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Why does Gog Stall?

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June 27

Is the Appointed Time not yet? I thought that the Appointed Time would perhaps be heralded by a Hezbollah victory in the Lebanese election. Instead, it lost...perhaps due to the major announcement immediately before voting day: that Hariri was murdered by Hezbolah agents. The situation has become ironic for Hezbollah:

"The Lebanese parliament has approved the appointment of Sa'ad al-Hariri, son of slain Lebanese opposition leader Rafik Hariri, as prime minister, Reuters reported Friday."

What could this mean for prophetic fulfillment? Will Hezbollah's advance be staved off or curtailed now, and, if so, will it retaliate against the Lebanese government with violence? One victory for the axis is Ahmadinejad's election win. Whatever plots he had with Hezbollah prior to the elections can now go forward as best as the Lebanese situation allows. But that's the kicker: it can be predicted that prime minister Hariri will clash with Hezbolah.

The Mousavi movement has all but dissipated.

Why is Gog stalling? If it's God's will to have him in Iraq, shouldn't the idea have popped into his mind by now? Assuming that God has used the Bush war machine to stave Gog off until the Appointed Time, shouldn't Gog be getting trigger-happy about now. I've read that the Americans have made a deal with Iraq on Mosul security, wherefore American presence there is not at all gone. It's not likely that Gog could enter the scene with violence with Americans on the city's outskirts, for that would justify American re-entry into the city.

Does all this mean that Gog will not seek entry into Mosul until Americans must leave Iraq for good in 2011? If so, then should I abandon the 2009-2016 calendar? No, and that's what's ironic. The Daniel 11 text does not tell when in the 70th Week he attacks Egypt. I assumed that he would defeat Egypt before the 2300 days of Daniel 8 (I have them starting in the spring of 2010), and then act against Israel for the 2300 days. This alone could be wrong, but, the point now is, there is room for error in my current view that Gog should arise in Iraq before the 70th Weeks begins.

It's possible that he invades Egypt AFTER he acts against Israel at the start of the 2300 days. BUT, one thing is more certain: he must arise in Iraq before he acts against Israel or Egypt, and I've got to say that the stretch between the end of June and as-soon-as-possible-thereafter looks like the most opportune time for his Mosul entry, for time poses the possibility of stabilizing Mosul.

It may all depend on Gog's judgment of the American role in Mosul. How strong are the Americans now, in other words, will be his question of priority. When should I go to Mosul? How do I get in? How will I remain in power there? How can I deal with Obama? Should I form a deceptive alliance with him? How do I keep him off my back while I take Insurgents to my side? Should I go in with King-Kong courage and stomping Tyrannosaurus threats to force him to make a deal with me? Or should I play the innocent man of goodness so that no one suspects my true motives?

The past few months have given the Baathists time to organize their political-power structures in Mosul. Has Gog been holding talks with these Baathists? Wouldn't they invite him in to secure protection against the Kurds? Better yet, wouldn't they invite him in to topple Kurdish power even in Kirkuk? The Dipstick would love that, and he would surely offer that "solution" to the Baathists.

But thus far, I don't read in the news that the Arab-Kurdish situation has gotten to the point of severe. An explosive situation always looms in the news, and that situation can be created deliberately in a moment, anyway, by the Gog-Baathist-Qaeda axis. Now that Ahmadinejad had secured his next term, he can act in what Iranians would love to join: an anti-Kurd cause.

What is a global government to do without money? Nothing. How do globalists get tax dollars from nations? Not easily? But they can get money in other, creative ways amounting to deceptive theft. This is the claim made on the global-warming issue, and Obama is right there stealing as best he can:

"Republicans say Democrats are ramming their climate-change legislation through the House without enough time for members to read the bill -- let alone to understand it -- all in violation of their promises about creating a more transparent legislative process.

'Reclaiming my time,' Boehner said, 'the [pro-global-warming] gentleman's had his 30 years to put this bill together. And the House is going to spend a whopping five hours debating the most profound piece of legislation to come to this floor in 100 years. And the chairman has the audacity to drop a 300-plus page amendment in the hopper at 3:09 a.m. this morning. And so I would ask my colleagues, don't you think the American people expect us to understand what's in this bill before we vote on it?'"

That was last night. We awoke to find that the bill has been passed by a vote of 219-212. I'm not going to get engrossed in the details of the bill, or how it can make money for globalists, but will quote this: "This [bill] amounts to the largest tax increase in American history under the guise of climate change,' declared Rep. Mike Pence, R-Ind."

Karen shared with me an article I have yet to finish reading. It starts off by pointing out a Rockefeller scheme in the works to save (by freezing I assume) some 3 million seeds in northern Norway (in underground bunkers financed by Bill Gates and others) in case of a world emergency.

I now believe that Obama's true father is Frank Davis: you may have read my treatment of the topic (starts June 9 and continues for the next few days), linking the Davis surname directly to Rockefellers...which reveals who Obama works for as U.S. president. After that topic, I started to find Obama-bloodline links to the Thule/Nazis societies, and so here is a piece of the article that seems to relate:

"Now the Svalbard Seed Bank begins to become interesting. But it gets better. 'The Project' I referred to is the project of the Rockefeller Foundation and powerful financial interests since the 1920's to use eugenics, later renamed genetics, to justify creation of a genetically-engineered Master Race. Hitler and the Nazis called it the Ayran Master Race.

The eugenics of Hitler were financed to a major extent by the same Rockefeller Foundation which today is building a doomsday seed vault to preserve samples of every seed on our planet. Now this is getting really intriguing. The same Rockefeller Foundation created the pseudo-science discipline of molecular biology in their relentless pursuit of reducing human life down to the 'defining gene sequence' which, they hoped, could then be modified in order to change human traits at will. Hitler's eugenics scientists, many of whom were quietly brought to the United States after the War to continue their biological eugenics research, laid much of the groundwork of genetic engineering of various life forms, much of it supported openly until well into the Third Reich by Rockefeller Foundation generous grants.

The same Rockefeller Foundation created the so-called Green Revolution, out of a trip to Mexico in 1946 by Nelson Rockefeller..."

Obama is part of the green revolution, so why not other Rockefeller plots? I say we had better form our own seed-preserving projects. Involved in the Norway scheme is Monsanto, the people deliberately destroying that trib survivors may have vegetables for one year only, or none at all. Monsanto's genetically-altered vegetables have seeds not producing many/any new vegetables by design. You may never know whether the plants you start off with in the first year of the trib will have good seeds or bad. If any of you has the time to look into this Monsanto matter and report back in a tribwatch article, it would be greatly appreciated by readers. How we are to avoid the bad seeds should be the key topic.

Is this British-Illuminati-related:

"Iran has banned an ally of the country's opposition leader Mirhossein Mousavi from leaving the Islamic state, the official IRNA news agency reported [today].

...Abolfazl Fateh, head of Mousavi's media office, said the ban would not change his political stance...

...The state-run Iran newspaper said Fateh, who had been studying for a doctorate in Britain...

...Group of Eight powers [yesterday] deplored violence stemming from the disputed presidential election...but held open the door for Tehran to take part in talks on its nuclear program."

The head of the Mousavi media campaign with "business" in Britain??? And Iran will not let him go back to Britain? Maybe Iran knows something of Illuminati involvement in Mousavi's over-throw campaign. Illuminatists work by controlling public opinion via the media. A large uprising like that of Mousavi's takes much media fuel. I read that Iran closed Mousavi's personal media outlets, and one would surmise that Fateh was involved with them.

Is this over-stated news"

"The United States and Russia will sign a military cooperation agreement when US President Barack Obama visits in July, Moscow's top military commander said Friday after meeting his US counterpart.,p. ...Nikolai Makarov, the head of Russia's General Staff, announced the pact after meeting Admiral Mike Mullen in Moscow.

...'What I got from this meeting was a readiness to move forward, in order to find shared solutions to the problematic issues that stand before us,' Mullen was quoted as saying."

Okay then, Mullen, are we ready to move forward?

By gosh, Makarov, let's move forward.

Deal, then?

By gosh, we've got a deal. Let's move forward to making a deal.

Yes, let's really think hard about making the deal. Deal?

It's deal, what else?

Mullen. I got a plan. Let's tell the world we've got a deal, finally.

Yeah! Obama will like this when it hits the press. He can't seem to get anything else done, and now he's got a DEAL.

That's a BIG deal, Mullen. Hey, let's go down to the pub and get a beer.

Deal! Deal!

The report makes one sense that Obama is willing to cave in on the missile shield that Bush erected on Russia's doorstep, but I think Makarov will throw-up his beer when he learns that the deal isn't really. I think the Illuminati knows Russia's expansionist plans, and has no intentions of giving way to them. BUT, God has other plans. Tensions in Mosul are rising:

"Khasro Goran, the most powerful Kurdish official in Mosul city, capital of Ninewa province, stated that in order to end the boycott of the new [Arab-led] Ninewa administration, Kurds demand the position of the deputy of governor and the deputy of head of the provincial council in the province.

Goran also demanded fairness among the security forces; he said the Kurdish people should be employed in the police and security forces in the province. 'Kurds have been excluded from working in the security forces in the province,' he noted. On April 13, a number of predominately Kurdish areas in Ninewa province announced their boycott of the provincial administration dominated by the Sunni nationalist Hadbaa List."

As per al-Sadr of late, surprisingly and suspiciously, working some international ropes to create stability in Iraq (such is his claim), the article adds: "A number of parliamentarians from Sadr bloc visited Mosul city to solve the tension..." Who is this pawn working for? My guess is Iran. Will a deal be reached?

"A Kurdish MP in Iraqi Parliament, Abdul Bari Zebari, told The Kurdish Globe that he is not optimistic that the Brotherhood List and Hadbaa can reach a solution.

Zebari said, 'Hadbaa is controlled and directed by other sides, and they (Hadbaa) can't make their own decision.'

According to Zebari, if Hadbaa continues the same policy, it will be split into two parts because there is a huge dispute among members of Hadbaa since some of them not only are completely against Kurds, but also are against the political process in the country."

That's the current scoop between Iraq and a hard place. Fractures and fault lines, crumblings and tremors below, the stage seems set. Who would have guessed, apart from Nahum 1:11, that Mosul would become, at the end of the Bush war, the door for Gog's entry? The article goes on to spell out "Christian" persecution in Mosul, highlighting the disagreement as per who the culprit(s) is.

Note the claim above that "Hadbaa is controlled and directed by other sides." Who controls the Arabs? It doesn't say. It sounds like "outside sides" is meant. Another article on "the real Iraq" has the preamble: "Only a few days before U.S. soldiers pull out of all Iraqi cities...a savage terror campaign plunged Iraq into despair yet again." It sounds as though this terrorist move has been lying in wait for the U.S. pull-out. The article doesn't say anything more than has already been pointed out: the factions can't reach agreement.

The article below tells that Kurds of Kirkuk are resisting in-coming Iraqi forces to fill the American void...because they think it will amount to an Iraqi foothold to control Kirkuk. Thus with a vacuum in Kirkuk, the Dipstick sees a chance to slip in and lick the oil. The money he can make from it is so much that the oil tastes good in his mouth.

By the way, the article tells of the modern name for the Tigris: "The operation, called Dijla al-Khair (the Good Tigris)..." I just mentioned days ago that the Tigris may have been re-named (long ago), "Indigna," after the son of Joktan: Diklah. Compare "Diklah" with "Dijla." Consider also "Diyala," a tributary of the Tigris after which the Iraqi province is named. The Diyala source is in the Zagros mountains, likely named after Togarmah, Meshech's brother. Thus, if Togarmah named the Tigris, Meshech may have named Mesha.

I doubt very much that Hebrews became large in the ancient world apart from Joktan (son of Eber), which should explain why (in Genesis 10:26-27) his 13 sons are listed (none of Peleg's sons are listed).

Since I arrived to the Havel topic very recently (i.e. Hevelli inhabitants of the Havel river, Germany), I should mention Joktan's son, Havilah. The Hevelli entered the topic as per Druhomira's marriage to a Bohemian king named "Vrati," smacking of PodeBRADY. I suggested that "Druhomira" was foundational to the Drummond surname of the royal Hungarian, Maurice (son of George of Podebrady). I then suggested that the Drummond surname traces back to Hadoram, son of Joktan (Joktan had another son, Hazarmaveth, who is likewise traced, by others, to Yemen).

We then find that Druhamira's granddaughter, Dobrawa, married the first Polish king, dubbed "Dagon," which term I trace to Joktan's son, Diklah, who (I say) re-named the Tigris...though the term became "InDIGNA," the term that named Dagon. I then suggested that this Polish king traces to Peleg, as all Poles/Polski do generally, and that he, named Mieszko, traces forward to the Meschins, also called "Maschels," almost identical with the Maxwell sept of "Mescall." What I didn't mention is that genesis 10:30 tells that Joktanites lived in a region between "Mesha" and Sephar.

The Meschins may therefore trace to Mesha, which may have named Mosul! Indeed, many Masci variations are followed with an 'l'. There is a river near the Meuse called "Mosel/Musel," and it means "little Meuse." "The source of the Moselle is at the western slope of the Ballon d'Alsace in the Vosges mountains." Vosges? Is that like "Vascone"? As per my trace of "Muslim" (ignore "im" suffix) to "Mosul," why are Muslim shrines called Mosques," like "Mesch" and "Meshech"?

The topic of Tripoli at Trabzon was just discussed yesterday for the first time. I read there that "Tripolis...belonged to the Mosynoeci and was situated at a distance of 18 km from Cape Zephyrium." Zephyrium? Is that like "Sephar," and is "Mosy" like "Mesch"? An ancient historian (Strabo, I think) made this quote to distinguish slightly between the Meshech and the Mosy: The Moschi, Tibareni, Macrones, Mosynoeci, and Mares..."

When I included Druhamira's granddaughter, Dobrawa, in this update, I knew that I would be coming to the tubal topic today, by which time (last night) I had been asking myself what Tubal variations may have looked like. It's known that "Tibereni" is a Tubal variation, and so at the sight of "Dobrawa" today I decided to look for a Dober surname, and found one. As I was in the midst of tracing Pollocks to Dobrawa's husband (Mieszko), I was stunned as I stared at what should be the white Jewish Pollock symbol in the Austrian Dober/Tobar Coat.

At Wikipedia's article on Tubal, the empire is shown located due south of Trabzon in Cilician environs. We read that "Tabal (Bib. Tubal, Gk. Tibarenoi, Lat. Tibareni, Thobeles in Josephus) was a Luwian speaking..." At the sight of "Thobeles," I tried for a Dobel Coat and got it registered in the Dobbs-Coat page; the Coat uses unicorns and the same chevron used by the English Taber Coat. The article goes on to make a Halybes connection to Tripoli:

"[The Tabals] and other related tribes, the Chalybes (Khalib/Khaldi) and the Mossynoeci (Mossynoikoi in Greek), are sometimes considered the founders of metallurgy."

A search for "Mossy" finds the Massey/Macie-Coat page, and "Moss" is a Maxwell sept. My impression is that the Trabzon Mosynoeci were a Meshech branch, and that they (think MOSYN) were the Amazons themselves.

As the Mossy/Massey Crest uses a winged horse, one might now venture to trace the mysterious peoples depicted by the Gorgon Medusa as the Gargarians, known from Herodotus to have merged with the Amazons of Trabzon. Think Medea, mythical daughter of Aeetes, king of Colchis. The point is, last night I opened some emails from FE, and she regularly sends gems, this being no exception. She was still investigating the Leap-castle topic of Darby, and shared the Lappe Coat (English) for me to look at (I had not tried it with the 'e' ending): three gold roundels on black, symbols on the Treby Coat!

What's more, the English Lappe surname is shown more-rightly as Lapage/Lepage. I therefore turned to the Page surname, to discover that searching for the French Page Coat gets the same Coat as when one searches for the Lapp surname. But, the point here is, Page. Could it link to Pegasus?

Further investigation showed that the French Page Coat (variation = "Pagenel") uses the blue and gold colors of the Payen Coat (variation = "Pagan"), and both surnames were first found in Dauphine (France). The Pagan Coat is different but also uses blue and gold. It would therefore appear that the English Page/Lepage surname was a Payen branch surname merged with the Treby fold. That should explain why the English Lepage Crest is a gold rooster, the Sinclair-Crest symbol, for Hugh de Payen (first Templar grand master) married Catherine Sinclair.

Could the Payens be linked to Pegasus? Isn't a pagus ("pago" in Spanish) named after "pagan"? Pegasus was the offshoot of Medusa's dead head, and if she depicted the Gargarians, ditto for the flying horse. Look, the first Templars were nine, thus revealing them as Muses. Since the Gargarians were merged with their Mosynoeci neighbors, and since Muses had Apollo as their leader, it's very likely that Muses were the Mosynoeci...who evolved into the Mysians/Moesi, for Amazons were later found precisely in Mysia.

The quote above naming the Mares beside the mention of the Mosyneoci is very conspicuous for a trace to the proto-Sinclairs to More via the Maros/Mures river (Transylvania). This could then explain why de Payen married a Sinclair; they were family from way back.

Although the Lepage and Lapp surnames were the same bloodlines, I tend to doubt that the Lapp variation connects to the Lapps/Sami of far-north Scandinavia. Here's what I wrote to LG last night on the latter topic, totally oblivious to the Lapp/Lepage topic:

"My theory is that Lapps (of Finland) trace to Lapiths (= Ixion) of Lesbos, and Sami to nearby Samos/SamoThrace, and Kvenlanders also to Lesbos elements. If I'm not mistaken, Sami look like eskimos [see Lapp photo at webpage below]. Is that correct? Today I wrote that Ixion traces to Axum (an old idea but sound I think), and Axum was also Aksum, almost "Eskimo." Plus, today I traced the African Wassas/Gaces to Axum, and I had earlier connected Euskals (= Basques) to "Eskimo." Waddaya think?

She had shared some of the Wikipedia article on the Sami, and pointed out what I had forgotten:

"...the Sami people are...descendants of common ancestors with Catalonians and the Basque people..."

Tank you LG for that bombshell!

The Gaze or Ge'ez (sounds like a term for using a geese symbol) of Merowe were from Adulis, we learned yesterday, and about Adulis we read:

"Adulis is an archeological site in the Northern Red Sea region of Eritrea, about 30 miles south of Massawa. It was the port of the Kingdom of Aksum, located on the coast of the Red Sea."

There you go, an Aksum link to the proto-Wassas in Africa. Compare "Aks" to "Eusk," the term by which Basques call themselves. I have always believed that lapis lazuli (the blue gem) is symbol for the Gogi (because "kok/gok" means sky). Gogi were , and "Adulis" (thought to be at modern Zula) on the one hand smacks of "lazuli" while "lapis" smacks of the Lapiths. I'm no longer sure because the far-north Gogi are more likely to trace to (Finno-)Ugrians while Lapps are said to be a different type of Finn.

However, it could be that both were Gogi, though with the Lapp group skirting through Africa for some time before coming north with the Hyksos wave. I had (years ago) figured that "Hyksos" developed "Aksum." In other words, the non-European look of the Sami may not be Asian so much as a peoples passing from Babylon to Punt to Philistia to Phoenicia to Thrace and finally to the Baltic. I figure they didn't fit in with blue-eyed blondes/redheads of Finland, so they went away, to the very-very far north.

This is wild stuff, that Eskimos and Washingtons both should trace to Aksum. But did you notice that "Adulis" looks like the makings of "Thule"? What about the House of Dulo that Attila/Atilla came from? Didn't he look like an Eskimo?

Lee also weighed in last night. He shared the Wikipedia article telling that "The word Vasconia evolved into Wasconia, and then into Gasconia (w- often evolved into g- under the influence of Romance languages..." AND, he shared that the article had a link to the flag of Gascony granted by a pope Clement: it's a white saltire cross on red, the Washington colors.

A little investigation shows Clement connections to Washingtons, as for example the German Clement Coat having the same bar types as the Washington Coat, and the English Clement Crest (Chief uses gold roundels) using an eagle in a position precisely like the Washington Crest. PLUS, the French Clement Coat uses a single white pentagram on blue, the symbol on the American flag. The French Clements were first found in Poitou, immediately beside Gascony.

FE found an excellent discovery: the Coulomb surname first found in Guyenne, which was the name of the land before it was called Gascony (remember, it was at the very first, Occitania, and then Aquitaine, after "Joktan"). I just sense that this Columb family of Guyenne is the root of Washington DC = "District of Columbia."

A further investigation shows the English Guy Crest to be a goose I think, and the write-up says: "The [Guy] name, however, refers to the district of Guise in France, where the family was resident prior to the Norman Conquest of England in 1066." Guise? Geese? JACKPOT! Recall that I trace the Wassas to the Kwisa river in Lusatia! It shows that Guyenne was likewise named after the Wassa family!! I trace Kwisa/Queis-river proto-Saxons to Gewisse/Wessex. Variations of Guy include Gise and Gyss. Why have Washingtons dis-guised their roots, so obvious.

The Guy/Guys Coat uses diamonds...that I think trace to Leslies/Lacys. I trace Leslies to Lusatia. The French Guy Coat uses horseshoes with nails, the Leslie symbol. Why are the horseshoes round? Perhaps to double as rings. See the gold rings on blue (same as Leslie horseshoes) in the Dobbins/Dobin Coat, with a goose in the crest. The name was first found in Gloucester, where the English Guy surname was first found.

It's amazing what heraldry can uncover, and I think there are Masons who know all this and much more, Masonic groups who've traced Coats for centuries and listed links in secret books available only to high-end Illuminatists.

Thank you for reading. Let me know if you find more. I'm behind on email so please be patient.

June 28

It almost sounds as though Mousavi is Obama's partner: "'Mousavi has shown to have captured the imagination or the spirit of forces within Iran that were interested in opening up,' Obama said." And he spoke other words that amounted to political war with Ahmadinejad. He should never have entered the Iranian cesspool; he's now got mud on his out-stretched hands.

Will he apologize for being wr-wr-wrong? No way. Obama views himself too highly to do admit that much error. Instead, he'll say he did the right thing, even if it didn't work. Sure, even God stretches out His hands to sinners, and it IS the right thing to do at times, but God won't stretch his hand out to Gog, nor to Ahmadinejad. That's the difference between God and Obama. One is wise, the other is dull and corrupted by his circle of globalists.

These God has reserved for the end, to shame and to make despised in the most horrible way. Thieves who feed their own stomachs and use the world for their own riches. I have despised these people for 30 years. I have despised the ways in which they have changed the world in which my children must live. It will be pure joy for Christ to destroy these people.

Is Hezbollah preparing even now to start a war?

"In an effort to prevent a flare-up along the northern border [of Israel], UNIFIL has increased its operations in southern Lebanon and has begun entering villages in search of Hizbullah weapons caches, according to information obtained recently by Israel.

UN peacekeeper monitors the... In one recent successful operation in the eastern sector of southern Lebanon, UNIFIL peacekeepers uncovered close to 20 Katyusha rockets that were ready for launch."

I don't know what "ready for launch" means exactly, but if the rockets were in launch pads, and the pads were standing up and aimed at Israel, I think the article writer would have been told, and would have made mention of it.

The article points out that Hezbollah lost the election because it failed to keep its promise to re-build Lebanese homes damaged in the last war with Israel. That was exactly Israel's plan, to get the Lebanese people to stop supporting Hezbollah, or face the same consequences repeatedly. As the plan seems to have succeeded, Hezbollah must be furious right now, and with Hariri in control on the political level, Hezbollah has called Ahmadinejad to lament that it has to go the Israeli invasion quite alone in the as-is condition. Not even Obama can be of anymore help.

But Hezbollah may not know that Gog is about to arise like a beautiful dream. Like the splendor of the morning after the night, Gog will give hope, then promise, then success, then more promises, more successes, then empirehood, and, finally, like a shooting star, he'll suddenly go dark and never be seen again. It will all be a dream, a nice dream, but just a dream.

Bring the footstool, Mr. Davis. Get it nice and polished, for God has said that you globalists will be a mere footstool for Christ's feet. Bring the musical instruments, Mr. Davis, for God has said that the destruction of globalists will be to the sound of sweet music. Bring the joke book, Mr. Davis, for God has said that his people will laugh. Call the psychologists, but nothing can heal the terrible mental disorder that is coming upon you. Go ahead, believe that you can succeed in your plots, and show the world what you want to do, and then be judged by your own words spoken against Ahmadinejad. Didn't you say, Mr, Davis, that the world is watching Iran? The world is also watching you, and what you do will be laid in the open as per your own promise/boast of being, unusually, a "transparent" government.

Why won't you start your transparency by revealing your true father, Mr, Davis? Is it because you're a liar from the start? Show the American people your birth certificate, fraud. Show the American people who and what you truly work for.

As Obama leaves Iraq because he swore it to be the wise thing to do, al-Qaeda grooms itself in the only way it knows how:

"The Shiite prime minister, Nouri al-Maliki, blamed a series of bombings on the remnants of al-Qaida in Iraq and said they were aimed at triggering violence between Shiites and Sunnis.

"...Nearly all the bombings and deaths in the past week have targeted Shiite areas..."

Al-Qaeda is mocking you, Mr. Davis. Look after the sheep that you were elected to serve, and stop pretending that you know what you're doing on the world scene. If it's fame you seek, the world scene will not achieve it. The West will lose on the world scene precisely because it seeks to swallow the world. Not all the world wants to end up in your belly, Europa. Not all the world wants to fornicate with you.

An email from FE gave another revelation. She shared the Eves Coat. Variations of the surname include "Evers," and in fact They were called d'Evers or d'Evere, at this time, in the location form of the name, meaning from Eure." That is, the surname derives from the region of Eure in Normandy, meaning that "Eure" is to be understood as "Ebre."

I value this finding from FE because I had made the Eure=Evre=Ebre equation after realizing that Normandy was founded much on the Abreu bloodline out of Evreux. By that time, I had realized that "Europa" was rooted in "Ebr," the very same term. You then find the Ebro river in a nation called "Iberia" (the river mouth is in Catalonia). Some readers of my dragon-hunt book thought that I was a little deranged because it seemed that the dragon bloodline traced to places in every country in Europe. Indeed, Europe is the dragon bloodline. Her many branches took over, crushed the weak, slaughtered the Mousavis who resisted, and taxed the survivors on top of what taxes they had to pay their respective rulers.

Europe is not a nation of Israelites as the Freemasons teach. The Hebrew Illuminati is not special in the eyes of God, as though God were preserving Israel in various/countless European bloodlines. The Hebrews of Europe come from Crete, Troy, Tyre, and Zeus, the false god of Heaven. Pagans they were, merging with Israelites and hi-jacking their Judaism, filling it with gnostic Cabala. They took a religion already dark and satanic, according to Jesus, and made it still worse.

If God has preserved Israelites from these pagan Hebrews, we should like to know where they are. I don't know if it's God's will to reveal this through myself and the team now working with me, but it's possible. It may be best, however, that blood-Israelites not be exposed. I've never sensed that my job is to reveal Israelites.

Look at the Eves Crest: a three-legged pinwheel just like the Arms of Sicily! Excellent find FE!!

Since pope Clement gave/sanctioned the proto-Washingtons their white saltire cross on red, I was wondering whether "Clem(ent)" is a form of "Colum(bia)". I might not have made this link had not one email mentioned Clement while, in the same hour, I opened an email with mention of Columbia. Note that the Columbia surname includes Coulom and Coulon variations i.e. without the 'b', like "Clem"; it is said that "Colombia" derives from the French for "dove," though this may have been an after-event. The Columbia Coat uses what appear to be three eagles on blue, not doves. We imagine that the family does have dove Coats however, but the point is, the English Page Coat uses three doves on a red and white shield.

That got me investigating. The French Page Coat uses four bars almost the same width was the four bars in the German Clement Coat, and the Page Coat uses a white lion on its bars, the symbol of Gascony. The English Clement Chief has three gold roundels on red, the French Columbia Chief three gold stars on red, and the English Page Coat three gold roundels (on black). The German Klem Coat looks like a version of the Scottish Pagan Coat.

I was amazed this morning. When I saw the English Clem/Clement Coat yesterday, I recalled over some years that it used the symbol on the Marina Coat (I had checked that surname because Amazons used "Marina" for their queens; note "Marna," the Egyptian city of the Aten cult). Seeing that a Spanish Marina/Marion surname also showed up, and knowing that "Moreno" was a Spanish name, I checked for and found a distinct Moreno Coat. I couldn't make out the two objects beside the castle, and seeing that the castle was meaningless to me, that investigation ended. I decided not to mention to you that the Clem symbol was used also by the Italian Marina Coat...until such time that it had some relative importance.

I usually get ideas while in bed, often in the morning, and this morning was no exception. I was thinking about Clem, and what it meant in the Washington bloodline. I was reminded of when LG wrote into say that Red Skelton was a major Freemason (I was on the Skelton topic at the time). She made mention, just for fun, of one of his comic roles as Clem Kadiddlehopper. Why Clem? I don't know yet, but I don't think it's unrelated to his bloodlines, for after failing to find a Kadiddle" surname, I found a Hopper Coat...the exact castle as in the Moreno Coat (seen the night before by "freak chance"), but with two extra towers on top!! Also, it uses the Campbell design that I know was also in southern France somewhere.

I was amazed. It means that the Clements were linked to the Marinos and Morenos, but as yet I do not know what it fully means. I've noted that the Spanish Marina/Marino Coat (surname from Castille) uses precisely, but in colors reversed, the German Drummond Coat (variation = "Tremond"). I think of the Abruzzo city of Aprutium, also called Teramo. I also think that olives are not a symbol of Israel only, but of Italy.

BUT, now, I also recall tracing the first Drummonds, George and/or Maurice, to the Coluim and/or Colin family of Scotland; FE sent the Coulumb surname to me in the first place because she thought that it could connect to the Scottish Colin-Drummond topic. On that topic it was found that a "Giric" (who I think was George) is placed, by historians, in the family of Dub mac Mail Coluim, who was killed and replaced by a Cuilen. As I looked into it, I tended to place George in the family of the latter, Cuilen/Colin, and so let me repeat that there are Coullon and Collona variations shown at the Coulumb-Coat page!

It begins to appear that Clements were Drummonds! That should explain the roundels (i.e. the Treby symbol) in the English Clement Chief, in the colors (gold on red) of the Coulumb Chief.

We've seen the dove with branch in its beak before, in Crests that I didn't record or make mention of. I didn't know where the symbol traced, until now. It belongs to the Spanish Colom/Columbia Coat. I'm amazed once again. I loaded this Coat page immediately after seeing the Great Seal of the United States. I had wondered at that time what sort of leaves the eagle grasps in it's right claw, and learned that they're olives leaves, the symbol of peace. I'm assuming that the dove, a symbol of peace, has olive leaves in its mouth.

In other words, the olive leaves in the Great Seal are symbols of the Columbia family...which may be why Christopher Columbus is often made the discoverer of America rather than Richard Amerike.

In the past, I suggested that the "Coeptis" term in the Seal is code for Egypt and/or mythical Aegyptus; after all, the term is beside the pyramid. I suggested that "Annuit" term refers to the Anu cult, but now that I've traced Basques to Eskimos, note that Canada's Eskimos are called "Inuit." Where did they get that name? Wikipedia says: "The Inuit are the descendants of what anthropologists call the Thule culture..." Zowie, didn't I just trace (yesterday's update) the proto-Wassas of Andulis to Thule, and Aksum to Eskimos (Andulis was in Aksum)?

This is totally bewildering. I think I have just correctly traced the number 13 in the Great Seal: the 13 sons of Joktan. Aksum was across the sea from Yemen, where Joktanites of several tribes lived with their Sepharvite cult. I have always kept an eye out for "Anam," the second Sepharvite god found in 2 Kings 17:31. I have had not one theory (that I can recall) on what "Anam" could link to, aside from Anu possibly. I saw the term again earlier today and wondered yet again where it could apply. As I was looking at the Great Seal just now, there was the term, "Unum." It may be that "Annuit" and/or "Inuit" also traces to the Anam cult.

I decided to try for an Anam surname...and got one registered under the Scottish Annan Coat...using a red saltire on white, the reverse of the Gascony flag granted by Clement. Variations include Inyaney and Innieney, close to "Inuit."

Since I traced the symbols of the American flag to Glamorgan and Amerike only to find a white star on blue in a Clement Coat, note "Clem" versus "Glam." Then, since the white stars on blue were used by Moray, note it's similarity with "Morg." Since Basques had a Labourd tribe and Amerike with John Cabot were in Labrador, the Annan/Inyaney surname may have settled Canada and merged with local natives as part of Inuit-Eskimo make-up.

Look at this: After writing the paragraph above, I saw "Annandale" as a variation of the surname, and knowing it to be a location on Scotland, I went to the article to find: "[Annadale] is one of three subdivisions of Dumfriesshire, along with Eskdale..."

Annadale was key to the Bruces of Scotland.

Understand this: L Gust___ has a Falin bloodline from her grandmother who lived in Vassa, Finland. The Falen Coat uses the same ducks as the Gascon-surname Coat, suggesting a Basque-Wassa link to Finland. LG then emails sharing that "the Sami people [of Finland, etc] are...descendants of common ancestors with Catalonians and the Basque people..." That link of Euskals of France to far-northerners of Finland explains why Eskimos live in the far north; it's just the way they know how to survive.

Might "Kadiddle" link with "Catalonia" since "Hopper" connects with Spanish elements?

The Eskimos are an aside; the main topic is the Wassa link back to Aksum in Punt. What term have you heard from me that is close to "Annuit/Inuit"? The wife of Anu. She was Antu, who evolved, in Egypt, into the Hyksos goddess, Anat, and finally into the Heneti of Anatolia. Compare "Heneti/Eneti" to "Inuit." Compare the hard version, "Kennedy," with "Canada" (there was a "Genetes" near Trabzon). See the maple leaf, the national symbol of Canada, as a symbol of Gustrow of Pomerania. (By the way, I just learned that the black bull, symbol of some Nazis/Thulers, is a symbol of Mecklenburg).

Does this mean that the elusive Anam(melech) god (of Sepharvites) was Anat? Apparently. Baal, often viewed as Anat's husband, was a bull god, and so was Molech. The names of the two Sepharvite gods are suffixed with "melech." This was either the Zeus cult, or a branch thereof. As this suggests that Zeus was tied to Joktanites, I considered Joktan-like surnames and got "Ogden" coming to mind first. It uses oak leaves; the write up: "The surname Ogden derives from the Old English words ac and denu, which mean oak and valley, respectively." One symbol of Zeus was the oak tree. It was also the symbol of the Druids, a term smacking of "Adram."

The Greek "Dryas" (= Odrysians on the Hebros/Maritsa river) is said to mean "oak." The Druids, called "men of the oak," trace themselves to the region of the Odrysians. As Dor is near Tyre, I had linked "Dryas" with "mythical Doris/Dorus = the Dori(ans), and in turn with "Tyrus" = the Zeus Taurus symbol. These are the peoples that I think God wants to punish at Armageddon (read as Ar-Megiddo), for the Dorians became as major portion of the neighboring Macedonians, who I trace to Megiddo smack beside Dor.

The point is, I can see how "Jok(tan)" evolved into our "oak" if the cult conducted its "religious" prostitution under oak trees in particular, but the Jok term may also form "ox." I'm saying this because, for the first time, I see a major Zeus link to Joktanites. I've known that Zeus was Molech, god of the Sepharvites, for in Tyre, Molech was known as Saturn, who was also Cronus, Zeus' father. A tie of Sepharvites to the bull cult supports the Anam(melech) equation with Anat of the bull cult.

For those who don't know, Molech was the most horrific religion ever, sacrificing infants/children to the god in brutal fiery furnaces. I wonder whose children they were. I think of the pain, the stupidity, and that globalists who run the world proudly (but secretly) trace themselves to this cult.

I can see where the emphasis on Washington is going. The purpose of God is, I'm starting to think, to tie America's founders to the Hyksos. It appears that they were Joktanites and Sepharvites, who lived in Assyria before branching out to Yemen. It appears that the Yam(m) dragon, sometimes linked with the seven-headed Lotan, depicted a Yemenite branch in Syria. Baal and Anat -- the Hyksos who were run out of Egypt by the Ten Plagues -- defeated Yam /Lotan. That sounds like a family conflict.

June 29

Does Iran know more about British infiltration into the Mousavi movement than it's letting on?

"Britain has demanded that the Iranian authorities free all employees of its Tehran embassy that have been accused of involvement in post-election unrest.

At least eight local staff working at the embassy have been detained since the disputed election on June 12, but it was unclear how many remained in custody [yesterday].

'The idea that the British embassy is somehow behind the demonstrations and protests that have been taking place in Tehran in recent weeks is wholly without foundation,' David Miliband, the British foreign minister, said.

...The semi-official Fars news agency reported that the eight British embassy employees 'had a considerable role in recent unrest'.

'This group played an active role in provoking recent unrest.' it said.

...'This is a sort of running total - if you like - of a number of arrests and detentions of British embassy employees believed to be local Iranians rather than British citizens,' [Al Jazeera's Jonah Hull in London] said."

It wouldn't be out of the question for Western globalist fingers to be in Iran clandestinely since talk of just that was swirling during the Bush years. I imagine that much work was put into toppling Ahmadinejad, and that the rigging of the election has made those at the helm of the work very sore. Ahmadinejad is lashing out at major European nations for their involvement.

It may be that the Western hands held out to Ahmadinejad until now was a time-wasting, back-stabbing effort in hopes of toppling him at the election. All that pretence would now seem useless. The question now is whether Iran has obtained the proof, from those arrested in the past two weeks (I believe nine arrests were made yesterday alone), that Western agents were part of the Mousavi movement. There is an oddity that would suggest it to be likely:

"The US has intelligence agents in Iran but it is not clear if they are providing help to the protest movement there, a former US national security adviser has told Al Jazeera.

Brent Snowcroft said on Wednesday that 'of course' the US had agents in Iran amid the ongoing pressure against the Iranian government by protesters opposed to the official result of its presidential election.

...'"But that's a far cry from helping protesters against the combined might of the Revolutionary Guard, the militias and so on - and the [Iranian] police, who are so far completely unified' [Snowcroft said]'."

This sounds like a got-caught-red-handed while trying to downplay the secret mission. Why else would Snowcroft admit to Western spies active in Iran if not because of his knowledge that Iran has just caught a few? The question is, what are the arrested revealing about their mission in the country? Ahmadinejad is threatening to shame the West, sounding as though he's hoping to make public the evidence (which he may or may not have) that Western agents are seeking to topple his government. It's exactly what Egypt promised to do to Hezbollah, though Hezbollah kissed up and avoided that situation to some degree.

The West must now chose whether to kiss up and continue the time-waster strategy, or to turn to the dread Israel-solution: a crushing attack on nuclear facilities. Meanwhile articles speak on Iran's aspirations of toppling Iraq. Gog must be tightening the laces of his boots, but where?

After the BIG DEAL between Russia and the United States to go forward to a possible deal of making a deal to secure the deal to sign the deal, there's another BIG Deal on its heels. But, when one looks at the timing, one asks if this isn't like Gog in Daniel 11, sitting at the same table, holding talks, but lying through his teeth:

"NATO and Russia on [June 27] resumed formal cooperation on broad security threats...

The deal emerged after NATO Secretary-General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer said the two sides recognized that it was time to crank up joint efforts against Afghan insurgents and drug trafficking, Somali piracy, terrorism and nuclear proliferation.

The Russia-NATO thaw emerged a week before a summit between U.S. President Barack Obama and President Dmitry Medvedev in Moscow and a summit of G8 powers in Italy.

...'The NATO-Russia Council is now back in gear. We agreed not to let disagreements bring the whole train to a halt....

The timing is merely for the Big-O visit to Moscow, where he hopes to come away with a deal to make a deal to secure the deal that will, hopefully, sign the deal. There is always HOPE when the Big-O is involved.

Two competing pipelines are planned for the southern side of the Black sea, and both are forecast for completion in the same year:

"Gazprom will use its planned South Stream pipeline to carry a third of its gas exports to Europe by 2015, chief executive Alexei Miller said Friday in an apparent warning to Ukraine, which now handles the bulk of the transit."

It's the devil's ball game here. Europe is no small customer. The South-Stream line will compete with Nabucco, and Russia may deem that getting the lion's share of the business is important enough for hiring terrorists to sabotage the Nabucco line. But that's the low-boy method. In a perfect world, Russia would install Gog to oversee Nabucco's complete over-throw and subjugation to Russian interests. Sweet Utopia, money everywhere for building more military might. Ahh, the life, can't get any better than that.

The article goes on to quote Gazprom-chief Miller: "If Europe neglects ties with Russia in favor of securing new alternative supplies [i.e. via Nabucco], it could risk a surprise result." The sentence previous to this quote lays the background scenario: "'Many gas-rich countries are politically unstable and are inexperienced at laying pipelines and servicing contracts,' [Miller] said without naming any countries."

He's trying to make Europe's knees quiver at it's decision to go full-throttle with the Nabucco solution, BUT, under his words there can be an understood plot for Russia to de-stabilize or control the Iraqi situation purely to sabotage Nabucco. We then read: "Russia is seeking to buy as much gas as possible from these possible rival suppliers, a move that could undermine the Nabucco pipeline project..."

As I'm on the Muse topic, I should also share this:

" professor Valery Musin will take the single independent member's slot [in Gazprom]...

Musin is chief of the civil law office at St. Petersburg State University's law department and a former teacher of President Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin."

"Mr. Putano, we are here in the most humble spirit to inquire on the most profound basis concerning your most secret heart: will you join the Nato-Russia alliance with all sincerity of heart?

Mr. U.S. of Europe, we have told you in the past, we would be delighted to form the Russia-Nato alliance.

Yes, Mr. Putano, but, please, you have once again said it wrong. It's the "Nato-Russia" alliance. Can we get past this?

Mr. U.S of Europe, we do not want to depress the re-hash button. Russia is a proud nation, and when you get over it, please stop by and see us.

Hillary's broken arm will soon be healed, at which time we will send her to you with the re-set button that you mailed back to us. Won't you please consider...

We have many broken arms -- Ukraine, Georgia, Poland, Czechoslovakia -- all of them are now under your care. When you restore those arms, we will stop laughing at Hillary's inability to spell, "re-set." Even George Bush wouldn't have been that...

I can see that we are getting nowhere fast. But Globama demands a deal, and he will come to you before you know how to spell "fright."

We are not afraid of the Globama factor. If he were anything to be afraid of, he wouldn't have chosen Hillary to be his foreign agent. Isn't her broken arm a symbol of his government?

That's quite enough, Putano...

No, actually it's not enough. We have also made a gas deal, just one minute and 47 seconds ago, with Azerbaijan...

Yes, and I can hear you laughing under your breath. What do you mean by not being able to contain it?

It means that Russia is in the boss's seat, frankly, and that it's now your move. Just watch you don't slip and break an arm...haat-tat-ah! Oh, that was good. Ask me if this is a good day?

As per reports that Russia intends (or at least "intended") to invade Georgia this summer:

"Georgia's Deputy Foreign Minister, Alexander Nalbandov, said on June 29 that Russia's large-scale military exercises Kavkaz-2009 is 'a very dangrerous provocation.'

Russia launched military exercises in North Caucasus -- Kavkaz-2009 on June 29, which will last till July 6...

The Russian troops deployed in breakaway South Ossetia and Abkhazia will also take part in the exercises, according to commander of Russian land forces Gen. Vladimir Boldirev."

CBS says:"Experts say the exercises may also be signal to the United States that Russia will give no ground on its efforts to maintain an exclusive sphere of influence in Georgia and other former Soviet republics."

The location in north Caucasia is not given. The exercises come two weeks after Kadyrov of Chechnya demanded that his forces wipe away all opposition terrorists within two weeks:

"In a nationally televised address on June 17, Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov came down hard on Chechnya's law enforcement agencies for the inadequate results they showed in capturing the rebels (, June 17). The Chechen president gave his top brass only two weeks to wipe out the insurgent forces that have been waging the unyielding war of resistance across the entire North Caucasus for the last ten years."[tt_news]=35186&tx_ttnews[backPid]=7&cHash=e5d9b97a1b

I'm not sure it's related to the Russian exercises, but I thought I should mention it just in case. Putin may have ordered Kadyrov to do a crackdown while Russian troops are in the area. The article goes on to imply that the British Illuminati has its fingers in the Chechen scene: ..."Akhmed Zakaev, the London-based prime minister of the separatist Chechen Republic of Ichkeria..." Why is he in London, and why does he want an alliance on his own terms with Kadyrov?

It's not too soon:

"The US pull-out, under a bilateral security accord signed last year, will be completed tomorrow, June 30], which has been declared a national holiday.

In the wake of several massive bombings that have killed more than 200 people this month, soldiers and police were out in force in Baghdad."

Trooper! What'a'ya doin? You still here??

Yeah, General-Sir. I'm still here. I like it here, don-choo?

Don-choo think y'bettah get-cher ass...

I got the alarm set for 11:59 tomorrow night, Mr. General-Sir, I'll make the deadline fine.

Why don-choo you wanna go, Trooper?

It's the city girls, Sir. Some of them like this uniform, you should see the way they look. Country girls might get spooked. H'come you're still here, Mr. General-Sir?

None of your business Trooper. But if you don't tell's the city girls alright. If I get caught sneaking back into town after the deadline, you know...

O yeah o yeah I know. That's what's killing me too. Obama may as well have cut off our...

We better get out of here, Trooper. I got one last date at 11 pm, then I'm atta here with you. You gotta an extra alarm clock there good buddy?

How else do we explain that the Americans are waiting until the very last moment to leave the cities? One would expect that they would have been cleanly out by the first of June, maybe the middle at the latest, seeing that Iraqis have wanted to get on with their own business -- without the Americans -- for more than a year.

June 30

Exposure is the name of the end-time Game. Come on. It's time to expose, time to bring down the creeps who want to rule over us, time to lay it all in the open:

"A top Republican senator has ordered an investigation into the Environmental Protection Agency's alleged suppression of a report that questioned the science behind global warming.

The 98-page report, co-authored by EPA analyst Alan Carlin...argued that the information the EPA was using was out of date, and that even as atmospheric carbon dioxide levels have increased, global temperatures have declined.

'He came out with the truth. They don't want the truth at the EPA,' Sen. James Inhofe, R-Okla, a global warming skeptic, told FOX News, saying he's ordered an investigation. '"We're going to expose it.'"

Whether the weather is getting hotter or colder depends on who is asked, but one thing is certain, that alternative methods of energy are right around the corner anyway, via natural market that no actions, no expenditures, are necessary from the global-warming movement to curb the problem from whatever extent it is a problem. The world has been spewing the exhaust of oil products for generations, and can continue for 30 more years without any related climate problems, by which time, should the Lord tarry, alternative methods will be putting oil "out of business," so to speak.

Bidding for Iraq's oil fields has run into a snag: international companies have cold feet. The companies are gunning for much higher payments than Iraq is willing to offer at this time. For example, where Iraq is offering a $4-per-barrel bonus, ConocoPhillips bid $26.7. Good news for Gog: "The Kirkuk field, with an estimated 8 billion barrels of reserves, also drew only one bidder."

The Russian deal with Azerbaijan is viewed as taking business from Nabucco:

"Gazprom and Socar signed a deal [June 29] giving the Russian company first rights to Azeri gas previously seen as reserved for the Nabucco pipeline...

...Medvedev also hinted that Monday's deal was just the beginning of Gazprom's plans for Azeri gas."

Can we detect some gloating? This is a BIG Deal. It gives Russia momentum to take more business from Nabucco. The grimmer the prospects for Nabucco, the less likely the pipeline will be built at all. This must be Russia's aim, to have Nabucco scrapped before it begins.

Oil/gas companies will be focused on the Iraqi security situation in the coming weeks, but Iraq is holding the auction now, before the security problem becomes bad enough to scare them all away. I suppose the companies would like to stall the auction process to see what gives on the terror front.

Look at this webpage below featuring a "cool" watch with a purchasing device built in. The system is called "contactless" purchasing, and is being done already in 60 million cards worldwide, and in some cell phones. The idea is to bring the marketplace to pay for items by waving their chips over a scanner. It's the skincode without the skin. It's transitional, in other words. Thank you, Steve, for this.

This brings me to a difficult topic. How can the 666 of the coming purchasing system belong to the name of a Gog that is a Russian nationalist and meanwhile at war in his heart against the West? How will the West honor or even accept such a system? It makes me think that Gog will be a Western agent from the start, and yet Revelation 17 tells us that he will hate Europe and bring her to ruin. I don't think I'm misinterpreting the woman of Revelation 17. I think the symbolism screams the well-known mythical picture of Europa saddled on the Zeus bull, and besides, the text clearly indicates Rome...which compliments the picture of Daniel 2 or 7 wherein Rome is the final empire at Jesus' return.

How can the 666 belong to Zhirinovsky, for example? It makes me think there is something seriously wrong with my points of view. Perhaps my work in tracing the dragon to the West is meant to explain a Gog from the West. I've entertained that view for years but have never made it a first choice over my view of a Russian Gog. I believe that the Spirit told me one day, "He will be a Russian." I heard those words some 15 years ago when I was NOT entertaining a Russian to fulfill the role of anti-Christ. But people have heard wrong before when they believed it was God speaking.

When I entertained a Western Gog, it felt completely natural to base it on a Rothschild family. This is what has surprised me to find (this past month) that Zhirinovsky's Eidelstein surname (from his father) is a Rothschild bloodline. But it's like entering the twilight zone to expect Zhirinovsky to be a Rothschild spy firmly implanted in Russian politics. On the other hand, Rothschilds have been in Russia since they formed the Bolshevik Revolution (1917), so why shouldn't we expect Rothschild agents in high political positions?

So what now? Does Zhirinovsky take Iraq on behalf of the Rothschilds, and for his reward will he get to elbow Javier Solana -- move over buddy -- to become the new boss of Europe? Then, like Hitler, he betrays the West and the Rothschilds?? Like I said, the twilight zone. But what better theory is there that fulfills all of the prophecies? No matter who takes Iraq with the Insurgents, I don't see how the West could possibly come to honor him, or how an American False Prophet would dare use the number of his name in particular for a global purchasing system. This has always been a problem for me, but rather than questioning it I thought I'd just wait to see how it developed. As I wait in mid 2009, while being familiar with Middle East situations, the idea still seems surreal.

In this picture, Zhirinovsk'y threats against the West, some years back, was insincere, part of the official Rothschild agenda in efforts to make him accepted by the Russian people, and meanwhile an aid for disguising his Western ties. Perhaps the last few years in which Zhirinovsky has NOT spoken against the West signals his love-loss for the Rothschild agenda.

In this picture, the Dipstick would not go into northern Iraq on behalf of Putin, but on behalf of the Rothschilds. If not Zhirinovsky, perhaps another Russian agent of the Rothschilds. I wonder what his surname will be? But as the "Zhirinofsi" variation adds up to 666 using the Hebrew alphabet (see August 10 update), I still hold out the possibility of a twilight-zone episode straight ahead.

CC shared a webpage telling of Obama's roots in "His eighth great-grandfather, Conrad Wolflin [who] served as a mayor in Orsingen, Germany, for 30 years."

It was a phenomenal stroke of "luck," for the Wolfin Coat uses the Rodham Shield! Moreover, the surname was "First found in Pembrokeshire, where the family claim descent from Gualgnain or Gwalwynne, who was King Arthur's sister's son..." Remember, I trace Arthurian cult to Halybes, who I assign the wolf symbol. A variations of the surname, as per "Gwalwynne," are Waldwin and Wallin, the latter looking like a feasible variation of "Falin," the bloodline of LG's grandmother in Vassy (Finland). In fact, while a search for the "Wallin" surname brings up the red and white (Rodham) shield (i.e. the Wassa/Washington colors), one also gets a Swedish Wallin Coat, also a red and white shield!

As per the gold clover in the Swedish Coat, BEHOLD what I wrote in the previous update:

"Fortunately, there is also a Welsh Cleve Coat using a wolf and a gold clover. I had attached the wolf symbol to the Halybes, and I recently suggested that the Calvin surname was a Halybes branch; I can now connect Calvins to Cleeves because the Calvin Coat also uses a gold clover."

If that's not enough, the other Wallin/Wolfin Coat is a Welsh one! Amazing. Thank you CC, or, shall I say, thank you Lord!! The great timing continues. The exposure continues.

FE? Could the Wallin surname tie to the red and white Wallis families? The Willis Coat used three red stars on white...the Washington symbol (!) and the symbol of Wallis (canton in Switzerland where Sion is located, which used/uses the same symbol). The Scottish Wallis Coat is a white lion (symbol of Gascony) on red. Hey, hey. I think we have a Wassa trace to Wolfin/Wallin and then Falin (the Falen Coat uses the Gascon-Coat ducks, keep in mind).

The Swedish Wallin Coat also uses what could be construed as blue rings on gold, the Leslie symbol if their round horseshoes are rings in disguise. The eagle in the Crest is in a take-to-flight position, as is the bird in the Washington Crest (can someone identify that bird?). Another Coat using blue rings on gold is the Crane Coat; this surname should be a variation of the Krohn (meaning "crane) surname at the root of the ring used for the Nazi swastika. The Washington bird does not look like a crane.

Last night I opened an email from FE, who has not ceased to amaze me yet. This was perhaps the best of all. It ties right in with the topic above, where we see Wassas tracing to Wales in the Arthurian cult (of Wallin). You may recall that Wassas were traced to Amerike in some indirect ways, but FE asked me to look at the French Gachon Coat, with surname variations: LaGACE, LaGASSE, and, best of all, GACHE. That looks like "MalGACHE," the proto-Madagascarians.

The point is, the Gache Coat uses the symbol on the Amerike Shield with blue bars and the Babel Shield!! At first I though the Gache symbol was black bars on white, but a closer look reveals navy blue. I was so busy I didn't try the Gache surname myself. Thank you FE!

As compensation, I tried the Gas surname just now, and, zowie, the Scottish Gass Coat has a shield half-filled with Cohen checks with the other half filled with Hohen checks. It's Scottish but the surname was first found in Yorkshire.

The German Gaas/Gass Coat is the Gascon ducking. The impression is that "Gascon" was also "Gachon" but rooted in "Gache."

There is also a French Gas Coat, though most variations start with "Gars/Garc." Yet, as the symbol looks like a duck, I'd suggest this to be a Wassa family. Possibly the most common variations are Garcier and Garcie.

More revelations. A search for a Gaz Coat brought up the Spanish Casas/Cases Coat using Garbs (the symbol of Gascony). At once I was reminded of the BajoCASSES who founded the Bessin/Bayeux in Normandy, and meanwhile the French Gache surname was first found in Normandy.

But look, not only is the surname appropriately "LasCasas/Lascazes/etc.," evoking the Lasci variation of the Lacy surname, but the Lascases were first found in Aragon. Not only do the Lacys use a purple lion, but the Spanish Luz surname, first found in Aragon, uses a purple lion. The Lacy Crest is an eagle in the take-flight position.

The Lask Coat uses diamonds...a symbol I had linked from Ladislaus of Hungary to the Lacys. The Lask/Laisk (Laish?) surname was first found in Aberdeen, where the Leslies were first found. The Lascases Coat uses what appear to be griffin heads, the symbol in the Leslie Crest. I see that a "Lacy" trace to "Ladislaus" (some trace Leslies to this name) may be in error, not necessarily meaning that Lacys don't trace to him. The possibility now is that "Lacy" is a corruption of "Lasci" and therefore rooted in the Lascases...who were Gaches/Gaces of Spain. In other words, Lacy looks like a mainline Wassa branch.

The Lacys were merged with peacock-using Comforts, and the Peacock-surname Coat uses hollow diamonds as does the Lask Coat. I therefore think there is something more than similarity of terms that links Lacys to the Lascases.

I'm about to reveal the mystery of the Maxwell/Maxton bee symbol in the Bessin, and I think this will be a strong case for tracing the Lascases to the Bajocasses. That would in turn trace "Wassa/Gace" to the BajoCASSES. This may be no small finding. There is a gentle rumble of thunder directly above me as I write, and it's the first today, and may be the last.

Upon tracing the Lascases to the Peacocks, who were a Maxwell sept (and likely a Pollock branch), I loaded the Wardlaw Coat to see its hollow diamonds, as Wardlaws too are a Maxwell sept. Upon reading that the Wardlaws were descended from a John Biset, I loaded the Biset Coat (Crest uses Rodham stump) and wondered what the importance was. I saw the white diagonal band that should link to the white band in the Jewish Pollock Coat but also the white band in the Peacock Coat; it took a couple of seconds to realize the importance of "Biset." I wondered if it was the Bessin link, and that made me seek a Bessin/Beson/Beaston Coat: bees!

That's when the thunder was sounded above me. It's now sunny, just five minutes later, no rain, no more thunder. There was one crack yesterday, directly in front of me, and though it rained all evening after that, there was not anymore thunder. I sensed at the time that I was to find a major discovery imminently. God speaks to me in thunder; it's been his way ever since a lightning burst scattered the bricks of the chimney of my home at age 11, while I was awaking from sleep and repeating, "No, I don't believe in God, I don't believe in God."

One can see that "Biset" derives from "Beaston." The Bessin/Beson write up says: "The name is a result of the original family having lived at Beeston Castle, in the county of Cheshire." The capital of Cheshire is Chester, and it's the ManCHESTER bee that is found on the Maxton Crest.

When I was on the Wardlaw and Manchester bee topic in the last update, I accidentally typed "Bisel" when trying to type "Biset." The 'l' is not anywhere near the 't', however, and so perhaps He made me "slip" so that I could find the white diagonal bar of the Bisels, on red shield, the colors as the Jewish Pollock Coat.

Again, I have considered the Bessin and its BajoCasses to be a bee-line entity for years. Since I have satisfactorily traced Maxwells ("Maccus Well") and Maxtons ("Maccus Town") to the Meschins of Cheshire, and since Meschins are known to derive from Bayeux/Bessin, it would seem that this people were tied in the Bessin with the Gache-branch Wassas. I have a chapter titled, "Wassa Was a W.A.S.P.", but the idea there was the Wassa trace to "White Anglo-Saxons (without emphasizing the "Protestant" part). Now I find that the Wassas may have been named after the BajoCasses (but if not, they were a Wassa branch).

In the April 12 update, I felt that the Becket-Coat write-up linked the surname to the Bajocasses. The write-up is like so: "...a Becket locality in Berkshire, the town's name itself derived from 'beo-cot,' meaning 'bee cottage/shelter.'" "Baiocasses" looks as though it too could be interpreted as "bee house." I now find that the Bisel surname was first found in Berkshire, and that a variation shown, "Bichell," could easily evolve into "Becket." In other words, the Bisels, who I happened upon only by a very wide slip of the keyboard -- as wide as the 't' is from the 'l' -- should be a Bajocasses branch.

The Bisels use black scallops on white, colors reversed from the scallops in the Meschin Coat. Ms. Pollock tells me that Pollocks were first found briefly in Shropshire (before moving to Renfrew), but so were the Meschins. Even as the Pollocks were connected from the start to the raven-using Rutherfords (of Maxton, Roxburghshire), so the Bisel Crest is a raven.

The last time I had a one-only and directly-above thunder experience that I perceived as the Lord speaking was when I was on the Craw(ford) surname, and it's "crow" definition. Looking again at a Crawford Coat, it's a white band on red shield, not exactly like, but in the same colors, as the white bands on red in the Bisel Coat and Jewish Pollock Coat.


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