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November 25 - 30, 2014

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Do Not Miss Bloodline Discussion Here I haven't mentioned the murderous attack on Jews at the Temple Mount. Should this be viewed as particularly prophetic? Let's just say that Israel's strong determination to build new homes for Jews in the Arab area (West Bank of the Jordan) is a little like a circus performer sticking his head into a the mouth of an unstable lion. The purpose in stacking Jewish homes in the Arab area may ultimately be to give it a Jewish majority. With the West supporting the Arabs in this regard, it promotes "justified" violence. The West officially portrays Israel as an occupier in the West Bank, this being a service to the Arab nations, but then the United States, by the same argument, needs to give America back to England.

Or, if Israel is occupying the West Bank because it took it in war where the Arabs started it, why isn't Israel also occupying the rest of Israel? Why does the West justify the Israeli nation at all, since the land was taken in war? By arguing that Israel is occupying the West Bank / Gaza, it lends fuel to the Arabs that view the "occupation" as covering the entire nation. So, it may very well be prophetic that the West is becoming agitated with Israel while the latter continues to poke the Palestinian State in the eye. It's poking it in the eye with its head in its mouth. The only reason that Israel survives this situation is that the lion doesn't have teeth. Palestinians have no military power to do anything about it, and the surrounding Arab nations have not dared to lend their military again in waging an all-out, concerted war.

For Arabs, the ultimate victory against Israel is a victory against the West, or in particular against Western Zionism and the American state that acts as its cover. The West doesn't want to see the millions of Jews lose their home's and their country to unbridled Arab terror. That's why the West is riding the fence on the issue, seeking to avoid the worst. It must be thinking that, by giving Palestinians their own state, pan-Arab anger/hatred will be appeased. But that's like feeding the circus whale a small fish after years of starving it, and telling it, "no more." Israel argues rightly that the West is not thinking straight in promoting a Palestinian state under the circumstances of violent-Arab uprisings.

In short, the West has no other plan. It's completely desperate to find a solution, and it knows that a Palestinian state is no better than Obama borrowing another trillion to put off the ultimate disaster for yet a few months more. What happens when the U.S. crashes, with internal chaos too overwhelming to care about Israel anymore?

French lawmakers were to debate on [Nov 28] a motion urging the government to recognize the Palestinian Authority (PA) as "Palestine," according to AFP.

The symbolic motion is expected to pass comfortably on December 2...

The vote comes hot on the heels of a similar resolution approved by British lawmakers on October 13, Spanish MPs on November 18 and the formal recognition by Sweden on October 30.

...The Socialist MP who drafted the text, Elisabeth Guigou, told AFP the aim was to "reaffirm that the two-state solution is the best guarantee for peace".

"If we do not act now, there is a risk of entering into an irreversible cycle of violence and transforming this territorial conflict into a regional conflict," added Guigou. "Nothing would be worse for the region and for Europe."

It's kissy-kissy to the Arabs, isn't it? But Arabs will not be pacified by this, which is what Israel is trying to tell the Western stupids. The only solution is to make the Arabs peaceful, but if asking them to be so, or if creating a Palestinian State, won't do it, then Armageddon is the only solution. For a read on up-ti-date Israeli-Palestinian developments, see:

Apparently, the "kings of the east" will demolish Arab states around Israel sufficient that the remaining Israelis can look after the rest. Arabs have been evil in refusing to recognize that Zion is His. When the Palestinians want Jerusalem for their own capital, they rail against the very God they claim to serve. And when the Western stupids think that the answer is to give Palestinians a Jerusalem capital, they expose to the entire world that Biblical prophecy is true. For if it were not true, there would be no such thing as Palestinians wanting Jerusalem for their capital.

The Western stupids expose their lack of Christianity, their lack of respect for God. And that's where we're at, led by Western leaders in darkness. They support Israel, not because they respect / love God, but because Rothschild-associated Zionists put Israel on the modern map. Caiaphas and Annas put Israel on the modern map, and God is about to remove them yet again with a second Titus. The old landlords will be booted out of Israel and replaced by the Chosen Remnant.

And the cities of the world, built to the skies by Rothschild industrialism, will be shaken and knocked down. The Lord will grant the entire world visible Signs, alerting people to get out of the cities before this catastrophe takes place. The peoples will have 1260 days to see prophecy taking place, and to make a choice. But even if they receive the mark of the beast at roughly the start of the 1260 days, that will be Deemed their final choice. It means that the anti-Christ must be a very wicked person who rails openly against God for some time before the skincode is made mandatory. God would not be justified in damning people with the mark if the anti-Christ were to be a good man up until the start of the 1260 days. Pre-tribulationists teach that this will be the case: a deceptive anti-Christ in a suit whom is all-lovable and peaceful until he turns into a monster at the start of the 1260 days. They take this position because they misread a certain prophecy or two.

Will there be an optional period for commercial skincode use prior to the mandatory period implied in Revelation 13? I do not think that the use of the 666 can be optional prior to the 1260 days, at which time Revelation 12 calls the peoples out of cities and into the wilderness. Anyone hearing this call will be out of the way when the cities collapse. However, the use of a skincode apart from the 666, and apart from connection to the anti-Christ, can be in use prior to the 666. I'm not saying that it will definitely be that way, but that it seems logical to me at this time. I could be wrong.

Western leaders are right-now sending a strong message to their masses, telling them that they do not respect Biblical prophecy nor even the Biblical God. It's as simple as that. The leaders, who are egging other leaders to take their position on this matter, have just set up a wall between they and fundamentalist Christians. You need to make a choice as per which side of the wall you will be on. Am I anti-government? Rather, I am anti-stupid, and I have been Granted eyes to see that they have rejected for themselves. I want a government that desires and respects the best of God rather than inviting his worst. Unlike some desperado, Middle-Eastern Arabs, I won't blow up government people to get that, but neither will I lament when their cities fall. I wish there were another way, but I'm not God to make that decision. I wish there were no such thing as murder or human-to-human persecution. But, alas, the current leaders are very willing to harm Christians, to toss them unrightly into prisons, just as soon as needs be.

Unless there is a complete media blackout on the words spoken by the anti-Christ as time arrives near to the 1260 days, there's no way to miss him. We are looking for an individual out of Mosul who speaks blasphemies against God, and he'll even be an atheist, respecting no God. The world will miss him because it will consider all the Signs to be complete coincidences, for they will be sure in their hearts that there is no God. And so they will have atheism, and a Godless world agenda, in common with the anti-Christ, this being the backdrop to their trollish motivations against Christians.

And for the liberal Christians who half-believe in a God that's not even half the true God, I assume there will be a False Prophet to make them come alongside the anti-Christ. I assume that the False Prophet will make liberal Christians side with an atheist agenda out of its "goodness" for world continuation / salvation, and because they believe in a God that's not the God of prophecy. The Illuminatists are much like that, believing in a God that's not the Biblical God.

Here we are; Rosicrucian Britain and ultra-progressive Sweden have set the new tone in all-clarity for mission Middle-East-Forward, with the EU Harlot backing them. And France is coming along, satin underwear and all, very willing to jump into the EU orgy with she that sleeps with as many as she can on behalf of her world-controlling aspirations.

I set the bat free a few days ago, and there never was a 12th squirrel in the attic. The 11th was merely visiting, not living there. It tripped the rat trap twice, getting away both times in good shape. For days as long as a week or more, there had not been a squirrel noise in the attic after the fist snapping of the trap, aside from the second snapping. Therefore, I must assume that the total was 11. That is helpful for concluding that, indeed, all squirrels were acting as a Sign for the 11 horns of Daniel 7. If you haven't read this story as I've reported it in real time, be assured, it truly is an amazing set of events well-reflecting the eight heads of Revelation 17. If you care to find this story, you'll need to start in the 2nd update of October, and search the word, "squirrel." It continues in every update after that one, to the last one.

A loner bat, the first I've seen at my home in years, was an 11th creature to enter the story, after 10 squirrels. The bat got caught in a metal case acting as the chimney flange through my ceiling and into the attic. The chimney pipe running through this 16-inch tall case (five sides, open only at the top) takes most of the space, not allowing enough space for the bat to flap its wings. Nor could it climb the smooth metal walls. So, it hibernated in the case, making some noise now and then to the tune of about twice daily, especially when the wood stove was cranked up hot (it liked it best that way). I had lamented setting it free because it could be the cause of a bat city in the attic next year (I have been unable to get the attic fully closed until now), and so I prayed: I'll let it go if You assure it will leave this place. After the last update, I leaned a couple of sticks diagonally inside the case, to be used as a ladder for the bat's walk to freedom. It was never heard from again.

Then, this morning, some three days later, I realized that this too might be part of the Sign, for 2 Thessalonians 2 says that God will allow the anti-Christ (or "power of lawlessness") freedom from the midst of His restraining power. Until now, the bat was proposed as a symbol for Baathists in the Mosul area. But I had also reflected (and written) on Obama's bat ancestry in the Bath/Atha and Bat surnames.

The impression I've gotten is that both this one bat and the 11th squirrel represent the "different" 11th horn of Daniel 7 = the revived 8th head of Revelation 17. The 11th squirrel is the only one that got away. If it continues to get away, that will seem like an appropriate part of the story as I'm interpreting and describing it: the anti-Christ is now on the loose preparing the lawlessness agenda. The eighth squirrel miraculously snapped the trap SIX times before getting caught, and it survived in perfect condition even on the sixth snap. Why SIX?

Why is there a 666 look to the strings of this Traby hunting-horn design (borrowed from at Wikipedia's Traby article) while I used a rat TRAP? Again, the Rats surname is suspect with the RADZiwills that you can find as Traby kin at Wikipedia's Traby article. If you think I used a rat trap to get the squirrels for the express purpose of making up this story, don't be nuts. I would not do that. It just turned out that way as evidence that this is a Sign. I purchased the rat trap specifically to capture one squirrel that refused to go for another kind of trap that caught it alive. The rat trap was used on nothing but all 10 squirrels (I was initially under the illusion that there was only one squirrel in the attic). You need to go back and read the events concerning the 6th squirrel, amazing. And the Rats'/Raits share a black, engrailed cross with the Bats for a very good, Baathist reason.

Later in the update, I'll show why the Rats/Raits can be from a Rieti line through the Rhaetian Alps, important because Rieti was the home of emperor Titus' family. In fact, this Rhaetian entity becomes suspect with Swedish Thors, evoking the fact that Sweden got the Palestinian-state-ball rolling.

The Middle East is a waiting game for the West where, hopefully, time will somehow correct the problem. In the meantime, the West continues to intrude, applying both its solution and its business interests. Putin has been complaining to all of his friends concerning this intrusion, and the West is not merely shrugging it off, but is now attacking Putin's character and ambitions. The Germans have been asked by the West to do all in their power to "correct" Putin's vision:

Now, German officials say, they have run out of ideas about how they might sway the Russian leader. The channels of communication with Putin will remain open, but Berlin is girding for a long standoff, akin to a second Cold War.

"I think we need to prepare ourselves for a prolonged conflict in which Russia will use all the means at its disposal," Norbert Roettgen, chairman of the foreign affairs committee in the German Bundestag and a member of Merkel's conservative party, told Reuters.">

That's intended to mean nothing but "Putin is the bad guy becoming worse, and we're therefore going to hold the Ukraine a lot tighter." Putin responded to Merkel by implying her involvement in geo-political fanaticism (not his word) that he wants no part of. For Putin, Merkel's remarks are a betrayal, but if Germany kept friendlier relations with Russia in the last few years, it was likely Rasmussen's doing, as he launched out seeking common ground with Russia. The new NATO head is less willing to toy around, so I hear, and this may explain Merkel's sudden iron tone.

It was just in the last update when Rosh liners -- like "ROETtgen" -- were discussed as part of American intrusion into Syria. Even before the West took Ukraine, it would have been enough-is-enough in Putin's eyes had the U.S. taken Syria, and here the West has found a way to get weapons into Syria under the guise of fighting IS. It looks like a path to fulfilling prophecy, and yet, if the anti-Christ in Mosul is to be a Russian, it looks like it could be some years (at least) before current circumstances evolve into that scenario.

So, here's my question: if the squirrel-and-bat Sign is intending to reveal that the power of lawlessness is about to be free, or has already been freed, does it predict that Putin will begin to cater to, and kiss-up to, the IS Baathists? Or, to other Baathists not expressly the IS leadership? OR, if the West is to provide the lawless one, should we consider the Sign as per the new NATO head, who started his term fresh in October. He probably took the entire first month to prepare his desk. What will he do on the ground? OR, is this squirrel-and-bat thing one colossal mistake in how I'm reporting it?

A week or two ago, there was found an article wherein a Russian plane through Iraq was arrested by the Iraqi government on suspicions, but, said the article, the Iraqi's had not yet, at the time, opened the doors of the plane to check the contents. I've seen no update on that situation. It may indicate that Putin has decided to side with either the Sunni or the Kurds against Baghdad. But, again, Putin does not strike me as loud-mouth, anti-Christ material.

The West is saying a little like blah-blah that it's prepared to enter the Ukraine war: "'We are essentially in a waiting game,' said another German official, who requested anonymity because of the sensitivity of the matter. 'All we can do is keep an eye on the violence in eastern Ukraine and be prepared to react to it.'" He/she kept anonymity because his/her words amount to a threat to enter the war. I can predict that any escalation in the Ukraine will be blamed on Putin.

We see oil prices plunging at this time, when "Russia gets about 50 percent of its state revenue from oil exports..." It could make Putin reflect a little differently on the near future.

It's impossible for Russia to make half its revenue in oil unless oil prices are many times higher than they should be under normal business pricing, The world is being severely gouged on oil. No country should depend on oil sales to pay government expenses. That's what taxes are for. High oil prices brings the marketplace to a crawl, reducing tax revenue.

The Russians are hitting back:

"As part of this campaign, Kremlin-funded broadcaster RT -- formerly known as Russia Today -- launched a German language station this month to put across Moscow's view of the crisis.

German media have been complaining for months about their news sites being bombarded with pro-Russian comments. German security sources say they are part of an organized offensive steered from the Kremlin.

..."Putin has tools to influence opinion within the EU," said Ulrich SPECK [caps mine to indicate Rodham-suspect kin] of the Carnegie Europe thinktank. "He is doing his best to undermine the German narrative of the Ukraine crisis."

"Undermine" suggests a rodent, bad, very bad. The West wants only one side to be aired, the side opposing Putin. "Another described the battle to keep the EU united on Russia as a 'Herculean task'." Translation: there is a concerted effort, born of a conspiracy amongst Western leaders, to slant the thinking of Europeans, and everyone else, to their picture of the Ukrainian crisis. Why are Europeans so opposed to Russian gas across the Ukraine? For the same reason that they don't want a stronger Russia as their neighbor: they don't find common ground with Russia. It's the geo-political competition, not a potential EU member. The EU leadership runs many small pawns, not wanting a big fellow on the team who demands to call too many of the shots. The EU wants to grow toward Russia, taking more pawns in that direction, but does not want Russia to grow toward Europe. Russia, and most-everything to its east, thinks that the West is involved in creating a New World Order. And that's the thing that's frustrating that harlot: half the world doesn't want her services. There is a gang developing in the east that will rape her, then kill her. There will be a great sigh of relief throughout the universe when she is gone. Very much like Obama, she is developing into a control freak.

The following is a Reuters claim that Putin illegally created the previous, pro-Russia government in the Ukraine. I'll let you decide whether the story has merit / truth; it involves Russian gas to a Mr. Firtash in the Ukraine, whom Putin supposedly used in propping up the previous, pro-Russia president of the Ukraine. However, this information is from the U.S. ambassador's office in the Ukraine, and may be falsified for the purpose at hand...of tarnishing Putin:

...A U.S. diplomatic cable, which summarized Firtash's discussion with the ambassador, drily noted: "Due to his commodities business, (Firtash) became acquainted with several powerful business figures from the former Soviet Union."

According to the cable, Firtash told the U.S. ambassador he had been forced to deal with suspected criminals because at that time it was impossible to do business in Ukraine cleanly. He said he had needed and received permission from a man named Semion Mogilevich to establish various businesses. Mogilevich, an alleged boss of organized crime in eastern Europe, is wanted by the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation for an alleged multi-million-dollar fraud in the 1990s involving a company headquartered in the United States. He was indicted in 2003, and described by the FBI in 2009 as having an "extensive international criminal network."

Creepers, the U.S. embassy knew everything needed to tarnish Firtash, and even link him with Russian politics so as to make a Putin link to the Ukraine mafia. It couldn't get much worse for the beloved Russian president, and even tempts the Russian people to turn on him. The crux of the accusation may lie on how credible it is for Mr. Firtash to be informing the U.S. embassy that he was personally involved with, and/or employed by, an organized-crime ring. Does that have the ring of truth? Could Firtash have been that stupid? He even named the boss. Hello? I have no confidence in American accusations based on government-acquired voice recordings, emails, or embassy reports.

If the Reuters story, years old, is breaking only now, the question is, why now? Who gave Reuters the story, and why now? Obviously, the story is from the American government. It's shaped, not for blackening Firtash, but for blackening Gazprom and Putin together. Here's the Reuters surname (Austria), by the way, an upright horse much like the Rasmussen unicorn. But if one enters "Rothchild" without the 's', an upright horse appears in both colors of the Rasmussen unicorn. Moreover, both Rasmussens and Rothchilds use a bend rising from left to right. This Rothchild surname is "Jewish," and so, as usual, no other variations are shown. Jewish surnames always come protected as much as possible. There are usually no details whatsoever given on Jewish surnames.

I would suggest that Reuters are sharing the Coburg Shield, and as the Coburg Shield is much like the Arms of Zurich, Coburgs look like they are from neighboring Kyburg. Later in this update, Thuringia, where Coburgs were first found, will seemingly play into Rothschild-suspect lines of the Thor kind. Coburgs and Rothschilds (with an 's') share the eight-pointed star of Ishtar, the great-mother, mystery-Babylon harlot.

To help prove further what others have said, that Reuters are Rothschilds, the "Per mare" motto of Reuters gets one Mare/Mar Coat using white scallops, which you can see at the center of this Arms of Rothschild (this link is now working). The Mare/Mar scallops are in the colors of the Rothschild arrows in Arms. I'll bring the Reuters up again much later below when it appears that they link to Dawsons. The latter will prove to be fundamental Has liners...that I trace now to "Hesse," where Rasmussens were first found. It's not a coincidence that Scottish Mars/Mare's lived south of Moray, and that the Rothes castle of Peter Pollock was nearby at Rothes, for that location housed the proto-Rothschild line. The Kildrummy castle of the Mars was due south of Rothes not more than 25 miles, and near Tarves too.

The Ukrainian struggle is not for the people, but for gas pipelines, and it involves Kurdistan fundamentally. One purpose is to assault Gazprom, the money bags behind Putin. As Putin wants into Kurd oil, it can explain the recent move of the West to get into Kurdistan for to keep watch on what Putin may seek to accomplish there. Does this predict that Putin will use the Baathists against the Kurds in seeking to take over Kurd oil? Or is the anti-Christ bat a Western agent to be planted at Mosul? Unfortunately, the bat in my chimney pipe didn't speak English or Russian.

I did share that the Chimney surname (chevron colors reversed from the Singletary chevrons) shares the antelope with Singletarys, and that Obama's great-grandfather to some generations was Jonathan Singletary. There is reason in this and SEVERAL (not few) other things stated previously that the anti-Christ will be an Obama-related agent, perhaps even set into the Middle east by Obama himself.

The Ukraine war is on, according to the U.S. military, but this could become a pipe-dream:

U.S. Gen. Philip Breedlove said a large number of Russian troops are also active inside Ukraine, training and advising separatist rebels.

...Breedlove spoke during a brief visit to Kiev, where he met with top officials to discuss continued NATO assistance for Ukraine in its fight against Russian-backed separatists in the east.

"We are going to help Ukraine's military to increase its capacities and capabilities through interaction with U.S. and European command," he said, adding that it "will make them ever more interoperable with our forces."

...Providing defensive military equipment to Ukraine has broad support in the U.S. Congress.

That sounds like a second war against Putin. The latter has gained the upper hand in the war, leaving the West to create a plan for dealing with it. They can't send weapons in unless they first demonize the Russians, and they can't send too much weaponry lest it angers Putin too much. The West doesn't want a war; it wants Putin to go away. Putin doesn't want a war; he wants the West out of the Ukraine. Here's the latest message to Putin, but he's not shaking in his boots:

The US Army plans to deploy about 150 tanks and armored vehicles to NATO countries next year and some of the heavy armor may be stationed in Eastern Europe, a top American general said Tuesday.

The move is part of a US effort dubbed "Operation Atlantic Resolve" in the Baltic states and Poland to reassure allies anxious about a resurgent Russia, with American troops deploying for several months at a time to conduct joint exercises

Last I heard on November 30, a large convoy of Russians entered into eastern Ukraine.

Chuck Hagel has quit Obama's military team. Will we ever know the truth? Will anyone leak it? It makes an embarrassing month for Obama all the more decrepit. News is telling that Hagel was "micromanaged" by Obama:

...Still, Flournoy's decision to withdraw [from replacing Hagel] removes a candidate who was seen as being at the top of Obama's list...She sent a letter to the think tank's board Tuesday saying she had asked the president to take her out of consideration for the Pentagon job, citing family issues [a common explanation for public-consumption purposes = a lie].

A person close to Flournoy said she had concerns about the job, including whether she would be given more latitude than Hagel in policy making. Pentagon officials have long griped about White House micromanagement, and Hagel was largely seen as someone who would acquiesce to the West Wing.

Not to worry, Mr. Hagel, there isn't much glory, anymore, in being the pawn of a loser. Did you think that Obama was hiring you to give you latitude in the decisions? There is nothing left for him but duking it out, dictator with a weak arm versus Republicans wearing lead in their brand-new, polished boxing gloves. Obama will be squinting in confusion from the reflection off the zig-zagging gloves, and the heat will just be too much for one that would rather be golfing in the calm of paradise. Obama's worst nightmare, that Republicans would remove from him both the House and the Senate, is his-two-year reality starting January. Between now and then, it's like a sick feeling in his stomach.

The liberals, bless their loyal hearts, will definitely make this look like an Obama victory. "Hagel submitted his resignation Monday under pressure from the president. The former Republican senator struggled to break through Obama's insular inner circle of foreign policy advisers. And despite the White House's desire to have a less independent Pentagon chief, officials privately complained about Hagel's lack of engagement in national security deliberations." Ah, they are painting it as Hagel's fault in order to save Obama.

On a trip to Afghanistan during President Barack Obama's first term, Defense Secretary Robert Gates was stunned to find a telephone line at the military's special operations headquarters that linked directly back to a top White House national security official.

"I had them tear it out while I was standing there," Gates said earlier this month as he recounted his discovery. "I told the commanders, 'If you get a call from the White House, you tell them to go to hell and call me.'"

To Gates, the phone in Kabul came to symbolize Obama's efforts to micromanage the Pentagon and centralize decision-making in the White House. That criticism later would be echoed publicly and pointedly by Gates' successor, Leon Panetta [listed with Panico's].

...Obama's advisers deny Hagel was ousted because he challenged the president. They cast the former Republican senator as the wrong fit for a job in which he never appeared comfortable.

So that's what Obama's really like. The article then goes on to portray Obama as mainly detached from what the military considers logical agenda. It gives the impression that Obama has his own agenda, which he doesn't want the military to know. Obama the spy wants to know what's going on so that he can counter things effectively, in time. One thing became certain: ISIS provided the means, quickly, for the Kurds to seize the oil city of Kurdistan, taking it from Iraqi control. Iraq is now on its knees, more willing to make an oil deal with the Kurds.

Can the anti-Christ be a defence minister? The Hagel lion and double bends trace to the same in the Arms of Kyburg, an area of Switzerland not far from the Rhaetian Alps. When you get to that topic below, note that the Thors of Tyrol (north of the Rhaetian range) caused a look-up of the Tyrol surname to find a "crampon" symbol, which is shared by Rats-suspect Dutch Reeds (Scottish Reeds come up as "Raet"). Crampons/Cramptons, with a "square" in the colors of Swedish Thors, use gold-on-black lions, the colors of the Hagel / Kyburg lions. A certain Mr. Reed of Rhode Island was a contender for replacing Hagel, but he withdrew from the list.

I've been telling of the leopard in the Danish Bauer Coat for years, but it's now noted, for the first time, to be a lion, and it's essentially the Crampton lion. The axe that the Bauer lion holds is in the colors of the other Crampton symbols. These colors are used by Burrs, who may link to the Burr variation of German Bauers. The colors of the stars in the German Bauer Chief are the colors of the EU stars. The blue wings of German Bauers can link to the same of HERTzogs, first found in the same place as Bauers, and so the HURT beside the Bauer lion/leopard should apply to Hertzog / Here / Heyer liners. But then two Hare Coats share the "indented" feature in the Burr Coat, a feature used by Obama-liner Randolphs and Dunhams. As the Has/Haas/Heslin surname (Bavaria) uses nothing but a hare (in Reuter colors), most-everything in this paragraph may trace to the giant sun of Hesse's, expected as the El-Gabal>Hesse connection to the globalist Rothschilds, and thus it can explain why Javier Solana was a "boss" of the EU (i.e. he was a Rothschild pick).

I have been bringing up the Square/Squirrel surname for weeks throughout the squirrel Signs. And every once in a while, over the years, I mentioned that some heraldic cantons are called "squares," but rarely do I come across cantons called such. I did yesterday, however (when writing far below), for the Crampon description is like so: "Black with a helmet between two lions, and at the top a rose and on a square in top left a black lion." The people who write these descriptions know to use "canton," and usually do, but this time it's a square. Why? The Square/Squirrel surname is honored by Decks/Daggers, from the south side of Switzerland, at Ticino.

The Rhaetians extend from Tyrol to Lombardy, allowing the Insubres' of the Ticino theater to be part of this picture, important because the Bats and Supers/Sopers share engrailed, black-on-white saltires. One area of the Rhaetians, I have only just learned, is RATikon. I did not know this when mentioning the possibility that Titus' family at Rieti may have settled the Rhaetians too, and so see this:

The Ratikon is a mountain range of the Central Eastern Alps located at the border between Vorarlberg, Liechtenstein and Graubunden...In the south, the Prattigau is its limit...

PRATTigau is on the Swiss-Austrian border i.e. beside Tyrol. In the Vespasian-Titus investigation, it was found that a motto term in the Arms of Rieti was in honor of the Prude's / PRATTs. Here's from the 3rd update in October:

There are small fish (two blue-ish, one white) over a dark lattice background in the lower half of the Rieti Arms, and as you can see, a "pratis" motto term for fish-using Prudes/Pride's', right? Amazingly, Pratts (share trefoils with Prude's/Prattes'), a little like "Petro," share gold-on-black mascles with Peters! Nights/Naughts, in the colors of the Peter mascles, share the gold forked-tailed lion with Peters and Prude's/Prattes'!! That's like a rat trap to a mouse. It traces Peter Pollock to Rieti elements, home of Vespasian's grandfather [Mr. Petro], and is an indicator that Blois / Chatillon elements were with a Petro and/or other Rieti surname!!! Wow. I'm amazed. Remember the lattice and pulley in the painting of the Guiscards, now tending to trace the heraldic lattice (used by Caens, suspect with the Paeti) to Vespasian liners. Pratts even look like the Peacocks, a known sept of Pollocks.

Pollocks were proto-Rothschilds; bank on it. When I get to the Thor - Tyrol topic later, look for the peacock feathers on the elephant trunks of a Salzer surname traceable to Salzburg, beside Tyrol. Mouse-tower Peacocks and Peters share mascles with Pratts, and while the latter use symbols connectable to various Obama lines (including Singletarys, Wolfleys, Davis', and Masci's), they were first found in the same place as Dunhams, the surname adopted by Jonathan Singletary.

As the 8th head of Revelation is now suspect as the revival of Vespasian and his two emperor sons, Titus and Domitian, we can entertain a trace of this family to Prattigau in the Rhaetian mountains, and perhaps expect the anti-Christ from this Swiss region. If the anti-Christ is to be a Swiss entity, then I would suspect the Swiss-banker mafia, wherefore note that the Sach rose is used in the Crampon Coat.

It can be added that the black-on-white chevron of Pratts is used by Balfours, and that both surnames use white symbols, the Balfours using a white otter's head...tracing to the Otter/Other Lombards = the proto-Windsors. That's important because the Rhaetians reach into Lombardy, now making the Windsor-line Lombards suspect with the Vespasian line to the anti-Christ. We probably need to ask the Ottone's about this, as they share the Thor perchevron in colors reversed. We probably need to look under the tree stump of Ottone Visconti in Milan. I'm sure that there will be a Super find there.

It's a no-brainer to realize that Rothschilds, under Nathan (the second Rothschild), merged with Windsor elements. It's widely known that Nathan's descendants were involved with Arthur Balfour (prime minister of Britain) in putting Israel on the modern map. I have always suspected secretive Rothschilds behind the Swiss "laundromat" banks. I'll have more to say in linking Nathan Rothschild to the Thors later.

The eastern boundary of the Ratikon range is in the Silvretta range, and then Silvers (Hesse) use a giant crescent in Este colors, while the Prude fish are expected to be from Bar-Este elements...suggesting that parts of these surnames were at the Prattigau and Silvretta regions. The Balfour Crest happens to be a BATon. But there's more. It's a "baton, tip silver." The Batons, listed with Bastons, nonetheless use bats in the colors of the Bat bats.

Why a tip silver? The Tipps/Tippens (another antelope) are even in Balfour colors, and the Tippers were first found in the same place (Cornwall) as Balfours. Tippers link to Kennedys at Tipperary while Scottish Kennedys (share dolphin with Tippers) share the Cassel Coat for a trace to Hesse-Cassel, where the first Rothschild reportedly got his fortune. Therefore, Balfours link to two entities by their codes that trace to the Hesse theater.

The white Kennedy "squire" helmet [part of the Squire/Squirrel bloodline that likely traces from the Marici of the Ticino to "Merkel"] now showing, which was changed after I linked it to the same helmet of the Renfrew Dobys, is identical with the white helmet of the Crampons. To refresh your memory, Crampons are honored by Reeds and Tyrols, the latter from beside the Rhaetian mountains, where the Rats are now tracing at least tentatively. Scottish Kennedys were first found in the same place (Ayrshire) as the Kyle's whom I think are using the white anchor of the Rats'. The reason for this Rats trace to Kyle's is that the Reeds/Raets/Riets are using the Pike/Picken saltire while the latter were first found in Ayrshire. Moreover, the saltire is colors reversed to the one used in the Arms of Ayrshire.

"The Prattigau Valley, in the canton of Graubunden (Grisons), Switzerland, is home to the world famous ski resorts of Klosters and neighbouring Davos..." "Klosters" is like the CLAUSula river (left side of map) with a mouth virtually at lake Scodra, itself beside Bar (not shown). To the west side of Klosters, my atlas has a RATISche area, evoking the Traby trace to trap-like Tropoje, near the sources of the Clausula.

The proto-Rothschild Bauers are said to have been of Austria and Bavaria, the latter being where the Kloster/Klaus/Claus surname was first found. It now seems apparent that Bauer elements in Austria had connected with Thors / Tyrols. If not mistaken, German myth had a Tyr god that equated with the Scandinavian Thor. Now we see what that's all about. Here's from the last update:

The Claus surname, looking like it might be using the Talbot lion on someone else's colors, were first found in the same place (Bavaria) as Has'/Haas', and so see the CLAUSula river (flows to modern Shkoder at the south end of lake Scodra), and let's repeat that Has is a modern location, not shown on the map, but at the northern-most part of the Drilon river, smack beside the source of the Clausula river. There's your Santa-Claus line.

Since then, I've looked at the Sled and Sleigh surnames, checking to see whether Santa was given that symbol as a bloodline code. The Sleds/Slade's (same place as Balfours) are using the Shield-and-Chief color combination of Mens (and German Thors) with the black horse head once showing in the Este Crest. The Sled horse head still shows in the Crest of ESToil-using Butts/Bute's, from Butua, near Bar. The Este's, honored along with the Mens' in the Pepin motto, share the white Pepin horse heads, and are in colors reversed from the Sled horse heads. See the Hel(l)en horse heads because Hellens need to trace as Hellespont elements, along with Lysimachia elements, to Lissus, on the same river as Has, and at the west side of the Cavii.

It was my impression (years ago) that Scythians, far-northerners like Santa, were named after "skid" due to their use of sleds, and here I think I'm finding a Scythian group from Clausula, for the Selletae of Thrace looked like they should trace to Skit- and Sched-suspect Scodra. Sleighs/Sleaths, first found in Traby-suspect Derbyshire, can thus trace with Traby liners to some entity at/near Tropoje, which is due north of modern Has and likely on the river that flows to Has, and then the Sleighs/Sleaths are said to be from the manor of ASHE. That is, it could be revealing that the Ash surname of D'Esse Court (Devon) was from Has elements. It can therefore trace "Hesse" to the namers of Has.

"Sleath / Sled," by the way, is like "Selletae," which can reveal that the sled was named after these proto-Salyes peoples. It tends to link Santa liners to the Salassi and to the namers of Saluzzo. It just can't be coincidental that, in the midst of tracing Rhaetian-region terminology to the Bar-Scodra area, the three Sleigh/Sleath owls were found in the colors of the three Howell towers, themselves in colors reversed to the identical towers of English Thors/Tours!

It should be added that Hoppers use this tower design with gyronny, a Titus symbol, in the background. The "est salus" phrase of Hoppers could be indicating the Salassi founders of Aosta.

After writing the above, it was found that Sleighs/Sleaths are in the colors of Drops/Trope's.

The Ash's of Devon were first found in the same place as Chives' (i.e. from the Cavii at the Has theater) and the Thors/Tours above. Plus, the Ash's can be using two of the three black chevrons (in Chives colors) of the Levi's. In this picture, zowie, Santa looks like a concept born in Quintus Caepio giving away gifts from his stash of stolen gold and silver bars, for the Sleighs even share a gold fitchee in Crest with Quints.

Hmm, German Ash's, in Santa colors, share the three chevrons of Singletarys, and the latter share the antelope with Derbys/Darbys. The Sleighs/Sleaths of Derbyshire are in Singletary colors. As the Singletarys are suspect in multiple relationships with Bat liners (especially Randolphs), let's repeat that the Chimneys share the antelope-head design in Crest with the Darby Crest. By-and-large, Obama lines go through Cheshire, beside Derbyshire.

Apparently, as per the Darby write-up, and the stag in the Arms of Derbyshire, the Darbys/Derbys had a false idea that they derived in "doe." But then we would like to ask whether the reinDEER applies to that picture, for Santa Claus is tracing smack to Tropoje. On my atlas, the source of what I gather to be the Clausula is not more than about 20 miles from Tropoje. The Doe's happen to share a same-colored chevron, and the garb, with Derbys, but Doe's may have been invented as per the false idea that Darbys were "Doers." Or, the false idea was born from a Darby merger with Doe's. The Darbys must have known that they were Traby liners, but they wouldn't have wanted to tell their fellow Englishmen such Polish things. The Doe's even use so-called "coulters," suggesting the Coulters sharing the Catherine Wheel with Wheelwrights, for which reason "COLTer" traces to mythical KOLODziej the Wheelwright, founder of the Mieszko Pole's.

It just so happens that Holders look like they use a version of the Dunham Coat while Singletarys share the antelope design of Wheelwrights. Doe's/Dows are related to Dove's/Dows, the latter using the same dancette (different colors) as Holders. .

If we would like to know why Santa's sled was pulled by REINdeer rather than polar bears or seals, we might ask the Reins/Rhine's/Reno's, first found in Switzerland. In fact, it is a very-good theory that the families keeping charge of the Caepio treasure ended up producing the secretive Swiss banks.

A Rein trace through RENfrewshire is important where Singletarys and Dunhams both share spears with Speers, first found in Renfrewshire. The Speer spears are definitely in use in the Coat of VesPASIan-suspect Pasi's/Pascels. That link is how it was discovered that Vespasian was named in-part after Phasis, beside Batumi, named by the Caucasian Bat peoples. It predicted that the Bat scythians would be part of the revived heads of the Revelation beast, but that was before the bat visited my chimney pipe.

A new realization was made just as I wrote that last sentence. It has to do with the bat being trapped in the chimney FLANGE. One can find online that Obama's great-grandfather to some generations was a mayor in Germany (Orsingen) with a Wolflin surname that was changed to "Wolfley," and then Wolfleys (in Flan/Flint colors) use so-called FLAUNCHes (curved shapes at the two sides of the Coat). Wolfleys are said to have had a location in Derbyshire. This recalls a surprising trace (about three years ago) of Wolfleys to "Vilnius," home of the Radziwill>Astikas line that merged with Trabys. Note that Drops/Trope's were first found in the same place as Dunhams.

Another thing came to mind not more than a few hours before the flange-flaunch realization. I just hadn't gotten around to mentioning it yet. First, let me repeat what I said earlier today: "After the last update, I leaned a couple of STICKS diagonally inside the case [= flange], to be used as a ladder for the bat's walk to freedom. It was never heard from again." It was after writing it that I recalled an old suggestion that the STICK surname might be an ASTIKAS branch. Amazing. The Sticks use three garbs on a black Shield (in Traby-hunting-horn colors), as do Darbys, probably no coincidence. That's how I learned, without doubting, that Darbys were Trabys.

Bats use a "willow wand," and then one West-Yorkshire location in the Wolfley write-up, Wiluelai, looks Willow-like. Wands/Wontons were first found in the same place as Dunhams, Beags, and flaunch-using Hobbits. For this discussion, the RadziWILLs need to be viewed as Rats of Vilnius. We should also acknowledge that Darby-related Dows/Dove's were first found in the same place (Berwickshire) as Scottish Willows. As the Hume's (in Flan/Flint and Wolfley colors) were likewise first found in Berwickshire, it's notable that Hume's trace to Humorului, beside FALTiceni (north of Bacau), where the Felde's/Fields ought to trace that use a version of the Darby Coat. It's very possible that the doves in the Dow/Dove Coat trace to Cuppae (city of doves), near Pincum, suspect with Panciu.

When the Angusta topic is re-visited below, as it links more solidly now with BEACons/Bacons than with Panciu, you may wish to recall that the flaunch was under investigation, and traced, in 4th update in October, to Olioll Flann BEAG. Then, ask why the Beags/Baggs were likewise first found in the same place as Dunhams. As Hobbits share flaunches with Wolfleys, why did JJ Tolkien write on Hobbits and a Baggins character?

Wands/Wantons happen to use the gold-on-black eagles of Bush's (Busca, beside Saluzzo) and Salemans/Salians; these are the colors of the Arms of Kyburg, beside Zurich, and then Salemans/Salians were first found in Surrey while Surreys show a Surrich variation. This reminds me of a Salyes trace to Fussen, on the Lech river, which I now see passing along the Lechtaler Alps smack in Tyrol.

Allow me to spend some time on the "trellis" design used by English Willows, keeping in mind that the latter are suspect with the namers of Vilnius. Others call the design "fretty," and so the trellis must be code for the Trells, listed with TROWle/TROUels/TRUElle's (Nottinghamshire), apparently having all the marks of the Trows/True's/Tree's that I've linked to Drews/Dreux's, and therefore to Drusilla, wife of Sohaemus. The latter's family was traced to Gabuleum/Gabuleus, origin, I now think, of Sohaemus' El-GABAL sun god, the one that the Vatican secretly celebrated at Christmas when they made that holiday fall on December 25, right?

I'm just saying that the Vatican was an El-Gabal bloodline disguised, from the time of Constantine I, as a Christ-centered religion. Constantine continued to have the sun god minted on his coins after he claimed to become a Christian, and so the Vatican came to mix the two religions, as a witch would her brew. It becomes clear here that the bat-like Vatican and the Masons had the same blood roots in this Santa-Claus region.

On the map below, spot "Drilon Fl," and see the river to the immediate right of "Fl." About half way up that river, before it veers north-west, is the location of Tropoje on my atlas. Just look at how close Tropoje is to Gabuleus further up the Drilon. It's about 40 miles on my map (best that I can do off-the-cuff) between the two. There you also see the Clausula river to the west of Tropoje. The idea here is that Drusilla and Sohaemus were from locations near to one another, and that Drusilla was a Traby liner, somehow, of the Tropoje kind.

The Trell/Trowle Coat, using SIX trefoils (a favorite Traby number, in my opinion, because this bloodline loved the 666), is in Trip colors, which surname I bring up because TREFoils are part-code for the Treff variation of Trips. One now has reason to identify the lion in the Drop/Trope Chief as a colors-reversed version of the Drew/Dreux lion, and moreover it can be gleaned that the Shield-and-Chief color combination of Drops/Trope's is that of Sleds/Slade's, for Slate's/Sclaters (DERBYSHIRE!), who were just looked up this minute, use more trefoils...on what could be the Quint Shield.

The SCLATer variation can indicate Schole/Scayle liners from the Scolati Scythians. That works excellently because it traces Sleds to Scotali = Royal Scythians. That's how a Santa Claus way south in Albania could end up at the North Pole.

The Bats, the ones using the willow wand along with a "man," share white human hands with Pucks, whom I traced from the PEUCINi in Scythia Minor (at the mouth of the Danube) to Traby-related Justine of PICENum. This was traced before I knew of the Tropoje location. I can now repeat that PUKE is stamped on my atlas directly below the "ii" of "Cavii" on the map that I've been addressing here. Moreover, German Pucks (colors reversed to English Thors) use the curved Ottone chevron-and-annulet combination (different positioning) in the same colors. This clearly links to the curved chevron of Thors that happen to share the Shield-and-Chief color combination of Sleds/Slade's and Drops/Trope's. The Bats' translate their motto with "heart," the symbol of Swedish Thors, and to this let's add that Sohaemus married another Drusilla of the household of heart-suspect Herods.

Although I mention it later in another section, it's important to say here that while Thors use elephant trunks, the Trunks, in Swedish Thor colors, use the white bull head of SCHOLEfields. Here are the elephant trunks used by Swedish Thors in an Arms of Rothschild.

"Sohaemus" was traced to a Suemus river directly north of a TARPodizus location (shown on the map) and west of the Selletae. I can definitely see "Slade / Slate" from those peoples. Down river to the south of the mouth of the Suemus, we find a NICE location in Odrysia, traceable to Nice in Liguria for obvious reason of a Selletae trace to the Salyes Ligures. Santa comes to town to see if you're NAUGHTY or NICE, and then the Natts/Nathans were discussed recently, and traced to the Nith river with the Nitts/Naughts, at which time I was confident that king Cnut's name was involved (from the Nith) as it named NOTTinghamshire. I did not look up the Nathan surname at the time, as the Nathans came up as "Natt" (using a version of the Nitt/Naught Coat). However, in this update, "Nathan" was entered to find another Nathan surname, first found in Nottinghamshire! This is a triple-whammy, at least, for the Bugs of Nottinghamshire are traceable to same-colored Bogans of Bavaria, suspect with the arrow symbol of the Bauer > Rothschild line. The Nathans are themselves in Bug / Bogen colors, and, in fact, the Bugs share the black-on-gold fesse of Nathans, and even use a bat in Crest!

What is that arrow doing, piercing the heart, in the Nathan Crest? That's how we know that Nathans are from Nathan Rothschild. Here's the Nathan-Coat description: "...two black barrulets, between three blue compasses." Barrulets must be code for Bar liners, and the compass reminds that the Natt discussion had linked to the Needle's/Nadlers (same sun as Hesse's) because the Pettys, at the Pollock roots of Rothschilds, use a compass needle. IN FACT ZOWIE, there is a Barrul/Barrel surname, in Este colors, using a white talbot with a red ear!!! It recalls the that red-ear Pettys (red ear on an elephant!) linked to Oettingen-Oettingen (Bavaria) using a red ear on a talbot! The Barruls use the Shield-and-Chief color combination of Saluzzo's.

If the Barrul Coat does represent a Talbot-Saluzzo merger, it speaks to the Saltire's/Salters, first found in the same place as Talbots, and beside the Sallete's. Barruls were first found in the same place (ear-suspect HEREfordshire) as Talbot-related Sellicks and Traby-related Trevors. The two gold, pierced stars in the Sellick Chief are shared in the Chief of Clintons, and the latter use the Shield-and-Chief color combination of Barruls. The format of the Clinton fitchees is that of the Trell/Trowle trefoils, themselves in the colors of the Clint garbs. The latter's garbs begin to evoke the Darby / Stick relationship = the Traby-Astikas merger.

The Clint chevron is colors reversed to the same of Slate's, first found in Derbyshire. It looks like Clintons are in the 666-lover bloodline, and so you might be amazed at how Bill Clinton figured into the 6th squirrel. Just search "depend" in the 3rd update of October, and read from there, and let me say here -- something you need to remember if you go to that update -- that the sixth head of Revelation is the one that "is." That's how Revelation 17 describes him. Bill Clinton was born a Blythe, but Blythe's share gold-on-red garbs with Clints, and were first found in the same place as Vilnius-suspect Willows who honor the Trells/Trowle's. See also the Troops/Trowpe's, first found in the Banffshire, the general area of Tarves...where the Cavii-rooted Chives' lived.

The Belts came to mind as possible Blythe kin, and the look of the Belt Coat (colors reversed to the Blythe's) reminded me of the Madariaga's, part-founders of the EU flag. While looking at the besants of the Belts, it struck me hard that they were, not so much Byzantine coins, as we are told they are, but suns as per the El-Gabal sun god. The Madariaga's provided the EU and NATO both with Javier Solana, and Solana's use a red sun while Madariaga's use half-red besants. The Mathers/Madors were loaded because I tend to see them as a Madariaga branch, and Mathers showed blue stars, a Belt symbol too. But the big surprise is that Mathers were first found in the Grampian region, which included Banffshire. It looks like all world leaders at this time trace to Traby elements, just in time for their demise.

My hunch is that Traby liners were more-spread out in the Tropoje theater than merely at Tropoje. Let's not forget that the Astikas' trace to Astakos, off the Akheloos river of Greece to which "Hagel" traces well. The mythical Sirens on the Akheloos trace to the Sirons/Sire's/Sirets that are very-easily linked to Vilnius. The question is: will the Clinton circle get to choose the next minister of defence to replace Mr. Chuck Hagel? In the 3rd update of October, there develops the inkling that the Clinton circle controls the "terrorist" group, IS. It's just an inkling, but it's a start. If correct, we could see the 8th head arise from the next situation in Iraq.

Later in the update, written the day before adding material here, the Annas line from Angusta will be revisited because I had wrongly pegged Angusta to be beside Panciu. The latter location looks like it should link to Pinks/Pincs (Shield similar to that of Natts/Nathans), sharing red-on-white lozenges with Reins/Rhine's/Reno's. The latter can trace to the namers of Renfrew, home of Peter Pollock, father, if I recall correctly, of Lady Rothes. She was the proto-Rothschild element of Pollocks, and, if I recall correctly (I forget these details at times), it was her daughter that married a Mr. Watson, while Watsons were first found in the same place (Rutland) as Bats.

The Nation variation of Nathans allows one to view "League of Nations," and the forth-coming "United Nations," as the United Nathans.

Peter Pollock was stationed near Moray, however, where I was told that there was a Rothes castle which he was assigned to build and rule. The bat-using Randolphs of Moray must apply here, and it's the family that Obama traces to without doubt. The article below on Rothes castle, written by a WATT surname, says that the castle was south of Elgin, which puts it near the first-known Troops/Trowpe's. My atlas shows a Rothes location south of Elgin and on the Spey river. Rothes/ROTHAMs were first found in the same place as Saltire's while using what looks like a version of the Sale/Sallete / Dent Coat. Elgins are in Belt colors.

The Roddens/Rodhams (not the Rothams above but obviously a branch thereof) are in Belt and Traby/Sadowski colors, and then the Ruths/Rothers/Randolphs, who look like a mix of Rodhams and Belts but named especially after the bat-related Randolphs of Moray, can connect easily to the Troops/Trowpe's of the Moray area (Banffshire is beside Moray). It's becoming more clear than before that the Taulantii-Cavii merger settled this part of Scotland, but why are Caiaphas liners lining up with Traby liners? What's the end-time story on this relationship?

Rodhams share the tree stump of Watsons, and trace to the namers of Rutland, while a Rodham liner wants to be the next president of the United States. That's why Clintonite Cling-ons may be twisting Obama's arm right now to get him to install a defence minister of their choice for when Hillary is Mrs. President. The Bats'/Baits/Batts (colors reversed to Bats) were first found in the same place (Yorkshire) as Pinks, Belts, and Scarfs honored in the scarf of the Traby/Sadowski Coat. The style of fitchee used by Pinks is that also of Belts, different than the SIX Hillary and Clinton fitchees.

Pinks use the same Shield as Sewers/Suters/Shuters, suspect from Scodra (i.e. roughly where Santa's sled and REINdeer traces), and both use fitchees linkable to the Quint fitchee. The white-on-blue fitchees of Sewers/Shuters go to the same of Quincy-related Winchesters, while Pinks use gold fitchees, the color of the Quint / Sleigh/Sleath fitchee. It again looks like Quintus Caepio was the concept behind Santa Claus' gift-giving, and he slides down a CHIMNEY, which, we saw earlier, is a surname linking to Obama's lines in more than one way. The moral problem is, Quintus stole the treasure, and his receivers are using it to build a godless New World Odor.

The Chimneys, using a fesse in colors reversed from the Belt chevron, were first found in the same place as Belts. I didn't consciously know this when writing the paragraph above. So, put that bat in my chimney flange together with Blythe-suspect Belts, and it really does appear that it's a Sign to us that the Clinton circle is about to act in Iraq with the Obama circle, in some prophetic manner akin to lawlessness getting out of Pandora's Box.

Wondering whether Banffshire was named by a Bangh term, but finding neither it nor "Banff" listed, "Bang" was entered to find another antelope in Crest, but more-importantly the Bangs are listed with the Pink-like Bings/Bengs using quarters in colors-reversed from the Chives quarters! Bingo-bango!! The Bangs even share a white-on-black lion with Rothes!!! Banffshire thus looks like a Benjamin-line merger with the Caiaphas-line Chives' of Tarves.

The Bang antelope is in the color of the Irish-Rothes stag that stands in front of an oak tree now suspect with the oak tree of Pink-related Panico's. This discussion can go back years (in my writings) to when Panico's at Bologna were claimed to house Trypillians in relation to Skits/Skeets' and Scheds, along with lines from the Israeli priesthood.

As Leslie's ruled Rothes castle for four centuries, and as they trace to Lesbos, location of Mytilene, where Middle's/Mittels were traced, note that Bangs/Bings/Bengs were first found in MIDDLEsex.

The Sewers/Shuters (Angus), I've just re-learned, share the "orle" with Rutlands/Roushlands and Rutherfords, Rodham kin without a doubt. The Sewer/Shuter Shield doesn't look like it has an orle (border), but that's what it's called: "A blue shield with a silver escutcheon and an orle of eight silver crosses crosslet fitchee." In this picture, an orle is synonymous with "border," but used in honor of an orle-like surname. Some of the surnames in this paragraph could be from the Ratikon Alps. In fact, here's the quote again, taking note that Rutland is at LEICester: The Ratikon is a mountain range of the Central Eastern Alps located at the border between Vorarlberg, LIECHtenstein and Graubunden." The Leicesters use a swan with drops, suggesting the Drops/Trope's / Troops/Trowpe's.

When you get to the Franconian Rake topic below, you might want to recall that Liechtensteins (the Armstrong Coat?) were first found in Franconia, important because that's where Thor-honored Trunks were first found while Thors were first found in the Rhaetian range. As Liechtensteins are also using Lich terms (e.g. LICHENstein), they trace well with Leicesters to lake Lychnis, otherwise called swan-like Sevan (Caucasia), and to lake Lychnitis/Lychnidus at the source of the Drilon river through Has. When I re-do the trace of Angusta to the Trotus river, you might want to compare the Trots and relevant others to Liechtensteins, asking the reasons for the similarity. Didn't Rhaetian elements under discussion earlier trace to Bar? The Rake's trace to Richeza of Bar-related Lorraine.

To this it can be added that Suters/Shuters link to "SUTHERland," for Mackays, first found in Sutherland, share a "manu" motto term with Bats'/Baits. Uat do you think is the connection between Mackays and Bats'? Ask the Uat/Buto cult. Some think that Mackays are a branch of MacHeths, and the Mackay write-up mentions it, but I say that Heths/Heaths are Maccabee liners of the Jonathan-surname kind, and that they trace to the Atha variation of Welsh Baths, kin of all-seeing-eye Battins/Badens, Watts and Vatts/Watters, all related to Watsons in explaining the all-seeing-eye cult of Rothschilds. The "Forward" motto of Balfours is a motto term shared by Seatons, who throw in a "HAZard" term that can be for Has liners.

Obama was quick to send many dozens, even hundreds, of "advisors" to the Iraqi's, but these act as spies to glean Iraqi plans for the war as it develops in real time. You can't have advisors not asking questions on every detail of the Iraqi strategy. An advisor's job is to ask such questions for the purpose of correcting / improving anything that might need be. Therefore, the advisors can get to know all the smallest details of the Iraqi operations...if the Iraqi's are dumb enough to share them. Here is from an article on November 27 with the message, Americans are not helping:

The US-led coalition against Islamic State (IS) may have allowed weapons dropped by their warplanes and intended for Kurdish fighters to be intercepted by the extremist group, Iraqi parliamentarian Hanan Fatlawi said Thursday.

"The airstrikes cannot defeat IS and liberate the cities. We hear that in some places the warplanes drop weapons for IS...What we know is that the victories achieved on the ground are done by the Iraqi army and volunteers," the Press TV quoted Fatlawi as saying.

Fatwali added that the presence of many international anti-IS coalition advisers is not necessary.

"We are in a war and this is not the time for training, it's the time for fighting. I think this is an effort by the US to come back to Iraq," she said.

...In October, a video published by IS showed boxes of rifles, hand and rocket grenades and other ammunition, which the Pentagon said were dropped by its Air Force planes and intended for Kurdish fighters in the town of Kobani on the Syrian-Turkish border. jets could be dropping weapons to IS: official

There might be a wide movement amongst Iraqi parliamentarians to reject / resist the American advisors where at least one parliamentarian came out publicly to criticize them. It sounds as though the advisors had been relegated to mere trainer status instead, unable to know the Iraqi agenda from head office. It also sounds as though Iraq has reason to believe that Obama is arming the IS side. It's to be half expected according to the Brito-American plot to oust Assad.

The Clinton-IS discussion on the 3rd update of October was as per a comment in the Iraqi news by a Blinken surname in the Obama camp that ended up linking to Clinton-circle surnames. Blinken is in the news again:

Salih Muslim, the head of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) -- the main Kurdish party in Syria -- will soon meet with US officials in Washington, D.C. The PYD leader will be visiting Washington and is expected to meet with US President Barack Obama's Deputy National Security Adviser Tony Blinken, Zaman daily reported.

Obama recently nominated Blinken to the position of deputy secretary of state at the US State Department; Blinken needs to be confirmed by the Senate before assuming the position.

Such a high-level reception for the PYD leader... Muslim to meet US officials in Washington

Blinkens are suspect with Blanks, first found in Shetland, where the vikings that I say named Rothes had origins. Blanks share the cinquefoil of Bus', Leicester, and the Beacons/Bacons (all in Blinken colors), though I see the Rodham cinquefoil related. The Blinken cross is also the Bath/Atha and Randolph cross. What's going on?

Saltire - Chi-Rho Investigation

Mr. Skeetz has offered the possibility that the heraldic saltire traces to the chi-rho symbol that definitely goes back to Constantine I, though some say that it was a version of earlier pagan symbols. I'll share an email to Mr. Skeetz on this topic, written, actually, for insertion into this update.

I can't recall ever seeing a chi-rho symbol in heraldry. Nor can I recall seeing a saltire with a third vertical member of any kind, aside from the use of three swords / arrows in that positioning, which may not qualify as chi-rho. This is unexpected, come to think of it. But then chi-rho may have been exclusively a Catholic symbol that Rosicrucians came to despise after the Templar persecution by the Vatican. That doesn't necessarily mean that the chi-rho bloodline didn't continue as part of Templarism.

When you look at the names chosen for a host of heraldry symbols -- bends, fesses, pales, hurts, pellets, plates, besants -- they become suspect with surname counterparts, as for example "saltire" versus the Sale's/Sallete's. There is even a Salter/Saltire surname, first found in Shropshire, beside Cheshire, where Salete's were first found, though there is nothing in the Saltire Coat to indicate a branch of Sallete's. Saltire's should be using a reversed-colors version of the Talbot and SELLick (Lich liner?) Shields, for Talbots were first found in Shropshire too. The Saltire roundels are called "discs" for possible linkage to Duncans / Donkeys and Chamberlains. But as I trace Chamberlains to Chambre on the Arc river, location of Modane, the Saltire-Crest rooster is interesting for a trace to Modane too.

The Saltire rooster is said to be charged with four "tiles."

I'm grateful for your bringing the chi-rho symbol up, as it caused me to find the Labarum, a flag used in honor of Constantine that incorporated the chi-rho as its Crest symbol. The flag uses three besants on a red background, suggesting Constantine's ancestry in Caracalla Bassianus about a century earlier...a trace proposed recently by other methods. As Talbots are honored with a LABRador species of dog, one can add the Labarum as part of the suspects to which Talbot liners traced themselves. The Talls/Thals (same place as Basina) once showed bees in the design used by Bessins, and the latter were from Basina (about a century after Constantine), herself suspect from Caracalla Bassianus. There is a very good premise here for linking Labraunda Carians, and the Taulantii Albanians, to the Saltire surname, and meanwhile linking it back to a line from Constantine I.

As Basina was married by king Childeric of the Merovingians, it recalls my trace of Merovingians to the Salyes Ligures. Or, as Merovingians were partly from Salian Franks, note that the Salian surname is listed with the Salemans using a bend in the colors of the Sale/Sallete bend.

To establish the link of Constantine back to Julius Caesar, and forward to Merovingians that I say took on the Child surname after "Childeric", Scottish Chambers (share eagle with Childs) are using what looks like a version of the Rome/Room Coat, itself suspect with the August Coat sharing the eagle talon with Talants (Salian-eagle colors). To find Taulantii-like Talants in this picture already expects that Saltire's and Merovingians are involved. Talants are using what looks like a version of the Camp/Champ Coat, relevant because English Chambre's are also "CAMPy / Chamby." French Chambre's use a Shield filled with fleur-de-lys in the colors used by France, a symbol acknowledged to be from Clovis, Basina's son with Childeric. The fleur traces to Lissus on the north side of the Taulantii. If correct that Basina was from Julius Bassianus, this paragraph suggests that the Julian>Augustus line went to Clovis via his mother.

Forgive me if the paragraph above stretches the mind further than it wants to go. But I've got to repeat that it traces to lines of Israel's priesthood in Angusta/Augusta, near a Roman location (Moldova) on my atlas that it itself near PUNGesti, important because Rome's/Rooms use a "PUNGit" motto term. Although I haven't traced Caiaphas to Angusta, Annas is highly suspect from that place, and he traces to Ananes Gauls that are very traceable to Annandale...located in Dumfries, where Rome's/Rooms were first found. The Rome's/Rooms even use a "placit" motto term in honor of Placentia elements while Ananes were living at Placentia (on the Trebia river likely named by Trypillians of proto-Moldova). This Annas line is the backdrop to the Saltire discussion, let's not neglect it.

The namers of Pungesti could be linked to namers of Panciu, and all that it means. The Caiaphas line enters the picture above where Camps and Talants are using what looks like a version of the Capone Coat (same place as Julians/Gillians), wherefore Julius Caesar's affair with Servilia Caepionis seems definitely to apply. French Champs/DESChamps can explain the "disce" motto term of Donkeys and Duncans, while the CHAMPLAIN variation can explaining the "lain" on the end of donkey-using Chamberlains (chevron in colors reversed to the Quint chevron). The Chief of French Julians may be a version of the Champ/Champlain Chief. It just so happens that while Bacons trace to the Angusta vicinity, French Bacons and Donkeys share white-on-red cinquefoils.

The Dess/Dashe/Daish Chief shows the same red lion as the Rome/Room Chief, and then Chamberlains use a "ProDESSE" motto term. The Desh surname is said to have been originally, D'Assche, which puts it into the category of potential Has liners. This part of the discussion, seemingly off-topic from chi-rho, started with the "discs" of Saltire's. There is no Disc / Disk / Desk surname coming up, and so we're left to guess whether it's code for Dess'/Daish's or Deschamps or both. If it traces the Saltire's to kinship with elements from Has, that's where I see the Scolati-Scythians now suspect with the Selletae.

The Labraunda-Zeus cult in Caria was the known reason for the naming of the labrys axe and labyrinth bull pen in Crete. The Maeander river flows to downtown Caria, past Miletus, where the Cretans conquered. Let's assume that proto-Talbots were from this Zeus-Labraunda entity. The Tile(s) surname (axe in Crest) says that a HENRY Tilley, from near Caen, took over the estates previously owned by Geoffrey de Mandevill. Let's assume that the Saltire "tiles" link to that situation, for Mandeville's happen to be in Mander colors, and that latter surname traces well, with similar Rhodes' (same place as Lucy Taillebois), to the Maeander and nearby Rhodes respectively. The Mandeville's are said to have received land in Devon, where Manders, D'Assch-suspect Ash's, and Chives' were first found, and Manders even use besants in the colors of the same on the Labarum flag. One could spend a lot of curious time contemplating and exploring this one paragraph alone.

Compare the Mandeville Coat with that of Says, first found in the same place as Saltire's. Suddenly, the Saltire tiles have gotten us to downtown Caria. And the chi-rho, being the 'CR' letters of the Greek alphabet, can now be suspect as code for CAR(ians).

The Constance surname (suspect with Constantine's/Constance's) uses the same eagle as do Ferte's, and the Tilley location of Henry Tilley, by force of being near Caen, was near Ferte-Mace. Caens even use a so-called FRETty Shield (shared by Modens/Modleys). The pine tree of French Constance's/Constantine's (compare Shield with French Champs) becomes suspect here with the king-Smendys line (mouse-LADDer entity) that was traced to mythical Selene and Endymion of Caria (at LATmus), for Smendys married the sister of king PINEdjem's wife. The Caen description is "fretty silver pattern", and then Patterns are listed with Patons/Pattins, first found in the same place (Shropshire) as Saltire's. The "Disce pati" motto of Donkeys / Duncans can apply to Pattin liners, suspect from Patti in Messina. I'm pretty sure that this paragraph has to do with the Meschins who married the Duncans (I recall it as being a brother of king Duncan). These particular Meschins married Clare's at Tunbridge/Tonbridge, and Clare's happen to trace to Clarus of the Latmus theater. Moreover, Smendys was the first king of the Meshwesh dynasty of Egyptians to which "Meschin / Maschi / Messina" can trace. Maschi's and TANNers (Tonbridge liner?) share PINE cones, while Cone's link without doubt to Conte's, and then the French Conte's were first found in the same place as pine-using Constantine's.

Irish Constantine's were first found in County Clare, named after the Welsh Clare's. The "virTUTE" motto term of Patterns/Patons can be code for king-Tut liners. The Irish-Constantine lions are COUNTER-changed while Counters are listed with Conte's. But the three lions are not counter-changed in the colors of the Shield behind them, but rather are half gold, half silver, as are the identical three lions of Irish Brians (ladder-like motto term, County Clare) that trace to Briancon, on the river of the Saltire-suspect Salyes Ligures, and very near Modane. This establishes a Saltire trace to chi-rho-suspect Carians and to chi-rho-related Constantine's simultaneously. The whisker is pointing to the Smintheus cult of Apollo that passed through Patmos.

The Patents/Pattens (in Patty colors) share a Shield filled with the lozengy of Schole's so that Caens and Patterns/Patons can trace together to the Scolati. It evokes the Paeti beside the Caeni, not far south of the Selletae. Scottish Patents/Paddons could therefore be using the Sale/Sallete / Saleman bend. Unless it's coincidental, Attila the Hun can be gleaned where Patents/Pattens share the ermined Hound/Houn lozenges while Paton-honoring Caens were near Attila-like Tilley.

Moreover, the Patents/Pattens were first found beside Yorkshire, where the Dents were first found that share the same ermined lozenges, but on a bend in the colors of the PATENT/Paddon / Sallete bend. It just so happens that while Patents/Pattens were first found in the same place (Lancashire) as Chadocks and Chadwicks, the latter two look like they can be sharing the Saltire Shield in colors reversed. It's the Chads and Scythian-suspect Skits / Scheds that use the POTENT cross while PUTENTs/Puttens were first found in the same place as Chaddock-and-Chadwick-related Saddocks/Sedwicks. As these are Sadducee-line suspects, you might want to look at the Putent/Putten write-up to spot what looks like Herod/Harald/Hurl liners ruling Saxon England shortly before the Claro Normans arrived. Putents/Puttens, using a fesse-with-besants similar to the one in the Labarum flag, are traced to the archbishop of York (i.e. a Vatican agent) prior to the Norman invasion.

The black-on-white stars of Patents/Puttens should trace with the same of Medleys and Methleys to Methimna on Lesbos, for as I'm confident that Leslie's trace to the namers of Lesbos, the other Patents/Pattens use the green Leslie griffin. This paragraph serves to clinch the trace of these stars, and the Leslie's, to Lesbos.

This is a good place to re-mention that Middle's/Mittels (same place as Saltire's) use the same lion as Belgian Schuts' while the other Schutz's/Shutz's (Saddock liners?) use a greyHOUND that can link to the Patent/Patten lozenges. Indeed, for the Greys even use the same-colored shield-on-Shield (esSCUTCHeon) as Chaddocks / Chadwicks, and the Grey version happens to be identical, colors included, with that of Saltire's! I didn't realize this until now. It looks like you were bang-on to investigate the chi-rho symbol as it might relate to the Schutz saltire. Mr. Skeetz, you have been extremely helpful to me even while asking me to help you.

The Saltire's call theirs an engrailed "border" rather than an escutcheon, but it's colors reversed from the engrailed border of Middle's/Mittels!! Why are Saltire's tracing to lines from Lesbos' Mytilene location? The "hough" ending on the Middle surnames suggests the Houghs (Cheshire and DERBYshire) that once again use the same bend as Sale's/Sallete's and Salemans.

The Henry name used by Tile's seems important here due to Henry IV of Languedoc, where French Constantine's/Constance's were first found. Plus, as "the chief seat of Mandeville's was at Walden in Essex", so we find that Waldens (Alan colors and the red Alan martlets, apparently) are using the red-on-gold martlets of Henrys (Brittany). These Alans became the English Stewarts, first found in the same place as Manders, and yet, while still Alans in England, they lived in the same place as where Saltire's and Middle's were first found. The English Alans would go on to climb the throne of Scotland, ruled earlier by king Duncan, who himself traces to ancestry of a Disce kind, now suspect with the Ash's/Ascheys of Desse Court, in the same place (Devon) as where English Stewarts were first found. The French Alan Shield may thus be the Saluzzo Shield.

I've just noticed that the French Alan Shield (in D'Assche/Dess colors) compares well with the Clinton Shield. When I got the inkling that the Clinton circle was operating / manipulating ISIS, it floored me to find that Clintons were first found in Oxfordshire, where an Isis river flowed that is now the Thames. It's feasible here that "Isis" is from the Has > Ash line to the D'Assche's. German Ashs's/Assche's ("Virtute" motto term) share the triple Singletary chevrons while the latter use footless martlets in colors reversed to the same of French Alans.

The Dawsons use martlets in the colors of the Henry / Walden martlets. These particular Dawsons are in Butt/Butt colors and sharing the latter's estoile so that Dawsons can trace to Butua. It's reminding me of the Doe-Darby and Dow/Dove discussion that traced to Tropoje on the one hand, and to the Pek river and Puke on the other. As Puke is exactly where Cavii lived, note that the Walden fesse is in Quint colors while Waldens and Mandeville's were first found in the same place as Quints. It's verifying Alans (in Quint colors) themselves as a line from Quintus Caepio. The early proto-Alans in league with Trypillians that I envision at the Panico's of Bologna can be seen linking here to the Trypillians suspect in the Darby-Doe link to "Dawson."

To help prove that the Dawsons trace to dove-depicted Cuppae off the Pek river, they use a "proPICE" motto term. As there is no Pice / Piece surname coming up, one can glean that the Paise/Peace surname, using doves, applies. One can therefore trace the namers of the Pek to the Paise and similar surnames, especially to the Pasi (Bologna) and Paisley surnames. But there's more.

The "Toujours" motto term of Dawsons is used by Yonge's that trace to mythical Juno on the Una/Oeneus river beside the KUPA, and that's where Gore's trace too who share the Trip crosslets, and who were first found along with Yonge's in the same place as Waldens and Quints. This can explain why Dawsons use a black talbot while Yonge's use a black wolf, and may even link well to the black greyhound of Schutz's. English Dawsons even share the stag with German Yonge's/Jungs. The Juno entity has been traced to the Jonathan Levites in alliance with the Benjamin-Jabeshites (= proto-Romans) that trace also from Pincum to Panico's.

The Dawson stag is said to be "lodged" in a canton, and then the Lodge Coat can be using the Grey / Joplin lion. The Lodge/Loge Coat is peculiar for using the double-tressure border with only one border line. It's called a "flory" border, and that can reveal that the Dawson bend as the bend of the Florence Bruno's, suspect with the Scott and Talbot bends.

Lodge's/Loge's are traced to Loges of Calvados, and I think it was established well that Calvados, location of Tilley and Caen, was named after the Cavii. The English Licks/Lucks, sharing the black greyhound head with Schutz's, as well as using mascles very-linkable to the Hound/Houn lozenges, can trace to Loges too, while Scottish Licks/Locks use a saltire in colors reversed from the Schutz saltire. Now is a great time to mention that the Lick/Lock saltire is engrailed, and in the colors of the engrailed Rats/Rait cross, and that the latter share an anchor in Crest with the Crest of Schutz-suspect Greys.

The Licks were first found in the same place (Berwickshire) as Willows who in-turn use the Moden fretty as a "trellis," which was identified with the Trell/Trowle surname suspect with Tropoje. The Wands, part of the "willow wand" code earlier in this update, use the Darby chevron. Some Wand variations may suggest the Winders / Winters where we will find a polar bear, very-much in tune with Santa elements out of the Tropoje theater. The Winders were suspect with Windsor castle at Berkshire, where Modens were first found. Thus, Willows and Modens together are tracing to Windsors.

I think the Dawsons (in Has/Haas colors) can now be revealed undeniably as Has liners. I didn't know what follows until writing all of the above aside from the last paragraph. The said derivation of "Dawson" in D'Oson and Oson, and from an Osonvilla location of Normandy, didn't do well enough for me. "Oson" seemed foreign to what Dawsons were tracing to here. Then it was realized that "D'Oson" applies to Dussels/DUSSENs, who share the Hazel fesse, and because Hazels use "slips" in honor of Islips/HASlips, it dawsoned on me that the so-called statant stag (= lying down) of Dawsons was the lying-down stag of Islips. Checking the Islip description for the statant term, drats, it wasn't there, but lookie here at what it does say: "A silver shield with a stag proper, LODGED, under a green holly tree, growing from the base." Ahaha. I rarely see a lodged stag, but here the Haslips and Dawsons both use the term. And Hollys (= Holstein Danes / Germanics) even share a talbot with Dawsons.

Drats, Hollys use a white talbot, and I had found a white talbot a couple of days ago that I wanted to remember, in case it was needed, but had forgotten the important surname. Fortunately, the browser's History button allowed a scroll-back in hopes of remembering it, if I saw it, and it turned out to be the Kissle's!!! I wanted to remember it because it looks like a Hazel liner!!! Okay, good one, John, relax. No need to throw a party over it.

Dussels/Dussens (in French Loges colors) share green-on-gold trefoils with Slate's/Sclate's, Scolati suspects of the Santa Sled kind. But trefoils are used also by Trells/Trowle's, Has-region suspects as per Drusilla of Sohaemus.

The Daws show also as "DOHse," and so we now have cause to trace Doe's and Dows/Dove's to Has, as unexpected as that might seem. The Dove variation of Dows is just play on Cuppae liners from the Pek to Puke. The Daws share axe's (SIX of them) with dragon-using Tile's, and the Daws Crest shows "A black dragon volant bezante on the point of a battle-axe." The Daws bend, in colors reversed from the Irish-Dawson bend, and in the colors of the Wessex bend, shows swans, important because swans are used by Wessels, first found in the same place (Westmorland) as English Dawsons. The WESTOILE variation of Wessels can explain the Dawson estoile, and serves to possibly reveal that all estoiles should trace to Vestalis of the royal Cottians.

The swan design used by Daws (and Licks/Locks) is now very important for linking the Wessel garbs to the same-colored garbs of English Josephs, for the Daws swan design was showing until recently as the only French-Joseph symbol. We now have more clues as per the "wlad" motto term of English Josephs. It can be for Vlads, and/or the Walders/Waddie's/Waltho's (dove) sharing a bend in the colors of the Daws and Charo bend! Yes, that's it, for the Joseph motto also uses "charo." The Daws share bendlets with Waldens, by the way, important because Dawsons share the red-on-gold martlets of Waldens. But as we just saw the Tile's crossing with Daws, that's why the martlets of Brittany's Henrys (in the same colors again) are relevant.

Walders/Waddie's were first found in the same place as Scotts using the same bend colors! That place is Roxburghshire, tracing to the Roxolani that lived in the same place as the Cotesii. Feasibly, the "wheat garbs" of Wessels that suggest the Wheats/Wetts may explain the Waddie variation of what is otherwise a Walter liner from the Dol Alans...i.e. themselves from the Roxolani Alans.

We now know that the Brittany Henrys trace to namers of Henry Tilley, which begs whether the line of Henry of Rodez/Rodes was in Tilley. As the Josephs of Hampshire are said, by an online article, to be from a Henry Joseph / Joseph Henry of Hampshire, it begs whether the line from Joseph Caiaphas was from Rodez, logical because the Caepio treasure was found in nearby Toulouse. Tile's share the wyvern and axe of Drake's, first found in Hampshire. Moreover, Drake's trace to the Drago river, where Creusa lived before co-founding the Romans. Creusa's husband, Aeneas, is suspect in the annulets of Tile's. Josephs were traced to Conteville-suspect Burghs, first found in Hampshire and likewise using annulets. While the Josephs use the Comyn garbs, and while Conteville's ruled Comyn / Comines, the Commings variation of Comyns must have named Comminges, smack beside Toulouse.

Creusa is highly suspect with the Rosy Cross of Rosicrucians, and while I've viewed Creusa's name as a Hros = Rhodian entity to Rodez-related Roussillon, a CARian entity to explain "CReusa" might do better. That can place her in at the center of the chi-rho umbrella.

The Waldens, suspect in using the Masci wings on the Lorraine bend, share black-on-gold bendlets with English Walters, while German Walters share the Maschi / Voir lion. This should explain why the Walder bend rises in the rare left-to-right direction, same as the Masci, Massena and Rasmussen bends. The bend of Walters (same place as Capone's) is in the colors of the Capone stars, but you can bank on this picture tracing to the Varns and Gripps.

The Walden write-up points to a couple of Walden locations of Yorkshire, including one Walder STUBBS village in Selby, while Selbys (Heslington Moor head) are said to derive in an early SALEby term. We got to the Waldens in the first place by following the Saltire/Salter tiles, suggesting that Saltire's were related to Salebys. Just ignore the "tire" ending, as I'm sure it relates to Kintyre's. The fact that the Arms of Selby Abbey use swans indicates the swan-Ligurians wherein I lump Salyes.

The "sapi SUPRema" motto phrase of Selbys is interesting, coming after last update's investigation on Sobeks, which were linked to SUPERs/Sopers (from Clarus at Caria) and possibly the INSubres, important here because Mandeville's were in Earl's Stoke (Wiltshire) while Stoke's use an "INSons" motto term. Plus, the Sobek topic linked integrally with the Milan tree stump and therefore came under the umbrella of the Stubbs ("labori" motto term)...from Calvados, where Caen, Stock (origin of Stoke's) and Tilley are located. The Stubbs (share the buckles with Sobeks) were first found in Stubb-suspect STAFFordshire, and Staffs share the Quint chevron while Stubbings were first found in the same place (Essex) as Quints, Waldens and Mandeville's. To refresh your memory as I need to as well:" Henry Tilley, from near Caen, took over the estates previously owned by Geoffrey de Mandevill." The Stubb write-up traces the surname to Bellamy's of Shropshire, where Tilley-honoring Saltire's were first found, thus making the "labori" motto term highly suspect with "Labarum"...if Saltire's were from the Constantine bloodline that invented the Labarum. As the latter is a banner, note the so-called "gonfanon" banner, a symbol of Montforts who share the Stoke/Stake and Stake lion. But Montforts use the two-tailed Bohemian lion, that being a Bone/Bohum line that corresponds to Yale's Skull and Bones.

This is a good time to suggest a trace of "SalTIRE" to KinTYRE and its MacInTire's/Tyre's...using the Constance eagle! Kintyre is where Alexanders were first found who use a motto connectable to the motto of Buckle-related Buckleys. Alexanders and Buckleys both honor the Mere's and Demere's; the latter two were first found in the same place as Sale's/Sallete's, and use the black-on-white ship seen in one quarter of the Tyre Coat. It's also where Eatons were first found who once showed a cross shaped like two labrys axes. This apparently pulls the Sobek buckle near to the Saltire bloodline, especially if Sobeks were a branch of Supers/Sopers using an engrailed black saltire very linkable to the engrailed cross of Sinclairs, from Clarus of the Caria theater. Sobeks had become suspect with the Milans in a trace to Miletus, smack where this saltire-chi-rho investigation is leading.

While the MacAbee's (beside Kintyre) share salmon with Saleman-suspect SalMONs, Alexanders were traced to Alexander Balus' merger with the HasMONean, Jonathan Maccabee, and that trace was made on the same day (roughly, anyway) that I first gleaned a trace of this Jonathan character to the rooster-using Jonathans/Jonas'. The Saltire rooster may therefore apply, as can the Sinclair rooster. If HASmoneans were from the namers of Has, then Dawsons, Daws and Dows/Dove's become fundamental Hasmonean suspects. When one looks at the Doul variation of Dowels (Dougal branch), the concern goes to Attila's house of Dulo. Was it, along with Tile's, a Hasmonean entity? It just so happens that the Dowel / Dougal lion is colors reversed from the same of the Attila-like Adels.

We need to be careful because not all terms of this nature can be from "Has" fronted with a D'. But the Dass/DunDASS/DunDESS surname is interesting for this very discussion because it uses both the English-Stewart lion (i.e. a family from Dulo-like Dol) and an "ESSayez" motto suggesting D'Esse Devon, where English Stewarts were first found. The Dass'/Dundass' are said to have formed a contract with Dunbars of the Gospatrick kind, and Dunbars had traced indeed to Bar liners (through Bar-le-DUC) i.e. from Bar, near Has. "Duc" is highlighted for its similarity to "DOUGal."

The Dundass term is said to be from "deas," which for me is a possible clue that the Dawson- / Dussen-like Deas/Dasone surname applies, which I've linked at times to the MacAbee's (colors reversed from Deas') because the Deas Crest is a bee. The Dundass motto is translated, "Try," which may indicate the Drusilla-suspect True's/Trows/Tree's...using more bendlets. As Drusilla was a Massena-liner Numidian, see that the Adel lion is used by the Cert/Card Coat, a surname perhaps from Cirta, the Numidian capital. The same lion, but on a gold background, is used by Massins. The Card variation can be for MacCarthys, kin of Desmonds, the latter known to be a branch of Deas'/Dasons.

Let's go back to the Reuters surname, from a section that was inserted earlier in this update AFTER the above on Dawsons and Daws came about. I had looked up the Roys (French branch) as per the ROYTter variation of Reuters, and there was the same Coat exactly as the Irish Dawson Coat. Roys are said to be from "ruadh," and the simpleton explanation offered is that it means "red," but the term compares with "REUTer." English Dawsons use the same Coat but substitute red martlets for the red stars, and then Roys were first found in Brittany, where the Alans likewise use red martlets, and where the Henrys were first found that use red martlets in both Dawson-martlet colors. Therefore, Roys, and possibly Reuters, were linked to Henrys and Alans.

The Roet - Royal - Montreuil connection is coming to mind when it seemed that the Royal surname and it's branches were deliberately named after "Royal Scythian."

As Peter Pollock's father is known to have been an associate (in the least) of the Dol Alans, I expect Rothschilds to trace to Alans. In this picture, when the first Rothschild (Frankfurt) sent his elder son, Nathan, to England, there may have been was a natural attraction between him and the elite Stewarts. Certainly, by the time that Nathan was super-wealthy, that attraction would have magnified.

As Alans of Dol moved to Shropshire, note how the Scottish Roys use a Shield surrounded by red roundels, for the roundels that surround the Shield of Saltire's (Shropshire) are half in red. Both Coats use escutcheons, and in the center of the Roy Coat, the same lion used by Dol- / Daw-suspect Dowels. In the Roy Crest, a ship, suggesting the "Per mare" motto phrase of MacDonald liners, and of Reuters. The Alexanders of KinTYRE are one of the liners sharing the MacDonald motto, which, amongst other things, suggests that Roys and indeed a branch of Reuters/Roytters.

It can be gleaned that the "integritas" motto term in the Arms of Rothschild is a double code, one for Inders/Enders/Ingers sharing arrows on a blue Shield with the Arms, and one for Rita's/Rheda's using the Dowel / Roy lion. The Atlas/Atley Coat uses the same and it's once again like "Attila." As Attila was of the house of Dulo now suspect with Dowels, see below how Tools work into this picture. Probably, Dowels and Daw liners had different stock in their ancestries prior to their initial merger. I'm seeing a Dulo-line taking a Daw-like look due to the merger.

The Rita's even use "pieces of silver wood" (in the lion's paw), which recalls the "ProPICE" motto term of Dawsons. The Wood motto uses "undis," comparable with the INTegrita INDUStria" motto phrase in the Arms of Rothschild. The Wood oak tree is in the colors of the German Mayer oak (the first Rothschild was Mayer Bauer). The tree is used (on gold, however) by Maio's suspect from mythical Maia, daughter of Atlas. The Maio's were first found in Orvieto, about 25 miles from Rieti, i.e. where Rita's/Rheda's (Rome) ought to trace.

The BistRITA river, location of Rockefeller-suspect FALTiceni. The Falts share the leaf design of Hazels (and House's) so that they traced to Has, but they are now tracing to the newly-discovered Has liner, the Roy-related Dawsons. And Rita's happen to be linking to Dawsons independent of the Falts. Repeat: one Falt Coat shares the Gamble fleur-de-lys, and Gamble's are suspect with "Iamblichus," part of Sohaemus' family now tracing to the Has theater. Repeat: the Fields/FELDe's share the Darby/Derby Coat so-as to be traceable to the namers of Tropoje.

The Bissets that trace to the namers of the Bistrita are viewed as kin to Bassets/Besancons sharing billets with the Arms of Roquefeuil, for one. The Roquefeuils married Henry IV of Rodez, and are therefore right down the Saltire / Dawson alley. The Roquefeuils were Roxolani, same as Alans, and they were also the Fuller-branch Pollocks that trace independently to the south of the Falticeni theater. It could be mentioned in passing that while the first Rothschild had ten children (said to be represented by the ten ends of the five Rothschild arrows), the Saltire's use ten billets. The billets under discussion tend to link the Caepio gold and silver bars to Rothschild fortunes at Hesse, and so let's look at how Rothschilds crossed paths with Cavii > Chives liners to which I say Mr. Caepio traces. We have just seen a Rothschild trace to Has, on the north side of the Cavii, but that trace was made in another way, earlier in this update, as per the Bauer hurt and the Hertzog wing.

Bissets (Rita colors) were first found in Ross-shire, part of the Moray-Rothes theater essentially, and the Chives' family was nearby at the least. We can only imagine where else they were, in that area of Scotland, unless we find documents telling of it. Bassets use the Drummond bars, and then the latter are suspect at KilDRUMMy, the Mar castle. I committed to linking the proto-Stange's at Forum Allieni to Trypillians, and they are tracing to Tropoje elements, which themselves traced well to Tarves on circumstantial grounds.

As Reuters honor the Mare's/Mars that figure excellently into the Rothschild picture without regard to any clues obtained from Reuter details, let me repeat that I identified the proto-Alans of Forum Allieni (Ferrara) with the Strange surname...that happens to use the Scottish Mare/Mar Coat exactly. And Strange's were first found in Derbyshire!

It appears that the bottom half of the Reuter horse is actually the Fleming wolf (in the same colors). As German Flemings said to be initially from Flanders) were first found on the north side of the Harz mountains, it should explain why Scottish Harts (share green Shield with Bauers / Bowers) use the Pollock saltire. German Hartz'/Herts/Hertz' (dove on a heart in Douglas colors) are in the colors of the Has/Heslin HARE, and first found in the same place as Has'. Figure on tracing the red Hartz antlers to Veringens. Irish Harts could be using the Danish-Bauer lion with hurt.

If it concerns you, see the salamander code (Douglas symbol) in the write-up of Gilbert de Moravia (= Moray). He is in the Wikipedia article on Kildrummy castle as probably the castle's builder. Douglas' even use the Moray stars. "It is known that Gilbert was the son of one Muiredach, son of Alexander de Moravia..." Why Alexander? Was this a line from Alexanders of Kintyre? Did it involve SalTIRE's? The Muirs/More's happen to share the white Moor head of Has-based Heslingtons. We are right back to Has.

The Burrs (Lincolnshire) mentioned earlier are relatively new to my work. They reflect the Burr variation of German Bauers, and will be kept in mind as fundamental Rothschild liners to which Randolphs (Moray), Dunhams and Dents (in Burr colors) can apply closely. The white-on-black lions of the Burr Chief gives the impression of the same in the same-colored Cabbage Chief (same place as Quince's), and then the Hazel-related House's use a cabbage leaf. It's another way to trace Rothschilds to Has. However, the Cabbage link to Burrs was not made (it was merely suggested). Cabbage variations can be of "Gabuleum."

As the Reins can trace with Santa to the Clausula / Has theater, let's consider the Raines' using the Burr lions, and shared by Newmans too. Why do German Newmans use a single, white arrow on a red Shield, the Rothschild/Rothstein symbol too?

How can the hurts used by Saltire's apply to the Bauer hurt? Newmans were honored by JJ Tolkien in his Numenor code. Hats off to me, I'll take a bow, for I luckily identified Numenor as code for the island of Arran years before coming to the MacAbee's and Blue's/Gorms, first found in Arran. At that later time, I was able to realize that the Newman motto is code for MacABEE...meaning that Newmans were on Arran, beside Rothesay, you see. The German-Newman arrow can even trace to the same of Margys/Mackeys, on-shore from Arran. The latter's arrow pierces ravens, you see, the only symbol of German Rothes/Rothchilds (no 's'). And the Saltire rooster should trace to the MacAbee's and rooster-using Blue's/Gorms. Newmans are suspect with Newtons using crossed bones in the form of a saltire.

Mythical Gorm was a royal-Dane entity, and while German Bauers use the wing in the colors of the Gorm roosters, there is a Danish Bauer branch (showing no variations, drats). I would suggest linking the white-and-red bendy of Danish Bauers to the same of sun-using Hectors, first found in Angus and therefore traceable to Gorm-suspect Vrm of Angusta. The Hectors are likely in the Hoctor variation of Haughts, and the latter were from Sigrid the Haughty, wife of a Danish royal (Forkbeard), descendant of Gorm. latent "BLUEtooth" was father to Forkbeard, if I recall correctly, and his name could have developed the Dents (same place as Mare's/Mars) honored in the inDENTed Chief of Burrs. Moreover, "BLATant" looks like it should link to Blate's/Blade's, for all that it can reveal further. The Blade/Blate saltire is in the colors of the crossed Newton "shin" bones.

"Hector / Hoctor" could conceivable form to/from Hes / Hos terms. Zowie, after writing that, Hasters/Hesters/Hosters (swans) came to mind, and they use a version of the Dent Coat while being first found in the same place (Yorkshire) as Dents! Moreover, the Haster Crest is a parrot, shared by the Pettys of Peebles-shire, where Bowers were first found that use the five, bunched Rothschild arrows. Moreover, the other Pettys use quarters in the colors of the same in the Arms of Rothschild. It means that Hasters are from "Istria," location of Pietas-Julia = Pula, where Pollocks trace with Pettys (compare the Pula flag with the Pollock saltire).

Why was Raymond Burr playing PERRY MASON? Perrys are Pierre's = Parrots = Peters. The Perry Crest: "A hind's head erased, holding in its mouth a pear tree sprig." The Shaws use a hind, and they are from the Shawia Numidians having much to do with Massena Numidians tracing to Massins/MASONS. The Perrys (Hampshire) even share the Massey-colored quarters.

Rephaite Kin in Yorkshire

The Mars of Scotland are kin of Erskins, and together they smack of mars and Ares. Mars had anciently gone by a name traceable to the name of a Biblical Amorite, Mamre, and that's important where Ares was a despicable Thracian god very linkable to Royal Scythians...that I trace to the Scolati out of Eschol at Hebron, where Mamre lived. In fact, Mamre was Eshcol's brother. I had learned that "Mamers was [Mars'] Oscan name." Oscans were Sabine's, next to the Marsi. So, I expect Rephaites in the Mar Scots.

The same article: "Mars Albiorix was worshiped as protector of the Albici tribe of southern France, and was regarded as a mountain god. Another epithet of Toutatis...Mars Caturix, which was worshiped in Gaul, possibly as the tribal god of the Caturiges." Doesn't that look as though proto-Mars was from a peoples joined with KETURah of Hebron???

The heraldic saltire is completely suspect with the Sinclair Templars, or with the skull-and-bones pirate flag used by some Templar-related sea-farers. Mr. Skeetz made an interesting comment: "After remembering you mention the Catherine Roet Wheel. Then looking at the Scott/Scot surname. I looked up the Wheel of Mainz. Lo and behold, it is said to be a symbol for the Chi Ro again. Which ultimately is a saltire and skull, making the skull and cross bones of the Templars." In other words, the Greek letter 'r', which looks like the English 'p', is suspect by Mr. Skeetz as a skull symbol above the saltire formed by the Greek letter, "chi" (our 'x'). If this is correct, then the skull-and-bones pirate flag (which may not have symbolized the Skull and Bones surnames as I think Yale's Skull and Bones does) may have been in honor of Constantine's bloodline. That might be a difficult thing to find evidence for, but I'm close to being capable.

For example, it came out recently that Valentinian symbolism in heraldry (see the motto of Valentin-colored Fessys) was code for Constantine's bloodline, and then the Italian Valentin Coat shares a white-on-red bend with Skulls. English Constantine's share black fleur-de-lys with June's while the latter trace to the Sava river, where Valentinian elements lived. It's perhaps a long shot, but Stubbs use buckles in the colors of the Constantine fleur. The Walden-related Walters/Watters were first found in the same place (Cambridgeshire) as June's, and so compare "WALDEN" with "VALENTinian." Belgian Gone's/Kohns (suspect with the GONfanon code) even share a bend-with-bendlets with these Walters and Waldens! The Gonne surnames (two of them) can trace to "Jonathan."

Perhaps the Templars received assistance from the Vatican due to being from a line of Constantine. In any case, the Skulls (Wallace lion?) are suspect from "Scolati," the line to Royal Scythians, and these were just identified recently as the Selletae in Thrace i.e. south side of Scythia Minor. That's one reason for identifying the Sale's/Sallete's with the skull-and-bones saltire on pirate flags, suggesting perhaps that the pirates knew of their trace to the Scolati > Skull bloodline. As Skulls were first found in the same place as Sellicks, the latter is suspect from a Schell-like term. Again, the Sellick Shield is a colors-reversed version of the Saltire Shield, but we can now trace this beast to Biblical Og, if that's where the Oke's derive.

The Oke's/Oaks ("salus" motto term) came to mind at the sight of the SelliOKE variation of Sellicks, and because the Noke's and related Oke's were a topic in the last update. Oke's/Oaks were first found in the same place (Somerset) as Carian-based Roets (oak tree). The Noke's/Nochs look like they could be using a version of the Walden / Walter/Watter Coat (compare Waldens to Turins/Thurins). The Oakleys ("caveo" motto term) were first found in the same place as Saltire's. The scimiTAR of Oakleys was suspect with Tarrs, likewise first found in Somerset. The heraldic tree stump is sometimes revealed as an oak stump.

I traced Og's Rephaites to the Riparia river. The first Merovingians were traced (by me) to the Salyes Ligures aside from similarity to "Salian" Franks from which Merovingians partly derived. But while on these topics, I had forgotten the Ripuarian Franks. They were just noted while I was at Wikipedia's Mainz article. Wikipedia says: "The name [Ripuarian] derives from the Ripuarian Franks (Rheinfranken), who settled in the area from the 4th century onwards." That gives the impression that "Ripuar" is somehow a version of "Rhine," but that's no good. Wikipedia's article on Ripuarians: "The name Ripuarii clearly has a meaning of "river people", but the exact origin of the name is unclear. The regular Latin form would be Riparii, meaning "[men] of the river bank"; the Ripuarian Franks are so called by Jordanes." Oke-dokie, so Jordanes used "Riparii," identical to the Riparia river. Was it really named after "river bank"? Or was "river" named after the Riparia?

The Elmers are said to be named after a river bank too. Word-hacking historians can make any word trace to "river bank." Elms are in Noke / Oke colors and first found in Lancashire, where the Ribble runs. English Elmers look linkable to Tile's and Drake's. The Banks (colors reversed to BENJamins) were first found in the same place as Rippers/Ripleys, what a bankincidence.

I would not make a Rephaite link to the Riparia on similarity of terms itself, especially as the similarity is not ideal. There were reasons fro tracing Rephaites to the Riparia. The Tile's that are honored in Saltire motto use annulets in colors reversed to the Vita/VIO annulet while the VIU valley is a tributary to the Riparia. The latter flows toward Thuringia-suspect Turin from the Cottian Alps. Before getting to Turin, the Riparia flows through Rivoli, a term like the Ribble river (source in Yorkshire). The namers of the Riparia had traced well in some ways (I can't recall all of it) to the Ribble. For example, the RIBLle's were first found in Yorkshire, same as Rippers/RIPLeys.

The Ribble Chief is also the Maschi Chief while Rebels (tree stump) are listed with Robels using the Masci wings. But as the Maschi / Ribble lion is used also by Voirs/Voyers ("Vis" motto term), compare with "Vio." The "pruDENTIa" motto term of Voirs/Voyers can apply to the "inDENTed" term of heraldry. The Chives' (quarters in colors reversed to the bank-suspect Bengs) using a "vi" motto term are said to derive in "a narrow place in a river." Word-hacking historians can make "hahaha" trace to a river feature. Voirs were first found in the same place (Brittany) as the Henrys using the martlets of Waldens who are in-turn related to Walters using the Voir lion. The GRIPEL location of Voirs could conceivably link to "Ribble," but, in any case, Gripps and Walters share the same-colored bend.

" is called the Piccola Dora. Its name becomes the Dora Riparia after the confluence with the Ripa in the Argentera Valley and the Thuras de Bousson close to Cesana." It looks like some Rip entity named the Riparia. The Ripper-Crest description: "A green lion holding a gold and blue shield." However, under a magnifying glass, I see no gold on the shield; it looks like a fully-blue square. The River Coat is nothing but a blue Shield with two gold, embattled fesses. The border of the Ripper perchevron is not described, but it's identical to the border around the perchevron of Teague's, itself called "embattled." That's a good reason to trace the namers of the Riparia to Rebels/Robels, for the letter's tree stump can be placed beside the fact that Teague's are using a version of the Touque's and Stump/Stomp Coats.

However, the Teague and Ripper design is usually called "nebuly," which is what the River border is said to be even though the River design is usually called, embattled. Therefore, both "embattled" and "nebuly" may apply to all three surnames.

As Stump liners are tracing to general Scipio (as of the last update) at Placentia, and as his surname traces to Yorkshire's Skiptons, let's ask why the Crest of Yorkshire's Rippers is a blue square while the Teague Crest is a wolf, for there is a square (not blue) in the Arms of Placentia beside a blue wolf, and then the Teague's use a blue collar around their wolf head: "A wolf's head with a blue collar on which there is a cross crosslet between two bezants."

The blue near-square of Rippers is related to the blue "bushels" in the Bousson/Boissel Coat, for the Riparia flows through Thuras de Bousson. The red lions in the bushels are in the colors of the same in the Dutch Bush/Bos/Bosch Coat, and the latter's billets (vertical, in the shape of the Ripper near-square) are blue on gold, the colors of the Bousson bushels. It's thereby made clear that the Bush bloodline was at the Riparia...which can explain why English Bush's were likewise first found in Yorkshire. "Bousson" smacks of the Buzau river (modern term) upon which the Cotesii lived, this serving as further evidence that the Cottian royals were indeed from the Cotesii.

There is a Bushel surname (water bougets), in Skull / Bone colors, said to be from Bossal of Yorkshire, but first found in Somerset. The Bushels share hurts with Saltire's, making Skull-and-Bones yet more suspect with Saltire's. The water bouget said to be between two wings, in the Busher Crest, suggests the billet-using Wings/Winks (Vinkovci suspects). Not only do Wings use their billet-filled Shield in the colors of the lozengy Shield on Schole's, but Wings and Schole's share the Julian / Teague cross.

There is a Boisseau village in Blois, the term of which brings up the Bousson/Boisson surname, said to be from the arrondisement of Blois, and then the counts of Blois-Chatillon used two pale bars, explaining the two pale (= vertical) bars visible in the Bousson bushels. The Boussons are said to have had a seat at Beauce, near Perche, explaining the PERCHEvron of Rippers. The Teague's trace with their Touque kin to the nearby Touques river. AURELia Cotta (mother of Julius Caesar) traces to "ORLeans", the umbrella region over Blois, and then Teague use of the Julian cross has the effect of tracing Rippers, as expected, to Aurelia Cotta. The red roundels of Orells and Ore's are shared by the Saltire Coat (10 billets), and the Bush's trace to Busca beside Saltire-suspect Saluzzo. Saltire's were first found in the same place (Shropshire) as the Bellamys from Perche. There is potential here to make sense of the Bush-family ties to Yale's Skull and Bones as it relates to the saltire symbol used for that entity. Yale's and Yule's/Yells may be from "Julius."

The Blois' trace via Joan of Arc to the Arc river, location of Maccabees at Modane, directly across the Alps from Susa on the Riparia. The Saltire rooster is very linkable to the blue roosters in the Blue/Gorm surname (same place as MacAbee's), said to be possibly from the MacMillans, who are the Milans/Millans suspect with Italian Milans using the tree stump. The Alans of Dol (Shropshire), kin of Brocks suspect from the stump-using Brock(en)s, are said to be from Bellamys (explaining Alencon at Perche); the French Alans share the French Julian stars.

Yale's use a saltire suspect with Skull and Bones. The "chapeau" in the Yale Crest (shared by Este-related Capelli's, first found in Ferrara) must be code for the Chapeau's/Chaputs (looks linkable to Rose's and stump-using Bosco's), first found in Forez, where Bassets/Besancons were first found. You can see above that Boisseau is in Beauce-et-Foret, and while this Foret is not the same as the Montes du Forez at St. Etienne, the Bush billets can trace Beauce-de-Foret to the billet-using Bassets/Besancons, the latter's in the colors of the billets of Etienne's. Therefore, the Caepio treasure suspect at St. Etienne is tracing to the Foret area at Blois. Blois was discovered as an integral part of the blue-apple riddle at Rennes-le-Chateau.

St. Etienne is beside Lyon, and then the Lannoy and Lyon lions are green, the color of the Ripper lions. As the plumed feathers of one Lannoy Coat was a symbol on a coin of Herod Archelaus, banished from Israel to the Lyon area, it makes sense that the Foret/Forez Coat (Ripper colors) is a near-replica of the Coat of Herods/Hurls, first found in the same place (Archelaus-like Argyllshire) as Blue's/Gorms.

As Obama's mother traces to Dunham-Masci through the Singletary>Dunham bloodline, let's repeat that Dunhams share the spear with Singletarys, for the latter use a "BROKEN spear" while the Dunham Shield is a colors-reversed replica of the Ribble Shield (both have 10 points in their "indented" border), both in the colors of Irish Brochens/Brogens. Bank-like Bengs/Bings/Binks share the antelope with Singletarys.

Ripuarians covered the Frankfurt area, Hesse and Cassel; the Thuringian portion (i.e. where the first-known Merovingian got his wife, Basina) skirts along the Brocken mountain. The map below doesn't show how far into France this language group went, but does have it on the Moselle. It appears probable the language was in Franconia, which is why I just looked up the Rake's/Raikes' to find them using a version of the Stump/Stomp Coat!

The motto of the Rake's (black ermine) suggests the Attila Huns, and then Rake's are said to have had a Raikes location in West Yorkshire, where Dents were first found that use the ermined lozenges on black of Hounds/Houns. The "HONestum" motto term of Rake's seems to be partly in honor of Hounds, therefore. The Franconian Rake can be construed as an heraldic dancette, and yet dancettes are at times called "inDENTed" as likely code for the Dent-Rake bloodline. Reminder: Ripleys/Rippers (in Frank colors) were first found in Yorkshire.

Franconia is thus suspect with at least on member of Attila's household. As Huns were "Kun," it can explain "FranCONia." While Clovis (the second Merovingian king) warred against Attila, Valentinian's household may have joined it in marriage. Bleda, Attila's brother, is suspect, not only with the Frank-suspect Blade's, but with the Blood surname using the Islip/Haslip / Maxwell stag. Both the English Maxwells and Islips were first found in Yorkshire (i.e. same as Rippers). English Franks, using the saltire in Ripper colors, and suspect from Franconians and/or Salian Germans and/or Salian Franks, were first found in Shropshire (where Saltire's were first found), Yorkshire, Norfolk (where Wheats/Wetts were first found), and Surrey. Selbys (from SALEby) are the ones using the Heslington Moor head, and then Heslingtons (Yorkshire's Heslington Hill) are a branch of Hazels and Dussel(dorf)s while Ripuarian is said to be spoken from the northwest of Dusseldorf. The Oke description: "six gold SLIPS of oak fructed." Hazels use "hazel slips" as code for their Islip/Haslip branch, wherefore Oke's (share the Alan oak leaves) and Noke's are thus discovered as Hazel / Dusseldorf kin. It may be the same thing as saying that Og's Rephaites named the Ripa river that meets the Riparia near Susa.

The Dents (of Dentdale), from an old "Denet" term, are highly-suspect from Donato's of Umbria as they themselves named king Donnus at Susa, father of Cottius and grandfather of Vestalis. The latter was suspect in the Wessel surname apart from the fact that Dents are said to have been first found beside Westmorland, the latter being where Wessels were first found. The Salto river meets the TURANo at Rieti, and both flow thereafter as one to TERNi, inside Umbria, which can explain why the Dent Coat resembles the Sale/Sallette Coat.

This reminds me that the Franconian RAKE likely traces to Richeza of Lorraine (Moselle river). Ricks were, once again, first found in Somerset, and to this lets add that the Sobek / stump topic had traced from general Scipio to Craven, for Ricks are using a version of the Craven Coat. See the Rich location of Lorraine in the Rich(ess) write-up. As Saxe is in Thuringia, it's notable that Saxe's/Saxbys are in Ripper/Ripley colors, and that Saxe's share the gold-on-green garb of Wheats/Wetts likely honored by the "wheat garbs" of Wessels. Rippers are thus tracing both to the namers of the Riparia river (capital region of Vestalis' family) and to Ripuarians. I'll let you judge whether I'm forcing that conclusion incorrectly, or whether it's looking true.

Wheats/Wetts look like Wettins in this picture. English Wettins use buckles while German Wettins (Saxony) share gold-on-black horizontal bars with Selbys, first found in the same place (Yorkshire) as Rippers. One German Frank surname (saltire, Bohemia) shows the red leopard heads of Oke-related Noke's so as to be linkable to Sellicks/SelliOKE's. The Frank leopard heads are used in both colors by English Antons (these are wetting buckle colors) while German Antons were first found in Saxony.

With Selbys linking to Franks, the "SUPRema" motto term of Selbys can recall the Super/Soper saltire because it's in the colors of Patrick and Kilpatrick saltire while the German-Frank saltire is in the red-on-white of "St. Patrick's" saltire. It's in the colors of the Yale saltire. a German dialect group, part of the West Central German language group. Together with the Moselle Franconian and Luxembourgish language, Ripuarian belongs to the larger Central Franconian dialect family and also to the Rhinelandic linguistic continuum with the Low Franconian languages.

...Dialects belonging to the Ripuarian group almost always call themselves Platt like Ocher Platt (of Aachen) or Eischwiele Platt (of Eschweiler), Kirchroadsj Platt (of Kerkrade) Bocheser Platt (of Bocholtz) or Bonnsch Platt (of Bonn).

I'm assuming that "Platt" means "flat," as in lowlands, but this may throw a monkey wrench into how I've viewed the Blade surname. German Platts are also "Blate" while English Blate's/Blade's (Yorkshire again) share the saltire of Scottish Franks (version of English-Frank saltire). To whomever we might trace them, it looks like Platts and Blade's relate to some Ripuarian elements. The Bonn Platt is important for me where I trace Bonns to the Boii namers of Bononia, part of the Bone bloodline. Aachen is where Merovingian royals evolved after Merovingians proper, an evolution that birthed Richeza of Lorraine.

Brocken is at the Harz mountains, the north side of which touches upon the SALZgitter area, itself very-near Brunswick. The Frank saltire is use by Harz-like Scottish Harts to which the so-called blue "hurts" of the Saltire Coat may apply. Irish Harts/Carts/Arts happen to use the Brunswick lion so that they and Scottish Harts may indeed trace to the Harz range. And German Harts share the red "hart" stag with Irish McCARTHys/ARThys so that the latter seem merged with a family from the Harz range. Hurts use a fesse in Oak/Oke-fesse colors.

Not far north of Brunswick-Luneburg sits Hamburg, and then while the Gore/Core crosslets are shared by Hamburgs and Trips of Hamburgs, the Gowers/Gore's use a "FRANGas" motto term while sharing 7 1/2 horizontal bars (same size, same positioning) with Selbys, first found in the same place (Yorkshire) as Gowers/Gore's.

There is a German Salzer/Saltzmann surname (sounds Jewish) that can be a branch of Satire's/Salters. Salzers use the curved, blue perchevron of Austrian Thors (elephant trunks) as well as the elephant-trunk style used by Swedish Thors. See also the Haifa-suspect Kaip(f)s. The Salzer Crest: "3 ostrich feathers, between two elephant trunks, each trunk decorated with 4 peacock feathers." The TRUNks suggest Turin and/or Thuringian elements, both of which can link to Ripar elements. The Trunk surname (in Swedish-Thor colors), sharing the bull head of SCHOLEfields, was first found in Franconia. Thus, Turin elements off the Riparia, and from Eschol of Hebron, beside the Rephaim valley of Rephaites, are tracing to Ripuarian territory in Franconia.

German Thor's were first found in Austria's Tyrol/Tirol, beside Saltzburg, what a Tyrincidence. Hmm, INNSbruck is at Tyrol.

The Traenkler variation of Trunks suggests the Trains from a RICHmondshire area of Yorkshire, and using the same lion as the Boussons. Lest you've forgotten, there is a Thuras de Bousson location on the Riparia (I have no idea what "Thuras" might mean, whether a people group or mere adjective). Richmonds (Yorkshire) are in Rich(ess) colors.

Who created the tradition that the apostle, Andrew, died on a saltire cross so as to die like Jesus? The same was said of Peter, but these are Catholic traditions, and Catholics made up all sorts of stories on whims and probably codework too. The Scottish flag is said to represent the apostle Andrew's death on a saltire, but, please, they have got to be kidding. Scottish Andrews use a saltire that can be construed in colors reversed from the Frank saltire. The "sapi" motto term of Selbys should go up against the "SAPIentia" motto term of Scottish Andrews.

The saltire appears on vexilla that are represented consistently on coinage of Christian emperors of Rome, from the fourth century. Anne Roes [chi-RHO liner?] found it on coins of Constantius II, Valentinian, Jovian, Gratianus, Valens, Arcadius, Constantine III..., though she searched only coins at the British Museum. In the ninth and tenth century the saltire was revived in Constantinople as a symbol of Christian-imperial power.

Revived in a city named after the line of Constantine. And there you see Valentinian III...and Gratianus, the same name essentially as the father of Valentinian I. However, I'm looking for the origin of the word, "saltire." Even if Catholics used it in quasi-representation of certain saints, they did not necessarily call it a saltire, by which I mean to say that their saltires, very-likely linking to the chi-rho saltire, were not likely in honor of the Saltire surname. Does the Saltire surname trace back to the chi-rho entity? I would say, yes. I would guess that heraldry gooks named the chi-rho entity after the Saltire surname for that reason. It's even possible that "chi-RHO" was itself part code for the Rhodian Carians as they named the Rieti/Reate location on the Salto river, a location tracing well to Carian-based Roets (Thuringia).

Hmm, the Thors at Tyrol are/were on the north side of the Rhaetian Alps.

Entering "Riet or Reat" as per "Rieti/Reate" gets the Roet-related Reeds (saltire), first found in the same place (Northumberland) as RODhams/Roddens and Trains. The latter are said to be of the Yorkshire Percys whom should be a branch of Percivals and Pierce's, both first found in the same place (Somerset) as English Roets. The proto-Reeds and proto-Roets in Rieti became suspect with a merger between the family of emperor Titus and the family of Caiaphas. The namers of mount GAREB at Jerusalem may have been the Rephaites, and so note the GARBs in the Riet/Reed Coat.

If the Saltire surname was partially in honor of Tyre's and Thors of Tyrol, then the saltire was only partially after a Sal entity. It might be fruitless to seek the meaning of the heraldic saltire elsewhere from the Saltire's, but then not all heraldic saltires were necessarily after the Saltire bloodline. On the other hand, the Masonic gooks in charge of dishing out heraldic devices, by government controls, may have protected the saltire bloodline by not allowing any to use the device unless they linked to bloodlines that came to own it.

Ask whether it's coincidental that Tyre's share the spread red eagle on gold of the Constance surname? I doubt it's coincidental. It appears that Constantine I was of the Tyre / Kintyre bloodline, or vice-versa.

In conclusion thus far, it looks like you are correct in tracing the saltire to the chi-rho symbol, and it goes further back than Constantine to Carians. In this picture, chi-rho appears to be code for the Cronus cult between Crete and Caria that evolved into Zeus-Labraunda. The latter is a topic in the second update of November.

I'm not at all convinced that the Wheel of Mainz is a chi-rho symbol.

That was a long email, but it wasn't intended to be just an email.

Annas Liners to the New World Order

As Constance's are also "Custance/Custer," it appears that George Washington's wife, Martha Custis, had married Constantine's line. I'd like to go back to a months-old claim that George Washington, and fellow Masons, were fundamental Caiaphas liners, explaining the "Annuit Coeptis" phrase used on the Great Seal of the United States. The first president of the United States was actually John Hanson, and so I'd like to show that the Russian Hanson surname (Prussia and Denmark), smacking of "Annas" who's suspect in the "Annuit" line, uses the white swan in the design shown until recently in the French Joseph surname, first found in Maine (beside Perche). This latter location could be named after the same that named Mainz. The Maines surname definitely applies to Maine as it shares the Perche chevrons, and then Bellamys of Perche married Ferte-Mace while the Constance and Tyre eagle is also the Ferte eagle. The Perche bloodline is suspect with mythical Percival, the Grail King and father of the Swan Knight, you see, so that Joseph Caiaphas, son-in-law of Annas, traces to John Hanson.

Irish Hansons are also HAMPson, which may indicate the namers of Hampshire, where English Josephs were first found. That would make the namers of Hampshire, and the Hamptons/Amptons, suspect as a fundamental Annas line. One could then trace Hampshire's to Camps using what could be a version of the Capone Coat, very important because Campbells, in Camp colors, share the gyronny pattern with Titus'! This is no small paragraph.

English Hansons (Yorkshire, same as Dents) use white mascles that look applicable to the white Dent lozenges, and this traces Hansons to Donato's at Umbria, beside Rieti, the place suspect for the Caiaphas-line merger with Titus. It's not known whether Caiaphas was still alive in 70 AD (when Titus ran the Jews out of Jerusalem), but any of his sons / daughters could have sucked up to Titus at that time for to save their skins. One might also imagine that one or more descendants of Annas sucked up to Titus simultaneously.

It would have been easier to find merger with Titus where Caiaphas was in the first place, as I'm struggling to prove, a descendant of Julius Caesar and Servilia Caepio(nis). The German Tyrols were first found in the same place (Prussia) as swan-using Russian Hansons, as well as German Hansons. If the INNSbruck location of Tyrol was from the Insubres', then one can trace by that means alone to the Ticino river, home to Insubres. Then, we can ask by what coincidence the English Tyrols share the two blue-on-white chevrons of Dexters/DECKsters, whom I've been tracing to the namers of the Ticino for a few years. Therefore, it now appears that Annas elements were acting between Innsbruck and the Insubres on the same river as the Laevi, and that the very namers of INSubres and INNSbruck were of the people who named ANNAS.

The "Tural hawk" of Hungarian ancestry may come in here, for I've claimed Hungarian ancestry on the Ticino. That is, Tyrol elements, now expected to be nothing other than Thors of Turin, are expected on the neighboring Ticino river as the meaning behind the Tural hawk.

The so-called "crampon" of German Tyrols gets the Crampons/Cramtons using, in the top-left corner, a small shield (called a "square") quartered in the colors of Swedish Thors and in colors reversed from the Trunk quarters, wherefore, as Trunks are honored in the elephant trunks of Thors, it's made clear here that Tyrols and Thors are branches. The Square's/Squirrels trace with Decks/Daggers to the Ticino.

Cramptons were first found in CUMBERland, a term traceable to "Umbria," where the Turano-Salto duo flows. In colors reversed, the white Trunk bull can become the red bull of Charo's/Claro's, represented at Chieri on the south of Turin, and honored in the "charo" motto term of Hampshire Josephs.

I had seen the Tyrol crampon in one other surname. After struggling to find it, it turned out to be the only symbol in the Dutch Reed Coat, thus tracing Cramtons and Tyrols very well to Rieti, and speaking for a trace of the Rhaetian Alps to the namers of Rieti. There is no description for the Dutch-Reed symbol at Swyrich, but it's identical in design to the Tyrol symbol. I had been under the impression that the Reed symbol was a lightning bolt, traceable to the Zeus Taurus out of Tyre. That works. The only problem: German Tyrols are shown properly as Bartholds, with no Tyr-like variations shown. It could be a mistake that Tyrols are listed with Bartholds, or Tyrols may have merged with Bartholds.

A feasible trace of Tyrols to the Turano river is where German Fuggers/Fuggitts use the Danish and Norwegian Hanson Coat in colors reversed. The Feugan variation of Austrian Fuggers is best in indicating lake Fucino, at the source of the Salto. Another way to look at this is by tracing the namers of the Salto and Fucino together to Saluzzo and neighboring Fossano. The Marsi at Fucino had a snake goddess that can be represented in the green snake of German Hansons. The Marsi go to the Marici partners of the Laevi on the Ticino. The Marsi should also go to the Martins whom may be represented in the white castle of German Hansons.

One one side of the Fugger and Hanson Shields, the single fleur-de-lys is in the two colors of the Irish Cramer fleur, and in the one color of the Irish-Hanson fleur, tending to expose Cramers ("CUSTodet" motto term) as a Crampton branch. German Cramers were first found in the same place (Bavaria) as German Fuggers. Julie informed me some years ago concerning the Fuggers, that they are bankers. The Crampton rose is also the Sach rose, and then some Sachs are big-time bankers. As Placentia uses a white square, though I don't know what it's called officially, Cramers, showing a white square / canton in the top-left, can be named after neighboring Cremona.

Hainauts, very suspect with the Annan and Laevi lines, are using the same lion as Faucets, suspect with Fucino liners from Phocaea (modern Foca). German Cramers use a ram in these colors, which are the Levi colors. As I traced Faucets to the Foix entity, one surname of which was first found in the same place as French Levi's, it might be correct to trace Fucino elements to Foix. In the second update of November, the Foggs were traced to Phocaea with Palins, and the latter use the same black lion as Faucets and Hainauts. Any black lion could indicate a Levi line.

I have a correction to make here, I think. I had a third map that I was using for the original Angusta discussion. Instead of "Augusta" on the map below, it actually wrote, "Angusta." I was able to find plenty of reasons for tracing it to the Angus and Annas surnames, sharing white-on-red stars. Using the maps, I located Angusta around modern Panciu, in Vrancea about 15 miles north of FOCsani. But I think Angusta, where it shows on the map below as "Augusta," should be still further north. I'll tell you why.

The problem is, the map is not geographically correct. It's the best the old-timers could do. The trouble is, I now see, the river at Panciu, when it gets to the upper parts, is more east-west than the river where we see Angusta. The river at Panciu comes from the peaks rather than straddling the foothills, as does the river at Angusta. Therefore, I now think the river by Panciu is the one where you see the beginning of the word, Comidava. The river at Angusta now looks like the tributary one-north from Panciu, called the Trotus on my atlas.

I've not been meticulous about this until now. It is difficult to determine whether the Cogaeonus that you see continues all the way to the Agarus, or whether it's a tributary of the river flowing past Angusta. In any case, where the modern Trotus branches off, at modern Gheorghe, that's where you see the two large branches, one being the Cogaeonus. My atlas doesn't tell which of the two branches is the Trotus.

The one branch that you see to the east of the Cogaeonus goes into a modern Bacau region, while the Cogaeonus goes around Bacau through a modern Tirgu-Ocna location. "OCNA" is much like one could expect for a short-form of "COGAEONus." So, I think I now have this right.

And there's a point to it, because the Trots/Trott surname (comes up as "Truth") was just loaded to find red bars that can match those of Belli's, Fullers and Carpenters. The motto of the Carpenters (likely named after the Arpads, themselves after the Carpae namers of the Carpathians), "Per acuta belli," is used by Scottish Belli's, and yet it's the Italian Belli's that use the six Carpenter bars in colors reversed. The third belli surname, the German one, happens to share a "beacon" with Fullers (at one time they were of identical design, until I mentioned them, wherefore ask, why would they change the design of one?), who likewise use three red bars in the two colors of the same of Carpenters and Belli's. Therefore, all three Belli surnames are from one stock, and the Beacons/Bacons become suspect with "Bacau" more now than before...because the Trots are seemingly using the same red bars while the Trotus river flows up to / into Bacau.

The point is, my sub-conclusions were that Annas, chief priest of Israel, had some ties at Angusta, and it was looking like he was a relative of caesar Augustus. That's how he got his job in 6 AD as Israel's chief priest, in other words.

Those Methley and Medley stars (black-on-white) mentioned above that traced with Foggs to Foca are apparently in the Beacon/Bacon Chief too, which makes sense if Phocaeans named Focsani. The "MEDiocria firma" motto of Bacons even suggests MEDley liners. Bacons were first found in the same place (Suffolk) as Carpenters and Knights. The latter, already linked to Blois', likewise use three vertical/pale bars in the colors of the Carpenter bars. The Blois' were suspect with the Blue's/Gorms, and "Gorm" was traced to count Vrm of Angusta, but Blois' are likely a branch of Belli's.

It can be gleaned from the boar shared between Bush's and Bacons, and the Bus cinquefoils used by French Bacons, that there was some connection between the Buzau river and Bacau, none of having anything to do with bacon and eggs, as the French Bacon write-up would have you believe in typical simpleton fashion. The bouget-using Bushels are in the colors of both Bacon Coats, and, if you recall, the bushel-using Boussons/Boissons were from the arrondisement of Blois. The Bushel motto, "Dum spiro spero," should link to the "spur" in the Knight canton. Bougets are used also by the Bugs of NOTTINGhamshire, a place said to be named by (Knight-suspect) Cnut, a Dane king, ancestor of mythical Gorm. Vrm's daughter, Helena, had been married to king Bela of Hungary, hence the Belli surname, we may firmly and safely assume.

My assessment was that the Danes connected to Vrm via the Mieszko Poles that were ancestral to Cnut. That is, the Mieszko Poles had connection with Helena's family, and then the daughter of Mieszko I was mother to Cnut. I don't recall making the important point that the Annas surname (almost the Bacon Shield), sharing the star in the colors of the Angus stars and in the colors of the Bacon cinquefoils, were first found in the same place as Bugs. The Shield-and-Chief color combination of Angus' is that of Bacons in colors reversed, and both surnames use nothing but two stars in their Chiefs. That's one easy way to trace Annas of Israel to Vrm. It shouldn't be viewed as a complete coincidence that the only online count or ruler of Angusta that I could find was this Vrm. Rather, one should recognize that Angusta was a bastion for the Annas bloodline so that many of its rulers could be figured as Annas liners. That's the way I look at it.

Francis Bacon wrote a book, "New Atlantis," in which he envisioned the United States acting as that new-world-order, and shortly afterward, the Masons founded the American government, first under John Hanson, and then, upon forming a new government, chose George Washington. America was underway already when Bacon was writing. He was contemporary with the first Rosicrucians proper, and he acted as one of their leaders.

Early Monday morning when this update was due, the squirrel in the attic was heard once again. It thumped hard and woke me. It sounded like a thumping on the door. After some silence in the darkness (it was licking the peanut butter at the time, though I didn't know it yet), I listened to it playing around the rat trap, still set with peanut butter, but it scurried off and away, not to be heard again. What is a squirrel doing up in the middle of the night? Later, when it was light, I went up to find the trap tripped and the peanut butter licked clean.

Sooner or later, a 12th squirrel is bound to enter this picture, but so far, as there was only one squirrel heard in the attic, I must assume that it's the 11th once again. If sufficient time transpires between this squirrel and others coming in, I suppose that the story could still stand as a Sign. There has been no evidence for a 12th in over a week.


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