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October 1 - 7, 2013

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Is That the Man Who Held Jeff's Leg On?

All became quiet on the U.S. world stage for an entire week, after which Obama claimed credit for capturing an al-Qaeda leader [Anas al Libi] in Libya. NBC shows us how wonderful (sarcasm) the Obama project in Libya has turned out: "However, Libya's Prime Minister Ali Zeidan called al Libi's capture a 'kidnapping' and demanded that U.S. authorities 'provide an explanation' for the raid." In other words, the new Libyan government is protective of al-Qaeda operatives. Qaddafi was not.

If Obama has been seriously opposed to al-Qaeda, he should oppose that group in the Sinai, smack on a dangerous part of the Israeli border. If a Libyan activist is important, how much more al-Qaeda activists on the Israeli border. This is the area to watch for fulfilled prophecy. This is the area that can weld disunified groups of Muslims under a common cause:

The Sinai has become increasingly lawless since the fall of former president Hosni Mubarak in February 2011, and the terror attacks have only increased since the removal of his successor, Mohammed Morsi.

The Egyptian armed forces have launched large scale military operations against terrorists in Sinai in an attempt to suppress the insurgency. The terror groups have hit back - a torrent of attacks by gangs of Al Qaeda-inspired Islamic terrorists have killed over 100 Egyptian soldiers and policemen since Morsi's overthrow.

Ansar Beit al-Maqdis, one of the terror groups operating in the Sinai, released a video on Monday which shows some of the terrorist attacks it has carried out in the region...[proud of their murders]

In the video, the group calls the Egyptian army "The Camp David Army", a reference to the peace agreement between Egypt and Israel...

The group also accused the Egyptian army of "collaboration" with Israel, of [blah blah]...In light of this, says the organization, the conclusion is that "jihad" must be carried out against the Egyptian army.

Ansar Beit al-Maqdis recently claimed responsibility for a failed assassination attempt that targeted Egypt's interior minister.

Ansar Beit al-Maqdis is an extremist Salafist group that has in the past claimed responsibility for an attempted rocket attack on the Israeli resort city of Eilat.

I'm still not sure whether Obama has teamed up with Salafists groups in Gaza and in Egypt, but that's the accusation I've speculated against him in recent months. It has appeared to me that he has some stake in the Sinai uprising. I think he hates Netanyahu enough to topple him with Muslims. This new push by Ansar Beit al-Maqdis, that calls the war an effort against Camp David, is starting to sound like what I expect from the anti-Christ as he rallies for fighters when starting small. I'm not saying that the anti-Christ will come from Ansar Beit al-Maqdis, but that the anti-Christ will use a common theme to increase his forces on the Israeli border. In fact, Daniel 11 tells that he starts small, calling for fighters, after he has won a great victory over Egypt. How long will it be before the Sinai jihadists will be powerful enough to defeat Egypt? I'm wondering whether we should ask Obama.

It was on the first of October that we could find this: "One of the largest terrorist groups operating in the Sinai Peninsula has joined Al-Qaeda. The group, Ansar Beit al-Maqdis ('The Army of Islam in the Beit Al-Makdas Region'), has announced its loyalty to Al-Qaeda, and particularly, to the Al-Qaeda leadership in Iraq. " This is very reflective of my view of prophetic fulfillment in the first half of the 70th Week. Apparently, Gaza-area groups are willing to fight under the al-Qaeda flag for the ruin of Israel. When the anti-Christ comes to take up a base in northern Iraq, we could expect communication between he and Ansar Beit-al-Maqdis as concerns his invasion of Egypt. How long will it be before the anti-Christ forms his base of operations in northern Iraq? Perhaps we should ask Obama.

Obama sorely wants the world to turn attention off of the American programs in Egypt and Syria, and it may even be true that Obama called for the Syrian chemical attack earlier than scheduled to take attention off of Egypt, as the Egyptians were threatening at that very time to unveil what he had been doing in their country. We saw how the Syria affair completely obliterated talk on Egypt, meaning that the conspiracy theorists are more correct than not when claiming that a government can create news to turn the heat down that comes from other news. World Tribune has a story that keeps the heat on from Egyptian news:

The United States was said to have planned to destabilize at least two Arab countries over the last two years [that's criminal, isn't it?].

A former leading U.S. military commander asserted that the administration of President Barack Obama worked to destabilize the regimes of Bahrain and Egypt [don't control freaks do that?].

[Ret.] Gen. Hugh Shelton, former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff [whew, no small-timer], said the administration's drive against Bahrain, wracked by a Shi'ite revolt, was led by the intelligence community.

...In an interview on the U.S. network Fox News [whew, that's no small-time media], Shelton said the administration plot was foiled by Bahraini King Hamad in 2011 [Obama loses another one; he isn't God after all]. He said Hamad agreed to a Saudi-sponsored decision...

...Shelton, who met Hamad during his assignment to the U.S. Navy Fifth Fleet, based in Manama, said the administration plot harmed relations with both Bahrain as well as neighboring Saudi Arabia [ahh, that's the Saudi Arabia that opposes Obama's agenda with Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood]. He said Riyad ended any trust in Washington after it was found to have helped the Shi'ites in Bahrain [it sounds like Obama was using Shi'ites to change the regime of Bahrain. One wonders who he was trying to empower there].

The former Joint Chiefs chairman, who served under President Bill Clinton and President George W. Bush, said Egypt stopped a drive by Obama to destabilize Egypt in 2013. Shelton said Egyptian Defense Minister Abdul Fatah Sisi, a former intelligence chief, also detected a U.S. plot to support the ruling Muslim Brotherhood amid unprecedented unrest...

..."Had Gen. Al Sisi not deposed Morsi, Egypt would have today become another Syria and its military would have been destroyed," Shelton said [interesting theory, that the United States wishes to downsize the powers of Middle-East militaries by civil wars, making it easy to walk in afterward and control. That's mass-murder, isn't it?].

Shelton, who did not disclose his sources of information...

New Marathon Images Galore -- the Insiders Have Been Busy

Below is a Flickr image where the SS medic is carrying the orange bag to its spot at 1:29 Silva-video time. It's just three seconds before the curved-pink-object image. Wouldn't it have been nice if the Flickr image was just a couple of feet wider to the right to show the place where this pink object sits on the fence? Yes, the insiders would have erased that object and put in the straight (non-curved) pink tube (see last update for that discussion) in place of it, but they also had the option of simply leaving the object out of the picture.

If in Flickr you get a narrow / partial image, click on the two-arrow button to get a larger image.

As you can see in the Flickr image, the blonde medic is not in that scene, though she impossibly appears in less than 30 seconds (see last update for that impossibility). The man with pink tube under his arm (last seen here at 1:07 Silva-video time) is likewise not in the Flickr image, and he too appears out of nowhere in about 30 seconds near the blonde medic. I have not before had an image of the sidewalk down the street from Lenscrafters at this period midway between one and two minutes, in order to see whether that man had slipped back into that area, but the Flickr page offering the image (above) has such an image (below), and there is no man with pink roll there! I needed that. The two images are just seconds apart. It makes it more certain that he is pasted into the 411 timeclock and two-minute-exactly scenes. This scene below has the straight pink object on the fence.

Here is the motion of the man with roll in the 411 timeclock image (2:03 Silva-video time) and the two-minute-exactly image (both show the timeclock) three seconds later. Judging by the motion of the man with blue cap, black jacket, and white tag on his jacket, this Flickr image could be as few as seven seconds after the two-minute-exactly image, but the man with roll has already gone from the scene. The man in yellow vest and black hat (he's the Negro who will be stooping down to Krystle) going under the wood fence in the Silva video is in the position of the image at some point after 2:08 (of the video), but the video doesn't allow us to pin-point it. For reasons I won't explain here, this image cannot be past the 2:08 point after the explosion. (If the image above disappears, see a smaller version from my files.)

The right edge of the picture above is about 14 feet from his position in the two-minute-exactly scene. Can a man walk 14 feet in two seconds? Here's a Flickr image about two seconds after the one above, now showing about ten feet of the street, but the man with roll still does not appear. The Flickr page offering these images then has yet a very wide view of the sidewalk and street together (matches the Silva video at 2:36), and still the man with roll does not appear. Where did he go? Was he really there?

The wide image above (I can't read the digits for the seconds in the timeclock) helps us to time the medic-on-Krystle image, the timing of which was mysterious and important in the last update. The man in black and white (with shorts, green cap) running on the sidewalk (in the wide image) is obstructed by a police officer in the medic-on-Krystle scene. That could separate the images by about five seconds only, or say seven at the most...though my hope was that the medic-on-Krystle scene was later than this for proving that there wasn't enough time to load the Negro woman onto a stretcher between the medic-on-Krystle image and the WELL-DONE stretcher image; the latter is timed 3:06 Silva-video time at the latest. Suddenly, it appears that there is a 25-second window to get her up off the sidewalk and strapped into a stretcher, which can be enough time if working efficiently.

I would suggest loading the Flickr page, where all these images appear, on a separate browser, and if you have the time and gumption, load all images on separate browser pages rather than clicking back and forth to them from here. The wide image above is beside another image where the running man with green cap has arrived to the injury zone, but the police officer who obstructs him is not yet there to do so. Something is wrong with this picture. Look again at the wide image, because there are young men passing by policemen, toward the injury zone, something that I cannot accept in the real event. There are three "free radicals" shown (dark blue shirt, man running in green cap, man in grey hoodie) who appear with a fourth "vagabond" (green coat) in the image where the green cap has just arrived, which I'll call the vagabond image. All four are in the medic-on-Krystle image, and two of them have found easy access into the injury zone. Really? Or were these four men, or at least some of them, pasted in for a reason? It's these men that force me to time the medic-on-Krystle image at about 2:43, a chunk earlier than was figured in the last update. But in the real world, the police at the intersection off the bottom of the wide image, and the policemen visible in the wide image, would not permit pedestrians to the bomb site.

The man in green cap (in conjunction with the image above known to be at 2:36 Silva-video time) has made it possible to find a way to time the medic-on-Krystle image. But not so fast. To prove that he was likely pasted, the police officer who obstructs him (in medic-on-Krystle image) just pops up out of nowhere, for he is nowhere to be seen in the vagabond image just one second before the medic-on-Krystle image. The man in red shirt (walking at about two steps per second) is evidence that these images are two of his steps, or one second, apart. Therefore, because the police officer was pasted in, so was the man in green cap, because he appears as though he's trying to get around the officer's out-stretched arm. The motive for pasting in this man into two images could be for falsely timing the medic-on-Krystle image at a time earlier than the reality, so that there is time to get the Negro on her stretcher. That's what I'm thinking. But the action-scene video, because it has this man moving within it (he first appears at :19 without his head showing), argues against his being a paste job.

Although the policeman tried to block him from entering, we see him in the injury zone in the 3:11-image, suggesting that the policeman didn't really try hard to keep him out, not a wonder if the image was fabricated. The other three, along with yet another ('41' on his back) newcomer, are in this image too.

If there are paste jobs in these images, then, surely, the person(s) who put them out on Flickr is an insider. The top of the Flickr page reads, "I was at my office overlooking the boston marathon which is half a block from the finish line..." It sounds like this person, claiming to be Aaron Tang (a Hebrew and Oriental name all in one, or just a fake name?), is admitting to taking the images. But why does this person not show Jeff Bauman lifted to his wheelchair by Carlos Arredondo, the cowboy? Why doesn't he/she show Jeff being wheeled away from his Jeff-spot on the sidewalk? If such images appear now, it would be too late; they should be suspect as paste jobs for obvious reason: the images would have been released when Jeff was making the news big-time, months ago.

A way to time the medic-on-Krystle image by another method only gives a ballpark, but the guess suggests several seconds after the 2:23 scene. One must guess at how much time went by between the fence position (as it's being pulled back) in the 2:23 image and the same fence after it's fully dealt with according to the Flickr image below. The timing of the image below (after 2:36 Silva time) is of no consequence for timing the medic-on-Krystle image. The image gives an idea of how long the man in red was dealing with this fence, for it's him that appears back at the injury zone in the medic-on-Krystle scene. I would suggest that, easily, 20 seconds could have gone by between the time of the 2:23 image and the time that the man in red got back to the injury zone. The man in red (bald, no black on his shirt) is NOT in the image below.

The Flickr image directly above, because the Escalade SUV has not yet arrived that has arrived in the 3:11 image, is between the 2:23 and the 3:11 points. It is extremely important that I time the medic-on-Krystle image accurately, but thus far, I'm not sure whether I've had that fortune. Perhaps you have.

It was an odd thing. One day (yesterday) the Flicker page (page 2) from which these images were taken had many images, but the next day there were only 18. The page reads, "151 photos", referring to all three pages. When I loaded page 3 just now, only seven images. When loading page 1, just 21 images. That does not total nearly 151. I so much wanted to see the rest of the images, but this makes me feel that someone was looking at me type yesterday, and quickly removed the images, or perhaps made my computer incapable of accessing them. I'm sure that those who are placed in charge of handling government-sponsored hoaxes have such capability. Back in April, an emailer wrote in to say that he knew Jeff Bauman (extremely unlikely that one of my few readers would know Jeff), and that he lost his legs for real. That's how I knew I was on the insider list of Internet people to watch.

Yesterday, I wrote the following note on this update page: "hot-pink blonde pics:". That's page 1, but the hot-pink images are not loading for me today. In one of the images, the man in white shirt with his coat flung around him was shown in a pose that was slightly different (perhaps a second off) than the one shown at the top of the last update. Here's what I wrote then:

I'd like to put the following up-front because it's a disaster for the insiders. In the Wikipedia image, see the one I've called, "man in white shirt" (it's more of a cream color). He's in the lower left apparently just arriving to the injury scene with his dark coat flinging around him, hiding most of his white shirt. The very same coat-flinging image can be found, right down to the bright reflection off his belt, in the new-to-me image [below], ha-ha. The images are not quite identical, but it can be gleaned that, within seconds of the pose in the image below (assumed to be from a video camera), a pose was borrowed for pasting into the Wikipedia image...

I wanted to check if that other pose found at Flickr was identical to the one used in the Wikipedia image (see the latter image here if it disappears at Wikipedia). The light reflection off his belt in the sideways Jeff-invisible image (above) is further away from his hip, and the bottom of the jacket is at a different angle, but this provides two reasons for assuming that the pose in the Wikipedia image was perfectly from a second or two BEFORE the similar pose (in the sideways Jeff-invisible scene), when the man's side was slightly more toward the camera.

[After this update was published, some six days after the problem appeared, I took my computer to town to where one can get fast Internet, but, still, more images could not be loaded from the Flickr page claiming 151 photos. I tried Internet Explorer, and found that all 151 showed up! By what coincidence did all 151 load on one day, using Firefox browser, only to be unable to get the 151 the day after? If there are no eyes watching me, how do I explain this? I've never seen this problem before with Firefox. I closed Firefox and re-loaded it, but still fewer than 50 photos loaded. How could this happen? I have my own website; I think I should know that, either the Flickr page should load completely, or not at all. No one can load only partial of my pages. How could my browser get the Flickr page loaded, but only partially? It seems impossible, unless the person who owns the page programs the page to send some computers a partial page. If you know anything about this, please let me know the details.]

So, who is Aaron Tang, and why did he fail to show images of the cowboy lifting Jeff Bauman, or of Plourde picking up the girl, or of the red-sleeved woman getting into her stretcher, or of the Negro into her stretcher, or even of the effort to save Krystle Campbell? He failed to provide pictures of all the big injury stories, didn't he? Here's one of his earliest images, with two older men (lower left) looking up at his camera:

Note how the flags in the image above all fly slightly away from the bomb location, for the flags on the other side of the bomb location flew slightly in the other direction, likewise away from the explosion. However, the flags you see in this image were, according to the Silva video, flying even before the explosion, while the flags on the other side of the smoke of the image above had no flags flying at all. The flags were just hanging, virtually motionless, even a few seconds after the explosion. How can we explain this inexplicable thing? Can we say that the wind blew some flags to a perfectly horizontal position but did not affect neighboring flags at all? I can't imagine. Besides, the flags are blowing away from the building, but wind cannot penetrate buildings, last I heard. Can we say the wind was blowing around the corner from the intersection just out of camera view in the image above? No, for the flags would then be blowing up the street, in the other direction...i.e. the flags are flapping slightly toward the intersection.

The pieces of papers on the sidewalk lie flat, unaffected by the "wind." When I tackled this problem a few updates ago, I reasoned that the flags were outfitted with their own "wind" from pressurized air capsules hidden inside the flags, but for this theory, each flag would need to be two sewn together. The only other alternative is pasted flags.

Four Reasons for a Faked Plourde Scene

I sense another paste job having to do with a fireman who made the CBS news, James Plourde. He's the bald man (has some fuss growing back) to the right of the top of the lamp post in the 311 image, carrying a little girl with blood on her feet. His back is to the camera so that only her feet appear. Here is what I wrote on him in the 1st update in September:
I've just found this photo of a bald/shaved fireman, James Plourde, shared at a CBS article on Abraira's loss of job, with the headline: "Boston fire chief Steve Abraira under fire for his marathon bombing response". There is a photo is under this headline, and it reads: "Boston Firefighter James Plourde carries an injured girl away from the scene after a bombing near the finish line of the 2013 Boston Marathon. / Ken McGagh/MetroWest Daily News/AP"

...I do not think Plourde appears in Silva's video, and I have no idea where the blonde girl in his arms came from, as she does not appear in any image I've seen [found her three weeks later in this other scene, but I'm skeptical]. There is what appears to be a blonde girl in the Jeff-all-alone image, but she's wearing different clothes. In my opinion, Plourde is an insider just because he carries an injury victim [but the reader would like some better proof].

The outdoor patio at the explosion site scene is directly behind Plourde as he holds her. The blue police vehicle beside Plourde can be seen in the timeclock image as well as the image below where the timeclock shows about three minutes into the explosion. I'll call the image below the 4:12 timeclock image (not the same as the timeclock image shown until now):

The man in blue, and the fireman he's talking to, as well as the man on the phone, all in the Plourde photo, can be seen in the same positions in the 412 timeclock photo. It means that Plourde carried the girl about three minutes after the blast. Why did neither this girl nor Plourde show up in earlier scenes? I may have missed something, but so far as I can recall, neither of them had been seen.

So, as James Plourde made the news, why don't we see an image of him picking the girl up from the injury zone, or showing whatever he was doing at her injury location? The press box had multiple cameras rolling with an excellent view of the injury zone: where are the important, expected pictures??? Couldn't their absence from the news amount to a Boston-media cover-up? You will note further below that one image of the Plourde girl is from the Boston Globe, and it's from up high, from the press box. Please show us where this girl was at within the injury zone, for I have every inclination that she was not there. Boston Globe, why not release your videos of this scene for the people to watch? I know why; you're involved in a criminal hoax.

There was a time when I had only two timeclock images, 4:11 and 4:12, the latter timed 3:07 seconds after the explosion. We can see that, in the 3:11 image (yes, just four seconds later), Plourde carries the girl about ten feet past the police vehicle, now beside the van. He is just about to cross the finish line. Can you spot the likely photographer that took his picture? But where is he taking her??? Do you see anyone with a stretcher anywhere there? Then how did the girl get into that child-size stretcher she's in, in the image above at the link in square brackets? The problem is, the Negro is on her stretcher in the same image; they both are being pushed in their respective stretchers between the finish line and the press boxes (the image with both on their stretchers is from on high, i.e. from the press box over-looking the finish line).

The problem is, the Negro on her stretcher, seen in the 3:11 image, is no longer there as per 3:31, according to the action-scene video. That is, the Negro's stretcher is gone (from where we see it in the 3:11 image) by the :21 second point of the video, and because this video starts at 3:10 (yes, one second before the 3:11 image), there are a maximum of 20 seconds for Plourde to get her into the stretcher -- that isn't visible anywhere around him -- and for her to be pushed to where we see her in the image. Does that sound possible from where we see she and Plourde at the 3:11 image? I don't think so.

It is "possible," because the insiders can make stretchers appear out of nowhere. I'll show a choice image (too choice to be believable) shortly below of such an appearance that "proves" how quick (from the time that the Negro left her spot on the sidewalk) Plourde got her onto a stretcher. But first, let's find the time, as precisely as possible, that Plourde was walking along with the girl.

This other image (below) of Plourde with the girl is taken a few seconds later, eating up precious seconds. He's now well past the back of the van after he's crossed the finish line with her, and yet there is still no stretcher in this scene, nor is he looking at a stretcher coming from his side if we should think there was one behind the van. If he was placing her on a stretcher obscured from the 3:11 scene behind the van, he would have turned toward the van by the time of this other image:

You should also be thinking other things as you read this section. There were supposedly people with life-threatening injuries that should have been taken away before this girl that is clearly not in danger of losing her life. The fact that they have her taken away so early, before others were taken away, is all the more damning. They did not only "waste" (for lack of a better word) a stretcher on the girl, but a position in an ambulance. I just don't think this is reality.

There are four other people in the image directly above, none of which are visible in the first Plourde-with girl scene taken from the other direction (the latter is from street level, the former is from the press box). It means that more than two seconds separate the two images. You would think that the man with black cap, appearing in front of Plourde (looks like he wears a gun at his side), should be somewhere in the 3:11 image (this is the one from Flickr, much wider than the 3:11 image in my files). There are two men in black pants walking past Plourde in the opposite direction who are likewise not in the 3:11 image. It suggests that we are seeing Plourde quite a few seconds before or after 3:11. Which is it, before or after?

The positions of four men directly in front of the police vehicle (only the legs of one is visible; he's the third man standing a row of three men), in the first Plourde image, seem to be within two or three seconds of the 4:12 image (timed 3:07). Just beyond the people in front of the vehicle, there is a man facing the camera in yellow jacket with what looks like a yellow cap, though these caps are black on the back. He's in front of the vehicle the 3:11 image. You can see this man from behind, with the black of his cap showing, in the 4:12 image. Therefore, the first Plourde picture comes a few of that man's steps before the 4:12 image, meaning that the Plourde image is about two or three seconds before 3:07.

If the first Plourde image (ten feet behind the finish line) is at 3:04, then, the second Plourde image (some 20 feet further ahead), was more than seven seconds later. He still needs to cross the wide finish line from his position in the 3:11 image. He's obviously walking slow, which can be expected as per a heavy man with girl in his arms. The fact that the four men beside him in the second Plourde image do not appear in the 3:11 image means that Plourde did not reach his second-image location until something like 3:14 at the earliest (I'm being as safe as I can, though it was likely after 3:14). The Negro on her stretcher was on the street with the girl in her stretcher BEFORE 3:31, and although this is an irrelevant argument for a reason to be given below, it gives Plourde just 17 seconds maximum to get her into the stretcher...which is nowhere to be seen in the 3:11 image. The insiders need a miraculous piece of proof to show that this was accomplished, and indeed they will provide that "proof."

If there is not a wider image of the 4:12 scene online (it's an Aaron Tang image), showing Plourde's position too, it could be because it's problematic for the Plourde hoax. Below is the image offered by Tang's Flickr account; it's much wider than my 4:12 scene, but it's wider only on the right side, i.e. it still fails to show Plourde on the left side. In the lower-right corner, there is another man in yellow jacket and yellow-and-black cap, and he's walked further along the bleachers than in the Plourde image. In the latter image, this man can be seen to the right of the hand of the man on the phone. The good news is that, once again, the Plourde image can be timed a few steps / seconds before 3:07.

This discussion needs to be superimposed with a claim made by one Mr. Quinn who argued in favor of the marathon bombing being for real, not a hoax. Here is one of his claims according to someone else: "This first image is cropped from one of the Tang photos. In the full-sized original, the race clock reads 4:12:06, which was two minutes and twenty-three seconds after the first blast. I guess I should first point out the obvious -- that there is a gurney [stretcher] already on the scene [it's the Negro's stretcher], even though Quinn just informed us that there still were none available a full six minutes after the device detonated."

If Quinn was correct, then the Negro's stretcher was pasted in, just as can be suspected on other considerations. Look again at the image with she and the little girl being wheeled away. The Negro is bleeding from her left leg, and yet her damaged pants are drawn in to suggest the shrapnel hit her on the side of her right leg. Never mind that the tear on the outer part of her RIGHT LEG doesn't look like it was made by shrapnel, but, in the Jeff-invisible image, she has a tear on the outer part of her LEFT impossibility. Shrapnel coming from one direction cannot strike the outer side of both legs. One may argue that the Negro was at the scene, but that doesn't necessarily mean that she was on the stretcher. The stretcher images could have been created anywhere before the blast, and simply pasted into various scenes after the blast.

The two female medics pushing/pulling the girl in her stretcher are not visible in the 3:11 image. We can see a good ways up the street, but they are not there, not coming. Isn't that a problem? Don't the insiders need to paste them into another image, then release it to us, to show where these women came from? But the insiders have limitations on paste jobs. In this case, they have very few seconds to work with. Where would they make the women come from in an image that's timed between the 3:11 image and the time that we see the girl on her stretcher??? Every false image is more reason for longer jail time should they get caught.

The :21 point of the action-scene video becomes irrelevant in light of the :07 point, where the Negro's stretcher has already left for the street. It's definitely gone by :21, but it's very arguable that it's gone by :07 too. You decide. I'm convinced. Therefore, the Negro was gone by 3:17, though, as it can take a couple of seconds to get a stretcher rolling any significant distance, she was pushed out of the action-video scene by 3:15 at the latest.

It's interesting that the action scene video, starting at 3:10, barely fails to show the Plourde spot. Close, but no cigar. The man in blue can be seen standing in front of the police vehicle, as he is standing in the first Plourde image, but Plourde has already walked by. Is it coincidental that the action-scene video begins smack at the point where Plourde can't be seen walking by? In any case, Plourde still has the girl in his arms at 3:14, as was determined above, and very likely still has her at 3:15. The insiders truly need a miraculous image to save themselves from this one. They need to show that the girl was on a stretcher immediately after 3:15, before the Negro comes passing by him. Ouch, this is close.

Below is a miraculous image with the Negro on her stretcher at exactly the same spot at Plourde and the girl in the second Plourde image. It makes complete sense for the insiders to have provided this image as their pure attempt to explain the time inconsistency above. In fact, the girl on her stretcher is just visible in this image, no coincidence, for if the little bit we see of her wasn't there, it would be a useless image for the insiders. Instead of taking the time to paste the girl fully in, they merely pasted in the blanket over her toe area; everything else is out of the picture. To prove that this was the girl on her stretcher, they also added in the female that pushed the stretcher.

We are thus given the impression that Plourde has just loaded her on a stretcher just before the Negro comes through. But that's why the action-scene video is so important here, for it reveals that the Negro left the sidewalk between 3:11 and 3:15. Judging by the way the Negro medic is running (or walking very fast) beside the stretcher, she could have been crossing the finish line at about 3:25 at the latest. As the girl was still in Plourde's arms at 3:17, I don't think there was enough time to set her down (carefully) on the stretcher, and to have the two ladies start to push her as we see them in the image below:

In conclusion, the things convincing me of a Plourde hoax are: 1) the absence of the stretcher in the 3:11 image; 2) my inability to know where the girl was within the injury zone; 3) Plourde not appearing in images (that I know of) before the 3:11 image: 4) the two medics not visible in the 3:11 image who are pushing the girl's stretcher.

The stretcher image above, where the girl barely appears, is probably narrowed deliberately because, smack beside the Negro medic, to the viewer's right, there are two timeclocks on the ground facing the street so that, in one image, the time can still be seen. I want to discuss that image now.

The First Ambulance After Thirteen Minutes; Shame

Let's start with an image showing the timeclock at 4:15:41 (two seconds short of six minutes after the blast) in a wider view of the Escalade image than the one I have been showing until now. Ask: why is this the first image ever, seen by me, where these timeclocks on the road show the time? As the time on the clocks of this image helps to condemn the rescue operation for negligence, why would the insiders wish to expose the time here? Moreover, the clocks shown here conclusively times the Jeff Bauman wheel-away scene after the six-minute point.

The poor excuse for a video, showing the wheeling away of Jeff Bauman from the injury scene (see link further below), has these time clocks visible in such a blurry state that we cannot make out the time. Coincidence? I don't know. But the fact is, Bauman was not wheeled away during the wheel-away scene. Apparently, the insiders, hoping that we would be fooled by the wheel-away video, wanted us to time the wheel-away scene as closely as possible to the six-minute image above.

One can see that the time clocks could have been included in the second Plourde image as well as in the girl-on-stretcher image. Why didn't they include the timeclocks? We should like to see the wider images, please, because we don't trust the insiders. This six-minute image shows that the van Plourde walked beside is a police vehicle, not expected to have a stretcher in it. Therefore, the problem of where the girl's child-size stretcher came from, is still a problem.

The red-sleeved blonde (has a white bandage around her upper right leg that had no injuries) can be seen on the sidewalk, at her iconic spot, meaning that the ambulance that took her away has not yet arrived at the six-minute mark. But it gets worse. Here we have a bomb blast with supposedly some hideous injuries, and there is no ambulance at the scene until after six minutes later??? It is important to ask why the girl, the Negro, and Jeff Bauman were wheeled away to ambulances at the intersection beyond the finish line, while the red-sleeved blonde got the ambulance-at-the-scene treatment? Why was that one ambulance at the scene? Wasn't it there to hide something taking place across the road at the bleachers?

One ambulance scene showing one who may or may not be the red-sleeved blonde on her stretcher (here's one a little later) shows checkered-shirt Bauman right in front of her. He has no leg below the shin in one of the pulse-taking images. Are we to believe that he was wheeled away only after six minutes had passed? What were the scums doing all that time, walking about to and fro, but not lifting this man up within a minute? Look at those scums beside the Escalade, merely chatting while missing limbs are on the sidewalk beside them. Is this reality? Don't kid yourself.

I don't see orange stretchers on the scene in the six-minute image, aside from the one on the white cart. It seems that the orange stretchers have just started to arrive, which may be the reason for Mr. Quinn's statement, that stretchers didn't arrive on the scene until after six minutes. In other words, when he wrote, he knew nothing of the Negro's stretcher or of the Plourde girl...evidently because the images had not yet been released.

There is no cart in front of the Escalade (in the six-minute image), though it was there when Jeff is shown wheeled away from the scene as per this video:

In the Jeff-wheel-away video, there are two carts, the other one, parked in the lower right, looking identical to the one carrying the orange stretcher. The driver of the one that parked in front of the Escalade (he is seen getting out of the cart) wears dark clothes and is therefore not the one driving the other cart wearing a yellow vest. As the stretcher is in neither cart (in the video), the Jeff-wheel-away scene appears to be AFTER the six-minute image.

Indeed, in the six-minute image, a man in grey vest and red sleeves is standing in the lower left; he can be seen walking to that spot in the wheel-away video. One cannot make out his red color, but if one watches his movements as he walks across the road, he can be seen a little in front of the Negro medic just before the video ends. At this time, there is a woman in long white top and black shorts who engages the Negro medic, the very scene in a rearview of the Jeff-wheel-away scene below. You can see the man in red sleeves (obscured partially by a lamp) a little to the front of the Negro medic:

One can see in this that the Jeff-wheel-away scene should be timed closely after the six-minute image. I have no argument with that, but I do not think there was a wheel-away scene in the original wheel-away image. There is one orange stretcher visible in that image, under the knees of the fireman (with 'B' on his back) inside the patio. It suggests that this stretcher was the one from off the back of the cart, and we could imagine at least a minute going by before the stretcher had arrived to its position in the patio.

We are to believe that Jeff was being placed into his wheelchair while someone carried the orange stretcher to the patio. That's how close we are to time Jeff's get-away scene to the six-minute image. But as this is a farce, the expectation is that Jeff's get-away scene was long after six minutes, so long after that the insiders showed us the timeclocks at 5:58 minutes to give us an alternative impression. It had been my opinion that the insiders wanted to take the timeclocks down early (at 4:43 after the blast) precisely to keep us from knowing the timing of certain scenes. But they could still use the clocks when necessary, as we see them used in the six-minute image.

One might argue that, if the insiders wanted for us to know of the nearness between the six-minute image and the wheel-away scene, they would have made the wheel-away video clear enough to show the time on the timeclocks. However, for other, obvious reasons more important to them, they needed a blurry wheel-away video.

Let's get real. The same camera that's taking the six-minute image (from the press box) was able to shoot Jeff being lifted into his wheelchair. The camera was almost-certainly a video. All the insiders need to do, therefore, is get that video scene released of Jeff being lifted into his chair. Where is it? What sort of a plastic government is it that leads the "free" world? It only takes a little heat from the people to melt a plastic government. What are the people waiting for? For their children to become victims of the plastic regime? Let's get real. Jeff was not lifted into his wheelchair at the injury zone. It's as simple as that. Instead of providing a decent video of Jeff lifted into his chair, they provided a blurry video with many missing segments (or frames) in the wheel-away video. It's far too late to release a clear image of Jeff getting into his chair now. It would be like Obama releasing a fraudulent copy of his birth certificate years after the people asked for it.

The curiosity is that the insiders would release a video of Jeff's faked injury leg falling off. Or, even if they claim that the medic did not stop to pick up his fake leg, the curiosity is that they would create a faked wheelchair scene that would cause some people to wonder whether he stopped to pick up the leg. Before I comment further, see the video, "Boston Bomb Fake Prosthetic Falls Off -- New Footage":]

Why would the insiders create a video that has something damning like that? Well, clearly, the wheelchair ride wasn't created. The video scene was manipulated, but the image of Jeff being pushed away was not created from scratch. They taped Jeff's get-away from another location, along the bleachers, in my opinion, but then had it pasted into a street scene so as to give the false impression that he was wheeled away from the injury zone.

Now look at the following coincidences, or not. The medic (or is he a fireman?) who held on to Jeff's leg so that it would not fall off again could be the driver of the white cart with orange stretcher on the back, for the driver has short, black hair (I can see his ear), a vest with the collar up, and what looks to be the same black-patch design on the shoulder. (After calling the man who held Jeff's fake leg a "medic," I found an image with a fireman wearing exactly the same vest as he, with rounded black patches on the shoulder; see, for example, this image).

Below is an image (I'll call it the orange-stretcher image) with a fireman (with a 'B' on his back) holding one or two orange stretchers. Apparently, they belong to the fire department. This is now the importance of the medic whose driving the cart with the orange stretcher, i.e. he is suspect with the fire department. It's VERY INTERESTING that the driver looks like the medic -- himself suspect with the fire department -- who held Jeff's leg. It's VERY INTERESTING that I think I see him at the far corner of the patio railing in the image below, very near the fireman upon his knees upon an orange stretcher:

Does it make sense for the driver of the cart to be near the fireman that took the stretcher from the cart? Yes, it makes sense, but I have found a Flickr image showing the fireman at this patio scene, on his knees, but without the stretcher. I'll show that a little later after making some other points. The problem for the insiders is, the orange-stretcher image is AFTER the wheel-away scene, meaning that insiders would fight tooth-and-nail to dispute that the man we see beside the railing is the one who escorted Jeff away. The insiders cannot chose to argue that the medic simply returned to the injury scene after escorting Jeff away because the same man appears in the wheel-away scene.

It is now suspect that Jeff was not wheeled away until after the orange-stretcher image.

The fireman with one or two stretchers is dressed exactly as the fireman with stretcher under his knees in the wheel-away scene, but they are not the same man, for the latter fireman is still on his knees at the patio in the image (orange-stretcher image) that shows the other fireman. I will leave it up to your imagination to figure where the other orange stretcher(s) came from.

Yes, you heard right. In the wheel-away image, the same man in rounded black patches is again near the fireman (though on the other side of the railing); he even wears sunglasses, as does the man who held Jeff's leg. If this is not the man who held Jeff's leg, I have yet to see the latter in any other images. How unexpected that the people who put out media images did not release one with that man cleanly in the injury zone. But if this man was the one in the wheel-away scene, then it explains why he wasn't stressed in the media images, for that would reveal the Jeff hoax. Any media that did reveal it would be severely punished by the goons who conducted this hoax.

Ask: why would the insiders release the wheel-away scene with a man included who looks like the one who escorted Jeff away? They could have deleted him from the image, to play it safe. Or, they could have been so up to their ears in doctored-image projects that they forgot to edit him out before releasing it. Or, in the option that I chose as the best one, they could have deleted his collar to give the impression that it wasn't the one who escorted Jeff, because the latter wears his collar up high. The same man at the patio wears his collar up high in the orange-stretcher scene. So why don't we see the collar up in the wheel-away image???

If the man under discussion is the one who held Jeff's leg, then he is expected by me to walk across the street to the bleachers. The same goes with the cowboy. It is then necessary to have a sizeable gap between images of this time period (after the orange-stretcher image), allowing for the two men to cross the street without our witnessing it. We should therefore check any image timed after the orange-stretcher image, to see how much time has gone by. Unfortunately, I don't know of too many images showing the street while timed after it.

In the fireman-without stretcher image below (from Aaron Tang), the timing is after the heavy-set woman, in the action-scene video, has been escorted out of the Marathon Place. In the image, the man in red shirt (with some black on the sides) can be seen in the location that he's in at the end of the video, allowing us to time this image after the :45 point of the video (= after 3:55 minutes after the explosion). The woman in blue is attending to the shredded-pants man at the :45 point, but, in the next two seconds, can be seen turning around for to walk away, as she appears in the image below. At :40, the back of the woman who escorts the other out is toward the camera. At :43, her black pant legs can be seen still walking away from the camera. But at :45/46, her legs (and even her hip) are seen returning toward the camera; she's on the red patio stones at this time, about two or three steps / seconds before the position she's taking in the image below, meaning that the timing of this image is very near 4:00 minutes after the explosion. (This woman is walking toward the Negro medic as he returns in the wheel-away scene.)

[Insert -- After this update was published, I found an image timed without doubt at 4:09 (see it further below) that forces us to time the is-that-Jeff? image about a second later. According to the nearness of the positions in the is-that-Jeff? image to those in the fireman-without-stretcher image, the latter should be closer to 4:10 than 4;00, and yet the arguments in the paragraph above seen very conclusive for it to be at about 4:00. I haven't had time to look more closely at this discrepancy. End Insert]

I had been wondering, and commenting on, why the heavy-set woman was escorted out? I now see that she was left abandoned by the woman who escorted her (according to the fireman-without-stretcher image). It was a rebuke against her for trying to get into Marathon Place. In the forbidden-door image below, we see her looking over her shoulder to the door area from which she had been escorted, where some firemen with 'B' on their backs are looking into that door. The fireman that had been on his knees turns out to be the fireman in blue cap; he even has his stretcher in his hand:

Yes, the fireman-without stretcher image shows him kneeling with a blue cap. The person he's attending hasn't moved since the 4:11-timeclock image two minutes earlier. It may be that the woman on the stretcher, in the forbidden-door image, is the one that the fireman was attending while on his knees. In any case, this fireman did not carry the orange stretcher to the patio scene, for that scene was two minutes before we see the stretcher arriving in the six-minute image. The fireman can be seen in the green-bag stretcher scene (timed about 3:04), where the Negro is still in her stretcher on the sidewalk. Therefore, just before the action-scene video begins (at 3:10), he's near the Negro, but as the action-scene video ends, some 50 seconds later, he's on his knees some 35 feet away in the patio.

It means that he must be walking to the patio as the action-scene video rolls, and yet we don't see him going over. I don't think the camera is off the patio long enough at any time to fail capturing his walk to the corner of the patio. We do not see a blue cap at that corner. Worse yet, in the video, we see others kneeling down where he should be kneeling, but in the fireman-without-stretcher image, just a couple of seconds after the action-scene video ends, he's all alone at that spot.

At :09 of the video, we see a man in blue cap in the injury zone. He has a black jacket as do the 'B' firemen, but he also has a yellow stripe over the shoulder of that jacket, whereas the 'B' firemen jackets do not. Safe to say, the blue cap in the video belongs to the fireman seen in the is-that-Jeff? image, meaning that I cannot make out the blue cap at all (during an excellent shot of the injury zone from :00 to :09) of the fireman who comes to kneel in the patio.

The camera fails to show most of the patio between :14 and :26, so that one may opt to imagine the fireman making his walk at that time, and yet, at :26, there is no such fireman standing at the spot. Besides, at :20-21, there is a good shot of the area low-down where he should be in the midst of walking, as well as a shot inside the patio, but I see no sign of him. After :26, and for several seconds afterward, there are more excellent views of the injury zone, but, again, the fireman's blue cap is not there. It should be if he's waking to the patio. Therefore, it appears they pasted him into the patio scene. But why?

James Plourde is not in the fireman-without-stretcher image, suggesting he has not returned to help anyone else by the 4:00 minute mark. It can be plainly understood (especially from the man in grey hoodie and red cap) that the image is about two or three seconds before what I've called (2nd update in September) the is-that-Jeff? image (we can now time the is-that-Jeff? image with certainty, for the first time, smack about 4:00-02). It shows checkered-shirt Bauman with a white t-shirt over is checkered shirt, now facing in the same direction that Jeff Bauman is always pasted in, and it appears that men are working at checkered-shirt Bauman's torn-off leg. I say this was the original Jeff Bauman -- who was at the scene -- while grey-sleeved Jeff Bauman was pasted to the scene as Plan B, a plan that eradicated checkered-shirt Bauman as the one around which the hoax would be constructed.

[Insert -- I was much-too wrong. In the next update, this image is shown with the timeclock at 4:09 after the explosion. The scene is virtually identical to the is-that-Jeff? image. According to the positions of people in both images, I would time the is-that-Jeff? image at 4:10. End insert]

It could be very important to discover who it was that took the orange stretcher to the corner of the patio after the six-minute image. It's telling us that the insiders wanted this fireman there from between 4:00 and well after 6:00 (he's still on his knees there in the wheel-away scene).

The injured person at the part of the patio where the fireman was attending can be seen with black shoes and black, leg-tight pants in the 411 timeclock. For that reason, this person (never seen in other images that I know of) is the only one who can qualify for being the Plourde girl. However, my Windows Photo Gallery, part of Windows Media Player, allows me to expand the images enormously; I can see her shoes greatly expanded in the wheel-away and fireman-without-stretcher images, enough to see that they are not the shoes worn by the girl.

To discover the guilt of the insiders, one merely needs to take Plourde to court for the sake of asking him where the girl was lying that he had in his arms? I don't think he will have an answer aside from pleading the fifth amendment.

You will note that the cowboy is not easily found, or proved to be, in the six-minute image. The cowboy hat maybe the one bending over at the man with burgundy coat (between the two trees). The same fireman who is beside the cowboy-hat-like object in the BAA-Physician image could be beside the cowboy-like-hat in the six-minute image, and I think this is supposed to be James Plourde. One can only see a black sleeve (between the strings on the lamp post and the yellow vest), as he's crouching, in the BAA image. The sleeve is directly below the cowboy-hat-like object, suggesting that Plourde could have been involved (initially, anyway) in the Jeff hoax (not surprising).

You can see a black strap on this fireman in the wheel-away image, a strap that is identical to the one on Plourde's back as he carries the girl away in the 3:11 image, but then other firemen are wearing the same strap (I don't know whether this was intended to be Plourde, but it does look somewhat like him). The problem is, he, in the wheel-away scene, looks pasted in because he's too high up. It's as though he's standing on a stool about one foot off the ground. If he were to stand upright, he'd be taller than people significantly behind him (whereas, when the camera shoots a scene from up high, people further back appear taller).

Back now to the wheel-away video, and the man in red sleeves who ends up in front of the Negro medic. They are headed toward the area where we see the blonde medic (on the street) in the wheel-away image. The Negro would likely be updated by this blonde as to what transpired while he was gone. We see all three people in the BAA-Physician image, where suddenly several people wearing "BAA Physician" have popped up. I recognize few people in that image, for which reason it must be timed considerably late in comparison to three minutes in. I count at least ten BAA-Physician people in black, and at least 18 in the wheel-away image, but only three (not including the two at the wheelchairs) in the six-minute image. How do you read that information? How long would it take for about 15 BAA-Physician people to appear? The answer helps to let us know the duration between images. It wasn't just a minute, was it?

There is no truck or bus in the images from which the BAA people may have been trucked in. They must have been dropped off up the street (beyond the press box), and left to walk in, and indeed there are four of them (one under the press box) supposedly walking in as per the wheel-away scene, but the three in plain view (all in the vicinity of the Negro medic) do not show in the wheel-away video. How strange. There is no whack of BAA-Physician people coming down the street from under the press box, because the whack of them had already arrived by that time, and were busy looking busy in the injury zone. A few are standing back from the injured people, apparently wondering how to engage themselves, but others are fully integrated into the injury scene.

Why would the insiders have wanted so many BAA (Boston Athletic Association?) people? Some of them can be seen running in from under the press box in the wheel-away scene. Apparently, the wheel-away scene is timed in the neighborhood of another image showing a whack of BAA people, i.e. the BAA-Physician image, for example, that, if I'm not mistaken, shows the top of the cowboy hat in the Jeff spot. If it is the cowboy hat, it's a poor excuse for photographic evidence that the cowboy was tending to Bauman. If it is the cowboy hat, then the insiders must time the BAA-Physician image after the wheel-away image. The Negro medic and man in red sleeves are in the BAA-Physician image, showing that it must come after the wheel-away scene.

Many of the scum regulars -- young bald man, man in dark blue coat, woman in checkered coat, man in yellow cap, woman in blue coat, man in red coat -- have disappeared from these BAA-infested images. I guess they had business appointments.

One could have a lot of painful fun trying to track all the wheelchairs from image to image to see what sort of story they might tell. In the six-minute scene, there are five wheelchairs on the passenger side of the Escalade (and two on the driver's side), but there is only one left there in the wheel-away scene, leaving us to go hunting for them within the wheel-away injury zone. Only one of the four white-coat pushers, in the six-minute image, are to be found in the wheel-away image, and he's the one with black hood under the press box. (He's the one walking back in the wheel-away video, apparently). But the bigger point is that the two BAA men at the wheelchairs, in the six-minute image, cannot be seen in the wheel-away scene. Where could they have gone? The bathroom? They were pasted in, weren't they?

In the six-minute image, there is a sixth wheelchair in front of the van, and yet a seventh coming down across the finish line. Where did all these chairs come from? In the wheel-away scene, I count exactly six chairs in the injury zone (i.e. the number missing from the six-minute image), and no other chairs anywhere else in the image (I'm not including Jeff's wheelchair, of course).

In the wheel-away scene, the man with shredded pants (beside the patio railing) is lying in the jungle with his wheelchair visible beside him, and then, while we would expect to see him being wheeled away on the street in the orange-stretcher image, where he no longer appears lying on the sidewalk, we find nothing of the sort. It once again testifies to the large span of time between that image and the wheel-away scene. The man with grey-green sweater and beige shorts (he was at the Jeff spot a little earlier) is in both images, first at one patio corner, then at the other corner. The two positions of this man suggests that the images are only a few seconds apart, but that must be a wrong impression. To indicate how distant the two latter scenes are, compare the number of people in the area beyond the patio. The images are, therefore, much more than a few seconds apart, more like a couple of minutes, at least. The wheel-away scene is being timed at seven minutes at the earliest.

This man in green sweater appears to be speaking with the one suspected of holding Jeff's leg, and for that matter, the man in green was just over at the Jeff spot before the wheel-away scene. You can see him in a video,
"What's this thing being brought over to Jeff Bauman?"

So, the man has something that looks like an identity tag in his hand while visiting the Jeff spot, and then he walks away to a man who could be the one who held Jeff's leg. In the first of four images featured at the video above (there's an orange stretcher in the top right), the man in green sweater stands beside the man in blue who appears as a suspicious one in the other video,
"Boston Bomb Fake Prosthetic Falls Off -- New Footage". I don't know why the latter video asks about the guilt of the man in blue. If I'm not mistaken, the man in blue, in he orange-stretcher image, is at the corner of the patio with the two men in this paragraph. In the wheel-away scene, the man in blue points down to the ground, where the Negro fireman looks along with him. The Negro fireman has what looks like a white card in his right hand.

I'm going to assume that the orange stretcher in the top right is that of the fireman going to his spot inside the patio, and that it's from the back of the white cart in the six-minute image...meaning that the first image in this video was between the six-minute image and the wheel-away scene. The insiders, once again, are showing that they definitely want for us to believe that Jeff was wheeled away shortly after six minutes. However, Jeff is not yet in his wheelchair in the first three images of the video.

The large time difference between the wheel-away image and the scene in the first image of the video can be gleaned by the long-haired cameraman in yellow vest, who is walking up the street toward the press box in the six-minute image. In the first image of the video, he's walking away from the injury zone toward the press box again i.e. where he had just come from. In the wheel-away image, he's several feet in front of the Escalade. One can see him and the big bag he carries off his right hip in the wheel-away video. He's walking in from the press box. He's the one who seemingly bumps Jeff's wheelchair as it crosses the finish line.

Question: why didn't he take out his camera and shoot Jeff passing by? He just kept walking forward to no-one-knows where or why. Well, maybe we do know why, as Jeff really came out along the bleachers after the wheel-away image, and the cameraman is taking a position about that area as of the wheel-away scene. In the orange-stretcher image that follows in time, he's below one of the lamps, seemingly walking in from the Escalade area. But in my new opinion, I don't think the Jeff wheel-away event took place until after the orange-stretcher image (because the medic/fireman who escorted Jeff appears to be in it).

In the third image featured at the What's-this-thing? video, Jeff's wheelchair has a white cross on the red flag, but in the second image, the same flag has no white cross. This apparently indicates that the flags have white crosses on one side only. I do not think that a white cross is visible in the flag at the iconic image of Jeff wheeled away. What do you say? Although the flag is not entirely visible, it seems visible enough -- at least 3/4 of it from the bottom up -- to reveal no white cross. The problem is where we see this flag with white cross in the wheel-away image (cross faces the wheelchair); look at how close that cross is to the bottom of the flag so that there cannot be any excuse for the cross not showing in the iconic image. This is a serious inconsistency. It is such an elementary issue that there is no way to explain it away.

Although it's debatable as to whether the flag, in the iconic image, is pointing frontward or backward, the fact is, the particular side of the flag that shows to the camera must be, in either case, the side that faces toward the wheelchair when the flag points backward, as it does in the wheel-away scene. It is absolutely clear that the side facing the camera in the iconic image is the side with the cross in the wheel-away image. Therefore, all we need ask is: which of the two Jeffs, if not both, were pasted into street scenes? I say that he was pasted into both scenes. I say he was wheeled away AFTER the bleacher walls were partially torn down, as we see them in the orange-stretcher image. Think about how much time there had to be between the wheel-away scene (bleachers intact) and the orange-stretcher image. Could we say at least three minutes, maybe five or six?

So, with the wheel-away image in the eighth minute at the earliest, the orange-stretcher image must have been in the ninth minute at the earliest, but more like the 12th minute (at the earliest) according to my gut. And still, as of the orange-stretcher image, there's still no ambulance at the scene. Checkered-shirt Bauman still lies on the sidewalk. The red-sleeved blonde, who suffered no worse than a gouge near her ankle, was not taken down the street in a wheelchair, as others are seen carried away in the orange-stretcher image, but was placed into the ambulance...while it is not yet certain whether checkered-shirt Bauman was placed into that ambulance too. In any case, there is a small door at the bleacher wall in the orange-stretcher image where I think they were keeping grey-sleeved Bauman. The ambulance is parked in such a location that this little door is blocked from many people at the injury scene. The Escalade blocks the view even further.

Let's now go back to the ">wheel-away video, where a white cart is seen parking in front of the Escalade to block the view somewhat from down the street. The police van that was parked at the Plourde spot is now in the act of driving away; it crosses the intersection toward the second-bomb site, but the vehicles on that side of the intersection are different than those in the blonde-at-ambulance image. The scene is so different that we could confidently push the ambulance scene into the 13th minute at the earliest, especially as the van is gone while the ambulance has not yet arrived in the orange-stretcher image. We might conjecture that the van had to pull away to make room for this ambulance.

The cart is empty of humans as the video begins. For this discussion, see the event the second time it plays in the video (it plays three times), for it starts a little earlier in that one. Someone can be seen getting into the cart merely to drive it ahead a few feet, then get out and walk most of the way across the road. Why do you think that was? I've studied the person getting out, watching the video several times to discover who in the wheel-away image he may have been, and can say confidently that it was the police officer with the female in yellow jacket to his right. Why would a police officer be asked to move this cart? It's not a police vehicle. He surely didn't think all on his lonesome to move it. Someone asked him to move it, right?

Remember, this is happening just as the police van is pulling away, and it pulls away right past this officer, for his origin can be made out several feet in front of the cart as the video plays the event the second time. He is standing on the road exactly where the van would have driven by him. How did the police in the van know that the keys would be in the cart? Who wanted the cart moved such a short distance? Was it because they knew the ambulance was coming, and wanted the road cleared of vehicles? Why should that be suspicious?

You can't have such a staged event as this without the Boston police being fully complicit. What laughing-stock insanity is going on in America? What sort of queer people do these sorts of things? How is it that the police department could get so many officers on that street so soon, while it took some 13 minutes or more to get the first ambulance there? Doesn't this appear staged to you?

The police van is still there in the six-minute image. Therefore, there needs to be sufficient time to transfer six wheelchairs surrounding the van into the injury zone before the van drives away, for there is only one of seven wheelchairs left when it drives away. Then, the cart parked right where five of the wheelchairs were stationed to that point. The cart thus blocked off the road completely. There is a good chance that this cart was the one driven in by the medic/fireman who held Jeff's leg, i.e. the cart that we see in the six-minute image. It's all a little too Jeff-centric not to be suspicious.

What insider tasked with doctoring the images could stand keeping track of the wheelchairs, such a dismal bother? If you check the six-minute image, you will not find one wheelchair in the heart of the injury zone, meaning that the five wheelchairs in that zone, as per the wheel-away image, are predicted to be of the six that went missing. In the six-minute image, there are three wheelchairs on the far left of the injury zone; the one furthest from the camera, pushed by a man in white coat with red cap, but followed along by a person in yellow and orange vest (about to step onto the road) is now being pegged (by me) as the wheelchair that, at the start of the wheel-away video, rolls toward the Escalade. After the chair curves into the passenger-door area of the Escalade, the person in yellow and orange walks beside it until a long stop is made under the press-box; this person, as well as the man in white coat pushing the chair, is visible in the background of the iconic Arredondo-Bauman image, but they appear also in the wheel-away image.

When last I treated this topic (first update last May), with patient double-clicking repeatedly, I claimed to see someone getting out of the SUV, into this wheelchair, very suspicious for obvious reason. I figured that it had to do with the Bauman hoax. However, I now see that, in the six-minute image, there is a person's head showing that appears to be in the wheelchair before it reaches the Escalade. However again, this supposed injury victim has a black head/hat while the person in the chair in the iconic image has purely white on his head. It's another inconsistency that allows my theory to stand against what an image might imply to the contrary.

There are two red wheelchairs in front of the Escalade (six-minute image) that can be seen elsewhere, one minute and 15 seconds earlier, in the timeclock-takedown image. On the left side of the image, a woman with grey hair and sunglasses, and, as with many others who push wheelchairs, with white coat, pushes a black wheelchair. As she is not in the six-minute image, we are to assume that she pushed the chair to the Escalade, and just left it there...useful to no one just four minutes and 43 seconds after the blast. In a real situation, shouldn't she have pushed it to the curb, looking for someone who needed it???

If you think it's an exaggeration to accuse someone of negligence in that way, look at the young woman in white coat who's pushing an empty wheelchair AWAY from the scene. She's in the 412 timeclock scene (3:07 minutes after the blast) going under the press box. She has just passed the two red wheelchairs (mentioned above) that are now known to have been at that general location, useless to anyone, from 3:07 to 4:43. Don't we think it was negligent to leave those chairs under the press box at such an early time after the explosion?

How many wheelchairs do you see, in the injury zone, in the 3:11 image? None. Instead, someone parked two of them under the press box, and I see yet another chair under the press box in the 412 image. Hello? Was there no one in Boston who passed those chairs who had smarts enough to get them over quick to the injury site? Boston must have very stupid people. Or, the insiders are taking Bostonians for fools.

Looking through several images, I can find one red chair only in the injury zone, the one in the Is-that-Jeff? image showing checkered-shirt Bauman lying on the sidewalk. Beside the thigh of checkered-shirt Bauman on his wheelchair, I see red leather. Was one of the red chairs reserved for this part of the hoax, therefore?

It is peculiar, suddenly, that the woman pushing the red chair in the Is-that-Jeff? image is not to be found in the wheel-away image, even though the red chairs are gone from the Escalade's vicinity in the latter image. There should be two red chairs in the injury zone, in other words, and this woman pushing one should be there too.

Let's study the chairs in the wheel-away scene, such a dismal job. I cannot make out a red one. There is one near the street having no leather showing that might be a red one. The chair pushed by a woman in white cap (beyond the injury zone and nearest to the right of the picture) looks black, with no indication of red leather. There is another wheelchair parked beside the shredded-pants faker; his image being wheeled away shows a black chair. Of the six chairs in the injury zone, therefore, only one could seemingly be red. Where did the other red chair go?

The woman who pushed the red chair (red arm rests) is now at the assistance of the shredded-pants man (in the image above). She is holding his leg up in what looks like a faked scene. There is now more reason to believe that she should have been in the wheel-away image, where we see a wheelchair parked beside this man.

But wait. It's not the same wheelchair. See the grey handles on the chair that he sits in. See the grey, plastic spokes on the wheels. The chair pushed by the woman near where he lies has grey handles and grey, plastic spokes! Did the insiders goof, pasting in the wrong chair beside him? See how the metal tube curving down from the armrest is not straight for very long before it curves again toward the foot rests. In the wheel-away image, the chair beside this man's spot has a metal tube going further down in the straight direction from the armrest. The chair parked beside him is therefore not the chair he was photographed in.

She's obviously floating around near him, waiting for the cue to come pick him up for his media photo. But she is NOT the woman who attends him while he's on the chair. The woman who attends him is nowhere to be found in the wheel-away image. She was there earlier, but she disappeared. Or, she was never there but was pasted in.

In the fireman-without-stretcher image (just three seconds approximately after the action-scene video), we see a wheelchair rolling up near the shredded-pants man. This is an image discovered by me very recently, and it was likely released by the insiders to treat a common complaint: where was the woman who pushed Jeff; why doesn't she appear in the injury scenes?? The woman pushing the chair, you see, looks like the one that pushed Jeff Bauman away. She is now at the corner of the patio where the action-scene camera is pointed much of the time, yet she does not appear at the end of the action-scene video, when she should. She does not appear along the path that she can be predicted to have taken as per the fireman-without-stretcher image. As she is the woman who pushed Jeff, I would suggest her being pasted into the image under discussion, explaining why she and her chair are not in the video.

She pushes a chair (in the fireman-without-stretcher image) looking exactly like the chair that Jeff sits on in his iconic image. The whitish foot petal is hinged up in both images. The tubing is identical. Both have black leather. Both have metal spokes. (I do not think this chair matches the chair beside the shredded-pants man.)

It was reasoned that the cameraman of the action-scene video was the man in dark pants holding what looks like a camera in this 3:11 image (if Flickr removes him from the top of this scene, you'll need to trust me, or find other images with him it in). I now find the fireman-without-stretcher image taken just as that video ends, and can make out the cameraman as the one above/behind the woman who's pushing the chair. He has dark pants too, likely the same man. According to the video, the camera, as the video ends, is aimed between the fireman's legs (he stands overlooking a man in blue top) and the man in black clothes at the left of the screen. Both men are visible in the fireman-without-stretcher image, and the third man, the suspected cameraman with dark legs visible only, is indeed in a line between the two men facing where the camera is expected to be facing.

As the video ends, the large woman in light blue is to the right of the camera, but in the image with the Jeff woman pasted in, she's well in front of the camera. The purpose here (i.e. in pasting the woman in light blue at another spot) may have been to create much more time between the end of the video and the fireman-without-stretcher image, thus seemingly explaining why the Jeff woman does not appear in the last seconds of the video.

I should remind you that this action-scene camera was considered by me NOT to be a camera belonging to the insiders. This can explain the inconsistencies between it and the insider images. It can explain why the fireman is not in the video. It suggests that the fireman was committed / pasted to images at the patio BEFORE the insiders discovered this action-scene video. There is what looks like a policeman's legs walking up to the cameraman (in the fireman-without-stretcher image) just as the video view goes down to the sidewalk in disarray. Predictably, if this was not an insider, the police yelled over to him at about that very second, to stop taping.

Another new-to-me image is the one below showing the scene just after the action-scene video ends. The Jeff woman's red cap can be seen on the right, as well as her wheelchair's flag pole, as she turns her chair toward the shredded-pants man. In the patio corner there is what looks like the kneeling firemen pasted in.

Notice how close she is to the man that looks like the medic/fireman that held Jeff's fake leg on. Is this indication that the insiders have responded to another common complaint: where is the medic that walked away with Jeff; why isn't he in any of the images??

[If you are getting narrow / partial views of the Flickr images, hit the two-arrow button to get the larger image. I've included here the html addresses for the larger images, but I've noted that they don't automatically come up when accessing them from here, my own webpage. I'm not familiar with Flickr.]


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