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April 28 - May 4, 2015

The Short Story: Squirrel Saga Continues, Now with Cathian Covert
How to Explain Her Connection to a 20th-Century German Emperor
Potential Bomb: The Zooks Are Really the Zachritz's

Things seem like they are changing in Iraq, as the U.S. congress is now moving toward arming the Kurds aside from the "supervision" of Iraq. Previously, the righteous attitude of Obama forbade arming the Kurds without first providing the weapons to Iraq, though that was a formality for to get on Baghdad's better side, or to look good internationally. We all knew the West wanted to arm the Kurds directly, but Obama seemed reluctant to weaken ISIS if he could help it. That's how I'm reading it, anyway, and the others in the West may be catching up to his game, and forcing his hand to get weapons more directly to the Kurds. Germany, I've just read, is sending 70 tons of ammunition to Peshmerga forces, and the Canadian prime minister is even visiting the Kurds. That theater is still on, even if the lights have dimmed a little, and while nothing seems to be moving terribly fast, this may change at any time.

For years, Obama has seemed to be very interested in acting in Yemen. I'm not following the Yemeni events at all. There's a limit to how much war I need to read in watching the progress in Iraq.

On a Katherine Powell search for Florida, Katherine L Powell (64) comes up with a Naples address as well as four Pennsylvania addresses, three of them listed exactly as those for Robert Powell above (her fourth is "Pittsburgh"), but, I ask you, why does she have the same addresses while she's listed at 64 years, with Robert 34? Did Robert's mother live and move with him everywhere he went, or vice versa? That's not likely. And what are the chances that Katherine (five addresses total) would have a Naples address too, as did Ruth Ann Powell (85), kin of Robert Powell under discussion?? For the record, the three places that Katherine and Robert share are Allison Park (Pittsburgh), Harrison City (small place), and North Versailles.

The Julia Powell listed with Ruth Anne Powell (85) is here:

Julia Marguerite Powell, age 30

Has live in:...........................Related to:

Fort Myers, FL................Edward Powell
Northville, MI...................Sandra Powell
Royal Oak, MI................Gerard Powell [26]
Schenectady, NY.............Robert Powell
Green Castle, IN.............Ruthann Powell
Canton, MI .....................Catherine Powell

We now have the problem of a 30-year old sharing the Northville, Royal Oak, Schenectady, and Fort Myers addresses with 85-year-old Ruth Ann Powell. Did the grandmother really move about to all those places with the granddaughter? If not, how else do we explain these things? Are these Powells real, or faked? Were they the Powells descended from Skorzeny and his wife, Ruth (one could expect Skorzeny's descendants to use "Powell"). Or was Skorzeny and his mate(s) "adopted" by true Powells?

As per Edward Powell listed as kin to the Robert Powell under discussion, there was an Edward Powell in Florida (Miami and Fort Lauderdale), shown earlier, with one listing at Redondo Beach between Riverside and Los Angeles. But as Janet Naples is now suspect between Naples, Florida, and Riverside, let's also mention Edward Lewis Powell (45) (kin Jennifer Powell) sharing Fort Myers and Naples with Ruth Ann Powell. Edward (45) has a couple of Florida addresses (including Brooksville (historical slavery center) to the near-west of Jennifer Scheriff at Lady Lake. On page 5 for Edward Powells, there's another match:

Edward B Powell, age 86

Fort Myers, FL..............Ruthann Powell
Schenectady, NY......... Catherine Powell
....................................Gerard Powell
....................................Sandra Powell
....................................Robert Powell
....................................Julia Powell

If you happen to be any of these people and know the link's not correct, I hope you can just laugh this off. I'm doing my best to find evidence for discovering the Americanized Nazi elements from Skorzeny, expected in some (not all) of his descendants. Let's repeat from above: "On the page for Ruth Powell, there is a Ruth Mae Powell (i.e. like Ruth M Powell of Nicoloff's story), age 79, with an address at Lady Lake and another one at Naples, Florida. Ruth Mae Powell has a relative, April Searcy, evoking April, daughter of Jennifer Scheriff of Lady Lake. Now all of this got my attention." There are three more Edward Powells with Lady-Lake addresses. And, by the way, there is a Naples location in Idaho.

An 83-year-old Edward E Powell (page 4) of Miama and Naples has a Robert Powell, kin. Then, on page 5 (the last), there is a 70-rear old Edward E Powell with Mary Bush and Leslie Bush listed as kin. It could be coincidental, or not.

Edward E Powell, age 79

Has lived in:...................Related to:

Cocoa, FL.....................Mary Bush
Chattanooga, TN...........Barbara Powell
Harrison, TN................ Sue Powell
....................................Leslie Bush

John Ellis "Jeb" Bush (62 at his website), the president's brother, is listed at a Fort Lauderdale and Miami address. He's not given any kin aside from his wife and two children. I had not found a Mary or Leslie Bush in Florida that can definitely apply to Edward Powell, until finding Jeb's listing.

Of some curiosity, there is a John E Bush, age 66, listed with Barbara Bush (name of Jeb's official grandmother), and sharing a Cocoa (Beach) location with the Bush-related Edward Powell, kin of Barbara Powell. The problem is, the second John Bush is 66, not 62. Barbara Bush, having Nakita N Bush (21, of Cocoa Beach and Englewood, Colorado) in common with the 66-year old, as well as sharing the same addresses as he, is Barbara E Bush, age 67.

Mary Christina Bush (40) of Cocoa Beach happens to have Barbara and George Bush as kin (George is the name of Jeb's son). Hmm, this Mary shares a Tallahassee location with John=Jeb Bush (62). Pamela S Bush (67) shares four of Mary's kin (including Barbara Bush) as well as Mary herself. Pamela can't be Barbara's sister if they are both 67.

The Wikipedia article on Barbara Bush (almost 90), wife of the president, has the family in the suburbs of Los Angeles at one point, which might just have linked to supremacists of the Riverside area. She is descended from president Franklin Pierce, who once had a troublesome "unofficial militia company" called, Bowdoin's Cadets, and then Edward Powell of both Miami and Redondo Beach (beside Riverside) has a Jemima Bowden listed as kin. In consideration of Barbara's husband as a Scherff, might some descendants of Franklin Pierce have been Nazi supporters?

There is a "Jr Bush" listed with some of these Bush's, and he's Jr Bush, age 66, listed in Cocoa Beach, Littleton, and Englewood, and moreover his listing shows Barbara and Nakita as kin, ...wherefore Jr Bush looks like John E Bush, likewise age 66. On the same page, there a second Jr Bush, age 44, sharing Littleton (Colorado) for an address with John E Bush (66), and so it could be that the latter is a brother / cousin of Jeb Bush, 62.

Jr Bush (44) has John, Teri and Jeri Bush as kin in a "Jr Bush" search for all of the USA (64 total, but some could be repeats). On the same page, there is a Jr Bush (72) of Missoula, Montana, and also of Blanchard, Idaho, the latter location about 25 miles north of Post Falls. Missoula is an alternative address listing for Denise Dein (37) of Post Falls, wife of Cathian Surbrook's son, Jeffrey M Dein (all three lived in Post Falls).

In consideration of the similarity between "Missel" and Missoula," let's repeat from the last update on Kathy Hinds and Kathryn Anne Page, both listed as kin of Zoe and Burch Surbrook of Otis Orchards: "There is a Kathy Hinds (49) of Washington state (including Otis Orchards) listed with relatives, Michael Page, Lisa Hinds, Patrick Hinds, John and James MISSEL, Dawn and Steve Hormel, and others. But she goes by numerous names, including Kathryn A Hinds, Kathy Anne Hormel, Kathy A Misselhinds, Kathy Missel and Kathryn Anne Missel. Frankly, she looks like Kathryn Anne Page" While looking for the real identity of Cathian (has at least five surnames online), Kathryn had become suspect.

There is another Jr Bush (92) listed with one kin only, Barbara Bush, in Enumclaw, Washington, roughly the area of Katie Zook. In the last update, Katie was paired with Jack Munos who stayed with his brother in Waco, very near Austin, home turf of president Bush Jr. Before returning home, Katie and Jack had been hurt together, supposedly, in a hospital of Fort Lauderdale, this location listed as one home for Jeb Bush. Don Nicoloff, a major topic of the last update, claimed that George Bush Sr stole the secrets of Nicola Tesla, inventor of an electrical-impulse machine that Tesla claimed could cause earthquakes. The Bush-Nazi circle, according to Skorzeny, had Tesla murdered, though Skorzeny said he killed Tesla with his own bare hands. Katie and Jack were supposedly hurt in the Haiti earthquake (2010), and a Mark Surbrook, who's in some online reports along with Katie and Jack, arrived to Haiti with other missionaries the day BEFORE the quake. Interesting, isn't it? HOWEVER, there is a large chance that they are legitimate and sincere Christians people.

The idea is, not to spy on these people, but to find surname connections that tell a story. There will be some surnames that can be set into one grouping, hoping that they can be linked to a second or third grouping of interest. One never knows what might be found. Up to this point, a solid connection between Powells of Florida and the presidential Bush's has not been found, but there is reason for interest.

Nicoloff claimed to discover Ruth M Powell and Edward Powell as spies in a traveling / evangelical group, and claimed that it was a front for Americanized Nazi's. Skorzeny claimed to live in Miami as Frank Edward P______, and so Nicoloff thinks that the latter was Edward Powell, the spy. That topic is in my last update.

As was said, Janet Maio has been a super friend through email, but her stated desire to come live with me on my tribulation retreat, at too-early of a time in our correspondence, raised a flag. We had no personal relationship going, ever. When I discovered that one Janet C Maio (now age 59, one year older than Cathian) had a Riverside address, where Cathian was married, it had me thinking, because at that point both she and Cathian had portrayed themselves as constant / ongoing readers. I don't recall the other Janet Verite Maio, age 61, but I now find her with kin, KATIE Maio. Both she and Cathiam C Maness (same Cathian), age 57 and age 58, have a Seattle address, but the older Janet Maio has an alternative one in Bellevue, Washington, a part of Seattle, and close to Arlington, home of Katie Zook, though someone matching her age and name is listed (with Intelius) at Everett, about 20 miles from Bellevue. There is a good chance that none of these three woman are the same, nor linked in any way, but the reasons for suspicion just keep cropping up.

Michael Mark Maness, age 55, Cathian's "husband," likewise has a Seattle address, and while Cathian is online as "Rev Cathian Surbrook," what looks like short for "Katie Zook," the latter's workmate, Jack MUNOS, looks like "Maness." Above the listing for Michael Mark Maness, there is a Michael David Maness (49), of Texas, with kin of KATY and Lori Maness while Michael Mark Maness has Cathiam Maness and Lori Harwood listed as kin. As Cathian Maness and Michael were, according to her emails to me, helping out in the aftermath of the Haiti earthquake, the earthquake wherein Katie Zook and Jack Munos supposedly became hurt, let's also mention that Katie's and Jack addresses were given at a website in case anyone wanted to send gifts. The suspicion is that these gifts were going to Cathian and Michael Maness in Seattle. Cathian had a mailing list during the quake-relief campaign, and was prompting everyone to send gifts.

There is now the question of whether Cathian Maness' real identity is Lori Harwood, or whether Lori was Michael's other mate. There is a Lori K Harwood (61) listed with Maness kin, and sharing the Puyallup location (between Tacoma and Seattle) with Michael Mark Maness. She's of age to be his mate. Lori has Tacoma hospital as her place of work, suggesting that she's a real person. Her kin, Ricky Harwood (61, same age), with Maness kin (though not showing Michael or Cathian), has Utah State as his employer, suggesting a real person. Ricky has a Spokane (home roughly of Surbrooks) address, same as Michael Maness.

One name above Lori Harwood there is a Lori J Harwood (57, almost the same age as Cathian Maness) with kin, Julia Moon, while Cathian's daughter is Julia M White (39). Although the following is interesting, there is no hard link that I see between Lori Harwood, 57, and Lori Harwood of Maness kinship.

Suspicious that Julia Moon is Julia M White, Cathian's daughter, Julia Moon was checked out. There are two different Julia Moons of Idaho, both sharing Boise and Meridian addresses with a Julia Annette White (52), and then Meridian is a location also for Ricky Harwood (Maness kin). Moreover, a Julia Lorene Moon (34) of Washington has a Lori Jolene Hunter (57, shares three addresses with Lori J Harwood, also 57) as kin, and shares Portland and Oregon-City addresses with Julia Annette White, Julia Lorene Moon and Julia M Moon (55). The latter shares a Vancouver (Washington) address with Ricky Harwood, and has the same middle initial as Julia M White, daughter of JEFFRey Dein (married Cathian in Riverside, CA); it just so happens that Julia M Moon has three kin with JEFFERs surnames. Forrest A Jeffers (89) has a Julia Merle Jeffers (55) as kin, and shares Montrose, Colorado, with Julia M Moon (both have Mary and Andrew Jeffers as kin).

It could be that Julia M Jeffers (same age as Julia M Moon) was born that way to Forrest, then married a Mr. Moon and had Julia Lorene Moon as daughter. She shares a Little-River location (California) with Lori Jolene Hunter (latter has Julia Moon and Evan Harwood as kin, the latter also listed as kin to Lori J Harwood). It's possible, but not clinched, that Lori Harwood was a sister to Lori Harwood with Maness kin.

[I was going to delete this section on Moons, but decided to keep it in. I didn't open a reader's email until this was published on Monday, telling that some info on Cathian's Lowell name was found. I checked "Cathian Lowell" to find Cathie A Lowell (49) of Riverside and Hemet (beside one another in California) with Moon kin. You will shortly see a Julia Covert of Hemet. In her California page, Cathie A Lowell has a Spokane address.


Then, there's a Julia Anne White (54) with addresses in Bellevue (same as Michael Mark Maness) and Tacoma, the latter being roughly another Washington address for the same Michael Maness. The latter's kin, for example, Marlo Maness (26, Markham, Texas) have Tacoma addresses, and the George (81, Tacoma, Bellevue, Puyallup) listed with Michael has a relative, Mozelle M Maness (60, Tacoma, Bellevue), with an age to be Michael's sister, which I mention only because Mozelle has a John Drake listed. Cathian (once a witch, according to her testimony) stopped emailing me not long after I ridiculed Nicholas de Vere von Drakenberg, chief warlock, or something akin to it, of some dragon-blood organization that you can find online. I'm assuming that Mozelle Maness married a Drake, and thus it connects Cathian feasibly with Drakenberg elements.

It's interesting that a John M Drake (46) has both an Everett location (Katie Zook's location) and a relative, Katie Stark. Plus, this John Drake has an Austin location, near Waco, home of Jack Munos' brother. John shares a Seattle and Chelan addresses with a John A Drake (55) (same age as Michael Maness) who in turn shares Bellevue with Michael Maness and some other Starks. It definitely looks like Maness' married the Drake's that lived partly in the same place(s) as Katie Zook. Both John's have addresses in Los Angeles (below, I find a Julia Covert in the Los Angeles area). The 46-year old, moreover, has an address in Indiana. There is a John Alden Drake (57) of Seattle and Bellevue that could be the same.

[After this update was published, a reader sent word that Audrey Stark was the sister of Corinne Abbott, mother of Jeffrey A Dein. I'll have this in the next update.]

On the same page, a John E Drake (48) of both Spokane and Post Falls, with a Jeffery Drake as kin, who looks linkable to Cathian's circle. But why would the Drake family that married Maness' be in the home town (Post Falls) of Cathian Covert, and moreover why would there be a Jeffery involved?? Jeffrey Matthew Dein (Cathian's son) is likewise listed in both Post Falls and Spokane. Hmm. Are the same people are using many aliases? I can't find a Jeffery Drake in either Idaho or Washington that can be a definite match for his kin, Katie Drake-Stark. I'll drop a theory here that John M Drake and John A Drake were aliases for Jeffrey M Dein and his father, Jeffrey A Dein (Cathian's husband) while Cathian went as Katie Drake-Stark.

Katie J Stark, 38, listed also as Katie Drake, shares the kin and locations (including Everett, Bloomington, and Austin) of John M Drake (46, not old enough to be her father). Immediately below her listing is a Katie Maureen Stark, age, 28 (same age as Katie Zook of Everett), and this Katie has a Julie Stark kin, which could be Cathian's daughter, Julia Dein. In the meantime, this picture can link Cathian to Katie Zook (or was she really Katie Stark?) of Haiti. Cathian's daughter (age 39) married to become Julia White, but I had found another Julia White, age 38, same as Katie J Stark. From the last update: "There are three Julia White's listed in the town of Post Falls (population less than 30,000), one Julia White, age 38; Julia M White, age 39; and a Julia Dawn White, age 44."

There is a Julie Patricia Stark, 31, of age to be Katie Stark's sister, having an Everett location, as well as sharing Lynnwood (Washington) with a Julie D Stark, age 57 (is the latter as per Julia Dein?). She has a Bellevue listing, as does Michael Maness, one of Cathian's husbands whom, AFTER the Haiti quake, was a "friend" on her Facebook page, a funny way to list a husband, but then I don't use Facebook, so maybe it's normal. But she was registered at Facebook as Cathian Covert Surbrook, not Cathian Maness.

Katie Maureen Stark has three Idaho addresses, including Coeur d'Alene, near Post Falls, and she shares a Pullman (Washington) address with a Julie Stark (47) and John T Stark, ages 65 and 64, who in-turn shares Los Angeles addresses with the two John Drake's above. If the two John Drake's were both Jeffrey Deins, then let's re-mention that Jeffrey married Cathian near Los Angeles. There is then a second Katie Stark, age 47, with a Post Falls address, and she sure does look like Cathian, therefore. I've caught Cathian using 48 as her age on one occasion, as we'll see.

Harry K Stark (62) of Arlington has Julie Anne Stark, 48, as his only kin , but the ages of 62 versus 48 don't speak well either for father-daughter or sibling possibilities. Julie Anne Stark is listed in both Bellevue and Arlington (15 miles apart in Washington). Katie Marie Zook (listed in Everett at her Intelius page) has/had an Arlington address (not at Intelius), specifically Moran Rd. in Arlington.

However, having dropped that theory that seemingly works well, let's tell the other side of the coin: Katie J Stark is listed with the University of Texas (Austin) and several employers, suggesting that she's a real person. Perhaps the Julie Starks were descended from Julia Covert. Actually, I don't have any hard conclusions to make on this confusion.

But here's a problem: Katie Marie Zook is listed with kin, Tracy Zook (30), with Everett and Arlington addresses, and Tracy is listed with a Marie middle name too, not likely to happen in real life between sisters. The two are listed as apparent daughters of Jan and Robert Zook, but the latter has two ZACHritz kin -- Arlene G. and James Dudley Zachritz -- listed in Dayton, Ohio, both old enough (76 and 82 respectively) to be Robert's parents. Both Arlene and James have a Robert G Zachritz (49) as kin, and he's listed with the same occupations as Robert Zook. That could be a real problem, showing that someone's using a false surname, even in a Haiti mission. Here are the details:

Robert G Zachritz, age 49

Has lived in: ....................Aliases..........................Related to:

Federal Way, WA..........Robert Kisyula..............Arlene Zachritz
Lovettsville, VA.............Robert P Zook..............James Zachritz
Washington, DC...............................................Rebecca Zachritz
Dayton, OH
Arlington, VA
Oakton, VA
Monrovia, CA

Here's Robert P Zook's page, noting that his middle initial is not 'G,' as it is with Robert G Zachritz:

Robert P Zook, age 49

Federal Way, WA................Arlene Zachritz
Lovettsville, VA...................James Zachritz
Washington, DC..................Rebecca Zachritz
Dayton, OH
Monrovia, CA
Oakton, VA
Arlington, VA

Both Roberts have the following added to their files:

Worked at:................................................................... Studied at:

Advocacy & Government Relations Office..............George Mason University
World Vision Inc...................................................Michigan State University
U.S. Rep. Tony P. Hall..........................................University of Cambridge
Rep. Dick Cheney (r-wyoming)
Rep. Fred Upton
Dick Halverson, Senate Chaplain

As it seems that Robert Zook worked for Dick Cheney, it is very interesting that a the Saccacio section below was written yesterday as I write here, and the following was said (yesterday) while on the page of Cathian's supposed husband, Frank Saccacio:

Just like Cathian and her sons, Frank has/had an address in Warsaw, home of WARS (White Aryan Resistance). One may even ask whether "SACCacio" is a surname from the bloodline naming Dachau / Zooks/Zechau...

The Cherise Nicole Phillips (29) above [as kin of Frank Saccacio] is listed also as Cherise N Cheney, and has Frank Saccacio as kin. They share Ocklawaha, Altamonte and Summerfield, but what could Frank's links to her be? She looks like a daughter of Gregory Cheney who married Phillips.

Compare "Saccacio" with "Zachritz." There is another Robert Zook (57) of Cheney and Spokane, Washington, as well as Post Falls, Idaho, what a grand cathiancidence. Two other Robert P Zooks of Washington, ages 70 and 27, are listed in Bellevue, same as Mark Maness who himself has a Post Falls address. Who could be Robert L Zook, 62, with Katie, Tracy and Jan Zook for kin? He's 13 years older that Robert Zook, father of Katie and Tracy? That doesn't work too well. There is another Robert Zook, age 28 (same as Katie Zook), with the same three kin, and both latter Robert's have an Everett address. A Robert Samuel Zook has a Tacoma address. These are all on the same page with the central topic, Robert P Zook/Zachritz. Likewise on that page is one Munoz surname, I kid you not:

Robert S Zook, age 45

Shelton, WA.................M Munoz
Steilacoom, WA............Donald Zook
Tacoma, WA................Evan Zook
Jacksonville, FL........... Patricia Zook
...................................Eric Zook
...................................Helen Zook

It looks like Jack Munos in Haiti could have been related to the Zooks / Zachritz's.

The page below has Jan M Zook, age 54, as though named after Jan G. Zachritz, thus being Robert's sister rather than his wife. Did the entire lot of Zachritz children change the surname officially to "Zook," or is that an alias for sinister causes? Jan Zook has Robert, Tracy and Katie as kin, and shares Everett and Wenatchee addresses with Robert Zook (28). Is the latter the twin of 28-year old Katie Zook, or is this false information?

The page above has some Powell surnames listed as kin for Kaye Kaye Zook (61), employee of memorial Bible Church. There is also another Jan Zook, this time age 49, and she also has a Bellevue address.

Checking now for Jan Zachritz's throughout the United States (only four listings), one Jane MARIE Zachritz (51) has had employment at Texas University at Austin, the same university shown as the employer for Katie J Stark = Katie Drake (38) of Everett and Austin (near Waco, home of Jack Munos' brother, James). There had also been one Katie MARIE Zook, the missionary to Haiti (yes, daughter of Robert P Zachritz). Just like that, the feeling that I had earlier, that Katie Marie Zook should somehow relate to Katie Stark-Drake, is looking correct.

A third Katie Stark, age 36, has a Spokane address and a Kathryn Stark listed as kin (sometimes the kin is the same person). Spokane is the area of the Surbrooks, and Cathian's details suggest that she was a daughter of the Surbrooks yet she wasn't listed in the obituary of Zoe Surbrook while Cathian's daughter (Julia Dein > White) was listed as Zoe's granddaughter (see last update). "Zook" was suspect as short for "Surbrook" but could also be play on "Zoe."

Compare the Stark Coat with the Munos Coat. Starks are using a version of the Stork Coat, but as Store's/Sturys use the stork, this looks like a branch of Sturs, first found in the same place as Vere's on the French side, and first found in the same place as Drake's on the English side. The Munos Coat could be using part of the Guerin Coat (Guerra's, first found in the same place as Munos', share a green wyvern dragon with Vere's), and then Guerin of Provence is in the same place as a Draguignan location to which I think Drakenberg traces well. I did trace Agrigento, at Sicily's Drago river, to the Stura Demonte valley in Cuneo. Maness' (Northumberland, same place as Store's/Sturys), in Munos colors, are properly, "Manner," and then German Manns'/Manners (STYRia) share the Vere-quarter colors. The Munos sword is likely that of the Swords, named after Siward of Northumberland and Heslington, and then Heslingtons/Hazeltons are Hazel liners = Islip/Haslip liners honored in the motto of the Mens'/Mingle's sharing a red Chief with Maness'/Manners.

To show that alias' are likely being used, the same page has a second Julia Ann Stark, 48, with three addresses matching the 48-year-old Julia Ann Stark above, only the latter has Harry Crystal as kin while the former has Harry Stark as kin. There are two Harry Starks of interest listed for Washington: 1) Harry K Stark (62) with an Arlington address and just one kin, Julia Stark; 2) Harry L Stark (82) sharing Renton (beside Bellevue), Puyallup and Seattle with Michael Maness but also listed in Everett; apparent father of Harry James Stark (40). Then, we have a Harry Kenneth Stark (47) of both Everett and Arlington, with a Julie Stark as kin, and going by an alias, Ken Stark Crystal. Since when does a man have two surnames?

Back to Jane Marie Zachritz (51) of Austin, for there is an Anne Elaine Zachritz also 51) of Austin and Arlington Virginia, the latter where Robert P Zachritz (Katie Zook's father) has a listing. Anne Zachritz also has a St. Paul, Minnesota, address, as with Harry Stark-Crystal. Amazing coincidences, for it was Katie Stark that likewise works/worked (supposedly) at the Austin university along with Jane.

Next potential problem for the Zooks starts with the Zachritz's of Arlington, Virginia, though I wonder whether they all were faked with "Arlington, VA" rather than with "Arlington, WA." In Arlington, VA, there is a Rebecca Zachritz, age 44, of age to be the wife of Robert P Zachritz of Arlington, VA, and Arlington, WA. Rebecca has Robert as her kin along with two Daugherty's. One is Jacqueline (72), with Rebecca and Elza as kin, and the other is Elza Daugherty (Jacqueline as kin) , 72 years old again. Apparently, one or both of these Daugherty's is Rebecca's mother. On the same page with Rebecca, there is a B G Zachritz, of Arlington, VA, with just two kin, Rebecca and Robert Zachritz. It looks like he's Bob G Zachrist = Robert G Zachritz (49), the same as Robert P Zachritz (49) only having a G initial. Robert G Zachritz shares a Lovettsville address with Rebecca, Elza and Jacqueline, suggesting that Rebecca is his wife, not Jan Zachritz.

Back to the M Munoz listed as kin of Zachritz's. There are many M Munoz' in Washington state, and they give the impression of being Spanish. Checking 100 listings each for Washington, Virginia and Texas, no luck finding a Munoz character with Zachritz kin. But the Meredith G Munoz (32) listed for both Tacoma (WA) and Arlington, VA, is interesting. Munos' (with the 's') were then checked in Washington, finding a Marty Munos in Marysville, where Katie Zook is supposed to have her church. Another possibility is that the mystery M Munos is Michael Munoz changed to Michael Maness.

There is a Zachreiss surname (Bavaria), by the way, using a LIEB term on its fesse. It just so happens that Lieb(er)s, said to derive in "smooth talker," were first found in the same place (Silesia) as Zooks/Zechau's. Dachau is in Bavaria. Daniel 11:21-23 portrays the anti-Christ will be a smooth talker. The same text says that the anti-Christ will be connected to Seleucus I in some way, a term like "Silesia."

The Coverts

Cathian didn't share her Maness husband's name with me, aside from calling him, "Captain." I frankly don't think they were married. Another problem is that she claimed Julia White as her daughter on Facebook, but as she's listed 19 years younger than Cathian, the latter must have mated with Jeffrey Dein when she was 18. The possible problem here is that, the same page showing Jeffrey's marriage to Cathian (before 1984) has him divorcing Patty Allen before 1984. Was she really married to someone else before conceiving his daughter?

[Update Tuesday -- A reader clarified by saying that Cathian married Jeffrey A Dein on Oct 1 1977 in Riverside CA., and that Jeffrey divorced Patty L Allen in June of 1976. It's nice to have some help, thank you, but in this case this if mightily appreciated. The same reader found record that Cathian had married Thomas Surbrook, but as she had that surname when marrying Jeffrey, she must have married Thomas first. If there was only one Julia White, she couldn't have been the daughter of both men, but then there were two Julia White's of Post Falls, 38 and 39. That could explain one Julia per husband, but the great coincidence goes beyond them both receiving Julia names; they both married Mr. White's, or even the same Mr. White. End update]

Intelius does not always know that Cathian Dein is also Cathiam Maness, Cathian Covert, Cathian Saccacio or Cathian Surbrook. There must be conflicting / confusing data concercing the five Cathians so that the Intelius computer is not inclined to view them all as the same person. At the webpage below, she's Cathian C Dein (of Galliano, Louisiana), suggesting that she was born with a Covert surname (I don't think she would retain Covert as a middle name, while married to Jeffrey, if it was due to marriage with a Mr. Covert), yet on a webpage (last update) showing her marriage to Jeffrey Dein, she is in two different documents as Cathian Covert versus Cathian Surbrook prior to marriage. I have never seen her listed with a Mr. Surbrook, potential husband, suggesting she was born a Surbrook.

To be Cathian Covert Surbrook at Facebook in 2010-11, she must have dropped her Dein history and reverted to her older names. In that particular name, she looks born a Surbrook, especially as she mentioned Zoe Surbrook at Facebook. Therefore, am I to conclude that Cathian was married to a Mr. Covert before she was 18? This is squeezing things very tightly. I have yet to find one Covert kin for any of Cathian's listings. But here's a person of interest, of age to be Cathian's mother:

Julia F Covert, age 75

Address history..............Relatives

Bancroft, ID...............Edward Clark [51, Julia's son?]
Oxnard, CA................Shane [Allen] Covert [63]
Las Vegas, NV...........Justin Clark [28]
Running Springs, CA
La Habra CA
Anaheim CA

Her aliases include: Julia Faye Clark, Julia Fay Cross, and Julia L Clark.

Suddenly, Clark House (mansion) at Hayden Lake is coming to mind, but perhaps that's hasty. Note EDWARD (King) Clark in the list above, possibly Cathian's brother. There is a Cynthia ABBOTT Clark (58, same as Cathian) sharing Las Vegas with Julia Covert, and Edward above happens to be listed with a Cynthia Clark as kin. In this theoretical picture, Cathian was born to a Mr. Clark when he mated with an Abbott, which happens to be the maiden name of her husband's mother. Edward has Justin Clark as another kin, and there is a Justin Clark (35) of Post Falls of age to be his son. There are only 17 Justin Clarks in all of Idaho so that one in Post Falls is remarkable.

Idaho Falls (south-east corner of Idaho, not close to Post Falls) is beside the Bancroft location of Julia Covert, and while she has a Shane Covert as kin, there is a Shane Laroy Covert (35) with two addresses beside Idaho Falls. There are only seven listings for "Shane Covert" in all of the U.S. The Shane having Julia Clark / Faye Covert as kin also shows a Suzanne Covert, and then there happens to be a Suzanne E Covert (85) listed for Hayden, Idaho (!), as well as two Nevada address and three in Florida. There are only 19 listings for "Suzanne Covert" in all of the U.S. Suzanne I Covert (no age) of Anaheim has Shane Covert for kin.

This recalls where Cathian told me that her father, with a Coffert surname, descended from a German kaiser. I could find no kaiser by that surname. But F Lewis Clark of Clark House in Hayden Lake did go boating with a German kaiser, Wilhelm; and Clark copied the mansion of the kaiser for his own Clark House. The story is here, but we never learn where Clark made his vast fortune:

Perhaps Cathian just lied to me about the surname of her father, not wanting to reveal that it was Clark. Just a theory. F Lewis Clark may have thrown his hat in the lake (at a peer) to feign suicide (1914), then left his wife to be with another woman. His hat was found in Santa Barbara, California, and Julia Covert is of age to be the wife of Clarks' son in California.

But then there is this other theory below on Cathian's parents. The Anaheim, La Habra and Running Springs locations of Julia Covert are very near Riverside, what a grand coincidence. Then, after writing the above, while searching for a Jeffrey Clark, kin of Justine Clark, a Jeffrey Clark and a Julia Covert were found in the Hemet part of Riverside county. The page below has it listed like this:

(951) 927-2182Premium Report

...Valley Evangelical Free Church 341 N LAKE ST, Hemet, CA 92544 >>>

Jeffrey Clark...................341 N Lake St, Hemet, CA 92544 >>>
Email: Title: Religious Leader
Organization: Valley Evangelica Free Church...

Julia Covert....................44725 Hwy 74, Hemet, CA 92544 >>>

Julia M Covert................44725 State Highway 74, Hemet, CA 92544 >>>

...Benjamin L Covert........44725 State Hwy 74, Hemet, CA 92544 >>>

Julia Covert is the only one, aside from Jeffrey Clark, listed under the evangelical church address / phone number. Perhaps she's the secretary, or close kin of the/a pastor. Let's draw up a theory: Julia Covert-Clark, 75 (born 1940), of the Riverside area, produced Cathian (born around 1957) for a daughter in roughly her 17th year, explaining why Cathian was married in Riverside as early as her 18th year; it just so happens that Cathian's daughter is Julia M White / Julia M Dein, same middle initial as Julia M Covert above. If this picture is not correct, it just goes to show how big coincidences do happen.

This spurred a search for other Coverts in Hemet, finding a Patricia Marie Covert (74) of Hemet (of age to be Julia's sister), as well as three Washington addresses: Marysville, Everett, and Lynnwood, the first two matching Katie Zook. But as per Lynnwood, here's what was said earlier: "There is a Julie Patricia Stark, 31, of age to be Katie Stark's sister, having an Everett location, as well as sharing Lynnwood (Washington) with a Julie D Stark, age 57 (is the latter as per Julia Dein?)" There happens to be a Ben L Covert, 41, of Marysville, not to mention Illinois and several Florida addresses [in the next update, he's found with a Chesapeake address].

Also in Hemet (on the page directly above), there is a Julia Margaret Covert (no age) with a Benjamin Covert kin (the two share the same addresses, including Cary, Illinois); Benjamin L Covert is himself on the page in Cary and Hemet. But there is no age given for Benjamin. However, for Illinois, a Benjamin L Covert (kin of Mary Covert), without Julia listed as kin, is 71 years old. As there are only two Benjamin Covert listings in Illinois (not including "Ben"), I assume that they are from at least the same family, perhaps father and son. There is a Benjamin Covert, age 33, in Ontario, California (between Riverside and Los Angeles), with Patricia and Patti Covert as kin. There are only five listings for "Benjamin Covert" in California. I've seen no Clark kin for any of the Coverts on these pages. Cathian's parents remain a mystery.

There is a Kathy Covert (60) with one address, Merced, California, and having three Page kin, Jesse, Stephanie and Tara. A Tara Page (32) is listed in Riverside alone, and a Tara Michele Page (32) is listed with Kathy Covert (and Jesse, Steve and Stephanie Page), with a listing in Merced as well as two Idaho addresses (Nampa and Meridian). This truly looks like Cathian's family. In the last update, a Kathryn Anne Page was found listed with the Surbrooks of Otis Orchards, including Burch Surbrook, Zoe's husband. I asked: "Is Cathian the same as Kathryn Anne Page? Kathryn should at least be related to Katherine D Page (Dein Page?), age 74, currently listed with addresses in two locations -- Spokane and Niland -- matching two locations for the addresses of Zoe Surbrook. That can't be coincidental because Niland is in California, not Idaho or Washington." There is a Kathy Covert (no age), with Fay Covert kin, and listed in Vallejo, California, not very far from Niland / Riverside. A Jesse Page is listed at Vallejo, tending to assure that Kathy Covert (no age) is Kathy Covert, 60. Another Jesse Page (no age) is listed at Ontario, to the near northwest of Riverside. There's a Jesse Page (35) of Merced, listed with Kathy Covert and Tara Page, and a Jesse R Page (55) with one kin, Rhonda Page, evoking Ronda Surbrook (see list in last update) listed with Katherine Anne Page (Ronda married Stanley Surbrook). With Julia Fay Covert listed at 75, it's probably best to view Kathy Covert at slightly less than 60 years in order for her to be Julia's daughter.

There is even a Katherine D Covert, 58 (same age as Cathian), with a Lewis B Covert (71) as kin, reflecting F Lewis Clark. In this picture, theoretically speaking, F Lewis Clark mates with someone (Covert surname from Germany and related to kaiser Wilhelm?) in about 1915, after he abandons his wife in 1914. Clark births a Mr. Clark-son, who may have gone by another surname (Coffert?) to hide his identity...because Lewis Clark was supposed to be dead. Whatever his mother's surnames, Mr. Clark-son then births Julia Fay Clark = Julia Fay Covert (of age to be the sister / wife of Lewis B Covert, 71, of Perris and Lake Havasu City). How did she get the Covert surname? Alternatively, Mr. Clark-son births another Clark-son who married Julia Fay Covert, but I like the first example better because Cathian said that her father was from a kaiser, which could suggest that kaiser Wilhelm was a Coffert.

Theory continues: Julia Clark-Covert then births Cathian as Katherine Clark, who calls herself Cathian Covert, and perhaps Julia also married a Mr. Page (brother to Katherine D Page?) so that Cathian came to use Katherine Anne Page. Katherine D Covert (58) has an address in Perris, 18 miles south of Riverside, meaning that she can feasibly be Katherine Dein Covert after her Riverside marriage to Jeffrey Dein. Katherine D Covert has another address in Riverside county (Lake Elsinore, same as Lewis B Covert) as well as one in Lake Havasu City (Arizona), and has other kin, Clarina Covert and Chiarina Ellis, same kin as Lewis B Covert. On the same page with Lewis B Covert, a Lewis A Covert (87), with a Bill Covert kin who might be Lewis B Covert. Lewis B has an Orange-county address at Tustin i.e. near Riverside.

It looks like Jesse Page, 55, birthed Kathy Covert's kin, Jesse Page (35), and the Rhonda Page listed with the elder Jesse may have married Stanley Surbrook (son of Zoe). There is a Rhonda Marin Page (57) with Tara Page as kin; this Rhonda is of age to marry Stanley, yet Stanley's' wife is Ronda Yvonne Surbrook, 58. Aha! On the same page with Rhonda, a Rhonda Y Page (no age) with an Yvonne Page listed as kin! Rhonda Y is listed in Garden Grove, in Orange county, on the western border of Riverside county! This looks excellent for linking Cathian to Jesse and Rhonda Page, thus tending to verify that Cathian was Kathy Covert, 60.

As for Tara Page, it's interesting that, after Janet of Riverside asked to come see me a few months ago, I received a request from someone much nearer to me to come meet with me, and that emailer was, Tara. When Tara or her husband responded to my email declining the offer, one of them said something to give me the impression that they were from the Riverside area. As Tara Michele Page (32) is listed with Kathy Covert as well as Jesse and STEVE Page, let's also mention that Rhonda Y Page has a STEVEN Page kin. The Tara Page listed with Rhonda Marin Page (57) could be the daughter at 32 years.

ZOWIE!!! Rhonda caused me to look up Stanley and Thomas Surbrook in California. Thomas Nelson Surbrook (definitely Zoe's son) was found with a listing in HEMET!!! Julia M Covert lives(d) in Hemet, and was suspect with pastor Jeffrey Clark of Hemet, but I still can't see how Surbrooks connected with Coverts, or why Julia M White is listed as Zoe's granddaughter (in Zoe's obituary), unless Thomas lived and mated with Cathian to birth Julia (makes Julia the great-granddaughter of Zoe, however). I haven't found the age for Julia M Covert; she may therefore be Cathian's mother. Thomas has Cathiam Maness listed as kin. Why are two Thomas Surbrooks (i.e. different ages) listed with a Walker?

[The day after this update was published, an emailer helped us out by sending in verification that Cathian married Thomas Surbrook! Finally, that part of the mystery is solved. See next update for mention of the same.]

Here's the list from the last update for Zoe's sons:

Burch Harley Surbrook (age 94)

Has lived in:...........................Related to:

Ridgefield, WA...................Thomas Nelson Surbrook
Otis Orchards, WA.............Stanley P Surbrook
Spokane, WA.....................Ronda Yvonne Surbrook
Spokane Valley, WA...........Cathian Covert Maness
.........................................Lisa Yvonne Hinds

By what coincidence are there two Yvonne middle names in that list? Was it from a surname, indicating that Ronda and Lisa were from the same surname? From the last update: "If we go to Lisa's page now, she's still listed in Otis Orchards, but her list of relatives include only three: Patrick Hinds, KATHY Hinds, Victor McLeod. There is a Kathy Hinds (49) of Washington state (including Otis Orchards) listed with relatives, Michael PAGE, Lisa Hinds, Patrick Hinds..."

I've just looked up "Yvonne Surbrook" in Idaho, and the first name on the page is:

Cathian Surbrook, age 58

Post Falls, ID...................Kathaine Sanders
Spokane, WA...................Michael Maness
Galliano, LA.....................Nelson Surbrook
Markham, TX...................Philip Sanders

There is no Yvonne Surbrook on the page, however. A Ronda Y Surbrook (58) of Otis Orchards has her own page with only three kin: Stanley Surbrook, Lisa Ward and Burch Surbrook.

A few months after the January-1914 disappearance of F Lewis Clark, kaiser Wilhelm starts WW1 (or, at least, it's blamed on him):

Wilhelm II or William II...was the last German Emperor (Kaiser) and King of Prussia, ruling the German Empire and the Kingdom of Prussia from 15 June 1888 to 9 November 1918. He was the eldest grandson of the British Queen Victoria and related to many monarchs and princes of Europe.

Crowned in 1888, he dismissed the Chancellor, Otto von Bismarck, in 1890 and launched Germany on a bellicose "New Course" in foreign affairs that culminated in his support for Austria-Hungary [Coverts/Cofferts share the fesse that is the Arms of Austria) in the crisis of July 1914 that led in a matter of days to the First World War. Bombastic and impetuous, he sometimes made tactless pronouncements on sensitive topics without consulting his ministers, culminating in a disastrous Daily Telegraph interview that cost him most of his power in 1908. His top generals, Paul von Hindenburg and Erich Ludendorff, dictated policy during the First World War with little regard for the civilian government. An ineffective war leader, he lost the support of the army, abdicated in November 1918, and fled to exile in the Netherlands.,_German_Emperor

Scottish Ludens/Leydons share the white-on-red fesse with Coverts, how about that. Coffers, in Saxe colors, use another white fesse, and the British royals are from Saxe-Gotha and COBURG (like "Covert"). German Coburgs come up as "Cover." Irish Coffers/Coffee's even use a "victoria" motto term while kaiser Wilhelm descended directly from the royal Victoria's of Britain. Shocking.

It just so happens that Hindenburgs (another white fesse, but on blue, Cohen / Ward colors) are listed with Hinds (surname of Lisa Hinds, who may now be Lisa Ward, listed with Surbrooks, as was Lisa Hinds). Cathian told me that her father was descended from Hohenzollerns, and it just so happens that kaiser Wilhelm is of the Hohenzollern emperors. Cohens share a Shield filled with blue-and-white checks with Wards. Like the Nazi's after him, Wilhelm was anti-Semitic, probably in the sense that German / European Jews controlled (or sought to) too much.

There is a Kaufering location in the land of Hohenzollerns, and their Goppingen mountain smacks of Koplik/Kupionich, beside Dober, interesting because the Doberman bend is in the colors of the Cover bend. Koppels were first found in Nuremberg, a Hohenzollern location. This was the Mouse-Tower-of-Mieszko line (out of Goplo), the line that was predicted to be to the False Prophet and/or anti-Christ.

Sanders and Saccacio Too?

Cathian also had a Sander surname, apparently. And Cathian has used "Sanders" for her middle name, suggesting marriage with a Mr. Sanders. In her listing with the Sanders name, there is a Philip Sanders. Another person having Las Vegas as an address, including the elder Julia Fay Covert, is Philip Alan Sanders (57, of age to be Cathian's husband), whose alternative address is Idaho Falls, a location roughly of Shane Covert and also of Julia White of Post Falls (she's listed at 38, and was touched upon in the last update, listed one year younger than Julia M White, Cathian's daughter, likewise of Post Falls).

Aha. Jennifer Sue Sanders (39) of Hayden (!), with alternative addresses in Post Falls and Coeur D' Alene. There are (same page) two or three listings for Jennifer MARIE Sanders (34 and 35) with Las Vegas and Idaho Falls addresses. Then there's Kathy Sanders (51) of Hayden and Post Falls. There is a Kathy D Sanders (Cathian Dein?) of Hayden too, age 62. One can suspect here that the Sanders were related to F Lewis Clark, but that may be too hasty.

Sanders were traced to the Santones Gauls, beside the Lemovices, and it just so happens that Clairs/Clerks were first found in Limousin, named after Lemovices. These peoples are from ancient Lemnos, home of Santones-like Sintians. Coverts use leopard heads, which may or may not trace to the leopard symbol of Dionysus, the mythical symbol of Maeonian-related peoples known to live on Lemnos.

The three California locations of Julia Fay Covert are near Redondo Beach, where Edward Powell has a listing, though he has a listing also at Miami (and therefore suspect with the family of Otto Skorzeny). There is a Suzanne Covert (47) with a lone, Miami address. Repeat from above: "We now have the problem of a 30-year old [Julia Marguerite Powell, kin of Edward Powell] sharing the Northville, Royal Oak [Michigan], Schenectady, and Fort Myers addresses with 85-year-old Ruth Ann Powell." Ruth Powell was suspect as Skorzeny's wife. Then, at the page above, there's a Suzanne J Covert (77) of Royal Oak, Michigan. Quite astonishing.

Suzanne's middle initial may be "Julia," and she may be Julia Covert's sister (two years apart). A Suzanne L Covert (45) of Malibu (Los Angeles) shares a Sayville location (NY) with some Saccacio's, including Francis J Saccacio and Marie P Saccacio (74) of Islip. More on Saccacio's below, but let it be noted here that Cathian's Sanders name is listed with Saccacio's? Why?

Jennifer Sanders was looked up for being listed with a Philip Richard Sanders of Idaho Falls, age 35, and sharing Robert and Vickie Sanders as kin with Philip Alan Sanders, suggesting that the younger Philip is a son of Philip and Vickie. The latter must be Vickie Lee Sanders (57) of North Las Vegas (same as Philip) and Idaho Falls, but she also shares Cocoa and Cocoa Beach (Florida) with Philip Alan Sanders. Cocoa and Cocoa Beach were addresses for Edward Powell and his Bush kin. That's more evidence that Coverts were of the Powells suspect with Otto Skorzeny. The Saccacio's of Cathian's circle are/were to the near-west of Cocoa Beach. This would be a good place to mention that F Lewis Clark named his yacht, HoneySUCKle, a little like "Zook." Sukle's/Sukleys and Clarks both use a blue Crest.

There's another Vickie Lee Sanders of Idaho Falls (65), and she shares the Better Business Bureau as employer with a Vickie M Sander (60). ??? As the latter Vickie has kin, Marie Sanders, Marie looks like Jennifer Marie Sanders entering her wrong age.

Just spot Philip Sanders in this list presented in the last update:

She's listed as Cathiam Maness with a great many-different addresses, including Warsaw, Indiana. It's important to show details where two of her relatives are Surbrooks:
Cathiam C Maness

Has lived in:..........................Related to:

Post Falls, ID....................Michael Maness
Spokane, WA....................Nelson Surbrook
Galliano, LA......................Philip Sanders
Markham, TX....................Kathaine Sanders

Kathaine??? Later, you'll see that Cathian is listed as Cathian Sanders Saccacio...

...Cathian Sanders Saccacio, age 58

Has lived in........................... Related to

Post Falls, ID......................Kathaine Sanders
Spokane, WA......................Michael Maness
Galliano, LA........................Nelson Surbrook
Markham, TX..................... Philip Sanders

And there we have it, a sixth surname for Cathian, mixed up with Michael Maness to boot. Kin of Cathian Sanders Saccacio include Deborah Steinberg, mentioned because kin of one Robert Paul Sanders (53) of Idaho and Spokane (and Pullman) is Deborah Sanders.

The Squirrel Saga Continues

At this point I quit for the day, and got a pair of shorts on that were just put through the laundry two days earlier, not worn nor washed since last summer. After slipping the shorts on, I felt something large in the pocket, and putting my hand in, it was a furry thing in the shape of a disc, surprising because I don't own anything like that. It was a curled-up, shrivelled squirrel, and it stunk after being damp out of the laundry. Mystery of mysteries. I can't believe this.

How long was a dead squirrel in my shorts pocket? How did it die there? There's been a mystery odor in the house for three or four years, which I cannot locate in anything. I don't smell it when living in the house, but when leaving for at least four hours and returning, there it is. We get used to any smell and then don't smell it any longer. After returning home, the smell is there for less than a minute, then I can't smell it any longer. It does not smell like a rotting animal, though that may be because it's too faint. I thought it might have been the glue / formaldehyde in the particle board on the floors (it's a new house), but after painting the particle board last summer, the smell persisted this winter. One explanation is that there are dead squirrels in the ceiling rafters (but why?), and then, because the attic is cold, the air drops down through the small spaces between the planks that make up the ceiling beams. The winter before this one, doors were opened for a few minutes twice daily to freshen the air, but this past winter I brought it up to three or fours times daily, perhaps because of the squirrel. When waking in the middle of the night to do "business", I needed to let cold air in because breathing became harder.

But for the life of me, I cannot explain how a squirrel could have been sharing my floor without me knowing, and then dying of thirst in my pants pocket. It would take days for it to die that way. There wasn't any squirrel dirt on the floor. There can be only one explanation. I caught some 16 squirrels in the attic as winter approached this past season, and drove some of them away to a creek area on milder days. But there was one that, instead of exiting the vehicle, went up under the dash, and wouldn't come out. I had to drive home. Shortly after getting back to the house, I heard the sound of a squirrel in the attic and, at first, assumed that the squirrel got out through a hole in the dash / engine compartment, but later realized that manufacturers wouldn't have a hole that large. I never saw the squirrel again in the vehicle, even after taking the dash apart (some days later) thinking that it may have died in there. I must have had the shorts in the vehicle at the time, but can't recall, and can't recall bringing them into the house. The shorts were on the floor beside the laundry basket in my bedroom, with some work jeans thrown on top, and, because it was also in a pocket, I could not smell this thing whenever walking past the area. But it must have been the reason that my breathing was harder in the middle of the night. I was saving the work jeans and work shorts for the new washer that I planned on purchasing, which I got this past week.

The catching of all 16 squirrels was recorded in the updates, because the first 10 or 12 seemed like Signs having to do with anti-Christ prophecy. However, I had been disappointed with the end of the squirrel saga because it all reflected prophecy only up to the 12th; the extra four ruined the story. I did just wonder whether the squirrel saga has to do with the Sanders, or much of what I'm writing here; Here are some snippets from the 2nd update in November, a story that starts with a sub-title, "Satan Gets Away on Me Twice". I'll put my current comments in italics:

Good morning. I heard the squirrel in the attic this morning, and with nothing else to write on, I started to consider what the rat-trap events of the past few weeks meant as per the 8th head of Revelation. I started by asking why Pettys [share the elephant head with Sanders!] should apply. But before getting to that, I'd like to ask what the chances are that this eighth squirrel, after the previous seven looked like a Sign for the first seven heads [of Revelation], has yet to go for the peanut butter after more than a week of regular, daily visits to the attic floor. I put plenty fresh peanut butter on the trap a few days ago, and have moved the trap around to where I hear it coming down to the attic floor, right above my bed. This morning, it was making noise in the very part of the attic where the fresh peanut butter is located. The previous seven went for the peanut butter one after the other in quick succession, but not this eighth one. I am eager to know the outcome, and what it might be as a further Sign.

I hesitate a little to speak on this because I realize the chance that this is not a Sign, and that it will prove to be wrong. But, counting myself as nothing, I am willing to be embarrassed. It truly does look like a Sign, and so just wait for me to tell you what ideas went through my mind as I lay in bed this morning. It's quite remarkable up against the other topics that cropped up in the updates AFTER the seven squirrels. I realize that the readers may be thinking that I'm a fraud, faking these signs and making up stories, but if that is the case, consider how elaborate a fake-story it would all be after I tell what comes below. It's too elaborate to be something I produced on my own.

...the squirrel had been making noises on the attic floor. I moved the trap earlier today to a more central location, and so by now it must have become familiar with it. There must be only one theory as to why it's not been going for the peanut butter. It was the original squirrel, before the other seven moved in. It was the squirrel living in the attic all last-winter long, the one that tripped my home-made trap and wouldn't go near it again no matter that there was food inside of it, and no matter that the winter gave it no fresh food to eat. It would awake every three or four days from hibernation, and make the rounds around the attic, then go quiet again minutes later. I suppose it was surviving on its fat.

Then, in the spring, it was the only squirrel around, until I saw it with a mate a couple of months later. Later yet, there developed a family, all enjoying the attic daily. When the one squirrel saw them dead or lingering alive in the trap, it knew not to go for peanut butter. It was in the attic at least once after the seven were caught, for it urinated in a new piece of insulation put in to replace that which the squirrels ruined. After that, it stayed out completely for a week or so, afterwhich it began entering near daily, then daily. This is the father or mother of all the seven, and it's also the 8th head. This squirrel is satan! It is definitely persecuting me. How will I catch it to prevent it from possibly chewing the electrical wires during the winter?

[Insert -- On the night of the two paragraphs above, the squirrel was funning about in the attic as I was trying to get some sleep. This time I prayed, "please," to the Lord to catch it with the rat trap, and three minutes later it snapped. Dead silence immediately...for three or four minutes, when it came-to and started to push the trap around the floor in an effort to get loose. I went up, put it in a bucket, and freed it from the trap. It survived well enough to jump while inside the bucket in an attempt to get out. I'll drive it away later this morning. While writing the paragraphs above, I felt that whatever happened afterward to the squirrel was irrelevant, that the story ended at the paragraph. The message seemed clear, that the first seven belonged to the 8th squirrel, and that the 8th was also the one that produced the seven, which is exactly the message of Revelation 13 and 17: satan empowered the seven, and will then come again as an 8th after an undisclosed time period of "is not." I did not hear a 9th, but if one develops, I think this message will stand. In that the squirrel was caught almost immediately after my first prayer to catch it sends us the signal that God has been overseeing the squirrel events. However, He has not answered my prayer to tell us how long before the 8th appears at his 3.5-year mission.

After writing here, the squirrel got away after I placed the wood-stove screen on the bucket. The screen is slightly curved, allowing it to squeeze out the curved portion.. It's as healthy as new, amazingly, after a rap trap squeezed down on its neck for several minutes. It's in the house hiding. I have no idea how I will catch it or prevent it from getting out the door....]

...It dawns on me now that this squirrel had a fatal-like head injury and yet revived. It is running about like nothing ever happened. The bar came down across its neck. It is a rat trap, a giant mouse trap about three inches wide and probably five to ten times more powerful. I have not heard a ninth squirrel up there.

...[Later in the same update] Good morning to you all at 4:09 am. It was indeed a noisy night. Satan got familiar with all the spots, and started even to jump up on things, even bouncing off the window glass. The thing for your pondering is, what are the chances that, after the seven squirrels were caught, there has been no 9th...The fact that only one had been in the attic for several days after the seven were caught tends to prove that it was of the seven. For those who haven't read it starting in the 2nd update of October, the first five died, and the next two survived, as in Revelation 17's "five have fallen {died}", with the 6th ruling at the time [alive], and the 7th yet to become the emperor...prior to satan-incarnate as the 8th, in another time period [the 6th seemed to have to do with the Clintons].

...Another day has passed, and still there has not been a sound in the attic to indicate a 9th squirrel. The 8th has been silent all day, and he's backward, as is satan, coming out at night and sleeping the days. My plan is to weaken him without food and water so that he's not so fast when cornered.

...Satan just ran [shot like a bullet] between my legs as I typed...

... [Good morning. I set up my home-made squirrel trap (not the store-bought rat traps) last night that had caught three squirrels in quick succession two winters ago. But last winter, the lone squirrel in the attic tripped the trap but got away, afterwhich it would no longer enter the trap for the crackers and peanut butter. As was theorized for good reason, previous to last night, that this lone squirrel was the 8th one now on my floor, further evidence is where it did not enter the trap set up last night. The only explanation is that it's the squirrel of last WINTER. I set the trap in front of the front door, where it likes to hang out, especially at the windows on either side of the front door. He was so hungry / thirsty that he ate into a tomato on the window sill, and that sill is laced with his dry excrement this morning. But squirrels never eat my home-grown tomatoes outside, which is where the window tomatoes came from. This is how I know that it's the squirrel of last winter, so important for proving that this is a Sign concerning the Revelation heads. Again last night, there was no regular pitter-patter of any squirrel above my bed [in the attic]. There is no 9th squirrel up there, in other words. Amazing.

...After writing the last word, I heard a sound in the utility room, where I had locked satan up with my home-made cage about an hour earlier. The door was opened, and there he was, in the cage, complaining and biting the steel bars.

...Satan is now restrained. But for how long? Tomorrow, I'll drive him to a creek, where I let two of his kids go a few weeks ago...

... After ending the update here, I took satan into the vehicle for a drive to the creek. The night before, to assure that he didn't chew his way free, I put him and the home-made squirrel cage into a large plastic container with lid. I knew he might run out of a good source of oxygen overnight. In the morning, not a sound from within. I shone a flashlight through a small opening in the lid, but couldn't see him. Perhaps he was under the cage. In the vehicle, I thought that I could remove the lid to see if he was still alive, since, after all, I didn't mind him being free in the vehicle. I was planning to open a door, anyway, to let him "escape" at the creek. As soon as the lid was off, out he popped like jack-in-the-box, and ran to the passenger door. A sleeping bag on and spread over the seat didn't allow me to see what he was doing down on the floor at that spot, where he remained until arriving to the creek. I opened the passenger door, but he would not come out. It had run up into the dash, into a small spot behind the heater ducts, and would not come out. I could not get him out. I could not believe my luck.

He might have gotten through a hole into the engine compartment, or he might still be in the vehicle. If he got to the engine compartment, he might be free somewhere along the roadside, or he might make such an escape right here in my garage, and the next thing I might hear is pitter-patter in the attic. Oh no. If that happens, his middle name must be Steve McQueen.

There is a Heater/Hayter surname, and, unbelievably enough, I can glean that it's a branch of Caiaphas. It's using three bull heads in the colors and format of the Ferro/Ferraiuola eagle heads, and as the bull-using Claro's/Charo's were first found in Ferraruola, and as I trace them [Claro's/Charo's] to Chives', by what coincidence were Heaters first found in the same place (Devon) as Chives'??? The Tarves location of Chives' was looking very trace-able to Tarvos Trigaranos, the bull and the three cranes.

[Hayters could be a branch of Haydens, and then Sanders use bull heads too, as well as the identical, red bull of Claro's/Charo's! Repeat: "Aha. I've yet to come across anyone living in Hayden Lake, until now (a minute after the first sentence of this paragraph); it's Jennifer Sue Sanders (39, of age to be Cathian's daughter), with alternative addresses in Post Falls and Coeur D' Alene. It now looks like Cathian may have been a Covert by birth by marrying the Sanders".

The Heater bull heads are identical, colors included, with the bull head in the Coat of Starks, first found in the same place as Cove's and Clare's. The Santer variation is like the Saint variation of Sinclairs. Starks entered the picture here with Katie Stark of Everett, same location as Katie Zook. There is even a Zook/Zock/ZECK surname (in the colors of the squirrel-using DECK/Daggers) sharing the wing design (different colors) in Crest of Shorts, and the pierced estoiles of Shorts are like the pierced Zionists stars of Munos'.

Amazingly, the DOCHs/Doaks (compare its white sword and positioning to the same of Munos'), in Covert, Cove and Zook/ZOCK colors, use cinquefoils in colors reversed to the giant Pocket/Poucher cinquefoil. The squirrel in the pocket of my shorts. Then, the Dochs/Doaks were first found in the same place (PERTHshire) as Justine's (share the same sword as Munos) whom I know for a fact trace to Justine of Picenum, Sire-relate wife of emperor Valentinian, represented in the squirrel-using Valentins. He was born in Cibalae, also called VINKovci, which is the place honored in the "sibi" motto term of VINCH's, the whole motto of which is "Nil ConSCIRE sibi" (looks like code for Squirrels/Squire's). This motto is used by English Sanders/Sainders.

The Valentin bend, in the colors of the Zook / Cove bend, was linked to the Pollock bend, while Peter Pollock became suspect with Pettys (could be a branch of PERTs/Petts) who share the elephant head with Sanders/Sainders. The white elephant head in the mural crown of Sanders/Sainders ought to link to the white dragon in the mural crowns of Lorch's/Lurch's/Larchers and Archers (= Rothschild line from Peter Pollock).

Dochs/Doaks use their sword in the two colors of the Shot/Shute sword, the latter surname looked up initially (years ago) as per the sling SHOT in the Arms of Dock-like DACHAU (Germany), concentration-camp headquarters of the Nazi's. Sachau's (just a patee cross) were first found in the same place (Bavaria) as Dachau. The Zechau variation of Zooks may apply (I had better not place an exclamation mark there as that would be insinuating an identification of Katie Zook with Nazi elements; everything is on the table here, however). The Shortals/Shortens (version of Tech/Tess Coat?) are also "SHOTTer," and are in Shot colors. If Shortals (Northumberland) are using the Teck/Tess cross, then let me add that I've been tracing Tecks to Decks/Daggers for years! The Shot sword is used by Swords (almost like "Short"), from Siward of Northumberland, and so it appears that proto-Shorts had been a merger with Shots/Shute's / Scute's / Sewers/Sutters / etc. "Tesla" is coming to mind.

I think that the "guerre" motto term of Shots/Shute's was for Guerin of Provence, and then Guerins share the pierced Zionist stars of Munos' in the same colors. ]

[Back to November updates] One option is to let satan starve / freeze in the vehicle if he can't get out. The other is to wait until he's too cold to get away, bring him into the house, and save his life for another trip to the creek. Where will this story end?

I kid you not, five minutes after writing the above, pitter-patter in the attic above my head. Such a complete disappointment. This thing has upset the house for two days, and now it's back as a threat to the electrical wires...[looks like I was wrong to assume that it had gotten away from the vehicle back to the attic; it must have been the 9th squirrel in the attic, from another family. The one in the vehicle must have gotten into the shorts pocket, and died of thirst]...

[Next update, 3rd of November, 2014] An attic squirrel just snapped the rat trap. It's 3:46 am...what is it doing awake?...I have a story to continue on this, and will do so after this House topic. From the start of this topic, I wanted to know why Hazels use a squirrel. It was on my mind as I got out of bed. Who put that in my mind? Note that, at the last sentence, as the rat trap snapped, the topic was the French House's who share the Hazel leaves. I can understand why some readers wouldn't believe that I'm telling the truth. I can hear the squirrel not dead in the trap, oh no...I'm back. It's now in a bucket, with a lid over it. I took the trap off of it. The bar came had come down over it's belly, and it will be fine, therefore. This one will NOT get away.

The squirrel saga continued over the next few updates after the 2nd of November. While Mens'/Mengzes' use an "I zal" motto phrase that I consider code for Hazel / Islip/Haslip liners, the Sanders share a red Chief with them. The Shurbrooks, the closest thing to "Surbrook," are also SHIREbrook, like Squire's/Squirrels, and then the Sanders Chief uses a BROKEN sword while Broke's/Brocks are suspect with "Brook." Shots/Shute's are said to use a "broken sword."

The squirrel in the pocket was found immediately after ending with the Sanders topic yesterday. Later yesterday, there was an article on a Bernie Sanders, Democrat senator from Vermont, throwing his name into the ring in a quest for president in 2016. But the big news is that the Shorts can be a branch of Sherds/Sherrats/Sherards because they happen to use the same peacock in Crest as Maness'. That's pretty amazing considering that the Shorts are a topic only as per the dead squirrel. It gives me the impression that Cathian's circle of people are what God wanted to highlight in my squirrel saga. That is one heavy-duty charge, however, considering that the squirrel saga was considered to be related to the anti-Christ. I really don't know what more to say on that.

In the past, Sherds and Maness' were interpreted as Maeonians (proto-Lydians) and the namers of Sardis (Lydian capital) as they named Sardinia. The other ancient name for Sardis, Hyde, may be the proto-Hitler/Hiedler surname. The peacock used by the above is called a blue-Indian peacock, which I thought (years ago) was code for the Sindi because they are thought to have named the Indus valley of India, and then the Sintians of Lemnos were traced (years ago, not now for convenience) to Saints and Sanders. How about that. Lemnos is off the coast of Mysia, another proto-Lydian peoples. Wikipedia's article on the Sindi mention their tribe, the Toreatae, which may be the reason for red roundels called, torteaux, a symbol in the Sherd/Sherrat Coat.

The Short surname is said to have (or be from) an old SCORT surname, and then Secords, first found in the same place (Maine) as French Josephs, use nothing but a swan, the symbol showing for French Josephs before they showed a martlet instead. The Rhodes', using a version of the Coat of Manders (whom I trace to the Maeander river of Maeonians), were first found in Lincolnshire, named after Lindseys who use the swan design that French Josephs once showed. It's Saccacio-interesting that the Saxons use "chaplets" while the Chaplet surname uses five black swans, the color of the Lindsey and Joseph swans. The Secord swan is in the colors of the Sach rose, and then Saxe's/Saxbys (Lincolnshire) are in Coffer colors, that being a surname like the Coffert variation of Coverts. The modern royals of England have Teck and Saxe ancestry, and they produced kaiser Wilhelm.

The link between Pockets and Shorts can be made, at least tentatively. Pockets/Powchers/POUCHERs are said to be from a Brittany entity of "Poher," and then Irish Jordans/Shurtans/Shurdanes are much like "Sherd/Sherrat." French Jordans were first found in Brittany. Irish Jordans/Shurtans are traced (in their write-up) to a family in Devon, where Powers (share a Shield with PAWleys) were first found whom can link to the two Paw surnames using peacocks. German Paws (blue peacocks) are "PAUKER/Pauer/Pauwer," and share a red-on-white chevron with Exeters and Shorts (see Maine's of Devon too). Paws were traces to "Pavia," on the Ticino/Tessen river, where Decks and Tecks/Tess' were traced.

Consider how "Dash" is like "Dach." The squirrel under the dash. Dash's/Dess'/Daish's are said to be from D'Assche," but I'm not sure about that in exactly the way it's put. Dash's use a lion in the colors and position of the Ducys/DOUCETs, and while Pawleys/Palins were first found in the same place, Dorset, as Shorts, the Dorset/DOWSET sun looks linkable to the same of Hesse's suspect with Ash's of D'esse Court in Devon.

The Deas'/Daes'/Daisys are in colors reversed to the House's while Douse's (listed with Dorsets) could be from D'House and therefore from the Hazel / Dussel(dorf) bloodline (Hazels and House's share the same leaf design). The new theory is that, due to Deas' being known to be from Desmonds (though the Deas write-up seems oblivious), Deas' and Desmonds can be from "Tessen" (the river) because they use a saltire in colors reversed to the Teck/Tess saltire (has leaves suspect as code for the Laevi). I've viewed the Desmond and Teck/Tess saltire as versions of the Annan(dale) saltire, traceable to the Ananes Gauls that I think named Annas, defacto chief priest of Israel at the time of Jesus. I had always assumed that Ananes were at the Tessen with the Laevi Ligurians (co-founders of Pavia) from whom I think the Sadducees derived.

Desmonds use a monkey that could be of the namers of Munich, where Hiedlers/Hitlers were first found who share two symbols (including a sun) with Hectors of Angus. Dachau is on the Munich outskirts. The Deas' were first found in Angus while the Angus surname shares the white-on-red stars of Annas' and Tease's, and then "Tease" is a variation of Tecks/Tess' too. Moreover, the red Angus lion is used by Ducy's/Doucets and almost by Dash's/Dess'. French Desmonds could be using a version of the French House leaves because Desmonds are House liners. Dussels share a blue fesse with Dash's/Dess' and squirrel-using Hazels. The so-called "cabbage leaves" of House's must be code for Cabbage's using an "ANGUStis" motto code.

Another thing. I have found that Sadducee liners trace to the Patents / Putents due to the use of the potent cross by Sadducee suspects such as Skits / Scheds/Sheds / Chads, and here I find another surname, the French Doucets/Dousse's, using the black-and-white lozengy (called "fussily") Shield of Patents, as well as rams in House-leaf colors. The Fusil surname uses the three lozenges of the Hyde's, thus making Fusils traceable to Foca, anciently Phocaea (about 10 miles from the mouth of the Hermus river upon which the city of Hyde/Sardis was located), home of the Phocaeans (co-founders of LIGurians at LACYdon) that I've traced to lake Fucino (Italy), home of the Marsi that I trace to the Marici co-founders of Pavia. The Hose's/Ouse's (LEICestershire) share three human LEGs with the Arms of Fussen on the LECH river flowing about 20 miles from Munich. The Avezzano location near Fucino traces to the Avezzano surname, first found in Sardis-suspect Sardinia. A version of the Arms of Fussen is used by the Munich-like Manx peoples on the Isle of Man (Scotland).

The Arms of Leicester uses the giant Bus cinquefoil, colors reversed from the giant cinquefoil of Pockets/Pouchers said to be from "POHER." The Munich-suspect Monks (white COCKatrice, part-code for Grimaldi-related Cocks), suspect with the Desmond monkey, and first found in Devon, where Short liners of the Sherd / Jordan kind are suspect, are said to be from POTHERidge, and then Potters share a white cinquefoil with Bus'. Keep in mind that Pollock-related Stewarts were first found in Devon, though they originated from Brittany, where Jordans were first found, for the Pocket write-up uses a "pokes" term that is a surname listed with Pollocks...who happen to share the boar with BARDs, and then, the BARDSleys (Manchester) are found in the Pocket write-up. The Bus cinquefoil is used by Hamiltons, first found in the same place (Renfrewshire) as Hamiltons. The namers of Renfrew trace to Rennes of Brittany, where Judicael ruled that is found in the Pocket write-up.

Let's remind that Houstons (Stuart branch) and Glasgow were/are of Renfrew, two entities that link excellently to Adolf Hitler's nephew, William Hitler with alias William Stuart-Houston, of Patchogue, beside West Islip.

If Pockets are thus Pollock liners of the Polk/Pokes kind, let's add that the bend of Jewish Pollocks was traced to the Valentin bend with squirrels upon it. It just so happens that Peacocks (blue peacocks) are a known sept of Pollocks while Paws and Paws/PAUCHERs use peacocks! For me, that clinches the Pockets/POUCHERs as Pollock liners. The Shorts even use the same griffin head as Dobermans / Dobers, suspect with "Dobrawa," wife of Mieszko I of Poland. The Valentin bend is in the colors of the bend of Covert-colored Covers.

The so-called sleeve (see Hastings and Tonys) found in the Arms of Leicestershire is in the canton square of the Bardsley Coat (version of the Canton / Washington Coat). Sometimes, the sleeve is called a "maunch, as the Bardsleys call it, because the English Channel off of Manche (like "Manx / Manch(ester") is called "The Sleeve." The Mengele-suspect MANGles'/Mansells, suspect with neo-Nazi's of Montana, use the "maunch." Charles Mangels came to affiliate with Aryan Nations near Post Falls.

During the summer 1995 Aryan World Congress, the Spokane Spokesman-Review reported, a faction of state Aryan leaders attempted unsuccessfully to wrest power away from Butler; soon afterward, two of the failed mutineers, John Burke and Charles Mangels, left Aryan Nations and founded the new church. Like its predecessor it preaches white supremacy, but it has distanced itself from Butler's glorification of Nazism...

In January 2001, with Aryan Nations still operational but its future still in question, Butler named as the group's Acting Staff Leader and Youth Activities Coordinator 21-year-old Shawn Winkler...

The Winklers (Vinkovci / Valentinian elements?) use a cross in colors reversed to the House cross. Dutch Winklers use the Shield-and-Chief color combination of Mens'/MENGzes' along with sharing acorns with Starks / Storks. German Winklers/Winchs look like they use a version of the French Vincent Coat (and perhaps the Dee Coat too), and then English Vincents show to be a merger with Croms honored in the Desmond motto. The Dee lion is colors reversed from the Dash/Dess and Doucet lions...and had been linked to the Second/Segur lion, the latter surname like "Secord / Scort," important because Seconds/Segurs were first found in Limousin while the Desmond monkey can trace to Monaco's (same lion as Winklers)...likely affiliated with Grimaldi's of Genoa, where Segni's/Segurana's were first found, kin of Seagers and Sibals (i.e. like "Cibalae," Vinkovci's other name) and therefore kin of Valentinian's family.

The Starks / Storks (acorns) are using a version of the Claud/CLAUSel Coat (acorns), which I trace to the CLAUSula river, location of Dober, itself a couple of miles from Kupionich, otherwise known as KOPLik, linkable to rooster-using Koppels that I link to rooster-using Aikens of the acorn / oak theme. It was the Shorts/Schorts that share the Dober / Doberman griffin head. Kupionich is near a Decani location that may have been of the namers of "Ticino," for the Deacon and Decan crosses look linkable to the Teck/Tess saltire. Kupionich has been considered (by me lonely) an important part of the ancestry of Joseph Caiaphas (high priest of Israel in Jesus' time).

As we just saw reason to trace Shorts to elements near Decani, compare the Deacons and Decans to the Shortals/Shortens, tending to clinch the squirrel-in-my-shorts with squirrel-using Decks/Daggers (and Dyke's). If these things are too much to be coincidental, God was speaking to us through the squirrel in my shorts. I was able to trace Glass liners, such as the Klassens, to "Clausula" without a doubt, and so let's mention that Blacks (Lincolnshire) use the Glass star (colors reversed from the Annas star), for my shorts are black. If I recall correctly, it would not have been possible to trace Klassens to the Clausula river had it not been for the Fortuna's...honored in the Shot/Shute motto.

Deacons (share axe in Crest with Covers; compare Cover Crest to Decan Crest) were first found in the same place (Suffolk) as Clare's and Covert-colored Covers, but then West Islip / Babylon of New York are at Suffolk county. Repeat: "The Heater bull heads are identical, colors included, with the bull head in the Coat of Starks, first found in the same place as Cove's and Clare's." The Heaters had been looked up last November because the squirrel must have gone up into the heater pipe under the dash.

I had claimed that, starting about 2009, God used rare circumstances in my current life to give hint of certain surname links. The squirrel in my shorts, and the squirrel saga itself, were preceded by perhaps 15 such events that I took for Signs, most of them shared with readers after resisting. That is, though I initially resisted sharing such things because the evidence of God's leading was too shallow, it seemed that further finds would soon take place to convince me that they were Signs, which compelled me to sharing them, like one out on a crazy limb. After my work in these matters lasted for years of near-full-time work, or after I began to realize that I was called to this major work, I began to realize that events far in my past were likewise to be used as Direction for this revelation.

The event with Robert Powell at age 12 now seems important, but a further realization in the past few days is that his back yard was upon a Sherwood forest, and then SHERwoods/Shirewude's (Scirewood branch in Lincolnshire, where Blacks were first found), who look like they use a version of the Black Coat, share roses on stems with SCHERE's/Scherfs. Apparently, Sherwoods (DERBYshire too) are to be lumped into the bloodline that named Shurbrooks/Shirebrooks = squirrel liners. The squirrel saga even included a bat and mouse in the flange of my chimney pipe, and Blacks are said to be named after chimney sweepers, code for Chimneys (share the DERBY/Darby antelope). And this is an example of how God seems to be working to lead me.

You have a choice; you can either believe that: 1) I deceptively plotted to invent a story concerning a dead squirrel in the pocket of my shorts because I knew I could link Pockets to Shorts and Shorts to Maness' and thus link the anti-Christ to Cathian somehow; 2) I really did find the squirrel in the pocket, but links to Maness' are coincidental; 3) the squirrel in the pocket is not a Sign in any case; 4) I really did find the squirrel in the pocket, and it was "satan" of last November, and it's all for a Sign from God to you that links to Cathian Sanders Saccacio, listed with Michael Maness.

The following Intelius page has numerous Saccacio's (goes over to a second page), all found by searching "Kathy Saccacio," whereas searching "Cathian Saccacio" gets only three listings. As Cathian is listed as Cathian Sanders Saccacio with a Frank Saccacio kin, let's look at Frank Saccacio, age 56:

Frank Saccacio, age 56

Ocklawaha, FL...................Cherise Phillips
Summerfield, FL.................Cathian Saccacio
Altamonte Springs, FL........Cathiam Maness
Casselberry, FL West Islip, NY
West Babylon, NY
Warsaw, IN

Just like Cathian and her sons, Frank has/had an address in Warsaw, home of WARS (White Aryan Resistance). One may even ask whether "SACCacio" is a surname from the bloodline naming Dachau / Zooks/Zechau. Altamonte and Summerfield are near Casselberry (where Cathian and her one son have addresses), and beside Lady Lake, where Cathian (of West Islip) and Jennifer Scheriff (of West Islip) have addresses. It could appear that Cathian and/or Jennifer were in Florida because Frank Saccacio was there.

The Cherise Nicole Phillips (29) above is listed also as Cherise N Cheney, and has Frank Saccacio as kin. They share Ocklawaha, Altamonte and Summerfield, but what could Frank's links to her be? She looks like a daughter of Gregory Cheney who married Phillips.

To show that false names are apparently being used, let's first of all point out that the Saccacio page above has on Christine Saccacio of Babylon (includes Islip) and Buffalo, while Cathian Sanders Saccacio, who appears on the same page, shares Christine's Buffalo address (Christine is kin to Steven P Saccacio, 49, likewise with a Buffalo listing, but he too has a Babylon listing). Christine's kin include PHILIP and Steven Saccacio, as well as DEBORAH Grimm. The latter two (same page) are under the listing of PHILIP S Saccacio (73), who one can gather to be Philip Sanders, found in the list for Cathian Sanders Saccacio along with a DEBORAH Steinberg.

German Grimms (probably the Drummond bars) are likely using the HESSE sun, and trace with Crooms / Crone's and Krume's (same place as Drummonds) to Krume, beside modern HAS on the Drilon river. See Drilon river shortly below.

On the second Saccacio page, Frank J Saccacio (36) has three of the Florida locations of the elder Frank, and shares Cherise Phillips with him. Remember, Skorzeny, friend of the Scherffs, said his alias was FRANK Edward P______. On the second page, Deborah G Saccacio (64), of Babylon (same as Jennifer Scheriff), appears with a host of Grimm kin, as well as Philip and Christine Saccacio, but there is an additional JENNIFER Liddy. Deborah shares a Copiogue location (NY) with Christine Saccacio (above), Philip S Saccacio and Patricia Capi Saccacio, age 73 (of age to be a sister / wife of Philip S Saccacio). There is also a Nellie S Saccacio of West Babylon with a Frank Saccacio kin (Nellie is listed with Robert R Saccacio (79)), and a Frank P Saccacio (not a J initial like the other two Franks) has Nellie for his kin.

The second page has a Cathian S Saccacio of Warsaw only, but this time Cathian is only 48 (same age as Christine Saccacio) instead of the regular 58. Below her, there is a Cathian C Saccacio (West Islip and Casselberry only) listed with Frank Saccacio as the only kin.

On the first two Saccacio pages, Francis Saccacio appears as kin twice, and he/she turns out to be Francis J Saccacio, age 56 (one year younger than Frank), with only three kin: Cherise Phillips, Cathian Saccacio, and Cathiam Maness.

Suspecting that Frank P Saccacio could have been of a Frank Powell (marred to a Saccacio), some Powell listings were checked, finding a Frank Edward Powell (95) with two Indiana addresses, with Patricia and Francis Powell as kin, two first names of the Saccacio family related to Frank. At 95 years of age, he was born 1920, an apt birth date for Otto Skorzeny, who shows as a teenager in a 1938 photo. The builder of Clark House (E Hayden Lake Rd) was F. Lewis Clark, but not even Wikipedia's article on him tells what the 'F' stands for.

I didn't know until late in this update that the split of Aryan Nations included one Morris Gul(l)et/Gulett of Louisiana. Gullets can be a branch of Gullys that share the swastika-suspect Julian cross of Julians/Gillians. The Teague's likewise use the Julian cross, and they might just be responsible for the Tigh variation of Tease's. We saw not far above why Ticino suspects, such as Tecks/Tess'/Tease's, should trace to Decani and/or Koplik on the Clausula. But let's repeat from above: "If I recall correctly, it would not have been possible to trace Klassens to the Clausula river had it not been for the Fortuna's...honored in the Shot/Shute motto." Fortuna's use the talbot dog which was traced to a Taulantii peoples (Albania) on the south side of the Caiaphas-suspect Cavii. The latter lived on the Drilon river with a mouth near Lissus, where the Lys/Lisse surname traces that shares fleur-de-lys in the colors of the Croom fleur, and in colors reversed from the giant fleur-de-lys of Koplik-like Cobblers. As Shots/Shute's look like a branch of Sutters, by what coincidence does the Sutter/Suter (fleur-de-lys) write-up trace to "shoemaker or cobbler"? I have evidenced many/countless heraldic write-ups that cannot be true nor correct aside from being mere code for kin.

Scottish Sutters (Angus) are using a version of the Shields of Sadducee-suspect Saddocks, Chaddocks and Chadwicks. These Schutz- / Schuts-related surnames share the so-called ESCUTcheon (small shield = code for Schutz/Shutz liners) with Scute's, and thus I trace them all to lake SCODra, to the near-west of Cupionich, and the area to which the Clausula flows. The Shoemakers are even listed as "Schuh/Schug, like the Skeoch variation of Skits (branch of Skeets'). Scottish Sutters (Cavett / CAVES colors) are even suspect in using the leopard of the CAVII-based Chives' (lived at Tarves, beside Angus).

Having said that, here's from an Aryan himself: "However, by this time, there wasn't much left of Gulett's Church of the Sons of YHVH. Gulett took a 'plea bargain' of six years in prison -- Gulett having been found drunk in a motel room with this kid named Scott Thornton and this federal informant named Joshua Caleb SUTTER of the August Kreis Faction overtly plotting to knock over banks in Alabama. Gulett took a plea bargain and thus doomed to five years his confederate Scott Thornton." My thinking here is that while Guletts trace to Julians/Gilians, Sutters are a branch of the representatives of the sling SHOT in the Arms of Dachau.

Gullets use a cross somewhat like the Julian/Gillian cross, but it's a bottony cross (i.e. with button ends as code for Buttons/Bidens, Botters/Budins / Potters / Battins/Badens / Baths), shared by Crombys/Cromartys, though the latter are no longer showing it. The Cromby cross is in the colors of the House cross, which recalls that Desmonds ("Crom" motto term) and Deas' looked like a branch of House's as per D'House. A bottony cross is used also by Rich's/Richess', first found in the same place as Buttons/Bidens, and "Richess" was traced solidly to Richeza, wife of Mieszko II. That's important where Dobrawa (wife of Mieszko I) traces to Dober on the Clausula. The Gullet cross is in the colors of the Gellone/Gillion fleur-de-lys, and while William Gellone is thought to have been the father of Guerin of Provence, it's the Shots/Shute's who use a "guerre" motto term. Moreover, the Cromby cross is very linkable to the GRENon cross.


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