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December 1- 8, 2014

The Ukrainian Oil War Score's a New Theater in Turkey
For Albanian Origins of Crombys, Google "Krume"
Quintus Caepio Looks to Be From Koplik

Putin shut the South Stream project down, this past week, after five billion had been spent preparing it. You can feel the pain. Or is Putin bluffing for to get all of the project's players to cry out against the EU ?The pipe was to run under the Black sea, across the Ukraine to Bulgaria, feeding multiple European countries with natural gas. Bulgaria had signed on with the project, with a small cut to itself for allowing passage through its country, but then the EU intervened recently in concert with the Western take-over of the Ukraine. The EU judged that the pipe was somehow in violation of some law or standard or fairness doctrine. Russia had been seeking to convince the Bulgarians not to pay heed to this EU stink bomb, but then, says the Pravda article below, the EU toppled the Bulgarian government and installed an anti-Putin one there too. Putin was being forced into a no-choice situation but to shut down the project, and perhaps he saw the writing on the wall with the sudden fall in gas prices. Perhaps to keep those prices from falling further, he quickly raised the white flag and announced the end of South Stream. But is it the end?

There is no way to view this but an unabashed European war against the Russian government. It explains why there has been such an assault on Putin's character, because, in reality, the EU (the government, not it's oil people) is acting wickedly for toppling the Gazprom business. The only way to disguise that wicked behavior is to act the angel that's cutting the devil (i.e. Putin) down. That's what's going on. Europe doesn't want to see Russia enriched on European gas sales. Europeans (and Americans?) want to sell the gas to Europe instead. And the oil people of Europe are in bed with the EU government, and with NATO I assume as well, for to create the assault against Putin together.

The Pravda article tells that Putin is turning his attention now to a gas deal with Turkey, and claims that Turkey has signed on with Putin / Gazprom, to Europe's disappointment. I think that the E.g. has pushed Putin a little too far. There's going to be a backlash as the opportunities present themselves. For the moment, Putin will be energized by his dismay:

On December 1, Russian President Vladimir Putin paid a one-day visit to Turkey. After a three-hour meeting with his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Putin stated that the South Stream project...would be stopped. Putin stressed out that the move had to be made against the backdrop of EU's opposition, as the project could not be implemented without Bulgaria's permission.

...As it became known, instead of South Stream, Russia's Gazprom plans to turn the gas pipe towards Turkey. The latter may thus become the largest mediator in selling the Russian gas...

Putin said that the capacity of the Blue Stream pipeline would be increased. In addition, an extra gas hub will be built on the Turkish territory on the border with Greece.

...According to The New York Times, Turkey is the winner in the ongoing standoff between Russia and the European Union. Following China, Turkey has managed to gain advantage of the conflict and secured long-term energy supplies at discounted prices.

With Putin now concentrating on Turkey, and with Turkey infatuated with Putin over the extravagant gift that he must have given his cockadoodle-doo, suddenly, Kurdistan looks like an appropriate battlefield for a Putin backlash against the EU Below, there's a map of the new project proposed by Putin, through Turkey:

Russian leader Vladimir Putin picked Turkey to announce the termination of the giant South Stream project that would send gas to energy-hungry southern Europe, bypassing Ukraine. Turkish officials have welcomed Putin's offer to replace the $40 billion South Stream with a new pipeline to northern Turkey, as it was accompanied by a hot 6 percent cut in gas prices. Turkey currently buys 60 percent of its gas from Russia.

Cockadoodle-doo indeed. Not to look like a loser, Putin has saved face. We await the Western reaction, nothing but negative spin to be expected. Hurriyet says that the very same volume of gas slated to flow through South Stream will flow through Turkey. If this deal is consummated beyond the engagement stage, it will turn out to be a loss for the West, for all of its efforts to destroy South Stream. The article below begins to boo-hoo in that a Russia-Turkey deal of this magnitude will put the smaller players around Turkey out of business. And it doesn't fail to state the obvious:

...Russia-EU tension: Although Turkey is a non-EU country and its European partners are reluctant in opening the energy chapter as part of accession negotiations, a Turkish government decision in opening its soils for the transportation of Russian gas would draw strong reactions from both Brussels and Washington. Giving Russia the kiss of life, especially at a moment when it was cornered by the EU and U.S. through sanctions and pushed down oil prices, would not be seen as a well-intentioned move. A recent indirect call to Turkey to join sanctions against Russia came from NATO on the same day Putin was in Turkey.

Putin is merely trying to do business, and the EU capital seeks only to thwart it. What kind of free enterprise or global-business precedent is that? The EU capital is even making decisions for the member nations that have signed on to Russian gas. How would it look if the EU starts to lash out against the line to Greece? But first, the tack is to twist Turkey's neck until it rejects the that dealing with Greece won't be necessary.

Revelation 17 tells that the anti-Christ will burn and kill the harlot. Perhaps I have it wrong, but if I have it right where Europe is the harlot, it's hard to conceive of a Western anti-Christ fulfilling that prophecy. Should we entertain an American hating and destroying Europe? Current events are gravitating to a situation wherein Russia hates Europe. There can be no doubt that Putin hates the EU at this time. Time can heal, but if the EU continues to tarnish the Russian leader openly, Russians on the streets will take up the cause, for by and large they like Putin. The Western trick is to get Russians on the street to oppose Putin. The pro-West Moscow Times is much about that effort.

Here's the scare: Russia suffered its collapse and is now on the way up. The Americans and Europeans are on the way down. The worst thing for the West at this time is a prosperous Russia. But by bashing Russia now, the hammer will come back all the harder when Russia has the upper hand.

The West succeeded: simultaneous with the shutting down of South Stream, Iraq and Kurdistan reached, and officially sealed, an oil deal. It means that foreigners can now do business with the Kurds legally. It took the toppling of Maliki to get this business deal, but what sort of business practice is that? When Western governments attack full-bodied nations to get their oil contracts, what shameful trend is that? On day one of this deal, France's Total announced that it struck oil in Kurdistan, but, likely, it was waiting for the deal before making the announcement. I assume it's looking for shareholder money. Go ahead, everybody, make a killing. Become partners with the harlot. Blow your party whistles.

Did Putin announce the closure of South Stream due to the Iraq-Kurd deal? Why the coincidence of these two things on the same day? He knew that the West would rush in to sell Kurd fossil fuel to Europe just as soon as the Iraq deal went through, and so by rushing a deal with Turkey, he cuts off some of what the West was hoping to make. Still, that's business, and fair business too, albeit I use "fair" not to mean that I agree with the current conditions of the greedy playing field. It's called competition; the one with the best deals wins. But if the EU capital uses its political clout to force Greece not to accept Russian gas through Turkey, what sort of business practice is that?

Although oil prices started to rise as Putin made his announcement on South Stream, they declined a couple of dollars more when the Iraqi deal was confirmed less than a day later. The sharp downturn took place when OPEC refused to lower supplies even though demand had decreased. Why would OPEC do that, causing its own loss in dollars? Does OPEC care about the living conditions of peoples on the streets? Rather, one might think that the situation was being orchestrating for a political cause, as in bringing Putin to his knees.

If the Iraq glut causes prices to fall, or even if the world powers facilitate a long period of low oil prices to bring other corporations to health, there could result an economic revival. Jesus claimed that people will be building and selling when He returns. What kind of a prophecy is that? He even said that people will be getting married when he returns? Any prophet can predict that and be correct, right? So why predict the as-usual? Why did he inform his end-time Church on the as-usual? I have only one answer. There are some people predicting complete havoc in the world before his return. I think Jesus speaks to that situation, saying, don't believe it. It suggests that the Western economy won't bust immediately before the Return. But that suggestion is valid only if he was speaking of global conditions. If he was speaking only locally, as per Israel, then we should view the prediction accordingly.

However, prophecy claims that Israel's condition will start to bust at least 3.5 years before the Return. There will be war against Israel for more than 3.5 years, for Jerusalem itself will be entered and taken for that time span. It doesn't sound as though the as-usual should apply to Israel.

Just think about the wickedness of oil prices. I don't understand how oil prices are justifiably set to any figure at any time. The fact that they are set tells me that its all controlled for prices higher than would otherwise be the case. We are told that high prices are due to OPEC reducing supplies so that oil becomes more scarce, and that lower prices are due to OPEC pumping out more than the world needs at any time. The same volume of oil exists in the ground under both scenarios, and so the changing prices are said to be "justified" (that is a joke) based merely on whether the tap is open wide or open narrow by human hands. Does that seem to you as though good / honest people are setting world-oil prices? No, it sounds like a straw-man excuse for controlling prices for whatever reasons the wicked choose. Everything globalism-EU-style is moving to being controlled, and the people are to be happy about this "security." We would be fools to feel secure under the thumbs of those who control us for their own benefits. It's like being content with their having their hands in our pockets.

There is no such thing at this time as low oil supply. Turning the tap to narrow doesn't mean there's a low supply. Until OPEC is willing to betray the West, it will give the West all the oil it needs. There is no fear for lacking oil from OPEC, for if there was, the United States would depend more on its own oil, and that of Canada's. Yet, prices rise sharply when OPEC's output is borderline what the world needs. Isn't that just an excuse to raise prices? Of course it is. The sharp rise and fall of oil prices was NOT taking place not many years ago. It started when this wicked generation got global controls fixed for itself. It started when the wicked devised global controls for itself. Everything is moving in that direction. Food prices will be, and are being, controlled. The very amount of money left in the pockets of common-wage earners will be controlled, but if the people think that the governors will choose to have those amounts on the high side rather than the low side, fools they are.

When peoples controlled by demons control the "global village," destructive things will take place, for demons are ever seeking to be harmful. A society on the brink of collapse is a very convenient method for securing the willing service of the masses. The masses can be made happy to have bread and water daily so long as the governors assure that zero-bread and zero-water do not become the next situation. Do the masters wish for all of us to become vegetarians? Up will go the chicken and beef prices. That just happened. Where I live, beef has doubled over the past year. Chicken has been roughly doubled for more than a year. The best masters will wish to have the ability to force us to be whatever they deem right. But wicked masters ill-wish for us to be whatever they deem wrong. They will hate us, and make us miserable at will for their own enjoyment. That is the natural direction of wicked rulers.

How can it be true that the Kurd pipeline to Turkey has not been damaged by IS? In the same way that a country cannot guard but a small fraction of its entire border, the Kurds, Iraqis and Western coalition cannot guard the entire pipeline at all times. If IS has truly waged war on the Kurds, shouldn't the first priority be to destroy the cash-flow from oil that the Kurds are receiving? I don't know how thick the oil pipes are, but, surely, a bomb planted under the seams of two pipes can split the pipe open and delay oil flow. Why hasn't that happened even once? Is someone controlling IS? Here's the deal:

The Kurdish government will provide at least 250,000 barrels of crude oil per day to the federal government for export purposes [out of any pipe they wish to use, I assume], according to the agreement that also said Iraqi oil belongs to all Iraqis.

The terms also allow for the export of 300,000 barrels per day by the federal government from the Kirkuk oil fields through the oil pipeline in the Kurdish region. welcomes oil deal between Baghdad and Erbil

How can Iraq be so sure that this pipeline will exist even tomorrow morning??? How could Iraq make such a deal, where more than half the oil in the deal is conditional under a working-pipe scenario??? Something stinks here. The Americans must have assured the Iraq side that this pipe will continue to work for the long term. In fact, Iraq has willingly placed itself under the thumb of the Americans, for if Iraq does not comply with an agenda important to them, destruction of a pipe can be arranged. For example, what if Iraq sells its share of Kurd oil to the Russians as the middleman, for flow through the Russian pipe in Turkey? That ruins the central-intelligence American plot in Iraq. Did the Americans do all that they did to secure Kurd oil only to see it go to the Russians?

The game between super powers is not over yet, and China has its own interests in Iraq oil that the West would like to abuse. Make no mistake about it, wicked leaders are stupid enough to cause the fall of dominoes toward Armageddon. The dominoes are falling in that direction as we speak.

The closing of the oil deal came mere days after a Kurd pipeline was damaged from a distance. It means that the pipes do not need to be approached physically by a bomber, and yet Iraq signed that deal conditional on the working condition of the pipe to Turkey:

A [crude] pipeline to the Baiji refinery was ablaze amidst a barrage of artillery fired by militants of the so-called Islamic State (IS) as they battled coalition forces in contested areas southwest of Kirkuk. IS militants launched their attacks late Tuesday [November 25] and into Wednesday, battling Kurdish Peshmerga forces and facing air strikes by coalition planes. In the morning raid, IS militants took control of the Tel al-Warid and Maktab Khaled villages, 20 kilometers southwest of Kirkuk city, according to

That's how easy it is to sabotage the pipe to Turkey. Why hasn't it happened?

With the new Blue Stream pipe slated clear across Turkey, it's a lot closer to Kurdistan than South Stream. Kurdistan does have natural gas. A part-Turkish company (Genel Energy) is already exploiting Kurd gas. Couldn't Kurds offer Gazprom a good deal for Blue Stream? Can a natural-gas pipe also transport crude? The EU pipeline project, Nabucco, now scrapped, was to bring natural gas to Europe so as to cancel dependence on Gazprom. When Nabucco went belly-up, the West toppled the pro-Russia Ukraine government, such a coincidence. At a 2012 blogging site discussing Kurd oil, we see the Kurd fossil fields eyed by the West for their insurrection against Russia:

It was brought to the conferences the light on the security situation established order in the region, calling it a catalyst well to increase production, calling on Turkey to work to secure and protect the oil pipeline through its territory and ensure the conduct of safe access for oil and natural gas to Europe from the Kurdistan Region, stressing the potential of the region in the field of natural gas as the best alternative Russia to secure natural gas to Europe [not perfect English but we get it].

This was launched on Sunday, under the title (from Arbil to the world) of the first conference of energy between the Kurdistan Region, Iraq and Turkey, and is scheduled to issue decisions in the conference final communiqué to be announced this evening.

There's a map at the page above (or at my files below) of Iraqi oil pipes, though I don't know which pipes may have been out. The one from the southern-Iraq fields is shown through Syria, underscoring the need to get a pro-West ruler there. There is only one line shown from Kurdistan (at Kirkuk) into Turkey, and that must be the one that was spoiled by ISIS in 2013, for one can see that the Kirkuk line uses the Iraqi line to feed Turkey. The pipe now being used, built recently by the Kurds (with whose financial help?) into Turkey, is said to by-pass Iraqi lines, and it was this factor that allowed Kurds to sell oil apart from Iraqi permission. Couldn't we imagine the West devising and bringing that line to fruition for this day? But what if Russia now exploits that line?

The map doesn't show whether any pipe goes through Kobani along the Euphrates at the Syria-Turk border, which is off the map to its left.

With the spoiling of the Iraq line to Turkey, it was a double whammy for the Kurds, and for whomever they are in bed with as per Western oil peoples, as it removed completion from Iraq oil in regards to sales on the Turkish continent. When Exxon abandoned / endangered its oil deals (three years ago or more) in southern Iraq, and joined the Kurds, did Exxon know the Kurd future as we see it today?

The blogging site above shares from an article of May 2012:

ERBIL, Iraqi Kurdistan: The newly contracted director of Iraqi Kurdistan's Shekhan oil field says it is set to become the largest oil field in the whole of Iraq, and the minister of natural resources says the semi-autonomous region has massive natural gas reserves, which could supply the needs of the projected Nabucco pipeline for at least 100 years.

That sounds like sufficient incentive for Exxon to switch oil-field geography. Perhaps it can tap into a side of that field and suck out what others have found. The article adds, "...Gulf Keystone Petroleum, a company from the United Kingdom, which has won the contract for oil production at the Shekhan field. " Gulf Keystone is purely a Kurd-exploration company. Here's from Wikipedia; note how Exxon looks like a vulture moving in, seeking to profit on the find of others:

Shaikan was declared a commercial discovery on August 1, 2012 following a five-well appraisal programme. Initially independent estimates place the gross oil-in-place (OIP) volume at 13.7 billion barrels (P50) potentially making it one of the largest oilfields discovered in Iraqi Kurdistan

...In late 2011, Exxon Mobil announced it had signed exploration contracts for six blocks in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, including one block adjacent to the Shaikan block. Several days later, an article appeared in The Independent suggesting Exxon Mobil was engaged in some form of discussion with Gulf Keystone Petroleum.

Despite a press release issued by the directors of Gulf Keystone Petroleum stating no such contact with Exxon Mobil had ever taken place, the share price of Gulf Keystone Petroleum continued to rise in what market speculators refer to as a "pump and dump" bubble, reaching a peak of 465 pence on February 20, 2012 before a spectacular 70% crash.

The crash took place due to a new assessment on the oil volume of that field. It turned out to have some 15 times less oil...unless they lied about it to get a better deal from the Kurds. Of the four surnames that run the Keystone management, three are Stafford (same chevron as Quints), Hoods (Hiedler/Hitler suspects), and Peart. The latter surname is a Peter-Pollock suspect, important because Adolf Hitler's mother was a Polzl surname while Adolf's nephew, in abandoning his Hitler surname, changed it to "Stuart-Houston. Then, Hitler's father had also married a Glassl surname, and it just so happens that Peter Pollock (of Renfrew) was a Stewart associate in Renfrew, location of GLASSgow, and where Houstons were first found.

Moreover, between the writing of the paragraph above and the use of "vulture", while I was standing at my front door looking out (during the cooking of breakfast), I saw an usual event: a large crow flew from a few feet over the house directly above the front door. It was so close that, at this distance, one becomes surprised at how unexpectedly large the wing span of a crow is. Peters use the crow/raven, a Rothes symbol too, and a Nesher location near Megiddo (Israel) was founded by a Pollack surname (Russian), important because "Nesher" (named after a German company) is said to mean "vulture." None of this was on my mind when I used "vulture" in regards to Exxon toying with Keystone's discovery. The use of vultures by Jesus (and flesh-eating birds of Ezekiel 38 and Revelation 19) to depict Armageddon (at Megiddo) may be for this bloodline.

A vulture is used by Slings, whom I suspect in the sling shot in the Arms of Dachau, the German city acting as Hitlers concentration-camp headquarters. The Slings may be Salian/Saleman liners. The Rothes (beside the Sale's/Sallete's) use the Sale/Sallete bend, apparently. The Shots are Shute's sharing the Aude swords while Pollocks honor Aude's in their motto.

Moreover, the Keystone board of directors includes a Murray surname, a variation of Morays, and Peter Pollock with his Rothes castle were at Moray. Another Director has a Gerstenlauer/Herstenberg surname (Saxony), and it has just found the curved Gust chevron, even as "Gustenberg" is a listed variation of Gerstenlauers. The Gusts were suspect with the royal Cottians, and the Gaut variation of Cotta's. Another Director has the Polish Stanislaw surname using "steel blades." Blades are suspect with a white version of the Pollock saltire, and German Steels come up as the Stalls/Stahlins using a single arrow suspect with Rothschilds. Stalls came up in the recent investigation (2nd of November) of the Stoltenberg surname, that of the new NATO chief.

The Rothschilds/RothSTEINs use a single arrow too, and share the eight-pointed star with Dutch STEINS, who may be of the Stone's that named Keystone.

Another Keystone director is Lord Guthrie: "Field Marshal Charles Ronald Llewelyn Guthrie, Baron Guthrie of Craigiebank...Chief of the General Staff, the professional head of the British Army, between 1994 and 1997 and Chief of the Defence Staff between 1997 and 2001." In the article below (written by a Cameron surname using the five bunched arrows in the Arms of Rothschild), we find that Lord Guthrie opposed strikes on Syria when prime minister Cameron wanted them. We also find: "Lord Guthrie's co-author of Just War was the late Sir Michael QUINlan [caps mine], former top official at the Ministry of Defence...He was a Catholic, as is Lord Guthrie. Their book draws on the Christian tradition of a just war..."

What promoted the book? Is it because the authors were turned off when from others in their circles concerning a wish to raze the Middle East for unjustified purposes?

The Quinlan surname (shares the stork with Pearts/Petts) welcome here, as I've not known it before. As per the line of Quintus Caepio marrying the Levi-suspect Livius surname, see the QuinLEVan/QuinLIVAN variations. The Quinns are the ones sharing the snake design of Shells, a surname linkable to Dutch Shell, said to be owned by some Rothschilds. The Quinlan motto ("True to the end") is that also of Hume's, in Quinn-pegasus colors. Recalling last update's link of Rothschilds to Oettingens, that later a stork-depicted bloodline, note the Quinlan Crest: "A blue stork pierced with a silver arrow." The red Quinlan lions are the red lion heads of English Steels. Quinlans look like a Mose and Mousquette liner.

Kurd oil production for Keystone started in 2013. One could say that Lord Guthrie had little choice but to at least appear opposed to Cameron's war-bid in Syria (during the chemical-attack fiasco); otherwise it would have looked as though the war was for assisting Keystone oil sales via the Kurd pipeline. Here's Guthrie's links to Rothschilds: "General the Lord Guthrie of Craigiebank, GCB LVO OBE DL, was appointed as a Non-Executive Director of Gulf Keystone Petroleum Ltd. in October 2011...He was Director of NM Rothschild & Sons Limited from 2001 to 2011 and is currently a Director of Sciens Capital (US), Colt Defense (US)...He is a Board Member of the Moscow School of Political Studies." See also the non-executive director, Mark HANSON.

Recall the mention above of Genel, the part-Turk natural-gas company in Kurdistan. Here's from a blogging site, "How To Invest With A Rothschild - In Iraqi Oil", dated August 20 of 2014:

Whether there is war or peace in Iraq, whether the country holds together or falls apart, the oil will flow. If you want to take a flyer on your own little piece of the future of Iraqi oil, the stock to buy is probably Genel Energy. The company has the highest production volumes and arguably the best oilfield assets in the Kurdish Region of Iraq. And its prospects are protected not just by the loyal peshmerga forces of the Kurdish Regional Government, but also by a robust safety net of international business giants.

Genel's big backers are banking scion Nathaniel Rothschild and Turkish billionaire Mehmet Emin Karamehmet. The company's CEO is Tony Hayward, the former head of BP , who also happens to be chairman of commodities giant Glencore PLC. Genel's CFO used to be the head of U.K. investment banking for Goldman Sachs.

With pull like that, no wonder Genel has plunged into developing virgin oilfields in the region despite insistence from Iraq's oil ministry in Baghdad that their contracts with the KRG are illegal.

...When these fields first came on line Genel and its partners had no option but to haul the oil to market; tanker trucks eventually carried 70,000 bpd of oil from Taq Taq over the border into Turkey, according to Genel. But now, with the completion of a pipeline between the Kurdish region and Turkey's port of Ceyhan, exports have been surging.

...Genel and its partners and peers (including Gulf Keystone, DNO International, Afren, Hunt Oil, Sinopec and Oryx Petroleum) are expected to increase the flow of oil from the Kurdish region to 400,000 bpd by the end of the year [the writer didn't know of the oil deal just signed this week].

...The origin of Genel goes back to billionaire Mehmet Emin Karamehmet, chairman of Cukurova Holdings. He and Genel president Mehmet Sepil have deep connections with the Kurds, having negotiated with them for rights to explore northern oil prospects even before the fall of Saddam Hussein [is this why Bush invaded Iraq in the first place?]

Nat Rothschild, 42, is the only son of Jacob Rothschild, the head of the famed family's London-based branch. Having built up his experience in investment banking and hedge fund management, Rothschild in 2011 joined with Tony Hayward to raise $2 billion in the IPO of a blank-check shell company called Vallares with the intent of buying up oil assets. In 2011 Vallares and Genel entered into a 50/50 all-stock merger...

The biggest owners of Genel shares continue to be Karamehmet's Focus Investments (72 million shares), Sepil's Elysion Energy Holding (38 million shares), and Rothschild (22 million).

No one has responded to the material set forth above. The page is not written as slander toward Rothschilds, but as the offering of information for assisting serious oil investors. It's not anything we will find in the Iraq-war news. It helps us to understand what truly is going on in Iraq. Maliki likely knew it. He was in the leading circles long enough to know it, and for his resistance to the oil bums, he was toppled. American and British taxpayer dollars used militarily and bureaucratically to assist oil bums. They like to make easy money with the blood of ancient forests lying peacefully in the crust. And with their added fortunes, the oil bums will seek more easy money. They never have enough. They are greed incarnate. They will drill a few holes in the crust, and pray to their stars to make hundreds of millions each year merely by stuffing oil pipes with it.

Genel had been a Turkish company in Iraq since prior to the Bush invasion of Iraq. Rothschild moved in to take a chunk of Hayward's 50 percent like a parasite on a flea. A Forbes article: "...Genel Energy, which was bankrolled by Nat Rothschild and is run by former BP Chief Executive Tony Hayward. (Genel is the favored Iraq-leveraged investment of Deutsche Bank's Adolff.)" That could place Rothschilds firmly in an oil bed with Turkey, and in direct competition with Putin's natural-gas delivery to Europe. It's a 2012 article: "It started late last year with ExxonMobil, then a month ago Chevron joined in, followed this week by Total and now Gazprom. That's four of the world's biggest international oil and gas giants that have defied Baghdad to sign up for concessions to drill for oil in the Kurdistan region of northern Iraq."

What is it that we can't understand about this game? As soon as Gazprom got into the ring with Westerners, the war was on. We can assume that Rothschilds can tap the current British prime minister on the shoulder, and say, "we need help in Kurdistan."

[At this time, I took a break, going to the attic to do a measurement on the full height of the chimney so see if more chimney-sweeping rod was needed. That's when I noticed a dead squirrel in the rat trap, caught overnight. I was meaning to add to the last squirrel comments of the last update. There were two theories developing in my mind: 1) the power of lawlessness has been, or is about to be, set free, to show up shortly in Iraq; 2) the main goal in all the squirrel events was to prove to us that it was a Sign regarding certain prophetic material in Revelation 17, for the express purpose of indicating that Baathists will side with the anti-Christ when he arrives. I tend to personally feel that the time has not yet arrived to set the lawlessness free as per 2 Thessalonians 2. I therefore tend to lean on theory 2). However, there were a multitude of surnames that seemed to apply well to the squirrel events, and they suggested Polish lines from Mieszko, which in-turn suggested a Western anti-Christ. I'm confused. After taking a break, I continued on with the material above this paragraph.]

Wikipedia's Genel article includes a third surname along with Hayward and Rothschild: the Metherel surname. It sounds a lot like the Madariaga's and Mathers/Madors. I've just seen that there is a Metherel Coat, and its Shield looks a lot like the Burr Shield. Burrs were not much of a topic until the last update, when the Burr variation of German Bauers caught my eye. The Metherels are also "Weatherall," suggesting the Weathers/Withers that use a blue hare in Crest. Now look at what was said in the last update, keeping in mind that Javier Solana was of the Madariaga family:

...But then two Hare Coats share the "indented" feature in the Burr Coat, a feature used by Obama-liner Randolphs and Dunhams. As the Has/Haas/Heslin surname (Bavaria) uses nothing but a hare (in Reuter colors), most-everything in this paragraph may trace to the giant sun of Hesse's, expected as the El-Gabal>Hesse connection to the globalist Rothschilds, and thus it can explain why Javier Solana was a "boss" of the EU (i.e. he was a Rothschild pick).

It appears that the Weathers/Withers are Waters using triple chevrons in the colors of the Weather/Wither chevron. Waters/Wateville's (same place as red-chevroned Quints) use their three in colors reversed to the same of Singletarys, the latter a branch of Mieszko's along with Vatts/Watters, Watts and Wate's/Weights. The latter two have GLASSes hanging off their oak tree as code, no doubt, for the Glass surname out of Glasgow, where Pollocks lived. The Weathers link to the oak tree of Wide's/Woods because Weathers are said to be from "Vidarr = wide messenger." For me, that's more code than truth, for Wide's/Waids (Masci fleur?) happen to have been first found in the same place (Durham) as Metherels/Weatheralls. The Wide's/Waids even use the same saltire as messenger-like Messier's/Messeys, as well as sharing the blue-on-gold scallop with Mathers/Madors! I didn't expect that latter part, but there you are: Metherels led us to Mathers. We can now add that the indented border feature of Metherels/Weatheralls is used by the Singletary-related Dunham Coat. We are right back to Obama.

If correct to trace Mathers/Madors/Mothers to Madariaga's, then it appears that the Wikipedia statement below is affirmation that the Madariaga stars are, along with the Bauer stars, on the EU flag together. Why should that be? Were Madariaga's a Rothschild line? "Genel Energy was created in 2011 as a result of the reverse acquisition of Turkish Genel Enerji by Tony Hayward led investment company Vallares. Vallares was set up by Tony Hayward, financier Nat Rothschild and banker Julian Metherell."

I didn't consciously know (i.e. I may have read it in the past) that "Nathaniel Philip Rothschild is the youngest of four children and only son of Jacob Rothschild, 4th Baron Rothschild and Serena Mary DUNN. " Caps mine. That Dunn family was from a Canadian banker. Serena's mother was a St. Clair-Erskine, part of the Mar bloodline; see the Mare's/Mars link to Rothschilds in the last update as per the "mare" motto term of the Reuter/Roytter branch of Rothschilds. French Mars/Mare's, if their scallops were in colors reversed, would share blue scallops with Mathers and Wide's/Waits (in Weis/Wise colors).

The Mather/Mador/Mother surname comes up as "Matter," and as such it looks like it can be using a version of the Italian Mattis Coat. This can all go to the Mathis river (map) on the south side of the Cavii (the Mathis moline is also the Chives moline, and Chives' lived in the land of Scottish Mars = Erskins). As Bassania was on the Mathis river, the part-besants of Madariaga's can apply. This area of the world is exactly where the El-Gabal sun god was traced hard, and that suggests a trace of the sun-using Solana's to that sun god. If you haven't read the bloodline discussions of the last update, as they link Rothschilds to the Cavii theater, it's recommended reading.

The Erskins (half the Sinclair cross) were first found in the same place as Pollocks, and may be Aures elements = Shaw liners of the Ayer / Eyer / Heyer kind. The blue hare in the Weather/Wither Crest was identified with Ayers / Eyers because Bill Ayers was of the Weather Undergound. Heyers and Here's share the blue wing with Bauers/Burrs. Ayrshire is on-shore from Kintyre, where Scottish Alexanders were first found, and then Russian Alexanders share the pale bar in the colors of the Erskine pale bar. Could there be a Russian connection to this Rothschild picture?

Scottish Alexanders use a "mare" motto term too, for obvious linkage to the Mar-Erskin family, and their "terras' motto term must be for the Tyre namers of Kintyre, which were identified in the last update with Rothschild-related Thors and Tyrols.

Italian Mattis' were first found in the same place (Abruzzo) as Chives- and Shaw-related Sheaves'/Chiava's/Chiapponi's and the MARsi Italians. German Matters/Matts (curved chevron) and Matts are in English-Capone colors. Italian Capone's were first found in the same place as Italian Romanovs, and the latter use a split Shield in the two colors of the Mattis / Mather Shield. Moreover, the Romanov wolf design is used on the bottom half of the Reuter horse. Romanovs were the last rulers of Russia before Rothschilds ousted them in favor of Communism.

The Marsi trace to the Marici and therefore to the Mark / Marx surname sharing checked fesses with Stewarts, and the latter's checks are in the colors of the Mattis checks. Quintus Caepio was the reason for the Caepionis surname, and therefore ought to link to Capone's. It's notable that while Karl Marx is said to have been part of Adam WEIShaupt's Bavarian Illuminati, MERKels, first found in Bavaria, appear to be using a version of the Weis/Wise Coat (Bavaria). The Merkel fleur are in the colors of the Wide/Waid fleur.

Russian Alexanders are in Scottish Mathie colors, while English Mathie's (share red scallop with Romneys) show more blue wings as well as triple chevrons in colors reversed to the triple Clare chevrons. Scottish Mathie's share the five-pointed crown of MacArthurs (same general area as Scottish Alexanders) and Irish Clare's. The latter share the five Traby ostrich feathers, and may be using the Dunn eagle, for English Clare's share the triple chevrons of Singletary-suspect Waters/Wateville's, and SINGLEtarys are suspect with the SINGULar variation of Sinclairs. Clare's and Waters were first found beside one another, meaning that the Clare's are likely using three of the one red-on-gold chevron of Quints. The gyronny background of Mathie's may be half BLACK due to the gold Mathie lion being a reversed version of the BLACK-on-gold Mathis lion.

However, the Dunn eagle is used by the Spanish Sans, which makes it possible for the Sans' to be a branch of the Swiss Sens', because Nat Rothschild, son of Serena Dunn, is said to be a Swiss citizen. Hmm. This recalls that the Senussi's of Benghazi / Libya (set up as Libyan royals by Brit forces of the UN in the 1950s) use the crescent colors of Alexanders, and that Spinks share the Dunn / Sans eagle and the mascles of SENESchals/SENGALs. To this it should be repeated that Obama, as per his Benghazi scandal, was already involved in the Syrian war, and that lately, he sent weaponry into Syria as per the dire circumstances in a SHINGAL location of Syria. See "Shingal" in the 1st update on November for some details, where you will also find that a man, possibly from Obama's ancestral line, with a Woolley surname may have been at nearby ancient Carchemish (Turkey border) the year before the first world war, a war suspect with far-reaching Rothschild plots. It was during that war that the Romanovs were removed from Russia, when also the Turks were challenged by Rothschilian Britain.

I've been looking for what sort of ties or animosities the Turkish government may have with or against Genel. I can't find anything. But Putin has his deal with the Turkish government, which holds a lot more sway than Genel's backing by the Karamehmet family. I don't think that any corporation in Kurdistan, wishing to have favoritism from Turkey, has the clout to surpass what Putin just gave Gazprom. With Turkey holding dear the six-percent discount on Russian gas, Russia has successfully exploited Kurdistan with one fell swoop, all without fighter jets and the other expenses juggled for the same purpose by the group of Western nations. And Russia now gets to have security in Kurdistan without paying a dime for it. The oil deal in Iraq allots money to the Kurdish military to keep the pipeline operational, and the Western military is of course to assist in that task. Meanwhile, Gazprom can sit back and relax under the shade of this effort.

But what happens if more than half of the Kurd pipe goes for use to the new Blue Stream pipe? I'm not knowledgeable in the oil industry (as I like reading up on it like I like oil in my coffee), but I think I've read that the Kurd pipeline can be used alternatively for oil or gas. Why would Gazprom want to send its Kurd gas up to Russia when the Blue Stream cuts across Turkey? One would think that, before Putin signed any deal with Turkey, he would get Turkey to agree to fix the Blue Stream with gas from a Kurd line. If Turkey agreed to this, then the Western parties woke up shocked rather than giving each other high-fives for Putin's announcement to end South Stream.

Still, with the West spending the money to protect the pipe, the Kurds will feel compelled to give the West the best shake for that pipe. But then that decision might be out of Kurdistan's hands because the oil, according to the oil deal, belongs to Iraq. If it's Baghdad's decision as per what entity gets the lion's share of pipe usage, don't we think it explains why the Americans sought favor with Baghdad when stating / pretending they didn't want the Kurds to separate? But if Iraq chooses to favor Putin over the West, we might see a movement of the Kurds to separate with Western blessings. That threat will always hang over Baghdad.

Putin now needs to decide how best to coddle Iraq and the Kurds. At worst, Russia will need to pay for its own pipe from Kurdistan...if Iraq allows it to be built. But who's going to secure that pipe? And don't we think that God is a major player in this game? I'm trying to point out the complexities involved that are bound to lure Russia into northern Iraq at this time. If it's His will.

The Russians are convening, hashing over ideas on how best to make the Blue Stream work under the new circumstances. They can use the pipe to ship continental Russian gas exclusively (i.e. without any Kurd or Iraqi concerns at all), yet Gazprom is already in Kurdistan. Why would Gazprom have signed a deal with the Kurds unless it has access to the Kurd line(s)? We may find that Putin has been engaging the Kurds too all the while that the Ukraine played out. We may find that he made a deal with the Kurds prior to signing the deal with Turkey. That would have been the right business decision. In the midst of such engagements, it would have been wise had Putin not invaded the Ukraine, and so we saw him on his best behavior, drawing back. But the West did it's best to tarnish him, perhaps to keep any of the players from striking a deal with him.

At this time, the Iraq oil deal concerns about 450,000 barrels of oil daily, to begin with. It goes to the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, and fills ships for transport to the various customers. There must be rules as to whose oil gets to go when.

The day after writing above, a headline: "How Exxon helped make Iraqi Kurdistan."

In January 2011, Exxon hired one of the best connected men in Iraq: Ali Khedery, an American of Iraqi descent who had served in Baghdad as a special assistant to five U.S. ambassadors and a senior adviser to three U.S. generals.

At a meeting with Exxon a few months later to analyze Iraq's future, Khedery laid out his thoughts. Iraq under Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki was moving toward dictatorship and civil war, he said he told the session. "We will see a rise in violence and a total paralysis in Baghdad," he recalled saying. Iraq was likely to align itself more closely with Iran, which will "have an adverse impact on U.S. companies."

The gloomy scenario grabbed the attention of Exxon executives. Just two years earlier, they had signed a $25 billion deal [it's never enough money for Exxon] with Iraq to develop West Qurna, one of the largest oil fields in the country.

"No one wanted to hear that they had negotiated a multi-billion dollar deal in a country which will soon implode," said Khedery, who has detailed to Reuters the meeting and subsequent events for the first time.

This is a Reuters article. It's not fair to call Maliki a dictator leading the country to civil war based on the accusations that I've read. Rather, such charges were the exaggerations from the Sunni and Kurds because they couldn't get what they wanted from Maliki. He was rightly unwilling to allow Sunni people into his government that were there to facilitate a coup, and he was unwilling to support the oil vultures moving into Kurdistan making deals apart from Baghdad's involvement. Taking such positions doesn't make him a dictator or tyrant.

But people like those at Exxon wanted him out, and they facilitated the accusations against him, and worked with Kurds to topple him. It stands to reason that they also worked with tribal Sunni leaders to topple him. Mr. Khedery speaks just as we'd expect a Westerner in Exxon to speak. The article goes on to provide details on how Exxon (Rothschild-less?) worked illegally with Kurds to score major oil projects, and even reveals Chevron seeking a natural-gas monopoly in the southern fields (these companies never have enough). My point in quoting the following is to object to the picture painted by Reuters:

Interviews with key players in the secret 2011 negotiations - the talks involved not just Exxon but also fellow Western oil giant Royal Dutch Shell - show how Exxon's decision to invest INFURIATED [caps mine] both Washington and Baghdad, and helped propel Kurdistan closer to its long-held goal of independence.

...When news of the deal leaked in early November 2011, both Baghdad and Washington were FURIOUS. Maliki wrote a letter to President Barack Obama demanding he push Exxon to scrap the deal...

To Washington, the deal was an embarrassment...

A former U.S. diplomat told Reuters the U.S. government had less than a day's notice of Exxon's deal [what else would we expect of an Obama spokesman?]. U.S. Ambassador to Iraq James Jeffrey was LIVID, said the former diplomat. "My understanding is that (Jeffrey) dropped a few F-bombs," he said. "He was less than amused."

Hussein remembers a tense meeting he and the Kurdish oil minister, Ashti Hawrami, had with Jeffrey in Baghdad soon after the deal. "He was very angry," Hussein said. "We were trying to explain that what we are doing is in the interest of Iraq, what we are doing is in the interest of Kurds, what we are doing is legal."

It is necessary for the U.S. government to distance itself from what Exxon was doing, but we shouldn't think that the publicized comments of O-dministration people were true to their feelings. It is a no-brainer that an American government would welcome in-roads to Iraqi oil obtained by an American company, albeit Obama himself is not an ordinary American. Reuters appears to be exaggerating in protecting the American government with its use of "furious" and "livid," and, fortunately, the author felt compelled to add that the one who got livid, Jeffrey, "has since left the State Department. He is reported to be a consultant to Exxon, but declined to comment for this story." Hee hee. His fury must have been a faked and pre-designed stunt. All the players were to act stunned, and to blame it on Exxon alone. Maliki must have seen through it.

While it was yet illegal to enter into deals with Kurds, Within a few months, both Chevron and Total signed deals, further strengthening Kurdistan. A pact with Russia's Gazprom followed.

How deep does a modern atomic bomb create a crater? When I spent considerable time learning and gleaning how Noah's Flood created specific geological formations in various parts of the planet, it was read that the sedimentary rocks / fossil fuels in the Middle East are shallow, in the order of 3,000 feet. It can be gleaned that, after the Flood, while global waters were yet receding, a large part of the crust collapsed where the Persian gulf is located. At this collapse, waters from the continent at what is now Iraq washed much of the sedimentary mud into what is now the Persian-gulf floor. The lush forests of Eden buried under the remaining sediments produced the crude that now appears to be the cause for Armageddon, in conjunction with the bottomless greed of worldly rulers. It's as though God prepared, at the Flood, and through the use of Eden, the next annihilation of the earth's God-haters. And just as the cause for Noah's Flood is said to be the violence in the earth, so we see incredible and uncalled-for violence in Iraq today. I'm not referring to the Arabs only, for the Americans have needlessly murdered Arabs in pursuit of their gigantic dreams.

Exxon, Chevron, Total, and the rest, do not mind scoring dollars on the souls of the dead.

The Tills/Tilleys/Tillers were a topic in the last update, before learning that "long-time CEO Rex Tillerson" was an Exxon leader. The early Tills, represented by a Henry Tilley, for example, seemed traceable to Rodez and to Caiaphas. German Tills/Tillers/Thillers share the white-on-red arrow of Rothschilds/Rothsteins. It may therefore be that Exxon is likewise infested with Rothschild greed. If they weren't guilty of greed, they would lower their prices for everything that they sell. If they were truly philanthropists, they would minimize their profits and be content with ordinary incomes. Instead, they gobble up as much of the money pool as they can. Their financial gain is the loss of others. Rothschilds make a lot of nobodys so that they can become greater somebodys. I just read an article where a Rothschild lamented over the stagnant economy at this time, because making more successful investments is riskier nowadays. Boo-hoo, let us all weep for poor Rothschild.

Tillersons can be traced to the Mathis river, and to the Taualantii (proto-Talbots) on the south side of the Mathis. For this, let's start with Dillers/Dillons/DillHERRs, using nine of the ten gold-and-black Wettin bars. I've only seen one other curved bend, aside from the Wettin one, in the Coat of Roth-like Rita's/Rheda's (Jewish ADEL lion in colors reversed). The Rita bend had been linked suggestively to the curved Gust chevron, and so let's add that the Gust chevron was once showing exactly like the small (curved) chevron of Gerstenlauers/Herstenbergs/GUSTenbergs, the latter being a surname in the executive circle of Kurdistan's Keystone oil. There was an overwhelming trace of Keystone surnames to Peter Pollock, and so let me repeat that WETTins and the like trace to mythical SiemoWIT, code for Poland's WITkowo location sharing the all-seeing eye with Watts, Vatts/Watters and Badens/Battins.

The English Tills/Tillers (first found in the same place as Palins and Russells) use the Drake wyvern (used in the same colors by Poland's Masovian dukes) in the colors of the lion of Polish-suspect Palins. Tills/Tillers and Palins were first found in Dorset, beside Poole. Drake's were first found in the same place (Hampshire) as Poole, and then Poole's share the Rita lion. Pollocks are said to be named after a "pool," but we get it, tending to trace Rothschilds to Poole.

Next, it's noted that the Palin lion could be in use in the Welsh Matt and Sam/Sammes Coat, but in any case, the latter two are on gold backgrounds, colors reversed from the same lion inside the long, curved perchevron of German Tellers/Tallers. Such a chevron is used by German Matts/Matters, and as the Tellers/Tallers appear to be a branch of Talbot-related Talls/Thals, this is sufficient to justify a trace to the Taulantii of the Mathis river. In making their perchevron in colors reversed (what families do when they merge), the Tellers/Tallers may have been borrowing from the Matt perchevron.

All-in-all thus far, it appears that the Exxon CEO traces to the Mathis river, near Has, where I trace the Exxon and Esso-like variation of Macintosh septs. It's not likely coincidental that the Matt perchevron is colors reversed from the same of Heths, but see also the Aeson perchevron. When Rothschilds had been traced to Thors and Tyrols in the last update, I did not consciously know that Tyrols and similar septs were listed with Macintosh's. We can also see the Dole's / Dooleys / Dulles = Dallas listed. It should be repeated here that the MacIntosh badge, a leopard, is the design used in the Chives Crest, for its the Chives moline that's shared (in the same colors) by French Mathis'. The Heths (same place as Wide's/Waids and Metherels/Weatheralls) are suspect with the Capone Coat.

The Terrel/Tarrel (share a green Shield with Bowers and Bauers) sept of Macintosh's was first found in Ross-shire, near Peter Pollock's Rothes castle, and also near the Tarves location of the Chives'. The Terrels are said to be from Tarbat, a Tarves-like term. As the HETHs are said to be from Ross-shire / Moray, "TarBAT" can be in honor of the Welsh Baths/ATHa's, first found in the same place (Somerset) as Badens/Battins. As Tarbats/Turbots (same place as Dents) use a "triDENT," while Burrs use the inDENTed feature, note the Teller description, "There is a black point [i.e. the perchevron]. The lines of the point are indented [rather than "curved," as others are]. The point is charged with a silver base...." The Dents are likely using a version of the Roths Coat.

As Dents and Rothes are both using the Sale/Sallete bend, it's notable that the Saltire Crest shares the rooster design of Heths, except that the latter's rooster is "erased" as code for the Eras/Rasmussen surname. The Saltire / Sallete bloodline had linked to the Alexanders of KinTYRE too.

The "base" code in the Teller/Taller description can be for the Base/Bassan bloodline tracing to Bassania on the Mathis. The English base's, said to derive in a fish theme, jibes with the fish in the Tarbat/Turbot Coat. As Lawrence's use a turbot fish in Crest, the Tarbot/Turbot fish trace to the same colored fish of Bar-le-Duc in Lawrence-related Lorraine. And that picture traces to Bar, not far north of the mouth of the Mathis. That river is where Tellers/Tallers need to trace, anyway.

The two Dell surnames are very interesting for supporting all of the above. We should hire them to make money for us until we gobble up the entire universe, having it securely locked in our Swiss-bank vault. English Dells (do you really want to trust a Dell computer?) use the same lion as Palins and thus link to the Till/Tiller wyvern. German Dells use a bend in colors reversed from the same of Talbots and Talls/Thals (the latter are of Basina of THURingia), and in the colors of two Peter bends. The ravens on the Dell bend match the raven of one Peter bend, and that links the Dells to Rothschilds without doubt, tracing them again to the Mathis-river Taulantii. The Talants, let it be repeated, use the Capone Shield too, apparently, insofar as Capone's are Cavii liners. That's why Heths ought to be Hesse liners from Has.

The Reuter article above had this to add:

But it was not just Exxon and the Kurds talking. Europe's biggest oil major, Shell, was also involved, according to Hussein. Shell was Exxon's junior partner in the West Qurna field and had a separate deal with Baghdad to invest tens of billions of dollars in southern Iraq's Majnoon field. Exxon and Shell believed that teaming up -- they had a combined market capitalization of more than $600 billion -- would make it hard for Baghdad to throw them out of the south even if they cut a deal with Kurdistan.

...In the summer of 2011, as negotiations continued, Kurdistan sold two oil blocks to HESS [caps mine], a U.S. company. Exxon and Shell had been keen to get the blocks, and the surprise sale nearly ended the talks, according to Hussein.

On the same day of the article above, the same Kurd media put out another Reuters article with a headline, "Swiss firm Trafigura helped Iraqi Kurds defy Baghdad to sell oil - sources".

...Swiss-based Trafigura's role in the trade has not been revealed until now. A Trafigura spokesman declined to comment, as did a spokesman for the Iraqi Kurdish regional government.

According to the three sources, who revealed the commercial information on condition of anonymity, Trafigura became involved in Kurdish oil sales after the Kurds achieved poor results from initial attempts at exports early this year. Ships had been loaded but ended up sailing aimlessly, with few buyers willing to brave Baghdad's anger to take delivery.

Since Trafigura began handling some of the sales in recent months, all of the 30-plus tankers have found buyers, apart from one for which Trafigura was not responsible, the sources said.

Trafigura struck its deal to sell Kurdish oil with the Kurdish regional government this summer after meetings in London and the Kurdish capital Erbil, the sources said. At the time, a lightning advance of Islamic State militants in northern Iraq threw the Kurds into front-line battle.

The oil was delivered to destinations such as Israel, Croatia and to buyers off the coast of Malaysia, according to trading sources and publicly available ship-tracking data. A series of ship-to-ship transfers and temporary storage arrangements was put in place, often making it difficult to track final destinations.

...Trafigura was not behind the one Kurdish vessel still stuck in limbo off the coast of Texas, the United Kalavrvta, the source familiar with the trades said. A Texas judge has said the state lacks the jurisdiction to rule on the ownership of the oil.

The timing of this article seems to be part of the oil battle in Kurdistan. I've got mixed feelings on whether Reuters always supports Rothschild interests. The problem is, there are likely Rothschilds in competition with one another, and likely also at war with one another. It's not all clear-cut. But what if Reuters is falsifying the Kurd situation to cover for Rothschilds? What if this charge against Trafigura is a false claim? The three sources claiming this story have not been named. I noted in the news that Reuters was busy meticulously tracking oil ships with Kurd cargo, and, not long ago, perhaps two or three months ago, there were reported only four ships seeking buyers in vain or in difficulty. Suddenly, now, Reuters claims more than 30 ships, all of which found buyers tic-tac-toe, under Trafigura's selling powers. Perhaps the full truth is that there were others involved -- those with oil contracts in Kurdistan -- which gave their oil to Trafigura to market, and Reuters is avoiding that aspect of the deals, fingering the Kurds alone as the other end of the Trafigura deals. Does Reuters have the agenda of ruining contracts between the Kurds and Trafigura so that others can have more future contracts with that the Kurd market is legally open season?

Trafigura is actually a Dutch company with a Swiss office in Lucerne: "It is the world's third largest private oil and metals trader after Vitol and Glencore Xstrata." Hmm, the Vito's use annulets in colors reversed to the two Till/Tiller annulet, on either side of the Rothschild-suspect arrow. "It split off from a group of companies managed by Marc Rich in 1993." Rich's are suspect with Richeza of Lorraine (married Mieszko II), and then the two men mentioned as taking over from Rich are Frenchmen. "Trafigura has been named or involved in several scandals, particularly the 2006 Cote d'Ivoire toxic waste dump."

The backdrop to the pipeline war starts with the pipe proposed, but never built, from the east side of the Caspian to Turkey. Russia and Iran attempted to frustrate this plan. I didn't know that the United States (with General Electric as the tool) had proposed this pipe to begin with. It predated the Bush war in Iraq (2003), but one might wonder whether there was a conspiratorial connection between the two. Turkey signed onto the pipeline, as well as agreeing with an additional Western proposal to include the European-leg pipe, Nabucco, as an extension of the Caspian pipe above running across Turkey. "The original [Nabucco] project was backed by several European Union member states and by the United States, and was seen as a rival to the South Stream pipeline project. The main supplier was expected to be Iraq..." When the Caspian pipe(s) failed / stalled, Nabucco had to be scrapped. Putin was blowing his whistle while driving the South Stream train full-speed ahead.

So, whose to blame for this war? Did the Unites States have the ethical right to propose a pipeline at Russia's doorstep? Perhaps, but neither should it be surprised when Russia opposed it. It would be like Putin building a trans-Atlantic pipe to Mexico to feed through Texas in an attempt to rob Canada of its Keystone sales through the center of the United States to Texas. It would be viewed as a greedy, rude intrusion on Putin's part, would it not?

Russia was supplying Europe with gas when the Americans proposed their plot to take that business away. In the meantime, Putin sought to make gas transit to Europe cheaper and less problematic with South Stream, and the West chose to obliterate that deed. Cheaper and more-secure gas sounds like a good plan to me. The current situation, with Russian gas through continental Ukraine, has proven to be unnerving at times. The Western takeover of the Ukraine may only increase the headaches for the foreseeable future.

Nabucco was an over-reaching (even stupid) plan because it required Iran (owns the south coast of the Caspian) to be on-side with the Caspian pipe during the time that Iran was breathing threats against the West. This can explain why Obama, and even the EU, has softened up to Iran. Look at the following timing, just as Obama's first year was about to begin: "However on 22 December 2008 Austria's OMV and Germany's RWE, both partners in Nabucco Gas Pipeline International GmbH, announced they were setting up a joint venture named the Caspian Energy Company, to carry out exploration for a gas pipeline across the Caspian Sea that would feed into the Nabucco pipeline." From that time on, we saw Obama soften up toward Iran. It's as though the Nabucco people thought that Iran could be appeased sufficiently by Obama. Here's from a surprising Moscow-Times article that doesn't throw negative spin against the Russia-Turkey Blue Stream plan:

For the EU, blocking the [South Stream] pipeline made no sense in terms of energy security or economics. It was purely political...

...New pipelines are currently being built to carry gas from Azerbaijan into the EU via Turkey but potential volumes are relatively small, certainly a lot smaller than planned for South Stream. Sourcing gas from Central Asia is wishful thinking as the major producer, Turkmenistan, has heavily committed to China and, in any event, is on the wrong side of the Caspian Sea.

...Switching to Turkey makes more sense when it comes to barter. Turkey is not interested in being part of the sanctions regime [against Russia]...

Iran has been on fairly good terms with Putin so that the only recourse for the West, barring the Caspian pipe, is to keep wiggling into Kurdistan. But Putin has an upper hand with the gift he just gave his doodle-doo, and with Assad in firm control of Syria. Why should the cock agree to feed Europe through an American project when it has sweet Putin throwing billions at it? The Americans may have more control of Kurdistan than Putin, but they have yet to convince Turkey, we may assume, to install a pipe of their own for Europe. If the Blue Stream can deliver sufficient gas to the willing European customers, where is the argument for a second, American-pipeline project?

How long can the Americans continue to remain, and build up, in Kurdistan? For as long as IS remains a potential problem requiring American-military assistance. Personally, I think the West needs to get out of that part of the world, and allow the locals to carry the gas and oil. But no, it looks like the nasty crows are there to stay. If a disconnected Obama has been swayed by the oil and military pushers, how much more the next U.S. president if he turns out to be a tough guy? A US pipe from Kurdistan through Syria? But how to get rid of Assad while installing a West-friendly regime uninhibited by the insecurities of red-hot sectarianism? Pipes through Turkey are by far the better, stable choice. But this week, immediately after the Putin statement from Turkey, John Kerry used the no-fly word again: "'On the issue of no-fly zone and so forth, the United States remains extremely engaged in its discussions with Turkey,' Kerry said. 'We are continuing our discussions with our Turkish allies in order to have conversations about how we best bolster security in the region and deal with the problem of Syria,' he said" Kerry says there is no safe zone agreement yet

After returning home from Turkey, Putin gave a scathing speech. Take a look at his animosity toward the West. He claims that the West is trying to bring Russia down. You know, I think I can believe him. My hope is that oil prices go lower, and that Putin finds another way to pay the government bills. Shame, if high oil prices is necessary to sustain a government. Bring oil prices down, which in turn brings the price of all else down, and allow the people to have more money. That is the only honorable way forward. If the government lacks money, let workers go that shouldn't have been hired in the first place. Government can't have it all, and was never meant to have it all. There will be other jobs once the people have more money to spend.

It looks as though Putin is trying to tell the people that there is a significant period of low oil prices ahead done deliberately to weaken Russia's economy. The West, he says, will then blame it on the Russian sanctions, and therefore on Putin's contributions in the Ukraine, seeking to have the people abandon him as leader. Headlines this past week in the Moscow Times: "Majority of Russians Have Negative Feelings Toward U.S., Poll Shows" and "Russia's Ruble Falls as Hawkish Putin Dismays...". It's Putin's fault, you see.

The Moscow Times is an example of Western Intrusion into Russia, seeking to westernize Russians. It is equivalent to a pro-Russia Washington Times seeking to socialize Americans. The West is not ashamed of itself for seeking to westernize Russia, even though the leading Western nations are far worse spiritually than old Russian Communism. I can't be more plain: the West is sick, and needs to respect the Truth of God, and to reject anything smacking of demonism. The West is in no condition to export globalist ideals. The West is a snake seeking to procreate snakes. It is a slippery snake seeking to confuse sin with "human rights." The West is a snake covered in grime, seeking members that wish to become grimy with them. There is no hope for the world in this. It would be better for people to disconnect from this present world (as I have, from 35 years ago), not at all meaning that people can't be engaged for to help them, if possible.

Putin's speech on the temporary closure of South Stream:

Obama continues to keep pressure on Putin through all this, suggesting that Obama is very passionate concerning whatever concerns him about the Ukraine. I think this goes to Obama's heart most where Putin has scored a victory with the Turks. I think Obama sought to win the Turks exclusively for the West. Back in late 2012, a Russian-spy organization claimed for news purposes that Hillary Clinton's head injury took place while she was secretly flying to Iran to visit the Ahmadinejab administration. The head injury allegedly took place when her plane crashed on an Iranian runway, causing me to think that Obama arranged her death because the accident was in the midst of his Benghazi scandal. The thought of course entered my mind that the Russians could be lying concerning this report, but it seemed unthinkable that the Russian government would condone such a wild falsification that could only serve to cheapen the image of the Russian government beyond the feelings of the Americans alone. It just didn't sit well with me that the Russians were lying about it. In other words, Obama was deeply offended and threatened by the Russian government, which chose to reveal the truth because Obama was avoiding it at all costs. The Russian report got no traction from other news organizations. I can now look upon Hillary's visit to Iran as one seeking an open door for the Caspian pipeline project, and assume that the Iranians turned the effort down, and then told the Russians about it.

Mosul remains in the hands of IS. I've been reading this week that Kurds and Iraqi's are joining forces to re-take Mosul, and yet I'm not reading that Obama is a part of that fight. Hmm, why not?

Now that all U.S. elections under Obama are through, look at the rumors that crept up this past week:

The Obama administration is refusing to discuss reports that emerged early Thursday claiming that the White House is considering imposing sanctions on Israel for continuing construction on Jewish homes in Jerusalem.

State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf dodged several questions on Thursday when confronted with reports that the administration had held secret internal meetings to discuss taking action against Israel for its ongoing building in East Jerusalem.

..."If these reports are true, this would mark a new era of unprecedented hostility from the White House against our strongest ally in the Middle East,'; the source said. "It's impossible not to notice the irony of the administration mulling sanctions on Israel while threatening to veto new sanctions against Iran."

The article is not from Russia, but from ABC. Someone in the liberal media took the report seriously enough to make it a news item. Could you imagine how terrorists would be dancing in the streets to see the United States laying sanctions on Israel. Along with sanctions come a tarring of, and political war against, the Israeli government. The purpose would be to LEAD all other governments to reject Israel. It's that follow-the-leader syndrome again...that I expect of a Western False Prophet.

Egypt continues to oppose Israel's violent enemies, including IS, showing that Sisi is not of the jihadist vein, and that he's willing to tolerate Israel. This is not an Armageddon scenario, and yet it invites one. Obama prefers to have the Muslim Brotherhood in charge of Egypt, which is more the Armageddon scenario. I envision Obama urging Arabia, Jordan and other "moderate" Arab states to despise Israel. Armageddon arrives when Arabs feel inspired sufficiently to attack Egypt militarily. The potential exists as we speak.


...The President of the United States for his part did not help the situation [in the last Gaza war]. He refused to send munitions, spare parts, and other military hardware two weeks into the war. Without help from the U.S., Israel could not sustain a continued barrage of Gaza and a boots on the ground invasion which would be necessary to finish the job once and for all. The idea of bombing Hamas into submission worked partially but they unfortunately are still standing ready to wage the next round.

Under the new Sisi government, the charges against Mubarak (former Egyptian president toppled with the help of Obama) were thrown out of court this past week. It was half expected. During the transition from the Brotherhood government to Sisi, Putin has become on good speaking terms with Egypt, moving in to fill the cold semi-vacuum left by Obama. The Sisi government has taken a hard line against pro-ISIS elements on his doorstep. The battle between the two is current. News people are beginning to call it "ISIS" again rather than "IS."

Talking about micromanagement, the disgusting article below reveals an American movement from Pennsylvania to record information on children in such a way that claims children the possessions of the state. This smacks to me of the ignorance of Obama's ways. Such political machinery would not have tread under a typical Republican government, but under the Obama liberals, it is moving fast. It is not the business of the state to record information on children for to monitor their progress. It is bad enough that the state acts to corrupt your children using the tool of a Godless school system, but now they seek to micromanage the children' to assure their fullest Westernization = demonism. I would like to see a verbal war (no mincing words) from Christians against the current Westernization, call it what you will. I think that God would have us speak out in spite of the risks / backlashes.

The Sun God of the Hatti

For the past four or five weeks, I have neglected proof-reading. It not only requires time in itself, but results in additions that often break up the original flow of thought. I'm trying to proof read as I go, one paragraph at a time, but this means I've got to retain things in my head for longer. I catch myself typing entire words that the spell-checker won't catch, that do no belong in the sentence. If something doesn't make sense, that's the reason. There are exciting times when I get spastic with the keyboard. When some of the best material surges to mind all at once, that's when you could get fords that don't blink. Oops, I mean "words that don't belong."

There has been much traced to a circular region that incorporates Bar at Scodra; the Clausula river and neighboring Tropoje; Gabuleum, Has and Lissus on the Drilon; the Bassania location and its Mathis river cutting across the Taulantii, and the all-important Cavii peoples in the center of it all, at what is now a Puke region. When the dust settles, I should be able to understand the historical realities much better concerning this geographical circle. Let's call it the Circle of Doom.

I confused myself on the estoile. It was traced recently to two different entities, and I'd like to make sense of it. The other thing that confused me was the Dawson / Daws line from Has liners while appearing merged with items like Dol, Dulo, and Taulantii lines to Tall/Thalls, Talbots, etc.

Here's from the 4th update of October:

It appears that Kyle's, Cole's, Glass', Hollys and Cullens were all from the same entity. But what? Cole's had traced to the Jupiter-line Japodes, and they lived at / beside Rijeka, where holly-using Maxwells (double-headed Roman eagle) trace. Glass' were traced to "GUILLEstre," sharing the black eagle with Maxwells. Flans/Flints use a Max-like "macula" motto term while Hollys/Cullens are said to be from Olioll FLANN Beag. "Olioll" is reminding me of Olive Oyl and the Dulys/D'Oyle surname, and it just so happens that Flans/Flints use the EstOILE!...for the first time it seems that the estoile is being discovered as symbol for Olioll himself.

That was to say that Este liners were concentrated around Istria. Then, the neglected Westoile variation of Wessels was brought to topic as another estoile-potential term. There seemed to be two entities, Este's and Oyl's, involved in the estoile. And Oyle's could include GUILLE and GuillESTE liners. The Guille's/Gulls/Kulle's (same place as Caesars) use the German-Julian bars so as to harden the trace of "Guillestre" to Julians/Gillians. French Guille's (rare, pierced eight-pointed stars; Coat looks Payen-ish) were first found in Brittany so that, indeed, Doyle's/Dole's may apply to an Istria > Este line. It begs the question of whether "Dol / Dula" traces to an Oyl or Julian term fronted with a 'D.' It recalls that Attila was involved with the house of Valentinian, itself suspect with the line of Julius Bassianus at Pietas-Julia of Istria.

Now, as Flans/Flints share a green Shield with the Arms of Pula/Pola, and because the latter is an alternative name of, or location at, Pietas-Julia, I would have to say that Flints (i.e. Flintshire) are named after "Valent." The Valentin squirrels are even colors reversed to the Flint flint stones. It's begging the question of whether Flanders / Flemings/Vlaams were from "Valentinian."

D'Oyle's can be Doyle's/Dole's (billet border), but as "Dol" / Dula" is being entertained as a Julian > Oyl term fronted with a 'D,' it can explain why French Alans share the French-Julian stars, and why Bauers and the EU use the same. MADARiaga's (same stars again) can be suspect with MOTHERs/Mathers/Madors that may have been named after the "Great Mother" goddess = Ishtar liners in Istria. The Blade's can not only be shown to be using a white version of the Pollock / Frank saltire, while Pollocks use their saltire in the colors of the cross in the Arms of Pula, but there is a Bled location a significant distance, albeit due north of, Istria. The Bloods share the statant (lying down) stag with Pollock-related and Julian-suspect Maxwells. It's asking me to view Attila and/or his brother (Bleda) as a Julian liner of the Pietas-Julia kind, and to view the naming of Peter Pollock from the same that named "Pietas."

Heraldry likes to trace many surname's, including Doyle's, to "dubh = dark," but I ignore this. Doyle's use the red stag heads of Colts/Celts (Mieszko liners), first found in the same place (PERTHshire) as Duffs/Duffers whom are likewise said to be from "dubh." The Petts are also "PERT/PEART." There is an easy way to trace both Duffs and Celt/Colts to the Japodes i.e. the Istria theater, making the Petts (share mascles with Peters) linkable to the namers of Pietas-Julia. The Colt/Celt pheon is colors reversed to the Pilate pheon for good reason, but the white Pilate pheon may then be in the Blade/Blate Coat.

Could Hollys be Oyl liners? The Hollys use a white talbot, which was found in the last update with the Kissle's (in Holly colors), highly suspect with Hazel liners from Has. The Holly Crest appears to use the bent Mieske arm. One has reason to suspect the Mieszko > Sigrid line to Danes here, and to Holstein, where Hollys ought to trace. The Kissle's and Hollys are in the colors of Nettle's (should be a branch of Needle's honored by Pettys), and Nettle's are suspect in the so-called "nettle leaf" in the Arms of Holstein. I can't get online from where I'm at now, but if I recall correctly, the Holstein leaf is a starburst with 16 points. If that's correct, it may have originally been two, superimposed Ishtar stars, for Nettle's use the same concept in their two, entwined snakes.

I don't know how fundamental the Bars were to Este from the inception of Bar liners at Scodra, but it conjures up a migration of Albanians / Illyrians to Istria. Cadmus and Harmonia out of Boiotia are known to have settled at nearby Butua/Budva; the couple were portrayed by ancient Greeks as two serpents leaving Greece for Illyria. The Nettle's may be using this picture for a related reason i.e. Boiotians can thus trace to Holstein. There is cause to view the Bar location at Scodra with the Taualantii > Talbot line, and then Talbots were first found in the same place as Burrs.

A white talbot was found (on two separate occasions recently) in the Barrel/Barrul surname (Este colors) honored by the Bauer-suspect Burrs, and the latter are once again in the colors of Hollys / Kissle's / Nettle's. As the Barrel/Barrul talbot has a red ear, it connects to the gold talbot with red ear of Oettingen-Oettingen, of Bavaria, where Bauers were first found. Some suggest that Bavarians were Boii. The vair fur of the Oettingen Shield is, in Bavaria, called "kettle hats," and then Kettle's (stag heads) were first found in Perthshire i.e. where Colts/Celts were first found that share the red Doyle/Dole stag head. It can be gleaned from the "vince" motto term of Kettle's, and the "vincit" term shared by stag-using Keiths (said to be from Catti peoples) and Doyle's/Dole's, that the Chatti of Hesse-Cassel are involved in this.

Now, as I claimed that "Hesse" traces to the namers of "Has" (not on the map above, but is at the northern-most part of the Drilon), look at how "Kissle" looks like "Kettle," and then assume that "hat" is a Has line too, which would amount to a Has > Hesse line in Bavaria...what I could view as the Aeson > Aedon line in Boiotia (Aedon was from proto-Merovingian Merops at Kos). On top of that, the stags under discussion are stag HEADS while Keiths were first found in HADDington, suggesting the Hat-like Head surname is likewise a Has liner. Heads (same place as Hollys) happen to use the black horse head once shown for the Este Crest, except that they use it as a unicorn. In the last two updates, Santa Claus started to trace to more than the Clausula river within the Circle of Doom, and Santa caused me to check the Sled surname; it just so happens that Sleds/Slade's share the black horse head of Heads, and moreover share horse heads in their Coat with the Head Coat. As Heads use uniCORNS there too, they could be code for Cornwall, where Sleds were first found.

As the Head Coat is also a version of the Este Coat, it's another reason to trace Este's to the Bar region with the Este-related Bars. It gets a little confusing because a Has-Hat relationship can indicate two possibilities: 1) they are branches of one another with a slight difference in spelling; 2) they are separate entities in a merger. One would logically view Kettle's, Keiths, Hats, Haddingtons and Heads as one stock. and trace them as Hatti > Catti liners to the Chatti of Cassel. For the time being, Has has been traced to Assus on the Hebros. This picture may be the same as mythical Iasion/Iasius = Aeson = Aedon versus Aeetes of Kutaisi = Attis = the Hatti of Hattusa...meaning that Has and Hat liners are one stock.

Santa's REINdeer suggested Rein/Rhine/Reno (Santa-Claus red and white) and Raines liners, and so let's add that while the Raines motto honors Judicael of RENNES, the French Guille's are said to be mainly from Rennes. Just like that, Santa-related elements trace to the namers of Rennes. The Guille's are said to be named after William (Fleming term?), though it could be the other way around (i.e. Williams/Guilliams were Julians). I now know what this is (aside from an electric-spin moment), the line to William V of Montferrat, for as William's father, Renier/Rainier, was traced to the Reno and Raines' surnames, and later to Guerin of Provence, it's not coincidental that Guerins share the pierced Payen stars while the Guille's Coat is a perfect reflection of the Payen Coat! Guerin is said to be the son of William GELLONE, and the Gellone's/Gillings (possible version of the Rein/Rhine Coat) have variations like the Guille's / Julians/Gillians.

Therefore, this looks like the line of Julius Caesar and Servilia Caepionis to Elizabeth Chappes, wife of Hugh de Payen...who spent years and years at the Jerusalem temple, not protecting pilgrims, but appointing watchers for protecting his Temple dig from being discovered by unwanted pilgrims that may have come along. Someone in the Caiaphas line had passed the old secret along to Hugh that, when Titus sacked Jerusalem, part of the Caepio treasure, and the Jerusalem treasure itself, had to be left behind under the Temple rubble. That's my theory.

We can now view Guerin (pre-dated Elizabeth Chappes) as a Julian-Caiaphas line more-certainly, and it went to Guido Guerra III, husband of a daughter of William V of Montferrat. Guido was linked to Panico's, and the latter were discovered (several weeks ago) as Pinocchio-code liners involved with the "pieces of silver wood" of Rita's. That is, the oak-using Woods were related to oak-using Panico's and Roets (jibes with RED-nosed), and the whole of it, because Pinocchio was from an Italian author, seemed linkable to Italian Naso's/Naseau's/Nasari's (Rita colors), as per Pinocchio's long nose. In this picture, Rudolph's red nose should apply, and then the colors of the billets around the Doyle/Dole Coat are those of the Dutch Naso/Nassau billets.

The riddles to be solved are never-ending. You might be able to whiff "Annas" in this nose picture, and the smell seems to be fuming from the boots of Mr. Claus. Whose boots are in use with the Trips, and why were they at Hamburg, beside Holstein? Aren't they the boots of Butua's Boiotians? As Keturah liners (included Aedon and Athena) were at neighboring Kotor, might it not be coincidental that she traced via her Leummite tribe to Lemnos, location of the Sintians that named Sainte (France)? Or, as the Nettle's suspect with the Boiotians at Holstein trace to the namers of the Nith, who named CLOSEburn on the Nith river? Was Sainte Close there with his smelly boots? Why do Burns share black hunting horns with the Patch's from Kilpatricks of Closeburn?

The big-red story here that Naso liners settled the land of the Dutch at ROTTERdam, on the Rein-related Rhine, where the Salian and Batavi Franks lived. Batavi trace to "Bedewe," an alternative name of Merowe/Meroe (Sudan), according to Wikipedia's Meroe article. The ancient Ethiopians of Merowe trace from mythical Merops of Ethiopia to Merops of Kos, to Aedon of Boiotia, and thus to Batavi-like Butua/Budva. They passed through and named Padova, location of Este, and moreover named the Butts/Bute's, and Bude's of Cornwall. Nassau's (in Guerin colors, probably using the Ferrari lion) were merged with Orange (Rhone river), where Quintus Caepio had his war the year after he stole the 50,000 gold bars...represented in the gold Nassau billets (= bullion bars linkable to Godfrey de Bouillon, first leader of Templar Jerusalem). Quints were first found in the same place (Essex) as Guerra-suspect Vere's.

You can read in the Guerin write-up that they were Templars in Jerusalem. It looks here as though all of Templarism goes back to Guerin of Provence specifically. However, it is likely that his ancestry was a continual merger of Caiaphas lines with Caiaphas lines, with some Annas and Herod lines expected in the mix. A mix with Annas liners can explain my Vere trace -- many years ago, before Caiaphas was even a topic -- from the Worms line to royal Robertians, said to be the ancestry of the CAPETian royals. After Caiaphas became a topic, I traced the escape of the Jerusalem priests of concern to FORUM Allieni = proto-Ferrara, suspect with the namers of MontFerrat. Then, recently, after Annas liners were traced to count VRM of Angusta, where his name become suspect with "WORM," it was discovered that Worms and similar "FORMans" share the same green dragon in Crest. The Guerra's happen to use a green wyVERN (i.e. like "Guerin") dragon. The bendy colors used by Guerra's is in the Doyle/D'Oyle bendy.

It had been argued (by me) logically, and with evidence, that some of the Caepio treasure ended up at/near mount Pilat, to the west side of the middle Rhone and therefore known of by Guerin of Provence. The Doyle-related Pilate's were first found in adjacent Burgundy. Where this picture all traces to the Has Circle of Doom, it traces logically to the Cavii, the peoples expected as Caepio ancestry. By the way, below is a two-sentence article on Has; click the Has link to get a longer article:,_Albania

The Doe's/Dows use "coulters" in suggestion of the Doyle-related Colts/Celts. The last update wrestled with the contention, in the Darby write-up, that Darbys are named after the doe. It was found, rather, that Darbys were merged with Doe / Dow/Dove liners to which Dawsons / Daws' may apply. Dawsons were found (without question) to be "Has" liners of the Haslip kind fronted with a 'D' so as to become DUSSENS, and Darbys are suspect from the namers of neighboring Tropoje. It appears that Duffie's/DOEys/DOWeys and Duffus' can apply to that picture. While Gellone's and English Duffers/DUFFENs were first found in the same place (Yorkshire), the Guerin Coat above shares an upright red-on-gold lion with the Perthshire Duffs/Duffers. If not mistake, "Duffen" to some Caucasian speakers was naturally a version of "Dussen." The Mattis' come up as both "Massi" and "Maffia." Note that the Moschi mountains on this map looks like it's pronounced, "Mofchi."

Estoile-using Duffus'/Duffens (looking in multiple counts to be Mieszko liners) look linkable to the Piast eagle in the Lorraine Coat. One can then trace from Richeza of Lorraine (styled "Richeza of Lotharingia") to the Franconian RAKE, and to the Trunks first found in Franconia. The latter use quarters in colors reversed from the Duffus/Duffen quarters. Trunks had been discovered, in the last update, as Turin liners along with Thors and Tyrols.

The question is whether French Duffus'/Dufours/du Fours/DuFaur's are a branch of English and Scottish Duffers, or else a completely different entity. The French ones were first found in the same place (Limousin) as Caepio-suspect Seconds/Segurs. Caepio's need to trace, along with Puke and the Cavii at Puke, to Cuppae off the Pek river, and as Cuppae was the "city of doves," what about a Duff = dove equation? Couldn't two different things be true on the origin of the Duff surname? Why are Fie's/Duffie's also Cuppae-feasible "Cuffie."

Wikipedia was the first to inform me that some people identify the mother of Pontius Pilate as a Pictish woman in Perthshire. It was only after learning this that the Pilate pheon was found in colors reversed in the Colt/Celt Coat. By that time, I had started to argue that Pilate was related to Caiaphas (the latter's ancestry is said to be completely unknown). With the Duffs/Duffers first found in Perthshire, and the Doe's/Dove's looking like a branch of Duffers/Doeys/Doweys, and with Doe's/Dows using coulters that can link to Colts (as well as to Piast-based Coulters), one can now trace Pilate's mother to the Pek river and Cuppae...especially if Pek liners were proto-Picts. As Scotland traces to "Scodra" while Alba of the Picts traces to Albania (includes Puke), should we be tracing Picts to the namers of ancient Puke, whatever that name may have been?

By what coincidence where Chives' living at TARVes of Pictland while the Picton surname uses a version of the TREVor Coat? The PARTHini (lower left) in the land of the Taulantii may have named Perth.

Many years ago, before I knew much of my Pek-river topic, Duffs were traced to mythical Jupiter, as per their Jove-like motto term, but also due to sharing the red Yonge-Crest lion while Yonge's ("juene" motto term) trace without doubt to Juno (Jupiter's wife). Later, I found that the Jupiter-depicted Japodes were encoded in "Geppetto," the fictional creator of Pinocchio. Scottish Yonge's happen to use annulets in the colors of the Benjamin annulets, and PANICo's (= Pinocchio) were BENJamites...who had married the proto-Japodes women of Jabesh-GILead (see the book of Judges). (My Pinocchio material can be read at the end of last August and into September updates.) Investigation into Japodes was heightened as a result of a Jabesh trace to them, and it was discovered that Japodes lived on a Kupa river -- also "Colapis" to which Piast Kolodziej, root of Colts/Celts, trace -- to which the namers of Cuppae could ultimately trace.

Therefore, Duffs were fundamental Cuppae-dove liners, and came to Scotland with Colapis liners such as Colts/Celts, Kyle's, Cole's, Coles'...and I suppose Glass-related Cullens/Hollys (chevron in the colors of the Coles/Coal chevron). I guess that the namers of Gilead (east side of the Jordan, home of Amorites) named the Khaldi, the proto-Celt peoples known to have settled Illyria where the Circle of Doom is located. Illyria is beside Albania, suspect with "Halybes," the fellow tribe of Khaldi (some equate the two as one).

But if the Hollys were Julian > Oyl liners, shouldn't Kyle's and Glass' (share red-on-white stars), and even king Cole, trace to ancient Julians (more-ancient than Caesar) in the Japodes theater? Does this reveal that "Colapis" was a Julian entity? Kyle's trace themselves to king Cole, who had a kingdom in York, where GELLone's and Coles'/Coals were first found. The motto of Mieske-related Cole's -- and Yonge-related Gore's -- traces to Servitium (see map below) smack between the rivers of the Japodes and the Una river of Juno. As Gore's (named as per Gorski of that Servitium area) and Yonge's were first found in the same place as Quints, I reasoned that the namers of Cuppae (to which Quintus Caepio must trace) named the Kupa. It therefore stands to reason that SERVilia Caepionis, a descendant (granddaughter or just about) of Quintus, was named after Servitium elements.

There has got to be a reason that Santa's favorite reindeer was called, Rudolph. There is only one Rudolph/Rodluff surname (Saxony), in the colors of the Rodhams, the latter first found in the same place (Northumberland) as Reds/Reeds using a "Pax copia" motto suggesting Pek / Pike and Cuppae elements all at once. The Joplins of Northumberland were traced to Japodes. What could the rotten connection be to the Japodes? I'm sure that the Maezaei are the smelly ones here.

The Rudolphs share a white-on-red bend with Ruths/Rothers/Randolphs, and this finally explains why "Ruth" and "Rother" bring up a Coat showing no such variations, showing only the Randolphs. As Ruths/Rothers/Randolphs were first found at Moray, the Scottish Randolphs, first found at Moray, and from the earls of Moray (started by Thomas Randolph), apply to Santa's favorite reindeer.

This brings up an apparent contradiction to my claim that Moray's Randolphs were named after Ranulph le Meschin, for here the Randolphs look like Rudolphs. But the Rudolph chevron is half white-on-blue, the colors of the Macey chevron. In the Macey write-up, we find the Maceys after a "Hamon Massie," granted lands in "Dunham-Massey," and said to be a "tenant of Lupus." And so Ranulf le Meschin, who followed the D'Avrances family Hugh Lupus as an earl of Chester, must have been named after the Maceys somehow. It suggests that Hugh was himself a Macey somehow, because Ranulf's mother was Hugh's sister. It reminds me of a Robert D'Avrances of Ferte-Mace (he married Dol).

Hugh was a Goz on his father's side, but Goz' (Moray stars?) share a white-on-blue chevron with Rudolphs and Maceys. Where the Goz Coat has a black background, it's all in colors reversed to the chevron-with-stars of Hamon(d)s. The "DISCrimina" motto term of the latter surname traces to the Meschin-Duncan marriage, and to Maschi's of Rimini, from the Rimmon location of the Benjamites who married Jabesh. As per Santa links to Has / Gabuleum (= El-Gabal) elements, the Hamon chevron shows a sun. The Hamon Crest even shows antlers, what we could expect if Masseys (their fleur trace to Lissus) were Rudolph liners. We are likely to include Moesians here, from the Pek to the Puke theater in the dead-center of the Circle of Doom.

I'm not lying. It just occurred to me after writing the above to check the Doom surname, and it turns out to be listed with Downs/Douns! I was in the throws of saying that Obama's mother (Dunham surname) traces to that Moesian Circle of Doom when the thought occurred to check the Doom surname. It uses a stag in Goz / Macey colors, and so the single black star on the stag must be the Hamon star. I have seen evidence that Hamon de Massey had a stag symbol, very likely in the Arms of Macclesfield.

It didn't take long to coin "Circle of Doom" earlier in this update. It took but a couple of seconds, but the term was used merely for convenience. I didn't have much in mind, using it as per the role at Armageddon of the bloodlines within that circle. I can also add that, while on the Domitian topic a few weeks ago, it was found that Dunhams (share a Randolph Coat) come up as "Domen." Scottish Dooms are listed with the Dunns that may be honoring the Hobbits (share flaunches with Cheshire's Wolfleys)), first found in the same place as Dunhams. The "PRETiosa" motto term of Hobbits was very linkable to the motto in the Arms of Rieti, and therefore to the Vespasian > Domitian dragon line. The "facit" motto term of Hobbits is shared roughly by Mathie's who in-turn share gyronny with Titus' (emperor Titus was emperor Domitian's brother).

The half-black bull in the Hobbit Crest must be the black Mieske / Cole bull used in white by Hoctors/Haughts, for the "Auctor" motto term of Hobbits suggests the Hoctors. Hectors share a small sun with Hamons. The red half of the Hobbit bull can be of the Borgia's whom I think were the Burgo's of Conteville, the line that married Richard Goz.

Hobbits are properly "HObart/HObert," important because I was wondering whether ho-ho-ho was code for a surname. "Hoe" was just entered to find a boar (blue) of Hoeys/Hue's/Kehoe's (Hughs?), and then boars are used by Bards and Barts while Hobbits are also "HabBARD/HabART." This reminds me of the Dunbar trace to DumBARTon, and so let's repeat that Dunbars were GOSpatricks, now more suspect with Goz'/Goss than before. It just so happens that the bendy of KOS'/Kosinski's is that of Hectors! It looks like Kos had the hugh-hugh-hugh bloodline.

Yes, for mythical Ector was styled, "de Maris," and Kos was the island of mythical Merops. While Merits share a bendy Shield too, Maris'/MARE's (in Scottish Mare/Mar colors) can link this thing to the Mare's/Mars, the French branch of which looks Mackay-ish, Meschin-ish, and Messey-ish. Scottish Mars were beside Angus, where Hectors were first found. Is this tracing Hughs to the Hecate > Hector line? Mythical Hecate (Keturah liner to Athens, where Kodros had a boar symbol), like Hugh Lupus, had a dog symbol.

The rare Doom/Dunn sword was found (not many updates ago) in the Moch/Mouchet surname, which was identified with mythical MOPSus/Muksus, who was traced from his special false-prophet cult at Clarus back to MEPSila, an ancient name of Mosul. The Gospatrick-Dunbars had a location of MOCHRum, according to their write-up, and Mochs are also "MOCHER." Thus, this is indeed the Armageddon-Doom line, so to speak. The Hoe/Hoey lion is even the lion in the Scottish Moch/MOCHRy Coat. As this was the Smendys mouse line while Smendy's wife was a sister to the wife of PINEdjem, we not only note the pine cone of Maschi's, but the pine tree at Santa-mas (I dare not call it Christmas).

With the REINdeer tracing well to the Raines surname, let's add that the Raines lions are likely the Burr lions, for the the Shield-and-Chief color combination of Burrs is that of Tanners, the German branch of which uses pine cones.

With Mopsus of Clarus tracing likely to some merger with Clares and Sinclairs, we need to figure in the Saint and Sun variations of Sinclairs. Can Keturah lines trace to Clarus? Ask her father at Ephesus, son of Merops of Kos.

There are three Santa surnames, one Portuguese using a purple lion (in both colors of the Sobek buckle). This purple lion can link by way of Spanish Luz' and Yorkshire Lacys to the purple lion of the Skiptons, whom Meschins married, and so we see that le Meschin, already suspect with red-nosed Rudolph, figures into potential Santa liners again, especially as le Meschin's ancestry was in Malahule of More, a Claro. If Lacys were Leslie's, then Sobeks (sharing the buckle with Leslie's) may link by their colors to Portuguese Santa's. As there are few Portuguese surnames at houseofnames, they may all link to Portuguese Ferrari's, Abreu's and Alfreds. As another Santa surname even uses the same lion as the Italian Ferrari's, we make special note of Claro's/Charo's, first found in Ferrara.

There now seems to have cropped up a way to trace William GELLone to the St. Clair-sur-ELLe location, where Sinclairs are said to have occupied. It's in Manche so that the red-on-white fleur-de-lys of Elle's should be a colors-reversed version of the Massey fleur. But Gellone's use red fleur-de-lys too. Moreover, the Elle Coat looks like the Craven Coat with the Massey fleur substituting for the red Craven fitchees, and as the Skipton-Meschins were in Craven, that works. But it also serves to reveal that the EEL in the SHIPTON Coat (said to be from "scyp") is code for the Elle surname with EALy variation.

This picture traces to the Foix and Foy surnames, but before showing the new things about this, let me say that Duffs/Duffus', Duffie's (Morgan lion), and Fie's/Feys/Duffie's had linked to Morgan le Fay of Avalon. I'm saying that because Duffs trace to Cuppae's Moesians while Morgan le Fay was one of nine witches standing as code for Muse liners. The Fife's / Five's were a branch of Veys/Vivians (another purple-lion line), and Duffs are likely using the Fife lion.

The Foys/Foix's use another eel as well as what I've been claiming to be the Chapman crescent, and here one can begin to prove that it's the Chapman crescent because Elle's/Ealys were first found in the same place (Cambridgeshire) as Chapmans...and Julians/Gillians. That's more evidence that Elle's were Gellone liners. Then, behind the Foy/Foix crescent there are eight vertical bars in the colors of the six vertical bars of German Julians, and the six of the same of Guille's/Gulls/Kulle's.

As Foys/Foix's above were first found in Cavan while Cavans share crescents in Chapman-crescent colors, it can be gleaned that Cavans are Cavii liners along with Chapmans. Cavan variations give the impression of being Cravens without the 'r', which can be explained by the Crevenia location smack between the Cavii and Has. However, I'm not trying to equate the Cavii with the namers of Crevenia' I would lump the latter in with the proto-Serb namers of Servitium, from a "Sarpedon" migration out of Crete to Caria.

French and English Foys share pellets with Lacys, making the Foix/Foy link all the harder to Elle's and Skiptons. The French-Foy pellets are on a bend rising left to right, as do Masci-liner bends; this particular Foy Coat looks a little Goz-ish, therefore. The other French Foys, first found in the same place as Chappes', share a vertically-split Shield with Goz's having black on the one side. Foys are honored in the motto of the particular Burghs using the cross of Eustace's, and then Bouillons, the surname of one of Eustace's sons, were first found in the same place (Auvergne) as the pellet-using Foys...not to mention the fox-using Fes'.

Having established that Foys are Masci liners to Hamon de Masci (same as Hamon Massie mentioned earlier), it's now important that Fog(g)s (same place as Massins/Massins) are using stars in colors reversed from the Hamon stars, for this works to identify Foys and/or Foix's as Phocaeans. Fogs are by-and-large using Foy / Foix colors. Their city (now Foca) was at the mouth of the Hermus river, which can explain the ermine pattern of Hamons. The Fog annulets, in Hamon colors, can link to the colors-reversed annulet of Burgos' (Pergamum, now Bergamo, was near Phocaea, all in Lydia). Phocaeans are expected with Lacys if the latter were from Lacydon.

A proto-Massey relation with Phocaeans of Lacydon explains why Marseilles was firstly called, Massalia, and the fact that it was later MARSeilles expects that lake Fucino of the Marsi was a Phocaean entity. The Saltire's are expected in a close relationship to Phocaeans from the Salto river flowing from the Fucino theater. As Italian Fulks use a version of the Mattis Coat that comes up as "Massi," Fulks may have been Phocaeans too. While Mattis' were found to be from Massa-Carrara (between Ligurians and Italian Fulks), one can also expect Phocaeans at the Mathis river. The fact that Spanish Capets use both the crown design of MARtels and the split Shield of Fulke's/Folks tends to indicate that royal Capetians were Cavii liners from the Mathis river. See the Mathis at the lower left on this map:

Note that the Mathis has a source at Penestae, for the latter was identified rather solidly with the naming of Pendragon elements, especially Pennys. It should explain why the MacArthur crown design is shared between Mathie's and Alpins. Compare the MacArthur crown and colors with Martels, asking why English Martels are in Quint colors while being first found in the same place as Quints.

As Pendragons (this dragon theme likely links to the Angitia snake cult of the Marsi) honor the Tippers in their motto, it just dawned that the "et opera" motto phrase of MacArthurs should be for Tipper-related Toppers/Toppfers (Thuringia), and they happen to be in MacArthur-crown colors, and even share the Penny greyhound. The Penny-Crest "lynx" (code for Lyncestis south-east of Penestae) is in the MacArthur crown. German Toppers/Topfers, with fish in the colors of the MacArthur moline, look like Dobers/Taupfers/Daubers/DAWbers / Dobermans, but can also be a branch of Dobys because Tippers link to Kennedy's that once showed the same "squire's helmet" as Dobys. The Squire's/Square's/Squirrels happen to link without doubt to Justine of Picenum while her lines linked to the Sibal / Seagar moline shared by MacArthurs. The Sugar variation of Seagars can go to mythical Sugaar, a Basque snake god, husband of the Basque goddess, Mari, which can trace Sugaar to Angitia. Martels (first found in the land of Basques), though said to be named after the hammer, may have been named more for their Marsi ancestry.

English Dobers/Daubers (compare with Trells/Trowle's and Pike's) are also DAWber, with potential to be a Dawson liner from the Has entity. It brings us right back to where Phocaeans and the proto-Marsi are expected. We can ask why Has-liner Heslingtons use a "focis" motto term much like the Phocis location of Greece that could have been Phocaean. To the near-south of Has and Crevenia, the PUKE location looks PHOCaean enough. Puke is on my atlas at Epicaria, on a tributary of the Mathis. Before starting this paragraph, I was wondering whether Phocaeans may have become the Boii, for the Foyer variation of Foys suggest the Voirs/Voyer and perhaps Boyers. I decided to let that thought slide for now, until the focis term brought me to Phocis, beside BOIOtia, hmm. I identify mythical Aeson (i.e. root of Has, in my current view) with mythical queen Aedon of Boiotia.

For anyone wanting to make more sense of Toppers, they look like a merger with Bellamys and Harveys, and may therefore trace with Bellamys to the Arve river near Sion. See a "sine" motto term in one of the surnames in the Topper paragraph. The Topper write-up traces to some "tout-perd = obstinate Lutherine" idea, but that may have been play on words rather than the surname's origins. In fact, it looks like code because Rollo's, with boars in colors reversed to the Harvey boars, use "tour" in their motto while first found in perd-like Perthshire. As the Rollo motto honors the talbot-using Fortuna's (Topper use "force" in the motto), the Parthini (land of the Taulantii) can once again be suspect with "Perthshire". Compare the upright Fortuna talbot to the upright greyhound of Hungars, first found in the same place (Hesse) as same-colored Rasmussens. The latter use an upright unicorn that I view as a Juno-corn code, and "Hungary" can trace to "Juno."

French Harveys (share Macey Shield with Sions/Sine's, in my opinion), were first found in the same place as Verona's/Vairs (Harvey-like look) that share the white-on-blue fish of Piast-suspect Pesci's, and of German Toppers. In my opinion, Dobers were from "Dobrawa," the wife of Mieszko I, or from whatever she was named after. The white-on-blue fish always links to Bar-Este's likely honored in the "est" motto term of Toppers, and so let's not forget Richeza, wife of Mieszko II, for she was from the area of Bar-le-Duc (using fish in the same colors again).

However, a German term like "taupfer" means potter, and then the Poti location of Colchis is a good trace for the Toppers, especially where the Rollo motto includes "passe" that gets the Pascals (Pesci kin?) suspect with the Pascels/PASI's (Pesci colors) that trace to "Phasis," the alternative name of Poti. There's no reason that Toppers couldn't have been Dobrawa liners merging with Poti liners so as to take on a potter term in their honor.

English Fortune's (Besant colors) happen to use the gyronny pattern in half the colors of the Mathie gyronny (in the colors of the Albanian eagle), and this too trace's Fortuna's to the Parthini / Taulantii at the south side of the Mathis river. The Bassania location on the north side of the Mathis can trace both to Basina of Thuringia (i.e. where Toppers were first found), and to the claim of Wikipedia that pheasants (I'm referring to the Pheasant and related Besant surnames) were named after "Phasis" of Colchis.

Cromby Trace to the Drilon

On the Illyricum map, spot the Ulcinium location not far north of the Drilon: "Despite proofs that the original name was Colchinium as the city was built by settlers from Colchis...there are those who claim that the name of the city is etymologically related to the Albanian word ulk meaning wolf...Ptolemy mentions the city as Ulkinium on the 2nd century AD, between Boulua or Budua and the mouth of Drilon river." I didn't know of the Boulua spelling of Butua until now. German Bouls and Bole's are in Pasi colors.

French Fortune's share pellets with Foys (same place as Verona's, and the Lys' that trace to Lissus at the north side of the Mathis) and Lacys, suggesting Fortuna links to Phocaeans. English Fortune's (Seaton colors) were first found in the same place (Lothian) as Seatons/Sittens that definitely trace to Sion/Sitten, and in fact Seatons share the crescents of Bellamys that were on the Arve. I had noted the TopFOR variation of Toppers before coming to this paragraph, and so the "FORward" motto term of Seatons may have to do with Fortuna liners. The "HAZard" motto term of Seatons is suspect as a double code for a Has-Arthur combo.

As Seatons look like Keiths, one can trace Seatons to the Hatti, where I trace the Keith Catti. The Hatti (may or may not have been the Biblical Hittites) lived on the Halys river, one major river west of the Parthenius where one could trace the Parthini. The Cavii may themselves have been named after Cybele, the Great Mother goddess, wife of Attis = the Hatti sun god. It should strike us, therefore, that Gabuleum/Gabuleus was named after Cybele, and that El-Gabal relates to her sun-god cult. The Cabelees peoples likely named Cybele.

Let me repeat from earlier: "The Terrel/Tarrel (share a green Shield with Bowers and Bauers) sept of MacIntosh's was first found in Ross-shire, near Peter Pollock's Rothes castle, and also near the Tarves location of the Chives'. The Terrels are said to be from Tarbat, a Tarves-like term....As Tarbats/Turbots (same place as Dents) use a 'triDENT'... " The trident is shared by German Gable's/Gabels, though they call it a "pitchfork" as double code, one for the Pitch's (same place as Gable's), and one for the Forkers honored by the "fork" motto term of Cunninghams (same place as Forkers). This can be verified where the Cunningham-Shield 'Y' is used by Spanish Gable's/Gabels. The latter call it a "Y" shape, prompting a look at the Shapley surname (green Shield, all three Coffer colors), first found in the same place (Devon) as Chives' so that the latter's "SHAVo" variation looks linkable to the SHAPley surname.

From the above, one can make a Cunningham link to Caens/Canns because the latter share fretty with Cable's, and because the Cable fretty is in the green-and-white of English Gable's. As the Shapley chevron is colors reversed from the Gabel chevron, it's safe to say that Shapleys are a soft-form of "Gabuleum," and that Gabuleum elements named the Cavii.

The Shapiro's/Shapers/Schapers use three ostrich feathers nearly in colors reversed from the three in this Arms of Rothchild. The Shapiro description suggests kinship with Topps / Toppers: "The top is silver with a black fesse" (see the Haught bars). It suggests that Shapiro's were Dobers, and indeed, when entering "Tapper", as per "SHAPIRo," a bend in Dober-bend colors comes up, and likewise rising in the rare left-to-right direction. It can suggest that Dobrawa was a Cavii liner of the Shavo / Shives kind. Due to the colors, I would suggest that she was from the Cavetts/Schavo's.

Where was my head?. It dawns on me only now that Terrels should be from the namers of the Drilon river (location of Gabuleum). I think that Caiaphas (and the Cave's / Cavetts) can thus trace to the namers of Gabuleum. It begs the question of whether Tarrs and the scimiTAR trace to the namers of the Drilon. The Schims are also "SHAWd" while Chives' were Shaw / Sheaves liners. Tarrs were first found in the same place (beside Devon, in Somerset, where El-Gabal's Sohaemus elements trace) as Baths/Atha's, and the latter are suspect in the Heths of the Ross-shire circle of Terrels, and with the TarBAT location of Terrels.

Aha! Trails are also PENtrail as if to honor elements of Penestae, a location of the Drilon! As Trails (mascles) use a "Discrimine salus" motto (akin to the Hamon motto), I'm pegging them in using a version of the Macey / Mackay Shield. As was said that the "DiscRIMINa" motto term of Hamons (share black-ermined chevron with "qui"-using Shaws/Sheaves/Shave's) was partly for Maschi's of Rimini and partly for the "Disce" entity in the motto of the Duncan royals that married Meschins of SKIPtons (suspect with Shapleys), so we now find that the Trail Crest is "A column emerging from the sea." That's got to be in honor of Malcolms/Callams of the royal-Duncan line at Moray. It's probably not a Bowerincidence that the Shaws above use bunched arrows tied at their centers.

We now have great reason to equate Skiptons with the namers of Caiaphas. I didn't understand, about a year ago, when I first caught glimpse of Caiaphas descending from the same Shepherd bloodline as named general Scipio, but now it's all tracing to the Cavii in a way that makes sense. Scipio's were softened "Cavii" liners. While the king-Massena side of the Massena-Scipio merger produced the Maccabee's proper, Caiaphas was from the Scipio side, apparently.

Fellers/FellTRAGers apply to the TRAYlor variation of Trails because the latter use the Feller/Felltrager colors and format, and even share the same-colored trefoil together. The Trails are said to be from Trelly in Manche, but also in a Teign location of Devon, thus making them well-linkable to Chives' and Terrels.

Why a column "on the sea"? Well, there is a Sea/Seigh surname (flaunches) than might apply to "Teign." Teague's (share the wolf head with Seals) are a branch of Touque's, first found in the same place (Kent) as Sea's. A Geoffrey de Rots is said (in the Sea write-up) to have held a Seal, and, laughingly, this location is said to have had a fishery filled with eels! That's the Crest symbol of Skiptons, obvious code connecting Sea's to Skiptons of the Shipton kind. The lone fish (salmon) in the Sea Coat is linkable, therefore, with the fish of Verona's who likewise use a version of the Feller/Felltrager / Trail Coat, and who were first found in the same place as eel-using Foys/Foix's. These eel liners were just traced to an Elle location in the same place (Manche) as Trails. Ha-ha-ha.

While German Rots gets the Rothes (from Rothes castle right?), Jewish Rots bring up the same Rasmussen-suspect Coat as "Rothchild (no 's').

It just so happens that Terrel-like Darrels were from (D')Airel in Manche. The Moor head in the Darrel Crest can link well to the same of the Chappes' (same place as Verona's), thus allowing a Darrel trace to the namers of the Drilon. The marriage of Hugh de Payens to Elizabeth Chappes is well-explained where the Paeoni were to the east side of the Drilon.

I'd like to go back to the Boulua version of "Butua." The Bouls strike me as Bouillon / Eustace liners, and as such can identify Bologna and Boulogne with Butua liners (= Boiotians), which in turns helps to decide whether the Boii of Bologne were Boiotians. The bars in the Sea flaunches are in the colors of the German-Drummond bars, and the bars in one Boul Coat, in Eustace colors, are feasibly the bars of Scottish Drummonds. The Boul bars could look like the Belli bars. The Belgian Bole's ("wheat stalks") may be using a Bellamy-Shielded version of the Trail Coat.

German Bole's share compasses (in Boul-cross colors) with Rothschild liners. Here's from the last update: What is that arrow doing, piercing the heart, in the Nathan Crest? That's how we know that Nathans are from Nathan Rothschild. Here's the Nathan-Coat description: "...two black barrulets, between three blue compasses."" For me, this speaks to Butua and Bar liners simultaneously. As English Bole's (same place as Burrs) use the shot-through boar of Pollocks (merged with Pettys using the compass needle), I trace them to Boleslaw I, son of Mieszko I, but named after Boleslaw I of Bohemia.

Let's repeat from above upon finding the Colchinium location near Butua: "I didn't know of the Boulua spelling of Butua until now. German Bouls and Bole's are in Pasi colors." Now recall (if you read it) that heraldry seemed to indicate a Caiaphas merger with emperor Titus. His father, VesPASIan, was traced to Phasis elements to Bologna's Pasi surname, and then look at "CaiaPHAS." Could there be something from Phasis to that now that Colchians are tracing to the Drilon theater? Previously, I knew of Colchian settlements further north around Istria, but here the Colchians were also near the Drilon, and so why not also on the Drilon. Didn't I trace Has to Aeson?

As many north-Scottish elements are tracing to the Scodra area, let's mention that Colchinium is at the Adriatic sea off the south end of Scodra while Bar is at the sea off the north end of Scodra. Then, let's assume that it's correct to trace Skits and Scheds/Sheds to "Scodra," the purpose here of which is to trace to the namers of Shetland in far-north Scotland. But one can go a little further north than Shetland to ORKney, which I claimed was named by Orchomenos Boiotians, they being the ones that myth writer's put on the Argo ship along with Jason, son of Aeson. Are we making sense here? And the MacDonalds that I claim to be using the Argo ship as their symbol can trace to the Terrel bloodline with their similar motto term. That is, the Tyre namers of Kintyre may be from the namers of the Drilon.

Keturah's son(s) traced not only to Kotor (very near Butua) but to the wolf goddess (Hecate) of mythical Medea, Jason's Colchian wife. It should be hard to separate Boiotians from Colchians.

I recall reading that general Scipio founded Placentia as an army barracks when he lost a war against Hannibal. But as he also stationed some of his men at CREMona at that time, perhaps he named that city too in that it was founded likewise as an army barracks. I'm making mention of that because Krume (like "Cremona"), I've just learned, is the capital of Has, and because there was an inkling (many months ago) that "CreMONA" had to do with HAS-MONeans. How about that? I actually did not find the Has / Crume article above until AFTER Scipio became a topic in a trace to the Cavii. I was perusing many Google pages in a search of "Drilon river" when the idea occurred to search "Has Albania." The Has district happens to have a Fajze village, which as "Faize" could look like a Phasis element.

DON'T MISS THIS: as Hazels and their House kin have been traced to Has, note that one House Coat shares a white-on-green cross with Crombys/Cromys!!! That's a good one. But there is more, for the House's were first found in the same place (Berkshire) as Croms/Crums!!! You can play fun games with macho historians with this, and surprise them into embarrassment with the evidence for your original claim (that they'll laugh at): a Heslington trace to Has and Krume. Crombys/Cromys (may be using the Cavan lion) were first found in Aberdeenshire, the Tarves theater.

It's bringing back to mind the Taborites and HUSSians, for Tabers are suspect with Toppers / Tappers / Dobers/Tobers.

The Cromby cross is a white flory cross, symbol of Bouillons now suspect with the Boulua version of Butua.

Cramers use a ram, which was the golden-fleece animal. There is a golden fleece in the Dingwall Coat (from an old Ross-shire capital, Dingwall), and the Shield-on-Shield of Dingwalls is in the colors of the same of French Vincents, important because English Vincents use the Crom/Crum quatrefoils while said to be from one Vincent de Cramenil. That's no coincidence.

The VINCents and DINGwalls/Dingle's look like branches along with HINKleys (sun), first found in the same place (Leicestershire) as Vincents. Hinkleys could thus be using the split Shield of German Alba's. The Hinks were first found in the same place as Croms/Crums, and use the Arms of AYRshire (= the Annandale Coat trace-able to Placentia's Ananes) while Ayers / Eyers likewise use quatrefoils. The Hink saltire is in the Italian Latin Coat along with stirrups that can belong to the spur theme used by Dingwalls and English Ayers/Eyers ("sola invictus" motto phrase is an alternative name of the El-Gabal sun god). ALBINus Ayers in the Scottish Ayer write-up looks like he can trace to Albanians, no surprise now. English Latins (Super suspects) were first found in the same place (Wiltshire) as Tops. Bouls use a so-called "Latin cross."

German Vincents can trace to Drilon liners again by way of sharing a red crown upon their lion with the Darrel lion. Irish Cramers are said to have Traynor/Traenor and Threinfir variations, evoking the Traylors/Trails that traced to "Drilon," but this tends to prove that Traynor" traces to "Drin," the alternative name of the Drilon.

By the time that I saw "shopKEEPer" in the write-up of German Cramers, I had gotten an inkling that Croms/Crams are specifically in Chill/Child and Hebron/Hepburn colors, and the latter use a "KEEP" motto term. "Shop" can then trace to the Shapleys et-al from the Cavii. Cavan variations suggest Keep liners. Shops, using the Shield-and-Chief color combination of Cromwells, are listed with Shawlands/Shorelands, and then the Arms of Ayrshire honors the Shaws...whose Irish branch is using a version of the Ayer / Eyer Coat. The same color combination in Chief versus Coat is used by Derns/Darns (looked up as per "Drin") and Annas' (the latter is expected where Caiaphas' ancestry was from the Drilon).

The Cromwell Shield evokes the Claro/Charo Shield, and the Cromwell bend, because Cromwells were of Nottinghamshire, looks like the Notting bend with besants that trace to the Bassania location on the Mathis. As BUCKinghams use the Notting bend with besants, perhaps the namers of Buckingham trace to Puke (between the Mathis and Drilon). As I trace Nottings to the Nitts/Naughts, first found in the same place as the Nith river, note the CLOSEburn location on the Nith, as it traces to the Clausula with a source not far from Has. Compare the Hare's (on from AYRshire) with the Coat of Burrs, first found in the same place as Cromwells, and then recall the hare in the Has Coat, for this traces Cromwells well to Krume.

If you want more, trace the Shop/Shoreland dancette to the dancette of Carricks of AYRshire, noting that the latter are a branch of Sheers/Shore's (share the black fitchee with SHEPherds), first found in the same place (Surrey) as English Hare's. How can so much trace to the sparsely-populated region of Has and Krume? Perhaps due for relevance to someone in heraldry, such as one Christ-killer I emphasize.

As the Macclesfield area has the black fitchee of Davenports, it's now interesting that the Macclesfield cross is used by Fessys, for they might just trace to the namers of Fajze (in the Has district). Davenports (looks like the Heslington Moor head in Crest) were of ASTbury, a potential Has liner, for the Has article shows the location as "Hasit" to locals. The InDENTed Chiefs of Hare's trace to Dents that look related to HASTers/Hesters (share the swan with Cromwells). If Astburys (in Crom colors) are using the Craven fesse, they can not only trace to Skiptons (of Craven), but to Crevenia, smack beside Has. The unmarked river (Drilon tributary) upon which Crevenia is shown has a mouth near Has / Krume.

While Italian Alba's use another swan, German Alba's use a giant fleur in the colors of the Massey or Elle/Ealy fleur, and that links well to the eel of Skipton-related Skiptons. The Elle's/Ealys (Manche, where Masseys were from; see Sinclair write-up) are using a version of the Craven Coat, you see, so that German Alba's can trace well to Albanians.

I've been neglecting to mention KOSovo, beside the Has theater, and traceable to Kos, Aedon's ancestry. If there is a Kos ancestry in the naming of Kosovo, one could expect the proto-Merovingian Merops elements from Kos, and for that, one can then see the Child Coat in the Crom/Crum Coat. As Kosovo is also "Kocova, the fact that Krume and Has are in Kukes county may trace proto-Merovingians to Has, especially as I see Merovingian ancestry in the swan-line Salyes while Hasters are using the Sale bend, in my opinion.

As the Kos surname uses the same bendy colors as Hectors of ANGUS, and while Annas liners are being traced from an Angusta to Angus line, it's notable that the Annas Coat (shares the white-on-red star with the similar Angus surname) was just found traceable to the Kosovo theater.

After writing that, it occurred to me to look up a Krume surname, and there was one. While it was loading, it occurred to me that "Krume" sounded Ukrainian...which could jibe with migrations of Trypillians from Angusta to the Drilon. After all, the Keeps were traced to the namers of Kiev, near Trypillia, and Trypillians are expected at Tropoje in the Kosovo theater. The Budini of the Trypillia theater are expected to be kin of the namers of Butua/Budva. When the Krume Coat loaded, it was found that they were first found in the same place (Hamburg) as Trips, and that they use the giant Silver crescent facing the opposite direction. Silvers could be from TranSILVania, but, in any case, they were first found in Hesse so that they with Krume's can trace "Hesse" to Has! Good one, much needed.

By the way, there is a second Drin, called the White Drin, between Tropoje and Kosovo. The White Drin flows to meet the longer Drin at Kukes. The longer Drin, called "Black," has a source in lake Lychnidus (now lake Ohrid). As this lake was identified with swan-liner Ligurians, by what coincidence do Cocks/Koke's use a Shield filled with the red-and-white lozengy of Grimaldi's, the latter from Liguria? That's a good argument for tracing Cocks to "Kukes," but Cocks were traced otherwise to the Cogaeonus river (top-right) smack in the Angusta theater. The Cock/Koke Coat has a Craven look about it as additional support for a Cock trace to the namers of Kukes.

I've been linking the Heths to Aesons for quite some time, but in this investigation, the HASkins/Hoskins were looked up to find that their Crest uses the Heth-Crest rooster in the same color. Therefore, Heths/Heaths (Keith Catti?) were Haskin liners possibly from Has. The rooster design used by Cocks is shared by Aikens, and they may be a branch of Aisens / Aesons, you see. The Haskin Coat looks much like the Gate Coat, and so let's repeat that Yate's use gates while Yate's are suspect in the "HAZard yet" motto phrase of Keith-suspect Seatons.

Therefore, the Seatons, whom trace to Sion/Sitten along with swan elements of lake Lychnidus, must be honoring the Haskins in their "hazard' term. One can trace this term to the Assus location on the Hebros, not far north of Arda, likewise on the Hebros. The Odrysians at Arda were suspect as Dorians, beside Megiddo, and the latter was traced to the naming of Macedonians, important here because lake Lychnidus is partly in Macedonia. The name of this lake was traced to "Lychnis," the alternative name of lake Sevan (Armenia), location of Gogarene/Gugar that can trace well to Kukes. The Soducena location at Lychnis has been suspect with the formation of "Sadducee," important as Caiaphas is being traced smack to the Kukes theater.

I think I now understand why the Cage Coat looks like a version of the Gate Coat, for Cage's. and even better, the Caige variation of Teague's must be a variation of "Aiken." As Aikens are also ATKin," note that Cage's are also CADGe." If you understand me, these surnames are being traced to an Assus > Has line. Cage's were first found in the same place (Cambridgeshire) as Chapmans and Capone's (and Elle's/Ealys), and Chapmans use a giant white crescent linkable to the same of Krume's / Silvers.

In the last update, Silvers were suggested for a trace to the Silvretta range of the Rhaetian mountains beside the Tyrol theater. It was during that discussion that Tyrols had been looked up to find their "crampon" symbol in honor of the CRAMpon/Crampton surname, but here I find that Krume's, with a KRUMMPEN variation, are using the Silver crescent. Therefore, it's no coincidence: the Colchian-suspect stock of Caucasians that named Krume were also at the Tyrol / Silvretta areas.

I wasn't going to mention the following (found before the Chapmans and Megiddo entered the discussion) because it looked ridiculous to say it. I was following the Wikipedia links to the cities involved with the Black Drin, when I got to the Arms of Ohrid looking a little like the Arms of Haifa (near Megiddo and Dor), but only because of the light blue color and the ship that both Arms share. That's not enough to clinch a link, but then on second thought Caiaphas and the Chappes' (in Krume colors) were traced to "Haifa." Plus, I had come across the Arms of Struga using a symbol that looks like a blue perchevron, the symbol of Haifa, but because it was not a perchevron, I didn't mention it. Now, however, as Krume has traced to Tyrol, the Thors of Tyrol can be mentioned because they do use a blue perchevron. And because Tyre is beside Haifa, it would seem that Thors and Tyrol were named after Tyrians. This recalls the shot-in-the dark where the "DRilon" term became suspect with "Tyre" or "Dor."

Let's go back to the Aisens that came up as a potential branch of Aikens, and therefore traceable to Aachen, where the Carolingians ruled. The Aisens are using, possibly, and the Pek/Peck chevron may be the Aiken chevron. the Pek/Peck patees, important because there is a Pec location at the sources of the White Drin. When one follows this river to its mouth, Kukes is encountered with nearby Has to which the Aisens are suspect. We have the potential here to trace the Pek river elements of Cuppae to the Cavii at Has. In fact, the Peks/Pecks were first found in the same place as Quints, and share a red chevron with Quints, making Quintus Caepio suspect with Pec.

It just so happens that Cocks/Koke's use their lozengy in colors reversed from the Packer lozenges!!! Moreover, Packers (share a black Moor head with Chappes') were first found in the same place as Croms/Crums! We are nailing this. The Sterlings (BUCKles) use the Chappes Moor head too, and they trace to Stubbs / Stubbings and Staffs while the latter use the Quint chevron in both colors.

The black Aiken rooster was traced to that of Kopple's, and from that I traced Aikens to Poland's Goplo, but this was before discovering Gabuleum on the Drilon. I can now add that there is a KOPLik location!!! Good one John, for that you need a giant brownie point. Koplik, anciently Cupionich, is on the east side of lake Scodra, in the Santa-Claus district. Here's the Puke district, where its Puke locality was anciently, Picarea (also "Pezhve"). Pickers are listed with Packers (BUCKLEbury), and may link to the "steer" of German Bachs.

It all smacks of Cuppae off the Pek. Compare "Cupionich" to "Caepionis." That could trace the Caiaphas line to Goplo's Mouse Tower, and to the Goplani namers of Goplo. The Koplik article tells of a Dober location 2-3 miles from Koplik!!! Make it two brownie points for apparently discovering that Dobrawa was from the Koplik > Goplo line. The Kopple rooster is in the colors of the Jonathan/Jonas roosters.

The Polish-suspect Pullens use a "culpa" motto term that can be for the "Glopeani" version of the Goplani namers of Goplo. Pullens share a white-on-blue bend with Dobers. Pullens happen to use footless martlets in both colors of the same in the French Joseph Coat. The previous Joseph symbol, a swan in the same colors, was suspect with the FIVE (can be a Quint code) swans in the same colors of Chaplets (Lorraine).

As Camps share the colors and format of Caepionis', the following (from the Koplik article) may be a small coincidence, or a huge, tiny clue: "Cupionich was mentioned by Mariano Bolizza in 1614, being part of the Sanjak of Scutari. It was Roman Catholic, had 60 houses, and 130 men at arms commanded by Pecha CAMPERSa." There are two Campers/Chambers surnames that may apply. English Campers/Chambers share a black-on-white lion head with Italian Capone's/Capua's! It looks like we have found the root of Quintus Caepio at Koplik, how about that!

The blue-and-gold checks of the English Campers/Chambers link well to Warrens (and Wards) and therefore to Guerin of Provence (he was identified as the root of king Alpin's bloodline forward). As Guerin must always link to Renier of Montferrat, note that the Campers/Chambers lion heads are colors reversed from the Raines lion heads. His father, de Gellone, must have used the red fleur of Scottish Campers/Chambers, shared colors reversed by Polish Packs (Polesie, home of Radziwills), in Peck and Packer colors, perhaps important for the naming of Pecha Campersa. The giant Pack fleur is in the colors of the same of German Alba's, and then Italian Alba's use a swan too. The red fleur in the German Alba Crest should link to the same of Elle's/Ealys, suggesting that Elle in Manche was named after Albanians. The vertically-split Shield of Aisens is in the colors of the same of Hinkleys (golden-fleece liners related to Croms/Crums) and German Alba's. Hinkleys were first found in LEICestershire, suspect as the swan line from lake LYCHnidus.

The Dober and Pullen bends are shared Bone's, Botters and Chattans. Bone's were first found in the same place (Sussex) as English Packs, and Bone's trace to Bononia = Bologna, where the Pace's/Pasi's were first found that are evident in the Pace terms in the list of Polish-Pack variations. Bologna is now tracing (for the first time) to Boulua = Budva, where the Botters can trace because they were identified with the Budini...evident in the Bodin variation of Bidens, the latter sharing the chapeau of Chaplet-related Capelli's.

Having just traced the Polish Packs to Pec, let's re-mention that Tropoje is near Pec, and that Traby-related Radziwills lived where Packs were first found. The Radziwills became suspect with the RATIKon range, beside the Silvretta range. Hinkleys are the ones using a sun suspect with El-Gabal, but the Kos-suspect Hectors use a sun too, and "Hector" became suspect with "Hasters/Hesters/Hosters" (swans on the same-colored bend as Sterlings).

Pec has gone by several names, including Pescium (Latin) and Petcha (Slavic). The locals call it Peje, perhaps linkable to the Samson motto, and then the Samson scallops trace to Scylla, beside Patti that trace's well to the Traby-suspect Patch's. The Pentza version of the town looks linkable to the Penders, one branch of which shares the Keith / Alis motto. Much of the Circle of Doom to the west of Kukes county is in Lezhe country (named after Lissus), which is "Alessio" to Italians, and very linkable to the Alpin-related Alis. The latter can trace to Tarves by way of their sharing the muzzled bear of Forbes'. The Alis' were discovered as Mackay / Macey / Massey kin long before the Massey fleur (same as the Lys/Lise fleur) was traceable to Lissus. Alis' trace to Keiths (Musselburgh theater) and to the namers of MUSSLEburgh. I used to say that Alis' belong to the Alice name used by the Meschin-Skiptons, and so this is yet another way to trace general Scipio to the Cavii.

Aha! As mythical Popiel was the earliest-known ruler of the Goplo Mouse Tower, see that Pope's/Popps/Pape's (checks in Campers-check colors) nearly share the blue-and-gold symbol of Penders (instead of checks, the latter use vair fur), both upon red Shields. It tends to verify that Penders are from "Pentza." Pope's were first found in Caithness = Gallaibh, and I traced the latter term to Halybes...suspect at the formation of Albanians. Popoli's were first found in the same place (Naples) as Capone's/Capua's (!), but see also the checks of Pepoli's of Bologna, for I traced blue-and-gold checks to Bologna.

If I was correct to identify Penders with Pine's/Pyne's (and Pints), then one may be able to glean a trace of the king-Pinedjem line to the Mouse Tower, important where Pinedjem's brother-in-law, SMENDYS, can be identified with the Apollo mouse line called, SMINTHEUS.

Again, the Seatons are suspect as Keaths, and so let's re-mention the "forward" motto term of Seatons, shared by BalFOURs and Sterlings. In the last update, after asking why Balfours use a silver TIP on their baton, it was said: "The Tipps/Tippens (another antelope) are even in Balfour colors, and the Tippers were first found in the same place (Cornwall) as Balfours [and Cocks]. Tippers link to Kennedys at Tipperary while Scottish Kennedys (share dolphin with Tippers) share the Cassel Coat for a trace to Hesse-Cassel, where the first Rothschild reportedly got his fortune. Therefore, Balfours link to two entities by their codes that trace to the Hesse theater." I regret that I cannot re-find the Albania- / Kosovo-related article with a Keneti-like term. The antelope is shared by the Pender Crest, but also in the Crest of Tropoje-suspect Derbys/Darbys. The Campers/Chambers use checks in the colors of the vair fur of Penders, and so let's remind that Cupionich = Koplik is where we found Pecha CAMPERSa. The vair fur is likely code for the Verona/Vair surname that share's the Pesci fish so that Pesci's may now trace to the Pescium version of "Pec." The "fur" may relate to the fir trees in use in the Alis and Alpin Coats. Pesci's had already become suspect with the Piasts out of Goplo (before the topic at hand).

The idea that proto-Sadducees crept up on one of the Drin rivers should be put beside the Saddocks, first found in the same place as English Packs. The White Drin starts off near Pec. The Sadducee house of Boet(h)us can certainly trace to Butua, especially as I've spotted Maccabee formation (years ago) out of Bologna. I just didn't know that Butua elements could found Bologna until now.

So, the new direction is a Caepio trace to Koplik, and for this we'd like to see the Cobble's, especially the German branch that has variations like the Cabbage surname honored by the cabbage leaves of the House surname...from Has. Pretty neat, huh? See the House / Hazel leaf in a Baker surname. The Cabbage's (Baker lion) even share the Raines lion, in my opinion, that trace not only to Santa Claus elements expected at Koplik (beside the Clausula river), but to the lion heads of Capone-suspect Campers/Chambers (probably from Chambre on the Arc river). German Cobble's use nothing but a stork, a symbol of the Oettingens (Bavaria, same place as Cobble's), and that evokes the Chappes-related Ottone's as part of this picture. English Cobble's share a red chevron with Quints.

The Cobble description: "A gold shield, with a silver stork standing vigilant on a green mound, holding a gold ring in its beak." There's a "vigilantia" motto term with the Aikens that share the black rooster with Kopple's! The Aikens even use the chevron colors of the Cobble chevron. The Beaks are linkable to the Mieszko-line Haughts...for yet another trace to the Mouse Tower (Mieszko's followed mythical Popiel out of the Mouse Tower).

Midway through the week, I thought I heard another squirrel in the attic, number 12. I was hoping that this would not happen so as to throw a monkey wrench into the entirety of squirrel events. What can I say? I'm just reporting the events. I didn't reset the trap because I was hoping there wouldn't be a 12th for some significant time. I heard sounds twice, each about a second long and minutes apart, and while the first instance wasn't clearly the sound of running squirrel feet, the second sounded just like it. However, over the next few days to Monday, I cannot say that I heard squirrel feet up there. There are other potential sounds, from stress noises in the cooling rafters, to chunks of frozen snow rolling down the roof, to birds landing on the roof or gutters.


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