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August 13 - 14, 2008

August 13

There is much being said the world over by watching Christians as to whether the Georgian invasion was a stepping stone to the Israeli invasion. Some are say, "definitely, yes," and others, "not so fast." The consensus is that Gog is Russia and that Russia will traverse Turkey en route to Israel. The big question being asked by some is why Russia would go to all the trouble, and the huge public-relations cost, to invade Israel, which by the way has no oil. My opinion is: for the ego trip. He will want to throw down all nations, and especially the God of Israel.

This sounds a bit ridiculous in a scenario where Russia, the government, invades Israel. Unless watchers realize that Gog is not the Russian government, but a Russian agent in Iraq who surrounds himself with Israel-hating Arabs, the motive of Gog for an Israeli invasion will continue to seem illusive. The Arabs will spur him on, yes, but there's more to it. Anyone who wants to conquer the Middle East and maintain an empire afterward needs to do one important thing, which the Arabs well know. They must remove the Zionist West from Israel, and one way to do it is simply to defeat israel so that it no longer exists as a political entity. So, the Arabs (though not all Arabs) and Gog will agree on that one thing.

Some years ago I envisioned the Western False Prophet attempting to pacify Gog when he begins the Middle Eastern rampage (you can read that in my chapter on the Westernization of the anti-Christ, in Part 2). Does any one see the West trying to pacify Russia this week? It's headline news even today. In the same way that Bush is trying to make some deal with Russia at this time, so an American president of the final Week will do with Gog. If I'm wrong, I'll confess it.

If America did not confront Russia in Georgia for fear of starting World War III, do we think that the next American president will confront Gog when he invades the more-sensative regions of Syria, Egypt, and Israel??? The good news is, American presidents are not lunatics. The bad news is, Gog is.

It's evening in Georgia after the second day of relative quiet. General opinion is that 1) Russia has militerized Abkhazia and South Ossetia because it wants to Russianize them; 2) both separatist regions wish to break away from Georgia with Russia in support, thus giving Russia an excuse to keep their military beefed up in both regions; 3) the Sarkozy peace deal is a long ways off to becoming a signed reality, and will likely die on the table; 4) Georgia, from top to bottom, is defiant, accusing Russia at every turn; 5) Russia is threatening openly to resume the war at any sign of Georgian aggression; 6) Russia is openly talking of developing a war-crime process against Saakashvili; 7) the U.S. is solidly behing Georgia...and Saakashvili apparently; 8) other break-away old-Soviet nations are celebrating with Georgia their animosity toward Russia.

I don't want to report more than this at this time, but will include here only what seems important toward Biblical prophecy.

To other news, the betrayal of Israel and/or the West has begun:

"The fervently pro-US, pro-Israeli Druze leader, Walid Jumblatt, has decided to hold out no longer. He has thrown in his lot with...the Shiite Hizballah...

DEBKAfile’s Middle East sources disclose that over last weekend, Jumblatt quietly signed a 'defense cooperation pact' with [Hezbolah leader] Hassan Nasrallah, affording Hizballah a strong foothold in the Lebanese Druze bastion of Mt. Chouf.

Drawing the hostile noose around northern Israel ever tighter, Lebanese president Michel Sleiman was due in Damascus Wednesday, Aug. 13, to celebrate the thaw in relations between the two countries.

Jumblatt, after watching pro-Western strategic positions crumble in his country, decided to join forces with Hizballah to shield his ancestral mountain domain from Syrian domination.

...The joint security patrols for the Druze communities of the Chouf, will also give Hizballah a military presence on its third strategic Lebanese peak, after Mt. Sannine and Jebel Barukh."

See "Jumblatt deserts"

The bulk of prophecy watchers believe that the United States in particular is the western "hedge" protecting Israel. This term is used in the Bible, as per God removing the hedge so as to allow Israel's great tribulation to begin. It's more than a little unsettling to read, from the same article, "Neither Israeli ministers, sunk in an acrimonious contest over the succession to Ehud Olmert, nor the United States in the dying days of the Bush presidency, have lifted a finger to arrest Lebanon’s swift slide into the Iranian-Syrian orbit." Knowing that the hedge is to be broken into from Israel's north, this loss of Western influence in Lebanon seems timely.

On the other hand, the Biblical hedge may refer to God's restraining powers, holding back Israel's enemies until the appointed Time by several means, and not necessarily by Western influence. In either case, the removal of Western protection should coincide with the time for removing the hedge, which is found in Isaiah 5:5. This particular prophecy ties drought in Israel to the removal. None of us have any way of knowing at this time that a drought will coincide with the downfall of Jerusalem, so that when it happens, many skeptics the world over will have yet another piece of evidence for knowing that God spoke through his prophets. The Lord is shown lifting a bright sign, so to speak, to Israel's enemies in 5:26, and whistling for peoples far from Israel, inviting them to pass into Israel. They are likened unto lions tearing their prey. Isaiah 4 makes it certain that Isaiah 5 is an end-time prophecy.

Just as I was reading from the DEBKAfile that Russians in Georgia were spotted pillaging homes, which reminds one of Gog's attitude in Daniel 11, there came a claim that the Associated Press "reports Russian armored column moving from Gori toward Georgian capital of Tbilisi." I'm looking into that now.

It's confirmed: "Times correspondent sees 'huge' Russian column heading south from Gori towards the Georgian capital, despite ceasefire." How fast was that???

"A Russian armoured column comprising at least 100 vehicles rolled south from the Georgian city of Gori this afternoon towards the capital, Tbilisi, making a mockery of yesterday's French-brokered ceasefire to end the conflict in the Caucasus.

Civilians fleeing the region also told how separatist militias backed by Russian troops were attacking and killing Georgian villagers in the hills around the town.

...civilians fleeing the region claimed that [Russia-supporting] South Ossetian militiamen backed by other Chechen soldiers were "killing people in the villages.

...An AFP journalist reported that a convoy of around 60 tanks and APCs had left Gori. The reporter said that Russian soldiers were leaning out of the windows of the trucks shouting 'Tbilisi! Tbilisi!' and waving Russian flags."

Even if it's possible that these war vehicles belong to South Ossetians or Chechens but not Russia, it seems unlikely that they would initiate a war on T'bilisi on their own. The article also tells that Chechens are guarding Gori, by orders from the Russians, as if the city were now a Russian domain. Apparently, Sarkozy was treated as a fool, made to think that you accomplished a big deal when in reality you were being passed off as irrelevant. I'll keep looking for similar developments toward the invasion of T'bilisi.

Fox News reports that "Georgian President Mikhail Saaksvilli says Russians are enforcing some sort of blockade around Tbilisi, but have not entered the capital." This follows an American plan made yesterday to move Americans in T'bilisi to Jerevan, the Armenian capital. Hmm, might this urge Russia to attack Jerevan as well? It's possible that these reports are flase or misunderstood, for Fox writes that the convoy, while on the way to T'bilisi, "turned north, back into the separatist province of South Ossetia, said Georgia's Interior Ministry spokesman Shota Utiashvili." Perhaps there was more than one convoy. The Times reported that a convoy turned east while on the road to T'bilisi.

I don't trust the reports made by Georgian officials, and would rather hear from journalists. There are journalists in T'bilisi, who have been warned to get out, but I imagine some will remain, at least on the outskirts, to cover this development. Stay tuned. Saakashvili is saying that "Russians tanks are still advancing on the city of Gori and had effectively established an economic blockade on Tbilisi, the capital." The same article reports the sinking of all ships at the Poti harbor, which, if true, amounts to an economic blockade there. Naturally, after telling of new atrocities, he said: "American power and prestige in this region is at stake." Bush is scheduled to speak to the public in an hour and a half (noon Washington time) on the Georgia matter.

It could be that Saakashvili is seeing things, as per T'bilisi, that are not occurring. For example, the tanks stationed 50 miles west of T'bilisi might not be attempting an blockage of goods in and out of the city, but might be watching, by order of Medvedev/Putin, for any last-minute Georgian offensive strategies before pulling away toward the north and into Ossetia. We've got to at least give this possibility some room. Time will tell.

An Al Jazeera reporter has also witnissed the convoy leaving Gori, but:

"'They're not moving at a fast speed, but they are moving towards Tbilisi. It is only 60km from Gori to Tbilisi, but this doesn't look like an invasion force.'

[The reporter, Alan Fisher] later said the convoy had come to a halt, split in two and taken up artillery positions. A convoy of Georgian special forces was also reported to be heading for the area he said."

Uh oh. The trap. If Georgia becomes agressive toward these slow-moving and non-agressive vehicles, it'll be Christmas for Putin in mid-summer, and T'bilisi could be the gift. CNN gives the Russian side of the story:

"A spokesman for the Russian government said the convoy was not bound for the Georgian capital but was demilitarizing the area near the South Ossetia border so that Georgia could not launch new attacks.

The troops, which had been on Georgia's main east-west highway between Gori and Tbilisi, 'never had plans' to travel to the capital, the spokesman said."

...there was no resistance from Georgian soldiers.

I'm sorry to be wasting your time if this is nothing more than a last-minute Russian celebration. I'll let you know if it turns into anything resembling an assault on the Georgian capital. The fact of Russian leaders denying that any tanks are in Gori, in opposition to multiple eye-witnessing journalists, discloses a large truth in itself. This is almost a nail in the coffin for Russia's relations with the West, and should Putin give orders to invade T'bilisi, I don't see how the West's military powers could all collectively refuse to enter the war at least as peacekeepers...though stranger things have taken place. Apparently, Georgian military forces are largely in their capital, waiting.

To put the Saakashvili reports in proper perspective, who made it sound as though thousands of Georgians were being killed, AFP (France) reports today: "The Georgian health minister put the death toll in Georgia at 175 people, mainly civilians." We cannot trust either side's leaders for accuracy. If true that Georgians killed 2,000 in South Ossetia, in one day, Russia comes out of this looking like an altar boy.

Pravda is accusing the Western media of blowing things up to unreal proportians, and to some degree this may be true, especially of political-leaning media. Can we see how prophecy once again is proving true, as virtually all Russian media follow suit in filling Russians with hatred for the West (Revelation 17 says Gog will hate Europe, and destroy her in the end)? The Moscow Times reports today that Russians soldiers of the 135-vehicle convoy are wearing head bands instead of helmets, swimming in the rivers, and just having a jolly good party while Georgian soldiers watch on. It doesn't of course mean that Russian leaders are not at this very moment devising a "justifiable" means to enter T'bilisi. How easy would it be to order the Russian soldiers to start shooting at the Georgians, and then blame the Georgian soldiers for starting hostilities?

I have been using Daniel 7 as evidence that Gog must, not only form a pact with Europe, but become it's ruler. Revelation 17 gives a huge detail, showing that Russia will not invade Europe to effect this result, but rather that Russia and Europe will form an alliance prior to Gog's betrayal. Note that Europe is shown riding on the back of the dragon, rather than vice versa, suggesting that Gog is the leader of the two. I'm not entering the Biblical quotes here again; you can get a Bible if you don't already have one, but if you don't care enough to read it, neither does God care enough for you. When you start to show some devotion toward Him, Heaven will begin to pour out gifts upon you, and you will not be disappointed by showing ever-deeper devotion. I would suggest that Christians do not take sides in this war, for the pick is between two devils.

I can totally understand the reader's respectful opposition to my view. How could Russia ever get into a top European position after this? I don't know, but the hatred is a part of the prophetic picture, and hatred is now being manufactured easily by the Russian press simply because the political materials have long been in place to form mutual hatred. By the time that Gog comes to the end of his mission, that hatred with be well into the realm of lunatic madness. My only explanation at this time for Gog's rise to European highness is Obama (under the condition that he's the False Prophet), and the Europeans who follow his lead in making peace with Gog.

By the way, I finally took the time to check the time difference between Eastern Time in North America and Georgia, and found that there are only eight hours of difference (same applies to Moscow). Jerusalem and Baghdad are seven hours ahead of Eastern Time. It's now 3 pm Eastern, and not much else to report on Georgia, now at 10 pm.

I do want to make one point on Bush's statement today, for I just realized the wisdom of his tack. What he did was ship humanitarian supplies to Georgia, and then asked or even demanded that Russia not get in its way. How clever, for the imminent threat, as of today, is that Russia may block Georgian goods getting in and out of T'bilisi and Gori. It's easy for Russia to blocks Georgian goods, but if dares block American goods, it would be cause for grave concern. Bush then made this statement: "To begin to repair the damage to [Russia's] relations with the United States, Europe, and other nations, and to begin restoring its place in the world, Russia must keep its word and act to end this crisis." He's using "keep his word" to apply pressure on Putin not to "change his mind" about a T'bilisi road block or invasion. The problem may be that Russia will view this as a line in the sand drawn by Bush. See "Bush orders"

The Israeli leader today formally offered the West-Bank Palestinians 93 percent of the West bank, but Palestianians refused the offer, saying that he's trying to annex 7 percent of the West Bank. That's why there can be no peace deal. The seven percent is the Jerusalem environs. On that front, the rejection of Palestinians of a total Israeli ownership of Jeerusalem promises to allow Gog's armies to move freely through the West Bank when it comes the Appointed Time for Jerusalem.

There's an important article out in Jerusalem that needs attention and interpretation.

"The Bush Administration last week rejected an Israeli request for military equipment and support amid concerns that Jerusalem was gearing up for a strike on Iran's nuclear facilities, the Israeli media reported on Wednesday [today].

According to Ha'aretz, the Israeli request was made at the highest levels, but was turned down after American intelligence officials said they believed Israel was in the advanced stages of preparations for an attack on the Islamic Republic.

All of the equipment and support requested would have significantly boosted Israel's ability to carry out a successful strike on Iran's main nuclear facilities.

Washington reportedly followed up the refusal by urging Israel not to strike Iran, noting that doing so would undermine American interests in the region, but acknowledged that only Israel could ultimately decide what was best for its security.

What's wrong with this report? The information was "high level," and yet an Israeli media got a hold of the request and the denial, as well as too much detail. It just doesn't seem credible. It seems more likely a deliberately leaked message attempting to distance Bush from a coming strike on Iran (or, to make Iran believe that a strike will not come from the Americans when in fact it's in the works). Some are suggesting that Russia's misbehavior or "arm flexing" in Georgia is an attempt to curb Israel's and America's plan to strike Iran. It is very serious should America do the attacking after the Georgian affair. It would be far less serious if Israel would do the attacking, but the Georgian war merits that Israel should first leak this message on behalf of Bush.

Just got wind that Bush is sending military supplies to Georgia. Brave. he's even going to draw the line in the sand in the sea:

"Meanwhile, the [US] Navy was heading to the Black Sea — currently controlled by Russian warships — to deliver humanitarian and medical supplies direct to Georgian ports.

...President Saakashvili of Georgia seized on the announcement to claim that Tbilisi airport and Poti port would be placed under US military control, a claim the Pentagon swiftly denied."

The fact is, Russia's ships should have to leave the Poti port area if U.S. ships roll in, at which point the Americans will effectively be supreme in those waters. If Russia does not remove its war ships, the West must act because Russia would be violating Georgian territory. Russia would need to be very bold-faced to remain after Americans rolled through, though probably no onlooker at this time is completely discounting that possibility. The presence of American goods in Gerogia will reveal Russia's willingness to be bold. This should be interesting to watch.

In other news, Democrats are still after the Christian vote, digging even deeper now by creating a platform claiming to seek a reduction in the number of abortions by making alternatives to abortion more available and poossibly more attractive...although this might all be mere deception for winning some badly needed Christian votes. "COMMON GROUND': The Rev. Jim Wallis, founder of a liberal religious group, praised the Democrats' move on abortion." Are you a liberal Christian? Is it just fine to have abortions on demand while at the same time judging that the numbers should go down? Why should the numbers be reduced? And do you think that God will let liberals off the hook for promoting unrestrained sex in the first place, and then, in order to avoid the natural results, go further into sin by liberalizing the destruction of human lives and labeling it "therapeutic medical procedure"?

It might be very ironic to find aborted ones achieving everalsting life with God, while abortionists and abortion-toters end up as so much eternal toast. God will then say to you, if you complain about your horrible fate, that He has the right to abort your life for any reason whatsoever. It will go much better for those, like myself, who have grieved over the decision to abort a human life. The point here is Obama, who is a "Christian" part of this abortion-on-demand Party, and who hypocritically seeks to have the true people of God support the Party.

It is far less severe to steal the belongings of another than to destroy human life, and yet no Democrat, for fear of being labelled a hypocrite, would argue that thievery should be legal on demand so long as Democrats actively attempt to reduce the number of thefts. Just as Nancy Pelosi is now switching her position on off-shore drilling, so know that when Democrats make a shift from long-held positions during an election run, it's just election deception.

I have just read today that Obama is taking the position of reaching out to the Russians. It is easy to make such a friendly approach appear like the Christian thing to do, but let us beware of who Obama is becoming friends with if he were to befriend Gog.

August 14

The evolving Iraqi-US deal for withdrawal purposes may have found a solution to Bush's two main objections. For the past many days, Iraq has been attempting to make Bush accept nothing less than a firm timeline. The Iraqi plan now is to hold the U.S. military in Iraq for a long term, but in the meantime to remove virtually all of its authority. In the article put out today by the Assyrian News, no mention whatsoever was made of the immunity issue, and so Iraq may be coming round to granting immunity as long as American soldiers are not able to act apart from Iraqi oversight and control. The article put it this way:

"In one of the most detailed insights yet into the content of the deal, Hoshyar Zebari, the Iraqi Foreign Minister, has also told The Times that the US military would be barred from unilaterally mounting attacks inside Iraq from next year.

In addition, the power of arrest for US soldiers would be curbed by the need to hand over any detainee to a new, US-Iraqi committee. Troops would require the green light from this joint command before conducting any operation."

It would seem apparent that the Iraqi side of this "joint command" would have veto power over all decisions, but the main idea is that all strategies and movements pertaining to American troops would be both known and discussed by the Iraqi side. This could satisfy the Iraqis.

Things are suddenly starting to shape up in my mind's view of 2009. I think I get it, that Gog can arise in Iraq while the Americans are still there, because the deal will require Americans to leave all Iraqi cities by mid-2009, and moreover Gog and his Muslim forces need only to act in ways that keep the Americans the lame ducks that Iraq is intending to make them. In fact, the American presence can explain why Gog rises up diplomatically rather than invading from the start. It also explains why he needs to act cleverly. So long as Gog keeps to a political line, the Americans will be as useless to stop his entry and his growth as the UN is useless in Lebanon to stop Hezbolah's expansion, for in that latter place UN peacekeepers are not permitted to enter cities, nor to act under their own authority in critical circumstances.

If Gog, as part of his clever political tack (of Daniel 11:21), can befriend Obama at that time, he might never suspect Gog's intention of seizing Iraq's loot by military force (as per verses 23 and 24). The Bush team has not accepted the deal as it stands, but may have no choice. It may be the best he's going to get. If he accepts it, Obama will need abide by it, meaning that Obama will be the Commander-in-Chief of a lame military acting in subservience to Iraq.

What could be sadder than this: Israel is today worried that the Georgian affair could harm it's relationship with Russia so that Russia might sell weapons to Iran to be used on Israel. Israel! Wake up!! Russia is already seeking your demise by arming Iran.

Now listen. Let's assume that Russia has a plan to march down through Turkey, and that Russia is also allied with Iran in a secret invasion-plot of Isreal that's been cooking foir years. The tiny Iranian leader visits Turkey today, how coincidental, and look now what he said just yesterday:

"Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad launched a fresh verbal attack on Israel on Wednesday on the eve of a visit to Israel's close ally Turkey, saying Western countries should not support the Jewish state.

'Western countries should not support them (Israel) so much. The life of this regime has come to an end,' Ahmadinejad said...

'Our position is clear on this issue. A referendum should take place in Palestine. If they withdraw from invaded lands it would be a good step,' he said."

Now let's ask why Ahmadinejad would be so obsessed with seeing Israel removed from the "occupied territory" of the West Bank. Does he have too much time on his hands? Does he really love the Palestinians so much? Is he just trying to become the big hero of the Arab world? I think most would agree that he's robotically doing the will of his Muslim gurus. But just what exactly are they up to? That's easy: seeking to remove western influence from the Middle East. It easily explains why Russia and Iran are allied, since Russia hates the West. You get it. Russia wants the only Middle Eastern foothold of the United States, gone, so it arms Iran and whoever else it can to get rid of Israel, since after all they have a Muslim interest in destroying the nation. How easy would it be for a Russian agent or two to say to Muslim nations: you get rid of Israel, and we'll do some amazing buisiness with you. Such a conversation would arise naturally over a jiggy of Vodka.

My point is that Ahmadinejad attacked Israel verbally yesterday, the day before being in Turkey, on behalf of, not his gurus, but Russia. I should stop short of suggesting his presence in Turkey was to prepare the way for Russia through Turkish soil, as that's extremely conspiratorial, but Ahmadinejad might indeed be seeking to turn Turkey away from its NATO committments, back to the Muslim cause, and therefore back to an anti-West, pro-Russian position. "Mr. Turkey," he may say, "there is a wonderful Nervana on the horizon for all who despise Israel, and all who wish to see the Great Satan fall. We are happy to know that you are with us."

How else can we explain that Ahmadinejad verbally attacked Israel, the day before being in Turkey, except that he knew Turkey was opposed to Israel? Therefore, I do not think that Russia has invaded Georgia apart from knowing that Turkey is secretly on side with project Israel. I would say that Russia was not yet supposed to invade Georgia, but that Saakashvili caused Russia to do so prematurely...which may be to say that God caused Russia to do so a little earlier than Russia was planning. Russia may have been planning the invasion in Obama's reign.

How else can we explain that Ahmadinejad asked the West, the day before being in Turkey, to abandon Israel except that he knew Turkey was prepared to do so? The Jerusalem Post verifies today that Turkey has become a friend of Iran:

"Relations have improved between Iran and Turkey's Islamic rooted leadership, which took power in 2002. Earlier Turkish governments accused Iran for decades of trying to export its radical Islamic regime to secular Turkey, which is aspiring to join the European Union.

I read also that Turkey speaks just like Russia on the matter of Iran's nuclear program: "Turkey has said it is not opposed to the nuclear work if it is only for civil use."

With the prospect of a Russian seizure of northern Iraq on the horizon, note that the article continues by saying: "...the two countries staged simultaneous attacks against a common enemy, separatist Kurdish rebels based in northern Iraq." Is it a coincidence that both Turkey and Iran are involved in diminishing Kurdish power in northern Iraq, just before Gog is scheduled to move in to that very region? Or do the three countries share a secret plot to hammer the Kurds at a certain time?

All of this is very good evidence for Russian troops coming through Turkey at the Appointed Time. The prediction is that Russia will come to oppose the Kurds, as this will make Turkey more favorable toward that Russian advance. Perhaps the Turks refused to allow Bush to use Turkish soil in his Iraq invasion because Turkey was already on board the Iran-Russia scheme at that time, in 2003. Moreover, Isaiah 13:17 says that the anti-Christ's Iraqi kingdom (for which he is called the "king iof Babylon") will be attacked in the very end by Medes, which I have interpreted as Kurds because Britannica had said that todays Medes are likely the Kurds.

I can now predict that Gog will speak out against Kurds in the current Arab-Kurd-Turkoman conflict of Kirkuk. The conflict can then be used by Gog as his excuse to begin using military measures, and it's easily predictable that, just as Daniel 11:23 says, the ex-Saddam loyalists will join him in warfare...that overtakes significant provinces in Iraq (v 24).

There is still only one way to interpret the rejection of verse 21 at this time, as the rejection of Gog by the majority of Iraqi people and the Iraqi government...though not by all Iraqi government officials, as some anti-Kurds officials are expected to support him. One might argue that he will not be rejected by Iraqis, but by much of the world in general, as for example the world now rejects Russia, but verse 21 explains that "they will not give him the honor of the kingdom," which sounds very much as though the Iraqis will not appreciate his seizure, by intrigues, of their country. I have most-often viewed this as Gog coming into Iraq by a methods other than the accepted way into power.

The Jerusalem Post has an article entitled " Ahmadinejad's Turkey trip irks Israel," and rightfully it should if all that I'm insinuating is about to come true. God will good not to invade Israel without sufficient warnings designed for its repentance. Israel must see it coming, but Western liberalism still pervades its society, and there has been no call by the government to curb it, and to return to Biblical ways. Israel is depending on other nations, and one of the most immoral nations, yes the U.S., for its protection. Israel is fornicating with the American government, U.S. president after U.S. president, wherefore it is predictable that the last president will betray Israel to the Muslims. That's why Obama's Muslim background appears so much to be the key to this betrayal. Much of Israel senses it already.

Although Ahmadinejad is on the books to sign an oil pipe deal with Turkey today or tomorrow, "Turkish sources and the Turkish media said that the purpose of the visit would be to discuss Iran-Turkish bilateral ties, as well as Iran's nuclear program."

Concurrent with these things, the Daily Star (Lebanon) writes today: "Syria and Lebanon have agreed to start diplomatic ties and exchange ambassadors for the first time since independence about 60 years ago, a Syrian presidential adviser said on Wednesday." That is, there were no complications to the partnership, arising in recent weeks, sufficient to keep the two sides from making the agreement yesterday. Although Gog is predicted to oppose Syria, the purpose that God might have in allowing the Syrian-Lebanese partnership is the amassing of weapons on Israel's north side just before the Week begins. For new readers, let me repeat my expectation that the Gog-Syria conflict will be due to Syria's opposition to Gog's Sunni-Arab partners.

The Assyrian International News Agency is covering Kirkuk developments extensively. We read in today's article: "'Kirkuk is a minefield,' says Redha Taki, a leading Shiite politician. 'If we touch it and try to solve the problem, it will blow up. And if we continue ignoring and delaying it, it will also eventually blow up.'" The article quotes an ex-Kurdish guerilla: "'If there is a fight,' Assad quietly confides, 'if the Turkmens try to take this city from us, I will take my weapons and I will fight for my people. I can never let my people lose what they've won.'" The Iraqi Turkoman are naturally supported by Turkey. Can we see that the coming of Gog into Iraq, with Turkey as an ally, will raise the hairs on the back of Kurdistan?

What of al-Qaeda, which is also expected to join Gog? The article continues: "Indeed, some familiar warning signs are present: Al-Qaeda is trying to use its remaining foothold in northern Iraq to enflame sectarian tensions here, just as it once did in Baghdad, according to Hussein Kamal, head of intelligence at Iraq's interior ministry." The prediction is that the Gog alliance (= the covenant of Daniel 9:27) will enter a war against Kurds, but then be pushed out of Iraq by Iraqi-government forces, at which time Gog will find himself in Turkey, in a position to attack Syria from the Syria-Turkish border at ancient Carchemish.

In Georgia today, the Russians are on their best behavior, but only because the Americans are coming. American cargo landed in T'bilisi yesterday and today, and should be routed to Gori, where, as late as early morning Georgian time, was guarded by Russian troops. It seems a given that Bush will gradually increase American presence in Georgia in an effort to diminish that of Russia, and that Russia won't like it. What Russia does in reaction is either up-in-the-air among its strategists as we speak, or a well-defined scheme of the past with the next phase ready to be implemented at any opportunity.

If God is at the helm of these offensive developments, they will happen quickly, and Russia should show signs of boldness in America's face, for in the end-time picture America is the guard of the hedge surrounding Israel, the hedge that God will remove so that even the guard is expected to weaken and/or cower.

Georgian soldiers are of course becoming bold while the Americans are coming. The Times has a write up suggesting that Russians have not yet given Gori up to Georgian authorities, but "Thousands of Georgian troops were stationed along the route from Gori to Tbilisi" (see map of Georgia) and have even been confronting, unsuccessfully, the Russian troops guarding Gori. They would not allow the Georgian soldiers into the city, which city is moreover filled with Ossetian rats plundering its homes.

The Russian foreign affairs office reached a hand out to Bush while suggesting that Bush betray Georgia and partner with Russia instead...which may be nothing more than a PR initiative to mask Russia's disgust for Bush. In other words, if Russians are planning to rebel against the American presence in Georgia, they'd want to start hostilities from the standpoint of offering Bush a friendship, as this makes Russia appear to be a non-agressor. Russia then only needs an excuse to begin hostilities. Russians are expected to melt away, back into South Ossetia, however, and from there assess future possibilities. However, a quick withdrawal will make Russia appear frightened of Bush so that Russian leaders might choose to risk a little confrontation. Reuters reports that Russian troops are still in and around Poti, the other front that promises to see a US-Russia confrontation:
Consider what happened both yesterday and today, even though the Russians knew the Americans were coming to Poti. Note the first statement, coming immediately after Russian leaders denied that their troops were even in Gori.

"In Moscow, the Russian General Staff said it was legitimate for 'Russian peacekeepers' to be in Poti and for what it termed 'reconnaissance parties' to be in Gori..."

...In the Georgian Black Sea port of Poti, a small oil terminal, witnesses said Russian tanks had rolled in on Thursday morning, accompanying trucks carrying troops to the port area.

'Just a few minutes ago, they (Russians) entered Poti in tanks,' shipping agent Nikoloz Gogoli told Reuters by telephone.

The harbormaster in Poti, Vakhtang Tavberidze, said Russian troops sank six Georgian cutters -- old military boats -- based at Poti on Wednesday [yesterday]. Gogoli said the cutters were blown up with explosives and that Russian troops warned bystanders of their plans."

The Herald Tribune points out today that the Sarkozy deal had a stipulation wherein Russians are to facilitate the security of Georgia until internatioinal forces come in to take over. This stipulation is being used to justify Russia's deepening activities in Georgia, meaning that the tank build-up at Poti may not be for the purpose of threatening American ships.

Note in the article above the Georgian surname, Gogoli. Did I mention that Georgians today call themselves "Kartveli." and that I think the term is old Aryan for "cartwheel"? To back this up, I learned that "gar" meant wheel (though I can't find the online evidence anymore), something which our "gear" might verify. I also learned that "gar" and :gargar" were words meaning chariot (online evidence yet exists), a term itself smacking of "cart." To verify this all the more, the Semite "gilgal" means "wheel," while an 'r' to 'l' switch was common in olden times. My point is that Georgians were once called "Gargari(ans), a gilgal-like term that ought to signify "wheel-wheel," or a double wheeled cart/chariot. So, the Gargarians (probably the same as Gorgons) were the same as the Kartveli...which is what made me understand that the Gogi are rooted in the Gorgons of Parthia. A Kartveli connection with the Kurds is likely, and if true, Kurds were named after the wheel and/or the cart/cahriot.

The Georgian war should not for that reason be viewed necessarily as a Gog on Gog war, for not all of Russia is from Gogi roots. However, I believe there is a man in Russia who is from Georgian stock, and that he is the Biblical Gog. As Iberians made up a large number of Georgians, and as I view those Iberi as the Hebrews of the dragon cult of Ares, is it a coincidence that many Russian leaders today have "Jewish" roots and meanwhile despise the Jews of Israel? No, but I think these "Jewish" Russians were not Israelites, but Hebrews of old-Khazar domains (north Caucasus, beside Iberia and Kabardino), anciently called Red Jews to distinguish from European Jews. Red Jews of the modern era took over Russia in 1917 and made it a Communist state. Putin is known to be a proponent of Communist Russia, and Zhirinovski (not to mention leading KGBer Yevgeny Primakov) has a Hebrew father.

It is a growing belief that the Ashkenazi Jews of Germany and Hungary were not Jews at all, but Khazars. The true father of Zhirinovsky was surnamed Eidelstein, a fact that Zhirinovsky (= father-in-law's surname) has himself admitted. tells that the Eidelstein surname was "First found in Bohemia," which is where I trace the Rothschild "Jewish" family, a part of which founded Communist Russia via the Red-Jew coup of 1917. In fact, when searching the Rothschild surname (first created in Germany by a Bauer family) in the houseofnames databank, the RothStein surname pops up, using an arrow (and the Ishtar star) as a symbol, reflecting the bowman in the Eidelstein Coat. Then consider that Bohemia is "Bohmens" to the Germans. On top of this, I had tentatively traced the Rothschilds to the Bogen family, a German term meaning "bow," and it was then that I realized that Bauer, the surname of the first Rothschild (= "red shield"), was a version of "Bower" (pronunciation exactly the same as "Bauer"), which houseofnames verifes.

"Gogi" is a common Georgian first name, evoking Yogi the bear. Yogi's sidekick, Boo-Boo, evokes Baba Yaga, a witch of old Russian lore, explaining why Yogi is a bear. In my research on the dragon cult, I found that other modern cartoons use names that depict the secret history of Freemasonry, including Babar the elephant, the Flintstones, and Winnie the Pooh. All three cartoons have roots in French and German Freemasons.

The Babar cartoon was at first a French book, and I suspect that it has to do with Bavarian roots in Franconia, the stock of Rosicrucian "Jews" who later formed the Bavarian Illuminati. Amazingly, I found that the blue and white diamond (= "lozenges,") symbol of Bavaria belonged first to the Bogen family before it was passed on to Bavaria; note how close "Bauer" is to "Bavar." Yes, the Bavarian lozenges belonged to the Wittelsbachs, but the lozenges "were inherited by the Wittelsbachs from the counts of Bogen - whose possessions were near the Danube river around Regensburg." The Bogen design was transferred to Wittelsbach in 1240. tells that the Bogen surname was first found in Bavaria,

Both the French and Rosicrucians are known to be rooted in the Veneti (north-east Italy), and so I identified Winnie the Pooh as a symbol of the Veneti, for they lived on the Po river.

Fred Flintstone was identified as part of the royal and imperial German Hohen's (variation of the popular "Jewish" surname, "Cohen"), who had a branch in Flanders; compare "Flint" with "Flanders," and then consider the Hohen emperor of Rome, Frederick, son of Duke Frederick II of the Hohenstaufen dynasty, and son also of Judith, daughter of Henry IX, Duke of Bavaria. The Hohens were from Bavaro-Franconian roots. I might have considered these similarities to "Fred Flintstone" as coincidental except that Fred's cartoon wife, Wilma, reflected perfectly the Fleming surname, also "Vlaams/Vlaming," who were the founders of Flanders. It really floored me to find that Wilma's red hair and white dress were the colors of the Flemings of Flanders. Moreover, it is well known that the Flemings are at the root of Scottish Rosicrucianism, and in Templarism.

If that's not enough Fred and Barney wore Russian hats with buffalo horns when they attended their Masonic club, the Water Buffalos. This revealed to me that Fred depicted the Zahringers (of Wurttemberg, Germany), for they used buffalo horns as symbol. In my dragon-cult book, I had written: "You will note a black bear [!!] in the midst of two buffalo horns at the top-right of the Arms of the Brandenburg Electorate. This was the symbol of the Zahringers (see website below for evidence) from whom the Brandenburg Hohens borrowed." The Hohens ruled from Brandenburg-Prussia, and went on to form modern Germany.

I then identified Barney and his wife Betty as Bruno, founder of Brunswick House, and the Wettins of Thuringia. The latter used a blue shield in their Arma, and Betty wore a blue dress. Barney wore a brown outfit, not by coincidence, as "Bruno" means brown. I then identified the club-wielding baby, Bamm Bamm (the child of Barney and Betty), as the club-depicted Babenburgs, for they had a castle in Bamburg!! I was then able to understand that the founders of Bamburg were Pamphyllians, for they were also Paphlagonians, who were in turn Heneti, the founders of the Veneti!! It was all a major discovery, all because of a cartoon.

When I checked the colors of Bamm Bamm's outfit, orangey-red, and then noted his white hair, it floored me to find that these were the colors of the Bamberg Arms. Then I found the club symbol on the Brunswick family Arms, and perhaps you have noted the clubs in the Arms of the Brandenburg Electorate. In the lower-right of the latter Arms, see the saltire cross surrounded by four red roses, the symbol of the leading Rosicrucian, Johannes Andreas; see in the Arms of Johannes Andreas the Eros symbol, the child-sex symbol of the Greeks named after the Hros/Rosh proto-Rus peoples, made (by myth writers) the son of Ares and Aphrodite. See also the Andreae Family Crest.

Pebbles likely depicts the German Babel surname, which figures large in my expose as the root of Freemasonic founders of the United States. Note that the Greek version of "buffalo" is "boubalos," and the French version, "bubale." I traced the English Babel Coat to the symbol on the breast of the eagle in the Illuminati-smacking Great Seal of the United States, and then learned that the original design that was to go on the eagle's breast was the red triple chevron on white background, which can be seen in the Arms of the Brandenburg Electorate (and the Wikipedia webpage below). I traced this symbol to the Eppstein surname of the Frankfurt and Hesse region, because I adopted the opinion that Paphlagonians had introduced the Pepin name to European royalty in France. I assumed that "Babel" and "Paphl" were related terms, and that "Baben(berg)" and "Pepin" were related terms.

The Great Gazoo was introduced into the Flintstone cartoon, a term that well reflects "Gason, Gaze, Wasso," and other variations of the Wassa surname, this being the proto-Washington surname using a white Zionist star on red background (i.e. US colors; see the Wassa Coat), not to mention the red stripes now on the American flag. If that's not enough, the Great Gazoo was a green alien, which is conspicuous in that the flag of Washington State uses George Washington on a green background.

There's your entertainment for the day; I hope it's a nice change. The Heneti/Eneti were ruled by mythical Pelops, an Amazonian = Meshech peoples who married the Gargarians. It is my opinion that Pelops and the Eneti represented Baal/Bel/Belus and his wife, Anat, a cult from Egypt but passing through Phoenicia (perhaps Byblos) before reaching the Greco-Thracian theater. It became my opinion that Anat and the Eneti named Anatolia.

It is remarkable that Greek myth depicted the Pelops line, as it evolved into the Egypto-Spartans of Laas (Mani peninsula in Sparta), as two golden lambs, for I truly began to believe, many years before I knew of Obama, that the two-horned lamb of Revelation 13 would stem from that Pelops bloodline. Recall that I identified Obama's Luo tribe as an African portion of the Luwians, otherwise known as the Lydians of the Dionysus cult. Is it a coincidence that mythical Pelops and his father, Tantalus, ruled Lydia??? In fact, I had traced the Dionysus/Semele cult of Ethiopia's mount Nissa to Tantalus, king of Lydia. I did this because Tantalus was given "Tmolus" (a real region in Lydia) as a father, which I recognized as being named after the Somali tribe of Ethiopia, depicted also by mythical Semele (mother of Dionysus).

I then speculated that the father of Tmolus, mount Sipylus, was named after the Tabal/Tubal peoples, a fellow tribe with the Meshech whom, at the Lydian theater, were called the Mysians. It should also be noted that Amazons and Gorgons were in Northern Africa as well as in Mysia and Lydia...suggesting that Obama stems from African Amazons, Gorgons, or both. Note the name of Georgian Prime Minister, Lado Gurgenidze.

An article published at 1:30 pm Eastern laments that Russians have been destroying military capabilities in Poti, setting mines in Gori, and generally holding their ground in defiance, which, because it's 9:30 pm in Georgia, likely means that we'll need to wait until Friday to see what Russia does next. Georgians could easily start setting flight to some bullets, for they are angry that Russians are not moving out. It does appear that Russians are seeking hard to tempt Georgians to fight.;_ylt=AiG.3.wz6R8zTsfKSjNZ8d8Gw_IE

A new development in Georgia now allows me to expand on the Pelops topic above. I can't believe the timing! I had written all the above before coming to this article below:

"Georgia's president says a column of more than 100 Russian tanks and other vehicles is moving toward the country's second-largest city.

Mikhail Saakashvili says the convoy is about halfway between the cities of Senaki and Kutaisi. He spoke to foreign reporters Thursday [today] and appealed for international help."

Note Kutaisi. It just so happens that the two golden lambs depicting two tribes/branches of the Pelops-depicted Lydians were in Kutaisi (anciently the city of "Aea") as the mythical Golden Fleece, which was a golden pelt of a sheep/ram belonging to Hermes, who himself represented the Hermes-branch Lydians at the Hermus river (Lydia), which were earlier the Cadusii Armenians. In fact, it dawned on me later that "Kutaisi" was a version of "Cadusi."

Now as it's an historical fact that the Laz Caucasians came forth from Kutaisi, it serves as evidence that Lydians, or the Lasonii, were the ones who put firth the Laz Caucasians in Lazoni (in and around Poti, but also as far north as Abkhazia). Recall that the Pelops lambs evolved into the Spartans in the city of Laas on the Mani peninsula (Sparta), but keep in mind that Dionysus was also worshiped by Maeonians (some say these were proto-Lydians) who named the Maeander river (of Lydia), and was depicted in myth code by his lunatic mythical Maenads. It's not a coincidence that the Pelops line evolved into mythical Menelaus, king of Sparta, for he is obviously a code for Laas on Mani.

Note the spelling, "laus," in the name of Menelaus, for atop the Washingtom Monument is written, "Laus Dio" (= Laus is God). That is, "Satan is God," for the stalk of the Laz peoples was the dragon cult of humanity, granted by God to Satan, that he might have his opportunity to rule the earth through those peoples. It is a known fact that the Washington Monument is in the shape of a hermes temple, which in ancient times was a penis, and often sculptured exactly like one. For the sake of civility, I'm assuming, it's shape was made square, with a pyramid top. The point is, the Washington monument depicts the penis (i.e. bloodline) of Satan.

Recall that I identified the Cadusii also as founders of the Hatti capital of Hattusa, and that the Hatti were almost certainly depicted by the sun god, Atti(s). Now know that the Golden Fleece belonged for a time, in myth, to king Aeetes, king of Kutaisi. The terms are virtually identical! There can be no doubt about it: myth terms tell a true historical story of the movements of the Laz dragon...that evolved later into the Latin-Roman dragon cult of Biblical proportions, the very dragon that crucified Christ, as per God's plan to utterly punish that cult in eternal Hell. It became my strong opinion that the Hatti evolved into the Catti that named Hesse, Germany; it's the opinion of many others as well.

Speaking of good (or bad) timing, Poland said today that it will allow the United States to install a missile defence system. This is the very system, due to it's proximity to Russia, that is irking Russia's leaders, especially Putin. The system is meant to defend Europe against the Russo-Iranian threat. Do you have your Armegeddon-proof helmet yet? "If everything goes to schedule, the interceptor base would be ready by around 2012, officials have said." In my tentative timetable, Gog is to become a lunatic in 2016, at which time he will send fire into Babylon the Great, "the great city that rules (presence tense, in about 95 AD) over the kings of the earth" (see last verse of Revelation 17). The only city fitting that description in 95 AD was Rome.

I don't mean to frighten the reader, or confuse, by mixing Greek myth with Biblical prophecy, but I am certain that God spoke in Revelation with symbolism because He was responding to the symbolism used by the dragon cult. Between the time that I finished this book on post-tribulationism and these Iraq updates, I spent a few years finding the roots of the Biblical dragon, and the hunt did not disappoint me. The subject matter was not Heavenly, but hopefully the information can be used by His saints to make sense of Satan's empire(s).


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