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July 20 - 24

Is al-Baghdadi Gog's Right-Hand Man?

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July 20

Global warming? It's never been so cold in mid-July that I could see my breath. I can blow "smoke rings" this morning.

For your information:

"The Iraqi government has moved to sharply restrict the movement and activities of U.S. forces in a new reading of a six-month-old U.S.-Iraqi security agreement that has startled American commanders and raised concerns about the safety of their troops.

...Iraq's top commanders told their U.S. counterparts to 'stop all joint patrols' in Baghdad. It said U.S. resupply convoys could travel only at night and ordered the Americans to 'notify us immediately of any violations of the agreement.'

...The Americans have been taken aback by the new restrictions on their activities. The Iraqi order runs 'contrary to the spirit and practice of our last several months of operations,' Maj. Gen. Daniel P. Bolger, commander of the Baghdad division, wrote in an e-mail obtained by The Washington Post.

...The acrimony that has marked the transition period has sowed resentment, according to several U.S. soldiers..."

The "bottom line" is the last line above: discord between the U.S. and Iraq. The question is, is the U.S. picking a bone by order of Obama in an effort to become aggressive in Iraqi affairs?

Really on the brink now:

MOSUL, Iraq (Reuters)...Kurdish local councilors in a disputed part of Nineveh currently boycotting all contact with its Arab governor Atheel al-Nujaifi vowed [yesterday] to form their own splinter council if their disagreement with him fails to be resolved.

They represent 16 out of Nineveh's 37 seats.

...'If no solution is found, we will be forced to form the Nineveh council to run the 16 administrative units," said Kurdish councilor Derrman Khitari...

Tensions in Mosul, Nineveh's provincial capital, have left it a violent place, even while much of the country enjoys its best security in years. Nineveh is struggling to crush insurgent groups, including al Qaeda. Kurds refuse to participate in a new Arab-led provincial government and several Kurdish towns vow they will not respect Mosul's new government. The province remains on edge. The Arab governor has avoided Kurdish-dominated areas because of security fears. Kurds and Arabs have each staged protests in Nineveh. ...'[The Kurd] demand is illegal and the constitution will not endorse it. It violates the provincial council law. If any local council within these areas violates the constitution, we have the authority to dissolve it and form a new one', said [Najifi]"

And so it goes, to the final curtain, war seems inevitable:

"Kurdish Peshmerga militias have the right to remain in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul, an Iraqi Kurdish general [yesterday] said in defiance of the Arab nationalist governor there. General Jabar Yawar, a spokesman for the Kurdish Regional Government's Ministry of Peshmergas, said Governor Athil al-Najifi had overstepped his authority when he recently promised to eliminate Peshmerga paramilitary fighters from Nineveh province, of which Mosul is the capital.

'Al-Najifi's recent statements reflect his personal views, and possibly the opinion of his political bloc, but do not necessarily reflect the position of the constitutional authorities of the federal government in Iraq or its laws. His statements are unenforceable,' Yawar told the German Press Agency dpa.",iraqi-kurds-arabs-spar-over-mosul-security-forces.html

The Kurds are banking on Iraq taking sides with them over the Arabs, whether in regards to forming their own splinter council, or with their military station in the Mosul region. We have yet to see how Iraq will handle this situation, and the Americans are on the sidelines with ugly faces, raising their middle fingers toward Baghdad. "Hope it all explodes in your face, you &*&^%$#!" I don't think Maliki knows what sort of traps God has for Babylon, trap after trap.

I came across an article on a man who in multiple ways fits the shoes of the anti-Christ, and yet I'm not at all convinced he's the one. I wasn't going to mention this, but decided it may be best in case he's a right-hand man to the anti-Christ. The article is long, but I'll try to be brief:

"Despite the arrest on April 23 of a man identified by Iraqi authorities as Abu Omar al-Husayni al-Baghdadi, the elusive leader of the 'Islamic State of Iraq' (ISI), audio messages keep emerging from an unseen individual who identifies himself as the authentic Abu Omar al-Husayni al-Baghdadi. There are several theories regarding the identification of the mysterious commander of the ISI, an organization closely connected to al-Qaeda in Iraq since its establishment was announced on October 15, 2006.

The latest audio message, over 43 minutes long, emerged earlier this month...

Al-Baghdadi has little use for Iraq's leading Sunni politicians...

Al-Baghdadi goes on to describe Sunni Vice-President Tariq al-Hashimi (former leader of the Iraqi Islamic Party and a potential presidential candidate) as a 'criminal' responsible for forming and supporting the anti-al-Qaeda Awakening Councils...

...'The time of patriotism, nationalism and Ba'thism has ended for good, along with its advocates, God willing. We believe that this is the time of the holders of the banner which says there is no god but God [i.e. the monotheist Salafists of the ISI]...

...Al-Baghdadi ties the timing of the trip [of the pope] to Benjamin Netanyahu's determination to reconstruct the Jewish temple in Jerusalem and the apocalyptic thread of Zionist Christianity that believes the temple must be rebuilt before the second coming of Christ will occur...

...According to the ISI leader, Christians and Jews 'have disagreed on many things, even on the God that they worship, but they do not disagree on the sanctity of Jerusalem, the return of the Messiah to it, their animosity to Muslims, or the necessity of annihilating them and rebuilding the temple...They are working hard to demolish al-Aqsa [Dome of the Rock].' Al-Baghdadi warns that Muslims are coming from Khorasan [Central Asia], the Maghreb, Somalia and Yemen to foil these plans...

...According to the pan-Arab daily al-Hayat, voice analysts have confirmed the voice on the latest audiotapes is the same as the one that appeared on tapes for two years preceding the arrest of the man Iraqi authorities claim is al-Baghdadi...

...The individual claiming to be the true al-Baghdadi has rejected the arrest as a ruse designed to force him into the open; 'The key purpose of their lie is to force me to appear, undisguised, in a video. This is a stupid trick that will not force me to do anything. I will appear to the whole world when I want to and when it benefits the mujahideen in the midst of the upcoming victory, God willing...

...'I was born in 1969 and I'm from Diyala [province]. I joined al-Qaeda in 2005 and I formed the Islamic State of Iraq in 2006...I named myself Abu Omar al-Baghdadi because the name Abu Omar represents the Sunnis and al-Baghdadi [represents] the centre of Iraq...'"[tt_news]=35278&tx_ttnews[backPid]=7&cHash=14ba303266

The part where he says he'll reveal himself in his own time made a powerful impression on me, especially as it was followed by an admission that his real face and name are not known. For all we know, he could be a Russian, in other words. By that point, there had been an emphasis on the Jewish Temple, and his animosity to Christians for wishing the deaths of Muslims and the destruction of the Dome of the Rock. That seemed anti-Christ all over. But, ultimately, he's not the king of the north. He's not an atheist for one, and he's likely an Arab.

BUT, he seems like the prime right-hand man that the anti-Christ could use, and the one who could cause the anti-Christ to invade both Iraq and Israel. And he seems privy to the African tide of Muslims coming north from Somalia to Jerusalem. Although he shows opposition to Baathists, I think he's referring only those who want to partake genuinely in Iraqi politics.

This may or may not be a waste of time:

"After the arrival in Tbilisi the Vice President [Biden] will be hosted by President Saakashvili at an official dinner...

From the non-parliamentary opposition leaders, Vice President Biden plans a meeting with Irakli Alasania, leader of Alliance for Georgia..."

Alasania has just decided to fly the coup of the Alliance for Georgia to form his own party (Our Georgia-Free Democrats) that seeks to reconcile differences between the angry opposition and Saakashvili. It sounds like something Obama would put him to do, and indeed Alasania was at one time Saakashvili's ambassador to the UN...until he rebelled against Saakashvili's poor performance beginning with the war, a performance that I think was frowned on by the West as well. I'm suggesting that Alasania is a Western globalist; he definitely wants into NATO and the EU, and Zhirinovsky despises him. It could be that the West is trying to make Alasania the next Georgian president. It could be that his new political party is being created in conjunction with Western connivance.

Today's headline, Biden in Ukraine to assure leaders of U.S. backing, can only short-circuit the Reset Button. This button is a dream. Poland is bucking on Obama's door, likewise demanding security against Russia's new-found assertiveness. Policies are clashing at several fronts on the Russian border.

I've been covering the news on a near-fulltime basis for about a year, and still I do not know who the anti-Christ is. I strongly assume that God does not want you to know as yet. I assume that there is a rule in Heaven, written before the prophets spoke to us concerning the end times, that assures the anti-Christ's revelation only at a certain time. This explains why prophecy on the topic of his identity is confusing and controversial. It also explains why, after asking Him many times as to the identification, I come up empty.

Today we find the story of Iraq's al-Sadr visiting the Syrian president. The two are speaking forth political jargon that may not be anywhere near the truth of what they are up to. They claim that they are for unity in Iraq, and in support of the Iraqi government. The Syrian leader, so long as he can help it, does not speak anything to the public or news media that could reveal his true heart. He seems to me to be a fake card, a poster, an image, almost non-human. Using the Hebrew alphabet, "Assad" adds up to 606, if the 'a' equals one. "Al-Assad get us closer to 666, but not quite, as an 'l' has a numerical value of 30.

Today also brings a story telling the chances that Kurds have for securing Baghdad's help on their Mosul problems: nil chance. The article is entitled, No compromise' over Kirkuk, Iraq Kurd leader vows. That statement is in defiance of Iraq's will...and the UN will.

This is all the news for today. Tomorrow, I'm going to discuss a trace of Hagarite Ishmaelites to Ayrshire. Suddenly, some consistencies are showing up serving to convince me that Ishmaelites might just be at the root of the Templars. Ayrshire (read as "Agar"-shire) is in the thick of the Scottish region said to be "Jewish," and yet Ishmaelites were only cousins of the Israelites, and not the Chosen bloodline. It's a highly-interesting concept that Templars knew, but keep secret, their Ishmaelite roots. Tomorrow.

July 21

The Jerusalem Post has an article revealing that Hillary's spokesman is a Crowley: "State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley..."

A couple of nights ago I opened an email from FE, who is still working on Wallis links. It led to the reminder that Wallis canton is also "Valais," and in fact Wikipeida uses that spelling. Two days ago I spoke on the Valais and related surname links to RockeFELLER. Although the impression I got was that Rockefellers were from Falins and/or Wallins, it didn't hit me at that time that the surname could be linked to Valais canton, even though I had figured (years ago) that Valois and/or Falaise in Normandy was linked to that canton.

FE shared that there was a Muraz location in Wallis, which I'm assuming was intended as a possible link to the Mures river. Whether that's true or not. it turns out that the location is Collombey-Muraz, and in consideration of the Rockefeller oil industry, the first thing we read is: "There is an oil refinery in the town."

The Arms of Collombey-Muraz white doves on blue (!), Rockefeller colors. They're also Moray colors (i.e. the place that I trace back to the Mures river). They are also the colors of the "Jewish" Feller Coat and the Fallis Coat using the very same clover symbols. The hunch now, since the "Feller" surname appears to link to Falais and its Valais variation, is that Rockefellers were from Port-Valais, on the eastern tip of the lake Geneva (Collombey-Muraz is near to the east).

Port-Valais uses an anchor (white on black), a symbol that showed up two days ago in the Duval variation of the white-on-blue Valais surname, but a white-on-blue anchor is in the Heidler Coat, a surname that I suspect ties to Hadad-branch Ishmaelites. Keep this in mind as I veer this topic over to Ayrshire, where the Kyles were first found, who use a white anchor in their Crest (!), and who are related to the white-on-blue Cahls/Cahills...using a whale symbol that I think speaks to a Whale/Whalen variation of their surname.

The shocker is that "Ayrshire" may have been Agar-Shire and therefore named in honor of the white and blue Hagar(t) surname, thus supporting a Heidler link to the Kyles on two counts: both being Ishmaelites, and both using the anchor. But there is more. At the Kyle-Society webpage, where many Kyle Coats are shown going back into history, the first one shows black candle holders on gold, the colors of some Ishmaelite-suspected surnames (e.g. Hagel, Ashmole, Asham) explained two days ago.

On the Collombey-Muraz page, we read: "Surrounded by Aigle..."!!! It is very near Post-Valais. The Arms of Aigle are a black eagle on gold, and a gold eagle on black!!! This is astounding, not only because they are the colors of the Hagels who I trace to the gold and black Ayels of Aylesford (Kent), said to be derived from "Aegel," but for the gold clovers (quadrefoils) on black of the Scottish Ayers-surname Coat, a surname first found in Ayrshire!!!

Very apparently, the clovers of Ayers link to the clovers of Feller and of Fallis, and we must then ask whether Obama's "friend," Bill Ayers, the anti-American American terrorist who somehow escaped the law, is a Rockefeller agent.

The English Ayers (first found in Derbyshire) use the same symbol as their Scottish branch, but we see more variations, including Heyer, Hayar, and Hoyar. There is then found a distinct Scottish Hayer Coat using three red shields on white, evoking the Rutherford Coat, which surname I trace to Rothesay, immediately off-shore of Ayeshire.

Red and white are the colors of Wallis (and all of Switzerland), but they are also the Fleming colors, even as black and gold are Flanders colors. I had reason to identify the 13 stars as sons of Joktan, but now, with the Ishmaelites in the picture, Hagar and her 12 sons also come to mind.

I recall publishing a trace of the pipe symbol in the Kyle-Society webpage, said to be a symbol of king Cole, to the pipe-like tongue of the Flanders black lion on gold. The pointed shoe and spur in the Ayers Crest matches the same in the first Arms shown on the Kyle-Society page (the man looks designed in a deliberate homosexual pose). I would suggest that "Kyle" links to Hagel-like surnames, but most-especially to Aigle of lake Geneva (i.e. "Kyle" is an A-less version of "Aigle"). A connection Ayelsford, where the Aegel surname took root, seems likely.

In fact, Wikipedia says that "...oral traditions have remained from the Gramian region of Scotland and confirm the correct pronunciation [of Ayrshire] is actually 'Aleshire'." "Ale" could easily be a form of "Aigle." Recall that there was a Hagelsheimer variation of the German Heid(t)/Hied surname...that I had thought to link to Hadad-branch Ishmaelites...before I found evidence of Ishmaelites in Ayrshire.

The Kyle page shows clear links of the family to the Stewarts of Bute (= the island of Rothesay), wherefore note the lyres in the Arms of Ayrshire, how they are shaped like the Zahringer elephant trunks/buffalo horns that resemble the horns on viking helmets. I'm suggesting that Ayrshire was connected to the raven-depicted vikings of Shetland as they invaded Rothesay, and that this explains the blue and white colors (i.e. Shetland colors) of the Stewarts of Bute.

FE mentioned the locality of Morges on the north shore of lake Geneva, a place that I had years ago linked to the Morgans of Wales without evidence aside from my understanding that the dragon cult stemmed from the Geneva region. I hadn't mentioned Morges when I was on the Morgan/Morgannwg topic recently because I didn't have evidence for a link. But now I do, very good evidence. I lost the main piece, a white triple chevron on red, the symbol of Morgannwg, but found in the investigation on the Geneva region. Drats!

The Arms of Morges are red and white. BUT, the Morges-surname Coat uses a gold saltire on red, colors reversed from the second Arms seen in the Kyle-Society webpage. The latter are the Arms of Ayrshire, thus suggesting a Morges-surname link to Ayrshire. The Kyle page reads: "Ayrshire was originally granted arms in 1890 (above). These showed a red cross and in a chief on gold, the arms of Bruce, Lord of Annandale." It is my impression that the Bruces of Bruges, Belgium (proto-Annandale Bruces), were the Dutch Burgos/Burgs, which use a red triple chevron on gold.

Note the arm with the pointed elbow in the Scottish Wallis Crest, how it is a near-match with the arm in the Crest of the Kyle Arms above. The Wallis/Wallace Coat is in the colors of Wallis, Switzerland, but the surname was first found in Ayrshire!!

Since Ayrshire is on-shore of Rothesay, which was Tolkien's fictional "Eressea" with an "Avalone" location upon it, let me remind you that Arthurian myth placed a Morgan le Faye on Avalon as it's leading witch.

The Arms of Port-Valais use four gold stars on blue in the Chief, makings of the French Morges Coat (surname first found in Brittany), three gold stars on blue. Plus, the Scottish Mure/Moor/More Coat also uses three gold stars on blue, this being the surname having a white-skinned Moor head in the Crest; the Mure surname was first found in Ayrshire (!!), a good reason to trace it (and the Rollo Normans of More) to Collombey-Muraz.

In the French Valais-Coat write up, Valais members "were anciently seated at Murcay," Normandy. I had highlighted the similarity of "Murcay" with "Moray," but "Muraz" is also feasible, especially with the 'ay' ending found also in "Collombey." Perhaps the olive branch in the English Hagel Crest is a link to the doves of Collombey-Muraz.

Morgan le Fay is sometimes equated with Lady of the Lake, and she is sometimes linked to the Roman goddess, Vivian. I think I saw a Vivian term in the investigation on lake Geneva, but can't find it again. In any case, the Vivian Coat uses a blue chevron on gold, colors reversed from the chevron in the "Jewish" Feller Coat. The Vivian surname was first found in Cornwall (where also the Hagel and Heidt>Hutt surnames were found) before the arrival of the Conqueror, and thus the name could go back to Arthurian times.

Vivian variations include "Vye" and "Vey," smacking of "Fay." The impression is that the Vivians were linked to the Morgans in the phrase, "Morgan le Fay," and that they came to lived at Rothesay. I had suspected that "Fay" refers to a fag, but learning now that "Fay" is from "Vey," the fag slang may have originated in the Vivian cult.

Well, in opening FE's email last night, I didn't know what to say to her for sharing the dove with olive branch in the Crest of the Wald/Waldner Coat; I could see no links to Wallis. But that was before I wrote all of the above. I now see that it uses blue on gold, the Vivian colors. And since the Hagels were in Cornwall where the Vivians lived, the Hagel olive branch could link to the Wald olive branch. The Wald surname is said to be Norse, though derived from "Waldeve" in Roxburghshire, anciently producing terms such as "Waldeuus" or "Waltheof."

None of this necessarily links the Walds to Ayrshire, but while in the course of finding how near Waldeve was to Maxton, home of the Rutherfords, I found a phrase, "between Kelso and Maxton"; all I know about Waldeve is that it's near Kelso. The Rutherfords trace from Roxburghshire to Rothesay, and while this suggests that they were Roth-named vikings, "Rox" comes very close to "Rock(efeller)." At Wikipedia's Roxburghshire page, I saw an arm with pointed elbow in the Crest of the Arms of Roxburghshire. This arm is used by both the Kyles and Wallis' of Ayrshire, suggesting that the Wald surname under discussion does link to the Wallis' of Ayrshire.

As we see on the map in the Roxburghshire page (above link), Maxton (#13) is close to Kelso (#9), and Waldeve is still closer, perhaps in Jedburgh (#8). Nearby "Selkirk is where William Wallace was declared Guardian of Scotland." Perfect! The Wallis Crest can now be linked to the Roxburghshire Crest, and very likely to Waldeve.

AFTER writing ALL of the above, I found that the arm in the Roxburghshire Crest is called "Arm and Scimitar" at the Kyle-Society page. PLUS, it describes it like so: "Might be related to Wallace or some MacDougal Crests." Amazing. I was going to link the Wallis/Wallace white lion to the Dowell white lion, but decided against it because they use different background colors. I was going to make the link because the Douglas clan (probably a Dowell/Dougal branch) ruled in Jedburgh. I was going to trace both white lions to Switzerland because its color is white.

Along with a directive to look into Morges and Muraz, FE also sent in the French Gach/Gachet surname. She said: Hi John, Nothing very special, Gachet sounded at my ear." I sometimes think that she's a prophetess of sorts, as so many of her terms have proven key without her knowing about why. I can't recall what I said in regards to the white dove (on blue) in the Gach Coat as I showed (June 30) it's design to be in the Amerike Shield with blue bars, but suddenly we have a dove-reason for an Amerike trace to Collombey-Muraz and/or Morges of lake Geneva.

By the way, both the Hayer (Ayer variation) and the Hagar(t) surname are said to be of the Picts, and this could trace to the land of the Pictones where the Clement surname was first found with it's white star on blue that was the symbol of both Moray and the Douglas'. Then we have the Shaw surname, also from the Picts, using golden cups, which is a Kyle symbol as reported on the Kyle-Society page. In fact, the chalice is said to be a symbol of king Cole's bloodline.

I thought to check the Shaw Coat in the first place because the motto in the Arms of Ayrshire is, "God Shaw the Richt." That sounds like Nazi code to me. To prove that Shaws were of Ayrshire, the Irish Shaw Coat uses gold clovers (three-leaf) on black, close enough to gold four-leaf clovers of the Ayers. Now you know that mottos in Arms can be bloodline codes. The Irish Shaw Coat also uses black eagles on gold, likely in regards to the Aigle roots of "Aleshire." Aigle used a black eagle on gold too, and is smack beside Collombey-Muraz. The English Shaw Crest uses "six arrows in saltire."

When one searches the Shaw variations of "Shave" and "Sheaves," not only the Coat above, but a black (I think I see black as well as blue) on gold Italian Cheaves/Chaves Coat pops up, saying: "First found in Aquila capital of Abruzzi Province of Italy." Absolutely perfect! The city is named after an eagle, and the G-8 just met there!! The Bruces (heavily in Ayrshire) trace to Abruzzo, and, sad even to think of it, I could be an Ishmaelite on the mother's side (she was born in Abruzzo not more than 10-20 miles from Aquila (also "L'Aquila").

Just as the red and gold Abreu/Abruzzo surname was found in Italy as well as Portugal, so we see a red and gold Portuguese Chavez Coat using the same symbol as the Abruzzo Chaves. The Spanish Chavez Coat includes the "Chaves" variation. But, the point is, the name ties to the Shaws/Shaves of Britain because the Portuguese Chavez Crest is its key symbols in saltire! As you can see, the arrows in saltire of the Shaw/Shaves Crest are in red and gold (Bruce of Ayrshire and Ayrshire colors).

Keys in saltire are also a major papal symbol, suggesting heavy Vatican links to this surname. In fact, the eagle symbol of Freemasonry as a whole could be heavily invested in the Shaw>Ales>Ayers line.

The Italian Chaves surname morphed into "Chiava," meaning key." Hence, the key symbol. But this made me look at the Key Coat, using keys not surprisingly, but what could be an "upside-down" version of the English Hagel Coat. I would therefore suggest that "Hagel" is ultimately from "L'Aquila." The Keys surname was first found in Yorkshire, where Skelton Bruces lived.

The Cheaves-Coat page says that L'Aquila was "founded Conrad, son of Emperor Frederick II in 1250." PERFECT!! He was a HohenStauffen, and "Staufer" is said by Wikipedia to mean, "grail bearers." It's perfect because the HohenStaufen line from L'Aquila to the Kyles explains why both the Shaw and Kyle surnames use the holy grail symbol. The HohenStaufens use a black eagle on gold (!), as well as the black lion on gold that was used in Flanders, thus tending to solidify my old hunch that the Kyle lion (and pipe) was connected to the Flanders lion.

But what does this mean? That Hohens and Cohens are Ishmaelites somehow? Perhaps not. Perhaps the Hagel surname is not after Hagar at all. Perhaps it's just after the Hohenstaufen eagle, and/or "L'Aquila. The question is, to where does the Hohen eagle trace? I think Byzantium, but before that to Rome. That's a huge field of investigation, and I'm not going there without a key lead.

Before closing, I should mention two of Ishmael's sons, Massa and Jetur. "Massa" smacks of the Maas/Meuse river to which I have traced my mother's Masci surname, and moreover I've traced it to the Muses of Avalon, led by Morgan le Fay. "Jetur" could be the root of Jedburgh, mentioned above as the root of the Ayrshire Wallis surname.

Thank you, FE, for yet a pile more of clues that should prove helpful in the future.

July 22

After not hearing for months about Russia's naval base at Tartus in Syria, finally there's word:

"A high-ranking Russian navy source reported July 21 that the Soviet-era naval maintenance base near Tartus in Syria is to be expanded and modernized to become 'fully operational' in four seas. DEBKAfile's military sources report Israel is deeply concerned by the sophisticated air-defense S-300PMU-2 and Iskander-E missile systems the Russians propose to hand Syria on the pretext of installing a shield to defend the facility against air or missile attack"

A Russian military news service says that "a high-ranking navy source" has just said that the purpose is "to support anti-piracy operations off the Somali coast...Russia has reportedly been involved in talks to establish naval facilities in Yemen, Syria and Libya, among other countries in the Mediterranean."

That's of course not the true purpose. At the least, Russia wants to build a presence in the Middle East; at most, Russia is fixing to fulfill Gog prophecy at the Egyptian front. Surprisingly, Russia has just weighed in on the Israeli issue with some heavy words:

"Russia called on Israel [July 21] to put an immediate halt to a controversial building project in occupied Arab east Jerusalem, saying the plan violated a Middle East peace plan.

'The settlement should be stopped immediately in line with the roadmap,' foreign ministry spokesman Andrei Nesterenko said..."

It's unusual, as compared to the West, for Russia to weigh in. At the least, Russia wants to get involved in Israeli affairs; at most, Russia is fixing to fulfill Gog prophecy at the Temple Mount.

I think Russia is upset with the Obama administration:

"The United States continues to support Ukraine's goal of joining NATO and believes Russia has no right to block it, U.S. Vice President Joe Biden said [July 21].

...'We do not recognize anyone else's right to dictate to you or any other country what alliance to belong to or what relationship to have.'"

That's why I call him, Joe BiteThem. Russia will bite back.

Yesterday, Irakli Alasania, the leader of Alliance for Georgia, made a formal request to Joe Biden, inviting him into the Georgian political sphere. Assuming that he and the Obama administration have had under-the-table talks with the goal of having him replace Saakashvili, we'd expect him to ask the administration for involvement, rather than the vice-versa so as to appear like American intrusion.

"In an open letter to the U.S. Vice President, Joe Biden, who will arrive in Tbilisi on July 22, the opposition Alliance for Georgia urged the U.S. to facilitate an agreement between the opposition and the authorities on far-reaching democratic reforms and 'to stand as guarantor' of those potential agreements.

...'Early elections could be useful if they give the people an opportunity to express their dissatisfaction through democratic means. However, this election will only be meaningful if the government allows it to take place on a level political playing field...We believe that the United States can help to facilitate this process,' the Alliance for Georgia said."

Alasania is the one who is in the throes of starting his own party...and no doubt taking many with him from the Alliance for Georgia. I'll report whether Biden responds to his open letter. If it's an under-the-table plot, Biden should respond publicly.

Obama is going down, as expected from a party that set his bar far too high. Democrats are biting their fingernails, and Republicans are suddenly sharks wanting more than the clippings. Animosity is the product on both sides. Democrats don't want to lose their dream, the one they enjoyed for a small while. What will they do to retain it? What will they do if Obama goes down even further? For details on Obama's slide in popularity:


Obama is up to evil in Israel:

"Asked at a press briefing whether the US was considering putting financial pressure on Israel to get it to comply with US demands, [state department Robert] Wood said: 'It's premature to talk about that.'"

That's the answer given when sanctions are planned but the planners don't want to be found out...just yet. First, there must come a movement to justify the sanctions, and the Obama team is waiting for the "right" time in concert with Europe.

Wood makes himself sound like a very stupid man when he says, "What we're trying to do is to create an environment [with Israel] which makes it conducive for talks to go forward." Either the state department thinks it can talk Israel to lie down on a bed of death willingly, or, if that's stupid, this period of softness is just a prelude to some tough action...once Obama and the West have decided how to go about it. There is a huge U.S. effort coming soon with failure the prediction:

"Senior White House adviser Dennis Ross will join an already crowded list of top US officials travelling to Israel next week...

Ross will come in the same week as Mitchell, Defense Secretary Robert Gates and National Security Adviser James Jones, who will be coming [to Israel] with some 10 members of his staff."

This is the friendly-looking hand to justify the heavy hand. "We tried to talk to you, Israel, and you wouldn't lie down on this nice bed of death we're offering you, so now take this: Bamm! BAMM!!"

The article goes on to say that Russia is spying on Israel:

"In a related development, Alexander Saltanov, Russia's deputy foreign minister and special presidential representative for the Middle East, held talks in Jerusalem [yesterday] with President Shimon Peres and Foreign Ministry director-general Yossi Gal.

...[Today] he will go to Ramallah for talks with the Palestinian Authority leadership.

Saltanov regularly visits the region, and prior to arriving in Israel held meetings in Damascus."

By having a spy or two visit Israel regularly as a friend, Russia gets to feel out the situation. But no friend of Damascus is a friend of Israel; and Israel must know it. So it plays along with Russia, as it plays along with all other nations, but naturally it says, "No. I'm not getting on that bed."

If interested in the latest scam-claim involving Goldman-Sachs, see below. The question is whether Obama will do anything about it. Even if he claims that Goldman-Sachs is innocent, much of the financial industry will suspect that he's in cahoots with it.

The Sachs Coats (both German and "Jewish") use three white roses on black, which could be linked to the three white roses on dark-navy blue in the Gach(on) Coat because "Sach" may be a soft form of "Gach." The German Sachs were first found in Breslau (Poland), where "Brzezinski" (a Polish name) may trace.

This is good, because FE's statement yesterday, that the "Gatchet" variation of the Gach surname came to her mind as significant, now proves to be valuable, for it gives me reason (I wouldn't otherwise have had) to try "Sachet" as a possible variation of the Sachs surname. If the sachet Coat shows links to the Sach Coat, then one could be more certain that Sachs and Gaches were the same stock...of Hebrews!

You see, I couldn't have claimed that the Gach surname was Hebrew on any other basis but connection to the white Zionist star of Wassa (which I suspect connects to the white Zionist star of Goth and Hagar). The Sachet Coat is black and white, like the Sach Coat, and it uses black Zionists stars...and a black chevron that I found to be in some Rockefeller-suspected surnames such as Rocksby (the Rook variation of Rocksby uses a garb, the Gascony symbol, in the Crest) and Rice (the Rook Crest also uses what looks like the Rice symbol, a crow/raven).

I'm more than half convinced already that Sachs were Basques. Plus, the Sach Coat is not a far cry from the English Shaw Coat, also using the black chevron with three black symbols surrounding it. The Irish Shaw Coat does the same. I suppose that the Shay variation of the Shaw surname could develop to/from "Sach."

The Goldman surname is said to be Flemish, but aside from that I have no further comment at this time, aside to remind you that Flemings were Hebrews, and that some of their numbers were involved in the Sionist dragon cult seeking world rule.

Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, secretary general of NATO, has an interesting name. First, the Hoop Coat uses a red anchor on gold, the colors of Ayrshire, while "Scheffer" looks like a Shaves/Sheaves variation of "Shaw." We saw yesterday that "Shaw" was at the root of the Ayrshire! In fact, a variation of the Scheffer surname is "Shavers" (as per John Shaver, shown).

A variation of the Hoop surname is "Hood," what I had traced to the Hutts and Heid(t)s just days ago as per what could be the Hadad-branch Ishmaelites. Is it a coincidence that the same surname should now trace to Ayrshire, what I suspected to be an Ishmaelite region as well? I don't recall if I traced the Hood/Hoop anchor to the serpent-entwined anchor of the Kyles (of Ayrshire), but there you likely have the link.

As the Scottish Shaw Coat uses gold cups used also by the Kyles, I searched my files for the another surname using gold cups. It turned out to be the Coffer surname, which not only smacks of "Schaeffer," but reflects the Hopfer variation of the Hoop surname.

I can now make a Shaw link very close to HohenStaufen mountain, assuming that the German Keifer/Keever surname is a hardened variation of the Schaeffer/Shaver surname. The Keiffer Coat is a version of the Fichten Coat, and while both surnames were first found in Bavaria, the Fichten surname is from Fichtenberg (also using an evergreen), not 20 miles from Goppingen, the location of HohenStaufen mountain! PLUS, "Cities on the edge of the [Fichtel] mountains include Bayreuth and Hof." Hof???

This is bringing me back to the Hof/Hoffer surname, as well as the Coffert surname (both use a leopard in Crest to show relationship) that I had already traced to Goppingen several weeks ago (June 12). An online friend has shared with me that her Koffert bloodline goes back to HohenStaufens. There is also a Heifer/Heffner Coat with, like the others, the colors of Abreu and the Ayrshire Bruces.

The Shaw family seems to be quite pinnacle in the world of the holy-grail Staufens. The fact that a Shaw member is at the head of NATO speaks to that, and may suggest that HohenStaufens in particular are at the helm of the modern globalists.

The Schaeffer Coat is a white pascal lamb on blue, the symbol of the German Paschal Coat. This is therefore reason to tie both the Schaeffers and Paschals to the Euskals=Basques (Gascony uses a white lion on blue). Plus, the Paschal write-up tells that "They later intermarried with the distinguished families of Colombier and Satolas." The Colombiers were first found in Guyenne (another name for Gascony). The Shaws, therefore, must have passed through Gascony when reaching Ayrshire...that uses a white paschal lamb in its Arms!

We saw above that the Sachs are likely Basques, and the theory that got me onto the Shaws again was the possibility that they were related to Sachs. The Irish Shaw page says that the name derived from "Sithech" (said to mean wolf but one never knows); the term can easily furnish "Sach." Moreover, it smacks of Zedek, proto-Jerusalem. It also evokes the Sithones that I think founded Sitten/Sion in Wallis/Valais.

The Cash surname was inspected in the first place because it was suspect as a Gach/Sach variation, and indeed I then found it to be derived from "Casse," smacking of the BajoCasses branch of Basques. Two Shaw coats use a black chevron, and the Cash/Cass surname does likewise...I think the Cashes were Rockefeller family of the Rutherford fold. The first thing to notice is the scales in the Cash Crest, a Crest symbol also in the Arms of Port-Valais (in Wallis, near Sitten). I have traced Rockefellers to the Valais term.

The second thing to notice in the Cash Coat is the white shield on red shield, evoking the red shield on white shield of the Rutherford Coat, remembering that Rutherfords were first found in Roxburghshire, what may have been named by the Rockefeller family. The Arms of Roxburghshire use a white unicorn, likely linking to the Shetland vikings who founded Rothesay (for I trace Rutherfords to Rothesay).

The next thing to note in the Cash Coat is the blue and white waves within a circle, a symbol of the Leitrim Arms that I traced (years ago) from Ireland's HohenStaufens -- i.e. O'Rourke used black lions on gold, and was ruler of Leitrim. I then figured that Rory of Bute (= Rothesay) was of the O'Rourke family (due to similarity of names and to the blue and white Rory symbol possibly matching the Leitrim waves that were also at Rothesay. In other words, it appears that the Cash surname belongs to the Rutherfords of Rothesay.

It would then appear that the Rutherford/Cash symbol was borrowed by the Hayer surname, for it uses red shields on white shields too. It makes sense because Rothesay was off-shore of Ayrshire, while the Hayer surname must be a variation of the Ayers of Ayrshire (keeping in mind that the Arm and Scimitar in the Roxburghshire Crest links to the same in the Kyle-of-Ayrshire family).

Since Pollocks were merged with Rothes, and as Pollocks were first found in Renfrewshire smack beside Ayrshire, the bugle in the Roxburghshire Coat is very likely the Pollock bugle, especially as Pollocks were a sept of Maxwells/Maxtons while Rutherfords were first found at Maxton. This is important, for I found much indication that the Pollock bugles were from the Traby family...that uses black and gold bugles in the Traby Arms.

The Bute Coat is now telling, for since viewing it last, I've seen the black horse (used in the Bute Crest) in Stuttgart (of HohenStaufen Germany), which place was linked to the Stout vikings of Shetland that were the said vikings who conquered Rothesay!

Plus, recalling that mythical Morgan le Fay of Rothesay was also "Vivian," see that the Bute Coat uses a gold chevron on blue, colors reversed from the Vivian/Fey Coat. In other words, Rothesay was renamed, Bute, by a Vivian/Fey clan...which must have been among the Morgans of Wales, but from Morges of lake Geneva, for the Valais Coat (surname from lake Geneva, I'm sure) uses a gold chevron on blue, the Bute-Coat symbol!

Yesterday I learned that the symbols in the Vivian chevron are three purple lions (see verification)!! Purple lions are used by the British Lassy/Lacy surname, but also the Luz surname of Spain (Aragon), and perhaps you read where the Lasci variation of "Lacy" was derived (by me) from the Lascases (or "Las Cases") surname of Spain (Aragon), who I identified as a BajoCasses clan. Is it a coincidence, then, that the Cash surname links to Rothesay and yet derives from "Casse"? I don't think so. The Cash surname derived from the Irish, "Casse," and Lacys were in Ireland.

After writing the above, I checked the Lascases Coat (having forgotten what it uses); aside from the garbs, it uses a shield within a shield...just like the Cash Coat! The two Lascases shield colors are blue and gold, the colors of the Butes and Vivians...but also of the German Luz surname! This adds to the Lascases > Lacy link, and moreover it identifies Morgan le Fay as a Luz/Lacy bloodline from the garb-depicted Basques.

Since the two surnames of Aragon trace to Bute and Ayrshire, I would suggest that neighboring Argyll is linked to "Aragon." The German Luz(t) Coat looks like the reverse of the English Waldner Coat, which surname was first found in Roxburghshire, near Maxton! What's amazing is that, in FE's email that started all of this, she not only mentioned the Waldner surname, but a Grammont location of lake Geneva not far from Port-Valais. The French Gramont surname was first found in Gascony, she pointed out, but she had no way of knowing that the Scottish Gramont Coat uses the blue and gold symbol of the German Luz(t) surname (sounds in honor of Lusatia).

"Crawmont" is a Gramont variation smacking of the Crawford clan that I link to the Shetland vikings. I also linked the Stewart clan very closely to the Crawfords, and now I not only have more support for it, but Stewarts can be linked directly to Crawmonts/Gramonts because the Scottish Crawmont Coat and Crest use pelicans (see verification), the symbol in the Scottish Stewart Crest (the other Stewart Crest uses a white unicorn).

At the Kyle-Society page, there is a Hein Coat showing a pelican with the Kyle candle. In the Crest are two feathers, like curled-over ostrich feathers. "Hein" is thought to derive from "Old King Cole (aka Cole Hen)."

When I tried for a distinct Craw Coat, the CrawShaw surname popped up, using a greyhound as Crest, the symbol in the Valais Crest. Grammont is in the Chablais mountain range (of Valais), a term that may have furnished, "Chaves/Chiava," the Italian version of the Shaw surname.

I have just found an English Chave/Chafe Coat (that doesn't show when entering "Chaves") in the colors of CrawShaw (using a peacock in the Crest). One can see the makings of this Scottish Crawford Coat in the Chave Coat!

Most Chave variations shown are of the f-type, such as Chafey, smacking of the Italian variation, Cioffani.

I've just noticed that the Spanish Chaves/Chavez Coat uses a shield upon a shield, as does the Lascasse Coat of Spain.

That's all for today. Thank you, FE.

July 23

Obama misleads, saying in a news conference with Maliki: "Violence continues to be down..." This is NOT the thing to say when violence is in the process of spiking. Sure, violence continues to be down from two years ago, but that's no longer applicable to the spiking situation that now exists...and is forecast to become worse. It's an example of typical Obama operation for which he is suffering politically: he's not based on truth, but on making the best show of his political doings, and people of course see it.

He said, "we seek no bases in Iraq, nor do we make any claim on Iraq's territory or resources." We wonder why it was even mentioned. Then he said: "Prime Minister Maliki and I discussed issues like the hydrocarbons law and disputed internal boundaries that will be fundamental to the future of a united Iraq," which has Kurdish oil written all over it. What is being discussed?

For his turn. Maliki said: "I have discussed today with President Obama about ways in order to activate the strategic relationship on the economic front, cultural front, educational front, commercial front..." That's a given, that the idea now is for the Americans to invest large companies in Iraq, and for Iraq to leave the door open as re-payment for the American lives lost in the war. BUT, what is being discussed? I think it's obvious: Obama is going for the cream of the crop in Iraq, the oil industry. He finds himself in that position because of what Bush started, and now he has his hands on the oil bag, tightly. You won't here him criticize Bush's war on that score.

My point is that Russia, which gave Georgia a publicized swipe while Biden was in town, must be fuming mad that America gets a shot at the cream of the oil crop in Iraq, as well as other industries. It was Bush who took away Russian money deals with Iraq, and now the time has come for Obama to grasp what Putin thinks is the right of Russia. This can't be sitting well with Putin. It must have been his re-occurring nightmare, year after year, and coming to a head now. Every indication coming out of Russia since Obama took office is that there is a lingering underlying disgust for America.

Maliki's statement above goes on to announce U.S. involvement in "...every possible area where the United States can play a role in supporting the Iraqi government and the efforts of the Iraqi government to build a state of law, a state based on constitution and federalism...We are about to activate such a strategic framework agreement. " Those words sound as though they were put into his mouth by Obama. His administration wants Maliki to accept that there's concern for Iraq's welfare in return for a "strategic" agreement.

The next thing that Maliki said: "Efforts on both sides are there in order also to convene an investment conference in October of this year that will combine all foreign investors..." He made sure to say that it's not a pie for America only, but for other nations, and of course the size of the U.S. slice depends on how well behaved the Americans are in Iraq. That's a major point to make here, that Obama will direct the Iraqi military to be on its best least until such time that desired money deals are signed on paper by the Iraqis. In other words, Maliki has the U.S. military on his leash.

Getting oil into a pipe can't be too complicated, yet Medvedev said not many days ago that no one told him how the oil was going to get into the Nabucco pipe. I dunno, but that sounds like something someone would say when they mean, "Oil's not getting into that pipe, so help me God."

A couple of days ago, Hillary met Russia's foreign minister in Thailand. Yesterday she said:

"If the United States extends a 'defence umbrella' over the region, if we do even more to support the military capacity of those in the Gulf, it's unlikely that Iran will be any stronger or safer. They won't be able to intimidate and dominate as they apparently believe they can once they have a nuclear weapon."

I suppose that she speaks the plans of the globetrotters, that rather than try to keep Iran from attaining a nuclear weapon, they will fortify Arab states around Iran with missiles...aimed at Iran. How do we suppose Russia feels about that if it is secretly plotting a Middle East scheme with Iran?

"Secretary of State Hillary Clinton named Farah Pandith on June 27 as America's 'Special Representative to Muslim Communities.'

...Pandith said Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, her boss, has now charged her to 'directly engage with Muslims around the globe' and create 'sustainable solutions around the world.'§ion=0&article=124788&d=23&m=7&y=2009

That's a globetrotter mission if ever I heard one. Pandith's mission is to Westernize Muslims if possible, or in the least to make Western Muslims Western-friendly. The heartbeat of Western Muslims needs to be tracked closely, and the battle rages for their souls. They hold in their hands some significant power to cripple the West...if they so choose. Perhaps the only thing holding them back is the destabilization of their own communities...if they choose to cripple the West as a whole. This may be the reason that Obama was elevated to power by the globetrotters, to pacify Muslims everywhere.

But al-Baghdadi won't have any of it.

That's all for today.


"In an open letter to the Obama administration, leading public figures from Central-Eastern Europe are calling in urgent terms for U.S. strategic re-engagement with that region, both directly and through NATO. Released to the media on July 16, and based on a concept paper issued three days previously by the German Marshal Fund of the United States (GMF), the open letter carries the signatures of more than 20 personalities including former heads of state and prime ministers, other statesmen and opinion-makers from Central-Eastern European countries...

The nine-page letter is suffused with concern over the eroding U.S. engagement in this part of the continent and in Europe's eastern neighborhood: 'The U.S. should reaffirm its vocation as a European power and make clear that it plans to stay fully engaged.'

The document conveys the region's 'growing sense of nervousness' since last year's Russo-Georgian war. 'Many countries were deeply disturbed to see the Atlantic Alliance stand by, as Russia violated the core principles of the Helsinki Final Act...'"[tt_news]=35294&tx_ttnews[backPid]=7&cHash=1e3afc0159

Hmm, the aim of the letter is to make the United States a major player in Europe. Hmm. That's Biden's goal. Hmm, an open letter was just addressed to Biden by a Georgian leader. Hmm, I wonder. If the globetrotters just started to aggressively support these nations, Russia would view it as a provocative threat, but if the nations got together to request assistance, then they'll be able to deceive Russia, they hopelessly think. Russia is now to believe that Western intrusions into the old Soviet sphere is not a Western plot from the start.

This letter seems to be part of a major well-coordinated movement to break Russia's stride. If the east-Europeans feel threatened by Russia, there are reasons. They say: "Russia's creeping intimidation and influence-peddling in the region..." That's not a nice thing to say. "The letter outlines...overarching goal is a 'renaissance of NATO'..." That's an even worse thing to say. It's like planning Putin's murder.

I think the letter has origins in foolish globetrotters; a born-again NATO can't come about apart from a new Cold-War baby. It's as if NATO is being used as the symbolic instrument to expand European globalism. The Obama administration is telling Russia, "Hey, if they want to join NATO, it's none of your potato."

But Putin sees that it's not just a matter of nations choosing the West, but of Europa spreading the wings of her Phoenix until the tips encroach upon Russia's heartland. Putin knows that the globetrotters want even Russia; the goal would be to get a globetrotter-friendly Russian president to replace the Putin throne. There must be no shortage of Western Illuminati elements still in Russia, waiting for the moment.

Speaking to the seductive hand of Obama in Turkey not long ago, "the letter urges that [European gas security] be elevated to an 'integral part of E.U.-U.S. strategic cooperation.' Specifically, the document urges Washington to leverage its security relationship with Turkey for a more cooperative Turkish attitude to the Nabucco gas transport project." The truth comes out. But what can be seen in conjunction with the Nabucco project is a building of NATO muscle against Russia. Why? Does Europe sense that Russia will not have that pipeline?

The article ends:

"The challenge to the new U.S. administration consists of reinforcing that region's Atlanticist orientation and its strategic alignment with the United States."

Why is the Atlanticist term thrown in there? Is the world to accept America as a European entity already, as one accepts milk with cereal? Why is the statement couched as a need for NATO defense that is in truth a plot for NATO intrusions? Because NATO wants the media to believe it.

As for Biden in Georgia today:

"'The reason why I am here... is to show you that we stand with you,' Biden said at the start of his meeting with the Georgian leader at the presidential palace in Tbilisi.

...'We are dedicated to joining Europe, the North Atlantic alliance,' Saakashvili said.

Although no specific agenda for the meetings was made public, ahead of Biden's arrival Georgian officials had said they were engaged in talks for US personnel to join a European Union monitoring mission in the country."

That is, Saakashvili wants a NATO-European spy regime to monitor Russia's movements in northern Georgia, and perhaps the globetrotters have wanted it in the first place. The article then says: "The Russian foreign ministry said [July 21] that Moscow would be watching Biden's travels 'attentively,' and another top official warned that the Kremlin would not allow Georgia to re-arm under Saakashvili." Translation: Russia won't tolerate Western forces in Georgia.

July 24

If true that Osama bin Laden's son was killed recently in a U.S. raid in Pakistan, it could bring a backlash against American soldiers, depending on how much Osama loved him. The American people don't see the sacrifice in Afghanistan as worthwhile at all, but Obama is intent on extending that front.

That article appeared last night. There's an article today doubting that Osama's son was killed. Perhaps the idea was spread for causing Democrats to support the Afghan war. Consider what sort of excuses that Democrats are using to make happier their anti-war Democrat supporters:

"Recently prominent liberal voices in the United States have expressed the view that the US war in Afghanistan is being waged to help secure the rights of Afghan women. The Feminist Majority...

...Similarly, Howard Dean, former chair of the Democratic National Committee and one-time Presidential candidate on a liberal platform, in an interview on Democracy Now on Friday July 17th, pronounced his support for the US war in Afghanistan based on protecting women's rights. In the interview, Dean repeated the logic that the US is waging war for Afghan women's liberation."

Most Democrat women are easily deceived. They were deceived by the population-control globalists into willingly, and even happily, killing their own unborn children. Now the trick is to make them support the Afghan war because it's a woman's-rights issue. I don't know exactly how foolish most Democrat women are, but they did vote for Obama, didn't they? And they do hate Christians, don't they? Which women are responsible for the porn in America that the Muslims, Russians, and Chinese despise? Do we imagine the women responsible for the survival of the Bible belts? No. It's the liberals. What can such women offer for mankind's betterment? Mankind would far better off without them, and God knows it.

In an article out today, we find that, no sooner had Maliki re-iterated that Americans must be out by 2011 that he seemed to create an opening, publicly, for a longer stay if, when the deadline arrives, the stay was is required. But look at the circumstances surrounding that new and surprising statement:

[Pentagon press secretary Geoff] Morrell declined to cite specific military platforms Baghdad has requested, amid speculation that the Iraqi government is seeking F-16 fighter jets. ...Rather, [Morrell] added, Maliki was 'on top of the world" during the talks [at the Pentagon]...

Earlier, Maliki hinted that he might accept that U.S. forces remain in Iraq beyond the end of 2011..."

The question is, who's idea is it that Americans can stay longer under the condition of granting Maliki a good deal in some military equipment? Is Obama trying to buy a longer stay? If so, this cannot leak to the public by any means, for Obama has tried to give the impression that he wants out of Iraq. The only way to avoid the role of hypocrite is to have Iraq request a longer stay, and then for Obama to argue that the request is urgent and necessary.

What made Maliki say that the U.S. can stay longer if necessary when in recent weeks Maliki was adamant about sending the opposite message? Iraq has already made a deal to purchase M1 Abrams tanks and Bell helicopters, but I think Americans offered him a great deal in fighter jets, and that he, knowing from multiple hints that Obama would like to stay longer (which is why Maliki has been firm about no longer stay), suddenly opened the door to what he knows Obama wants. There are two deadlines, the first coming next summer: "Obama has also vowed to remove all U.S. combat troops from the country by August 2010."

The real aim of the globetrotters is to make the Middle East Western-friendly and Western-helpful. That's why "Moussavi's chief backer in the political establishment, Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, transmuted from the 'most corrupt' mullah (according to frequent past reports in the west) to a 'reformist' politician?" That is, the man which the West despised has now become the man they look to for change in Iran.

The author (Assaf Kfoury) of the article is way off-mark when claiming that the Iranian nuclear threat, as per the claims of Israeli leaders, is "utter bunk and very dangerous bombast." The argument is made that a nuclear bomb in Israel would also kill Arabs. Yes, true, but as we have seen, the Insurgents are very happy to sacrifice even their own women and children to kill even Arabs in Iraq. How more quickly will they sacrifice some Arabs in Israel in return for bringing Israel down?

The Insurgents are normal people. They are Satanic, and most-similar to the American liberals who likewise sacrifice their own women and sin, and eternal condemnation and death. Do we imagine that the judges who facilitate the Bible belts to be the ones who consistently come down in favor of porn and abortion, prostitution, adultery, and the spread of faggotry?

The American military in Iraq is still engaging the Sunni, and now the Obama administration is IN SOME HEAVY TROUBLE because it has been caught in talking points, that were not intended to be known by the Maliki government, with Iraqi's Sunni:

BAGHDAD -- Iraq's government said [yesterday] that it was demanding explanations from the United States and Turkey about a protocol signed this year between an American official and a representative of a group of Iraqi Sunni insurgents in Istanbul as a precursor to negotiations between the two sides.

The Iraqi government said in a statement that the protocol amounts to 'interference in Iraq's internal political affairs' and that it was expecting 'clear explanations' from American and Turkish officials at the embassies in Baghdad.

...But the release of the document of the protocol appears to be an attempt to embarrass the United States and show how deeply involved it remains in Iraq's affairs. It also underscores just how hostile Mr. Maliki's Shiite-led government remains to any serious engagement with Sunni insurgents, especially those suspected of having links to Saddam Hussein's former ruling Baath Party.

The United States Embassy and the military's Force Strategic Engagement Cell...refused to comment.

The current controversy erupted July 15, when Ali al-Jubouri, identified as the secretary general of the Political Council of the Iraqi Resistance, was interviewed on Al Jazeera television.

Mr. Jubouri revealed that his council, which represents Sunni insurgent groups, met in March with representatives of the American government in Istanbul. He said a protocol was signed then to govern future negotiations between the two sides.

...He said that even though actual negotiations never began, the protocol itself was an 'achievement' and an 'admission' by the Americans of the legitimacy of the Iraqi insurgency. ...The most noteworthy point [of the deal] deals with promises by the United States government to ease the movements of 15 members of the insurgent council who will take part in negotiations, and even to pressure the Iraqi government to have them released if some were detained by Iraq.

What could be so important to Obama to the point of supporting Sunni Insurgents in return for some sort of deal with them? At best, Obama wants them to fight the Kurds if need be. At worst, Obama wants to use them to topple Maliki. The talks are taking place in Turkey rather than Syria because Obama is accepted in the one and rejected in the other, but there are many representatives of the Sunni Baathists in Syria that must be privy to, and even involved in, the talks with the Obama people. What is going on? We're probably not going to get the truth from the U.S. military...unless there is one brave and righteous man who spills the beans.

In a related article:

"U.S. officials declined to provide details of the meetings, which they said took place in March and April. State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley said [yesterday] that military and diplomatic officials 'meet with a wide range of Iraqi contacts with the purpose of promoting reconciliation and fostering national unity' and that 'the meetings in question occurred some months ago and with the knowledge of officials within the Iraqi government.'

...Some Iraqi officials disputed the U.S. statement that Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki's government had been told of the negotiations.

'I don't think there were any meetings,' said Sami al-Askari, a lawmaker and aide to Maliki. 'The Americans can't negotiate something like this without the Iraqi government's presence.'"

If the talks were truly for such noble purposes, why is the state department refusing to give details or even the essence of the deal(s)? What sort of transparency is this? Apparently, the Americans refused to join in with a third meeting slated for June, and:

Jubouri said he had disclosed the specifics of the negotiations as a way to put pressure on the U.S. side after it chose not to convene the third meeting.

...Jubouri said he did not take part in the negotiations with the Americans, and he declined to identify either the insurgent leaders or the U.S. representatives. He said the U.S. military had first approached the groups earlier this year. After the groups refused to negotiate with people they considered occupiers, he said, diplomats were sent instead."

In the news world, this is juice. If it was the Bush administration, the juice would not stop flowing until Bush's political life had been properly murdered. Obama stands to get away with it, and one method to be used is to deny Jabouri's statements, which by the way state the purposes of the meetings:

"At the negotiating table, Jubouri said, the [Insurgent] groups had four main demands: an official apology to the Iraqi people for the 2003 invasion and the occupation that followed; the release of all their prisoners; a pledge to rebuild Iraq; and U.S. support for reforms that would bring the groups into the political mainstream."

The Democrats would not have strung the Insurgents along by agreeing to talks merely to apologize for what Bush did, although they would have been very willing to do that. We can assume that the secret Democrat operatives (with possibly Republican representation) showed signs of agreeing to at least one of the other three demands, all three of which are sinful for the Americans to partake in. The direction of the demands is obvious, to get the Sunni in supreme power in Iraq!

The VERY BIG question therefore is: did the Americans break away from the talks because they disapproved of this central direction, or because they disapproved of what they would receive in return for support in that direction?

Does al-Baghdadi have anything to do with these talks???

What was Obama seeking from the talks? Does this have to do with the rise of Gog in Iraq?

Meanwhile in Israel, we "discover" Netanyahu's motives for opposition to Obama's will:

"The U.S. administration has issued a stiff warning to Israel not to build in the area known as E-1...Any change in the status quo in E-1 would be 'extremely damaging,' even 'corrosive,' the message said.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed in the past to finally build the controversial E-1 housing project - as have several premiers before him, though none has done so due to American pressure...'I will link Jerusalem to Ma'aleh Adumim via the Mevasseret Adumim neighborhood, E-1. I want to see one continuous string of built-up Jewish neighborhoods.'

He has also warned in the past that failure to build in E-1 would allow the Palestinians to create territorial contiguity around Jerusalem."

One can sense in the terms used by the Obama people that things are coming to a head much quicker than was previously apparent. The reason that it was deemed slow in coming is that Obama didn't want to have to show his ugly side. I want to see his ugly side, the one he keeps from the world. I want to more exactly what sort of world he is building for a tribulation backdrop.

One clue is his new pick:

"President Obama's friend and nominee for 'regulatory czar' is a 'raving animal rights nut'...and devout disciple of Peter Singer.

Singer, a bioethics professor at Princeton University, is a leader in the animal rights movement. He has also argued that abortion should be permissible because unborn babies as old as 18 weeks cannot feel pain or satisfaction.

Singer once explained his belief that, 'killing a newborn baby is never equivalent to killing a person, that is, a being who wants to go on living.'

In 1993, Singer said infants lack 'rationality, autonomy and self-consciousness.'

'Infants lack these characteristics,' he said. 'Killing them, therefore, cannot be equated with killing normal human beings, or any other self-conscious beings.'"

Under such arguments, why not put "normal" people into an unconscious state using a painless drug, and then finish them off while they're unconscious? No harm done, right? We've merely taken away the lives of people who didn't know it was happening, therefore it's not a sin. That's how angry God is with Singer, Clinton, Obama, and all the rest of the buffoons in Hebrew-IlluminatiLand who run this world too much.

The English Singer Coat uses garbs, but the Crest uses exactly the black horse head in the Bute Crest. That's just the first clue to a link, for when we see the German Singer Coat, three gold Zionists stars on blue, we finally get to identify the three six-pointed jellyfish, gold on blue, in the Bute Chief! The German Singers were from Nordlingen, very close to Oettingen, Aaron...and not very far from Stuttgart using a black horse as symbol. It suggests that English Butes/Butts were from the Stuttgart area, which is just what I found in tracing Stuttgart to the Shetland vikings who conquered Bute when it was Rothesay.

I don't think it's a coincidence that the English Bude Coat uses gold garbs on green, the color of the garbs in the English Singer Coat. Plus, the Singer Shield is half green. Therefore, the Budes and Butes were the same family, both linked to Singers. The Welsh Budes/Budds should be linked because it uses a seven-pointed jellyfish, and gold-on-blue shield like the Butes. But the Welsh Coat uses Rothschild symbols of the green Bower Coat (remembering that the German Bauers use e that were likely Zionists stars at first). In other words, Singers and Bauers were related.

Rockefeller stock may also be involved in that the write-up of the Welsh Bude surname says: "conjecturally, the surname is descended from the tenant of the lands of Rockford..." Recall that the Rockefellers were linked solidly to "Falais," and then read that the English Butes/Butts "were descended from Butt in the arrondisement of Falaise in Normandy."

Then, recalling that Rockefellers use the rook symbol, a piece on a chessboard, note that the black horse head in the English Bute Crest looks like a knight on a chessboard.

There can be little doubt, due to the three gold symbols on blue, that both the Dutch Bodes/Boudes and German Bodes/Boedes were of the same stock as English Butes/Butts.

As per the "Jacob Bodel" found on the German Bode page, I checked the Bodel surname to find it listed under a Scottish Bothwell Coat, a surname that I know derives after the island of Bute. It uses three gold clovers on blue (clovers are found on some proposed Rockefeller Coats), but in the Crest is "A boy pulling down a green pine tree." The pine tree is the symbol of Fichtenberg, very near Stuttgart. That's at least two times that Butes trace to that same region of southern Germany...where the HohenStaufens lived.

The Butes of Scotland were merged with Moray and Douglas. The first clue is in the German Bodel Coat, three white stars on blue. The second clue came from a search for the Bottle surname, showing a Butil/Butel surname "[conjecturally] descended from Count Roger de Poitou, of Poitou. He was the son of Earl Roger of Poitou, who was one of the Norman nobles in the Battle of Hastings." We recall that the French Clements were first in Poitou, and that the Clement Coat uses a single white star on blue.

It's interesting that the Bottle/Butil write-up says that "The Bottle family lived at Bootle in the suburbs of Liverpool, Lancashire," while the Welsh Bude page believes that the "name Bude, is from the Old English personal name Budda, which is derived from the word budda, which means beetle." Such ideas, even though false in my opinion, could lead to some anti-Christian rebels called "Beatles" out of Liverpool.

The reason that I thought to try for a Bottle surname was that the Irish Butler-Coat page claims derivation in "butuiller," the French for "bottle." Clearly not true. The surname is related to the Bootle surname out of Liverpool, and seeing the gold cups/grails in the Butler Coat, it likely traces to the Butes of HohenStaufen lands.

This Butler surname was also "McRichard, and so let me remind you that the English Richard Coat uses the Bute colors and symbol (or Rory), a blue lion on white (see Rory Coat). The French Richard Coat uses the white stars on blue of Moray/Douglas, and then we find that the Scottish Butter Coat uses the Douglas hearts and no doubt the Sinclair Cross.

If that's not enough, the German Richard Coat uses a ram while the Crest uses a (white) heart. The ram should connect to the ram (moray colors), in identical positioning, of the French Bode/Baut Coat. Most variations of the German Richards use Reichhard-like terms, though "Reichheart" is also used, that being a possible root of the Douglas heart.

We of course want to see the German Reich Coat (surname first found in Switzerland), and it's roses in the colors of Douglas. Keep in mind that the Dougals/Dowells use a crowned white lion on blue, the reverse of the Rory lion of Bute. The German Bute/Butt Coat (which I haven't yet shown above) also uses red roses an white. No Reicht/Richt surname is found, but the English Ricket/Ricard Coat uses red roses, likely linked to the above. Coat

The German Bode/Bodel surname (first found in Prussia) can now be suspect at the Bode river of the Hartz region, and I've already talked about the Bute-island trace to that river. In the write-up, the name is said to derive from Bodecker, wherefore I found a distinct Bodecker Coat (surname from Prussia), using four gold stars on blue (= typical Bute/Bude colors and symbols).

When one enters "McRichard," the German Butler Coat comes up using the same dancette (in Randolph-dancette colors) as the Irish Butlers. The Butlers were likewise first found in Prussia.

This is what rules much of the world today. I get the impression that God will allow his worst enemies on the world throne in the very last times.

I'll be back to see if coverage blows up on the breaking Iraq story. I definitely want to know what Obama intends to do with the Sunni insurgents.


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