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June 6 - 10, 2010

The Clue of the Traby Q

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June 6

Today's bloodline topic is large but intriguing for me. It attempts, and perhaps succeeds, in finding the significance of the Traby>Sadowski bloodline. I was determined yesterday to find it. I did nothing else but seek it and eat. The bloodline leads through Sion of Switzerland; you decide whether I'm manipulating the topic to that end, by wrongly seeing a Sad link to "Sitten," or whether some realities are being discovered.

Seeing the Lode version of "Clovis>Clode," it occurred that Lothian might be related to the Clovis bloodline. In entering "Lothe," a Scottish Leith/Leyth surname comes up using the three red-on-gold diamonds of Thomas Randolph of Moray, as well as three red crescents on gold, symbol of the Bellamy Coat, and a black crosslet, symbol of Cheshire Davenports. The surprising fact that this family was first found in Midlothian is not the only evidence of links to "Lothian." Later, we will see the red crescents again in the Seatons/Saytons of Lothian.

The "Trustie" motto term of the Lothes caused a try at Trust-using surnames...and I happened upon the Trusty/Tristam surname using the same wolf head as the . In yesterday's update, I actually traced "Clapton/Clapper/Clopper" to Merovingians of the Clovis bloodline. Coincidence? Or am I onto something of a secret?

I think I am. I think I have found the Clovis' the Pollock surname. Yes, some say that Pollocks were derived from Clovis, and I think I can now prove it, for the English Lothes/Lotts use a black double-headed eagle, a symbol of the Maxwells...who have Pollocks as one of their septs.

English Lothes/Lotts use a talbot dog in Crest, which is the dog used in the Lothian-surname Coat. This talbot suggests to me a Meschin-Taillibois family in Lothian.

We note that the talbot in the Lothian/Louden Coat is under the Traby-colored bugle, which bugle was so important to Lothians that they used it also in their Crest. Possibly, the Lowden variation of the surname connects to the SadLOWski variation of the Traby>Sadowski family. But I doubt it (expect coincidences at some points). What's more interesting is that the Traby location in central Poland is in Lodz province. Coincidence?

Was that province named after Clovis? Are Trabys mainline Merovingian blood of "sacred" royal descent? The Traby location is in a county called LOWicz. Is that "Louis"? Can we link the Lowden variation of Lothians to it? Is it the cause for the SadLOWski variation of the Traby>Sads?

It's hard to believe/understand at this point, until it's explained, but Salop/Shropshire was named after the same Merovingian elements as Lothian. I think there was a Clovis>Clops/Claps>Salop>Shrop(shire) evolution of terms, and so if "Lothian" was from "Clovis>Clode>Lode>Loth," then both strings of terms were rooted in Clovis. The Claptons even have a Clotton variation. Who would have thought that Eric Clapton was a mainline Merovingian? So to speak.

A trace of Maxwell-related Pollocks to Merovingians once again suggests that Polish king Mieszko is at the root of a Merovingian-bloodline that was the Meschin bloodline in Britain. It is very satisfying to make these findings now, for before I knew anything of heraldry, several years ago, I traced the Salian-Frank side of Merovingians to "Silesia." It was a gamble from the point of view of mere similarity of terms, but there was an inner understanding already that egged me on to Silesia. Likely, the Vere-Meschin Merovingians of Britain were Seleucids, you see, out of Silesia. I had no idea years ago that it would come to this. It is pretty astounding.

Recently, I figured that a hypothetical "Selevcus" term named the Slavs. Those are a rather large people group...that could trace to Seleucids. But I had also envisioned that "Salop" was named after Slav>Slab elements from "Halybe/Chalybe." We now see how close "Clap" is to "Chalyb." And I've already mentioned that Claptons of Salop were depicted by the ExCALIBUR sword of Arthur: his Halybe element from CALABRIA, where there was a Hales river near Pyxus. I had traced the latter back to the Pyxites river at Trabzon, and forward to the Picts...of....Lothian!

Since yesterday's update, I've found that the Scottish Lille Coat is of the same design as the Sellicks, Sullys, and Talbots, three surnames that I've traced to Seleucids of the Mieszko fold. The French town of Lille off the Lys river uses a white fleur-de-lys (said to be a lilly) on red, as do related surnames, including the Lys/Lisse surname itself. The Lille surname is also "Lisle," if that helps to unveil the meaning of the fleur-de-lys in Lille (I believe this place was in Artois).

The Lothian surname uses "dormit" as a motto term, jibing with my trace of "Traby" to "Darby/Derby(shire)," for Irish Darbys are Dermotts! Were Darbys mainline Merovingians too???

Trabys are Poles to which Bernician/Varangian/Avranches elements were linked, but I once had a mind to trace "Varangi" to "Frank," and if that's correct, then Franks were of the Bernician fold of the bear line to Arthur, explaining why the first Franks were Arthur's mythical wife. For the record here, I would trace Bernicians (Arthurian period) back to the first-century Varni in Polabia, for I expect that Varangians were ultimately named after the Varni. Yes, expect coincidences of terms, but as Bernicians are expected to use Barny-terms, why not Varni? And Bernicians>Varangians have recently been traced to the Baraneich (also "Baranek") family listed under the Traby fold.

The Lothian talbot and bugle is positioned in relation to a pine tree. Other entities that use a pine tree, and in fact that use the very same pine tree (though not that of the Lothian design), are Fichtens (see also Arms of Ficthenberg), Constances, Dallens (the latter are the guts of MagDALENE cult, in my opinion), and Balters.

After writing the above, I recalled that I traced the Arms of Fichtenberg to Lacys!! For the Fichtenberg pine sits upon six black roundels, while the English Lacy/Lassy Coat used six black roundels in the same fashion. That should explain why Clodes/Clouds and Leslies (I trace Lacys to Leslies) use nearly the same motto (see yesterday). PLUS, I traced the Mary aspect of the Magdalene cult to the Merry surname of Meret (Normandy), and so see the "Meritas" motto term of the Irish Lacys. Merits/Moritts use the Leslie griffin.

You know by now that the Magdalene cult, and neo-Merovingian Stewarts of the Vere kind, have wanted to rule the globe in the name of God.

Later, as I was studying the Sadowski name further, I thought that the Sadovnic and Sadovski variations could link to the Dove/Dow (first found in Berwickshire, home of Bernician bearline from Berne, Switzerland) and/or Doben surnames. The Dobens use "merito" for a motto term, and use three gold rings on blue, reflecting the three gold roundels on blue that we are going to see below (in the Seat/Seed/Sede Coat. Coincidence, or were Sadovneks a cross between Seeds/Sedes and Dobens? OR, did Dobens form from first being Sadovniks where the latter were Seeds/Sedes?

We've got to explain why entering "Traby" brings up the Sadowski Coat with what looks like a Q symbol; a total mystery thus far. The Sadlowski variation could lead to the Saddle/Sadleigh surname of England because it uses the motto term, "sapere," smacking of the Savery surname that I think was also "Sforza." Due to experience in heraldry symbols, chances are that I see a lot more down the dark pipes than you might; you may not see a connection at all as I wrote the above.

You may have been reading (end of February and into March) when I traced the Sforza family of Viscontis (uses a snake eating an infant, perfect anti-Christ symbol) from the region of Massino-Visconti) to the Massin/Mason surname of Kent. The Saddle/Sadleigh Coat is exactly the Massin/Mason Coat, and since both are English Coats, the families must be related. The Sforzas use a lion too, and in colors reversed from the Massin and Saddle lion.

Both the English Trebys and the French Savarys (Sforza colors) use three gold roundels. The Treby lion is the Sforza-style lion.

French Savarys are Savards, a term that I've traced to Spanish Sephardic "Jews," and, long before I arrived to Viscontis>Sforzas, to the Biblical Sepharvites. Is it a coincidence that Sepharvites sacrificed infants in fires to Moloch, and that Ammonites, descendants of Biblical Lot, did so also? I think Viscontis clearly link to Sepharvites by the close Visconti links to the Sforzas. But what of the Ammonites? Where do they lead? To the same families?

I tended to traced Ammonites, children of Biblical Lot, to Lothian because it was itself symbolized by a Lot (albeit the latter was mythical). To now find Trabys in Lothian, as per the Saddles of Sforza relations, is a strong argument that Lot's descendants (or those who thought they were) were in fact the namers of Lothian. Clovis, where he appears to connect to Lothian, may have been an after-event i.e. Lothian was not named after Clovis, but rather he came forth from Lothian elements, perhaps from the Lodz region of Poland.

At that thought, I checked to see if there would be an applicable Ammon family, and found a Hammon/Hammond surname first found in Kent, where the Massins/Masons were first found. THEN, zowie, the German Ammons "possessed the castle Lauffenberg," and that latter term evokes Leuven/Louvain, the surname from which the Massins/Masons got their lion symbol!!! Indeed, the Luff surname has a Love variation, paralleling the Lovayn variation of the Louvains.

Just like that, the Ammon surname is found linked to the green child-eating snake of the Viscontis of Massino! I don't doubt it because I expected it. To suggest on one hand that Trabys will have a major hand in furnishing the 666 system, and to then trace them to the Visconti snake, which was originally a green-on-white snake, just like the Mackesy snake, starts to make some sense now to my feelers.

Let's not forget that the Massin/Mason motto leads back to the Spree river in Lusatia (beside/overlapping Silesia), or that the Melusine symbol of the Massin/Mason Crest is used by the Arms of Warsaw, a city of MASSovia that's also (along with Traby in Lodz) in central Poland, and closer still to where Sadowskis were first found: in Lwow, called LOWenburg by Germans. Lwow (to the east of Lodz) includes Red-Rus Galicia, home to Slavic Ruthene...that should be related to the Ruthene/Redones of Languedoc. As you must know, I trace the dragon bloodline directly to the veins of Redones in France.

Years ago, I traced (with no solid evidence, just "inner" reasons) Louvain to Lubin and/or Luban of the Silesia theater in Poland, which may have been related to the Lublin region of eastern Poland, near where the Sadlowskis were first found. The Arms of Luban are horizontal bars, black on gold (Traby bugle colors). The Arms of Trebizond empire were black horizontal bars on white.

The German Ammons also use Melusine in the Crest. She was the Vere symbol of an Elvin/Elfin entity among Lusatians and/or Lusignans. I mention this because I entered "Alba" after seeing the German Ammon Coat, for I traced Lot's Ammonites to a Hebrew alliance with Mitanni Hurrians in ancient (pre-Israel) Halab (Syria)...and to the Halybes that named that place. In fact, I've long suspected that the Vere elf symbol traces to Halybes of the Arthurian cult, but also to various Alba/Elbe entities across Europe and into Alba>Scotland itself. I found it amazing, therefore, that the German Alba/Allbes Coat should use a fleur-de-lys (which I think depicts Lusatians/Lusignans/Leslies at the Lys river) in the colors (in-part) of white on red, which are the colors of the fleur-de-lys of Lille. MOREOVER, the Alba surname was first found in Alsace, a term that I've traced to "Lusatia."

In this picture, Lothian was named a long time ago by elements of Lot's Ammonites as they came with the Hyksos-related Halybes of Halab. And since Halab was also "Aleppo," note the Alpin bloodline in Alba>Scotland to which I once traced the elf-line of the Veres. We know that "alpine" was named after a pine tree (or vice-versa), and in fact the Scottish Alpin surname uses a fir tree, but this does not prove that Alpins were named after a pine. It may be that pines became the family symbol only as play-on-words. The Lothian pine, the point is, could be a symbol of Alpin blood.

In my theory, Picts of Alba had long-before lived smack at Trabzon, on the Pyxites river, beside the Khaldi and their Halybes cousins, and here today I find Trabys in Lothian, while the Lothian surname uses a pine tree that should link to Arthurian Halybes. The Halys river was not only home to Halybes, but to the Hatti Hurrians of Hattusa...who were depicted by mythical Atti(s), whose special symbol was the pine cone (that some say leads to the paganized Christmas celebration).

I not only link Trabys to the Drummonds by way of equating "Darby/Dermott" with "Drummond," but Drummonds may have been named by Idrimi (see website below), who was the ruler of the Halab Mitanni that allied with Hebrews. The Mitanni were smack on the Habur river so as to be (Babylonian) Hebrews themselves to some degree. The dragon-line Veres of Melusine elements trace themselves to the Mitanni, and now you know the story. They were from the Idrimi Hebrews. There was a Melusine-like region (can't recall the spelling) in the Mitanni kingdom.

I did trace Drummonds back to Sepharvites because the chief Sepharvite god, ADRAMmolech (in II Kings 17:31). I suspect that these particular Sepharvites were among the Ammonites in Idrmi's cast, you see. The Arms of Trebizond empire used three black horizontal bars on white, and both the German and Scottish Drummonds use three horizontal bars, albeit wavy bars. The Arms of Lusignan also use horizontal bars, in the blue and white colors of the German Drummonds. Peoples of Lusignan are called Melusines.

The trace today of the Lys-represented peoples to the cult that fed children to the Dragon god suggests a trace of Lille (the town and surname) to Lilith, the mythical demoness who stole children, an idea that probably arose when child-sacrificing cults sent "workers" to somehow obtain or steal the sacrifices.

I've just realized SOMETHING. The Lille-surname Coat uses "Sedulo" as a motto term, smacking of the Sadlow(ski) surname (that's a huge point, but I haven't the room or time to enlarge on it today). Therefore, the Lilles likely link to the Saddles/Sadleighs, and the latter are the ones who use a Sephar-like term for their motto (!), and moreover use the lion of the Massins/Masons.

The next task was to find branches of the Sadlowskis other than the Saddles, and by that route find further links to the Lilles, and ZOWIE, it happened so fast: the Scottish Sheddens use red crosslets, as do the Lilles. Sheddens also use the Leslie-style griffin head...on what could be as Mackay Shield. Sheddens use an "ObSERVABO" motto term, much like the "Servire" motto term of the Saddles.

THEN, the English Sheds use a red-on-white cross of the type used in the Arms of Lubin (Silesia). Lubin county borders Polkowice county, a term smacking of the Polk/Pollock surname. The Lille cross is very much like the Clapton-of-Warwickshire cross, itself much like the English Shed cross.

It can't be a coincidence that the Sheds use the same falcon in Crest as the Dobens, meaning that it's not likely a coincidence that I saw "Doben" when studying the Sadovnic variation of the Sadowskis. That is, the Holy Spirit must have led me there; it was a spur-of-the-second thing.

Where's my head??? I've known about the Seaton/Sayton surname for a long time, and that they were first found in Lothian!! I'll bet they're of the Sheddens. Seatons use a mean green dragon, fleur-de-lys on a Fleming double border, and red crescents on gold, used also by the Scottish Lothe/Leith surname (also first found in Lothian).

Entering "Satan" brings up the Seaton Coat, meaning that there is a Satan surname out there. The Seaton write-up traces to Saytown, and then further back to Say in Normandy. There is a Say surname (in Seaton colors) first found in Shropshire that is also traced to a Say location of Normandy. The Says use a Shield in colors reversed from the Veres and Masseys of Manche (Normandy), but I take note that while Meschins were first in Shropshire, Masseys were first in neighboring Cheshire. The quadrants of the Massey horse are positioned in the Say color scheme.

The Say Crest is a black bull head, the symbol of the Mieszko/Mesech surname of Germany/Prussia. This bull head looks much like the one in the German Pohl/Polan/Pohland Coat; the latter surname was first found in Silesia!!

There is a Seat/Seed/Seder Coat with gold roundels (in Doben-ring colors), symbol of the English Trebys and French Savarys (not to re-mention the Mas' of the Dumas family). But still, no clue as to what the Traby-Sadlowski 'Q' might stand for. Yet these things represent preliminary evidence that the Sadlowskis trace to Lothian, and that the black-with-gold-stripe Traby bugles trace to the same in the Lothian-surname Coat.

I've just noticed for the first time that the list of Traby-fold families (above link) includes one "Mieczko," not exactly "Mieszko" but it must be the same family. In other words, the Mieszko family used the Traby Arms.

I have just got a clue on the 'Q'. At the top of this update, I shared reasons for linking Trabys to Sforzas. The Sforza lion holds a "quince," which I previously traced to the Quince surname. As we can see the Quince surname was from "Saer de Quincy (1155-1219), 1st Earl of Winchester," and aside from the possibility that "Quince" was a variation of "Win," the Winchester-surname Coat uses red mascles on gold, as does the Quince Coat. Moreover, the Quince write-up suggests that the surname is rooted in "five," while the Arms of Winchester use five castles.

In other words, if the Sadowski Q refers to the Quinces, it should also refer to the Wins and their relatives.

In the past, I've suggested that "Quinotaur" is code for five bull bloodlines merging in Merovingians. Yes, Merovingians traced themselves to a Q term too: the mythical Quinotaur.

I did trace (as a theory only) Quinces/Wins to the Quinn surname, which uses a flying horse (like the Masseys) in green and white colors of the Winchester roundtable. The Winchester-surname mascles are already a clue to Meschin links, and Winchester's blue cross on gold is used also by the Lille Coat. Both Coats use three-armed crosslets, and we're keeping in mind the "Sedulo" motto term of the Lilles for a trace to the Sadlowskis of the 'Q'. Already, we seem to have a Sadowski trace to Win(chester)s.

More concentration on the Sadlowski variation got the "settler" term out of me, and therefore the Sittler surname. Wouldn't you know it? First found in Gorlitz of Silesia!

What about SHETland?

Mythical Gawain, and the Wayne surname, come to mind. There is a Gawain Coat with blue saltire cross (why is it a SALTire?), perhaps linked to the blue Winchester-surname cross. The Gawains use FIVE fleur-de-lys. The Vain/Veynes use what appears to be the Say bull head.

The Winch Shield looks Polish, and the write-up traces Winches from Bedfordshire's Haynes manor. The German Haynes/Hains were first found in Silesia!! And I do recall tracing Hannibal blood of western Italy to Silesia along with the Seleucid blood of Sulcis. It's hard to say just yet whether the Winches were related to the Finches/Vinches and/or Goldfinches/Bulfinches.

When "Hone" was entered as per the "honeste" motto term of the Lilles, I got the German Hayne Coat.

AMAZING. Just before the Queen surname occurred to me, "Said" was entered, re-finding the Saddle/Sadler Coat shown earlier. Then "Sayd" was entered, but I made nothing of it and moved on to Quince/Quinn-like terms. That's when "Queen" occurred to me; A tiger holding an arrow. I had just seen a tiger holding a black arrow in the Sayd Coat!! Purely remarkable. We hardly ever see tigers, meaning that I find this to be proof positive that Sayds/Siddies and Queens were linked, suggesting that Sadows/Sadlows of the Traby fold do link to Queens, wherefore that surname should represent the Q symbol of the Sadlow(ski)s.

Later, I was working on the Veyn/Vinn surname and found a tiger for a Crest! That means that Veyns (and probably Waynes and Gawains) were Sabines>Queens. See below for Sabine explanation.

The Queen/Sween Coat uses the Clapton and Trusty/Tristan wolf head (Lothes use a Trust-like motto term). As Claptons have recently been linked to Clovis-branch Merovingians, the Quinotaur may have been, more simply, code for the Queen family. I traced Merovingians of Reims to near-Sabine territory of Rimini, and earlier still to mythical Remus of the Romans, who were allied to Sabines in forming the Roman political entity. In myth, Romans stole the women of the Sabines, and I think that's code for the femme-ness/homosexuality of Sabines.

I am beginning to see the direction here to Sitten/Sion of Switzerland, for entering "Sitten" and "Siton" gets that Seaton/Sayton Coat. That means we're dealing with the Sithone branch of Edones (Sidonians? From Laish?) as they evolved into the Sitones of Scandinavia, cousins with the Sviones that I trace to Savona (Liguria) and earlier still to the Sabines of Italy. That should explain the trace of the Queen/Sween write-up to "Mac Shuibhne." The Sweenys of Ireland (Neil family) are traced to the same term.

I trace Sabines forward in time to the Suebi Swedes because the latter had a Semnone branch that should have been the Samnite tribe of Sabines. There is an English Sabine Coat using a large scallop shell (not to mention a bull for a Crest), reflecting the same of the Winch Coat. Who would have guessed that Queens, and possibly Quinces, were Sabines?

My trace of Sabines to Savona (Ligurian capital) requires a trace to the swan symbol of mythical Cygnus, king of Liguria. "Cygnus" is not far from "Quince," but we expect some coincidences. I trace Sthenelus, father of Cygnus, to the Sithones, just as I trace Ligurians to mythical Lycurgus of the Edones. Along their route to the Swedes, I figure that the Sithones founded Sitten/Sion of the Swiss.

Somehow, the Sithones and/or Sitones got to the Traby fold as per the Sadowskis, and apparently there were Queen links to the Sayd/Siddie branch of Sadowskis. At exactly this point, I entered "Sedan," and got yet another Sellick/Sully/Talbot border. This family lived in Seddon, Lancashire. They use a "sed" motto term, smacking of the Sad root of the Sadowskis. We don't forget that the Lille Coat uses the same border type, and a "sedulo" motto term.

The "sino sed" motto phrase of the Seddons evokes the quino=five theme, and indeed the Coat and Crest use Sayd/Siddie colors. The latter surname was first found in Fife, which location could conceivably use a five for a symbol.

I was just about to quit for the night (i.e. last night), when I thought to try "Sion." And ZOWIE what a SHOCKER. It's the Swan Coat that I wasn't going to mention, when I had seen it in relation to the Savone>Sitten discussion!! The swan-depicted Sviones of Ligurian Savona moved north with Sitones and founded Sion/Sitten on the way; that is what I have always maintained. I don't think I have ever tried punching in the Sion term to check for that surname, but there you have it, the evidence that the pagan swan symbol depicted Sionists out of Liguria's Sithones.

The Sion/Swan Coat is a Mackay Shield with what appears to be Wayne and Vane/Veynes (and Macy/Macey) metal gloves.

I recall tracing Sitones of Sweden, who were a matriarchal or even femme society according to Tacitus, to KWENlanders (Finland), a term said to mean "land of the women," or "of the "queens." Drag queens? Perhaps, but it would appear that some of them developed into the Queen surname as well. More likely, Kwenlanders were Cohens of the Hohen kind, from Swabia, for Swabians were Suebi/Suevi. Yes, the swan peoples. Hebrew Khazars merged with the swan-depicted Sabines.

Later, Varangian Rus would champion Zionism of the Templar kind, but only after they came out of Sweden. They were probably linked with Seubi.

In the news...I haven't checked yet, but will. Will be back within the hour...

When I first got wind of the BP oil spill, I suggested that it was partially an inside job in conjunction with others who didn't want to see off-shore drilling after Obama announced that such drilling would be expanded. Those giants didn't like it because they have huge, long-term deals with foreign oil providers. These oil giants wish to keep us dependent on foreign oil, as dangerous as that is. Today, the story: The chief executive of BP sold 1.4 million of his shares in the fuel giant weeks before the Gulf of Mexico oil spill caused its value to collapse.

As evidence for an Iran-led flotilla program, the ayatollah is urging more ships with Iranian protection:

"Iran would be willing to send its Revolutionary Guard members to accompany further aid ships to Gaza, Iranian supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said on Sunday in an interview cited by Reuters.

...'If the Supreme Leader issues an order for this then the Revolutionary Guard naval forces will do their best to secure the ships,' Shirazi said. 'It is Iran's duty to defend the innocent people of Gaza.'"

Imagine that, Iranian ships off Israeli waters, at a time when Israel has been wanting to strike Iran's nuclear facilities, and of course in its dreams to drop a nuclear bomb on Ahmadinejad's toes. It's anybody's guess as to what else might take place with the Iranian navy floating along into southern Israeli waters. There might already be another flotilla in the works with that scenario prepared as well.

Then we have a similar story from Turkey, not forgettiong that both Tuirkey and Iran are pusing into northern Iraq these days. In fact, some 30-40 Iranian soldiers were a mile inside the Iraqi border this past weekend, perhaps testing the waters while the Iraqi government is down:

"Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan may personally try to break the Gaza blockade by sailing there, the Lebanese newspaper Al-Mustaqbal reported [yesterday].

The paper said the report was based on Turkish sources 'in the know.'

According to media reports, Erdogan may also consider sending Turkish Navy vessels to accompany future protest ships that head to Gaza."

Reading the rest makes us wonder we shouldn't call this affair the overblown-illa. Erdogan is clearly too angry for the realities. The ship was loaded with gangs, and refused to dock for inspection of goods. If a ship was off his waters with that attitude, he'd send in the guns too. The point is, his over-reaction appears to be part of a plot to get Turkish navy to Gaza along with Iranians navy. And what about the Syrian navy, or the Hamas-friendly Russian navy in Syria's port of Tartus? Is it time to scream, "The Redones are Coming! The Redones are Coming!"

One of the four options listed in a Russian media on how to deal with the situation is: "World powers should invade Israel to remove the present government to ensure peace in the Middle East." Raid the present government as an excuse to raid Israel. Then what? Who gets to rule then? The Jerusalem Post has a story today that the competing Kadima party, which I think is in cahoots with Israeli Rothschildism, is making the most of this event to get Netanyahu out. But I expect that the O-dministration is doing the same while mouthing lip service to its good and everlasting friend, Israel.

Ideas are being floated around, all around the world, that Israel needs to be dealt with. This looks like the time when God turns his face from Israel, and gives her to the vultures. It is expected that Israel should be ruled at this fateful time, not by Khazar-based Hebrews of the Askenazi species, but of true Israelite Hebrews. It is the time for punishment on them. A good whipping is in store to make her permanently straight with an angry God.

In Iraq, three Sunni election candidates, all from Allawi's team, have been murdered recently, two in past days, by men wearing Iraqi uniforms. One suspects that Maliki has ordered the killings to subordinate the will of the Allawi faction. On top of that:

"Authorities in Iraq have refused to renew weapons permits for thousands of Sunni fighters belonging to Awakening Councils.

...Leaders of the councils, which started in 2006 and helped US-led forces to fight al-Qaeda, responded angrily to the ban."

The wonder is that the Sunni haven't yet taken to the streets in blocks against the Shi'ites. Are they waiting for more Americans to leave? Or is it that they don't have a leader with the mustard to get the job started? To be sure, there is an ongoing resistance, but it's hard to say whether its from the Baathists, or from the al-Qaeda stupids...that never get anywhere politically but into their own quagmires:

"A suicide bomber drove a car packed with explosives into a crowd of officers outside a police station in Baghdad [today], killing four and wounding 12, a source in Iraq's Interior Ministry said.

...Another six officers were wounded when a bomb attached to a parked car exploded near their patrol in eastern Baghdad."

If a war against Egypt looks imminent with no one in Iraq to fit the prophetic shoes of the anti-Christ, I think it'll be time to seek him elsewhere. If the Iranian navy descends into Gaza, we can be sure that Egypt won't like it. Egypt and Iran are in competition to call the shots in the Middle East. One is secular, the other religious. One has the West, the other hates the West. But left with a choice aside from an Iraqi ruler, I would say that the anti-Christ would be from Turkey rather than from Iran, though Syria is even better.

But if the anti-Christ is not to come to Iraqi power, what does Daniel 11:21-23 mean when it tells that he must enter and seize the neo-Seleucid kingdom with intrigues, while joining two broken armies of that kingdom? Therefore, I think he WILL come into Iraq.

Just found this in the Tehran Times:

"The Organization of the Islamic Conference will be holding an emergency meeting in Saudi Arabia [today] to discuss measures to take against Israel for its attack on the Gaza-bound Freedom Flotilla.

Turkey called on the OIC to hold the emergency meeting to condemn Israel..."

The OIC is the Organization of the Islamic Conference, having an affiliate organization, the Parliamentary Union, that was founded and headed in Tehran in 1999. Until 2008, the latter org was chaired by an Egyptian representative, but it's now chaired by a Turkish representative, "perfect" for a Turkey-Iran scheme in Gaza that opposes Egypt.

"The OIC attracted attention at the opening session of the meeting in Putrajaya, Malaysia, on 16 October 2003, where Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad of Malaysia in his speech argued that the Jews control the world: 'They invented socialism, communism, human rights and democracy, so that persecuting them would appear to be wrong, so that they can enjoy equal rights with others. With these they have gained control of the most powerful countries and they, this tiny community, have become a world power'... The speech was very well received by the delegates, including many high ranking politicians..."(link above).

You can see that the Muslims believe in "conspiracy theories." The problem is, they have the Rus Hebrews confused with Israelites. The two are so lumped together in Israel that they must be largely non-distinguishable. In short, the Hebrew globalists are creating their own Armageddon, and YHWH is about to take hands off of the world to let the Muslims do as they please. In the end, only true Israel will remain lifted up, but only because of Him, whose name is NOT Allah.

June 7

I got wind last evening that the update above had not loaded completely earlier in the day. My apologies. Also, I can't access; if you have had the same problem more than a couple of times, please let me know (at times, the server could be down for repairs/changes).

FE sent a short list of surnames to check. She is convinced that the Western bloodlines I'm dealing with passed through Switzerland. That was the topic in the second half of yesterday's update, the part that had not been downloaded earlier in the day. It's not so surprising that the Rus, who found a solid home among Svi>Swedes, were also among the Swiss. But the point in these updates is that these particular Rus were the dragon to end-time Armageddon-related players.

One of the surnames sent in by FE was Goy, where the write up traces to Robert le Goiz of 1201. The blocks/boxes on the Goy Coat are probably those of Boxworth, for at a webpage we read: "The manor [Duxford, I think] was by 1200 held in demesne under the lords of Boxworth by the Goiz family. It may have belonged to Robert le Goiz..."

Note the colors of the Goy/Goys Coat; they're colors of the fleur-de-lys in the Arms of Lille (the French town). When we enter "Gois," we get a Coat with an "honestior" motto term, while "honeste" is a motto term of the Lilles! How timely is it for FE to send in that email, yesterday??? That was the day I was on the Lille topic...where I tentatively linked the honeste term to the Hones/Haynes of Silesia.

The German Haynes (same colors) go by Hay-variations smacking of the Goy and Guy variations of the Gois', which may begin to show linkage to the Kay family of Rollo-Sinclair-related Rus. In fact, the French Gays use a gold rooster, the symbol in the Sinclair Crest. It's the Belgian Gays that use the legs only of a bird (Sinclair colors), which could be the legs only of the Hixons/Hicksons. I firmly believe that Hyksos went through Etruscans to the Odin cult.

A Gay topic this morning smacks of yesterday's matrilineal Sitones, especially as the Sitone topic included the swan line out of Liguria while the Gois Crest is said to be a swan (a goose makes sense as play-on-words with "Gois"). In fact, have traced Odin with some solid evidence to the evolution of Sitones in Sitten to the Gotland>Swedish theater. Not only were Sithones a branch of Edones, that term smacking of "Odin," but the chief god of the Etruscans was Tin(i). The latter was father of Hercle (= Hercules), and as you may know, I trace Hyksos to the Hercules Danaan. Possibly, "Edone" (and therefore Aedon>Auton) was a "Danaan" variation.

To set up the next topic, I want to re-mention the theory that Hercules traces to a dragon-line Samson cult where he depicted Tanis-based Hyksos merged with Philistine elements. The Duxford article above goes on to mention a Gernon surname, which was the surname of the son of Ranulf le Meschin of Cheshire, and it is my firm deduction that Meschins were close to the Hixons/Hicksons of Cheshire:

"Robert Gernon was said in 1086 to own hide at Duxford, previously owned by Alfric Campe. It had no inhabitants, and may have been attached to Gernon's neighbouring manor in Fowlmere [are the Hixon legs those of the FOWLmers?]...The estate is not subsequently recorded under Duxford, and was presumably included in Fowlmere, where Gernon's land later passed to the Munfitchets, and through their coheirs to the Plaiz family.

Zowie, the Montfitchets/fiquets again, who were also Muschats. The Gernon write-up traces the surname to Montfiquet of the Bessin. I'm amazed again, for I was preparing to report to you that my housemouse was dead. It had not been seen in many days, and the tortilla chip left on the floor for the past week, to find whether it was still alive, had not been touched. But last night a mouse ran past the very same place it was seen the last time, and, like the last time, it went under the dryer and was not seen or heard from again. I thought that I was not going to mention this last incident to you, but how can I not mention it since this is what happened the last time I saw it:

...the last time I mentioned a mouse had to do with the Muskat/Mousequette surname, which I figure is a Muschat/Montfiquet branch. As the housemouse is probably near-dead by now (the crawl space has been enclosed fully for more than three days, and it has not been upstairs to eat), I figure that the last sign should be important, and that's where the [Mun]Fiquet-like Baathist (I can't recall the spelling of his surname) should come in, as an anti-Christ leader. Gernons were from Montfiquet, and that was the surname of Ranulph le Meschin's son. We shall see.

That was from the fifth update in May (requoted in the sixth update to make further points). The mouse was seen last night. The article above from which I am quoting was not obtained until this morning!! WHAT GIVES???

As we can see in the Duxford piece, the Gernon lands passed first to Montfiquets and then to the related Plaiz (from Plaise, Normandy) family. The latter term smacks of Philistines...and the Peleset "sea peoples," who I think were bands of post-Egypt Hyksos attempting to regain Egypt. The Plaiz Crest is an arm with axe (of the Kyle style Arm and Scimitar), and I tend to trace the axe symbol to various Hyksos related surnames such as Axelrod/Hawkeswell/Haxall. The latter had a Hawkeswell location in Kent, a place founded by the Cantii whom I trace to the Centaurs of Ixion, himself a term that I link to "Hyksos." AND, the Plaiz/Plaise Coat uses the same lion as the Kent Coat! Suddenly, a Plaiz trace to Philistines is no longer a fanciful idea.

All we need to do now is find what peoples thought to name themselves after Goliath. I expect it because he was a symbol of the dragon's defeat at Armageddon by the Second David. And Goliath elements, very loosley, is where the Kyles may come in, and the Coles to which they trace themselves, not forgetting that I trace Kyles/Coles to Kolodziej the Wheelwright, the first Piast king of Poland that I trace back to Samson's Hyksos. I say all this because the Duxford piece mentions the Colvilles linked to Muston, and to Leicester/Rutland, which is the place to which I had traced Ligurians, and Hillar RODHAM Clinton's bloodline:

"After the Conquest Ulf's estate came to Robert de Todeni, lord of Belvoir (Leics.), of whom it was held in 1086 by Gilbert the bearded. Robert's honor of Belvoir passed through two heiresses to the house of Albini Brito, whose male line expired in 1244, whereupon its heiress brought the honor to the lords Ros, ancestors of the earls, and later dukes, of Rutland. Their overlordship at Duxford is not directly recorded after 1086, but the Colvilles, who were tenants by c. 1200 of the estate there later called TEMPLE manor, probably held it originally of the honor of Belvoir, as, from the 12th century, they held their Leicestershire lands at Muston and Normanton. William de Colville, who probably held land in Cambridgeshire by 1177, may have obtained Duxford upon his marriage to Maud, the eldest daughter and eventual coheir of Ralph de Albini."

The Mustons (Mousqutte and Muschat colors) are also Moussens, and for that reason I thought I should include that part of the quote. Colvilles "were descended from Gilbert de Colleville, from Coleville, a town between Caen and Bayeux in Normandy." Bayeux is a place to which I trace the Piast Poles, assuming thus far that Piasts were Boii Bohemians to the bee-line Bajocasses founders of Bayeax, and before that trace back to Pisa of the Etruscans.

I am a very long way from proving that Coles were from Goliath, but then Goliath was from Gittites of Gath (near Gaza), and that was Dagon country, the god to which Mieszko (a Piast king), also called Dagone/Dagome, traces. AND, Mieszko was traced (by others) back to Sardinians, and it is believed that the Shardana sea peoples were Sardinians. As to the fact that Mieszko's bloodline was in Silesia, where Sorbs lived, see this from a Wikipedia article on the Philistine factor among Sea Peoples:

"The name of the Serbonian Bog applied to the lake of Serbonis (Sirbonis or Serbon) in Egypt relates to the Sea Peoples...

The Serbonian Bog has been identified as Sabkhat al [Bardawil], one of the string of 'Bitter Lakes' to the east of the Nile's right branch. It was described in ancient times as a quagmire, in which armies were fabled to be swallowed up and lost [sounds like the Biblical fate, NOT a fable, of the Hyksos as per the Ten Plagues].

The term Serbonian came from the name of the Sherden (also known as Serden or Shardana) sea pirates, one of several groups of Sea Peoples who appear in fragmentary Egyptian records in the 2nd millennium BC."

The Colvilles of the Bayeux supports my trace of Coles/Kyles to Kolodziej, and the Colville write-up's trace to Colton supports my Colter-surname (uses a cartwheel) link to Kolodziej (the Wheelwright). We don't forget that a wheel (probably of a chariot) was made the symbol of Ixion, and no doubt the symbol of the Red Sea swallowing up the charioteers that were the army of the Hyksos pharaoh. The Coles surname (green snake) was first in Yorkshire, where the Colvilles, and king Cole, held lands. AND, the Cole surname (no 's') uses a black bull, the symbol of the Mieske Coat. The Mieske Coat also uses that Arm and Scimitar type arm.

Aha! Earlier in this update, serv-using motto terms were mentioned (Sheddens use an "ObSERVABO" motto term, much like the "Servire" motto term of the Saddles.), though I didn't know what the code was for. I now see that the Mieske Coat uses "serva," and having just been on the Serb/Sorb topic, I think that code has been discovered. It suggests that Sheddens and Saddles were Serbs/Sorbs, but then also the Sadowski clan of Traby if those two surnames are from Sadowskis. AND, come to think of it, "Traby" could derive from a Sorb-like term.

I neglected to mention yesterday that while a "Darby" evolution, by a "b' to 'm' switch, to/from "Dermott" can argue for a Darby link to Drummonds (the two surnames given most credit for founding/promoting the pre-tribulation rapture theory), I had also suggested that the Thermodon river was a variation, by the same 'b' to 'm' switch, of "Trabzon." This means that there could have been two related but distinct entities going forth from the Amazonian Thermodon, one a Trab-like entity, and the other a Drum-like entity (such as Idrimi). In that picture, the Irish Dermotts may not have evolved directly from Darbys, but may have traveled along with them from what is now Turkey.

The idea that Goliath entities were Coles is supported somewhat by the Coll/Cole surname that comes up when entering "Gole." I've shown this Coat before and mentioned the red star on white, used also by the Kyles. We would expect "Goliath" to form Colt-like surnames, such as Colter, perhaps even Holder. Colts use a blue-on-white pheon, used also by the Colls/Coles/Goles! What about the Khaldi who lived at and around Trabzon? I trace them to Celts, so why not the Celt/Kelt surname. The Helts use exactly the Hixon/Hickson Coat.

ZOWIE, "Caldy" brings up the Cailly/Cayley (Gay?) surname but using "Callide et honeste" for a motto!!! AND, an axe in Crest!!!! And, white stars on red, colors reversed from the Kyle/Coll stars!!! The Caile/Cayley stars are in the colors of the Goy/Goys stars!!!! It has just all come around to Goy, where I - and FE -- started this morning.

Let's not forget that the Khaldi and Halybes are traced by me to the Galli>Kabeiri queers...whom in the modern world want to be taken as normal, born-that-way, proud and haughty "gays" who wish to, and seek to, rule over mankind's global "utopia." Then again. "Goy" brings to mind the Goyim, what Israelites call the pagans...who of course wish to eradicate Christian powers.

The white-on-red of the Goys was linked earlier to the same of the Lilles because they too use an honest-like motto term. The Lilles also use "Sedulo" as a motto term, thus linking to the Sheddens and Sheds, whom we have just discovered were Serbs/Sorbs from Sardinia's Serb-like entities. That gives reason to link these families to the Sulcis Seleucids of Sardinia, which should explain why Lilles also use the Sellick/Selioc-style Shield.

I should remind that the Sellick stars were linked (by me) to those of the Wigton Coat, while the Hanna surname was first found in Wigton. Sulcis was founded/named by the Hannibals of Tunisia/Carthage, and because I expect those Sulcis Hannibals to be in the Hayne surname (uses Mieske arm and sword) of Silesia, I would link the latter to the Hannas. The German Hayne write-up traces to "hagen," and a look at the Irish Hagen Coat shows the Massey-style Shield, in Mackay colors, and therefore likely using the French Masse(y) boot. Moreover, Hagens use a hand in one quadrant, what is suspected to be a Hanna/Hanneth, or maybe even a Hannibal generally, symbol.

Dutch Hagens use the same colors as Irish Hagans, which are the colors of the Hagar(t)s. I recall tracing, not just Hagars, but Masseys/Meschins, to European Ishmaelites, and Ishmaelites may have come out of Ashdod or Ashkelon of Philistia, where Dagon was a cult. Hagen>Dagon??? Is that what the fish in the Hagen Coat represents, as per Dagon being thought to have had a fish tail? Do all the related fish symbols in various species, such as the one used by the Hykes Coat, trace back to Dagon? As Dagon was an Amorite/Semite god, might not the Semite Hyksos, known to have escaped from Egypt to Gaza, have been the ones who imported Dagon to Philistia?

One can imagine a Dagon>Thagon>Hagon evolution of terms. Both the Daggs and the Dagens/Dugans use a white-on-blue crescent, the colors of the Hagens and Hagars. AND, they are the colors also of the Dougals and Douglas'! They are also the colors of the Dukes/Dooks, whom I link to the Tooks/Tolkiens, whom I link to Telchines of Rhodes, where the Hyksos Danaans were before ruling Argos, infiltrating the Rhodanus valley, and going on to rule western Atlantis as the Hercules-Helios duo.

Now is the time to re-mention Duxford, for the Dux/Duke/Dook Crest uses a blue falcon, while the French Falcons, first found in the Rhodanus region of LanqueDOC, use white on blue too, even a white crescent on blue! I would suggest links to the Italian (Etruscan, facing the Rhodanus) Fulco blue and white checks, a very Stewart-like Coat.

If Dagon morphed into a Hagen-like term, one could even ask whether Hyksos named him after their own name. That is, were Hyksos Hagens/Haynes of sorts? They were known as Hayasi Assi, after all! In this Hayasi picture, we'd expect them among the Hayes, and the Irish Hayes Coat not only uses a green snake around a sword held by a red-sleeved hand, just like the Mackesy Coat, but the Hayes write up traces to "Aode>Hugh," just like this Mackay write-up. Apparently, Hayes were Kays, but then why does "Hayes" reflect "Hayasi" so well?

It could be that the Hayasi Hyksos became the Kay (and Gay) clan of Arthurian-related Rus, and that I'm wrong about tracing Maceys/Mackays to "Macey/Massey." Instead, MacKays could have been Kays who arose not from the Macey/Massey clans, but only merged later with them. Note how "Assi" can become "Massey." I'm very confused now.

The Mackay write-up traces to one Gilcrest M'Ay, and the Gilcrest Coat shows the sun god, and the Lille style crosslet. Gilcrests were first found in Berwickshire, where the Arthur surname was first found, and of course I'm thinking Gil links to Coles/Goles. The cloud in the Gilcrest Crest could be symbol for the Hyksos-related Nephilim cult at Ardos of mount Hermon.

To show again how heraldry at times works, the "speed" motto term of the Gilcrests is code for the Speed/Spede surname because the Speeds/Spedes use the same bird design as the Lille Crest. This proves that the Gilcrest crosslet is the Lille crosslet.

Possibly, Gittites of Gath trace forward to the Getae Thracians, whom could have been the proto-Goths and/or proto-Jutes. One could even conjecture that Gittites became Sithones of Edonian Thrace, especially as Scandinavian Sitones were amid Jutes and Goths, and Geats. Also, Jutes were "Eotens," a term smacking of the Edones, and of "Odin." Jutes, they say, founded Kent, and I trace Kent to the Centaurs of the Ixion-branch Hyksos. "Jotans" were a Dane mix among Jutes, and I trace Danes to British Danann and therefore to Tanis-based Hyksos. I really do think that the Hyksos are about to return to Israel, and may even be represented in-part by Palestinians.

And so we find that modern-day Philistio-Gittites of Gaza are planning to over-throw the God of Israel. Goliath is re-coming to make them all think that it's possible. The Arab-branch Hebrews of old are doing much to keep the flotilla event alive:

"Syrian President Bashar Assad said [today] that Damascus would stand by 'every decision' made by Turkey to see Israel lift its blockade of the Gaza Strip, declaring: 'We are not just about condemnation, we are about actions.'

At a joint press conference in Istanbul with Assad, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that his government was prepared to supply the Gaza Strip with 'everything it needs', adding that Israel's blockade of the Hamas-ruled territory must end immediately.

...'Palestine and Gaza are a giant prison and this situation cannot continue,' he said. 'We can no longer remain silent and we will not be silent anymore regarding anything having to do with Gaza.'"

They seem determined. It doesn't sound like they care a hoot for Palestinians, but rather their focus is on fighting Israel. If they really cared about Gazans, they'd just send money, and they would dock their flotillas at Ashdod, where Israel is prepared to check the cargo and then let it pass to into Gaza. After telling that Erdogan stands to win a landslide election due to his harsh criticism of Israel, the article tells that he won't be sending Turkish ships to Gaza. Or will he be brave enough?

"According to a Lebanese report on Saturday, Erdogan is considering traveling to Gaza aboard a Turkish navy vessel accompanying a new attempt by protest boats to break Israel's maritime blockade.

A senior IDF commander said [today] Israel would view an attempt by Erdogan to sail to Gaza as an act of war.

'If he comes here with Turkish warships there can be no doubt that it would amount to a declaration of war,' Major-General (Res.) Uzi Dayan told Army Radio.

'We need to draw a clear line and say that whoever crosses it will not be boarded but sunk.'"

What comes to mind is the Russian declaration from Medvedev not long ago, which was made law, that Russia may start a foreign war in cases of piracy. Might the flotilla event have been a planned plot going back to the blueprints of that particular declaration? Is what to come also a part of that plot? Or are the Muslims merely talking tough:

"The Iranian Red Crescent [today] announced that it had two aid ships ready to set sail for Gaza to break Israel's maritime blockade, and Iran's Revolutionary Guard offered to send its forces to thwart any Israeli attempt to intercept the vessels.

...If Iranian warships were to accompany future blockade-busting 'aid' flotillas, it would likely spark a very dangerous showdown with the Israeli navy, and possibly lead to regional war.

Observers noted that it is unlikely Iranian warships would be able to get to the Mediterranean to carry out their threat, as they would need to pass through Egypt's Suez Canal to do so. Iran and Egypt are regional rivals, and the probability that Egypt would let Iranian warships pass through the canal is small, especially since there would undoubtedly be heavy international pressure on Egypt to not let the Iranians pass."

Or, instead of a war between Iran and Israel, the situation could start a war between Iran and Egypt first. This could be it. But where's the invincible mouse? Is it still retained in the Restrainer's box? Can it not go free to bring Pandora to the world?

I don't know when the following statement was dated, but I read that Mahdi is one of two choices for Iraqi prime minister of the al-Sadr-block Shi'ites:

"...Haider Al Mullah, a member of the Allawi list, said today that they might nominate Adel Abdul Mahdi for prime minister. If that story is true, it would mean that Allawi pulled the rug out from under Maliki's feet."

If Allawi's Sunni pick Mahdi, it would appear to be a tactic to get the al-Sadr block away from Maliki and over to Allawi's side. That would give Allawi a quasi-victory (i.e. but he won't become the prime minister). Another article:

"The State of Law [Maliki's party] and the Shiite alliance [al-Sadr belongs here] have pretty much given up their union. The problem is Maliki and his refusal to step down. There is an increase in talk of putting Adel Abdul Mahdi in the prime minister's seat. Even the Sadr movement now supports his nomination.

...The average Iraqi is furious with situation [= pressure on Maliki to step aside]. They want someone to deliver services and jobs to the people. Those interviewed on the shows say they want Allawi. It is clear to see that the average Iraqi wants Allawi, but the political groupings don't want him to be prime minister."

This week marks the 43rd anniversary of the take-over of Jerusalem.

June 8

Today I have evidence that Maceys link to the Traby>Sadowski family, which is not surprising because the Traby list of clans who use the Traby Arms includes "Mieczko." Two days ago I came across three tigers in one day's work, and as you know if you've been reading long, tigers hardly ever come up. This morning, a fourth tiger. Here's the conclusion a couple of days ago:

That's when "Queen" occurred to me; A tiger holding an arrow. I had just seen a tiger holding a black arrow in the Sayd Coat!! Purely remarkable. We hardly ever see tigers, meaning that I find this to be proof positive that Sayds/Siddies and Queens were linked, suggesting that Sadow[ski]s/Sadlow[ski]s of the Traby fold do link to Queens, wherefore that surname should represent the Q symbol of the Sadlow(ski)s.

...Later, I was working on the Veyn/Vinn surname and found a tiger for a Crest! That means that Veyns (and probably Waynes and Gawains) were Sabines>Queens."

That update caught some clue to Traby links to Maceys, but not conclusively. The fourth tiger today nails it. I was so busy that I didn't realize links of the Osberns, who are featured large in the Frame article, to the bear-line Bernicians at al, including the bear-using Mackays. For example, the article has a sub-title: WILLIAM FITZOSBERN, LORD OF FERTE-FRESNEL. The Fertes were from the house of Bellamy, and Fertes produced the Maceys/Masseys. It can't be a coincidence, therefore, that the Osbern Coat uses "bello" as a moto tern, and nearly the Bellamy Shield. The Osbern Crest is a tiger!

Osberns were first found in Kent, and if their Osborne variation is proof of Borneholm roots, then I would link them to Nibelung Burgundians. The Osbern/Osborne write-up traces to bjorn=bear.

After revealing that Osberns were the Petres family: "As will be shown, William de Ferte-Fresnel also married into the Tosny family, establishing a kinship link to the de Petres. Milo FitzWalter de Petres founded Lhantony Secunda in 1136, to which the Fresnes as Femes and Veims were to be much associated, see as follows." Why "Femes"? Entering "Fame" brings up the Vain/Veynes surname derived from "Fein."

The Petres surname is said to be Flemish (I trace "Flem/Vlaam" to "Bellamy"). There is a Petres/Peters Coat that could apply because it uses mascles, and swan in the Crest. You may have read that I traced Queens to the Sabine line to swan-depicted Savona. The Gois Crest also uses a swan, and we know that Meschins and D'Avranches were of the Goz/Gois bloodline.

As per the tiger of the Veyns/Vinns. I am reminded that Pattersons were linked both to Petersons (they use a pelican, like the Pattersons, and Waynes) and to the Guis surname, possibly a variation of "Goz/Gois" (a shown Gois variation is "Guise").

Stewarts also use the pelican, and they were first in Oswestry (Shropshire). Why "Os." Were Osberns from Os(westry) elements, and were the Oz' from "Goz." That's a good theory.

I note that I said: "The Sion/Swan Coat is a Mackay Shield with what appears to be Wayne and Vane/Veynes (and Macy/Macey) metal gloves. I know for a fact that the swan was the symbol of Godfrey de Bouillon, the first ruler of Templar Jerusalem, and reported founder of the Priory of Sion. Suddenly we have reason to link the swan to Templar and Khazar Zionism itself. The 'major" motto term of the Petres may indicate connection to Majors/Mayors/Meyers (Magyars?).

The Tosny surname to which the Osberns of Ferte-Fresnel were married smacks of D'Os(ny). I found no "Tosny" or "Dosny" surnames, but "Osny" brought up a "Oseney/Hoseny" surname. smacking of the honest-like motto terms encountered earlier in this update. That prompted a look at the Hose surname, and what do you know? "Hose, Hosa, Huse, Ose, Use, Ouse...First found in Leicestershire [where I trace Ligurians, so why not Savona Ligurians], where they held a family seat as Lords of the Manor of Hose. William of Hose, formerly William de Nueris, held the Church, lands and tithe of Hose from Robert de Tosny, a descendant of Robert [Rollo line], Duke of Normandy. The family was originally of Noyers, Eure..." Note that the Hose/Ose Coat uses the three legs of the Arms of Sicily.

Noyers, who I recently traces to Nibelungs at Nevers (Burgundy), were first in Burgundy, and use the same Adler eagle as the Fertes. As I expect Noyers to be of the Hyksos peoples, so I would expect of the Tosnys and other Os clans.

There you have it. Tosnys look like Os' and Hoses, so why not Osneys? The fact that Osneys were first in Oxford begs the question as to an Ox=Os equation. I recall tracing Joktan (son of Biblical Eber) to the ox symbol, and when I entered "Ox" just now, three bulls in the Dutch Os/Ose/Oz Coat!!! Anyone have time to investigate the Wizard of Oz characters for links to these families? Go for it. Note that "Wiz" could be code for the Guis family.

The Husabie variation of the Osneys brings "Huckabee" to mind, and as the latter are apparently related to the Hux/Hucks (they both use blue chevrons of the same thin type).

When I consider Joktanite link to "Ogdens," I find an "ostendo" motto term. I'm not convinced that Ogdens are rooted in "oak," as claimed, though the oak may be another Joktan symbol. The Octons/Oxtons use the same border as the Sellicks/Selliocs (who I traced to west Italy), Talbots, Lilles, ect., and like Huckabees were first found in Devon, where EXETer is located.

The Osbern piece goes on to link the Fertes>Petres with "of Hereford" families, while Sellicks were first found in Herefordshire. This suggests possible Osbern links to Seleucids. Let's not forget that the Berne surname comes from Berne, Switzerland, and from the Varangian/Bernician fold of Zahringer-Veringens. The Berne write-up mentions links to "Zaehringens," and so we may wonder whether that term was linked to "Oz." The Swiss settings for the Bernes helps to explain why the topic below veers once again to Sitten of Switzerland.

Let's not forget that the Burns surname, with Zionists stars, is from Bernicians, as the write-up attests. This helps to support the Hebrew-ness of the Sittens as per the below, which we never doubted anyway because Sionists are Hebrews.

The Arthur surname also uses the pelican, and I traced its "obstantia" motto term to the Stand surname, and therefore considered a link also to the Standish surname. Not only do the Standish and Octon Coats both use red saltires, but "Earl William [fitzOsbern, Lord of Ferte-Fresnel] obtained Petres when he married into the Tosny family...Earl William gave land to Roger de Petres in Standish, and made him Constable of Gloucester Castle..." The Stand surname has a Stayn variation smacking of the Dutch Oosteyn surname (the "ostendo" motto term of the Ogdens comes to mind). The bull-using Os/Oz/Oos surname is Dutch.

For new readers, Sepharvites were found earlier in this update, and I trace their Adram god to Hadoram, son of Joktan (Joktanites lived from Mesha to Sephar; Genesis does not identify where these locations were). There were/are Hadoram-like locations in Yemen, where it's known that some Joktanites removed to. However, I realized yesterday that Joktanites must also trace to Trabzon and the Thermodon river, if Drummonds trace to both "Adram" and "Thermo(don). Something to keep in mind should evidence arise for the idea.

I trace Joktanites to the naming of Occitania, which region in southern France could have included the mouth of the Ebro river in north-eastern Spain (where Sephardic "Jews" lived). So, as Occitania became Aquitania, it's possible that Joktanites there moved across the channel to Exeter. The Cornovii that founded Cornwall may have something to do with the coronet symbol in Exeter-surname Crest; Wikipedia says that the the Cornovii founded Deva (pre-Roman times), what later became Chester, and that they were in the Shropshire region.

The Exeter Coat uses bells in the colors of the Borderlands Bell Coat.

My thinking was that the Excalibur sword was named in-part after (C)Halybes (of Calabria), and in-part from Exeter elements. I did not know where Exeter elements derived, apart from the Dumnonii Celts that founded the Devon region. I had traced the Dumnonii to the Samnite tribe of Sabines, and Devon was itself traced to Daphne elements, while I think she, as per her haunt at mount Saphon (Syria), named the Safini=Sabines of Italy. I had also connected the Dumnonii to Danaans of the Rhodanus region...that was part of Occitania. I now think that Exeter was named after Occitanians. That's new, and it works well. If correct, it reveals the Exeter peoples as mainline Hebrews.

The Savone surname was first found in Somerset, beside Devon, and likewise founded by the Dumnonii. The Savone surname, as to prove my Sabine trace to Savona (Liguria), is also "Saffin," smacking of the ancient Safini version of "Sabine." Thus, one can trace Daphne to the Savona surname at the Cornwall peninsula.

When one enters Daffy, the Welsh Davis surname pops up, first found in Cheshire. I linked the Daffy/Davis surname to Daffy Duck, and therefore to the Dux/Duck surname...which I visited yesterday, when I write:

...Both the Daggs and the Dagens/Dugans use a white-on-blue crescent, the colors of the Hagens and Hagars. AND, they are the colors also of the Dougals and Douglas'! They are also the colors of the Dukes/Dooks, whom I link to the Tooks/Tolkiens, whom I link to Telchines of Rhodes, where the Hyksos Danaans were before ruling Argos, infiltrating the Rhodanus valley, and going on to rule western Atlantis as the Hercules-Helios duo.

Now is the time to re-mention Duxford, for the Dux/Duke/Dook Crest uses a blue falcon, while the French Falcons, first found in the Rhodanus region of LanqueDOC, use white on blue too, even a white crescent on blue!

The Savone Coat also used white crescents on blue! And Savona is on the brink of the Rhodanus valley. One can even speculate at this point that "Cygnus," mythical king of Liguria, was code for Joktan elements. We of course see "Gog" all over this discussion, and if true that Cygnus ("also Cycnus") was a Gogi peoples, then the swan symbol ("cygnus" means "swan" in Greek) of Godfrey de Bouillon makes it appear that the Templar take-over of Jerusalem was a Gogi the king of the Gogi, Satan himself, abiding in Savona.

As Cygnus was given STHENelus for a father, we see easily that these same Gogi were from Sithones, and then removed to Sitten/Sion, which leads to the idea that the same satanists were in the Sion/Swan/Swayne surname (white on blue like the above list, and using the DOUGlas heart).

Recently I had traced Ixion to the Kikons of the Rhodope mountain in Thrace, and mentioned that mythical Kikon was made the brother of mythical Hebros. It CAN'T be a coincidence that, years ago, I traced CYCNus to "Kikon" and/or Caucones. The same Hebrews of the Hebros river, therefore, must have been the same Hebrews from Joktan...if Joktan was depicted by "Cycn(us)" (The "Cygnus" variation probably came later as play-on-words, thus entering the swam symbol to the Cycn/Kikon peoples).

You can see what the forced conclusion is here, that Hyksos were Joktanites.

As per the Oktans, we can ask whether Actons/Aktons (see familiar Crest symbol) apply. They lived in Axton of Kent, where we expect Ixion's Centaurs. I traced (not with great evidence) Actons to mythical Ector, an idea that has reason to my inner feelers. The Ector/Hector surname was also "Heckie," possibly of Hyksos elements.

Going back to the Stand surname with Stain/Stayn variations, might this family link to the Sithones of Sitten? The Ligurians of mythical Sthenelus?

Give some time and I'll gather some news...

This video of Obama's Muslim agenda compliments of ET. I rate this video 11 out of ten. It is frightening that a "Christian" man can walk into the High Office and try to change America to such drastic ends. All "praise" to blind-bat Democrat liberals who continue to hold Obama up as a great one.

Got to the Times UK and saw the top headline: "UK warned on public debt as Osborne readies axe." AMAZING coincidence! Not just the appearance of the Osborne surname, but the axe, the symbol that I apply to Hyksos.

I neglected to mention earlier that the Fame>Vain/Veyn Coat uses "Ne vile fano" as a motto, which seems to be code for the Gacy-related Nevilles (use the flag of Gascony), who could be Nibelungs. Remember, the Osbornes may trace to the Borneholm>Burgundian bloodline out of which came the Nibelungs proper came. I entered the Fame term as a result of: Milo FitzWalter de Petres [of Osbern] founded Lhantony Secunda in 1136, to which the Fresnes as Femes and Veims were to be much associated."

As Nibelungs also ruled at the Vexin (Normandy), and since I trace that term to "viking," note how "Veyn" can modify easily to "Viking/Vexin." It gives the impression that vikings trace to "wagon," as per the Wayne surname. The Waynes use an "accidit" motto term, like "Occit(ania)/(Aquit)anine."

In this picture, Varangian vikings were a mix of the bear-line Bernicians/Nibelungs with Wayne/Veyn entities of the Vexin. The Wayne metal gloves are called "gauntlets." Gaunts are a Flemish family, right down Templar Lane. Zowie, the Gaunt Coat is a near-match with the Octon Coat!

Gaunts were first found in Kent...and could have been a Cantii branch themselves. In that picture, the metal gloves, used also by Veyns and Macys, could be symbols of Centaur-derived Hyksos/Kikons.

The Vienne surname came to mind at this point, and zowie, it's a French clan first found in Burgundy! AND, they have a Vyen variation! AND AND AND, I'm fumbling: it's the French Ferte Coat in colors reversed!!! It's the Noyer bird too.

In Iraq, the first parliamentary session begins next Monday:

"President Jalal Talabani will call the first session for June 14, said his spokesman Nasser al-Ani. His official order is expected as early as Tuesday. The lawmakers' first task is to elect a new Iraqi president and the key post of parliament speaker."

But that does not speak to who'll be the next prime minister.

Uh-O for Putin and his dip sticks:

"A minister from the semi-autonomous region of Northern Iraq said the area could provide natural gas to make the Nabucco pipeline feasible, EurActiv reported with reference to Northern Iraqi Energy Minister Ashti Hawrami.

'We can provide 14 or 15 billion cubic metres to make the project work,' said Hawrami."

Some months ago, Medvedev had warned (or was it a threat?) to the effect: "Where's the gas coming from to fill Nabucco?" I suggested that Russians had a plan to keep Iraqi gas out of the Nabucco pipe. American globalists have been in Iraq recently, and no doubt they talked oil. We shall see what happens on that front. The Nabucco pipe is slated to be constructed starting next year.


"Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said [today] that a new natural gas pipeline to Turkey would probably not extend to Israel as originally planned but he denied the change was a result of deteriorating relations between the two countries.

Turkey shelved discussions on extending the Blue Stream II pipeline to Israel after last week's deadly raid by Israeli commandos on a Gaza-bound aid ship operated by a Turkish charity."

Why today? Why couldn't Putin wait to make the announcement when the Turkey leader no longer sees red regarding the flotilla event? It seems like Putin kissing up to Turkey for the sake of his pipelines versus Nabucco war. Also: "Russian Prime Minister V. Putin will visit Istanbul on June 8. Last May Russian President D. Medvedev signed a landmark agreement in Ankara by which Russia would within the coming 7 years construct Turkey's first nuclear power plant."

The Russian-built nuclear plant in Iran is all but about finished. Russia has to hold ties to both Turkey and Iran, therefore, and of course that means frustrating the West's ambitions against the Iran axis. The question is: when Turkey and Iran lead the way against Israel, will Russia stand opposed and risk ties with Turkey? Won't Turkey dangle the Nabucco card in Putin's face to make him behave more anti-Israel? Gluk-gluk.

Russia says it's not cancelling the Israeli pipe due to hard feelings on the flotilla affair, but in a Lebanese media:

"Russia's Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said [TODAY] his country would raise the issue of an investigation into the Israeli boarding of an aid ship off Gaza at the United Nations, calling the Israeli action 'a crude violation of international law.'

...Mr. Putin also supported Turkey's view of the clash, saying...'The loss of peaceful civilians has caused a new exacerbation of the situation [in the Middle East]...We are deeply worried by such a crude violation of the universally recognized norms of international law.'

...Mr. Putin didn't back Turkey's position on Iran. Turkey and Brazil negotiated a deal last month under which Iran would transfer part of its stockpile of low enriched uranium to Turkey, which would hold it while another country made bars of medium enriched uranium for an Iranian medical reactor...

Contrary to Putin, I don't think the anti-Christ will show even those small overtures to the West.

Hezbollah has come out to publicly oppose Iranian ships at Gaza, a thing so unexpected (and disappointing to anti-Israeli Muslims) that it looks like a ploy, a lie, an attempt to keep the world from knowing that Hezbollah is an integral part of the Gaza plot.

I still cannot access my webpage online. If you have had the same problem, let me know if you can, so that I can report to the server what areas are being blacked out.

June 9

The BP boss with Hayward surname is being opposed harshly by the Obama administration (there's talk of a law suit from Eric Holder), and meanwhile the US coastguard representing the Obama side has an Allen surname which traces to the proto-Alan Stewarts. It has been my assessment thus far that both surnames stem from the same family.

This story got me back to the idea yesterday, that the Hayes, who use the Mackesy snake entwined around a sword, may have been named after the Hayasi Assi = Hyksos, out of which surname the Kays and MacKays arose. I haven't been in agreement with this idea due to clinging staunchly to a Macey root for the Mackays and Mackesys, out of which I see the Kays arising.

I have just found that the Pears are related, and you should see how that was arrived at so that you know that heraldry is a tricky-dicky "game" of keeping family stock in secret records. The first point to make is that the Hayward surname is in black and gold, and fist found in Gloucestershire. I trace that shire to mythical Glaucus, whom I identified as one (of the caduceus snakes entwined around the Hermes rod. The suspicion is, therefore, that Haywards connect with Hayes who use the snake entwined around a sword, and so it is that English Hayes use the three Hayward-Coat colors.

The gold and black of the Haywards and Hayes is used by the Heths, which supports the idea that Hayes were a Macey/Mackay branch (because Mackays and MacHeths are traced by their write-ups to the same stock, and because writers affirm that they were one family).

The next thought to occur was my trace of Heths to Hesse (Germany), at which point it was noticed that the Jewish Hesse Coat uses the three colors of German Oster Coat, and we saw yesterday that the Os(berne) term is firmly in the Macey family. The Jewish Hesse page shows no variations and has no revealing write-up, wherefore we can't know from that lack of info that its the family out of Hesse, but links to the Osters appears sound.

The sun in the German Hesse Coat is used by quite a few families, but it was only earlier in this update that I discovered it also in the Gilcrest Coat...after reading (in the Mackay write-up)o n the Gilcrest links to Mackays. The fact that the sun god is used in the same colors tends to prove the Hesse trace of the MacHeths/Mackesys/Mackays, and I would now trace "Gil" to the Gileki that I think mythical Glaucus represented.

After making these deductions, I concentrated on the Heth motto, because the first term, "Espere," seemed to indicate "Hesse." The natural thing to do was to check to see whether the term was code for a Hesse branch merged with the Pear surname. That's when I saw that the Pear Coat uses black stars on gold -- just like the Heths !! -- and that "the family name was first referenced in the year 1259 when Henry and Reginald Perle held a family seat in Oseney in that [Oxford]shire"!!! The Osneys/Hosenys of Oxford were discussed just yesterday! Therefore, the "Espere" motto term is indeed code for the Os/Osney bloodline in the Pears/Perles. The suspicion now is that Osneys were named after "Hessen" ( = Hesse, Germany). And, to add further support that the Hayes were linked to Hesse, the Pears/Perles use exactly the gold leopard heads of the Hayes.

We can also suspect that the other motto term of the Heths, "mieux," is a code. I note that the German Mieske/Mesech Coat is in Heth colors, and that it uses a bull, jibing with yesterday's Os=Ox theory. The same black and gold colors are also used by the Meskins/Meschins, whose scallops I trace to mythical Scylla, whom Glaucus loved.

When families merge strongly, they may take one another's symbols, or, if they don't wish to change symbols, they may take the colors to show honor to the other family. My impression is that heraldic devices were attained early, among the Hebrew-Rus, in a period when it was "fashionable."

NOW LOOK. Yesterday I said that "The Husabie variation of the Osneys brings 'Huckabee' to mind," and then we see a snake entwined around a rod in the Huckabee Coat. In fact, the Huckabee Crest is "A falcon holding in the dexter claw a rod of AEsculapius all proper." I traced the other caduceus serpent to Asclepios! We can't help but note the "As/Aes" start of that myth character. To show that these families knew of their roots in the dragon cults, the Hux/Hucks Coat uses owls (in Huckabee colors). Let me quote large from one of my Ladon chapters, and ask whether "Os" is from "Kos." You can draw your own I don't have room to explain it all, anyway:

"[Ascalaphus] betrayed the fact that Persephone had eaten a pomegranate in the underworld, something that she was forbidden to do. Ascalaphus was punished by being turned into an owl (Ovid V, 534)"

This is just myth code for connecting Ascalaphus to the owl symbol, and so I now turn to the chief god of Edom, Kos, to whom I can now trace Ascalaphus/Eshcol, for says this: "Rendering in the English versions of the following Hebrew words: 'kos' (Lev. xi. 17; A. V. 'little owl')" In Strong's, the term is "kowc" (#3563), and means "cup" as well as an owl, translated in Deuteronomy 14:16 as "little owl" (KJV).

I haven't yet gotten to the reason for those three beholds. (I want to say that this addendum is thanks to Julie, who sent an email that led into a search on Kos...The above article goes on to say:

"'Kos,' referred to in Ps. [102:6] as living among ruins, may be identified with the Carina glaux, the emblem of Pallas Athene, and called by the Arabs 'bumah,' the most abundant of all owls in Palestine."

The implication is that the god of Edom was named after the Palestinian Carina glaux owl. I verified that the Greek word, "glaux," means "little owl." In her role as owl, Athena was "Athena Glaukopis"...I focused in on the "glaux" term because I suspected it to be the origin of mythical Glaucus = the historical Gileki Cadusii. The great beholder came in the next sentence when I read (italics mine!):

"'Yanshuf' is usually identified with the Bubo ascalaphus, which inhabits ruins and caves throughout Palestine, but is especially abundant around Petra, the ancient Edom (comp. Isa. xxxiv. 11)."

There we have it, that Asklepios and Glaucus were both peoples depicted by the sacred owl(s) Edom/Palestine! As Kos was the chief god of Edomites, the two Cadusii peoples were Edomites. No? Yes, I think so. In that case, Amorites (Eshcol was an Amorite) furnished Edomites/Idumaeans...

Upon finding that, I was led to the following:

"A Pygmy Owl is a member of genus Glaucidium..."

...As I identified Glaucus and Asklepios as the holy grail, isn't it conspicuous that "Kos" also means "cup"?

The Petres location of Edom is conspicuous after entering the Petres surname just yesterday...because it and the Osberne family were one!!! Not only might "Os" lead back to Kos (a Greek island near Rhodes as well as the chief Edomite god), but forward to Hesse, for I identified the holy-grail bloodline as the Cati of Cilicia (from the Cadusii) who became the Catti founders of Hesse! The question once again: does the Hesse term lead back to Esau, Hebrew ruler of Edom...whose son merged with the Edomite/Seir-ian family of Lotan???

My trace of "Hesse" to the founding family (I think the Chees/Cheatles) of "Cheshire" and its Chester capital may now open the possibility of a link to "Kos." I dunno. It gets confusing even for me, as there are options in these questions. One could even wonder whether "Cadusii" wasn't a compound term, as a Cad/Cat mix with an "ussi/assi/essi/ossi" entity. But I think it's safe to say that the Osbornes and the Petres trace back to the Edomites and the Cadusii branch there.

It's also safe to say that the Keiths, said in their write-up to be of the Catti, were the Heths from Hesse. One can see how the Keath variation modified to/from "Cheatle." I think the fact that Hux'/Hucks use owls while Huckabees use the Asclepios serpent is evidence of a trace back to Hyksos in Edom. And the apparent links of the Hayes to the Heths/Mackays seems to nail the Hayasi-Assi=Hyksos link to the latter, especially as the Hixons/Hicksons were first found in Cheshire, and also because the Hykes Coat uses scallops in Meschin colors.

I would link "Asclepios" to the Haskel surname, and to the Euskals=Basques that I assume the Haskels were (I trace the scallop/escallop symbol to Euskals too; that is, I trace mythical Scylla to the Euskals). The Haskel write-up traces to "Asketil" and "Anketil," which is very conspicuous because I was just about to mention the possible Cheatle link to the Kettle/Ketill (a viking) surname (but decided not to for lack of anything relevant to add).

The Haskel bell pattern is called "Vair," while that term brings up the Vere/Dever Coat; these are the Veres who were rulers of Oxford for centuries! But "Vair" also brings up a Shield filled with red and white checks (Hohen checks; compare with the Fer Coat filled with Cohen checks).

This latter Vair/Veir (also "Fers"!) surname (don't know whether I have ever seen/mentioned it) was first found in Burgundy, where we expect Nibelungs and Hyksos. The idea just occurred to me that "Ver(e)" and "Vair" might be from "Never" (in Burgundy). That doesn't negate the theory that Veres were named after Varangian elements, because Nibelungs (which I think founded Nevers) were at the root of Varangians. If that traces proto-Varangians to Nevers, so be it.

As I said, Nibelungs were in Frisia while at the root of Varangians, and Frisians appear to link to the Fresnes=FERte family. The Fertes use Vere colors. Varangians proper were early at Wieringen of the Frisian theater, and Veres were also Weirs/Wiers in Scotland. The Veir variation of the Vairs is joined also by "Feirs." One can see how "Friesland" might arise from such a term.

As I was recently on the Neil surname, the "nihil" motto term of the English Veres brought that to mind, and what do you know? The Neils have a Nihill variation. CLEARLY, Veres honored the Neals/Neils!! This is new to me.

The Neal Coat above shows no links to Sweenys, but the Sweeny Coat mentions links to Neils, and even shows boars of the design in the Vere Crest!! (The swine-like Swiny variation may have been the cause for the boar symbol, or vice versa.) The Sweeny surname is said to derive from a Suibhne O'Neill of Argyll. Note the axe in Crest.

Again, the Queen surname (that I recently linked to the Q of the Traby/Sadowski Coat) is from "Mac Shuibhne." To prove further that Queens were Neals, "it is likely that the first MacQueen was the Lord of Knapdale in Argyllshire [italics mine) who held Castle Sween." And since the Queen surname is also "Swan," it makes sense to link the Sweens to Sabines...who I say founded swan-like Savona (Liguria). In fact, I identify the particular Sabines of Savona's founding as Tacitus' "Sviones" (i.e. very Sween-like), fellow tribe of the Sitones (said Tacitus) that I trace to Sion/Sitten, which explains why entering "Sion" brings up another Swan/Sweyne surname...with Mackay Shield and Macey and Meschin symbols.

The Sions/Swans were first found in Lanarkshire, where the Veres traced their Blackwood Weir clan. The Swayne variation smacks of mythical Gawain. I don't think I've known until now that Gawain was the same brother of Arthur's sister as the one in the Waldwin/Wolfin Coat page. Note the Walewein variation in Wikipedia's article of Gawain:

"Gawain...also called Gwalchmei, Gawan, Gavan, Gauvain, Walewein, etc.) is King Arthur's nephew and a Knight of the Round Table who appears very early in the Arthurian legend's development. He is one of a select number of Round Table members to be referred to as the greatest knight, most notably in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. He is almost always portrayed as the son of Arthur's sister Morgause (or Anna) and King Lot of Orkney and Lothian, and his brothers are Agravain, Gaheris, Gareth, and Mordred. In some works he has sisters as well."

The Waldwin-surname page says: "First found in Pembrokeshire, where the family claim descent from Gualgnain or Gwalwynne, who was King Arthur's sister's son, as attested by historians William of Malmesbury, and Robert of Gloucester." I don't recall ever knowing that this was Gawain. What's Verey Interestink is: I realized that the Veres of Blackwood were Ranulf Meschins who became the Randolph earls of Moray, and English Randolphs merged with Dunhams to president Obama's mother, Ann Dunham. It's Interstink because it's known that Obama also has a Wolflin>Wolfley bloodline, while the Randolphs/Ranhdolfs of Moray are said to derive from "wolf."

Therefore, as entering "Wolfin" brings up the Waldwin Coat, Obama appears to trace to the Gawain cult of Athur. And as the Waldwins use a green wyvern dragon in Crest, which is the color of the Vere wyvern (winged, only two legs, and a pointed tail), it appears that mythical Melusine's ties to Avalon (according to Veres) was in the Gawain=Swayne > Sweeny bloodline out of Argyllshire, the region around Rothesay=Avalon.

The green dragon could be code for the same as the Green Knight. Don't let the good characteristics of Arthurian characters fool you or whisk you away in romance, for these are fictitious accounts of the realities. In reality, the cult was a greedy one with bottomless stomach for power.

The above should explain why the Gard surname uses "fidele" in the motto, while the Sions/Swans/Swaynes use "Fidelitas" for the entire motto, while the Waldwins use "guard." Also, the Queens/Swans/Sweynes "were originally a branch of the MacDonalds of ClanRANALD" (caps mine), while the Waldwins use "rynwedd" for another motto term. Further evidence of Vere links to the Queens/Sweyens is that dragonline Veres wish to see Stewarts back on the throne, while Stewart Coats have used the Ranald/MacDonald ship (Ranalds were basic MacDonalds).

The "Drwy" moto term of the Waldins is cause for entering "Drey," which brings up a dragon-like surname in "Dreigh/Dreye." The Drakes/Draykes use a red wyvern and an axe. The "muscus" motto term of the Drakes evokes the Muscel/Mussel surname (Meschin/Masculine-like Shield), no doubt of Musselburgh at Haddington, Lothian, which must have been related to the Maskall surname (from Haddington) that brings up the Keith Coat. Not only do both the Keith and Ketill Coats use the same stag-head design, but one uses "vincit" and the other "vince."

A Wayne=Gawain equation can now be entertained more seriously in that the Waldin Coat is similar to the Wayne Coat.

By the way, there was a time when I didn't know one could open more than one web browser at a time. With Firefox (which is what I use), one can hit the Control key simultaneous with hitting the 'T' key. Or, if you have Vista operating system, hit the + sign on the browser's menu line. You can then open as many browsers as you wish, using one or more for your Coat investigations, or just to make it easier to follow along. Otherwise, if you're going back and forth from my update page to Coat pages, that could be a difficult process. I assumed everyone knew how to open multiple browsers. One can't do decent research with only one browser.

On the Iraqi withdrawal:

"...It is true that the number of American soldiers in Iraq dropped last week to 92,000 and for the first time since the war, their number in Iraq is lower than the number of American soldiers in Afghanistan. The fear is that if a government is not established soon in Iraq, the next stage - a further drop to 50,000 troops - will be delayed.

Vice President Joe Biden, who is coordinating the withdrawal, has declared that even if a government is not formed, the army will begin pulling out, but..."

We'll take him at his word. The government, when the American fighters are gone, may be a new one, easily plucked of its feathers. The article goes on to point out that Iran is in a good position now to manipulate Iraqi politics. The UN seems happy that, finally, it's about to hammer Iran with sanctions. The problem is, it's hardly a sledge hammer, and it amounts to a long waste of time for practical zilch.

It's not just Hezbollah inside Lebanon that supports Iran, but much of the Lebanese government too, giving Iran a ticket to use Lebanon for a strike against Israel:

"Lebanese Speaker Nabih Berri told the press [today] 'We should be at the highest level of coordination with Turkey. In all cases, I am against the decision to impose sanctions on Iran'

Berri, a key ally of the Iranian backed Hezbollah party added that Lebanon would essentially be supporting Israel if it does not, at the very least, take Turkey's side when it comes to UN Security Council sanctions against Iran."

You may have read from me that the Lotan sea dragon off the coast of Syria was also Leviathan. Now that dragon's sea appears in the news:

"A major natural gas field found off Israel stretches into Lebanese waters and could provoke further tensions between the two nations, as-Safir reported [yesterday].

The Lebanese newspaper said the area, estimated to hold as much as 16 trillion cubic feet of gas, could turn Israel into a regional exporter of energy.

The area, known as the Leviathan site, is off the coast of Haifa, Israel, and extends into Lebanon's territorial waters, as-Safir reported.

Hilmi Moussa, as-Safir's Israel affairs analyst, said, 'The region where the find was made lies mostly off the Lebanese shores and in international waters between the sea border of Palestine and the sea border of Cyprus.'

The analyst added, 'the drill sites, "Rut";, "Tamar", "Leviathan" and "Alon" are included in areas that penetrate sites off of the Lebanese shores or in areas that are situated very far away from the shores of Israel.

If Israel attempts to siphon gas from Lebanese territory, Lebanon would be forced to defend the waters, as-Safir said in an analysis headlined 'Israel preparing to steal gas fields in Lebanon's waters.'

Israel has been dependent on oil and coal imported from Mexico and Norway...

Israel has given permission to Noble Energy, based in Houston, to drill at the Leviathan site this year."

I wonder how it's known that the gas lies mainly in Lebanese territory. The gas was just discovered, meaning that it eluded everyone until then. Therefore, how can they now detect so surely where it runs to, under the sea floor? Who owns the earth under sea floors? Doesn't Iraq have right to pump oil from wells just a few miles from the Iranian border, even if some of the oil is under Iranian territory?

You don't suppose that the Biblical Dip Stick will come to secure Leviathan's gas by first keeping Israel from it, until such time that he can get some himself, as reward from Lebanon for keeping it from Israel?? The Dip Stick will come out of the sea, says Revelation 13:1 (my apologies for saying recently that he has one foot on the land and one in the sea, because that is said in Revelation 10:2 in regards to an angel of God).

Although Egypt has opened a route into Gaza for the foreseeable future, it is yet set against the black market operations of the tunnels:

"Egyptian construction of an underground barrier on the border with the Gaza Strip will be completed 'by the end of the summer,' a security official said on [June 7].

...'We will close all the tunnels, for sure,' the official told a small group of reporters in the Red Sea resort of Sharm El-Sheikh.

...The question of Gaza and specifically the Israeli-imposed blockade of the enclave was at the center of talks between Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and US Vice President Joe Biden in Sharm el-Sheikh on [June 7].

In a statement following the talks, Biden said the United States was looking for new ways to deal with blockaded Gaza.

[Yesterday], Egypt announced it was indefinitely opening the Rafah border, the only gateway to Gaza that bypasses Israel."

Although Egypt wants to stop smuggling so that goods might be sold in the ordinary, taxable way, its project flies in the face of the weapons build-up in Gaza, and for this Egypt is expected to pay a heavy price by becoming a war casualty. The direction is right, but the movement is slow, toward prophetic fulfillment. There's nothing to do but wait.

Three nights ago, I declared my own war against mosquitoes. I stood in some grass in the evening when they come out. I slapped them between my bare palms. I slapped and i slapped and I slapped until a couple of hundred were quashed. Some became victims between my palms and my pants. Then, the next night, I went to the backyard and walked along the light-colored house wrap on the exterior side of the house. They are easier to see against that background, and they often land on it. Smash, smash, smash. Clap, clap, clap. It was a war zone, as a few more hundred bit the dust in an hour's time. What fun. Why wait for them to get me when I can get them? After a while, I got better at guessing their dizzy flight patterns.

Last night, off to the other side of the house, I was on a dirt pile where they could see me better. I wore lighter jeans this time (easier to see when they land), and hundreds more bit the dust at my wrath. I walked back to the door when it was too dark to keep winning the battle, past the backyard where I had gotten them the night before. And guess what? There weren't any mosquitos there. In all, I was bit maybe three times, but not very deeply (I got to them before they got deep and long).

You see, they can be dealt with very easily. Imagine five or ten people doing an hour's war a few nights in a row just as the mosquitoes come out in the spring, before they can mate. That's something you should plan in the trib, if you're going to spend a lot of time in the garden, etc. If you reduce their numbers greatly in the first year, there will be many less the next year. This year is a cakewalk compared to two years ago.


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