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October 22 - 28, 2013

The Plourde Girl in the Injury Zone
Erika Brannock Identified (not by me) in the Injury Zone
Eking Out a Little More on the Obama-Suspect
How Not to Paste Latex Gloves

It's getting to the point where, on multiple fronts, the United States is reflecting shameful:
The US National Security Agency has spied on French diplomats in Washington and at the UN, according to the latest claims in Le Monde newspaper. NSA internal memos obtained by Le Monde detailed the use of a sophisticated surveillance programme, known as Genie.

US spies allegedly hacked foreign networks, introducing the spyware into the software, routers and firewalls of millions of machines.

It comes a day after claims the NSA tapped millions of phones in France.

The details in the latest Le Monde article are based on leaks from ex-intelligence analyst Edward Snowden, through Glen Greenwald, the outgoing Guardian journalist, who is feeding the material from Brazil, says the BBC's Christian Fraser in Paris.

It comes on the day the US Secretary of State, John Kerry, is in London meeting foreign counterparts to discuss Syria.

France was the best willing ally John Kerry had left for toppling Assad, but now France discovers that the Obama government is by far a more terrible dictatorship than Assad. France didn't realize this until it learned that it became the brunt of American brutality. Yes, spying on the diplomats of allies is brutal. But it's far worse. The American government is wanting a mega-file on every person inside and outside the United States. This thing must be killed, even if the people who desire it must be killed; this is the way that foreign governments will think. That's why the United States has just declared war on nations around the world. Spying on the phone lines and emails accounts at the highest levels of governments is an act of war. You don't think so? The article goes on:

The article suggests that in 2011, the US allocated $652m (402m) in funding for the [Genie] programme, which was spent on "spy implants". Tens of millions of computers were reported to have been hacked that year.

A document dated August 2010 suggests intelligence stolen from foreign embassy computers ensured the US knew ahead of time the positions of other Security Council members, before a UN vote for a resolution imposing new sanctions on Iran [that's a political motive for spying, not terror related, of course].

The US was worried the French were drifting to the Brazilian side - who were opposed to implementing sanctions - when in truth they were always aligned to the US position, says our correspondent. The intelligence agency quotes Susan Rice, then-US ambassador to the UN, who praises the work done by the NSA: "It helped me know... the truth, and reveal other [countries'] positions on sanctions, allowing us to keep one step ahead in the negotiations." [It makes vomit come up into the throat to think these same American diplomats act honorably in the official meetings. ]

On Monday, Le Monde alleged that the NSA spied on 70.3 million phone calls in France between 10 December 2012 and 8 January 2013 [almost two million daily].

At a breakfast meeting with the US secretary of state on Tuesday, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius demanded a full explanation [he should have slapped Kerry in the face with his glove].

..."Highlands" was the name for the hacking of computers through cookies that were implanted remotely
"Vagrant" was a term used for capturing information from screens
"PBX" was a bug which allegedly infiltrated telephone conversations, eavesdropping on conversations in much the same way as one would listen into a conference call

Referring to a telephone call between the French and US presidents, Mr Fabius told reporters: "I said again to John Kerry what Francois Hollande told Barack Obama, that this kind of spying conducted on a large scale by the Americans on its allies is something that is unacceptable."

Asked if France was considering reprisals against the US, government spokeswoman Najat Vallaud-Belkacem replied: "It is up to Foreign Minister Fabius to decide what line we take but I don't think there is any need for an escalation [pussy cats].

"We have to have a respectful relationship between partners, between allies. Our confidence in that has been hit but it is after all a very close, individual relationship that we have" .

What an idiot, calling them "partners" after discovering what they do. It's far worse than these reports indicate, don't they realize? The article above is by the BBC, so that a full spectrum of British news media is ganging up on Obama over this brutality. But Obamafia says it's normal to spy like this, meaning that he operates on brutality on a normal day. Obamafia is briefed daily on all sorts of matters, so that, any time he has a political fight on his hands, he asks his spies what they can tell him about his opponents. The spies get brownie points and stars for getting the juiciest information. And then there is the blackmail card that can be played when needed, a gross form of brutality. Obama definitely would use blackmail, especially against his Republican opponents. Its normal in his books because others do it, but of course the others whom he typifies are corrupt.

Isn't technology wonderful?

According to the paper, the documents show that the NSA was allegedly targeting not only terrorist suspects but politicians, business people and members of the administration under a programme codenamed US-985D.

"The [NSA] agency has several collection methods," Le Monde said. "When certain French phone numbers are dialled, a signal is activated that triggers the automatic recording of certain conversations. This surveillance also recovers SMS and content based on keywords."

...Additionally, Le Monde states that unpublished information it obtained indicates massive phone surveillance on private citizens as well as more evidence of the agency delving into the "secrets of major national firms" [what the Mafia would do]...

How many terror plots did the NSA spy program thwart since Serpentember 11, 2001? The NSA claims over a dozen. Now here's the laughable part:

Preface: The Bush and Obama administrations have claimed for more than a decade that spying on Americans was justified by 9/11.

...The NSA chief himself admits the numbers are wildly inflated, and there were only "one or two" terrorist plots foiled. The NSA's deputy director says that -- at the most -- one (1) plot might have been disrupted by the bulk phone records collection alone.

...those "thirteen [terror] the U.S. homeland," have since been whittled down to only one that actually relied on the call records program that [Diane Fienstein]'s defending -- and that wasn't a terrorist plot but a cab driver in San Diego sending some cash to a Somali group judged to be a terrorist organization.

Specifically, the cab driver and 3 other men raised a total of $8,500 and sent it to Somalia.

While the group the money was sent to was, in fact, designated as a terrorist organization in 2008 by the U.S., the FBI itself admits that the cab driver's donation was more in the nature of a political -- or even tribal -- affiliation, rather than a terrorist one.

That's the laughable part.

Imagine being a national leader and having another country record your every phone call for years:

Germany's outrage over reports of bugging of Merkel's phone by the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) prompted it to summon the U.S. ambassador this week for the first time in living memory, an unprecedented post-war diplomatic rift. Der Spiegel said Merkel's mobile telephone had been listed by the NSA's Special Collection Service (SCS) since 2002 - marked as "GE Chancellor Merkel" - and was still on the list weeks before Obama visited Berlin in June.

Isn't it only natural that all her intercepted calls would be recorded and analyzed by a team having her case alone to deal with? And what limit would there be on the number of her calls spied on? Why not record and analyze them all, day by day? Imagine how Merkel feels about this right now. Imagine if all your calls were recorded and analyzed day by day. Imagine what worms rule the United States at this time. Obama's kidding himself if he thinks Merkel believes his claim, that he knew nothing about this. It is Obama's job to ask NSA what high-level people it is spying on. Unless the NSA lied to Obama when he asked, he knows that there was a special program to discover the color of Merkel's underwear for each day of the week, as well as to find out her political ambitions and strategies, with the bonus of listening in on other world leaders as she speaks with them. Snowden was right to reveal it so that it can be dealt with.

The day after writing the above, this article:

Mr Obama was told of the secret monitoring of Mrs Merkel by General Keith Alexander, the head of the NSA, in 2010, according to Bild am Sonntag, a German newspaper.

President Barack Obama was dragged into the trans-Atlantic spying row after it was claimed he personally authorised the monitoring of Angela Merkel's phone three years ago.

...The White House declined to comment on the German media reports.

Obama may as well commit suicide. Rid the world of this disease. Yes, love your enemies and pray for leaders, but don't lick toxic bacteria. Lick ice cream because you love it, but don't pray for the better health of a cancerous growth. Slice it off, then pray it doesn't come back with more fury.

If liberal women still love Obama now, they may as well hoot for a disgusting, rotting corpse. But knowing Obama, he'll try to make a comeback, because parasites know no other form of life but to expend it eating what belongs to others. It called the SINergism syndrome.

Checkered-Shirt Bauman in the Most Unlikely Spot

One of the hardest difficulties for trying to prove that Jeff Bauman was not at the injury zone has to do with one of the two iconic images with Carlos Arredondo. In this image, Jeff (or whoever he is) definitely seems to be at the street of the injury zone. If your city is like the cities I grew up in, then you might view the curb in this iconic image as a driveway due to it being so low. But on this Boston street, the curbs are all low, even where cars park.

There are three passers-by in this image. At least two of them allow us to pin-point this scene in the wheel-away video. Just look for white coats coming out from under the press box. The one reaching the finish line with what looks like a black backpack is the woman in the iconic image. As soon as she steps onto the finish line, there's the pinpointed second of the iconic image. You will see a near-straight line from she to the man in white in front of her, and to the Arredondo cowboy. The video makes this time easy to find because it happens to freezes the scene at :47, about one of her steps before she reaches her position in the iconic image.

All you need to do now is follow this woman and the man; when Jeff's wheelchair reaches the place of the wheel-away image, or when the Negro medic (with his stretcher) is beside the woman in black shorts, stop the "video" and identify where these two people are within the injury zone. Then look for them in the wheel-away image. The great thing about this iconic image, unlike the wheel-away video, is that we have a great view of these two people. The man in front of her has longish hair, making him easy to find.

By :53, the woman is walking into the large opening where the two tree trunks are located in front of Marathon Place. At :54, she turns left and starts straight down the sidewalk smack into the injury zone at the red-sleeved blonde. At this time, the medic at Jeff's wheelchair has just about fixed Jeff's leg, which apparently dropped off to the ground by an act of God. Thank you. At :56, the medic's finished, and because the wheel-away image is at this :56 point of the "video," the woman we are tracking can't be too far from the red-sleeved blonde. But please fell free to look for her anywhere in or out of the injury zone.

She has a ponytail with a nice glean in her smooth hair above it; you can't miss it. It's dirty blonde, wherefore don't mistaken her for the one to the right of the black wheelchair. And the one with dirty-blonde ponytail to the right of the lamp post has the ponytail tied too tightly and too high against her head to be the one. We are looking for shorter sleeves, or sleeves pulled up, anyway. The one between the lamp post and the tree has the correct sleeves, but her sunglasses are set fairly close to the top-most part of her head, which I think we would see on the woman in the iconic image, but don't. She doesn't strike me as the same person. Behind her is a person with the right type of shiny hair, but it doesn't seem to be in a ponytail, nor is the person wearing a blue glove on the right hand, as is necessary.

I'm concluding that the one with sunglasses on her head is the one the insiders would like an investigator to think is the woman in the iconic image, though I think the latter was pasted in because they had to erase the real one when pasting in the Jeff crew.

The dark-haired man (I suppose it could be a woman) between she and the Jeff crew is very easy to rule out at the injury zone, as there is no one there with a yellow-and-black cap (yellow at the front) with longish black hair underneath it. When we track him from the :47 point of the wheel-away video, he goes along the street curb, on the street, to about the central point of the injury zone, then gets stuck in congestion when the time of the wheel-away image arrives. So that's where we expect him, on the street...but feel free to look for him anywhere in the wheel-away image. Not only can I not find him, but there are no extra sets of legs visible between peoples' legs where the rest of his body could be obscured.

This assures that he was pasted into the iconic image. Why? Probably to hide the legs of the medic (shows "EMT" on his jacket, but I think he's a fake, a law officer), who seems to be standing rather than walking, meaning that he himself was pasted in. This should explain why, when the woman has first stepped onto the finish-line mound, we cannot see the medic who stands behind the cowboy in the iconic image. In the video, there is absolutely zero yellow showing behind the cowboy when she's first on the finish line. The yellow starts to appear brightly as soon as the chair itself reaches the finish line. It's as though he was pasted into part of the wheelchair ride.

If I'm correct about this, the people who handled the iconic photo could be in a heap of legal trouble, should anyone care to take them to court. The media, for example, could take the crew to court for supplying a false image. That media could then heroically report on the reality behind the hoax. What a juicy story that would be while the culprits dried out in prison awaiting their fate.

What apparently happened (there could be other possibilities), according to what I gather from the absence of the man with longish hair, was that the Jeff crew was photographed elsewhere, not in front of the injury zone. After they decided to take Jeff's wheelchair ride from another scene, for pasting it into the scene we see it in, they chose a point in time along that wheelchair ride for the iconic image intended for the media. They noted that there were a couple of people in the scene directly on the path of the wheelchair, and so they had to paste those people into the iconic image.

This was dangerous, for any still images taken from the press box can be checked against videos from the press box. In the case of the Tang images, the insiders can simply claim that there was no video from that direction by which anyone could check for the true-ness of the images. I mean, the insiders can go wild in paste jobs with the Tang photos, and we have no way to prove it short of testing the photos for digital doctoring. But where someone could legally obtain the videos from the press box, the insiders should be shaking in their boots.

What seems impossible to explain is what we see behind the medic in the iconic image. There are what look like a pair of legs in light jeans. The feet of this person appear to be standing on the street, and yet, behind the legs I see the left arm of a man bent at the elbow, with the hand at the chest. How could this arm be way down at the knees of the man in jeans??? If you ask me, the man with the arms was in the real image [I did not know what I was about to discover below], for if we imagine where his feet would be, they would be on the part of the street where they could be expected, but the feet of the man in jeans appear to be about five feet off the ground. How could the insiders have made such a blunder on such an important image??? Perhaps, an act of God.

If the one man's arm was not in the picture, then the man in jeans could conceivable be standing next to the curb, but as the man with the arm must be several feet from the curb, the man in jeans must be even further from the curb. Big problem there. Perhaps that's not a human arm. Perhaps it's an illusion, and it's something else.

After writing the above, I had a brainstorm occurring when trying to deal with whether it was or wasn't a human arm. I thought that, if I could prove there was a man at the event with this shirt, it would prove that the man in jeans was pasted in. But that question brought checkered-shirt Bauman to mind because he has a shirt like that! And of course, if the arm belongs to someone in a wheelchair, then that could explain why the arm seems too low too the ground. You decide. Below is checkered-shirt Bauman on his wheelchair; compare his shirt to the shirt behind the Jeff crew.

IT LOOKS LIKE THE SAME SHIRT!!! This is proving to me that checkered-shirt Bauman was intended to be the original Bauman victim until he was replaced by plan B = the grey-sleeved Bauman. WOWWWIE!! Jeff Bauman, and the man/men posing as him, all need to be in jail. Somebody must do it. Fix the nation, make the insiders shudder with fear. Take the proud looks off their faces. Save the nation from their mafiosa scams. Or, at least, put a big dent into their schemes.

What looks to be happening here is that they pasted grey-sleeved Bauman over checkered-shirt Bauman as the latter was in reality being wheeled away. But the stupids left his arm sleeve showing. Go figure. And the legs (in jeans) pasted in to block the face of checkered-shirt Bauman look like they are standing on checkered-shirt Bauman's knees as he sits in the chair. And the stupids actually released this photo.

The insiders, before the bomb went off, probably didn't think that so much of the public would mock these images. They probably thought that the entire public would simply accept the images as real. And so they got sloppy.

I now realize that, perhaps, they put checkered-shirt Bauman in a white t-shirt in an effort to prove that he is not the man in the iconic image. The man in the iconic image has his shoulder visible enough to show that he is not wearing the t-shirt that he's seen with in the Jeff-look-alike image above. But there was difficulty explaining how (or why) he got this t-shirt on in the injury zone; the time window for him to get that shirt on was short. The only place in the injury zone where I see him with it on is in the is-that-Jeff? image, where he is suddenly positioned in the spot and position of grey-sleeved Bauman. It looks like he was intended to be Jeff Bauman.

What I'm tentatively concluding is that they pasted this shirt on checkered-shirt Bauman twice, to protect against anyone claiming that the man in the iconic image is him. It is more reasonable to assume that he originally appeared with his checkered shirt in the is-that-Jeff image. In one of the pulse images, it can be plainly seen that his left leg is missing below the shin (here's the other pulse image). Why would anyone put a t-shirt on him rather than using a shirt to stop the bleeding in his leg? It makes not sense to see him with this t-shirt on so suddenly.

Where he appears on his chair at the ambulance, the sleeves of his checkered shirt are down, not rolled up as in the iconic image. I would expect such differences from the insiders as the best they could do to fool us, but the fact that the shirt's pattern and colors look virtually identical between images is a stronger argument in favor of fraud.

Aha! If you are patient repeatedly with your pause button, you can pause the Mr. Pouches video at :10 seconds just as the left arm of checkered-shirt Bauman is showing. It's when you see his index finger pointing up. One can see that his shirt has the sleeve rolled up to the elbow, suggesting that his other arm sleeve, the one appearing in the iconic image, is also rolled up to the elbow.

These two men are look-alikes. I imagine that the CIA has a computer program that can bring up the best look-alikes from within a data bank of photos. The CIA probably has people out recruiting look-alike doubles at all times. Computers with face-recognition technology make this easy.

Look again at the image with the arm behind the Jeff crew. Not only does it not look like it belongs to a man walking on his feet (the jeans make him appear to be very low to the pavement), but there is something metallic under his forearm, like the armrest of a wheelchair. It does not match the armrest shape of the chair in the Jeff-look-alike image, but that's okay because the t-shirt in the latter image now alerts us to a paste job being in effect. That is, we expect the insiders to put in a different armrest. But if it is a wheelchair in the iconic image, it argues in favor of checkered-shirt Bauman being the original-intended Bauman double in this wheel-away scene.

The insiders would not have pasted the arm-and-sleeve into the iconic picture. We can, therefore, at least depend on the fact that the arm-and-sleeve was in the original scene chosen for the faked wheelchair ride of grey-sleeved Bauman. It looks like the insiders pasted the one Bauman on top of the other in order to get the timing right, but in my recent investigations, it was found that the ambulance did not arrive until after 13 minutes after the explosion. If we assume that the iconic scene is well before 13 minutes, the Bauman at the ambulance is then suspect as a paste job for yet this other reason.

The orange (fruit) that we see on the ground about three feet from the curb was not there up until about 4:15 minutes (it was on the street in the wheelchair-under-cowboy-1 image), but it's shown that far from the curb in the orange-surfboard image (the cowboy is at the Jeff-injury-spot in this image). It's reasonable that checkered-shirt Bauman was picked up off the ground in time to wheel him away as per the timing of the wheel-away image. The insiders then simply replaced his wheel-away with grey-sleeved Bauman's wheel-away.

In the wheelchair-under-cowboy-1 image, find the two soda bottles near one another at the curb and near the orange; that location appears to mark the spot where the iconic image shows two soda bottles next to one another.

The next question is whether the background in the iconic image matches the scene behind the Jeff crew in the wheel-away video. I don't think it does. First, the man in wheelchair -- yes, the one owning the arm-and-sleeve -- is NOT in the wheel-away video. Why not? Nor do I think the legs with jeans are there. This poor-excuse-for-a-video is suspect on that basis alone: it shows very badly. How could the ones releasing a video on the "hero" of the marathon do such injustice to him as to release this garbage-quality video? I know: because they had to hide much lest we prove it to be a fake. It's obvious. It's not as though the media haven't had enough time to release a good-quality video. How could the media possibly deny the hero this one thing? Someone should take the media to court for fabricating false information fed to the public; that has to be a bona fide crime.

More Images Needed to Work With

I went to town to find more photos of the marathon, because I'm not yet exhausted on the potential discoveries. I was surprised to find that my video capabilities were returning. Whereas I could play no YouTube video previously, some were now playing, though others kept me from watching because I didn't have the latest version of Flash player. But it was after trying, in recent weeks, to load the latest version from some of these YouTube videos, that my video capabilities vanished. I'm now hesitant to download the latest version from a YouTube webpage on the marathon bombing for fear of what creepy crawler might come with it. At this time, it's known that the government has a huge spy network out there masked as "helpful" download-able products, and of course they are targeting anyone like me who engages the marathon videos.

I noticed a new thing not encountered before: when searching "Nicole Gross" and similar things, there were about five marathon videos that would not permit me to watch unless I signed in to prove I was of age. This seems to be an excuse to keep many people from watching. I don't have a YouTube account because I don't trust it, and because it asks me for my email address in order to sign up. Why should it demand email addresses for anyone signing up? It's none of their business.

Tang images (he no longer allows downloads) where searched for where one could download them; a page owned by an Aaron Tang was found saying, "I'm an engineer during the day, and a photo editor at night." Correct me if I'm wrong (sarcasm), but a photo editor changes photos, and knows how to paste things into them. There is a photo of the man at this webpage, but he does not look like the Aaron Tang who took the marathon pictures. But then, we might expect the insiders to disguise the real Aaron Tang, which is probably the reason for the marathon image above with his bulletin-board photo included.

In case some Tang images go missing where the Tang crew deems them to be problematic, below is a video that you can download with what appears to be all of the Tangs images. I've downloaded it. If they change any images now, or remove too many key ones, I can know about it.

What I'm about to show from the marathon is new to you. It suggests that there was painting (red paint) of faces and other body parts during the first few minutes after the explosion. If this is true, and it can of course be expected to be, then it suggests that the insiders did not have full control, with all certainty, of the injury-zone sidewalk / Lenscrafters / Marathon Place before the bomb went off. That is, if they had been fully certain, they would have painted their faces before the bomb went off.

It's a good question to ask whether fake injury victims changed their clothes before or after the bomb went off. There were plenty of backpacks / bags where they could have slipped their normal pants / shirts during the smoky period, but I have great doubt that they would attempt a change of clothing with non-insiders standing in that area of the sidewalk. Chances are, they would have arranged no non-insiders at that area, which is what the scaffolding and wood-slat fence tells me. But, if so, why didn't they paint their faces before the bomb went off? I suppose it's because painted faces could be seen from across the street in the bleachers, while a change of clothes could be hidden behind the chest-high blue fabric non the scaffolding. For example, the red-sleeved woman could stand there with her pants and arm-sleeve ripped, without anyone in the bleachers knowing.

You may have heard from the bomb "experts" that this particular pressure-cooker bomb had a low-hitting capability, but that's ridiculous because the pressure will find it's way out the lid, sending material upward. The lid supposedly ended up on a roof. A low-hitting bomb was a bunch of crock fed to us simply because it was preferable for the actors to sustain injuries to legs rather than to upper body parts.

The need to have low-body injuries explains why we did not see blood spatter on pure-white shirts/jackets, though such spatter could be, and apparently was, added to later images having "high resolution" (i.e. that's an excuse for coming out with "better" pictures showing expected damage that wasn't in the original pictures). Take a look at this "high resolution" image of the legs of Nicole Gross (in the video below); they did not look like this in the original images. It looks like all the pellets in the pressure-cooker hit her, and only her, and, besides, it looks like 90 percent of what struck her was on the lower legs. How does a pressure cooker know to do that when its lid flies up to a roof? Aside from what hit this woman (the red-sleeved blonde), there needed to have been enough material in the pressure-cooker to blow several limbs off.

Why did we never see the rest of the pot? Because it would have amounted to evidence that the pellets within it could not have remained low. How's that? The pressure will blow the lid off first, and the rest of the pot will remain intact. If the rest of the pot did not remain intact, the lid would not have blown off. If a crack develops on the side of the pot, the pressure would find release there, not out the lid. But if the insiders committed to faking a lid ending up on a roof, then most of the shrapnel within the pot should have followed, toward the sky, not toward the knees.

In the early images that I downloaded / shared from online, the one(s) with the red-sleeved blonde did not have her legs showing as we see them in the video above. Later, I found a better-resolution image of the Jeff-invisible scene, and started using it. It's the one used by the video above. I didn't realize until the day after seeing this video that there's a problem: the flecks that we see on her legs are all over the patio stones too, but not on her shirt. This reminds me of a "high-resolution" image where the patio railing was covered in flecks that looked like pellet damage from the bomb, and yet there were some flecks between the railing's spindles too, as though the insiders in charge of that fake job did a sloppy job. Well this one here is far worse than sloppy. Enlarge the image, look at all those flecks in the patio slabs; the same flecks are on her legs, obviously pasted throughout.

The Negro woman in the image has a chest wound (i.e. up high, potentially visible from the bleachers), or blood transfer from someone else to her chest, but then she's also wearing a coat that would have hidden the "blood" stain before the bomb went off. Note the impossibility of her pants ripped on both outer legs. The contents of a single bomb cannot strike both outer legs; it can be only one or the other.

This higher-resolution image shows "Mr. Pouches" bare legs between the man in navy-blue coat and the woman in pink top. Mr. Pouches was up on his feet looking perfectly fine in a "video" that the insiders probably didn't want released. He then fell back and down after what looked like his attempt to release the contents of his pouches; we see him in the down position above, where he remained for minutes afterward. Checkered-shirt Bauman's head can be seen beside the butt of the woman in pink top. He's clearly in the thick of the bomb's smoke.

Painting Body Parts

Let's revisit the image below which I have in my files under the name, "About208." I mistakenly said, in the first update of October (since corrected), that this was at the 2:08 point of the Silva video. Instead, it turns out to be about 2:08 after the explosion, though the Silva video won't allow us to pin-point the time.

The purpose now is to investigate the changing position of the injury victim, with a ragged blue coat, laying at the Lenscrafters corner of the patio railing. Her coat sleeve is half white because the white inner lining shows, supposedly from damage suffered by the bomb's shrapnel. The woman, called the "woman with black bag" in the last update, is supposedly assisting this injury victim in the image above. But in the stretcher-3 image, this woman in ragged coat no longer lies at the corner. Some of her ragged coat can be seen at the midway point of the railing (between both corners). There could have been a hoax-related reason for the change of her position on the sidewalk. I'm going to show some particulars concerning that change.

Who is that injury victim at the center of the patio railing in the six-minute image? I can't tell whether it's the woman in ragged coat or the shredded-pants man. It doesn't seem reasonable that both are there between the group of people low to the ground. It seems that one of them must be gone, but, if so, it contradicts other images. The woman in ragged coat is seen wheeled away in the first image of the string of four. She's just passed the finish line with a man in green cap and green shirt at her side, who can be seen beside the mystery victim in the stretcher-3 image. This argues in favor of that mystery person being the woman rather than the shredded-pants man.

Here is an image (called "stretcher-2" in the last update) showing the ragged-blue sleeve of the jacket without doubt: As her chair has just passed the finish line in the first image of the string (timed well after six minutes), she should be in the six-minute image. But that image shows the street beyond the finish line, and she is definitely not on the street. We must assume, therefore, that she is still lying at the central part of the railing. But then where was the shredded-pants man at this time??? Why isn't he on a chair at this point? Why isn't she visible on a wheelchair in the stretcher-3 image? There is no wheelchair at the spot in the six-minute image, and yet he too was shown wheeled away across the finish line. Not only is the man in green cap and green shirt beside the mystery victim, but there is a woman with blue bag there too who went away with the wheelchair of the shredded-pants man. It suggests that the shredded-pants man is still lying down at the patio railing. It doesn't seem feasible, according to the stretcher-3 image, for both he and she to be lying there...but that's what some images will suggest.

It appears certain that the shredded-pants man is not along the railing, and yet In stretcher-3, we can just make out the top of the blue bag belonging to the woman who escorted him away. Neither she not her blue bag can be seen in either stretcher-2 or stretcher-1. It looks like the insiders are desperately trying to have both injury victims at the same spot because neither one has yet been wheeled away at the time of the three stretcher images (between 5:00 and 6:00 minutes).

The ragged-coat woman is definitely not at the corner of the patio railing in this image timed before 4:09. But she also seems to be absent from the central part of the railing. The timing of this image is not many seconds after we see the woman in blue shirt (at the patio railing in many other images) attending the shredded pants man in the action-scene video (3:10 to 3:57). Therefore, we have no choice but to believe that both injury victims were at the same spot midway between the two railing posts.

Below is the scene (faked blood on the face, don't be sickened) at the link directly above, but taken from the opposite direction. The shredded-pants man is there, but the woman in ragged coat cannot be seen on the far side of him. It could be deemed suspicious how they didn't want us, it seems, to see the two together, close together.

The two images below are of the same second in time, but from opposite directions. The woman in ragged coat is seen in the one without the shredded-pants man visible, and he is in the other without the woman visible, but, the point is, both are there at the same general spot. There is no getting around it because these images are of the same second, or very nearly so:

Look again at the six-minute image to see how close they must be to one another. When did the ragged-coat woman get up from her spot at the corner post, and walk / crawl a few feet to be with the shredded-pants man, and why did she? Below, in the wheelchair-under-cowboy-2 image (timed about 4:12, slightly later than PatioEnd above), we see BOTH the woman's coat and the head of the shredded-pants man, both in the central part of the railing:

As you can see in a video online, named, "Boston Marathon, All faked Injuries, Part II," the ragged-coat woman reached into her pocket, then put something to her face, then put her hand back to her pocket. I would therefore suspect that she got close to the shredded-pants man to create some of that wonderful paint job we see on his face. Look at how all of his face is made up of STRIPES of blood, what we would expect with something like a lipstick bottle filled with a red liquid. The object that she puts into her pocket is not large, but appears to fit in the palm of her hand, like a lipstick bottle, for example. Just look at the stripes on this woman's face; the three under her lips are especially fake-like (did three pellets strike her in the teeth?). It would be interesting to find the person that painted her.

In the BloodyShredded image directly above, the woman in blue shirt is going into her black bag, supposedly to pull out a bottle of water, which she has in her hand seconds later in the wheel-chair-under-cowboy-2 and 4:09 images. But did she really go into the bag to get only the bottle? Or did she put a fake-blood applicator in her bag? [See a continuation of this investigation in the first update of November; search for "ragged". It deals with the timing of BloodyShredded image, and finds a paste job seeking to "prove" that the image above was befoire the timing of the action-scene video.]

In the action-scene video (ending seconds before the BloodyShredded image), she can be seen first stooping down to the woman in ragged coat, and thereafter stooping down to the head area of the shredded-pants man. She's at his head as the video comes to an end at 3:57. Therefore, she could easily have taken a fake-blood applicator from the woman in ragged coat for use on the man, or even on the woman herself.

At the end of the video, there is a very clear shot of the sidewalk to our left of the shredded-pants man, where the woman in ragged coat should be lying, but she is not visible there. Why not? There can only be one conclusion made here, that she was very close to the shredded-pants man. But as her legs are not seen sprawled on the sidewalk, was she up on her knees performing her artwork on his face at this time?

At :07 of the action-scene video, look at how far from the shredded-pants man the woman in blue shirt is stooping. It indicates a great distance between he and the woman in ragged coat, meaning that she is at this time at the corner post of the railing. It therefore suggests that the two injury victims came close to one another, at the central post, seconds later. At :10, the hand(s) of the woman in blue shirt can be seen going down very quickly (with determination) to the ragged-blue coat. VERY SUPER-SUSPICIOUS. At :25 and :26 seconds, the black pants of the ragged-coat woman can be seen a good distance from the legs of the shredded-pants man. The same is true at :33. Both sets of legs are lying on the sidewalk. There looks to be about ten feet between them at :34. Then, at :40, there is an excellent shot showing his head near the central post, meaning that the ragged-coat woman must be far from it, and near the left-end post (where she was originally). However, at :42, suddenly, in a shot right down the patio railing, she is not lying there. She therefore got up and came to the shredded-pants man between :34 and :42.

Starting at :40, I see a black pant leg beside the shredded-pants pan, and it's standing up on its foot, but at :41, there is no head to the owner of this leg, although the head should show if he/she is standing up. It causes me to assume a person stooping to the shredded-pants man. The black leg can be seen behind the blue jeans of the woman with blue shirt. It's not yet certain that it's a black pant leg, but it does become certain at :43-44. This leg is definitely positioned standing up, and in such a way as its owner is facing the patio railing. After :44, there is again a shot down the sidewalk, but the ragged-coat woman is not lying there.

Unfortunately, there is a short person in black pants walking by the shredded-pants man at :33 (which does not allow us to conclusively identify the black pants seen at :40-44 as those of the ragged-coat woman). We do not see whether he/she cuts in to face the shredded-pants man so as to fulfill the black pants seen at :40-44, but by :35, he/she has walked well past the shredded-pants man, and is not seen turning toward him. For five seconds, until :40, we lose sight of him/her. At :40, we see a black pant leg as described above.

Again, at :42, we see both the black pant leg and a clear shot of the sidewalk where the ragged-woman should be laying but is not. One would think that some part of her legs would show between :40 and that if the black leg is not hers, then where are her legs??? If this video was controlled by insiders, which I have doubted, then it's possible that the small person with black pants -- and white soles to his/her shoes, matching the soles of the shoes of the person in question -- was pasted in. By what coincidence is this person short, exactly what's needed to explain the sight of a pant leg without a head above it? [The next update solves who this person was as the Obama-suspect topic continues, and it's not the ragged-coat woman.]

In any case, I think what has just been explained reveals that the blood on the face of the shredded-pants man was painted by the ragged-coat woman and/or the woman in blue shirt. At :19-21, his face shows amply, but I see no blood streaming down his left cheek, though he has plenty on that cheek area in his wheelchair. We can't say that red color doesn't show well in the video, because it obviously shows very well. At :41-42, we again see his left cheek, but now it's debatable as to whether he has blood running down his mustache line, where we see blood in his wheelchair scene.

I realize that the orange bag on the sidewalk shows at least twice during this video, especially at :35. But don't we think it's strange that, with all the government officials walking about, with too many police officers to count, one of them would have picked up this bag to re-locate it for more than one reason? It's a bomb scene, for one, where all the possible evidence against the bombers should be highly desirable, and yet here this bag just lies there, and it lies there even after the injury victims are all gone. You don't believe that's reality, do you? The police officers must take into account the assumption that everything at the injury zone is potential evidence against the bombers.

The Plourde Girl Making Fake Blood in the Injury Zone

In the first update of this month, I struggled to find evidence that the injured girl seen in the arms of a certain fireman, identified in the news as James Plourde, was a hoax. I used the action-scene video above as evidence for my position, and concluded that the girl on her stretcher could not have taken place before 3:17 minutes after the explosion, but had to be before about 3:25. I regret that I missed an important piece of information, at that time, from the action-scene video. Before getting to that, here is what was said in the first update of this month:

We are thus given the impression that Plourde has just loaded [the girl from his arms] on a stretcher just before the Negro [woman] comes through. But that's why the action-scene video is so important here, for it reveals that the Negro left the sidewalk between 3:11 and 3:15. Judging by the way the Negro medic is running (or walking very fast) beside the stretcher, [the Negro woman] could have been crossing the finish line at about 3:25 at the latest. As the girl was still in Plourde's arms at 3:17, I don't think there was enough time to set her down (carefully) on the stretcher, and to have the two ladies start to push her as we see them in the image below:

In conclusion, the things convincing me of a Plourde hoax are: 1) the absence of the stretcher in the 3:11 image; 2) my inability to know where the girl was within the injury zone; 3) Plourde not appearing in images (that I know of) before the 3:11 image: 4) the two medics [i.e. the ladies] not visible in the 3:11 image who are pushing the girl's stretcher.

I didn't realize until now that one of the two ladies is shown near the forbidden door at the :05 point of the action-scene video. A body cuts across the camera at :15 toward the street, and here with the pause button I just discover that it's this particular young lady. As this video starts at 3:10, she is cutting across the camera at 3:25 minutes, when the Negro on her stretcher is expected to be past the spot where she and the Plourde girl show together in the image with the two ladies (= a contradiction suggesting that the girl on her stretcher was pasted in). But, in any case, why did she go running toward the street? Who would have called her to come help push the girl in Plourde's arms? Or was that her script? At :05 (= 3:15), she's looking toward the street, where Plourde was still walking with the girl in his arms.

Just as this lady is showing at :05, we see the candy store window. It doesn't look like the neighboring place (with "Marathon Place" shown in some images upon its window, is the same store. We can see the heavy-set woman being pushed out of, not the door to the candy store, but to the door beside it into Marathon Place. I'm very glad that this small but potentially huge detail has been made known by this video.

As the Plourde girl has yet to appear in any injury-zone scene I've studied, I now wonder whether she and Plourde came out from the front of the candy store, or even from inside the store. It could explain why this lady (an employee of the store?) has her eye on the street at :05. The Tang images do not include one of this patio area between about 2:30 and 3:10, which is the time that Plourde is expected to have picked the girl up. The Tang cameras (there were two of them) were busy getting images from 2:00 to 2:30, however. Below is the Tang page where those images are located; please let me know if you spot Plourde in any image of the 2:00 - 2:30 period. He shows up carrying the girl in the 3:11 image (beside the police van, with the girl's feet visible).

[A few hours after proof-reading and adding to this Plourde topic, I found a video showing the Plourde girl beside the man in burgundy Coat. But she is there only very briefly after the explosion. I do not possess the images that show the Plourde girl at this location. Here is the video:

The Plourde girl appears on her knees in the lower-right corner at the 3:13 point of the video. She appears to be kneeling against one of her parents, but, regardless of who it is, that adult was not in any of the images showing the Plourde girl, neither when she was in the arms of James Plourde, nor when she was on her stretcher. That in itself is way too unexpected. Was this little girl at the marathon all by herself??? What's going on here? At 3:14, the adult shows fully, and it's a woman. At 3:24, the video's creator writes: "She...gets carried [by Plourde] from the sugar heaven store..." I'll trust that he has a good reason for that claim. It tends to verify that the young lady in front of that store was heavily involved with this child's part of the hoax. When they start dragging children into hoaxes like this, it bothers me too much. One can glean that American crisis actors train their children to be crisis actors.

Checking out the adult suspected as the girl's mother (she shows well at the 4:52 point in the video), it turns out that she wears: 1) a long, grayish/taupe sweater going midway between hips and knees; 2) black, leg-tight pants; 3) black boots; 4) long, straight brown hair. It's all of what the young lady wears who runs from the candy store to the girl in Plourde's arms. But the two women's faces are not at all alike. It looks like they substituted another crisis actress for the latter role. She's prettier...for an important image intended for a worldwide media fraud. If you're wondering why there are so many attractive people involved in the important roles of this hoax, it's probably due to attractive people gravitating toward actor roles / Hollywood.

There is a problem with the hoax, where this supposed mother is late in being on the street with the girl. According to two images, including this earlier one, Plourde has her in his arms from about 3:05 to 3:17 while walking along the street, and yet the young-lady / mother-suspect is still at the candy-store window at 3:15. Not credible. In fact, she doesn't start going for the street until 3:25, wherefore we are to assume that the mother left the injured, terrified girl alone for some 20 seconds while attending to some mainly-naked "stud" at the candy-store window.

Let's get real. It's more like someone called her to the street because it was time to do the media photo. She was waiting for that call / sign.

Look at the man in light jeans walking past Plourde to a spot where the young lady could see him. He may have given her the sign. In the 3:11 image, he has turned the corner toward the candy store, and can be seen walking between the two tree trunks, and looking directly at that store. By 3:15, when we see her (:05 point of the action-scene video) looking toward the street (to keep a look-out for the sign, I must assume), this man would be much closer to the store. But as the action-scene video starts, showing an excellent shot between both tree trunks, this man (has a grey cap) is not there. I'm scratching my head.

At her spot in the injury zone, the girl is on her knees for quite a long time, moving toward the candy store on her knees while holding her mother-suspect. This can be seen from 4:52 to 5:04. After that point, it's hard to tell whether she is still on her knees, but I tend to think she is until at least 5:16. If she didn't think she was on camera, I do not think she would act in this way; it couldn't have been a very pleasant feeling at her knees. It begs the question of whether the camera taking these images was insider-controlled.

At 5:36, the red-sleeved blonde is shown, but I now know that the blood stain upon which she sits was directly under the foot of the Plourde girl at the moment of the blast.

At 5:40, the video creator claims that a woman with a lime-colored stripe on her shirt was inside the candy store. I don't know how he/she knows / thinks this, but I don't think he/she means to say that the woman was originally inside the store. For, she is beside the Plourde girl as the latter struggles to step along on her knees, but this woman is also beside the Plourde girl at the near-instance of the blast; see 4:19 to the point (4:33) where the Plourde girl becomes amply visible.

The video creator claims that blood is pouring from the purse of "lime stripe" at 4:35. I think it's a great theory, not only because I think he/she is correct in pointing to the blood flow from her upper-leg area, but because this woman in lime is the only person walking over the areas where the blood stains appear. He/she points to an object about five inches long that looks like a hose or bladder coming from the front side of her upper leg; if you look closely, there is what looks like a wire extending from the lower end of that object. But if a metal wire makes no sense, then perhaps it's a thin tube expected to spray red liquid (it might even have been real blood, though in this case "fake blood" is a correct phrase). Possibly, though one can debate against it, the wire- or tube-like thing is an actual spray of red liquid. It's in an S-shape, and seemingly too long to be a tube, which is a good argument for it being the liquid falling. Her left hand is not squeezing anything at this time, making her right suspect as the cause of pressure to release the liquid.

From 4:52 to 5:01, the blood stain upon which the red-sleeved blonde would later sit is showing. The stain is between the man in burgundy coat and the head of the woman he assists. The woman in lime has not walked over this spot, though the hose-like object from her thigh area was pointed in that direction. It's too much blood to expect the Plourde girl's foot to produce. Someone may argue that the Plourde girl may have been stepping along on her knees because there was a bladder filled with red liquid on her that with every step, red liquid was ejected from a hose extending from the knee(s) to her shoe area. One might argue that, if this was the case, they would have put her into loose pants to hide the bladder, not the leg-tight pants she's in. Therefore, it's not likely that the Plourde girl created blood stains, even though, at 4:52, we do see a stain under the girl's left ankle. I can't be sure whether it was there previously, before her leg / foot arrived to it.

At 4:55 (10 seconds after the blast), we see another stain that appears, but this time it's under the girl's left shin i.e. before her foot has reached the spot. Therefore, if she had a tube from a small bladder under her knee(s), it came out the shin area. In this image of the red-sleeved blonde, the blood stain on the edge of the dark-grey border, with a little piece of white something in the middle of it, is the stain that was just seen under the girl's ankle. The curiosity is that, although she was on her knees dragging her shoes, we see no smear marks made by her shoes. Furthermore, if the stain was made by the Plourde girl, it's too large and isolated to be from a real injury. Her foot spent too-small a time over that spot, but to prove her foot was not bleeding profusely, the blood stain is not continuous. Instead, it's a puddle here and a puddle there, what could be expected from ejection whenever her knee touched the ground.

Looking at the puddle (with the white cloth in the middle of it, which appears also in the video) in the blonde image above, it's fairly large. If it was truly coming from a leg wound, pouring out so profusely with her foot over that spot for a mere second or two, we would expect her injury to form a continuous streak from that puddle into the direction of her movement. At 4:33 and 4:43, that blood stain does not appear to be there. How, then, did it get there? At 4:43, the girl's knee is on the spot. Her hands are not squeezing any instrument. In the next three images (coming fast at 4:49, 4:50, and 4:51), her leg is over the spot so that we can't see whether she has just produced the stain, but at 4:52, there it is, under her ankle.

Her shoe is dragging right through that blood stain, but as her shoe has passed it, there is a white cloth on the stain. Could it be that they used small white bags filled with red liquid? All they needed to do was step on them.

Still in the blonde image above, the stains between the shoes of the man in white t-shirt are roughly where the girl's feet started off, but there are no smear marks there either, from her shoes. However, the first we see her shoes, at 4:33, they could be just off of that stain. As the lime-stripe woman has just walked over that stain, she is suspect for forming it.

Look again, my fellow enlightened ones, at the girls's knees as she crawls along, for there are two little white objects in her path. I just noticed this. They both appear at 4:49, one under her ankle, and one beside the boot of the "mother." In the next image (4:50), the one beside the boot is still there; she hasn't stepped on it. A second later in the next image, we don't see it; her boots are now too far from it, and so it appears that the girl's right knee is just about upon it. In the next image (4:52), after she taken two little steps on her knees (we don't see it but it can be gleaned), we see the white under her right knee! It's as if it stuck to her knee over the next couple of steps.

Plus, in the image where we first see it on her knee, another little white thing has appeared at the boot of her mother (like someone's dropping them as they go along), and the girl goes right for it (still at 4:52), this time with her left knee! As her knees pass these spots, voila! Blood stains.

At 4:51, something white is in the mother's hands. I see yet another white thing as though falling on the back of the girl's leg, directly under the mother's hands. At 4:55, a paper cup, mainly white, is falling from the mother's hands; we can see her in the act of tossing it away at 4:52 and 4:54. At 4:54, yet another white thing is falling past the girl's leg (it's not a tear in her pants, as I at first thought). The mother, who needs to go to jail, was dropping blood capsules of about the size visualized in the pouches of Mr. Pouches. She must have had them in her paper cup.

Back to the blonde image. The stain upon which the red-sleeved blonde has her sock appears fully made by the 4:52 / 5:01 point of the video. There is a man with blue bag who walks right over this stain between 4:51 and 4:54; he seems to be standing right in it, but he produced no shoe prints, so far as the video can tell us. But the clear scene in the blonde image verifies that he formed no shoe prints. It's as though the blood was dried already. Can there be such a thing as instant-dried red stain? Or, perhaps, stains were pasted into the images. Or, the bloodstains were thin "pads" that Hollywood might use, and stored on a shelf until needed.

Yes, when he lifts his shoe at 5:00, after stepping in the stain, we do see blood under his shoe, but that little stain can be seen between his legs at 4:54, BEFORE he plants his shoe there. As the carrier of a soda bottle, this man may have created some of the larger stain beside the woman assisted by the man in burgundy coat.

Lime stripe later acts as an injury victim directly outside the forbidden door; here she is:

Look at how the blood stain in the Patio-End image above looks like it came from a thin hose as she walked to her spot laying down. It's obvious now. I didn't know this until now. At 6:27, see the condition of red area on both her thumb and index finger, for while it's clearly not from a hand wound, it looks as though she was busy squeezing a bladder that leaked some red liquid. You can also see what looks like a thin hose extending from her purse that does not extend in the right direction to be a purse strap. This hose-like thing extends to the lower part of her purse (i.e. toward the ground when she is standing on her feet), as would be expected if it were draining liquid.

At 6:35, see the small blood spatters, as if her bladder was running out of liquid. The conspiracy believers who had these images from an early time were correct: this was a staged event with crisis actors. The only tragedy about this event are the slimes who created it; they still crawl the streets of the nation. Lime stripe needs to go to jail so that others who are involved in such hoaxes will hesitate to do so in the future.

The fake injury victim I call the "man at the wall" has just been found beside the Plourde girl. His grey cap can be seen well at 4:50 (only he and a woman beside him are holding their ears as though the noise of the explosion still affects them, and yet the several other people around have no apparent problem with the noise). He can be standing on two feet (i.e. both legs showing down to his shoes!), bending down, at 4:11-22. He seems to have his face pointed to the sidewalk for a long time. I did not know that this man was in the injury zone until now.

Don't mistaken the running man in shredded pants with the one I call the shredded-pants man. The latter starts off beside the man in burgundy coat.

There is a suspicious thing from 4:49 to 5:02: the bone protruding from Jeff's knee is always seen pointing up. It's never bleeding, but, the point for now is, it's always pointing up. It's so early after the blast that the pain in the two legs should cause Jeff to move his leg, yet it's always in the same position, pointing up. During this time span, the Plourde girl has taken many small steps on her knees (making for about four feet of distance). The 10-second point on the timeclock that this video deals with at the 1:20 point matches the 4:55 point. How could Jeff's leg not be spewing blood at this early time?

But, of course, Jeff was not at the injury zone, meaning that the controllers of this camera were insiders simply because Jeff appears on the sidewalk. Keep in mind that it he was pasted here, others may have been pasted too. It's easy to paste people in still images, and this "video" is a string of still images (the insiders never need to cough up video from this camera unless the still images can be proven to be from a video camera).

While you are at the 4:50 point, try to guess who left the orange bag along the wood fence. For reasons to be explained later in this update, I'm looking at the blonde in red coat as the one who planted the bag. You can see her better at 5:01. I wrote the below on a mystery person in red coat at the orange bag before seeing this video for the first time. The blonde in red is standing just about smack-on where the orange bag was lying. When I get to this topic later in the update, it appears a little suspicious that the insiders tried to make a man in red coat look like he was the one at the orange bag. he can be seen at the 6:11 point of this video.

So, it turns out that the Plourde girl was not pasted into her media images, but rather she may have been at the event.

Will the Real Sister Please Stand Up

At the 3:11 image, see the very bottom, where a couple of men seem to be man-handling / redirecting the white-bag woman. I didn't realize until now that the legs in the image below, which I would locate between the green lawn chair (3:11 image) and the intersection out of camera view to its bottom, is this white-bag woman. She's now lying on the ground acting like an injury victim. What a laugh, what a joke:

She can be seen walking more than 100 feet to this spot, and was visible in various images looking fine. Her major problem was that she arrived late to the "set," and she looked ridiculous holding a loose bandage around her upper right leg. The loose bandage was around her pants, not even around her bare leg. It seems that she had a script to play out, but was an embarrassment to the insiders. The image above shows her with a tight bandage around her upper right, BARE leg, and her pant leg has even been ripped off to allow us to see this tight bandage. If that alone isn't enough to give us the false impression that she's seriously injured, the stretcher lying beside her does. The cloth that acted like a loose bandage is now seen planted -- seriously, it looks PLANTED in our clear view so that we can make no mistake about who this person is -- is lying there beside her feet. It looks like a towel taken FRESH from a hotel room.

Only her legs and feet are visible; the rest of her is out of view as though, perhaps, the insiders didn't want us to know who she was. Her identity didn't click for me until now, and I've noted this image two or three times before. In other words, on the one hand, the insiders didn't want the general public to know that this was the woman who was able to walk, but, on the other hand, for legal purposes if necessary, they wanted the courts to see evidence of the white cloth lying there. In the last update, I discussed, on a theory basis, why this cloth had to be hidden from where it was dropped in the injury zone. I don't think I yet realize the greatest reason that it had to be hidden. If I'm correct, they put a lot of work into it.

In the last update, I showed why she may have dropped her cloth at the spot of the red-sleeved blonde. Why should it be of concern to the legal fears of the insiders if the people assisting the red-sleeved blonde should use a piece of cloth dropped by this white-bag woman? I don't see it as making anyone necessarily guilty of a hoax? Okay, so they used her cloth to wrap around the upper legs of the red-sleeved blonde. So what? Well, it so happens that the red-sleeved blonde was reported to be with her sister, Erika Brannock, at the marathon, who was a little heavy-set, and blonde, according to her media photos, just like the white-bag woman.

I have yet to identify this sister with certainty in any of the images. Her media reports generally do not point out where she was within the injury zone. Erika was reported to have had no leg after a forced amputation. If the white-bag woman was acting as the sister, then, of course, they wouldn't want any court to know that she dropped a cloth for use by the red-sleeved blonde, as that would look like the event was staged.

Now that I'm developing this theory, I note that both woman, the white-bag one and Erika, have the same type and color hair. See Erika's photos from the link above. However, a CNN article tends to suggest that the white-bag woman is not the sister. I had searched previously for an image showing Erika at the injury zone, but was unsuccessful, perhaps due to searching most-often with javascript turned off (most images do not require it to be turned on). I have just found an image, with javascript turned on, of Erika at her injury location, supposedly with Amanda North assisting her. First, read the article (from a dailymail page that, I apologize, shows a number of world-class sluts, as dailymail is in the habit of advertising):

When Boston bombing victim Erika Brannock left hospital on Monday, she thanked her support team but asked for one final favor: To help find the woman who had saved her life that day.

She only remembered the woman as 'Joan from California' but after a plea from CNN to its viewers, the hero has been tracked down, and has been identified as Amanda North from the Bay area.

North, who is in her 50s and has two children, can be seen in photographs beside Brannock's injured body on April 15, giving EMTs a belt for tourniquet to stop the blood from her badly mangled leg.

Brannock, a pre-school teacher from Maryland, needed her left leg amputated above the knee and also lost part of the bone from her right leg. She was the last victim to leave hospital on Monday.

The article gives an excuse for the Joan versus Amanda contradiction; you can buy if you wish, I don't. The story changed, in other words, for a troublesome reason. The trouble is, we don't get to see Erika's face in her spot at the injury zone, but we do see the blonde medic in the act of taking the pulse of "Krystle Campbell," the girl who reportedly dies at the event due to leg trauma. Here is the injured-Erika image from my files in case it disappears from the article above:

We can see this image wider in this pulse image. Note that Erika's face definitely does not show (she is not the one in dark hair). The one in yellow top is Amanda, though CNN first reported her name as "Joan." It appears more likely that Erika was giving a false name deliberately. Apparently, Erika is supposedly the one in blue-and-white jacket sleeve. I'm wondering why another image showing her more clearly was not offered. Did the insiders simply fail to provide a better image? I am not at all familiar with an injury victim having this coat. There are several people between her spot and the spot of the red-sleeved blonde.

I do not see anything at the Tang page that could possibly reveal whether this injury victim was Erika, or whether she matches the photo of Erika as released by media. This other pulse image fails to show her face too. If she was the white-bag woman seeking to identify herself as someone else at the injury zone, the insiders would chose her alternative identity, and they would pick someone who is not visible at all times. Below is the bomb-spot image seconds after the blast, and yet we see no blue-and-white coat. The yellow top of Amanda North likewise does not show. The coat that shows fully blue is of the right shade of blue and material to be Erika's jacket, but this coat shows no white, and, besides, the owner of this coat has dark hair.

It doesn't seem possible, due to one person obscuring the view, for both Erika and Amanda to be missing from the image above, but it you wish to be more certain that they are not there, see the Mr. Pouches video. Where we do see Erika's jacket sleeve (in the photo where she appears with Amanda), she is to the left hand of checkered-shirt Bauman (the man lying at the butt of the blonde medic), and so do understand that, in the image directly above, and in the video below, you are seeing the spot to checkered-Bauman's left hand. In the video, checkered-Bauman is the man whose head is covered by the head of Mr. Pouches at :13 seconds.

As you can see, Erika and Amanda are between checkered-shirt Bauman and the dark-haired woman in black who was claimed to be a friend of Krystle Campbell. Both this dark-haired woman and Krystle herself are in the Mr. Pouches video, and yet neither Amanda's yellow top, nor Erika's blue-and-white jacket, show in this video. I'd say that's a big problem.

Here's the overhead scene (1:44 minutes) on the left-side image. Can you see either of them in the top two images (the one on the left is a few seconds after 1:44)? No.

But some of the Tang images after about 2:30 minutes show the yellow top of Amanda. Tang images of this time period show the progression of the blonde medic (to her spot beside Amanda North in the pulse images), whom I strongly believe was pasted into the 411-timeclock image (a Tang image). In the image below, the blonde medic has taken her spot at the place where she takes Krystle's pulse, but, as you can see, the white-bag woman is still in the same spot / position as per the first image of this paragraph:

There seems to be a relationship between the blonde medic and Amanda North, so far as the insiders had plotted their roles, but, the question is: did they include the white-bag woman in with images showing Amanda's back because, in the beginning, the white-bag woman was supposed to be the sister of the red-sleeved blonde? Did they decide they needed proof that the white-bag woman was never intended to be the sister? In none of the many Tang images showing Amanda's back, we never see Erika. How strange / unexpected.

The blonde medic appears in images shortly after she appears out of nowhere in the 411-timeclock scene. She does not appear in the overhead scene (13 seconds before the 411-timeclock scene), nor in two other injury-zone images of that time period (one is the right-hand image at the CowboyHat page above). There is no way that the blonde medic could have been at her spot in the 411-timeclock image where she was not at the injury zone at 1:44 and shortly afterward. Therefore, if she was pasted to Tang images after 2:00 minutes, ditto is the possibility for Amanda's yellow top.

Amanda North's back is likewise blatant (in full view) in the 3:11 image, which is where the white-bag woman is almost on the ground faking her leg injury. But Amanda's back is seen as early as 1:22, in the medic-reaching image. Does it make sense to you that her back would be to Tang's camera from 1:22 to 3:11? Or does that seem to you to be a paste job where the insiders didn't want to reveal her face? Perhaps they decided to reveal her face, as per the image in the dailymail article, only after "Joan" decided to come out as Amanda North.

Here's a Tang image at :28 seconds, but no white-and-blue coat can be seen:"

There is a woman who was shown with a jacket of the blue shade shown for Erika's sleeve. She is the ragged-coat woman. Perhaps the ragged-coat woman was initially slated to be the sister of the red-sleeved blonde. I am not convinced whatsoever that Erika was the one that the dailymail / CNN article claimed her to be, the one beside the woman in yellow top. If Erika was truly at the injury zone, she needs to be someone else. Who might that be? But if Erika truly has no leg, she wasn't there in all likeliness. When investigating her briefly a few updates ago, I concluded the possibility that she DID have a leg, but that an amputee posed as her.

[I kid you not, that it wasn't three hours after ceasing to write at this point that I watched a video for the first time, loaded just days ago, where the white-bag woman is treated, and where the creator of the video has exactly the same senses as I do about her every step in and out of the injury zone. It looks like I stole his ideas, but, no, not true. We just see it the same way because it's obvious. This video was commented upon before this section.]

Another Illusion: the Hot-Pink Blonde is Not So Hot

Beside Mr. Pouches in the "video" where his all-telling pouches show, there is a woman in a hot-pink jacket that I thought was the red-sleeved blonde before she took off her jacket. I wasn't fully confident of this theory until finding that the bald man with pink roll under his arm was very likely the husband, or acting husband, of the red-sleeved blonde. This Michael Gross, as he's called in media reports, was supposedly injured slightly at the marathon, and as he's shown online as a bald man, I expect him to be the bald man with pink roll. But he's never with the red-sleeved blonde; no bald man is ever at her side...because they lied to the world, and the media winked.

If the hot-pink woman was the red-sleeved blonde, then we could expect some photo tricks to protect against our knowing it. For example, they could show both women in the same image. The hot-pink blonde disappears quickly from her spot at the injury zone, wherefore one needs to ask whether she posed as someone else. It's highly unlikely that she would be walking away from the pile-up, whether she was injured or not, or, to put it another way, it makes little sense for her to go through the trouble of appearing in the center of a faked scene, just to walk away...but of course that's possible.

After forming the theory, it was discovered that the hot-pink blonde was walking away from the injury zone at 1:07 after the explosion, or so the insiders would have us believe. Perhaps the insiders wanted to show her walking away because she hadn't walked away. The first I discovered it was in a higher-resolution scene of what I've called, the Jeff-invisible image (no Amanda North or Erika Brannock visible here either). I had missed seeing her in the low-resolution image. At the time, I saw another image that I cannot locate right now, where she was vivid a few seconds after we see her in the background (at the building wall) of the Jeff-invisible image. She above the cowboy's head, looking rather shapely and tall, in this image:

It's obvious that the insiders wanted to provide a false explanation for her absence in all images after we see her in the pile-up. This discovery of insiders providing a false impression came after I had already formed a theory on why she was absent: she changed locations as the red-sleeved blonde. What better way to dissuade you from that possibility but to provide an image of the hot-pink blonde walking away, where she looks nothing like the red-sleeved blonde? I've already pointed out that, where she is in the pile-up, her hair, including the location of her hair part, matches that of the red-sleeved blonde rather well.

The image below can be timed easily at the :55 point of the Silva video, and it shows the hot-pink blonde, supposedly, at the wall where we see her in the Jeff-invisible image (itself timed at 1:07 after the explosion). The woman walking away with the hot-pink blonde, with purple vest and WHITE ARM SLEEVES sleeves, is shown beside her in the pile-up. But look at how heavy the hot-pink blonde (lower left) is in this image:

It's good for a laugh. Clearly, to the person unable to believe that insiders would alter images to the extent of my accusations, she is clearly not the red-sleeved blonde. But for the one who comes to realize the important points and problems that the insider photo-monkeys are tasked with, it is fully expected that this image would be released. The hot-pink blonde, in the "video" (more like a series of still images), does not at all strike us as this heavy-set woman.

Of further note is that she now wears, not a jacket, but a sweater, which, for me, is their method (elementary-school level) of "proving" that she did not remove her jacket (otherwise she would be showing her skin). The pink item she wears in the video is clearly a "hard" jacket-like material, and not the soft cotton / wool that she's shown with in the still image. The item worn in the image cannot create the sharp creases that we see in the video. So, there you have it, a paste job to make us think she walked away, meaning that she did not walk away. What other motive could they have had to show her walking away?

The image above is the first I've seen having the cowboy in the act of flying through the air while jumping the fence. Another laughable moment.

Here's the hot-pink blonde (not heavy set at all) in the same image with the red-sleeved blonde, before the SS medic is in the injury zone. The timing here was 36 seconds after the blast, just 12 seconds before we see the heavy-set version of the hot-pink blonde walking away:

In the image below, some 10 seconds earlier, we should measure the distance from the feet to hips of the woman who makes contact with the red-sleeved blonde, then compare that distance with anyone else in the foreground (i.e. closer to the camera), which reveals that she was pasted in too large. Her belt line is in line (same elevation) with the belt of the man further from the camera, which is not possible. All belt lines of standing people, when closer to this particular camera (because it's shooting from up high), must be lower down in the picture. Mr. Burgundy Coat looks too large as compared to the man with hood and sunglasses. Who else was pasted into this scene?

So, no sooner do the insiders provide an image of her in the same picture with the red-sleeved blonde, that they have her getting up and walking away. To have one person walking away from people in need is bad enough, but to have two of them walking out together??? The motive for having the woman in purple at the wall would be to "prove" that the one in pink beside her is the hot-pink blonde. I mean, they badly did not want us to mistaken this act of the hot-pink blonde walking away.

It could be that the woman in purple, with white sleeves, did not walk away at all because, in later images, we see a woman in purple with BLACK SLEEVES at the pile-up. In the Mr. Pouches video, the woman in purple and black sleeves does not show. Only the one in purple and white sleeves shows. In both cases, there is a purple, short-sleeved over-shirt over a long-sleeved shirt. Coincidence? The one with white sleeves is beside the spot where Mr. Pouches will fall to the sidewalk, but that's also where the one with black sleeves shows in later images, for example in the image with medic reaching:

Doesn't it look to you that the insiders chose to remove the woman in purple from the pile-up AFTER they had already publicly released an image(s) with woman in purple between two and three minutes after the explosion? Yes, but to make us think it wasn't the same woman, they changed her a little. In fact, both women appear where the one in white sleeves is at the wall in this image:

It's as though they replaced the initial one (with white sleeves) with another one, with the one in white sleeves way out of the picture serving one purpose only; to "prove," for legal / court purposes, if needed, that the hot-pink blonde was not the red-sleeved blonde. But if you look again at the image where the white-sleeved one is walking away with the hot-pink blonde, there is no black-sleeved woman in the pile-up. One could say that a man is obscuring her, but that man was a paste job himself for reasons discussed in an earlier update. Let me re-visit that issue again right now.

He shows in the Wikipedia image, in the lower-left corner, supposedly approaching the injury zone. He has a solar reflection on his belt. He is virtually in the same position, with his jacket flung over his body in nearly the same position, in the image below (about 1:07), and yet the solar reflection appears at virtually the same spot on his belt. That's impossible. It's impossible to show the solar reflection on both belts when 1) the person is more than 50 feet apart between two images; 2) the belt is at the same angle in both images; 3) the camera is the same one, and in the same spot; 4) the sun is not coming in from a near-zero-degree angle along the ground; 5) the camera is three stories high, much higher than the belt.

Suppose you had a small mirror, one-inch square, reflecting the 3 pm sun (at about 45 degrees) to a small spot at your house wall on a third-story. If you imagine moving the house further from you by 50 feet, it's the same as you moving 50 feet from the house. But where you imagine the house moving back 50 feet, while keeping your mirror unmoved, it will not shine any longer on the third story wall. You don't need to conduct an actual experiment to know this; you can do it in your head. If your house is three stories tall, with the little mirror reflecting off the very top of the third story, moving the house back 50 feet will not -- not even close -- shine off that house any longer. You would need to adjust the mirror by quite a lot to get it to shine on the third story again. Yet, in both images, the man is erect, indicating that his "mirror" (the belt) is at the same angle in both images.

Secondly, look at the shadows on the ground in the image above. They are less pronounced due to the smoke. But the belt reflection is very bright, brighter even than in the Wikipedia image, even though the belt is in the thick of the smoke. That's not right. It looks like the insiders lifted this image from when the man was walking toward the injury zone (outside the smoke).

Note, too, that the woman in purple (black sleeves, we are to assume) is not clearly visible because someone stands in front of her. We can't see the sleeves, anyway, which is all that counts for the insiders. This person blocking the view, the woman with flowery top, is likewise in the Wikipedia image, approaching the injury zone. Therefore, as two different people, unrelated, end up smack beside each other at the injury zone, at the same time, one could imagine that this did not take place, but that the insiders chose these two people for paste jobs for to obscure certain things in the pile-up. This image (above) happens to be the Jeff-invisible scene, but taken from a Tang camera; it's the Jeff-invisible image that has the hot-pink blonde walking away near the building wall, and yet the woman in purple, supposedly beside her, is blocked from our view by a person who happens to be walking along.

Over and over again, I find people blocking views of things that are suspect. It's easier to just plop a person into a scene to block the view of what you're trying to hide, rather than to re-draw with false particulars.

[The above was written before finding the video below that starts off on the topic of this man with shiny belt. The video reveals to me things I have not known previously. The man, whom I've called, "man in white shirt," wears a cream-colored shirt, and starts off not far down the sidewalk from the Lenscrafters part of the injury zone. The video creator is correct in pointing out that this man, while the explosion is still roaring in his ears, looks to his cell phone rather than looking back at the bomb site. He doesn't seem to be appropriately concerned for the explosion, signaling his identification as an insider. The people around him should likewise be insiders, and one of them is the woman in flowery clothing mentioned above. I didn't know this when mentioning her above. She (red purse) begins to show at the 1:00 minute point of the video. The scum with checkered coat and jeans is there too; she is never seemed to be helping people at the injury zone, though she moves about from victim to victim. If she wasn't merely creating motion, she was sending messages to the actors.

But even if he knew beforehand that the bomb was to go off, he is still expected to turn around to look at the bomb scene for quite a while...unless he was commissioned with yet another task that did not allow time to look on. The video creator thinks that this "yellow man" (man in cream shirt) was involved in the second explosion, which may be true.

Below is an image of the crowd that he stands around, and, if I'm not mistaken, he's the man with the sunglasses over his eyes. He doesn't appear to have sunglasses on his ears when the video first shows him standing there. Soon after, some ten seconds after the explosion, his glasses are on his head. He's interested in seeing well. At 1:01, while others beside him are fully turned to look at the explosion site, he's still got his back to the explosion site, with his cell-phone screen in his face. What's he waiting to read on that phone? Isn't that why he lifted his glasses to his head, waiting for an important message? He seems to be getting it at 1:06 (less than eight seconds after the explosion). He then starts to move toward the intersection, thinking about something, but with his cell-phone screen still close to his eyes as though anticipating another message. At 1:08, two women beside him are showing their cell phones too, one of them peering into it.

After an event like this, all the directors of the movie need to hear concerning the success / failure level of the explosion before going on to the next step. He is waiting to hear what the next step is, whether the plan is a go or not. The actors in the injury zone also needed to know what the initial leadership assessment was, and for this purpose, there were the scums like the woman in checkered coat.

Look at how fast the crowd clears out. It would have been easy to accomplish this by having at least one insider yell, "Let's get out of here!" People found in sudden fear are likely going to heed that directive.

At 1:19 of the video, the video creator is able to show the timeclock at 10 seconds into the explosion. This is important because we see no hot-pink coat in the pile-up at this time. In a CBS image that I timed at 11 seconds after the explosion, I was able to identify a red-sleeved person with black vest standing right at the fence line that is obscured in this image here at 1:19. I suggested that this was the hot-pink blonde after she removed her jacket and became the red-sleeved blonde. Where the hot-pink jacket appears in the pile-up after the 11-second point, I would deem it potentially pasted.

When I now see the man in cream shirt walking toward the building at the video's 1:50 point (this is the Wikipedia image at 28 seconds after the blast), I have a new understanding of this man. It makes this part of the building suspect as a sort of command center, what the video creator himself suggests. At 1:53, there is an image I haven't been familiar with; the video creator claims that this shows the man in cream shirt entering the building. I think I will agree. He enters near the spot where the man at the wall would later fake his injury, but the point now is that this man was in the injury zone 10 seconds after the blast. I have not yet checked (in other images) where he might have went from that point, but the only question is HOW LONG it took him to come down to this part of the building, not whether he came. We saw him staring at the sidewalk, last we discussed him, in this very video itself. Did he go to report to his masters the success / failure level of the blood stains?

Amazing to me now is that, months ago, I claimed that the man in cream shirt started to spread more blood on the sidewalk starting at about 1:22 after the explosion (because more blood appears at the Jeff-spot stain of this Jeff-alone image (about 3:00 minutes) than in the Jeff-invisible image at 1:07 minutes). Images in my possession now show him taking off his coat at just about 1:22 minutes after the explosion (I'd like to know where it ended up). He starts to spread blood on the ground when the SS medic reaches him with an orange bag at that time, and the medic too stoops with him for a long while, doing something that we cannot see. It now seems that the masters directed both men to spread more blood at the Jeff spot, which may or may not have been part of the original plan.

As you can glean from the Wikipedia image, both the man in cream shirt and the woman in flowery top walked toward the intersection, then returned to the injury zone. The video (below) where the Tang images are in slide-show format show four images (2:06 to 2:26) before the Wikipedia image that may make some more sense of what he did after we see him peering on his cell phone. This video is named, "Boston Marathon 2013 1st Bomb Photos," which may imply that Tang has more to come, but perhaps only if necessary. I've noted that not all Tang images are shown here; why not? For example, the bulging-wallpaper image is not included. The earliest image (2:16) that this slide-show offers is after the man in cream shirt is no longer visible on the sidewalk (my guess-timate at about 20-25 seconds).

The Tang images were taken from two different windows, one of which was incapable of seeing the entire patio. This window was responsible for the first two of the four images above. As you can see, a camera at this window cannot capture what's going on along the brick wall of the building. When the insiders don't wish to reveal what's going on at the wall, they have the option of showing some of the scene while blocking that part out. The man at the wall could have snuck along the wall to the make-shift "command center," or whatever it was, between the time of the first two images. In my clear shot of the Wikipedia image, the man at the wall is no longer seen in the injury zone. While the image cuts off a few feet out from the brick wall, the third and fourth images at the slide-show (start at 2:16) reveals no man in grey cap walking along the brick wall. It tends to suggest that the man at the wall walked there between 10 and 20 seconds after the explosion, like one in a hurry.

All four images are at a time when the man in cream shirt is not on the sidewalk almost as far down as the intersection. He appears to have gone down to the intersection, therefore, in the first 30 seconds. Why do you think he did that, only to return to the "command center"? Wasn't he getting some information on the second bomb, whether it was a success of failure?

The Missing Stretcher

In the non-Tang image at :36 seconds after the blast, two firemen are arriving from up the sidewalk, who I say will guard the orange bag barely visible at the fence, under the man in yellow jacket, who appears to be breaking through the wood fence. This orange bag had been an issue for me. After suspecting that the SS medic took this bag, I claimed that a stretcher pushed by the blonde and Negro medics was pasted into the scene below, as well as in subsequent images, including the Silva video, in an effort to falsely give another origin for this orange bag. It seems like an excessive theory on my part, but I can now add some teeth to it.

With these new-to-me images, one can now prove that the stretcher was pasted. The idea first held weight when the stretcher was not seen in the Silva video where I thought it should. As you can see in the OrangeBag image above, with the timeclock showing 43 seconds after the blast, the stretcher is being pushed at the finish line, meaning it should be in the Silva picture when his camera is turned around at :58-59. The only way for the stretcher to me absent, as the camera turns around, is for it to be out of the cameraman's view to his right. That is, the stretcher must be passing (toward the injury zone) behind the cameraman, for which reason it should emerge on his left. But it does not emerge on his left when the camera points again to the injury zone. It's possible that the stretcher is simply evading the cameraman by pure chance, but it's also possible that it was never there at this time.

There are two major headaches now for the insiders. One, where the medic is at the finish line in the image at :36, the stretcher is not visible behind him (timeclock reads, 4:10:19). Yet, because this stretcher is seen upon the finish line seven seconds later, shouldn't it be visible in the :36 image? It won't upset me if you answer, not necessarily. The problem is in spite of this.

See where the stretcher was (supposedly) several seconds earlier, when the timeclock reads 4:10:10 = 27 seconds after the blast [I have lost the image]. This was the first suspicious image I saw to indicate that the insiders were going to come up with an alternative bag obtained by the SS medic.

The problem is, there were not seven seconds between the SS medic at the finish line and the stretcher at the finish line. Rather, the stretcher was pasted into a scene with the timeclock reading 4:10:26 in an effort to explain why the stretcher does not appear near the finish line when the timeclock reads, 4:10:19. To put it another way: they could not have pasted it upon the finish line at 4:10:22, for example, for then the viewer of the image at 4:10:19 would expect to see the stretcher following behind the medic.

Don't take my word for it that they pasted the stretcher into the scene having a 4:10:26 timeclock. Take the word of the timeclock itself. I'm about to show you what I mean. Watching the Silva video, it becomes apparent that the SS medic is walking too fast for the stretcher to be at the finish line seven seconds after he crosses it. He's walking so fast that, seven seconds later, he's at the scaffolding directly opposite the injury zone. But look at the position of the medic in the image where the stretcher is pasted. He's not yet near the scaffolding; he's not very far past the finish line. Would you agree?

Check the Silva video to see how long it takes him to get from the finish line to where we see him in this image. There are various ways to match the timing of images that do not depend on guess-work. In this case, we can use the position of the bald fireman because he appears in both the video and the pasted-stretcher image. What's more, he's seen walking fast across the finish line, leaving no room for his standing around at this time, wasting a second or more. The Silva video therefore shows the medic fulfilling his position in the pasted-stretcher image at the :46 point of the video, which 40 seconds after the blast, or a very-problematic three seconds before the time on the timeclock in the pasted-stretcher image. (By the way, we are to believe that Silva just missed capturing the stretcher at the finish line by a sliver).

It's a huge difference in the world of paste jobs. A three-second difference is to be considered a huge piece of sloppy workmanship in the photo-paste trade, especially when it comes to something so important as your own government putting on a hoax of this sort. Therefore, against the odds, and against the "better judgment" of some readers, I was right: this stretcher was pasted in an effort to give an alternative origin for the orange bag that the SS medic took while he was inside the injury zone. Or, at least, I see no other motive for pasting this stretcher into this scene.

I've been wrong before on various things, and sometimes I make very dumb mistakes. But in this case, the stretcher appearing at 43 seconds into the explosion requires it to be at the :49 point of the Silva video. Try to imagine how far ahead of the finish line the bald fireman would be at :49. Go ahead, see the video again and ask how far from the line he should be. Or, just see how close the SS medic is to the scaffolding at :49. There is clearly a problem of a few seconds.

One could argue that it was the timeclock that was pasted, and that the stretcher was at the finish line at about that time. But why? Isn't it the orange bag upon the stretcher that was of concern for this paste job? They were trying to get the bag to the injury zone in time for 1:28 of the Silva video.

My conclusion is that the stretcher was pasted into the scene where the timeclock should read 40 seconds in, and in the meantime, the insiders altered the time in the timeclock explain why the stretcher does not appear in the Tang image where the timeclock shows 36 seconds in (i.e. they wanted to give it a greater spread than three seconds, and chose to give it a seven-second spread).

The part of the Silva video where it shows the SS medic crossing the finish line at the :42 point of the video appears to show the timeclock reading 4:10:15, but don't be mistaken; it's really reading 4:10:19. One can see the timeclock reading 4:10:15 at the :28 point of the video.

The Mystery Person at the Orange Bag on the Ground

The image below shows the SS medic inside the injury zone for the first time (after having just jumped the scaffolding). The timeclock is not readable, but it's past 1:02 Silva-video time, when the medic jumps in initially. The Silva camera had just turned backward (at :59) to show no stretcher between it and the finish line. Where one denies a pasted stretcher, it must be assumed that the stretcher is beside or behind cameraman at 1:02 Silva-video time. To prove whether or not the stretcher was pasted in at this time, it's not enough to find the Silva cameraman on the street in the image below, and to look for the stretcher behind or beside him.

The Silva cameraman is in several images, wearing shorts. He can be seen here with his upper body cutting across the finish line. Between him and the flags, there are two police officers in the relative positions they show at 1:03 Silva-video time. We can see the stretcher to Silva's left, in the middle of the street (to the right of the two lamps). The stretcher position is perfect for evading the Silva camera until now, but that could be the problem: it's perfect. Obviously, if this stretcher wasn't there, they would paste it in exactly where we see it positioned, for they had no choice.

Perhaps I'm wrong, for in the video, at 1:04, we see what looks like the hair of the blonde medic to Silva's left, and that's exactly where the blonde medic is positioned in the image above. It's interesting that she is not found in any images again until the 411-timeclock image at 1:58 minutes after the blast. Why would that be? Wasn't she really there? Plus, when she is found near the Lenscrafters window at 1:57, there was no way for her to have gotten there...because she was not in earlier images requiring her to be in them in order to explain how she got to the Lenscrafters window. Therefore, was she really on the street at 1:03 Silva-video time?

The first time the Silva camera captures the stretcher -- albeit it's a green bag on the stretcher that's first seen -- is at 1:24, just as the SS medic is coming to the scaffolding for the orange bag. I fully expect this stretcher to be pasted into the location where he comes for the orange bag, because he's coming right for the spot of the orange bag that was inside the injury zone when the bomb went off. The stretcher, and the Negro too, become visible at 1:26. But, as if to indicate a red flag, the blonde medic does not show at these times as the camera swings right and left. Where did she go? Was she playing evade-the-camera?

When the Silva cameraman captures her hair, she's clearly walking toward the curb / scaffolding, but we don't see what happens to her as the camera turns away to the right. When the camera turns back to the left, just as it's about to show where the blonde had walked (at 1:09), the video does a screwy thing that could be interpreted as a "splice" into the video, intended to hide what the camera saw at that second. I would guess that it either saw the stretcher there with her, or the blonde without the stretcher. We did not see the stretcher at 1:03, we saw only her.

If the stretcher was to the left of the cameraman at 1:09, then it tends to negate a stretcher to the camera's right at 1:24. That could easily explain why the camera view goes screwy with some unexpected scenery.

When the Silva camera turns to the right to show the stretcher at 1:24 and 1:26, the police vehicle is arriving, or has just arrived. And so see the vehicle in the image below, along with the Silva cameraman (not the man in blue) "touching" the left side of the left-side lamp. He is in the act of taping the scene as the medic comes for the orange bag. This is the image with timeclock showing 4:11:00 = 1:17 after the blast = 1:23 Silva-video time. It's just as the Silva camera is about to shoot the stretcher for the first time, but we see no stretcher on the street in this image. Yes, one could say that the flags obscure its view, since, after all, we can see the Negro medic standing there beside the flags. But one could also say they pasted the stretcher to the Silva video at a certain spot where it wouldn't show in this still image. Or one could even say that the Negro medic was pasted in at the flags to give the impression his stretcher was with him. The blonde medic is again absent from this image, appearing neither beside the Negro medic, nor down the street. She cannot be down the street, as that area is amply visible to make that conclusion, wherefore she can be nowhere else but behind the flags where the stretcher is supposed to be, beside the Negro medic. So why doesn't she appear as the Silva camera swings by that area? Maybe she's tying her shoe lace, or maybe she was never on the injury-front street at this time.

The Silva video, as it shoots the scene at 1:23, veers suddenly to the right, passing the Negro medic, but as it passes, the Negro medic is not visible (only the green bag supposedly on the stretcher is visible). But as the camera returns, there is the Negro medic standing at his stretcher. He's not doing anything but standing, an easy way to paste him in. According to a Tang image below, new to me, the bag would be transferred to the SS medic by the hand of the Negro himself, and yet this is problematic on three counts: 1) the Silva video happens to miss this bag transfer with what could be a faked camera shake; 2) the Silva video shows the bag up high, as if tossed to the SS medic; 3) Tang released an image of the SS medic reaching for the bag, but without the bag visible, and with no one visible handing it to him, and then Tang suspiciously released another image about a second later as per this image below:

It's not easy to pause the Silva video just right to capture the orange bag. When you find it, you will see that it's as high as a human head. But the camera jiggles, or perhaps some trick is being foisted upon the viewer, so that we don't see the rest of the path of the bag until it's in the hand of the SS medic a second later. One lousy second missing, the part that would prove to us that the Negro medic passed the bag. But according to the Tang image a second earlier, we are to believe is that the Negro medic took the bag from the stretcher, and simply passed it laterally to the SS medic at hip height.

This is not the first time that Tang images come a second apart, but in this case it is suspicious, as if they badly needed to clarify that the Negro medic handed him the bag. The image a second earlier left doubt. But then why did the Tang people provide the earlier image at all? Their Flickr numbers are 8652857375 versus 8652859209, suggesting, possibly, that the one with the Negro was uploaded to Flickr at a slightly later time.

It doesn't make sense that, as the Negro medic has lifted the bag from the stretcher, he flings it up high while he's still five or six feet away from the SS medic, but that's what you need to believe if you think the orange bag in the Silva video is being held by that medic. If he's flinging it at this time, it would be clearly ahead of his body and feet, and so the bag's momentum would be away from his body and toward the scaffolding framing, not a logical picture at all unless the Negro wasn't being logical. The Tang image strongly suggests that the Negro stretched his arm fully-horizontally across the inside of the scaffolding when transferring the bag, an apparent contradiction to what little we see of the bag in the Silva video.

AFTER WRITING THE ABOVE, the following image was found showing the Silva camera beside the finish line just as a man in yellow is climbing the scaffolding to hop over it. This man is in the Silva video at that time, which is the :53 point, or 47 seconds after the explosion!!! Those exclamatons are for the fact that the stretcher under discussion does not appear beside or behind the cameraman!!! Those other exclamatons are because the insiders pasted the stretcher into an image timed at 43 seconds after the explosion, and yet we clearly see no stretcher at or near the finish line. I can scarcely believe the insiders would be this sloppy. If indeed I am not seeing things, and if the stretcher is not there in truth, then expect this image to be removed from the Tang set if word of this gets around:

You should also ask why the image looks so smoky, as if they are trying to hide something, or trying to hide something that's not there. The Silva camera turns back and points toward the finish line at :58, just five seconds after the smoky image, yet we do not see a smoky scene much at all in the video. More importantly, this is when the Silva cameraman fails to capture the stretcher at the finish line, meaning that, if you think there is nothing amiss, the stretcher must be wheeling either to his right or behind him. But the :53 image shows no such thing!!! Excellent.

The 47-second has the number, 8652840737, which is considerably lower than two numbers of the two images showing the SS medic reaching for, or grabbing, the orange bag. It may be evidence that the 47-second image was already committed to the public domain before the insiders decided to create a false / alternative orange bag coming to the injury zone.

As you can see, the 47-second point (:53 of the video) is when the SS medic holds two or three fingers up in the direction of the finish line behind him (he's supposedly signalling to his EMS partners). I took issue with this months ago because the Silva camera shows none of his partners at the finish line. I claimed that the SS medic was merely acting when lifting his finger signal, to give the cameras the impression that he was signalling for the orange bag. I felt that this had been the plan from before the explosion, to come in, give the signal, but then jump the scaffolding and take the orange bag already there on the injury-side of the fence.

Another point is necessary now, that while he's signalling with fervor / concern to his partners, they are expected to rush directly to him with whatever he's signalling for. It's a bomb event in Boston, remember, not one in Baghdad. This sort of thing doesn't happen in Boston every day. Yet, in an">image discussed earlier (Flickr number higher (later or earlier?) than that of the 47-second image), the stretcher was found in the middle of the street at 1:03 Silva-video time, which is not exactly suggesting that the partners made a bee-line to the SS medic. As you can see, the position of the stretcher implies that the medics made a large circle on the street before supposedly going toward the location of the SS medic. That unexpected thing can now be explained where the stretcher was not on the street at 1:03. The Tang people pasted it in, didn't they?

In the 47-second image (where the stretcher doesn't show at the finish line or behind the cameraman), you might say that the light (but blurry) object touching the bottom of the two lamps is the stretcher coming to the finish line. I think I could agree, as I think I see a certain part of it, but that's a contradiction, in any case, because this image has the stretcher already at the finish line (without the great smokiness, I might add) at the 43-second point, four seconds earlier. There you have yet another proof that insiders pasted the stretcher into the 43-second image.

For the new discussion below, see the man in red coat in the bag-transfer image (I did not have this image when the below was written). He is not looking at the bag-transfer. If he was the one who picked up the orange bag (on the ground) and was therefore part of its transfer, we might expect him not to be looking at the bag transfer...because he knows cameras are rolling and doesn't want to be associated with it. He is visible in a blurry form in the Silva video, just before the bag transfer, but we can see in the image above that he has moved quickly a considerable distance from the orange-bag spot, which was almost exactly where you see the SS medic standing.

It is hard to say whether the man in red coat is standing inside the wood fence, between it and the scaffolding, so as to be capable of transferring the bag to someone else, who then passed it to the SS medic. As per the discussion below, he's not yet inside the fence; I was only able to assume that he went inside. In the image above, while it cannot be determined whether he's inside, we do, nonetheless, see the fence sufficiently on the ground to allow his easy passage.

The Man in Red at the Orange Bag

In the image where the Negro medic is supposedly poised to pass the orange bag to his partner, look at the wood fence where it's separated. This was, I think, the means by which someone picked up the orange bag on the sidewalk, brought it in under the scaffolding, and then had it handed or thrown to the SS medic. When I developed this theory, I did not have this image. By what coincidence does it show a single man (red sleeves, and what looks like a black vest) walking at, or even through, the separation in the fence???

It can be assessed from other images that this man is right beside the orange bag. As the image can be timed exactly at 1:23 Silva-video time (an instant before the SS medic lifts his hand to signal for the bag), the man is at the fence some five seconds before the SS medic has the bag passed to him (in the Silva video). Isn't that at least a little biggie? There is enough time here for him/her to get the bag into a position that transfers it to the SS medic.

Notice that this man is beyond the Negro fireman, for in the image below (one second before the SS medic gets the bag), the SS medic is himself beyond the fireman. That's how close they get to one another. It may not be coincidental that this fireman fully blocks the view of the orange bag on the ground, or not on the ground any longer. Which is it?

The man in red sleeves has his right arm bent like one who carries a heavy / large object at the belly, but it's hard to say whether there is an orange bag at his belly, because the wood slats hide some of his belly area. However, while his shirt area would be assumed by the on-looker to be black, I definitely see some reddish/orange through the slats. What could that red be???

On the other hand, the man's hands appear to be holding the wood slats, like one who is moving the fence / knocking it down. That in itself is good enough to make him the bag passer. It makes sense to get a man in red coat to pass an orange bag if no one is supposed to see the bag being passed. Better yet, a man in orange coat, but I don't know many men who would wear that color. Red is the next-best thing. And look, there is black in his coat, even as the orange bags of the medics have black strapping.

Although it looks like he's wearing a black vest over a red shirt, other images show him with a fully-red coat (but having some black striping between the armpit and the collar, as you will see). This latter image has the medic already inside the injury zone, therefore timed at about 1:02 point of the Silva video. It's just 20 seconds or less before this man is at the orange bag. The Silva video actually shows him at 1:24, and he does have black on his chest/belly area when he shows briefly at 1:25. Yet, if one pauses the image continuously, his front has a red tinge at times.

At 1:24, I am able to pause it where some grey area (the coat's collar) is seen around his neck, which verifies that he's the man under discussion. The man's face never appears in a clear view; his entire body is always smudgy in the video. I am not familiar with this person in all the images I've studied. Did he appear only for the one role at the fence?

In the two-minute-exactly image, he appears clearly. The black bag on his back is to the camera in the 411-timeclock image three seconds earlier. How do we explain that he was so zealous when taking down the fence, while, seconds later, he's just standing at the back watching on? Here he is in the 3:11 image, still just watching on. And he's standing at the very tree trunk where the orange bag would show in later images. One can make out a piece of that bag at his thigh. Coincidence? I mean, here's the man suspect as the one removing that bag, and here he is seen with the bag at his thigh. It "proves" that he did not remove the bag, in case anyone in outsiderland gets that impression.

In the image above at about 1:02, there are two men in white at the wood fence where the orange bag is located. The fence beyond these people is up at this time, and yet, during the next 20 seconds, the man in red coat will assault that part of the fence, as far as the orange bag, and lay the fence virtually on the ground. The man in white is on the other side of the fence. The orange bag appears in the Silva video shortly after 1:02, if you want to know exactly where it was.

Of course, I'd expect the orange bag to appear in later images, still on the sidewalk, and we do find it there in multiple other images. But I don't buy it. I recently showed that the orange bag appearing in the overhead scene has contradictions with the Silva video as per the specific locations of the "feet" of the scaffolding near the bag.

Don't miss the next episode of, As the Orange Bag Turns.

Time to Report Another Blunder

This is the part I like most (sarcasm), showing how unreliable I can be. In the last update, I reported a Negro sitting on a red chair. The problem is, the red chair turned out to be the rim of a wheel. I could say that it's one of those photo tricks that we all fall prey to, or I could say that I was brain-tired at the time, but, instead, I'll just say it's embarrassing. That part of the last update was fixed so that neither a chair nor a rim is mentioned, because the whole thing was deleted.

I had said that the Negro couldn't be found in the third string image, thus creating the possibility that he followed the Obama-suspect toward the street, into the make-shift marathon building, perhaps. I had spent less than a minute looking for him at the time. But after the update, the Negro was found in both the third and fourth string images, to the right of the lamp post. There's even a question as to whether he's a Negro in the latter two images.

The idea that came to mind recently: government insiders have the ability to change images at will, even if they're already saved on our hard drives. Think of the fun the devil could have with this. However, they will be less likely to change images that have been saved by us because these could be stored (by us) on floppy discs not in contact with the Internet; images on floppies can act as proof that other images, on hard drives, have been changed. And so the insiders, for this purpose, would tend to disallow anyone from downloading / saving images that are shared from pre-approved websites. The un-loadable images could then be changed at will, even the ones showing on our computer screens at the time (having one on the screen is not the same as saving one), by simply uploading modified images to all the pre-approved websites.

In smaller words, it's possible that the Tang webpage is a pre-approved site where images can be changed. If I find myself scratching my head too often, saying, " I could swear that wasn't there before," I'll probably feel that the insiders are modifying their images routinely. If you've had the same experience, this could explain it. One could understand that capability for changing images in all hard drives online wouldn't tend to be used by the devil unless it was needed badly. If the Obama-suspect in the marathon image is indeed Obama, then, of course, changes might be needed badly.

I've been staring my eyes for weeks in a row now, daily looking for additional information on the marathon images. I'm spying on the spies, and learning how they work to conduct such hoaxes. I have made mistakes, and I report them to you because I am not like them, but have the right kind of integrity. God made me that way. I was like them at one time, but Jesus, and the fear of God, changed me. I liked the change. I agree with practicing good. I agree that evil must be stamped out.

The location of this other Negro was found in plain view to the right of the lamp post, very near to street to the front of the make-shift marathon building. It surprised me to find that I missed him in both the third and fourth images. I realize that I wasn't looking for him long at the time, and I may not have yet checked the fourth image, but, still, I've been doing this for a long time; it could make me good at it by now. Yes, too much time peering into blurry images could make the eyes tired, but it could also make the eyes better trained. Did I, or did I not, fail to see this man in the third and fourth images of the string?

It's in the fourth image where he stands alone at the lamp post, in clear view. But look, the top of his head is obscured by the road sign. That's the part showing his baldness (or nearly so). If I were the devil, inserting a person / thing into an image where a person said he/it wasn't there, I would do it in such a way as to have that person think the person / thing was missed for a good reason. The person would say, well, I was looking for a person with bald head, and with a Negro skin color. But, suddenly, the Negro in the fourth image doesn't have skin as dark as it seems in the first and second images of the string. In the third image, we can see his head, but it looks like he has some very-short white hair. I still want to ask: did the insiders change the third and fourth images the day after I said he wasn't in them.

It was only a couple of weeks ago that an insider contacted me, twice by email, warning me to stop writing. I'll just have to trust in God that the insiders will not be able to harm me. If we all stop fighting the devil when he says, "stop it," the world would not be a better place. The emailer left a clue as to where he/she could be reached. I didn't get the impression that he/she was very smart.

Another method that could be used by insiders is to initially offer less then the entire images. Later, when they need a certain person / thing at a certain time in a certain image, they can release the wider image with that person / thing in it. The next time they conduct a hoax like this, we'll be smarter for it, but so will they. One of their most threatening situations is where the images show a timeclock. That is a very difficult thing to work around, and as you saw above, they inserted a timeclock in the blonde-with-stretcher image that had a false time on it. I struggled to find the precise timing of images so that we could have the means to prove their photo doctoring. It's paying off. My wish now is to get the precise time span between the wheel-away image (where the Obama suspect appears), and to make the insiders regret conducting a hoax with a marathon timeclock in it.

Assuming he did appear, why would Obama be so stupid as to appear at the marathon? Actually, according to the reasoning in the last couple/few updates, it looks like the Obama-suspect did not want to be outside. Rather, a heavy-set woman, who may or may not have been an insider, seemed to chase him out from inside the building, for fear of being caught inside of it by that woman. I am taking this theory seriously now, but it started only because the Obama-suspect was not in other images (to my knowledge). How much time was there between the wheel-away scene and the first image of the string, and are there other images out there having a timing between these two? Why does the Obama-suspect disappear in the first string image? Where did he go?

There is an image shortly before the wheel-away image. I call it the six-minute image showing the timeclocks (on the ground at the side of the street) at 5:58 minutes after the explosion. The Obama-suspect is not in that image. The insiders cannot alter it, but at great risk, because it was download-able. I have it on a floppy disc in case they change it. The wheel-away video shows the street at a time between the six-minute image and the wheel-away image, but the Obama-suspect is not on the street when we first see the Jeff crew wheeling away. The timeclocks are showing (on the ground) in the wheel-away video, but the low-resolution does not allow me to read the time.

Look at the short YouTube video below (by Jake Bridges, named 755830_2970919608129_912075928_n) to see one change:

The scene in the video above is near the time at the time of the six-minute image (I can zoom in greatly into this image, and can see that the part of it along the patio railing has a group of people similar to the scene in the video). What was on the ground that the video removes? Thanks to a piece of the roof of the make-shift building appearing here, we know that the camera taking it was in the pressbox. We would like to have all the footage from this camera. Where is it? Whose is it? Clearly, the person taking it was in the press box closer to the building than the one taking the six-minute image (also from the press box). I would say he's the man furthest to the left in the wheel-away image.

Aha! The scene in the video is an even better match with what I call the stretcher-in-patio image (below), timed about 5:30 minutes. In the video, the item in question (points to the street) is similar to the item (points to the patio) seen on the ground to the right of the group in the image. It means that there are at least two such items (I can't make out what they are), but the image itself shows three of them, all pointing to the patio. The man in black coat passes by the object (in the video) can be seen at the top of the image. After he walks by the object, something beside it disappears, as in being erased from the image. In the image, the thing erased is obscured by people. The item pointing to the street is visible in the six-minute image, but the thing erased in the video is erased also in the six-minute image.

The thing erased looks like a piece of flesh about the size of a human hand. It may have been erased because it was pasted in initially, but as it wasn't showing in all images, it had to be un-pasted. That's my guess.

The Obama-suspect, with his apparent mate (may not be Mrs. Obama), are positioned in such a way as not coming down from the sidewalk. Had they been walking down from that area toward the injury zone, they would show walking on an angle / curve as they turn toward the street. There does not appear to be sufficient room for them to have walked in the opposite direction, through the injury zone, and then to take the positions they show in the wheel-away image. Therefore, and especially as their backs face exactly to the forbidden door, they appear to have walked in a straight line from that door. The face of the Obama-suspect faces where there are the least number of people, as one would do when not wanting anyone to know his identify. The woman beside him gives me the impression of being a little statuette-ish, as when one doesn't want to make motion that causes people to notice.

They are headed to where there are the fewest people. They are about to walk past the red wheel rim that looked to me like a plastic chair due to the American flag being in the way of some of the rim. In an uncertain number of seconds, the other Negro, bald or otherwise, will be in the same general spot as we see the couple now. He will walk to the street too. He will be as far as the curb, with the ability to check for where the Obama-suspect may have gone to hide out. I think he went to hide out. To prove otherwise, we need to see him on the street in images after the wheel-away image.

I don't know why it didn't dawn on me before to check the end of the wheel-away video, which ends a few seconds after the wheel-away scene. I think the reason has been that I wasn't willing to go into this theory for fear of this not being Obama. I don't want anyone to think I allow myself to get too wild in speculation. I think the wheel-away video shows the Obama-suspect (just wait for the white jacket at the very end) coming alongside the make-shift building, but more away from it than toward it, and certainly not going inside the building. He and she appear headed to the front of the injury zone (the front being at the curb). Here is the wheel-away video:

Before I comment on this discovery, I'd like to say that the wheel-away video is a video of someone else's video. You can see the red line at the bottom, showing up at times, that shows the screen of another computer playing the video. When our video comes to an end after showing the same scene three times, the red line is only three quarters across in the computer screen from which our video is taken. It means that there may have been more to this scene than the person whose offering it to us allows us to see. I would dearly like to see several seconds past the point that we see now. It's logical to assume that the insiders released this video to "prove" that Jeff Bauman was at the marathon's injury zone.

Let's talk about the Obama-suspect (grey cap, white suspect) going to the front of the street at the end of this video scene. It's still possible that the Obama-suspect walked into the make-shift building. It all depends on the particular time span between the wheel-away and first-string image (below). I have not found, and still cannot find as I try now, a grey cap with a white jacket below it, aside from the one behind the other lamp post. But this man has white skin in the second-string image. Quite apparently, the Obama-suspect and his mate have gone somewhere out of view. They did not stay looking at the injury zone for long.

If we now look at the wheel-awayimage again, it can be determined that the couple walks toward the spot where the woman in taupe stands (she's suspect by me as the owner / manager / employee of the Marathon Place inside the forbidden door). If this was Obama having to make a quick exit out of the forbidden door, then he would have been seeking someone from inside that door for further advice on what to do i.e. where to go now? It's extremely difficult to make her out in the wheel-away video. I assume that she intercepted the Negro medic, but in the first image of the string, she's on her way from the street, running back to the forbidden door. Did she have words with the Obama-suspect before she ran to that door???

The next thing we see (in the string images) after the Obama-suspect walks to the street is a police vehicle, the one, likely, that had been there a few minutes earlier. It drives up from the direction of the second-bomb location. It seems logical that someone radioed this police vehicle concerning Obama being on the street. In the third image of the string, the vehicle is stopped, speaking with other officers.

I have checked and re-checked, up and down the streets, for the Obama-suspect in all four string images, but he is not there. Nor can I see his mate. In all four images, there is a man in what looks like a grey cap, and a white marathon jacket, in the press box, but there is no mate there nor nearby. It cannot be the same man because he's in the press box in the wheel-away image (i.e. the one showing the Obama-suspect).

But even if the Obama-suspect is just a regular passerby, it still needs to be explained why he is gone in the first image of the string. Assuming she touched base with the Negro medic at the street, what cause would she have for RUNNING to the store? There was a fifth image (below) that could be included in the string (because it's not many seconds after the fourth), except that the door area doesn't show to expose her progression further. In this image, the bearded man in yellow jacket who was on the phone in the wheel-away image, at the front corner of the make-shift building, is now at the back corner speaking with that suspicious guy in the nook (against the wall)...whose been there a long time, who was there when the Obama-suspect came along. Why would a man just stand beside some metal framework? It's like he's manning a spot, perhaps like a guard might. We'd expect security people for Obama if he was in that door.

The bearded man is still on the phone at that back corner in the fourth image of the string, but also in the first string image, meaning that he re-positioned himself from one corner to the other between the time that the Obama-suspect walked to the street and then walked elsewhere to the mystery place we want to know.

Therefore, if, the Obama-suspect went to hide out in the make-shift building, he would have walked in the path of this bearded man in yellow. They could have talked, explaining why he's then re-positioned beside the suspicious man in the nook. Look at how long he's been there. He's there in this image, timed at 1:23. He's still there in the 2:23 image. He's still there in the 3:11 image. When he's still there in the wheel-away image, the time is more than seven minutes after the explosion. Was he guarding the forbidden door area?

He is NOT standing there in the two-minutes-exactly image.

The best way for the insiders to combat this theory, if it has truth, is to show the Obama-suspect in an image earlier than the wheel-away image, somewhere far from the forbidden door. And that's why I've checked all the images above, and others, with great care to assure that neither he, nor his mate, is in them, anywhere. I've checked the crowds along the sidewalk. I've just re-checked the two-minute-exactly image. I've had this theory developing for a few updates, and in the meantime I have viewed / studied many images, but not once have I noted anyone that remotely resembles this couple. I was looking for him intently (in the last update) in the images timed between five and six minutes. I know he's not in the six-minute image. If, therefore, the couple appears in any of these images that I'm very familiar with, it will be deemed by me that the insiders have the capability (and the wicked audacity) to change images even after they are in our computers. What better way to make conspiracy believers look unreliable, or to make them stand down, but to "prove" them wrong using this method?

If this was Obama, and they are reading me, then expect a new image to be released showing the O-suspect far from the forbidden door, or coming down the sidewalk in an image timed very near to that of the wheel-away image.

One reason for Obama wanting to be at the bomb location that day is to better assure that the directors of the movie didn't screw up. He wanted to give them some greater morale for going ahead with it. In that case, Obama was like one of the directors himself, and fully concerned about the success of this fraud.

When I cover every square inch of an image, so to speak, looking for someone, I think I am reliable in the conclusion. I have since been seeking this other Negro in other images, and have found him in two others, after the string images. I don't care where he was after that point. Where did he come from? Did he also come from inside the forbidden door?

He is unique with a BAA Physician vest over a black shirt, a combination that I don't see much. It makes him easier to look for or identify with some certainty. I have not found him in a square-inch-by square-inch hunt for him in the following images: two-minute-exactly; 2:23; white-bag-woman at about 2:35 (shows woman in taupe); 4:09; where the heavy-set woman in brown looks at the forbidden door at about 4:12; wheelchair-under-cowboy-1 at about 4:13; timeclock-takedown at 4:43; stretcher-1 at about 5:15; and six-minute. I've checked several smoky images in the first minute, but, even if the insiders paste him into one of these, it wouldn't disprove that he came out of the forbidden door after seven minutes in. The first I see of him is in the first image of the string, some 20 feet directly in front of the forbidden door. He could therefore have followed the Obama suspect out that door, which makes sense in that, in the only other images where he shows, he's at the street curb, where the Obama suspect can be seen walking.

It appears that Negro followed Negro, not to re-mention that the woman-in-taupe spoke likely with a Negro. Who else could Obama trust more with such an appearance as this, than one of the 97-percent of Blacks who vote for, or support, him even when it's obvious he's bringing the country down?

Who Wants to Count All the Latex Gloves?

In a recent update, I commented that there had not been one image showing a person removing one of the many latex gloves strewn in the injury zone. Then, days afterward, I came across two images with two different men putting on / removing gloves. One is in a wheelchair-under-cowboy image, and the other is in the 4:09 image just two or three seconds earlier. What are the chances that the only two instances I know of occur three seconds apart at roughly the same location? It could look like the same photo monkey decided to "fix" both images because he/she happened to be working on both at the time. It's as though an insider "looked after" the problem (raised by some conspiracy believers) in a fast fix...but therefore lacking credibility.

In the image below, one can see both men, one removing a glove, and the other apparently having just slipped one on.

It would be demented for an insider to argue that gloves were passed out up the street somewhere. It is to be expected that, whoever passed them out should come to the injury zone to do so.

You know what it looks like when someone's trying to put on a latex glove. You can't miss it. Look at all those non-medical people (marathon workers included) wearing latex gloves, and yet we never (okay, hardly ever) see anyone putting one on. We don't see anyone passing out latex gloves, or anyone reaching into a bag / box filled with them. What we do see is people appearing on the scene with latex gloves already on, and they are never white medical gloves, nor any other color. Even a few police officers appear with blue latex gloves, but we never see who gave them the gloves. If this ever becomes a public issue, insiders can provide some images with a bag of latex gloves, or police officers being handed gloves, but it would be too late. I and others have now seen upwards to about 100 injury-zone images, none of which show what we expect with the issue of latex gloves. Plus, I have seen two videos showing parts of the injury zone, but have yet to spot anyone passing out these gloves.

Unless they were all pasted in, someone had to pass out the blue gloves. In the Silva video, the first glove seen is on a police officer who comes into view at 1:13. He has only one glove on, but at the end of the video, he has two on. We don't see him putting the glove on, but when we briefly see it on, his bare hand is in contact with the glove (apparently putting it on), and yet there is no second glove seen dangling from either hand. Normally, when one removes a pair of gloves from a sealed plastic bag, or receives a pair of gloves from a person, one glove is held / dangled in one hand while the other glove is slipped on.

It's still early, and hardly anyone else has a blue glove on throughout this video (ends 2:30 minutes after the bombing). I don't see anyone passing out gloves in the video (it's the first time I've used the video for this glove issue).

The next blue glove I see (in the video) is on the woman with black bag (major topic in the last update) at 1:20. Unless she was carrying blue gloves with her, someone on the street must have given them to her. Did the police officer have his own blue gloves? I don't have any problem believing that someone was passing out blue gloves on the street; I do have a problem in that we never see the gloves passed out, either from person-to-person, or from one central person in charge of the gloves. It could be that no one passed them out because all actors were given their own gloves before the bomb went off. They would, in that picture, have had them in their pockets / bags.

When the left hand of the woman in blue shirt becomes visible at the 1:31 point of the video, the hand is not visible. Huh? That's right, it's too blurry for us to see. Coincidence, or was it blurred out because she has her glove on already, too soon? (She shows a glove on that hand in images near 2:00 minutes.) She's at the corner of the patio (her turf for minutes afterward), and we could expect gloves to be passed out anywhere but in the injury zone at this early time while the scaffolding is still up.

I might have missed one somewhere, but the next time I see a blue glove in the video (1:47), it's on the left hand of a police officer, who may be the same one as had the glove on his right hand (mentioned above). While he's showing at 1:54, a marathon worker in yellow jacket passes him with a glove on each hand, but because I have yet to see such a glove in the injury zone, it can be assumed that someone is passing them out on the street, or that they had the gloves in their possession before the bomb went off.

It's important to realize here that the time is nearly 2:00 minutes, at which time we see several people with blue gloves, both in the injury zone and on the street. In the 4:11 timeclock image (1:57 minutes after the bombing), the woman in blue shirt, although she was not on the street, in all likeliness, has one glove on (she will still have just one glove on two minutes later). Where did she get it? The image shows the street, but there's no one there passing out gloves, and no one who looks capable of passing them out from a bag or box.

There are two people in white coats in front of the police vehicle with blue gloves on. There is no one near them who looks like he/she passed them gloves. There is a marathon worker in blue jacket standing alone up the street, with blue gloves on, but he doesn't look like he's passing out gloves (what looks like a black bag at his feet is the mirror on the vehicle). Beyond him, two more white coats are running in to the injury scene, and because they have blue gloves on, we must now assume that there is someone under, or beyond, the press box who's passing out gloves. I mean, marathon workers are not expected to have latex gloves handy in their pockets.

In the injury zone, as per the image below (timed about 2:10 at the latest), a man in white marathon coat is putting on his latex gloves. I did not lie when I said I had never seen such a thing. This image is new to me, perhaps seen for the first time in the last update. Where did he get his gloves? There's no one around him who looks like they could have passed them. Only the heavy-set woman in blue top is beside him. She carries no bag or box of latex gloves. Did he really walk a ways in from the street with the gloves in his hand, but start putting them on only at this moment, or did he have them in his pocket before the bomb went off? There, in this image, is the woman with black bag (white marathon jacket) who had her gloves on at the street, at the 1:20 point of the Silva video:

The same man is trying to put the gloves on in the same spot in the two-minute-exactly image. It wasn't a lie when saying I hadn't seen anyone doing this, because, although this image has been used by me for about a month, I didn't notice this part. As you can see, this man has been trying for about ten seconds to put them on, but he still hasn't got one on. No better images for my case could I have begged the insiders for! Why don't we see others struggling to get their gloves on? Because, they didn't put their gloves on, did they?

In the two-minute exactly image, where the woman with blue top is obscured behind some people beside him, no one seems to be passing out gloves. Check out the same man (blue cap) in the 411-timeclock image (three seconds before the two-minute exactly image), stretching out his bare hand as though he's in the act of grabbing some gloves. But where's the gloves? There is a group of people with him, all apparently looking at the woman (with "#Beast" on the back of her shirt) in blue top, but there is no one apparently passing him any gloves while his hand is stretched out. This looks like false imagery, leading the viewer to an impression. The insiders could have faked certain things in three images to give the impression that gloves were coming from this spot.

There are three men walking away from this grouping, all with gloves FULLY on. There is a fourth man with gloves FULLY on in the yellow jacket. Do you think they all got their gloves on so fast? How fast? Well, if they have them on fully at 1:57, we could assume they received them about 1:35 at the latest. But's that before people on the street had clean access to the injury zone. I now have access to a Tang image of about that time. It shows a non-injured woman in light-blue coat on the far end of the patio railing. In the Silva video, she is last seen walking in that direction at 1:33, meaning that she won't fulfill the image until about 1:36 = 1:30ish after the blast. That group we see where the gloves could seemingly have had their origin has not yet formed in this image:

Plus, one of the men who was walking away from the group, with gloves on, who also wore a black BAA Physician vest, already has his gloves on (in the image above), and he's barging in from the street. Someone on the street must be passing out gloves.

In the image above (timed about 1:30), the woman in blue top is walking toward the forbidden door with a man in red t-shirt; see the two at the image below two or three seconds earlier. I don't think she would have picked up gloves from that door. This image shows at least one hand of the woman in blue shirt, but while a hand could have a blue-ish color, I can't make it out clearly enough to determine.

I just realized that the image directly above shows the timeclock, at 4:11:11, at 1:28 minutes after the blast. There's no one passing out gloves on the street, and few (I count only three) have them on. Those having them do not show in the process of putting them on. The gloves in these early images are on marathon workers, often very young, not expected to be doing serious medical work on injury victims. Who gave them the gloves?

The image below matches the Silva video scene at 1:28 (it's when the SS medic receives his orange bag). Both hands of the woman in blue shirt are visible (she's stooping to the shredded-pants man), neither hand having a blue glove on. What she may be doing with her hands (close to one another, if not in contact) is obscured. Is she putting on a glove? Quite possibly. If so, who gave it to her? She has a glove on at 1:57 while located at roughly at the same spot. Who gave her the glove? I know it sounds like there's an echo in here, but, who gave her the glove? The insiders had best hurry to put out new images with new paste jobs to explain the origin of the gloves.

In the image below, with timeclock showing 4:11:00 = 1:17 after the blast, there is a clear and wide shot of the street; the policeman who has one glove on at the 1:13 point of the Silva video is obscured by the flags in this image, but can you see anyone on the street who may have passed him the gloves from the direction that he's coming in the video? There is no one on the street wearing gloves, aside from the policeman and two men in blue marathon jackets under the press box. Where did they get their gloves? It's not reasonable that a marathon worker would have medical gloves on before the blast.

As some of the workers got their gloves from beyond the press box, doesn't it seem expected that the people handing them out would arrange for a few dozen at the injury zone? Shouldn't they have been saying to some of the workers, "Here, take all these, and pass them out to anyone who needs them." But, no, we never see anyone passing out gloves. There are so many images covering so many time periods that, should the insiders even wish to paste a human glove dispenser in one image, he/she would need to be in other images, showing a progression of passing out gloves. But it's too late for that.

In the image further above timed at 1:28, there is another person with two blue gloves on in the general spot where the policeman first shows up with one glove on. Where did this marathon worker get gloves? There is no one giving out gloves.

By the way, for anyone speculating that the white-bag woman was at the blast, then walked away up the street, then returned to the injury zone as we see her at 1:28 and 1:30, it should be noted that she's not visible in the 1:17 image. She's not only absent from the injury zone, but she must be well out of camera view, up the sidewalk. And then here is an image (timeclock appears to read 4:10:19 = :36 seconds after the blast) still earlier where we do not see her walking away from the injury zone:

In the about-2:08 scene below, the Tang people wisely cut the picture off directly below the hands of the man spending a long time trying to get his gloves on. But the woman beside him, who looks like a passer-by, has both gloves FULLY on. There is one glove on the ground already, and it's behind her, once again giving the impression that gloves were passed out from that spot. But it's only an impression, isn't it? The evidence really isn't there.

If true that gloves were being passed out from this spot just before 2:00 minutes, and until 2:00 minutes, we should expect the two-minute-exactly image, or the two images less than ten seconds later, to show multiple people putting their gloves on simultaneously. But that would be too much work for a photo doctor(s) already over-wearied by the doctoring workload. So the team doctored just one man trying to put on the gloves. Everyone else already had them on, a very easy doctoring job...just cut and paste gloves over everyone's hands, no need to re-position people's two hands and arms so that it looks like they are slipping on a glove (besides, they would then need to make mad faces).

The SS medic can be seen arriving while crossing the finish line, which is at the :42 point of the Silva video. The woman with blue shirt is not visible with certainty, but the heavy woman with blue top (#Beast) is carrying a chid away where the parent(s) is not identifiable (i.e. it assumes the parent(s) was injured). There is no way she could have had latex gloves for passing out, for she is at the injury scene too early for such a possibility.

There is only one police officer, by the two-minute mark, seen with blue gloves (probably the one with gloves in the Silva video). He happens to be going into the injury zone at the 1:58 point of the video, where his gloves become visible. None of the many policemen on the street have latex gloves at the 2:23 image below (here's one from my files), and so it looks like the one who does wear them was part of a script...for him to enter the injury zone for photo effect. There is no one seen on the street handing out blue gloves in this image. There is no one new (who I can make out) on the street, since the 1:57 image, wearing gloves in this image:

It's a good thing the white-bag woman didn't arrive late wearing latex gloves. She was a topic in the last update, along with the Negro white coat who was "smooching" for about three minutes with the red-sleeved blonde. He can be seen (1:57 image) wearing latex gloves FULLY on both hands while walking behind the woman with white bag. He's about to go down on the red-sleeved blonde as soon as he arrives to her, within a few seconds.

So, after investigating, I'm still confused as to where the gloves could have been coming from, if they were not pasted in.


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