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November 18 - 24, 2014

Squirrel Saga Continuation
Polish Sobieski's from General Scipio: Super Find

Two years ago, I saw one exposed electrical wire, in the attic, chewed partly through above some pellets. There was a nest nearby in the pink insulation. I like squirrels, but this is a dangerous situation, especially as I live in a forested area. Continuous forest butts up against my house to within ten feet. For the extreme animal lovers, I'll add that, as per my circumstances, I am unable to hold a job this winter, and have about $1400 left to get through it (probably not enough). I therefore opted not to purchase the $100 squirrel cage at Home Depot. The house has been slow in being finished (explaining why animals are getting in) due to unforeseen costs (to the tune of $20,000) upon purchasing the property, and because my other property (raw land for sale) hasn't sold these past six years. The high price of fuel and building necessities has turned city people off of owning a cottage in the country. Barely no raw land is selling around here, suggesting a stagnant or negative population growth.

At the end of the last update, when discussing the latest part of the squirrel story, it was seemingly looking true that the 8th squirrel (nicknamed, satan) was the last one, evidence that this was a Sign for the eight heads of the Revelation beast. You needed to follow the squirrel story from the start, about three weeks ago, to understand.

This eighth one got away from me twice. In the last instance, while driving it away to the creek, it found a small hole under the dashboard in which to hide and not come out. It forced me to drive back home and park the vehicle with it locked inside. I was half-expecting unusual events, anyway, for I was more than half-convinced that this squirrel was going to be manipulated by God to act as a symbol of the super-intelligent anti-Christ. Things were working out that way. After the drive back home, within five to ten minutes of getting into the house myself, a squirrel was heard in the attic, and I thought it was mocking me. I assumed there was a hole from under the dash to the outside. There had not been a squirrel sound for two days prior, during which time satan was running loose on my floor.

That evening, on the day that it was under the dash, I got to thinking on how unlikely it would be for car manufacturers to leave a hole, between the outside and the passenger compartment, large enough for a squirrel to pass through. I considered the possibility of a coincidence, that a squirrel from another family had entered the attic just as I got home with satan. But if this squirrel story was meant as a Message to us, why introduce a 9th squirrel in this way? Or, was the 9th injected into the events to show us that this was not a Message for us? Was it all coincidence, and my reading the events wrongly?

Walking out to the vehicle for finding a way to glean whether it was in it, I got onto the driver's seat while turning my head toward the back, and thought I saw a squirrel out the corner of my eyes, flying through a step like flashing, past the far end of the passenger seat toward the dash, the same area that it first disappeared into. At the very same instant, a sound was heard like a scared/concerned squirrel, but, at the same split second, my shoe hit something on the floor that made a noise. It confused me as to what I thought I heard. I simply could not be sure if the squirrel was there. What I thought was seen was ghostly enough and short enough to have been my imagination. This was the worst thing, keeping me on edge as to what was taking place.

The next morning, the vehicle was visited again, sneaking up quietly, looking through the glass. The door was opened, and I crept in. There! On the top of the dash, a pellet. I couldn't see it well, and so put it into my hand, and held it tight like a gold nugget, bringing it into the house to get a close look under some bright light. Yes, it was a squirrel pellet. I even compared it with the pellets it had left on the window sill. I went back to the vehicle; another pellet on the seat. It had NOT gotten out, I realized.

Some peanut butter was then spread on a paper plate and left in front of the passenger seat, to check if it would remain alive over the next day or two. It had not had food or drink in days, and it was getting cold out nights. In the morning, there was the peanut butter, untouched. I then laid a cashew on the plate, but, the next day, it was likewise untouched...though this did not make sense. I half-assumed that it had died under the dash, and half-realized that this was incorrect. The other theory is that it was coming and going, in and out of the vehicle, but that seemed less likely. The fourth theory: satan could walk through walls!

I did a test by setting up the rat trap on the attic floor. The trap had been set for the entire two days that satan was loose on my floor. He would not touch it. He did not snap the trap in all of those two days, though he was around it often. If the rat trap would be successful in the attic now, I would know that it was not satan in the trap. Squirrel noises began to sound during the night. I mentioned one early in this update. And I told that a squirrel was caught in the trap, but remained alive and in perfect shape. It was driven away to its freedom. I re-set the trap in the attic when I got home. The next morning, after the sun was up, with light filling the attic (through windows), a squirrel circled within five feet of the trap three times, passing over my bed three times in these circles (I could hear the path that it was taking, out the door of one room to within five feet of the trap), and was not heard from again. How taunting. It must have been satan playing, knowing not to touch the trap. The trap never did snap at that time.

I reasoned that, as I slipped into the vehicle about a half dozen times after we first got home, including three times to bring in the tools necessary to remove part of the dash board (what a pain he has been), it must have passed behind me and out the door without being heard or seen. It could have been under or behind a seat on any of those occasions of my getting in.

The next night, in the middle of the night, the trap snapped. I went up with a flashlight, but there was no squirrel in it. The peanut butter had been licked clean. I reasoned that a mouse could have tripped it while being small enough for the bar to pass over its head and miss its body completely. I went up in the morning to get the trap for another load of smoothy, and there was a dead squirrel lying on the floor a few feet from the trap. It wasn't a mouse after all. There must have been another squirrel that licked the peanut butter clean.

No, I don't think it was satan that got hit, for the next morning, as I write here, and less than a couple of hours ago directly above my computer, a squirrel was heard on the attic floor. Then, a loud noise. But as the squirrel continued to be heard normally, I figured that the noise wasn't the trap snapping. However, when I went up, the trap was snapped and the peanut butter mainly gone, without a squirrel to be seen anywhere. I re-loaded the trap with smoothy, and, when back at the computer, figured the squirrel was eying it, for I could hear it playing all around it. As long as 20 minutes after hearing it initially, it was running madly past the trap, having a ball. This one did not seem part of the new family moving in, which, so far as I can figure now, involved only two other squirrels. There is no evidence in the sounds that there are two or more up there at the moment.

It remained continuously up there for over an hour, when I heard something loud, but as the squirrel streaked along the floor at that very second, I once again wasn't sure whether it was noise from the trap. A few minutes later, however, there was heard the familiar sound of the trap dragged along the floor. Going up the ladder through the hole in the ceiling (wish I had a dollar per each time I've done that), there was the trap upside-down on the floor without the squirrel. Satan had been pushing the trap along while trying to get its head underneath it.

Now just think about this. I'm expecting unusual events with the 8th squirrel. The first seven got caught on their first visit to the trap, and ditto for the 9th. This eighth one however, had snapped the trap three times and survived, not even getting caught by the trap on the last two occasions. On the one hand, this seemed like verification that this was a symbol of the 8th head, and yet a 9th, related, became part of the story so as to ruin the theory. In my eyes, anyway, a 9th ruins the story. The first seven reflected the seven heads of Revelation 17 because the first five squirrels died while the 6th and 7th survived.

The situation was becoming apparent: satan had learned to trip the trap without getting caught in it. Surely, God is toying with me here. I eagerly refreshed the trap one more time with smoothy (I probably have better things to do), and laid it again at the same place. A few minutes later, it snapped, and, after hearing the sound of what sounded like a squirrel struggling in the trap, it was my aha-moment; Rushing up with bucket ready for the catch, hoping to get there before it got away, we looked at each other as I turned the corner. It was not in the trap two feet from it. And it casually hopped away to a wing in the it knew me, too comfortable with me, unlike a squirrel seeing me for the first time in the house. I scolded it (faked it) as it walked away, but didn't chase it, making it think that I didn't want it touching the trap, and knowing that it would want to, just because I gave it the impression that I didn't want it too; satan was toying with me.

Then, once again, the trap was re-loaded, and, within a couple of minutes of leaving, it snapped. But, again, there was the trap upside down on the floor, and the squirrel gone. This time I could hear it above the attic ceiling. I turned the trap over and re-set it, but, after some five minutes as I write this word, it has not come back.

I ask you, would you dare stick your finger in a rat trap to set it off just right, thinking to remove your finger in time? Yet this squirrel has tripped the trap four times without getting caught in it, after being nearly killed the first time, and after hearing the death-blow sound of steel to bare wood right beside its ears on subsequent occasions. And it has food elsewhere from gathering all summer and fall long. Yet, look at what just took place.

It was heard again some 20 minutes later, when I went back up; I heard it pitter-patter behind some wallboard at one end of the place. The trap was at the center, still unsnapped. The beast has a decision to make; will it take just one more crack at it?

After this 8th squirrel was caught in the trap initially, it put a quick end to the expectation that something unusual might take place with it. That expectation started coming to mind while driving the 7th away. But then the 8th got away on my floor. I watched it get out of the bucket due to my negligence. A couple of days later, when it allowed itself to be caught in the home-made trap (cage with closing trap door), it again put an end to the expectation. It has been a complete comedy thus far in how the story continued from there. As I write, it's in the attic thinking. It seems to have no intension of going outside (it's a cold day). I pray there is not an 11th, for I do not like to kill squirrels.

As I write here, it's midnight. No squirrel noises have re-occurred since the above. Apparently, there is no 11th. But another unusual event started to take place 24 hours ago. A noise in the ceiling was heard unlike any squirrel noises of the past. It turned out to be a bat trapped in the chimney housing; not in the steel pipe itself, but in the steel casing that surrounds the steel pipe. It's only two feet tall, but the bat can't walk up it, and it's too tight in there to flap its wings. The unusual thing is: I haven't seen a bat here for four years. There were some very briefly, until they moved to the neighbors, I assume, because I keep low lighting due to using solar power exclusively. Bats are inclined to hunting in lighted-up areas because that's where the flying insects go. I visit the upper attic (the third floor) regularly all winter long to get onto the roof to wipe the solar panels clean of snow. I've never seen a bat up there, nor evidence of a bat from it's fall-out. Why this bat now? Why a bat that got stuck, coming to my attention in this way? Is it a Sign for Baathists? There is nothing more to say. The bat is still in the casing, alive.

Good morning. I woke up with a thought that can make sense of this, if the 8th head = the 11th horn of Daniel 7 is to be a Baathist. As of 11:30 am, I have not heard satan playing upstairs whatsoever. It's completely unexpected. Did it stay the night at its home outdoors? Is it hibernating already? Did it die of a wound? Perhaps it was in while I slept. In any case, the bat came along AFTER, and immediately after, the 9th and 10th (or was the 10th the 8th?) squirrels. It could give the impression of two Messages, to us, concerning the same person, the anti-Christ, that he will be a Bat liner. It rubs me the wrong way to view the anti-Christ as a Sunni Baathist, however. Bats are used by the Randolphs, a line to Obama. The Randolph bat is the black one in the Bat Coat. Butlers share the English-Randolph scheme, and then Batman had the butler. For me, Butlers are Butt/BOET kin linkable to the Sadducee house of Boetus. But, the point is, the bat-using Randolphs share the same white-on-red cross of Baths/Atha's.

The way it's looking, short of the Democrats calling for martial law in order to retain power after 2016, now looking dismally unlikely due to the battering just received at the hands of Republicans, Obama is on his way out without having much to do with the anti-Christ in Mosul. However, the Baths/Atha's are related closely to Bidens/Buttons who share the bull scalp with Cheneys and Drake-suspect Druckers...the Polish-Mieszko-of-Masovia line suspect at the anti-Christ empire.

I actually looked up the Chimney surname yesterday, but had nothing to say concerning it, until writing the paragraph above, when it was recalled that the Chimney Crest is an antelope, the Singletary-Crest symbol. What are the chances of that? Obama's mother was from the Singletarys, and the Singletary-antelope design is used by the Mieszko-line Wheelwrights. Therefore, you decide whether a bat at my chimney pipe is a Message from God to this effect.

Let's assume that Republicans go on to win the 2016 election with both the Senate and the House so as to have a virtual dictatorship. How will that bring the anti-Christ to a defenseless Israel? I can't see it. Or will Joseph Biden win the day for Democrats? Will Republicans blow it badly in the next two years so as to get power fully in Democrat hands again? We are baffled. If you know the answer at any time, please let me know.

The Bats were first found in Rutland, where Rodhams trace who share the tree stump of Watsons, the latter first found in Rutland too. Watsons married Lady Rothes, of Peter Pollock, and thus Watsons trace well to all-seeing-eye Watts, Vatts, and Battins, the latter first found in the same place (SOMERset) as Baths/Atha's. It suggests a trace of Watsons and the rest to Witkowo of Poland. The signs are everywhere that the anti-Christ and/or False Prophet will be the all-seeing-eye cult (control freaks) out of Poland's Mouse Tower. Obama is a visible sign to us that the Mieszko cult has the ability to place their own in power. Republican front-runners of the recent past were a heap of Mieszko liners. What next?

I have a lot of prayers for Answering. One of the most-important is whether the 666 skincode will be worldwide in time for Armageddon, or just in the Middle East? If these recent events are Signs, it at least answers my other question on whether Revelation can be trusted to be Inspired. There has always been a chance that it was not written by the apostle John. If not him, then what John wrote it? Was he a madman? If the eight heads are in the squirrel events, and if the events are from God, then the 666 of Revelation 13 will come to pass. But it does not have the description enough to indicate how far and wide the system will be. Clues caused me to believe that the false prophet will be a super-power, the United States. But Obama, though he showed promise at first, did NOT became a false-Christian activist. The False Prophet, in my opinion, must be a false-Christian "lamb," yet speak somehow like a dragon (what could that mean amongst countless possibilities?). Republicans could certainly furnish such a one in 2016, but will the party accept an anti-Israeli leader too, while he pretends to be a Christian? It doesn't seem likely. I don't imagine a female False Prophet i.e. it may mean that Hillary won't be the next president.

The other option has to do with the clue received a few weeks ago, that the Clinton circle has control of IS to a certain extent, and that the name changed from ISIS to IS due to the inside joke in the Clinton circle concerning his use of "It depends on what the meaning of 'is' is" (sic). In other words, I can imagine IS controlled from the top by Americans, and yet controlled at lower parts by Baathists and other Sunni, all of whom care less for the American agenda with IS. This IS entity can, therefore, win a wave of support when the anti-Christ appears, and a wing of IS, the anti-Israeli ones, will take things into their own hands, winning Syria for their own purposes, then Israel, with the West powerless to do a thing about it unless it wants to bomb the intruders in Israel from war jets. Would the West decide to make Israel a desolation in the way that Iraq and Syria are now becoming? Will the West have any choice?

Satan just appeared above me at midday, and it's around the trap. Has his purpose come to an end? Is the bat the next Sign of importance? It's tapping at something, like a noise I heard yesterday. Perhaps its tapping the side of the trap to trip it. But I set the hook tighter yesterday, making it harder to trip by moving it. The trap just snapped, and this time the bar came across its neck. It's in good and energetic shape. I managed to release it in a bucket without it getting away. Fatality occurs when the bar strikes the head. This one has managed to survive three times after the trap trapped it, and three other times without becoming trapped. That is a remarkable feat. I'll hate to take it away from it's food source, but I can't have animals in the attic. I wasn't able to get the soffit finished this past year due to complications. I'd like to see whether an 11th squirrel appears.

Here is an interesting thing. The other squirrels were released while in the buckets with the use of a drywall saw, the kind with large teeth allowing enough traction on the bar to lift it off of a squirrel. The problem was that my arm needed to be in the bucket to do this, and a healthy squirrel could jump out before I could slip a lid on. But this squirrel, as I approached to put it into a bucket, started to freak with extreme energy. I was causing it pain trying to get it into the bucket without affecting its neck. It bounced around wearing the trap, trying to shake it off, while I tried my best, but it chirped in pain, begging. It was pure energy that, once released from the trap, would pop out of the bucket in an instant.

I therefore had to devise another way to lift the bar, with a lid already on the bucket. A 16-inch piece of thin, metal rod was used. One end was bent to form a hook. It was slipped into the bucket through a small opening beside the lid already in place. When the bar was lifted with the hooked end, and Houdini got free, the crack was too small for him to squeeze out. He sits quietly in the bucket now, planning his next move. I took it to the creek. Light filled his bucket unexpectedly, and, after a what's-this? moment, it hopped out to freedom. Ahh, sweet freedom.

The point is, Gog-like terms came to mean, "hook," and Ezekiel 38 says that God will pull Gog along with a hook in its mouth, bringing him to Israel. It's interesting for me because I'm not sure whether Gog will be a Russian or a Westerner of the Rhodes kind...but even the ROD used to form the hook is suddenly interesting here. Is that not remarkable? The Bucket surname traces to Bouquets, and to bouget-using Bugs in Bogan colors, and I say that Rhodian-related Rothschilds were from a Bogan > Bauer line.

I can't get online at the moment to load the Bat Coat. I'm therefore seeking its full symbols from old updates, and in doing so just came to the following that includes Bar liners, and for me this is yet more remarkable because I hooked the BAR of the TRAP (Bars share hunting horns with Trabys):

French Buttons were first in BURGundy, and use Berry (first found in Devon) colors and design, apparently. English Bidens were first in Hampshire, and that's where the Sturs/Stours/Stowers were first found...who use the Berry Coat [bars = barry] in colors reversed. Some Bergs/Burgs use Berry colors too, including the French Bourges.

The Putins/Puttins/Padyns use half the Bat Coat, which is also half the Patrick Coat, in the colors of the Puttens/Pottans...and Puters, first in Cornwall, not far from Devon...

That brings back to memory that the Bat bats surround an engrailed saltire in the colors of the engrailed Sinclair cross. By "half" the Bat Coat, a bend is meant (i.e. half a saltire). To this, I'll repeat that Rats' use an engrailed cross / saltire too (I can't recall which), and that Traps are a surname suspect with 666-Traby liners, along with wyvern-using surnames (from Varangians, founders of Moscow) such as Bogans. The Rats are suspect with the RADZiwill ancestry of the Traby-related Astikas' tracing to Tarpodizus. The Chimneys may even be using the DERBy antelope design. Rat traps, buckets, bars, hooks, mice, squirrels, bats, chimneys...all seemingly code for the same dragon line that includes Baathists, for the cross of the Sinclair Rosh is shared in the same colors by Bitars/Butters and Aflacks. Remarkable.

My prophetic uncertainties continue, as does the Comedy interwoven into my present life. The dynamics in the Middle East are such that the foreseeable future looks like an unshakable stalemate. The sudden breaking forth and autonomy of the IS-branch Sunni seems to be the pivot upon which the future will budge to something new. We were told that ISIS became wealthy and well-armed by stealing American weaponry from the Iraqi's, and managing to sell oil on the black market, a picture that did not develop for the Sunni in earlier years when the Iraqis were much weaker. IS arose after Americans left Iraq, and were led (supposedly) by a man released from an American-run prison. None of the official line concerning its rise to center stage sits well with me. The media made much hoopla concerning its rise until the West was able to re-enter the stage with what I deem spies disguised as military advisors for the Iraqis.

It's clear to me that the Brito-American purpose was to make the Iraqis unable to intervene in Kurd oil sales. The apparent Western purpose at this time is to arrange an official oil-deal between Iraq and the Kurds on Exxon's behalf. Until IS came into the picture, the oil-deal was sitting on the table unsigned by either the Iraqi's or Kurds, appearing as though the deal would never be reached. The West, while preparing Syria as best it could for oil flow in the region, became agitated with the failure of an oil deal in Iraq, and spent the effort and the money to create conditions for breaking Iraq's will so that a deal will be signed.

If Iraq still refuses to sign the deal, it may provide the motive for the anti-Christ's toppling of Iraq, if he's a Western-Rus agent. The by-product of this effort has given the Baathists new pepper, and they must be making the most of it, behind the media lights, for their own purposes. We know their ambition: to topple and re-rule Iraq. If the West decides to topple Iraq after coming to their wits' end in their present struggle, it is very predictable that IS will be used, and blamed for it in the bright media lights. On the one hand, it seemed unlikely in my view that the West intended for IS to invade the Kurds, but my view changed when learning that IS did not damage the Kurd pipeline into Turkey, a thing that would have been a priority from the very decision to go to war against the Kurds. They would have spoiled that pipeline BEFORE showing intent for war against the Kurds. Therefore, it became my view that the Americans are using the IS effort against the Kurds, predicting no victory, for the Western purpose would not have been to topple the Kurds, I do not think.

In the meantime, the Baathists and their allies are concentrating on the Baghdad front. Everything is practically in place for a toppling of Iraq, and the seizing of the richest provinces in the county, if only more money and fighters would appear in IS. One can judge Western motives in Iraq by the shape and form of Western-media lights. If the West decides to topple Baghdad, the media lights on Iraq will be turned up again, and media stories will appear for conditioning the Western mind into believing something false, or the opposite of the reality. It is inconceivable that Western war machines have no friends in the media for facilitation of their Middle-East plots. War is by nature a game of deception, and the war machines are by nature grand and learned deceivers, and callous from the boots up.

The war machine in Iraq has nothing to do with protecting Americans, or anything to do with any part of mainstream American life. The war machine there has pillaged the money from the labors of mainstream Americans on behalf of a few corporations, with yet another agenda in the long-term for the benefit of politico-globalist kooks. Nothing good will come of this. Humanity at its most satan-infected bone is in the process of being exposed, if you care to disregard the media light seeking to justify the war machine, what the Republicans like to do best. If a Republican landslide in 2016 has any major effect in Iraq, it's predicted to make things hotter. And from heat there goes out unpredictable sparks that can set things ablaze not intended, such as an Armageddon scenario.

The American war machine doesn't stop at pillaging its own people, but urges its foreign friends to pillage their people for the same effort, called the "coalition." That term us used deceptively to give the impression that several countries are all in righteous agreement with the righteous effort, when the reality must be a lot of arm-twisting and other tactics to make the foreigners comply. NATO is one key tool to effect this "agreement." It's completely predictable that the foreign governments will not agree to the Iraqi agenda unless they receive a reward. So, the American-led NATO throws deluxe dog bones to its friends, and turns them into dogs, what else? The coalition is the Harlot riding the beast, and, very worthily, the harlot will be destroyed by the beast in cruel betrayal.

In fact, this aspect of prophecy is what perhaps argues best that the 8th head will be a Russian. Let's assume, for arguments sake, that this is way wrong, and that the anti-Christ will be a Baathist Muslim with no Russian intervention. We then need to form a picture of what it means for the 8th head to use the harlot for its purposes, then rape and kill her with fire. In Daniel 7, it's the fourth beast of Rome that gets burned with fire when the Son of Man comes in the clouds. The other three beasts are spared this fatality. How do we view end-time Rome if it's not the EU? Can a Baathist-Muslim army really burn the EU to a fatal condition? Perhaps it speaks only of the EU fighters in the Middle East becoming burned and betrayed, and not the EU as a continental unit, but, no, that is not the way I would view it.

In Revelation 13, the False Prophet is the creator of fire from the sky having the purpose of successfully urging the masses to honor the 8th head. "Look at this great power, don't you Sunni masses want to be a part of it. Come join." It's the thing that invigorates the Sunni, apparently. But if this will be a Muslim prophet, where does he get firepower from the sky? Even if IS succeeds in toppling Iraq, that country doesn't have an air force to speak of.

Besides, in a ruined and half-desolated Iraq, one doesn't easily set up a commercial system with a mark in the right hand. Obviously, it can't be a mark from a magic marker; it needs to be more permanent. What sort of situation in a war-torn area could possibly cause the leaders of the war effort to force Iraqis to use such a mark? I'm trying, but it doesn't make sense to me at this time, unless the purpose of the mark is not for commercial purposes or commercial advantages, but as a tactic to force the populations to appear in allegiance with the 8th head. The idea there might be to get the entire country walking around with a visible mark representing loyalty to the beast. IS has been said to be religiously-radical enough to adopt such a scheme. I can certainly imagine IS beheading rejectors of the mark more than I can Westerners.

But there's a problem. Daniel 11 says that the 8th head will be an atheist, adhering to no god but a war "god." That speaks more to Russians or Western humanists than to religious Muslims. Can a religious, Muslim False Prophet get the masses to swear allegiance to an atheist? It's a problem. I'm repeating these things for new readers that may arrive to this page. It's been the same problem for years that makes the Iraqi future unpredictable for me.

The bat in the chimney casing tends to reveal a Western 11th head because it seems too-great a coincidence that the Chimney surname should share the antelope with the Wheelwrights at the Mouse Tower, with the Darbys suspect as 666-Trabys, and with Obama's ancestry in Jonathan Singletary (who changed his surname to Dunham, Obama's mother's surname). If this lone and unexpected bat was sent here by God to provide this Message, then are we to watch Obama's next moves in Iraq closely? Will he open the gates to prophetic fulfillment, and will his inner circle work-extra hard to elect someone within the circle for 2016? Now that the mid-term elections in the US are behind Obama, his decisions and agendas will not be restrained by the election concerns of other Democrats. In fact, Obama may now feel fairly free to act against Israel regardless of how Jewish Democrats in the U.S. may react or speak out against him.

Problem. While it's conceivable that Obama will become schizo to the point of assisting IS (with firepower) against Baghdad, nothing in the West speaks to a drive seeking to implement a global 666 system. All the hardware for such a system is in place in most countries, and yet skincode use of that hardware is unpopular at this time. There is no hint of its forced implementation, nor any conditioning from the media as to the importance of its use as merely a commercial devise. One would think that such a system would need to be phased in on an optional level until the world falls in love with it after ample brainwashing. Still, it's possible that the last seven years will begin without a sign of a skincode breaking.

For two days after the 10th was driven away, there has not been a squirrel sound whatsoever in the attic. It's all over. It's amazing that, after the 9th appeared, it created doubt in the Revelation-head theory, and yet there would only be one more, for a total of 10, plus one wholly-unexpected bat that makes sense for describing my view of the Iraq anti-Christ.

If there is yet another Message, I don't know it. Thus far, the bat has survived three days without water directly above the wood stove. There is only a thin piece of sheet metal between it and the air in my living space some seven feet above the wood stove. I am considering driving it away. The last thing I want is a bat population in the attic next year. Yes, bats are great for mosquito reduction, but they smell bad in an attic. I don't want it.

Good morning. I knocked-off for the evening after writing the above, and had neglected another apparent Sign in the midst of the squirrel events. After a mouse was carried into the house on a ladder, and carried back out, so strange, here's some snippets from the first update of this month, noting the potential, or even obvious, link to Bat Caucasians: "

The city of Leeds is said to be from an early "Loidis" name, thought by historians to mean "forest," but I suppose that's debatable. The Loids are listed with Lloyds, very 666-interesting. The three "scaling ladders" (each one like two thin lines) looked immediately like the three 6's on every UPC. I might not have maintained this idea had not the Lloyd description evoked a tattoo in the right hand: "A silver wolf rampant supporting in the paws a spear's head, piercing the dexter paw." The wolf adds support to a Leeds trace to mythical Leto, and therefore to the Clarus-Mopsus entity. "Ladders" are themselves suspect with Lydian liners. Ladders are used by 666-suspect Trips. I trace Trips to Trypillians with hourglass goddess, and suspect her lines in hourglass-like Shields, as the Beatle's/Bedwells, use, for example. I trace Trypillians to Trabzon's Amazons (lived at Samsun/Amisos), where I see the origin of ArTEMIS (at THEMIScyra), daughter of Leto. The Beatle lozengy can connect to the Schole/SCAYLE lozengy, and so can the scaling ladders...

There seems to be no doubt that the city of Leeds, or its namers, link to the elements in the naming of Tintagel, and all tracing to dragon-line Colchians (as per the Revelation dragon) at the mouth area of the Danube. The Trips use "scaling ladders" too, code for both the Scolati Scythians and the Ladon-dragon line from the Lazi to Leeds elements. The Gore's/Cores [from Patmos' Chora location] were discovered to use the Trip crosslets in particular...

There you have additional reason to see the lone bat as part of the Message that seems to be verifying, for some who have doubts, that Revelation is an Inspired book. It may be that God had arranged John to be in Patmos for the book's writing for a reason(s). There may have been a small group of peoples (not necessarily in Patmos) who tattooed themselves in the right hand as a special symbol known to themselves, and occult end-timers may be from that group seeking to honor that old practice.

The Revelation passage with the 666 suggests a sharp object, perhaps, with a mark IN the right hand rather than ON it. The piercing of the right paw in the Loid/Lloyd description seems to apply. The Humber river proceeds out of Leeds, and would therefore have been the city of the Marsi > Mercia line. The Humber/Humbleston bars can trace to the same bars in the Arms of Trebizond empire. It's hard to believe at this point that it's coincidental. Consider how many tattoos include snakes / dragons, for the Marsi had an Angitia snake goddess while the snake god, ASCLepios, is very traceable to SCALA on Patmos, and therefore to the Loid / Trip scaling ladder.

It's known / obvious that some ancient letters were named after certain, esteemed people groups. The number, 666, in the Greek, includes the use of the letter, sigma, which was also STIGma" in earlier times, like "stick" (as in sticking in a needle). The term is much like Traby-related "Astikas", or the Astica term beside Tarpodizus. The Caeni, smack at the south end of Astica, share the five, white Traby ostrich feathers, which were used to house ink for writing, similar to a tattoo needle. The Paeti, not far to the west of Astica, traced to the Pettys that use a "needle," and they also traced to "Patmos," what a huge stickincidence.

In ancient times, Greeks had no separate characters to denote numbers, and assigned each letter in their alphabet a number. Here's from the second update in July, 2010, telling that the number 6 was originally the 6th letter of the alphabet, but was then replaced with the s, sigma. Moreover, note that Asclepios was the son of the Coronis (symbol for Chora on Patmos), sister of Ixion, a Hyksos line. "Hex" means "six," right? We simply trace to a batch of Hyksos on Patmos for the 666-lover bloodline:

If one were to write "666" in Greek, I suppose (I really know nothing about this) one would use the letter for 600, followed by the letter for 60, followed by the letter for 6, or the letters chi, xi, sigma (the latter is our 's'). What could this mean, if anything?

The chi letter looks like our 'x' and is pronounced "k," while the xi letter is pronounced, "ks" like our 'x.' Therefore, all three letters together appear to pronounce: Chiks*s, which looks a lot like "Hyksos." AND, I did trace Hyksos to the Cadmus Phoenicians at mount Sion, who were the Hermes=Harmonia Armenians (of Cadusia) [the point here can be the snakes coiled around the caduceus rod, symbol of Hermes, same as the Asclepios snake, and don't miss the "Cadusii" trace to the naming of Kutaisi in Colchis].

Wikipedia's article on the Greek alphabet tells that, originally, a sixth letter, now gone, stood for the number six, and later the six was represented by the similar-shaped 's':

"[The letter] Digamma disappeared from the alphabet...It remained in use as a numeric sign denoting the number six. In this function, it was later conflated in medieval Greek handwriting with the ligature sign stigma, which had a similar shape in its lower case form."

There you go, it appears that 666 to the Greeks / Hyksos became a symbol of Hyksos for sound-alike both to "hex" and to "chiksos / kiksos." From the last update, note the line Schere's, suspect as a branch of Scarfs, honored in the Traby/Sadowski scarf:

...why do Austrian Schere's...have "a snake entwined around a stick."?? Is the stick code for Traby-related Astikas'?? As you can see in the article, the Astikas' were related to RADZiwills, begging the question of whether the Rats' (Sinclair suspects in the colors of the Traby horns) were related to the Traps? The Rats' were first found in the same place (Nairnshire) as Rose's and Geddes...

The Geddes, like the Trabys, were on the Nith, now suspect with Nice on the north of the Paeti. There is another Nice location in Liguria, home of the Salyes that trace both to the Salto river of the Marsi, and to the Selletae region on the north of Astica. Re-occurring themes like this means that we are onto the secret history of the 666 lovers. Depending on the particular era that we track the Hyksos, they were related to different entities. When they formed part of the Batia-based Trojans, they were at Parion, on Marmara, named apparently after proto-Mars, the Marsi. Mars had a woodpecker symbol, suggesting a sharp poking a needle. On this map, the Paeti are on the north side of Marmara, as well as beside a location named after Aphrodite, mistress of Mars and proto-Abruzzo Hebrews. See also Pactya, directly across from Parion (not shown), as it might relate to proto-Picts, reportedly a tattoo-loving peoples.

When awaking this morning, I opened the door to bring the camping cooler in (during cloudy periods as I run low on solar power, the fridge is not used). This morning, there was a mouse on top of the cooler, which jumped down to the floor once inside the door, though I managed to get it out. It reminded me of the mouse on a ladder, otherwise I had nothing to write on this morning. The discussion above is the result of that mouse's appearance...and a new realization has just occurred. As Scythians, suspect for obvious reasons with tattoos, called themselves, Scolati, the very entity to which "ladder" traced as "scala," they were the line to Asclepios on PatMOS, for one thing, but as the Selletae are stamped to the south of where "Scythia Minor" is stamped on this othermap, isn't it likely that "Sellet" was a reduction from, or evolution to, a Scellete-like term? Yes. Now we understand. The Salyes Ligures, whom I have traced variously to several groups for lack of knowing for certain, are now tracing excellently to the Scolati, and can therefore be traced to the namers of Eschol in Hebron, fully expected at the Hebros theater.

I have routinely linked Meschins to the Sale's/Sallete's, and this makes perfect sense where Meschins were Meshech. But the two together are the MOUSE ON A LADDER, you see. Perfect. And the two together are even suspect as Gog. The Meshech were at the Moscian mountains (Caucasia, not far from Gogarene) that faced what is now BATumi, named after the Bat Caucasians. There are so many excellent / logical links to the equipment used in the Signs that it's compelling to view them as True Messages. And this entity, especially the Leto > Leeds line, was from Abraham and Keturah. She evolved from or into the Revelation harlot, somehow. Her Medan and/or Midian lines are expected at the Habur tributary of the Euphrates, home of the Mitanni. There must have been a relationship between the Habur and her home in Hebron. Having been related, or even fundamental with the namers of the Euphrates, she traces to "Aphrodite."

When Hephaestus mated with Athena, she was essentially the same as his wife, Aphrodite, for the child born from Hephaestus at the time was ERECHtheus (mythical king of Athens, mere people-group code), from Erech at the lower Euphrates. Ur was in that Erech area that is suspect with the home of Abraham: Ur of the Chaldees. "KetURah" may be a Ket-Ur combo. It looks like a Ketur-like term named the Kidron valley, which I trace to a Kedron location in Greece, better known as Kendron, beside the Ladon river. That was home to Daphne; there are several female goddesses in this picture, all of them likely from the peoples carrying her female cult changed names. Ishtar had been related to Tammuz/Dumuzi (Sumeria), which likely named Demeter in Greece. Inana of Sumeria is thought by many to have been proto-Ishtar, and she looks linkable to "Anu," and therefore to Anak in Hebron.

I wish I could help you further at this time. I don't know how else to give you hope that the time is ripe for the Real New Age. I wish it were just two years off, but, alas, the timing is a secret, and we're probably not ready yet for that Day. I could use a heavenly scalpel to some parts of my old-man soul.

The New Jesus with a New Name will be the Exact Representation of the Ancient One in that Day of Burning Anger. But as the Anger becomes satisfied, and the smoke of the earth disappears, the survivors will reflect. No one will be concerned for stock-market numbers anymore. The survivors will barely be capable of believing what happened virtually overnight. The Day that the world scoffed at actually took place before their frightened hearts, and they tasted the Fury to the point of wishing to die rather than to see the face of God looking them in the face. Regardless, they survived, and they will reflect on the Event. They will huddle with one another and discuss it. The earth will no longer be the same when they decide to change their ways. Those who continue as bitter and hardened enemies of God will be pushed underground, unaccepted by the majority, but the Day will be obvious to all for what it is, Prophecy Fulfilled. The New Name will rule with an Iron Rod, allowing no "freedoms" of the likes allowed by Western harlots today. The New Name will use censorship to conform the New Age to the desires of the Creator. It will be a monarchical dictatorship that works to please the people. The people will see a new type of King who truly cares for the entire loaf of bread, and He will invite the generations to be his wife. The Counselor shall counsel wonderfully, as when the Galileans marveled in his works and ganged together to see him, like chicks hoping to be nourished. Others came only for the food, or the excitement, but some got nourished by his words because they swallowed them. The tight-necked will be considered obstinate, the lower classes to be rejected. The high ones today will be the last, and the last today, rejected and abused by the high ones, will be the greatest.

The Muslims will be astonished and put to shame simultaneously. Their hope in receiving glory in the earth, where they seek to control it on behalf of a twisted God, will remain the rotting refuse that it has always been, only worse. The stagnation of Muslims will become like cold iron to the brain; those who pray five times daily facing Mecca will be left with hands limp in disbelief: the true God was the One of Israel after all. How painful it will be when they see the Jewish "demons" lifted to the throne of God while they are left standing in their refuse, only worse. But the continuation of Time can allow them to heal.

Poor corporate executives. There will no longer be plane flights to their havens. They will need to live with the lowly and explain their lavish lifestyles lived while others struggled for coffee money after all the bills were paid. Far be it from me to gloat over their losses at that time, I might have done the same under similar circumstances, but blessed are the executives who restrain themselves. Big money means little family time, but we are looking for the One who turns the hearts of fathers back to their children. It may not be as exciting as the expensive hooker on the end of a plane flight, but, after the hooker, what benefit is there in life comparable to children in appreciation of your love? What father who visits prostitutes is confident that his children would appreciate him? Such a father turns himself into a broken man.

Healing is why Jesus came the first time. Destruction of those who reject Healing is the agenda of the New Name coming the second time. It's not so much a penalty as it is a necessity, to make way for a New Earth devoid of human garbage. I know how hard it is for the haughty to view themselves as poor wretches worthy of the trash bin, but one day they will understand, once they are trapped under the lid with no way out. There's time to reflect on these things now, if anyone cares to.

I am angry. If a Christian isn't angry, there is no heart of God in that one. I don't mean that we are to have an angry attitude daily. I mean that, when reflecting on the condition of humanity, it should make us angry. Sin in the world is not purely accidental or beyond resistance; it's willful sin. God has been stamped out of everyday life, as though He and his believers were the problem, the drag on life. If you can look that situation in the face and not be stirred to anger, I doubt very much that you're valued much at all by God. Life is a twisted thing for Christians in this world, commanded to love all, and yet to resist their value system, a system that denies God as a specialty. I'll have a plate of life, please, with a sprinkle of cash, and some fun on the side, but, please, no God.

The irony for the human race is that it doesn't have a choice on what sort of God there will be. God is who he is. He can change, actually, in the way he treats situations, but he is essentially who he is, and no one has any choice about it. We first need to come to terms on whether we like Him. If we don't, we certainly can't love Him. He demands our love of Him as the chief commandment, and we hope he's worthy of it. Some might say that a person demanding our love is not worthy of it just because he demands it. They would rather see the person earning love by first offering it. Do you see an unlovable God demanding love? Horrors. But isn't it plain that he's desirous of loving you in return if he wants you to love Him? But for the hard of heart, God first loved us by granting life and all that it promises, and then even sent Himself to suffer a human death for to forgive our hard hearts, to show that he means love-business...what more does one need, to be convinced? And to help prove that he's not pure brute, look at how long he's allowed the sun to rise on a wicked humanity. Hitler wouldn't have allowed his opponent to live for another day.

But there is brute in God, for he does have feelings. You can't poke him in the eye with delight and expect to get away unscathed. If you do, you're one sorry donkey.

God does not change, but he has many sides, many shades, countless attitudes. I don't think he's boring. He didn't create one kind of day only, or one season, or one plant to eat, but he also created animals that eat other animals. We need to come to terms with that, for he even allows us to eat animals as though their lives were counted worthless. Life in his eyes is a quick and easy mechanism with little value, and yet the same does not hold true for human life fitted with a spirit akin to his. This spirit was made to interact with God's spirit, an ability that other life forms may not have, probably do not have to the extent that we do. A human is as close to God as the mouth pointed His way. Try it, you might like it. Human interaction with God? Is that possible? What does it feel like? Try it, you might like it. He may have made it likeable. Or do you imagine that He made it unlikable? Don't even think it, donkey.

If you imagine God as over there only, but not over there at the same time, then he can't answer your mouth until he comes round to where you're at. In that case, you could be waiting a long time. The only solution is that he is everywhere on earth. like a blanket surrounding it, in contact with every atom simultaneously, and his ears are not over there only, but not over there too. I can't conceive of God in any other way. You don't need to look up to the sky to talk to God. He's not really sitting on a throne like we imagine a thrown. The Spirit of God really doesn't have a beard or white hair, or ears at the sides of his face. If I knew everything, I could tell you what he looks like.

Let's imagine that he is ugly. Let's imagine that he has an awful personality, a real creep that no one in her right mind wants to know. He's cheap and miserable, ornery and callous. In that case, how could he promise what he's promised, a glorious day when the entire earth locks onto him in gladness? How could he promise glorious things if he then needs to expose himself on the Last Day as cheap and inward? His entire Plan would be spoiled if he spends the centuries of history trying to convince mankind of his merit if in the end he's a blunt disappointment. Chances are, donkey, he's no goon. The one who commands good things of us must be good himself. The occult that proclaims itself to be light has missed this simple logic, portraying God instead as cruel.

I understand why they view God as cruel. The bat in my chimney box, for example, suffering there alive for three days now, will die, without the help of God to save it. Things happen where God does not intervene in every event. How would you go about it differently if you were God? Would you save every life from mishaps and death? He promises just that. No more pain, suffering or death. Yet, for this world, it's all rampant. Dare we ask why or give an answer? Is it because the spirit of satan pervades the globe, and has been Permitted to pervade it? Why did Paul call satan the "prince of the air." What did Paul see when using that phrase? Is there a mini-god in the planet that acts as God and fools some to believe that his spirit is the spirit of God? That would be dangerous. Is that the reality?

But it's not all that dangerous once you read the words of Jesus and allow them to change you, for that other spirit will have a harder time fooling us if we know the truth and the will or personality of God. This is our work: to maintain faith in Jesus with the devil's spirits seeking to overturn our tables. If the spirits can trip you up and make you think that Jesus tripped you, they'll have a laugh. They are too obstinate to think that they'll need to pay in torment for every such act. They must live for the day, to enjoy the days they have left, blocking out the reality that there will be a final day for them. They must pretend they have power forever without consequences for their rotten offerings.

The ultimate question: why did God leave satan to operate in this way, that only spoils His will for mankind? I have a tough time answering that question because my view is so near-sighted, and my mind incapable of seeing the distance clearly. We might ask the question to tree in Eden, with good and bad branches. We might ask God's decision to allow us to know both good and evil, so that, ultimately, we would appreciate the difference, and never venture to practice the wicked thing in His Kingdom. To provide a Pure Kingdom on the Good Side, we might say, we needed to see the fruits of evil with our own eyes first, and even practice those fruits with our own hearts so that we got very familiar with them, until realizing why they were wrong and crippling to a society. It's a sort of schooling process so that, once school is out, the Good Thing can happen unobstructed. Good is defined as a perfect fruit; bad is an infected fruit. Which do you prefer to eat? A bad soul cannot help to produce a good society.

Freedom in our modern world for the bad to proliferate in evil is a common-law crime against the good of society. The "freedom-of-expression" tenet holds more sway in the court houses of jack asses (the obstinate judges) than the operation, or growth, of a healthy society. We are completely justified in infecting the modern judge's crops with worms because he does that to our society. While they made it illegal for us to infect his crops, God infects them anyway. If not his crops, then God will spoil his life in other ways, for no one will get away with any systematic sin, especially the judges who control the swaying of society.

Colorado has made it possible for a teenage of legal age to make himself stupid on "weed" intoxication without anyone in the land being able to do anything about it. The same goes for any such stupid of any age bracket. The stupids have gotten their victory in Colorado, and seek it country-wide. There is no limit to how much weed exhaust a teenager, or an old man, can receive into his veins, for the police won't be there to count the tokes, anyway. And if Colorado allows theft so long as the thieves claim in taxes what they stole, how would it be worse than allowing teenagers to become stoned so as to degrade their bodies and personalities? Which scenario is worse? I would rather a thief steal my teenagers stereo than the government to protect and advance pot use in countering my teaching that it's bad and wrong. The jack asses of Colorado have taught the people that smoke fumigation of the lungs is not very bad and definitely not wrong. A true jack ass, the ones with tails, would definitely know better than such judges. As one who has experienced the drug scene, I am a witness to how it spoiled personalities, thinking patterns, physical abilities, vocabulary, training, and life-choices, not just my own, but those whom were partners with me. Not until those old friends ceased drugs did their lives take a turn for the better.

If judges have decided that they can't decide for others whether they have the right to cripple themselves, then throw out all laws on the same principle. Who is anyone to tell me that I can't steal for a living? On what grounds? That it hurts someone else? Ditto for people defiled by pot. There are reasons that's its been illegal all this time until now. If talking on a cell phone while driving increases the chances of accidents by four times, then the jack asses (that's being kind) of Colorado need to be held guilty for accidents caused by pot-induced individuals.

It's not true that police departments can't stamp out pot smoking, if they tried. They have no problem giving out hefty speeding tickets; why not also visit the homes where they know pot parties take place weekends, and hand out hefty tickets just for being there (regardless of whether they inhaled or not), and do the parents of the teenagers a favor while they're at it? Yes, it would be a "total bummer, man," for the kids, but they might not go to that house again for pot parties. It sends a message that spreads fast in teenage circles, and, before you know, there won't be any need for police to crash parties on a regular basis because those parties will be far fewer. A normal driver 20 mph over the speed limit is less dangerous than a stoned driver at the speed limit. You don't need to tell me what it's like to be stoned while driving. Yet, the way things are now, the speeder gets the ticket, not the stoned driver.

We haven't yet discussed the possibilities in life with God on the other side. Would anyone like to venture a guess on what that life will be like? Do we just bow down all day long saying, "holy, holy, holy." Or is that mere symbolism in Revelation? Surely, the throne room of God doesn't have real, weird creatures with multiple heads. When we talk to Jesus, will his face always shine like the sun; will we never get to see the shape of his moustache, or the color of his eyes??? We wouldn't want to step on his hot toes. Why does Revelation give such strange pictures that have more ability to make people run from, than to make people comfortable with, God. The Jesus of the Gospels is one that we can feel very comfortable with. He reasons well, has a great attitude, and has just one pair of eyes. I kind of like all that. But the Jesus of Revelation is very different. There is a sense of fear and iron-rod in the tone of the seven letters of Revelation. But there is also promise, even to sharing His throne. What's that? Is it a call to those who love power?

No. it's a call to be close to his business, and to govern a New Kingdom along with Him. Far be it from me to know anything about ruling, I hope there's some training first. I can be in charge of eradicating squirrels from attics. I'm good at that after all this training. Perhaps the training is here, on this side of life. Perhaps the Christians who overcome here will be fully-trained already to do what's necessary over There. I suppose that subduing the rebels in the land will be one task, and re-conditioning the jack-ass judges another. There will be a lot of work to do, and life will get brighter and brighter for all, like one continuous party, no weed-inhalation needed to escape the conditions of the rotten societies of today. Legalization of pot is like driving the country to where Communists and their vodka had gone, to certain break-down predicted by their empty vodka bottles. They drank because their world stunk. They needed to escape reality for a few hours now and again.

As we witness all that's wrong with this world, we also develop solutions. I suppose that the Spirit will teach us these solutions as we go, for implementation later. No one beats the all-seeing-eye picture of Jesus in Revelation 5. He not only has seven eyes, but seven horns with which to...butt? Things are going to get done; there will be no house of parliament to hamper His agenda, no full-grown men acting like children in the governing chambers.

Drats, after a two-day absence of squirrel sounds, one has just been heard on the attic floor. It must have started coming just as I mentioned the squirrel training above. Perhaps it's one comical statement to another. I re-loaded the trap and set it, and within a few minutes it snapped while I was outdoors checking its footprints in the fresh snow. When I got in and went up to check, all the peanut butter was gone, and the trap was snapped.

Of the ten previous, only one tripped the trap successfully without being caught or killed. This last one did it on the first try. After replacing the peanut butter and re-setting the trap, the squirrel has been quiet for about five minutes and counting... Is it thinking? Can squirrels do that? Is it planning? Is it having seconds thoughts? A half hour later, still no noise, but during that time, the bat awoke and did its thing for a few minutes, just moving around; perhaps they hibernate and live without water all that time. If I set it free, it might invite other bats to the attic.

Revelation 13:11:

And I saw another beast coming up out of the earth...and the authority of the first beast all it does before it. And it makes...[everyone (many words left out here)]...worship the first beast, of which was healed its stroke of death.

That's a word-for-word from the Greek text, with the English words provided by Alfred Marshall. There can be no doubt that the second beast, assumed to be the "false prophet" of a later chapter, is a very loyal partner with the first beast. Such loyalty is not expected amongst satanic individuals. The wording is a little confusing, but seems to be saying that the second beast acts as an approved manager of the first beast's agenda. But why this second man? Why doesn't the first beast carry out his own? Is it like a priest in the background and his political tool in the visible spectrum, sort of like the Iranian system of governing?

Or, could it be that the first beast is not a man at all, but the representation of revived Rome? Have I had this all wrong? Is the second beast the 8th head i.e. the 11th of Daniel 7? No, that can't be right, for the two together are confined in a "lake of fire" in a later chapter. How can one throw an empire into it? The symbolism in Revelation is obvious, but when it comes to this duo, it doesn't strike me that their descriptions deny their humanity. It seems that both are men. It's true that the first beast is also a revived kingdom, but that pertains to the chapter-12 dragon, while my interpretation of the chapter-13 beast is the 8th head in partnership with the second beast.

It is not true that the first beast suffers a literal head wound, fatal or near-fatal, only to survive or become resurrected. For one thing, this would tip the entire world off as to his identity, which seems counter to the surprise-effect that God has Planned for the world. It's clear that a man has only one head while chapter 13 says that one of the beast's seven heads is revived. In that context, the beast is a kingdom. Should we stick to this view where the topic turns to two beasts in partnership? Are they both descriptions of kingdoms rather than two specific men? In that case, we need to depend on Daniel's description of the 11th horn.

One of the most-difficult, real-world situations to imagine (from chapter 13) is the populations receiving a 666 mark in the right hand or forehead even though this is written down in Revelation for all the world to see. One can argue here that, surely, the coming of the two beasts will be amply visible to all when this 666 system arrives. And yet, the masses receive the duo. It causes me to view end-times peoples as literally insane, having lost touch with their good senses. Or, the "666" will be disguised in some way so that the masses decide it's not the Biblical event. that's probably the reality. And if the duo are not literal men, then it makes it easier for the masses to decide that it's not the Biblical event. But if the 666 is local only to the Muslim world, they are very prone to ignoring Revelation wholly.

It's morning again. I spent yesterday afternoon outdoors, coming in about dinner time to find the trap unsnapped and unvisited by the squirrel. I haven't heard a squirrel up there since. It clearly decided not to try the trap again. I might try the home-made cage today, but it had sat around for days, earlier in the year, before one of them went in. This is explicable if they are not in food-hunting mode, with ample food elsewhere. And likely they don't smell the bait from a distance, as it's inside a solid-plastic container acting as the cage's housing.

This is the 11th squirrel. Perhaps the bat acted as one message as per the 11th horn, while this squirrel will be a second message concerning the same horn. Daniel says that the 11th will be "different" than the previous 10, but doesn't elaborate on that term. If there were a 12th squirrel, it means two in the attic at this time i.e. chances are doubled that more than yesterday's sole-squirrel noises would have been heard over the last three days. And the second would have been more likely to snap the trap a second time yesterday. That's the story thus far.

There is no other, conceivable interpretation of the second beasts's fire from the sky than military weaponry. But there is no description of this fire. How will one be capable of differentiating between his air force versus someone else's air force? The fire from the sky is said to be only one example of "great signs" that the second beast will be "given" to conduct on behalf of the beast that had "the stroke of the sword" and yet lived. Can it be said that the Roman empire fell by the sword? Yes. Why would God attach a far-future 8th head to one of the ancient seven heads of the Roman empire? I used to think it was due to the seven operating from 37-98 AD, what could be viewed as the full Apostolic persecution, and that the 8th would renew that persecution, but a second theory seems applicable where Vespasian and Titus, the 4th and 5th heads, conquered Jerusalem, what the 8th head will do too.

Jesus predicted, and the father Ordered, that the Jews who killed Him would not go on as Israel's landlord for more than a generation, and while the Titus invasion of Jerusalem (40 years later) was phase one of that Order, it will be continued again under a revival of the Titus mandate. If the "stroke of the sword" is not indicating the 5th-century fall of the Roman empire, then I suppose it refers to the death of one of the seven heads. It may be indicating that the 8th will be from his bloodline. It is logical that the 7th is the one that's revived, and yet the Intent of the text may be to indicate the particular head responsible for Jerusalem's trampling by ancient Romans.

I was very surprised to find excellent evidence of heraldic traces to the Vespasian-Titus line, and the investigation happened to reveal it from a Colchian bloodline, the same as suggested by the bat that came to my chimney not many days after the Vespasian topic had ended. I'll repeat that VesPASIan's name traced well to the Pace/PASI/Pascel surname just as it was being realized that the family's ancestry was from "Phasis" of Colchis. If the Fessys/Vesseys apply to that line, let me repeat that the Fessy cross is identical to the Bath/Atha cross that not only brings Baathist-suspect surnames into the picture, but leads to Obama's mother. You can read about this in recent updates, giving the impression that we are on the brink of fulfillment, that globalist machinery is chugging along toward fulfillment as we speak.

A new thought has just arisen while considering how the Squirrel surname might link most-closely to this picture. I can't get online to check whether the Roman empire fell during the rule of Valentinian's family, but the dates of both are about dead-on for that possibility. The heraldic squirrel is used by Italian Valentins, first found near the Pasi's. Is this meaningful as per the use of attic squirrels to indicate the transition of the beast's heads? Singletarys, Fessys, Randolphs, Baths and Valentins all use white-on-red, while Squirrels and Chimneys use red-on-white, while Singletarys and Valences share footless martlets, with Singletarys and Chimneys sharing antelopes.

My interlinear has "a mark ON their right hand," and yet one needs to consider how long a mark merely painted to the hand would last. "Mark" does not exactly bring to mind a skin chip, but as the skin chip for human purposes seems to have suffered a fatal blow of its own, we should perhaps be expecting a literal mark. I cannot easily fathom the peoples lining up for literal tattoos in the hand, however, unless a quick-tattoo can be applied by some mechanical devise (in a bank?). Chances are, they would seek to make it as small as possible. I do not think that an obligatory mark on the right hand for commercial purposes could come and go more than once, for that would be deceptive and harmful for the Church in all instances but the last. The text does not indicate that the second beast creates the mark for the first time ever, or that it didn't already exist in use prior to his mandate. It more-simply says that he will enforce it at the pain of death in some cases. His lamb-like qualities do not radiate much at that point.

Why does the second beast wear two lamb horns as opposed to one or three? There should be a two-tier system involved in his power-structure, with the one horn superior to the other. It is doubtful that "lamb" was employed to indicate mere gentleness, for "lamb" is used in the Revelation itself to indicate Jesus. One could get the impression that this monster will portray himself as a Christian, or that he will be a dead-beat church goer, or even a former pastor / priest.

At this point, I went to town for the afternoon, and getting home, squirrel tracks in the snow, and yet the trap upstairs was not snapped, still loaded with peanut butter (it's a good thing I got the jumbo size). And, as I write, it was heard a minute ago on the attic floor. That's why I'm writing here. Waiting...It was heard last in a nest in the upper south wall, where squirrels had stayed years before.

While in town, some email. YS added to the Tintagel topic, by sending a quote. When that topic was looked at in the first update of this month, it was mentioned that Tintagel was important to Arthurianism, but I had not known this:

In Geoffrey of Monmouth's Historia Regum Britanniae (c. 1136), Gorlois Duke of Cornwall puts his wife Igraine in Tintagol while he's at war (posuit eam in oppido Tintagol in littore maris: "he put her in the oppidum Tintagol on the shore of the sea"). Merlin disguised Uther Pendragon as Gorlois so that Uther could enter Tintagol and know Igraine, who thought him her husband. Thus Uther fathered King Arthur on her.

The Arthurian cult was thus born in that Cornwall city. It had shown links to Leeds at the Humber river. Leeds became a topic only from the Tintagel investigation, and found the Loids/Lloyds that appear to be from named after the peoples of that city, not necessarily the very same as the namers of the city. Arthurians are expected to trace to Arda, beside Scythia, or perhaps even part of Scythia.

Mr. Skeetz has been looking into the origins of the saltire, but this time I was able to write him this:

I hadn't read this email when sending you a previous email on the Selletae...I neglected to mention in the updates so far, but will in the next if I don't forget, that the two Patent surnames use the Schole Coat on the one hand, and the Sale/Sallete bend on the other, proving almost undeniably that Sallete's trace to the Scolati = Selletae [same as Royal Scythians]. See Putents too, and of course you realize that these surnames reflect the "potent" cross of Skits/Skeets'. If you enter "Skeets," you get two surnames using the same Coat, but first found in different places.

One of those places (Norfolk) is where Benjamins were first found, and then Schole's share the Benjamin annulet in the same colors while the Benjamin saltire is colors reversed from the Schutz saltire. These can't be coincidences. Benjamins even share the flame in Crest with Scottish Patents first found in the same place (Dumfries) as the Nith river now tracing to Nice off the Arda river. As Mr. Skeetz was looking into the origins of the saltire as per the Schutz saltire, I regret that I didn't mention to him that the other Patents/Padyns/Putins share white, ermined lozenges with Hounds/Houns (colors of the Sale fleur), important as per his seeking the meanings of the Schutz-Crest greyHOUND. I hope he reads this.

The Scalia surname, using a scala, has variations like the Skeoch variation of Skits/Skeetz's. There is a MEDici term in the Scalia write-up, as per that family of Florence, but in this case the Medici's are suspect from the representation of mythical Medea. Florence is where Bruno's were first found that may be using a version of the bend of Schutz-suspect Scotts, and moreover the Browns use fleur (traceable to "FLORence") in the colors of the Sale/Sallete fleur. It looks like the Royal Scythians were through Florence.

I mistakenly said (last update) that Berone's (with an 'e') were from Florence. It is the Italian Barone's/Varone's. The latter look linkable to the Ectors, where I trace mythical Medea (see "Hector" last update). Irish Barone's share gold annulets on a saltire with Benjamins, but the Barone saltire is in the colors of the same of Annandale's, from Dumfries. Berone's/Byrums, in Schole colors and from the same place (West Riding, Yorkshire), have a chevron in colors reversed from the same of Browns. The Schole's are said to be from BARwick (can trace to Bar at Scodra), "about nine miles from Leeds"! That exclamation is for the "SCALING ladder" of Loids/Lloyds.

Mr. Skeetz had found a black greyhound in the Coat and Crest of Holfords (SOMERset), and suggested that it should link to the Hall/Holl talbots. He then pointed me out to the Sale/Sallete write-up saying that the surname was named after a "dining HALL," which for me lumps the Halls into the Scythian fold rather than telling the truth, especially as Hulls (a Hall branch) were likewise first found in Yorkshire. Holfords are in Hellen colors and suspect from the Hellespont; mythical Helle of that sea was a fundamental part of the Medea Colchians. It should be very safe to say that mythical Talaus and his wife, Lysimache, of Lysimachia at the Hellespont, trace to the Taulantii (proto-Talbots) on the south of Lissus.

The fact that Holfords (Somerset) have come up immediately after tracing Somerset to Sohaemus seems important, for Sohaemus was just traced to the northern end of the Drilon river, beside lake Scodra AND Lissus, the latter where the Lys/Lisse greyhounds trace. If correct that the Hounds/Houns were from the Attila Huns, I've yet to understand whether they also trace to an entity on/near the Drilon. As the Aethelings traced to Has at the northern part of the Drilon, I can add that Greys/Grays were first found in the same place (Northumberland) as Siward of HESLington HALL (Yorkshire again). The Hesling-suspect House's use cabbage leaves while Cabbage's share the fleur in the colors of the Sale fleur, and moreover the Cabbage variations are traceable to GABULeum, beside Has and the likely origin of Sohaemus' sun-god cult.

I can't tell you how important it is to find that Salyes Ligures were the Royal Scythians, and that they trace to Eschol. Keturah's Hebron elements traced to Colchians, and so do lozenges, the symbol that fills the Schole/Scayle and Patent Coats. The Cocks, likewise using a lozengy Shield, is suspect with "Gog," adding support to the Gog = Scythian theory.

I had to leave the cafe before reading Mr. Skeetz's final emails. I copied one down and brought it home. About midnight, when I couldn't sleep, I got to thinking on this Scolati matter when "Scalding" came to mind. I felt I had to get up and see the Scalding Coat. And that's when I read his email brought home: "...I was wondering if you thought of my trace of the Schutz surname and like terms to the ancient Scylding clan of Denmark. They should relate to the Aetheling clan you just mentioned. The Scyldings translate to "Shield" something or other. So this could be where the Schutz and other Shield like terms originated..." That's well thought-out. Houseofnames has neither a Scylding nor Scalding surname. I can definitely see "shield" in "Scyld," but we've got to watch it here because people-group names have the bent on developing into common-use or dictionary terms. Therefore, what started out as "Scolati" could develop into the "shield" term of the day, and then, centuries later, the Scyldings and Schutz's are wrongly (or partly-right) said to derive in "shield."

Skjoldr (Latinized as Skioldus, sometimes Anglicized as Skjold or Skiold) was among the first legendary Danish kings...

In the Skjoldunga saga and the Ynglinga saga, Odin came from Asia and conquered Northern Europe. He gave Sweden to his son Yngvi [the Angles] and Denmark to his son Skjoldr. Since then the kings of Sweden were called Ynglings and those of Denmark Skjoldungs.

The mythical Aesir that Odin belonged to could have been from the namers of Aeson, the Assi, and Asia. It can trace Odin's lot to Assus, appropriate with a Scylding trace to neighboring Scythia. The Edones of the Thrace make sense. The Oettingen talbot suggests an Odin trace to the Taulantii, and therefore to Talaus of Argos, where the Danaan there were likely proto-Danes. Armenians had a god, Angl-Thork.

The Scyldings were made descendants of a Shaw-suspect Sceaf = "sheaf":

Sceafa..was an ancient Lombardic king in English legend. According to his story, Sceafa appeared mysteriously as a child, coming out of the sea in an empty boat. The name also appears in the corrupt forms Seskef, Stefius, Strephius, and Stresaeus. Though the name has historically been modernized Shava (and Latinized Scefius), J. R. R. Tolkien used the modern spelling Sheave.

There might be no better way, ultimately, to trace Caiaphas liners, of the Chives/Shives / Sheaves/Shaves kind, to vikings. The article says that Aethewulf descended from king Scef (Scandinavia). As the article goes on, other writers traced to Oxfordshire's Thames river, suggesting roots in the Varni, whom I trace to Schere's / Scherf using an "ear of wheat." The Geats are mentioned whom I would trace to Cotesii. JJ Tolkien then adds a GARLAND of wheat to the cord sheaf, suggests the Stephens who use a perchevron in the colors of the same of Chappes'. The "Stefius" version of "Sceafa" suggests more linkage, than evolution into, the Stephen bloodline.

Online quotes: "Danaus built a ship, being the first to build one, as some affirm. " "Gorgo, the name of the ship in which Perseus embarked..." "Gorgo" sounds like the Argo ship. Why were Danaans credited with building the first ship? Not because they liked the shimmering in ocean, but because they loved pillaging other ships and coastal villages. This is the same as Hercules, husband of Hebe, and father of Scythes.

I use Coat matches to determine origins. For example, there are two Shield surname's, one said to be from "schele" or "skali" (= a small hut or SUMMER HOUSE) using what looks like the Sion/Swan/SEMES Coat (doves instead of swans), and another using virtually the Irish Fox/SHINock Coat with "SIONnach" motto term said to mean "fox." Does this surname really trace to the fox? I doubt it. The SHIN bones that are the crossed bones of Newtons can apply here, but then so can SKULL and Bones. I would rather trace the Shields to the Sion-suspect Sensii, beside the Soducena-suspect Cotesii, for Soducena was at swan-suspect lake Sevan. The English Shields even use the motto of Sevan-suspect Shaws. It makes the Shields very suspect with the Scolati as they bumped into proto-Sohaemus at Suemus (right side of map between the Hebros and Scythia).

Some of the Shield variations look like they can develop into "Showl/Shovel," the latter surname in Skull and Scholefield colors and looking like the Dutch Bone Coat. The SHOWel variation can be a branch of Shows with a Shaw-like variation. It's virtually clinched here that "Skull and Bones" refers to the Schole line. The Shouler variation (of Shovels) can come back to "Schole." There is a Schuler/Scholar/SCHUYLER surname sharing the white-on-red fleur-de-lys of Showls/Shovels and Bone's, in what could be a version of the Deck/Dagger Coat that itself uses the red squirrel of the Squirrel/SKUYER Coat, and the Lys'/Lisse's use fleur in these colors too so that we once again have a trace to Lissus and the Scodra theater.

English Bone's were even first found in Manche, where Masseys were found that share white-on-red fleur once again, and meanwhile trace to one of Sohaemus' wives. What's that sun doing in the Dutch Bone Coat?

English Scholers/Scholards/Scholars (two ostrich feathers in a V-shape) probably didn't derive in scholars or "school." Why does the Scholard Crest use "A dexter hand holding a sword"? We need to ask Decks/Daggers and Dexter-related Weights using the hunting horns of ostrich-feather-using Trabys, the latter kin of Yorkshire Scarfs that might just be using a version of the Shield and/or Leaf/Leve Coat. The latter two share doves and the same chevron, and Scarfs not only use the same chevron again, but with the green trefoil used on the Shield chevron.

Safe to say, we are now able to track Gog to the Sale's, and this is no small contribution from sharing email with Mr. Skeetz, even though his intension was otherwise. The hedgeHOGs of Berone's/BYRUMs may not only be indicating Gog liners of the Hogg kind (black boar heads in Berone/Byrum colors), but the Salyes lived on the same river upon which BRIANcon sits, who could have named Byrums. Bards and Bartons use boars too, and then the BARwicks, looked up as per the Barwick location of Schole's, use "BARDfield/BERDfield." It is all-too possible that the Barfield location, nine miles from the city that named the "scaling"-using Loids, was linked to the Scolati Scythians. Therefore, everything I've ever said concerning Salyes Ligurians, including their link to swan Ligurians and the Sion/Sitten location, is now connect-able directly to Gog of the West.

The besants of Barfields are in two color schemes, one matching the Alfred besants, and one lone one matching the lone Italian Lano/Lancca besant (illegal gold-on-silver color). The Alfreds can trace to the Bar theater in two ways, by "Alfred" equation with "Albert," thus tracing to the Albania > Alba line suspect with the namers of Scotland at the Scodra theater (beside Has), and by a trace of "Aethel" to the namers of Has. The BERDfield variation suggests the Berds/Burds/Birds using a colors-reversed version of the Bouillon FLORY cross (can trace to Florence), and to prove this link, the Eustace Crest stag is in the design (fully identical) of the Barfield-Crest stag (houseofnames has no less than 15 stag designs, so this is not coincidental).

The house of Eustace-Bouillon (Sionist Templars, right?) traced well (with confirmations) to the Bautica/Bardia river in Aosta, that's where there's a Bernard Pass overlooking Sion/Sitten (if you're interested in the Bautica link to Bouillons, it may have been first discovered in the 2nd update of July, 2011. There was a Buthiere region on the Lys river of Aosta that became suspect with Botters). The Bernards (share blue bend with Talbot-related Scotts) not only use SCALLops, but use them in Sion/Swan colors on a bend in colors reversed from the same of Bruno's (Florence, same place as Barone's). Again, the Alberts of Bouillon, living where the Boulogne location of the Eustace-Bouillons traces, and where also the Bone's trace, had spread out toward Florence.

The Salyes had their Salassi branch in Aosta, and there Saluzzo branch near Asti, and the latter is where Florence Bruno's are said to have had a branch. We could say that the east side of the Cottian Alps, where also Cottius and his son, Vestalis, lived, was home to the Royal Scythians. "Eust" was suspect with the Wessel/GASTell surname using blue swans and garbs tracing to Caiaphas liners in Hampshire. The Swedish Gust surname is suspect here, said to be from "Gaut," and then Odin had a son, Gauti, which you can see in the Sceafa article, in a paragraph also mentioning Geats. The Gaut surname is listed with Cotta's.

Let's be reminded that the black cross at the antlers of the Eustace stag is used in the same way on the stag head of Vice's/Vise's, and that "EUS" can apply to such terms as "Vise" along with "Guis." Let's also remind that Italian Alberts (Bologna, where the Eustace-Bouillons and Bone's trace) share the white-on-blue annulet with VISconti's. Without going into it again, this is obviously the Guido-Guerra and Panico line that had linked to Albert rulers of Bologna. The only point to be made here is a Bruno-Berone-Bernard-Barfield-Bernie-Verona trace to Bar / Scodra, and that a branch of the Scolati, after taking on the Scythian name, named Scodra. It is smack beside the Cavii, a point that I would not make secondary, but would lump in with the primary point: Gog and Caiaphas were one line.

For adventurers into this topic, I'll add that the blue Bernards (beside Copeland, same place as WESsels from VEStalis) look linkable to blue Cope's / Copps and blue Hands/Hants traceable between Copeland and Cowes in southern Hampshire = Hants. I also see reason to link the Holford Coat to the Vise/Vice Coat.

We now want to ask why Barfields, from Bardfield in Essex, were first found in the same place as Cavii-suspect Quints (for new readers, Quintus Caepio). The green Bard griffin head betrays the Bard link to Bartholomew, founders of Leslie's that lived at Aberdeen, beside the Chives' at Tarves. The Leslie bend-with-symbols is in the colors of the same of Scotts. English Bartons link by their symbols to the Fiddle's at VIS-de-Loop. German Bartons (same place as Scutz's) use a split Shield (albeit vertically) in the colors of the horizontally-split Barfield Shield, and the Barfield besants are in the colors of the Burton snails. The "three leafed holly branch" of German Barfields looks linkable to the Leafs/Leve's and well as Holford / Hull / Halland liners. The Halland lion is the Caepio-line lion tracing to Arms-of-Brescia's lion, and Brescia is where the Lano's/Lancca's were first found that share the lone Barfield besant on an illegal color scheme...made illegal eventually to protect, we may assume, those families that once used it as their personal and valued symbol, suggesting the gold and silver bars (real bullion) of the Quintus-Caepio treasure.

As Pole's use the Halland / Brescia lion on colors reversed, while tracing to Poole, beside Cowes, note the German-Barton Crest: "A red banner attached to a gold pole." German Banners/Bainers (Silesia) use the fleur giant in the colors of the Sale / Brown fleur. English Banner (Brescia lion in colors reversed?) use the giant fleur in the illegal color combination, and Scottish Banners were first found in the same place as Leslie's. One can see evidence of Bohemia-suspect Banners (probably from Boii of Bologna) being merged with Bohemia-related Mieske's.

Apparently, the Florence-Brown entity got to Asturias in Spain, where the Spanish Flora/Florez surname (fleur in Brown-fleur colors) was first found. Asturias, the Arms of which use a flory cross, is where the Lamo/Lamas surname (Lano's?) was first found that must be using the Italian-Bernard oak, for the Lamo's/Lamas' share scallops in the colors of the same of Scottish and English Bernards. Italian Bernards were first found in Bologna, and therefore link well to Panico's. Italian Lama's (looks very Mieske-ish, links well to Mieszko Lambert) are also "Lana/Lanna/Lanino," tending to verify that this was a Lano/Lancca line. The Lama/Lana surname is traced in its write-up to a bishop Lana of Budua, a place like "Budva" near Bar.

Here's from the last update: "Near the bottom of the Wessex page, there is an alternative Arms of the Wessex royals (1400s), showing a flory cross (this one was called, "patonce") surrounded by four or five martlets (why are they footless?), all in the gold-on-blue colors of the Siegers eagle and the Nassau lion. It's just a thought as I keep eyes peeled for others using a flory cross in those colors." Well, I've just found a flory cross in the same colors in the Arms of Asturias. If you happen go to the Arms of Oviedo from the Asturias page, see the VitANGELO variation of Oviedo-like Vito's and reflect on the angels in the Arms of Oviedo (cross in the colors of the Over fret, "Invicta" motto term).

To help trace "Alfred" and Aethelings in general to Alberts of Bologne, the marigolds of French (Ile-de-France) Lama's/Maistre's/Mestre's (in Master/Mester colors) can help, suggesting the Gold/GILDer surname that appears to be using the Alfred Shield, what an albincidence. This is a full-proof trace and even helps to bring the Kells/KELDs (highly suspect with Josephs) into the picture that were suspect in the last update with Alfreds. The Kells/Kelds came up as per the motto of Halfs/HELPs (look like Alpin / Alberts liners) that in-turn use an hourglass-shaped Shield like the Alfred Shield, and link well to Edmond IsenHEALF, who was an Aetheling from the line of Alfred "the great."

It's a full-proof trace because German Golds use the split-Shield in colors reversed from the same of Barfields in-turn suspect with the Lano besant. The Golds are using their symbols in the colors of the Deck/Dagger symbols upon the same white-and-red split Shield, and the Golds use hunting horns, a Barr symbol.

German Golds were first found in SALZburg, a place that may have been named by the Selletae. Let's look into it. The Saltz'/Salz' (Sach colors, may have to do with Goldman-Sachs) look like they can link to the Tailer branch of Taulantii, for their "eagle leg" could once have been called a "talon." The leg symbol traces with Leghs/Lee's to the Legros river of Leicestershire, where Salyes Ligures can trace. Here's the Saltz/Salz-Crest description: "A gold eagle's leg attached to a wing designed as per the shield." The Wings, first found in the same place (Perthshire) as COLTs/Celts (we get it) use a Shield filled with billets in the colors of the Schole lozengy, and are said to be from Rutland, at Leicestershire. Therefore, the Scolati = Selletae were apparently at Salzburg with the Colt-branch Golds. Wings, which are also "Wink," even use a fleur-de-lys and a Moor head for showing their trace from the Cavii of Lissus to the Chappes' and Lys', first found in the same place as Lama's/Maistre's'. The fact that the squirrel-using Decks/Daggers entered this picture suggests VINKovci.

The Wing/Wink billets suggest the same of Nassau's (both fill the Shield, not common), for the Salyes lived on the Durance river, the mouth of which is near Orange.

Goldmans likewise use marigolds:

The link above is where you can verify, and get your own, Coat-and-Crest descriptions. It's not likely coincidental that Goldmans (beside the Colts/Celts) also use "green stalks and LEAVES." If there is one thing my work has taught sufficient people in the world, it's that Coat descriptions are, on-the-main, codes for kin. Heraldry will never be the same again, and people who know their history in various sectors much more than I do, time permitting, will unlock its secrets further. Historians, in many cases, will be discovered as liars...and worthless trolls willing to cover-up what heraldry intends to cover up.

German Goldmans/GELDmans/COLTmans (Thuringia) share the red stag with Colts/Cults (very linkable to the red-stag Harts suspect as Herod liners). Do you think historians are oblivious to the Goldman link to Scottish Colts? If not, why is it not made known in the write-ups? There are countless such obvious links not made known in the write-ups. See the Mouse-Tower Colters, very linkable to the Lama's and Bernards. That is, the Gold surnames trace to KOLODziej the Wheelwright.

President Putin has worked hard to create the image, worldwide, of a gentle and thoughtful leader in an effort to contrast with the West, which he portrays as an intrusive brute making havoc in everything it touches. But in one swoop, Putin has thrown it all away for the sake of appearing mad enough to blow the West to a nuclear catastrophe:

Russian President Vladimir Putin called on Wednesday for deeper ties with North Korea to improve regional security, a day after holding talks with a personal envoy of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Senior North Korean officials visit Moscow infrequently but the isolated country is trying to counter a U.N. resolution urging Pyongyang's referral to the International Criminal Court for alleged crimes against humanity. But receiving the credentials of North Korea's new ambassador to Russia, Putin said during a televised Kremlin ceremony: "We maintain friendly relations with one of our neighbors, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

This may reveal that Putin has given up seeking to turn NATO away from his backyard using the previous game. It's not working well enough to tarnish the West as an intruder, and the West just scored big portraying Putin as the intruder into the Crimea. Putin had to back off from that region, hoping to keep his gentle image alive, but, now, it seems, a harder line may be in the making as Plan B. Meanwhile, the U.S. is not bombing only IS, as it might like the world to believe, but also north-west Syria, far from the Iraq border:

American warplanes have carried out another air strike on the Khorasan group in northwest Syria, the latest of several raids on the Al-Qaeda offshoot, the US military said Wednesday [why is the military so open about this?].

US aircraft "struck and destroyed a storage facility associated with a network of veteran Al-Qaeda operatives, sometimes called the 'Khorasan Group,' whose members are plotting external attacks against the United States and its allies," Central Command said in a statement [why is the military so open about this?]

...The group has been hit by US forces in three previous strikes -- once in September at the start of air raids in Syria against the Islamic State group, and twice this month, according to Central Command, which is overseeing the air war [why is the military so open about this?]

...The Khorasan group had been an obscure cell until US intelligence officials called attention to it in September [same time as Obama agreed to enter the war at Kobani area], days before dozens of Tomahawk cruise missiles were launched from naval ships against the militants near Aleppo.

US officials say [why is the military so open about this?] the group includes Al-Qaeda operatives from Afghanistan and Pakistan who made their way to Syria.

Some analysts say the militants are essentially part of Al-Nusra Front, which is Al-Qaeda's Syrian branch.

Apart from the strike on Khorasan, US and allied aircraft since Monday have targeted the IS group near the northern Syrian town of Kobane in five air raids and attacked a crude oil collection point near Al-Hasakah, Central Command said [why is the military so open about this?].

In Iraq, coalition forces conducted 13 air strikes near Kirkuk, seven near Mosul, three near Baiji and one near Fallujah, according to Central Command.

I wonder whether there is an alternative agenda in that part of Syria, at and around ancient Carchemish, that is being covered up under the guise of Afghan terrorism now in the area. In the first update of November, I told why Obama might have kin in nearby Shingal. See the latter term in that update for details. In that update, I didn't look on my atlas, and here today I see a Barak location smack at the Turkey-Syria border on the Euphrates, which is the location also of ancient Carchemish, predicted in Isaiah 10 to be a place conquered by an end-time king of Assyria = the anti-Christ.

In the first update of November, a Mr. Woolley was shown at Carchemish in 1913, the year before WW1, and as such he may have been a spy for the British in their quest against the Ottomans. Obama is suspect as spy product, perhaps explaining why the courts upheld his fight to keep his true birth certificate from the public. However, it should be said that "Barak" is a common Semite name. Still, the fact that Obama's mother was from the Woolley bloodline keeps me wondering about Obama's fight at Carchemish. Kobani is about 20 miles east of the Euphrates on the Syria-Turk border. Mosul is near that border as it meets Iraq, and so the Iraqi circumstances engaged in by the Western coalition has turned to the Syria-Turkey border, as predicted in Isaiah for the anti-Christ. The ancient Assyrian capital had been at Mosul. I can't find an article of Barak's history.

Here's an article showing a feisty Putin unafraid to tell the world, even while standing beside an American leader in the region, that the Americans are intrusive:

The article tells of a Mr. Tefft, the new U.S. ambassador to Russia. Of interest, the Tafts/Tofts were from a Toft location in the same place (Norfolk) as English Dunhams. Tafts/Tofts share the same-type crosslet with Togarmite-suspect Teague's traceable to the Tigris river, location of Mosul. The Touch's (Wolfley/Wooley colors), first found in the same place (Cheshire) as Tafts/Tofts, Wolfleys/Wooleys, and mouse liners originally from ancient Mosul, are also "Tuff." There's some interesting chew to reflect on here.

Reminder: the Mopps/Motburleys/Moberleys were thought to be of tiger-using Medleys and/or tiger-using Maybe's/Mabee's, and then while president Putin received a tiger for his birthday (he wouldn't reveal the one who gave it), the Medleys were first found in the same place (Sussex) as Puttens/Pottochs (share the Medley / Methley stars), possible Poti liners (from Phasis). Putin's real mother (story online) was from Georgia, near Tubal, but then Georgia was the location of the Bats too, near Poti. When Putin had to bow out of the president's office for four years, he gave the chair temporarily to MEDvedev. This is all very appropriate for a good chew-over. What's going on?

Why are Puttens/Pottocks, who come up as "Putent," said to be from a kite = hawk. The Kite's had became suspect with Kidds and Kidders, and with Chattans/Cato's/Kitters, a branch of Italian Botters that were first found in the same place as Potters, Botters/Bodens and Bidins/Buttons. It just gets us back to the Bath / Baden/Battin bloodline to Obama's Randolph line. In fact, English Randolphs (same Coat as Dunhams) look very linkable to two Hare Coats (all three use the same "indented" border between Chief and Shield), and one of the Hare's looks linkable to Dutch Puttens using an enBATTled border between the Chief and Shield.

It gets more intriguing. Obama's true father was claimed by me, and others before me, to be the Communist, Frank Marshal Davis, and then, after this theory was proposed online, someone found that Mr. Davis may have been an illegitimate son (from adultery) of Lewis Stevenson (diplomat to Turkey), whose wife was a Davis surname (she was a granddaughter of Jesse Fell). I looked into that and found merit in the theory. The Stevensons, political animals that almost made it to the presidency, married the bloodline of Jesse Fell (grandfather of Mrs. Davis above), and then the embattled symbol of Puttens is shared by Rocco's and Tragers, the latter suspect in Fellers/FELLtragers, important because the last U.S. ambassador to Russia, under Obama, was a McFAUL surname. Obama's own mother, Ann Dunham, worked for Rockefellers.

Although Lewis Stevenson was an Illinois politician, his Wikipedia article may be keeping the "Chicago" word out of the article so as not to inflame the suspicion of some that he was related to Obama. However, as anyone can contribute to a Wikipedia article if he/she makes the case for it, lookie here: "Later, Lewis served as chairman of the Illinois State Board of Pardons, president of the Illinois Centennial Commission, and as Secretary of State under Governor Edward DUNNE." How did that get in there?

Obama likes to keep things in the bloodline, but it's got to be more than just fancy: the bloodline is involved in global politics with an agenda both before and after Obama, now carrying out that agenda as best as it can. The Hare's were even first found in AYRshire, where Bill Ayers traces, and then the Has/Haas/Heslin surname uses nothing but a hare that, in colors reversed, becomes blue, the color of the Weather-Crest hare. Interesting. The Weathers/Withers were looked up many months ago as per Bill Ayers, Obama's partner in crime, and leader of a Weather-Underground terrorist network in the United States that I gleaned as codework in-part for the Weather/Wither surname. The hare in the Crest told me that Bill Ayers was related to a Weather/Wither surname likely part of his communist agenda.

The Here's, Here's/Heyers (same place as Eyers/Ayers/Heyers) and Her(t)zogs all use blue wings in Crest, and Eyers/Ayers were first found in Derbyshire while Derbys share the antelope with Singletarys...and with Chimneys (recalls the bat in my chimney-pipe casing that lives to this day). In fact, while I didn't know for four days where to link the red-on-white chevron of the Chimneys, I've just seen one in the Weather/Wither Coat (Hampshire).

While I was writing the above, something in the midst of my crowded mind indicated that this should link to Sohaemus, and now that I slow down and reflect, the Has location seems to have been the cause for that thought...which came before seeing the Eyer/Ayer/Heyer motto: "Virtus SOLA INVICTA"!!! Sohaemus' El-Gabal sun-god, which I trace with Obama to the Mouse Tower at Goplo, was also called, Sol Invictus. What does this mean?

The human leg in the Eyer/Ayer Crest links well in this case to the three human legs of Hose's, and then Hosts of SOMERset were a topic in the last update amid the "Invicta" motto term of Armstrongs.

I ask you, what does it mean to have Obama trace to El-Gabal that operated with priest, Sohaemus, in what is now HOMS (Syria), where Obama-backed Syrian forces fought Assad? The Fauls can trace with Falts/Fauls to Falticeni and neighboring Humorului, where the Hume'/HOME's trace that use the Touch/Tuff lion in colors reversed. The Derbys (same antelope design as the Chimney Crest) even use garbs around a chevron all in colors reversed to the same of Felde's/Fields (!!!), first found in the same place (Yorkshire) as Chimneys! Obama has been found out. He's a bloodline luster and involved in global plots with his "family." It truly appears here that Frank Davis was his real father.

There is a sick snake in this picture, you can sense it. The snake is involved in vanities, wasting the office of the U.S. presidency on its vain agenda to implode the country and meanwhile grant gifts to friends abroad in high places. The suspicion in the last update was that the Sohaemus line would arise and become involved with the anti-Christ, but I now have reason to believe that the Obama factor is lifting it's ugly head up. It's starting to make sense.

The Ayers were traced to the Shawia peoples married by Idris of Morocco, who was a near-descendant of Mohammed, but that line led to king Idris Senussi of Libya, whose family (had once been in exile in Turkey) Obama was suspect in supporting when he ousted Gaddafi (the latter de-throned Idris in a coup). The Sans eagle is also the Dunn eagle, and by other methods Obama traces well to the Senussi's, who operate out of the Benghazi theater. Obama had installed a Mr. Stevens as his ambassador in Benghazi.

Consider too how "Adlai" smacks of "Atheling." "Adlai" was a named used by Lewis Stevenson's ancestors, including Lewis' father.

I had notes four potential codes in the Spanish Sol/Solana (red wolf heads surround the Shield suspect with Fiddle's) write-up, two being " 'bottom' or 'ground' ", which can link very well to the "sola invicta" of the Eyers/Ayers just because of "Weather UnderGROUND." It's a non-sensical name for a terror group, but makes sense if it's in honor of Withers. The Bottoms (compare with Ligurian-suspect Lacys) were first found in the same place (Norfolk) as Dunhams, and can be suspect with Bidens/Buttons, first found in the same place as Weathers/Withers. But Bottoms are said to be first found also in Yorkshire, where Chimneys [Kemmis elements to Lesbos, where Lacy's trace?] were first found. It appears here that Javier Solana traces the EU to El-Gabal. The disgusting cult that even the disgusting Romans rejected is now king in revived Rome, isn't it? It suddenly looks like the end-times harlot is from the black stone. One of my first traces ever of the Obama bloodline was to Fiddle's/Fidelows, assisted by the Wolfley and Gard wolves.

I've always had problems identifying the Salyes at their roots, but lately became more sure that they were of mythical Selene, the partner of Smendys'-suspect Endymion with an Under-like look to the first part of the term. Here's from two updates ago, when Weather Underground was not on my mind:

"DocLEATae or Dokleatai...were composed of parts of the Taulantii, the Pleraei or Pyraei, ENDirudini [caps mine, sounds like, Red or Rhodian Endy], Sasaei, Grabaei [Garebites?], Labeatae [lived at Bar] that came together after the Great Illyrian revolt." When I thought that "Doc" could be a prefix, the Leats/Lethe's were looked up again to find them sharing red crescents with Dare's, Dillons and Dallens [i.e. "Taulan"-like], as well as an "end" motto term. This tends to reveal that whatever the Taulantii were called in Caria, they were depicted by "Selene" (explaining the crescents above), tending to verify an old claim that Talbots, Sales and the namers of Salop looked like identical stock. The Leats themselves can trace to Leto at and around Clarus, the theater also of Selene. The Taulantii are thus suspect in league with wolf-line Labraunda Carians honored in the talbot-Labrador.

The Leat/Lethe motto, "Trustie to the end," is nearly the Hume motto, "True to the end," and then the Tallys are in Hume colors. An S-form "Taulantii" could suggest the wolf-using Solana's, especially as Selene was Sol's sister. Sole's (same place as Eyers/Ayers) from Solney could be using a version of a Talbot Coat (the two were first found beside one another).

I don't recall whether the red lion in the Talbot Crest was mentioned as being the lion of Dreux's/Drews who trace very strongly to Sohaemus' wife, Drusilla. For new readers, the Taulantii lived near Gabuleum, where Sohaemus' ancestry, or El-Gabal itself, is tracing well. This is a peculiar thing, that the EU leaders and Scotland are tracing to the same bloodline, reminiscent of Rothschilds tracing to Pollocks, and to Bowers at Peebles-shire, beside Scotland's capital region at Lothian.

One could add to that picture the bees of Talls/Thalls (Thuringia) that trace both to Childeric's bees via his wife (Basina of Thuringia), and to Ephesus' "essenes" bee cult, in the Selene / Clarus theater yet again. It can be gleaned that the Leats, first found in the same place (Lothian) as Dunbars, were related to them because the black fitchee of Leats is used by Hanna's at Wigton, where the Dunbar-Gospatrick settlement of Mochrum was located, that being suspect as a Mepsila=Mosul line of the Mopsus kind, and then Mopsus had his false-prophet cult at Clarus. So, while the ancient dwellers of Mosul were at Clarus, Obama's mother traces to them if the DunBARs were Dunhams.

The Dunbar Coat looks, and is very, linkable to the Joplins and Greys, both first found in Northumberland, and then Dunbars are said to descent from Crinan of DUNkeld, earl of Northumberland. This same royal Scot line (of Dunkeld) merged with Meschins of Cheshire so that Dunham-Masci could be related to "Dunkeld." But even before knowing that, there were reasons for tracing Obama's mother to Dunham-Masci...a location in Cheshire operated by Hamon de Masci, and then Hamons share the black-on-white stars of Medleys / Methleys / Foggs / Palins / Polesdons that trace to Lydia's Foca = Phocaea (known co-founders of Lacy-suspect Ligurians at Lacydon) and to Methimna on Lesbos.

Joplins are suspect with "Jabesh" for more reason that similarity of terms, and Dunhams were first found in the same place as Masci-related Benjamins.

It just so happens that the Dunbar write-up traces the surname to CUMNock in Ayrshire, a term like "CHIMNey, and then Chimneys are in the colors of the central Dunbar Shield. The "bar" in "Dunbar" is said to be named after "barr = summit" (pure garbage but helpful as code), and then "Sohaem(us)" traced to Somme in Picardy, and so why not also to the Summit/Sumet surname? The Summits use what may have been gold annulets, the color of the Benjamin annulets, and yet they are called, "neckLACEs." The "nec" motto term of Rodhams (in Dunbar colors), first found in the same place as Joplins, should apply here. Neck(er)s (in Ness(er) colors) use another red stag, very linkable to the same of Celts/Colts / Goldmans/Geldmans that ought to apply in "DunKELD." It just so happens that Ness(er)s trace to the Yuya Mitanni that had passed through Lesbos.

It's plain to me that "DunBAR" traces to the Barrs that named Lorraine, where Summits were first found. It's now become logical to trace Sohaemus elements at Gabuleum to Bar at the Illyrian coast. The Summit necklaces are in Comyn/Cumin colors and format, and the latter surname, first found in the same place as Dunhams and Benjamins, is like "Cumnock." In fact, Comyns are said to have been partly first found in Yorkshire, where Chimneys were first found, wherefore there seems to be a Chimney=Comyns=Cumnock equation, and then Yuya was from Chemmis/Kemmis! That really works. In fact, the Kemmis surname shares red-on-white fesse bars with Ness(er)s, in the colors of the Chimney chevron.

The Comyns write-up even says that Robert of Comyn (Comines) was another earl of Northumberland i.e. along with Dunbars said to be partly in Cumnock. The Comyn write-up is where we learn of a Comines location in Flanders, where Levi's came to roost. Perhaps the Comines part of Flanders is where Neck(er)s and Ness(er)s (both of Holland) were first found.

Although it throws me for a loop, the following is interesting and helpful, as well as on the long side. It looks like Chimneys can apply to Cheneys/Chesneys, starting off by asking, why CumNOCH," and then visiting the Nochs, listed with Noke's. They share a black-on-gold fesse with Yellows. Why is this important? We'll see.

The Noch/Noke's write-up became suspicious where it traces to "atten okes = at the oaks." It reminded me of the Yuya trace to Biblical Og, and to AkhenATEN (Yuya's grandson), founder of the Atun sun-god of Egypt. One can certainly entertain a trace to that sun god to El-Gabal. Let's see if it traces to Gabuleum. First, let's show the Oaks/OKE's (SOMERset!) using a fesse in colors reversed from the Noch/Noke fesse, as that should explain the "atten okes" code. "Noak/Noke" rhymes with "Oak/Oke," thus making the namers of Cumnoch suspect with a line from Og as his people merged with Chemmis elements from Yuya. Don't resist this so soon.

The Conys and Conns use a fesse in Oak/Oke fesse colors, as well as what could be construed as the Weather/Wither hare, though the Cony hare happens to be in the design of the Has/Haas/Heslin hare, thus tracing Conys tentatively to Has, beside Gabuleum (lower left). To this it needs to be reminded that "Has" traced very well (last update) to Assus on the Hebros, the river from Hebron elements that included the Scolati = Royal Scythians. Assus was suspect with "Aeson," and he was suspect with "Aedon," the Boiotian cult from the Atun sun god.

As Og traced well to "Gog," one can now figure that Og and his Rephaites were linked to the Scolati line to the Selletae > Sale's/Sallete's, and that's one place where the Cheney bend, in the colors of the SALEman bend, can come in...which is one way to trace Cheneys to "Kemmis" along with Comyns and Cumnoch liners. Yes, it's true that I traced Conys and Cheneys to "Cuneo," but that's where Saluzzo is located, and the Cony-suspect Oaks even use a "salus" motto term. Yes, it's tracing the Yuya Mitanni / Atun cult to Cuneo.

Cheneys were first found beside the Yellows, and in the same place (Buckinghamshire) as Nocks/Noke's, and the fesse-with-crowns of the latter are in the colors of the Cheney martlets, themselves in colors reversed from the Joseph martlet, important because Comyns use the garbs of the other Josephs. And let's not neglect that trace of Caiaphas fundamentally to the Contevilles that ruled Comyn. The "bull's SCALP" in the Cheney Crest can trace to terms from "Scolati."

I'm getting ahead of myself. The code in the Noch/Noke write-up caused me to look for a Never-like variation, for Akhenaten's wife, NEFERtiti, traced to the naming of Nevers, beside AUTUN (Burgundy, where Conteville's are expected to have their Burgo ancestry. The NOWkes variation seemed applicable, and although I see the Nons/Nevins and Neve's as part of the Nevers bloodline, the Noels/Nole's were loaded first who use a "suum" motto term and a Shield filled with fretty lattice, as with the Caens/Canns and Cave's/Cavie's. It's yet another reason for tracing the Atun sun god to Gabuleum.

French Noels are using the French Conte/Comites Coat almost exactly, and that links Noels to Comyn. It's probably important that Comyns, Conte's and Noels share blue Shields, and that the crescents in these Coats are in the colors of Schims/Shands/CHANds using a "comite" motto term. The latter use the Shield-and-Chief color combination of the Saluzzo's in colors reversed, and are suspect with the Chaine/Chenay Coat.

Of all the things that could have been said in regards to a Noel link to Christmas, "yule log" is mentioned in the Noel/Nole write-up, and then LOGans (in Noel/Nole colors) use Nole-like nails. It's starting to appear that Noels were a line of Nails/Neils/Nagels (Saluzzo colors), and in fact, "Nael" gets the Scottish Neils. That traces Noels to Ligurians, as expected in a Scolati trace to Salyes.

The Yule's/Yells happen to share a black fesse with Yellows, and the latter had linked possibly to the fesse of Nochs/Noke's that caused me to look at Noels. I'm not at all sure that Noels should trace purely to "Nefertiti" elements in Burgundy, and yet they strike me as Nobels that can trace to the Nibelung-branch Burgundians. It's feasible that "Never" liners became "Nobel." Up until now, I haven't as yet re-viewed the Nevers Coat, but there we not only find fleur-de-lys in Sale-fleur colors (traces Nefertiti / Akhenaten lines to Lissus, downriver from Has and Gabuleum), but a "Sola" motto term. The Nevers Crest: " A gold lily with green stalk and leaves", recalling the Goldman marigold with "green stalks and leaves".

So, it looks like the yule log was invented in the first place after the namers of Yell in Shetland, and after the Swan-Knight Logans using a heart suspect with Herods. Ahh, how flattering the Masonic snakes to Jesus, for that little laugh-it-up intrusion into his birthday celebrations. Buffoons and red-nosed clowns can be expected all over the Masonic map. The Claus surname, looking like it might be using the Talbot lion on someone else's colors, were first found in the same place (Bavaria) as Has'/Haas', and so see the CLAUSula river (flows to modern Shkoder at the south end of lake Scodra), and let's repeat that Has is a modern location, not shown on the map, but at the northern-most part of the Drilon river, smack beside the source of the Clausula river. There's your Santa-Claus line.

The Masons from the killers of Jesus have injected their satanic sun god into His birthday celebrations until the event is in real fact a celebration of El-Gabal and Atun. The Has/Haas hare might just be part of the Easter bunny. That's how moronic and imbecilic the old Masons were that founded America. The only consolation is that the bulk of the American people reject Masonry, and yet satanic lifestyles are thrown out at them, and received by many.

As the Claus' are traced to "NICHolas," to no surprise, note that their red lion is on the colors of the Noch/Noke's and Oaks/Oke's. The Nichols surname (giant pheon) is also "Nuckles."

The black-on-white crescents of Yells/Yule's might belong closely to the same of Weathers/Withers (hare) because the latter are suspect as a line of White's while Blanks were first found in Shetland, i.e. location of Yell. It's a little interesting that, on my atlas, there is a Bjeshket E N'Emuna location at the source of the Clausula (whatever it's called today), while Yells/Yule's use a "Numine" motto term. JJ Tolkien informed us that Newmans (as his mythical Numenor) lived on Arran, as did the salmon-using MacAbee's. But the Saleman-suspect Salmons (in Nock/Noke colors) use salmon too, and Salyes trace to Selletae suspect at the naming of Scodra. Claus' show also as "Classen," and then German Klassens/Classens use "Lady Fortune" holding a banner while Banners use a giant fleur in the colors of the Nichols/Nuckles pheon and the Sale/Sallete fleur. The besant that Lady Fortune stands on can trace to the Bassania location at Lissus, not far up the coast from the Taulantii. We should not forget Bassania when tracing Sohaemus to this area, as it's one of the best clues for making the trace in the first place.

Yellows are said to be from a Jordan de Yelewe, and then Jordans use a fesse in both colors of the Yell/Yule fesse.

Update on the 11th squirrel. I see his footprints outside, but don't hear it in the attic. Hopefully, it has a store of food in a hole in the ground, and it will sleep there all winter.

Sceafa and Scipio

Let's go back to the mythical Sceafa > Scylding entity of Dane's for a look at the Skaff/Skeffington/Sheffington surname (two "augusta" motto terms) using the same black bull head as the Dreux/Drew Crest. Recalling that "Sceaf" morphed into Stephen-like term, likely for the Stephen link to Chappes', it's interesting right off the bat that Stephens were first found in the same place (Gloucestershire) as Dreux's/Drews. There is importance here if Dreux's were Drake's, for that traces to the Varni, in my opinion, who lived at the south end of what would later be Denmark. But if it's correct to trace Dreux's to Sohaemus, then we have here a Sohaemus trace to the proto-Danes.

The Skaff/Skeffington Crest is Melusine, and that can link to the Varni too if they developed into Drakenberg Vere's. It means that the Skaff surname is more-likely a branch of Skiptons (Oxfordshire) and Shepherds (Oxfordshire), for the SKIFFington and SHEFFington variations suggest it, while both surnames use three symbols in the same colors and format. Suddenly, Sceaf may have been of the Skiptons, and therefore from the family of general Scipio as it merged with the king-Massena line. Although Vere's ruled Oxford, they were first found in Essex, where Skipps/Skeppers were first found. Vere-related Meschins married Skiptons, and the Chives', highly suspect with "Sceaf," use the leopard of Mosca's honored in the Drake motto. The personal lion of Ranulf le Meschin (descended from Danes) is red at his Wikipedia article, the color of the Dreux lion, expected where Meschins trace to Sohaemus' first wife, known to be from king Massena. This Drusilla is expected to be ancestral to Julia Maesa Bassianus, and then Skipps/Skeppers use besants on blue, suspect with Bassianus lines. It's indicating that Drusilla traced also to general Scipio. This Massena merger with Scipio can be reckoned as the bottom-line guts of the Masonic dragon.

The sheaf-like look of the Schewe variation of Schuh's/Schumachers (another axe) can suggest a merger of the Sohaemus-suspect Schumer line with Sceafa liners. I'll explain later why Schumers should be Sohaemus liners even though a look at the variations isn't in itself very convincing. Note the two, white ostrich feathers in the Schuh/Schewe Crest. Scope's, using five, white ostrich feathers, and in the colors of Scottish Shepherds/Shipperts, were first found in the same place (Yorkshire) as Skiptons, and that's where Caracalla Bassianus (Julia's uncle) was stationed when he became the emperor. The lion of Ranulf le Meschin is shown in the two colors of the same of Leghs/Lee's, whom I trace to the namers of Leicester, where Skaffs/Skeffingtons were first found.

The Shield-and-Chief color combination of Anchors/Annackers and Shepherds are a match with the Arms of Agrigento, and that's where the Drago river flowed, to which Drake's trace. It explains why Shepherds use axes in their Chief, the Drake symbol. The Shepherd write-up uses the word, "tool," for the axe, and then the Tool lion is the Drake lion in colors reversed. The three Shepherd axes are even in the colors of the three lozenges in the Anchor Chief, as well as the colors of the stars in the Scottish Shepherd Coat. Nicholas de Vere von Drakenberg (chief warlock of Drakenberg = stupidity deluxe) traced his line to the Anu and the Anaki, and so we glean that he meant the Annacker variation of Anchors. The Anchor-Crest bull head is identical to the Drake bull head, but in red, the color of the Drake dragon (trace definitely to the red Charo/Chiaro bull). Trace this beast to the Anaki of Hebron, and then connect to the Scolati that evolved into bull-head-using SCHOLEfields, asking whether the garbs (sometimes called wheat SHEAVES) of Fields apply to the Garebites between Hebron and Jerusalem. h.

This was mythical Aeneas at Agrigento, and so it traces to Aenus, a location smack beside Sale at the mouth of the Hebros, tending to give extra reason for identifying the Scyldings with the Selletae. The latter lived smack beside Tarpodizus -- the proto-Trabys without doubt now -- explaining why Scope's share the five Traby ostrich feathers. For those who didn't read it, the Caeni were at the south end of Astica, and then Caens likewise use five, white ostrich feathers.

The Anchors are honored by the Grey surname, first found in the same place as Stevensons...another reason to identify Sceafa liners in a merger with the Stephen surname. The latter share the Rodham bend, but it's also the Valentin bend, important because one of the reasons for linking empress Justine (Valentinian's wife) to the Astikas' / Trabys of Vilnius is the anchor shared between the Arms of Vilnius (axe) and the Justine-related Sire surname.

The black fitchee in the Shepherd Crest must be of the Leat Crest, for Leats share the three Anchor lozenges in colors reversed. The Anchor lozenges are gold, the color of the three Sire lozenges. Leats are suspect with Keturah's Letushites while Keturah's Medan / Midian line goes to the Medea Colchians and therefore to Losinj's lozenge symbol. The Syron variation of Sire's was traced to the mythical Sirens because they lived at the Akheloos river -- location of Astakos -- and then the Melusine mermaid in the Skaff/Skeffington Crest ("a mermaid combing her hair" is at times called a Siren. The Taphian pirates at the Akheloos are suspect with the pirate-related Sirens, and Taphians were traced to DAVENports, who share the black fitchee with Leats. A Leat trace to Daphne=Taphian elements traces to her river, the Ladon dragon, and then Leats were first found in Lothian, beside Scottish Shepherds using the laurel, a Daphne symbol.

The "Trustie to the end" motto of Leats looks like code for the Trysts/Triss' honored in the Hebron motto, "Keep Tryst." The Trysts ("nec" motto terms) use a "TREPidum" motto term for Traby elements, right? The red stars of Scottish Shepherds (Masci fleur?) are colors reversed from the Sutherland stars, and no matter what simplistic thing they say on the derivation of "Suther," I'm tracing head-strong now to Seuthopolis, the Odrysian capital. While Nice is shown on one of the maps above at Odrysia, there are Nicea and NicoMEDIA locations near Byzantium, with an Astacus location between them.

The Sherwoods (share red stars with Shepherds) apply to this picture, and their old Scirewode variation can link to the Austrian Schere's using a wheat sheaf (though called an "ear"). The Sherwood Crest is even roses on stems, the symbol of German Schere's/Scherfs (surname traces to Caracalla). The Sherwood Coat looks like a version of the Branch Coat, likely honored in the "laurel branches" of Shepherds. Sherwoods were also "SHIREwoods," and the Schere's/Scherfs are using a version of the black-on-gold fitchee if Shire's/Sheers/Shere's (Carrick kin / branch), and those are the two colors of the Shepherd fitchee. Talbot liners are all over this Sceafa picture, though I've been ignoring them.

I was wondering whether the Caens and/or Caeni developed from/to "Cauen/Caven" due to Cave's sharing the Caen fretty. The Cavens happen to be "Keevan" while using the Dreux lion in both colors. That can indicate the Varni evolution into Varangians at Kiev, where I trace both the Hebrons and the "Keep" motto term of Hebrons/HEPburns. The location of Trypillia was to the near-south of Kiev, and may have had everything to do with the Varangians visiting the Kiev theater. Harald, the brother of Rurik, the first-known Varangian proper, and likely the leader of the Kiev Varangians, ruled temporarily at SCHLeswig, to the near-north of Hamburg, where Trips were first found that use a SCALING ladder well-trace-able to "SCHYLding." It's not out of the question to trace the Varni to Draguignan, in Var of Provence and off the river of the Scylding-suspect Salyes.

Holstein is beside Hamburg, the west side of the Varni theater. The Arms of Holstein is a white starburst, the colors of the Tryst/Triss stars. However, the Holstein symbol is called a "nettle leaf." Nettle's (in Field/Felde colors), suspect with Nessfields/NETHERfields, were first found in the same place (Yorkshire) as Fields/Felde's and Nessfields/Netherfields. The latter are using the same Coat as Varangian-suspect Branch's, and Rurik ruled at NETHERland's Wieringen, the proto-Varangian term, by all appearances.

I wondered once whether "NETHERlands was named after a Nahor-like term because "Holland" can trace to the Geloni neighbors of the Budini. The Netherfields are also NERfield, and the NEEfield variation can suggest the formation of, or a merger with, the Knee/Nee surname suspect with the "knee" term in the Schuh/Schewe/Schumacher description. The "cobbler" term in the Schumer/Schumacher write-up suggests El-Gabal lines of the Goplo kind, and Cobblers tend to prove it with their giant fleur-de-lys in colors reversed to the Lys/Lisse fleur, thus tracing Cobblers to Lissus, where Sohaemus / black-stone lines are expected. But as Sohaemus' descendants were Massey liners, we need to re-mention that Masseys use the Lys fleur in the same colors while Masseys had the Mieszko branch at Goplo.

It may seem like a small point, but the giant fleur of Gamble's/Gambels (Yorkshire), in colors reversed, would be red, like the Cobbler fleur. The Cabbage's/Cobbels use the fleur too. The Felds use a fleur in both colors of the Gamble fleur, and so keep in mind, as the topic turns to the Name's, that Cabbage's and Felds trace to Angusta and Falticeni respectively. French Gobels (Macey chevron, once showed the rare-ish Masci wing), in Schumer/Schumacher colors, have the Macey stars, in colors reversed to the Schuh/Schewe/Schumacher star.

There were reasons for equating the Melusine mermaid with mythical Holle, known to be named after the namers of Holstein. The Hollys, for example, use the mermaid. The Elis' used a red version of the mermaid, but the houseofnames Elis' use a woman with "HAIR disheveled," a symbol of nasty Holle. On the map at the Holstein article, note the HERTZOGtum area (beside Schewe-like SCHWERin), south of Holstein and at Brunswick-Luneburg. Hertzogtum should be of the Here / Heyer / Eyer bloodline. Schewe's/Schumachers were even first found in the same place (Bavaria) as Hertzogs, who share blue wings with Heyers/Eyers, Bauers (Bavaria), and the Here's showing scythes.

It didn't click until now that the Haus' use scythes in the colors of the Here scythes, thus tracing Here's well to Has (where Sohaemus' ancestry is expected). The Drusilla line can be gleaned in the "tree" of the Schewe/Schumacher Coat, symbol for Drew-related Trew's/Tree's, but Sohaemus was married to two Drusilla's, one of the Herods that can thus trace well to "HERTzog." The single, rare-ish Masci wing showing until recently is still showing in the Rebel Coat (may change by the time you read this), and it's identical to the pair of wings used in the Hertzog Crest (DESIGN MATTERS), indicating that Drusilla-of-Massena liners merged (expectedly) with Drusilla-of-Herod liners. Reminder: Julius Bassianus had a brother, Julius Agrippa (= Herod suspects), and Mr. Bassianus' daughter apparently married a Mr. Maesa.

The above identifies the "hair" code of Elis with this Hertzogtum area, but then let's recall the "mermaid combing her HAIR" in the Skaff/Skeffington Crest. Why are Sceafa suspects tracing to the Holstein theater? This part of the investigation tends to verify that the Skaffs, and all their kin pointed out above, were indeed the line to mythical Sceafa.

As Shire's/Shere's/Shere's are using CARRICK colors as well as the black Carrick talbot, it appears that the related Schere's/Scherfs, if indeed they trace to Schwerin, were a branch of Schewe's found in the list of Schuh's/Schumachers. The point here is that, if all correct, Schumers and Schumachers trace to CARACalla Bassianus, son of the other daughter of Julius Bassianus. That can't be coincidental. Repeat: Caracalla had given Julius Bassianus a job in Dalmatia, not far north of the Taulantii to which the Carrick talbot traces.

The two Hair/Hare surnames (probably trace to the hare of Has'/Haas', not to be confused with Haus') are suspect with the Dunham / Butler Coats. One of the Hairs was first found in the same place (Surrey) as the Shire's/Shere's. Both Hair surnames use "inDENTed" borders, and the Dents were first found in the same place (Yorkshire) as Caracalla and the Elis' (Carrick colors). Dents look like they use the Hound lozenges on the Sale/Sallete bend. The Royal Scolati, so to speak, were in the Holstein region, weren't they? While there is reason to link Schole's to Benjamins and Benjamins to Scutz's, so the Elis' can link to the Schutz saltire while the Schutz greyhound can link to the Dent / Hound lozenges.

The Knee's/Nee's/Neighs suspect in the "knee" term of Schewe's/Schumachers look like they are using Hand colors in particular, from the hand symbol of Ulster. The Coat of Irish Hands/Glavins compares with Coat of Leats who in-turn share a black fitchee in Crest with Hand-related Hanna's. The Gaelic form of the surname, Neidhe, could betray a trace to the Holstein "nettle leaf," but in any case that Hand and Hanna's share stags with Annandale-suspect Nanamys/Name's/Nannys (illegal gold-silver contact), and then "Kneed" is listed with Name's/Neame's (illegal gold-silver contact), first found in the same place (Lincolnshire) as the other Name's/Neame's. The Nanamy eagle head could be the Piast eagle.

Suspiciously, the Kneed-Name surname won't come up when entering "Name / Neame / Neme / Neme / Neeme," which constitute all of the shown variations. Someone took the time to make the Coat come up as "Kneed / Need," however. It shows a white-ermined perchevron on a gold Shield, with two griffin heads in black. The Name's/Neame's (Massin/Mason lion?) are suspect with the namers of NUMidia.

As the Kneed griffins are said to be erased, it honors the Eras/Rasmussen surname share a white unicorn with Cnuts, which tends to verify again that the erased code is for Rasmussens, for "Cnut" is like "Kneed." Therefore, Cnut liners (partially from Mieszko) merged with Name liners, and moreover the Rasmussens allows a Kneed/Name link to Mose's (griffin head, illegal gold-silver contact), whom I trace to Le Mose in Placentia, the city built by the army of general Scipio when he retreated there in 218 BC, as per losing the war of Trebia with Hannibal. About a decade later, king Massena of Numidia, having betrayed Carthage, joined Scipio. This is a good argument for viewing the Name lions as the Massin/Mason lions, and the Name surname as a Numidia-related one. The Annandale's even trace to Ananes Gauls at Placentia.

Although the Kneed/Name Crest shows nothing, it's description is told: "A griffin's head proper emerging from a gold eastern coronet." The Numidian-suspect Newtons use "an eastern prince" in Crest, thus tending to verify that Numidians evolved into New liners (probably includes Newmans and Nimo's). The Kneed coroNET now suggests NEED kin, and the Nets (getting close to "nettle leaf") are listed with Knights/Naughts, now suspect with the Nitts/Naughts of the Nith river, where I traced the line of Geta, Caracalla's brother, as per the Ged > Geddes on that river. The Nith is in the same place (Dumfries) as Annandale.

Geta was in Yorkshire with Caracalla when their father died. Neither of the brothers may have been married, but they likely had women. The Net/Knight Coat uses lion heads shown as full lions in the Coat of Kingstons, first found in Yorkshire, what a Getincidence. The Hulls of Yorkshire's Kingston location share talbots with Carricks, what a Caracallincidence. The "durum" motto term of Nets/Knights must be for Durhams (the Leat crescent?), first found in the same place as the Nith! Now you know we're on the Caracalla trace from SohaeMUS, and so see the "aniMUS" motto term of Durhams. The Durhams look like Weirs/Vere's on the Were river through Durham, and I trace them to the Durance river of the Royal Scolati, so to speak (i.e. the Salyes).

The Needle's, honored by Pettys, can now be identifoed as Nith-river liners. To help trace El-Gabal; to the Nith, Needle's use nothing but a giant sun. It really looks like the Sohaemus line to Scotland was via his descendants to Caracalla / Geta. The Petty quarters are even in the colors of the Name/Neame quarters. Irish Pettys even use a bend in the colors of the same of Knee's/Neigh's, the ones who got me to checking "Kneed." Irish Pettys then share bees with the Leafs/Leve's, relevant as per the "nettle LEAF" of Holstein. If that's a correct link, then Nettle's (Yorkshire) are suspect with Needle's.

There is a Nett/Natby/Netby surname (Nitt/Naught/Nott/Neight colors) in Nettle colors, and reflective of the Field/Felde Coat for a trace to Falticeni on the north side of Neamt (Moldova)! Some of these surnames can go back to names pre-dating Cnut by centuries.

Why are Numidians, and/or proto-Numidians from Neamt, tracing to the Nith. I suppose it's got to do with Scythians of proto-Moldova settling Scotland. While I'm tracing the namers of Alba and Scotland to the Illyrian / Albanian coast, there must have been a migration of Scythians to Britain in the far-north path. But these may not have arrived until the time of Jesus roughly, late in comparison to the Mediterranean route. The Varni (Apostolic period) and their fellow tribes trace back to Trypillians at Moldova. As the Name's look like Annandale liners, it's easy to reckon that this picture traces to the line of priest Annas in Angusta, to the south of Neamt. The Cabbage's, using an "angustis" motto term, are in the colors of Netts/Natbys, and moreover share the Newman lion.

The Netts/Natbys (I can glean their Newman connection) need to trace to the "nati" motto term of two Frank surnames because one of them uses a saltire in the colors of the Newton crossed bones (in saltire formation). Netts/Natbys ("bird BOLT") were first found in the same place (Lancashire) as Bolts and Mose's. I connected the latter two on the gamble that Mose's share a griffin head and illegal colors with Kneeds/Name's, but also due to the latter using a code for RasMUSSEns, but here we find that Bolts share the black griffin with Kneeds/Name's. The Griffin surname was of Pomerania, and is suspect either with the mythical griffins of the Hyperboreans, or with "Agrippa."

The "shin bones" of Newtons (in Sumer/Somers colors) suggests that Fred FLINTstone came by and had dinner. Shins (SOMERset) help to clinch the trace earlier of Chimneys to Cheneys, for Shins are also "CHYNNE" while using the Kemmis/KENYS Coat exactly. The latter were first found in the same place as Dreux's/Drews. The Dreux' link to the Yuya-of-Kemmis line can be gleaned where the Dreux lion is used by Daytons (Yorkshire yet again), said to be from "d'Autun."

In tracing "Yuya" to "Gog" and therefore to the Cogaeonus river (top-right), I don't know if the material in the paragraph above was part of the evidence. If Newtons were from the namers of Neamt, note that the Cogaeonus (I wrongly spelled it, Cogaeonus, in some updates) is roughly, or dead in, what became Neamt.

Hmm, as Stephens were first found in the same place as Kemmis', it dawns on me that Ottone's (share the white-on-blue perchevron with Stephens), and may other Otto / Odin liners could ultimately be from "Autun / Atun / Aude." In fact, Stephens (Etienne colors) can trace to St. Etienne, in Burgundy, where Autun and Nevers are likewise located. It can't be coincidental that English Bassets (very traceable with Bissets to the Bistrita river north of Neamt) share three, red fesse bars with Shins and Kemmis, while French Bassets/Besancons/Besse's (Forez, smack at St. Etienne) share white-on-blue billets with Etienne's. It looks like the Yuya line went from the Neamt theater to Burgundy, and there got involved with the Quintus-Caepio gold and silver bars.

While Kemmis' are from a Pickwick location, the Daytons are from a Picot entity suspect with the Peks sharing the Dayton patees.

One of the first things coming to mind when seeking whether Bassets/Besse's were from the Bessi at the sources of the Hebros was to think of another surname that traced to that area. The Assus location there came to mind with the Assi surname (I recall this Coat being a blue weight scale on white Shield), in the colors of the Basset/Besse Coat. The Assis surname was first found in Scythia-suspect Shetland, and so the white unicorn of Shetland may be in the Basset Crest. As I traced Drummonds to the ship in the Arms of Shetland, it's notable that the Basset bars are wavy, like the three Drummond bars. The Assi Coat, as it now shows, shares the weight scale AND the fasces, both in the Arms of Vilnius, but as German Drummonds were first found in the same place (Hamburg) as Trips, the Assi surname likely traces to the Traby merger with the Astikas in Vilnius. That all traces to Tarpodizus, a little downriver from Assus.

It therefore seems that Bassets and Bissets can trace to the Bessi priests of the Satrae Thracians. The Satrae can then be traced to the Sturs using the Basset bars in both colors!!! Zowie. I think that's new. As the Sturs were traced recently to the new NATO chief, one Mr. Stoltenberg, what about the Rasmussen unicorn, also white, that can link to the Basset unicorn??? It means that the current NATO chief, and the latter one, both trace to the Bessi and the Satrae! Zowie, it's not a wonder they wouldn't want anyone to know it. This recalls that the unicorn-using Fire's (looks like a goat in the lower half) traced with little doubt, with the Demonte unicorn, to the STURA-Demonte river in Cuneo. It may indicate that the Busca location in Cuneo, and the giant fleur-de-lys of German Bush's, trace to the Bessi smack at Lissae. English Bush's use a goat. Bosco's/Busca's (Bisset / Stur colors) were in Nairn, roughly where Bissets were first found, and Bissets (Rita colors) share a "tree stump" with Bosco's; both call it the same suggesting the Tree's/Trews.

Aha! The Stumps/Stomps (Touque suspects) use the black and ERASED griffin-head design of Kneeds/Name's/Neame's, and Knee's use a bend in colors reversed from the Bisset bend. I rarely address the Stumps when coming across tree stumps, but this is one good place to highlight them. The Stumps must value their perchevron, because they stick in even in their Crest.

On the map, the Satrae (a real peoples) were on the Strymon river to the west of the Hebros, where you see "Maedi." It was only recently when clinching a Keturah trace to mythical Medea, a thing I didn't entertain much at all in the last couple of years...when I was tracing Keturah, with little doubt, to Saluzzo (beside Busca), and to the term, "satyr." Yes, I had reason to think that "KETUR" morphed into "SATYR," and thus, if correct, her bloodline goes to the Satrae.

It tends to verify a migration from Lissae to the naming of Lissus, the latter smack beside Bassania, very suspect with the Besancon variation of Bassets. It therefore tends to identify Julius Bassianus' from the Bessi Thracians, explaining the priesthood of El-Gabal as an outflow of the Bessi priesthood (spit). "Sohaemus" traces to Suemus, a location beside In Medio, on the Tarpodizus tributary of the Hebros. It appears that Abraham's children with Keturah are now on the NATO throne.

The fact that Stumps use a version of the Touque/Took and Teague Coats traces them to the Touques river, location of LISIeux. We get it, and it's not far from the Bessin. We get it. Therefore, the Bessin was not named by the Baiocasses, as Wikipedia claimed, unless they were from the Bessi.

After writing the above, it was time to check the Iraq news, and there was a Raske surname, linkable to RASmussen: The U.S. State Department announced [why are they revealing this?] 46 arms shipments have been sent to Kurds in Iraq that are fighting against the Islamic State (IS) radicals. The departments Spokesman Jeffery Raske told reporters on Friday that the arms have been sent to Kurds under the supervision of the Iraqi government in Baghdad, adding that the U.S. stance towards sending weapons to the Kurdish region has not seen any changes and any help should go to the enclave through Baghdad. Is this an attempt to look law-abiding in Iraq while other weapons are being, or about to be, shipped secretly elsewhere?

Here's a German Rasch surname in Rats and Traby-bugle colors. Rats'/Raiths (anchor can trace them to Radziwill-Astikas line in Vilnius) were first found in Nairnshire, home of Rose's/Resh's ("true" motto term, Rats colors) and Bosco's. As I trace Bosco's to the namers of the BistRITA, note that English Raschs/Rascals use the same lion as Rita's/Rheda's. Rats' use the black cross of Baathist-suspect lines. The other Rasch lion is in the colors of the Rush horses. German Ruschs/Rush's use arrows, a Bogan theme, and then Rose's/Resh's use water bougets that trace to the Bugs', in Bogen / Rats colors, the colors of the Rose/Resh water bougets.

In the Rose/Resh write-up, you can read that Mary Bosco inherited from a Bisset branch of Lovat, smacking of Labatts/Bats (same colors again), perhaps relevant because Bugs' use a bat in Crest. It just so happens that while I trace Norry's to the Neuri because they use a wolf, the Lovats share a black wolf in Crest with the Norry Crest! That means that Lovats are indeed a Labatt branch from the Bug river, known home of the Neuri. In this picture, zowie, the Bats and therefore the Baathists may have been Levites, if Lovats/Levitts were. The Labatts and the others are in Levi colors, even. I don't think it can be correct for Labatts to be of Levites and the Bat Caucasians both.

But wait. If Keturah traces to Medea Colchians, and Laish traces to the Lazi Colchians, while it's known that Jonathan the Levite was a pagan priest in Laish, couldn't his Levite line have entered the Bat Colchians? It Keturah's Letushite tribe evolved to mythical Leda, then consider her husband (Tyndareus) from Tyndaris on the Glaucus river of Colchis. I once made no distinction between Laish, the Lazi and Leda, but I now entertain that Laish was not the same entity as the Letushites. In this second idea, Laish became the Lasonii (Lydia theater) and the Lazi of Lazona, while Letushites evolved into Lydians and the Leto > Leda line (also mythical Lada in Lithuania). However, there was a mythical Lada of the Lycians, likely the same as Leto, and Lycians smack of Lachish in Hebron while "Lachish" is much like "Laish." This makes it possible for the Letushites to have merged with a hypothetical Lachish > Laish line. The Lydians and Lycians even lived beside one another, on opposite sides of the Maeander.

Was TYNdareus (same as Dardanus?) a part-Danaan entity from the "Danites" of Laish? The golden fleece bloodline on the Glaucus went through golden-lamb-depicted Atreus to his son, the husband of Leda's daughter, and Leda was herself married to peoples on the Glaucus, suggesting perhaps a Leda-Lazi or Leda-Bat merger, by which I mean to suggest that the Jonathan Levites may have been in Tyndareus. The question is, was the Revelation False Prophet given lamb horns for connection to this golden-fleece entity? Is it wrong to expect a Christian-posing False Prophet if the lamb symbol goes to the Atreus line of Lydians? Won't the anti-Christ be the Ladon dragon, likewise from Lydians? Or was Ladon not from Lydians > Latins, but from the Lazi?

If Tyndareus was the same as Dardanus, note that the latter married Batia, together the mother and father of Trojans who evolved into the Romans, the ones who put out the seven heads of the dragon. Batia was grand-daughter of ScaMANDER, predicting Lycians / Lydians off the Maeander. The Levite-suspect Lapiths were in Iasion, Dardanus' brother, the same as the golden-fleece Aeson line. Could the fleece possibly have been code for the pagan-Levite priesthood? Coronis was a Lapith, and she traces as a Leto liner to "Corinth," where Jason and Medea were king and queen for a time. Somewhere in this picture, there was the Og line to Ogyges of Athens, where Medea went after being in Corinth.

The Nochs/Noke's (Oak kin), using a Shield in the same colors again of the Bug / Rats topic earlier, and what could be a version of the Bug Shield, were likewise first found in Buckinghamshire. It reminds me of a find (the details of which I forget) convincing me much that the namers of the Bug also named Buckingham. In any case, was it my personal idea that Mr. Raske turned out to look like part of the Biblical Rosh, or did it turn out that way because it's true and prophetic? The U.S. military and even the state department are releasing information to the public lately as though confiding in it, which has the effect of bringing popular support behind the war (here's what we're doing, please join us), perhaps the very aim because escalation has been decided upon. Preparation in Iraq / Syria seems to be in play at this time. The Americans have a great foothold smack between both countries, with neither government able to do anything about it. There's nothing to do but get a better hold. Here's another Rosh liner in the O-dministration:

In a scathing two-page letter by 43 Republican senators to US President Barack Obama dated this Wednesday, the senators, led by Mark Kirk and Marco Rubio, warned that they were "alarmed" by reported plans to bypass Congress and reach a nuclear deal with Iran.

...Arutz Sheva reported in October that Ben Rhodes, a senior White House adviser, had been secretly taped bragging that a nuclear deal with Iran was Obama's foreign-policy "signature" equivalent of "ObamaCare," and that they working to structure a deal that would evade any congressional approval or ratification.

Now I know that Iran has had a lot of hot air and empty threats in the past. Only a buffoon could say the following while not meaning it, and expect any world leader to take him seriously. You decide whether it's serious:

The head of Iran's Basij paramilitary force has claimed it is raising an army of "millions" to flood Gaza and Syria to support Tehran's allies.

Fars, Iran's semi-official newspaper, reported that Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Naqdi, Commander the Basij paramilitary force, as saying: "Millions of Basijis (volunteer forces) are ready in Iran to be dispatched to Syria and Gaza and they have come to us (for registration)."

Should we yawn, or is this coming to pass? According to prophecy, I think it is coming to pass. But where do we imagine that Gog, Rosh and Meshech will come from, to join Persia on the mountains of Israel? Is Putin's recent stroking of North Korea his hidden ace up his sleeve for to deal with the West by siding with all the West's dread enemies? Doesn't that seem to you to be the best prediction for Armageddon's fulfillment? If the anti-Christ is to be a Western Rus-Meshech liner, do we imagine Russia as part of the "kings of the east" coming to defeat the anti-Christ? In the past, I rejected outright the interpretation of, and still hesitate to interpret, Ezekiel 38 as a Western force. It doesn't sit well with me. What's probably not coincidental is that the same peoples who formed the Russians also formed the Masons. It's all Gog, and it's all coming to prophecy.

No sooner did Obama get past the mid-terms that he acted dictatorially on his immigration policy. Where else will he exercise his royal haughtiness? Is this a sign of the vengeful shape to come in his last two years? Losing the confidence of the people in the elections, he yet acts like the king. It's a sign of his small mind beside his bulging self-importance. Pay him no heed, he means nothing.

It's been three full days now since the 11th squirrel tripped the rat trap and took the peanut butter, afterwhich it refused to try for a second load minutes afterward. It instead went silent. For three days, no squirrel has been heard in the attic. I'm hoping that there is no 12th, therefore, and that some future event concerning the 11th can intrigue / enlighten us. Warm weather begins as I write, more than warm enough to get squirrels out and about. The bat still makes movements in the chimney flange, and was moving about while I was writing on the Batia topic. It moves about three times daily for a few minutes only. I had dropped it some water a couple of days ago.

I've been thinking more about Batia, daughter of Teucer, to understand her in a wider range. Assuming it's correct that Teucer was code for the Tocharians (ended up in the Mongol part of Russia where Attila may have had some roots), I'd expect Batia to be mixed with the Assi, and that's where Ixion / Iasion comes in perfectly. It tells us something of Trojan make-up. It works well and tends to prove a Tocharian = Teucer equation.

Plus, if "IXION" was formed that way to indicate SION (Phoenicia), then note the Ardos version of Sion, according to the Book of Enoch or Jasher (can't recall which), for the Hayasa-Azzi lived at Ardahan, not far from, or even in the midst of, the Bats (people groups move around rather than "disappear," as the historians see it. They didn't always live where they were once spotted by historical writings). Thus, the namers of Asia, the Azzi, appear to be in "Iasion," brother-in-law of Batia. There is nothing purely Levite in the Assi > Azzi line, but the Jonathan Levites had merged with this picture in some way. I fully expect the Mus household of the Exodus pharaoh in a merger with Jonathan's priesthood / family / tribes, for that household named Moses, Jonathan's ancestor.

That Mus house named Mysia, location of Troy. The Tros version of that city can suggest a Taros entity, for that can explain "DARdanus" and "PanDAReus," where "Pan" is a version of "Van." "Tros" could have been from the namers of Tarun, another name for Mus at Lake Van. Thus, the Pan satyrs were from the Mus household of the Exodus pharaoh, and we can trace this beast to Lissae and the surrounding Bessi, right? And the Assi can go to Assus, especially as the latter is also marked, Arsus (see map below), looking like it's from the Aras river, the sources of which were home to the Hayasa-Azzi.

The line goes through LYSimachia, opposite the Marmara waters from Mysia's Trojan ground-zero (Parium), and so lets add the neighboring Caeni into the picture as a Hyksos center honoring "Khyan," the Exodus pharaoh. We note that Caen of Normandy is between the BESSin and the Teucer-suspect Touques river = location of Lisieux, and so we trace this Normandy picture to the Bessi and Lissae, and it causes me to understand a lot better why I started to see a close relationship between Ferte-Mace and Gace, for the Masseys/Maceys out of Ferte-Mace use the Lys fleur and thus trace to Lissae...which was opposite the Haemus range from Moesia. It expects Moesians (thought to be the same as Mysians) at Lissae. The Caens even use FRETty on their Shield for obvious honoring of Ferte-Mace.

As the Essenes are suspect as a branch of the Assi (the Hayasa-Azzi may have been the Hyksos previously), and as Essenes were from Carmel, one could entertain a trace to the neighboring namers of Cana (Galilee) to the Caeni. We might ask if the turning of water into wine, a miracle that took place in Cana, was somehow God's code for indicating Khyan liners there. Neighboring Nazareth should trace to the wine god, Dionysus, and his mythical connection to India may have involved Tocharians / Assi.

On the map below, see the Margus river flowing through Moseia Superior and Dardania. Mythical Dardanus was code for a real location in Mysia, so add two and two together. The other map shows the Moschius river, a tributary of the Margus, that on the map below goes through the "M" of "Moesia." It tends to trace the namers of the Moschius to the Moschian mountains in the Bat theater. The Moschians can be seen on this Old-Caucasia map as the watershed for the Araxes = Aras river. On the map below, look south of the Margus for the Axius flowing through Paeonia, for the Assi of Assus may have named this river. If Paeonians were from Pan at Lake Van, there you have other evidence that the Assi / Tocharians were at Mus of Lake Van.

The old-Caucasia map (not geographically correct) shows a "Hyssus location at Trabzon; the Hayasa-Azzi lived at one ancient point between Trabzon of the Euphrates, and thus in the land of Amazons = Meshech/Mushki. You can see the Moschians as the watershed down into Trabzon and Hyssus too. Iasion was also "Iasius," and I think we can see a Iasion-Bat picture here as the elements forming the Trojans. The Bats lived at one time between the Rhizius (Rize) location (shown) and the Lazi, and then because the Margy/Mackey surname (Ayrshire, suspect with Ares out of Aures but earlier from the Aras river) shares the raven with the Rice's, it can be gleaned that some of the Moschian-mountain elements settled the Moschius and Margus rivers. The latter river flows down to the area of the Pek river (not shown), to the near-east of the Margus' mouth.

The Puke area of Albania is on my atlas where the Cavii lived, where you see the middle part of the Mathis river at the lower-left on this map (geographically accurate):

. Puke suggests a Cavii trace to the Pek river (Moesia) and it's Cuppae region, meaning that the Apachnas-suspect namers of the Pek had moved to what's now called, Puke. And out of this migration, proto-Caiaphas was formed. It's probably not coincidental that Peks use patee crosses in the colors of the Massey fleur, and that Peks (said to be Normans) were first found in the same place (Essex) as Quints.

The Mose's use a patee cross in the colors of the Placentia wolf, and that blue wolf traces to Hun liners from Mongols, as online articles claim (it looks like a way to indicate Attila), which is perhaps a good reason for tracing Teucer and Batia through Placentia, where I see the birth of Caiaphas' father-in-law, whose name has resemblance to "Hun." The Mose patee is also in the colors of the Hanna stag, and the Hand chevron. The illegal silver-and-gold quarters of the Mose Coat indicate the Quintus-Caepio treasure because the Coat uses billets = precious-metal bullion. It is a good reason for suspecting that Annas and Caiaphas had some of the Caepio treasure. One gold bar each would have made them fabulously wealthy, but Wikipedia reports that Quintus stole 50,000 gold bars, each 15 pounds, as well as an untold number of silver bars. And he stole it from TOULouse, a term like the Dulo house of Attila. There are reasons for tracing some aspect of Attila's ancestry to Caepio's, and even to Pontius Pilate, but that's another story.

The patee crosses of Mose's and Peks traces the Lissae-Bessi-Satrae picture through the Pek and into Patti in Sicily's Messina. We can be sure of the trace to Patti because the Massena/Messina surname (version of the Masci Coat) itself uses patee crosses. As king Massena is suspect from Messina elements, note the Scupio location on the Margus. It could be either the ancestry of general Scipio, or named after Massena merged with Scipio's. In the latter picture, the family resulting from the merger settled on the Margus, and this was the same family that I say named the Maccabees of Israel, explaining why Margys/Mackeys are on-shore from the MacAbee's.

The other map has a Scopi location on the upper Axius, and then Actons had an AXton location in Kent, where Massins/Masons were first found. The Actons can thus trace to the Axius because the Cravens honor the Actons in their motto, and moreover use the same fesse as Actons. The point is: it's no coincidence that Meschins of Skipton were in Craven of Yorkshire. It's tracing Skiptons back to Scopio and Scupio (if they were different locations). On the map having Scopi, there is a Crevenia location between the Drilon river and Pule (Puke on my atlas is roughly where you see Epicaria). Crevenia is therefore near modern Has.

On the same map, there is a Hammeno location (escaped me in the past) to which Hamon de Masci/Massey can trace well, but then the Hams (in Hammer colors) are using the MacABEE SALMON in the same colors!!! As I link the MacAbee's to the neighboring Alexanders, note Alexander de Ham in the Ham write-up. The Maccabees of Israel had an Alexander branch named after the Seleucid king, Alexander Balus, the king who merged with Jonathan Maccabee.

While we're at it, let's note the giant annulet of German hams, in the colors of the giant annulet of Vita's/Vitone's, suspect with the Ottone annulet, for, apart from having Hams as part of the plan, I was just about to embark on a discussion of Milan, where Ottone Visconti ruled. The reason that I show the Masons as "Massin" is to indicate Massino-Visconti, a trace of king Massena to the Visconti's. I was going to mention Milan because the Milans were first found in Messina. While still in bed this morning, I got to thinking on the Milan "tree stump" (it's what the description calls it), and whether the symbol was added by English Masons to indicate Milan ties to the Stumps; I doubted that the Italian for "tree stump" would indicate the Stumps. And here I find that Stumps/Stomps (use a version of the Coat of Kent's Touque's) were first found in the same place (Sussex) as Hams!

All tree stumps can therefore trace to the Margus river, in and around Hammena, but let's also mention that the tree stump was a symbol of mythical Esus, highly suspect with the axe-depicted Essenes, and then AXton of Kent, and the Axius river, begins to indicate that the axe symbol of Essenes evolved into the Azzi in the first place. That would be a way to trace Essenes to the Azzi location near Trabzon, which explains why the essenes bee cult was of Artemis in Ephesus, for "ArTEMIS" traces to the THEMIScrya location on the Thermodon, smack at the Azzi theater! The THERMidava location shown near the Moschius river can apply.

As the Assi surname uses the weight scale of Justine's, note the Picensii on the Margus, as well as a "Justiniana Secunda" location south of the Moschius river.

As I wondered about the Milan tree stump, I was wondering where the name derived. At the time, the green-and-white colors of the Milan Shield were realized as Miles colors, a good reason to trace Milans to Milo de Vere = Melusine, suspect from Miletus, which was not only near the essenes bee cult, but near Clarus. I didn't have the Hams in mind at all, but they are in the same colors, which only reinforces a Milan link to Hammena. I even see a Medianum location on the Margus, much like "Mediolanum," an early name of Milan.

As the Mediolanum location was founded by Insubres, it can trace the moline-using Moline's/Mullens to the Insubres. That's because Moline's were from the family of Fulbert "the tanner," the family that married Claro's. In this picture, "the tanner" traces to Miletus while the Conqueror traces to Clarus.

The naked "woman" in the Elis Crest was traced to VIMINacium, between the mouths of the Margus and the Pek. But the Elis' used Melusine, suggesting a trace of some inhabitants of Miletus to the Margus The naked woman in the Klassen Coat, called "LADY Fortune," can thus trace to LEDerata, beside Viminacium. It's suggesting Lydians of Miletus, from Keturah, and she is suspect with Medea, and therefore may trace through Medianum to Milan. The ANNUlet of Ottone's can thus go to the Anaki of Hebron, as expected, and to the Letts suspect with Lederata.

Sobek Investigation

It was obvious that the Moline moline is that also of the Chives' and Mathis', thus tracing proto-Milans to the Puke / Mathis theater, and giving us another reason to view Puke with the Pek. Scottish Milans/Millens can apply to Italian Milans because they are said to be, according to some, from BUCHanans. And Buchan is a location near Tarves, the home of the Chives'. Plus, "Tarves" traced to Esus-related Tarvos Trigaranos (see 2nd update of this month), the god depicted with the bull, symbol of Bulkellys/Bucklys. Their three bull heads are colors reversed from the three Buchan lion heads, and, besides, they are clearly a branch of Buckle's honored by the buckles of Leslie's, first found in the same place as Tarves and Buchan. The Buchanans share the black lion with Buchans, and it's identical with the Milan/Millen lion (both in Levi colors, and besides, Jewish Levi's share a black lion), but Buchanans throw in the double tressure border that was common around Roslin (see the Faucet lion too).

The Roslins (illegal colors) use buckles too, and the Claro's settled Roslin. Who else uses a bull? Oh, yes, the Claro's/Charo's. The white Buckley bull head is used by SCOLEfields, for yet another reason to trace this Milan picture to Hebron / Keturah. The "Clarior" motto term of Buchanans is obvious code, and their "hinc" motto term suggests the Hinks/Hincks using the Annandale Chief and saltire in the colors used by Ayrshire and the Annandale Bruce's. Bruce's together with Annandale trace to Brescia and Placentia, sharing northern Italy with Milan.

The "timide" motto term of Bucklys traces well to the Timachi, whose Timacum river (east of the Margus) has a source near Medianum. The Timms/Time's of Kent can apply, and if so, they will likely link to the Axton location of Actons. The blue perchevron of Timms/Time's can trace to the same in the Arms of Haifa, which is where the Ottone perchevron traces. The Timms/Time's trace to Moray, for a Moray surname uses "Deum Time" as a motto, and so to this we should add that the Milans/Millans share blue stars in Chief with the Insubres-suspect Innis' of Moray. The Milan/Millen write-up traces foggily to a tribe in Moray said to be from "the ancient Pictish tribe of Kanteai" between 100 and 150 AD, the period between Sohaemus and Julius Bassianus.

I'm not sure whether Ince's / Inch's / Innis trace to INSubres', however, for Innus' seem to be play on "Angus." However, Insubres were at the Ticino theater, where the Marsi > Marici line lived, and Angitia was a Marsi snake goddess that can apply to the namers of Angus. The green snake of Innis' can apply to the green snake of Visconti's, and therefore the Innis' can trace smack to the Insubres'. The Supers/Sopers, who may have been a take on "InSUBREs," are using an engrailed saltire in the colors of the engrailed Sinclair cross. But as these crosses are in the colors of the Chives cross, it's very likely not coincidental that Supers/Sopers were first found in the same place (Devon) as Chives'. As expected from a Caiaphas link to Laevi on the Ticino, the Chives' are now linking to Insubres'.

I've been wanting to elaborate on, and discover the roots of, the Polish Sobieski's/Sobeks for years, and here I think I have it. They were suggested as a Soper branch, but the evidence wasn't there. The fact that Sobieski's use a purple buckle now traces them to the Insubres line that included Milans/Millens / Buchanans, and the purple goes to the Skiptons that were part of this picture. The Sobieski's/Sobeks use their purple buckle on a red Shield, the color of the Polish PACK Shield (probably the Massey fleur, in Piast-eagle colors). This is a good trace because English Packs were first found in the same place as Milan-related Hams and Stumps, and so let's add that the Skiptons trace to Scupio, between Hammena and Medianum. One may be able to argue that "SCUPio" can morph to "SUPer." Could it be that "SoBEK" is for a relationship with Beks/Becks?

If that's correct, then there is reason to trace general Scipio to Insubres. Scipio did not only build Placentia, but had some of his army retreat to Cremona, between Placentia and Brescia. It can predict that the Hinks are from that stretch, and so .

Let me put it another way. English Latins share the Super/Sober saltire, while there is a Latina location shown on the same Margus tributary as Medianum (this is a good reason to trace to "Mediolanum"). Italian Latins/Latoni's (Pack colors) then use the Hink saltire while it was Buchanans that use a "hinc" motto term! Compare "Hinc" to "Ince / Inch." That works, suggesting that Hinks were likewise a branch of Insubres. Hinks were first found in the same place (Berkshire) as Packers (lozenges in Bek colors).

Zowie, I almost missed it: Packers are said to be from BUCKLEbury!

The stirrups of the Italian Latins are not likely called that in the Italian language, yet I suspect that the stirrups were planted to this Coat by English speakers as code for the Stirrup surname (Nottingham) using a "bird" that looks like a stork, symbol of the Storrs/Storys (Wheelwright-type Shield). The Stirrup bird is in Ottone / Odin colors, important because Oettingens were a stork-depicted line. The Stirrups are in the colors of the Stork surname, first found in Kent, and using the white bull head of Buckleys. I recall someone relevant to this discussion (has a husband from the Sobek bloodline) tipping me off to the Stormy/Esturmy surname (same place as Super-suspect Latins) that once showed the same lion design as the Kent surname, but I didn't have reason to believe that she knew the Stormys were related to her husband's line. The Stormy lion now showing is the Levi lion in colors reversed, a perfect picture in a Laevi merger with Insubres'. I would have to maintain that Stirrups, Storrs and Stormys are, along with Sturs, a line through the Satrae / Bessi Thracians.

As this all went through the Stura valley beside Saluzzo, it should be added that English Packs (anchors) share the Shield-and-Chief color combination of Saluzzo's. The neighboring Busca location traces to Bush's sharing a large white fleur with Polish Packs. Scottish Bosco's (Stirrup colors again) were related to Bissets who seem like Bassets who in-turn share the Stur bars in the same colors. Plus, zowie, Italian Bosco's/Busca's use the Milan tree stump design, both on counter-changed Shields! Very safe to say, one can ignore the "usurp glory" in the Sobek write-up, tracing instead to Insubres. By what coincidence do English Watsons use a "gloria" motto term? Scottish Watsons (the ones with the stump) are a branch of Vatts/Watters (Argyllshire).

The Glorys are listed with Laverys/Lowrys, and they use the grail of Laurie's that themselves share a brown tree stump with Watsons. There's the reality that the Masonic masters didn't want the readers to know. The Laurie's link well to the Lorraine's using the Piast eagle.

Bassets/Besancons even share silver billets with Supers, and billets are a symbol of Dutch Bush's. When I awoke this morning, the tree stump of Milans represented the start of my thought process (I often find this Directed for a reason to be revealed later in the morning), but it was just yesterday when writing on the Bosco tree stump, you see, and linking it to the Stump surname, something I rarely do. I would suggest that the Watson tree stump applies because I trace Watsons to the Mieszko's, and because Watsons were from Leicester, where the Bus and Rodham cinquefoils trace. Rodhams not only use the Watson tree stump, but the Stephenson bend, while Stephen liners can trace to St. Etienne, relevant because Etienne's share the white-on-blue billets of Bassets/Besancons.

Moreover, to help explain the Sobek buckle, German Brock(en)s use a tree stump while the other Brocks (another giant fleur-de-lys), with the Shield-and-Chief color combination of Saluzzo's and Packs in colors reversed, share the Stewart motto. Assume that Stewarts and Chives' (both first found in Devon) were related from the first century, and then see that both the Brocks and Tarves' (Aberdeenshire) share a red, upright lion (Stewart symbol) in their Crests. This has the potential of bring Sobek liners to the Leslie's / Buckle's of Aberdeenshire. The Tarves' use six black fitchees in the same formation as the Lacy pellets while the other Lacys share the purple Skipton lion, and moreover the fitchees are used both in black and in the same formation by Clintons upon the Shield-and-Chief combination of Saluzzo's.

The Sobek write-up traces to three branches, one belonging to BROCHwicz. I didn't know it when writing the paragraph above.

I can't think of any people group that "Stump" could trace to, but they may be a version of "Stubbs / Stubbing," whom I trace to the Paeonian city of Stobi...on the Axius river that traces to Axtons and Cravens (fitchees), very linkable to Skiptons, as expected for the Sobek line. The Crevenia location smack in the Chives / Gabuleum theater speaks a story here in explaining the Sobek trace to Tarves (home of the Chives'). The Tropoje location north of Crevenia can be of the Treebys, first found in the same place (Devon) as Chives', and using besants in the colors of the Stubbing besants; moreover Treebys share a white lion with Stubbings. We imagine here a Paeoni merger with the Chives' who developed into the Chappes' (share Moor head with Stirlings and Packers), and then the Stirlings/STURlngs (the Satrae > Stura > Stur/Stow line, right?) were first found in the same place (Stirlingshire) as Scottish Chappes'/Chaips. Not only do Stirlings use buckles, but the buckles are in the colors of the Stubbing besants, both upon black bends...the color of the Sale/Sallete and Saleman/Salian bend.

I've just realized that Moor-head-using Packers are of the Pace/Pasi/Pascel bloodline from VesPASian, for the Moor head of Titus' told me so. As Packers are said to derive from "wool packers", a trace to the Wolfley/Woolley "wool packs" looks appropriate. Kilpatricks, first found in the same place as Laurie's, use the wool packs as "cushions." Cushions trace as Cass/Cash and Kiss/Cush liners to Trabys of Vilnius, and so let's add that the Sandomiersz branch of Sobeks (the ones of Brochwicz) ought to link to the Traby/Sadowski surname, for I've see Sadowski's as "Sandowski." Packs are said to be from the Polesie area, where Traby-related Radziwills lived. The Radziwill-suspect Rats' use an engrailed black cross that can link to the black, engrailed saltire of Supers/Sopers.

Stubbings are wrongly said to be named after tree stubs, but we can take that for code as per forming the Stump surname as play on words. Stubbings (Vere Shield in colors reversed) were first found in the same place (Essex) Vere's and Quints, and then the fact that Stubbs were first found in STAFFordshire indicates that Staffs, sharing the Quint chevron, were from Stobi too. The Storr Coat (same place as stumpy Rodhams) is said to have storks in the Coat, and yet houseofnames, which has plenty of stork designs, went and put swans in the coat, in the design of the Stubbing-Crest swan. This Storr/Story link to Stubbings is an expected Satrae link to the Paeoni, the latter suspect with the Pan satyrs.

The Stura river flows into the city of Cuneo and into the Tanaro river. Didn't we see the Insubres at the ancestry of "the tanner"? The suspicion that Sinclairs had been from the Caiaphas line before they reached Normandy is herein support-able depending on whether they traced to Insubres' in times more ancient than the founding of Normandy. The Tanaro goes through Montferrat, and through Asti, this area being the home of proto-Stewarts from times before the Templars, and probably before the Alans Huns that merged with Attila. The Asti location can trace to Astibus, another Paeonian city not far from Stobi. The AstiBUS term can actually link excellently to the Bus' where they use the ermined-red cinquefoil in the Arms of Leicestershire, for Stubbings are said to be from the Toeni's who use the "sleeve" in the same Arms of Leicester.

The Leicesters use a swan head (same as the Storr / Stubbing swan head) with "drops" that could be code for Drops/Trope's, perhaps from Tropoje, on my atlas on a short tributary of the Drilon that has a mouth at/near Has. The TARVes'/Tarvers could indicate that the namers of Tropoje (near Gabuleum) were from TARPodizus, beside Suemus that in-turn traces to proto-Sohaemus elements expected out of Gabuleum. These could be the namers of Somerset, for it's beside Devon, where the Cavii = Chives (and Treebys) were first found i.e. that lived at Tarves. It can be gleaned that the Azzi of Trabzon named Has, and so let's add that the HAStings use the Toeni sleeve! Hastings were first found in the same place (Sussex) as Stumps.

As Tonys/Toeni's smack of "Tanaro," HASTing may prove to be a Has line to Asti. A trace of Has to Este is doable where Bars of Este were from Bar, to the near-west of Has. In fact, upon reading that the Toeni's in Staff ancestry were of the abbey of Conches, I got to Wikipedia's article on Conches-en-Ouche (Eure), to find in the Arms white scallops on a blue bend, the Bernard symbol. As the scallops are in the colors of the Este eagle, this has the potential to trace to St. Bernard Pass in AOSTA, and besides, Bernards (motto term in honor of Florence?) are likely a branch of Bruno's (Florence), who are said to have had a Bruno location at Asti. I don't know what the ancient name of Has was, but it's starting to look like proto-Este. As I traced Este to Merovingians, let's repeat that the Bassianus location (traced to the wife of the first Merovingian), beside Lissus (origin of the fleur used by the first Merovingians), is to the west of Has and south of Bar.

The abbey of Conches is in Seine-et-Maritime, on the north side of Eure.

Scallops in Bernard-scallop colors are used by Irish Pattersons (Saluzzo Shield?), and so their blood drops can now trace to Tropoje. How about that. It's not small thing to discover where heraldic drops trace. Scottish Pattersons were first found in the same place as Bissets (Este / Bernard colors again), while the same-colored Bassets/BESANcons can trace to Bassania. The Sodhans said to be at the root of Pattersons trace well to Sodans (Patterson scallops in colors reversed), first found in the same place as Chives'.

Like the Drop/Trope Shield, the Patterson Shield is filled with drops. The camel in the Patterson Crest can now go to the Gobel camel in anticipation of Gobels tracing to "Gabuleum." It appears that Pattersons trace to the Drilon river on multiple counts. Let's add that while Pattersons are traced to Patricks, both Patricks and Kilpatricks use the same saltire as Supers/Sopers, indicating that Patmos elements may be tracing to the Insubres for some key revelation not yet understood. The Roman Patricians should trace to Patmos, and while I've been confident that Pattersons and Patricks trace to Patricians, here is a trace of Pattersons I've not known before, to general Scipio.

There is a slight chance that "Insubres" is to be understood, originally, as an Innis-Bres(cia) combo, but if that's incorrect, then perhaps an In-Scup(io)-Bres(cia) combo, where the "In" can link to the "In"-using variations of Annandale's. After all, Ananes and Scipio both were at Placentia, and the Insubres may have been a part-Scipio line to/from Brescia. For this idea, see the ancient Breuci (suspect with the Bruce's sharing the blue-on-white lion of Brescia) to the near-west of an INCErum location at the top-left of this map:

The scallops under discussion, shared by Bernards, are in the colors of the Bres/Brix lozenges. For me, the Bres' and Brescia are from the Eburovices known to have founded Evreux, wherefore the Conches scallops should be linkable to the Bres'/Brix's. Helpfully, German Bres'/Bresers/Bresens share pellets with Lacys of Yorkshire, where the blue-lion Bruces lived. Irish Lacys are the ones using the purple Skipton lion (see Spanish Luz's/Lucio's for two purple lions).

The Sobek buckle can trace with Leslie's to Lesbos. The Bernard Crest shares a green snake with the Innis Crest and can thereby trace Bernards to Insubres'. Should we be looking for Insubres ancestry around Bar? Did the Insubres follow the stump-using Milans from Stobi? The Mytilene location on Lesbos was traced to Middle's/Mittels sharing an upright black lion with Milans/Millens.

To help trace Bernards to Insubres, they share a gold lion in Crest with Ince-suspect Hinks. As Hinks were first found in BERKshire, it's notable that Hinks use their saltire in the colors of the Burgh/BERK cross. The Milan/Millen lion could be in the corner of the Burgh/Berk Coat. Moreover, as German Bres' were first found in the same place (Silesia) as Sitlers, it should be added that the Milan/Millen lion is also the Sitler lion. The SCHITner variation of Sitlers suggests lake Scodra. It's hard to say whether Brocks are Berk liners, but, in any case, let's add that the Brock motto term, "VireSCIT," can be a double code, one for the Sitler line, and one for the Vire river of Manche. The Fire's are the ones I've traced to the Stura valley along with Were's, and if I'm not mistaken, the Vire river belonged to Vere's.

As Tarves' share the six Clinton fitchees, while Cravens use fitchees whom likely trace to Crevenia (south of Has and west of Gabuleum), I'm going to suggest that Pattersons are closely using the Clinton / Pack Shield. The mullets in the Clinton Chief bring us back to the Payen/Paion mullets i.e. a Paeoni line. French Beaumonts, Leicester rulers along with Simon of Montfort that trace to Monforte, beside Asti, and first found in the same place (Dauphine) as Payens, use the same fesse as Cravens. English Beaumonts are using the Monforte lion, though they also use a bull half in white. As the Simon of Montfort is in the Hastings write-up, it gives some support to a Toeni trace to "Tanaro."

The scallop in the Arms of Conches-en-Ouche is in the Spanish Conches Coat. The oak in that Coat may suggest that oaks are code for the line that named Ouche. The Conches write-up seems to be code where it defines the surname as "valley between the mountains," for one Mountain Coat uses bulls in the colors of the Conches scallop, while the other Mountain Coat has a bend in colors reversed to the bend in the Arms of Conches-en-Ouche. A red bull in front of an oak tree (reflective of the Conches Coat) is used by French Packs, first found in the same place (Languedoc) as Conche-suspect Conte's, bull-using Mountains, and Borgia's/Burge's (likely the Burgo ancestry of Conteville's). Spanish Borgia's use yet another red bull, and the French branch use a moline cross in the colors of the cross of Berks sharing a cat-a-MOUNTAIN with Chives'.

The Conches scallop is white, like the Meschin scallop, and in both colors of the Goz stars, relevant because Richard Goz married Emma de Conteville de Burgo, grandparents of Le Meschin. But as their son (Hugh Lupus) used a wolf head in these white-on-blue colors, note the white-on-red wolf heads in the CONKlin Coat, and yet another "gloria" motto term in the Conklin motto. As Sobeks are suspect with a "glory" code for Glory liners, it's notable that the Conklin wolves are on the same-colors Shield as the Sobek buckle.

The rat trap just snapped, and the squirrel got away.

The Conklins look linkable to Fiddle's. The Conklin wolves are in the colors of the wolf head shown for Richard D'Avrances (son of Hugh Lupus) at his Wikipedia article. The crosslets in the Arms of Richard are in the colors of the same of Gore's/Core's and Windsors, and while Gore's/Core's (Chora on Patmos) and Gowers/Gore's use the white wolf too, Windsor castle is in BERKshire. The Tutbury Castle that the Conqueror gave Hugh Lupus should link to Tuttons/Duttons (frets) and Tattons, both in Conklin colors, for Tuttons/Duttons are traced in their write-up to Odard Dutton, Hugh's nephew. Duttons lived on the Ribble river.

The Bernards appear to be a branch of Bernays according to this: "The Pays d'Ouche is an historical and geographical region in Normandy. It extends from the southwest of Evreux up to Bernay and BEAUMONT-le-Roger as a northern limit, and down to L'Aigle and to Gace in the south." "L'aigle" can trace to L' of Abruzzo, where the namers of Evreux trace. Bernays happen to use the motto of Buckleys, having the effect of linking Sobeks to Berne. That's because German Hagels use the gold lion and gold bends in the Arms of Kyburg (Switzerland,), wherefore Bernays likely trace to Berne of Switzerland. German Bernays are even in the colors of English Hagle's (both use ermined white), and share a gold lion in Crest with Hinks. German Bernays are even in Zarr/Zehrer colors while Berne, it is known, was founded by Zahringers of Baden-Wurttemberg, where Hagels were first found! This is a new trace for me.

It just so happens that while Sobeks were linking well to Milans, the Hagel lion is colors reversed from the Milan/Millen lion. It can be added that Hagels traced to the Akheloos rover of Aetolia, home of the Sirons, and so due to the Zarrs/Zehrers being in the colors of Seers/Sears and Sere's/SERTs, while Vilnius-related Sire's/SIRETs are also "Siron, it speaks for itself. As the Astakos location off the Akheloos can go to Trabys in Vilnius, it's notable that the colors in this paragraph are those of Trabys/Sadowski's, all sharing a red Shield with Sobeks.

The Conches scallop is used by Spanish Lamo's, but whereas the Conches' use a boar in front of an oak, the Lamo's use a wolf in front of an oak. Let's repeat from the last update to see how this picture traces to Langhe, beside Asti once again:

Apparently, the Florence-Brown entity got to Asturias in Spain, where the Spanish Flora/Florez surname (fleur in Brown-fleur colors) was first found. Asturias, the Arms of which use a flory cross, is where the Lamo/Lamas surname (Lano's?) was first found that must be using the Italian-Bernard oak, for the Lamo's/Lamas' share scallops in the colors of the same of Scottish and English Bernards. Italian Bernards were first found in Bologna, and therefore link well to Panico's. Italian Lama's (looks very Mieske-ish, links well to Mieszko Lambert) are also "Lana/Lanna/Lanino," tending to verify that this was a Lano/Lancca line. The Lama/Lana surname is traced in its write-up to a bishop Lana of Budua, a place like "Budva" near Bar.

The Lano's/Lancca's are suspect with Langhe, in other words, and Langhe was named after the Alans who'd eventually settle Dol. The Alans of ancient Forum Allieni (proto-Ferrara) are suspect with the Charo/Claro surname, first found in Ferrara, and that place traces to the namers of MontFerrat. It just so happens that the Charo/Claro bull is in the design of the Boso/Bosin bull that's itself quartered in white and blue, reflective of the quartered Beaumont bull in white and red, the red being the color of the Charo/Claro bull. Therefore, the blue-on-gold bend of Charo's/Claro's should link to the same in the Arms of Conches-en-Ouche, and of the Bernards.

The Staff swan is not necessarily shown with its own wings: "A swan's head emerging from a red ducal coronet between two silver wings." Whose wings are they? There's plenty of white wings in Crests, but in this case, those of the Hinks can apply, for the Hinks are in Staff / Quint colors while using the Chief-and-saltire of Annas-suspect Annandale. The Hinks Chief uses white lions, the colors of the Stubbing and Treeby lion, relevant because the Hasting-related Toeni's are in Staff ancestry.

The Milan/Millen stars are in the colors of the Schuh/Schewe/Schumacher star. The Schewe's were themselves suspect with a line from Scipio. The Skeoch variation of Skits, as well as Schumers and Schumachers (said to be from "schuoch"), can thus trace to Scipio liners while Skits do not except my merger. A merger of the two could go as far back as Scupio liners in the lake-Scodra area. The Milans were suspect with the green-and-white Miles', but the other Miles' (Bernay sword?) use a motto, "Sola virtus invictus," indicating El-Gabal, and thus traceable to the Gabulem theater. "Schumer" was suspect with "Sumer," and Sumers are, as with Milans and Miles', in green and white. I would suggest that we ignore the "schuach = shoe" derivation. I see "Schumer" tracing to "Sohaemus."

This ends this week's update. There will be an update on Iraqi events in the next update. The 11th squirrel was not heard from again all morning after it snapped the trap. It's likely back out of the building on this warm day.


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