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May 25 - 30, 2010

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May 25

Talking yesterday about globalist stains, and not minding one's own business, about rude intent to intrude in the national affairs of others; here's a sample of what globalists think, say, and do in secret:

"US president Jimmy Carter's administration tried to undermine prime minister Menachem Begin's government from the moment he got elected in 1977, documents published by Yediot Aharonot over the weekend reveal.

The newspaper published a letter written to Carter's national security adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski by the head of the Mideast desk on the council, William Quandt, the day after Begin's landmark first election victory...

In the letter, Quandt suggests not putting too much pressure on Begin at first and 'allowing him to make his own mistakes' that would encourage Israelis to elect a more dovish prime minister in a year or two....

'Much of our strategy toward the Arab-Israeli conflict has been predicated on the assumption that a strong and moderate Israeli government would at some point be able to make difficult decisions on territory and on the Palestinians,' Quandt wrote Brzezinski...

Quandt said that due to Begin's election victory, chances for Middle East peace looked bleak. He cautioned against appearing to interfere in Israeli politics, but suggested doing just that.

'We should do nothing in public to indicate disappointment with the Likud victory,' he wrote. 'Instead, we should continue to talk of the importance of [blah-blah}...

'By our actions, we do not want to increase support for Begin...

'At the same time, Israeli voters should know that a hard-line government will not find it easy to manage the US-Israel relationship.

'Intransigence must be seen to carry a price tag, but we should not be seen as the bully. Begin should be allowed to make his own mistakes. If he takes positions in his talks with us that preclude the continuation of our peace initiative, we should not hesitate to explain what has happened. Israelis can then draw their own conclusions, and perhaps the next election in 1978 or 1979 will produce different results.'

Quandt suggested that American support for Begin's government would be less than it was for its predecessors and expressed hope that this could allow the Carter administration to make contacts with Palestinians and sell arms to Egypt, who were both in a state of war with Israel at the time.

'We should not rush in these directions, but at the right time we may be able to act without fear of a serious domestic backlash,' he wrote.

The Carter administration even sponsored polls in Israel, a month after the election, that found that support for the Likud was already falling.

While the Carter administration was actively trying to undermine Begin, Brzezinski sent Begin a letter calling him 'His Excellency,' praising his modesty and candor, and recalling past meetings 'with pleasure.'"

Now you know how globalists and Illuminatists work. As these words were on paper, they were far more professional and safe than had the men been speaking in person at a private meeting. It's clearly a toppling of a government using every political tool, wit, and dollar possible, all the while masquerading as a friend of Israel. Now we know, and we're hoping the whole world finds out, exactly what Obama is doing: the very same thing. Shame on the Carter administration. Hang your head in shame, Yimmy.

When we read a line like the following in today's, how do we know whether it's true or whether it's tailored merely for public consumption: In Washington talks, U.S. voices hope that Lebanon will play a role in building peace in an 'increasingly volatile and dangerous' Middle East. U.S. President Barak Obama used talks with Lebanese Prime Minister Said Hariri in Washington [last] night to warn of the growing danger of arms smuggling to Hezbollah militants." How do we know that Obama isn't in reality FOR the build-up of Hezbollah arms? If globalists have been trying since at least the Carter administration to get Israel to kneel to a Palestinian state, shouldn't they be desperate and even diabolical by now in the face of one of the most determined anti-Palestinian Israeli leaders?

How mush do the Lebanese love the Palestinians? This much:

"...[George] Mitchell reassured Hariri that peace between Israel and the Palestinians would not force Lebanon to absorb Palestinian refugees..."

The Arabs all clamor for a Palestinian state, so long as it's not in their country. I say that a Palestinian state be formed promptly, on Yimmy Cater's front lawn. It's no wonder the Arab nations clamor, lest, failing a state in Israel, they will be forced to absorb them bit by bit, as they leave Israel bit by bit.

The CEO of Goldman-Sachs is Llyod Blankfein, and the Chief Operating Officer is Gary Cohn. The Cohn surname is a "Jewish" Cohan variation, but the point is the Irish Cohn surname with Kyne variation; I showed this surname yesterday as part of the WIN(chester) and (Kil(Kenny) links to (I think) mythical Kyner=Ector, father of Kay. Yesterday I said: "Ector surname uses a Coat similar to the Hitler Coat...even using a sun like the Hitler Coat!!! It is a MATCH!! Hitlers and Ectors were FAMILY." The Cohn/Cohen Coat above uses the same sun, in the same colors.

The Irish Cohn/Kyne write-up: "The [Coyne/Coen/Cohen] name became confused with Coen, Kyne, and Kilcoyne, all of which have derived from it, or have been the origin of Coyne. The ancient Coens, descended from the Gaelic Caomhan, the Chief of his clann in 876 A.D. who was descended from the Princes of Hy Fiachra, and the great General King Niall of the Nine Hostages." 876 was about the time that Cohens appeared in Europe, in my opinion, from the Khazar-Byzantine (royal/imperial) line of Melissena (wife of the Varangian, Inger).

Since French Fers use a Coat filled with the checks (Moray and Mackay colors) of the German Cohans, the Irish Cohens might just prove to be the Vere-related mythical Milouziana/Melusine...that we see in the Moray Crest as well as in the Massin/Mason Crest. She is also in the Arms of Warsaw, Poland. Massins/Masons use "Dum" in their motto, while Morays/Murrays use "Deum." The Veres of the Melusine bloodline trace themselves to Picts (royals, we assume), and the Morays/Murrays are said to be from Picts. In-part, that's probably true, but what about their Moravian line...that I trace to the stock of Transylvanian Khazars? That's where I independently traced the European Cohens to as well.

The idea here is that Irish Cohens came to Scotland as the same peoples that were the Irish side of the MacHeths/Mackays (and perhaps Pattersons of Ross-shire). As the topic lately has veered to the Baranek surname, it is very conspicuous that the Irish Cohn/Cohen surname doubles as "Barnackle." Six such variations are shown but not explained. There is an English Barnackle surname, first found in Warwickshire, a place that could have been named after Vere (or even Warsaw) stock. The Arms of Warwickshire uses a bear holding a log...perhaps linked to the log in the Polish Baranek Coat!! If that's not enough, the Warwick bear is standing upright, JUST LIKE the bear in the Czech Baranek Coat!!!

In the English Barnackle write-up: "... where they took their name from the hamlet of Barnacle in the parish of Bulkington, six miles from Coventry." COHENtry??? After all, entering "Coven" brings up the Gowan surname (i.e. Gowans could be a Cowan branch)...of Inverness, beside Ross-shire and Moray. The English Cown/Coun Coat uses three antlers, the symbol of Zahringers (founded Berne!) and Veringens. The Cown/Coun write-up not only traces to Bayeux/Bessin, but to a Ven term, which sets up the next topic, the BlankFEIN surname that heads Goldman-Sachs? We're keeping in mind here that checkerboards were used not only by Cohens and Hohens, but by bankers as a method to count money."...Hugh le Vendee, nephew of Herbert and Ralph de Courbepine from the tenant in chief, the Bishop of Bayeux, and it is from Hugh which the [Cown] family is conjecturally descended." The write up also says: "First found in Kent, where the Cown family was anciently seated as Lords of the Manor of Fairbourne..." Checking the FAIRbourne Coat, we not only find Vere colors, a boar symbol (shared by Veres), an "arduis" motto term, and a scroll (a topic yesterday), but Fairbairn and FairBARN variations. "Ardu/artu" is said to mean "bear" (in Welsh, I think), and "Bairn" looks like it could apply to that animal too. Swiss Berns were also "Bearns," meaning "bear." "The [Bern] name comes from the German 'Baeren' (bears) and a bear still appears on the city's coat of arms. Other branches bearing this name stemmed from the town Berna in Lusatia." It's not at all conclusive that the Berns were named after bears, for bears may have become symbols by play-on-words. The point is, Fairbarns appear to be Vere/Fer-related Bernicians.

The Fair/Fare/Phare Coat is in Vere and Bern colors too, but I should record that it uses the exact anchor, in colors reversed, of the German Hoop/Hope/Hood Coat. An anchor is used by the English Hoods, held in the mouth of the Kay and Kenner bird. Therefore, note that the Hood/Hudd symbol is the mascle-and-saltire used by the Arms of KilKENNY (see last update page for that discussion, where "Kenny/Kinny" seemed to link to WINchester and the Wynn surname, and the Mackay septs of Vains/Vanes and Bains/Banes/Bayns). I had identified, tentatively, the downward-pointed sword in the Bane Coat as the Excalibur sword...and reasoned that the Mackay sword is secretly that mythical sword too, but I neglected to say that the Neilson surname also uses a downward-pointed sword, and they too are a Mackay sept.

Were they Irish Feins/Finns/Fains? After all, entering "Fien" brings up the Vain/Vane/Fayn Coat with Macy/Macey metal gloves. I had found the Irish Fein Coat (fourth update of June) as per a Feinberg surname in the news just as I was discussing the Arms of Trebizond. And so I mentioned that the Fein Coat is essentially the Arms of Trebizond (Trabzon) Empire.

There is no BlankFein Coat, but one can link the Feins to the Blanks. The English Fein/Finnes write-up: "First found in Kent where they held a family seat as Lords of the Manor, Lords of the Cinque Ports, and Constables of Dover Castle. They are said to be descended from Conon de Fiennes, the Earl of Boulogne..." The Cinqueports (= "five port cities") were/are on the west side of Kent, and Dover was one of the five cities, explaining why the Dover Coat uses a so-called "cinquefoil." AND the Blank Coat also uses a single, large, cinquefoil.

Scottish Blanks were "First found in the Shetland Isles at the north of Scotland where they held a family seat from very ancient times." The Covens/Gowans of Inverness (not far from Shetland) also use a cinquefoil, suggesting links to the Cohns because the latter were first in Kent. The French Blanks use what could be the Irish Mackay Shield, and German Blanks/Planks use the same gold-on-blue lion as the English Feins/Finnes. Since "fione" is the Norse word for "white," while "blanc" is the French for "white," the BlankFein surname (at the top of Goldman-Sachs) is explained in the White family.

Is it a coincidence that the Scottish White surname (using quadrafoils) was first found in bear-depicted Berwickshire (named after Bernicians), where the Arthur surname was first found? The Irish Whites are said to derive from the Gaelic, "ban," said to mean "white," and because these Whites use red roses while I trace "Lancelot" to red-rose Lancashire (BANISters were first in Lancashire, and English Banes/Bains/Bayns use "arte" motto term), I'd say that the Whites were the white-rose faction of Rosicrucians, and related to Ban, father of Lancelot. I once read that mythical Ban was also "Bant," and the English Banes/Bains surname (uses a short/ Mackay-like sword) was first found in Bainton of white-rose Yorkshire.

There is an English-alternative White Coat with the same dragon head of the English Blake Crest (Blakes are a Mackay sept). The Coat uses the Kay/Kenner goldfinch/canary. It's a canary in the Kenner Coat for obvious play-on-words reason, but could the goldfinch indicate the Gold family...of Goldman-Sachs??? It looks like an artist tried to copy the antler design of the Hanna stag in creating the German Goldman stag (in red-rose versus white-rose colors). I put that in brackets because the Golt/Colt variations, and the Hebrew nature of the Goldmans, suggest Hebrew Celts, bringing to mind the Ebroicum Celts that I think founded Eboracum=York.

Having now found that Whites were linked to the Blake dragon head, and also because the White leopard should connect to the Irish Blake leopard, we might ask why Whites merged with Blacks, for Blakes are said to be Blacks. Perhaps they were not Blacks until they merged with Whites. Perhaps they were Bells/Bellamys since after all the White Coat with leopards uses a bell pattern. Hmm, "belle/bella" can also mean "fair" as in white-skinned. It gives the impression that Blakes were a Bell-k like surname...for which reason I entered "Bellock" to find the Bullock surname (red and white)...that I once discussed as a possible Pollock variation. I also suggested Pollock links to Blacks and Blocks with more reasons than similarity of terms.

The other English White Coat also uses the bell pattern, and tells that they were from the Blancs of Normandy (Bellamys were from Normandy). The Bells using the Bellamy Shield were first in white-rose Yorkshire. Irish Blakes descend from Caddels, smacking of Cheshire Cheadles and the Keath/Keith Catti...that I trace to "(Mac)Heth," explaining (at least in-part) why Blakes are a Mackay sept, for MacHeths were Mackay relations. The Irish Blakes also use red and white, and "Richard [Blake-]Caddle was sheriff of Connaught in 1306 A.D. and was a tenant of Falway under Richard de Burgo (Burke), the Red Earl of Ulster." There was a lot of white versus red in Ireland.

The Scottish Bains/Bayns use a leopard that looks like the Blake leopard, and the write-up somewhat traces to "white": "The name literally means 'son of the fair lad,' and was frequently translated to MacBean (Bain)." The same sort of "fair-complexion" definition is given for the Italian Blanc/Bella/BIANca surname. This begs the question as to whether the Whites et al were from the Baiocasses (near the Ebroicum of Evreux), roughly the region that saw the Bellamys. The latter were related to the Fertes, and they look like Fers/Veres, a surname that looks like "Fair."

I don't think it's a contradiction to trace Baiocasses to white-skins (of an assumed darkish/red family of peoples) as well as to the pagan bee line, for in the past the idea entered by mind that honey (and therefore the heraldic gold color) was a symbol of Aryans. The bee-honey cult was traced (by me) to bull-shaped MOLoch, which was the Zeus-Baal bull cult (the Zeus bull was white, as was the Io cow of Argos). Hence, Baal became represented by the Bell>Bellamy surname, in my opinion, and the French Beauxs/Belles even use a BAILe variation where "Bia" is evident too. We shouldn't lose sight here of the mythical Enki (= Anuki-branch) Aryans of Sumeria tracing through the Taurus/Tarsus region of Cilicia to Inachus of Argos, who was made married to the honey goddess, Melia, of BOIotia.

Checking the Melia surname, therefore, we find red crescents on white, like the red-rose versus white-rose theme. The surname is also Malino, and perhaps Malahule, the Rus-viking of More from which the Meschins of Bayeux descended, was named after honey elements. The Melia/Molino Coat uses red crescents, used also by the Bellamys. We don't lose sight of mythical Milouziana/Melusine, and her reported child, Milo de Vere, count of ANGou/ANGers (i.e. like "Enki/Inachus/Anuki"). The dragon line Veres who bring us their mythical Melusine even claim to trace back to the Anu-Enki cult of Sumeria.

What would this discussion be without a look at the Bee surname. It uses what could be a variation of the Vere/Massey Shield, especially as Veres do use a green dragon as a symbol. It uses white fleur de lys, on black, and who knows but the red verses gold Shield could represent Aryan-Rus mixed with the red-rose/Rus branches (Khazar/Red "Jews", or perhaps the Egyptian-Phoenician line to the dragon cult?).

Another point is that historical Melissena was from BYZantines. I just went to find some info on her, and bumped into an article that sounded like the writer has been taking from some of my ideas...until I got to the part where he gave me credit. The webpage ties Melissena to queen Margaret, and more.

God's exposure of Ladon is getting out there, but I did not leave a link from the Ladon book to these updates for a good reason. In these updates, the story of the Laden book is finalized to a large degree, and my hope is that Christian writers will take the ideas and reveal other things that God places on their minds, other things that I haven't got time to research or write. I fear that non-Christian writers will take the ideas and mix them with their own anti-Jesus folly.

We can assume that Maliki is trying to find a way to include Sunnis in a new Iraqi government without the inclusion of Allawi's party. If he includes Allawi's party in a coalition, Allawi would have the right to become the prime minister. In a Washington Post interview, Maliki has just said:

"...'Here is a message which you might find of benefit. It was found in the house where Masri and Baghdadi stayed. It was written by Abu Sinan Al Saudi, addressed to Abu Ayoub Al Masri in which he says if Maliki remains in power, you shall not be able to incite a sectarian war, but if (another person) came to power, you would be able to spark off the sectarian war.

I'm not sure how to interpret that statement, whether someone besides Maliki would make the government so green as to afford a good opportunity for a military uprising, or whether one besides Maliki is assumed to be a Sunni-supporting Allawi. In any case, we know that al-Qaeda is seeking ways to use the evolving situation for a popular uprising, and Maliki's duplicity isn't helping to guard against it. He claims to care for Iraq, but everyone sees that he cares only to continue as leader. Waiting for the outcome.

I awoke this morning at the sound of something near the window bigger than a fly or mouth. It was inside the house. I got up, and moments later, as I was standing in the living room, out comes a mouse, directly in front of me. Back under the wood stove it went, then came out again in front of me and scurried away into the Kitchen, where there is a hole in the floor leading to the crawl space. It was too dark to see whether it was the brown-stained mouse...that was at the White House a few days ago. There is water in the crawl space, and I have enough food scraps on the floors from time to time to keep a mouse alive. Waiting for the outcome.

The Washington Post asked Maliki: "Iraqiya accused you of using the security forces to target their winning candidates and supporters. They say they are being detained." In another headline today, "Iraqi Lawmaker shot, killed in Mosel":

"Bashar al-Ageidi, a member of the secular Iraqiya coalition of former Prime Minister Iyad Allawi, was ambushed outside his house Monday and died later of his wounds, the BBC reported [today]. Police say two of the attackers got out of a vehicle and shot Ageidi in the chest.

...Police said one gunman was unable to get back into the vehicle and was captured."

That capture could spell Maliki's end, and/or the start of a popular uprising, if the police who now have the gunman can link him to Maliki, and then publicize the fact.

Baathists seem to be quiet lately, for a reason, I'm sure. There is a headline that I think Obama wants quiet: "US troops in Afghanistan surpass number in Iraq." We wonder how many have returned to the United States versus those transferred to Afghanistan. Waiting for the outcome.

Hillary Clinton has ignored Iran's threat to back out of the nuclear-swap deal, insisting that the deal was made, in the first place, merely to evade international sanctions. She argues that the deal does not address Iran's operations to enrich uranium to weapons-grade, inside the country. But, Hillary, do tell the world how sanctions will stop the production of weapons-grade uranium. The article tells that the new British prime minister is onboard the O-camp: "British Prime Minister David Cameron said [today] it was time to increase pressure on Iran to abandon its disputed nuclear program...'I believe it is time to ratchet up that pressure, and the timetable is short...There are specific areas that should be covered, including trade finance, asset freezes and action against banks that hold funds for the Iranian regime.'"

The question is: how far will the Russians and Chinese allow the UN to go in sanctions? Israel appears to have abandoned the idea of a strike on Iran, lest it become loathed in the world.

The way things are going, slowly, and there being no sign of a neo-Seleucid arising in Iraq, makes me think that we are not yet in the 70th Week. I regret to say that things can continue as is, slowly, in the right direction, for another 50 years, for all we know.

May 26

Just before starting this update, my jailhouse mouse (he/she can't get out of the house anymore) came right onto by shoe under the table. I looked down, but it had scurried away. The weight on my foot was as heavy as a mouse, anyway.

Here come the tax collectors. First we read today that bank prices need to rise by 33 percent in order to have banks survive the on-going crisis, and then we read that:

"...All European nations should introduce a similar upfront levy on banks, the EU internal market commissioner is expected to announce later.

Michel Barnier will suggest proceeds should go into a fund to insure against future financial failures."

There you have it, taxes passed on to the peoples who use banks i.e. virtually everyone. The global "crisis" will suddenly end when the taxes are global law, for the image of a crisis is being manufactured just to install global taxes. Once done, the banking skies will be blue again and we won't hear anymore of it, in the very same way that Obama cried 1929 before getting his stimulus money, a cry we never heard again after he got the money.

Barnier (yes, that's the Barney surname) goes on to say that banks will only get "temporary" help (sounds like he means "as little as possible") from the pool of taxed money when they fail, which only makes us wonder what the pool of money will be used for, as it sits around waiting for banks to fail. At the same time that bank taxes are being set up, new global regulations are being set up to assure that banks won't fail, if you get the drift. That way, the pool of money will be used for some other globalist scheme.

Or, the pool money can be passed to banks whose owners are a part of the "family." When no one is looking, a family member cries "help," and gets some pool money, so long as the pool managers get some bits and bites under the table as a reward. But Fed chairman, BERNanke, is saying today that regulations on his bank should not exist:

"Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke stepped up calls to preserve Fed independence [today], saying central banks best deliver steady economic growth and low inflation when free from political meddling."

There are people wanting to audit Bernanke's bank, and to know how it operates -- to whom the pool money goes, why, how, etc., but Bernanke isn't co-operating. Instead, he's lashing out aggressively, calling his enemies "meddlers." He also wants us to believe that the Fed exists to give the peoples an American-dream economy. That way, he's hoping that the people will back him against his enemies. I think Bernanke has lots to hide because he and his crew are international pirates.

The jailhouse mouse just came out from under the dresser in full view, but it wasn't long enough for me to see whether it was the one with the brown stain. Hmm, I am talking about BERNanke and BARNier, surnames that morphed into/from Brun/Brown-like variations. I should check to see if this mouse has a 666 on its forehead.

The American moneyman, Timothy Geithner, wants global regulation: "I'm going to meet the new UK government to prepare for the next stage of global financial reform -- on the heels of what we expect to be a quick passage of U.S. reforms -- to emphasize the importance of a carefully designed global approach, and to discuss developments in Europe." His job is to "fix" the banks to assure that banks don't flop in the future, and in the meantime the banks should be monitored by his people, like spies peeping into keyholes on "models" of perfection. That is, in the meantime, Geithner's people get to find ways to control banks in the name of making things right.

I have a better idea. Do nothing, and let the losers lick their own wounds, for these losers have been pillaging the peoples for generations, for these losers are fat corporations that became that way by over-charging the peoples for services and products. It was the banks especially who maintained fat recently while others struggled. The world is not in a crisis when these corporations fail. Instead, it's a blessing. Let the money they pillaged go back to the peoples. Instead, the Geithners and Obamas of the world want to take more of the peoples money to "fix" the banks and other large corporations.

This is a trend, not a temporary scheme. This is a main beam in globalism, that the people should look out for the interests of fat corporations, the very corporations that pillage them. We are being made to believe that without healthy, plump corporations, the economy is in dire crisis. Not true, for if the money isn't funnelling as heavily into fat corporations, they will need to lay off workers, but the money then goes elsewhere, and they will get to hire workers. So, if schemers just leave things be, and if they don't frighten the peoples by crying "crisis," a small up-tick in job growth will follow soon after a small down-tick.

It's when fat corporations make too much money, and therefore become capable of sending it into other countries for various reasons, that loss of jobs occurs unusually. A fat corporation has enough purchasing power to ship product from China, for example. Not that it's bad to spread the wealth around to poorer countries, but that half the fat in fat corporations is "stolen" money to begin with.

There needs to be laws created to assure fair profits by restricting over-reaching profits via price-fixing amongst competitors. Rush Limbaugh would call that "socialism," but I call Rush a fat corporation who makes too much money for what he does, much more than he deserves for merely a day's work reading/watching the latest news and sharing his opinions. He himself should willingly take less for what he does, like about $300 per day profit, more than most of us make but not grossly insulting. Rush wouldn't work for $300 per day because his head has also become fat. Leaders of Western countries are themselves fat so that they won't change the money rules, which is why Jesus will. The leaders are influencing people to think in the same fat terms. making

YOU KNOW that Jesus will change the money rules as a PRIORITY. I wouldn't call his system "socialism," however, because it's not His purpose to make his government fat by taking too much from the people, or using the people strictly to make as much money as possible.

I just made my usual morning bagel and melted cheese, stepping in the mousetrap while doing so. It got me to thinking about the mouse this morning, because I have been waiting for a Sign as to what it's brown spot means. It appears that it refers to the Bernanke (note the Enki-like ending) and Barnier topics or individuals. The formation of the skincode comes to mind, does it not? I ask you, what mouse but one possessed by the anti-Christ would come right up onto my shoe? This mouse is different. It even has the power to make me step in the trap with its name on it.

I think it was God who made the mouse come onto my shoe just before the Barnier/Bernanke portions of this update, and then had it appear moments later at the very end of the same topic. I forward this news to you, with opinions too, but I don't make $300.

The question on all our minds is whether the current globalist banking schemes are intended to formulate the perimeters of Revelation 13's "mark of the beast." Are the banks being walled up, formed into a box that the globalists can peer into and manage as they wish? Why are banks everywhere being made to follow a global rule if not for a global mandate that follows the formation of the box? Pandora never saw anything like this. Even she knows that regulation of the box will bring chaos when the peoples discover that they're in the box too. Jesus returns to free the peoples, to destroy the box, and to let us breath again, the air of Eden. There will be a new Fuel to drive the peoples, a clean Fuel: the Spirit of God within.

Peoples in a box are to fear only what they are told to fear by those outside the box. Every proclaimed fear has an agenda, to fix something, meaning to change something. And "change" is proposed as a positive term. And of course "globalism" is also proposed as a positive term. During the proposals, the peoples are misled to believe that the peoples have accepted change and globalism, so that the peoples who've been rejecting it come round to accepting it. There have been countless changes, thanks mainly to the dragon cult that has for-ever sought to rule the globe, since Eden.

But to fix the fixers there'll be a Shining Fixing One. There'll be rumbling noise outside the box, on the east side of the West, threatening to down it's walls, a noise from God...I think, in the coming of the Russian anti-Christ. I can hear the mouse in the kitchen as I write (the last sentence), the first noise it's made since I saw it.

The problem is, while God removes Himself from Satan's powers so as to allow the anti-Christ to smash the box, the fiend is also allowed to persecute some of God's people. I think the Reasoning there is to have the anti-Christ's system itself utterly condemned, allowing for another global Fixer-Upper. He's the kind that says, "Do not be afraid; I can handle it. No need for a box anymore to keep you safe and secure. Just climb up here onto my shoulder, and let me take you for a cruise. I've got things to show you, the realities."

In recent updates, I've been discussing the Baranek surname of Poland and Czechoslovakia. I was linking the surname to the Meschin family. The Meschin family had previously been linked to mouse terms, and today we find that the American missile system in Poland (there was one scheduled for Czechoslovakia too) has been deployed in the midst of a grumbling noise from Russia:

"Warsaw - Poland unveiled a United States Patriot missile battery at a ceremony [today] in northern Poland...

The battery, which arrived Sunday, was unveiled during a ceremony at a military base in Morag, a town 60 kilometres from the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad....

...But Russia has been critical of the plan, saying the same day it was 'disappointed' and did not understand the logic of the deployment, the state agency RIA Novosti reported.

The Russian Foreign Ministry told RIA Novosti, 'Unfortunately, neither the Americans nor Poles accepted' requests from Moscow to move the US base farther away from the Russian border.

Polish Defence Minister Bogdan Klich said that the missiles had a political and symbolic dimension for the United States and Poland, which are both members of NATO, and strengthened Polish security.

'Political because it has to do with Polish security...",poland-unveils-us-patriot-missile-battery-russia-critical.html

Poland represents the eastern side of the globalist box. There is a flowery gate on that side with pretty ladies waving for the Russians to come in. And the Russians want to come in, make no mistake about it, but they are afraid of the NATO pimps inside. Russians know that the pimps cannot be trusted, for while the Russians are busy engaging the ladies, pimps will be taking money from their wallets. Therefore, the Russians are going to take the ladies for a drive, and the pimps will not be invited. Gog will be in the driver's seat, in other words, and Europa will do his bidding, if she wants a deal. Take it or leave it. And the thing that bonds the two, I think, will be the skincode.

We should see this financial beast coming first from the banks, after the globalist government people have secretly paved the way for the banks to use it. It may not even look like the government people are behind it. At this time, microchip-imbedded cards have become common, and there is nothing much to change in the hardware and software departments to switch to a skin-based chip. But the mentalities of the peoples need to be changed, and foremost in that department is the acceptance of the idea that globalists rule. The peoples are being made to think that the peoples have accepted globalists, so that the peoples will accept globalists...and their mandates.

Globalists are being painted as saviors of crises, and the peoples are being made to think that the peoples love the saviors so that the peoples will love the saviors. If May and April love the saviors, then June and Julie may as well follow suit, thinking that this is the way to the Garden, not realizing that fall comes next. (Rush doesn't give you puns to chuckle or chuck-up over).

In Iraq, final appeals by any party against the election results are no longer possible, wherefore "Iraq's election commission says it's sending the final results of the March 7 elections to the Supreme Court [promptly/tomorrow] for certification." That paves the way for the formation of the government by two Shi'ite blocks...who must be arguing over the how-to of including Sunnis...when they really don't want to. At most, the government should be formed by the end of July, and then comes the fall...of Iraq, if this is the time for the entry of the neo-Seleucid.

YS sent in an email some time ago, sharing some info on the early D'Avranches family of Cheshire. I was amazed because it shows elements the Mackesy family coming out of those very D'Avranches, and moreover exposes why I was led to believe that proto-Stewarts of Dols were somehow in the same D'Avranches>Meschin family. I can't recall the details that first gave the impression that Dol Stewarts were in Cheshire, but the article tells, and other websites confirm, that a Robert D'Avranches (son of William D'Avranches), married a daughter of Gelduin de Dol. We read that William was the cousin of a Richard D'Avranches of Cruelly, whom I'm now assuming (as per the Cruelly shown on this page) was the Richard D'Avranches that was father to Hugh Lupus D'Avranches and Maud D'Avranches, mother of Ranulf le Meschin of Cheshire. In any case, this doesn't prove that Gelduin Dol was a proto-Stewart, but it can come close.

Then, zowie, the same article says that the same Robert married secondly to Maud of Monville, daughter of William D'Arques (and Beatrix Malet) of Kent (this was not William D'Arques, son of Richard II, duke of Normandy (i.e. the Rollo/Claro line). I found the D'Arque Coat some several weeks ago not knowing this. I found it by the "D'Argon" variation found in the Margeson/Mackesy write-up (which also suggests a derivation in "son of Margaret"). That is, I entered "D'Argon to see where the Margeson/Mackesy family derived, and got the D'Arques Coat.

As you can see the purple arm in the D'Arque Crest, it makes me repeat what I saw when focusing on the Meschin clan (that ruled the Cheshire capital immediately after Robert D'Avranches). I saw that Parkinson's Disease, and possibly porphyria, two bad-gene-related diseases, were from the Meschins because they mated too closely to family members. I had traced that quasi-incest to the Contevilles-Burghs in the Meschin bloodline. The article above says the same for the D'Avranches family:

"...a typical example of marriage within the same elitist kinship network. Such a scenario would explain the marriage of Richard D'Avranches to his close kinswoman, Emma de Contewille."

The piece (seen here also) mentions the Goz family but spells it "Gois." One can discover that there were too many Goz genes too close together in the Cheshire families under discussion. The point is, Robert D'Avranches (above) married the daughter (Maud) of William D'Arques so that their son, William D'Avranches, was styled William D'Arques in Kent (see evidence)...where the D'Arques ruled at Folkestone (though they had been from Arques-la-Bataille, Seine-Inferieure, Normandy). This picture could places D'Arque blood in Cheshire's capital just as Ranulph Meschin took over Robert's domain. Hence, I figure, the Mackesys were one with the D'Argen/Margeson bloodline.

But how do we get this proposed Mackesy bloodline in Cheshire to the MacHeths of Moray/Scotland (since I've ventured on a limb to equate the two surnames), and to the MacHeth bloodline of queen Margaret? Maud of Monville (above), who was also styled, Maud D'Arques, was born about the time that Margaret arrived from the Baranya region of Hungary to Britain. That makes her father (William D'Arques) Margaret's contemporary. There doesn't seem to be any way that Margaret's bloodline entered that of William D'Arques, nor even William D'Arques, son of duke Richard of Normandy. Therefore, I would not trace "D'Arques" or "D'Argon" or "Marge(t)son" to "son of Margaret." Rather, the MacHeth/Mackay bloodline must have been in Cheshire, and as both surname variations are thought to derive in "Hugh," they must have produced Hugh Lupus D'Avranches, father of the Robert under discussion.

In other words, the MacHeth bloodline in-part from queen Margaret's eggs got down south to Cheshire, and got sexually involved with the very family that was involved in marriage with the D'Arques.

The website below shows an "Arches" variation of old, so that the Scottish Arch/Archie Coat applies. It doesn't use any racist symbols, unexpectedly, but instead uses stars in colors reversed from Moray, and a crescent in Moray colors. The write-up traces the Archs to Kelso in Roxburghshire, where all sorts of Polish-line families were living. I remind you of the Polish connection because I showed some months ago that the comedy series, All in the Family, was a Polish production, and even had a polish character in Michael Stivic. I'm now bringing that topic back up due to ARCHIE Bunker.

AND, since we expect Margaret's MacHeth line to be in-part (i.e. her part) from Baranya, and therefore linked to Bernician stock, it's not likely a coincidence that the Scottish Archs/Archies are said to be Bernicians!!!

The natural thing to do is to check the Bunker surname for connections to Bernicians or the Roxburgh area, but was disappointed to find no apparent linking symbols in the one Bunker/Bunkey Coat...until I remembered mentioning gold roundels on blue (previous update page). Upon discovering Baranya, I had written:

There is every possibility that the place was named after "Varangi," therefore. The article mentions a "Siklos" location (uses gold roundels on blue, for the record) of Baranya..."

Going back through my files to find gold roundels on blue, they happen to be on a Mas surname styles "Dumas/De Mas...

The Bunker write-up traces to a Noyer surname of a Bungay location. The French Noyer surname has a Neyer variation that smacks of Nevers (Burgundy) because the Noyers were first found in Burgundy. I trace "Nibel" to "Nevers/Nievre" because Nibelungs were Burgundians. I traced Nibelungs of the Vexin (Normandy) to the foundations of the Varangian vikings, and very likely, Varangians of Kiev named Baranya. Hey, hey, the Niven Coat uses crescents in the Bunker-crescent colors.

Yesterday I wrote: "What would this discussion be without a look at the Bee surname....It uses white fleur de lys, on black, and who knows but the red verses gold Shield could represent Aryan-Rus mixed with the red-rose/Rus branches..." I was implying that the white fleur-de-lys on black was Aryan versus dark-skinned Rus vikings, and so let me show another Coat using white fleur-de-lys, just found, in the Scottish (and king-David-supported) Nieve/Nevay surname. Isn't that term sort of like "snow" in French? In Italian, snow is "neve." Mythical Nephele, who I think depicted proto-Nibelungs, was depicted by a (white) cloud=nebula.

The Nevay Crest is a gold lily, that flower said to be the fleur-de-lys species. As I studied the Nevay surname with the Bee surname in mind, I tried "Bey," and got the red rose of the Baia founders of Bavaria!! The surname is Beyer/Beier. The write-up:

"Further research showed the name was derived from the name the Celtic tribe of the 'Boii' who once inhabited this area as well as Bohemia. Bey is derived from the Latin root word Bauari, which means Bavarian people. In the 6th century, the Boii were replaced by a Germanic tribe, a branch of the Marcomanni, who adapted the name Boioarii or Baiuarii. Beyer is also the German and Ashkenazic Jewish name for someone from Bavaria, or Bayern.

...A high percentage of these branches moved into Silesia..."

Can't get more bee-relevant, in my books, than the Boii>Baia bloodline. None of this in itself proves in my mind, or even suggests, that Neyers/Noyers were from Beyers, however. The Nevay surname evokes Anubis (a jackal (maybe fox) god), thought to be the Avvite god, Nibhaz, that may be at Nibelung roots. The Samson character of what I call the Samson myth was identified by me as a part-Avvite peoples, and then traced to mythical Abas of Argos, what I identified further as the bee line in Argos (no doubt linked to the Melia Boiotians). Abas elements (Abantians of Euboea) were then traced to Egypt (Io of Argos was located in Egypt by myth writers, after they placed her in the BYZantium region). The Samson myth includes a riddle about honey in a carcass, and his eating it suggests links to a honey cult.

I don't know the significance just yet as to why the Bavarian Beys/Beyers were first found in Gloucestershire, but the good news is that these English clans use the same rose exactly as the German Beys/Beyers, and even the crest is identical. Therefore, the English Beyers/Bayers were from Bavarian roots, and named in honor of Bavarian roots. The Motto includes "Dumas," smacking of the Dumas surname using the same symbols as the Noyers>Bunkers.

Two update pages ago, I wrote: "AND, the 'Fortuna' motto term of the Simms is used by the Irish Baran Coat!!!" It was established as fact that the Irish Barans linked to Baraneks of Poland and Czechoslovakia, and to Bernicians from Berne. Now I find that the same motto term is in the English Beyer/Bayer Coat. The whole motto" "Stet Fortuna Dumas."

Did I say I didn't know the significance of Beyers in Gloucestershire was? The gold roundels on blue (used by the Dumas') are used also by Siklos of Baranya, and that term was traced to the Sicel founders of Sicily, whom were mythical Scylla, who was loved by Glaucus, who I traced to the naming of Gloucestershire!

Now here is something interesting. I entered "Skill" to seek Sicels/Siklos of England, and found a Gill/Gylls Coat coming up, which is conspicuous because I trace mythical Glaucus to the Gels/Gileki peoples (western ancient Armenia). This surname was first found in Yorkshire, however. Chances are they are related to Skeltons because their Shelton branch was first in Yorkshire too, and it just so happens that I traced Skeltons/Sheltons to mythical Scylla. Hmm, the Gells/Gills were first in Yorkshire.

I have yet to mention that the D'Avranches piece at the start of this conversation mentions a Denise D'Avranches (of the Cheshire bloodline) who married a Subligny surname. I first came across that surname two update pages ago:

The Salvador surname has Salava-using variations, reflecting "Selev(cus)" even better. It too uses a shield-on-shield with eight symbols surrounding. You may have read recently that the Sellick and Talbot style shield-on-shield are used by the English Sola/Solle/Sully Coat, with sole or sun fish symbol. The write up tells that Solas were "descended from [elements of] Richard Subligny [who] was Bishop of Avranches."... One can see how "Solana" could develop from Subligny-like terms.

I thank you for reading through these difficult topics, or even for skimming through. I'm hoping there's a good reason for it all. Until tomorrow, may the God who holds the Awful Cup in his hands pour out upon you from the Good Cup in his other hand. The Awful Cup is reserved for others.

May 27

A bright light in the living room was seen last night, as I got up from bed at around midnight to do the "business." When I approached, I realized it was only the moon shining through the window. I came to the window to catch a glimpse of the bright midnight forest, and there was an old dead softwood tree, with some short branches still left on its heights, it's trunk "piercing" through the perfectly full moon. When's the last time I had seen such a thing? Had I arrived a minute sooner or earlier, the trunk would have been either on the right or left of the moon, but no, it was right through the middle, and it was a perfect full moon too.

Wondering right away whether this was a Word, the first thing crossing my mind was the Jewish month. Was this a holiday? That's when I realized that it had totally slipped my mind to discuss with you the start of the 2300 days, which I said would start on Pentecost -- May 20 -- of 2009 was the first year of Daniel 9's 70th Week.

It saddened me because I knew that May 20 could not be the start of the 2300 days. My first impression was that, after all the "hoopla" on the 2009-2016 possibility (see 2016 if you haven't already), I've got to take the pieces of the 2016 chapter, put them back on the table, and put them back together again in some other way.

The first thought, as I lay back in bed, was the next possibility for the start of the 2300 days: about eight months from now. That's because the 2009-2016 schedule-prediction (non-prophetic) was based on 50 so-called Biblical years of 360 days each, starting in June of 1967 (when Jerusalem was first captured by Israelites). Fifty true years moves the end of the Week, and therefore its 2300-day period, forward by more than eight months. The problem is, and this is the reason that the 365-day year wasn't chosen for the prediction, is that an end of the Week eight-nine months later is no longer on a feast of Trumpets (Sept/Oct), but in June (of 2017).

It doesn't look "good." I feel strongly to abandon 2009-2016, and all the points made that I thought justified it. I also feel apologetic, and sorrow for making a mistake like that. There are greater ramifications, because Obama cannot be the False Prophet, not even a major figure at the very end time, if Armageddon is in July/August of 2017 or later (Obama is a private citizen on January 20, 2017).

The good thing is, I finally have my answer; 2009 was not the first year of the Week. And we all have more time to prepare. The bad news is, the end of the Week could be on the next Jubilee, 50 years from 2016/17. I can't imagine what the world will be like at that time as I see the direction of globalists and other sinful forces at this time. I think they will surely bring the world into the futuristic age of robotic humanity.

Daniel 8 tells that the anti-Christ will act against Israel for 2300 days. Some feel that this prophecy is about Antiochus IV only, but that doesn't explain why it locates the period in the "end" times. I do not think that God would confuse us by such terminology, in regard to Antiochus IV, when in other prophecies of Daniel, a similar king is located at the end time i.e. the resurrection of the saints (Daniel 11-12), at the destruction of the global empire of Satan (Daniel 7), at the Coming of God to begin His own Kingdom, and the eternal restoration of Israel (Daniel 9).

The 2009-16 calendar worked ever so perfectly in regards to the Daniel three periods (i.e. 2300/1290/1260 days) landing smack on Old-Testament holidays. On top of that, the Week ended some 28 days BEFORE (i.e. a rare thing) before the Feast of Trumpets, allowing some needed number of days (as per Daniel 12:11-12) between the end of the Week and Armageddon; the latter event can be expected to occur at a special trumpet of God (as per Revelation's last Trumpet). There's nothing to indicate in strong terms that Revelation's last Trumpet must be on a Feast of Trumpets (= the Jewish new year), but that idea makes great sense.

Then again, God did not make the Feast of Trumpets the Jewish new year. In His calendar, the month of Nisan (the one with Pentecost at a perfect full moon), is the first month of the year. But even then, God has no new-year celebration per se, though Passover could act as such. I suppose that Armageddon could occur in relation to a Passover under the idea of God passing over Israel at the time that he destroys the nations gathered around it. After all, he destroyed Pharaoh at Passover. But June-to-August of 2017 isn't Passover, and an Armageddon at that time doesn't allow the Daniel periods to fall on Old-Testament holy days.

As I thought I shared in one update (I can't find it right now), the next time that a Week could fall before the Feast of Trumpets, while also having the Daniel periods fall in line (or nearly so) with the holy days, is 2017-2024 (or was it 2018-25?). That period works much better for the implementation of a mandatory skincode (it seems too early at this time). But in such a case, there's no use carrying on with Iraq updates at this time. The only reason they are daily now is because the election mud in Iraq has the bones to bring about the anti-Christ in just the way I expected, as a rejected one who enters forcefully by political intrigues but with a sword of war behind his back in conjunction with Insurgents.

With the 2009-16 calendar ruled out, I have grave doubts about the anti-Christ arising in this particular election controversy. And that explains why we don't see anything of an anti-Christ among the Insurgents. There's only one hope for that calendar; that the 2300-day prophecy does not start with an act of war against Israel, but rather with some other event. In fact, it has always been curious to me as to why the three 2300-day events, listed in Daniel 8:13, have all to do with mid-Week and thereafter, i.e. during the last 1260 days. There is nothing said about events during the 1040 days coming before the 1260. I ASSUMED that those 1040 days would be warfare against Israel, as the entire Daniel-8 prophecy speaks to that.

The only thing that took place around May 20 was the start of the "proximity talks." Some websites state that the talks started officially on May 9, but if I recall correctly, they were scheduled to begin, with George Mitchell in Israel, on a Wednesday, which was May 19, but were then pushed forward due to delays, to Saturday/Sunday, May 22/23. It's therefore hard to say when they started officially. As per the piece below from the May 18 Iraq update, they still hadn't started, according to DEBKAfile:

"...Our [DEBKAfile] sources add that under new White House guidelines, US Middle East envoy George Mitchell should not try and extract from Israel more concessions that it is willing to offer, when he leads the proximity talks with the Palestinians starting this week."

Just found the webpage below, where in a piece dated May 18 we find: "Meanwhile, George Mitchell is off in the Palestinian territories talking with Mahmoud Abbas. The meeting marks the beginning of the 'proximity talks' between Israelis and Palestinians. Mitchell will round out his trip by paying a visit to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday [May 20]."

Perhaps the prophecy-important thing is not the official start of the talks, but the day when the American agents, i.e. Mitchell at al, first meet Netanyahu in regards to those talks. And that was May 20, the start of Pentecost. This is very compelling given that I didn't make this up, and found it only this morning...after lamenting last night that May 20 had nothing to do with kicking off a 2300-day period. The "problem" is, I now need to keep up daily Iraq updates because we might yet be within the 2300 days. I say that cautiously, not to mislead anyone. We must still watch the events of this year.

The next problem is that prophecy doesn't really tell us when the anti-Christ arises in Iraq. One can only assume, with logic, that he arises before the 2300 days, and then takes action against Israel for 2300 days after seizing Iraq. And that's what I assumed. The above theory, that the 2300 days started with Mitchell's contact with Netanyahu on May 20, suggests that Obama, or Mitchell himself, is the anti-Christ. The fact is, if Obama is the anti-Christ, he is already in Iraq, and the prediction may be made that he will set up headquarters in Mosul because the Iraqis are now inviting him to keep his soldiers in Iraq longer than August of this year, just because the Sunni of the Mosul region are expected to start some major strife. All my looking to a Russian anti-Christ may have been in vain, which then makes more sense of my tracking the Ladon dragon to the Western Rus in Western Gorgons.

But a black anti-Christ? Is that logical? Could it be mouse-like Mitchell? Is that logical? I would insist, if this picture be true, that Mitchell is merely an agent of the anti-Christ system, which itself will turn out to be the Quartet, and indeed the Russians are scheduled to enter the proximity talks imminently. Mitchell might be gathering around a round table even now, telling the Russians that some drastic measures are needed (otherwise he and Obama get no glory for their efforts). And Putin/Medvedev, wanting glory and world-stage limelight on behalf of Russia, will suggest a strategy. The problem is, if the anti-Christ is to be Russian: why isn't he in Iraq yet???

Today's news tells that Netanyahu has been "invited" to the White House again, and most expect this meeting to include an apology of sorts, after Obama treated him rudely the last time the Israeli leader was there. The J-Post says it will be "hugs and kisses" meant to change the "tenor" of Obama's relationship with Israel. But I say that's a seductive sham by a harlot, and that Netanyahu should stay clear of the Obama tart, for he is about to engage the Quartet against him. This article says that "...US envoy George Mitchell started the proximity talks three weeks ago..."

But the webpage below shows Mitchell in Ramallah (West Bank) first on May 19, and says: "Mitchell plans to shuttle between Washington, Jerusalem and Ramallah as part of the so-called proximity talks launched on May 9." Again, in God's calendar, the important thing may not be the start of the talks, but when U.S agents are found in Israel. Scrolling down to a May 20 photo, we read that Mitchell did meet Netanyahu on May 20.

Another article says that Mitchell left Israel on the afternoon of May 20, "ending the second round of proximity talks." I guess he had lunch and got what he came for: lunch. No need to stay for dinner where he doesn't want to be. I don't know exactly where he went for dinner, but he was "in the region" until Sunday (morning, I assume). In a May-21 (Saturday) article: "...Mitchell, who was in the region for just three days [19-21], is expected to return within two weeks to resume the negotiations. In the meantime his adviser, David Hale, will remain here and continue contacts with both sides."

One sees that there are now intense efforts to keep the issue alive, week after week. The new Obama strategy of hugs and kisses could pull Netanyahu in closer than he wishes to be reeled in. If we see an ongoing proximity focus, then May 19-21 becomes more important in Israeli prophecy...if this is the 70th Week. The prediction, not only mine, is that Israel will torpedo the talks and turn the Obama love-in into brute anger. I have noted in some Obama photos of late that he is turning angry, maliciously so. It's on his face, and he wants us to know that he's prepared to use drastic measures to get his boat on top of the waters again. He really hates the Republicans for what they have done to him so early in his presidency, and he hates Christians of the Republican kind too. And they are the very ones supporting Israel against his "Palace Tiny" agenda.

In an article dated today:

"White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel and his family toured the Old City of Jerusalem [today] for a celebratory tour to mark his son's bar mitzvah.

The family, surrounded by heavy security, was met during the visit by a crowd of angry far-rightists who accused him of being an 'anti-Semite' and 'hating Israel'. Police forces were on hand to dispel the demonstrators and to arrest their leaders, Itamar Ben-Gvir and Baruch Maezel.

While news of Emanuel's visit to Israel has buzzed over the last week, it was unclear whether President Barack Obama's top adviser would be able to receive the necessary security to hold the traditional celebration at the Western Wall.

...Although the visit has been defined as 'private,' Emmanuel met [yesterday] with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu."

It was Emmanuel, on behalf of Obama, who just invited Netanyahu to the White House again. Ironically, where some say that Jesus is in view in Isaiah 7:14, an "Immanuel," meaning "God with us," is the topic. The following verses speak of the Israeli valleys and rocky places being filled by the forces of the "king of Assyria." The prophecy could be a double fulfillment, of the Assyria then, and the neo-Seleucid yet to come. Certainly, all the pieces for an Israeli invasion are ready, NOW. We just have to identify the Neo-Seleucid, Assyrian king. My trace recently of westward Seleucids to the Meschin clans of Britain, which then leads to Obama's mother's bloodline, is becoming an intriguing thing. I had no special intention whatsoever of starting a western-Seleucid topic; it just happened as I found Sulcis (third update in May). From there, the topic exploded.

The O-dministration in Israel gleans ahead of time that a forced solution will be necessary, and that's the story in today's news below. Mitchell is already proposing a deadline for the proximity talks, not because he thinks it will get faster results, but to keep from wasting precious time. The deadline is, of course, the death of the proximity talks, and Mitchell knows it. But the O-team isn't wanting to set a deadline just to chuck-up and fail before there is any movement. Instead, the deadline spells FORCED DEAL:

"With no immediate signs of progress following his latest visit to the Middle East last week, Mitchell announced that, should the Israelis and Palestinians finally agree to direct talks, he would issue the two sides a deadline to reach an agreement in a bid to save the stalled peace process.

...'In any case, a deadline in itself will by no means be enough to get to a peace deal,' she added. 'It would need to be complemented by a bridging proposal, a very consistent and forceful US mediation or arbitration role and clear incentives and disincentives for the parties to comply.",,5605355,00.html

Who's the "she"? It's Muriel Asseburg, the head of the Research Division for the Middle East and Africa at the German Institute for International and Security Affairs. Who??? What Institute??? Is that part of the Barbershop Crop-tete too? Hmm, she goes on to say: "I don't have hope of negotiations leading to a constructive outcome as long as they are not based on clear terms of reference and are consistently and forcefully seen through by the US administration and backed by the Middle East Quartet. The two sides are just two far apart, the power asymmetries too stark and both leaderships to weak for them to come to terms on their own without international arbitration."

What issue will the internationals NOT intrude and control? Who gave the internationals licence to intrude and control world events that find no "acceptable" resolution?

Asseburg's organization is a division at the Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik (SWP), the German Institute for International and Security Affairs in Berlin (the Wisen/Wiesen surname was first found in Silesia). Do these sorts of people get to call the shots anywhere in the world? Are we going to allow this mindset to phase in until we ourselves are controlled helplessly beyond our liking?

Muriel Asseburg is a part of the Council on Foreign Relations, and she does not speak for herself only, therefore. She is for the lifting of the "Gaza blockade," as one can see in her article dated today. There is nothing beastly, necessarily, about her points of views on Gaza, and not everyone agrees with her that the "blockade" is having no good effect, but the point is, the Council on Foreign Illuminati have Gaza on their agenda just when I'm expecting the anti-Christ, out of Iraq, in the Gaza theater.

Globalists, by making the Muslim world an issue at all, only embolden bad-apple Arabs. If the West were not at all in Israel politics at this time, and had they not been seen in it the past few decades, since Carter, the Palestinian issue would not be rising to blood-red levels as it is now. By now, most Palestinians would have accepted their lot in Israel's one-state solution, and given a few more decades, terrorists might have been eliminated altogether. But God sees Israeli leaders shaking hands with Zionist globalists and anti-Zionist globalists, and this has caused the situation as it is now, Slated to become the end of the world, because God does not like Western Zionists.

Asseburg is one of the globalists with fingers in the Muslim problem, fingers where they ought not to be. One can read other articles by Asseburg at a Council on Foreign Relations website. After writing all the above, I of course checked the Asseburg Coat, and what do you know: "First found in the duchy of Brunswick..."

As a consequence of finding this surname in the news today, I tried "Assen" in seeking for relations, and found a Scottish Esson/Asson surname said to derive from "Aythye/Ayson." That really smacks of the Heth/Eth/Aodh (i.e. MacHeth) surname that I trace to Hesse, Germany, which place is "Hessin" there! The "Ay(son)" variation evokes a family member of EYstein (Rollo's grandfather). PLUS, the Essons/Assons are said to be from Picts, as with the MacKay write-up. If that's not enough, I trace Maceys/Mackays to the Chees/Cheatles of Cheshire, and the Keys/Kay, while the Asseburg Coat uses keys.

AND, ZOWIE! I just took another look at the English Heth Coat; it's the same design as the Esson/Asson Coat!!!! The tops of both Shields even use the same color. I would not have known for this link, to what should be MacHeths of Mackay affiliations, had it not been for the Asseburg surname found so timely in the news today. MORE. The English Easton/Eyston Shield has the same design, in colors reversed from the Essons/Assons!

I have yet to decide on the reliability of DEBKAfile news. It's continually reporting behind-the-news military events as they are building against Israel. You might like to visit their page and make your own decisions: There's blatant exaggeration at times, as for example the headline, "Obama starts massive US Air-Sea-Marine build-up opposite Iran." In the article: one whole extra U.S. ship. But there is the announcement, unsubstantiated, that more ships are coming to the Persian gulf in a few months.

The EU still has open arms for Russia, even though Putin, not many years ago, promised to aim nuclear weapons at Europe if Americans go ahead with a missile system in Poland. Obama wants the Russians to believe that his missiles in Poland are not Bush's missiles in Poland, but one can see Putin's eyebrow changing position at that claim. And so the Harlot is saying today: "Russia could become a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO) within a year, the head of the EU delegation to Russia said, as Moscow planned to resume talks it suspended last year."\05\27\story_27-5-2010_pg5_35

I couldn't resist going back to the Aythe/Ayson>Esson surname. As the Catti named Hess, wherefore we suspect a C/K-version of "Ayson/Ay," I entered "Case" to find the English Case/Casse surname using what should prove to be the Kay Shield!!

I argued once that Eystein was named after a Kay-branch of Maceys (or vice versa) who at roughly the same time evolved into an erroneous "MacKay" (i.e. where "Macey" was in no way meant to be understood as "MacEy," but instead as "Macy/Massey/Mascys"). In that picture, since the Meschins were from Malahule, son of Eystein, the Macys and Meschins were one. I just tried entering "Hule" for the first time, thinking it would be the Hull surname with talbots (representing the Lucy-Taillebois bloodline that Ranulf Meschin married), and indeed that's the coat that came up. The Hulls were in Hull of Cheshire!! That in itself suggests strongly that Hulls were named in honor of MalaHule himself, or Malahule elements!!!

As Scottish Halls use the same dogs, they too should apply to Maluhule stock. AND, the Dutch Halls use the red triple chevron on gold, a symbol that I know is used by the Dutch Burghs (not shown any longer at A Burgh surname was the father of Herluin Conteville, and from Conteville's lions came a grandmother of Ranulf le Meschin's father.

I made a mistake yesterday bigtime. I confused Robert D'Avranches with Richard D'Avranches of Cheshire in a study that was highly confusing. But that's no excuse. I've just repaired it. It wasn't the Cheshire D'Avranches that married Mrs. Dol, or that were involved with the D'Arches. I must have been over-worked at the time, or in a hurry, or just plain stupid.

For the record, the father of Robert D'Avranches above was cousin to a Richard D'Avranches, I'm assuming the latter to be the grandfather of Richard D'Avranches of Cheshire, for I'm now assuming (as per the Cruelly shown on this page) that this Richard D'Avranches was the father of Hugh Lupus D'Avranches and Maud D'Avranches, mother of Ranulf le Meschin of Cheshire. This Maud D'Avranches (not the Maud D'Avranches/Monville that Robert D'Avranches married) had for her mother a Conteville-Burgh (Emma). It might have been that female line in particular that somehow connected with the Eystein>Malahule line to Ranulf Meschin (I don't have the time to check it out at this time). This is confusing.

The D'Arques and the line from Mrs. Dol could yet have been in Cheshire in that picture.

May 28

After lightning storms in these country regions, phones are often knocked out. There was a storm last night. Not being able to get to the news, let me tell you what went through my head last night. First, mythical Pan, son of Hermes, represented Panias at mount Hermon. He represented the Phoenicians, that has been my claim. Can we see how "Phoenicia" is derived from "Paniasia"? Moreover, Phoenicians were depicted by Phoenix, and he was made a son of Agenor, using a root term, "age," that in Greek can mean "goat," explaining why Pan was made a half-goat Satyr. In Greece, I think Pan represented the Paeoni, and north of Greece they were Pannonians, living in what would become Hungary, where we find Baranya.

It struck me last night that since the summit of mount Hermon was, not only Sion, but Ardos, that it must have been a haunt of the Nephilim cult and therefore of mythical Nephele. It makes complete sense where "Sion" is the root term in "Ixion," Nephele's mate/husband (i.e. the two were both at Hermon). The reason that I say Ardos was a term of the Nephilim cult is that it's found in the non-Biblical book of Enoch, where it tells that angels descended on Ardos and mated with daughters of men. That is the very theme of the pre-Flood Nephilim as per the book of Genesis.

Thus, peoples at mount Hermon included a cult that kept the memory of the Nephilim alive, a peoples who openly warred against YHWH, a peoples who loved the fruits of the rebellious serpent of Eden.

I then realized (perhaps not for the first time) that Ardos likely named Arados just to the north of Phoenicia (in what is now Syria), and since I link the Rhodian-Rus back to Arados, the Nephilim cult looks like a Rus peoples. And since they are found in the book of Enoch, a fake-Biblical book therefore written (I assume) by Hebrews (of the pagan kind), the Nephilim cult must have been the guts of the Ladon dragon and the Hebrew Rose, i.e. the Rus. If therefore, "Baranya" was linked to "Varangi (Rus)," I was thinking last night, we should expect that the Nephilim line of Ardos>Arados>Rhodes to Redone France was also in Baranya.

And there was my problem, for I had long ago traced Varangians back to Redones from Rhodes. How could they be such and yet also come out of the Baranya term? The easy answer was the bear. We have seen that the Baranek/Baraneich (or Beraneichi) surname, the Berne location, and the Bernicians of Brynaich and Berwickshire all use a bear as symbol, which was also the symbol of king Arthur...who I independently identified (years ago) as a Rus peoples in Britain.

As "artu" to the Welsh (a Cimmerian peoples likely a part of the scythians at the roots of the Nephilim/Eden cult) means bear, so the Ardos cult at Hermon might have become depicted as a bear. Indeed, it is TRUE, absolutely TRUE, I realized last night, for the Hermes cult at Hermon lived in Arcadia when arriving to Greece, as that is the birthplace assigned (by myth writers) to Hermes. It is NOT a coincidence, therefore, that the Big and Little Dipper constellations, a bear called "Ursa" by Latins, was an extension of the Arcadians, who were depicted by mythical Arcas, a bear!!

In all this, we need to understand that a hard-c can modify to a soft-c, then to an 's," and even to a "th" > 'd'. Thus, the Greek "arca" became the Latin "ursa," but also the Celtic "artha" and "arda/arta." The Aryans i.e. Indo-Europeans used "bar/barr=bear. Hence, the Baranek, and namers of Baranya, were the Arados-Rus under their Aryan bear-term. And that idea meshes perfectly with a Baranya=Varangian equation.

I was just looking through my files for some info on "artu," and came across the following that adds to discussion of Archie Bunker (two days ago) and the Arch/Archie variation of the D'Arque surname:

"...Thank you, myth writers, for revealing the British dragon. The world can now expose this beast to the bones. We await to discover what bloodline Arthur belonged to. Could it be as simple as the Arthur surname? Variations include: "Archibure, Arthuwire, Artheor, Arthurs, Arture, Harthawr, Artair, Artuir and many more."

That was in the fourth update of January, when I realized something that had slipped my mind previously, that Arthurian myth codes were in reality just surnames and families. The Arthurian myth writers were linking surnames of their times (centuries after the events of Arthurian characters) back to peoples and events of British history (as they knew it), and then romanticizing and even glorifying that history by making a satanic dragon cult appear honorable, worthy, and godly.

The point in the above quote is the Archibure variation of the Arthur surname. It smacks of Archi-bear, though the point is a possible link of the Arthur cult to the D'Arques. The purple strong-arm in the D'Arque Crest suggested to me that, perhaps, porphyria is a disease caused by incest within the D'Arque family, and of course those they inter-married with.

When Ezekiel says that Gog was the chief prince of Rosh, Meshech and Tubal, it suggests to me that Gog was a Rus and Meshech peoples of the Tubal region of Georgia, which was earlier Colchis. Another thing along these lines occurred to me last night. I was wondering who in Greek myth depicted the Gogi, and whether it was Zeus or Helios. I have traced Gorgons to Helios mainly, and somewhat to Zeus, and it just so happens that while I traced "Helios" to the Gileki founders of "Colchis," I traced Zeus to the Daylemite branch of Gileki (later the Solymi among the Kybele/Galli cult).

One can see that "Helios" is a C-minus Gileki-like term...and so I trace that sun god to the Galli-branch Gileki of the Halyes river, and finally to Ialysos on Rhodes (a city that was made a son of Helios). As I said that "Colchis" developed a soft-c "Cilicia," and then "Sulcis" and "Silesia," so I ventured to say that there were th/t versions of "Colchis" such as Telchis=Telchines of Rhodes. And I traced "Seleucus" to "Telchis" elements, as it was Rhodians who ruled in Sulcis (Sardinia) when the term first appeared.

But as I trace the Gileki to mythical Glaucus of Greece, compare the latter character with "Seleucus," and then recall that in myth, Glaucus loved Scylla, i.e. the Sicels founders of "Sicily" who lived beside the Sicanians (central Sicily) that I trace to Sicyon of Greece, a city that was previously "Telchis," after whom mythical Telchis was named. This caused me to think that Glaucus, where he loved Scylla, was a reference to Seleucids in nearby Sulcis. I think there is something to it that I'm keeping an eye out for. As I trace Glaucus elements to Gloucestershire, it's very conspicuous that the Bavarian Beys/Beyers were discussed earlier in this update, and found to use the same rosy Coat as the English Beyers/Bayers, first found in Gloucestershire. One could see a bear theme underneath that surname. In fact, the German form of Bavaria, "Bayern," smacks a little of "Bernicia."

Note that Sardinia has been traced (by me, anyway) to Sardis, the Lydian capital on the Hermus river; I'm assuming the Hermon-Sion-Ardos-Pan cult was in Sardis before arriving to Arcadia. As I identified Glaucus, by a clue in Glaucus mythology, as one of the two serpents entwined around the Hermes caduceus staff, it follows that the Gileki peoples were united with the Cadusii Armenians to their south-west side. It is clear that these two serpents became Cadmus (Phoenicians) and Harmonia (Armenians) when in Greece, and once again the Rus peoples are involved as per Harmonia's father, Ares. Myth made Cadmus and Harmonia wiggle away as snakes into the Illyrian peoples, and they lived on the edge of Pannonia.

It is expected that Pan, made a son of Hermes, should also trace back to Armenians, and I've pegged him as Lake Van, earlier "Biaini," said to be founded by a Bia (bee?) peoples. One can see how "Paeoni" or "Poeni" could derive from Biaini-like terms, especially as there were no dictionaries in those days to keep vowel combinations straight, from generation to generation. In the second update of June , 2009, I found a Penestae (= Panias-like) location in Albania (= Illyrian theater) just as I was seeking a Banister-like term in the region. It was an amazing, coincidental find. Since I link Banisters to Ban, father of Lancelot, I have reason to trace the Pan-Phoenicians to the Lancelot cult, which in recent days was connected to the Bayeux Baiocasses.

It just so happens that, when I first discovered Baranya this month, I read of a Ruse-like location there (can't check at the moment as the phone line is still dead), but did not mention it in updates as such terms are a dime a dozen. But it's now important because Pan has been linked to the proto-Rus peoples at Ardos (mount Hermon), while Baranya was in the Pannonia theater.

As Lancelot should depict red-ROSE Lancashire/Lancaster, where Banisters were first found, he too should depict a Rus peoples...from downtown, goat-depicted Phoenicians. It's hard to wrap my mind around the Rus nature of Phoenicians, but it seems to be a fact. In fact, nearing Ezekiel's day, Lake Van was ruled by Armenian (of Urartu) kings called "Rusa." It's hard to wrap our minds around proto-Russians in north Africa, but then it was only the Poseidon side of Phoenicians that were traced (my myth writers) to north Africa. We of course think the Horus cult of Egypt, but, still, there was the Armenian side of the Phoenicians that I would peg as the Hros = proto-Rus proper.

In this Armenia-versus-Egypt Rus picture, there are white Rus and red Rus -- Pan-based Phoenicians and Poseidon>Phoenix-based Phoenicians. At first, Agenor was not made the father of Phoenix. The line jumped directly from Poseidon to Phoenix. Therefore, when goat-like Agenor was inserted (by myth writers) into the Phoenician picture, it was likely the Pan-based side, from Lake Van. The ancient Nairi of Lake Van were likely Nahorite Hebrews, and since I identify Nahor's son, Buz, with Poseidon, isn't it conspicuous that mythical Nereids (from mythical Nereus) were made fellow fish-depicted (i.e. sea-faring) peoples with Poseidon? That is, the north-African branch of Rus were likely a branch of Lake-Van proto-Phoenicians to begin with.

A Christian knows that these peoples were spiritually sick and didn't know it. They became vagabonds and wanderers because they didn't have a "hope in Hell" for God's help in life, for they threw Him away in favor of the dragon mentality. Everything they did turned to quicksand, or gravel in their teeth. They had to get along in life by their own powers (think so-called "Humanists" today), and so they turned to the sword -- pillaging, thievery -- rather than turning to God...whom they hated all the more for their life-long pains. And they persisted in their painful darkness, swearing loyalty to the sword, all the while living as barbarians. Right up to the modern era of mid-Christians times, Bohemians and Scythians were still barbarians. And throughout the Vatican-ruled "dark ages" (which they named, and which they claim to have ended by their "enlightenment" movement), they kept their pagan symbols secretly, and even used the sword as their symbol but modified to a sword-cross of Christ.

Pathetic villains, scum of the land, killing and raping from country to country. Today they run the porn shops, slander and minimize Christians, honor abortion, drive the economy, invent things, add knowledge to knowledge, and seek the secrets of the universe scientifically that they might set their throne in the heights of God himself. Never have they been more dangerous. Never have they been more passionate. Having the best of the global money, they no longer wander, no longer make war to survive. Now they make wars to make more money, to better secure their lofty position as "God."

So, War it shall be, painful War, and they will wander again, when their money is Taken from them, when the Enlightenment comes on the stormy clouds. Revelation 20 calls them Gog and Magog in the four ends/quarters of the earth. How is it that Ezekiel, who did not use the prophetic language of Daniel, identified them as Gog and Magog, while Daniel, who did not use Ezekiel language, identified them as neo-Seleucids? It makes one suspect that Seleucids were Gogi. And that's the importance of linking Seleucids to Helios of Rhodes and his Satanic Telchines: they were Gorgons>Gogi from Colchis, spread throughout Europe, and to North and South America, and to China as the red dragon, into every end of the globe.

Seleucids were from Gog.

Doesn't that make sense? Why do prophecy writers not make that connection? Because they fail to realize that Gog will furnish the anti-Christ; that Ezekiel's Gog is the anti-Christ. But even I, who do equate the two, failed to stress a Gogi-bloodline in the Seleucids. It's only now that I stress it. I don't recall whether the idea ever came to mind until now. I had parsed all over the idea when learning that Seleucids ruled from Antioch, a city that was previously Daphne, whom myth writers made a daughter of the Ladon/Biblical dragon. I don't imagine that the human "writer" of Revelation knew of the seven-headed Lotan dragon in the waters off of Syria.

But the Writer of Revelation did. We note that the same Writer, through Daniel, traced the Ladon dragon from the Greek empire to the Roman empire, the importance of which must be the Lydian line to the Latins. Those Latins must have been the same seven-headed Lotan...then (as now) sitting in Rome as the Revelation "harlot."

The Writer started the dragon>harlot cult off (in Daniel 7) as the global empire of Nebu-Chad-Nezzar of Babylon. Perhaps the Nebu portion refers to the Nephilim dragon (the Avvite god, Nibhaz, comes to mind too), while the Chad portion refers to the Cadusii line to Cadmus, i.e. the Hermes>Pan cult to mount Hermon. Safe to say, Daphne's other father, Peneus, depicted Greek elements from Panias (city at mount Hermon) so that one sees a Hermes>Pan line to the city of Daphne before reaching Greece. King Seleucus I started in Babylon (at Opis/Seleucia on the Tigris), and then moved his capital to Daphne, re-naming it after his son.

I had traced Apollo -- and the Revelation-9 nuclear destroyer, Abaddon/Apollyon -- back to Opis before knowing that Seleucids ruled from there (see evidence), which should explain why Seleucids worshiped Apollo, lover of Daphne in the Ladon river, Greece. I figured that Abaddon (and Apollo) represented Avvites, whom I also traced to "Opis" on the Tigris. I then traced Apollo to Abila/Abilene of the Phoenicia-Syria border, not far from the city of Daphne. I think this well explains how "Abaddon" morphed into "Apollo." In this picture, Nebuchadnezzar may have honored Nibhaz of the Avvites most.

The other Avvite god, Tartak, looks like a hard-c version of "Tartus," a city on the maritime mainline founded by the peoples of Arados (therefore, "Tartus" should be viewed as "Artus"). It seems that the mythical Hell of the Greeks, Tartarus, is an apt description of the "abysso=abyss" out of which Abaddon/Apollyon comes in Revelation 9. I had mentioned, when on this topic in my Opis Stinger of Death chapter, that Apollo was depicted as a scorpion, the very symbol of the Revelation-9 destroyer. I have also shown that "Gareb," in Jerusalem, is thought to derive from a word for scorpion, and it just so happens that I trace Gareb to Harbiye, an alternative name of Daphne/Antioch.

Then, I traced Garebites to Arados as per the "Arvad/Arpad" form of that term, which was the local form (it was Greeks who used "Arados"). We can see how "Arvad" morphs easily into "Harv/Harbiye."

Although I ventured to identify the Revelation destroyer as an Indo-Iranian peoples called by the Avatar cult, I could be easily convinced, with good reason, that it will turn out to be a Western branch of Seleucids...such as the United States in Iraq/Afghanistan. I tended to think that the Revelation-9 nuclear explosion (listed under the fifth-Trumpet plague) would be set off by the "kings of the east" as they approached their Euphrates destination in time for the sixth Trumpet-Bowl duo of plagues, but I could be easily convinced that Americans in the Middle East will set the bomb off in an effort to prevent the kings of the east from coming in.

Got the phone line back, only to learn that the lightning put the lights out on the modem, meaning that there may not be updates in coming days, until I can get a new modem. I'm at the cafe uploading this update now, and have time to skim the news...

Some may have been reading when I showed links of the Scott Coat to British Seleucids of the Sellick kind:

"The policy director at a George Soros-funded, Marxist-founded organization calling itself Free Press has just taken a key State Department position, WND has learned.

Free Press Policy Director Ben Scott has been named a policy adviser for innovation at the State Department.

...Scott authored a book, 'The Future of Media,' which was edited by the founder of Free Press, Robert W. McChesney.

McChesney is an avowed Marxist who has recommended capitalism be dismantled. "

Seleucids in high places??? "Chesney" reflects "Cheshire" and "Hessen." The Cheney surname comes up when entering "Chesney," first found in Buckinghamshire.

May 30

In Psalm 89, king David appears to be exalting himself, which is out of the ordinary for him. It turns out he's not exalting himself. He says that, as God protects him from enemies, David will call Him "father" (v 26), a term used often by Jesus but not so much by David or any other Old Testament Israelite. In this course of the Psalm, David writes God's words in the first-Person i.e. he's acting as special prophet: "And I will make him {i.e. David] my firstborn, higher than the kings of the earth...and I have established his seed forever" (v 27, 29).

It doesn't say, "like a firstborn." Nor do we expect that David would exalt himself above ALL the kings of the earth, since after all he was ruler of merely a tiny Israel. And in his days, there wasn't even a stone Temple in his land. And Jerusalem had only become an Israeli city in David's days; its Amorites had been subjected to his rule, and they, it they stayed in the city, had to make way for the moving in of Israelites. This was merely the beginning of an eternal Jerusalem ruled by David's line. The Palestinians -- and ALL the kings of the world, including Obama -- had better accept that FACT, and move on. They do not know on What they are treading when they seek a Palestinian nation in Old Jerusalem.

For those wanting evidence that Jesus was being truthful when claiming that the Psalms were Inspired, here it is, in Psalm 89. David, 1,000 years before Jesus, wrote about Him, even saying that He would be God's firstborn.

The text, by the way, does not say that there would be a king of David's line sitting "continually" on the Israeli throne from David onward. We know that didn't happen, and there's no use trying to make it appear as though it did somehow. Where we read above, "I have established his seed forever," it's touched upon again in verse 36: "I will not lie to David; his seed shall be forever, and his throne as the sun before me." The Intension is not to say that David's descendants will be on the Israeli throne from that point on, but that a coming firstborn from "his seed" -- Jesus -- will be on the throne continually, forever.

In Psalm 110, the first verse, David has two "lords":

"A word of YHWH to my Lord: 'Sit at my right hand until I place your enemies at your footstool. YHWH shall send the rod of your strength out from Zion; rule in the midst of your enemies."

Who could these enemies be, in the midst of Zion when Jesus comes as King, if not the Palestinians who now want Zion for their own capital? In forthcoming verses, we find that the enemies include the kings of other nations. Watch your backs, O-teamsters, for you have made the wrong choice along with your fellow world rulers. In verse 4: "YHWH has sworn, and will not repent: You are as priest forever in the order of Melchizedek."

What was the "order of Melchizedek"? He was ruler of Jerusalem when it was still called Zedek ("melch" means "king"). Was it a bloodline, or a political system? No, I don't think so. It sounds like God had chosen and installed a priesthood for Himself among the Amorite inhabitants of pre-Jerusalem, though they were not necessarily Amorites. It was part of the long-range Plan, and unfortunately for the Templars, it had nothing to do with the Order of the Rosy Cross, or the Order of the Knights Templar, or any other Order that they claim for themselves. It was the Order of Zedek>Zion>Jerusalem>Jesus. Palestinians, knowing this, are being downright rude to expect Jerusalem for themselves.

And modern Templars, who sprang forth from the Norman Rus, claim falsely when tracing themselves to king David of Zion while also taking hold of the global horn of Jesus in the process. Revelation gives Jesus seven eyes, revealing Him as the true Illuminati. He will watch over the globe, and he will cut off the price-fixers, and all kinds of "fixers," and Joe Fix, the Jew who runs the corrupt used-car lot, will no longer find refuge in making money at the expense of the buyers.

The people will not exist for the Government; it will not be the aim of the Government to suck the wealth to itself, for the Government in His days will not need the people for such a thing, for His God owns everything anyway. But the Government will exist for the people, and the two will be one forever, in agreement, in love, in happiness. Or, the Government will strike the people with a rod of correction, until once again there is unity and happiness for all.

The liberals, if they survive Armageddon, will become the tails, the water carriers, so to speak, and pro-lifers will become the heads of towns and cities, of the schools, of the media, but Masonic halls will be a sink of the past. Rothschilds will become the shoe-shine boys, and they had better do a good job too.

Maurice Strong, man of not a few Orders of the wrong kinds, including the New World Order, is a leading figure in the world-government movement at out feet at this very time. He belongs to the people who are slated to be the footstool of the Lord of my Lord. ET sent a doc. document (not a webpage, so I can't share it with you) with quite a few interesting things about this corrupt man. There is high-level evidence that, as part of the oil-for-food scam, he was pro-Saddam (see Wikipedia article), so why not pro-Baathist today? Why shouldn't his particular globalist faction (including American Democrats?) be pro-Baathist at this time? Pieces on the webpage single Strong out as a Gore-globalist shaker. We then read:

"Along with former Soviet Union leader Mikhail Gorbachev, Strong, currently president of the Earth Council, has been boasting of replacing the Ten Commandments with the Earth Charter, a golden rule guide for how the masses should treat the environment"(story online much).

I don't mind sincere green movements that protect the planet from uncaring corporations who'll dump anything into the waters and soils, but let's not take the Creator from environmentalism, or what sorts of idiots are we, eh Maurice? Oh, he's a Canadian of an elite order, so that must explain his dark side. Like fellow Canadian scammer, Conrad Black.

The Strong Coat is the Ferte Coat in colors reversed, but connection between the two families can't be made solid on that basis alone, for one is a French, and the other an English, Coat. The Strong-write-up claims a "stang" derivation, which term brings us to the Strange surname, known to be in Stewart-of-Dol roots.

One piece says that "UN watchers place Maurice Strong on the top of the short list to become the next Secretary General of the United Nations. No one is better positioned or as well connected to achieve this increasingly powerful position." In fact, Strong is a good friend of Kofi-Annan, previous leader of the UN. The Annan Coat, like the Strange Coat, is red and white, and both Crests use a gold beast. The Annans were named as per Annandale, the home of the Scottish Bruce royal line...that morphed into the royal Stewarts. The Scottish Bruces, like the Annans, use a red saltire. Couldn't we expect Stewrats (pun not intended but acknowledged and retained for truth's sake) to be at the head of the UN?

Oh, yes, look at the Sparr Coat, the same eagle, in the same colors, as the Ferte eagle (colors-reversed from the Strange eagle). Once again, a gold Crest. I mention the Sparrs because the Annan motto is "Sperabo." There are links likely to the Speers and Sprees as well. The English Sparrs, properly "Sparks," use the same eagle, and were first found in Cheshire, where we expect the Fertes>Maceys/Mascis. I know for a fact that Sparks also used a Coat full of green checks.

The Strings use the same eagle (shared by Strongs), and the String write-up traces to the house of Eaton. Eatons were first found in Cheshire. I recall reading on Strange-surname links to Stewarts, that Eatons were a part of that discussion. Strings have the same sort of Coat mentioned recently on this update page, shared by the Essons/Easons, Eastons/Eystons, and Heths.

On the Strings: "...they were Lords of the manor of Eaton, and were conjecturally descended from Fulk..." The piece above tells that Maurice Strong has also been close to Paul Volcker (previous Chairman of Federal Reserve), who looks possibly like a Fulk. Volcker is a Rothschild and Rockefeller tool, and advises Obama. You can fill in the blanks.

LOOK! The Wikipedia article shows a Hayes surname in charge of the New york Federal Reserve immediately before Volcker took over. As I was loading "Hayes," it struck me that it smacks of "Heth," "Esson," and Ey," and this was after I included the paragraphs above. As per my equating "MacHeths" with "Mackesy," behold the green snake entwined around a sword in the Irish Hayes Coat, for it's the Mackesy symbol! Note that the Hayes design comes with an arm with red sleeve, as with the Mackesy version.

AND, to prove that Mackesys were MacHeths (said to derive from "Aode"), see that the Hayes write-up traces to "Aodha"! Variations include "Hay," and the Hear variation comes close to "Hare," and Irish Hares also use a green snake! English Hayes use a crescent in the colors of the Speers and Blacks. Irish Hoys use the same crescent.

AND, excellent, for Scottish Hoys (Haey variation, in Mackesy colors) use the unicorn (symbol of Shetland) and were first in neighboring Orkney, these lands being domains held by the Macheths/Mackays. Therefore, "Hay/Hoy" should be from "MacKAY," and since the Kay surname links to Shays/Shaws, who were in turn linked (by me) to Kellers, note the "Celer" motto term in the checkered Sparks Coat above.

Apparently, the MacKays/Stewarts, and their Rus-pirate, bear-based roundtables control the Federal Reserve banks. The Rothschilds were late-comers, but they derived from the same blood.

Recalling earlier in this update page that the Nieve/Nevay Coat uses white fleur-de-lys on black, I should add that the same is used in the Sal el/Sal Coat, mentioned because the Gore Coat uses "Sola salus" as a motto phrase, while the Nieve/Nevay motto uses "Sola" as a motto term. The Salle/Sal Coat looks much like the Bee Coat, and the latter uses the same green dragon head (in Crest) as per the String Crest... not to mention the Leslie Crest.

Note queen Margaret in the Leslie write-up, for her mother was escorted to Britain (from Hungary) by a Bartholomew (her cup-bearer), reported founder of the Leslie clan. Wish I had a cup bearer, but then again what for, to become a useless human being? I'll make my own coffee, thank you.

The mouse mystery grows. The first mouse sign to my be included with Iraq updates was when the Russian bear took Georgia in August 2008. I did not know of the following article dated March 1, 2008, which article is featured in today's Putin page at

"...But in a telling display of public indifference to the vote [that brought Medvedev to power], Russian newspapers and websites largely ignored the election in favour of a genuine mystery at the Kremlin after the presidential guard put out a tender for 3,200 mice. Officials refused to divulge the purpose of the mice, but specified that they should be female, white and weigh no more than 18 grams.

Wild theories surfaced on the Internet..."

It's been a few months since I've traced surnames in high-level Putin Russia to Sussex (England," one of which was the Putan/Putten surname. I can barely recall the details of that discussion, but was convinced that leaders of Russia today were from families of Sussex. I happened to look again at the Putan Coat only today, this minute, and found it to use three gold roundels on black, the same as the English Treby/Truby Coat. I wouldn't have known but that I opened an email this morning, from Tim, who found the Treby Coat listed under "Truby."

The point is, the Baranek/Baraneichi surname in recent updates, of prime importance to the bear line to Britain, which is one surname listed at Wikipedia's page of Traby, should also go to Moscow through the Varangian Rus. AND, during the previous discussion on the Russia-Sussex topic, I am sure I once again mentioned the bear theme of "Medvedev," a surname that traces to "mede=honey," and even to "bear" on that account.

As per the Treeby variation, the Tree surname with Trewe/Truwe/True variation should, apply, ESPECIALLY as both surnames were first found in Devon. The Trewes use a Kay-like Shield. Thank you, Tim, this Trewe/True family should prove to be another good clue later.

On the Sussex discussion in the eighth update of February, (find "Padyn" and read from there):

...I say that because the Margesson/Mackesy motto includes "me lie," and when Mele/Melle (= honey) is entered we find a surname first found in Sussex, where the Margesson/Mackesy surname was first found...and where the Putin-et-al surnames appear to trace. The Mele Coat uses a mascle in a design exactly like the Hood/Hutt Coat. The Hood Chief uses crescents, and the Crest uses the same bird used by the Kay Crest.

I regret that I got Suffolk confused with Sussex in that update. I've fixed it in that update page, but the same mistake could occur elsewhere. It's SUSSEX, not Suffolk, to which I traced Putin-like and Medvedev-like surnames. Medley is an example of the latter. They evoke the Matleighs/Madleys of Cheshire.

Mascalls were also first found in Sussex, and it is the Keith/Mascal surname that I suspect is my-housemouse-important, as it links to the Maschat/Mousequette surname. For readers jumping in, I trace Keiths/Keaths to the Heths and MacKays, who I think link with the Mickeys of Mickey-Mouse importance (i.e. the creators of the cartoon had the Mackay-fold Rus in mind).

I am still trying to get my modem replaced, and may not have updates until I do. Thanks for putting up with my mistakes. I am often tried in putting these updates up so fast mornings. I have no staff to help. I hope to be back with a faster-than-dial-up method of surfing the news.


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