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May 5 - 11, 2015

Tracking the New-York Hitlers by their Houston-Suspect Surnames
Covert Links to Chesapeake and Chicago

Here's on the faked death of bin-Laden:
Did President Obama deceive Americans with his narrative of the 2011 assassination of Osama bin Laden? Seymour M. Hersh says so in a narrative published on Sunday....

...A single anonymous source, said to be a "retired senior intelligence official who was knowledgeable about the initial intelligence about bin Laden's presence in Abottabad," is the basis for Hersh's report.

Hersh's source alleged the Pakistani government had an active role in approving and implementing the raid on bin Laden's compound. Additionally, the retired intelligence officer said the Obama administration originally agreed to announce bin Laden's death resulted from a drone strike, rather than from being shot during an active Special Forces mission...

You don't need to read anymore. That last line means that they decided beforehand how bin-Laden should die, because he didn't really die at that time. They were only deciding how to fake it. A drone strike meant that the Pakistanis would feign taking the body, and a U.S. attack into the compound meant that the U.S. would feign taking the body. Had Obama truly gotten bin-Laden, they would not have thrown his body into the sea, for Obama was banking on this event to boost his falling ratings, and a body carried inside the U.S. would have been much better for him. The Americans knew that there was no threat from Bin-Laden forces abroad whether they carried the body or not.

Pakistan wanted to end the bin-Laden fakery because it was taxing its military to feign a continual going after him. Bin-Laden was essentially a ghost, a weak entity, but a monster-concoction of the American globe trodders.

Just before the "invasion" of Texas by the U.S. military in what is being called JADE-HELM, guess what happens? A shoot-out between police and two Muslim-loving gunmen, and the police win by shooting the two men dead at the scene. A thing like that is easy to fake because the police pretend to take the dead men into their control, and no media person is allowed to think any different than what the police tell them is the reality. The "dead" men would then be delivered to close family, we may assume, and that part too was pre-planned. I don't believe for a second that this event was real. Shortly before this story (below), we started hearing that ISIS agents were creeping over the Mexican border.

The following was added to the last update in case you missed it:

Update Tuesday -- A reader clarified by saying that Cathian married Jeffrey A Dein on Oct 1 1977 in Riverside CA., and that Jeffrey divorced Patty L Allen in June of 1976. It's nice to have some help, thank you, but in this case this if mightily appreciated. The same reader found record that Cathian had married Thomas Surbrook, but as she had that surname when marrying Jeffrey, she must have married Thomas first. If there was only one Julia White, she couldn't have been the daughter of both men, but then there were two Julia White's of Post Falls, 38 and 39. That could explain one Julia per husband, but the great coincidence goes beyond them both receiving Julia names; they both married Mr. White's, or even the same Mr. White. End update

If God has forgiven Cathian and Jeffrey, it's not for us to feel any different. I'm not trying to hang anyone's dirty laundry. This information is important to my purposes. The last update spurred me on to seeking Cathian's links to F Lewis Clark of Hayden Lake, and then to William Hitler of Long Island. This update will touch on both links, though I don't know how far it will get in solving what may be an important mystery. The information above is critical because the email was opened just after discovering that Thomas Nelson Surbrook had an address in Hemet, Riverside, same address as a Julia Covert (75), now suspect as Cathian's mother. The same reader found Cathian's birthdate in early 1957, seemingly verifying that she is 58.

Here are the two Julia White's that may apply to this question mark:

Julia White, age 38 [as of today]

Has lived in:........................Related to:

Idaho Falls, ID..................Abbi White
Grass Valley, CA.............Jeff White
Weimar, CA.....................Abigayle White
Colfax, CA

Julia M White, age 39 [as of today]

Has lived in:........................Related to:

Post Falls, ID....................Jason White
Lindenhurst, NY.................Coralynn Mckasty
Spokane, WA....................Joseph Mckasty
West Islip, NY...................Kyle Mckasty

Both the obituaries of Jeffrey's mother and Thomas' mother list a Julia White as a granddaughter, which is what threw me for a loop. Perhaps the above explains it. Our investigator also found this: "Cathian Covert Mar: June 1974 Thomas N Surbrook [born 1950] who's parents were Zoe Linnea Duncan b 1919 and Burch Surbrook who had 4 kids. Thomas went on to marry 4 other women. They divorced Oct 1976 and she had a child named Julie Surbrook using the name Covert on Feb 2 1976 so she must have already been separated from Thomas. Cathian then mar: Jeffrey A Dein on Oct 1 1977 in Riverside CA." Well done. This helps to assure that Cathian was born a Covert, and very likely to Julia Covert-Clark (= Julia Faye Covert, also Julia Faye Clark). Now, if our investigator could just discover what Clark line Julia married, and if it was the line to F Lewis Clark, that would be astonishing.

The problem is, Julia Surbrook-Covert was already born in February of 1976, which would make her 39 (at least) as of this past February, yet she is predicted to be the 38-year old because the 39-year old clearly belongs to Jeffrey Dein. But if the one from Jeffrey is 39, shouldn't the one from Thomas be at least one year older? If we don't think that Cathian would name both back-to-back daughters, Julia, then how do we explain that Julia White is both the granddaughter of Zoe and Corinne? Only if Cathian was Corinne's daughter, but then she married Jeffrey, her brother. That's not making sense in the normal world. Another explanation is that some sort of fraudulent identity is involved here.

As Cathian was married to Thomas before she married Jeffrey at merely 20 years of age, I have a qualm. I had recorded at least one page (below) where she is "Rev Cathian C Surbrook" but seen her as such on other pages. On the second page below, she's again, Rev. Cathian C Surbrook, 58, who "currently lives in Spokane. Before that, Rev. Cathian C lived in Post Falls , ID in 2011."

As she was only 20 when marrying Jeffrey, how did she get to be Reverend Surbrook? Shouldn't she have been Reverend Dein or Reverend Maness? The mylife page above even has part of her email address at In other words, she had her own website, Shouldn't she have abandoned her Surbrook name 38 years ago, about 20 years before the arrival of the Internet? I had even found a YouTube webpage,, and while this page no longer shows, I recall a man being on the video, which really had me suspicious (had me wondering whether "Maness" was a faked surname to indicate a man disguised as a woman). Here's how I recorded it three or four years ago:

Kate covert
Liberty Lake, WA, USA spokane
rev cathian c surbrook age 54

discontinued webpage

However, the man on the video did not tell his name, and so I assumed it was not Cathian. A Google search for "pastor c covert" gets a pastor C Covert page (still active) with "Sister Cathian". This is definitely Cathian Covert (has a tribwatch link), but there is never a church address, begging the question of why or how she's a pastor. Apparently, she wasn't married when calling herself, pastor Covert. While one may assume she was between Jeffrey and Michael Maness at the time, she is also listed with a Saccacio surname and a Sanders surname. In fact, the mylife page above where she's Rev Surbrook does not know her Maness or Dein kin, but only gives these names: "David Sanders, Ana Camacho, Frank Saccacio, Francis Saccacio." The page says that she joining in December of 2003.

Anyway, this is not about Cathian, and I'm not going to question her Christianity. It's now about whether or not she was descended from kaiser Wilhelm II and/or F Lewis Clark, and what it can all mean aside from anything to do with Cathian, albeit her pre-Christian past needs to be kept in mind. As was stated in the last update, Julia Covert of Hemet is also Julia Clark. Why? Why did Cathian come to live a short jog from Hayden Lake, location of Lewis Clark's mansion, copied from the summer cottage of kaiser (emperor) Wilhelm, his good buddy? When Cathian told me that her father descended from a kaiser Coffert, I had no idea that I would be investigating her identity and bumping into F Lewis Clark. Even he was a topic that I would have missed had it not been for a reader in Idaho passing it on to me. Here's from my Bush-Nazi chapter (tribwatch lost a lot of readers by connecting Bush to Americanized Nazi's; hoping they will return):

William Patrick Hitler married a Jacques surname, first found in Yorkshire (i.e. the location of the Parisii elements above). The Jacks use holly leaves again, and were first found in...Renfrewshire! That's where the Glasl bloodline of William Hitler's grandmother resided. PLUS, Dowlings (surname of William Hitler's mother) likewise use a holly tree, which can't be a further coincidence. William must have been a careful bloodliner worshiper.

Pollocks, first found in Renfrew, are said to be a sept of Maxwells, who use a "holly BUSH." The Pollocks happen to have worked into my latest Sign, or what I've entertained as a Sign, in the dead squirrel in my shorts pocket (see last update for that). The Pocket surname, that is, was gleaned as a branch of Pollocks/Pokes'/Polks, and then William Hitler's father, who was also Adolf's father, married a Polzl surname as well as a Glazl surname, and birthed Adolf with Mrs. Polzl. Reminder, Wayne Surbrook, Cathian's brother-in-law, married a Ms. GLAZEbrook.

Let's continue with the quote above, but for new readers let me say that William Patrick Hitler changed his name to William Stuart-Houston while Houstons (share the Stuart / Stewart Coat) were likewise first found in Renfrewshire, and then Jeffrey A Dein of West Islip, beside William PATRICK Hitler in Patchogue, married a Candace Stewart after being married to Cathian, but had married PATTY Allen previous to Cathian, important because Allens were directly proto-Stewarts:

Chamberlains, who show jack asses [actually, they are called donkeys], even use scallops in the colors of the Jack scallops...
The [Stuart-Houston] name is a hybrid of a very influential race theorist and writer named Houston Stewart Chamberlain. HS Chamberlain was an influence on Adolf Hitler...

One article I came across said that the writings of Chamberlain were some of William Patrick Hitler's favorites. This doesn't seem to make sense when you find out how anti-Nazi and anti-Hitler William actually was before and during WWII.

Oh, was he really anti-Hitler? Isn't that what would be expected of him, to feign it?. The video way above on William Hitler refuses to tell what he changed his surname to, and says that it is "reminiscent of one of Hitler's spiritual ideals." How is the surname, "Stuart-Houston," reflective of spiritual respect? I now take that to mean the spirituality as reflected by Chamberlain.

I have little doubt that Chamberlains trace to Chambres on the Arc river, and that Cottians were on that river with Massey liners out of Modane (on the Arc). Aurelia Cotta, mother of Julius Caesar, is suspect in the Cotta Coat using FRETTy lattice as code for Ferte-Mace, home of Masseys. But the Cotta lattice is a good reflection of the Cock lozengy, and I have seen Hohenzollerns / Hohenstaufens using that red-and-white lozengy. The Hohenzollern emperors started with FREDerick, and there may be something to that name's similarity with "Ferte / fretty." In any case, the Julian/Gillian cross is suspect with the Nazi swastika for a bloodline reason, and then French Julians are using the French-Allen stars, shared by Hiedlers/Hitlers. It seems that Hitler's goons were attempting to resurrect Julian dictatorial rule over the world, or at least over Europe. Hitler's grandmother was Juliana Polzl.

The Chamberlain Coat is very linkable to the Duncans and related Donkeys, explaining the Chamberlain donkey symbol. But Zoe Surbrook's maiden name was, Duncan. Is this a coincidence, or is there something to it?

A reader was asking about possible links between Venables / Meschins / Masseys of Cheshire to Blois, and I replied to this email only yesterday as I write here, which led to the "donkey head" of Manwarings with a MANNERing variation...while the Maness' surname (peacock, linked to the Pockets in the last update) is properly, "Manner." The latter shares double fesse bars with Manwarings/Mannerings. Warings (probably a version of the Drake dragon, but looks like the one used by Blois') are clearly a branch of Warrens = Guerins. In the last update, Drake's came up in an investigation on Michael Maness, Cathian's friend / husband. Mozelle M Maness (60, Tacoma, Bellevue), of age to be Michael's sister, is listed with a John Drake.

This is a good time to add a find by the nameless investigator whom has made my week. This same reader has found this:

Given Name: Zoe L.
Surname: Duncan
...Father: Admiral Osburn DUNCAN b: 11 Mar 1847 in Alexander City, Alabama
Mother: Laura Ann POWELL
Marriage 1 Joseph C. MANNING

Zoe Surbrook's middle initial is likewise 'L', but the Powell surname had me interested in this. The Mannings (Cheshire again) use the same motto as Sheriffs. It looks like this older Zoe Duncan married a Manwaring/Mannering branch, and Mannings even share cinquefoils with Duncans and Chamberlains. Never mind the derivations in the Donkey and Duncan write-ups because it became certain that Duncans trace to St. Chad and his potent-cross line. It's not likely coincidental that the Warings share hunting horns with Duncans and Donkeys, or that while Duncans / Donkeys use a "pati" motto term, Chads and Mannings use the patee cross. French Chamberlains even use the Chadwick / Chaddock / Geddes Shield while Geddes' had been the Geds on the Nith river, home of KilPATRicks = the Patty line.

Anyway, I don't want to get far-off topic on heraldic links. Let's continue from the Bush-Nazi chapter:

...The Wikipedia article says that William's son, Howard, was buried in Coram, New York, where a Candace Stewart is listed as living [as well as Jennifer Scheriff], as well as two Stuart-Houstons, one of which is shown related to a PATRICK Stuart-Houston. In that nation-wide search, a 54-year old Howard R Stuardhouston is shown in Patchogue, and that jibes perfectly with Wikipedia giving 1957 as the birth date of Howard, son of William Patrick Hitler. However, in the list of Howard's relatives, William is not shown, though his wife, Phyllis Jean-Jacques, is.

...As Jeffrey A. Dein of Riverside was from West Islip, the thing to do was to google Riverside and Nazi. Aside from a 10-year old boy allegedly shooting his father -- the Nazi leader (Jeff Hall) of the area -- to death in Riverside, I found the National Socialist Movement (Nazis) holding a Riverside rally in 2009.

...Zoe died at 88 years of age in June of 2007, and the Zoe link above, which doesn't respect deaths, tells that she is 92 today [that was a few years ago]. Corinne is shown as 92 too. STRANGELY, Corinne's obituary has her dying at 88 too. Amazing coincidences. Corinne is said to have been married for 66 years, and on Zoe's marriage: "The two shared a blessed union of love and devotion for more than 65 years." It sounds like they were both married in the same year.

Then, by some stranger coincidence yet, both woman have a Julia White as granddaughter, with Cathian as the mother. I'm tempted to think that the two women were one and the same with two different official identities, perhaps only one of them being false. I have left room for coincidence, assuming they were different women.

Finally, there is this:

The video above (entitled "Hitler's living relatives) tells that a close friend of William Patrick Hitler was a FURman (or "Ferman")...and then the Hayden surname has the motto, "FERME EN foy."

The Furmans use just a tower, in colors reversed to the Howell towers (that's all they use too), and Powells are said to be from "Howell." While I am not sold on the Howell > Powell evolution of terms, I think it's likely that the two surnames merged before the Powells were such. I suspect that Powells had been Powers or Pawleys/Palins, and thus linkable to Paws/Pauers and Pockets/Pauchers.

I didn't know until now that Cathian was in Texas when I moved away from there. says she was in Warsaw, Indiana "from 1997 - 1999," then in Washington state to 2004, then in Texas "from 2005", then in Louisiana in 2007. It just so happens that I moved from Texas in the period between 2005 and 2006. Let me repeat what may or may not be a crazy idea: "I had a snap vision one day, on my Texas property...out of the blue, less than a second long...there was a mountain cat = leopard jumping down on by back from above, and as I tried to swipe it away with one arm, the vision was over. As God is always close to my heart, I asked Him something to the effect of, "whew, am I in danger here?"...Later, after moving away, I looked at "Kate Etaki" and saw "cat attack." Coupled with the leopard in the Covert Crest, the idea was worth respecting." Cathian would email me with the name, Kate Etaki (last name is "Kate" spelled backward"). I didn't know until today that Cathian was in Texas when I was in the process of moving away. Was she conspiring with Michael Maness to find me? The webpage tells that she was in Markham, Texas, from 2005, the address for Michael Maness.

I can understand why Nicholas de Vere von Drakenberg might want to find me, as I had more-or-less insulted him for years previous. If you're going to be a satanist, don't be surprised if people take you for a fool; if you're going to be an online activist with your satanism, don't be surprised if Christians take you to task. I hope you can handle it without becoming murderous. Can you???

My task of seeking the dragon cult inevitably led to Nicholas' surname for further clues, and I was not disappointed with either Vere's or Drake's. But it was only in the last update when finding the Drake's listed with Michael Maness. Hmm. Big Hmm. Did Nicholas commission Michael to come find me? Here's what happened:

...Michael Maness. The latter's kin, for example, Marlo Maness (26, Markham, Texas) have Tacoma addresses, and the George (81, Tacoma, Bellevue, Puyallup) listed with Michael has a relative, Mozelle M Maness (60, Tacoma, Bellevue), with an age to be Michael's sister, which I mention only because Mozelle has a John Drake listed...

...It's interesting that a John M Drake (46) has both an Everett location (Katie Zook's location) and a relative, Katie STARK. Plus, this John Drake has an Austin location, near Waco, home of Jack Munos' brother. John shares a Seattle and Chelan addresses with a John A Drake (55) (same age as Michael Maness) who in turn shares Bellevue with Michael Maness and some other Starks. It definitely looks like Maness' married the Drake's that lived partly in the same place(s) as Katie Zook. Both John's have addresses in Los Angeles (below, I find a Julia Covert in the Los Angeles area)....

Then, a day after that update was out, our nameless investigator found that Jeffrey Dein's mother (Corinne) had a sister, Audrey STARK. She didn't know (nor did I yet) that I'd be writing on the Starks about a week after the email was sent. Perhaps the Starks will come up again. But Clarks did come up again when searching Levins of Washington. For this topic, let's begin with this:

Jeremy Patrick SURBROOK Jeremy died June 23, 2011 in Phoenix, AZ of heat-stroke related causes. He was 41. Jeremy spent most of his life in the Seattle area...Survived by parents Patricia Levin (Bothell, WA); David and Tanya Surbrook (Oakdale, CA), fiancÚ Mary Gifford (Phoenix), numerous loving relatives and close friends. He was pre-deceased by his brother Jonathan Surbrook, grandparents Patrick and Lucille Deane, Burch and Zoe Surbrook. In lieu of a service, a private gathering will be held at a later date. Remembrances may be made to Compass Health, P.O. Box 3810, Mailstop 49, Everett, WA 98213. Rest in peace dear Jeremy.

It looks like David Surbrook married firstly Patricia Levin, daughter of Patrick Deane (listed at 94), prior to marrying Tanya Glazebrook. Other Levins of Bothel (Seattle) are listed, including Ruth Arlyn Levin (84) and related Eugene A Levin (87); Patricia Lucille Levin (73) of Bothel is listed as both their kin, and, due to her Lucille name, looks like she was Wayne's wife. There is a young Patricia Levin (48) listed in Bothel with Jeremy and Eugene as kin. Ruth has multiple California listings, including Niland, address also of Zoe Surbrook. From the last update: "There is a Kathy Covert (60) with one address, Merced, California, and having three Page kin..." There had been Page kin of Zoe's family too, namely, Katherine D Page (74) of Spokane and Niland. This is to show the possibility of Julia Covert-Clark entering the relationship between Surbrooks and Levins.

I then needed to take a leap to two other Patricia' Levins (77 and 85) of Washington, one in Kent and the other Seattle, neither of them showing direct relationship with the Levins married by David Surbrook. The latter Patricia has Claudia Levin as kin, and so here's her details:

Claudia Helen Levin , age 55

Seattle, WA.............Paul Levin
Kent, WA................David Clark
..............................Mary Ettel
..............................Myles Levin
..............................Patricia Levin

And there was a David Clark whom I pursued for links back to F Lewis Clark and/or Julia Covert-Clark. I may not have pursued this but for this David Clark:

David Wayne Clark , age 48

Centralia, WA.....................Julie Clark
Chehalis, WA......................Kathy Clark
Eugene, OR.......................Katherine Clark
Hinesville, GA.....................Marilyn Clark
Chesapeake VA
Portsmouth VA

But there is also this David Clark sharing Oxnard with Julia Covert-Clark and Warsaw Indiana with Cathian:

David A Clark , age 58

Mountlake Terrace, WA.............Ashely Clark
Lynnwood, WA.........................Bruce Clark
Granite Falls, WA.....................Carolyn Clark
Syracuse, IN............................Sherilee Martin
Oxnard CA...............................Jack Clark
Warsaw IN

My theory had been that F Lewis Clark feigned his own suicide to go be with some women he had met from the family of kaiser Wilhelm II (a Hohenzollern), and that this woman was ancestral to Julia Covert-Clark of Riverside, suspect (only as of the last update) as Cathian's mother. But before coming to any David Clark, I had looked up Hohenzollerns (very few listed in all of the U.S.), and found one in Chesapeake, Virginia, address also, as you can see, of David Wayne Clark (48). This had me intrigued, especially with Julie and Kathy Clark listed as kin. The Hohenzollern in Chesapeake is actually named,
"Kaiser Wilhelm Hohenzollern" (age 42). No guff.

There is a Bjorn Hohenzollern (no age) with only a Phoenix (Arizona) address, the address also of Wayne Surbrook's son (Jeremy, see his obituary above). A Klaus Hohenzollern, age 20, is listed only in Gilbert, Arizona. There are only 10 Hohenzollerns listed with Intelius in all the U.S., with one at Fallbrook, California, near Riverside.

The Julie Clark in David Clark's list is Julie A Clark (48), with the right addresses and kin to be she. As she and David are both listed at 48, it seems they were husband and wife, not siblings. Julie doesn't show a California address, but the one in Norfolk, Virginia, seems interesting. "...Norfolk has many miles of riverfront and bayfront property, including beaches on the Chesapeake Bay" How about that. There is a Kathy Clark (52) of Norfolk and Chesapeake, but no other details on her file show links to the Clarks above. Then, there is a Kathy Clark (54) of Norfolk and San Diego (California), perhaps important because the Hohenzollern of Fallbrook is in the San Diego area.

Then, there is a Katherine Clark of Norfolk, with a relative, VICTORIA Clark, important because Wilhelm II had the English-royal Victoria line for a mother (his mother Victoria, was a daughter of queen Victoria). There is a Victoria D Clark (52) of Norfolk (works in a bank, something I half-expect with Hohenzollern liners) with an F Clark listed as kin, very interesting because most kin do not come merely with a first initial, like the mysterious F. Lewis Clark. If the name is Frederick, it tends to give away Hohenzollern ancestry in this case. Along with F. Clark, Katherine (or should I say Victoria) has Julia Clark as kin. There is a Victoria D Clark (28) (Vickie Brown as kin) sharing Norfolk, as well as Erie, Pennsylvania, with Victoria D Clark. Plus, a Victoria C Clark (no age, Norfolk and Chesapeake) has David and Katherine Clark as kin, and shares James Clark with both Victoria's above. This is very interesting. Yet another Victoria Clark on the same page has a W Clark as kin, perhaps Wilhelm/William (or could be another Wayne).

One William John Clark (45) of Norfolk (an Allentown, Pennsylvania) has Fay Clark as kin, important because Fay(e) is the middle name of Julia Covert-Clark. The last update found Vickie (short for "Victoria") Sanders listed in Las Vegas, where Julia Fay Covert-Clark was likewise listed. This Vickie Sanders (57) was very linkable to Cathian Covert-Sanders.

There is a Frederick F Clark (48) with Seattle and Pullman locations, with a WILHELMina Sarai-Clark kin. That's interesting indeed. Actually, here is Clark Wilhelmina Sarai, age 88 , of Pullman (and Moscow, Idaho). Pullman (WA) is essentially beside Lewiston (ID) on the Idaho-Washington border, and then a Frederick R Clark (71) has a Lewiston address. The namers of Lewiston may be of F Lewis Clark, you see, and I would like to know what the middle initial of Frederick F Clark is. Wikipedia suggests that it was the "Lewis and Clark Expedition in October, 1805" that named the place. "The town is believed to have been named after Meriwether Lewis and after VICTOR Trevitt's hometown of Lewiston, Maine..." F Lewis Clark was born in Maine. A child of Wilhelm II was named, Viktoria LUISE.

There happens to be a WILLIAM X Sarai (Canton, Ohio), as well as a Williams Sarai on Hartford, Connecticut (same page as Wilhelmina), the location also of Frederick Hohenzollern. If you click Frederick's link, you'll see "prince-Hohenzollern" in the URL/address of the page. Why are these Clarks linking apparently to royal-Hohenzollern blood? A Wilhelmina D Clark is listed in Dayton, Ohio.

With Wilhelmina near the Spokane area of Surbrooks, it should be added that the 58-year-old Wilhelmina (below) has an address in Gadsden, Alabama, not very far from Alexander City, Alabama, address of Admiral Osburn Duncan, father of the other Zoe L Surbrook. There are only four Wilhelmina Clarks listed in all the U.S.

If I should suspect any kaiser-Wilhelm links to F Lewis Clark, it should include to Wilhelmina Sarai-Clark. It looks like she was a Sarai surname previously, married to a Clark, but perhaps not. Perhaps her mother was Sarah. There is a Sara Clark as kin to Frederick F Clark (the man with Wilhelmina as kin). The fact that a Wilhelmina Clark (58) has William and Freddy Clark as kin speaks again to linkage with Hohenzollerns of the Wilhelm kind. Wilhelmina's kin, Helen Clark, may even link to Helena, daughter of queen Victoria. A Wilhelmina Clark (no age) is listed only in tiny Riggins, Idaho, about 75 miles south of Lewiston.

If you know my links of Frankland D Roosevelt to the Hayden lake area, you may be interested in this on the grandson of Wilhelm II: "Louis Ferdinand was educated in Berlin and deviated from his family's tradition by not pursuing a military career. Instead, he travelled extensively and settled for some time in Detroit, where he befriended Henry Ford and became acquainted with Franklin Delano Roosevelt, among others." Louis was the official prince of Prussia, and he married Russia.

Louis' grandson succeeded him. Or, as Wikipedia calls him, "head of the Royal House of Hohenzollern." He's a few years too young to be the 42-year-old Kaiser Wilhelm Hohenzollern of Chesapeake. So who is the Kaiser fellow? Wikipedia doesn't give enough information to discover the ages of the other royal-Hohenzollern children born roughly in 1975.

While searching David Clarks, there was another one found sharing Weimar (CA) with Julia White (38). That's important because I'm going forward expecting F Lewis Clark as her ancestor. This David has a Sarah King as kin, recalling Edward King Clark of the last update. Edward was looked up because an Edward Clark was listed with Julia Fay Covert-Clark.

The Claudia Levin with David Clark and Patricia Levin kin has an address in Kent, Washington; there are nine David Clark's alone, out of 100, with addresses in Kent, in King county the east side of Seattle. The is a David Michael Clark (47, several Florida addresses) with a Kent listing (Wayne Surbrook has one there too), and this David Clark has an address also in Arlington, Virginia, where Katie Zook's Zachritz ancestry was found (her father was properly a Mr. Zachritz, but also used "Zook" (why?). This David Clark has another listing in Austin, where Jane Marie Zachritz was found (last update) working at the same Austin hospital as a Katie Stark-Drake. There's a David VICTOR Clark (Edward Clark kin), age 49, and another David Clark with two Keyser surnames listed as kin. A David Joshua Clark (40), with multiple Virginia addresses, has Molly HIDLEbaugh as kin, a Hiedler/Hitler possibility.

The reader passing on some good clues says that she found Cathian with a Lowell middle name, and while I haven't seen the file, I'll add this:

Craig John Lowell , age 64

Hayden, ID................Aurora Lowell
Arvada, CO...............Garret Lowell
San Diego, CA...........Kathleen Lambeth
Santa Barbara, CA
San Diego, TX

Santa Barbara is where F Lewis Clark disappeared, and his mansion at the time was in Hayden, where Craig Lowell has one address. Mr. Lowell also has an address in San Diego, roughly where one Hohenzollern has an address. I'm half-expecting Cathian to have links to Hohenzollerns, and here is one potential way to find it.

The page above has Cathie A Lowell as well as another listing for Craig Lowell, and wouldn't you know it, Cathie Lowell (has worked at The Seattle Times Company) has an address in Hemet!

Cathie A Lowell , age 49

Rancho Cucamonga, CA.......Jeffery Grant
Murrieta, CA........................Christie Moon
Temecula, CA......................Claudia Moon
Hemet, CA..........................Jason Moon
Riverside CA.......................Gerald Moon
Spokane WA.......................Grant
Bellevue WA

That's pretty significant, especially as Julia Moon became suspect with Cathian in the last update. Claudia Jane Moon (62, three Washington addresses) has her own listing with Jason and Gerald Moon as well as Kathie Grant, wherefore I'm assuming Kathie Lowell married Jeffrey Grant (I can't find a Kathie Grant that can apply). Kathie doesn't sound like Cathian Covert, yet these Lowells could be related to a Lowell that Cathian married. Claudia J Moon has one address at Aguanga, "located 22 miles (35 km) south-southeast of Hemet." There are other addresses for Cathie Lowell not included in the list above, with eight Washington locations. She shares Issaquah and Port Orchard with Claudia Jane Moon, making for a Riverside-area link to Washington state for this family. Another (s) Moon, 58, is listed in Riverside and neighboring Moreno Valley. There are only five Claudia Moon's listed in all of California.

Cathian's mylife page has her in Spokane (beside Otis Orchards but very close to Post Falls) in 1998-99 immediately after Warsaw, and that's about the time one would expect her married to a Lowell if ever she did marry one. As her page has her in Otis Orchards in 2001, are we to assume that she moved to be with Thomas Surbrook between at that time, some 25 years after divorcing him? But Thomas has a Hemet listing himself.

My impression on first glance of the Cathie-Lowell file is that Julia Covert-Clark of Hemet may have married a Mr. Moon, and later, her daughter, Cathian, married a Lowell after divorce with Jeffrey Dein. This page has one Cathian Lowell married in California, but one needs to pay to discover the name of husband and the county. My policy is not to make purchases online.

Lowells are listed with Leavells, and had been traced (by me) to Laevillus, husband of JULIA Quadratilla of Cilicia (daughter of JULIUS Quadratus), a line that came to oversee Jerusalem about 100 AD). Julia was suspect at Cilicia's Qewe area, a term that was traced to "Cowes" on the Isle of Wight, where one can expect some White's to derive. Might "Covert" trace to "Cowes" (southern Hampshire)? Moons were first found in the same place (Devon) as Chives', and beside the Lowells of Somerset, themselves near Cowes. I used to speak on a Meon entity of southern Hampshire. The Cowes Coat uses "pennants," and then Pennants ("Aequo" motto term suspect from Qewe/Que) were first found in the same general area of Wales as Peake's and Bachs. The Peake's are mentioned as per "ChesaPEAKE," and Bachs happen to use the vair fur of White's (and Quints), and moreover Vairs/Fers' and Fers use the Shields of Hohens and Cohens. Everything in this paragraph became very Caiaphas-suspect, and I was seeking, but failed to find, Joseph Caiaphas born from the line to Laevillus. The circumstantial evidence for that theory was rife, but in the end, no cigar. I had to stop searching a few weeks ago because I needed another topic to focus on. I expect the ancestry of both Caiaphas and Pek / Peake liners on the Pek river of Moesia. Peake's share the patee cross with Peks/Pecks.

On at least two of her blog pages, Cathian features the writer, James Russell Lowell (died 1891), and so, looking into him, it was nearly phenomenal that he married Mary White. Hmm.

Stuart-Houstons of Patchogue

In all the U.S., there are just 10 people listed (at Intelius) with Stuart-Houston surnames, nine of them in Patchogue (where Hitler's nephew settled with that surname), and the 10th listed in Port Jefferson Station, NY, where two other Stuart-Houstons are listed. It can be deduced that William Hitler changed his surname to Stuart-Houston due to "adoption" (= American support base) by Alexander Stuarthouston (92), born in either 1922 / 1923, long before William's children. William's first son was named, Alexander, and he was 64 in 2014. It means that the elder Alexander's family took William under their wings. But why?

Alexander is listed with Phyllis Houston, who is Phyllis Stuart-Houston, age 91, apparently William's wife, otherwise known as Phyllis Jean-Jacques. All four kin of Alexander-92 have Houston surnames, dropping the "Stuart," and making them very hard to track. One of their children is Louis P Stuart-Houston, age 64, born in 1950/51.

I had been wondering whether a certain house of Hohenzollern had sided with Adolf Hitler, and here we find a Louis first name, the name also of a ruling Hohenzollern family. Louis was William Hitler's second son. Marie E Stuart, a Stuart-Houston, has Lockwood kin, one being Alberta Lockwood. Albert was the grandfather of kaiser Wilhelm II.

The camel-using Lockwood surname (looks linkable to Saddocks and Levins/Livings) is said to be the HUDDERSfield (same place as Bush's, Walkers, and Scarfs), while Hiedlers/Hitlers are traced to "Hutter." There are two Hudder surnames (compare with Mansons), one having a Hadin variation. Lockwoods share footless martlets and a white fesse with Coverts, and their camel head can link to the same of Pattersons, a branch of Patricks (same line as Patch's suspect at Patchogue) who may be using the Powell lion.

The older brother of Louis Stuart-Houston (64) looks like A P Stuarthouston, age 65, and while his first name must be Alexander, he too has a P middle that "Patrick" may be a name carried by the family. The Bri Stuart listed with both Alexander and Phyllis, as well as the brothers above, should be B W Stuarthouston, age 50, whose three locations -- Patchogue, Bellport and CORAM -- are shared by A P. William did have a son, Brian, but just look at the age difference, from 65 for the eldest to 50. Some New-York Scheriffs (to Jennifer Scheriff) were suspect with William Hitler's family long before I came to this discussion. Here's from two updates ago:

Frank A Scheriff, age 69

Has lived in.................................Related to

East Setauket, NY...................Catherine Scheriff [Coram, Port Jefferson]
Port Jefferson Station, NY........Dorothy Scheriff [Coram, Port Jefferson]
Coram, NY..............................Barbara Scheriff [Coram, South Carolina]
Port Jefferson, NY...................Michael Scheriff [Coram, Port Jefferson]

Note that Frank has Coram and Port Jefferson, the latter location listed with Howard R Stuarthouston (no age), L P Stuarthouston (no age), and Marie E Stuarthouston, age 49. Here is from the 4th update of April:

Both Frank A Scheriff and Edward Yankowski are listed at Coram, NY. Dorothy and Barbara Scheriff remind us of Dorothy Walker and Barbara Pierce, the latter being the wife of George Herbert Walker Bush.

On the same page, there is one Oonagh Mary Scheriff (56) listed in both Patchogue and North Babylon [the ancestry of Jennifer Scheriff is from Babylon]. I recall mentioning an Oonagh name earlier in this update. In the Intelius page below for Jennifer A Carabia, she's listed also as Jennifer A Scheriff, with April as a relative, thus clinching that this Jennifer is Corinne's granddaughter.

[Update 2019 -- Intelius has changed, making a mess of peoples links very possibly. Oonagh Mary is no longer at the page above, but rather on its page 5, here:


Here is the page for Jennifer A Scheriff (40, worked for Islip school system), listed in Coram too, showing Edward and Ann Yankowski as kin:

The way this works (not theoretical) is that Corinne Abbott (beside Patchogue) birthed April and her brother, Jeffrey Dein, and April is suspect in marrying a Carabia to birth Jennifer Carabia, wife of a Mr. Scheriff. It looks like it really does link to William Hitler, important because some of these people lived at the Hayden / Post Falls area, but Jeffrey Dein's sons were listed at Warsaw (Indiana), home of another white-supremacist group (WARS). It can be gleaned that Warsaw was named by a Pole, and so let's add that Yankowski's are Poles. Then, we have a Janice M[arie] Scheriff (45), on the page above, listed in both Coram and Port Jefferson, and she's got Poole kin as well as Kurt and Carlene Schroer, the latter much like the Schere/Scherf surname. Janice is also listed as Janice L Schroer (age and 46) and Janice L Martin.

The Poole location in Dorset has been generally linked to the neighboring Cowes location on Wight, but also to Palins/Pawleys (first found in Dorset) suspect with Powells. But this was before learning that Otto Skorzeny (Hitler's bodyguard) was Americanized with his alias, Frank Edward P-----, suspect as Frank Edward Powell. It was just a few months ago when I was led to conclude that Powells and Carabia-like Crabs were linked for some reason special to my quests.

Let me repeat that the green mermaid in the Arms of Warsaw (Poland) is in the Crest of one Glass surname (Houstons of GLASgow use an hourGLASS in their Crest) while Adolf Hitler's father married a Glasl surname. He birthed Adolf with Ms. Polzl, but he had a third wife, one of which produced William Hitler. Warsaw (Poland) is the capital of Masovia, and one can find online that dukes of Masovia had a red-on-white wyvern dragon as symbol, the symbol also of Drake's, first found in the same place (Hampshire) as the Isle of White.

Here is the file of Jennifer Carabia, age 47, listed seven years older than Jennifer A Scheriff:

Jennifer A Carabia, 47, Mastic, NY

Address History.................Aliases.....................Relatives

Mastic, NY................Jennifer A Scheriff.........Daniel Scheriff
Deer Park, NY...............................................Theodore Scheriff
West Islip, NY................................................Oonagh Neal
.......................................................................April Carabia [69, West Islip, Deer Park]
.......................................................................Edward Scheriff
........................................................................Kenneth Scheriff
.......................................................................Stephanie Scheriff
.......................................................................Joseph Scheriff
.......................................................................Jason Scheriff

Here is what's found in Corinne's obituary: "Corinne Abbott [Dein], [born about 92 years ago], lifetime resident of Babylon and West Islip on August 3, 2008...Beloved wife of 66 years of the late George H. Dein Jr. She is survived by her daughter April Carabia...grandchildren Jennifer Scheriff..." It looks like Jennifer Scheriff and Jennifer Carabia-Scheriff are one and the same, in which case both 40 and 47 can not be correct. My fellow investigator claims she was at a page showing April Carabia as a sister of the same Corinne, wherefore it's perhaps possible for the two Jennifer Sheriffs to be cousins, both marrying Scheriffs and Carabia's. The two Jennifers do not share the same kin, but both have Babylon and Islip as addresses.

The 40-year old has Jill Scheriff Matthew Scheriff. It's the 40-year old with a Lady Lake (Florida) address, shared by a Jane s Schroer, 93. It was Janice Scheriff that had a Schroer surname, which is much like SKORzeny. The Schroer surname (SCARAB beetle) is listed with Shroders, and shares three ostrich feathers in Crest with Pohls/Pohlands. The Stocks/Stoke's were considered to be a branch of Astikas' whom merged with ostrich-feather Trabys, and then one Stock/Stok Coat uses more beetles. That's a match. Three ostrich feathers are used by Roosevelts.

The Pohls/Pohlands share the black-on-gold bull head of Mieske's/Mesechs who in-turn share the armored arm of Schroers/Shroders (the latter's holds "ears of wheat"). German Pole's/Pohls have a man wearing a feather as well as holding a FRYING pan that can be code for the same Frey/Fry-suspect line as the "freiheit" motto term of Schroers/Shroders. English Pole's (same griffin head as Mieszko-related Dobers / Dobermans) are the Poole's. Schroers use "Allein" in their motto as possible code for Stewarts / Stuarts. By the way, the Patch surname shares oak leaves with the Alan/Allen Coat. I suspect that the Patch hunting horn is that of Trabys (Polish). The "Christus" motto term of Schroers is like the "Christo" of the Dutch Roosevelts, and it's not code for Christ, but for Christs/Kirsts/Kists (Austria) sharing the rose with Roosevelts.

April Carabia is currently listed in Bellport, where B W Stuarthouston (age 50) has/had an address. Marie E Stuarthouston (49) share a Centereach location with Janice Scheriff-Schroer (the one with Poole kin), who in turn shares Coram and Port Jefferson with some Stuart-Houstons. It's undeniable by this point that I was very correct to link Jennifer Scheriff to the family of Americanized, upper-level Nazi's...not at all meaning that EVERYONE involved carried the Hitler torch. It's hard to say what that torch evolved into, but it did perform 9-11 under the Bush administration. The monstrosity of 9-11 is well-explained by the Nazi monsters.

Janice Schroer is listed with three different ages in Missouri at this page, none of them being 45, her age elsewhere. She happens to share a Sayville (NY) address with Suzanne L Covert, likewise 45, and likewise using an L initial. There is then a Jennifer A Stuart, age 45, with addresses in Patchogue, Coram and Miller Place, the latter being where Janice Scheriff-Schroer has an address. I get the impression that false identities are being used.

The webpage is more convenient because it has each listed relative with their own link. There is a John P Scheriff (35) listed with Jennifer and the others, sharing Deer Park with Jennifer Scheriff (47) and April Carabia, but also having a Patchogue address. The page is excellent for looking into Scheriffs, and has one John Scheriff of Orange county, California, beside the Hemet location of Julia Covert-Clark. A John T Scheriff has a Phyllis Darrah as kin, and her page shows one by that name (63) at Lady Lake! Phyllis is the name of one Stuart-Houston. Bri[an] Stuart-Houston lists Phyllis, and shares a Bellport location with April Carabia (i.e. the latter's daughter has the Lady Lake address).

There is a Billy Stuart (William, I gather), age 51, with both Patchogue and southern-California addresses, and he's worked for The Yale Alumni Association of Metropolitan New York. Billy is of age to be the brother of Brian W Stuart-Houston, and perhaps this was from William's alternative wife. Billy's addresses match well with Bruce Fullerton Stuart, 64. Bri(an) has worked for Massachusetts Appeals Court. Christa Sueann Stuart (65) is at the Billy page with addresses that suggest the Stuart-Houstons. She's of age to be a wife of Billy, Louis or A P. There is a Houston Alex Stuart, age 65 (Billy link), sharing a Mastic (NY) location with Jennifer Carabia-Scheriff (47). He could be the same as A P = Alexander, William's eldest son. I totally ignore the claim that the sons had no children.

Here is what I recorded in the Bush-Nazi chapter on William Patrick Hitler-Stuart-Houston:

The Wikipedia article says that William's son, Howard, was buried in Coram, New York, where a Candace Stewart is listed as living, as well as two Stuart-Houstons, one of which is shown related to a PATRICK Stuart-Houston. In that nation-wide search, a 54-year old Howard R Stuardhouston is shown in Patchogue, and that jibes perfectly with Wikipedia giving 1957 as the birth date of Howard, son of William Patrick Hitler. However, in the list of Howard's relatives, William is not shown, though his wife, PHYLLIS Jean-Jacques, is.

So why doesn't Intelius list William or Patrick Stuart-Houston??? Howard R Stuart-Houston is shown on the page that I've been discussing, but none of his kin are showing, and there is no age. Apparently, there was an age of 54 showing a few years ago, though by now he'd be more like 58. Patrick Stuart-Houston no longer comes up anywhere.

The Jeans/Jans/Jane surname use the Caepio-line lion (colors reversed to the Poole lion) as well as the same red scallops as Pulleys/Pullens, the latter sharing the pelican with Stewarts. The Poole and Jean/Jane lions are in use in the counter-changed lion of Schick(el)s (Rhine valley), who might just be a branch of Skeochs/Skits / Skeets' / Schutz', a line that I trace to Joseph Caiaphas. Adolf's father was a SCHICKLgruber who changed his surname to Hitler, and the Schick Coat is even split diagonally in colors reversed from the same of the Hiedler/Hitler Coat. Schicks are a Jewish surname. On Hitler's grandfather, Alois: "most historians are satisfied that Alois' father was Johann Georg Hiedler...In 1842, he married Maria Anna Schicklgruber and became the legal stepfather to her illegitimate five-year-old son, Alois." The latter was father to Adolf and William Stuart-Houston.,_Jr.

But as William was likewise a Schicklgruber, it's not likely coincidental that he married a Jean liner sharing the Schickel lion. Jacques' (Yorkshire again, same as Lockwoods and Huddersfield) are said to be from "Jacobus," and may therefore be of the so-called Jacobites, supporters of the royal James = royal Stewarts. One James Coat shares the same Caepio-line lion while the other James' are suspect with the Caesar dolphin. The Kennedys not only use the dolphin, but an "Avise" motto term as code for the Avis'/Avisons...who were part of a GRUB Sign this past winter, where God really did use the sound of a grub as a Sign to indicate that Caiaphas was from Avezzano. I have all that recorded, and am convinced that it was a sign to get me to go back and stress the Aves'/Avisons sharing the same gold garbs as Josephs (Jacques' use gold garbs too). Later, I had reason to see a green beetle, which jumped out of the firewood at just a time when it could be a sign for the Beetle surname, and I recorded that too (3rd update February), but here I have found SCARAB beetles in use in the SCHRoer surname. It makes me think that the SchicklGRUBer surname is to be lumped in with the Avison GARBs and/or the Garb / Grub surname. If God was trying to stress these things to me, it wasn't likely as merely a history lesson on Hitler, but of things yet to come from the descendants of his ilk. William and his parents lived in Liverpool, origin of the Beatles band. Grubs (in Windsor / Jacques colors), first found in the same place as Windsor castle, look like they use a version of the Caesar Chief.

I erred when saying that William Hitler was a son of Mrs. Glassl/Glasl. I was working off the memory cuff, and that's not so good these days. If I'm reading Wikipedia right, where William is a son of Alois, William was the grandson of Mrs. Matzelberger, one of the three wives of Adolf's father. There is yet another blue lion in the Dowling surname (oak theme, same as Alans of Dol), the one that birthed William. The lion in the Dowling Chief is suspect with Voirs/Voyers (Brittany) and Maschi's. Some variations of Dowlings can suggest Dols.

Here's a snap shot of what looks like a wily William:

In 1933, William Patrick Hitler returned to Germany in an attempt to benefit from his uncle's rise to power. His uncle found him a job at the Reich Credit Bank in Berlin. Later, William worked at an Opel automobile factory, and later still as a car salesman. Dissatisfied with these jobs, William persisted in asking his uncle for a better job, writing to him with blackmail threats that he would sell embarrassing stories about the family to the newspapers unless his "personal circumstances" improved.

...William left Germany in January 1939 and visited the United States with his mother on a lecture tour[2] at the invitation of the publisher William Randolph Hearst. William and his mother were stranded there when World War II broke out. After making a special request to President Franklin D. Roosevelt, William was cleared to join the U.S. Navy in 1944, and moved to Sunnyside, Queens in New York.

So, after Adolf wouldn't give the worm a good job, Franklin Roosevelt did. He even got a purple heart (spit!). Let's continue, noting that Phyllis Stuart-Houston at Intelius, if she is 91, was born in 1925/6:

Stuart-Houston married Phyllis Jean-Jacques, who was born in Germany in the mid-1920s (she died in 2004). After their relationship began, William, Phyllis, and Bridget tried for some anonymity in the United States. They married in 1947 and had their first child, Alexander ADOLF, in 1949. They had three more sons: Louis (b. 1951), Howard Ronald (1957-1989), and Brian William (b. 1965).[2][5]

So, Phyllis Jean-Jacques looks like Phyllis Stuart-Houston, but that doesn't explain who Alexander Stuart-Houston, age 92, is. It could have been Phyllis' brother or ex-husband. And the fact that the eldest son was given an Adolf middle name serves to show that William had something to feel gratitude for, toward Adolf Hitler. Money, I gather. Not only Howard (William's son), but William himself was buried in Coram. It sounds like Howard was murdered: "Howard Ronald Stuart-Houston, a Special Agent with the Criminal Investigation Division of the Internal Revenue Service, died in an automobile accident on September 14, 1989 leaving behind no children." It's not necessarily true that he had no children. And when we read, "Though none of Stuart-Houston's sons had children," it doesn't ring true. William had at least four sons. Wikipedia is usually bland on such topics.

The story of William seeking help from Adolf, but finding apparent rejection, looks like it's derived in a concoction from William's diary. That is, the diary may have been written by others to feign William's anti-Nazi position. Alexander, the oldest son, said: "I am amazed [the dairy's] been found. I just can't believe that [father] would leave it behind because it's something he would have wanted to take with him." Yes, it had secrets in it, and was embarrassing for William, one good reason that he might destroy it rather than leaving it in the house. It's not realistic for William to attempt a blackmailing of his uncle in power, and to think he could get away with this. But then if the book was a hoax, that would explain how it was "found" in the attic of his Patchogue home. The booklet basically paints a picture of William finding himself in hot water with Adolf, which can be viewed as the fabricated excuse for resulting in his U.S entry...whereupon Roosevelt gives him a job in the navy, at about the time that Roosevelt opened a new naval base a few miles north of Hayden Lake. How suspicious is that?

This booklet story may have had the purpose of covering the reality, which was: Adolf sent him to the US as part of the spy program he had there -- a program that included the Scherffs = Bush's -- and Adolf may have arranged this plot for William with Roosevelt (Roosevelts share the Avezzano / Schere/Scherf / Walker rose, apparently). When finally it appeared that Hitler would not win his European war, the Americans entered it against him, but provided the escape of Hitler's upper circle. That's what happened, isn't it?

Recall Bri(an) Stuart-Houston of Patchogue: "[William] married the German sister of a friend and together they had a family of sons including Alex, now 64, Louis, 62 and Brian, 48, all brought up in Patchogue, Suffolk County on Long Island." That was written in September of 2014, and nearly jibes with the ages (65, 64, 50) given at Intelius today.

Here's another potential son of William Hitler, probably Howard:

H R S Houston , age 58

Patchogue, NY...........Houston Stuart
Dallas, TX..................Alexander Stuarthouston
..................................Louis Stuarthouston
..................................Bri Stuart
..................................Phyllis Houston

H R S is listed as working at Cornerstone Healthcare Group in Dallas, and Stream Realty Partners. It traces Hitlers to Dallas. Remember Marie Stuart-Houston, age 49, of age to be William's daughter, yet no daughters were claimed for William Hitler, and no wives as mothers for his sons. Who else can Marie be if not William's daughter or a wife of one of his sons? What about Regina Houston, 60, of Coram and Patchogue? On the page with Regina, there is a 79-year old Mary Ann Houston (Patchogue) with Jaeger kin shared by Robert A Houston (50) of Patchogue and Centereach, and Debra Houston (59) of Patchogue and Mastic Beach, interesting because Stuart-Houstons are listed in Centereach and Mastic Beach. It was Marie (not Mary Ann) herself that's listed in Centereach. As 65-year-old Houston ALEX Stuart (= Alexander Hitler, age 65) has an address in Mastic Beach, Regina may have been his wife. As Mary Ann shares a Blue Point (NY) location with Robert, it looks like Robert could be the son of Alexander and Mary Ann Stuart-Houston (when Alexander was about 15).

The Robert- and Mary-Anne-related Charlotte Erica Jaeger (59) shares a Blue Point location with Donald F Houston and Susan J Houston (57, = Susan J Roiy) of Patchogue. Donald and Susan are listed with Charlotte's kin along with Dary Houston (44, 47), and the latter has two addresses, Garland and Dallas, near one another in Texas. Dary has only Robert Houston listed as kin. Likewise related to Charlotte is Debra A Seiler = Debra A Houston (59) of Patchogue, Blue Point and Mastic Beach. Sean R Houston (only Patchogue), listed with Susan, is just 24 years old, and himself listed with only Susan and Robert. Susan has a listing in Corona, Riverside county, California.

Pauline Jaeger (no age), listed with Charlotte and some of the others, has kin WILHELM and Otto Jaeger. I'll just jot down another Pauline Jaeger with an address only in Hemet. The Barbara Kolb listed with Charlotte can only be 53-year-old Barbara C Kolb (Coram), with Charlotte, Otto and Pauline Jaeger listed as kin, thus clinching the link between Wilhelm Jaeger and the Houstons of Patchogue / Coram.

Charlotte is a name married by the family of queen Victoria, and then while Coverts are expected to trace to queen Victoria's descendants, KOLBs might just be a branch of Covert-like COLBerts. Colbs/Kolbs (Prussia, where kaiser Wilhelm was ruler) share a red fesse with Colberts/Cuthberts (share a snake with the other Colberts), and it's colors reversed from the Covert fesse. Colberts have a snake in Cole colors while Kyle's use a snake too. The Colbert snake design is used by Save's while Cole's have been traced to Servitium on the Save/Sava river near the COLAPis (like "Kolb") river, origin of Caiaphas. The Gore's, a branch of Windsors, have been traced to Servitium too. The Leslie's were gleaned for using the Save bend in colors reversed, while the Leslie buckles are shared by Wettins, a known part of queen Victoria's ancestry. Pulley/Pullens use a "COLPA" motto term. Coverts were first found in the same place (Sussex) as Coopers while the Colapis was also the Kupa. The Sava runs from Austria through the land of Croatia (the KRVati), suspect with Cravens that share a fesse in Covert-fesse colors. It looks like Coverts were named after Cuppae > Kupa elements. The Cope's and Copps share more roses.

Jaegers are of German descent, but here are the Jaggers, first found in the same place as Schore-related Bush's/Buschs. Bosco's are in the write-up of Rose's, likely of the Roosevelts, and then Dutch Roosevelts share the Schere/Scherf roses on stems. Let's recall that Roosevelts share ostrich feathers, a Traby symbol, for Trabys share the hunting horn with Dutch and Austrian Jaggers. The Yorkshire Jaggers share the giant patee cross with Claptons, and the latter's wolf-head design is used by Scarfs, likewise first found in Yorkshire. The Traby/Sadowski surname uses a scarf. No guff. You can verify it by entering "Traby" at this heraldic-description page:

Austrian Jaegers share the giant hunting horn with Jaggers, and share a vertically-split Shield, half in the same colors, with Schere's/Scherfs. I traced Jaggers to a descendant of king Massena of Numidia, whose Meschin / Skipton line was in Craven of Yorkshire, and then Cravens use what I see as the Arms of Austria. I traced the patee cross, shared by Massena's, to Patti in Messina of Sicily. "CLAPton" was traced to "GLAPHyra," wife of Juba of Numidia, a descendant of Massena. The "Qui" motto term of Roosevelts is shared by Shaws whom I trace to Shawia Numidians. It's the Dutch Roosevelts that use a "curabit" motto term now suspect with the Carabia surname that married the family of Corinne Dein.

Next, Houstons were looked up in Hayden Lake, Idaho (Intelius allows one to search a surname without the requirement of entering a first name). A CORRINA M Houston (44) of Hayden, Coeur d'Alene, and Missoula (Montana) looks interesting because her name is like CORINNE Dein. Let's repeat from the last update: "Missoula is an alternative address listing for Denise Dein (37) of Post Falls, wife of Cathian Surbrook's son, Jeffrey M Dein (all three lived in Post Falls)." Jeffrey M Dein was a grandson of Corinne. Plus, Corrina has another address at Santa Barbara, where F Lewis Clark of Hayden Lake disappeared. Mr. Clark has become suspect with Cathian's birth. I'm keeping in mind my gleanings that there was a president-Roosevelt connection to Mr. Clark's mansion. Roosevelt probably knew that one or more of William's family members went to the Hayden-Lake / Idaho / Montana area. It makes sense because Otto Skorzeny claimed that Hitler escaped Germany to Montana.

Corrina Houston is of age to be a daughter of Alexander or Louis Stuart-Houston. She is listed with Rick Moreno, and then there is a Rick Jesus Moreno (41) with all the right addresses, including Hayden, Santa Barbara, and Missoula. In his list of kin, there is a Corrina Misener and a Louise Moreno. The Moreno's are of Spanish / Mexican descent. Corrina Mary Misener is, like Corrina Houston, 44. With all the same addresses again, there is as Rebecca D Misener (44) that must be the same as Rebecca Moreno listed with Rick. If Corrina and Rebecca were twins, then Corrina married Paul Houston. In any case, the page below lists only four Miseners of Hayden, the two above as well as Richard STEWART Misener and Judi Ann Misener-Patterson (62) of Post Falls too. There is a Paul Houston (42) of Missoula, but he doesn't have the right kin or alternative addresses to be the one related to Corrina. There is a Paul Houston (no age) with just a Grand Island (near Buffalo) address, and one kin, Corrina Misener. A Stanley Stewart Houston (84) of Missoula might apply.

Miseners/Meissners can be Massena liners too, and then Moreno's are listed with Moratins, suspect with Juba, king of Mauritania. Miseners share trefoils with Clermonts/Clairmonts (Clerk liners), and the latter had been linked to Claviere's (like "Glaphyra") using what I had viewed as the Moreno/Moratin eagles. Claviere's had married the Mountains suspect with the saltire of Messeys/Messier's (kin of Powell-suspect Pouls that once showed the old Masci wing). Clermonts' (with the 's') are listed with Clements who share the Clair besants and the Marina bars. There definitely was a Clark connection to Moreno's.

To the effect that Corrina Houston is linking plausibly to F Lewis Clark, who was himself suspect with kaiser Wilhelm, son of princess Victoria and grandson of king Albert, some of the 16 individuals listed for Paul Houston of Grand Island / Buffalo are interesting, especially as Cathian Sanders Saccacio and Christine and Steven Saccacio have Buffalo addresses. There is a Brooke Victoria Houston and an Alberta Gay listed with the Grand-Island Houstons. Alberta Gay is listed with JEANNE M Houston, 78, possibly related to Phyllis Jean-Jacques (91), wife of William Stuart-Houston. the But's let's assume they are not related to kaiser Wilhelm. Jeanne has a Las Vegas and a Los Angeles addresses too so as to be linkable to Julia Fay Covert-Clark.

The same page has a Paul R Houston (45), related to James E Houston (76) with a Chesapeake (VA) address. Later in the day, I found that Paul R Houston has a Sneads Ferry (North Carolina) address, as do members on Corrina Houston's list. The Paul link has many other Houstons of Sneads Ferry, including Corrina. Sneads Ferry has only about 10,000 residents. The Moreno's are listed in Sneads Ferry too. It's not very far down (about three hours drive) the Atlantic coast from Chesapeake. We might just have in this family circle a triangle between Hayden Lake, the Hohenzollerns of Chesapeake, and F Lewis Clark's disappearance in Santa Barbara.

Corrina M Houston , age 44

Sneads Ferry, NC............Paul Houston
Santa Barbara, CA..........Rick Moreno
Hayden, ID.....................Rebecca Moreno
Missoula, MT

There are other Moreno's listed in both Post Falls and Riverside, as well as Las Vegas, three locations jibing with Julia Covert-Clark. I'm referring to the family circle of John Moreno at Coeur D Alene Christian School.

Paul is listed also with a William Houston and an Elizabeth Parks, taking note that queen Victoria (married Albert) was ancestral to queen Elizabeth II. Reminder: Covert-like Coffers and McCafferys are linkable by their colors to the Saxe's while Victoria's mother (Victoria) of Saxe-Coburg. Plus, Cathian Covert is suspect from a kaiser of the Hohenzollern line (really, she's expected from Wilhelm II) while there is a Kaiser Wilhelm Hohenzollern listed in Chesapeake (VA).

The McCafferys share a rider on a horse with Italian Motels of Taranto. The Arms of Taranto is a naked rider on a dolphin, same as the Crest of Coffers whom use a "victoria" motto term. Plus, the Modens/Modeys were first found in the same place as Windsor castle while Windsors are themselves the royal Saxe-Coburg line. Compare Covert-like Coburgs to Schicks. Modens are traced (by me) to Modane, on the Arc river along with CHAMBRES, and then "In 1946, [William Hitler] became a naturalized [U.S.] citizen and to protect his anonymity, changed his name to Patrick Stuart-Houston, one that is strikingly close to the name of Adolf Hitler's favourite anti-Semitic author, Houston Stewart CHAMBERlain." Chambres' share a rose on stem with Roosevelts and Scherfs. See Coberts too, listed properly as Cuthberts, expected with the Cotts whom share the Moden fretty Shield.

Back to James E Houston (76) listed in Chesapeake, whose kin include John WILLIAM Houston (50) of Grand Island and Chesapeake and William Joseph Houston (47) of Chesapeake and San Diego. William's kin, Yvette J Houston (45), is likewise listed in Chesapeake. Also related is Colleen Ann Houston of Chesapeake; at her file she's got the occupation of "Naval Officers' Spouses' Club of San Diego," suggesting the Marine Corps' at Camp Pendleton. These particular Houstons are all related to Cynthia J Houston, age 75, of the Grand Falls / Buffalo area. In other words, Cynthia is the oldest amongst them. Having the same kin-list, there is a Cynthia J Houston (48), also of Chesapeake and San Diego, with an occupation at The Writer's Lab.

Below James Houston, there is a M Houston (45) with the regular listing of Grand Falls, Buffalo and even Niagara Falls (Cathian had one of those too), but not sharing the kin that are common to the Houstons above. However, this M Houston has addresses in Dallas and Garland. In consideration that M Houston is listed with DONALD Sharkey, let's repeat from earlier: "...Charlotte Erica Jaeger (59) shares a Blue Point location with DONALD F Houston and Susan J Houston (57, = Susan J Roiy) of Patchogue. Donald and Susan are listed with Charlotte's kin along with Dary Houston (44, 47), and the latter has two addresses, Garland and Dallas, near one another in Texas." This is tentatively important because Howard RONALD Houston (son of WILLIAM Hitler) worked in Dallas (Ronalds are listed with Donalds, and they share the Stuart ship).

It may appear as though we have found some Stuart-Houstons in M Houston's family, with a link between Buffalo and Dallas. If these particular Houstons apply, they ought to descend from the family of Alexander Stuart-Houston, age 92, suspect as a brother of the wife of William Hitler. I suppose there should be a link between Cynthia J Houston, 75, or her husband if she wasn't born a Houston, and Alexander Stuart-Houston. There is a Cynthia Rebecca Houston (43) of Springfield (Illinois) and Roanoke = Dallas Texas, Springfield being a location of Marie E Stuart-Houston (the one with Lockwood kin) that goes by "Houston" only. If she wasn't a daughter of a Hitler, I'd expect her to marry one (could have been Common-Law marriage). Marie is 49, of age to be the full sister of Brian Stuart-Houston, or his wife, or even a sister of Howard Stuart-Houston.

There is another Cynthia J Houston (53) listed with a Mary Houston, BRIANNA Thompson, and HOWARD Houston. This could make Cynthia the sister of Marie...i.e. in which case Cynthia could be a Hitler too. Mary (20s) is listed in Warwick, Rhode Island, with Jeffrey Wayne Thompson, suggesting that Cynthia (also listed in Warwick) married Jeffrey Wayne Thompson (53) and birthed Brianna, possibly naming her after Brian Stuart-Houston. Jeffrey shares Vero Beach, Florida, with Cynthia, and then there's is a Howard Q Houston (78) of Vero Beach (has Levi Houston as kin = Jewish), listed with Patricia Houston, probably Patricia Phipps Houston (73) in Vero Beach. While Cynthia J Houston (53) has worked for The Kitchen Link, Patricia Phipps Houston (listed with Phipps kin) has worked for National Kitchen & Bath Association. Howard is of age to be a son of William Hitler.

Brian Sharkey should be mentioned as per Brian Stuart-Houston. Then, M Houston has Deirdre Cooper listed as kin, while Deirdre Ann Cooper (66), listed only in Garland, has a Melissa Sharkey kin and shares Erik HUTSON with M Houston. The Hutsons (Yorkshire, share black boar with Yorkshire Bush's) are listed with Hudsons. Might such HUD liners be a branch of Hiedlers/Hitlers/Huttlers? Hudds/Hoods share the anchor with Heidlers. As I trace Hiedlers/Hitlers to the Arms of Surrich while Surreys show a Surrich variation, consider the SARK variation of Surreys as per "SHARK(ey)." The Scherf-related Shere's/Sheers were first found in Surrey.

Coopers share the leopard face with Coverts, and Deins were first found in the same place as Coopers and Coverts. There is a Jenea Starke kin of Deidre Ann Cooper, making for the third instance of bumping into Starks. Earlier in this update: "Then, a day after that update was out, our nameless investigator found that Jeffrey Dein's mother (Corinne) had a sister, Audrey STARK (80s or 90s). She didn't know (nor did I yet) that I'd be writing on the Starks about a week after the email was sent. Perhaps the Starks will come up again." Just see for yourself, Audrey Stark (30) listed in Dallas! She's otherwise Audrey Annalise Lawson, apparent wife of Michael Lawson. Lawsons ("Leve" motto term) are expected as Levi / Levin liners, and share black footless martlets with French Josephs as well as a chapeau cap that I trace to "Caiaphas." Bidens/Buttons, first found in the same place as English Josephs, share the chapeau, which belongs to Capelli's. Lawsons were, once again, first found in Yorkshire, where Pulleys/Pullens were first found that use black footless martlets in both colors of the same of French Josephs.

There is an Audrey Mae Stark, 85, suspect with Corinne's sister because this Audrey has a Sebring location, which is where Aryan Nations of Hayden Lake moved to, and then Jennifer Scheriff (Corinne's granddaughter) and Cathian Covert have addresses beside Sebring. But Audrey Mae Stark has a listing also in Arlington, Texas, which is smack at Dallas!

I'd like to go back to the Phipps that apparently married the Houstons, especially as these were linkable to Stuart-Houstons. Remember, there are no Stuart-Houstons listed at Intelius anywhere in the U.S. aside from those from Hitler. The Phipps' are said to be from Philips', and this seemingly checks out. But the two surnames can be traced to Powells and to Quintus Caepio, important because my direction on Powells had pegged them with Cambridge's and Crabs of Cambridge, where lines of Quintus Caepio traced. Let's begin with the Crab Crest, sharing a lion's paw with Quints and Phipps', though the latter two use black lion's paws, the color of the Phillips, Powell and Palin/PAWLey lion. Reminder: Crabs share the white-on-blue fleur-de-lys of German Bush's/Busch's, while Bosco's share a pillar/column (in the same white-on-blue colors) with Schore's suspect Otto SKORzeny, whom became suspect with using a Powell surname in southern Florida.

The Phipps' were first found beside Dorset, and share white-on-black stars with Palins/Pawleys, first found in Dorset, thus tending to trace the Phipps paw to Pawley liners, especially as the Phipps paw matches the black Pawley lion. The Quints were first found in Essex and Dorset. The Paws/Pauers can apply because Powers share the Pawley Chief.

The Philips are said to be "FULop" too, and so while I trace FULbert "the Saxon" (father of Peter Pollock) to Fulbert of Falaise, the latter known as "the tanner," it's very revealing that Pawleys and Powers share the Shield-and-Chief color combination of the Tanners. Therefore, the Philips do not appear to trace to a man, Philip (not from their inception, anyway), but rather to Fulbert of Falaise...whom I traced to Roquefeuils > Rockefellers. This should explain why the Coat of Fallis'/Falls' (said to be possibly from "Falaise") share the trefoil with Phipps'. Fallis'/Falls' were first found in the same place (Lothian) as Sinclairs and Crichtons, the latter sharing the green Powell griffin.

Roque colors) I have been waiting for a moment like this for weeks. The Fallis/Fall trefoils are in the colors of the Feller trefoils (in the colors of the Roque rocks), and so we glean that "foil" is code for RoqueFEUILs. I came to believe that a childhood experience with Robert Powell was one of many experiences in my life that would serve later in life toward the Revelation that God called me to. I do not recall tracing Powells to Rockefellers as strongly as the Phipps' just allowed it. I have recorded a few times in the updates (see "Powell" in the 3rd of February, 2012) that the childhood experience was when Robert Powell threw a rock at me on the street, and I tossed one back at him, and we did this repeatedly for a while (no one was hit). I'll leave it up to you to decided whether it was God sending YOU a sign for this very moment.

Immediately after writing that, becoming a little frustrated with this work, as I seem to be going nowhere while touching all around the mystery, I realized that I should check for Coverts in Chesapeake, something I neglected to this point. With an occupation in the "United States Navy,"" there is one Samuel Keith Covert of Chesapeake and area. He has a Mary and Elizabeth Covert as kin (Elizabeth is expected from kaiser Wilhelm). The same page has a Kathleen A Covert (54) listed with kin, Julia Rae Covert (27). The related James Covert has listed himself as "Convert," in case that helps.

As I expect the Riverside Coverts to trace to the Chesapeake Hohenzollerns, it's of obvious importance that the California Coverts are from a Julia whose suspected daughter, Cathian, may have been born a Kathleen. There are just four years difference between Kathleen and Cathian, and both named their daughters, Julia. Hmm, another interesting riddle, just what my tired head needed.

In the last update, I happened to say: "There happens to be a Ben L Covert, 41, of Marysville, not to mention Illinois and several Florida addresses." It's the same Benjamin L Covert as above, but in the listing he was found at in the last update, Chesapeake was not given! It was suspect from that time that Benjamin and Julia should trace to the Chesapeake Hohenzollerns.

Benjamin is listed with Plunkett kin. He has one address at Great Lakes, Illinois (northern Chicago), where there is a Navy outfit yet again. Amazing coincidence. "Great Lakes was approved in 1904 by Theodore Roosevelt. Construction was supervised by Navy Captain Albert R. Ross [i.e. a Roos liner]." Two Roosevelt presidents now both looking like they were involved with the same German, upper-level circles.

In the last update, a Benjamin L Covert was found listed at the very same address -- 44725 Hwy 74, Hemet -- as Julia M Covert (turned out to be Julia Margaret Covert (no age) of Hemet). And in the page above (or below) with Samuel and Kathleen Covert, there is one Benjamin L Covert (41) of Chesapeake, suggesting a relative of Julia M Covert (Hemet). As the latter worked at the same church as a Jeffrey Clark, she was assumed to be Julia Covert-Clark, 75. That's still open to correction, however. The Benjamin L Covert listed in Hemet is also listed in Cary, Illinois, to the immediate west of Great Lakes navy outfit (i.e. where the other Benjamin L Covert (41) is listed).

There is a third Benjamin L Covert (71) likewise of Illinois, in Wauconda and Crystal Lake, both smack beside Cary. If the elder Benjamin (listed with Mary Covert) was working at the naval outfit, he may have been transferred to Camp Pendleton, and may there have been involved with Julia Covert-Clark / Julia M Covert. Mary E Covert of Wauconda and Crystal Lake is 78, perhaps his wife, perhaps his sister.

The Kay Covert listed with the 41-year old Benjamin is Kaylee Covert, 40, of Belleville, Illinois, but with Arizona addresses, including Phoenix, as well as Tampa, Florida. The Peter Covert listed with Kay and Benjamin is Peter David Covert (61); he looks like the father. He's listed with Rachel Plunkett. The latter is not listed in Illinois, but is listed in Florida as Rachel Ann Plunkett (37), sharing Monrovia (Indiana) with Peter Covert, and showing Kay and Benjamin as kin. The F Plunkett listed with Rachel is F L Plunkett, 62, probably Fred Plunket. Peter's wife / girlfriend could be Sheryl K Plunkett (57), listed in Mooresville, Indiana.

I don't necessarily see, by these names, links of this family to Cathian / Julia of Riverside. The trick is to understand any possible relationship between Peter Covert and Julia Covert. Why should a son of Peter go to Hemet, home of Julia Margaret Covert? The Illinois Coverts do list a Fred Plunkett (as kin to Mikhail Plunkett), who may be named after the Hohenzollern Fredericks. Mikhail (39), sharing F and Rachel Plunkett, has an address in Brooksville, Florida, beside a village of Powell, not far from Lady Lake.

I am out of time for this update.


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