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Is a Georgian in Moscow Part of the Gog-Axis?

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June 24

Last night. A loud noise as I was in bed. In the darkness, a noise in the stove-pipe area. It was a mouse. In a minute, I heard him next to my head. Then, it brushed against my arm. I automatically attempted to sweep it to the floor, but missed it. This was the third time I had missed a mouse on the bed, as if it didn't exist. I got up, took the foam off the bed. Nothing. In the morning, not a sound, not a mouse poop anywhere.

The first topic in the updates this morning? Mousavi:

Mousavi, having risen phoenix-like from history's dustbin, now finds himself leading the charge against the very system that he helped create...However, Mousavi has been described by many as an accidental hero--a convenient vehicle for a larger reform movement long in the making."

The article is entitled, "Is Mousavi Becoming Irrelevant?" The implication is that there is another movement inside Iran that is using him. It has been said that Americans are secretly inside Iran seeking to topple the anti-American Islamics by influencing the Iranian public. But I wouldn't suspect Americans only, and certainly not ordinary Americans, but Illuminati-relates ones.

It was last night, when I was not writing about Mousavi, that the "avi" at the end of his name popped into my head. I had written his name a few times in recent updates, but I was blind to the "avi" at those times, even though I had been stressing "abi" endings on various Polabi peoples, and the Batavi and Menabi from Egypt way, the obvious root of America's all-seeing-eye Illuminati. It's also obvious that the American Illuminati is from the Merovee fold of Franks.

I kid you not, that yesterday's topic on Maxwell did not ever get to the Block and Plock surnames that were to be introduced as per the Moss sept of Maxton, and so I planned to get to it today. Moss? Mouse? Mousavi. Strange.

The English Moss Coat uses red blocks, you see, as does the English Plock/Pluck Coat. It's a match because Mosses and Pollocks are both Maxwell septs, and so this is verification that Pollocks were also Plocks. The footless sparrows in the Plock Coat have already been rooted to Pollocks (and proto-Rothschilds) by their use on the Rutherford Coat. Note that the Blocks on the Plock Coat are on a diagonal band in the Stewart-branch direction.

The German Block Coat uses red blocks on gold, the same colors as the English Plocks/Plucks. The surname was first found in Pomerania, the location of the Polabi and other "abi" terms. I kid you not, that after writing on the Moss and Plock topics today, the next-scheduled topic was going to be the Angli tribe of Nerthus worshipers, who lived beside the Varni/WarnABI tribe of Nerthus worshipers.

Were the Blocks the Brocks, from Brocken? I don't know, but as I trace the stump symbol to the Brocken , note the English Block Coat: a stump!! The other Maxwell sept to use the stump is the Blackstock surname, which is something I discovered after suspecting that the Black surname was, along with Block and Plock, a Pollock branch. (See the same stumps in the Brocken Coat.)

The blocks on the Moss Coat are on a silver and gold shield (a no-no), indicating an old Coat. I had developed a theory recently that the use of silver and gold in contact with each other pertain to Hebrew surnames, and so we read: "Other instances of this [Moss] surname may also have evolved from the personal name, Moses; and there was also an Ashkenazic Jewish name of uncertain Origins that has evolved into Moss."

Since Joktanites figure prominently in the pagan-Hebrew dragon cult, note the similarity between his brother, Peleg, with "Block/Pollock/Plock." Both Joktan and Peleg were sons of Eber, and we should not think that Eber (and his tribes) was righteous just because Israel stemmed from him. The blue Templar cross centralized in the Moss Coat would reveal Moss relations, but I do not know of any other family that uses it. My eyes are peeled.

The Angle topic arises this morning because I read that the Mittani realm was called "Hanigalbat" by Assyrians. Since Nicholas the Vere (the modern dragon-bloodline lord) traces Veres both to the Mitanni and the Angles, the Angli and the Varni (first century AD, some centuries before the Angles show up as a power house) are suspect as proto-Veres. And so due to the Hanigalbat term, we have reason to trace the Nerthus worshipers as a whole to the Mitanni. Possibly, "Hanigal" was in honor of Anu, for Nicholas also traces Veres to Anu and the Anunnaki/Anaki...which reflects "Hanig" not bad.

Since the dragon cult must also trace to Paphlagonians, and especially the Heneti branch, note that Anu's wife was "Antu" ("tu" ending, likely to be understood as Anu-tu), said to probably be the disgusting Semite war goddess, Anat. "'Anat' is a common female name in contemporary Israel, though many Israelis - including many of the women so named themselves - are not aware of it having been the name of a pagan goddess." How did the Anat name get to the Israelites but by the creeping of the serpent into Israeli entities?

This morning was the first time that I sought an Angle Coat, and surprisingly there was one. It uses three black (correction, they're dark blue) diamonds on gold (and a winged horse in the Crest). "The name was written in early records as Anglicus, but the name was carried from England to France as D'Anglars." Nicholas de Vere claimed that Milouziana's son ruled in France at Angers/Anjou.

I have already shown that proto-Vere from the Warnabi were in the Brocken as per the city of Wernigerode, smack beside the Brocken mountain. And as per several Vere links to Pollocks, one has reason for Vere links more-importantly to the Maxwells. The only Maxwell sept (in the list in the previous update) that I had not checked the Coat of until this moment, is the Wardlaw Coat, using three gold diamonds. In the write-up: "First found in Invernessshire, where [Wardlaws] are believed to be descended from John Biset, son of Henry Biset, Lord of Cany in Normandy, who became a Norman Lord of the Aird at Bewley near Inverness."

When I checked the Biset Coat, a stump in the Crest! The surname was first found in Ross-shire (Scotland), and the Wardlaws were first if InverNESS...which is near the Ross-Moray border on the Ness river. A Maxwell Sept without a Coat is the Nithdale surname, and though I could not find a Nith Coat, the Scottish Ness Coat is the Washington Shield!! The German Ness Coat (surname first found in Holland) is identical, and has Noss and Nass variations.

Hmm. "Khanigalbat" is a varied spelling for Hanigalbat that may reveal the origin of "Washukanni" (the Mitanni capital).

It's interesting that Anat was also "Neith," who I read was connected with the Greek Nikos, whom I trace to Nice of Liguria. When one searches the Nice Coat, the Ness Coat comes up. ..where the location may have been root to the Lacys.

I kid you not. I wanted to say something on the diamonds of Wardlaw that would connect them to Pollocks...because I had traced Pollocks (and their porphyry-disease genes) to the diamond of Ladislaus I of Hungary...whom I supposed was connected to the Lacy surname (perhaps tracing to the Egypto-Ligurian root in Lacydon). If you recall, this topic had the Comfort surname involved because it was found in Wexford (Ireland) along with the Lacys. The Comforts are the ones to use the blue Indian peacock as Crest, and meanwhile the very bad case of porphyry in Ms. Pollock may be due to the Comfort genes in her bloodline combining with her Pollock genes. I decided to write none of this paragraph here because I had no evidence that the Wardlaw diamonds would connect, until...

I had seen the Peacock Coat yesterday but had forgotten what it used, aside from its blue Indian peacock!! The time came, just before writing the paragraph above, to talk to you about the Peacock it too is a Maxwell Sept, but also because it seems like a Pollock variation. When the Coat loaded and I saw the hollow gold diamonds -- just like the Wardlaw diamonds -- I decided to write the paragraph above. The Peacock diamonds are on a red shield, the reverse colors of the Ladislaus diamond. Remember, he married a Pole/Polock.

I wasn't going to mention that the decoration in the Ladislaus artwork looks like elephant trunks...until now that I mention the Lacy link to both he and Liguria. The flag of Liguria looks like the Republican elephant, but the trunk looks as though doubling as a bugle.

The white bar on red in the Peacock Coat likely connects to the white bar on red in the Jewish Pollock Coat. A white bar is also in the Biset Coat (Wardlaws descended from Bisels), and is almost on a red shield. The gold diamonds of Peacock are in gold rings, which may trace to the gold Treby-Coat roundels since Scottish Pollocks use three bugles, a Traby symbol.

I accidentally typed "Bisel" seeking the Biset Coat for the paragraph above, and what did I find in the Bisel Coat? A white diagonal bar on red shield (!), which, aside from the waviness, is the bar in the Jewish Pollock Coat. The impression is that the root of the two surnames is "Bis."

After all the talk of gold stars on blue in yesterday's Harvey/Herbert/Garb topic, which discussion included the Labrador topic, see the three gold stars on blue, and Labradors, on the Comfort Coat...which also uses three bugles. One could get the impression that Comforts were at the root of the Maxwells since Maxwells were from men holding the Herbert name.

Note that the bows on the bugle straps of the Comfort Coat are not bees, and yet "bij" (close to "Bis") means bee (in Dutch, I believe). The goat cult of Crete that I trace the Traby bugles was rooted in the Cretan bee cult (the bee goddess, Amalthea, was given a goat horn for a symbol), and we then see that "bugle" could be a secret symbol to indicate that bee cult, especially as "abeille" is a bee to the Franks. As "abeille" and "bij" seem like cognates, as though one lost or gained the 'j', note "Bisel." Remember, the Manchester bee is on the Maxton Crest.

I may have a new and important discovery now. Having traced Pollocks and Peacocks to Ladislaus I with confidence, and therefore believing that Pollocks stemmed from his Polish mother, Adelaide (also known as Rixa), I investigated further. Noting that her father was Mieszko II Lambert, I checked the Lambert Coat to find white stars on blue, the Moray symbol that I think was root to the American flag. This should indicate that the Mures-river Marots were in that royal Polish bloodline.

Indeed, Maurice Drummond (grandson of Andrew I of Hungary) has been traced (by me) to the Mures-river Marots...who were ancestors of the very royal Hungarians from whom both he and Ladislaus descended. One could get the impression that Adelaide's Lambert bloodline got the (proto)Moray stars when she married the Hungarians of Marot descent. This serves as perhaps the best (and only solid) evidence so far that Moray does trace to the Marots. Note that Mieszko II Lambert is dressed in blue, though with green thrown in (color of Pollock shield).

The German Drummonds use blue and white, and in fact they use a white wavy bar...just like the Jewish Pollocks! Remember, I'm thinking to trace Drummonds to Adram-branch Joktanites while Pollocks (and Poles/Polocks as a whole) may trace to Joktan's brother, Peleg.

In light of the "Bis" surname that seems well-connected to the Pollocks, note that Bezprym (986-1032) temporarily usurped the Polish throne from Mieszko II Lambert. He usurped it with the help of the Kiev Varangians under Yaroslav, the king who protected both Andrew I (before he was crowned in 1046) and Margaret of Scotland...before she sailed with Maurice Drummond to Scotland. Zowie. I get it, but what else does this wring?

Ask if "Max(well)" derives from "Mieszko." Both he and Bezprym were sons of Boleslaw I the Brave, who was in turn son of Mieszko I, the first Polish king. "Mieszko also appeared as Dagome Iudex or Dagone..." Lovers of Dagon?

In light of George (father of Maurice Drummond) marrying a Bohemian girl (about 1050), and with the likelihood that "Drum" was also "Drub/Darby/Traby/etc" (remember, Trabys proper are from Poland), see that "In 965 Mieszko married Dobrawa (Dobrava, Dubrawka), daughter of Boleslav I [not The Brave], Duke of Bohemia." Now look at Boleslav's father: Vratislaus I. Isn't "Vratis" linked to PodeBRADY, the place where George married his girl???

Zikies!! After saying that, I found that Vratislav's wife was Drahomira, a Drummond-making term if ever we saw one.

Drahomira (Drago-Mira?) was from Germany, specifically from the Hevelli or Stodoranie...

"...around the river Havel in the Havelland area of Brandenburg...The Hevelli built fortifications at Brenna (later to become Brandenburg an der Havel)...

...Together with the Sprevjane..."

Astounding for multiple reasons! The Sprevjane/Sprevani lived on the Spree and were quite obviously named after it, or vice versa. This is so perfect because by the time of learning this, I had already seen the German Lambert Coat: a red crescent on white, the symbol on the English Spree Coat (!), a surname I've already attached to Pollocks.

See the Scottish Speer Coat, using not only the same Lambert/Spree crescent, but two arrows in a cross and a spear in the Crest. Then read this:

"`Anat was considered by the Egyptians to be similar to Neith/Net, an ancient goddess from the Nile delta...whose symbols include crossed arrows on an animal skin or shield and a weaver's shuttle. `Anat is interpreted as being depicted with a spindle as well as Her spear...`Anat adorns Herself with something translated by some as murex, the snail from which the [Tyrian] purple dye comes."

In the article, a photo of an Anat/Neith idol has wings resembling the phoenix wings of Rosicrucianism/Freemasonry, and this would lead me to believe that she developed from/into Europa, daughter of Phoenix. Was the Nithdale sept of Maxwell named in honor of Neith elements, and are the Speers and Sprees likewise from that goddess of war? Is this a way to indicate that the Polish royals under discussion were Heneti Paphlagonians?

Remember, Traby traces to Trabzon = Artemis (war goddess of Amazons), linked to her twin, the Apollo Paphlagonians. Not only does the wolf-fur throne of Artemis (named after Themis on the Thermodon river) evoke Anat's crossed arrows on an animal skin, but the mythical Calydonian Bore, sent by Artemis, was killed with an arrow. Therefore, note not only the boars in the Spree Coat, situated around the two crossed arrows, but the arrow in the boar of the Scottish Pollock Crest. Also keep in mind that Trabzon was also "Thermodon," smacking of "Drummond."

As per the "Hevelli built fortifications at Brenna," I checked the Brenn Coat (English) and found a white lion on blue, perfect because the Jewish and German Adel Coats use a blue lion on white. The latter was the symbol of the Bruces in their beginning at Bruges (Belgium), and meanwhile I had traced the Bratts of PodeBrady to the Bruces at Bruges. I'm assuming, therefore, that the blue lion of Adel is in honor of Adelaide (mother of Ladislaus) to whom I trace Pollocks. Note that "Belgium" may, like the Polski, be named after Peleg elements.

Look at the duckling in the German Lambert Chief, the symbol of the Sheldon Coat and of the German Gascon Coat. These two surnames had been traced to Dagon and Shala. Compare to Mieszko I, the first Polish king who "appeared as Dagome Iudex or Dagone."

Look at the Adel write-up: "The surname Adel is an Ashkenazic Jewish ornamental name, which comes from the Yiddish word eydl, and the German word, edel, which means noble." Does that not evoke the Hiedler surname of Hitler, and/or the Eidelstein bloodline of Zhirinovsky?

There was no news to speak of today, but all the above is new to the public. Continued tomorrow .

June 25

The following is probably not news, but the same-old:

"'The decision to cancel the [Netanyahu-Mitchell] meeting ... was taken by the prime minister [Netanyahu]. We must be sure before such a meeting that professional work has been done on a series of issues,' a senior Israeli official told AFP.

'There will be a meeting as soon as this work is done.'"

The article goes on to say that the Americans canceled the meeting until such time that Netanyahu stops all settlements activities. Yawn.

Netanyahu in France: Mr. Sarkozy, please help Israel about Iran. Sarkozy: Mr. Netanyahu, please stop building in Palestinian territory. Yawn. The U.S. airbase in Kyrgyzstan that Russia urged to be closed will remain open after the Americans offered more than 3.5 times as much rent, and tens of millions of dollars in added gifts. Why is Russia now angry? Why did it want it closed? Why does it not want to support Americans in their Afghan mission?

"'The news about the preservation of the base was an extremely unpleasant surprise for us. We did not anticipate such a dirty trick,' the [Russian] foreign ministry source told Kommersant.

The source said that Russia would give a 'corresponding response'...

'Renaming the base a centre is a cosmetic alteration. The real nature of the US military presence in Central Asia has not changed, which goes against the interests of Russia and our agreements with the Kyrgyz government.'"

Where's that help from Iran that Obama said he secured for the Afghan theater? The Obama administration has all but given up on befriending Iran. DEBKAfile reports that Obama sent a letter to Co-Maniac before the election seeking friendship after the election. But this week, even the get-togethers with Iranian diplomats slated for the near future were canceled by the Obama team. And:

"US Defense Secretary Robert Gates said on [June 23] that Gulf states needed to lend support to Iraq in the face of efforts by Iran to 'destabilize' the Baghdad government.

...'Iran trains and supplies groups trying to destabilize the elected Iraqi government -- more often than not through violence and attacks on Iraqi security forces, government installations and officials,' he said."

The reason that we haven't heard that before from Gates, since Obama took power, is that Obama didn't want such attack-words spoken against Iran. It seems the situation has changed. It seems that Obama is becoming George Bush after all.

Russia and Egypt have signed some decade-long co-operation deals...suggesting no/little existing animosity between the two nations. How does this picture square with a Russian Gog supported by the Russian government? Like a circle? Things can change for various reasons, but I thought this should be mentioned here.

On the Georgian front, the opposition movement seems to have fizzled, for now anyway. BUT some news has surfaced that wasn't supposed to:

"According to Civil Georgia, Levan Gachechiladze, an individual opposition politician and Davit Gamkrelidze, leader of New Rights Party, part of Alliance for Georgia, are seen having meeting with Kakha Targamadze, a former [Georgian] interior minister [of the Shevardnadze government], in a video footage, which was posted on video-sharing site YouTube."

Let me put this into some perspective. Gachechiladze (can't they have shorter names?) ran as second-placer against Saakashvili in the last Georgian election; he was supported by parties now seeking to over-throw Sakaashvili. Gachechiladze is now a Member of Parliament representing the city of his birth, T'bilisi. Hmm.

Gamkrelidze, also from T'bilisi, is a Member of Parliament too, and his New Right/Republican Party is one of the several factions seeking Saakashvili's demise. So what is he and Gachechiladze doing meeting with a previous interior minister of Georgia, who lives in Moscow and has a Russian citizenship? One gets the impression that the opposition parties are supported by Putin, and in such a scenario much of the fuel (i.e. money) to drive the opposition movement would come from Putin.

In an effort to reel in the dangerous fall-out of the exposed meeting, we find what seems to be a bold-faced lie:

"'Putin is actively working for maintaining of Saakashvili's regime in Georgia...As a result, Russia-based ethnic Georgian businessmen have been banned from financing the Georgian opposition,' Gamkrelidze said."

If it's a lie, the direct opposite should be true: Georgia's opposition is working with Russia.

Civil Georgia is the news company that has undertaken this story; it's version, along with the video footage, is at webpage below:

"First unconfirmed reports about this meeting emerged on June 20, when the Georgian daily Rezonansi wrote that there had been speculations that Targamadze met with Gachechiladze during the latter's recent trip to Europe.

On June 19 senior lawmakers from the ruling party said that Kakha Targamadze and Levan Mamaladze, an influential governor of Kvemo Kartli region during Shevardnadze's presidency, were among those Georgians who were closely cooperating with the Kremlin with the purpose 'to stir destabilization in Georgia.'"

President Shevardnadze (isn't "Shevy" sufficient?) was deposed by Saakashvili in the Rose Revolution that was, ironically, a non-violent demonstration. Shevardnadze was the Georgian leader under the Soviet Union. It would appear logical that his faction is likewise supporting the counter-movement against Saakashvili, but, the point is, he's working with Targamadze in Moscow, who may be Putin's pet more than we realize. The letters of "Targamadze" amount to 654, not including the vowels. If there is another variation of the surname, it might add up to 666.

The first time that I had an imaginary mouse on my bed, I was awoken to discover in an article on the Georgian war that Saakashvili's name added up to 666, if all vowels are given a value of 1. When the mouse awoke me at about 4 am, I was having a dream about an ominous but human-friendly bear who suddenly attacked a stag's neck, and this I interpreted as Russia's war ...because that morning (August 10, 2008, second/third day of the Georgian war) I found a headline, "Russian Bear goes for West's Jugular." I figured that God woke me up early in this way to highlight the goings on in Georgia because they were relevant to Gog prophecy.

The second time an imaginary mouse was on my bed, the opposition movement against Saakashvili was getting underway. The third time a mouse was on my bed, yesterday morning, I didn't see any pertinent news on the Georgia situation. I either didn't check the Georgia Times, or I missed the headline, "David Gamkrelidze To Confirm Meeting With Kakha Targamadze." That headline was on the Georgia-Times webpage as of yesterday!

This morning, as I saw the headline, I was teetering between not clicking the link, and clicking. I didn't want to read same-old-same-old with no/little evidence of a Gog-like situation developing. But the mouse of yesterday is what made me click the find the important story shared above. Hmm. Perhaps "Mousavi" is an unrelated coincidence, or perhaps not. God could have chosen other ways to wake me up, or other symbols to indicate the Georgian situation, but perhaps he used a mouse just for added connection to Mousavi. Or, I could be nuts.

"Meir Dagan, chief of Israel's Mossad intelligence service, has said that it is better for Israel to have Ahmadinejad as Iranian president [rather than Mousavi]." Dagan? Another pagan deity wormed into Israeli names?

By the way, the mouse that came into my place (yesterday) louder than any mouse before, was caught in a mouse trap in his second nightly visit (he got the cheese without triggering the trap the first time). It was not an imaginary mouse; it was under the kitchen cupboards. I have had many mice under there, and in fact I trapped 15 or more over the winter to the point of eradicating all mice for about the past three months. This was the first mouse to get in under there since I eradicated them.

Again, it was loud and conspicuous, coming in like on a mission. By past experience with them, I learned that they cannot get out from the cabinet under the sink into my living area; that's why the mouse on by bed (yesterday) must have been imaginary, or better yet, "created." I felt it brush my arm about a minute after I first heard the real one come in. After taking the bed apart to find it, without luck, I heard it under the kitchen cabinet. There is no way for it to have been on the bed and then into the cabinet. I opened the door and saw the cheese gone from the trap. The point is, it was NOT on the bed. I have had no mouse anywhere in the living area since then, no sound nor sign of a mouse anywhere.

Of course, the Saakashvili loyalists are loving this story in order to criminalize their opponents:

"'When making comments today they [Gachechiladze and Gamkrelidze] looked like a thief caught at the moment of swindling' MP Giorgi Gabashvili of the ruling party said on June 24. 'This is criminal Russian money...That is the criminal links which we have been talking about.'

'Now everything is clear and it has been demonstrated who rules our opponents; that is the same force, which was bombing Georgia several months ago...This amount to treason,' Akaki Minashvili, a lawmaker from the ruling party, said."

In a related article:

"Gela Bezhuashvili, the head of Georgian intelligence service, said...'Russia is interested in internal destabilization in Georgia. Russia has all the resources and it uses them. It works actively with Georgian diaspora in Russia; it uses all those persons, who emigrated from Georgia in recent years (to Russia), including former officials."

This should be a big story in the West, but, I suppose, they don't have mice to alert them, or to wake them from the drowse brought on by long-standing Georgian controversies and conspiracies. Perhaps the end of this matter is a Russian invasion force coming to Israel via Georgia. Perhaps Mousavi will be the Iranian leader at that time, or in any case the one who joins with Gog to fulfill Ezekiel 38.

How will the West react to this information? Perhaps the West has known about the Russo-Georgian alliance all along. Perhaps the Western media will not blow the story up by command of the globalists (who control much of the major media).

This out today:

"China's second-biggest oil company has gained reserves in Iraq and Africa after agreeing a record-breaking merger with a Swiss oil explorer [= Addax Petroleum Corp].

...its biggest overseas acquisition to date.

Addax, which is listed in Toronto and London, is one of the largest independent oil producers in West Africa and the Middle East, with oil fields in Nigeria and the autonomous Kurdish region of northern Iraq."

The coming of Revelation's "kings of the east" to the northern sections of the Euphrates river can be explained as per Gog taking northern Iraq, where the Kirkuk oil fields are located. In other words, I predict that Gog will seize the oil that China has just purchased. Addax is Geneva-based, and might therefore be Zionist-Illuminati owned, wherefore add into this picture Gog's anti-Zionist bedrock. In other words, the kings of the east might be summoned/urged to Iraq by the Zionist oil people, for Gog should also seize their Iraqi oil contracts.

Iraq is now holding auction for international oil companies to bid on oil contracts. Russian oil people will partake in the bidding. The article above shares that many oil companies are nervous about entering the Iraqi oil scene due to the looming threat of civil war. Gog is predicted to be worse than a civil war. He seeks an empire. Note the definition of "Nabucco":

"'Nabucco' is an opera by Giuseppe Verdi based on a biblical story about the plight of the Jews as they are assaulted and subsequently exiled from their homeland by the Babylonian King Nabucco (Nebuchadnezzar). It is also an enchanting story of love and struggle for power.

The latter element of the story is probably the only thing in common between the opera and the gas pipeline project initiated by U.S. President George W. Bush and based on some European and post-Soviet countries' non-love of Russia, as well as the global battle for elbowing Russia out of the Eurasian gas market.

...It is to be completed by 2013."

If you detect animosity in that, it's probably because it's from a Russian media. The ruler of northern Iraq has the say on that pipeline project. One can predict that Gog will sabotage the project, or perhaps use it to pump money into his own coffers.

I checked some Mousavi-like surnames to see if they connect with Maxwells, or even the Moss sept of Maxwell. I first tried for a mouse spelling and got the German (from Austria) Mouser Coat, black and gold, Flanders colors, using a fleur de lys. The surname is mainly from "Meus" and "Maus" roots, smacking of the Meuse river. The write up seems silly and wrong but pertinent: "The name Mouser is a nickname type of surname derived from the German word maus, which means mouse, and was given to a person thought to bear some resemblance to the timid animal."

The Flanders colors are important because the Meuse/Maas ("Mus" to the Celts) is in the Flanders theater. If the Austrian Meus/Maus surname came first, the naming of the Meuse could then trace to it. This may be of prime importance for me, for my mother has the Masci surname, while the Meus write up also says:

"First found in Austria, where the name was anciently associated with the tribal conflicts of the area. The name's literal meaning is 'mouse catcher,' or in some variations 'small mouse,' and stems from the Latin form 'Musculus.' Chronicles first mention Ulrich Mueselin of Bamberg [Germany] in 1147..."(italics mine).

Isn't that wild??? On the day that I talk about mice, I come to what should be the origin of my own bloodline, derived from "mouse."

Not only did I trace "Masci" confidentially to Maastricht (on April 23), a city named after (or vice versa) the Meuse/Maas river, but the Masci Coat uses gold fleur-de-lys just like the Meus surname!!

Not only that, but yesterday, in preparation for this very topic, I was disappointed because I had lost the surname that uses a Masci with an 'l' following, for the Masci variations given at the link above include Mascelli. Not only is this close to the Meus-surname origin in "Musculus," but Meus variations include Meusel and Meuser, while most Masci variations shown are with an 'r': Masciar(elli) and Mascher(el).

Because I'm sure that Mascis linked to the Maccus/Maxwell surname, I now bring Mieszko back to the topic, the first Polish king to which I trace the Pollocks and Maxwells. I remind you that these Poles were traced (yesterday) to Anat in her cloak as Artemis, a Meshech/Mysian/Amazon peoples. At the Anat webpage where she is shown with Phoenix-type wings, she wears on her head something appearing like a fleur de lys. This is complimentary to the historic union of Mysians with Lydians, a major Laz branch.

Now, as Mieszko was also associated with "Dagone," let me show the Macey Coat, using a mace, the symbol of Shala, Dagon's wife! We can know that "Macie" was a Masci-family variation because it was first found in Cheshire, where Hamo(n) de Masci (and his descendants) ruled Dunham Masci. Moreover, at the Hamon de Massey webpage, we find this: "There are several different ways of spelling the name, including 'de Masci', 'de Mace', 'de Macei', 'de Mascy', 'de Massy' and 'Hamon de Massie'."

Are the two wings in the Masci Coat those of Anat? Did Anat evolve into Shala at Ascalon? After all, I have tied the Mascis to the Skeltons/Sheltons, and that latter surname was then connected to the Schelde river between the Lys and Meuse rivers. The question caused me to seek which Masci variation used the scallop shells, and finally I found it in the black and gold Meschin Coat (surname first found in Cheshire).

Voila. The Meschin-Coat page has more Masci variations followed by an 'l', for example, Mascelin and Maslen, similar to "Meusel/Mausel." The Mack Coat uses the two gold stars on blue used by Macie, but also a horizontal bird used by the some Maxwell branches. It can be seen how the Maxwell variations, Makeswell and Makiswell, could evolve into Mascel(in) or Masci. So there you go, Ms. Pollock my friend, the Maxwells were Meschins, and your Pollock bloodline somehow linked to them. Note the gold stars on blue in the Macey Coat, what should connect to Maxwell and Pollock roots as per the recent discussion on the same symbols used by Herbert/Harvey/Garb and Bauer.

In the midst of the Anat topic yesterday, I wrote: "This morning was the first time that I sought an Angle/Angel Coat, and surprisingly there was one. It uses three black diamonds on gold (and a winged horse in the Crest)." Not only are these the Flanders colors, but the Massey Crest (showing Mace variation) also uses a winged horse. To freak me out all the more as I dig into my own Masci connections to the dragon topic, my mother's name is Angela.

The Dutch Mack/Macki Coat uses a horse, and says the surname was first found southern Holland, where the Meuse flows. In fact, this Mack Coat uses the very same quartered shield (the Vere shield, incidentally) as the Massey Coat (where we find the winged horse). It's a match.

Since Hamon de Masci was owner of the Bowden manor, see the black and gold quartered shield of the Bowden Coat (surname first found in Cheshire). Variations are "Boden" and "Bauden," wherefore I'm wondering about a link back to the Budini and/or "Woden." The Bute Crest is a horse, and the Bute symbol, six-pointed jellyfish, is the Wardlaw-Crest symbol, a sept of Maxwell.

Here are some large points. Hamon de Masci also ruled the manor at Baguley, wherefore see the blue-on-gold colors of the Baguley Coat, colors reversed from the gold on blue of the Masci Coat. The symbols are three blue diamonds, and we see that they are in the colors reversed from three diamonds in the Wardlaw Coat! The Wardlaw diamonds are in the Peacock Coat, another Maxwell sept.

As we continue to read the quote, "The first Hamon de Massey was the owner of the manors of Agden, Baguley, Bowdon, Dunham, Hale and Little Bollington," we naturally investigate the Dunham Coat (five blue teeth): blue and gold! It's the Randolph Coat (five blue teeth), which then supports the Obama trace to Dunham Masci (Obama's Dunham side goes back to Randolphs). The strong implication is that the Randolphs were from Ranulph de Meschin, who ruled Cheshire while the Mascis ruled Dunham.

Further evidence of an Obama link to the Meschins is in the Bude Coat (five blue teeth on the top), for not only does it smack of the Boden/Bauden/Bowden surname, but it uses what should be a color-reversed variation of the Dunham/Randolph Shield. The Bude Coat also uses arrows crossed, possibly in honor of Anat, but as there are three arrows crossed, to form a Rothschild-like bundle, we can even trace proto-Rothschilds to Anat, though if not, then to the Dunham/Randolph fold.

The Rothschild Arms are found exactly in the Bower Coat, what should be a variation of Bowden, you see. Thus, Bauers should originate in Bowden. In light of the Boden/Bauden variations of "Bowden," see a color-reversed Randolph/Dunham Shield included in the Irish Butler Coat (six blue teeth) of German Butler/Buttner Coat (nine blue teeth). I've already shown these recently, but now the object is to connect them (and Obama's mother's line) to Bowdens/Baudens of Cheshire.

The English Bude/Baud Coat? Garbs! A link likely to Gascony, recalling that the Bode river flows through the Harz region at Brocken.

If true that Maxwell/Masci traces to surnames derived from mouse catcher (I'm amazed that I have been a mouse catcher very recently), then perhaps "Rat" and "Rodent" surnames would prove helpful. A search for the Rat Coat brings up the Rait surname, a sept of Maxwell!! A search for the Rodent Coat brings up the Rodham/Rodden surname with stump in crest!!!

What about the Moss sept of Maxwell? In yesterday's update, I wrote: "The blue Templar cross centralized in the Moss Coat would reveal Moss relations, but I do not know of any other family that uses it. My eyes are peeled." So see the Meuse Coat...which I found only this morning immediately after finding the Maus (= mouse) Coat. The crosses are not in the same color, but of the same style, and the two sets of Meuse colors are the Masci and Macey colors on the one hand, and the Masseys and Mackis on the other.

The Moss surname is said to be Hebrew, and I therefore reason that the Mascis and Maxwells were also Hebrew. Ms. Pollock has reminded me that Scotland was/is very Hebrew, though she uses the term, "Jewish."

I now beg to disagree. My mother (and many other Mascis) are from Abruzzo, named after "Abreu" (using the same symbol as Normandy, two red lions on gold), a Hebrew-like term if ever I saw one. I long-ago traced Abruzzo/Abrussi to the Brusi/Bruces, and I've already mentioned that the Meschins ruled Cheshire after the Avranches surname that should trace to the Abreu branches in Evreux (Normandy), near Avranches (Normandy).

I've already mentioned that Bruces (said in the write-up to be from le Brus, Normandy) were first amassed in Yorkshire (at Skelton) when entering Britain, and that York was founded as "Eboracum," smacking of the Ebroicum founders of Evreux. But Abruzzo was "Aprutium," which should then trace to Aphrodite, especially as the Marsi peoples (= Ares>Mars), her mythical mate, settled Abruzzo. Moreover, as per Drummond links to Pollocks/Maxwells, the city of Aprutium became Teramo.

Possibly, the Bude-like surnames were from Patavium/Padova (Venetia), the place where the Abreus were first recorded. I traced "Patavi" to the Batavi Merovingians (these Franks traced themselves to the Veneti, so it works).

That's all for today, but I have some fairly revealing points yet to be made that traces the Traby to the Cleve surname and therefore to the Halybes, who lived in Amazon-ville, at times close to, or even in, Trabzon. The pin-wheel like Traby symbol is then seen elsewhere, including the Cleve Coat.

June 26

It's official:

" Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov made clear that Russia was not prepared to sign up to a G8 statement condemning Iran's handling of the election. 'No one is willing to condemn the election process, because it's an exercise in democracy,' Lavrov told reporters."

I don't know what the West is thinking as Russia time and again sides with Iran. I believe it thinks that Russia merely wants to hold on to a good trade partner. I don't think the West realizes that something terrible is taking shape. At least, that's my view.

You can believe it if you want to, but I'm not biting. See the triangle/pyramid on the falsely-claimed ark of the covenant, yes the Biblical one. It's an obvious fake.

No kidding:

"...The U.S. and its allies have made no decision on whether to request inspection of the [North Korean] ship, Pentagon press secretary Geoff Morrell said Wednesday in Washington, but North Korea has said it would consider any interception an act of war."

The article starts off by saying:

"Punching their fists into the air and shouting 'Let's crush them!' some 100,000 North Koreans packed Pyongyang's main square [yesterday] for an anti-U.S. rally as the communist regime promised a 'fire shower of nuclear retaliation' for any American-led attack."

Iran watches as North Korea leads the way to handling the West with nuclear threats. The West watches too, to see how Obama will deal with it, whether he'll be a man or, dare I say it, a mouse. If he doesn't search Korean ships, then Koreans will be free to ship weapons around the world, and ditto for Iranians when they get the Bomb.

The situation could become nightmarish, to the point that Americans would wish their lack of sleep was only for the sake of noisy night-time mice. Will North Korea be a part of the Gog axis? Prophecy says that the arms of the people of the world will hang limp -- helpless -- at what looms ahead, as though the peoples are certain of their own destruction. I don't expect a nuclear shower from Korea at this time, but it looks too real in the not-to-distant future. For, how can the West continually allow Korean weapon sales to go on? Sooner or later, the West will need to take the risk of checking Korean cargos.

King Kong Ill needs to make money because his nation is poor, and he has a money-maker in nuclear-weapons technology. Muslim entities, I imagine, are lined up at his door looking to buy. While Bohemian Grovites get together to party in sin and gloat on how they'll obtain more money and power, the Arabs get together to talk about how to destroy the Bohemians.

The George-Bush campers stressed this evil-axis threat, and lined their ducks up to deal with it, and the world got the Obama campers took what they thought was a less-dangerous tack...but thus far has given the axis the time and the confidence to succeed. Will the Big-O become an ostrich with head in the sand, or will he do the Bush-thing? Will he use some guts only to create a frightening situation in which the United States needs to shoot down Korean missiles from the sky? Is this what makes Obama a great one in the world, to the point that the peoples depend on marvelous American war technology?

That's the picture in Revelation 13:4, that the people will "worship" the beast's war technology; later in the chapter we find that the technology belongs to the second beast, which is assumed by most to be the "False Prophet."

If missiles traveling through the sky but not creating fire until they hit the ground do not adequately define the False Prophet's "fire from the sky," a better explanation is bombs going off while in the sky. Why should bombs go off while in the sky? Why did the Koreans use the phrase, "fire shower of nuclear retaliation." Do not fear. This is the destruction of the Illuminati, and God is behind it. We'll be in the wilderness by Design perhaps for the reason of avoiding attacks on major cities. Even now, liberals live in major cities perhaps by design, while the Bible belts are in rural America.

There will be great deception in the last days:

"The psychologist Sigmund Freud argued (in Moses and Monotheism) that Moses was an Egyptian who got his beliefs from Akenaten. Even the infamous occultist Aleister Crowley considered that he was Akenaten in a previous life."

Crowley belonged to the very Bavarian Illuminati that I've been dealing with. Why did he choose to be Akenaten? Doesn't it suggest that Franks trace to Akenaten? Autun and Nevers (eastern France), and probably Navarre (Gascony), trace to Aten and Nefertiti, I am now more certain, for the articles below were just found to corroborate it.

One of the articles gives the bull crap that Moses founded his monotheistic religion from Akenaten (Atun was a monotheistic god, a clue that Hebrews/Semites were involved). The first problem is, Moses lived long before Akenaten, but that won't stop the anti-Biblicals from making up such stories to deceive, if possible, the Elect. The article goes on to say:

"The most famous emperor of Axum, Ezana, supposedly conquered Kush's capital Meroe. However, on his victory stele he does not mention conquering Meroe but rather defending it against the Nubians. He does however list the Gaze (or Ge'ez) and Agaw (Cushites) as people he conquered.

Early Ge'ez rulers (Not cushites) had their capital on the coast at Adulis, and do not show up in Axumite king lists (brackets not mine).

I had just said in recent days that the Gascons of Madagascar stemmed from the Mitanni side of Akenaten (see June 19 for compelling evidence for a Madagascar link). When I learned that "MadaGASCAR" evolved from the MalaGASY (French: "MalGACHE") peoples, I suggested that these were also among the Akenaten cult...and that Merovingians from Meroe/Merowe were linked to Akenaten. Can it be a coincidence that I, somehow, landed at an article, last night, where I learned for the first time that the peoples of Merowe were called "Gaze" or "Ge'ez"??? A Wassa variation is "Gace."

It's no coincidence. I'm amazed; proto-Washingtons trace to Merowe. And now we have a large clue as to what to look for to deepen the learning. They came from Adulis, for one, in Eretria (western Punt), near the Joktanites of Yemen (eastern Punt). In the latter land is, to this day, the Gulf of Aden, smacking of Aten/Atun. Mythical Merops of Ethiopia (symbol of proto-Merovingians) was given (by myth writers) a granddaughter, "Aedon," and this term was the Aten cult that led to Autun, you see.

Note the Axum term (the "um" is likely a Semite suffix), also "Aksum." I identified the root with mythical Ixion (= Hyksos) and the Aex terms in Hephaestus' Kabiri cult. Another article zeroes in on the realities but the writer has no evidence to back up his position:

So, who were the people that King Ezana of Axum defeated at Meroe? Could they be the people that Kiya and Tiye belonged to? Could they be the people who introduced the concept of monotheism to Egypt before or during the era of Akhenaton?"

Kiya and Tiye were Akenaten's wife and mother respectively (his queen was Nefertiti). Kiya was his Mitanni wife, and her Mitanni father was said to be from Aksum or Axum or both (I'll need to go back into some unpublished work to find out). Kiya was a daughter of a Mitanni king (Tushratta), himself a son of Shuttarna, king of the Mitanni: "The heart of the [Mitanni] kingdom was in the Habur river basin where the capital Washshukanni was situated. Assyria as well as Arrapha in the east were vassal kingdoms of Mitanni." The Habur/Chabur is the river to which I trace Hephaestus' Kabiri cult, and there we see the Arphaxadites of Arrapha joined to the Mitanni.

The Kiya link to Meroe (whose people were called "Amurru" or something similar, the term used of the Amorites of the Hubur and Euphrates rivers) seems likely:

"There is considerable evidence to indicate that a temple was built specifically for [Kiya] in Amarna, the Maru-Aten, also known as the 'sun shade temple' (although the temple was later usurped for one of Akhenaten's daughters, Meritaten, who replaced Kiya's name with her own)."

"Amarna", "Maru-Aten," and "Meritaten" all smack of Amorites and their Mari capital on the Euphrates, and of the Maritsa river (Thrace) that was also the Hebros...where Ares and his Arphaxadite dragon lived along with Aphrodite. It's even possible that "Euphrates" was a form of "Arphaxad," though I'm more certain that "Aphrodite" developed from the river's name. In the end times, the kings of the east will come, led by Jesus, to camp on the ancient lands of the Mitanni and Amorites. Coincidence? Or will the Gog axis be joined to a False Prophet honoring the ancient Mitanni?

Akenaten's mother (Tiye) is thought to be part Mitanni by some, via her father, Yuyu. He was from Akhmim (on Nile), which was spelled "Khmin" and "Khent-min" as well, smacking of the Nile god, which I trace mythical Gyptis of Lacydon (Ligurian roots) near the mouth of the Rhodanus river. There seems the possibility that Akhmim connects with Axum and Aksum. The Ezana article goes on to say:

"King Ezana [of Axum] was a leader of Semitic immigrants from Yemen. The central location of these peoples is shown on the map and consists of the Tigre, Tigrinya and Amharic speaking peoples known historically as the Abyssinians who live in parts of present day Ethiopia as well as Eritrea."

I perceive a migration from Yemen (east side of Red sea) to Eritrea (west side) as the migration of Joktanite/Sepharvite Semites/Hebrews, wherefore Ezana may have represented just that wave...that ended up in southern France as Occitania, and in Spain as the Sephardic "Jews" and the Ebro river. Northern Spain and southern France are where the "Martinist" Rosicrucians trace themselves.

Back to the ark of the covenant story mentioned earlier today:

"The idea that the Ark is presently in Ethiopia is a well-documented, albeit disputed, tradition dating back to at least 642 B.C. The tradition says it was moved to Elephantine Island in Egypt, then to Tana Kirkos Island in Ethiopia and finally to its present site at St. Mary's of Zion Church in Axum."

Tana Kirkos Island? Ezana? The proto-Danaans? It's known that Danaans (namely, Perseus) were linked to a mythical queen of Ethiopia: Cassiopeia (who I identify as Kassites in Joppa).

Elephantine hill? I see an elephant as symbol of Liguria, and of Ladislaus I whose bloodline I suspect was at the root of the Lacy surname.

The Ark is in Axum??? Yes, a few centuries ago, Templars brought an ark into Axum, or found one there, or some other stupidity that I don't want to delve into. It appears that they are about to expose their deception to the world, and whatever else comes with that expose is anyone's guess, but it won't be Light.

The Ezana article ends like so: "If King Ezana destroyed Oromo institutions in the first century, Abyssinian stories that the Oromo people came from all possible places of imagination including water and Madagascar may not be surprising. That effort may well be an attempt to totally erase the identity of the people whose social institutions one has destroyed."

The Oromo (Kushites) in Madagascar? The writer appears to believe that Kiya's bloodline was from the Oromo, wherefore one can follow her Mitanni side to Madagascar...if true that the Oromo were there. That would explain how the Washukanni/Wassukanni Mitanni of the Nile evolved into the Gas/Gache peoples of Madagascar. Again, "Mada" may be from "Mit(anni)," and perhaps the same Mada stock formed mythcode, AndroMEDA, Gorgon daughter of Cassiopeia (wife of Perseus). Perseus had just defeated the Gorgon MEDusa when he saved Andromeda at Joppa (northern Israel).

It may not be a coincidence that it was just yesterday when I wrote on the topic of Levan GACHEchiladze, the Georgian who ran and lost against Saakashvili, and who is now involved with a Russian-backed opposition movement against Saakashvili. I had wondered if the Americans were not also trying to unseat Saakashvili; who knows, they might want Gachechiladze in there.

Back to the mouse. I don't believe for a second that the Maxwells or Meschins were named after anything to do with mice. They should trace to Mysia's Meshech, and likely to Abydos (Mysia) ...perhaps linked to the Abyssinians of the Axum topic. While I was at the Meuse-river page yesterday, I saw that Ravenstein was on its banks, and clicking the link I saw a small thumb-nail size Coat of Arms beside the "1368-1528." I clicked it to see what the symbol was: a six-spoked pinwheel using gold fleur de lys at each spoke end. This was while I was in discussion on the gold fleur de lys in both the Masci Coat and Meus Coat.

Hmm. I'm certain that God chose me (and others) to expose this topic. The deeper I get into it, the more I see that my bloodlines cause me to look in the right places for further keys. I just checked for an Abyss Coat after writing the above paragraph, and there actually is one (commonly "Abbey/Abbeys") using white diamonds on red such that the Abbeys appear to be a branch of the Grimaldis; my mother's maiden name. Just like the Meschins and so many other surnames in this topic, the Abbey Coat uses scallop shells.

The Abbeys were first found in Angus, which recalls yesterday's ties of a winged horse of the Angle Coat (using diamonds) to the winged horse of the Masci Coat, and that a variation of "Angle" is "Angel," my mother's first name. I knew yesterday that the winged horse in mythology was Pegasus, and that it was born when Perseus slew the Gorgon Medusa, but I didn't mention this yesterday because it wasn't pertinent. Suddenly, immediately after what I wrote today, it IS very pertinent. I had no plan yesterday to write on Perseus, Medusa, Abyssinians, etc. I am amazed at how these things pan out time after time, daily now. I am in the midst of a God-directed exposure.

As Hamon de Masci was ruler in Baguley (Cheshire), I figure that the blue diamonds on gold in the Baguley Coat are in the colors of Masci. I neglected to say yesterday (because the surname wasn't yet connect-able to Traby in a direct way) that the Baguley crest is the horned head of a goat/ram. But I later realized that "Baguley" may be the reason for the bugle symbol...used by Traby and Pollocks.

The pinwheel above turned out to be, not the symbol of Ravenstein, but of Cleves, a region smack on the Meuse river. This is interesting as I trace the Meuse river to the mythical Muses of the Kabiri cult of (C)Halybes. "Cleve" seems like a "Chalybe" variation. When I checked the Cleve Coat, three fish arranged in a pinwheel, Traby-Coat style! It's got to be a match with the Cleves region, therefore, all the more made certain in that it's a Dutch Coat.

Imagine, then, what this could mean if the skincode is associated with a six-spoked pinwheel. In the early days of the UPC barcodes, I peered through the glass on the counter of a check-out line, and there I saw a black six-spoked pinwheel as part of the scanning device. I should check again at a few places, or ask cashiers if they had seen them.

The symbol of Maastricht Arms is a winged woman (holding a white star on red, possibly the Vere star). While the myth writer on the Perseus victory over Medusa painted her in an evil, ugly light, those peoples that were depicted by the Medusa would have quite the opposite portrayal to make. Is the Maastricht woman the Medusa? It's clear that Pegasus depicted Gorgons because the horse came forth from her head i.e. the surviving remnant of Medusa were depicted as the PEGasus. Could this be the origin of "BAGuley"???

Surely, the gold fleur de lys in the Masci and Meus Coats connects with Maastricht on the Meuse, and therefore with the gold fleur de lys in the Cleve pinwheel. ZOWIE, after writing the previous sentence, the Limburg page had loaded; there I gawked at three bugles in the Limburg Arms (Maastricht is the capital of Limburg). I wasn't going to mention the red lions in the Axum/Acum-surname Coat until I had a likely link, and though it may link to the red lion of the Stewart clans, the flag of Limburg also uses a red lion.

Fortunately, there is also a Welsh Cleve Coat using a wolf and a gold clover. I had attached the wolf symbol to the Halybes, and I recently suggested that the Calvin surname was a Halybes branch; I can now connect Calvins to Cleeves because the Calvin Coat also uses a gold clover.

Now look. The Welsh Cleve surname was first found in Herefordshire, and that was the home of the Traby fold of Tudor Trevor. I then recalled that the Trevor Coat likewise used ermines (as does the Cleve Coat) but when the Trevor Coat loaded the similarity is undeniable. Both use gold symbols on black, over white ermine shields! And, remember, the Trevor Coat is identical to the John-Yonge Coat (some of you might know the significance of that, but I'm not telling here).

We've seen fish symbols recently, and in white too (i.e. as per the fish in the Dutch Cleve Coat). For example, the English Tarbat Coat uses three white fish (on blue). So does the Trebeck Coat use three white fish on blue, in a Traby-style manner. The Sturgeon Coat uses gold fish on blue, but as I found the Cleve pinwheel and Cleve fish Coat from a link at a Ravenstein webpage, it's conspicuous that Stirgud, the Raven-depicted viking, sounds like he could have been part of Sturgeon stock.

The English Ord Coat also uses three white fish (on black). The name evokes mythical Geryon's two-headed dog, Ortho(s). I had traced three-bodied Geryon to Gorgons at Erethlyn (Wales), and Orthos to the Celtic Ordovices of Wales.

I was wondering whether "Cleve" could possibly connect to the "Hevelli" of Havelland. To refresh your memory, the first Polish kings (to whom I trace the Polish Trabys proper) had married Bohemians of the Vratislaus (PodeBRADY?) line. Vratislaus I married Drahomira of Havelland. To the Czechs, this place is "Havolane," smacking of "Avalon."

This was in the Polabian territory of the Elbe/Labe, and in fact "The middle Havel region and the Havelland were settled by the Hevelli, a tribe loosely connected to the Veleti [tribe of Polabians]." The Trabys of Poland had been traced (by me) to Polabians, though I wasn't quite sure how.

Keep in mind here that Avalon (a Welsh domain of Erethlyn) would merit the wolf symbol, not only as per Orthos, but of Apollo, and that the Poles and Polabians are traced by me to Apollo. When I learned that the Veleti were also "Wilzi(ans)," I checked the Wilson Coat to find the wolf symbol in the colors of the Welsh Cleve Coat and English Cleever Coat. Moreover, the Wilson Coat uses the six-pointed jellyfish that is symbol of the English Bute/Butt Coat (Avalon was Rothesay and later Bute) and similar to the Welsh Bude/Budd Crest.

It has always been my opinion that the Arthurian cult derived from the Halybes founders of Calabria, and that their Celt side was from the Khalde side of the Halybes, who lived in/near Trabzon.

Zowie, look at this. I searched for the exact location of the Khaldi in relation to Trabzon. I first found this article telling that Khaldia was in the Hersit valley south of Trabzon and near Macka. Wikipedia then had something to say of that valley corroborating my trace of Trabzon to "Tripoli," suggesting that the Apollo tripod symbol was indeed Trabzon:

"Tirebolu (formerly Tripoli...

Tirebolu itself is a small town of 16,000 people located on the hill named Ayana which rises from the Black Sea shore just to the west of the Harsit River estuary."

It goes on to say that the three cities of Tripoli included Bedrama/Bedrum in the Harit valley, and that "Tripoli was in the territory of [the Trebizond] empire."

The map shows that Tripoli (50 miles from Trabzon) is smack beside Guce. Hmm. I wonder...

Time's up for today. We shall see where else this all leads. To God I give the thanks for whatever is the purpose(s).


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