It's important that we don't let mythology destroy Faith when our minds are weak. I recognize the danger presented in a trace of the Greek gods to Amorite Jerusalem, but for your sake and mine I know Biblical prophecy enough to show that there is One true among the many false gods. If I thought that prophecy did not serve evidence that the true God was behind it, I would tell you. I would flatly proclaim that Biblical prophecy is a sham, if that is what it was. As you can tell, I strongly believe that prophecy is still coming true before our eyes, in world and Middle Eastern events.

Had the discovery been made public that Jerusalem held the proto-Greek gods by someone not prophecy-inclined, or by a non-Christian altogether, there would have been reason for alarm. That writer could have concluded, and argued, on a very-popular stage, that YHWH was himself one the "Greek" gods. The idea could have been tacked on to the Da Vinci scam to cause even greater malice to the Church. These sorts of writers may be busy at this moment for to spread the idea around, and may have anyway whether I publicized it or not.

But Da Vinci shall not have the Victory. Da Vinci shall not arise again. And those who falsely trace their blood to Jesus will find no comfort in their theory. They will seek in vain the links they envision to the blood of Magdalene. Some liar among them might fabricate the evidence in a false historical document, but such a thing would be a far cry from solid evidence, for hoaxes of that nature are a dime a dozen. But Biblical prophecy foretold events before they happened, and are not the stuff of those who play tricks with the people. Prophetic texts are not a line here, a line there, but are so plentiful as to be redundant at times.

Either the prophets from different generations all winked at one another's prophetic fables, re-telling them in various but similar ways, or there was One telling the same true story in various generations, and variously describing the same thing: His Promise to mankind; His associated Warning to mankind. What hope is there for those who won't so much as bother to look into the prophecies for themselves? But for you who keep watch to see the ultimate Prophecy, with robe dipped in blood, there can only be one reason: you love Him, and He loves loves you. We are a Family because we all have that in common. The only differences have to do with the degrees and natures of our sins, yet we all have in common the Forgiveness, because of the Promise.

If YHWH was one of the dragon-cult gods, where is his name in Greece? Where do we find anything resembling "Yhwh" in Thrace? Why is Zeus very much unlike His character? YHWH has no wife, such as Hera. He mates with no one. He abhors statues, even of himself. He shuns and condemns homosexuals of the Greek cults. His idea of a virgin is not as with the Greeks, who view virgins merely as objects to be seduced and turned into "love" goddesses. Jesus was not born of such a "virgin." There is NOTHING compatible between YHWH and the Greek, Thracian, Syrian, Phoenician, Babylonian, Egyptian, Persian, and Celtic gods. Israel was different. It had the Truth, the Creator, the Reason for life itself.

Foolish Israelites; they wanted the other gods. Truth was a burden. Israel did not pay the Creator back for what he had done for man. Israelites did not think, "He made me, and all I see around me, so I will cherish Him as I cherish my life and all I see around me." Instead, men neighed for the wife next door, and coveted the land of her husband. Rulers loved to rule more than they loved their own children, and children killed their fathers just to rule the land. But Micah tells that God will build Millennial Israel with the lame and the poor.

What Greek god is like that? Dionysus, the god of wine and drunkenness? Hephaestus, the ogre making weapons of war? Hercules of the satin underwear and bulging muscles? Artemis, a female warrior with her teeth knocked out? Apollo, the hallucinating destroyer? Ares, the pedophile of Valentine's day?

Since Hermes represented the Ardos>Arados line, it's now clearer than ever that he was essentially (though not exactly) the Ares proto-Rus. In Armenian paganism, Ara was a son of Aramazd (chief god of this particular cult), the latter term having a Hermes-like ring. Another Armenian cult had Hayk/Haik as a chief god, and that led to the Hyksos i.e. Ixion. I now know that both cults were both at mount Hermon. One could get the impression that the two entwined snakes of Hermes' caduceus were just these two Armenian cults.

After some thought on this two-cult scenario, my impression is that Ara>Ares depicted a portion of the Haik cult. As Ares was himself The Horseman, one gleans that he depicted a chief part of the Centaur "children" of Ixion and Nephele (Hermes, on the other hand, begot the related Satrys). This Ares equation with Haik is supported also where I had traced proto-Ixion to the Aras river...that I think names Ares.

Aha! The conspirators are being found out:

"For years, whispers of the secretive organization of world leaders known as the Bilderberg Group were considered fodder for conspiracy theories, but in the wake of massive economic upheaval, Europe's mainstream has joined the clamoring to find out what kind of financial wizardry has been going on behind the Bilderberg curtain.

Daniel Estulin, author of the hot-selling book, 'The True Story of the Bilderberg Group,' has even been invited to present an unprecedented speech before the European Parliament in Brussels June 1 on the subject of the secretive cabal.

'In Spain, Bilderberg is the 'it' topic," Estulin told WND. 'The attention this is getting in the European mainstream press is equivalent to the New York Times or Wall Street Journal publishing extensively on it.'

...'Economists cannot explain it without acknowledging the shadow masters working to manipulate economies,' Estulin said. "There is a general awakening taking place in people and the national press. This is no longer the domain of conspiracy theorists. Especially in Europe, we're seeing enough cracks to have hope that this dam will break and more and more people will demand to know what the Bilderberg Group has been doing.'

...'To these powerful people, national resources are theirs, not everyone's,' Estulin told WND. 'All these people want an empire. They don't want the people of the world to develop, to prosper, to grow the population. They want us to work for them, where our children and our children's children work for an elite group, the oligarchy.'

...In 2009 Estulin reported his sources told him the main topic of the last year's agenda was the world economy. He said his sources inside the group told him the movers and shakers would be discussing two options &-- 'either a prolonged, agonizing depression that dooms the world to decades of stagnation, decline, and poverty ... or an intense-but-shorter depression that paves the way for a new sustainable economic world order, with less sovereignty but more efficiency.'

Estulin reports the following items will be on the Bilderberg Group's 2010 agenda:

1. Will the Euro survive?

...3. Do we have institutions to deal with the world economy?

...6. Iran and Russia: Economic and financial threats to the alliance

...10. The future of the U.S. dollar: Alternative scenarios"

The new global order requires the poorer nations to receive gifts as incentives to come along. Yes, that's like bribing a donkey with a carrot. For Arab nations, "new world order" means a new opportunity for Arab inclusion, because globalists are striving to give that impression. But not all Muslim nations are biting, and there is a stubborn Iran axis seeking the demise of globalist plots, with Russia on side ideologically. I would suggest we don't side with globalists against the Iran axis in this conflict.

June 2

This email was enjoyable, for me anyway:

"...I grew up with a Godly background that included nightly family Bible reading and never heard anything about pre-tribulation rapture......By then, during the mid-90's, everything was about the rapture and those poor left behind souls. I heavily embraced the whole doctrine and wondered why my parents, grandparents and revival preacher great-grandfather hadn't filled me in on the whole pre-trib idea! Anyway, a couple of years ago, I felt that God was urging me to prepare and didn't bother to ask Him for what. I began storing food, looking for a way to get my family and myself to a retreat and purchased small amounts of gold and silver. I finally got around to asking Him why I need to prepare for disaster if I'm not going to be here. And of course, the answer He gave me was that I WILL be here. I found your site, purchased and read your post-trib book and for about a year have read your posts nearly everyday. I do skim some of the name research.

So, the reason that I am writing, is to tell you that I haven't been completely convinced that your house mouse with the brown stain was anything more than a house mouse with a brown stain. Until last week when I saw the white house mouse article! I literally gasped and am now convinced that God is working through you for us. I want to encourage you and let you know that there are people like me who are listening to you and your work whom you may never hear from.


Thank you for the encouragement, CT. Every once in a while, I get an email from someone who's been reading for a long time but hasn't yet emailed, sometimes due to the warning on the email-link page, but at other times I'm sure it's because they don't know what to make of me.

I have never said, "Thus sayeth the Lord..." I never know when He may or may not be injecting a word or thought into an update or chapter. And I do not think that I have the cream de la crop of jobs for the Kingdom when it comes to writing on the dragon's history. That's because I don't deserve it.

But I get excited about the way things work out, as for example last night, as with many nights. Another brainstorm that doesn't seem coincidental. First, let me repeat what a webpage from YS (see last update page) said, that Robert D'Avranches married the daughter (Maud) of William D'Arques so that their son, William D'Avranches, was styled William D'Arques in Kent. Robert D'Avranches was cousin to a Richard D'Avranches, the latter being grandfather of Richard D'Avranches of Cheshire, father of Hugh Lupus D'Avranches and Maud D'Avranches, mother of Ranulf le Meschin of Cheshire. For personal study, find "D'Avrances" at website below.

In the last update page, I concluded that MacHeths/Mackays were the Mackesys/Margesons, the latter being named after the Scottish queen Margaret who was born in the Baranya theater of Hungary. The Margeson write-up traces to "Dargen," and entering that term brings one to the D'Arques surname. THE BRAINSTORM as I was wondering what special place "D'Avranches" has: it's a variation of "Brynaich" (home of the Bernicians) and/or rooted in "Baranya" and/or in the Baranek/Baraneich surname of Poland/Czechoslovakia. Just compare "Avrance" to "Baranek." All consonants are in the right place.

The last update even stressed the pagan bear line from Hermes/Ixion to the Baranya>Varangi>Bernician fold. NOW I find that the D'Avrances were of that cult too! But only because YS sent in that webpage, or because I happened to read it, just at the right time. Remember, Mackays use a bear as symbol.

Let me put it this way, that for months I've been stressing the Avranches>Meschin bloodline where they were rulers of Cheshire, and some readers were thinking that the underlying reason was merely to stress my mother's Masci bloodline. But I wouldn't be so shallow as to do that to you. I've known for some time that I was Called to hunt the Stewart dragon because the Mascis>Meschins had something important to do with it, that by investigating the Mascis one could discover the dragon's face in much clarity. As you read at the top of this update, that the dragon cult leads to bear-depicted Rus families, where Bernicians are highly suspect, the Avrances-Brynaich similarity can't be a coincidence. The Avranches surname was also "Abrincis."

My dragon hunt, before I had entered a Hebrew theme, had theorized that the Varangian Rus were the Rosicrucian dragon leading back to Biblical Rosh and Gog. I was not disappointed with that theory. Compare "Avrances" with "Varangi," keeping in mind that I trace "Meschin" to the Meshech. The website below calls Lucy Tallibois, who was the wife of Ranulf le Meschin (Cheshire's third earl, after Richard D'Avrances), "Lucy Barns." I had shared this in the March 7, 2009 update, but had forgotten, and found it again just now.

The link made yesterday of Ixion and Ares to "Ardos/Arda" and similar terms jibes well with the trace of Dia, Ixion's wife, to the Ardahan region of southern Georgia (see fourth update of April if you're interested further), off the upper stretches of the Aras river. That was also Gog-land. Ixion was a Rus peoples without doubt, therefore, and the trace yesterday of Ixion to mythical Kikon, brother of Hebros (i.e. the Hebros river where Arda was situated) clinches my theory that the Rus dragon was a Hebrew-Rose/Rus dragon, an idea that furthermore supports my identification of Ixion with the Hyksos, for the latter are known to have been Hebrews. Thus, when we find Hixons/Hicksons first found in Cheshire, a Hyksos flag goes up.

In the past, I felt that the Kikons were the same as the Caucones of Thraco-Greece, the latter term apparently from "Caucasia," which some suggest was derived in the idea of Gog-Asi(a). We don't forget that the Roxolani (Rus-Alans) were also the Rox-As, and that Alans were traced back by Herodotus to a Gargarian-Amazon (Amazons = the Meshech) alliance/merger. Gargarians lived smack where Ixion's wife was from, and we could expect Ixion's roots from that region too. Sooo, I am tracing Gog after all in tracing to the Varangian Rosicrucians. It was not a wild-goose chase, without Guidance.

I had better mention what happened two evenings ago, May 31. One hare jumped into a bush in the island of the circular driveway. As I went to inspect, another hare ran out and stopped ten feet from me, staring at me for six, seven, maybe eight seconds, apparently unafraid. The two were soon-after playing, chasing one another, on the driveway not ten and twenty feet from me, as though I were not there. It just seemed to unusual, unexpected. That night, I wrote the next day's update, and without thought at all for the Hares, I mentioned Haeredaland, home of vikings in southwestern Norway, the place to which I had traced (years ago) the Roxolani.

After the hares had disappeared, I went for a jog around the circular driveway, and on the first lap I almost stepped on a turtle. I had never seen a turtle around this place, and the first time there were hares just before. On every lap, the turtle remained in its place, and I jogged right past it. Are we to look at the creator(s) of the hare and turtle fable? Or the Turtle surname? Will a turtle walk across the White House finishing line before Obama does, right when the cameras are rolling?

The Hare surname was an important topic during the May updates. For the first time that a hare was seen here, through the window during the writing of an update while on a Bernicians of Bamberg, find "hare" in the fifth update of April. Bernicians were Saxons of England on one side, but Babenburgs of Bamberg on the other.

YS has found that "Soligny" brings up the Sully Coat, a surname said to be rooted in "Richard Subligny...Bishop of Avranches." Javier Solana might have been from that Subligni entity, you see. We don't forget that the Sully-style Shield is used by Sellicks and Talbots, or that Talbots were the Taillibois bloodline that was also "Barns" somehow. It should not surprise us to find that Bernicians trace to Seleucids. As Sellicks were first in Herefordshire, see this from the Family Origins webpage above (shared by YS):

"THE FAMILY OF HEREFORD: Brecknockshire Castle remained in the power of the Welsh princes until 1092. It was in this year that Barnard Newmarche [= Nimoy surname], a relation, and, according to some accounts, the brother of William 'the Conqueror', made himself master of Brecknock, where he established himself with a number of his retainers."

I have the suspicion that Brecknock was founded by Briquessart elements that gave birth to the Meschins of Cheshire. Let's not neglect that a brother of the Conqueror could have been a half brother from his mother's marriage to the Contevilles/Burghs...who put forth the Avranches>Meschin line of Cheshire.

As per my strong suspicion that Mackays were linked to the same Avranches>Meschins of Cheshire, recall that the Vains are a Mackay sept (according to Wikipedia's article on Mackays), and then read again from Family Origins, that Vains were earls of Cheshire's capital:

"VAINS: The earls of Chester, hereditary vicomtes of the Avranchin, of Crispin stock, were lords of a fief of similar name (Vains) near Avranches; their feudatories being the [purple-lion] Lacy family, and of them, Raoul Paynel...Vannes (Vains) in Avranches was a ducal fief [goes on to make links with Vannes in Brittany]...This latter [Lacy] family were originally from Bretagne, and their feudatory in Avranches and Yorkshire [where purple-lion Skiptons were], Raoul Paynel, as will be shown, married into the Avranches family; Haculphe de Subligny marrying likewise. The family of Raoul de Vains (Feugères) were closely associated with the Ferte-Fresnels in Antioch...."

ZOWIE!! Another Antioch!! And look, the Vannes/Vains were close to the Fertes, the ancestors of the Mascis/Maceys of Dunham Masci (Cheshire). AND, Fertes were associated with this other Antioch! As per the close Arthurian link of the Meschins, I should add here that I identified Vannes/Gwenea of Brittany as king Arthur's wife, "Guinevere."

The piece says a lot more that I haven't the time to study nor the room to comment on. It then goes directly into "D'AVRANCHES AND OSMOND," mentioning a Briquebec surname that looks Briquessart-important:

"When occupying Normandy, between 920 and 930, powerful families built a series of mottes circulaires, circular wooden forts...Some of these mottes circulaires were at Barneville-la-Bertran, held by the Briquebec family of Heriolfr Turstain, La Haye-du-Puits, and Varenquebec, from where, according to Sir Francis Palgrave, the Harcourt family originated."

Varenhquebec was the origin of the Harcourt Danes? Wouldn't that make Harcourts (Hares???) Varangians? You surely saw the BARNEville in that Varenquebec picture.

After the piece writes on the Marshalls, who were the Keiths/Keaths (Catti from Hesse) that I link to MacHeths and to founders of Cheshire, it writes on the Fertes as they were associated with the Giroie clan, and makes mention of the Ferte-related Bellamys. I'm keeping in mind here the theory made earlier that "Giroie" was from mythical Geryon elements. We also see that the Bellamy=Beaumont equation is confirmed. Round brackets below not mine:

"GIROIE: The family that became known as the Giroie was typical of the upper strata of Norman elite in the eleventh and early twelfth centuries. What we see is an extensive multilateral network of kinship...Giroie, the founder of the family, settled in borderlands between Normandy and Maine ca. 1025. He was a soldier and companion-in-arms to the Lord of Belleme, a powerful noble, and also of 'Paganus' - ancestor of the Paynels. (What we can know is that the families of Giroie and Paynel, associated with the Ferte-Fresnels, were feudatories on Bellesme land; Guillaume I. de Bellesme, Radulph de Beaumont's brother-in-law, built Chateau d'Essaye d'Essecourt, situated near Pont-Audemer, from whence the Beaumont family of Normandy originated; the ancient arms borne by the Viscomtes de Beaumont were d'azur au lion d'or, which are very similar to those borne by the {descendants of Onfroi de Vieilles} Beaumonts of Meulan..."


I often wonder whether the Hessians were cousins of the Essenes of Dead-Sea-Scroll importance. It's no wonder that cultic groups today wish to link the Essenes to John the Baptist and then to Jesus himself. Some of the "Christianized" dragon cults seek linkage to God's Promises, but they do so in VAIN!

As per my Bellamy=Fleming theory, and the trace of Seleucid blood to Roxburghshire, among the Meschin-Rutherfords of the Maxton region, the piece has this to say:

"The Rutherfords of Roxburghshire...Mr. Rutherford Harding clearly shows that the Rutherfords who settled in Scotland were of Flemmish extraction. To summarise his main points: (1) "Under David I (1124-53) and Malcolm IV (1153-65) the Flemish counts, Thierry de Alsace (1128-63) and his son Philip de Alsace (1163-91) cooperatively developed a program to settle Flemish immigrants in various areas of Scotland, including Roxburgh.

...They disappeared from Flanders at the same time the 'Rutherfords' began to appear in England, Scotland and Ireland."

Flemings are Templars all over, and in fact a reader in-the-know quickly understands that the entire Family Origins piece is all about the roots of Zionist Templars. One can suspect that Rutherfords were mainline Rosicrucians leading to Rothschild Zionists.

The article goes on to mention in passing the Hackett/Haket family that I've called Hicks/Hykes, the ones using the hake fish as a symbol:

"The Hacketts of County Kildare, Ireland, are also known as the de Ridelsford family of Lincolnshire. The name Haket means 'hooks', which is also a type of fish. Haket was a prominent Christian name of this family and along with Lucy {also a fish} evolved into surnames in Britain with very similar coats of arms..."

The similarity in Coats has to do with the use of various-named fish. The Sully Coat also uses fish, and a Shield style (with border around the Shield) found in Rutherford-ville. Flemings used a border around their Shields too.

After mentioning the Couvert-surname link to Bellamys, the piece moves on to the Aytons/Aytouns of Scotland, smacking of Ey(stein), the Macey>MacKay>Kay surname, etc. A little further down yet we read of Sollers/Solers in conjunction with Bellesmes.

At the very end there is a short CONCLUSION:

"Conclusions are difficult in genealogy, for definitive answers to all that we seek are hidden from us by so many factors, yet I think it most reasonable to assume that the Frames of Scotland and the Freames of Gloucestershire derived from the family of Ferte-Fresnel, in one of the manners suggested."

That's the entire conclusion. It's not my idea that the Fertes should be central to this conclusion on many surnames linked together in a web of sin, the same Fertes who led to the Macey surname that was also Masci, my mother's bloodline. I never would have guessed. I'm pointing it out to you so that you'll believe that I'm Tasked with this job because Mascis were at the heart of Zionism.

I don't care who the Roso-Zionist families were, unless identification can help trace them to the Hyksos and other dragon-cult entities of the past that relate to Biblical Gog. That's my job. The task includes the discrediting of the idea that Zionists trace to ancient Israelite Hebrews, and a better understanding of what the Dragon has been historically. In the end, I hope to show why the anti-Christ applies to those same Zionist families, and yet comes to destroy Zionism's baby: tiny Israel.

If Gog is to be a Russian, then the link to British Zionist families should be through the bear i.e. the Varangians and/or Bernicians. Between these two extremes lie the Traby-related Baranek families of central Europe, with the Traby Arms appearing to use a 666. In the Hebrew numbering system, a 't' has a value of 400, and an 'r' a value of 200. That get's us to 600 already.

It is possible that some variation of "Traby" adds up to 666, in which case this could be the end-time 666 family which enforces the anti-Christ purchasing system. "Trabzon," ignoring the vowels (because Hebrew doesn't use vowels), gets us 659 (because an 'z' = 7; 'n' = 50. Hebrews didn't use numbers in ancient times, aside from using letters, each letter having a number value.

If we count "Trabizond," ignoring the vowels again, we get 663. If we then assign each vowel a value of 1, we get 666. I don't know how Hebrews count the vowels when they count the number values of words. Travy variations are interesting because a 'v' happens to have the value of six. "Travec," for example, gets a 666 where the soft-c (the letter, camek) of the Hebrew alphabet is used, having a value of 60.

Various Arabs are promising more friction on the Gaza front as a result of the violent incident earlier this week. Just wondering whether this will NOT fizz away, whether it leads to an attack against Egypt. Watching. It sounds as though Obama doesn't trust the Israeli side of the explanation, which only adds injury between he and Netanyahu just when the program was to re-start better relations. Netanyahu canceled his scheduled visit to Obama's mousetrap:

"US President Barack Obama said [today] that he supports an 'independent' probe that would examine the events leading to Israel's Monday raid on the Gaza-bound protest flotilla, Army Radio reported.

Earlier, White House sources hinted that they might demand an international investigation of the affair."

With Turkey threatening to sour relations with the O-dministration unless hge shows some anti-Israeli stripes on this issue, Obama has the choice to make. The article continues: "Obama spoke with Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan [yesterday], where he expressed his condolences and was 'working in close consultation with Israel to help achieve the release of the passengers, including those deceased and wounded, and the ships themselves.'"

A headline at Drudge today suggests that Turkey is sending another flotilla...with a Turkish war ship. This, if it happens, is a little "encouraging" for expectations of an anti-Christ war on the "king of the south"(which I was expecting earlier this year). It would be very surprising should that war take place this year; from a worldly standpoint, it seems totally unexpected, but prophecy indicates that when the war takes place, there's no turning back from the end-time spring that God has wound tightly. The Egypt war starts the tribulation against Israel. We can feel it in the air when keeping track of the Gaza situation.

For Turkish reaction, see

The story has quickly gone international. CBS features a story:

"...3. Out of more than 700 demonstrators, taken into custody by Israel, at least 16 were citizens of the United States. U.S. diplomats report that two were quickly deported by Israel -- including a former U.S. ambassador to Mauritania, Edward Peck, now at home in Chevy Chase, Md...

4. The organizers of the flotilla, the Cyprus-based Free Gaza Campaign, say that two more vessels intend to break the blockade and enter Gaza this week. One is named for Rachel Corrie, an American killed at age 23, seven years ago, when she was crushed by an Israeli bulldozer she and other protesters were attempting to block in the Gaza Strip. Corrie was featured in a play based on her writings and is considered a hero of pro-Palestinian activists."

I was just on the Peck surname. And the theory on end-time, pro-Muslim (i.e. anti-Israeli) Westerners is that they stem from Moor/Mauritanian peoples from Ishmaelite elements merging with the Rus dragon cult centuries ago.

In Iraq, time to form the government...and let the fireworks begin:

"Nearly three months after the March 7 parliamentary elections, Iraq's federal court has ratified the results, in a major step toward forming the country's next government. But the appointment of a prime minister and cabinet is probably weeks if not months away, as political jockeying over top jobs continues.

...Allawi, a former prime minister, maintains that his bloc, having prevailed in the elections with 91 seats, has the right to form the next government. A spokesman for his Iraqiya coalition said it still plans to do just that...."

There has been no indication (so far as I've read) on how Allawi's people plan to form the government while Maliki simultaneously does so. We can expect a court challenge in the works by the Allawi people.

June 3

Today I'm stressing the flotilla event. But before getting to that I wanted to show that the French Flame/Flamme Coat uses three gold roundels on black, as does the English Treby Coat. These are the colors of the Arms of Flanders. The Flammes (with Flament variation) should be the same as the Vlaams, i.e. the Flemings (with Flement variation).

As per the idea that crossed my mind, that there has been an 'l' to 'r' switch from/to the Vlaam/Flaam surname to/from the Frame surname (introduced above among the Ferte>Bellamy fold), so the idea crossed my mind that the Brand/Brant surname was related by the same switch to "Fland." Today, I find that the Brame surname (entered in seeking the same switch to/from "Bellamy") uses Flanders colors too, and was found in BRANTham of Suffolk. That's significant because it's suspect that Frames were Brames while Frames were first found in Suffolk too. Moreover, Brame and Brant colors are identical, colors reversed from the Arms of Flanders. German Brants use the Bellamy Shield.

Finding no Blame Coat but suspecting the Blanes, what do I get but gold on black again (Arms of Flanders colors), a coiled green snake (Mackesy symbol), and a "bello" motto term? The Blanes are said to be Bernicians.

As we saw that Fertes were related to the Fresnes surname as well as the Frames/Freames, note that the French Fresnes surname has a Frayne variation; the Frames have a Frayme variation. There is a Fream surname (Frame colors) registered under the Frends/Friends. As these terms sound related to mythical Frey, the god of Frisians, note that while Nibelungs (a branch of Burgundians) were traced by me to Varangians of Friesland, the Fresnes/Freyne surname was first found in Burgundy.

As some evidence that Fertes were Veres (who I think were named after "Varangi" elements), the Fert Coat surname is registered under the Farr Ferte colors.

The whole of this suggests that Flemings, and therefore Templars, were Frisians...whom I trace to Phrygian "frogs," perhaps the frogs of Revelation 16, at Armageddon in support of the anti-Christ.

One can sense the animosity:

"The UN chief said he would appoint an independent commission to investigate the Israeli attack and demanded that Israeli authorities cooperate with the UN probe.

'The Israeli authorities must provide, as soon as possible, a full and detailed accounting of the events surrounding the incident, including information on the detained, wounded and killed,' he said."

Under normal circumstances, this world outcry would go away the way that the outcry fizzled after Israel attacked Gaza. But then, as the outcry has returned, did the first outcry really go away? Event after event with repeated=continual outcry should so embolden Arabs as to send a full-blown army to Gaza, with the world not sympathetic to Israel whatsoever. We may even sense that Obama would be relieved -- or elated -- to see such an army.

The weapon-wielding passengers on the flotilla this week is just the beginning. The problem is, we don't know how long before the Daniel-11 war breaks out. It would be both not-surprising and very-surprising to see a fast escalation to war before this fall with significant foreign fighters joining Hamas.

Did the 2300 days begin on May 20? If this Gaza situation escalates quickly to war, it gives reason for the viability of that idea. It'll be an idea I keep in mind. We have no Biblical event to signify the start of those days. We only know that it involves the "little horn" and evolves into his 1260-trampling of Jerusalem. I assumed that the 2300 days would be marked by an act of war against Israel, but in my mind I imagined something more than the flotilla "attack." And, I imagined the attack coming from the forces of the anti-Christ out of Iraq. In a June 1 article on the topic, there is a man at an Arab helm possibly wearing whiskers:

"Amr Moussa, the Secretary General of the Arab League, immediately issued a statement in which he claimed that Israel 'is rejecting the very idea of peace in the region.' Moussa also questioned the need to hold indirect Palestinian-Israeli peace talks. He was supported by Catherine Ashton, the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, who demanded a full investigation of the incident and urged Israel to allow humanitarian and commercial shipments to Gaza. Ankara's reaction was the harshest of all...

The flotilla was funded by two 'charity' organizations - the Free Gaza Movement and the Turkish Humanitarian Relief Foundation (IHH). Israeli officials believe that both organizations have ties to Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, which is banned in Egypt, and Al-Qaeda."

The article goes on to point out what many are saying, that the organizers of the flotilla intended a brazen act against the state of Israel. It could be conceived as an act of war, therefore. I think what Moussa is saying is, "Why talk? Let's war." The organizers may be thinking that NOW is the time right to get the West on-side an act of war against Israel. It looks like they could be right.

Russia is not taking the incident passively:

"The deaths of people during the Israeli military attack on humanitarian aid ships en-route to Gaza are irreversible and unmotivated, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said [June 1].

...'It is necessary to perform an extremely thorough investigation,' Medvedev said. 'However, in any case, the deaths of people are irreversible and absolutely unmotivated,' he continued.

Medvedev, who is currently in the Russian southern city of Rostov-on-Don where the Russia-EU summit is being held, said that the issue was discussed at the summit and the Russian and EU foreign ministers have made a joint statement.

...'Russia and the European Union demand a full and unbiased investigation of the events and circumstances,' EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said in a joint statement."

Can we say that the anti-Christ is Turkish, or in Turkey? Or, is there a Russian behind the Turkish-led "act of war"? I dunno. Just natural things to look for.

The West rushed to take an anti-Israeli position even before the investigative facts were in. Although the UN called for a full investigation, as if holding off conclusions until then: "The decision [by the UN Security Council] to condemn Israel's actions was taken after 12 hours of consultations at the UN."

World Net Daily thinks that Obama could be "using" the flotilla incident to leverage Israel into a peace deal, and Netanyahu thinks that more ships are coming to set Gaza free:

"The Obama administration is pressing Israel to allow into the Gaza Strip new activist flotillas setting sail from Europe, according to an official in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's office speaking to WND.

Separately, an Israeli government official said the White House asked Netanyahu for concessions in Israeli-Palestinian negotiations in exchange for U.S. opposition to the establishment of a United Nations commission to investigate Israel's commando raid of a flotilla earlier this week that resulted in the deaths of nine violent activists.

...One of the flotilla passengers is the former Melkite Greek archbishop of Jerusalem, Father Hilarion Capucci, who was previously arrested for using his church car service to smuggle explosives, firearms and katyusha rockets into Israel for the PLO. Capucci was freed after an appeal from the Vatican.

Another passenger was Sheik Raed Salah, head of the northern branch of the Islamic Movement. Salah was recently freed from Israel prison after he was convicted of raising funds for Hamas. Salah's Islamic Movement is heavily connected to Hamas and to the Iran-backed Islamic Jihad terrorist group.

Israel's Geneva ambassador, Aharon Leshno Yaar, stated yesterday the Turkish-based Foundation for Human Rights and Freedoms and Humanitarian Relief, or IHH, the Islamic charity that organized the convoy, 'has publicly professed connections to Egypt's Islamic Brotherhood and the Hamas, and has been a central actor of fund raising and financing terror for Hamas around the world'.

A 2006 report by the Danish Institute for International Studies written by counter-terrorism expert Evan Kohlmann described the IHH as a front for funding terrorist organizations and sending fighters to countries such as Afghanistan, Bosnia and Chechnya. The IHH denied the accusations at the time.

...Netanyahu's office yesterday decided [under International pressure] to free all of the activists, including some it had threatened to try for attacks against Israeli soldiers.

...Activists on a six-ship flotilla headed to the Gaza Strip shouted anti-Jewish battle cries and spoke of using 'resistance' against Israel, with one participant stating she saw only two possible outcomes for the boat occupants -- 'either martyrdom or reaching Gaza.'

...WND reported yesterday the commander of the six-ship pro-Palestinian flotilla announced beforehand participants were planning to use 'resistance' and declared the ship's activists wanted to die as 'martyrs' more than they wanted to reach the Gaza Strip, according to Hamas television."

It sounds like an act of war. It's hard to believe that such an act would not be co-ordinated with Hamas leader (Mashaal) in Damascus. Syria is of course calling the event an act of piracy by Israel:

"The four Syrian supporters who have joined the Freedom Flotilla, which was attacked by the Israeli occupation forces, arrived [yesterday] in Nasib border center in Daraa, southern Syria, and were met by a massive popular and official reception.

The four supporters are Archbishop of Jerusalem in exile Hilarion Capucci, Shaza Barakat, Mohammad Satalah and Hassan Rifai.

Archbishop Capucci said in a statement that he was brutally attacked by the occupation forces...

Archbishop Capucci pointed out that this is second time he joined supporters on a ship to break the siege on Gaza...affirming that he and the participants will continue their attempts until the siege on Gaza is lifted.

He affirmed that the Palestinians will return to a free and independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital, saying that Israel's strength is relative and not absolute."

It's all connected to the invasion of Jerusalem.

Did you know there's a Hamas leader in the Netherlands?

"A confirmed terrorist leader was among the Gaza flotilla extremists aboard the Mavi Marmara on Monday, holding a Dutch passport.

Amin Abu Rashed, 43, was among the militants arrested on the Turkish vessel following the vicious attack on Israeli Naval commandos who boarded the ship. The Palestinian Authority Arab holds a Dutch passport and operates out of Rotterdam as the leader of the Hamas terrorist network in the Netherlands. He has presented himself to Dutch media and others as a 'human rights activist' [just another Jimmy Carter, eh?]

According to a report posted Tuesday on the Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Report, Abu Rashed -- also known as Amin Abu Ibrahim -- was 'one of the chief organizers of the Gaza flotilla.'"

The article points out other evidence of a planned act of aggression but intended to be disguised as an act of defence with Israel as the perpetrators:

"The Muslim report added that Rashed and 29-year-old Dutch anthropologist Anne de Jong were offered a fast-track deportation procedure, 'but refused because they [said they] want to complete their mission.' Both refused to sign the State of Israel declaration of expulsion that would have allowed them to go free.

...Approximately 40 of those arrested on the Mavi Marmara had no identification, and many were found to be carrying thousands of dollars in cash in their pockets -- the same amount for each. Israeli officials said they appeared to be mercenaries, possibly linked to Al-Qaeda, who had received their remuneration just before boarding the vessel.

IDF video evidence shows the group splitting up into teams and sending the rest of the passengers below decks, while making preparations for the ambush of the Israeli Naval commandos."

Okay, we now get it. Although Israel may be blowing up a story of its own, and although Israel may have intended to strike fear in yet-to-arrive flotillas, this first act was an international effort by the forces of the anti-Christ to start a confrontation. Whether the anti-Christ was involved with the plot, we don't yet know, but I think it's a SURE BET that these same groups will join the anti-Christ in a seven-year war pact.

The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is heavily involved, as expected. This organization is suspect (by me) for betraying the Egyptian government, leading to the loss of the coming war as per Daniel 11:25-27.

Here's a video (released by the IDF) of one part of the incident.

Why would Russia's "KGB" come out and tell the world what it already knows:

"The chief of Russia's state security service said [yesterday] that terrorists were seeking access to nuclear materials across the former Soviet Union, Interfax news agency reported.

Alexander Bortnikov, the chief of the FSB, the main successor to the Soviet-era KGB, gave no further details about the attempts or which groups had sought the materials.

'We have information which indicates that terrorists are continuing to attempt to get access to nuclear materials (and) biological and chemical components,' he was quoted..."

If Russians are giving terrorists some nuclear materials, they would want to make it appear as though the materials were acquired against the Russian will.

June 4

If the Iraqi election situation would go fairly well amid contentious issues, then chances are reduced for expectations of an anti-Christ take-over of the country. But things are not going so well, and the situation is just this: no one knows who the next leader will be. In news late this week:

"Talks between two leading Shiite coalitions on forming a new Iraqi government hit a snag over the post of prime minister, leaders said [yesterday].

...Sources close to negotiations between Maliki's party and INA said talks broke down because of disputes over the post of prime minister, London's pan-Arab daily Asharq al-Awsat reports.

Khair-Allah al-Basri, a member of State of Law, told the news agency objections to Maliki by lawmakers loyal to Moqtada Sadr were holding up the negotiations."

We get it. Al-Sadr's group knows it's needed by Maliki to form a government, and so it's holding the process hostage until Maliki steps down. The al-Sadr group knows that more time wasted by Maliki, when he resists, will only apply great pressure on him to "willingly" step aside. In the meantime, Allawi isn't expected to go away without a fight to nullify the Shi'ite machine; we await to hear the Allawi strategy in a matter of days.

Allawi is afraid for his life, and appears not to be backed by the West very strongly, explaining his silence and apparent legal inactivity. Perhaps the West has been convening in efforts to decide how to approach the situation as suits their interests best. I don't think I could have expected a "better" situation, last year, for an anti-Christ take-over at this time. Meaning: the 2009-16 "game" is still on. But only by the skin of the teeth. The take-over needs to happen fast.

If the UN Security Council isn't the will of the globalist West in Iraq, we don't know what is:

"The UN Security Council [yesterday] urged 'all political entities' in Iraq to form a new government now that the country's constitutional court has certified results of the March 7 parliamentary elections.

The council issued a statement read by its president, Mexican Ambassador Claude Heller, which called the elections an important step in Iraq's political process to reaffirm its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

It called on Iraqi political parties to respect the certification and Iraqis' choice for its 'leaders to engage as quickly as possible in an inclusive political process to form a government to represent the will and sovereignty of the Iraqi people and their hope for a strong, independent, unified and democratic Iraq.'

...Both Allawi and al-Maliki have claimed the right to form the new government."

That language sounds pro-Allawi. It sounds like the UN is arguing Allawi's position, that the people voted in favor of him over Maliki. If nothing more, this attitude applies pressure on the Shi'ites to come to a compromise with the Sunni "winners." The thing not yet apparent is how far the Sunni will go in defending their win. One would need to be in Iraq, accessing the daily news there, and knowing who's who, to know what the Baathists might be up to. I can't fathom that Baathists are not exploiting this situation to the best of their might. The difference between Baathists and al-Qaeda is that one has brains along with bombs. There has got to be some plot in place for a Sunny-Baathist takeover, that's more than just bombs, NOW.

Note the Heller surname in that quote. I recognize the German and Jewish Heller wing design as the Masci wing. Coincidence? I very rarely come across the Masci wing; this could be the second or third instance. PLUS, the Heller Coat looks like the Bellamy Shield with a red block/band thrown in. The German Heller write-up traces first to Bavaria, more proof that Mascis were there.

Suspecting that the Hellers were Kellers/Kelners, I re-loaded the latter to find the Adler eagle, the symbol of the (proto-Masci) Ferte surname. German Cellers/Celners use eagle/hawk heads, evocative of the eagle/hawk legs of the Helt Coat (same design as the Hixons of Cheshire). Scottish Cellers/Celners (colors of the English Kelners) were first in Keiler, Angus, close to the key-using Shaws of Perthshire. Recalling that I traced the Shaws to Ayrshire, home of the Kyles, I would suggest a Kyle link to the Keilor location. There is also a Keil/Keel Coat in Kyle, Kelner, and Celner colors (black and white).

Linkage to the Mackesy green snake is evident in the Kyle serpent (even though it's shown in black and white) because the Coles Crest is a green snake.

So I'm asking myself, if I were the leader of the Baathists in Iraq, what would I do under the circumstances? I would have called Allawi and offered him my right hand by now. He might not have taken it then, but as things look dim now, the offer would look much better. I would come to a deal with him, but of course it would be a phony deal because I am nothing but a Sunni fox. The deal would be a power share, with me and my fellow Sunni rats being silent partners in a new government. We'll get Allawi elected by force of political pressures, fine talk from household to household, and a few strategic murders to tone down the Shi'ites. And if the people should be firmly be behind the Allawi people, we could then put him to the backside and rise up ourselves. Not easily, but we would be determined to find a way.

My worst fear, as the writer of these Iraq updates, is that I have been wrong all along about an anti-Christ arising in Iraq. What if the neo-Seleucid is only a Syrian entity, not at all involved in Iraq? What if he's a tool of Mashaal in Damascus? Gulp.

Allawi has met Amr Moussa, the secretary general of the Arab League. Moussa is an Egyptian elite with strong ties to the West/United States. Allawi was asking Moussa about the possibility of forming a caretaker government in Iraq, which was a ploy to begin transition away from Maliki to an Allawi government. I don't know how Moussa reacted to this offer, back at the end of April. You may have noticed that there are many mouse-like terms in the Arab world. For the record, Moussa is no friend of Israel:

"Secretary General of the Arab League Amr Moussa arrived on [May 19] to Rafic Hariri International Airport [Lebanon]...

Moussa said that the Arab leaderships will adopt a unified stance in support of Lebanon against the Israeli maneuvers and violations. As for the American sanctions imposed on Iran, Moussa expressed his hope that the Iranian-Turkish agreement would solve this issue."

For the record:

"A joint report into the handling of the H1N1 [swine flu] outbreak has found that some scientists who advised governments to stockpile drugs, had previously been on the payroll of big drug companies.

The report, published in the British Medical Journal, found World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines on the use of medicine to treat the virus were prepared by experts who had received consulting fees from the top two manufacturers of the drugs - Roche and GlaxoSmithKline.

The WHO's decision to name the flu a "pandemic" is also coming under scrutiny from European investigators, and stands accused of exaggerating the dangers of the H1N1 outbreak, which emerged in April last year.

...A report by the Council of Europe, also released on Friday, accused the WHO for a lack of transparency over the pandemic announcement - saying it wasted huge sums of money and provoked 'unjustified fears'."

This story was found in an anti-West media, but the theme is all Western. The impression is that WHO is not merely one independent organization out for an undeserved buck, but a tool of Illuminati globalists having numerous scams going at change the direction of world monies right down their own bottomless throats.

Is it a coincidence that a humanitarian ship from Ireland was scheduled to break the Gaza blockade this week? Reports are that the ship is about to reach Gaza by tomorrow, but when reading a story in a Western media, it didn't tell that the voyage is sponsored by an anti-Israeli Muslim people:

"Malaysia's government has urged Israel not to take any action that could harm people aboard a Malaysian-funded Irish aid ship, now heading to Gaza.

The MV Rachel Corrie is carrying 11 activists, including Mairead Corrigan, a Nobel Peace laureate, and eight crew members...

...The Rachel Corrie is funded by Perdana Global Peace Organisation, a Malaysian non-governmental organisation headed by Mahathir Mohamad, the country's former prime minister.

...Despite fears of an Israeli attack, the peace activists are determined to try and break through the blockade.

'If the Israeli army attacks us and tries to board our ship, we will not attempt any resistance,' Shamsul said.

...Brian Cowen, the Irish prime minister, asked Israel to permit the Irish-owned aid ship to dock in Gaza.

...Avigdor Lieberman, the Israeli foreign minister, said that Israel would not allow its Gaza blockade to be breached.

'No ship will reach Gaza. The Rachel Corrie will not reach Gaza,' he told Israel Radio.

This can only encourage other ships to Gaza in efforts to nail Israel to the public-relations wall. Out of this effort should come the anti-Christ with a great victory...who by the way will come out of the sea (Revelation 13:1). Stay tuned. It sounds like his coming is with part naval-related army.

June 5

Just opened an email from FE, who wrote in to remind me of the Walter surname. It uses the Mackesy/Margeson and Mackey/Margy lion, a very distinct lion design not seen often. The point is, I traced the Sulcis location of Sardinia to king Mieszko I (because others traced his bloodline back to Sardinia), simultaneously realizing that the Mieszko bloodline in Silesia was named after Seleucus elements of Sulcis.

THE POINT IS, the German Walters -- the ones using the Mackey and Mackesy lion -- were first found in Silesia! I may have mentioned this before, the other point being that the trace of the Meschins back to Mieszko is thereby re-inforced.

In the past, I linked Walters to the Walter name among Dol proto-Stewarts, who I traced back to crow-depicted vikings of northern Scotland, vikings that included the Mackays. The English Walters not use Mackesy colors, but are said to be "Lords of the manor or CROWhurst" (caps mine).

I had traced proto-Stewarts of Dol to mythical Balder (Scandinavian god) due to their Walter names, and while that was theory only, I now note that the English Baldwin surname (from Flemish rulers) was first found in Shropshire, where the Dol Stewarts moved to (before reaching Scotland) as per the Conqueror. The Baldwin Coat (green wyvern in Crest, or is it a cockatrice?)is a black-on-white saltire cross, perhaps linked to the black-on-white cross of the Balder surname. Sinclairs use the same cross essentially.

But NOW LOOK, for as the Balder cross is the same as per the Aflack and Bitar Coats -- the two surnames (actually, Aflaq and Bitar) of those who founded the Baath party (of Syria>Iraq) -- see that a Balder variation is BATHERstain!!! My theory has been that Baathist elements in the West will partake in Israel's tribulation. We note that while Scottish/royal Stewarts use Cohen checks, the Irish flotilla has been commissioned in-part by the Irish leader, surnamed "Cowan."

This evokes the Watt-using variations of the Walters. The Watt surname, said to derive from "Wathes," and to be a Walter variation, uses an all-seeing eye.

If I'm not mistaken, the Aflack Crest has the same eagle, but with wings out, as the Watt Crest. If I'm not mistaken again, I linked the Authinlek variation of the Aflacks to "ab-Atha," the Welsh root of the Welsh Bath surname. I don't forget that I traced "(Mac)Heth" (a Mackesy branch) to "ab-Atha" too. It now makes sense. Note that Battens were first found in Somerset, as with the Welsh Baths.

As per Batherstain, I just checked for a Bather/Batho surname, and got a Welsh one derived from "ab Atha" too...but using a different Coat. It uses white wolf heads on blue, the symbol (see his Wikipedia article) of Hugh D'Avranches!!! The MacHeths and Mackays (and others said to be from "Aode" and "Hugh") have been traced by me to Hugh D'Avranches!!! And the D'Arques were ruled by the Avranches!!!

If that's not enough, the Bather Crest uses what appears to be the same eagle (or is it a FALCon?) of the Watt/Wathes Crest. One Bather variation, Bayther, may be clue to Bayeux/Bessin links. What this all does is to link Meschins/Mackays solidly to Baath-party founders. Why, is the question?

Not surprisingly, the strong arm in the Bitar/Buttar Crest is the same as in the Darque/D'Arque Crest (Mackesys/Margesons were from "Dargen," a term that pops up the D'Arque Coat). AND, Darques use a black-on-white saltire, like the Baldwins! I'll bet that Fulk Nerra (= "black") of Anjou was named after the Dark variation of the D'Arque surname, for Arques is in Folkestone (Kent), and entering "Folke" brings up the Fulk surname said to be named after Fulk Nerra.

The Folke/Fulk motto is virtually identical with the motto of the Russells, the latter said by some to be one of the 13 Illuminati families that run the globalist world. The all-seeing eye in the Watt Coat may be clue that Walters are yet another one of the 13 families.

THEREFORE, I am seeing all the stronger that my job is to unveil the links of Meschin>Stewart bloodlines of the West to end-time Baathists in Syrio-Iraq, and to the anti-Christ system. We're keeping in mind that I traced Obama's German bloodline of Wolfin/Walwin to "Baldwin" (entering "Wolfin" and "Waldwin" brings up the Walwin Coat). Both Wolfins/Waldwins and Baldwins use a green wyvern dragon in the Crest, though the Baldwin species is also called a cockatrice). The "n'oublierai" motto term of the Baldwins may be clue to a Nibelung link.

From the second update of march (square brackets are today's comments):

"The latter [Grey/Groy/Croy] Coat is essentially the Sturt [i.e. Stewart-like] surname...which might itself be Tolkien's Stoor code (i.e. Stoor-branch hobbits). When entering "Sture," the Stower/Stouer surname comes up, evoking the Stow/Stout surname [vikings of that name used a crow/raven symbol and must have been the Mackay family of Stewarts], and indeed they share similar Coats...There is a German Sturm/Sturman Coat that is almost exactly the Stower/Stouer Coat [compare also with Cameron Coat, colors reversed from English Stowers, and therefore ask whether David Cameron, the new British prime minister, is a Stewart).

But a day or two before finding that this morning, I opened an email from FE, where she showed the Stormy/Sturmy Coat using the same lion design (not plentiful so far as the lion designs I've seen) as the Kent surname [Folkestone/Arques is in Kent, remember]...At the time, I didn't know what to do with the Stormy surname, except to link it tentatively to the Stoors, and wait to see if it should come up in my hunts."

Today I find that the Stormy Crest bear is identical to the bear in the German Balter Coat. That's BalTer, not BarDer. I was seeking Walter ties to Balters, but of course Balters may have been Balders.

Someone thinks that the first flotilla was a head-turner to keep the world from seeing the important goings-on at the Lebanese-Israeli border:

"...Over the past weeks, reports have abounded about Iranian long-range missiles shipped via Syria to Hezb'allah, and satellite images have shown terror bases in the vicinity of Damascus growing under Baathist protection. As soon as the attention of the international community began to focus on the flow of strategic weapons to Hezb'allah, the 'brotherhood of regimes' unleashed the Gaza flotilla across the Mediterranean. Seasoned geopolitical experts would rationally link the move to create an incident off the coasts of Gaza with the move to equip Hezb'allah with lethal missiles.

In the end, we're looking at two flotillas, the maritime one in the south being only a decoy for the land fleet to achieve its goal of war preparations in the north."

I'm not so sure that the Gaza theater will be all secondary in the war against Israel. At first, it will be primary, not just because prophecy tells me so, but because the world can better swallow a military effort in the name of freeing Gazans than it can a sheer attack on Israel from Lebanon. BUT, after Gaza, the evil axis will invade from Lebanon anyway, regardless of what the world thinks. An amassing of weapons in Lebanon during the Gaza war should be expected, as wartime makes such things "acceptable" at lower political costs.

Iran is acting...strange?

"The takeover of the Turkish-flagged Mavi Marmaris by Israeli commandos led to demonstrations in numerous places around the world. People in Baku, Istanbul, and as far away as Edmonton, Canada, marched on the streets to voice their opposition to Israel's actions. However, in Tehran and in other big cities in Iran, the streets have been eerily quiet.

This is unusual for the Iranian government. Iran's supreme leader, Ali Khamenei, sees himself and the Islamic Republic as the defender of Muslim rights around the world. During every major confrontation in West Bank or Gaza, he has been the first to arrange demonstrations. This was seen during the Gaza war of 2009. Demonstrations were also arranged as soon as the Muhammad cartoon affair caused rage in the Muslim world. Even the killing of a pregnant Egyptian woman in Germany by a racist individual led to government-arranged demonstrations against Germany in Iran.

So far, four days since the crisis started, we have not seen any major demonstration in Iran...

So what has happened? Khamenei is fearful. Not of Israel, but from his own population. His regime is isolated within Iran and has lost so much credibility that he is worried that such demonstrations could turn into anti-government gatherings. And he would be right."

I don't think the writer has the reason correct. I think Iran is plotting things and therefore doesn't want to draw attention to itself, though by being low-key it is, ironically, catching attention. The absence of heavy demonstrations does not mean that Ahmadinejad is being silent on the issue. He's been his usual rabid self.

Iran hasn't invested in Hezbollah for this long to let it go to waste. By waiting much longer, Iran could see Hezbollah go completely political, seeking it's own rather than doing what it was hired to do at the start: act on Iran's behalf to subdue Israel.

I wonder what prompted the following statement. Is it a feeling in the air?

"The Rabbinical Council of Judea and Samaria issued a statement [June 3] in which it said that the results of the incident in which Israel intercepted a flotilla trying to break the naval blockade of Gaza seem like the Biblical description of 'the beginning of the Gog and Magog process where the world is against us, but which ends with the third and final redemption.'

Yes, the world is against them now, but why would the rabbis use "Gog and Magog" since Ezekiel doesn't equate Gog with a global entity? Do you think they feel Gog's shadow in this last phase of Gaza theater? Are religious Israelites being trained to accept that THIS IS IT?

The article goes on to point out that Ezekiel 38 and 39 are read (in synagogues, I'm presuming) during the Feast of Tabernacles. That's exactly the time that I and others date Armageddon, although I view it as Gog's destruction as well.

Obama, the king of transparency, had to shelve the troops somewhere, and he didn't want anyone to know it:

"President Obama has secretly implemented a huge increase in the number of US special forces carrying out search-and-destroy missions against al-Qaeda around the world, with American troops now operating in 75 countries.

The dramatic expansion in the use of special forces, which in their global span go far beyond the covert missions authorised by George W. Bush...

...According to The Washington Post, Mr Obama has also approved pre-emptive special forces strikes to disrupt terror plots, and has given the units powers and authority that was not granted by Mr Bush when he occupied the White House.

It also emerged yesterday that Robert Gates, the US Defence Secretary, has ordered the Pentagon to find savings of more than $100 billion (£68 billion) over the next five years to redistribute more funds for combat forces..."

The article goes on to say that "In Iraq, US forces have killed 34 out of the top 42 al-Qaeda operatives in the past 90 days alone. General Ray Odierno, the US commander in Baghdad, disclosed yesterday that special forces had penetrated the al-Qaeda headquarters in Mosul in northern Iraq, which had helped them to target key figures involved in financing and recruiting." That looks as though they knew all along where the leaders were, but had left them be until the last days of the Iraqi presence. But mopping up the shop in late evening of al-Qaeda stupids doesn't mean that smarter Baathists have been wiped away by any means. Baathists play a better game, and they have a serious Syrian government behind them, not to mention some of Saddam's stolen cash in hiding.

Opened an email this morning from Tim, who says that a chafFINCH bird got close to him where usually they don't. Events like this are a dime a dozen, and they can't all be Signs from above, but you decide; look at how I responded in a second email to him, after he sent a list of Finch-like surnames for me to peruse, one of which was the Boulfinch/Bullfinch/Bolefinch surname:

"Tim, after emailing you, I went back to see what I had said recently on the goldfinch bird symbol of the Kays, and remembering that the symbol is used as a canary in the Kenner Coat (for obvious play-on-word reasons), while the Kenners are linked (by me) to "Cyne/Kyne," the alternative name of mythical Ector (father of Kay), I think it's safe to say that the Buolfinch Coat (this surname is said to be from "Goldfinch") is a green and gold variation of the Ector Coat. In fact, I'll add this to today's update!

I've used my email because it says all that I want to say to you. Well, almost. Aside from the fact that the finch variations of the Bulfinches are evocative of the Finch/Vinch/Vynch surname (that might link to the Da Vinci cult), and aside from the fact that I once linked the Vinch/Finch lion to the Davis surname (Obama's true father's surname), NOTE that "Bulfinch" has what looks like a "Wolfin" built in. Both Ectors>Kays and Wolfins/Waldwins are linked by write-ups to the Arthurian cult. AND, Obama's Wolfin bloodline in Germany was changed to "Wolfley," say the websites, and the Wolfley Coat uses gold and green, as does the Bulfinch Coat.

I've already shown that the "gward" motto term of the Wolfins/Waldwins links to the Gard surname (and possibly "Ard") because the Gard Coat uses the Wolfley wolf design. English Gards/Guards were first in Kent, where the Bulfinches were first found!! Suddenly, Tim's finch experience has netted a super catch. Obama's Wolfin bloodline traces possibly to Da Vinci, and the Magdalene cult of false-Jesus blood. That's the cult that God at Armageddon should want to snap in His merciless trap.

I had linked Fiddle/Fidelow surname to the Gards because the English Gard/Guard Coat use a "fidele" motto term, and so see that the Fiddle/Fidelow Coat uses the same wolf heads as the Welsh Bather Coat mentioned earlier. The Fiddles use the wolves in colors reversed from Richard D'Avranches (son of Hugh D'Avranches), and while these D'Avranches ruled the Cheshire capital, the Wolfleys were first found in Cheshire...which makes sense where I trace Obama's mother, a Dunham, to Dunham Masci of Cheshire.

Let's not neglect to compare the Welsh Davis Coat (surname first in Flintshire, beside Cheshire) to the Welsh Wolfin/Waldwin Coat. And as per my trace of Ranulf le Meschin (earl of in Cheshire immediately after Richard D'Avranches) to the Randolphs of Moray, not forgetting that the English Randolph Coat is identical to the Dunham Coat, see that the Irish Davis surname was from the Murroughs, who must be Murrays...named after Moray!! Let's not neglect that the Cheshire capital (Chester) was earlier, Deva.

Sooo, a Bath, and therefore possible Baathist, link to the Davis surname is made yet again. In this picture, Obama may be a Baathist-bloodline foe of Israel slated to assist the anti-Christ's Baathist supporters.

Recently, I discussed the Ferte surname links to the Fresnes surname (uses an ash tree, in case you're wondering), and so I now note that the Murrays of Moray are said to be rooted in one clan founder, Freskin. Hmm, that makes sense.

Scottish Randolphs use a white on-red cross like that of the Welsh Bath Coat, and the lions of the latter are identical to the lions of the Irish Murroughs. The same lion is used in the Ross Coat (Borderlands Ross surname said to be from the Morevilles), not surprising because Ross-shire is beside Moray, but it tends to prove Murrough, and therefore Irish Davis, links to the Moray Randolphs.

The same lions in gold are used by the Frames, a branch of the French Fresnes/Fraynes surname, which explains why the English Fraynes use the same lion in colors reversed from the Frames. The Frayne/Frennes lion (i.e. it's colors) is shown at the Wikipedia page on Ranulph le Meschin, and while Meschins were first found in Shropshire, so also the with the Fraynes/Frennes.

I happen to be emailing today with a Frences, and so let me show the Frayne/Frennes lion, in colors reversed, in the French Frences Coat. The surname is said to be from "French," but that might be a simpleton derivation based on what one might perceive as logic. Instead, the Frenches may have come afterward, and the bloodline may in the beginning have been named after Frey. In any case, I do link mythical Frey to the same Phrygians as mythical Frigg, and these I trace to Phrygian frogs along with the Franks. I really do think that the Revelation-16 frogs fit these bloodlines since the frogs assist the anti-Christ at Armageddon. In fact, one frog is said to come out of the mouth of the False Prophet!

Freskins of Moray should have been Merovingian Franks because I trace "Merovee" to "Moravia," which was an alternative term for Scotland's Moray. This was the Magdalene cult, taking the blood of Jesus to their own swords, hoping to conquer the world in the name of the Sword of Christ. Instead, Christ comes with a white robe dipped in blood (colors of the Rus roses) and a Sword to slay Baathists in the bloody tub of God's winepress. This is serious; God is upset.

Long before I ever had a clue as to Western Seleucids (in the Meschin>Mackay fold), which clue came only last month, I theorized, based only on prophecy considerations, that the neo-Seleucids of prophecy would be the Syrian>Iraqi Baathists. It wasn't a difficult assessment after George Bush attacked the Baathists and identified them for me as the ones to recover when the anti-Christ comes to give them new life (Daniel 11:23-24).

By some strange "coincidence," I have had someone with "frigger" in their username ask me to add them to my chat list. I added him/her this morning. Is it a sign that I'm correct about the Fresnes trace to mythical Frigg (Odin's wife) and the Phrygians/Trojans. Yes, for mythical Paris was just a Trojan peoples who founded the French capital.

Recently, the Vain/Vannes surname of the D'Avranches family was featured. It's a Mackay sept, and like the D'Avranches they ruled Chester as earls. The suspicion of one writer was that Vains/Vannes trace to Vannes of Brittany, where the Veneti Celts ruled and founded the city. Some do not link to the Veneti of Brittany to the Veneti of Italy. But I do. And I trace Merovingians to the naming of Morbihan near Vannes. Merovingians are often advanced by writers as the first Franks, and they traced themselves to the Veneti of Italy; so why not the Veneti Celts of Brittany? I would suggest that the Morbihan/Vannes Merovingians were the wife of king Arthur. I think "Guinevere" was a clever code for Veres of Gwenea/Vannes.

When the Vere-Meschins of Cheshire passed through Blackwood (Lanarkshire) to reach the earldom of Moray, they merged with Arthurian Merovingians, whom I now view largely as the Mackays. BUT, the Vere-Meschins may have been Merovingians already, before reaching Moray. There is a Morvan location at Autun (Burgundy) that I also link to Merovingians, and to their Nibelung partners in the surrounding Burgundy of the times. It's the Massey surname in particular that links to the Vere Shield, and then there is the Messey surname first found in Burgundy, you see.

Chances are, the "Bourgogne" rendering of Burgundy was responsible for the Burg(h) surname, and I do note that German Burgs/Burgs use half the Messey (of Burgundy) Shield, and two of three Moray stars. The other Burg(h) Coats are in Vere/Massey colors, and the alternative-Dutch Burg Coat shows three red diamonds on gold, which are the Arms of Thomas Randolph, the first earl of Moray! I had traced Thomas to the these very Vere-Meschins of Blackwood some months ago (sixth update of February).

I have little doubt that the Briquessart surname that was that of Ranulf le Meschin was linked to the Burghs. But it dawns on me now that "Briques," and therefore the Burgs of Burgundy, could have been from "Frigg." Burgundians are traced by Wikipedia to Borneholm, in the Baltic sea. German Bornes use a Meschin-like Shield and show a Boern variation, smacking of Boernicians/Bernicians. English Bornes use a winged Pegasus in Crest, a symbol used also by the Massey Crest. Mythical Pegasus was given birth from the dead head of the Gorgon Medusa, as "she" was slain by the Danaan Greeks. Thus, as Pegasus is a Gorgon symbol, is it a coincidence that "Bourgogne" appears to have a "Gog(en)" built in?

The white-on-red fleur de lys in the Massey Coat match those of the English Brick Coat, and we see a single one in the Frences Coat. It's the symbol of France, essentially. BUT, as the fleur-de-lys is said to be a lilly, note that the town of Lille, in northern France off the Lys river, also uses a white fleur-de-lys on red! As Lille was in or beside ancient Picardy (not to mention Artois), note that the Frences surname was first in Picardy.

Obama is going to chose the Clapper surname for his next Intelligence chief. The Coat uses the "Jewish" Cohen sun, what used to be the colors of the Solana sun. Both Clappers and Claptons are said to derive from Osgood Clapa, a Danish/Saxon nobleman. Hmm, Claptons were in Clapton of Somerset, and that place would use a sun as symbol.

The Osgood Coat uses garbs, the Cheshire symbol, and the Asgautr derivation of the surname smacks of mythical Asgard, the origin of the Odin cult of Aesir Scandinavians. I don't think it's a coincidence that Claptons were first found in Cheshire; I will link them strongly to Osgood Clappa, therefore, and I don't think it's yet another coincidence that the Hasket Coat uses garbs too while smacking of "Asgaut(r)"! I mean, Haskets and Osgoods were the same family. I also don't think it's a coincidence that Haskels (from Scandinavian elements) use a bell-pattern Shield, just like the Clapper Shield!!

This is a good find, thanks to Mr Clapper. For Claptons were merged with the Arthur surname, and since the Hicks surname was merged with the Arthur surname in Clapton of Somerset, shouldn't the "hoc" motto term of the Haskets speak to those Hicks? The Hicks are one of many fish-using families who call their fish by various play-on-surname species. The Clappers use a pyke in their Crest.

I recall tracing Claptons to the English Claver/Clover surname that was the makings of the Claro surname of the Rollo vikings. I now find that there is a Dutch Klopper surname with Klopffer variation that easily modifies to the Dutch Claver surname (using Mackay Shield; there was a Mackay branch in Holland).

With the new revelation that Mackays were Merovingians of the Arthurian cult, or at least merged to Merovingians in Moray and possibly before that, the Claver surname brings to mind Clovis, the chief Merovingian king of bee-line Franks...who is given credit for the fleur-de-lys creation (which some say was originally a frog symbol). I had traced "Clovis" to the club symbol (also the one as a suit in a deck of cards), and so I entered Club just now to find another fish-using Coat of a Clubb/Clobbe family said to derive from "Clobbere...commonly found in the area of Farndon, Cheshire where the family first lived." These had to be the Claptons of Cheshire. If you get the drift, Claptons were Clovis-derived Merovingians.

To help prove that the Clubbs/Clobbes were Claptons/Clappers, the Clubb Coat (said to use salmon) is virtually identical to the Scottish-viking Hykes/Hack Coat (using hake-cod fish). NOW, compare the German Borne Coat (surname thought by me to be on Borneholm>Burgundian Nibelungs) to the English Hicks/Hix Coat and ask why the English Bornes use a "Haec" motto term.

As I think the Bricks trace to the Borneholm>Burgundian family, I note that the Brick Crest looks like the English Hick Crest. To link Hicks with Burgundians is no small thing, for I trace Hyksos out of Egypt to the West along with proto-Nibelungs. If Borneholm was named after Bernicians, as I suspect, then Burgundians were Bernicians...i.e. the Arthurian bear. Since I link Cloptons/Clappers to the naming of Salop (= Shropshire), it should explain why English Brecks were first found in Shropshire.

The Britch variation of the Brecks starts to look like mythical Brigit, which I assume was the Frigg entity out of Phrygia; I had traced Brigit to the Phrygians because they were also "Brigians." The Bright/Brite surname is said to be from Brigid elements, but now I find that Brights, too, were first in Cheshire...before the arrival of the Conqueror Normans.

Wikipedia: "In primary sources Clovis' name is spelled in a number of variants: the Frankish form Chlodovech was Latinized as Chlodovechus, from which came the Latin name Ludovicus, which evolved into the French form Louis." The Scottish Clode/Cloud Coat uses a bull's head, very conspicuous because the Merovingians claimed to derive from a bull. The Clode/Cloud motto, "Hold fast," smacks of the Leslie motto, "Grip fast," and then we find that both "Louis" and "Leslie" could apply to Clovis' fleur-de-lys symbol.

But Leslies are traced (by me) to the Poland/Lusatia border region. No problem, for the Clode bull head may be used in the Mieske/Mesech Coat, making perfect sense where Meschins are traced back to Mieszko of Poland/Silesia on the one hand, while tracing Mackays -- today -- to Merovingians. Moravia was right there in the Lusatian theater, anyway, if that helps to reveal that Mieszko, and the other Piast kings, had links to Merovingians...who had founded Moravia (after Merovingians were chased out of France). The Clode/Cloud castle is used by the Innes Crest, and Clodes were first found on the isle of Lewis (i.e. = "Loius").

The Cloud variation could be play-on-words, or even derived from, the cloud theme of the Nephele>Nibelung bloodline to Nevers/Nievre (Burgundy theater). The Nieve/Nevey surname (using white fleur-de-lys) was first found in Angus, where the Innes' had something to do with naming Angus. The Innes were first found in Morayshire (which place I traced to Merovingians of Moravia!), and were Inces that lived in Cheshire as well. The Innes' use Moray stars but with Zionist stars, if that helps to reveal the types of Hebrews that Merovingians were. NOT Israelites, but Hyksos Hebrews (who worshiped the Baal-bull).

The Irish ship has been boarded by Israelites without incident.


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