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August 11 - 12, 2008

...Feels Like it's Raining All Over the World

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August 9

As I discuss war strategies for the purpose of finding the events that are prophecy-important, and especially when a war is underway as it is in Georgia, I may not show a heart-filled concern for the tragedies endured by victims. I do, however, see the photos and feel troubled with sorrow. Just so you know I do have a heart.

The photo at the page below tells a grief-stricken story, especially with the article's title: "We helped in Iraq - now help us, beg Georgians." The subtitle reads: "As Russia forces its neighbour to retreat from South Ossetia, the people of Gori tell our correspondent of betrayal by the West."

War. Humankind's ugliest mark.

I hope this war is not for oil. But if not, then it's for political territory, and both have to do with money and greed. Others die for the greed of the leaders. That's the mark of mankind without his God. The worst of mankind gets to the top, as a general rule anyway, but moreso in the end times.

Consider the back-stepping of Israel at Russia's threats:

"Russian and Georgian media reported several days ago that Israel decided to stop its support for Georgia after Moscow made it clear to Jerusalem and Washington that Russia would respond to continued aid for Georgia by selling advanced anti-aircraft systems to Syria and Iran."

The article then tells that "Russia bombed a Georgian military plant in which Israeli experts are upgrading jet fighters for the Georgian military." This very issue is a good reason for rejecting Georgia as the bedrock for end-time Gog, and for going back to the idea that Russia will produce him instead.

Perhaps the Soviet Union fell because it wasn't time for Gog to rise yet. Perhaps the recovery of Russia now coincides with the Appointed Time. Russian leaders must be saying that this victory is what Russia needed, a real boost to the military moral. "Now the world will respect us."

What is respect from the world when it also hates you, Russia? Didn't your mother teach you how to earn respect? Respect others, and others will respect you. Gog won't have any of this. The prophecies tell that he comes to rob the wealth of others.

Might it be God's will that Gog should stem out from Caucasia, where he lived in ancient times, roughly in the Ezekiel era? Is this why Russia is there now? I have been wondering. I identified (years ago) the Gog of Ezekiel's time with the so-called "Royal Scythians." Others called them Saka, which term incidentally reflects the president of Georgia, Mikhail Saakashvili. It's midnight here, EST, and so the sun has arisen already in Georgia. When I awake in the morning, the Georgian events of August 11 will have developed in one direction or another, so let's watch to sense what God wants us to know about it. I trust He won't disappoint.


Good morning. Perhaps the most important development to occur at this point is the entry of the United States into the war. I woke up to find that "Dick Cheney called Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili to express U.S. solidarity in the conflict with Russia and told him 'Russian aggression must not go unanswered,' the vice president's office said on Monday [today]." This statement, made yesterday, might be interpreted as an apology and a promise to support Georgia militarily all at once, except for the article telling that Bush is threatening merely to sour US-Russia relations.

One needs to understand that the entry of America into this war could be the most-devestating thing for Georgians. If Georgians are saddened by the current condition of some of their cities (last count was 15 localities bombed by Russians), imagine how much more a US-Russia conflict would destroy infra-structure, the economy, etc. I think the Americans understand this, but at the same time they wish to support Georgians. It's got to be a dry love, however, for it's known that Saakashvili brought this upon his own people by starting a murderous rampage in Ossetia. It's also got to be a bit of a phony love because the Bush team is not so much concerned with Georgians as it is about Russia ruling Georgia one way or the other. I'm awaiting to see the White House's tack on the situation today, after yesterday's Russian advance, and Georgia's cry of abandonment by the West.

The Jerusalem Post, which is in a time zone similar to that of Georgia, is on the story, telling that Putin was offended yesterday that America would airlift the Georgian soldiers in Iraq. The article tells that Saakashvili sighned an official ceasefire agreement that was supported by the European Union, but that Russia has refused to accept it. As this would raise fears that Russia is attempting to take all of Georgia, Russian officials meanwhile assured the West that it had no plans to move deeper into Georgia.

The Moscow Times says:

"NATO and U.S. officials said they would not be drawn into the conflict militarily.

Several international and Russian media outlets suggested that Moscow was pushing to absorb South Ossetia into Russia."

This result, at the very least, seems assured on the near horizon, but will not satisfy Zhirinovsky and other hard liners. Russia is a powder keg of hard liners, and the decision on how to proceed in Georgia must now be a bristling debate in the Russian hall of smoke and mirrors. Russia has the ability to produce trumped excuses as justification for its aggression. For example, it demanded today that Georgians on the Abkhazia front lay down their weapons as condition for Russia to stop its advance, which is simply asking too much, and Russia knows it. Therefore, Russia can continue the war, and advance further into Georgia while saying that it has no plans to advance deeper. It can later say that it was forced to advance because Georgians would not lay down their weapons.

Russia's political machine runs on deception in the same manner as Iran's: "Russian television is flush with footage of misery left by the Georgian assault in the separatist district of South Ossetia, but few, if any, reports mention Russia's bombing of Georgia." This was written in the Moscow Times today. The article also tells that Russia Today would not allow it's Gerogia corresponent to air certain footage, wherefore the correspondent quit working for Russia Today. My impression of Pravda's coverage is that Zhirinovsky is himself its editor-in-chief. The news is so obviously slanted that it reflects badly on the Russian government, and is strong evidence that the government cannot be trusted.

I hope the reader trusts me by now, for as you can see I do not show favoritism toward the United States. I seek to be a citizen of God's Israel (to be distinguished from Zionist Israel), and count all nations of this world as at enmity with God. Remember Lot's wife in these last days, who turned back with loving concern for her nation's demise. Does the reader love his/her own country that betrrays the Biblical God? American leaders know that unless they feign a love for God, they will not win enough Americans on board to win an election. For example, John McCain, having a God-problem at this time, is considered Romney as his running mate, a Mormon "Christian." I implore you, America is not God's nation. Christians of America have near-zero power. Virtually everything that Satan would have in America's social fabric is rampant. Therefore, I don't expect American leaders to act any differently than Russian leaders, except to compete for the world's "vote."

The words spoken by the Russian ambassador to the UN, that Saakashvili "must go," resound in my mind. To corroberate that Russia seeks somehow to topple Saakashvili, DEBKAfile reports "fresh explosions in the devastated Georgian town of Gori reported by witnesses." However, aside from this, there appears to be little advancement on the part of Russia. Perhaps it's coming to the end of its retaliation, or perhaps its preparing an assault on T'bilisi. Gori would be the natural city to take prior to assaulting T'bilisi deeper into Georgia; see map of Georgia. The Herald Tribune writes that Russia is amassing military might north of T'bilisi:

"Russia sent more tanks, troops and rocket launchers in the breakaway Georgian region of South Ossetia this morning amid fears that it is planning a new front against Georgia in the west.

Thousands of Russian troops, dozens of T72 tanks and Hurricane multiple rocket launchers were seen streaming south along the winding mountain roads from Russia, a reporter for the news agency Reuters said."

That's in this morning's news. Why would Russia send more military units to South Ossetia when its already in Russia's firm control, and when the Georgian military is too weak to do anything about it, with or without it's troops from Iraq? The article goes on to suggest that a huddle is in the works: "Vladimir Putin, the Russian Prime Minister, and President Dimitry Medvedev met top generals at the Kremlin today for a council of war over the progress." It's now evening in Georgia and Moscow, for which I assume that some conclusions were made at this meeting. The problem is, and perhaps it's a problem Russia likes to see, " [Georgia] was rapidly moving battle-hardened troops up to the frontline near South Ossetia."

Unfortunately, I can't find which side started the deployments on the Ossetian front, but in any case the Russians have the option of declaring an aggression-in-progress by Georgia by which Russia is forced to invade deeper into Georgia. The same article paints a bleaker picture that plays right into Russia's hands:

"The first of the Georgian forces withdrawn from Iraq over the weekend have already arrived in Gori, 15 miles from the South Ossetian border, The Times can confirm, and appear to be in no mood for peace.

'We will drink Russian blood,' said Badri, one of the contingent newly arrived from Iraq.

Georgia appealed to the international community to step in."

As expected even if it isn't true, "Russia accuses Georgia of keeping up a bombardment of South Ossetia," even saying that Georgians downed four Russian planes. Most of Gori is abandoned fearing a massive Russian strike. On the other hand, the article says: "There was no obvious sign, however, that the city had been devastated by a massive air attack, or that Georgian forces had repulsed the Russians there last night - two of the claims that Mr Saakashvili has made this morning." This contradicts DEBKAfile which affirmed the "pulverising" of Gori. Perhaps the Herald Tribune's people had not seen the entire city. In any case, there seems to be no justification for that the Tribune further writes:

"Russian military jets have, however, been carrying out new raids on Georgian territory, hitting targets around the Georgian capital Tbilisi and the Black Sea port of Poti."

I did a few hours business after writing the above and came back at 4 pm to discover that:

"The reported capture of the key Georgian city of Gori and the towns of Senaki, Zugdidi and Kurga came despite a top Russian general's claim earlier Monday that Russia had no plans to enter Georgian territory. By taking Gori, which sits on Georgia's only east-west highway, Russia can cut off eastern Georgia from the country's western Black Sea coast."

Russia could not have acted any sooner and any more deceptively, if indeed these reports are true. Russia is denying them. The Associated Press is in the midst of trying to verify them. Saakashvili claims that "A full-scale retreat of Georgian troops was ordered from the border town of Gori to defend the capital Tbilisi 60 km away." Someone must be lying, since Russia denyies it all. DEBKAfile comes out and says what I've not read in other media as a fact: "Moscow had made it obvious that it would only hold its fire after his regime was gone and replaced by a Moscow-friendly administration."

What happened earlier in the day, to modify Russia's official position, is suumed up neatly as follows:

"The prospects for a negotiated ceasefire were dealt a blow when Russia's ambassador to Nato declared that Mr Saakashvili 'is no longer a man that we can deal with'. Dmitri Rogozin said: 'He must be punished for breaching international law. He is responsible for many war crimes.'

This is the ace that Russia has up its sleeve: Saakashvili ordered a brutal invasion of South Ossetia. Russia can take that fact to justify a sweep of Georgia. When it's all over, if Russia gets its way, the world will both respect and hate Russia. But what I think will happen afterward is a Russian sweep of still more nations, for if the world is going to hate Russia, it may as well continue to re-build it's empire. Remember, Daniel tells that Gog will be suicidal (last verses of Daniel 11) in leading the world to Armageddon.

What's next after Georgia? Mosul is just 400 miles south of T'bilisi, and much of the land between the two cities is Iranian territory i.e. by which Russia can come through freely with Ahmadinejad's blessing. That's one possible scenario, anyway, and if it does occur, I would chalk the entire "adventure" up to a plan that was long in the works before the Georgian invasion. Somehow, though, I think the scenario of a Mosul invasion from Gerogia is too much of a this time.

Think about it. Ezekiel has Gog and Iran pairing up in the invasion of Israel. It has to come from Israel's north. The anti-Christ is an Assyrian king of Babylon at the time, and Iran stands between Georgia and northern Iraq. It's very logical that Gog's forces will come through this Iranian stretch at some point. I just don't know when Russian forces will enter Iraq, but my impression has been: not at the beginning of the Week, but more toward the middle of the Week, when it's time for the Israeli invasion. Armenia beware, for you sit between Georgia and Iran.

The way from Georgia to Iran is right past Jerevan, the city that I say was home to the Jerusalem dragon cult at mount Gareb. I believe that the Hrazdan river shown on this modern map of Armenia was very likely the ancient Harpasus/Harpasou river named after the Arphaxadites...who, as the dragon cult itself, mixed with the Hros/Rosh of the Aras river (into which the Hrazdan flows).

On this ancient map of Caucasia (not to correct scale), Gogarene is marked to the south-east iof Lake Sevan (click on map to enlarge). I traced the Hera cult from Soducena, which is where Jerevan is today, and in fact I figured that Hera was named after the Yervand dynasty of Armenians that quite apparently named Jerevan. I traced the Zeus cult from the locality of Sittacene in the Assyro-Susianna realm, and thereby realized that Zeus was given Hera as his only wife (all other "women" were portrayed as his adulteresses) because they were the same peoples from two different regions. I then thought to tie both the Soducena Armenians and those who named Sittacene to the Sadduccees, as it made sense that the dragon cult should sentence Jesus to his death.

On the ancient map, note the Laz Caucasians on the Black sea shore, near what is Poti today (but anciently Phasis, shown). The Hebrew dragon cult is emphasized as Iberia, shown, which covered much of Georgia. My claim is that the Armenian cult under myth code, Hermes, moved to mount Herman (Lebanon), where its summit was named both Sion and Ardos, and so note Artaxata beside Soducena. I identified Hermes as the Cadusii Armenians, and so ask whether that location evolved into "Soducena." I reasoned that Sion was a variation of "Dion," a name used for Zeus in some period(s). It would seem that the ancient Gorgo-Armenian land of the dragon cult, the people of which became the Biblical dragon of the Romano-Latins as well as the draconian Russians (stemming from Varangian-Rus Scandinavians), should play some role in the end time plot.

I reasoned that the Zeus-Hera alliance was in Jerusalem so as to explain both it's Zion name and it's Hera-like Jerusalem name. In fact, before coming to this conclusion, I had identified Zeus as Delymites (near Cadusia) evolving into the Solymi peoples, so that one needs to take a hard look at the Greek version of the city's name: Hierosolyma. My intuition then pegged the Zeus-Hera cult at Jerusalem as the underlying importance in modern Zionism, in Templarism, and in Freemasonry with its Illuminati groups such as Rosicrucianism. That is, all of the above are a part of the dragon cult of ancient Jerusalem, when the city was operated by the Hebrew-branch Amorites prior to the arrival of the Israelites. YHWH chose the headquarters of the dragon cult, even as He will take over the dragon's kingdoms (wealth, technology, and all) at Armageddon, and give them to the people He loves. It would be time for Israelites to get their dancing shoes on, if only there were not a great tribualtion of Israel between now and then.

The point here is that branches and sub-branches of Freemasonry rule most of the West. It's as if God has permitted to allow dragon-cult operatives to this day, to permit their alliance to the Rus dragon cult, both sides having their roots in Caucasia. Have you read that the mother of Javier Solana wrote a book, over 600 pages long, honoring the chief Rosicrucian, Francis Bacon? Have you read that George Bush was initiated in the Skull and Bones society? Have you read that Obama is surrounded by Rhodes-Illuminati machinations? On and on this same storyline goes with many of the world's leaders.

At this time, the Arabs of Kirkuk are seemingly revolting against the Kurds to the point of war. Could it be that those Sunni Arabs are about to start a war in conjunction with Russia's war on Georgia because the Russians and ex-Saddamist Sunnis are planning together? The path between Iran and Mosul is through Kurd territory (Kurds will likely fight Russians), but if a corridor could be opened through Kirkuk, which lies midway between Iran and Mosul, it would of course be advantageous for a Gog seizure of Mosul. But this is getting way too speculative. Patience.

Keep in mind as you read the following article out today that Kirkuk was previously named Arrapachitis after Arphaxadites:

"Tensions over the oil-rich Province of Kirkuk are mounting and rival factions are reportedly preparing themselves for a long and protracted armed conflict.

...Signs of infighting are in the air with Arab tribal chieftains threatening to resort to arms in order not to let the Kurds control the oil-rich province."

Recall from a recent update, my mention of the Juburi surname of the Jiburi tribe of Iraqis that number about 10 million throughout the nation, and that one Juburi fellow has a Baathist political party and news outlet, and is very thristy for power. Then there is "Sheikh Hussein al-Jibouri, a high ranking Sunni tribal chieftain whose tribesmen the U.S. arms and finances [who] said Arabs will not stand by if the Kurds officially add the oil-rich territory to their autonomous region...But the Kurds have said they will settle for no less than 'full annexation' and for them Kirkuk is the ‘Jerusalem' that cannot be compromised."

So, you see, it is half-predictable that Kurds and Gog's Sunni Arabs will start conflicting with arms, and that Gog will enter in the midst of that war. In the midst of this threat, wherein "Prime Minister Nouri Al Maliki has commissioned a special committee of the Council of Ministers to urgently prepare a report on the potential outbreak of armed conflict in Kirkuk," Obama, just today, has once again called for an end to the Iraq war (i.e. withdrawal of U.S. troops and money from Iraq), in an effort to save billions of dollars. A wise move? Or the mistake of the century? Russia "loves" Obama. The Baathists "love" Obama.

I sought a Zhirinovsky statement yesterday without success, but today he did say something:

"5:49 p.m. Vladimir Zhirinovsky, leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia,says that the Russian State Duma will not hold a special session on the Georgian-South Ossetian conflict and, at present, will not review the recognition of the independence of Georgia’s breakaway regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, Interfax reports."!BC643D0EE3B38628!12968.entry

How to interpret the underlying motives of this hands-off approach. I don't know anything, frankly, on how the Duma conducts its business. My best shot at interpreting this hands-off approach is that the Duma does not wish to rock the boat when things are goling so well in Georgia, for Russia. Zhirinovsky has been much more silent on this war than is expected of his personality. Either he has been told to shut up for once in his life, or he knows it without being told. If either of those options are untrue, then the third option is that he is one of the political generals of this onslaught. I say this because, if he is Gog, he must earn his points and climb to the top of the military ladder one way or the other, for Gog will be a military mastermind. It seems quite natural for Putin to invite such an extraverted man as Zhirinovsky into his advisory-board meetings on this Georgian affair, and moreover I can imagine that if he has not been invited he would seek in all humility to get himself invited by offering Putin bold and clever military tactics in all heart-felt zeal.

I then found an article telling that, today, Russian president "Medvedev met with the leaders of parliamentary factions in the State Duma," in which Zhirinovsky (as deputy speaker of the State Duma) was present. The purpose of the meeting: "Mr Medvedev called on the deputies to help explain Russia’s position on the conflict in South Ossetia to the international organisations and foreign parliamentarians." Unfortunately, there was no mention of any statement that Zhirinovsky may have made. The fact that the president of the nation requested assistance from the State Duma gives Zhirinovsky the opportunity to become helpful as a means to worm his way up the ladder of significance, if he has not so wormed himself to this point.

The very next webpage that I visited on seeking Zhirinovsky statements, of late, expresses the opinions of various Russian leaders, and exposes, finally, Zhirinovsky's heart on the matter:

Vladimir Zhirinovsky, the legislature’s deputy speaker and head of the ultranationalist Liberal Democratic Party, advocated the use of tactical missile weapons against Georgian targets."

We are not surprised!!

August 12

Good morning. Most of the daylight hours of August 12th in Georgia have transpired. Just as I was singing, It's a rainy rainy night in Georgia, Medvedev calls it quits and says that Russia has punished Georgia enough. Hmm, I don't think that Russia wanted merely to punish Georgia. IPerhaps Russia has decided to be content with the securing of Georgia's two separatist regions. Perhaps it feels that damage done to Georgia will have Saakashvili removed by his own voters. Perhaps Russia intends to resume the war at a any new aggression by Georgian soldiers, and is subsiding only temporarily to give appearances of non-aggression. Russia can accuse Georgians of resuming the war at any time even though Georgians don't.

On the other hand, I was planning yesterday to say today, and you may have felt the same, that if Russia had up-scaled its offensive today, the United States would enter the war. Perhaps Russia got that sense as well.

This war has been a confidence builder for Russia, and moreover has acted as a trial balloon to test the international waters for its threshold of retaliation. It's an important piece of progress for the effecting of the prophesied Biblical drama. Both northern Iraq and Lebanon are seemingly at the brink of war, and war can bring political changes in a matter of weeks. In the case of Lebanon, a war at this time would simply use up Hezbolah's weaponry and accomplish little more than to kill more innocent Israelis.

But in northern Iraq, where even though Kurds outnumber the Sunnis and are sure to win the raw war, Sunnis and Kurds share the same region in the same country, very much unlike the Israel-Lebanese situation. We know how Arabs can draw a war out, via terrorism, for years and years to create political instability, and as we have seen in Iraq already, terrorism is made much easier when terrorists live in the midst of the enemy.

My previous impression had been, which you can verify in the Iraq chapters, that Gog would arise in Iraq as a problem solving diplomat. I just didn't know, years ago, what the problem at the time would be. I knew that the Baathists would look to him as their solution for arising to power in Iraq once again, but whether they would succeed I could not know. The Daniel text (chapter 11) makes the possibility high that Baathists will find some power in Iraq, as their partner (Gog) succeeds militarily. And that's the point, that Gog will come feigning a diplomatic solution with conquering on his mind. We have just seen Russia enter the Ossetian war with the excuse of protecting the Russian peacekeepers in Ossetia. We have just seen Russia sayting that it would not, therefore, invade Georgia...just one day before it invaded Georgia.

Take the very same situation in Georgia, in other words, and superimpose it on northern Iraq, and then watch Gog be much more of a brute than Putin has been.

I still maintain what I said above about Russia's advance on northern Iraq from Georgia...which is a very new outlook for me; it's something that prophecy does not tell, but one that can now be assumed. I don't see that advance early in the Week, at the time that Gog acts as a problem solver. The fact is, Russia now has substantial claim to Georgian territory i.e. South Ossetia by which to launch a military drive south. It's military has been built to a substantial degree on that Georgian territory, and can use Saakashvili's bad behavior to keep them there as "peace-keepers."

I was wrong to say that the main thing to watch is the Iran-Lebanon situation. The main thing to watch now is the imminent war, and political instability, in northern Iraq. The Iranian invasion into Israel cannot occur until after Gog arises in Iraq. I assumed this rise apart from a local war (or grave political conflict) taking place in the Mosul region. Now I see that conflict in that region may be his ticket for worming himself in. Just as the Ossetians gladly allowed Russian troops to enter their territory to protect them, so the Baathists and other Sunnis will accept Gog as their partner when he steps in to take their side. The chances of Gog stepping into the Sunni-Kurd conflict is higher if an actual war is in progress.

That's my current opinion, however, but of course history has a way of humbling those who make predictions. My purpose here, and always in these updates, is to predict what the pieces of Prophecy both state and imply. The correct predicting of these two things will serve tourge readers, who might not be friendly toward the Bible now, became enamored with it. It will also alert Christians that THIS IS IT, time to hunker down. Also, as these updates are lenghty, I find myself recording in detail the history to the build up of Armageddon, which perhaps Millennial peoples (i.e., after Armageddon) might reflect upon. For God gives prophecies to act as evidence of His existence, and that he does speak through men, and of course it's not evidence until after the prophecies take place.

No one in the world is predicting a Mosul take-over by Russia at this time, meaning that I am not predicting it based in the current situation "on the ground," for there is nothing on the ground that would suggest that this scenario should come to pass.

Well it just so happens that the Kurdish prime minister (Barzani) arrived in Tehran today. "The visit comes as a response to an official invitation by the Iranian Government during which he will meet a number of officials in the Iranian state." What do we suppose Ahmadinejad is up to??? The article goes on to say that "Barzani was received at Mehrabad international Airport by" other high-level Kurds as well as an agent of the Iranian foreign ministry. This is clearly a big event.

Of more interest to us, the article shares this:

"Iranian Islamic forces are regularly pounding the Kurdish villages in the mountainous area in Sulaimaniyah province in the autonomous region of Kurdistan in 'northern Iraq', under the pretext of chasing the Iranian Kurdish PJAK separatists."

So, you see, it is not hard to imagine that a Russo-Iranian plot is afoot to de-stabilize the Kurds of northern Iraq. But even if Russia is not involved in Iran's project-Kurd, one can see how a war in Kurdistan could have the Sunni Arabs screaming for Rusian help, as for exampole the Gerogians were screaming for Western help yesterday. The article goes on to say: "Iraqi Kurdistan politicians says both Turkey and Iran are using Turkey's Kurdish separatist PKK rebel group and PJAK as an excuse to invade the Kurdistan region of Iraq to prevent the establishment of a Kurdish state..." Another article puts it square: "Particularly worrying is that Turkey, which has close ties with Kirkuk Turkomans, has warned the Kurds that the Turkish military may intervene if Iraqi Kurdistan tries to grab Kirkuk."

Thus, a major point is that Turkey wants to achieve the same project-Kurd goal as Iran, which then opens the possibilty of Russian troops (from South Ossetia) driving through Turkey instead of (or as well as) through Armenia into Iran. It so happens that Turkey shares a (short) border with northern Iraq, you see. See map of Iraq. Mosul is less than 100 miles from that border.

This scenario more aptly explains the further prediction, as per Isaiah 10:8, that the anti-Christ will conquer into the Carchemish region, a locality that is now on the Turkish-Syrian border. I should say that verse 8 does not technically state that he will defeat Carchemish, but that he will defeat Calno, as Carchemish was defeated (i.e perhaps by another army). Wikipedia says:"[Carchemish] is said to be known locally as Jarablos (also Jarablos), linking it to the Biblical city of Jerablus." Note the similarity with "Gareb." The article continues: " the south of the Turkish-Syrian border lies the [modern] town of Carablus; the other side of the border hosts the Turkish town of Karkamis [i.e. must be "Carchemish"]"

Hmm, another article out today (which I just saw at the media above) states: "Iraq and Syria have agreed on terms to revitalize an idle pipeline that used to carry Iraqi crude to Syrian terminals on the Mediterranean, according to an official statement." I don't yet know the Iraqi location of this pipeline but there's a good chance it's in northern Iraq, something that Russians may be eyeing at this time. Hmm, is this oil part of God's hook in the jaws of Gog that Ezekiel 38 speaks of, the money-hook that finally brings Gog into Israel to steal its wealth? Isaiah 10:6 says the same, that God makes Gog seek the wealth of other nations, though verse 7 paints him as an animal without heart, whose only bottom line is to crush nation after nation for the sake of his pride.

"Woe to Assyria, the rod of my anger...I will command him to plunder plunder, and to strip off spoil, and to trample them like mud in the streets. Yet he does not purpose this, nor does his heart think so. For it is in his heart to destroy, and to cut off not a few nations. For he says...'Is not Calno like Carchemish? Is Hamath not like Arpad?"

Isaiah 10:5-9

He clearly will invade Calno and Hamath, though Carchemish and Arpad are implied as well. Ironically, in my dragon-cult work, I traced the proto-Russian Rus back to Arpad, anciently "Arados" (an island off the coast of Syria). I also assumed that the island was named after Arphaxadites, but much more sure that Arpad lead to the Arpad dynasty (co-founders of Hungary), and from there to the Franko-Hebrew and Germano-Hebrew Illuminatii. Evidence for this position was in the Arad and Oradea regions of Transylvania (modern Romania) just outside the Hungary border, where the Kabars of Hungary's founding resided.

The seven-headed Lotan dragon of Syria was portrayed as a sea serpent off the Syrian coast, if that helps to link it to Arpad (also "Arvad"), which is why I am confident in linking both the proto-Rus (of Arpad) and the proto-Latins (of Arpad's coastal environs) to the Biblical dragon of Revelation. Therefore, Gog will be sent to destroy (unkowingly) the place of his own Russian roots while at the same time destroying the roots of the Latin dragon. Remember, I deduced that Gareb was named by Arphaxadites of Jerevan, but now it's also apparent that the same (proto)Garebites were in the vicinity of Carchemish, which makes perfect sense in that the Hebrew dragon cult (which evolved into the Hebrew-Rus dragon) lived on the upper Euphrates (at the Habur river junction), while Carchemish was off the upper Euphrates.

In fact, Jerablus was on the west bank of the Euphrates. I'm assuming that as Jerablus elements moved into the Aras river region, the Hebrew dragon evolved into the Herbrew-Rus dragon that later became the Ares/Eros cult of Thrace/Thraco/Draco. As Aphrodite was made the special mistress of Ares in Greek myth, so I contend that she depicted the Hebrews who lived on, and perhaps named, the Euphrates. She with Ares gave birth to Eros (not really, but myth writers drew these pictures to describe political alliances), a clear sign that she was allied to the Hros, the root of the European Rus.

You will note that Gog's final assault will be against mount Gareb, which, according to my very detailed research, was either the hill upon which the Knesset sits, or (as my number one pick) the hill to its immediate east (these hills can be seen on Google maps or Google Earth, about 5,000 cubits (1.6 miles) west of Old Jerusalem). I discovered to my complete satisfaction that others are wrong to locate Gareb (location unknown except for some Biblical clues) to the north of Old Jerusalem.

We still have the problem of explaining how Gog will be allied to Iran and yet at war with Syria. The good thing is, there is no condition "on the ground" at this point that could lead anyone to make that prediction, especially as Syria and Iran are both Shiite, and both closely connected to a war effort on Israel. Therefore, when Gog does come in opposition to Syria, credit can go only to Biblical prophecy. What comes to mind now is that Gog may attack the Carchemish area before he enters Mosul...i.e. en route to conquering northern Iraq.

Also in today's news:

"According to a Pakistani security official, Al Yazid, known also as Abu Saeed al Masri, died in recent clashes with Pakistani forces in the Bajaur tribal region near the Afghan border...

He is described as commander of al Qaeda operations in Afghanistan and the most senior a Qaeda operative to be killed since the death of al Qaeda’s bomb and chemical weapons expert Abu Khabab al-Masri last month.

See "Al-Qeada's 9/11" at

Hmm, the two men killed have the same surname, the surname also of a third man who became the leader of al-Qeada in Iraq (after Zarqawi was killed).

Just learned that "A senior Russian military commander said that the ceasefire did not mean that all operations would be scrapped. 'If we have received the order to cease fire, this does not mean that we have stopped all actions, including reconnaissance,' General Anatoly Nogovitsyn, deputy head of Russia's general staff, said at a briefing." I also learned that Sarkozy, the French leader, is in Moscow today, perhaps explaining why Medvedev put a halt to military operations today. A halt is not necessarily forever, in other words.

Remember in all this that Putin is the true ruler of this offensive, very likely, and that he intends, very likely, to be the Russian president in 2012. He's a gutsy ruler that promises to do what prophecy requires, wherefore his gutsiness may be due to God's "strange" methods of controlling history unbeknown to history makers.

Well, ten minutes after writing the above, I was perhaps proved wrong. The Times has an article, "Kremlin accepts Sarkozy ceasefire deal for Georgia":

"President Sarkozy won the Kremlin's agreement today on the conditions for a cessation of hostilities in Georgia that would see both sides return to their initial positions before fighting erupted last week.

A six-point plan endorsed by President Medvedev..."

The deal is being brought to Saakashvili to see if he'll sign it. I am surprised to find that Medvedev is agreeing to pull out of both Abkhazia and South Ossetia. I can't find the story in other major media at this time, so all I can do is wait for further developments and opinions.

Ah, found the story also in the Jerusalem Post:

"Russian and French leaders negotiated conditions Tuesday for ending fighting in Georgia, agreeing on a plan that calls for both Russian and Georgian troops to move back to their original positions.

...Georgia wants the peacekeepers out. Georgia's President Mikhail Saakashvili said his government would declare the Russian peacekeepers occupying forces - but Medvedev insisted Tuesday that the Russian peacekeepers will stay.

'Our peacekeepers have and will perform their functions,' he said. 'They are key for stability in the Caucasus.'

There we have it. Russia wants to keep some "peacekeeping" troops in South Ossetia, but whether this refers to the number of troops before Saakashvili's invasion, or a new number to be determined, we shall have to wait and see. Of concern to Russia is the oil pipeline from Azerbaijan (on the Caspian sea) through Georgia to the Black sea shore. It feeds western interests:

"BP has a 30-percent stake in the pipeline, which cost $3 billion to build, along with some 10 other partners which include US oil groups Chevron and ConocoPhillips.

Transporting oil through the Caucasus is aimed to curb Western reliance on supplies from Russia, which in recent years has shown worrying willingness to close the taps in disputes with other ex-Soviet states."

During the assault on Georgia last week, the pipeline was not demolished, though pot shots were taken at it from the air, the bombs apparently missing the pipe. If Russia wanted to destroy it, they would have; some think the misses were meant to send a signal to the West. Or, there may have been a change in strategy on the basis that Russia was going to over-run Georgia so as to "own" the pipe itself.

Unbelievably enough, the Moscow Times has yet (1:10 pm EST) to issue a story on the Medvedev decision to pull fighters out of Georgia. Ditto for Pravda. Ditto for Russian News Service. Ditto for the Russian Courier. Perhaps they are so disappointed that they are waiting for Medvedev to change his mind, and in the meantime wondering how to break the news to the Russian public. Consider what the Russian Courier has said today:

"Authorities in South Ossetia say Georgian troops have shelled the road being used for evacuating people from the conflict zone, according to Russian Interfax news agency. Attacks are continuing in the South Ossetian region, despite claims from Georgia that it was imposing a ceasefire."

Such reports can be used at any moment, especially after EU President Sarkozy leaves Russia, to excuse new Russian aggression. The Associated Press reports today's military activities:

"TBILISI, Georgia (AP) - Russia ordered a halt to military action in Georgia on Tuesday...

Georgian officials insisted that Russia has continued the bombings despite the pledge, but Russia denied that.

...In Tskhinvali, South Ossetia's provincial capital...South Ossetian separatist fighters launched rockets at a Georgian plane soaring overhead. Associated Press reporter counted 135 Russian military vehicles - included tanks, armored personnel carriers and three pieces of artillery - driving through Georgia toward Kodori Gorge. The northern part of the gorge is the only part of the separatist region of Abkhazia still held by Georgian forces, but they have come under attack in recent days.

...The situation in Tskhinvali, the capital of South Ossetia, remained tense Tuesday [today] as sporadic fighting and artillery duels continued, but the city was in the control of Russian army and South Ossetian forces."

You get it; it's still explosive. But not even the Associated Press has the Sarkozy story on Medvedev's readiness to pull out of both separatist Georgian states. To make matters worse for that deal-in-the-works, read this:

"...many of the 80,000 Georgian Jews who live in Israel were eager to return to their former home country and join the battle.

Representative of the community's feelings, a group of young Israelis of Georgian decent told The Jerusalem Post during a protest outside the Russian embassy in Tel Aviv that they are trying to arrange a flight to Tbilisi for those like themselves who want to join the Georgian armed forces.

Even Israel's massive Russian-speaking population is leaning toward Georgia in the current conflict. Many Russian Jews also participated in Monday's demonstration and harshly criticized Moscow.

...But Israel's leadership has expressed concern that backing Georgia would upset Moscow and lead to increased Russian arms sales to Israel's regional foes."

You get it; Georgians are refusing to quit, and Russia would be very happy to "accomodate" them. The animosity that Israelis are expressing toward Russia at this time can't bode well for their welfare under Gog's coming Israeli invasion.

It's the biggest story of the day: Russia agrees with EU president to pull out of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, and yet at 2 pm EST, late evening in Moscow and Georgia, the major media I am following still don't have the story, outisde of the Times (UK) and the Jerusalem Post. I was under the impression that major media never go to sleep. publsihed the Times story at 18:04 (6:04 pm) British Time, which (correct me if I'm wrong) was at 1:04 Eastern Standard Time (EST, on North America's east side). There's only one thing to do; get some French news...

Agence France-Presse (AFP) has a story telling that Sarkozy in Moscov said to Medvedev, as per his halt to the war: "What you are saying is good news. It is now necessary to consolidate the [EU] ceasefire," but the article does not tell that Medvedev signed it. I just checked Connexion; no story. The International Herald Tribune, which I follow, has an editing house in Paris, and yet has not followed up on the Times story.

Going to town now, but I'll look into this oddity as soon as I get back, in several hours.

I'm back. The Washington Times confirms, via an Associated Press article, that Sarkozy's peace deal was accepted by Medvedev, and that Saakashvili agrees to it in principle, but:

"Saakashvili emerged afterward and told reporters early Wednesday that 'there should be a cease-fire.' He said he agreed to the 'general principles' of the deal but said he saw no reason to sign it as it was only a 'political document.' [What???] Sarkozy said the plan would be presented soon to EU foreign ministers in Brussels.

'We need legal details, Security Council resolutions, and we need more presence on the ground of international observers,' Saakashvili said."

This doesn't sound like a man who wants to sign it, and quite frankly both he and Medvedev might be wasting Sarkozy's and the EU's time and efforts.


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