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June 20 - 23

Iranian Leadership Hates Obama

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June 20

That was fast:

"'There is a full deal now on Irish guarantees,' said a spokesman for the Czech EU presidency.

The guarantees affirm Ireland's military neutrality and taxation system, as well as its stance on social issues like abortion. Irish voters rejected the Lisbon Treaty in a referendum a year ago.

...This agreement means Irish voters could return to the ballot boxes in September or October, and opinion polls suggest they will vote in favor of the package the second time round."

The Italian leader must be getting paid off by the Blair camp:

"...'It is very important that the Lisbon Treaty is approved, that it enshrines a president for at least three years and that it should be someone with charisma,' the Italian leader [Silvio Berlusconi] told a press conference after a European Union summit in Brussels.

'As far as we are concerned, Tony Blair is the ideal candidate, he added.'"

"At least three years" suggests that the term length of the EU presidency has not yet been established. I wonder if they are mulling a 3.5-year term in a deliberate effort to ape Revelation prophecy? By the sounds of the pace at which this cart is now moving, the first term could end in 2013.

AyaToldYou Co-Maniac should not have said: "I'ya told you to shut up, and kiss my holy feet while you're at it" (my paraphrase). Now that the people are about to demonstrate anyway, under threat of imprisonment or worse, Co-Maniac has a seething battle on his hands personally. Can a ruling "holy man" take rejection and insubordination?

"The wife of defeated candidate Mir Hossein Mousavi, and an aide to another rival candidate, Mehdi Karroubi, said the rally would go ahead.

Mr Mousavi later announced he would be making a statement imminently.

Police warned they would arrest the leaders of any protest rallies, which they said would be illegal.

...This is a bitter fight for control of this country.

An aide to Mr Karroubi also told the BBC that a rally would take place and that it would be attended by Mr Mousavi and Mohammad Khatami - the former president, key reformist and ally of Mr Mousavi."

I read another article saying that Mousavi called off the demonstrations for today, but that doesn't mean people won't show up to get their cooties out anyway. I'm not sure of the chronology (i.e. which came first) of the two scenarios, either to go ahead or to call it off.

Hezbollah is quiet. The political troubles that the Iranian leadership has at the moment makes it less inclined to raise a fight against the victors of the Lebanese election. Anyway, I think that a Hezbollah in supreme political power is less apt to invade Israel than a Hezbollah in the minority position. It allows Hezbollah to remain a pack of rats in a hole for the Appointed Time.

I stand corrected. The peacock belongs to NBC, not ABC. I had seen "ABC/Peacock," a record company. Thank you, LG, for all your corrections. She even found the species of what I've called, "black birds." They are "footless sparrows," or martlets. Hmm, why no feet? See the Rutherford Coat with footless sparrows, but ask why there is what looks like a goose (i.e. possibly symbol of Gass/Gace-like terms) in the Crest. I'm terrible with bird species, and while I'm confessing errors, I should say that, for some years I've thought that the Scottish Stewart Crest was a swan on its nest; but on closer inspection, I can't make it out at all. Double thanks to anyone who can.

On the same night (last night) that I opened LG's emails, I opened one from Lee who wrote to say that he investigated Malise Sparre, the cousin of Henry Sinclair of Orkney. Lee said: "In googling for Malise Sparre I hit upon this link for Laird." He was implying that "Laird" may have been a branch of the Lard and/or L'Ard surname that was mentioned alongside Sparre and Sinclair. He then suggested Spare links to Speer, and Shakespeare. I looked at the Shakespeare Coat once again: a diagonal band in the same Stewart-direction.

I had decided not to mention the Speer surname (traces to Lusatia/Silesia/Traby) when discussing Sparre until there was evidence of a link. Not only does the article above reveal possible Speer links to various Sinclair-related families, including the Lairds, but I find it phenomenal that the sparrow symbol should be an email topic on the same night that Lee sends me info on Sparre and Laird. The Laird Arms (shown in the article) includes a crescent, the symbol of the Speers. The article says (square brackets mine):

"The motto 'Spero Meliora' is fairly common and in Scotland alone is used by people of the surnames Baillie [white pent-stars on blue, like Moray/Murray], Fairholme [anchor], Graham [scallops], Maxwell [deer, black cross], Montgomery, Murray [white pent-stars on blue], Rait [anchors, black cross], Sandilands [diagonal band], Shanks [cinquefoil], and Stewart as well as Laird..."

The Maxwell surname popped out at me, as Pollocks were part of the Maxwell fold, and meanwhile Pollocks were merged early with Rothes...while "Rotherford" is in the databank of the sparrow-using Rutherford Coat. Moreover, the Laird Coat uses gold boars, the symbol in the Pollock Crest. Both Pollocks and Speers were first recorded in Renfrew.

The "Spero Meliora" motto may link (secretly, of course) to either the sparrow-using clans, or to the Speers, or to both if the sparrow depicts Speer branches. The Meliora term appears to mean "of honey" ("meli/miele" is Greek/Latin for honey), which may link to the Melusine cult. The Pollock article below implies a Pollock-Rutherford link, and verifies (apparently) what was suggested on May 31, that Maxwells were from Maxton (Roxburghshire), the place where Rutherfords were first found (see write-up for Scottish Rutherfords):

"The name of Pollock (Pollok) is among the oldest family names in Scotland. The surname was adopted from the ancient lands of Pollock in Renfrewshire. Records of the 12th century reveal these lands were held by the sons of Fulbert, progenitor of the Pollocks of Scotland. Fulbert's son[,] Petrus, who inherited the lands of Pollock from his father in 1163, was the first person to use Pollock as a surname. One surviving document charters the lands to Petrus through Walter Fitz-Alan, High Steward of Scotland and the progenitor of the Royal Stewart line."

That was Peter Pollock, who became the earl of Rothes. The article then goes on to highlight the Maxwells, giving several septs (branches) of the family, one being "Maxton"! Thus Rothes looks, more than ever, very much based in the Rutherfords/Rotherfords.

The Washingtons appear linked with the Maxwell sept of Monreith (Maxwells lived at Monreith), for the Scottish Reith Chief uses three red stars on white, the symbol also of the Washington Chief. The Reith Coat, furthermore, uses a red lion that I now trace to Gascony (used by Lusignans, the Wise Coat, and the Labourd Arms). Here is a list of Maxwell septs; note "Peacock" sandwiched among a few Pollock variations:

Septs: Maxwell - Adair, Blackstock, Dinwiddie, Dinwoodie, Edgar, Herries, Kirk, Kirkland, Latimer, Latimore, Mackittrick, Maxton, Mescall, Monreith, Moss, Nithdale, Paulk, Peacock, Pollock, Pollok, Polk, Sturgeon, Wardlaw."

I don't have the time to investigate all of these surnames today, but please be my guest and let me know what you find. I can tell you now that the Sturgeon Coat uses three fish...just like "L'Aard and Cabot (two surnames in the Sparre-Sinclair topic on America's discovery). The Sturgeon surname is the closest yet that I've found to "Stirgud," the raven-using viking that successfully invaded lands in the Orkney theater.

Thanks to Lee's article on Laird, I learned that "the Stag's Head was the badge of Rollo (a son of Rognvald)." Yes, I do trace the stag to the Arpad Hungarians, but, then, long before I knew that the stag was a Rollo symbol, I traced the bloodline of Rollo's father to the Marots of the Mures, the ancestors of the Hungarian Arpads. There is no Sparre Coat, but the Spar Coat uses a giant red stag head!

Remember, we're assuming that the Spars were the sparrow symbol in the Rutherford Coat, so take a look at what I found only now (because Lee pointed out that there was also a "Sparr" spelling): the Sparr name is recorded under the German Sperl Coat, using the horizontal bird in the Crest that is seen in the Crest of the Scottish Rutherford Coat! PLUS, the German Sperls/Sparrs were first in Silesia, wholly expected because the Spree river (to which the Speers were linked) is near Silesia.

If that's not enough, the Sparr surname is recorded also under the English Sparks Coat, using a goose (correct me if I'm wrong, LG) in the crest, the symbol in the English Rutherford Crest. It looks like Spars were Speers were Rutherfords were married to Pollocks...and all were, I'm assuming, from the Gace/Wassa fold symbolized by the goose. In fact, the Rieth surname (among the Maxwell fold) using the Washington stars could be a variation of "Roth/Ruth."

The Laird article doesn't mention the Sparres at all, except to say: "Niven Sinclair, a family historian tells me that the [Laird] Chevron was part of the crest of the Sparre Family from Sweden." Amazing. This works into the next topic like a charm. That topic goes back to Gust surname (of LG) that I theorized (just days ago) was the Wassa (proto-Washington) surname. I recall that the Swedish Gust Coat uses nothing but a red chevron on white!! I am very confident, therefore, that the Gusts were linked to the Sparres of Sweden that gave their red chevron (on white, I presume) to the Laird Coat.

After writing the above, I went to my email box to retrieve what I had written to LG, in order to set up the next amazing topic. At the top of the email page (i.e. the most recent email) was a spammed (unrelated to these updates) message from S. "Giese." I don't know if he's reading these updates, but in any case the email is timed Fri. 19 Jun 22:20 pm, just before midnight last night, before I got to the goose topic today. The Giese Coat? Red and white (i.e. like Wassa, Rutherford, etc), using an open hand with a symbol (unknown to me) in the palm. I think Someone wants us to know Washington roots. Variations of the Giese surname include Giezer and Gise.

Below is what I retrieved from my email message to LG when she had just finished talking about her Gust___ surname:

Excellent. But there is more to discover. I'd like to prove [Gust___] links to Wassa/Gass and Gascony. One of the surnames on this topic in a recent update had a surname in Scandinavia. The Haskel-Coat page...

She had been saying that her Finnish grandfather had adopted the Swedish Gust--- surname, and that his first name was a known variation of that surname. The next day, I opened another of LG's emails to learn that her grandmother "came from Vaasa, Finland, a Swedish settlement in Finland." !!!! And that's not even the main point here, though it's huge for proving that God has made her a part of my email life just for this reason of uncovering Washington roots.

A few minutes before I learned of her roots in Vassa, I read in yet another LG email that the same grandmother had "Falin" for a surname. LG had already looked up the Falin Coast, but she may not have looked up the Falen spelling. It was also yesterday that I wrote on the Sheldon-Crest duck that caused me to trace the Wassas/Gascons to a duck-like goose in MadaGascar. The Falen Coat uses exactly the same duck!!!

It's as if my investigations and conclusions are Programmed by God in a timely way to coincide with the messages that He sends via email. It happens over and over again. Perhaps he wants to confirm the post-trib message, and/or to increase the faith of readers. But this is happening just as I say, over and over again.

What percentage of heraldry uses those identical ducks? Yet I found a white duck on red in the Gascon-surname Coat in just the previous update, with colors reversed from the Falen duck (the Sheldon Coat uses white ducks on black). Plus, I entertained the Gust link to Wassa in the first place because the Wassa Coat likewise (like Gust) uses a red chevron on white. Not only are Gascon variations much like Wassa variations, but it was only last night that I saw "Gast" variations (i.e. Gust-like) of the Gascon surname.

Then, while on a totally independent path last night, I learned that the red chevron on white traces from Sparres of Sweden to Lairds (Scotland), only to find this morning that there are, apparently, Wassa-related Maxwells of Scotland who are related to the Lairds by use of the same Spero motto.

I also opened an email from FE on her investigation of John Darby, pre-trib cultist. FE found that the Darby family inherited the old, haunted Leap castle, location of demon-conjuring what-not. She checked the Leap Coat and found typical Melusine with her green mirror! She pointed out that Leap variations include Labb and Lap, which are exactly the two roots of Labourd, anciently Lapurdum. In other words, the Labourd Basques, whom we assume were occultists, may be the root of the Leaps, and they in turn may be a fundamental family depicted by the Labrador-dog symbol...used by Comfort and Cully.

FE found that the Leap castle was founded by the O'Bannon surname; the Bannon Coat uses chevron on white. Hey, wassa you know, another one. It's a Sinclair-like chevron, and moreover the English Bannon Crest uses a rooster, the symbol in the Sinclair Crest. The English Bannons use scallop shells in the Coat (scallops/escallops are now symbols of the Euskals=Basques in my mind), on two horizontal bars that perfectly reflect the Washington design.

This morning I found thus headline: "SOUR NOTE: Simon Cowell: Why I was wrong about Susan Boyle..." I looked up Cowell as a possible Collie or Cully variation, and it seems to fit, not just because both Cowell and Collie use a "Coull" variation, but because the Cowell and Collie Coats both use a red lion...that I now trace to Gascony. In fact, it's the Labourd Arms (a location in Gascony) that uses a red lion, while the Cully Coat uses gold Labradors!

The write-up on the Cowell surname: "The saga of the Cowell family begins among the people of the ancient tribe of the Picts. They lived in Coull, in Aberdeenshire. There is also another place so named, in the Highland Region, which may have independently given rise to this surname." I'd like to go back to the Reith Coat, which shows variations such as Craith, Crae, Craw, Cree, Reagh, Rae, and Ray. It's exactly the same shield as the Lieber Shield. The first surname evokes the Cretan Curetes (= goat symbol) who had Rhea (Zeus's mother) as their leader (who I traced to the city of Rhagae/Rey/Ray), and the second surname evokes the Labyrinth of Crete.

Both surnames are in colors reversed to the Ashbourne Shield, and while the Reith symbol is red stars on white, Ashbourne uses the same stars in the very same manner but in reversed colors. As I wondered how Ash could trace to Crete, I saw its Astbury variation and thought of Traby roots in the Astikas family, which I had traced to mythical Asterion, what I identified as the ostrich ("struthion") symbol/cult of Crete...leading to the Traby ostrich feathers (in Crest).

I then tried other Ast surnames -- just one was enough -- and got the Aston Coat, finding a shield exactly that of Ashbourne, but in black and white, and a black bull in the Crest (symbol of the Labyrinth). Asterion was the official husband of Europa (the Zeus Taurus merely "raped" her), wherefore, since Zeus was a white bull, the black bull may denote Asterion (likely from Tyre, the Poseidon line) in particular:

"According to Karl Kerenyi and other scholars, the second Asterion, the star at the center of the labyrinth on Cretan coins, was in fact the Minotaur..."

The article continues and gives rise in my mind to the Traby symbols, both the roundels, said to denote coinage, and the goat horns meeting in the middle windmill style:

"...'And she (Pasiphae) gave birth to Asterius, who was called the Minotaur. He had the face of a bull, but the rest of him was human; and Minos, in compliance with certain oracles, shut him up and guarded him in the Labyrinth.' 'Minotaur' is simply a name of Hellene coining to describe his Cretan iconic bull-man image: see Minotaur. Coins minted at Cnossus from the fifth century showed the kneeling bull...and on the reverse -- the 'underside' -- a scheme of four meander patterns joined at the centre windmill fashion, sometimes with sickle moons..."

The sickle was the symbol of Trapani, and evokes the Sicel founders of "Sicily"...which also uses a windmill-style Arms...of legs. The Traby Coat (with a 666 built in) is a pinwheel design; see a pinheel galaxy, for example.

Someone reported personally to me (several years ago) what he had seen the mark/image of the beast: a six-pinned "pinwheel." I asked him questions but he slipped away. I don't know who he was, an insider, I thought. I pictured something like the design seen in French Ray/Rey Coat (term said to mean "king" but may trace to Rhae). As you can see, "Rait" is a variation, the same surname found among the Scots using the motto, "Spero Meliora."

Another surname of that Spero fold was Shanks, using the same shield as Ashbourne, in the same colors. The write-up has "Shank" deriving from a Norse word for "leg."

The gold roundels of the Treby surname could indeed depict international bankers. The checkerboard of the Cohens may depict the same. I think it was LG who clarified that idea. It is these bankers who should bring us the mark, but perhaps they will also fashion the image for worship, a little like Co-Maniac this week: "Do as I say, and kiss my feet while you're at it."

I wonder what comes next in email land. I'm done for the day, but there's much to ponder, and I'm asking Him how this all relates to His end-time purposes. Readers (and those who give up reading) ask the same question.

Did I say I was done? I just found the following at Last Trump Ministries:

"For many years now, we know that the United States Government has used a symbol in various forms in its different agencies. The symbol I am referring to is known as the 'three-tailed comet.' The U.S. Department of Transportation is one example of its usage. The symbol is actually three sixes, sometimes super-imposed and sometimes in a pinwheel form. In the occult, the three-tailed comet is known as the symbol of the beast or 666."

The Traby Coat has three tails. The same page says:

"Amschel Rothschild was found dead in Paris, France! We know that the Rothschild banking dynasty has controlled the Illuminati since its inception in 1776. Amschel Rothschild was 41 years old and was to be the next head of the Rothschild dynasty and the Illuminati."

See, the Illuminati is not fully in control of itself, let alone the world.

June 21

The president of Israel and Iran has ordered the Iranians to cease violence. But the Iranians are not likely to listen to Obama. Unfortunately, he can't appeal to Hillary's whip because her arm is temporarily out of commission in surgery. It was reported that she won't help Obama with the Iran issue anymore anyway, because he stole the U.S. election from her.

Bill Clinton said that this would be a good time to rise up against Obama because his popularity is down to 58 percent, and that's according to Obamapups Polls. Clinton backers are thinking that if Obama can support an uprising of the losers in Iran, then he shouldn't complain about an uprising from within the demoncrat camp.

Ahmadine, what are we going to do now with this sea of ugly peoples surrounding us for miles?

I don't know, Komay. Mickey Mousavi has more mouse squads than we ever imagined.

Can't you do something? Go look like you're mad. Isn't that your job description?

I tried that Komay...

I thought you said in your resume that you have a degree in anger management: how to manage anger in the best and most furious ways possible.

I tried that Komay, many times, but...

For your information, I could have picked one of many other terrible tyrants. Now go and be a proper fascist and live up to your contract. Control that crowd, I'ya told you.

I'm trying to tell you. Komay, I tried that many times. But the crowd can't see my face because I'm too short...

Ahmad, Ahmad, what is an Ayatollah to do? Was your college training all for nothing? Should I have picked a taller tyrant?

Oh no Komay. I can't go back to delivering pizza. I have a solution. I will stand on a tall stool. And I will be mad, totally mad...

Better make sure you nail it to the floor before swinging your arms around. Now go I'ya told you so many times!

How should I deal with Mousavi? Mouse trap, or painful slow-working poison bait?

You leave his tail to me, Ahmad.

It's been a long time since you've had this much excitement.

I do like it, Ahmad. The whole world is talking about me. This is my time to shine.

Mousavi has announced that he will give in to martyrdom to dethrone Ahmadinejad and his robed partner in crime (not a joke, he said so, but maybe his words are longer than his whiskers).

The Iranian people are taking this opportunity to party in a spirited way, a much-needed release from the everyday suppression of their wills under Islamic mental controls. It's more fun to bash police cars than to bow down five times a day, always in the same direction, to Allah...who never helps Muslims defeat the West, anyway.

What's happening in Iran is good for tribulation survivors because it causes globalists to put on an air of righteousness, of anti-government control. The more they do this, the less they will be free to control the world like dictators. They do control, and will control, but hopefully less like fascists. They do control, but only as a ship in the waters is simultaneously controlled by winds and waves.

I want to party too. I want something to celebrate, something that makes me very happy. I don't see happiness in the future of this world. My kids must work half their lives for the government and the government debt to the globalists. And globalists aren't happy yet. Their idea of utopia is every last person being in debt and paying interest. Bill Clinton is trying right now, through his Clinton Global Initiative, to find ways of making it easier for third-world consumers to borrow money. We live in a world of lunatics, and God will expose this reality. The end-time scene is for the sheer purpose of exposing the methods of rulers.

The topics at the following page were just found. The page shows the logo of Alfa Romeo, a serpent with a human in its mouth. One gathers that this symbolism is raw Satanism, but, the point is, there is also a photograph of the same snake on the lawn of the Italian president, Berlusconi (name ends the same as "Gascony" and has a "lus" within it). I think it's clear that the Italian leader is a Satanist of some sort, and his outspoken support for Tony Blair indicates to me that Blair is in the same/similar occult group. It wouldn't be a surprise, anyway. See


I have some more information to add on Nazi/Thule roots, and this time Obama's Randolph and Wassa lines may be in play together. I don't recall the details, but Randolphs were traced (by me) to the major Traby branch of Radziwills. Otherwise, Randolphs had been traced to the Ranulf Meschins of Cheshire and its town of Dunham Masci. Last night I came across the Radwell surname, also "Raddell (i.e. close to "Randolph"), finding that "conjecturally, the surname is descended from the tenant of the lands of Radwall held by Adam, a Norman noble, who was under tenant of the Bishop of Bayeux..." The Meschins were from Bayeux as well.

I noted that the Radwell Coat has a central horizontal band like Ashbourne, Aston, Lieber, etc...that I discussed earlier in this update and found traceable to the black bull and to Crete's proto-Traby lines. But I had no evidence that Radwells tied to those lines...until I found the Ashwell surname on the same page that the Radwell surname was found.

The webpage was on Luton families (my treatments on dragon-cult entities of Luton/Bedford were back in April). I arrived to the page due to the urging of Tim, whose aging emails I opened only last night (by the way, it was in my Spam mailbox, and I saw others there as well that should not have been. If you have written to me and I have not responded, it's because your email was placed wrongly, by Yahoo, in the Spam box. Try again.)

When I looked at the Ashwell-Coat page, I saw that "Their name comes from having lived in one of the various settlements named Ashwell in the counties of Essex, Hertfordshire, and Salop." That stuck out because the Radwells were first in Hertfordshire (beside Bedford/Luton) and because the name smacked of the Harz/Hartz mountains. In fact, the Hertford surname (using stags) was first in Hertford (using stags), and surname variations are Hart(ford), not surprisingly.

By this time I had inklings that the witch cults of Harz had moved to Gascony to become the Basques and others, and so behold variations of Ashwell: Askwell, Ayskwell, Eskwill, Eskwalle. Do those not reflect "Euskal" (proper name of Basques) almost perfectly??? It tends to verify that the Ash(bourne) surname was likewise derived from "Euskal," or perhaps vice versa, but as the Ashbourne Chief uses the Washington-Chief stars in reverse colors, we also note that "Ash" may have been the proto-Washington surname...which then, as per the Ashwells/Askwells, connects proto-Washingtons to Basques, something that I had already found by other means. PLUS, the Ashwell Crest is a garb of some sort, the symbol of the flag of Gascony.

The line from which I obtained the Ashwell surname is this:

"Conveyance by Thomas Bainbrigge DD of Cambridge, George Keynsham of Tempsford, William Ashwell of London, William Farrer of Bedford, and Francis Read of Willington, to John Rush of Ravensden of land in Ravensdell alias Ravensden or in Rennold, conveyed to them by Sir Edward Gostwyke of Willington deed for certain uses upon trust."

In other words, a property was being passed to John Rush of Ravensden, evoking the raven-using Rus that have been part of my Thule/Nazi topic. NOTE: the deed was conveyed by a Gostwyke surname smacking of the Gust surname of Sweden to which I traced the Wassas. Recall too that the Haskel (i.e. like "Euskal") surname "derives from any of a number of Scandinavian personal names, including the Old Norse name Askell, the Old Danish name Eskil, and the Old Swedish name Aeskil," and that these smack of the Askwell/Eskwell variations of the Ashwells.

Now, as per Edward Gostwyke (above) being "of Willington," see that the design of the Welsh Haskel Coat is the same as on the Willington Coat! Then, noting the "red, white and blue" colors (Americans are familiar with that phrase) of the Willingtons, see the same colors in the Welling Coat ("Willing" is in this databank), using three red stars on white, the Washington-Chief symbol!! Also, I repeat that the tree in the Haskel Crest matches the tree in the Ashbourne Crest. It may be the tree of the Odin cult, the "tree of life," likely from pagan-Hebrew roots.

There is even a Gostwyke Coat; it's red, white and blue, matching the Willinton colors, suggesting perhaps that Gostwykes were big names in Willington. It uses black birds that I cannot positively identify. This is another job for the bird expert, LG, whose surname is Gust___. They don't look like goslings, but the write-up says: "The Gostwick surname is a habitational name, taken on from the place named Goswick in Northumberland. This place name is derived from the Old English words 'go-s,' meaning 'goose'..." That goes well with the recent proposal that the goose was/is a Wassa/Gace symbol.

I had shown the German Jost Coat before in suggesting that a possible variation of "Gust" was at play, but let's look at it again. We now see the same central horizontal band (!) as on the Ashbourne Coat, and the same white stars on red are used!! It's a match because the Jost Shield is in colors reversed from the Ashbourne Shield. It would appear that Mr. Gostwyke of Willington was from the German Jost family, for Josts and Wellings use the same symbols in reversed colors.

Consider how huge these discoveries are in revealing Washington roots, and then be reminded that they would not be coming to you if not for LG's involvement in my hunt.

Since the Josts were first found in the "Rhineland," the ASH-kenazi "Jews" come to mind (for the Ashkenazi Jews arose in the Rhineland). The temptation now is to link Ashbournes, Ashwells, Haskels, proto-Wassas, and the EUSKals as a whole, to the ASHK-enazi Jews!!

A way to explain the reported fact that Basque language is not Indo-European is to do what many are now doing: tracing some/many Ashkenazi Jews to the Hebrew rulers of the Khazars. Besides this angle, it looks by multiple angles as though America was founded by the Hebrew kagans of Khazaria, who, when routed (by the Rus), took their money and their gold, and moved to central Europe, forming a Europe-takeover cult.

But wait. There is another explanation for the derivation of "Ash/Ashk" and "Euskal." It occurred to me last night only due to another email found in the Spam box, this time from Fred. Amazingly, Fred's emails caused me to re-focus on the Nazi-swastika colors of red, black and white (I'll explain below), a topic that I was fated to go into this very morning as I show one more thing on Edward Gostwyke (also "Gostwitch") conveying property to John Rush of Ravensden. The Rush Coat uses blue rings...on a red shield with a central horizontal band in white (!!), the Ashbourne colors.

I have not forgotten that, when writing on the ring symbol incorporated to the original Nazi swastika, I traced it to the blue rings in the Crane Coat, for the Nazi swastika was created by Freidrich Krohn: "Among many designs under consideration, Hitler picked the one suggested by Thule member Dr. [Freidrich] Krohn: a red cloth with a white circle in the middle containing a black swastika" (June 12 update).

The Krohn Coat page says that the surname means "crane," and therefore I reasoned that the blue rings of the Crane Coat apply to Friedrich Krohn's choice for use of the symbol, though his choice of a black ring suggests that his family had such. If you saw the Crane Coat, you must have noticed its central horizontal band. Both it's blue rings and those of the Rush Coat are on those horizontal bands.

There is some preliminary evidence that the Rush surname of Ravensden connected to the Rollo vikings of northern Scotland, for the Raven-Coat page (a raven perched on a red roundel) says: "This name is a variation of the Old English word Hroefn, which indicated the large black bird we now call the raven..." Rollo, also "Rolph," may have been named after the raven, in other words (I previously suspected that Rollo's vikings had been a part of the raven-depicted vikings).

Fred shared that (although I could not find a Haydrich Coat) he found a black, red, and white (swastika colors) Heidrich Coat. Thus is in regards to Reinhard Heydrich, thought to be the organizer of Operation Reinhardt at the Treblinka concentration camp. The best I could do was to trace "Heydrich" to the Hoy surname; here is what I wrote:

"The Irish Hoey/Hoy Coat uses the red crescent of the Spree Coat, and the Scottish Haey/Hoy Coat (surname first in the Orkneys) uses a bold unicorn (not surprising because it's used also in Shetland, near Orkney). The point is, the modern Kamenz district, on the Spree river, includes the Hoyerswerda district, and meanwhile the unicorn traces to the Traby family (of White Serbs) in that Spree region..." (June 12).

It turns out that, even if I was wrong for tracing Haydrich to the Hoys/Haeys, the Heidrich surname was first found in Silesia, where the Spree runs through. Note that the Heidrich Coat uses a central horizontal band (slightly thinner than the two shield parts to it upper and lower sides). A variation shown is "Heydonrich," so I looked up for a Heydon/Haydon Coat: bingo! A black bull (a symbol of other Thule/Nazi surnames) in the Crest, and what appears to be a variation of the Wassa Coat!

I just went back in my files to find other users of the black bull, and one that seems to apply well is the Wyckham Crest, and once again it roots to a proto-Wassa family (I think), this time in Lusatia. Here's what I wrote on April 27:

""Ranulph de Meschin married Lucy, who was at least partly from an Anglo-Saxon fold, thought to have been from a Mercian line (Bernicians ruled Mercia for a time) from Leofric, ealdorman of the Hwicce." Excellent. Disregarding the derivation of the term as given by Wikipedia, shouldn't it be cognate to "Gewisse," the early name of Wessex? Shouldn't "Hwicce" trace back to the Kwisa river in Lusatia?

...[Hwicce] was also "Wicca." This is some evidence that the red bull of Oxford is the red bull of Lusatia. Note that the Wykeham Crest [surname first found in Oxfordshire] is a (black) bull."

I've suspected a Wassa-stock trace to "Gewisse" and it's "Kwisa" root in witch-ville Lusatia. As the Wassa surname was first found in Devonshire, note that "Settlements called Heydon were found in Dorset, Somerset...Johannes (John) de Heydon settled in Devon in the 13th century beginning a well known Devonshire branch of this family name." That should explain why the Heydons and Wassas have similar (and uncommon) thin double-lines on their shields.

I couldn't see what the other symbol (in white) was, beside the black bull, in the Heydon Crest. Apparently, the black object from the upper portion of the white object is the bull's tail. Ignoring that, the white object looked like an upright lion. At that point, I left the point behind and when on to the next. In consideration of the Washington trace (by others) to Odin, I wondered whether "Heydon" was an Odin-honoring term. I knew that there exists an Odin surname, and when I checked the Odin Coat, bango! An upright white lion (!!) that has legs in the same position, so far as I can make out, as the Heydon Crest.

The Odin page shows surnames more like Oddy and Oddie, and says that its conjecturally from a count Odo, but "Odo" may be in honor of Odin. The write-up implies that count Odo was in charge of Gisburn of Yorkshire, a term smacking of "Gace/Gass," and upon checking for a Gisburn/Gisbourne Coat, we find the wheat-garb symbol...used in the flag of GAScony! BUT -- it is so much more the fun of it all when one is on the right track -- the flag of Gascony also uses an upright white lion!!!

Washingtons, I have you discovered! Basques, we have you discovered who you are, and this should be only the start.

BEHOLD. Since the mythical tree of Odin should trace to the dragon cult of ancient Eden (not the Biblical garden, but a false representation of it by the Sumerian cult of Anu, et al), and since I trace Odin to the Edones whom I then trace to the Eden cult, I checked the Eden find....guess...just take a guess...wheat garbs (!!)...and...guess again...just try...scallop shells, two symbols of the Euskals!!! This finding comes just as I was about to seek reasons for a "scallop" trace to Ascalon (!), where Shala should have had a cult alongside her "husband," Dagon.

There's more. The German Eden Coat. First found in Silesia. It uses three red stars on white, the Washington symbols!!!

I noticed an "Edel" variation of the German Edens, and recalled that Hitler was from his grandfather's Hiedel surname: the Heidel Coat uses an upright white lion! And a diagonal bar in the same Stewart direction. It also uses an anchor, seen many times but, as yet, I'm not sure where to root it. The Heidels use a "Heider" variation, matching the "Eder" variation of the German Edens. The birth-surname of Vladimir Zhirinovsky is Eidelstein, with an EDELstein variation.

The Hiedel surname (probably a variation of Heidel) uses the Bauer symbols on half the shield, and the red and white bars on the other half are likely in respect to red stars on white of the Heidel surname.

I know that the first Rothschild, along with Drummond bankers of England, were opposed to the Americans in the War of Independence. I know that they stocked the British military in pre-Canada at that time. I know that the World Wars were Rothschild battles against the Germans. I think that the founders of America were of the Nazi fold that brought Hitler, but that Rothschilds have competed against them for American control.

Both Ben Franklin and George Washington (two Freemasons) spoke out against the Jewish and Jacobin (i.e. Bavarian) Illuminati. The George Washington link above quotes a letter from George wherein he distances Freemason lodges/societies from the "diabolical" Jacobin Illuminati...suggesting perhaps that the lodges represent the Thule/Nazi/Goth side of the Rosicrucians. We know that Adam Weishaupt, founder of the Bavarian Illuminati, merged with Freemason groups for the French Revolution, suggesting a political distinction once again between the Illuminati and the Freemasons.

This is an important point, for one could deem it impossible for George Washington to be an Illuminatist due to his opposition to it; yet he was another sort of occult illuminatist.

In the quote, George said that the purposes of the Illuminati was separation of peoples from the government. That is, Illuminati control of government apart from the people having a say. The people serving the government, in other words; Socialism, exactly the underpinnings of the Bavarian Illuminati. Democracy under the American founders was in direct opposition to those underpinnings, but it was evil all the same because, as is the underpinnings of Masonry, everyone and every religion is to unite, like blocks in a building, whether of God or not.

In one of Fred's emails opened last night, he shared a possible Bamberg link to the location of Bambyce:

"The place first appears in Greek as Bambyce, but Pliny (v. 23) tells us its Syrian name was Mabog (also Mabbog, Mabbogh). It was doubtless an ancient Commagenian sanctuary; but history records it first under the Seleucids, who made it the chief station on their main road between Antioch and Seleucia on the Tigris; and as a centre of the worship of the Syrian Nature Goddess, Atargatis..."

When Fred clicked the Atargatis link and discovered that she was a fish-tailed goddess, he connected her to Melusine as per my Melusine link to Bamberg's Babenbergs. But, "her fish-bodied appearance [was] at Ascalon" in particular. What Fred didn't know, since his email was dated June 13, was that on June 17 I would introduce the topic on Euskals!

Fred may not have known that I wrote on Atargatis, also "Derketo," in 2006 (in the chapter, Semiramis: The Amorian Dove). She was connected (by others) to mythical Semiramis, whom I was able to trace, in the chapter above, to Samasota...the capital of the Commagenian kingdom seen in the quote above as the region over Bambyce. In that chapter, I wrote: "I trace Ascalon back to the Biblical man, Eshcol, an Amorite, wherefore I paint Semiramis, and the Assyrian kingdom from her, with Amorite colors."

Keep in mind here that Ascalon (near Gaza) was in Dagon country, but that Dagon was an Amorite God that Philistines only borrowed...because he was likely at Ascalon. Since Dagon was fish-tailed, either he got his tail from Atargatis, or vice versa, or the two had their fish tail from a common cult. It just so happens that while writing the Semiramis chapter, I realized that Daphne (sometimes depicted as a dolphin) was from Sophene, next to Samosata.

Ascalon was also "Ashkelon," which may then trace to the Ashbourne and Ashwell surnames of Basque-ville, which may or may not contradict a trace of those surnames to Ashkenazi "Jews." Shala was depicted with wheat garbs, and this seems like excellent evidence for a "Euskal" trace back to "Ascalon." Not far north of Ascalon is Ashdod. The Shala term can be traced to Ascalon in that we read: "The name of the shallot [garlic-like plant] and the scallion [onion] derives from the name of this ancient [Ascalon]"

I had traced Kassites, -- a branch of which I claimed were proto-Khazars -- to these Ascalon parts. I identified them with the mythical goat, tied the goat to the Guti of Eden (which I claimed were ancestors of the Kassites), and therefore to the Getae line to Goths. I tied the Aryan/Anu/Nephilim side of Zeus to the Guti Aryans, and traced him/them to Dagon and the Gittites of Gath (Goliath was a Gittite)...beside Ascalon. I feel comfortable with these traces. The point is, the Aryan Guti merged with Ishtar Semites in Amorite--conquered Assyria, this being the Semiramis cult, but probably more specifically Atargatis, perhaps to be understood as Ishtar-Guti or Ashtar-Guti, or even Ashtar-Gath.

In other words, if the Basques trace back to Ascalon, it explains why they also trace to the Khazars...if indeed Kassites in Ascalon were proto-Khazar stock. That would allow Ash-based Basques to trace to both, Ashkelon and Askenazi Hebrews. The Guti were from the Zagros mountains, which probably got named by the same that named the Tigris; Togarmites lived off the Tigris, and likely named it, but the Biblical Ashkenaz was the son of Togarmah, wherefore we might expect Ashkenazi Aryans to have been in the Tigris-to-Zagros realm. The most likely early origin of Ashkenazi "Jews" would then be the Habira tribe of Kassites, probably a branch of the Apiru/Abiru of Babylon.

Shala was a Mesopotamian cult, not specifically of Ascalon so far as I can gather. But Dagon, also "Dagnu," was likely the deity that renamed the Tigris, "Indigna" (Mesopotamia was on and off the Tigris). I assume that the two cults moved together to Ascalon. My best shot at identifying "Shala" at present is in the Delymites as they modified into the Solymi. For the Scylla monster in Sicily was loved by Glaucus, whom I identified as the Gileki of Delymite realms. Moreover, both the Glaucus and Ascalon terms were related to owl terms/cults. I linked mythical Asklepios, an owl term, both to Glaucus and to Ascalon.

I had no idea at the time that the Euskals could trace to the Asklepios cult, which I identified as one of the serpents of the Hermes caduceus. The other caduseus serpent depicted the Cadusii branch of mythical Glaucus = the Gileki. I trace the Laz among the Basques to the Glaucus river in Colchis (where the Laz lived). Therefore, the Laz-Basque relationship appears to go back to the two Hermes serpents, Asclepios and Glaucus. But this may be a pre-mature assessment.

Am email from CC helped me to discover Laburtu: "A female demon of ancient Mesopotamia. There were seven evil spirits of this kind, who were apparently regarded as being daughters of Anu, the god of the heavens." The terms smacks of "Labrador" and the Labourd-branch Basques. Labartu was a witch that killed children. Reasons like these have got to explain why Freemasons don't want their blood roots exposed, and yet they honor these dark sides of humanity in their secret rituals.

What about the trace of Basques/Gascones to Madagascar elements? I imagine that they were the same elements found in Ascalon, for the scallop shell was traced some days ago to the Sakalava peoples of Madagascar. That's the modern term; what the same peoples might have been called, and what their skin color was, in the distant past is conjecture apart from more information.

That is it for today. I sometimes do more on weekends and enjoy the quiet time as I do. Thank you all for your ideas and leads. Just don't get carried away, as it's easy to do.

June 22

Get off that stool, Ahmad. Waving your arms around like that isn't doing any good. And please take off that fake short little mustache.

Komay, I'm at a loss to handle these pests.

Never mind that Mickey Mousavi. We have a bigger problem now.

What's that, Komay? Is it Obimbo?

No, I wish it were only Obimbo. It's the Rafs and Janis, with Sistani, the chief priest of the Maduccees. And they have formed an alliance with the Farsisees...

Oh no, not the SanHeadRuins.

Yes, the dread HeadRuins.

They wouldn't.

They could.

They won't.

They might.

What does this mean, master, for your livelihood? Are you going to have to go back to making tassels on Persian rugs?

Mousavi has come out of his hole to tell his fellow rodents to keep the heat on, but not to get violent. Will this do any good? Do the Mouses think that Co-Maniac will give them anything if they don't use violence, if they come out just to protest in mere squeals? A civil war that's too civil won't work against an evil spirit in a religious apron. Eventually, the anger of the millions of Mouses will simply subside, and life will go on as before. We might therefore think that Mousavi has the choice, violent coup, or nothing gained.

Sure, the object of the protests is to re-count the vote, or hold a new election, but Co-Maniac will not allow this to take place, if the current situation is any indicator. The more the Mouses defy him, the less he will cater to them.

I don't see how the international community will have any sway in making Co-Maniac recount the vote, at least not in such a way that gives the Mouses the victory.

BUT, the article below points out another way to depose the current ruler:

"Dubai-based Al-Arabiya TV channel said former Iranian President Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani becomes a key figure in any move to depose Khamenei.

Rafsanjani heads two influential organizations - the Expediency Council, which is a mediator between parliament and the Council of Guardians, and the Assembly of Experts, which has the power to remove the country's supreme leader.

The Al-Arabiya website cites a high-ranking source in the city of Qom, who said Rafsanjani, the Assembly of Experts and the Council of Guardians have agreed to depose Khamenei but do not intend to appoint a successor for the time being, mulling the establishment of a collective supreme rule.

Rafsanjani has been reported to have secured the support of Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, one of the most influential Shiite leaders.

Should Khamenei be deposed, Ahmadinejad will be dismissed.

...Faezeh Rafsanjani, an elder daughter of the expert assembly head, supports Mousavi, whom her father also supports. She and four other relatives of Rafsanjani were arrested during a Tehran demonstration Saturday. [Yesterday], they were released."

The whole thing may, or may not, be God's plan to change the Iranian leadership. Maybe it's pay-day against it for it's hatred of Israel, but then I think Iran is being raised up to be God's Invader of Israel. Perhaps God wants the Rafsanjani group to be the end-time players. All we can do is watch they are reported to us.

What we want to do is monitor the way that Russia behaves on this story. Pravda online has not one mention of Iran in today's page (the page includes news from previous days), but emphasizes Russia's focus on military matters and anti-Americanism. Nor do Interfax and Itar-Tass concern themselves with the Iranian issue. The Moscow Times? Nothing (at least not the online version). Russian Information Network? I see nothing.

The article above is an excellent piece, and yet no statement from the Russian leadership is shared. How, then, does that leadership feel about the Iranian uprising? On whose side is Putin on? If he were wishing for Ahmadinejad's downfall, wouldn't he join the international chorus supporting the big rise of little Mickey Mousavi? One possibility (and I know I am full of conjecture on the topic of Gog) is that God, wishing to bring the Appointed Time NOW, and knowing that Russia and Iran have secret plans for the Middle East, is forcing Russia to act NOW, before the Ahmadinejad axis is put under by the Mousavi threat.

Or, as it's mid-2009, I'm just desperate to see Gog's appearance in Iraq. I'm not eager for the rise of his mission, but neither do I want to be wasting your time and mine seeking his rise in 2009 if it isn't meant to be.

June 23

After we found that Berlusconi had a large dragon symbol decorating his lawn, and aside from his wife's accusation against him that he's been sexing with under-aged girls, we learn: "Italy's Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is facing more lurid allegations about his private life. It is alleged that showgirls and escorts were paid to attend Mr Berlusconi's parties."

Just so we know in whose camp this man, or demon, is.

Did I say that I was wrong for predicting that the North Korean affair "would blow over." I might have been correct. Let's wait a few more days because King Kong Il has promised to send a missile blowing over Hawaii. I score double points if Obama blows it up while it's blowing over.

Al Qaeda came claimed that it seeks the nuclear bombs of Pakistan in order to hit America with them. This comes as King Kong is as hard as nails against Obama. Time for Obama to show what he's really made of. If I were in his position, I would order a broadly televised Night With America and say:

The time has come for America to return to the one true God. Time to put away our sins, our animosity to the people of Jesus Christ, to honor them instead, and to become one of them. The time has come to humble ourselves before the one true God, before He allows our enemies to destroy us. Watch it, America, for an entire generation, and two or even three, we have flaunted sin and rebellion against the God of Israel; but now we are fearing for out very survival as a nation. Clouds loom over us, and insidious waves are washing up on our shores that come by night. Let us as a nation return to the principles of Truth in all sincerity, and let us forsake and even shame those who resist God. Put away your sexual perversities, and do away with the destruction of your own children. Let adultery be a crime far worse than theft or physical assault. Let us jail pornographers who lure the poor to do indecent acts with their bodies, who corrupt our daughters, our daughters who are not even of age. Let us stand up and fight the monopolies in our midst, who rob us continually, and let us admonish businesses, reminding them that they are a two-way street, one for their own income, but also to serve the customer rather than to exploit. And as often as you find love for God in your heart, give him the praise and respect that he deserves. Then America will be truly great, and will truly shine, and no one in the world will hate us, for God will make our enemies go away. And each of us will have enough when the wealth of this land is not sucked up by the few, for God will deal with the greedy when He sees the people in all sincerity wishing to obey his laws. We are a nation of law, and foremost the laws of our own beloved Creator.

Is anyone waiting for Obama to speak these words? To the contrary, Obama is a zero, and he is bringing America to its destruction. As he tires out, and as issues press him, he will no longer be able to put up a personality front; what he really is will come out into full view. And because he has decided to throw his lot in with the sinners and God rejectors, he will pay the dismal price, and his supporters with him. On this prediction I will not prove wrong.

At least two dozen people died in more than a half dozen bombings in the Baghdad area, and before that, over the weekend, almost 100 died in a Kirkuk-area attack. Just so you know: Iraq's terrorist problem has not blown over after six years. But, that might be a poor choice of words.


Putin must be reading these posts (kidding). No sooner had I said there was no comment on Iran from Russia that the next day we hear a little something. But look what we hear to tell on whose side he's on. On the Jerusalem Posthome page: Electoral authority says 'no major fraud'; Russia says it respects results, disputes 'internal matter.'" There's no other comments on Putin, however. I'm amazed that he would even say that much to show his leanings in quite a definite way. It suggests a message to the West i.e. that he would oppose Western interference in Iran.
Netanyahu is visiting Berlusconi this week, reportedly to see if he can convince him to reduce Italy's trade with Iran. There could be other, under-the-table matters to be discussed. How does God view a visit by the Israeli leader to Seytan Place? Is this a little like having a one-night stand with Babylon know?

Medvedev is in Africa this week, starting with Egypt. Have you noticed how national leaders are almost-continually tramping around in other nations rather than looking after domestic affairs? Isn't this what God meant when he called the nations "harlots." If the Babylon on seven hills (i.e. Rome ) is the "mother" of such tramps, there have got to be some daughters. Why does God view inter-national trade and relations in such a low light? For the same reason that he hates tall buildings.

The foundations of the planet are about to tremble to bring both the buildings and the international trade to a screeching halt. Ahh, then peace and tranquility again. The dust will clear, and then, golden peace, the end of the tossing of international waves. You know the parable about the lousy shepherd who doesn't take care of his own sheep. That's a picture of the leaders of globalism. They are specially chosen to neglect their own nations on behalf of the global-control freaks. Where are you going, Medvedev and Netanyahu? "To and fro, like the devil."

If none of you took up my invitation to check out the heraldry of the Maxwell septs, you left it to me to make some further major discoveries. I was stunned. The picture is becoming clearer with each passing day, and not only LG, but also Ms. Pollock, have surely been in contact with me for the purposes of the discoveries made this past month. If not for her, I wouldn't likely have gone to the Pollock-Maxwell webpage, where we find this list of Maxwell septs: "Adair, Blackstock, Dinwiddie, Dinwoodie, Edgar, Herries, Kirk, Kirkland, Latimer, Latimore, Mackittrick, Maxton, Mescall, Monreith, Moss, Nithdale, Paulk, Peacock, Pollock, Pollok, Polk, Sturgeon, Wardlaw."

I started with the Adair Coat. There's nothing to speak of in the design, but the name is said to derive from "Edgar," which is another listed sept of Maxwell. I also noted that "Adair" evokes "Atar-Gatis." The Edgar Coat uses a white lion.

At this point, I want to share what I found yesterday on the wicked-witch goddess, Lamashtu, "daughter of Anu" (this is thanks to CC). Lamashtu is sometimes equated with the child-killing Labartu, also a daughter of Anu. Note the "tu" ending, same as in "Subartu," a kingdom in Mesopotamia that I think derived from Biblical Sephar (see last verses of Genesis 10), the location inhabited by the Joktanite Hebrews. I discovered that Joktan's son, Hadoram, was made the Sepharvite god, Adram, a Molech-like cult because infants were sacrificed to Molech in a burning furnace. In 2 Kings 17:31: "...the Sepharvites burned their sons with fire to Adrammelech."

I've said this all before, but it needs to be said again to show connection to the Basques. Next to the mention of Sepharvites we find the Avvites and their two gods, Tartak and Nibhaz. This webpage says that Talmudists defined "Nibhaz" as "dog," though a jackal is usually the species attributed to Anubis. Note the "Anu" in the latter term (probably the correct term that later modified to "Nibhaz"), and recall that Tartak is defined in some online articles as the donkey god. Then, see this webpage to discover that, in a writing called the "Labartu," the wicked "daughter of Anu," Lamashtu, while having the head of a terrible lion, <"has the form of an ass...and howls like a jackal. A whore is she."

I imagine that ancient descriptions were a little varied, but with the donkey and jackal always a part of pictures...because Lamashtu was an Avvite peoples. The Avvites were in the stretch from Gaza to Ashdod (the latter is where Dagon had his temple, where Samson died), with Ascalon/Ashkelon in between. Recalling the discussion of recent days on "Ash" being foundational to "Euskal" (= the Basques), behold something that I had never been able to connect reasonably to a place or peoples until now. Just before (in verse 30) the mention of Avvites in 2 Kings 17, we read that "the men of Cuthah made Nergal [their god], and the men of Hamath made Ashima."

CC will be delighted that I have found two Ishmael-like terms, for she has been pressing me for weeks to emphasize the end-time Ishmaelites. I told her repeatedly that they are not to be found, at least not easily, as nations or large people groups. I suggested she look to the surname, "Ashmole." Two days ago, in a Dagon article, I came across (again) the Amorite ruler in Assyria, Ishmi-Dagon, whose father (Shamshi-Adad I, pre-Israeli times) lived on the Habur river in Hebrew-ville Euphrates. I've connected him to Sames, the founder-god of Samosata (previously I mis-spelled him, "Samos"). By the way, Ishmaelites were half Hebrew at first; they may have continued to inter-marry with pagan Hebrews.

But now I have yet another Ishmael-like term, the god of Hamath, Ashima, and he becomes a candidate at the root of the Ash(bourne) and Ashwell surnames that appear to be a part of the Basque fold. If "Ash" connects to "Wash," we may have just uncovered Washington roots in Ashima and Hamath. BUT, "Ashima" may not connect to Ismaelites because it could be a variation of "Sham(shi)."

In fact, I do trace the Washington surname to Shamshi's Euphrates domain, to Washukanni, the capital of the Mitanni empire. Compare "Vascone" to "Washukanni"!! As "anni" could be the suffix on "Mitanni," the root of "Washukanni" may have been "Washuk," the makings of "Eusk(al)."

This does not conflict with a Gascone trace to Madagascar, and the Mada prefix may even connect to "Mitanni" and/or "Hamath/Amath." My memory is going bad. When I was trying to figure out who the Madagascar peoples may have connected with on the upper Nile, in the region of the proto-Merovingians and the Nefertiti cult of Atun (leading to Nevers and Autun in France, but possibly also to Navarre in Basque-ville), it did not in least come back to my mind that the founder of the Atun cult, pharaoh AkenAtun (or "Akenaten"), was married to, and stemmed from, Mitanni families!!

The Basques had proven without a doubt to be proto-Wassa/Washingtons, and then I traced them to the Atun cult without remembering the Mitanni side of that cult (probably the root of Atun in the first place), which works like a charm because I had ALSO traced Washingtons (several years ago) to the Mitanni capital. Thus, having proto-Washingtons on the Nile at Atun-ville, we can gather that they ended up further south, over the many centuries, in Madagascar.

This Nile cult that became the Spartan Menelaus (from the Menabe? now in Madagascar) and his brother, Agamemnon, trace to Methone of Greece, for it there that Menelaus lived before spreading to western Europe. This supports a Mitanni trace to the founding of "Methone."

It is fast becoming my impression that the Maxwells were a fruit of this dragon-cult migration, and that Ms. Pollock has been unknowingly in the service of God to reveal these very things. On the Lamashtu witch, I now share a Labartu quote: "her head and her face are those of a fearsome lion, white as clay is her countenance." One could imagine that the white lion of heraldry, showing up in Basque and Stewart circles (it's the symbol on the flag of Gascony), may trace to these terrible demonic cults. As I showed above, the Edgar sept of Maxwell uses a white lion.

I had always suspected that Pollocks had the variants of Black, Block, and Plock. The Black Coat? Three red stars on white in the Chief, the Washington Chief symbol! The Black Coat also uses a red crescent on white, the Speer/Spree symbol. But look, the Blackstock surname is a sept of Maxwell too, and it uses three stumps (!!!), the symbol on the Brocken Coat.

The following is going to show that Maxwells were of the Bauer fold, which is not surprising since Pollocks have been discovered as proto-Rothschilds. But the killer is that the Bauers are going to be exposed as Garebites (something that I discovered by other means). In the Pollock page we read:

"Sir Herbert Maxwell...His descendent, another Sir Herbert, was created Lord Maxwell around 1440, taking his seat as Lord of Parliament. From his second son descended the Maxwells of Monrieth..."

The English Herbert Coat: seven arrows bunched up in the Crest Rothschild style (!), and white lions!! The French Herbert Coat: gold roundels (on red), and a shield that may be a variation of the Washington bars. As you can see that the Herbert Maxwells evolved into the MonReith branch of Maxwells, let me show the Reith Coat again, three red stars on white in the Chief (identical to Washington Chief), and a single red bar on white of the Washington width. This cannot be coincidence. The Herberts were linked to proto-Washingtons. The French-alternative Herbert Coat: two gold stars on blue, nearly the three gold stars on blue in the the Bauer symbol.

We read that "Herbert" is derived from "Hari," which smacks of the Maxwell sept of Herries. The Herries Coat: three gold stars on blue!! I'm convinced, proto-Rothschilds and Herries/Herberts were connected. In fact, they may have been the proto-Rothschilds.

As per the Haribert variation, I thought of Gareb. I recalled that I traced Harbiye, a Syrian location that was also the town of Daphne, to Gareb. I recalled that Harbiye had caused me to check the Harvey Coat, but it was so long ago I couldn't recall the Harvey symbols. I checked again: Three gold stars on blue!!!

The English Harvey Coat is in the same colors, using gold horizontal birds on blue. It has that now-common centralized horizontal band. The horizontal bird is the symbol in the Crest of the Rutherfords, who I'm sure were both Basque-related and proto-Rothschilds of the Pollock fold.

There is now no doubt in my mind that Maxwells were from Maxton, the geographical origin of the Rutherfords. Not only does the Maxton-Coat page a show Mackston, Makston, and Maxston variations, smacking of "Muccus," the origin of the Maxwells, but the Maxton write-up says: "The Parish name [of Maxton] is believed to come from the 'tun' or 'homestead' of Maccus...The place name has appeared written as...Maccuston..."

Ms. Pollock wrote to me recently, telling that she took out her magnifying glass and thought she saw the bee symbol of Manchester on the bugles of Pollock. I checked out the Manchester bees, and indeed their white wings can be mistaken for the white bows on the bugle strap of the Pollock Coat. But there are no bees in the Pollock Coat.

HOWEVER, the Maxton Crest is the Manchester bee!!! Exactly. And the colors of the Maxton Coat are both the colors of the Manchester Crest (where the bees are found on a globe = planet) and the Manchester Shield. In witchcraft, bees are a symbol of the Freemasonic lodge or hive of secrecy. It goes back to the Daphne and Apollo cults of Delphi, where the two deities received their dolphin symbol that should have evolved into fish-tailed MELUsine (Meli means honey).

The Manchester motto uses "Labore." Hmm. And there is a white creature (Lamashtu skin color) supporting the Manchester Shield, with a dog having upward ears like a jackal (compare with Anubis), and hooves that could be those of a horse or donkey. Hmm. At the other side of the shield, a lion, the main symbol of Lamashtu. Was Manchester the home of the Labartu/Lamashtu cults as they arrived to the West???

Note the colors of Anubis at the above link: gold, blue, white, and brown, the four colors of the Manchester Crest. I've (in the past) traced AnuBIS to the Anu>Absu line (of Sumeria), then tracing "Absu" (said to mean waters) to Poseidon (read as Pos-Eden/Absu-Eden), the Buzi bee cult of Eden (Sumeria) but living in northern Africa.

Delphi was also the location of the tripod symbol, which, as it evolved into the three-legged symbol of Sicily, should also have evolved into the same three-legged symbol of Man (the Isle of), where the Manx inhabitants may have been named after Manchester elements. The Sicel namers of Sicily, remember, and their Szekely relatives on the Mures, are prime suspects for filling the shoes of the "Euskals."

Latimer and Latimore are other Maxwell septs. The Welsh Latimore Coat: the same "cross" as in the Eaton Coat; the Eaton Crest: a bow for an arrow. This surname could link to the Eden cult to which the Washingtons trace. Of course I'm wondering if "LatiMore" was the Laz dragon stock of Morgan/Moray, since the serpent of Eden was called "Ladon/Lotan." The Greek Ladon dragon was, in my opinion, in proto-Avalonian Wales as servant to mythical Geryon of Erethlyn (north Wales). The Latimore/Eaton symbol looks like two double-headed axes called "labrys"; it was the symbol of mythical Brito-Martis of Crete, who smacks of the Brit Arthurian cult as it merged with mythical Myrddin = CarMarthen (south Wales next to Morgannwg).

I was urged to try for a Brecon Coat when I saw that Latimores were first found in Breconshire. It's a symbol (in the colors of Latimore) I had seen days earlier but could not recall the surname. I note that the term reflects "Brocken." The Brokaw Coat (surname first found in Guyenne/Gascony) uses three red stars on white, keep in mind.

But when I saw the ladder as symbol in the German Brokhard Coat (the Brocken is a large mountain in the Harz mountains), it evoked the Freemasonic ladder because I had opened an email from Kate only yesterday on the topic of a goat cult among the most depraved witches and Freemasons, who use the ladder of Biblical Jacob (the ones with angels ascending and descending) as their symbol in a sick ceremony called "Riding the Goat."

Kate shared this in reference to the witches who rode goats as per Goethe's poem (see June 14 here); this Goethe is the one after whom Goethe's stump was named at Buckenwald concentration camp. The Bucken-Coat page shows variations that are virtually the same as those in the Brokhard-Coat page, but without the 'r'. The Buchen Coat uses the tree (probably an oak) seen in some Basque Crests, Ashbourne for one and Haskel for another.

As per my belief that Geryon depicted a Gogi peoples in Wales, see the oak leaves in the Gogan/Goggin Coat, and what appears to be a black Lab in the Crest. In Wales, gog-like terms mean "north," but this may have developed from the Biblical idea of "far north" ascribed to Ezekiel 38's Gog. Interesting:

"Celtic in origin, the name Goggins came from the rugged landscape of Wales. The name's Origins go back to a time when the Goggins family lived in the parish of Cogan, which is in the diocese of Llandaff in the county of Glamorgan."

"Cogan" is a term that could modify either to "Kagen" or "Cohen," two surnames that are variations of one another in the "Jewish" community. The Coat is red and white. The Hogg Crest: the same tree above.

The following brings both mount Gareb at Jerusalem and the Darby family into the Maxwell fold, and shows where Gascony's so-called "garb" symbol may originate. These things were found as a result of investigating the gold stars on blue of the Herbert, Herries and Harveys Coats. Realizing that "Trebizond/Trabzon" evolved into "Sarpedon," I also realized that 'S' and 'T' terms could develop an 'h' as a second letter but in time or in variant geographies could lose the capital to become "Harbi/Harvi."

Immediately after seeing the Harvey Coat, I brought the Darby Coat back up (having forgotten its symbol), and there was the garb that was not like the Gascony garb of wheat, but more like broccoli...seen earlier in this update in the Ashwell/Eskwell Coat. Yet, it tended to bring Darby, and therefore the Drummonds, into the Basque fold, and to this I should add that I suspect "Drummond" roots in "Adram," god of Sepharvites...who were at first Joktanite Hebrews that eventually named Occitania. "Under Roman rule (355), most of Occitania was known as Aquitania," though later Aquitania was Gascony.

"Aquitania" and "Occitania" look like perfect matches. The occult term comes to mind, but moreso "occident," derived from the Latin "occidens," meaning "west." In Greek, "zephr," smacking of Sephar(vite), means west. Coincidence? No. The Sephardic "Jews" of Spain were named after these Joktanite Sepharvites.

It's not just Dagon's wife (Shala) who was represented by a wheat garb, but Dagon was also associated with grain. Some years ago I figured that the Indigna river (alternative name of the Tigris), which I figured was named after Dagon (think Ishmi-Dagon, Amorite king who ruled on the Tigris), was named after one of Joktan's 13 sons, Diklah (Genesis 10:26), but on this I'm open to correction.

I kid you not, it was immediately after seeing the Darby Coat that I checked for a Garb per by hunt of Harvey roots. Being sidetracked from the Harvey- to Darby-Coat page in between was not likely a coincidence, for the Garb Coat not only uses two gold stars on blue (the Harvey symbol!), but the Darby "broccoli" garb.


It's even in the Garb Crest...between two white wings as per the Wise/Weis Coat and the Wies Coat, both of which also use gold stars on blue!!! Again, the Wassas of Gascony trace to Weis, and to the Bauer fold of bloodlines...and, I'm sure, to Garebite Amorites of the Dagon cult. Since Harbiye (in Syria) was the town of Daphne, one might even suspect a "Dagon" to "Daphne" evolution.

After Garb, I tried for a couple of Garb-like surnames, without luck until the Craven Coat came up, using the Reith (Maxwell sept) Shield and the Maxton crosses...used also by the gold-star-on-blue Clinton Coat. After seeing the Griffin/Gruffin Coat (black lab in Crest) and the Herb Coat (looks like a black lab), I went back to seeking Darby links to the Garebites or Dagon cult. The Draper Coat was found, using red rings on white, but also a red stag that is reflective of the red gazelle (Gaze/Wassa surname?) in the Darby Crest. The symbol of Derbyshire is a stag, and Darbys probably named Derbyshire, or vice versa, wherefore it would appear that Drapers were a Darby branch. Note the gold cups in the Sinclair-smacking, central horizontal band of the Draper Coat.

Recalling that Darbys took over the O'Bannon castle, I checked the Bannon Coat again: Rooster in Crest (Sinclair symbol); Washington type double bars; Sinclair-type chevron in Irish Coat; and scallop shells...symbol, I think, of Ascalon. As fish-tailed Atargatis was in Ascalon/Ashkelon, while Dagon's temple was in adjacent Ashdod, one could get the impression that the two cities were married as Dagon and Shala, but that Shala derived from the Atargatis cult. The two Bannon Coats appear very much to connect to the Gervais/Jarvis Coat.

After seeing the Bannon designs, I got back to the Gareb hunt, and went straight to the Sorbey Coat: three red rings on white like Draper (!), and white lions (flag of Gascony symbol). I point out again that I draw a line from Trabzon to Sarpedon to Sorbs to Traby Polabians to Derbyshire and its Darbys. I also remind you that the red bull of Lusatia should correspond to the Sorbs, who are the last Polabian speakers, it is said.

In Tolkien myth and elsewhere, mythical rings are symbols of power, but if gold Treby roundels -- depicting gold coins -- represent the same as the rings, then rings likewise depict the power on money. This is Illuminati all over; money for political and military powers. The gold roundels on red in the French Herbert Coat should link to the gold roundels on red of the Rhodes Coat and of the Hampton Coat.

Today in the news (article below) it was said that Sachs and Goldman soared in profits recently due to a lack of competition...because other banks were probably deliberately sidelined by Obama's goons. The Goldman Coat: a red stag on white.

Well, one could go on and on with all of these keys, and they will tell the story more solidly. If the Darbys/Dermots were Drummonds (and I think they were), then note that Drummonds were/are also bankers, and international bankers at that.

I'll be back for tomorrow's update.


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