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August 9 - 10, 2008

Such A Rainy Night in Georgia...

See 666 in Zhirinofski in August 10 update

August 9

Couldn't sleep again this past night thinking about the discovery yesterday that the name of Georgian president, Saakashvili, adds up to 666 using the Hebrew alphabet, when all five vowels are assigned a value of 1; for new readers, see the August 8 update for details. Although I ended the last update by saying, "I do want to stress that I don't think Saakashvili is the anti-Christ or Gog," I am perplexed. I have been keeping an eye out for any name that adds up to 666, and here I sound the first one in the president of a nation where Gogarene once was the home of Gog, and where the citizens are sometimes called Gogi to this day.

Assuming that he turns out to be the anti-Christ, one good thing is that we few prophecy writers who make a Gog equation with the anti-Christ will be proved correct. It will be a good start to removing the false ideas spreading everywhere this past generation since Hal Lindsey started the ball rolling. Perhaps the biggest benefit of a 666 in a Georgian president's name is to prove the Authenticity of Revelation. I can see how many Christians would have doubts. It's easy to imagine that a group of Christian gnostic mystics devised the Revelation from their creative imaginations. But think about it. What false prophet type who sought glory for himself (by later proving to be correct in his predictions) would dare predict a universal commercial system with a numeral imbedded into the skin, and then go even further by indicating the very number, six hundred and sixty-six?

The point is, while the globalists now bringing on the skincode will seek to make Christians believe that it's not the mark of the beast found in Revelation 13, and for that reason will attempt to hide or disguise the 666 part of the skincode, we have been Given an added sign: the anti-Christ's name will also add up to 666. This combination will make it unmistakable for us, and makes it virtually impossible for any global group to bring out a counterfeit mark of the beast (at any time other than the Appointed Time for the true mark of the beast). Even if such a group found a man who's name adds up to 666 to act as a counterfeit "beast" for a counterfeit skincode, the group wouldn't be capable of having that man fulfill prophecy, which requires him to become the ruler of Babylon (Isaiah 13), an Assyrian (Isaiah 14:24), and finally to invade Israel successfully.

The problem I'm having with Saakashvili is that Israel is allied with him, according to one article I read yesterday. It said that the Israeli military is working together with the Georgian military in certain capacities. I sought for his position on Israel yesterday but could find nothing, pro or con. I sought for any other indication that he might develop into the anti-Christ, but found nothing. I couldn't find his religious or non-religious persuasion. I found one accusation saying that he was developing into a Georgian "dictator" with a lust for power, but this seems over-blown, and could be the slander of an enemy. I searched for anyone who believed that he is the Biblical Gog, but found no one, though the search was not at all exhaustive.

I would hate to see other writers, especially those who have long felt that Gog will arise in Georgia, using the 666 in Saakashvili's name as evidence for proclaiming him to be both Gog and anti-Christ...if it were not true. I will entertain the Saakashvili possibility but won't push it. I'd expect to see him move into Iraq, and to that end I'll add a few points now, that I learned of only this morning as I awoke. When I broke off last night, there had been 100 dead in South Ossetia, but by early this morning, the Ossetian leader reports 1400 dead. Russia had invaded Georgia vigorously so that there are dead there as well.

"Reports last night claimed that Russia had started to bomb civil and economic infrastructure, including the Black Sea port of Poti and the military base at Senaki. Between 8 and 11 Russian jets reportedly hit container tanks and a shipbuilding plant at the port.

'I saw bodies lying on the streets, around ruined buildings, in cars,' said Lyudmila Ostayeva...'It's impossible to count them now. There is hardly a single building left undamaged.'

...Mr Putin declared: 'War has started.'"

What I was looking for, as of yesterday afternoon, is a removal of Saakashvili from Georgia, at the hands of Russia, and his re-positioning somehow in Iraq. My fear has to do with his age, very young, meaning that my tentative date system (e.g. Gog rising in Iraq in 2009) could prove to be erroneous. While he doesn't seem like the anti-Christ to me now, ten years of political power can change a man drastically, and for certain the war with Russia could go on for years. I do not want to continue these updates for that many years merely waiting for the real Gog to pop his head up.

The "good news" in that respect is that Russia, if it came against Georgia in a full assault, could have Saakashvili out in short order...unless the West came to his aid. In fact, the article above says: "Georgia has asked the US military to provide aircraft to move Georgian troops home from Iraq as fighting rages in Georgia's breakaway South Ossetia region, a US military official said Friday." We can be sure that this is a couched request for more American support than mere transport planes.

The article says that Georgia has 2,000 fighters in Iraq, and wants to remove 1,000 for the Ossetian effort. This morning, Georgia was in control of the Ossetian capital (after an invasion that started yesterday morning), and Russian tanks surround the city demanding a Georgian withdrawal. None of this is saber rattling. The West is moving in its diplomats in an effort to stave off further confrontation. Russia might already be decided, however, that this is its only opportunity to enact crunch time on Georgia before it joins NATO. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization has said that it will accept Georgia as a member, and Russia is very unhappy about it. In fact, this front is very much a part of the Armageddon scenario.

The problem is, Gog is supposed to be against the West in my view of the Armageddon scenario; Gog versus the West defines my Armageddon scenario. Am I therefore to chalk it up to coincidence that Saakashvili adds up to 666? Perhaps not. I am seeking any speculative reasoning that allows him to arise as the Biblical Gog should. For example, what if the West abandons him in his fight with Russia? Wouldn't that make him a little anti-West? Perhaps he's not truly pro-West to begin with; perhaps he's feigning such a position in an effort to join NATO, but only for the end-goal of securing protection from Russia. What if he is ousted from Georgia as the West merely looks on with hands tied? Might he have only one recourse, to go join his few fighters in Iraq? Hmm, that works. Mosul is not far south of Georgia.

So I just searched to find where in Iraq the Georgian troops are located, and found a Reuters article of today saying, "Its forces are deployed mainly in southern Wasit province near the Iranian border, and also in Diyala north of Baghdad and Baghdad itself." Another Reuters article claims that Georgia intends to remove all 2,000 fighters from Iraq.

An immediate scenario is that American forces from Iraq will join Saakashvili's effort. I have just learned that the American withdrawal of troops from Iraq may be required by December 31st because the horizon deal looks more dim now than ever:

"Other reports have cited Iraqi officials saying a deal could be reached in the coming days. But talks continue to flounder as impasse after impasse remained unresolved. Hopes for a breakthrough waned further in recent days as the Iraqi parliament, which must approve any long-term agreement, adjourned for a month-long recess, which will be followed by the month-long Islamic holiday of Ramadan.",8599,1830744,00.html

I think I now understand why Mrs. Rice was so desperate on the phone with Maliki the other day, as it must have seemed that he was stalling for just these coming two months to arrive, by which he gets a super opportunity to shun Bush for good. At the end of the two months, Maliki can begin to say, "Look it, Mr. Bush, I may as well deal with the next president." Maliki can then gamble on the likelihood that the UN won't be rigid in requiring the Americans to withdraw by December 31, or he could ask the UN to allow the pull-out to be finalized in, say, mid-2009. However, a withdrawal sooner than could be facilitated by Bush's frustration with the Iraqi government, and by the lack of troop immunity. Just yesterday American troops killed innocent civilians in Afghanistan, which will solidify Maliki's position of refusing troop Immunity in Iraq.

In other words, a move of some American troops to Georgia seems reasonable if it's Bush's objective to confront Russia in that way. The more important question is what Obama will do with the Iraq troops as he begins to withdraw them early in 2009. Note that Kurds blew up, last week, the very pipeline that some say is the underlying reason for the Georgia-Russia war in Ossetia. As Kurds are American allies, could the pipeline have been made unoperational for an American reason? The Americans likely knew that Russia's invasion of Georgia was imminent, and who knows but that America is behind the Georgian invasion of South Ossetia. Now that the Ossetian capital has been captured, Bush can call for a ceasefire. But will Russia agree, or will it seek to regain the capital by force? DEBKAfile says, however, that Units of Russian paratroopers have 'completely liberated' the South Ossetian capital of Tskhinvali-" I don't know if that's a misquote, but in any case, Russia is angry enough with America to say the following:

"Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov warned Georgia’s arms suppliers they will be held accountable for the South Ossetia situation.

DEBKAfile’s sources say this is directed at the United States and Israel."

This does tell that Israel has supplied weapons to Georgia, tending to rule out that the Georgian president is Gog. Of concern to me, as per a statement made above, DEBKAfile's page also says this: "Saakashvili was disappointed in his hope of US and Europe coming to his aid in the crisis. They are willing to mediate a halt in violence but taking good care to avoid being drawn into a war against Russia." Has the disappointment begun? Will Saakashvili be ousted from, not only Ossetia, but Georgia? Israel appears to be in the lead in disappointing him:

"The Israeli military advisers commissioned by the Georgian president tried to hold back Friday’s invasion of Tskhinvali. They are now urging him to pull his army out of South Ossetia before it is overpowered and decimated by superior Russian tank forces."

Saakashvili will likely be offended by that sort of "help." But it's a long way from the anti-Israelism required to fulfill Gog's Biblical role. This is the main reason for discounting Saakashvili as the anti-Christ/Gog.

To other matters, I was writing in the previous update about what amounts to a concerted effort of the West to go in and see what Iran and Syria are doing in Lebanon. The conclusion one can make is that Lebanon will refuse to allow the West's officials to go see the sites that hold weapons if the officials should by any chance ask to see the sites. That very thing has occurred as per Syria today:

"Syria has blocked a new visit by International Atomic Energy Agency experts seeking to follow up on intelligence that Damascus built a secret nuclear program built with the help of North Korea, diplomats told The Associated Press on Saturday.

...The agency also is interested in going to three other locations suspected of possibly harboring other secret nuclear activities - sites the Syrians insist are off limits."

An article in Islamic Republic today says that Egypt is openly proclaiming Iran's right to build it peaceful nuclear power plants. This is not what I expected. However, an invasion of Egypt by the Iranians among Gog can yet be based on Egypt's peace deal with Israel, now almost 30 years old.

Just learned from Reuters that Georgia has declared a state of war, in legal effect for only 15 days. What's that mean? How does one declare war with a timetable? Does the Georgian military want 15 more days to reach a certain goal? The following article is entitled, "Georgia to let civilians flee South Ossetia," which suggests that Saakashvili is digging in for a war. Note that the invasion coincides with the start of the Olympics? Pre-planned strategy? "Saakashvili agreed the timing was not coincidental, but accused Russia of being the aggressor. 'Most decision makers have gone for the holidays,' he told CNN. 'Brilliant moment to attack a small country.'"

I've got to say, I don't see how Russia started this war, and that Saakashvili seems to be lying through his teeth. Moreover, his invasion of the Ossetian capital seems quite brutal. Clever falsifying of information (i.e. intrigues) and brutality are two traits of the anti-Christ. In fact, the victory came abruptly, which is reflective of the Bible's portrayal of the anti-Christ's prowess. Then, consider this deceptive, underhanded tactic:

"The Georgian attack came just hours after Saakashvili announced a unilateral cease-fire in a television broadcast late Thursday in which he also urged South Ossetian separatist leaders to enter talks on resolving the conflict" ( webpage above).

He attacked the very next day. If this is truly how he operates, then I would say that he has the makings of the anti-Christ. If it can be shown that Russia did not start this in order to provoke Georgia, then Saakashvili is a deceiver. As he is now in control of the city he wanted to control, I am hard-pressed to see how he is anything but the (first-acting) aggressor. It would be for this sort of deception, that then leads to massive deaths, that will make him despised and rejected, especially by God. He used fighter jets in his invasion of the capital, and indiscriminate bombing...while the guard of the citizenry was down due his own words the night before. This exposes heartlessness akin to that of Muslim terrorists, but then he's only just begun...if he's the anti-Christ.

I'm not taking this anti-Saakashvili position suddenly due to a bias, as if I wanted him to be the anti-Christ, or because I seek to urge you to believe that he is. I'll believe it only when I hear him mouthing off against Israel and/or the God of Israel, or when I see him seeking a high position in Iraq.

The above article tells that Russia is laying the Georgian invasion at the feet of America: "In a telephone conversation with Rice, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said Georgia must be convinced to withdraw its forces, according to a ministry statement." Translation: It's not enough for Rice to call a ceasefire, as she has already, or to call for the Russian troops to lay down their weapons, as she has already; she must urge the Georgians to get out of South Ossetia, and succeed. Tough talk.

The Americans have not made a formal decision on whether to drive/fly the Georgian fighters in Iraq to Georgia. If they do, they will be aiding the Georgians in an active way. If they refuse, Saakashvili will be greatly offended. The Georgian attack came just hours after Saakashvili announced a unilateral cease-fire in a television broadcast late Thursday in which he also urged South Ossetian separatist leaders to enter talks on resolving the conflict.

The Washington Times has four stories of interest today. The one on Georgia confirms what the claim of DEBKAfile that Russian troops have liberated the Ossetian capital (Tskhinvali): "However, witnesses said separatist and Russian forces seemed to be in control of Tskhinvali center, with no Georgian troops visible Saturday morning."

A second article verifies what seemed obvious: "A deal that would establish a timeline for U.S. combat troops to withdraw from Iraq is not as close as recent reports would indicate, a senior U.S. official said Friday." A third story has to do with deliberately violating Pakistani sovereignty, which I note comes as its president Musharraf faces impeachment, suggesting that a successful impeachment would be very dire for America's interests:

"Senior intelligence and military aides want President Bush to give American soldiers greater flexibility to operate against al Qaeda and Taliban fighters who cross the border from Pakistan's lawless tribal border area to conduct attacks inside Afghanistan, officials say.

Bush administration officials are pressing the president to direct U.S. troops in Afghanistan to be more aggressive in pursuing militants into Pakistan on foot as part of a proposed radical shift in regional counterterrorism strategy, the Associated Press has learned."

A fourth story is related to the previous two: "Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates has endorsed a new five-year, $17 billion plan to increase the size of the Afghan army by about 50,000 troops."

The deployment of these troops is now planned for 2010, but that date could change. Obama is going to start in early 2009, or so he had said.

CNN has quoted a Russian statement on the "liberation" of the Ossetian capital:

"'Battalion task forces have fully liberated Tskhinvali of Georgian armed forces and started pushing Georgian units out of the area of responsibility of the peacekeeping forces,' said General Vladimir Boldyrev, commander of the Russian Ground Forces, in an interview with Interfax."

The problem is, South Ossetia is a part of Georgia so that Russia has no legal right to be on its soil. South Ossetian leaders split from Georgia some years back, but Georgia has not recognized this separatist movement. Russia claims that it is justified in treading Ossetia because the Ossetian "rebels" have permitted it, but also because Russia seeks to protect Russian citizens, or citizens of Russian background, living there. Saakashvili is saying that he has the right to attack Russians on Georgian soil as a defensive move, and that what Russia really wants is to take over Georgia using Ossetia as a launching pad.

Let's now go to the Russian media to get their side of the story:

"Russian officials believe that it was the USA that orchestrated the current conflict...'The further the situation unfolds, the more the world will understand that Georgia would never be able to do all this without America,' a Russian official said. The Georgian administration ignored the appeal from the UN General Assembly to observe truce during the Beijing Olympics."

The above statement was made by the chairman of the State Duma Committee for Security (Vladimir Vasilyev). Keep in mind that Zhirinovsky is the deputy speaker of the State Duma, and that we would love to hear what he has to say.

The article goes on to tell of houses being leveled, women and children killed up to the thousands. The Russian Courier speaks of Saakashvili's "war crimes," that he started the conflict, and quotes 1) a Russian official saying in an emergency UN meeting that the UN has lost confidence in him (i.e. is ashamed to have supported him until now), and, 2) an Ossetian resident who says the Georgians were killing like the Nazis. If these reports are true (we should hear verification soon if it's true that Russia now controls the city), one can hardly view Saakashvili as on the defensive. If true that Russia attacked the city first (so as to tempt Saakashvili into retaliation, or into a competition for the city's reins), multitudes of the city's witnesses will simply say so.

An interesting addition to this story is in the Assyrian News, which says that Saakashvili announced to bring his Iraq troops home on Friday (yesterday), but that "The troops would be withdrawn from Iraq on Aug. 9, the president said in an interview with CNN." Which president said this? verifies that it wasn't Bush, but Saakashvili himself. It reveals that Saakashvili expected his troops home today! The American military in Iraq, and/or the Bush administration, have apparently not yet started to move the Georgian nearing midnight (August 10) in the Georgian time zone. Saakashvili, if his agenda to take the city fails, might just blame the Americans.

If true that Russia holds the city now, or most of it, the Americans are even more tightly wedged between a rock and a hard place, in making the decision. If they send the Georgian troops while Russia holds the fort, it will be viewed as pertaining to an offensive against Russia. If they don't send the troops, Georgia might refuse to join NATO, or worse.

The Daily Star in Lebanon interviewed the head of the European Parliament today, Hans-Gert Poettering. Two things are worth mentioning, even three. 1) He says that the EU wishes not to isolate Syria anymore because the nation has shown good faith by starting diplomatic relations with Lebanon, which the EU is viewing as a major breakthrough. But this is simply idiotic. Syria refused to have relations with Lebanon when Lebanon was pro-West and anti-Hezbolah; Syria is willing to have relations now only because Lebanon has a major Hezbolah faction that Syria can work with destroy Israel.

It seems inconsistent, to put it nicely, for the UN to place sanctions against Iran, and to hold its head under water, so to speak, while befriending Syria...when both Iran and Syria are working together on the same plot!

2) Poettering claims that the EU will never give up its alliance with Israel: "People who take the existence of Israel into question will find our strongest opposition." The EU doesn't seem to realize that it is in bed with a serpent when it befriends Israel's enemies for the purpose of evolving them into friends of Israel. The serpent will never become a friend of Israel. With the serpent firmly lodged as a multitude of UN members, it will turn the tide of the "world community" against Israel, and finally urge a betrayal of the nation.

3) Poettering was so amicable and "fair" to both sides that he was unable to show resentment or even mild opposition to the extent of weaponry Hezbolah has been amassing. As I said, I will say again, that if I were the leader of Israel, and not a Christian, or if I were an Old Testament king of Israel, I would hang Hezbolah warriors in the central court, for they fire their missiles into neighborhoods and villages, and do not come forth to fight a conventional war, in the field of battle with the Israeli military. Like rats, they dig in, seeking secret places as close as possible to population centers.

Some Christians are just like Poettering, so devoted to being amicable with everyone that they are unable, for fear of losing friendships, to point out grave sins.

Just say it, EU: Hezbolah is a cancer in Lebanon requiring immediate chemotherapy, and so long as Syria supports the spread of this malignant tumor now growing to dangerous levels in the body of Lebanon, the EU will freely and proudly choose to remain at enmity with Syria. That is how the EU is to talk openly in order to create blessing in the world. Unless one honors God, there shall not be a blessing, but always shame and failure.

I need to add that Israel yet exists because there are the majority of Arabs who are less insane, though I fault those who worship a dead man who was once a false prophet due to his use of the bloody sword to form his religious entity. Moreover, this false prophet was an Arab, and not a Jew, and could not, therefore, have been the Messiah. If you don't like me because I believe this, fine. But if you're thinking that you should come to my house to kill me, then it proves that you're not yet a man, but a juvenile who can't put down his weapons, who uses deadly weapons just because someone disagrees with his idea of the messiah. I guarantee that you can call my Messiah anything you wish, and the worst I will do to you is to shun you, and walk away. That was the commandment of Jesus, not to kill, but to shake the dust off the shoes, and walk away, allowing God to have the vengeance on Vengeance Day.

Your problem is that your Allah does not exist, and you can't bear the thought of a Jewish Messiah who will rule the world forever from Israeli Jerusalem. You wish to make Jerusalem Muslim by the force of your weapons, as though you were offering Allah a gift by doing so. What evidence do you have that this Mohammad character was a true man of God? Where are his predictions and prophecies to prove that God was with him? Any man can come with a sword, and with a religious idea; it doesn't make him a true man of God. You choose to worship him because he's an Arab, that is all. Look at the predictions of Jesus, how they are coming to pass, who said that Jerusalem would be surrounded by camps of soldiers. Keep reading my material, Osama, and watch the words of Jesus prove true again and again, for it is He who is the One Sent from Heaven.

Warning: Do not speak to a Muslim murderer like this if he knows where you live. He might not be capable of handling it.

I came across a map of Georgia.

August 10

Just so you know, the Jerusalem Post reports: "[Israeli] Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni is to convene a meeting of senior ministry officials on Sunday [tomorrow] to deal with the Russian-Georgian flare-up, amid concern that Israeli arms sales to Georgia could harm relations with Russia." The article makes it sound as though the Israeli government was not involved in the decision to sell weapons to Saakashvili, though I think the government would have allowed it.

In seeking Zhirinovsky's comments on, or perception of, Saakashvili, I found a statement in a McLatchy Newpapers item of yesterday: "'It is possible to stop Saakashvili only by bombing Tbilisi' Zirinosvski said." Always a hard-line approach with Zhirinovsky, and while some take him to be clowning around, a few take him seriously. Zhirinovsky is quite intelligent and knowledgeable, and has a lot to say.

The article verifies how I feel about the Ossetian invasion (that Saakashvili is a despicable deceiver): "South Ossetian officials denied that version of events, saying that the cease-fire was a ruse to soften their defenses before the Georgians attacked." The Saakashvili version of events is that the South-Ossetian "rebels" first broke the ceasefire.

In a badly-translated article, Zhirinovsky says (mid-2006) "that shortly Russia will replace president Saakashvili." These statements came as Georgia was being accepted by NATO. The replacement named by Zhirinovsky "former minister of state security Igor Giorgadze." I don't know what to make of this prediction, but I do think that this week's developments are being viewed by Russia as opportunistic for the purpose of ousting Saakashvili. Again, could it be that he somehow ends up in Iraq?

In an interview of Zhirinovsky, he was asked: "It looks as if Saakashvili is set to regain that [Abkhazia] part of Georgia by force sooner or later. Will the Abkhazians be strong enough to stop his offensive? Without Russian help." Zhirinovsky's response: "But one can look at it the other way: Will Georgia be able to attack Abkhazia without US assistance?" That was in 2004. The article is not thrilling, but Zhirinovsky makes several anti-Saakashvili statements. Which do you think makes the better anti-Christ?

Just found a related Abkhazia article saying: "At the beginning of his career, Saakashvili was known as the Georgian Zhirinovsky." Another article, this time just two days ago, has Zhirinovsky saying the following on camera:

"Saakashvili's regime should be destroyed, Georgia should be dismembered. This country has no future...This [Georgian] regime is a wild fascist regime and it can be destroyed only by force. Any talks will lead nowhere. To bomb it day and night, the whole of Georgia, and to destroy the Georgian army. They are fascists, racists; this is apartheid and genocide.";jsessionid=58254C1FFE0D08F2E1476A7F817CB8B6?item=99694

In the course of the Zhirinovsky and Saakashvili search, an interesting statement was found: "...[Saakashvili] patterns himself after another American politician. 'For me, the closest thing in terms of political orientation is John McCain. We're very close.'" John McCain, the False Prophet??? What if McCain wins the election and Saakashvili joins him in Iraq? So much speculation at this point, as McCain doesn't seem to fit the "false prophet" phrase. Saakashvili probably likes him because he wants Russia booted out of the G8. The article goes on to say:

"Saakashvili's flamboyant streak disturbs his critics, who call him a radical, a demagogue or even mentally unbalanced. 'If he becomes president, it will be an economic and political disaster for Georgia. Saakashvili is not very sane,' said Irina Sarishvili-Chanturia, a Shevardnadze ally...'He's absolutely uncontrolled...He's really dangerous.'"

This was said back in 2004, and of course it was a political enemy that said it. Immediately after the above quote, we read of Zhirinovsky's fist fights, and even throwing orange juice in the face of a rival politician. But back to the McCain topic, I found the following piece (of yesterday) to explain his close ties to Saakashvili:

"McCain wants to expel Russia from the G8 and one of his key puppet masters, neocon and former PNAC director Randy Scheunemann, 'spent a number of years lobbying on behalf of Georgia and has publicly taken strong pro-Georgia, anti-Russia positions,' according to Think Progress.

In fact, as freelance journalist Lindsay Beyerstein notes, Scheunemann is a registered representative of the government of Georgia in the United States and 'has developed a very close relationship with President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili and many senior Georgian officials.'"

It's true, Scheunemann was a registered lobbyist for the Republic of Georgia prior to March of 2008. But those of you who feel that Obama would make the better False Prophet, do not fear yet, for the article continues thus:

"Obama, on the other hand, has Zbigniew Brzezinski leading him around by the nose, the low-level Polish aristocrat whose life has been devoted to hatred of Russia...

Brzezinski’s grandiose schemes of world transformation caused a renewal of the Cold War and gave birth to Al-Qaeda...

In his book, The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy and Its Geostrategic Imperatives, Brzezinski declared Georgia — and Kazakstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia — key to his demented effort to destabilize and take down Russia, a nation with a large number of nuclear weapons at its disposal.

No doubt Brzezinski supports and relishes the mass murder currently underway in South Ossetia and apparently Abkhazia as well. Zbigniew’s son, Ian, is U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for European and NATO affairs and a backer of NATO expansion into Ukraine and Georgia. 'This project means that Americans will be committed to fight and die for a gangster regime in the Caucasus, at the far end of the Black Sea,' writes Webster G. Tarpley.

Thus, be it Obama or McCain, confrontation with Russia will likely be on the agenda."

Whosh, that's heavy material. Whosh, that comes with the scent of Armageddon radiation. The key words spoken by Obama are: "Georgia's territorial integrity must be respected." That puts him in the anti-Russia camp. He didn't condemn Georgia's invasion, but perhaps its too early to do so on the political level. As the smoke clears, the blame game will begin to move up a few notches. McCain has been more anti-Russia, calling for "Russia to reverse course." In an early article out today from the Associated Press, an anonymous Bush administration official tarnishes Russia squarely:

"Russia's use of overwhelming military force against Georgia, including strategic bombers and ballistic missiles, is disproportionate to any threat from the former Soviet state and could escalate tensions in the volatile region, a senior US official said Saturday.

...Russia has attacked areas in Georgia that are far away from the separatist province of South Ossetia, where the fighting has centered."

That's a good point. Russia bombed Poti on the Black sea coast, for example, far from the Ossetian capital. Russia did not merely fight the invaders of the capital, suggesting that Russia is indeed seeking to control Georgia. But this doesn't make the Americans or Georgians the good guys, for they could be seeking to control Ossetia for the purpose of weakening Russia's hold on its old satellite nations all the more. While some might argue that weakening Russia's hold is a good thing, doing it by brutally invading a nation is not a good-guy policy. It's too early to connect Bush to the Georgian brutality, but if he doesn't distance himself from it, he's one with it. That's what Jesus would judge.

Many years ago I searched for a 666 in "Zhirinovsky." Using the Hebrew alphabet, the name nets 601 where vowels have the value of 1. But I made a small and reasonable change by spelling Zhirinofski > Zhirinophski and got a 666 as follows:

Z = 7; h = 5; r = 200; n =50; ph = 80; s = 300; k = 20; TOTAL 662

see number values at

With the four vowels added, the total is 666.

As the most popular surname in Russia, Smirnov, has a "Smirnoff" variation, I can only hope that "Zhirinofski" is a valid variation...and in fact I checked just after writing that and found a few webpages using Vladimir Zhrinofski"!!! The Hebrew has no 'f', for which reason we must use the "ph" -- the Hebrew letter phe, being a variation of the Hebrew 'p', according to the Hebrew dictionary in Strong's Concordance (which is why I give the 'ph' the same value (80) as the 'p'). Many Russian surnames have a "ski" ending as alternative to a "sky" ending; see

I also found the proper pronunciation of the surname in the Associated Press' Pronunciation Guide, and it's with an 'f' sound rather than a 'v':

Vladimir Zhirinovsky -- VLAD'-ih-meer zheer-ih-NAWF'-skee.

To show once again the 666 in "Saakashvili":
S = 300; k = 20; s = 300; h = 5; v = 6; l = 30; TOTAL = 661

With the name's five vowels tacked on, the sum is 666.

This is pretty incredible. How can it be explained? I'd say one is the anti-Christ, and the other coincidence. I'd say that the coincidence is in Saakashvili, but I wouldn't bet to much on it because of the way I came to discover it. I had been sensing for two days that God wanted to show me something, of importance to you. As soon as I received this impression, within an hour or two, I came across Obama's possible Luwian background. I had wondered if that was the important message. But on the morning of just two days later, I found the 666 in Saakashvili's name. At the time that I was writing that message to you, it was thundering out, and the tone of the thunder was angry, as if to emphasize God's wrath on Saakashvili. That could have been coincidence too, for thunder is often angry sounding, but one just never knows.

Again, I had been keeping an eye out for a name totalling in the 600s, but never before during these Iraq updates did I check name after name in a single article as I did the day I discovered Saakashvili's 666. Did God give me the urge to tally those several names on that morning? I was awoken in an unusual way at about 4 am, feeling what I thought was a mouse on my blanket on my legs, and rose to swat it (with the lights off), but missed. I looked around for it, but couldn't find it, so naturally I didn't go back to sleep, and went online instead. Coincidence, or did God want me to get an early start so that readers, or at least one or more particular ones, would get that message early on that day? I know there are readers following these updates day by day, and others almost day by day. If you're one of them, just want to say I'm very happy to see you following along, and that I'm doing my best to keep them as short as possible, but there are so many stories to keep track of. Santiago from Spain, hello and God bless you. Spain needs to hear of it when Gog arises.

Now I'm not saying that the mouse incident was God's work (by the way, I never did see or hear a mouse after I awoke, so it could have been some other sensation on my leg), or that my coming upon Saakashvili's 666 was His work, but am saying that the possibility is there. I had been praying, the days before finding Saakashvili's 666, for Him to identify Gog because I didn't want regular readers lingering for months awaiting the discovery, but of course this could be a regular prayer that I put out throughout the updates.

I almost never remember my dreams, but I had a clear and curious one just before the "mouse" awoke me. There was a bear walking around with people,and I was frightened of it. I saw it come to a little girl, but it only sniffed her hand and kept walking, toward me. It seemed friendly and relaxed at the time, but when it came to my hand, it bit down on my fingers a bit, but left me alone otherwise. As soon as it got in front of me, I saw two deer, and the bear taking one by the neck and dragging it away, powerfully. A bear is the symbol of Russia, I noted when I awoke, and this thought came to me before I got online to discover Saakashvili. The problem is, Saakashvili is not a Russian. On the other hand, Zhirinovsky is, and he happens to be so obsessed with defeating Georgia that I'm wondering if he'll be made the chief official of the nation if Saakashvili is removed.

By the way, a deer, I discovered, is the symbol of the Hebrew dragon cult, or more in particular the Arpahxadite "Hebrews" who evolved into such entities as the Kabars and Arpads of Hungary (note similarity between "Arpad" and "Arphaxad"), the Serbs and Krvati, the Zahringers of Wurttemberg (Germany), and the Bavarian/Franconian Illuminati (basis of French and American Freemasons). I traced them back to the Carpae/Arpi Thracians, and to the mythical Harpies, and further back to mount Gareb of Jerusalem as well as the Harpasus river of Georgia. Perhaps the dream means, therefore, that Russia will conquer Saakashvili's Georgia. Remember, if this does come to pass, that I had the dream before I awoke to discover that Saakashvili had invaded into South Ossetia.

You're not going to believe this. I wrote the above before checking any news this morning (it's not 9 am yet). The first article I came to, via the Drudge Report, is entitled, "Russian Bear Goes for West's Jugular." I am absolutely shocked, not so much as the use of "bear," but of "jugular." I tell you no lie, I did not make the bear dream up to fit this headline!!! I would have published yesterday, but I didn't have evidence that it was a dream from God, but now I see that it was supposed to be published this morning, so that the first headline I came to after writing it would tip me off that the dream was indeed from Him. Let me add that I usually place no importance on my dreams, and oppose dreamer-prophets that are rampant online, who seem to be out to make a name for themselves as prophets of God.

It would seem, therefore, that the bear dream was given me to verify that God is attending to my writings at this time, which is something the reader needs to know as well as myself. Something must be very important, in other words, with the Georgian war now taking place. The article with the headline above tells and shows of Georgia's misery after Russia's strike upon it. It quotes Putin as saying: "From a legal point of view, Russia’s actions in South Ossetia are totally legitimate." See

Media reports tell that Russians have continued to bomb inside Georgia throughout the night and into the day, and are amassing soldiers at various locations on the Georgian border, in both Abkhazia and Ossetia. "Shortly before dawn on Sunday, Georgia's Interior Ministry said that Russian bombers had begun striking the airport at Tbilisi." Reports also tell that Georgians were ordered (by their own people) to leave the Ossetian capital about 1:30 am. The capital is just inside the Ossetian border from Georgia, and

"An official at Georgia's Interior Ministry, Shota Utiashvili, said Sunday that Georgian troops had completely withdrawn from South Ossetia.

...Near the border, Georgian soldiers were bewildered that they had been pushed out. Exhausted troops, their faces covered with stubble, said they were angry at the United States and EU for not coming to Georgia's aid."

I'm not sure how to take that. Did the Georgians invade with the mere assumption that the West would come to assure success against Ossetia? Or was the West supposed to assist in the war as per the original plan? The Jerusalem Post reports that while Georgians are out of the capital, a Georgian military official said that it's temporary, implying that they yet hope to capture the capital. The article puts it like this: "Georgia's Security Council chief Alexander Lomaia said Georgian troops had relocated to new positions outside South Ossetia." In other words, they are not retreating permanently, but are stationed outside the capital making Plan B. I'm assuming here that the original plan was to get those extra 2,000 Georgian troops in Iraq on the 9th (yesterday), and it is for the failure of receiving them thus far, from American agency, that has the Georgian military disappointed.

Putin is saying that Russia will not cease its "legal" aggression until Georgia gives it to Russia in writing that it will never attempt to seize Ossetia again, but this is something that Putin knows Georgia will not likely do, thus giving him the chance that he can continue his "legal" war until it has made a significant inroad. It should be important to see how the West reacts now that Russia is in control of south Ossetia, which Russia is threatening to annex. When Georgia was in control, the U.S. demanded an immediate ceasefire on both sides, a very convenient solution for Georgia; now that Russia is in control, the U.S. is demanding, not a ceasefire on both sides, but an immediate Russian withdrawal.

The DEBKAfile (today) verifies the following: "Under heavy fire, Georgia 'temporarily' pulled its soldiers from the South Ossetian capital of Tskhinvali, but stayed in the region and denied it was surrendering." Now that the U.S. is portraying Russia as the main aggressor, it can justify shipping to Georgia its 2,000 fighters in Iraq. Of great interest to me is the article's comment: "Moscow’s disdain for Washington’s lack of muscle will further encourage Tehran and its terrorist proxies to defy the international community and the United States in particular." (Unfortunately, DEBKAfile does not make an URL available to its articles, but only to its home page.)

Can we see this lack of muscle worsening under Obama? Isn't a lack of muscle the thing expected when Gog takes it's Middle Eastern rampage? Some have been saying that the United States must be nuked in order for Gog to arise and invade Israel, but I don't take that position. The Spirit of God is the one who determines outcomes, and such a drastic measure is unnecessary where He's concerned. The real reason that there is a lack of U.S. muscle here is, not because the U.S. military has weak muscles, but because it doesn't care enough to act against Russia when the prize is merely an alliance with Georgia. Or does it care enough? We shall have to wait and see.

My point is that the U.S. won't act when Gog starts his invasion of Israel because Obama will then be in power. That's how I'm viewing the future at this point, anyway. I want to see how Democrats react to the Georgian situation, whether they will oppose or support the U.S. flexing and/or utilization of its muscles. If Dems take an anti-war stance again, which is expected so long as Bush takes a pro-war stance, we would expect an anti-war stance to be maintained when Gog begins to tread the Middle East...if Dems are in the Commanders seat at that time. This is why I tend to expect the rise of Gog in Iraq after Obama becomes the Commander-in-Chief (though Gog may arise diplomatically in Iraq while Bush is yet in power).

The DEBKAfile article goes on to give Russia's options at the moment, one of which is to oust Saakashvili, and another to "make Washington swallow a pro-Russian successor." Might that successor of Georgia be the Biblical Gog? Up until now, I would have answered, not necessarily. But I know how much Zhirinovsky would like to rule Georgia, and I'm entertaining for the moment that Georgia is to play some role in Gog's mission.

I went to work for a bit this afternoon, but within an hour I sensed that I should come in and report on new developments. I wasn't disappointed, so to speak. Russian military have pushed back the Georgians who were in Ossetia. Advancing into Georgia as far as Gori, and may be ready to take the city:

"Georgian tanks were dug into positions outside Gori and planning to defend the city, said Shota Utiashvili, an official in Georgia's interior ministry. He said the city of Gori was coming under artillery and tank fire. There was no immediate comment from Russia.

A senior Western diplomat said it was unclear whether Russia intended a full invasion of Georgia. 'They seem to have gone beyond the logical stopping point' to retake the separatist regions, he said.

...Zalmay Khalilzad, the American ambassador [to the UN], accused the Kremlin of seeking to oust Georgia's pro-Western president, Mikheil Saakashvili."

It appears that Zhirinovsky's "prophecy" is coming true.

I also just read that a Russian ship is reported to have sunk a Georgian missile carrier, and that the Russian fleet is turning away cargo ships headed into Georgia. The West at this time is thinking that Russia wants all of Georgia. The West can only attempt to stop this by military force at the risk of finding that the Russians have gone mad. That is, Russia has had enough of the West's intrusions into the old Soviet block, and might be angry enough to take this to the brink of war with the United States. The article goes on to say that "[Saakashvili] has asked to talk with Putin [all day concerning a ceasefire], and he has asked to talk to Medvedev...But they have refused."

Hopefully, Russia is just playing Big Daddy and means only to punish Georgia for a time rather than to continue a full-scale invasion. As a condition to end the offensive, or so the Russian leaders are now saying, they want Georgia to do what it might rather die over than do: recognize South Ossetia's and Abkhazia's sovereignty. If this were the end of the matter, Georgia might survive intact by giving in, but Zhirinovsky's words of four years ago, that Russia intended to replace Saakashvili with a pro-Russian leader, are now resounding. Is it fair to say at this point that the Bear has chomped down on the two Georgian deer of Abkhazia and South Ossetia? For indeed Russians are in control of Abkhazia as well.

DEBKAfile reports that Russians have crossed a dire line:

DEBKAfile reports that the Russian jets pulverized Gori, leaving hundreds dead, to punish Georgian for invading the South Ossetian capital of Tskhvingali last Thursday.

The air raids of the two Georgian airports took place as the US began flying hundreds of Georgian troops home from Iraq, leaving them nowhere to land."

See "Georgia Cracks..." at

Perhaps the position of Russia is not so bad as it could be. Perhaps it is thinking that since Saakashvili wanted to re-attack the Ossetian capital, he was waiting for his troops in Iraq to arrive for the purpose, and there was also the risk that American soldiers would join them. Therefore, Russia advanced into Georgia only to cripple the airports, for it did strike the T'bilisi airport before its advance into Gori. The American rhetoric, that Russia is intent on taking Georgia completely, is a to-the-max accusation, exactly expected when a nation wishes to engage the enemy in battle. We can imagine how many opinions are flying around the rooms on how to proceed.

Just came across a CNN article featuring an enlightening statement on Russia's apparent position:

"At an emergency session of the United Nations' Security Council, the U.S. alleged Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice that Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili 'must go.'

...In a crackling exchange of a type rarely seen since the end of the Cold War, Khalilzad asked Russian Ambassador Vitaly Churkin whether the Russians were seeking 'regime change' in Georgia with the military operation they launched Friday.

...'Sometimes there are democratically elected or semi-democratically elected leaders who do things which create grave problems for their countries,' Churkin told reporters after the meeting.

... Georgia's ambassador, Irakli Alasania, said Churkin's meaning was clear enough.

'For me, it confirms that what the Russian Federation is seeking through this military aggression and invasion is to change the democratically elected Georgian government,'" Alasania said."

But all that from the Russian representative might be more anger than true plan. The Assyrian News tells of what Russia must have caught wind of, and one can see clearly in this report that Georgia was intent on continuing the war even while Saakashvili was offering a ceasefire to Russian leaders:

"BAGHDAD (AFP) -- Around half of Georgia's 2,000-strong contingent in Iraq returned home on Sunday [today] to redeploy in the conflict in its breakaway province of South Ossetia, military spokesmen said.

'Flights have in fact begun today and Georgian forces are redeploying,' US military press spokesman Major John Hall told AFP.

'We are supporting the Georgian military units that are in Iraq in their redeployment to Georgia so that they can support requirements there during the current security situation.'

...A senior Georgian military official in Iraq said 1,000 troops had already arrived in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia."

There is no way, even with all 2,000, that Georgia could push the Russians back if the latter are intent on remaining in Georgia. Saakashvili must be requesting the aid of Western military, therefore. We shall have to wait and see if the hard U.S. comments toward Russia are a rebuke alone, or an excuse to enter the war.

This will likely be all for today. Will pick it up on a new Update page for tomorrow the 11th, probably having some info up by midnight.


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