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October 29 - November 4, 2013

His Glove was Pasted into the Best-Possible Image
The TroubleMedic Image
The Broken-Window Command Center
All Converging onto the Jeff-Spot

The day before this update was due for publishing, when I went to town, I found some new images, one of which is this other picture of checkered-shirt Bauman on his wheelchair:

There are a few things to note. One, the woman in orange and yellow -- who escorted a chair past the Escalade shortly after the six-minute image, then stopped with the chair under the press box just as the grey-sleeved Bauman was supposedly wheeled away past her -- is amply visible in this image. She is in the background of one iconic image of grey-sleeved Bauman. What could it mean that she appears here with checkered-Shirt Bauman just as he's about to go under the press box? It was just in the last update where I showed that checkered-shirt Bauman was "behind" grey-shirt Bauman in the other iconic image. He wasn't really behind him because grey-sleeved Bauman was pasted into the image where checkered-sleeve Bauman was being wheeled away from the street curb.

It was suggested in the last update that checkered-shirt Bauman was pasted in front of the open, rear door of an ambulance in front of the injury zone, which tends to imply that he was not taken away by the ambulance. Here we see that, indeed, he wasn't taken away by that ambulance. If this new image can be timed before 13 minutes after the explosion, it will have paid off to prove (in a recent update) that the ambulance image was at least 13 minutes into the blast.

I do not recognize the injury victim beside the woman in yellow and orange. She was under the press box with an injury victim wearing a grey cap and black coat, at a time that I say was after seven minutes after the blast. She apparently came back to get this second chair.

In this image, checkered-shirt Bauman is given a left foot, but in the pulse images, his entire left leg (between the two yellow jackets) below the central part of the shin is gone. That makes sense because if he was plan-A Jeff Bauman. Plus, as you can see, his right leg has dark pants down to below the knee, but in both images where he's in a chair, he has shorts on. Plus, he doesn't wear his t-shirt in the injury zone. It's as though the insiders tried to disguise this man in the chair so that we wouldn't know he was the legless man of the pulse image. As you can see, his left leg is hidden from our view in both chair images. The only time he appears (that I know of) with the white t-shirt is where he appears to be in the spot of grey-sleeved Bauman.

In my opinion, it would have been better for the insiders not to have released either image of this checkered-shirt man in his chair, but I suspect a motive, to "prove" that he wasn't the man behind the medic in one of Jeff's iconic images. In that image, an arm can be seen wearing a checkered shirt with the sleeve rolled up, but in both chair images, his sleeves are not rolled up. In my opinion, therefore, both chair images are paste jobs, or at least involve paste jobs as per his sleeves.


What a lucky strike. The last update was the first time that a problematic image was discussed of the orange bag passed from one medic to another, and it was also the first update where the latex gloves were under investigation. The image was problematic for my orange-bag theory, but now the image has been found to be a sorry exposure of the photo monkeys. Here is what was said in the last update that has since been deleted in return for this discussion here:

The short-sleeved medic inside the injury zone has no blue glove on his right hand at 1:12, and no glove on his other hand at 1:18. He has no gloves at 1:32....

It appears that he slipped on at least one glove between 1:32 and 1:57...

There is yet another example of my speaking from less than a thorough investigation. You should always double-check my claims; I am disappointed at how often I have been wrong lately. I missed a blue glove when looking at this in the last update because I was sure he didn't have his gloves yet, so I didn't bother to look more carefully. I figured the photo monkeys would have been far smarter to have them originate inside the orange bag. A closer look at the video shows a blue color at his right hand at 1:22 (of the Silva video). However, it is correct that no blue is visible at that hand at 1:12 (in my version, anyway).

A closer look at this issue now reveals that this medic had, supposedly, gloves in his pocket, and that he started to put one on immediately after jumping into the injury zone. It is debatable as to whether he would have carried surgical gloves in a pocket merely for a marathon, but we have no choice but to believe it at this point. As he jumped over the scaffolding at 1:02 (with no gloves on), I don't have too much trouble believing that a person can slip on a glove between that time and 1:22.

Is there any other explanation for his having blue at the right hand at 1:22, where he didn't seem to be wearing it 10 seconds earlier? Was a photo monkey forced to paste blue on his hand at that time due to another photo monkey committing a blue glove to him in another image?

Here is something else I missed in the last update: this medic has a blue glove on the left hand in the image where the orange bag is being passed to him by the Negro medic, but does not have a blue glove on the left hand one second earlier where he is pointing with his left hand (the Silva video shows this pointing). I regret not checking his hands in these two images in the last update.

This is a major problem for the insiders; it has nothing to do with any poor resolution that my video version may have; it has nothing to do with any poor eyesight or negligence on my part: there is no blue glove on his left hand in the latter image, it is sheer flesh that we are looking at. This problem alone reveals that the marathon bombing was a hoax that the photo people took central part in.

I'm surprised to find that one of these images has not been dropped from the Tang set. The insiders have only one choice: to drop the image showing the transfer of the bag, for the Silva video shows no glove on that pointing hand. As far as I'm concerned, it's an EXCELLENT image for the insiders to have goofed with. If the bag-transfer image disappears, it's evidence that they are trying to hide this blunder. If it re-appears without the blue at the left hand, it's even better evidence. It's not a wonder that the Tang images are no longer download-able, as the paste jobs multiple to nail-biting levels. This is not a game, photo monkeys, there will be a price to pay.

Someone desperate not to get caught may say that the SS medic is not wearing the glove on his left hand. It might be argued that this is some other blue thing that encroaches upon the medic's hand. But the blue thing is not only the right shade of blue to be a glove, but it's between the black strap of the bag and camera. It cannot therefore be some blue object further away from the camera than his hand (his hand holds the strap). And if it's between the strap and the camera, it can be nothing else but his fingers curled around the strap, which is exactly what the blue looks like. If it looks like a paste job, it's because it is (expect the bag and the Negro to be pasted too). It means that the bombing at the marathon was a government-sponsored hoax. Any proof of any paste job serves that conclusion.

Just to let you know, my Livid version of the Silva video may have some of the bottom of the picture cut out. I may not have access to some key clues, therefore. The resolution on my version is not sufficient to show blue at times; there is a question at 1:17-18 on whether he has a glove on the right hand that doesn't show blue.

The Silva cameraman seems to know that something was planned for the orange bag, for he starts to walk down the street, pointing the camera away from the orange bag, just as the medic drops it and is expected to open it up. My bet is that the medic took out fake-blood capsules / containers. That was the plan, wasn't it, for that orange bag? Where it was deemed that the actors failed to put enough blood down during the smoky stage, the bag was to serve the purpose of getting more red into the scene.

While you are at the finger-pointing image, ask why there is a blue glove fully on the hand of one fireman (red and orange vest) at the corner of the patio railing. Do firemen carry medical gloves in their pockets?

Why is neither fireman interested in putting out whatever is smouldering? The insiders needed the smoke, didn't they, not just for effect, but to hide things when needed. Some images are very clear of smoke, but others (of the same period or even later) are thick in smoke. I imagine that every photo-doctoring software package comes with a button for instantly creating a smoky effect throughout any image, which can be used to hide things. In the finger-pointing image, the smoke hides the jacket that the man in cream shirt is in the process of removing. I wonder what he had in the pockets of that jacket that he could have removed while it was on the ground. As he's removing the jacket, he's where the orange bag was dropped by the SS medic, and then, at about 2:08, some 35 seconds later, the two are both seen beside the bag, still doing their thing.

The last update shows a stretcher (and bag upon it) pasted into the scene at this image (shows timeclock) for the purpose, quite apparently, of explaining a false way to get the orange bag to the SS medic. The timeclock shows at 43 seconds after the explosion, and the stretcher is just about upon the finish line. I neglected to add that the blonde and Negro medics, who are pushing the stretcher in the image above, can be seen briefly at the :42 point of the Silva video. They are located at the spot when the stretcher was positioned as per the image below (shows timeclock) 12 seconds after the explosion.

The :42 point is 36 seconds after the explosion, meaning that, if there is nothing amiss / doctored with the images, they will be fulfilling the 43-second image seven seconds later. You may agree with me that there should be more than seven seconds between these two images, but there is a better way to show that something is amiss. The SS medic is already past the finish line when we see the two at the 36-second point. Therefore, the SS medic must be more than seven seconds past the finish line when we see the stretcher in the 43-second point. But, as was pointed out in previous updates, and as I'd like to point out in a hundred updates so that word gets around, the SS medic is not seven seconds past the finish line in the 43-second image, but only about half that amount.

It's a very big deal because it reveals a monkey-motive for pasting the stretcher into this scene. The conclusion is that the stretcher was not really going toward, and past, the finish line, anywhere near the 43-second point. The insiders didn't use a paste job to speed the arrival of the orange bag by merely three or four seconds, as that had no bearing on the origin of the orange bag inside the injury zone. The insiders used a paste job to fabricate the entire idea that the stretcher arrived to the scaffolding in time for the SS medic to receive the bag upon the stretcher. Then, to boot, the monkeys fabricated the hand-transfer of that bag from the Negro medic.

To put it another way, we can know that the 43-second image is a phony by simply finding the SS medic seven seconds after the :42 point of the Silva video. He's at the scaffolding. Therefore, if it doesn't seem to you that he's at the scaffolding in the 43-second image, then you have the right to know and understand the motive for this piece of doctoring.

The Troublematic Image

Look at how clear of smoke this troublematic image is, supposedly taken before the SS medic jumped the scaffolding. There is another image below, timed about 1:03, just a second after the SS medic had jumped the scaffolding, where it appears the smoke button was hit repeatedly to get some serious smoke throughout the image, hiding whether the Negro medic has his gloves on as yet. He's in the middle of the street with the stretcher, and the SS medic is in the injury zone with his left hand visible...well, actually, not visible thanks to the "smoke."

In the troublematic image, the SS medic can be seen on the street, at the top center. It means that some insider wanted for us to believe that this image took place before 1:02 Silva-video time. It is the same scene (perhaps a second apart), but from a camera in the opposite direction, as this Jeff-invisible image, where the man in yellow under the scaffolding appears to be the man who appears there at 1:16 of the Silva video. However, the SS medic is inside the injury zone at 1:16, and so some insiders (there could have been several photo-monkey teams all screwing one another up) must have been wanting us to think that the man in yellow is the one appearing at the :53 point of the Silva video, the one who jumps the fence. But this only adds to the troublematic nature of this image.

Which of the two men in yellow jackets do you think the one is who appears in the troublematic image? If you try to match the one in the troublesome image with a point in the Silva video around :50, you can't because a man in white jacket (not the man in t-shirt) is not in the image, though he's in the video. But that's only one reason. But if you can't match him with the one at the :50 point, then you have no choice but to match him with the one at the 1:16 point, in which case the SS medic should not be on the street-side of the scaffolding, and yet we see him with our own eyes out on the street. The monkeys didn't use the smoke button in this case because they wanted us to see the SS medic on the street. He was pasted in to make us think that this image was timed before it really was. But why?

Let's take a look at the man in white jacket in the image below, which I'll call the fence-hopping image because the man in yellow is clearly in the process of hopping the fence. He is further from the camera than the man in white jacket. This man in white, while walking away from the camera, is still a considerable number of feet from reaching the two firemen, and has not yet passed the spot of the man in red t-shirt. He has passed the man in white-t-shirt. All you need to do now, as per the Silva video, is find the man in white in the position that satisfies these requirements, which is about the :48 point, before the man in yellow has even begun to climb the scaffolding. It therefore doesn't work on that basis alone; the monkeys left more sloppy signs of their tampering.

To put it another way, the man in yellow starts to climb the scaffolding about :51, but cannot fulfill the fence-hopping image until :54/55, at which time the man in white jacket has reached the firemen. This is clearly a timing problem in a paste job. Some monkeys didn't think that anyone, or hoped that no one, would take the time to check the timing of their paste jobs. It suggests that the man in yellow jacket is the one who was pasted in. But there's more wrong with the troublematic image.

It's a little interesting, for the moment, that this man in white jacket has a gray cap, and could therefore be the Obama-suspect. He looks at the NEGRO fireman as he passes him, appearing to speak something to him, and then turns around and faces the injury zone immediately after passing the fireman. If I'm not mistaken, the man in white jacket is himself a Negro! I didn't realize this paragraph when starting to point out the inconsistencies in the troublematic image. [I investigate this man in white coat at length later in this update, who turns out quite a surprise.]

Let's assume (for arguments sake) that the man in yellow is not yet in the process of hopping over the fence in the fence-hopping image. Let's assume that we're seeing it wrong, and that he's still in the process of climbing the scaffolding. Even so, his head needs to be up high, in the video, to fulfill the fence-hopping image, though, by the time his head is high in the video, the Obama-suspect has already reached the firemen. It just can't work. But there is yet more wrong with this image.

The cowboy is supposedly hopping the fence himself in the fence-hopping image. To the cowboy's right is a second man in yellow (same outfit, same hat), standing on the street side of the scaffolding. He can be seen there at the 1:08-11 point of the Silva video. At 1:16, he's on the other side of the scaffolding (and still underneath it), but he never jumps over it. Which of the two men in yellow is the one we see at the injury-side of the scaffolding in the Jeff-invisible image? There you see the cowboy in that image too, and he's standing where we expect him just after he's jumped the fence. Therefore, the man in yellow beside him is NOT the one who hopped the fence earlier. Indeed, the one who hops the fence has dark pants, perhaps jeans, but the one beside the cowboy has near-white pants.

It means that, judging by this one with light pants, the Jeff-invisible image could not take place until about 1:16 Silva-video time, AFTER the SS medic jumped the fence himself at 1:02 Silva-video time. As you can see with your own eyes, all the people and their positions in the Jeff-invisible image match all the people and their positions (to within a second or two) in the troublematic image, and yet the SS medic is on the street in the troublematic image (below). Therefore, the investigator is to believe, on the one hand, that the Jeff-invisible image is at about 1:16, and on the other hand before 1:02. But neither option turns out to be the truth.

Well let's take a further look to see how long before 1:02 the troublematic image must be timed when we judge by the relative position of the SS medic to the man in white jacket beside him on the street. The Silva video informs us that the position of both men does not match their positions in the troublematic image until after :56. At :56, the two men can be seen entering the scaffolding (smack at the orange bag on the ground) just before the Silva camera turns away. In the troubelmatic image, the one in white jacket is fully inside the scaffolding, wherefore we have a very problematic troublematic image, one thing forcing us to time it about :57, and another thing forcing us to time it at about 1:16.

But lets dig further to pin-point the troublematic image according to the man in yellow hopping the fence. He's doing so at :55, and he's right in front of the SS medic when doing so, and yet the fence hopper is not in the troublematic image. That's right, and the yellow-jacket fence hopper is not visible even within the injury zone. It means, apparently, that the poor monkey who pasted the SS medic on the street either wrongly believed himself, or wanted the viewer to believe, that the yellow-jacket man beside the cowboy was the fence hopper. The Silva video shows the fence hopper until :57, walking toward the patio railing after he's jumped over.

To prove further that the yellow-jacket man in the troublematic image is not the fence hopper, look at how far down the street curb he is from the SS medic. On the other hand, the yellow-jacket fence hopper is directly in front of the SS medic (according to the Silva video) when the latter is himself still on the street.

Expanding the troublemedic image, we see two men in front of the SS medic aside from the man in white coat. One of the two is a man in dark clothes / cap with a bare right hand on the wood fence; the other has a bare right hand on a scaffold. I do not think the latter is the yellow-jacket fence hopper because I can see his arm sleeve, dark with light stripes; he's the man in blue coat in the Silva video. However, the other man (dark clothes / cap) does not even appear in the Silva video. It's like the insiders weren't paying the photo monkeys enough to get this all straight. The God-playing insiders are as legally vulnerable as the unreliability / humanity of their photo-doctoring teams.

We have no choice now but to assume that the yellow-jacket fence hopper had momentarily walked beyond the wood patio post, out of camera view, in the troublesome image. The Silva video never shows him doing so, however, so far as we can make out. We can see him reaching the post at the 6:06 point of the video below. This was the video introduced in the last update with the woman in lime stripe squirting fake blood to the sidewalk from her purse (or bladder in the purse). Look at the woman with dark hair near that patio post in the troublematic image, for she appears to be squeezing something with one hand and spraying while holding a tube with the other.

If you back the video up to 5:54, you can see the woman in lime stripe lying on the sidewalk, though she will get up and re-position herself momentarily. The man in white jacket discussed above (no stripes on his sleeves, same as the Obama-suspect of the wheel-away image) and gray cap are now visible to the point of showing that he's not a Negro, but in the world of monkeys, a Negro can change into a white man if necessary to hide his identity.

Now we know a little of where the man in white jacket went after he turned around when passing the Negro fireman. But assuming that this is the Obama-suspect as per the wheel-away image, who I suspect came out of the forbidden door, it is now notable that the yellow-jacket hopper, because he is not visible in the injury scene (in the Silva video) between :57 and 1:02, may be going to, or is already inside, the forbidden door. That's where the woman in lime will re-position herself -- just outside that door -- as you can see in this image...where her fake-blood squirt-job is amply visible. The blood stain she's lying on looks to be in the process of being made at the 6:00 point of the video above.

At 6:06, one of the two fireman (not the Negro) is visible in the background as the yellow-jacket fence hopper moves toward the forbidden door. If you haven't seen why I call it the forbidden door, see the video below, and note the Negro fireman standing outside that door.

At the 1:01 point of the Silva video, a Negro fireman and the Obama-suspect suspect are seen standing beside one another. [After this, the man in white goes for the forbidden door, but I did not know this while writing here]. If we're expecting the yellow-jacket fence hopper to be at the forbidden door when he's not seen in the troublematic image, we need to realize that this image wasn't truly timed between :57 and 1:02. That's a false conclusion based on the appearance of SS medic on the street within that image. I timed the troublematic image (months ago, not now for any motive needed at hand) at 1:07-08 Silva-video time. However, the Silva video shows the fence hopper, not at the door, but several feet away from it, stooping over the shredded-pants man, between 1:07 and 1:20. The question for solving is: did they erase him from the troublematic image (a Tang image), or did they paste him into parts of the Silva video? In my mind, his absence in the troublematic image defies an explanation at this time.

[Insert -- After writing here, I spent the rest of the day investigating the man in white coat who himself appears at the forbidden door without doubt. But of note here are two images a short-few seconds apart. The earlier one shows the man in white jacket approached to the spot of the shredded-pants man while the fence hopper is yet climbing the fence. The second one is the fence-hopping image with the man in white jacket turned around (walking away from the shredded-pants man) as though his only purpose had been to say a few words to the shredded-pants man. Seconds later, the fence hopper would come to this shredded-pants man, and remain there for a while, according to the Silva video, yet there is indication that he went to the forbidden door at some point, where the man in white coat shows at the 1:15-20 point of the Silva video. This tends to show a relationship between the Obama-suspect and the fence hopper. End insert.]

If ever I timed the Tang image below (another heavy-smoke-button image) immediately after the SS medic jumped the fence, then apologies are needed, for it can be timed, judging from the people at the finish line, as well as the two police officers in front of the camera view, about 1:05, three seconds after he jumped in, and two seconds after his position in this image. However, the Silva video suggests one second later, for the Tang image shows the cameraman (two shoulders visible behind a police hat) and the two officers in a virtual straight line.

Is the SS medic putting on his latex gloves in these images? Only a remove-smoke button knows for sure. In them, the woman with flowery top has just about reached the injury zone. She can be seen at the injury zone in the troublematic image, which means that the latter image must be AFTER 1:04 Silva-video time. Again, in the past, I timed the troublematic image at about 1:07 Silva-video time (because it's just about smack-on the Jeff-invisible image which I timed at 1:07), but it could be 1:08 because it's a little after the Jeff-invisible image.

In the second smoky-Tang image, the Obama-suspect suspect can be made out way at the back (he's there in the Silva video), and yet, a few seconds later, he's not in the troublematic image. Where did he go? The Silva video doesn't show him leaving his spot near the Negro fireman.

There is what looks like a white jacket seen either at, or inside, the forbidden door between 1:09 and 1:12. Understand that it was not my intension to write on this Obama-suspect suspect here in this section, and that, even after writing the first sentence of this paragraph, I still had not seen him going into the forbidden door. Immediately after writing the sentence, I paused and re-paused the Silva video to find that the person in whitish jacket at the forbidden door was not him, for his gray cap can be spotted at the top-right corner at 1:12-13. He re-appears under the red-and-gold flag at 1:15. In the meantime, there is a person in the doorway. I double-clicked the pause button in anticipation of where the Obama-suspect suspect would go, not wanting to lose sight of him, and as he started to near the door, my heart started to race...until, to my great amazement, he walked right to the door as though about to enter at 1:20!!! Astounding.

At 1:11, when re-viewing all this, I was able to stop it at a frame where a stripe is visible at the belly area of the person at the door, suggesting that the lime-stripe woman (fake injury victim) had gotten up. However, this stripe must be a photo trick because I can see this person's front (dark hair, apparently) very well at 1:16, and there is no black on the chest/belly as Ms lime stripe has.

We never get to see whether the Obama-suspect suspect went in the door. But he walked to the door very deliberately while the person at the door can be seen with a hand on the door knob, perhaps indicating that he/she was preparing to close the door behind them both. The door can be seen partially closed at 1:13, then opening up again. Over the shoulder of the SS medic at 1:27-29, and especially at 1:30, the door appears closed. At 1:23, as the man in red moves out of the way, I think I see the Obama-suspect suspect with the door all around his body, and when the camera returns at 1:24, he's no longer visible!!! Shocker. He must have walked in.

For a few updates before this one, and before seeing this in the Silva video, I was claiming that the Obama-suspect was inside that door. Is it just a lucky strike that I would fall upon this part of the Silva video at this time? How do I even find myself here? It's all thanks to the troublematic image. The bad job of the monkeys led me to it.

The image below is about 1:34 Silva-video time, and while it shows more to the left than the troublematic image, and therefore almost up to the forbidden door, there is no sign of the Obama-suspect suspect. If it's not in itself proof he went into the door at 1:25, the closed door in the video is.

In the video, at 1:43, a man in yellow-and-black cap (and white sleeves) can be seen walking to the forbidden door. At 1:45, his hand is stretched out to the door knob, but as he is then seen facing the street a second later, it appears the door was locked. At 1:49, he's still near the door, only now we can see that he wears a black "BAA Physician" vest. He's one of the earliest such people there.

Perhaps he knocked, for, 14 seconds later (2:03 Silva-video time), as per the 411-timeclock image, the woman in Taupe can be seen outside the door, but no man in yellow-and-black cap can be seen...which implies he went in the door. There is only one person with a BAA Physician vest in the 411-timeclock image, but it's not the one at the door. We lose sight of him (the one at the door) at 1:49, but he appears after 1:55, and his vest is very clear at 1:58, though his yellow cap is not visible because it's black on the back, and his back is to the camera, meaning his face is to the door. He continues to stand at the door until 2:04, afterwhich I can no longer make him out. I don't see him anywhere in the two-minute-exactly image, at 2:06 Silva-video time.

I can't find another instance of that BAA-Physician man (or possibly a woman) in the Silva video. I'm wondering who he was, and why he went knocking. I've looked for him in several images without luck. The left-side and top-right-side images at the page below are at 1:44 and about 1:50 Silva-video time, but I don't see him in either image, suggesting that he came to the door from the sidewalk to the right of the door.

Aha! The action-scene video, where I coined "forbidden door," has the Obama-suspect suspect standing at the door, looking in! At :11, the heavy-set woman looks like she's smiling large toward that door. At :14, the kneeling man looks like he's waving his hand toward her, telling her to get away, implying that she said something verbally to indicate that she's coming for the door. The man with few clothes on shows a reaction, jerking his head back toward this the kneeling man's "get away." At :19, she's arriving to the door anyway, and she sees her opportunity; at :23 she's about reached the Obama-suspect suspect, though we can't see it. The woman in taupe runs after her, and at :29, we see her pushing the heavy-set woman from the door directly in front of the Obama-suspect suspect.

I apologize for calling her the "heavy-set woman" to the point of painful for heavy-set people, but it's a good phrase to use so that readers don't mistaken her for someone else. Please tolerate.

If the heavy-set woman had actually entered through the door past the Obama-suspect suspect, I would put to rest my theory (of past weeks) that she came to the door in the first place to see Obama. But, at :29, when the Obama-suspect suspect in looking slightly into the door, he's not looking at her inside the door, but at the woman in taupe. For the heavy-set woman appears not-yet in the door at :29. She may have stopped directly in front of the O-suspect, to shake his hand or say a few words, and from that point, the cat was out of the bag unless the insiders covered this up. This is the reason that I do not think the action-scene video was an insider production.

I'm calling him the "Obama-suspect suspect" because, until now, he's only suspect of being the man in the wheel-away image, who is himself the Obama-suspect. I have a long way to go before proving he's Obama, and, likely, short of an act of God, I never will to my satisfaction. I have yet to compare the clothes and body shapes of the two. First, we can't see the pants or shoes of the Obama-suspect in the wheel-away image, aside from a dark sliver, perhaps, under the chin of the policeman. His white jacket has no stripes on the sleeves, nor decoration at all to be seen. His collar is up, as is the collar of the Obama-suspect suspect, who likewise shows no decoration on his jacket. The latter has dark pants. The gray cap of the Obama-suspect is of the same shade as the one on the Obama-suspect suspect at the :04 point of the action-scene video. I think I can see black hair under the rear rim of that cap, especially at :29. So far, there is nothing to indicate that the two are not the same man, aside from the shoes of the Obama-suspect, if indeed we can see his shoes.

I wasn't very serious at first that this would turn out to be Obama, but now, I just don't know. It could be a little like Moses holding his hands up so that Israel would have the morale to continue fighting its enemies. Obama may have shown up to give the actors the morale to finish this hoax. Obama might even be the chief baboon in charge of all photo-doctoring. I've had the sense that he's been in the global, fake-event business of the CIA since the fake Osama bin-laden was foisted upon the world. Such a CIA operation would have hundreds of actors and directors, especially photo monkeys galore for media purposes.

Wouldn't Obama at the marathon have caused a major distraction for the actors? Yes, but the actors would have been warned ahead of time not to make a fuss over his the heavy-set woman did. Perhaps she couldn't resist speaking to the Lord of the Fake Cards, face to face. Perhaps she was one of the actors not notified of his presence there.

If you were a chief insider, for example, Obama himself, and if there was a potential leak that Obama was the man in gray cap under discussion, what would you direct your photo monkeys to do? Plainly, for legal purposes, just provide a man in plain view in at least one image, wearing all the right clothes, but make him look anything but like Obama. And that's what we get in the image below. He looks too pudgy for Obama, and he looks White, anyway. Case closed: this was not Obama.

No, wait. In the wheel-away image, he doesn't look pudgy, and he does look Black. His body type looks appropriate for Obama, and his face looks enough like Obama's face for me to take it half-seriously. However, in the wheel-away image, there is a white symbol/logo at the front of the gray cap, but it's not certain whether the pudgy man has one. On the other hand, what looks like a logo may be one side of a pair of sunglasses resting on the hat, for it doesn't seem to contour with the shape of the hat.

Mr. Pudgy turns around and walks the other way, in the fence-hopping image. Can we trust these images not to have a pasted pudgy man? Well, the Silva video shows this man walking in the way we'd expect him to as per these two images, but, if you care to check :55-57, the man looks like a Negro to me. So, it appears that the man was there as per the two images, and yet his particulars may have been altered to hide his identity. Sometimes, I think I can see white at the logo area of Mr. Pudgy's cap, but, in any case, the shade of gray in the hat is identical for both men. Why didn't the monkeys change the shade of gray? It may have been nothing but laziness.

What were the chances, weeks ago, for my claim that the heavy-set woman was interested in the Obama-suspect of the wheel-away image only to now find that she approached the door to be standing right in front of a man matching his coat and cap colors? That's why there is reason to suspect that some of his particulars have been changed in the Tang images. That's why I have reason to suspect that the Tang people turned him from a thin Negro to a pudgy white man.

It doesn't seem very wise for Obama to be outside for as long as four minutes (the action-scene video ends at 3:57 after the explosion), but then he retreated to the forbidden door at 1:20 Silva-video time, and went into the door. Before 1:20, it is expected that all people in the injury zone were insiders. Besides, he could have been wearing some fake nose, and maybe even some normal ears just in case.

The 3:11 image doesn't show him at the door due to the bay window obscuring the Tang camera, but the action-scene video has him outside the door at that time. I did not expect this; it does not look like what I had theorized, that the Obama-suspect was hiding inside that place, watching the event through the window.

The heavy-set woman is looking again at the forbidden door at about 4:13 after the explosion, and then we don't see her again until well after the wheel-away image, at which time she is again outside the forbidden door. I theorized, therefore, that she went in at about 4:20, and came out well after the Obama suspect appears in the wheel-away image (more than seven minutes after the explosion). The theory was that her barging into the door at about 4:20 caused the Obama suspect to make a low-key exit against his better judgment, as per how we see him in the wheel-away image. By that time, there were many more people around than the heavy-duty insiders. Not all insiders, especially the low-seniority and part-time extras, should have known that he was there.

He doesn't appear in the various images between 4:00 and 6:00 minutes. Where could he have been? But he walks out with a doll. I'm assuming she's a doll because she doesn't look real. Where did she come from?

Here is an image that you can match up to the Silva video at 2:34; it fails to show with certainty the Obama-suspect suspect outside the door. Nor can I see the illusive man in yellow-and-black cap with a BAA Physician vest. I've searched all my images infested with such vests, but no such combination can be found. I assume he went inside and stayed there.

Here's Mr. Pudgy at :28 seconds; he is definitely not Black here (I wrongly said 38 seconds in the last update):

But as he's there at 28 seconds after the blast, and because he's not in the injury zone in the first dozen seconds, according to the 4:50 point of the Flash Mob Fools the World video, where did he come from? The Flash Mob video does not show the entire injury zone, but I know there was no such man on the Lenscrafters side in the earliest seconds. Couldn't he have originated from inside the forbidden door, therefore? His walking to it and entering into it suggests: yes, definitely could have.

One might say that he may be nothing more than a store employee / owner. It could explain why he doesn't appear in the injury zone shortly after the wheel-away image. However, when he's walking with his doll in the wheel-away image, it doesn't look like he's a store employee / owner. You can peruse the Tang images near the bottom of the following page to see that he wasn't on the Lenscrafters side of the sidewalk in the early seconds:

When a good-looking blonde drops her hanky, you know, a man will sacrifice bending his back to pick it up for her. But here this man is, a few feet in front of the red-sleeved blonde as she has dropped, not just a hanky, but her entire body. There she sits, critically injured, but this pudgy man is looking down at something else, and there is not even an injury victim where he's looking down. A few seconds later (image below), he's walking away from the injury zone rather than helping the blonde. Of big note, see the heavy-set woman pointing at Marathon Place, as though she sees something of great surprise in the window:

The image below is a few seconds later showing that this man simply did a small loop. Where is the logic in this? The Silva video captures him a few seconds later still walking away and turning, like a moron...or like an insider who knows not to touch anything as it plays out. Meanwhile, the heavy-set woman is making haste to the end of the patio, perhaps hoping to walk into the patio to get a better look into the window, though the way into the patio seems to be blocked with a bar across the gateway. She will remain at the end of the patio, where she is seen more than a minute later in various images, until she comes around the patio and goes for the door, where this pudgy man (or not pudgy) is himself standing.

So, as Mr. Pudgy is seen beside her, just as she points to the window, we come out believing that she could not been pointing at the Obama-suspect inside the window, which now provides a motive for pasting the pudgy man into this scene at this time. If he was pasted, then, at that time, he should have been inside that window, not as a pudgy White man, but as a thin Black man. There are, of course, other explanations as to why she was pointing.

The Silva video picks him up (under the white and yellow flag) at 40 seconds after the explosion, albeit he has darker skin, or so it seems to me between :53 and :57. Twenty seconds later, as he's walking into the forbidden door, the heavy-set woman can be seen (1:18) in the middle of the Lenscrafters window, but facing in his direction at 1:19-21. Her movements before 1:25 can be predicted to be geared to what she saw in the window, and yet her movements after 1:25 seem to be geared toward the forbidden door (i.e. AFTER she watched him walk into it at 1:25). She's still facing that direction at 1:29-30 (here she is a split-second before she looks down the railing path).

She's moved a few feet in front of the patio corner post at 1:42, where she remains standing for quite a while, looking a few times down the railing toward the door, until 1:54. But at some point between then and 2:03 Silva-video time, she turns / retreats to the end of the patio, as we see in the 4:11-timeclock image...where she's looking toward the forbidden door and/or the woman in taupe now standing outside the door.

In the left-side image (1:44 Silva-video time) in this page, I cannot realize what intimidating thing was standing in her way. The bald man is no longer in her path in the right-side image (1:50 Silva-video time), where her lower body doesn't show but where her upper body is superimposed with a blue jacket. I don't see why she retreated. Perhaps it was just the closed door that caused her to retreat; she may have taken a spot at the end of the patio in order to check for when it opens. But nope; the Silva video shows her parked at the gate of the patio until 2:35, with her face always streetward, not at times toward the door checking its status. What was she thinking?

But look at who is in front of the patio, perhaps intimidating her, in the 2:23 image (= 2:30 Silva-video time).

I want you to know that, while writing a few paragraphs above, before coming to the last paragraph, I re-viewed the door, and looked again at the person holding the door knob for several seconds. I became sure that it was not the woman in taupe. At one or two points, it looked like one of the men who may be acting as a body guard in the wheel-away image. He's the one in long-sleeved, white shirt and black cap (looking a little like a French painter) standing just beyond the Obama-suspect. I want you to know this because he's also in the 4:11-timeclock image, and may be the reason that the heavy-set woman did not walk around to the other side of the patio. He's roughly standing in her path, should she have decided to do so. Hmm. And he's staring right where she had been standing (at the corner post).

In other words, if he's the one holding the door for the Obama-suspect, he may have remained inside with him, until he came out to fulfill the 4:11-timeclock image. Why did he come out? Did he see the heavy-set woman pointing at the window? Had he been keeping an eye on her ever since? The Silva video has a great shot of that door and patio for about ten seconds before the 4:11-timeclock scene, but, while the man in yellow-and-black cap can be seen, I do not see anyone coming out the door in time to be the "French painter" fulfilling his spot in that image (at 2:03 Silva-video time). So much for that theory; he didn't walk out the door at that time...but may have walked out sooner.

He's the one in the 2:23 image that I was inferring, standing where the fence is down. Not many seconds later (see image below), he's not there. The woman in taupe (far left) is now at the corner patio post nearest the door, which spot is directly in the path that the heavy-set woman would like to take.

At the 3:11 image, the heavy-set woman is looking directly at the "French painter", though he's no longer in her path. The woman in taupe is now directly behind her, looking in her direction. Perhaps they had been talking a couple of seconds earlier, but the heavy-set woman stepped away. No matter, in just a few seconds, as the woman in taupe gets sidetracked toward the street, the heavy-set woman would go for the door. The woman in taupe recovers just in time to see it, and runs after her, thus revealing to us that something was not to be known by her at, or inside, that door.

At the end of this investigation, short as it has been, I have only two choices: 1) the two wearing a white coat with collar up, and a cap of the same shade of gray, were not the same man; 2) they were the same man but the insiders changed him in all images but the wheel-away image to disguise his identity. In either case, it's curious that Tang images timed from 4:00 to about 5:30 do not show him, suggesting that he went into the door, rather than away from it, after the action-scene video.

If ever I said that the woman in taupe is not in the 4:43 image, I think I've just spotted her legs in the gateway of the patio. The position of her legs are such that she seems to be facing / walking into the forbidden door. I didn't know this when suggesting that she went to that door after being at the street in the low-resolution image about 4:20. Therefore, it's predictable that she was at that door with the Obama-suspect at 4:43. I've checked all the white coats in this image to assure that the suspect is not in the crowd.

The Telephone Women

I've noticed something suspicious at the :08 point of the action-scene video. A woman in gray sweater looks up high and then puts what seems to be a cell phone to her left ear. She's inside the patio. I know from other images that there is a broken window up directly above the patio on the third or fourth floor (I didn't register what floor it was on, but it wasn't the second). There are at least two images where people look up toward this window...indicating someone shouting down from it. It's a perfect place for insiders to view and direct the "movie."

Therefore, was she being called on the phone by the people at inside the window? If so, why? What clue can we have immediately after we see her on the phone?

In the image below timed about 4:00 minutes exactly, about three seconds after the end of the action-scene video, the entire patio is visible, but the woman is not there. However, a grey arm sleeve can be seen above the railing, in front of the forbidden door! A black thing is in the hand of this sleeve, and it's the shape and size of a cell phone! I didn't know this until now. That's her, isn't it? She appears to be reading a text message. Why did she leave the patio, where she had been for quite a while (she's there in the 4:11-timeclock image), to get in front of the forbidden door...just after the heavy-set woman was pushed away from it?

It's likely that the same text messages went out to more than one person so that they all knew the score and the agenda at hand. In the 4:09 image, there is a woman in white coat facing, and apparently speaking toward, the heavy-set woman. She will be on the phone herself in a few seconds. This image is the one having the woman with black bag apparently throwing / swinging her white jacket at the heavy-set woman (see "white jacket" in the third update of October). That jacket is on the ground behind the heavy-set woman.

This is now seemingly very important, for the woman with black bag is herself walking toward the building in the 4:43 image. In the third update of October, I said that she was walking toward the forbidden door, but at the time I wasn't sure whether that door was into Marathon Place or into the candy store. Since then, I realized the forbidden door was not into the candy store, which is where the woman with black bag appears to be walking. However, she may be circling around the back of the cameraman, out of common politeness, on her way to the forbidden door (the cameraman is in the process of taking what I call the PatioEnd image).

While her jacket is on the ground, the owner looks frustrated. At least, the body language -- her hand curled back on her hip -- suggests a sense of justification for doing something wrong out of passion. The heavy-set woman was not behaving, was she? I'll bet she was being told that the insiders didn't want her to snoop any longer.

In the image below (about 4:13), with the heavy-set woman looking at, or walking toward, the forbidden door, the woman with white coat is now reading some texted her further instructions from people in the broken window above her head, I'm guessing.

Note the cowboy, too, in the image above, for he himself will be looking up to the window, along with others beside him, not long afterward, at about 5:15 minutes. Very few are looking up, perhaps because they didn't like their bosses up there:

The heavy-set woman is fully pushed away at the video's :45 point, or 3:55 after the blast. About five seconds later, as per the PostAction-Scene image above, the woman in white coat is right there beside the heavy-set woman.

Aha! Look at what was just found while trying to find the woman in white in the action-scene video. In the last update, there arose an issue of a black pant leg facing the patio railing beside the shredded-pants man. The action-scene video shows this leg at :42-44, and at :43, I can see the bottom of that person's white coat! It's something I didn't see in the last update. In the post-action-scene image, one can see that this woman has black pants! Therefore, the mystery person wearing these black pants has been solved, meaning that it was not, as I thought it may have been, the ragged-coat woman.

In the about-4:13 image, the woman in white coat shows black pants and what looks like white running shoes with white soles, the color of the soles on the shoes of the black pant leg in the action-scene video. Inside the patio, the woman in grey is still gone, as is the case in the 4:09 image. It means that the woman in grey has been at the forbidden door for at least 13 seconds, but that did not deter the heavy-set woman from approaching it again, as she just has.

The woman in white (with a phone) appears to become visible very briefly (at her 3:11 location) at the :20 point of the video. If you pause it at just the right time, she can be seen with knees bent a little, and a black bag at her right side. She fits the description. The curiosity is, she is not visible clearly or at length in any part of this video.

In the image below, at about 2:08, while the heavy-set woman is out of the picture at one end of the patio, there is yet another woman (in black) on the phone. To our right of her, at the Negro medic and his stretcher, stands the woman in white (with phone) discussed above. In the 3:11 image, this other woman (in black) is talking on the phone while standing beside a man in navy-blue cap, who can be seen, at the far left of the 1:34 image, at the building wall. This man becomes important after 3:11. He's running to the wall in the 1:17 image. This wall area is the part of the building where the man in cream shirt would walk into (see "command center" in the last update) 40 seconds earlier.

As the woman with the black bag is at the corner of the patio in the about-2:08 image (location of ragged-coat woman), the woman-in-black-on-the-phone (same image), as she went to fulfill her 3:11 position, walked right by her. This is how the woman with black bag may have been alerted / updated on the issue with the heavy-set woman. It gives us a reason to suspect that this woman, too, was speaking on her cell to the same insiders as per the same problem.

In the about-2:10 image below, the woman-in-black-on-the-phone is stooping at the ragged-coat woman just as the woman with black bag is leaving her, suggesting they just talked. One can just barely make out that she's still got the phone to her ear...because her upper arm shows in the direction of her ear. She's probably saying something like, "okay, she's going now." Where was she going? Wouldn't we like to know.

I don't see either woman in the image below, at 1:34 Silva-video time, just as the Obama-suspect has walked into the forbidden door. Three seconds before this image, as can be seen in the Silva video, the heavy-set woman started to walk to the other end of the patio railing, but decided against it. What caused her to decide against it at this time? The yellow-jacket fence hopper is looking directly at her. No one else appears threatening toward her, except, perhaps, the man in shorts close to the street.

If I'm not mistaken, this man in the shorts is the one beside the forbidden door in the action-scene video. If I'm not mistaken, he's looking at the woman-in-the-patio-on-the-phone (mentioned at the start of this section). At :14, just before the camera veers away, his legs are at the gate, as though he wants to speak with her. But when the camera returns, he's decided on taking up his role on the injury victim with lime stripe. The heavy-set woman goes to the forbidden door while he doesn't apparently know it, due to his kneeling down on his injury victim.

There is yet a fourth woman [not really a fourth] with a cell phone, the one with white bag walking to the forbidden door about 4:00; a cell phone is in her left hand. Remember, this image is just three seconds or so after the end of the action-scene video, when the Obama-suspect was at the door. This is the image that shows the cell phone in the hand also of the woman-in-the-patio-on-the-phone as she stands at the forbidden door. The two are about to talk, aren't they? Neither are visible in the 4:09 image because both are at the door. Suddenly, it seems that the insiders were indeed seeking to stop this heavy-set woman by phone. In the 4:13 image (below), the one with white bag walks away from the forbidden door, possibly antagonizing the heavy-set woman as the latter stares at it like flint:

I may have said that the woman with white bag does not appear 30 seconds later in the 4:43 image, but there is a woman in that image, speaking in the middle of the injury zone with a couple of men, who wears sunglasses on her head, whom I've thought to be the woman-in-black-on-the-phone. I didn't know until now that the two are the same woman. I thought that the woman-in-black-on-the-phone had a black bag, but I saw wrong. It's her coat, not her bag. Here she is about two seconds later with her white bag showing.

In other words, when we saw her at the Lenscrafters end of the patio in the 3:11 image, she was soon headed for the forbidden door herself, as was the woman-inside-the-patio-on-the-phone (before she got into the patio), who herself got on a phone and looked up six seconds later. Both women ended up at the forbidden door, speaking together from about 4:00 to 4:10. It's clear now that the two were instructed to do something at the forbidden door.

Here is the woman-in-black-on-the-phone in the wheel-away image, facing the Obama-suspect as he (likely) walks out the forbidden door. I've been wondering whether they thought best to send the Obama-suspect out for a walk because they were lying to the heavy-set woman, telling her that the man she had seen earlier had left (from another door?).

The Men on the Phone

The Tang image coming closer in time to the wheel-away image than any other Tang image I've seen is the first image of the string, where the woman-in-black-on-the-phone appears to be looking at her cell phone near the patio corner. The fireman with a tank on his back is about to meet her, and they seem to be talking in the third and fourth images of the string. There is a fireman with tank in the forbidden-door image (timed after the fourth image of the string) whom we will see again below. I'm quite sure that this fireman was, not long before, to the left of the fireman who is standing beside the woman-in-black-on-the-phone. It could indicate that the woman is speaking to the firemen concerning the issue at the door.

I am quite sure that the man in navy-blue hat, looking into the door (forbidden image), is the one who was beside the woman-in-black-on-the-phone in the 3:11 image, the one that had earlier gone to the "command center." The image looks to be at least a minute after the fourth image of the string. The latter is where the woman in taupe has just about arrived to the building while running. In the past, I've said that she's running to the forbidden door, but as she is several feet beyond the patio railing, I'd now tend to change my mind and say she's running to the candy store. However, she could be running around people in an effort to get into the forbidden door.

I'm sure that the same man in navy-blue hat is on the other side of the patio, looking at his cell phone, in the orange-stretchers image, timed not long after the first image of the string, where he can be seen in the same area looking at his cell. There's another man looking at his cell near him in both images, and in the first string-image, a police officer right beside them both is also reading his cell. In the third and fourth string images about 10-15 seconds later, this police officer has the phone to his ear.

But as the forbidden-door image is after the orange-stretchers image, the man in navy-blue cap may be reading that he needs to go to the forbidden door to look after a certain thing. The policeman on the phone is chubby, like the policeman inside the patio in the forbidden-door image...who is either waving or reading his cell in his palm. Both police officers have their vests open at the front, unlike other police officers, suggesting they are the same man. In the wheel-away image, the other man texting is doing so right beside, and while facing, this chubby policeman (they could be communicating).

The man with navy-blue cap was at the same general spot as far back as the wheel-away image. Here, a fireman with a tank, standing in the general area where a fireman with tank would soon speak with the woman-in-black-on-the-phone, looks like he could be texting on a cell phone. The two firemen appear to be the same man with some certainty.

After the woman-in-black-on-the-phone vacated her spot in the fourth-string image, the woman-in-WHITE-with-a-phone stands in it, as per the orange-stretchers image. Both her hands appear in front of her like one holding a cell phone. I can't find her earlier, in any of the string images, strangely enough. If she was bending down, I can't see where. The last time I saw her was in the 4:43 image, with her phone at her ear, at roughly the same spot. The image below (called stretcher-1 previously), timed about 30 seconds after 4:43, shows no sign of the woman-in-white-with-a-phone.

In the orange-stretchers image, she shows a blue jacket-like thing on her back that may be attached somehow to her purse strap. I didn't notice this blue item until writing below. It defies explanation at this time. The blue thing at doesn't look like it belongs to her, but, as you can see, it's at her back also in the 4:43 image. The image below (timed about 5:15), where the cowboy and others near the building are looking up to the broken window, will become important because the runner in blue t-shirt holds a blue item in his hand. There is a white coat in this image with a black purse strap, but the strap is on the wrong shoulder for this person to be the woman-in-white-with-a-phone. I cannot find the latter woman in this image. Where did she go since 4:43?

In the Tang image above, the woman-in-black-on-the-phone is down by the street, at the lamp post, at the spot where the Negro medic had dropped a green bag off of his stretcher. A couple of men, including a police officer, are stooping in front of her, and one seems to be wearing a navy-blue cap and same-colored jacket, which is the color of the jacket of the man in navy-blue cap under discussion. It's getting very interesting, isn't it? Until finding this, I could only speculate that he and she were co-ordinating their efforts. What was his task inside the green bag? Why did he leave that lamp-post area for a spot way back near the building? It's the spot where a few are looking up, along with the cowboy, to the broken window. No one else is looking up at that moment; why does it seem that the only actors interested in looking up were the ones near the "phone center," where the three men mentioned above would soon be busy on their cell phones?

I have little doubt that in stretcher-1, it's the man in navy-blue cap who is bending down into the green bag. I cannot find this man anywhere in this image so that he should prove to be the one bending over the bag.

The large white bag of the woman-in-black-on-the-phone is visible near the green bag / lamp post in the cowboy-looking-up image. There is a Negro man standing at the green bag at this time [I didn't realize while writing here that the man in blue t-shirt was standing beside the Obama-suspect in the action-scene video, which causes me to think that this green bag had something to do with the Negro that is the Obama-suspect.] The chubby officer with open vest is back at the "phone center," but the man obscured partially by the tree trunk has the wrong-colored pants to be the man with navy-blue cap. Why isn't he in this image? Or is he the man (between the two trees) with a hand on his forehead? No, because he's a runner. [Below, he's found on the street in the 4:09 image, about a minute before the cowboy-looking-up image, suggesting he's already at the street in the cowboy-looking-up image.]

Before the woman-in-black-on-the-phone arrives to the spot where she's texting in the string images, she's can be found at the Jeff-spot, in the stretcher-3 image. She was at the green bag a very few seconds earlier in stretcher-1 (i.e. she made a mad dash to the Jeff spot). The woman in taupe should be standing beside her as she comes because the woman in taupe appears (top right) behind her in the stretcher-2 image a couple of seconds earlier. The woman in taupe was at the forbidden door at 4:43, wherefore she too is coming to the Jeff spot as others converge there. Was she bringing something too? We don't know, as the picture is cropped at her waist, just below her hands. In this image, the one man texting and the chubby policeman with open vest are together (facing one another) at the "phone center" (i.e. he made a mad dash from the green bag to the building wall). The man with green sweater is bringing something to the Jeff spot, and will later be inside the patio as per the first image of the string.

It appears that the woman-in-black-on-the-phone is no longer working the problem of the heavy-set woman (while she is being dealt with inside the forbidden door?), but is back to her original role(s), involving the Jeff hoax possibly. In the cowboy-looking-up image, she is already standing near the Jeff spot. I assume that the people at the broken window were very pressured to yell something down concerning something that wasn't going right. [But the appearance of this woman at the green bag suggests that she was also involved with something pertaining to the forbidden door.]

Something white was obtained by the man in red shirt during the action-scene video. Below (in the 4:09 image) is the man in red, a few seconds after receiving the object, right in front of the cowboy, apparently speaking with him. I now recall that there were two images showing something in the cowboy's hand as he was at this Jeff-spot. However, the image below is just about the same scene as per the IsthatJeff? image at 4:10, where something can be seen in the hand of the medic that could be the object.

In the action-scene video, a chubby policeman comes to the spot where the transfer of the object takes place. It doesn't look like a secretive transfer. We can see the transfer of that object from the man who soon sets the orange stretcher into the patio. In stretcher-3, it appears that the chubby policeman with open vest is watching the man put the orange stretcher into the patio. This stretcher was not used, as it can be seen in the hand of a fireman looking into the forbidden door, in the forbidden-door image. He's the same fireman (navy-blue cap) that is inside the patio kneeling on this stretcher in all four string images. Was there some secret thing tied to this stretcher that was going to a certain person near / at the forbidden door? I'm rubbing my hands in anticipation of what these new findings could be revealing.

The chubby policeman in the action-scene video speaks to another man in red shirt, who takes off his shirt, runs through the patio from one gate to the other, and then spends time at the Jeff-spot. [I hadn't realized it fully while writing here, but it's as though there is a triangle involving the green bag, the forbidden door, and the Jeff spot.]

The time of the image having the shirt-less man run through the patio is 4:09. It's about 30 seconds before the man in navy-blue cap is bending down to the bag at the lamp post, and there on the street, in the 4:09 image, we can see that it is indeed the man in navy-blue cap. He's walking right for the green bag. The policeman who would stoop down with him is standing there too, and it's a NEGRO policeman! There are a lot of Negros involved with / around this green bag.

Unfortunately, I can't tell at the moment whether this is the chubby officer with open vest. He has a paper in the pocket of his pants, as does the police officer at the front of the picture in the 4:09 image, yet the chubby one with open vest is in the middle of the injury zone walking away from the street. It's notable too that the police officer with paper in his pant pocket waves and calls down toward the street, yet he has apparently walked way over beyond Lenscrafters to be with nobody. He's there not many seconds after the action-scene video ends. Why did he walk over there after appearing so concerned near the forbidden door?

There is a green bag in the forbidden-door image. Here is that green bag in what I've called the green-bag image. Again, the bag came from the stretcher of the Negro medic. The one in the forbidden-door image looks like the same bag exactly, only it's closed. However, if you look at aftermath images at the bottom Tangs's second page, you will see the green bag still at the lamp post. It's possible that there were more than one identical green bag used by the medic team, but it's also possible that the green bag in the aftermath image was pasted to deny us the claim that it was transferred to the forbidden-door area.

In the six-minute image, some 45 seconds after we see the navy-blue cap at the lamp post, I think I see the cap (color not obvious) behind the police officers at the "phone center" (Lenscrafters part of the building). The open-vest policeman can be seen there too, though he was not there as per the action-scene video. This is where the man in navy-blue cap would do texting in the coming minutes.

The woman-in-black-on-the-phone is now (as per the six-minute image) in front of the one I think is the yellow-jacket fence hopper. In a few seconds, she will fulfill her stretcher-3 image. That's the one where the man in blue t-shirt has supposedly transferred a blue piece of clothing to the Negro fireman. In stretcher-1, the man in blue t-shirt appears to be transferring the blue item to the cowboy, but I spoke on this a few updates ago telling why the blue item should be a paste job, due to a contradiction. But, AMAZINGLY NOW, this man with blue t-shirt walks into the same action-scene location with the policeman having the paper in his leg pocket. The man in blue t-shirt can be seen standing directly beside the Obama-suspect! I am very confused by all this, and need time to digest it.

If this is correct, then the only reason I can think of for passing an honorary piece of paper to the cowboy is to coax him into going ahead with the Jeff hoax. But, in time, as I digest these things, a better theory may turn up, especially if the monkeys made the right mistake. It dawns on us now that the blue item may have been pasted into the stretcher-1 image (above) to hide what the man in blue t-shirt was transferring. The item wholly obscures his hand and even his wrist area.

Below is the man in red a few seconds after he got an object (we can't see what it is) from the man who put the orange stretcher into the patio. He's right in front of the cowboy...about a minute before the man in blue t-shirt arrives. The time now is 4:10:

The man in blue t-shirt is not in the 4:09 image, and must yet be at the forbidden door at this time. The man in red looks like he has something in his hands as he stands in front of the cowboy, but nothing seems to be in his hands (it may have been erased). Where did the object go that he took from the orange-stretcher man? The SS medic, who is passing the man in red, may have a white object in his right hand; it looks like a white piece of cloth, though I can't be sure that it's in the grasp of his hand. His left hand is not visible. A second later, as per the isthatJeff? image (not the same camera), the SS medic has what looks like a white paper in his left hand; his right hand is not visible. Do you like mysteries? The other man in red, without his shirt as he runs through the patio, has one hand not showing, in case he's carrying something to the Jeff spot. I tend to think he is carrying something.

Here he is in the image where the SS medic is crouching at a spot having no injury victim. What's he crouching for? In the past, I thought he was having an item transferred to him, but now it's good speculation that he may be transferring an item through the legs to the Jeff-spot. This image is a few seconds before stretcher-1 (the image with the blue item across the hand of the man in blue t-shirt). Therefore, thus far, we have six different items potentially being transferred to the Jeff spot, one each by: the SS medic, the two men in red shirts, the man in blue t-shirt, the woman-in-black-on-the-phone, and the man in green sweater beside the man in blue t-shirt.

It's even possible that the SS medic walked to the street to pick up an item from the green bag, picking it up as he turned around after his position at 4:10 (ask yourself why he walked to the street merely to turn around), then walking back to fulfill his crouching position in the image above. That image is essentially a different view of the cowboy-looking-up image, where the blue item is (supposedly) on its the hand of the man in blue t-shirt as he walks away from the forbidden door. The question is, was the blue item pasted into his hand in the cowboy-looking-up image to disguise what was really in his hand?

The woman-in-white-with-a-phone does not appear in any of the three stretcher images, but does appear later in the lower part of the wheel-away image with something blue at the mouth of her purse [this is the first time I noticed this blue thing at her purse]. It appears she's trying to stuff something blue into her purse. Hmm. It's not the same shade of blue as the blue item, but it sure does look suspicious, because the man in blue t-shirt -- the one who handled the blue item -- is conspicuously standing not far to her front. Is this a con-job on the viewer? Why would the insiders be so obvious with such a suspicious scene? He's half smiling as he turns around to face the camera.

In the past, not many updates ago, I tackled a difficult issue. The white jacket on the sidewalk belonging to the woman with black bag was claimed, by me, to be picked up by the woman in blue shirt standing nearby as it lays on the the 4:09 image. I created a theory in which this white jacket was turned blue so as to be the blue item held by the man in blue t-shirt. That theory made sense because the woman in blue shirt is herself at the Jeff spot beside him. It seemed that the white jacket, painted blue by the insiders to hide whose jacket it was, was passed at the Jeff-spot by the woman in blue shirt to the man in blue t-shirt. However, I did see some potential problems with that theory. But I now see that the woman-in-white-with-a-phone is standing (in the 4:09 image) between the woman in blue and the bag on the sidewalk. There is no evidence that she has a blue jacket-like thing on her backside in this image, wherefore it's now possible that she was the one who picked up, or in any case ultimately got the white jacket, which the insiders turned blue so that we would not have any reason to connect her to the owner of the jacket. The insiders may then have provided an image where we are misled to thinking that she received a blue item held by the man in blue t-shirt.

Yes, the woman with black bag has the white jacket in her hand a few seconds later (at 4:43), as she walks to the forbidden door, but a certain inconsistency proves (not merely suggests) that they pasted it into her hand. For, in the image timed at about 4:13, she has her jacket in her hand before she reaches the spot where she had thrown it down. Her body mainly blocks the spot where she had thrown it down, but here she is walking on the spot where the jacket was seconds earlier, but with nothing on the ground any longer. It seems fine, but, again, she had her jacket in her hand before she arrived to that spot. That's major. Here is the scene as she's taking off the jacket, with nothing white on the ground yet, proving that it was her jacket when we do see something white on the ground.

As you can see, the woman with blue shirt is walking directly to the spot where it was on the sidewalk some three seconds earlier (which is a large part of what convinced me that she picked it up). She may have given it to the woman-in-white-with-a-phone (she's in a perfect position to receive the jacket on her back), in which case it was not the blue item of the man in blue t-shirt. The next time we see the woman-in-white-with-a-phone, she has a jacket-like thing on her backside, as though someone slipped it between her back and her purse strap.

She's on the phone again (soon after) in the area where we see her in the image below. Tang no longer shows the image where the yellow police tape was dropped to the ground just as she walked toward it. In the next Tang image (the orange-stretchers image), the yellow tape was back up and she was gone. It seemed, when I first discovered and reported this a few weeks ago, that she was considered important by the police; otherwise they would have let her duck under the tape rather than put it down for her.

The man in blue t-shirt, by the way, is walking away, on the street, in the orange-stretchers image.

But, careful, for she in her entirety may have been pasted into the lower parts of these images to explain why she was absent in the injury zone. I'm thinking that she was in the forbidden door. The Tang images have her yet again with blue at her purse in an image still later (below), yet she isn't to be seen at about 5:15-30 minutes as per the three stretcher images and the cowboy-looking-up image, nor can I find her in the six-minute image. In the image below, she is again on the phone, and the timing seems to be not long before the forbidden-door image, with the chubby policeman in open vest already inside the patio.

We are to believe in the image above that checkered-shirt Bauman is about to be loaded into his red wheelchair, for the one who pushes his chair can be seen to the right of the red chair (though he doesn't have his cap on). The image looks to be a few seconds after the orange-stretchers image, and so we can now identify the one chubby police officer, in the latter image, with his back to the camera inside the patio.

Page two of the Tang images shows other related images where she continues to text, but Tang images provided on this page do not show where the heavy-set woman is again outside the forbidden door. I'm going to have to "sleep on" why she isn't in certain images.

Let's assume you still think this event was a real terror plot. What do you think about a woman wearing latex gloves to a terror event but spending all her first minutes on the phone? Couldn't the phone call(s) wait? There are so many new faces in the image above. What happened to all the original faces? Couldn't they hang around for even seven or eight minutes? Were they that heartless?

The 4:11-timeclock image is where I find the woman-in-white-with-a-phone entering the injury scene for the first time; she's at the street partially obscured by a flag.

In the last update, I spoke on a bearded man in yellow who was on the phone for a long while after seven minutes. There was reason to believe that he was involved with the Obama suspect. He is in the image above standing in front of the police vehicle. He's mainly obscured by a lamp, but he's clear in the two-minute-exactly image three seconds later. He's on the phone continuously. As he never does anything, he could be an informant as to how well or poorly certain roles are playing out.

As the woman-in-white-with-a-phone isn't visible in the latter image, was she pasted three seconds earlier to give us a false impression of where she originated? You might say that, no, she's likely behind the flags, but I might say, no, she may have been pasted partially behind a flag to explain why she isn't visible in the two-minute-exactly image. The overhead-image page has two images of concern, one at 1:44, and the other at 1:50, but neither this woman nor her white coat is visible around the spot of the Negro medic's stretcher. Hmm.

The first we see of her, aside from behind the flag, is in the 2:23 image; she's near the that she may have come out from the forbidden door to deal with the problem. She's now standing right beside the woman with black bag, who is seen at 1:44 (see left-side, overhead image). In other words, when both woman make their first entry to the scene, they are beside one another, and blocking the path of the heavy-set woman should she decide to go for the forbidden door.

The woman with black bag can be seen in the scaffolding, apparently entering the scene, in the 1:34 image. As you can see, therefore, she made a straight line past the poor, red-sleeved blonde on her backside (so many people just walking by her, as if she didn't matter), and went right for the spot beside the heavy-set woman, as though notified already of the potential problem. There is a great view of the street in the 1:34 image, but I see no sign of the arrival of the woman-in-white-with-a-phone, who is supposedly at the injury-side curb at 1:57. As there are only 23 seconds between images, shouldn't she be visible on the street in the 1:34 image? If you say she's possibly behind the flags, then you need to see that she still doesn't show in this 1:17 image (shows timeclock), nor in earlier images showing the street. In the 1:17 image, the woman with black bag shows (with white coat too) in the flags behind the man in yellow jacket.

So, if the woman-in-white-with-a-phone was pasted into the 1:57 image, then the first she shows is in the 2:23 image. But then why don't we see her in the 3:11 image? Actually, now that I've learned that she was at the corner of the patio railing at 2:23, I can spot her jacket still at that spot in the 3:11 image, between the man's pants and the woman in taupe. She's bending over the ragged-coat injury victim whom was earlier attended to by the woman with black bag (apparently, the two women could have talked between these two images), whom, as we can see, has herself moved on to the injury victim with yellow jacket. When we saw woman-in-white-with-a-phone in the lower parts of the images above, she was walking around the same injury victim with yellow jacket, who had moved location by that time.

I Don't Trust the Internet, a Government Snooper's Dream Come True

I went to town yesterday, and loaded the new updates for the Windows program. When I got home, Flickr would no longer allow me to navigate through the Tang images because the Flickr page doesn't supply the two scroll bars. One can now only expand the image, but when doing so, the outer edges disappear. This is bad for an online investigator who wishes to inspect the outer areas. However, one can sometimes (not always) get the scroll bars by clicking the right mouse button on the image, and choosing one of the "view all sizes" options. The great thing about this for me is that I can now view the larger images in high resolution; before yesterday, the images lost resolution as they were enlarged using the Firefox expansion feature. This new thing for me must be due to the new version of Firefox installing itself into my computer (yesterday)...without asking me. I had deleted the newest Firefox version a few weeks ago.

Also, the Flickr page, when using the Firefox browser, now behaves differently than previous to yesterday. I can now scroll from one Tang image to another by using the Flickr arrows, whereas my Firefox could not previous to yesterday. I expect some problems because I wasn't using the newest version of Firefox...because it forces everyone to use javascript, which slows some of my surfing enormously out here in the country (no high-speed Internet). I am very suspicious about forcing everyone to use javascript, which may make it more efficient for certain groups to intrude into our computers. If the new version installed itself on your computer without your knowledge / permission, you may be able to get the previous version by restoring your computer to an earlier time, if you know what I mean. See "Backup and Restore Center" in the Control Panel, or surf online to see what this refers to.

I'm going to inspect many marathon images with the high resolution available to me now, but must forego checking the news in the meantime. When I need the Internet again, I'll have the computer restore to a point before yesterday, and get the older Firefox version again that allows me to turn off javascript (in the Tools > Option > Content menu). To enlarge, give the CENTER of an image a right-click.

By the way, if any video I share has sound, I can't get it due to the loss of this computer's sound capabilities. I'm trying to interpret images on mere clues from sight, and, of course, I could be way wrong at times. I'm starting to wonder about my reliability, as I'm having visual problems. In the last update, I talked about the "other Negro" that's in the four images of what I've called "the string." I'm not sure if he's a Negro (he looks like it in the first string image, to the left of the sign with a '3' on it), but I did say I couldn't find him in the wheel-away image. I now see him in plain view (his back to the camera) in that image; he's in front of the railing. I said that he wears a unique color scheme, a black shirt and a BAA Physician vest, making him easy to find. But there he is, so large and obvious; how could I have missed him?

I suggested that because he seems to come out of nowhere in the string images, and because he seemed to be following the Obama-suspect to the street, he too may have been inside the forbidden door. In this update, there was found a man wearing a BAA Physician outfit knocking on the forbidden door just after the Obama-suspect went into it.

About a week or two ago, I checked for him in the BAA Physician image, but found only one man wearing the vest in combination with a black shirt, and it wasn't him. This week, I was at that image again, and there he was, huge in the foreground. How could I have missed him? He's the largest person in the image, right under my nose. It reminds me of the theory I presented recently, that the insiders have the ability (easy to do) and audacity to add to / alter images even if they are stored in our computers, so long as the images are in contact with the Internet. So I went to my floppy disc to check the BAA Physician image I had stored there, which could not have been altered in that it's not in contact with the Internet. But it too showed this same man in the foreground.

However, it may be that the insiders can change an image on a floppy disc as soon as we put it into the floppy drive. The insiders would simply provide a program communication with all computers, ordering the image to be changed as soon as it's detected on the hard drive, floppy drive, or an external drive. Or, maybe I was looking so intently at small details that I failed to see the man in the foreground. Take you pick, but be wise to the possibilities. On the Internet, government insiders are as close to your computer as someone working in the next room.

If you follow him through the five images, ask why he wears such a vest, and latex gloves, yet isn't helping injury victims. What's he there for? Why would Boston send in these BAA Physician people if not to take the lead in assisting the injury victims? He has white hair, and should therefore be of primary capability while wearing that vest. Or was he merely the janitor of the BAA location in Boston? He doesn't add up. Here he is in the third string image down by the street (right of the lamp post) just after the Obama-suspect walked to that street area. They should have at least put a broom into his hand. He's standing around again (near patio corner) in this image (timed after the four string images), where he looks like a Negro:

In the wheel-away image, he's standing beside a woman in black coat and white bag; she was at the forbidden door area in the image below, where she could be confronting / antagonizing the heavy-set woman looking toward the forbidden door (this was about a half minute after she had been pushed away from the door). The man in gray hair isn't looking down at the patio sidewalk, but at the door, apparently, and the man in blue cap beyond the railing looks like his attention is toward that door too.

The image below is immediately after the heavy-set woman was pushed away. She's looking mean like one who's been denied her desire. The woman walking directly toward the forbidden door looks wrong wearing those latex gloves. As per this image and the one above, we need to ask why the Oriental woman is coming up toward the forbidden door with her wheelchair, only to leave with no one in it. Was she there to pick up a victim from inside the door, only to be turned away due to the problematic heavy-set woman?

Along with all the other things suspect in a transfer from the forbidden door to the Jeff-spot, include this Oriental woman. Did she bring something in her chair?


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