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September 1 - 4, 2009

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September 1

How many times have I said out loud: "Hey, this is pretty good, I haven't had zits on the tip of my nose for three months," only to see them pop up the next morning? You should never say things like that out loud because the devil can hear words. Maybe just think thoughts instead because maybe he can't hear thoughts.

The United States is having more success fighting terrorism under President Barack Obama partly because of his 'radically different' approach to foreign policy, National security adviser Jim Jones said [yesterday]."

You shouldn't have said that out loud, Mr. Jones. You should expect a terrorism nightmare for Obama by "morning."

No matter how he cuts it, health care is the near future for Obama, and he sees the rope and noose dangling before his eyes. What will he choose, a charging like a mad bull into the unknown? No. Obama is not like that. Perhaps this is a job for...

Hey, Bill, I've got problems, serious problems. I thought that you'd have some advice for hard times.

Why sure, Bark. I've been through the meat grinder and then some. What can I do for you?

You've got to get me popular again, Bill. I can't take this ugly. It's ugly when I go to sleep; ugly when I awake, and the press doesn't stack up at my door anymore. Where's all that euphoria gone? It's cold, Bill.

You should've let my wife win, Bark. I told you couldn't handle this job. This job takes...

Never mind the lecture. What would you do in my situation?

I'd lay it right down on the table. That's all I know to do. Just look straight into the camera, and say, "I did not have hex with that omen." It worked every time for me. Except just once when I did it with a harMonica.

What kind of talk is that, Bill? What are you saying?

Lie, man, lie! That's the only way. Lie wherever you go, and enjoy the ride.

I have been lying. From before the election. I didn't get this far by being true. Should I try the truth? What president do you remember that ever did that? Not even Truman...

Well then there's only one thing to do. Tell the people that no matter how much you like hex and a tall omen, no matter if you love them more than your own wife, you can still be a good president, and that's all that matters anyway.

That won't work for me, Bill.

Why not? It worked great for me. Even got my ratings to go up a little. Why wouldn't it work for you?

Cause my wife won't stay by my side if I admit to hex on the side. I just looked at one omen's shiny round moon one day, and the incident was all over the press by morning. You should have seen my wife's look at the breakfast table...

At least she showed up for breakfast. Mine never did. But when she was in front of the cameras, hey guess what? She lied. She said she still loved me. That's the only way to go. Lie, man, lie! I love to lie and lie some more. I just make sure all my secret omens don't get me to the point of innersource.

Does Hillary accept that?

Doesn't matter. She rode on my coattails and got to where she's at today. That's all she cares about. So long as I could lie my way out of my predicaments, she was happy to go on tape to say she still loved me.

So what's your advice, lie so good that my wife will stay by my side, and when she becomes the president, bask in her glory?

That's exactly why I hate you, Bark. I could be basking right now...

Is it a good idea to trust your advice, if that's the case?

It depends on what the meaning of "is," is. I'm not sure I understand that question. It sounds like a set-up.

Could you give me the truth just this one time?

Okay, shoot.

Who's going to win the next election?

If you're still alive?

Obama's approval rating has not dropped as a mere blip; it's serious because it's still going down, now in the mid 40s. In well less than a year, he's become a political cripple. Republicans don't have time to celebrate; they don't want to waste a moment. They want cold-hearted political murder.

He didn't think it bad when he stole the peoples' trillions; now his Afghan globetrotters are crying the blues wondering how to get their planned troop-build up there without the Democrats hanging Obama at high noon. There was talk a week or so ago from Obama about a deeper recession seen on the horizon, with underlying tones of a continuation of the previous scam by the globobbles who own him, but he'll soon know better than to push it now. Even the global-warming lunes are having to shelf their agenda due to circumstances beyond their control. I don't think Bill's advice will work much at this time, so expect Obama to go straighter for a while until he recovers. Or maybe not.

Okay, let's assume I'm still alive, whose going to win the next election?

Only three possibilities. My wife, your wife, or Madonna. There's no hope for a man in 012.

But John at tribwatch says I've got to win again, because I'm supposed to be the false prophet until 2016.

Yeah, but he also says he could be wrong. Besides, I could do the false-prophet thing too, 'cause I like to l...

How can you be the false prophet since you're only false but not a prophet? On the other hand, I'm false and spiritual.

I don't see you making predictions. How does that make you a prophet?

I can't make my predictions now, or I'll be discovered false already. I'll have to reserve the predictions and holiness until the last years of my eight-year..."

You're dreaming. It's going to be my wife, your wife, or M...

I don't think so, Bill. I'm pulling out of this tailspin. I've got lots of time before 012.

My wife's already bought the throne polish so she's not letting you win without some holy impressions of her own. Besides, how will you pull out of your tailspin if you won't take my advice to lie and lie and then lie some more?

You've given me an idea, Bill. I'm going to tell lies differently than you, without having another omen.

Not even another black omen?

No Bill. There'll be no hex whatsoever to spoil my chances in 012. I will resort to total obstinacy and masternation. The only on-the-sides will be extra-martial law.

I'm skeptical that'll work, Bark. The people like to exercise free libido, no restraints.

But I've got a plan, Bill, and it isn't your advice. I'm going to play the fateful lamb and meanwhile unleash some Sato-massokillism. With your wife's whips and chains...

A headline in "Swine flu spreading at 'unbelievable' rate: WHO chief" (See her mugshot).

Five headlines down: "48 new A/H1N1 flu cases confirmed in Europe."

Forty-eight. "Unbelievable." The sky is falling.

Hmm, there's a Patrick in the news today, and it isn't a first name:

"Democrats pushed [yesterday] to fill the U.S. Senate seat left vacant by the death of Edward Kennedy, with the Massachusetts governor throwing his support behind a proposal to name an interim successor and help Democrats retain a critical margin in the chamber.

Massachusetts lawmakers said they would hold a public hearing on September 9 to discuss changing state law so the Democratic governor...Deval Patrick..."

Then we have a Cristeneaux-like surname in Obama's Afghan offensive war:

"Many of President Barack Obama's top advisers on Afghanistan agree with military commanders that more troops are needed to reverse Taliban gains in the country's east and south, U.S. officials said [yesterday].

But there is wariness within the White House to another large-scale increase at a time when public support for the eight-year-old war against a resurgent Taliban is eroding, the officials said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

...The debate is expected to intensify after [yesterday's] long-awaited assessment of the war by U.S. Army Gen. Stanley McChrystal, commander of U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan.

McChrystal called for the United States and its allies to change strategy, laying the ground for a likely request for more troops later, officials said."

The Cristeneaux term is said to be the foundation of "Cree," and it smacks of "Crichton" too. Could it be that the Chrystal surname is a Crichten and/or Craith variation? That would place the ancient Curetes in charge of Obama's offensive war. The Chrystals use a fir tree in the Crest, and the motto: "Mens conscia recti." The only surnames coming readily to mind from that motto are "Mann" and Conn," both first found in Aberdeen.

The Scottish Mann Coat (very likely from the Isle of Mann) uses black roundels on white, seen yesterday in the Arms of Fichtenberg (Germany). I assumed it was a pine tree, but the German Fichten/Fichtel Coat tree is merely called "a green tree", which could per chance turn out to be a fir tree. There is more evidence below for a Chrystal link to Fichtens.

The Crystals were first found in Yorkshire. Hmm, late yesterday I traced Crichtons/Creigtons to the Bruces and Skiptons of Yorkshire, where the Greigs were first found. The Greg Crest is "a stork's head divided." You may recall that I traced the stork symbol of Oettingen (Germany, close to Fichtenberg) to the English Odin/Oddie surname (white lion on red) of the Yorkshire localities of Storkhouse and Gisburn (see July 6).

The Odins/Oddies are "...believed to be descended from Count Odo who was also ancestor of the Counts of Aumale and the Lords of Holderness." The Holders? Compare the Holder griffo-dragon (I wrongly called it a winged lion in the previous update) with the Vinch/Finch dragon. I believe they are identical. I mention the Vince/Vinch surname because there is no Davinci Coat.

Suddenly, I wonder whether Vinch, with Finch variation, is a variation of "Fichten." Not likely but possibly, for consonant reversals are not rare. Note the black winged dragon-like beast in the Mann Crest which could link to the Vinch winged dragon...keeping in mind that the Mann roundels could link to the Fichtenberg roundels. The German Mann Coat uses a Vere-identical Shield but with white lion on red (Gascony and Odin/Odie symbol) instead of the white Vere star on red.

To support the suggested round-about trace of Chrystals to the Holder family (which uses an Indian-like design), compare the Vinch motto, "Nil conscir sibi," to the Crystal motto, "Mens conscia recti." And recall from yesterday's discussion that the Vere motto-term, "nihil," smacks of what the Cree natives call themselves: Nehilaw.

I think I have discovered the fir-tree code to depict the fur business partnership between early Europeans in America and the natives. The clue comes from the "conscir" term, which evoked the Conn surname. As you can see it uses a hare symbol. When I entered "Connes," the same surname/Coat popped up, at which time I realized that a coney is a rabbit. I entered "Cony" to get a different but very similar Coat (family habitat is also different), with the write-up: The surname Cony is derived from the Old English words conig and cony, which mean rabbit. However, Cony may have also been an occupational surname applied to a dealer in rabbit skins or a furrier." The Cony Crest is a Coney holding a pansy.

The derivation from "konig" (= "king") had me looking at the Konig Coat, and that "Jewish" one uses red and blue, the Polish color scheme. From the "Coyney" variation, I thought to check kinship with the Cogans, and found the Cogan motto to be: "Constans fidei." So far, so good, but the Cogan Coat with three oak leaves on red is virtually identical to the Sobbe/Zober/Zobisch branch of (Polish) Sobieski!!! This begs the question of whether the Vinch motto, Nil CONcire SIBI, is code for the Coney-Sobieski kinship. You don't need to be told that "Cogan" smacks of the Cohen/Kagan surname.

A variation of the German Konig surname is Koenig, justifying another look at the Keon Coat. You may recall that there is an Irish version of "John" in the Keon surname with Kewan and Owen (no doubt the same as "Cowan") variations, all said to be derived from "Eion" = Ian. In other words, the Conys et al trace to the Polish Janina (which I assume were John names and its several variations).

The German Koenigs were first found in Alsace. The location looked enough like the Alis/Alex terms (as per Algonkins/quins) that I seek roots for, so I went back into files to retrieve the ancient version of "Alsace, which turned out to be "Alesacius." The Arms of Alsace uses a strongman-like eagle evocative of thewhite Piast-dynasty eagle (see near-end of article). When you enlarge the Alsace Arms, small white eagles can be seen in the Coat. If you click on the enlarged image, you will get this very visible view of the eagles. They are not at all identical with the Piast eagle, aside from the strongman-like wing design...which is the only peculiar thing about the Piast eagle. I should add that I traced "Lusatia," and therefore the Leslies, to "Alsace."

Whereas the image above shows white fleur-de-lys along the white band, the flag of Alsace shows clovers instead, another reason to equate clovers with fleur-de-lys.

If you read yesterday, you would know of a Fichtenberg link to lake Constance that I made lightly. That link hardens now, for the Cogan motto, constans fidei (keeping in mind that the Fido motto-terms lead to the Fiddler surname that should be a Fichtel variation), smacks of "Constance while the Constance Coat uses a red Adler eagle on does the Indian-like Connick Coat (Cogans were linked to Conys/Conyeys derived from "konig").

The Connacher Coat uses the same wolf heads (white on red) seen in yesterday's Pendragon/Penrith topic. The same wolf heads are used in red in the Fiddler/Fidelow Coat to which the Obama Wolfin bloodline was connected closely. Remember, the Constance Coat uses a pine tree, what I suspected to be the Fichtenberg pine (or is it a fir) tree. It's identical with the Fichtel tree but not identical with the Fichtenberg Arms.

Going back now to the Mann Coat (using black roundels as does the Fichtenberg Arms), let's discuss the motto, "Per ardua stabilis," what not only evokes the Arthurian cult, but the tree stub symbol that was linked to "Goethe's Oak" and the Brocken region of Germany; the German Brock/Brocken Coat uses three tree stubs/stumps. Remember, this is the red-lion Brock family that links to the Craith/Crichton = Cree/Cristen family of peoples that I now think includes "Chrystal," and I arrived to the Mann surname today only because of the Chrystal motto.

Before going on, new readers should see the Rod(h)am Crest (tree stump) and compare the Coat with the Wolfin Coat.

There was a discussion (in June) on Stub-like branches of the Stewarts, and looking back on the Stub Coat we find what I think are horseshoes with nails (this design is far-more horseshoe-like than the Leslie/MacIan/Sobieski buckle) but likewise said to be buckles. I now note the Indian-like Stub Crest and the arrow tips officially called "pheons." That latter term smacks of the Peoni = Phoenicians.

Be patient because this is going straight back to the Ley bloodline, which is hinted at in the Stub motto-term, "labori," what I've recently linked to the Leybournes (links to Labrador natives) and therefore the Leys. The Stubbing Crest is the lion of the Bratt and Pender surnames (see yesterday for various Cree links). The Stubbing Shield is the Leighton/Layton/Laton Shield, a surname that must be a variation of Leigh/Ley!!! The Leighton Crest is a wyvern dragon (expected of the Ladon-dragon cult), and of course the Shield is in colors reversed from the Vere Shield.

The Ley Coat uses the same colors, but with a red lion, which could be the DeLion lion, which surname links to the DeLaine bloodline (both the MagDALENE cult), and since the DeLainy family has Laine-like variations, why not Ley and/or Leigh(ton)??? Le Morte d'Arthur" was written by a Mallory surname, using a red lion on the Leys.

Entering "Leyn" in an effort to find proof of a Ley link to the Laines brings up the Scottish Laine/Lane surname (derived from "Ian/John"; this Coat was discussed yesterday). Variations include "MacLean" and even "MacClain." This creates a predicament, for both it tends to link "Ley" to the Janina family rather than to the Lys term that I trace to Lusatia and the Laz/Leslies = Ladon dragon bloodline. On the other hand, it could appear as though "Ley" is a variation of "Lys" (pronounced similarly).

It's possible that Lys came first (from Lacydon of Liguria), evolved into the Leys when in Britain, then into Leighs/Leightons and Leyns/Leins ("Lein" is registered as a Laine/Lane variation). Then came the Ian-like terms from the Lane-like names, as for example "Ion" and "Iyon" were found linked recently in an unexpected way to "Lone" (a shown variation of "Lane/Laine") and "Lyon." Under this concept, I tried the 'L' version of "Ian," which is "Lian," and got a huge pelican in her piety.

September 2

It doesn't look like British prime minister Brown will be such in the 2012-16 stretch, as David Cameron is poised to replace him:

"The most common complaint made about David Cameron is that he is vague. A Conservative government is now as inevitable as the London 2012 Olympics...

...he thinks that the [ID-Card] scheme will be a waste of money."

For those who link ID cards to the globalist scheme of a skincode system, it doesn't appear that Cameron is on board with either. I don't follow British politics enough to know whether Cameron would find good alliance with Obama. In any case, it's September of 09, and still no sign of Gog. This begins to put a grave doubt in my mind on the end-time significance of the 2012-16 period. The good news is, it gives us more time.

Jim Jones yesterday, another Jones today in the Obama machine:

"President Obama's environmental adviser, Van Jones, was the main speaker at an anti-war rally that urged 'resistance' against the U.S. government, WND has learned.

The rally was sponsored by an organization associated with the Revolutionary Communist Party, which calls for the overthrow of the U.S. government and its replacement with a communist dictatorship."

I have been checking the news regularly recently, from Russia to Iraq, Egypt, Turkey, Israel, Caucasia, British, American and Lebanese. I don't want to report the same old same old. Not much has changed from last year; all prophetic fulfillment is still imminent, but as though it were being restrained. In the meantime, I would like to know the inners of the Magdalene topic that I've stumbled upon.

Assuming that I am correct to trace the cult to the DeLions and Delaines, I have further comments this morning. The bad news was that what I called the Delaine Coat (English) had no Delainy variations, though the variation is very apparently in the databank. The good news is I found another Delaine Coat (Irish, like the DeLion Coat) showing only the following five variations: Delaney, Delany, Delane, Delaune, Dalaney.

The super news is that this other Coat uses a central red lion on white (!!!) as does the Irish DeLion Coat (the Delaine lion is larger), thus tending to prove that Delaines and DeLions are the same stock. This is good, very good, for the trace to the Magdalene cult.

There's even better news, for as you can see in the Dallen variation that I used to find the Irish Delaine Coat, so it was while seeking the idea of "D'Allen," for last night I entered "Elaine" (as per mythical Elaine of the Arthurian cult) and got the Allen Coat...using three oak leaves, but not in the colors of Zober/Sobieski and Cogan (see yesterday for talk on that).

It makes absolute sense that the Alen/Allen/Alon surname should be the representation of mythical Elaine (Arthur's sister) since Arthur is said by many to be of the Alan Huns. The Alan-Coat page traces the surname to the proto-Stewarts of Brittany, wherefore the Stewarts are now at the very heart of the Magdalene cult. No surprise.

I had a dilemma when I realized that mythical Elaine represented the Allens, for the dfay before I claimed that she represented the Delaines. You can imagine how relieved I was to find the Delaine Coat when entering "Dallen," and with a red lion yet.

I had shown the German Dallen Coat not long ago (but before arriving to the Magdalene topic); it shows the variations: Dahl, Dahlen, Dahlin, Dahlem, Dallen, Dallin. It's the one with two evergreens (!) on black mounts, evoking the evergreen (species unknown to me) of the Fichtenberg Arms (Germany). BUT, the Dallen evergreen is identical to the one in the Ficthen/Fichtel-surname Coat!

We owe this Delaine link to Fichtenberg to the one (I can't recall who it was) that first gave me the tip on Obama's roots in the German Wolfins. To then find that the Wolfin page traces the surname to "Arthur's sister" just can't be a coincidence that I traced the Wolfins days ago to Elaine...and the Fiddle surname, and to the Gard surname that appears in code in the Magdalene-college motto (see two days ago).

I arrived at the Elaine=Delaine possibility when seeing the resemblance between "Elaine" and "Laine," but admittedly there are no "Laine" variations shown in either Delaine-Coat page. The English page shows only: Delawny, Delauney, De Laune, De Lune, Delaune, Delorney, Dalorney, Deloney, Delony, and De Lawny (though I arrived by entering "Delaine"). The Laine-Coat page shows Lawn and Lone variations that are included in the list above, wherefore I assumed that the Laine surname is Delainy stock.

The DeLion surname is said to derive from a Lyon locality in France, as well as from "Logan de Lion, a descendant of one of the monarchs of Ireland, who married the daughter of the Duke of Aquitaine and became sovereign of that nation." The impression left is that the Lyons of Ireland were named after one who was named after a city of Lyon. The write-up says Lyon in "central" France, which points to the one that was previously Lugdunum rather than Lyon la Forte:

"Lyon was founded on the Fourviere hill as a Roman colony in 43 BCE by Munatius Plancus, a lieutenant of Caesar, on the site of a Gaulish hill-fort settlement called Lug[o]dunon, from the Celtic god Lugus ('Light', cognate with Old Irish Lugh, Modern Irish Lu) and dunon (hill-fort). Lyon was first named Lugdunum meaning the 'hill of lights' or 'the hill of crows'."

Those of you who were following my trace of Ligurians to the Leye river in Liecester will be delighted to see the Blank Coat, a white cinquefoil on red, the symbol also of the Liecester Arms and the Rodhams (not to re-mention the Hamiltons). Some may recall the discussion on the Blank "Jewish" surname that was root to Lenin of Russia (see February 4), but the point here is, it just can't be a coincidence that "Lyon was founded on the Fourviere hill as a Roman colony in 43 BCE by Munatius PLANCus..."

Look it. The Irish DeLion surname was from LOGAN de Lyon. A variation of the city of Lyon (shown in the article above) is "Liyon." On April 10, I shared the following Wikipedia quote (from River Lee article):

"The River Lea [Liecester] was first recorded in the 9th century, although its name is believed to be much older. Spellings from the Anglo-Saxon period include Lig(e)an in 880 and Lygan in 895, and in the early medieval period it is usually Luye or Leye.

...The divergent spellings of the river are also reflected in the place-names of Luton and Leyton."

It looks like the DeLion family all over, from Lugdunum. But as there is an obvious link to Liecester, the Blank surname using the Liecester symbol MUST trace to the founding family of the Romanized Lugdunum (i.e. not to the pre-Roman Lugdunum of the Gauls). The question is, does the grail cult of Magdalene trace to the Roman Plancus family, or to the Gauls? Or both?

Last night I found a Liggins-surname webpage that itself seeks the root of the Irish Lyon surname, because the writer thinks that Liggins link to the Lyons. He/she first says that Liggins derive from George Lygon; that smacks of the Liyon variation of Lyon/Lugdunum.

Neither the writer nor I are experts on the Lyon surname, so caution is the word on premature conclusions. As I'm sure that the Irish surname traces to Lugdunum, I would disagree with his/her roots in the Gaels. In any case, he links the Lyon surname to the O'Laighin sept of County Galway (possibly named after Gauls) and the O'Liathain sept of County Cork. That Liathain variation evoked what I wrote yesterday:

It's possible that Lys came first (from Lacydon of Liguria), evolved into the Leys when in Britain, then into Leighs/Leightons and Leyns/Leins ("Lein" is registered as a Laine/Lane variation). Then came the Ian-like terms [i.e. and still later the Janina clan] from the Lane-like names, as for example "Ion" and "Iyon" were found linked recently in an unexpected way to "Lone" (a shown variation of "Lane/Laine") and "Lyon." Under this concept, I tried the 'L' version of "Ian," which is "Lian," and got a huge pelican in her piety.

I don't know what it means when a surname uses the same symbol in both the Crest and Shield, as does the Lian Coat. It may suggest that this is ground zero for the pelican symbol (used also in the Stewart and Poland Crests).

In my chapter, Was the Zionist Lion in Ireland," where I introduce the O'Rourke family (black lions on gold just like the HohenStaufens), I wrote: "Apparently, George Drummond, son of Andrew, came over [to Britain] in 1055 and at some point settled in Leitrim. Indeed, I found that 'in Gaelic Leitrim is Liath Druim.'"

"LEITrim" was also "LIATroma." Note the that "LIATh Druim" smacks of the O'LIATHhain sept of the Lyons in Cork. It's conspicuous that the DeLion/Lyon write-up says: "First found in DRUMrany, County Westmeath, where they were the Barons of Drumrany."

On February 6, I traced "Cork," where the Irish Cory/Coriell surname was found, to "Ratae CORIELtauvorum," the Roman name for Leicester. I should add that County Louth/Lu was named after the god, Lug(h), after which was named Lugdunum. The Arms of Louth use the green and gold colors, perhaps linked to the green lion on white of the Lyon Coat, which Coat comes up when entering "Lune," a variation found in the DeLion/Lyon-Coat page. Plancus, Roman founder of post-Gaul Lugdunum>Lyon, is portrayed in gold and green at the Wikipedia article on Lugdunum.

When I saw the Liyon variation of Lyon/Lugdunum, I entered "Ligon" to get the Ligon/Liggon Coat (this was before finding the Liggins website). The Ligon Coat uses a shield filled with Cohen (blue and white) checks, the color of the Stewart and Fer checks. Keep in mind that Cogans and Cowan's link to this topic; "(C)Owen," is said to be from "John" but I'm doubting it, thinking "Kagan" instead, which may have furnished "John" later on by way of a Cowan/Owan variation of "Cohen," in which case the Polish Janina were Cohens by a drastically-altered variation. That could explain why Poland's two main colors are red and blue, colors of the Hohens and Cohens respectively.

The Liggins page shows a Lyons Coat using three white lions (sitting on rear legs) on black. Just a note for future reference. There is an inactive link to a "Lygon Line" webpage, but it led me to find the Lygon webpage below (may be the same one), in which we read:

"...George Lygon, a descendant of the de Bracy family, were the original owners of the Manor of Madresfield, in Worcestershire, which manor was still in possession of the Lygon family in the 1940's. This family came to England with William the Conqueror in 1066 and, having fought under the standard of Normandy, received two lions passant in their Arms."

These Lygons are rather late in history but just the same the Bracy-family link could tell a revelation or two.

ZOWIE, that was fast. I have found the significance of the white Lyon lion on black; a white lion on black is used by the English Plank Coat!!! It proves a trace back to Lugdunum! Variations include Planche and Planque; first found in Wiltshire. Entering "Blanche" brings up the cinquefoil of the English Blank clan...first found in the Shetlands.

Possibly, the white lion on blue in the French Blanc/Blank Coat applies. That's also the symbol on the flag of Gascony (I erred yesterday when saying this flag uses a white lion on red). NOTE now the lion design in the Crest of the Lyon Coat; it's the same as found in the Bratt Coat...white on blue!! This Bratt Coat uses a red lion in the crest that MUST be linked to the Red DeLion lion. As I linked "Bratt" to "Brusi/Bruce," the Bracy clan of Lygon associations should be a Bratt>Bruce clan. The good news: "Bracy" brings up a Coat of its and green like the Lyon Coat!

Since the Bracys/Braci/Bresci were first in Cheshire, I would peg these as the Bruces merged with the Meschins. In fact, Ranulph le Meschin of Cheshire was also styled, "Ranulf de Briquessart"! Now I know that "Brique" refers to the Bracy family. Jumpin' safari chase! The Ranulph le Meschin page at Wikipedia shows his Arms, a RED LION (on gold)!!!

The article tells that he was related to Hugh d'Avranches, what I consider to be the Abreu/Evreux clan of the Ebroicum/Eburovices Celts. Note the gold lion on red (i.e. colors reversed from the Ranulph Arms) in the Abreu/Abruzzo/Abrussi Coat. Two lions on red were made the Arms of Normandy, though with lions in different positions, and then evolved into the Arms of England.

Many years ago, at about the time I started the post-trib book, I hired a woman with the Abreu surname. After some years, I needed a place to rent, and rented in her home. If not, I would NOT have entered Hebrews into my dragon-cult hunt, nor even the Abreu surname and all that it means toward the Bruces et al. I would NOT have discovered dragon links to Abruzzo and Aphrodite, etc. I've known for years that God was making all this happen, and eventually I started to realize the importance of my mother's bloodline in the Mascis of Abruzzo, and while I recently started to see Masci branches as much more important to the cult than I ever would have imagined at first, I now find them to be, possibly, in the guts of the Magdalene cult.

The Lyon surname of Scotland is said to derive, not from Lugdunum (anciently Fourviere Hill), but from Lyon-la-Foret in Normandy. I think the two cities are related to the same Lyon bloodlines. Lyons-la-Foret is on the border of Pays de Bray: "Etymologically, the name of Bray comes from a Gaulish word braco..." (ignore the derivation of 'braco" from mud or a marsh).

On origins we read of a Ligon term and others smacking of Liecester terms:

"Lyons was originally the name of the forest < Licontio-/Ligontio-, based probably on the Celtic root lic/lig, that is to find also in the name of the stream running here: la Lieure < Licoris /Ligoris. Same root as the River Loire < Liger and -ley in Beverley (Yorkshire) from Celtic *bibro- *licos > Old English beofor beaver, *licc stream.

...John de Lyons, a Norman knight takes part to the invasion of England [1066]. He has descendants in England."

The green and white Scottish Lyon Coat is the only one coming up under that name, but they were first found in Norfolk (England).

I'm quite convinced that this Lyon family was within the foundations of the Magdalene cult, but that idea seems to be inconsistent with a trace to "Allen" and "D[']allen/Delaine." If a resolution can be found, one would then have reason to trace mythical Elaine, Arthur's sister, to the Lyons of Lugdunum and therefore to the Gauls and/or Planks of that place, and likely to Ligurians. Lugdunum (in Rhone-Alpes) was in the Lanquedoc/Rhodanus theater and therefore could have played a part in the Magdalene cult of Septimania.

It's possible that "Alan/Allen" did not develop from the Alan Huns, as assumed by some (including me). It's possible that it developed from "Lyon." However, the reverse seems more likely, from Allen > Dallen > DeLion > Lyon. If true, Logan de Lion, at the root of the DeLion surname, was an Alan (either a surname or of the Huns). Moreover, the re-naming of Lugdunum to "Lyon/Liyon" was from an Alan, probably of the Alon spelling (which brings up the Alan Coat). Both "Dalon" and "D'Alon" bring up the DeLion Coat.

In this picture, the Magdalene cult was very possibly from the Alan Huns. Connection to the Alan names of the proto-Stewarts of Dol (Brittany) suggests "(Mag)Dalene" connection to "Dol" and even the House of Dulo to which Atilla/Attila belonged. Atilla claimed to be the return of Jesus!

In my Henry Drummond[= co-founder of pre-tribulationism,] the Hun chapter, I wrote:

Hun legend emphasizes a "Sword of God" by which Attila would slay the world, as well as the coming of Attila's son from the sky. Both pictures evoke the Revelation-19 coming of Jesus from the sky with a sword by which to slay the nations. In fact, Hun legend includes the thunder, lightning and a shaking of the earth that will accompany the return of Jesus. Here's a snippet of the legend:
"The king of the Huns took hold of [the magical Sword of God] and struck with it toward the four corners of the earth. His strokes were followed by thunder and lightning that began to shake the whole world. Attila was now certain that the ancient [Revelation] prophecy would be fulfilled. He was convinced that he would conquer much of the world and would create an empire that would surpass all other empires before him. He was also sure that he was indeed the Scourge of God who had been chosen by the heavens to inflict punishment upon the sinful people of this earth."

That is one heavy thought, that the Magdalene cult viewed the House of Dulo as the Messianic bloodline. Who would have thought? Note "Atilla"; close to "Dallon." It is known that Atilla came to western Europe with Alan Huns. Perhaps he himself was from an Alan branch. Alans trace to Alania, now Ossetia.

The Arms of Lyon/Lugdunum is a white lion on red, colors reversed from the DeLion lion. I mentioned white lions on red recently in the Mann and Odin Coats, though this alone does not prove links (I'm not negating a link).

September 3

Lebanon, including it's non-Hezbolah parts, is becoming more anti-Israeli with every passing week, so that this news is worrisome:

"The Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) has accepted an offer by Iran to provide it with weapons produced by the Iranian defense industries, a newspaper in Lebanon reported [yesterday]. According to Al-Akhbar, the proposal was sent from the Iranian Embassy in Beirut."

Somewhat related:

"A Russian newspaper is reporting that Russia has a contract to provide Syria with powerful MiG fighter jets but has not begun delivering the planes.

...The paper said Russian arms sales officials have denied such a contract exists.

...In May, outgoing head of the Pentagon's Defense Intelligence Agency Lt.-Gen. Michael D. Maples told the Senate that Damascus will take receipt of advanced MiG 31E fighter jets in the near future."

This sounds like what Syria could expect in return for allowing Russia to operate a naval base at Tartus. Russia may have hoped not to have to sell the MiGs (because the West won't like it if it gets caught) but Syria may have used the naval base for leverage in securing them. Russia seems on the verge of entering (without troops) the military fray of the Middle East, at Obama's war. Since Russia despises NATO, the following seems suspicious:

"Russia is seeking a role in planning NATO's war in Afghanistan two decades after Soviet forces were ejected from the country.

As East-West ties improve under President Barack Obama, Russia wants to be involved in setting the political, military and intelligence strategy for the war against the Taliban, said Dmitry Rogozin, Russian ambassador to the alliance.

'We want to be inside,' Rogozin said, in English, in an interview in Brussels [yesterday]...

By the way, it seems that Karzai has won re-election in Afghanistan, which is NOT what I think the O-Team wanted. It could very well be that Russia is courting Karzai, and that he will now "repay" the O-team by allowing Russia inside his Taliban affairs.

The article goes on to say: "President Dmitry Medvedev has said Russia is prepared to cooperate with the U.S. to bring order to Afghanistan, though officials have made clear that Russia won't commit troops." How could Obama like that deal? Not at all. The point is, Russia wants to enter the war on terror without military offerings, which is how I've envisioned Gog entering northern Iraq. I suppose the trick is to worm into political situations where the Americans have made a stink of themselves.

Democrats spent eight years during Bush's rule making a great stink for Americans in Iraq, contributing to the number of Iraqis today who want their country clean of American military in spite of security concerns.

Russians are not only courting Afghanistan, but NATO's new leader: "Rogozin said he broached Russia's proposals to Anders Fogh Rasmussen, a former Danish prime minister who became NATO secretary general on Aug. 1. Rasmussen responded with an 'approving nod,' he said." A whole approving nod? That sounds like a deal to make a deal to eventually make a deal...that will not happen.

We then hear on Brzezinski:

"Rogozin frowned on a proposal by former U.S. National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski for tighter security arrangements between NATO and the Russian-led Collective Security Treaty Organization, a seven-nation group pieced together out of the remnants of the Soviet Union.

The idea would leave NATO free to expand further into Russia's backyard, Rogozin said.

'NATO acknowledges the Collective Security Treaty Organization and Russia gets the hole of the donut,' Rogozin said. 'It has to silence itself and stop objecting to further NATO enlargement to the east.'"

Now you know that Russia is suspicious of Brzezinski, believing that he wants Western globetrotters to get into old Soviet satellites between geographical Russia and Afghanistan.

I've always said that Obama is secretly an oil man while towing the anti-oil line for the sake of his Democrat-support base:

"President Obama is adept at rewarding those who put him into office. And hard-left financier George Soros is emerging as a leader of the patronage pack.

A payback to Soros was due. As the chief moneyman behind left-wing political action committees like, Soros, an early supporter of Obama, played an instrumental role in drumming up voter mobilization and political advertising on the novice candidate's behalf....

...The Wall Street Journal recently reported that the Obama administration has committed up to $10 billion to Brazil's state-owned oil company Petrobras to finance oil exploration off of Brazil's coast. a Senator, Obama voted against permitting the U.S. to drill for oil and natural gas in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge on the grounds that it would be a crime to despoil such 'beautiful real estate.' Similarly, during last year's presidential campaign, he warned of the 'environmental consequences' of oil drilling, and insisted that 'we cannot drill our way out of the [energy] problem.'

But apparently George Soros can. The president has elected to help another nation with the same type of drilling that he opposes so vehemently for this country, and the reason seems to be Soros's $811-millon investment in Petrobras. The company just happens to be the largest holding in Soros's investment fund...

Giving money to a Brazilian oil company???

I don't see how drilling into the earth spoils the natural beauty of the far-far north. A pipeline is small in comparison with that huge country...where hardly anyone lives anyway. Animals really don't mind pipelines, really, did you know? Only a tree-worshiping lunatic would suggest that animals would be disappointed in a pipeline. On the up-side, raccoons could get some shade from cold winds, maybe even a warm den underneath. The point is, I think Dems oppose well-drilling for other, political reasons, supposing that big-oil people are mainly in the Republican camp.

The same article says:

"The cozy Soros-Obama alliance goes beyond favorable oil deals. It's also playing a role in the health care debate. Huge demonstrations dedicated to enacting Obama's universal health care are largely a Soros-financed operation. When tens of thousands of people rallied in the nation's capital in support of Obama's health care plan, the demonstrations were organized by Health Care for America Now! (HCAN), a new national grassroots movement of more than 1,000 organizations in 46 states encompassing 30 million people dedicated to winning health reform now."

Hear the false Christian:

"'Islam as we know is part of America. Like the broader American citizenry, the American Muslim community is one of extraordinary dynamism and diversity. "On this occasion, we celebrate the holy month of Ramadan and we also celebrate how much Muslims have enriched America and its culture in ways both large and small,' the president said."

I don't trust anyone from Chicago anymore if he/she touched on the Obama administration, but what if that person is "a former chief economist at the International Monetary Fund who is now a professor at the University of Chicago" He's saying that while the economy is bouncing back, the banks are still in jeopardy, and in fact that ingredient alone could cause the next recession. It's what someone would say ahead of time who's involved in a scheme to make banks fail and other businesses as to come to control them one way or another.

Can the swine flu, or something causing swine-flu symptoms, be mailed to targeted persons in envelopes? Suppose that were to be a plan to depopulate a nation(s). Wouldn't the schemers first need to make it appear as though a potentially-lethal swine flu was going around person-to-person in a massive wave(s)? What if the swine flu going around person-to-person were mild and harmless while the envelopes contained the killer type (that perhaps could not infect others to the point of death)? I don't know my medicine enough to know whether a flu (or something like it) can be sent in an envelope.

If you can believe it:

"A 'pandemic response bill' currently making its way through the Massachusetts state legislature would allow authorities to forcefully quarantine citizens in the event of a health emergency, compel health providers to vaccinate citizens, authorize forceful entry into private dwellings and destruction of citizen property and impose fines on citizens for noncompliance.

If citizens refuse to comply with isolation or quarantine orders in the event of a health emergency, they may be imprisoned for up to 30 days and fined $1,000 per day that the violation continues."

How do you spell DICTATORSHIP? Since when does a sick person not have the right to stay at home rather than in a "luxury" holding cell (at $1,000 daily, we're assuming it's top-class, right hum ho-ho?). I think the WND claim in the article is that such laws can later allow tweaked government-backed measures that have the true intent of persecuting those who rebel against Democrat/Obamacrat initiatives. Political enemies are building steam at present to rebel against forced swine-flu shots. The article goes on to say:

"As WND reported, a blank document from the Iowa Department of Public Health has been discovered online, designed to be filled in with the name of an H1N1 virus victim who is required to relocate from his or her home to a quarantine facility."

To make things like this work, the government needs an Attorney General that will give the nod. The current attorney general is Eric Holder. The first one ever, shows Wikipedia, was Edmund RANDOLPH, under the presidency of George Washington. Mr. Randolph was succeeded by William Bradford. A quick check of the Bradford Coat reveals that it's a Bradd/Pratt variation, for it uses centrally the same wolf head used by the Pratt Crest. Moreover, the Bradfords were first found in Yorkshire, where the Pratt>Bruce line lived.

Others using the same wolf head include Penrith and the Fiddler/Fidelow which the Obama Wolfin bloodline was connected closely (see seventh update in August).

The Bradford Crest is a blue Indian peacock, and the Coat has three bugles surrounding the wolf head. I would therefore trace Bradfords to the Peacock surname (using blue Indian peacocks), and being a Pollock sept the Peacocks should be linked to the three Pollock bugles...which are identical to the Bradford bugles.

Edmund Randolph was also the second secretary of state, preceded by Thomas Jefferson. The Welsh Jefferson Coat uses a winged griffin, evoking somewhat the winged griffin of the Holder Crest and the Vinch/Vince dragon (I'm entertaining both surnames as part of the Da VINCI cult of Magdalene).

The Vinch surname is brought up again because of Timothy Pickering, the secretary of state after Thomas Jefferson, for the Pickering Coat and Crest together show obvious links to the Dougals/Dowells who use, "Vinceri ve Mori," as a motto. (This Crest symbol is said to be a lion's paw, but it sure looks more like a curled-over feather).

As proof that this motto is code for other families, the Douglas' are of Moray; hence, the Pickering "mori' term (that I think is linked to the Mari entity of the Magdalene cult). The Pickard surname was first in Moray, thus tending to show that it was linked to Pickerings. As per George Washington's vice-president, John Adams, we see a heart (gold on red), the Douglas symbol, in the Irish Adams Coat. AND, the Adams Crest is a red heart, the Douglas-heart color!

See also the Logan Coat with red heart on gold and derived from chiefs/lords of Gailenga Mor, now Morgallion. Logans were first found in Westmeath, but the write-up traces them to Scotland first...likely the Douglas clan at Moray. It's interesting that the DeLion write-up has the surname deriving from Logan de Lion, and "First found in Drumrany, County Westmeath (italics mine)!!! This traces the DeLions to the the Logan/Lohan surname.

The Scottish Adams were first found in Annandale, the home of the Scottish Bruces. The Borderlands Adams Coat could be related to the Pollock saltire. The Annandale-surname Crest is a (winged) griffin.

The United States was founded by a family, not a group of unbiased politicians out for the good of the people. THE FAMILY. The white stars on blue are of Douglas and Moray. The red and white stripes are two dragons, two rose lines, all Hebrews.

The Pickards are obviously related to the Bransons, as both use the same Coat design (= Campbell/Cammell design) and the same winged lion (though a griffin has a lion's body). Although the Bransons were first found in Yorkshire, while Pickards were first in Moray, the Pickerings were first found in Yorkshire. The Pickerings use a blue lion on white, the Bruce of Yorkshire symbol, wherefore a trace to the Piceni of Abruzzo is possible.

Keep in mind the possibility that Picardy (France) was named after the Biggar Flemings who lived in Douglas domains of Scotland. Since the Biggar Coat is exactly the Dulles Coat (surname first in Moray), the Pickerings and Picards appear linked to the MagDALELE cult. Indeed, for the Piceni likely represented the woodpecker symbol of Mars (i.e. I see a Piceni link to the Marsi peoples of Abruzzo), while Moray et al are traced (by me) to the proto-Mars cult in the Transylvania-Moravia theater. Mars is likely at the root of the Mari-Magdalene cult.

The Biggar Crest is a Pelican's head."

Since the Magdalene cult has been traced to the Allans of Stewart ancestry who became Dallen-like terms, note that the Dulles Coat uses both color schemes -- blue and white, and red on white -- of the Scottish and English Stewarts respectively.

The trace yesterday of the (Mag)Dalene cult to the Dulo house of ATILLa jibes with Drummond links to Hungarian royals (the DeLion surname was first found in Drumrany), for those royals claimed to descend from Atilla. The Magdalene finger points to various Huns, the Khazars and Avars included with the Alans. An examination of the Avars reveals Hebrew roots, and one should also investigate the HephTHALites, said to be Hebrews of the Indo-Iran region...where we would expect the blue Indian peacock families to be from.

The Poles entered Hungarian-Arpad royals at Ladislaus I, born in Poland and having a Polish mother, which should explain how the Leslies of Poland, et al, got engaged with the Magdalene cult. But I assume that Hun elements were independently in Poland too, and that these joined with Hun elements in Hungary's Arpads.

I was prepared two days ago to further expose the surnames of the "Elders" of the Carter crew that visited Israel recently, and Branson (same Coat design as Pickards) was one of the Elder surnames. First, we'd expect the Atilla symbol to be a sword, for he was called the Sword of God. The English Adler Crest uses a sword in hand of a fighter, and surname variations include Aelheard, showing that "Adler" may have been "Alder." The Adler Coat use the same wolf heads as per Pratts, Bradfords, and Penriths.

The Elder/Alder Coat is white shield on green shield, which smacks of the green used by the Robinsons and Gabriels, two of the Carter-related Elders (August 27 has intro on this topic). The Carter Coat is itself green and white (!), you see, suggesting a link to the Elder surname. The Elder Crest is a scroll in hand, the symbol of the Moray Crest. I traced this symbol to Biharia (where I also trace the Biggars).

The Robinson motto is, "Foi est tout," which smacks of the motto used by the Magdalene college in Cambridge: ""Garde ta Foy." The English Foy Coat is identical to the six black roundels of the English Lacy Coat, and should connect with the Fichtenberg Arms. I discussed the Robinson motto on August 27, suggesting that the "tout" term linked to the Tout surname because another of the Carter Elders was Desmond Tutu. On that day I wrote, "The Toot white crescent is on red, same as the Olden/Alden surname...discussed yesterday as a Holder branch leading to Polish king Kolodziej."

At the time, I had no inkling that the Olden surname could link to the Elder surname, nor even the elder theme. I went on to show the Arm and Scimitar of the Holdrich Crest, what now seems like an appropriate symbol for the Atilla Huns. I had previously traced the Arm and Scimitar to Arabs of the Hebrew kind, possibly the Ishmaelites, and indeed Arab Hebrews is what Atilla brings to my mind. I traced Arab Hebrews to Arabkha/Arrapha, the Assyrian city to which I also traced the Hungarians Arpads. That works like a charm!! This is not to say that Atilla represented Ishmaelites so much as to support his being from the Arphaxadites...who developed into the dragon of Ares>Mars!

The Oldens use a red shield on white shield, the colors of the Jefferson shield-on-shield, and the latter also uses black roundels on white as a border, suggesting Lacy links. Per chance, could "Jefferson" link with "HEPH(thalite)"?

I should add that the Pickering Lion is the same design (in colors reversed) as per the Welsh Jones Coat. I traced the latter surname to the Samson cult of pre-Israeli Danaan, and I traced Arphaxadites to Arpad/Arados and Tartus of Syria, then to Rhodes (where Danaans settled), then to Arad and Oradea of the Biharia/Mures theater of Arpii/Carpathia-land. I identified the Samson cult as Hyksos Hebrews from the Assi-Tocharian people group of Armenia, and so we find the Jones motto to be (in Welsh): "Heb dduw, Heb ddym." Likely, the "Heph" term in "Hephthalite" is a "Heb(rew)" variation.

On the topic of Hephthalites, we read:

"There were various theories about their origins documented by the ancient Chinese chroniclers, as well as by Procopius:
* They were descendants of the Yuezhi or Tocharian tribes who remained behind after the rest of the people fled the Xiongnu....

I have always sensed that the pagan grail symbol leads back to "bloodbrother" pacts of the Scythians, who drank their mingled blood from cup/skulls when making alliances. The Arpads did the same. The Tocharians, if they were Togarmites, were Scythians of the Cimmerian fold. It's known that Hercules depicted a Scythian peoples. But they were Scythians joined to Hebrews. Joseph, the Hebrew Kagan of the Khazars, admitted that Khazars were Togarmites, but it doesn't mean that Khazars were not ruled by Hebrews, including Ashkenazi Hebrews. They were, and they were called Red Jews, though not likely Jews much at all.

The finger points to other types of Hebrews that could have carried the red color to the West. Note that since the Magdalene cult seems to link to native "Indians" that they are called "red skins."

The Poles/Polski, who I trace to mythical Pollux, may have derived from "Peleg," son of Eber.

September 4

Before getting to some Obama news, I'd like to continue straight from the last thing said yesterday, the theory that Poles descend from Peleg son of Eber, founder of the Hebrews. In such a picture, we might expect tribes of Joktan (Peleg's brother) in Poland too. I had considered a trace of his name to Ogdens (before focusing on Polish royals), who use the Branson/Campbell design but also an oak branch on red. Joktanites (or those who think they trace to Joktan) may therefore be linked to the oak leaves on red of the Sobbes/Zobischs/Sobieskis...of Poland. Amazing. That happened immediately in my search for Joktan ties to Poles.

The Cogans use the same symbol...and the Allan Coat too (!) uses oak leaves, in different colors. I know that I traced "Joktan" and "Oc/Occitan" to the ox symbol of the Molech/Zeus cult, but I also recall tracing "Jok(tan)" to the oak symbol, quite appropriate in that the oak is said to symbolize very ancient ancestry.

The Ogden Crest is a red lion (!!) under an oak tree. Recent evidence showed that the Allens were the DeLions/Dalens that use a red lion!

Over the course of concentrating on the Dalen/Dallen-like surnames, I was becoming aware that the bloodlines at hand were not at all veering to the Scandinavian bloodlines of LG, but mainly to the Pollock side of things. Then last night she reminded me of what she had shared not long ago, what I shared with readers, that her grandmother's maiden name was Dahlen. I could NOT believe that I had forgotten this, so engrossed was I into the thought of discovering the Magdalene bloodlines. I even spent time on the Dahlen surname, making a feasible trace to the Dougal surname (that has also figured into the DeLion/Dalen topic). This is amazing. It connects to the Allen topic above that I never would have guessed to have links to LG's Scandinavian lines (when one enters "Dalen" with one 'l', the DeLion Coat pops up).

Last night I found from LG that Dahlen was not the maiden name of her grandmother, but rather of her grandmother's sister. Just the same, I find this to be more evidence that God has LG in my email life (which is your email life too as the revelation is not for me but for you and the world) for at least the one reason of exposing the Magdalene cult. In fact, I spoke on the Dahlen topic earlier in this very update when on the "Dallen" link to the per the idea of "D'Allen"!! Here is what I said without realizing that the surname was that of LG's family:

"I had shown the German Dallen Coat not long ago (but before arriving to the Magdalene topic); it shows the variations: Dahl, DAHLEN, Dahlin, Dahlem, DALLEN, Dallin. It's the one with two evergreens (!) on black mounts, evoking the evergreen (species unknown to me) of the Fichtenberg Arms (Germany). BUT, the Dallen evergreen is identical to the one in the Ficthen/Fichtel-surname Coat."

I think that the way in which this has taken place is evidence from Above that the DeLions were Dallens were Allens, and that Allens were indeed in Scandinavia. But I have the feeling that the Dahlens of LG's family are going to mesh with one or more of her bloodlines. I had found her other bloodlines to use red and white predominantly, the Irish DeLion colors.

The Ogden oak branch is green on white beside red shield parts, smacking of the Lieber Coat with green oak branch on white beside a horizontal red band; the same horizontal red band is used also by the Allen Coat! The Lieber page is the one saying: "It was used as a nickname for a person known as 'flatterer' or 'smooth talker' as it is in the case of Rudolph qui dicitur (so-named) Lieber who lived in the 13th century..." Those terms in quotation marks are used of the end-time king of the north in Daniel 11:21. BUT, this has not convinced me that the current foreign minister of Israel, with Lieberman surname, is the anti-Christ.

[The next many paragraphs not in square brackets were written yesterday before LG re-mentioned the Dahlen topic last night. Is it a coincidence that the topic below starts off on the Douglas surname that I had linked tentatively to "Dahlen" (it easily modifies to Dagl)?]

For those who missed my addition to yesterday's update, I added the following quote immediately after discussing the gold heart on red of the Adams surname, though Adams use a red heart in the Crest (the Douglas symbol):

See also the Logan Coat with red heart on gold [colors reversed from the Adams heart] and derived from chiefs/lords of Gailenga Mor, now Morgallion. Logans were first found in Westmeath, but the write-up traces them to Scotland first...likely the Douglas clan at Moray." It's interesting that the DeLion write-up has the surname deriving from "Logan de Lion," and "First found in Drumrany, County Westmeath (italics mine)!!! This traces the DeLions to the Logan/Lohan surname, and jibes well with the write-up trace of the DeLions to Lugdunum/Lyon/Liyon.

The Adams Coat was introduced on April 10 when discussing Gerry Adams of Sinn Fien (Ireland) visiting with Hamas. It was mentioned then that the Adams stars matched the Scottish Vaux Coat, but since then the Magdalene cult has been traced to the Vaux of southern France (see 5th and 7th updates of August). The Vaux clan were from, or at least linked to, red and gold Cohens.

The French Adam Coat -- first found in Languedoc (!) where the Magdalene cult arose large -- uses a red lion on gold!!!! Many variations are Adan/Adane-like (the Danaan from Rhodes???), and the Irish surname includes, "MacCoddan". By the way, "Adam" shows more Coats than "Adams."

There appear to be inconsistencies with a Magdalene trace to both Goths and Gauls of France, and then also to Poles, but this should clear up. I link Goths to Getae Thracians and therefore to the goat cult of Satyrs, and it's known that Satyrs were an integral sex-pot part of the sex-fiend Galli cult in Phyrgia.

There is also the English Tilman/Dilman surname that should apply to the DeLions because it uses a black/white lion on white/black. Two days ago it was found that the Liggins webpage shows a Lyons Coat using three white lions on black, and moments later found he English Plank Coat using a white lion on black...which should trace to the Roman founder of Lugdunum, having a Plancus surname.

Perhaps not coincidentally, the Dills/Dilleys/Dilks use a lion (gold on red). They use a dove in the crest. The Dilman motto includes "agricolum," and since the surname is said to be derived from a farmer i.e. one who tills the land (though this is likely incorrect but passed from generation to generation anyway), I would ignore the "agri" portion of the motto term and concentrate on the "colum" remainder. You see, a trace to the Coluim surname of the Scottish Malcolms seems feasible because I traced the dove symbol of COLUMbia to it. In other words, the Dils/Dilks could be a Dilman/Tilman branch, all from the DeLion/(Mag)dalene fold.

As the Stewarts were made High Stewards of Scotland by the royal Malcolm bloodline, the gold stars on blue of the Scottish Malcolm Coat should link to the same in the French/Norman Allen Coat (using also Gascone ducklings). You may recall that gold stars on blue are Bauer (of Rothschilds) symbols, and that I traced the Bauers/Bowers to the Scottish Bowers using a green shield with bunched arrows (= Rothschild symbol). The Scottish Adam Coat is a green shield with single arrow (!), thus tending to trace Rothschilds to the (Mag)Dallen bloodline of the French/Languedoc Adams family. Keep in mind that Khazars, Atilla's Huns of the Dulo clan, and the Alans of Dol were all likely related from way back in the east.

The Welsh David/Davies/Davis Crest uses a black and white lion, and the Coat a black lion on white, possibly linking to the above.

[Okay, it's this morning again, and there are advances on this topic of last night, hitting on LG bloodlines. For one thing, there is a rare Norwegian Dahlen Coat with (white) hearts (!) said to derive from "dalr" but cognate with the British Dale surname... having a stork in Crest that I link to Oettingen/Odin, Gascony, and Storkhouse of Yorkshire; see the Grieg surname (using a stork in Crest and also from Yorkshire) earlier in this update. The Dale surname was introduced on July 8 while on the topic of LG's bloodlines:

"The German Dallin surname (using evergreens on white) has Dahl/Dahlen/etc variations that could likewise convert to Dougal-like names. The Dale surname (using a swan/goose) has a Dayle variation. The German Doles/Dules have "Dohl." The Irish Doles use "Doyle/Doyel." Seeing that the Scottish Dowel Coat is a match with the Dougal Coat, note that Dowel variations include "Doul/Doule."

I was just about to go into the same theme imminently in seeking Dole ties to the Magdalene bloodlines. I probably won't have room to do so today, but it's coming.

Secondly, as per the English Plank surname above that squarely links to the Delions/Dalens, the English Blank Coat (surname first in Shetlands, where I traced proto-Stewarts of DOL) uses a large white cinquefoil on red, the symbol also of the Tankervilles that I have tentatively linked to LG's Takala per the Swedish Tack surname being said (by the write-up) to be a Tankerville variation. I previously showed that the same red-on-white cinquefoil belongs also to the Dog/Doag/Doak Coat, which seems like a Dougal/Douglas variation).

Yesterday, upon reading in the news that Arne Duncan was Obama's education minister, and because the surname likely traces to the Duncan(s) of the Scottish Malcolms/Coluims, I checked the Duncan Coat to find... white cinquefoils on red...but didn't know what to do with them, wherefore I decided not to mention the surname. But having gone into the Blank/Tankerville topic this morning, I changed my mind. As you can see above, the Dils/Dilks and/or Tilmans/Dilmans may link to the Coluims. This may explain why the Tancred-branch Tankervilles use an olive tree fructed in Crest, for an olive branch is often seen in the mouth of a dove ("columb" is French for "dove").

The Swedish Tack motto includes "nobilitas," smacking of the Nobel surname, and the Nobel Coat uses a peculiar design used also by the Wolfley Coat; the latter surname is that of Obama's Wolflin line that changed to "Wolfley" in America (see 3rd update in August). On August 31 there is a phenomenal discussion on Wolfley links to the Gards, though I failed to mention that the Gard wolf design is exactly the Wolfley wolf design!!

I traced the Wolflin bloodline to fido-like motto terms (because the English Gard motto uses, "fidel") and therefore to the Fiddle (and possibly Fichtel) surname, wherefore I do not think it's a coincidence that I've just learned the Nobel motto to be: "Fide et fortitudine." The Penrith Arms motto is, is "Fide et Fortudine," and the English Penders use, "Ex fide fortis" (I linked the Penriths and Penders to the Pendragon cult in the previous update). The Penrith-surname Coat uses a wolf head.

I still do not know whether the Nobel surname was in honor of the Nibelungs of Merovingian kinship. I seek evidence because I trace Nibelungs to the nephilim cult. I am now armed with Nobel links to Wolfleys and others of that fold. There is a Dutch Nobel Coat using a large white rose on red. Back now to last night's work.]

Now the news:

"NLPC has uncovered a plan by the White House New Media operation to hire a technology vendor to conduct a massive, secret effort to harvest personal information on millions of Americans from social networking websites.

...Other troubling issues include: extremely broad secrecy terms preventing the vendor from disclosing to the public or the media what information is being captured and archived...

This is the third controversy involving the White House internet operations in less than a month...

Given the White House's recent abuse of its New Media operations, this huge, new secretive program is yet another sign that this Administration is at best indifferent to privacy rights and at worst prepared to violate civil liberties for political purposes."

How do you spell, DICTATORSHIP? Same as yesterday? It's nothing new; the Illuminati has been doing this ever since computers were useful for the task. Watch what you say online about your tribulation plans. More on O-conspiracy:

"Financial chaos, failing banks, skyrocketing unemployment, swine flu -- crisis after crisis is being used by the Obama administration, critics claim, to facilitate an unprecedented federal power grab and socialist transformation of America.

Obama is in trouble with this sort of thing spreading round. There's only one way to stop it all. Close the Internet.

Hezbollah has been re-arming? You don't say:

"The Kuwaiti daily Al-Siyassa reported Thursday, Sept. 3, that chemical weapons were stored in the hidden Hizballah arms warehouse which blew up at Hirbet Salim near the Israeli border in mid-July. Of the 11 Hizballah operatives killed in the blast, 3 died of chemical poisoning. Hizballah denied any members had been killed or even that it maintains a weapons store in breach of UN resolutions.

...European intelligence sources reported on Sept. 1, that Hizballah had recently boosted its military capabilities with a supply of chemical shells and short-range missiles with chemical warheads and was about to receive biological weapons as well."

It goes on to say that something big is imminent, but not in a hurry.

Karzai-vs-McCrystal has just intensified:

"KUNDUZ, Afghanistan (AP) - A NATO jet blasted two fuel tankers hijacked by the Taliban in northern Afghanistan, setting off a huge fireball Friday that killed up to 90 people, including dozens of civilians, Afghan officials said.

...The airstrike is likely to intensify concern over civilian casualties in the Afghan war. Top NATO commander, Gen. Stanley McChrystal, has ordered curbs on airstrikes after a strong backlash among Afghans over civilians killed in military operations.

Afghan President Hamid Karzai issued a statement saying he was creating a panel to investigate the attack. 'Targeting civilians is unacceptable for us,' he said.

Navy Lt. Cmdr. Christine Sidenstricker..."

Weird. This headline -- Operation Fiddler on the (Kremlin) Roof -- is just in after tracing Obama's bloodline to the Fiddlers:

"If all goes off without a hitch, it will be one of the IDF's most meticulously planned and executed large-scale missions beyond Israel's borders, ever...

It involves flying 45 specialist IDF soldiers thousands of kilometers away from Israel's borders, together with their unique equipment and sensitive instruments, where they will...parade in Moscow's Red Square on Saturday night in front of tens of thousands of people as part of the Russian capital's annual Moscow Day celebration.

The band, led and conducted by Lt.-Col. Michael Ya'aran will perform 'Fiddler on the Roof'...

Moscow is over 800 years old, and every September 5 the municipality and the Kremlin organize a massive bash to celebrate the city's power and prestige. Red Square is the traditional parade grounds of the Russian armed forces...

This Saturday, the IDF band will join the military orchestras of France, England, India, Scotland, Italy and Kazakhstan, as well as 15 military bands from Russia's most elite army units, which each have their own marching bands.

The Russian Ministry of Defense contacted its Israeli counterpart and asked if the IDF would be interested in participating."

What does the God of Israel think of the IDF parading down Red Square? This looks like the work of Israel's foreign minister, Avignor Lieberman, a Russian-born Israelite whose work in Israel includes the support of Russian-based "Jews"...many of whom were foundational to the State of Israel when the Rothschilds brought them to Palestine pre-World Wars. "[Lieberman's] father had served in the Red Army and spent seven years in a Siberian Gulag under Stalin's rule..."

I'm not suggesting that the event is related to Obama's Fiddler bloodline. I had been wondering whether Fiddler on the Roof was a production by Fiddler-surname stock. As you may know, the production is a "Jewish" one (quotation marks always indicate that it may or may not be Jewish, as per Hebrews from the tribe of Judah):

"Fiddler on the Roof is a musical with music by Jerry Bock, lyrics by Sheldon Harnick, and book by Joseph Stein, set in Tsarist Russia in 1905."

Bock, Harnick, and Stein. Let's check them out for kinship possibilities. The German Bocks use the motto, "Noblesse oblique." Coincidence? See discussion on Nobel surname above where I linked it to the Fiddle>Wolfley bloodline BEFORE I came to this Fiddler-on-the-Roof webpage/topic. I recall seeing the Bock symbol, a white goat upright, elsewhere, but can't recall now. BUT, the German Stein Coat uses a white goat, though not upright.

Just to let you know where we're at, the Dutch Steins use the Rothstein/Rothschild symbol. The English Steins use the spotted leopard, probably linked to the same in the English Rhodes Crest. The Rhodes Coat uses RED LIONS ON WHITE and gold roundels on red; the latter symbol, in the same colors, are in the English Nobel Coat.

There's no Harnick Coat but there are Harneys and Arneys. The latter spelling brings up the Carney Coat with RED LIONS ON WHITE, and because it's an Irish Coat, the lions are very likely that of the DeLions. The Carneys were first found in Mayo, where the motto is: "Dia is Muire Linn" (God and Mary be with us). The surname "Muire" brings up the Scottish Moor/Muire Coat with gold stars on blue (likely linked to the Scottish Malcolms and/or Bowers=proto-Rothschilds).

The pheons in the Arney/Carney Coat suggest strongly a link to the same in the English Arnold Coat. The German Arnold Coat suggests links to the triple-fingered cross type that was used by Avars, and indeed the Italian Arnolds use a wyvern dragon, the Vere (whom I trace to Avars) species.

That's all for today. Thank you for checking in, and do check in again before October at the latest to catch up on Iraq-related news. Thank you for your emails, and I apologize that I am nearly 100 behind. Easy on me.


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