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May 12 - 18, 2015

Checking Out a Houston Family or Two

To re-cap, F Lewis Clark of Hayden Lake (Idaho) is suspect as not dying when he disappeared, but of feigning his own death, then finding a mate in California (he disappeared 1914 in Santa Barbara). He was a good friend of kaiser Wilhelm Hohenzollern, the emperor of Germany in WW1. Cathian Covert told me that her father descended from a kaiser of Hohenzollern circles, and she had an address at Post Falls, very near Hayden Lake. It makes Cathian suspect with F Lewis Clark because both have links to imperial Hohenzollerns. Then, a Julia Faye Covert was found at/beside the Riverside area of California, where Cathian was married in her youth. Cathian's own daughter was Julia too, and Julia Faye Covert (75), of age to be Cathian's mother, is also listed as Julia Faye Clark, making her ancestry suspect with F Lewis Clark, perhaps his granddaughter. The Shane Covert listed with her may or may not be her husband:
Julia F Covert, age 75

Address history..............Relatives

Bancroft, ID...............Edward Clark [51, Julia's son?]
Oxnard, CA................Shane [Allen] Covert [63]
Las Vegas, NV...........Justin Clark [28]
Running Springs, CA
La Habra CA
Anaheim CA

[Thanks to my fellow investigator, it was found that Shane married Julia Faye Clark in 1997, meaning that she was not Cathian's mother, apparently. This info is at the page below, which looks reliable. It tends to mean that Julia was either born a Clark or was married to one. It tends to obliterate any importance she might have as concerns my topic / theory, but not necessarily. I will leave not adjust this update further where I speak on Julia Faye Covert; but do keep in mind that she was a Clark previous to 1997. The other Julia Covert (of Hemet) could yet be Cathian's mother.

] By the way, her other names include Julia Fay Cross, perhaps indicating that she married Mr. Cross. A Julia M Covert was found (1st update of this month) living in the Hemet part of Riverside, who worked at the same evangelical church as a Jeffrey Clark, pastor (or "religious leader"). Benjamin L Covert lived with this Julia Covert, and he became suspect with two Benjamin L Coverts in north Chicago (late last update), especially as one of them has a Chesapeake address, same as one Kaiser Wilhelm Hohenzollern (42).

It just so-happened that out of the ten Hohenzollerns listed in the U.S., one of them, Kristofer Hohenzollern (28), has a Fallbrook address, near Riverside. In addition, there is a Julia R Cross, 28 (Amanda J Cross as kin), listed in both Hemet and Fallbrook, and, just for the record, the addresses involved might prove links to Carolyn May Cross (73) and Clifford John Cross (74). At the Google page for Fallbrook, there is a map showing this community smack beside Camp Pendleton North. Here is what was said late last update:

The Benjamin L Covert listed in Hemet is also listed in Cary, Illinois, to the immediate west of Great Lakes navy outfit (i.e. where the other Benjamin L Covert (41) is listed).

There is a third Benjamin L Covert (71) likewise of Illinois, in Wauconda and Crystal Lake, both smack beside Cary. If the elder Benjamin (listed with Mary Covert) was working at the naval outfit, he may have been transferred to Camp Pendleton, and may there have been involved with Julia Covert-Clark / Julia M Covert. Mary E Covert of Wauconda and Crystal Lake is 78, perhaps his wife, perhaps his sister.

The idea there is that Benjamin Covert is the link to Wilhelm Hohenzollern in Chesapeake as well as to Kristofer Hohenzollern at the Camp-Pendleton area (San Diego theater), and meanwhile related to one of both Julia Coverts of Riverside / Anaheim. For this discussion, it should be added that the Hitlers of Long Island (started out in the U.S. navy) were sought in Houston surnames, which turned up this:

Back to James E Houston (76) listed in Chesapeake, whose kin include John WILLIAM Houston (50) of Grand Island and Chesapeake and William Joseph Houston (47) of Chesapeake and San Diego. William's kin, Yvette J Houston (45), is likewise listed in Chesapeake. Also related is Colleen Ann Houston of Chesapeake; at her file she's got the occupation of "Naval Officers' Spouses' Club of San Diego," suggesting the Marine Corps' at Camp Pendleton. These particular Houstons are all related to Cynthia J Houston, age 75, of the Grand Falls / Buffalo area. In other words, Cynthia is the oldest amongst them. Having the same kin-list, there is a Cynthia J Houston (48), also of Chesapeake and San Diego, with an occupation at The Writer's Lab.

There is a Cynthia Clark listed with the Edward King Clark of concern, but I can't find her own listing with certainty. Nor can I find the related Suzanne Covert. There is a Suzanne E Covert (85) of Hayden and one Nevada address (jibes with the Las Vegas address of Edward's family). She's also Suzanne Eger Heth. One Suzanne L Covert (42) of several Virginia addresses is also Suzanne Grobbel, like the SchichlGRUBer surname of Adolf Hitler's father.

Julia Covert-Clark and her kin have Oxnard listings, and then, at Google's page on Oxnard, it's on a map smack beside the naval base at Ventura county.

Most first names of American Coverts do not strike me as Germanic, but more like American / English. There is a Bjorn Hohenzollern listed in Phoenix, Arizona, and Klaus Hohenzollern is listed in Gilbert, Arizona, but no Klaus and Bjorn Coverts are listed. As for KRISTOFER Hohenzollern of the Riverside theater, here is on interesting listing:

Christopher T Covert , age 45

Has lived in:.........................Related to:

San Francisco, CA.............Jacqueline Covert
Fort Worth, TX..................Leigh Covert
Dallas, TX..........................Patricia [Straka] Covert [69]
Yorktown, VA...................Thomas Covert
CHICAGO IL..................JULIE Covert [43]
HAMPTON VA................Jackie Covert
Williamsburg, VA

With Julie Covert (43) (Dallas and Austin, Texas) being in the list while Las Vegas was home to both Julia Covert-Clark and Christopher, the latter's Chicago listing becomes of interest because the Great Lakes naval base, directly beside the two Benjamin Coverts, is in north Chicago. Then, the Hampton listing for Christopher gets one very close to Chesapeake. There are very few scarlet colors in heraldry -- used by Flemings, the related Tresure's, and the Saxons/Septons -- but here I find what looks like a scarlet Chesapeake flag. It seemed likely that scarlet was reserved in heraldry for Tresure liners (Flemings use a double "tressure" border in scarlet), and this may perhaps pertain to flags too.

On the page with Julie Covert is a Julie R Covert, 26 (of age to be the daughter), with four addresses, Dallas, Austin, Fort Worth and San Francisco, a match with Christopher Covert. As for Jacqueline in the list with Christopher, she's likely Jacqueline Nicole Covert (no age) listed in Hampton (Virginia) only, with one kin only, Chris Covert, the only kin of Julie R Covert too. That makes a link for the same family between Hampton and Dallas. I'm assuming that Chris is Christopher T Covert (under discussion).

Christopher appears to be the son of Patricia Straka Covert of Dallas. She's listed only in Texas, with only Chris, Thomas and Leigh Covert as kin. Leigh (34) is listed only in Texas and with an Anne middle name, same as another Patricia Covert, 69, on the page with 69-year-old Patricia Straka Covert, but with different details. Thomas Milton Covert, with all the right details, is 71. I do not get any distinct impression that this family is related to Julia Covert-Clark or the Hohenzollerns. However, it's notable that a son of William PATRICK Hitler was suspect (last update) in Dallas.

The Straka's of Dallas turned up some interesting leads, but not conclusive. There is a Nicol D Straka, 47 (of age to be a daughter of Patricia Straka Covert), related to a Patricia Straka (and BRIAN Brumme), but the latter Patricia is not listed in Texas or California. There is one Patricia Straka (47) in all of Virginia, listed at Chesapeake, and having an A middle initial so as to possibly match with "Anne." Then, back to Dallas, there is a Robert Joh Straka, 55, with a Garland and Richardson address too, and it just so happens that the Hitler's of Dallas were suspect in both Dallas and Garland (the latter is on the northern skirt of Dallas). Plus, Thomas Covert (above) is listed in Richardson (TX) too.

The Garland topic had included Sharkeys, a term much like "Straka." While it may seem like a stretch, I'm always keeping in mind that spies could be involved who change their surnames regularly as they go, from place to place, like packs for to conduct their business. From the last update: "...Dary Houston (44, 47), and the latter has two addresses, Garland and Dallas. Dary has only Robert Houston listed as kin." There is a Robert Conway Houston, age 49, listed only in Garland and Dallas, with a Dary, Kay and JEAN Houston, noting that while Howard Ronald Houston, son of William Hitler, worked in Dallas, William married Phyllis JEAN-Jacques. There is a Kay Covert listed with the 41-year old Benjamin L Covert.

The big point here is Robert Conway Houston, 76, having some of the same details as the younger man by the same name. This elder Robert Houston has for a kin a M Houston, and Robert's Dary kin serves to reveal that M Houston is the one of the last update. Repeat from the last update:

Below James Houston, there is a M Houston (45) with the regular listing of Grand Falls, Buffalo and even Niagara Falls (Cathian had one of those too), but not sharing the kin that are common to the Houstons above. However, this M Houston has addresses in Dallas and Garland. In consideration that M Houston is listed with DONALD Sharkey, let's repeat from earlier: "...Charlotte Erica Jaeger (59) shares a Blue Point location with DONALD F Houston and Susan J Houston (57, = Susan J Roiy) of Patchogue. Donald and Susan are listed with Charlotte's kin along with Dary Houston (44, 47), and the latter has two addresses, Garland and Dallas, near one another in Texas." This is tentatively important because Howard RONALD Houston (son of WILLIAM Hitler) worked in Dallas (Ronalds are listed with Donalds [in heraldry], and they share the Stuart ship).

The Houstons of Grand Falls / Buffalo and Chesapeake were a significant topic, and here they look to trace to Robert Conway Houston of Texas, and possibly to related Coverts, for M Houston of the last update not only has Garland and Dallas addresses, but Plano and Irving too.

On the Houston page being discussed in this update, there is a Robert Houston (Earl middle name), age 65, with a Patricia Houston as kin, jibing with William's alias: William PATRICK Stuart-Houston. Of course, I hate to be saying these things about people if there is no link involved. But that's the game of process-of-elimination. There is yet another Robert Earl Houston, 62, with addresses in Garland, Dallas, Plano and Irving, and then Thomas Covert (above) and Patricia Straka Covert share Dallas and Plano, while Patricia Anne Covert shares Dallas and Irving. I think this is significant.

M Houston is listed with Victoria L Houston, age 69 (old enough to be his/her mother), of Dallas and Garland. Victoria shares Rockwall (beside Dallas / Garland) and Rowlett (both in Texas) with Jean Grace Houston, 76, kin of Sharla. When we search the Kay Houston listed with Robert Conway Houston and Sharla Houston, we come to Kay Lynn Houston, 54, with Robert, Sharla, Jean (76) AND EVEN RONALD Houston as kin! Kay has worked for State Bar of Texas, SLATER & Matsil, and the Dallas Bar Association.

It just so happens that while Howard RONALD Hitler (50) has worked in Dallas, Ronald David Houston, 52, listed with Kay and Inmi Houston (the latter appears on other lists), has a Dallas address (as well as sharing Sarasota (Florida) with Inmi, 53). The Ami Houston (55) listed with Ronald has her own listing with Inmi and Ronald, but there is an Amie (C) Houston (59) listed with Salvador surnames, which we will see shortly in relation to Dary Houston.

There is then a third Robert Earl Houston on the same page, this time age 60, and he shares Garland with the Robert Earl Houston, 62, as well as having an address in Fort Worth (twin city with Dallas). This latter Robert Earl has multiple Illinois addresses, though not at Chicago. There are two Robert Houstons who share Garland and Forney, the latter being on the east side of Dallas. One of them, Robert Matthew Houston (46), shares Tonya, Joseph and Patricia Houston with Robert Earl Houston, 65, and, like the family of Christopher and Patricia Straka Covert, Robert Mathew Houston has a San Francisco address.

I would like to emphasize these three Robert Earl Houstons (could be the same man) against the Robert Houston of the last update. Here's how the latter entered the picture:

H R S [William Hitler's son with zero doubt] is listed as working at Cornerstone Healthcare Group in Dallas, and Stream Realty Partners [Dallas, Fort Worth and Houston]. It traces Hitlers to Dallas. Remember Marie Stuart-Houston, age 49, of age to be William's daughter, yet no daughters were claimed for William Hitler, and no wives as mothers for his sons. Who else can Marie be if not William's daughter or a wife of one of his sons? What about Regina Houston, 60, of Coram and Patchogue [home of the Hitlers]? On the page with Regina, there is a 79-year old Mary Ann Houston (Patchogue) with Jaeger kin shared by Robert A Houston (50) of Patchogue and Centereach, and Debra Houston (59) of Patchogue and Mastic Beach, interesting because Stuart-Houstons are listed in Centereach and Mastic Beach. It was Marie (not Mary Ann) herself that's listed in Centereach. As 65-year-old Houston ALEX Stuart (= Alexander Hitler, age 65) has an address in Mastic Beach, Regina may have been his wife. As Mary Ann shares a Blue Point (NY) location with Robert, it looks like Robert could be the son of Alexander and Mary Ann Stuart-Houston (when Alexander was about 15).

The Robert- and Mary-Anne-related Charlotte Erica Jaeger (59) shares a Blue Point location with Donald F Houston and Susan J Houston (57, = Susan J Roiy) of Patchogue.

So, Robert A Houston, 50, and Robert Conway Houston, 49, both have Dary as kin. The Patchogue location of the 50-year old (has no Texas addresses) is somewhat of an intrigue, for William Hitler is not listed as having a Robert for a son, yet this Robert is listed with the same age as one of William's sons (Brian). For the record, Debra Seiler ( = Debra A Houston = Debra A Salvatore above) is on the kin list with Robert and Dary Houston, and the Seilers of Patchogue and West Babylon are related to Wilsons:

It's not realistic for four sons of William Hitler to have ZERO children. Such a claim is what we expect from them to keep anyone from tracking / watching them. It's becoming possible, now, that William Hitler took on the Houston name due to a Houston family of Texas. It's possible that Howard Ronald was murdered by his own family due to being too loose with the family secret.

I wasn't able to clinch the link between Christopher T Covert and Kristofer Hohenzollern. Right below the listing for Christopher is Christopher Lynn Covert, a year younger, and having Riverside and San Diego for two addresses, the same area as Kristofer Hohenzollern. Plus, Christopher Lynn has a Pete Covert kin, which evokes this from the last update: "The Kay Covert listed with the 41-year old Benjamin is Kaylee Covert, 40, of Belleville, Illinois, but with Arizona addresses, including Phoenix, as well as Tampa, Florida. The Peter Covert listed with Kay and Benjamin is Peter David Covert (61); he looks like the father...The trick is to understand any possible relationship between Peter Covert and Julia Covert [of Hemet]. Why should a son [i.e. Benjamin] of Peter go to Hemet, home of Julia Margaret Covert?" Phoenix is the only listing for Bjorn Hohenzollern.

Christopher Lynn is listed with a Sr Covert, who might just be Christopher Covert, 65 (same page), with a Justin Covert as kin, the name of one kin for Julia M Covert of Hemet. The elusive Suzanne Covert might be the one listed with Christopher Aemado Covert (48) with one Virginia address. There is an Angela Lynn Covert (38), listed with a Chris and Rachel Covert, that may explain the Lynn middle name of Christopher.

Then there is Christopher Gerald Covert, 35 (same page), with a Rachel Covert as kin, perhaps important because Peter Covert above is listed with Rachel Ann Plunkett (37). She shares Monrovia (Indiana) with Peter Covert, and happens to have Kay and Benjamin Covert as kin.. In that theoretical picture, a line of Coverts using "Rachel" married Plunketts, one of which was married by Peter Covert, suspect as father to the Benjamin Covert who lived with Julia M Covert of Hemet. My guess is that Plunketts are Pulleys/Pullens and Palins/Pawleys and therefore traceable to Peter Pollock. Plunketts are said to be from Plouquenet in the same area of Brittany as Dol.

Here's more interesting fodder for investigation, starting with a search of Benjamin Clark or Julia M Clark in Dallas, hoping to find Benjamin L Covert of Hemet (California) and Cary (Illinois), suspect with a Julia Margaret Covert (Hemet) or Julia Covert-Clark. A Julia M Clark (Dallas and Houston) was found as kin to Benjamin Clark, and listing Guy surnames for kin. We then find a Benjamin HOWARD Clark listed with Guy relatives, as well as Julia Clark, and he happens to be 33 years old, same age as one Benjamin Covert of Ontario, California i.e. near Hemet.

From the last update: "...a Benjamin L Covert was found listed at the very same address -- 44725 Hwy 74, Hemet -- as Julia M Covert (turned out to be Julia Margaret Covert (no age) of Hemet). And in the page above (or below) with SAMUEL and KATHLEEN Covert, there is one Benjamin L Covert (41) of Chesapeake, suggesting a relative of Julia M Covert (Hemet)." I now find a KATHLEEN and Margaret Clark listed with Benjamin Clark above, and a SAMUEL Guy listed with Julia M Clark. Benjamin Clark has three New York addresses (along with Dallas and Houston), one being Buffalo. He's also listed in Austin, and so let's repeat from earlier in this update:

With Julie Covert (43) (Dallas and Austin, Texas) being in the list [for Christopher T Covert] while Las Vegas was home to both Julia Covert-Clark and Christopher, the latter's Chicago listing becomes of interest [for linking to Benjamin L Covert]...

On the page with Julie Covert is a Julie R Covert, 26 (of age to be the daughter), with four addresses, Dallas, Austin, Fort Worth and San Francisco, a match with Christopher Covert. As for Jacqueline in the list with Christopher, she's likely Jacqueline Nicole Covert (no age) listed in Hampton (Virginia) only, with one kin only, Chris Covert, the only kin of Julie R Covert too. That makes a link for the same family between Hampton [near Chesapeake] and Dallas. I'm assuming that Chris is Christopher T Covert (under discussion).

We now have this discussion going into Austin, where president Bush Jr. lives. I can't find Kathleen Clark, but the Katherine Clark listed with she and Benjamin is Katherine T Clark of Austin and Baird. The Angela Coverts listed in Austin can now be placed under suspicion with Angela Clark in the list of kin for Julia M Clark. A Katherine Clark of Norfolk (at Chesapeake) was found in the last update, related to Victoria Clark with a Barbara and Julia Clark as kin. Benjamin Clark has a Barbara Guy as kin. It makes my head spin, but it looks worth it, because Barbara Wolff Guy, 74, of Dallas and Houston has only two Clarks listed, Benjamin and Angela...tending to clinch the Benjamin link to Julia M Clark, no small point, especially as Barbara Wolff Guy has a third address at Sun City, California, in Riverside county! That can really make Julia M Clark the same as Julia Margaret Covert of Riverside county (because the latter was suspect as Julia Faye Covert-Clark (75).

It's asking to clarify the relationship between Barbara Guy and Julia Covert-Clark, just one year apart. Perhaps they were sisters, both born Clarks from F Lewis Clark. Here's what was said on Barbara Clark: "There is a Victoria D Clark (52) of Norfolk (works in a bank, something I half-expect with Hohenzollern liners) with an F Clark listed as kin, very interesting because most kin do not come merely with a first initial, like the mysterious F. Lewis Clark."

Angela turns out to be Angela Dawn Clark (Austin, Dallas, Houston), 43. She has plenty of Guy kin but also Benjamin and Julia M Clark. Benjamin is a regular listing with all of these kin, and is the predominant make Clark, making it appear as though one female Clark married a Mr. Guy. But Benjamin is only 33; where's the older Mr. Clark expected as the father of the Ms. Clark that married Mr. Guy? Of the nine kin for Barbara Wolff Guy, only one is a male (besides Benjamin), and that's William Phillip Guy, 47, of only Houston (TX) and Salisbury, Maryland. It appears that Angela married a Clark in relation to Benjamin Clark, but as no other male appears in Angela's list, perhaps she married Benjamin, in which case her having a Riverside address makes a great case for revealing Benjamin as Benjamin L Covert, age 33. But how could this one be related to Benjamin L Covert, 41, or Benjamin L Covert, 71? As Peter DAVID Covert looked like he could be the father of Benjamin-41, Benjamin-71 may be the same as 41 but entering a false age off-the-cuff.

Perhaps there are too many Houston kin (in this Texas picture) for this to be a family from William Hitler. However, in the list of Stuart-Houstons, there was one (Alexander) at 92 years old that was not from William. He was the only one in all the U.S. that was not linkable officially to William, and so the theory was that William was "adopted" (or affiliated with) by some of Alexander's family...which may at one time have been a Houston family until merging with a Stuart family. William Hitler was born in 1911, and was of the fathering age in, say, 1930. He could have had children in the 1930's and 40s. His oldest-told son is said to be 65, but that makes him born in 1950. Are we supposed to be fooled into thinking that William's life started only after the war? Suppose that all his children prior to the war came to be surnamed, Houston. Assuming there were four before the war who birthed four children each in the 1950s, there may have been more than 100 of his descendants by the 1980s (most of them children at that time but now adults).

In the list for Ronald Houston, two new Houstons enter the kin list, Marion and Maryann. But why does Marion Houston show the aliases of Mark ALLEN Houston (56) and Marcus A Houston? Howard Ronald Stuart-Houston, if he were still alive, would have been 58. Was his middle name chosen as per Ronald Houston? They both worked in Dallas. Marion = Mark Houston has worked for American Airlines, Home School Athletic Association, and Dallas Thunder.

The TWA 800 flight (1996) that many say was shot down in East Moriches was smack beside Patchogue, and then TWA, when it went out of business in 2001, merged with American Airlines. Hmm. A missile apparently came from the ground: "While investigators from the NTSB arrived on scene the following day, many witnesses to the accident had seen a 'streak of light' that was usually described as ascending, moving to a point where a large fireball appeared." As Cathian Covert supposedly married a Mr. Sanders while being married in Riverside, looks at this: "Working with journalist James Sanders, and Sanders' wife Elizabeth, a TWA flight attendant, he removed items from the wreckage reconstruction site, specifically the samples of seat fabric as well as documents related to the investigation. Later, with the information provided by Sanders, the Riverside Press-Enterprise published a series of articles alleging that the substance was in fact consistent with unexpended rocket fuel from a missile that struck TWA 800." That's from Riverside, California. Sanders went on to write a book on the missile theory. Apparently, the missile was shot from a ship out at sea.

Marion's/Mark's middle name (Allen) can trace to the Stuarts. He is listed with three kin only, Marva, Deborah, and Joshua Houston. However, he has familiar addresses, including Dallas, Fort Worth, Garland and Plano (the latter is beside Garland). But he also has Coppel and Lewisville, which were listed in some of the other Houstons mentioned above. The reason that he may not have the familiar kin on his list is that he operates on false identities. But, somehow, Intelius hooked him up to Howard Houston.

There are only four Joshua Houstons (listed) in all of Texas. The 40-year-old one, barely of age to be a son of Marion/Mark, has a Marion, Illinois, listing along with Dallas. Joshua is said to have attended Southern Illinois University. He's listed with Amy and Robert Houston as well as Ronnie Houston. Perhaps Marion/Mark was in Illinois too at one point. Also in Joshua's kin list is Jennifer Myers, whom I think I have seen elsewhere in the last two weeks.

Ami Houston, mentioned earlier, listed with Ronald Houston, is of age to be either Mark's or Robert's wife. However, there is an Amy Jo Houston, 39 (Joshua's wife / sister?), with the right details to be Amy above, with six Illinois listings as well as Dallas, thus making an Illinois-Dallas connection once again. Joshua has the same six Illinois addresses, all in central or southern Illinois (not near Chicago in the north). Robert Earl Houston had a comparable Illinois listing. Rather than Marion/Mark, Amy has the kin of Robert well as Jennifer Myers. The latter looks to be Jennifer L Myers (32) of El Paso (TX) and Dallas (her only two address), for Maryann Houston has just one address, in El Paso (the latter has just two kin, Margaret and Robert Houston). It might prove fruitful to mention Jennifer's HOWARD Myers. On the same page with Jennifer, there is a Jennifer LYNN Houston, same age (32), with a Dallas and Lewisville (northern outskirt of Dallas) address as well as one in Chicago, Miami and New York.

Here is a Jennifer LYNN Myers, 39, with addresses such as Dallas, Garland, San Diego and Cary, Illinois! Most of her kin are Myers and Kendalls. San Diego is where I expected Benjamin Covert of Cary, and so this Jennifer may be related to Christopher LYNN Covert (likewise listed in San Diego).

In case there are false names being used, let's also mention Jennifer A Myers, 33, with only two kin, Christopher and Jacqueline Myers. Then, let's repeat: "With Julie Covert (43) (Dallas and Austin, Texas) being in the list [for Christopher T Covert] while Las Vegas was home to both Julia Covert-Clark and Christopher, the latter's Chicago listing becomes of interest [for linking to Benjamin L Covert]...On the page with Julie Covert is a Julie R Covert, 26 (of age to be the daughter), with four addresses, Dallas, Austin, Fort Worth and San Francisco, a match with Christopher Covert. As for Jacqueline in the list with Christopher, she's likely Jacqueline Nicole Covert (no age) listed in Hampton (Virginia) only, with one kin only, Chris Covert, the only kin of Julie R Covert too. " In other words, there is a Christopher and Jacqueline Covert as well as a Christopher and Jacqueline Myers. Recall Christopher LYNN Covert, "having Riverside and San Diego for two addresses, the same area as Kristofer Hohenzollern" As the Chicago > Covert topic was linkable to Hohenzollerns, lets add a second Jennifer Lynn Myers, this time 55, with one listing in Gilbert, Arizona, where one Hohenzollern is listed.

I naturally want to know whether Ronnie Houston, in the kin list of Marion/Mark Houston, is Ronald David Houston (52), who worked in Dallas along with Howard Ronald Hitler. Of three Ronnie Houstons in Dallas, there is one, 63, with two Virginia addresses, in Chesterfield and Richmond, the latter smack beside Chesapeake. Like some other Houstons of concern, Ronnie has addresses in both Dallas and Garland, a re-occurring theme. Ronnie's age is not like that of Ronald's, but on the same page, a Ronnie Lee Houston has the same age (52).

The Jane Houston listed with looks like Jane J Houston, 63, with Ronnie, Johnnie, Robert and William Houston as kin; the first three are also in the kin list of Joshua. Jane does not come up in a search in Dallas, but comes up in a search in Marion, Illinois. She shares Granite City with Joshua and Amy. Jane looks like Ronnie's wife, and the two look like parents to Joshua and Amy (40 and 39).

Here's something interesting. The Mildred Houston listed with Joshua has got to be Millie Mae Houston, 80, with only one kin, Johnnie Houston, a rare spelling but listed with Joshua too. I like these older folk that get us back to the time of F Lewis Clark, Julia FAYE Covert-Clark, or Alexander Houston. Millie (page below) has only three addresses -- Suisun City, Vallejo, San Francisco -- all in California, and Vallejo is shared by one FAYE M Houston, 62, who came up on the same page as Millie (directly under her listing) even though I searched for "Mildred" in Marion, Illinois. Why does Millie come up at all if all she has all California addresses? Intelius must know something. Lookie here from the 1st update of this month: "There is a Kathy Covert (no age), with Fay Covert kin, and listed in Vallejo, California, not very far from Niland / Riverside." It looks like Faye M Houston is related to, or perhaps the same person as, Faye Covert. Kathy is listed with Steve Allen Covert (46), Fay and Gregory Alvin Covert, 67.

The Myrna Eakes listed with Gregory has a page with only three Myrna Eakes, all with a J middle initial, but all of different ages. The ones listed at 92 and 77 years have the same four kin, with an address in Cary, North Carolina, not far from Chesapeake. The 65 year-old Myrna (all three addresses in Oklahoma) has Gregory Covert as her kin. Faye M Houston has two Illinois addresses, one in Belleville, which is VERY SUSPICIOUS because "The Kay Covert listed with the 41-year old Benjamin is Kaylee Covert, 40, of Belleville, Illinois..." Zowie, that's the Benjamin suspect with Julia M Covert and Julia Faye Covert-Clark. Could it be that the latter's expected links to the Dallas Houstons is now going with them to the Illinois Houstons? Was Faye Houston the reason for Julia's middle name?

Faye M Houston has a Milton Houston as kin, and then directly below Faye there is a Milton Houston, 76, one year older that Julia Faye Covert-Clark. It looks like Faye is Faye Milton Houston. And just as Benjamin was suspect as one or two by the same name at northern Chicago, here we find Milton with a Chicago (and Buffalo) address. Repeat: "Benjamin Clark has three New York addresses (along with Dallas and Houston), one being Buffalo."

However, directly under Milton there is a Milton J Houston (63) with all three addresses matching Faye Houston's. In fact, Faye Houston is in his kin list, along with Johnnie Houston and others. Milton's kin list also includes Marion Houston. Marva Houston in the list of Marion/Mark Houston is Marva KING in Milton's (63) kin list. We have seen that surname before. IN FACT, Edward KING Clark is listed with Julia Faye Covert-Clark! Upon discovering Julia Faye Covert for the first time (two updates ago), I said: "Suddenly, Clark House (mansion) at Hayden Lake is coming to mind, but perhaps that's hasty. Note EDWARD (King) Clark in Julia's list above, possibly Cathian's brother. " Here's from the last update: "While searching David Clarks, there was another one found sharing Weimar (CA) with Julia White (38). That's important because I'm going forward expecting F Lewis Clark as her ancestor. This David has a Sarah King as kin..."

As Frank Marshall Davis, suspect as Obama's true father, was in Chicago along with Obama, I'd like to record here (from the same page) a Davis Millie Houston (66) with only one address, Chicago, and a Shanna Davis kin (as well as Frederick Francis).

On the same page again, a second Millie J Houston, this time 76, and listed only in Chicago, has a kin, DeMARCUS Houston, suspicious first name. This Milton J Houston is the same age as the first Milton Houston above.

Last update: "It may appear as though we have found some Stuart-Houstons in M Houston's family, with a link between Buffalo and Dallas...There is another Cynthia J Houston (53) listed with a Mary Houston, BRIANNA Thompson, and HOWARD Houston." The reason for that quote is the Buffalo connection and the Thompson surname, for the Mildred page has Milton T Houston, 82, with yet another Buffalo address, not expected in a search for Mildred Houston of Marion, Illinois, unless Intelius thinks Milton can be related. Or, Intelius is programmed to bring up MILTons with a search on MILDrids. As M Houston (45) is listed in Buffalo, might he/she be another Milton Houston? There are some Milton Houstons of Buffalo, but Martha Houston (no age) has only Buffalo and Niagara Falls addresses, matching the same from M Houston (45). Martha's only kin is William Houston. She is the only Martha Houston listed in Buffalo.

The Robert-Bridge Coincidence

In consideration of Niagara Falls and Buffalo together having Homeland-Security and Customs-border people, here is "William Houston- Director of Policy and Planning for U.S. Customs and Border Protection". He was found as a "Principal" of Command Consulting Group, an American spy agency of sorts founded in 2009 as a government tool in foreign policy, and having a logo like the EU logo. To help locate William in Buffalo, we find, on another page dated November 18, 2009, "William Houston -- Former Director of Policy and Planning, CBP; led the development of the CBP and DHS NORTHERN Border Strategy" (caps mine). Another page suggests that William retired to join, or joined when retiring, Command Consulting group.

Of only the four William Houstons of Buffalo, a William C Houston, 73, has a Niagara Falls address as well as Martha and Robert Houston kin. Fortunately, there is a picture of William Houston with graying hair in the webpage below, which picture, because it's a page of Command Consulting Group, was likely taken in or before 2009. If he is the William C Houston at age 73 today, he would have been about 67 in 2009. The photo allows this to be a match. We read: "From 2006 to 2009 [under George Bush Jr], Mr. Houston served as the Director of Policy and Planning for U.S. Customs & Border Protection (CBP), where he managed the strategic planning and performance measurement of the Nation's largest law enforcement agency responsible for America's border security...Prior to his service at CBP, Mr. Houston served as an Army Intelligence Officer on active duty and continued to serve, as he does today, in the Army Reserves. Mr. Houston is a specialist in counterterrorism and law enforcement intelligence. In his active duty capacity, Mr. Houston served overseas in Augsburg, Germany..." These things alone can make him suspect from the Bush-circle of Americanized Nazi's.

I'll go on with William C Houston with caution, not knowing whether he is the one. The Martha R Houston, listed with William, Robert, and others with whom William is listed, is said to be 71, and cannot therefore be M Houston. M Houston remains unidentified, but could be Milton. The Cody Houston (Nebraska) listed with William is his own age, 73, and shares only three kin: William, Robert and Martha Houston. Is that William himself under another name, or his twin? Robert turns out to be Robert Aaron Houston, 42, with many Nebraska addresses, and William, etc., for kin, but Robert also has three in Colorado. Martha has only one Nebraska address, Bridgeport, the only address for Cody, yet Martha will appear regularly in other listings with William.

After writing to this point, I needed to re-load the Mildred page, but it changed. The first Mildred page had this at the top: "Search results for Mildrid Houston in Marion, IL" There were 19 results. I know because I recorded the URL address as Re-loading it, it still had the 19 results. But when I did the second search for Mildred Houston for Marion, the page below came up with only 10 results, all the Miltons removed. The second page reads like so at the top: "Search results for Mildred Houston in Marion, IL" It's the same search on both pages, but the Miltons have been removed from the page. No one shows up except ten Mildreds, meaning that Faye M Houston is also gone; Davis Millie Houston is gone; Millie J Houston (76) is gone; Millie May Houston (80) is gone. But looking at the URL, I see that "mildrid" was searched instead of "mildred," and for that reason, Intelius brought up the extra nine names. But why did it bring up Faye Houston?

I was arrested by Homeland Security on a false charge, during the years that William Houston was over the organization. After spying through the computer in my vehicle, they cuffed me and started to drive me to a jailhouse for the night, in a small, unmarked car that did not look like a law vehicle. Why? Why did they wait until dark? On the way, with two men in the front, the car parked in the middle of a high bridge for 20 minutes, when I thought they were going to throw me over. I was seated in the back closest to the bridge railing. Finally, they decided to drive to the jailhouse, thank God. I was free the next morning (when the judge saw through this scheme), even though three officers signed affidavits giving false testimony to the false charge. This was a real eye-opener. Homeland Security was corrupt, I then learned. We can begin to see here why aliases could have been used by a large number of names under investigation, for some of them may have been involved with national security / Intelligence. Unfortunately, they may have been related to William Hitler or a CIA founder, George Herbert Scherff.

It was that incident on the bridge that reminded me of, and initially had me wondering whether Robert Powell, thrown over a bridge on a drug deal gone bad, was to become part of my clues in going forward with this revelation. It was just an inkling at first. See "Robert Powell" in the last two updates to see what I'm talking about. After resisting to tell readers that I was considering a Robert-Powell connection to my work, it seemed that God was wanting me to use it. I see that a ROBERT Houston, 71, is listed with William and Cody, both 73. And then there is BRIDGEport, hmm, one address for Robert, Cody and Martha. Hmm, Robert has worked for Nebraska State Penitentiary, Department of Correctional Services, Nebraska Department of Education, Nebraska Department of Correctional Services, Douglas County Corrections, The United States Department of Justice, and some trucking / courier companies. William Houston likewise has the Bridgeport address.

And by the way, the only reason that they tried to jail me, or worse, was due to their going through my computer, which had nothing of a criminal nature. All it had was the anti-Masonic material, and plenty of material opposing Drakenberg. The names of my online books may have been on a Drakenberg list.

The Della Matticks listed with William is Della M Matticks (59) = Della Marie Overholt, with Martha and William listed as her kin. There's no Cody, and no Bridgeport address, so I'm ruling her out as Cody's wife. She doesn't have a Buffalo listing but comes up in her name search using Buffalo. She has many addresses out West, some of them shared by William. Why should she be listed with William Houston? If she is his daughter, why doesn't she have a Houston surname too? Perhaps she is Robert's mother (16 years apart, if we can trust the ages). Cody is in Robert's listing. Florella Houston (37) enters the picture for the first time with Robert's listing, and her listing (three Nebraska addresses, including Elk Horn) has only one kin, Robert.

The Nicole Houston listed with Robert is 22, but as she has Lisa J Houston (50, Bridgeport) and Robert Houston as her only kin, I assume that Robert married Lisa. The Monica Houston (Bridgeport, Aurora) listed with Robert is listed at 30 with only Lisa and Robert as her kin, but she's too old to be a daughter of Robert, 42. The latter may have entered his wrong age, and should be closer to the 50 of Lisa, but that would disqualify Della as his mother (making her possibly a sister). The Rick Houston that shows up as Lisa's kin is Rick Aaron Houston, 49, Robert's Aaron's brother, apparently. Rick shares Salina, Kansas, and Bayard (NE) with Lisa, however.

At one time a few months ago, I couldn't recall the first name of Robert Powell nor his brother. After recalling Robert, I still couldn't recall his brother's name...until a day or two ago, before coming to Rick Aaron Houston. It was Richard Powell. For the record, it looks like Rick married Melessa D Mason (44).

Della's kin, James B Matticks, 63 (only three listings, all in Colorado) once again has Martha and William as kin, the only Houstons listed with James. Even though the search was for Buffalo, the page with James Matticks shows three other James Matticks in Colorado but not in New York. Two of the Matticks on the page with James have addresses in Denver and Aurora, as does Robert Aaron Houston. Jennifer Lynn Myers of Cary (Illinois) likewise has Denver and Aurora.

The Matticks enter the Houston family with Charlene Mae Matticks, listed with William Houston, for she is also Charlene Houston. She does not come up in a Buffalo search for her name, yet her children (I'm guessing), Lacy and Jaime Matticks, do come up even though they don't have Buffalo addresses. Charlene is listed at 50 years of age at Grand Junction, Colorado, and has William and Martha Houston as her only Houston kin, making it appear as though she's the daughter of the two. Which Mr. Matticks did she marry, in that case? It looks like she married James, 63. On the other hand, Charlene can be a daughter of Della Matticks while married to William Houston.

Unfortunately, after going through all that, I am unable to link William Houston to the one that oversaw the Border authority. The one under discussion is listed at Intelius with a C middle initial, but on the White Pages, a William H Houston, with age 65+, is listed at Grand Junction, with a James B Matticks as one kin. Same person, different middle initial. Where he is listed at East Helena, Montana, he shows four aliases: William Ho Houston, William G Houston, William K Houston and Bill C Houston. Which is the real William? Is "Ho" short for "Howard"? He's still listed in Buffalo and Niagara Falls at his Montana page). he has four Montana addresses: East Helena, Bozeman, Helena, and Billings. Adolf Hitler was said to have escaped to Montana. Why was William Ho Houston in four Montana locations? I have found this same William many times using different initials and addresses, but never yet has he shown with the aliases above as he does from a search in East Helena. He's listed with Karen J Houston, 62, of East Helena and two other Montana addresses (Bozeman and Helena), and none other. Karen has only one kin, William Houston. It looks like his wife, yet she's not listed in Bridgeport.

East Helena is in Lewis and Clark county.

There are only four Houstons listed in Bridgeport (Cody doesn't show), all of which have been mentioned, and then a fifth, Don E Houston (63) Houston, appears on the page, though he has an address in Bridgeport, Texas, not Bridgeport, Nebraska. Still, Don has worked for Physicians Network Association (correctional healthcare) and the Geo Group (73,000 beds in 2012), a private, jailhouse organization. What a coincidence: "The GEO Group owns and operates the Broward Transitional Center in Pompano Beach, Florida, the Aurora Detention Facility and the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma, Washington, all under contract with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)." Isn't that something??? Don worked for a company (facilities in the UK and Australia too) that serves roughly the same Customs people that had a William Houston as Director. And it was Robert Aaron Houston, one of the four above, and listed regularly with William C Houston as kin, that has worked for Correctional services. Then, as per AURORA Detention Facility, let's repeat: "Two of the Matticks on the page with James have addresses in Denver and Aurora, as does Robert Aaron Houston." Don is himself listed in Denver! You can check the Aurora link above to assure that it is in Aurora, Colorado!!! There is a good chance that Robert was involved with the Aurora facility.

Just when I was giving up hope that William C Houston was the William Houston of Customs (under Homeland-Security umbrella), here we find Don Houston in a second BRIDGEport (!), and apparently related to Robert and William. Don has a Lubbock (TX) address and one in Boca Raton (Florida), both places having a facility of Physicians Network Association (headquartered in Boca Raton). Don has five other Texas addresses too, and though not in Dallas of Garland, Bridgeport is near Garland. He has a Miami and a STUART address, both in Florida. He also has one in Falls Church, Virginia. A Robert L Houston (no age) of Lubbock shows Martha Edwards Houston (57) and Marti Houston for kin (the latter has her own page as Marti Oranez Houston, 57; she's Martha using an alias, apparently).

[Later, not very far below, I find a Jennifer Lee Houston, 49, with a William Houston kin, she has an occupation at GEO Group and a listing at Boca Raton.]

Reading the bottom of the GEO-Group page, it sounds as though the company breeds criminal mentality rather than correcting it. Is this company one of the many private ones preparing for martial-law scenarios?

It's interesting that Robert Houston worked for trucking companies as well as Corrections, for trucks cross borders, and are inspected by Customs when they cross. Perhaps Robert was able to get illegal product over the Canadian border more easily having William as his kin. Montana happens to be on the Canadian border so that William is now suspect as working in the Montana border-crossing facility. However, of the four Montana addresses for William, none are on the border. The most northerly is Helena.

William's daughter, apparently, is Brenda G Tophoj (54), sharing the G initial with one of William's aliases. Not only is she listed in William's file, but William is the only Houston listed in her file, where she is also Brenda G Houston and Brenda Tenten of Bridgeport and Scottsbluff (NE). No female Houston is in Brenda's file to indicate her mother. The Ann Bairn (77, of Oshkosh, Nebraska) in her file could be her mother. Brenda has worked for Garden county, Nebraska, location of Oshkosh.

There is a Linda G Houston (same middle initial again), 61, with Don Houston (63) as her kin. That's the Don Houston above at Bridgeport, Texas, because he and Linda share many of the same addresses, including Stuart, Miami, Falls Church, Austin (TX). Linda (related to Alice Barbera) is listed in Don's file. Alice Barbera, 65, mainly of Florida, has a Stuart address. The related Amanda R Barbera (41) of Stuart and Bridgeport (TX) is also Amanda R Houston.

HOWEVER, Linda G Houston is on the page with one other, Linda C Houston, having the same four kin (Don, Matthew and Wendy Houston, and Amanda Barbera) as well as most of the same addresses. Linda's varied initials evokes William C Houston versus the same man, William G Houston.

Matthew of Bridgeport was looked up, finding him as Matthew Montgomery Houston (39), with Don and Linda as his only kin. Perhaps unrelated, perhaps not, the same page shows one Matthew Skylar Houston, 34, of Bridgeport and other Texas locations, with such kin as STUART HOUSTON (!), Ami Houston and Anna Jackson. Directly under Matthew is Matthew S Houston (63) with Stuart Houston as kin again, and they also share Ally and Chelsea Houston. Ami must be Ami LYNN Houston, showing a Skylar Houston as kin. She's 33, same age as another Ami Houston on the same page, but with different kin, though both share Bridgeport and Arlington.

Skylar must be Skylar Glen Houston, 41, with kin including Stuart Houston and Matt Keele, the latter found also in the list for Ami Lynn Houston. Skylar has a Bridgeport and San Angelo address (both in Texas), while Ami shares a Sweet Water (TX) address with Matthew Skylar Houston (34), Matthew Shaun Houston (36), and Skylar Houston, 63, the latter on the same page with Skylar Houston, 39. The older Skylar shares Ally and Stuart Houston with Ami. Matthew Shaun Houston, also of Bridgeport, has a Sneads Ferry location, and he shares Marcus, Ami, Ally and Skylar Houston. Matt Keele is just 34.

Stuart Glen Houston would have been born about 1974 to a parent born about the time that William was having sons in Long Island. Keele's happen to share the quarter colors of Hohenzollerns and Zollerns. The Kellys are the ones sharing the Enfield griffin with Hiedlers/Hitlers.

For the record, there is a Skylar V Houston, 47, with an occupation at the World Trade Center. He's listed only in Denver and Platteille, Colorado. But it turns out that Skylar Glen Houston, 41, is the same as Stuart Glen Houston, and this Skylar's primary address is Bridgeport:

Stuart Glen Houston, 41 Bridgeport, TX

Address History...................Aliases...........................Relatives

Sweet Water................Stuart E Houston.............Heather Houston
San Angelo, TX......................................................Stephens Houston
Weatherford, TX...................................................Matt Keele
Copperas Cove, TX...............................................Matthew Houston
................................................................................Gabriel Houston
................................................................................Samuel Houston
................................................................................Chelesa [R] Houston [77]
................................................................................Joy [LaNelle] Houston [64]
................................................................................Skylar Houston

As Matthew is likely Matthew Skylar Houston, he appears to be the same as Stuart Houston. Then, Matt Keele, listed in Sweet Water, brings up Ami Houston and Anna Jackson, and adds a Rayfield Houston (no age), and his listing shows a Debra King, 45 (for yet another King surname). Rayfield's file shows Ami, Marcus, Sam and Skylar Houston, but introduces still other Houstons, all three showing in Debra King's file. Rayfield has an address only at Mount Pleasant, Texas, an address also for Matt Keele.

Repeat: "Marion = Mark Houston has worked for American Airlines, Home School ATHLETIC Association, and Dallas Thunder." But here is a Richard D Houston (62) of Texas, with occupation at Ncsa ATHLETIC Recruiting, and having a Marcus Houston kin. Richard has also worked for a trucking company founded in Chicago.

The Nikita Rashunik King (25) listed as the only other King in Debra's file has her own listing with Demarcus King as kin, and he (age 24) has his own file with Nikita and Debra listed as his only kin. His address is solely in Mount Pleasant, and he's in Rikita's file too with the King surname. The last time the Kings were mentioned was as per Milton Houstons, as they might be involved in the Chicago link to Julia Faye Covert, and it just so happens that DEMARCUS Houston (42, reverse of 24) of Chicago was found listed in the file of Millie Houston (Chicago), same age (76) as Milton Houston of Chicago and Buffalo. Repeat: "However, directly under Milton there is a Milton J Houston (63) with all three addresses matching Faye Houston's [two of them in Illinois]. In fact, Faye Houston [62] is in his kin list...Milton's kin list also includes Marion[Marcus] Houston. Marva Houston in the list of Marion/Mark Houston is Marva KING in Milton's (63) kin list. We have seen that surname before. IN FACT, Edward KING Clark is listed with Julia Faye Covert-Clark!"

Faye Houston was found to share Vallejo (California) with a Kathy Covert having a Fay Covert kin, and Faye's kin was Milton Houston, 63, also of Vallejo. There is reason here to suspect that Demarco King is the same as Demarco Houston and even Marion/Marcus Houston, all connected to Cathian Covert's family in some way.

Thus far, there is no strong or even mediocre connection between Don / Robert Houston of the Correctional people and the Houston family in relation to Stuart / Skylar Houston. But they all have BRIDGEport in common, and the Arlington addresses of the latter family can work to link to the Houstons of Dallas-Garland-Lewisville-Plano. Plus, as per the Ami LYNN Houston just come across, let's repeat this from an earlier topic:

Joshua [one of three people listed with Marion/Marcus Houston of Dallas-Garland] is said to have attended Southern Illinois University. He's listed with Amy [not "Ami"] and Robert Houston as well as Ronnie Houston...

Ami Houston, mentioned earlier, listed with Ronald Houston, is of age to be either Mark's or Robert's wife. However, there is an Amy Jo Houston, 39, with the right details to be Amy above, with six Illinois listings as well as Dallas, thus making an Illinois-Dallas connection once again...Rather than Marion/Mark, Amy has the kin of Robert well as Jennifer Myers. The latter looks to be Jennifer L Myers (32) of El Paso (TX) and Dallas...On the same page with Jennifer, there is a Jennifer LYNN Houston, same age (32), with a Dallas and Lewisville (northern outskirt of Dallas) address as well as one in Chicago, Miami and New York.

I'm unable to re-find the page with both Jennifer L Myers and Jennifer Lynn Houston. Search Jennifer Myers in El Paso does not bring up Jennifer Lynn Houston. The latter does not come up in a search for "Jennifer L Houston" for all of Texas, unless she is the Jennifer Lynn Houston (32) of Lubbock; she has Maathew Ron Houston (29) and Robert Brandon Houston (31) kin, and Lubbock is a good reason to link her tentatively to Don Houston, who is himself related to a Robert Houston (71). Marion/Marcus Houston (56) shares a Bedford (TX) address with Jennifer L Houston (43).

Recalling Gregory Covert, kin of Kathy and Fay Covert of Vallejo, same address as Kaye M Houston. Gregory was listed with a Myrna Eakes, and the latter had a page with three Myrna Eakes where the 92-year old one from Cary, North Carolina, did not seem to apply to Gregory. This Myrna Eakes happens to have Lori B Stancil (36) of Cary and Raleigh as kin while a Jennifer L Houston (43) of Lewisville and other Texas locations shows a Rhonda Stancil as kin. This Myrna, listed at 92, has worked for the Department of Juvenile Justice, something that can be regarded similar to the detention facilities of Don Houston. Lori has worked for Certes Networks, an encryption company, exactly what globalist spies would like to own. It should be recorded that another Lori Stancil, 53, likewise of Raleigh (Myrna and her kin lived there too), has an Alton King as kin.

Most Rhonda Stancils are in North Carolina, but there seems to be no relevant Rhonda Stancil in all of that state. There are only 14 Rhonda Stancils listed in all the U.S., but none of them seem applicable to Myrna or Myna's kin. However, there is one Rhonda E Stancil (48) with Jennifer Turner as kin, while the Jennifer L Houston now under discussion (with Lori Stancil as kin) has Darla and Stephen Turner as her kin. Jennifer shares Alina and Ronald Nicholas with Rhonda E Stancil (all Oregon addresses), suggesting that Jennifer Houston and Jennifer Turner are one and the same. This Jennifer Houston is listed in Roanoke = Dallas area, but there is another Jennifer L Houston (40) with Texas addresses whom has worked for CNN and its parent compnay, TURNER Broadcasting System.

There is a listing for Jennifer L Turner, same age as Jennifer Lynn Houston. Jennifer Turner lists Rhonda E Stancil, the Nicholas', and Darla, Ronald and Stephen Turner (55), and moreover has addresses in Lewisville, Roanoke, Keller, and others in Texas where Jennifer Houston is listed. We now know that Jennifer Turner is Jennifer LYNN Houston.

Skylar Houston, 63, thought to be Stuart Houston and therefore suspect with the Hitlers, has a Chris Torres listed while a Jennifer L[ouise] Houston, 35, of Texas addresses, has Linda, Victor and Domenick Torres as kin. I couldn't find Chris Torres under any of the Texas addresses of Skylar, but under the latter's Pensacola address, bingo:

Chris Paul Torres , age 39

Pensacola, FL.......................Matthew Houston
Cantonment, FL....................Carmen Torres
San Diego, CA......................Jennifer Torres
Jacksonville, NC ..................Evelyn Torres
...............................................Samuel Houston
...............................................Sonya Houston
...............................................Samantha Torres

Reminder: Skylar Houston was first suspect as Matthew Skylar Houston. A Skylar Houston, same age as Chris Torres, was also part of the discussion. Skylar Glen Houston, 41, then turned out to be Stuart Glen Houston, 41, listed with Samuel, Skylar and Matthew Houston. It looks like these Houstons of Texas link to Pensacola Torres'. Looking up Matthew Houston of Pensacola, he turnes out to be the 63-year old mentioned earlier with Stuart, Ally, Sonia, Joy, Chelsea and Skylar Houston as kin...but this Matthew, too, shows Chris Torres, as does Skylar Houston, 63. Matthew is not only the same age as the latter Skylar, but they share the same five addresses.

The Torres are of Latin background. There is nothing necessarily sinister about this, and the only concern is whether Stuart Glen Houston (Sweet Water his primary address) is a Hitler. The Hitler-related Kellys had been traced to the Murena family that Cilnius Maecenas married (1st century BC), and here we find that the Spanish Torres' use five towers (a Kelly symbol too), in colors reversed from the Murena tower. Murena's and Torres' were both first found in Castile. The Kelly lions are called "comBATTANT," and the Keele border design is called, "emBATTLED." These terms are traced to an Ivry-la-Bataille entity that seems traceable to the Leavells/Lovells of Somerset, where the BATTINs/Badens were first found who use BATTLE-axes as likely code for the Battle surname. Leavells/Lovells are said to be from castle CARY in Somerset.

The Stephens Houston that Stuart is listed with is Stephens Bailey Houston, 66, of Sweet Water, and sharing Bridgeport and Denton with Skylar = Matthew. But Stephen also has a Lubbock address, same as Don Houston of Bridgeport. It looks like Skylar/Matthew and Stephen are brothers while Stuart Glen Houston (41) = Skylar Glen Houston is the son of one of them.

The suspicion is that Skylar was not born with a Stuart first name, but gave it to himself for being from the Stuart-Houstons of Long Island. For example, his apparent wife is Heather S Houston, listed also as Heather D(arline) DeForest. I assume her main middle name has always been Darline, but she appears to have registered herself also as Heather S(tuart) Houston. She's 41, same age as Skylar=Stuart. She's worked at the Texas State Bank. Her kin include both Skylar and Stuart Houston. They are listed with Gabriel Houston, but at 28, she seems problematic to be either their child or sister. Heather's husband is William R Deforest (43) of the Air Force.

On the question of the other Torres', those listed with Jennifer L Houston (35) of Lockhart and Austin (both of Texas), we find a Jennifer Louise Torres (35) listed with Pamela R Chair (Lockhart and Dallas), 40, the latter being on the kin list of Jennifer Houston. Jennifer Torres is also Jennifer Houston, therefore, and then there had been a Jennifer Torres in the kin list of the Pensacola Torres-Houstons.

Pamela is also Pamela R Houston and Pamela Houston Chaires. She's listed with Billy Houston, 68, whom has worked for Lockheed Martin (military machines).

The last time we came across Austin, it included Don Houston. But Domenick and Victor Torres, in the list with Jennifer Houston-Torres, are likewise showing Lockhart and Austin addresses. This has potential to link to the Bush's, and so I started looking for Torres' of Pensacola that had Rodriguez kin, because Jeb Bush of Florida married a Mexican woman with Rodriguez maiden name (married in Austin when they were 20 and 21). On the third page for Torres' of Pensacola, there was one Jorge Torres (63) with Ana Rodriguez kin, as well as one Haeli LYNN Cevette (38), also shown as Haeli Rodriguez and Haeli Younblood, showing Jorge V Rodriguez (63) as her only kin. As Jorge Rodriguez also shows Ana Rodriguez as his kin, it's obvious that Jorge Torres is Jorge Rodriguez (both Jorge's show only two kin, the same ones).

Jorge V Rodriguez , age 63

Pensacola, FL.....................Haeli Cevette
Orange Park, FL................Ana Rodriguez
Middleburg, FL
Jacksonville, FL
Hallandale, FL
Hollywood, FL
Orlando, FL
Irvington, NJ

This reminds me of the Cavetta river at Ceva (Italy), and the Chives' that I trace to it. Moreover, I trace Chives' to Chivasso, near Turin, the place using a bull symbol that can jibe with "Torres." The point is, the Chives' use a Shield quartered in colors reversed from the Zollern / Keele quarters. The Chives cats are linkable to the lions of Taylors, kin of the Talbots found in the talbot-dog code of the Zollern Crest.

I always trace Chives' to the bull-using Charo's, a surname like the Chair surname found with the Austin Torres'. There is no Chair surname coming up, but as I saw Pamela spelling it, "Chaires," that name was entered to find it listed with the Sheers/Shire's who not only share the black talbot of the Carricks, but share the black-on-gold cross, I am sure, of the Schere's/Scherfs! Jeb Bush is a Scherff liner, in my opinion!!! I didn't expect this, and almost missed it.

Carricks are traced (in their write-up) to Craigs whom I traced to ACRAGas, the alternative name of Agrigento (Sicily), near MonteCHIARO to which I trace the Charo/Chiaro surname. Montechiaro had married the Mosca family that uses a large version of the very same leopard found in the Chives' Crest. The Mosca family can be found in code in the Drake motto, for Drake's trace to the Drago river at Agrigento. Rodriguez' use the same tower (different colors, see the Tours / Towers) as Murena's and Torres', and were first found in the same place.

The Chaires'/Sheers share black-on-white fitchee crosses with the Tarves', and the latter are from Tarves (Aberdeenshire), where the Chives' are said to have lived. As interesting as all this is, I am not, at the moment, able to link these particular Rodriguez' to Jeb Bush's wife. It's actually a big deal to know that Chiaro's/Charo's/CLARO's are a branch of Sheers and Scherfs, if indeed that is true. The black Chives cross traces to the same of the Moline's and Sinclairs, the latter from Claro's. "RODRiguez" is likely a Rhodian-Rus line. I trace the Moline family (that married the mother of the Conqueror Sinclair) to Henri IV of Rodes/Rodez, who married Roquefeuils. The Chives cross is used by Mathis', and then I trace the Chives' and Cavetts to the Cavii peoples off the Mathis river of Albania. On the south side of that river were the Taulantii, whom I view as the Talbot / Tailer liners.

There is an Ana Teresa Rodriguez (53) showing no Jorge of Haeli as kin, but having three of the addresses (Pensacola, Hollywood, and Orange Park) of Jorge. But this Ana also has an address in Fallbrook, California, where Kristofer Hohenzollern (28) has his listing. Fallbrook is smack beside the Camp Pendleton navy, and then Ana has "Fpo, AP," listed as one of her addresses, which refers to the navy fleet post office in the Pacific ocean. There is no other Ana Rodriguez in a Florida search that fits Jorge. Jeb Bush's eldest son, George Prescott Bush, was a navy-reserve officer.

The related Luis Alfredo Rodriguez, 51, has an Fpo AP address as well as a Fallbrook address. Luis' kin include Ana and Anna Rodriguez. A Luis A Rodriguez (39) of Orange Park, Miama and Hialeah has worked for FPO AE, which I think is the navy post office on the Atlantic. The 39 year old is too old to be the son, and is perhaps the same person (entering a false age in one or both listings).

Another of the relatives, Edixon Rodriguez, who appears to use false information, is related to a Xochilt Brham, an Arab / Iranian surname, apparently. Related Brhams are in Miami and neighboring Hialeah, Florida, but one Daniel L Brham of Ohio has Camp Pendleton listed. There are only 14 Brhams listed in all the U.S., seven of them in Florida. One Anna Brham has no kin listed, no age, and only one address, in Irvine, California, of Orange county between Riverside and Camp Pendleton, i.e. beside Fallbrook. Feasibly, Ana Rodriguez (has a kin, Anna Rodriguez, herself, likely) married Daniel Brham. Ana is in the kin list, along with Xochilt Brham, in the file of Edixon R Rodriguez (ages 46 and 68). There is an Islamic Center of Irvine.

I've found virtually zero evidence of a Rodriguez link to Jeb Bush. I'd like to add, however, that while Rodriguez' and Esquivals (surname of the mother of Jeb Bush's wife) are stacked in Miami, "John Ellis Bush, Jr., [Jeb] Bush's youngest son (born December 13, 1983, in Miami), who attended Bolles School and earned a B.A. in Latin American studies from the University of Texas at Austin, now works for a Miami, Florida commercial real estate firm. In October 2007, Jeb Jr. endorsed Rudy Giuliani for the 2008 Republican Presidential nomination..." Rudy was the New York mayor during George Bush's 9-11 crime. Jeb may be the next president. At his Wikipedia article, he has scarlet color in his photo background, a thing I don't take for granted knowing now that scarlet is an heraldic shade reserved for a very few.

In the Intelius listing for Jeb Bush Jr (31), he's listed in Florida and in Phoenix (Arizona), reminding now of this: "Phoenix is the only listing for Bjorn Hohenzollern." Klaus Hohenzollern is listed in Gilbert (in Phoenix), Arizona, and Jeb has another Arizona listing at Scottsdale, near Phoenix. A little interesting is that another listing for a Jeb Bush (no age, no kin) has him in Florida and Georgia while Haeli Rodriguez = Haeli Younblood (38) has addresses in Georgia, apparently the wife of a Craig Younblood (45) of Savannah and Greenville, Georgia.

Luis O Rodriguez (49) of Miami, with an Alfredo Rodriguez as kin, has worked for Real Estate Sales Force, a Miami company that Jeb Bush's son may have worked for. I was not able to find the related Hector Rodriguez because the regular kin are not listed with any Hector I could find, but there is a Hector David Rodriguez (76) of Miami, Hollywood, and Hialeah that has worked for Real Estate Teammates in Miami. He also has a Chicago listing.

In Wikipedia's article on the border people, there is mention of a case similar to mine:

In December 2009, Watts was detained at the US/Canadian border by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) performing a reportedly random search of the rental vehicle he was driving. Watts is alleged to have assaulted a CBP Officer and was turned over to local authorities to face charges. According to an officer, the authorities used pepper spray to subdue Watts after Watts became aggressive toward officers. According to Watts, he was assaulted, punched in the face, pepper-sprayed and thrown in jail for the night. The officer later admits in court that he had punched Watts. A jury found Watts guilty of obstructing a U.S. Customs and Border Protection officer. He faced a maximum sentence of two years in prison. Watts blogged about his sentence saying that because of how the law was written, his asking: "What is the problem?" was enough to convict him of non-compliance. In April 2010 he was given a suspended sentence, and a fine. However, due to immigration laws, Watts' felony conviction prevents him from re-entering the United States

I believe Watts, that all he did to "assault" the border officers was to ask a question. One gets the impression that the border people in Buffalo / Niagara Falls are demented bullies. You can find online that the officers at the Niagara-Falls office did the following to the face of Ms. Zaoh, smashing her face repeatedly into the concrete. If, when they start to falsely assess you, you respond with self-respect, you risk being pulled into their diabolical routine. Once they assault you, they feel they need to falsely accuse you of assault to justify their assault. We have seen this in the news over and over again from law officers of all kinds. Law enforcement is filled with rotten souls, but with the power they wield, the situation is extremely dangerous, far more dangerous than receiving a punch in the face. A year or two in prison is far worse.

Anyway, I'm not comfortable with the topic in this update or the last two. I'm not sure if there is any value in these updates at all. I'm making my points public as I go, and perhaps it's unwise to name names as I have. But there is potential in some of the findings in linking to Hitlers. One can imagine Adolf Hitler as one so unstable that he would severely punish anyone who merely talked down to him. That's the definition of a jerk, same as "unstable," a definition that belongs to a huge host of law officers, probably because jerk breeds jerk in a brotherhood. Solomon says that when a wise man is corrected, he becomes smarter. But if you try to correct a law-enforcement jerk, he abuses you. If you say anything to him to the effect, "Look, I don't like being talked down to by you, and I don't feel pleasure in your presence. Instead, I feel more like a dog than a human." The jerk will not correct himself/herself, but will treat you worse.

The first thing that Homeland Security did was to remove the self-respect of people boarding airplanes, for law enforcement people have come to treat the public with a lack of respect. It's their "game" to oppose the public now, rather than serving the public. That's what it's all boiled down to. Law enforcement is ripe for martial law because officers get to mistreat people, what they absolutely love and crave to do. Is there a nice cop anywhere who treats people with respect? Then he/she must be young, still too young to suffer the evolution into a jerk. Why do I speak this way? Is it because police officers that I have come into contact with have been absolute pleasures to speak with? Did they make me feel better after they bumped into me? Do they all have an aura of angelica? Some will argue that police officers need to be "tough" because they have a dangerous job, but in reality most spend their entire careers never firing their gun. Ahh, but now they get to use stun guns, oh what fun. The daily routine of a police officer is NOT dangerous, and therefore they don't need to be put on a "tough" attitude.

Who, really, is it that has turned law enforcement and military people into vile and insensitive jerks? Could it be the globalist jerks? Did Julius Caesar want angels in his military? Did Caesar breed angelica in his men? How stable were the caesars who thought they were God incarnate? Aren't the globalists playing God? Absolutely. They will tell us how to breathe, soon enough, and then tax us for their air that we breathe. The globalists may be conditioning law officers to think us-versus-them. Unless we live for and praise the government, we will be deemed worthless / unworthy.


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