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Rockefellers were of Valais/Valois and/or Falais

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July 16

For those who have been following my mouse know that, at the end of the 13th of July, I mentioned that I hadn't had a mouse in my place since I caught the one in the last week of June. I just wanted you to know that that mouse gave it's life as a sign for you. I don't killing anything, but I don't like mouse urine in my utensils either. I'm on this topic again because the night of the 14th, of July, a new mouse was in, load, louder than any mouse ever. I thought it was a big rat, so loud was this intruder. I'm just saying, the timing, you know, right after I said there hadn't been one in here since...

At least I'm not trying to pass off an Ark of the Covenant to the world. I think that those who had plans to do so got cold feet: if you're interested, see Ark of the Covenant 'will not be revealed'"

Shucks. I really wanted to see it.

A new name in the Obama world of the Middle East:

"DEBKAfile's diplomatic and Washington sources disclose that Fred Hoff, head of the Syrian desk in George Mitchell's US Middle East mission, posed a question to Israeli's leaders...July 13..."

Never mind the story, it's too boring. The point is the Hoff surname. I talked about it not long ago (June 12), because I quoted an online article: "HausHOFER, Hitler, and Hess had long conversations together. He became Hitler's second 'esoteric mentor', replacing Dietrich Eckart." When one enters "Hoff" or Hoffer," the same Coat pops up, a crowned black-bull head. Let's see what Mr. Hoff does.

About a minute after writing the last sentence above (it's exactly midnight July 15), I heard the mouse, and turned down the CD. Quiet. Then, as I started turning it up again, the trap went off! It didn't find the cheese last night.



Joe Biden is set to take his self to Georgia at a time when the region acts as a "playground" for future combat. The Americans have sent a string of war ships to dock at Georgia's front door, as a sign to Russia that the country has Obama's backing. But when we see two ships, or more, at the same time, it would be a sign that Russia is acting too strongly. The article below, a diagnosis on the topic, confirms that Russian military is in South Ossetia for the long haul, and that Obama doesn't want to give the impression that Georgia is a sitting duck. The writer (Vladimir Socor) says:

"The United States incurred substantial collateral damage to its prestige and credibility for misreading the nature of threats and Russia's intentions. A repeat invasion [of Georgia], while unlikely at this time, remains a fully plausible contingency."[tt_news]=35266&tx_ttnews[backPid]=7&cHash=652455da7d

The irony is, the more that OmamaBird moves in to protect Georgia, the more that Russia builds weight on the Georgian region. It would be difficult for Obama to match the military presence of Russia. The latter has created for itself an excuse to build its weight, but Obama has no such excuse, and Russia knows that it needs to increase military presence without giving Obama an excuse to do the same. That's why it seems, at this time, that Russia is not aggressive. It's part of its game.

Medvedev's job is to act as though Russia wants an affair with the West. No. It doesn't. Really, it doesn't. Putin wants back the peoples that were under its thumb before the West took them for its own.

So, what's Biden to do? Go along with Russia's charade? How will that cause Russia to back away from Gog-land? The Ossetia-Abkhaz prize is not anything that Russians will give up cheaply. Russia only needs excuses for repeating the military victories it showed last year, and if this is indeed Russia's game, then we should expect that the Russian leaders show, publicly, anger toward, or at least dissatisfaction with, the West. And Medvedev has indeed shown some, from the very first day that Obama took Office. While showing this dissatisfaction, he yet pretends that Russia wants a genuine friendship with the West.

What's it going to take for Russia to re-invade Georgia? Western fingers in Georgia. We saw how angry the Russians became (or how they feigned anger) at the mere sight of a short NATO exercise in June. Imagine how angry they would be if NATO started to move troops in for a permanent stay as per a NATO-Georgia agreement, especially if Georgia joins NATO officially. NATO is definitely part of the game, and the only reason that the West has backed down from allowing Georgia into the organization is precisely because they don't want to anger the Bear at this time.

Why don't they want to anger Russia? Isn't the West more powerful than Russia? Is the West afraid to fight Russia in a Caucasian war? Such a thing would set globalism back 101 years at a time when it seems to the Fools that globalism is within reach. Part of Putin's game is to feign desire to enter Western globalism, and the West's leadership, Fools that they are, will view this as having the potential of being genuine. Consider how Obama believed that his charismatic personality could win Iran over in genuine partnership.

So, for the sake of globalism, the West will allow Russia to build military might on the old Soviet borders, and this may, if Gog is a Russian agent, fulfill prophecy.

It was not at all planned that I should be on this topic immediately after mentioning the mouse of last night. I didn't find this article, dated yesterday, until this morning, and it looks like the only news to report today. When I was woken up at 4 am by an imaginary mouse during the Russian invasion of Georgia, I strongly felt that God used that mouse as a sign that he wanted me to be alert/attentive to the Russian invasion. I assumed no other reason but that it was a part of the fulfillment of Gog prophecy, and so I expect another invasion soon.

At the time that the mouse woke me up, I was dreaming of a bear that took a deer's neck into its jaws. I wouldn't likely have remembered the dream because I almost never recall dreams. But the mouse woke me just as I was having the dream. Later that morning, in the headlines: "Russian Bear Goes for West's Jugular." Last night's mouse in the trap at midnight exactly seemed ominous, but the one before that came, not only as Mousavi was in the news, but while I was conjecturing a link of his surname to Western surnames that are said to derive from "mouse catcher."

As I had already traced those surnames (i.e. Meus, Maas, etc) to my mother's Masci bloodline, I was able to understand why mice in particular should be a part of His signs. The relevance of the Mousavi affair to the Georgian war is that the Bible predicts a Gog-Iran partnership in the invasion of Israel, and in the makings of Armageddon. But there's more, for I had traced the Masci surname to the Mushki=Meshech, who were the Amazons.

Last night, I finally got to a website that I had been meaning to study. It shows various Arms of Georgian princes, and what did I find in the first Arms I viewed, the Arms of Prince Aba-Melique Lazarev? Three white, curled-over feathers smacking of the white feathers in the Traby Arms.

In the Arms of Prince Abashidze, where the feathers are blue and gold, we see an upright white horse smacking of the Saxon horse, and a sword in the Chief smacking of the Saxon sword. We also see that the curtains, hung as on two horns (of a bull?), of all the Georgian Arms displayed smack of the Hohen and Babenberg Arms that I've shown on several occasions.

In the Arms of prince Agiashvili, a white Zionist star on blue, the symbol of the Goth/Goeth surname. Since I was on the topic of possible end-time Ishmaelites in the previous update, I should mention that I found the same white Zionist star, on blue, in the Hagar Coat, a surname possibly in honor of Ishmael's mother, Hagar.

The ancient colors of England, red and white, were the colors of Georgia and the Templars because the Templars were linked to Georgia. At least one Georgian Arms displayed uses the stag, and since this was a symbol of the Arpads, from Ugrians, I'll repeat that "Ugrian," likely related to "On-Ogur" (early name of Hungary), smacks of "Hagar." I suggested that "Ugri" was from "Gugar," the Assyrian name of Gogarene in Georgio-Armenia, but "Hagar" may have been from the same term. Note that the white Zionist star was used by prince AGIash(vili).

I should also mention that blue and white are the colors of Finland, which is conspicuous in that the Arpads were from Finno-Ugrians. I'm suggesting that these colors link to the white Zionist star of Hagar elements, which came to form the Goth/Goeth surname. Possibly, the Zionist star, in the most ancient times, was fundamentally a symbol of the Hagarite Ishmaelites. They were indeed Hebrews, on their Abraham side. When God said that Abraham would become many nations, we assume that this was largely through Ishmael, but the reasons for the many nations are not stated. It appears that it could be for the Armageddon showdown, a "Gog-Israeli" bloodline (so to speak) versus Israel.

The Templars of Georgia in particular were of the Bagratid bloodline, and at the time of the first Jerusalem invasion were ruled by David IV, who believed (I don't) that he traced to the Biblical king David. In the Arms of Prince Bagration - Davidov, we see a three fingered cross that was a symbol of Avars, Varangians, the Rangabi Byzo-Khazar imperial bloodline, and the red and white (= Fleming) Bouillon family (Godfrey de Bouillon led the first Jerusalem war)! The Rangabe Arms are identical but with a white cross on blue, the colors of Hagar and Goth. These are the two sets of colors of the Cohens and Hohens.

Note that the Bouillon Crest is a Moor head!

In other Georgian Arms shown, we see that the white horse is given a red background, just like the Saxon Horse (see Arms of Saxony or Thuringia). The horse is also given a rider codified as "St. George," the one after whom the (red and white) English flag has been named. The link of Georgians to Saxons/Saka is not so surprising since Saxons are traced by many to Scythians; note the current president of Georgia: Saakash(vili). Thus, the English have suppressed a fact. They are not Anglo-Saxons only, but Georgians. One has every reason to view them as Gogi peoples, therefore.

See what look like English "red coats" in the Arms of Prince Eristou-Aragveli. This Crest uses five fluffy feathers, as does Traby...which I root to Trabzon, a city/region smack beside Georgia. Noting all the "vili/veli" suffixes, keep in mind, as you can see at the Wikipedia's Traby-Arms page, that the Arms was used extensively by the Radziwill surname, which uses a vil/vila suffix. See the same Georgian drapery used as backdrop for the Radziwill Arms.

The Arms of prince Taktakishveli appear to have five white feathers at the base of the crown. The three fingered cross in this Arms is fashioned on a crescent (a common symbol among all the Arms shown) in such a way as to resemble the "mustache" of the Odrowaz Arms (I've traced "Odrowaz," tentatively, to "Trabzon").

As Zbigniew Brzeziski is said by many to be behind Obama's foreign policies, while his surname is listed at the Traby page as one using the Traby Arms along with the Radziwills, wouldn't he want Georgia as much as Putin does (some say Putin has a mother in secret in Georgia, and I think it could very well be true)?

Yes, I did trace the Traby and Radziwill families to Crete, but in particular to the Curetes, who I then traced (years ago) to the Kartli/Kartveli Georgians. After learning that "gar" meant, "wheel," I supposed that "gargar" meant "wheel-wheel" (i.e. the first cart, as a chariot, likely had two wheels), smacking of the "cartwheel" that I see in "Kartveli," and meanwhile Herodotus claimed that Amazons -- of the Trabzon region in particular -- were inter-married to "Gargarians."

Thus, Traby families go back to the Gargarian-Amazon alliance that Herodotus traced to the Sarmations/Alans (think Helios and his solar wheel) on the Tanais/Don river...exactly where the Khazars and Magyars (= proto-Hungarians) would later develop. These are the Ratz to watch out for in the end times. These are the Ratz who rule the world. And God is the Ratz-Catcher, whose trap is fully loaded with Jesus...the Slasher with the two-edged sword, whose white robe is dipped in red.

TJuly 17

Although the following is written by a pro-Israeli, it should be quoted even if it's only half true:

To fulfill his writ, [George] Mitchell has appointed four deputies - all known for their open sympathy for the Palestinians and their hostility to the Netanyahu government. They are Mara Rudman, of the George Soros-financed Center for American Progress; Lt.-Gen. Keith Dayton, who is now building a Fatah army in Jordan which he recently acknowledged will turn its American-financed guns on Israel within a few short years if Israel refuses to establish a Jew-free Palestinian state in Judea and Samaria; Fred Hoff, one of the greatest champions of a US-Syrian rapprochement and of an Israeli surrender of the Golan Heights; and David Hale, the architect of the current US policy of rebuilding the Hizbullah-infested Lebanese army. Hale will be permanently stationed in Jerusalem in a large office suite that will house Mitchell's operation.

...'The administration is building its supreme headquarters in Jerusalem to enable Mitchell to act like a colonial governor and confront the unruly Jewish natives - not to cut a deal with us.'"

Obama gave Mitchell at least one million dollars to set up a Jerusalem headquarters to carry out The Plan. Things have been quiet for weeks now on the Netanyahu-Obama conflict, but under the radar, the snakes are worming in. They had to slip into Jerusalem as though they were good for the country, but it was expected that, once dug in, they would start to apply the Big-O-pressure. Each one of the names above is a story unto itself, and should be looked into, but it's doubtful that their pro-Palestinian doings are known by the press.

Soros is a surname created by a Schwartz family, a German name used by many Hebrews; Rudman is a specifically "Jewish" surname but uses a white (= Goth?) Zionist star and a red rose (probably of Rosicrucian roots). Schwartz itself uses a giant gold rose, with both a cinquefoil and pentagram design within the rose. As you see in the quote, these two surnames are paired. The question is, are white and gold Zionist stars and Roses symbols those of "Aryan" Rosicrucians (if so, it doesn't mean that every white or gold symbol denotes Thule-rooted Aryans, or any Aryans)? The Schwartz Coat is gold on black, the colors the Dayton Coat and all three Mitchell Coats.

As "Mitcham" is a shown variation of the Mitchell surname, I tried for a distinct Mitcham Coat and got one using the makings of the Randolph Coat. PLUS, the Mitcham Coat uses red hearts, the Douglas symbol. This is important for the Douglas' (of Moray) merged with Murrays of More so as to share the white Moray stars, and Randolphs were rulers in Moray.

I've never done this exercise before, to trace Mitchells to Moray. But as the surname is also "Michael," I just checked the German Michael surname to find three white Zionists stars on blue (!), the Moray/Douglas colors. The stars on the horizontal blue band cross the gold shield centrally, as does the blue "dancette" in the gold-shielded Mitcham Coat.

The German Michaels use blue lions, conspicuous because the Mitchams were first found in Bohemia while I've traced Bruces (blue lion on white) to the Bratt/Bradd surname (white lion on blue) from PodeBrady, Bohemia. Bradds might be traced to Moray via the Brody Coat, blue stars on white, colors reversed from the Murray colors. PLUS, the Brody surname was first found in Moray. The Brody Crest uses three arrows bunched, a possible Bower/Bauer symbol (which surname also uses three blue stars).

The Brody family can now be traced to Germany, to the Brote surname using a single white star on blue (Moray colors) in the Brote/Braut Chief. I don't know which way the migration went, but this is a possible clue to Moray origins in the Brote surname. The Coat also uses gold on blue, the Bauer and Randolph colors. The Brote Crest is very comparable to the GermanWise/Weis Crest, which is conspicuous because the Weishaupt surname (first found in Bavaria) founded the Bavarian Illuminati while Brotes were first found in Bavaria.

The German Wises can be traced to the English Wises because the latter use a red lion in the crest (holding a mace), the symbol of the English Bratts/Bradds. We then find that a red lion is used both in the Brit/Bret Coat and Crest, supporting what I had suspected, that Brodys were named in honor of the Brits (the Brit surname is said to be after "Breton").

I had speculated years ago that Britain was named after "brother(hood)"; the Brothy variation of the Brody surname may serve as evidence. It is known that Brits were named after the Pretani peoples of Britain, who had been the Cruithne/Cruithen peoples of Ireland (who I think trace to the Curetes of Crete) as they evolved into Picts (i.e. Brits were cousins to the Picts), but the question is, did "Pretani" mean "brother." In any case, there is an old Brady surname of Ireland (County Clare), said to go back to the second century AD at least. However, it sounds as though the surname was at first, "Grady."

Excellent. The Gradys can be traced to the Grates of Scotland, said to be Picts, because the Grate Coat uses a red lion. But the Chief uses three red stars on white, the Washington-Chief symbol. The surname is more-properly Crae, Craith, Crath, and while these evoke the Cruithne, the Cree variation is very interesting where Picts are traced by some to American "Indians." I've come across this surname before and supposed that the Reagh, Rae, and Ray variations were in honor of Rhea, mother goddess of Crete and of the Curetes.

What we could have here, therefore, is the deep British root of the Bauers, who then worked their way to Germany rather than the other way around. It can explain why the Bower Coat uses arrows, symbol of American natives. It's possible that the natives were New Crete, so to speak, explaining the Satanic religions of those natives.

Remember, Picts trace to Pictones of Poitou, where the Clement surname, using a single white star on blue (the Brote>Moray symbol) was first found, and I ventured to link "Clement" to Scottish kings at Moray! Suddenly, the Clements link to the red and white Grates/Craiths of the Grady/Brady Irish fold. If I'm not mistaken, the Cruithne are not to be confused with Gaels (= the Irish-Scot peoples), but were instead Celts, perhaps Iberian Celts.

In my chapter, Arthur in the Brute of Italy, I recorded that:

"Brucios (of Latin Bruttii) was a town of the south of Italy...(named the Brucio or Brutti)...the Greeks called [it] Bretia" (brackets not mine).

The quote is at [page no longer has the quote but this page has a comparable quote]

I now find that the English Clements were first found in Brecknock (Wales). Hmm. The English Breck Coat (Britch variation) uses three bugles (with a gazelle in the Crest). In my sentence above, that in the Cruithne we could have "the deep British root of the Bauers," I had at first entered "Traby" instead of "Bauer" because that is what came to mind (I have traced Trabys to Crete's Curetes). But, on second thought, I decided to enter the Bauer surname until more evidence was found that Trabys originated in the Cruithne.

As you can see, just minutes later, the bugle symbol, used also by the Traby Coat, popped up, which may mean that Trabys came to be linked to the Brecks of Wales. Indeed, I had traced Trabys to Tudor Trevor of Wales.

It leads me to believe that the Bert surname, also using three bugles, is a variation of "Bret/Brit." Bert variations shown include: Burt, Birt, Byrth, and Birth. This is all very interesting. It suggests that parts of Rothschilds and Trabys emerged from Curetes of Ireland. Who would have thought? In fact, as Bauers were first found in Austria, so we find that German Brecks were first found in Austria. The idea is that proto-Bauers were Bruttii>Brits of the Brucios/Breck spelling branched from Britain to Austria. Moreover, these proto-Bauers carried the bugle symbol, and the ostrich feather of the Tudors, to the Trabys...who I suspect were on Sicily's Trapani region once out of Crete. Note the gold lion on black and white in the Trevor Coat, comparable to the gold lion on black in the German Breck Coat.

Of course, I had (years ago) traced the Bruces to the Brucio variation of "Bruttium," and then traced "Bruttium" to "Aprutium," the early version of "Abruzzo/Abreu." The Abreu surname uses the gold lions. The tip of Bruttium/Calabria is the tip of Italy's toe, where the Charibdis monster was located, opposite the Scylla monster of the Sicel founders of Sicily, wherefore note this quote:

"Brucios (of Latin Bruttii) was a town of the south of Italy...(named the Brucio ... that the region of the Brucios was settled by 'Scyllacion (Scyllatium).."

This looks like excellent verification for my trace of the Skelton/Shelton surname of the Bruce fold (of Skelton, Yorkshire, where Bruces lived) to the Scylla monster.


"The head of Iran's nuclear agency has resigned, Iranian media has reported.

Gholam Reza Aghazadeh, who led Iran's nuclear programme for more than a decade, also reportedly stepped down from his position as one of the vice presidents for Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Iranian president.

...Aghazadeh is thought to be close to Mir Hossein well as an ally of former president Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, who backed Mousavi. The former nuclear chief served as executive deputy to Mousavi in the 1980s...

Aghazadeh could betray Ahmadinjad and spill all his nuclear secrets...if he hasn't already done so. But we are not likely to hear details unless the West deems it necessary for public knowledge.

It looks like Mickey Mousavi might evolve into Mighty Mousavi, if Rafsanjani has his way:

"Top Iranian cleric Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani criticized hard-liners at the main Islamic prayers [today]...

Rafsanjani, a former president who sits on two powerful clerical ruling bodies, made the comments during his sermon before tens of thousands of opposition supporters, with opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi sitting in the front row."

The prayers erupted afterward into quasi-violence on the streets. It was the Mousavi activists versus the anti-Obama activists. Hmm.

On the Nabucco topic, the following statement is blurry to me:

"'We feel no jealousy towards Nabucco, let it grow. If gas comes to Nabucco, it means somebody needs it. But no one has explained to me yet how gas is going to get there,' Medvedev said.'

I'm assuming that the West has means by which to get the gas into the pipeline, so the meaning of Medvedev's words elude me at this time. Perhaps it's a veiled declaration that Russia will never allow gas into that line.

Suddenly, the U.S. military is emphasizing Iran's nuclear threat, simultaneous with shoring up the Afghan theater. Enough time has passed, Obama must be thinking, since Democrats tarnished the Bush administration for even thinking of striking Iran, that the same direction can be taken by a Democrat administration.

Obama merely disguises his ultimate Bush attitude by saying, "friendly hand first, heavy hand later." Or, he says, "Americans dying in Iraq is evil, but Americans dying in Afghanistan is justified." The backdrop plot is the same where it be Bush or Obama: to get to Iran's face and deal with it. The BIG problem is the shadow of the big bear as it falls on Iran: "[U.S. defence secretary] Gates lamented that he hadn't been able to persuade other nations, particularly Russia, that the Iranian nuclear issue did not simply just threaten the United States, AFP reported."

It's one thing fully expected if Saakashvili criticized Medvedev's visit to South Ossetia, but now the temporary "king" of the EU is also weighing in:

"The European Union said [yesterday] [that] Medvedev's visit on Monday was made without the consent of the Georgian government.

...'The EU considers this visit as incompatible with the principle of territorial integrity and is concerned about its effects on the international efforts to stabilize the region,' the statement said.

...A day after making the surprise trip to South Ossetia...Medvedev strongly hinted Russia would again respond militarily if Georgia tried to retake the territory or rebel province Abkhazia."

The EU ruler is now a Swede, and apparently he's not afraid to lash out at Russia. Ironically, his public statement helps to widen the gap between the two powers. This animosity is why Medvedev has taken his Nabucco card out from his sleeve, and displayed it for public viewing in the form of: "But no one has explained to me yet how gas is going to get [into the pipeline]." Europe feels confident because it has Turkey's backing for the project, and Turkey of course recognizes the conflict first-hand. In yesterday's Turkish news:

"Now that Turkey and EU countries have signed the transit deal for the Nabucco gas pipeline that will carry Central Asian and Middle Eastern gas to Europe via Turkey, all eyes are turned to Russia, to see what tactical steps it will take in the energy wars.

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin will pay a visit to Turkey early next month...

This is a job for the head honcho. But if all that fails, the only way for Russia to assure that gas does not get into the Turkish part of the pipeline is to cut it off in northern Iraq.

The article goes on to say that "Russia is also to some extend dependent on Turkey. Turkey is among the countries buying the most expensive [Russian] gas. There has never been any problem in payments. Russia would not like to loose such a customer." The Nabucco line obviously has the purpose in Turkey of losing Russia as its gas provider, and no doubt Turkey signed on with the West for this reason. Russia will be left like an outsider begging Turkey for rights to build its own pipeline through Turkish territory...which could explain why Gog invades through to the Turkish-Syrian border (Isaiah 10).

At the time that he does so with great/surprising success, early in the 70th Week, he'll have his eye's on Egypt, which is a good reason to mention a story found in DEBKAfile today:

"Twenty-five Egyptians and one Palestinian suspects detained in Egypt have confessed to planning attacks on Suez Canal shipping and oil pipelines on behalf of al Qaeda.

Our military sources report that this week an Israeli nuclear-capable Dolphin submarine escorted by a missile vessel transited the Suez Canal on the way back to its Mediterranean base from a Red Sea drill that took place off Eilat last month."

Was it really a drill? No. The submarines (I heard at least two) were there because of the al-Qaeda plots. The Suez canal is probably ground zero for the Gog war against Egypt. The Egyptian "Brotherhood" should be a part of that war.

But when? I was thinking last night that chances are becoming slim for Gog to begin his seven-year mission in 2009. If not, I have no idea in what year he will start. If only there were some way to assure that Obama is the False Prophet, one could then be fairly certain that Armageddon needs to arrive by Obama's last year, 2016. I don't have a good brain; perhaps you do. I can't take today's situations and project them years into the future as solid predictions.

It's not unlikely for the skincode to be introduced by 2011. I fully expect it on an optional level by that time, perhaps even in 2010. But a mandatory skincode system by 2013 seems to be pushing it...unless the globalists become suddenly dictatorial. It's important to discover who's behind the global coin that Medvedev was made to unveil to the world days ago. That entity should be linked to the False Prophet. All I know thus far is that the coin was created in Belgium. Brussels, therefore, the EU capital, is suspect. But is it roundly an EU plot, or just a faction of the EU? The G-8 is suspect, since the coin was introduced from a G-8 summit.

Shouldn't the coin be more of a symbol than a long-term reality in a marketplace that is fast-trending cashless/electronic? The coin should be a global-currency starter, but people of the world will rather use their debit cards with a one-currency scheme.

Russia and the United States are both part of the Group of Eight...but so is Japan and the E.U., wherefore the Rockefeller/Brzezinski Trilateral Commission comes to mind. Furthermore, China is a quasi-member of the G-8, even as the Trilateral Commission intends to befriend China, and this could mean that the current push, by Russia and China, for a new world currency is a G-8 scheme. It would never have occurred to me had the coin not been introduced by the G-8.

As I hold a theory that Tony Blair is one horn of the False Prophet (the other theory is that it's Joe Biden), it's conspicuous that At the invitation of United Kingdom Prime Minister Tony Blair and US President Bill Clinton, Russia formally joined the group [of Seven] in 1997, resulting in the Group of Eight, or G8" (webpage above). I had postulated that the False Prophet would ally with Gog to get the skincode to go global. Hmm. I even thought that Bill Clinton could be the False Prophet, and he may yet prove to be...along with Tony Blair, who is likely to become the NEW EU "king" soon.

The G-8 president (rotating annually) in 2013 will be the prime minister of Britain, but for 2014 it will be the president of Russia. On my calendar, Gog begins his 3.5 year rule in early 2013. We could see a Gog-Medvedev power structure globally in 2014...unless Putin takes over the Russian presidency in 2012, which many think will be the case. Obama will be the G-8 leader in 2012.

Good day, and don't forget to bless God in some way.

July 18

Hey Slip, good job with the pope. He'll be out of commission for a while.

I planted the invisible banana peal just right. It worked great with Hillary too.

Hey'a, Slip, her arm's almost back to normal. I have so many headaches already, and now she's almost back.

Mr. President, I'd send her far away, maybe to India, tell her there's important business there.

I think she's catching on that we're, you know, trying to get rid of her. She just threatened to blab that the Council of Foreign Relations runs my show.

Not good, Mr. President, not good at all. I suggest that you send her further than India. Any chance of getting her up on the space station? I hear they're drinking their urine up there.

They don't want her up there either.

They don't want to drink her urine?

Plus they don't like being told what to do. If I don't do some of the things she tells me, she'll blab to her voting block. She's one pain, Slip. She's got her friends at the Council.

What about the Klingons? I hear they'll take anyone.

Mrs. Cling-On doesn't want to be with her relatives, Slip. All she wants is to cling on to power and run my show.

Hillary has been on sick leave for some weeks, which is a nice treat for an "right-winger" covering the news. No, I don't really sympathize with her broken arm. She's the type who promotes the killing of human life as a method of population control. Abortion must go far back in time to Satanic cults. In my opinion, she doesn't deserve life at all. She's violated the first tenet of enjoying the gift of life. And she's admitted to a thing that should give her a jail sentence:

"Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's opening remarks during her speech to the Council on Foreign Relations [July 16]...

Clinton effectively said that she was happy the CFR had created an outpost in Washington DC because it meant she did not have to travel as far to get her orders.

...'I am delighted to be here in these new headquarters. I have been often to, I guess, the mother ship in New York City, but it's good to have an outpost of the Council right here down the street from the State Department.'

'We get a lot of advice from the Council, so this will mean I won't have as far to go to be told what we should be doing and how we should think about the future.'

...As we previously reported, Hillary Clinton's first appointment as Secretary of State, George Mitchell, was not only a CFR member, but a former director of the globalist organization."

Are we now to become used to the fact that the government takes "advice" from the Council? That's a safe way of putting it, as it appears to leave the final decisions up to the government. If the reality is that the government must carry out the "advice," and if the government routinely carriers it out, then it's a legal offense. The country would then be led by non-elected groups whose purposes are predominantly global.

While Mitchell looks after Israel, "US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has arrived in India at the start of a five-day visit aimed at strengthening political and economic relations." Looks like Obama took Slip's advice, but unfortunately the Endeavour has already taken off.

If you're a steady reader, you may recall that there is a Lys river valley in Aoste, where the Walsers, named after the Swiss canton of Wallis, lived. Well,

"...A hospital spokesman said the operation had been successful, but the Pope [Benedict] would have to wear a cast [on his arm] for about a month.

...He has been staying at a house in the village of Les Combes in the Valle d'Aosta region. It was a favourite vacation spot of his predecessor, Pope John Paul II."

The English Benedict Coat uses a single gold star on red, placed centrally, the symbol exactly of an old Wells Coat! Although I have not been able to prove that the Wells were from Wallis, it's been a theory of mine for many years. I naturally checked the Combes Coat to find what could pass for the Moreno and Hopper castle, surnames that I had linked to Clements.

Interestingly, Clements were from Poitou, while the Combes were from neighboring Limousin. Remove an 'l' from "Columbus" and one has "Combes."

As unlikely as it appears at this time, the Benedicts tie to the Falin surname. LG is not going to like this because she does not like Benedictines of the Catholic church. She's been wanting me to write on the topic (for years) as part of the dragon cult, but I've always put it off because my topics just didn't touch Benedictines so far as I could tell.

It just so happens that, due top finding the Hale surname in Israel (i.e. among the George-Mitchell circle) yesterday, I had the Hale Coat fresh at hand when I came across the Scottish Bennett Coat just now. "Bennett" is a Benedict variation, and the wide-tipped cross used is a "patee," looking almost like a square with four leaves. I recalled seeing it, and when scrolling back to find it, it turned out to be used, in colors reversed, by the Hale Coat.

The Hale Coat uses red and gold as do the Benedict and all three Bennett Coats, wherefore I got the impression that "Hale" should be a variation of "Well." In fact, the white stars on red in the Scottish Bennett Coat could be from Wallis. That got me to try the Whale surname for possible links to the Hales and/or Bennetts, and sure enough, red and gold colors, and a red and white lion in the Crest; the Wallis/Wallace Coat uses a red lion on white). Variations of the surname are "Whele" and "Whaile," the latter being a good reflection of the Failin variation of the Whelan surname.

The next natural thing to do was check the Cale Coat (possible Hale variation), and I got a whale (!) with the Kyle anchor in the Crest. Coincidence, or are the Cales (more properly Cahills/Cails) a Whale branch?

When I checked the Italian Cale Coat (surname from Sicily), an upright white greyhound on red!! It's virtually the same symbol as in the Falin/Fallon Coat; the Whelan surname has not only a Failin variation, but "Phalon," making it appear that all these names are divergent branches; if true, the definitions/derivations given by the families or by are bogus.

The German Falen Coat? Red and gold, just like the Benedicts and Bennetts, and first found in WestPHALIA, just like the German Benedicts. MOREOVER, as the German Falen surname has a Valence variation, see the red rose between two white wings in the Scottish Valence Crest....the symbol exactly in the German Benedict Crest!! You see, heraldry can be sure method to ascertain surname derivations, far better than guessing as per sound-alike terms.

I hate to say it, LG, but Falins look awfully close to Benedicts, as in inter-married. The two surnames appear to be from Wallis, another indicator being in the green and white Dutch Valence/Falencia Coat, linking to the green and white Valet Coat (= a variation of the red and white Val surname) but also using red stars on white, the Wallis symbol.

At the risk of becoming too redundant, the Welsh Wallin Coat is also red and white, and it almost rhymes with Falin/Valencia. I feel on the verge of making a critical discovery, that Flemings (or "Vlaams") and Falins/Valens were one and the same. Flanders (founded by Flemings) may have been named by the Falens. I've already shown that the Waldwin variation of "Wallin" was the Baldwin surname that ruled Flanders (both use a green wyvern as Crest).

I can now add evidence for a Fleming link to the Wallin surname. I would have been able to do this days ago had I known what the German Fleming symbol was, but for years I have not known. The heraldry site that explains some Coats tells that it's a "A blue shield displaying a wolf." The Crest is "A demi-wolf and ostrich plumes." See verification. I learned of this just minutes ago, and of course I'm going to link the wolf to the Wolfin variation of the Waldwins. Note that the wolf is upright, like the Falin greyhound.

The English Wales/Walles Crest is a wolf head resembling the Fleming wolf head, and as the surname was first found in Wales, as was the Wolfin surname, I'd say the Wales/Walles were Wolfin-branch Flemings. The Wales/Walls Coat is in the colors of the German Flemings, and the white wolf has a red collar, the colors of the Flemings proper of Flanders. Note that the Scottish Flemings use a ram as Crest, the symbol in the Walser Coat.

This direction gets me back to where I wanted to be a couple of days ago after ending with the trace of Traby to the Sarmation Alans. I realized where the Wallins were from because I have had the Aalen page open for two or three weeks, anticipating coming back to it. I don't think it's a coincidence that the Arms of Aalen are white (serpent) on red (colors of the Wallins, etc).

The city of Aalen is near where the Wexler surname was first found, on the Eger river passing near white-saltire-on-red Oettingen (= the Odin cult). Although there is no German Wolfin/Wallin Coat, I had traced the surname to this region if only on a hunch or two. The trick is to find the Wolfins of Wales in Germany by another name, and Aalen-like terms are suspect. I've always believed that the Stewarts of Dol used the Walter name in the same way that they used "Alan," as symbol for a larger entity. I had traced "Walter" to the Odin-related Norse god, Balder, but now "Waldwin" comes to mind if indeed it was Aalen-like in Germany.

Do you see what this is potentially revealing? The pagan Stewarts used a wolf/dog as a deity, and they are also viewed as a serpent line. I think I'm discovering Stewart roots in Aalen and it's Waldwins.

Recalling that I had traced proto-Stewarts to the Stout-surnamed vikings, I now see that Aalen is in the Stuttgart region (this is the HohenStaufen realm, by the way, and Stewarts had also been traced to them). Wikipedia says that Stuttgart is named after "stud," and indeed the symbol is an upright horse, currently black on gold, the Hohen colors of Flanders. The Stout vikings ruled Shetland, and the symbol there is an upright unicorn. In fact, Wikipedia says that the older Arms of Stuttgart was two horses (in various colors), and in the Arms of Shetland we see two different horses (and a raven).

If one scrolls down in the Shetland article above, a Shetland flag appears with a gold lion holding a scroll (over a flag in the colors of Moray). One sees a scroll also in the Moray Coat! That works great, especially as I had recently traced the Moray scroll to the paper in the Arms of Bihor/Biharia (Transylvania), where the capital city of Oradea uses a gold lion. The other thing is, I was involved in tracing Biggar-branch Flemings to Biharia at the time that I was simultaneously making a Moray link to the nearby Mures river.

Is it a coincidence that there is a Murr river passing near Aalen??? It's source is at Murrhardt, using black wolves under an evergreen on white background (probably the evergreen on white background, sitting on black roundels (= Treby symbol), in the Fichtenberg Arms; Fichtenberg is near Aalen. For discussion on this and related topics, see July 6).

The white serpent of Aalen is upon the breast of a black eagle, a symbol used by various Georgian princes. But I also recall seeing black horses in those Arms of Georgian princes (e.g. prince Kipiani ("hippo" is Greek for horse) and prince Turkestanov). You recall in the discussion (earlier in this update) that I traced Traby to some Georgian princes, and generally to the Amazon alliance with Gargarians...who together formed the Alan Sarmations. I made the Traby link to the Georgians via their use of white ostrich feathers (I had wrongly said "peacock" feathers), and have since learned that the German Fleming Coat uses ostrich plumes. If you happened to have loaded a few of those Georgian Arms, you would have seen the gold lion, a common symbol.

I also suspected that the mustache-like Arms of prince Taktakishveli linked to the Odrowaz branch of Traby, but I failed to mention that the Arms of prince Javakhov has two men with mustaches and no beards. The men are in red and white (Templar/British/Fleming colors) but the shield that they honor uses black lions on gold, with red tongue, the symbol of Flanders!

Aalen (anciently "Alon") is in the district of Ostalbkries, which Arms uses the Hohenstaufen black lion on gold that was the symbol of Flanders.

I have for a long time suspected that Stewarts of Dol had been Flemings, but a trace of Flemings to Georgians begins a new chapter of discovery. There is an Alania region in Georgia, keep in mind, in the land of Ossetia, and in fact I (and others) have entertained a Stewart-of-Dol trace to Alania. This picture is consistent. As per the Stewart connection to Cohens and Hohens (= Khazar kagans), "[Alans] remained staunch allies of the Khazars in the 800s...", just before the Alan-Stewarts of Dol surfaced.

As "Aalen is situated on the upper reaches of the river Kocher...", is it honor of Gogarene/Gugar (near Alania)? There's a Dutch Cock Coat using a white rooster on green, the colors of the Dutch Valance/Falencia Coat. I'm suggesting, aside from this common use of green, that the Valence and related Falin surnames trace to Aalen, home of the proto-Wallins that ended up in Wales, and who perhaps named Wales.

The English Valat Coat is also green and white, and one may see a "Wald" in "Valat." The Dutch Valat/Val Coat smacks of the Wallin Coat, but as "Velle" is a shown variation, note that it also smacks of the Whale Coat with Whele variation. The three red stars on white in this Valat Coat may link to the same in the Biggar Coat (branch of Flemings who merged with red-heart Douglas' in Scotland's Moray region), and do note the similarity of "Valat" to "Flaad," the name used by Dol Stewarts along with "Alan" and "Walter." I think, more than anything, these are things that we are not to know about Stewart roots. Obama traces to these entities.

I've entertained the Cock surname or cock design as symbol of Gog before. The English Cock Coat is red and white, with a red rooster, and this could very well be the Sinclair rooster. The Cog Coat uses leaves apparently identical to the ones in the English Waller Coat, and both use black and gold, with leaves on diagonal bands. When I discovered that the Waller Coat uses walnut leaves (the crest uses a walnut tree), I realized that the tree was chosen for similarity to "Waller."

It is very conspicuous that the Tack Coat is green too (with black eagle in the crest), since Gogarene included the Tachir region, ruled by the Tachiratsi family. In fact, the only three surname variations shown are Thackery, Thackery, Thackwray, all of which smack of "Tachir."

This Thackery name is said (in the write-up) to be a part of the Tancred and Tankerville families (when one searches "Tank", the Tack/Thackery Coat pops up), and as the latter uses white cinquefoils on red, note too the red cinquefoil on white in the English Welton Coat, found just this morning as a feasible variation of "Waldwin." In fact, when we compare the Wallin Coat to the Rodham Coat, we see a match, while the latter uses cinquefoils. This tends to trace Rodhams and Wallins to Tachir of Gogarene.

When considering that "Tankerville" was also "Tancarville," and that the family lived at Tanerdevilla (Normandy), it becomes obvious that the surname was based in "Tan/Taner." The Tanais river was in the realm of the Sarmation Alans, and this is the river to which I had traced the Greek Danaans, and to which the British Danaan should also trace. I do not think that this could be home of the Israelite tribe of Dan.

The Carville Coat tells that the family was from Carville, also (i.e. like TanCarville) in Normandy. It uses a green and white design, suggesting ties to the Valats/Valences of the Netherlands/Flanders. The Carville Coat also uses diagonal bars evocative of the Bentleys, the latter being a Benedict variation, perhaps from Flanders as the gold and black colors may reveal.

The capital of Alania was formerly Ordzhonikidze (named after the surname of a Georgian Bolshevik), looking much like "Orsingen" (south Germany) where the Obama line of Wallin traces to (i.e. to mayor Wolfin of Orsingen). I had traced the king-Arthur cult from the Ardon river of Alania to the Ordovices region of Erethlyn, Wales, wherefore the Orsingen location may have been an Arthur-cult location. After all, the Wallin/Wolfin surname, as the write-up tells, was from the name of a son of Arthur's sister.

When discussing a trace of Obama ancestry to Alania and the Alans of Trabzon roots, the Welsh Rhys/Rice Coat is conspicuous, not only for it's ravens, or for it's similarity to "Rhos" (near Erethlyn), but for its black and white colors, the colors of the Trebizond Arms. For, near Trabzon was the city of Rize. The Rice write-up is suspicious: "This name was originally derived from the Old Welsh forename Ris, which means ardour." Is "ardour" code for Arthur, who I identified as a Rus peoples in Britain?

"Rize is a province of north-east Turkey, on the eastern Black Sea coast between Trabzon and Artvin."

You'll read in the article that Cimmerians (or "Kemer") came to live in Rize after being ejected from Caucasia by the Scythians (= Biblical Gog) not long before Ezekiel 38 was written (this explains why Ezekiel calls Gog a ruler over Rosh and Meshech of T'bilisi realms). I had traced Cimmerians to the Rusa=Rosh entities of Urartu, and identified UrARTU with the proto-Arthurian cult. The Welsh trace themselves to Cimmerians, and it would appear that those of Rize and/or Rosh would be the best candidates, even the proto-Arthurian cult. They may have been the Cimmerians passing through Kamiros of Rhodes en route to the far West.

The Rus identification of Arthur tends to link the cult to the raven vikings of Shetland...who conquered Rothesay = Avalon! And since the island was later "Bute," the Bat Georgians beside the city of Rize come to mind again.

King Arthur was nothing but the dragon cult of the Stewarts, from Flemings, from Wolfins, from the Danaan, from the Gorgons of Wolf Land, merely the Helios cult that took its place on the throne of God, temporarily.

July 19

Actually, it's the devil in Isaiah 14 that seeks the throne of God, temporarily. This end-time king of the north in Iraq is one elusive character. One would think that he should be visible by now. Events are progressing rather slowly, but another inch has come to pass toward fulfillment, and this may be a long inch:

"In a move that will certainly fuel tensions in an already restive region, Iraqi Kurds have threatened to annex large swathes of land which have traditionally been part of the Sunni-Arab dominated city of Mosul.

The two main Kurdish factions -- Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) --- have vowed to add at least 16 administrative divisions currently linked to the Province of Nineveh to Kurdish-held areas.

...Apparently the Kurds are adamant to add large portions of Nineveh to their areas, including the oil-rich area of Ain Zala."\2009-07-18\kurd.htm

As usual, stories on Mosul offer few new details of events. The trend is toward war, and while Kurds are trying to worm their way into Mosul just as I expect Gog to do so, I will refrain from identifying the king of the north as a Kurd. For Daniel 11:22 tells me that the fallen Insurgents will "join" Gog, suggesting the Sunni Arabs of Mosul rather than their enemies, the Kurds.

Netanyahu has scored huge in his latest arguments against the Obama goons, but he's still showing the cowardliness of going against what God would have him do:

"Jerusalem is the 'unified capital of Israel and the capital of the Jewish people, and sovereignty over it is indisputable,' Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said [today], responding to an American demand to put an end to a housing project to be built in east Jerusalem.

'Hundreds of apartments in the west of the city were purchased by Arabs and we didn't get involved. There is no prohibition against Arab residents buying apartments in the west of the city and there is no prohibition barring the city's Jewish residents from buying or building in the east of the city,' Netanyahu added at the weekly cabinet meeting. 'That is the policy of an open city that is not divided.'"

Zowie, he's saying that there should be complete freedom, just as there is complete freedom in any Western, democratic locality, for Israelis to build in what is slated by the West to become PRIME Palestinian territory. Who can argue with that? At this point, there is no Palestinian state, wherefore, legally speaking, anyone should be able to live where they please. Until the Palestinians show the necessary signs of being worthy of their own state, which Netanyahu knows will be never, Israeli leaders don't have to treat the situation as though Palestinians ruled a state.

God's response to Obama would be far worse. He wouldn't be mincing words: "Get out of My country before something terrible befalls you." If Netanyahu and the Israeli peoples were trying to honor God, they could speak the same words, and He would fulfill them by making terrible things happen to the Obamats.

The article claims that Hillary's state department "summoned" Israel's ambassador to the US State Department "over the weekend and was told that the Obama administration wanted Israel to put an end to construction work at the site of the historic Shepherd's Hotel in the east Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah." It doesn't tell which individuals in the state department were working on this order, but Netanyahu chose not to respect their wishes, and chose even to denounce them publicly.

Israelis are roaring with delight, as even the foreign minister {Lieberman) kicked in on the same tune. And "Diaspora Affairs Minister Yuli Edelstein said, 'A demand to cease construction in a neighborhood situated only several meters from the Hebrew University proves how dangerous it is to be dragged into a debate on settlement freeze..."

In Egypt, the tape recorder is still playing. "New Deadline for Palestinian Unity." Now it's August 25. Ho-hum.

My emphasis on the Benedictines in the last day or two has me wondering whether the Catholic Assyrians will furnish the king of the North, for these live mainly in Mosul and other parts of Nineveh. The scenario is such the pope Benedict will support him, and since Obama with Biden -- not to mention Tony Blair and his religious foundation -- have rule over the hearts of Catholic Westerners, one can see how non-Catholics could come to be persecuted by the two Revelation beasts. But in this scenario, I find it hard to understand how the king of the north can also be Gog.

Pope Benedict was born Joseph Ratzinger, a name smacking of the Radziwills. When I search the Rads surname, I get a Bavarian surname (the pope is from Bavaria) using white Zionist stars on blue, the Goth and Hagar symbols. On May 16, I introduced the Arms of pope Benedict, using the Corbinian bear of Bavaria that traces to the Zahringers of Hohenstaufen, but in particular to the Bavarian house of Ahalolfing and/or Agilolfing (they look like the same term with different pronunciations). I'm repeating this for the possibility that "Agil" links to the Hagar surname. I had traced "Corbinian" to the Garebites (Jerusalem), but more recently I've traced the Hagar surname, tentatively, to an Acra hill near or even beside Gareb.

"Agil" could be a Hagel/Hegel variation. I traced the latter to Ayelsford of Kent, remember (see July 10 for more details), where the mythical horse symbols of Kent were first found, one of which (Horsa) smacks of "Orsingen." In this picture, the pope looks like he has roots in the same German roots of Obama. It wouldn't be by coincidence; more likely the Bavarian Illuminatists have been able to get their man into the Vatican.

The pope's Arms also uses a Moor Head, which has been a recent topic...tracing to Moray, where Obama's Randolph line also leads back. But Obama's Randolph line merged at some point with his Wolfin/Wallin line out of Orsingen, and I think that merger can be in the Randolph surname of Moray using white on red and smacking of the Wallin Coat. The point is, "Ruth" is registered in this Randolph surname, wherefore other similar terms may also be registered, such as Rod or even Ratz.

In fact, as a result of this investigation, I have just found the German Raths Coat to be almost identical with the Wallin and Rodham Coats. A variation is Rathl/Rathel, smacking of the variations at the Rads-Coat page such as Redl, Redler, and Radl. There is no Ratzinger Coats, so this is the best I have for now to discover the pope's Bavarian roots.

The Rothes surname of Bavaria, using a raven/crow, looks interesting. This bird is a "corvus" in Greek, which is partly why I traced Corbinian of Bavaria to Garebites, for I view the corvus term as one of many Garebite symbols, especially suspect to depict Sorbs. But consider whether the statement below reveals Corbinian as a Wallin:

"Corbinian was born and baptized as Waldegiso...He was named after his father...Soon after his father's death, his mother Corbiniana soon renamed Waldegiso..."

The Wallis surname was "Wald(win)" in Germany. The article continues:

"On a mountain near Freising [Bavaria], where there was already a sanctuary, the saint [Corbinian] erected a Benedictine monastery..."

There we go; he was a Benedictine, and I have shown many reasons to trace various Benedict surnames to the Wallin family. This could explain why! That is, all Wallin surnames might trace to Waldegiso the Benedictine. In fact, I've been waiting for a Wallins to trace to Bavaria because the Irish Whalen Coat uses blue diamonds/lozenges on white, the symbol of Bavaria essentially, and meanwhile the Bavarian lozenges (perhaps in the Grimaldi colors of red and white) should traced to Garibald I of Bavaria (Gareb-like name, though possibly rooted in "Gar"), whose bloodline via Grimoald lifted Corbinian to fame in the first place.

As the Raths Coat reflects the Jewish Pollock Coat somewhat, I would entertain a trace of the German Raths to Pollock affiliations (in Scotland) with the Rothes/Rothesay surname, which I have identified solidly with the (red and white) Rutherfords...and proto-Rothschilds (the Rutherford Coat distinctly highlights a red shield).

What could be shocking is that the German Rath surname could link to the Scottish Crath/Crea/Rae surname that was just traced (earlier in this update) to the Curetes of Crete and their Rhea goddess. That surname is said to originate in "Mac Rath," and the Coat is red and white, as expected if it's to be linked to the German Raths. It uses a red lion so as to likely link to the Irish Rath/Raith Coat; this surname is said to derive from "Mac Graith or Mag Raith." These families had just been traced to the Bauer fold (!!) of Britain, and from there they were traced to Austria, where the Bauers proper of Germany were found.

Here's how I made the link to Austria: "In fact, as Bauers were first found in Austria, so we find that German Brecks were first found in Austria." BUT, NOW, I find another Bauer-of-Britain link to Austria, for the German Raths were first found in Austria! Thus, once again, we find that the Raths of Britain -- Picts and Cruithne -- were proto-Rothschilds.

I should add that the Dutch Valat Coat is the reverse-color scheme of the German Raths (i.e. Valats/Vals and Raths were related), and since the Valats are identified here as Flemings, it explains why the Scottish Craths/Raths use three red stars on white, the symbol of the Scottish Biggar Coat. A variation of the Valat surname is "Felle," which may be the Rockefeller link to the Rothschilds (that many speak of).

I should also mention that, as the Irish and Scottish Raths both use red lions on white, so does the Scottish Rhodes Coat, thus explaining the Rhodes link to Rothschilds (that many speak of).

I just found more. The Rhodes cross is used by the Scottish Rat/Raid/Raith Coat. These two families were plainly linked to the Sinclairs, though I don't know which of the three had the cross first, or which of the three were most important.

Does any of this suggest that pope Benedict/Ratzinger will play an active role in the end-time beast? I think it does. The Raith surname above also includes "Rats" in the data base. When one enters, "Ratz," a Rasch surname of Pomerania brings up a black eagle on gold, which doesn't appear related.

With all of the Rath links to Scotland's Picts and Bernicians, I'd say that the pope's Corbinian bear symbol, of Zahringer roots -- no doubt in Berne where the bear was symbol -- traces to the Bernicians...who merged with the Rath-surnamed Cruithne>Picts. BEHOLD (i.e. wake up), this should explain why the Corbett Coat, of Scotland, is exactly the German Rothes Coat (!), a crow!! Coincidence, or was Corbinian (and his mother) named after "corvus." The elephant in the Corbett Crest should then trace to the Zahringer elephant trunks.

What we have here is a Garebite merger, of the Sorb kind (I think), with the Curetes of Crete as they moved to Ireland and Scotland. But as I have identified these Irish Cruithne as the Traby fold, which I traced to the Cretan god, Sarpedon (from "Trabzon"), it's amazing because I had traced Sarpedon to the Sorbs too. I don't have solid evidence of a Sarpedon trace to Sorbs, but I do know that Sorbs are the last of the Polabians proper (says Wikipedia), and that the Trabys lived in Polabia. What's more astounding is that Sarpedon was given (by myth writers) Rhadamanthys for a that the Rath/Craithe surname among the Cruithne would appear to trace to him!

d It's known that Sarpedon became a ruler in Miletus (once ousted from Crete), and that the Heber-rooted Irish and Scots trace themselves to Miletus! In fact: "In another [myth] version, Minos, Sarpedon and Rhadamanthus quarreled over a beautiful boy they were all in love with, by the name of Miletus..." The underlying boy-sex theme, common among the Satanic cults of Greece by names such as "Erotes/Eros/Ares," is underscored.

Now read this:

"Corbie Abbey is a former Benedictine monastery in Corbie, Picardy, France, dedicated to Saint Peter.

It was founded in about 659/661 under Merovingian royal patronage by Balthild, widow of Clovis II, and her son Clotaire III. The first monks came from Luxeuil Abbey, which had been founded by Saint Columbanus in 590, and the Irish respect for classical learning fostered there was carried forward at Corbie...exemptions were confirmed in 855 by Pope Benedict III. The abbots ranked as counts and had the privilege of a mint.

...Corvey Abbey in Saxony was founded from Corbie in about 820, and was named after it."

Why would an Hiberno-Irish missionary be at all interested in Benedictine monasteries in France? It underscores the links between Benedict families and the Irish Rath clans. Columbana's name is said to derive from the Irish, "Colum Ban," supporting a derivation of "Columbus" in a Scottish king by the same name. However, Columbana lived a few centuries before the Scottish kings to which I had traced the Columbus surname. In any case, we may have the root of the Columbus surname specially in the Benedictines.

While the Corbie monastery was founded by queen Balthild, the Corvie monastery was co-founded by Charlemagne's cousin, Wala. Could these have been Waldwin-related families, since after all Waldwins prove to trace to Benedict surnames?

I'm looking out for evidence that the harnessed bear in the Scottish Forbes Coat (the only Coat shown) links to the saddled bear of the Corbinian. Already we find that "The ancestors of the Forbes family were part of an ancient Scottish tribe called the Picts. They lived in the lands of Forbes on Aberdeenshire..." The colors are in Moray's.

I can't find Forbes variations though i had reasons to suspect "Fulbert." I can now add to that hunch because I've realized that Fulbert the Tanner of Falais is meaningful to the Moray rulers, and to other important dragon lines. Although the Tan/Tanner Coat(s) doesn't use white on blue (like Forbes), the French Valais Coat does. In fact, the write-up tells that Valais members "were anciently seated at Murcay," Normandy. I had rooted "Moray" in softened Morgan-like terms, but a softened "Murcay" is even better. It is said that Rollo married Poppa of Valois, wherefore note the Vallos, Valos, and Le Valois variations of the Valais surname.

Note that the Valais Chief uses three red roses on white, the symbol on the "Jewish" Roths Coat. The Valais/Valois Crest is a greyhound, suggesting links to the greyhound of the similar Falin surname!

We're now back to the red and white Val/Felle/Wall surnames, and I've noted that the Swedish Wall/Wallin Coat uses blue and white, and that the Dutch Wall Coat uses a rock, a symbol, I think, of the Rockefellers. In fact, the French Rock Coat is a white rock on blue. The Dutch Wall Coat is in the colors (green on gold) of the English Rock/Rooker Coat!

In consideration of the similarity between the Jewish Pollock Coat and the Dutch Val/Felle/Valat Coat that the gold and green Scottish Pollock Coat derives from the colors of the Rockefeller stock of the Dutch Walls.

BINGO!! As the Valais Coat was checked as a variation of "Falais," since the latter shows no Coat, I just tried for a Fallis Coat...and got a white on blue one (!!) with (white) clovers, the symbol of the English Rock/Rooker Coat!! Compare with the white clovers on blue in the "Jewish" Feller Coat...

!!! !!! !!!

PLUS, the Feller Coat uses a gold chevron on blue, the same as the Valais/Valois Coat!!! It would appear that Rockefellers emerged from Poppa of Valois (a Babenburg, daughter of Poppo of Grapfeld) and/or the Tanner of Falais, but very likely linking to Obama's Wallin bloodline.

When I entered, "Vallis," I got the blue and white Valence Coat (Scottish), which has a red rose between white wings in the Crest, essentially the Roth and Valais symbols. There are also ten horizontal martlets in the Vallis/Valance Coat (EU-logo style), the symbol in the Scottish Rutherford Crest. It all smacks of Pollock and/or Maxwell affiliations with the Rothes and Rutherfords (of Maxton).

The Duval/Duwall surname is clearly related to the Vallais/Valois surname. The shared white crescents on blue give it away, but I found the same in my records for the Belgian Heed/Heid Coat, a surname of Flanders in Bruges, wherefore the symbol likely ties to the white lion on blue of the proto-Bruce Bradds/Bratts.

With the Heed/Heid, surname, we are now getting close to the Hiedler variation of "Hitler, for the Heidler (not "Hiedler") Coat uses blue and white, using an (white) anchor, seen also in the Duval Coat.

This allows us for a Hitler-surname trace to the English Hutts, for the Hutt Coat uses crescents (albeit in gold on black), a white on blue Coat, and a white anchor in the Crest. Interestingly, the Bavarian Heid/Hied surname, using what could be a Rothschild-stock arrow (in the red and white colors of Heidler), has a Hagelsheimer variation, important because the German Hagels (= Flemish surname) use black and gold, the colors of the Hutt crescents.

Recalling, if you happened to read it, that Zhirinovsky's surname at birth, Eidelstein, links to the Hitler surname, we can make the trace in yet another two ways now, one being the black and gold colors of the Eidelstein Coat, and the other being the eagle used as symbol, quite possibly an Hagel symbol since the term is eagle-like. The black and gold of the Hagels allows a trace to the black and gold Ayles of Aylesford (Kent), but just now that made me try the Gayles surname, and I got a family in Cornwall, where also the English Hagels were first found, and moreover the Gayle/Gales Coat uses blue saltires on white, reflecting what could be the same as per the English Hutt surname, also found first in Cornwall.

It may be true that the Hutt surname is cognate with "hood," but only with the Hood surname, not the hood of a coat as claimed in the write-up. The surname must surely trace to the Hitler surname, you see. When one enters, "Hood," the Hutt Coat pops up, but there is also a German Hood Coat using one large anchor (in the colors of the Moreno Coat), the symbol in the English Hutt/Hood Crest, but also in the German Heidler Coat, which surname has an Heidt variation that easily modifies to "Hutt." I should jot down that the German Hoods have Hooper and similar variations, perhaps the root of the Hoppers (using the Moreno castle).

The English Hoopers (that I would trace to the German Hoopers/Hoods = Heidts/Hutts) were first found in Cornwall, not only where the Heid(t)s/Hied(t)s and their Hagel>Gayle relatives were, but also where the Wassa/Gace surname was first found. I say this because the English Hooper Coat use three red stars on white, the Washington symbol. That is, the Heidts of Germany -- Hitler's and Zhirinovsky's stock, I'm sure -- merged with the Wassas in Cornwall, or perhaps elsewhere in even earlier times. This is not the first time that Washingtons have traced to the Nazi/Thule fold.

Assuming that the Dutch Coops/Coopmanns (sounds Hebrew) were related to the Hoopers, the Coop duckling/gosling should link to the same in the German Gass/Gascon Coat.

The German Hoods (using an anchor) also use "Hoogh," reminding me of the anchor (and Melusine) in the Hugo Coat. Forgive if I'm using too many details, but one never knows which parts will prove helpful later. I often fail to record things that haunt me later.

I now turn to the black and gold Ashmole Coat and remind you of the tentative link I had made to the Ishmaelites. I had also considered an Ismaelite link to the black and gold Hagels as per Ismael's mother, Hagar. In other words, Hagels and Ashmoles were related, explaining the sharing of colors. But we now a considerable number of surnames, including Hitler, Heidt, Hood, Eidelstein, linking to the Hagels that could likewise be Ismaelites. But I've noted that the black greyhound in the Valais/Valois Crest is nearly identical to the black greyhound in the Ashmole Crest.

That's important, and I wouldn't have made the Valais link to the Heidler/Heidt surnames at all today had I not jotted down, in a recent update, that the Heid/Heed Coat uses white crescents on blue. That is the symbol in the Valais Coat, and it's what got me on to the Heidler/Heidt investigation in the first place. At the end of that investigation, in the paragraph above, I found that the Valais surname was of the same stock as the Ashmole surname.

I note that there's a black and gold Scottish Phail/Fayle Coat which could link to the greyhound-using Falin surname. We are now solidly back to the Val/Valat names again, and what I have just found -- as payday for my stubborn determination -- is quite astounding. I had been meaning for a couple of days to enter "Vlad" (as a possible Valat/Flaad variation) to see what would pop up, but didn't do so until now, after writing the above. The German Vlad Coat is a giant white Zionist star on blue. At first I was shocked, but it took a couple of seconds to realize that this is the symbol also of the Hagar Coat and Crest!!! Again, I feel Led from above to make this timely finding.

The Vlad surname was first found in WestPhalia, the term to which I suspect the Falen/Flanders/Fleming/ect, term traces. Variations of Vlad are Vlatten and Flatten, and this should be the root of the blue and white of the Stewarts as they descended from Flaad of Dol. Interestingly, a Latten variation is also shown, and it separately brings up the same Coat. Possibly, the Latten variation was first, and therefore rudimentary, meaning that the families involved -- including Baldwins and Waldwins -- link back to the Laden dragon. This feels good to me, even suggesting that mythical Ladon was a product of the Hagarite Ishmaelites.

To support this, we find that Hagar's daughter married Esau, while Esau's son by another wife married Timnah (Genesis 36:12), the sister of Lotan (36:22). I suspect that while this Lotan (or his relative by the same name) developed into the seven-headed Lotan dragon of Daphne realms in Syria, wherefore "he" then developed into the Ladon cult of Daphne, it is suspected that Timnah's infamous son, Amalek, developed into the Molech/Moloch cult.

One son of Ishmael, Hadad (Genesis 25:15), could have led to the Heidt surname. Hmm, there was a Syrian god, Hadad, that was "Ishkur" in Sumerian, reflecting "Ishmael" somewhat. This Hadad was Baal, and Baal was the enemy, for a time, anyway, of Lotan. We can fully expect the Hadad cult to have followed the Anat cult to the European Heneti (e.g. Babenbergs, Franks), for she was Baal's partner in the Lotan affair.

It's a bit freaky to find that Hitler could have been an Hadad-branch Ishmaelite, but it could easily explain why he despised the Jews so much.

Suddenly, what comes to mind is "Ashdod" as an Ishkur-Hadad combination (Ashdod was the city where Dagon stood in the days of the Israelites). It's necessary, therefore, to re-visit the Ashbourne topic as it was found to link to the Washingtons, as for starters the Ashbourne/Ashbury Coat uses stars in reversed colors from the Washington Coat. But there's also the Asper Coat using the Washington bars, apparently, and the Gascon duckling/gosling.

Perhaps not by coincidence, on July 3, I jotted the following down in the paragraph after showing the Ashbury and Asper Coats: "As I was wondering what other surname Kemuelites would use, I knocked off the "k" and thought of "Mule." The Mule Coat uses a thin version of the Washington bars!" This is now conspicuous because I'm revisiting the Ash terms as possible AshMOLE families, meaning that the Mule surname may not link to Kemuelites (Nahorites), but to Ishmaelites. The Mule surname was first found in Cornwall, where I have just traced the other Ishmael=potential surnames such as Hagel and Hutt.

On July 3, after linking Ashbournes to Haskels (June 17) and therefore to the Euskals=Basques/Gacones, I made a link to Ashkelon (very-near Ashdod), which term suddenly finds reflection in "Ishkur," the Sumerian name for Hadad/Adad. Can it be? Can the Basques be from Ishmael's Hadad cult? If I'm not mistaken, CC has already pressed me to identify Ishmaelites with Basques, by totally other means, and I tended to reject it until such time that I found my own evidence.

I then (on June 17) linked the Ashbournes to the Lab symbol, but it was only today, while searching for Ashmole links to other Ash terms, that I found the gold and black (= Ashmole colors) in the Asham/Ashman Coat...using black labs on gold!! The Ashams use fleur de lys (in the Ashbourne colors), as does the Ashmole Coat.

Since the Ishmaelites led to Cornwall, I am compelled to mention two Ash entities, the English Ash/Aschey Coat with red wyvern dragon in the Crest, and the German Ash/Asch Coat (of HohenStaufen Swabia) with white triple chevron on red, the symbol that the red dragon of Wales holds on a flag in the Cardiff Arms. This may identify the roots of the Welsh triple chevron in Ash stock.

The idea I keep that Ash surnames, especially Asper and Ashbury/Ashbourne, are in honor of the mythical Hesperides garden of western Atlantis, matches exceptionally well with a Lotan link to Ishmaelites, for Greek myth had the Ladon dragon protecting that garden.

It occurred to me just now that the Lapp surname could apply to the lab-dog symbol, since Basques are traced to Lapps of Finland. The English Lapp Coat shows Melusine alone, with her mirror, however. It's the Leap surname as well, reminding me that Leap castle passed to the Darbys of Derbyshire, which is interesting in that Ashbournes were early in Derbyshire. I've traced Darbysto Gascony on at least two counts, the gazelle in its Crest, and the garbs in its Coat.

I know that there are those who don't want me to mention it, but the Samson cult must re-enter this discussion, a cult that I've traced to the Sami name of the Lapps. I've also identified ass-like terms with that cult to my satisfaction...on account of identifying it as a cult of Avvites who worshiped Tartak, a donkey god. It then stands to reason that these ass terms (and therefore the Avvites) originate in "Ashdod" and/or "Ashkelon/Ascalon," cities where Avvites lived and likely used donkeys as their main symbols. I re-mention this because I have just found three donkeys see verification) in the English Ask/Askey Coat (!!), a black and gold coat just like Ashmole's (also "Ashmull") and Asham's.

I now need to go back to the Heid surname (= Stewart roots) because I have reason to believe that they contributed to the Shetland vikings to which the proto-Stewarts trace. This is all-the-more interesting in that "Shetland" was "SKAL-Land," possibly linked to the Euskals and therefore to the Lapps/Sami of Finland. Recalling that I discovered the Heids as per the white-on-blue Heid/Heed Coat (Belgium), the colors of the Shetland flag -- which is identical but in reverse colors to the Finland flag -- I happened to search for it again by entering "Heed," only to find the English Heed Coat with three white unicorns, the symbol of Shetland! The latter Heed Coat (also "Head") is in white on black, the colors of the German Heid(t) Coat.

Now when I saw the Arms of Shetland last, using two horses, I linked it to the two horses of an old Arms of Stuttgart, though currently there is one black horse, which may link to the black unicorn in the Heed Crest. And I remarked that the Shetland vikings were named after "Stout" as likely links to Stuttgart (where Aalen is situated in Germany), BUT, the point is, one of the Shetland horses struck me as a mule. What do you think, CC? You're the horse expert.

I'm ASKing because, if it is or was a mule/donkey, then "SKAL-land" should link to the donkeys of the Ask Coat. Note that the Welsh Askel/Haskel Coat is also black and white, and that it's where we read about surname links to the "Old Norse name Askell, the Old Danish name Eskil, and the Old Swedish name Aeskil..."

Note what looks like "BYGGaR" in the Shetland-Arms motto.

I happened to try for an Esker Coat, and while the Irish surname is "Oscar," it uses a unicorn in the Crest!

Sorry for going on so long, if this is difficult for you to follow, but I find sufficient evidence of links to Biblical characters that are at the bottom of nations and large people groups. I never thought that I'd be able to find Ishmaelites, but perhaps what's being found are groups who merely think that they trace to Samson or Ishmaelites or whatever. There is a lot of that sort of thing in Freemasonry. Have a splendid evening.


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