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July 13

After a lull in Western pressure to make Israel conform to globalist dictates, Javier Solana has picked up the ball. He seems to want to get his way before he gets too old and is replaced as EU boss. But Israel won't budge when his motives are all wrong and hasty too. The Jerusalem Post lays out his words:

"'After a fixed deadline, a UN Security Council resolution should proclaim the adoption of the two-state solution...

'It would accept the Palestinian state as a full member of the UN, and set a calendar for implementation. It would mandate the resolution of other remaining territorial disputes and legitimize the end of claims...

'If the parties are not able to stick to (the timetable), then a solution backed by the international community should be put on the table...'"

You get it. Israel is to agree to a Palestinian state now, even before it agrees to a Palestinian state, and, after a certain too-short time, Israel won't have a choice anyway, because the declared Palestinian state will be a UN member with the military force of the Security Council backing it. One could get the impression that the Solana circle of black lights, when they come to despise the Israeli leadership enough, might support the Gogi invasion. Every word Solana speaks above drools with rabid disgust for Israel's elusive tactics, as if it's wrong for Netanyahu to run away from E.U. enemies who would see Israel dead, or at best biting their nails to the bone with each passing bedtime.

And what for? Friendship with the Arabs on behalf of a global government. Lunatics these are, raving mad lunatics, who will go to bed with those who are either trying to destroy them, or would do so at the drop of a hat if the opportunity manifested itself. Solana! Give your head a shake!

Is it time for me to admit that my view of the Tribulation, based on standard Democratic principles, is erroneous?

"Canadian doctor Ghislaine Lanctot, author of the Medical Mafia, has underscored the lawsuit recently filed by Austrian journalist Jane Bürgermeister against the WHO, the UN, and several high ranking government and corporate officials. Burgermeister has documented how an international corporate criminal syndicate plans to unleash a deadly flu virus and institute a forced vaccination program.

'I am emerging from a long silence on the subject of vaccination, because I feel that, this time, the stakes involved are huge. The consequences may spread much further than anticipated,' writes Lanctot, who believes the A(H1N1) virus will be used in a pandemic concocted and orchestrated by the WHO, an international organization that serves military, political and industrial interests.

Lanctot warns that the elite and their minions will introduce a compulsory vaccination that will contain a deadly virus and this will be used specifically as a eugenics weapon for 'massive and targeted reduction of the world population.' Moreover, a pandemic will also be used to further establish martial law and a police state, according to Lanctot, and activate concentration camps 'built to accommodate the rebellious' and eventually transfer power from all nations to a single United Nations government and thus fulfill the sinister plans of the New World Order."

This is the very conspiracy theory that I've rejected from the start, and have resisted entertaining in the trib-prep book. I think that there are some globalists, like Solana, who are itching to leave democracy behind and enter dictatorial mode, and yet this is more frustration than planning, in my opinion. It's like a person who dreams of killing an enemy out of feelings of hate, but wouldn't dare do it due to the consequences of being caught.

I've always believed that Satanists, though they might like to murder us, would not succeed in a global plot of mass murder, and that they know it. So, what I believe is that persecution will come, but that mass murder will not be common. I see that hopeful picture in prophecy too. Be careful, for as hatred of Christ arises, we've got to choose out words of opposition with more tact. Aim for the truth they realize. Say something like: "We Christians are not murderers. We Christians would like a political agenda like everyone else, but we don't physically harm our political enemies. All we want is a decent society to raise our children, where we won't be offended or threatened by those who don't like us." That sort of speak accuses their consciences, if they have any conscience left.

I do believe that Rockefellers are into population control, and would not be surprised to find that white-collar murder in certain world areas has been accomplished with deceptive skill. But I also know that God has the last say on what they can accomplish. The thing to fear, as per the angry thunders I heard above me the other day just as I was writing on the global currency coin, is the skincode system. That's what prophecy highlights for our benefit. God hates that system very much, and soon we will see all the reasons.

I forgot to mention something yesterday. I had traced the Waldwin line of Obama, and therefore the Rodham surname (the two surnames have coats almost identical), to Alden/Oldenburg (Germany), and found that the Aul/Ault/Auld surname (a variation of "Waldwin") derives from that place. The Aul/Ault Coat uses a white castle on blue, and I showed other white castles on blue (e.g. Howels/Houls), but I forgot to re-mention the white castle on blue in the Kelly Coat, which is important because Ian Kelly is the spokesman for Hillary's State Department.

Since the Kelly surname is from "Ceallaigh," the blue and white Kellog surname should apply (I've read that the blue dogs are greyhounds, not labs). But last night I came across the Clegg surname in the news. It's a "Jewish" name, apparently, as per Jonathan (Johnny) Clegg, born in Rochdale, Lancashire; this matches the Clegg-Coat write-up that says Cleggs were first found in Rochdale.

This is important because, although I didn't have the time or room to go into it yesterday, the blue and white of the topic was ultimately going to be linked, if possible, to the blue and white of Rockefellers. Although the Clegg Coat is not a blue and white, the surname looks like a Kellog/Kelly variation. AND, besides the possible Rockefeller link to Rochdale, the following on another Clegg seems linked to Rockefellers:

"Nick Clegg, is the British Member of Parliament for Sheffield Hallam and, since 18 December, 2007, leader of the Liberal Democrats...

...His half-Russian father, Nicholas, was a banker, and is chairman of The Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation.

What's that?

"The Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation is a United Kingdom-based charity (registered no. 299955) established in 1988 to support closer links between Britain and Japan."

The Rockefellers started the Trilateral Commission seeking to bring Japan into the Western fold.

The Clegg article continues:

"His great-great-grandfather, the Russian nobleman Ignaty Zakrevsky, was Attorney General of Senate in Imperial Russia. His great-great aunt was the writer Baroness Moura Budberg.

His Dutch mother Hermance van den Wall Bake..."

Compare the black and white Bake/Baker Coat to the black and white Clegg Coat; both use white lions. The black saltire of the Baker Coat should connect to the same in the Baldwin Coat, which surname is a variation of "Waldwin."

Now note her name in full: "van den Wall Bake." What's the Wall for? Since she's Dutch, it could be the Valle/Fall surname that pops up when one searches for a Felle Coat. The symbol is just a red diagonal bar on white, the colors reversed from the Waldwin and Rodham Shields. And of course the Vall/Fell surname could be a Dutch Wall family, as per "Wallin."

During the writing of the paragraph above, I realized a good link and added it to the previous update where I was tracing Bruces from Oradea/Varad (Biharia). I don't usually add things/much to updates after they are done, and all that was added was: "The English Hallen surname is listed under Hallam branches, using a blue lion on white [Bruces of Yorkshire symbol], and also because it was first found in Hallam of Yorkshire, it is likely an Aul [from Alden/Oldenburg] branch merged with Bruces." I did not realize when I added the sentence that Nick Clegg is the British MP for Sheffield Yorkshire.

The Italian Valle Coat uses a two fingered cross with rook-like ends, in red and white (!) like the Vall/Felle surname. I show below why rook-like ends could be Rockefeller important. As per the Vallan variation, I checked the Whallen Coat (seen many times before but I couldn't recall), to find that it uses blue diamonds on white, a symbol of the Scottish Fell Coat. The Whallen Chief uses red and white possibly for the reason below.

As per the Failin variation of Whelan, the time came to look at the Falin (not "Falen") surname again (LG's line to her grandmother), and while the white greyhound on red didn't mean anything the last time I viewed it, I have since found three (blue) greyhounds (on white) in the Kellog Coat, which surname I have traced back to the Kala-like variations of LG's immediate Takala bloodline. LG may never have known that she comes from RockeFELLER stock, which is not good for the genes because the families tended to mate together as a rule.

On the June 9 update, I showed that possible Rockefeller Coats were not only blue and white, but black and white. The black and white ones included black chevrons. For example, the Rockwell and Roswell/Rothwell Coats. I then wrote:

"The Rigsby Coat? Blue and white (again), with gold cinquefoils in the chief. Checking the Rocksby Coat (surnames include Rocksby, Rookesby), I was not only surprised to see one loading, but it turned out to use the very same shield as the English Rook Coat, minus the suns. Therefore, 'Rigsby' is a Rockefeller domain!"

Rigsby is in Lancashire...where also the (black and white) Clegg surname was first found. But as the latter surname was in Rochdale, it could be that "Rocke(feller)" derived from that place. The Rocksby Coat, as you can see, is fully black on white, using the black chevron again, but the Rook Coat changes to a blue chevron while leaving the rooks black. A rook is a castle on a chessboard, and this is why -- the castles -- I was thinking yesterday to check out a Rockefeller link to the white castles on blue of the Aul Coat, etc.

If the rook is a Rockefeller symbol in particular, then note that it's top looks like the ends of the two-fingered crosses called, (I forget what they're called). Wikipedia says that the area's Roch river has a "long o," as in "roke," a variation of the Rook surname. The Rochdale Arms (page below) use black and white! The Wikipedia article says: "The martlets and black and silver colouring were derived from the arms of the Rashdale and Dearden families."

The Dearden Coat is not only black and white, but it's studded with eight crows/ravens, the symbol in the Welsh Rice Coat. PLUS, the Rochdale-Arms write-up above says that its "charged with eight martlets." Same number of birds as per the Deardon Coat. Hmm.

I included the Rice Coat in with Rockefeller possibilities (on June 9) because it uses the black chevron on white. But as I read the above on martins/martlets, I wondered whether they depict Myrddin i.e. Carmarthen, only to find a minute or two later that the Rice surname was first found in Carmarthen. Hmm. Perhaps the Rice/Ris surname is a "big" Rockefeller branch.

The rook theme continues on the Roch/Rock Coat with Rooker variation, and this time the green clovers are included that I think links to the Davis surname that gave Obama birth. Note that this Irish Davis Coat is otherwise black and white, and that the Welsh Davis Coat, though reflecting the Waldwin and Rodham Coats, uses a black lion on white, and shows a black and white quartered Crest.

Therefore, I've got to show the English Caley Coat in conjunction with the Dutch Valat Coat, and tell that "Valat" is shown on the Valle/Fall page with "Felle" listed as a variation. The latter, if you recall, uses just a red diagonal bar on white, while the English Valat Coat uses the bar in white with three red stars (smacking of the Washingtons). The point is that the Caley Coat uses a red diagonal bar with three white stars so that the Caleys appear to be a hard-C version of the Valles. The bigger point is that the Caleys use a black and white quartered Shield with colors placed exactly as per the Welsh Davis Coat, which itself uses a white diagonal bar on red...= the Vall/Valat symbol that lists "Felle" as a variation.

I figure that these black and white quartered Shields connect with the same in the Keel/Keal Coat, which surname should therefore be a variation of "Caley" and possibly also a branch of the Takels with Takele and Takeel variations. With this preliminary evidence of a Takala/Kala link to the Davis surname, see that the Takele Coat uses green clovers on white, the symbol of the black and white Irish Davis Coat.

Keep in mind that Rochdale is in the Manchester region, the city where the first British Rothschild (Nathan) came to live. Let me re-show the Bavarian Roth Coat since it too uses a crow/raven, and since German Rothschilds lived in Bavaria.

I think I've found the source of the Rockefeller black chevron in the Wardle Coat, for "Wardle (pop. 7,092) is a village within the Metropolitan Borough of Rochdale, in Greater Manchester..." Note the gold roundels on green Chief in the Wardle Coat, and compare with the green Chief and gold Shield of the Rock/Roch/Rooker Coat.,_Greater_Manchester

However, the Wardle-Coat page says that the surname lived in Cheshire (not far from Manchester), and was first found there. Consider that Manchester is the place that uses the bees used also by the Maxton-branch of Maxwells, likely from the Rutherford clan at Maxton. The Manchester Arms smacks of the colors and symbols of Oldenburg in combination with Oradea. The point is, I traced Maxwells to the Meschins/Mascis of Cheshire, but had also found that the proto-Rothschilds of Britain were among the Maxwells.

So who are the globetrotters behind Mickey Mousavi? What Big Cheese has let that rat out of the bag? Is Iran's animosity against Britain and Obama justified, or is Iran merely using the rebellions as an opportunity to jab his Western enemies?

"[Iranian] Hossein Shariatmadari, writing in the conservative Kayhan daily Saturday, July 4, said Mousavi must be put on trial as a 'US agent' who committed 'horrible crimes and treason.' The writer is a close adviser to Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and must be presumed to represent his boss's views."

The article says that Iran is intent on exposing "America's fifth column," the Mousavi rebellion. Incidentally, about the mouse in my trailer that came in as on a mission, I informed readers that it had been the first mouse in two or three months after I had caught a couple dozen in quick succession. I wrote that just as I came across (June 25) a Masci-family branch in the Meuse/Maas/Mus surname, said to mean "mouse catcher" (though I'm not at all in agreement). Mousavi had just become the topic in those very days, and by the time the mouse had come in, I was already calling him, Mickey Mousavi (in jest as per the uselessness of his movement).

I want to report that, as evidence that God was sending that mouse for a message to you, I have not had one more mouse since it came in. The cheese that I put in the trap, the day I had trapped that one, is still there! Long-time readers will know that there were two other mice that I thought were signs from Above, and I assure you that I don't claim signs like these as a rule i.e. I'm not a Christian wacko who sees signs in most every event.

I can't find any other news to report. Stick closely to world events, as things are moving along, under the radar, that should soon surface in plain view. Good day.

July 14

The headline: "Russia's president makes first visit to South Ossetia." The timing:

"...However, the Georgian reintegration minister slammed Medvedev's visit as a provocation.

'This is rather a symbolic visit on the day of the signing [of transit documents for] the Nabucco [project]..."

Does the Georgian minister have a point? Is Medvedev communicating to the West that he's prepared to reinforce efforts to re-build old Soviet spheres if Europe continues to distance itself from Russian? The article below, in a Russian media, makes a very good point, that while the West is celebrating the Nabucco pipeline, it isn't built yet, and, so:

"'There has been no change on the gas supply market.' In the past few months, this phrase has brought for the EU, Ukraine and Russia more anxiety than calm, because no change means that the question over the supply of Russian natural gas to the EU this coming winter has not been settled."

Russia must only invent a way to disturb Europe's gas supply this coming winter. The ball is in Russia's court.

Obama has chosen his surgeon general, and the Benjamin surname may indicate that she is yet another Hebrew pick:

"An administration official said Obama will announce the nomination of Dr. Regina Benjamin later [July 13]. The official spoke on condition of anonymity so as not to upstage the official announcement."

I checked her out at Wikipedia and found:

"She was a Kellogg National Fellow and a Rockefeller Next Generation Leader. She serves on numerous boards and committees..."

"Numerous" is right. She's got her fingers in a lot of things. But, I kid you not, I did not know of her, let alone had I read the Wikipedia article on her, when I connected the Kellog surname to the Rockefellers YESTERDAY!! I did not find the breitbart article above until last night, AFTER I had finished yesterday's update.

These "coincidences" are re-occurring so many times back-to-back that I've just got to declare: God is the founder of some of my bloodline writings without my knowing about it. I'm not saying that everything I write is perfect and without error, but that some of my findings are found by his moving my thoughts, some being Co-ordinated to occur at specific times.

God can do all things through us without our knowing. I had no idea that tying Kellog to Rockefellers was taking place just hours before I was going to read the article on her. What else can I assume but that the Purpose is to reveal Regina Benjamin for who she really is, and/or to verify once again that Obama is working for Rockefellers in particular.

What else can I assume but that the bloodline topics that got me to Kellog in the first place were likewise Directed for the purpose of leading me to Kellog? There are numerous things taking place in these writings, some of which include multiple emailers, that must be Intended for you, the readers. God appears to be very concerned in getting this message to you. It suggests that snake-slippery things are taking place, under the radar, in the Obama circles that will concern His people.

So let's look at the Kellogs Foundation:

"Russell G. Mawby, Ph.D. has earned a global reputation as a visionary leader in philanthropy. He led the W.K. Kellogg Foundation for 25 years...

...Gleaves Whitney, director of the Hauenstein Center for Presidential Studies received the first Mawby Fellowship [2008]...

The Mawby Coat is blue and white (Kellog colors) and uses three gold Zionist stars on blue, suspect as the original Bauer-Coat symbol. In fact, the Mawby surname is more=properly "Moorby," wherefore see the blue Bauer band placed centrally in the blue and white Scottish Moor Coat.

The Moorby name uses the suffix found in "Rigsby," a surname also using blue and white. The location of Rigsby was, in my immediate impression, a Rockefeller bedrock location. The term made me check for a Rocksby surname, and not only was there one, but I saw it to use the Rook-Coat design AFTER I had connected Rockefellers to the Rook/Roke surname. Not only were the Rooks and Rockbys both found first in Yorkshire, but the Moorby surname was after the Moreby Yorkshire. Note that the sun in the Rook Coat is in the colors of the sun in the "Jewish" Cohen Coat (there is a good chance that the Rockefeller blue and white is from Cohen stock). Is the garb in the Rook Crest a link to the Basques of Gascony?

The blue chevron on white in the Rook Coat is a match with the same in the Kellog Coat, but the same is used also by the English Moor Coat. It's important to record that some the English Moors became the Irish Moors and that they took their gold stars with them, as per the Irish Moor Coat, but placed them on a green shield. Thus, some Bauer/Bower branches of Britain should use gold on green (the Bower Coat with Rothschild Arms has a green shield).

Note the Whitney surname in the Mawby quote above. It is in conjunction with the Hauenstein Center for Presidential Studies, an Illuminati-suspect organization if ever I heard one. The Hohens come to mind (Huaer uses Hohen colors with a dragon), which should explain why the Whitney Coat uses Hohen-type checks, though in black and gold...the Bils-Coat checks that were traced to Babenburgs and other Pamphylian entities, such as Bamberg and Pembroke. It can't be a coincidence that the Clares of Pembroke used a red triple chevron, the symbol of the Babenberg Coat.

What about the founder of the WK Kellog Foundation that the new surgeon general has fingers in?

"...In 1934, [Will Keith] Kellogg donated more than $66 million in Kellogg Company stock and other investments to the W.K. Kellogg Trust."

This tells us that Kellogs company was over-charging for it s products enormously i.e. stealing from the consumers. How else do we think that God looks at it when a single company alone can donate 66 million in 1934? But God has a plan, to shake the earth so that all monies shake from the deep pants of corporate thieves, and the monies will be distributed among the poor and lame of the NEW WORLD ORDER to come.

What's the Kellog Foundation all about? In some preliminary investigation, it looks like a think tank for social engineering for the "global community." As such, it has all the right peoples for population-control considerations. In a Kellog-Foundation website where we read the headline, "Global Leaders with Eyes Wide Open," we read"

"Over two decades, KNFP/KNLP's 703 participants became many of the program's teachers and creators...'We Fellows struggled as a microcosm of society with issues of race, class, and gender,' one participant wrote. Another said, 'I thought I knew a lot about cultural diversity before I came into KNFP. But the fellowship exposed me to a much wider set of diversity issues -- to Native Americans, to African Americans, to other cultures around the world, to corporations and the business world.' Despite the challenges, Fellows underscored the value of diversity -- diversity of experiences and perspectives within a group -- for leaders serious about serving a diverse society.

Rick Foster, Kellogg Foundation vice president...Kellogg Leadership for Community Change is the product of KNFP/KNLP's lessons..."

Community change? I liked my community better BEFORE globalist fingers started to stir the pot. It is not for mere men to create a world soup. Stick to making corn flakes, and don't charge five dollars a box for what is nothing more than refined horse meal. The multi-colored boxes often cost more than the oats, corn, or rice inside the boxes.

The Foster surname is a green one, as in the green and gold colors of the French Forest Coat and green and white of the Foster Coat. At the latter page, we find the Forrest/Forrester variation. The first variations shown at the French page is "Foret." This is good, for I had discussed the Foret surname before, with other green and gold Coats that seemed to apply, such as the Pfiefer Coat. I traced the Pfiefer surname to Fife in Scotland, and I linked the Foret term of France to Forfar, beside Fife.

The Foret topic was on Lugdunum, one location of which was the city of Lyons. The Lyon-Coat write up says: "The Lyon family originally lived in the Norman settlement of Lyons-la-Foret, before migrating to Scotland." I showed the green-lion on white Lyon Coat at the time but did not know that it links to the green and white Forrest/Foster Coat.

Since the French Foret Coat should link to English Foster/Forrest Coat (since the colors are identical), the three bugles in the latter should link to the same in the Pollock Coat, for I had found evidence, when on this topic previously (April 29), of a Pollock link. The Pollock Coat is likewise gold and green, with bugles in the same black and white colors of the Foster Coat. However, the Scottish Foster Coat uses three bugles in black and gold, the colors of the three bugles in the 666-like Traby Coat.

About an hour before I came to the Foret topic today, I had opened an email from CC. It was very interesting, on the topic of the Ark of the Covenant hoax now in play on the world stage. Her email shared an article/blog on the topic that traces the hoax to the House of Savoy. Since I have so many emails, I wrote CC and asked her to flag the email for me in case I should need it later on. BUT, I didn't know that, an hour later, I would be on the Savoy topic, for the Forrest/Foret Coat write-up says: "First found in Savoie where this renowned family were seated from ancient times."

Now this is getting interesting because the Savoy-surname Coat (which should be the main Savoy symbol of all-time) is exactly the cross, in the same colors, as the Scottish Randolph which Obama's Dunham line traces most innately.

Aside from my suspicions that the Moor head is a symbol of Merovingians and/or of Moray (Scottish Randolphs ruled Moray), the fact that the Randolph write-up tells the surname to be a Pict one is super evidence that the Randolph Cross is a version of the flag of Gascony granted by pope Clement -- a white saltire Cross on red -- for the Clements were first found in Poitiers, a region founded by the Pictones. That then verifies that the single white star on blue in the French Clement Coat should be a link (if not the basis) of the Moray/Murray stars.

Remember, the Moor and Kellog surnames share a blue chevron on white, and a Mawry=Moorby surname ran the Kellog foundation for a quarter century. The Irish Moor page tells that they were from the English Moors of Liecester, explaining why the latter use gold cinquefoils (= the Liecester symbol) on blue instead of the gold Bauer stars on blue of the Scottish Moors.

As both the German and Scottish Moors use a Moor head (the Scottish one uses white skin), they are likely the same family. The German Moors were first found in Austria, as were the Bauers and Babenbergs. Heraldry teaches me that Moor heads are important to Templars/Freemasons, though I haven't known why. I now see that one Moor variation, "Mure," smacks of the Mures river in which I trace the first Murrays (named after of Moray). The alternative-Scottish Moray Coat page says: "The annals of Scottish history reveal that Moray was first used as a name by ancestors of the Pictish tribe of ancient Scotland." The Murrays should therefore have passed through Poitiers!!

Indeed, as Poitiers was near Lusignan, and as "The Lusignan family originated in Poitou,"), the Crest of the alternative Moray Coat: it's Melusine, known symbol of Lusignan, where the peoples are "Melusines." I have never had a clue as to where the piece of paper in the other Moray Crest traces, but I saw a piece of paper days ago in the Arms of Bihor! Biharia of Bihor is near the Mures river!!

Well, while at the Mures-river article, I saw "Marisus" as a variation and was led to try for a Marris Coat. I not only got one, but it's a white saltire on red...


It has the Sinclair edges!! It's got to be a Sinclair of Moray Coat (I've traced Rollo Sinclairs of More to the Mures and therefore to Moray). If one enters the More surname, three Moor Coats pop up. The French More/Morez Coat comes in the colors of the English Randolphs, and uses a red cross...of the two-fingered type that I now link to the rook symbol of the Rook Coat.

I don't recall all the details, but in the period (a few years ago) that I traced the Rollo clan of Norway to Scotland for the first time, at Aviemore near Moray, I traced the bloodline to Savoy. I believe it had to do with the Grimaldis, but it involved the Nibelungs. That is, I saw Grimaldi and Nibelung elements in the Rollo clan. In any case, that piece on the Ark of the Covenant goes in-part like so:

"I've posted this in another thread but will copy here as it's relevant. I was lead to look more into the details 2 men appearing with the Orthodox Patriarch Abuna Pauolos at the upcoming press conference on the 26th.

The first listed in the press release is Prince Amedeo of Savoy, Duke of Aosta. Amedeo is the head of The House of Savoy...

The second gentleman's credentials are even more interesting, Prince Aklile Berhan Makonnen Haile Selassie...

This Prince of Ethiopia is claimed to be a descendant of King Solomon (link to (The Queen of Sheba having a son of King Solomon who rescued the Ark in the first place according to legend - (link to It is also claimed the Ethiopian royal family are of Imperial Descent from the Prophet Muhammed! (link to

...This maybe a bit of a jump but the promised coming of the [Muslim] Mahdi [= Savior of sorts] sprang to mind. (I have found this page regarding the coming of the Mahdi - it's well worth the read as it explains a lot for those who aren't aware of it (link to

A brief summary of the page is below, people who have studied the biblical description of the antichrist will notice striking resemblances. The link that made me excited was the belief that the Mahdi would rediscover the Ark!" (round brackets not mine).

First, obliterate from your mind that the anti-Christ will be a Muslim. If that were true, he wouldn't be Gog. BUT, that's not to say that someone in the world isn't going to usher in an Arab savior of sorts. The idea above is that Western powers are thinking to do this in some sort of hoax that involves the Ark. Keep in mind that Merovingians and Nibelungs trace back to ancient Ethiopia, to Hebrews there that likely came out of Yemen; some Yemenite Hebrews have been traced by some to Solomon.

Obliterate from your mind that the queen of Sheba gave birth to Solomon's son who then became important in the Templar world, for this is wishful thinking on the part of the dragon cult, and a lie of the Serpent in efforts to bond the cult to God's promises made to Israel, regarding the NEW WORLD to come...which will NOT be the New World Order of the pyramid-loving Freemasons, whose all-seeing eye is too blurred to see the Truth.

July 15

Look at all the chickies with open mouths looking for juicy worms from the Big Omama Bird in the White House:

"A group of minority broadcasters asked Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner [July 13] for financial assistance akin to the aid that has been extended to the financial and auto industries.

...Companies and groups that signed on to the Geithner letter included the National Association of Black Owned Broadcasters, the Inner City Broadcasting Coalition, the Spanish Broadcasting System, Taxi Productions Inc., and Carter Broadcast Group, Inc."

Government assistance to everyone affiliated with the globalists, especially their media babies. But government assistance is worker money, yours and his and hers. Perhaps its a good thing that the economy forecast is bad, or even more gifts would be rushed to globalists causes.

With the extended financial crunch, prices should go down eventually to bargain-basement levels:

"President Barack O[m]ama on [July 14] declined to predict how high unemployment will climb but made clear he expects it to keep worsening for a while as hiring lags behind other signs of economic recovery.

...'My expectation is that we will probably continue to see unemployment tick up for several months.'

The unemployment rate stands at 9.5 percent, the highest in 26 years.

...Just 10 days before taking office, Obama's top economic advisers released a report predicting unemployment would remain at 8 percent or below through this year if an economic stimulus plan won congressional approval.

The fact is, the stimulus money isn't working, and, probably, a lot of it is going to globalists causes in one sneaky way or another. Why isn't it working? Because the scare tactics used by the Omama birds scared everyone into not spending much. He was predicting a depression. People were imagining 1929. Nothing of the sort materialized, of course, and soon globalists who've robbed us will give it all back when forced to lower the prices of their products. What goes around...

Things are bad when banks have no choice but to see their borrowing rates decline to almost nil so that people are less likely to keep savings in bank accounts (for the purpose of collecting interest). What other choice do the people have? Investing in real-estate? But if real-estate isn't going up, who would invest in it? Where do people invest their savings if nothing is a sure money-maker? The bottom line: the economy isn't going to get better under Democrats if they insist on raising taxes, growing the government, and being Big Fat Mama Bird to their friends.

A few months ago I got the impression that the Obama team was helping Goldman-Sachs specially, or shall I say that one of the manipulations in the banking crisis was to re-direct much of the revenues of other banks into the coffers of Goldman-Sachs. We now read that Goldman-Sachs, aside from putting forth large profits this year, "seems to have emerged from the crisis relatively unscathed." What crisis? Was there ever a crisis at all? Just that banks couldn't make much interest.

The article goes on to point out that the government bail-out money was a "cheap" loan while Goldman Sacks loaned it out expensively. So, while banks had to lower their interest rates for the sake of saving the economy, the Obama government stepped in to expand their interest margins anyway...which sounds like a scheme called down from a secret big-banker symposium.

If I understand this right, the people have loaned the banks money at zero/low interest, yet the people have to pay interest to the bank(s) from which Obama obtained the money in the first place. The people have to pay interest for the interim in which the banks possess the money and loan it out to their customers for profits. That's what Obama has done. It's like someone walking into your bank, taking a loan out in your name, then giving the money to your bank so that it can loan it out, while you pay interest to the bank. The bank makes double interest.

Every bail-out scheme is the very same thing; the people pay the interest to help other businesses make profits. Companies that are to receive the moneys merely need to feign financial ruin.

Russia's Medvedev said yesterday that Russia should conduct more military exercises in the Caucasus. How should the world take such a statement but as one of arrogance? If you want to conduct exercises, just do it, Medvedev, but you don't need to announce it when you know some don't like it.

I've just learned that Russia opened an air base in Kyrgyzstan in 2003, the year that Bush invaded Iraq. We now find talk that Russia is discussing another base in the south of Kyrgyzstan (not far from northern Afghanistan). The article mentions that Kazakhstan doesn't mind. I'm not sure what the basis is for this announcement.

There is also a series of Russian-submarine tests in the Russian news. It's as though Russia is still asserting itself, not to be minimized. Why is it that Russia can launch these inter-continental missiles, while if North Korea does so, it's a global threat? Which of the two countries can do more damage? Isn't it clear that Russia is flaunting itself to provoke the West? Will the West dare speak against Russia as it has recently piped up against North Korea? Why not?


"A U.S. warship anchored off Georgia' coast [at Batumi] for joint military exercises [yesterday] while Russian jets pounded mock targets nearby in a sign of lingering tensions over Georgia.

...Two vessels of the Georgian coast guard are to participate alongside the USS Stout in [today's] drills in Georgian territorial waters between the ports of Batumi and Poti.

...A couple of hours after the events in Batumi, President Dmitry Medvedev peered through binoculars to watch jets fly over the Black Sea port of Novorossiisk and fire at nonexistent ground targets. He was shown on state-controlled television.

The U.S. and Russian maneuvers marked a stark change in tone from meetings last week between Presidents Barack Obama and Medvedev, who expressed hope for repairing relations that have sunk to a post-Cold War low.

Just goes to show, words spoken on the diplomatic level between the two super-powers are loads of cow patties.

What's this?

"The Russian MoD controlled Zvezda TV reported on July 9 that the Far Eastern Military District (MD) is preparing its largest redeployment of hardware since World War II as part of an 'anti-terrorist' exercise with China."[tt_news]=35258&tx_ttnews[backPid]=7&cHash=6cb294ba39

I thought that Obama was going to make the world safe by re-setting relations with Russia, and yet here she is raising her sword. It was Bush who had it in its scabbard. It's due to Obama that it's no longer in the scabbard. Obama? What have you done? And what are you doing? Have you any clue? Russia is arising to a war-like nature. There must be a reason. It's your globalism, stupid. It's the globalists you work for. Russia doesn't like them. No. It doesn't.


Yesterday there was a headline telling that a certain American refused to go to war because Obama, not an American citizen, has no right to send him. Every reader of that headline wondered whether Obama would fight that man. Today, already, we read this:

"A U.S. Army Reserve major from Florida scheduled to report for deployment to Afghanistan within days has had his military orders revoked after arguing he should not be required to serve under a president who has not proven his eligibility for office.

His attorney, Orly Taitz, confirmed to WND the military has rescinded his impending deployment orders.

'We won! We won before we even arrived,' she said with excitement. 'It means that the military has nothing to show for Obama. It means that the military has directly responded by saying Obama is illegitimate -- and they cannot fight it. Therefore, they are revoking the order!'"

As I believe that Obama is the son of Frank Davis, I also believe that the Hawaii hospital and relevant courts are refusing to expose his birth certificate, not because he wasn't born in the United States, but because they sympathize with Obama's Frank-Davis secret. If the hospital knew that Obama was not a citizen of the country, and knowingly withheld the certificate, the hospital would be breaking the law. Wouldn't it? The birth certificate can reveal the real father.

There is push to get Obama's blood type to discover the real father. But organizations, for example World Net daily, have so strongly asserted that Obama was born in Kenya or Indonesia, or stressed his Muslim father, that they are unwilling to correct themselves for an alternative Frank-Davis theory. As you may know, I've made the correction, for I too once believed that Obama had a Muslim father. How will Arabs react when they discover that Obama is lying to them, making them believe that he has a Muslim father? This issue could become one bombshell that God has waiting under the lid of his Cup of Wrath. I don't think that Cup is going to be poured out until there is an major exposure of the globalists.

The story above is going to get around, and Obama might need to make up a bogus reason for why the soldier's orders were cancelled. Ironically, it seems due to Obama's Davis blood that the Afghan mission has become so important in the first place, for it's likely through Davis (at least in-part) that Obama is the president today, by Davis' connections to Rockefellers. Or, anyway, I think Afghanistan includes a Rockefeller-Brzezinski scheme to win over Kazakhstan and other Russo-friendly regions on Russia's border. And I think that Russia knows this, explaining why Russia is making inroads as best it can into that border region.

The Rockefellers have indicated that they're prepared to muzzle and gag those who oppose the new global society. And the story below tells that Google has muzzled a blog that opposes the spread of faggotry while on the other hand has not muzzled online sites that share hate for Christians:

"'If you look at Google's policy on hate speech, they do state you can't include hate against people for their sexual orientation or gender identity,' Camenker told WND. 'But the things we write are all factual; we don't advocate beating anyone up. On the other hand, there are an enormous number of blogs against religious people that are clearly vile and hateful, particularly during the Proposition 8 battle in California. Some of that content was hideous, and it's still up.'"

This is Rockefeller agenda, to stifle Christian writings. Isn't hate of Christians also the anti-Christ agenda revealed in prophecy? It's time to take sides. Either you're going to side with the Rockefeller agenda, or with God's. Who do you fear more? Who do your respect more? Who do you love more? That's what God wants to know before the earth opens up and swallows His enemies. Prepare for a rough time, Christians, but I think it can all be alleviated if we just let it happen without becoming too cut-to-the-heart, because it must happen in order to condemn His enemies.

I became numb in the 90s at the sight of the roar by which the new community spurned God and his people, and the only healthy way to react was to just know that it MUST happen. Let it be. At the turn of 2000, I was telling friends that the next decade would be for the purpose of installing homosexual themes as normal themes, and while I view this push as hideous, I keep my all-seeing eye on the end of the matter.

I was wrong, though; it looks like the homosexual agenda didn't quite hit its target this past decade, meaning that the immediate future is going to be faggotry in our faces. I hate to put it that way, but that's the agenda, to put that sin in our faces. We are to cringe, as Lot was made to cringe. It's the return of Sodom, and I think the Ammonites, the descendant's of Lot's daughter (or at least those who honor the ancient Ammonites and their Sepharvite allies), are at the helm of the world today.

God will raise Two figures to lash out at the anti-Christ. I don't know quite how to interpret these Witnesses. I don't understand how they could torment the anti-Christ by their words; I'm certain that Illuminatists are trained to ignore our words/activism and just get their global agenda done instead. I'm assuming that the Two Witnesses will have much press coverage.

I wonder whether the entire Church is to speak out against the anti-Christ, if the Two Witnesses (Revelation 11) are doing so. Can we assume that what they speak will be our directive on what in particular God wants us to attack in words? I don't know that God wants us ALL to speak as the Two Witnesses do; it's an invitation to severe persecution, and He may not want that for everyone. Be attentive at the time on whether He wants you to lash out.

No doubt, a war fought through the media is about to become hotter, and they have an advantage in the size of media they own, BUT, God needs a lot less to work with because He knows how to fashion events for maximum effect, and maximum defense. Rejoice over the REALITY; God will give you the victory.

Today's news brings evidence that the Globamists are looking for that foothold in the Middle East as solid as mount Rushmore:

"Analysts interpret the unexpected trip by the chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff to Iraq's northern city of a Kirkuk as a warning to ethnic Kurds. Adm. Mike Mullen traveled on [July 13] to the oil-rich city of Kirkuk...

...'Reports indicate that the US is trying to convince Iraq's Kurd leaders to postpone any decision due to the issue's sensitivity, and that the dispute cannot unilaterally be settled,' said Nazar Heydar, an Iraqi affairs analyst who is based in Washington.

Some believe that Mullen's trip is a US warning to Kurd leaders to forget their dream of annexing Kirkuk, he added.

...Heydar denoted that there is determination in Washington to increase the political and diplomatic role of the US in Iraq.

The visits by US officials come in line with Washington's intention 'to strengthen their foothold in Iraq's key areas, such as Kirkuk, Mosul, or other southern cities like Nasiriyah', he concluded."

That sure does appear as what I expect of the anti-Christ: to get a diplomatic foothold in Mosul in 2009. BUT, the move of Obama to get that foothold could signal the time for Gog to move in before it's too late. Right now, a Russian Gog must be thinking: the US is out of there for sure now, and if I wait to long, Iraq might become too strong for me. Obama has the plan (the official one, anyway) to reduce the 130,000 US troops to a "remnant" 30-50,000 by roughly mid-2010. Gog may decided to enter the Mosul stage now in anticipation of that scenario.

Both the Irish and English Mullen Coats use red crescents on white, the symbols of the Spear and Spree Coats (families from Spree river, Lusatia). BUT, as a shown variation is "Molins," see the rook-ended cross (theoretically a Rockefeller symbol) in the Scottish Molin Coat (Scotland). Note that the cross is black, like the rooks in the Rockesby/Rooksby and Rook Coats. The Molins/Moulins write-up:

"First found in Dartington, in Devonshire, as well as twentynine other lordships throughout England. William of Moulins, Sire de Falaise, Lord of Moulins in 1030, in Normandy, uncle of William the Conqueror, was granted many lands by King William."

Fulbert "The Tanner" de Falaise was the father of the Conqueror's mother. Recall that I recently (July 8) flirted with a Tanner-surname link to the Takala/Tancred bloodline. At the time, I didn't know what the symbols were in the English Tanner Chief, but now I know they are Moor Heads (See verification!!) with headband similar to the one in the Scottish Moor/More Crest. Note that what looks like a Lab dog is called a "talbot."

Both the Tanners and the Moulins were first found in Devonshire, furthermore, this serving as evidence that Tanners/Tans were from the tanner of Falaise. As the Conqueror comes directly from Rollo of More, the Moor Head now comes off as a symbol of More, though no doubt of Moray. In fact, I am happy to report that I recorded for future use, just days ago, that the Mole/Molle Coat (I'm assuming Molins/Mollins links) uses the three Moray stars and is the spittin' image of the Moray Coat!

The Mole/Molle Crest is a phoenix rising from the flames, a symbol of the New World Order, though in older times it was a symbol of the "Golden Dawn," the rise of the Phoenicians of Atlantis. The Coat uses a boar "armed red" for the red object from its mouth, and may therefore link to the red tusk in the Spear boars. The Spears are, in my opinion, traced to the goddess, Anat, for the crossed bows in the Spear Coat. This will become important below.

BEHOLD, LG, for not only does it appear that your Takala bloodline descends from the Tanner's family, but your Falin bloodline too. I think that "Falin" is a variation of "Falaise," and here's some evidence: the AshMOLE Crest uses a greyhound, as does the Irish Falin/Fallon Coat (and the Kellog Coat that I link to "TaKALA"). There are too many coincidences here for it all to be coincidental.

We have yet to determine whether "Ashmole" was named after the Biblical Ishmael. Perhaps Ashmoles came first so that Mullens, Molles, etc., could be Ishmaelites of the latter days. The Ashmole surname is important to Freemasons, and so note that the Ashmole Coat is in the colors of Molin/Mollen.

When I read that Ashmoles were "First first found in Staffordshire where they were anciently seated as Lords of the Manor," I looked up the Stafford Coat once again, and read: "First found in Staffordshire where they were descended from Roger de Toeni...His son, Ralph de Toeni, was hereditary Standard Bearer to King William the Conqueror, at the Battle of Hastings in 1066." To my amazement, there was a Toeni Coat...with the 'M' symbol (called a "man's sleeve") of the Hastings Coat.

The 'M' symbol in the Hastings Coat was from the Arms of Huntingdon, where the Hastings surname ruled before arriving to Liecester. The Toeni surname was first found in Liecester, which makes sense and traces the surname to the Hastings clan. BUT, the point is, in the previous update I discovered that the same 'M' symbol is used by the Tickil Coat...that should be the Takala surname. In fact, the Tickil colors are reversed from the Toeni colors. The latter surname could be a Tan/Tanner variation. It's said to derive from Toni, a location in Normandy. I see that the Tickel Crest uses a gold fleur de lys, the symbol in the AshMole/AshMoll Coat.

So, what's the 'M' stand for? Mole/Moll? or More/Moray? It's even possible that "Mole" is an l-to-r switch from "More."

On the Stafford topic, I recently (June 14) wrote: "...'the Stubb Coat... first found in Staffordshire.' What do we see in 'Stafford'? How timely to stumble across this just now, just as I'm seeking a 'Staufen/Staufer' term related to the Devonshire Staples!"

I believe it was the Hohenstaufers who used a quartered black and white/silver which the black and gold Ashmole Shield may link. But as I link the black and white of Babenberg families to the Heneti, the peoples that I think were named after the Anat cult, is it a coincidence that, for the first time just a week or so ago, I thought to tie the Tony/Anthony/Antonius name to mythical Antenor, symbol of the Heneti?

At the Anthony-Coat page, we read: "Anthony is a name of ancient Norman origin. It arrived in England with the Norman Conquest of 1066. Anthony is a name that comes from the Latin family name Antonius, which is of unknown etymology." And I'll bet you thought the name was originally Italian. It's Norman, just like Toeni/Toni. All Freemasons of importance must trace to the Heneti-Veneti, and now we have the Normans doing so as well.

The Anthony crest, a ram's head, is used in the Molin Coat. The colors of the Anthony Coat (red on white) are those of the Mullen Coat (and the Spear Coat using the Anat symbols). The Italian Anthony Coat uses a white cinquefoil on blue (Rockefeller colors), and the Bauer gold stars on blue. There's even an Austrian Anthony Coat (Bauers and Babenburgs originated in Austria) to which I have no comment at this time.

A variation shown of "Toeni/Toni is "Tone," and when one searches that name, the Toeni 'M' pops up in an Irish Coat. We read: "The surname Tone is derived from the Norse forename Tomar, which was the name of a Scandinavian king of Dublin during the 10th century." Unfortunately, there is no Tomar Coat. But there is an English Domar/Tormer Coat (from Saxons) using the "horizontal birds" that I now discover to be "martlets" (see verification).

The Domar Coat uses the sort of blocks used by the Block and Plock/Pluck surnames, which made me take another look at the Block Coat: white cinquefoils on blue (!), the symbol of the Italian Anthony Coat. There is evidence that "Domar" was of the Tomas surname, as for example, the Welsh-alternative Tomas Chief using white cinquefoils on blue. The name is also rendered "Thomas," but this may have been coincidence as per similarity to "Tom."

There is a Welsh Tom/Thom Coat that says the surname is from "Toema," the early Aramaean version of "Thomas," but I'm still skeptical because I think "Antenor" is the better root since "Toema" smacks of "Toeni." The Tom Coat is near-identical to Welsh Thomas Coat. If you recall my recent discussion on Rockefeller Coats using black chevron on white, and the theory that the Welsh Rice Coat was one of them, you may appreciate that this Rice Coat is exactly the Welsh Thomas Coat.

If you recall that I had tied the Pollocks to the Block and/or Plock surnames, but also to the Roth and Rutherford surnames, see that the Roth Coat uses the Rice/Thomas raven/crow, and that the Rutherford Coat and Plock Coat both use the black footless sparrows that are also "martlets" (see verification). Black martlets were just found to be important in the Rockefeller Coats of the Rochdale region (see earlier in this update).

Okay, that's a long-enough update for today. I'd be surprised if you can follow it all, but it's important to get it on paper and make it available online. Hopefully, it will get a lot of Freemason types to see the end-time message too; they are welcome into the Kingdom of God, so long as they drop their emphasis on paganism, and gnostic/twisted forms of Christianity, and begin a solid faith in the words of Jesus.


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