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July 25

Turkey's Hurriyet news media has not put out it's own article on the American talks with Sunni Insurgents, even though the talks were taking place in Turkey. Instead, it has made the New York Times article available (from which I shared some things yesterday). It's a little early to expect Turkish news services to muster up their own detailed reporting, but if it never does come to pass, one could think that the Turkish government was involved in the talks and that it therefore does not want news people to report details.

Hurriyet has two related articles on Russia versus the United States. Along with one headline, "US may rearm Georgia, despite Moscow's opposition," there's, "Russia to punish foreign firms that arm Georgia":

Russia would impose sanctions on U.S. firms...

...Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Grigory Karasin said Moscow was 'deeply concerned' about the re-arming of Georgia's military and was taking 'concrete measures' to stop it."

The article makes the point that Biden did NOT talk to Georgia about re-arming, yet the decree from Russia to impose sanctions came out a day after Biden held his Georgia talks. Let's face it, there has probably been on-going "smuggling" of U.S. weapons to Georgia, especially defensive weapons. Russia has no authority to stop such sales or gifts, but Putin could counter with weapon shipments to Iran. That's how this ball-game works. Both Israel and the United States are controlled by Russia's threats to sell arms to anti-Western powers. One wonders where the brains are located of the Obama people when, under such circumstances, they boast of bringing a reset button to Russia.

Interfax today has, "Russia against dragging countries into NATO against their peoples' will - Medvedev" (line 7:58), but without a story. There is a story behind the words, that Putin so terribly despises the NATO globetrotters that he has Medvedev speaking out against it just as Biden comes to Georgia. An article of the Moscow Times has another story on Putin's decree against weaponizing Georgia, where we find what really irks Putin: the sales to Georgia of Russian weapons made in the Ukraine and other old-Soviet entities.

At a July 23 press briefing in Washington, Philip Crowley, assistant secretary of state, admitted that military equipment to Georgia is a natural process for readying the small nation for NATO inclusion, which is about the worst way for the Obama administration to put it, as far as Russia is concerned. I'm sure that the statement has Putin coiled into a knot. Hillary can't have a reset button and then have her assistant talk that way. Why bother giving Russia a reset button when you plan on violating its will in Georgia?

The administration has opted to help Georgia openly while saying to Putin, "Hey, this has nothing to do with the reset button, okay. We're still on with the reset button, aren't we? Don't take our reset button away; it's all we have to brag about. The media loves our reset button, such a nice way to show that we're not like Bush." What we have in America's White House is a people who thought so highly of themselves that they celebrated the solving of all the problems, even before they were fixed, that other's were unable to fix. That tells us how much greater the failures will be as they apply themselves to the problems.

It only seems worse when the socialism of the current White House is underscored. World Net Daily has an article telling that Obama has just openly supported a black communist activist man:

WND reports that Google has programmed its system to bury its articles in search results, while placing Huffington leftist articles to top search spots. This could be the going trend in the future for all Christian sites. Why pass laws to restrict Christians and other anti-Democrats in controversy-creating ways when one can control search engines and quietly diminish the visibility of "wrong" information?

July 26

Opened an aging email two days ago:

...Before my grandmother died in 1999, she was admitted into the Mayflower Society through her father's side of the family, the Hepplethwaites (spelling might be off).

I received an email from my cousin discussing our relative, William Brewster and I was wondering if you might have done any tracing of the Brewster name in the recent past.

In His service,


This caused me to check the Hepple surname (English), and found that it uses the same type of roundly-dented white shield over a red shield as the English Scott Coat...that I had kept on the back burner for a week. I had never seen this design before so far as I can recall, and here someone emails me just as I'm keeping the Scott Coat handy for future comment (I have forgotten what I had originally intended to say about it). But the discovery as a result of this email is large.

My point here is not in the fact that the Scott surname derives from John de Baliol, king of Scotland in the late 13th century, who by the way is dressed homo-like at the article above. Neither was my original point -- though this now works to support the original point -- that John is drawn standing beside his Arms: a shield on a shield on a shield, all in red and white, a design that has come up in these updates recently, for example see the Rutherford Coat In fact, I did not know the above on John of Baliol when I had decided (hours before) to make the original point, which is the write-up in the Scottish Scott-Coat page...which says: "First found in Roxburghshire, where a family seat was held on the lands of Ballendan at the head of the Ale water in that county."

The original point had not to do with the similarity between "Ballendan" and "Baliol," for I hadn't yet seen the John-Baliol page. The original point has to do was that I recently traced the Jedburgh and Maxton regions of Roxburghshire -- where Rutherfords arose -- to Ayrshire because the Arms and Scimitar symbol is used by both the Arms of Roxburghshire and the Kyles of Ayrshire. The original point is, the Scotts, who look like a branch of Rutherfords, lived on the Ale river of the Rutherford region of Roxburghshire, which smacks of "Aleshire," an alternative name at some point for Ayrshire.

All that I could find on the Ale river was that it passed through/by Ancrum, a small village just four miles from Jedburgh (which I had thought to tie to elements of Jetur, son of Ishmael, while tying "Ayer" to elements of Hagar, Ishmael's mother). Ancrum was also "Alncrum," reflecting "Alan," the name of John Baliol's grandfather. That is, John married Alan of Galloway's daughter, and at her article we see her Arms, a shield within a shield (!), though the colors are not given. I don't know the origin of that symbol, and don't have the time to look into it, especially as Alan was married four times.

The impression is that the link of the Maxton region to Ayrshire was through Galloway's rulers, for Galloway was beside Ayrshire. As per the Arms of Dumfries and Galloway says: "The supporters are the unicorn common to all Regional Councils, and a stag in its natural colours which comes from the arms of Maxwell, Earl of Nithsdale." A little research showed that this Maxwell was the Maxwell clan that was at the root of the Pollocks, who in turn had been married to Rothes that I trace to the Rutherfords of Maxton, where I imagine that Maxwells developed in the first place. It works. (See location of Dumfries and Galloway.)

In fact, it was just now that I noticed the Maxwell write-up saying that "The name is derived from when the Maxwell family lived in or near Maxwell, a salmon pool located on the Tweed river near Kelso Bridge." Kelso is smack at Maxton (!), and the Maxton surname is even a sept of the Maxwell clan. I was just sharing for the first time with my Pollock friend yesterday that the bugles of the Pollock Coat should trace to the bugle in the Arms of Roxburghshire, and that makes me suspect that Roxburgh uses a Traby bugle...meaning that the Rutherfords/Rothes may have been part of the major Traby sept of Radziwills. In fact, some weeks ago I ventured to tie "MaxWELL" to the same suffix used by "RadziWILL," though I can't recall the reason(s) for the link.

I'm amazed that, when I talked about Kelso in the previous update, I didn't know that Maxwells were derived from that place. Kelso was mentioned in regards to nearby Waldeve, the origin of the Wald/Waldner surname. It was this discussion on the Walds of Waldeve that first alerted me of the Roxburghshire link to Ayrshire. That should explain why the Waldner Shield is nearly identical to the Scott Shield (surname first found on Ale river, Roxburghshire).

As the Rutherfords/Rothes have been traced (by me) to the Shetland vikings (that I think were from the Traby folds of Polabia), it should explain why the Dumfries and Galloway Arms uses the Shetland unicorn and it's "Andrew's Cross."

Note the stag in the Scott Crest that should link to the Maxwell stag, keeping in mind that both the stag and the Finnish-like Andrews Cross (symbol of Scots to this day) on the unicorn should trace to the Hungarian Arpads of Andrew I, but also to the Finno-Ugrics from which the Arpads descended. Long ago, I suspected that the Roxolani (to be read, Rox-Alan/Ros-Alan) of far-north eastern Europe were of the Finno-Ugric fold, and that the Roxolani named Roxburghshire. Yesterday I find that the dragon cult leading to modern global rulers were from an Alan of Galloway who was tied to Roxburghshire as well as to the proto-Stewart in Shetland (destined for Dol), who in Dol were named, "Alan" and "Walter" (i.e. like "Waldner") and "Flaad" (like "Wald").

The Alans were traced by Herodotus to the Amazons of Trabzon, explaining why the Traby surname should be found a part of the Roxburgh dragon cult.

I opened an email from FE yesterday, who was totally oblivious to the Scott surname and it's shield-on-shield symbol tracing to Rutherfords/Roxburghshire. She asked me to see the Ferguson surname as a link to the Darby branch of what I think were Trabys. Not only does the Scottish-alternative Ferguson Coat use a shield on shield, but in the Scot (surname) and Wald colors.

She also asked a look at the Cochren Coat, blue boars (like Crowley) around a red chevron on white, and this got me excited because I had just talked to LG shortly before regarding the red chevron on white of the Ayrshire Arms, and whether it traced back to the same in her Swedish Gust surname. I had found reason to believe that the Gust chevron belonged to the Sparres of Sweden before it came to Scotland among the Speers. The Scottish Ferguson Coats use gold boars on blue, the same as the Speer Coat! The Fergusons were first found in Galloway!!

The Irish Ferguson Crest uses "A hand couped below the elbow holding the upper part of a broken lance," which had me excited because I had just found, but lost, a surname using an ostrich in Crest with a broken spear in its mouth. I note that the Speer Coat and Crest also uses spears. The Speers were first found in Renfrewshire (beside Ayrshire), and while I've long figured that the broken arrow in the gold boar of the Pollock Crest (surname also first found in Renfrewshire) links to the Speers, the ostrich with broken spear in mouth should link to Pollocks because they trace back to the Traby surname using ostrich feathers. Keep in mind that the ostrich symbol traces also to the Radziwills of Traby fold.

All things considered, it definitely looks like the Cochren surname links to Speers and therefore that the red chevron of the Cochrens links to the Sparres of Sweden. I'm amazed because this is not the first time that I've linked LG's lines to my Pollock friend (with porphyry, the purple disease that I've traced to the Trabys). But what has me astounded is that, after seeing the "ren" on "Cochren," and that Cochrens were first found in RENfrewshire, I also saw that FE informed me that there is a Ren Coat. It uses purple lions!!! That's the Lacy symbol that I suspect symbolizes porpyhry, the "royal disease" of bloodline worshipers (i.e. who committed themselves way too much incestuous marriages).

I don't think I've ever seen the Ren/Wren Coat. Where was my head that I shouldn't have looked at it when wondering about the roots/derivations of Renfrew? The Ren/Wren Crest uses a broken arrow/spear (!!), assuring that the clan ties to the Pollocks and Speers. PLUS, as I suspected a trace of "Renfrew" to Rennes (Brittany), the Ren write-up says: "First found in Durham [not far from Roxburghshire] where they were seated from early times, and were originally descended from Ralph de Raines who was granted lands by William, Duke of Albany in that shire. They were originally from Rennes in Normandy."

That could be hint of the Maxwell parts of the Pollocks that I envision in Durham's Meschins (who became Cheshire's Meschins/Mascis). I have traced the Moray's Randolphs directly to the same Mascis, and on the other hand I had suggested a Randolph trace back to Radziwills of Polabia. The Peacock surname, a Pollock variation, was first found in Durham too. The Hales/Hayles (Hagels?) were first found in Cheshire, and they use arrows (a Pollock symbol going back to Bowers).

I suspect that "Hale" was of the Kyle-family of terms from Gaul/Wales roots, though long ago I suspected that Kyles trace directly to "Gall(oway)." Today I have good evidence of that link to Galloway as per Alan of Galloway's links to Maxwells of Roxburghshire. Max-Wale? I don't know, but noting the similarity between the Meschine Coat, the Rait/Raith Coat, and the Sinclair Cross, I would have to wonder whether the Raits ("Rats" is in the databank) were Radziwills of the Meschine fold that produced "MaxWELL."

Entering "Rads" gets the German Coat using white Zionist stars on blue, the Hagar symbol, and therefore makes Rads suspect as Ishmaelites. Since Kyles are already suspect as part of the Ishmaelite family, note the white anchor in the Rait/Rats Crest, the Kyle-crest symbol. Let me repeat that "Massa" was a son of Ishmaelite, but that if Meschins and/or Maxwells were from Massa elements, they were not from Meshech.

The only reason that I was able to include Hales and their Cheshire home today is that FE informed of a Mouse Coat. It's the Muse Coat I showed a while back. After seeing it's "patee" cross, I searched for where else I had seen it, and found it in the Hale and Bennett surnames...that I had traced back to LG's bloodline(s)! I recall that the Muse surname (from Flanders/Flemings) was linked (by me) to the Meuse/Mass river...where the Masci surname had been traced! But the "Maas" spelling smacks of Massa.

It could be that I was wrong on a mythical Muse (of Avalon) trace to the Meshech; it could be that they were Massa-branch Ishmaelites. It may even be that Massa developed into Mysians who merged with the Meshech/Amazons in Mysia (it's known that Amazons were heavily in Mysia).

I mentioned the Arms of Dumfries and Galloway. Another son of Ishmael was Dumah (Genesis 25:15). Plus, the mythical Muses easily trace to the Galli cult of Kabeiri, so that Galloway should likewise trace to that cult. Keep in mind the Jedburgh region of Roxburghshire that Alan of Galloway was involved with, for that's where Jetur, son of Ishmael, may have had his descendants. One could make mistakes in theories like these, so tread lightly (I don't imagine anyone is doing otherwise). I'm not interested in fine-sounding theories: I want the realities.

At the de-Lacy article at Wikipedia, where one sees the purple lion on a gold shield, one sees its mace symbol, the symbol also of the Macy surname...first found in Cheshire. I've mentioned this before, but the point now is that Lacy should trace to the Luz and therefore the Laz/Ladon dragon of Lydia. The point is to show that Mysians are involved in the dragon cult without doubt, even as Lydians developed from the Mysian theater. The point is also to show that Amazons/Meshech are involved in the dragon cult without doubt, even as Amazons developed into the Alans and Rox-Alans...that should trace to Alan of Galloway/Roxburghshire.

The Ishmaelites were linked to black and gold colors in the first place because both the Ashmole and Asham/Ashman surnames use it. But the Ashman Coat also uses white fleur de lys on red, the symbol of the Massey Coat (Anglicized version of "Masci"). In fact, the Asham-Massey link is hardened by the gold shield that the Massey Coat uses in conjunction with the fleur de lys on red. The Ashman page reads: "Ash in the ancient Saxon was a spear..." This doesn't mean that "Asham/Ashman was named after a spear, as it could have been the other way around, but it certainly makes possible a Massey link to Speers, etc.

In so-called "pig-Latin" code, one places the first letter of a word at the end, as for example "Massa" would become "Assam." It should be messy in getting carried away with this method of make linkages, so beware.

When one tries for a Mash Coat, the Marsh/March surname pops up, said to be derived from a people who lived on a borderland area. The Marsh Chief uses a gold sun on blue, the symbol of the Abraham Coat. As Ishmael was a son of Abraham, we fully expect Freemasons who trace themselves to Ishmael to use the Abraham surname. Certainly, Israelites faithful to their Bible would not use a sun symbol. Pagan Hebrews would.

The Borderlands Mach Coat uses the same colors, and was first found in the borderland regions between England and were the Maxwells (derived from "Maccus") and Rutherfords. In fact, the Mach Coat uses the footless martlet used in the Rutherford Coat. I therefore think that Mach>Maccus>Maxwell works excellently, and that they were of a pagan Hebrew group tracing themselves to Abraham.

The German Mach Coat (surname from Moravian Silesia) uses three white Zionist stars on blue, the symbol of the Hagar surname, the name also of Abraham's concubine by which they bore Ishmael. Coincidences? Note that the Mach Crest uses arrows, the Pollock symbol, and that while Pollocks had been traced to Bower/Bauers, the Borderlands Machs use gold stars on blue, the Bauer symbol. The "Jewish" Cohens use a gold sun on blue too.

When Sam's email asked me to look into the Brewster surname, I responded that the Bruces have a Bruwes variation. But that was after seeing the Brewster Coat...that uses the same "jellyfish" on blue as the Bute Coat! Both the island of Bute and the Bruces used a blue lion on white, and I have the hunch that Rory of Bute (to whom the blue lion belonged) traces back to Lacys of Ireland. I got that hunch as per arguments in the previous update liking Rory to O'Rourke, but for the first time I saw yesterday that the lion in the Scottish Bruce Crest may not be blue, but purple.

When one compares the two lions in the Rory Coat and Crest, one sees that both are identical in blue hue, but when one does the same with the Bruce Coat and Crest, the Crest is not the same hue, tending toward purple. Besides, the lion in the Bruce Crest is not upright like the others.

By the way, the Hale Coat smacks a little of the Vivian Coat with purple lions. Keep in mind that Vivians trace to Morgan le Faye on Bute; she is portrayed at Wikipedia with gold and green clothes, the Pollock colors. Finding the purple lions of the Rens/Wrens today is excellent, for I had suspected a Lacy/Leslie link to Pollocks and was a little hard-pressed to find some solid evidence.

Back now to the red chevron on white of Ayrshire that I hope to trace to Speers/Sparres and then to LG's Gust and/or Tanner/Tankerville/Tancred surname (the Tancred branch uses a red chevron on white). At an Arms of Ayrshire page, its chevron is said to be the symbol of Ayrshire's Carrick region. The natural thing to do is view the Carrick-surname Coat, and there we find that the surname was first found (before the Conqueror) in the Borderlands -- i.e. same general area as Roxburghshire -- but then also in Carrick of Ayrshire.

The Carrick Coat is in the gold and black colors of the Ayer surname (of Ayrshire), what may have derived from "Hagar." The Carrick Crest uses a silver ostrich with...a broken spear in the beak. I found it again just now. The symbols in the Carrick Coat are black Labs, exactly the one in the Welsh Goggin/Cogan Crest, surname first found in GlaMORGANshire. BUT, the Ashman/Asham Coat (think Ishmaelites) uses black Labs (i.e. heads only) on gold too!

A Lab (in gold) is used by the Tanner Crest. This is getting interesting because Tan/Tanners should stem from the TanerDevilla/TanCarville surname that became "Tankerville." "Carville" could link to "Carrick," you see. The Tankerville Coat also uses a shield on a shield, white on red like the others, as for example the Rutherfords...or the Scott surname from Kent. The Comfort/Comerfort surname was also first in Kent, and it too uses a Lab (white on red), but the Comerforts were then in Wexford (Ireland) with the purple lion Lacys/Lascis.

The idea coming to a head is that the Tankervilles were linked to Lacys, which could explain why the Deville surname uses a lion holding a purple flag (purple is a non-standard color in heraldry). The surname was from Deville/Davidville of Normandy, while the Tankervilles were from TanerDevilla of Normandy.

This material is on the verge of blowing Freemasonry right open. They lead back to Hebrews alright, and Europe is indeed made up of many Hebrew tribes, but they were never Biblical except to pollute Scripture with Kabalistic themes. We'll have to wait and see what the cult of the False Prophet attempts to promote with some force, as it pushes a polluted Christianity of the dragon-cult kind.

I'm hoping that CC is going to be a major help in proving my Ishmaelite trace either right or wrong. If I'm wrong, I'd rather know it right away. It's an interesting concept that, in the end times, Ishmaelites versus Israelites -- Abraham's son versus Abraham's son -- may come to the foreground of events. But if I'm correct in tracing the Suebi Swedes to Sheba, grandson of Abraham (Genesis 25), we could expect Ishmaelites to have formed alliances with the Suebi and their Sabina ancestors. CC, for one, believes that Ishmaelites were merged with the children of Abraham found in Genesis 25, where he had an alternative wife in Keturah.

July 27

Joe Biden has stripped down to his bare bones:

US Vice President Joe Biden says that Moscow has no choice but to make concessions to the West, as Russia is facing a 'withering' economy.

Biden told The Wall Street Journal on [July 24] that the worsening financial crisis in Russia will force the country to make accommodations to the West on national security issues, such as loosening its grip on former Soviet republics and shrinking its vast nuclear arsenal.

The Vice President added that he believed Russia's economic problems were part of a series of developments that have contributed to a significant rethinking by Moscow on its international policies.

...A spokeswoman for Russian President Dmitry Medvedev declined to comment on Biden's remarks."§ionid=3510203

What a thing to say. One may as well poke Putin in both eyes at once. Putin must be thinking, "What a pest, putting words in my mouth in front of the entire world, and damn it, he's right."

The downward trend in Russia's economy reminds me of the Alaskan missionary (Lindsey Williams) who told that the globalist friends of international bankers deliberately spiked the price of oil with a secret plot to suddenly let the floor out (i.e. reduce prices) in order to put certain global entities into financial ruin...after they committed to over-investment. It sounds as though Biden (America's former representative of European globalism) is bragging about that plot's success, and surely he reveals the true heart of his fellow globalists when asking Putin to lay down subservient before the West. He simultaneously imagines that Putin is holding his hand, a delusion of the Obama administration.

There is definitely a new bounce in Obama's globalist team, a vigor that looks like the start of wheels rolling. Hillary brings a change of tune more like vice-president Go BiteThem:

"WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said [yesterday] that Iran would not be allowed to have a nuclear weapon...

'Your (Iran's) pursuit is futile,' she told NBC's 'Meet the Press' program, adding that Iran did not have the right to develop a nuclear weapon.

'It is unacceptable for Iran to have nuclear weapons,' she added."

We've never heard this kind of talk from the O-Team before, except toward North Korea. A-Madman and Co-Maniac must be shocked. Hillary's confidence seems catered to Iran's internal problems and its weakening powers. It could also be anger vented toward the failure of the Mousavi movement. But as she spoke, she again showed her immaturity by going down her old Bush track: "We're trying our best at least, and, you know, at least if we fail, at least we're not going to fail like the Bush failure. No sir, we're not like Bush, you know. Did you know?" (my paraphrase). What she's really saying is, "We failed with Iran, and we're failing with Israel and Syria and al-Qaeda, and Hamas and Hezbolah, and even with Afghanistan, but we want the world to love us like it did before because we are the people who hate Bush."

I don't hear applause from the world, though. The world is starting to get too worried, very worried. The O-shine won't mean much anymore. The Bush-bashing won't work anymore. The world will want to feel secure. And Obama will succeed, if he's the False Prophet, into making them feel secure...even though he's going to be partly responsible for their Armageddon nightmare just as they're saying, "peace and security."

How will the False Prophet make the world feel secure? By forming an official (though skin-thin) West-Gog pact that brings the military hardware of the two under one globalist roof, and then convincing the world that the globalist goal is world security. We can see the makings of that pact in Biden's hand-holding claim, and his call to Putin to enter Western globalism. I think a West-Russia plot has been in the works for years (though with both sides tugging to get the most out of it), something that was clued to us when Medvedev spoke lovely of the global-currency coin. The fact that he showed it to the world exposed his acceptance of West-Russia globalism, that the inter-tugging is coming to a near-end, and that a signature-ready deal is almost achieved.

In the article, Biden showed that he wants Putin to view a nuclear Iran as a threat to Russia first. It should be clear by the fact that Russia is currently racing to provide Iran with a new and completed nuclear power plant that Putin does not see it the same way as Biden. The Democrats will close their eyes and hope for the best as the West-Russia pact comes to fruition, but the wise, who know their prophecy, will know the facts, that Gog will be holding Iran's hand instead.


"DEBKAfile's military and Washington sources report that President Barack Obama is getting set for some military arm-twisting against Iran spearheaded by Israel. This will be the main subject of defense secretary Robert Gates talks in Israel Tuesday, July 28 and was presaged by a strong message secretary of state Hillary Clinton broadcast to Tehran Sunday, July 28, over NBC..."

I repeatedly wonder who the DEBKAfile sources are, whether your common daily news and/or bloggers, or whether a high-level spy organization. I find the above a little hard to believe, as the Iranian threat to Israel is more likely to be used as an arm-twister to make Israel cave in on the Palestinian state. However, assuming that the globetrotters are extremely upset over the failure of Mickey Mousavi, a little temporary warming of the O-face toward Israel for the purpose of undoing Amadman and Co-Maniac could be in the works.

But Russia won't like it. Russia wants the Americans gone, who are instead pressing into Middle East affairs. Russia wants it's "rightful" place in Middle Eastern affairs. Putin was hoping that the O-term would allow Russia to move in, but instead he's finding an O-team bomb: the West wants to stay in Middle-Eastern affairs. Oh no. What to do now? But still, no sign of Gog in Mosul.

Why now:

Senior officials from Turkey, Iraq and the United States will meet in Ankara [tomorrow] to discuss closer cooperation against Kurdish rebels who attack Turkey from bases in northern Iraq, a Turkish government official said.

Turkey and Iraq will be represented by their interior ministers, said the official, who requested anonymity. It was not clear who would head the U.S. delegation.

...Turkey has bombed and shelled PKK areas in northern Iraq using intelligence provided by Washington.

Why this meeting now? The PKK is a Kurdish military organization not supposed to be connected to Kurdish politicians. But does anyone smell a rat here? Just as the Americans are supposed to be winding down and leaving Iraq, they are becoming involved with Turkey in at least two Iraqi affairs; one that caters somewhat to Sunni Insurgents, and the other that represses the power of the Kurds. I think the globetrotters are worried about their oil claims in Kirkuk. I'm watching to see whether Obama wants to create excuses for remaining in northern Iraq because he knows that Russia wants in.

The Kurds voted two days ago regarding their own leadership, and the full results are about to come out. I haven't covered this story as I don't see, yet anyway, how it will help to bring Gog to Mosul:

"The ruling parties of Iraq's Kurdish autonomous region won a comfortable majority in parliament, unofficial results showed [yesterday], but a strong performance by the opposition has already begun to rework the balance of power.

The ruling parties -- Kurdish President Massoud Barzani's Kurdistan Democratic Party and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, led by Iraqi President Jalal Talabani -- ran a joint slate of candidates for parliament."

Barzani and Talabani had already been in power so that not much has changed via the election. However, Gog -- and the West -- have perhaps been waiting to see how the election would roll out before making intrusive moves. As we can see, the Americans are sitting down with Turks for some serious business against the PKK just now as the elections results are known. Barzani is a former leader of a Kurdish terrorist group, and he could possibly have ties to the PKK in case its needed in the fight with Baghdad...that many say is imminent. It is something like a Kurd fight with Baghdad that could bring Gog into the picture, especially if the West is also barking up the same tree.

The Moscow Times has the Biden story:

"...'It is difficult for Russia to deal with "loss of empire"' Biden said, and the United States should not overplay its hand in dealing with Moscow.

"It is never smart to embarrass an individual or a country when they're dealing with significant loss of face,' he said.

!! Biden speaks as though not realizing that he's embarrassing Russia with his words. It only adds to the injury that Russia must feel. The article continues:

"'It is perplexing why...Biden decided to share his interpretation of and his view on the bilateral relations,' said Sergei Prikhodko, Medvedev's top foreign policy aide, Interfax reported.

But U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said [yesterday] that the United States viewed Russia as a 'great power,' tempering Biden' critical remarks.

Asked about the comments as Washington seeks to improve ties with Moscow, Clinton said the United States wanted a strong, peaceful and prosperous Russia [cow patties].

'There is an enormous amount of hard work being done, and we view Russia as a great power...', she said."

Has not the O-Team entered into the Two-Faced Zone? Do they think that Putin is so stupid that he doesn't see it? Is this the Bush alternative, to be two-faced deceiving, and then create a pact with Russia based on the facade that America's leadership cares for Russia's prosperity toward a strong-again nation? This is like the Eden snake: "Rush-Eva, just climb up this America tree and see that I'm a worthy partner; take a bite of this sweet fruit, and you and I shall be like invincible king and queen over the planet...with you the queen of course."

I don't know the timing, whether before or after Biden made his remarks, but Medvedev spoke to the world:

"'The Russian bear needs to be attractive to be respected by the rest of the world, and it cannot become stronger without good foreign relations, President Dmitry Medvedev said in an interview broadcast [yesterday].

...Asked whether he felt uncomfortable with Russia's image as a bear, Medvedev -- whose own surname derives from the word -- said, 'It's an image close to my heart.'

In a message to nationalists at home, Medvedev said better ties with the West were in Russia's interests and that prosperity at home would help the country's image abroad. 'If we want to present the right image to the world, we need to resolve our pressing problems, above all our social and economic problems,' he said.

'We are striving to create a modern, competitive country,' he added. 'We can only create such a country if we have normal ties with the world.'"

He's clearly on board with Biden's "request," but we'll have to wait to see whether his words are part of a well-calculated plot to join the West, with Putin in favor, or just off-the-cuff remarks that Putin would rather not have heard. There seems to be no animosity shown toward Biden, though this could be due to his speaking before he heard Biden's remarks. He went on to say: "There are limits to how far Russia will compromise for better relations with the United States...we don't think it is correct to drag other states into military and political alliances against the will of their people,'...referring to Ukraine and Georgia."

If anything has a West-Russia pact on a shelf, it would be Georgia. His over-all tone is that Russia is willing to join the West in a shared vision, but as the bear of the pact. I don't think "bear" means the queen, the servant of the king. The prediction is that the bear will form the pact while viewing the other side as idiots for their own ends. That is, the pact must include methods by which Russia may bore it's own interests into Europe...with the secret hope of undermining Europe's foundations. It could be that the West will more-than "play" the role of idiot; it could be that the West will BE an idiot, and thus agree to the pact.

In an article concerning the recent meeting of Russia's and Germany's two leaders:

"...Putin, who used to enjoy near-adulation in Berlin, has by now declined in the official esteem of all but vested interests in Germany. Instead, the government now seeks to cultivate the relationship with Medvedev, cast as a European figure and one who stands for rule of law in Russia."[tt_news]=35314&tx_ttnews[backPid]=7&cHash=992d83cbb6

Medvedev, beloved of Europe? Put Putin aside, bring on president Bear-Hug? Is he genuine? He seems to be. But he's also passionate about seeing Saakashvili go. I haven't seen anything on a Biden visit with Saakashvili's political opponent, Alasania, but I did read a headline today that the street protests were over, for now. Is Biden responsible for this new passivity? One Saakashvili opponent found his words in the Georgian Times:

"Labor Party leader Shalva Natelashvili has summed up the visit of the US Vice President Joseph Biden to Georgia. He said it was a 'voyage of vicegerent to its right-less colony'.

He said the visit has shown that the guest praised the country`s destroyer and declared imperative support to dictator Saakashvili...a continuation of the Bush policy."

Can't get more insulting than, "continuation of the Bush policy," but one thing's for sure, the O-Team is not having relations with Natelashvili. Judging from his words, one gets the impression that the O-Team is squarely with Saakashvili...the man that Bear-Hug wants out.

What kind of candy has the West been offering Egypt:

"Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Abul Gheit [today] appealed for the establishment of a new international order, which should be founded upon plurality and the democratization of international relations."

Does this have to do with Uncle-O choosing Egypt to make his Arab-based speech? Has Uncle-O sent other kinds of candy to Egypt's leadership since the speech. What else could have brought on this monumental statement?

"I, Egypt, do lift up my right hand and swear by God, announcing my unwavering favoritism for the New World Order, to be run by Western democratic processeees, with Mooslims in luv with Kristians, all living happily ever after in plural bliss, shoulder to shoulder, under Allah of course. Thank you Mr. Obama for this splendid idea."

Al-Jazeera has an article on Obama's Israel team, ho-hum, I can't keep from yawning anymore. The team boasts that it's doing what no man has done before, attacking the obstacles of Middle-East peace from multiple angles at one time. Can you see it? There are several men wearing "O-Team" on their jerseys, all ramming, but bouncing off of, thick concrete walls, laying a path to nowhere, and bragging: "At least we're trying, unlike Bush."

Maybe Bush wasn't so stupid as to ram a concrete wall, only to bounce off and appear the failure. The question is, will Obama allow Israel to turn the O-Team into a failure? Me thinks no. I think he'll do something drastic to make "success' out of it.

Thank you for reading. I apologize that there is so much writing and so little Gog to show for it. If Gog doesn't appear by the end of summer, I think I'll end the daily updates and go to weekly. Have a good day.

July 28

What do you make of Biden's mockery of Russia:

"After his address to the [Georgian] Parliament, Biden met with a group of internally displaced schoolchildren...

Biden told the schoolchildren: 'What we can do is make clear to the world, and to the Russians particularly, that we stand with you, and that if they fail to meet their commitments, that it is a problem for them... A lot of you think maybe Russia did what they did, and they paid no price. They paid a pretty big price already diplomatically. The countries that surround Russia, even those that have been very, very loyal to Russia in their freedom, are now saying very harsh things.'

'Russia has isolated itself more,' he added."

It's hard to believe that Biden is just being air-headed. To say this in public more likely means that he's sending Russia the message to not do it again because he knows that Russia wants to do it again. You can't have Obama saying the things that Biden's saying because it's the job of the vice-president to do the dirty work, for presidents don't want bad reputations if they can help it.

It was Biden that said Obama would be tested in his first six months, and my impression was that he meant by Russia. The tone of his words were such that he had some Intelligence on a critical matter. The fact that both he and Colin Powell came out to reveal publicly that they knew of the matter was not for information value of the people, but to send the culprits the message that what they were up to had been found out. Perhaps possessing that Intelligence and making it public was the main check that stopped the crisis.

OR, it's too early to say that the crisis has been averted. The Georgian media above has an article telling that EU foreign ministers met "on July 27 to extend its monitoring mission in Georgia for another year." It's another message sent Russia-way at this time, to say, "We are watching you closer than ever"?

The article tells that, this September, the EU will decide whether third parties (e.g. the U.S.) can join in the monitoring job. What's that mean? Why does the EU need to give permission for the U.S. to monitor Russia inside Georgia? Can't Georgia and the U.S. come to that agreement on their own? Of course, and no doubt Georgia has made the request to the U.S., but only to get a refusal. Why a refusal? There must be nothing more that the US would like to do but go in and check Russia's aggression.

It shows the way that Obama (and probably the globalists in general) works. For whatever reason, the U.S. hasn't wanted (at least until now) to offend the Bear by sending military, visible hard military equipment, or even monitors into Georgia. Likely, Obama hasn't wanted to offend the Bear too much, to the point that globetrotters won't be able to have their Atlanticist pact with it, and Obama won't be able to hear the sweet buzz of the re-set button.

So what is being done instead is to have the Americans partake in Georgia by EU request. I suppose they think that Putin is so stupid that he won't realize the underlying motive: to make it appear as though Obama is reluctant to go into Georgia, but that he'll go if the EU makes a formal request.

I suppose that Russia was waiting for the one-year term of the EU monitors to come to an end this summer. But now what? The EU has extended it another year, and it can extend it again a year later. Therefore, if Russia has any plans to start re-taking it's former territories by force, it's going to need to go to Plan B.

On the story, Hurriyet says that the EU:

"expressed concern that Russia was blocking other observers from working there.

[EU foreign ministers] also demanded that the observers - who with security personnel number almost 300 - be granted 'unhindered access ... to Abkhazia and South Ossetia, which has so far been denied.'

It doesn't say how Russia is blocking other nations from sending observers/monitors, but one thing is for sure: Russia greatly values the taking of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, and if Russia is the Gog-nation of prophecy, this issue alone can explain why Revelation 17 has the anti-Christ and his ten horns hating Europe so much (I don't view the ten Roman horns of Daniel 7 as the ten horns of Revelation 17).

Others might argue that an Arab anti-Christ hates Europe even more than Russia, but as we see (in Revelation 17) that the anti-Christ brings Europe to its utter destruction, Russia is more-likely to carry it out than ten or eleven Arab nations working in concert. One could argue that Russia will be one of the ten horns (the rest being Arab nations). For the first time, the feasibility of an Arab anti-Christ ruling Europe is making itself apparent, for the West is offering overtures to the Arab world these days as much as it is making similar offers to Russia.

BUT, there is the Daniel 11:37 text wherein we discover an atheistic anti-Christ. If any Arab is going to be the anti-Christ so as to have an Arab-world following, one would think that he'll need to at least feign passionate love of Allah. On the other hand, an atheistic Russian is a dime a dozen. I don't think that Daniel points out the anti-Christ's atheism for no reason. I think the anti-Christ will make his world image around the fact. He'll slander God as though there is no God. That's what's to be expected. He'll urge all peoples to do the same. I can't see an Arab doing this.

I have no idea as to what Daniel 11:39 means when it says that the anti-Christ will honor a "foreign god." My impression is that he denounces or rejects all standard gods -- of the heavens. But what then could a foreign god be? Verse 38 says that this god is a "god of fortified places," though the Hebrew term could be used in other ways, such as "strength." But that doesn't give much clue as per identifying it.

The Hebrew word (Strong's #4581) is "maoze/mouze"...which looks an awful lot like "mouse." Hmm. You don't suppose, do you, that all of my writings on the mouse connection to the Masci fold of Maastricht, the Maas river, the Muses, and the Obama-circle of Freemasons was meant to identify the foreign god of the anti-Christ?

Before looking into the Hebrew word just now, I was going to connect the foreign god to the False Prophet anyway, at least as the best theory I have at this time. Strong's interprets "maoze" as "a fortified place," and says the term derived from "azaz," meaning "stout" (i.e. just plain strong). Did you notice that my mouse had to do with Russia and Georgia? I'm thinking that the foreign god refers to the anti-Christ alliance with the False Prophet (Revelation 13), to be derived from the West-Russia alliance now forming on thin ice.

Daniel 11:39 says that the anti-Christ "shall act in the fortresses [Strong's #4013] of the fortresses [= maoze] with a foreign [Strong's #5236] god." Obviously, one of the "fortresses" should not be viewed as such. I would interpret the statement as the anti-Christ successfully attacking strong places with strength, but only with the help of a foreign entity. I use "entity" because it doesn't say "nation." It says, "god" (Strong's #433). In light of other prophecies, this god should be the Serpent, wherefore the finger points to Freemasons of the global-Illuminati kind. But that could be too hasty.

When entertaining that view, it indicates that the False Prophet will be at the anti-Christ's side in his military adventures, and not solely his political successes with the EU. In plain English, it looks like Obama will invade Iraq while allied to the anti-Christ who does the dirty work on his behalf. This sounds so bizarre that you might rather envision an Arab False Prophet, and I do allow for making one grand error should the False Prophet not prove to be an American or other Western agent. But, I find it hard to believe that an Arab can spread the 666 system globally. But, then, the 666 system may only be local to the Middle East...though that picture seems difficult in light of the anti-Christ's rise to EU leadership. Plainly, the West is going to accept a Satanic ruler.

All in all, the picture is one of madness. An anti-Christ who hates Israel, hates the West, on the throne of the West, with Western powers in his support. The picture seems impossible, especially if the anti-Christ is a Russian. What Western powers would support this? I can think of only one kind: the Rothschild branches that formed the League of Nations simultaneous to forming Communist Russia. The Satan-worshiping Illuminati. But, in order to succeed with this madness, they cannot let other Western powers know what they are up to. They've got to engineer their plots in such ways as they seem non-plotted.

By all appearances, the EU and Obama himself are opposed to Putin. Might this merely be a smokescreen to keep the normal peoples from knowing the plots? Or does the Illuminati want some other Russian agent inside/outside Russia besides Putin? The most feasible way for me to imagine Gog entering Mosul at this time is as an agent of Obama. Yes, it's possible for an anti-Obama Gog to enter Mosul with Obama in opposition, only to come to terms with Obama later as per a global alliance, but the impression I'm getting this morning from a fresh look at Daniel 11:37-39 is that the anti-Christ will be an Obama agent from the start of his Iraqi mission.

One theory is that an "Armageddon" of sorts is actually being planned as a method of global de-population. My own father-in-law (he hated Christians and loved atheists) once confessed to me that wars are good because they reduce populations i.e. there's more wealth to go around after the war. There are lunatics in the world, perhaps even your neighbor, who would welcome situations like that, and of course they would be in pro-abortion camps.

At this time, I'm looking for any agent that Obama might be planting in northern Iraq, whether he's Russian or not. This is why I view the rubbing shoulders of U.S. with Insurgents as important, because I thought it was possible, aside from the study on Daniel 11 this morning, for Obama to be plotting the take-over of Iraq. Or, if he's not plotting it yet, he will start when God allows the Iraq-demon (for lack of a better term) to possess his soul.

Look it. Assuming that the take-over of Iraq by an American president requires a U.S. military presence in Iraq, the fact that Obama has a huge army in Iraq at this time, but not for a time after 2011, suggests that, if the False Prophet is an American president, he won't be a president other than Obama. I'm not saying that the U.S. military will necessarily be involved in combat with the anti-Christ's military operations in Iraq or elsewhere, but that the presence of the American military up until this time, and for some time in the coming months, can open a way for Gog to start doing their dirty work.

Feasibly, Biden's open opposition to Russia at this time is a facade, meaning that he's feigning opposition when in reality Obama with Medvedev have a partnered plot to take over Iraq and share the oil booty. The cards are all flung in the air right now, and I have no way to know how they'll lay on the table when they fall. On e clue at a time. Perhaps I've been covering this story daily for a year so that I can better understand the clues when they appear. Or, I could be nuts. I could be imagining clues that art not there. My mouses could be the rats' behinds that I'll have to chew.

I'm trying my best. I'm totally sane, and I'm trying my best. I want to believe that Gog will enter Iraq in opposition to Obama, but the alternative, so bizarre, is being watched for. There may be a compromise in the works between Obama and Putin that does not at all require a bizarre outlook, but, still, a united plot with Gog to take over Iraq is a Twilight Zone I would not like to see. At that point, we can be sure that Obama has become infested with demons. At that point, we've got to lay down our worldly selves on the spot, and run to "God's country."

I can handle an Obama in opposition to an invader of Iraq, but an Obama who is secretly the guts behind an Iraqi invasion, via a God-blaspheming personality, is quite another scenario. It's all the worse when we think of Illuminati backdrops through which Obama is acting, those who hold both the money purses of the world's nations, and the strings that govern the nations' institutions. There is nowhere to hide, they will try to convince us, but God will keep them busy, too busy to get us all back into the mainstream. How badly do you want the Kingdom and its glory? Bad enough to withstand the tide that seeks to bring us back to the mainstream after we have run off to the country?

Some imagine that they're going to come after all of us pierce-happy with sword and dagger, but I think God will create a different situation. I think the Illuminati will try to get us back into the mainstream...operating on the skincode. That's our war. If we have faith enough in God, and enough physical needs, we will succeed.

I probably shouldn't mention this, but after writing all of the above, I went to the Kurd news to find that the Change Party, which came in third place with a surprising 25 seats out of a total 111, is led by "Nicherwan MUStafa, a former PUK leader and Talabani aide." The feasible idea here is that the globetrotters are in support of the Change Party as an attempt to get a foothold in Kurd politics. You saw both Bill Clinton and Obama win their elections based on the term, "change." It may be that the Democrat-supporting Illuminati (think Rhodes) as a whole deems "change" as the best method for winning elections.

I checked for a Must Coat for fun mainly, not expecting the Mustafa surname to apply. I got red "lions" (see here) that in the past I thought were border collies. At least, in the Roth Crest, the symbol looks more like a dog to me than a lion, and it looks like a border collie. Perhaps it doubles as a border collie. In any case, I had tied the Staples surname, which uses a red "border collie," to the Washington surname, and now we find that a search of the Must surname, which brings up the MOUSquette surname (from Mousquette, Normandy), not only uses the red "border collies" of the Staples, but has the makings of the Washington Shield. The fact that the Roth surname also uses the same symbol helps to trace the important Freemasons to a Hebrew-Rus cult in Britain.

In French, "mousquette" is said to mean "Eurasian sparrowhawk." Perhaps the bird got it's original name because it caught mice, but why would a locality in Normandy be named after that bird? Probably, the original term, smacking of Moscow by the way, had nothing to do with the hawk. I once had a girlfriend with a Muskatov surname, and variations of "Mousquette" are Musket-like. She had parents from the Russian domain. I didn't expect to go this far (not far, but) toward an Obama-Russia alliance on this name search, but there you are.

Although "Mustafa" does not appear to apply, the Must surname is in the Mousquette databank. A Google search of "Mousquette Normandy" brings up the "Mustoe" Coat page...which is the same Mousquette Coat. It's possible, therefore, that Mustafa is of the Russian fold to which the French/British Mousquettes trace. So, I now have my eye on both Mustafa and Mousavi in Iran, the latter spelling being almost identical to the former. Does the Illiminati have a couple of mouses in the Middle East that trace to the Meschin stock of old Anatolia? I wonder, is God going to be an end-time mouse catcher?


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