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April 21 - 27, 2015

Someone's Looking For Me
Scherfing The Internet for Nazi Clues on the Bush's

Some of this update has not been proof-read.

About the only speakable issue as per the expectation of fulfilled prophecy, though frankly I'm losing confidence that it's going to be anytime soon, is the Iran front. This goes to the sore spot between the super-powers lately. For some time while the O-dministration was tossing out the reset button, Putin was willing to behave Western-friendly to the point of denying Iran some promised weaponry. But when the West soured on Putin, and even tried to weaken / ruin him politically over the Ukraine dispute, he moved closer to Iran, and has since resumed the delivery of the oft-mentioned S-300 missile system.

Putin was deeply offended by the West. Russians on the street are bad-mouthing the West. Nothing has been accomplished but to set-back the sale of Russian natural gas to Europe; the Ukraine is in a mess for all that effort. Everything the West touches abroad, to force its will on other countries, has turned to mud. It's exactly what the Russians on the street are being told by their media, and what they are repeating to one another. The United States is an intrusive dirt bag. For my small part, I was saying the same thing, but not because some Russians may have been too. For my part, I supported Russia's stance on Crimea, partly because I have come to despise the way the West works abroad, and partly because it's exactly what the West has "asked" (= demanded) of Israel.

The Russian people in the Crimea (belongs to the Ukraine officially) had a vote on separation, to form their own country, essentially, just in the way that the Palestinians in Israel have been "voting" for decades. The West demands that Israel succumb to giving up an important and holy part of Israel to Muslims who wish to destroy the nation, but when something similar takes place in the Crimea with a Russian segment of the population not wishing to annihilate the Ukraine, the West cries foul to the point of re-invigorating the Cold War. In the meantime, the West, by its very demand on Israel, has invigorated the Muslims who wish to annihilate Israel.

We all like to go for the underdog at times, but not if it wants to annihilate an entire nation. My first rule is: have no relations with a people who want to annihilate an entire nation. But the West does not hold that sentiment. It did, when it was still sane. But the West is now clearly sick, not thinking correctly. And the corny thing is, Israel abstained from voting against Putin in the Ukraine dispute, as you can read in the article above. This is a new twist, that Israel should seek to hold a friendship card with Russia due to the coldness it (Israel) has received lately from the West.

I do not believe that Russia is sincerely seeking a genuine friendship with Israel. Ultimately, Israel is Western turf, and Russia sees it that way. Putin will do a little dance with Israel at this time to make the West cringe a little, but any strong relationship desired between he and Iran necessitates some Russian animosity toward Israel. When that begins to happen, to whom will Israel then turn? Ah, the Republicans. And there are even the evangelicals, if Israel could stomach them if only as a last resort. This is why I am losing faith in prophetic fulfillment anytime soon: the next U.S. president is not likely to be anti-Israel to the point of turning a blind eye to its great tribulation. With the passing of Obama, relations with Israel may very well return to normal.

If we believe that Israel has not been bluffing concerning its promised military strike on Iran's nuclear ambitions, how will that shake down now that Putin, too, is more pro-Iran than a few years ago? Everyone fears a political earthquake should Israel go ahead and actually do it. Let's not forget that Russia is assisting Iran with its nuclear ambitions, turning a blind eye to the dangers that Israel and the West fear. And Obama is working to make the West feel safe with a nuclear Iran, in tune with everything he does to ruin America. "Don't worry about it," he's saying," trust me, I know what I'm doing. Iran can be pacified." If Netanyahu views Obama's Iran deal in such a way as to visit the Republican Congress for an appeal, what does it tell us?

If Obama has yet another major blunder to add to his legacy, it's losing the White House to Republicans. If Obama wants to have any friends left after he leaves, he had better not let that happen. I'm keeping my finger's crossed, though, because Democrats in 2015 are very sick mentally, and we don't need one of them ruling the free world after 2016. If you are still a Democrat in 2015, after all you've seen from Democrats in the past couple of decades, what in tarnation ails you? In fact, don't even answer because I couldn't stomach your "logic." Just do the right thing and don't call yourself after the party that forces young children to live with the abomination of two fathers in the same bedroom. That's the direction of modern liberals almost everywhere. Queers must cease the spread of the "alternative lifestyle," and the people must demand it, or God will assure the ruin of the country.

But then where is the hope in the Republicans, the spineless moderates who are afraid to take a stand for what they truly believe in: the tried and tested methods of life that worked. If he can't even speak his mind to say that respect of gays is a cancer upon mankind, he has no spine, and is not fit to be a leader. If you fear talking like that, then you've let the Democrats win already. If you harbor some of their sentiments politically because you fear their backlash, you lose, they win. Better to lose fighting than to lose like that, Mr. Spineless. After a while, a man without a spine becomes a worm. After a while, the moderate is a worm. Take a stand, grub, and let the cards fall where they may. At least you get to be a man.

The human right of the Democrat has been the human wrong, and no Muslim has a problem seeing this. As you can see, "extreme" Muslims have spine, and while it is horribly wrong to take a hard position to the point of killing your enemy whose not trying to kill you, the Bush invasion of the Middle East gave the extremists the right to defend themselves. Out of that framework, wicked Muslims arose seeking political power in the name of religion, and these are now festering in the vacuum left by the hanging of Saddam Hussein. Christians have been waiting to see whether the Bush invasion would be directly responsible for Armageddon, and we're still waiting. Although for me it's been a long time, it's only been 12 or 13 years, actually.

The Bush factor is still alive and well in political USA. If we think that a Republican president can't turn his back on Israel, we need to look at G. Bush Jr. when he initiated the drive toward a Palestinian State. Have you listened to the Republicans over the Obama years, as concerns their views on the Middle East? In this regard, Republicans seem to put forward some spine. But spine can be used for the wrong things. We shall need to wait and see what it dares do in Iraq and Syria should it win the White House shortly. We could have a Commander-in-Spine shortly, who might just continue the Bush agenda.

I pray hard, not another Bush president. Please. And when Jeb the compassionate tries to act the Christian to get your vote, remember that the other two Bush's did it but then failed to deliver because it was never their intention. If ever there was a moderate worm, it's all three Bush's. Compassion, yes, but not love of all things. Compassion for those who hurt, but a rebuke to those who hurt others. Legal pot, queers adopting children, porn in the home-based computer, liberals supporting known liars and adulterers for president, and a whole lot more, is hurtful. It hurts Christians to see this; they fear for their children's health and well-being. Sinful predators everywhere, even in law enforcement and court houses. Instead of receiving understanding, Christians are ridiculed. Shame on liberals. Shame. Jeb even advanced a liberal to Florida's supreme court. Shame. If only the Judge would burst upon the world today. He's long overdue.

Here's Putin at his antagonizing best:

Russian President Vladimir Putin explained on [April 16] that Iran's drive to find a solution in talks over its nuclear program had spurred his decision to renew a contract to deliver S-300 missile defense systems to Tehran, Reuters reported.

"With the progress of the Iranian nuclear track -- and that is obviously positive -- we do not see any reason to continue to keep the ban (on the delivery of the S-300) unilaterally," Putin told his annual marathon call-in show with Russians.

Perhaps you can't help laughing at his duplicity. Putin is saying that, since things are going so well and peaceful with the Iran track, it's a great time to sell one of our most dangerous weapons. To the chief enemy of the West, no less, after us. Bad logic framed for concealing the obvious.

On the same day, America sends the world a message that tarnishes Putin all-the-more: "The top United States military officer said Thursday that delivery of Russian S-300 air defense missiles to Iran will not affect America's ability to strike at Tehran's nuclear facilities if necessary." He's implying (= accusation) that Putin is making the deal specifically to protect Iran's nuclear-bomb ambitions, which is not likely true. More likely, it has money, backlash, and alliance-building at heart. Plus, he dumped Iran for a better alliance with the West, and is now sorry for it, meaning he's going back to a past deal due to a turn of events. If his primary objective was to see Iran with a nuclear weapon, then I've misjudged him. What purpose could a nuclear bomb in Iran serve Russia? Putin has not struck me as particularly anti-Israel, nor does it seem that he assisted Syria's Assad due to the Iran-Syria axis for invading Israel. If this has been Putin's secret game, he hides it well. His assistance to Assad has the likely motive regarding fossil fuels.

There can be no doubt that Russia's warming up to Iran again will disappoint the Sunni Arabs. It's a big price to pay.

Look at what Obama is up to this summer in what some are viewing as a martial-law trial balloon or martial-law preparation:

If you read that, your read right. The military temporarily closed down some department stores based on a false reason, and are revamping the stores secretly. What possibly could they be doing? Is it even legal? No. I'll bet the places will be bugged galore, for starters. Obama is a spy freak on top of different types of freaks. Of the hundreds of workers who have been put out by this, you can bet that their computers and phones are being spied on to see how they are reacting to the intrusion. Woe to liberal America, which cannot go unpunished. For the rest, don't be jaded; there is an imposter at the helm.

The reasoning amongst concerned citizens is that the military wants to be able to use the department stores for future purposes. Imagine your building, your business, closed down by force so that it can be re-fitted to become a military barracks or prison at any time. Where will this end? And what's the excuse for it? Ah, yes, terrorism and the foreign bogeyman.

Is this the makings of a civil war? Will spineless America let this happen under the deranged Obama? The media is saying, "don't worry, it's nothing," because it still trusts Obama. The people are being made to pay for what could become their own nationwide prison. Here's what the martial-law warners are saying:

We are on lists, all of us. The extremists have spied on us, and their computers have put each of us in one or more lists under certain categories. I'm under the radical-Christian category as well as under the dislike-Obama category. Obama would have special treatment for me under a martial-law attack. But I win no matter what. I will have the last say at the Resurrection, no matter what they do here.

What this dog amounts to is a show of force before Americans for their further conditioning by the control freaks. It's Obama's desire, and no doubt others too. They showed this dog at the marathon in a clear over-reaction while falsely accusing Chechen brothers as terrorists. It's therefore a forcing of America to get used to it, and it's also a trial balloon to see how best to go about it in coming years. In this first operation, the public is being encouraged to like it, and even to participate in a game, to see if they can identify the plain-clothes military people who come invade their land. If they see something suspicious, they are to report it, meaning that, if anything wicked is spotted, the government gets to say that it's not real, just an act. And Obama is the chief actor, the fake from day one.

There is no other explanation, for there is no need nor justification to practice military exercises in public areas, and certainly the closing and re-vamping of department stores is a violation exposing the extent of serious wickedness behind the scheme. This is witchcraft coming your way. "Go back to sleep, it's nothing," they will say. They may go soft for starters, unless they are in a hurry. Obama is in a big hurry, isn't he? I have a very hard time believing that this dog was the brainchild of the military. Something else is behind it.

We now know why the American and British governments were faking terrorism alerts in the past year or so. It wasn't very convincing, though, but, no matter, what you, Joe Public, thinks of it, is irrelevant. The military state is about to trounce over your property without your permission, in the name of fighting the ghost abroad. Or, if you don't quite agree that it's a ghost, then it's a weakling. There is just no need for this "exercise."

It is startling that Texas (the government) has agreed to it. It just so happens that Rick Perry is no longer the Texas governor as of 2015. The new one is Greg Abbott, a former judge on the Texas supreme court, and appointed by George Bush (former Texas governor). This recalls that a SCHERIFF family in Long Island, near the home of Adolph Hitler's nephew (William Stuart-Houston), married an Abbott family in Idaho's Aryan Nations area. I was suspicious about that family because Bush's father, George Herbert Walker Bush, is said online to be the son George Herbert SCHERFF Jr, son of a Nazi in WW2. I personally believe that George Bush Sr. was born a Scherff. I don't know whether George Jr. or Jeb Bush are his sons; not necessarily.

After discovering William Hitler of Long Island (Patchogue), who changed his name to William-Stuart-Houston, things started to add up. Of all surnames to use as an alias, why did Adolf's nephew choose Houston and Stuart? I discovered that Adolf's father had married a GLASSl surname, which links to the hourGLASS-using Houston surname (version of the Stewart Coat), first found in the GLASgow area of Renfrewshire, where Stewart-related Pollocks were first found, interesting because Adolf's mother was a Polzl surname. So, in the second update of September, 2011, this was shared: "In the 2010 Texas gubernatorial election, [Rick] Perry won a third term by defeating former Houston mayor Bill White and Kathie Glass." Wikipedia: "[Bill] White is on the membership roster of the Council on Foreign Relations."

The Perrys have lately become suspect as Pierleoni, and therefore linkable to Peter Pollock, one root of the Bavarian / Rothschild Illuminati. Perry's happen to use a pear in Crest so as to be linkable to the Pears/Pearl's who in-turn share a Coat like the pear-using Abbott Coat. Such a "coincidence." It looks like an entire "family" has a monopoly on the chair of the Texas governorship. There is Vere blood all over this discussion, and so note firstly that the Perry surname uses the Vere Shield while Pears/Pearls were first found in Oxfordshire, where Vere's ruled the point of gaining a virtual monopoly on the London area, I imagine. Even Bill White can play into the same family, for the White surname had become interesting on a couple of counts, one being a Julia White mentioned in the 2nd update of September, 2011:

Corinne Abbott [Dein], [born about 92 years ago], lifetime resident of Babylon and West Islip on August 3, 2008...Beloved wife of 66 years of the late George H. Dein Jr. She is survived by her daughter April Carabia, son Jeffrey A. Dein and wife Candace, sisters Peggy Dunlop and Lois Ell, grandchildren Jennifer Scheriff [WOW!] and husband Daniel, Julia White, Michael Dein, Jeffrey M. Dein...Memorial Service on Saturday August 16, 2008 at 1st Presbyterian Church, Main St., Babylon..."

It can be gleaned that Jennifer married a Scheriff of Long Island's West Islip / Babylon (near William Hitler) because Jennifer Scheriff was also, Jennifer A Carabia. The Jennifer link at Intelius (above) lists April Carabia and Daniel (Paul) Scheriff as relatives, wherefore the latter must be Jennifer's husband. Was his mother a Paul surname = Pollock bloodline? My concerns have been that this family was related to George Herbert Scherff, all a part of the Adolf-Hitler circle that was given haven in the United States. Therefore, I'll record here that other kin of Jennifer are listed as Edward, Stephanie, Kenneth, Joseph, Jason and Theodore Scheriff, as well as one Oonagh Neal. Any one of these people could be outstanding, virtuous, praiseworthy, etc.

There are so many points to make, I don't know where to start. But, first, let me say that, as I mention names, I have no idea who's involved (and who's not) in a neo-Nazi or Illuminati movement pertaining to the various aspects of the discussion. What I do know is that a member of this family, Cathian Covert / Cathian Surbrook / Cathian Dein / Cathian Maness, was in contact with me by email for years, and she was warning me of martial law coming to America, a thing that I wasn't taking seriously at the time. She was married (before 1984) to the Jeffrey A Dein in the obituary above, though in that obituary (2008), Jeffrey is married to a Candace. It could appear that Cathian was Candace, but then no, for there is a message box at the Corinne obituary having a message from "Mike and Cathian Maness", suggesting that Cathian was no longer married to Jeffrey at that time. Pardon me, I have no ambition to hang anyone's dirty laundry, but the point needs to be made for what could be the importance of Candace's ancestry.

I have it recorded: "Candace Stewart Dein (and family) in West Islip". Why a STEWART middle name??? I have two addresses (that I won't reveal here) for 65-year-old (as of thee present) Jeffrey Dein (webpage says he's kin of a George Dein) in West Islip (I don't want to give more information than needed to tell my story). The page says he lived at the 2nd address between 1983 and 1993, but his divorce with Patty Allen and marriage to Cathian are listed in California between 1966 and 1984. Later, I'll show Cathian listed in West Islip too.

Intelius shows results for Candace (age 62), with relatives. Mildred and Hugh Stewart, as well as Corinne, George and Jeffrey Dein. She has given her name out as Candace I Dein and Candace I Stewart.

It affected me to find that the direct family of a long-time emailer should trace to Long Island in this way with all of the Aryan-Nations colorations to boot. Things became complicated upon becoming suspicious of Cathian. I wasn't spying on her (I would never do that to any reader, without just cause, anyway), just trying to find how to contact her because she dropped off the email radar after sending a message warning of hackers into her / my computer(s). She didn't respond to my emails after that. It turned out that she lived in Post Falls, Idaho, within jogging distance of Aryan Nations headquarters. I don't recall how I put two and two together, but it was the Scheriff surname in her husband's family that came first, followed by the discovery that Aryan Nations was in her backyard, while Montana was to her immediate east. It wouldn't have been convincing if it ended there, but when Jeffrey's sons were found with Warsaw address (in Indiana), it clinched a link to white supremacists. Cathian and Jeffrey both emailed to say I was nuts for putting this online, meaning that she denied what is apparently true. If she had admitted it, I would view her differently.

Her daughter, Julia White, was found online as having a business in Post Falls. Cathian's own online claims (Facebook) says that Julia is her daughter. As you can see in the obituary, Corinne, Cathian's mother-in-law, had a granddaughter, Julia White. It must be the same Julia White. Bill White of Houston was never part of the topic, until this update. There is likely a fat chance that Julia White married a man closely related to Bill White, but this recalls this find: Cathian Maness of Markham Texas, with husband, Michael Mark Maness, also of Markham, near Houston. Cathian had said that he worked as a helicopter pilot for BP, taking workers out to sea rigs off the south-Texas coast. It raises the question of how she met a man way down there from way north in Idaho...or, if Mike was from the north, how he got the job near Houston after Cathian already had a daughter married to a Mr. White.

There are three Julia White's listed in small-town Post Falls, one Julia White, age 38; Julia M White, age 39; and a Julia Dawn White, age 44. I tend to expect that this is not likely, but that they are all the same person with different data. The one with age 39 has a West Islip address well as a Spokane address, which is where Cathian and Mike have alternative addresses. Spokane was roughly the home of Zoe Surbrook. I had found a Julia M White listed also as Julia M Dein; she was born, Julia Dein. As Julia was half and Abbott on her Dein side, it's all asking me to keep in mind that Bill White of Houston (born San Antonio) may be of some distant relationship with Greg Abbot, the new Texas governor. If not for this, Julia White would not have been mentioned here.

I had found a page showing that Cathian was married to Jeffrey Dein in Riverside, California. I just went to that page this minute and copied from it, but after pasting some of it below, I returned to the page to find that it flipped over to some irrelevant Josephine of Quebec, Canada:

California, Divorce Index, 1966-1984 Marriage & Divorce

Name: Jeffrey A Dein
Spouse: Patty L Allen
Divorce: date - Riverside

...[two rows down] California, Marriage Index, 1960-1985 Marriage & Divorce

Name: Jeffrey A Dein
Spouse: Cathian Covert
Marriage: date - Riverside

[next row] California, Marriage Index, 1960-1985

Name: Jeffrey A Dein
Spouse: Cathian C Surbrook
Marriage: date - Riverside

Look at that URL address. It looks like this:

But in a few seconds, it flips over to this address:

Clearly, this is suspicious, like someone has arranged to hide the Dein-Covert marriage just because I shared it. I'm on dial-up Internet, and so the flip to the Quebec page takes about 10 seconds, and I can cancel the flip by hitting the Stop button. But if you're on high-speed, the flip should be almost instant! What are the chances of this flip happening if the Dein family was not responsible for it? In fact, while the Intelius page for Julia White and others are still loading as they did years ago, the Intelius page for Jeffrey Dein does not load any details. I'll show you below why this should be the case.

A small look at the page below shows white supremacists in Riverside, but when this was first learned, I still hadn't found the greater shock in Indiana;

As you can see in the marriage records, Cathian Covert also used the name, Cathian C. Surbrook. Riverside is near Niland, the latter being one of the places where Zoe Surbrook is listed at Intelius. But how can the marriage of a woman to the same man be registered under two of her different surnames? Was it just a clerical error? Aren't clerks supposed to have proper ID when writing out information for marriage contracts?

The apparent facts seem to that Cathian was born a Covert and married to a Mr. Surbrook previous to marrying Jeffrey Dein. Here is from the 2nd update of February, 2012:

A little digging discovered that Julie White was also the granddaughter of Zoe DUNcan (her maiden name), and that she was Julie D. White of Idaho, conspicuous because the Bush-Scherff article was from the Idaho Observer...Zoe was the daughter of:
...Inice Duncan...Zoe is survived by...her seven grandchildren Jonathan Surbrook, Jeremy Surbrook, Karen Evans, Lisa Hinds, Julia White, Kristopher Surbrook, and Michael Dein.

Conspicuous there is the fact that Jeffrey M Dein, Julia's brother, is not listed. Did he pass away young? Did he get into trouble? I'm assuming that Julia, shown previous with an M middle initial, also used a D initial for her Dein birth name.

The Zoe obituary has been removed from the Internet, but this was not discovered until today. I cannot recall why Zoe's personal information was on an auto review page. The page now reads: "Welcome to This domain registration expired on 04/09/2015." That was just 11 days ago as I write.

Zoe married Burch Surbrook. But how does Zoe-and-husband fit into the family of Corinne Abbott Dein? Well, both Zoe and Corinne (both listed around 90 years old in 2011) were grandmothers of the same Julia White, which can only mean that Zoe was Cathian's mother.

Here's more of-interest: "The Duncan Coat uses the same bugle, almost in the same colors, as the German Scharf(f)s!!! That was three years ago. It was a shock because Zoe's maiden name was Duncan. However, when Jennifer, Corinne's other granddaughter, married a Scheriff, there was no immediate blood link between she and Zoe. It seems that, somewhere down the line, Zoe's bloodline bumped into the Scherff bloodline.

Although there is no Surbrook surname coming up at, there is a SHURbrook/SHERbrook/SHIREbrook surname that I would view fundamental with the Schere/Scherf and Sheer/Shire surnames, and therefore as a branch of Scheriffs. By now, you should be alarmed.

Just for the record before it disappears, the Julia-White page at Intelius has two other Julia White's of interest, besides the 39-year old one of Post Falls, who must be Cathian's daughter:

Julia E. White, age 94

Has lived in:.......................Related to:

Coeur D Alene, ID...........Robert White
Post Falls, ID..................George White
Spokane, WA..................William White
Liberty Lake, WA............Timothy White

View All [adds Bailey, Cole and Carol White]

Julia White, age 38

Has lived in:........................Related to:

Idaho Falls, ID..................Abbi White
Grass Valley, CA.............Jeff White
Weimar, CA.....................Abigayle White
Colfax, CA

Julia M White, age 39

Has lived in:........................Related to:

Post Falls, ID....................Jason White
Lindenhurst, NY.................Coralynn Mckasty
Spokane, WA....................Joseph Mckasty
West Islip, NY...................Kyle Mckasty

As you can see, the one at 38 years has relatives smacking of Corinne and Jeffrey Dein. The relatives, ABBI White and ABIgayle White look like play on Corinne's middle / maiden name, Abbott. If the two Julia's who are one year apart are two different people, I wouldn't expect them to be sisters. The first question is, why did Jeffrey and Cathian name their daughter, Julia? Did the 94-year old Julia White, also of Post Falls, have anything to do with it? How is that possible? If we assume that the 38-year old was born a White surname rather than marrying one, I suppose that she could be a granddaughter of the elder Julia. In any case, the elder Julia has a relative, GEORGE White, which may mean that George Dein (Corinne's husband) had a White surname in his mother. To put it another way, George Dein was a brother of the elder Julia White (theory only), which can explain why George's son named his daughter, Julia. And she married a White, possibly a second or third cousin.

If that's not enough, the same page has a Julia Dawn White, age 44, of Post Falls and nearby Coeur d'Alene, the latter being an alternative home of the elder Julia too.

There Was No Doubt About It

More than anything, what made me suspicious a few years ago was Jeffrey M Dein and his brother, Michael Dein, the sons of Cathian's husband, in the location with yet more supremacists:

PREPARE FOR A SHOCK. "White Aryan Resistance" (WAR) is a neo-Nazi white separatist organization founded and led by former Ku Klux Klan leader Tom Metzger. Part of the American far right, it is based in WARsaw [caps mine], Indiana and is incorporated as a business." I did not know this (yesterday) when I touched upon Jeffrey M Dein. I had said:
Now the Veres who ruled Oxford for centuries trace from Warsaw (where the Arms use Melusine, a favorite Vere symbol) to Warwick, where Sheriffs [i.e. like "Scherff / Scheriff"] were first found. In an online directory, Corinne Abbott Dein was related to 33-year old Jeffrey [M] Dein of Warsaw...grandson of Zoe Surbrook according to Zoe's obituary (this is one reason to see Jeffrey M. Dein as Cathian's son (or son by marriage) with her husband, Jeffrey A. Dein).
(2nd update February, 2011)

It's the Arms of WARsaw, Poland, that uses the Vere-line mermaid, and it's in the Crest of the Glass surname, and so let's repeat that Rick Perry needed to defeat both Bill White and Kathie Glass to win his third Texas-governor term. The GLAZEbrook surname (same place as Bush's and Scharfs/Scarfs) tells of a GREYSbrook branch in Warwickshire. As GlazeBROOKs share the red lion with Stewart-related BROCKS, it speaks for itself. A Tanya Glazebrook married David Surbrook, son of Zoe.

If you click the link above for Jeffrey's details, they are now not showing. One will need to pay to see them. The same February update had this recorded:

Now while William Hitler's grandfather (= Adolf's father) was married first to a Glassl, his second wife was a MATZelsberger surname...we just saw a Ku Klux Klanner by the Metzger surname above, whose White Aryan Resistance is based in Warsaw, where Jeffrey M. Dein lived...

A Michael Dein (link below) is also listed in Warsaw, Indiana. A Michael Dein and Jeffrey M. Dein are listed in Corinne Dein's obituary as two of her grandchildren, suggesting that both are Cathian's sons (actually, they may not be her sons, but rather her husband's sons from another marriage). In fact, Cathian and her daughter are listed at Intelius as relatives of Michael Dein. That now places two of the sons in Warsaw.

William Hitler was the son of Mrs. Matzelberger. I think I have that correct. He was not a son of Mrs. Glassl (or Glasl).

The page above likewise removed the details. Regardless of whether Cathian was the mother of the two sons, she was very-apparently married to a neo-Nazi of the Aryan-Nations kind, who, if I recall correctly, happen to be anti-government while propagating the martial-law scare, and moreover they are anti-Jew British Israelists as though they believe in Christian prophecy. They were a quasi-Christian / fake-Christian group of white supremacists, even having a church on their compound, yet bearing many marks that linked them seemingly well to the circle of Adolf Hitler. I wonder whether they were nothing more than a long-term trick for people like Obama to blame home-ground terrorism on Christians as a whole. "In 2005, Kreis [Aryan Nations leader] received media attention by seeking an Aryan Nations-al Qaeda alliance" That sounds like garbage that the presidential-Bush circle would put out to make America look like it was under attack.

Later in this update, I find Cathian and Jennifer Scheriff with an address in central Florida, not far north of Sebring: "In the summer of 2004 the Aryan Nations [Kreis, that is] moved to Sebring, Florida." Perhaps Cathian / Jennifer only had a cottage there.

Here's another example:

Here's a digest of what happened when Butler's Aryan Nations in Idaho started to fall apart: ""When the dust settled, three Aryan Nations' factions emerged: 1) the remnant Aryan Nations headquartered in northern Idaho and led by the ailing Richard Butler and Shaun Winkler..."...Dutch Winklers use the Mens/Menzies/MENGzies Shield, a Mengele-suspect surname {to be elaborated on later.} Same article says:
Church of True Israel. The first splinter group from Aryan Nations. It broke off in 1996 (but did not become active until later). In 1998, the Spokane Statesman Review spotted Charles Mangels wearing a Phineas Priest belt buckle. Prominent leaders: Charles Mangels (MT), James Dillavou (IA), John Miller (MT), Ed Dosh (MT), Stanley McCollum (AL), John Burke (ID). Headquartered: Originally Noxon, Montana, then Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.

NOW THAT'S AMAZING, for when I recently treated Josef Mengele (Adolf Hitler's physician and fellow mass-murderer), I concluded that the German government was faking the finding of his bones, that he survived the war and escaped the Allies, and that he too should have removed to Montana! Charles Mangels, you notice, was of Montana [of POLSon, Montana, to be exact].

When "Mangels is entered, a Mansell surname comes up much like "Maness." As per John Miller quoted above, also of Montana, I should mention that the English Millers use a blue wolf, a topic later in this update, and were first found in the same place (Sussex) as Coverts and Deins. Mangels use sideways "maunches" (otherwise called "sleeves") as code for Manche in Normandy.

The same Nazi, a Mr. Skorzeny, who claimed that George Bush Sr. was born George Herbert Scherff, also claimed that Hitler escaped to Montana. I was convinced of its truth, and lucky me, Cathian Covert shared many emails with me over several years. But why me? What do I have to do with this? I started to think that Cathian was part of God's scheme to have me make a revelation concerning the people who would advance Christian persecution in the United States. And perhaps here we are. Perhaps this military "exercise" in Texas is all from a globo-political vein from the circles of Adolf Hitler. I am absolutely sure that 9-11 was of that vein, and the downing of the TWA 800 flight off Long Island ago looked to be from the same circles. This TWA topic was treated in the 3rd update of June, 2013, where one statement was so:

The "crash" took place at Moriches Bay on the SOUTHERN SHORE of Long Island, just as the plane passed the Islip part of Long Island. "Islip is one of ten towns in Suffolk County, New York (USA). Located on the SOUTH SHORE of Long Island...",_New_York

Patchogue [home of William Hitler and his sons] is on the south shore too, and closer still to the crash site. There's something like 10 miles between Patchogue and Moriches. Could we begin to imagine a secret Nazi spy machine developed on Long Island? Although Adolf's nephew denounced Adolf, why should we believe the nephew? What other Nazi war criminals settled in Long Island under faked surnames?

The ruin of America, and its rape, was in the workings. A heinous breed of people, who think nothing of downing planes, then downed entire towers with people still inside. I suppose they must have celebrated that day with laughter and high-fives. And we don't know what's next, aside from their cursing and howling for a long time in a Hellish Prison.

Immediately after the quote above, I wrote:

Some may ask me: "If Obama was planning faked terrorism, why would he announce the end of terrorism?" Two things come to mind: 1) he wanted to stop spending war money in the Middle East and instead beef up his military at home for a re-vamping of the nation according to Rhodian socialism; 2) it wasn't his plan to fake terror plots, but the plans of those who started under Bush; Obama was compelled by forces to ride along with the plots.

And here we are with a plot under Obama involving Texas just as soon as an Abbott surname wins the governorship.

There is one thing that I cannot reconcile. How can the supremacists be opposed to martial law (as they claim) and yet be a part of it? Actually, truth be told, I haven't got a clue who's behind the current move in Texas and other southern states. I'm just taking guesses as to what could be behind it. But let me tell what crossed my mind when I first got online back in 1997, when starting to come across the alarming reports of imminent martial law. I actually tended to think that the scare was for the purpose of scaring. Not to be of help to anyone, just to make people feel hopeless, as if the powers that be are too big, too strong, to defeat. In reality, an attempt at martial law in the United States, with the whole world watching, and with conservatives at least equal in numbers with liberals, seems a hopeless failure. I just can't see it. But what I can see is a sneak-up-to-martial-law, such as we might start to see this summer. They may want it, but they know the great price they'd pay if they fail. Ask Adolf how it feels to fail in an all-out attempt at brutal martial law. Just take a walk down the steps of Hell, and say, "Hey, Adolf, how's it cooking?"

Aryan Nations at the Post-Falls area is technically in Hayden Lake, a name that can link to Heids and therefore to the Heidlers and Hiedlers/Hitlers. The latter are said to derive in "HUTTER," and then Hayden lake is about six miles north-east from HEUTTER. I don't think this is a coincidence. It looks like Hitler liners were at Hayden Lake, and I think this was before the life of Adolf. Hayden Lake is in Kootenai county, while Cootens (compare with Cotta's) were first found in the same place (Norfolk) as Hayds/Heidts and Haydens. That doesn't look coincidental. I have found many many many countless heraldic derivations that are deliberate falsifications, and we can expect the same from those who derive "Kootenai" in anything not linking to Cottians. Aurelia Cotta, mother of Julius Caesar, can be traced to the Aurelia surname sharing a gold-on-blue scallop with Cootens. What does the cross of the English Julians look like to you?

Let's go back to Cathian's Surbrook surname, and let me say that while she confesses online to practicing witchcraft before becoming a Christian, there was a Wayne Surbrook: "One of Zoe's four listed sons is Wayne. A Wayne Surbrook [mid-sixties in 2015] of Spokane, an "ordained minister," was touched upon in my previous work and shown to be a satanist of sorts, though he might not regard himself as such. There are two photographs of Wayne that I have seen, to be discussed later. In both, he's bald. It just so happens that white supremacists, or "skinheads," have the habit of shaving their heads. What a shiny coincidence."

Wayne, who had been into divination, has/had some online material mentioning a walk with the Holy Spirit, framed in an typical-evangelical tone, but then one can find this message from him: "Wayne Surbrook said 'Thank you! I can officially apply for S.S. today if I were to choose to do that... GAWD... can I really be that F___ing old?'"

Now I'm not saying that someone using language like that is necessarily evil, but that an ordained minister, if that's what he was/is, does not speak like that publicly, for the shame of it. In other words, was he faking a pastoral role? Zoe is portrayed online as a church planter. But I have my question marks. I started to wonder whether Adolf's new generation of American plants weren't using churchiness as their cover while seeking to take over the country. Ronald Reagan used a Christian front to get elected, but we read that his wife was into some occult practices.

Here's from my chapter on the Bush-Nazi connection: :

Wayne [Surbrook] has always been a 'bit different' than those around him. His first major spiritual experience occurred at the ripe old age of four. It was at that point that he dedicated his life work to following and flowing with Prime Source...

Born and raised in an Evangelical Minister's home...He saw the phoniness of religion at an early age and set his determination to know God, Prime Source, Universe, (or whatever you call that Life-Force Energy)...As a young man, he started having out-of-body experiences that continued for many years, culminating in three near-death experiences that have left him with unusual Spiritual Insights and Awarenesses.

Wayne is an Medical Intuitive, Certified Spiritual Healer, Ordained Minister, Quantum Touch Practioner, Authenticated Shaman, has Masters in both Usui Shiki Royoho Reiki and Crystaline Reiki, and has perfected an Extremely Powerful Method of connecting a person with their true identity, that Thoth has called "Multi-Dimensional Frequency Transference" [blah blah blach!]...He is a board member of the International Association of Medical Intuitives; a member of the International Association of Spiritual Healers and Earth Stewards; and a member of the Spokane, Washington Chapter of the Metaphysical Research Society. Occasionally, he works with Dr. Elizebeth Hooker and the Warm Mineral Springs Wellness Institute in Warm Mineral Springs, Florida.

To contact Wayne Surbrook call 509.255.6659 or visit

Yet, if one goes to this page by Wayne Surbrook, where he speaks on Satan from a Biblical viewpoint, one might never know that he is a satanist type, like Nicholas de Vere. Note that both Hookers and Shurbrooks use blue-and-white "vair fur." Irish Hookers use the lion design once showing for the Oxford surname...

I have a very hard time viewing Burch and Zoe as false Christians, or mixed up in church planting simply to feign a false identity. It's always possible, but one must never make the charge without evidence. Here's the rest of her obituary that was saved some years ago:

an obituary: SURBROOK, Zoe Linnea

Of Otis Orchards, WA went home to be with the Lord on Wednesday, June 27, 2007 after a battle with Alzheimer's disease. Zoe was born in Big Fork, Minnesota on April 17, 1919 to Dr. T.N. and Inice Duncan. Zoe graduated from Cody Nebraska High School in 1937. She then met the love of her life, Burch, and they attended Fort Wayne Bible Institute together after their marriage on August 12, 1941. They graduated in 1947. They then went on to pastor several churches and Zoe had an extraordinary ministry with young people. The two shared a blessed union of love and devotion for more than 65 years. Zoe's crowning glory was her love of helping others. She was always the first to offer herself as a friend to the needy. Zoe is survived by her beloved husband Burch and her four sons, David and wife Tanya, Wayne and wife Laura, Tom and wife Margi, Stanley and wife Ronda; her sister Iyla Butz, and brothers Tommy Duncan and Nelson Duncan...

As you can see, there was no room for her to marry another man. As she was Julia White's grandmother, Burch had to be the grandfather. Therefore, Cathian C Surbrook must be a daughter of the Surbrooks. Yet, not one daughter is in the obituary; just four sons. Perhaps she adopted Julia White??? That wouldn't give her the right to use a Surbrook surname, however. And where she calls herself "Rev. Cathian C Surbrook," it looks like she was born a Covert surname. Had she been married to a Mr. Covert, she would have used, Rev. Cathian Surbrook Covert. Nothing is adding up. Was she commissioned to spy on tribwatch? Not necessarily, but the possibility is there. If she was so commissioned, she'd have been working for a power that goes beyond Aryan Nations, for this was a nothing-group, hopeless for ever achieving any power.

Here is Burch's and Zoe's Intelius page, saved a few years ago:

Burch Harley Surbrook (age 94)

Has lived in:...........................Related to:

Ridgefield, WA...................Thomas Nelson Surbrook
Otis Orchards, WA.............Stanley P Surbrook
Spokane, WA.....................Ronda Yvonne Surbrook
Spokane Valley, WA...........Cathian Covert Maness
.........................................Lisa Yvonne Hinds

If you go to the Intelius page now, both Cathian and Lisa are gone. The same applies to Zoe's Intelius page (where she was listed as Zoe Linnea Surbrook, age 92, three or four years ago). The Cathian mystery thickens. Years ago, I had copied and pasted the following relatives of Zoe from her Intelius page; Stanley P Surbrook, Ronda Yvonne Surbrook, Burch Harley Surbrook, Cathian Covert Maness, Lisa Yvonne Hinds. But Cathian and Lisa Hinds are now both gone. Plus, Cathian didn't have her Surbrook surname while in the list of either Surbrook, yet somehow, Intelius knew that she was related to them.

Here's from Zoe's obituary: ...Inice Duncan...Zoe is survived by...her seven grandchildren Jonathan Surbrook, Jeremy Surbrook, Karen Evans, LISA HINDS, Julia White, Kristopher Surbrook, and Michael Dein." Again, Jeffrey M Dein, son of Cathian's husband, is missing, something we would not expect in an obituary unless he were passed away. Searching "Cathi Dein" today, a name I've seen her using online, gets three name results including Denise Susan Dein (37) of Post Falls and Spokane (and two Montana addresses. Missoula and Thompson Falls), and Jeffrey Matthew Dein, age 36. Cathian is about 58 at present, just right to be the mother. Intelius doesn't "know" or indicate whether someone has passed away. Curiously, Jeffrey Matthew Dein is not listed with an address in Warsaw whereas Jeffrey M Dein was a few years ago. How did that change, we wonder?

A funny thing just happened. The details requested for either a Jeffrey Dein or Michael Dein would not load when asking results in Idaho, but having just asked Intelius to load "Jeffrey Dein" with Indiana addresses, here's what came us:

Jeffrey Matthew Dein, age 36

Has lived in:...........................Related to:

Spokane, WA........................Jeffrey Dein
Post Falls, ID........................Denise Dwyer [must be Denise Dein, wife]

Jeffrey A. Dein, age 64

Has lived in:..........................Related to:

West Islip, NY.....................George Dein
..........................................Corrine Dein
..........................................Candace Dein

It's father and son, and Cathian does not appear, how strange. Unless she's Candace. Plus, even though the request is for Indiana addresses, none come up, and therefore I've got to imagine that the Deins contacted Intelius, demanding that it remove their Warsaw locations. I can understand the motive there.

This is a mystery, and I think that Cathian is covering something. But then, the Internet is filled with false names and age's to keep the information goons at bay from getting junk mail to our doors. Still, Cathian says she was a reverend, and so we expect her to use her real names at some points. Why would she, as a reverend, want to be disassociated with the Surbrooks, who appear to have been terrific church planters? The possibility is that her parents disowned her while she was into witchcraft and/or Aryan Nations, causing an irreparable rift.

Here is the Intelius page of about four years ago for Lisa Hinds, 40 years old at this time:

Lisa E Hinds
Lisa Y Hinds

Has lived in:...............................Related to:

Otis Orchards, WA..................Stanley P Surbrook
..............................................Ronda Yvonne Surbrook ..............................................Burch Harley Surbrook ..............................................Kathryn Anne Page ..............................................Patrick Earl Hinds

She sure looks like she was born, Lisa Surbrook, to one of the four Surbrook sons. But then why would Intelius remove her name from the two pages on her grandparents? Is Lisa concerned with this discussion? Did she try to hide her involvement with this discussion? In the search for Lisa's details, Intelius has only found one of the four sons, Stanley, and his wife, Ronda.

Is Cathian the same as Kathryn Anne Page? Kathryn should at least be related to Katherine D Page (Dein Page?), age 74, currently listed with addresses in two locations -- Spokane and Niland -- matching two locations for the addresses of Zoe Surbrook. That can't be coincidental because Niland is in California, not Idaho or Washington. The age of 74 would make Katherine a potential daughter of Zoe, born some 95 years ago. However, the same page has a Katherine Anne Page, age 66, of Spokane, Fairchild Air Force Base (WA), and Summit, CA.

If Kathryn was not Cathian = daughter of Zoe, then perhaps she was the sister of Ronda. If we go to Lisa's page now, she's still listed in Otis Orchards, but her list of relatives include only three: Patrick Hinds, KATHY Hinds, Victor McLeod. There is a Kathy Hinds (49) of Washington state (including Otis Orchards) listed with relatives, Michael Page, Lisa Hinds, Patrick Hinds, John and James Missell, Dawn and Steve Hormel, and others. But she goes by numerous names, including Kathryn A Hinds, Kathy Anne Hormel, Kathy A Misselhinds, Kathy Missel and Kathryn Anne Missel. Frankly, she looks like Kathryn Anne Page. If she is also Cathian, then it begs the question of whether Michael Page was Michael Dein, the two of them using "Page" as an alias.

If we trust the age reported for Cathian, the solution seems to be that she is a granddaughter of Zoe (about 38 years difference between the two), and a daughter of one of the Surbrook sons not listed on Intelius, but, the problem is, that makes Zoe the great-grandmother of Julia White while her obituary had her as Julia's grandmother. Cathian was listed as 54 or 55 when Zoe was listed as 92. But if Katherine Anne Page is Cathian, then she could be 66, making for a better picture in that regard (only about 30 years difference).

Cathian Covert's Intelius page at the present time has her in West Islip only. No relatives given. She told me in emails that her father was a Covert.

She's listed as Cathiam Maness with a great many-different addresses, including Warsaw, Indiana. It's important to show details where two of her relatives are Surbrooks:

Cathiam C Maness

Has lived in:..........................Related to:

Post Falls, ID....................Michael Maness
Spokane, WA....................Nelson Surbrook
Galliano, LA......................Philip Sanders
Markham, TX....................Kathaine Sanders

Kathaine??? Later, you'll see that Cathian is listed as Cathian Sanders Saccacio. I've read that Cathian had been in Galliano (Louisiana) with Michael. It had to do, if I recall correctly, with their helping out in the Haiti earthquake. At the time, she was emailing people on her list, which included me, to give updates on progress. She and Michael were in Haiti reportedly offering help with his helicopter, but things didn't work out well, and the couple had to return. When she spoke on sending financial assistance for the relief project, I sent a gift but didn't include my return address, and didn't make the check out in my name, because I was already suspecting something wrong. The earthquake was in 2010, but I wouldn't discover the supremacist material until 2011. It was a little suspicious when, after 2011, I got to her Facebook page, where she had Zoe Surbrook listed, but Michael was merely a "friend" on that page. In 2008, they appear as Michael and Cathian Maness in Corinne's obituary page. I suppose there could be a logical explanation.

Clicking "View all" for Cathiam's addresses gets Warsaw (!), North Babylon, West Islip, Otis Orchards, and even Niagara Falls and Buffalo. Clicking "View All" for her relatives gets Thomas Surbrook too, who could be Tom Surbrook, Zoe's son. There is a Thomas Nelson Surbrook with a Spokane address, but he's only listed at 65 years old, too young to be Cathian's father. Wayne Surbrook is listed at 63. But David Burch Surbrook, whose relative is listed as Tanya Glazebrook, is listed at 72 years today, just barely old enough to be Cathian's father. Cathian today would be 58 if the Intelius data is correct.

The fourth son (Stanley) is listed as 61 today. It doesn't look good for Cathian being a daughter of one of the four Surbrook brothers.

One would think that, if Cathian was a daughter of Zoe or her husband, Cathian should be listed in Zoe's obituary. As she's not, I had entertained her as Wayne's wife. But it looked clear as day, earlier today, as I finally got around to making a family tree on paper, that Cathian was Zoe's daughter. There seems to be no other explanation, unless Julia White was not her daughter. Nor could she be a daughter exclusively of Cathian's husband (Jeffrey) by another woman, for in that case, Jeffrey becomes Zoe's son. But Zoe was married to the same man for 65 years, no room for marriage to a Mr. Dein. Did Zoe have an extramarital affair with a Mr. Dein?

"Zoe is survived by...her seven grandchildren Jonathan Surbrook, Jeremy Surbrook, Karen Evans [this surname was found fundamental to the Pierleoni], Lisa HINDS, Julia White, Kristopher Surbrook, and Michael Dein." I mention this list again due to Lisa Hinds, for here's the description of the Perry surname: "A HIND's head erased, holding in its mouth a pear tree sprig."

For new readers, heraldic symbols are usually code for kin, in this case meaning that a Hind family married the very Perry family that would own the Perry Coat under discussion. As the Parry pear is shared by the Abbott Coat, it stands to reason the Lisa married the very Hind bloodline that had been responsible for the Parry hind. There was a pear in the Arms of a pope in the Pierleoni discussion. Here's from the 4th update of last month, where Abbotts happen to be mentioned too: "The Arms of Leonine are said to be used by Pope Sixtus V. At Sixtus' article, his Arms are said to use pears..."

Later in that March update, it dealt with the sprig code in the mouth of the Parry hind: "The Boid/Boyd motto, "Confido," is used by Parrys who in-turn use a hind with a "pear tree sprig." The Spriggs look like they're using a PALE-bar version of the Maness/Manner Coat, with red Mens Chief. That works, and there is a question of whether Hinds are a branch of Hyde's/Ide's, both using three lozenges on blue Shields." That's one way to discover Hinds as a branch of Hitler-suspect Hyde's.

The Hind lozenges are in the colors of the lozengy used as the primary symbol in the Arms of Bavaria, and these Bavarian lozenges are known to be taken from a WITTELsbach family, of the White bloodline. Leopard faces are used by Wittings, Whites, and Coverts (Sussex, same place as Deins). They are actually called "faces" as code for the Face/Fessy surname that shares the cross of the Hayden surname. It can be gleaned that Haydens were a merger with Scherf-related Carricks and Sheers/Shire's (= Shurbrook branch), as well as Kyle's and Cole's.

I'm going to guess (doesn't matter if right or wrong) that Karen Evans, the first female in the list of Zoe's grandchildren, was born either a Surbrook or a Dein. The purpose here is to show that she married "family." Houseofnames shows uncountable lions (many now expected from the PierLEONI), but rarely uses what I call the round-tailed lion, which is shared by both the Evans/Avons and the Deins. No coincidence. And they're both gold lions.

It's very possible for people to marry heraldic kin without knowing it. I've seen it plenty. But it's likely that supremacists or bloodline worshipers will marry heraldic kin as a rule.

Had you noted the leopard faces in the Pear/Pearl Coat?

The Houston Coat looks like a version of the Surrey/SURRICH Coat. Can we see that latter surname as part of the Scheriff / Scherf bloodline? One can see that the Houston Coat is a version of the Stewart Coat. Why would a Hitler, kin of Adolf, chose the Stewart bloodline for his alias surname? Did the family of Candace Stewart Dein of West Islip have anything to do with it?

The Stewart motto is identical to the Brock motto, and GlazeBROOKs are thus highly suspect as a Brock line. The Houston Crest uses an hourGLASS. It is known that Stewarts and Pollocks moved from Shropshire en-mass to GLASgow, where Houstons (and Scottish Pollocks) were first found. And then there are the SurBROOKs of Cathian relations who married Glazebrooks.

One can go on, for it was recently learned by me that the royal-DUNCAN Scots descended from St. Chad, and then both Chads and Brock-related Brocuffs use the potent cross (in the same colors), symbol of Templar Jerusalem (see also the potent crosses of Skits and Scheds as per the "VireSCIT" code in the Stewart / Brock motto). Moreover, as that Templar movement was all about the bloodline of Joseph Caiaphas (killer of Christ), it should be re-mentioned that French Josephs share the footless martlet in the same colors with Houstons and pelican-using Pullens/Pulleys. You can see another pelican in the Stewart Crest. It just so happens that Zoe was a DUNCAN surname by birth. But let's add that while Chads are kin of Chaddocks and Chadwicks (both use footless martlets), Coverts and Deins were first found in the same place as Chadock-related Saddocks/Sedgewicks.

These martlets are code for the Charles-Martel bloodline known to be from Ida/Itte of Metz, and she became suspect in the last few months with the Ide/Hyde surname. Ida, as a daughter of Pepin of Landen, and the mottoes of Pepins and Poppins both honor the Mens/Mengzes surname...who are likely using the red Chief of the Maness/Manner surname. The Mens/Mengzes motto phrase, "I zal," has been suspect with the Islip/Haslip surname...which uses a version of the Maxwell stag, both stags laid down amongst holly. But the Maxwells, the mother stock of Pollocks, use a so-called "holly BUSH," no coincidence. It could signal that the important Islip family in Long Island was there along with a Bush family somehow related to the presidents.

There's more, for the Houston colors (French-Levi colors), and a version of the Stewart Coat, is used by Irish Hookers, the latter first found in the same place (Norfolk) as Chads, Haydens and DUNhams. English Hookers use two lions identical to the two Jewish-Levi lions, and in the same colors. In a picture that includes Hookers, one needed to mention that the five, blue-on-white fesse bars of Haydens are used by Huck-related Huckabys.

Now Obama's mother was a Dunham surname. She went to university in Seattle about the time she gave birth to Obama. That is, she was in Washington state. As the early royal Duncans had married the family of Ranulph le Meschin, it's very feasible (for several reasons I won't go back into) that Dunhams were a line of Duncans. I can tell you this, that the Dunham Coat is a version of both the German and Irish Butler Coat while a Mr. Butler ruled Aryan Nations of Idaho for a time. Moreover, here's part of Zoe's obituary: "Zoe is survived by...her sister Iyla Butz..."

It became my claim that Adolf Hitler and/or his people were given Clark-House mansion, in Hayden Lake, to live in with protection from the WW2 president, Franklin Roosevelt. The builder of the mansion, Mr. Clark, was a friend of the German kaiser; the two went yachting together, which allowed Mr. Clark (disappeared before WW1) to have some ties to the proto-Nazi's. Years before learning of Clark's adventures with the kaiser, Cathian told me that her father traces to a kaiser Koffert. I wasn't able to find anything on such a man. If I recall correctly, Cathian insinuated that Koffert was involved with the German Hohens (either Hohenstaufens (Stephens?) or Hohenzollerns). The red Hohen checks are used in blue by Cohens (we get it), the very same blue-and-white checks used by Stewarts and Houstons.

The Clarks are a branch of Clerks/Clairs, and so see the five white ostrich feathers of Irish Clairs (Clark colors), for they are used in the Butler Crest too: "A silver falcon rising on a plume of silver ostrich feathers, emerging from a gold ducal coronet." Both surnames use the five ostrich feathers growing out of the Mathie crown (one Mathie surname used the triple Clare chevrons in colors reversed). Dutch Roosevelts use three feathers in Crest, half white, half red, as well as sharing red roses on stems with German Schere's/Scherfs (and Walkers). You heard right.

The "curabit" motto term of Dutch Roosevelts sure does smack of the Carabia surname, suddenly! I had assumed that Corinne's daughter, April, married a Mr. Carabia, whose daughter in-turn married the West-Islip Scheriff family, for April Carabia is listed at 69 years old (just right for a daughter). But a reader helping to investigate this turned up a page at telling that April Carabia was a sister of Corinne Abbott. Yet Corinne's obituary has April Carabia as her daughter. Either way, it looks like April and Corinne could have been at least distantly related to president Roosevelt.

Irish and English Clairs were first found in Suffolk (England), while West Islip is in Suffolk county of New York. The roses of French Clairs/Clerks link to the same of the German and French Rose surnames (Limousin, same as Clairs/Clerks) said to be joined to Bosco's = a Bush line, and then more red roses in the same two colors are used by Sheriffs. The latter have a single fleur-de-lys in colors reversed to the same of Brocks, not to mention that German Bush's use a fleur-de-lys almost in the colors of the gold Brock fleur. English Bush's use the gold fleur too along with what should be the Clair eagles. Compare one Bosco Coat to German Schore's.

It just so happens that Crabs, looked up as per "Carabia," use fleur in the colors of the German-Bush fleur. Moreover, the Crab chevron can be the Stephen chevron because Stephensons (Crab / Bush fleur in colors reversed) were first found in the same place (Northumberland) as Clarks using a chevron in colors reversed, and in the colors of the Stephenson chevron. And because the Stephen falcon design is used in the Butler Crest along with the Roosevelt feathers.

The Crabs were first found in the same place (Cambridgeshire) as Dole's who share their white-on-blue fleur-de-lys. This reminds me of a discussion a few weeks ago when I refused to tell a story of my childhood for fear the reader would take me for a nut. But during lunch, something happened to convince me that I had to tell the story as one provided by God to make a special revelation later in my life. The story had to do with the Powell-surname link to Cambridge's, Bridge's and the Crabs, but at that time, Colin Powell, George Bush's secretary of state for securing the Iraq sham, was not a topic. Mr. Powell was born in New York to a part-Jewish family, and the Crabs are now suspect with the Carabia surname married by the New-York Scheriff family. Cambridge's, in Crab colors, share the Sheriff motto exactly!

Having said all that, I don't see anything in Wikipedia's article on Greg Abbott that would make him a globalist puppet or an evil man. He's a Republican with typical pro-Christian stands, but one might say the same of Bush, who was the one that advanced Abbott to the Texas supreme court, his launching pad for higher aims. And here he is. I must assume that he gave the nod for the closing of the Walmart stores on behalf of some insidious military plot of the Obama government. I note that Rick Perry, like George Bush, came across as a Christian.

The ultimate hope / aim (maybe not this year) for the military romp over Texas may be to entice gunfire from private militia, or, better yet, from Christian militia. Or, better yet, fake the gunfire from Christian militia, then throw the book at them wherever they are. My advice, Christians, put your guns down. Let the fools make fools of themselves. Don't give them the reason to start something. They own the media mouthpiece that gets their messages across, not yours. You can scream, but nobody will hear. Best thing: let them look like the intruders that they are.

"Disturbing video out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida last month showed military and law enforcement practicing the internment of citizens during martial-law style training. A National Guard drill based around dealing with civil unrest after a dirty bomb attack in Richmond, California also featured role players acting as angry Americans yelling 'right-wing' rhetoric."

On the other hand, if the government starts a war with Christians, and they start taking lives to an outrageous degree, you need to protect yourselves. It's instinct. For all we know, the liberals will be calling for a civil war someday soon. After all, they are losing the media battle to Fox News, how much more reason do cry-babies need to start a civil war? The O-cry-baby has already made it clear that he's got a war going on against Christians. They are the ones who robbed him of power; he doesn't blame it on himself, of course. He might like to see some vengeance, wouldn't he? He doesn't tolerate a democracy where Christians have a right to oppose him, and win. Dictators do not respect democracy unless it plays out their way. Mr. Obama really does think too highly of himself, and for the life of me I can't figure why any national leader would give him any special respect. Best thing, wait for him to leave, and wash the smell from the White House.

I haven't been loading the tracker for several months until recently. But even when I load it, I don't check but maybe once a month anymore. Bluntly, there's no use checking it at this time. The point of the tracker is not to spy on readers, God forbid, but to check which of the update topics is getting interest months or years later. It may someday be important to know, as the days of persecution near.

In the last few days between the 16th and 21st/22nd, I note an international audience at the 3rd update of September, 2013. Readers from Germany, Taiwan, Belgium, France (Metz), Australia, Poland, UK, Hawaii, Sweden and Romania. By the 26th, add Morocco, Korea, Istanbul, Ile-de-France, Stuttgart, Brazil, Ghana, and Athens. Some of the same readers have been in the 2nd update of that month (over the past ten days), with others from Brazil, Singapore, India, Austria, Serbia and Tunisia. I ask myself: why are they going there? Those two updates have the Boston-Marathon material. People in other countries are interested; they may not have heard about this, at least not in the way I've explained it. In the 1st update of September, where the marathon material starts, it's curious that there are only two hits between the 16th and 26th, from Istanbul and Barbados. Perhaps someone that has a readership who's shared a link to the 2nd update of the month, with readers jumping to the 3rd but not the 1st. Thanks to a clue from the tracker, I've just put a line in the 2nd update informing that the marathon topic starts in the 1st.

I just want to say that, I do not check to see how faithful readers are (that's not the purpose of the tracker), and frankly don't expect them to continue reading the updates month after month. But I do note the same readers having been with the updates for years, and am absolutely amazed by this. Virtually everytime I check the tracker page, I see some familiar lines. They may not be there on every check, but after a while the same computers and locations become familiar to me. From the bottom of my heart, I just want to say, I can't believe you're still with me after years. It's completely shocking, I feel I owe you some money or something. Don't you get tired?

Someone "near" me has loaded the Bush-Nazi chapter this week (21st), along with someone in Indiana (Indianapolis) and Long Island (both on the 25th). I have recorded their details showing in the tracker.

Here is what a computer entry looks like on my tracker (no names of persons given, God forbid):
18 Apr 14:25:51 IE 9.0 Win7 1280x800 [picture of Namibia Flag] Windhoek, Namibia
Mtc Netman ( {Label IP Address} (Keywords Unavailable)

I don't know where Namibia is, but it sure feels nice to see someone from there at the bushNazi page. The tracker reveals that they entered the page from GoogleNamibia, and sometimes it even tells the key words = the terms the computer user typed in doing the Google search (entirely useless to have that). As you can see, the reader's server is shown as Mtc Netman, and the number in brackets is the information for that server, but might even be the specific number of our computers. For crime purposes, the police could discover the physical address of that computer using that number, and I suppose servers who abuse their customers could sell computer numbers.

My tracker is free of charge. If it knows the city of the computer, the tracker must be using a system that knows the phone number too, though it doesn't likely tell it to the tracker company. Every computer online is linked to a phone line and/or a physical address. The government banks on this. Can you imagine what sort of tracking systems the CIA or the NSA use, or want to use? I know exactly what they are shooting for: the right to have your personal name, phone number and address automatically showing with your server's IP address. I don't know whether that day has arrived yet, but that's what they want, if it takes one step at a time. If they can convince you to load one of their webpages, they will have your number. As you can see in the stat details, the type of operating system (e.g. which version of Windows), and some details on the type of computer are also provided, which helps the spies to decide which of their many spy packages to use. It's none of my business what computer you have, or what Windows package you use; I don't care to know it, but the spies need this. They can then come into your computer and make a file on you. They even have you putting all your pictures in a certain place for ease of finding them. They can spy and spy and spy until they know the color of your socks. Everything in a computer, so far as they can help it, is formed for their ease of spying. If the CIA operator has a girlfriend, well, he can spy on her with ease. If he has a political enemy, no problem. The NSA can create a page that feigns an anti-martial-law webpage in order to attract people to it, and can then form a list of "troublesome" anti-government people. In the same way, the Obamaites can create a pro-Christian website to make lists on Christians of all colors. The only good news: they don't have the power to read millions of people, and, moreover, they evolve into goons and worms if they try, paying the price for their sin.

Seriously, a spy is one low human piece of garbage. You cannot work as a full-time spy and become anything more than human garbage. You have violated the human race. You realize that if anyone catches you spying, your are ashamed. And there is a reason for it. And it's not because it's right. But Obama has said that spying on all nations is justified because everyone does it. That's your pure definition of a worm.

Having said that, there is a difference between spying to collect data on anyone and everyone, and investigating someone whom has done a wrong, or is a threat to society in some way. Let's face it, if you hear of someone wanting to rob you, you'd like to know when they plan to do it, and so if you can tap their phones, you'd want to do that too, just to spare your furniture from going missing. But when you hear that the NSA is spying on German politicians in Washington, for example, and listening to their phone calls, and Obama doesn't have the sense to show shame for it, but rather says that everyone's doing it, you have cause to take that slob to the center of town, to tie him to a post, and have everyone toss red, ripe tomatoes into his face.

And what do we have now with this military romp over Texas and California, where some of the military players are going in plain clothes -- read, spies -- to check out what goes on? And the people are supposed to get used to this??? Next time in Kansas and Tennessee. Just think of all the excuses they could use to tweak each and every new project. You can be sure that the military has reverted to wormhood. There must be a greater plot for the future where keeping citizen control is the agenda.

JADE-HELM: Joint Assistance For Deployment and Execution -- Homeland Eradication of Local Militants. Wow, Texas is just loaded with Arab militants, right? Wrong. In fact, in the past few days there have been reports that Arabs are crossing the border of Mexico, but we are not naive; it was a false report to justify this "execution." Scary word, isn't it? The battle in Iraq has come to Texas, but it has not been brought here by Muslims.

And let's not forget, it was Texas' George Bush who created Homeland Security. You have it on my word -- God be my witness -- that Homeland Security had three officers write false affidavits (for court purposes) when it arrested me on a false charge of assaulting them, and attempted to have me thrown into prison. I can only assume that God arranged or allowed for this in order to have me share the message with you. Homeland Security is a tyrannical farce. It is grievously against the law for an officer of the law to write a false affidavit, and to charge a person with a crime he/she did not commit. Imagine the abuse of power that goes on there if, from the top down, they are doing this, winking with one another.

In a democracy, equal representation should not mean, 50-50. The fair way to run a country is to give each group their fair shake. If 25 percent is liberal and 50 percent is normal, you don't give 50-50 to both groups. If the majority of the country Christian or traditional, you shouldn't have a government catering almost-fully to non-Christian principles and those who practice witchcraft, adultery and organized crime. Yet that is exactly the United States government at this time, and for decades past. It has not at all been a democracy, but rather one on-going crusade to wipe away Christian values, rights and influences.

The Bible belt is perhaps the last Christian bastion in the West, and it's the part of American that will keep Democrats from having certain power in the White house, election after election. This is why the Republican shamefuls, such as Ronald Reagan and the George Scherffs, used the Christian people to secure their White Houses. We should not fear as though there were no God. But we should fear if we have enjoyed the world that has minimized His people. We should fear if we cling to two-faced Republican grubs without backbone, as though they were our salvation. While the Republicans who depend on Christians may not persecute them, nor minimize them, neither will they support them. That was the lesson learned from George Bush Jr., as well as at the victory of Mitt Romney, whom the Bush's supported, when they defeated a traditional Republican candidate for running against Obama. Imagine Bush, who gave the impression, at first, that he was born-again, throwing his lot in for a Mormon.

Democrats have the Republicans behaving as though favoritism cannot be shown to Christians. You can't do anything good or helpful toward Christians because, the liberals say, that's respecting a single group, which violates pluralism. I say that if Christians are a majority in any region, they MUST be shown favoritism as a rule of democracy. If there are two satanists and eight Christians at a table, you don't give the two stinkbombs five plates. The way the liberals govern, they give all ten plates to the Hollywood tramps who in-turn ridicule the Christians.

When Obama stole 800 billion dollars from the tax payers in his first year, how much of that money went to Bible-belt America? Now you know the definition of a stinkbomb. That's why the White House smells so much at this time. It has not to do with his black skin, but with his moral deficiency. The Christians now need to pay back a hefty part of the 800B that Obama tossed to his liberal dogs. Greg Abbott has a statement at Wikipedia, saying that he wouldn't use such language against Obama. I say, what's wrong with you Greg? Art thou blind? Obama wants to rape the people who voted for you, and to weaken them until they can no longer cause the fall of Democrats, and you say that Obama deserves respect?

Some Texans have become so sick of federal intrusions onto their lands that they are ready to form a separatist movement. Texans love their freedom, and want a government that will sustain it. Doing things for others is just completely boring for liberals in government, however, for if they can't enjoy destroying the people, life's not worth living. "The Federal Government is intentionally provoking Texas with an upcoming military exercise drawing strong denunciation from the Texas Nationalist Movement...On the map (below) Texas is listed as 'hostile'...The TNM is calling for newly-elected Governor Greg Abbott to intervene in this matter to seek clarification on Jade Helm and to prevent the provocative exercise on Texas soil. Further, the TNM is urging Texans to contact the Governor's office to sound off on Jade Helm at (512) 463-2000." That was March 19. Abbott was given the choice to choose between Obama and his Texans. Or, at least, Abbott will need to give a response one way or the other. There is a big difference between spine and chop suey; we will not be able to misconstrue his response. As yet, I haven't found his response. Looks like he's going to mince his words when he does speak. Mince suey.

It wasn't my intention in this update to emphasize Cathian's true identity, nor even to discuss the Aryans of her area. The reason that I went to that topic was to show again how Hitler's tools had links between Idaho / Montana and Long Island. There were then reasons given as to why the link should involve William Hitler, which in-turn frames the idea that, perhaps, other Nazi families joined him in New York. The purpose was to show whatever evidence I know of for the existence of Hitler's friends in America who went on to have children with American citizenships. I don't expect all of the children to become activists advancing whatever American agenda the leaders of those families may have devised. But for those who did join the agendas, some of which may have been at odds with one another, they are expected, like William and the Bush's, to have changed their surnames to hide their roots. The discussion was intended to be wound around Americanized-Nazi links in high places, including George Bush and the Texans one might expect in places of power, thanks to his strings. One would think that Bush would use the opportunity of his governorship to elevate his own kind to power, and one of the greatest positions was the supreme court to which he elevated Greg Abbott (said to be a Roman Catholic).

It just so happens that he married a woman that is part Mexican while Mitt Romney's father had fled to Mexico (I can't recall the reason). Wikipedia: "Abbott is married to Mexican-American Cecilia Phalen Abbott..." It looks like her father was a Phalen surname, much like "Pullen." Recall how the Pullen/Pulley surname worked into the discussion, sharing the footless martlets in the same colors with Houstons, for the Romney Coat is a version of the Pullen Coat. By what coincidence do Phalens and Pullens both use blue-on-white bendlets??? It looks like they are branches of one another. And let's not forget that Pullens and Stewarts share the pelican. I'm, not going to try to re-explain here why the pelican traces to the parents of Joseph Caiaphas, a topic of recent months (see of Google will bring up my pages by searching " tribwatch pulcher pelican " (don't use the quotation marks). Google brings up only a small percentage of my pages on any one search, just like a typical worm would).

To this it needs to be added that, for years, I've been claiming that Stewarts came to rule the American military. I did not make that claim based on my hatred of Stewarts, for in fact I don't hate them because it's wrong to lump all Stewarts into one basket. The hunch now is that the American military came to be ruled by the circles after which William Hitler named himself. Recently, there was a decision made to appoint general Mattis to the head of Central Command, where the other choice was an Allen surname (Allens were proto-Stewarts to the Scottish throne), and so note that the Mattis surname is listed under a Matthew-like Italian surname that has "Massi" listed with it, and using blue-and-white checks, the Stewart / Houston symbol. I recall claiming, on purely different grounds, that Hitler's mother (Ms. Polzl) was descended from a Massey.

I had said that "both Hookers and Shurbrooks use blue-and-white 'vair fur," but so do the Wittels/Wittelsbachs, and while the latter are said to have given their blue and white lozenges to the Arms of Bavaria, lozenges in these colors are used between the Phalen bendlets. Vair fur is obviously part code for the Vairs, a branch of Fers, and these two surnames use the Coats of Hohens and Cohens respectively i.e. the latter sharing the checks of Houstons, Stewarts, and Massi's/Mattis'. The Fur surname, by the way, is listed with Austrian Feuerers, and shares the RasMUSSEN unicorn.

It just so happens that the Massey fleur are used in the Phalen Chief, as well as in the Glazebrook Chief (for new readers, do not respect derivations made in heraldic write-ups as certain facts, for they are laced with deliberate errors). One can see that the Bricks/Bruiks (said to be from "broc," a term you'll find in the Glazebrook write-up) are using the Phalen Coat and Crest, which expects Bricks to be from Ranulph Briquessart, father of Ranulph le Meschin, whose family married Dol (home of Allens) early, before the Allens and Meschins together fled England for Scotland (at which time these proto-Stewarts settled Glasgow). The Stewart and Brock lions are in use in the Glazebrook Crest and Coat, and it's the royal-Scottish lion. Glazebrooks are thus easily pegged as the bloodline which named Glasgow. I had not known the Glazebrook surname when claiming that the Stewart checks trace to Massino Visconti by the fact that Massi's are listed with Italian Mattis,' the point here being that the Massin/Mason surname shares the Glazebrook motto exactly, which is part-code for Speers, first found in the same place as Glasgow and the Pullen-related Pollocks.

Reminder, Jeffrey A Dein was married to Patty Allen before marrying Cathian, and later married Candace Stewart.

The Arms of the rulers of Massa-Carrara had used the Massi/Mattis checks (explaining why Massi's are listed with the surname). To this it's a good time to add that I traced "Massa-Carrara" to "Muskerry" in the Munster part of Ireland, where the Bricks were first found. Then, while Montgomerys are said to be a favorite of the Stewarts, the Kerry surname (in Bavaria-lozenge colors), first found in Montgomeryshire, are using an hourGLASS shape in the colors of the same of Wittings, which argues for an identification of Wittings with Wittelsbachs of Bavaria. It's notable here that the Jewish Glass surname could be using the wings of German Fulks, for Italian Fulks use the Massi-Mattis Coat while there is a Broc location in Anjou, where the Fulks (sat on the Templar-Jerusalem throne) ruled. English Fulke's/Folks were first found in the same place as potent-cross Chads, as well as Haydens.

To help clinch the links being made here, Montgomeryshire is near PemBROKEshire while the Pembroke surname shares the Mazza bend-with-dragon. Moreover, the Kerry's share bees with Bessins, important in a Brick discussion because Ranulph Briquessart lived in the Bessin (near the origin of Masseys). You can read online that John Kerry, Obama's foreign minister, was born as Jew with a Kohn surname, a version of the Cohen surname (Illuminatist Jew). John Kerry married a Heinz surname, like "Hinds," and the latter use lozenges in the colors of the Bavarian lozengy. The Bavarian Illuminati was founded by a Jew fresh out of the Jesuit camp.

Although the Hooker Crest is describes as a deer, it has no antlers, which is often called a hind. The Hooker deer is probably code for the Deer surname, or a branch thereof.

The gold talbot dog used by Wittelsbachs is in use in the Arms of Oettingen-Oettingen of Bavaria, who were traced (by me) to Odins of Yorkshire, where Glazebrooks were first found. Oettingen-Oettingen uses more vair fur, in the two colors of the Wittelsbachs talbots. The Talbot surname is a branch German Talls/Thals that once showed the bee design of Bessins, and, besides, Ranulph le Meschin married Lucy Taillebois. The lion tails of the Cork surname are in honor of the same-colored lions of Tails/Tailers, and Corks are expected at Cork, in Ireland's Muskerry theater.

Obama removed general Mattis (or else he quit), and replaced him with a black man, very helpful should Obama do something militarily, inside America, with sinister purposes. The Abbott surname, let's keep in mind, traces by its pears both to Pears/Pearl's and the Pierleoni Jews who got Jewish blood into the Vatican just as the Vatican-assisted Templars were forming for the overthrow of Jerusalem. That's what made the Pierleoni so important. One now wonders whether the Pierleoni were behind Adam Weishaupt's Bavarian Illuminati. Note that Mengele-like Minge's/Meneghels use versions of the Weis Coat, while Mens'/Mengzes' have a Minge listing.

After all, Wittings use a big, fat LEOpard face, and the Pierleoni were named after a pope LEO. The LeoPARD/LeoPART surname could have been fashioned by a Pierleoni line because "Pier" is a known reduction from "Peter," while Peter branches include the Petts/PERTS, for example, or the Perots. The PARTS/Perots (Pembrokeshire) use pears in the colors of the Abbott pears, but let's not forget that Pears/Pearls (version of Abbott Coat) use leopard faces, as do Leopards/Lepperts, first found in the same place (Sussex) as leopard-using Coverts and Deins.

The first grand master of the Templars, Hugh de Payens, married a Chappes surname suspect from "Caiaphas." The Chappes Coat has been linked to the Stephen and Ottone Coats, the latter surname suspect (by me) with Ottone Visconti, and with the Oettingen line. While German Leopards/Leparts use a chevron in the colors of the Paine fesse, English Leopards/Pepperts use a chevron with leopards in the colors and format of the Payens/Pagans, a branch of Page's, first found in the same place as Glazebrooks. Recall Kathryn Anne Page, listed with the family of Lisa Hinds, for "Covert/Coffert" is suspect as a Caiaphas variation.

The Covert Coat is in Page colors. The Coverts Coat is in Chaddock / Chadwick colors, and shares footless martlets with them, likely because Coverts were first found in the same place as Sadducee-suspect and martlet-using Saddocks/Sedgewicks.

Not everyone that has a Covert surname, of course, is going to have the mind of a Sadducee, but it is interesting that Cathian liked to portray herself as Rev. Cathian, where Jesus said that we should not use such titles for ourselves, as did the Sadducees...who liked the places of honor. I asked Cathian on two occasions not to use that title when writing to me, and refused to write her back until she sent in under another name. She complied. But she then used the user-name, Kate Etaki, and said that the surname was a backward version of "Kate."

To make a long story short, I was forced by Homeland Security to move from Texas, but before that happened, I had a snap vision one day, on my Texas property. Perhaps you have had such snap visions too, out of the blue, less than a second long, not at all related to anything you are doing or thinking. On this occasion, there was a mountain cat = leopard jumping down on by back from above, and as I tried to swipe it away with one arm, the vision was over. As God is always close to my heart, I asked Him something to the effect of, "whew, am I in danger here?" I was writing the Ladon book at the time, and seeking Masonic roots, etc. I tried to understand what it could mean.

Later, after moving away, I looked at "Kate Etaki" and saw "cat attack." Coupled with the leopard in the Covert Crest, the idea was worth respecting. And that's why, when I sent her a gift for Haiti, I was, if not yet suspicious, cautious. I didn't know at the time that her hubby, Mike Maness, was working on the Texas coast. Perhaps I'm wrong, but it seemed like they could have been upon me. Perhaps there is a good message here for any Christian with a Christian website, that if someone seems over-friendly in your email box, ask why.

Here is Cathian Covert within a Saccacio surname:

Cathian Sanders Saccacio, age 58

Has lived in........................... Related to

Post Falls, ID......................Kathaine Sanders
Spokane, WA......................Michael Maness
Galliano, LA........................Nelson Surbrook
Markham, TX..................... Philip Sanders

In the View All link, there are these additional relatives for Cathian Sanders Saccacio: George Maness, Robert Sanders, Frank Saccacio, Thomas Surbrook, Deborah Steinberg. Then, below the listing above, there is the same person, only now she's 48:

Cathian S Saccacio

Warsaw, IN....................... Cathiam Maness
.........................................Frank Saccacio

About three years ago, I had recorded the address of Jeffrey M Dein of Warsaw: West Old Road 30, Warsaw Indiana (taken from this webpage no longer showing same information: ). I need to give the actual address here because it's important to prove that he was in Warsaw. There is no doubt about it, Cathian and/or her son(s) lived in Warsaw. The page above had four different addresses, with street names included, for Jeffrey, none of them in West Islip, one in Post Falls.

Probably, she was not married to Frank Saccacio, but don't ask me how Intelius knew of this couple. It must have been registered somewhere, and it can't be explained too well with Cathian merely using an alias for herself to keep the junk mail people at bay. The third listing in the Cathian-Saccacio page has her as Cathian C Saccacio, with Frank as the only kin, with one address in West Islip, and the other in Casselberry, Florida. This location is right beside The Villages and Lady Lake, the two Florida locations of Jennifer Scheriff, niece of Cathian's husband, Jeffrey Dein. This area of central Florida, near Orlando, was the area where some skinheads were recently planning a "race war" (their words), amassing weapons, etc. They were caught in 2012, and one of them has been sentenced recently. But, for all I know, Cathian and family have cottages in the area.

On the piplscan page above, Jeffrey M Dein was listed at Rainbow Dr. in Casselberry, as well as in Galliano, Louisiana. Cathian and Mr. Maness were in Galliano, Louisiana. I get the impression that Jeffrey and Cathian were traveling / moving in together, but then why was Jeffrey M Dein listed as a grandson of Corinne in her obituary (2008) but not a grandson of Zoe in her obituary (2007)? If he died before 2007, he wouldn't be in Corinne's obituary as one who survived her. Was Jeffrey invented, and did Corinne play along with it? Is online Jeffrey M Dein and Cathian one person?

There had been another emailer, Janet, who was way too friendly, telling me that she would like to come live on my tribulation retreat, and this was very early in our writings, when we were hardly acquainted. Janet entered my email life just as I moved away from Texas, and she faithfully wrote to me, even warning me of mistakes that I made in the updates. She was wonderful. She seemed excellent. Cathian would do the same thing from time to time. Janet was even attractive, for she had sent her photo. One part of me was on the suspicious side from the start, but I've just got to tell you how awful it feels to be this way if I'm wrong. When I got to investigating Cathian about a year after Janet's initial messages, while I was at Intelius, I decided to check Janet's address, and she turned out to have an address in Riverside, California, where Cathian was married. I was shocked. Janet asked to drop by and see me a few months ago, and I had to turn her down.

My tracker shows a regular reader from Moreno Valley, California, in Riverside County, right beside Riverside. If I'm wrong about Janet, I apologize, but the fact is, I just don't know. And the worst part about it; nothing she can say can convince me that she's not "dangerous."

A little later, about two months ago, some emailers who had shared tribulation preparedness with me over months of time, wrote to tell roughly where they lived, and they posed a question in such a way that I had to reveal to them that I lived near them. But when they asked to come see me (in what would have been a 10-hour drive or more), I had to turn them down. This is awful. I never can know who is friend or foe in my email box, especially if they ask to call or come see me. My tracker doesn't indicate that they are reading these days (at least not from where they say they lived), though they had indicated that they were reading regularly. There was one thing they said that made me suspicious, completely out of place, in the email where they responded to my refusal to meet with them, and so I put them down in my police report along with Janet and Cathian, in case something happens to me. The report has not been sent to the police, but to various people who know me in case anything happens to me, at which time I directed them to give the report to the police. I'm not living in paranoia, just being careful. If Janet were to email me now to inquire why I'm writing this here, I'd feel awful.

Cathian stopped emailing me soon after I ridiculed Nicholas de Vere before my readers, concerning the "dragon light" that he said was the teaching of Jesus. It was the first time that Nicholas had written me, by which time I had probably mentioned his name more than 100 times in my online writings, and never in a good way. Yet, in his first email, he was overly friendly, and even signed off, "Nicky." He said he respected me and wanted to chat. I told him I didn't have desire to chat things up with a Satanist leader. He wrote back to say that he was the proper kind of Christian, unlike those who take the Bible literally. I don't know what his game was for writing, but he died sometime in the next year, making me wonder whether he was seriously out to destroy me. I'll never know, and I don't spend time wondering. You don't want to be the leader of a satanic cult when you die.

I have a grandmother that was a Vere liner, and another grandmother that was a Massey liner, and even though Masseys and Vere's share the same Shield, my grandparents were neither bloodline worshipers nor Masons. Similar genes likely attract, but then there ought to be, especially in the line from royal Stewarts, what I call "bloodline worship." Other people call it "supremacist." Others call it "Blue Blood." Nicholas called it "Dragon Blood." I was born blue, my mother said. I almost died. I've come to believe that this was a Sign to me, as an adult, that I was from the blue-blood line, and would be given the long task of revealing this line. The near-death at my birth then sends me the further message that I owe God my life, which explains why I receive no response no matter how I complain when sitting at this computer becomes drudgery, especially on dial-up service. If you want to learn the meaning of patience, spend as much time online as I do while on dial-up speed.

I was a little offended when God came to me at age seven, while running home across the lawn. Out of nowhere, I heard a voice, "Will you live for me?" Children do not hear things like this when they know nothing about God. My parents had been Catholics, and did not teach me about God prior to age seven. But who was this, asking this over-demanding question, without even introducing Himself? A child at seven should be afraid of such a thing. I turned down the request. I actually told him, "I want to have fun instead," probably not knowing what else to say. It was a kind way to put Him off. It was equivalent to saying, "Excuse, me, but I've got to go, thanks anyway."

And then my parents put me through Catholic catechism, whatever that was. It wasn't anything I liked, and I never went to Confirmation. My mother would take me to church to do confessions about eight or nine years of age, to tell a man in a dark closet my sins. I never knew what to say to him, so I made up sins, like I swore, or lied to my parents, and I think there was a third one too because I didn't feel two was enough to convince the priest or make this worth his while. He was always gracious and sent me out to say a few Hail Mary's. What a sham, I came to hate it, and we stopped going. It was preparation for the catechism, whatever that was.

It wasn't good for my faith, and by age 11, I was seeking friends on the wrong side of the tracks. I have no idea why I awoke one morning, at age 11, repeating twice, "No I don't believe in you, God, I don't believe in you God," when, after the second instance (that I heard, anyway), bright lightning struck outside my window and seemed to bounce off my pillow to my forehead. I then heard what sounded like electricity going down the hall stairs outside my bedroom. Was I frightened? What a stupid question. A half hour later, a neighbor came to say that the bricks at the top of the chimney were scattered all over the roof, which explained the sound like electricity i.e. pieces of bricks rolling down the shingles, and the sound being muffled as it came through the ceiling. My father and I went onto the roof; I saw it with my own eyes.

I became a super Christian after that, right? Wrong. Not for ten years yet would I give in and turn on. I guess God gave me no choice. I was to be His no matter what hardships I would be given. He gave me life, when I should have died, and he forgave me, when I should have been punished. So, for anyone of you out there that wants to do me harm, you had best reflect on this. You don't want to fool around with One that spits lightning bolts and never misses the target. Your head is too soft to take it. But just for fun, come after me and see what happens.

Nicholas de Vere was a supporter of Stewart blood for world rule. As you can see at the top of the Table of Contents for these updates, the following has been the title for years:


Watching for the Rise of Anti-Christ in Iraq
(and in the meantime tracing world leaders to their Stewart-important bloodlines)

The day is here when we can be spied on, in a day when we are encouraged to spend lots of time online. The powers had never before had this opportunity. Will they respect the ability, or abuse it? What a stupid question.

I want to say for all you fellow stupids out there. You don't need to be Mr. / Mrs. Righteous to have God warm up to you. You just need to do the right thing and accept Him. I've got to tell you, he is a pretty tough Person, but he also has a warm side. He's very hard to explain because He keeps secretive, but for certain, this universe didn't come into being all on its own. If you try to impress Him as a means to get his attention, he probably won't be impressed. He likes it better when we weep than when we laugh. He'd rather have us poor than rich. He'd rather have us living a drought on earth so that we can have abundance in the Spirit, so that we can learn what it means to have abundance in Spirit. Any idea what that is? The knowledge of Good that makes your heart His home.

Christians know that when God is in the hearts of all people in the nation, the earthly fears will end, and so they hold out this hope to all. But liberals clamor that Christians who teach such a thing are the cancer of the earth teaching fantasies. God knows that, when the earthly abundance arrives, the people will begin to forsake him. Ask wealthy America now in a cesspool of immorality. Ask the spoiled baby boomers. What a mess. What is the solution? How can there be both earthly wealth and Godly hearts? When he appears. Until then, the devils convince the mightiest in the faith that God does not truly exist. A devil can be defined as a constant drip on your faith that washes it away. But God can restore a bucket in a single moment, depending on whether you cry out for it. If you don't, the bucket goes to someone else, and you get more drips from devils like Obama. The country is ripe to be misled by devils like Obama, and the rage of liberals will pour out on Christians.

Mr. Abbott needs to tell the Texans whose side he's on, the president's, or the suspicious people of his state who despise the current president. The conflict involves the military that happens to be a strong force in Texas. Conservative Texans admire the military like they admire George Bush, but have no idea what rules it. It will come as a shock to learn the reality.

Richard Norman Perle (born September 16, 1941) is an American political advisor, consultant, and lobbyist who began his career in government...on the Senate Armed Services Committee in the 1970s. Later he was heavily involved with the Reagan administration and served as the assistant Secretary of Defense and also worked on the Defense Policy Board Advisory Committee from 1987 to 2004. He was Chairman of the Board in 2001 under the Bush Administration but eventually resigned in 2003 due to conflict of interests.

...He is a member of several think-tanks including the Hudson Institute, the Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP) Board of Advisors, the Center for Security Policy (CSP)...

The Center for Security Policy (CSP) is a Washington, D.C. think tank that focuses on national security issues. CSP was founded in 1988 by Frank Gaffney, Jr. and advocates policies based on a philosophy of "Peace through Strength"...

CSP is a non-profit, non-partisan organization. Media organizations describe the organization as conservative or right of center.

...The CSP's operations are organized into project areas...Each project is designed to inform policymakers and the public...and then promote those ideas within the government, Capitol Hill, newspapers, radio, the internet, and television...

The Center for Security Policy says this about the imposing threat of Shariah Law: "The Center has undertaken several campaigns to expose the threat to America from Shariah. American civil and political society is under systematic, sustained and seditious assault -- a "Stealth Jihad" -- by adherents to Shariah...The Center opposes this unseen threat in an effort to protect the American population as a whole.

...The Center does most of its advocacy work behind the scenes. However, its fellows routinely appear in the media for radio and TV interviews, and all publish widely in newspapers, journals, and other online news outlets.

Such garbage. The United States is a cosmos away from being taken over by Muslims or sharia law. This Center for Security Policy is therefore suspect by me as the very organization responsible for faked terror scares that hit the news. It can then be construed that it works with false-flag operations such as the Boston Marathon. The following, from the page above, sounds like the False Prophet's military might to me:

To further describe the inability to secure peace without the proper tools their website also states: "Military forces remain the most visible instrument of national power...Military strength as such then generally determines the symmetric ability of one nation to impose its will upon another nation. Thus, a great deal of truth remains in Frederick the Great's observation, "Diplomacy without military force is like music without instruments."

America, imposing its will on other nations, not by diplomacy and mutual agreements, but with diplomacy and a big military fist regardless of what the other nation wants. How does the rest of the world feel about this? And Christians in the Bible belt support this beast??? Shame. The Center is not making the statement above public without reason; it wants all Americans to fall in love with the peace-by-force doctrine. But doesn't the doctrine of fair ball tell you that genuine agreements must be sought exclusively? Waltzing into a county to get an agreement with the military option up the sleeve, and ready to be flashed at a moment's notice, is not fair ball. Unless you're pig-headed and have no desire to apply understanding.

Who was Frederick the Great? "Frederick II...was the third HOHENzollern king, reigning over the Kingdom of Prussia from 1740 until 1786." It just so happens that the Gonne/Goens/Kohn and Gonne/Gowen/Gavin surnames look like Cohen branches while the Gaffney/Gaffin/Keveney surname has variation looking like "Gavin": "Frank J. Gaffney, Jr. (born April 5, 1953) is the founder and president of the Center for Security Policy, columnist at The Washington Times...Gaffney began his public service career in the 1970s, working as an aide in the office of Democratic Senator Henry M. Jackson, under Richard Perle." When Reagan started his star wars program, I was not yet of the opinion that the False Prophet would be an American leader who would flash military fire from the sky to make the world conform to the globalist will. You can read in the article above that the military program was a take from Reagan's doctrine. I don't think that concept of an American false Prophet was in my head until the Clinton years, by which time, Reagan had been largely responsible for the election win of George Herbert Scherff.

"Perle was born in New York City, New York, to Jewish parents...Perle, with fellow neoconservative Paul Wolfowitz, played a supporting role in the ballistic missile defense project in the 1980s known as "Star Wars." Perle was influential in creating several organizations and think-tanks in order to pressure public opinion and sway policy makers on ballistic missile defense." Then came George Bush Jr., who was determined to put missiles in Poland, a decision leading to the souring of Putin to this day. After Reagan's statement to Russia, "tear down this wall," lucked-out as successful, the United States, not content with the fall of the Soviet Union into chaos and dire poverty, sought to maximize the pain and losses, but failed to overcome the nation with a Western-backed government. And that's why Putin is the enemy of the West today. However, Putin has shown more moral fiber than American leaders, and, frankly, the American leaders have stunk-up the universe while trying to conquer it. The world of American foreign policy is sheer chaos and like an Armageddon-scenario building.

With the Cold War being over after the Reagan years, Richard Perle was spurring the nation to a new war, else what would be the need of military might? To keep the military fire hot, a new war was needed:

Perle's book An End to Evil: How to Win the War on Terror which he coauthored with fellow neoconservative David Frum in 2004 [the year after the Bush invasion of Iraq] criticizes American bureaucracy, civil service, and law. The book suggests that we as Americans must "overhaul the institutions of our government to ready them for a new kind of war against a new kind of enemy" including the FBI, CIA, armed forces, and State Department. The book is also used as a defense of the 2003 invasion of Iraq and outlines important neoconservative ideas, including ways to abandon all Israeli-Palestinian peace processes, invade Syria, and implement strict US domestic surveillance with biometric identity cards and public vigilance to hinder potential terrorist immigrant or terrorist sympathizer threats. Perle and Frum conclude: "For us, terrorism remains the great evil of our time, and the war against this evil, our generation's great cause... There is no middle way for Americans: it is victory or holocaust." These ideas are foundational elements of neoconservatism.

These are the same people who point out conspiracy nuts, yet they themselves promoted a false conspiracy from Muslims. The political war in America between the Perle freaks and the conspiracy nuts is still on. As you can see, the Perle freaks want the people to have strict identify methods imposed upon them. It's not surprising because they impose themselves in whatever they do. They are The Dread Imposers. When the Democrats see what these Imposers wish for the country, the Democrats might get the same idea but have their own twists to it.

I don't know why they call this, "neoconservatism," because one does not define conservatism as a military unit, nor as a control-freak agenda. I think Democrats wanted to use the Bush crime to tarnish the Republicans in general. Unfortunately, they greater part of the party all stuck together on the Bush agenda with the main goal of keeping Democrats from power. It was all in vain. And then came the Obombastic element to the Democratic party, like an over-inflated balloon waiting to be pricked. There has been more crime in America from Mexican illegals than from real and faked Muslim plots combined, yet Obama sees no cause for alarm concerning Mexicans, but even if he did, he'd go mute about it because he's in the act of making Mexican Americans and Mexican non-citizens fall deeper in love with Democrats. It's not a day of fairness or love or high things, but one of selfish ambition.

If you're interested, the near-end of the Perle article shows that Obama was directly opposed to Perle's will for Libya. After that's said, we find: "In July 2008, The Wall Street Journal reported that Perle had made plans to invest in oil interests in Iraq, in collaboration with Iraqi Kurdish leaders in northern Iraq." In light of these passions from Republicans for a Middle-East agenda, what happens if 2016 brings a Republican winner? What happens of he's Jeb Bush?

My charge against the Bush's for being closet Nazi's is not to be read in the traditional way. It only means that they derived from Nazi's, and yet there was an Americanization of their descendants, with possibly different types of high-level groups each having their own peculiar nature. Or, there was no group that made it big aside from the circle to which the Bush's belonged. The times and the political landscape changed over 50 years since Adolf. There is even a good chance that William Hitler was not anti-Jew. With Richard Perle, a Jew, at the helm of the Bush's agenda for the homeland, I think one needs to cancel "Nazi" altogether for this group, and use another term. But by the looks of it, the Bavarian Illuminati applies, and with that the Rothschilds also. I suppose one could say that the Scherff family fell in with dark Rothschildism. The following page has a list of Jews in the Bush administration who are decidedly pro-Israel, and in the midst of that, George himself promoted the Palestinian State whereas the Jews in his circle may not have (I don't know, as I didn't follow his government closely). No single president can hope to have every team player share his leanings perfectly.

The writer paints a picture in which George went into Iraq for the benefit of Israel, and perhaps there is some truth to a Rothschild-led plot to pacify the Arab nations, before they get the bomb, by ruining = weakening them and simultaneously installing pro-West governments. No one here is saying that this was the right thing to do. If that has been the truth, and it sounds logical, then a Republican in the White House in 2016 is expected to support Israel against Iran. If you recall, some Bush people wanted to invade Iran immediately after Iraq, but Americans didn't support such an ambitious scheme. The Democrats were screaming and tearing their hair out, if you recall.

The page is making me want to gag, showing a very long list of Jews working for Bush; one wonders how American Jews didn't switch to become Republicans. The page is overwhelming, serving to show why Bush didn't support Christian causes during a time when Christianity was still severely maimed country-wide...due to the very people that he was supporting. Make no mistake about it, anti-Christianity and faggotry comes from the Jewish Illuminati, far more powerful than the Mafia. Bush would have offended half his people had he supported Christian causes. But going back to that fairness theme and democracy, how is it that a small portion of the American population, the Jews, get to call the shots on virtually everything? I didn't know that "democracy" was defined as "money rules." This is interesting, like Caiaphas versus Jesus in end-time America. Who do think's going to win? Jesus is coming to play, "Meet Your Match." And then he's going to strike the match, burn up the money, and toss the wicked Jews to the flames.

This is very interesting, this mistaken concept that end-time Jews are God's beloved, the reason that God has blessed America. If that were true, they wouldn't be voting Democrat anymore. But just because some are Republicans, do they automatically fall under the "blessed" category? Shouldn't we rather place them under "power hungry." There are a lot of vices under that category. Nothing can be more confusing than this situation, but it starts to make sense when we see the lines of Caiaphas involved in the Illuminati. These are not the kinds of Israelites that God has been calling for. One can't paint all political Jews with a broad brush, but, I think generally speaking, they have been, and will be, the spearhead of our enemy in the last days here at home in the West. I don't think that Christians are wise to risk an unholy alliance with political Jews. The confusion becomes greater where pre-tribulationists are both pro-Zionist and evangelical. Ouch. I have noticed the moral deterioration of World Net Daily, the pre-trib news outlet that no longer features Hal Lindsey columns, but now promotes an Arab anti-Christ.

I think it was 1991 when president George Herbert Scherff talked about points of light toward a new world order. That was the year he invaded Saddam, wasn't it? Here's a 1991 statement:

"We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time Magazine, and other great publications who directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years but the world is now more sophisticated & prepared to march towards a world government which will never again know war but only peace and prosperity for the whole of authority."

-- David Rockefeller, CFR/Bilderberg/TC, 5 June 1991.

We wouldn't expect any other sort of statement as candy floss over the peace-by-force doctrine. Once they have forced the world to submit to the peace-loving globalists, all will be forever bliss afterward. You believe that, don't you? If you don't, how possibly could Mr. Rockefeller have been so utterly naive to think the world would actually warm up to his promise? Were they simply deluded? No. But it was 1991, before the Internet, when they could get away with virtually anything without us being able to communicate the other side of the story to one another, as we are right here and now. The Internet is their spy tool, but it is also the flashlight in their secret rooms. Hey there, we're watching you. We don't need to know exactly what you're saying in the secret rooms, for we can discern your words to the public, which is why we never hear from Rothschilds, much. Did you catch that statement by David, admitting that they kept secretive? In 1991, it seems that they wanted to come out and pet the world to submission, and we were all supposed to be their lap dogs. That changed fast. They retreated back into their secret rooms, and Mr. Scherff no longer flung the new-world-order phrase from his lips.

It was something like four years ago when a Rockefeller came out to lament the conspiracy theorists online, and then, after that, Google changed, and suppressed those who attack the globalists. But the damage has been done; most everyone who spends time online has read the conspiracy nuts, and the information is with them, whether they took it all seriously or rejected it with scorn. When it looks like certain forces are making a grab for a globalist order, it will all come flooding back to them. That's why the globalists have decided to go soft. The military project of JADE HELM will now go out to stroke the public, show what a nice and well-behaved dragon it is. You just read for yourself that they want a global order. "...march [military term] towards a world government which will never again know war [don't make us laugh] but only peace and prosperity [delusional] for the whole of authority." Yeah, and in order to do this everyone in authority in every country has to be on their team, which is not what we call democracy, is it? It'll be like, um, they pick the leaders.

When I read that Otto Skorzeny confessed on his deathbed (1999, in the U.S.) that George Herbert Scherff became George Herbert Walker Bush, I was immediately convinced due to the absolute wildness of the claim. What sort of traction would Skorzeny have hoped for if his purpose was to ruin Bush with such a false claim? What passion motivated him to make such a destructive claim, if false, on his deathbed? I suppose one might say that, well, it wasn't really Skorzeny who said it, but someone was putting words into his mouth who was hoping to ruin Bush. Fine.

But then I discovered that both Schere's/Scherfs and Walkers use a red rose on a stem upon vertically-split Shields. Most heraldic roses come without stems. There's even a Jewish Walker surname. Afterward, I found great evidence that Hitler (some say he was a Rothschild liner) had been in the Montana area, a claim that Skorzeny also made. German Bush's are "Busch" while Bosco's are said to be a merger with the Rose surname while SKORZeny-like Schors' share a pillar/column with Bosco's in the same colors, the colors of German Bush's. The Schors' even place red roses on their column. What are the chances of all this? There is even a Roos surname first found in the same place (Yorkshire) as Bush's and Walkers.

And by the way, "Walker" comes from Dorothy WEAR Walker, wife of Prescott Bush, the supposed father of George Bush Sr. The person who revealed online, through the Idaho Observer, what Skorzeny had said, would have, or at least should have, done his homework before placing that claim online. And if the claim were in error, we should see pictures of George Bush online with the family of Prescott Bush prior to WW2. We might even see articles from the family denying the claim with proof in such pictures, but, apparently, the family has simply ignored the claim, perhaps not to give the issue attention.

At George Bush's Wikipedia article, there is only one picture of him that can serve to disprove Skorzeny: as an infant, which has a child alone with no resemblance to Mr. Bush. We'd expect some photos with the Bush child and his parents together, but the Wikipedia article submits the very-young child alone, which is proof of nothing. We of course can't take any verbal proof spoken by Bush to act as proof. The article says that Bush was involved in the military as a young man, but apparently no one knows when he transferred from the Scherffs to the Bush's. The only difficulty I see in the Skorzeny claim is Bush's not having a German accent as a young man.

If the Pierce/Pier surname was a Pierleoni line, let's add that George Herbert Scherff married Barbara Pierce. And Percys were first found in the same place as Bush's and Walkers. I've repeated several times over the last several weeks that the Wears/Were's use a bend in colors reversed from the bend of Peirs/Peers/LePere (same place as Sheriffs). Dutch Boschs/Bush's are using the same red lion as Fairy's/Verys, who were first found in the Glasgow area, and can be deemed to be the real representation of the mythical, so-called Fairy Princess, of Nicholas de Vere. The Vere's call her Milouziana or Melusine, a dragon woman who made it large in European lore; she had both a fish tail and a dragon tail below the waist, and can be seen in the Glass Crest.

The Fairy/Very Crest is a "plough," and then the Ploughs/Plows (Shropshire, same place as proto-Stewarts before they moved to Glasgow) happen to use the fleur-de-lys in the colors of the Bush/Busch fleur. The Plows are said to own the symbol as granted to them by a king.

Melusine is to be equated with the green wyVERN dragon, symbol of the Vere's, and likely code for the Varni Nordics in and around SCHWERin. The Walkers could should be from the WAGRians of that area. There is a green wyvern used by the WALK-like WILKens having a vertically split Shield in the colors of the same of SCHERE's/Scherfs (Varn colors). The WILKERsons (share a "tibi" motto term with Plows) are using the unicorn in the colors of the Fur/Feuerer unicorn, and moreover were first found in Durham, location of the Were river that named the Wears. That in a nutshell can explain Dorothy Wear Walker. The Were/Wear write-up makes a mistake in saying that the name is not a branch of Vere's.

Below is a photo from the Idaho-Observer article. The photo is from my files in case it disappears from elsewhere online. I'll share the photo's caption here too:

According to Otto Skorzeny, pictured is the Scherff family and a few friends (circa 1938). Holding "Mother" Scherff's hand at left is Martin Bormann. In front is Reinhardt Gehlen. In back is Joseph Mengele and to his right is Skorzeny as a young man. At center right (in the German navy uniform) is George H. Scherff, Jr. and his father George H. Scherff, Sr. Bormann became Hitler's second in command. Reinhardt Gehlen was a chief SS officer and assassin who was smuggled out of Germany [and into the U.S.] under Operation Paperclip. Skorzeny was Hitler's bodyguard and SS spy/assassin who came to the U.S. after the war under Project Paperclip. Skorzeny and GHW Bush were instrumental in merging Nazi (SS) intelligence with the OSI to form the CIA with "Wild Bill" Donovan and Allen Dulles. These guys were also part of CIA mind control experiments such as MK-ULTRA. SS officer and physician Joseph Mengele, the notoriously sadistic "Angel of Death" of Auschwitz, escaped Germany to South America after the war. George H. Scherff, Jr., became the 41st President of the United States as GHW Bush and George H. Scherff, Sr., was Nicola Tesla's "trusted assistant."

The article goes on:

What you are about to read is another step beyond research pioneered in the early 90s by author/historian Webster Tarpley based largely on deathbed "clues" provided by former Hitler bodyguard Otto Skorzeny and his box of photographs. Since Skorzeny's death in 1999, the various leads he provided have been followed up and tend to support what, at first blush, would appear to be the unbelievable rantings of an embittered old man. What remains constant as we pore through publicly available official records, private correspondence, memoirs, newspaper articles, photos and other "clues" [they did their homework] is that Bush family records (the ones that exist) are a puzzle palace of inconsistencies and curiosities. Since it is a congressionally established fact that Prescott Bush was in business with the Nazis during WWII, we can safely say that the Bush/Nazi connection existed. Who are the Bushes? How did they get connected with the Nazis? Is the connection still alive through U.S. presidents George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush? The answers are not as literal as we would like them to be. But we have the testimony of Otto Skorzeny and his photos--especially the one at right. So, here we go&--the first installment of an investigation that points to a curious conclusion: The "Bush" family was created to destroy America.

The date of the article is April, 2007, while George Bush Jr, was still the president. One might therefore take the article as a Democrat attempt to help ruin Republican power as the next election season kicked off. After the piece above, the article by a typical conspiracy theorist begins. But it was not this writer (Don Nicoloff) who put "new world order" in the mouth of Bush Sr. The photo shows George Scherff Jr. as a boy in 1938, who, by 1945, would be a young Germany, meaning that, as a man in his 20s, he would have a German accent when speaking English in America. Is that not correct? But then, perhaps, he came to America as a boy.

Don Nicoloff and Nazi Aliens

I'm reading that Don Nicoloff died last month. He was not an Obama lover. But look at how a supposed friend frames him in the article at the link above: "Don did say on a number of occasions that the NWO and negative aliens were trying to kill him. He suffered the symptoms that outwardly looked like a stroke about 3 years ago, but Don insisted he was beamed by an alien craft and said he could see the beam that caused him to nearly die..." That would be something that the Bush circle would write to discredit him. A friend wouldn't write that while announcing his death. For all we know, he was murdered.

The article below on Nicoloff is so wildly unbelievable that it must be a fraud.

Something of extraordinary importance and significance occurred during Don Nicoloff's radio show, Evident Footprints (more info below), on Friday, May 29, 2009. A phone call came in near the end of Don's regular Friday night interview with researcher, inventor, and scientist, Jim Murray. The caller said his name was General Jeremiah from the United Galactic Federation and that he was calling Don from a large spacecraft called the Alliance, located 26,000 miles above earth.

It's not the first time that Don has been in communication with General Jeremiah, but it is the first time that the General has ever gone public by formally introducing himself on the air and talking about the United Galactic Federation...

I don't know anything about Nicoloff. Never heard of him on his radio show. Am I out of the loop on this one? Has he been an alien nut-bar, or is that the claim of his enemies? He writes normal and intelligent in the Scherf article. I can't believe the above happened on anyone's radio show. It's got to be a trick. The real nut-bars are the social-engineering globalists. They kill and maim merely for more wealth and power. You can't be more of a lunatic than that.

I've just gone to Nicoloff's webpage. There's no alien themes that I can see at first glance. He does feature a link to new-age garbage, as well as another link to a "witch" dabbling in channeling. etc. It's a shame that he turns out to be a spiritual jerk. In spite of this, I'm going to go over his statements on the Scherff matter. Put it this way: my statements on the Bush-Scherf matter depended not on Nicoloff's personal views or mental status, but on Skorzeny's deathbed confession. Heraldry tends to corroborate it. Nicoloff is said to be an investigative journalist, and his treatment on the Scherf matter is from a borrowing of material from someone else who originally advanced the idea, based on the confession. The fact that Skorzeny and his circle were involved in spy networks while Bush was the chief of the CIA is a matter that jibes. It doesn't matter to me whether the Tesla story, as told by Nicoloff, is correct or a wild fabrication; heraldry speaks for a Bush and Walker link to Scherfs, and to the Vere > Stewart dragon cult.

In this story, a man with an Orion nickname (new ager?) is the basis of the charge against the presidential-Bush family. There is one thing readily noticeable about Nicoloff's story: he writes like he's done his homework with the Orion material, and then proceeds to add the results of his own investigations. The setting of Tesla (famous scientist) is in America with Scherff, and so, in that way, Scherff Jr. could have been born in the US. Nicoloff comes to conclude that Nazi's had support from within the United States.

Let's go forward and test some of Nicoloff's statements. "Friends and acquaintances of Nikola Tesla recall him complaining about Scherffs son, George, Jr., always snooping around Tesla's lab. On more than one occasion (probably during the late 1930s), Tesla caught the 14-year old Scherff looking at his notes, poring through his books, and stealing small items from his lab." Where did he get that information? "According to Skorzeny, (Adolph Hitler's former bodyguard) in a deathbed confession to Eric "Orion" (Eric Berman) in S. Miami, Florida, Tesla, "hated the younger Scherff." It's to be assumed that Nicoloff and Orion were talking. In this story, Orion told Nicoloff that Skorzeny admitted to strangling Tesla to death. I'll go forward with the knowledge that, possibly, many parts of this story could be fabrications.

However, as it seems that Nicoloff has performed a great amount of work to bring this story to the world, it would not be, in the main, fictional, for example as a cheap trick merely to satisfy his hatred for the Bush's. The story starts with this explosive claim that is sure to raise eyebrows:

Skorzeny did not stop there. He produced a photo of a young Skorzeny, Mengele, Bormann, and the family of George H. Scherff, Sr.. Seated in the midst of those in the photo was a young George H. Scherff, Jr., who, Skorzeny explained, was trained as a spy and sent to America to work for Adolph Hitler. "He was given false identification and adopted by Prescott Sheldon Bush as his "son,"..."He forged a birth certificate in order to enter the military before he turned 18. He was 16 at the time."

It would be extremely difficult to apply credibility to the story if this first part of the claim were pure fiction, deliberately, on Orion's part. We need to get out our best feelers for judging whether the story is from storymakers, or from fact. A pure-fiction viewpoint requires that Orion did not ever meet Skorzeny, that the latter gave him no photographs, and that the photograph presented above, for example, could be a doctored image...and much more trickery, all for defaming the Bush's. Orion and Nicoloff could get themselves killed for fabricating a story such as this. So far as I know, Orion has no webpage, suggesting that he may have been silenced by threats. He has an e-book which I have not read:

One option is to view the basic claim as true while both Orion and Nicoloff then add their personal beliefs to parts of the story in attempting to fill between the lines. The premise of the story is in Hitler training a young kid, in his early teens, to be a spy in America, and to plant him in the family of Prescott Bush = George Herbert Scherff Sr. In my previous treatments on this subject, I had said that president Bush was born George Herbert Scherff Jr., but Nicoloff takes the position that Scherff Sr. adopted Scherff Jr, which, if correct, means we don't know what surname Bush had at birth. However, this area is one in which Nicoloff fills between the lines as his own views. Orion says the Skorzeny viewed Scherff Jr. as a true son of Scherff Sr., which makes a lot more sense than Hitler appointing a young kid to be under the supervision of his non-father.

The first thing one would want to do is compare the 1952 photo, at Wikipedia, of Prescott Bush, with the photo, 14 years earlier, of Scherff Sr. smiling beside his smiling son in the navy shirt. Do they look like the same man? I can't rule it out. Here's another 1952 photo of Prescott. Does the boy look like president Bush? Where possibly could Orion have gotten this photograph if he's fabricating this story? Skorzeny, at the back with t-shirt, definitely looks like Skorzeny in his Nazi uniform shown later in Nicoloff's article.

. Nicoloff claims that Scherff Sr. was taken in, as part of the Nazi spy program, by George Herbert Walker. In his view, Scherff married Mr. Walker's daughter, and thereafter posed as Prescott Bush of a totally different family. Samuel Bush then permitted Scherff to pose as his son, on paper only, for he was too old to adopt in the ordinary way. We don't imagine that Scherf, as a young man, lived in any Bush household in conducting this trick. In order to pull this off, false documentation was needed (in the Bush name) for Scherff's marriage to Ms. Walker. At some point, the young boy in the photo was given a false identity too, and for the time being it wasn't necessary that he live with Prescott.

"Samuel Prescott Bush...[was] a federal government official [in WW1] in charge of coordination of and assistance to major weapons contractors." They say that Rothschilds were in business of selling weapons to both sides of a war, and that the family became richer in this way through both world wars.

There is another way to view things, not with Scherff Sr. being Prescott Bush. In this picture, Scherff Jr. was simply taken in by Prescott Bush, though not necessarily as a young child or teen. The two didn't necessarily live in the same house; the only thing needed was false documentation for Scherf Jr., and someone to agree to feign being his father. At the article for George Herbert Walker Bush, there is no photo showing him as a child or teen with Prescott Bush or the latter's wife. Such a photo would be easy to produce, and is now necessary to counter Orion and Nicoloff. But, no photo has been produced. Suspicious, is it not?

I don't think that Nicoloff could be writing pure fiction while entering the following: "Eric "Orion" (Berman), in a live radio interview on Republic Broadcasting Network [Texas], January 17, 2006, detailed how "Skorzeny died on December 31, 1999. His body was cremated, I have a copy of his death certificate, and I saw his ashes. After the war, he helped George Bush found the CIA through Operation Paperclip and ODESSA." Here we have the basis for Nicoloff's work. The question is, was Orion fabricating this story? It might take more faith to believe that than to believe he was telling the truth.

I'm reading at Wikipedia that the Republic Broadcasting Network is extreme-right wing and on the very-angry side, but how does one explain a right-wing show in Texas, home of Bush Jr., coming out to make the claim that the Bush's stem from Nazi's loyal to Adolf himself? Just think of the dynamics involved in a story like this, presented to Texas itself. In 2006, Republican Texans were still scrambling to justify the Bush war against the seething tide of angry Democrats who wouldn't let up on their Bush bashing, yet this claim from Orion didn't get traction. That's because it's "unbelievable."

It looks like Nicoloff took from Berman's radio presence (2006) and looked deeper into his issue, coming out with his own version of the story that year or the next. Or better yet, Nicoloff added to the Orion story. The next thing that I'm going to tell you is true, not fiction. Midway through this day, as I write here at nearly 11 pm, I felt some nausea, and went to bed to lie down for a bit. I had a tough headache yesterday for the first time in many years. While I went to bed this day, a notion occurred that I was to get up after some rest, and write on the Powell event in my youth. But when I had looked up Colin Powell at Wikipedia, I had little to say about him. I was able to work the Powell event into this update only briefly, but let it be repeated here:

The Crabs were first found in the same place (Cambridgeshire) as Dole's who share their white-on-blue fleur-de-lys [same colors as the Bush fleur]. This reminds me of a discussion a few weeks ago when I refused to tell a story of my childhood for fear the reader would take me for a nut. But during lunch, something happened to convince me that I had to tell the story, as one provided by God to make a special revelation later in my life. The story [after lunch] had to do with the Powell-surname link to Cambridge's, Bridge's and the Crabs, but at that time, Colin Powell, George Bush's secretary of state for securing the Iraq sham, was not a topic. Mr. Powell was born in New York to a part-Jewish family, and the Crabs are now suspect with the Carabia surname married by the New-York Scheriff family. Cambridge's, in Crab colors, share the Sheriff motto exactly!

That was written hours ago, many hours before discussing Nicoloff in the last hour or so. But look at what I just came across in his article:

Skorzeny did not stop with these soul-cleansing disclosures. He went on to describe the aliases of himself Frank Edward P_ _ _ _ _, of south Florida (according to Berman, who claims he is trying to protect Skorzeny's daughter), Reinhard Gehlen (Hank Janowicz, Wayne, N.J.), and Dr. Joseph Mengele (Steven Rabel)...

...In order to authenticate the above revelations, the author [Nicoloff himself] began conducting his own research into the alias of Otto Skorzeny. The first detail, considering Berman's "cryptic clue" of Skorzenys CIA name, was to determine the variety of names that begin with the letter "P" -- Palmer, Parson, Paskel, Peller, Porter, Powell, etc., settling on "Powell" as the most-likely possibility. Then, there was the distinct possibility that Skorzeny (for the purpose of protecting his wife and children) slightly misled Berman about his "official" alias, by reversing his first and middle names.

...Of special interest was the catalogue of participants [for a traveling Christian-evangelical program] which was contained in a large collection of boxes. The names were in alphabetical order, and two stood out from the others. The first was "F.E. Powell" and the second, "Ruth M. Powell." If Skorzeny and Eric Berman were both being truthful, then this discovery might lead to the disclosure of Skorzeny's CIA alias, proving that not only was he in the U.S. prior to WWII, he indeed had worked for the U.S. government under the protection of the OSI (which later became the CIA).

The Chautauqua "Powell" clue led to another Powell clue. "Ruth M. Powell" was listed on a web site as a member of the "Association of Retired Intelligence Officers." Was it possible that she was the same Ruth M. Powell listed as a Chatauqua participant? Is there any question, based upon the comments by two presidents and a secretary of state, that Chautauqua [the traveling Christian-evangelical program] was a powerful propaganda and intelligence-gathering machine?

If Ruth M. Powell could be proven to have lived in S. Florida (per Eric Berman), then the odds would be astronomical that she could be anyone other than the wife of Skorzeny (aka F.E. Powell). And if F.E. and Ruth M. Powell were living in the United States prior to World War II, then they were spies for the Nazis and Circuit Chatauqua provided them with a perfect cover.

As it turned out, a recent phone listing in S. Miami was found under the name, "E. Powell." The stories of both Berman and Skorzeny are both supported by this phone (and address) record.

When the Library of Congress recently published a condensed version of the University of Iowa's Circuit Chatauqua exhibit, the names of "F.E. and Ruth M. Powell" were mysteriously missing from the master list, lending further credibility to my contention that they were indeed spies who worked for U.S. intelligence agencies, and their names were intentionally removed...

Unless Nicoloff is a complete fiction writer while claiming to tell a true story, this is highly interesting to myself, for I have been making the same claims for Americanized Nazi's: they use a Christian cover, and meanwhile raise money that way. The Mormons are a giant money-sucking machine, and very abusive. If a church demands that you pay a ten-percent tithe, get out of there. You are no longer in ancient Israel; there is no longer a temple with a Levite tribe to feed and house; a pastor is lying to you when he says you are required to pay the tithe that went to the Levite tribe.

Perhaps Nicoloff didn't have access to Intelius, or he didn't check, or he's playing games with us, but there is a 91-year old Ruth M Powell listed for Miami with a relative, E. Powell. It makes Ruth born in 1924 (perfect), give or take one year:

Ruth M Powell, age 91

Has lived in:........................Related to:

Miami, FL..........................E Powell
Germantown, TN...............John Powell

As Skorzeny gave his alias as, Frank Edward P_ _ _ _ _, it's notable that a 49-year old Edward James Powell is listed for Miami and several Texas addresses, including Austin, home of George Bush Jr. Let's not forget that Florida is the turf of Jeb Bush. Edward has addresses listed also in San Antonio, Galveston, Webster and Houston, all four in Texas.

The same Edward Powell (Jemima Bowden, relative) is listed at Redondo Beach, California (due west of Riverside), on coastal Los Angeles. On the south side of Los Angeles, there is a Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base. I've been saying for a couple of years that, just like William Hitler and George Bush, the Nazi's had joined / infiltrated the American navy; with Nazi suspects, it always seemed to be the navy, most of all. President Roosevelt, near the end of the war, created a naval base not far north of Hayden Lake, far inland and away from the sea, just in time to send money to Hitler and his fiends. It would have been easy to use some of the money slated for building that base for Hitler's use.

Mr. Metzer of Warsaw, Indiana, leader of White Aryan Resistance: "By 1968 Metzger had moved to Fallbrook, California..." Wikipedia on Fallbrook: "Fallbrook is situated immediately east of the U.S. Marine Corps' Camp Pendleton." Fallbrook is about 40 miles from Riverside, and let's not forget that while Jeffrey M Dein lived in Warsaw, his father married in Riverside. Metzer is said to be anti-Jewish.

The last time or two that I emphasized the Powell surname, I equated it with Palins/Pawleys; I did not agree with the Powell write-up tracing its origin in "Howell."

The way that Nicoloff frames the next quote, he's saying that Prescott Sheldon Bush was George Scherff Sr:

What history is there of GHS1/PSB? Once he left Germany on his own (outside of his relationship with Nikola Tesla and the Union Sulphur Co.), the first record appeared in the Annual Journal of the House of Representatives (AJHR) from Wellington, New Zealand, "for the year 1913 and ending March 31, 1914." Scherf signed on with the SS Surrey, a steamship that transported arms, soldiers, cash and probably illegal drugs.

I suppose we need to trust in faith alone that Nicoloff had found evidence for that New-Zealand claim. Or, he's fabricating the story because it works well into the shipping industry that pertains to Prescott Bush.

It's a little interesting that while the ancestry of Prescott Bush was in Rochester, New York, a city named after the Rockefeller bloodline, the Pendleton navy base was named after a Mr. Pendleton of Rochester, Pennsylvania, at Pittsburgh. The name of one of the earliest known Bush's of Rochester married a Smith surname, the surname of the visible founder of the Mormons who was likewise from Rochester, New York. Pendleton in England is at the Manchester area, where there is also a Rochdale to which I trace Rockefellers of the Rook and Rookby kind. The tops of the rook symbols of the Rooks (same place as Bush's and Walkers) are identical with the ends of the moline cross of French Rochs, and both are in the same black-on-white colors.

The Arms of Rochdale can be linked to the Chadwicks / Chaddocks, the point here being that the Geddes, who use the Chadwick / Chaddock Shield, share fish on a red Shield with Irish Rochs/Roach's. When I equated Roquefeuils with Fullers, I traced proto-Rockefellers to FULbert, "the tanner" of Falaise, for this is where I traced Fullers. To corroborate this trace, the Moline's/Moulins, who share the black Roch moline, are said to derive in the family of Fulbert "the tanner." As his daughter married the Sinclair vikings, it explains why the moline cross under discussion is in the colors of the Sinclair cross. The way to understand a Roquefeuil link to Sinclairs is, for example, to trace the Sinclair ROOSTer to ROSTock, where Roxolani Rus may trace who are suspect in the Roque surname (Languedoc, same place as Roquefeuil).

English Rochs use more rooks as well as a treFOIL (Feller symbol) in the color of the Rode trefoil, which is one way to discover that Rooks and Rochs are Roquefeuil liners...because a daughter of the rulers of Roquefeuil married Henri IV of Rodes/Rodez. That should explain easily enough why the Rhodes cross, like the same-type cross of Sinclairs, comes with an "engrailed" border. As Hamburg is about to become a topic, it needs to be added that the TREFoil is considered by me as a double code, one for Trips/Treffs. One can see that the Hamburg surname is related to the Trip surname (first found in Hamburg).

As the Sinclairs are apt to be the most-likely vikings that brought the skull-and-bones pirate flag to Templarism, let's add that while Rode's were first found in the same place (Herefordshire) as Skulls, the Dutch Falls use a bend in colors reversed from the Skull bend. The latter's bend is used by Welsh Davis' too, while Irish Davis' use trefoils in the colors of the Rode trefoils, and then the Walkers who supposedly married the Bush line to the presidency descended from a David Davis Walker.

As Nicoloff's story continues, we find Mr. Scherff tried and convicted for partaking in an insurrection on the SS Surrey. Then, "The seafaring career of GHS1/PSB found new life with the Hamburg-Amerika line (owned by Brown Brothers Harriman & Company and aided by credit arranged through George Herbert Walker (GHW), GHS1/PSB's future father-in-law)." There's the claim of connection, that Mr. Scherff, a Nazi later in life, married the Walker family. It sure sounds wild. But for my part, I can add that, while Nicoloff didn't likely know his heraldry, Hamburg is in the Varni/Warni theater, near the Warnow river (named after the Varni), location of Wagrians, and near Schwerin too. Wagers, Walkers and Rooks / Rookbys were all first found in Yorkshire, upriver from Rochdale and Manchester, the latter being a home of the second Rothschild (Nathan).

Another surname first found in Yorkshire, the Roos'/Ross'/Ruse's, can be from ROStock, on the Warnow river. Therefore, the Rose family, living beside the Ross' of Scotland, and who were joined to Bosco's, look like they were from the namers of Rostock, where I traced the Roxolani (Ros-Alans) that I thought were the proto-Rockefellers. The roses used by Walkers, Scherfs/Schere's, and Schore's are thus highly suspect with the Rus at Rostock. Scarfs were first found in Yorkshire too.

Forgive me for making this complicated, but I've just made a new discovery. While Trips and a river (something like "Drave") of the Varni theater are suspect with Trabys, the latter had a relationship with Astikas' of Vilnius, whom I traced to the wife of Valentinian I, as well as to the lion of the Stock and Stack surnames. It just so happens that while the Valentin bend is in the colors of the Skull bend, the Skulls use white-on-red lions, the colors of the Stack lion. The latter's lion is their only symbol, as is the case in the Roos/Ross Coat, both lions in the same colors! That means that Stocks / Stacks and Astikas' can trace to the naming of RoSTOCK, and it tends to verify that Roos'/Ross' trace to that city.

English Trips use a "SCALING ladder," obvious symbol of the Skull bloodline to which they were attached at some point. The crosslets of Trips are used by Schole's/SCAYLE's, and for the discussion below, let's repeat that the Schole/Scayle Coat is shared by Patents whom trace to Patmos, off the Lydian coast from an ancient Clarus location to which Claro's = Sinclairs should trace.

The lion of Russells -- a surname probably from Roussillon, location of Roquefeuil -- applies here, especially as the Russell Shield-and-Chief color combination is shared by Tanners. The Russell lion is obviously used by the Rhodes', thus tracing Russells to Henri IV of Rodez quite well. When I was tracing Varangians and Rostock to "Rusticus," grandfather of Mummolin, back in February, I do not recall telling of the "meum" motto term of Rhodes'. In the 3rd update of March: "There is another sword in saltire in the Scottish Kirk Coat, likely relevant because the two "mum" terms buried in the Kirk motto can trace to Mummolin, grandson of Rusticus and brother of BODEgisel." The latter was traced to Bute, but let's add that one Trip surname uses boots. See also the Roost saltire.

You are about to see a new thing, that the white scallop of Rothschilds link to a Rudesheim location, wherefore you may want to remember that Russells use the white scallop.

Scherff's New Zealand excursion brought Warren STUTT of New Zealand to mind, a character in the last update that was suspect with the 9-11 insiders. The Drummonds, first found in Hamburg, were traced to the raven-depicted vikings of Shetland, and, if you're lucky, you can find online a viking with STOUT surname whose mother made for him a banner with a raven, the symbol in the Arms of Shetland. These raven vikings conquered Bute, what was earlier called, Rothesay, the proto-Rothschild surname that was also in Rothes, at Moray, home of the Rose clan, and where Peter Pollock ruled a castle. Peter Pollock's father, FULbert "the Saxon," had been traced (by me) to FULLERs, whom were deemed to be the namers of RoqueFEUILS. The Arms of Roquefeuil use three gold bars in Pollock colors, and while Roquefeuil is in Aude, Pollocks use an "AUDacter" motto term.

We haven't deviated from the original theme of tracing to the Varni / Schwerin theater. Like the Drummonds and Fullers, the Stouts/Stows (suspect in "STEWart") use three horizontal bars. Scottish Drummonds use their three bars in the colors of the three horizontal ones used by Sturs/Stowers. Scottish Drummonds were first found in the same place (Perthshire) as Justine's/Justins, the line of Justine of Picenum, wife of Valentinian I. There is no doubt whatsoever in my mind that Scottish Justine's trace to Justine (and her father). The evidence is overwhelming.

The black eagle of Austrian Schere Crest is used by the Hagel Crest (same design at this time), and Hagels trace to "AKHELoos," the Greek river of the mythical Sirens, where one finds an Astakos location to which the Astikas' of Vilnius trace. The Akheloos had been home to real Taphian pirates, and the mythical Sirens were singers who lured sea-farers to their doom i.e. Sirens were pirates. The Sire surname has a Siron variation, you see, but Justine of Picenum traces to the Sire's/Sirons aside from the trace of her line to the Astikas' of Vilnius.

What are the chances that the pirate, Mr. Scherf, linked to people who produced, or associated with, Warren Stutt? He claims that, though born in New Zealand, he moved to Australia, wherefore, in case he or his circle applies, let's not forget the large role that Australia played in the faked crash of Flight 370 out of Malaysia. The Roosts share black fitchee crosses with the Sheers/Shire's, the latter first found in Surrey, that latter location being the name of Scherff's pirate ship. We can see that the Shere variation of Sheers/Shire's is a non-Germanicized version of "Schere," especially as a form of the Sheer fitchee is in use by the German Schere/SCHERF surname. As Sire's/Sirons share a green, coiled snake with Austrian Schere's, it clinches the Schere link to Sheers/Shire's all the more. The Schere snake, coiled around a rod, is a symbol of Asclepios, son of Coronis of Patmos. ASCLEpios / ASCALepios was code for SKALA on Patmos, origin of the Skull and similar surnames (remember, the Skulls share the bend of Valentins).

To help trace Scherffs to the Scheriffs of Post Falls, a short jog from Hayden Lake, the Haydens share five blue-on-white fesse bars with Huckabys, while the latter use Asclepios rods. The Schere cross is almost the black Schole/Scayle cross, adding to the evidence that Scherffs trace to Patmos. It was on Patmos that John wrote concerning an end-time 666 that people will be forced to wear in their skin, and so look at what looks like a 666 in this Arms of Traby (borrowed from Wikipedia's Traby article).

The Hucks share fesse bars in the colors of the Huckaby bars, but Hucks use only two, as do the Dexters in the same colors again. Dexters are a branch of Decks sharing the squirrel with Valentins (Phalen / Fall/Phale liners?) and Squire's, wherefore the Squire's are discovered as a Scherf branch. Then, the Dexters share a weight SCALE with the Arms of Vilnius, but call it "weights," while the Weight surname shows hunting horns in the colors of the Traby hunting horns. The Arms of Vilnius and the Justine Coat share the weight scale with the Sire/Siron and Assi surname, the latter first found on Shetland. The Assi's share the fasces symbol with the Arms of Vilnius, as well as sharing the sword with Justine's. The Assi's look like they should link to the Hose's that in-turn have a Huckaby-like variation.

The Hagels that share the Schere eagle use the gold-on-black bends, and the gold-on-black lion, in the Arms of Kyburg, a city smack beside Zurich, that latter city being like the Surrich variation of Surreys. That's why Schere's/Scherf can link to Zurich, but can we then trace the namers of Zurich to "Schwerin"? Zurich is not far south from STUTTgart, and the Arms of Stuttgart are in Sheer / Scherf colors.

It just so happens that the Arms of Zurich uses nothing but a Shield split diagonally in white and blue, the colors of the diagonally-split Hiedler/Hitler Coat. This speaks to a Scherff link to the Hitler surname, but it should be added that the Hitler stars are in the colors of the Clinton stars while the Clinton Coat shares black fitchees with Sheers/Shire's. The Hitler sun is also in the colors of the Rook sun. There is good reason to trace Hitlers to "Itte," otherwise called Ida of Metz, because Ide's/Hyde's use lozenges in colors reversed from the Sire lozenges.

Did you note the first name of WARREN Stutt, like the Varni/WARNi? The Stouts/Stows are in Warren and Oxford colors, and the latter's Coat looks like a cross between the Brocks and Stouts. It looks like "SchWERIN" is a cross between the Warrens and the Schere's/Scherfs, the latter in Varn colors. There is a Schwerin surname using nothing but Vere / Very colors. The Shield-and-Chief color combination of Brocks is colors reversed from the same of Clintons, first found in Oxfordshire.

Most of the above was said before re-finding that German Stutts/Stutzmans, a Jewish-sounding name, who not only share red roses on stems with Walkers and Scherfs, but use the Busch/Busch fleur-de-lys! Surprise. These Stutts were first found in Lorch (Hesse), a term like, Lurco, the father-in-law of Appius Pulcher to whom I traced the heraldic pelican. "Appius" became suspect with the Avezzano surname that likewise uses a red rose on a stem. The Lurch's/Larchers and Archers became suspect with the Rothschild arrows. The first Rothschild, like Prescott Bush, was a banker, and you can read online concerning Mayer Bauer, who changed his surname to Rothschild, having been involved with a prince of Hesse-Cassel. The Bauers not only share the Hitler stars, but Hitler's share the Hesse sun.

Appius Pulcher was adopted by the Livius family that married Quintus' Caepio's granddaughter, Servilia Caepionis (see family at her Wikipedia article), while a Publius Pulcher was a son, they say, of a second Servilia Caepionis (daughter of Quintus Caepio), and then the Capone's were first found in the same place as Bush-suspect Crabs and Stouts. The Arms of Lorch share the black horse with STUTTgart, and the latter's Arms is thought to be the logo of the Ferrari car company i.e. from a Vere line expected from the Varni. Very apparently here, the namers of Stuttgart trace to the Stout vikings, and to Warren Stutt, but lets add that the Rooks who share the Hesse sun also use a raven in Crest which they call a "rook."

Zowie, watch this. The Arms of Lorch is a version of the Arms of RUDESheim (same area as Lorch), a term like the Rothes (raven) of Bavaria. The Arms of Rudesheim use a Shield in both red and green, and while "Rothschild" means "red shield," the first Rothschild called his house both the Red Shield and the Green Shield because the German Bauers (Bavaria) and Scottish Bowers (five bunched arrows) both use green Shields (see the Shield of Pollock-suspect Fulke's/Folks). THEN, and this is the zowie part, there is a white scallop at the top of the Arms of Rudesheim, a symbol at the center of this Arms of Rothschild!!! That is a first for me, and I can gamble my life on it, that Rothschilds were named after Rudesheim (predated Rothschilds). I've even just leaned that Lurchs/Larchers come up as "Lorch"!

In the last two or three months, I explained how the family of Brogitarus of Galatia was applicable to the vast number of gold bars (50,000) found and stolen by Quintus Caepio when he was a Roman general. The Brogitarus Galatians had been of the Tectosages / Trocmii Gauls of the Toulouse area, and Toulouse (not far from Roquefeuil) is where Caepio found the bars (Roquefeuil uses gold bars on a GREEN Shield). Publius Pulcher, a Roman politician, elevated Brogitarus, thus permitting him to be the high priest of the Phrygian Mother Goddess (Cybele), which is an easy way to confirm that Brogitarus was involved with the Caepio treasure. I predicted that the Rothschilds got hold of some of this gold, and used it to begin a world-rule campaign. I argued that the Brogitarus cult set up priests for the El-Gabal sun-god cult to which the Hesse sun was traced, and so the Caepio gold bars may have been with prince William of Hesse-Cassel. It should be said the gold bars breed gold bars when owners use the gold for paying wages to vast armies to defeat others for to steal their gold. Who was it that said money is the root of all evil?

White scallops are used by Capes', suspect with a line of Caepio, but to this let's add that Chapman's were first found in the same place as Capone's. Didn't Julius Caesar have the money to pay vast armies in a bid to conquer the world? Didn't Julius have an affair with a Caepio? I'll bet my shiny gold filling that she told him where the gold was at. I'll bet my whole tooth that Hitler got hold of some.

It's a long story that won't be repeated here, but the two Pulchers had traced from the parental line of Joseph Caiaphas to the Pulleys/Pullens, Poole's, and many related others. The Powell-related Palins/Pawleys were first found in Dorset, location of Poole. The Poole's use what I call a colors-reversed version of the Caepio-line lion. The Bruce's use the Caepio-line lion, and I traced "Bruce" to "Brugg / Bruge" years before knowing of BROGitarus. I've been at heraldry work nearly full-time for almost a decade. And here we have some excellent corroboration of a claim not many months ago, that Rothschilds were from a Lurco > Pulcher line. The Pulleys/Pullens were recognized as a merger with the Gards, who traced to lake Garda (northern Italy). Along the Adige river pouring into lake Garda, there is an Appiano location to which I traced "Appius."

Many pieces of evidence were presented to show the line of Joseph Caiaphas along the Adige, but his line traced separately to Avezzano and the Aves/Avison surname. The Turano and Salto rivers at Avezzano traced to the Salyes Ligures on the Turano-like Durance river, location of BRIGantium, where the Powell-related Bridge's had traced. Brigantium is beside Guillestre, where I had traced "Julius," and then Julians/Gillians (kin of Gullys) were first found in CamBRIDGE. There is a Hitler-reason as to why I've just gone off-topic.

Scottish Stutts were first found in Yorkshire too, making the heart in the Stutt Chief suspect with the Wager heart.

Richard Amerike

Nicoloff continues and sinks teeth into his claim that Mr. Scherf was on the SS Surrey:

[Scherff's] name (with two Fs) reappeared on numerous shipping manifests on the "crew's list," during 1920 and 1921, traveling from Hamburg, Liverpool, and the British West Indies. GHS1/PSB had been progressively promoted...Many of his documented voyages were on the SS Mount Clay, which departed regularly from Hamburg, Liverpool and ports in the West Indies and South America.

This is enormous if he is telling the truth. He didn't say that the name of Prescott Bush was on the manifests, but that "Scherff" was. My only wonder is, why doesn't he show a copy of the manifests? If Scherff indeed had shipping jobs out of Hamburg, it relates very well to Hamburg-Amerika, a shipping company owned by the Prescott-Bush circle. By the way, the logo of Hamburg-Amerika uses a Shield in the blue-and-white colors of the bars in the personal Arms of Richard Amerike. The latter character was involved with the voyages of John Cabot to America, and, no surprise, some say America was named after Amerike. The Cabots (fish) link well to the Geddes fish and the Geddes motto term, "captat."

If Nicoloff is referring to Liverpool, on the coast of Lancashire, then that's to the near-west of Manchester / Rochdale. The Arms of Rochdale use a Shield bordered with eight footless martlets, as do the Chaddocks / Chadwicks , first found in, or originating from, Lancashire. But we saw earlier that Geddes are using the Chaddock / Chadwick Shield. To show how the Caepio treasure can apply in paying for voyages to the Americas in pursuit of more gold, view the Cabots as a Caepio line, then compare with Barbers and Barbera's (more fish) to the Julian-suspect Gellone's/Gillions, while reading online that William de Gellone, ruler of Toulouse, is thought to have been the father of Guerin of Provence. Then see that Cabots/Shabbo's, in Gellone / Barber colors, were first found in Provence. Finally, see that Guerra's share the green wyvern dragon with Wilkens while the latter use the Shield of Schere's/Scherfs.

Having said that, we are now going to link this alternative Arms of Richard Amerike to the Cabots. The first Arms of Amerike above are in the second quadrant. It is hard to make out, but one can see what looks like three black vertical bars on white, although they may be blue bars like in the other Arms. If they are black, they are colors reversed to the same bars, in the same positioning, of German Julians. My gut tells me that the fourth quadrant is the Vere Shield while the first quadrant shares the three red-on-gold horizontal bars of Sturs (the French branch first found in Manche, home of Vere's).

We are now ready to link the Cabot/Shabbot surname to the Cavett/Chavot/Shavot surname, sharing blue-and-white bars with the Arms of Richard Amerike. The Cavetts trace to a Cavetta river flowing by or near Ceva (northern Italy), and the Chives'/Shives'/Shaves' are traced by me to the namers of Ceva. The quarters of the latter surname are colors reversed to the quarters of the Shield in the third quadrant of the Arms of Richard Amerike, thus making the Amerike and Cabot connections to the Cavett and Chives surnames...that I see as Caiaphas lines. The Chives'/Shives' share the black moline with Rochs while another branch of Rochs use more fish. The quarters in the Arms of Richard Amerike are in the colors of the Zollern and HOHENzollern quarters, important because Meriks and Irish Cohens share the green sea horse.

Forgive, I'm not done yet, and am neglecting the Nicoloff discussion. The Kills/Keele's are using the same black-and-white quarters while Kellys are known to use the EnFEILD griffin, symbol in the Hiedler/Hitler Crest. The Fields are suspect with Rockefeller liners of the Fall / Fell / Feld/Felt kind, and you might want to check out the so-called embattled borders of the Keele's, Tragers and Rocco's, for Fellers are also "FelTRAGER." The chess theme used by Irish Fields suggests the Rooks. English Tragers share the raven with Rooks while the Rook raven stands on a garb, the Field symbol. Kellys use "two gold chains hanging down from the tower," while Chains/Cheyne's use the Sinclair / Conan cross.

Enfeilds are using a version of the Chaddock / Saddock Coats, as well as a footless martlet in the colors of the same of French Josephs. They may as well write "Joseph Caiaphas" on their central gold shield. Although the Kelly Crest shows a greyhound, the description says: "A green enfield on a ducal coronet."

For further insights, see the Tarves surname (shares six black fitchees with Clintons and Hillarys) as per the Tarves location of Chives', and consider a link to the Turbots honored in the turbot fish of Lawrence's. Then see the Laurie's and Lowrys, comparing the Laurie motto to the Cabot/Shabbo motto. Then see the Laren surname, first found in Provence i.e. where Cabots/Shabbots were first found. Also, compare Scottish Larens/Clarens (Glasgow theater) to Barbers (use the Gellone fleur and the Laren chevrons), first found in the same place as Sheriffs. Then trace "Guerin/Garin" (like "Warren") back to "Varni" and to the Vairs/Verona's (same place as Chappes') sharing a version of the Feller Coat and a fish, and see the ravens of Verone's (Varn colors).

Where was I? Oh yes, Mr. Scherff's shipping career. If Nicoloff is not writing pure fiction, let's go on: "One significant voyage, which departed from Liverpool on January 20, 1915 and arrived in New York on the January 30, was aboard the SS Arabic. Its passenger, on Line 1 of the manifest, presented to the INS at Ellis Island, was George Scherf, German citizen from Dolitzsch. Dolitzsch is a small village south of Leipzig, Germany, and was not too distant from the hometown of Martin Bormann who later became Hitler's second-in-command." This would be a good time to say that German Bauers and Hiedlers/Hitlers (and Meriks) share stars in the same colors, which stars are used in the EU flag, but also by French Alans and French Julians, the latter important because English Julians -- who look like their using the cross that created the Nazi swastika -- were first found in the same place as Capone's and Chapmans.

Let's repeat from earlier in this update: "Hayden Lake is in Kootenai county, while Cootens were first found in the same place (Norfolk) as Hayds/Heidts." Then, Cootens share lattice with the Cotts = royal Cottians to which I trace Julius Caesar's mother (Aurelia Cotta). The Hayds/Heids are shown also as "HAGELSheimer."

It just so happens that while the Julians and Douglas' share the salamander in flames, the latter are also "DuGLASS." It sort of makes Douglass' suspect with the same line as Ms. Glassl, Adolf's mother-in-law. As the Douglas' use the Moray stars, they can trace to Peter Pollock at Moray's Rothes castle, whose daughter, "Lady Rothes," or perhaps it was her daughter, married the Watsons who share the oak tree with eyeball-using Watts and Vatts. The latter two have GLASSES hanging from their oak trees. The Watsons share the RODham oak stump. The Watson fesse can therefore be deemed the Lord/Laud fesse, the latter honored in the motto of the Glasgow surname.

The "gloria" motto term of English Watsons is shared by Wilkersons who are likely using a version of the wavy Dol fesse (did you spot the wavy Merik fesse?), but see also the wavy bend of Jewish Pollocks (in the colors of the Wilkerson bar) while keeping the wavy bars of Drummonds in mind. The Wilkersons were the ones sharing a "tibi" motto term with the Plows that share the Dole fleur. The Dols (no 'e') were first found in the same place (Mecklenburg) as Schwerins, roughly where Drummonds were first found, all in the Varni theater, and the wavy Dol bar is in the colors of the same of German Drummonds while Scottish Drummonds are in Schwerin colors, and very linkable to the bars of Sturs/Stowers, a likely merger with Stows/Stouts. The Sturs were traced to the Stura valley in Cuneo's Demonte area (near Busca), and then the Demonte's use a version of the Fur/Feuerer unicorn, itself in the colors of the Wilkerson unicorn. The whale in the Dol Coat is likely code for the line that includes Whelans, who are shown also as "Phalen," the Pullen bloodline. It was Greg Abbot who married a Phalen.

It is imperative for Alans/Allens/ALENGs of Dol to trace to the namers of Langhe of Cuneo; ask the Lang pelican, for one. These Langs were first found in Luneburg (politically part of Brunswick), suggesting that the two lions in pale (vertically positioned) of the French Demonte's are a version of the two lions in pale of the Brunswicks, and of the Arms of Brunswick. The Brunswick location is near the Brocken mountain, likely origin of the Stewart-related Brocks, but the tree stump of German Brockens is suspect with the Watson stump, especially as Brocken had a witch cult while Watsons are, in my opinion, an early origin of the all-seeing-eye theme...usually dumped by conspiracy writers upon the Rothschilds.

A filthy-rich Henry Drummond, London banker at the time of Nathan Rothschild of Manchester (chief banker and son of the first Rothschild), started the Catholic Apostolic Church in the same year (1830) as Joseph Smith started the Mormon church. The Drummond church was the founding of the charismatic movement that came to create the diabolical Toronto Movement, for one, which was copied in churches throughout the United States. It was cause for the world to ridicule Christ, with Christians barking like dogs as a form of worship, or laughing without cause during worship, and an assortment of lunatic novelties. Henry Drummond was a Zionist, Christian cultist akin to the Apostle's Club of the British Illuminati. They screwed Christians over, and robbed them. Joseph Smith was fornicating with the teen children of Christians who gave their estates to him.

Nicoloff has perhaps found the father or grandfather of George Herbert Scherf I in the manifest of a 1915 voyage to New York. This has the potential to link to the Scheriffs of Long Island > Idaho. Here's is an interesting person, working at Island Packaging & SHIPPING, recalling that Skorzeny claimed his faked name to be FRANK Edward P_ _ _ _ _:

Frank A Scheriff, age 69

Has lived in.................................Related to

East Setauket, NY...................Catherine Scheriff
Port Jefferson Station, NY........Dorothy Scheriff
Coram, NY..............................Barbara Scheriff
Port Jefferson, NY................. .Michael Scheriff

The same page has other Scheriffs in Babylon and East Islip. The 40-year-old Jennifer A Scheriff (Corinne Abbott's granddaughter) of West Islip, Babylon and Bay Shore is on the page too (has worked for: Islip School District / Central Islip Public Schools), and lookie: she has two Florida addresses, one in Lady Lake and one in The Villages. George Herbert Scherff was in South Miami, remember. The Matthew K. Scheriff, listed as her relative, is 42 years old. I recorded Jennifer three years ago at age 37, when her alternative name was listed as Jennifer A Yankowski (Babylon and Bay Shore). In the page above, one of her relatives is listed as EDWARD Yankowski; another is Ann Yankowski i.e. it seems that she married an Edward, and that her middle initial is for "Ann." It's starting to appear as though we hit pay-dirt.

Both Frank A Scheriff and Edward Yankowski are listed at Coram, NY. Dorothy and Barbara Scheriff remind us of Dorothy Walker and Barbara Pierce, the latter being the wife of George Herbert Walker Bush.

On the same page, there is one Oonagh Mary Scheriff (56) listed in both Patchogue and North Babylon (William Hitler lives/lives in Patchogue). I recall mentioning an Oonagh name earlier in this update. In the Intelius page below for Jennifer A Carabia, she's listed also as Jennifer A Scheriff, with April as a relative, thus clinching that this Jennifer is Corinne's granddaughter. Earlier, I said: "Therefore, I'll record here that other kin of Jennifer [Carabia] are listed as Edward, Stephanie, Kenneth [listed as Kenneth Marg Scheriff, age 65, no mistake on "Marg"], Joseph, Jason and Theodore Scheriff [age 34, has Oonagh Neal as kin], as well as one Oonagh Neal." Everyone one of those first names are Scheriffs, meaning EDWARD SCHERIFF, and yet the other Intelius page has Edward Yankowski. Suspicious. It's one thing for women to have a change of surnames, but not men. I don't think there were two Edwards here; both are bound to be the same man.

There is one Edward S Yankowski, age 71, listed as kin to only Ann and Jennifer Yankowski, with the same addresses, including the two Florida ones, as above. Jennifer, at age 40, is not predicted to be married to a 71-year old. Who could Edward Yankowski be? Edward is listed also at Deer Park (NY), as are Jennifer Carabia and Oonagh Mary Scheriff, and while the latter, on her page, has an alternative name, Oonagh Neal, there are 10 relatives, not one has a Neal surname. Oonagh is listed again at Patchogue on her own page. Her relatives are almost all Scheriffs.

The Yankowski surname (uses a 'W' symbol) was first found in Polesia, the Polish-Russia border region.

Recall Kathryn Anne Hinds / Kathryn Anne Page, for here we have a Kathryn J Scheriff (55) (worked in a bank) sharing the Holbrook and Amityville locations with Oonagh and others, including Jill Marie Scheriff (38). Jill (Holbrook, Babylon) has Jennifer Scheriff as kin. Thomas A Scheriff, 52, of By Shore and Babylon, also worked at a bank (NY Community Bank). The page where the bulk of these Scheriffs were found has only 20 individuals, and the search included no first names, just "Scheriff" and "NY." Note, therefore, that most NY Scheriffs seem to be of the Babylon / Islip family. Nicoloff may have been frustrated / impoverished by searching "Scherff" instead of "Scheriff."

I believe that, in the following sentence, Nicoloff is referring to the ship manifest for George Scherf (one 'f') of 1915: "This single document, obviously missed in the frantic effort to expunge all records of Nazi spies, went unnoticed until I discovered it in 2007." In another place, he says that he did not find one George Scherff listed in all of America. I've just searched for all of America on Intelius, and got seven results, though Nicoloff may have been referring to pre-WW2. The last entry on the page is George W Scherff, no age given, of Fort Lauderdale, Florida (about 20 miles north of Miami), with only one relative, RUTH Scherff! That is very interesting, for I saw no Ruths on the Scheriff page. There is only one Ruth Scherff in all of Florida, no age given, with a D middle initial, of Fort Lauderdale, and with George as her kin. I had noted an Edward M Scheriff in Fort Lauderdale, age 44, which I think is a big deal. Edward could be the son of the Nazi under discussion, albeit it was Skorzeny, not Scherff, who said his alias was Frank Edward Powell, whom Nicoloff thinks was the acting husband of the alias, Ruth Powell.

In my post-trib book, I have some details on Henry Drummond and/or his family in charge of clothing the British troops in Canada in their war against American Independence. There was some evidence provided that Drummond and/or his family (I can't recall which) was purchasing cloth from the first Rothschild, who sent his son to England to start a bank. That can explain help explain Drummond-Rothschild connection. In consideration that Prescott Bush (married Ms. Walker) was a banker in the U.S., see Nicoloff here: "GHW: George Herbert Walker. The Walker family was already in the business of manufacturing clothes, an industry they would continue on their arrival to the United States." Prescott's middle name, Sheldon, was for his mother's maiden name, but then Sheldons, Sheltons and Skeltons are suspect with the line from Scylla = Sicels of Sicily, the people whom own the heraldic scallop...i.e. used by Rothschilds and the Arms of Rudesheim. Then, consider the SHIELD surname, like "SHELDon," suggesting that the Sheldon bloodline named Rudesheim if indeed the Rothschilds were named from that place.

Sheldons, perhaps using a version of the Meschin Coat, which itself uses white scallops (color of the Rudesheim scallop), were first found in the same place as Sheriffs. Let's not forget so soon that Mr. Scherf Sr. (GHSI), whom Nicoloff views as Prescott Bush (PSB), started off as a pirate on the SS Surrey. Sheltons (with a 't') were first found in the same place as Walkers. The Varns use scallops.

As I identified the raven-depicted vikings with the Sinclairs, note that the Rudes surname uses the Sinclair cross in colors reversed. As a saltire, the Sinclair cross becomes suspect with the black-on-white pirate flag, the skull-and-bones cross, but then the family of Prescott Bush attended the Skull-and-Bones fraternity. Skeltons (Shelton colors), with the same-type cross as Sinclairs, use the raven while sharing a gold rooster in Crest with Sinclairs. Rollo's/Rollocks were first found in the same place (Perthshire) as Drummonds.

Half of the Rudes cross is in the colors of the similar Hayden cross. The Rudes Crest shares a mural crown / coronet with the Lurch/Lorch/Larcher and Archer Crests, very important because Lorch is smack at Rudesheim! That is very excellent for killing two ravens with one stone: 1) assures a Lorch trace to the Lurchs and Archers; 2) assures a Rudes trace to the namers of Rudesheim. The Rudes surname is listed with Rudge's/Rutge's/Rutch's, first found in the same place (Shropshire) as Meschins and Alans. The Rudes/Rudge Crest: "Two arms in red supporting a silver shield, emerging from a mural coronet." That looks like part-code for the Shield surname / bloodline. No coincidence.

The Rudes motto, "Faith in the cross," evokes the Faith surname (Sinclair cross as a saltire) sharing the tree stump with Rodhams, suggesting now that Rodhams are a branch of the namers of Rudesheim. The Rodham motto tern, "nec" was traced to the Neckar river, location of STUTTgart. I could swear that I saw a Feith surname in Nicoloff's work, but can't find it at the moment. Faiths were first found in the same place (Norfolk) as Haydens, tending to support the latter's use of the Rudes/Rudge cross. All of this can trace Bush-and-family lines to the line that named Hayden Lake, home of Aryan Nations, but it should be noted that the Nation surname (arrow through a heart, Pollock / Walch theme) is listed with Nathans, and that United Nations may have been play on that self-centered idea by the Rothschilds.

You can unite, but you can never lay the egg. You will never tame all the nations into submission, and only a proud but very stupid cock would think so. Why do Nations/Nathans use the compass, the Masonic symbol? Ask the compass "needle" of Pettys, with one branch using the parrot symbol of Peeble's, and then Bowers, using the five Rothschild arrows, were first found in Peebles-shire...right beside the Sinclairs of Roslin. The Needle's/Nadlers happen to use the Hesse sun.

The Ridge surname uses a version of the Rudes/Rudge cross, and can be linked to the Rhodes cross too. Moreover, the Ridge / Rhodes cross can link to same-colored saltire of gold-rooster Currys/Corrys...who were traced to "Chora" on Patmos, the real identity of mythical Coronis, the crow = raven of Apollo (ruler of the Muses, from PatMOS). The mural CORONet (of Rudes'/Rudge's) has been traced for some years to CORONis on Patmos, as have the Meschins / Masseys / Massena's. The Skala location on Patmos was traced to mythical Scylla (the wolf) at Messina (Sicily), and so there you have the trace of the Rothschild Illuminati to Patmos, where God gave John the Revelation on the details of the destruction of the Illuminati. It's coming. It will be a very bad day for the globalists. It really will.

Let's not forget the SKULL surname that has similarities with the Bone surname, however that got to be the case.

Didn't Bush give the chief position of Homeland Security to Tom Ridge? Yes. Ridge was the first chief of that organization, which, previously had been the immigration ministry. Bush turned it into a control-freak organization to hamper the freedoms and self-respect of the American people. Tom Ridge was born in a part of Pennsylvania where the faked Flight-93 craft flew over, and not far from the crash crater in Somerset county. In England, Somerset is where the Battins/Badens (i.e. should be a branch of eyeball-using "Watt") were first found who use a human eyeball, as well as where Baths were first found who use the same-colored cross as Ridge's, first found in Devon = beside Somerset. Roets, who share the oak with Watts and Watsons, were likewise first found in Somerset. It just so happens that Stuttgart is in the Baden area of Germany, and while RODhams trace to the Stuttgart area (along with "nec"-using RUTHERfords), the Rodhams are the ones sharing the tree stump with WATsons.

Clearly, if the Illuminati consists of leaders now vying for the presidency, it should be clear that the Illuminati does in fact control politics, in which case one would be their fool if they believe in Democracy. The only democracy involved is to see which of their puppets can perform best for the win. Any-which way the elections go, we are their fools if we vote for any of them. It's best to vote for the man on the street, even though he will lose. Do not contribute to making their election season exciting. At this time, they are discussing forced voting. Just think of how disappointed they are in that no one respects their elected politicians. What kind of a globalism will that make? What utter stupids, to believe that everyone will follow their directions like zombies. The only people that obey them are the paid ones. Even the lunatic, Hitler, could secure that sort of obedience. Think of the wasted money, and it's not even theirs, but the tax payers'.

But if there is a big scare, people will come together and unite to fend it off. But don't give the globalists any ideas, because they like to create a crises and then act like the savior.

The Ridge peacock is shared by the Maness/Manner surname while Manders (in code in the Julian salaMANDER) use a version of the Rhodes Coat.

One doesn't expect the following to be the case where a family is simply legitimate: the 1900 U.S. Federal Decennial Census, GHW [George Herbert Walker, banker] declared that his father was born in “Missouri” and his mother in “Missouri.

However, in the 1910 U.S. Federal Decennial Census, his father was born in “Maryland” and his mother in “Missouri.”

The wily GHW declared in the 1920 U.S. Federal Census that his father was born in “Maryland” and that his mother now, too, was born in “Maryland.”

As if to dispel his own confusion, GHW came full circle in 1930 during the U.S. Federal Decennial Census and, once again, claimed his parents were both born in “Missouri.”

George Herbert Walker has the same name combination as George Herbert Scherff. Why would Prescott Bush allow both names from his wife's side to go to his son? Upon modifying his banking business, George Walker ended up having Prescott Bush in charge of: "Brown Brothers Harriman & Co. (BBH) is the oldest and largest private bank in the United States....Brown Brothers Harriman is also notable for the number of influential American politicians, government appointees, and Cabinet members who have worked at the company, such as W. Averell Harriman, Prescott Bush, George H. W. Bush, Robert A. Lovett, Richard W. Fisher, Robert ROOSA, and Alan Greenspan." Something stinks like Rus pirates. I can't get away from them. The Harrimans (roses) are using the Sinclair cross again, and were first found in the same place (Suffolk) as Clare's. They had piracy in their genes. They loved money, and they loved to live "well."

I suppose the question is: where did George Herbert Walker get the money to start a bank that in short time would have "illustrious" people at the helm? Did they have charge of some pirated gold? Don't ask Wikipedia because it would never bring suspicion to an illustrious person. The rich are the illustrious in these days where the control the spiritual values too. Let's repeat from Nicoloff: "The seafaring career of GHS1/PSB found new life with the Hamburg-Amerika line (owned by Brown Brothers Harriman & Company and aided by credit arranged through George Herbert Walker (GHW), GHS1/PSB's future father-in-law)." George Herbert Scherff I was involved in piracy, according to Nicoloff, who implies that he found records for the claim.

It's notable that French Davis' use a version of the Brown Coat, for David Davis Walker was George Herbert's father. It's also notable that the Welsh Davis' and Davids share the same-colored bend with Skulls, first found in HEREfordshire. We'll be watching for the reason that David named a son, HERbert.

Here's the difficulty. If we agree that Prescott Bush was born George Herbert Scherff, by what means do we explain that Prescott's wife had a George Herbert Walker as her father? Someone will say that the Bush-Scherff theory is incorrect because president-to-be George Herbert Walker Bush was named after George Herbert Walker. But another person can say that George Herbert Scherff was related to George Herbert Walker, explaining why he was adopted by the family. This is especially compelling if Scherffs trace to the namers of Schwerin, a city about 10 miles from the upper Warnow river, the river of the Walker-suspect Wagrians.

George Herbert Walker, according to Wikipedia, forsook his father's blooming clothing business to enter banking. We wouldn't expect this son to allow a New-Zealand pirate to marry his daughter unless he had some money. Right? That seems to work as a theoretical explanation for the linkage. But how does anyone prove it true? By what coincidence, if correct on the first half of the question, did a George Herbert Scherff work for a shipping company in New Zealand, while Prescott Bush worked for a shipping company, Hamburg-Amerika? Couldn't the latter, operating out of Hamburg (about 50 miles west of Schwerin) have been involved in some sort of criminal activity like the pirates of old in the same area?

Did George Walker's father have a clothing business because it was connected to the Rothschild clothing business? As the Rothschild symbol has traditionally been five bunched arrows, attached at their middles, but what coincidence does the Herbert surname (same place as Clare's who had a StrongBOW Clare as leader) use (eight) arrows bunched at their middles? Why really did David Davis Walker name his son, George Herbert? David's wife was Martha Adela Beaky, no Herbert surname there, though Beaks (share ostrich with Trabys) share three horizontal bars with one of two French Herbert Coats (same as Fullers), in the red color of the three horizontal bars of Richard Amerike.

David's Davis' mother was Harriet Mercer, no Herbert surname there. "His grandfather was Thomas Walker (slave trader)." Didn't some slaves get shipped over to America?

The Herbert bars come with a red bend upon which there are gold symbols (besants) while the Arms of Richard Amerike come with gold stars upon a red fesse. Moreover, the three Amerike bars are red on gold, in colors reversed to the three Cameron bars, while the Cameron Crest has five bunched arrows connected at their middles. David Cameron is now the British prime minister, and though the arrows used by his surname doesn't necessarily mean that Mr Cameron is a Rothschild puppet, the fact seems to be that Rothschilds or Rothschild kin-by-marriage married a Cameron family of late (after about 1800).

David Cameron married Ms. SHEFfeild, and the motto of Sheffields (same place as Watsons) has a term nearly like the "commit" term of Sinclairs, code for the Conte's that put together the Conteville's, rulers of Comyn (suspect with the namers of Comminges at Toulouse). The Comyns/Commings use garbs that are at times called "wheat SHEAVES," and here we find the Sheffields traced in their write-up to a Sheaf river between Yorkshire and Derbyshire. ShefFEILDs use a version of the Derby/Darby Coat (compare with Fields), both using garbs, though Sheffields call them "wheat sheaves" (Derbys call them garbs). My take has been that garb owners (such as Josephs and Avisons) using a sheaf or sheaves were Garb bloodliners merged with the Chives-related Sheaves/Shaws and Sheaves/Chiava's/Chiapponi's, a line from/to the naming of "Caiaphas." One can hereby link Sheffields to Cabots/Shabbots and therefore to Richard Amerike.

Let's keep in mind that the false, pre-tribulation-rapture doctrine was founded by the church of Henry Drummond (yes the London banker) and then spread by one John Darby.

Recalling that the Arms of Richard Amerike have what look like white-and-black quarters, the Keele symbol, we should note the "cheile" motto term of Camerons, which gets the Cheile/Cheel surname...sharing a red bend with the three-bar Herberts. The Cameron arrows are red, as are the arrows of INGers/ENDers (similar design to Lorchs/Lurchs and Archers), while Keele's (share "coronet with Lorch's and Archers) use the Enfield as code for Enfields/ENDfields/INGLEfields. Engels/Aengells (three rings Olympics style) use a raven in the colors of the Enfield martlet. More horizontal red bars (could be four of them, same as Camerons) are used by Englefields, first found in the same place (Berkshire) as Enfields/Inglefields. It looks like the Hitler Crest traces to the Angles = English.

Like the Camerons, the Cootens use a red arrow too, and then the Cooten-related Cotts/Cottins were first found in the same place as French Conte's and Ville's. The Ville's are shown as "FONT de Ville," kin of Lafins/LaFonts (same lion as Italian Conte's) honored in the motto of Kennedys and Cassels, a motto that includes "Avise" as apparent code for the garb-using Avis/Avisons/Avice's. Hesse-Cassel and Casselberry (Florida) are coming to mind.

I had traced the Wessels to Vestalis, son of Cottius, king of Cottians, and then Wessels use "wheat sheaves" in the colors of the Comyn / Avis garbs, though Avis' call them "wheat sheaves" and Comyns "garbs of wheat." The Wheat/Wete surname (Watt / Watson liners?) happens to use both "garbs" and, in the Crest, "ears of wheat" (part code for Sheaves-related Eyers), the latter phrase identical with one used by Austrian Schere's...while German Schere's/Scherfs share a red rose on stem with Avison-suspect Avezzano's. Avezzano is on/off the Salto and Turano rivers which trace to the Salyes Ligures living on both sides of the Cottian Alps from the royal-Cottian capital of Susa.

The Marsi at the source area of the Salto trace to Mercers, the surname of David Walker's mother. It was the latter line that introduced the Rothschild suspect Herbert name to the Walker family. The Herberts who share the bars of Richard Amerike are the ones using a red bar with three besants, a symbol of Mercers/Mercier's (corona" motto term). The flag of Mercia is identical to the saltire of Messeys/Messier's, and as such the Mercians can trace with Massey liners to Coronis elements on Patmos.

French Herberts use stars in the colors of the Bauer/Bower stars. The Bauers share blue wings with Here's (tree stump), Herrs, and Hertzogs, which explains the Herberts well enough, I think. But as Brocken mountain is at the Hartz mountains, Hertzogs with the Herberts et-al may trace there because Brockens share the tree stump with Here's (first found in the same place as Eyers). That then traces to the Ayers / Eyers of Ayrshire, kin of the Shaws that I trace to the ancestry of Sadducees (the motto of the Arms of Ayrshire uses "shaw").

Italian Bosco's use the tree stump too (it's very likely the Milan-surname stump), and the way to trace the Bush line to Kyle's (of Ayrshire) is by way of the Coles' (same place as Bush's, Walkers and Wagers) having a snake coiled Kyle-style around a column, symbol of Schore's, though Bosco's call it a pillar. The Coles' snake is green, the original color of the snake of Visconti's, who ruled Milan. This snake was suspect with Angitia, the snake goddess of the Marsi.

There's talk in Internet land that Rothschilds used other surnames to disguise the leaders of their banking empire...because it was growing into a world-rule empire, and wanted to do so with the least friction possible from people who don't like greed. Yet the media stooges seem to be the lap dogs of the greedy, and that's because the greedy feed them cookies. There is no other explanation for a vast number of major media all loyal to these bottomless stomachs, and of course one expects the agents of the controllers to infiltrate upper levels of the media. Worms just happen to know how to eat out their tunnels.

...the Hamburg-Amerika Line. This shipping company, with the aid of the most corrupt New York bank, almost single-handedly was responsible for the infiltration of Nazis into the U.S. -- both before and after the war. Today, it is obvious that total cooperation was secured by gaining complete control of the New York Port Authority, the Immigration and Naturalization Service, and key posts and persons all the way to the top in U.S. government.

For me, that's very credible. The brutality of 9-11 would have been impossible without the wink of the New York Port Authority. But at this point of his story, Nicoloff enters the Jesuits as the higher masters, above the bankers. This I find to be an area I resist going into. Skipping all that part, we get down to this: "Even Skorzeny "bought" the story that George H. Scherf, Jr. (GHS2) was GHS1/PSBs adopted son. Earlier, Nicoloff had said, "[Scherff Jr] was given false identification and adopted by Prescott Sheldon Bush as his "son," George Herbert Walker Bush," Skorzeny went on." But he's now saying that Skorzeny "bought" that idea, as if it's untrue. As Scherff Jr looks no more than 12 years old while beside his father, I find it hard to believe that Hitler would choose him to be his spy, then put him into the hands of Scherff Sr. Did Hitler think he would need spies 10 years later? Was he preparing spies from their youth for roughly a decade later? But a "good" spy would be older than 22.

Nicoloff estimates that the photo above, as well as related ones, were from the Dolitzsch area (near Leipzig, Saxony) to the east of Brocken mountain, though "The family of GHSI/PSB however, was not originally from Dolitzsch. They were from the Cuxhaven region of northern Germany, a seaport town near Hamburg." If the Leaps/Lapps apply to Leipzig, it's notable that they share the Melusine mermaid with Glass'. This has good potential to trace Dolitsch to the namers of Dol. Nazi's were of a Thule Society, an entity suspect in Scandinavia somewhere, but linkable to "Dol" if it was named after Attila's house of Dulo. Mythical Hyperboreans were traced by someone(s) to Helgoland, an island off-shore from Cuxhaven.

The HyperBOREANs were named after mythical Boreas, and here we find Nicoloff, who probably doesn't have Hyperboreans on his mind, tracing Scherffs to Cuxhaven after having them in league with Martin BORmann of Dolitsch. I can't recall the name of the deity of the proto-Alans that I traced to the general area of Cuxhaven. It started with a 'F', I think. The Bormanns use the lion only, in the colors of the same of the Rostock-suspect Roos'/Ross'. If the rooster traces to "Rostock," not that Cocks use the Sinclair rooster design (i.e. Cocks may be a branch of the namers of Cuxhaven).

Cockers use a Shield split diagonally, which may trace to the same of Zurich, a Scherf-suspect city, and then Surreys/Surrichs (same place as Alans of Dol = Stewarts) use checks on a chevron that can be construed as the Cock lozengy. If you look closely, the Surreys don't use checks, but rather lozengy, though the design is called, "a chevron perchevron paly of eight red and silver counterchanged." The Counters are the Sinclair-beloved Conte's/Commitissa's. Although the Surrey Crest shows nothing, the description page has "A red greyhound sejant" (a seated greyhound).

Nicoloff throws us a bone of contention when saying about president George Bush Sr: "In short, he was the son of a man born in 1895 at Columbus, Ohio, that went to a school that did not exist; then went to a school in Newport, Rhode Island, from 1908-1913; after which he was convicted of insubordination on the SS Surrey while working in New Zealand (1914)." I wonder what the non-existent school is all about. If that claim is true, then the Bush-Scherf claim becomes more viable. We need to have the evidence, however, that Scherf Sr was in New Zealand in 1914, for Nicoloff could have chosen that year, and his being on the Surrey, as pure fiction, taking off from the last year of Prescott's schooling in Ohio.

Nicoloff then has Scherff "joining the Connecticut National Guard in 1916 while attending Yale University from 1913-1917; then receiving three medals 'for deflecting a missile with a bolo knife,' while stationed with the American Expeditionary Forces in France, from 1917-1919, during which he and his Skull & Bones buddies from Yale supposedly robbed Geronimo's grave in 1918;" Nicoloff would have us believe is that PresCOTT Bush was not at Yale for all of the years between 1913 and 1917, but was rather in New Zealand. We shouldn't buy that easily. I gather that he's trying to convey the idea that part of Prescott's history in those years was invented, especially his presence in France where a fairy-talish idea was invented on his behalf. Something similar was done for his son.

Nicoloff then gives a list of anomalies concerning the births and other records of Prescott's family, including Brick Church, New Jersey, as the place of birth of Prescott's father, but, says Nicoloff, "there is no such town as "Brick Church". I think that makes sense for someone with a false identity. ""Brick Church" is not a town, it is a church. There also exists a Brick Church train station, a Brick Church Plaza...The station was built after the church, as was the plaza. In fact, the Brick Church (actually in East Orange, New Jersey) was built in 1878, 15 years after his proclaimed "birth date," and not in "Orange."

Nicoloff adds: "The birthplace of Dorothy's father -- It should be "Leeds, England," not "Missouri." But of great importance is Jonathan James Bush, the brother of president Bush Sr., whose identity should have been faked too, if Nicoloff is correct in pegging Prescott with a faked identity:

Again, we find that JJB, a "banker" like some of his relatives, had no declared (or accurate) place of birth. Where would one begin looking for such records? The "Jonathan James Bush" biography posted at mentions his graduation from "Hotchkiss School," though his name is not included in the list of "Notable Alumni" at the Hotchkiss web site linked through wikipedia.

...Genealogical data is absent from other reliable resources and the most comprehensive of databases,, declares that "no such record exists."

Following in his father's footsteps, JJB was fined in 1991 for securities violations in Massachusetts and Connecticut. JJB was "busted" again in 2004, when Riggs Bank, of which he was a "director," was fined $25 million for attempts at thwarting a money laundering investigation of the firm.

Is it really necessary to burn official records for lack of space: "Researchers attempting to investigate the activities of [Prescott's father] in the National Archives were told that his records were "burned" to save space." Not necessarily that his identity was faked too, but that there would be no record of Prescott's birth to him. That makes sense, although it doesn't necessarily prove that Prescott was Scherf Sr. In my view, president Bush could have been Scherf Jr. without Prescott being Scherf Sr., yet Nicoloff is making a good case for Prescott being someone other than a Bush, invented and pasted to the Bush's merely to act as father of the president-to-be.

Hmm, "GHSII/GHWB, to his dismay, also appears in a photograph taken at the Texas School Book Depository, Dallas, Texas, on November 22, 1963, after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Despite his admitted "failure to recall his whereabouts" on that fateful day, he (as an agent with the CIA) was debriefed by FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover the following day." You should go read this part from Nicoloff where he gives some solid-logical statements on Kennedy's assassination.

The Bush family prior to the president-to-be was in charge of weapons:

Sam [father of Prescott Bush] started out as low-management for railroads, where he made the connections needed to move over to Buckeye Steel Castings Company...World War I, when Buckeye Steel produced gun barrels and shell casings, and Sam Bush was moved by his employer-owners puppet-masters into the position of chief of the Ordnance, Small Arms and Ammunition Section of the War Industries Board. Bush took national responsibility for government assistance to and relations with Remington and other weapons companies.

Preacher's son [Sam] Bush looks innocent until you are informed that his patron, Percy Rockefeller took control of Remington Arms in 1914 [when Prescott aka Scherf Sr. was allegedly shipping weapons illegally on the SS Surrey]. Frank Rockefeller was president of Buckeye Steel for three years from 1905-1908, followed by Sam Bush from 1908-1937, throughout the WWI years and the gunbarrel sales era of Buckeye. In 1915 a new Remington plant was constructed, operational by 1916 for the first world war, just in time to get a million rifle order from Russia; 67% of all the ammunition used in WWI by the US, Britain and Russia was sold by "Merchants of Death" Remington.

It reads just like a master-spy novel. There was a lot of money being made in WW1, wasn't there, on weapons sales? I pause for a moment to think of all the dead and maimed -- and all the poverty, chaos and business losses -- created in the world wars, and other wars, caused by those who sought to enrich themselves. The weight of guilt is so unspeakably heavy that I beg to differ with those who say that God would not establish a literal, burning Hell for the souls responsible.

The following suggests that Nicoloff views aliens from outer space more like I do, as a false idea arising from the extraordinary attempts of scientists to build flying saucers:

...the Nazis were building flying saucers and other 'fantasy' weapons based on Tesla's inventions, that the U. S. Government became so concerned. So why hide something from the American public today which the Nazis stole before 1934? In the case of (flying saucer) electro-propulsion, this invention is not only classified, but the very existence of it is categorically denied by the government, while its covert agents in the UFOlogy community attribute it to extraterrestrial, "alien" origins. What better way to deter civilian scientific investigation into the obvious?

Haiti Earthquake

Most people will think it crazy to suggest that the Haiti earthquake was set off by human origin using Tesla technology. One can find articles on the topic, and I even looked into them a few years ago and found the points compelling. I noted that Bill Clinton and George Bush were raising funds for the quake, but I had no confidence that their hearts were in it, unless they wanted the money. In any case, here is something that I thought was interesting:

Local Missionary In Haiti Reported To Be OK

Silas McGehee Arrived In Haiti Day Before Earthquake

POSTED: 8:49 pm CST January 13, 2010
UPDATED: 7:05 am CST January 14, 2010

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- Members of Church of God Holiness said they have received word that a local missionary in Haiti is OK.

Silas McGehee arrived in Haiti on Monday, just one day before the devastating earthquake hit.

Also traveling with McGehee was the Rev. Mark Surbrook, minister of a church in Miltonvale, Kan.; William Hatcher from Mississippi and Paul Confer from Pennsylvania. All are said to be OK.

The webpage is no longer active, though the website (Kansas news) is active. Why would they remove the page after only five years; it's no sweat whatsoever to leave a page on forever. Just leave it, and it won't hurt a thing. I got suspicious after reading of the pastor Mark Surbrook, not only because Michael Maness has Mark for his middle name, but because I came across this too:

Jack Munos and Katie Zook were airlifted from Guantanamo Bay last night because their conditions were deemed more serious than originally thought. They arrived in Miami early this morning...Both have been suffered quite a bit of trauma...

...We have received word from Shawn DeOrnelius, that the Church of God (Holiness) team including Mark Surbrook, Silas McGehee and Paul Confer have reported to the US Embassy and are safe.

The page is dated January 14, 2010, two days after the quake. My emphasis is on Jack Munos and Katie Zook, but let me quote this too: "At this time I have received no additional word on Jeanne Munos, Merle West and Gene Dufor. We believe them to still be missing. As we updated yesterday, Jack Munos and Katie Zook have been evacuated to Guantanamo Bay Hospital." From another article, I learned that Jack's Munos' wife (a "Reverend") died in the quake. At the page above, there is a link to a January-18 page for Katie Zook, showing her photograph with what looks like her parents, but the father is the same man in a photo on a page further below who is said to be Jack Munos. ???

Cathian was in Haiti, or so she told me, with Michael Maness (i.e. close to "Munos"), and so compare "Katie Zook" to "Kate Surbrook." Just an observation, but let's entertain a trick to see where it leads. It may seem callous of me to even entertain this, but the similarities in names compels me. Moreover, Katie Zook happens to be from Washington state, home of her Surbrook family. She emailed me for years as "Kate" on both sides of the 2010 (year of the quake). In her news letter, she said that she with Michael had to leave early; she was likely writing to family and friends, though if she was Katie Zook, they wouldn't have been told that part. Were Cathian and Mike in Haiti before the quake, as with Mark Surbrook??? Note that the same Christian page mentioning Munos and Zook also mentions Mark Surbrook. What was the connection??? There must have been hundreds of missionaries in Haiti on that day, yet here we have mention of only a few, with a Mr. Surbrook. And of all possible situations, he arrived the day before the quake, which begs the question: did his team know it was coming soon? I realize how insane that sounds, unless they have mastered the science of causing an earthquake.

Michael Maness operated a helicopter to Haiti, according to Cathian, and we just read above that Munos and Zook were "airlifted" to Miami. Moreover, Michael Maness had a listing in Texas, and then we read: "Praise God Jack Munos arrived safely at his brother's home in Texas where he will be staying for the remainder of his recovery." Intelius shows a James Munos of Waco, relative of Jack Munos.

In the page above, there is a link to a special page for Katie Zook telling that she was on the fourth floor of an apartment when the quake hit and turned the building to rubble, with her under it; they dug her out, it says:

...Katie was Med-Vac'd to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, where she was treated in the U.S. Naval hospital and then rushed to her current location here in Ft. Lauderdale early Thursday morning...

...Thank you for your overwhelming prayers and support for Katie and Jack Munos. Cards may be sent to them at: North Broward Medical Center 201 E Sample Road Deerfield Beach, FL 33064. Personal visits are discouraged [expected if its a hoax] so that Katie and Jack will be able to have sufficient rest to heal as quickly as possible.

[Two lines later]...Continue to pray for Jack Munos and Katie Zook, who are recovering in a Ft. Lauderdale hospital ICU unit.

Send cards to Deerfield Beech (Miami) even though they are in Fort Lauderdale hospital??? In a later update, Katie is still in the intensive care unit at Fort Lauderdale on January 21. On the 27th, we read: "Both Katie Zook and Jack Munos are out of ICU. Jack underwent surgery Tuesday, January 26, to close incisions in his leg" The 28th: "'Hello? I see you,' says Katie Zook from her hospital bed near Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I reached her by Skype. The 22-year-old is recovering and remembering..." How could all those cards / gifts going to Miami, over the past two weeks, make any sense in this picture? On February 9: "Katie Zook was able to be moved to a Seattle area hospital on Friday, February 5, where she will continue her recovery." On the 12th: "Katie Zook is now home with her parents in Arlington, WA. She underwent successful surgery on Mon., Feb. 8, to stabilize her back because of ligament damage in that area...[same day] Jack Munos was scheduled to fly to Waco, TX, today (Fri.) to relocate at his brother's [James] home. The flight, which was canceled due to weather conditions, will be rescheduled as soon as possible."

The page above, for an update on January 19th, once again has a note to send cards to Deerfield Beach. I don't get it. There is a picture, supposedly, of Jack Munos, but there is not an ounce of sorrow or grief showing on his face for his dead wife. No details are given for where she was found, when she was pulled out, etc., though we hear about her repeatedly from page to page.

Well, the next thing to do was to look up Katie Zook. We just read that she was 22. Of the 33 listings nationwide for Katie Zook, one Katie Marie Zook in Everett, Washington state, fits her well at age 28. Katie Marie Zook is the only Katie Zook listed in Washington state. If her birthday is between January 12 and April 27, then Katie Marie Zook would have been 22 at the earthquake. But anyone can offer their name and age to Intelius, we can assume, even someone creating a false identity. In the Haiti updates, Katie is said to live in Arlington, about 15 miles north of Everett, but not the same place. Then, directly below Katie Marie Zook, there is a Katie M Zook with same age, 28, though now she's got a address in Greenwood, INDIANA (near Indianapolis). Very suspicious. Cathian had a Warsaw, Indiana, address, but that was under her name, Cathian Saccacio, a name that also had a Casselberry address in Florida, as does Cathiam Maness.

The mailing addresses of both Katie Zook and Jack Munos are provided in the Haiti updates, and we can assume this was for receiving financial gifts, if indeed this was a scam. But I don't know that, and I don't mean to be heartless nor mischievous.

Robert Powell

I have no choice but to include the following because, when I was struggling not to tell readers concerning a childhood event that involved a friend with a Powell surname, something happened at lunch to convince me that God wanted it told for connecting Powells to Bridge's and Cambridge's. I had been thinking that the childhood event, like many things in my life, were for making certain revelations in my personal task, but in this case, I did not want to tell readers because, frankly, it sounds nutty. The last time I told this story, I could not recall the first name of the Powell friend (who was not much of a friend), but during the writing of this update, I recalled that he was Robert Powell. He had been thrown over a bridge later in life, on a drug deal gone bad. The Crab surname worked into the Bridge-Powell connection, and you saw how "Carabia" was part of this update. I showed in this update how Jennifer Carabia = Jennifer Scheriff had an address in Lady Lake and The Villages of Florida, and afterward, I even found Cathian with Florida address beside Jennifer's. I didn't know until after that of the Aryan Nations group moved from the Idaho area (near the other homes of Cathian and Jennifer's family) to Sebring, likewise of central Florida.

Earlier in this update, after looking into certain Powells of Florida, I saw a Robert Powell, the only Robert Powell to show up. But that point, I had actually been wondering whether a Robert Powell would show up, because the friend's first name came back to me just before that. But even after seeing what I'm about to tell you, I resisted telling readers because of how nutty this may come across, and because these things could be coincidences.

Here goes. Nicoloff claimed that Skorzeny (born around 1920) was expected to be an Edward Powell, mate of, or fellow spy with, a Ruth M Powell, of the Miami area. In the list of relatives for Ruth Ann Powell, age 85 (born 1930), there is a Robert Powell and an Edward, Catherine and JULIA Powell. You can see why I resisted telling you this, because I was being led by what was likely coincidental, that Kathryn Anne Hinds / Kathryn Anne Page, kin of Washington Surbrooks according only to Intelius, could be Cathian, mother of Julia White. I had doubts on this being the case.

I wouldn't have considered the link to Cathian except for some further coincidences. Ruth Powell had an address in Naples, Florida, on the west side of Miami. I could be wrong, but I had been under the impression that Janet, the emailer with address in Riverside, was originally sending mail under "Janet Naples," after which her emails changed to Janet something-like-Mae (I don't want to give the correct spelling). On the page for Ruth Powell, there is a Ruth Mae Powell (i.e. like Ruth M Powell of Nicoloff's story), age 79, with an address at Lady Lake and another one at Naples, Florida. Ruth Mae Powell has a relative, April Searcy, evoking April, daughter of Jennifer Scheriff of Lady Lake. Now all of this got my attention.

At the time, I hadn't yet known that the new leader of Aryan Nations moved the group to Sebring, which is where a second Ruth Ann Powell (age 65), on the same page, has one address listed. And that's it for the coincidences, substantial, but not conclusive.

The theory coming to mind is: Janet had been living in or beside Naples, Florida, and may be Cathian herself emailing me under another name. But I feel shaky presenting this theory. But this is preliminary record-keeping in case there turns out to be something to it. Like I said, I have no choice but to mention this in case I was led to believe by the Spirit that Robert Powell was placed into my thoughts this past winter just for this connection to Ruth Ann Powell. She has two Michigan addresses while some of the missionaries at Katie Zook's page are from Michigan:

A memorial service will be held, Wed., Jan. 12, on the first anniversary of the 2010 earthquake. Those who perished in the earthquake and who will be remembered at the service include:

•Rev. Jeanne Acheson-Munos, FMWM missionary
•Gene Dufour, VISA Ministries missionary
•Merle West, VISA Ministries missionary
•Erlin Blot, caretaker of the Friends of Haiti Organization building

Those who have traveled from the U.S. to Haiti to attend the service include:

•Jack Munos
•Dolly Dufour and Dorothy West, along with several of Dorothy's family members, Gary West, Merle West II and Mark West. Each of the individuals are from the New Covenant Church, Clio, MI [MICHIGAN].

There is another request for money on that page. It is of course granted that false-Christian groups exist whose sole purpose is to make money, and whose expertise is in coming across Christian-authentic. But I am NOT making this charge against any of the missionary groups here. I'll leave it at that.

Between the two Ruth Ann Powells, there is a Ruth F Powell (79) with a Fort Lauderdale address, as well as two more Michigan addresses, one of them at Dearborn Heights in the same Wayne county as the location of Romney-suspect Romulus, a place founded by Pullens and Pulciphers (see Pulsiphers/Polesdons), according to Wikipedia. Not only do Pullens/Pulleys share the pelican with Wayne's, but Romneys use the Pullen/Pulley Coat. As Mitt Romney is a Mormon, there is a question as to whether Wayne County, New York, where the Mormon founder lived, was named by the same Wayne family. Mitt's father was a governor of Michigan.

Ruth's Farmington location is in a county right beside Clio county (home of New Covenant Church). Farmington is in Oakland County, where Royal Oak, Michigan, is found, which happens to be one of the two Michigan addresses of the older Ruth Ann Powell. Fancy that. Here's the Ruth Powell page:

The older Ruth's second Michigan listing is in Northville: "Northville is a city located in and divided by Oakland and Wayne counties in the U.S. state of Michigan." What a grand coincidence: it looks like the two Ruth Powells both trace to the same area of Michigan. The older Ruth Powell is the one listed with Robert, Catherine and Julia Powell, the ones that were suspect before I knew where the four Michigan locations were at. The backyard of Robert Powell happened to face the corner of a crescent where Witherspoons lived that were my good friends, and they were from Michigan.

On Intelius' Robert Powell page for Florida, he's 37-year old Robert M Powell with four Pennsylvania addresses, all around Pittsburgh.

It may mean nothing, or it may mean everything. Prior to one Juba, Aryan Nations leader (had some Montana activities), living in Ulysses, Pennsylvania, he wanted to move headquarters to Kansas (home of Mark Surbrook, missionary to Haiti), but Kreis out-maneuvered him and moved it to Sebring, home of one of the two Ruth Ann Powells.


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