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November 5 - 11, 2013

There is a report out saying that Obama SECRETLY (what else is new?) eased sanctions against Iran that were intended by the international "community" (term very debatable now) to twist Iran's arm until it gave up nuclear ambitions. Netanyahu is crying the blues daily over this betrayal, but he knew that Obama would abandon him years ago. Netanyahu was hoping to leverage Obama by applying multiple political methods, hoping to force him to comply with Israel's wishes as regards Iran, but Obama, because he's a sociopath, is immune to the ailments of losing favor from just about every group, and has the ability to be happy in the face of scandal after scandal, so that he also taking Israel brazenly to the edge of its destruction. I am convinced that Obama is a destroyer of the norm. When he ran for his presidency on "change," he was telling it nicely that he wanted to destroy the norm.

It's now come out that Obama secretly eased pressure on Iran months ago, which translates to shortly after he started his second term. Netanyahu had better get used to it, stop trying to make Obama his friend. He would do better to wait for Obama to go away; he would do better to expose Obama's globalist team in the meantime. So long as Israel has many nuclear weapons of its own, Iran is not likely going to drop one on Israel. If Iran had enough of them to wipe Israel out in one shot, maybe. But I don't see prophecy against Israel working out that way. There is going to be a land-based invasion, very typical, very routine. There is going to be the sheer force of great numbers entering Israel, to the point that the Israelis flee. It predicts that America will not come to Israel's aid. That's what Obama might mean to prophecy; that's what Obama's successor might mean to prophecy.

If we think that Obama's successor will not likely be an anti-Israeli, then perhaps we should be looking many years into the future for prophecy fulfillment. The other option is to take a view in which the United States will be pro-Israel when the anti-Christ's men cover the land of Israel, but for some political and/or financial reason the U.S. will be unable to act in saving Israel. Perhaps Obama's role in prophecy is simply to set a trend in letting Israel go it alone, with less American sympathy for the threat that it faces from all around. But the pro-Palestinian nature of Obama may also be a signal that the anti-Christ will come initially while he's president.

It's happening:

Russian President Vladimir Putin will visit Egypt later this month, the Washington Free Beacon reports, in what is seen as an attempt to replace the US as the Nile state's military provider.

...The announced visit comes after initial reports of Egypt's intention to seal a 15 billion dollar arms deal with Russia, which reportedly will include MiG-29 planes and other military equipment. Egypt expressed its interest after an Egyptian delegation visited Moscow last Thursday.

...Saudi Arabia reportedly will help finance Egypt's Russian arms deal.

Like we know, Obama changed the norm in Egypt, destroyed it, and is incapable of anything normal. Obama is abnormal by design of the satanic spirit that guides him. To understand Obama, everything he says is imagery, all for the benefit of his own image. He's a shiny ball with space inside. He has no substance. He's a louse. He has no intension of benefiting anyone, for even those he benefits he brings to corruption. There is no essential difference between corruption and destruction. It's all the same rot. The only difference is that the person corrupts himself, and God destroys the rot. It would have been better for Obama to have lost the election than to have won it.

The Brotherhood is rotting away:

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood lost an appeal against a court decision to ban the group, Al Arabiya reported [November 6].

The verdict bans all of the group's activities and includes seizing its funds.

You can bet Obama is tearing his hair out over this. He doesn't show defeat on his face when in public because he plays the image game, always seeking to look successful, always having a spin on why his political loses and his stupidity is success and advancement "for the people." Obama is president more for the perks than for the people. How will he handle the withdrawal symptoms when he leaves Office in disgrace?

In Egypt, the hand is heavy against Obama, but the Western press isn't covering the story:

Obama administration officials reported on Tuesday during a hearing of the US House Committee on Foreign Relations that business with Egypt cannot continue as usual, and thus have set forth what they called a "recalibrated" aid package [not good enough for Egypt].

...The committee heard remarks from three US government officials who served as witnesses to the hearing: Assistant Secretary Elizabeth Jones of the Bureau of Near East Affairs from the US State Department, Assistant Secretary Derek Chollet for International Security Affairs at the US Department of Defense and Deputy Assistant Administrator Alina Romanowski of the Bureau for the Middle East at USAID.

The witnesses, all serving for various departments under the Obama administration, agreed on a similar narrative: the US government has recalibrated assistance to Egypt to stand firm in disapproval over events that transpired following the ouster of former President Mohamed Morsy.

...The main concern was the excessive force used in the sit-in dispersals of Rabaa al-Adaweya and Nadha Squares, leading to the mass killing of over 500 Muslim Brotherhood protesters, which Human Rights Watch called the "most serious incident of mass unlawful killings in modern Egyptian history."

Another point of friction with the Egyptian government was the crackdown on foreign rights and democracy groups, in what Jones called a "politically motivated trial." In a rush of xenophobia earlier this year, the government convicted 43 non-profit workers, 16 of them American citizens, of illegally using foreign funds to "foment unrest" in Egypt.

The trial conveniently fit into the Egyptian political establishment's common narrative of protecting against Western conspiracies to destroy Egypt...

I've just lost respect for Elizabeth Jones. In fact, Obama did foment unrest when the Brotherhood came to power, and it was a conspiracy. Obama came out to take credit as soon as the effort was victorious, and he celebrated it on national TV. He then worked with the Brotherhood to form the new Egypt. He thought he was a rising star at the time that no one could shoot down. He's been shot several times since, and his reputation is dragging through the mud worse than ever, but he refuses to die.

Somewhere in the courts of Egypt and the media covering the story, there are the details of the Western conspiracy against Egypt. But the Western press is not reporting on it because, as Jones says, it fabricated rubbish. But is it really? Why not allow the people to read both sides and make up their own minds. Let's hear the accusations that Egypt is making against Western intruders, especially the accusations against Obama's part in bring the Brotherhood to power.

The article continues: "Democratic Rep. Eliot Engel said suspending aid was like 'cutting off your nose to spite your face,' stressing that if the United States wants influence in Egypt, it will have to maintain the full aid package." Said without blushing. He's admitted a conspiracy theory. He's admitted that there is a conspiracy to influence Egypt by buying its will. If some two-bit writer said that, it would have been deemed a conspiracy THEORY, but now we have it from the horse's mouth, and the horse is not ashamed to admit it, as though it's a fact of life.

Obama didn't lament for Israel when the Brotherhood was becoming poised to remove Egypt's hedge from its southern boundary. Although he's pro-Palestinian, his advisors and peers force him to at least act pro-Israel. When the U.S. lost status at UNESCO, it wasn't something Obama planned:

The US decision to cancel its funding [for UNESCO] in October 2011 was blamed on US laws that prohibit funding to any UN agency that implies recognition of the Palestinians' demands for their own state.

Israel also pulled its funding, objecting to what it called unilateral attempts by the Palestinians to gain recognition of statehood.

...Asked for his reaction, the US Ambassador [i.e. Obama's tool] to UNESCO, David Killion, said Washington considers UNESCO a "critical partner in creating a better future."

"We intend to continue our engagement with UNESCO in every possible way," Killion said.

UNESCO, the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization...

...The US loss of voting rights comes as Washington tries to keep peace negotiations between Israel and Palestinians afloat.

...US Secretary of State John Kerry has warned Israel that it could face a third Palestinian uprising if the talks fail.

...The United States has characterized UNESCO's move as a misguided attempt [probably not Obama's sentiments] to bypass the two-decade old peace process. Washington says only a resumption of peace talks ending in a treaty with Israel can result in Palestinian statehood.

In the meantime, while there is no peace process, Israel's military enemies are gaining in numbers and strength all around. Hamas has been in power in Gaza long enough to know much better to maximize its resources and wits. Hezbollah has been in a co-operative government long enough to know how to exploit the side that tolerates Israel. Iran has funded Hezbollah to the tune of too-much-money for so long that it must be asking how much more it will dish out in that direction to seal Israel's doom. Where Israel only had one enemy, it now has two: Assad and al-Qaeda's coalition.

The Police at the Forbidden Door

I first learned that, sometimes, when right-clicking the Flickr images at its lightbox-series pages (the images with scroll arrows next to them), the menu would come up allowing me to enlarge the image, but at other times the right-click will bring up another menu not allowing enlargement. After right-clicking without luck about ten times on different images, the enlargement option finally came up at all times when right-clicking the CENTER of images. I'm not sure if the problem is due to outdated browsers breaking down in order to urge us to go with the latest versions, but the more evolved browsers become, the more I think they are better government-snoop tools.

I'm now using the latest Firefox version against my will because the last version causes severe problems already, probably by design. Each day I get a message box telling me that there is a very important security update for Firefox, but the only two options for clicking are "Try Later" or "Update Firefox." I click "Try Later" everytime, but the box appears every day, trying to force us to go with the update.

There is so much more to look at after the new understanding of the last update. I had been wondering about the police officer with a piece of paper in his pocket who was at Ms Lime Stripe in front of the forbidden door to the end of the action-scene video, at 3:57 minutes after the explosion. Then, in the 4:09 image, there is a police officer with paper in his pocket, it looking identical, way over on the other side of the injury zone, well past Lenscrafters. To find whether it's the same officer, we can appeal to the 3:11 image.

As the officer appears at the :17 point of the action-scene video, it's 3:27 after the blast, just 16 seconds after the 3:11 image. There are more than a dozen police officers within a 16-second range of the forbidden door area in the 3:11 image, but none show the paper in their pant pocket. What would have prompted that officer to go to the spot of Ms. Lime Stripe? Usually, the police officers are chatting or aimlessly doing nothing trying to look busy. For sure they're not handing out speeding tickets, but other than that I really don't know what they're doing. Judging by the face of the officer in the video, I would suggest that he's the one on the street closest to our right of the lamp post (3:11 image). When he waves to the street, he appears to be waving where he's then standing. Another officer will soon come over.

For a brief second beside the tree trunk at :35, just as the officer waves, one can see a man in blue shirt (long sleeves, sunglasses) standing with a fireman (but no police officer is with them); these two, in the 3:11 image, had been standing with the police officer mentioned above, for which reason he's a very good candidate for being the one waving from Ms. Lime Stripe. The implication is that he's waving at these two men...but only the fireman can see him wave, and he doesn't come over; he's still beside the curb and the tree in the 4:09 image. But another officer does come over, visible for such a brief time that you may have missed him.

In the 3:11 image, there are two men on the street with blue t-shirts and black shorts, but neither are the man in blue t-shirt arriving to the forbidden door at the same time as the police officer under discussion. Let's call him the video officer. He and the man in blue t-shirt are there at 3:27. Where did the latter come from? He doesn't appear to be within a 16-second range of his position in the 3:11 image, because he's not in the 3:11 image. He's walking into the action-scene video from the makeshift marathon building. I have no choice but to locate him on the street, though the entire street, virtually, is visible without him showing. Perhaps he's inside one of the two police vehicles. If not, this is quite the mystery.

[Later in the update, wholly unrelated to this discussion, the two men in blue t-shirts on the street are stressed. Some very interesting things crop up with that discussion, wholly new to me and having to do with the little door to the underside of the bleachers. I end up suggesting that one of the two in blue t-shirts was the one in the video, but changed slightly by photo-doctoring to hide his role. It's a very compelling theory and important to the understanding of the Jeff Bauman hoax.]

The video officer does not walk away past the camera view, toward the street, for the rest of the action-scene video, yet he's not at that general location in the 4:09 image. The image shows all along the patio railing, but he's vanished. How strange. Where did he go? To the forbidden door, right? The man in blue t-shirt got to the door first, and he is predicted to have come across the street right where the video officer had been standing.

[It could seem that his coming across the street signalled to the officer that he too had to go to the door. When I deal with the two blue t-shirts later, I end up concluding that the blue-t-shirt man in the video had been at the little hole in the bleachers (with good reason) getting verification that the Jeff hoax is to go on. There is reason to believe that his walking across the street was a signal to other actors, informing them that the hoax had a green light from the decision-makers. Although I didn't have it in mind then, this theory now explains why the video officer follows the man in blue t-shirt.]

In the 4:09 image, there are only two possible officers who can match his particulars (sunglasses, not heavy, no gray stripe on his pants) aside from the one with papers in his pant pocket standing alone beyond Lenscrafters. One of the two can be eliminated as per the stripe seen on his pants in the image at about 4:13. But on the one with papers in his pant pocket, there is a faint circular thing hanging off his belt that at first appears to be a set of hand cuffs. In the video (as well as in other images), the cuffs are bright and clear, and moreover they have a different shape than perfectly circular. They do not seem to be the same officer based on this small difference, yet it is a curiosity that both officers seem to be carrying the same papers in the same pant pocket, both papers having the same shape in the upper left corner.

The shape appears as a notch cut out of a piece of paper, but in close-ups, one can see that it's due to several papers back-to-back. It's curious that, at one "frame" during the :17 point of the video, the notch-like shape is evident. The shape disappears after :17 due to the shift of the papers as he bends over, but the shape is there at the start. Did the insiders paste the papers into the pocket of the officer way over by Lenscrafters (let's call him the officer in nobodyland), to mislead us, to make us wrongly identify the video officer?

There is a motive for the insiders wishing to have us confuse the two: they didn't want us to know that the one in the video was inside the forbidden door as of about 4:00 minutes, so they pasted papers to a pant pocket on an officer in far away as possible from that door. However, there is a problem with this theory: there are marked differences between him and the one in the video. Yet, I am coming to learn that insiders need to be very careful, for legal purposes, not to paste an identical man in a spot that he didn't truly occupy. Such a thing could work much better at deceiving us, but it could also prosecute them for photo tampering. If they allow small differences in their paste jobs when trying to make one man look like another, they can argue in court that there was no photo doctoring because the two are not identical. [This can explain why there are a couple of small differences between the men in blue t-shirts on the street and the one in the video.]

Let's assume that, when they pasted into the 4:09 image and released it, they had not yet seen the action-scene video. They may have known about another image that was released, showing the officer in the video with papers in his pocket but not showing his sunglasses, sideburns, or black gloves. I mention black gloves because, while the one in the video wears none, the officer in nobodyland shows black gloves in both the image about 4:00-05 (see chevrons) and about 4:13. They weren't going to fool any serious investigator under these circumstances, but only because the action-scene video came out against their will.

If we don't wish to entertain papers pasted into his pocket, then we could conclude a coincidence: both officers had papers in the same pocket showing a similar shape.

In the 4:13 image, the officer in nobodyland shows three chevrons below his main police logo on the upper arm. Why would a high-ranking officer be walking about in nobodyland? In fact, in the image about 4:00-05, there is another officer, smack beside him, also showing three chevrons. The main one under discussion is visible in the same nobodyland in the 3:11 image. Per chance, he could have made it from that spot to his position in the video at the :17 point (= 3:27) of the video. When checking, it turns out that there is some color at the upper arm of the video officer, right under the main police logo, thus making it possible that there are chevrons there. This argues once again for the insiders wishing to have us confuse the two officers.

In the 4:13 image, the officer in nobodyland wears no sunglasses, and has a sideburn reaching down to about half way down his ear. The officer in the video has no sideburn, so far as I can see, and wears sunglasses. If they wanted for us to believe that this man was the one in the video, why didn't they put sunglasses on him, as well as remove his sideburns? Possibly, they didn't yet see the action-scene video, and all they had to do at this point was to paste papers into his pocket to satisfy one or two images showing the video officer with his papers. They pasted the papers to another officer shown in nobody land shortly after 4:00 minutes to deny serious investigators the truth: that the officer in the video went into the forbidden door.

If this is correct, then we want to know why they didn't want us to think that the officer in the video was still near the forbidden door shortly after 4:00. If he was there on routine police business, why try to hide his appearance at / inside the door? An outsider fully expects the police to go into the store doors to inquire about the bombing, but why try to hide that? Because, as a faked event, the police had no intension of going into any store to inquire about the identity of the bomber, etc. But in trying to hide that police were inside the door for a longish period, something must have been going on in there of an evil nature, and of course it had to do with the hoax.

As the man in blue t-shirt (black shorts) is nowhere in the 4:09 image, he must be beside, or in, the forbidden door. What business did they have there? Marathon Place had nothing to do with the bombing...or did it??? It wasn't supposed to have anything to do with it. It's just a retail store, I assume. What business did the man in blue t-shirt, supposedly a mere marathon runner, have inside that door? Don't you want to know?

There is a man in blue t-shirt of the same shade of blue, and what could be black shorts (they could also be long black pants), walking away from the camera at the top of the 4:09 image [a Tang image], but this man isn't wearing a cap. Moreover, the one at the door is not supposed to be leaving because he's in the injury zone soon after. [It is important that, after 4:09, the first time we see this man is in an image not by Tang, but from the press box, suggesting that the release of this image was not the will of the insiders. The theory here is that the man in blue t-shirt walking away at 4:09 was the original insider plan, but that, after the press box image was released (timed about 5:10), the Tang people decided to release the same man in blue t-shirt in three images all timed about 5:15 to 5:30. We'll see the press-box image below.] In the 4:43 image (Tang), the one in blue t-shirt walking away at 4:09 can be seen walking further away up the sidewalk, with his arm around a woman's shoulder. He still wears no cap, but we can see the possibility here, that the insiders wanted the serious investigator to think that this man walked away, and was NOT inside the forbidden door.

Remember, the Tang people claim only photos, no video, so that it's not possible to prove tampering by accessing the video that supposedly doesn't exist. The insiders are not going to give anyone the video that does of course exist from the Tang window. By claiming there is no video, the insiders can be liberal in paste jobs, yet they must not paste any person who is identical to another without great risk. Suppose that the man in blue t-shirt walking away was identical to the one in the video, afterwhich the press-box image came out showing him, not walked away, but in the middle of the injury zone. That could get Mr. Tang in serious trouble.

As the man in blue t-shirt with a cap is still not in the injury zone as of the 4:43 image, it means he's been at/in the forbidden door for over a minute to this point. That's the bottom line. The insiders have banana on their faces. Someone needs to investigate who this man was, for surely, he's a police officer disguised as a runner. These men are dangerous if they were willing to conduct this hoax. They are lunatic-prone, and will use wicked measures to protect themselves from prosecution. They will make mistakes, however, when seeking to evade prosecution, and the trick is to deceive them into making fatal mistakes.

The three-chevron officer with papers in his pocket (4:43) is, I think, mainly obscured beside man in red sweater at the left. We can see some white on this officer's right leg. He's talking with the man in two-tone gray...who was a topic of the last update as per being on his cell in the very location he now stands in.

An officer who qualifies as the video officer (due only to being obscured sufficiently), in the 4:09 image, needs to be disqualified if the theory is to stand true that the video officer was in the forbidden door for a longish time. This obscured one (not the one in blue gloves, but with a bare hand showing slightly) stands beside the same man in two-tone gray (it could appear that, during the 34 seconds between 4:09 and 4:43, the two have moved together from the street curb to the "phone center"; see last update for that phrase).

We can't use the images at about 4:00-05 and 4:13 to determine who the obscured one of the 4:09 image is, because both images are cropped. The image at about 4:15 shows the spot again, and we know he's not the one with blue gloves so that, in all likeliness, he's the one (beside the SS medic) in glasses and chevrons. I can't tell whether he wears sunglasses, nor can I see whether there are two or three chevrons, but he shows sideburns well below the handles of his glasses, unlike the video officer. That in itself rules him out as the video officer, making it more certain that the video officer is the one standing beside the man in long blue sleeves (on the street) in the 3:11 image. One clue after another, moving on, we are now learning to follow the police officers around.

The high resolution offered by Flickr on its enlarged images (I wish I knew about this long before) allows me to see the face well of the officer in clear glasses and chevrons. He's not the officer (lower 4:13 image) wearing three chevrons and clear glasses, and, besides, both officers with glasses are in the 4:15 image. The one whose chevrons can't be counted well is probably the one in the lower right of the 4:43 image, walking on the street to the right of the lower lamp post.

In other words, I feel confident that all three officers, who could potentially be the video officer in the 4:09 image, have been disqualified. It means that, because the video officer is not in the 4:09 image, just 19 seconds after he's last seen in the video, he must have walked to/into the forbidden door. Isn't that a good thing, that we have been able to make this discovery. A legal team can now approach this officer, asking what he was doing inside that door, and the legal team can then inquire from others as to whether this officer told them the truth. Image all that could come from such a move. What fun it is to discover disease under a dirty rock called the USA, for one can then flush away the disease and clean the rock. Isn't there a lawyer in all the USA who wants to do this? I don't need to tell you that a police department this corrupt spells a dictatorship in the negative sense of the word.

It get's significantly worse for the insiders because the video officer doesn't show walking to the street or into the injury zone in the image about 4:00-05. If that's not enough, let me remind you that, after we see the last of him in the video's :34 point (= 3:44 minutes), we don't see him walking past the camera, i.e. to the street or into the injury zone. He was near/at the door, therefore, at the end of the video = 3:57. Shouldn't we see him walking toward the street in the image about 4:00-05 if indeed he walked away from that door?

He's just a telephone call away, if you're the sort of lawyer who cares about the condition of your country. You can send a shock wave through him and others by making one call. You can tell him that something doesn't seem right when he says he can't talk about it right now. If you're a media head who cares about cherishing a clean country, dial your phone and get things started. Tell them you would like to see some of the videos of the event; every judge in the land knows that the police have the videos. It's as easy as finding a good judge to get a court order to see the videos. Wouldn't you like to be the first person ever to see the videos in the possession of the Boston police? Lure them to make the fatal mistake. Wait for them to make it. But have God on your side, because, without Him, you can do nothing against this magnitude of evil.

At :37 of the action-scene video, you can catch a glimpse of a police officer (his legs only appear) walking past the patio corner (between the right side of the picture and the man in light-green shirt). He then stands in the spot where the video officer had kneeled, and he himself (the second one, chubby) can be seen taking off toward the forbidden door at :40! There might be no need for an exclamation mark, but this door has become an issue of concern. It's a whole new story if the insiders were trying to hide the particular officers who were into that door. [Up until this point of this investigation, I had not yet seen the officer in nobodyland smack at the forbidden door at about 5:15 minutes. You'll see this below].

I'm keeping in mind that the action-scene video was NOT, in my opinion thus far, an insider production, meaning that the cameraman (can be seen in the 3:11 image) took images that we were not supposed to see. A split-second before you see the second officer, the video goes briefly screwy. What do you make of it? What clue do you come away with? Someone edited the video, right? Someone removed the approach of the second officer. Why would an outsider do that? Who said that an outsider removed it? I did, didn't I? No, I say that the cameraman was an outsider, but I did not say that the cameraman removed part of the video. Who then removed part of the video? The police. But how? By taking the camera. When? We should ask the legs-only officer below.

The image about 4:00-05 can be timed up to about 4:06, depending on what positions of what people we go by, and who was or wasn't doctored. I've yet to find a method for measuring the precise second of this image. As the picture is toward the cameraman of the action-scene video, it potentially allows us to identify him. But his upper body is cropped off. We can only see his dark pant legs beside the Oriental woman in white coat and red cap. He's to our left of the sign showing "WAVE 3". To the right of that sign, there is a police officer walking toward him (legs only visible) who may have yelled over to him, causing an end to his video session, explaining why his video goes screwy at the end. However, the video ends five-to ten seconds before this image so that another reason for the abrupt ending of the video may be sought. Did the police add the screwy parts in, telling the cameraman that parts of the video needed to be deleted for security reasons, or for any routine excuse?

If we say that the cameraman was probably asked to leave, we find that, a few seconds later, neither he nor the police officer who was walking toward him (or across his path, anyway) are in the 4:09 image. How did the cameraman leave so fast? Did he run? Or was he taken into the forbidden door, into Chaos Headquarters?

The pants of the female officer (4:09) are not a match with the pants of the legs-only officer. he can't be the one with the open vest (4:09 image) because he's also in the 4:00-05 image with the legs-only officer. He can't be the Negro officer at the street because the Negro has a stripe on his pants. He can't be an officer with blue gloves because his bare hand is showing slightly (this high-resolution capability is great). Who, then, in the 4:09 image, is the legs-only officer???

Did he follow the video officer into the forbidden door? Of his only purpose was to deal with the cameraman, why not take him to a police vehicle on the street? We don't see that. I suppose the vehicles were vacant because police headquarters was inside the forbidden door at this time, and this legs-only officer was the third officer (or fourth, or fifth) coming to that door at this time, when he spotted the cameraman and took him along. Did the insider monkeys do their darn best to hide all this police activity?

Could the legs-only officer be out of the Tang camera view between the 4:00-05 and 4:09 image if he walked to the door? Yes, there's enough time. Could he have turned around to walk to the street after 4:00-05 so as to explain why he's not in the 4:09 image? Only if the image is closer to 4:00 than to 4:05. That being true, there may have been enough time for him to be one of the three male officers mainly obscured behind the police van. It doesn't look good for that possibility, however, especially if he had to walk there with the cameraman.

The cameraman is the short-haired, young one, in dark jeans and black shirt under the sign showing "tgreen", in the 3:11 image. The action-scene video starts a second (two at the most) before the 3:11 image, and originates on a line pointing back exactly to the man in black shirt. The young man in light-gray shirt and white stripe at the belt, in the 4:09 image, looks like he's carrying a camera, but as he does not appear in the 3:11 image, he could not have been the action-scene cameraman. I would venture to say that the one in gray, who does wear dark jeans, was pasted to hide from us the true cameraman. It appears that the insiders wish for us to believe that the cameraman is the man in gray, and that he left without incidence.

Looking under the railing in the 4:13 image, no legs or shoes show in front of the forbidden door. When the lime object in front of that door can be seen in a Tang image, which object is seen outside the door in the action-scene video, we know that no legs are standing in front of the door. This suggests that the man in blue t-shirt and the Obama-suspect suspect are INSIDE the door at 4:13. But there are three missing police officers as of seconds before 4:13 that could have, should have gone into the door. Therefore, we need to ask whether the two officers not far out the door in the 4:13 image are one or both of them. One of them is ruled out due to the pant stripe and other clue identifying her as the female officer (who's looking toward the forbidden door at 4:09). The other one is obscured and walking away from the door, though he was not there about four seconds earlier in the 4:09 image. Hmm, another mystery.

It appears that he was at the door, therefore, at 4:09. That's police officer number four at the door, unless he's the legs-only officer. The radio-like thing on his vest could identify him better if found in another image. Why is his head cropped off? If it were not cropped, we would have less reason to think the insiders were trying to hide the particular officers who went into the forbidden door.

In the image about 4:15, this officer with the radio is mainly obscured (it figures), but he does have a marriage band on his left-hand finger. I'm well armed now with high-resolution Tang. Only a slight bit of his yellow vest is visible at the top of the picture (yip, his face is cropped out), beside the white sign.

Below is a man with paper in his right-leg pocket. He is standing outside the forbidden door! He's got three chevrons on his shoulder!! He's definitely the officer in nobodyland as per the time span of 4:00 to 4:15. Let's place bets on whether he came to the door from nobodyland, or whether he's just walked out the forbidden door. I'm sure the most of you would bet that he just walked out the door. It sure looks like it.

The officer has no stripe on his pants, but in spotting a difference with the video officer, he wears no sunglasses...which can be explained if he just walked out from indoors. However, we saw already that the two do not share the same sideburns; the video officer appears to have zero sideburns. Therefore, both officers were inside the door, isn't that right? In that case, perhaps I was hasty to assume that they pasted papers in the pant pocket of the officer in nobodyland. Perhaps he got those papers from the video officer when they were both inside.

The timing of the image above (previously called the surfboard or stretcher-1 image) is about 5:15. The question now is: why did he come from nobodyland to this door, and when did he come? At about 4:15, he's speaking to the man in two-tone gray, whom in the last update was suspect as one of the phone men dealing with the heavy-set-woman problem, as it concerned her high interest in the forbidden door. We now have reason to believe that at least part of her concern was four or more officers inside that door.

As she seems to be walking to the forbidden door at 4:13, it's quite possible that the man in two-tone gray received an alert message from the event's all-seeing-eye, a message received while he was speaking with the nobodyland officer, that the heavy-set woman was inside the door (it makes sense because the two men are seen speaking at 4:15). The nobodyland officer then went into the door to deal with it.

As you can see, the man with blue t-shirt has likewise come out as of about 5:15. Where possibly could he have gotten the blue thing that's in his hands in the cowboy-looking up image (seconds before the stretcher-1 image) that's not many seconds after he walks out the door? Is that blue thing real? Look at the man in green sweater following him, and ask why he is not in recent images. He's not on the street either in recent images. You can't find him a half-minute earlier in the 4:43 image, and he's now walking to the Jeff spot along with the man in blue t-shirt. It's like a train. It's a deliberate walk to the Jeff spot, isn't it, by this duo? The one in green carries what looks like a tag of some sort, probably pasted to disguise what he was truly carrying. Could it have been another key? Were two vehicles necessary for the cowboy, one to drive Jeff away to a certain spot, and one for him to drive away from it? Was the first key for Jeff's vehicle? Are we sure they drove him straight to the hospital?

I've just realized that there are two officers with open vests, both showing in the cowboy-looking-up image. The one closest to the camera is the one facing the door in the stretcher-1 image. In the latter image, the clear plastic bag in the hand of the orange-stretcher man can be seen to have a roll of bandage material.

This high-resolution capability is great; I can even make out the cell phone with certainty in the hand of the woman in gray at the forbidden door. The same image (4:00-05) shows something in the hand of the cowboy just as the man in red shirt (action-scene video) arrives to him, seconds after leaving the spot of the video officer. This suspicious thing was pointed out in the last update. The man in red received what looks like a white piece of paper or cloth, but then it's not in his hands (4:09 image) when he arrives to the cowboy's spot. Something much smaller does appear to be in his hands / fingers in the 4:09 image.

I've known for months that the cowboy had something in his hands, but I can now make it out as a set of keys (or at least one key). I'm fairly confident about that, the resolution is that super. Thank you Flickr. There appears to be a white key tag horizontally, and a single key hanging vertically off a chrome ring, though it looks like a side view of the key so that I could be wrong about it being a key. Perhaps the cowboy was being given the key of the vehicle that would drive Jeff Bauman away. That makes sense. The blue strap dangling from the cowboy's hands looks very related to what looks like a key tag and key, and one of my sons had car keys on a similar strap of about that length and width.

In the 4:09 image, the cowboy is putting the strap, not around Jeff's leg to stop the bleeding, but around his own neck. It doesn't look like it's around his neck in the iconic image. Why did he take it off his neck between images? Perhaps he didn't put it around his neck after all; we only see him starting to do so. Perhaps the man in red said to him, "don't put it around your neck, stupid. It's evidence."

Other people with these straps around their necks have name tags attached to them, not keys. But why would there be any interest to have Mr. Arredondo put on a name tag in the middle of Jeff-dying-to-death before his eyes? Not credible. Why would the man in red (or someone else) bring him a name tag at that time? Not credible.

Even in the iconic images, Jeff still didn't have a strap around his leg, by the way. The Oriental woman, and many other marathon workers, had straps around their necks, but they were NOT used to tie limbs that were supposedly blown away. But pretty soon, any day now, a monkey could provide a couple of images with these very straps used to tie a leg or an arm.

The large white object in the hand of the SS (short-sleeved) medic (smack beside the man in red shirt in the about-4:00 image) may have been what the man in red shirt was carrying to disguise the key-and-strap that he was carrying. The object shows conspicuously (exactly what we might expect) as a package possibly of blue latex gloves, unopened. The 4:09 image shows this object still in the hand of the SS medic. He will take another step or two at the street with the object, then turn around just before this image at about 4:15, and go back the way from which he came? Did he go to the street simply to discard this package?

When the man in red first arrived to the orange-stretcher man (in gray hair) to receive his white object, the man in red sort of licks his fingers, then puts on a "come-on-give-it-to-me" attitude, revealing that he knew what he was about to get, as though this had been pre-planned. This man (in red) was coming from the other side of the patio. It's not expected of him to walk to this man, who is supposed to be a stranger, and take a package of latex gloves from him. What possibly would have brought that idea to mind? In the action-scene video, the man in gray hair has a plastic bag filled with whatever he supposedly gave the man in red. In the image at about 4:13, his hand is visible holding what looks like a clear plastic bag with something blue inside of it. If it's a package of gloves, it looks like there is only one package left.

Why would he pass out gloves to the man in red, then roll up the bag and not pass out the other package? Because, he was not interested in giving anyone latex gloves.

In stretcher-2, we'd expect to see what the cowboy did with what he received, but the picture is cropped off. Thanks Tang. In stretcher-2 we'd expect to see where the three-chevron officer went, or what he did, after coming out the door, but the picture is cropped off. Thanks Tang. In stretcher-3, we'd expect to see what the cowboy did with what he received, but the picture is cropped off. Thanks Tang. Jeff was supposedly about to be loaded onto his wheelchair, but Tang doesn't offer us an image on that. Tang needs to go to jail with the cowboy and Jeff Bauman, and the people who plotted the Jeff hoax should get double time. Stretcher-3 is where the man in green offers his item, but the little bit of red on his finger suggests that they fixed him up for a photo shoot. They intended to get this in a Tang photo.

They decided that they didn't want the blue item to go to the cowboy, and put / pasted it into the hand of the fireman. But Arredondo definitely appears to have the blue item in his grasp in stretcher-1. In stretcher-1, the insiders made it appear as though the blue item coming off the hand of man in blue t-shirt is grasped between the cowboy's thumb and index finger; otherwise, we are to believe that the man in blue flung the blue item well above the cowboy's hand at this time, then pulled it back in like a yo-yo. Such is what stretcher-2 demands (where it's still in the hand of the man in blue t-shirt). But, no, the cowboy was not holding his arm up to grasp the blue item, but rather his arm is coming back down from when he was looking up. I think I'm right on that. For me, this is additional reason to expect a pasted blue obscure what the man was truly bringing to the Jeff-spot. From various means, it can be determined that the cowboy-looking-up image is a few seconds BEFORE stretcher-1.

While the transfer of objects was taking place at the spot of the cowboy, the nobodyland officer was walking out the forbidden door (stretcher-1), tentatively suggesting that the heavy-set woman had been satisfactorily dealt with by then. There are about 10 or 12 seconds between stretcher-1 and stretcher-2, judging by the distance that people have moved. There could be as many as 15-20 seconds. The nobodyland officer -- let's call him the three-chevron officer for his role at the door -- may have moved out of the stretcher-2 picture by then, therefore, yet there is an officer kneeling at Ms. Lime Stripe in stretcher-3, a short-few seconds after stretcher-2. We can't see his arm symbols due to the stretcher, but the insiders may have pasted it in to obscure something about the officer, not necessarily to obscure chevrons. The reason that the stretcher could be pasted is that the fireman inside the patio has his hand on it as it's coming in, yet he doesn't face the stretcher. One could argue that this is not right; he should be looking at the stretcher as it comes in, and as he puts a hand out to grab it. We can't argue that there isn't a motive for obscuring the officer due to his being in plain view in stretcher-1. We can't make that argument because we don't know whether the partially-obscured officer is the one in plain view in stretcher-1.

In other words, if the stretcher is intended to obscure the officer, chances are he's not the three-chevron officer. The insiders may have been trying to hide that the three-chevron officer walked back into the door between stretcher-1 and stretcher-2. In other words, they may want us to believe falsely that he's crouching in stretcher-2 in order to hide his heavy involvement inside the door. The cropping of the picture (with the stretcher itself out of view) in stretcher-2 is suspicious.

The next image offered by Tang, after stretcher-3, is the wheel-away image (after 7:00 minutes). I think I see chevrons on an officer on the street, walking near the Negro medic and toward the injury zone. I can't make out the number of chevrons, but he is wearing black gloves. The nobodyland officer was wearing black gloves, but, then, when he's in front of the door, his gloves are off. It's possible these are the same men. The one on the street is the officer identified (by me) a few weeks ago as the one who drove the white cart in the wheel-away video below. Unless he's the one, I cannot find the three-chevroned officer in this wheel-away image: In the wheel-away image, there is an officer (no chevrons), near a patio corner, having a radio at his vest at just the right spot, and thus he should be the one walking away from the forbidden door at the 4:13 image. Again, there is no officer in the picture about four seconds before the 4:13 image who can explain where he came from, which assumes he came from the forbidden door.

Now that we know a little of what the face and head looks (he's got plenty of orange on his hat's visor) of the officer with radio, perhaps we can spot him in other images. He could be the one (the face seems like a good match) beside the man in red shirt and glasses in stretcher-1. I can see his married finger, with ring, but his visor doesn't seem to be a match. In fact, I'm going to rule him out due to lack of any orange at the part of the visor we can see. In other words, the orange-visor officer is not showing in the image about 5:15.

Is he showing at 4:43? The two officers with backs to the camera and showing no visors on the right side of the injury zone are eliminated due to stripes on their pants. The two officers with backs to the camera and showing no visors on the left side of the injury zone are eliminated due to a blue glove and a too-chubby body. The third officer with them has enough visor showing to eliminate him. The one officer with back to the camera between them all is too huge in build. The orange-visor one could be mainly obscured to the right of the tree trunk. Otherwise, he needs to be accounted for. The officer with orange visor on the street looks like a woman, and should be eliminated

Safe to say, the officer with radio did not walk back into the forbidden door after the wheel-away image. He's probably the legs-only officer, the one suspect in capturing the cameraman. As the 4:09 image has a fairly wide view, the fact that no orange visor or radio-on-vest appears is a good case for equating him with the legs-only officer in the 4:00-05 image.

If he is the legs-only officer (walking toward the forbidden door), then he was at the door only very briefly, perhaps not inside at all. The questions would be: why did he walk to the door in the first place, and why did he go to the door for such a brief time? Was his only purpose to deliver the cameraman to the door? We now have a pretty good idea of which officer interrogated the cameraman inside that door. They couldn't have released him very quickly, for they wanted his camera.

Earlier Near the Forbidden Door

Below is another image (I'm timing it for the first time exactly at 2:19 Silva-video time = 2:13 after the explosion) with some people looking up to the broken window. In the Tang images of the same time period, the man in green sweater (beige shorts) under discussion emerges (from I don't know where) at the patio corner nearest the forbidden door. Then he goes missing for a few minutes, which is more reason to expect him inside the door. The insiders can provide other images showing him tucked away somewhere in the injury crowd in those missing minutes, but it won't be easy because there are too many images out now for them to have much flexibility:

The man in green (or green-gray) sweater is in the 1:57 timeclock image, walking around the forbidden door. In front of him is a woman with her hand to her ear as though on a cell phone. As we can't see a large white purse to prove that it's the woman-in-black-on-the-phone (see last update for that phrase), I checked the two-minute-exactly image (low resolution) to find a large white area beside her...that looks too low and too large to be her purse. This white area must therefore be the coat of the man with glasses seen three seconds earlier. He must be crouching to explain why the white area looks curved. But, no, he's standing up in plain view. The mystery white area must remain a mystery for the time being.

She wears no glasses on her head, as does the woman-in-black-on-the-phone, but over to our right of her, we see the heads of two woman with glasses on their heads, and hair matching the hair color of the woman-in-black-on-the phone. The two-minute-exactly image is of such low resolution that I cannot make out whether the one furthest from the camera is the woman-in-black-on-the phone, but I'll assume it is because she's not elsewhere in the images, and because she's walking away from that spot in this image about 2:08.

If you go to the latter image and press the right arrow, you will find that the Tang people crop off the patio area of this, and the next eight images, all before the 3:00 point. It's a little suspicious because the forbidden door area is cropped off. (By the way, if the scroll arrows at Flickr don't work for you at any time, it doesn't for me either when I enlarge the images with Control+. When I reduce the sizes of the images, the arrows work again.)

One of the first things the woman-in-black-on-the-phone does after we see her at 2:00 is to walk over to the man in navy-blue hat (as per the 3:11 image). Then, she was at the forbidden door at 4:09, just after police officers arrived to it. She's walking to the door like she knows it, or like she belongs. She was thereafter at the lamp post at about 5:15 with a man in navy-blue hat...just before she appears at the Jeff spot with the man in gray-green stretching out his hand to give what looks like a name tag. It seemed to me that she could have been taking something to the Jeff spot from the green bag.

In any case, this man in gray-green is making motions with his hand in the 1:57 image. I don't have an opinion on what his body language may indicate, but do check out the direction to his left, and see if you can spot another woman besides the one with her hand to her ear. I don't see another woman there, but another woman appears three seconds alter. I cannot see who this woman is, appearing over his right arm three seconds later. She doesn't seem to have a body under his arm; only her head shows above the outstretched arm. Shouldn't there be her body under the arm??? Is she flying through the air? Then where is her body?

She appears to be so short that I'm tempted to identify her as the Plourde girl. She was predicted to be in this area at this very time. It may be that the photo monkeys erased her body but forgot to erase her head. Plourde should be on his way to get her at any second (because he's at the street curb with her at 3:05 or earlier), but the Tang images show only to about 2:45-50. This is the image at about 2:40. Scroll back through the arrows and see if you can see Plourde coming in from the street. I can't.

Plus, Plourde is expected to be taking her to the street just after 2:40, probably explaining why the Tang people did not release full images between 2:30 and 3:11, aside from the 3:07 image...which is cropped off so that we can't see Plourde anyway. His first appearance in the Tang images now at Flickr is in the 3:11 image. We can thank the chief orangutTANG for this. Thangs Tang.

The image (below) immediately after the one at about 2:40 shows the Silva cameraman (bald, shorts, on the street near the bleachers, looks like Steve Silva himself) not filming at the time. He's filming again soon after. The image is about 2:50, perhaps even closer to 3:00; I'll call it the image about 2:50. We have a small piece of the street visible where Plourde should have been walking, but he's not there. The fact that it's only a small piece of the path that Plourde was expected to take may suggest that he's closer to the building at this time. But why hide him? If he was never there, that would be good cause to hide him. Or, if there was something wrong with the acting on his part or on someone else's part, that could be good cause. Or, there may have been something unrelated taking place at the forbidden door that we are not to see.

I've only just noted that the three-chevron officer is to the left of the lower lamp post with papers in his pant pocket. I'm assuming it's him due to the papers. He's already engaged in nobodyland at this early time. Also to the left of this post is the man in red who would take something to the Jeff spot at about 4:00 minutes. He is at the "phone center" in the 3:11 image; was he just given the green light to go get the object for to take it to the Jeff spot? He is, after all, in the process of walking over there.

At the far left of the image about 2:50, the man in green cap and green sleeveless shirt is beyond his position in the image at about 2:40. The reason that I time it at about 2:40 is due to the woman with white bag and bandage around her leg. In the Silva video, her blonde hair can be seen where she's walking past the man in red shirt at the 2:18 point of the video [in the past, I mistook this man as the man in red coat further to the left). She is not yet in the position she holds in this after-231 image (two officers still on the street), or this image (officer with open vest has foot on the curb), which Tang places before the image at about 2:40. Thus, as the two images that come before the one at about 2:40 are after 2:36 Silva-video time = 2:30 after the explosion, that's one reason for timing it at about 2:40 (there is a way to time the first image in this paragraph later than 2:31). It's important because we expect Plourde to be on his way to the street at this time. The next image after the one at about 2:40, the image at about 2:50, is severely cropped smack where we expect Plourde to be walking to the street! Why did the orangutangs do this? Plourde, the media hero, cropped out. Shame on the orangutangs.

You can just smell something wrong with that picture.

Okay, so Plourde is not yet at the street as of 2:40 - 2:50. But let's go back to the two-minutes-exactly image that has that woman's head only. To the right of the head, one can make out a small bit of blue. But where is that blue three seconds earlier in the 1:57 image??? Nowhere. It's not there within three seconds of range, unless she has wings, or unless she's the big woman in blue, sleeveless shirt. But look at her position (in two-minutes-exactly). How could such a big woman be in that position? Here she is about 2:08 with her long hair in front of her blue shirt so that one may argue the shirt should NOT be showing in the two-minute-exactly image. Yes, both she and the head-only woman have glasses on their heads, but something doesn't seem right.

So, all we do to solve this mystery is look to the Tang image of the two-minutes-exactly image (below), with high resolution. The two-minutes-exactly image shown above was from my files, and has low resolution. You can see how easy it is for me or anyone else to make a mistake using low resolution, but in the high-resolution image below, we discover where the big woman in blue is, and it is not her head after all (for she is in front of the man in red coat). And it's not the head of the Plourde girl either. It's the head (and face of the woman-in-black-on-the-phone. And suddenly, we learn that the big white area under the head is indeed her big purse. The blue part is, not a jacket after all, but her latex glove at her ear. Look at how many mistakes I (or you) could have made on one item alone using low resolution. I could have written an entire book on mistakes thanks to low resolution. It's a formidable weapon that the insiders have, to stack the images with wall-to-wall people so that it gets confusing, especially with low-resolution images.

But where's the Plourde girl? We have a high-res image now. Where's the Plourde girl?? Is she in the big white purse? Into which door did they take her? Did they reward her with an ice cream cone? Why do we see the mother / guardian of the Plourde girl at the window of the ice-cream place at the :04-06 point of the action-scene video? Shouldn't she be with Plourde out on the street with her daughter? Was there some complication? Did they fail to get the girl on time? Did she refuse to come out? Did she want another ice cream first?

What's all that fuss at the forbidden door in the action-scene video? Was the girl still in there? Just as the camera is going to the street at :36, the view goes screwy. I've never noticed it before this update, but when the image comes back at :37, a few seconds went missing. It explains why the image about 4:00-05 has such a wide possibility of five seconds, or even six.

If I'm correct about this, the 47-second video does not end at 3:57 (47 seconds after it started at 3:10), but a few seconds after 3:57. The still image about 4:00-05 has the woman in taupe just a few steps (two or three seconds) past her position seen barely at the :46-47 point of the video, which is why I originally timed the still image at about 4:00. However, later, there were things in the image suggesting more like 4:05. If a few seconds went missing at :36, then what we're seeing at :46 is more like 50 seconds after the start of the video, pushing the still image a few seconds past 4:00. It then makes it very hard to explain why the legs-only officer in the still image should be missing in the 4:09 image, unless he's at the forbidden door. Man, there is a soap opera going on in that door, with multiple stories coinciding.

But on the question of why the video went screwy at :36, just as the camera was about to catch the street, we note that it's a couple of seconds after the video officer waves toward the street. As the camera goes left toward the street to see what that wave is about, there is no other police officer walking toward the one who waved. But when the camera comes back at :37 after the screwy bit, one can catch the legs and vest of a police officer to the right of the man in light-green shirt. He is last seen walking (actually, he starts a run, I think) to the forbidden door at :41. That's how I knew a few seconds went missing at :36. It didn't show the approach of this second officer, or his identity. He's a short, stout person, not the nobodyland officer with three chevrons coming out the forbidden door at about 5:15.

Shortly before 2:09 in the Silva video, a fireman (yellow-and-orange vest) can be seen entering the candy-store door. He appears clear at 1:54, and thereafter shows a bright blue cap (not Plourde). At 2:01, a man in black coat with what appears to be a big white mark on his back walks into the neighboring door at Marathon Place. This could be one of the black firemen jackets with a big white 'B' on the back. At 2:05 between the two soldiers, there is another yellow-and-orange vest that could be Plourde, but a second later, he appears to be wearing a black cap (Plourde is nearly bald without a cap). He remains in roughly the same spot until 2:11, and is not walking toward the stores. At 2:19-21 video time, there is a clear shot of both store doors, with no firemen vests visible. Where was James Plourde? He doesn't have much time to get the girl. At 2:25 video time, another view of both doors, but no fireman vest comes into view. At 2:31, there a good shot of the forbidden door, with no bright vest there. The next second shows the path that Plourde was supposed to take, but there is no orange along that path.

Therefore, at 2:32 = 2:26 after the blast, Plourde is still at the street, or inside one of the stores. Take your pick. If he was in a store at that time, then he must have arrived to it before the 1:57 image. However, the Tang people released several images before 1:57, and I have others too of that period, none of which show Plourde going to the building. It behooves Plourde, therefore, to be a whiz like the Tasmanian devil, skirting his way from the street to the store through and around the images between 2:00 and 3:00 in such a way as we just never quite see him. Look, I'm here. No, fooled you. Here I am. No, fooled you again. Over here, ha, I'm not there either. Watch this, see me whiz. Ffyooo.

Why would that be? Was it because he was never there? Was it because the Plourde girl was never there? It's a mystery for the solving.

If correct that the Silva video denies his walk to the store until after 2:26 (after the blast), then, in the 2:23 Tang image (timeclock shows), we cannot say he's in a store. As that image shows the street, he's not at the street yet as of 2:23. He really hasn't got much time to get the girl. In fact, some Tang images of slightly-later time show that Plourde never came at all to the building. His only hope for being there is the cropped 2:23 image, which allowed him to be at the building at that time. But the Silva video is eradicating that possibility. Someone needs to take James Plourde to court to inquire of him: how did you get to the scene, by foot or by vehicle (there's no fire vehicle on the street before 3:11); where did you pick up the girl; where was her mother when you got photographed by the media; where did the stretcher come from that the girl was on??? Being part of a hoax like this is a serious crime, especially when law officers of the highest rank are involved. The United States is a dictatorship that mocks the democratic system even while it pretends to abide by it.

It is unfortunate that the action-scene video doesn't catch this time period, though it's possible that the police removed it when they took the cameraman aside at about 4:00. The video starts just as Plourde is walking along the street with the girl in his arms. It starts while the camera is pointed his way, but it just misses him, barely. Coincidence?

Painted Faces

Before having the knowledge that Tang's images at Flickr can be enlarged while retaining higher resolution, I did a short investigation on the ragged-coat woman as she moved her position closer to the shredded-pants man in order to get his face painted. See "ragged" in the 4th update of October for that story. I said:

As you can see in a video online, named, "Boston Marathon, All faked Injuries, Part II," the ragged-coat woman reached into her pocket, then put something to her face, then put her hand back to her pocket. I would therefore suspect that she got close to the shredded-pants man to create some of that wonderful paint job we see on his face. Look at how all of his face is made up of STRIPES of blood, what we would expect with something like a lipstick bottle filled with a red liquid. The object that she puts into her pocket is not large, but appears to fit in the palm of her hand, like a lipstick bottle, for example.

Here she is in a new position able to paint his face; he's the one whose face is not visible beside the shorts of the man in green cap. It appears she painted her own face...though, possibly, the woman in blue shirt painted it. The latter woman is walking away cool:

The changed position of the ragged-coat woman can be seen in the action-scene video, but, curiously, near the end of the video, she appears gone, and the woman in blue shirt, who can be seen reaching for the ragged coat just before the ragged-coat woman changes position (and therefore looks like an accomplice), remains standing above the shredded-pants man. In the new-to-me image below, we see her legs standing above him, with his wonderful paint job all visible as he yet lays on the ground. Let's call this the painted-face image:

As the woman in blue starts to walk away from him in the image about 4:00-4:05, this image below appears to be well before 4:00 minutes, even before the action-scene video, for at no time in the video do we see the military man in green shirt standing above the shredded-pants man, as we see him in the painted-face image. But wait. If his face was already painted before the action-scene video, how can I claim that it was painted during the action-scene video? Well, I now clearly see the hand of the ragged-coat woman, and in her palm is a white thing that looks cylindrical and much like a small capsule. Coincidence? See for yourself:

The trick now is to find the timing of the painted-face image to assure that the military man was not pasted in stooping over the shredded-pants man. The motive for pasting him is to give the impression that the man's face was painted before the time of the action-scene video. The insiders could clearly see that their paint job could be betrayed by the action-scene video, requiring that threat to be dealt with. The only Tang image I can see having the military man near the shredded-pants man is one timed about 2:40. However, in the two-minute-exactly image, where the woman in blue shirt is just about at her position (standing at the railing, facing it) in the painted-face image, we don't see the military man stooped over the shredded-pants man. He's not in the image at all, so far as we can make out. The same is true of the image at about 2:08. There is no military man visible in the image about 2:10 either. The next few images up to about 2:50 has the shredded-pants man cropped out of the picture, wherefore we are to assume that the military man was first stooping over him at some point between 2:10 and about 2:40. That is, the painted-face image seems to be between those times.

The 3:11 image still has the woman in blue shirt near the railing, but the military man in green shirt is beside the cowboy at the Jeff spot. I had noted this problem before, and suggested that he went from the Jeff spot to the spot of the shredded-pants man, then returned to the Jeff spot. It didn't make sense, but now I think it is making sense (i.e. he was never really at the shredded-pants-man spot) where they pasted him to the painted-face image. I can't make that claim out of sheer convenience for my theory; there's got to be some teeth to it.

There is no sign of the military man in the images up to about 2:40. Where did he come from so as to be at the Jeff-spot at 3:11??? He's not on the street in the 2:23 image, but he's at the spot of the shredded-pants man in the image about 2:40. This is very serious, pasting military men into the marathon bombing. How could the military heads over-seeing the details of the marathon not know of this?

It is clear now that the photo monkeys want for us to believe falsely that the military man, in images between 2:00 and 3:00 minutes, is obscured behind the man in dark blue who stoops over the shredded-pants man. We now have a second monkey-motive for the cropping out of the patio area in Tang images between 2:00 and 3:00 minutes. We may be able to accept seeing no military man in a couple of images, but if he's missing over six or seven, then, of course, the monkeys would be forced to paste him in more often if they chose to show all the images uncropped. And pasting military men into many images is cause for multiple charges.

Even aside from the pasting of this military man to the painted-face image, the other parts of the image suggest a timing BEFORE the action-scene video. It's a problem for anyone trying to claim a painted face at a later time.

I think I can spot a problem in the BloodyShredded image. If correct, then the painted-face image is very wrong, allowing the possibility that his face was pasted (they could have taken his face from an image timed after the action-scene video, and pasted it to the painted-face scene). Note that the bloody face does not show in the BloodyShredded image (ask, why not?), and then see for yourself how his left cheek in the action-scene video lacks certain blood markings seen elsewhere, explaining why they chose to release an image not showing his face i.e. it had not yet been painted in the time period of the BloodyShredded image. But then, the painted-face image is within seconds of the BloodyShredded image. It appears that a decision was made to release an image showing his bloody face timed within seconds of the BloodyShredded image.

In the BloodyShredded image, there is a female injury victim about to walk past the shredded-pants man. She too has blood stripes on her face that appear to be the product of a paint job by capsule. She was the reason that I previously timed the BloodyShredded image after the timing of the action-scene video, for I identified her as the woman beside checkered-shirt Bauman in the isthatJeff? image, itself timed at 4:10 without doubt.

There was always a small doubt in my mind as to whether I identified the woman in the BloodyShredded image correctly, but as there was no other woman in the injury zone who fits the part, and as the hair color, part and type is a close match, while some green around the neck can be seen on the one in the isthatJeff? image, I made the identification. Now, with high-resolution images, I have found this woman's fingers in the image about 4:13. As you can see in the BloodyShredded image, she wears the black cloth of her arm sleeves part-way down her hand (it shows on the left hand, anyway, down to her knuckles). Her fingers can be seen beside the woman in purple in the 4:13 image (find the child at the far right, and look below the child to find the fingers). In other images, the woman in purple is directly beside checkered-shirt that these fingers at 4:13 are in the right spot to be the woman beside checkered-shirt Bauman of the isthatJeff? image. The fingers are between checkered-shirt Bauman and the street, which is where the woman in the isthatJeff image always lies in relation to him.

The above proves that the woman in BloodyShredded was there after 4:13, after the action-scene video. However, the insiders pasted her into one of the pulse images (timed between 2:00 and 3:00 minutes), standing on her feet and looking on (beside the blue cap). The pulse image is of such low resolution that we can't see her face well enough to check for the status of the paint job, but there is another reason why it may be a low-resolution image: the insiders were confusing her deliberately with another woman beside the spot of checkered-shirt Bauman, but they don't want us to know. The motive for confusing the two is to have her standing up at about 2:30 and ready to fulfill the painted-face image a few seconds later. I'll explain this below.

The military man with green shirt appears to be in the top-right corner of this other pulse image, but the pulse images have their own problems. The female medic taking the pulse cannot be under 40 years old in this image, and her nose is very beaked. Plus, she appears out of nowhere in the 1:57 image (previous images don't show her walking there), and I claim to know as fact that she was pasted into it, meaning that she was possibly pasted into subsequent images where she appears to about midway between 2:00 and 3:00, at which time she took the pulse. In other words, the pulse image may be a wholly fraudulent image.

It seems impossible to argue that the woman with black down to her fingers -- let's call her the painted-face woman -- was not pasted into one pulse image, for as she did not get up from her injury spot until after 4:13 (there's no conceivable motive to paste her fingers into the 4:13 image), the pulse-image scene would need to be after 4:13 if she was not pasted. I think it's far better to claim that she was pasted. By what coincidence does the painted-face woman appear next to the military man in green shirt both in the pulse and in the BloodyShredded images??? Clearly, the orangutangs had the same theme in mind in both images, to deny us the charge that the shredded man's face was painted between 3:00 and 4:00 minutes.

Why? Because, if some lowly lone-writer like me can discover that they painted his face with the action-scene video acting as the evidence, a professional legal team with plenty of money for special software and photo experts can do the same much better. The insiders need "evidence" to show that there is no face-painting going on in the action-scene video. Or, at least, they want to give photo experts and legal teams as little reason as possible to be suspicious of it.

The female medic taking the pulse has a face that is clearly not her face when she's in the stretcher-1 image. High resolution shows that she's an attractive young lady no older than 30, perhaps closer to 20. Whoever she was, we don't know whether either image has her true face.

The woman in taupe is standing at the front of the railing, and over-looking the ragged-coat woman, in the painted-face image. She is definitely not at the front of the railing in the image about 2:08. We do see her in front of the railing in the image that's timed about 2:35, but the cropping off of the shredded-pants man between these times is very suspicious where we're expecting the military man in green shirt to be a paste job in this time period. The 1:57, the 2:00, and the 2:23 images shows no such man anywhere on the street. Where did he come from?

You can check all the Tang images, between 2:00 and 3:00, to find this painted-face woman, but she is not cutting across the front of the railing as we see her in the BloodyShredded image. As the military man is up on his feet and on his way to the Jeff-spot in the image about 2:40, we have no choice but to time the BloodyShredded and painted-face images before 2:40. So, if the orangutangs cropped off the images at 2:23, after-2:31, and about-2:35 so that we could not see whether the painted-face woman was walking that way, then we should at least expect her at the Lenscrafters frontage before she made the walk along the patio railing. Do you see her there in images before the after-2:31 image?

Well, the problem is, the orangutangs also cropped this image at exactly 2:13. There is nothing showing the front of the railing between the image at about 2:10 to the one about 2:35. There's enough time for our imaginations to envision the painted-face woman getting up from her injury spot (where we see the bearded man in the image about 2:10), and walking to her position in the BloodyShredded image.

BUT THE PROBLEM for the insiders is that all these paste jobs is going to find them out one way or another. They went and pasted her standing up, before she crossed the front of the patio, into one pulse image, but the Tang images have the pulse very near to the image about 2:40. Therefore, imagine all you want that she crossed the railing area between 2:10 and 2:35, because it's only in your imagination, according to the face value of the pulse image.

The monkeys can't get around this mistake because the image about 2:40 must be timed BEFORE the pulse-taking image... because the military man in green shirt has not yet arrived to his position in the pulse-talking image. Therefore, the painted-face woman, at about 2:40, must yet be standing in front of Lenscrafters (as she is in the pulse-taking image), or getting up from her injury spot, or lying down in it. But we don't see her at all, and that's with the high-resolution image.

There you see the blonde medic stooping at the pulse-taking spot (2:40 image), but there is no painted-face woman standing up. Besides, if she stands up now and walks away, it will be after the military man in green has abandoned the shredded-pants man. She wouldn't then be able to appear with that man in the BloodyShredded image. The apes blew it, again, didn't they? Look, here comes the military man to the Jeff spot as the pulse is being taken, and here is the painted-face woman standing up in front of Lenscrafters when the pulse is being taken. The BloodyShredded and painted-face images must be after the pulse-taking, which Tang's images times after 2:40, no way around it...unless one denies that the woman standing in the pulse-taking image is NOT the painted-face woman. And that's exactly what the insiders can do if it should ever get to a court of law. Until then, they would have you believe that it's the painted-face woman.

The monkey might say that she's standing a good distance from Lenscrafters, and is therefore just out of the picture in the image about 2:40. But then she is not anywhere near Lenscrafters in the after-2:31 image. To time this image, see the 2:35 point in the Silva video, when one officer steps over the blue fabric on the street. A second later, a second officer is walking toward the fabric, but he does not begin to step over it when the video ends at 2:36 (= 2:30 after the explosion). In the after-2:31 image, he is stepping over it, and, besides, the man in black jacket walking between the officers is not yet seen in the video...which is why I say the image is AFTER (not AT) 2:31.

In the pulse image, the painted-face woman (black coat) wears a white V-shape at the neck, and then the 2:32-34 point of the Silva video has a woman in black vest-jacket with a white V-shape at the neck exactly where this woman shows in the pulse image. She's bending down just as the video comes to an end, and we at first have the impression that the painted-face woman has just been found in the Silva video. But the location of the Silva V-neck woman is closer to the injury zone than the woman in black coat with white purse, and bandage on her leg. The latter woman can be seen in the after-2:31 image (I would tentatively suggest exactly 2:32), but as the V-neck woman in the Silva video shows at 2:26-28 after the explosion, we expect her to show in the after-2:31 image. She was made to bend down as the video ended.

Shouldn't she show standing up in the 2:23 image, since the Silva video shows her standing at the video's 2:31 point = 2:24 after the blast??? She's above the man in blue shirt at the 2:31 point. She looks to be about six feet from where the painted-face woman lay on the sidewalk.

In the 2:23 image, the woman of the pulse image appears to be the woman in black vest-jacket with long-sleeved black sweater underneath. However, the painted-face woman wears a long-sleeved black jacket, not a vest. Now what? What trick is this?

If you watch the video carefully as the V-neck woman bends over, her arm is significantly within the white-concreted area of the sidewalk, a considerable distance from the black pavement nearer to the building. She bends over at roughly the spot where she stands at 2:30 video time (= 2:23 after the blast), yet the 2:23 image doesn't show the painted-face woman even though it shows most of the white-concreted area. We are left to believe that the painted-face woman in the pulse image is the V-neck woman in a black vest. It effectively robs the insiders of the argument that the painted-face woman of the BloodyShredded image is the woman in the pulse image, but the insiders aren't going to tell you this.

I think I can see a small sliver of the corner of the black pavement in the upper-left corner of the 2:23 image. Yes, and it tends to mean that the entire white area of the sidewalk is showing. And the painted-face woman is not in it. Only the woman in black vest is there.

In the link directly above, the overhead view allows us to spot the black-tar repair job located behind the man in red coat in the Silva video, and in front of him in the 2:23 image. That's how you can predict where the pulse-image woman ought to be in the 2:23 image. She should be no further toward the building than the nearest part of that repair job to the building. The video has the V-neck woman walking and bending to the front of the man in blue shirt, who appears in the 2:23 image. But the painted-face woman is not there in front of him. Only the V-neck woman in black vest is in front of him.

Plus, when the man in red has moved out of the way of that injury victim, as per the after-2:31 image, there is the woman in black vest bending down over the injury victim, as if the monkeys would like to have legal recourse for saying that the painted-face woman is not she, but is this other woman in black vest. As you can see, the latter wears black pants, but the painted-face woman has darkish blue jeans (close but not quite). Why would the insiders want to have legal recourse to deny that it's the painted-face woman while using her as a decoy to mislead the serious investigator? A decoy must always have a noticeable difference. The purpose is to give an impression that can be denied in court if it should ever get to court.

The Silva people may not have pasted the V-neck woman into the video, but may have pasted to her the white V-shape at the neck to have us believe that she's the painted-face woman. If so, the Silva people were in secret conspiracy with the oranguTANGs. I'm not going buy the idea that both women may have had white V-shapes at their necks. In images of the same period, the one with black vest is with her back or side to the Tang camera (i.e. not showing the neck area). In the wheel-away image more than four minutes later, she's still at the same basic spot (neck area not visible), proving that she's not the painted-face woman.

If I were a judge taking this case, I would show Silva and to the zoo. Prison would be too good because they have privacy there. These people need to be on display behind bars in public so that families can take their kids out for an enjoyable afternoon throwing tomatoes and rotten eggs at them.

I ask you: doesn't the painted-face woman look just like the V-neck woman in the pulse image, standing right where the Silva video's V-neck woman is standing at this very time? Plus, in both pulse images, the painted-face woman is obscured while on the sidewalk beside checkered-shirt Bauman (remember, her fingers show at that spot LATER in the 4:00-05 image). So, they pasted the painted-face woman over the black-vest woman in the pulse image to have us confuse the two women. They then pasted her into a virtual copy of the painted-face image hoping we would time it seconds after the pulse image and therefore before the point in the action-scene video where the face of the shredded man gets painted. In the meantime, they hoped we wouldn't connect the pulse-image V-neck to the woman in black vest, a virtual impossibility if not for a second in the Silva video, for the Tang images do not show her white V-neck, as does that short span of the video.

The 3:11 image does show a large sideview of the V-neck woman, but there is no V-shape showing whatsoever. Her face is showing, and she's definitely not the painted-face woman. The V-neck woman is again showing some face in the 4:15 image, but the skin looks softer, whiter, younger, not the same face at all. She looks a little male-ish at 3:11.

Just six-seconds earlier, she's completely missing from the scene in the 4:09 image, and they seem to have her pasted (see her boots and compare with boots in the 4:15 image) nearby on the street on the far side of the man in navy blue shirt and navy-blue shorts. She seems too sandwiched between two men (which was the first part of why I though they pasted her), and they have her walking into a dead-end with two police officers in her way (the second reason).

This is a confusing mess, for when she shows in the 3:11 image, it appears that her left sleeve reaches down to her thumb knuckle (though her right sleeve is normal, not that long), suggesting that she's the fingers in the 4:00-05 image are hers, not those of the painted-face woman. But, clearly, the sleeves are not the same in all instances, allowing for different interpretations, and creating confusion, perhaps what the insiders wanted to create. The left hand of the painted-face woman does not have sleeves down to the knuckles, and yet the image has a man walking behind her in such a way as that hand may be his, not hers. It's as though the insiders wanted the option of it being her hand or not her hand. Her right hand definitely shows sleeves down to the thumb.

Remember here, the V-neck woman is supposedly at the street at 4:09 so that we don't expect her at the spot where the fingers are showing, and yet she has the same sort of sleeve in her 3:11 picture as both of these fingers. On the other hand (pun not intended), what looks like a sleeve down to her thumb nuckle at 3:11 (actually, it goes below the knuckle) may be considered shade. It's as though someone wanted options, or confusion, or both.

It only gets more confusing if we try to identify the person who owns the fingers in the 4:00-05 image, for they seem to belong to a short-haired male (his hair is visible at the shoulder of the man in yellow jacket). It's as though the insiders wanted lots of options. The owner of the fingers has completely disappeared in the 4:09 image, about five seconds later. There is simply no one there (in black top) who can fulfill those fingers, nor the male head that appeared to own the fingers. But sleeves reaching the knuckles is a style worn by women, not men. As you can see, the thumb goes through a hole in the sleeve, a style not worn by men. They just don't sell that sort of thing for men.

My tentative opinion is that the head of the painted-face woman is showing in the 3:11 image; she's lying on the sidewalk beside the checkered shirt, somewhat reflective of their positions in the isthatJeff? image. The woman standing up in black (also beside checkered-shirt Bauman), with hair color matching that of the painted-face woman, seems not to have a coat on, which is why I don't tend to identify her as that woman. But just trying to identify the painted-face women in all the available images seems to be an impossible task. Why should that be?

The action-scene video opens with the man in white coat stooped over the left arm of the shredded-pants man, and the legs of the man in white are spread out too...just like in the painted-face image. And the woman in blue shirt is facing the patio railing at the end of the video, just like in the painted-face image. Ignoring the military man (who does not appear in the video), it tends to give us a choice for timing the painted-face image before or after the video.

However, at the :06 point of the video, the woman in taupe can be spotted walking away from the corner post of the railing. That tends to locate her at the railing a few seconds earlier, and, indeed, the woman in taupe is at the front of the railing (between the two blue shirts) in the BloodyShredded image. This tends to time the painted-face image BEFORE the action-scene video. Moreover, the ragged-coat woman is not at the feet of the woman in blue, where the ragged-coat woman is during the video. Clearly, the action-scene image is at a time before the ragged-coat woman painted the face of the shredded-pants man. But so what? In the face of all the inconsistencies -- especially those involving the painted-face woman -- we have every reason to believe that the insiders simply pasted his painted face into the image.

In the BloodyShredded image, look at the red lines on his palms; it's not likely that a bomb would make six (or is it seven?) parallel lines like that, but some dope in a hurry with a small capsule filled with fake blood would. His legs have better artwork because it was done before the explosion.

Again, at about the :10 point of the video, the woman in blue shirt bends and reaches for something upon the woman with ragged coat; I assume she's reaching for her coat pocket and the capsule within. The ragged-coat woman is down by the end post at this time. The next time we have a good view, at :40, the woman in blue shirt is stooped over the head of the shredded-pants man. It's a great opportunity for her to paint his face, but the ragged-coat woman can be nowhere else but at the head area of the shredded-pants man after the :40 point, so that she too has a great opportunity to paint his face, not to mention her own. His left cheek is missing paint at the :19-21 point. Here is the completed job:

The parallel lines on his right palm are gone in the image above. We are to believe that no one had the sense enough to wipe his face with a wet piece of clothing. Where were the water buckets from the adjacent stores? They were not good for the media purposes, obviously. Did the stores lack paper towels / kleenex / cloth towels / cloths of any kind / anything that could be used as a wipe? They even have Mr. Clean stooping down to him, dressed all in white and sparkling clean, so why wasn't the bloody face wiped after so many minutes? He wasn't wheeled away until after at least six minutes had gone by, perhaps as many as ten. Nobody wiped his face. Nobody dabbed cloth on his face to allow him to see better, to make him feel better. Nobody.

What were the several people stooping to him doing? He looks exactly at the end like he looked at the start. They did nothing. Just look at alll the images where he's shown, and you count perhaps a dozen different people stopping to take a look, or stooping, and all that could be done for him was to clean the blood from his face, or to disinfect his several minor wounds. Yes, minor wounds. Many of them, but all minor. All that he needed was a wipe of the worst wounds, and a wipe of the blood around his eyes. There was nothing more that could be done for him, nothing more needed. Did the medics carry no disinfecting fluid? Where were all the bottles a disinfecting fluid? It was a sham.

The man in shredded pants should have been on his feet almost instantly, not like a baby crying on the sidewalk for six, maybe ten minutes. He's not a young man that he should be a cry-baby wimp. Scratches to the legs do not keep a man from getting up. There were no large gouges to the face or head. When one experiences something frightful like an explosion, he doesn't go into shock or cry-baby mode, but has an adrenalin rush, and wants to get up, get away, inspect the wounds, deal with the wounds, save himself if necessary. He doesn't lie there afraid to look at his own blood. This was a sham.

Don't let the huge blood stain under him fool you, for his wounds could not possibly form that pool. The blood on the back of the poster (printed both sides, apparently) that's fallen off the railing defies explanation, for that side of the poster was facing away from the bomb, wherefore it could not have received spatter from the blast. It had to fall to the ground first, then have blood sprinkled upon it, but nobody was at this spot aside from the shredded-pants man, and he could not possibly have formed what we see on the back of that poster. There is what looks like a shoe print on the poster, but even that defies explanation because no shoe print makes that design.

The man clearly has wounds on both sides of both legs, and on the front too, an impossibility from one bomb. He has a larger wound on the back of his left leg, and on the inside of the same leg, an impossibility with one bomb. The lines on the front of his leg require the bomb to be exploded to his side, making the wound on the back of his leg impossible. Last I heard, bomb shrapnel doesn't fly in a circular line or come round to bite you on the butt. But bad art work does. One wound near his outer-right ankle has blood flowing UP his leg, but then cry-babies do gyrate their legs in the air when they cry. There's really no way for the wounds on his inner leg to get there unless he was just-about standing on the bomb, but then we would expect his graze markings to be more vertical than horizontal. Shrapnel flies in a straight line and cannot curve around the leg, as does the long wound under his knee. This is a clear case of a bad artist exposing this man as the shame of the country. If you're thinking of going into the crisis-actor industry, make sure you get good artists, and try not to have your pants ripped off like you're wearing diapers.

He wasn't the only man there. How could so many cry-baby wimps all occupy the same sidewalk at the same time? Look at all the men, fully conscious, just lying there for minutes. It's impossible; every man knows that this is impossible, but the insiders have cast their spell over the nation.

The Do-Nothing, Glove-Fiddling Cop

Another person in the BloodyShredded (and painted-face) image is the tall man in dark blue. Both his idle hands are showing; he has no latex gloves on at this time. In the 4:13 image, he starts to remove a glove, and it's mainly off in the 4:15 image. His removal of one gives the impression he's had them on for quite some time, or that he's bloodied them up, or that he's got germs on them from dealing with an injury victim. But one thing we know, he was kneeling at the shredded-pants man since before 2:00 minutes, and he didn't wipe the man's face.

We should like to know when and where he got these gloves, or when he started to put them one. We naturally want to know why he's removing it after wearing it for less than two minutes. If we should time the BloodyShredded image at about 2:30, he's had them on for more like one minute at most. We note first of all that he has hands clean enough to bake a cake in the BloodyShredded image, after being on his knees at the shredded-pants man. What was he doing down there, looking at his belly button? There is a man thinking that he's dying, and he's a big cry-baby to boot, but this big man hasn't laid a finger on him.

Look at the military man; I think he's reaching for the belly button. What else could he be doing? Why is his hand hovering over the man's belly? Why is he looking at the belly when it's the legs and face that are needing attention? What kind of sop is this who allows himself to get involved with this shameful sham? Grown men acting as it this is real. Look at Mr. Clean's hands, hovering over the cry-baby. Why are these grown men not getting cloths to wipe his face? The woman in blue shirt standing beside him will soon take a bottle of water out of her purse upon the railing, but she drinks it instead of using it to wipe his face. Hello?

Here he is kneeling down to the shredded-pants man at about 2:08, with letters/numbers on the back of his shirt. We see them in the action-scene video too. His sleeves are rolled up for work, but getting his hands dirty is out of the question. So, he calls for gloves, though we have yet to find out where he got them. Here he is after-2:31 with no gloves on yet:

Apparently, he abandoned the shredded-pants man because there was too much blood for his liking. We want to know what he did to anyone between these images and where he's removing a glove. After all, no man puts on latex gloves if he doesn't mean serious business. Unfortunately, if he wants to tell this story to his grandkids, we can be sure he's not removing a glove because it's got blood on it. That we can see plainly. Perhaps he changed his mind, and decided that medical work was not for him. Here he is at 3:11, having abandoned Mr. Shredded Pants already. His hands are obscured (it figures), and he's stooping down to a spot where the female injury victim lies whose owned by the man in burgundy coat.

He's stooping at her feet. I know her position well, and he's stooping at her feet, where she supposedly has a huge gash that has made a pool of blood bigger than the one under the diapers of the cry-baby. This woman has nothing but a gouge in her leg, but instead of treating it, the man in burgundy always hovers above her chest or belly. You can see in the image above (seconds before 3:11) that the "man" in burgundy is missing-in-action at her lower leg, where the gouge needs tending fast, before the Boston sewers suffer a massive flood. She's a big woman with a gallon of blood for every pint I have.

The big man in dark blue, our subject who does not likely have his gloves on yet at 3:11, has a great opportunity because the big gouge is right there under his nose. He can do for her what the buffoon in burgundy coat isn't. He could say, "move over, dummy, let me show how this is done. Here, take this shirt of mine, and wrap it around her leg like this, to stop the bleeding. Now, get a wheelchair, and get her to a doctor right away. What are you doing, hovering over her chest all this time? Are you a nut?"

The image above is a few seconds before the one below (I can't recall which one of these I timed at 3:04). Both are before the big man arrives. In the one below, he can be seen at the patio railing under the words, "all in for" on the store window. (The forbidden door is wide open; I've never commented on this part of this image before.) The big man in dark blue has abandoned the shredded-pants man at this point. As he doesn't look like he's putting on gloves, and as he doesn't have them on in the image about 2:40, it's doubtful he has them at 3:11.

In the 3:11 image, we can see that the man in white coat (known to be over the red-sleeved blonde) is BEHIND him while the man in burgundy coat is in FRONT of him. We just want to know whether he'll tackle the big gouge in the woman he's stooping to. Maybe he's only picking up a quarter because the action-scene video's :02 point (= 3:12) shows him standing up (to find him, look for the letters on his back above the right arm of the man in light-green shirt). We can see his lettering also in the wheel-away image, where he looks tired, as though he's about to fall over, but maybe he just sees another quarter.

Look closely at the arched shape of some of the letters on his back in the latter image, for they match the letters fairly well or perfectly at the video's :24 point. Another man, in black jacket, wears the same letter scheme at the right side of the 4:09 image. In other words, there are more than one man with this letter scheme at the event. The black jacket appears to read, "Boston Police Special Operations" (not sure about the last word).

Okay, so he's a cop, no wonder he doesn't like latex gloves. But maybe he's thinking it's easier to pick up dimes with them. Where did he get them (the gloves, not the dimes)? Nobody forced him to put them on. He could have watched just as well without them. He could have knelt down to pray just as well, "Lord, help that poor man without pants; I'm too squeamish." Look at him struggle with the gloves in the 4:00-05 image. He is still standing in the same basic spot where that big gouge is threatening to flood the Boston sewers, and he's worried about putting on some gloves. Who told him to do that? The woman is just about dead at his feet, while the man in burgundy is a buffoon who apparently hasn't seen her gouge yet, and he's wasting time putting on latex gloves that he doesn't know how to handle in the first place. Do you think she cares about a little bacteria on his fingers? "Just stick you finger in the hole, man," she's saying, "and plug it up. Hurry!"

The red gadget hanging off his shirt is a quarter dispenser. He frequents coffee machines, and is having withdrawal symptoms at this time. That's why he doesn't know whether to put the gloves on, or take them off. That thing you see in his shirt pocket is not a pen, but a magnet for picking up nickels. He's having a field day with all the clothes ripped off of almost everyone, coins everywhere. It's not a wonder they have "Special Operations" on the backs of their shirts. They don't call these guys "coppers" for nothing, though nickel magnets don't work on pennies. I mean "pigs" and piggy banks go together, don't they?

If you say that he's helping the man in burgundy coat with his victim, the next time we see him, in the 4:09 image, he's up on his feet, a step backward even, not wanting anything to do with that gouge. And the actor in burgundy coat (who thinks he's going to be well rewarded for this job) is still hovering over her chest. His knee is in her armpit, not where one wants to have it while working on an ankle wound. "Take your sunglasses off, clown, so you can see," she screams. "Look, it's my leg, not my chest."

Although the hands of the big cop are obscured again (it figures), he looks like he's still fiddling with his gloves after doing a hard days' work, and, indeed, he's taking them off already in the 4:13 image. I think I can hear his bath water running, he's so puckered-out with those gloves. Plus, two minutes of acting busy can really wear one out, and the two minutes is almost up.

So, there you go, the monkeys tried to provide an image of a person removing or putting on a glove, and goofed. They used a man who was too-obviously faking the role of a helper, and had him removing a glove seconds after he put the pair on. There was no need to remove the glove already, but we also fail to see where he could have gotten the gloves. We could suspect pasted gloves. No matter who the monkeys paste gloves on, they can be shown to be fakers, because all were fakers. It's as simple as that.

Here he is at 4:43 showing one glove on, and, you guessed it, helping nobody. The runner in black and Mr. Clean, both of whom were attending to the seriously-hurt Mr. Shredded Pants at the end of the action scene-video, have abandoned him, and it's only less than a minute later. That's how things go in HoaxLand.

I neglected to mention in the last update that the man in red shirt had no gloves when he picked something up from the orange-stretcher man, but then had latex gloves fully on in front of the cowboy at 4:09, not many seconds later. Mind you, we didn't see him put the gloves on. There is only a split-second where it may appear that it's a WHITE object he picked up from the orange-stretcher man, but then we see a white object in the hand of the SS medic immediately beside the man in red after he's arrived to the Jeff-spot. The white package, looking like it contains blue latex gloves, looks unopened. It's hard to say whether the insiders had this package pasted to the SS medic to give us a false sense of what the other man brought over.

In the 4:00-05 image, the hands of the man in red are obscured while he stands at the cowboy's attention, and the squeamish cop is near him fiddling with his gloves like one whose putting them on for the first time. Apparently, the cop got the gloves either from the orange-stretcher man, or from the man in red shirt as he passed by with an extra pair. No doubt he got the tight ones. By :42 in the action-scene video, the man in red has passed a man with letters on his back, yes, the man in dark blue under discussion. But nothing is handed to him. The 4:00-05 image is so near the end of the action-scene video that one would think the chances good for seeing the man in red hand the cop some gloves in the video. But no. So where did the fiddling-glove cop get the gloves?

If we want to know more about the gray-haired man who handled the orange stretcher, to discover how he got his bag of gloves, we're out of luck for the most part because the Tang people cropped him out of many images after 3:11. In the latter image, where he's just outside the forbidden door, his hands happen to be obscured (it figures). Then, he's cropped out of most of images between 2:00 and 3:11. Here's the back of his gray head looking into the forbidden door as 3:11 approaches.

In the 1:57 image, it's hard to make out what he shows in his right hand, but it's not the bag of latex gloves that he would hold as of 3:16 (shown in the action-scene video). We are to conclude that he has this bag in his hand at 3:11, therefore. He happens to be standing beside, and looking toward, the Obama- suspect suspect at 3:11. Immediately after this position, he comes across the patio railing, and at the :07 point, he starts to open the bag, but changes his mind and rolls it closed. He then goes near to the corner of the railing and starts to motion toward someone with his hands, and about that time the man in red shirt arrives and gives him a "give-it-to-me attitude. If we're thinking that the gray-haired man is trying hard to pass out latex gloves to as many as possible, no, we are denied that idea because he rolls the bag up tight, and places it behind his hip like it's off limits, immediately after handing something to the man in red. It's as though he was anticipating his arrival for the hand-off.

In fact, the man in red can be seen at :03 on the opposite side of the patio, and he's already started walking. The gray-haired man is looking his way at :06. It's a setting for anticipating his arrival. He's still looking in the direction of the man in red at :07, while he's unrolling and rolling the bag. This explains why he goes closer to the end of the patio at this point, anticipating his arrival. Like one with eyes in the back of his head, he looks back at the man in red before he arrives...because he's being anticipated. After he hands him the goods, he looks to the Jeff-spot, where the man in red is headed. This man in red first appears coming onto the scene from the street in the Tang image about 2:50.

Vagabonds Move In

It's mysterious where the man in red is not on the street in the after-2:31 image. Where did he come from? As he had to do with the Jeff hoax, may we ask whether he came from the bleachers? The Tang people cropped out the street in the images about 2:35 and 2:40, where he is surely expected to be on the street showing his general origin. If Jeff was under the bleachers, it could be expected that someone around the bleachers would be monitoring the area for to fulfill the hoax, for example to relay a message on his status to the cowboy.

If the man in red was under the bleachers, then we could expect him to give the cowboy a key for the get-away only if it was determined by high-level insiders that the Jeff hoax was still on. There was always a good chance that the hoax would be abandoned if anything major went wrong, which was a good reason for not giving the cowboy the key before the explosion.

This is a new idea coming to mind as I speak, that the man in red shirt originated from the bleachers, and it was just now, for the first time, when studying the after-2:31 image for the first time with this in mind, that a runner in blue t-shirt in front of the bleachers made something click in my mind. I saw the team at work. In the world of photo doctors, a man replaced in an image could be replaced by another person with similar clothes. Is it possible that the runner in blue t-shirt was pasted to replace a similarly-dressed man? He is nearly dressed like the runner walking into the action-scene video at precisely the second that the man in red has arrived to receive his hand-off (!), and he too would go to the Jeff spot.

Still in the same image, and to the right of the runner on the street, a man in blue shirt is climbing the barricade separating the street from the bleachers. Before seeing this, I was wondering whether the man in red shirt had climbed that very barricade. Hmm. I had not yet seen this man climbing it when thinking that the man in red may have been coming from the bleachers. I went to the 2:31 image only to find a clue as to the origin of the man in red shirt.

Compare the man in blue t-shirt on the street with the man at the Jeff spot: both runners wear the same-shade t-shirt, black shorts, white cut-off socks (whatever they're called), and gray running shoes. Minor differences include hair versus black cap, and white lines on the shoulder, but do note that the sleeves are almost down to the elbows for both men, for a similar paste-suspect below has shorter sleeves.

In the image about 2:50, another runner in the same-shade blue t-shirt and black shorts is hugging a police officer...just as the man in red is walking onto the sidewalk. But the runner now has a black hat and black socks. If we say it's not the same runner, then where is the runner in white socks seen some 20 seconds earlier down the street? Okay, he's expected to be past the finish line in 20 seconds, but let me point out that there are no other runners at this time period, just the two men in blue t-shirts who look a lot alike.

It seems very certain that the police blocked this area off to runners at this time, yet we have these two men in blue running through??? It becomes evident in the 3:11 and 3:07 images that there are no runners at the finish line who have ended their race and are looking on in curiosity, serving to show further that the police blocked the road off to runners. It begs the question of why we see these two running, not walking. They are running to the finish line, not walking or standing around like all others at the scene.

In the 3:07 image, as the Escalade first arrives, the runner in black socks (under discussion) is moving out of the way. The runner's sleeves can be seen cut off closer to the shoulder, what we may expect if the monkeys were seeking to hide his identity, because in all other ways (his socks not visible), he looks like the man at the blue-t-shirt accomplice at the Jeff-spot. I think the runner in black socks was pasted because, four seconds later, he's way off-line of where he's running at 3:07. You simply don't expect him to be where he's shown at 3:11 judging from his particulars at 3:07. He has moved more parallel with the finish line than toward it. Not convincing. He's a high-probability paste job, but then why not also the runner white socks?

Yes, just go back to the after-2:31 image to ponder the three soldiers on the street ahead of him. Then look at how small the soldiers are in comparison to the "giant" man beside them. Something's wrong there. Look at how short, by comparison, the police officer is, standing on the other side of the barricade; both men are about the same distance from the camera. The chumps were having a bad day pasting.

What's the motive for a paste job here? Clearly, it's because the blue-shirt accomplice is walking to the forbidden door shortly after 3:11. He's almost there, the action-scene video informs us, at 3:28. So, some monkeys wanted to give the investigator some reason to believe that he was instead walking away up the street at this time, and they may not yet have known that someone, an outsider, would share the action-scene video with the world. If the man in black socks doesn't mislead some investigators with his black hat, the one in white socks (under the press box) is in the 3:11 image with him. We can either assume that Tang missed him by a sliver at 3:07, or that Tang cropped the 3:07 picture because the runner wasn't really there...or that he was really there but just walked away from Boston's event of the century.

Here's the 3:07 image from my files in case it disappears.

It's important to note that runners are supposedly running past the finish line in the 1:34 image. Is this logical? Perhaps, since, after all, they ran such a long way that crossing the finish line was a necessity even when the event of the century is staring them in the face directly beside the finish line. But why don't they stop after crossing the line to take a look at Boston's event of the century? There are no runners at the finish line who have stopped to look on. Are they just too thirsty to stop for a minute? And the runners who are within feet of the line aren't even looking at the event. Were they too tired to turn their heads...or were they pasted in? Why hadn't the police blocked runners from entering this zone earlier than at 1:34? Don't we expect that in a real bomb event?

The motive for having a dozen runners pasted like this is to make it more acceptable to swallow that the two men in blue t-shirts were also running to the finish line at about 3:00 minutes. But if we say it's not at all strange that over a dozen runners are approaching the finish line within 50 feet of one another in a race more than four hours long at this point, why do we see only two runners between 2:31 and 3:11???? Were these the slow pokes? I don't think so. And both have the appearance of Jeff's accomplice.

If we scroll back to the 2:23 image, there are no runners on the street, and no runners stopped at the finish line looking on. The police blocked the road off, didn't they? The same is true of the 1:57 image: no runners at all. The blue-t-shirt accomplice is not to be found in the wider images between 2:00 and 3:11. It seems that he arrived somehow at about 3:00, but the chumpanzees aren't telling exactly how he got there. I'm telling you that he got there as one or both of these runners under discussion.

Once the insiders discovered the action-scene video, as my theory goes, they used another man in blue t-shirt and black shorts (timed at 4:09) walking away up the sidewalk, away from the forbidden door, to give the impression that the one in the action-scene video was at that door for a couple of seconds only. This man could not be made exactly like the man in the action-scene video, because, in a court of law, that's evidence of photo-doctoring. So they made him close enough, to ward off investigators if possible, but not exactly like him to safeguard against prosecution. Both runners in blue t-shirts in the 3:11 image look like the runner at the door, but the small differences are for safeguarding. That's my theory based on the conspicuous timing of these three blue t-shirts all appearing as the blue-t-shirt accomplice emerges onto the scene shortly after 3:11.

It's interesting that, in the 3:07 image, the one in black socks is moving out of the way of the Escalade TOWARD THE BLEACHERS, right where there is a doorway to underneath the bleachers (it will be exposed a few minutes later as the advertising "is pulled away). See the doorway in the wheel-away image (right-click center of the image to enlarge):

I ask you: is it not suspicious that this blue-t-shirt guy is near the door that I say Jeff Bauman would come out of? I say, rather than running past this door, as we see him at 3:07, he went to the hole / doorway to ask a question to the effect of: is the hoax still on? Once he received the affirmative word, he went to the forbidden door to pick up whatever he was meant to pass off at the Jeff-spot. Once the man in red saw him coming across the street to the door, and once the orange-stretcher man also saw him coming, they both knew the hoax was on. It seems like a good way to pass the signal to all the actors involved with Jeff.

Look at the 3:11 image and predict the path that the blue-t-shirt accomplice would take from the bleacher wall to the forbidden door. He would cut between the two police vehicles, which may now explain why they have the one in black socks suddenly way out of line from where he was running at 3:07. In other words, they pasted him near to where the blue-t-shirt accomplice actually was at the time so that anyone investigating an unaltered image might not spot that something is different regarding this person in an altered image. I think it's logical to say that a paste job intended to hide one's identity is best pasted at / near the spot where the one being concealed is.

The man in red is at the building wall looking out toward the street at 3:11. But he can't see the spot at the bleachers where the blue-t-shirt accomplice was getting his information (entertain my theory). But if the man in red moves over to the front of the patio, which he does immediately after 3:11, he can see the blue-t-shirt accomplice coming from between the vehicles. The man in red doesn't show up in the thick-of-things in the action-scene video until its :09 point; he's between the heavy-set woman in brown and the white jacket. He's not looking toward the street, but is looking ahead toward the camera; it appears that he's decided at this point to come get the object. I'm suggesting he saw the blue-t-shirt accomplice coming across the street by then. The latter man comes into camera view first at :17, two seconds before the man in red arrives.

Just as this is happening, a man in grey hoodie (long beige pants) runs past the camera to where the blue-t-shirt accomplice is walking. At :27, he's back across the camera in the opposite direction, seemingly cool, but a second later, he starts a run, and goes to the spot of the red-sleeved blonde. The man in red t-shirt (not the man in red shirt) removes his shirt as soon as he sees the man in hoodie run, and he goes into the thick of the injury zone too.

Here is the 4:13 image, where the man in hoodie has his head sticking out from behind the glove-fiddler cop. The Tang image at 4:09 exposes him there with certainty, but he's not at the Jeff-spot, but rather at the red-sleeved blonde...though he may be passing a word to the cop. I did not know until writing to this point that the same man in hoodie is SMACK BESIDE THE MAN IN RED in the 3:11 image!!! Laughter. He came over with the man in red, and it's therefore not a wonder that he took off running to the forbidden door. I have never before noted this man in hoodie. He doesn't run toward the forbidden door until he seems to ask the man in red whether it's okay, or if it's time, to do so.

It's not likely that the grey-hoodie man took something from the forbidden door, for both hands can be seen empty as he runs to the injury zone. Here he is in the after-2:31 image, on the sidewalk, arriving to the bomb site. He's one of the four "vagabonds" who somehow broke police lines at this time, the other being the man in green cap and green shirt. They are breaking the police lines as the two runners in blue t-shirts come along the street.

All four vagabonds are in the foreground of the image about 2:35, and the man in red is likewise coming onto the bomb site at this time. It's as though there was a plan or signal at about 2:30 for these various men to get into action. In the about 2:40 image, the hoodie man is facing the street, exactly toward the man in red as he arrives in the about-2:50 image. They both go to the same spot for 3:11; they both arrive together to the forbidden-door area. The vagabond with green cap can be seen crossing paths with the man in red in the about-2:50 image.

I had never noticed this before, like a man made blind. I ask you: why would a man fresh onto the scene go to the forbidden door, then rush to help the red-sleeved blonde? It makes no sense unless he was on a pre-planned mission. In the 4:00-05 image, the glove-fiddling cop is turned part-way toward him, making it possible that the hoodie vagabond was delivering a message. The vagabond in green cap would circle the injury zone, first stopping at the stretcher of the Negro medic, then to the red-sleeved blonde (where he is in the action-scene video, though his shirt looks black there).

The hoodie guy looks very young and unsure of himself as he acts from the video. The only reason I can think of for his going to the door at this time is to get a message of some sort from the blue-t-shirt accomplice. If he had not gone that way, I might say that he went to the spot of the red-sleeved blonde only because two other vagabonds (i.e. his friends) were there. The hoodie man is at / near the door for no more than three seconds only, then seems to spot something and takes off like he knows exactly where he's going. He runs past the spot of the blonde (she's where the man in white coat kneels on the sidewalk), then curves into the injury zone right beside the vagabond in green cap, then takes his position in front of the red-sleeved blonde, as he's seen in the video at :37-40.

The other three vagabonds are no longer seen after 4:13-15, not even in the six-minute image. A third vagabond, in two-tone blue shirt, is likewise standing beside the man in red at 3:11, and the fourth vagabond in green coat is standing beside him. All three may be getting cued with the same message from the man in red, their boss.

The vagabond in green coat is crouching smack beside the hoodie vagabond in the 4:00-05 image. Three vagabonds are at the red-sleeved blonde at 4:09. At the opening of the action-scene video, the green-coat vagabond can be seen HURRYING into the thick of the injury zone, so that he's predicted to be the first to arrive to her. It's like he was on a mission. He and the grey-hoodie vagabond are yet at the red-sleeved blonde at this alternative image about 4:43 (they are squatting between the two white jackets). The one in two-toned blue is nowhere to be seen.

While the green-coat vagabond is making his initial move from his position at 3:11, one can make out (in the video) the man in navy-blue hat (seen beside the three vagabonds in the 3:11 image) taking off for the street. It's a very abrupt change of his position.

The two-toned-blue vagabond is not visible in either image shortly after 4:00, nor at 4:13. He's vanished. Only Tang knows for sure what happened to him after 3:11.

Beep-Beep: It's the Red Runner Show

At the video's :24 point, a runner in red t-shirt is emerging at the spot beside the red-sleeved blonde. This is important because he's the only runner, aside from the two in blue t-shirts discussed earlier, on the street at 3:07 and 3:11. He's not running at the time, but standing, watching, or planning. He's got knee-high dark socks. He's standing beside the bearded communicator in yellow who's always on the phone. In the action-scene video, the hoodie vagabond runs in between him and the green-cap vagabond. It adds another element to this mystery.

The runner in red shirt goes to speak with a man in dark shirt (short sleeves), a belt, and beige pants, before his feet can be seen walking AWAY from the injury zone, down the sidewalk...explaining why he's coming TOWARD the injury zone at 4:00-05. So why are his feet walking away at :43 = 3:53, only to return about ten seconds later? Hmm. The man in dark shirt he's seen speaking to at :38-40 is not in the 4:00-05 image. The man in dark shirt is apparently giving him something at :38, for his hands are close together in front of the red shirt. There is a good shot of the rear side of the man in dark shirt at :34. He appears to have white hair or a white hat.

The runner in red, after running back to the injury zone at 4:09, is found beside the shirtless man at 4:13. He's not visible in all of the injury zone at 4:43, but he's stooping near the lamp post in stretcher-1 (about 5:15). It's a little strange that he should be missing at 4:43, therefore. Here the 4:43 scene from another camera, but still he does not show.

Stretcher-1 is where the man in navy-blue hat is rummaging (behind him) through the green bag. And lookie there, the runner in red is stooping at the same place as the stooping, glove-fiddling cop (there must be a lot of coin down there). I'm pretty sure that they are stooped at the spot of Krystle Campbell.

In stretcher-1, the man in red shirt (not the runner in red shirt, but the one who was at the cowboy at 4:09) is standing in front of the lamp post, at the street curb. He had every opportunity to help the legless man, Jeff, as he lay there dying. He was standing right beside Jeff, and he even had his latex gloves on...but he abandoned Jeff and went to the street to look on. Shame on this scum. The point is, if you saw nothing wrong with his asking for latex gloves (from the orange-stretcher man) because he was zealous to help out at the Jeff spot, wrong. In other words, he probably did take something else with him, aside from latex gloves, to the cowboy.

In the same image, the bare leg that we see below the military man in green shirt is, I think, the leg of checkered-shirt Bauman. It's possible that the runner in red t-shirt is looking at him at this time, as there are no people between them. Tang crops this scene a few seconds later in stretcher-2 and stretcher-3 so that we can't make out any of what the relationship was between this runner and the Jeff hoax.

We should like to know what the runner in red received from the mystery man in dark shirt and beige pants. If he's not in any image shortly after the action-scene video, he ought to be in the 3:11 image because he comes out of the injury zone in the video. But, no, I see no man matching his particulars in the 3:11 image [but he's there]. I could not find him in the injury zone in Tang images prior to 3:11. [But, eventually he was found. I'll tell you later where he's found, but while writing this section, I did not know who or where he was, or what he was carrying. He is carrying something that could relate to what you are about to read.]

The runner in red t-shirt appears out of nowhere near the bleachers at 3:07. Hmm. He's not there at 2:23. He's not coming up the street; he's not in the bleachers; he's not past the finish line. He doesn't have much time to fulfill his position at 3:07. He's not on the street or near the bleachers at the image about 2:50 (when the man in red shirt walks onto the scene originally), and this image may be closer to 3:00. Suddenly, we have a very serious problem, bringing to my mind the possibility that this runner came out from beneath the bleachers. He has a trident on the back of his t-shirt, perhaps a satanic symbol.

After writing all that, I enlarged the action-scene video, trying to discover who the mystery person was in dark shirt, only to find that the runner in red t-shirt appears at :20 with something white in his pant pocket. It follows his pants as he steps forward to his spot at :24, when this white thing becomes larger, like a piece of cloth hanging out. There is nothing to be suspicious about, as it is an injury zone, after all, and yet he doesn't seem to be wiping anyone with a cloth at any time. He walks to the mystery man with this in his pocket.

He originates at :20 (= 3:30) in front of the red-sleeved blonde, recalling the white-cloth mystery that surrounded her legs a few updates ago. Did he give the people overseeing the blonde hoax some white cloth, or did they give some to him? He has the cloth about 20 seconds after he was still on the street near the bleachers. I would therefore have to believe that he came without cloth [later, it appears I was wrong here], and was given some cloth by the people overseeing the red-sleeved blonde [probably wrong]. My theory had been that some white cloth at the blonde-spot had to be hidden at all costs. The mystery of this cloth also overlapped with the mystery of a white t-shirt-like cloth at the wall, in front of the green lawnchair, which was not there at 3:11, and yet was there at 4:43, way out in nobodyland where it's unexpected for someone to drop a shirt.

I couldn't quite find the reasons for connecting the blonde cloth to the shirt-like thing at the lawnchair, and decided that they were unrelated. I now have strong reason to believe that this runner was instrumental in bringing the white cloth to the green lawnchair [it turns out to be somewhat correct, and yet it's wholly coincidental that he passes the blonde-spot with it]. True, in the image (4:09) where he runs back to the injury zone, there is no white shirt-like object on the sidewalk in front of the lawnchair, but, first of all, I would fully expect the orangutangs to erase it from that image if the purpose was to hide its origin. However, there can be another reason that it doesn't show, yet.

The action-scene video reveals that the runner walked away in the direction of the lawn chair at :43 = 3:53, allowing for 16 seconds between that point and where we see him at 4:09. That's time enough to reach the lawnchair, and in fact is about the exact number of seconds to do so. It's the perfect explanation for why he left the injury zone for such a brief time. But look at his position about five seconds earlier, where he's giving the Masonic / satanic hand signal:

Is he giving the signal to someone where he had just been, where he passed the white cloth to a certain person. The signal is not toward the lawnchair, but a little more toward the street than toward the building. Someone in that direction may have the white cloth. However, the position of his feet/legs suggest he's coming from the direction of the lawnchair.

But why did they want to hide this cloth??? Why would the first operation of this man be to take away this cloth? Was it pre-determined that he should take it away? Nothing is making sense, and, besides, the cloth(ing) at the lawnchair looks far too large to be the white in his pocket...though the monkeys may have increased the size to help disguise the transfer.

After writing that, and having no solution, I recalled a new discovery of about a week ago. I'm not sure whether it was mentioned to you or not. In the 3:11 image, the man at the wall was found. I had never seen him before in that image, but the high-resolution images showed him clearly. Sitting in his lawnchair, he wears brownish shoes and white socks with dark pants, a fashion disaster. You don't wear white socks and dark pants, and black shoes should go with black pants when you have a grey hat. This is how I can be sure that he's in the 3:11 image, for we can see a bit of his white sock.

He's on the street holding his right leg as though he has a right-knee injury. He's right in the path of the runner in red shirt as he comes from the bleachers to the thick of the injury zone (the two are in the same image at 3:11). He wears something thin around his knee that includes a little white!!!. Laughter. I've got to assume that this cloth was dropped from the knee without the man realizing, but the runner in red saw it as he was passing, picked it up, and put it into the pocket of his shorts. He had decided to go put this thing at his lawnchair, a very kind but dangerous thing to do.

It's dangerous because the runner is not supposed to know that the man who dropped it will be at the lawnchair, for his wheel-away hoax, at some point not before 4:09 (when the chair is still empty, though there is a policeman at the chair, at that second). The man is in his chair in this image that I've timed about 4:20-25.

The "sitting in his lawnchair" link above is the 4:43 image, where we do not see cloth around his knee, but we do see the cloth on his lap that was earlier around his knee, suggesting that he was handed the cloth by the runner in red. He seemed to know exactly where to go to return this item. It doesn't answer for the larger white cloth on the ground in front of the lawnchair, but that's a mystery for another day. There is something at least partially white ON the lawnchair in the 4:09 image, which is the image of the runner in red running away from the chair. It therefore appears that the officer in front of the chair went to it to drop the item after he had it handed to him by the runner in red. This officer therefore seems to be an insider who understands why this cloth must go to this chair. He's anticipating the man at the wall to arrive any second (from the street, as this image would suggest).

The Negro a few feet in front of the lawnchair at 4:09 is directly behind the man at the wall when the two are on the street in the 3:11 image. Not likely a coincidence.

By the way, if I reported that the man at the wall was in the injury zone a dozen seconds after the blast, I think I made a mistake as the bulkier pants of the one in the injury zone don't quite match the thin-leg pants of the one we see in 3:11. I didn't have him in the 3:11 image to compare with at that time. However, in the world of paste jobs, anything is possible, and a change of pants would be easy. Where was the man at the wall within the injury zone? I have no idea if it's not the one a dozen seconds in. See him at the 4:20 point of the video here:

The curiosity is that I've been keeping my eyes peeled for the man at the wall for weeks, but until spotting him in the 3:11 image, he appears in no images that I've seen timed before his sitting in the lawnchair. The two women who picked him up at that lawnchair went straight to his lawnchair upon entering the injury zone for the first time. The two women appear arriving from the street to the right of the lamps in the 4:43 image, and the one in orange and yellow is in this image about 5:15, going straight for him, passing everyone else in the injury zone in the meantime. Her bag and a piece of her vest can be seen at the bottom of the stretcher-2 image at the "wheel-away hoax" link above. It seems like an awful waste of time to pick up this joker, but then everyone who feigned injury was a joker, a jester, a clown, a buffoon, a fool.

After getting to this point, I came across the man in dark shirt and beige pants whom the runner in red spoke to before delivering this cloth. He's on the left side, with back to the camera, in this image about 3:00-05. It was amazing to find him carrying what looks like a white cloth, though soaked in blood. It doesn't look right in his hand. Perhaps I'm seeing this wrong; perhaps it's not a blood-soaked cloth. But if it is, I would think he picked it up off the street. It's a little reflective of the runner in red picking up a cloth on the street at just about the same time. The runner in red picked his up about 3:20, and the man in dark shirt is walking from the direction where the runner picked up his cloth; it may not be related, but the two men talk some 30 seconds later.

In the 3:11 image, this man in dark shirt is stooped down (in front of the man in red coat) to the supposed spot of Erika Brannock (reportedly the one in two-tone blue jacket), the reported sister of the red-sleeved blonde (Nicole Brannock Gross). It makes it all-the-more interesting that the two men talked...because the runner in red walked past the spot of the red-sleeved blonde before the two men talked. However, a close look at all the images tends to prove that the blue coat supposedly belonging to Erika Brannock was never anywhere in the injury zone. The image above is the only one I've seen with this coat, except perhaps the 3:11 image, which may show a small tinge of that blue under the woman in yellow. In that case, and because I don't think this woman in blue was there, the man in dark shirt may have been bringing a bloody cloth (a fake item) to checkered-shirt Bauman (under the woman in black top)...because he was beside the spot where Erika is shown (the images above were after 2:40).

It took me a while to identify the man in dark shirt in the images shortly after the action-scene video. In the video, he is last seen walking toward the street and away from the camera, but seconds later (4:00-05), he's in front of the patio. He appears to be taking a path along the railing behind the heavy-set woman just as she is becoming a serious, defiant problem. In the 4:09 image, the man in dark shirt (it's navy blue) is empty handed.

The man in dark shirt appears to be speaking with a police officer between the lamp post and the tree in the 4:43 image, the image where the runner in red does not appear...before he does appear looking at the spot of checkered-shirt Bauman.

There was some possible faint connection between the man at the wall and the Jeff hoax, but the connection may be stronger than was readily apparent where both, the man at the wall and Jeff Bauman are wheeled away at the same time in the wheel-away video. Then, in one the iconic image of Jeff Bauman, the man at the wall (and the woman in orange and yellow) can be made out in the background just watching on.

The man at the wall is on his wheelchair, being taken away, in the six-minute image; he's almost at the road where you see the woman in orange and yellow. The Jeff hoax actually pertains to checkered-shirt Bauman (the one in the iconic image is grey-sleeved Bauman), however, and below we see that the woman who took the man at the wall away appears behind the wheelchair of checkered-shirt Bauman (she's pushing a guy with another fashion no-no: black socks and light jeans).

It's important because checkered-shirt Bauman on his wheelchair appears in the same image as grey-sleeved Bauman on his wheelchair in this other iconic image of Bauman. You can see the one sleeve of checkered-shirt Bauman to our left of the head of the man in yellow jacket. Yes, the sleeve is rolled up above the elbow, while the sleeve of checkered-shirt Bauman in the paragraph above is not rolled up the same way, but I claimed that the insiders changed his sleeve in order to give the appearance that checkered-shirt Bauman was not in the iconic image. Until now, I have not shown an image of checkered-shirt Bauman in the injury zone with the sleeve rolled up above the elbow!!! This was a great find; it's the 2:23 image; see it from my files in case it disappears:

In the beginning, I wondered whether the white shirt-like item in front of the lawnchair had something to do with the mystery surrounding the white shirt worn by checkered-shirt Bauman over his checkered shirt. I became sure that this shirt was pasted to him because both images in which he wears it seem pasted for the purpose of changing his checkered-shirt sleeves. Here's the other image:

Think about it. The insiders pasted grey-sleeved Bauman over the image of checkered-shirt Bauman being wheeled away, leaving checkered-shirt Bauman in the image, thinking at the time that it didn't really matter, that no one would put two-and-two together thinking that they were intended to be the same hoax. But just in case, they pasted someone's jeans over the face of checkered-shirt Bauman. Their indifference to the threats led to sloppiness, very evident in how they pasted the jeans, as though a man is floating in the air or standing on checkered-shirt Bagman's knees. Fortunately, there turned out to be a vast host of people crying hoax, and many investigators of the images cropped up, especially when they saw Bauman in the iconic images.

So, with only the sleeve showing after they pasted the jeans in, they had no choice but to change his sleeves. That's why we see him with different sleeves. There was almost nothing else to change for the purpose because almost nothing else showed behind the jeans...except for the handle of the wheelchair, and so they changed that too, giving him a different-style chair. Fully expected.

In the end, after they decided to go with grey-sleeved Bauman for media purposes, they gave checkered-shirt Bauman a left foot so that we wouldn't get any ideas of his being the original Jeff Bauman. He has his left foot in one wheelchair image above. In the two pulse images, he either has no left foot, or it looks badly pasted while bloodied. Here is the pasted one; it looks like a purple sock, as if the foot is barely hanging on by what little flesh remains of his leg, but I just think it's a cheap paste:

Note that he has long pants in the image above, whereas he's got shorts in the wheelchairs. Below is the one where his leg is blown away. We are to believe that the cloth around his lower left leg in his wheelchair image has satisfied the problem of his mainly-blown-off leg. Talk about the point of apish.

I've just noticed something new while having the action-scene video on full screen. At :19, the green-cap vagabond is carrying something small and white dangling from a string/wire about one foot from his right fingers. This object is tossed beyond the patio railing. We can see it, I think, in the 4:13 image (and other Tang images), under the third spindle from the corner post. I have no idea what it is, and moreover the greater mystery is why he would bother to take it away. The white part on the ground looks the right size and shape for what I see dangling in the video. He returns to where he came from after he tosses it, beside the red-sleeved blonde. He carries it away as though he doesn't want to touch it, as though it's a dead mouse or the black plague at the end of a string. It looks more like a long piece of plastic than a string in the 4:13 image. Did someone ask him to do this; was it pre-planned; or did he do so on his own initiative? Was it part of the "bomb"?

I've checked all three blonde images (where she sits at her spot) for this object, but cannot see anything on a string or wire. I do see that there is a white thing just about where we expect it, at the third spindle, in this blonde image (timed before the action-scene video), suggesting either that it's pasted or that it was there before the man in the video tossed his object. The object may or may not be showing under the third spindle in the 3:11 image (not to be confused with larger white area under the fourth spindle), and previous Tang images are too blurry or zoomed-in too far for me to make anything out that small. It's not expected to be in the 3:11 image if it's the item dropped by the green-cap vagabond. It looks like it's there at 3:11, though only half of it shows due to being obscured by the man in red shirt.

[After this update was published, I came across what looks like a white object on a black string beside the blonde, as shown in the Negro-stretcher image. It's behind the butt of the man in white jacket. This object is in one of the blonde images that I call the Jeff-invisible image, though the string does not stand out.]

He does not appear to be as far down the railing as the corner post when letting it go, suggesting he dropped into the patio. Perhaps there were more than one brought to this place. We can't know (from this video) whether it originated from the red-sleeved-blonde spot, because this man was at the spot of the Negro woman just before arriving to this point. However, it's not likely that he would carry it so far from the Negro woman. It likely came from the red-sleeved-blonde spot. It's an interesting mystery, perhaps a very serious threat to the insiders. Why was this thing carried away? It's a good question. It couldn't have been due to having blood on it, because there was blood everywhere. It couldn't have been due to having germs, because there were germs everywhere. It doesn't look like it could smell badly. It looks white and clean. Why couldn't they / he just leave it there, where it was originally? Why did it need to be transferred? Was it a piece of the container that housed the bomb?

As a footnote: the "cop" (if that's what he was) in navy blue is walking on the street with a stretcher carrying the woman that the man in burgundy was helping. The man in burgundy is also beside the stretcher in case we have any question as to who is on the stretcher. Therefore, it was the role of this cop to feign working with this particular injury victim, then to scoot out of the scene with her.

Behind them, another stretcher is coming up the street with Krystle Campbell (they look like they are trying to revive her, or keep her from slipping away); she's the dead / dying girl in blue shirt in the pulse images. Look at her faked, broken leg, and yet the leg is miraculously healed when she's on her stretcher. Look at how the man in cream shirt has a plastic mask over her mouth and nose, a mask that's missing a hose and oxygen tank. Most of the men at these two stretchers have the look of law officers, all the more reason to take this circus to a court of law, seeking a judge / jury -- and an entire country -- that isn't amused.

In the image above showing both stretchers, there is a short woman in dark hair and blue marathon jacket. She's warm and comfortable with the Escalade vehicle, too close beside her, and she appears beside this vehicle in other images. It doesn't look right, that this vehicle should be a cozy place for this person who is supposed to be an unrelated marathon worker.


On this page, you will find evidence enough that NASA did not put men on the moon.
Starting at this paragraph, there is a single piece of evidence
-- the almost-invisible dot that no one on the outside was supposed to find --
that is enough in itself to prove the hoax.
End-times false signs and wonders may have to do with staged productions like the lunar landing.

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