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November 12 - 18, 2013

The Blue Mountain Report on Benghazi

Big thanks to an emailer this week for the article below at World Net Daily. It's giving us a Benghazi update that I think it very interesting. I don't want to spoil the surprises just yet. The story is grounded on a book that came out at the end of October, written by a guard of the late Libyan ambassador, Christopher Stevens. By investigating this story, we discover emphasis on Blue Mountain Group, a private security firm contracting with the Obama government for the job of protecting Stevens. Although Blue Mountain was in the news early in the Benghazi scandal, I did not focus on it, and somehow I missed its importance altogether, suggesting that the media did not emphasize it enough to make it a well-known issue.

In light of the known fact that the Obama people didn't want to protect Stevens, and because the Blue Mountain issue was exactly its surprising lack of security offered at the consulate in Benghazi, we should be asking what more Blue Mountain had to do with the murder of Stevens and his aid, Sean Smith. I'm going to look at this in this update.

We heard from Hillary's state department earlier in the year, telling that one guard, who was on-site the night of the attack, led Stevens and Smith into the consulate's "safe house." The State Department wrote the report in such a way as to portray the guard (called "ARSO 1" in the report) as doing everything conceivably possible to protect the two men. But later in this update, I'm going to take a look at that story, checking for cracks. We have ample reasons not to trust Hillary or Obama on what happened that night, or on how they reported the events to the public.

The state department report by its so-called "Accountability Review Board" (often "ARB") is not, of course, an independent report, but one seeking to protect Hillary by minimizing the scandal's hot points. The ARB report distinguishes between the security people to which ARSO 1 belonged (armed guards), and the Blue Mountain Group (unarmed guards) that everyone faults Hillary for. If you haven't heard of the Blue Mountain scandal as it pertains to Hillary's bad choice for Benghazi security, it's because the major media loves Hillary. At the end of the update, I question whether the ARSO guards were in fact armed, for it seems to me that they may have been nothing else but the unarmed Blue Mountain guards...only the state department didn't want to admit it for obvious reason.

The way in which the Benghazi scandal rolled out had caused me to make Obama the prime suspect as the murderer, with Hillary in cahoots. The FBI and other police departments do the same with domestic murders, making the closest family members suspects until proven innocent. It seems logical that Obama would use ARSO 1 to commit the murders (ARSO = "assistant regional security officer"). The guard who wrote the book lately was in charge of overseeing "Blue Mountain Libya," and was an employee of this firm. He was not specified in the ARB report for reasons you'll shortly understand, and yet another question to deal with is which of the four ARSOs he may have been, if any. In other words, while the love-Hillary report (i.e. the ARB report) didn't want to cite this particular guard, he could be in the report in some form, though left unidentified for the purpose of disguising him. Until I know from the authorities what firm the four ARSOs worked for, they can be suspect in my mind as Blue Mountain guards.

As a result of the guard who wrote the book, two juicy details have come to my attention, but let's not spoil the surprise just yet.

When the attackers had set the consulate on fire, ARSO 1 led the ambassador and his helper into a smoky bathroom, and then down an adjacent hall. He is said to have lost the two men while making his way down this smoky hallway. Isn't that at least a little suspicious? As a result of losing them, they succumbed to smoke inhalation. What FBI investigator worth his salt wouldn't look into the details of this claim by the state department? Where were the congressional Republicans who should be making this a public issue? The Republicans asked all sorts of questions to appease their power base, but they didn't raise the issue of the potential guilt of this guard. It's not unthinkable that Obama and/or Hillary wanted Stevens dead.

It doesn't prove that Obama and/or Hillary were not the murderers just because the date was September 11, for the murderers had the liberty of choosing the date, and that particular date causes the public to suspect Muslims, thus taking the eye off of Obama. In this case, the murderers have the luxury of writing the official report on what happened. As smart murderers create alibis for themselves, so we should expect that the ARB report points to others as the murderers, always pointing away from Obama or Hillary.

Obama chose not to blame al-Qaeda in Libya. We know that. There had to be a good reason for it. It just so happens that al-Qaeda in Libya made up a significant portion of the official New Libya, wherefore Obama had to deal with that marriage of convenience politically, and didn't want to rock the fragile boat by pointing the finger at Libyan fighters who helped him win his war against Gaddafi. I'm suggesting that Obama chose September 11 as the attack date to make it appear as though Muslim passions drove the attack, and yet he thought it best to point the finger at street Muslims rather than organized fighters of the New Libya. It signalled to me that he was still dealing-and-wheeling with al-Qaeda in Libya, still using is as a vehicle for obtaining the interests of the O-nited States of America in Libya

If I recall correctly, Stevens' aid (Sean Smith) was found dead in a bedroom having a window out of which the guard saved himself. Stevens was found by Libyans in another room, barely alive. The state department report says that these Libyans took him to a hospital, which story I believe to be true because I can't conceive of the murderers taking him there. The state department did not mention any guards going to the hospital, but the guard who has written a book lately claims that he was at the hospital that night too, with two other guards. Zikers, Hillary didn't see this coming.

Can you think of a good reason for why the killer(s) would want to go to the hospital? It's obvious: he/they wanted to assure that Stevens did not survive so that he couldn't tell anyone that ARSO 1 was in on the murder. You can imagine how ARSO was freaking out when he heard that Stevens was still alive, in the hands of Libyans. So, the love-Hillary report didn't say anything about these guards at the hospital, and the love-Hillary media machine is out plowing the face of the Blue Mountain guard as we speak.

The ARB report claimed that ARSO 1 was shot in the hand, which reminds me of when one police officer in the quest to arrest the framed bombers of the Boston Marathon claimed (or others claimed on his behalf) that he was shot in the hand. It's easy to create a graze on the hand to feign being shot, but of course the fakers don't tell the world it's just a graze. The purpose in having the officer shot in the hand in Boston was to make it appear that the police were not the murderers of the Chechen accused of the bombing. If you recall, the Boston Marathon was the event that took media emphasis away from Obama's Benghazi woes, which at that time had grown to critical. So, we are to believe that ARSO was a friend of Stevens, who took a shot for him. The purpose is to point the finger away from ARSO. The ARB report spends too much time in providing details on why ARSO was innocent in every way, innocent even of negligence. He did everything he could for those he was paid to protect, and escaped in an impossible situation to tell about it.

The claim that he was fired upon is very unhelpful for Hillary's report, if only someone starts to ask questions. The report claims that ARSO was being fired at, upon exiting the bedroom window into a patio. But if he was spotted by the enemy, the latter would have congregated around that patio, no doubt about it. There were reportedly several dozen attackers surrounding the perimeter of the compound at that time. How could they possibly not call out to one another with the task of surrounding that patio with at least one dozen?

The ARB report leaves no doubt that smoke was pouring out the bedroom window, making a tall "smoke signal" telling the enemy where the Americans were trying to exit for an escape. Yet, the report goes on, ARSO was able to climb a ladder to the roof (laughable), to make his escape possible. I suppose we are to believe that the enemy didn't know how to climb ladders to go after him.

The damning part in the report is that ARSO is said to go in and out of the window repeatedly, in an effort to portray him as heroic, doing his job, thinking about Stevens rather than worrying about his own escape. But, failing ultimately to find the other two men in the smoke-filled bedroom, he ran up the ladder. The damning part is the length of time he spent at this window as it poured out smoke. The enemy would have surrounded him in all that lengthy time, not allowing him to reach the top of the ladder before plugging his body with numerous bullets. I don't see how this scenario could be avoided. I might believe it if ARSO ran instantly for the ladder upon exiting the window the first time, but I reject his being on the roof altogether simply because I think he was the murderer.

The book-writing Blue Mountain guard claims he lied about whether he was at the consulate the night of the murders. This is one of the current media controversies. In a so-called "incident report" put out by Blue Mountain Group, we find the claim that he was NOT at the consulate that night. The love-Hillary people are taking this lie for the truth, however, because having this guard at the consulate that night is damaging to her. Therefore, when you read stories from people who appear bright, who take the position that the guard was not there, have the smarts to realize it's a politically-motivated position, not based on truth-seeking.

Whereas the Blue-Mountain guard claimed not to write this incident report (dated shortly after the attack), evidence was quickly presented through the media that he did write the report. In that report, he tells in his own words of his absence at the consulate during the attack. However, he is now claiming further that someone at Blue Mountain put his name on a report that he did not write. It begs the question of a conspiracy with the boss of Blue Mountain involved, seeking to deny the guard's presence at the attack. We therefore wish to hear from this guard in order to check for things that are damaging to the O-people, for why else would a conspiracy wish to deny his presence at the attack?

The question is, which of the contradicting stories is the truth? That's what the media should be fishing and hunting for, scratching below the surface of the glaze that Obama wants on this story. The love-Hillary people wish only to tear up the guard's face, and for the story to go quickly away. Wait until you read why the story has gone quickly away.

Before giving you the two surprises, let me give some background information. After the Benghazi scandal died down due to emphasis on the marathon, I came across a photo of king Idris of Libya (Senussi surname), where he had some facial characteristics of Obama. He did not look like Obama in all his photos, but in one particular portrait, I saw some of Obama's facial features in him. There was nothing else behind this happen-chance moment. Nothing was driving me to make the connection on any basis whatsoever. I was convinced enough of a potential blood relationship that I investigated how Obama could be Idris' great-grandson, realizing in the meantime that it could explain why Obama toppled Gaddafi: not just to reck vengeance on Gaddafi for taking power away from Idris decades ago, but to get Libya under some Senussi control again. I discovered shortly afterward that Idris Senussi was empowered as the Libyan king by an act of UN globalists of the Rhodian kind.

I was so suspicious / convinced of this Obama connection to the Senussi's that I reported it in several Iraq updates. In the end, I had to conclude, very tentatively, that Obama's grandmother was a Senussi on one side, but a Negro on the other. To put it another way, some close family member of Idris Senussi had a marriage or an affair with a Negro.

I had for many months previous claimed that Obama's true father was Frank Marshall DAVIS (it's an online idea), and after repeating that claim many times in the Iraq updates, I found the online claim that Frank Davis was the son a Negro with the white, American diplomat, Lewis STEVENson (married at the time), son a of high-level politician, Adlai Stevenson. Not only did this theory make sense because Lewis' wife had a Davis surname (i.e. they gave Frank the mother's surname to disguise the out-of-wedlock pregnancy), and not only was Frank Davis a Chicago product while Lewis's son was a governor of Illinois (the state that Chicago is in), but one cannot fail to see that Ambassador STEVENS may have been chosen by Obama as his Libyan ambassador due to his sharing Masonic blood. You can understand my suspicions, that Obama placed a Stevens in charge of Libya because Obama was himself the grandson of a Stevenson and of a Libyan royal. It was a little hair-raising to discover that the commissioner of Boston police, during the marathon, likewise had a Davis surname, but as he was white, I didn't say much about it.

It turned out that someone in the family of Lewis Stevenson (I can't recall who) had been an American diplomat in Turkey (Lewis' son was ambassador to the UN under JF Kennedy). We have been led to think that ambassador Stevens was speaking with a Turkish diplomat, hours before the attack that killed him, because Obama had been involved in the secret transfer of Libyan weapons to Syria through Turkey. It's a great theory. But I also learned that, upon being removed as king by Gaddafi, Idris Senussi fled to Turkey. The possibility was that the Stevenson family had some high-level contacts in Turkey who could provide a haven for Idris and his wife (they went into exile in Turkey in 1969). Then, if I recall correctly, Turkey was Obama's first foreign trip, followed by second a trip to Cairo, and it just so happens that Idris went secondly to Cairo to live after fleeing Gaddafi. Obama did not only take Libya, but Egypt too. The Senussi's are Muslims. It started to appear that Obama's African mission is on behalf of Senussi blood.

This week, I discovered that ARSO 1 could be a Negro, and that the Blue Mountain guard is Dylan DAVIES, who might himself be a Negro. Those are two big surprises. Here's from World Net Daily, an article by Aaron Klein:

The Blue Mountain incident report relates that Davies learned of Stevens' death from another contractor who had gone to the hospital. The report, for the first time, claims a second American [besides Stevens] was at the hospital.

"I asked (blank) if any other Americans were at the hospital and he said yes, a black man who had been shot in the hand. I presumed that this was one of the Ambassador's close protection team as both men were black."

The report does not relate the fate of the other American it said was at the hospital.

Now this is difficult. It appears that there were two Black men at the hospital, and yet it says "a second American" rather than saying a second and a third. The way it reads, the Blue Mountain guard asked a Black man at the hospital if there was another man at the hospital, and the answer is yes. But as we read that there was only a second American at the hospital, perhaps one of the two Black men was not American. This is entirely possible because Blue Mountain is from Wales, and the guard under discussion from the top of this update is himself British. The first Black guard is called "another contractor," which is foggy because it may or may not imply another security company altogether. If he is from another company, then the second Black man, the one shot in the hand, could be a Blue Mountain employee. In my opinion, the situation at the hospital is ARSO-important, and so I want to understand the details correctly.

At first, it seems that Davies is subtly trying to finger Obama for the murders by revealing two Negroes that he "presumed" (hint hint) to be in cahoots with Obama. But this can be true only if Davies knew of the murder details. It's as though Davies was sending a shot across Obama's inner circle, telling what should have been left unsaid had Davies been fully loyal to the plot. It may even be that Davies was not privy to the plot, but that he figured it out on his own. Whatever the case, the writer of the Blue Mountain incident report should have known better than to mention two black guards, if he was a friend of Obama, but, the problem is, we don't yet know whether Davies wrote the incident report.

There are two options if he did not write it: 1) someone wrote it with the intention all along of falsely making Davies appear to be the writer; 2) someone wrote it with himself being the subject speaking in the first-person, but later decided to make it look like Davies was the writer and subject. Regardless of which option we chose, there were two Negroes at the hospital, and at least the one with a hand wound had earlier been at the consulate fighting the attackers. Which of the two Black men may have been ARSO 1, or the murder-partner of ARSO 1 acting on his behalf? I have a feeling that Davies knows that one or both of these Black men was an accomplice to the murder.

We want to know whether ARSO 1 was snooping around at the hospital to assure that Stevens died. If, so, he may not have been shot in the hand, but rather that was a false report to justify his being at the hospital for another cause.

One of the current media controversies involving Davies is that he now (long after the incident report) claims to have climbed to the roof of the consulate during the attack. It gave me pause to hear of this. As ARSO 1 also climbed to the roof to make his escape (according to the state department report), it caused me to be suddenly under the impression that ARSO and Davies were one and the same man. However, in an online photo of Davies, he's White. On the other hand, we don't know whether that's his true photo. He could very well have supplied a false photo of himself, especially as he provided a false name for himself in his book.

The truth may be that ARSO did not ever climb to the roof, but that Davies did, and so the state department used the idea to provide a false means of escape on behalf of ARSO. Obviously, if ARSO was the murderer, he wasn't really outside taking fire, and he wasn't on the roof risking his life either. It is conceivable that, along with the false roof story, the state department also claimed, outside the official report, that ARSO got shot in the hand while taking fire. It's logical.

If ARSO-1 is White, then the writer of the incident report may be writing on his behalf to "assure" us that he was not at the hospital. The only reason to assure us of this one thing is that he was at the hospital. I cannot think of any better reason for the incident report to mention two Negro guards at the hospital than to deny that a White guard was there. The idea that Davies or someone else at Blue Mountain was somehow fingering Obama with the murder, by citing two Negroes at the hospital, is viable, but not as good a theory, in my opinion.

If you've been reading my updates on the marathon, you know that this event makes the entire city of Boston appear half Negro. That is, there is a too-high proportion of Negroes involved with the Boston hoax. Why? Lately, Obama fired the chief of Central Command (in charge of the Middle-East, Eurasian, and African war theaters), and installed a Negro. He's learned that he can trust Negroes because they vote for him no matter how destructive he is to the nation, or no matter how much of a fool he makes of himself, or no matter how many promises he breaks and then says, "I'm sorry."

The World Net Daily article again:

A four-page incident report written by a private contractor that provided security to the U.S. compound in Benghazi, Libya, adds yet another layer of intrigue to the Sept. 11, 2012, attack.

...The ARB [state department] report states only that Stevens' body was transported from the hospital to the Benghazi airport. The ARB does not describe how Stevens' body was released from a hospital said to be under Ansar Al-Sharia's control.

...The Washington Post said the incident report was written by the man interviewed by "60 Minutes' last week, identified by the pseudonym Morgan Jones, who is the author of a new book on Benghazi.

The Post revealed what it said was Jones' real name, Dylan Davies [Davies was furious with what the Post did here].

...Davies, however, told the Daily Beast he did not write the report, nor had he ever seen it. The report was not signed by anyone.

...The incident report says Davies learned of Stevens' death from a Blue Mountain guard who had apparently secretly gone to the hospital and had taken a photo of the ambassador's body. Davies writes in his book, however, he was the guard who infiltrated the hospital and verified Stevens was dead.

...While most of the news coverage surrounding the Blue Mountain report focuses on how the version conflicts with the story told by Davies in his book, far more telling may be the details of the report itself.

Okay, this is good for revealing that the "another contractor" (the first Black man) in the earlier quote was from Blue Mountain. And while there seemed to be reasons for pegging Davies either as the Negro shot in the hand or as ARSO, we now have reason to believe that Davies was this first Black man at Blue Mountain. That is, it seems that Davies is trying to clarify a falsehood from the incident report. He seems to be saying that there was no other Black man who took the photo, but rather it was himself. He seems to be saying that the Negro who informed him of hospital circumstances was created as a fabrication (in the report) to explain how he learned of Stevens' condition, when the reality is that he was himself at the hospital to learn first-hand. Of all three theories, I think the Davies = first Black Negro is the best. It may even be that he was ARSO-1.

Think about it. The state department makes ARSO look heroic, doing his best to save Stevens, and no one seems to have a clue that he was the murderer. ARSO feels safe in coming out with a book, therefore, and while making a good spot of money doing so, he can hint that he is ARSO, but only very carefully, changing the roof details slightly. The O-people who know the truth about the murder freak out, seeing red.

In any case, what we have are two Black men, one an American who got shot in the hand, and the other working for a Welsh company who may therefore not be an American. We also have a third man, possibly, at the hospital, in Davies himself. I'm not doubting that he was at the hospital; I just don't know whether he was a third man, or one of the other two.

When World Net Daily (WND) shares the quote from the incident report, "I presumed that this was one of the Ambassador's close protection team as both men were black," WND claims that the speaker is Davies, and yet it may have been the writer of the incident report, who was not Davies, though WND thinks it is. Clearly, if the Black men were the murderers, neither would write into the incident report that they were at the hospital. Therefore, I do not think that the incident report was written by the first Black man...whom I'm tentatively supposing was Davies. If Davies proves to be a White man, then, possibly, he allowed the incident report to go out in-part to "prove" that no White guards were at the hospital.

Ultimately, however, the U.S. Congress dealing closely with these matters has the names and photos of all of these mystery characters, meaning that there is no room in denying the two Black men at the hospital. We can't make them White, in other words, and we therefore need to discover why Blue Mountain would disclose two Negroes at the hospital. The reason may not be malicious nor suspicious, but may simply be the plain truth. There is nothing to convince me that Davies must play by the secrecy rules of the U.S. Congress as he comes out of the closet to tell his story. The Congress may know that he's Black, and one of the guards at the hospital, but he may yet pretend to be a White Morgan Jones, claiming a need for the security of his family.

First, I read that Davies isn't speaking to the press after the controversy surrounding his unreliability came out, but it got far worse:

The ex-contractor, a key source for last month's '60 Minutes' report on Benghazi, has gone into hiding. British police are investigating allegations his family was threatened.

...Davies said someone had threatened to harm his family if he continued to defend his account of events in Benghazi to the media.

...he was hand-delivered a note to his home address in Wales that said, "Stop talking now or your wife and son will disappear."

Who else could have delivered that dark mail but the Obama circle? Who else wants to protect the Benghazi issue to this degree? There is much more to this story, isn't there, than the mere contradictions of Davies' claims. If he knows the details of the murder, and I think he does, he understands full well why the O-people won't let him spread a book on the story, or answer further media questions.

The Telegraph said that Davies is "the manager of the Benghazi contract for Blue Mountain [and that he] flew out of the city hours before the attack was launched." As a manager of a Blue Mountain job in Benghazi, one would think Davies had much input into the incident report. The Telegraph wouldn't be easily swayed into believing that Davies didn't see it, wherefore the Telegraph believes whole-heartedly that, just as the incident report says, Davies was not at the consulate during the attack. But the Telegraph and others may be short-sighted in that they don't like conspiracy theories. Some conspiracy theories prove to be true.

Had there been no evidence that Hillary employed Blue Mountain, it would have been in the conspiracy-theory websites only, for no respectable media would have believed -- let alone reported -- that Hillary employed unarmed guards at the consulate. It's like assigning the guards to a death trap. The idea that Hillary would tell the guards that their only job is to sound the alarm, but carry no guns, sounds like a right-wing effort to make Hillary a laughing stock. But this turned out to be the truth, and British media reported on it. I'll give some details later in this update.

So, the Telegraph needs to leave open the possibility that a conspiracy took place to the extent that Blue Mountain, in cahoots with the O-people, wrote an incident report with some not-so-true ideas, and then stuck authorship falsely to Davies. That's what Davies is claiming. But he told the Daily Beast he had not even seen the report, which makes it very hard to swallow. But the way in which Blue Mountain operated at Benghazi is also hard to swallow, not because it's untrue, but because it smells bad. It smells bad enough that one could conceive of a Blue-Mountain conspiracy to write an incident report without Davies in attendance.

In that case, if the firm wrote it apart from Davies' knowledge, Davies may have been one of the guards in the report, not the one speaking in the first-person. The one speaking in the first-person may have been some other guard from Blue Mountain, and Davies may have been the first Black man who took a photo of Stevens. Davies has several photos of the consulate online which he took after returning from the hospital.

Look at the problem, which now appears to be the solution: "The incident report says Davies [that is, the writer of the incident report, whoever he was] learned of Stevens' death from a Blue Mountain guard who had apparently secretly gone to the hospital and had taken a photo of the ambassador's body. Davies writes in his book, however, he was the guard who infiltrated the hospital and verified Stevens was dead." One way to interpret the slight differences -- "a photo of the ambassador's body" versus "verified Stevens was dead" -- is where Davies didn't quite want to admit, at the time of his coming out of the closet lately, that he was the guard at the hospital. It's as though he's hinting at it, but afraid of making the equation because he thereby looks like a liar yet again, thanks to the claims in the incident report that has his name on it as the author.

Another scenario is that both men, the Black "blank" and the White Davies too, went to the hospital, not necessarily together. In this picture, blank could be a fellow murderer with ARSO 1 (and Davies perhaps figures out that ARSO was part of the murder squad). However, if the one who got shot in the hand was the murderer, blank does not appear to be part of the murder plot, for he would not have confessed that the one shot in the hand was at the hospital under those circumstances. This is where things get a little strenuous. I don't like logic puzzles when my brain starts to feel pain. I'm going to rule blank out as one of the murderers, and assume that the American Negro with the hand wound is the murderer.

Plus, it appears that the writer of (or speaker in) the incident report either: 1) didn't know who the murderer was, nor knew that he was one of the men at the hospital, or, 2) knew or suspected one of the Negroes as the murderer, and tried to hint at it by revealing their presence at the hospital. Consider the writer's / speaker's choice of words: "I presumed that [blank] was one of the Ambassador's close protection team as both men were black." The italics are mine to indicate that blank, although he's known to be from Blue Mountain, is not being portrayed as one of the dummy guards without a weapon, but more like one of the primary guards that the love-Hillary report cites either as "RSO" or "ARSO."

I can't imagine anyone who fits the part of a Blue Mountain RSO more than Davies himself. I have read that Blue Mountain hired Libyans as the unarmed guards, and that only one British guard belonging to Blue Mountain was at the consulate. If this is true, the Negro blank certainly looks like Davies. But don't misunderstand me: the ARB report does not reveal the one RSO or the four ARSOs as Blue Mountain employees. It's me who's making the suggestion that Hillary's people wanted to make the RSO and ARSOs appear to be more reliable than the Blue Mountain guards when in fact they were one and the same.

In this picture, where Davies could be an RSO (regional security officer) while other Blue Mountain guards could be deputy-like ARSOs (ASSISTANT regional security officers), the Negro with the hand wound may have been an ARSO, even ARSO-1.

The World Net daily article claims that Davies lied to satisfy his supervisor:

Davies said the Blue Mountain incident report matches a version he told to a superior at his firm. He told the Daily Beast he failed to report his own personal involvement in going to the hospital and the fated compound since a top Blue Mountain executive had asked him to stand down.

In other words, the incident report is truthful where it claims that Davies was not in Benghazi, and yet it was not truthful, because Davies was in Benghazi. That is, the incident report was reporting the "truth" as lied by Davies. There was no ulterior / malicious motive for the writer of the incident report when claiming that Davies was not in the city, but rather the writer was simply reporting what Davies had said. Regardless of how we may read this part of the controversy, we come away with the knowledge that Davies' boss, an executive (or even the chief owner), didn't want him at the compound the night of the attack. We either believe that the executive was concerned for Davies' safety, or that he was wanting Davies out of the picture while the murder plot worked itself out. Davies may have known by then that something was about to happen, and took this directive to stay away as his cue to go to the compound at all costs to see for himself what had been planned.

I have read, though only once, that Davies at first claimed that he was in Benghazi on the night of the attack. It is the incident report that denies that picture.

The WND article calls the supervisor a "superior," and as such he may have been the owner. Why would a superior of a company hired by Obama / Hillary mention two Black men at the hospital, one of whom could be construed as ARSO-1? Nobody said that the owner wrote the report. Assuming that the owner was in on the murder, which makes sense, I doubt very much that he wrote the report. Whoever wrote it revealed Negroes both at the hospital and at Stevens' close side. It's not what Obama and the Blue-Mountain owner would have wanted if they were partners in the crime. But as it made it into the final draft of the report, I assume that neither Obama nor the owner had the power to remove it. That is a little boggling, but when it comes to reports, the writers are able to negotiate a limit to the number of changes made by superiors, for too many demands for changes will have the writers quitting.

Let's assume that Davies wrote the incident report, and is speaking in the first-person: "I asked (blank) if any other Americans were at the hospital and he said yes, a black man who had been shot in the hand. I presumed that this was one of the Ambassador's close protection team as both men were black." I could see why Obama's short hairs would stand on end to read that. I can hear the voices in his skull telling him that Davies needs to be silenced.

Let's put ourselves in Davies' shoes. His superior doesn't want him at the consulate that night. Davies therefore can't admit, days later when the incident report was coming together, that he was at the hospital. When sharing information on what he saw at the hospital, he had to invent "another guard" to relay him the information that in reality he saw with his own eyes. So he invented blank, and when blank spoke the statement above, it was really Davies speaking, meaning that Davies saw the Black American with the wounded hand. The latter had arrived to the hospital separately, and when he got back to his partners in crime, he told them that Davies saw him at the hospital. Uh-oh. Davies may have been more elaborate when writing on the Black American's details at the hospital or elsewhere, but Obama and the Blue-Mountain owners may have coerced him to remove most of it from the report. Davies did his best to leave it in without losing his job, but, later, he came out to speak in a gotcha-book.

WND daily says that Davies "infiltrated the hospital." It doesn't sound like he checked in normally to appear as a visitor of Stevens. If Davies told the absolute truth, meaning that there were two Negroes neither of which was him, then the American Negro went in to see Stevens apart from the Blue-Mountain Negro going to see Stevens, and Davies was a third party arriving to Stevens, all of which sounds a little impossible if they were "infiltrating." It would help to make it more feasible if there were only two people, Davies and the American Negro.

By the time Davies wormed his way to Stevens' room, he was dead. Yes, the ambassador may have died of natural causes, but there is evidence below that he was injected, exactly what would be expected if the American Negro was part of the murder team. The question is, how many times was Stevens injected?

As Stevens was found still alive but in a dead-like condition in a room that was accessible to Libyans, it doesn't appear that his murderers locked him in a room to die of smoke inhalation. The insiders would have deemed it too risky to have him found in a room locked in such a way as to keep Stevens from leaving, as it could indicate an insider murder plot. The better option was to inject him for to remove his motor abilities, and to leave him lying idle to breathe carbon monoxide to death. Then, Obama, who has contacts in Libya, had some "terrorist" spread a false story that terrorists injected Stevens, and of course Obama's motive for spreading this story is simply his fear that the Libyan doctors may have found the point of entry of the needle, and may have given such information to the media. If the Libyan doctors / media started asking who at the consulate would have injected Stevens with a needle, it would look like an insider murder plot, you see.

An al-Qaeda operative claimed online that Stevens was injected to death. "The questions reached a fevered pitch in June when Abdallah Dhu-al-Bajadin, who was identified by U.S. officials speaking to the Washington Free Beacon as a known weapons experts for al-Qaida, wrote on a jihadi website that Stevens was killed by lethal injection after plans to kidnap him during the Benghazi assault went awry." This practically verifies that Stevens was injected, for why would al-Qaeda, under the circumstances that it had Stevens killed in a big-gun assault, inject him when all they had to do was shoot him? Do we imagine al-Qaeda fighters carrying needles and poison fluid now? Laughable. But as this story did come out as it did -- non-credible and unexpected -- it seems very clear to me that it was a tale directed by O-merican insiders because, in fact, Stevens was injected. By them. The O-mericans just pointed the finger at their al-Qaeda friends, who were more than happy to glory when taking the credit for the killing.

What we don't yet know is whether Stevens was injected a second time at the hospital to make sure he died. A hospital would be one place where injections, rather than bullets, would be necessary.

The Dylan Davies story concerns an "error" made by CBS's 60 Minutes, which went under fire because one of its people (Lara Logan) claimed, for one, that Davies did not write the incident report. CBS was catering to Davies' side of the story. It is very unlikely that Davies would lie on this point, on a broadly-watched show like 60 Minutes, unless he has much to lose by admitting authorship. I don't see what he has to lose. It is more likely that Davies is coming out to protest previous claims that he was the author, as though the real authors were sticking him with it. Davies is now telling the world that he lied for good reasons:

In his interview with The Daily Beast, Davies said the version of the events contained in the incident report matched what he told his supervisor, called "Robert" in his book, who is a top Blue Mountain Group executive. Davies said he lied to Robert about his actions that night because he did not want his supervisor to know he had disobeyed his orders to stay at his villa.

So the "superior" in the WND article must be this executive, perhaps the CEO, whom the Daily Beast calls "Robert" in an effort to keep his identity a secret. How is that not believable? I don't find it necessarily false. Davies is now telling the world that he was in Benghazi; he was at the consulate; he was at the hospital. Forget whether or not he lied previously; find out what he knows. If he was at the consulate, where was he, what did he see? I suppose his book (released October 29) tells much of that. A few tens of thousands are in the hands of buyers already. Read between the lines.

The biggest political story is whether or not the state department mentioned him at the consulate in its official report. If not, Hillary has lied concerning his presence there. We want to know why Davies was not included amongst all the guards of the O-fficial report. Isn't that a much bigger story than whether Davies lied about it earlier? Yes, but as it strikes at Hillary, it's exactly why the Democrats aren't entertaining the possibility that Davies is now telling the truth. These Democrats think not with their brains, but with political fervor, because they are trained that way. The news people have festered upon Davies' lie, without testing his words:

...The truth began to emerge last week when The Washington Post reported that Davies had told his employer, a British security company called Blue Mountain Group, that he had been nowhere near the compound on the night it was attacked. The New York Times reported late Thursday that Davies had made similar statements to the FBI, further clouding the account he gave to Logan and CBS. CBS said Davies's FBI interviews prompted its apology and retraction.

I haven't seen the statements that Davies made to the FBI, and so the New York Times should expose them before it puts words into Davies' mouth. But, even assuming that Davies gave the FBI and his Blue Mountain bosses a lie, why don't we focus on the truth, that he was at the consulate??? Why don't we ask him what more he saw at the hospital than what he's already told in his book? Why don't we test him, to see just where he's lying and where he's being truthful? Find out his motives.

I've read that he made statements to Republicans to the effect that he was not happy with the way Obama handled the Benghazi attack. It could suggest some bitterness against the president. But why is his surname, "Davies"? Was I not insinuating that he was chosen by Obama for the Libyan project due to his surname? Perhaps he was chosen for that reason, but that doesn't make him an automatic Obama automaton, killing on his behalf without blinking. I know that many military personnel are behaving in that way; it's called feigned loyalty to the dictator who keeps you in power and with a paycheck. Obama has yet to learn how fast and furious feigned loyalty can turn to betrayal. Hillary, who practiced a near-fatal dose of feigned loyalty, is on her way to betray his administration. Her husband just came out recently telling in a fertile way that Obama is not a man of his word. It's fertile because it's growing roots. Imagine what a hairy or slimy mold you'd need to be to threaten Davies' family with murder if he should now speak the truth.

The Washington Post: "In addition, '60 Minutes' failed to disclose that Davies had written a book about his alleged experiences that was published by a division of Simon and Schuster, which is owned by CBS. The publisher said Friday it is withdrawing the book, called 'The Embassy House: The Explosive Eyewitness Account of the Libyan Embassy Siege by the Soldier Who Was There.'" The way I came to understand it, 60 Minutes did report that Davies had written the book, but did not report the publisher so as not to be accused of conflict of interest. Bottom line: one could argue that CBS had Davies on the show to fuel book sales. The book title suggests that Davies was willing to disguise himself as a soldier. When he claims (in the book) to climb to the roof and hit an al-Qaeda fighter with the butt of his gun, he sure does look like a soldier.

The insiders have possibly been responsible for taking the book away from the world, and the various media reporting on this may have been accomplices (witting or otherwise) by making Davies look unreliable to the point where the publisher decided it's best to terminate further sales.

Why did Dylan Davies wish to publish his book under a false name? Is he afraid that Ansar al-Sharia will come get him? I don't think so. Not even in the slightest do I think he's afraid of the Muslims for writing this book. He went on 60 Minutes under the name, Morgan Jones, and as such he didn't want certain Westerners to know who he was.

On the page below, where one can access the Blue Mountain incident report (date three days after the attack), we read "Dylan Davies" under the words, "Name of Person Reporting."

Obama-friendly MediaMatters was all over this story to demonize Davies, but another friend of Obama jumped in too: "On November 7, it was revealed by the [New York] Times that the account of the attacks that Jones, whose real name is Dylan Davies, gave to the FBI did not match what he told CBS News' Lara Logan.". So, it was the NY Times that blew this up, and before the dust settled, Davies' book was a goner. Again, the media is not focusing on the details of what did or did not happen with Davies at Benghazi, but purely on the unreliability of Davies. That's a huge win for the insiders (and Davies got a stiff shot to the head in the meantime), at least for now.

I must assume that CBS is claiming it didn't know that Morgan Jones was the Blue-Mountain manager. CBS has not so much reported a mistake on its part as it has claimed that Davies misled its reporter. CBS is excusing itself, Davies' book is a goner, and the details of what TRULY happened are secondary and not expounded upon. It's pure character assassination, and Davies gave them the gun to shoot him. But I might understand Davies. I might understand that he didn't want to take his family to Russia in Snowden's footsteps. I might understand that he wanted a better way to get out some truths that Obama didn't want out, one that would allow him to remain secure at his home.

Apparently, Dylan Davies' earlier accounts had been used by the political right to pounce on Obama's version of events. That's what makes this the fodder for character assassination by the likes of the New York Times. But if that's all this story is, it's nothing. It's not a win for the political left as it is for Obama personally. The political left scores no goals when Benghazi is involved; it can only save goals from being scored against itself. The left has made one big save here, but the puck is sliding along the ice under the goalie; it's not in his glove. The game's not over yet.

Obama Could Still Lewis the Game

[I didn't intend on being so long in this section before returning to the Davies story. Just to let you know, the Davies story does continue after this section.]

Shortly before or after discovering LEWIS Stevenson as the potential grandfather of Obama, I traced the Lewis surname to the Luo tribe that Obama Sr. belonged to. There was a lot to this as concerns Freemasonic roots. For starters, my theory was that the Luo tribe (appears to worship the African Dionysus) in ancient times had been the Luwians of Anatolia who became the Lydians (the people of Dionysus) and Mysians (mythical Muses), the central root of Masonry, and, likely, they moved to Cyrene with the "Muses" of Apollo, as per his mate, mythical Cyrene (the myth just means that a part of the Apollo cult ended up in Cyrene). The Meshwesh / Mazyes of Cyrene were found to be the root of Masons, and "Mason" is itself a surname deriving from these Meshwesh. Of special importance to Masonry was king Massena of Numidia, beside Cyrene, whose name suggests a Meshwesh origin. Cyrene was and is to this day the eastern half of Libya, where the royal Senussi's operate. We could expect some Luo elements there by a slightly different name, or by wholly different names.

I was able to make a strong Masonic connection between Senussi-suspect surnames in Europe and the Mason / Massey bloodline (I identified Senussi's as Sinclairs out of the Sicily of the Guiscards). For example, hollow diamonds that heraldry calls "mascles" are code for the Meschin/Masculine and Mussel branches of the Massey bloodline, and Mussels can be expected to become "Maccul"-like terms, important because the Seneca/SENESchal surname uses NINE (the number of the mythical Muses) mascles as well as a "Macula" motto term as code for kin. If you didn't get my point, I identified European Senussi's with the latter surname.

One other variation of the Seneca/Seneschal surname is "Senegal," much like the Singular variation of the Sinclairs. Prepare to be shocked, because Obama's mother (a Dunham surname) is from a Jonathan SINGLEtary who changed his surname to Dunham (Singletarys come up under the SINGLEton surname that is clearly rooted in "Single"). That should explain why the Seneca/SENEGAL mascles are in the colors of the Dunham Coat, but this is only the beginning of an Obama connection to the Massey bloodline.

The Keiths and the Marshalls were one, as you can gather if you read their write-ups. The Keiths lived in Haddington, where there is a MUSSELburgh. You can begin to catch a glimpse here that, not only does Frank Marshall Davis stems from this picture, but the Senussi-Mussel family was at Musselburgh, and it just so happens that this location is in Lothian, the location of Roslin, where the Sinclairs first settled after coming to England from France. See Henry Sinclair of Roslin in the time of queen Margaret of Scotland for further details.

The Marshalls were so high in Scotland that they are able to use a blue-on-white saltire, colors reversed to the saltire that is the Scottish flag. It just so happens that the Malcolm surname uses a saltire in the colors of the Marshall saltire (showing kinship), while Malcolm III was a Scottish king married to queen Margaret. This queen's cup-bearer was Henry Sinclair of Roslin. Margaret had given Roslin to the Sinclairs when she gave it to Henry.

Malcolm III and his family had ruled Scotland out of the Moray area, and the first earl of Moray was a Randolph surname, important because English Randolphs and Dunhams use exactly the same Coat. Online, you can check to find that Randolphs are in Obama's mother's ancestry. The Scottish Randolph Coat is a fat crusader cross in white on red, colors reversed from the same cross used by Haddingtons. Apparently, Randolphs had merged with the Senussi-Mussel bloodline (by various surnames) in Haddington. It's important that the same cross, in the colors that Randolphs use it, is used by MACCLEsfields, a "Macula"-like surname...meaning that the Mussel kin of Seneca's/SENESchals/Senegals had been in Macclesfield (Cheshire), and so we should expect some Senussi blood there too (at least loosely speaking).

Obama's mother traces to Dunham-Masci / Dunham-Massey, a small location in England, beside Wales. The Lewis surname (using a Masonic dragon symbol) was first found in dragon-depicted Wales. The English Davis surname was in Wales too, though you can read that it was from Cheshire, the location of Dunham-Massey. The French Davis surname (just enter "Davis" or any surname into the search box) uses a harp, the symbol of Apollo, as well as lilies, the symbol of Masseys and Masci's (i.e. these surnames use fleur-de-lys', otherwise known as lilies). The Seneschals were rooted in one HAMON de Senechal, and Dunham-Masci was ruled by HAMON de Masci. Obama's Wolfley ancestors were first found in Cheshire.

The Welsh-Davis link above says that the surname, which includes "David," was first found in Flintshire, beside Cheshire. But if you put "David" (or "Daffy") in the webpage's search box, you get the same symbols, essentially, and first found in Cheshire. The write-up at the Davis link says that they are descended from a Madog through a Davydd DAVIES. I traced the surname to mythical Daphne, and she was traced (by me) to Tubal, the partner of Meshech, where the Masci surname (and Mysians) derives. Tubal had an empire at / beside Mazaca, near a Daphne location that was later Antioch. Cheshire's capital, Chester, was earlier called, Diva, no doubt an origin of the Davis bloodline (the Dives surname uses the Masci white wing), and that city was ruled by Ranulph le MESCHin (descended from Malahule Sinclair), whose job was to keep the Welsh rulers in check. Meschins were first found in Shropshire, where there was/is a More location, smacking of More, Norway, where Malahule (Rollo Sinclair's uncle) ruled. Now read this:

Earlier Friday, CBS News said it had been misled by Davies, a source for a "60 Minutes" broadcast on the attack that aired Oct. 27. Davies' book was written under the pseudonym "Sergeant Morgan Jones." Co-authored by Damien LEWIS, "Embassy House" was published Oct. 29 and ranked No. 4,931 on as of midday Friday. According to Robinson, 35,000 copies are in print.

It is amazing to find that his co-author has a Lewis surname after spending much time tracing Obama to the Lewis/Lew bloodline. Obama even has a chief pawn in his pick for treasury secretary, Jack LEW; the two are pillaging America, very obviously, as best they can.

As for "Morgan Jones," it should be noted that the English John/Jones surname uses the same symbols, one of them being the crow/raven, as the Welsh John(es) surname. The latter uses "corvos" in the motto, the Greek term for "crow." Ravens/crows (black birds for an African reason) were anciently the Apollo symbol for Cyrene (see also "Coronis"). Blue Mountain is owned by a Thomas surname, and then the Welsh Thomas' likewise use these crows.

The Jones surname was itself first found in Wales (north Wales, beside Flintshire). The Morgan surname is from GlaMORGAN of south Wales, previously called, Morgannwg. The Lewis' were first found in Glamorganshire. The Silures of south Wales were dark-skinned, suggesting origins with Africans. The Jones' share a lion with blood drops with the Sam/Sammes surname, and the Samsons share the white-on-black scallops of the Meschins, and then the Guiscards (branch of Sinclairs) joined the two Saracen rulers, Samsam and Timnah, when seeking to control Sicily and southern Italy.

It suggests that some Saracen-Sinclair elements out of Guiscard's Sicily ended up in south Wales. There is even a French Sarasin surname (using the same cross as Randolphs), first found in Brittany, a region of France founded by the Welsh Britons. There is a great chance that Britons originate in Bruttium, the part of Italy (the toe) closest to the Messina part of Sicily. The "sara" motto term of the Russells is important here for linkage to Saracens because "Russell" traces to "Roussillon," otherwise called, Rosellon, a term that could conceivably name Roslin. If this suggests that the peoples of Roussillon (south France) merged with the Samsam / Timnah Saracens, it explains why the Russell Coat uses white-on-black scallops, the colors of the Samson scallops. Scallops in themselves are code for a part of eastern Sicily (at Messina) closest to Bruttium, which the ancients called, Scylla.

French Samsons use the birds, in the same colors, of the Apple's and Applebys, which I view as an Apollo bloodline. Apollo's mother, Leto, is apparently in code in the "letho" motto term of Samsons. I trace "Apollo" to the mythical "Avalon" of king Arthur, said to be an apple orchard by myth buffs, and then Arthurian myth had NINE witches on Avalon, ruled by a Morgan le Fay that's nothing but code for the Morgan and Fey / Fay bloodline, which includes the Vivians/Veys, Fife's and Five's, all in code in the five-like symbol in the Coat of the Arthur surname (i.e. it just means that the Arthur surname hooked up with the Fay bloodline at whatever island Avalon was myth code for).

The Morgan Coat is simply a gold upright lion on gold background, as is the Irish Duffy symbol. Scottish Duffs lived around Fife. You can glean here that "Duffy" and "Daffy/David/Davis" are identical bloodlines. Don't let the write-ups fool you, for example, where the Duffy's are said to derive in "dubh," meaning "black." Yes, they may derive in dark-skinned Brits, but "Duffy" does not derive from that term.

All three surnames, the Davis'/Davids, the Jones', and the Lewis'/Lews, use white lions (is this discussion becoming lion-heavy?). Heraldic symbols are passed from one family/ruler to another as they intermarry through the ages. The Masons tend to build hubs around certain family groupings (their own, of course), each vying for the greatest political powers.

Obama's attorney general, Eric Holder, has a surname using the same winged lion design as the Lewis Crest (see Lewis link above). If you are starting to get the impression that these coincidences are not, you're on your way to understanding that Masons still respect bloodlines to this day. The Holder Shield uses a so-called dancette, in the colors of the Dunham/DOWnham dancette. See the Dow/Doves dancette, and compare that surname with some Duffy variations. It us roundly known (in heraldic circles) that the white lion in England belongs to Dougals having a DOWel variation. The Bordens (more axes) also use a white lion, important because the son of Lewis Stevenson married a Borden surname. See the Stevenson family tree:

As you can see, Lewis' mother is a Green surname, important because uses many stag designs (I've been covering this for years) yet the Green stag design (in Dunham colors) is almost identical with that of the Downs/Douns, no doubt a branch of Dunhams/Downhams/Dounhams.

The following is new to me. I had come across a Green Mountain range in Cyrene years ago, and as the Massey bloodline traces to Cyrene, it's first of all important to know that Dunhams were merged with Masseys, so that Greens (color of Libyan flag) could be from the Green Mountains (near Benghazi). I was actually wondering way up in this update whether "Blue Mountain" had to do with Libya's Green Mountain. I traced the Masseys to a ZENETES mountain system in Numidia (off northern Libya), and found the peoples of that place on THANET, in the Kent part of England where the Massin/Mason/Macon surname was first found. I now find that Greens were first found in Kent!

Can you see "Senussi" deriving from a Zenetes-like term? See the "Zenata" (Berber region) term in this Shawia article that traces to the Shaw surname, no guff. "Zenetes" seems to have disappeared as an online term, but I was using it as early as a February update of this year. Freemasons wouldn't want anyone to know they derive in the Zenata area of Numidia. It's near to where Tyrian child sacrifices took place. The Shawia live in the Aures mountains, where the Guiscard-related Orrs trace, and where Idris of Morocco got his wife (see "Awraba"). Idris Senussi is online in a family tree leading back to Idris of Morocco. Elements from Idris of Morocco (ruled at a Fes location in Morocco) are strong in heraldic symbolism, tracing to the Fes', Feys, and Fawcetts/Fausyde's of East Lothian, location also of Marshalls and Sinclairs.

King Massena of Numidia was traced to JJ Tolkien's "Numenor," an island beside Avalon, and code for the Newmans (more white lions) who show motto codes for the MacAbees. The latter use green. It wasn't a lucky strike, when, years ago, I identified Numenor as the Scottish island of Arran, for, years later, I found that the MacAbees were first found on Arran.

"Lew / luw" meant lion in ancient times, explaining why the Lewis write-up traces to "lion-like." The Welsh Davis / Davis surnames use white lions, as does one Lewis surname. It all goes back to the lion symbol of mythical Kybele/Cybele, the chief Phrygian goddess and mother of the Lydians, where Dionysus was the chief priest. There was even a "Lydian lion." Apollo's mother, Leto / Latona, was a symbol of Lydians. It's all clear that the Lydian merger with Mysians produced FreeMasonry. The Massin/Macon/Mason surname of Thanet uses a lion. This has been a bloodline seeking to rule the earth for millennia, and king Massena himself had the quest of over-powering the Romans just as they were coming to rule the globe as Daniel's terrifying beast. Massena merged with general Scipio of the Romans, and the latter became the Meschin-related Skiptons of Yorkshire.

The mythical crow of Apollo, Coronis, was found by me to be a symbol of Chora, a city on Patmos. The other city on Patmos was Skala, which came to be represented by the medical god, ASCLepios, son of Coronis. There was an owl cult called ASCALepios, apparent word-play on "Skala" and "Lapith" at the same time, for Coronis was a daughter of a Lapith king. We're keeping in mind here that Obama is no medical god, though he is a snake descending from the Coronis-Asclepios bloodline.

The location of Skala named the mythical monster, Scylla, in the Messina (eastern) part of Sicily. It simply means that the Patmos cult of Lapiths had merged on Sicily with the Mason bloodline. The Meschins use SCALLOPS (otherwise called escallops) as apparent symbol of the Asclepios cult that was in fact in eastern Sicily. The axe of the Johns and Jones' traces to the Drago river of southern Sicily, where a bloodline of the Israeli priesthood (i.e. from the killers of Jesus) merged with a Mosca surname (shows a Muscas variation). As the Drake surname shows a "muscus" code in its motto, it's clear that Drakes came to merge with this Mosca family near/on the Drago river. The Drake dragon may be using what looks like 666 in its tail because a secret 666 element or bloodline may have issued out of Patmos...where the Biblical book of Revelation was written that mentions and predicts the 666 dragon beast.

The Lydo-Mysians (gave their daughters as hookers in the religious temples) viewed themselves as the priesthood of the sun god, the Creator. They maintain a special sort of "light," which Nicholas de Vere, whose Vere bloodline has ancestry in Manche, where the Masseys lived in France, calls "dragon light." Nicholas emailed me to say that the real Jesus had "dragon light," and that we Christians don't know or possess the real Jesus. He must have the illusion that, since Masonry now rules the world, it must be next to Godliness.

So, it may appear that Dylan Davies got together with a Lewis surname to write a book because they know their Masonic heraldry. But as these surnames appear to link heavily and closely to Obama's bloodline(s), it gives me the impression that Obama chose Dylan Davies to be part of his Cyrene project. I know what this bloodline is, the Apollo cult on Avalon = Bute leading to the Illuminati Round Table of Cecil Rhodes. The RODhams must definitely apply to the Rhodes surname, and it traces to "Rodez," a city of the proto-Rus of Roussillon. I've been telling for years that a Henry IV of Rodes/Rodez married a Roquefeuil surname (there's a location by that name in Roussillon), the proto-Rockefeller family. The Fells are related, without doubt, and then you can read that Lewis Stevenson married a Davis surname who was a granddaughter of Jesse Fell.

I can now explain why queen Margaret of Scotland named her son, David, who, by the way, built a Haly Rod (Holy Rod) house for her. Margaret must have been married to a Meschin. Yes, king Malcolm III was a Meschin, that's exactly what I'm saying. I had not only traced Meschins (of Cheshire) to Mackays at Moray, which is where the Malcolms ruled Scotland, but gleaned that Randolphs of Moray were named after Ranulph (le Meschin). But I had never realized until now that Malcolm was a Meschin bloodliner. The Meschins of Cheshire are suspect from the Masci's of Dunham-Masci, and they in-turn are Masseys who show a Macey variation that easily morphs to "Mackay / Mackey." The Maceys and Mackays even use a similar Coat. And the Davids of Cheshire / Chester now explain why Margaret and/or Malcolm named their heir, David. I have been telling for years that Meschins of Yorkshire (Skipton-merged) like the name "Alis / Alice," and then Margaret named another son, ALEXander. You can read concerning Skipton in the Meschin write-up (note that the Mussels use a Coat with the Meschin-coat format).

But there is more. To explain why a Henry Sinclair was Margaret's special servant, it involves the Sinclair bloodline from Rollo of More, where Ranulf le Meschin came from. As I said that there was/is a More location in Shropshire, so Meschins were first found in Shropshire, where the Alans of Brittany settled before they moved to Scotland and were invited by king David I (yes, Margaret's son) to become the High Stewards of Scotland.

The Irish More/Moore surname was first found in Leicestershire, where Rudland is located, and then you can read about the Rhudland surname in the Meschin write-up. I have no doubt now that this was the Haly Rod (or Holy Rood House) entity that David I built to his mother to honor the Rodez bloodline at Roslin. It just so happens that Irish More's/Moore's use the same coat as Duffys, suspect as Davids/Daffys. As Scottish More's/Moores use a White Saracen's head in Crest, it reminds us of the Russells (from Rodez) who honor Saracens in their motto while using the same scallop colors as the Meschin scallops. Scottish More's/Moore's share gold-on-blue stars with Malcolms.

Now the Ewings/Eugene's use the saltire that is the Scottish flag, and it just so happens that the mother of Adlai Stevenson I was a Ewing. Her name was ELIZA Ewing, a form of "Alice." Moreover, Stevens and Stevensons are a branch of Stewarts, the ones that David I made High Stewards of Scotland. The Alice/Alis surname uses a bear with a "muzzle" as code for the Mussel / Meschin bloodline, and the Mackays and Maceys use this muzzled bear, to no surprise. Enter "Alis" at the webpage below to see "muzzle" in the description of the Coat:

To boot, the Massins/Masons/Macons, from Thanet and therefore from Numidia, use the same mermaid in Crest as the Morays/Murrays. It's obvious from many angles that the Freemasons were part Moors / Saracens at Moray from when the Guiscard Sinclairs merged with them in Sicily. Apparently, before reaching Sicily, they were in the Zenetes mountains.

Ranulph le Meschin (earl of Chester) was a ruler in Cheshire's Macclesfield, and then the Rhodes cross is identical, but in colors reversed, to the Macclesfield cross, indicating a marital relationship at some point. The Sinclairs use the same "engrailed" cross but in different colors. Ranulph le Meschin married Lucy Taillebois, of Lincolnshire, where the Rhodes surname was first found. Wikipedia's article on Ranulph shows his upright red lion, the Rhodes symbol too, but Ranulph's is in the colors of the royal lion of Scotland. Don't even suppose that it's coincidental. Clearly, when Stewarts fled England for Scotland, the Masci / Meschin bloodline went with it, especially as the Meschins had nearly conquered the English throne in a military bid that they lost. These families became royal Scotland. Apparently, either Malcolm III was married to, or birthed from, a Masci bloodliner, or Margaret's mother, Agatha, was a Masci / Meschin liner.

The Rhodes Crest uses a gold leopard, the Mosca symbol. As the two Randolph surnames look like a cross between Macclesfields and Dunhams, it speaks of "Randolph" tracing to "Ranulph" le Meschin.

You don't need to believe me, I don't care who does or doesn't, but these Masons trace heavily to the sons of the priesthood that had Jesus killed. This is your wicked cult of the end times festered to the point of exploding the world in Armageddon. I don't like getting into that part where Hugh de Payen married a line from Caiaphas when he married a Chappes surname. Some say this woman was Catherine Sinclair. From the loins of Malahule of More came a Balso D'Espaines who may have furnished the Paine's / Payens; Ranulf le Meschin was descended from this Balso. It may not be coincidental that the English Ball/Balder surname was first found in Cheshire (beside Shropshire) while French balls were first found in Brittany, where the Alans of Shropshire had lived.

There was an Alexander Balas, king of the Seleucid empire, an empire that Daniel 8 and 11 makes the fore-runner to the Armageddon anti-Christ. Balas merged with the Maccabees of Israel at a time not long before the Pharisees and Sadducees ruled Israel in the time of Jesus. The Maccabees even adopted the Alexander name for themselves after that point. I traced Maccabees to the Massena-Scipio merger of Romans, and I am quite sure of that trace. The point here is that "BALSO" looks very much to be in honor of a surname created in honor of Alexander Balas. What this does is to trace that line of Seleucid-Maccabees to the Sinclair line that furnished Ranulph le Meschin...which is the line that Caiaphas liners married when the Chappes woman married the first Templar grand master (or high priest of the Masons).

There is a Balas/Balis/Bailiff surname (Glamorganshire, where the Luo-tribe Lewis' were first found) using the same antelope design as the Singletarys, and sharing the large so-called "ermines" of the French Balls. I traced the Alexander Coat to Alexander Balas, but noted that both it and the Senussi symbol uses the same-colored crescent. Do you understand what this means? Jonathan Singletary (Obama's grandfather to about the 11th generation) was from the bloodline of the anti-Christ (but then so am I, but then I don't rule the "free" world as does Obama). If I'm not mistaken, it was JONATHAN Maccabee who formed a strong political alliance with Alexander Balas. The Jonathans and the Sinclairs (= Senussi liners) both use roosters, quite possibly in colors reversed to one another.

The way to know that the Alexander surname traces to the Senussi's with certainty is by the ancient peoples of Cyrene called Bistones. They worshiped the war god, Ares, in the form of an erect sword, the symbol of the Alexander Crest. The Bistones trace obviously to Beastons/Bessins of Beaston, Cheshire, for they too use the erect sword...albeit over the years the sword position has changed from fully erect, no doubt as families lost the original significance of that sword symbol. See the erect sword of the Biston surname and a Coat like that of the Bessins/Beastons. German Bessens use their Crest sword fully erect too. English Bessens use the Massey/Macey Shield. The father of Ranulph le Meschin, and even others in that line from Balso D'Espaines, ruled in a Bessin region of France, you see. Clearly, this line was from the Meshwesh of Cyrene as it merged with the Bistones, and they merged further with Maccabee liners of the Balas kind. The term, "Boston," could trace to the Bistones. Hence, the Ares cult will make war with Christ at Armageddon. Foolish Ares. Faker. His hands will hang limp, his soldiers will faint.

Never ever give heraldic write-ups priority over what the symbols and motto terms inform you. Write-ups can be very helpful, or totally cheap and deceptive. Once you know the gist of where Masons trace, it gets easier to make further connections. If you want to find a whole new system that is not mine, you're going to fail. I assure you, I have the right system when I trace to Alexander Balas and his Maccabee line, and to that ilk.

The Balls of Cheshire are shown also as "BALDer," and then there is a Balder surname using a form of the Sinclair cross, and first found in Lothian, home of Sinclairs. Therefore, what do you think we can discover by knowing that Balders were a line from Alexander Balas?

The first king of Templar Jerusalem, if we ignore Godfrey de Bouillon, was a BALDwin surname. The Sinclairs at the time were chief Crusaders and knights Templar. They expended the wealth of Norman England on conquering Jerusalem, at the time that de Payen married a Chappes. The descendants of Caiaphas surely had much to do with that plot, but as the Balso-D'Espaines line is now being identified, not only as the line that furnished de Payen (he lived at Templar Jerusalem for many years), but as the line of Seleucid-Maccabees, it's all crystal clear that Templars were from the old priests of Jerusalem, and that they knew it, and that they kept their secret down through the ages.

I happened to discover, before realizing Templar links to the old priesthood of Jerusalem, that the Baldwin Crest is a form of the Waldwin Crest; both use green dragons. The Waldwins were first found in the Pembroke area of dragon-infested Wales. I don't recall realizing until now that Waldwins had merged with lines from Guido Guerra, who had merged with lines of the Israeli priesthood in northern Italy's Bologna area. Just remember here: Waldwins = Baldwins = Balas lines.

Guido Guerra III is a recent topic of this past year, and he traced heraldicly, unbelievably, to the first king of Scotland, no guff, which is where the dragon-cult Vere's trace themselves, important because "Vere" and "Guer" are practically identical. I had known for many years that Vere's use the green wyvern dragon (no front legs, wings instead of legs), seen in the Waldwin and Baldwin Crests. But this year I discovered the green wyvern dragon of the Guerra surname. I now see that the Waldwin motto uses "RYNwedd gward," which is a double code, one for the Reno>Renier line and one for the Gard surname that must be a Guerra variation. Guido Guerra ruled at the Reno river, the term of which was traced to "Renier," as per Renier of Montferrat, whose family member (Agnes) married Guido Guerra III of Modigliana.

To put this as quickly as I can, the Gards use a hawk's lure in Crest, the symbol of the Cheshire surname, but Gards also use the wolf design of Wolfleys of Cheshire. We are right back to an Obama bloodline, for Obama is online traced by many to a mayor Wolflin of Germany whose descendants changed their spelling to "Wolfley." Then, when one enters "Wolfin" without the 'l', the Waldwins come up...who use a motto code for the Gards that use the Wolfley wolf design. It gives us the choice of tracing Waldwins to Alexander Balas or to Wolflins. But it was already seen that Singletarys and Balas'/Ballis' use the same antelope design (I can only recall three surnames using that design), suggesting strongly that Obama's ancestors inter-married with one another for to secure the "purity" (spit) of the bloodline from the priests of Israel.

It's quite possible therefore, that some Wolf-using surnames are variants of "Balas," when Ball-like terms developed a capital 'W' along with various suffixes. The Welfs/Wolfs are said to be from Hugh Lupus, earl of Chester (Cheshire), whose sister was mother to Ranulf le Meschin. The Welfs are a branch of Este's who I traced to an "Asti" location smack at Montferrat (Masci's were in that area), though they developed a city of Este near the Reno river, smack beside Euganeo, where I traced the Eugene's/Ewings. If you recall, the mother of Adlai Stevenson I was Eliza Ewing, but then the Stevensons use a diagonal bar (called a "bend") in the colors of the same of the Waldwins/Wolfins. It means that, indeed, the Walwins/Wolfins and Baldwins trace to Euganeo and Este.

It just so happens that, after writing all that, "Bald" was entered to re-discover what I had for the moment forgotten, that the Bald Coat uses the hourglass-like design of the Guido Coat! Magic, or truth? One of the first places I ever traced Maccabees to, outside of Israel, years before discovering Alexander Balas, was to Bologna, where the Guido surname was first found, where the Guerra family operated. In fact, I traced proto-Maccabees to the Boii peoples of Bologna. I reasoned that Maccabees were a cross between a Macca/Massa entity and the Boii. Later, when I traced proto-Maccabees to king Massena lines in the Bologna > Placentia stretch, it was around 200 BC, just after the Boii had conquered into Bologna. Modena, you see, near Bologna, smacks of Modi-in, where Maccabees lived in Israel.

What I think happened was this, that Massena elements merged with general Scipio to form a political alliance, and the sons were sent to Israel to oversee the fight over the Seleucids, chief enemies of the Romans in the Greek world. The Massena line may have named the Massyas area of Lebanon at that time, which was in the land of Itureans. I traced those very Itureans to Idris of Morocco (he wasn't from Morocco initially), and reasoned that IDRis is a name from "Itur." At about the same time that I was seeing (in heraldry) a trace of Idris' Berber wife to British and French elements, when also I realized the trace to Zenetes elements to Kent, I found a Kenzie-like term in those Berbers that suggested they traced to the Kenzie/Kenneth surname, much like "Kent" itself. The Berber wife was from the Aures region of north Africa, you see, while one Kenneth surname uses an "uro" motto term. Then, the other Kenneth surname uses an "itur" motto term. It was undeniable.

Kent (founded by mythical Horsa) was founded by the Cantii people that I trace to the mythical centaurs, an old code for horse-loving peoples, fathered by mythical Ixion, a Lapith ruler. The Lapiths, remember, moved from Patmos to Messina, where they were regarded as a monster eating up the sailors that passed by (see Scylla and Charybdis). The people at Scylla were pirates and thieves, in other words, who often killed their victims. The Vere's trace themselves to mythical Melusine, who is the mermaid in the Massin/Mason Crest, who is at times called a "Siren." If you check the mythical Sirens, you will see that they sang beautiful songs to lure sailors, then killed them. The Varangians, to whom I trace Vere's, were pirates, were they not? The Norman Claro's were pirates, were they not? What do you think they are doing today? Do you see them worming themselves anywhere? The Vere's, if you don't know, use the Massey/Macey Shield, and were from a Ver(e) Manche, where Masseys/Maceys were from.

I was able to make little distinction between Ares and Ixion. Expect both cults to have been in Kent, and expect the strong Masonic elements of Kent to be from the Massins/Masons and their ilk from north Africa...though they passed through Italy. The Kenneth surname using "itur" uses an erect sword, sort of, suggesting that "Aures" was a form of "Ares." There is an Ares surname using an upright lion in colors reversed to the upright lion of the Massins/Masons of Thanet. That's a fairly strong argument, reliable.

Ares was a Thracian horse god, as in horses of war. Some say he was the Thracian Horseman. It was a white horse that symbolized Ares. I found a white horse tracing the Aures region in the Caffrey/Affrey surname. I reasoned that the "AWRaba" version of "Aures" could morph into Afer terms. But now that the Ares surname is tracing to a fundamental linkage with Massins/Masons, let me remind some that "Freemason" is just a stupid code for the merger of the Freie/Frey surname with the Mason surname. Masons are stupid in this way, playing games. The Freie's use the Massin/Mason lion, but it's also the Ares lion, and then the Free surname uses white horses in the white-on-green colors of the Caffrey/Affrey horse. It's undeniable.

Look at how the Phreeze variation of the Free surname smacks of "Pharisee," or how the Caffrey variation of MacAffreys smacks of "Caiaphas." Something to tinker about. The Caffrey horse design even uses the feathered helmet, a symbol on a coin of Herod Archelaus, of ancient Israel...son of Herod "the great," the one who received Iturea from caesar.

It's very interesting that the Caffreys/Affreys are said to equate with "GodFREY," for it conjures up Godfrey de Bouillon, brother of Baldwin I of Templar Jerusalem. This Godfrey had immediate ancestry in Boulogne, a location that should trace to "Bologna" simply because Bologna had lines of Israel's priests. Godfrey de Bouillon is obviously a chief suspect from the Seleucid-Maccabees of Balas.

This recalls the Cavari peoples that he been traced without doubt to the Shaw bloodline, from the Shawia peoples in the Aures region. As the Masci's must trace there, note the Masci-like motto term of BALTimore's, or that Baltimore's go by a Cavari-like surname. For more info on that, google tribwatch and Cavari together. Compare "Cavari" to "Caffrey," suggesting a Cavari trace to "Aures / Awraba." The Cavari were found in Avignon, which place uses a key symbol in its Arms, and then the key is used also by the Sheaves/Chiava surname that links to the Sheaves/Shaws using a "qui" motto term. You can see at Wikipedia's Shawia article that these people also went by "Chaoui" and similar terms that may morph into the Kay/Key surname. The Wikipedia article of the Shawia is using "Awarba" instead of "Awraba."

It's interesting that the Shawia called themselves, Isawiyen or Ichawiyen, the latter version much like "Ixion." It's important because they lived in the Aures region. It potentially reveals that the Ixion and Ares cults were moving across the world together, ending up as the Sheaves / Shaw / Shay and possibly Kay/Key families.

Let's go back to the Drakes of the Drago river who merged with the Mosca surname, important because I link Drakes fundamentally to the Varni (Nordics) that I say became the Varangian Rus (used dragon symbols on their ships) who are known to have named Moscow. I now view the wyVERN dragon as code for the Varni/Warni; I identify the Varn/Warnock surname with the Warnow river of the Varni.

The Mosco family married Montechiaro (near the Drago), and it just so happens that the Chiaro surname shows a Claro variation, the very original name of Sinclairs when they were yet in France (Normandy). I can't be sure that the Montechiaro entity was originally "Claro," or whether the Sinclairs of Sicily had merged with it to produce that variation. Here's from the 2nd update of February of this year:

...Manfredi Chiaramonte, husband of Isabella Mosca...
The Chiaramonte family built many castles at Mussomeli, Caccamo, Chiaramonte Gulfi, Ragusa and all over Sicily, in a very typical Gothic style...

...As per the Mussomeli location, the Musso(lino) surname (Bologna, where I see Maccabee roots!) is very interesting for using a bend in lozengy [= a string of six lozenges] in the colors of the Varn and Pembroke bends. Clare's ruled Pembroke!!!!!! It means that the Charo/Chiaro/CLARO surname traces to MonteChiaro. The Bricks, said to be from "Broc," use lozengy in the same fashion and can therefore be identified as part of the PemBROKE term...

ZOWIE, that explains why Bricks and Clare's use the same stag design in their Crests...

...The Marshalls use the same sort of lozengy design as Bricks and Musso(lino)'s, and they were first found in the same place (Wiltshire) as Yorks. But Marshalls are said to be a branch of Keiths who lived at MUSSELburgh, and that is the general area of Sinclairs = Claro's. Therefore, Musselburgh, and Mussels/Muscels, trace to Mussomeli. How about that.

Once you understand family connections though symbols, motto codes, and the codes often in quotation marks within the write-ups, you can begin to take a crack at origins of the surnames. Keep good distance from the simpleton origins given in the write-ups. Don't assume that a surname variation found in the dictionary is the original form of that surname group. Don't assume without flexibility that the Chiaro surname (and its group) was from the idea of "clear," or that the Chiava-surname group was from the Italian word for "key."

In the quote above, I left out the following for separate treatment here: "The Massars were first found in Lucca, where the Battus Cyrenians are tracing." We saw two codes already used in the Kenneth motto that spoke of the Aures-region Itureans from Idris of Morocco, but the Kenneth motto also uses "Lucco." Beside Lucca is Massa-Carrara, named after two side-by-side locations. There is every reason to believe, therefore, that the Awraba Berbers whom Idris married, put forth some Saracen branches on nearby Sicily, and that these are the Moorish elements that Sinclairs honor in their heraldry. Years before knowing any of this, I traced "Carrick" (the surname) tentatively to a hard-C version of "Saracen," and then, after writing this year that Caffreys/Affreys trace to "Awraba," I found the Caffrey/Affrey horseman design in the Craig Crest, important because Carricks are said to be from "Craig." Therefore, ignore the write-up that suggest "rock" for the origin of "Carrick."

As the Botters (trace to Joseph Biden) were first found in Lucca, here's from the fourth update in last February: "The patriarch of Berbers is believed to be Medghassen as common ancestor of the Zenetes and of the Botri as well." That was from Wikipedia's Shawia article, but suddenly the article fails to mention "Zenetes" any longer, sending the readers of my articles for a loop. The Botri location of these peoples ought to trace to the Botters. English Botters were first found in the same place (Hampshire) as Drakes, suggesting once again that the Aures / Shawia elements were at the Drago river. I traced Botters to the Butteri cowboys, i.e. a horse peoples, on both sides of Rome. Here's how the paragraph now reads, changing the term "Awraba" to Awarba":

The patriarch of Berbers is believed to be Madghacen [changed from "Medghassen"], common ancestor of the Zenata and of the Botri as well. Ibn Khaldun identified the Zenata as Berbers. Modern historians rank this Berber region within the group of Numidians and Gaetuli or the much more ancient such as Meshwesh, Maesulians and Mazaxes, from whom formed the Zenata, the main inhabitants of the Aures in the Middle Ages. Chaoui clans known by Ibn Khaldoun were the Ifren, Maghrawa, Djerawa, Abdalwadides, Howara and Awarba.

When I wrote that quote in February, I suggested a trace of "MedGHASSEN" to the Wassa/Gace (proto-Washington) surname, and to a Gace location in Normandy near Ferte-Mace, home of the Maceys / Masseys. I added: "Reminder: Gace is a location on the Touques river, and the Touque surname, first found in Kent (!) comes up as "Tolkien." Z-Z-Z-OOOWWWIE! JUST REALIZED: The Massin/Mason surname was "First found in Kent on the Isle of THANET..." Proof positive of their trace to "Zenetes"!!! "

My eyes were opened at that time. I can see why the Masons wouldn't want the world to know my pages. Sooner or later, the world will know their sick roots. God has worms prepared for their bodies. A coffin is too good for them.

Ixion's mate, Nephele (probably myth code for an pseudo-Nephilim cult], can actually be found in Numidia via the Noble/Nobel family that I trace to the French-Nordic Nibelungs. For example, the Wikipedia article on Shawia language says that its called alternatively, "Tachawit / Thachawith." So I checked the Thackary surname (green Shield) that I've been familiar with, knowing that it traces to Tancreds, who were the ancestry of the Sicilian Guiscards. I didn't check this surname until after this update (i.e. everything above) was finished. I was at the article on Shawia language less than an hour after wondering whether the Nobel surname could be found tracing to Numidia. And there I found a "Nobilitas" term in the Thackary motto. Astounding. The Guiscards did in fact merge with the Shawia.

Plus, I recalled a "Ne oublie" motto term, but could not recall the surname. Checking my files, I found it in the Graham surname, important because the Berbers were alternatively Amazons / Amazighen, and they were depicted by mythical Graeae hags. Thus, the Gra(ham)s...first found in Lothian. [I didn't realize while writing here that the Graham motto is that also of the Varns, first found in Ayrshire, where the Aures Numidians trace.]

The Grays were traced to the Graeae because they use an anchor theme, while the Anchor surname has variations smacking of the Anaki / Anunnaki giants of old, and, in case you don't know, Nephilim are regarded to be giants too. Greys were connected to Joplins, and the latter identified with the Jabesh Gilead on Israel's Jordan river, who I say developed into the Jebusites of Jerusalem living at mount Zion (southern hill of Jerusalem), and beside mount Gareb where I traced proto-Ares and various other entities from the Aras river around Jerevan (Armenia). I identified "Gareb" with "Jerevan," and so see that the Thackary Coat uses wheat "garbs" as code for mount-Gareb elements. Plus, the little blonde character in the Chief of the Thackary Coat is called a "cherub," yet another code for Garebites.

If you care to look into it by including "tribwatch" in your search results, find where I trace the Anchor surname to Agrigento, location of the Drago river, and near Montechiaro. The Chiaro/Claro Coat uses a red bull, the symbol also of the Anchor Crest, and the Anchor Shield-and-Chief combination appears to be modeled on the Arms of Agrigento.

j There's more to glean. I had insisted that "IXION" was a code used in ancient times because he was from "ZION," a term that became "SION" in Phoenicia, at the mountain called Hermon, where the Hermes cult of Armenians had been. Thus, the inhabitants of Jerusalem, before the Israelites took Jerusalem, were at Numidia. Numidia is partly in Tunisia, location of the Phoenician port, Carthage. King Massena had a wife from Carthage, but he also had an illegitimate grandson, Jugurtha. The Jagger surname uses the erect sword of Ares, and Mick Jagger, a satanist, comes to mind because Massena's heir and son was MICipsa.

Another son of Massena, MASTARnable, appears to trace well to the Masters (white unicorn, no doubt an Ares / Ixion symbol) using a "tueri" motto term that I've traced in the past to the Tuareg Berbers. The "quaerere" motto term of the Masters should be in honor of Massa-Carrara. The Roets, who were traced to the human-sacrifice cult of Boofima (later, Baphomet), and who are said to be descended from Croys/Groys, a branch of Greys = Graeae Amazons, use an identical motto term. Catherine Roet married John of Gaunt, explaining the "gauntlet" gloves of the Maceys. This makes it fairly certain that the Boofima cult linked to child sacrifices at Carthage. The goat's-head-soup theme of Mick Jagger could certainly be for the goat symbol of Boofima and Baphomet, the Templar god.

I am 101-percent sure that "quaerere" is code for "Caria," for the other Roet surname uses a sleeping moon, symbol of the Kerns/Karens. At Miletus of Caria, and at Latmus, there was a moon goddess (Selene) who loved a man (Endymion) who slept forever. That's why I'm sure that the Kerns are named after Carians, pirates of old. The Miletus location seems to be honored in the motto of the Toke's/Tooks/Tolkiens, but, moreover, the island of Rhodes was off of Caria, and Rhodes was the location of a satanic peoples, the Telchines, who smack of "Tolkien." Both the Toke's/Tooks and Masters were first found in Kent, but so were the Jokes'/Yoke's, yet another line potentially from "Jugurtha." Therefore, I'm convinced already that the Masters surname traces to Massena's grandson. I always said that Ares, a proto-Rus entity, was on Rhodes, a proto-Rus entity.

Tuaregs (honored by the Master motto) had been traced to "Turin," to THURINgia (where Master-related Roets were first found), and to the Austrian Turner surname...that uses a Shield split vertically in white and blue and white, the colors of the vertically-split Shield of Dutch Jaggers. Jugger-incidence? I don't think so.

If you're familiar with the relationship between Time-Warner and Turner Broadcasting, see a similar Shield in the German Warner Coat, a surname likely from the Varni.

On each side of the Turner Coat, two large besants, gold-on-blue in the right half, the colors of the two large besants of the Touques Coat.

I have mentioned a few times that the idea of "Grand Master" was play on the Master surname, but then I realized that Hugh de Payen was the first grand master of the Templars because "quam" is a motto term used by both Paine's/Payne's and Masters. The Paine/Payne motto (includes "Malo mori") is the best evidence you will ever have that this surname traces to Balso D'Espaines, from Malahule of More.

The Grants are also "Grand." Hmm, as in "Grand Master"? Here's from the 2nd update of May, 2011, where the Grants were a topic:

As per the Grant link just made only tentatively to the Arthur surname, let's read the Campbell write-up, not forgetting that its Cammel variation should link to mythical Camelot, or the historic Camulodunum: "First found in Argyllshire. Researchers suggest a joint progenitor of both the Campbells and the MacArthurs...Arthur derives from the son of King Aedan MacGabhran, the 9th century Scots King of Argyll. Certainly, if the Campbell motto ("Ne obliviscaris") is code for Nibelungs, then Gabhran may have been a Nibelung [there was more to it than this]. The Graham motto: "Ne Oublie." Later, I discovered that the "viscar" buried in the Campbell motto term is code for Wisharts/Guiscards.

The idea for including that quote is to ponder a Grant trace to the mythical Graeae, for both the Greys and Grants use "fast" in their mottoes. Greys use "Anchor fast anchor." Greys are also "Croy," as if to suggest linkage to the mythical crow of Cyrene. Grants use the FIVE-pointed MacArthur crown, as well as the Rockefeller rock in flames, symbol also of the Kenneths...who already traced to Numidia.

I can't get into all of the evidence for these traces, but they went to a Meshwesh peoples in pre-Israel, who had just escaped Egypt as part of the Hyksos flight out of Egypt. These Meshwesh would return and rule Egypt starting in the 21st Dynasty. In the meantime, between their escape and their re-empowerment, I learned that they had merged with Benjamites. The 600 Benjamites in the book of Judges married 400 women from Jabesh Gilead. Coincidence? If not, then Benjamites ought to trace to "Benghazi," in Cyrene, long-time home of the Meshwesh. If you can't stomach that, you won't be able to stomach that "Jabesh" named Jupiter, chief god of the Romans, code for the Japodes living beside the Maesaei.

From the 2nd update in May, 2011:

The Graham write-up tells of links to DalKeith, which I assume are the Keith Catti first found in East Lothian.

...The Graham-Crest stork reminded me of the Oettingen (Bavaria) line to the Odins of Storkhouse in Yorkshire, but I wasn't going to mention it...until I saw that the Gros/Grau write-up: "First found in Bourgogne [= Burgundy], but one of the first records of the name was found in England where William le Gros (died 1179) was the Count of Aumale (Earl of Albemarle), Earl of York, and Lord of Holderness."

The Graham link to Keiths is yet another reason for tracing Grahams to north-African Berbers. The Nibelungs had been Burgundians (Franks), out of Bornholm.

The Oettingen stork was traced to other white-on-red saltires aside from the one used by Oettingen-Oettingen. It was traced to a saltire of that color that was at one time the flag of Gascony, which I linked to the Wassa/Gace/Gasson surname that you saw shortly above tracing to Numidia. But a saltire in those colors is used also by the Teck/Tess surname, now suggesting their trace to the same as the Thackarys: the Shawia people group. The Teck surname is in recent British royalty. If I was correct to trace the Teck/Tess surname to the Ticino/Tessen river, then the Shawia ought to trace there too.

This river flows from Switzerland (explaining why the Teck/Tess Coat is a Swiss one), into the area of Italy around Pavia, home of the Laevi Gauls (that I traced to pagan Levites out of Israel). That's why the Teck/Tess saltire adds LEAVES. The Laevi = Levi is a long story throughout updates in the last couple of years. You can see here that the Gace location on the Touques river suggests that "Touques" is itself a term that should trace to the Shawia. We had that clue already where the Toke/Took/Tolkien surname was first found in Kent. The Touques-river area is where the Sinclairs lived too.

As we are tracing peoples from Sion to the Numidia of king Massena, the Sion location in Switzerland must apply because the Sion/Swan/Sine surname uses Macey symbols (the Sion/Swan surname showed until recently the Macey gauntlet gloves). The Sitten variation of this Swiss city traces to the Sithones of Thrace, roughly where the Kikons lived whom I've identified with "Ixion," a Sion-suspect term. The Sinnot/Senet-surname swans may be a good reason for tracing "Sion" to "Zenetes/Zenata" and "Senussi." There is a Sens surname of Switzerland.

The Touques surname uses besants, likely code for Bistones, for the Toke/Took Crest is an erect sword (symbol of the god of Bistones). I tend to link Toke's/Tooks to Teagues for obvious reason of their Coat similarity. The Tague variation is close to "Tachawit / Thachawith" (the name of the Shawia language). This Shawia term appears to use a term fronted by a capital 'T,' for African Amazighen are also "Tamazighen" and similar spellings. Thus, the Shawia, who call themselves "Ichawiyen," simply front that and similar terms with a 'T' to denote their language. In other words, all such terms -- and the T-fronted surnames under discussion -- are expected to trace to "T-Ixion," so to speak, father of the centaurs, children also of Nephele. The Texas surname could apply here, and the horse theme in Texas may suggest that Ixion is behind the surname. "Mexico" could trace to "Mazaca" variations.

The Teague wolf is likely due to the wolf symbol of Amazons as far back as Artemis, the female war goddess who was given a throne covered in wolf fur. She was the twin sister of Apollo so that her Amazon people are expected in Cyrene. Her Thermodon river, and her Themiscyra location (she didn't truly exist, but merely symbolized these areas) was near MAZACA, and then we saw above this quote: "Modern historians rank this Berber region [of Aures] within the group of Numidians and Gaetuli [Gates surname???] or the much more ancient such as Meshwesh, Maesulians and MAZAXES [see also "Mazaces"], from whom formed the Zenata, the main inhabitants of the Aures in the Middle Ages."

The Gaetuli could suggest the Keiths, Keatons, Seatons, Kettle's, Cheatles (the latter were of Cheshire), Geddys/Gettys (I trace the latter to Guido's). I claimed that crescents were symbols of Masonic Saracen lines, and so see the crescents of the Gaets/Geeds/Gedda's, first found in the same place (Hamburg) as same-colored Drummonds whom I've traced to "THERMOdon." The Trips (who use the French-Massey boot design, no longer shown) were also first found Hamburg, and they traced to a goddess-worshiping Trypillian peoples.

After learning that this goddess was fashioned anciently in an hourglass shape, I was led to realize that hints of hourglasses in heraldry are code for Trypillian lines, and one of the surnames using the hourglass (though it's not called that) are the Guido's whom were merged with Vere's of the Guerra kind (the latter term means "war"). I identified that hourglass goddess as Nerthus, goddess of the Varni who lived near / at Hamburg. So, you see, where this Trypillian goddess was a form of Artemis, the Gaets can in fact trace to the African Amazons i.e. the Gaetuli.

If we think that "Varni" derived from "guer = war" because they were war-loving peoples, it's a good theory. But I want to mention here that I traced proto-Apollo's wolf / dog symbol to the Dehae peoples of Dagestan, home to this day of the Avars. If you catch my drift, Avars may have named the Varni (there were European Avars who became very strong). The Dehae were SCYTHians on the east side of the Caspian sea, where the Saka and MassaGAETI Scythians lived, and then the Guido hourglass is used by SKITs who in-turn use the "potent" cross of Scheds (Skits and Sheds are both of Ayrshire). I traced these surnames to the same place (Placentia) as the Geddys/Gettys, where I found the line of Annas/Ananias, the father-in-law of Caiaphas (both had Jesus killed). The Geddys/Gettys use "capta" in the motto while the Drake's use "captat," code, I think, for the Capetians, a branch of Capes' that I trace to "Caiaphas."

I then traced the proto-Apollo Dagestani to Dacians of Europe, and one can read online that Dacians were a branch of Gaeti Thracians. I think "Drake" traces to "Thraco" so that the Drakes were Thracians. The Gaeti lived in the same general area of Europe as the Trypillians, near the Hebros river where the Kikons (may have been the same as Caucones) derived...who may have been from "Caucasus." Dagestan and the Avars were in the Caucasus, and so was the Aras river to which I trace "Ares." The Aras river flows toward the Dagestan side of the Caucasus. I think the Hebros was named ultimately from the Iberi peoples of Caucasia, who may have been Avars.

Nicholas de Vere von Drakenberg has a book (From Transylvania to Tunbridge Wells) that sounds like a love affair with Vere roots in Transylvania, now Romania (Tunbridge Wells is in Kent). It just so happens that Trypillians lived in the Moldavia part of Romania, which could be considered northern Thrace.

I think I've just made a pretty good case for tracing Gaeti Thracians and the MassaGaeti Scythians to the Gaetuli Amazons. Remember, I traced Daphne, a chief goddess that Apollo loved in the river of the Ladon dragon, and the suspected root of the Davies surname, to Tubal, where Avars are predicted, and where Ares derives.

Wikipedia's Gaetulia article states that the purple Roman die was manufactured by the Gaetuli, and so note that while the royal Massena family had merged solidly to general Scipio, the Skiptons use a purple lion. There is also the "Gaetulian lion" that you might like to investigate in this regard. The Gates Coat uses lions, in the colors of the Kettle lion.

I have done so little study on Massena lines that I don't recall treating his other son, Gulussa, also spelled, "Galussa," in the same article (below). I had found curiosity in GLASgow, where hourglass-using Houstons come from. The Houstons use a real hourglass symbol as obvious code for the Glass surname that named Glasgow. But, suddenly, this surname could trace to "Gulussa," especially as the Glass Crest is the same mermaid / Siren as in the Massin/Mason Crest!!! I'd didn't realize that last part when starting this paragraph. ZOWIE!

The Glass write-up has the code, "son of a gray lad," in honor of the Grey surname because both it and the Glass Coat use a Shield-on-Shield, in colors reversed from one another. Both use red, which in heraldry is called, "gules." Gulussa-incidence?

Jaggers and Glass' share a red fleur-de-lys, expected because Gulussa was Jugurtha's half-brother. The Gleason symbol could be related to the Botter symbol; they both use red stars, symbol of the Glass'. The symbol being referred to, a diagonal bar, is called "bend," and then the Bend surname (Cheshire) uses besants, the Touques / Turner symbols.

I've now got to entertain the idea that Julius Caesar's first name was from "Gulussa," for I've been claiming for a while that "Julian" was part of the Glass bloodline. I remarked on how the Julian/Gillian Coat looked like the makings of the swastika, especially because Adolf Hitler's father married a Glassl surname, while Adolf's nephew changed his surname to Stuart-Houston, thus providing two items tending to trace Hitler lines to Glasgow, special home of Stewarts/Stuarts. But Hitler's mother is a third item, for her surname, Polzl, smacks of the Pollocks of Glasgow. The DuGlass' and Julians/Gillians share a salamander-in-flames (part code for the Salyes Ligures on the Durance river, location of Guillestre, using a black eagle, symbol of Roman emperors). French Julians use the saltire in the colors of the Teck/Tess saltire.

For more on Touques, see the 4th update of last February. There is some mention there on the Douglas/DuGLASS surname that could / should apply to Gulussa.

The Massena/Mussena Coat is too much like the Masci Coat to be coincidental. The white crosses (called "patee") are used by Peks/Pecks whom I traced to the Pek tributary of the Danube in Moesia. I identified the Pek river as an origin of the Payens/Pagans and therefore of the Paine's/Payne's. This explains why both the Payens/Pagans and Massena's use gold-on-blue Zionist stars (hexagrams). The "Paion" variation of the Payens therefore trace quite well to the Paeoni peoples not far from Moesia. Pages, showing a chevron in colors reversed to the Pek/Peck chevron, use so-called "pheon" arrow heads as possible code for the Paeoni. Page's were first found in the same place as Deins, Diens/DIVE's, Dans and Daniels/Danners, suggesting the Pek and Danube river peoples together. Dacians lived next in / beside Moesia, thus explaining why Apollo was chief of the Muses. Payens/Pagans and Page's/Pageons were first found in Dauphine, a likely origin for the David/Daffy and Davis/Davies surname.

There is a separate Dives surname using the three scallops of the Capes (and the Happs/Apps), suggesting the marriage of Hugh de Payen to a Chappes. In fact, both the Page's/Pageons and Capes' use the same white lion...not to re-mention that Davids/Daffys, Davis' and Lewis' also use a white lion. The Pek-river people (near Cuppae) were traced to Coppara near Ferrara (Pharisee-like term), and to the nearby Reno river, where also the priests of Israel were traced on independent grounds. The Pek-river people were identified in that part of Italy as the Panetta's/Panico's/Pane's (for more info, search Panico and tribwatch together). The latter Coat is in Massena / Masci colors, and even uses fleur-de-lys in the colors used by the Masci fleur-de-lys. It therefore stands to reason that, when the family of king Massena joined Scipio, Massena elements crossed paths with Pek-river Moesians in the Bologna theater. The Boii of Bologna had previously lived in PANonia. Thus, some Maccabee elements ought to have had some Payen blood. Caiaphas (chief priest of Israel) must have descended from this Maccabee-Payen bloodline because Maccabees were the first chief priests of Israel, and they tended to pass the title to family members. To show that this line kept itself "pure," Hugh de Payen married a Chappes more than a thousand years later. One can see why this close-knit family conspired to rule the world.

The oak tree of the Panetta's/Panico's probably links to the acorns (= oak seeds) in the Chief of the Capes'. The likelihood is that some Payen blood made it's way with Caiaphas blood to north-Africa, and so it should explain why Moor heads are used by Chappes', first found in the same part of Paris as the Levi and Lys surnames. The Lys surname (possible branch of Levi's) use fleur-de-lys in the colors of the Capes scallops, and in the colors of the Massey fleur-de-lys (color schemes were often passed on family-to-family or individual-to-individual). (The Habsburgs of Austria are from the Capes / Happs/Abbs line.) The Chappes Moor head is used by Packers (in Pek/Peck / Capes colors), suggesting that they are a Payen branch.

I trace GREYhounds, a Lys symbol, to the Graeae of north-Africa, or to the Gray surname using the same white-on-red colors, not to mention another upright white lion. The Gray write-up says that Tankerville's, a branch of Tancreds = Guiscards, sprang up from Gray's. Entering "Guis" gets the Guido Coat, suggesting Guiscards had merged with Guido Guerra lines. The WIShard variation of Guiscards was traced to "VISconti," from Ottone Visconti (northern Italy), and then both Ottone's and Chappes' use a long, white-on-blue, solid chevron. The Gettys/Geddys, whom I identify as Guido's, use pike fish, suggesting that Pike's (the surname) can be a Payen/Pagan branch.

The Payen Zionist stars are pierced and therefore called "mullets." The Mullet surname (first found in the same place as Bouillons) uses three mullets in the colors of the three Payen mullets, but the Mullet Coat also uses the hunting horn (goat horn) of German Jaggers/Yaggars (in the same colors), thus tracing Mullets to the Massena family, not forgetting that the Massena surname uses the same stars (though not pierced). The Massena's and English Jaggers share the patee cross, but the Jaggers use theirs in the colors of these Zionist stars.

The Zionist stars are called HEXagrams in satanism, possible code for the Hyksos (horse-and-chariot lovers) who included a pharaoh APACHNas that I trace to "Pagan" and to the Pek river. I have been saying for years that Apachnas' household was a Meshwesh one, from Mus of Lake Van (where mythical Pan is traced by me). That house is therefore suspect in naming Moesia and the Mysians (the latter are traced by historians to Moesia). I do not only identify Apachnas as the Exodus pharaoh (don't trust modern Egyptian dating systems that imply otherwise), whose daughter named Moses/Musa, but I trace his other name, Khyan, to whatever real term it was that invented "Ixion." This makes the Shawia Meshwesh a distant branch of Moesians who named the Pek river. Thus, this particular Hyksos line needs to be incorporated into the ancestry of the Israeli chief priesthood, a fascinating idea if not for its utter animosity to God's plan through both Moses and Jesus, not to mention end-time Christians. To put it another way, this is the house of satan, and it has become divided, and shall not stand forever. .

The Hyksos were identified by many as Hebrews, which should explain why Kikons were mythically made the brother of the Hebros river. Hebrews descend from Biblical Eber, father of Peleg (name means "divided" according to Genesis), and then Ixion, as a Lapith ruler, can be traced to this Hebrew family because another Lapith ruler was PHLEGyas. It was not an Israeli family, but it was Hebrew. The fact that Israelites were called Hebrews indicates that Eber's lines (ancestral to Abraham) became superior / popular in the line to Abraham. The Hebrews of Babylon (pre-Israel) lived on the Habur river, a tributary of the Euphrates, the latter river naming Aphrodite, special mistress of Ares = Ixion. Thus, the Hyksos were at Jerusalem as the proto-Ares cult, even at Zion as proto-Ixion. They ended up in Numidia as a branch of Meshwesh because they had been Meshwesh from the start, when Hyksos ruled Egypt (15th-17th Dynasty).

The Masonic connection to Roussillon, Rodez, and Roquefeuil takes the Hyksos bloodline in Numidia to Occitania, for that was another name of the Roussillon area, and I say "Occitania" was named after the tribe of "Joktan," Peleg's brother. In fact, I have no doubt about it due to key clues. There you have the primary story of human history in an acorn shell. I say that the oak tree is a symbol of Occitanians.

It's interesting that I traced the Acker surname (acorns) to mount Acra at ancient Jerusalem. The Acker Crest is the dove, as is the Leaf/Leve surname, which for me brings to mind the idea that the priests of Israel (Levites) used a dove symbol for themselves, explaining why God rubbed against them when he made the Spirit fall on Jesus in the shape of a dove. The city of Cuppae, on the Danube near the Pek, is said to be the "city of doves," and should trace to the Chappes bloodline (i.e. Caiaphas Levites), you see, first found in the same place of Paris as the Levi surname (i.e. we expect the Leaf/Leve family at that part of Paris). Paris traces to mythical Paris of Troy, in Mysia, brother of HECtor and son of HECabe. Trojans were Hyksos in Mysia, you see, and they ended up in Paris, France, near Troyes.

Just found! The Dove/Dow Coat uses the same dove design as the Page doves!!! There are many dove designs, but, like I've always said, when designs match, it's evidence for a family match. The Pages were thus, indeed, from the Pek river. Note that the Dives (using the capes scallops) share a central dancette with the Doves!

The Paris Trojans were connected closely with LYSimachia, a Thracian location off the Hebros and near Parium/Parion (a city of the Muses that likely named Parnassus), home of Paris and his father, Priam. That should explain why the Lys surname was also first found in the part of Paris. North of Paris, there is a Lys river / valley at Lille, explaining how the Lys bloodline got the lily, or fleur-de-lys symbol. Lysimachia was near the land of the Caeni, whom I suspect from "Khyan." I discover traced the fleur-de-lys was originally a fish symbol at Laus (a long story), otherwise called Ragusa in Illyrium. This fish belonged to the Saraka/Saraca family of Ragusa (Saracens from Ragusa of Sicily?), but I found it in the coats of the Keons and Kane's, you see, who should therefore trace both to the Caeni and to Lysimachia.

The part of Paris where the Lys surname was first found is Ile-de-France, a term possibly tracing to "Illyrium," or perhaps to "Ilus," the alternative name of Troy. Consider the similarity between "Ilus" and "Lys." The curved fish that developed into the fleur-de-lys was used by the Bars of Bar-le-Duc on the Little Meuse river (Moselle), whom were from a Bar location in Illyrium. This entity had been traced to "Keturah," the other wife of Biblical Abraham (Genesis 25), because the fish of Illyrium was out of Kotor (not far from Bar), a location tracing to mythical KODRos of Athens, who had a fish symbol. Yes, Keturah lines, from her son, Medan (or was it Medon"?), traced to Athens and ruled it as the entity of Kodros, father of Medon (or was it "Medan"?). More Hebrews.

The Acker Coat uses the same "bend" as the Sale Coat, important because Sale's (known also as Sale's-of-Mascy") trace to the Salyes who named the Salassi founders of Aosta (northern Italy). There is a Lys valley in Aosta too, explaining why Masseys use the Lys fleur-de-lys. But I identified Aosta with the Este bloodline, and it just so happens that Bars of Bar-le-Duc were a branch of Este's, as you can see where the Bar surname uses the white-on-blue eagle of the Este family. The Este eagle is in the colors of the Keon fish for a reason, and the same colors are used by the Bush/Busch and Bosch fleur-de-lys for a reason, who trace to a Busca location beside Saluzzo (likewise in blue and white), yet another entity of the Salyes. The Cutters who use the Saluzzo Shield-and-Chief combination in colors reversed were therefore traced to "Kotor."

The Saraca's of Laus = Ragusa are said in their Wikipedia article to be initially from Kotor. Their article shows a white-on-blue fish, on a gold Shield, the color of the Carrick Shield. Remember, the Craig root of Carricks was linked by its horse-and-rider symbol to the Caffreys/Affreys from "Aures / Awraba," in what looks like a Saracen merger with the Aures Meshwesh, probably explaining why Messina (the Sicilian region) is beside the Saracens of the Syracuse / Ragusa theater. This Saraca link to the line of king Massena allows us to trace the hunting horns of German Bars to the same of Austrian Jaggers, in Carrick and Sarasin colors.

The Hyksos (with Mus household) who were booted out of Egypt by the Ten Plagues became mythical CadMUS. He founded a city in Boeotia, and, once removed from Greece, he and his wife, the Armenian daughter of Ares, settled in Butua (modern Budva), smack beside Kotor. As Kotor was named after the line of Kodros in Athens, it's a no-brainer to trace "Butua" to mythical Butes of Athens, priest of Poseidon (= a fish-depicted people). Other fish-depicted peoples were mythical Nereus and his wife, Dorus (collectively called Nereids), who represented the Neretva river, home of the Daorsi, not far from Butua and Kotor. Thus, with Hyksos of the Mus kind in Illyrium, we could expect the Meshwesh Hyksos of north-Africa to be joined to them in political marriages. That's what I expect the Saraca's to have been involved with.

Wikipedia traces Saracens to the Medina / Mecca area of Arabia, along the Red sea as far north as Petra in Edom. The Bush's trace without doubt, not only to the Saraca's, but to Edom, and therefore very likely to BOZrah, the Edomite capital of Esau, the city that I think named BOZCAth/BOSCath in nearby Hebron (Abraham's home, therefore suspect as origins of the Keturah-to-Kotor line). The book on Enoch tells that Edom was depicted by a black boar, the color of the Bush (and Booth) boar, and so I've got to trace the proto-Bush's not only to Boscath, but to the Butes-of-Athens line to Butua, explaining why the Bush's / Boschs use the fleur-de-lys in the colors of the Bar / Saraca fish. It just so happens that Kodros of Athens had two symbols, a fish and a boar. So, there you have it, the mythery has been tholved by yours truly, a Massey bloodliner.

When I first started this quest to discover dragon-line Hebrews, when directed by God to find the Buzites, I had no idea that my Massey bloodline would become involved. Soon, I started to wonder if it could be from the Meshech, but for a couple of years, that was all that crossed my mind, though at times the faint idea struck me that "Freemason" could be involved. Never in my wildest imaginings did I ever think I would discover all these things you are reading. I resisted any idea of tracing Freemasons to Esau and Edom, and despised the idea of British-Israelism, wanting not to go there. Everything I've concluded tells me that the Revelation dragon will be from Edom, from the Esau-line marriage to Lotan the Horite. Jacob I loved, but Esau I hated. The Esau-Lotan line clearly hooked up with the Mus-Hyksos in Bozcath, and to this it should be added that it was Lotan's sister, Timna, who married Esau's son (Eliphas), for the one Saracen of Sicily who joined Guiscard was named, Timnah.

When the Argo ship, belonging to Iason, son of Aeson -- mythical characters suggesting lines of "Esau" (albeit they were traced strongly to Keturah) -- sailed past Sicily, mythical Butes heard the sound of the Sirens and jumped out of the ship, swimming toward them. Isn't that picture the Bozrah > Bozcath line along with Seir? Yes, for Lotan and his sister were Horites from Seir. The Siren murderers were from Seir. This Argo ship also sailed past Scylla/Messina, where it lost some sailors to that monster. It begs the question of whether the proto-Saracens of the Petra area named PatMOS/PatMUS, location of Skala and Chora? Might Chora have been a version of what we would expect from "Hor(ite)?

Edom was where the chief owl god, Kos, originated, and then there was an Ascalaphus owl that was used when inventing mythical Asclepios, symbol of Skala / Scylla. It therefore seems to be true that his mother, Coronis, was a Horite entity that named Chora. It just so happens that Kos was an island that furnished a king Merops, father of Pandareus of Ephesus (Amazon city), a location founded by a son of Kodros. The daughter of Pandareus, Aedon, was a queen (not really) in Boeotia (beside Athens), where the Cadmus entity -- Edomite-Hyksos out of Bozcath -- settled before moving to Butua.

Cadmus and Harmonia (a Cadusii-Armenian entity) were given snake symbols as they left Greece for Butua, and then Cadmus slew a dragon of Ares when he first arrived to Boeotia, which dragon is code for his own peoples, really, in a civil war between Hebrew factions that he represented. To understand how this is the Revelation dragon, follow the Hyksos from Tyre (special home of Cadmus) to Trojans and Lydians, founders of Romans and Latins. Armageddon will be Esau versus Jacob, Apachnas versus the New Moses.

If we want to know what the patee cross of Massena's trace to, then, if king Massena named Messina at Scylla, we would first of all speculate on PATmos and PETra. The Patt surname is also Potton, which is a surname that well reflects "potent," the name of the cross used by Skits and Scheds. However, the Skits show properly as "Skeoch/Skeach," curiously enough, and then the Scala/Scalia surname shows two variations starting with "Scic" and two starting with "Scich." Three of the variations, especially "Scicli," look like play of "Sicily."

BEHOLD. JUST UNDERSTOOD FOR THE FIRST TIME. Didn't I trace the hourglass symbol of Skits/Skeochs to the Trypillian goddess (she was drawn as two triangles one over the other just like in the Skit/Skeoch Coat)? Yes, and then the Trips use a ladder, the symbol of the Scala/Scicli Coat!!! I get it, ZOWIE!! BEHOLD MORE, for the English Trips (German branch, a Massey kin, first found in Hamburg) of Kent use the crosslets of the Hamburg surname, shared in the same colors by the Gore's/CORE's!!! Kapow! We just traced Al Gore to Chora! But as there is no doubt that the Gore's trace to Gorski (Croatia), location of Servitium (see the Gore/Core motto for hint of that location), the namers of Chora also named Gorski.

That should explain why Coles' and their Kyle kin (Illuminati suspects) use coiled snakes, the symbol of Asclepios! The Cole's show a "serva" motto term in honor of their roots at Servitium, though I trace them to the COLapis river nearby, river of the Japodes. That river was also called, "Kupa," similar with "Cuppae." The 666-suspect bloodline from Patmos was at Gorski, where we find Rijeka, origin of Maxwells using a "holly BUSH."

The Doves/Dows (trace to the Pek river and to Page's) use a motto, "Patiens," and the Patien/Padyn surname is also "Padgen," like "pigeon." Can we guess that "Padgen" is a Pagan variation? It seems here that the patee cross is symbol for this Patien-branch of Payens/Pagans, especially as we saw how the Pek/Peck coat uses a patee. However, I would suggest that a Pat-like family merged with the Pek-river line, implying that the line of pharaoh Apachnas was in Patmos. I've made that claim before by other means. I've claimed that the 666 bloodline will be from that pharaoh.

The Patien/Padgen surname was first found in the same place (Dumfries) as the KilPATricks (they honor Maxwells/Makeswells in their saltire and in their "make" motto term), who use the right paw of the Levi lion on the head of a dragon, which picture I've suggested to be that of Revelation 13, where the 666 mark of the dragon beast goes on the right hand or forehead. One can now ask whether the "laidir" motto term of Kilpatricks links to the ladder symbol tracing back to Skala of Patmos, where "Patien" and "Patrick" might also trace. It doesn't surprise me to find this close link between Kilpatricks and Payens, for Kilpatricks lived near Annandale, home of the line from Annas/Ananias, killer of Christ.

Why are there six scallops in the Scale Coat?

Write the "Shera" variation of Kilpatricks in the search box here to read the Coat description: "A green dragon reguardant, surmounted of a black lion guardant with his dexter paw resting on the dragon's head." The Dexters (suspect with Tecks, etc., from the Shawia Amazons) are likely using the chevrons of Hyksos-suspect Hucks and Huckabys. Dexters are even said to be from makers of dyes, recalling the Gaetuli Berbers in the land of the Shawia. That land, Aures, smacks of "Ayer" and "Ayrshire, where Kyle's, Carricks and Latters/Latto's were first found. The Kilpatricks were traced to the Latin surname, important because the Revelation dragon is Latin at its roots, and so the "laidir" motto term of Kilpatricks could trace to Latters/Latto's, which is a great way to trace them to Skala on Patmos. Besides, as we saw Edomites tracing to Patmos, note how Dumfries might indicate Edom elements. The Latin dragon is one I see as the mythical Ladon dragon of Greece...and seven-headed Lotan dragon of Syria, suggesting Lotan, the Seir-ian brother-in-law of Esau's son.

If you recall, the Tecks et-al were linked to Thackarys tracing to the term for the Shawia language. The Latters/Latto's use the Guiscard and Orr "piles" in the colors of the Kilpatrick/Patchy/Shera saltire. Like I said, Latters/Latto's were first found in Ayrshire, a term smacking of "Aures," where the Orrs trace. Orrs were first found in Renfrewshire (near Ayrshire), location of Glasgow, itself tracing to Gulussa (son of king Massena) of that Aures theater, but also to Trypillians now tracing to Chora via the Trip symbols. Could we make an Orr link to "Chora" or "Horite"? Yes, because Ares was traced to the Hros peoples (hross in Nordic means "horse"), and this suggests mythical Horus, whom I think depicted the Horites of Edom, just as Osiris, the special partner of Horus, looks like he's symbol for Seir.

The Shacks/Shakerlys must now enter the discussion, as potential kin of Thackarys who come up as "Tack." These lines are suspect with Tancreds > Guiscards, keep in mind. The Shacks are the one's using "mole hills", and the green color of Libya. I traced those mole hills to Jacques de Molay, a Templar grand master using the patee cross. His patee is colors reversed from the Massena patee.

There is too much clicking too-well not to be mainly correct.

As you saw that Kilpatricks like the term, "guardant," and as Carricks use "Guard," lets go back to the Gards, for we haven't discussed the English Gards, first found in Kent with the Toke's. The "Toujours" motto term of these Gards appears to be code for the Tokers, who use white horses and an ax, two symbols that I trace to Hyksos. To make this short, I trace Tokers to mythical Teucer, and ultimately to Togarmah, nephew of Meshech the man. Teucer was the co-founder of Trojans, and so, yes, we appear to be on a horse-loving Hyksos line in the Tokers, not forgetting that Toke's and Gards were first found amongst horse-loving founders of Kent, the centaur sons of Ixion. As you may have heard me say a thousand times, Ixion represented the pharaoh with a Mus household, and that's repeated because Irish Gards were first found in Cork, important to Masonry at its Mus-Kerry theater.

The Cork surname shows a Corr variation, and uses lion's tails in the colors of the lions of the Tail/Taylor surname, first found in Kent and tracing to Lucy Taillibois, wife of le Meschin the Hyksos liner. German Talls/Thalls, who apparently use the bend of French Talbots, show bees while Kerry's show a beehive. You'd probably be correct to say these trace to the bees of the Bessin entity. As Carricks use "talbot" dogs, they are suspect with "Kerry." Kerry's fit nicely in with Togarmah, kin of Gomer, for Kerry's were first found in MontGOMERyshire. Kerry's use what I see as the Trypillian-hourglass Shield in the colors of the Carrara's. I have the sense, and some evidence, that "Mus-Kerry" traces to "Massa-Carrara."

Carricks are in the colors of the particular Peters using mascles, and both use an ostrich in Crest. Two Peter Coats use a gold-on-blue bend, the colors of the bend of Jacques de Molay. I traced all three Peter surnames to Peter Pollock, of Renfrew / Glasgow at first (beside the Carricks), but of Moray eventually. Independently, I gleaned that "Molay" was a variation of "Moray," and as some evidence showed the three stars of the Mole's, in the colors of the three Moray stars. At his Wikipedia article, Jacques appears to be painted with the Sinclair cross on his breast, important because I trace Sinclairs of More to Moray. I have connected Pollocks to Meschins (a Sinclair branch) in many ways, and so I think you see that everything in this paragraph traces to king Massena, not forgetting that Glasgow (and the Glass surname) is tracing to Gulussa very hard.

After Jacques de Molay was murdered by the royals, Templars escaped to find refuge amongst the Scot royals, at which time the Meschin-related Stewarts mounted the Scottish throne for the first time. (I think it was the earl of Chester immediately before le Meschin that married a woman of Dol). Shortly afterward, the esoteric Rosslyn Chapel (a waste of much money that someone had to burn) was built by the Sinclairs of Roslin. But even before the Molay-allied Templars arrived to Scotland, the Scottish royals, the Bruce's, were of the line of the Israeli priesthood out of Annandale. In other words, the line of the priesthood in the de-Molay circle took refuge with another line from the same priesthood.

Speaking of the Horse's Arse...

Dylan Davies said to CBS that he saw the ambassador dead: "I didn't even have to go into the [hospital] room to see who it was," a man calling himself Morgan Jones told Lara Logan, of '60 Minutes' on October 27th, remembering how he had glimpsed a body through the glass in a door." Logan goes on to say that CBS admitted a mistake after 60 Minutes learned from the FBI that Davies' account to her was not the same as what he told the FBI earlier, and that in itself brings the FBI into the center of this current task of assassinating Davies' character. The FBI and Obama are in deep cahoots, as the Boston Marathon hoax makes amply clear, and I read that Frank Marshall Davis had worked for the FBI at some point.

I'm having a hard time trying to figure what hellish thing was going on through the mind of Dylan Davies, that he should try to write a book on Benghazi while disguised as a sergeant Jones. I mean, if there was no sergeant Jones, how did he think he could get away with this? Did 60 Minutes not discover that there was no sergeant Jones? Was 60 minutes a willing accomplice with the sergeant-Jones scam? But let's leave Davies in the dust and turn to ARSO 1.

How long was ARSO outside the bedroom window alone? Was anyone firing in on him? Was smoke pouring out the window? Was there any smoke in the bedroom at all at any time before the two men went missing? Did he see the men missing, or was the room so full of smoke he couldn't see them?

If the bedroom was filled with smoke, the two would go to the window right away. There's no chance that the guard responsible for Stevens' safety would exit the window without telling them he was doing so, or calling out, "over here, an open window." That's why the official state department report has ARSO loosing the two men before the two got into the bedroom. But is that a credible story? How far from the two could ARSO have gotten if all three, according to the report, were previously in the bathroom? A bathroom is not a gymnasium or a music hall. A bathroom is very small. You can't loose anyone in a bathroom.

The insiders know that ARSO could not lose them in the bathroom, but the insiders started to imply just that. The report says that the bathroom got so smoky that ARSO could not see the two men any longer. They were on their knees at the time to avoid the thicker smoke above their heads. In fact, it says that all three crawled into the bathroom on their knees, which already begins to create the picture, before they get in, that ARSO could lose them. But, still, it's just a bathroom.

Put yourself into the shoes of ARSO, and create a plan of escape as best you can, even though you're a dumb ape as compared to the well-trained ARSO. You have the bathroom to exit the main area of the safe house, and the bathroom has a window (according to the report) with fresh air outside. If you knew there was a fire outside the safe room, are you going to wait until the room is filled with smoke before you decide to get out, into the bathroom? Are you going to wait until you need to crawl on your knees before getting into the bathroom and sealing the bottom of the bathroom door with a towel? That's exactly what the Hillary people want you to believe that ARSO did. It's no wonder "ARSO" sounds like the backside of a horse.

Next, says the report, ARSO opened the bathroom window, but, as fate would have it, more smoke came from the window so that he had to close it. I'm having a problem with this too, for the fire was started with some fuel on the inside of the building. How could smoke be coming into the bathroom from the outside? Was there really a fire outside the bathroom? I don't know, because the media has not gone to find out, or, if it has, they are not reporting on it so far as I've read. I have read nothing that tests whether this report if feasible.

Next, the report says that ARSO and the other two are down on their knees in the bathroom until they could take it no longer. ARSO could not see the two men through the smoke, we read, and so he got out the door into the hallway, calling the other two to follow. ARSO "yelled" to the ambassador in the bathroom, to have him follow out the door. Why do we think "yell" was used for such a small room? It gives the impression of a large bathroom, doesn't it? The insiders are trying to maximize their success with this fictional story, even though the maximum is nothing but the horse's arse.

Excuse me, but as much as all this smoke plays well to explain how ARSO lost the two dumb bells, shouldn't they all be dead already, coughing their guts out in the bathroom? I'm not trying to belittle the two men who lost their lives with "dumb bells." I'm pointing out how ridiculous it is that the state department wants us to believe that career men couldn't follow ARSO down a hall, as though they were mentally retarded. The more dire their situation, the more their bodies and minds would work extra-hard with adrenalin to keep up with ARSO. The ambassador was new at this building, so he had no choice, really, but to follow ARSO. And that's all he had to do, yet he couldn't even do that simple thing???

They don't stand a chance for getting into the hallway if they can't see anyone in a bathroom. If the smoke is that thick one foot in front of your nose, you're breathing it. Even if you were a freaked-out little child (I'm sure they were very terrified at the prospects of death), you would know enough to leave the bathroom before it filled with smoke to the point that you can't see the ambassador through the lower parts of the smoke. But not so the big ARSO. He left when he couldn't see the hands and knees of the people he was paid to protect.

But there were three men in there with the intelligence to know, "hey, it's getting smoky in here, we better leave right away." But, no, not even the ambassador left into the bathroom before it got so thick they couldn't see one another. Hello? It's not real, but the state department has no choice but to tell this tale because clarity of vision would have allowed all three to get to the bedroom window.

The smoke was not that bad only in the bathroom; it was just as bad in the hallway. ARSO, we are told, was crawling unable to see in the hallway, and he was thumping his hands against the floor as he went, and yelling even, to indicate to the ambassador which direction he should follow. We read nothing on him coughing, or them coughing. And if I was the horse's rump in that situation, I would know not to yell lest the enemy outside hears me. I'm supposed to be the intelligent security man, and there is mortal danger outside. I don't yell in a situation like that. I whisper, and the ambassador has no problem hearing my loud whisper if we're merely in a hallway. A hallway is not a stadium. It's a skinny room, or it wouldn't be a hallway for bedrooms. You can't lose anyone in a hallway. You don't need to thump on the floor. You don't want to thump on the floor with machine guns just outside the walls.

Could the media please report to us how gigantic this hallway was. Thank you. But, no, much of the media wants to hire Hillary for 2016. The love-Hillary media never gets enough hoof in mouth.

The smoke was coming from the safe room. The report admits as much when it says that ARSO tried to keep the smoke from entering the bathroom by fitting a towel under the door that separates the safe room from the bathroom. It's unthinkable that a human, with a brain in an extreme-emergency situation, would allow the pathway of escape to fill with smoke. Did ARSO leave that bathroom door open while the safe room filled with smoke? Did he leave the door between the bathroom and hallway open while the safe room filled with smoke? We don't call someone a hero who leaves the doors open into the path of escape; we call him guilty of two counts of manslaughter. But as he escaped while the others died, we call him a first-degree murder suspect.

The bathroom was so small that they could have successfully played pin the tail on the donkey. How possibly could Stevens not find the ARSO with his hands even if he was "blindfolded" by the smoke? How many steps away from ARSO could Stevens have been as they exited the bathroom into the hall? How many seconds does it take to walk two or three steps following the loud thuds on the floor? Does it take, one, two, or three seconds? Surely not four Yet, we are to believe that Stevens failed to find his way into the bedroom with ARSO. Stevens was such a dumb bell, right?

As the bathroom was already filled with smoke when they entered, they could not have been there but seconds, in which case we expect little smoke in the hallway, not to the extent that ARSO couldn't see anyone in the hallway. This hallway smoke is the crux of keeping ARSO out of prison for murder. It means that the inventors of the smoke in the hallway and in the bedroom are accomplices to murder. Short of a second fire in a room adjacent to the hallway area, there is no other explanation to have the hallway filled with smoke as soon as they left the bathroom. The media needs to ask the state department if a second fire in connection with the hallway existed? We would like to have a diagram of the floor plans of the consulate.

ARSO then enters the bedroom, finds the window, gets out, but the two are lost inside. We do not read one word about whether ARSO heard any words or coughing from Smith or the ambassador. The state department wants you to imagine that ARSO thought the two were close behind, but then wants you to believe that the two were way down the other end of the hall, as far as possible, and in dire trouble. And that's why the media needs to report on how far the bedroom door was from the bathroom door. Was it two feet away, four, six, or two thousand? It's important to know if the Hillary report is to be tested for honesty / viability.

The lack of any mention of coughing is conspicuous. Why do we think the report left out coughing? What damage could coughing do to the tale? I don't know what it's like to cough to death? But I do know that Smith and Stevens coughed to unconsciousness if the story be true. I don't know the point at which coughing stops and unconsciousness begins. But there must be such a point just after a person rolls and rolls on the floor in agony. You couldn't not hear this if you were a few feet away. You couldn't not hear the silence afterward. ARSO heard some of this. We would like to know what exactly he heard, when and where along there trail.

Can a person hold their breath if an inhalation is filled with smoke? Probably not for long. And what happens after a person holds their breath for as long as they can? The lungs are cleared and another big breath is irresistible. The person would be forced to take in a huge breath of smoke as thick as when you can't see the big ARSO in front of you. The person would make noise from the throat, like one dying. But ARSO reports none of this, and no wonder, it would only add to the tallness of this pile of manure.

Here is the love-Hillary report:

We still want to know whether the report mentions Dylan Davies in some form:

Present in the compound on the evening of 11 Sep 2012, in addition to Ambassador Stevens and IMO Smith, were five agents of the Diplomatic Security (DS) agency. The chief DS agent held the title of Regional Security Officer (RSO), and the other four agents had the title of Assistant Regional Security Officer (ARSO).

...The RSO and ARSOs 1 and 2 had been assigned to the consulate on what was considered to be a temporary basis. The remaining DS agents, ARSOs 3 and 4 came to Benghazi from Tripoli with Ambassador Stevens.

This is very interesting because it appears that two of the ARSOs were from one company, and two from another, for we now know that there was Davies' Blue Mountain Group from Wales, and another group, the Americans. As ARSOs 1 and 2 were temporary, not only are they suspect with the Welsh group, but one could expect that a murder team should be temporary, called in for one reason alone, not for the long haul. The chief RSO appears to be with the temporary unit, and he might just be Davies himself. The other two could be the BLACK men. A quick look online shows that at least one media was digging into this group from the onset of the attack:

...Meanwhile, the story of what happened with the consular security in Libya is continuing to come into view as journalists, such as a most excellent team at Reuters, have dug into the practices of Welsh security contractor the Blue Mountain Group, which was brought on by the State Department to oversee the new and potentially temporary consular compound in Benghazi. What the reporters found is astonishing, considering how many armed guards one finds in much less dangerous environs in the United States: "Blue Mountain guards patrolled with flashlights and batons instead of guns" [I'd laugh if it wasn't so sad]

According to its website, Blue Mountain, run by a former member of the British special forces named David Nigel Thomas.

The State Department contract for "local guard" services in Benghazi took effect in March 2012. Several of Blue Mountain's Libyan employees told Reuters that they had no prior security training or experience.

"I was never a revolutionary or a fighter, I have never picked up a weapon during the war or after it," said Abdelaziz al-Majbiri, 28, who was shot in the legs during the September 11 assault.

The Libyan commander in charge of the local guards at the mission was a former English teacher who said he heard about Blue Mountain from a neighbor. "I don't have a background in security, I've never held a gun in my life," he said, speaking on condition of anonymity out of fear for his safety.

When hired, the commander said he was told "you have great English and get along with everyone and are punctual; we want you to be a guard commander."

The unarmed guards were told to sound the alarm over the radio and then run for cover if there was an attack, a Libyan who acted as a supervisor for the Blue Mountain local guard team at the mission said during an interview with Reuters ....

Despite their inexperience, the Blue Mountain guards said they feared the Americans were not concerned enough about security.

"We used to tell the Americans who spoke to us on many occasions that we needed more support in security, because it felt thin on the ground. But they didn't seem to be so worried, and (were) confident that no one will dare to come close to the consulate," one guard said.

It was an unusual contract:

The contract [with Blue Mountain] was largely based on expediency, U.S. officials have said, since no one knew how long the temporary mission would remain in the Libyan city.

...Federal contract data shows that the Benghazi security contract, worth up to $783,284, was listed as a "miscellaneous" award, not as part of the large master State Department contract that covers protection for overseas embassies.

...Several British government sources said that they were unfamiliar with Blue Mountain...

...Blue Mountain hired about 20 Libyan men...

...One guard who had been recently fired and another on the company's payroll were suspected of throwing a homemade bomb into the U.S. compound in April. They were questioned but not charged.

The State Department has declined to comment on the company other than confirming it was the contractor in Benghazi. Blue Mountain did not respond to numerous emails and phone calls, and a person answering the phone at its office in Carmarthen, Wales, said the company would not discuss the issue.

I understand this now. The state department hired this group under the excuse that it didn't want to burden reliable companies with short-term work, if it turned out that the consulate would itself be short-term in Libya. It also hired street Libyans to secure the place, who were of course non-trustworthy, and, generally, Hillary did not secure the place whatsoever through the use of Blue Mountain. Any attempt to suggest otherwise is laughable. So, to the idea that this was a murder plot, we can add this picture that is very conducive to a murder plot. Hillary would not have wanted to stack the place with heavy security when bringing in a Libyan force (i.e. the attackers) to act as a smokescreen for the killing of Stevens. The article goes on:

Tiefer, who is also a government contracting law professor at the University of Baltimore, said the Benghazi contract paled in comparison to other State Department security awards.

"This is down in the weeds," he said in a telephone interview.

Most State Department work goes to eight large private security firms with vast experience.

Apparently, Blue Mountain was working in the Libyan capital in 2011, before it was hired for Benghazi. Possibly, Obama's circle had something to do with that. Britain wanted into Libya along with Obama at that time. Another article (from Britain) adds to the picture:

Sources have told the Daily Telegraph that just five unarmed locally hired Libyans were placed on duty at the compound on eight-hour shifts under a deal that fell outside the State Department's global security contracting system.

Blue Mountain, the Camarthen firm that won a $387,000 (241,000) one year contract from the US State Department to protect the compound in May, sent just one British employee [Davies?], recruited from the celebrity bodyguard circuit, to oversee the work.

...Other firms in the security industry expressed surprise that Blue Mountain had won a large, high profile contract from the US government. One industry executive said the level of service Blue Mountain provided did not appear adequate to the risks presented by a lawless city.

"We have visited the consulate in Benghazi a number of times and have an excellent relationship with the Americans. Our assessment was the unarmed Libyan guards were extremely poor calibre," said one security source. "The Libyan Ministry of Interior are generally not happy with Blue Mountain and had them on their close observation/target list."

The New York Times last week reported that major security firms with a track record of guarding US premises elsewhere had made approaches to undertake work in Libya but were rebuffed.

"We went in to make a pitch, and nothing happened," a security firm official told the newspaper [this contradicts the Obama people who said they didn't want to bother the better security teams].

A five man security team from the US diplomatic protection service and three members of a local revolutionary brigade were also on duty on the night of the attacks.

...Darryl Davies [the Telegraph uses "Darryl" instead of "Dylan"], the manager of the Benghazi contract for Blue Mountain, flew out of the city hours before the attack was launched. The Daily Telegraph has learned [we'd like to know from who] that relations between the firm and its Libyan partner had broken down, leading to the withdrawal of Mr Davies.

Abdulaziz Majbiri, a Blue Mountain guard at the compound, told the Daily Telegraph that they were effectively abandoned and incapable of defending themselves on the night of the attack.

"We were in uniform, unarmed except for taser guns and handcuffs, and had been told in the case of attack to muster by the swimming pool," he said. "I was separated from the others and couldn't get anywhere near the swimming pool before I was shot."

Okay, what I'm supposed to be learning from this is that, aside from the Blue Mountain Group, there were five American security personnel at the compound that night. But, wait. That's just the Telegraph's opinion based on what the state department led it to believe. But we read in an article above that three of the five were with a TEMPORARY unit, and that for me suggests the possibility that this was Blue Mountain. The state department report could-not-would-not claim that Davies was one of the five because some unidentified person(s) was saying that Davies flew out that day before the attack. I must assume that Davies' boss was the unidentified person. It seems that, at all costs, Davies and his people were not to be included in the Hillary report, and for this purpose there was an invention: some mishap / controversy terminated Blue Mountain's time in Libya just before the attack.

So, why was it necessary for Hillary to cover Blue Mountain with a bushel? One could argue that Hillary didn't want the world to know what a cheap, two-bit company it used for Stevens' protection. Or, Blue Mountain was involved in the murder. Didn't Davies just come out to say that he was in the city, after all, that night? Yes. And didn't the Obama people tell him to keep shut if he values the lives of his close family members? Apparently, yes.

It's still possible for Blue Mountain to have been involved without Davies involved. It should surprise me, but it's possible. It seems by all accounts that he has been in opposition to Blue Mountain, suggesting a reciprocal attitude from it to him. When he denies writing the Blue Mountain report with his name on it as the author, it's very recent, not many months ago. It's his latest claim, where he implies that he was falsely made its author. It implies foul play on the part of his Blue Mountain bosses; it implies he's making that accusation openly. Notice that the Blue Mountain report was not previously known to the public until now that's its needed to burn Davies to toast:

The Benghazi whistleblower whose new book details massive security failures in the run-up to the September 11, 2012 attacks denies he wrote an incident report made public this week [1st week in November, 2013] that undermines key details in his memoir.

Morgan Jones...a British security contractor who trained and advised the local Libyan guard force for the U.S. mission in Benghazi.

...The four-page incident report, obtained by The Daily Beast, has not been previously published. A State Department official confirmed it matches the version sent to the U.S. government by Davies's then-employer Blue Mountain Group, the private security company based in Britain, on Sept. 14, 2012, and subsequently provided to Congressional committees investigating the Benghazi attacks.

In an interview Saturday with The Daily Beast, Davies said he did not write the incident report, nor had he ever seen it.

It's one thing to say that he didn't write it but consented to having his name as the author anyway, and another to say he's never seen it before. This claim makes Blue Mountain appear fraudulent, a serious charge. The article continues: "'I am just a little man against some big people here,' Davies said. 'They can do things, make up things, anything they want, I wouldn't stand a chance.' Davies said he did not know who leaked the report to the Post but said he suspected it was the State Department, an allegation that could not be independently corroborated. "It would not be difficult to do,' Davies said. "I knew I was going to come in for a lot of flack and you know mud slinging, so yeah I'd say it was them, but I can't be sure.'

If it wasn't signed by anyone, how does anyone know who wrote it? "The Blue Mountain Group incident report is written in the first person in the voice of Davies. The version of the document obtained by The Daily Beast is not signed by anyone. It contains two stamps at the top: one of the Blue Mountain Group and one that reads 'Embassy of the United States of America.'"

As the state department has confirmed that the Blue Mountain report is consistent with its own report, I would need to conclude that two of the five guards in the love-Hillary report included the two Black guards at the hospital, for the incident report says that they were part of Stevens close-protection team i.e. not the Blue Mountain dummies that the love-Hillary report calls, "BML".

The daily Beast article above verifies for us that the first Black guard ("blank") worked for Blue Mountain:

Both Davies's book and his 60 Minutes interview have Davies and his driver attempting to drive to the U.S. mission in Benghazi from Davies's villa about 30 minutes after the initial attack on the compound began but failing to reach the compound due to roadblocks set up by a local jihadist militia known as Ansar al-Sharia.

But the incident report states that Davies then returned to his villa, rather than traveling to the hospital as he claims in the book. In the report, Davies learned of the ambassador's death from a Blue Mountain Group guard who had gone to the hospital and taken a photo of the ambassador's body. In the book, however, Davies recounts in detail his trip to the hospital where he saw the body himself.

It's important to remember that the incident report does not deny Davies' trip to the consulate based on its own fraudulent claim, but because Davies had lied to his boss, claiming he wasn't there. It continues: "In his interview with The Daily Beast, Davies said the version of the events contained in the incident report matched what he told his supervisor, called 'Robert' in his book, who is a top Blue Mountain Group executive." In other words, aside from whether he was in Benghazi the night of the attack, the incident report appears to be truthful, according to Davies himself. Where it deviates from Davies' story, Davies claims the fault. Therefore, in the face of an accusation that the Blue Mountain Group put Davies' name to a report that wasn't his, the things specified in the report were by-and-large truthful. I'm only making this point to highlight how the two Black guards ought to be real, not invented, at least one of whom was indeed a Blue Mountain employee. We'd like to know whether either of these Black men were from Britain, or Africa, or Libya.

Imagine if they turned out to be Black-line Senussi's from Idris and his Negro mistress.

Davies adds that he drove away from the hospital with two Blue Mountain guards: "He was my boss, but more important, he was a father figure and a man of unrivaled experience,' Davies wrote about Robert in the book. 'Robert presumed I was still in the villa. I'd chosen not to tell him that I was in a car with two of my guards driving away from the hospital.'" It doesn't verify that the guards were the two Negroes, but it's certainly possible. I'm guessing that the two guards were ARSO 1 and ARSO 2.

The second instance of my reading that Davies confessed early (over a year ago) that he was in Benghazi on the night of the attack is below, and yet the words appear couched by the Daily Beast, as though it feels the need to admit it due to respectable journalism, yet not being clear with it (= bad journalism):

In his interview with The Daily Beast, Davies said in addition to writing the book, he was interviewed by a team of U.S. officials from various agencies, including the FBI and the State Department, via a conference call when he arrived in Doha, Qatar, shortly after the attacks. Davies said he also discussed the events in Benghazi with FBI and State Department officials who interviewed him in person Sept. 21 at his home in Wales. These accounts, Davies said, match the ones in his memoir and interview with 60 Minutes.

What if Blue Mountain left the consulate gate open the night of the attack? We know that Blue Mountain ran five guards seven days per week for eight hours daily, closing the gate each evening when quitting. But what if Blue Mountain left the consulate gate open the night of the attack? Is it to be expected in a murder plot against Stevens? The following is from the state department report:

The [Accountability Review] Board found the responses by both BML [Blue Mountain Libya] and February 17 to be inadequate. No BML guards were present outside the compound immediately before the attack ensued, although perimeter security was one of their responsibilities, and there is conflicting information as to whether they sounded any alarms prior to fleeing the C1 gate area to other areas of the SMC. Although the unarmed BML guards could not be expected to repel an attack, they had core responsibility for providing early warning and controlling access to the compound, which they had not always performed well in the past. In the final analysis, the Board could not determine exactly how the C1 gate at the Special Mission compound was breached, but the speed with which attackers entered raised the possibility that BML guards left the C1 pedestrian gate open after initially seeing the attackers and fleeing the vicinity. They had left the gate unlatched before.

Yes, it could have been due to Blue-Mountain sloppiness, and the Blue Mountain guards may have fled because they were unarmed, or there may have been a Blue Mountain element there that night with the intention of killing Stevens, explaining why two guards left the gate unlocked. I have no problem disregarding what the ARB report says about the positions of the ARSOs when the attack started, and therefore have no problem identifying these two Blue Mountain guards as ARSO 1 and 2.

By and large, Blue Mountain guards were Libyans. They could easily have worked with the attackers days/weeks before the attack. But who in Wales knew this? Was Mr. Thomas aware of it? Obama has yet to answer the many instances of, "Where were you that night, Mr. president?"

Here's Davies or not-Davies on the attack:

"Jones," under the name Dylan Davies, provides a different version on key points in his incident report (which he notes came second-hand from guards who had been at the compound, so he "cannot confirm that all the details are correct").

According to his version, the two BMG [Blue Mountain Group] guards at the front gate had sounded the duck-and-cover then run away.

{redacted} informed me that he and {redacted} had been at the front gate at the time of the attack. They pressed the duck and cover alarm and then escaped unharmed.

The writer believes that Davies wrote the incident report, but assuming that he didn't, it wasn't him who gave the account of the Blue Mountain guards sounding the alarm. On this point, the true writer of the incident report could be lying, yet protecting himself by claiming that it was from second-hand information. The article goes on to enlighten a little more: "Finally, Davies [the incident report, that is] describes one of his supervisor guards calling from the hospital having discovered the dead Ambassador at precisely the moment -- 2 AM, per the ARB -- that someone called Embassy Tripoli to report his death (using one of the ARSOs phones) and also precisely the moment doctors stopped trying to revive Stevens." The "supervisor guard" appears to be the first Black guard who supposedly saw the Negro shot in the hand.

I didn't know "blank" was a supervisor of the guards until now. Frankly, Davies himself falls under a supervisor of the guards, and Davies implies that it was him who took the photo of Stevens. We could start to get the impression that Davies is the Black blank himself, and that Davies was not called by anyone at the hospital because that was part of a story he concocted as part of the decision not to notify his boss concerning his being in the city. If Davies was willing to go under a fake name, why not also a fake photo? I have seen only one photo of him, though I can't recall where. He was white...but is he really? Imagine a Negro Davies where Obama himself is from a Negro, Frank Davis, son of a Libyan woman of royal blood.

Note that the call to Tripoli was made on a phone belonging to an ARSO. If the call was made from the hospital, then an ARSO was at the hospital, in which case the Negro shot in the hand is suspect as that ARSO. On the other hand, it's possible that someone at the hospital called the ARSO elsewhere, who in-turn called Tripoli immediately afterward, but the fact seems to be that the fate of Stevens was relayed to an ARSO immediately after Stevens died. Which ARSO would have been more interested in Stevens' fate than the killer?

We find in the article above that Davies, in his book, calls the RSO, "Alex." While this was likely a fake name, it implies that he was not Davies. The article claims that Davies reported five Blue Mountain guards on duty that night besides himself. The ARB report made sure to highlight that the one RSO and the four ARSOs were armed so that they could not possibly be the five Blue Mountain guards. But then perhaps the O-people were lying about the ARSOs guns. In a murder plot conducted by the O-people, it would have been preferable that all guards were unarmed. The fact that there were five armed guards reported by the Hillary people while there were regularly five Blue Mountain guards on duty daily could suggest that there were no armed guards there that night. The "RSO" of the Hillary report may have been the same as the Blue Mountain "supervisor guard" in the Blue Mountain report. "RSO" stands for "regional security officer," but what many things could that describe? Couldn't a Blue Mountain guard be a regional security officer? Can't a security guard be an "officer," or can't an officer be a guard?


On this page, you will find evidence enough that NASA did not put men on the moon.
Starting at this paragraph, there is a single piece of evidence
-- the almost-invisible dot that no one on the outside was supposed to find --
that is enough in itself to prove the hoax.
End-times false signs and wonders may have to do with staged productions like the lunar landing.

The rest of the Gog-in-Iraq story is in PART 2 of the
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