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May 19 - 25, 2015

Some Notable Changes in Iraq
Still Trying to Link Herod Antipas to Antibes

This past Tuesday morning, I did what I have not done in years while not away from home. I did not spend any time, all morning or all day, on the updates. Instead, I went to work into the beautiful cool spring morning, too cool for biting flies, but just right for work. I did it again every day until this Friday morning. I could actually get things done around here like this.

So what have globalists been doing these past 10 or 15 years, besides trying to Westernize the rest of the world? Well, they are entrenching themselves in political avenues for to gain the best positioning to change the world in ways that they have decided. Do they want us to use less electricity? Yes, of course, and that should explain increased electricity prices. Same goes for gasoline. Do they want the world to stop raising so much cattle? They can arrange for beef prices to go up, and I have seen beef prices nearly double in the last year or two. Same goes for chicken.

Where will this control end? It will never end. Once entrenched, these people will come to view the air over the land as their possession, just as they want to own the water over the land, or the trees on YOUR property. They will create a false water crisis, which is a facilitator to what looks like their mandating of "high efficiency" clothes washers. I purchased a new washing machine a few weeks ago, and was told that the "old" agitator type washers are being phased out. I wanted to get the old type because I was told that the new ones use very little water. But clothes don't come out as clean using less water; it's a no brainer that less water means dirtier water in the wash cycle, and less dirt out of the clothes.

But the salesman convinced me to take the new one home, saying that it has a deep-water setting for work clothes. I don't mind less water for things like sheets and towels because there isn't much dirt to get out. But I work in the yard with black soil, and I need plenty of water for the wash. The deep cycle turned out to be a joke. It was like the machine was programmed to measure the addition of water in thimbles, so as not to waste a thimble of water, if possible. The deep wash didn't cover the clothes in water! Not even close. This is what is called a "high efficiency" washer.

In my area, there is never a water shortage in the rocks of the ground, where we all get our water. But the globalists are dictating that even people in my area need to reduce water consumption, to the point where we don't even have the choice of having a deep wash. I was told by the salesman that if I poured water into the machine with a bucket, the machine would automatically pump it out! This is completely contradictory to mental health. The globalists are asking as all to become lunatics, as they are.

When I brought this issue up with the saleslady, and got round to mentioning the water in the ground, she didn't seem to understand that the ground water gets replenished on an on-going basis. All the water that we use up comes back down in the form of rain. The only time that a potential problem exists is in summer droughts for some areas, and I say it's fine for governments to limit water at those times. But to limit water use in my washing machine is the crossing of a line into madness. This is a sign of the mental condition of the globalists. I now understand why water costs have gone way up in the past 20 years for no reason. We need to keep paying harder and harder to use less of the things we like to have because it's a new-found method of pillaging us. They create false crises and, to "fix" them, they raise our prices.

In many areas, water is pumped from the rocks to a water tower. After the water is in the tower, it feeds to the surrounding community automatically on gravity power. There is no cost to your town / city to get water to your house after it's been pumped into the water tank. The people have paid long ago for the piping with their own tax dollars, and generally the piping lasts for many, many years without need of maintenance. How can water prices go up, therefore? Electricity for pumping the water into the water tanks is virtually without cost.

In some areas, the towns are robbing the people by charging them a sewer fee. The more water they use, the more sewer fee they need to pay. It's like being charged for water all over again when the cost of the water alone is too high to begin with. The tax payers have already paid for the sewers. Prior to the sewer fees, tax payers were being charged for sewer maintenance, meaning that there is no justification for charging sewer fees too. They don't put sewer pipes in the ground that are intended to break down in a few years. The pipes are generally maintenance-free for a very long time. But the political establishments, one after the other, have been robbing us in order to get our water consumption down, even when there is no water crisis. Multiply this situation many times over, and you are getting severely robbed, and are about to be robbed even more. This is the proper way to view globalists, as robbers in your house. They even have their hand on your toilet handle, be assured.

Can we envision a time when toilets are wired to the town to count and record the flushes? I'm envisioning shower heads that turn off after 20 seconds, without your consent, so that you lather your body with soap without wasting water in the meantime. The shower head then pours out water for the rinse, but only for 20 seconds. Will the globalists do it? Will we need to stand in the cold while washing our bodies? Will they take away the pleasure of a hot shower so that we shower less often? I say they'll do it.

Globalists have dictated that we should do our laundry in the evening, and, if we don't, we get charged more for electricity / water. There is no need for this. There is no electricity shortage. There is only an unwillingness to build more electricity-producing stations. Rather than do that, the globalists have decided, in the name of global warming (a false crisis), that we need to use less electricity. Electricity producers don't lose a dime with our using less power, because the cost of it has been raised. It's putting the governments in bed with the big corporations, and the rest need to pay for this decision on our behalf. Is this what sounds like fairness to you? Or are we being robbed?

The globalists will of course create the illusion that only bad or ignorant people will complain or whine about these things. We are all supposed to swallow their manufactured global-warming crisis, and then become good citizens by paying up happily. We heard them saying a few years ago that they were wanting to reduce the number of cattle due to the gases that come out of them which contribute to global warming. I laughed, but I'm not laughing anymore, because up shot the beef prices shortly thereafter. I've decided not to buy as much beef. Their trick worked, didn't it? Sweet democracy, isn't it? They get to choose for me, and now I don't get to enjoy my favorite beef dishes two or more times a week.

I've been buying more pork sausages. I was noting how cheap pork has become, rather than going up in price. I was wondering whether they were adding filler into the meat, and, sure enough, when I read a label, it said that there was some wheat material added. They made it sound as though it was a bonus for us by saying that it was crunchy / toasted product. But that's a lie, because, no matter how crunchy the material is to begin with, it gets soggy in the water of the meat. This is only the first step. Eventually, after we get used to the idea, near-half the pork will be filler, and the globalists will once again have had their democratic way with us. They will choose the politicians who make our decisions "on our behalf," and they will call this a democratic example for all the world to follow. If someone like me wants to become a politician of their world-class democracy, sorry, they won't have me. If I don't see things the way they do, they will chase me away and make fun of me to make sure I don't come back.

They can't fool me, but they can fool my children, which is why they want to own my children more than I do. And they have school systems for which they can train my kids their way, in opposition to my way. Is this the world-class democracy for me to accept without complaints? I brought the high-efficiency washer back and replaced it with the "old-fashioned" type. Ah, sweet victory. I get to have all my clothes actually covered in water. But my married children are likely fooled already into thinking that the low-water systems get their clothes just as clean (I'm going to bring this up next time I visit). But I tested the machine; it was unable to make a couple of pillows turn over. The bottom sides of the pillows were cleaned, but the top sides were not. That's because the pillows were only half sunk in water, and because the agitator has been made so small and useless that it's incapable of turning the pillows over. I kid you not, the water level gets to about four inches deep. This is one sad joke, and it can only be from the lunatic dictators, because no engineer in his right mind would design something like this and expect to make money with it in the retail market. This is a mandate from the globalists, who will allow the manufacturers to continue making money by simply phasing out the deep-water type.

My kids will have no choice but to buy junk at twice the price. We will be forced to pay for the new technology that works less well, and, being computerized, it can be programmed to "fail" so that we will need to pay repair costs at a certain number of hours of use. It's a no brainer: manufacturers will add fail programs because the human condition is rotten. Rather than treat this rotten part of humanity, globalists are at the charge of it. They are the best example of human rot.

My children are being treated like the cogs on their world machine. Dimness. Everything is being geared to be at the fingertips of the globalists. They exercise trickle-down politics. All nations are supposed to follow suit. We are not to be jolly and bright, enjoying the day because life is a breeze, but rather we are to be the grimy cogs on their world machine, racing to work and respecting (worrying about) the paying of our high bills. When at work, we are to respect the money-making desires of our worried employers. Their greatest worry is how to pass on to the customer the increasing costs that the governments forces upon them.

There is more to life and happiness than food. The conditions of our daily routines is a large part of happiness. I do not sense that people are happy when I bump into them. When the workday is called "the grind," it's not because people are happy. There cannot be a happy workplace when the boss is trying to figure out how to make that extra penny due either to high costs of running a business, or to personal greed. I never see employees kicking-back and chatting a fifteen pleasurable minutes, because common business practice demands every minute (between breaks) for production. Besides, something happens in the workplace to make employees dislike, or compete with, one another, and there is often animosity between workers and bosses. If the primary task of a business is to maximize profits, doesn't the devil live there? Jesus taught good human relationships / interaction as primary, and implied that the love of money would defile human relationships. That's what I'm taking about. But the globalists are more busy trying to advertise their global-warming hoax than seeking to change the quality of big-corporate workplaces...because they own the big corporations.

I don't like the globalists. I don't want the world to be the way that they mandate it. I like being in the country where I can live free without their controls. The problem is, when I go to town, I see the products of their machinery everywhere, and it depresses me. My society has become darkened, and virtually everyone is a thief, charging way too much for their services / products. A mechanic justifies very-high hourly rates because automobiles have become more complicated, yet he charges the same rate for nuts-and-bolt work like changing a muffler pipe. You won't get a discount, and on top of that he might tell you that you need a second pipe when you don't.

Costco is selling canned beans in my area that has bacon in it. That's what the label reads, anyway. Inside, at the top of each can, there is a small piece or two of bacon, amounting to a strip of bacon a half-inch long at most, and it's almost all fat. But there isn't anymore bacon in the rest of the can. The owners of the company (Bush's Beans) are not ashamed of themselves to drop a single piece of bacon in each can, like the darkness, Mr Scrooge. Or, there is a canned-fruit company that advertises more cherries on the label, but all the cherries are dropped on the top, with none lower down. Greedy idiots who think they can deceive us in this way. These are examples of the condition of our society in most of its parts. And they are spreading their spiritual diseases to others.

The nightly news speaks as though the stock market is something we should all be concerned with. Is it a good thing to trade in the stock market? People help companies by purchasing company stocks. It gives the companies money to work with in growing. It all sounds fine, and if the company makes money, so do those who assist it financially with stock purchases. It's actually a form of gambling because purchasers are not loyal to the company; they only want to make a quick buck for no work done to benefit anyone. And what happens to corporations when they become wildly successful? Ask the little piece of bacon at the top of the can. Or, when you get a deal with a can of chili at a reduced price, ask the extra water they put into the can. Corporations are in business generally to deceive the consumer. When you purchase stock, half the time you are supporting the devil in human form.

Where is the government task force whose job it is to stop the spread of corporate deception? Where is the government employee who gives Bush Beans a call and says, "don't do that, or else." It only takes a couple of minutes to make the call to say, "don't do that, or else." It's important to nip deception at the bud before it gets widespread. Too late. And it's more than just beans. It's in your mouth, for example, too, where the filling really didn't need to be put there. You got deceived by your dentist. He ripped you off. He stole your money. Maximizing profits. No one is checking to see whether that x-ray he took really is a cavity.

But this sort of thing is government protected. The inaction of the government predicts its spread. No one but the government is permitted to correct the situation. If you try to write a letter to the editor on some bad business practice in town, you'll be very lucky if the paper will publish it. You can't stop deception by taking a company to court; you can, at most, win your personal case, but the company can go right on deceiving even while in court with you. The government has a police force to make things more difficult for anyone who wishes to break into your home to rob you, but the government allows local mechanics to rob you.

I'll be the first to tell you that I don't want a government shadow over my workplace, but there are areas where that shadow needs to be. If dentists were required to submit their x-rays to a government agency, there would be fewer dentists for lack of sufficient work, the way it should be. I believe in business free from government intervention, but the tendency of human nature to do the wrong requires oversight. It's by far the lesser of two evils.

There's a difference between free enterprise for luxurious things, that we don't need, and things we must purchase without a choice. A perfect world requires price caps on things we must purchase, like housing. Will real-estate people make less money that way? Too bad. That's the way things should be. If the price caps were in place from the start, there would not have been a glut in real-estate people.

When there are too many businesses trying to sell the same product, two scenarios are possible: 1) things work out as they will until a few go out of business for lack of sufficient profits; 2) they all raise prices together (price fixing) so all can stay in business. Which do you think is the right scenario? The fear of globalism is in its being a tool for the corporations whom have learned to price fix for the things we need. They know that the best game in town is for the things we must purchase, and they will stretch us to the limit in what we must pay for those things, like gas, electricity, and water. Globalism is not going to be run by the man on the street. His voice doesn't matter. In the global order, you become less a somebody than you already are in the eyes of a federal government. The distance between you and the global order becomes greater than between you and the federal government. Have you ever tried to change something that the federal government does? You can't. Only the powerful can do it, sometimes. Does that strike you as a democracy? Imagine trying to convince a global order that their take on an issue is wrong. Good luck.

We live in a period where the government can perform a cheap referendum by Internet on any issue. The government can ask the people for their take on any issue. Do you see the government doing that? Do you know of a website where the government is asking the will of the people for any issue? But the government doesn't need a referendum to know that the majority of people would like to see housing prices stable throughout the generations. Everyone but the government thinks that a small shack, for the price of $500,000, in a big city, is insane. So, what's wrong with the government that city-house prices should have shot up to where few can afford to purchase them? Has the city government become a self-serving vulture while pretending to work for city people? Of course. And do we think that globalists will pay us any better heed if the city mayor doesn't?

I favor an uprising against a global government. In the uprising I envision, all that people need to do is to agree with one another that a global government is too-far removed from their personal lives to merit any control over their lives. The federal government doesn't need to ask the people whether they think they should like to live under the controls of a global government, for the federal government already knows that the people prefer not to have another costly tier of government. And that's why there is no office building with a sign that reads, "Global Government Headquarters." That's why the global government is invisible. Nobody on its outside wants it.

It's obvious that the leading western nations have paid heed to the invisible, deceptive, shady government. Any government wanting to control us, that doesn't have a headquarters where you can go to meet with it, or lock horns with it, is a deceptive sham unworthy of having power. Yet your Western government uses your tax dollars to help build this unelected beast. When the people call their governments to explain themselves, the governments will have ready answers. The global order is good for us, they will say. The global order is compassionate and helpful. Yes, compassionate and helpful just like the city mayors who allowed shacks to increase to $500,000, afterwhich homes in the suburbs naturally increased, and with the increase every piece of building material in a house increased even though the cost of manufacturing house products did not increase. Was a window $250 before housing prices doubled? The same window is now $500 because the price of anything on a house is relative to the selling price of the house. My children have been doomed to paying high home prices just because local governments like increases in house prices. And that's what happens when governments are too "distant" from us.

Never mind doubling of house prices. My first house was purchased for under $60,000 in the mid 1980s, and some $15,000 more was spent on the basement. It's now sell-able for $350,000. That's what my children now need to pay for merely a small house in their area. I can't tell you how this pains me. All of that extra work that my sons and their wives will need to do merely for a simple house less than 1,000 square feet. Does anyone agree with me when I charge that this is a tragedy to be blamed squarely on the government? Who in their right mind can justify free enterprise to this level and on such a thing as housing? Must young people be reduced to basement dwellers and renters?

The homeowner purchasing a house at 60,000 and selling at 350,000 has made zero money. It's the real-estate companies and the suppliers of building materials that profit. The seller needs to buy another house, and it's going to cost him the entire 350,000 (plus roughly $20,000 on real-estate fee), unless he goes down to a cheaper house. He gains nothing even though his house shot up four-times as much over 25 years. But my sons will now need to come home to wives holding full-time jobs, by necessity, just to pay the increased price. Over those 25 years, employment earnings have only doubled. Is it nothing, in the eyes of the government, for young people required to pay $175,000 more for a house than they should? How would the leader of the country feel if I confiscated $175,000 from his bank account? Is it a small thing to ask young people, starting out with no money, to be looking a $325,000 mortgage straight in the ugly face? Is this what we would define as high-quality life? But before they are even brave enough to tackle the high mortgage, my sons and their wives will waste much money renting and saving the down payment. I lay this situation squarely on the government's head, but how does one punish or fine a government?

How can God punish a government? Who in the government is responsible? Can one make the government correct the situation? If the government announced a plan to control house prices, who would oppose? Who cares? Just do it. It's the right thing. Fats cats and other sleek beasts will need to find other ways to make fast money. Too bad.

A good quality life includes not working hard by force, and where we earn a living honestly, and have good relations with workmates because none of us are pressured. I don't mind working hard, if I choose to, but when I'm forced to work hard, life becomes a money-trumping grind wherein I feel like a slave. I opted to go into business for myself to get out of bad work environments. I was not guilty of over-charging my customers, except for one family. When I was 14, I worked much of the summer on a farm with a friend. We worked long days and tended plants manually, usually pulling weeds and loosening soil, long row after long row, until harvest. I don't recall agreeing to any sum of money; I was doing this free of charge. But at some point near the end of the summer, the father of my friend, the farmer, gave me $60 dollars as pay. I was offended. I would rather he not give me anything, but suddenly I was sorry that I worked there at all. Later in life, his wife called me to do a lot of work at his house, and that's when I charged on the high side, and got some of the money back for my labor done at 14. It was satisfying.

Not long afterward, the farmer died of cancer. His son -- my friend at 14 -- called me to do work at his monster home. He had inherited the farm by then. I charged him high too, but the pricing was still the going price. In other contracts with others, I always charged lower than the going prices. I always got the job because of it, and I maintained a good Christian conscience. I actually worked for my money. Other contractors tended to steal half of it. They would not blush when making $500-1,000 per day. My conscience wouldn't let me do that. That's what Jesus did for me. He changed me. He made me think of others besides myself. He taught me the right things. I understood, and agreed with them. I did not obey grudgingly: I agreed with his ways. They are the solutions to what ails society, though His words cannot heal the mockers. Mockers will need to be dealt with differently. You can't change the spots on their souls. They love to serve self, to deceive, and that's what they do to everyone else's losses.

I read at Fox news recently that ISIS has taken control of 50 percent of Syria. In other words, ISIS seems to have made territorial gains over the several months in which Obama has been charged with the task of reducing its power. Doesn't it seem that Obama wants to use ISIS to topple the Syrian president? The West has lately sent Putin a message that it can drastically reduce oil prices in hopes of keeping him more subdued when the West takes another stab at toppling Assad. The West has shown very glaringly that it is willing to lose Russia's favor toward building a Russia-inclusive globalism. Russian media has been bad-mouthing the United States for months, and there is talk of Putin seeking to undermine the American dollar.

Simultaneous with the taking of Palmyra in Syria, ISIS took Ramadi, a city near Baghdad. This is the most-surprising part. It doesn't seem that Obama has weakened ISIS at all. The situation for the entry of the anti-Christ has become better now. I still maintain that an Arab/Muslim anti-Christ is virtually impossible, unless he is already a Western citizen. He's got to have the political credentials / posture to rule the EU, if I understand Daniel 7 correctly. I cannot see why the 11th horn of Daniel 7 would be applied to the Roman beast if the EU has nothing to do with him. That's why I am not looking to a typical Muslim operative in the Middle East.

With a weak, American showing, and Iran making in-roads to assisting the Iraqis, it opens the door to greater Russian involvement in Iraq. Hillary Clinton has committed herself to a position wherein she would not return to placing American boots in Iraq. That's because the American people do not favor it. Even the Republican candidates are forced to shy away from boots in Iraq. If ISIS continues to grow into a threat, it allows Russia to offer boots on the ground.

The news emphasis is always on ISIS, but rarely are the Baathists mentioned. My view is that the Baathists would be spear-heading the drive toward Baghdad. Russians may have contacts with some Baathist leaders.

A recent report by the German magazine Der Spiegal, drawn from documents smuggled from Syria to Turkey, is eye-opening. It is one more confirmation that the organization calling itself the “Islamic State” was conceived and managed by former Iraqi Baathist former officials in Saddam’s regime.

It exposes that one of the most prominent founders of the group, commonly known as Haji Bakr was, in reality, Samir Abd Mohammed Al-Khlifawi, who prior to the US-led invasion was a “colonel in the intelligence service of Saddam Hussein’s air defense force…” Following his death, a 31-page, hand-written blueprint to dominate Iraq and Syria was discovered in his Tal Rifaat home — “a folder full of handwritten organizational charts, lists and schedules, which describe how a country can be gradually subjugated.” The basic plan was to establish legitimate Islamic centers in Syria, which overtime were used for recruiting purposes and where spies were handpicked to uncover the dirt on influential local families for the purposes of blackmail; others were selected to monitor rebel groups, imams and the political/religious affiliations of citizens.

Haji Bakr wrote: “We will appoint the smartest ones as Shariah sheikhs” and “several ‘brothers’ would be chosen to marry the daughters of prominent parents so as to “ensure penetrations of these families without their knowledge.”

Initially, the core fighting force was made up of foreign jihadists and impoverished Syrian students. The article quotes Iraqi journalist Hisham Al-Hashimi saying, “Bakr was ‘a nationalist, not an Islamist’ as well as Al-Qaeda chief Ayman Al-Zawahiri, who said, following contacts with Bakr and his colleagues, “these phony snakes who are betraying the real jihad.”

The local commander responsible for the bullet that ended his life revealed that there wasn’t a single Qur’an to be found in his house. A former captive of IS, Didier Francois, said during an interview on CNN that his captors never discussed religion and didn’t want to give us a Qur’an.

? A British defector from the group, Abu Ayman, told the BBC that he had met his infamous fellow Brit, Mohammed Emwazi dubbed Jihadi John, whose celebrity status he felt was being played like a piano by IS leaders “to attract our Muslim brothers in Europe.” He never prayed with anyone outside his own close circle, Ayman asserted.

Der Spiegal suggests that the so-called Caliph Al-Baghdadi (aka Ibrahim Awwad Ibrahim Ali-Badri) was a former Baathist chosen by Haji Bakr to be the religious poster boy of IS. An article in Newsweek quotes an Islamic State defector that appears to support this. “Haji Bakr polished the image of Al-Baghdadi — he was grooming him to be the prince of the Islamic State. But to be honest Haji Bakr was the real prince of the shadows.”

However, Raed Al-Jabbouri, the governor of Iraq’s Salahaddin province, pointed to Saddam’s former Vice-President and right-hand man Izzat Al-Douri of being the “mastermind of the Islamic State in Iraq.” Al-Douri was reportedly killed earlier this month but in a recorded message marking the Baath Party’s anniversary he accused America of injecting terrorists into Syria to weaken the resistance and described Takfiris of being “the worst enemy of the Arab nation” whereas some years before he had praised the participation of Islamist groups in the fight. Could it be that idealistic recruits are turning against their former masters?...

At this time, Russia has offered Iraq weapons to fight ISIS, and the United States has responded by offering more weapons to Iraq so as not to be out-done. Putin met the Iraqi president this past week. Story here:

The taking of Palmyra from the Syrian forces is no shabby accomplishment. The sudden and successful surge in two directions (Palmyra and Ramadi) needs an explanation. Where did the muscle come from suddenly, after months of stalemate? Iraq had plenty of time over the winter to plot and gather its wits. Instead of re-taking Mosul, as it had promised, Iraq has lost a major region even while much ISIS muscle was concentrated in the Palmyra effort. The fight for Mosul has not yet taken place, but is imminent. Or is it? Perhaps not anymore. The arabnews article above ends like so:

The Internet is abuzz with non-mainstream-media articles that talk about a possible connection between the Islamic State and western intelligence agencies, a theory that’s widely believed in Iraq both on the streets and at the highest levels of government, according to the New York Times.

Beliefs without hard evidence are just that but it’s worth noting that the President of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, takes the same line. He has condemned the “Islamic State” as being on the payrolls of western secret services. “They are Shaitans (devils) and their sole obsession is to grab as much money as they can lay hands on. They are acting on the orders from the West and deliberately exterminating Muslims.” Conspiracy theorists point to an admission by Sen. John McCain on Fox News to the effect President Obama’s National Security team “recommended arming IS” a proposal Obama rejected. This was later buried as a mere Freudian slip on the senator’s part.

Separating fact from fiction is an almost impossible task but if young Muslim men and women were being indoctrinated and manipulated by people with a very different agenda, it wouldn’t be the first time. At one time the CIA was hand-in-glove with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt to wean the population away from Jamal Abdel Nasser’s nationalism. And in the 80s, a US agency advertised for jihadists willing to fight against the Soviets occupying Afghanistan. Known as “Afghan Arabs,” they later formed the mainstay of Al-Qaeda.

Did disgruntled Iraqi Baathists wield a religious banner that didn’t belong to them in order to win fervent fighters ready to die for their cause? Did western intelligence agencies join hands with IS in the hope of using eager would-be martyrs to oust the Assad regime and/or for the endgame of splitting-up Iraq? Sooner or later, truth will out.

Herod Antipas

On the day that this update was due, I awoke wondering what surnames "Antipas" may have formed. I don't recall tackling this question before. The first thought was whether the heraldic "ANTelope" had been a symbol of the Antipas line. After being unable to sound-out any surname that sounded like "Antibes" or "Antipas," I tried for Tibes- and Tipas-like surnames, and came to the Tipps' and Tippens, both of which I have traced to the Pendragon motto, "Nosce TEIPSum." It just so happens that while myth writers made Uther Pendragon the father of a (non-existent) king Arthur (code for the ARTHur surname / bloodline), ANTIPATer (Antipas-like term)', the grandfather of Herod Antipas, married a woman from the household of ARETas III of Petra (Edom). "Herod" is itself suspect from the same entity that named Aretas.

I was still in bed when wondering these things, and could not recall what the Tipps Coat uses aside from their bull head. But when getting online, there in the Tipps/Tippen Crest was an antelope! I therefore need to stress that the heraldic antelope is a Herod-liner symbol. Previously, the ANTelope had been traced in-part to the goddess, Antu / Anat, whom I think named Eneti, ancient home of the HENETI Paphlagonians. But these are the very peoples who smack of "KENNEDY," and it just so happens that Pendragons share a helmet with Irish Kennedys (TIPPERary) while Scottish Kennedys share the dolphin with TIPPERS, the latter first found in the same place (Cornwall) as Pendragons. The bottom line seems to be that the Greek term, "Anti," is one in honor of a Heneti line, and that Herods were Heneti liners in Petra; hence, AntiPATER."

So, the Tipps/Tippens and Tippers are now both suspect, for the first time that I can recall, as surnames from "Antipas." This new idea has flared up a new look into things I've repeated several times in the last couple of years. I re-note that the Shield-and-Chief color combination of the Tipps/Tippens is that of the Heneti-suspect Ghents, part of the line to John of Gaunt. The latter is considered to be the founder of the House of Lancaster, and the Tipps/Tippens were first found in Lancaster, where I trace mythical Lancelot.

But one needs to be mindful of the so-called "pheon" in use by both the Helms and Sale's/SALETTe's, for two symbols of the Pendragon surname trace to these two surnames while the Sale's trace to the Turano river, for it flows parallel and beside the SALTo river. In this way, the Tipps bull head can trace to the namers of the Turano. To press this point, I traced the namers of the Turano to the namers of Turin (northern Italy, in the theater of the Salyes Ligures) while the Scottish Turin/Thurin Crest happens to use another helmet. It can therefore be gleaned that the Turin/Thurin Coat is a version of the Other/Otter Coat with the latter being the representation of the myth code, "Uther Pendragon."

The helmet is itself on a coin minted by Herod Archelaus, brother of Herod Antipas. In this very short treatment on the subject, the means exists to discover that the Herod bloodline can be tracked to heraldic symbols, and to the writers of Arthurian lore. The Herod bloodlines under discussion trace exactly to the Norman pirates that came to rule England, which was the red-rose or RHODian line to John of Gaunt. The "pheon" has proven to be code for the Pean/Payen/Pagan surname that named Payne ROET, father of Catherine Roet, wife of John of Gaunt. Payens were first found in Dauphine, land of the dolphin, and with a capital at Vienne-Isere, where Herod Archelaus (of Israel) had been banished.

Roets were first found in the same place (Somerset) as Badens/Battins while the Arms of Baden (Germany) is nothing but a red-on-gold bend (diagonal bar), the symbol of Turins and Others/Otters. Somerset is in the Cornwall peninsula, and then an Arthur family of importance married a Hicks family in Clapton, Somerset. Both the Hicks' and Arthurs of Clapton used "clarion" trumpets, code for the Claro's = Sinclairs. I had been satisfied that "CLAP" was a term traceable to GLAPHyra, wife of Herod Archelaus. The whole of that picture traced with the Shaws to Qewe/Ku, in Cilicia, a location ruled by a Herod bloodline from Glaphyra's other Herod line. One can glean that Irish Shaws/Sheaves' (Ghent eagles?) share the Pendragon motto, but the "qui" motto term of English Shaws/Sheaves traces to the key in the Crest of CLAVERS, a surname traceable to "GLAPHYRa (see also the keys of Italian Sheaves' and Spanish Chavez'). English Shaws/Sheaves were first found in the same place (Berkshire) as Windsor castle while the Others/Otters are said to be the root of Windsors. Paternosters were likewise first found in Berkshire.

The "qui "PATItur" motto phrase of Shaws can therefore be gleaned as part-code for the same Kilpatrick/Patchie line that named the so-called patee cross of Claptons. The Sithech = wolf theme invented for the Shaw write-up is therefore linkable to the Clapton wolf, but further considerations tends to trace the SITHech = wolf theme to Seth of Syria, father of the Israeli high priest, Annas. The "NOSce" motto term of Shaws and Pendragons has been assessed as code for PATERnosters sharing the black pirate saltire of KilPATRicks, Patricks and Pollock-related Maxwells/Makeswells. "PatiTUR" can also be part-code for the Turin line. There is good reason here to consider a trace of Paternosters to AntiPATER.

The Shield-and-Chief color combination of the Ghents is used also by Tanners, that being the family married by the Sinclair conqueror of England. When Hugh de Payen left Jerusalem after many years, he visited the Norman king of England, Henry. Fulbert "the tanner" was discovered (by me) to be a relative of Fulbert "the Saxon," and this opened my eyes to many things because "FULbert" traced to RoqueFEUIL, a location near the Comminges area to which Herod Antipas (of Israel) had been banished. Roquefeuil is in AUDE, beside Herault, while the Herod/Hurl surname (in Pollock colors) comes up as "Herault." Pollocks, known to be directly descended from Fulbert "the Saxon," use an AUDacter motto term as code for their Aude elements, and it's likely connectable to the AUDentes motto term of Turins/Thurins. The latter were first found in the same place (Aberdeenshire) as CHIVES'', and beside the Chiavas-related Shaws, all of these tracing to the namers of CHIVASSO, beside Turin. That works.

This picture tends to corroborate a hunch I had, that the king Henrys of England were named after the family of Henri IV of Rodes/Rodez, the one that married a daughter of the Roquefeuils. It just so happens that the first Henry of England was a son of the Conqueror (i.e. himself the grandson of Fulbert "the tanner"). The Pendragon motto is translated, "Know THYself," and then the Thy surname uses the wolf design of the Quillans, important for the Quillan location on the Aude river. The Quillan Coat happens to be a version of the Annas Coat, tending to support the trace of the Sithech-wolf theme to Seth, father of Annas (the Seth surname is listed with Shaws). It therefore traces the family of Annas and Caiaphas to Quillan, smack beside Rennes-le-Chateau. If you know your New Testament, you'll know that Annas and Caiaphas had Jesus murdered.

It tends to reveal that "the tanner" was a Roquefeuil = Rockefeller liner. This should explain why Wikipedia's article on Henry I has him painted in the gold-and-green colors (Pollock / Herod/Herault colors) used for the Arms of Roquefeuil. The gold bullion bars that are the entirety of the Arms of Roquefeuil have become suspect with the gold bars stolen by the Roman general, Quintus Caepio, whose descendants are suspect in Elizabeth Chappes, wife of Hugh de Payen (though others say he married Catherine Sinclair).

The crescents of the Others/Otters are those of German Julians while the black Julian cross of English Julians is found in the Crest of the Qewe-suspect Cowes/Ku surname (Lancashire), the pennants of which are likely traceable to the namers of PENdragons. The Pean/Payen surname, highly suspect with Pendragons, is in code with the "chevron pean" of Hamons, from Hamon de Massey of Dunham Massey, mentioned here because Dunhams in the line to Obama's mother (Ann Dunham) are known to be a line of Singletarys who use the antelope now suspect with Herods. The Catherine wheel, known symbol of Catherine ROET (from Rodez, right?), is used by WHEELwrights, but the latter use the antelope design of Singletarys. The Sinclairs show a Single-like variation.

Likely, the AnteLOPE was chose as symbol because it can incorporate the lopo = wolf line under discussion.

If you need further corroboration that I'm correctly reading the heraldry codes in this discussion, see the Moline/Moulin write-up as it traces the surname to Fulbert "the tanner," and then check to see that the black Moline cross (called a moline cross) is shared by the Chives'. The moline cross, furthermore, has ends that are a perfect reflection of the tops of the rooks used by the Roquefeuil lines of Rooks and Rookbys. It has therefore been a well-guarded secret that the Conqueror was a Roquefeuil-Rodez liner.

Next, we go to the flory cross of Gowers/Gore's, and it's fortunate (for this revelation) that the Gower/Gore Crest shares a white wolf with the Gore/Core Crest. The Quillans use a white wolf, and the Gower/Gore cross is nearly the moline while both the Gower and Moline crosses are black, thus linking Gore liners well to Fulbert "the tanner." The Gore's are linking to the line of Annas in Aude. We can make this link again by noting that the Gore/Core Coat is a version of the Windsor Coat while the Windsor-related Others/Otters are the ones sharing a version of the Coat used by the Turins, the latter being ones with a motto term as a code for Aude elements. But Turins also share a "juvat" motto term with Duffs, suspect with the Taphian pirates (= mythical Daphne) in Dauphine. It is therefore interesting that while Tipps' and Tippers trace to Dauphine, the Tibbs surname happens to share crosslets in the colors of the Gore / Windsor crosslets. The black eagle in the Tibbs Crest is a symbol shared by the Hagel Crest while "HAGEL" traced to the "AKHELoos" river (Greece), home of the Taphians. It doesn't escape us that "TAPH" and "TIPP" are similar.

The question is whether Tibbs' trace to "Antibes / Antipas." They are shown properly as Theobalds, but we should not necessarily imagine that a man named Theobald was the origin of "Tibbs." The Dibbs/Tippels/Dibbens (they named Dipple in Moray) are likewise said to be from "Theobald," but they use the Shield-and-Chief color combination of Tipps' in colors reversed. It looks like Tibbs' and Dibbs can indeed trace to Antipas Herods. However, compare the DIPPEN variation to "DAUPHINE."

Tibbs are said to have been in particular in Huntingdonshire and Cambridgeshire, the latter being where Julians and CAPONE's were first found whom I trace to a child(ren) of Julius Caesar with Servilia CAEPIONis (granddaughter of QUINTus Caepio), and then the Quints just happen to share the gold fitchee cross with Tibbs'. The six crosslets used by Tibbs are in the formation used by Tarves', from Tarves, home of the Chives', and near Moray. This should explain why the same red lion is both in the Dibbs and Tarves Crest. Others/Otters were first found in Huntingdonshire.

I can't at the moment justify tracing Tipps'/Tippens, Dibbs/Dippens and Tibbs' both to "Taphian / Daphne / Dauphine" and "Antibes," though the latter location might have once been part of southern Dauphine. I trace "Daphne" to the naming of Devon, and it just so happens that Chives' were first found in Devon. There is justification for tracing Daphne's father, Ladon, to the Lydians under mythical Pelops, whose father (TANTALus) was traced to Anat-suspect ANTALya, home of PISidians that trace to Pisa, home of Pelops' wife, beside the Ladon river. Pelops and his father ruled at Eneti. The Exeter location of Devon is interesting where the Exeter surname shares the Kennedy chevron, but using bells suspect with Baal, husband of Anat. Baal's mountain was at Saphon (Syrio-Cilicia theater), a term like "Taphian." At Saphon, Baal had defeated the seven-headed Lotan dragon suspect with the naming of the Ladon river. I suppose that Antibes may have been named by Eneti elements.

What I'm really after are fundamental links between "Antipas" and "Antibes" so as to trace Herod ancestry to Antibes, a location of southern France (Liguria / Provence). The reason that Arthur's father was made PenDRAGON may now trace to the Ladon dragon, no small point if I'm correct in tracing it to the Biblical, seven-headed dragon.

We all know that the royal Windsors are partly Stewarts, and likely the red lion of the Dibbs' and Tarves' is that of English Stewarts, first found in Devon. One can glean a fundamental Stewart link to Chives, but let's repeat that French Alans (origin of Stewarts) are a branch of Gore's and share the Julian stars, though previously the French Alans were showing ducks, until I mentioned that they share ducks with the Devon surname (Pendragon colors). The new point here is the "capTIVUS" motto term of Devons, like the TIBES term that I imagine from "Antibes." It tends to reveal that "DEVON" may have been named by the same that named Antibes. The Duffs/Duffus' happen to use the upright red lion too. But as Duffs were first found in the same place as Shaws, from the Shawia Numidians of Aures in north Africa, compare the Duffs to the Aurs/Auerrs.

I trace the proto-Stewart Alans to a merger with Massena Numidians, and so let's add that "SPERo" is a motto term shared by Devons and Massins/Masons. Moreover, while I trace the Stewart checks to the same of Massi's/Mattis' (compare the Mathis moline to the Chives moline), let's also enter the Italian Fulks using a version of the Massi/Mattis Coat, for the English Fulke's/Folks (share the "qui" motto term with Shaws) share the split Shield of Spanish CAPETs whom are thus suspect in the "CAPTivus" motto term of Devons. Fulke's/Folks use the ShakeSPEARE spear. The Massi's/Mattis checks were used by the nobles of Massa-Carrara, a location I trace to "Muskerry," home of Desmonds, a branch of Deas' (beside the Duffs) suspect in the "Deus" motto term of Duffs.

The Spears share crossed spears with Italian Pasi's/Pace's, now suspect in "AntiPAS" (just a point in passing). The Pasi surname (Bologna) was traced to the naming of emperor VesPASIan, the one whom I now suspect to be the Revelation head with the fatal head wound, whom will be resurrected by the eighth king of Revelation. Vespasian had ancestry in a Petro character (his grandfather, I think it was) of Rieti, and this line was traced to Peter Pollock, son of Fulbert "the Saxon." Spears were first found in the same place as Pollocks. It just so happens that while this section started at the Turano and Salto rivers, the place where these rivers meet is the location of Rieti. Not far downstream from Rieti is a Nera river suspect with Fulk Nerra III, the one in the write-up of Fulke's/Folks. The latter share the white fleur-de-lys with Sale's/Salette's, and are likely using it in the colors of the Massey lys.

I don't know whether I've ever tried for a Tives surname as I just did due to "capTIVAS," but the Tives' are listed with the Tuff's/Touch's using the green-on-white lion of the Lyons and French Lannoys, very Antipas-important because English Lannoys use a feathered helmet, the symbol on a coin of Herod Archelaus...who was banished to Vienne Isere, beside Lyon (Dauphine). It looks like the Tives' can link both to Herod Antipas and to Daphne liners of Dauphine. English Lannoys are sharing the symbol of ancient Anjou, the symbol of king Clovis.

The Touch's, in code in the motto of Clan Chattan, are said to have been "Lords of Audley," and this location, in Staffordshire, I assume, should trace to the Aude elements honored by Pollocks. No one has been able to discover what Saxon family Fulbert was from, but of interest here is that "The first mention of Audley is in the Domesday Book of 1086, when it was called Aldidelege, when the lands were held by a Saxon called Gamel." I hesitate to link Audley to Aude of France, but the connection may have been. There is a Gamel surname, first found in the same place (Cheshire) as Tives'/Touch's. Gamels look linkable to Camps, Capone's and Campbells/CAMMEL's. The Medley's, who share black stars with Gamels and Capone's, as well as so-called bars "GEMEL," use a green tiger, possible for the green lion of Tives'/Touch's.,_Staffordshire

Audleys (Staffordshire) share the fret with Hoods (Devon), and the latter's fret looks linkable to the crossed spears of Pasi's. In this picture, Hoods (Hiedler-line suspects), in Aude colors, look like the line that named Audley. It's reminding me of the trace of Adolf Hitler's mother, Mrs. Polzl, to the Maschi's of Rimini, beside Cattolica, for the Cattle's/Cattels use the fret too. The Rattery location of Hoods might just go back to a Rieti line, for Rieti was also "Reate." A fret is a saltire upon a central mascle (hollow diamond), while Machi's show mascle-like variations. See the Blake's of Devon and the fret of their Irish branch.

The Lannoys are traced in their write-up to Mercia (where one can expect Saxons), a line from the Marsi Italians at the sources of the Salto. The flag of Mercia is the Messey/Messier saltire, and therefore the Lannoy fleur-de-lys are likely the Masci fleur-de-lys. The Marsi lived at lake FUCino, suspect with the Foggs (Phocaean suspects) that share the Medley stars. See also the Fugger fleur.

Beyond my wildest expectations of about ten years ago, the Templars have been tracing more-recently to Herod. Hats off to Julie, who predicted this to me about ten years ago.


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